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A rovwrsr Jv imicit TIIK
ntasnne Why Ike Utunl Onlde Jlonrds lo
lie Ilrllt r Irnllmrnt urn AhsentTka
llrtnocrnta Ilkrljr to Get Mr > ny Vetl a
Irum th OretntmcVlsibor Lleuenl
II umsnuiKi Ocl 21 Two weeks from lo
ttit thu lectlon In this Btnlo will ho hold
uiIni tho fortnight Jusl prml both partial
IIIIXD lofln oneaired In nn actlxe onrnnst and
liuiieful cixnxois For tho txvo xxeeka toconm
tho bAttto xvlll bo continued borroxxlni In
tDiisltyns tho conclusion dnixxsnoar Mootlncs
xx III bo hold In all portions of tha Btntn On tho
Democratic Aide sucli party Btndltitors Snn
ntir Wallace and Hinntor Buckalow Speaker
littidall Chairman Hennol MoutUov Ilnck
Conuroiiniou Hopkins Mutchler Uimuntrout
Sturm Collins Btalu Honutors Uonlon Humus
Hiss an tothonibculdm the pnrly candidates
Ihe lloil oilcans Imxo IlitOox Iloyttinnator
lolln Htoxx Tt UonJixmos A lloavcr Chairman
Cooper Senator Macfarlano and otlur ouually
ubie disputants on tho Imsllnui and the State
ixlll rexorbnruto xvlth political eloijuonce and
loulc to thn und Hut no lecent contort In this
btnlo has oxer rulrnncail so near tolls cloio
with the reMilt no deeply Inxolxud In doubt
Last xoat dMslons In tho Itepubllcan pnrt >
hold out hope to the Democrat and th ill man
llonticl huld his calixfH xxell In liiind Tho Ko
publican manautrt piofus i > il hopo of sueeoss
4 but it xxai a bnreu promise they pledced to
tholr poopla from thn teulunlni This > oar
the guide bo irds to nuxrk thu drift of political
tentlmunt are atsont nnd thu oillmatcs of
loth atdi3 thouuh fieely and cnnfldontly In
dulcod aro of altokolhor uncertain xauu
The roiuons for this uhanued astiect lu the
Slate nroobxIons In thu flint place the con
tc t U nf creator Impoi titncii than the Inllunnce
of theoltlcns tobollllei xouM Indliiite ThU
fact Ii fully appreciated l > y both parties and
stimulates tbo zeal of tlehumuccr Demo
crmtle success will tlx8 to that pirty control of
orcnr department of the stulu ioxuriiiietit c
cipt thijudltlarj llrslilui both parllim fully
uiidir tatiil that it xvlll dutiimltiti the xoleo ot
the Mate In tho 1ieMdtilitlal cuntesl mm > inr
Vlillo the leaders of tho txvo Itepubllcan fuc
tluns siuin to be leconulltd It Is an open secrnt
tliat the lank nnd tlio ot thu Independents are
not mitl llud xxith tho mraneonient Uhurlontt
Wolfe xxho orcanired the bolt In 1SS1 and ru
i civuil the larirst xote oxer iioll d foi an Inde
PundHiit einilUl itu is oppUiMit to tho ticket
and hu Imi iniui folloxur Thcio Ijoliii no
lnil if nliiit ticket to to to these men will xote
xvlth the Democrats and success to that party
this tlm will make permanent thn union nox
xsltbout biircnlii or cdnslderatloii In proceas ol
tui matlun thus dcteruilntnK thu future poli
tics of tho State In thu lunils of tlio Democrats
until thu abusesof poxxermake themundoserx
IIIT ot succiss
In ihe inuln tho Democratic promises of last
> eir bavo Ixon tullllled This fact has tiddud
tlelllth to the party und but lor sumu un
foreseen mlsfortunebiindcollateral disappoint
muulK would Imxo cumantited BUICUKS nut only
thin xp r but tor many years in the future
Un the other bund the chastening Influences
of defeat Imxo xxurkud caution cousurxatlmu
and conciliation into the iuamikeiuotit of thu
Itupublicau organization A > var nuo John
Stuxvart xxould bnxe i referred tho election of
any Democrat to the triumph of the machine
methods of hie own I arty Thii sentiment led
him lo head the Independent muxement lust
year at thu boltlnu cundldnte for Uoxernur
Thu iiuaillled success hih attemlcd tlmt
moxoment has since forced Don Cameron to n
temporary abdication ol u poxxer and posi
tion as th party boss The result IH that
btexrnrt Lee Senator Mitchell and others
xvho a year aco xxcru ttctixu In thu Independent
movement bnxe renoxved thuir pledces of pnrty
aileuliuice und are xorkim huulder to shoul
der with tboouxxhom they tlmn denominated
Stalxxartboshes To all iippenrnrioeit therefore
the parties haxo profited In abuut equil pru
txirtlunh b > tho result ol that contnst
The iiKtrretdito xote of the rekUlnr and hide
pendent llDpubllcan factions hist yonrncetdud
the total xote recelxed bvthu Doinotratic eiin
dldatu for Uoxernor b 3541 uu n total xoto
of 711315 or 13U 000 less than tlio total otu
cast in the Fresldentlnl lontestof IhHU The
moral effect ol success could be coulldvntly re
Ilodunto niako up this difference iu faxorot
the Democrats thl > nar but for tile uxlstonco
ot uutertaln uluments In that xotu It 1 ° knuxxn
that a number of Indnpundeiit Republican
vuinil for ilittUon direct us thu xlrest DIBHIIH
of teourlnif their object tlm dofout of thu lie
publican Umir Tills element Is an unknoxxn
iiunntity In 1881 Wolfn Kulfnomlnnted Inde
pendunt HepubllCHii e uulldatu forbtato Treas
urer without organization ur purl machinery
polled 4t 95 xuten Last > oar Stewart xxlth
thn old of im Industrious cnnipiiicn nrffnnlrti
tion only itot W7H votes It thti diHereme
oetwcjon these totuls constltute > ii the Iepnb
liean element that xoleil for Iatlison
und hulpud to make his ausre ate Il
could ho easily computed In present
untlumtuH Dm u Is rviioiiud nnd xxllu louie
that thu orKiiiilritloii of lat eai multiplied
tha number ot InduiMnduntii so that thu num
ber of thuiu xxho otuil lur IuttUon Is xnrl
ously estimated nt fium tUllOll toSOOOil The
teiiubliciiis this jear Uniiii that not on the
431 Jl xxho xutuil lui Muxxiirt Inn the unuMtain
number xvho cast tin Ir ballot for Iiltlson
xtlll this xnar xote tin regular Itupubilcin
ticket Other tauuminUn clilmeil b tliu
inuniktrrt of thai party lo alii them thlsenr
The Iblludelpliht Itnnt Iltlsburuh JJitpatih
Wllkeabnriu iitcn it mil otbor lnlliiuntlil In
dependent Republican papers xxhleh lust i < ir
uaxn their xoleu and intliiemu nualnM the Itu i
publican arty unnux iu line lenderlm yuo
mnii HCIX uu tn tlm bosses 1hiii llieiuulia lid
