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sviCKusraT ormriNa OF THK NATION
AL noniiK suotr ov AaiiaticA
Arnbi Thorninhhrrdt nnrt Trnllcr > Old lyid
F leW FvorItIdy Kldcn from Fnrop
Ocnllfracn nnd Irur lttnitl Itldrr Ac
clilrnl and Incident The Trice Winner
When thn National Horso Show of America
oranod Its doors to the public for the flrnt tlmo
Bt 9 Toetordnr morning thnro xvas n linn ot
CubA and coaches across tho Mndlon ixvonua
end of thoOnrdnn at tho main entrance In
ililo tim bulldlnc from end to end undor tho
cnllorloB nnd In tho now slied outside In
Twontysovonth Btreot were flvo rows ot
horeoc each row being moro than nn eighth
ot a mile In length On he main
floor on the Twontynovonth street side was
nnotbor row of polo ponloa and nt each end of
the building were eluotora of boxeR and ntnlU
illled with eaulno occurnnU It pUood in a
Btrnluht row the lino would rench at least one
Bille The clossoa embraced Arabs thorough
brads trotters roadntore horses ot all work
Tarchorons brougham coaching carriage
doe cart T cart tandem vltlnco cart single
double and fourlnlmnd teams Raddle horses
hunters ponies mules and donkeys
Mot moro than two hundred persona wore la
the building when the first horncs were sent
Into the ring but when Mayor Edson oponed
the show formallr near i oclock fully tlireo
tliouinnd wore In the Oardon In the evening
there was almost jam
Tho liveliest sport cnmo In tho evening when
the foreign lady riders Miss King and Mlsa
llolhuUh rode hunters over rails In company
vltli halt n dozen main riders Miss Mnlhulsh
was rather hotter mounted than III us Kin
which unnblod her to clear tho rails nicely Miss
Kings homo went stiiitwnys and foil over nn
Imitation wall Tho horse almost twisted his
nine to knap from rolling on thn lady Mils
Klni lf > a niece of the Eon of Kingston A gun
tlomin who ban mien her rid In London Bald
tliut Him snomnd to 1m vo lost part of her old lin
Dim of thn Mnust riders was Mr KoonoSHon
Foxluill Ho riii mounted on his gray pony
that ho rldt < s at Newport Tho pony IB one of
tho rlnvonsl pieces of horseflesh that oor
clenred iihurdli m
Mr Holmes tho centlemnnntiMdeehn o rider
vrni mounted on Mr lame Gordon Dennetts
Bit hundred guinea Irisli hunter Mr Holmes
roiiKiinod rather long In limo oliuso At ann
tuft ho knocked over tho imitation wall just
O8 ping tIi ugly era pp r
IIi steep cehnsn imKiiy Suit Imd troublo In
clearing the riiU and walls on soernl attempts
Vat Menny wns uunblo to rldo In thn huntint
clnst for n urio im m im could not load up from
lil 120 pounds to iSO
Altogether thn exhibition wns ono which
promises to renult In u dangerous crush before
the ond of the show
The llrst event of tho show oceurrnd nt 1045
A M U wui an uxhilntlon of 1lru Dtipartmont
lioiscs Tho gong btriick and In twelin sne
ends a tenm or largo buries altnehed to 1ngino
S3cnme IxiuinlliiK Iron ufustoonrd box In the
contra of the Fourth iiMiiuo ond of the Ummriien
limo IIOM wen > puwled whoim they t struck into I
tim jrott ring of tnnbirk In which the horses
1re exhibited and exorcised They pranced
4 nml lioiindid around without I wanning Into n
CHoi It t icy hud been turnoit into I thu I elreet
tlior nould tiny torn away at full speed Thoy
tt woro tin meil I atel y unliltehud and I bo cong
struck 11 sevuid time A platoon ol llremen
stood out In tin tnnbrk us rigid as statues
The horses were hitched to the engine and
ciimi rustling out ugiln In just twelve seconds
This time they limped Into their accustomed
lire fever galloping twice around close to the
rail I
Other fire tonms not being ready competition
in thin class vuis postponeil
Next cnmu thoroiiglibrml stnlllons four years
old and over Mr J H Keenofl chestnut
Bpondthrltt 7 ears b > Australian dam Aero
lite by I Lexington took the priz < > f200 hpelid
thrift slinwcd In superb form HH eyes wore
as full of lire as when no won his great races as
a tlirooyeariild
Mr Knenns bay Immure Phyllis by Imp Phae
ton a beautiful creature win awarded llrst
prim in the blood muro class and Mr F A
Hohortnorborns line chestnut mare Spirit
daughter ol Australian took second prize
A murmur of admiration rolled around tim
ring when the two competitorB ot the Arab
clans bred by tlm Bultan of I Turkey cnmo
prancing In The llrst prize winner was the
gray sttilllon Leotard 11 lours old owned by
JI Houston US Grant Jrs dapple gray
Linden Tree 8 years old took second prlfte
The horses wcro inaivols of beauty and syni
A dozen klngllko horses appeared In class 13
stallion trotters kept for fturvioo among
them Smuggler Thorndnln General Knox Al
cantara Sir altornnd Independence latter
driven by the veteran Gilbert who Bent Gloom
and Independence the fut nillo In Charter Oak
Park last summer Thorndale son of Captain
liyndorssold pet Abdalliili showed miignillctiut
action when trottIng for toints ills kneo moo
mont was perfection Thorndnlo won first
y prix and Alcantara son of Uuorge Wilkes
1 look second
In class 14 trotting stallions four years old
and over Mr W II ilsnnB horse Simmons
another lieu son of Cleorgn likes nnd full
brother to Kosn Wilkes on first prize In this
class Mr JobuC Do La Vnrgue exhibited his
stallions Oapadura and Wllilston to tIme pole
They trotted evenly keeping step in several
olroulta around the ring VllUston took second
When the throoyearold trotting stallions
came out Meteor u son of Cansius M Clay
Jr broke away from his handler showing his
natural paces Wore hu could bo caught Mr
L SI Piiinos Villllnm Toll by Knickerbocker
gained first prln and KlUur Smiths ilonto
cunia by Alcantara second
S hei the brood maron that bad produced at
least hires foals one beluga winner appeared
venerable favorite Uoldsmith Maid JC years
old was the first loonier the arena A gray
haired turlmnn who lied seen her In nil her rc
raarkublo performnuna remarked Its as
tonishing what an elastIc step the old mare
retains after liar lone nnd tough career on tho
truck Goldsmith Maid wits not a competitor
Mr Kllzur Uuilths Flaxy by Kentucky Clay
took second prize the only one awarded
govern beauties appeared in the alMs of
dares four > ears old and over Among them
were Mr W H Wilsons Lady do Jnrnett Mr
A A Freemans Mario H Mr Lawrence Kips
Ltuly OriBwold Mr H U ItusstiUs Hmugglers
huugbtor and Mr Richard K Foxs gray mare
Iolko Uozette Lady do Jarnott won first pre
mium and Mnrle H second
Mr I O Colllnss black filly Maggie Collins
daughter of Dictator took first prize and Mr
iIL Woodautts bay filly Lowe Knot daughter
of Smuggler took second prize In the three
yearold class
In the des for trotting Holdings four years
old and over Hello Meadlrarms Senator by
Btll on won fIrst prixw ami W H Johnsons
byllughmose Ned Forresttook second
Ilie bport ot the afternoon nimi when gentle
men nnd i > rofi > rslnnnl riders mipcnrrd on half
bretnnilII hunters up tocarrylnglHO pounds
Ihu leup > worn rails an Imitation wall I I nnd n
Water jump Most of tlm bonf cleared the
rails anti wall but showinl a decided rupug
njiien to w Her They ia mo at It with n rush
hut utoppud short at tho brink somtiti mos send
inc tb silk toiL of the rider over HOmetimos
the rider nnd ocdihlonally cphiHlihig through
Inktriul I of over Mr W llnllierfurd I of the
IIvniluiT Jiroik Climb vits fortunate In having
tlm lost Inudler being mounted on thn bay
liorho Ilcmptind Ho I jumped clenn winning
Inl > rij Mi i m 1 CudihudK horse Loo riddon
ur Mr iun ill whipottnn I i t 1nr Hoekawuy Club
tooL se miii prio Mr K I Morgans brown
rmipii KnilileiMinii i third In the hum and Mr
J b I oudins I i lloiliiit fuurth f Mr Iottur rude
fploiidjdl 1 I mid gilmcl but he only succeeded
In getting hi h lint over i the I water
Jlavor liNon was tsorted t into I the I ring by
the Jxociithi Committee of the ns > i > ciulloi
wtillo the Ii U rile jnmiors WITH taking I n rust
J lie gentlemen 1 formed a lino I I with their faees
nwnrd I 014 rib neiuio and tho I water jump j
hot n soul In tlm assemhlagii outside the
mils could hear the hpeocb lie Mayor eon
