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BUSIiAV Ier l Yr 10
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Till SUN New York City
I Adrtrtliirmentti for lr WnKKiiT HUN fs
t sued tomuiraw morning musl be haiultd in
this nix oclock
i Ihil evening befort udvc
Thc Iatc of Violent resolution
All tho vlolont inensuriM of tho HllhlCn
I party which wcro ilcvlwsl In tho heat of
f imllUcul illusion und fur imrnn < LS ff political
ndvatitiiKf hnvc now rotnn to I I uric Tlmy t
r hnvo failed und iciicUil tiBaliibt their iiuUiorH
1 foicntiMnone of them I riitcilniilliiluiuls t I of
bnuul I ntul vnltKhtpiiiil I Ktalf < riiRtiHhl Sc
thmal iiriJudiii pepunnl I Intrecls t nnd n bin
otoil I nirruvr polluy nioiiipliMl most of the
lo i > lutlin which liHllxutcillhobtirutobooks t I
tiring tho ytaiH wltl cxtrciui inotluHlrf
doniliintiil lll 11m I iiuldk councils
hel t SUIIIl was conferred Il the t Pgro
frppli i from tho I liomU of hluvcry without i
coiKlltlon ami itliouL picparilliin I i i of any
1 kind aaiiibt the piolcl t itoint < of IhoaliloKt t I L
t I llfpulillean lenileis tho Intention I was lo I lui
i inlllate the 4oitti ly I ttIO iipicsenlatliili I In
CoiiKre1 That uiiundnient to tin Conslltu
Ii 1 tlun W iit niloptcd 11 vu ycais tI ftl tin1 elosu of
n thu rebellion wlicii it nilBht Iu bitpposcd j Iho
parlous of HID t I civil i war had I cooled Inloxi
i culedby biictens after the election t of Gen
UltAxr in 1SUS lhl arty nmuiB < < rti could I
f not sow beyond 1 their I mitt c1 horizon nor
t i would t they IMrn to tho oleo of modelation
Oppifelliou lo I tho nibltrnry dccrciv of the
I i pauciii was denounced lS t disloyalty to tho
If r Uovoiiiment
I tt t Awl nov after tilt I teen yearsoxporlonce
Itlp whal U the pineUeal jiaiiltol I this policy
I Tho South I ngiilnil which It was aimed has
9 it < uilncroiod trpioseiitatlim In the liuiuo I or
It ltiH > Miilatlvi and in I thin ilectoitti colleges
j errs oiid bogi y by 1 Iho addition of tho nu
IZ I grooti Il is politically htromfor rwotlon
J jS > ally considered limn itt 11 former tinio lu
LL the litbtury of tint country and it was made
H I stronger by the IKpubllean party Tho con
I ditions of 1S7D and of IBsJ are reversed Tho
i Republican londerw would now gladly rovoko
negro suffrage If they could while the Dem
ocrats wiMi tO pIOnlMVO It
The reconstruction lawn wore animated by
the bplrlt tliutoi iginatud the suffrage nmend
mout Their main purpose was to mako the
uneducated race rule In tim South by rut
ting the Into flavoa ovnr their former tints
tort To this end military pow r was used to
supersede civil authority in llino of peace
A eurnlval of i illniny followed in the wako
of these Inw Honebt and InlluiMitlal ito
publlean at the North became indignant nt
tho outrages In this South pcrpctralod by tho
authority of their jiaity and with tho
full support of GitAXTH Administration A
reaction enmcd Atrocious force bills and
othor uchoincs wore defeated in COIls
Robbery and oppression became unpopular
The enormities commuted in the Leg
Islature of South Carolina MIssIssippi
I Iioulhlnun nnd other Southern States turned t
the currenls of public opinion and finally
Iodk 1 > thoc ianel > allonot the South from a
i vulgar and a vicious despotism
The last of this partisan legislation com
monly known IU tho Civil Klghla et has
boon prououncoil uuconsUlulloual by a Su
premo Court of which eight of the nine Jus
t tens ore lepublclU8 Tho single dIssentIng
opinion was delIvered by tho only Southern
man on the bench
I Tho jVourtoonlu Amendmonl prohlblte
States from making or onfoiclng any law
which shall abridge the prIvileges U im
munities of citizens of the United Slats
Congiess has no more power lo mako laws
t regulating social conditions In the I States
J than it hits to make pollen legulatious there
When tim Civil Rights bill as original pro
posed by Mr SUSINTH nail In the present
form an loportod by don Durrcit from tho
Judiciary Coiumlttoti of tho House was be
fore the SuaU the foremont Republican
lawyers of that body opposed It on thu very
J grounds now taken by the Ktiniomo Court
Tbo nuthora or tho Civil Rights act know
i was Impotent and worthless from thin start
I Instead of being 1 benefit to the negro It
bat proved to bo an aggravating Injury by
1r frtlniulatlngiacu tirejiidloes and byoxeitlng
I r t UlsconUlit I wits a part of the general plan I
I ii of tIlt RcpubllraiiH to capture and keep the
I negro vote by awutended filundnhlp which
VILS In i tlio main hollow and heartless
For thh teen years the negro haa been a
political blavo of the Republican party As ho
impioves I by education and i by I rontacl with
independent opinion ho begins to rco the t fat I
uity I of HID I piofashlon I Hindu In huts behalf
jmd the belllshinv of n policy which has ro
all y rein tilcil hls advancement to a higher
piano llnuiiftor Iho coloied vote will bo
to divlilu in 111 Then Iho
apt 111110 polities Thtl negro I
I Mill get a new statt In thn hattl of llfo
The Prison Contract System
The questIon whnlll the contract hystom
I of labor bimll ltd abolIshed In our Slnto
prUuns Is to bo votwl 1 upon by the people
nt the coming election They will not It
is true bo able to settle tho question directly
liy their t votes being called on only to ox
prdss their opiulon ll t what ought to bo
tlono but the will bo
Lolo Tjfglslat nro wll naturnlly
KOveuuHl by tlio I wishes of tho mnjoilty
j The aitvocatoo of tho contract system arc
many and very icf peel able Wo fled n largo
entire of the moat Important journals of tho
I State on that sub Under tho contract ays
torn they bay the convicts arc made to work
j for their thus the
OWlslppurtlult saving I people
1 largo annual expense and bueldes their
j mural iiuil phyeiinl vfcllt > elng lequlieH that
they should be ocvupii l with useful laliir
WoiKlug men howovor contend that the
I contract bysUm In thu piluins I iliuw them
great iujusiicc Couvkt labor Is bought by
tho contractors I 01 I at II pilco below that at
whlrh hid labor nf lionet men can bu ob
tained nnd the t icfiilt Is 1 unfair and Inju
fhua viuuuliUou llio IkIUIICUi bode
r rr
HOT therefore aro urgent for tlio abolition o i
the system
8ltm I
Tho most Important contribution t the
dIscussIon wo havo yet soon comC from no I
opponent of thin contract system and from 1
man who cannot reasonably b accused I
either of a lack of practical knowledge of tho I
subject or of n demagogical purpose
In n recent letter t tho Evening I > tt Mr
7 A DUOCKWAY the Superintendent of tho
State Reformatory at ElmIra nnd a man of
much experience ID prison management ex
presses I tho hopo that ° ovory friend of ra
tional progress frill vote against tho con
tinuance of tho present contract system In
our prisons My opposition l 11 adds
Mr IlitocKWAY I not based upon any
specific abtisi which may exist under It but
ipoit the fact that its spirit and practice are
opposed to tho real and high purposes for
which tho SLate maintains the peulUmtlirloa
namely protection from crIme through the
reformation of oiTondorB and because another
and 1 better ByaUm h now found ono pr
mollvoot that purpose
Tho hotter aystom ho advocates Is Iho
pleceprleo plan that Is the Stati ro
Udninr full control of tho prisoners sells the
product tho labor product at a gIven price
ncr piece or process Instead of selling tho
labor by tho day This price and tho qual
ity of tho odnet turned out ho would have
llxed 1 by arbitrators representing nil the In
terests afficUnl by prison labor with the
couuurrenio of tho Slate and tim contractor
Ills plan Is lo equalIze as closely as possible
Urn valuation of prison and free labor Ho
