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tStK JM 4 1 J
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I UJ jje urn i
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jnrivo HALL Axn TiincouxTrnnuoc
Connty Drmncrnli tMifcct to the Nomlnntlnn
orNenntur < Grady and Tnmmnnr Hull Ire
cute tft onilnitlo lie Own C ittirilttiitee Tor
tke tfenuleMr trndye llktlravvnl
1 Tho union ot the Democracy on notnlnn
lions for Honntors which was nlmost assured
on Monday was broken jeoterdny Tho lon
John 1 Kelly was told on Tuesday Dint tho County
Democrats In tho Sixth Sonato district woro
bitterly opposed to Senator Thomns r ratha 1
ronomlnatlon Hwns nlw Intimated to him
that Commissioner Hubert O Thomp
Bon oxMnjor Cooper nnd other County
Domociaey leaders had used their bent
Domoclo loalers hol mol
efforts to sccuio n union on the basis
proposed by Tnmmnny hut that the men
in tho Sixth Benato district would not hear of a
union If Honntor OradjR untlortement was
w IIt ono of tho conditions They were willing to
I I endorse any other Tammany candidate Mr
L RalLy replied to tho persons who uavo him this
Information that ho could net dosort Mr
ClraJy and added I cucss wo shall havo to
linvo a light along the whole line I nm sorry
but I cant fee how it can bo 1 helped
The County Democracy loaders mot at 1
Union square nt 1 A M yesterday twenty
three Assembly districts bolnc represented
and remained In session until 3 1 M Mr
Kellys ultimatum was reported and thon
there was I clorl dlscu slon on tho situa
tion tommlssloner Thom pson oxMnior
Cooper Polco Justice lower hupervlsorCos
ileaii Comm lsioner Mltciiill t nnd others
tirked tho niciKSltj or united nominations for
hen itoM I there alionld bo I no union ttiiy f aid
tho IIiMitlbltcans would probably fairy tho HOI
cnth 1lifhth and Tunth eti ate d lslllcls t John
Ivnonan Charles Hull I Thomas P 1 Walsh and
other downtown Irnueid wvio wlllinuto vote
for union on the ba < is bugttcd by Tnm
many it I I Hoimtoi Orndv was token nut of tho
Held Itut they would i not undorie nlm I In I any
event iMayor Cooper and others tiled to
jpoiitiado Mr lindvH opponents that 11 union
Bhould not ho prevented because 01 the oppo
elton to ono caniltdato Thereupon Mr
Oradjs opponents iiutstlonctl tho right of the
district leadeis to pay vvhit the Sixth Distilct
fionato Convention lioulil do Tho doleentps
lo that Convention were idoctod by tin people
und could not bo dictated to bj ati > leaders
llm conference nt liiittli iloeided tooxprcs
Its opinion on the subjoet Tlio voto was 12 In
favor 01 union and 0 auninst It Tho negative
otes worn 111 tho First Second Thin
1outth Fifth Sixth llKhth and Twelfth
districts and coo upteen district The rep
resell I nll ot two districts Ill not 011111
one district was unrepresented lutt I after tho
votu had been taken Col Michael C Murphy
o 7 Ijioimht tho news tint John Holly had told
BhorllT Davidson that Senator Omly mIght bo
V I canilldito In the FIlth district although Jnm
many had conceded that district to Irvine Hall
his flOWS Increased the bittorncss the down
I town politicians nenlnst Mr Grady and they
declared thut they would not endorse him
Whntcxnr tho leaders might say Ilio inoetimr
Iho then Suiiato adjourned conferences and the politicians wont to
Just as this meeting adjourned about forty
Tnmmnny Jon roprosontltiR tho various
Honato districts nssemblodjlu tho Mu Icvvnn
Tho lon John Koll told them that the
Count Democracy would t support Senator
Irady and that Irving Hall had nomlnntod
TlmotnyJ Campbell In Mr Gradjs dNtrlct
Then ono of tho district leaden sucoistcd that
henntorcirndy mluht run in the Fifth district
and Mr Kolly asked tho loaders of tho Ansem
My diKtriots In that Senate district to snj what
Jlr OrndiB chances of election would bo there
1olice Justice Duffy of the First district
thought that Mr Urndv could not carry tho
tutu Senate district and added that his can
dldacv there would lesson the chancys of elect
ing l Tammany Alderman in the Punt Assem
bly district Alderman Kirk of the hoc
ond James J Slevln of tho Third
and Henry A Oumblcton of Iho Fifth
Assembly district thought that Mr Grady
could win but it would roaulro hard work
tThen Senator Grady who had come from l
sick bed to tho nicotine took the floor lit said
that ho was too ill to undertake 1 hard ran
cass Ho had always bon loyal to Tam
many and would continue his ohio
glance He know that ho was opposed
bi tho othor organizations because OVfoO1
loyalty to Tnmmanv Ho did not wish
to embarrass Tammany and therefore with
drew from tho race for senator Ho would not
ti run in any district Ha thought thnt thoio
would bn no dlfllciilty in nominating a candidate
date In tho Sixth lsenat > district ncalnfet whqm
nothlnd could bo said I think ho said
that no such criticisms would bo made
against Edward Mctzo < us have boon
unjustly made against mo Then
lio added that Jimothy J Campbell
had sneaked In ns 1 mndidato and that his
nomination was ovldoneo that a prominent
county ofilcor for whom Tammanj had voted
and who was Irvine Halls lender had boon
unable to control his own organization
Atttr Senator Grady had resumed his scat
thoconfeionco passed the following
1 ttfi it In 1 vitw of the doubts exUtln in to the i oi l
cA Milt if electlne Ilemocratlc rtprointntlM I 11
w Matt Menlie in the Suttlith Eighth I anllenlh htntite
tliatriclit if I niorethan t one Demntriitlc tnididati werti
iiumiinttfd in the dJMtruli I rtxulutlon ttax i a ied h i >
thli ronfertnte on the JM 1 ini > l propolm to the
Irrliigf Hull amid Ciiinty t Demotracv nriraiiuritioim
ft mil m on htnatoriul tnndMnlti Ihe HfHi hemilt
llttrltl t tu lie I toiiotdtl lo I Irtliu I llnll I lie pvenlh
Mnth iid Tenth ttII rum ti tn I f i onct dcd In I lie tuiintt
IJrinocrncy and the Mxtli 1 Iwhth I ti and I lettnlli ills I
trittt In be tonceded 1 tu I Ijinmunt t I I Hall I tacli VI orcmlt
tiun In Lontintion Iuzm ivlnk Ihe I ritht to choote lu own
oiill I ilc
Mifittit An anpiter waR rectltid l I from Hit CGiintt
Democrat t orKnnlalion rtfUKlmf the ttrmi I I t rmioeI It
fctlialnr TnouiHH F 1 limit I t Woe tn I bt rwiioininnttd ty
Janininn Hall in tIme Mxlh mate duiricl
llift OTt The Irtlntc I Hall riaulzal lot IIUH ttlfin tefurt m 1
our pru otitlon an ihown 11 the nomination uf rimnth
3 Campbell In the Milh Stnale iliMrltl
llrtnlitl list I the lIegau or thin ontamntlMi rep
rencntlmr Hit ttevernlhtiintoilal IHvtrict unttntl I n te
html tIue are lit reh omuundtfil tu numlnuti in their
Cunttntloni Ibis evening i anill lateft whu t ill falthfull
repniteiit thtt t lenllo mind the rincipku of Hit I QIIIIIIUII >
Halt Ilemocrai
The Tammany Senate Convention mot in
the ovonlnc and carried out their instructions
by nominating candidates IlxAldormnn Jus
3 Slevin was nominated injtho Iltth tllsiilct
idwiud McCuo In the Sixth district 1ramds
A DIILTO In tho Seventh district John W
Drowning In tho Eighth district John J Cul
len In the Ninth district and George W
Ilunkilt In tho Eleventh district eorle
Tho County Democracy loaders did not learn
of Tammanys action until evening Those
who had favored union nominations expressed
regrets nt Tamilian > course but tho down
town leaders wore Ileaseil rather than sorry
All agreed that Tammany had made union on
benate nominations impossible and
181uto nOnllltoos Imlosslble some
acciisud Tammany of bad faith Tho
declination of honntor Grady would
Jinvn made union almost certain one
lender nald but the Instructions to the Sannto
Conventions to noinlnnto candidates put an
3011 i to itber negotiations Tammany has
lundo Its tied now let it lie in It
1 1 ho Irving Hall headers wern very Indignant
I fit JummRnys action Sheriff Davidson openly
accused them of breaking their word ol olunl
I if I probable that tho County Democracy
and Irving Hull will unite on nominations
for Benatois Asseniblymun and Aldermen
The Irving Hall Doinooratu taut night
soinlnated Col Michael 1 C Murphy for Illht
atom In tho Filth district nol tho County
Nomocracy endorsed tho nomination Time
County Democracy nominated lon Daly In
the Huvntit Senate district James Fitzgerald
In tho Ninth district and William W Nibs in
tho Eleventh district In the Tenth Bonato din
Ionlh tonnlo