gmiiilitnd I Ii n bi > eetiitorn on ilm ulniiMiro they
voiilil IIIIMI in iii < ingHii many linn imrKos anti
eommmideil hit Niitionnl Horsn Khow Assoclim
lion of Anmilca for iholriintiirprlso and llbiiral
ItT in getting up tlm great nxblhllliin
llili WHS called time formal opening of time
A line lrt of undilln horses npponrnd In clans
HI Them wnx n llhcrnl diiplny of nrtifltlc
liorseinnnslilp by the rulers Mr C I I llalinys
funiiiis Kentucky j borMi IXus took thu llrst
lnii nm jjri Ieoru n U Ilaiiicnn lirilliant
wnii ntiiond lIriVA Mr J 1 11 Harpers brown
horn Mnhngniiy wn very highly commended
ond Mr 11 H Jlulllbtcrs llrund was much
liiiidiralla Internet was mnnjfestpd In clams
lull r sti I I iomui foil r yea rs old mind it tuwarul
an u5ceijimig 14 luumutls Mr A J Cassattp
Emicli elm Iautl IItt 1mm mV mu ulor I 11 ttok II ret
rtct ul r J iu nmtm i1cimmmmuu Cmi unit tan blumuk
iutir 13 Imuuuuds won muoinml mmiii Mr Vi
II l Ilniirliii < i < liliick Jim 11 haiiiU xvud very
A III Un Ii iflu tpciiirroil near time clnso of the
rxhlMtlnn liikt manlni hy n polo l tommy saury
in I r uinil mid brnnklni out of Ills IMmX Into I n
V n p f utd lee mm nil ge jut humouR Jlme i onv vas
imu > > lrmtly i MlMd and lucid by half a down
LI illlltn
1u r tuna tVrchcrons nnd Booral ponlfn
wire ruportoil nt hnxlni Uieuu attacked xxlth
MJa viitunlay Skilful xetiiliinry sumooim
fro mmml idiut cml by I thn t itii > ovntinii nnd hick
JuJiHh uriaiiMliM to on the first u > mijtonii
tcuUmiLlg a ilurami I
outif nui itMtJir jril men uiTfrmir from nrrout
au i ihu ami kiuiltnl t emfrum ti u < itr 105 if inrttmr > ami
liM1 I lit u Iuot l fiiclunv ilircr ftintit s ftr Isri J
MI I tf n orK u Pit i > utsr > Jlnnc erie of Iftiniitiltl S
LIP Wnrft lAturnttrv MeOUkl Asxiiim1 limit
Ihiu N VJK
llr li < tj oni ilj ur Ihf cur tfieiiriI r I PUG
t44 i1 U f Ut > 11111 CI > rMi nilurir S JdF
Tk np nlnc t > f l New Opera UnseA
IlrllllHnt nnd Memnrabl OtvuaUn
At last the Inbore of years have culminated
and time croixt musIcal OTont no lone looked for
ward to antI with such manifold nnxlotlen linn
bocomo n timing of hlMonr n record of the past
The night on which the Metropolitan Opera
IIouso throw open IU doors to the world U ono
that nono who were present wilt bo lIkely over
to forgot Indeed oa the years go by and the
houso Itself becomes ono ot the older land
marks It will bo nil the moro ft mutter of pride
to many tn bo nhlo to look buck over the vista
of time and to say I wn proaont when the
first note of music was hoard In public nt tlmt
opera house
It IB a natural pride end It led time people to
pay the unprccidontcd prices that they did for
seats for time first nluht In the history of the
now house
It IB wonderful to think how many thouKando
of conflictIng emotions and pnenlonB cantrrd
on this occasion tho anxIetIes of time architect
and buIlders whose yours ot thought and utmly
wore at last to bo submitted to the crucial test
of actual experiment tho anprohenslonR of tim
artIsts for their success or failure the solicitude
of the management for the results of months
of toll nnd the molt lavish expenditure ot
money loading up to this supreme moment
the prIde ot thin hundreds ot painters antI nrtl
sans who Imxo decorated the house mind con
structed and painted Its scenery the vanities
and eagerness ot time stockholders as the final
moment came which would decide whether
In time great lottery of chances their boxes
were bolter or worse placed than those of
their friends the pamonnl Interrats and anx
ieties of the croat body of players and sincere
from beyond SOBS who for the first time wore to
face n Western audience All thuRO emotions
and a thousand more xx cro nt work last night
and served to make time evening 01111 never to
bo forgotten hy those who haxo so much nt
stake In tho now venture
The tmbllc meantime looked on with
icronlty snocutatlnc as to how far time now
house xvould add to Its happiness and specu
lating also as to the llnnnclnl result of the
great BtniKclii that on this nluht was bocun lx
txveon thin Montnirues nnd tim Cnpulots the old
and tho new houses nnd which ecoina BO likely
to brine one or both to ultimate ruin
Naturally time now house starts with many
ndxantacLsIn its favor for the xxholo drift of
public curiosity and Interest for limo moment
sots that way This Interest brought toucthor
last oxuiilniiasplondld and notable audience
At time Academy there Is I nut commuting tutu nier
zanino row but ono tier of boxes to clxo bril
liancy to the house but In tho Metropolitan
there are besides time Uxelvn biimnoir boxes
on time pnmiiot level tliroo Horn rip
In tr ono nboxo time other which with
their occupants In full dross naturally
give brlchtniss nnd elccancn to thin general
look of time house Tlm illumination of tho au
ditorium Is brilliant though there Is nn central t
chandelier nnd time golden or yellow tint which
Is tlm key of color to which thn house Is not
lights up with great ciTed Curtnlnty time cenn
ns the curt tin rose on tho drat act ot Faust
amid the hushed oxpcctancy ot the vast audi
ence was as bright and dazzling n ono us the
aye could wish to rest on
Indeed if nnjthing It was too duultng
There are uo dark colors U > ahtorb the lUht
and It Is all reflected full In the faco of time nu
dionco The brightness and time monotony of
color strike the ore unplpiisnntly and
after a time become very trying and wear
Isomo The housi Is n great mono
chrome of pale yellow There Is nothlnir
to none as a background to tho brilliant
dresses of time women Moot of thorn were of
white material and half their effect was lost
Evidently moro color must bo Introduced
either Into the house itself or In the
costumes of time women If reds and dark
tints are wanting in the ono they must
bo supplied by the other or the monotony
ot color that prevailed last evening will bo dis
astrous This monotony is Increased by the
barrenness of lines In the house itself limo
boxes rise tier upon tier on time seine
line and there is a perpendicular up
and down effect time rovorsu of graceful
or Imaginative In fact It seems in
many ways nn unimaginative house and
though it Is more brilliant than tim
Academy the lines are not as graceful or
pleasing We should hero supposed that with
time advantages of since and with the amount
of money nttue disposal of the Architect bettor
results could have been attained As to the
ncoustles It is difficult to judge from a single
night Time singers anti orchestra have yet to
adjust thomsolxos to the building Speaking
tentatively wo should say that considering IU
size them hud been no failure In thin respect
But the auditorium is n vast onetime largest
in the world It is too large for the
boat effects ot solo voices and no
such louses if forcr will bo possible
thoro as at tho Academy The great stage
Itself swallows up much of the tone and voices
that soemcd largo ut time old house will appear
much loss at this Hut It will lend Itself all the
more readily to grand riuoiMc effects
Time comfort ot the audience has boon care
fully looked tif tor The ventilation is admirable
and that of Itself is almost enough to condone
oratory defect of grace The seats aro most
commodious genuine arm chairs roomy and
each with two arms not with an arm
divided betxvoon two ns nt time Academy
and most theatres The scenery ia admirable
and all time stage appointments on a most lib
eral scale Tlmoichestrn is particularly good
nnd Bicnor VlniHsl made it clear that he was a
conductor of time highest talent Ills attention
to delicacy nf oxpiesulon IB very great and be
fore tho season ends ho will dondmlrablo work
with the fine material hu has athnnd
The chorus Is litrgn and very effective and
thin ballot Is also largo but dressed last
exiting in time moat ugly fashion pos
Hlhle and far from captivating In Its
movements Certain electrical effects with
the donors In time guidon scene xxhure
Mri > liulnplelei oscrcIsoH hlx Incantations nn
them did not work very xvell last evening lint
for a Ilrat night In a noxr house there