would also give tho prisoner under proper
gulattons any poillou of his wages re
maining nfler paying for his keep thus stim
ulating him t industry and selfrespect
Kedncc the Army ol Officeholder
Tho Inrgo surplus In tint Treasury Is I con
stant and I dangerous temptation to ex
travijrinc I How lo reduce It with dun re I
gnrd to I tho I many nnd thu great Interests
euiieei ned II a pioblem fur HlaUisiucu
We me living under I system of war taxes
continued dui ii ing eighteen yearn of profonnd 1
peice TltlK luxation I bears hardest un labor I
tutu lightest on wealth which U I best ablo
to PITY the burden Thn hot plea for it
that I I hI MirpHn U I itart holly applied to tho
llltlrtol of the Ilble del it is of very doubt
ful espcdleney I when the losulls of Mich 1
lOiliY lute mtinlfost
I RcKliV and enormous app ropiliut Ions
have been I voted without Imiuiry I for no bol I
ter ieani than tint this surplus Invited
them The pension grants alonn exceeded
by neatly forty million the needs of the sor
vleo during tho pfis > t year Thu supplies for
the at my tIme nnvy and thn t civil h service wore
exceBlvo 111 responding ratio
Iifleen hundred mil more I oHioon weru CIO
ftted during i tho I last Cingies > under dilTTent
irotctM but really to auxrincul palron
iigu for political purposes Thoiletnandi of
party wore legarded as superior to tho > o of
public duty Ami now after 1 stunt otpo
ilenun ihu Jommis oner of Pensions who
jrot tlm lions Hhara of this viA sum Ih com
pnllod to admit that ho has no employment
for a fourth or them I
1ublle opinion has long nnd loudly called
for I reduction of tlio revenues t n point
consistent with fulfilment of the national
and economical admlnlH
obligations nJI an Ilolollonl ndlllL
raliou of the Government Tho pressure
from out lto forced the Republicans to
spine legislation on this subject Jut for the
elections Ihls fall and tho approaching Pros
dcntlal contest this demand would have
pnfwed unheeded
Tho reduction of the Internal revenue was
made almost entirely in favor of the banks
and of patent medicines with tho repeal of
ho match tax of three millions a year dis
libuled among Irt1 vo mllllof people
Tho Internal revenue costs over five mll
ious a year to collect and employs more
ban four thousand ofUoeholders who are
mainly active and offensive politicians
This army of partisans was maintained nt
Its full footing while the farce 01 n protended
economy was performed In the house of Rep
resentative and In the Senate by tho Repub
lican majority
The of Iho Democrats should bo
policy 8houh t
disband this army promptly Tho whole In
ternal revenue system Is I a wrong that ought
not t bo endured longer But t tho tax Is
t bo maintained on spIrits boor and to
bacco then lot stamps bo substituted for
officeholders nnd wipe out of existence this
noxious political bureau
Gout Crook and the Chirlcnhiins
Some of tho people of Arizona aro angry
with Gen CIIOOK for his policy toward the
captured Chlrlcahuos Tho Governor of tho
Territory has given a partial expression to
this feeling lu a communication recently re
ceived at the Department of tho Interior
Peaceable Indians In he
PCluablo Iudlnn me some cases
says reported to b almost starving while
the murderous Apaches are welcomed at San
Carlos and allowed lo live in comfort there
Atlcost thosowho have not yet surrendered
ho argues should bo declared liostiloa and
treated as such by tlio army nnd citizens
I tho present plan of governing tho reser
vation docs not succeed then tho Indians
should bo removed to somo othor part of
the United States and tho reservation lauds
opened to white Bottlers
The real basis of tho local dissatisfaction
with Gen CUOOK is I Urn honotablo and
humane course which this officer has pur
sued When Swrolary TKLIJEIIU depart
ment which Is specially charged with tho I
protection of tho red uuuuul urged the impris
onment of Indian women and tho trial nnd
execution of warriors as criminals Gen
Cnoou protested against Limit policy as
perilous and treacherous Ho went further
Not only did hu save tho Government from
Iho disgrace of killing in cold blood those
who had biirrondorod on the faith of being
tested as prisoners of war but ho strongly
denounced in the olllctal report of his Sierra
Madro campaign l that sentiment whether
cntcilulnmt by citizens or soldiers which re
gards Indians as having tio clulm to justice
or meiuy
Nor was this tho first time that thIs of
ficer had confronted publlo opinion in
ArUonn When Gen CKOOK took command
of tho I department a Ito more than a year
ago he Immediately made 1 thorough tour
of oxnmlnatlou among tho Indians of Iho
eastern and southern of tho
ellul fuuthorn part Territory
and then isatied on the 5th of Oolober ono ot
the most remarkable ciders that over came
from 1 military officer on the subject of tho
relations of the rod men and the white
Promising that ho had found with regret
among the Indians a general feeling of dis
trust and want of confidence In the whiles
especially the soldiery ho reminded all
uflloors aunt umoldiors hut ouo of the funda
mental principles of the t military character
Is Justice to all Indians as woll as white
men and then proceeded as follows
In lllu lrd iilliigi olth the ie1lus eSteems must be
careful net 1 uur to ubno its ttrlcleit IKUIIIy hut lu I
make no proi le not in I heir > ower to carry oUI 1
KrlemniM nrlilnt wlllilu their jurisdiction ihould be
rolrmcd in lust ait accumulation of them may 1101
cautenn uultrruk Urlevancei 110IY potty If per I
milled to uciUmulat will b like emberi thai imoulder
and iiititali > break tutu Ua jie
When ollloer are applied to for Iht employment ol
tore aoluit luJIdui tluy 4b uiu UioiuuiU latufy
IkemaelTM of tha nenilty fn the application and ot
the legality of eomptUnoa tiiwIth In order that they
may 101 thrnth the Inexpartenee of others or throntk
thilrown haitlnru allow to troops under them to b
coma the Iwtrumenta o oppraxlon
There must Ix I no dlvlilon of reinonilblllty In this
matter each ofllcer will be held t a strict accoontabll
117 that hia actions hart been tally authorized by law
and Juitloe and that Indian erlnclni a desire 10 inter
upon a career of peace shall hara no cant f complaint
through hasty or Injudlcloui acta of Hit mlUtarr
To appreciate this order fully It must b
remembered that Gon CIIOOK wont t
Arizona with tho reputation of being ono of
the greatest of Indian lighters As Bob ho
was hailed by the people who could find no
bounds for their Joy over his appolnlmont to
command Ho might hMO mado himself the
Idol of the Southwest by refraining from In
torfarenco with local prejudices Ho has
preferred to sacrifice his ono enormous
popularity In that region for tho sake of
doing Jusllco
Hut oven should Gen CIIOOK prove here
after l bo on the wrong track thor Is not
the slightest evIdence thus far to show that
ho has committed any mistake In his man
agement of the Chlrlcahuas Wo believe
that an accurate compilation of statistics
would dlsokiao that bothtn the number of
lives lost and the amount of property de
stroyed Arizona and Now Mexico combined
have Buffered far lens alnoo CROOK took com
mand in that region than during any equal I
period for years preceding There certainly
n controht between tho comparatively slight
ravages of tho raid last spring nnd those
committed by Vioronio NANA and others In
previous seasons Vhatnvnr may bo Ibo
facts hereafter thus far there arc no signs
that CIUXIKS policy Is n failure
They Will Know Week After Next
Several Republicans in Brooklyn have
lately been asking with interest Who Is
It seems reasonably probable that they
will llnd out before the close of election day