trict the Conference Commltteea of time County
Uemoprapy Tnmmnny und Irving Hall agreed
Tipon J llampden llobb us time candidate and
pa was nominated by the Convention of each
organization Time County Democracy will to
lilght endorse Timothy J ul bolln tho Sixth
feonato district
Nlltta Politic
I Tho Itopubllcans of tho Nowburgh district
litre iimnliittedllenr I Low for the Stole S tide
Tho ltMineroU of Iho Fecond dltlrlct of I Oiauce
rounl louuu lily I have rcnomlnatctl Jutcb H IJimmlck fur Ai
Tin Iutnim county Iterubllcone have nominated the
rnllnwlnscamlidalei ror nuiiibcr Ir Amtmi Ij Henry
rY ilaip miiili I Hneli for County JuI 1 Iff ilium VVteil fur bberlll
T Tlie llnii Norton I Ulln o Vnnkeri till been noml I
unit 1 for member of A tniby by the Heiubluaniof
the Hri Wiiuheklir dlitrict Ibe llepubllcumiuf the
2 tfblrd tlliirlct mmnituitittit limo lion I Jnmei I limit
lint liemotratlu htnatorlal 111 1101 of time Fir
t tirathdMrlctyetterdi nuuilnuttd Tliumus Newboltluf
I Uutcheo for fetiator
1 Jamei otii wai nnmiiialedfor Senator yeiterdav l by
the 1 al ul llcimof the rlnl ilmtrlcl 1 Quctie and Millulk
ctunile I tI 1c
The KeiJiiullcaniof HulTala tellepHy nominated Nor
fIt > lort > fur Moor but he rtluicJ toaicepl
long Island City 1rluiarlee
1 Democratic primaries were hold In Long
lilamul l cut Ill night Tie eonlest vtts between Alder
Itnsn I J illtatonanl ex 1cllee Commissioner Itlchard
Urnnlrnng r rival 1 rtudidttei for time rltiIr Hemocratlo
1 It
iioiiiliistiin tmm i rl for Uavor lfln rnide In the itrit ward
tynere ihe illvsson ticket win nomlualril by IHt1 major
> ly Allerua tileato Pd Iii later In the t evening that ho
Jislisrriel at lead Ihrtt of hue IIvu wurilillu Urn
jrconl 1 smllhlrd and Uat lie n A late of lliouonlliis
A Vonel Ilrolkore1 Sleue IVIuler 8ille
I C e ci r tlismmumCsttiohmii i tuperlor IrlniTJun and rror > I
puiuiulji Vroiairur aud Uouilgn Silt I cot t4i4ttt
Kellys lleeline
Ladles ran Purchase alit palimip I vehets mils cloaks
trtuiav l < ttt on credit at T Kelly tu Utli av4Hr
Vogel Brolktr Overcoats
for Ibis winter are tqusl la the flnul Custom mile Mil
ug tijlj u gue tbjijj liu U i pricI4dv
M lxi T < i s J I
> r
I Vocal llrolkon Vaeklem CaUloiue
Showing whit to wear th winter for men and boys lent
tn ldl 14 toul tb y14 U
l 4
r Yf Y lf
Votttl Ilrclkcre Mori CUIklnr
llae become to popular that they hart to fttiploy CYCf
wtiJi9j ItIYP1
Tke Ientrnl Repnlillcnn Club ID full Ciy > 0
to Nlrecte of ilereey City
A UironR of excited man voro crowded into
tho Second Precinct pollen station In Jersey
City lust evening and filled time nil with their
clamor There woro among thorn wealthy
mlddlongcd citizens with diamond shirt studs
youug lon with ponderous hats and Oliver
hooded canas business men with perspiring
faces anti dlsordoted hair nnd n sprinkling of
mon In time garb of worklngtnon This gather
ing was composed of members of the llenub
llcan Control Club of tho Third Assembly dis
Tho club had mot In Dotmania Hall on New
ark nvcnuo to make final arrangements for
tho primary today rime party In the district
Is divided Into two factions that have for nov
oral weeks boon engaged In a fierce war against
each other lo captutu time Assembly nomina
tion Tho rival candidates are Charles B 3 Iurst
a dry goods merchant and Samuel Dickinson
for mummy cars n clerk In tho City Hall Tho
Central Club constitutes tho machine organi
sation I comprises about four hundtod of
the active workers and controls tho primaries
Under a rule adopted by tho County iocullvo
Comnittloo tho nomination was to be made at
nn open ptlninry In time Third district tho
club had complied a book containing tho
names of the Ilopubllcan voters nnd had do
cldoll that no ono should vole nt limo primary
whose nnmo wns not ontored In I Time club
Appointed n committee of revision composed of
Jnek Ilohblns Fred Cbs Dnnnls Silencer
Daniel I llenjaniln Joseph Juno 1 Hiumiol
V Chattelton and Henry Crawford
Thoso gentlemen made ninny alterations time
Fnrit faction claimed that tho names of many
undoubted Republicans who wuie known to be
his supporters had been oni od
Whon Iho club mnt hist evening time commit
too Hiirrondorod tho book to Vlcorreslilimt
James Young who acted ns Chnliiunn Hut
they Rooniedtobn dlxsatisfletl with the woik of
revision for 11 llobblns moved that tho book
ho l > ret mm mned to them for further in 1 > Itd Ion and
correction Jhla ttiKKPitlnn cioitod violent
nlturontlon In time heat tit tho debate Charles
linker ito t janitor ot f tho t Illuli I I School jumped
from his cent rushed up to t tl I Chat rlnl
desk andvHeUtng tho book nttompteil to
run out of time hull with i A num
ber of thcSstatcflinon Intnreepted I I him I and In
tho struuklo that followed oiim capttued the
Tolumo amid tucking it undoi r his coat dashed
downstairs nnd Into tho Street pursued by a
majotlt ot time club lio I ran up Nowiuknvo I m
nni to Jorbti avenue and thcnco to Second
street up wlilch ho turned and continued tn
Colo street limo members of time club chased
hIm crying Stop thlnfl I at the top of their
voices and nltiaitlng the attention ot crowds
of citizens on tho streets who without knott
ing nnytlilni nbout the t CHUM of the disturb
ance joined enthusiastic in the hunt
Mr You II on lonching Colo street became
exhausted lImit slipped 1110 I grocery store in
the hope of cludiimhis pursuers Thm ell
him I howovot anil hastened after him Ser
geant Mediums wns IIIHOIK thor and ho kept
back the Indignant politicians who were thnat
enlne to tear Mr Young to pieces Jlcdin
nls however tool Yolmimu who still retained
tho book to tho station w linn the club marched
alone at theIr h bllton Ctpt IMmonds locked up
time book to avvnlt tho fccttlnmotit of tho tines
tlon of ownership Tho members tried to nrguo
thomsplvos Into unanimity ou that subject for
peveral hours and finally letired without
hOlr8 lu1 fnaly wihout nr
riving nt u conclusion
During their absence from thin hall tlio rom
mint of lie t club I that lmlllol had beon at
tending diligent to businesrt I hoy elected a
teinporar Chairman to tako the ymca ot
Young and then summnill settled the tilsiutmte
about the revision by voting that the book bo
dispensed with nt tho ptlmnri today A
lively the voting contest begins is nxpoctod tills nltornoon when
J43IES OllltlKX t oUlllIISIOJ
Nomlnntcd for IteuUlcr lit i > Jleetlns oftka
Indepentlent Democracy
The Independent Democracy of Now York
met nt Cooper Institute last night under a call
for aS Peoples Meeting Orlando L Stewart
was tha Chairman Among tho VicePresi
dOlts chosen wore Samuel G Courtney Wm
1 Arnoux Gunning 8 Bedford Thomas C
Aoton John G Boyd Trunk Work C F Woor
IshofTer Wm IlTravors Lawrence Joromo
John G Heckscher Jerome Buck Michael J
Murphy Herman Oelrlchs Col Win II Hob
orts Timothy hhca Major A A Selovcr Id
ward H VanSchalck nndMorltzElllnger Ow
Inv probably to tho great crowd tho only ones
ot tuoso giMitlemon whom the reporter observed
were Messru stevvxrt Boyd Mica Buck lien
rinues and KilliiKor
Mr Stewart announced the purposes of the
Independent Domociney to nocuro fro govern
ment for tho people and time roor
bosses who are controlling him various halls
losolutlons presented by Senator liojd
pledged time meeting uphold llle pilncipltsof
tho last Democratic State ami National conven
tions and denounced the three Dumocintit or
ganizations in this cIty ns undoniocratic oil
garchical and desti uctlvo of tho most essential
wero principles adopted ot roproboutulvo government Ihcy
Mr Timothy Shea spoke and Mr Joromo
lluck kept tho audience il roar with n bold
allegory in which Tnmnuui Hall was pictured
as thu huhand of mummy brides Ho also plc
tnrod the dingon of buCslsmmm slain by the St
George of today time Hon James OUrion
The mention of Mr ODrlens name aroused I
roar of enthusiasm mil I storm ot I10uscl
Mr Alexander Ilenilituos haul 1 tribute to
Mr OBrien As bn llnisliutl Mr Win Lowell
nominated James Ollilen for Itvgislcr This
created another storm of apphiuso and theme
were persistent calls for Mr lirlon but the
Chairman nnnouueod that ns his I nomination
was a surprise I It would bo necessary to wait
until bo could bo summoned Iloccssorr
Dr linvd talked against limo for I little
while Whon ho 11 lulO tho meeting took 1
