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> frnryI f 1 t t IIi
JlHClClJII it IN MtiKMHt Tit titer ma
Seersl MrnlrillnllrlltTtiTliiynrv Illnln
Chnl t Hlrrrlr I In I OrtliMi P Hiirluna Mn y
Thot lie Miir Ilny Off Illvnl CmutlilltlFi
Asjislntl line Annlkrr for III Own llenem
VAsnlNOTON Jnu 2Tho ulirowd uolltl
clnos liore think tlmt thy Imvn 1 0III1
what they cull Mr lllitlnitn KHtnu N0loty h
llovos tlmt ho linn wltliilrnwn from politico
Dttln tlilnirn crop nut In Bpltool his oautlon
Which fllmw that ho dooH not rccanl his politi
cal career R < j nil In tho tnt Tlm rmlfnuthor
llatlvo minotiiKOtnHnt Hint tho llrst vnlumi of
his book will not bo rniiily for dullvory boforo
ilnrcli 1 If tlmn althoiish It WM
lnrch even thtn nlhoulh prom I
tied by Nov 1 Inst showa tlmt ho his been In
torruptoil In lila ilnlly mutit nnl tho further I
nnotincflmonl thM Urn pcooml voluino will not I
bi flnlBhiHl and ilullierpvl until Rttur tim nuxt
Presidential olocttnn linllciucfl lint Mr Dlrtlno
proposes to wrllo eomo nl tlin paces In tho I
UKltl Hint the canvass of 1BH1 will shnj
ll wi 1
or Into Mr Illulno Ima developed a front iln I
light In thc society of tlioso hn nsnd to avoid
When at a ntnta dinner at thn Whltl Urmia I
loon Rltor Mr FrollUKhuyson succiodod him
tho President nddromod him a Secretary
Blame ho retorted You have no rlcht to
yJdroKS mo by a title of which you do
prlvadmo nnd It wan supposed that the pro
tonoo ol frlonilrtlilp would ccaso to bo asxuinod
60 It wa for ft tltno but of latn Mr Blalno has
bon disposed to rcnnw friendly relations and
yoBlerOny wlion he stood liko I shadow behind
Ihn Provident durili Uio three hours rocop
ton It naturally caused comment Very small
traws innko good wentlior vanes In VTashliiu
ton Thin tokon of friendshipfollowed BO eoon
by tho nnnouniomonl of I dinner which Is
ronlly to be Llven t tho President though
etiQuette does not permit such formal an
nouncement docs not fall to sot tho politicians
t conjecturing
Tile politician IB yet to be found to whom
Blalno has admittedly over Bald that ho desired
Ithortoboa ciimllilnto himself or to control
the nomination Mr Blame keeps his secrets
well Ho Bays ni ho holds up ono linger A
ol II
secret known to but ono Is a secret and than
boldlnu up tho other linger But a secret con
fided to another makes eleven couIUInnts and
ho anoter two nnuors suggestively lint
ether mon have Imparted locretn to him I
has been told to him that a majority of tho
Pennsylvania delegation will certainly favor
his nomination Vnrnor Miller whom
Illalno patronizes naB aaviseu Dim iiiuv
nothing can prevent the election of I good
many dxleeates In Now York who favor his
nomination Kansas and Iowa ho Is Informed
are ready t wind nollil delegations fur him
Some 01 the Southern Stales ho In I Informed
will do tho sanm Being In a receptive stole of
mind llama receives those tcbthnonlnls of his
troneth with such mental comment pleases
him but so far as known without ono word
except In dlspitrauemont of Ills own candidacy
Illnlne has I way of persuading pitch ono with
whom be talks that ho Is taken a little closer to
his heart than anybody else Ho lint thus Im
pressed men whoso names bo lmrdlv know
Bach men when they compare notes hind that
all nro tnmtod alike
al I Mr lllulno really desires It to ho believed
that ho Is honest when he says he will not bo I
candidate ho has failed In his purpose Much
worse than ho uenorally falls His friends do
not believe him but they do believe that ho Is
Mncorcly and greatly anxious that the Imprco I
sion should u < > abroad that ho Is not a candi
date Bo the politicians reason that ho nppro
lends that an avowed or oven a peruilssivo
candidacy would Iw fatal and that his only
chance securing Iho nomination U by a sort
of prearranged nrtlllclal spontaneity I trick
at politics that wits PO Buccossfully playail by
Garfleld and his friends With such a pro
Brauimo the nowlY developed cordiality tnnnra
all of UB old 1 t1 oproncnts ji j Bearded HI
thorough accord
Some five io six yeara ago Mr Conkllne
taught Mr Blame a little subtle politics an
t with bin croat capacity for absorbing the tdens
of otbora he seems now to 0 following where
Conkllne led Ono day upon tim Hoot of tho
Senate Mr Conkllni In the middle of asptioch
and In n tone that convojod the Impression
Umt the Idea had just occurred to him until
And tho honorable Hnnator from Minnesota
Whom it IB most piobablo his party will nomi
nate n few months 1mnee for tho omen of Presi
dent I witS seemingly a caminl son
hence interjected purposely Into a speech
with which the Idea I had no connection
but Mr Blame bllev as a good ninny others
do that It defeated 1 hIs nomination I for the
Pnvtldonuy asMr Conk I I Intended itihniild
llinneitota was heated red lot with cntliu liMii
lor Blalno but the hitherto somuwhiit I neon
plcunus WlniloniM Presidential at > pliiilniis
were sot on llm by that remark CnnklliiK
mlled whim men tOld him I xo Wiinloinb grit
on life Htiilu was then great i nntmh to fimlilo
him I to tlkn Olk11 i I nl his iiipgist ion ansi
ilinnisotiiH Mouly vote fur 1111plol hroko
Hut the polllliliinh bay Illalno has vastly Im
provml iipnn this trick t Tlify cal I lo I mind homo
clrdimKUineiR Ilkn tlifsn A Inr or BO niro I
ipadlni 1 iimv8piiMtr In I the Veil nont I nat cii
Bfiialor Alliwii lurllio PrtiHlilcncy Thin tuuh
papor hal been onluiiBlv for Illaliin tint wist n
It rim tip Alllbonn niiino tins opinion vus
Ennupil Unit lllulno mufctiil I Bo liy nil
accounts hn illil Se ii sit or Alllfiun LnlliiUn
t Illf I ilny that Mr lllulno limna toward
him with n Illlio moro desIre than to
ward anybody cio so that tins Imui
MntuKinan If ha cannot cot the nomination
for Ilm I lt t wi I turn lowntvoto ii lhlsd ito 11 I r
enn Next Mr lllilnaln an InUirvicvnvinisicil
lbs sid riloti that ri nator Ito rrlion of Iiiillana
mlitht lie l tlm most avallililo cundlll I i anil
wliHii IliirrlHiin calls on lllulno now ills hiiirn
the changes run on use wonl nxnllabilliy
Nnboily clull iiorKUiiiIn Mr Hnrrlon hittit Ito la
nol lllalniV choice for Ibo I flout I tusitioti
and a good iniuiy hlloro that lust Is
Nflxt when Uov Inllom was olict
ed to HID rjoimtii Illalnu wlrod him
coDBratulnlloiih and ilculroil 1 to moot him wliiii
bn camo to Wanhliiiton Culloni ilcilfjlttiul
culled curly nn lilalim and came away with tins
mnme 111 that hita I lie tIintti itt I I I I tiiis would
bays tliiuiomlniuliiii In the poixon of Mllnin
So ye iMittln to hear mild hstzd inu i urn ong Cui I
lomh friiinU sot usleul with t tin afM < rt Ion thai
at the proper Mum lllnlno will flvn him help
Bvnainr John V Miller l I I of OilUorni amo
from Hlnlim prowlion hot with tho fMir f
thought ho Is not HO amhllloiinii tint lo IK
wililtK to take tho nMoinl phii If ho iiuinot
tinvn tint t llrxt Ho IH I jin > t as conllilcnt Unit t
BlnlnnHlinnd If I elitist lrhhf1 tohrlp I him I up
th Whit lliimn flupH MR In t any of thy I nthoiH I
The joullidil Snbln Minnesota i has lriiitli
ed the ambllloiH ntmosplicin nf liliilnufilinirH
and wo nro uI mud y Infnrmetl I by n tussvetn tar if
his Btnto that hu will be a cnndhlnlo for tlio
IVneidcncy nnd hi really lllaliHh choko
Now if all thiiso nnd lie t others who f nro
Blnlueliisplrod go to Iho i CoiiMmlmi with
their Rllltll lit their backs and thereby niitkii a
deadlock what no likely reason the t poliililans
as that at lait home untliu > < Idsii > hoiiiil throw t
up his lint > ell liliilne nml ihuftivorHprutid
leg tho I Illf fish ht t find his ill ii too waud I by Iho
Convention befnio It I I knout what It i t ldoini I
Tliero nro four men hlllJwr who i willne
alIt Mr lust I uuoi fris tuuiit I p bill will I I I not forgit
that ho inner ilnen iinithli without n inn
peel Ono of theto IH 111111 Therti IH no
gill t Iott that I Itlilnu I has nsxiued t I Iigan of bin
Ellon and that he in I trtlng tn gloom
Jogaui lint t tlinit I slim rlu black nyen 01 Logans 1
Ill pietty keen iiiulir oUII f > ulll I I lilio
JJIiIno nt hU wuril and Keep an eyo on
him all tin time IiOinn nieiintly ie I
turned from New V > rK wli > un hutipviit noun I 55
