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> lHE SUN WENESD4 QUloiuat 24 It o
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DAILY Ier Monti CO
JutLY 1erYear M 0
WKLKV PrVcr 10
THE RON New York City
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j Fcnnsvluinln
i Vo print In nnothnr jmrt of this pnpi on
I f 1 Interesting anti most Intelligent roviuw of
tHe political contest In Pennsylvania from
the pen of Mr Ororon D lltnnutT Ills
I I meant of information nro ample nnd lust
viuws are judicious tutu free from oxajfsorn
I ton WI t tiro auro that Ida lettor will ho l >
perused with Rriiit intrrcst by our renders
< Wn bullovo that Mr Hltutnirrdoes lesstliau
S justice to tho prospect of Democratic sue
COSH In Pennsylvania Our own information I
I Itmis us to expect a decided Democratic vic
I tory I buch in will render 11 well nigh certain
S that tho electoral vote of Pennsylvania will
e next your bit given to the Democratic candi
date for Itosidiiit provided no serious niis
tnl1 Is nmdo by tlio party In tho mean time
nnd provided above nil that tho Democracy
liall select their candidate with proper Judg
ment nail mi adequate SCIIFO of tho work a
Democratic President j will have to perform
I will Indeed ho a greust cliango In our
wRen the forces of P
polities tl Pennsylvania nro
nd Iid to tin Democratic columns
once more fl < Itd thl Drocrtoeolulus
nnd one of f tho Il t cnnseflrUCli of such an
event will In our judgment J bo a noteworthy
I Increafo In thu pro 1 I I In l of TIIOVAH F
lAYAiiof Dolawate Theio In I no Inn In
tho Democracy who has enjoyed so highly
thunstoommiilconflilonii of a eonsiderublo
t minibor of Influential citizens In tho eastern
t part of tho country but thn fact that Dla
c ware Is U sittall State and that its vots ar
p I 6uro In nnycjsio to bo Riven to the Dimo
iratlc candidate has caused Mr BAYAIID to
bo less 1 favorlto in lists calculations of politicians
ticians than hU personal character and
y abilities would entitle him to be But t
t t Delaware may bo considered to bo In somo
tort only nn outlying district of Ponnsyl
> vnnla the return of that great Stuto to
t Democracy > may very possibly bo ro
t I ftnrdexl oa making a decided chaiifjo In
t tim prospect of Mr DAYARDH nomination
j It Is ttuu that for reasons mol or Joss
jomotely connected with the civil war It his
not been tlioutrliL probnblo In many quarters
that ho would over become euusplcuoim II >
nn aspirant for hut Presidential nomination
i Hut In tlmsu roRnnls itn Iminenso ehniiKe has
ttikua place anil what was t dlsiiuullllcation
tutu years ago is l certainly much less bo at
Vhlltj wo should not expect Mr lUyutn
to iiinnlfrAt In the White House that energy
ni a rcforiniT which TiE HIJN esteems to bo
1 peeiillatly neecbsnry at present wo should
C mppoit him with tho utmost zettl In tho
4 event of Ids nomination euro that after his
I th et inn his Admlnlstiatlon would bo char
rcleiiod 1 by ability dignity conservative
liiuiUinioii and u eiiuIH t i elTott toward the
l i restoration uf I f Domocratln principles lu all
branches of tho I Government
I q lion the CUM Seem to Slant
i I seems to bu tho general opinion that Mr
i HANIIAII will beehosen Speaker of the next
t I 1 louse His I present htrenifth is undoubtedly
ouch I Rreatcr than t his competitor after
their vicious cjiiivnan had expected lie
eui cOluliululr votes than any of thor
f J nor would nn attempt I I to combine upon eomo
i new rmulldntn all I the opposition to I Mr Hy
> iHIIibo likely to UllL wit h miccesi I IB
i tg 1 Mild hut not vo hope with tl tutu that some
yealoiibilevoteesof I C f I partlculiir iconiiIit heal
ti I I theory which the t burdens left by Ito I civil
war will I render liiipraotifiiblit I for many youth
i tii come would ho Kind to defeat Mr KAN
b such coalition
10 HALT by uel rLcHltol
I Any attempt of this I kind Is pretty I sit ro to
1i I bo tall Few of the Democratic Con
I I Osti0t1 tilt laUn in I fill ml for
1k i sinou wIull tll1 pint II I cnbll
t I tho put po o of proMirlhuiK u man whoso
f t hiirvlUM to Ids IitIt ty and to the country have
t > been so gretit is Mr IEASDAILJ on account
t V tif hU faithful adherciicn to what must fur
I this prefent al leant cnmlnuo to bo tho Belt Us 1
poll of f tho lovermuent
I j Whpua vote has been I had In I tho I caucus
nnd Mr isi > Allri hlreiiKlh has been dem
onstrated I the other candidates nnd their
i filnmls ought to Join In htippurtliiK htm with
J t its nmcu nnanlinity us they I will slum In sup
PUIIINI thu meniiinis of refoim and uf i ecun
0 omy which will ttko i piectxleuco under his
I 11 Ilu 11 rat I I
Tho election of 51 11 lUsnAMi will let 1
i pleilKO to the t ommtry that hits t Hou o will he
glut and carry elTeitively fil will this work
whleh I i rx > ecteilof 1 It wi I I nmke Demo
I r ci oticEUCceiiscct alit I hroutl I ti tee possibility of
doubt because II j will I juts he I Imo I slbll fill
JI d 1 butuleiliiKi IncoiniHUiien or fnlluio to i con
duct tho I Pull dIe hush > with I I I prudence and
ivonumy during HID lust 16bloJ uf tho
House The ollc of positive teform might
Indeed I Ixj I I ltiiicili 1 by tho t Kepubllcnus Inlho
Siiimte i but this ritldii of the hlobIsitumidor the
JUI1IVUIU4 loiidervhlp of Mr l lUNDALr would
bitter that the Deinocratm have not only the
wIllt thn nblllty toiefonn the Govern
0 ment Independent voters if they arc nUll
doubtful wnuld 1 > bo I convinced by the logisla
Mvocouivoof 1 tho Democintlt party that It I in
0 worthy to bo tiu trd with tho powers and I
duties of thu Executive I
Democratic SUITCHS U probablo rnough It
I limy be mid no m mutter who U tho next
1 Speaker Hut It will not pay to tako any
1 tliaucrt Tlio biifn rixirso lit I to make Jlr
to I tANlAIL Kpeuker lie huts been tiled lu tho
I post and has not been found wantitic It Is
LU fuse to venture upon new experiments
And It h l 110 time t venture upon now
t 0to 4
rxzpcrimcnU with the tariff Thero I bo
C tntl
tariff Issue between the Republicans nod the
Democrats and can b nono until the
effect of the changes made by tho fat Con
gress has boon clearly ascertained and
that will not b till after tho next Presiden
tial election Is over Meanwhile not the
least of Mr RANDALLS qualifications for
tho SpcakcrsLIp la that ho Is known t be
opposed to any untimely and useless med
dling wIth this momentous subject
A chantm In administration not a change
lu tho tariff will bo tho ISBUO not year The
rascals must bo turned out tho public sor
vice must bo purified honesty economy
and efficiency must tako the place of cor
ruption extravagance and Incompctcucy
Mr ItASDAMis record In tho House both on
thin door and in the SpoakorR chair shows
with what knowledge and what resolution
hn would help on the work of the House BO
that It should promote and not delay the
change which seems so near at hand but
which tho Republicans still hop may bo
past polled by tho folly of tho Democrats In
tho next House
A Crisis I nt Hnnd In France
Homo questions of tho utmost moment to
the uturn f of Franco aro likely to bo decided
in the course of the session of tho Chamber
of Deputies which Is mibout to open The
IMremo Left titus formulated the rounds on
which It proposes t arraign tho Ministry
nnd M JurBJ VcnitT speaking In his official
character hnu declared that the country IB
now called upon to choose between unicorn