lively turn In tho oflort to nominate I candi
date for Judjo ot tho Supreme Court Iho
names ot Dr Iojd and David McAdam woro
mentioned and some of the audience insisted
ou making time nomination on time spot Spon
taneous nominations for various ofllces began
to pour In limo Chairman however rtcog
nlxed a gentleman who moved the reference of
nominations to 1 committee There were loud
protestations of No inoro omniitteos but
Iho Chairman put tho iiuostlon and declared
tho rosult In favor of the reference to 1 com
mittee Mr Shea objected Ho wns gradually
getting time ear of time audience when he was
cut short by time appearance of Mr OBrien
amid tornado of applause >
Mr Ollrlcn spoke ugain bossism and Ilfncs
and said his only object wns to relievo tho peo
ple from such rulo As for the unite of JIngle
tar ho said he did not care for i mIld would bo
willing to devote tho emoluments to nny charit
ably Institution This was the signal for 8 cy
clone of 81IIUS for Urlan Heeald that puro
men should lie 1 nomlnatod for Judges und
hlntotl that some of limo present Judges and
candidates woro owned by Individuals Iii
lUngs He adopted time nomination for Regis
tor and promised to work for time interest of
the people
Denying tie Slight of 1 HIt to UciaUlei
luteretata Commerce
DES MOINES Iowa Oct 2JIn the United
SlaIn Circuit Court In I ulay Judue MiCrary rendered a
derUlon upon Ihe iueillonol the rlKhl of the I State to
regulate inlrrilate coinmtrce rime cdle areas out cf a
Tiulol IltHIIM oml < o
dull aalnlt I lie Illlnuii Central Itallrotd Comlulmimmyc re
t Hur rardamage a for erriiirtri upi 1 n freight lilpi ed
oer Ihecompaii I I n tid frum pnlnti In Iowa topointe
In I WUioniln and orlilieted umltr tIm e Turin Mow ol
lum74 I klnt e rej taltd l Jndfce j MtCrarv lucid that the act
in micttton If it applied Pi throuKb I thlpmeiiie related to
ainlUttlnlliniiiiire 1 t I nallunul I and thai It time pout YJ
the Hlate IJ pumbi inch I an 10 were cuntetled II would
nit enerll Include Hit I jiowerto tllncrlnilliate aialuit Ilic I
commeict rf Hate rorthe I > i reasons rhoal Mamie
w mud be In violation ol the reileral l oiiilltutlon I i U I not
wlihlnllKi pmmmtr mr mine bIllIe In lhucu enf la rallrual
mIrt I of m tioe lInes iii In an iiillolnliiK 1 Mate tu fix the
rstm tim i paid for that woubf I In Heel give It t the
power tndimaml more Hutu t lu share of u rraionable
charm for tile elitlru dlitance II would be i lilif Hit
itatuit 5 ul such a Mate extra territorial force
Dr Leonard D 1 Gale died In Washington on
Tuei Iny at the dcc ol HI lit wa ul cue Hmu am tlatul
wllhlrof tmree itt mime Iuhirily uf the City of New
York anj li laid to I have brought tu the knowltdge of
tIme iattmr In InM time diicoveriti In Uectrlclt uf Irof
Henry time aiilicalloii of whltli by Iruf Hone to lilt
machine contributed laruel tu lu mcteie Iir Cute
wai for ten > tar rrofinnor t > f CbeinUtrv and the
Natural Hel oct e In various Initlluilnnii of learning
among them the Univerilly of the LIly of Hew Vnrk
lie made a ktolnglcal eOn cv of Manhattan lilanl I In
IHU and I 1 In I4J aiiltled Irof Uorte ollla bullllnglhe I
tint tvlegrat h line betw een VV aihin 4 lriii and lltlllmore
He tame Kt lull city I In IMII t hating Inn appointed f an
eiamlnerof patenli Intll IHS7 he hat charge ot the
deperlnienl ol chemlitr > It time Patetit Ofllce He wae
removed fur I ollticatreaioni und fur many eare atttr
ward prat tiled as B ptlent nllonipt
The rf Mtlihew Illchej U I fnther nf Hie Uen
tenanl lot crmuir of Hints Hcolo all tx rrttldeift ot tIme
Wtlo au Conference uf Canada U I dead aged BI
T Norrltl 1 flhIt lnise IrIt Ionls
U Ilk 1 Wealthy Orinmue ituuli m
UOSTOX Oct 2l0ii uly 1 IS Amelia Tar
rloux daiiRhtor of a wealthy German ot South
St Louis disappeared from lur home BIte
was to hnvo beau nintrlcd that evening Inn
young merchant of time semite city Aumirlod
man of her ncauatntnnco dlsappcnroil nt time
Santo tlmo and It was believed that they went
away together Aurclln Is a handsome ulil of
18 Hho not long ago graduated from one ot
tho leading seminaries and afterward gave
music lessons Among her pupils was Mrs
Hnttlo Hurd tho wife of Joseph E llurd 1
sowing machlno who considered
sOllol agent was consilorot
well o I Aurollaa ncaunlntnneo with Hurd
bocamo Intimate and ho persuaded hor to
break her onungoinont with hor lover and to
olopowlth him Time father of tho girl swore
that ho would take Hinds life on sight and
with that iiuiposo armed himself with 1 ro
volver nnd gnvo all his limo to tracing tho run
aways Descriptions of tho couple woro cent
to the pollco nuthoritlo nil over tho country
but nothing was learned of their whereabouts
until a teller wIts reived from Aurella dated
New York Sho said thnt she had left SI Louis
of her own volition I I nnd that I Hurd I I was not nnd
hnd not boon with hor Hue tailed to give her
address but her father wrote to bar hoping to
bo 1 nblo It tn 1 tid limit I her I to i aRt rtt rl home nIJIg
wrote again nnd ngnln only to Und that hiM
totters wont to thoDeiut 1 Letter areo Asa last
resort photographs of third nnd Aurnlln vveto
sont to time New York detectives and after 1
short titan Infoiiuntlon came to limo father that
thu couple had Item from Now York and were
undoubted y In thn vlclnlh t ot Boston I11woro
limit doloctlves ot tills city ascertained that
llurd arrived In I Boston curly in August and
that on limo Unlit ot IoU month ho and Amelia
appeared nt HcglHtei ApoliontoH olllee pro
enrol 1 n eertilleato ot limit triage nnd worn nt
once married by that ofllcT lul fugitives
woro not found until tills momlng when Hind
w itS nrrestid I nml tnkvn m lo I Inspector Hums I I
ofllct1 Ho was tlipin brought faco to fate with
Mr liirrlnux limo old man trembled t with
emotion though milking i u strong ellort to con
tiol t his feelings I llurd I I wivs I Informed I lol tho I
elm argo mmcmii mist him I and thnt Mi r Lnrrituix bail
nil thn proper pa 1111 is for his mcmiii itil bit Ho
was also umpowirud to not ns Hunts escort to
St lonl At tlrst Kuril showed n disposition
to contest tlio case in tho courts here but later
bo wild thnt he would return nt once Simian
lulls I lopement > with I Amelia three other
vomon liavo cimn foivvnrd and limed to bo
lmi4 wIfe LortlLiix on lielngn kod Itlt was not
tlntwrous to cnnlldu Hurd to his caie saul <
I think not lhavo I Hlxshootiu wltlumo
but will not uso It on tho miscreant itnloH ho
nttnmjitfi to get o WiY or otters vlolencii The
law will do him full justice when begets back
to Mlssouil Inmsimplv uu ollleer now and
w III do may duty ns HItch
Jlr Ierrlcux Kought nn Interview with his
dauglitoi nnd It i t Is said that she consented to I
return to her homo They started for St Louis
tonight time old man having taken the piocnu
halt to fa tonnpalr of tight handculTM to thn
wrists his prisoner rime offeiici with which
Hurd Is charged la 1 folony in Missouri
br Louts Oet 21Time Inn nriostmlln Bos
ton today on Iho ohm go ot enticing Miss Lnr
rloux from her hOI was Known hero us lo
soph K Huso nllusClnrles Ltlwln nllns Mor
gan Scott Ills right name I I lit ho had nuvor
given was Charles Llnscott Ho IB 45 years
and old decidedly Tho wife pretty ho detuned is 1 1 lenra 01 ago
iAiiirutvs KrcTAitiAS WAR
Piotretnnt IKroiiiie1ntr to JErplncn Their
Irish Saruute t Itim totaled Glut
LvKrviii Conn Oct 91Time ladies ot
this village mo now enlisted in tho oruclIK
warfare hut bogan here last slimmer nnd they
promise to retrieve tho defeat which time mel
suffered nt tIme polls in time October town alec
tons The following notice npponrod early
yesterday niornlnc on tho fences and blind
walls of tho village
Tho ladlee of Laeville are circclall Invltctl to the
reiidenceof tire rieor e llarrinon onVedncHda Oct
240131 M A full attendance Is I rciincfctcd
Apparently there was nothing In this notice
calculated to excite Lakovllle and It only pro
voked a little comment yesterday Today
however tho object of tho mooting wns dovol
onod I will bo remembered that ono of tho
most conspicuous of time Protestants his op
position to time cruelllx In front of thn Catholic
church In this village was President Itudd of
tho Wononsopomoo Like Steamboat Company
nnd thnt ho refused the Catholic priest tho UBO
