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nAlCS STOUT I 11111 1111JUTIV
QVAlllllt 111 tlU
tone Had Frullleaa ArBollnllnna Hke Will
1inV ker Mflm In Toutnil by Force ur
Arma OueratlonaSkela I Willing lu Mukei
Pxnts Oct 23Thu Yollow Hook just 1s I
luel recounts the operations tf f tho 1ronch
forces In Tonauln and unjn their position In
that country hli materially Improved Thoy
cnn now move freely to all parts of tbo Rod
1thor Delta and hold all tho strategic points In
that territory Tho mandarins whr ell rosUt
tn French authority will bo reinoind by on
voys of tho King of Annum und tim people are
regaining confidence Tho Annnmlto troops
have been disbanded and the Black Flags have
The French
retreated from their positions lrelch
army now only await roflnforcemonts to com
pleto the pacification of the country Tho hook
also glvm at length tim details of tho negotiations
conducted It
tions with China which were Iomuclod
4 ays In good temper on both sides France
A t flrmly demanding the nonlntcrfurencn of
dt it I China In Tontiuln affairs and thu withdrawal
other troops from tho country and China In I
dicating her willingness to come to aol ar
nngoment but declining to accodo to tho de
mand of Franco
Tho Yellow book also states that L hung
Chang the Prime Minister of China assured
M Trlcou the French Commissioner before
July last that no Chinese troops had crossed
the Tonquln frontier that China bad no In
tontlon of Interfering with Tonauln and would
not thwart tho French protectorate over thut
country while it reserved the iiuestlon of
The MarquIs Tseng the Chinese Ambassa
dor repudiated the idea of China ussUtlug
Annum and admitted that the armed action of
France In Tonauln gave no ground for 1 rup
ture of the relations between the two countries
that M ChallomelLacour
China only Insisting ChnlomolLaeour
the French Minister of Foreign Affairs should
Inform him of any arrangement that could 0
concluded In the Tomjuln question
M Lucour then proposed a basis of an ar
rangement with China which was sent to L
Hung Chang who replied bv declaring that ha
had not sufficient powers to conclude negotia
tions and that China could not recognize the
ton nuli treaty of 1H74 with Annam
The Chinese preparations for war were then
Cliloso Irollrltons
ostensibly resumed
Tlio negotiations wore continued but were
abruptly neto broken off on July 6 by tho departure
I from Shanghai of L Hung Chung
Iu Aiigutt the negotiations were resumed
J M II ClniTleinolLucour assured the Marquis
TSHUK that Franco had no dream of conquiHt
1 In Annam hut contended that tho French must
nupprChH the lllack Flags Thu MiiruuU de
clared II the Ulaolc Flaira belonged to the
army of tho King of Annum and suggested
that an armistice b effected to enable tln > Chi
nese Government to take Into consideration
what ollior meals than force could b adopted
for distorting the lilaoU Flags
dllurlnl moL Ials
M ChaliemelLacour on behalf of Franco
rejected this suggestion aa It was Impossible
to suspend the operations then undertaken
To iinllcute the French honor M Chnllemei
10 Vllllclto
Lacour avowed that It was a necessary condi
tion before any arrangement could be con I
cluded that China should expressly declare
her resolve to abstain from all armed Interven
tion In Tonquln not to tend any troops to thut
country and to recall those already there
The Marquis Tseng thereupon replied that
this demand should b olllclally made In China
tis CliullutnelLucour rejoined that such a
step could not be taken before knowing how It
was likely to bo received A refusal would compel
lkely t b
Del Franco to Insist upon and oven to demand
compliance with her proposition
The Marquis Tseng appeared to desire to
enter Into mure serious negotiations but a re
ply from IVkln communicated by the Marquis
on Aug 19l again topped negotlatloni I his
reply simply announced that an Inquiry would
b made into this alleged presence of Chinese
forces in Tonquln that such inquiry how
ever might occupy a lone time and that the
Chinese Government would aubsnquently de
cide whether there was good ground for recall
log the troops or whether It would leave them
In their then present positions
M LLoour observed that the presence of the
Chinese troops In Tonquin whatever might b
the motive encouruged and nwlileu the ene
motie olColrllelt hogged M Tseng to call
the serious attention of the Uo eminent of
< r China lo the coiiboquunces and tn the danger
1 that would result from a conflict between
France and China
On Auc W ChIna submitted proposal In
volving the evacuation nf Tonquln by the
JFrrnoh troops the maintenance of the suzerainty
rainty of China mort ho territory and the open
Ing of certain town to tho benefits of trade
These proposabls wore lejected by Trance
A countnr proposal was submitted by franco
on Sent 15 for a neutral zone between China
anti Tonquln Thin proposition was declined
by China on Oct 1 that Umcrnmcnt declar
ing that she would accept a neutral zone only
on tint southern Instead of upon the northern
frontier of Tonquln while It was stated she
MIH ulso willing to nuiliHarrniigemeiitH for tho
oj iiliiL nt the lied HUor Delta to trade
The low lu < k concludes
Thii t hiiiaileinanil the I whole of northern Annniii
ant the trench eiaeuallon there if allowlnr us oily the
auutliern iroilnces llierele no iloubt huM the arriial h
or tie reenlori enient ekfie lltion will nromntly ternilnale
the work an gallantl beirun In Tonquln r ranee Is I still
read to negnt ate with china In a fren < 1 ly spirit ainl 1
liopes list settle ptIsiteU facts may hnluce tier II lt a
inure Jim lieu of lhh I 1 inalter estieriatlr iihen I its StCN
the moderate hut lf still resolute policy of the trench hittv
eminent sunuortetl tii the chanihere und the country
SAlOON Oct 23Tho transports Hhamrock
and 1 Avoyron with rnOnlurcenicnts and war
material for tho French troops In Tonquln
have arrived here
Another New Ministry for Portugal
LISBON Oct 23Tbo Portuguese Ministry
hai again been remodelled and now stands
Premier and Mln liter of War Senhorde tontei 1erelra
Minister I the Interior Senhor Barlzoia Freitaa
Minlilerof Juillce Sellhor topn Val
Minister Marine benhor Ielihalro Chngas
Minister of rorelgn Affairs Senhor Ilarhoia Oucage
Minuter of 1ubllc Uork Sellhor Agular
Mluliler of FiuanceUanhor Illnti Itlbelro
Hebraic Fire Uugi
BERLIN Oct 23Two JOHU have been con
victed at Coslln IMmeranla of selling fire lo a syna
gogue In order to obtain the Insurance thereon They
were each sentenced In four year Imprisonment A
number of others who were Implicated l In the crime
were convicted and sentenced to ehorler lernn of hut
Meeting or Ikei Frenck Leilalailora
PinS Oct 23Tho Senate and Chamber of
Deputies met today fo horL susslon Tint Hintst Coot
plllte crltlcled I Tlrardi budget which while ale
fll to show an ciiullibrliim really allows udellilt nf
CM > J lfranis The committee nninlinmuli I reiolled r l
10 reject the budget I I rumored that M Timrd will
forthwith resign <
Tke Pkeanlx 1urk Jurors
DITDIIX Oct 23A circular containing a
Hack Hit of the Juror lu the Ilii nix Iark niurdir trials
and In the case of the men tried fu the nltenipi to tour
der Juror Penl t leld was nmll < d t Ihouialidi of the lu
baliltants of this city eterday
Still Shaken ky Kairlkquukca
CONSTANTINOPLE Oct 23 Three shocks of
artlnunke were felt today at Tiheni and on Ilia
Island of < hit Jrent alarm was rrented but no dam
age wai done Ahuotlirrseer shotk sri felt at hnirna
S The telegraph olHce damaged I but nobod wai killed
Tko meunser Aormundle In Collision
HAYI1E Oct tl2 While the 1 General 1 Trannat t
lautlc li niiniiostleainir 1 Norinamlle trill Nen > turk
vaa entering I the port to da she coillilnl with an I auk
a schooner The fiurmainlie sutalned inucli damage
War Acailnat Vollllesil Illnce
ST Louis Oct 231ho most prominent cltl
Slits of IH louis lrrpeiHie of party met t last night at
1 the HI Louli Cluli A lnw and Ordir itiunte wa organized
th Lli
ganized and nfllcera were elei lid An cult reruity fund
of 3051 lwasrals d hue tubjeel if the I euglte Is lo cc
cure a gooil loial goveriuneni tight corn jsilon and iulul I
W kit Hlugi and eiprclally the llanibllng lung
omeere Culled la Account
lutlsnuto Oct 2SAUornoyOeleral CUS
r lily 10 diy flied psprs Ikln for ti tent of utiiutdiiuiu
cultist hIII 11lnl rlnll 01101 to t CUI
151 llh1 tl atuuw cities why thus laid rQulrl IhIIe