liromlpliifr Kaillcrvls like M CLKMCNCRAU
nod friends of tho existing Constitution like
himself Will tIm ideas of QAMDETTA which
on the whole are r represented with tolerable
fidelity In tho present Cabinet bo sustained
or repudiated by tho Legislature And In
tho event of their rejection shall wo see
verified the prediction of Tincns who him
self embodied thc very genius of opportun
ism that when a French republic ceases to
bo conservative that U to Buy circumspect
and cautious It will ceaso to exist
caltolE wL CIO
Of course thc Irrccoucilablea as the mem
bers of tim Kxtremo Left are not unwlllltifr to
bo called are numerically so weak In Iho
proMnt Chamber that It would ho Impossible
for th1 to form a itablo Government but It
dues not follow that In tutu actual conjunc I
ture they may not be formidable for njiKios
FIVO purposes 1 Jorns fEllY and his cnl
leagues have mal rivals and enemies not
only in tho almost defunct Left Centre anil
tho remnant of tho old Left but In tho
ranks of the Republican Union iUclf
Wo lay take for granted that 11
WILSON the sonlnluw of the Presi
dent and Gen TiuniUDiN who IE l
fcimutlng under his enforced resignation of
the War Office will do their utmost to array
all thin elements of republican disaffection
Cabinet and it is that
against tlio Cblnct nnt possible thlt
what is left of tho Right will except when
the expatriation of tho OIILEANB family Is
mooted seize the opportunity to damage the
lAMiinrrA party on whose ascendancy they
liohove that the duration of this existing
form of government Is conditioned Whether
out of all these materials I force equal to tho
overthrow of the Ministry can bo evolved
leHndson the plausibility of tho charges
which thin Ministers will presently have to
meet Let us look at tho indictment framed
At I meeting of tho Extreme Left on Mon
day it Wit unanimously agreed to assail tho
general homo anti foreign policy theCablnct
a declaration of no great significance and
further to interpellate the Government con
cerning tim conduct of the war in Tonqutn
and the virtual expulsion of Jon THIHAUIUM
from the Ministry of War The Irrccon
cilables had previously decided to de
mand the Immediate expulsion of tho
OKLEANB princes from Franco As thc
battle will bo joined on these spe
cllle point it may be well to view
them with attention Tho management of
the Touquin affair by the present Cabinet is
manifestly open to two objections I In tho
lltst place the magnitude of tho task under
taken has been underrated and tho troops
forwarded have been Inadequate to the de
mands upon thorn Stuck a criticism how I
ever will Hcarcely come with I good graco
from tho majority of tho Chamber which re
fused to voto a dollar for tho maintenance of
French lulluenco In Egypt and which would
probably have refused to grant any larger
tippioptlations than those which were
actually asked for at tho last Mes
hlon Tho grave error in the action
of tho Fanny Cabinet with reference to Ton
quiri and Chinaan error which M l CIIALU
MCLLACOUII much to Ids credit now hit the
candor to avow and regret was tho failure
to accept thin BOUIIEE treaty which would
have given Trance without fighting sub
stantially nil the advantages sho can
hope to gain by a protracted and costly
contest Hut It does not appear that
any of the enemies of the FLIntY Minis
try wero better Informed lu this matter
or that thoy have at any tlmo seriously
advocated thou acceptance of tlio concesHioiw
which M UouitEC ecuted I Ib i rather latij
lor them therefore to base assault
twrofnrl an upon
tlio blunder committed In I tit bs particular
nnd there IB no reahon to suppose that t If tho
Chamber on Its part will mako thu appro
priations needed for tho prosecution of the
war a Gambettlst Cabinet In tot quito as
likely as any other to apply them with vigor
and success
The hlbll offered to King ALFONSO Is an
Incident which all Fronuliinen who nro pus
M > nsed 1 of common sense must dcbiro to see
forgotten as soon UH possible espectilly
since the change of Ministry In Spain has
for the moment ut all events fnultated the
tchemo which It Is likely enough lUsuAKCK
had concocted for embroiling tlm Trench re
public with Its southern neighbor All the
awkward and Irritating question however
growing out of the offensive treatment of
the Hjianlbh sovereign n will necessarily
bo revived by tho Interpellation regal d
Ill Gen TinuUpiN who makes noceciet
of his Hympatliy uith tho Indignant and
angry alt Itudo taken by tho > Iulslnn popu
laces Ill a porto I of the Paris press on the
occasion ALVOXBOB visit Nor should It
bo forgotten that sybIl lu tho province the
pia sof prui lent people undoubted I v approve
of t lice Judicious j course adopted by Piemlor
Tcunv and tlm greater part of his colleagues
hi this matter yet in curtain quarters of the
capital where a majority of tho voters pro
fs advanced mdical opinion Geu Im
IAt1l x Is looked upou as tho victim of hit
high patriotic spirit and even M OiiEvy
who Is believed to hovu shared in some
degree tho sentiments of hid soninlaw
has for tho first tlmo In his life acquired con
bidcrubltj popularity Now the Chamber of
Deputies sits In Paris and it would not be
astonishing if another demonstration
utulhlnK I popular dploustra
tion should cxorclso considerable Influcuca
upon its members On tho whuln however
vru cannot believe that the French Legis
lature will under any pressure bo guilty of
such an actof lunacy as to overthrow a Mlu
tbtry because it declined l drop into a trap
6it by BlBUAitcK by ainulvliitfut tlm Insults
offered to tho ruler of I friendly power
Thu problem on the other hand raised by
tho outcry fur the expulsion of tho OIILKANH
prluce 1 one of the greatest difficulty and
ilthough the FERRY Cbla t bas resolved to
oppose the demand It must b awaro that it
supplies Its enemies with a specious pretext
for detraction aud rlake tho alienation I
considerable section of its I republican sup
porters Defeat on such an Issue le Indeed
scarcely conceivable for tho Ministerial
forces would for tho moment be assisted by
tho but Cabinet which
Right I republican Cbilot
should cscapo Immediate downfall only
by the votes of reactionists would bo as good
as ruined In tho esteem of Its part Tho
capital question t bo determined al tho
coming session tho Chamber tho question
on which tho present Ministry has staked Ita
fortunes Is whether a majority not of tho
whole Legislature but of tho republican
behiovesthat there Is at tho
part of It lelees that present
moment any urgent reason for expelling tho
members of tho OHLKANB family whlchBlneo
the Count of CilAMTionns death has lilt
cocdod to tho rights or claims of tho French
house of CouimoN
Ho Loves n Minority
It Is said that Mr JOHN QUINOY ADAMS of
Quincy Massachusetts Is hocked by tho
antics of novo BuTLnit and has determined
to vote tho Republican ticket thin fall It Is
announced that ho Is to prosltlo nt a Repub
lican mooting and wo have no doubt that ho
will vote against HtlTLElt
This Is Interesting news Mr ADAMS Is an
able and honorable man such as In times
past the Massachusetts Democrats could III
afford to lost He has led a forlorn hopo for
them when tho State was violently Republi
can nnd his lively and witty speeches have
made tolerable what would otherwise howe
been the dreariest of campaigns He has
always Iwrno defeat with tho utmost good
nature In fact ho seems to like It It agrees