The better they know him the butter they
will like him
Tho disposition of the Republicans to ac
cept tho result of lie Ohio election asa blcBa
Ins In very deep illxguito ix I enmnicndabte
amusing im It IB TIn best tiling for n man to
do when ho linn bivn Hiiundly di tut1sd Is to nc
knowledKH thin sotindnoHH of the t thumplui I ho
has hiulciinsoln hlH hrulsus with arnlc1 ann
live to Hull tannin Hut It IH iirolty hard fur
him I tu admit that tho hrallnc did I him any
foo1 T lie Koiiubllcuns are inclined I admit
thll flOllllll110RS of tin heat inn but they urotond
they dont know who cave It to thum Thoy
home I > the rcHiilt will bo that they will take tho
pains to put IlicniHilvuK in batter condition
next year Wo hunts they will not bo so dozed
nil to bo unnblo to know who knocks them out
In 18iU
An unfortunate criminal linn Just emerged
from jail In Pennsylvania JIll DAVID MOUATT
a lUiiniblidin nnd wearer of a 1110 niodil was
convicted of bribery nt olectlnn ooon after the
Chicago Convention nnd summIt to prison where
hi couiiitctid hlfl teniui I on ni Ida Iglu t of Saturday
last Hut Vihnt Is hn to do now Ills party
have vory llttlo tlmo loft in which they can af
ford to pay well for his services They wont
civo much for him after the election of 1881
Iksides his reputation line IMMIII damaged by
uolnc found out Wu mlvlto him reform sin
coroly nnd hive by honcnt meaim hereafter
Mayor Low is I nn cxuellont young man
but thin Brooklyn ItepubllcaiiB make n mistake
In Imnglninj that tho entire world ravolvvs
about him They nro doing all they can to
persuade themselves that lie is Brooklyn and
that capacity nnd common Monte cannot bo
found save in him This Is I very complimentary
to him but It Isnt oxoiisslvely compHmnntnry
to tho Inhabitants of Brooklyn Ho far has the
cult of tha young Mayor cone that Homo of our
ostoomcd cmitoinporarioH imrtaklni In the
Brooklyn delusion Boom to mipnoso that his
tarm of two years hat actually made a mlddlo
aged man of him and titoy turn up their ones
at tho youth ot Mr Ilrsnnrx tho fact bnlnt
than ho IH of about thin same ace na bin com
p tIlor Wo may add that Mr HPNDHIX Is fully
Mayor Lows equal In all tho other iiualltlen
necessary to mako a successful administration
Hut this Is only one of many bunrisos that are
In store for tlio nIce yonncnmntoiirB who house
boon dabblIng In Brooklyn politics for tho last
two years and oontonuilatlns Mayor Low with I
nffoctlonatu reverence as an idol set un by their
own hands They will urn among othor
things that there Ire still a number of Demo I
crats in Brooklyn Thorn IB goIng to bo a very
lively limo across tho East Klvor yet
Wall Btrcot watching that corner In stocks yes
torday ho must hMO boon highly Interested
the sudden transformation of those boars who
Itfbk liko sneak thieves accordIng to his
ODlnlon of tho othor day Into beautiful bulls
with sluIcIng countenances
Gov UUTLEII speaks of himself as nn old
man that IB l passing away but ho Is not an
old man and if ho IB passing away ho seems
likely to outlive tho Itepubllcan party in
Massachusetts Tho fact Is that ho IB a good
deal livelier and can give harder knocks to
day than ho could twenty years ego He has
bad to debt his own battles both In his present
party and In tho ono by which ho was formerly
BO much adnilrtid and thu amount of exercIse
he has had keeps him hearty and still belli
coso With all his peculiarities he Is an Inter
esting figure and he U makIng lilacs very
InterestIng for MIIssachll811tts iodsnapporynnd
lock nlnt8m Thoy pray that tho scourge may
opoodlly pans awny but It wont
Nuggets of truth are not generally found
In Itepubllcan campaIgn literature but the
State Coinmlttno In an address sent out yes
terday has boon way clown duop in tho woll
us Lo BKBHIOSB would Buy for facts The ad
dress says
There li I no ixiuie for Republican apathy except
thu desire or teiulillrn defoat and Itepubllcan drfrut
cau be dnilretl only by tliouu who are perfcuaJed that III
Iitinocrnllo lal li n morn patriotic a wIrer aunt an
lionider Irly limn the llepuliUcau
It Is rare ludooil that party luanacors are
candid oiioiiKh to thus explain before electIon
day why a majority of the voters have decided
against thorn
rite admirers of Alnskaaro evidently not
to have ovurythlne In lie recant reports from
that region heir own way Wo havo jiiBt boon l
told by exploring officers of limo army tho navy
and tho revenue marine corps how hot It is in
thu Territory and what now and unexpected
flowers crow tllllre Homo gold miners who
havo jest returned 1 look on tie matter differ
ently They wore not struck so much by time
rnnknoBB of the voButution as by the fact that
having found on the blh of October IBH2 tho
claim they wore after four days later they
ekated all around It tha water In the region
beIng apparently frozen solid Hut lea III tho
ml Jllo of October is often known hundreds of
miles south of Alaska and so tho evidence
Bill holds good that the summer weeks are
genial and balmy
Tho smuggling of Chinamen from Biltlfih
Columbia Into Washington Territory has boon
RilinG on for months but now a much greater
influx Is threatened by thu expiration of the
contracts under which several thousand of
them havo been employed on the Canadian
Pacific Itnllroad As tliueinuircllni Is thought
to bo usually dono In small boats alone tho
shore It U I urtml that thin rovonno cutters
should watch the border Htlll tliaro Is no
Croat Impediment to Chlnnmon crossing tho
boundary In tho Interior nn > body has an In
erect to BmuLLlo tlmm The problem of on
forcIng tho law Is rather difficult when Its eva
sion becomes of pecunIary bontiflt to con
tractors and the combined shrewdness end
docility of the MoiiBolluob doubtl sa make 1U
ovuslon tha easier
Tk spabits Jarty Just I Warn I
ft e I
WABIDNcmnr Oct 22No political ovont I
has happened for many years which bM made
BO profound on Impression on the officeholder
WashIngton as the recent election In Ohio
and yot many of them had passed through the
harsh experiences of 1874 and 1BS2 when llo
publlnnn majorities were cast out of tho House
of lloprosontatlves br an IndIgnant and out
raced people
ThoofQcoholdors are party baromelern Since
tho advent of GrantlBtn thoy have been taught
to retard politics as a business superior to
publlo duty All tho States have RepublIcan
Associations nt the capital organized for po
litical work Thoy send voters home at every
Important election and furnish speakers to
roprosont the wishes of ho President and of
the Cablnot Individually
Each association keeps a minute record of
tho votes In ovory precinct of Its own State at
all tho elections national State county or
municipal Changes are carefully noted with
tho causes thnt may havo brought them about
This machinery Is maintained at public ex
pense for ho benefit of the Administration
Whon Ohio oloctod a Democratic Secretary of
State and a majority of tho Congressional dole
cation lost year the offlcoholdors woro greatly
shocked But they became reconciled to that
defeat and explained it by tlio suiallnoss of
thin aggregate vote and the default of 77000
HojiubllcanB who stayed at homo to punish ho
successor of Garlluld
They looked forward with confidence to tho
contest this year In the full belief that the
Stale would resume Its place in Iho Republican
line But with the largest vote ovor cast at a
local election and with the Issues made for
effect by their loaders tho Republicans ore
defeated by a crushing majority
Tho Democrats havo thus carried Ohio In two
successive elections Immediately preceding tho
residential contimta for tho first tlmo since the