Jul thi siuikiuig I fouid LI tie htve5ieI itt hulled Slilsi buildS
luu Dot btuu cUllpld wlh Th writ ut is llaLo
Ilnu Kvncunlcd by the kllUna
LIMA Oct 23At tkA M today Gen Lynch
II for Bjrrnnoo near Lhurillai whtre he his ssttib
li lird hn general iiuarlel AI Ii I A W deli Igleilaitn
tirnl Lima 51 IVeiuJeiita I Kefencrodor The Lulllaii
top si cul LllaL s A U
Vocel JUrolkera Overcoats
for thli winter are equal to the Bunt custom mule and
is t sold at vue tblrd Its lu pricS4J
Kellfa Uclierwilli
All ladies tliould visit VJ Cth av and examine Ihe mag
nlflcent new stock of Hintercloaki write fur lined cir <
cutari duluians Ac which can be had on credit Jdv
V atisl llrolkere Pauklon Catsilogne
Showing whit to wear this winter for men and boys sint
free Broadway Mil Uoutlon atth I anti 424 Adt
U t r
Voutl Brctkere Mena IVIoler lulls
I Are of Iheneweitnoveltlee luperlortrlmmlng and work
wiziibi Uroadwar sad Uouitoo OIU ar M cur 4tuI4d
w0GI Ir < wa < 1oUIOU
n j
I VI Brother lloye all
Hal bolo popular that tbey have to employ over
mo taIlors 10 aupuur Lbe dsmaaivAit
Ike XIvl Mnnugers llrllckled with irw
Ynrke Pnitnr Cupnclly I
Tlio rival opera mnnaKors vvuio both In
Bicat glco last night Neither could 1 say too
much for the metropolis as n contra of musical
taste and of gcnorouH patronage of art
Mr Abbey sat In tho ovonlng smoking his
twentyIItill cigar for the day In the cosoy office
of Associate Manager Tlllotson at thn Grand
Opura house Mr Abbey found language too
feeble f to express his satisfaction with tbo open I
ing night of tho Metropolitan Opura Houso
He said the story was summed up In the state
ment that II WILl an artistic and pecuniary sue
Itiss lie was glad to see that tho acoustics
properties of the new Opera House have mot
with the outhuelastlc Approval of experts He
said tho ippnrts friiln nil parts of tln housn
wuro unanimous In uitpluirj itt Hint ovcry note
of tin music could In hoiud distinctly
One thing jnly Mr Abhoy rocrottid ulwut tho
oHllln tutu that wis that the ttulohuuhld audi
OIHI > did not llnd tlmn to fullj unjoy tba grand
pailoii and foyorn bnenusn tlu t > y worst too
much Interested with the treat t provided for
tbniii on tin stiiirn Ho thinks that tho ad
tuhiral ion of the I public fur tIle new house will
become greater its they hcolo moro fnmlllat
with thn details Ho obsorvuil with PrIde the
brilliant appouramn of the audience and the
extnntof Its full tires <
Mr Abbey was iiiueb grntlHed with the fact
that Minn Snmhrlch romiilned In I the hiuma as
Into us 1 PM I and was delighted with Its
Acoustic properties She said Hho was sure
that i was a purfi ct house und time was anx
ious to nmke her dHuit this evening
Col MnplpROn alIt snitiklng was found In
good humor nt tile I Now York Hotel Ho said l
Wh > my dear boy my opening night sur
passed my expectations I might have taken
It for granted that there would he l some falling
off In attendance tlr I was indeed not agree
ably surprised to see the Academy us billllnnt
as over and I missed but u few of tho familiar
faces of those wealthy patrons of art who hae
made operatic representations possible In Now
York 1 wasitriitlftlng to see that my old ad
hatuitte still stood bv inn and filled the Academy
to tho dome
I all goes to show what a great metropolis
of a grunt country how York Is I shows that
the city hIS grown so that I can well support
two grand opeias It was a compliment to my
management that I could not but appreciate
when I saw how oven under the circumstances
of a strong opposition the nitoplo flocked to
mynupiiort with their dollar bills fl > lng I was
doubly grattflud this morning to llnd homo of
my old patrons who I hud supposed had cone
over to tIle new house who canto bail and re
sumed their boxes for tho whole season of
thirty nights I have no Intention of beginning
crescendo and ending diminuendo I shall
produce now attractions to keep up the Inter
est In the Academy the climax ot which will bo
the of Minn Paul I scored
appearance Iul llll a pre
liminary triumph today b > securing an ar
rangement with Col Uuorge Ward Nichols to
supply tho artists for the Cincinnati festival In
February Hoth PaUl and Mme Uon > ter will
go them and sing three nights
Mme Pattl and Oersturaro on the best of
terms although they have not mot Patti has
written to Oorstor a most friendly and appre
ciative notu gracefully yielding to her tho part
of ln ia in which she says she believes Curster
Is nmtly i celebrated
Paul will appear just n fortnight from to
morrow One of her new sensations Is In tho
opera La Oaza Litdru lu which she IIIR
tho charming part of IncKci She la Immense
In thin scene where she Is falsely accused or
stealing Site will also appear In iMinlram
lute nud Travlata and as Juliet with the
genuine muslo of Gounod I had an Interview
with the great composer and ho told me that
the genuine Instrumentation has never been
given here So you see I Khali have now work
enough to keep Mr Ardltl busy from 9 A I
the until public 12 P M and thus loop my promise with
A gentleman In the confidence of Col Maple
son said Uy the way I hear that Campnulnl
is hoarse nnd cant sing tomorrow night
lint dont you say I bald It
This story was repeated to a gentleman In
tho confidence of Mr Abbey who said Your
Informant Is a blanked scoundrel but you
mustnt say I said so Campanlnl Is not
hoarse and will slug tomorrow night
Nominated Yesterday HI Jamaica to Bepre
stilt Queene amd HuaTblk
SlxWD delegates from Queens county t
gather with twelve from Suffolk muffled In
overcoats and armed with umbrellas entered
1 hotel at Jamaica yesterday and promptly
paired Into two separate county caucusses to
discuss a Democratic candidate for Senate
from the First Senate district District Attor
ney Benjamin W Downing wearing a beaver
hat and a conciliatory smile went among the
delegates and shook hands with them ni they
entered the hotel and then sat down And ate
dinner beaming with amiability After nearly
two hours of debate In caucus tho delegates
marched over to the Town Hall In the rain and
filled the inner railings of the court room
Spectators lapturnd the remaining seats
V8Iuhht of Suffolk who declined
lirinslny Sleight MuJolk ooclloll a
tenuler of the nomination from the delegation
presided Senator Covert begged In behalf of a
united delegation from CJIIHCIIS to nominate
Benjamin W Downing He said Mr Downing by
eighteen years nf faithful survlro to tbn people
had niiida u reputation as 1 public prosecutor
second to none in the length and breadth of
the State Hn had secured a larger number
convictions than anybody who ever hold n
simIlar suffice In thin Mate His enemies had
made charge against him which In tho light
of sworn evidence It would be found very diffi
cult to sustain
Wbun the tellers had gathered tho Informal
ballot It was announced that only twelve of
the Cjueens conns1 delegation voted for Mr
Downing ExCounty Treasurer ElIjah chrIs
woldof Itlvorhcad tied him with twelve vote
lx8uiervlHor Joseph McLniighlin of Long
Island City und oxAKBomljlvman George h
Ihuituer were also voted for Thu formal ballot
gave Mr Downing eighteen votes bulot
honntorTownsend ICock Ddlnneey Nlooll and
George llulmer und be was declared elected
KoiiHtor Covert was appointed to bring Mr
Downing before the Convention The District
Attorney came In and said
I feel this rompltment more deeply I I Indicate that
von are standing by mi against the persecution thai
nuve avsattid < in itud I the plot to sInks iiiedo I It
doe me good to feel that then < hargesare ban fabrica
tions and that you do not helltiK them This ls the
eleienlli tlmi I hae been nimiinatid for oftlce It Ua I
vindication of my lourse that shall be made 1 rompltte
I believe that the penplo l will 1 rat tfy nnr sithntodav
and I il n Irt oL IIIIL me again that confluent which no actvf
inlno has tier gheli Ihein collie lo fillfell
The Democrat of the First district In Queens
county Assembly havo nominated Lotus K Church for
A r sklon lile Oalkrrluu In PUInfleld
Ckurck Inet I > valug
MIss Kate GrocMHU h Matthews daughter
of Mr CharlesMittthuws and niece of Frederic
A Potts was married In Plalnduld N J lost
evening to Mr K Arrosmith liegeman Jr
In tho Church of the Holy Cross The cere
mony was In the English styli and was per
formed by tho Itur henley llaldy of Philadel
phia assisted by thu Ituv P Logan Murphy
rector of the Church ot thu Holy