with him Ho hates to bo in a majority and
thats why ho Is going over to tho Republi
cans this year
Dining the war while ho was still a young
follow and Democrats were pretty scarce lu
the State ho joined them Thero wero too
many Republicans and ho thought thero
would bo more credit in being on tho beaten
side ricfnr cmimi iliid placuit seil side
Gtttnii About the sonic lime Mr GroriiK
AUTiPUti LUIIINU now Commissioner of
Agriculture went over to the Republicans
Ho bad been u rabid Dcmociat hut ho Is n
nmn who always agrees with thin majority
mitt hn felt loncsomo in the Democratic part y
So ho hccanio a convert and much fun did
Mr JACK AUAMH have with him calling him
SAUl of TanUS and otheiwlso disporting
himself at that orotund patriots expense
The Democratic party In Massachusetts
continuing small Mr ADAMS ran for Gov
ernor several times He was beaten of
course but then he probably wouldnt have
IUD at all If ho hadnt known he was to bo
beaten In 1870 scared by tho largo vote
polled by Gen iiirrbcu tho t preceding year
lie became the candidate of those Democrats
who did not look with favor upon tilt cup
tore of the party by thus Irrepressible Lowell
lawyer lu that year Mr ADAMS polled
nearly 10000 votes hut tho party was united
In the national election and hineo then thero
has been no great chance for Mr ADAMS to
manifest his predilection for minorities
This year ho has a chance Ho thinks ho
sees that tho Republicans are going to bo
beaten and true to his record ho Illes to a
minority As an indication of tho probablo
icBultln Massachusetts his defection is I sig
nificant If however ho has made a mistake
and if the Chlcopco boss should bo called to
tho State Huns wo may be sure that Mr
JOHN Qtnxcv ADAMS would tuko refuge with
the Democrats the day after the election Ho
Is I btlll a Democrat but these are bad times
for Democrats who want to be In a minority
They must go over to tho Republicans if
they prefer a small and select party
Still JOHN QUI CY ADAMS Is a good fellow
a man of genius und a brilliant talker und
what is more he puts on no airs Wo hope
ho will get his minority and will like It after
he has got it
Society and the SurgeonGeneral
Many prominent society people says tutu
Washington correspondent of tho New York
Thurs have boon working In behalf of a par
ticular candidate for tho place of Surgeon
Genoral of tho Army now vacant
To comply with their wishes the President
would have to promote this candidate over
tho heads of about fifty officer
Ho should not hesitate to make the promo
tion however if the good of tho service demands
mands it His solo purpose should bo to ap
point the man best fitted to perform the
duties If there are two surgeons In the
army equally competent for the post ho
should choose tho seniorJu lank
But under no circumstances can the wishes
of what are called society people proper
ly l4ike I any difference with tho President
The place for their lulluenco Is tho ballroom
tho dinner party tho opeia Let them bo
content to shine In their own sphere If It is
onco understood that promotion the head
of tho medical corps of thn army Is de
pendent upon the favor of polite society the
otllco of SurgeonGeneral will no longer bo a
pobt of honor and honorable men will not
beck It
It T7ii8 qulto unneccbsary for Mr JACOB
HESH to contradict this rnport tlmt ho wan to
withdraw Ho la not tlm kind of innn to with
draw from nov contitt lu which them Is the
faintest indication of ullmmorlnu of a possi 1
bility that Item may get aimtber office Ho holds
one ofllco now niiil ho hiss held conBidiirublfl
mea for a man of MB ego Hut bo wants
more And uxpootH to poll a hit vets for It Hn
may but vn vcntuni to rainlnd him that a
SIstine lest 1 IlkMy tltnn his to excite Intunwl
could hmll hisses boon found br tliauxpert
miLClilnislA who hnvn but him up as a candi I
date for Register Howls lie going to got this
ludviiundent Uupubllvitu votu Let JACOU
wreBtle with thin problem
The evacuation of Lima yesterday by tho
Chi I Inn troop of Gen LYNCH and this entry of
loLUHHS uniiur thu aouiiJlni title 01 Irisl
duntu HiKunurndor form a iiieinurablo oiioch
lu 1eruOun history Whllu domnnstrutlonu
ULiilntt the rule of ItitiHitH and nciUnst the
cumpaiH which has bucn entered Into with
Chili may Mill occasionally occur hero and
loire partlotilnrlx In the mountain reulonn
the prnutiiiil restoration of this capital to homo
ruin with thu duparturu ol tho fnrulun trootig
Mill ho uuniirnliy IniiloJ as till lust act III Mrl
fyllllr this peiiii HencufurtlitliuoielyhurHiiHod
and humiliated republic may du > ote liursolf to
this revival of her former prosperity t
It was only a fuw months ago that Corea
broke down her nnciunt wall of nonlntercoimo
with WcHturn nations and agreed to opun soy
eralof her ports toAmerkan coinniflreu Yot
ulrciidy wo tutu Mr Vox MiiLLENoanrr Vice
Vrdiluint of the Corean ForolBti ORlce pro
jectltiL a sort of Interuatlouiil exhibition to bo
lisle In the Curenu capItal itself
There U somothlnc comical In this enildcn
leap thus propoiml for the hermit kingdom
from jealous xclut > lveno > tu lists broniliint
wnlcomlnir of foreign products And mnnufor
tnres This stoi would iiiumtentlr Involvu
also u welcomu uf the people ol other nation
for to Htnbiuh worlds fnlr or more properly
a IDUloum of liampha and models implies that
the forelKii exhibitors themselves will be
allowed to Bee It
At all event if IkU project should be carried
out the enterprUhiK drummer may perhaps
look forward tu eiUudlag UU Uar U into
sr = 7 t
Cori at no dlslnat dar It can Imagined
with what RttouUbmcnt a pop lltlon of
12000000 souls etntralnB froq a mOlt priest
tins state u Mr YON UoLLCNix > Brrdeeilboa
It would look upon a collection of modem
item and electrical I machinery and modern
Implements of mIning and nsrlculturo
To observe with satisfaction that many
journals no matter what political coloring
when tlmy begIn to oppose nn unworthy or In
capable public ofTlccr or wish to abolish any
sort of a disgrace or nuisance uso tho formula
first applied by THE Bus to tho Republican
party Whatever now must turned outer
rot rid of they say must eo And they say
All Impostors jobbers rascals frauds abuse
every sort of sham must eo And the greatest
sham IB the Itepubllcnn phrty It must BO
Turn tho rascals out
H Is with pain that wo note the displeasure
of our esteemed contemporary the JNVw York
Timri over tho union of Democrats In tho
city on Hennto nominations What In
quires this landing Itopubllcnn twncentjour
niil do the llonubllcnns and Citizens propose
to do about this pretty programme 1
Do Why In sense of tho districts they will
try to make deals with candidates for Alder
men and other offices In JOUN J OHIENB
district they will probably try to count In
DnoDSRY the Republican candidate la tho
Murray Hill district n good ninny of thorn will
scratch ETHAN AitrNtlm Halt Dreed nominee
And on election day such of them as get a
chance at the boxoe will count Democrats out
unless thny are watched Aftorelnotlon they
will subside again Into tho unhappy and hope
loss minority tlmt they are
That whirling and giddy metropolis the
City of Brotherly Love vo fear would not bo
enthusiastic over tho nomination of Ohios
Governor elect fur President In 1884 Mr
HOADIY having gone to Philadelphia In quest
of firmer health Incautious enough to say