hoiir with Gen Grant nnd bin friends
Buy that thn I od mnll WlIH I 5 to iee him iininl I
Sided Another iiiun Is Inlin Miorrnan With
him Illalno knows ennnili In iiuiliit nn lit H
teiiin IIIMI II he I hiss 11 l t III frlendnof lolino
tr S > W UI1 UUIir Kiiim tlilt all 111 nil Its re
cards Wto T M Hu tiuiiu M onllll fr liii
Trty to iininliinle Billl iinoihcf I llniMiln
Theiu lire niiny ultiitlilhl triaL lllulno ivuid4
Lincoln us the t us nit daiiieroiiufrttitltiilltt enn
rtiibilH whllu tnerelHlnuiityaninii Inlhecnuii l
lrwhrir no vsii not rithfi heu noiiilnatiMl
Lincoln knMTH IJlMlnn I lliroiiih t tliroiiKh nu
ill of Garlliildtt nhlnot oniiin to kmnv him
Lincoln Is I a Hunt mnn Itlalni repeits
and chillis him Ho will make no iiUeinpts to
liootjwlnk the tVercliry tf 1 War The lant be
Ar ii or Wo unikrittniil einli other perfect
jy says Blnlne he K no VIM I am oppoBetl to
his noiiilnatlon but wo can bo frliuiU Hut
lilBlno will mnkq no atlompt to ciiiryfitMir
With thn iVesldent btcaino ho has not 1 lie t
tllahtrst Idea that u Arthur will I I bo n anti 1 hilato
Iliiylng flush ot tho I dlllfrent cit iutildat oc
itgalnst each UI hicr anti t luttt itiuvI tig six Ii is 1usd 1 d
affutlnst stepping fnrwurd lilniboll I f to take tho I
riM Is thu limo which the polltlclnim think
IIlalpe j iiilaylni
llcnllk Intpeelnri IteupiiolulcJ
Thn Health tommlfelonurs yesterday rrap
JolnlcJ as faiiitar Iniptttora Ura Iubcrli HlUwrll
I u Lackwtusl soil Itortc f Uorrl four uf the eight jhy
I ielans nho viers lliiiilsied from the department on
Bilurds lit HcClienify who was alln aiiioiiK Ihoe
uuIutuei was relnitalei In I Ill JlorID the rafciiiatlou
tlirsu Tin CaniinlMtoiKTl M > thai I tlien phI > sirl I iis
wrrtillsiiilusdbecaUMof i lick of money lo iY thrlr
aalarlts aiij Ualltl n wtr rslmlattd u causi > auap
VrirltUou lo lust tbtuj tiM btin ctiUlu I n Honda
A MolUn la Nell I mklt H nnrv Amended
In tnelntla lenlrnl 1 INirk
Tho Bonn of Aldermen ycstflnlfiy cloolcd
Aldormnii Wllllnm r
Kirk Ircsldent to corvo
until tho Doiird goes ont on Monday noxt nt
noon Dr Gnorgo A Ilrnunmi was appointed
ns the Clllrnim Wt Bldo Associations
slnll1vo on a committee to Inquire Into the
subject of running dummy engines In tho
streets ot this city Alderman Waite will repre I
sent the Board ot Aldermen and tho Now York
Central and Hudson Illver Ilallroad Company
bn > o been Invltud to name the third member of
lits committee
Aldoiman BmlthofTarcu it resolution doclar
ing duct Tomldn8 oiitmto was un eyesore to
tho puopls on tho cast side nnd directing thnt
llvo Aldermen benpiiolntcd tndlvlde tho sutinro
Into city loB coil null I them to tlm highest bid
dam the protveda to go Into tile city trenauiy
Alderman Coriudlua lUtrnn silocossor to Al
derman John lielllyanil I I I niprnsontntlvo of the
I illstrlet In is hid h Tompklns siinnro Issltualed
sprang to hl is feet and madn hi I maiden speech i
llu said that Tompklns miuuro HXH the only
breathing spot nn the t list Mile and should not
bo removed Ili moved t table tbo rhisiotti thou
Alilermnn liiehne moved that It be referred
to tile llnard of Heallh Alderman Cochrano
moved Hint Central 1ark be sold Aldorniiin
Hheahy tnoeil hunt Grninorcy Pnrk bo nddad
and Ahlernvin Jaehno moved tlmt the Twnnty
thlr1 and Twentyfourth wunla nnd Par flity
Inrk opposlto the Flvo Iolnls Mission bo In
cluded In the resolution Then President
Kirk referred thl resolutions to this Committee
on Ijiiida ansi IlacHS Aldormnu hums did not
discover until I after the adjournment that the
resolutions were Olin Aldermnn Smiths jokes
After other business Alderman Filzpntrlck
moved that the Ilonrd adjourn without day
Tim motion was curried After tho adjourn
ment thu Aldermen discovered that they had
no right to adlourn sine die until Monday next
ns Riteh an adjournment would leave the city
wllhotit u Common Council until Monday
nonn nnd without un exoeullvn head In case of
the death nf tho Mnyor Tho Hoard will there
fore probably converse again before Monday
The Nainialnnrr Klat Ht llatrlinr Grace
Ilkely to lie Repented rlsewhere
ST JOHNS N F Inn Yesterday n body
of armed Orangemen proceeded from Tonsntl
and llellevuo to Kelllgrens to protect nn
Ornngo lodge menaced by attack from Iloman
Catholics HollyrooJ
At Bay Roberts yesterday the Orangemen
marched through tho streets In procession
They numbered about 900 At Spaniard Bay
they also had a public procession headed by
the band of the Affiliated Lodge of Carbonenr
A despatch from Bay Hobcrts bays that n
report was circulated thero on Sunday
to tho effect that the HcadofthaBay men
were arranging to proceed to Harbor Ornco to
liberate tho prisoners their onrollglonlMs
r > i < vcral hundred armed Ornngemon from
Spaniard liny Baroncud Port do Grncn
nnd tho town of flay Huberts mot
at tho river bend nnd were sworn to resist
tho attempt Thoy remained nil night on
patrol nnd when thn enemy refused to ndvanco
they returned to their homes shortly after day
A despatch from Harbor Grace this evening
says that squads of armed Orangemen are
secreted on the road between 13rluus and liny
Itolrarts Thn malt carrier was stopped several
times this morning by gangs of men who cainn
out of Ito woods He wus questioned nnd his
answers liolng 1 satisfactory lm was permitted
to proceed
Finding the Body nfn Vaman A Wound on
the lIed
Robert Parker a stepson of Daniel Kelly
keeper of tho lighthouse on North Brothers
Island noticed n flotilla of canal boats about 8
oclock ycstcrury morning la tovi of ono of
Slnrlns tugs going up tho Bound Imme
diately In the wake of tho boats ha saw some
thing bobbing up and down In the water Ho
put out III A boat and as he drew near ho dis
covered tho body of n woman After ho took It
nshore he found It was still I warm Blood was
ovinu from a wound on the bend Parker wont
to Long Island City and notified Coroner Itob
inson and the body arrived ut Long Island
City at 0 oclock mat evenIng
1 ho woman was about 45 years old and 5 feet
3 liiihcs In I height Hbo had long lark hair nnd
was dressed inn calico waist black overnkjrt
dark underHkirt lined with red llunnel white
apron daik stock I zig and black I cloth waIters
There was n huge lump I under tho left jtw j A
non ml on top of the head had the appearincQ
of huavi tug trim I ti hi IcIest bysoino blunt Iii trti
nient PirKcr Haw nn Attempt to rescue tho
woman by any one on thu cnnal boats
ArrantcI I In Hyrnrtiit rr Slur tier In Mlehlcnn
BrnAtU Jan 20n the tnnrnliu of Oct fi
Jark Mclroric us t farmer wim liTril near ht Jrm fih
MIcti kft limnt mid lId not return More than I a wetk
iifierwitrt isis I body wim fmuiil fit the s isles e of Hciton
IlHrlor t I ttvlvice one mid 1 two miles from Hi Jomph
HtiU U 1 wo tlinikNt tliat tie 111 ty flrnmiltiaf until R
Knlfi liSt isu I I lit riilmi of thr kiliitVH I WftR ijlicoterrd
All Diitnji IIC M I Hint there a srs Slit ir hloo1 tituS
lin wnhln IlIn liiuufi uuui l the ic ifiiitin uf the ilijtd
It Still wan SlitS lliu hnirti flnh IllS nol I5PSC
Hinlv ftnl lilt there si a tvllmo Unit I the I innu
VHH Strut fluMittl tlltrii choke1 iiulll lio ui tai < l find
then thrown 5 lm I itin a a rr Tlionnut II RIC s nf Hrrctnl
nttd lifiil Toitij u < letttU > from > rIoi ih arreOi l
HunUl Itllliiuiiii Iu I thl I cltj ffirrontiitlcltv In ihv vrnne
hue I Mil 1 Itlinirtin Imil 1 omr triii tr 1 > iiuli > ntiur itrH < U
wllh MiMVoiu ntil I Mlion tin I iniiir 55CR Iut ell ulh
iMniifti wirf Ml < mlnt him Hllllnsctoii Rush the niil
in Dnuuiriat I Iftl countt Mirl Mintt that he Will tu
MJiHl > is lori tho iTlme waa coiiunttlcd but dtule
anj khov 101 lii of Iii < ntimltr
ttcnnlnr Nnhliia Vlevs un Iulitle Flniincra
iIiNKCAioiiii Jnu 2 Renntor Sabln Chair
man ul theNational Itfpub Iran Cuinmlttee this ether
liotiii aillhorlzrd Journal ileflne his position as u
gards the public finance as fellows In his opinion
pamentson the national debt fhnnld reuse in fact it
should hate ceattd a Vtar imo Ho favors the Inue nf
two percent nfl year lnnsti by the I ioerntnni into
whitfi I alt 1 f bond of otlirriteii I < itiilnatlon shnuld I tie l cull