onnnbaUon of tho Republican party All the
iittomptfl to explain away tho onuses of this
ernat reaction and all tho promises of the re
jected loailirit for better work In 1BS4 havo
failed to console the ofnceholdors They tako
no comfort III future expectations They have
lost faith in thn ability of the party to rally
successfully In the face of such reverses
It is nn open secret that tho Ircsldcnt and
hilt advisors worn as much stunnott by the re
sult In Ohio as their subordinates In tho de
partments who nro IxtlnnlnK to prepare for
the nxodtifl In 18 R 3 which they hollino to bo In
ovltalile These high officials who hnvo pimped
thn summer in wandering about tho country
and In npproprlatlne public property to their
personal use and pleasuro do not under
stand why noulc of duty should bo rebuked
The party organs had assured thorn the Ad
mlnlHtrntlon was Immensely popular and that
the Irosldont would bo nominated by tho Ito
publican Convention without fall
If this delusion has not entirely passed away
thoio wIlt be little left of It lifter tho Novnmlror
elections a fortnight hence When these re
turns nhall bo sifted Republican candidates for
the 1rosiiloney who have boon poslnc with
much eompliicancy and who have accepted tho
sweet incensu of adulation as testimony of per
sonal merit and of political strencth when It
was only tho fulsome flattery of sotllHh partisans
booking omco or jol s will discover thor are not
wanted in tho public service
Illltklr Iiilerratlua Mnltera
WASHINGTON Oct 21Adviees from tho Ma
linno rninp III Vlrmnln I reprencnt that time leader and Ilia
liHitriianti are irnrklnir harder than ever deco the Ohio
elrcllnn and with iinillnilnlnhed faith In vuccem Fir
tin I moment then uyo adoulit about Ihu tflect of the dr
clrlon on the Civil lilxhtu law upon 2luhnne > neKro follow
tm IUIIII U re > rMuled that If miltlilne It h l faioralilo
for hln Hide and thut the dicNInn has Civtn the leadera
iimuthliiK to latin aloul nnd opportunity to bid them
look to him so their Moor That there 10 1 danger of a
break In the negro rote to denied
On the other hand reports from the emotratlc camp
tell another tain that the Ohio election lm been fol
lowed by illttfenilon and low of confidence among tho
nntfroeH irlilcli the court decision Ims I not arrested
Ilolli ititiea are doing their hl And apparently with
about eiiialoiiundence Tile fight limo one peculiar fat
lire Although it In I eminently a tpeaklux campnlgn
iou her lie Mill 1111 I nutiide ipeaktr on the Hump but
employ only liuine talentof which there apnear li > be
no lack UulII lUd except financial U dttllned by
bnth lden Iho Vir intanii being of the opinion that they
con bent hL their own buttles In their own way
Ohio ncpubllcnni Hounded In tine Into Ohio conflict
besieging Arthur for offices lien Iliitlernorlh has
cot one and now Tm Ynimir wants to know i hat Is to
bonnie of him nuttrriicrtli has for somo time hem
rlniiiorliiirIn low I of which fact his apparent hesita
tion about accepting the niter of Ciimmliwloncr of
Talents Is extremely funny Asthoiuh an Ohio man ever
declined ien3t thing Voting 111 la said would not decline
n clerkship If be could POM thou examination A regi
ment of patriots hla dnaa clanioroun for Homethlng
ale reported to be witling to take uliat they can get
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge If he aur Pea It will
ilouhlleiis ntnln a lliely recollection of Ms vlult
to this toirn It li I proballe according to the proper
order In pitch caned thnt he should not hitte a moments
rest 1 but like a football be kept on the go The Supreme
Court being In nciilon ho fell Into the hands of the
Justices and our com li ItO Attorney letieral Instnad of
the District liar which uuitoclatlon had made every
preparation for tb dlllnoiiUliPil vlritor Lucky was
the eiicapo 1 of the Lord hid Justlco It Is I fearful to
contemplate what might save happened hud 1 Oorkhlll
nnd bin Frt once Iud Mm III Ilielr power Come to
think Oorkhitl ould unto t ecu an onliildcr as he was
eierefy blackballed when no cnme before tlie associa
tion for incmberfthip lie would liaie figured as an
ornamental inrmhrr rtonbtlrm As It In I the dlitln
gulcheS Hnzllshnian turk a now frather In Arthur
cap after spending a half sour Informally at the White
House by calling him llm typical American gentleman
TbU Is aa good for MID as a male with a dozen
delegates perhapxt
Tko Democratic fimdlsnto Tor Secretary of
From the Delanarc atunte
The record of Juduo Saynnrd upon certain
quiviloiiB lm IIIK been rifernd wo allgr1 the follow
Im among oh t her things that ought tn commend him to
tho people of the n hoP Stolen
lie lnua Iwo a been M alric collomlllu public affairs
In em hot tint Legislature it 1H7H and 1H77 be Intro
duced an ami ndinvnt to tine Con1I1 ci lout reducing the
salary of members of the MgUlatnra from 7100 to I
VliJO intuit Htrnu ty urged tlf jinn tige
In 1HT7 he tired tho I a < iroof nn act redueluffthe
salary of Oount > Ju lye I nnd Airrogatu of his own couuty
ot Delaware from taooo to fuoo
In the then eiiKiiing rlectl he was elected County
Judge by over lOmajorliyullhoiigh 1 the county QSU
ally iiivtc Too or Wu pulilinn inujorlty
Judgo 1 Muuard during hs I chute ofllclat career as
member of Assembly and Julira hoc neier accepted a
free pans
Ills acts hov always been In the lint ot the best In
Ieul of the people
Want they Think orllnlruiin In Kansas
from the Lravenwrth San mat
Tim SUN Is piishlnu with Its uiunl vIgor and
nap the claims of William H Ilnlnmn of Indiana for
tlie Iresldtnty Wa no not believe Hint he hat any
chance of a nomination but 1 he iliiuld be thoKeii by
his psrly and that i hnli rained by the people lie would
make an honest competent nd irmnd Kxecutlvo
The Uepubllcnn arty Must Go
ron the New VurkTimn two rend
The corruption that fistenod upon tho Navy
Pepsrtment during the ICobvvn period seem m to bo very
hard to eradicate
Not n Irnklblloo Year
uhf Klnultl m knl
GonlresfllJ1on HaBkoll Slorrlll Perkins anti
relern 1 and henstnr numb H re hulled to attend the
Temperance Inltin ut Topel nut the IHlh I lilt This not
being the prohibition > ear allnf iltme gentlemen wrote
thst I i they I regretted that prrsous envagements would I
prviflul their uttundancc1 Ibw fashlouiilocliauge I
It fuul lacupc
Fnm the ottla5r < indfird
The Republican party it tlm present time Is
like a man who went it tonS ii a cemeler whirling
when he was suddenly stoppel und told by one of the
drparted spirit t You ma wllII LIII you lime KOI to
cumu here
It It Ilurrsa Vial tn Mew York
JVnii time niato Kuet
The report that Mr Tlllen hut been elected a
IllMiibrr of Hie NtW Ynrk V ohL Club accounts for Iho
l resence In I New York rf It I Hairs I who is I Mipputed
to b anxious inSet hob of tlij uertltlcaU of electiuu
John HbelmunsHole nIIt
row tlit 111 14e1ivr
Only one Incldunt of flU Ohio campaign 18
qrII1 b JuliiibbsraiaoLicoiiltlbulluu ut TuO to
0 4tsabituout fund
rtlllBlllElJK1ITINO aiar nrTnB
The esprat EfTorta of the pukllesuai to
CJarl7 the TIea EIn
BOSTON Oct 22Tho Ingenuity tho Re
publican press In devisIng mlRroprocontAtlon
of Issues of facts and of moo during the pres
ent campaign Is but ono ol the Incidents which
show the desperation of tholr canvass The
dIsregard of facts IB phenomenal Two or throe
Instances will show theIr character and variety
Tho Journal under hood lines of un
usual display the statement that n most torrlblo
fraud had been committed In registration In
thnt flftyelcht persons were assessed an voters
In ono boarding honso which did not and could
not accommodate more than twelve parsons
Yet the house named haa over ono hundred