Cross The bride was dressed In whltn
Ottoman silk brocaded antI trimmed with
sued pearls and chiinllle filnge Tho square
cut corhitgn VMIII tilled with duchess point lace
Wlh wil
Her corhl ol tho name material wits fastened
with orange blossoms Site wore diamond
wlh omlle Tboro were no bridesmaids Mr
E F HolTman Jr was best IAn
The bride anti groom received their friends
In the residence of f Mr Matthews under n
Horn horevHhoe Among those priisent were
rrederlu A Polls and wife Isimu N Philpn 1
A Ileuemnn Duan llollmati and wife Mr und
Mrs John A jOII 101lnl and Mrs Gun unc
Fuller Mr nud 1 Mrs 1red W Mnelllln
Mr and Mrs William Fuller Mr und Mrs W
J lloomo Mr und Mrs Weslei FHmlthMr und
Mm rrediirlck I GlbblnH Mr and Mrs I W
Putts the Hov Mr A V V llaymond and wIfe
Lieut and Mr Iunko Mr und Mrs Isanu
Htern JIRteo I KIIulrlcL I I nf Philadelphia I I Dr
Andinws Voter 1 MntthowB MU NcllluClark
and J Lynch Pondnrgast
Uoo4 IndIces In I Cold VIe
TUCSON Oct 23A special despatch to the
Slur Iroin Fort Soot lays Two Indium from Ihe
hostile camp In I Rouora came In last night They itated
that nInety Indian and four chiefs would arrive at
tucker during the ulght I Lieut Hunter with I a part
and supplies goes nut lo day tu meet them i apt his r
forty Is I near Ituiker with two lompanles ordered there
fix 1 we > k > Bgne pectliirihe lioeiiW return II Is I re
ported that if en i rook h use Information of the tuuiutliu5
III of tlie renegades He wild Ml I 111 la somewhere
betw een Haa Carlo and Hie line
JOUCl a jiKffinnxa TILT OAIN3r
zinc l1I1oVUla MA1tm
Thei Uncut Outlook for I We Hnrdworklna
Nominee Itepnhllciine Out fur the Pepsi
liirCundldiitr Lltlxena 1airlr formed
Tho young inlllloualio Mayor of Brooklyn
had to forego his colToo and slippers after din
ner last night and go out In the cold ruin to
address a slender and 1 lukewArm meeting at
Ilfili enl and Nineteenth street Tho
homo ho left bnhlnd him Is In ono of tho
showluMt and largest mansions In Brooklyn
Its style Is what ls known as Queen Anne
worked out In rod and black To reich tho
comfoi table coach that stood glistening In the
wet outside tho door tho rouycomploxlonud
joint Mayor had to stop across an
asphalt walk that helps to soften the only oc
casional nolsus of Columbia Heights to tho
occupants ot tho bmiuttful building For two
year > Mr Low lit Intcti nnjolng the comfort
that had been In all IIIH life broken only by his
ana > I for tIle ofllci ho nuw holds Now Ills I
again disturbed by tint nirgrusdhn campaign of
Jlr Joseph C llendrlx the young Democratlo
candidate who is used to hard work and Is
working his hardest
Thu butting was 100 to 72 In favor of Mr lon
drlx The populat candidate put In n tory
busy day desulto tho bad weather He Is ex
periencing all tho discomforts its well n the
stimulus of extraordinary public Interest In his
affairs Ills huadauarterH and his house arc
besieged b > oallort he Is halted at every few
foot us ha makuri hit > way along thu streets ho
Undo I difficult to gut through tho crowds Into
the public halls lu which he Is uxpected to
speak and his mall Is I becoming simply unol
nintH I Is hard to determine which Is win
ning him the most friends his speeches
or his personal iamass Both arc bringIng
HepubllcRUs to hlR side every hour The Dem
ocrats are solid for the limit time In years
Their choice of Mr Hondrlx has provoked
less antnuonlsm than any nomination tho old
est politician I cnn rutuembor
Hlias U Dutchur said usterday after read
ing Mr Hondrlxs npeech Ion the Tenth
ward Democrats if ho makos I few moro
cpueches like tlmt were gone
HaIti another Itupubllcan Jacob Worth took
1200 Itepubllcan xolim away front the party
twoyuais drlxtblu year ago He will take liOOO over to llon
hondrlx portraits which bear I faint resem
blance to tIm earnest ami thoughtful face of the
popular candidate are already to b seen In
tho store fronts all over the city antI on the
Name cards with them tire thopropholto words
uur next lyor
Ho Is an Intelligent nblo man with nothing
to hide In tbo past and hampered by no
pledges tot thn future said ono of his politi I
cal sponsors yesterday The conHequnnco Is
that lie has behind him the I warm wishes nnd
groat Influence of those Democrats who hae
not been strict In their ndhcrnnco to tile party
In thn past The conditions that existed two
years ago are uiiictly reversed today Then
the Itupubllcans wlr united for Low and the
Democrats wore divided now thn Democracy
U a unit and tilt Republicans are split up
Among the men of independent minds who
are supporting the younj man who his bad to
make his own way In the world are
Jeremlali 1 IlntilnBon li Ml M I stone
Thonia Klnaelln William B Lionard
J fW j WI
JovephC Ii llutrlmon tolin u ilnntir i
llarev Karrlntrtou Hen I hlocuin
Illlain hrhal Jilm h Kcity
Kdinnnd Drlirifi El us aol Howe
III < lrl
J < llenrv Mnrllu liinli I t I trrs
I tWreakt lllltinl I Dt I Wit
yet ix 111 William M 1 Cole
llllam UeBter Url Hstnjner
Mr John Itoonoy tho wellknown lawyer Is
At tho same tune a candidate for Alderman at
Lariio on theBltepubllcan ticket A vry grntl
lying CIOC of nuns to the popular candidate
was tho announcement yesterday that a cit I
zens movement In hU behalf Is well under
way The petitions circulated by the projec I
tors have reeohed numerous signatures Its I
punllcans Democrats und persons hover b I
fore identified with any organization hiuing
subscribed to the call It Is understood that
the first public meeting In this nonpartisan
movement will be held In Music Hall within a
low days and tlmt Mr Vlllliim C De Witt tho
eloquent l oxCorporation Counsel l will there
analyze and crltlclsn the administration tbo
ounl millionaire for whom ho matte I nota
ble speech In tho same hall two years ago
Justice Garrett liercen a lifelong Itepubll
can Is warmly supporting Mr llendrlx Ha
says be knows Mr Hendrlx as a neighbor I
member of time Hoard of Education und nsa
working journalist and ban learned to esteem
him for bin sterling character and superior I
abilities Ho will today make public In tho
press of Drookl n his reasons for opposing the
reelection of the millionaire Major
Tho Brooklyn Constitution Club nonparti
san has adopted resolutions That the action
of tht Democratic party in Its noinlimtloii of
Joseph C Hendrlx merits the npproutl of the
candidate club The members are free to oto for either
Last night was tho busiest for the popular
candidate thus far in tho cuntass Ho stoke
llret to 4 000 tmrsons lu Woods Athletic
OroundH In Wllllnmsburgh Tbo lion John 1
C Jacobs AugiintiiK Van Wjck Jon Yorn
berg Frodorick Jeiikinn and others were with
him ou tbe stage Mr Hemlrlv said
We nerd rapid trench Tht last non tiiknit rare of the
queillnn of romprn otion Tlmt doe not tnttrfere Mitli
the dlf lay of enerifi in linn direction w e need 11111 I
He market We need 1 n generniiN uunn beirtid adtnln
Utratlon toward our uuuul fuel ti ring Inlerentii < 1 hive
heard of limn c tablli > limtnlii rumovinir from
the ell liitau nf n row policy here
renpectlnx them Tin bullileri suet 1 complain
just thi are vnbjected to pettv annntance if
tbeae thing are true diMon I not hflen Hint C icy uurc
rate aiialnut the I nelfari of Hie cii v II 1 nlf elected to
fttrrouiMl mvHeir vtith nun of 11 uhni und emryy
oupled uitli Inteifrltt Iliat I Hien I is lll be I H < tplrtt of
proffrenii tibnnl nur nftairn Tbe Hdiiiueinent nf menu
nrexo Important ai rstuit Irauall I Hiid a i tUttle market
vhould not be loitpnmil miniber two t > earn I have no
apntoiv to inakn for lielnir I pnrty can lldate I am
I rood tif Hie I fait Butt I kno of no uitrty nhllifntion
that < fllhl hamper ni in ndmlnUlerini the allitir of
Hrookhn hont tl > fearlebU und eionoinlcul
3lr IlHiidrlx at the close o the mentIng went
to tlio Kinplro Club of the Kuhtern District and
received tho most uratlf > lng uvldHiiroH of en
tliUHlnHm among his supporters Next bo went
to the Union Club where urinngeinents were
mado for I reception KOIIIO even Ing next wiuk
mlro want said un otllcer of this organization
to prun to the world that llrooUyn Is not as
Major Low wottlul have I Iliouuht poKneMsedof
only ono man of IntullLence and Integrity
Hendrlx climbs Ulo SIIIIIt111 itt I 11 I ory lined
I In the Kantein 11st net On I Monday one was
formed In Union auntiu and another In Frank
lin Bind Today one will bo organized In
Cnlyor street