tried I an Ih < y inaluriiir are laUillii Tht t bnmtii
tiiihl be HUM as the inl l < fur Lank Inniic Atcotniiali
lug I thU measure there sliouid I hi l it repeal tif tht ono 1 per 1
i kl
il r
rc i X1
rnt tax un I auk circulation hoW ruisiinir This I I a inld
make tin Inttrriit nil thd new hninls ttUialenl to I th
jitnks lothr A ptrrfiit 1 nnd 1 ho tliotiuiil n inajorlt of
the hankii Toiild 1 rradll fade Ilifiti I t ptclully If
nllnnrd I an Ihey klinuld LoIO tulle tlrctliull ti n lljiull
tlelr full face or par I cute
rMItOn Ntenl n llitruk an the Christians
SynAcust Jan 2fho Onondign Indians
hold a toiineli on > l6tidayfor Ihe ptiriisoof chonftnff
five tI lenses tutilvue lo confer a lth thebtatu t Indian
Ciiinintifcloii rettardintf the miltliiof a new treaty
dUfstrn nf the 110 > and Rhine lo the Chiiitland nf the
trill trul rlKhts nllli tin paiu > Tho Council Mas
colts d fur Uucl lit tint the piuan Injlam nho aro In
Ilie I lulnorll n eiilli < 1 ut III A H nnd ilrrted IH
mnii > 1 sell Iti S ttiristiuiui I lot ccc tiuurit is hut nan
Ktilne in tbet tusstnut t tn tho rnnnf 11 louu unit rcinnii
itrulf I but Itit I ltft I 113 timid dottaH tn I ifvtont ihrff
tialiuli the I ill gel II lull wliich rnimfitM nf Dsnh t ii s tort
Jvrrls ricrrif Orrl is 1 I1ilJ t 11 Jnlinfin piipnami
JOKiuli Ilertt a hrlrtliiitl Tlio Cl rIi isis t lenient is
cry suite Ii dl aiiiiilrd uiih the rtult of I lust Ionniil
ICeilciinilon tlr linl Is c UctYary
KroKUK lowu Jan 2 < loorfi McCrnry
J lilly of I tie UUhth Unlit Mite p Jutltlal J Chellllolll t
rat XhMKtota louu > 11orl t Kana I > Ark c nfat
SrlTH kn ii nil d lornli I fcirwnnlti 1 liii rifliiiitttlun to
lite rrt Htfiil I In nlulit tu liikv tllfut Mtmh lfII I lib
coiitrmtid tutu tile AtthiBon lijula at1 hi IIQ fit
lUUwn Ininiiiti III au Ii > i > Hplll4Mir trti rait sslict l
ir I lc will Iiiuc Its tMtiilimrlr in Kttnn1 lilt
A iltr 1 tricli from I > r e Moliif CR5 thnt Jii 1 > luu M 1 I run
liaR list 51 r UncJ J hl JmlirohfHtmt lit slush m that I
iirtrollilioiit I are priMllnif Hhlcli i HI iluuitUfHn hit Its
lt II
VlrCmi TJU ini i t 4 lliilll j LiuhiUl ci oi liii
Min11 i1ek 1 sIll Minta I r KuiluBv hu s i i n in
ercd III 111111 wllli ltuaqunrterr M Kft ftMlly
Nul Oullly nf AasuulllnE LuiKiu Uuiitl
Hni > noito III Jan 2JUIiu 1h 111 I im do
Hi mil luiiit liiilnicllunilu Hie I jur > Iu the Umid ca > c
this nioriilnif jilter shuts th Jury retired In flisrt of
tnodrpniy I kherKf Tills eenliiil Ilif I ritiirnrd u icr
dlittf nut uulliy The tile Hunifunnl itt hero fcr
luvliirIIIllil I inornliiKtu Ci 10114 lie I funcrnlof Alter
Hoiid Ihv MUi < idtt
PiiMrtiJ I Wis Jsn 2A movement has been itarleil
In I 110 I irtBtuulund I I furllin i belirlltuf Kiiiinu Kiind At
a incrtlnir toni t nUlit il was dxhled In oliut s4 ircrli > <
tinin ii illIII11 I cli lefts f I lie 0115111 CS I 1st fund Inlg
plsfid in the fliiiHl tit John W lljvlt I lund Job1 II
J I 11
liuilltiin 1 nf the I falnora shrill Cl Hanltsiluin of hue
city A niimter lubicrlpUont ties e In I eu recoil i d
Lost Anr I
lIstened 10 nn Iron pillar of lit uptqiviu tin
lion or hit tilth cyclic EIIlt ruaJ at 1 rmirlreiith
strt t It l II psper nil Inscribed lit tile ImenJ Happy
ew Year ln > a drieS IolItallllt abljcliutcr hair
Dins ol urloui si lrs thiS ilj lo hsiu In a hung loop
f niuoo
ihsate i retting for lila rj ladles salt a ifaunian
Tlisyll appreclals It Those putt ars the lest cnllectlou
of the rear We find Ihr ni cmyrtaj I funs lh re
11051 ha I basil OP utility as lIre or sit thoulsnd lost on
all the stYllini Theyre a aorto thlna > ou cant very
oT rVoICc OD
wtllrelnmlotl < Os ncr you know huCCUsS sou cant
gill herM
Trnlita Crushing Ietelhr ikt Full Nnrrrt In
llllndlnv Maw Hinrm Twenlyoeven Ilta
aenvera Killed send as Alnny injured
TORONTO Jnn Onn of the most fright
ful railway cahtmltlen ever known In Canada
marked tho early morning hours of this second
day of the now rear Tho dlsastnr occurred on
tho Great Western division of tho Grand Trunk
Ilitllroad just west of tho city limits on n line
of track running In front of High Park ono of
Torontos most beautiful suburban totrpats
nnd Immediately upon the odllo 01 Lake Onta
rio The cause of tho disaster was a collision
between n special easternbound freight train
nnd a inburbnn train which wan composed
of dummy engine I and two passenger
CArs The latter train loft Union Station
At C40 A M having on board n
largo number of workmen of tbo largo
bolt factory situated n short distance out hlo
of tho city At sewirnt Mopping places along
tho line more pasnongars were picked up until
after passing tho exhibition grounds forty
eight men anti boys wares In the two coaches I
thlrtyolght In the forward ear and ton In the
roar car Conductor Carter after collecting
tho tickets took n seat In tho forward end of
the roar car A blind snow storm was In prog
ress nnd tho engineer could BOO u fow yards
only In advance
After passing tho Queen street crossing at
tho city limits the engineer saw steady light
apparently about n hundred yards ahead of
him Knowing from Its brilliancy that it was
the headlight of n locomotive bo reversed the
lover nnd whistled Down brakes I Tho
alarm startled tho passengers who jumped
to their foot but boforo they oould
move a stop a terrible crash came Tho
heavy freight locomotive with Its train
of laden cars behind drove tho dummy engine
clean through tho car to which It was attached
nnd mounted both piling freight cars still
higher What had before been a car full of
strong hearty men became In an instant a
sickening death trap filled with mangled blood
ing humanity A second Inter the boiler of the
dummy engine exploded and the steam and
water carried death or awful Injuries to a ma
jority of tho poor creatures Fire fol
lowed and comulotod tho calamity Tho
agonies of the sufferers wore Injesrilwble
eomo of thorn pltoously besought mono
near by to pour water upon tholr scalded limbs
and bodies to do anything to ease tholr In
tolerable pain Their llmh wero bruised
mangled half eaten away by Ire or swollen by
the action of tho steam and water
It was llfty minutes before any man oould
walk back two miles through the snow to the
telegraph office and OlIrl the railway officials
or tile disaster Tho hindquarters of this threat
Western branch arc In Hamilton forty milt > n
from hero Word Has at once sent to Agent
Onrmallv in this city and be sent out relief
trains The dead ana wounded wcro brought
to the city In passonKer cam
Thai work of extricating the men from the
wreck was bloodchilling tn the Irlhl
ful wounds of tho Biiffercrs One man begged
of n bystander to pull him out of the I debris
from which I ho could t net extricate 1 I I ll ol1lIm
did not appear to bu badly hurt and as he was
being carried to u rear freight car hn looked
down and said with a cry of horror 011001
my legs J nro ouT The pnor felliwtt legs were
burnt lo a cinder and ho had been Ignorant of
the extent of IsIs injuries until that moment
One little I boy fatally I Injuud tinned round to n
physician who was nttutidln him and gaep d
out On doctor Im dono for Wish mother
good by for me Ono poor ft Mow mood with
his hands before Ins eyes nnd Implored u by
stander to lead him to n place or safety lie
had lost his sight In the file Ho was led to n
sill snt and then ho knelt down upon the
snow Slol burL Into hstrio
AB thin wounded art iva In tho city they wero
taken to the hospitil The corpses wore taken
tothemoiuuo Tito first nllhe wounded ar
rhod at the hospital at about J1II111 from
that tlmo I until 1111 cabs and amlmlunces
brought other v ltl this of lie t accident until I
sixteen In all had arrived The wounded were
taken to tho various wards on stielchnrs and
a full staff medical men woe placed in charge
Twenty nurses were fet npiut lor tho solo oh
ret of attending to tho wants of tho wounded
Tim frintiuls of thuot Injured LMIIIO to the hospital
when they rrteeied tlio t II mist Intimation of tItus
nceliltint and thus ueonsi when they recngni iyusl
iso fontuinn or clothing of brother or husband
WiSH heartrending
Boon h nftur thus disaster Conductor Harbor