of tho companys cteamoi and grovo on tho oc
casion of the opening nnd dedication of Iho
convent on Sont 5 Jlr Hudds wife and Mr
Hai risen lie lady whoso name appears In time
posters nail who by time way Is socially ono of
the most prominent ladies in tho vlllago agreed
some dns ago to found nn organization tho
mombeto of which must agree to contribute
toward n fund for limo importation of negro
servant girls from New York or Baltimore 1111
to discharge tlmir Catholic servants ns nnl
tho colorod help arrived limo 1 motion of time
society was Intended ns an net of retaliation on
time Catholics who continue to Boycott the
1iotostant storekeepers
Yhon tho meeting was called loonier there
wore not mont moro tlmnadocn Indies In at
tendance Mrs Harrison announced time object
of the meeting and tho pioposcd plan of opera
tion I was decided to postpone utah action
until time next meeting whnn it is expected
there will bo 1 larger attnndanfi All nf tIme
servant girls now fmiploied in nnd about Lake
vlllo nro Irish nnd Catholics and the demand
Is greater than limo supply lime Catholics ac
knowledge thnt If time Indies succeed replac
ing Ihohi servants with colored girls thuy will
cause somo annonnco and hardship perhaps
to tho Catholic population hut they affect to
bolluvo that I mum Inipossibllltv 1ather Lvnch
said that he had heard nf time I object of time
new iiHsoclntlnn hut ho hnd no fears that It
would bo succpesful limo chief aggiavntlon to
tho 1rotestaiit Indies is time fact that Father
Lynch who has compelled all the Catholio
children In the town ol Lakovllle to leave time i i
publin schools nnd attend his newly erected
parochial school has boon tills month oloctod
School Visitor dcbpltH till opposition of the Ito
pnlilleans and n spilt Domocratla I ticket
lather Lynch thus exercises a supervision
over tho ninetoon public schools In tho town
although there in I not a Catholic pupil in at
tendant Tho obnoxious cruelllx still stands
in front of the church and tho 1rotostnnt
storekeepers who signed tho petition for Its re
moval are yot Boycotted limo Catholics
Cardinal Hokeuloke and the Vatican
LOMION Oct 2Jlhe Berlin correspondent
of mime Murnlny Joel eaje The ru turo between lime
Vatican and Cardinal Uohenlohe ie I complete The Car
din d will I probably rtmain In Otriintn during the win
ler Tbti atiitiial ZIInV heare that the ardlnal
Multi II letuarttire from Home wan owing tn tlix t failure
of bin reiiii t fur Din remotul of hie toadjntor tim tIme
diottie or Albani with n loin he hail every reaion tn be
ditfatlttUil I nnd to mccii mimic I Irullbli I s Tile fame papt
thlnke that the I amot latinli mf hIs depart mire with petil
nlary 111 troubled li 1 agrom nilirei riieiilatlou Hi the Car
dinal hai uettr beeu B ej en thrift
JVeceeeary to be Ready Tor War
VIENNA Oct 2JAt the opening ol tho sos
lion of time Auilrlan legation yeiterday the Ireildtnl
In lila addref pulnted out that I lie lIerII > > of peace
VII materially felt He saul I hit I lime Unvernnient
nimbi I be ohllgtd lo take thin I fem 111mg on the part of the
people Into account but that I II waintienar for the
liilegatlon to furnlili I the Hovernmenl with the memie
for ruiectinir i under I all elrciiinitauceii the honor
rlghtii and Intt rt tie I of the monarchy
JPropeeed Adoption ofn Iulvereal Meridian
hoME Oct 2tTho report of the ctimmlttoo
of the llenilslla Aiioelatlon was preitnted at u general
meeting of the Conference jeiterda and adojittd after
an aiiimatetl ilebAte I The report favori tin unlverfal
adoption uf the ilrtenwlth meridian and alio r tom
intnil m ai time ointiif departure of the unlvtrval hour
and tufinupulitan dalei the mtun nuoa of Greenwich
t FoolkurOy Adventurer Jteeeued
Lovnov Oct UCapt Drovar who loll
Dover un Monday In a miniature pa IJUboul lo altemi
lo rron lIme Channel and whoie boat il witi Ihoiicht
had rrl been ntanittl durliu uheav > storm wan rtMimi I
by a aminir i veHHel rhtb ii I the net ond ilm I tile month
ro lllllr hl g IJ I II I
timId tsil Drevar hia betn rescued undir xlmllar clr
War or Mediation
PAnic Oct 2JTho general Impression pro
duted her by lime condition uf the relation bttwetn
yrancv and blue I tin the t Tomiuln 1IIelloll an ihown by
lime Yellow Hook licuiil eilerda > II I thut all lit giilla
Hone beiween the two euuulrlt mire etlmu I eted and thnt l 1
omiiy ii ar or ludlllol1 will letlle the dliputt
1rulonBlnu the Mlnle of Siege
HFIIIIN Oct 4Tho Itundesriith acting un
der the I Mitlalitt law bu doe mu Ii i ° to prolong until ht mii l
an lest the minor Mate It f smesu cf I llerlln Hamburg
Altuna and other dlitrltti
41OOO Miner Demand nn Advance
LONDON Oct 24At a mewling held at lloth
erham loda > of delegate reprtientlng4l CNXJcolllm Hi
YorkshIre It loll rt oh ed to insist upon the demand fur
tu advauci In V ages
Tiro iuiaUAui
MrMllnimnre Cites hli I Opinion of Mr
floueii In KnglUfc Mr lloscoo Conkllnsj
Mnken n n Able Kenteirk In JLntln
Tho eamlnuUon In tim suit of Win 13
Dlnsmoro to not aside tlin leaio ot time Now
Jersey COlllrnl to tho llonJInu llallroad con
tinued nt Mr Scvvnrds olllco voatortlnr Mr
Oovron asked Mr Dlnimoro how much ho was
Interested tho Adams 1xpross Company
Thats nn impertinent auostlon replied
Mr I ln moro end I doollno to answer It
It rosin entirely with you Mr Dlnsmoro
whether you answer or 1101 Mr Con kilo In
torjoctoJ Of course 1 11001 ttiImli lIke myself
would not object to answering such questions
Mr Qowon continued by askIng
How long did your company do business
oor thoIlcadlnK road
Till you began to ran nn express business
of your own over It Till you forced us oft on
the testimony of o drunken swab though von
told us In your bland mnnnor no one can tie
nioro uliind than you that you had noor
spoken to him
Do MIII miMin to nay that I ran nn express
business for my own Intorcat our tho Heading
road 1
1Woll I say yOU because wimomi wo worn n
llttte Kroem than wo mire now you imod to
say Ito us Now you break of yourself as
tho roml
titi1i1lttl you wore turned off tho Hemline
rondNo not turned offwo got off
Wasnt there some nrronllnir because saute
of our neoplo threatened with pistol
Oh thorn vvotont any pistols imloji they
had corks nt tho ond or whUkm In thoin
Mr Dlnsinorn further tnitlflid that hn had
not Intended to Klvo a proxy for tIme incotliw of
May 11 lint at which thin t Icnsu In controveny
was vouil except for time flection of pfllcon
and doploiod lili stupidity In gui mig hurt Iml
directions to Mr Babcock who gave him tho
proxy for signature
inirlni tin roconB which followed Mr Dins
moms Mimony Mr Conklln nnirncorltobo
son roinnlnnd thu room Mr ConklliiK took
up n copy of tho liniei ana romnikod Hero
n pnpoi I hnvont soon torso lone a Iran Hint 1
dont romnmbcr whan I aw It lift Scannlni
limo head line ho wont on Limwycrs receivIng
Lord Colorlilua lou II II Itmlow Collector
Y II lioliertson brilliant constellation I
should indue
Yes put in Recor Hob 80n Mats and a
nus in time samo eonitollntlon
After recess Mr Catsalt a director of time
IVmiuyhnnlu Ilitli road win examined Ho I nd
mlUed thnt Ibo lease of tho Jersey Central to
lie I loading I harmed tho Pennsylvania load
Mr Oowcn asked some Questions which Mr
Suvvnrd objnctud to as they required answers
to matters of law
The nnsnora may help jour side said Mr
dovviii to Mr Howard
Tlmoo IJatiaos ft dona fcrontos vvaItho
ruI1So1 douchnuts orontos suggested Mr
Not sod doUKhmits Interjected Hccor
lltiliuson rtdoiiKhnuts
Later whelm Mr Oowon Interrnptpd Mr Cas
satt Mr CommittIng romnrkad You ask him
n thimost lIon UIU thon t blnndlysmothoi imo I ipply
Mr CusHattmlmlttud Ihllt ho hull lit time i 111011
Club In this citv stated that hn dill not con
sider Untiling stock worth 13 amid that when It
reached that HKUin ho would sell short lint dt
nlod that ho mndo tho Mntomnnt toilnprcns
tho stock Hn ailmlltod that If ho were in limit
place of tho Hemline I road and had cot control
of the Jersey GOlllml I ho would make It hot for
am ilvnlrrnd When later ho baMidan nu
swcr on rumor and newspaper reports
lnllHW I I10011E roKA > i > E3uaYMAr
IVIIlnrd Hiiilletle Nomination Kutlor etl br
Htntvn island Democrats
Tho Richmond County Democratic Con
ontlon was hold In Illchmond Hall Toiup