to an interviewer yesterday My physicians
proscription Is mental and bodily rest I con
sider this one of thofcrcntost cities In tho world
for repose
It may bo unintentional but It Bounds like
an unkind cut at nn aspiring young town
Tho departure of the Duko and the Duchess
of EciNBUnon from Cobure Castle whcra the
Duko of HixiLConuno was entertaining them
Is I u u Itn funny to SIte democratic mind though
It In probablo that It will cause a miuhty llut
Inrlilit t and cackling among tho downuera
whoso highly respectable names pat out the
Ahnaniich do Gotha BiXHCoDuna was going
toeho a ball to their combined Graces and
Illuhnessos of rniNDUnan and among the
guests Invited were tho wives of acoupla of
court oIllclulH hluh worthy chief cooka and
bottle washers both One of thoso ladles had
had the misfortune to earn her living as an au
tress and this other had boun divorced The
UniNiiuitons couldnt stand this KniNnunou
was particularly Indignant Ho felt that he
would bu false to the pious memory of his rota
tive the First Gentleman In Europe if he
failed to trko a firm stand rucatnst tho staua
nnd In favor of morality In general Ho
kicknd tUxBCoiiuita thereupon gave orders
that no court oflleiat should attend thu ball Ito
suit Incontlnunt departure of his noble guests
For a dukelot living upon the charity of Par
liament and principally dlstlnguUhml for bo
Inc protty close EutNDLiioi miigninos him
solf a good donl If the lladlcals cut thin upper
hand soon enough In England bu may bo glad
to play tho violin lu the orchestra of some
xecondrnto theatre Ho Is a good musician
Mini bcsldos ho Is used to playing second
llddlotohls Duchess
Nobody will deny that Brooklyn Is In many
ways a very peculiar townbut why should
LOiiiinoiinenao ptlnclplos or gocrtimont be
le versed there 1 For example why Blionld the
ndndnlstrntlon of Its Government under that
cardinal principle of Democracy homo rule
be Intruitod to a Mayor who belongs to a party
that does not believe III homo rule rather
than to a Democratic Mayor And why should
not the majority govern there as It does olso
whore In the United States V
A tlueitlnu r Vlinl Intcreil
from the ttlca rrfti
Tun SUN has vigorously brought out
an Issue that ought to reeetvu the co
operation nnd assistance of evory newspaper
timid voter In the Ktnto The question How to
preserve our forests uniomes vital otto to
our cUInns It Involves tutu commercial and
business 1 Interest of tho Htnte An Impedi
ment in navigation on tile Hudson would work
Inciduulubln harm to every one Our com
mercliil nuprunmcy > would bu dangerously at
forte our prosperity sadly threatened More
over the great Industries along the line of tIm
upper Hudson would bo HO seriously crippled
that nn intimate of thu diunugo that would bo
caused actually Impossible
It theruforu behooves every votor to ponder
this subject seriously It Is the duty of every
candidate for the Assembly and Hunntu to place
himself In line viltlt thoso who would preserve
nor great Northern forest and to promise to do
nil in his power to further this most effective
legislation upon the subject at Albany this
winter Tile HUN has performed excellent
service In thuo directing tIm attention of the
People 1 to tho matter and It Is to bu hoped that
tim vandalism of the woods may bo per
emptorily thoroughly stopped
An Honest < tln bloncd Mlnteiman
frum Hit Innllac fm Traiir anA iiliieirrr
HolmanB record Is admirable and espe
cially ns an opponent to tho many steals tho
Itvpubllcuu pnrty has been guilty of during tim
twenty years lie lies been lu Congress It may
be I the people will demand an oldfaiddanod
honukt ntiittjsninn their President riot year
and It may bo that of tho many that I could 1111
tho bill In tlds rnctrd William H Holman U the
man Ho lh certainly a 11I1111 of thu people und
not of a faction
lit AUmlnUtrnllua Vuulil lie u Pure On >
from Hie JU iila > ioi Mrnocrar
Hobnail would make a President In whom
the country At large could repose a great deal
of conllduuce that his administration would bo
a pure one and free from all thoso bcnndnU
bioh have of late roars disgraced llhe cilice
Liii Wuter Signs ur AVIntrr
The yachts are going out of commission the
retrains iirpotFrt the CultS ttiiaoii li I clout flulitfrinrii
lire liiiuljiitf Aut their bnatti the sharks iou r iU > nrtrl
thu wtuklUli SIC KUIII the lia ore uratltrlllic tho
tlnckfluli are hiDtuIni tlir roclH iIi btitiiiiti nn ott for
HorifU the mirlir are tutu phfiMerrrah err going
011 i flililitri hftr gone dewit fantl worm nifrclmnu are
reilrlnni t I lie mliTli litlllncciilili itiirmi urn lireHlnn
Lu > thuui Y urni uml Dili stone e ore 11111 ana
Th harbor bur U I iiiuuitinir
We thefollowlng Interesting piece por
traiture lu tin TiMiul jiilcrJuy
lucre li In ihli i niiict a inmi I wlii I li > < ImiK rcrieil I tlu >
rtinft iua huiulilvliul I I lurful iainrlt tif llulihtir t > inr
Cliii 11101 greati > Intl Itt 1101 i 111I111 ate 1 Hvlutkiiaiitie
aiiilllltrvllmtMirthinirthfmiitlvrulUililiJilu I J he I 5e ur <
rvitviloiict suit 1 rat 11 icr liailh limtiriiltv I 11 iiollrvuiitli nhn
liiuluuk hhti fur u burglar I Ihuuirh thrre Wide tin ba U 1 fur
urli a Ueilieiii l kat C In I lid ulfpruruiut lit to iiniD
uhul pin I nuntil inurtiivcr ami u sumS n if iariih II
H hiiii caiuu iitun I hint H rw S iarn airo Man gte f u a tnniru
tar I and mnUitr ivr Mion lu IhI lull 011 l < lt > uf his hi
Ihlnrvlcltnll ilricrlbti one of the lltiJ liuiiinriiti
t ui < lucU liy I nor ntcinpiirar > Wo liaulon <
Utun on the se alcli for tilt iiimiti lul N hI lake s Ruulrumt
hut oIlier imall tut valuable > lrcei I or Sums 10011 ai II > 4
tutijicti Ihf ni lon operation that Is l 1llIrullII Ititlt and
liiiUiiitinlr In lu rtiulti herr We haft lilin at lad
authentically drMrtbe and crilrlally rerlllleil to No
wonilrr he lacktau eye we iliouM liae IiiCilUIeii him I
to be M blind as a bat In bolts Nu wutultr there le Mine
thug Hit matter with tile jaw I and lie hat licrn nililiicii
for a burnlar i vre eliuuld nut have been eurvrUrJ tu It l urn
that lie had brett mauled cut batltrtd l fur very < Tliuc In
thviuile Nu HunpfT he hat had a truku uf taraljllei
the amazlnr feature of hli cue ia I that hu ties duet icc
tecuitruck t > ll hlnliuur aUrmid JUry II the TIN94
really Mllllui to vihiblt one ur oil of lie liuninilitl In
ChleUrlnK Hall for the Dublin wood n4 Initruciluu
ainl wariiliif ui Iii reader we will checrfull ajr one
huh of Ih eaue < of Ihe iiia > lii Or It the TINg
situ lend us a cerlideJ phuti raph ol ttiU alUred buuibt
Ut we will 1ulUu itt Tm lea wlUigut Osg
Mil Vnlleee and Ike Tota Exawdlden
PIJnk nod Oo elpofU Hoar
TAIUB Oct 10 Gatnbottft who was by no
m n a tnwollod man and who was as much
Siren to paltry Intrigue as our prosont Mln
UtersTeho are in fact mostly lila creatures
perceived one fine day that Franco was losing
her prestige outside In the course of ono of
those fatuousbrenkttsti be uHrt to wise
nl the Palali Bourbon It wits agreed that it
was limo for France to have a colonial policy
At onco all tho satellites tho great man ro
n to tfili of a colonial policy Tho Idea of
tho master was to make some distant oTpodt
tlon which should form a sort of national stud
patriotic advertisement The effect on Europe
wan to be In tho Men of Gambetta u
travesty of tIm formula of Uoaonrteit I think
therefore 1 am The French voyage there