of this freight train was placed I under arrest
and held to await the ilmulopnienlri at the IM
iiucrit It Is allegtl that lie Will 1111 tliOMilmr
lion trains tlmn and HIOIII not lme left
Mimieii this iiHrest station Toronto with
out ordurH Il Is l undotvtiioit that t I limber aftur
his arrest cald llrllllwl at Hamilton he hud re
ceived an nrilei to stop at Jllmlco I nnd wait fur
this dummy but that iui had Toigotten nil about
It until IIDKIIW It ioinliiif tmuml 1 him nnd IIIMi
It was too IUe to jirru nta collision I
It IslmposHlhli tn get Lho niuini lIr > llm killed
Many eorpseH urn Ijtaikened and manulid be 1
yond 111011 Ion Tho follimlng In the hot 01
thosi Itlentllled Vm Ttirriffo lilultard Mul
llgiin Hiehatd White TamcH White ClmrlcH
Spnhn John McDonald Jamns arrntlhTH
JanioH HobliiHOii Jo eph Ktefer Joists Kernl
ghati K lloliertKOii len Iliiguerl I I J lliiut I u
John Rnpoliii J Lynch John llnwett Tliomas
ill siiflhiM IIl malt on Hpeelal I frtlilit I iuorco
Acherly Inhn Aehertv Thomas llurtit nnd
Tlinmas Paine There ire four other corpxns
still to l ui Identified Ono of them Is undoubt
edly that of UHOIXO Prudcntt who IH I missing
Hn Is a married man with I a largo family
The following Is a IM of ho I wounded In tho
General Hospital WKitXHiald and Itlehnrd
OarrutherB lightly I healded H U I Kerinan
buti I y burned uttmii sisiassue iuoek John Cnrrlgan
hailly seildud Mat Vuul tier luullv i hiirmid MI
elinol Kelly pllghtly scalded w Hn erH HO
acm internal Injuries badly wiilded and overn
miilp wound rnid Mnthroxl badly scalaod
Chiirlen McDonald slightly scalded Pat Cavn
rifts Hovciely scalded JntiKs Kelly Healded
ansi hrulAcd lIu1 cult Alexander Hanks Hcald
nd Hugh I I Cunningham i badly ealdud Kddlo
HoliliiHon iMHil 14 l > adly I Healtled Hnmiinl
llallny mangled and dying John Aciill Imilly
cut bin will probably recover 1at Soilon bu
lti ely sciildiid
Mr tlias Htlfl Htipnrlntndentof tho Grunt
WiiHtern Itailway division nald ho could say
authiorl tat ivssl y that I the despatch orolnllIl Iho
speeinl freight t to 00110 east t from I lain I itn
aoidlng I regular Iralnn Wills In roller i
shape and thai no blame w IIH to bo attached tu
the dispatcher at Hamilton j II 1 its sled lIl1cll I I < to
ui Sit 1111 I SIll tt ion ns to I 5 wheio hits hiatus I ins ns
It would not bu renpeetful 1 to the t t rusn ors jury j
nor fair to tit men LMiiicrned As noon ns this
Coronern jury J hut I eomittoa deiltltiu I the t
tsue Mr i Htifl I will btigln an InuMlgatlrm i rn LO
half of thin company Them ein bo no doubt
that thn accident ssss duo to I titus cIIIIIJR ass
of tlintfomiiiiiiyHiilllciHH and that tlm nompnny
will lioaiioil for it largo amount in a majority
of tilts men killed had families depcndnnt on
them for 11111101 t
A Huoond terrible calamity sits narrnwly
nvoldod Tlm emitliiettir of this regular train
which lento Union Slttlonat t 7I5 7 roceKcd I
nmlioof ttieuieliliit and led with hl halo
on lime On innehlng I I tlm Toiunto hey and
llrueo I cross I ag hn nolliid two men waving
their arms lolentlr and Mopped lila train
111111 Its llOur of the aeclilunt Thu train llnn I
slowly pioutMHled to thil hciiie and the Immlb
iiuuIutd In I ruihvI tug tllu imprisoned i lctliii3
The Kiinkrn Trnmire Skits In Stilt Orlr
WAHIIINOTOV Jan 2110 Holleltor of llm
Titftnry wn noililrd to lay that itt FruIty or btlunliy
ctrulalegal ijuritloni i whiih liai > rnnll arl 10 n In
luniiictioii with Ille I o uric sf f rnt li Ircamr I
CII 111 hi i In hue I s I S ii If IWlrltltlirriat I I l I llii r
at hell dale I will I lr nibmltM In Mm i lie I lluwtr I I I 45
5rsu let I MI Hit I Iii rf sos riiibtr I IHtl Stun is rnli I
liiinil I In lim iflt I hili tiiarl ntirl ino nnlllon pnunOn
OIlu IIIIIIIII fur IhI InS I nit lit if tin Itrillill I unsiil
nd uai 70 Ailcricun priilti rs wh i Si ttv clllilllttl l lo tic I
Ruiiiltik Ihe sIiss Irink I en Iol ltik and hrtiii i I
inander liitdinhtr fthiMnif eltdt mortd I In Itach I btr I
biitfliewa llnatiil I I iff i > tin list lt slut tlually nuiik in
nlou IC l lout I 11 water Atlt mpl l I hate t ii n little al 1 In I i
tell Ill fir man years tn mover Ihe I trmun I but nil
aoimint uf llii creel drilh tit Ihu luster und 111f wirt > I
Itch i f sit lidt whert1 Ibvvtrttk lire I at II hiM < Inthrrlti
brrn friiith n Hit compaiix IIDU tiuiiif d 1 In Hie work
uniltiliMk I il I Kt U Iii own r kiien < upon an cureement I Si itS I
the Unltid I Htalfsllutn I 1 milt lit that I tl the cunraliy slioiilj
haciii J tor j cent of all the un nr rt ens i rest
Illed rrsns nItr IInd Ipnorr
LscxtNoroN Iy Jan 2W living 1IIlaloll
iiiI I lii hey 5511 fruesu tiittaitt titus 111 hr lest iii jut
fossil illiligur stud sit 1 Ollr IIUfOd1 hero ii fw iltys
ass eciui ietuit I liy a iruittser I 4 stars ull 1 lie hial
hosts CI Stilt hiss hISS C iuuat to iourdluiuc linus kcepcr fur
III lrit her ri illI1 I us 11 hllOlr II fiiiliusi ulIIIII
IIlfnl cc a 1Lullan itiui 1 hhr Ihlllf11 I Itun or cx
poiture lu Itcld ow rlllrnod hcr list iliad
One IHacu er Killed mod Keren Injured
SioUx CiTy Iowa Jilt 2A passenger train
un hit I Illnols 1viitralroail struck a broken rail b < tw ten
Hanson and lUrmini thl mornlnr and a sleeping car
and two passenger coaches y re thrown dowu an em
bankmtnl nnotn feel In heliht Mr J 1 II Smith of
f ii
Ohio Uureau county III wsslniuully I tiled and seen
pmoui wets mOre or MM iBjurtJ
TIle Company Resent Illeioilnn hrlhelool
stud will en IIOwn Vir
President Bonn of the Dolnwnro JAck
wnnnnnnd Western Itnllrrxvl wrw nknt yea
tonlny what his comimny proposed to do If thin
Western connections ol the road compiled with
Commissioner Pinks ordor directing them to
roftiBo facilities for doing through lrohcht heal
nesB to the Laekawaiinn Ho replied Walt
and see Mr Hloin added that ho thought
publlo opinion would eventually ilelormluo
whutbcr any such action was juslinnblo or
could bo maintained Whllo dlsejnlmlng nny
desire lo engage In nny controversy over tho
matter ho said that his company had main
tained tbo snmo rates that tho other trunk I
linn roads bad since Its admission to tho pool
nnd In fact bad refused business offered It at
certain rates which had afterward been taken
by Its neatest competitor
Thus Lncknwnnna claims to have as good n
road its tho New York Central and n better ono
than Iho Erie and consequently does not pro
pose to hao Its through tralTlc restricted by
any 1001 or combination It IB also claimed
behalf f of the company Hint as IU I principal
biiHluosH Is coal I trnlile and as through frulghl 19 1
Olily un Incidental pat lot its tmatlsportntiois it I
can allurd to curry tho hitler nt any rate tho
other lines may make just ns lung ns they can
and possibly longer An ofllclnlof tho company
said that when Mr Fink offered It 12U per
cent ot the terthound freight truffle lie was
asked upon what ho bused his ofTor rime reply
wan upon the llguren of thin companys
trafllc Mr Fink was then nuked upon what
tho nITer 01 12 Ir cent to tha West Shore was
based thai road never having handled any
tlinugh business Ho nnawared that thoofTer
was mndo bucauso the other companies
thought it best to bribe tbo Went
Shore Into tho pool The speaker Agreed
with Mr Sloan thit If all the companlcH
would sincerely agree to maintain rates lIud
honestly hive up to such agreement thoio
would bo no occasion for pools nnd slpillnr ur
rangomenls of n moro or less farcical nature
The Iiicknwiinna demanded W nor 00r In the
pool and Informed Mr Fink that tin through
trafllc would have been larger If his otllco had
not Interfered with It through Iho Western en
nectlons of the comunny In conclusion Mr
Ilnk was told that hu might do what ho
Dloascd tho Inference being that tha Lncka
wanna proposed to do what it pleased and felt
satisfied of Its ability to do so
It IH I understood thnt the Grand Trunk has
decided to oboy Mr Finks ordor
nOUN IN TIIK svoir
John MrCaflerti New Yenra nbr Doing
Remarkably Well Keerlheleaa
NEW BnuxswicK Jon 2WhcD the 710
A U train slowed up at tho Goorgo street sta
tion on Now Years Day n young woman com
