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It r p S I
II f tltbt W utt
THtIlSOAY OCTOltnit 2 18S3
Jubsertpllon hy MullIost Paid
DAILY Per Month SO
j DAILY l > r Year In OO
BLNUAY Itr Unr 1 00
I WEEKLY reroar 1 OO
ts I TIIK SUN New York City
I Advertising iruten
1 UnhuRt Adierllneinents per I Agate line f 40
Large type or cut I Agate mennurenu nl pi I r line 0 e0
Business Alices eforc I tnarrlagin and deaths per I
I line O 71
1 I Rpficlal oilrcs after marring and deaths ItT hue 0 10
Banking and Klnnndal after monti article 0 15
Healing Notices with Mdii 1i IO i icr j line ten p
tleadlngNntleM nlth Adr lstor2i l age perllne 2 G
tn Hundny edltlou 11IIC rates aa above
r WKXKIT M cents a line no xtrs t > charge for larRe
tj 1 e Preferred i osltlonn from U eente to9J
t Aniltscmentk Tuln
t A leiin Innllliilo Vellllllcn
t iaJn1b 1 ilnec cl lill ni I M V M
< < mpollt < n riienlir rti 1 lelll r 50 in I I 1 1 M 1
I truly n TfcrMer II HIM nil I 4 n 11 111 I
ra or rrw llnunr I irn n I M 1
MdIo n iM r 1l I f lrr llelt nr I l
fled hen Squnef I I nlfoi l > hw >
7 tlnnnl rnili ni > if lit IrfnAolun H I il 4tI r
K bloK 4 nlrnl I KIT 1 IM 1
> rMeli 1 hriilrt ltln trI P M I
rnilr Ilrlr MrIn I I MI r r M
C r Hun Iloirlti Ml lrrlM V M
Hrne < r > lf > 1nr < tIe IlnllVilll lilll M
M i r 1hrnlrrFl I > nit s U Illmlld C I M
NlMtWInnl 1 Ihrnlee M illf I n IV 1 P I Sr
Tbrntrr < tnilqiif Multlt I Unnrl I rinle pi P 1 < l
m lh IU Sh ntrclrllrlihilMH n I I
Tany Ptr henle nrl tr n 11 t
110 I mqrx Ihrnlrr1 tlrkrt nil h v llxttll II I I
i Indo The ter SiKini i KliUK KI I I
A > ll > el > thri < ltr > itl < t I I
4 IU lhii > lr > < sni > r let SI 1
c SIH A 11 Pike t M In 5 r I
14th Hl11 > iilrf > trl r fi IV St I
1 taa Nl IhrnlrrRlilntleli IIM 1
f q t The White House Ilirnitiire
i ft Ucfoio tim civil war Coiigiehs usually np
r i ptopilated oveiy fouith jcnr a sum of ten
orllftecn thousand dollais i lo lefuinlsh j tin
4 II Whlto Houso for nn Incoming evident
H I Such parts of tho old f multure as had been
ii Injured worn sold and tim pioceeds of tho
4 f I bale wero ndded to the fund for this new
I 1 equipment But blneo tho nceobsitin of
i GHINT tho appropilations have Incteased
t j > cnoimoubly us the follow Ing table shows
t t Ik71 Jj n t 18744 Ifllinll
147 5 l4MI 0744
mL 5 P5 I1a =
IM71 lP 20 I
S IH74 tlPI 4J tO t
isus tCII4I 11
I 1877Total 170
f Total 27
S I will be noticed that iightvlho thousand
I dollnis wcie oted foi fuinitutodmliig the
4 term of the rraudulent Ilisident niul moie
C than half of this total In the jeais 187U and
J J880 I this money was himcbtly applied to
tho objects for which It was gianUd the
AVhlto house miibt have been thoroughly
equipped in every respect when Gen Gut I
I FIELd entered It as IlObldent
t U Iiut It Is an open secret that seueclynny
l of tho articles of oiclhmiy household use
i wore found In tho Executive Maiiblou on the
c 1 4th of March 1881 They had mysteilously
I disappeared with tho eodusof the mud
What became of them is ns much a mystery
t now a It was when Gen GUIFIULD was
i V obliged to purchase tho necessary outflttocn
tertnlu 0 few friends at a family dinner Tho
4 fL j ridiculous dinner service for slat occa
sions which Mrs H YES ordered at 0 cost of
i 3000 hoc not been disturbed but in the cx
prnsslve language of one of the now Inmates
I there was not 0 napkin to bo found In tho
4 r house Everything portable convenient
l t for use had taken Ings and flow away
I 4 Familiar visitors nt the AVhllo House know
t that tho furniture In public uso was not ie
nowed during IAn os term Portions it
I were upholstered jflriftvIUo thousand dol
i lara have bocn nppinpuntnl for tills end
t Bluco thu I G nni Ll > Anrauu Admlnistiition
oamo in Host ol it I his been expended > In
f costly aiticle > and In showy ihcouition
tl The 1iesidents mind inns t in the lute of
i I embellishment when ho hnppens to bo I in
j WashhiRton and to occupy tho Whlto House I
I Ho did not visit Xewpoit In mil nnd ho
t finds leisure to suiieivio tho repioduUlon
of somo of tho ornaments that attiacted his
I eye lu the vilas nt the fIIht wheto howod
II I I S feasted by new friends from New Voile
Much oxcellont fiunltut cttpet and tho
4 I llko have been loplaeed In tho Whltn HOIIBO
In tho last two ycais Thoio have been no
public Pities of these art tides according to
s tho old custom lucy I tepi esented many thou
Bandsof hollers and the question is frequent
1 i ly asked Whit hub boeomo of them 1
f The socalled rupalis of tlio White HoiibU I
uinco Giantism cii too in I would reloth itt it
t twice Tho money VOtl4I for care of gtoundh
I houthof the IlCHlilcntV hoiiso would buy I
f ovoi y foot of tho land at the highest market
i price If such unllceimed otiavogance IH I
J I IMJUnltttsl light uudui the 1lcltItts eye
1 f what miibt be tho cnso In other lipiu tnniiU
of thin Government which I uiamoro lemoto
I I from tho Kxemtlvo 1 t Thor Is no help t for
i I It hit to Lit its theiiscnK t out Iho Hepubll I
t cun paity must go
i w
L Mi Ilolinanh Iflt tnt It
I I Wo hao heard a good iniiny t eommenlH on
I tho featmoH of t tho t Hon I WILMAM m S
3 IloLSKNiis presented in out columnsthooth
cr day The only point in which nil opinions
1 foem iimuilmnue is that none pritlsert him ns
liautlsomo Tlio tout wo ijtioto bulovv IH I
5e vlotibtlcris blnifie though 1 lianovv and ill I
judged Wo Uust t that t on fmtliei consider
I ntlon the author may change his mind t
0 cm hale knock el MoLV Hn c Imnciic in the 011 1 11
priming Ills picture lcmirlou > n In 1 ludeitt 1 > rlamped
s t on Hie coiintt nanii llierc oukhl to bo I fcood I I nklug
iL men enough in Hu I nltcd I stales who would I ei apable
1 I ot belliTrill tint II I I t
I I wo hnvo really spoiled Mt HOLMASH
clmnees of being nominated for lri > lilout by
4 printing his picture wo ate sorry for it
4 lint It I I hud to be done Kveiythlng about a
ci i caiidldnto tot tho Ilisldency ought to bo I
i I t Known I Ills I chatacter hln educatlnn h his
I ability his oilnloiin hIs mode of life and his
personal lilhtoiy ihonlil all be l > familial to tho
4 people Kven iiib appeal mice though It Is I
t t 4 not of biuli 5t i IUIH I Importance I us Ids other
I linllthv must bo hiiiimltted t for geueial
ciiihldeiation ovinvth I I Wo
I k cIIIImUol liln I I c WI
r mo nut sttttoltittg Mi HDIMVV beiaiisuof
8 i his peirtonal I I beiuty and hose I who dlnlilio
i y 4 his IdoKs Ial VI otoagilnstliliiiiftlioywlbh t
t i to hut they will iiiaUca bad mlbtalte
Om ei > uobioiident fult to Mty how ho
f t would oltiIf I Mr t I I4rI ivs hould bo nominat
t ed I for 1jevident but ho objec tb lo I him iw a
I r candidate biv mse an ho I thinks t ho I looks po
t luirliuis Hint i list iissstiL Lui love tlmt sI I i
t HOIMS is I lavish with money Ho piobn
4 I h bly Keep 1 strict account of hU cm iiing I niid
4 expeudlttiu > H MI that nt t ins end of I tit t year
ht the Ioduit ice may not IH I I on tho t I vviong hilly
S I wll Ins Is I b foi tiinati as to hM u It light
ho docaut Immediately set to woik toillvldo
tho small surplus his ftleuda In
I up smal sui among hll llIIla II
f our conespondentiestimation Mr HOLSUN
4 looks like a close man not given to lending
5L f t money on poor security or giving away
much Well perliapa tboan clmructorlstlu
I oll8bt h
fr tn
may or may not bo fallacious Hlgns nf tho
title disposition of tho man Woilout know
nnd what Is mote wo dOltt came
HID truth evidently Is that Mr IlotMAN
lias had command of much of
lnl never hll CUII 11 luch money
his own and ho has Rciiipulously lefrnlncU
fiom tnklng t eommainl of Hint of others
With him his dally expenses have doubt
less I heel an impoitaiit I 1 matter Thioiigh
his whole llfo I I ho has been obliged
to Iw ciieful of today thoughtful of
tomorrow Ho has hud little to give of
his own and I ho bus novel in net id tho
giv log ln y or what belonged to somebody y
elso I hut or the tons that i HOLMVX I has