Mr Hundrjx ou Ills way home stopped In rt a
meitlug at York and Main streets in the Hoc
ond ward The entire ahsumblagn nrosu and
pledged itself to work until tho polls clutto for
tbn election of thu peoples candidate
Tint grout mu8B inieilng nf tbe enuvass will
beheld In tbe Aciuliuny ol Miisln Drookln to
night Tim speakers ulll inelnde Mr Hendrlx x
tile Hon IMHU 1 Mavniiid I the Henorlx
Chapln and hits lion Dennis Ollrlun Every >
thing points lo an untiliiHlustlc demonstration
llinry M I Jllrkutt IIIIH reeehod thn DHIIIO
district rratlo nomination for At unibly In thu Eighth
William C Ilowou of tho Htirnth ward An
ton Merglo of tbe KluMinth loon I Collins of
the t T wont yllm and Iaul C 0 roth 11mg of thu
Twentythird ward were nominated by tim
Democrats In tho Hocond dIstrIct
loiilniteil for Aldermen und Aeaentuljrmen
The Republicans made the following noml
nllon fur Aldermiti lust llhl i Third dinlrkt Jolin II
Cotter 1 benull Charles I I Wale Flirhth tr ell
rlnck Ninth Mlliiim I Mlllir l m Kleitnth John IL
OConnor riilrlientli J J suites rearmni Set uiteetitl
Lout Wenilcl Twunitlrt llenr > 1 Saylec m THeiil
third John Illfllnv 1ammun noiiiiniited William I
Kirk for AldTinan lilI Ketond dtitrii t Inlinf Hall I I
end rTIl luilolpb riillirrall I In tile I wmiy 1 fourth iil >
trict rtue rrolnlililonUiMliuve I I intiiiiuuted lleoritt hihit
llll In the Twent folirlll iliitrll t
For AH4finblymen the Krpnllkan nominated their
ealldldateM I t Set etitti ulit 1riil Lniait I Van Allen
Kmlltll Imrle Millths Nllllli ridirlik I HHKC
levelilh Waller lluwe Thirteenth lunar thus pit Hel >
ellteenth Uolinrl Iliprd mi i TwellDllril Thendnr lloixe
veil Iwenty Ililrd Liroy I Irai e TIe ITolilbitimi
fourth isle I tufts dlitrlvl e nominuted iharle I Lord in Iliu Itttnty I
Mlule 1ullllea
Robert Hamilton of < iren lih ba been nominated
Senator b Hie Demni rat of the aililniiton lili t
The IttpuUliani nc Hie KKltuilli heiiatorlul dlilrlct
have nonilnated Levtla K la > u of Culumbla county for
5 ti at sir
Th > Warren couiit luinixratt have nominated a 1
kendrlck of Ulen Fall fur the t A > ieiiil li
1 tie Ujlllllll BIIU llf Ito klullll Clllllltt llakH IIOIlllllHt l
AIo thsIehl ul II aversiriw fur Ih AIhy
The Dmoer 1rou buh dlUle tutive nloml
tuiteul Juuues Wckl fr Stale 111
LI I KellI lholrl1 ot Itte Still Tmplln
Cuuuuuuutttss 11 edit out oloulo to Uuut 111
Chrllln I 111tr sOt Ih usnuinof TIIIUalollto
01 ho II Ms la fr lrrlr If tite
The ttetOhullCstue < tlii urnh lolurl14Itlel
hats lollote < fur Slit btustur JOII CUb < U uf
IJelT towii BnilncM Flares Left In Qleea
Overworked Line Hive Oat
Four thousand Edison lights went out In
the downtown district east of Broadway nt
615 yesterday afternoon At Kolba restau
rant on Imirl near Wall street the
diners suddenly found themselves In
Bloom Mr Kolb his no nag on the
promises Ho wont out and bought a
lot of candles which stuck In wino bottles
Illumlnatod the restaurant from tho tables
Candles were also employed In Bwoots restau
rant In Fulton struct In the Mills and Drexel
buildIngs which are lighted by this system
mostof the tenants shut up their dices and
went homi
The lights In the oomposlnit rooms of Til
8us tool tho 7itiifi went out atV oclock and
tilts wiut resorted to At J chuck tho electric
1L0 L
Intuit irene agaIn wurklnK dimly
The 1enrl street station of the hdisoa Com
patty supiuliss thin district bounded by Frank
fort htiuet the Last river Wall tired and I
Drondway Thn plant contains IIo 125hornn
lroulwn Elt
power ontlnni > In UA Ilmmlr only thron of
the enclniH wnin workout I Lately however
owing to the puillor nightfall mnrn light have
been usnd and there lute been aonirnapnndlni
dumniid for pownr The wires loading from
tile plant run utidoruritund and In order to
guard usiiltit accident from loathIng the wires
ton heavIly with electricity sifety uatchesnio
ucoil hpHR cntuhi are ribliom of head throe
and a half Inches lone nuvimeluhtha of nn
Inch wide and onnulehth of an Inch
thick In ono end thoro Is a round hole I
thlk In the other there IH a slot I
Tile catch Is let Into n wlrii und the
current runs throuch It I tho current b
comes too strong tho lend molts and the cir
cuit IB broken boforethu wires cnn bo boated to
n diiiiKoroun point The safety catch Is I ole of
Kdl ons luitentu and Is used ihlolty ua uuurd
oiraln fires
Lust eoulUB the wires were too heavily load
ed and mitny of tho ratchos molted and nil of
tho 4700 HuhtH which are fed from the Pearl
street plantwhlehvnro llshted wont out Al
most Immndlately the telephone began to ring
ut the companys office and demands worn
math for thl lights and me senctrs besieged
tho station to tlnd out what was tho matter
It wits said at the station that tho greatest
number of lIghts are used between the hours
of 4 > and 7 oclock in thin evening and that
later the demand eases up Yesterday being
dark and rainy nearly all of thu lights were
put In USI early To supply the electricity all
llu oiiKlnes ware put to work Tho wire were
loaded I In saul us they were never loiulcd bo l
fore and th9 load safety catches could not
stand It
Mnll H D Eaton the VlceFresldent of the
company sent ItHorn t the dlflurent ostab
llNhmontH tlmt the company furnishes with
light In which ha explained tho cause of the
mishap Ho wrote that now safety catches
worn being Inserted and A soon as they wore
nmpletimnll the lamp nouldburn IKnlu and
that hereafter larvor leads would b used so
that I similar accident might not occur again
The safety catches are In Iron boxes with
lids so that they may begot at without digging
up the streets A largo lore of men were put
work nlcht to repair the breaks It
to last Illht rpalr I was
said that oorythlng would 0 all right today
A Bund or Choice Yunv flptrlts whose Law
iris PIn MUearrled
BOSTON Oct 23A despatch t the Journal
from JamalcaVt says thatthe arrost and con
fession today of two young mon for counter
foiling has brought out a unique story of
organized crime Acting upon Information
obtained from Morton Q Clark now In jail
United Status officers found a wild gulch ID
the mountains a few miles from this village
the headquarters of a criminal gang which has
been coining spurious dollars Complete coun
terfeiting outllts uere seized The gang Is a se
cret society numbering twentythree members
I was organized according to Us records on
June 17 Its members are young mon 18 to 21
years old lIving In South Londonderry Ja
maica Vest Townwuid nnd Ward boo VI
and WeltTowuHndlndWarda9 1
The bald was eovnrncil by a Cap
tain first and second onicora Secretary
judge of firearms and 1 Board of Directors
They styled themselves the United birds and
lirothers They had an elaborate system of
signals and secret alphabets The members
who have confessed tell bloodcurdling stories
about thn process of Initiation Each apiill
cant was required to take the following oaths
On you i > liinnl > sweir upon > our honor Itylh that IH
irrrat suit mnall to keep forerer secret all we < arc about
to tr 11 you under the fear of being lall below the rays of
tlKNiui moon < stud taub the United Dutud of Av niftri
DO lielji I you hunt
SeLou 1 Oatli Do 3 oil inienml swear upon our honor
to Steven tell the necreU we hat Intruded to you nucler
thi > flute of beam tisetutteut II by a liartv nf which ouknow
iiothlim of nt present BO help > tu Ood t
Third tlatb Urotlier kmiuuwlrig our prcrft purpoift do
3011 iolpunl > rwear nrttr to 1ti > tra tiny onn of our
fiartitmr to ale 1 is 5 ilefend each and irony on of UN
ilirollfftt thick anil Ihllil the tact upon the far of luring
hot dead 111 MMir trucks or itablnd through iho heart
with a uinc tnch blade to help von hoi r
When the last oath was administered says
young Clark the applicant knnoled and a
cocked revolver loaded with ball cartridges
wax hell at his head
Tho wing hns coined considerable money I
Is I of full workmanship Tho gang hah also
stolon u few horses The loaders have fled and
ofllcors are In pursuit
Itullrood AccIdent Emt cud Weal
ST Louis OCt 23n accident curred this
morning un the lmiitllle and 1 NmhTllle llallroail six 1
miles from Kant Kt Louis A piuiriiiri train struck
broken rail and the engineer fIr the atiock put oil
the brute All Chit coaches iaisrd over iu aafrly except
the taut two wlikli were both crowded They tipped
over and were drafted a short dlrtance before the
< rlo
ciuplhtuis limit The scene wa terrible Th number