fortably dressed cot oft and hastened away
from the station Bho appealed to be In great
dIstress but nobody followed her except with
his eyes Site turned out of George street Into
Hamilton street Ton minutes later n child
was born in Hamilton street In tbo rear of the
college grounds Tho woman referred lo was
the mother Ilobart Hyde neared the point a
moment Inter As soon ns ho discovered tho
situation ho ballad George W Mayers who
lives on the corner of Hamilton and George
streets and leaving Meyers with the woman
and child Ill shiest itway ulhlr Vr N Williamson
Meyers tucked thin New Years Imby under his
coat and run with It to his home lleturnlng
Immediately ho carried this now nearly uncon
scious mother from her bad of snow to his
house Ity this llnm Dr Williamson mil nr
rlved and tho situation of tlio mother was
nnulo ns comfortablo as poKHlble In tho even
iiijt both the girl baby and hue mother wore do
ing remiiiknblo well amid tho hitter made a
statement tn Jr WIlllnniKon
riho said she was a native of county Cnrlow
Ireland Ii nd that her maiden name was Mary
Kyun She had nrirried John McCallcr n sear
ago nnd noon after that tlmo t ho had icfl Ire 1
land for tho purpose of making his fortune In
I this country Kin heard ho was In Phllndel
phlr And left her limio to paic lilsj I ° Mia nr
rlved aiCnxlIn Garden on Doc 27 nnd on tho
morning of Jan 1 she left New York for Phila
delphia When HID train ranched ibis city him
becnino aware tlmt it was necessary for her to
llnd Bhelliial onoo and left thin train In her
nfToittn hcek n loliltiK house her thud was
born Him SIDH silt has money nulllciont to
meet the oxpensun of her sltuiitlon
< ppo Illori in Free Ships
WAhIllSrTON Jan 2 iTho select Committee
nn American Kbij building and 1 Ship owning lntert ts
met loday tilt there wa1 not a annorum It I Uiheopin
Ion of MMIIC of the incnibrrs tliat titus bill anlliorllni
free slilpn will nOli IflS hn coiiunllle > In adlcil lon
tif Hitcilbjccl tilda Kcprf iiilatlle Hunt I I of lots siiitm
n Llilnnoral catliMil purprihH by troniiv I npno nu I thiS
HKiinurc Hu Ihiiinrlit tiiih n last would I r kill tM I j > imlld
ing mi rets An tnirt will hoMrr b iliad get
thin bill 1 IM fun Cinirtiii tliiniuh rllh r Ste Itminltlei
uulu SuIts IJ rl lllit nil hiliuurC Mr llnm Thtora
liar IIfi a ri nil ly I iliiiOouulucuil sr cssrrylsic i
tisiust lliiska It ssua tO cud itl that Eiglsil
151115 1 lltS 1 i sir iilcrsIitri I nl II iinC 3SF iiioiley i liii 1 II Ii 0
uli urtnlsu 1 lul IriS lsTl tile ATillruslI uiierutintil thu
rusts 151515 5 ills Ills IuisPtsnaI IC liii ssu 11I11111 1 Ill
n rot isiiiir Iissuiig will I I riihsirutt 1 nl nil uni sluice
It lout Isles I UIIIn IIftllllR riur II rhltII sf 1115
11501 hull flush pusa Iuuiiter IIC II I lie rsiiuiSoo lure isl
fhIvir nr elIel clltVI Isle frosts sue 51 stiutles suIt elilie cIt
gngod In III rlln Irisla
A Vcteriin of Two War lit HU bOsh Tear
HARSH riKLi WI M Jan 21IIt Dulrnivwlio
ito c near rtiin I iiltMvuaH born t ohs Ihti I Mkl iulsiStl IltiliiBultt
in 1777 CutS ti I now In I isle toOl > is yea lie U I of attest
leesut liU father hfltur u Front i fur irinKr nest hU
iiHlli rcTi liullan I Moiimn Hu at sot wn site nt the
early fur trulcnt utiJ iilniir m S hn pvnttrntfd the ttuii
usheR llusrti Miltlcrnmiior the Nurtlittt > t 1 sIt ll innn
In allll unit susie and lit arty > < ut t Uiiiiapaiitalxl frmii
i t II I Ifri
prfsrusslIg any nitti iiul Inbur Hr Was a eiitdlor 111 Cli
Amlca Ariuv In I dm I war of 151 1 2 0111 is ISIS is ills hiui
liusksn at tile ties Ito nf Nin 1110 lIewIIIIIIIIIO I
is I SOul vfnr anti asSet ISO 5ILetli t nnd liUrriiretpr I forth
iorniinciit III i 1 ttis i tlieck i llnsk vviir At the lr hfKiuninir 1
IIC tue lull > civIl s or h eitit5 1 ore to cutlet HI a irises
but HAN rtjo ltciJ on bcctuut or isis usga tor or Uft1
> tIers he aid nut eleoth 1 151111cr R riteS
nolnn New NewerHtfe Mjrt m Nueceitful
JlO TO M Jnn 21110 success of Bostons now
mwcritx item immured Ihe Kiilter lnliR could not
trulii carry to tliq Sewers UiesudJeii Hood of rain amid
itieliitl know but llieru was no trouble CHIT IIIR off
tlp dI Inif after It arlinl Ma sewer The creel USIi1
littf iiulnpM hatHltil It ullhout limitile I mnt Ilia I rcier
nirn ii I Moon 1 Ulainl I took cute of it until tl tlu l title IHIIIC
Thru a leSs tliu ifuti ivt roipetitil I 1 Its ar al ftuoil rui > li <
ol out in tea Ilk a ri 111 r In I the iMenn Ihcnitirftf of
I hit tew nut roiilil us I ini > iy trticnl throiitfli thedorktr I
u lm ilie tillS 1 iiiil 1 before tlm I hut h mnifd u I clii Its
inin nf ualtr Ruts nun milt frcin lest 1 IIoMun tun
Rrdiul tt < k his rtf uiuu 111 I lilt nl cit t llieirot Kniof limtii
luff great Muritlj dike
lIuIe 1Csci Islhireorguiuiljed
HORTON Jnn 2Ih Btnto Honnto organized
thU niornliiK Ir > clcrthiff OrTKiA Ii rutS uf buiiifr his
rrrKiiUnt nut IMwanl A MbIjiu hlln nf llonton J tcre
tnry The llouii I t rr lcclt < l II ieortro A Murleu l of Ioss sit
iivSjitriiVfr uiHl hh IIIn < iiiTnrl I if f l13 niptnli Ih rk
Afti r rome further 111 Iliiilnurlft dotli tiollri iiroctx led
HMlrr I ofTt of cloiut inn M 5 tIt Itetfitncnt itnM Com
imnr It Mhlli Hr iiiKut to thitpctoml 1 IHilvrrttllnt
ihurli s ii vr UA A Mill r IllifliUtrrtdllu 1 mi
iUHl nium Islets In nun luilnl with n Stills lug trllUte
tu Uiii ItutlctH niUliarv Silt inltliul nmrd
invrrn r clift UII l < iuiii Imn I Pelut to I tiov 1 Hull r liU
rrfrlifiiitloi lit thn oltli Ill KfjTucntutlM hi tin Forl
tllilti tonirrtM liIhi l Ihu I < lotrimr dui orsi eTch n pj > vclat
vltiliiit 115 tIll th I < Miiritiit > nnJHii 17
No Urnd lu Ime
lANnu VH 21ruto lrtseislentot CIIIICII has
1lIfll nu shut Ill tile I ff505 that all unthi q 1111111101
or r < IIIII 111101111 nh hIt Ii 1IIIIIIcu lii I
tIIllu 11I10111 II iiuihs 1 uuhnliis stlltui if llrllthhilultles
1111 ho 1110 555 I t nut heihfiseit il II Sr I 11110 SI hilts
111 III e ul II I hiss a II lelllIul d se pies tel 1 111 ou
Slut I Iit slshiil ii I a itt I iirtc 511 lultuc 11511 crItloc 151 trio
50115511 1 CiOlihiCt iii il SIC siruiuierIu iii isuslur that thso3 I lihuy
lie IUIeIllILd htlstsu III lIi 0 0
4 Ill us h ri t iiii Ilc Li IiM > r itutl Irt ltll + hpsi I
lttAVINli 1rt Jaii2 Orvfn 1 Hmlth 11101
lit I ami AnxlU Katit > uvl I 13 of Jnilttoin Ilk Ieliliiti
tount uniitiiiiiicil yes I ol ldo tlmt i ttu > WI rut lIulrl1 t
lair rfrllnbti 55 lIP Itociirrd fr < nn n local niniintln
lircutli Mh i i erform it l th rrr > uiiiii > liieotnic i
Iftr 11
toiiple am rtMluintr 55 sItu I tie hrileH I isrctiis > lilly
< loi dt ttiinktntC tht if fJuntH 55 oulJ uljttl I hISS bit I tu
tlirlr Umlcr > ours
Frank Jaw Keniuiulctl lo hU Ilundtmrn
KAVHAB CITY Jan 2 Jtultfo Krwkol of the
Iultitl PlHte I I Court today lIhrod < l that r > nnk Jatmt
liti rlllond 151 hilts bo41II11 III ttle IIlu iuil ross
his I coat iishilllig Ihol lit S lists IrllIIIIIII 111 Klllillit
i5imetb1It is I clioequels Sty lIlkd Ill I liii I e uII UIiIOi
Its dttshhst oC Silo 511110 0055 1hldtlllon heists
JIII niUllerl1 011 lhisil 1
A ConreMluD tu Gee Grant Forfeited
CITY OF Mexico Jan 2Tllo Mexican Cloy
crnmcul tiaidrclarf forfeited the confrwlon made to
tlcti Grant for a uharln OMit t > conuettluii Wmfco
tIle Unit > Jtiatt ana Central Aiucttca non fulill
nit nt of I lie term of the cfncMilun no work tieS 1155
bttcu done within Site j ftcrlleU > limo
Grant Kipeelcd to Visit UnTnisu
I lUfANi Jan 9 IOJII oipocUil that Gen
flrant will visit this city dorinr the iiiciulhfif January
He will ba the guest cf Ills filtnd lieu U3sca slut
IaltcU StUts Com lU U4tal for Cuba
Am flours IVrnnnlr In Ihft Aanrmhly Ovrl it
1rnpntlilnn In Ahollth Conmlltcrann
ned IeuNrw aNd Hit Illll
ATDANY Inn2 Tho two Houses hurried
homo tnony for a weeks recess leaving tho
Krienkornnd the President pro torn pore of tho
BeinUo to Btrucule with their conimlttoo
Undo I nno JlIylon got tho ABKombly Into nn
hours ifrnnsln over n proposition to Hbolloh
such committees ns thono nn Bait and erlov
notes nnd to ndd four mcnilirfl to each of tho
Important oommltteOR Tlieto committees
were ODIIIIIOII II lowfnr9 ago tooimlilo Speaker