klnsvlllo yesterday Jdhn U Vaughn was
Chairman Krastus Brooks WHS a delegate but
ho sent Thomas Konnoy in his place Tfio
delegations to tho State tho Senate and tho
Judiciary ConventIons gave reports of their
proceedings and tho nominations roado were
ratified Whon oxDistrict Attornoy Sidney r
Kamson referred to time nomination of Willard
Bartlott for tho Supreme Court candidates
name was created with cheers and tho follow
lag resolution vam adopted
HArfii e lllanl Nartliit vs ivniioinin tiil in a cnndi l
dnto for Sui > rtim > < nun Titiliru 11 lIme Iinlli 1 ltir > lini > mu n
lion roilitlng tile LUiiiuunlK 101 vlthln diciriet
An 1HiTrt 1
HiTrt Wo rcrnirnlzu In illnnl lltittlttt n limo
ntinvuth millet 1 rr > Hit loch ltlnii em u exptct 10 cull hin In
ciipy tiitin > mimic noiiifli In relroirmit that elm in mit I
of proim ntiil rcfi nu that tide becoint mom > proniiiii a
part mf I lie D inocrnlfi I lartvitt I nli enough ami rem
iet j r ll1 IF 1 Jiilf i iimi or tIme tUUIicrnllolid I tl of li court witlt
irrftv It auJ u iMtoui ami Irll cOmmniiil the raumert i due tu
null nu cxnltnl 1 11 o lllin m I retort lie U
llraiillnl Tluit 1 IhU Iontcntlnn conllallt lulnriii > the
Attluunf tht t I 1 liulltlur II Iliuvontlon I nut lo eilffc the cmiii I
hurt of t lie Democratic C oters ot this touut tu liii >
K P Doyle nominated Edward A 10010 of
lldillutonii for member ot Assembly und S P
Kiiusou nomlniitod 1mai Ion llrooks of Casllo
Ion On thn llrst ballot Mr Mooro rocohod17
votes anti Mr Brooks 21 1 iRe formers then
nominated by acclimation
For School Commissioner the Incmnbont
Thpodoin Trcan of Mlddletown Tunis Tappan
of Northllold and George W Robinson of oil t
Hold woro nnmoil Thn former was Holected
tho candidate ioorto W Oallachor tIn pres
ent District Attornoy was rcnomlnatcd Tho
county ticket was cnmplotoil by nominating
Ir Isaac Lea of Sliddlotown nnd Frank
Schlmllor of Southllold for Coroners F W
Hulsubusof Northllold for Justice otSfsslcns
nnd Daniel HonncKsy of Caslloton for Uupcrlu
tomlont of tho 1oor
AVhiit IUiiior mill t Hud Company did for n
Youngr tlerffimnn
1Hii timiPiiiA Oct 21Tho 11ev Frederick
H MxouMai hetr l Muji 1 trate Martin today charctil
lllh mice tmy He lice until rrrcntly lacier ot a church
lnCoinhihocliiil llnviiik loll liiipantorale lioU xan
tnxciilonu l > irallly anil took 10 ilrluk A few iiluliU
ngo ho vemim In I adisnputablt lioti o nn Mxth street ii ith
romo companion mltiut ode charged with tialin Ml
from hIm mm Miillli aharliiuUr There vu uno proof that t
lit simile lImo nmmmuiv emil the 1 innKturutiiUlnliarrfiil lilin
lam Immit ellll t llelttiOKl 1 i IIIII w dl Immimacefil tIe aItmii 1 1
ailvlna mil tu momS utter I comianv AH Mr Nlxomm heft
the t I rUnnera hox the ULV riniiiin A ternlfy fteed
tore aol iinJ KriIil lilni I corllally tuy time hiatmul
Mr m Mxon al I lie I cimKrutuliile uu mi your
exonrration iomm art yet > ounifl emil I luipu that fur
the I aLt 3 our tUail fat hmr ii hu wiu a timed ettlniul le
IIIHII ami for juiir tiiit tie iC cake you wIll KhUitlm 1
bum I iiiniiiany with M hum ou ha > e been u otliillnii
l1on cycliC out liauliiK oil the annul hits nwtlar
Both Here te > plun
PlonckluB Vv UaoOOO on the Render Iarm
CiiErorA Ian I Oct 2JTho scone of the
mmmiii den commuted I I by time nolorloui llciider fnmlly
near Chdole Kan U I aiftin the theatre of Intcrmt
null xcltrment For a long time last tIme farm occii ltd
by the llciulcrs hue 1mm ell o Deil and run ly J C Itmirilmy
Aiiiit ten lay ago lIIrhI i hllplouKliini uneurilKd
a n ili it > l tin can Hhlch mi trlng aptned wai found in
contain a lot of Kreflibuik cuter and guld anioiuilliiK
In nil to more than fjnn i It I t li I lupuusril tlimit time
nioncy U the irouinlii mt a few of the man rrhhtrltx
and 1 murdtri ui the Heiidrn i I Murphvii vlatctl isitit time
nllIIIIIIIrnlI I to kerp time inoney III i Ic l laid that
lila mlilmmt will lie iI1 toy rrlemln of the c lctlmi 1 of
the lleiider who escort thai they can Mi utlfy a portion
of the IIlOnl > 1artlri mire raid to ie I diluting here and
there un Hit farm with the hIO of HudliiK more inoccy
Nominated for Aldermen and Assemblymen
The County Democracy nominated last nlcht
James Oliver for the Aiiemhlv In the fcetond dlitrltt
and Michael Ilrennen In the Fifth iliitrltt and C rue O
Hul bell for Alderman In lIme Twelly third I tllrlrltl
Mr tfgt oJW I wan initiated i m nlclit fur
the A > itml ly by tIc Count Democrat rf lie I rourlh
Asiembl dliirlcl Hol Is a > ouiiK man of much promUe
u lifelong reildent 11 I the t dlilrltt und Is Inn computing
lila tonne In the t oluml la Law School Tin nmnlna
tlon m Is contlderid III 111I10r one and Mr SI lulIIIU < 11
clrctlniiistonndttitlv pretllcti I
tl1 iHiiimant II I lIo iiumliialid jt ii Ililani Geofrhcgan fur Al
derniun In the siam ii Ameinblt diilrlet
Time Oerinan Ameritau I Iii It t ndent Cltliens Organ
Uiitinn nominiited bnrlei l I itmitli i for Ahtrriium lu the
Iciitlli 11irk and Henry W J mclmmma lii the Fifth dii
Nc Jrr ey uiulnalloni
Dr Dowltt 0 Hotifli of llahwny was nomi
nated jnterday for the Axeiubl by the hiemimocrats of
tin Third InluM uuiity i illitrlct
Joieph II r Marilnuf oodbrldne nainominated for
tIme AxirmbU at Uttuclien t > > time Utpubtltaneof Iho
First mimetrict
A Jiidion Ilni WI noudnatiil fur Ihe AMilllId hi the
niilllit of the ririt Aixmbly dltlrlct 01 f Miner
Killed ot u froiilug
MIUOIID Conn Oct 2JAt on early hour
hue mmmormmlmm it lIme lodj of Chimer C mice lfit comm cit Homer
win 01 Noodinont teal found In a cattle iruard of the I
Hen York See lla I > tu and Hartford luilrual about a
iUartenif A mile I below WiHitlinout etallun 1 oJ lie I body
vIm frlKhtf niauffled both leg brlnti broken and the
akull tmailitU In It t II iiippnkeil that I he attempted to
Jump I from the train lane nlifhl while In motion at lime
railroad cromljif utar lili bum lie wu ii year of age
Tin inins iff TIIllJIILTlCJ
Air Vanderbilt Iutle nn kU Flulitlnir Hoot
nndVlacki 1uin > Ui n Fci IIBI
Tho bears on tIme stock nmrkcl wot o ticatotl
with catonlnotalU yostordny Tho omit ire
market went n alnst them to an extent that
nmda them squirm Time wiurM 1 knotted cords
In tho whip ware Michigan Contra Canada
Boullmrn Now York Contra IikuHhorc Lack
nwnnnn Missouri 1aclllc Vhtoi n Union and
Htlfiul which showed an nduinco fol time eltt of
from IV toO1 liar Ullt Time ulllorhlll stocks
cut time deepest uashcs Tho vIctims Hhood
lluht for a little wlillo soon utter time opening
but It ivies no IISO so they dootod tho rest of
Uio day to clueIng out their contracts at tho
host flturos obtainable
Tho transactions for Iho day woro among limo
largest recorded in tho Itclmnue In limo last
hour there was a pollmelt Hcramblo for stocks
owing largely ton retort thnt time shorts In Nuw
York Central would be placed upon tho rack
today It was said that orders had boon Issued
to coitnln houius to call i In I this imirnlni I all tho
Now York Central I hey had loaned Tho amount
nsustliiiatodnt 501100 shares and as time stock
has boon loaning I al a iiiHidornblo premium I
for soino tliun time short Interest In tho stock Is
prnsumod to bo large
Time street ItJI1omlly hM como 10 tho conclu
Hlon that Mr Win II Yonderbllt has drawn on
what Mi lay Gould culls his llchtlnir boots
or an time Hon lluvxoll 81110 expressed It cot
illS Dutch up nnd Is uolnii for tile scalps of
thoso whom ho reeontly rharactrrlzod ns
sneak thieves Ills storks have led the mar
ket for two OiiiH with n loltiic that
has taken a Kood deal ot llnauchil vi
tality out ottlio IKHTF limo opinion freely
expressed that the son of the Commodoio
Is i mart iciliari y desirous of cnptmlm tho dandy
hocks of Mr Henry i N Smith Indued I wants to
clean him out nltouether Mr Yamlerbllt Is
known to lmo eiy pronnuncod views ns to limo
owner of loldsmlth Maid nnd In said to have
hind him ocpoclnllj In mind I when ho launched
his locent liiMCthu ncalnst time bears His
aversion to Mr Hinlth uitld6cnin to corrobor
atm limo Hlntv that AVIlllo Ks nssoolatiims with
that cotitlomaii did not rosult to time ndautut0
of tho ounieer mineIe hIlt
limo tuimom t was current jostcrdny that Mr
Ruth tim In I order to t uxovor the losses he ae
eonlliiK to all nrcntinlH Htmtnlnod in tho
