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W < if JMlII l IAr NI < I J1 iofK a1 t 10
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att jttsnAtiintr vr XITKV rauir
ITeemd In kl Is f mm al lke > I1r vo r Ha
Wllh Ik INS Turned OnIll Pulu Uiil
Holing rnlaitjrskeil kit I llrsmlalnej alo t > e
A man of herculean frame with a cloar cut
fftco Ions anil curlr chestnut linlr nnJ a glossy
auburn board was Introduced at thu llrovoort
House 1 fuw weeks HBO by Henry Irving the
jr jrmlln P 1 OoorKo K Jwlnir Iho sculptor
Mr Irving said lio hnd brought Mr 1wliiK with
him from Philadelphia to do 1 moJallloii of
Miss lon Terry nnd nnntlior of hluiholf and
that ho would nay ttio hotel bill
Mr Kwlng cho o bin studio on the fourth
floor In room 01 which his windows on tho
north Light from tho north ho Bald was beat
for bin work 1IU bedroom was room DO
Mr Irvine nnd Mlns Tnrry lwo boon living
at tho llrovnort Housn They cnnio to Mr Iw
Ins studio at their leisure nod guvo tho
sculptor sittings whlo ho copied tliulr h adi In
clay Ml Irvlnu wnadono as llanttit I wlion he
first BOOS tho Ihott MI4 s Terrys character
Was > i > lK < lia beforo Inxntilty deattojHtho Bwuut
and thoughtful expression
MIR Terry sat oltunor than Mr Irving and
her modivlllon was dOle hint week hue Wi
greatly pleased with Itnnd told Mr Ewing thnl
bo had Biicooodod porfoctlv In portraying tho
expression of hor dice Mr Uvritii win no loan
pleased with his success and declared to his
trlenda that his casts of tho amlnnnt actor
would ho tho master work of hln life
Mr Irvine wits to have two lore Klttlncs bo
toro next Wednesday nn which day ho and
IIs Terry will Ball for Kuropn I 11
Mr Kwlngs Imndxomo faco nnd pleannnt
manners mndo him many Irlonl In the hotel
lio wast of jolly habits and wns out lit nights
with friends xmttorduy morning be oaiiii In
at 3 oclock ohaltuil nwlilln with the nIght
watchman Mulligan and went tic to his non
Mulligan mint his lust roumlH at 5 oVIock mid
saw a Unlit burning In Mr KwlngH bodtooin
At 9t43 A M llcssle 1ostiT tint chambnr
maid knocked on the iloor of Mr Ewlngs
room Hlio cot no nnswer and flood on a
chair and looked over thu transom Tho tran
tom window hail bean nin nil nluht Mho do
tootod 1 ftlnt odor of Illuminating ras anI
ran down to toll the clerk Porter JIcNiilly
wits Hunt to cut Into tbo room nnd sen what thu
matter wan Ho found tho room full of gas
and Mr Ewing lying unconscious on tho boil
Ho touched tho body I was warm Ho throw
open tho window and ran for the hntol physi
cian Dr Edward L PartridLo of 13 West Ninth
treat TIm Doctor want back with him ant
found Mr Swings oulno still boating faintly
but ho wna not breathing In tliroo minutes
nis pulsu ntoppod and thin man was doad
Ho wiis lying on his right Bide with bio arms
close to his body Tho faun was pulo and
placid and tho limbs were etipolo Almost over
his head was n chandelier of throe burners In
a row nt right angles to the bId Tho ono
furthest from the bed was burning nt nearly
onehalf liad Tho middle burner an Argand
was turned off The ono nearest tho bed was
lotting out CUH at full head 110 bl Ias
Dr 1arlililKo notllled Coroner Martin anti
loon Deputy Coroner Jenkins Raw tho nnl
Mr Ewing had undressed nt If for bIt Three
suits of clothes and a long linen coat ttpattored
with clay lay about tbo room On the marble
top bureau was a handsome morocoo case con
tamIng n photograph of Miss Terry iis itphrlla
tbroo cards bcnnntfthe oamesof Frank bellow
artist 21 East Ninth street W II Hoffman
man and Gilbert II Rhonron nnd somo lot
ten written by friends In 1hllndulrhta A i
volume of MmkMpoiiro opened nt Ilidtird
III lay upon the sofa On I stand was a
ohoetof hotel wrltlnc paper with tIm date In
Ink Atrll2j Friday nnd nothlnuolso In
the pockets of thn clothes weru ninety cents
and II fw trlnkot In 1 corner of the studio
wore two round wooden covers tlppod on oduc