Blmrpo to dlsimso of more favors nnd now
consIst of eleven members Uncle Isnnoa
Bchome for giving fifteen members to each
commlttoa met with general disfavor
Sir Ilttlejolm nnd tho haIti Eagle
of WoBtoliestor of tho Old Qunrd bud
for nllloa Cnpt Koosovclt and tho Young
Qunrd In tho common cnuso nenlnat Uncle
Innaaa revolutionary scheme Uncle bUBO
foiiulit vnllnntly He stoutly averred In nn
wor to the assertion that his tilnn would
make tIn committees unwieldy that In the
past thoy had sometimes boon found too
wleldy Thin Bald Enulo throw rldlculo on tho
scheme by proposing to let the Speaker make
tho commlttuos of finch BM ns ho mlKht
choose 1lnully tho whole subject was Rent to
the Committee on llulen where Boo o iRaitoa
scheme will bo hoimleRuly silt upon by Messrs
Ltttlejohn flint Hunted who will probably bo on
that committee
The bit Kliuro of the talking dotio by the old
hciuln tlitiR fur Indioiites that lie young tel
lows on tho Itcpubllcnn side who hind tho up
per hand liiat year arts tu bo kept on the back
peutn Ilttlejohn and llustod In combination
are too formidable n team for the young fcl
IOWH IloToro Silo session H over thus two ex
Hpoakeru may be at loKKcrhcads and If ono of
them gets the doflperallon of the VIUD Guard
iiRiilnst hIm other tlicro will bo fun Tho In
terests of corporations however will nt all
times Imvo the ioltit nupport ot these two
statesmen whutovur hanpeiib
Old familiar bills began to appear today
ABsomblymun Olarko of Now York Introduced
ono rciiiilrinir bobtail care to carry conduo
tors and nnoilicr mnklne Iho Ihecent hours
on the elevated roads from C to in A M and
from U to 9 P M Mr Van Allen introduced the
Chamber of Commerce bill reducing Handy
Hook pilots fees 33 > i percent The same bill
was Introduced In this Senate by Mr Daly
In the Kennte Mr Murphy Introduced a bill
rrovldlne that the Storm King Bridge across
the Hudson fllmll have a span of 700 foot over
the main channel and nhelglitof 201 font above
bteh water The bill Is Intended Senator
Murphy says to better protect navigation
Mr Duly Introduced a resolution requesting
the Committee on Taxation and Itcitrenrhment
to look Into thin advisability of reporting a bill
to tbo Senate calculated to still further encour
age tho development of agricultural ansi farm
In Industries by is rebate ol taxes based on pro
duction or otherwise
Mr Ellsworth introduced n bill providing that
manufacturing corporations may make the
payment of any debt contracted by It by mort
gaging all or hart of its real or personal
propeity provided that thin written consent of
stockholders owning a majority of the capital
stock shall first have been filed In thin County
Clerks olllci of tho county whoro tho mort
gaged property Is situate
In Ito Assembly Mr Haskell Introduced a
bill providing for the nss < isHm nt of telegraph
telephone and olcctri light wires In the mali
nor nrovmnu uy law lor inn scRiment of
lands of ninldont owners The word Line
Is tolncludotho Interest in the land on which
thin poles stand In enforcIng tItus collection of
taxes the Instruments nnd batteries connected
with xucli lino may bo Included among titus ar
ticles subject to levy and bale and In case there
is nol miltlclont penounl property together
with such Instruments tins batteries to pay
ouch tax the County Treasurer or Receiver of
Taxes Khali soil such part of the lines as may
bo nocossary to pay tlio flY
Mr Donahue introduced a bill amending tho
excise mice In eitlei of over IflOOtX Inhabi
tants In effect It applies tin provisions of the
New York and Itrookivn Jlxclsu law passed last
year to hiss city of UulTalo
A Toun llratiMoecl by n llurrlcnnc
CITY OP MEXICO Jan 2A hurricane oc
cnrred on tho Mexican coast on NOT 4 nhich entirely
dtilroycd the town of Altata at the port of that name
Not a lumen remained eianillnir and vessels and
launches at anrhor miflcrid SIS ertty At Mazatln the
MIIII liluw wit t Cr0511 > lnlrnir Whrn the get hutCh
Chic loxicnn uleainr IJiiniicriita nid harts t > Inrlos
ruliiilin nnil s HiirinodiUY I i WITH nt anchor Ilie roiiulin
< lIt hIs ny liir 1 uncliorK und hir tint mote uanonrrkd
nirrlMinrdnnildruvvMtd Miellirn briran to ilrlCI and
aflrr tri kiiie on th 5 rniki In front ut Oliia Aim
iirlriid on I it0 litnoh al Inerto liJo near the I I Oaniari
11cr erIc reached llm hiuhre Wilts Ilie eicclloluif inu
5 ills wre truss Lssi Itt HiirilUdtllH I rent dusts her
hipper niasth and jurdn and rots the Colt out In curtly
The Hlddeforil Mj tery
liniirniii > Mn Jan 2Thorn are no now
eMliipnielilH In I lie inyMerlntia affair of Sulllrday
fliuthut Tiie only rumor that haft ally neinhliince of truth
lii Hint n man from Ihn or came here on Kntnrday n lulit
In tMrunli of Ito ss Its wliD wimrri > rtil tube huullibnrtsd >
St 5 ifltlC sit ill rtputc nrnr Ilirrh it ret I tsV imtii frsusu
lluxtoit mid that upon the tttrunrrtliiir A bloody sOre
totiK > lACt > Hit unt < e hftir SCSI l < linntil to Chit u iuiaii
RIIICVSl hIlt I the dchori > Uou of the I one Pirn In the I s trci
MttunUv niirht Ir Orotton lia puMi hed a ceoh
Ulii iiiiKthf truth if HIM usury tsiist l > j him nml 155
that I it In rosily tu pwtnr to the I fuels in court ltt > 53ut
timt hits > ouiiir Momni atiendfd tiy l hint rould not
pOr atbl > have llvtil without further incdital treatment
Oloomy outlook In Peru
PANAMA lice 24The outlook In Peru con
tlnuei gloomy owliirf to Uaccrrs conlinnlnir to jilay n 5
iloiiMo handed and treachrroua name saute prf tnllns
to wish to s lilt Li illS hi Isle heen Incllinir tho Indian
to plunder and mnrdtT Two iirencN AM harljarons SI
t tins sob cii oiciirrid during 1 Uio iiitiiiny In India 1 liae
heen enarttd III I he region which tit trIte hiti to gus rOih
The riilliannadlivre to tIle tcrniH of prace and will nut
Interf i e t > a that iintee anina of hit own thcsii > la fltoot
him them m Unlit nrobatillltv of the Interior deiartintnt >
juliiiilltinirlii the lirlrviai loS rlusllent Tim nmiilo cit
Iniawuiu orilert t bandltKof this OacereAClumi du licit
Horrible Harder In Cuba
HAVANA Jan 2A horrible murder was re
reiitly committed nenr Matanzaf the Tlutltn tiolsig lIon
Cdnardo lletattcotirt an old revlilent of tlmt town It
wan known itiat ho win returning home ultli a tonild
I mtile siluiu of money and ills uai wuttuid Louad
roblid and artniiHttuliil HIK tonifuu loIs cut out
tntnti four ptuh wnnndB were inlliclfd J Vl I in icier
and fill In told were taken and tlid tnd > uaittiro n
on a tscuigsi There il nn clue lo hiss aFiiirkliis
Wllllum and Arthur in Arbllrnlori
FANAMI Doe 21The latest ndvlcos from
llrazll am to the effect that the boundary dliuule be
tween Ilruiil slid Prciitli iliiimia li to be euhsutit ted lo ar
Mtritloii II rutelt it it CoIl ha cho > > m Hie Emperor of
Herman ai iur trmuilame uliilttranr ha relfittd
IriiiMltiit Ailliur 5 I IhtiiM iioinliialliniH hou IS 50 are not
nllli lit and II U pocilile Ihut prior to ilebitn coinmrnc
nil oct HID nutter oilier arbitrator S ill be is lecltd
Trntn llobbrra Cnpiuretl
TUCSON A T Jan 2A special lo tlio jWnr
from Iluwie iaja that thiee of the Fotitliern Inclftr trtiln
rnbtitr stud mttn1vrcr arn in ctiwiody at buyer lti
rise ttrat our rHUirht ftl I It ewes woe n iirtfro wlii
nitiilv it eoiiff lon I lie other twit os Ire call hue it In f ov
> 1txlio on Miiiduy and Ills lutirtli u txpuited Iu l ii <
thsltis p555s
Hum Icdro III
tIu I rtiitral unil futlt jtmrritnit ItMe
hitilNOti AviiiH Jun 2 via lalvnton Tho
lien uatiut sit ihlM I city viiy that I Doin 1edro hmperor of
iSraeli me i niljuM lit
twrrI5 xHs IIKIUC ioi
fnlirti loss relict Issue vrniitil nn ahuolutodUoiw 10
Jamii Uraliam fiom 5 lnuli4 llraham
rndtrlrk Crvul of Jrrwi < ilyUI i sara old fill liter
liotird ai Iur 111 North ISIs e r test nlidit and win
drown tl
M ts lUlen II I I liueruh user Kill Icrlnrti of Men iIsSslcIu
uml llodH 5 at tlili ktrinK Hull on MI inlay t unuitf nixt
u lit ulli S 1 ho I ill ristislit si Ij tol Knin > rl H I i Inter H
Tile HuKkeil unt Barker Car roinpany iiii ronlrurtfcd
lo rnrnlth IIMI I l rHiidurd lnx fan lo thu 4 New I ork
ist hliore mid llullalo ItallroaJ ioinpi > il nt a foil of