fore thoy exist But wfiorn should the uxpo
dltlon be Rent At this juncture an amiable
nolghborot Inmbotta Mile Ynltesio who lived
near hlmnt Vlllo dAvrny and who exorcising
nl she did and does tho profession nn elegant
anonyma had relations In many different
spheres of life sugcoatod Tonrttiln doubtlnofi
at the instigation of certain political adventur
ers and needy financiers Mile Ynltcssn had
several interviews with Gntubatta togutlmr
with correspondence on tho question of tim
Tonrjuln expedition and lambottaRHiiccossor
M Juloit Ferry lian had thu honor of currying
out tho Idea of that interestIng fomnlc
Tho expedition to Mnditgimrar nail Tunis
had less comic origins though hardly lees cor
rupt This up to tho present tlmo has been
the outcome of lamhnttnH Idea of a colonial
policy The expeditions themselves nro ridicu
lous nnd Instead of restoring to Franco tho
esteem and respect of Europe thoy huvu sim
ply shown tho wild caprice anti versatility ot
her rulers mOist the utter Instability nt her
policy both at homo and abroad Europe had
come to the conclusion that Franco bad nc
cnptud M Cltituenceuus nnd M dp Frnyclnets
jolter of olTacumout suit here U the French
Ihtg lloatlnn In thu four corners of the world
to the surprise or evurjbodynnd to the peculiar
Irritation of Bnglund
Now wlmt urn this Immediate prosnects In
Franco 1 In n forlllitht the CllILllIben will meet
and In nil probability another inlnMHrlni
crisis will begin M Futrv Is tube ocrthlon
nnd JI I du Fruyeltun or perhaps M I
Ckmonccau and a lladlral Oiililnut to
take his place Whuther JI Ferry will
bu overthrown easily renmltiH to ho SPUII but
sooner or later the aceaalon of tho Itiid luiti
to Dower Isenrtiitn I t Vliul their i rt los willi I
may bo untInred from n manifesto i i just Issued
liy the minors ot till itutit Ion I iou rmiiiite nt 1itrio
himdoil M I ClOnicneuitii Tint I tuiitii I lust I uc
yUMjs Jf Ferry of authnrltnrlnnlhiii ol usurp
lUll i thin righlt of thu country of tranu iii I tic
upon the constitution It tin ily of conspiring
with tim Orleanlst party l V o must raise
nay tlm manifesto tho national dluliity
tthloh our governorn have trnl 1ellllllder loot
Our country moans to live at penn with its
nelgbhors and to reMect them but It wishes to
ho rospijctod alto V J must stop at once n ne
IItl9 ol urroiH that compromlsu our dufunsivo
power of scattering our forces III dl tattad
ventures that the country disapproves
rue accuBblon of tlm Uadlnila In power will
thutuloru elevate Inton principle this HI stem of
tintimiciinent of 1 ration III European alTalrs
The 1itrUliins who utter nil are not the
French nation are terribly and notoriously friv
olous Imnglnu tlmthiHt week while tIn wllllio
Kuropeau press wax dlsouxslnitlht Incidents of
thu luueptlonof the King of Kpuln and thu
serious eonseiiuonccn that might how this
1arltiliins had forgotten all nbuut It amid their
heads and their nuWBpapnrs worn full of an
other Incident tIm Sarah llernhiirdt Inuldent
That Interesting nnd tiUoiitid lady has n genius
for gutting I herself talkeil about Her life IB u
perpetual enigma to outnideis and n IXWlldor
meiit to nil who attempt to penetrate its seCrets
or to follow UH viignrlni anil versatile traiiH
foi matlons Hut lu this life of lever excite
ment and bald work there is one constant
feature Strali U I alwam illit and aUuijs
trouble with her creditor Almost every week
you hear thnt somebody or other has seized
some of her furniture or put opposition to till
receipts of her theatre Thin time It Is her old
friend und ImpresMirlo > Jlr M I L Mayer this
Gaiety Theatre London who Muds hlmsulf
obliged to resort to the bailiff
Mr Mayer Is I Sarahs Ileilitor to the amount
of J21000 whIch 61101 he ndaneud to her at thu
time Him thought uf taking the umnngtinuiU of
the TlieUtro des Nations This fact led people
to talk about Sarah and some of the journal
ists I who make a 1 specialty of gos
sip went rattier fur la talking 11 lOut Surahs
private affairs Thereupon Sal ah was inter
viewed by other journalists to whom while
protesting against the linpoitinenco of this
former she iravo Innumerable details about
her private life und especially about her cex
husbund Jf Damala from whom she said ohio
was obliged to hoparute because hn spent
too rauoli money on curds onrrlnges and
bouquets Poor Uanmla served up by Sarah
In Him style and the Parisians wuru tickled out
of their wits Meauwhtlo young Maurice llern
hitrdt u stripling I of eighteen summerd chal
lenged two of the tliuuttlcul journalists to
single combat and threatened to spoil thu
beauty of any journalist who should lu future
touch upon tho private life of his mother
Hence letter upon letter in tlie papers arid tho
eclipse of tho Ministerial squabble und of thu
TotKiuIn mid Chinese negntmtloim The result
of all this flls has been tlmt tho Parisians have
been amused thu challenges nl Matter Maurice
have hail no result and Sarah is sadly lu need
or 121000
The theatres during the week have been very
active and several new pieciiK have been brought
out At tIme Fiuiiiilrt JI 1 Albert Delplt whoso
career I sketched some months ago has hud anew
new piece played cullml Los Jliincroix treat
inc of tIm soclil position of Illcultlnmto chill
dren Tho piece U I not without talent but
It Is I tiresome Improiiublo nnd in tho third
nnd finish net utteilr Inconiprnhenslble At tim
Vaudeville Voron nnd Uottdlnot have scored I n
fair success with nil amusing comedy Los
AfTole which puts on the stage the incidents
of n flnunclid Intrlgun that reminds ono
strongly of this Incidents I ol thn irnrt of thn
Union ieiHralo The PululsHoyulsHums likely
to r covnr Its almost lont glory of n gay thutro
with Mu Canmnulii n comedy of MM Mull
Imcand Ulllu the aulntussenenol 01 Parisian
wit but utterly InipomlblH to anala In n 1 lan
gtingn where tho word and this Institution sic
nlllud In French by itiiviltr do not nxlst Ono
thll1 i may be said Ma Catmmido promises
to lie nsgrent n success as DlMinoiib
Considerable excitement has I IHUII i caused In 1
till literary world by the t I iuti nell mu uuitiiiiuit of the
discovery and npprouolilng tutu lention of the t
memoirs of Henri hobo Hitherto tlm verr
existence of these memoirs hits been disputed
According to one uocount Out family feat mug
curtain taunts und jeers of thin plillvAs ralkr
hud bought tho manuscript of tlm memoirs
from his widow others maintained I that I this
Austrian Uoernninnt hilt got possession nf
time manuscriptand > keptlt locked up In toys
tcrloussnfe In tlio archives nt Vienna others
maintained that tlm memoirs had timer ex
isted Some huron yenirt lUll an iitilrlaii pod
JI 310 Issuer raised tlm lust lmu nualtt und de
clared that I hn hnd seen the I memoirs I 1M32 l
In tlm ppHiineo of Mine Heine und of a
il Julia but Mine f lliilne took no notle of lie t
appeal nor M Julia either Tlm reason of this t
Hllence fx I Ibis Hiin hnd reiiunsted JI thus 1
to whom ho IntrublHil tlm ptibllentlon of hU
posthumous work not to publish thn mmnolrs
until altar tlm death nf Mine Jlitthllde Heine
bis wife This I lady died some six months ago
unit now M Julia lun not only replied to JI
MelssnerH appeal nnd sill ruutiui t lie existence
of HIM mitnolrs but he hus also mint tlm manu
script to thu printer und In tlm course III lieu
winter wo shall all bu reading I a siil tu mite hunt I