wore remarkably ftxv bitches or draw
backs AH for hum performance Itholf
time management did not find It noecHRnry
to look to any additional attraction that might
to itllordeil by n noxr onura nor Indeed to limo
Introduction o noxr artists to add Interest to
time occasion Tho house itself sufllcod
Tuust xvaa accordingly selected nnd was
given with thiUolloxvliig cast
FtiiM ng nor Cainptnlnl
Mepl IHnphele SImmer urum
11line Hltfiior Del Client
hltuel ilalameSfalchl
Uarlha Nile Iabljehe
ilridurlla Madamt Nilsson
The only > variation that timid presented from
time cast ns originally announced was in time
substitution ol Mile for Mmo Lablacho Hut
the young lady though she made up time
part in too youthful a manner posseMns
nn excellent contralto voice nnd her
mother1 traditions and the performance
lost nothing by her presence The other
artUU ore so well known In their respective
roliB an to make extended comment unneces
sary Moms Nlisson was uelcomctl back with
great fervor tihe was deluged with lowers and
In time jouol scant a sui > orb golden wreath was
l > n > bontnd to her of xvhlvh Incident Him made
skilful UBO In ivpoatlnff the jewel Hong In
xvhlch she transferred her transports of admi
ration from taunti jonols to hornoxvlrpre
intud wreath Campanlnl shared with her
in time enthusiastic welcome of time houbo
If his voice has lost some of that splen
illil resonance with which ho xras wont
to oloctrlty his nuillencot In his earlier
d > sit 1ms not lost its sweetness nor had his
consummato art Ion anything of its quality
Ho Is u grout nrtlt and ono always to bo
Iliteiuid to with pleasure Novnra rei > outed his
eicellout representation ol MtvMitopMti and
the Valentino ot Del Puente and the Bitbel ol
Mme Boalohl completed a cost of unusual ox
L annnmbnU lit ts AeiMJermr
When time Academy curtain rose upon La
Bonnnmbula lost night the eye rested upon
the rustle I scone which has boon ondoarod to
the Academy audiences by many years of fa
miliarity There wore the trees xvhoso boughs
have sheltered tim operatic heroes and
heroines ot ovary clime and social do
Kroo as long as the memory ot man
There was time rock which belongs to the
pnluorolo strata ot Italian opera It has occa
sionally been rumorod that time Academy was
to have now scenery but such rumors must
have boon started by such ns cannot appreciate
the sweets ot tradition And so tho eye dwells
fondly upon that rustic scene mellowed by age
In order that thosonslbllltlosof time audience
might not bo rudely shocked the setting of the
second and third nets wits in keeping with that
of the first
lint time old Bcrtnory brightened up when
Blmo Oerstor made her appearance and for
nil that her admirer cared It might unto been
older still Hho proved conclusively that the
success ot Ilnlian opera diimnil solely on time
art of song tim its purity mind nlmpllolty With
lime Onrstor ns Emilia time finest seen
tiny would not mid n xvhlt to ones en
joyment of Ln Sonnambulo Mmo Gore
ter In prodiilnently time Itnitia of too
operatic Bincn of todixy With loss breadth
tlmn Mmn Nllnson and lesn cntnmnnd ot thus
mechanism of song tlmn Mimic Patti elm lion n
voice so clear so pure BO simple that it lends
Itself with nlinplo and iirtlem urico to limit
llnis melodies Her singing of Ah Non
tllungo last night was tho perfection
I LIii t b VI lJflU CIUS ULI fl H4i Si
leanness Hung amid volco appnanid to blend
like two petals Irom tim name llowor Tho
simple pathos with xvhloh Him same tlm prayer
In time preceding scononddod to the brilliancy
of this finale
Klgnni Ylclnl who maria hit drbtit Is n satis
factory gomtrnl utility tenor Ills voice has an
nnnleiisint reedy < iunllly but ho sings truly t
anti at limns I I with spirit though ns axxholo
his performance hint night was marred br an
almost continuous mfzzr for to Ho also seems
to lack staying iioxver an IIH shoxxod fittlgun In
thn liiKt act lint hesldn Nlcollnl who may pos
sibly mnko nn effort to be heard as Atofun dur
ing tlm season as ho did last year Signor
Vlclnl Isnglnnt
It Is needlnsn to ndd that under Signor
Ardltls direction limo prlmltlvo orehnstrnt ac
companiments wore capitally played
liiiRtzo FIJI lIflq Alii I4N1ITh
Indlicrmenta OfTereil l > y North Cnrnllnn Land
Owners to lcoi > le Nrrklna lloiuei
A front room on time second floor of 001
Brondxvnj hn just been fitted up In iinlqno style
Annlcoxnnt time left of thn door Is filled with
arlous kinds of glasses grain straws mouses
Ac Homo of time grasses stand six feet high
Around are festoons of corn on time cob A
largo dabs ease Is I divided Into n hundred com
piirtments in most of which are snub products
of tho soil Corn uhoit oats peas beans and
peunits of dlfleient varieties nro conspicuous
Cotton cotton need nnd cottonseed meal aio
thero Boaro xnrloils urndes ot tobacco 5ev
oral compartments nro doxoted to silk cocoons
The collection looks like n lot of samples from
an agricultural shoxv A table Is strewn whim
nuiiuruus Hpeclmens of inliuirals ores and
woods lies Jus heaps ol con and eoki >
Tlm room In the olllen of Mr Tiliunn It
Raines ew York manager of tho Noith Ciro
llnii immi cml hun OIlUo I Tlio ulllce xxas n > tab
liluni tnliiriiNh Inroriiiiitlon to puoplu xvho mire
Hi > uklni liouieh John T 1ntriek North Caro
linas I Slum te Immigration I Agulit wits in Ilm
ofllco yestiirduy
1 mm s imik inc of the Statu and time i mm immen monte
olTrwl to those lookliir for doslrablo homes
Mr Patrick snld that I tlm t llrt indiieenieiil t I of
lernil bj Sortli Caiiilliia I I XMUS tlm low prico nf
erlllo i land hlluateil within i I reach of good mar
kets A an mmmumm pie a fnriii of u hundred
acres In I Wiirniu county of which sexentyllxo I
acresurn miller ciitllxallon hitiiuteil six miles
from a railroad ttatlon and one mllo from a
public school Hollered nt Si Uan aero nn easy
turiiis Tlioin isn ilwelllntof I I I llxe rooms and
tlioio are four oulbiilldliigH Time sltnntlon is
hmeum im im tim I niul tlm cllmntu is delightful SLim
11mm pruJuctj mire corn wheat oath and cotton
Thu owner intist bo anxious to gut axvay
from his neighboro was suggostud to Mr
On the contrary time owner docs not
want to get iixvny CircunihtanccH liar
mado that owner mmm troll as ininy others land
poor Tlmj hare time land lying idle It hi bet
ter to noil choap To gut In Northern ontur
prlso they xvlll I I sell chenpiir hi I Noi thorn t men
than to thulr own neluliborx Thorn mire nlontv
of Northern men noxv Heattered through tlm
Unite who will tell their own stories of what
they lnuo done amid how tlies lure tr ated
Wlm ito not time furmcra louse the lundsto
They cannot get thus tenants I havo a list
of fmns oflnvd for rout xxhern time oixnnr xvlll
provide land houses tools and stock and xvlll
gixo time tenant onehalf f time produce oimhnlf
time IncreiiBO of stock and time garden nnd fruit
free All that a hornier nooils for a start In
North Carolina U ix good character and enough
capital to buy his food till t I imis crtmi mummies in I
There are hundreds of young farm laborers In
tlm North with never a hope of bettering their
condition where land IH SlOiInn acre xxho if
they would lake llmir families to North Caro
lina could beciiun Independently rich Thoro
nro opportunities outside of grain cotton to
bacco and dairies Yo aro organizing n colony
with a rruucliiuim nt Its head that is going In
to the silk and wino business in llichmond
county lloth Industries will be found lin
monscly prolHnblp
Time nilildlo and western parts of time State
arts thn most iteslrtihlo bocauso when iKiople go
too near time const there Is lunger ot fnxorand
ngiia to the unncollmutud Where tIme eleva
tion is from 500 lo 1000 feet above time sea time
country in beautiful the climate IH perfect and
the land nan bo had for less money than equally
good land can IHI had for nnynhnro In roach of
n murkut Nothlnir but nn unxvnrrauted preju
dice keeps pooplo away from us
At law Over n ISttllroiiil Ctampany hooks
William 8 Denny as Treasurer of the Mid