hid I to bestow hn has been nn tiling i I but I
pemii Ions Ho I has been 1 Congiesiman for
ncaily twenty yeats post 1 anti ho IIH Iny
Ished I I nil his labor and I nblllty ninl eneigy
and I tho t wholo foice of t his oxtiaoidlniuy
eliaindei In thu t peifoinmne h of that I
duty which has Keciued I to him Ihlllg i
tho long pcilod of Itxpublienn coiiiiitlon
and extiiiMiganco to bo of thu highest Im I
pottaiice In his I work holm I iievorHpaicd
himself nor hit personal uomfott Ho I bias
roblstod jobbery Ho I has ciushed fraud
Ho I has Avnged uiHeteiitlng atfaio on nil I
plnndrioiH of Iho public Tioiisury and ho
hits fought for the nmtntenanco ami I I
piesetvntlon of Domoiirntlo I principles with
out eec ation legaldleas of tho results I
upon his own folium H orpopulailly V hli
In Congivbs I ho his 1 I scott nlisoibed In thc
moils task of bloMng I nil I eoittipt
schcines whether Democratic 01 Hopublleaii
In their origIn Ho has toiled without
eeislng both In tho Houso of Hepieseift
utlves and out of it and his l only display I i
after weeks of hiboi t him been 1 w lien ln > lose
to offer hlsobjei I tlons to illegll I o u etivn I
gant nppiopiiatioiis of public InOUe Hut
the ellect ot llieso pllill objclliii8 Is
bhovvii by 1 tho I saving lo lie t lionsiny i and I
to tln I > people of millions upon millions
As Coi MiHOLM ANs pci bi > naliiml Mentions
If his fall Il nil tlinseof nn eiiilslte
mill II his finmo Is slight his talnnU und
his I t const leiitlousness tilts be I uitifullv IHO
portlonrd I I and ho possessed imilsu illy I I
weighty y utilities of mind I ami oliuactei
His 1 cleat conception of the fimdimuntil
pilnclples of tlio Const Itou his de
votion I to duty his cnoimoiirt capaci
ty for woik Ills umlMillod ktmwledgo
of tho business of tho Goeinmeut
thu wok that will full to Iho lot of tho I next
IXiiioeuiUc Itebident refinm tho cor
iiipted tutl i nltuistrat Ion of Federal nlYuiiH niul
to miiKo t that t lefoim so thoiough lib lo t bo
of pelnianent aluo lo thin DemoeiaUe paity I
and to tho wholo iittlon the o ore n8un 4
I why Tin bUN lilts pioented the iianio ol
W H florIN for OOUsUHUilloil by I lot t uoxt
Demociiitie Convention It would bo 1 a na
tional I blessing if such u mint should bo
eleotul Inbideut und iiftm hifj election wo
aio iiin our ooiiopoiulont would boon como
to tegiud him as positively u haiuUome
1lcla in Iiiuu
lit fulfil toctut or theh u ngu ementto further
tho success of tho peieo piity iu Peru tho
Chilian troops on Tuesday oneuated tho
capital and Gen IULISIVS was welcomed to
Lima as tho legeneiatot of his nlmobti ruined
countiy a title which wo sIncerely hoc ho
n ill bo allowed to justify I is I a little moro
than two years and nIne mouths since tho
chief Poim luti city fell into the haiuls of tim
invaders and It Is I just thieo jcars ago this
week since tho abortive conference utArlca
Tho cItlAjns of Lima may well ask them
selves what has been gained by tho injection
of the terms proffered by tIm conqueiors at
tho lastnamed conjuncture and how largo a
share of the misery since rpeileneecl should
IJB I ciedltxd to SXietaiy HLVIMJ und his
emlbbitileb who were so mischievously busy
In Peuulnti and lioliviau nITaiis I
Of course the IrrVI or I Lnsiisat Lima
has settled I nothing andpioves I < only I that tho
Cl thl laos on tlieli I pntt are acting in u gi not
faith I I I lemains to bo wen whethei tho
piistl o and lesoiiicci which the pobsession
of the capital may Ltivo 1 him will cu iblo thin
ptovlsiiiual 1iesidclit to coiitlol thu iiiition
CongiCbs which will prov ntly bo conviikid I I
and which alone will bo competent to linns
form tho piellmimiy into a dellnltivo
tieity of jieice Admitting lit sty vor
lliat IU end I to desliiiblo will ho at
tained wo hal Mini It InstiiielKo to
I ompaio I I thud conditions to which lei tt
must now submit with I i thoso which buoyed
up by dehiblv hopes of American iulen en
LIon bho stubbornly lefuscil to enteilalli
tlneo years ago At tim Area ctmtfreuo
Chili nskwl for tho cession of tho piov vi luce of
Tiuapiica bouthvviiiil Irons Iho ravine of
Camarones ant I a pecuniniy liideinnlly I of
J2JnoodOO of which however oulvS 1000000
ivis to bo paid in cash AsHCcuiily fin tho t
dellveiyof lids money tho Chilians WCI to
ictum teiiipoiniily tho tuiiltoiy of Tncnit
ilca and Jloipiegui tho Iot minus
on their part htlpulallng I that ii ton
tin lecovciy of f those tlnuo dlbtilcls tlioy
would lefialn front foilif > hlA the ti4ltjiout of
ilca which if foi tilled would ben
AIII lIlllel w0111 o I standing
to tins Chilian ivi Inco of Tain
meuaco thl new CIIIII pun mice Ta1
IllIcit I will bo obseived I thut at tills ti toe
no claim was put foivviuil to tint guano tlo
po ltn n clu iiiiistaiiii which should have
fiiMiiubly implceseil Ieiuvians of theCAI t
ui nos stamp I If they weie then boiinloiis >
about tin t I Intelests of tholl r foieign e < ledilois I
I I have I sinco ° i lo be
II they IILtS 110 professed t tl br
Soil i WIO tIlts lcIICI oXlc 11 oh f 1etil on I
Oct 22 WiLl for thin pai i vv luhel h i slot had laken
In a wantonly I aggiessUn wai unit I Ill I L is cied
Itablo to Chi that I notwithstanding thu
nnukcd I oliaugo In I tlio t sit tttitiutt tho t teims
novvonoied I elilllt nooxeoshivo ngginvntloii
of her clemaiids Nat anti I y bho ut Ill iiiblhts
on letallilng Tniiipncn but with 1 all to
Tiicim and I Allen Mho iropobis uu nuiuige
ment which I In I Imv ur tho t cliuiiinstnuces
It unit bo dencilbed ns utjuitablo Sho will
occupy those dlbtilcts for a llxeil Uim of
yeaiH at the end of which the iiiddents shall
themselves I Intelmliiu by I plebiscite to
whldi of this two i publics they desire
to appeitnln It being btipiilateil houcvei
tlmt that favored 1 State shill pay to s the other i
itstatcd bum of I moiioy 1iobiibly I tho I Chl I
ian nuthoiltles cm tiinnign to obtain front
Michn plubibcltiitliciiesiill wlin h they divlie
but If tho iaitiotiut of tilt
1111 t olhOI piovUlon iiannsl 1
Is annexation Ilien tho only ieeimlaiy pay
mint tailed fin by Iho I I picMnl tiiaty t wIl
come not fiom tho I Ilimiueied but t lie ion
queior U is t is If IISM vii i altei tho I tap
tmoof Pin uls instead I 1 of n i ipiiilng a colosal 1
money I indemnity I bcniden tizi tug Alfetuo
nnd loiuiltie had uonlcntiHl himself with
annexing Altneo and meicly i tscui iyi tug
founliui ieudlng n pleblc Ite with nn
agruement thut If I tIn populai vote of Ill
InriuliUiB blioulil bo tuvoiiblo to Geiiiiany
n large drill coinpciicHillon should lie mule
to France As foi tho I gut a tue dcpoMlr u lili I h
havo now for biimij tlmo liecu in Chilian
Iniudn tIle bUiccssful cimibiitutit Inl nils to
retain them volmitnrlly uciieliig hovcvei
to tutu over onelialf of this not uvelpts to
tilt foreign holders of IViuviun boiul
When wo bear In nilnd tIle state nf iiiiarchy
and BKllatiou which there IH too much
reason tu fear may euperveuo after the
llbcmtlon ol the Peruvian soil the ferciu
cwllton vl rru my rcaaooalily comfort
themselves with tho reflection Hint half ft
loaf Is better than no bread at nil
Hut while tho positive concessions now ox
acted from tho vanquished amid prostrnto
State hnvn not been greatly augmented since
the ron Terence nt Allen for although 1eru
vitut revolutionists ould probably hno
ihcnted thu bondholders out of the guano
not nn ouneo of It honestly belonged to 1eru
tho IVrmlan People have really suffered
Incalculable hnitn through tho war and tho
foielgn occupation which Imo been need I
lessly piotinUod for thico years In tho
fingiilnaiy battles of Choiilllon ind Mlrn
lost multitude of Its
Motes the country t n Iulllmlo It
woithlcbt citizens and In tho Inniiinorablo
engngcmeiitw which hao filnco taken plnco
In lie Interior tho lighting power of tho
lVrulnns has been utteilyexhausted Inn
lingo part of the t lund not only ovoty species
of itiamiutimet ii t t mimi Undo but even ngrlcul
has boon thin central departments