will mnkii a considerable nolstt both in Franco
and in Germany Tu C
Thl it a IonUlmr UP lu loiiMitnu
Oon Denuircrnid l In town lie said yontnr
dayj t In m LoiiMuhu ftlmit t lIe only political qtuitinti
nltrnctlntr iftnvntl futtrtnt 10 1 Wiio nlmlt be l ocr next
run did alt for lovrnmrf The ojipuKltion to Um Mc 1 >
Untrj UIKIH utllctMilrjil on Dm Oifdtrn I lie I nn ii
Ihlll inuiilBnd 1 II iC IIf Creel IIIIIl lii t < tLriUi i < iiiuduring
time rarpft butr xline Tlim1 ic I im futr wlmtever of tin i
Slate ever sniiimg for HIP HtiiMleaiit the nctrrufi are
nc Hit jinrtialh dUIlftl w a have Dentocrntlo iioro
cliibM In Nrw 0th ate I think i the c torttt mm mire
wurkinjlieltir cadi i air t thty i lruto icc I < time lo poll
lie and c < > nke < iitntl > ummiure 10 labor I ccnvMir Ibo
Im I ltnrKtinticJ In 111111110 i now than hfr tufor
tliouifh lucre 10 room for Imprm tuiviit
151mM U the outlook fur time Kxjotltlon rf f 1MI I
U 10 gosh sery oQI t W hays tut at 1 the limit ni
gttiernl iiiauuirrr Mujur thirSt than wlioui nu tctttr
elrcl ion 01111 bl e Ixeti lucite livnlll allow nu otita
elf 1 to imnt htjtw tn lihn nnd urrri
llui public ivntliiifiit in liuiUinn declared tu lf a
tu the rmntii ITtii l tenth ci tUvtlou I
ii th11 i no fffiiiTrtl dlvcuiiioii of itug qutMlon as
yet hut ttiluk 1 tile flrt cluck uf his enplu of I uui
ana would bvUm lUtuuck Wi mu neer forget t hi
yriirrtiua aud upright IriQlninit of no in thvdH > i uf
eonitructlon ull will lir rtll > 01101 any xuM j
man Mahoned Influciicr UdvrrtAvIuif In I Virginia and
there is I a bright troipvct uf AUiilttJ buuth III Ih next
llitynr Iuna 1nLrpt 1romlere
To THE KoiTon OF THE RUNSir Two years
a 101 the Vounir HtpubUfait war cry wa Vote for Low
and lowlaleet I I SIr hut s iuuii Low but how uWt low
lone < l Taxec are Mxhrr on an increuird alumina
llayor Low tics mci fottilted lhi 5roiuuhce made for and
b > lihn Wbat does tietmuirle esyt
I am untctiuinelM and If tl cteO will give you an
honeil frugal and rnUlrnt uuv nnii > ii
tiniest maul words hue No claptrap about tlinn
tu catch cute He li I a xUuiade manhat ktllltyit I
tcutt and can Aa It Olra Ueadrlx a ttlalt T W
zx IAxwxu 1141U TALK
UrGoTrina Compllrnenla In Mr ConUlln
Rd Mr Heollt lat Mr Onrren
The taking of teutlmony In support of Jlr
Franklin B iowans answer In William 11
Ulnsmorod suit to annul the lleadlnoJersey
yesterday before
Central ease was returned
Oen Ollptmnt at Mr Clarence A Seward
office Mr Qowen say that the suit was In
stlttatod by die renn yh nln Railroad Ho was
present yesterday as counsel for Heading nnd
himself nnd hued plenty to any on his side Once
when Jlr Iloiooo Conkllng of counsel on flue
other sldu objected to a question put to Jlr
Dlnsmoro Mr Iowan said
Mr Conkllng wo should add your photo
graph to tho record because when you speak
the manner Is so much moro Improsalvo than
the mntter
You cnn always count on my objecting was
the reply when you risk nuostlons based on
IniHglnnry Previous answers
Litter Jlr llownn sPOke of continuing tho ox
ntnlnallon In I Ihlladolphla Well clvo you
tickets over thee miiln or basso lino If you II
como lucre unit Jlr Conkllng W ell b
liberal with railroads tlmt dont belong to us
Mr Dlnsmore tustlfled that lie owned JOIM1
shares ot heading stock bought nt 102 and
JO and would not sell It for lKUOtl
its Mr ilnwenWniiM nn not tell It for lO 7 A
Nut 1 XMitildnt Mfll It ut anv vrlcr
V Why ooiildnt yon mil nt Wt A Deraiiee I I
dout LlilioK to
ii Mint nnumnt of nionev nontdcomprnate > ou nn
nci omit uf thin Irate f Ai ha o nninud m > irlceOuue
lit itiiiiti
j If roil Krrr certain Unit the Itradllllt Kaltrnnil
roull icy thl dMdi lulu Moulil yiit tune brnllKht thl4
null AI lliinliMM > I ci dulcet tom Mhlrh I I rnnnot
niiMHtr I hromtlit lilt m milt litcnuiie t thought tilt Head
linr Kiiilrond could not iiu > the ili idr nd
4 55 iinlJ > ou IlMrm tn dlfcontlnunthlii mil If Iho
tin Hi adlntr riot wnill ninkfltilfliomt milllclent tu use
e our illS imietumle for lurtit j earn 7 A Not t t um not for
rale QVou would prefer to ffo nn lth thh I llthtittlon
rather thnn to ln > full > iiuiipilinnled IniilMinrn for nny
lioNMlblv tnjur tlmt mlillit accrue to ou from the rfl
Illllllllici ii tin taco t A 1 iTcfrr In Itt tiling rminlll
a tlie arc u I nnuld not scull It to tie laid lieu I COOS
liouKht hy tlm Heading road except of tonne If 1 gut
S million Suitor a Slier
Mr Jainos 11 Kpptio was called In answer
to u iiuestlon by Jlr Cltmon Im said I am u
bull and a boar occasionally Just now lama
bull but not on ItenJIng stock
No ono would nuspnct you ot being a bull
on thnt Block tnterluctuil Jlr Conkllng
Walter W L Scott was culled Ho took the
chair with n frown nt Jtr lowen In time
eoursn of the examination Mr Uowen usknd
Cnn you tell mu tins into which thu Ieiiimvl
Sun ill Itnllroud I ohnrgrs you for shipping toad
I can was thu reply but I wont I shant
answer titty iiucstlons tirylng Into my business
for your beimllt unless thin Court orders mu
Wo go before tlio court on Friday said Mr
Oowon whcra will you bn then e
I dont know I may bu In the kingdom of
heaven t
In tthloh case Interposed Jfr Conkllnc
volt will hu salo front further examination by
Jlr lowen
Aftor Jlr Scott hnd remarked casually TIm
only thing I overdid tn my lite to be ashamed
of was voting for Mr Oowon as Prnnldimt of time
Heading loud Jlr Clowen asked hlmwhv ho
hud critic short ot Jeisoy Central and Heading
IJucnust rnpllod JlrScott rising itnd look
Ing nt Jlr Gowon with flushing eyes I was
lone of curtain stocks and 1 wanted to cover
mjsolf by golm short on other stocks I went
short on tho railroad stock you mentioned bu
cnupo I know that the propnrtylind passed into
tho control of a falsifier slanderer und rail
road vrecknr and that Its stock would soon bo
come worthless
Jlr Scott also clinrnctorlrod certain allega
tions about him In tin paprs In time case ns a
tissueof lies Jlr Ooweu remained Impot
Tho Dmlh ofMnyne Held
Ono ot tho best story tellers of our time
lmniil ads ft3 when Ma ne Iteld died at huts tuorumu Iii Elitf
Innd on Sumla
lo thoie shio were boy twelitrllve yeare ago hli
book were full nf time I numimit dellehlful entertalnni < > nt
and Inittruitlon The narmtho Itielf wt aims eye later
eptlnK aud niliiRlctt with It us erg lesionum natural hli
tory C hlch were not onb nccurate but uttractlve and
which erred ill inbuy Inrtancea foarouiiea taito for
tclentlfio etudy that tie tailed through llfo No better
hooka for boy were over written than the terlct to
which the YnuiiitVniiuteri the Busts Uoji and
the Young Yntrert helollkfd
Of hIs stories dtrlKiied for older reailerlthe Illtle
ItaliKera and the Soalp Ilnntert mire lund dcnervln
of mention The fact that the author nrti mi carpet
kniicht but had hlmtclf nuureil In lecture of arfnre mind
adcnturequlleai > thrillliiiia anof thoie he deicrlbrd
gave hit books aoiiKthlntr of the charm for the j ounir that
belontft to the Sue inure of Marr at The fiction bur the
MHinn of the writer actual experience
In the llfiloHn s er Mijne Held obtained hit military
title ait the commander of a body of Irregular troopt la
the t nire of the United yttel lie wes a daihtng
Foldler nnd tina > evrely wounded In the altault at
Chupului Notwlthttaudliif hit adenturout career
at that period and tibpequentlv In many different paris
of the world hit wrllhiKt arechuracterlZLdtty the molt