land North Carolina Itallruait Cenipauy brought mi smut
In the Hiipreino Court anlnt XVllllain J Best situ Is
Ireldeiil of the MIIIO company an < l also rreilOent of
the Miillanil Iinprorenient aiiit riiimiructlon Company
to recover pinniMloi of the hooks of the rallrnail corn
pan TIe iilalntlff Into that Jo eih Ciul < an In
charge of his Nswlotn offlreof the company fthlrrned
all the honk lo New Vi rk lo Mr Ural at lbs latter re
iiuoe1 stud must 4r llrt ha huGe rfuremi i to mimi e tlucm
ui iuer Ihekuo > iliai3 been laktn by tin Sheriff Mr
Uekt In lteil nn retaking I them on eltlniran Inilenmit
honrl runllnif lh u I elimination nf Hie I urctlea umpumu hue
linnil the jililntlff olitfllnail from J imde Itarrutt an nriler
rttriiinlni the Mierlff from pariiiK s him the h > > oVe
The orrtr wee icranleil upon an pDlilatll by Mr 1 llenny
that there wee deir nf the bixika lirlnn inulilalnl or
Ulrojretl nr lakun from Ihci city for Ihe I iuri > o < u ten
rtallnir H inlNiprniirlallnn hy Rvit Slid midamt of
m7mmiJe of the ci nnaiii fiinil
Killed U bile he wee SkjlurUlnc
Martin J Schwartz 1C yean old dlrnl In
Punale on Minda frem Ihe cffeul of a tab In the
alMlomen Ho orki4 In Hell A llarr > print unrka
Juhn U TirlmiiB nlwut 4 ytar of arc lm been
arreted atcii > r < l of litxlni Innirlol the Injury
1 Cfiialntani mis of tlie ileaillnx na > that he omit leiliiiiiu
were ssymsms I lug and In UleruriletlleNprniKif rrrhline
iva torn Terliune ilckel mum us lange molT i < of eiier > 10
cut Die both out of the sirumn ofl vlraluht but helm arU
Inttrfrreil and iietvrel I ethiC mum and then ran nut of
lit reach cmi crud lime till at Ut lerhune I memos mx
KperaUd at the bin and threw tie I rl iscuirs nt him I In
iieh a 0 iii that I the point lieuvtratiMl hi ahdomeii
rerlllllle and hi frUml i > al lliatlhel Mere kylarklnif
a 5 late1 but that It wa lie I lmy apron that n UN torn
Ui l n k I lie eulunrs in cut oil the bottnlll uhon ter
Ii mule not nniicinir what he WM dolnir ran ajralnt him
and ilnklnc ibm han lie of mIme cleArs pushed the
l > oliil into the IMI > abdomen
tncena County llc > iibllritn Nomlueea
The Queens county Itopubllcnns hold a con
vention ettrda In time Tuime n Hall In Jamaica and
mlnatil Iliu fuliowlnc counl ticket hy l Ccluumiitlun
tor ihiltict umtorneJ iilihlmimu J Yomimmur of 0 msr hay m
fur J isle if Suloius im tsi mdliii Cluwe of I I s mliii
pm 11 l a r tnuuiily C uuptrlmit loismil iT him Iuur bmiuuuis
l4uUu u sim if m I ii lmog m for m rumurs V ii Rsu of I lyeimr
Its ii Idlaii ltuui2ur or Yluehuimi cud JuuuIu Ii mmjent
it orml Ii ImilelGel Twelve u1eIeult to lIme Scuisle
ColuvlmiInml ci mrs shea eimrloI
lIie lmiiuuiilriso of mls Yirt diommiel jionlmtmi4J ie1h
A bymrry for Aoeemimbhy
Jumbo Whip Hcalp
A number men visited asportlnc resort In
the xlrinlly of Laurrl lllll lx > n < Ilind I limit nlihi for
the lurins of wltuntiliig a Dulit lttvrrn Harry Alters
brlndla iloi Jumbo ont John flout vrhlludog scalp
It win fur f51 a eU Jumbo weighed ft pnuumuts a lithe
Kraln xveUlied Ifitouiid mIme beiilnir see In fHTirof
bcaln st Ihe etarl lut it aiM n changed e hen the dog
vnteritl Ihe ill JuinUo 1 won tie ws rcentlvlinporlel
from KnuUiid u here U In sell lit had is uu four tights
killing two uf iU anljunUU
New 1ennula ArrlvIs
M U Iowiill of 185 Ilcndn street received
Toicrdny iwnily has l of miss htllwl ILHIIIH VcUiK
vul iciuud dais > they broujbt7 > i cviilia iauwt
Note uf Ike Nluce
CharlotteThomroii gssm her mmew vtrlon of Jant
Kyrc In the Miveliy XXIIIIainliurKh last etruluir
AS KiiKton In lh IarS Thraire llrookljn lnt eitn
line MwKie tlitlhel puijrj se shim lies huudrtd pf Illilea
line lIe luctn rv uf hue id it Iheutrricui ruoueu
Jaunt > in llitle Harvfiml Ullle 1051545 Ivarl
of eavoy latli and UlKuon follow
Ton > heater opened his I regular latun laM nluht wllli
Sn rSCrtimlitCuiilIIii < Ihe aullence wire krllluih m
hmj from the rlInK f the curtain Until mum Anal fall Mr
lacier aur PiSr anillUr face and oihrr long
Ttus variety eoUrtalunieiit MM followrd by an amtiiinr
Hay cntldra Who ugflp Ihm ttabyt I fill ligui ru
lLonxrnrnf FAczno BOARS TO ro
T Denr Menraptr la Cover aid then Uoi
th rile Dwm t OO ACMU
Yesterdays stock market vrae BO to speak
hysterical In the moraine It boomed In tho
afternoon It collapsed The fluctuations both
ways worn wide and rapid enough to excite tno
most stolid mind panloscarrod veteran In the
Exchange Thoy provoked nn unusual amount
of activity
The boars came down to the street sore and
timid from time severs punishment they ro
colvod on Saturday afternoon Thoy hesitated
n tow minutes after the opening apparently to
coo If time advantage gained by the bulls In
Northern Pnclflo preferred was to bo pressed
against tnem anti iinuing unu it was tney
rushed to cover Before 1 oclock time price ot
Northern InoUlo preferred bad boon run up 10
per cent from CO to 70 regular way and to
72 > for cash stock Cash purchases wore con
tinued nearly up to the hour for making do
llvcrlos nt n dlfforonoo ol about 2 per cent
from time prlco of regular transactions and time
stock tent at 2 percent premium
Time transactions were enormous not only in
Northern 1aolllo preferred but In Oregon and
Transcontinental which advanced fmin 40 to
40U In Ht rnulland In Incknwnmin The rest
of time active list Bympnthlznd with Limo move
mont In tho stocks named to thooxtont ot 1 to 3
AboutllK oclock the market took n Btiddon
turn Thero was no demand for Northern 1a
elfin and the Block lent flat Time
domorallrod bears got their forces to
gether lu no tIme and became ns vigorous
In their efforts to depress values an they
hnd buen agile In climbing for Blocks Time re
sult for time day won that at tlm close prices
were nt very nearly the same figures that they
were at the opening A few stocks showed n
slight advance but Northern Pncllli pieforred
was X per cent lownr than on Bnturday night
1 hue un tmei liuth 10110 of discussion just j now Is
xxhether n earner lu this Block wIts engineered
or whether the bears overestimated the
amount of floatlnit stock nml sold it until thny
had practically cornered tlmnisolxes Friends
of time company maintain that time latter Is I the
correct vluxv to take of the affair and dony
that any > cormmor wits Intended Tho nxcnlH of ytH
tortlny poem to Indicate tlmt the corner If suih
It should Iw railed was not mu closn onn mid
that the i people who had It in their tower did
not uxerelKn their I tihi lit y to shove tlm I prim to
figures Hint xxould probably IIIIMI resulted In
brooking some of the bean as well as In killing
tIme stork for some time lo colon Those who
wore short of the stock me positive that tho
suiiee xvas engineered by I tutu illard party
lime mlstnk mado by time ofllcors of time Kx
chatigo on Saturday afternoon ot bu > lng tn
under tIme rules 800 shales of Northern iuteh lie
inoferrcd moro than their orders culled for
anise from the feet that In time bttteh of orders
that was found upon them Wait ono lo buy 200
Bhnroi of tho common stock All the other
onions xxoro for preferred and In tlm confusion
thn xvord common in tho ono order xxas oxer
lonknd Tlm mailer was arranged yeHtonlny
morning Tho broker who sold time stock can
celled I tho t true sautinmm
Time 1roduiii Kxchnngo markets also woie
lively estonlny and time ppeculitlon in grimm
especially I xvheat was altentled wit Ii n uood
deal ot f excitement Time prlco of wheat nd
Mxnecd from one to two cents a bushel for time
sexernl glottis nnd deliveries to tile gieat con
sternation nf the bears During Limo afternoon
rumors of failures became current and thren
broknriiio 111 me were mentioned as losing
unable to make good their contracts Upon
Inxestlgntlon It was found thai olin nf them
wits completely broken several dijs ago by imo I
duel I mui xvhlch prr > xnllod up to jesterday nioni
I mug It xvns positively t denied that t onn ot time
itimrs xxis In trouble and time embarrassment
of time thlrl was said to bo of a temporary
iintiim usslstuuco having already been ox
tondud to it