roomsolchty of them beIng furnished and
at the time of assessing the polls lout spring
there wore between eighty nnd ninety boarders
Tho facts might havo boon easily obtained by a
reporter Tho contradiction andcxpanatlon
Bent In the form of letter by the Hoard of As
Bettors was printed Inconspicuously under a
diminutive bead linn Tho Chairman of tho
Board and other members aro Republicans
and all aro oltlzens of undoubted Integrity
Borne two hundred residents of Fall RIver
who worn entitled to citizenship under United
States law noeloctod to be naturalized when
thu SuporlorCourtof Massachusetts was sitting
in Bristol county and therefore Ihoy woro
brought to Boston last 1 week to receive their
citizenship through tho United States courts
They woro accompanied by Alderman Hurley
a respected gentleman of some wealth who
proposer I to bo u witness for nil those whom hll
personally knew rite Republican press not up
hum cry ot fraudcommenting upon the clroitni
Btnnco thnt tho men wore brought away from
their own city nnd charged tlmt this purpose
wan to avoid being confronted by thoso who
knew them and tho Slate Uotnmlttuo annt a
lawyer to warn tho court Tudio Nelson there
upon declIned to accept Mr harley an a wit
ness In more than ono CHBO altiioUBh the
remedy against perjury Is ample and although
none of thin accuser unloaded to have a sIngle
piece of ovldnncn that thorn wai fraud Now
tin party press gloat over the loiluro of thoso
nijiu tn obtain tin privileges and responsi
bilities of citIzens antI justify their glee on
lie tirntnneii that fraud huts been provontoil
flicre hits alwnts been a fouling among some
of the yoturs In country towns that lloston was
a tiirrllilu place and tho Republican Instead
of doing all In their 10111 toougnndorJi re
ppiiLt and utit inirat Ion for their I I city have found
It convonlHiit for party reunions to foster Hint
mollnB Hence the present cry of fraud A
day or two Rlna n fellow from tho south end
was arreHtftl for Illogal rocl trntlon HH humor
111111 aim y politicnl I tOilici till Hlx I i onlv Inleroxt I
In 1111 it let wan for what ho could nialo out of
It I t Hn had hoi a iiinrtt oft It on hired i by Ropubll I
calms lo do wardrvom work Hut tho story of
hIm arrest was jmllcloiisly j cIrca ittttitl In I Repnl
lioan on I pars tliroiighotit tho t Htatii tho moral
polntoil holng thnt the wicked Democrats wore
trying lo cirry tlm city liy traud
It W08 chiuied l by Itapuhllcnn papers nail
B > onkora that a Democratic wnrd officer In
ward 8 wns now in Ito HOUGH of Correction
jvhon inn of tho olllrars of tho ward by open
letter dollod till slnndimrs lo Iron tint r stnto
incut nnd nskml tliom to con I rail let it I t If fnlso
llo wns rewarded with sllenco instead of justice
A npnoch of Hov llntlorB was in iou toted
twlco In dllTeront formsb loBhowthat lio hud
promised tIll Canu Uod Ship Ciniil corponitors
Hint ho would protect tln m In I tliplr t charter
evon If I hey did not tuilll I Its conil I lIon tile
dupralt of SJnonoi with tbo Htnto Tionmirnr
lot hue money bud been deposited and the
news editors of the paper know It
jh Su urn itte Court In I nn Important case
decided plainly mill unininivociUly I that II wo
mall TaR not a tinmen within thin moaning
of tlio Constitution for the purpose of holding
olllco except In such cnsos where tI itt < Htiituto
oiroK8S tho exception Tlio lovernorenlled
tho attention of t Iho Hoard of Health Lunacy
and Charity to hum fuel that ono of unto ap
pointed mid acting as n member could not
under this di > cl lon hold nfflco lund It was
clmruud thnt ho was rtMjmnslljlo for the onin
ion and when hum I court was quoted Innnsuor
tlni attack Ill coat iitmteI in I nnothnr form
Tlnsso mire only iiinplis of thn fortuity shown
by thn aolo authors misrupresentntlon III tho
an illilnglnlimitISmler I campaign Tho abuse
of jlutiornnd his frlumls Is more vituperative
and MiurrlloUH tlmn over before
A filrangH fnuturo of thn campaign Is the pro
diction not ionllned tn Ito mon of ollhor party
I that Mr tohlll OIl will gnin votes from last
fur III Newton Mr DlHlinps homo and lose In
I Clilcopoo his unu rosldenro nndln LexIngton
his native town Hm thrill or closeness has
not iiicrniisoil I big popularity In tlio t hoiirta of
tho people in tho wustern purtof tho Btato nnd
thire In a protty strong foulIng ngalnat him on
the part of his own neighbors bocauso of Ibo
tart but l 1 ho lint been so very direful to send In
a bill I wlionovor I one I of r oclli baa ventured
to Mk him n quostlon dnmnnding an an
WAr which contained a Bclntllla of legal lore
TIme mason of his unpopularity In Loxlnetonla
a family matter but it Is discussed just now so
vigorously nnd generally that it cannot bo oon
BiileiiulnprivittDnlTHlr m
Jinny years ago John Robinson tho uncle of
George P Kobinson was sont to tn poorhouso
In Luxlnutnn deoriios father Oharlns Bob
litton Sr his brother Cliurlos Hobinaon Jr
nnd loorco him olf hnvo boon woll to do and
thrifty They have boon very careful to col
lect foes and othor debts and louse never been
prodigal Tinny all Hnvud monoy But John
ItobltiBou llvod ovor twenty years In that poor
houso and then died there about throo roam
ago while his npphuw wits n mombor of Con
gress Nothing was over paid by mombors of
him family toward Ills support
Itoglstrntlon notwithstanding tlio hindrances
attempted by KepulillcanR will bo larger than
over boforo Homo hive boon frightened by tho
iLppenranco of Itopublloan spotters or dc
toctlvos whoso practice has boon to call at
houses in tile abs ncu of voters and ply the
women with mysterious nuiwtloiiB about boll
husbands or sons and till thorn with admo
nitions hut they must bo very careful In their
manner of roclatratlon bncnuse tlio laws are so
strict and tho punishment so snvnro Kvorr
effort possible however lint been made to pro
tact them and tlio device has boon successful
in but tow Instances
What Benntor lllalrs Ciimmlttce Jenmed
In Muaauckuaelta
From tAm notion hullS Globe
Yesterday the following question was put to
a witness by Senator Blair
la there anything else 1 yon would Ilka to Bay t
Witness Tlie men complain some about this human
bide business
Senator Illalr What do you mean I
Witness Why this tanning of human Mitt
Senator Illuis Vou dn not mean to cay that this hu
been done to any great extent T
Witness Yr sir I do
fenalor Illalr Do you know of It personally f
IVitiusi Ye j I saw hides mjnelf as much M floe or
nix yrars ago heard of them eleien I > ears ego and know
nun who heard of them vixhteen years anti tlie bust
new lice been Incrciiiilng eirr rlnca until lately three
or four mouths ago It woo slopped
Senator Illalr What have you neent
Wllnesi hare seen anveral whole tunics of women
that had bcsa tanned They were perfect and looked aa
natural as life
Hcnulor Illalr Where Jll you sae theme
Witness I have si en them nt Mullera tannery In Cam
bridge tho last one about urea ago
Ruimtor ntalr Do juu know any nine clio who saw
tliestt things
WllncM Vesj Pan McDcrinnll of Rnmurillie uw one
al loo a mua nameil Worsfr of Homerillle McUcrmott
cut a mall pUce off and carrIed U lu his pocLut for two
Senator hiintrl Is this lniiliie none miyvrlicro elae t
Wlliuu y < j i lilt dono lu Woburn
Kewly Found Will ufTrrnor W Inrk
THOT Oct 22Tho family and near friends
of the late I Hon Tremor W Iurk of Hennlngton under
stood that ho diet Inlmlate and his large estate was
Mlffuctorlly nettled Much surprUo and comment has
been orcatloned by H puhliihod lullcn directing perxms
liitermlnl lu mlmiiw tu e why Ilia lam it lll anl lesla
miill tt Mr Inrk Mionld i I 1 lInt r ii l < prohntedat a prnlate