Under them wrapped In damn cloths woro tho
clay cn = > tti of Mr crying and Uhl Terry Mr
IrvIng foiiturS nero complutn except tho
chin There wore no tools In tho room only n
bit llannol wiping cloth Alderman Charlns n 1
White thu proprietor of thu hotel had the ru
main taken to Undertaker Charles lienedlcte
lit do Cannlna street
A JenkltiH bollaxoi that Mr EwIng died of
asphyxia und kltoj as his reiuon that Insensi
bully U I wry early symptom In a diluted
Kaseout ntmoiphere I would halo been pos
sible for Mr i > lnif to bavo stood up In bed
and lighted the burner I Is 1 conjectured that
ho may have nttomntod I and turned on
tho gas Ho may bne died of heart disease
lie wns troubles at times with Iho gout This
morning Dr Jenkins will innkn nt autopsy
Mr Irving and Miss Terry were greatly
nnt reaty
crlood nt Jlr KwlnKb death Mr Irving was
Quito unnnr d t by It I happened on tha day
of his fiuouoll performance whon his whole
time was taken UP with his numoroim prison
tntlnns nt tho titar Theatre Minacur Dram
Btrokor said
Mr Irving and Mr EwIng woro very good
frlonds Mr Inlnic mot him years nuo In
Scotland Ahnn Mr Irving was In 1blladel
phla recently their friendship was renewed
and led to Mr Kwlncs coming to New York In
Mr Irvlnss employment Ewing was I capital
DAD AhY innla anti bright As full of fun
as a sclinolhoy Every night he led to drop
Inhere at the play nud usually after the per
formance went oft with some ot tho inters Ho
will bA crcatly missed In Philadelphia His
relatives 11 In Scotland lie was a widower
5ynnrs cud
EwliiK was a sculptor considerable em
thence on the other shore said Joseph hut
ton In Glasgow Mr Irvine llrst met him
Ho came to America moral yciru ago and but
tied In Ihlltdiilphla lit siiecooded very well
there Mr Irvine and Miss Terry sat nevera
times to him In his studio In Filbert street
Philadelphia Mr Ewing WIIB progressIng
happily I his work and bpcnmu very enthusi I
astic He told moha was going to exhibit the I
medallions at tbo Itojul Academy In Lon
don o and then take them to Glasgow
where his brother a celebrated artist wits to
iculiilnro them In marble Ho proposed to
make them In terra cotta to gild tbem by anew
new process anti to hnvo photographs modo of
them IIo bail made busts of thi Irlnco and
Irinco of f Ynles and their eldest son lie
hnilBittlturs from the Duku of Tock Princess
Mary ant Prince Adolpbus of Cambridge In
the UHIM Mates he bus bad sittings from Dr
btiun and Dr Taylor of the Tabernacle A
heroic butt of KUakeapearo in the Lyceum In
London Is I perhaps his ureatnst work I left
him tat 111 I the closo of the play at the
Blur Theutru Ho was then In hIgh spirits
AtDKHMtX irjlTK ames TO 1 FIKE
It win In ku HrcToorl Hume nnd ko was lu
Hurry Tke Otieiti > nl Alarmrd
Mrs Chnrkd B Walt wife of tho pioprl
tor 01 the lrooort House nat wakened by
her IIH at 1 oclock lust evening the latter
savIng dNcoerod that ono of tha rooms of
tliulr an ittmontwas on lire Mr Vnlto called
down thu Hpoaklnc tubo to Clerk Leroy and
toM lm to teal out an alarm from tho Hpcclal
bull Jin KLiiil box lu the ollliv
Aldirnnn Wilte Is nn elthu lat amateur
fIreman all was In tho nuirtois of Truck
Compiny N < > U In Kllnboth htnmt when the
snooiti biilim I i I slLiinl I any i out t Huansuerod I I
it with en i MII morn than bis I iiMml prom pt nis
Meanhilo I Actlnu Chief Cahsnl I nid tho II ret
alarm companies had re ichrd tho late
Flan ns wr > coming through I skylluht
on tho t not 1 th t end of tho t FIfth avenue
Iron and tl It looked us though thcio
must bo conslilorablu Die A second
10 Aelolt
alarm was rune from tIe street box but tho
two lines of hose fIrst stretched up tho main
staIrway innttidto 1 bo sufficient to put out the
Ire J hud orhclllte1 luOelcnl top floor and
Wn < > onl > iriinntiy Ilipll I V controlled
1 ho hull > occupied liyMr Wnlte himself lAin
that pint of the top floor and the lolu dam