nf Injured U I 17 hit nf thtneonU about 10 r badlr
hurt Mr J li Anttion > of tnnlilance K Iwaarr
belly but nut fKlHllj fnjiirrd Mr Stern a dothlnir
niercliant of Ihiladolphla j received n since fonlp wound
and a violent i inin on Mr Union nf LouUvllU re
retted I a conluiloii on the left aide I of MB tic tire
W eiilner of Ountun Mo had her ahoulder and knee
hurl There were 0 un vromen and children In tha
cum and It wits n tiltS time before the women r
iiulrteil Mr Anthuuv received a frUlltful tialp wound
ant I U nnconidoui Tim I lihklana I 3ipreM troiitrho en
of hl rruuis ems lie Ic I treniurer and ireneral inanairtr
of tho llnuiithold Mai blueto at 1roiluence
KAKSAI tlTV Oct 21A collision between the pacuen
rer train and pat tar apeclal un the Arkanfaa branch
of the I Atchlwin Topeka and Manta Yr Railroad onurreit
dantrernuitlr nenr lnneld fnlnred ye itrday Jonvi Uuulap anranian Was
Tnor < tel 2iTtIe perxoni Injured I In the Fort Fdwant
Kallrnad 1 Hrlilife dUantir I are all dolliz Ir Tilt lirlde
him bein uMiidiTrl uniafe Tor xuni time and It in al
liiiMltlml I 1 10 t nick matter wai unfitted that u ulinir
hud Klven wit Tlm ciimpali my that much heavier
cnirlneii I and train jusirul n er the bridge during tba
Like Ueurvo travel hliis iiinniir
The llMStlun ltclt Illn
ST TnoMiH Oct 17A report has reached
here that tlie Unviltm Jmermient recittlj captured s
S elect 1 nijipnted tube nn American craft which wu
tr3 tug to toe the blockade Slit was Ibechl to be
loaleil J with amntunlloii On Oct 0 I tu itrltiili war
eteainrra frnnt IUrl mine pntieil here I Is l euppnne1
thrt were bound In hull t to lilt tlffale the re 01 firing
ut on HIM I vteHiirr Alls
rlr 11 teitt restored itt itrt isulrltucr ttln
hlI < 11 < us ire lust I u1 uhiuttuuiife Ii I the extent of
54 11 t is is Iulo orll thus rlller The
tihlhuutuiil 1u soul iuuulsr 11 Irllol rIII1 ot
Ih susie rig 211 ul sltttuI lIt 1urJoIL sleluuer t Ider I
tnuuI tunic uugrewt to take clusrii uf tuer it itme slumeeru at
iurhautriuuc I IL Sept r zh II tiuivertiuiueflt fiurees at
lsked ltiruuirsuir aud errs retuuilsid I wtth I r volo
Utmsralisaiiio liiiuuiuit t is us r rrI woumuudcti
NemrHl Cur > ror While utuud HlnekaAVaialetl
OAW KRTON Oct 2JVlceIre ldnnt Hoxle of
the InUriiatluuat Jtaltroad hai written to Oov Ireland
Hint huusiumeas ti ill not jiutlfr this ninnln of separate
coaehei to aicoiiiiiioJate Hie neirrnei Under recent
dill right ma iletlMuu lit us > s we can now make i ol
ornl inrii InVt Hie Bean we dvatre The hits erltuur re
Piled that tlie dllllcultt tus tutu 4 the peace of ritcietr
TIters l is but inn nnitdy and that fa to provide Loachea
for rail itilor He reulfits that tin road ulll not do
S hat levina remMinable
1llckrr > gsn In Trouble
WERDIIT Conn Qct S3 James Egan
amid Mnurlcc llrkk were to da placed under fAJDbouda
to aiiHwer a liarire of lilvh ay robber on complaint of
Tboinai Tliumwin whom Ihy were shuoss lug arouuil
town Tliomwln I suit s tbe > knovkeil him down and
rubbed him of E41 I and a diamond Fnan wai plirher of
tlm llnokli n nine thl < leaion old Hnck wa pltcuir for
Iho Uunltori of thle city
uyw Inauraine IB MiueaehaetUe
FALL HivEit Oct 3Tho investigation Into
Hie life Iniurante fraud In tbl city haa uixarthed quite
txteiulve fraud Nonauf this old companlel are affect
ed the vlctluu being aome of the mutual benefit com
panlee Untcriipulou I aurnta have I with the altauce I
of nuulde partlea oricanued tt ayitem of graveyard uI lu
urauie width HiU hivetU tlou will probably Mop
A Dem er > lle UplU mu UuaTUU I
DU1AO Oct 2Tho Democratic City Con
vention today nominated ex Cotifriu < niau Jonathan
Kcollle for Vlatortiy acclamation A good ticket for
Hie other nil ottlrei wa nominated Mayor Mannluir
C ill hold hla Ioiiventlonunetaturday In e Interview
to nUlit he shUt 1 34r brovlllea noinluatiou luakat UP
dlfferenca tunic I stall rUI tu > wa
Iwr In au ayrarOeneri a > f Canada
The KaiTorathle iMBreatlnn ke Med Vpoai
Ike People Lord torno nt Ike Cereaamilee
QtiEiiEC Ot 23Lord Lansdowno and
party landed at 0 A M at Queens Wharf where
I brilliant military Matt awaited thorn A bat
tery with a band was drawn up as a guard of
honor Meanwhile I brilliant gathering was I
assembling In tho Library of tbo Provincial
Government Uutldlng on Grande Allto to wit
ness the Inauguration of tho now Governor
General Tho walls were huns with bunting
and tho throne was covered 1 with crimson
cloth and surmounted by n canopy Behind
the single seat placed upon tho dais wore the
crests And mottoes of tho tome and Lans
downe families In the centre of the room was
a long table at which sat the Federal Cabinet
Ministers with tho lllght Hon John A Mute
donAld K C 1 nt their head On either side
of the dais was placed a low of chairs that on
tho right occupied by LlnutOov Ilobltallle
and party Tho seats on the left were reserved
for tho Judges of the Supremo Court
Lord Lansdowne drove up from the Queens
Wharf lu an open carriage and was frequently
applauded by thu crowds along the street He
wore the QoNernorGonorals uniform Lady
Lanxdowno sat beside her husband Facing
them were Lord Molguud Military Secretary
and Lady Florence Anson Her ladyship wore
a rich combination dress of black anti red vel
vet almost entirely concealed beneath an elab
orate dolman of figured black satin
On their arrival nt the department buildings
Lord and Lady Lansdowuo entered preceded
by the members of their stuff and took the
places assigned them on the right of thus throne
Lord Lome who had bean waiting for some
time stepped on the dais lu front ot the throne
to receive the distinguished party As he did
so they made their entrance and all present
rose to their feet
Lord Melgund then roso and read the royal
conunUnion appointing the Most Honorable
Ibo Marquis of Lansdowno to the lovernor
lenuralmilP of Canada In place nf his Excel
lency Ibo Marquis of Lome This done the
Clerk of the PrIvy Council John J McUou ap
proached the head of the table with a Bible al I
his hand and Sir William llltchlo Chief Jus
tice of the Supreme Court adunoed toward
the now Governor bowing koparately to Lord
Lorno and Lord Lansdownc and placed before
the latter the oath ot allegiance which was
then administered
Thou Chief Justice then administered the oaths
of office as UovernorUoneral ot Canada and
his Excellency took his seat at the bend of the
table and subscribed his name to the same
after which the Chief Justice and all the
Judges the Supreme Court present affixed
their names as witnesses
The Marquis of Lorno who had been stand
ing In front of the throne a npuctatnr to the
Imposing ceremony having performed his last
oillolnl action stepped down from the dais
Each bowed to the other and the Marquis ot
Lansdowuo stopped Into tho place which his
pradocoasor had just vacated
lime Clerk of the 1rlvy Council then ad
vanced to the throne and presented the great
seal ot the Dominion The Hon J A Chapleau
Secretary of State then stepped forward
His Excellency handing him the seal said
t Intrutt the great leal of the Dominion of Canada
into your afckeeplng
Mr McOoo then handed the OovornorGen
oral the Bible upon which he had been sworn
and thu latter handed it In turn to the Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court Kir W Itltchle
This concluded the roniony
The Marquis of Lansdowne received her
Royal UighnoHs the Princess Louise In the Par
liament Tiulldlng The lcercgal party then
entered their carriages to drive to Music Hall
where It had been arranged that his Excellency
should receive the address of the citizens At
the entrance to Music Hall the party were re
ceived by the Mayor and the members of the
city Corporation Theylthon advanced to tho
stage where the Mayor iiresantml an address
reading It in both French and English Tha
address referred to the excellence of the ad
ministrations of Lords Dufferln and Lorno ex
pressed the belief that the new GovernorGen
orals administration would bu very successful
complimented Lord Lansdownes ancestry and
his own public record and said that although
hla position was not un easy one ho could rely
upon tbo good will and hearty support of the
citizens generally
When the GoMtrnorGoueral began to repeat
Tils reply In French thu enthusiasm of those
present crew unrestralnabln The Marchion
ess smiled and It was evident that she felt
deeply moved at the heartiness the welcome
The viceregal party were accompanied to
