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covxir nmiocitATs AiKitRtifa TUES
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Hull Hltltni Acnlnat 1 itmmnnylleniieitr >
ncoofllob ItooscTejIt NomlnntlonaMutle
Tho ruptmo of tho projected union of tho
Democracy on nominations lor Senators was
nhout all tho local politicians talked of > estcr
dny They KUthorod In knotR In the rooms and
corridors of tho City Hall In the City Hall
Park and In the downtown hotels nnd public
places during tho day and In tho corridors and
barrooms ot uptown hotels nnd In political
club rooms nt night and oacorly discussed It
Tho County Democracy leaders l said last
night that Tammany had Ir ken the union by
directing strnlcutnominations anti mustnhldn
by bor action Wo have decidedly tho bust
end of tho lino ono of thorn said nnd Tam
many has clvcn It to us I was In Tammanys
power to make n union on Wednesday but she
I throw away tho opportunity
One of tho downtown lenders who hnd
strongly opposed Senator Qrndys ronomlna
ton slld Tammany had scored nearly oory
i point In the game but misplayed tho Inst card
and nowwo are several points ahead We shall
3 elect mostol our Aldermen In the districts be
low Fourteenth street and some In tho up
I town districts Col Murphy will b elected
Bonator In the Fifth district oxJudgo Camp
t bell In tho Sixth Ronator Fitzgerald In tho
Ninth and JIInmpdon Ilobb In the Tenth I
r cant see howTttmmany can oloct a Senator
l f All the County Democracy lenders have
i 1 changed their opinion of Irving Hall They
t usod t call that organization tho tall to Tam
manys kite Now thoy say that its leaders
I showed good sense In nominating Col Murnhy
F1 nnd Judge Campbell for tho Senate anti do
t fervc credit for declining to submit to Tam
manys attompts to bulldoze them Tho Irving
hail loaders have suddenly become friendly
to tho County Pnmoerao Had they kept IID
with they would have
thslrnlllnnca Tnmmnny wnll1 11ve
got n City Court Justice nnd ono Henntor Hut
eUneo they relunod to consent toSotmtorGrndys
nomination In the Tilth district and joined
hands with tho County Democracy In tho down I
r town districts they have secured two Senators
and whit probably get two or three Assembly
men wi may got nn Alderman They hnvo
words of kindness only for tho County Democ
I racy lenders They will endorse the County
r Domocricys nominees for Aldol man in most
1 ot till downtown districts and may unite
with them In nominations In other districts
Thn withdrawal of Senator brady from tho
a cnnvnsB hns restored exCongressman Robert
Si 11 lloose > elt to the ranks tho County Don > c
1100 the
f rncy He suddenly turned up last night In
rooms of the Now Amsterdam Club The
County Democracy leaders received him with
open arms Mr Roosevelt declared thnt
ho had como back to them because
It looked as though there was to he I
something I n fight against Tammany Ho
shook tho hand Thomas P Walhh ali other
downton leaders Tom Walsh suggested
that the door of the room should DH left ur
locked HO that Mr Tim Hhea might got In
without knocking Mr Iloosovolt laughed and
Invited the leaders to smoke
tnvlpd of tho Tammany leaders are pleased
with tho outlook for their organization Homo
declare that Tammany box lost nothing by Its
action but many think that Tammanys pros
pects would look brighter had the conloronce
on Wednesday acted with less haste They
admit that Tammany will have hard work
to elect even ono Senator nnd may
lose Bovornl Aldermen Nouo will admit
that Tnmmnny was to blame for tho
sudden turn In political affairs but somo of
them blame boniuor Grady for withdrawing
from the field after the organization had made
> 1 sostrongn light for him There wero rumors
i yesterday that Mr Grady might yet 0 Tam
t manys standard bearer In the Fifth Sonata
dlbtrlct but they proved t 0 without founda
tionTbe leaders of all the Democratic organbA
e tlons nm confidant that tho division on district
h candidates will not materially affect tho
t united county ticket ExCongressman James
I OBrien the Independent Democratic candi
date for Iteglstor entertains a different opin
I ion He has begun his canvass and Is confi
t dent le success The Committee of Ono Hun
dred appointed his organizations Executive
Ii Committee will meet in Municipal Hall this
c afternoon and nominate candidates for Hu
premu and City Court Justices
prAlU Ciy Junlos
The Republicans of the huventhdlstrlct nom
bl Inntol John E Hrodsky Senator last Bight
I In tho Sixth district the County Democracy
voted to support Timothy J Campbell for
1 Senator
4 These nominations for Assemblymen were
1 madnlnst night Hint district TnmmnnyPotcr
J Kelly Irving Hall Patrick I Unit Second
t Tammany Thomas Slahor Third Coun
ty Democracy James E Power Tam
many and Irving Hall John C Bro
j can Fourth Tammany John OConnoll
Fifth Tummnny omlnk F Mullanny bolter
John A Doonur Sixth Tammany Udwnrd F
llellly Ninth Tninmnny John H Decker
I rourteonlh Tammany Henry Blachoff Jr
j hnvontflontli I Tnmmnny John OHnra
Twentieth Tammany Major James Hnggerti
c 1 Twentilhlrd United Democracy Daniel M I
an Cotr Twentyfourth County Democracy
Matthew P Creon Tammany and Irving hail
John J Clark
In the Fifth District Tammany Convention
11 Dominick P Mullnnoy had ii5 votes and John I
A Dootior 12 Mr uoonors friends pledged
t their support to Mr Mulhiney ant Mr Dooncr
was called on for n npouch Ho Mild Mr
J Chairman and gentlemen I nm Mill a candi
ClnlrmRn onlomAn
l date Independent Mr Mullaney
n Irving hail and tho County Democracy In
Irvlnl Inl
I tho Ninth dMrict will nominate William H
Ir 0 night Dnlanay Irving Hall for Assemblyman to
I hofollowing worn nominated for Aldermen
f FliHtdlitrlctTnmmany Thomnsroley Irving
Hall Thomas Clonry County Dam Third
County Democracy John OXoll Tammany
nod Irvine Hall Patrick N Oakloy Fourth
Tammany Edward T Fitzpatrick Thomas
Jefferson Association Thomas Kholls Ninth
I > Tammany lames linen Irvine Hal John
1 Cavanagh County Democrats TenthCounty
> 1 Democracy Joseph 1 Struck lnnthlolltr
Christian Van Ness Thirteenth rant
many Alexander II Smith Fourteenth
f County Democracy Arthur J McQuado Tam
1 many John E Donuilli Seventeenth Turn
f t many William P ItlnckholT Nineteenth
j County Democracy Joseph J J McUoy Tam
i many Hugh J Grant Twentytiilrd Tam
lu many and Irving Hall Michael Dully
A email minority of the colored Uopubllcan
q Oeintral Committee met at 121 West Twonty
nUb street last evening John J treemnu pro
j sided Mr S W Cluy representing a commit
4 tee of seven that was crntly appointed to call
upon the Hopithlknn htate Committeo report
I that I eortiln persons led liy Mr William
Jreeinan who was lately expelled from tho
p commute nnd anticipated the commltfe of
i t lon and ohiuluod tvi from tho Mate Coin
1 WlttflB Mr Clay atill further
With this mono Mr illlnm Freeman and
w his frienuis hnve Issued 1 handbills and circulars
Mating that 1 int Meat Ion meeting vUl hue held
j In Checkering Hall on Monday nlcht under tin
auspices of the Color d Itepnblicnn Central
ki I Committee My namn and tho namnxof f othor
officers of this organization woo printed on
4t the circulars without our knowledge and clr Oi
tainly without our npnnnal I repudiate the
tSJi I action of Jlr Wm Freeman and his lends
1 A motion was mudo to oudorsn the regular
11 republican nominees Deputy Sheriff rellJar
1 x Wilson ofiHrod to atnrnd by excepting I C
uM Julius LnngMn cainlidnlo for City Court Jus
Mt tire Mr llson said that In heptembnr 18S2
is Mr InnglHln had secondnil a motion In thl
< Jleptihlltiii Association of tho Twt > nty econd
a Aesnun biy tist net which ulcin red that the col
4t ored pnijplo of tlm district had received nnough
patronage Mr WlUon on the part of 125 nl
ore d voters said hn could not endorse Mr
Langbein His was tho only vote not to en
i dorse the entire ticket The Colored Itepubll
can Asiocintlon of the Twentysecond Assem
hip district will however support Udward
Browne Democrat for City Court Justice
Democratic Rally In dry Clly
t The Democrats of Jersey City held a mass
viietiug hIll eniiiir at Inlduiaii Iark to endorse the
k nnmlnitluni nf Leon Abbetl for Internee llllam
f Urliitcrhnfl for State rienator ami Iatrlck Ooverii for
Dirt lor of Ih Hoard if Freeholders air James Mem
lint Iho leader of the Anil Monopoly parly In I Sen Jer
it oy apsared is an advoral nf t ihe Democratic
tlrk OI t ei lol I In opposition to his 1 formr political olleairne
J thorns V Cator the Itenubllcan nominee for Mate hen
I l ftinr I denounced Mr atoraa a In porrll and sn
unreliable pro Mr Cator ha uldlaj been elected
to the Anembb ai a Dtmncrat When be I entered the
Il o i Auembl chamb he drlo the Democrat and 1 voted