tuie UCI pntalyyed cellmi tc
partments east of Lima unwi been made n
shambles by the inciclloaa guerrilla warfare
of CArriiKH and so much of the southern do
patlmciils as was unoccupied by tho Chilian
finces has been ncaily bled to death by tho
exactions of MONTHIM and tho crow of
pi elcnded pall lots who hnvo made heir lair
In Arequlpn Only tho noi thorn districts re
mained comparatively frt from hostile In
vl lon and luteinccliio I coil II lets and accord
ingly thl t poitlou of lie t countiy was tho
Iltht to exhibit some leouporatho power and
to make n despeiato itttlitt1 lit to tobcua the
nation fiom coniili > tu dlsintegintlon Thu
Inhabitants of Cijamaicn found u loader In
Iheii most distinguished fellow townsman I
It I ht8 tAut who had I Iefcnu let with tho ut
mot gallntitiy tho Miiliiii < right nt
the buiLt lit of Itorul I lou luuing bono
fO hOI tho whole shock of tIm Clitl
Han I unsaid and who can novor cone
quontly bo taxed with eovvaidleo because ho
fiankly I imHlilms I that pence no iiritloi on
how haul I conditions Inib I heeomo I Indlspens I
nblo to I the logeneinUon of 1ciu I I may be
t liitt this wise and dauntless patriot H fated
to succumb huieaflei to a will outburst of
Ilrel lhl I nigo at the 1010 plight In
which Ills countiy has been plunged 1 by l Its
own folly but not on his I i bhiotu It its teSts thg
grievous responsibility for the hses and
sufferings of tho List tlueo yiais and tho
time when his Tort to himtoh
lmo may como wlll 11rt snnlll
1eiu fiom ruin will bo looked upon nsa noblo
act of bolfinimolntiou
An Appeal to the Scrntchers
Thn hire 01 aflh let Inti whldi has for some
tlmo been tijlinr tho t Itepubllcan party Is
out ceitain lehliluumof tItle gold
bilnglngoiitii CIItlluthlllll luo 011
1 heio Is lot ninth of I I t to be bine as might
ho xllcIIII i < l front the uiipiomisliig mateilal
< lunipid Into thenlemblc but tho little thcio
I Is I bUlplibCd byltholf
Among our cstiClilid I llcpiibliean oontnm
point let who are UHII puiifled through tuf
tctlng wo mo pledged to notice thin Tribune
Timo wn > our neighbor fiotlietl at tho mouth
when it beheld Stalwart but now It fold4 I
T vicr Hiss i to I Its venerable bosom with fond
solicitude liming the huuhty Insulting
CONKLIMI thuero are no Stnlwirts whom its
conipicheusho foi lveness is not ready to
coei llko a blanket sheet There are no
btalvvnrt there are no Half lher ds Hieth
iwi let us love one another and poll a bin I
ote Vo aro Ion small to quarrel Lot us bo
reconciled Come up and subscribe to these
patriot soulImouls und to tho leading Re
publican organ price a 1 cents
So cries tho Tribune and beams benignly
upon nil tho beets of tho faithful And not
upon tho faithful only but upon tho unbe
lievers likewise It pats tho Independent
Voter upon the head and reasons with him
I Como back to lib It assures him and all
shall bo forgiven Very ospecttul and cv en
obsequious to tho Independent Vot Is the
Tiiliune It needs him
It will not get him but no matter HMO
ib I a ease of si uteri repeiilmieo profitable to
tho t I soul of thi Tiilntni though uiucuaidcd
by any iiuicio I In the t Itepubliuiu I ote Let
Ihisiepcnliinci bo chiomclcd and let good
men t alto I In cdfiil noto of it and lejolco at it
with imlilglii t ed rijdci tug
For it is only foul rnrs tlnco tho Inde
pendent Votei was doing his best to beat
AIONO H j Couvi LL whom ill CONKLINO
hail I noniinHed foi Goxcinoi Ill 1 Tritium
h id for otu n Its antipathy to Mi CONMIN
in Its 111101 for thc wiuisb of tho party It
Mieeied I and Kiln d at tin Independent Itepub
HcniiH I who liid nimoiincul their intention of
huntchitiff roHMMj It jeered nt the
onlli and cephalic pulpiness of tho Yotinn
Sciatdiei but they went on beniUhiiitf
just tho eiiino
Whcio bo Its Kibes now It sees Its
oiioi ichuMiitf those Iiuli icndent Itepub
lliind and it tries to whistle them buck
VouiiB Kciatcheib 01 old Kuiuti hers they tire
all cloino now that the pool deni paity is
boivilug nipidly towaul tho Old I Scratch
hack nil otnt IIIK t nil ultAun r
UIIIII I luvt LtinuN nut oiy UHV
As wo hiiM said they wont como back
KMMI tho t youngest ScrateheramoiiK them t iri
too old u bIrd to be llniul by the Tribune
Thoy moKohiK to I Vi ototho Demoeiatie tick
et and I nl ye tlio Tnlnuii u chance to bo an
opposition JlII ns It was In 1872
Uuili t solo 11111I I In political action Lid tug
as tlio Tnlnnir sa > s to piomote the piibllo
welfare they will help thrive out tho Ilepub
lleans tills year allli next Itutthoy IIrll tong
lilt ii tittitto and will not point tho HUK < M of
set liii lit tho llIItnnt organ They will not
add bitterness to thin crow which must belts
diet lor moore tliana year yet
JuiUhiK fiom till chninctei of some of tIme
Itcnubllcan I nominations I foi hliito SuiintnrB In
lie I rural dlblilUB wu shioui itt Imaulnn lint Ml
t In oll OHM iL hail an uyn on tlio unciont
LAimcuus seat In the tlnltiil Htutus Bunntf
Wo IIIIMI bet live tlnlhlllj that neIther tho
ofliio of thu AVm m rA 7iiii K nor tIm oatabllHh
inont of JtitlniMphla lrr conuiliiB a hand
Bomur man than tlio Hon Viiu IAM H t i HOISUN
of Indiana
This but has been taken by both of the news
papers In i question
Now lot thorn Bond us duly authenticated
iliolosriihs of their lumlHome men Tlion
vo can toll who Is untitled to the cash
If Hyptlaushn have It last completely do
footed Ki Muini UH thins claim to have done
thulr OMirtliinn 01 t this Prophet of thIn Scitiduin
hM boon at luast t tliiioly According to Momsi
MKII SILH thin world H I to end on thin IIlh ol
SoMinli t anti thin iriiillctlonliiis ilncJulilo
cllo ulution and sotuiu creduncn Moslem coun
tiles 1hu host ul thu 100111 IInllI1oru of Hlunx
liructilliii tins I do tinotion of time irlolxj is lo I lx
tile iippioaeli of tho nriniea of IMAS MAnn
with IlIulr 1111 k bannoiH during tho festival
llainadon uhUh K olibratcid ilurliu tlllJ pros
tut nieiitli I LCoulliulr 1 hi l dufoatlnu tlio I
1IIul l nliix lainie I to I i4 thlH I forornnnorot tho I
enl tlio rnilinn uiiuloa mllr > holp tlio pooplo
to hittio IIP I I und inject t tho tloomy piouhooy of
thu wot Ids full sot for a foitnlKht lionco
ituiigs lsvc H > IYN IID who liLly heads
Itin I IicinoiTiitli t htiitn tliLot t IB lie I Biimo MAI
Nuinlio wile ii In i thu t Axsnmbli refused to
tiaol on frin mfcoi Ibo inacliincr of lie I
Kovvtnr > if > l Mitoii nlllco at Albany Is balnc
worked to IliOl the State with panter bvnrlnt
the uuuttuuu of CAII utIle wants the offlco torn
birth tormu arid is otvalthlly trying to vet Ida
name cii hututor4itiu ballot Vote for the anita
who shows ealfnsi and regardJ the dignity
el bIpoaltiunt
It Is a curious fact that the big blunders of
tho French as n nation aro nlwnrs overlooked
by the world nt Innro frequently oon ad
mired whllo for their potty follies they nro
nbuBod worso Ihnn plckpockota Tho critical
condition In which tho French Gocrnmcnt
finals Itself In ooiiRcauDnco of tho attItude of
tho Hmtlcnl party tho ftupld and ruinous mili
tary expeditIons tho doplorablo condition of
tho finances nil thli loom1 to bo overlooked by
tho majority of oven Intollhiont people abroad
Hut about a petty Insult offered by tho mob to
tilt lOng of SpaIn every duJo and parlor cad In
creation has nomothlntc nbunho to nay as If
Klncs and Qnocns had never boon hloHodor
mobbed before both nt homo and abroad
Queen Victoria boa boon moro thnnonco hissed
by her own subject Napoleon and Euccnlo
were n number ol times Iniulted nt homo and
nlmont driven out of Spain Tho hate Czar was
hlflsod Paris The very same Alfonso XII
In company with tho King of Iortuiral
was but n short tIme ago hissed and
orniiKOS were thrown at him at a bull
light In Madrid DozenS of similar In
stances could 1 be given but they acorn
nil to bo Icnored nnd over the little Incident
of n mob hlsnlnK the yonnw Alfonso for ho
oomltiK n German Uhlan n worldwide fuss Is
made Of course tho fact that It served this