resecrzsmk Vlrea to Cklcnirn llrndy for the
IroUnce KxckunKe for SlnooOOO
Tito specIal covmnittoo npiiolntwl by time
Produce Kvchango last July to consider the
fonsltiihty of building a telegraph lino between
this city and Chicago for the solo use of the
KxchaiiKO and time Board of Trido of Chicago
reportedto tlm mombors of the Exchange yes
terday Tho committee found that the dlfll
cultles in securing time right of way woro BO
ci oat that they abandoned the attempt to make
UStllUltiftOt ItS COSt
Negotiations hate been oponed xxlth time
owners of Limo liner along the Nexv York West
Shore anil liulTalotnd the New iork Chicago
anti Ht Louis Itaiiroitds The owners ot the
lines are to bo known na the National Tele
graph Company and limo committee has tho
refusal to buy tot BC1DOOOOO of six per
cont bonds throuah a company having a
paid up rnpitnl of 11000000 The prop
erty consists of four No C galvanized
wIres iiitwouun Woohaxxkon amid Oraud Cross
Ing eight miles from Chicago The present
owners oiler to allow 50000 for tbo completion
of terminal connection Time committee icc m
omtnemleil that Iho ollor lu > accoptod by a com
pany iirganlx for lime purpotc and to consist
nxcluslxely of members of time New York
Produce Kvchnngii nnd ot tha Chicago Board of
Trade ICOOOOO of time stock to bo offered to time
members of tlm former body and 100000 to
tlm members of the latter To prexont coned
lilntlon tlm voting power of the stock is lo bo
placed In the hands ot trustees appointed by
time Iwo bodies Tutu report was adopted
mA plan fur it cahlo company was brought be
fore time Kiclinnto and humid upon the table
Arizona Toni Ulaalntr
Shortly after 3 oclock yesterday afternoon
Mr Mike Ilear dreaded him a black suIt and airloMy
kltk hat heaiteii n procriuOon that murnhed Into tho
Tomb 1ollcc Court The next In line wan Mr Stiaug
Draper < lriKeit in n lonrf buttle krecn root and a dark
muirmy l hat Then cnlne Mr XXllllam llennett with a
ilnrk Cray nit nnd nmnnlhfure Ur Im Sluice iiliu a
silt Inn suit is null lii creel hrouitlit up the rear
rue Pat dimn on liticheii in the private room of Jtutlce
XXhite riary Draper and Hi nnett were accliund of
xtiidlmir Arizona 1 om hughes nut of 3IU liy pretend
Itnf tu I put up u ft might hetneett Sulliralt sod Mace wllh
llllifhe an Hiilllanii backer
Thu roiiiplnlnnnt ha I not here and cannot bo found
nald Inniei m tur Il lnrra
Tinre M h nnthlnx In the affidavit In tintS Mr Hfn
lien alI me Jllnllce antl no i nonoraii uivcnargcu
llnneit niaile lie leley In I teal limit
The atndavllnniild hold Ibis other two continued
hue Justice but If the rnnipliliianl cannot bo found
WD nlll hate to let them no alto
McXnmant Trie to lii e na a Martyr
lought not to intro boon convicted ox
1ollcciiiaa McNuumrn sell when he was arraigned In
hue neutral fif noju y terday to be aeiitenced for kill
tug John Hinlth by what HID jury called aarault and bat
try In ibm third ilcKreo My counsel would not allow
me to testify vour Honor or I would hatouorn that I
had nit ciumlum mum > left hand anJ truck Kmltn only one
iiulreil said Julge tiiihrslrtYe rerhuapi it was
fmirh 1115mm fr uu hhit m tdlr cumieel woumil mint allow ynum
hi heutifu elicmi yiul list Ieihhiimt at Iii mmmquret thuet i
ii at lint al rIte h4iilu m mit all hi S as sum UluIumceuary climb
lhiif ru uiuy lilluibnuu lil mlii 111cr ilium eu yum iu luissu
him Ieuuueliuy The eehhtliie 1 the LOurt hi mluiit uuum lie
ImfliriilueI hum this henitmnimiary for 001 Cftt suit mei a
hlumoot35 ihue full icluali > uider lime coneletlomi
Kepnrled Indlcliuenl of Ilurglnr Porter
Time Grand Jury continued yesterday their
lniUlryliit > theclrcutmtaiicr < unending Ihe I killing of
IrvIng and alh the bimrglnrs w Im were stint in bhang
Draperaaloou Ill > Tnfiulay Itt It m was reportul that
they had In llcted Hilly Ioritf liltrlit Attorney Mo
Keon would not av wlullier the report wa true or liii
Iorilier lei y iOled moil I liiililil I Attorne McKnm
and ask fur miii lmum miulgatium hy Ihtdrnnd I Jilr 1 nftlio
Uiulh of Iipir HiiriK wlni m a a found rtvenllt in
linainhera ii Irect with ifractured pknll It Imd been re
limitI i Ills rironT mild IhHi ilm muih net Ailornry iu use
ilniAalUtltd 5 vUli the toriner ecu tuTu InKKtiiiUli as he
napMtttovl I > leiicii that I lluruhedeatli wi thu reillt of a
jilitolhnt wonnil Mr > 11guum till roroner I ut I hit
lle report WIIM unfiunded as no relltildo cxldcnco that
thorns mai hot hail been rtrtlrrd by him
Four Jlvrelllua llunied uu HlHten Ilund
While Hhorlff Brown seas driving along lllch
liioiid nmd on Staler Iland on Aiindny night lie ills
entered flamt and smoke lnulnir from his door of a
frainn lieu as nwii ist hv lokutih lut on the corner nf
KUhinoiid road and XMiidiTtilt atenuu lie Ink mlmllmii
unit and around ihe liiinuto I iiiy Were nllmed to
riill friun Ihe hou > e In their nljht Irrises Tho lire el
Irish d In three I other luuos oil Hie line slits nf llln
ireet dii 1 all four were lurned m lie luicace are a fit
loni Jo eph Lmuio ton holluw HUXI IheUMinan ls
tale ono Imiie IF 4Al ioUuS I lusts one liouav Ja
luuranuo un oil about 57uiei
JInrlul iii n PrIest a > eur After hIs Death
Yesterday being tho llrst anniversary of time
diath of tho I Ilex Father Thimuuisa dirk one of ihcaa
illant prlb1 of St Hlfphvti Ilmrcli la Eat Twenty
elicblh cIted tile remain ii bId have Iain eve r luce In
the reeds ilium xaitll In this bacn enl of Ihe church were
removed un utalrn Pile the rhur h proper slid depollnl
nn a ralufalriiie before the ictuarrnl IUK After a
man his reiiiiiln wire taken lii lsh cry trmcler for
InuniKiit Ihe l w crc follnoiil b all Ihie iierg lieu
from hi Mrilun riiunliaud auuinbertrum lbs umber
irihues mm thiavily
AllKCklnu Nlrcl Memkarda A ltfnnient
Judge Darrett lu Biipremo Court Chambers
ycterdayrifranted an attarhinent ayalnt the property
of Hi get IKruliard a cloak manufaclurtr In a suIt bj
II II ClaQillA fo fur IMSiVlKl for K0xl old The
plahilllT nletff Oust an lKniiitnt for Ilia eiiefll l of
cridllor ret tnll made b llrriihard is I friuduUnt sumi I
Iht lie obtained Ilie irood by fwlve re mentallou An
attarhment 5 lie blo irranled I Judue llarretl In a stiR
nzalnt this nine defendni hy Outat Vu lute amid Sheen
UUetfild for frju for tixl old
Or Jit or Uulfcerlur Albert Weber
Judge Htitroa has Appointed Itenjnmln F
tttmt110 reeds er fur Albeit Webmir V In sumiismncuilary
irocerdiiifi un the uMllPillon jfJ IUni > 4rn Oou tirr
iy attorn for ldwinl t Never ahmiuiect a Judo
IntuIt in ftttur of ItihatuuIhi IlilIUl for Sui TUrcr
julttmritti vkTftraliitK JJWi7l lore nurnl yi tcnlmy
egaumusl Mr Sitar jim User of tile Ctunpb luting
Iron Mtuufucturitir Cuai i ir These dtl > u ut Mr
> VBbtri havtf nothlitg to do vita Ui tauo builnei
rniniczxa ONK MtOriK CITAIW
CeUrvd Men Oelltnc Tkelr Je Op to
ReDublleita Trickery and FrHd
At the Bothcl African Methodist Church
A mass mooting ot colored citizens was held
last night to discuss time recent decision of the
Supreme Court of the United States that the
Civil nights bill made n law In 1875 Is uncon
stitutional Hundreds wont away unablo to cot
Inside of time doors Time nile wore crowded
Mon and women wore In about eaunl num
bers The nov W II Derrick pastor of the
church gave out time hymn My Country tin of
Thee and It was sung with onlhuslnsm MrT
Thomns Fortuno colored editor of the Qlolit
wa mndo Chairman
nr iortuno snlil that some newspapers In
this city haxo sought to blind time public to time
true position colored people are In It was
Bought to confound tholr political social and
civil rights whcroasnegroes are fully aware
Hint political antI social rights are ilirioront
I claim said Mr Fortune tlmt ns n oltl
non of the United Htatos 1 nm entitled tn nil
the privileges nnd Immunities of a olllzen
Civil nights bill or no Civil Rights bill Wo
hnvo a political rights bill which elves us citi
zenship Wo tech Hon tile Held ntbaUlonndxvo
xlll hold to it lAnphuisel Wo own no man
n debt of grntudu fur llborntlng us Time black
man hail nothing to say simon ho was brought