begstun of thu IiiHiittire bome iu mitisiacteiri
oiwcutlvH appointniunts nnd nn apparent di
lsluti In the coiiiiHlM > t thu Dcmotrullc pnrty
arnitiferrml to us trnljiljle contributors to lt
publlciiu siitcehK Upon IheHu sexeriil uiouiiils
Cliiilniiiin Ciniier expresses hlm elf n satth
lled xxlth tlm outlook and Col JleClure xxho
IK nmirlv nlxvav XXTOIIK and otheis more uc
turate sharu in thu opinion
There Is another unknown nunntlty In the
cunxntH xhlth promises to redound to tho
udxantaueof the Democrats Limt xuir Aim
stronic thu Orienliieklibor enndldatu fur
Qoxernor rncuixed ai J9I1 xnies Thotiuh nu
attempt has been mndu to keitp up thn oruanl
zntlon of tlmt fraLtnentary pin ty It has not met
xxithtmeccsM and It is duubttul If thuiaiull
diilos nomimittid this var xxlll ruculxe AOIH
votus This xxlll leaxii 1UOUO votes to be dlxldfd
boixxeen the old parties At lenst oluhty per
centofthls nlenieiit xxill RO to thu Dnmocmti
vlxlne them an addition of over 15 ODD to their
xoi of lust xtiir nualiiHt un Ineiensii of le a
tlmntOOO to thu opposition Thu Proliblllon
party last > eai polltd 5 1lli xoten xxhidi xxere
driixvn lartol from tliu Heptiblicans Though
both the Hepublleaii candldntes this year re
Iroliihitlonlsts tlie tompuitiiico oruHtiiJitlun
has Ixien maintained and the almost SUCUSH
tuleffoitof tlmt party to amend tho Constitu
tion of Ohio Has HU iinentirairrd them In this
titnte tlmt tlux most liilullluniit u > llmaies eon
cede not only their total of List year but
an Incouwi un it Thiix tho ordinal meiuiH
of eomtnitlnc the prububio vote of this enr
from tlm rnsultx of the lost contest show u
leinnrkably even balanco and itlxe to tliu 1111
prujudlted mind H siibatAntiiil jround for
iloubt as to thu result Complications In Illllu
ililllilu on th loiil tlekut and nn or iinliil
ullort In VIlrifliHiix count to run tlm eiindldutu
for Stale IleuMiiier illendat thu expunm of
hiscolluiitfuv tlie uuidlihitt for Aildilutieii
nrnl xvhlth IIIIK bmui ili ilonud nicnntl are
oliMiienlH 111 fnxorof Denioeratli1 uece > s that
xx III iHiiuitvnt In tlm llnnl result In 1K8U Ihlla
dilililininiiiarlleld oiilou mnjnrilx nnd Al
In lMint count added nnarl 14IIUI to that
Mist hritpondnranee Thl > ear thu iiuwt 011
lliuH until Itipublliiin rstlmntuM only elaim
7510 In riilladelphin and Sow In Alnelieny
It Is mure tlmn doubtful If UIOEU Humus nru
ruitched In either pliira and thus In txxo coun
ties nlniiu out of the suvi ntxslx marly the
xxliolu of Cmifields majority Is knocked out
No estlmatu of the nuit nm iinprouch no
curacy xxitliout tiikine Into connlderntion tlie
iilH of the result In Ohio In all purls of thu
Sum thu hopfifulnefs xxhiih 1ntidlyn vktory
has spread amoni til neinuemlH f IeiinHyl
xinlimill tttlull tu their iidtnntiure llut tills
liilliiunip xxlll Ivu piirtlcnliuly notlcod In the
border counties from Washington to Krln
liiuxer Lawrenro Slorcer tho xxeslerii pnrtof
Craxxford and hi lu are more Identilled In o
elal and buniness relation xxltli Olilo thiii
witliinir oxxn htate Tlm Jliilionlnir mid Him
linnKii xiilluys npiratenl by tnu rldue that <
vldrs the Mntu iiru pnitlcularly linmoifunenus
In populiitlon und Industry Thu blink coal
u HHIIuItiinuoUHiliipoHlitelusluly found here
the bliifil furnucnii and rollliiK mill bilniciliu
biitlnesHnrnliRbonncmuncoiistanlly to uiher
and the InlliiBiices that xxorked pulltlcal roxo
lutlon In that Hdctlon of Ohio am alreudv eipor
allimfnlnnnsylMinla That belt of eountlea has
en Hiiro toadd 10UOO to Iliu llepiibll
ean majority In Important eleellotiH if the
pirtv sicures omifourth of that total this
iir uliiiiiril Ixpfcliillon will H fullx ienllud
and mure UROBOI U
3iusiVK fit
Iea Clochus de iumv lllrM
M iiuud conipnny emu it spniKline i i
fiirninniii of Les Cloches da Cornexlllu at
tlm Mundurd Thimtre last nlulit Mile Alinii
us SiriiMf HdiiL und acted xvlth the piquancy
and ixaelty xxhich In her apparently ate In
iiiliiinstllil1 JlNiLTtl oixu tlm J iouii xvlth
Vurtl > uiaoo mid luruir and M UupUn
MnuH remaliiH a capital comedy nLetih ililt
III principal funiuro of tlm performance of
ietluiheidiiCoiiievllUi1 tlxen In MOrauV
ymiuiiiKH nlan ium Uien tliu fiitivant of
Meitnis llh ntniiisC reallum In the Iliialu of
tlm hnoinl net ulves the opera u atronif dra
tJ tlu xaluo tuldo Iroui iu ruutloil l > auUos
MltOT lir II Kit HUSOANn
Irs YIIIIIII Follutveil in ike Itiinan r her
Molkfr nnil Fikliitly Wsilindvil
Mary Jnnn YOUIIK 28 JTIIIB oltlxxas shot
ind It U ttftnicht mortally wounded hy lior
uisliand Thomas Yotinir nt thn residence of
icr mother Mrs Coles nt 93 Tompkins ax iniilP
Irooklyn jcstorday nftornoon Tho husbnnd
van di unit nnd jealous Ito keops n lliiuor
lore at CI Wiiililnulun iixonuo xxhore ho lived
xlthhlNxxlte Thny had one child nnd xxllh
tietti nlso llxrd tlm child of his xxlfe by her llrst
iiistmtid from liorn sho xxin illxorcod tUo
oars ato There Imxo bean freauont mmrrels
and floxorul temporary iiuparatlons On Bun
lay sho xx out xvlth her children to her molhoru
lome Her huslmnd called > estorday nftnr
toon and found her xxlth her mother In thu
tack room In thn second xtnry lie xvas drunk
nnd beunn to iiuarro xxith his motherlnlaxx
Can 1 huxi a prlxatn room ha uskod
tinijrlly lotalk tonn xvlfo
Imtexnr > ou have to BHV replied his xvlfp
say It hum 1 dont xvanttu Imxe any prlxnte
alk xxlth you
Hit thru aeeitsod Iliu wife of mootlne visitors
nt Ids mother hnueo and of leaxlnu him he
cniifo ho could not support her exiraxnifniico
ConiQ liuino xxlth mi > lie imlalmcil
What If the use of my oltiu nild Mis
> t hixe a pistol If juu xxaut to
blinot me dun t In a eoxxaid shoot mn hern
Durlmx lilx xx UKS lemarkM nunu hud his
land In Ills hip pockel and lilx xxtfe antlclpat
ni his Intention Ntaited ID run from the loom
uxxaid the front Mil lor She had otil > uonn u
exv feet xx hnu he ilnV a lexolxer nnd dullb
rnliity uolutlni It nt hur as Imr mutlim saxs