marcks purpose that a fuss should bo outdo
has something to do with It Rut the people
abroad and especially In this country ought to
know better than abuse the whole French na
tion for a trllle llko that Where Franco Is
dancoroin requires watchIng and deserves
rebuke from other nations Is In tho lonlnncy
sho show toward hor demagogues In hor fool
Ish ontun llmllItR In China and In tIm rockless
mnniiuomont of hor Ilnancos A row In the
Clianibor SODIIII to I ho inevitable No ono can
toll whether It will not lend even to the over
throw of Grow A war with China may break
out at any moment nnd dlstuib the trade ol
tho wholn world Mcanwhllo tho biutuct for
tho current year nlro lh shows a dullclt of over
t about oncolLhth of which has
bion prodiicod bv the miserable Toinjuln ox
pcdltlon At tho same tlmo tlio tindo of the
country shows a Htnndy falling off In tho last
ton yours tho exports from Franco have do
created over ISOOOQODi a year whllo tho Im
ports have Incroniod nearly 100000000 This
Increase however Is 1 mainly due to natural
ciiHcs bad harvests and phylloxera Tho
Imports of ooiouls havo Incroapod slnco
1H75 some tllti OOuOOO and tho Imports of wlno
tnSOOOOOO Franco Imports now practically
moro wino than slio exports A nation which
undor such clrcunistancos throws millions
away upon public hull 111118 to keen hor so
clnllstlc workmen tjtthot and spends ninny more
millions upon risky military expuditions to
keep hor soldiers bui must evidently bo in nn
abnormal condition and does not niosont a
comfortlni slRlit to tho world at large
Uroit HiItnln In a far mero enviable posi 1
tion Irolind has quieted down for thus mo
ment Parliament is shut up Gladstone com
poses h > inns and n delightful tluhr fur nicnle
booms to piuvnll throiiKhout tlio loncth and
bieudth of tho foggy Islands Jucen Victoria
5tl tOut 10 1 1 tliionl I y > bet lirei tuttI thiseontented
person l In thu United KIngdom Sho has boon
vvorkhiK lilY and nIght at tho erection of
statues and memorial tablets to John Uronn
she had to uullo tho strings of her prlvato 1 >
purpo for tho nnrriaco of ono of hor grand
uauuhttrs with poor Lloutonant the navy
and u brother of tho nearly dethroned 1rlniu
of Dulcnrln and last but not least she has bo
como counUint In n very unpleasant and
painful way hit heavy cnmbllnK was In
dulged In among tho residents aid uucsts at
Uucklnuhani Iilnco tho saId f 1ambllni I h dug
froiueutlv oteudud Into the small hours of the
Sabbath day SIte always dislIked JUickinc
ham Palace now sho will hate It As it it wore
not enouch tliat Yietnr Knmniicl ruined nil the
beddlni of his apartment there by smoklnu In
bed and that other foreign princes Indulged in
quiet sprees undor her roof sho hinds now that
members of her own family are gambling
lure It Is iiopsibly those unpleasant facts
that have caused tho talk about Ito schema of
tiansformini ItiKkliiBhain Palace Into a first
class hotel A London paper eald tho other
day joktncly poilmps but moro probabl In
earnest tnat ono of the conditions insisted
on hr those who am acting for lie oxl1I111l
projirletorof Hint ho 1111 mug is that a ivi tug shall
bo set apart fur thin exclusive accommodation
of rend pursomuoH visiting Great Itritaln
vvnoni tin nottil company bliau nnuurtaku to
entertain Kratnltou9l nnd who lire to bo con
sidered and nnjuestod to consider them elvtH
as nucsts of tim Boveroiun The compan
supposed to be negotiating for tho building is
that which ran Olarkl now nbout to bo
tuincul into Hats Tho thiifly old lady will
snvo earli a goud deal of money If tIm Imis Un
is carried nut
At home thoro is not much to comment upon
outside of politics nmn nil I street At times t I
thin two have had n certain nOt nitv but In I tills
InstuiKO each Is too full of Its own business to
pa > attention to tho other There is not a pol
itician to bo Scott around tho Stock Ixelianto
and not a Block broker show Ins anj Inteicslln
till progress of tho political contest A stray
order hurriedly sont onco In a while by prIvate
wire from mi uptovvn ofllco b > settle politician
Is nil that is loft of the former Intimacy I ho
tween stocks and politic Tlio fact Is that
politicians not an badly I hurt In Wall street aw
an > other outsider and tlmt tileS are givIng
stock speculation II wIle 1Illh Thu thumb
screw which tho Vuiiderblll Hill Scott and I
Vlllnrd pat ties have tint t upon tho maikot can
not attract outside support Fvorbody knows
that thu flurry will Lit of plioil duiatlon as It
consists only of nsqueoo of tIle foolish bhorts
who oversold 1 tho innikot Tho big Wall street
Buns loaded with Blocks saw that somothlns
mllst 111 done oven If it was at this rIsk of los
lug moro money just ns In tho Fionch sol 1lors
II I I RVUII iinpiiriuiiii 4 tAl lrn
l ulilrmiiiiliiltiliiuiiiiiiriiieiit t
li > ln > lni IIKII I taIl I
They put their shoullu s tool her IInd pushed
prices up all along tho lino Inn day or two
thoro will not bo nn uncovnrod l short loft nnd
down thu market will rattlu IIluln of Its own
vvoluht It is rumored that one of tilt chief In
ducemunts of Mr Vandnrbllt In starting tho
iUP070 was tho desire to punish Mi H N
timlth for dusortlnj the bull shUn and coins
short of stocks vvhon ho knew young W K 1 was
loaded with thorn
The homo show has BO fur boon n pecuniary
success 1ooplo havo womb there moro on ac
count of tho novelty of tho thing than for any
other reason oxcapt pel haps that It was
considered fashionable If however It Is
to repeated nol year n ory dlfleront
system of Incites niuot bo adopted The
public will net moro than onco pay tholr
money for liaUnic a vIew l of a numbor of
horses tails tho animals helm oncloHod In
colllnliko stalls MadlKon hunaro Garden Is
about onollltli tIm slu nxiulred for n show of
such n number of honus Let tho mnimuoniont
Situ oi build Bomo laruo roolllyrll co an spend
SHim inonoy by thlni large prigs which will
Induce ovrnurs to show their good horses Thu
inanauemont Bhould also check tho tendoncy
of some of the riders to makn n ilr
cus of the performance In tho rliiL
Mr HolmoH and Miss Mulhulsh are
both admlrablo crass country riders but
when ono sees tho former posn as hu I rides
mound and the hitter buck hor hoiso ncioss
tim little hurdles ono exPectS to see thol1l kIss
their hands tho audience nnd stand upon ono
too Many people complain also that they
dont knpvv whnt Is going on It was only llIS
terdn that n blackboard was put up with tIm
titttties of HID hores being judued III thu ring
What elioiild bo dune Is to dlvldu the daync > as
to please both coiinoUwura li IIOIHU tlubh and
the general public rIte judging of hoi BUS
should titku placu In thu niornlnt thus loavlntr
tIm afternoon amid evening to the more frivolous
work of itimplnunnil showing off homos thy
this means both Itin learned nd tim Ignorant
wou butte an opimrtunlty of Htielm what In
terests thorn A full programme should also
bo iiubllauoii lu All the p hems > BO that people
could know at what time to lU tho abolYt
JI d t rI
nil Conflict with AMlitnnt Poitmnfler lint
Inn Ills ATnllnblllly as it KeifuMlcun
randldnin tor Ike Next Irettdencr
WASHlNdTOV Oct 21Whllo tho hate Tim
othy OHowo was IwtniaBtetOcnoral Frnnk
Ilatton tho ontorprUliig First Assistant who
has Irreverently brnnJcd tho cIvil service ro
form an a fraud and n humbug had practical
control of the department and ran It ns n
party machine Tho ancient Howe was content
to sign hit nam to sit In Cabinet council and
to draw Ills pay with unfailing I inmctualltj
Master hutton splurged affected style and
was permitted 1 oven to Ithhold tho commldilon
of n Postmaster appointed by tho President nnd
conllrmoilh thin Sotuitto WhunJudgoGreshnm
cnmo In Hntton allon1l tOll to continue this
assumed authority nnd until the Judge got tho
reins well In hand and became familiar with
tho working of tho department thoro was no
jar between till duct and his subordinate