p3 ngslnit with Hi Mr Repuhllctns Cater He mad charg ot dnpllcit
IIro < klya Aldermen
r In tbe First Aldarmanle district of Brooklyn
the Ksputillcani ytiterda nominated fhlllp Caiey
r James I liemocrats Donoi an and Herman R Uldenberg first Iso t
I Tho evententh i ward Republican have ooniltiated
z vreusrick Wfljjhtlugtno for tiupcrrUnr
Vojel llrotker Boy CUtkla
Has become l popular that tbiy hart to employ ovu
Viuitoit to utgflf 1ltl A
Vel Br > tkjn > M WIIr i I
I Ar of the niwrsl noieltln suptrtor trlmmlnr anti work
utiitit1p Bredwej ii4 Houston ItaM cur 424Ale
V > cl Brother Oore U
For this winter ar equal t the fetal custom Daxla lal
u I ell tl ou tblid list la ptics44v 1
liftr r T
r kVJ
I Vl BrUlV rukl i CJ
Showlnf what to war this wlnUr or men nd bojs lent
a It IrOaO tal Houston Ilk OT anii U4 Amr
An Exhllilllon Itr the > f > w York Atklctlo
< lull Home Ir < > re > slt > nnl 3Iy
A platform twontyllvo feet sqnaro and
four tout nl0o the lavol of the floor stood In
tho rcntre of Clarendon Hall last night On It
a nunuber of nmntnttr situ profrMlonal boxers
exhibited their hitting powers before the
Now York Athletic Chili nml Its
Atlllto Cllh In1 KtiostH
Tlniro were no proernmmu Tho names
of tie boxers wero nniionncnil by Mr Dob
Smith the trainer who was master ot ceremo
nies All tho spatH In thn hal wore occupied
Two rows of young mon hohllnK slhorhf adril
canes Bat in the south gallery In the opposite
eallury wore the officers of tho club Capt Mc
Culluuli and a satiad of policemen wpro prusont
Mr Hmlth annoiimnil that young Hwrottey
would box with young Clark and two light
weights In white tIghts and colored stockIngs
liounded each other In three roiimU Bonny
Oostlean of rroiilenc and Hob Farrell of
this city followed and Mr Mulry of
ProvIdence exchanged blows with Mr
Illns of Chicago The Providence man
had the longer reach and dame oft
slIghtly tile better William Watson of Lon
don will Mr hmlth bull hmt trnlnid mor
prize took a lighters turn with than juts any Lumbertwhom them living ho trainer BCBmid I 1
to hltwlurotor and whenever ho pleaded Ills
arms tiro very bug and so Is his nock lie
would hold uim arm out and his head back and
It won Impossible for LnmlHirt to ruich him
Ihomxt contest was between Lo limim and
Elnl worth two aitmtptirs Lu Damn was
Btrlppod to tile waist Tuny had secondi Tho
light was sharp nnd nt times wicked Thno
tlironmituitii rounds were fought under thu
Mnriiuls nf ljuotmsb rry rules lloth mel wero I
badly tioil up at thn hluuish
Joo Farrell of ltrl tol llncland announced
ns a champion foathor wulKlit showed much
nKlllty against Tommy IJonnus of Shef
field who cevod three hlnws for O ery
ono ho gave Frank king nnnMheil Jack Williams
llama another uhnmpion olthor weight and
AIcDnnalil nnd Jlronn of the Villliunshur
AthlntlcClub anything tried conclusions without settling
Frank S Eanhno of the police ot this city
anti Frank Kurhulkn of the Motriipnlttnti How
inc Club fought three rounds under the lIar
Ilulof Ouetmsberry rules Thnj were stripped
ti > tho valHt and meant business from thn
start Kiuiho hus been the amateur
middleweight champion and Surhnlka
holds that title now Tho men hnd I
met in other amateur contests Evanhon Is
the shorter and weighs about ton pounds less
than KurhulUn who IH I tall and tlnely formed
KvHnhoe nearly fmiclit himself out In tho llrot
round without getting In many blows His
opponent Knp him Severn punishment In
the llrst part of tim coconut round hn
was knocked all arottntl tlm platform and
Muornl times the crowd shouted Take him
offl I Ho mnnotfed to get In onn good blow
hoNQor nhlch knocked HiulutlkaoIT his feeL
At the close of tho round Surhiilkiis left glove
wan rod with the blood which llowml from
Knnhoes note A member of the club got on
to tho platform and whispered to Mr SmIth
who said It Is thought test to stop this now
and not lot thn other round go on
The spectators rose In I body and shouted
Wind it upI I Wind It upl
Evanhoe loft his cOrer nnd climbed down
from the platform Surhnlka kept his ent
Smith announced that tho tht was a draw
The spectators hissed Flebt it out was
a cry that canto frnm all sides After a delay of
ton minutes Evanhoe nimounted the platform
and a very mild round was fought after which
the match was doclart a draw
The little McShano brothers boxed and the
entertainment wns rnnclitdnd by Johnny
Domnsey and young Ttirnbull of Brooklyn
who fought seven rounds for a purse of Slut
which present was subscribed by several gentlemen
The light was stopped nt the begInnIng of
the eighth RtoIPe Hilly Edwards tho
referee declared it a draw Iho money was I
divided between the two
ntt Politic
Tho Democrats of the Second Assembly dis
trict of Queen county hate rininlnateil Ktlivurd A Dar
rash ot llempsteaa for Aiieinhlynian
Senator A H Ilauiushai declined renomlnatlon by the
Demotintt of the KAratotiaflchenertady district
Duffey the Democratic noininet for Senator from lbs
Tnenty fifth dIstrict has declined the nomination and
the Senatorial Committee has imintd Milton II nrthrup
The Deinotralit of tolnnibla CIt lesterila niiinl
naleil Edo ard 1 Hamilton for mrinber of Aiiseniijiy
Huch W MtClellail for Iount J JuICe liant Collier
for MirroRate I anil 1 heaman Miller fnr Illfltrlct Attorney
file Itt put lit ans maile the fnlloulnir nnininatlon tl
bert A Dean for mho of Aftemtlr Albert llojaltdt I
for Connli Inrtze hsrleit M 1 Hell for bnrroxnte and
Aaron I unnl nler for District I Attorney
llnward A prn who reu4t i the Kepnbllran nonil
nntfon fr ARHemtiU In I the Fiat district of Queens has
wilhilraun from the tativaitu
rim Dernni ratio lnnentlon of the Twenty leenthdls
trict t entenln nonitnnttd Cot ilenrue L raruhaiuof
Alilisnn steiltien I oilllt > for the I Senate
Uanlel I Unrlnir has been nominated for the Am
bly liy the Iteimblkans of the First tliitrlct of Oral
etoIuIty 1 l haunt ty tnIli bus been nominated by the
Democrats of ttie iitnie dlMrlct
This Iiemoi rts uf the u Third ItensHelaer district Tester
tlay lioinlnatcil 1 William T Mill for Atseinblrman
there 1 UHM tnnslilt rable ill feeling In relation to the ad
mUiloti of tecates and the contestants who Mere not
admitted t ill hold another convention nn Monta
The reitllilCHli of tile Snood diitrit of Qiif yes
terda nominated Ednanl A Oarravh for the AMemnlv
The Kepiibllrans In l lute cnunt maile the I fnllniiiff
nniolnhtlnni for AinKinll 1 met ntnlit Fourth district 1
llelirj A Anderson Kiithlli cltrlu l Oenrire I Nauin
Ninth illstrlrt Albert I UtKlKei I IlOMlilh tliMrlct lnurKc
II Heath The DemocrHln of the Third 4oeeunbiy dls
Irict lioinlnated I J kelly
Sir rTerelt Find is Guest Dod
A man who regIstered on Sept 15 at tho Ev
erett Hotel on herds strut as Frederick C llurhiisnf
Washlnxton u as found dead in his bed at 4 oclock
I citerday afternoon Thu first week he was
at the hotel he was cheerful and sociable
with the people lu the readinir room Clerk
illlam HtnneMy i says he understood that
the limn wits a tttllt I rrln teeUnn an appointment In the
Custom Home After the tlrst ueek he did IO pay
hi bill 1 lie cleric vrent up yesterday tn hi ro
M hich was nn the third floor tn I leave I
another bill and a notice to I quit tint found thn I I
door locked The hall maid was called to open Die
titter The tinny wan hnlttd nil Ihe insIde I lien i he
transom nlndow woe opened a flood of gun poured nut
Kx Amemtiljman Samuel Everett tllmbed I oier thu
traniom an I 1 unbolted I the dour The man I was dead and
the Kit t nit efcapftiK from both tiurner In the room
Two weeks attn Iturhns was > llted by A t ounv ladv
whom he ipoke of as till diiuiihtir He Is I supposed to
hae relatives In I Iutnum county A Hlble was under
his arm a he lay on the bed
Hrdy and Kelloft IJotk Get OK
Judge Barrett vacated yesterday an order reo
qulrlnir Thomas J llrady of titer route fame to npjiear
o xamlnatlnu to enable John A alh tn Irate the
complaint In a suit njnliut llrady for atom flJli for
S It kit luni It Is I aliened Ilritdy had given notes whit h
he afterward took from WaUh by force and 1 fraud I
Judy rrl rl ulo I t staled t nut trtirr for the tXHinllmunn
as It wltneMi btfore trial In the rHilie lane of satiny WU I
liain 1 Kt lloifc Kelliirv cnmiiiel arirued Hmt an In I
dlctmelit penillnir In I aihliiKton cliarvliiK KellnicK v lib
its tag mteeivel 7iiUi fnr allevnl I nervlcei perlnrmed
Inr the Ioil onii e Department t while I l fJm United
II shenalnr rfferit lo the same fat Is Intuited 1 tn this
action etot 1 Hutt I Ills I iirnpmied examination would reveal
ills defem in 1 the I criminal o eedlnic
1vnaloil Atlnrtir UlabMrrell
WRI OTON Oct 25N W FItzgerald A Co
o this city errftiiilm miiii > inled frmii practh before