llseliirued It Tln > bullet filtered Iliniibdo
neli 1 Llnliii ilk HehiiMithul mu him ron
liiuod her Illuhl frotti tliu inoiu ind huxlnu
reached the iiont pulot he opened tho xxln
lo andciilied ton icroeer next door Oo round
hocoinur and cill a policenuui nn husband
ins shot me
lltir molhiT had nlroaily joined her nnd Iind
wiled tlm ilooi betv i on the txxo rooms Tlm
krrovmniui tounl Hoiunl niin Miles Olullly
ol the 1liiKliliit iiMHi polkoanil hurried him
o tlio house Innies MeC ihe a boarder In the
ICHIRO xvii up stairs xxhen thn Hhootlni OP
CHI i ed and h n i ylnuiloxx n found Yoiimr Htiind
ilk In the utitruof the Iloor xxltli thnMiilthtX
Wesson soxenxhoMer sun tritsped In his
lirtiid He ktioikedoiiii dinxn nnil disunited
Him liuldlnu him doxxn until thj pollcetnnn
niilxoil Mr Youiirf and her mother then
ni nv buck to the room xxhen ouni threw
iilmsolf on his knees ou the Iloor and beirucil
tier to lotclxe him
I did not Ind nd to do it hu stld It xxas
all an nn Idem
ThiMiUe nindnnornply hut her mothersild
You know It XTIIS not an iiccldout xou
aimed direct at her
lOtum xx is then takit jxrax hi a pollerinnn
Tin nctiin fild It xiis nn nciueutanil that tlio
r xolor hid Kiinu off xihen hu xxii tooling
with It It xxns siimu mommts Imfotu Jhi
Younu dlkcoxeieil Unit she xuts iluiLrnroiihly
xxnunded An > Tort xxin mado to find nut xxlu ru
the bullit xxas xxlthout uceH i lnPh lei uis
In attendanvo ptonouuiid the won nil fatal and
tho Coroner xvas not I lied to tike thu xxomunA
nnteniortem statement
Mrs YOUHK xvas nn iittractlxeooklncwomixn
with lluht hair fair features and light blue
exes Mliedtissed attiactlxelx bout a jeal
lik xxeurliik a rich xelxet suit she talltd ut the
IlUhliliiL axeiiue pullio station and reauosted
dipt orth to look after lior husband xxho sho
said xvas drunk nnd had tonH oil xvlth the chll
ilren ilium Hprxfd during tho xxar In tho
Third Nexv York Volunteeri and during the
first iidmlulstratloti of Oili Grant lie had a po
sition lu tlm Inteinril Iinxenue Department ol
lrookln xxhich ho held until a fexx years nco
A JiilltlllTi ACUtlEXT
An Km > lualiin lu is frqtilb l itctery In xxktcls
Illtkt Girls mill lluja uvre Victims
Oct 25 At 1 oclock to
day thu Inhabitants of Kingston about umllo
from this city xero startled by a terrllilo
loport The > dlscoxcrod that a Inrga inuntlty
of poxxder In a factory xx here sijiilbs uttod by
miners iu blastini u > al are made had exploded
The low wooden building xxm torn to pioios
und eight ehildron rantrinu from 11 to 1C xeirs
ojil xvere bloxru many yards anay from the
f actorj
The building tood on tho banks of n smal
creek and about llfty > aidsfiom the main road
The people xxho hurried to tho spot houul tho
ngonlzlinr moaiiBof thochlldteii xvho li luit
tared HUtiiit in oxery direction Sotioof thum
had exei stitch uf ilotlilug bloxxn oiV their
backs and the hodles xxeru blickened hloed
Inc and disfigured One eh I had nutlilnson
but her coisut and shoos All tlm fnjiuetl
llxed nonr b The xxero conxmod ua tinderl >
and iipidl HH possible to their homes urnuniJ
xvhlih croxxds of xxomen hiiikil in uieit ex
LltHiiient MxdicHl nid xxan HUinmoneil nt oniei
Ilm most nnniixvlng sights xxuru xxitnetsed la
thu hnuiuv of the surTereis In one rnttnne ln >
stratuheil upon txxo eot thu forms of Maltl
Janif iiitdit 16 and Albert her brothel mei
12 The Blrl wns burned from hiid to foot her
lieill pi eling olT at thu touili hhe nnnitot rtin
ivo tliu nItlit Thn boy tlioiuh butlly burned
may recoxer Thtf xx bilehaired purentstif tlieM
txxu xxeio uxeriouiw xxlth urlef 1 he lost a HOI
In the Axomlalo mint dlsncter i ins nco
Jnn litilu bouse neur by liy the buikf m
and charred lol in of Mar Jiilnn ueil 1
xxrlthln in agon and bxoinl nil hope of n
coXDi In anothur home pnrentb xxuie xxeep
liiBuxcr the brut of Jiirn B Sleele nlidof 14
xxhn xxlll die bitfotn inoriilntr Iurtheron UP
tliestrtet puoplu thronged about thu liotim of
Mr KdvuiriU xvhose daughter I < lz7li > nti d lu
txasoneol thi vktims Him reoeixetl liiilblo
Hjiirlit but thu doctois llilnl sin max bt
MXed Ill olio of the linndsumiit i ntt igii III
the boioiigh lax Minnie Norrlb a bilgnt girl of
Hi and an only daughter Slid xent lu xxork
tins morning aftcru xacatlon of txxo xxcek
him Is borrihl bunipd and must ilk before
midnight Her mothnr said tlmt xxhen Mamie
arrixuil home today noon foi dinner Hhocamu
to her and xxlth a Herioux look remarked
I nm going to die todax 1 knoxx 1 am
Tlio piuent asked xxhy file talked In th it
xxay and she replied that she had had a xxnru
Ing Mu Mild a little bird lluxr into tlie factory
nnd alighted on her should jtmt Imfoio sho
left lor illniiur andslie xxas liniinumil xxlth the
idea that th uceuirei CH Iind a Mgiiillcaino
Among thn badly burned are llnttli Moos
iced 15 and John Exans ugnd 11 It fsthouglit
tlmt but throe ot thtiulglit i hlldien xvill BiirMxe
1 ho hiiperliileiidelit uf lliefuiturt xIIH absent
nt dlmioi at thu time and could not aeioiint for
tlm eNploslon Il7l Kdxxatds sa8 that
sparks from a wood llro In the stoxe llexvoit
niul Ignited Hnme hlraxv ontho tloor xxhleli
Ilrinl K keg ot loose poxxilnr Theru xxas nliuut
llxe kegs of poxxder In thu fantor The eom
munlti id gieutly oxelted over tliu dlsabtvr
JIT A 71 Ml
Tke ITI me Frunk Kellj Tkiiiiicki kc CunrvnUd
liy llnriilnc u HIIIIMMII
HocKloiiT Iiul Oct 2J On thu nljfht of
Kept 2H a trading boat xxas binned In the Ohio
lilxor near here and In thn rulm xere found
the lomulns of tt man thi marks on which In
dlcuied murder Txo men hud been seen on
tlm boat It xxas found later that thu mur
dered iiinn xvas II T Arnutt and thu niurdurni
Imnels J K ly xvho was arrested last Hundii
at A > tle > 111 Kelly IB In lull hero and has
made thi following eonfushlon
lam 17 arsbld 1 hud tetu ttorklnc for in trim
aiil tlutlilnir and xt anted In ilo Ulttr I nenltoNtr
XIIniiu iiiiluorkeil a while in u ru llni uill There fell