from Africa but now ho Is hero to slay and
work out ills dnstlny We ask no iiinn for
social rlghttt They will flow naturally out of
tlm circumstances wo are thrown Into
Assembly man John V Uroon colored of time
Ohio Legislature Bald that ho trIms inclined to
look on the bright side of tlm situation In
tlm Hoiith Im nald Limo Civil ltlgimts law never
did us much good bocauso negroes do not hnvo
III I Ilnl utwl iiTunf Illation hnrn flynn firtrv tfflineii
ax 111 titus North tlmrn line bncn lIttle need for n
civil rights law Two things remain to cheer
colored mon First tlmy pan resort to Htato
ci ill rhe to maintain their rlgliln nnd secondly
they can so net tlmt they can force White per
sons to respect tlmm
Iuxvyor John F Qunrles colored said
llthor Limo Supreme Court Is wrung or Limo
trainers ot time clvii Itlghts Iaxv committed nn
outrnco on colored mon nnd n fraud on tho
country Our remedy Is not to cry and whine
otnr this crisis Wo will meet and oxereomo
tlm difllcullles In tlio Hlatn courts xvo xvlll
seek our remedies and xvo xvlll find them limo
trouble IH Unit dlsrenutahlo and Hellish poll
ticlaim xvlll make a handle ot this decision to
InllueiKo tlm passions of tlio people and to
muroilso time ohil xxnr fuellnu Wo are Htrong If
tho I ito mothi icamu party xvlll I I I confess thai all I tim our
long policy has buun a mistake xxu eaii Bland It
X ft llll I I Klltmnrt hut nnlltlnill I I vinrtv nlilnl
protnlHcs us tn lead In eiiunl rights and justice
to all mon Continued ntiplauxn and clieursl
A resolution was passed thanktnit Jtmtlco
lliiilan for im is d t snuutl lug opinion
limo lluv Sir Derrick said With time bal
lot the spoiling book end limo him tlm negro
can go nnywlmrn If time Italians the Ger
mans and tho loxxs can bo tolerated I us n ne
gro can bit tolerated in this country Uro
longed applnimol oueed no crutches Wo
can walk alone Wo mire not Mirolmads or of
llco seekers and time Itonulillciin mimi itt mute tin
ilerstnnd as much Dad hard men liaxe got
Into the Hniiubllrin party and wo will throw
red peppor Into tlmlruyos
A volco Three cheers for Bon Rutlor
Pastor Derrick You eiut cheer itt horo It
Isnt time place Go out in time street anti cheer
for lion Duller
lendcruH end Judy DlnrliurBrd
Tho hcnrlntr in hue cases of Copt John Daly
smut Joitjilt ItiMkreHet acetified If inKfifftiiif tn a prize
Cdlii et Sliver iMkv Stattn Inland Oct 0 and of Charles
JoluiAon nfiree and tun I IIimuir nccuAod uf attliuir
and abet tint tin in timl Irrti pet don n to be heard lu the
i miac huh It Shepheluuum > rhtcrdn inorntiitc before Jut
tire Mcrnlloucth Juntlce at HIP lusen Power acted as
ctMinm I fur rfiiilprnHNl wlm nn first lilt i nn trial DU
trlct Attorney 0 iihlauluur nf ttiLliniMiiil coiintv scums not
iTPHiiit lormtheilinrret nonlM In snl H reitrcoen
Inthe It m s rin hihl hu is tM Hctt uiih tui iiiiuniia
mile huisrut llnll unit nn ex realhcr udtclit tnizilM who
i thr I I mIter of IVndnvtiM and IM I nnxiom t inalch
tiltn atrninot John li ullijiii tuilihiul that I hu wltiivBBcd
i 5 pinilUB finrnn ixninmoii full IIOIMIIIK tnnrc
lukiMktn n conntKhle corrithoratnl thl I In thnnny
nn ilid filwnrl Mnrrlxon another conctMilr Join
rimiimnuhu Pr mrirhelor tif lu huuuht I w lit re I lie Culit
luuult misem iuh Iuiiui I rusCrui I r liii hi Iesuihitul I Ii St
I hi urnS it nt ii rIng rifler thic uuiiilclu ii ushI on cc
on uiuhtiir of Liii isv uuir iinmuis chanie Iiisiid or
ilium tither ishholiro lust it hal lecui us irOn dithut
luuhite Mcmtuimuiicii Ihuuui suuimiuuieci uhtuuh 0 tuhhumonv
em lie ot euii a lush turn IliusI li mm Ii cimiuieiht to iIuhuarge
iuuuh ritussI mu uI lhit iii him lund ugrttit seil hi lhe luctrhet
itorney I mush mtiui iilihluuif iui Ouu ins w 1111 dechie the
othoni lie uiiouhI tiutrutuurs ulinuhusrge all thus usccuuted
Favorite II nteti nt Hrluhton Heaeh
For time first race at BrIghton Bench meter
day ttirev imrtcrfl of a mile Tra KOM fold at 30 Maria
Unit p23 nradrunl21 Allaiotc518 Cell 40 Holy
rood won Allauoke second Maria LewIs third Time
116 Mutual paid tOmsO for ftrtt and eioce for place
For the second race tlireentiarteri of mile Knight
Templar sold otnTOi ttoivl4A Oarfl ld 35 flIck
nrvJIm C70 floM fit Iurflehi won Ijtton urcocd
Uickur Jim tliinl fniir 1 IV ii Ill sum lath fVt
Cur the third rev one itiilf hmt k soil at fmu Clar
dice fO < jiuliM Mtite Huttoniip 5iui tlfMCJO
I hut K run n tl < ail hent vttti lIttle Huttfrctii OneOc
I Ii crc milieu him Khliil Tinir 1 lm4 th ui uuti maid TvMai
Ihi I dead licit UIIH ruin IT Inn K kvlllntr at f > Oai < LIttle
Dutltrrcup Htf i Mttle Hutti re tip non Iy four IciiiftUB
1 I IIIH 1 4u3 > MiiluuU pal 1 f 111f i >
Cur thus fi urth rmpnjic uiilp sid nn eighth HOT Rednm
ull atifll HtiiUriliirf it > 75 Mttlo Irnj fuu < i iKld Simm
Little lrl noil lure Kyle scnllI lloz betlaiii third
llm I A7 MutuaM hsII > 21 1 70 u
hor the nrth rice ntscn Ixhltm nf a bIle Vikca Irid
roil atfJiKi Teuulu3 Pen 515ui Ainlrew Smith f45 fletul
5am > iIke Pride nun TeiiiijM rocoiid Andrew hmith
third Time 1 HV Mtttuale paid fV un
McmpbU Jockey Club Itucea
Mrsrmmmiit Oct 22This was Limo first day of
the fall mettiiu of the Meinphii Jockey Club lii spIte
of chilling wind and cloudy stIes there was a rood at
tendance Tho betting wa lively and the track dry
and fast
The ftrph l race an Introductory Rcratnhlc for all ages
tliret Qunrtern of a mil wan won In Aiceniltr by two
lensth m tillonpltt > an inn Antlno third lime 117
The second race euhlug shins unco one mile wan won
his t Annlii U bv thee ii 1 litmus witli Ulioui second and
Hi cho third linio I471 u
The thin met I niHf Make for two year old fllllci
thrrf > qtmrlrri of a mile ivni non by ainora by two
Iciitflhi with Isdy Loud st onJ and Kulvur a bad
third Time 11U
The fourth race Auoclation Purno for all ages daih
nt ills suit 1 one eighth iulle wtm M KII hy Xtiitlf Rapture
b two 1 < tiBlliHt tJleantr eecund two length In front of
ihe tltih ran handicap KUcplcchaif full course wsi
won by Iarter llurrlkon after a driving nnlnh by a
lenntlu Katie Grvel second and licit Boy a bad third
Time II 01
Slyer Four QtmrterMlle Heat
Time trainers Jack Oouldlnff and Alf Badger
had a betielU on the 1ulo grounds oiterday A 79 yard
ilaah was won by J A bhaokland American A 0
In 7 i seconds L E Myers ran an exhibition race
In which he undertook to rim within the space of an
hour four quarter of a mile lucite each heat to be done
In a minute or less Me made the tint qunrtcr In SI1
fciconil tile Hfcond In iV second the third In 3 ito
ondn and the fourth In 52 i nn ondi
K I Mnrru > VMIItaiUBliur h A O made a onoin lie
exhibit Ion walk InO inlniitti Hj nerondi
A 505 race of lmjnrdi otr 5 huMUi iRlnrhca high
wag somu byJ al > onof the ru ilme A C MnJl11 aceumuude
A halt mile run hnmlicup u as won by C 1 Mujuri
WttH i A U tCI > acute Time Jirj
A one mile Iiojdo race hetwecn John Keen rtimplon
of llmuuIsuuum eli a trot Una1 huts driven by J r It r Patrick
va wonby Kfcti 7hu I ltor ca lime I m the tim at heat
wa < t7 a
I lit ia > still backward rice wn won 1 > L I fiinfth
V A CJlu IJJi seconds Hie obstacle race was won by
J tsOlI
eullhvlsl Progiuamtns
Mike Qllloiplo of Boston fayn that BullUnn la
llhluimr to spar Jim Mie Whiten > ihihr lahhy hi > sum
or suu oilier mmuauu for 5tmilI a site whIm Soil glOs es four
ruumids MarquIs if Qiueeiisherry ruks Imi Muirmduiy ios
4 lue is Ill hillel hum a has lath gsuuie hi lit ltuilte far hut
lhum gale iiuuney lmimuu Silt Vruiuicleiuu lie is lii conic rlghu
luact lii hlatouu a tiers he is ill III I is huiguhist 5 I mm soft
cli I C fir 5ut5Ji I f liii illS e I hie L luushieumit huC
smIth lake us lrlj to Aumrusila aiiih smmm lell the lrhiiclhsh
chutes if hturuu1 luh 5 hIm elm e isuuj luisul Ss em in tue 1mm
face luuuu fiiUc riuu tile Aflersi iird lie 0 Ill rs I Ire un lila
tusurhu mill 5 III cisc m tIm auuy luau 0 lie a lit Coiuie OIl
lo lohton Iii Iii liii Vlii
titorkV llickni I I > rtiiurirnlanneriitire I ll < t Hlark 8am
for from Slum to tJruu > u m ill collar nnd ltuwlo t two In