Northern 1aclllc hiiueeo and to uscnpa fut
timer punNhinuiit In other Block went to Ml
Ynmlcibllt nnd botia > od time btrcnuth and
position of his follows In time bear camp Kiry
01111 whet imearel tho story sold Ho Is capnblu
otlt As tot nothlnu has dovolopod to give
colorti > tholepoitand I conMdorlin Mr Yanuur
hilts bitter animus 11 does not appear at all
After tholrtluashlnc of jnstctday limo boars
oliook thnnisnlxos I and proclaimed u that thus
thought limo worstwas over Hut time market
closed very stroni and thu sciamble for stnclt
ivan emiergotle UP to time last moment Tlmlr
hono Is that Incas havo uono up so rapidly
that lliei must react sari soon amid ou sharply
nilza Howe AVrllei that Mime VII1 Throw
Ileriiirinto Ike ItUer
lllcbaid Howes a laborer In the employ of
ho Delaware amid Iickawanna Railroad Com
pany loeolvcd this letter on Tuesday ouMiInc
tioin Ills sister Klba
o Hkh forte e mme forgive nu nulpra lol to for
dle for I win let rim el b 0 a tube hearttj i ounjj intin
r Larkln but I liupu thut 101 vi 111 forgUt mt imm
nctd nut look for uutor3ou nevi will ret me My 1
timity wlllbe in Ihc I ricr Iat irkln I U th mo limn Dunt
write tom imiltier tier tell them t then Th inml I luivc
mmierey i n inv ionl I I ii IIK I mmku n In Innoctnt My bJ
will be t nuli t tlftteuth Btrttt In ttu nor
Kllza Howes ctmo rout Iiehind n year ago
and was a crviinl In limo famllv of n Kontloniui
who lives on Third street near Erie htioot
llobokcn Shortly after sho arrived hho be
eamo neiiualnteil with Patrick Larkln a la
borer who worked bcsldo hpr brother at time
HoboUon coal wharf It is said thnt they kept
company together and the girl told several
of her friends that they were to bo married
On Sunday night Lnrkln married a Miss
Calahan and Eliza loft lion homo Sue was not
heard from niraln until hor brother who lIves
nt 30 Garden street Hobokon roooived the
above letter witheR was not dated It was
post marked New York station K The
brother searched for her all day yesterday nnd
asked time police to assist in Undine her Ho
called upon nil her frlonds In this city but
non ot them had heird from hoi
The mlsslnft gIrl who Is 21 ears old In I de
scribed ns of medium hidulit stout with llclit
hair and bluo ayes Wimomi tmtst aemm sue wmume
a uarnotcolorcd diess a black bhawl nnd a
vvliito straw lint with dark feathers Aenucrnl
alarm giving hoi description has been ont
out by time police No body niiswerinB her de
scription has been found
A Wetldltiff Causes a Flutter In Klnveton
KINOSTO Oct SI lSoeiah circles In this city
have Just imOeti thrown I Intott lliitterof cluuunt imy tht I
publlt minmin minl of tIme marrluio uf Mr William r
Timiiey to VH ie Julln 1HI twin Tollev wlitileaouiu mnn
about J0uirii of otfe inca for mvtrnl yermre lemm I ook I
Color ammi cmmimltiemmmimml l lerk for tht large iry Kuodn
llrm of Ininen O Morrltt t Co and In hllhll rerpictrd
Imp both lila lotr nnd the lending cli locus of time
plate llftulf I I Is Hit nhceor Ilmrlutt it I Ilnmi lrii
ilemil of lImo Niitlonil UMer ouul Hank mid she lina
for nt me time In en u mauling iM > clrt > limit iime lnJJ
irate of iui U nut n s < ur nito limile 1 > > mmmii 1 thu OIIIIK
hale In tdiuu m out mimic it fur < nmt cflumu tiimiiim I tim t wiri
lit the thin cntrived In bo mnrrud 1 A ten mnntlii agu
It is vail lu > tietame mrflkfit to unulhrr yoiititf huU tM
tenimv liliy nml MImi ltnblm met in thn riillrua l
ili pill lulhl I I eli > fill I went tnlluilrnn ii ii re tIm cc wirt
uumumrrlel at m lie I l < cn l rei turv li my I lie On I c I 1 I Tel
tit I IK lolle 1 nt unco lyle mmrmmllimmt tht I flirt tn hiilulhnatt
frftlilAiilKl IllH tin Intern milnhin It lin line kutinn
tothubrlb I e uncb and fnmlh who wi re otpomil to the
marrinifi thuvwin nlncrnt nml thrtiittlul I in tlaimmrl 1
Ill in miiiee Tho lriihr I or tim yommtmg liult iiwliomlol
imy 1 Ii l uiii toba < Ituiengnxtd li itrti rmliird thut Tom
icC hull make Hultttlile ami n Is to hh hi ttr
Thti lie I innltt r almimmite i nt rtcut witlin lit lepict of n
mori lively KtusHtlnn on the ttturii m I of the jomirf tonplo
to thin ill
Tko Amended 1rayer for tko 1reftldcnl
PiniinFirmA Oct 24Time Kpiscopal Con
vention I < MHV In touimlttte of the whole took up > tc
tlon C In Ilic ti hurt of tht Joint CoimultUu un the
lraer Hook un fullune
IiiRert I ufter tho I lint of the luterci Mloim th amino mug
ulTrnet for the Pnllrnt 11 time Unltnl hlnte lhal
It may pim ace Ihti uvitim Time InCur to behnl 1 ami bl sum
Th irrtani tin rrenlilint of tht t tlnllid Hlntei mmiii I In
cii mmmiii air tmgtimmmm Imlmmm In trut rmgmmteimim mime ci und lieu
lit 05 mt life
lIme hoC Dr llur ool of Connecticut movtil to nineml
my ttrlkhu out the wurdu with thy lam mir c ml retd I
tuTin 0ev Mr tllril < ill of California muvnl to strike out
theworitH ketpuul I Ilejtctil
Vlr i Merited of lnillananionl in sInk nut the t word
Kiep ami HtrtiiKthcn him mil liibvrt endow him
with win lorn Agreed to nituTJ I
hid Inn C 4 ainmindtd WIIH hen I npi TOM d
The Key lr Adaum of W si otiKln nioit 1 to Si riSe nut
time me mitt Clitlel aim lim Ihf I onuinl lout limmi of thnllt I
an MI that I It hull read That It ma m I ace line I tn
lilerR vmt 1 priient itll timbre umlmt I inuiflttrntti1 hid al I of
ChriDllan rulim Not auretkl to
Skanv llrapera License
When time Excise Commissioners heard that
burglars Walih ami lrliiKha > bun duet head In hliann
finale re aloon they deildtd to Inquire whither the
iiti lice under which time valnon was run should not Ce
revoked The liteiiite woe in the name of Ullllain lira
per un whom tht Cuminliiiontr tried lu eneui > um
nion iut I the hati not ttrn mile In fttul him Viitir
day wanlhetla itt fur the examination taut Wlllluinii
and half iiilu < en policemen flled III Thty were time Ic ii
nemfii Then camu Miami pra er alit vir i 1 romme
illlani did not ihiiw up Mr lrumme tax that Mt li
quite PIeS Hhnni wore a tid milt if rouifh cloth a
bottle iiretn Newmnrktt I and a hlnh hat Mr Iromme
HHkeil fur nn adjournment uf Uitraim I Ilin wftnebHiv
he cmiii I eboned 1 treit reluctant ubout ap rurlnir ami
itwoiiM ID neiiMiir tu vtl hupreine Court iulunai
to niuke them n pear
Ihe Cumml vionerii Ijonrncd the cami until ov 0
A New Intention In Telearni
Mr Patrick 13 I Dolanoy has invented tola
ruhlt aillimmmmces by which ho iu a tlx ipraratom
can nnd uU metKiicti at tbt tame time i ii ir u flnjilt
wire hart uf time fix tan amid mevfatrri In one way
while the rest oft fcudluif Hum In the oilier direction
TIm is with glee u wlru thrte I Hun tIme vaiimclt which it
hu cc hit u iUiilrupl innriiinini Twtiil four Mir
triiinentH tan U tonmctei i with one me ire by thin
em cimi ri mu Jve mum dades Cciii 1 e tnt flmultaneouily
at the mmmi i > of tuuitv word u nilnuti lit sum > tliui th
C Cit ii a 11 I fii C reel mis mr a wIn item l Comm New vork
atmi ihimemimti Ant iMMiiun cc UUliurtb me I Kin lodn
tmlciamie Hiiil rfj rtm ntuthi i if the nirli > ui > mci icralim
cumimliamilte lIme hid limtelilo I H rt maCmimi l un Jet U
Grllngtont Nuiplementury llcyorl
VASili5ITOim Oct 21Llout flarHnuton In
Aiivwer to tviiitoiii uddreied lo him Ii t Oeii llateu
lmae iil > iulttiJ mm muller reiuirt of lila rtaooht fir fatteSt
lug from MUlc ton Ulutil I before the arrival of lime an
tk lu 11iitlufiou IK ammes If my atllii In thIs mat
tn liti flit > xilultiv < l lothi t I pRtlffiu Him of vourcelf mil
time htniorhU secret any ot Itar t lintf m the inuior In r
ijutH ttmt a Court of Imiulr be ordered to iiutitlffttc
limo wimot Case
LUSIS 211 1IItk
tatter A Vnutit piano lock nml chair stock inantl
factory In llibon N II with a Urge dry houit illled
with manufactured piano HooU wa buruid j eilerJn
immorlilnii loi Z5U
The patent medicine factory lacking home and
ofllcei of Dr J If MiLtan In bt Louda were burned
yesterday inornliiK A Inrre agricultural Implement
warehoUM In the rear fronllui ou Jolllni drIll WM
r1Il CIUI1OLL nironci svir
1inynr > lnn Seeking In 1ntlo lime Clnn
ileettnt Alnirlncr of his Dnitakter
AMIAVY Oct 21Iimo Cnrioll divorce cnso
Is now on trial In time 0 hyom > nnd Tormlnor Time
plnlntllT Is Maria T Carroll who sues throuch
her guardIan i she bolnit under nco for n
dlvoico tiom her husband J Ilnllard Carroll
on Ilio urouiiils of adultery Tho parties worn