In tilth Arnetl niul n rut ilu n tin rite lth linn sell
lui lliiur anil tUars Ai Iiinu after reiniunii n Inu
niiniiis lie starteil iloMi the rhei lur a tuiutlt n irli
and 1 then wanted In itiit and asked Arnelt tu l n > lie
i if lint this he retnsed lo ilu I ion sill trsikifujr that
I ts fslieil lo lelivw hu 1 ititini nlllle anifri neiinnif tlmt
Itlxterutu runatia or dlinlne ant i r his sei ret > he
ttiiild fiillon me ill extni lo the end i f the earth and
kill me lie often iitlir aril tlireatenel lilt life and I
lltel tn inustaill fijar that sonm dat lie ttouldiiake
iiii his Ilirsals
Just bcfun arrlTlnff nt Itrnndviext near Hurkpurr
Arnetl ake 1 me IIMH mui h Iliiior I tin I sold nnd ihen
ilunall led Hie mifliev Afltr cuuntli i Mit luuue lie
sail It JI I HOC lallv lth Ihu aniuillit of Inunr sold all I
ai insed iiluuf ftealhu fruni hull 1 then li 111 hint I bad
uld ilrinks nt nxe rtnts Tins ins It him IrfrCII
fiiriuns and hu again threatened nit life and u hen we
arilted at Urunilxlew and he Loiuht iilninuintloli I
tii luht he us rejiitrins tu i nrr out hU threats
I Ilirll revolted lo Imtk inv xitlle alil run awat At
aboutJo clock Arm n nent tulid nnd I then ci nclu led
It xtasinv lime In skip but reflecting lltal irnell had
Ihrtaltned In futlnvt inc I cunrllidtd III l I would sate
my life iil kill lihu I shut him III Ihfhial as he la
asletii Itth e with k tliutuuil Ihen tu inako sura that
he ttasiieit I slmt him ajruln w II h a retuher
Afltr mirihliu his iiiktls nnl ttiklliK hli menu
lux I ihrtH in litiiterii in a i e if drynnon svtiltnr
tto liuat un tire titlllllt III the klff irlth mr xallse ami
shoihrnn Itaine tu Koexinriand left liiimedistel for
A1IV lllxthere1 hadlrlenils
I hired HI a farmer t fl I u r inuiith fait Sundnx
niiiriilnir I went nut tilth a frlnt1 to irartUe shuuthnr
Hlth a rew htr This was xt fitrii tin rfrtictlres arn strd
nit I ttnnulii I ttaariesied for sliuutlm n run Ist
iut I hail uhllteiaieil all Iriies nf lli fruni
A Very Ilvelt Fmnilv
roitn Oct 2 Ouorso Mlddleton of
OUaii a tih rid man returned him vdnnik un < atnri > i
niurnini and U an to alu > < his fr drltlnher lulu
ihestrni Mi 11 tallied artxnlxer an rtlnnhi linn
Hie house Ilirniiirli a Inrk iluor rlred six bullets l lur
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Lucas llaker Art Vaster Illustrated IM panel
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Address liix j AII
D ll I lainliiir Lumlni
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Tiro jsora tux THE
llrnktr nillon 1 > > HK4 wltk
Pnltlln In Ike Tiinilcrbllt
liiokcr J lluluclaudor Dillon ot the Block
Ktchamtn wearlna n neat bnilncss nutt anil ft
ninllo of expectancy nut Innt nlslit In tho front
ow ot Hontn In tho ItepubllcAn Hall In East
Iflynlnth streot nnltlnir for thuTwentyfirst
district Alclcriiinnlo Comentlon to assemble
li > Mift tlio llrxt on the list of JoloLatofl mul
coltiu hr custom nnd courtesy felt certain of
ho Chairmanship Tho district cmbrnceil In
he Contention Is tho home of William II Van
lerbllt Itussull Kuiic Jay Gould DO Mills
and other millionaires It Is alsoIf not moro
10 Jako Hnaan district Sir Dillon printed lu
ho newspapers icHtonlnrau invitation to all
reflnoctablo and Influontlat otorsto lx > pres
ent lit tho Coiuiiillnii nnd tixiru n their lens
Hu iiltud pntliMitly In his conimandlnt Beat
lillu thn Republican AHseinhly Conxonllon
rompleted 11 ork of runoitiiiiRtlnn TlicoJoro
Itoniovelt Tim Asseinblyon > entlon delecatas
nul scarcely risen from their Hoats and swarmed
toward tho door when nintvn with nblg board
nndablcupr oMpont jumped to his feot nnd
IIIOMH tliat Do Witt Clinton Ward l > a nnulo
Clialruiau of the AldermaiileConvention Thu
motion was earilndwllh Mlonlty lxABslft
ant DistrlPt Attornej OiorKoW L on who Iind
iiiitupid throiiKh lh < ruin to vote H < n delegate
twisted his nioiiBlaihn with dlplon urt <
S hilc inn roll of delcuatps IIH bulim cnllid
Dohuates Jkclkltir and IHIUICO two Miry jouni
nmlaitho ni n HPUIIII to their Icet n uulnrlv
lthsubstltiltuH tor iilifcntcns heli tlui MIM
ritnn callud Mr Lyon > tniiiin Dilitnlo IteoU
lir jumped up and nunomiriMl a sultitiiti j ho
Conxutitloli liuiuluid nnd lIoiklciapnldLIzud
Oil It dont mutter suld Air Ljon I
wltlidiau I IIIIMI nn iltslii1 In Interfere lth
th lltllu job nn liiiml I decllno to n < t
lltir L Sayles hiotlier ol 80 Snjlon thfl
Tillorson MarUot butch r ns nominated for
Aldiiman Mr Lvon otrd for Mr Luhmalor
When tho Convention adjoin nod Mr Dillon
otrode to thu ChaiiiuanH tablo and oald to
Glmlrmin nrd
I IIIIMI neon In tho Itepubllciin party since It
besan and ha o been in any numNr otCon
Mlitlonx but I mixer In m > life saw such an
aet as this I didnt cam anything for tho
olfleo of Chairman but I do con hoinittilliK
foi principle in politics siimetlilni for tho
amenities of KOclotyiuiilKontleminlk behaxlor
Jl > common courtesy and b > timehonored
custom I Nhould linvu tton Chairman Tho
way thlx thine wns rushed throuch was dH
I think sou nie mlstnUon about thn rush1
snld Chittrman Ward Tho same thing hap
penod to mo lust noak
No I bnow what Im tnlklnc nbout r
jolnndJIr Dillon hotly It wasn put ui > job
Thewa > thl thlnu WES run b > t oboj
erli d nu old llitpubtlciiii xxhovas ndHtituntu
luis shaiiiiful I was almost ashamed to nn
BAIT to my uniniiorHlion that I VMS present1
It n bad thlmr to fin tho nameiol dis
cord In thc Q Coiixentlons mill Chairman
Wan an he fiilloxuid one of the protcMlim dee
uales I do lh ton men xxouldbdii Illtlo
careful and not maUi > bo niuili ot tLoso things
TUB XIIIILIAJ ir trisora rv jtioon
Cilme fur Which > < i < kiitlt ITU Ililnir In IVi
roimvliiTtky Forlrvi
Did > ou soothonewftot lourchief published
In t Ou > I upert ui4a l l mtcnn of u MhllUl
rtfidim in thU city Mtiu int uno wa throw ti Into tliv
sQinojri In which Mi UadUr > tihateft 1 now l > im
n lo death
et I i It und t > ellee etf word of It