tvholeiome tplrlt and Inculcate purity and rectitude
no less than manllncul
A number of the bookt for bo t are worthy of repnb
tication lii tue old form la which they were OreS famil
iar to tit and which uut far superior to the guise tiiey
hau aitumed of late eura
Making It Lively for Mr Ilorr
From ttif Jlotton lost
Jfr Horr tho Itonublican Congressional
clown had u hard time at halem Saturday nUIlt Se
cnteen tutndrcd persons cronded Mechunlct Hnll to
hear him rpeak for Roblniton ot when probably Zoo
were lliltlerltrt and es cry tlnn liorrmenllonrd Butler
numr bin frlendu cheered Flunllt the inertlni revolved
itself Into a cheerlm match lUJo nr mnre cheering for
Itohlnflon followeit by the Itutlcrltei cticerlim luittll > for
llntlcr Ttllt tas kept up fnr hint tiuuutt eli liumur llorr
would Maud bending our from the ttuiro the pcrtplra
lion lollimt on hit face in beadi s bite the Duller crowd
cheered and houSed and cracked joke Once Ilorr found
u fjulet moment and he litlil S My friendu ituppoiilii
jour own mother had brought soui into this world
nurfeil yimmi tenderl > cured for > ou lotmuly hkldeil i
jou from harm and then upputli > tr that I after alt her
cure and tollcitude 3011 hud turned and dUKTacei her
humilinted her ttatibed her what then I I I A voice
lie Rorra an Id I 1 turn lo an Ituti time hide of him Re
Hewed iheem for nullerl At another lime llorr wa
lellimriif t hit recent tour of Iovn uheti A man tanif out
Never mind Iowa how about Ohio t Thlt fnterruji
lion m wiii loudly cheered All In all It nat an exceeding
Lu 1 lltely eueiuiuig for Str Ilorr of Mlchlean
A Froteet Against the Ileiiomhiutlau of Beu
nbc Koch
To TUB EniTon or TUB BusSfi Ares
thclUUi > inper > iif New York lust cry that an effort is lie
lav made by the tount > Ilemocrae to force lipon the
interior the Tenth r < eutniiorial district the I author nf tlie I
Irent ding bill nf lest n Inter Mr Joteph Koch at a can
didate for fenatorr Mid If they tier whyito lh < > > not
rater llnlr t MiUi In Indknniit protctt inrulntt nicli HII
nutrniiet I Tho Tenth dUtrlct h U I Democratic Icy n irood
majority and ran becnrrlrd lij alydtcent Dtmoirnt
lint If Koch Is I nominated 11 llri > uhllcnii Mill Wtlrrtiil I n
Ilie I lieople lailliot and nil nut tIne miii unothirdoteof
Koch A lUiuiiu UKXUCIUT
Tkey fun Miifry Iruully
To TIIR rDiTou op Tun RUN Sir Can llrnt
roiumt murr > liall > in sets Sock ctt I S tire u eo
lie Hilt H lixiil nil lir
FtoiH i the fi iArfM tepiibtiiisi
A chnraetnrlftlo lltoHln iottrult of Jfr Ar
thur lieu n iii hung in tnu rrlliir repreneiititnr turn tm
the I tHtp til i the portli o < m u hit h tint jutl full ti u tine
1inl from his iittonliot The roebiid tcn to linn
there lull lim out uf litui Ituoillil vrem In u IM
liait u of Lincoln SIc has fullen upon tunics of Lovd
I Turn Ike IIiucuU Out t
From fruitful fair Ohio
There cuiuvi u rimrut thout
Uhich > ote liat mailti mphatlc
Of Turn Ititi recruit outt I
Frnni honecomlJeil ilipnltlllelltl
Where cttaituf it nottin
Meheur u ptronir entreaty
Uf Kieplhurnioltliil I
Here In New York the louis l
No longer Ii in I doubt
Amid Uiuunnlt cii i II Ilie clinrut
Of Tut n the ru i ult out
The Kinititrrt un I the lobbies
Around the iUlillo bll
Would fulii iiiitu i Ihelr plunder
And keep the ratcili In
New Jeriey In her borders
Will put tic roquet to rout
And lcnniltunliiea < ir
Tu turn the ratoat out
Liis > cmiii tax onlclaU
Who fctrcely liOn spin
Ulllelllllily edo let us
To keep Hi ruecuuc iii
To honrit eirt at pleat ant
At rain In time of drought
hc nuts lee inurllulinu > lc
Of Turn the reSeat eul
Nn longer fraud can bind ui
Nor can torruptlou win
And mla tu l nil U f oulcr >
Of Kiep Hit ran al In I
Tho collins of nn specially atrocious I
tnelodrania now eitunt declares that Our liorroti ot the
piece were I rolured b > lttihmih
No cnudldntoa are fortluomlntr for llm
In the Itrltlih HuiiKholl t
UH > ncanclt fi > riihftlterni
Cavalrv Formerly ihietw wai a Ionic lint ut > them
CItIzen of Oihkosh Vis subscribed
lco until cltto tht innnifter of f the Nnrthweflcin
Fair In conMJttntlon of their rejecting nn otTer of fttmc
from k w heel oh fortune mau In he iillowed tu tun hit
whocl on the fair iirontid
Tho tuiuiil ou tho Ailbon lush huoniih
which iv l expcclid I ti t htcoine lucti an ituiliti Slut ejlt for
oil so ll I iteilimil
Au trnlliuiKirlnn rinliiie In Imiie
will be nearly tlT SlId one half mlleii lung II t It exMittil
to be tlnUhed by I the cud of October
Mr 11 P Oldluir a nipmbcr of llm Lon
don School Itiurd w Idle aitilre tlnit u lllue htlheliiti iitft
luuat HlKhljllf Hinted tliat out tif 1521 fninlllen lltliiK
In that I thicklyV l lntedill trlct 871 were famlllet St iii
lUeit In one room suit at many al nine liseel l In a
jingle apurtment
Tho London journals say that the Earl 1 ol S
Avleifordli to recite for the future In thliiounlrj and
flnil ft Capita tn retire to when weary ot lilt WeMern
life In Mr Stokes iiabllihment which Im a doe <
proximity to haunt which would have a charm for
Charlti Fox and Kliic Ennnuel
It lu proposed to build In London a now
Mtnalnn Iliitie or leerS Major oflclal atiode on torn
n > itllalilf land nu UicThiniti embaniment The propn
tlllon my ilnd fstor ihoutd the threatened omlianllUK
nf the Corporatlnn make of the Lord Mayor a function
ot the Silne The cxUtlnit
arv cuttiiar to the Prefect
Mantlon mice I only dntii from I7J8 t
Jlr Meyer ot Purls claims to have In
icmittil ii peter linleitrucllble by lire Specimen lumive
been exhibited hcll had prelmllly been placed fur
four hour Ina potlerv furnace Mr Me er hues sto In ° f
vt tiled Incomtiutlthle colon and Ink The lincntloa Is I
likely tn be of erect seine nnd the IncomliuitlUc paper
will be In demand for w HU deedn account booki Le
The Georgia farmers newest crnro Is
Jtr c > caltlee em tIming is Jets ey A Cobb county man
had tile Autiutn ConilKullcnulliI BuYs a bull of ordi
nary llnck that became Kt Mclout that he took him to
Atlanta and told him for SW A day or two afterward
tCu o Cobb county > joiinir men went to Atlanta to buy
tome Jitfe stork nnd Shill Identical bullwa > told tu
them aa n thoroughbred Jtriey for ft7a
writer whodcscrlbos tho Indian schools
In Alliuqlitrque and tvlic says that additional hulldlnitt
arc to he erected add Tlio experlmenti In Laliilc
In nnd In Hampton low a Iumtvu demonttrated the wit
dom nt citabllililni rchoott for Indian youth It It
found thnt a lde from philanthropic con Uer tlon
ichooli In which the head and tho hand are trained itre
more tconmnlcal and more thorough than any method
hitherto detlicd for dUIUiiu the Indian
Since tho wooden pavement was laid
ilon n in Pall SinU the chums l 111 hut Ihurniulifnrc lm > e
for time lint llniii nbtnliuil tlic full iuee of thu I Ijullillima
they o < rut > v So Intolerable usac hit racket of tlm ima
imit cnrrlavn ilurlnsr the luUhtof the rrninii In Ilie old
lu > ltlint roiitrMlon III ruiy riiom SC lllcll looked it molt
the > trott nn iiriitlrilly inmpimetblr All thin lies
been chniiirr 1 incc woort wee Itidl doMn and n pnrty of
diners cnn unv cIt Ht n window IcmUnv U > on Pall Malt
ttnd concrie C lth each other es tutu maui and coinf < > rt
A Get man statistician has calculated the
elm anmee ulncli it lomlitin nctrvf lias of otabil
hulierself Hell In life byumrr > liiitlntuniyaliirniil > le
fHininN Tho revalu iliow that I ehuu hasuimcliiUKf til