IliarlfK Alley of rolnradn who wa fttiiiplnir atlle I
HlirllnilKiu I Hal III Ittul t ilili II Its rtritt frll IhroUKh I
lists ek S allis ihaft trolls ihcfourlli ttury tosS nUhl and
by o falsity Injiirul
Milii I K Kluieii hi > rontrrd llm K V iSles en
inatiilin on ltn < minlliutt torntr of Hfttl Mrnin and
Hfiyrtrniii piricito > lrt l Mora Perils W liltuty the
Hir f William Ii I Ulillni fur ifimlUM
Jntnek U hut reedier lIt the Ttulonlit HanK ruler
tlav hlvil hit attounuin iht Ibihisi till roufi nhowltitf
tlft I i IifCilit and C 1OH1 ID id liniriii > nl lralni
abalulueof jl7i < i liIJi KM basil l Se ilk Is are In III
tfatlutt Mr 1151 itndrrtd IsIs re litiatit n and Juide
Uonohlie appointed Herman I K hlrtrrl at rectltrr
JatniiUT i lllironu colored mail 31 jearaoM of 314
UVklHfi > third tlreel was fiund dtad ul Tlilrl Hr > t
lnet ami Klgluli avenue I eslt riley moriilni Iliibodv I
was itS sill i1i by a wrddtiiK Imitation isaiah In hit
ijiKkrl Ho osss to lure been inarrlel I on bit blrtliilay
Feh 14 tn Halite Jolinion nf HiMkltii
The thhp Jun ilsiwul iirssuisil 111 the Vet hlnuik it
fluly host ises alit rettuiril at ltlgts Ilsie yeilrdey
hIss Is iii Is 111u155u Itiale ui lsrer tstish 5 lIisekIhig us water
btti irs hit us tel lilcet ititttthl 5 oJlituasl ehusriul arii
hits Jbez itia us I a cit tslll hilt WAS ih l 5 slit
frsui lieu Yt iucisc bbs lirlisgi telortod meichiudus
Payee 5554 1eiKHrlnn ike Lending anSi
ditir Thurmuii as n Shins llnr e
CoMJMnns Ohio Jnn 2riio city Is full nf
polltlcliui friends nt thin Hrnntorlnl cnnill
iliiloa The rivalry botwoon compolltorR la
growing internee It may become lilllor bcfuro
It In tlirntiKli 1nrtioa friends wlin are ninilo
tip clilillr ot Ills ronl Irlcnils nnil IVnillotonn
enemies are tircliiR Ills clnlm on lie ground
of Uio B0iiniliio ot his Domocrncr 1ityimn
enemies tIioe who favor MR rIvals nmv lm
Bn olii8pil argue blunt Ills luict iou MB Hniiiilir
wntiltllir > n Irliitnpli of tIlts Utnniliinl Oil HIM
tniny which limy chnrnctfrlrn nn ono of tho
cliint issonopolits of t tIn Iniul Tlilptn I > yiiriiio
wntilil lid iliiinauliitf lo thin prospects of this im
tlonnl Diiiifnriiiy In Uio inci fur tlm Prttsi l
ilniier liinillolnn clvii service record Is ueoil i
both for iiml nRnln him
John It Mcl > nn of the Omrinnatl Knijmrer
nnil Mayor Conntnntlno nt KprlnKlloliI are limo
CkmHtiintliin It known lo In sssrkiiig actively
naIl oMlcl ntly in elect 1iiyno nml It Is J no
Hiicrot tlmt Mclxnnn ohjocllvo jMilnl IH lo
Unt Iunilloton Next after Payne nml IVinlln
ton In thci riimnlorlnl list i la dun Utirliln Vnnl
Tnlk nhotit othnr onnillilnlos is l miill Tlttir
man who In out of town Is not spoken of ot
ceiit na n doris liorno Ninrly nil tlio DiMiioorutlo
members uf tho General Aesombly aro hero
Sarah Itnrnum Translated In is dilly
Fiflyntno pcliolnrlylookliiB men ant tn n
brightly IlKhlcl room with their IrKs under threelonir S
pine tables at nun llroadu ay lait timing They were tn
astnteof iIrhstl ice excitement llaeh man had a pen In
his right hanil anil a pane of the French edition nt Harah
narntim before him At the left haml ot each Irons
lalor for pileS were the iwholarlylooklnif men was a
iKittle nf beer htllner a tranniatur rnlllnl himself
artloailed by a toiiirh rrenih hlliim hli lift lininl
unitlit the beer txitllr As the book cuntalns
lany touKh Idintns tnuelt beer uas cunsnnicil si slim
n nenlent reach fit all I wern nloltiremitie pik
lit sanilrlctles anil heck ages of cltfiirelti s rratf
tents nr 5 cigarettes half eaten satnlw Idles chit an
nKileii > alile nuinbir of Ihit sty beer bottles srattrri l
confuscillv over tmpt chairs anil tables wen ail that I
couM be seen In tho runin At II I I M S Hie t hook hail
heen rendered Into rngllnli edltnl and unit to the
Pot Fred C Valentine and Ielith W tlnnt tnperrlsul
the work Dr Hunt salJ that the triiiUtnrn hail
In en at WOrk linre 1 nclnok In the arteriMinn
lit the on ooplei of Ihe French eillllim Hint I nrrhil
here un Tuesday nut one Has unsold etcrday Tll
1nitllili tilltlnn nf the hook will bo ready fur sale Slit
alternunn It will contain 330 pages
UlachnrcInK his Vnlon Printers
Mr Andrew Newton who has tho contract
for printing time publications of Norman L Munro en
Friday night locked out all the union typesetters In hit
mploy Ho told them ho could not afford to pay l union
prices He laid yesterday that lie had contracted with a
Hartford firm of prlnton to fnruUh him i5u 1 pages a
week for tho next month of the books he prints for
Uunro Ho says h gets Iho work done and pa > s tho
frelgit on theist to New York for a lem price per plate
than he can do the work hlmnelf Durln the mouth ho
will try to till bin frames with non union printers paylnz
Sc cent a thousand ems ln tead of 40 cent tie price
demanded by the Union He paH he would hi glad to
pay union price but the rates In Connecticut and MnMa
chusetts town are so much lower that he inimt either
ret hU printers at a less price or quit the hiiHlnesa line
Unto firm In Hartford ha Hi frames full ot compositors
at 25 cents and Is iiiidcrbutdliiir New York printer If
the union oould raise tho prices paid to compositor In
neighboring Cities there would be no objection tn pat inif
full price here If he falls tn irt as many rompniltura
as ho ants hIS w ill move his buidneAS out of town
Bearing liarS on the Drinking 1ollcemen
The Police CommlsslonorB yesterday this
missed from the force rollceman Jotui H 1oe of tho
Kllubeth street wittad for hstmug too Intoiicatcd to pa u
trol his post nn the afternoon of Dec l 21 Poe had been
n policeman for nineteen years One ear ago jester
day ho was Intd thirty daj s1 pay for Intoxication
Roundsman Reed accused Iollcenmn Francl McMuilen
or the Twtnty utrond MaCS squad nf lelni eo Intoxl
f Sled shortly after midnight on the morning Iltc 17
that he fell twice I mug he was ronlticlli > him to the fta >
lion Tim Sergeant at the dcck at tilt tune corritnrtUtl
Heed test ihilOli and was p > itio as to McMullfiis lie
lug Intoxicated Thu police urtfton who was cHlltd to
examine XcMulien testified that half an hotir lutrr ho
was not Intoxicated lint had etlduttl been ilrlnkinfr
Ttirrfl reporters vht saw McMillkn at the Iolico IrIs >
tnl onice an hour and a half later ntll that he wa to
her tlien Tho CommUsionera liLVerttieles tlIkiulFiett
llcUullen from the force
Tank of JVorlh Bluer Water Im Fires
Fire Commissioner Purroy reported to his
colleagues yesterday a plan for utilizing the watt rot
the North floor in the cunt of n lire In the dry goods
district so law cut to cxlint the present Cn tun up
ply The plan pro > ldes for two movable touts is
feet In length and 0 feet In soi itS nnd depth In s tsg
mounted on wheel and drawn about iti niuir d by
horses Water from tIe North ISIs or if I to be forird b >
Slug flrehotts throtiLTh 3lt inch tIns Into one end of Its c
tank and piiini ed out at the snle h > lire einiines louts
tatk will hold 4555 ir Uoni and will aftordwork for
three tire engines No point In Hie ilrv goode district Is
our than a mile from the rfl r and the nr boatH linxe
oflcli sent wnttr Ihroukh I more hiss Ii lli h 55J tul uf IIOBO
The boata are now rt lied rn to fun Os miser throtiili
4IHIO feet of ho cost Hit lire rntrint e to COOT il llm
rust of the mllf The plan was adoj ltd
IlillUin Ilrldur Out iirHoil
Commissioner Olllffo reported to tho lark
Hoard yesterday that alt t tiininutioii If the I Third eve
flue brldjre acrim the llarlein U nftniiurv Attlie tlmo
It froe up iecentl I > and rtfuped to moi it wjit found
that coifl tn Silo mafliilitr erl i troki i I 55 5u eat <
dent ttiat I Hit1 iuse 55 suM 15155 In ny furl hr en vine tu moe
and lIt St cxl itch t rtpilrs ilnnt1 ln > m t l ininiiii
HlontT Val s vuld thus hiir ijlimitriuf Hie I hrntir 5 pro
cracking leu 1 vitl i ago and cuult haM bM n rtpalred
for h lOirn list > urle Iliioptd lliktvtld All rxumiliil
IbIs WU4 crdcied
To Ural ikt Jtrilcc < tire
Power was given to IrfBMont Klncnloy at
the lut incttfiiK of the brIdge ruftton to m1oj > a heat
injrR > Ittf tut fur the car 14551 e tnlMlffinjurlntcridrnt