aire etttpi slIght wetting in the stories be
low falls upon him In tho matter of personal
bnlonulnui furniture hrioubrao ant paint
logs Tim Iou will probably reach 12n UuO
The room which tho Mio started was cut
II Into closets and wardrobes nnd filled I with
trunks and other property 1 II supposed that
mien caused tho lire Thbro waj considerable
icltonieiit about the hotel for ii few minutes
moot of It beIng caused by the actions of
Bore I Llnl women servants Itona the
coolne Hdf toast of those In tim house was roo
inrkubt Clerk Leroy scarcely Interrupted
hUusiifil work giving out their keys to in
Coining rutbtB most of whom cainiI wont to
their ruoiiM osimclally I they happened to be
In thn otter mctlon of the buIlding
otor bultnl
Home months ago there was I moro serious
fire In thl ii hotel which Hturted In I Ito base
ment land besides burning moro tnhlorn
fllloj tho hnuse with smoke at uu hour lu the
morning nhun all woro asleep
Cutting Dunn Ike Itliiloninllo Service
WAsiiiMroN April 261ho HOURS Commit
teeon Airurl lliinaioda > completed the bill milking
r I iriuttuI l rr tt nnanlfii ttnil uliplouti tilt KfrVliA
1Iie 11 irirulr4 lm I 7711 i tIh ii III4t
leN I thi 11 I I OW loII rur I iii ii III VNF 1h 1
Thiaure ru 1 iit i ih rutiuutnii aieiIto tV 11
4r r CIIII 21 k P 1 n nll1 iSlrir et
tho M 1t 10 AItl 11 1I I t ly ti llr1 fri
Iiii ii liou Th 1 1 ariut eil iiO
1 Ilrl I ii 11 0 tui liii it ale ii 11101 iatarv
or EJi 1 lie f ulSi I 11r Iu Inlonlo rt I
aliul I it I si0 IsuI 111 r I rut ii l fr
Uco cii A 11 r ehonI I liii Illlh I
tutu P if I Hilt it ill t Iri luisitip it
all u alt toiiiIuiihl nllulIIII are n ull
Pt Ocnrriil Itullrr Hlil C < inlriicl ICrvntirit
TAM April 17fhA Senate nf BaUaibr
bn Duthi nil I ilirilKuriiiiiiiltii u rt > ko I lio nut rt
Illi ikjurI i tin I iiM I Hull m II for Ill t innxruitloii < <
tlir < t ml Iuuiuir ut I unit IIIIK I u < ni 1 iullui it 1 t nlij
Hi fdh II f I inn ti u uilli f1 1 M I IX I r II rnii truc
ll M tif ui I hi nilln a 11 rlutuii Inl 1 I U 1 HIM III tit ii nl I
In liilll riu IH UH i i siiti J ItiiMti utturi liu ItlUU
Ui COiii13 1 St iIt Iclr i xrotmeau
> af N r
Te matlnAe given at tho new opera hotise
yesterday afternoon brought the first series of
Wagner concerts to a conclusion I WM not
quito so well attended M the evening perform
ances have been but the house was flllod t
tho limit of Its soatlng capacity
The programme though quite different wa
no loss Interesting than tho former ones It
consisted of the overture to tho Flying
Dutchman and Hmtat ballad and tho spin
fling chorus from the second not of that opera
from the Molstcrslngors the overture and
lbqiina address to his colleagues from the
UiltorduiiimorunB thu whole of the musla
to the second not though not all of the dia
logue No ono appeared t fill the parts of
hinllfr tint llagfn so that Ntryfrifd gave Ills
portion of the dialogue tbo orchestra doing
duty for tho other two I was ono of those
singular liberties so many of which nro taken
with Wuciier and which nro practicable b ron
eon at thou fulnera and richness of bh orelum
truth OHI which niuUen good overy tlelloloncy
In lie I vtical parts loloulc
Tun innlnclinrtis was absent thorn belnc no
call for I In I tho iii tlsIu ulicn The feinnlo
choriiH however unit fully ri < pri > si < nled and
thn Kciinn between tSrnfct and her mitldeim wits
tuiiutifully rtndpnd by Mlt Iticli I Miss
Wliuint I I and tho chorus I H Has nil tie t moro
inijotiiblu to hue audlenci1 beatuuuu oung with
1111e lcaulI
HID Logi llili vvotilf nnd with i u retimrkiiljly wil
dilleiit tnitmlitlon tbo dIrect lilieS and sim
plicity nt which were I lu vury strum coiitiust
with tin sadly twisted Involved mil utmost
lmi > miiieluinathl translation I ul tiro t wools of
Iho Nlubulungen Hlnir Ilorr Scarlii had ul
reidy been heard In liqnerti address Hi the
Ihllliiirmoiiiu conoerl lie mnn It vllh lie
finimibtuiidth iindHlmpllcltyof itt 3 Innnli hOHut ty