lint Mastor flatten now nothing moro than
n head clerk of Ills division Things havo
changed and tho PostninstorGoncral In fact
what ho Is In name tho real and tho only head
of the department directing mind and Its
master spirit This chnngo was foreshadowed
ns certain to como by thOM who ktiawKlrosh
anus character of selfassertion and his ability
to do well whatever ho undertakes to do at nil
Tho Irestdnut Is disinclined to make re
movals and likes to take hili caqo lie rcahlaes
lint tho Administration Is doomed and tho
arty must KO Into a long exile from power I
next year Otherwise SInstnr Hntton would
get his walking papon and Master Chandler
would go on tho retired list Tho appointment
of Chandler Is now admitted to bo Arthurs
greatest personal mistake
The younger class of Republicans look to
Judge Gresham as tholr bost hopu for any
chance of success In n reconstruction of parties
Helms tho elements of loadershlpto nttiact
favor and tho lobunt qualities to command a
forlorn hopo
After Ihoeloetloll next month anti cspoelnlly
tlmt In New York all thin talk about Arthur as
n 1iflnlilontlal candidate will end Ho has no
Inherent political strength and notwithstand
ing tho pretended reconciliation nt Itlchlleld
Springs thin Half Dreads would rejoice at a
clitu mien to slab him I under tho fifth rib
Ko rcuiilai llopuhllcan has tho ghost of a
clmnco to bo elected In 1881 unless the Demo
crats blunder worso than over befolO at tho
coming session of Congress Dlilno who Is a
trained politician and a keon observer of pass
Ing events has disclaimed beIng a candidate
for thin nomination lint ho keeps In good
training all tho time watching for something
to turn up and believing tho Domoirnts will
trip on tho road to lie White HOIIFO Darkls Is
willing If the opportunity comos tumid promises
any show of success Darkls Is only playIng
little gamu of hide and go seek
IntcrCBttni Uittterelii IViithttiBtoo
WimiiNOTOx Oct 2ihon tho contract
for hutrtt > > liiK lie t IlutR uu M a it ti IIH futiicl tn
gut It tn tart in tt MII > O 1It 1 tt n coimiil rnM > liUhtr
llinn tlu niniit fauir il lc for II t tie lncrniuelit 4 Ittunka I
ii tie tint to LTliu in ttti ri > ami 1 11 rri < n into nicnril l > t
it > VA tloup nnil Ilic ui > rk lii ti luau lull fur III n rate
cuaisl Urabtv I lilklitr tliun a ci 4Iuilbie imrt 1 > 111 1 autl
wllnhl IIUM tlotu ll for
llllKUtro liitrl it 1cllc1 for ccrnln rxtinotrc works
cnimuttil dlh the IIOW t attr unrXe Ui Ftcctlilile
purtli i < till f SJIHMJ J loxur thnlt t t aunt er pnitjiuul tt
that oilier lieu I U I about to retell the contrail Thi
ipii ml ui ir I > In Secretsry Lincoln hut nhu U I not CUD
irittil nf anjthlnt uiriic than tuliu tn tatter nf bt
ronlinf tin t lctlin of Kifntlnti lst 1 liable i oniiiiuentl
nf 111111 rune liters there In I itt thlng hut i lain Kiillln
In I i Ohio riturni in llcuto thai the liarlltlil i 1tIuh
liiand ant l piclnllv those In ilarllelil old illrtrktcon
triuuteil heir t full tlfar1 to the rectut Democratic trl
tnnih The rflnrnif slit that in teail of St talnif at
lionu I ai the i lit < l at the i rotoug electlun nUll therehy t
liermittiiitf tin lltniocrati to Micccid lirxi I iitunberKiif
tluni ilils time cant out tn maku It slurs too Ih lumo
cratii Ytic iariit itt publicans are not Arthur Rcjiul
lltiumoth t an tneans
The t U > t fli40 r yet to the question What iff tho t
irofpiet for the RipublUitniln tie rriHidelitlal race r
54 at gtveui li I a Hhreuil I Wf lern inannKcr when he sal
to his iliestiimtr Tell me u hat the Democrats In
Coiufn n iiI do on tlie tariff ami tax question and I
44 lIt let MIII kn < m o tiM chance wo have Ifthc t glee
us thu chance to I draw the tit iinard on proleetlon
nrfrietruli t > t i u uotini t I thc mrri inlir to whin
kiton the toO iiuiHtlnn thenwevn Jt CIII inori If
1IlolIt do till then th Ve Rot llV f
EI I < nhod lu Wanhliiitton It nirritd Hint On Flur
man wdepartnr will I le I ut iis tn the ronunnmtv lien In I
Kencral Th feilin U I as i iliillhe as it U tiiilfriul
The lIn1I1 < IM I II favuriu without I tinif coninu
EI irv one likr tn pee him uiuit 1111 1 C in neij n ctilu with
out enmintf il iwn from his triter heiffht IIU t lrt7
wn 3 5 tlnir > C oice nninbtrlif lndiidiiitl > sit 1 the
kin Himi with nil will i III1c him to ho mipKcil 1 f10111 lln
coinli unit 1111 hni IM I ept in arm > clrLltf teii sher
Idan li I a inmimratlu Ktrmutr In WH < ihinhl < iii Iluulll
he II link man tinlm If fir ii man viarf ho can
eumit tin t miiltituloiif fri itt thalliclI Stit multi Kaxa
Hit I cit Ii sit tec rutei Ignore i M r3i thhu llko m mil re
form and tho ia < Uof ili I phrtm HtH do 1 not Itiehur tol tie I
wlltintf to I inakij not l the omlviiim tiijor E nil 1111
dlot IIr tie eillictliiu illtlxion I if Ihe Sixth AndllorH
Ortlce In whleh its list Olllii in oount are adjn t < d 1
Was recruit I eiaricd with I II nhlic camlal in Alex
drill wherein a notoriou wnmuli tlKured An liii cut i
Kation wasordired ti5 I the heirilar nf the Trtanur
slut u tie titrite won fiiiy tKtnhlMie I Thin ofllicr IIKI I
toot I priv loudly the fellhjecl of another Hcnmlal In the
Iont Olllce Department which wan hutheil up for the
nakeof II t ti fatuIty that nulTered hy It Mr Ioticer d trIll
Id I Klaus grotto in the AnlitorH Olllte with t a ties of
JJul III halar Tlu ollelie n l thill eullloiuj ant
morallt w in lelt nnt In 1 Iho i cit I
The In slil nt > tlll hoi In out at the Soldiers Home nnd
ocinies mm of the I IIOIIAIH set apart for Iho oflUeri
Meanlnm the W hiti llonno U In Iho hulls I i if decor itors
w ho are pri paring It for the Inter i amj aUn
Die Adnilnintrrttlon Is I St thiS on dieorMtion nnd dc
porlinent Sty Lord Chiif Jiiftko Coleri liie was much
Impri SMI d with 1rcllnifhU sen and HreUKter who 01 titi
out hrllliantly In tlu > e ri Ioto It I nan notUi I that
Coleri lni tluck i to ApolllnarK Ihrmuli his tr I iiio or
diallure hrewnli 1 r baM I till t plofei < ilon him itidl fallen
In I toet ti In 41 real Jtrltaln from the dan when titer
uollle man w ii < an ornament to i tin tir I
Major Iuw Inreileemeil IleilKei Teiiiucr
Itltin uiiilInxitttun
10 I Tutu Km ron or fill MusS Flue May
nralu lonti ft iii Jlrookl III In ut fever luat atil 1 roth i an
< lilts and till Ir renpeetlve frltndn lire tmltavi rink to i
win the nupport of tho linlipindeni hiltS of whom I
there aro not a few In I fail Ihe IIrookl II TOncS Ill t
thu gill wi far no tu IIII assert Hut u the t home rule
Ko rrnment nf llrookl n Is I at take nut I lln t < mU I mean
to retain is l hy ilifi allni Mr MuilrU and rei Irellnu
vir Low a manwhd 1 tree t 10110 In hin eleitiim i proinlied
hat there would ho ur Inrreaieln tin role ot taxallon
Ilul line he kipt true tu his promuet Peiideill not I
TIe IIIOro uif llroiikhnmiKl 11110 I rUT nay II i liI her
rIte lit taxation and in mon liintanrin on a irreath m
eretiHi i I valiiiillun Ant for all tin Vlr low Pills tt
his niont an an n onnmUeri vshy me Ito iemiirnit
uiciiii I lUdlliMt iite I r liist J t 3 iar thr puppurlid him
turnS tin i ro miiBt he tnimthliiK te I ii in I hl l reeord I and 1
therels ltl tu llll < Vlr Low I dll t lint fuini lii K romlses
niade to tin trinperamo eople j Inn Innwa Ihe Met
I II Honle and inuny others tan rnnllrni this male
mrnt Vnd i nlv yesUriU when iuitirs leo it ty p ome
lrni > er > nci > tilt itcp Mr IIIw rrferrrd them in I his
tact I remit I Ihis I mine niord thai made the timpir t
nun tMople i I denoiinei oil and fnrei them In I nnnil
tilt u tiir own t candidate Mr low I > ruml el the t tutu
peram pioplo that 1 he won ti 1 M ihutetert i ito on I lie
ntatnle hook i van Hiriel out AIII I tin neer atleinpud
ti tills them elifortid t lIsle onuht lo hi millUlinl tu
make all law ami order lit I lug peoj h turn iixilrut him
slit I stout is i maii uhu n III lute Iho I Mm lav tinning law
enfontd Hie t ihurtli iioilu t that are siipiiortlnif tlu
Imhlbllloiiian Illati unih all ran llulr nle fir Mr 1