> 1 art In nnd lroidtnt KIssotey lit Id n conference tlm I
oiittoinc of nhfch a sic ad uruhr fort ei lc IlaKer lieit
In appHrutintiH Ilie I npptirnt 11 ill HlntMl > lit cor IM
It is not Inlfiidt t to toni nioii IHII iiiirif t n sit iiiuiAri
Ily hit I usher iiulhod Riilt wnt r In luuttd ss lth < iH < ne
iu a cur und al trlbulci ulster thu tvttt in jiljxit
The Voul llliI sun bent
The professional pool men played four rat
tling series of fstnrs jeMerduy hut t hue silks so hiuC riter
Leonard dcftattd illinillloii 11 to 4t Heman bent Uhar
ton 11 I to7t Manning defeiitrd Xliiiinernian 11 I to 7 and
Malone best Dluinlni II to il l itt afitriioon Heman
will meet ZliiiniiTmaii and Leonard will fnco Van Dun
kirk In I the I ewulni Manning nil lily IJutiulnif ind
Malone Mill oppose Wharton
More Uiilldlnz Ixiiralnero
The Tiro Commissioners yesterday appoint
ed six new bultilliiK exanilncrH threo cltrks and its a
mesaengert One of the examiner appointed wa ex
xainitur l John tidily rliu resigned beciu of ttuu hIs
cater in the Itnirth street prissssl after he had pn
liiiiincil tho building rafe Ilrhleeli oilier ruainliiTs
are to bu appointed ilertaitslg i HIL iiumuer to forli at u
yearly salary of 11UJ each
Iurllul lo the Onions
Eight Indies of time Ht rilzabcth Guild want
to IllaikwclPs Uland ychtirdn > soisbs liaikcts and parcels
containing Chriflmaa preMits for the irmate of the
alipiliou and thurit llopllal The old ivonun rt
celled hoiili vhanlf I stocklngi Ka 1 and sugar and Hin C
mm tobaicn oranges laki and onions They apirurrd
to be particularly isorttci Su She euuiIie
The IlUlnrlciil Soelelr
At the annual mcatlne of tho New York Ills
torical Society last otnlng AusuliisBchell was chesS
id rreita lit Hamilton I Kith hint Vlcolrenl1ent ami
W ki h hiurl I lorelgu orrerfiionling HecnUri Itiv
Kxicullto Coinmlllet1 itcoinmeud the building of a
larger hall to extend the facllltlits of the Kcleti
AOVH 15 If Nil
August HaKljta wnn rltctcd Iliairman rf Ihe nor
lloatil I nf Adtrmilicf Long elitist I tity I yttlcrilay and
Alrxatiler Moran wui n appointed Cny flrrk
The nluiiniir Julia Dtnnl from llmerrtrawloadnl I
with brick went aMore at Hog I Ulatid 1 > ar tin russ sls >
nlghl Ihe siliiiiier and is ruts are a lotul lovn llm I
crew climbed Hie I riirting lilt wcru t rouglit oft by apt
Juliusoni life sat hillS CraW
7O > Ars JIY Mtttlt
The Umltmy of i hale 11 d Oorlv IIMil I uljjnln
in ilsllgtsoutslhlii Iss sisiit tJnill
A ftrft in lowr < ilv U tk Ill Tmulny cdniumril t Ikla
iiildiiUM I CMii lnir a loinof tjitivo A lire ii 11 Himmn
1111 tnt > e l < iisu < II I I iV I s linMhrrrf u store nnd nri
uiOsiu liusel
A lire In llnrvnid fill HItIt nu Ttunlav os tttinf
which elude I In MiKpp Klinr rtore > rrullid In lie
lsIlsChliusl 1 of iviino Ilie unitdhii tuicilititsl full two
tlilnli vt the hiiBlne i irt of Ills isis us tuspu 745 I
The list ii of Hrtfcenrldt Minn 5 hlili It sltnntid I
utter thu lUVota lino ua > mnrlr dr roved bv lire en
TtirMlav AiuoiiK tht t uIMliui l nrnc urr the SI lu rtniii
1lrll1 ihV I Ss Ut sit Itlulst fflsflH lOtl ainin tin 5 tl Ulty
rtmrd emil 151551 t huilntoi tiitlMlnjfi 1ishs 7 uSII >
Aniumig I ii usmiPsIolts tsr hiss a Scent cik u Ito Shi5s
sit lisa EiilsllslSselit hleilsrliiss lit lsu lies use y 3 sirs e re
lrshicle A 111g tlsrts V 5 rusur ciii JsIsi It
551551550 Duiigctt tisl stltss I ore uiasIiuuj lilacs
Plc Auguoti ucrhss hue tsisliUo ust Hrasiuue aIred
istius was arreilesi fur Isctjirisrtlse ii Stss se sit lcthe
I 5litihii a 5 aliililtsi Si lishi Chl rsioi sli tIe 1U5u1 1sf
11i55 I Iluereuta hauls atil liuu Asisire I thetiS r 15th hIs
surstte4 hicr rililsitIisti Is furs Jtl5ise i55ty aslli
let liCe oil Erisii flertiuson
The iusa lItsiril it Alorlflrfl 55hslsilti tu trsurlesii
fsiuurra5s cud 115 Oh isUlutisUIu5 55 lIt urgsiIze 15051 51511
they Thu Cliu II hoC the PrittiteliCy bLeSs tell ltsr
uleusa SusIitlSrsi coiI iiChiluis ems I iilsetc su his lhe
cbiiits ill as or uf itcni Ails rtoin I 1101011 0 ll ru
Oils e a coissishl neuutry uilsllillilstisshi 100111 I lie Ilepssiii
cclii EluAsitbi instil iSisiutry hid lit tist rmucv r
Cli la5
ins svccKsson NuT iu TAKE O1ZICh
UNTIl nunx T114Y
Nlnrllnc Ihn IrcUlillvx Mnxklnrrr nr the
ta < tSminiirusiluub KIII 1rHmt > In the
lliiln In IUIrn In Ike rlrcllmi Nrrimia
BOSTON Jon 2 Oov Itutlor totlay per
formed tha la < t public duties of his present
term an Chief Mnclstrto of MasucliiiBOtti It
was withal a dismal unlntort < tlnB day on
Deacon Hill rIse now Ixclfllaturo and tho fa
mlllarcoiinsh were iibout equally stared nt by
the bedratuluil speclntors nnd thn whole uITalr
was In nmrkod contrast with iso euxinei on the
last day of Cloy lines administration whan
tho ceremonies were wltnos od by hundred
who expected to too the first nppouratico of a
live Governor In fact It wits clear that with
the close of lov Ilutlern rule thin Slate was to
jolt back Into tho old rut there to drag clocplty
along until Undo Don cots thom to pry the
wheels attain on to a faster track
Coy Dutlers buMnoss todny was to start liii
loirlslatlve inoclitnnry of the Incoming admin
istration Ho Is Governor until noon tomor
row but ho Is not iicnln culled upon to ocr
else any olllclal function Tho members elect
of both branches of thin Iclslatiiro nssomblcd
at 11 I oclock and soot notified the Governor
that they wore ready to bo sworn In Tho cere
mony was performed nccordina to the dcmandi
of tradition except that his Ixcelloney nt the
conclusion of HID proems aiinoutijed that Cacti
brunch was ready for biislueiut Instoiid of that
they 55010 ready to iiroteuil to nruanlftttlon
Two members of thin llnuse desired to bo sworn
In by nllli matlon Tim Oovernor proceeded
correctly with this formula until hn reached
that portion rcaulrlni nllcclaneo tothe Consti
tution of thus United Htates whun he Innilvar
tout I y put I It I I In I the I form of an nith Thn two
memwrH Klared nt the Oovurnor iiud iimdo no
tnspoiiwo and on this point they Imvo uotiiual
Iflcd It was thought that tho Governor inlnht
make utctsaracterttis nddreer by way of vale
ilirtorr but having porformcd his formal du
ties ho retired with the IIautenuntCiov
ornor and Council
Two hours later whllo Iho rain was coming
down In a perfect deluge the usual pruCHSslou
was formed to escort thin lovornor mid Legis
lature to church No Uulslaluif has yet dared
to abolish the colonial uustum of lilrinu a elorcv
inan to preach an election sermon to the In
coinIng letsoral Court and tho I outgoing toy
ernor lor tit years without na uxceptlon
the delicately nurtured cadets lmedono escort
duty on these occasions but lov Duller Intro
duced the just Innovation of awarding the
honor to the two companies of last
military record for the year Company
M of tall River and Company D
of Cbarlostown were today detailed Their
gay uniforms were concealed bauoatu heavy
overcoats and tIle mile tramp In a polling rain
through anklodcep slush comprised a rather
unenviable honor On account of the storm
only tho militia proceeded on foot Tho Gov
ernor came down from the Ntate House clad In
n lone military cloak and slouch hat Tho
oscortdrawn up to roceixihlm presented arms
and despite tillS pouring rain tho Commaudor
usChIef removed hU lint and stood uncov
ered before onterlnc a closed carriage
Only a few legislators went to church The
listened to a sermon very niucli hike an ex s
hortation from the Rev Itr A A Minor who
pleaded for a prohibitory liquor law Ac At
timo close of tho service they returned ns they
cnmo and thin formal nets of tho day ended
Not until today did Governorelect George D
Hoblnson resign his scat in tho Fortyelchth
Concross toy Duller accepted It ansi np I
pointed u special election for tim 17th lust
Capt Joseph Conway Inspector of Now York
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Mr George A JIcDormott the Mayors
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Ilualnr Failures
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Louis Koch of ilK West Thlrtynrth street
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