Kcntli t SrtctmUR f tvlt r HIK rlitin intlooJ
TVrr UnotliiNtf itrftnw tn tttut In fncl that 1 the
only jo tilt iiuutt uf xritiiC lift to NttclialelT Ink
1 tncll uipl irittti < puper arc ttltolutelv bejnuU hln
re at h It oulJ I lattler for him to cit lyiiauilte Hu
far hi IIM > rt ffme 11 < KJ In hi fin nn 1 ht In ttie nun
tn lite It A > uoil linUr lieimili tiMh 111 from lit
tttUlt < ir nlov friiuit HIU tr t > MHIIC lint ji > luiUleut
lu iliouhl kt n i > i nf ilil iun iaptr thei he would
jo Sf fl nil the riiliijn attra hu tifotl
Kilt lio cuulil ti trttiuutlt M KlruUkfoiiiLccjre tolili
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iln pa rx tnmiur Item i T KucUii tn nifiilniMtiur
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tin arno nJ thv nnv nrv m licrttfl In th NiliHUt
tni pirr c The Itro < it > lutk turttihn is iruar k lL
ttu iiiltur o til ere an 11t n < ull be tni null 1C une uf
tlriii rr In Miuimili witti iir l rothtrlioil
h it Ins NI tcliiUiT l itc tolntitr hi In rrit le fntr
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fnre u iLUiiirtHiin iutic ln utetl MIOTMI Midi i ur
trmit r LOIII Iht tin Snt iihl AnHmLv
sidtnr1 l lir tMo irlnic xuiHinl II WHM Ltmilfumiil
totwetitv Mnr tf liirtl lil or in Aittcri hut I is ktt t
in it n tr > im ilHtk tolJ nn I t cnlilp In tnul iicnuihl
tt11 uf the run inlnnk > urtrci utai illnir Ju > t op
1 tibitt III V Ititir rilact over lh > tu It ua woiJcr
toino tlmt he is uli e
A ColiI Dny t Hrlifktoii Ueaek
ThoupectatorsliuddloJ together onthocrand
> tin < l t nUv ht Urlkhtktn Ucacli trying lu U p
tor Ilio llrtl tart tlirou li rain am ninl ihrei < u r
tnif a liulc Mulh Oarnil n M at tlXl llluc
hiring S Illlii Itibil IO lltlJflO Dllle lUliel mill
nine strlnv i < iiil SlulUj Baruei HilrJ Tluif 1 lu1
I or the > i ml r cithree qunrtrtc > f Mulle J < un foil
nt 70 liiuiarrtu fcl Itcn 7h n n i JJ TltlJ fJO
ITin u n llhnr 1 MI til Cum t tlllld rilliv
1 IM4 limiiU HJ jl 11 >
lin ii il tii riue tuu fiiitin p Orni L Uo r > m t
lit il > lllCnliDlLMt HI ul lUillloIti tt IIC1IU fw
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P lukt third rim I UJt MiitunU iNJTH
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i < nt 1Vi HniKoik u MbrnKr K i M Jl
HubtaisLk v MI Hriin < > jiik BU Dtnl isjrtUJrtlilril Jlnm
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or iliv itfih niul litot rncf nim mil ittiil Hqunrler
lln > tlnii fold at l w Mnr ltull mil tlrotlii 101 imli
Heid fr r oti Mniittihii kviuud llutli tlilrJ
At Ike < ktctiico Drlvlnir Inrlc
CHICAGO Oct 2J Thn track xxni Inpoorcon
itition owuii ti > the rrteiit rainn Tlivilmt ettutuuia
trot for nil i TtfM oneinlli WnillM Muimu iltlef v lio
tix > k tli nv oinl fnurlh uu Ilttti hi nts AXIlmiunon thu
tlr t ami third lifalu Tline2J J 2ai U I74
riiieirniulMMiltioilh trial or Jni Ije See tn htnt
ilnnl K llnir 2 104 II u lent hiil for B irixul
mil ulttlout nnv Impy of hviUlliK IIi rtLUrd Tile inllti
wan < ut erril In i 1Hi4
In the ttiinl rriii ihepiti < r l hn t n na < ttnt to I tat
I Itlle Hnmii lin < t tluir for lluci i iiu ii iitht heM
ll4 JMDfj U J in trilcr li n nre hli uh tnOiil
niotli > rt > Ktllnli fur JjiXJ It iiu hf > ttiii tn 1111
iKr tin cniulltli IH I IK a i ra attinil t n ninilf uitli
u et i ruliinlilr runlt unit the niilnioii vift tliitl II wa
it bfiur I eitiirinanie Itiiin OK reinril rnn ltlerlnif ttit
conditions The time wan J H J ir1 i 1S
Tke A ivini rket Klevtlnit
LOIJO > Oct 21 This vxas tile second day of
Hit S iiiurket llntiirlitin nictlliv Tire null itiat at
tin mivUnu Hie laiorarihiUainlrulirixlilrii > t km ai
runtiidn unil n on l II r Ilirrlaj rfthroe > enr <
rlil lirmul i lit Uenllku XX A Until n J ear nld
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r llniiiiiti n o liuir v r ol l im > iniilitir > Kuril
I ilullk u i ii I v it nuk I her u tt H
loiiuim ntil MiUkufc ihiUu wii hr t Ull 1llt kouil
tntt0 tint Ito k r > nrtit 11 ihtt fi III follow rillJ
1 VKlllM > Mltll
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MTfln the ri r At Hoittl < > t li im i ilnw out foi
loUtfilb litit IU i who jiui il luiiutm til won a KU J
Mystic 1nrU rriiitlnir
BOSTON Oct 23 Tho traik wns In falrcon
illtlun Theilrit trul n fi r tin < nuluxniiJ uasunn
i 1uifrnM n IIIM at lured the la t threi lirnoln II
J 4 mi I J I7 > lUflvkKlnut tugk tl v tlr t hent lu J J >
lilt nJ unt Inr Ilif i i i IIIH Mnsniiii In thru
utranfht luats Lj Illnt Ulux Tlnli i J44 J A J 3
Icikupi Iba lussnirri Will CJIri kU Vcrdnu
Clunoral Mnimcor 1 K Hain uld yesterday
thul hv liHil luxtstllfuteil the rtiellt stor > of an ut
nitrated train oiitlx eluxaUil r Uwii > and was inlU
R d Hint tin stun Mjsinuch exuiavruul llelnlleied
tllirepnrUof tlii llttin Him thatlliv vliulnviT dillint
Increase the sped of Ihe Irani Ivvblil the cheilnU
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Contents of Tku Wvrkll Kun
THE WEEKLY HUK uublUheJ thU mornlriv
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of lllliin H Iliilnian A fulltlcil liitrMiw tn it
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Ainunir the Itiultu Munvs 1lo l > rii > s rf M unit t nr >
inell Arlenu XX anl > Hume Trap fur the tiiunrt
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dustrx t Iji lies I > ralllnrlit Xlun Ci luinim ot rillUrml
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anl i rkil
TIIK XXVKKLT fiixcontains niniailetir eiitoino rf the
news i > f Hie < i k fruni all ans < i tlie L illtd States anil
thu American continent Cil ln wrs crs reaty for
liinUlnj 10 the olJ lonntry IMSV > had at tho desk of our
ulilUntloii DUe Itlm four cunts Cor salt li all
iitwsdtulerslnilt > and countrr
1 IlUpnle nnd a Luntustnnt nul d Out
1 knrnnikhrvds Itn dster Nnildlc Itnrsts
Innles Hnil Icrcknrnn Awnrded Prlxca
Steady thronRs of visitor nttiouc xxhoni
xxoro many persons prominent In society
pourcil Into Madison 8 < iitaro flardon on tho