ie 1 at I the lust Vlaorull contest and man ehnri h
There hai 1 iju eXri ned HIM njiinion to i he writer ilut I
situ whllu I nul in favor of hi I toluti I prohihilion will
uluit l thilrtnlin In favor of ItMilur Ih in supinrt Mr
Low utter tilt tot lrKlu1I1 lOt t hIs iimmion
VVeuant for Maor of llrookh n a man of lintel itc
and 1 elicit a man in tilt 1 i I Iii Sum Joett I h ft llindrKwho i l I
U II true and Ill III Demoerat mil 1 nnowho t ttus ciii unit
fir lilmsrlf tin n uiatloii he earrlin Intoihln eampaUn
Hi I t slantson an eiiuil foollmf with Mr 1 Low In I fter cc
rim I mil will I Inibiiill alinlmtler tile allulrs if
lliouUl n in a mm uarilii rtrlt I
iMirerMUMi VIITII KtrriiHTiva lUipuu
llnoiikirs net JI I
AsUluic fur Jlonei In Celdtnile
Flue llianl of Aldoimon yesterday voted to
niue t tint t llourdof Api rllonmeiil lo 1 oil I lo I Hit t isil I
male for tlu tomiunn Council fir Itll I fjonio to le I
iist inn aril inn luir I tit i in i > if i elebratiiitf lliu
reiitennlalof Lvaiuallnii lr1 I onNnv I 2t
Ves Mi irendilx Will Ilcur Ariiunlntnncr
tiuiii tie I hit iiIcj > Uu ttfS
FumE Buss commendation of Mr Hcndrlx for
IhooilUeiif i Vojnr of Hrookln I seims natural till lUll
Uleiit win nit Istmlirslood I ills the candidate Ihlm I
set It nu ill ii rllt r tr Tni MIX
A Moulkeru View or Ilulmun
trout ikt Xemii Illant
honest Old Bill Holman U bin full name lIe
Hill put padlocks on Uncle Ssjut strong bom and
u < riItbd lit kjri to Tom Pick Md harry
1 or f 11 f
s 1 <
IndignatIon Over the Operations nftke IIt
orate rimllsW Nobleman
Nnwnuiian Oct 21Tho IndlRiintlon of
the people Greenwood Lmtko over lie mtottlng
of black lines from Ito Inko by W T Silk nn
English fish culturlst for Ito purpose of stock
Ing Whitewater Lake on tho ostnto of tho Mar
nuls of Kxotoi In Knglnnd humus resulted In thin
arroat of four men who llvo at Oreenwood
Lake and who nro charged with noting ns
guides for Silk tent assisting him In his work
Tho doings of Silk havo lncon oJ tho hotel
proprliitois inomboiH of sporting oh tilts and
others In Ill vicinity of the lake who have In
terested themselves In stocking the hike amid
hnvo iiut their hands In their pockets to foot
tho bills Bilk It scorns has lsltod lie hake In
previous tears and taken thousands of fish
from It Silk again visited the lako about two
or three weeks ago with his Mali tanks nets
tint other trappings Itls tall ho hind caught
several tliousand bans boforn thn Incensed hotel
proprietors know what ho was doing lion
the people heard of It a strong feeling of Indig
nation was arou ed nail Milk was lieslegod
Hn said that I Ito had obtained permission from
1 hilt UomnilHilimur E 1 O llliickfoul to drag thin
lako with nets and take all lliu llsli ho wanted
Ilils cnusod greater Indignation and finally
Messrs atnrstone llnzon und Dcgraw pro
prlotnrs nf thin linlorinoro HOIIBD wrolo tn
Mr Uiackford that as thin hndgono to great
nxpcnso to stock thin Inknt I hoy though it wrong
that forolgnors should bo allowed to cams thorn
and lako tho Huh and that ns there vas miogauno
constable at time lake and tuny were powciincs
to stop the robbery they felt that thu rish
Cotnmlnslonor was In duty bound to stop It
hlmsulf Mr Dlackford tnlegraphod In reply
that ho had not ill von Mr Silk nor any ono also
permission to rob thin hake
In tho mean tlmo Silk kept on with his work
nnd In I n fewdnjs had several Hah tanks lilted I
Die Indignation grew In Intensity antI Silks
Msh tanks wern threatened Silk I then bucitmn
alnrmod and loft ostensibly to call on Fish
Oomtnlnslnner lllnckford In Now York Wlutiui
he returned ns ho did short hy the excitement
reached a high pitch as ho said ho had Keen
tho Commissioner nnd obtained from him full
permission to proceed with his work Then
uiinoi letter from thn Commissioner dent I tug
that ho hid glvon Hllk Mich permission and
Having that on thin coittuar > Ito hml directed
Mnlliow Kennedy the game and fish protector
of thin Third district nf ho State tuf New iork
to go to thu lako at one and put a stop to
Silks work Kennedy however was lard > In
reaching I tho t lake and I Sib k wilt allowed tlmo I
to got his llsh tanks with tholr contents on tlio
train and shipped to Now York whoneo thoy
were taken b > tim stoutuuier Adilatlc on Thurs
day thu IHtli lust I to Knglaml
HubHumiiiitly hennudy turned up and ap
peared before Justice w II W > kerot lloshen
whuru hn tniulo a sworn complaint aLalnut
Jamos llyerson llllam lliorson Warren
AldridKP and Stephen Garrison of Iroenwood
Luke who had boon employed by Silk In his
operatIons Tim men wero arrested and locked
up m In I tho t Gohen jail on Mondaj night Yes
terday morning the > wore taken before Judgo
Wjker but tho hearing In the case was ad
join ned on lie application of the prosecution
Iho J ulgo says It iippeari d from thu state
ment of the prisoners unit Mr Dlackfnrd had
given toT 1 Silk authority last > eai to lako
black bass from nruenvvood Inke nnd that
Silk wont there ngalu this year for tho purpose
of ngnln getting black buss for Ito Earl of Ex
eter It melnlniod that the protests wore Pont
to Commissioner Illnckford In tlmo I for him I tn
have Intercepted I the Engllshm in and captured
the llsli hoforo tin t y worn put on thin Ktenmcr
for Knglnnd The prlsonois also claim that
their anest was the llrnt Intimation they had
that the fish were removed fiom tile like con
tiary to law or against tho order of thin State
His said tint Silk took about 11000 black
bass to England
Tim ru > ii nirr CASK
Join IcUrnnt llvlra Allpvvccl to Como In
unil riickt Hulk Hide
ITHACA Oct 21 Todai was sot down for tile
hearing of tho Uko I will Case iifits I Mirroate L > on
The lion D 11 Hill t nnd C l Ilacon Elol appeared for
Prof tlrkcand JiiKe Connlrliinn Jnlue lloarduian
and the lion S I > llalldui for tho null emit Mr Camp
of Oweffo apjn ared for the heirs of lohn Mcfirair who
makeapillcatlon fr tho opening ct the account big
tin I ixKUtnr Of Inhn MeOraiv so as to prenorvi their
rhihlrt for fut itru adjn Hi ntinii Th wholoda wanhjient
in i > etillni the condltloiiK on 54 hut h Hit > wonllh in r
milled to cio In and contett the claim nf lifke to
the Htato and to join with Htdtc tn tontiHllmf the
rlifht of the t linliirHit Term were agreed nj on hv
Mhlell tticy ionll he allowed tointer t hue ctiitoe ens
ttlil tue itito for the i iktmr t of evidence wan net down fr
o H linn tti lIlt will uuiikc I Ite ease set cmn llcattd
all prolong tie I fight Thu Mi draw hcirnvi 111 Join wilh
Mske In making It appear that the nnherniti cannot
take the U uc and will then hold that If Ihe i nnlvernltv
cannot take It Mnko cannot They make roimnon calls
with Hike ngaluit the nniverilt and differ aninntf
themneln Ann lo who shall rti ell e tie ctbtato In thu event
of lliu Utter beimr umihlo to till it
The heitrnu of lettlmom whuh will Ixgln next
month will consume K vernl nn llthn aicording to the t
statement of one of the lawvern for Ihe defence slit
toilet lime t M ill nereMarili itt a to t to I lleuit In Inklmr an
Intcntort nftheiclati at the date of thediathif tri
I nine > ftlrnw Hki Mnneifllu t l jroptrl rnnlstntf
Weftirn utile fi aid ml Ihrnuith Mlnne otaan 1 W incon
tin and a alllat ion of it will be i M tidlnilv dillleult It
In eialmed I l the lamtlDn I lliat mi li ra lau of the Stat
III unlit rflH eat ttiilii I unit i ne half ot tlio ertati n >
defindantnnlmlt tlii blltclahn that Iheyhiit not re
i ili lamoleii of tin jroliili Vn lo theclihn that
tlu hats ermittim tin nnlierKitv lo i hilt mori than
IIJOOIHII t of titi 11 rtv it un i t 01 lit IOOIH tin dt 1
fi nee imimtahl till HI I tii HIIKIOIII nlioul I h ii dec led
aiMlutt Hum tile wi uld he iitt In rueln JJ iiipiiir
IhehiTdii sliil i tin lallliitnn if them Ir tilklitg I iil 1
landnUoiili fMil oil tilt thin 11 Int n li untune willhr
takinif Ihe fuel that ix I i M f till law do not hali am
t flu toll matlirn if thi kind lilt bait rcftnncetn