thrtr filU
lhilluy Is out ultli n clialUfi o to ureitle M Wanion
UrxcoUoman ii > Ic for 5aS
The Nwllonal Oume
TIme Cleveland Club suCTerod defeat at time
hti li of the SI LouIs teammI at rit Iouli yesterday tug
The UH game of Ihis Braion on thin Ioto ground to
day belli thf po tponfd frainv nf rfntiinUy
Thuplaycro of t > s < > or three of the Lvalue and Asia
rtaUon rlnbx haw tlicl 1r > l lo held together for a vrral
dam yet 10 mien fihildtiun galIlee
tiei iuimiut to I It fuilr si usy hut lii luaee a tliihi for limit
year thi Iiiauiuiccr Iuiliit miuiiuhuhu lii Set grumnds on wIdth
ti lisy Oeluita uif gruutit ii much s null Ie tItus for IsU
pia > hmig refuss Iii let lit sell it fiut IlusI lii1lm
Jke > u miirket Meeting
LONDON Oct 22Tho Nowumrkot Hougliton
nuctlng beiraii to da > The race for the Criterion
Stakee fur ISO earrlihe was menu iii Cuumih F d Ia
lrsuig hey colt Arimuhiloc Tahliuuuusmu taluus In second
mud liagil FermI Ihulrit There were lies starlere the
11 liIiC at I li sill 55 ii 4 Ii I sumaltist ArrhIJ Ut m ui I
ugiluit rsliuuuitu aluil C mu 4 lu iliugal tern Atchilduo
5511 I saute I timili SetS tOO lmmiiutlimi 1dec50 this see
olad ant iimlcii bores
Football la Irlneetoa
A postponed unmo of football was pluyod in
Irlucvton yesterday between Iafaylt and Trincetou
Irlnrelon won U a wore if U toaU and 1 touchdown ii
I giiai HIM I toucnlown lafa > stIr VM also forced tu
tuuke Jtafttlci Tug More ituudi u irlucetun W t > olnt
LaTs mile 7
Jlttte Hull ftulo < J round Today
I54t gam uf the neason City tliuiLioiulilp mfttctt
Nrn York us Mfiroj > JiUn lame cttlfeU a I U Ad
iiiU lun 2l ciiiln Jdp
1iunI Silos It
lelIaii u Hough ou Rib Almankc at ilrujirUtt or
uiailvU fur Vc ititiup b ti M cue Jersey Lhtly4ap
llfve yon nritrilcnllr t riled Ihe rarrll
thf MII < oY A Ulll Uuuimuiailc ems huig inachlnv r No tao
shall uobMn or bliuttle
ran roadway
IrCanna limits Corrrct Styles Hnpcrlor
fjusllty fl tiaved on each hat 215 himeery
JkcfLJi 4
A lIE KNTrilTXlMll I u Him III IDllilArlVRS I I IT II
IMMII I titiin TO MCHKIK MIL nnm sutl > TO luAuS
nil I nox IIM in riiiiu vii run M IIMIIHHVI
TIM XXllll flllllllf KX tlllAMH NXilll I IUI
uixi s A smrii IN I in fAxiuii MII t
HIKIM Ill 0 11Cr TIlE 111101 ovriilll11 I
mi iitMiiTii run htJmn tun ii lIrmuuts
1IIIS AMI IN l romlit NI 11 imIVt I v I Nf Bl If
XIII AIM IIINT hi I llMK IU > I l Ildll Ml US ut
lieu in i IIUIIIMM ui Tin vsrh IIIK IMIIIU
llllNri III lhIK li IIUN HJINI tIN IN m A TllltlA
llll Klll Tulsa AIJIIbKUHl ANII IllllM XI
IINI AMI liVIIXH i mm > Hr TIll COMllrlllJt III
IIIK HI mill AND 1rillUI 1 I Till rLUILM III
TUB lliJDV CIIH lit ALL lllttolllnlH
A Dtml1 to 1 millS lilt
XrS Wlsamiumv is MIllflllNil XIUT sptnih I siiiyi
lu I IIUH Illllrril ire I 11IISU rlKIII I f Ilk
iliiie > 1 rLKU 1 UHIKI I I hlhhlli rehiii lImit lliclilU
from iiAin ilium I lh < Iilllr cliernii imuwii its urlifhl ia I
iniini ii i < vKio rum > N r tHuie ii iMiriiK
IIIK I run ii MirrpNK IIIK mires AIlbVs ALL
Ilnl llhelll T hNIIHN HMIHIX I lilt mhAmtuhile
tthclhtr until trIo I liKI HIM m i nr illirr utmmsa
T55LT5 Hh IKMi 5 1101 nK C
IhiiiiurailiK lucy riMcmrr lie I ie I > t ffr miiaieiiri ai > 4
lenlli < Htni fur cirtulur > nj lulruuttun to II
Ininii fiiitre
C lslA Its Jxlrlssim AilIis luhsihmmJsI
Kill Mle liui he llce Iliill im t lea ilaitlis 4
HroHlle 7u > tl KII hlie l ii III an I II hut tioluuoua II
lie siiiA
IIIH is liTl iiTllllHTrriiiniieinlj iirel m mallcij II
ulil hnrnl > inetliuJ rail M4liinll a and > Mnnl > p ul
wrlletirtcfiTriiie Ur HvrKtri r > 7 Lenln toii ar
UNlKvT l7 Mram lijilrauho freldlit auf
lukieiver mimes itor rrairlui I
Jir nir ilJ rum VeiL >
AwK > OII tlKIO seA Itet lImti IIt
rnh I lu imt lie iicriua JcJ lu taLc aIm > ullut huW Iii tl
5 SlA ic yTTiHlMTi TA mh S 7 7Zn7iui for MUI
f2lmitriat mrm lhei MlsIK ileim hit et CAl It
ilAlrioVlMTi < llTMirrtT Oil
fQtmtms Iiiulluit l hhiule 2fuJ hast iOllm l ii IHII euiunji
llo6l > HSVU VIAlVl7Tl shltejucpju 4 1
Iuaialttcge by psrhtjhng this blued ii issyse Cs
t p
< K
A Dratker nf M iker Iraektd r nd DytB
with the ftieret ha Dealred to Tell
Prrrsntniait Oct 22The news ot the
possible new dun to the whereabouts of Char
lor llosa telegraphed from BL Louis thl morn
ing sooms to IMJ strongly corroltornted by time
statement of J 0 Balrd Prosecuting Attorney
of Cheyenne who Is visiting In this city He
says tlmt some five weeks ago a turotbor of the
llrooldyn burglar Monitor was lynched In the
suburbs ot Chnyonno for the murder of John
H Wontzell nnd nmurdorous attack upon Jim
Knight Thcso men were asleep in n freight
wagon nod Moshor attacked thorn with an
axe Wontroll was not seriously hurt br time
first mow nnd naked Mnshor If ho wnntod his
money Mosher said ho did and ordnrod
Wontoll to got It Whllo Wentroll nan going
to time wagon where tho money wan secreted ho
Will shot four limes and died In a simon Limo
Knight had born rnnucrcd unconscious by time
IIrut blow but ho wan not further molested
Moshor failed to got tho money but Hod on tile
appearance of a Hiinad of soldiers from Fort
Collins Hu was pursued ci > turednnd returned
to Clmionne whom ho hnd lived for some tlmn
Moshors crime wan so coldblooded that the
olllrittis of Chovomm and vicinity formod an or
ganization followed the murderer took him
from tlm onloors and escorted him out to thn
jxpodsnear the city Moshor begged that his
life lx > snared twentyfour honrn mill saId lin
xxould dye time world Information for which It
hnd buun Booklnitfor years Vutst t Hw ndmlttod
ImxIng had In custody a person hold for run
Rom for more tlmn a year amid sold lie had boon
drli > n to Limo far West by the lint urmilt i ot de
locllxtR Time tIme was not allowed him and
hue ttiud with time secret
During his resldineo nt Cuuyimm Moihor
hnd spoken frcounnllv ol time erlmn nhnreml
lunliist his brother to rontldontlnl friends but
It wan not until after his body hnd been
dangling In tho air for nearly twnnlyfour
liours that thaso friends told what hud boon
communicated to them Tile general Impros
elon of hue trooplo of Chovnnnn In that Mooher
who wan Honmtlmes railed Moore nnd often
Moslnr brought Charloy lloss West with him
nnd that time child Ill gil t lIars fallen Into i tho
hands of thn party xthosn confession nt Ht
IoulB line just resulted In the visit of time fnthor
to that pluco anti the development already
mado known Tho man through whom Mr
lInen Is working him wild that Chnrloy wits In
ood Klxor settlement In Illinois between Al
ton ChIll Kdtxnrdsvilln mold Imd been thoro along
lone tlmo with n family of negroes
Fittnl Shooting Array After Church Service
AtttiiMTA On Octi2 OnBaturday nftornoon
there w as a uthihhcimtl hear Me hhail Chi munhI Iii liuurke
ciuuumity tfhveen to o uiuiumg luien tuiuie4 ytiua suet
fliers at thus lsehiiuhi gruiuuile in whIch SeIne emit
iuuitrrs iiu hhuo htluiid Allur chuuurehu ycierhim uuuiurliln
I lie dluiliuhhy a us retiets ci Tliuiiiiss It it ius cli
tile sti Eu suits soil 1iuuuiss w mrs shuuut by T Ii J l
nut tt nell lmiCuts niih lliitiie bicNurreii ftuil 1 nlit T
huem Thiuiiuii hi s lii P IS 50 huoi mhie thuuuus otil hiususnily
lihhuih Iruiuuk suit I ltiuiie s crc tiiuiufthmy
is such luiiitm su its shut Iii I lii fnuu huy Otis
lit hi is Trhluits The tis iii fuiilty It I rupormuiI were
uuuittucl Mi this llsihlcs lire eropeetuilihy cunuiected
uuul wetm to dii fnruii re
Unlliimi Kullruiid Time
WAHHINTON Oct 22Thin omcors of limo slg
nil ccci Ice luau u conference today xtlth ft vIew to
adopting the ai > tent Ultli inrrillan from which to
rickili time In HIM I H < rtIce In cordunce tllhtho I i
mot imiMit tn hat nlltilftrtn thiii ManilaM nil all the
rshiruuh lit the Ullltiil Mali llui llnrn Ilic IlilrC
sunnl UHIcer Hn M Hint the 055 MBiulnr < l is 111 un
ilunbtcill bt ftild ud In the liiiinl acts Ice
New York Stock Kxchitnce Snlei Oct 2i
VatTED StATCO Au yia suDi ItS 5lJOll
20084er Cl IT 54s o 1HJJ ION C sp t x 4
sAImnomiD LtD utlaS itiDi ui fliial
at Atlt Cisc hIuO 2 t5r 1 K 1 Cent cooRs I 12