Micotid day of tho National Horse 8bow not
xvlthstandlni thu storm
i The most novel and Interesting feature oamo
at tho close of tho entertainment about 11
oclock Itxxas araco threo tlmos around tho
elshtliofatnllo Hack over llftoen hurdles
three of thorn double for u swuepstaLeu of t3
each with 25 added ench to rldo slnitly threo
balks at any jump to throw tlio contestant
out open to all hunters 1at Menny
was tlio first to start and finish Ho was
rather poorly mounted but by uxcrclshiecnro
and sUlll be cloared all the hurdles safely
though In slow tlm Miss MelhuUh folloxved
Jkauy safely rldlnu In about the snme stylo
Miss Klttir Marlod third inaklnc tho threo
cltuulUulcely tit u brisk puce compared xvlth
the loaders Miss Hohrober from tho Grand
Udell of Vienna xx m the fourth rldor Her
homo refused after taUmr two hurdles mid
Hlw was out of tho rnco Mi A IHniont 1urdy
iniidoulliiu racuoxut all tint huidlea
loiiiiu luxJiuil Keuuu lolloxxcd on his xrhltn
pony maklnu fn t nine nnd clean xxork all
tlirutiuh his inrue rounds ot tho hunlles Mr
IIIOHUI nine net Hi houo rulUHod ut Hist
but hu pnrsoMiiud and xxunt throuuh tho luce
Mi hlnnluy Muitltuvr rouu lim Uunter MILS
uuormlo Riifely oxel the eiitiin iiul thon ro
PiiUHd liatl xxllh Ins hunter Mjtter > Mr
ilolmeH bulled nxel tho hurdlox In hplondld
Bhapi uiiMilloiiliottbtoxbiinjULli tlm liumei
Impoitid ftdiu IrelanU JOCKU Salt and > ox
uialothorrldeisxMiiil thioituti thu tiKti xxlth
out a tumble Thuro u iu nt leait thuo thiiu
hind > putftntors > xho aiiliud > d tliu ndltiu
heiutllv Mr stnnioy Uorlltimi xxon llrst
luutio fiion Jiusuueiadoatidrut jluanv won
keiond niouo > UU on Tlie Ulippvi
Tho piotiiiiuiniH uioned In u inoro spirited
muiiuci than on the Hist dn > hen tlm totiit
bounded nt IU A Jlloi the judcuiir 01 lira en
Lltie liotsea tho Wtick hone Mutter and tlm
inultlnd bronn hoisu Jim twloiiulin to Lntelno
IU xvuro hitched to the uincliln In u txxliikuiii
tUelr hviidt kor tobvd hluh their nostl Us ex
tended tlielr lore leus paxxed the air theli hind
Icrt Litinu doxxnoti tliu plunUit iltli a hound ol
thunder and In 3l Hiiolids Imfuro thu sound
of tha 10111 luul died iun > tlm hotses xxete out
on tint tanbark xxhitllnu tho heuxy vnulnu
mound the ilcliiuoliiiulle ttacl IltuCum
inlssloner Im IDS xxlioiame in u fv inlnuua
Inter uplxH ed u ilinlru to ben thu tierform
iiiuu rupitutud llls > reiiuost xximeiinuiileil utli
nnd 11111111 tho lluhtulni eihlljltiou xxusuono
oxiti In precisely tlio sumo time lu thj aftet
nion tliuj ledtlwd thu lime to H bucond
A frNky lot of roiulstei Btiilllons 1 mat old
and uinler 2 xxoro btoticht out for competi
tion Mr Cnus liiiKXxiitili bay rrotecteur
14 liamlu Imported from irancu xxna a ery
stylish luiloxv Hu xion llrxt ino Mi J A
Millies biy son of bimitlnr lMinUm 142
took hoiund prUe after close judnlUK xxllh Mr
A IlaiuuioIDilitstiiutlVlur 1uiider nudJ W
< l H J Jlruvvna biv John W
Tlio next el is ol roadsters limns or gel
lnir < 4 > inri old and oer brou ht out Ml
Uitn Mine xxlth Ills litldil und MHJOI tlio sllxer
lialied xutKraii Ml Gilbert xxith Mr ItoeLo
lullors lirlunola and u iturn ot other trotter
of line lurin nnd action aKo liamlli d hv skillul
ilrhii < llrlutiola xxon Hist piemium J It
iBttt DiN II iinlltnii Kfcund Xlajor third
ami H C ooilnul ta Cliailoy Itoceis fourth
Th oiielilni tflaliloiH four IIIIH old and
oxer Iliino boundini Into thi < rlnu xxlth lonlly
airs Mint ot ihein xsere miijeMtleiiilinaltf Mr
OriiH llouorlhH tux lit In 1Amour Innui tiil
fium iranci took llrbt prle Mr x s Cittr
IICUH uucstmil T > rollen second and A II ljur
liniH buy hturhulit b > Kutilueks Illncu x > a
eryhlulitx oiniiiotitted
Mr J II LnUilnianK CiTiriue nnd Dlctntitur
took llrbl and Hicond pnts iu cuss 7U for
cim < liniMiilUon < i three jearsi id
There viif a cluBo and inlHUMini competi
tion in el s7J tor uurinueot biuiixliiini horoe
or inure nut under 1C lunnls 4 > nu old and
oxit It lookud as It a fiisliloinvl e Mellon of
Central inrk turnouts Inul bi en turned Into
thoOanlun Mt J Uxxiklit KIIIIH lni > li < jk
won llrl urle Mi Ueor u Vmrks tliustnut
Din tluku necond and Mi 1 II Llahliuans
Jlnrr > xxanxon hlLhlt commendvd
Jliu miiKhed palm of airinue teams or
brougham horses nniil a still liner ilitpliy
iltaxxlni their cay eiiulpnciM MIK J Uxxiuht
lllpe > > pail Clinrle > inn Plllj Utunvd Illtfl
piimtuni Mr Croorue IX Klnus Uuuulixs and
Main hcvond Mr baliliuuis Drluhl and Ian
ex ixerH ooiiimenueil nun Jlr J Jxx liicliester a
Duke nnd Irincu xxuru liluhly eoninielided
The competition of Tcirt or doucart horHus
xxiseliiue Mr Ad IIod esM b > KeldinuUick
xxmi Urn t pi isu J l bjcliunekn uray main Zimi
eroiiilClaiune iex > ii liistnutirolilliit Luck
xxa thud ehoiLi and I Cinu Urlbxxolds broxxn
uelilint Ixxlnklo touilli
Ihu iiiipeiunniuol tlm pontus furnished Croat
Hporl foi nil tlm Htietiiitory tho xxomeli and
ctilldrun fttijojin tho slcht hugely Homo of
th animaM shoxxid u illbposltlon to stand on
tlielr titnds it hers to hit on thuir hauiiche
und soinii to liiku u roll in thu tnnburk Muster
liLorirt NiporiUH rooo xuth an easy nlr equal
line Miiuajti Ho took the first prl o In tha
cliudS pony class xxlth Gnij Tom Touro Itou
ertson won utieund xxlth Juhii Mastur Jamie
Silllmnnx DKic xxns third vhoico and Cnailus
ita minis Millie fourth
In thu vlutfd lot fourxeniold ponies and
oxer Irestott Laxxruues ItocUut xxon llrst
ntlii li C MiOnxxnt Little Chief second W
K fcoutm s Irtfisy xxas thiid choice and
himutil A xtitUli H isiii fourth
lu thu polo pony clns H L Herberts Fox
xvon llrst prize C 1 IVturas IJIIlytliuCio it
econdC S Ulckels rcotih Gray xxas third
Lhrilee and U V llettsV Cnxtlle rioap fourth
In thu liitoiuHtiim LlaiH of hhetiands J F
Mones piebulld Chester xxon Hist premium
iMurtii IiutherH bruxxu Cliiu Hucond K
Mnnnlibinier H Mlduott xxns third choiie and
Mi Illliini Watsons Jonathan fourth
Uliu liestHport In thndaj timncnini near tho