clandestine married on Nov 0 1HS2 by time
ibm Tnthor Hnnton In limo vestry ot the
cnlhcdrtlbut tho fact of time mnrilnco did not
biicomo known to time bride fntlinr wlio Is i ox
Jlajor nnd e > Conuio i iunii Mlchnol N Nolan
until i April I last Ho I tillS much Incensed I nt Ills
diuiKlitor course and refused to allow her to
lUiMvlth her husband liiKlMIni on bur limo
ctirlnic n dlvoico Humor bus It that I nho
was ion n bug than kept locked up In
the hoii e Tho defendant Is lie t sou
of a wellknown daniel His connections mo
lespoctablo but ho has th reputation of hav
I tie immmiti slimifluli It g a nuinhxroi joins In I now
Imr I wild oats llu i Is n mneini mar of Ihe I llur 1
cei Corps nnd other organIzations luG lion
itit fIle V iMckhnm Utoutmol I for tltellplalntilT t I
nnd tim lion N O Noah for tho iletonco This
nftnrnoon time eotirt room was picked TVTO
LIlHrly Street courtesans gave tcHtlmony
which If tine Hiiulalns thn allegations ot time
plalntllT They were sunmlnod for bouts
ihe I purpose of hue dnfenco Inline ti > throw din
credit on their Ustlmony It came oiilltliit
cam of tliom had been paid by thu I plnlinllTs
father and In epeotatlon of receiving flodl
out of time ease had hueeondod In deferrlnuu
piojoctod levy on liar household good
os1IocJcIxa yrRwiI1 iv uiiio
A Ileepnndent Vurkmnti Killing kli Ulfc
nnd Tkrce ChIldren unil lllmerir
KLWCOSfEHSlOWN 0 Oct 21 Albeit rill
zcr who resides near hero this inornlnf killed
his wife and throe children and then commit
ted suicide Iinzor resided In TrvorsCieok
valley nnd was ittumt scon on Sunday ovonliic nt
which tlmo ho was very despondent owlnc to
time doctor liavlnii advised him to quit woik on
account of Iii health Ho seemed to bo very
much worried nbout his family Last nlclit a
ncluhbor named Nolsbaum visltnd Tlnzcra
liouso and found tin dooms looked and the eur
titi tin tloiiim After fill lii ihtoim I mmg the neighbors
time door was formed open and a horrible Muht
met their rno On a lied in ono corner of time
room lay thn dead body of Mrs 1lnznr with her
thro it cut from ear to oat while by but ohio
was time younnent child cold In death with its
head crushed In In a little crib cot Inv time
two other chlliln with their ho ids crushed
in and near a window lay Mr Ilner with ono
side of his face torn off by the discharge of n
gtmn Tho mother nnd child In tIme bed wemo
hlnitas asleep both bnlnncoveiod over wIth
iiullts ItlHBiipposnd that broodlns ovnr big
ill health and inability to I woik deranced Fln
rers mind mind that while his wife and chil
dren irene sleeping ho murdnrod thorn and
then killed himself lip his sido was nn empty
linn btriel with no hammer or stock HoldIng
ono end of the bnirel In Ole Iime of lamp
Which stood near ho blow out his brains
itIlelnels rrotio
Time wimolesnlo cicmtimhmmg liouso of Stern
Tnnuimummtm t to of liuiinldiimluiim lute fmiitet vi iii himimiti
Ii a auiotuimiitm 1cm ti3lmll Ma en Smmlzbergcr mmiimmntmey
for ltmree jmmil0mumemmt cretliore cmmuami execuuloim to be
inuet unImmsl 10 prmiert mt tIme lirmut tmmotm confeteod
Jumtguuictmii or cmlm mmivmmmmr mmgmregmmiiiig F4mtrmOo atmt
lime elude ef I lie immimiiru1mt linmmm hmiemd at immce into lime
uitmi of time Slmenitt Tima unIt vs a etmiitlmiimeii
I wemmie iOu ears mini Thu itnuum mnnuloum of Ci uirric
Shin itume ii trmmmitmmmaui amid Eilermuunn If I mo
limits hmileitemtimem it it etmtil that limci is itt tIe
forum of mcluiuii rush tonus I imo minim a slimmumime them
mmcccl c lit Ukmi Cal
iieimJuemmimum I Iuhtii luliotelahi ituimicr I ii imoeicri amud
lmritiimtmmm let 52 tVmelkr a rue t mu mimic at mmdl e imhmual iibeumtm
tmilmt 3 miteniimmy ii Ttimmmitmie lumiiertomm witimmut irs for
mime II a imrimimer Iierdiu C m temltltm ii olechimI loFtier
fmr 2il vi ontmiemtmit Ii liii ieelmmmiummmtmt I mm lmmO t hue
mimmrc ivtfl tme fire timid bommt toXm limauruhici
Cemie eulmlmmlteii t Ii oltlti dmmnlitmeit mm liumt it mmmorm atimi
tiUme lirecimmitahemt tifl tmoulgimimumit LI Iowa tile almiciat
ca1iitcii httiul Is ale a cromlitor for 38eO mmmtiilttmummal
mimomme tmmamet lie tlalimlillea are about ilOu5J0 Time
absete line nommilnatly SliUWO
Mr 8m In In Penitential Mood
Mr Frank W Savin of the Stock Exchange
woe tried jetcrilu bi the Governing Committee for bis
conduct last lummer whtn ho ahuict Mr f M t Thleriot
on time humor of time Lxchan and ttrnck at him ulth trie
remit f imuryitmo imic holy betwetu theei I fnillliiL Him
of Mr lnoTulor ii emmme sir sniiun tecon < l alt ntt uf
Hit klni nntl umltr thi > b > Inwit of the I Lxchiiluo ho was
liable to expuliiltin lit t I mndo nn ahjt ct public apolutrv
to the I E xclinliKi Iliromjh Irielltiit hatch I nhmmt iimmmil lien
tnMr riilerlut lIe tmmmmIe nuno to vir Jon Tailor for In
term tlmi Hint tinitl mull a etch luui Kmlle
tfttnla Ima bowed in snckiloth nnd u hci hafnre tht
internnrR mil ionftftnl to ixtreme ptnlttnce Mr t
Thleriot related the t lutiilentsir Iho udnlraud nld i ho
timid furiilitnMr lim rime trtllcl meat 001mm and Vlr
avln was ftUfptlMitl one tlu
Tedloiis Ocean Kiterlences
BKUfHo cabin pa sonccis and Ifil Imml
grunt Klin hilled from Iunlon 011 the Nntlonnl line
Hteunuhlp raimd on Stjt 2 dil not nehru tIm a iont
until ychtrrdnv Time matin he ft me disaMiil nhout 3oO
mik cftit of St John N F e mt Oem luhh i n Lroken
thnft leninr r > rcpntr Ce n made limit 1 it truCe acriiii
SLOU lifletii mini 1 lie xtpattl I tluu I inn lu tur St lohn 1
nn ler ail Out of tlif fu rrmrir1 pall Immt I nitflit
hun rofrron win 51 tose unhr nail thai tn found a
ci t > onlt malt 110 t hueS Din Mm ii hip South tmmlmC
ci ttH ilnullj lighted li i I look iu Ju ioee iiiilut em ii oil
nt M Inlni tm Oct 7 ti t > eccc truipfirrut to the
r > r < tut Ii uttti azit to din unit c imt tn Si iis imrk
UK timtmmhmm cc Iii nmatii nt bt Jolina until a luu ice
thom i of flmll M put in
A Man nkn IColbeil tkllilien
The thief who took n little ulrlV rincs from
htr liiutrs u ftw eec tie minim lu Urookltnnut lift lien
nltiiiK ill the SInai t w hile hu vt rut on UA he call I tu irt t
lit r u luiiutirul i arrot mac mtid vthitriu in Ilrook
ln for fieulini a m RIIII tIm 4 emmrlomte nnmcH nr > nell l tul liii
harlih Dnllv Thonins liilh mil ifors arty lli
miiiii I noun llltlt toe I e with ITOO I nvclcoitlM rtcclltlt HIH I
ho wan Utti CUM iimmmumii r whnwiic eliot a ft ttnrs
audi mmml 1 thut 1C tht woliM i inu unt tn the tnlttntililt
with him In would ebon them th lumumim cc bum rliol him
Near Hit i ruin nil iry In took their iieremmmts ou Hio
I rtti ntt tblll Hi let I s niuht i ume mmiii I fctttd tin in whlb
lit was irt ui to look for IhiMiiiin who ihol him He ill I
not return Ills I limi mire u In tht t Unique i iullir
Sitl000 liimneH ruIn the Iletnleil Itnntl
rio second trial of n suit hi 01njotto Taj
lor mmuml I anulhtr uitiut tlin M inhnttun liullua y omumlo
DV mil thu Metro t jhttin Iltattd llailriu I Compnnv
fi rilamniti > tuthim In Ibt Ir parliurililp ni iimisivimmmme
nt sixth aunuii imumi iltt I third itrttt I Trcm the ton
strmmch hum ant optrillin nf the viuropnllluu biaS much
Itiulronl thrnnuli I lilt ihlr ri I ci reel nmll I lrla
icier mulct immure ilelmeec mit ami alurt In tin Huilor
finrl lu u Mrtlltt tor Ibo InlinllU for fimmeml luiiiK
fMmi aifalnit time vitiroi olltau Comlmlmili lihiii 1 f luijo
aKallifl Hie two I turn iiiieb jnintl
Convicted of li nelly Tieutlnu kli Wile
New lUvrs Oct 21Littler F Culver time
eralh imp > ouiu fnrmor if I tfrlllatin I who cc is charKtd
Ce ill hating innltrtatt I nnd fail 1 to tupport hid it mumlug
wife WAI to da found guilty In the Stud hr Court
l nlttr treattd lule jouiu wita retlmd ounc halt
atii I lit deuihtir of a lluliln ore meichaiit with nrrni
trtieliy bcaitntr heri onllnlnif her In u Ilament anl
cnniellimr her tu i nt piuntt tuiiils from tIc bait of a
turgd t Hd wae plactd un ler homU
The Pacer Juknelun Mold fur SOOOO
CHICAGO Oct 23it is said that tlio netOtla
tione for the rale oft the pact hnilon to nminoilt re
Klttinn of fit 1aul wiru tontliulnl huh evenliiK timid thu
nioiie will bt tRim tn morrott Tl i urIc I fJim C e i film
that little llrown 1 mug time luttr owned ly ttl
Klltion whovt fit f I hate been limit tot Home time will bo
enl for the winter tn tic rtubhsof Itoi ert lionnrr In