mba IVnilull Hureau I Is I alleged that they exli rled tile
ifat fees and 1 alto filed julisitiu claliint for Confederate
soldiers rank Smith of llaltlmore has liein dlibarrrd
from iirsi lion before the retiilon Hurruu lot liiterferlns
with i a snetlal i examiner In I the dlichartre of tits I rW and
aeatllI hut him J W itttner of this I city hiss been 1 puts
lieintril from practice before the Prnslun Hlireau for e
dresslnir romniuiilcatlnns tn peiiilunera u IntenJed to
cause tu comniiiiion of frauds
Yell Fever In Mexico
WAHIIINIITON Oct 25 Stinteon Main of tho
Marine llonpltal rr Ice wrIting frnm Brownsville
Teas under date o Del H gives a detaIled ac
count of the I mauled of f tellow I fever In Mexico He savl
at Maallanthe feter Is lllll dnlliK Us work Up to the
Rh mel Ih f hail been > 3I deaths at that place lit Itie
Slate nf Jallicoat the lnvns of I oraro and QuI
3no persons fell tlctlm to yellow fever and the loom
talltyfn ninety Iwo ds s reaelteti JMI I Htineon Main re
port that the fever 1 iMvelllnv north and 1 nest and
says that there Is I danger of lu creeping into Arizona
mud upper California
A Vsei Cpl > d ond Four Lives Lost
VlrtEYAnn HAYES Oct 2Th schooner be
tote reporli mink In Yttte sri Kound on Saturday night
na the llllam I llourke tapt lllv fro I limIt
Ambny with t oal for bt John N I Khe was capilzed
in I a squall at Id Jil ll I M and 1 hand woo toil except
the male Win A Mnle who clunir In th aesasIs boat
which I wa turned bntfmn up fnr twelve I hour I finally
drlftliK aihnr at hay Head where he now rtnialn In
an exhauited condition Thus lost are rapt llnle >
llllam fowler cook M Whalen a seaman sod an
othr man whose name JI is unknown
Terrible Case IrnekU
DInR Col Oct 250ne of the Mexicans
implicated in the murder of four nien at a dance near
lisrdntra few iiljjlits ago was oiertskin by a band of
armed cItizens iat t nlibl A rope was placed around hi
ck and the nlher end made fast I lo Iht hnrni of a sad
tile nn the bark of a hnrre The animal was then fright
ned into a run dragging the poor culprit over rock
and annuls until life was extinct When captured the
man to commit slated the that murder he with hlicorajianloiii ban hired
IWLIU rnnr ants unnima FIIIKNDS
BInater Vntifknn Oheen to belnc Bmddteil
with a lltltlf untlii Molkerlnls ken ke
only edded In Fun A Nullfora Ilsuebusd
Miss Atmlo HlRbto of Malbono street Flnl
bush who was formerly a Sunday school
teacher In Brooklyn and Master Walter
Vaughan son of Ileazar H Vaughan an iron
merchRnt all 103 Maiden lane wore guests nt
the sociable given by the Flatbush Methodist
Church on July 19 last at the home of Mr
John A Case Miss IIlKble la 17 years old
mad Master Walter Yauchan nearly 18 Both
took an active part In tho entertainment
which passed off vory onjoynbly and drew t
large attendance of members of the church
Last weak Mlsalllghln retained Lawyer ollh
II Lcggett of lirooklyn to brine suit against
Master Vnuuhan for support assorting that
she was his lawful wife nnd had been legally
married to him at hue sociable In the presence
of witnesses by Master Charles Areson who Is
1 clerk In the office of Edward A bums A C
4Hllroad street In this city The noV of tho
legal ptoeoedlng was made nubile yesterday
for tho first time and amazed Flattmsh society
Voting Vatiishun hns only just loft school nnd
Isn clerk In his fathers olllce Ho Is 1 bright
prepossessing young follow with blue oynsand
flaxen hair Ho sat with his father last night
In the parlor of his homo In Flathush
This nmrrlneo said ho was only 1 mock
affair and done ns a joke We had n lawn
party In the Kardnn back of Mr CaseS house
during the soluble Iho ground was all
lighted up and wo had played croquet for n
time Wo young folks were on the lawn and
lmo old folks were In the house when some ono
suggested t lint wn Miould have a mock marriage
Charles Areson my friend oluuteored to bo
the tnlnlHter and hal a Iozon or more of us
bojs and girls were married by nlm In fun
Home of tho bout wero married In that way to
two or three ultls while tile tiling lasted I
myself wan mnrrlnd to Miss Hlgbloand another
girl Clmrlus nnld I nronounoojou man and
wife and then wo wont Into the house I
laughing nt the joke Kvoryhody lookrd upon I
tho matter as it poke I took IRs I I bin homo
nfter tho sociable through common politeness
Sim left behind her book of recitations sho
hutch ttseti In tho literary nntnrtnlnmont that
preceded the lawn party I ont It to her next
diy and enclosed a note in which asixjoko I
addressed her its My ulear wife and signed
Your donr husband That is 1r1 I ner did In
the matter I saw hor hit a tow times after
tlmt and nor became Intlnintflr acquainted
with her I had flavor seen her hut onco In my
life hplore I met her at the sociable
Irn I haul almost forgotten nliotit the matter
when on the 15th Inst I got n letter Inviting
mo to cull at her hOI I In that letter she saId
she noMir entertained tho Idea that tho mock
ceremony wan n real marriage The llrst tim
I learnod that tilt mutter was taken seriously
was when her mother told ace thatthe marriage
was legal and that an ordnlnnd minister and
other grown persons were present Ht the cere
mony and could bn produced as witnesses
Miss lllgblnnpoloclmd < I for the trouble
that was growlm out of the jokt and said thnt
It won her mother and not herself who was
pressing the claim of legality
IrAslnl III IrIRlty
I never heard anything more ridiculous in
my life exclaimed Mr Elonrar Vaughan
than tho claim that Walter Is anybodys hus
band I mako what object this
cant out whlt ohilct thlf young
girl or her mother can have The idea that It
wa a hona llde inarnngn he l simply preposter
ous When Walter heard what Mrs Hlgble
said In regard to it hn told her promptly that
he should toll mo He says that she told him
he had better not do so Why she should ob
ject to his telling Is a mystery It wan it piece
ot wild tomfoolery and nothing morn It the
Hlgbles expect to make anything by bringing
n suit they will find that they have got a pretty
blir I tob on hand
Miss Hlgblo was found latt night In consul
ntlon with Lawynr Leggett and her mother
Miss Hlgble has a full round face and a plump
welldeveloped llgure Heir black hair falls in
u thick ball our her forehead nearly t her
eyebrows Her los art black and her man
ner quiet She wore a gown of bluo cloth and
n signet ring glittered Iown the third flagor of
one hand
We wcro married sho said Our hands
were joined together and we wero pronounced
man and wife
Lawyer Leggett would not aUow her to say
any more
allR Hlgbln hRS no statement to make at
present ho said except thnt IUs trto that
Him will bring slit against Mr Vaughan twill
will cal on that gentleman tomorrow and I I
wi lntuman
have something to nay to him In regard to the
M O that may Interest him This young lady
has been paraded about among her friends as
Mrs Vaughnn anti It has given rise to an
amount of bilk that Is disagreeable to herself
and her family and rentiers this
famiy renllerf step neces
sary in the Interest of right anti justice
I have known her mysolf since she was a
little girl and will sea that she Is I sot right be
fore the wil and protected from being
placed any longer In n fnlso position
Is It true Mrs Hlgblo was asked that
you are pressing this null without your daugh
ters sanction nnd against her wish
Rancton should think not Mrs Hlcblo
responded emphatically and morooxor tho
Vaughnnswill Hnd that this marriage proceed I
ing will not redound to their credit oIMe I
bona lido murrlagn Mv daughter his nothing
to fear from nil thou facts being made public
We will give them when the time como publc
W W Swaynn the oldest bookseller and
newsdealer In Itronkhn died yesttrda at hi residence
at llnth I I He began buslneis at the old Fulton Mar
ket In this city over JO l year ago
Jacob Hapelyea one of Newtnwnl oldest citizens
dkd at 1 his home yesterdat aged 04 yean He was
onefiftbeveteranMottbewnrnf IH12
The lev liaai1 I itliey 1t mbroke the oldest Congrega
tlonal inlniiter in I New Hampshire died In foncord on
W ednei > dav nged no He graduated at Dartmouth Col
lice tt IH22 wss ordained In the inlniitn itt uutvu 1 end
wan State agent of th Ainerltan Bible Society for 25
7 care
Idwln flondwln who died at Hartford esterday nt
the agent 84 ve ir wee a graduate nf Yale College In
Ih I nasa uf lull I Mr 1 i lloodw III was editor of the nurd lit
for leu ear previous tn t eta when his father who had
been niie of Its publlihers from 1777 to 18JH retired from
John Vr < tev 1ariiell Lord Congleton Is dead
James MiClstLh editor und part proprietor I ot the
Bairamento I Hrr illl at Isralin hprliig I I Cat eiterdav