cloo of tUoaftei noon perlormiinces xx hen tlio
halfbred iiunllllud hunlerd earning 150
pound contestid In eliKM UJ Mr Coonny ns
the Mist to lnkH IhliiL leaps oxer the Kills nn
Mr ChiiH Iila r Milord Mr Cnoney ilucked
his liorHe bx not lvlm htmnfne rein licn
h junipud IoiiMiiueiice Mllnrd xxiint on his
knees and Mr toonex landed ou Ids henii
Xtilhoiit Injury Mr L l > MorLuuH Alcn ir
XHS ridden xlth better juilcm nt He cleared
tin rills nuiit y nnd trot flrnl prize Mr Stan
lev Moitlmer inde bin hun turn Miisiiurrideand
Desperation Ills liirces xxiun uiiiin jumpers
but their heads xveto held rithur ft u lily xihlio In
the nlr xvhkh liiimpored tlium somr int LiB
porulloiiualnod set ond prl i Mr H L Her
bert rod IIIH Ioy liiuu Tho lioixt not only
cleared tha hiidlort lint ttndertooU ID jump
oxnr Lnuiiii n > und Its men each iimehuitn
ixlinl the roumlHOt the htirdle > Ilu xxis xeiy
liluhly commended Mr It L
illlrlihllinn also iittntupted to Inxpxtlhn
flieappnratun aftei jumpinu tho rallx Wild
llUliiniin iiB nluhl eommeiideil
Mr Aichltiiild K < ver < rodu hlH horse Gold
Coin Thu norso liehixxed Imndtomely in hie
xxork but druxx n bliink
The coxtl eun ollend by the Coney Island
Joelny Club foi tlix haniUnnixHt thornuchhred
staljlon In thu Html xxas asuuded lu Mr James
K IxoeMiiKbjieiidtlirift
Mr V h Vnndeiblitrt special prln of tlOO
for 111 bunt sMpiuir In sini o IniriieHA unx xxon
bj Mr fl T MiCniiillebH uiildlni Dandy
Tho cla e are not rilled as tliuy aiu cata
Iticued und eniiiiot be ulxnli 111 outer
In thu 1ureln ron C > UI > SUB innnj rriind hoibcx
me on cxhibitloii Intliueiibs for mare or
Clldinus four leant old and oxel Ml II U
Whll dupplt rax llUHtliiin xxviu 11 rat ru
mid J A A DniiunrH bit man Coijuitte k c
niul In thn elHss for three aroldsatid tinder
fuiii Mr I llDahlmanauiay ueldlnu JoetonK
Illt ntliiiiid tho sune owners buy uuldliu
Jneksoii heioiid prbn
Ilm Ixonliiu proyramin opened xvitli an
ohihoii < i ladlen naddlo hornns Ther > i
xxere lour co ni MI tor Miss MelinilHli
rodu 11 CuHinicUo 3Iii io Stuart Mlts
KliiK i do J T Uooiluiirds Sunbeam
Miss hroler nnlo A M Dodi On
nnd MiiHlor J I Meooitn rodo Ills uhllu mare
nnum Ilm ridln xxiH easy and Krncelul
xxlthoutKpoidor jumpln Mnrl Ktmtrl xxon
llrnt nrle Xiiupn sii iid and Sunbeam xvas
viiy liUlil lommended
In eliiKM H4 uiddln hoineh cob inarn or cild
ItiUJ T Wood war its Jrinci took llrkt ptti
Lhatles Iunlers llomuniade second und P
Lorlllnrd IiV Dumpllnirthlid
A llttloilillldilli occurred In tlm line nt th
cloD of ilino nxxarilH Mr illinfn 1oiter
xxho rodo his horno htiipriHo In thio rlnbn nb
jeered to first prizu belnj lon to 1rlncn us
hitrtlm that the lior WHH j liiihim aUuu
Htlpiiliiinl height of llltHon hnnds Thti
mlu mid that Ini xxax abtmlxv and profnnn In
IH mnnnurol ubjictlnt add tlui ordered IXTO
iiolkiinHn loisiort him from tho rlnit and also
barreil him and his hoisex Irotn all future inni
petitions Mr 1ntler Is a rldliiK mtibter In an
Uilovii academy
JtondHter stallluiiH 4 > car < old and oxer foi
lcifil the Hinlillu lidiiCh Some of Ilium Mere
liiiutlen It A L V D shepherds hpurlnti
Jr xxon Hist prize and m Uuilaud Jrb
Comut booonil
I71I Lttni0 THE
Michigan Cvntrisl Ike Itmi TaU TlraetVhtn
U III the Iumha fume Illicit I
The punishment of tho bears uu tho stock
market was continued xesterJny Tlie dose
consisted ot nn advixnco of 8 par cent In
Mlclilimn Central Thn other Vandtrbllt stocks
particularly New York Contrnl nnil Lakii Hhorn
followed the moxcmontnot Mlchlcan Contrnl ut
n Ie rapid rnco jot In such n ilutorrnlncd
mnuncratln weaken thu conllilnncu of thooo
xvho Imxo lluurotl thoni out us xvortli much less
than they 1m o boon soiling for nud bavo
biickod thulr oiilnlona
Tlio advance In Michigan Central was steady
There xrcro no big jumps In tlio rrlcoand thoro
wire fexv reactions nono of note The open
Ing prlco xvn 81 and by moiisuroJ strides It
xnllcedupto8SV und nt tho close held all but
4 iwrcont of thaadxnnco
Tha bcits asserted that there xvas no short
Interest In the Htoek basin the assertion upon
tho fact tlmt tho stock hn boon BAST to boiroxx
On the other hitnd It In nuiiied thiittho txxo or
thruo Ynuilerbllt broker Xx ho Imxu accumulat
ed the Mocklmxo lent It freelx xxlth the result
of Itnxliiciudueid tlm puimu < jf earning It
nnil xvlnit Is iniiti liiiporiiiiit nitoiiiiiiliig
Ahull unit H Tliolnuisailluii8 yesturdnj Hull
cntuil xnri plainly tlmt Hiitiit unn xxiuittil tliu
stockntnl at iiinu imyprlco hexeral purclmsut
xvuro iniulu for cnnh nt oniqunturof one pel
ciiit obuxo tliu luuliir ninrLtt prUe
MlChluiin Cuiitinl CUM thu bvurH their fuurtli
kSfiou mniu Inst 1 liiiiBiluv niornlnir Jirsuy
viilrul linxn ttiutn funm cbiirp out Nor t lift n
Iavlllo inufurtiil lulUuil u terrlllo thruslilim
nnd befuiH Hint xxns litlilx ox < r on Muinlux
Ruinc Hull in the xxav ot mliiiou inlxunrti lu
Oiijun und TiiinKcuntlnuntuI xxna tubbed lulu
tlifir xxnuiuK
A irooiliiiunylmxn accepted their ctntlKatlon
tn Ihu XXHV or Ivpliitutl bunk nccuuniB nnil
brokurA bHlnncrs otliern hux run Ironi xitulur
the lauhub 1 lieronri nulmlicutluim liowevur
tlmt any lnriu propui tlun n them uro penitent
or Inuo 1 mi tntnini nT tin urror of tin Ir
v > In not tliuinlpfortuiu tl Ht huxaoui
tllklll till III llllXU Itll tillIll lOSlt tlltlllMIXeSllp
us niurtxr ami ruiivrmiinllx iiiluiiBllltil thulr
tunl Tin 5n tlmt tin IjulU nro ultutily kill
Inii locks niul promrutliis the untlre innrkt
by thulr tnrtlro Hint tliu tinirkut must nnil xxlll
KO iloxvn nnd tlmt xxltliuut thulr oxxii Intermit
tent Hiinport it will an doxvn xxith n dieustrous
ru h In fact broiik xx Me oyi > n
As nriilnnt tlie u prcilutiuim consorxntlxp
and fur thu tnoinuiitutliiist lean iirpjudlcfdob
Herxrriot Unil Ktn rt nlliilr xeiitiir tliu tlmory
tlmt thcie Is n bort of midurhtumlliiK ainuni
tlio lenders xxho us iniiiinuuiH o Inruu propor
tion roprutcnt KUbstnntlHl IntcreBtH miit tn