New iork wniiiuninirt In iliktaieiuf the feel anil
C ill diroct their triutment
An Viubrella un the atvemcker
When time New Hnvnn train which left thu
iJruuil Cuitnil PcI ill at fi 45 I M un Tutiijn rtachtd
Norwalk an nml rella wu foun I upon the rnwratchtr
aol It wax tvideiit lhal I NUIIIW lorciimm had teen ai rueS by
tIme uuln rime vitllm bod tvaii fuun a shirt illturn
fouth of the viauuri neck nlation He 1 i was a half tire ml
Indian I luiniil lime ml sluifon aetl SQ 3 ears A verdict
of aLtlltnial tit nth wu renltrtd
Maur dmn 1 aftked H i Commli ionerii of nil I me city
ulelimrtmmm tile lO cmmfm r cc ltli Mm in dat ot II I I unmet re
eilln1 tin adoitluiiof Hit new civil lertln rulrn
Jame II > nn time isuorr whn tta > ai > aulltd in Si it J
lij h Uillium tie rgehm mmiii I ruim mini Hucbhol ilied i irr
day from a tratlured tkull tcrjvii and HuillipU are In
time Tuuibii
The tolureil people heM u meeting nt time PMIoh 1rti
hrltriaui hurth Oil itrat i l tmmmmmie lxlli til til I luil etin
limit Inbunorof ihrluiu VVilll m I Doln lIme lIes ii
I Hood uf houtn arollna dcllt ereh 1 an oration
Major pii5tm lent tn the Hoard of Aldermen > ienlav
IC C cram dncumenti relating lu Ihe I prujoitd iitcmt mf
national ilandurd lime Ibe Vator itelhatthe I I new
etantlard of lime I I shout Ii aiiimlhci In eaiiieit em Ill btm tit
lIme public rime halera Were ttfirttU to the Cuiumitlec
on Law
Patrick Iteuan a tlutnilthof 47 Oak pIned tvai found
Ivlnir uiucomma iou on Monday mornim on the sidewalk
M Iht Peccary atmil liayard etreet He diet In the Chute
here 8iret Hoipllat yesterday of cirrbral nemorrhBue
not hatlux bet n able lo tell botv Ue tame by ull Injuries
An autopsy itlil lie muadetoday
Police Inipector II rneee deUctlrei yeiterdav arrtBteii
Patrick Byron who U charged w Ith belnii concerned in
the robbery ot the led ante at New Haven hid In lev
eral bant and otherrohberteelu Connecticut perprtrtted
b > the 1addy llyan and Dick HnOli gang llyroo was
tmeimt lIt i < O hmy Votmimlumommer ShIelds
Tke melancholy dtyl hare come with couihe 4c
V4Sflz9 iirnn AXI > TiirRtt nt TIll
bUv IhIa0U71i11S
I il
Mr llllll IorlrtNcnt In lapTomlnllliTrUt C
Ir tIme Killing smr Vitl > k Net flown fur
Juv laNol Vllnttril lu tim Free nn llntl
luspcctgr UyinM anti Hilly 1ortcr time
burelar who surrendered hlm clt to Inspector
llvrnes on Tuesday ovonlnii to Btnnd trial on e
nu Indictment chnriliii htm with murder In
time llrsl dnyrco in shooting DurKlnr Walsh In
Blianp Drapers billiard room entered the Dis
trict Attorness oflloo at noon yesterday In
cpector lljrnefl surrendered Totter to Unit
Clerk IVnnoy wlt dlroctod Detectives Riley
nnd lllckoy to tako him in custody Parlor was
freshly shaven nnd smlllne Ho was dressed
In a wolllltllnu milt ot black diagonal cloth
and n light tall overcoat Jewels ulenmed In
tho hilt of the told sword that was stuck In bin i
bright nccktlu
lime detectives took him before Recorder
hmith in tho General Sessions His counsel
nld that Porter had been dUclmnod by lIce
Coroners jury j and that no adifTilnnnl I ovldonco C
tnndlni In connect him with limo klllliiB ot i
iilsh had been obtained by tho District At
torney 1ortor demanded nn Immediate trial
District Attorney McKcon bald that lIe dIti
not w lull lo disclose whether the ov idonco taken
before CoronorMnrtln ns to 1orterH connection
vii ii the klllliiK I of ANnlsh had been suppl
niintoil lie vvtiuld try Iorter In tho Court of
Otor amid Tormlnor on time second Monday ot
neu month
1ortcrH counsel asked wholhor In view ot
Iortors dlselinrco bylhn I Coroners jury j nnd his
voluntary surrender bali would not bo taken
lleoordtirSmith sld that ho would not nccopt
linll I in I the I case ot a person Indicted I for murdnr
In Ibm list deuiuo nnd committed 1ortor to tho
Tombs lo await trial
Vrlntern 1reparlna Tor it Strike i
At n lilaCS mectliiR of componltors In boolfc
and job rlillni i und cc tt thy ni > trii > irs onlcps lait j
vrimiuug ill timmremmtmumm II ill Itcndinl u Honnellof Typo
Krnphlcal tlilnn Su 11 mild that I u drum for hl licr Price t
would bo aimounctd wllbin a neck ior I two wctk lImo i3
prlulem hat e lee I n nrrauulm fur Hit strike mplo I > eri he
have bctn notifUd Hint I time irlnitrti1 rctlo of prlcca iT
ititibt be pall lice minim buniltrl fumdc compositora 7
has e joint d the men in Hn inuvtmrul
Ircililiiitu sill nt the met llnz Time tenuuua 0
we dcniaud aro 40 ccnli n thmmuuunuul I titus un weekly
nt w epapcri nml from 37 to W conic sum hook work This
lice e oh ttnKte ihiill tolMnwttk I i lilt I ii minnie > now IH
hem ito me wurkUiK nntt inr ci lmmuh wi c in cml t Ttoor
three I v tnri hugo vto rca htd Hit luM iltli li wbn cv o re
united thutwt I i woull limit C irk for kin Ib ill mm iccnl m a
thousand html the t cnk i Ii titt Is tin down nlmutt t eer > >
whtre Each Unlun nnn will bt till I on what d lmi ha U
to drop his ci Ink nnd wulk out of thuuflkt I ArmnifO
nipiitu mire makini to rccelt t mint Kurt fur n t rv compoe
lIen w ho linn to iiiit w ork VV t can M litiii 1 iis C to t win
Therm are l mO si nun on time roll of limo ljmilumm iCe cc lit
win the ttrlko In n wt met ri
Mot of Iln I largo euumilui era lute nerted lo I pay Ilia
tMiitimluinanli I AmuliK tin in arm Slut t V Smith time
liItli lnrll HIV jll r fmnk Itklltt hue I filiinlcAftnd
K k l lux 1 IhMwu I llriuiitthii It Inn I will reiUt lImo
urikenrt thn I llurr rlnllnj I Couinnt is l J out street
aul Mr vimdlediuh ni torllundt trtit
A IIITorco Agent Objection Overruled
Edwntd D McConkoy brought a suit In limo
Supreme Commit In June hash fur un iiijuulutc divorce
from hlH ttlft Annie T VIcCuiiktjtn ttliom he itae mar
tied tigumlecim ears ajo Judge Ilirrclt was asked on
1110lat fir Hit mmhmst hut intm uf Ldwirtl siimlford us at
torney for lImo tulntilt in lace of n law > er namtil
ChuCk Mr McConket malt ntlllnvll that before com f
inencinK Hit action ho went to time illlei of Mil nro
mtamuue es Imo nih cr1 isil timml lie ohitulumit mile nrces for lit
C mum tatlimiliti if I emimmmer ltiih I iimt umtcr dlii mmuj I Imim raIn
I Amtimmume iii mitt en agnmeh Ii ft elecrme mif itic urea
fan a rtmmiulluc i mue of TIm lilI to to Imauul cc imefl tIme I
mlii once vae gumthitiul I
Aiiemmm s mummimlm altilume it titat Mctotukey knew I imat ho
tiluumuisi cc ae hot cmi tihimmrlmee or emimilmeri mm itmu canem that
leComuke aiilhumrlzeih hilIli ill rltihuif to etitlhii cmimilmaei
emit ttumt hue tint mu Ito ml Clark Atmiumme mmJemmtaml tie 0
imutvtitmmllimtm of lii r tmatulfmmrt as altormiey imtmleei ima cc a
151mm for hml servlgcmwiulchm he Icchaneii elmira ecorthl 5X
JIll10 tlsrrett tuevertlmeheas grmtmtemm time aumpllcatmomu
ahmit tIe rules wtts ceoterulay before imtuml Ott a miotlna cmi 7
tehmntf mit Mrs M Cetmhmey for tetmmimorary itimnatmy aumi
comitmeul fee liecleloum mae reserved s
Ten Policy Ucalere Arreeted
Ten policy dealers were arrested yesterday
by Central Office detect es and taken to Jefferson Mar
ket Max Hartotc of 78 Itlvlngton ilrcet and Robert
Itandoli of M Cornelia street IcJtmcl that the had
purchafjed policy clips from the dealers The detective I
found parailitrnalia of the bnBlniis In nlmort every ee
jbiirhinelit t they viitn The prinnncm said thiy vtcro
llanltl vlcVtluh of ul Ust rhlrt net ond Uriel Robert
hinlih of 451 hixtli nteiiin John Mat h of COllie addrew
VMIllnm Mrab uf 203 WtltTlnrlt llrnt utn et Chnrlea
I nlluf i I 3 ShCti tiiti Cl net Adnliih krnft of 115 I Chatham
shred Frank Ititlnnili of J < Hi Allen Cl Feel Christian
lrtderlchittif 1J7 Iudlow street Jameft Itnberls of OtU
Inenwlcli street umlJihn Jlotran of 3 Cimr chIc street
strait und vicVtlgh vtcre remiindtd for examlnaTfoii S
thin I IIM rnlng I lie omimn mu one held In Slixi I rur trial
hail vas tiirnUhed in most of thu I cases
1nirovIng them Ambulance Service
Tlio stntlonsof thoolevnted roads nt Illcocker
ami I art Houston Hretl art to butonntcttd with Ilni
Toilet Central Omce h > telephone VMienettr news of
in act iileut rcijulrliignmbulanct rtirt ico arrives at any
ete cuf time 11Cm atothmummo of time nimimie it em III lie letegraimil
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Opposing Irleon Contract Labor
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