aim em a Q dehu 3m i Y Cli A iii I
a o C Il t I Ciii l2ii m it mc me
mel en lisr g itl5OIl2t Ctuiuisuua
5 thiiitl i 2l lma I A LII collhlim
2IVI A II i41riIi2 i OMo Out it U7t
Ii lIenS KII XX 11 ir u Him so it I HU
5 Erie cuinlet l2 i Ci Oregon rt 1 Uljai
41 ErIe cuitu til 11J IM I 1 mmrt tiLl lt us
r K Tinni 7Ji ii In I of XL nt iiru
4 K u Trim Inc ST r Illcli A I rten M
Slit XXPHI Bl iiit list > t S r tut I 114 i
U II tSt Jotr 11112 11 iiit Mil run Ilm
1 In I I t lhhI 11K U I ill a M r A xt M 1U7U
1 I 111 All Sit Tli ii si t A s i 2lClL i t i imi j
I Iron xii c A K liw 2 utitl tl Ill iis
in Iron Ml > > in 2 IMHOi p
n Kate A T en IK1 XV il IM
1 Knn ATmil i lost tllaifi I AM 5 > > J
12 Inke Kli let c IM4 1 hn K It i > i KM i
Hlmil > A V con 11 I 155 1 S e Ml K Inf WJ
n liftlll H7 UHhpn Xlvl lt I 11111 l
I Iuim Isi 5 7r > TusiaclLIL i ii 7m447234
I lotkEp241l4 lrTczIaeumxhro l
1 Met Kl l t l l 5TulPAMn lt110
SMrtKI2il l ayot A XXali ail 101
2 Mlrh en 5IIWJ ll > rS lOTutre ildlv4v5it
2MstUnTeiBIS34 2il Un Piio lt IHaU
2 NY Nll4alis 1 vimtmuhlmslileS
38 Nor I mit1024m551 01 XVt 8555
allr000gsme rulrI sasue
RaIlroads ic i21hSnrhs pf72emUi
no Am TAC r2i uwi iriyn2Ol4lis
4UUlnnkeV A o Vrwn pfHowaiJ
MerTem1845itli4 IIUNV Uhle
K25 CMOS Iemil 6t K tursi14t4
mIni lan SuiutIloe49S4 115NY LOCK k
4lsimelmt gst3 XXnt R4
aio1suiL hae4i5u 240fJOmivllft U4 < 3T3
ma 4hu3Q 12415123 miPet turn nf OliHDI
llwmCan Puc ui i4e4uI UKIOIiln A Mil aMJTV
fhlc SILi 3 < iuiiit I A N iiuaionj I
run 12 uil Clot S it mmtouu
X2Del iIClmmi41hiL114 Ohioo ut ilj
tEuitkI PLWi lUifdlJ iin ini dr A r u 4ii jaMW
MLVI DenA H UJ5 > 42t Itiilirriran HL AiI
TlhMI hrs loii 2u 2fl5 1 HP oD A b I3lj
llnlKTVn Allit Ii1 4 > Poe Mull 173HI
410 K Tenn Xn ID luumCCoi2t4liS
A Da pi nais1 3IIKICI1AIJ 5ui4i414
moind Ul A XT JIM i5 2su < IKo A 1IHI 111415
un 111 len 12m1i aurj 3701 iteilmir ril > taiO
40 III Oem leased lOf lOutS 11 1UIJ4I10
line 83 rim KIchA XV 2S
31100 K IIA rJiinJl LASK ufd 41
IIOULKA w1umIsma Cguulustlaumikcjii3i i
ziiusm hat > Mi maii5iul 110 St IOlllpf 1150
211H45 LOU A N JU hU HVXI M 1 W A
7H7L llK lam HWII xi m lavgaioiif
eiO MnfAC tnli4lll AllTex Ale aii1 5bt
21i1 i Man II 4 JH7VI Un pw MI4HTJ
lie thstu coin 4l > t l7u Huh A Pac ti4ili
10 Jinn K II > rct KJ iOm l XX nli A 1rf IIaint
US Met Kl 2W ts XX ct U Tel Tla73
lia SlhctCmium b9T Ainu
IIDMnb AO 1IU 5 hump A Tru If r WX
liSm UlOll A 8L dS Plienlx moo
U coin ID dlO Clout YimjkjnlM
snn SorrAXX 1 411 4 CouiriIu iShi8
aid i Nash A en vi Kl > rrltei
cmosiso reuccu
Julie AuLit Iiiii SiteS
U54ir1I4 hiM h15tIpfil5t na
U 4i Mo KATi li a114
U mm Cs r 12h i2t Mobile A Ohio hill 12
I me 4i C t2l Nali A Chat 54 57
U 8 3 S J Cent h43i IVIi
Colorulo Cost l7 > 1 NY OA ilul1l454 114
Canada IlomItim 511 Ami Sir Pm Mr li hf J
es ie 2 4 Nor Pac pf lilf IB
CCCklnd STY 5u4i Northwot ill nai
lhitcH a Noithwet pflui IM l
Cent Iachflc tat5 au Out A Wetrn l Mt
hle S 1213 Ohio Central ai 8e
lei I S iT 1I2f mmm Omaha Jm O
UclA hludeonmuii luau iuuiishii pf mvu mi
Omen S icR I am 2S tremolo A T U 42s 4
Erie JC 415lusclfle 5UII M t7
ErIe 25 con iii mu i Itork lslsuuIliiJ lan
I2uti1iltmchI A llanr 5434 M
ttuii S iash 47 4flslmteslIne rm Siii4
1555 i4Pmiit III UifiTex A i lac 2Il tif
Shun Ity roll 4 43 Union 1nclric I1f 57
iletrOiu St mmll Ill Wol A Pa lit I Ml
tllasoiiri lac h iii f XX all A Tan pf 81 ill t
Mlclu Cent uili us e West Un fel 8175i 7f
LaStrrouum hEI
The nlnck market ojionoil uiiln ami buoy
nut thIn Vlllnnl Bhnros Icmllni Time IrrikU
jiiilty In I Nnrlliirn lmuti lIe iircfurrcil cniitliiinil I
xvithJiij V mont nioru haul for ctsu I tlmn
fur regular dllirv i Jint tlm t feat mm ro ol time
days ImslniiSK WIH tie I mnnm i nt In I Oriuon
iiiul TinnHcoiilliiiuitiil It vnn MTV m UM
opmiliii at 40 ruiMUiil to 3H > robe tn 4in nml
IlDxciI at IJj nn nilxniicii for tliuduy I nf iJ 1 3
Tlio it isn nil ti nil nnv of tho I Unioriil I iiinrkijl
tsns clicckml 010 ill 2 I M i mm lid In I tin h liit hour
iirlitM full elf rniilillr tlm I roiliiollnn innnniiilnu
In this tlmn to44 fell Nnrihirn 1niillc pinfi >
mil 2 Ja > for Northern Iicilli I i coot mlurutm anil jri <
con unil Trniirrontlniiitiil mill 34ft4 V r nt
for Ito t rumnltiilur nf Ilm I list I KO tlmt only I I it
S lummml I hurt if IhiMiarly I mhnnii mnr ith II ruIn ys
Intint irlcrH wits inaliitnlriMl svihlt Nortlicrn
1ailllc jirnfrrriil niiU M Iaul I niul Jlunllubu I
slIghtly loor The dust was unailllid
TUHiuoralinimrtmit < ii uija or tlm < l iv wore
11 tsliLlI I 5 uiluLt
Taniula South J r i Mich Tent it
Illniillan 1uc O1 > Nor 1or If irb a317
OciiL Tan ISJ I i fil4 S V Ienlrat III1 IIV I
RII i guliu i2l ill Oinnhaioin ci ni
Irlninlll 27s 4i1 urrxon A r U uu tl1
ken A Tenai an aKttra tug 41 roil
hula A hill 4 IK 474 M IaulAkliui IIBI lull
Ioiu Ulanil IU HI Ulilun 1Arlnc B7 tiill
bats Minr > H Ul
Ooxernment hon < U xvnrn lees actIve ItnllrouJ
honilH In tuojiirutn uuinninl amid trunPrHlly
htoaily whim nn nil vim lice for Cuntral IACillo
lulu and the lllo Graiule division of Texas nnd
Money on call 2iJ V aunt closing nl 2
Ktirllnuoxchunuo wnk Hluht drafts tl81
4H4 > uodtty billn ilHlUilHU Ia
HooolptB of Inlornnl rovuiiuo toilnv I7CS
19J oiihtonm HJ511J natloiml bunk notes for
reauiiipuon jujiw
rrcnlilent Vlllnnl of tile ortliin IVclflc
Hillroml Jomimny Inn circular nililrfMiiil to
limo proferrtUitlocLholJorB mlullxiiUi time boo
oinl innrlLMfi lionMs KIDN tlmt I time Hyinlicntu
IHIB nlTiinul tn tills n I I5000IMI I of tlio I lsimmjs l
linn nt f7i cash hoes i u connnl lnn ot S I Lout
In I iKjiuU with n HU mount hIlt tint Ion to ttku
tJI > WHHJ mora iiinn tho same termIte limo
tranacllnii will tliirnforu nlo tIme compuni I
15750 001 and heave 11 WWO of time b unit In
tlm trraflury I Of lln inoniiy thus I hiicurril
uJ4 fill tl2i I will U req im i nut for tlm host hum iltbt l
nnd 55i000l for coimtriiotlon flour him IrocrseS
ami fiulpiiiHiit n total nf I HJJJJ10 1 loin Ink
11lOtiiO limo iKtlniiittB for ummnictlon iln
not Incluilii ii > 0MKI wlileli will Is lUHiloil
ilurlni HID I two jrurs subsciiuant to Mnruh I
1831 for till noniulotlonof Limo bridge over time
Wlllurautto lIver
A Rjiiclal meeting the filiarelioUlora cl the
Cnimillnri Iacillo llti ii Jr Coimmuy will bo
liulil In Montreal on iov 6 for tIme purp M ol
utUoriiUn the comvlnj to Mil to taa OmiM
nnd Qucboo Itnllwny Company the portion of
railway lying betWeen Forth end Smith Fulh
Rlio to louise thus property of the CredIt Valley t i
Railway Company the Ontnrlo and Qneboq I C
Itnllwiif Company nnd part of the rnllwnr ot
tile Atlnntla anti Northwest Hallway Com
pan together with the lines leased br tho
Thn report tn the Illinois llnllroiul Cornralo
den of the Now York Chicago anti Hu Ixiuls I
Itnllronil Gomptiny for 01110 months of lime fiscal
yonriuullnff June SO allows nilellcltof flSBooa
lIme total Income from trnfliu and olhor Kourco
wise IOIOSifi Tlm oticrntlnt expenses wrr I
IS91512 hateS tin457 Interest on funded
and tinfnnilod Onht 740Jl ThIn capital
otnck In 500DOOX and the total liabIlIties I I
07H 10377 4 1
rnrl ndvlcpu qiioto S V cents nt 7815 and I 1
oxchnnuo on London 2521 I I
w os ul v
MOKDAT Oct 22 Ilour morn active mind firm I
Hum Wnmt futures higher saipi uiiTiiiiu liiith I
Nut C reut at SlliifshmSit fir tehoher 5Iik40U7lt fog I
h4oucinher Iti5Slluu4 fur Ieimimer
for Jiluuary aol 51113 i4lli for Sttirnaryi spot
ssies 211155 lulshil of IOlrIe S fl mtiuhtehxruwcit httati
sold nt HHct of r > a Html buds Xurn nlliat nt Ota
Oats hlntiori IsleS ilmlin Inili lit cm4csi for iiitir
and si4 < Ic for Se lIthe nn I lie Chit I silt N 0 a inl > e4
at as tur iirtolier aiauitn fir Noieinler ix
11550 fir lleceinlier slid HiiVACTc for Januarr
Corn futnrr IrrrKUlart PairS 12 nuilitii > li Nn 2 mull iie4 S
at VXtrtvitc fur Urtolier rivfHji1r for Nminilier
M 17c fir lircnniir anil < l45Je mr J iiuarrj
pot itnlen aOIl blush ATter t hanie XX deal iloe4
llrmi ito 2 red C > KI 5112 l ntlnitli iiriulirr fl > r7i No
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