sic of tccoinlntr tie consort of n prince belonging to u
reigning family inic In 405 of bccomlnK the wife ft u
tecond rule or unnBrr truStier prluce one In 512 of > Jll
ihutllln 05 her mortal colt In hue csttuuctty of nduclific f
nno In a J uf Ircnthluj her lest as a collntefi and out la
1TO of dylnir a baroncin If tie la out mid out klllinit I
Mr Russell of the United States GeoloRi
cal survey sshuo hni strut the aeason In the California
innuiitulnininrMono Luke say > that lhelnB them U
tho reelit of recent volcanic nutbur t file studies on
the old beaches lead him to the conviction that there
have lieen two ice age user the world unit that the iic
oud dat Inn back to the ad ent of man ou the enrlh n ai
the mint tcrere and inont protracted He add that thu
ilinia of Kinder an ai fresh ac tholljli left yecteruiss
lie ha found llxlnir clcclert In the Sierras bark of Mono
LaVe not far from the VoieiiilU Vulloy They are about
a mile long and many feet deep
There Is another monster trial to como
up charity before Vice Chancellor Bacon In Envlaul
which promise to lieS aa tong M the Tichhorne cane i > t
Inch Lord CoUrUite was a great part The amount In
diipute la fJiiouJO flier art ten definaauK otliu
nmke aeparate defencca and employ teparnte counid
Three rouniel are engaged for eacli defendant and
the plaintiff n w ell known company line five The com
pana leading lawyer lies t5OUO marked on lilt brief
still the other on both clUes from UWO down to tlvu
The p1eu < llnr > make up a large folio volume At Sir
James Bacon la 85 It la likely to flnlall him
i A workman says the Spanish journal
El ISLe who hat acquired a certain celebrity by hit
fortune In the hunting field aa well aa for huts success tml
training wild birds and animals had succeeded In domes
ttcatlng an eagle so fur that the bird would como down
from the greateat height In anewer to a alinple algn or a
alight nhlitle lime eagle Hew about with the pigeon
caufing no little consternation among them at flrat It
iilecl to fly long dlttaneea but came back two or ihre
time a day to take tie food out ofthcliamla of Ita mat
ter After a few days however a flock ot ea < el were
cen In the neighborhood and their Uouieittcated fellow
ditiappeured with ula friends never to return
The icsults ot tile census ot 1831 that
liar P Jntl heeu lJUbllihed by the French Ministry of Com
mercu ghe aome curloiiH details a to the number oC
foreigner reaident In France Tho total number la
lUlu equal to 208 per cent In other word the
proportion of foreigner tu nalltea In France It I ruugiily
apeaUng as 1 In 37 BeUiuiia and Italian are the inott
imnieroui the former amounting to over 432000 nnd the
latter to nearly 2V > test They of conrte tettlem the prov
Incm nrureit to their own counlrlct Thu Hit contlnuea
In thu order if Oennan Spanish Swlex and EliKllh
the last ammmtliiK to i7oixj During thaUtt five > ear
tlmmoat marked Increaae ties taken place in the num
her of Itallana amounting to no leas than 73nuu
AVhllii the Now World Is busy with canal
project from Chagrea to Ohoptank and Choptunk to
< Hpe rod no lea intereat In hut aort of tnulneerlng en
terprine It felt In Kurope Anumg the I lately retsed un
dertaklnna la the old one forconntctlnu the North Sea and
the Halite The tint practical iletia toward aeverlng the
Dfumh penliunln were taken jiitt J a century ago Tin
lOiter emptietf Into Iho North Sea below Tonnli tll cut
the deepening nf that atreani In ITS went fur ttui uil
opening a uiterw iuy from Kiel on Uiu llaltlu During
the pmt fifty year the project of a regular thlp canal
ha from time to tluij been broached smut lion Her
many having poxmc I hermit ot llolrtrln is I In n po l
unit to hullS It within her own doiuulnt Thu canal of
cQiu rue iouM hite military a wrIt ai conniurclu
nlm at It would enuble lhi > Itattlc and North Sea auuaJ
ron of lifinnii itt I tfilii uttlY rtviiforce each fither
Them nro n number of Clilneo women In
IMiwr I Tlivmoii of theIr thug l < Kiuii to tin adorn
mint of their iiervtin1 uhlrh howier arc not ren
dcred i nrllcnUrlv eiiuurtii mutt l > > u Iii > prort Ii i r limit Is
a Fight Ihuhalrli 1 waxtil until It It Miff nn < l thlny
Then II ii 1 pulliit out Inuuiit aol puff oe the I care
itiul cniigtit up in the tuck with a mmmccv of irutily
wax uuii paptr lloucr loot uluir is Ith ilunnllnv oriiu
mint of culortd gtiusc uituii brjuv futii > ifl to lmt
illuinonil anil Militl got 1 No iiitriii i me worn on the
litut at iiiiv time Tin lalli e iuraiy i arry n purahl
unit uhviiv npptar oil the ft reft with an lntuinBe red or
tllou sillS luau iti rutmlcf iii I imuut > hnnd WliaUMT limy
tie naul u iiinft the tluIniu5e cuittuine t > aj n white wo
man It It i melt liluly a health and rmrforliihlo one
Thrkc Chliif tidies inuit he MIITK rKmOirtiiblu In their
wl I If Kivo troiifrrii I ihun Aiueikan tullei are In Ihtlr
traliul < > r Ilhign nViri
Jlr I losyti nil Vincent tho Etlh lilt Dl
rector of Inmlnil his e tl4uilitui ihacee Ihgilr i I oct l
of crime In rnglanl Vilv nnl I m3ib lei I lit llilrt I > mil
lion < jour User 74 0 n pir > on an milntiilnei for tli
prelii tloti detection noil MiniPhmint of frhim and con
I nil of irlnilnulx Hut lu point nut Hint Innsinui HI
BJiW piriont iielnv nearly I In Sit tf the populutli mu
St Ce rlihir a > > rehenliil proceeded iufuIiiCl > or cited
lie I iluir the iriiniinl Hull nor tin cost rmild Iii dcii umueul
txcevane Of title eiiornnu nu nber toil nulwii sesr
urrettM fi r olTence ng nun the I pirumi mid l37ii I fir
tlmtmeo tisnliit progeny Mr Vlurrni t U I u unuch uji
hollir of ciipitul umtiniiiil Me i I ii l iif U C that it i his
totlMcriUlnly uf Ihlt bruit inlilrtiil that l < m Ion hut
tar fruit iitiliit 1 rilniii Hun Intl Hili uinl Vl nna
111 I IJrrM Ilrllulll Ujllt Iflv percent ot lhiimio Mencnl 1
Ii uieuitti are xecu kit lii rrunri Irs thon m fiirleix I ir
ctnt In Au trio ulmui two t pir ititt nnd In i irim thy
only one Itli Per j cent lie nrmly btliu llnuiIJ
be the itt drlirrrnl tu ci lute of pvr > onul tluUnce
On thu t eleotilu itch nui latnly opjned by
Lord itpinccr with u lage nuiiiUerLf eminent cli iiiutf
hetHetli Iortriuh and huihmllli liulaml the tlrrlro
thy ci umeramel ci u ut lilt rfitt on the m r > urliui unliin
S eb I l to the end ot m tie HIH iy l an un < Ur ir < u < id luMr n
carried uldiuIhrniun n iciiluctiiu rail whlirli ii l cxii
I ortid MI IKulsior ut tomi dKtunoe aburr tho I giuunl
Aniirmwilha bruoli r mud at the rudiflt alt nice
nut from tho Hum und kiiptiontucl a iOu this IunJui
tor Hut ou tlieday vheli the U > riU > iileiiaiil oiie to
Inaugurati tbc line It wan > u Meiilr fouMi that ti >
SC at a iriona hitch The oulne dulliu1 tndrnn llu
ear flit maihinir stus In Petit et ordir thu I < 011111 i
Him null hue ronduitur wu all rllil and > it t there I vi cc
no motion Horror Dllnl the stuts > of tin iildii irltd
ronioiiriof tin nnt t elect rl Mm In lit I Inltcd King
itom llwtill I I < coiir l iiChllit Iwfore much lime m huI I
i lnuilfcl ihut > iiniLndy lad ri tmuhrri ml liroirise > linnv
Ulleb llii I > eiim i he s hehieimi iii itrltlliif n pUrrof llou
from the rieeluc lull m liitu lie bunk at tin tile ci IlKl
the vurrviit Ce OIl being atinnllntii lite mum iii ome fim t u <
It we i trniiiluil frum iu > iiuth time Iron is lug If
mused lit Iccttgtl party used a successful trip

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