Ottawa by the members of their staff and the
Federal Cabinet Ministers As tile train
moved out of the station the Marquis of Lome
proposed three cheers for the Marquis and
Marchioness of Lansdowno which worn given
with good will the Marquis of Lorno himself
joining in the cheering
OTTAWA Oct 23Tile special train of the
viceregal party arrived In this city about 030
this evening having made the run from Qua
floe a distance of 300 miles In seven hours
Fully 5000 persons had gathered at the sta
tion which was handsomely festooned with
evergreens A guard of honor and four bands
of musIc were In attendance The crowd was
very enthusiastic A speech of welcome was
made by the Mayor to which the Marquis re
likeS After tha East Side Loins Club Hall
Thomas Connors of 2 Poll street went to a
ball given In thugurai Hall on Monday night by one
of the Lotus club He went when Ills dancing1 stopped
yesterday morning to a talnou at ZJ Ciuryitte atreet and
had liieraldrlnka there Aahe scsi teas lug the saloon
he wai abut In the left groin He had f III In au liulde
pocket and ffettlnir a tiirlit bold mi that he wtntln
search of a Iollceman Thotna W Lake v ho la I H friend
of nil and then vaa nn dim In i tinal treet Lake
look l onnora to Dr Tan LIK In Mutt Street and had
the wound drenied Just alter the thoollnu Policemen
Kennedy arrested Jeremiah Sullivan tha proprietor of
the saloon 2t chnatle Street ai he was coining Into
Ijlhairora Hall with two loaded retolura lie after
wni arrested Peter Harry and UennU Sullivan who
were with Jeremlali suits an In the aalnonui HChrytla
Street when Connora was In there ronnor refuted to
Identify the men a > lute ubaallanta They were paroled
by Justice DalTy
Martin Bernard who since 1835 baa been
prominent In tho mime of rrpuhllcanUni In France died l
In Perl on Monday In IHW thu Uo > eminent traniport
etthlm but he wa brought back to 1arUb the Pro
Tirl < inil lJovrrnrnrit after tiuu frYtrnarv r vi > lutlon He
nrrvrl rtrrnl urns I In the I eirlHUth u Ai > Keiiibl > anil
the Ibis of tteiuohlre lurtliitf w lh Hit Kxtruniw trtt l
John J OBrien the cHiUrnf tlif M tulrtiks Mutual
AlllMtice IiMiil tllirt eudilrnh at tile luutuue lJ4 hI lnnroe
Street on Mundo from rheuinalli uf the heart A
few minute before hie death Mr OHrUn wa liuininliir
a tiiif
William I OopeUnd aihliiKton corrti > poiidfiit uf a
nuiiibcr of nenipapern dlvd 3 tcrday lu utrmautowu
1a He was ft yean old
Tke Circulation orike Herald nud the Tribute
In an editorial paragraph In the Tribune yen
eruttiy the lltian la challenged lo unlit with it In the
election of itt linpartlul loinnillluu lo anterlaln and re
port tlie sleet fails In regard lo the increase In clrtula
lion of the two tiewepapern elnce the reduction la price
Wa will remark to our reduied contemporary the par
agrsplu attic that form r > additional iopy it ha void
hors Ite reduction the triune baa nM al ItaM two
v > hat has been this vilest ot the reduction on thus cir
culation ot the Tribune Mr Whituluw Itcld wa ak d
our circulation hna Increased ner alx thousand cnp
leu rlnce the cut and on no ilntcle dajtliale wo had a fall
ing ofl ot cue copy Mr Held nplied
Frank R Shervrln Found Utility
ALDANY Oct 2JIn the trial of Frank K
Slims In on trial for criminal tonti nipt of court today
Judge Oabnni deuled the motion to discharge him J
V Uprlgga for the prisoner mmmed upthecaie und Mr
hittiat for the priiirculleii uiniiied up for Iho people
When Mr Moak iharaiurlnd Hbernlu aa a bunco
man on a large viale Hherwln lauiflied Imnloderateh
Tliecaia wa then given t to the J art uho returned In
about an hour souls a verdict of guilty slit a recom
mendation 10 the hurry of the Inun hher In Inok Ito t
verdict with lies tang fmld than he ellllbiled during
the trial lie waa vlaiklj aIcilil He n a returned to
the jail and further action will be lakvu louiurrow
Ckairlajr Uoiaa Fulker ComIng Hose
PiTTseuiuin Oct 23Mr Christian K Ibis
father of Charley KOI paiaed through thIs city to night
on hla way Eal ftftir frultlaealy following up a clue
In the Vet concerning hits toil boy He said to night
After two week I came to tha cnncluilon that II wna
nothing more nor Isis tlian another mlieine to extort
loomis from me The report WM In to opinion tarted
for that purpose but the oheme failed for this ceases
that I refused to be bled
l > I naIl ihlbk that my boy ia alive f Uot assuredly
turedly I do If 1 did not do you auppn e that I would be
pendtlij my time and money In a fruitless search for
hii dead body t
Cemtecileute UairuUuralna faae
OuEKNWicit 0cL23Tlto famous barnburn
log case uf Mead agt lluitid 111 wbKh lie dtfendant la
charged with burning the plaintiff a barn came up for
tlie third trial al Panbury today On Ilia aecond trial
unl long ago al Hrldgeport the Jury dlrairreid uaUing
nine for the plaiutia aud Hire for the def iidan six
law era are emplojed on the case uiii II la titclcd
lUal Ua trttl ul tie a louif cue
He Otvs niaaaclf Vf to tke Police t Aw
ewer the Indictment for Mareter
The Indictment found on Monday against
Billy Porter the burglar was for murder In the
first degree and accused him of kllllne Burglar
John Walsh In Hitting Drapers billiard room
A bench warrant for the arrest of Porter wan
sent to Inspector Dyrnos anti as Coroner Mar
tin had lot Porter go free the Inspector tele
graphed a request for Porters arrest to tho
police ot all tho principal cities He also sent
two of his own detectives to Boston Porters
native city to look for him there and others to
several neighboring cities
About 1015 oclock last evening a ring at the
door boll of time Inspectors house In West
Ninth street was answered by a servant girl
Hho found at the door a neatly dressed man
with a full dark beard who asked If tIme In
spector was at home She answered that ho
was and loft the caller standing just Inside the
door while she took to the Inspector the name
that bo hadclven her It was Porter The
Inspector was at the door In an Instant Porter
politely bade him good evening and said I
soul I have been Indicted and lam hero to give
myself tin
Uyrnes sent up stairs for his overcoat And
made his preparations for a trip to Police
Headquarters without going away from tho
door himself While walling he asked
Worn you In that place that night
No I was not Porter answered I found
the front door cloned and bad started to go In
tha side entrance when I heard some shots
fired and mot a fellow rushing out I got out
with him and was arrested on the sidewalk
The Inspector says that no further mention
ot the case was made by elthorof them as he
purposely refrained from asking any moro
questions and the prisoner did not volunteer
anythIng before leaving the house ho search
ed Porter but found no weapon In his posses
sion The Inspector escorted his prisoner
through the dripping streets with the profes
sional clutch on his coat sleeve to guard against
tiny chance that hn might change his mind
In the detective office time prisoner described
himself as William Porter 34 born In the
United Ktatos gas fitter by occupation and
single Ho was locked up In one nf the cells on
the main floor across the corridor from the
detective office and Sergeant Huland was put
just outside the door to watch all night
at us nicirs TKT IfLTI1A rED
Aa Aaioiymona Letter Kent After Hke Left
ber llnabamd
Mrs Hoso Ulch recently forewoman at the
ribbon counter In UNeilll was held by Justice Patter
on on Monday tom trial for itiallug ribbonn Thrte
othar female emplo see of ONeill were arrested for coin
purity In the theft but were diicbarged Infleld hitch
blackiuitlli the hunband of lira Klili wan also ar
rested and was remanded for examination Jlr O Nell
recent received an anon IIIOUH letter mating Hint Vrn
Klch was robbing the eiore Hlie and tier Iiuutisnd were
arrested inililtaniouly She ald tliut stie had vtolen
the rllibim because Rich had compelled her to do It
threatening to kill her If she failed to bring home scans
thing from the slurs every week She had been Kip
porting him by thIs meani for the last four yearn She
left hnn recently and lie raid he would expoie her
hitch sail lie haul mid the ribbon to Mr 1nilhauer nf
4WThird ascot tire Ioitheuer was arrested > eMer
day and paroled for examination today Hit h aald he
had sold to various fancy good Stores about IHOO
wortli of ribtooi
Lord Colerldce With tke Bar AeeoclBtlon