jiBtnrs to puruUB tln > same tiiitlcHiiicnlntt thu
beBM that tin Inttur hme used so sutiussfiilly
to duiireits prices niunul > to ndxnncu one
Etock nt a time nnd do MI xvlth HtiUi ruplditx
n to fuc7u somo of the xltullty out ol thu
1cnri Then cliuniplouH of bottur tlnu s iir no
thattliu ttoikB tlmt uro adxuncud us thu our
inifiitloucd Imxo b ou huxu nut l cn kllliil HO
fur M iictlxlti U concernoil nny moro than
they xxorn xxhou thy xxero knuckud iluxxn
5 or 10 per iuiit in u dn > Thoy
tnny romrln Innctlxc for n foxx dnyt but
not looKor n tlio nioxements In them Imxo
biin lu noeoiisovoriiiis Tho prlnclnul oxxu
IIIM cil tin1 8tock hitxv had to buy Iliem on tho
decllnu to piutict tHlr propertie and thu
Mocks Inue tuciimuluted on thulr linnds xxhllo
thobcnrii haxuuonu on > ullliii until lliex Ilud
thero aru not piionidi churns tn KO around
It Is > ireui tliut hfti tlio tirotrrnmmu Indl
cild 1ms been carried our tbv nctlxu stocka
will upon u higher plnuo and thouuli thu
operation max ruhult In u dull mtiikit foi u
Btiisoti that xxhou tllortn nro nmJn In fnrthur
lulxante frlciii the attempts v III not IIM mot by
xiniifebiiirnltnckH us hiretofoti miilthiHln
time n point xxlll liit nmdiid xxliiru cunlldiiiou
Mill UircBtorcd und thf public tho isMeiitlal
pliunint In iiueuulnu bull nmrkit xxill ho In
iliuwil to couiu In and operatu and bo shorn as
In the days or old
JIulue I uibiirni nivut
Stephen I Marchnnt nnd Anderson Mer
chant 3 L V4reliant X Co J Importer < > f cemnt anj
tlUai Mttti tr t ma lean u rl7ninfnt McrJn > to
trMciU llronn xhlttir prfftrfne for JVi741
Loul OtMMliiiiii ifianutottiirrr of kltt > MI JoJCnnil
itr ct mntlr n n ici tenl to I Miiibnl A 1VIU
bcii A1 4 Urold ilrttlir In ii arH ut Mu OrutiU Ktrtvt
Ilruuklvn umdo rn u iiniurM m flicolore txuilir
New York Mtaok e Sales Oct S3
nrriiD it rt jttn r > r Mini in 1 >
s < > lKl STenn OioM
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39 All t Cue hie 23iaY H Mil i I flll
IOAII JUV litXXD mi U Nur I 1st HJ
1 Attli iu Ut tu 1 N U i IIC
A lltltt t Ill Ul Ml JN Jlrnt niljt 1UH
J llur U l > j tOIV UN J lent Ini HT
1 llitiO 1st Ill JSI elil H 7 H > u
lir II 11 > V til AM L
1 Chunioiur ni
J i lu X Alt I 117 SN XX sf s
1W 1 t 0 ilel 13IJMISlil11
i hSiaS JOilil Miss Jil
jr 11 y 4 lot I Or K N Iu7 >
Ji m > n 11JS4
lilltl t II Istexl Ill H Or A I C 1st
J Den A It II cull M 4 HoXXU ex 5S
I IK Al B 1st 7Ji IU Kiel U lloU
t > i fcne unn d BJV41 JRlcll lAJ 1st 70
IM Turn Us 7l < 4 < 4 IM Slit II Xul Ut IU7
1 M XVurlli 1st iUSiu 1 xu Im nM ul 1st I
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1 Intl 3 HI d 7u lu M V run
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ti Int AII > ts 0
4 Kitus 1 1 its Sst p 1st
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tl AS N AUlst 1st 1 1st I A U
tl L ills N J < 1 till 4H1 f f II n d 7J
lllul till 1st J Ln 1itt 1st
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njilo P tun IliXitt 70 X t an 5s
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110 AMI T A C IU noHi Mr a Jn <
4si iirl tif ti ulB
Her Tel 11 iu srw ii 211
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HI i nl autitli JWS V
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lisjl lies k u 1st nf I4 4ui uiilu Ml > s i ivn
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alOlhk ML llSIIMtl XX 1I >
fills IJJQIJ fiiUOIilorsnt 4ts Ui
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till Del til U lOIatlHi SHUi 1I < r I
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lines I ItOJTra A P ii lliju
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L H a i H IN Mil i Ilmt M 07
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Ooxernmont and State binds wiro ijulet
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uiiiit nl thu bharii market
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11HI COdiiy bills f < al 131V
lUcelpto of Internal rexenuo today 231
1 IH customs 4 0 3l national bank notvi for
rudemptlon I2USOUU
Paris advices quote 3 V cunts at 78 05
The State Kuglneera report upon the rail
ondf of this State for thn year nndlncc Bout SO
8S2 has nt last boun published It Blvc tho
itriilhkBiini expenfc < for tho yenr and bill
nc sheetsotiinsHtsHndllabllltlriifrom nenrly
nil the companies nnd i supplemented by n
nltiahteciwiplliitlon of the Invxs In forc re
nting tn rallroiid mutters Tlm report or this
ear xvlll It Is expected anpesr soon after the
iieetlne of tho Legislature In January
Tlm lonsos that nre to be ratified by tho stock
inldersof the Canadian 1aclflc Italfrond Com
ui 115 on Nov 5 xxlll mid nbout 4Wmiles nt rond
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iilley Oumpnnt IS index and Unit ol thn
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lenrly completed and xxlll bnopr > ti il for bust
iron b > Jan 1 luixt The txvo roadu xxlll gixc
he company u lino from Montreal xlit Toronto
o Ht Thomas on tho Canadian Southorn
Inllrnnd They run thiouuh n country
iVixlnij apopitiaflnn of 4 OiV WlY A branch of
xxnlxu miles to Iunion Is Mm constructod
Hid a mote direct line from Perui to Montreal
80 miles him been projected Ihe portion of
liutAtlnntli and Xnrthtxeatern to be leased U
i > n tulles xvhlih Llxes tho company bildue fa
cilities nt Montreal and ncunnecllim xxlth tlm
omit riintilng to Portland Me and other
visern ports The leases am practically an
absorption ot the propertlofl named and the
cost to the company will Iwtlmpnv mentof fixed
tmrccs upon nil liidebtednr > en ot Hlmut lib IKK
IP r mile All of the roud noxv operated earns
nore tlmn the fixed charges
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TUESDAY Oct 21 rtoun AND MEAL Steady
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Live Mock Market
XFIX YORE Tuesday Oct 23U eoIpts of
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ArrivelTlnu r Oct 23
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