eiinrt for the district of Hetiiilnglon on Nor i holomon
llaidelifrlt named fL s rtnutor in th > Till was a law
liannerof 1 tlr fark In San francisiii Tho I I will is ini
posed to hale been nude Iwetilyllir t I m CeO 1 and to
mve been sulweurnlly It Is I belIeved that the
estate will not be unsettled b > the oat ly found luslru
line ill
Col Mucklo Jleeomled
JIIIJADCLrlIlA Oct 22ln recognition of the
valuable vertices In I behaltnt the Imperial Unlierslty
ami hailimal Library In Ktraiburirwlilcli Ha destroyed
flurltnr the Fresco lInlla war rendered gratuitously
for ft series of > ears by Iol M Kit hard Munsle of the
Ihlladelplilaxrfirn who collected end furwanli1 freu
lit ien e all the ciiiilrlliutbmii In boosl mule I In the
Initrd State and ranaiUa In akl of Us reotnirci lout lh
Iinptnir Ullliiim 01 iieniianv I bent 12 I ronrerrwl
uniiifol Muikle line unler of lie I lleil 1 Eagle i aocoiuiia
I do t
nlc4 with Ih dtcoAitlon i and rlblMjii
Jlic Hey Jufcn W Whites heresy
PiTTHiiunoii Oot 22In the Presbyterian
Ryno I today Iho Committee tn the Iteoonls ot tha
Huntingdon Irrabyierjr reportiHl that the Irenbitery
erred In allowing tier Jrhn W While lo withdraw
frini the ITeb tery without reii > ur after bai lug round
him Will n of her ry 7 hue onninmnml tiC claimed i tlmi a
muff iiriiiiiiinirul exiinsion < f dlkainriliuilon all nlS
I C 11
r J rt
lice ° wal tumi4t0 iii I dietnettng I tu ill intl CervIces luTI
rolon eaI erlI
Tho Nlpsle lilsllnaTulalilnst lleraclr I
WABiirNOTON Oct 22Tho United States
teanier Nlpiic t llia vrllh tlie lllglan bark BargerhoiK I
SnV ° aint towed her Into Itiode Janrlro Time mmmatt
hat mlmt ci sea taVlS minasier w utiii EFH Inli
bot Tine beet ii e iii great miamer as timers on a ho
Otnr oittcer oi mount Clii initlU Ut tier Crow wies ZSZ
tile If acm IrsUine hiet Lutu ion
Ludisse Lcnlle DlsraeTbS Trouble
with Monelcnor Itnlsmllow the JcenlU
re Protected br llltmnrote
finn Oct 6Two events In Homo prove
the Impartiality nnd straightforwardness of
Lao XIII Ono In tho sentence passed by the
Congregation of BIshops and Itogulnrs on tlio
Vlooirerent of Rome llonslcnor Lontl and tho
other the dIsmissal ot Monnlcnor Halnn the
Under Archivist ot the Holy Boo
The VIcocoront IB a prelate decorated with
the Episcopal dignity He IB Coadjutor or
Vicar of thin Cardinal Tlcnr of the Pope Ho Is
the ordinary Judeo ot Kama and its district
and makes with the Cardinal Vicar one Identi
cal cIvIl and criminal court Ho confers holy
orders consecrates churches gIves permits to
print books and officiate In 8U John of Late
ran tIm cathedral of the Pope and the first
church In the world I nn n truo representative
the Pope when time Cardinal Vicar Is absent
Ho has charge of tho relics of tho saints Ito
some as lie Cardinal Vicar He la also Consul
ton ot tho Holy Inquisition
The actual Vicegerent Monslcnar Olullo
Lontl was only a pariah priest of Homo and
afterward Bishop ot Bulrl Kopl and of Capra
nlca Ho had In his diocese ot Sutrl full
control of the benevolent Institutions called
bore In force Opme lie Ho cot control ot
25000 francs belonging to two of Ilicno Institu
tions for a few years ho paid lImo Internet ot
tho inonay Then the payments stOpped
Tim trustees brought a Bull mwlnst him ccv
ermil roars ego Tills suit WIIK afterward brought
bnforu a commHtooof fourdirdlnnlf created by
Leo XIII who worn empowered to rpeolvo thin
testImony and pass sentence Cardinals For
rlnrl Hbarratll Angola Jacobin and Hunillul
welD tim court
This court found that MonalunorLontl had
no right to do what hue had drain and that tint
Bum of 25000 francs should bo paid back to the
Ojifre Pie that If ho had spent umtuchi money
to Improve the Opera Pie Capntondl ho ought
to collect that sum from Its funds
Moimlunnr Lontl pretended that Plus IX had
npprnvnl bin iiccountH but the Cardinals In
slated hot such approbation was only niailo
with th tmstomnry reservation Unlinpnlly
for Honnlunor Lontl won tbo accounts pro
ftonted bY l him botrnyod dotnostlo jobbery
They showed that all the money spent by him
In works wont Into tho hands of his brothers
who are arnliltocK oiuiltnorB nail contractors
Those brothers ore woll known In Homo fox
tholr proolUlly to crimp as much as they can
In tliii occlnalii8tleil Held They oven sold by
auction till I time furniture of tho I lllsht opt jinl
acne In Hutrl Nnnl und Cnprnnlcn when their
brother left that flee Tlio furniture bolouirud
to tile pint > and not to tln pnreon
A very wicked paper of Home La Kaimegaa
oxposcd all tile job nnd was proiccutod for
libel by Slonslenor Lcntl This will Blvu rise
to a very curious oaso lnnlin clmllonco to
tho editor to prove this htntoinont elves the t
Jtufneatta the right to call before the liulueBtho
udlimH and to ask for tlin report of their
trinl i 111 I tnn I e loiUromit Inn I rt Ttlaltrttia nrurr In
tliiilriiichlvos ThIs will intike a great nolsn
Tim second event that attracts ntumtlon Is
tlio dlRKnwo of Mirr llnlnn I wrote you that
this emlnunt I hi isbn nut hunt ci von up bin place
of MjUonrciiriita delta s Teilr It now appears
hInt hu dlit sn by orders of tbo Pope
hlgr llulan Is u prlunt of the dioceses of
Mantua lIe has benn workIng on snvnral
noftRpapers of upper Italy Homn yearn IIKO ho
wits called to Itiiine by ordur of tho Iojio to
take chiiuigo of a Catholic newspaper of Home
Ho was soon afterward elected Kabareliiriula
of the Holy boo In this capacity thu Mon
signor has Into I y mlRiiuotod some Important I
dnciimonts Ho was Immediatuly reciuenicd to
clo up his olsen and his benelloo In Ht Peters
He will bo stint torndua as rrofobsorot History
in the sum I miry
Tint Jesuits are holding lluilreonornl coiuuslo
rio or misetlnt In Home Havlntr no place of
their own they have conn to tho OornmnColloKc
and occupy the moms of the ntudiints who Inn
In I the t country I Thin Important I council li held
In secret If the local papers found It out there
would bo a tumble outcry Nearly oluhty
delecates participate In tho Conference They
come from all over thn world Tho United
StntoB and Canada are well represented
Provlncinln from all harts of Europe Asia antI
South America am tn be found hern The old
General bun left FloBolii lilt liniuliiuarterR and
bus comm over hero with all his staff
The ordinary btnlt of lie FatherGeneral Is
composed of an assistant for Germany ono for
Franco ono for Upuln ono for America did
hnKllshBpeaklnc countries and ono lor Italy
J lieRi centlnmen mire elcctnd lit the i Bamn tlmo
that the Congregation elects thin Uonoral
All of thorn Iho In a float tint lovely convent
called San Jirobimo nt Fiesole ThIs convent
bad been boucht by u patrician family from
Florence the Hicnsoll Ono of tInt Kloasolls n
cousin of llottino lllcasoll n croat nolltlclan
bncnmo n Jesuit nnd bcdiinnthod the convent
or villa to lie Jesuits Wlion oxpelled from
Homo the Genera and his staff settled thor
They arc a source of cront prollt to the small
city of FUvsolo an theIr house Is a sort of pil
Krimace for all the fathers and friends of lie
prditrwhn en to Italy Tiileeniph boys run up
hill hourly from Florence to Man Ciirolamo with
diwpntchBS for the black Pope who has no loss
cnllH over the wiros than the white one
This general meeting of tlio fathers Is to
provide for tho best and safest moral unit po
lltleal oxlstonco of tlio oomnany One of tho
rood dntormlnatlnns I lately taken hint hcon the
ulttetlon of a Vlear or nllir roe of Father Ucckx
with thin Hunt of future sucec tnrBhip
Thin newlyoleeted man is Father n nderlndy
Ho Is a man of fiftyseven or sixty nf good
health thin nail wiry with black eves and
black heir did wonderfully active He is a