criminal nine titit I tlu II ki Ilia unin rntli pi tii pie haiu
heitral Inn nf argumciil iiiti chili that t llulr defence
IH t umiiiiilable
AMicft m lriinioclH 111 I 1iiikiclc Coiuitl
1vrrisoN Oct 21 1Leon Abbi ttwlll run well
in I a > alc chIll umlh I there In from 7tut to t I OKI
Iti pihlic in nmj rit Imtliov He llo c line within seven
of carts Itist the i couniv alit it ib priliitcd that Mr
Abbtlt t will do an will Atlhourfli JmUi Plxnn in I well
known in 1appnlt connli he will not poll the Kepub
liian vote Oninirtothc ununlal hittirneMof the din
ncllHlonn in the t lleiuhlliall rankn the DeinocintH hope
to elect at least t llnee t out of the four AnKemhlmen
whirean Ihi Sittolt I havo eleiled hint than one Ito
candidates on the Democratic tide an itiiut I itt Killy In
tlu llrnt dlvtrlcl Wllllum Irall In ltii Snil I ornillnn
Ala linunln thi Third and I human 11 nil In llm t toiirth
It in tlu tOttcriit belief In Ialernon that Al belt Mill
haieatleart lin M majority In tile Hlale ami that both
brain hen of the t Li gn > bitnri w ill 1 III moi rolk
In m itri4eti connli tie i I tili tli mitts will chit Cot Izrti I
StIller Setititir ii iii heat tt ooomajoriti and Hi I > IK nn
doubt of tin eleitlon cf both tIe Demoiratic eandi
dulitf foi thuAsnunbl
Cnntlltlnn of Forrlan Inliurlnir lituseii
IlTTsnunoii Oct 21 Joseph n Weeks Soc
rclar nf the Ver > tcrn Iron t ABOI lation arriiid to da °
from 1 iiropi vihire he IniHci i nt Ihe toot fourmonlhn in
iiiit litatiniIhe Itut n Induntrlen I lllnriorl I I hofaranit
roneernn tho laborern in ttigtuiiil I Frail llelgiuin and
Scotland in try tfloomi Tin Intorir he nanimin
ores In i xll h < cannot hi siii I to Hie win n Iliimr in an
i xlirsslit l of lifer fullllinelit of iiilitinl lln wax n
lInt lower than aro jiald here while foul in hiuur
Ahitit one third of the pu 1 llmg furnsi C in tho mirth of
lulaml 1 are 111 > lllln arc running on mint Ihni and
an xen ning hut I u initial uipaill Inlnglanl ar
bllrallon in ruuiuly inning the t poltl in If a rat llenl
solutiiin of litur 1 tronhlen Iradcs nnii nn aro ntn lu etm I
llonrinhin and ha a Mill lliu llnrim nil htaudiim tiiil I
dlKiill tlmtthei t t do not attain In 4 mirlcu
IeiiBlnii Attorney Huvptiuled
WAsmsnroN Oct 24Itt ntMlllon to Ito stis
IleliSilito uumtiiiiiceil s esterutity tIus 14 cretiry air itt I ii
t rtiir iiliiti thie riitthiiilllttuitili Of tttu Ciiiiittluoliuitr if
iCiliOtls II lIt stisliithitei Iittt St ttiii 1111 trail i
Euigllst tuf iistultiiiu stit rtit V 5ttttiithi it thu
Ittiiiir frottu lrtiiilue hi for ttiu liitcriir 0
ittitirtiel itu Scr t tt iiIt tltiirnuh ri
Inst tlt I ti sehur t uussiir Stici atui tlirge 4
Jiutitit f ii in > hum Is at itis it I iii tutlui
hi gui f ii ii Il4tiuIutt ttiiirhio itt tiittuiu itt tii
iiarreit Uuiuli ttio cI iuheiit iurtiitoiut itlt itrluig its rueuit
trlui fin siultiuc ti4ihlliliii It II iiigrut tttitt
11110 ot Jiulis hue tuile rmistli tits iiutii
lstI ti in Islet lciuillitr tuttit I list tiLhiiislui ua
ttirtu1 ft cc ii ciiy
Tho Army nl ho < iimbrrlnnd
CJMINMTI Oct 21lluo Society of tho
Arm > of tlio uinbi rluiul fnrincit thin mornlrif at the
Hnriiet tilts an1 niarrhcil will It H tmntl to llie I drum
Viola I Ititis hero It I ui to liulil a LiulncM Kvuhluu
Tin Micicl is nn let It 5 10 PriciIent tltii Mit > rl < Un a lio
hull Ukit IliiMrt rriu n lim riktit FuuJluuts liz canicUtii
sI Itti I Icti t ti II 5 Aflen t liet seer 4 hint
ScsI tii Onus SirzMt l hitttuti luurltittriui unit sluuut
I iut t Iurs lieu S iterituit riullci t ii sielet it niier
it tINS tititi iii ctulutiiltiitIillt if ttis iutu ti it nu iii ii
thu if tt truth f tiiui ttiuh tie iiuh iustr
I miii a uuitithuer uf t tie suclety IICII It I Su tiuot 1
uihtor it tu rtNilMll lhi nlilclt il HH Hilnptnl llmt I tin I 1iit
lllllttt 111 MulMir tutu 11 ti i ttart it it lh n to t hut n
HI ttli i nf IKK Mmlinaii ultilulary tuirur ujlllud iu
tin aiiiitnil rtior 1
Ml Alibult I > CIIIP
WAHIMNOTOV Oct 21Mr B A II Abbott of
Hi slim w hn w us noinlinled for Lleiitenitit loi suitor of
Stitullultillth Is oti t tie Democratic tUkit left hen this
nlo nlngror 5us otk i Mr Abbott dn lined to he Inter
urn til or Itu lIt whether he would ace pi or refine itie
niinliiailin A gentleiniin who inlked nlih him said
hut morning Al holt ban written us ltttr deelhmiir
Uieninilnation and titi nfiincn to talk nn the nbjet
ticcail ii liriitiieeu iii lit thu iet tim I sirs l l > lit 5 s ions
nat Idler will hi h mile I nldh no doiibl Indueiourxi
of tliiu as u mum ore ko iii llu m icinoi rallc I Uiil hilt ti e
Smuow Nloim In New Kmiliinil
hlAxovmn N H Oct 21Hnow has fallen
steu Illy hi I ri Stun < 0 oclock Ills mornlnc
Ii ui ul5 0 YALta viOu j I The first uiiw of the I sea
suit 150 hiti ii fsthluiif stislll uiliieo early ttula iliQriilii
Allot 1110 lmieleu liivv fuilemi
Oeo Ilt uu In Lima
LimA Oct 21 viti Galvoatomiflon Igleshas
srrIVt ti ttt rt ust 1 p > 1 tuoi Mliii took uju isis lIulrterI
at his Isics It win euitiuusmuticilu3r Ilic
W5I daCortcL
Jon < iln Miller Is about twenty year
otter than till slepfMtier
Nnshvlllo Tonn has prohibited forluno
tfllliiit withIn the cIt limit
IhonowCuiiibeiliind lIre brick tisctl la
pnv Ini the streets nf liccllui IH I tullflc HI irrietiitc
Tho Treasuipr of the Capo Cod Shin
final Compati tune deposited In the sato TreMiirj of
Ma < > aUiufitts JJUDOsj ns 5 Kiinrantco of itood filth
It Is said that thin money pthl lot for
llllzeis In 11 unfurl County Maryland thult nt vionU
Imvc honght nil liio land In tie I count tnenti t 1 enrs ngo
Tito Mobile iVfMcT says If Iho Moi
inons scud elitlitecti inlsalnimrli to the Southern Mate
itt titcy say I tue us 11 this tiny ss ill sett cliclutee mu calldt
dntti for tar t and frathers
On election day tho Womens Christian
Temperance I tilt in Chliano spent IMII hours and 11
half from lIt I A M t oat II iij 1 p I M In irsI tr for Hid
triumph of prohlliltlon In Ohio itid tots a
Ft > tt i Itoinnii Catholic illgntlailci in I tha
Hulled Stall hear the title of Mnnuiriior mimel i Moll
slitiiorH lioauo of Newark N J rrrston nnd ijiiiiin ci
o verb and Hcnolt of turt I tSn flu Ind I
riftyll tiitii deters have been committed
In Login count Kv t ntneu 1KV and not ono of them
has hem handed Onl tnoot them ncre seiitcnoeil til
life Imprisonment and one of the liio I iva patclomd l
Tho Into Dngllsh lmugnian8 wife Mrs
Maru ml elh d tin other morning tier death hcltiit hast
ened h Intemperance It Is staled Hint t on the occasion
of each execution her Iniiliaitil KM e tier ii bottle of tin
The entries of freshmen nt thin iulotia
colleges of CnmlTlite Inlveridl Elitflnml Ililn 3 enl
exceid those ot 1SHJ Ij t ttft3tiiue llle till tutticrt helng
7iuh alit 7117 respectively The halite of 1rlncc FilivarJ
of VV tile lieads the list at Trinlt IiI
rite Iteilin Museum has PumrchtmtSotl foe
SJiHKU Itemhranltie pnlntlux of 1ollphar VrcuMhif
low 1ti i llefore Pharaoh The n uric ss as rornierli In pos
session nf sir Thonms I nvrctue and Is out oftheino
famous of llciuhratidls pictures
In thai Womens Congress In Chicago
Mrs Wolcottof Mns i lilmctls toll tier tutits t itt t itt
out lour n ork of n farmer Is not sonar I n Hint of thi
Ulihen and she Instarn nmn > iionnn In Kcntuckv
who turn tolttit farm work not Item limn bitrv tliennelvi
lu kitchens
Mi Judith 1 ltd ijuttutlits filend hectic I
IIIK lo lh Londin Tlinin urr having tutu Ilk m > etu
oral cit uud ainonu thin rut scrllxrie arc IorIt I 4 tunis
Iiild O Uairnn Lord iitit on Mr lustii lltniliiin t I Vlr
Huron Toll ik Mr lohn do lix l und mnn > otln r i ln
llmtulihed irsons
Iho Tilfgrnjih of Mncou Gt riyq
Eierj 5 eck there tint oddllloiul viidenn e ut tIn T j
for tcchnlrttl Hehools A irelitlemnn i tn veil In tnantl
fncturliu said in our oflkc Hint i he iiruh I sotituu Ic I e In 1m
Ijuslniis that paid from lV 4 i to IVIIIH t our tutu lie
could not find the men In the Mate to nil