aftt rnonn He WH H Itillfnrnia pinneer nnd well known
throughout the whnlt Pntiho cast I
lliulnese Trouble
Herzorr Brothers manufacturers of cloaks nt
2 White itrcet made an aislgnmeiit terday to Jacob
r Pullman giving a preference for fJ Htu to the Market
Nailnnal Hank
Eddy Harvey A Co wholesale dealers In hats caps
and furs of t hlcngn matte a voluntary assignment yea
terda but a statement U I mad that the trouble I Is I only
tempnrart Hie llahllitie art estlmstsd atrjnnoo The
firmsdetiisart rhletu Itt New YMk Thelmmedlalocausp
of tin I fallurt i > niider > lnoil tn I be tlie I maturing I nf paper In
till I I rIO I wttitt i Hie 1 linn u as llliuhle I to meet The t nn
trihlttnrv allies ere dull trade and 1 Ibirp competition
1onrad Kallciilldt I I a manufat turtrof topj er kettles
bollerit and still In I hkagn hint made avnluitlvn H a
ilgnmenl Ills liabilities are ItcJt1oJ assetseitlmated
at ItO >
The failure nt tV A Kill a lumber merchant of
Oiivego is I announced Ills liabilities are about Vinoo
and hit asset C rol C7t Its t la ZtttIJ TIte cal of his
failure was itot k ipeiulalion
Acw Opr Price
Mr Abbey announced last night that here
after the price of general admission to all parts nf ihe
Metropolitan Opera House will be 12 and admission to
the famil cirt le fl I
lot Is I thu a reduction of rates t was asked nf Mr Tlllot
onOh no he said I is I merely Intended tn throw
open to llandfek 1 the space lelueert the linok seats 1 nf
tlit > parquet and the first circle of boxes There Is room
there for about Set persons There will be staudluf
room in lbs family circle Also
Tke Hucccasor or Ire and Abbott
DOSTOX Oct 2Mr B A B Abbott letter
declining to allow Ihe use of his name for the second
place on the Butler ticket was received by the Demo
ratio HIt Central Committee yesterday The com
mittee toda I iletlilid tn nil the vacancy by thc numliia
lion of the lon James rf llrinuell of treendeld for
Lteiitenant Governor Mr I Irinuell was In the Mate
belittle mat i eat ftnl II ttcm for sniue year been a aprnull
nt nt Uemnrral in the wi stern part I l t the state
Italian Laborer AllnckliiB u Contmctor
WATEROURY Cnn Oct 250ne hundred
ItalIans from New York are employed her laying
sewers To ulght their w ages r cut down from 86 I
to 91 1 and they mad an attack on the contractor office
with Imid threats Idot king 1 Ihe street A riot was pre
vented by the arrival I of a large force of polke Another
outbreak Is I expected
An Italian lleifar wiCk fleas
ExAitemblyman 1N Fogs was complainant
gslnit Knia Cesn uu Italian I eggir at Jefferson Mar
ket yesterday Justice 1atterson ascertained through
the daurhter I and son nf Mrs Ceia that she was a miser
Her 1 huihaud owns a I large farm nrsr lenoa The Juitlce
suspended judgment ihe case The son and daughter
promised that tlielr mother would not b allowed to big
KTort r tk mnndmd Oil Conspnny t
Fore NaiBktkia On Vpon tka People
Tho war between tho gas companies of
Brooklyn has resulted thus far In a compromise
between the new and aggressive company the
Fulton Municipal and four of the old com
panleitho Citizens the Metropolitan the
Tuoplei and the Willtnmsburgh Two of tho
old companies the Brooklyn and tho Nassau
still hold out The Brooklyn has sold Its gas
nt tl per thousand since last June to compete
with the Fulton Municipal but the Fulton
Municipal has laid mains In the most profitable
streets obths Brooklyn territory and reduced
the value of the Brooklyn stock to 105 which
once sold a high as ICO Latterly the price of
the Brooklyn Company stock hot risen to 120
under a general belief that a compromise had
boon effected
The Nassau still adheres to Its old ptlco of tJ
per thousand and the Fulton Municipal has
adopted the plan of supplying gas to the Nas
BallS customers In many oases free for several
months with the promise that If tho customers
will have It put In the first price shall bo tl per
thousand feet The stock of the Nassau Com
pany from 76 has gone down to 30
A largo holder ot gas mocks gave last night I
the following explanation of the war The
lirooklyn Company was flint In tha Ueld and
Its territory covers old Brooklyn As tin cltr
grew the covur the Metropolitan the Peo
ples the Nassau and the Willlumsburgh
companies were formed each by mutual agree
ment taking Its own territory and avoiding
competition with the other About live years
ago the Fulton Municipal Company started In
to compote for tUo business Their charter
enabled them to lay mains In nil tho streets
and ther picked out the cream of tho business
The old companies lost enormously Thuy
therefore concluded that in order t ave any
of their business It wan best t compromise
compromise Included n bnrgnln with
the old companies to take gns from thu now
company which Is thus now supplying gus to a
very large part ot Brooklyn through tho mains
of the conquered companies Thus It Is I that
the gas works of tho Citizens tho Metropoli
tan and the Peoples companies hate been
closed and It Is expected that others will fol
low until Brooklyn IssupplM with nnphtlmgns
Intl this aggressive Fulton MttnIcioal Coin
pany Is really 111 Standard Oil Compnoy which
has thus secured 1 market for Its naphtha by
taking tho old companies by the throat The
gns supplied by the CltlzonsCiiinpnny In South
Brooklyn nt f250 nrr thousand Is I the pamo that
is I glen away in t Ier Nassau Company district
anti tIm same ns that which Is I supplied by the
Fulton Municipal In the other districts In
other words the people who took the cheap gas
of the aggressive company did not benrllt
themselves In South Brooklyn becnusn ultimately
mately they were compelled to pay 15 per
thousand for the cheap nnd poorer gas
There has been muchcomplnlntngnlnst the
naphtha gas Consumers sity It smudges the
Interior Inl house with smut that it smells of
tho naphtha that it is a moro poisonous R
and that the condensation of water In the
pipes makes It llnblo to go out All these dis
advantages will 0 brought upon the gas consumers
sumers by their anxiety to tnko free tan for a
short tlmn or gas at II per thousand for a short
time They are sure to get tho worst of it in
tbs long run
A curious part of the war Is that the old
compact between the gas companies which
prevents them from encroaching on one an
others territory now prevents thn Brooklyn
Company from following up the Fulton Munici
pal The stocks of tho old companies that compromised
promised with the now company havo gone up
fifty per cent since the compromise
Qenernl Bucccu oftfc Primer StrIke
At noon yesterday 1800 compositors em
ployed In the Job printing and weekly nsn > paper oftlc l
wet out on strike In obedience to the order ot Typo
graphical Union Nn 6 The strike wa for a uniform
seal of prices 40 cents thonisnd ems on weekly news
papers and from 37 10401 On book and job ortwlh
tlH a the lowest weekly wage The omc were noti
fied two week ago of determination of the union
sod by B oclock 1 Ino men had goes back tn tlielr eases
leaving 250 men 10 be beard from and SAO men nut In I
consequence of the refiiral of their offices tn accede to
the demand At lo oclock last night there were but
Duo men definitely nut on strike and many of these were
eenfldcotnC betaS sO woe li today FitIjrtwo office h
agreed np < 1 that time Uipay Uu dnlo sod employ
none hat union men Among toe largest nf these otncea
wee U 1 hutuams Sons nraAttrtrti the tffnlny lot
hook room the Metropolitan Job onlc In 1 Vese street
toll dJ rBI
frant Lulln I the Mth Iforld the om American But
Ifnerrj Outdo the Aural Mat ritrker Smith Jk HoDnu
gill on Heekman street the Sunday lIch > the Xev
Fork ftXlv the tfpjvr and the Iron Age The COlPO
Itors employed ly the Jan and rjtrai also demanded
the advance and got I
Seeking lo Jteeonelle tkei Irreconcilable
The Congregational State Association at Its
Convention yesterday In the 1ilgrim Church 121st street
and Madison avenue paved a resolution hulling the
Manhattan Association and all unasioclatetl churches
to beoome members of tht State Association ThIs wa
understood tn be a step toward t reconciling ttie Ilieoher
Iteit and the Heecherites I
The Hev Benjamin htaunton of Brooklyn fttdlQ
New York city nugregallnnalisni t is I a corpse There is I
not A shadow of breath In I On the east side there Is I
not cute Congregational church and maiiv nf the large
cities along the Hugion I are In the sam condition
a fl IW
The Itev Mr Muniell of 8cheneilady t objected to a
resolution of sympathy with the Umnenit 1hrUtlan
Temperance Union He said that women undercover
of tliti Union went atnut the country recommending
books and literature I and circulating I them as temper
ance bonks which this Convention had condemned fe