The Bar Association gave a reception lost
evenlngto Lord Chief JuHticu Coleridge lie arrived at
0 oclock In company with liii aon and Mr Joseph 11
Cheats and Mr Joliu K Parsons with whom he had
dined lie stood with Mr Fraud N Hang In the library
of the Bar Association building and was Introduced to
litany gentlemen Some too law era were preient A
lunch WH serted at 10 > n cloek
L < ird Iolerldire made a short vpeech lie laid ttiat This
was probablv tlie lamnci nilonnn which he would buss
nn opportunity of speaking In public here Me could not
leave without expremdng how grateful hi wa for the
ktndnese and irenerovil with which he had been treated
since his arrival two niontha ago The prlnclpleaof law
In the two ceehuttiel were ert much the lame and the
principleof morality and high honor were thank Hod
eluo the aanie Ills heart was too full to express his
Ihuika adequately and he could only wish his enter
tainers Cod speed lint farewell
WaleomlBiT Tkeedero Tkoaaoe
The Brooklyn Philharmonic Chorus turned
nut In great number at their usual Monday night re
hearaal ai they thought Mr Theodora Thomas would
lead them after several months ahience in Europe The
disappointment was great when the hour for rehearsal
arrived and ha did not appear But while tIle oliorua
were rehearsing their last piece he entered the church
with a friend and eat In is rear aeat until the singing
ended W hen It was learned that air Thomaa was In
the church there was much excitement and Hie cheer
tug hand clapping and handkerchief wavingatlented
the esteem In wnich he Is held bv the singers A mem
ber moved that the Halleluiah Chorus he sang under
Mr ThomasB leadership The motion was carried and
the visitors who were luck vnnugh to be present said
that the SUOvolcee seemed swelled to a thousand Mr
Thonia was In excellent health and waa gristly pleased
by nil warm reception
Nocturnal Prlza Pubis
PmsnuRon Oct 23Two prize fights took
place at A late hour last night at Linden Grove Oak
land The darkneaiof the night was relieved by torches
The Brit fight was between John DavIs of this city and
Ieorre Taylor nf Oakland for SIlO Three rounds were
fought when Tailor was declared the winner Both
men were hadl > used up Thomas Smith and Ji hn Hill
then stepped Into the ring anil slugged each other re
gardless of srlenie In the filth round Hill delivered
Rome telling blown on his opponent1 boiU and llnallj
landed one bark of his ear knocking him nut W hen Hie
sixth round was called SinuS failed to respond and Ilia
fight was decided In favor of Hill
Since nnd MItchell Hull
Jem Mace Charley Mitchell Jack Davis
Jack Brighton and llarri Montngue the business man
suer of the Mace combination were paengcra un the
Oregon which sailed for Liverpool etlerday The
Mace pnrty are booked for a series of exlilliillonson the
other side and Mitchell she Ii I ui > lng to in to nnd a
man In Kngland to match Ngalnst Silly Madden llarrv
IHU went ilouu In sen them oft driving a team com
pnfed nf a tine large HaniMctonlun mare and the llllle
i aincl hacked hurst Curlnftit The team attracted great
attention nlnnesltnre
Samuel atMin the equettrfan illrectorof the Fore
paugb show alio sailed on the Oregon
Piped Thirtyfour Days IVy
Policeman John F Glennon of tho Fortyhcv
entli Htre t quml w as fuunl 1 Ijlnjc t on the floor nf aitlnt
hop at lWJ Hrnudwa Iu a itrunken site on Aujf N
He had taktn off liU mlfnni mid the wf xlowHof the
rhop Mtre lirokin as 1 euuitiuiaeul i l lohivi uiui I > lh I
lice tuiiiitualiuuiirus pituritltu flted I Welut hu i
Iii Or teiliit trunk 5111 ttit ut a 1 jii fir turuakiuig t hue
uviiuiiws cf t tue luuilit ship It a wuss sdeuu hurt tiou I isa
Pat itt for t suit iiiseluros fruii roll ruhi tiiskitii iii irt
fuuuur has u laY itt all tir tuliss sri it h Ia limO tiirily I lie
luighut uS titu tiuiiiirI Ii tliitts tt ii s la ituit titers is
getietalty 00 luiit hits erui tiutt iitiit iliiuiuiisttl
PtMtpunciiienf Mutle Too Iuty
District Attorney JIcKoon told his itsslsttinttt
yesterday tlibt there wm too inuii compluititi from
witif cB wliu did tiectu iiibjoiiiRtil tu MtttiiJ court day
alter da > und had not been cullul because this cases
wtr poKli triitil rod I niuiiifiita iniiitt lie attous nl
hereafter Mr McKioti niil only nu wrlttrn aflldavitu
fftlhisT torlh Hit InwtuI rmcHiii riilit iriteu use urea
slotted li this uses of Llzir levtuuuey n crvmit at D7J
LekintrlUiii its uuiue wit huh I I ett niuinifnic i ternl
Otis tuu tixllfy I nn M SrI Allfii trial for biurgluru ttthl
whit rffuliitoobe uutli fountlu or mirth ncaietu isis
Nat 1Ued with the District Alturncr
ConurehHroan Abram H Hewitt COM Webb
and other prinUmfn lompUlnnl receutl > lo IJUtrlit At
tornry Mcktou that there were a number of aikinrrl
lioueft In ttit Tweni ffenntl nicest lit tiudViIraMe
l > rniiinlt > to t lit Collies IheCH rf pies VniK Mr
MiKrmi itlrectfl 1nlse Capioln Clinch tu notify Site
uCutihieuuts > to itioie 1lt rfui > ril aiil aut Hint tht r
hid Cacti ll wit U the Uiktrltt A torte You r is IIUII
sers liullcter and arrfftfl Turn tif Ihnti I iltnorltnl
Sluice cuieli each seeteritsy In wi > uf tail ami liiu Kli
L Uoldiuanor n jitulrldite < Street gas e huh for tius oIlier
NEfl JJfl5Rl
Tin rurnrr huh nf Alumni lull of hi ton Hal College
lit south Or an ft St ill be Uul on fliurnlay aftrinutui
lnull K Unity ti utivn > n N J 5 stirs ho sold
slut vhlittl mure orifuu ult > luida > lliuii lit ivy uiiv
day iiitLi hi lioKan ltu uen
Alilrnutii Ayres of Newark owned a Iiou e nud u
bin hi Klin cured near Atunn on HnturiJay NKIV the
Uf of ill hulhUuKaJH bare They wen IHU burntil nr
swept sway by a luriiiwlt uiut were Urn 1imi hut t mm
women and Lhlldr slid uitcil in pttchlntr up ftriiciB
and ineiidhitr tue hPtiC i or vIes rliotitl itifn kimi imr
wood The linme became vacant Unt wrrkiuil ixiiiie
one started afalvr story that Aldrrnian Ayre vrwnlctl tu
hay It tore down bU hutch have brett arrtiteU
Ths Pirrptlatii have completely deflate tl Uahdl Hie
false prophet
Ueiubera of thus rtilracu Board nf Iced resdauhti
that the eropmvd Irinluce KxUiaiiyeTeUifrepU bttuueii
hew York and Unlcazn Would pay
Tlie flaaro states that Kuirlaiiil ha ruiiililalnril to
rrauce that the liruloiiffeJottupalleiiiit Tainaiaic Mail
agaicar U liijurloui to coiiunercial Interetti
James J Urlihen wn arrested In lioitou yesterday
on charge Aftlecanipliiv from ellllwater tltoui with
flmn belonilut to his eiuiilareri In hiei > orlet
K Walters eliot and fatalli Injured R J Barkltjr In
rhanutu Kan < itt U < mis night Walters had heard
that llartli had nmllfucd his sister tu S liom llarkley
tsl tess atieutlve
Thirteen of the liuslnen houieinf Ullearilv Uontana
wire deslreyeil by Ore un kluuitar nil lit Tin business
mlluu bid e ltsgruw luipc IUi lull iuw t yet tie
THE Fflnr vrun tuiAnr lifUJiLIiG
Irvine Hull Refuses tu IVnltMnd Jforatniitee
Tim Cphelh la MxIkWkMI the lion I
John Kelly le I lleported la ISa e bid
Tho local DemocratIc politicIans believed
yesterday morning that them was to bo n union
of the pnrty on all thin nominations for the
Senate It was well understood that Tammany
would not consent to such a union unless the
County Democracy would endorse the renom I
nation of Senator Thomas F Grady and It
wan equally well known that John Koeimn
Charles llolllr and other County Dotnocrncy
lenders In HenatorGrndysdUtrlotworobitterly
opposed to his rcnomlnatlon But the poli
ticians encouraged by the proposition made
by Tammany on Monday night worn confident I
that a union would be matte
In the afternoon several Tammany men re
ported that the Hon John Kelly had been In
lormud that the County Democracy would not
endorse Senator Grady and tlmt ho had said
that Tammany houlJ not unite with the i
County Domocrncy In any Sunnto district The T
report was not bollovoduntil Ito howe ImJ been
received of the action of tho conferences In the
Fifth SUtlnElirhtli Ninth and Tuiuh districts 1
Tho Filth district cnferonco met In the
Bhorlffs odlcn at 2 P It Prompt I after lu
organization Police Justlcn P O Duff Tam
inanys ipoki > Nmnnmovudthat It adjourn until
today Thin County Dnmocrnoy men wnntod
to agree nt once upon tile nomination of Col 1
Ml < until C Murphy They sulil that It was well
umlnratooil thut the nomination was to no to it
the Irving Hall Democracy Thy could BOO no
reason for delity Justice Doily gave no reason
for u pOHtponornent but mend Ills mo I