Swiss He spoaksltnllan French KiiRlishnnd
Uermnn fluently lie wn anrofcssnr In Swit
zerland for many years Then ho went to Can
ada OB a missionary among thu Indians for
years and led n hard lIfe In tho snow nnd Ice
Hn afterward did pastoral duty nt Green llnv
Jis lb trims eaiimnil buck to Germany where
ho was elected Provincial antI afterward as
sistant ol tile General
Fathoi Andorledy will act ns General with
Father Hockx or ntlloait do the hardest part of
the work for the General is Ratline vary old
and feeble
This Is thin only tIme of hue year In which so
many Jesuits could anther undisturbed In the
em pty Gorman dIego whore under tInt pro
tectlon of Item Emperors liter they are not
bilged to Rive notion of their presence In
Homo to tho municipal authorities
TUB aitttru 01 JIFFERSON
Acneued from IHIapldnllon and Marked by
n llHniUorae Mottumrnt
WABntNOTON Oct 22LleutCol Thomas L
Casey wlm ww charged with time execution of the eto
lutloiiorconcrcM provlcJInit for the ertniion of u full
able monument oror the grave of Thomas Jefleroon at
Munticello anuiouncus the ccniilclloii ot tim work
zinc grounds were urrnunded by > wooden fence mud
the oid nnonulmmem to MrJuKcnnn WM much worn liy
lime weather hiniti diaitguret by relic liimteri Tue work
just conipletid consiiited In the grading tcdlnif and
nodding of lilt eimrfsee lime rrrcllon nf n new ninniiinnnt
over tie emit of Mr Jtffrrwn aid Hip liulldlnvnf a
jlronif ant lianilxirnn fenc almut the iViirvli grmmueml 1
rue iiiotiniiiriit oonilil first if two fill Iidnltoim Siri
the Inner 12 fri I iimr iuil lbs nrlt B feel nilnr nliil
earli it 1 Ionic In IteIntliiwhmiui of
lilwhlch KIMT t ii e critic or Mr
Jrircrxiii all four mf f mm klndnd ii IHI lure liiinS I ill liu
liea1 mid feet nnd on ellher le TImers fouiidVllm
Clone l are iiriiinimu l ii nun l 4 fet U ire it time lime
numi a fel 7 Inrliri In hrlkllt nnd ill liv n irrniilla
ileililn i feet Siicli I iiariint hue bxo nnd 12 feel t II
Krnundt I ii bunt cllnt tilt mouuiiiinf alii
time grotumud I ti fm em
Time iii orliiliiii < < iiinow in VrJirromon soil uuu ac
rordamuem s ii In ink mijrei ium
fiYin1 jiloccd on tl oUlUtc Is eo
folint s i
Here wa bunch Tlinma J ffir nn author nf tlin
fleet pirinitnit ni Iiiilo I > enienri > nf tie u talutent Viral In
for Vtrntluila r114iiie frfw1 iii fmntlir or the nut rally it
UtOili line dim is iniacrited i itorit April 2 1713 0 S
nii July 4 t5211
iii time 1111cr iiirtiiees of his tour Chico of line unwr
tnmuiimltIii cuu art immmrm ii itiank I mit linc fmii r CtinVh N
our iuiuttint I limit tf ii 1
r afloreommlime grot e iii I inn lie
JI isimni lii ti ito 11am tif Ioriinn J lbitnlotplt unmet
ml fm j llta his miummiutui Icr mmii t hit I Iuimuiue M
ttlininhiti lii semi TIe I nilul i n uphill un iM
thiiA2 leat luij Stills n tile appiiiprimlnn uhrxptniltd
tunniliia Piew liitrrnnrUrnBrnl
QuKimo Oct 22The Mnruuls of Len
dnwno and pnmrty will proiiailj lat ataliout iit to
lunrrovr The usa UniiruuMlciirnil will litiworn In
CI 10 oclock and tue party will Icivo at noon fur ijtta
waby alpcolal train
A Krenrli paper lonlRlit says that It li reported that
Hun lint headed IHXiinen I will make ademnntrMlon
tinuotll tm line len1oig it gives mo erodiume lunmIneuer
ill limp runner This I lii Stile roteremire uiial ilium fuse
lii I lie cli V irecs ii miii a ill iritialioti lt lrmilntle imminl
tug I rich mini ii lelmig milan leinil riticuet
aim e tent
hit trouliu I ill tins ci Icr tittiti I locus I a numummor timet
Iundigmiotim meeting intl tie lull um Ilie Cute tOIttgint iuui
against tie hnawuJnterinur by IrIsh restnimuile
Tbe Color lne In fnuudinn Schoola
TonosTo Oct 22A colored man named
Diinu in Wlndor aped tn iiaio hula diulVtr ad
tattled mu time suitra liclummol thert but the trimetmea re
fined his application Tb girl tits at that tiitie attend
ie a iuumtic Ciini sumeuiclty luiiemtiled fnr colireni cliii
C rcun flilumli
aIpcuil tmi u inS
ermine I I tile
rIliultil Iris
teem Cm aitmlt Ii is elmUl to tii tetntrtii SclnmnmI
ot Cltitiii5ry Ctiir
ltearl iii
tao imm
aimlmeul dtmltel
I liii ilninimi
htlilmmutiiii muse 1111 tIm priler 10mm
gal S Jnitgiumeuit suit
mr thu 1 felmntniiin Tin
gioil dciii ut feelimme iii tI iiiintmr where I icr rate ore crealee a
colorant ieulmlc ietligieslaes amid their demreiudniils inmtuiy
InTcntors In Convciillon
Fifty Inventors manufnclurcrs and < other
person me pistenlay In l
ijro hull iii reolmnpt tim mu
call for a nilonl coma hiiloit
to form an I iii cmiips t
Irolecllv Aasirlmullun Hoi en Htiucs and lerrlttnVs
lucre reliremeltied J A lrit
of Neui Jity
IllSltiiOii usimd tly 31 A mini ics mit lit
cml c I
ms iom hem rreumrr
in Is
iuue of lhe
Ciitiiilit ice em lliiii 1am
cml for tht
mntlji wild I
miii mliii li ti
paltR steimi memo un a
hilii1ttmnii ii
ault titot uinlm imimmlirus giunimg strrlui It
cmii III iwrp if it
00110 iii eeifilIeime miits
I lice
w 1 I
UteIr ii mIst
mp OuiehuI Sr lrtee
Pt ep lrire
it achier sil I IV
Wers elecl4
a t uinniuiti m Ie I n IitelitiniiuiIee
yrees erothist ills hi adlemel
iitel Onto I tilud ask htt tim
cud hue sfrvlc email vftlcltitt
Tho Paris artisans aro reported to to
maklnc life ai ranch a burden u they can to dennans ha
the employ of Paris firms
The crowd at Aberdeen In their eager
ness to see the Prince lUatrice knocked down tha tree
which the had Just planted I
A slnglo contractor is Greeting BOO first
chaos dwellings In the ntyelhth ward of FhlUdsl
phi for William M Rlngerly
Earl Ornnvlllo has recently taken to tai
cycle riding mud Is not Infrequently ten tsklnf spin
from Walmer Castle Into Deal
Tho fumes of several hundred gallons of
ammonia liberated by the esploilonot an Ice machIne
In a Cincinnati brewery killed S3 hones next door
The attempt lo Introduce barmaids Into
Italy mesta with dlltloulty from thus fact that Ital
ians do not seem able to comprehend that women so em
ployed can yet its reipectablt
M Jules Clarolle accordIng lo the Paris
Trmpl says that It liMme Hernhsnlts Intention not only
to write tier memoirs but to play In a thrillIng IcaruS
the chief Incident of her own career
Slnco the death of the Comto do Cham
boat eleven French Iegltmilit newspapers hare ceased
to appear presumably on account of the stoppajra of tha
nbrentlons nf money which enabled them to lira
The Princess of Wains and her slater
were photographed during their recent visit homst
standing beneath a tree In their old playground the tar
dan of Castle Dsrnttocr This photograph has been ehr
uiographed and gone all over the laud
According to Ito annual report of the
Commissioners of Frlsoru In Kngland and Walea the
populMlon ot the jails on Much 31 last was IflBIS
acalnst IRora In March Hell Thin decrease hu oo
curre l chiefly among the younger criminals
An English country paper contains the
following curious Instance of mlspunctuatlons Lord
1almerston then entered on his head a white hat upon
his feet large but well poll hed boots Simon his brow a
dark cloud In his hand his faithful walking stick In hltf
eye a menacing glare raying nothing
Gen Bherman has received houses and
other presents worth fOir since he became General ot
the Army oxcluslienf he JlOouo worth of diamonds
given bj Iho Khedlic to Mrs Filch and since divided
among tue diHerats daughtirs For the past dfteea
years he tins been paid H7SOO a year and hi will draw
this rnlnry until bis death
Over the mInor of a small f ramo building
In which n colored faintly Is tiring In nreenillle Tenn
Is I n pine board on which Is the legend now almost
erased by rain and storm A Johiion Tailor A llttU
lieyond t he WMtern border he I tow a Is I a marblo monu
ment that marks UK tot l home of Andrew Joburon