unfit to b I read
Resolutions were finally reported commending
women temperance work In general hut carefully
refraining frnm any allusion to the Uomena ibrlitian
Temperance Vnlnn
Stealing on the 1enosrlTaulo llallroeid
PHILADELPHIA Oct 25 Extensive thefts of
goods from cars on the 14cr York division of the reiin
syhanla Railroad have been under Investigation for
several months past On Kept II I 188 300 pounds of
copper Ingot were stolen from a freight car between
Elizabeth and Railway and Inquiry made by a detective
led to the arrest of deorg I Rowers an employee ot
the company On Aug HI a freight train wa wrecked
and iOI 1 worth tit tires goods and nlber crude were
carried off An engineer named Peter Irevnst and two
brakemen i named Ernest Mill and ltI hert Tieilmaii 1
reildmg In this city were arrested for the thefts The
fntir premiers had n hearing this afternoon and all ad
mitted thnt they had been cnncerred In the robbery I
Prank 81 Unwell who has charge nf the department rri
Investigation r the settlement of freight rlnllnl for thn
company testified that th copper Ingot bad been flilp
ped i In N HlmpkliiH I rMI ttelt street New York whole
claim had been paid The prisoners were all held
Murder on a Train
HARTTOBD Oct 25 Cornelius Callahan aged
2S went to Merlden with his cousin nf the name name
aged 2S where be nut bit brother Jerry Oallahan who
had obtained a place for Cornelius Nn i at vVllroxi ill
vr plate works All three drank and the cousins got
aboard Ihe fast express due here at T JJ 1 I M i After
leaving Berlin Cnrnellu No 2 was mining slid on
arriving In Hartford Cornelius Nn I told his folks lhat
he had fallen oR Ihe 1 train at Ilerlill The undy I was
fnund late last night and taken tn New llrllaln where
llr Cuniinlng discovered a ash wound III I IhI1 I side
from which death niued nrnelliis wa arrested this
evening In IIi city ami will be takit 10 New Britain
for a prelimlnnrv examination In morrnw He 55 s that
his cnnsln peMited In slating on the platform uf
theme and lhat he mu > l have I fallen I t The police
aittanit the theory Him I i I ilI Nn J alii nil led 1 tn
enter tht sleeper uml Itah I a qiturre w Hh tht purtvr aud
JI mrl
th latter I tabbed and I uihed him uff
A Patent Medicine Mwlndlar Cuogkt
HOUTII BEND Ind Oct 25il C McCrea has
been brought lo grief In this city He was rormrl a
wholesale drug clerk In Cincinnati and Ills knowledge
of Hi drug houses of the country enabled him t perpe
trate a big swindle ou them He had fac ilmlle eugrav
logs and electrotype mad of th labels circulars and
wrapper I nf a well known catarrh cure rl He tilled the I
bnttlt I 5 with water colored with burnt sugar to represent
the colo l f the genuine meillilne Taking a few park
age of different patent iiiedlcliies In altay suiplclnn he
wnuld go lo a wholesale drug house all sell them at at
mail 1 percentage below thewholesal price The nn tiers
of the catarrh cure placed I dettctlvesnii till track and
succeeded In capturing him and hli entire outfit uf elec
trotvnes lie haddtsioitd of several 1 tliomsnd dollar
worth of the stuff In 10 pelt few wseks
Front Skirt Ilesom ta Sculpture
An organization was effected last evening at
JIB Sullivan Street for the purpose of bringing before
the public lbs Indulrll dnoloplnl or the colored
pettpts from ttt slivipeit art in ohisitiog tlrts I to th
nullest art of sculpture I sfI h vers of 11 the I orgsttlza I
iit are Tte Itci W It lerrictt mI W
itVitiolt I Vi I irettenl I ri u rII Pickersi Secretary
Th IIX expsltlott 11 In tbrur wIll Ite held either In Tatamany lull or
Tlllard Moys Into tk Vailed States Curt
The suits brought by J J Bradley and William
liam II Field to restrain the Issue of second mortgage
bOld by the Norlhirn faclflo Railroad Company were
removed yesterday from the state court to lh United
Stales Circuit Court on petition of th company upon th
ground that th action Involve the conttrurtlon of an
act of Congress atnn tindentood that the company Its
retained Rnicoe Coiikr > g and Wieimm M Efarll lo de
fend the lulls
l > arr UcitUtratloa In Iloto I
BOSTON Oct 25The revised list of voters
In Boston shows that 04 5S3 names hare ben registered
tn lncra of fttrover tho registratIon last ur
al I about 1680 eooo on the hljhut ever known which
Derl ikait bs wn Nioten Vy Jesse Jam
and Taken In a IMrntteal Crnfl to n
Houlkern Port stud TIe to Itraill
PORTLAND Mo Oct 2T > Charles AllKUStUB
Ilnkham who believes himself to ba tho lone
lost Charley Ross tolls this ronmrknblo story
I was picked If I In tho street In Phllndnl
phln put on board 1 steamboat taken to lion
ton thonce by mil to 1ortlnnil nnd Wlntorport I
was kept Inn large house In which thorn seomed
tol > n ncrent many children butl I did not RCO any
of thorn for n vory lone time antI I did not see
n woman nil the time I wns thoro Attar about
two roars thoy let n girl come Into my room to
play with me onco In n while and sometimes
lot us BO out In tho yard to play I wan a large
yard with blah boards nil around It Tho
girls namo was Funny Prcseall and she Bald
that a man mimed Jeiso James stole her from
Brazil From tho girl I afterward learnod that
tho men who stole mo worn Jesse Tames Ilnk
ham nnd two mon named Davidson Ilnklmm
was a vory tall tnnn tho tallest man I over
saw Jesse James was not DO lull but was
a goodsized man James was of dark com
plexion Ono of the Ihuldsons wore a black
moustache and Urn other sldu whlskors JaincB
wns commonly called Josso by the rest Jesse
vent with me when I wns llrst tnkon but did
not ston long After a Ions l time tho girl Fanny
and I worn taken on bom1 of n ossel rlucvd
liken bark nml wtiro taken to tho Southern
coast It inlidit hnn been to TO R but any
way It was whore It Wn nnrin Here Jpssn
JaniOH and tho otherH came on board and
brought their horsos with them Tile horsen
would eon lieii cillctl and would net like
circus horses do Thnrn worn stalls for the
horses on each Mile and a section nf tile broad
side of thn bark was HO llxoil that It could ho
moved nnd whim wn made a imrt they would
run out a platform take thulr hordes and rile
ofT Jassn and tho rest Htcmod lo own thn
bark and managed It ns they pkiiBod
and when they want on uhoro would leivo
n largo man In chnrgo who wns kinder
to us children than thn rest Tht bark was
nothing moro than a pirate nnd mien wn wnrn
chased by a cutter but escaped Tutu hark was
loaded with lola ot thlnicH I uml had many Ktins
on board By gums I moan rifles At Inxtwn
made a small I port In llrttzil nml Ito I litre man
was loll alone on board Hn hail Ixiti drink
lag I stlppociu for ho opened tlm dour of our
room and sold Hern ton vhlldron como
ottt and then ho told us to to The girl took
mo anti wo wont nshori and untidereil around
torn while anti at lust went tn a Spanish hotel
and stayed them three days until tho linrk
nailed Finally we cot a passage to Non York
That was about live jears ago After wo got
on shore thn girl told me that my name wax
Charley Itoas and she told mo always to re
member It It neninvil to brine thIngs
back to me when Mm called mo Charles
HOBS ana I romombercd thinus I had
forgotten I learned to cook nnd shlppod on
the hark Ada Carter from lioston to llrall and
Faun went with mo She ntitnd to llml out
about her people told learned that her father
and mother were roth I dend V hen wo cot Imuk
she wont to live at Lynn and um nt wurk In a
BhooRhop From Lynn site went to Lnwrcnco
where Rhu was at work In one of thin shoo Hhops
In the finishing room when I hoard from her
last I Raw her last about two yarH ago I then
shipped In the J D Urnyton bound from Fall
Hivcr to South America and on the way I wax
very sick with a fever My hnlr entnn ofT and
when It came out agaIn It wan darker than It
had been While I was Hick things seemed to
come back to me some way and I knew that I
was Charley Rosa but I did not know who Char
ley Ross was I never road a book about Charley
llosR and I never heard of Charley HOHS except
what Fanny said until about two years ago I
can rend a little nnd make loiters but dont
know how to put thorn together While on
board the bark with Jesse anti the rent I ex
pected to bo killed I heard one of them say
once What shall vo do with the boy I and the
others said Well kill him They didnt clvo
me enough to cat sometimes anti then some
times theyd whip mo This year I was In the
schooner Ltzzln M Stewart and we landed at n
place called Wlnterport and I want ashore
with the Captain While there I Raw a large
bulldlnif and a lot ot rocks and thIngs near tile
house that looker natural tn mo Mill It mlcht
not have boon l the place I dont know who I
am of cnurmi but I think I nm Charloy Ibis