tion to ailjniirn Tho motion was dir
tied thIn Irvine Hall UemocrntH votlne With I
lust Tammany mcn It wn Mild ttfter the ud
iournniBiit tliiit Tummnny hnil InMstod that
mini Hull shriuld onilorni their nomimos for
dermon In the Mrst Hocond Third and
Fifth AxBombly districts ns n coiiHliltriitlon for
TamnmnyH ondoraemtmt of Col Murphy for I
Honator und that llmiidjiiirnment of thIn con
fereueo Intd been urnml bcinusii Col Murphy
hud not frBpondud to TunmmnjB dnmniul
Tbo Sixth district conJiTitire mot at 4 P M
at dO Avutt Ito C On motion of lmrlits Itullly I
of tIme County Dcniocrnoil commltti front
the UormimAmnricnn Inilipmiilum Cltlon
oriranizHtlon wore permlttcil to wirtlcljuto
nlttiouKh lucnttuu tom ys cumit hum Itietittien iiruiesmed t I
nice after snnm dlbctiHglnn thn rnnfiMiiini
adjourned to 7 I1 M At thn < i > iilnsis liin
Mr Thomas 1 Wulbh of tliu Count LKtnoi
nicy moved to consider tho < aui > silnn of thin
nomination of n ounillduii lliin Aswmlib
mutt Thomas Maher nt Tnmiiinn mm ml to
adjourn until I today Mr John KKMHIIII mmcd I
to adjourn until Thursday und Mild Uv Hint
tlmowo may cot the tipt as to lmtomo
to do
Evoryl > ody knew that Mr Koennn VIIR n
loader in the County Democracy and lauuhed i
at his ucfclrn to cut limumtlnns front tomii 1
body nlso Mr Wllllnm Hall of IrMiic Hull In
UUlred wliBthor that oulil lu iho last adjourn
bunt and Mr KiM > imn looUud injsturlnus and
answered rvcrythini will bo nottlpd liy I
Thirsday Then the punteroiir sod to ad
journ by 10 to 7 Tlimims I Wtlslm Rul sonio
of the Germans and Irving Hull mull otluklu
tIle negaitve
The Irving Hall mon wont nt once to Stan
dart Hall In East liroadnay ulmro their buu
ate Convention was imsutnblad They repotted
what the oonft < renr had done amid that they
had oppnRad an iidiournmont Tin Co men
tion thereupon decidid tn nomlnatu n catuli
date atonco A ballot wits taken and Timothy
J Campbell wits nominated
Mr Campbell miuto tile Krxvich iustomnry on
such occasions and then 1olict CommlwMonpr
James Matthews took tlio platform Ho said t
that Mr Campbell wan a friend to thi pollCH
while Iti tho last LeuiHlatiiro nnd desurMd f
their voteS and added that thno of the four
1ollcn CommlBslonnrs wore Mr Campbells I
friends and would aid In his election t
The Eighth Ninth and Tenth district con
lorenoaH adjourned until today
The politicians were all at sea last night as to
the Senate nominations Mont ot tho Tamilian j
Democrats believed that thorn won hi bo nc
unlonon Senators An Irvine Hall Domomil
predicted that Senator Grady would not run
in his own district but would bo the
Tammany candidate against Senator FIhz
Kimild County Democrat In tha Ninth
district Another was wllline to hot that Tim
othy J Campbell would bo endorsed by tit
County IJomocrucy In th Sixth district uni i
would be elected A third Irving Hall man wits
confident that Col Murphy would receive time
County Dumocntcy ttttut IrvIng Hall nomination
in the Fifth district and lwnt tho Tammany
candidate whoever he inlklit bn
The County Domocrao itdcra lucid a eunu
cut which Imtrun ut a ery late hour Onu of
them Bald before it nnmmiblid that tIters would
bo a hard struggle but ho Iwllcuud that tlm re
sult would bo In favor nf union on Siiiatorn
The urranenmentH for the Imlippiidfnt rcm I
oiTiiU mass meetIng In the Couultr i InstltntH
tonight hnvi been coripli > t d boimtur John
fi lloyd nnd othxrs will nmku hue speoi IIPS It
its e xlecteutl Ilust the miHtlni will I I tmntu I ru tilt <
CoiiLrenHinaii J u in us Ullrlnn for lli < ulhtciiind
two Deinocnild nud two I l tim hul > lian for Jus
tices of the Huproinis and CilyCoiirls Sonalot
lloyd In likely to bo one ol tlio iiomiiieub for the
Shuprernel Court
The Second Assembly District County De
mocracy Assembly Cnnxoiuiim t t m is to lit Imld
t this evening Coiinnllnr James I llui l I illlhu I I I
nominatPd HH bait tnkpii up I nclhn i imrt in i
di lvi nit tlm opium doim from thus d itt ruin nnd 1
has dlcii rod thu Sixth wud ol diiH oio tliin
the opium dens Throiicli his agency tins
elton to lob the ward ol elm of ItsKrumnmr H
schools was lurvuntetl All this t hut tiudearml il
him to tlio cltlrons of tutu Sixth uinl ainl he p i
will probably carry It on clicilon uhil l y 1iet <
year ho had nbout Con m ijorlt in tutu I Iourtli i
ward Ills nomination will imuout his election fi
Tko Her Mr Iusliy Mnrrled
hiss Caroline T Newman time daughter of
A U Newman of II VVeM Hflv fourlli Sued iius liNe jj
rledi lerdut to the Ilcv 4 C lubyir flu > hiu The 4
i eri moll wa berfornu ilbl Illicit t lisiur 1 of Ilii tun la
lii e ala tytlri hlreet MLthndUt I lfimcii > ul Ilturih
Mr Iashy wni orinen lunlur < t Iliu I 1 i ln sIres t
Churrli The Itet Mr Mreilir art d nr bin but man
and tlie ushers Here Cli art s > emnnii l U lr klne I
hiiuuier itt 11 1 II iiali flic cuuj lc started In the even
ing for Washington
lUllnsute orhiiluoim Aloiiu the Park f
Pail CommlRHlonur Olliffii rocnnlly virotnto
the liuhiiu l < 4oinmi hluntril that till FIIIJIIIIK aiijuiitiiuug
LmtraJ Iark In Fluhth toil 1 Ittli aiiniun were this re
sort it Illlfxn I slid 11 n tiuiiire i is iii t Hid I llulr trade
In tin Inrii hlio iei tor HllliK low bum hiMtir wao re
firred rt11 rt < d h ieitrlav Him I the S asuiulis tnoiiestlon
arerePin IntiU IHI ikioil I nietrnil I Moil I ly rcsjiectul la
hurt title and tint t tin niordnf nrre > is thuwii Hint the
tirroiiM itiught lurcok inc the law auth 1 the Lcucu In thus
rirlicuiiK from the Inner tart if Hiecit I
Tko Fully tjueeu liuuukler li
nodencChnrrlll produced beforo Judcn Don
0iuc > eiti nU hu child hIss fix ears old In riottse l
lit a writ nf lintii u > corpus olitiiliud by his wtfi AngiiblK
Itoi lie tlio I fairy Qurfti of hiltil lie Mr l until
inaie reium to the writ tlmt lilt I w Itt utulnt Mhoin he
lies a titore suit ptinllntr IH hut H priii i rhueraui In ham
clmlgi of thu I hill Judi 1 Iliilioini ilirrel cit II lit loa
tie I mured to th h riuiol > f hur inuinnul uriinilinotlicr
Nr Uervall until tin final decil 11 upmi ini su rut
Five New llrlU u Lire
Fivei now cars were iilncod on thn bridge be
tilerll Monde elenuu and d ilireaK eelenlu >
NlKnul IIIHtr Irrdlcllull f
Local rains northerly wlndb fiillinu followev I
by riling narunuicr rtutluniir or u i flight rico lu ttui i I
0 J Jfl 41S01t1 IUHY
ins Lambert will have a hnirttl ut llurr HIM to
inurroiv aiumnim
Jinliri list ret t Iiairraiiti < l8iiiib ii uteillinrct lo Henry
T Hullfruni tluM Hull
Every Isuhy > im Imnhiirut the tiox oricu ntlckit of ml
iiUilim in the Aimriiini lii I tifuiu lu nrrun eiLiitna
Hill lie rttinted ultll a mull wnir
Trout ornry SellS uirresiuI ii terui < icy on urtmrifi nf
furiliiellin I eidtuiit tire ii r Cuirut l itiiitlI I m > i usi unite
lilfiltif tinier lor 5 He linn hell I
Hirnliirr KnUer l > nt llu > hilt lieu UHIIMI I am here
film Inil tut f u Jituitu emil txiuiKiiu auii txiiiLt u re
turn to I akhiiitftini tifiiiurri > ii lie isiut l iut t nikht
lat Jilili Hole an sii l llilllil iKliiimii I tin I n ill
t hits ii ikiiiiikrr l are Hint lout In I i lui u aiui ut
cusliluii4iirrijiiiuilliarili > Ukioinii ii ir iun a sic
riniitilrolltr liuuil Ins iiniiniiii Jiiiturs J mlnin
siililiiiil cllburlnci l < Tk In Hie I b neil n u I i arliinil tu
lie > lui k and > > ui 11 clerk In li lan itllsiil I J luliiuun
Ciinmir Martin Slirklr HIII IrunI iiil itt lii e
In music ttliK anil rinsnliiil fur < IMIIIIIUIS lie u
foSsil in uiav liwwn I tie tiujects of their incciltif UT llio
nsult of I our hell itrslliiiis
A shill caitu iti Cr titers clink rmbrnMirrl unl hntl
with rarl lulitreil until lia s i > I > rirUal li t us
tuins < tlirs In hits mall ruin 1 litflulit 11 situ iui
drtiinl tiiUo il irtriu Fun iiukUnj allfurnla
Twu i > iJliVtf tire late last uiugiit < Tlltllle eligiliee
Itiii 1 VK1 J1 J us euurs 51 he siuihtaii cornvr
of lbs Iark llii lire si us In Juhn Uovle s tarpcnler
stitult at u hash lift ilflitli atreet hid did little duiiiaire
Uarlln Hunm a drlier for the Kunolk itreet truckmen
was struck on the hrad on haturday ity a til up bottle
drolpd orllirown from the nerond iory cf tlieleue
uielil IIIIUN at Iudlo and Itlvlngtim stride He was
fiuud dead lesurday monilng lu Hweuey a stalle In
Hie rear cf 143 buDolk street The truckuieu called O1
to bury ulm
The couiuinptlvei lufftrlngi are greatly tnltl Ml hi
Pr Ughs ICIeII flit igit 4 uLLSuie u
S scc1c

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