Hnlllmoto having moro tlmiijnnnnno
IllMstid t In ojstcr packing and over tiiMi itole m
giiirttt III the tittluiee Is iklnK llleniiri tu t ret nt tin m
lentruction of the njielcr heds In lln ni llai V
it U proi osed that the pi rlod of rest fun 01 let sti ill ho
letuthcned nnd extend from April I until 1 Oct 1
blm the press has risen In I IndlgiuUon
t the mini imhlimclit I of Manila Huli in linn lu
Urinin lit inJiHlr Daniel I has liluitligi l t I uiUi sail
that he itiiy executed the Inn tin hi folln I It 11 thil
itututc hooks utli d the City Iouni II hu likuiln t iuii rm
CII ti 111114 tit ttic Inn us to make tint junishuunt here
llonar > iiith thu courts
The binoko of tIme gieit fin in la illn I
Teins was eieii In rorlWorth Iliirli liio mil I uuil 1
A fire alarm ss ito sounded In tort Worth anl is tilt
liirut seiennuiithc forinun of all Ihe t n nil mil took
a theta lire1 endue nud tiioho c ret N to t the Oust n I i ot
The i put the enulnuon n Hut eur und In furl llie min
utes froin tie t soundlui uf tho ilrst olin lln j un itY
Inic on Ihe lire in Dallas
The LondonAio states aiithoiilitively
that Oar VV tide is farnud out at the rate Ic tilt till
tans for elcr > lectnrol > un American Iieturhu hurt nil
Thu London uicent if the Auietlcan llrm hamtitrihtiiul
circulars to that elTiet to various llterari utiut I uuiiiui i In
St utionfl through the country At title lents In to i lery
nell nuuuiied nnd has dross large audiences ut Man
chester and oilier loiins
Jack Mooio of Union City Ky was Lilt
ten tIt n nial ltni4 HoiienttoVIr t Iltiriren ivhoountia
nmdrtoue to have It ui lied A correspondent of tha
rineillllltl JSeWJourmtr sutys It stllek Hue timed
After each op licitlon It lias tolled In fresh SIK 11 milk
to which It fun a irreenish lime TIlt fourth time It
vionld not stick hut Hie I ntlcllt Was prononncid cured
Mr Moore Is coin Inert 1 of theefllcnc of tho cure
ItlshAiiieileins who lmo tailed tho old
country durlnir the tuninier report that Hie farming
class has not heen for years In so prosperous a condition
The report of Sir tillers W llson Comptroller General ot
Suiviiugs Hanks Jusl Issued conilrms this Last j ear lha
avcrnire of deposits in Ireland nuts larger than in Enjc
lund or Scotland rea hlnit Lii la Id w the In njclaud 1
and VV ales it us 1 Hs and In Scotland M < e Kid
The statistics of summniy proieedlnga
fir offeiiceB aKain t the grime Ian s In Inxljn until I iatet
In the 3 lit Iti2 nhoiv a remarknhlo dlinlnutlon the
numhTs heltii it7i onlias against 11 I t 117 t III I t the pre
vious jenr test S of Ulcuallx sellinit or Inning Coil
font tv more than one half Cases of tres ns nu In tlio
da time in tlrsiiit 1 i if tfiimc fi iii fiom itt5 tos Is5 hun
olllcial tntrodnction iihieh calU Httentlon to theso t
tlSliri s siishestH no xplanullon of the dllnlullllon
Every Iheatio critic IIIIK hIs ovvn peculiar
Mjle Thn editor of a nilnliu camp neiiipier ton ei
uiitttc hislhuto t su of n popular KomrnlrsH Asa
singer she can Jiet t nail ip the hosu till nnv that e le sear
KI d > t Jan on Me boards Iriutu I liei clear Irdltk I uiper
lloti she Mould eititer llu dounto tin hfisi rin ketf
and then ilslnon liiik i to a sort of spiritual trchli Iliac
HIM lei ic ri ninn 111 the inHem lmailn ever > hair en
tIi head iias ihiiKoldui t strini of a eelistlil harp over
iihieli mike He fingers Here CII euluiuig
Ihodealli of titus liul of Mountcusliell
moied the t only nouiicrcnarian inemher of Iho t Houia
of Lords the deceased not leman ImiiiiK attained his
Illnelv tlrH year cii Aiu 2 II tot t The oldesl peer now Ul
tie Karl ot HiickluKhaniMhire uho Han born on Nor t
171H iihlh Hie distinction of tieltuc I hue lather of the
Ilouifue m if olds nmsl he claimed for the Iarl of hlchtts
ter aifi d 711 ii ho succeeded to the title and tutu seat us I
far hack asjlll 1HJO havIuHT therefore lice n u member
of that nvseinM for upu anl of lift sevenietlrs
Deteutlvo Wnppenstein of Cincinnati was
called aside 1 ui > > n Cecil lntelllint mun uho snd t
lllll lln > mill vino klllnl Ilisi llnlKr The ddcetllfl
smoked his c hour tine on erniilli und the man reptbtidj x
hull astoit tut lit innftsMui Hut tin t diteeHie t fttilll
Kiiinkid and HID strnitifir continued I uinit 5 on to Cr
rest me on tin ihiruc if ninrdir fludilictlic t drciv 0
forth his clifar iiiut 1 iinsuiied t VV lull 3111 unlit lo i to ho
take n to I oniuciu ut on l a tr Hcki t msi I stilt tituriy
a thousand t self onfi SMI d I iniirdi re rrt out id tin I limn
onl lo II huh them t fruu Is
A inllioad Mipciinlciidcnt has given tin
bun tu 1 inn iseo lull an letinniti if Ihe i tnt i f an nicriiKl
train on n i tlrslclisi railroil tor an express n iiti
locomotive Ijekhi tuagiiuilu car t15t 1 sn 1 I I ir
5atesi dininii romi cur i i2Jl flu c tint e in till
mans iflsosj neh tot il UIIULAI The Otutlitinu I t
res train I lur sent ihoiit fCiiMj home In on in
ostlll nieli llu I ilreos sIt eifnfr 111 I I I in
stIll nullI Ihnn llmt of a huts niter train if H hd
stiiit k nnd volt nl Iiriiilurt are ihtuituilt I t I i in
ho tliroiuli InUhl trains aBjTi KUte iu n i t il
2iltust ti 5I1ltst
Tho new Ialitco of r f Jubilee I nt I hi n el Ic
ivhnhiins it uuigtr lit on Oet n I Is oltihet i u < ii in
eli pliant lo I Hie IJilijIuiis home lien i f II n I i i <
sii ma > I nlliiined from Hn factthitil out liii liit
morillianoni llilrd Ihesleof I HI li li r s nt I t uT
alllttie of Justice In Ion Ion Inris ir He rli i ii ii
hittihlii1 not ton UrM till t for H countri like ll Imi I
llu hulldlllir ncnis too hare Thus ralau of I iist it
u i iiiltsH icr > coniinaiidinir osltlnn iuiut I Ism I iii OttS t
greet ornament to t llriusels nut It co l uli ml ituuitiit
what Itvias esllnmlei lo I loslnnl lliu t in 4 I t Ilia
thrIfty llelirlanisrextd I Ills I said Indeed thatli t i P Pt i
mo about one llflh of Hln entire annual nviiiin e f tin
cuiintr will mil oover tIe expindlliire
Keoretnty Telleis annual repml will I i It I t
Is said lie freUhtcd llltli an Ilea It I t l < III t it t unfieM I
Mill Miiiifrie llie imiMK Interests hv iiiliin Imn itiho
trou rest riallon iihleh lion umounts Iii t i li un I P1
uteris fur i ur Inllinconciriie I I Mr Ttir I si i s i ii i il I
while the liolerillllllll Is eenl llU II h nil de I J
hinder this 11 hln man from icitlliu tilt than hi I n <
of butt iutttuiuigl ho mi r e III imike it pro lu llu
Iho Indian Is permitted In keep u ttiuui lot nn u iiuh
than he can use The tett t itt miildiut Imin ul tho
Sri hit reservalloim lo lln ai lunl mid of Hi I I Indlius
lot lug lust what tho siirplun Is north liii I Sii ntnulhi
iiiiini In e diicatiUK thi Ir children nil in fun islnnilliu
Indians u Itlt sii plten oluI 1 furmliu nu Icm nts
MllllinibOf ltlluttuii too involved Inn t lavv
unit hunt has hi en Institute I In soutnu iern ICOn I
und u larne opiilalion In the Mnith an ulnilil liiihiill
ntlt wlili ecu lttturst The suit limlies Iho Iutc 11
miiilncr i In H h 1uICC liiiinine Miiiitiinirj Inliskl
audTilfalr Hiinllcs non lull h llie Irultii ie I MIIIIU r
ronipanv I his land nn > dlttrihiitid In Hi I Mil Ii itti
oilier landh iniulio loiter miiii ear uu0iu HI IriS iiit
i ul t in tlmst t lo whom II t fell mil Mepll n I Insemlit
Summit rroekerof I Muno and William i lin it > > v
houitht nut HID men 0 I uuires tin Ii i > Ics
lliu land Ij liu Ihrn t ul lint worthless iibsi inmi
tho Henri lninhtr Coiuiiin Ii > iofissiix to hat l a
hiiiKh nut rhav Irociie suil I Inlli cntciil uuiiiuiu tilt
lands nnd naineil una ounty after Hie c onniam s IreI
dent W llllom K lloUauf Vow ork and built aloini
Is hileiu t hues duel hammm ufter William I tail nan
Ur IiiHUe1 u innfllcntlil aMiclaU The trolucriy 15 >
tint ivortli millions mil I ho l lucresiiu Inialne am
now Iho heIrs of iutss 1rmker and Collii sai Iluuit Itt <
tlthii ho not Puotd to Ihr Droriria Ui uWr tvuiiiau 11 I I
ll I s tiotmaumn fur Hie Iawnrs

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