I think Mr lloss must be my father and I want
to cute him
Ilnklmm Is very Ignorant anti Is unable to
recall names except by a wot effort and Is
rather confused about ordinary matters but ho
appears to bo ery honorablo In his fcollnitH
and to cherish a real affection for the mother
ho cannot recall His great desire now Is to
Bee Mr HOBS feolliiK onlldint ho can prove
himself to bo tInt ronl Chirloy hose Ho relies
chlnlly on the hops tlmt Frink James may txi
Induced to toll what he knows nhout him If
Frank James falls to respond in tho way he de
sires hn declares his puruosu to muko a per
sonal appeal to him to rlflit the Kreat wrong
done by his brother
Lord Coleridges Goadhjr
A reception was given to Lord Chief Justice
Colerldgs In the Union lrnillt Chili Theatre UH nliilit
Alnunir flume present were Mn > or rdion JohnItiroh
After Surrogate Itolllni J Abnir harper Ioi > rph II
Choitc IZIIhu Hoot horace Ituurll rhlf liiftlio 1 Ilalu l
Judire Vnn Krunt John Jar tien Horace K iorttr anJ
the ltev Dm Hull and New man
Hr fcvarti welcomed tlio micit tt n behalf of the club
tie laid Ai a iiu > r6l people we are peifectlj willlnirto
have yon inspect nnr nnmeroui virluttet i E nml v eak of
them Vnu ii Ill liuve plenty nf oinrtunit In trltli
our faults thn thuuMind inilo in uv I PIIMU > Ce yflt
airrre now with the ftlicjt lit liUojihrr > u tin Muted that
rt niocrac > iirmliiici n iiHtlmi of nriilorit itinl itt tile
orator who hnppena tn te rpeuklnir lit conrltlered thu
brut nratnr
Lord tolerlitue paid I think thM the phlloinphirs
remark thai tIle orator i hn liitpetv ut t Ic tii < akliiif In
cnnildertid the i IeL nrntnr ti tot In limit nilli ilr hi arts
I iou happj to addrevH nit lest t unriU totliin t cult In
Celtic ns It wso forntei with tti imriiofe rf priverTltiff
mIte Unlnn I ninv ciuifiiittr It a < luh n pronentathc nf
ther nntnan < l Icnii I ny gctIty thniati I It to thin
countr > ivitere I ha < alieen accepted nllhto much hoi
Tke Array of the Cumberland
CINCINNATI Oct 25At the business meet
ins of the Koclety nt the Ann of the Cumberland Ihli
ninrnliif den Barnett Ctialnnan uf Die Committee on
the Urflfld onument reported tliat a place hail lien
selected In WaBhinutnn an the Mite of the monument hut
that It would rniuire Urn nctloii of I nnirrt tit tu the mat
ter to nmke It final llniiiM I tlmt I he thnliuht I the I mnnu
nirnt would tie rnmiletrl In I time for the reunion m
ItvCi SisJtr S II Lambert of IhllHilrli hlutinniilrctiil
as the net orator uf the HII let with I iiil I It For
ftker of I hit innutl I its tdtrrmtte rhiJ treteuli lItter ui no
retlertfd ni I Itoi hesler N it its littfil as the next
pl ieor iiiettlnil on Sept Jl 1 und 22 IPitid l
Ip log In Irlson
DUBLIN Got 25 Mtchnul Waters who was
sentenceit to Imprlunment for lomplkit itt I Ite Cross
maiclen murder rousplrai reifiitljr died In prlnun At
a meethnf nf the National LeaifUe tiBlirilnv Mr T M i
llealv M l lrcI Urn that Matei o roletfd In Hie t tact
lill inutnte nf 11nm tliott with tin i rime Mlihaal
Waters wan retnrv nf the t I nii maiMrui Ii iiimh of a
aniiett itt otilet t of which It WAM t Inlimil VIUH the
BMuHiiinitllon ot laliillnnlK niaul triiti nirrnu like
tuba and oftlctrn irenentll nf tin I I lotS ertluietl t
ssslriss Desires 1 ° eacs
VIENNA Oct SjThe Emperor Francis
Jnsph rscelved the tnentlier of Ibis itusirlan and Iltun
genie deiegstiutts toiler at tle Iuutierlct ialsce in sit
address it the delrgaiitts 5 tte Ntiieror sleciareti iiat
lii relatIons liel infest Attt rlut alti lrtIg uttitiiut wrs
etlreiy sslisfclttry att that tin ttf all cituirtts
fell sinongly tIe iteei of leare wuIel tte posers hat
lo aiiy endeavtnei to ttaiittattt
ITcrr Stickier Nenteueed to Ii Ison
LiKONirz Bllvaln Oct 25herr lllclitor n
secessIonIst Deputy In this Iltlcliiue fur MuhlruJliz
SlIest has been sentenced to MX moutht Imprltonmrnt
and tils dtprlvatlna of hli rluhu as a Deputy for lutault
log the Imperial famll four years aifn The action
aitalnit llerrlllchter Mat lirnuitlit hy a local clergyman
to prevent the former from taking his teat
Attitude of th Npunlah Itepnblleams
MADRID Got 25It Is reported that Heflor
Caitrlsr and hli Kepuhlli auppnrliri at K merttne
items last etenlll renohed to tualttt alt a friendly at
tltllde Inward the new llnti riiment if It fulfilled Its
Lromliei elIteclaily to mtst lorf 1111 I crest tunra e
The Naval Advliory Dnard yesterday derided to recom
mend the conitructlnn of seven new naval vessels
Many of the Inhahltants nf Kintrna are fleelu from
that city on aceont of thirty fear of further earthquakes
By an accident In an Iron foundry at Ie Ureiuot In
the Department of Snout tt Loire Prince on Vsdnsi
day ten men were killed
ttsutlen Sheridan will arrive in WashIngton on
Wednesday ereiilmc next and will formally relieve lien
Sherman of the command nf theaiiny on Hmrrday 1
While Henry ton nf Mnnin i Itt itirt bit who lives
four miles from Ioudnu lemi win fmlinir a mill his
head was eauiihl by the leieraud torn from his Ixnly
P II Conger superintendent of Ills lellonitone Na
tlonal Park baa forwarded to he < retan Teller his an
nual report lie sass that the published accounts of th
wholesale slaughter game In lbs park last winter
were greatly exaggerated and that since his arrival
hunting bu been practically impended
Kothlng succeeds like sucrtss and Dr Balls Cough
8rup U woniwtull uccwstuL 4e >
Prenck Rudlcnle Pralesllne Againsi Ike Ae
linn of Ike Ministry
IAIIIS Oct 25Tho tllacusslou ot the Mu
nicipal bill wan resumed In tile Chamber ot
Deputies today The amendment ot the Ex
treme Loft favoring the payment ot tint mu
nicipal councillors was rejected by tho Cham
ber whereupon M Ornnct a Hndlcal Deputy
receiving consent to putnuuoatlon said thnt
the recent oniclnl statements respecting
affairs In Tomiuln showed tho extreme
gravity ot thn situation Explanations
he declared were Indispensable Ills remarks
crn rocoiKi1 with cheers liy > tile Kxtromn Lett
IrotOHtt wete also inmlo by inimberH ot tlm t
other Itepuhllcan grou Its Thoy condemned
the Ministry because It had failed tooonoko
the Chambers at nn earlier date anti inked the
Government to gIve hem an opportunity of
opeitliu it discussion on tho Tomiuln iiuvntlon
If tho Government relused to do this they
would take steps to torco t dlscilRslon
1rltno Minister Ferry rnpllcd thnt he rfBretted
that no notice of nn Interpellation I had been
IClven lie would be prepared to discus Ton
Uitln mailers when tho supplementary credits
wcru Introduced Tho date of their Introduc
tion had not yet Wn flxr When tho credits
were submitted the Cnblnot would d ninnd
either a Ionitilitit apt > ronlur disapproval of Its
nctloit M lorrys Bpnech was lotiilly olipered
JI Uranet uae notice thnt hn would Intro
duce nn Interpellation on Saturday and three
llolianartlst lutptitluH announced that they
would nuhmlt n motion for tho Impeachment of
the Ministry In the lobbies the opinion pro
nlls that M Iraticts Interpellation will fall
and It Is believed thnt tim Ministry will have a
latLu mujorlty
Uvxtcan Troops Rout the ApACtiet with
Great MtnufftUr
TOMBSTONE Arl Oct 25W H Stuart who
huts returned titre from ttie hwtinlietin Mountain IBM
the Ajmchri huve been routed by MexIcan tronpi su tth
great elatgluier The troop hnd l ren Matnned sit unto
preceat the rrtrvnt of the fnvnitfn Into the Sierra Matlre
Mtiuntnlni The ItidUnn I then ttirnM ntnl tlfil toward
Arl7 ttir closet fnMo tiUo the Men ltats Hint oiertnok
them at Ihr I ai Fettle cifl of tIle Hwlnn > Mlni Mnuntiiinn
1S lie rt nniniiliiur flkhtfiiue the I Mfxktin CdiniiiKtulcr
mid tint It tile trtHiiiKinil not icfiu < iiii i ItlelelS > 0 omIt utitt
iiS llcIt tic nut furitil nmrclicn lie muilil luic ilrhm
tlie red d < tla mi the I Putt Cantt i reservat inn hiitioflf Mr
Htunrt M > 5 A large hntl > nf tin rmitrd Inrilntn had
r Kicd iln rum h DIM wcr ptiorlv cln I Imt full one
third nt them hnd retained tlielr flrcarma
Buffering from IIdropkobln
POTTBVILLI Tn Oct 25 About ten months
ago a n ear old daughter of Jamen Harriot Itrinan
tnwn Kchu tklll cnunty wnt blltrn Iy t ft dofr and an the
wound apparently had heated up nn serious thought was
gIven to It In the early part of the week thi gIrl bctfan
aclltig Mrangeh at tliuee nmt vei > urdn ehe tnnX to her
tiid and stint tiecame speechless A ph Pit lull was Sflil
for hut the pnimn wan alrtnd aitlel nt work and Ix
fore the dorter arrived ttm I girl wait writhing III violent
paroxnms of Imlrophntdn TodR during aiiultt spelt
site Indicated a lesire tncomniuiifrate with hrr mother
and wrote on paper furnlthul her The dog lIce done it
all Him ha ontlnued tn have fits all day aud no hope
Is I entertained for her recover
Lieut Simpson Defend Ills Wifes Character