Jrcslilent or the United Statea
In Yolo county Oil In the wonderfully
productive Sacramento alley where alfalfa miami are
mode to produce as many ai flee crops of hay a year an
English tjndliate headed iy sir John Kayc hag put
cnn od Wna lucre of bottom land Hint has been subject
to annual oi erflow Tills land lii l to be reclaimed and a
large force of teams are building an Immense levee
arounoli i no n ort wilt cost SWUOOO
A socalled American duel has just boon
concluded between tun ladles at < ru nrardeln In Hun
gary A married nclrcM Mine Clelhfalil who has at
tempted Btilcidolu thnt city wrote a letter laying lha
she hai entered into an American Uiifl cnndntlng her
husband with a Imly In Vienna and mail drawn the
total lot Mine Oethfalil honeier In I Hill alive though
her conillllon U I reported to be Impelcm
TIme Piurot Sotinil Angles says that a largo l W
Tarty recently ascended Mount Ailams In Washington V
Terrllori reaching an delation of 12G3O feet where
they descended 100 feet Into the crater There was a
ceaseless drip of n ater from tho runt of the Iccencasad
entrance conceit by a warm air current ruing from the
slumbering fires far below which Imueil a loud hiluig
nol e A atone was dropped and thiro woe an almost
deafening reverberation
Mr Charles Maekay In tInt Phil Mall
Oattttr gIves the origin ot the now much lined design
lion UttKlier It went over to lintUnU from thU
country Into which It had been Introduced hj Irish emi
grants Time word manlier Is derived from the Gaelic
maCe pronounced masher and MitnlO iK tine hand
some and was nrlKliutUy applied In derision to a dandy
It Is now In similar derision npiroprlutLl applied to
modern undcriloped men whose sole aim ia to dress
well and ogle ladle
A rather remarkable addition will the
London correinondcnl of the Kanthater duantlaa says
probibly be made before long to tlie already abundant
literature which ban the hue Mr Carlylo for Its cause
and octltre A literary acquaintance was In the habit
of sending him new books and magazines containing
articles which ho thought might Interest Win Mr
Carlyle Iniarlablv returned them with characlerlstlei
annotations It Is I proposed lo pubtlnh a selection front
thero brief but pointed critlclmns
Tho result of the long series of Titter
Vnrilt compeilllon In Kngland for 1RS3 la announced
to be as follows Oxford hns won the boat race toe
sliiule banilll billiards Hugby football match tIme golf
the blc > cling the liiimi both single end double the
lawn tennis kiiiBlo and double tho shooting and the
polo Cambridge has been ilctorloii In the cricket S
match tile cross country racing the athletic sport the
double billiards the Association football match
and the
racquets both games Time chess match tins a tie
Tho laborious StatIstIcIans of past days
calculated that the locabulary of Milton comprise
about Booo word and that about 15000 were Included
In His language of
Rhakepeare An admirer Carlrl
fresh from tho perusal of Sartor Kennrtiu has by
making a catalogue of tile A and n tools which It con
tulin arrlied at the conclusion that not less than 75OO
distinct words are tued In that work alone Time only
word In the list which could strike an ordinary English
man as nn Invention of the author la that of an ywhen
whUheTcnnowlsahotieholdiTord lu the mouths ot
the peasantry of soutlu rn England
Ilanlan Is said to have accumulnlod a
comfortablo fortune hy his oar He Hi ea well but Is no
snciidthrlft and hover drinks a drop of alcohol He
works s cry hard I hmc travelled thirty miles uwlaj
its Is quoted a Having and all with my own wind and
muscle I went nbout twenty of It In my host and the
rest on my leg Oh no that li not exceptional Ida
an much as that every day from curly lu the print
until late In the
fall You coo my races ore rather fre
qneut and it Is I necessary that I should Keep myself con
stantly In perfect conditltlon I am therefore In train
lug nil the time My diet Is olwo t u carefully regu
lulled aa thouzli I was to pull a nice next day
Tho number of wealthy members of Con
gross Incrcaies Col Lymnn of Massachusetts U one of
the lies tiiemtiiiere um ho will entertain elaborately next
winter lie Inherited great wealth Wathburn of
Minnesota hits rental Don Camerons house and Ut
Klielailsh receptions Of the new Kiutors nearly all
ore rich Iloweu of inurado Is n mining lord Sabin of
Minnesota went from Connecticut tnt duty ears ago
and Is now > cry rich Dolph of Ongoii U n thrifty cur
piirntlon attorney Coiiiii lIt Is one of the bent lolo mea
luOeprglu and Ullumi of Ionltlsiin InlKrllid wealth
There mute not mnny inor men left In th Beiut Cimni
out limit Frje KeiuiJoiieei > r Kloridn nnd niddleber
gcr and the test are accounted rich
David Dudley Field is Indignant about
Iho grow Ing dlsrugiml of smokers for tin rlaliM of their
non tmnklng fullon beings Its hiu > nuihlng tim p soy
eguti itch the use or tolncco ni such but connne hlmseU
to lie u a ertlini hut I ab tuncr Imvo rIghts siilcls eurr
siniiker whn nrctinds to bo moderately ronsideralr ot
iitii era oiulit lu rcfpoct In the fonlliinl he asks how
the smoker and tho non smoker
can reenmnri
recniicUihcr ls
urctlte pr < tpn lons Kotlilnir is easIer lit liii milts Ul
tine oluttlilLr aiiinke unio iniluusnif limit let one holots
not smuko or tint > tl cco lu his mouth or blow It out
of hi nntrlls bo free from the I aniiii > anre TIle iin
movers liuie theIr reined In thdr own bunds Lei
them racist every tniroachinent on their rIghts Ut
tiieiuu r fnmo II frum Iluee ut
IliiMuint or lists
pLastiC in cnii > cj Qitoei Where they uri hint IrotiOtod
ifivlmt tobarnii
Seine lutorpsliiiff biographical notes on
Ale andre Uiiina jore uro lieing
ublishwl by v lilui I
ut lltiry Iii Ijirix nun story sitoti i
man 11w faCile l +
ounJIi of Hie great noit is lntcr
lig lie sun oul
slinimtimg one nta > W itlu n tarty 1 iiiplrgne lie load
killed twemityutiito hend of volume I Ctnttil kl Ii I ummy I h1r
tietli and then return tn the chMean rr I an tired and
hftie liail enouh of II uM lie Im Ii Is Itelghmlir luuinsi
bronchi dow ii imiora han rlitne and
departed It I I me M
mini Ti mat of I lie umirty reliinul M 1 chrk and
found Duma seated In front of iile tirm riiHIiii Ill
hnnds Ahl o poll itte Itunil
a nice nonze 11 ex
cllmnemI his sin No eurti turk wise iUrrpl1tbM
foLfoundo1 cocks and hens In the first rh eip
ill itt ks all the lime Then
tehial tii cuntin hove you
mmiii wIt it Oiirmeif 11 hhie mtfermioiim hmoT Hhy I
inane nayltlamu a 11cc fr this t1 renmutI lts piece wal
uintliieni ltontmilmu cod ii a a great ucc
liulldors are so busy In Washington
hat It U Imrd to gt the mot Mniui reilmira loin
llruee acm Knitli iif tilt 01cr iti clly alt IvdHc
i I Sali hiss i ltlimtmumilei I jim l 5uOue lllues iiiiiss I rust
F1t7lLwl Including Hi I me iiuul KobeonscutftJii nl
Ii Ieiu nt lilt liii su runl
oars art t liii Ontinicrons In
iweu 4iui p I hut svv si wllll limos pf ieiidlehmm
Mindoin and MHTII i afiragrd about t uo Ci i Hut ltle
alit llW 1 > 5 fir Ii Is house tuiim em cry 11Cm c or
limlig metnpolliun ptlies A mlnemilucr edith t rner
hp hire a nlcel
fr f IVa milieu i h during
the eeabomm uuu the blue
Mtn umuduiloi
are l I ie is
hIgh and flueri In good neUliburliw uMcli fjr
mars cin rhnll el ml Iij ir tit snne ntfli I i V lit >
lux hare IMS etit t iuntor ii tim nih lii a
Iiiimlerat ltgii u o fnin i a jeur In cli oksd
Hall lnure ran com 11cr null II lii IMhmrt Tl ma
iiltlstbat I
lttnintie Ill nit inherit ii II
cro idnl vruh h
turiim nd miiiiie 51 1
T2l s si it tIiuo
U > iiit L A lurga ttntet
of little art bcttu orlelmil time

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