WiTKnBURT Coon Oct 25 Lieut James F
Klmisnn who was lately dlsmlPned from the army by a
court martial on the charge of having marrUd his nils
tress which finding was rev ersed bv the Irenldent pnh
ll lud a letter to ntffht In the Frtllny Amrrtcan of this
cIty where he formerly llvird defending his wife char
alter reliwlng tub trial and i tin I mllltarv record He
says Ker CIIIB who know me both In civil and mill
tary life knoWM that la v It w of the recent tleath of M
sw eet w Ife I would not demean myself or other tIC con
traettng such n marriage an I am charged with He
save that he has resigned from the nnnv and gone Into
the cattle business The letter is dated Fort iraat
Tke Alleged Nlandnrd Oil Bribery
HABitiRBUna Oct 25The legislative com
mittee appointed to Inquire Into the alleged bribery of E
U Paterson Ity the standard Oil Company to suppress
testimony showing the liabilities nf tbs corporation to
the Htate Ic I making try indifferent progress r B
Unwell Irusidrnt of the Philadelphia and Hurting Hall
rtiad who maile K charge to the alm u effect lit the hall
of the house nf Hepresentattvef gave the rouimlttee th
nome of hh rtff llerron ot Crawford count wh < > it was
supposed had Infnrmatlon In confirmation of the story
thai Peterson had been brlbMl llerron was examined
tn day but his tetttmon threw no light on the luy uteri
ous transaction which Is said to have enriched Palcrsou
to the extent of rii ouo
A FlakIng K > d Preented to Ike President
WASIIINOTON Oct 25Oov Proctor Knott of
Kentucky has arrived here and this morning he went to
the White House and presented to the President cm be
half ot a number ot dlmlngul bid Kentucky gentlemen
a fishing moi said to be the fluent III tin United State It
Is perfect ill every particular from Its rngewnnd hint to
Its lancewood tip anil riirster A Arthur In I nicely en
graved tin a slIver plate sot In the hutt The rut was
constructed to tarn the handsome allrtr reel presentd
to the President by the principal gentlemen nihermen of
Lnnltulln while the President was in that cIly the past
Tklsi In is Vesle un Conference
BIBACUHE Oct 25The attndrennlnl session
of the American W eHle an Confen lire has voted not to
ordain suty person who uts tot aero A resolution was
abe adnptt declnriiu ttiat the decision of the supreme
turt In Ihn tlvll ilvhu cnhm opens the Irene nf the
war nnd makeit It iincriUilL fnr tile i 11 nple ot coy state to
trample on the thirteenth fourteenth and Ifteinth
umetiiliurnta to I tint ronitiiiiitlnii nml that If the rmiMI
tutlnndopsnntglte the cit lienc I rntet lloil It ill fatally
defective and shuuld be ameln < d at once
ArckbUkop ltirdnna tlournejr
CHICAnO Oct Archbishop Hiordans visit
totlie Iaclm roust will be an oatlon Tle Arthhifthnp
and hlieirort wIll ferttlu anpltndllh equli ed troln of
palace corp Between rhlngo and Mendnuv the I entire
part lute and clerical e ill flijov a b mriit t ill I tht I lintel
far fegntes from Illlnolit I iitits and town will gn ns
far a Denver M hert t lie ArihbiFhnp a pnm will ttojt
nne dni for rt ft atl 1 n t reiilinii Tit nt tile I joiirne win
he tluifthed without a nak to I Sail hrancinctt Ihetraln I
will Hart from Chkiuo at U 15 P M on Monda net
An Exlrlet curly Ilrotrncd njr is Hob
GUANO IlAns Mich Oct 25 Father OCon
ncr an ex prlem w hono lecture In Toledo some months
ago muted a riot addrt sitftl an undienLv at Berlin on
Mnuitnv night At Hit mnrliHlnn he wan dragged ly a
ninti tn a null pond Imdl pniiiiltd and would t erlnlul
hat e hern ilriMvnul 1111 I he mil ctveu n lilt nolemn prnmne
Ileter In spt ak again agalnit tile I t flu tIlIt I Hurt n 5 tIer
l ro iirlng warrantH herti for tin arreit nf hi nitcallants
nn has mitt cruised to I spt ak on SIt tiiiity ellinK In this
cIty when lit ely time are anticipated
Protesting Acnlnst like Cltll Klitkla IlecUlon
CiHOAdo Oct 25A wellattended meeting
of rolored cltizeio Si AS titlil lunt tttitt Itt trItest onItiet
Itt rtceltt tulioi of Ilie ituprrtt iort tilt hit it ii
ltletu s lull I lit l lt itli paetr of iiie cIt uicvlt it
wlItii IIt tiieiluig u C hull cciii rIle It IsIit i tit
lutilt tt tittr re t hate lS to s lircut a Ileputtil I
ttt hut fln I ti a iitulI gly ur tlleclstce In
uttiit liiuruS nIiiit still cli u lit iur rtgli es cit If Ii mutt
ilte dci ile ttrtet or 111 ltu Icr
The Nl Ionla Klopeiment
BOSTON Oct 25 Toeeph K Ilunl who was
arreitetl nn lVeitueniruy tin a niitloll lot of the i tiitveritir
of Minn > url In I nutver an iiiiliclu tnt fir entliliig Aurella
Iirrinn from home fir inila irnl lirpn cc line nli
tnltiiM I i t writ uf slime i oriMm ri IlirilNble efnrt t lute 1
HiM i it n 1riU Muni ieluiu f Hint he w as legally
mnrrlpt tu the girl in Mn eta luuettH and that the
titisrg if enticliitf her fr nu ltitite t alllint he I mullltalutd I
In M Jouin
xConarcssmnn Alnrck fo Open a Hnloun
BOHTON Oct 25The Hon T H Muroh
roiigrevBiuaii from Maine tit tilting up a gorgeous
liquor store on lee street w 111 h he I will open In a few
days and run In rh aIr > with John L 1 rullltttiin place
armitid the corurr Mr Munli Is speiiding siiio or
Uliuiliii nttlugi and i speitu to make hli I otalillih
Ilienl ul ponulsr HI that nf tile chumplonpUKillHI There
will probably be u grand uitniiiifnexi SteeL
IIugnlllK n Itrdkut Nlove
WnnETON Mo Oct 25A mildly Insane
man named Ktoi wntplartdln nroom a Joining the jail
under the nllrt I Hollfe Iit the ailthnrllle for Ihelter
it hlle thtt jailer wu Ht sup er st resin Hllrmled I enple
tntlie I wlnlonnnd i the I aS him h hugging the red lint
slut He wn taken away hut death noun raltvted him
of his luiKriniti
Honey Wanted for Ollonuell Defence
CuiCAdo Oct 25Mm A M Hnllhnn ono of
the rnunsel for the defcnto ot ODunnell cabled from
London esterday that ths I prisoner tiad a good prmi et t
of aiqitll tat Ittit I that moiiry wa needed tositurtiMlt
neie from Hnuth Africa The tresmirtr of tIte U Don
nell fund litr at om e forwarded fuu
tossEt 1SF Finn
The saw mill aunt two alt block of Illlis Brown Jl ri
atZllwaukee Xlcli were burned on 0 eitneHda night
Lou toiuou
Ilfjnolli t Wllllamii planlnir mill Brown A klellel
halts grist mill and a frame dwtlllng In Hrontion Mich
Were burned on Vthisilsy night LOIN f jti ou
A fire ou the top floor of the building at See iou > and
III Water street llrootlyn eterdar afternoon did
f IS OUO dinace Kevaral ettilit CeO escaped with dim
culty The building belongs to the A H Hands clIMe
Thr South Psrk Hotel a somewhat noted road house
in the I fine residence dIstrIct on the southern tmiiklrt nf
t hit Hgn watlurned e lerdai moruliig few Inmates i
a ire In the hotel at the i lime aud all en aped though a
number made a hurried exit l < ni t kuii
II I A A A K u Maudnrf laulng i mill on the south site
ltut autO rtih wliti til tnoiiorv I frame dHelliiig aiul
I Uf jinn fret nf lumber t wtre burned vesierdii morn
Ing II he nra originated In the furnace room of Ilie I plan
lug mill where the furnice was being fed with shavings
It readsnrapidl that the employees barely escaped
with their hvss The dwellings w ere oecu led by seven
families who were unable to save any ot Ibelr bouHhold
effect The rimslni of frank Slebert a workman in
the mill were found In the ruins buiBM to a Cllio Tin
bosa will UgfMaI 124QcAI
MB noTKV ACCVSK1 HIM Ol flfl112AL 4
Mr Snnlkner relic Annul the llnnk In wNIek
hIs 1nrlnrr In the mil Hiislnes Kept m
Account sr Jtrunlmrkk 1 tit am tllmmy
In the nmlimtlon In the suit ot AVm 11
Dlnsmorn to hot aside Ito liiwj of tho Now
Jersey Central to thuS Heading Itallroml Beau
voau Boric a 1lillniloliilila broker testlllttj
yesterday that lie liml a HtnmUiiK artier from
the llondlnc road to buy Control stock when
ever It reached u certain point Mr Conkllnif t
linked htm It thin wns iloiin to keep the stock 1 1
up Mr llnrlu nimln nn explanation
Mr Boric nld Mr Conkllnc now that
you iunvo roturnutl from your little excursion i I
we will proceed with tlmetmnliintlon
Sir Cotton math n stieucMtlcm boarlnc on a
iiii > Htlon which ho thnuuht It probable Mr
Conkllni would ask und thou nudiled to tho I e
latter to go on i
Not fald Mr Conklltifr until your mind s
has returned from ronmlni throuuh the golden
legions ot tim shadowy by nnd by
Tnkn tlmt down Mr Uowun instructed t i
the stenographer
Then 1 must Insist urged Mr ConUlnsr t
thnt morythlni Ml Uownn stirs bo taken 1
doMi thnt tliuro may bo no loss to nolonco and
literature I t
Aftornnnl Ml CT Dshorn testified thnt ho
Imd not Bold itorioy Cnutrnl short to depress
the val lit of tho clock Ho I I did not think I I n t
ihuuurt gait by nut or ini > n in r ons criminal I It f t
It wt < ru criminal ho would mo bocu In prison 41
long ngo II t
Mr down then called K D Faulkner ot
Philadelphia who teMltloil tlmt svlttutt h nsn I
mutnlKsrut Born Ind hltn A to shippers ot t
coal hern nml In riiilailelphla ho dlhcoMjrotl
that U I lor Ind of thn ill in had haiti keep
Ing tin account of drauliukx itllouod I by tin I
nimjhnnln itt llallnmd I I u runningnvortwo i jnnrs tI
ami iimountlmtn some I liniumi of which titus I
witness hnd novel heard and in which ho hail
not shaied asit tinrtiui
I uts sit titttlu litut tttltiI il r rnulknprtestified
that 1 Raid nothing to Ml hlurwlntt itt once i
but I told int enmibol HitMild 1 I I could not bring
criminal proceiMlincs iitininst mr partner T
but I could nppl snueBstuU for n iecelur on ci I
the ground of finiid provided I obtlined pos icr
hesitlon ot tholiook I I did I i 1 gut It nnd when n
llttlo later wu tlscuieuiuti tho dissolution of the bk r
linn myiinrtnets not knoningthnl 1 had tiles 1
book and 1 staled tilt HIIIII I expected tobn I
paid Its myphnre Ml llerlnd hinuhed Thure 1
Is another necount to hosottlod 1 saId W hats
thnt 1 asked Mr llerviml Tilts tlrnnlmeks
paid by the t Iminsluinln Hallroitd I I Bald nnd I
thov paid every tent nf it uui it nppuniedon tint
booK though nt hirtit tIm protc > tnil tile > hud
to pay n good deal ttt got the drawbacks I
often hInd seen papers carried by black Sam A
J Cassctts lolored inesnner Into tile room
occupied bv Mr Bninlnd
Did > ott break into Mr Uorwlmls desk on
July 4 1879 Mr Conkltnc asked o
TolwKln with It wos a hink Itt my firm I
got undeineatli I t It nml opened tIles ilrawnr with
a pleco of steel to relieve tho hook which held i
the drawer
A jimmy I Is
It wasnt I a jimmy It was n piece of steel I
and I ttsul it to gut evident n ninst a alan
Who was robbing iuiuia llilef t
A thief t You mean joursolf nsltod Mr i
Conkllng You MMJ what with this hteel jimmy I
and your getting undeinoath tho desk Im
getting a little mixed
As there is no Court saul Mr Oowen ris
ing to protect titus witness I t t gal nst thu bru I C
tality of the ooiiiifel I miitt claim for him the
right to protect himself 1 think tInt pioecbs
of tho Court entitled to respect and 1 ptotent I
against this brutality I insult I I mitt i outrigo tn n
witness who In tin nbnnsui of tho Court is t
powerless to defend hitntajr I
1 informed Mr Iterwinn b > letter Iho wit
ness said that if I over went Into tho cotl
business I would m iku his nrrnnmmpnt with
the Pennsylvania Itiillrond known When I
heard that ho was Raying I had attempted to
blackmail him I spoke to friends of his con
cealment of the draw hacks from me but I hnvo
not made It public till now I tried to get tIle I
matter forotho Pennsylvania road but was
cluukvd off 41
You were choked off I put In Mr Coukllng
with nn expression of Ironic snri > lst
No not in person but Mr Lockwood who
represented mo wan
1 Im glad to hear it was Mr Lockwood I
should feel mortilled if tiny one ulie hnd slur
reniled In choking you off Jlow was ho choked
In a manner which with n sntcastio smile
you being or liaxlni IMIII a Senator will tin
clerstnnd i hen ho odeied a rusolution of in tw
aulr a motion to adjourn vnt parried twit r1
Fatally Injured liy it Iltliilr IlulV
Mr Charles G Trnncklyn foimeily of tho
Canard Meaint > lii > lint this lutum e a I are catllo i I aunt
rnnclinnnrrln tlm NiulliuiM II rtt t it lIe lin orlcd
from hcotlatiil tu ti liornU lulli Tin animal at c oil
black anil are alunl at f JOui tnch In I nnlT tn root
tht in nrirr tli vvuirt M r lriuuullvut I iieui
tin in plant In SliIl iiit I Puirttiiy I ccl tllogltr in
hlriiil mail innk < n nf l ii o ImltH tint fur t xi rIci l Tile
bull aunt tlio itiin ciii t il iltutt of It rix niiiniiil
jerked Ihtj rnpi tri litritiinu Ttriilln I w litcll tit
lllil niiunil it uitli hire u iu itl ln Ht til Illali
lift l slioilllrr lilt I hull I u1 u kin rkel iiillajnr Ihroiikh 1
a tnii Innicllni Severe trrnal I Injiirlta I
Over tk Cnnlury t i Ultl S I
William CtilTa colotcil who Is paid to loire i
reacht ttt age of 11 I 13 iHn ii lit In Ilalnlkll S J tin
Tuesdnv tie nn I ktd upon nt un till l min fortv tears
ago He illil of Icititluio I
Marirsrel t Vlnllo ilinl tit i I t75 lilt I I kit Street Hrnnklvn i
nn titu < > Kiii > 55 till le Kittliu In I u t Imir rntis ervitc ul lilt
her dmmlitir olt nan h irn In In unl I nr M r it
and hint httn sUii et t tim In I tie onlitrv nh h iut vs S
tnochlUreii euth over Tujturs nil
IlttCke Ike Ipiirr In i > Icillce Court
John hughes lice pedestrian was in harlots
Police Court Mkttnliit lie i knpn n Fiiloon nt tii2h
street mid Thlr I to t IIIIL On W cdm ftlit > nlnrhl n run m
cnrreil In the nalnnn littnt I t n lolui Julrkof 1511 oTbird
avenue mil u limn iiiiinril lolpniif Un lntt I Ihlrij I
nlnlh street ilttcle i In 1 lli iiiii tOot v iihnriul
bv Quirk Hlth iitimu i unl bell cry llu nan paroKil P
until thUnioriilni
Tke Mun or tot lovn Letters
John H Austin tho freight clink who was
arreitrd In Jersey Itt > mecnlly on nihnrtri i nf nl andnn
lute till tlfe neil In whnp po i0i irinn St ur > t mud mer a
hmiilreil I bnt itturn frnin tnninf s oiuiii ss to t litiriril
rromcuitod > > tenl4t Illiuiru I I I butt liruiklit mil for
Ar sdrnlei Illlllne Iocetker
At the meeting of the llllatiihhuruh News
dealers Lnlou nM infill n toiiimlttee rtjorted that
mil four denier In th > Citel cut Dlntrii t nrnMlllmrtnii I
riniattHiiieiitit 1 l nn him Ind ilrjhrs Imie Joined
the I nlon nfl adt j teil its nut i
Just Twit lbsys or fIcIsry
Todnv anti tomorrow are thus lust days o ut 4
reiflktrt in thin I t il t lilt I plarei of rrkMrt nil ti < pell I Ij
from Hoi iik lu llic iuortIig Iii 9 i ili 1 1 nt nikht i j
Ihr Kleiuil UOItf Il rtllrllon
Local rains followed by clonrinc weather
siiutlitrlj iliKiln lu H eli rlj u unit lalluiK I Imruintttr
Mr Knta Murphv Jl l jciir did list t annum with
Itt r linthand nt tj s mint 1 Mrrtrt u Mcrdir nnd hut
etrlutog Rite pwitUonrd rum creel Hit will recover
Ilirg II tttlii JnnifH I I n II I I M llnKlcr flat ton
llaut ii J Henry I Hnith und ttlllUm H 1raver 1 wrre
lectiI 1 intinhfrii nt the > o te Yrb nlit t liih laK nltchi
lepJtditiMMi irfirft to tnul 1 J i e Im Urif nt Hit I
Ilte lna wrlirltt tlNiiii > lciiMf f trt khn I Ii tight MirrilT
Ihe lrii iiin inr from Cl I idt it I tJ iMt tsMb St lIlt suIt
rlor ur Item khllt kh t tn I ltd IlllMli
Ihr MnntiMtnit ttMiiK hits ltitr fullid I Ii > Ii tIle 141551
lnl h > hiv < tor II rule It t itciuitrlitl the Imrkl in si hu
riltid thnt itmtttntlou thr luliiv t i > iiitni > ioiirri ro
kohid jrMrrdn tu i > Sy bait tle aniuunt ss Iticlt Its ftii
a sliced ut or hm own I puiKit I
A rri > < itahU ilr l < setI tiiuii of iTi mtppi fced from Iclten
hi hit picket lot ei lHnm v I rniithof it7 Hold lreit
Drookhn I nHntnki > it mm imiou frfiin a I euiuri Ii ate
nu tar m 1 unit ninth nm t leO t utilnir Jlr did titi I
nimhi riiM iouiitm in rtltiu l MfiiMal I and tho lit i h >
itmiir feared tue i 55 till uI die t
Jniiu A hun thfttolorrl rlncli al of tho Troy aienur
nnl liu n M id Uroiklui I w it irfiur I Jiintfic Mnfucv s ix
Urlat rlinrirc I siilt Irtivnu Annt 0 fllkr nctd M
tirr > sIrtco i Iht tIne nnl itutiiu In r ithiuiauv
pr < iMniluti Allfit puts f 5 thnt lit PIUI I rh utlud itef
0 hut K rat tun Iluc t runiimu St in u I tjiiti
Thi triinihli Munkfiali n uhuli urr < 1 ftfrdnv v
I irtftl thf suIt oinr nrMi in xl > mt nlit niili nctuth
raft i f Aht > Mi in ou 0 dm < lay et ilh imiiii und imcn
iiiHitu f ri tot mart and jil hntnu trout hi wjulrd to
ttlttucdln hut lltr > ltini tnt > ion I nun II1 r to let
off tht crew and lhr I > rrfnn t tn ubitn Ion tilt it
Tht wIll of frnncU Oulhiuhrr rrnrdel In I tie ItPifl
Icrs mice litNiiirnlh ftdii u to I P ol her llriniutii 11 M
lti f nf JIIIKXI rhiirth fur tliilriliuini MIKHIU the pui r
tt HIM I lartrh fim for rfinltin I iim > tr Os Ij tuft
St ars hnnli Doitcirnl in win h I tirtuhthi I trtliior HI
born and flu to the ltnniiii l atlidic Ordiau A juin
The St ItnihafU hnrlftj if the Unllid I SIdes a its
fitrinrd hv n nuinl er i > f itrnmn i ithi > ii < ntleiut ti HI
the I Urnnd tVntrnl Hotel trtrdfe It niger it
Ni unrk in Ireftdt nt lie f HM let > It t tn lti > thr the
5 efore f irniinn i nlliotii Jiumi raiii1 nml Seth tase a
rriirriMiilttthrM lntl iiltCllvtt < < H Ahiv I iresaitner
IlMriiiutoiiit art tnk I for
Ill Coroiifr j try that i itUattl the lUnth of
William htfiintiuir who sss itit in rr > tli lIntel n
ctiitlj found an Ohio verdict New ciInctf earn nb
t litcd and the Grand Jury Inlicled liurlo H Iletk I
who Head near flienninger fn Iortyth street An Indict
mtDt for murder In the uooni degree wu found and
Heck wu arrested yesterday Jud Gd1slavo cuusa
milled tUm 10 the Tombs
di A 0

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