of stun nx on tInt flcCitMIuii lvlilonlly I I but has
quito won tho public ndmlritllon Ills dignity
nnd courteny of tearing tool Ills artistic gilts
Imko I him tuuro nod moro it favorite at each
Hut by far the most interesting portion nf the
pnutriimino was the uitiulo fruni thu loIter
datnniiriini Thin Inoluilod irgfrinli lomr
col loot y with lie llhltin I I maidens hlw story of
his advonttires his dnalh aud JJrUiiiMlitr
grief nnd xnltdeslrucllun
1iau Mitternn wax tilt Jtrilniitiihlr herr
Mnkelmntiti the tufgfnfd and Mint Juoh
JlitllC Mrs llartdegen JIlHIIllltllt unit Miss t Wlunnt tho
lliir Wlnkelinitnna voice robust ss I In
begins to show signs of the extraordinary
strain that him boon put upon It by these
Jiipldly succeeding concerts In thin city nnd In
liooklyn 1 Is not In Ibo nature of things
that any tonor should stand mich wear tutu
tear It Is In aBomowlint veiled < iualltyof tofu
that tho exertion Hhovvs Itself Nivortholiu
ho sang thu mutlo of tvijfiird an only ho
can do I nnd In 1 manner worthy of his repu
tation M for Mndaino Mnterna her splendid
volcu was In perfect eoiulition and whether in
tho imthetin portions whom delicacy and
beauty of tono wero MM Hired or In those of
Intense and overwhelming passion whero her
gre it power wero called for she was eiiunlly
to bo depended upon buih wealth of tone has
not boon heard boforo In this opera house and
It set at dellanco all Imperfect aeoimllos Jut
hero It may b said that tho drawback to
perfect hearing that Scott notleeabl l In tho
opera when the singers wero placed upon tho
stage bar of the proscenium nrch ijulto dis
appear now that tho opera house booomo 1
concert hall mil they aro brought well to tho
frOnt ant out of reach of thoto caverns of
space above the stage that swallow up so much
sound In tho auditorium proper every yolco
however slight can b distinctly heard
The orchestra was at its boat In the Got
torduininerung It has an olllmportuut
part Lllvo the sea I Is 1 In n fctnto of
constant unrest but sentIent The voices
stand In relief against It as against a dark
surging background of tone The Instru
niontHuru aPt alive to overy shifting emotion of
tho li hy and keep up their InccHnt common
tnry cnlvr loa together sustaining counsel
ling darkly prophosvlug warning sorrowing
and consolIng b > turns Such a wonderful II
of harmony never was woven by any other
hall Through nil those phaos nf feeling Jlr
hand Thomas guided his orchestra with unerring
Tim tnuolo upon tho death of fiegd ifd l was
profoundly without tho
profolldly ImpressIve oven wltholt scenn
to fill out the picture It may bu imagined I
what Its ctYecl must Im whuu all thu conditions
of the drama arc fulllllod tl
Nt rums Night In Venice
A now opera by Johann Strauss entitled
A Sight In Venice was brought out last
evening at Dalys Theatre Tho management
has evidently exerted Itself to do nil for tho
opnra that could be done In tho way of
attractIve rcvnory and costumes Tho first
scene showing tho bridge of tho Itiito and
houses on either side though not true to fact
was very prettily composed and the second
representing 0 handsome room In tho Ducal
Palace was In like manner very brilliant
Tho third net showed a part of tho square
of St Mark but it cave I very Inadequate
Idea ot that famous piazza In this act
is Introduced the clgcon ballet the idea being
suggested probably by the daily gathering of
tho doves in the anglo of tho piazza I at a given
hour to bo fed from the fund devoted
for generations to that purpose The
only resemblance was In tho fact that both
ballot and chorus had about as little costume as
the original doves 0 St Mark The bill of the
piny BIOS that this ballet Is Intended to bo
ono ot tho uniiiuo features of this productIon
But thn only feature of tho ballot that Is at all
noticeable is its near approach to nudity
In this respect It is daring enough to
satisfy the boldest voluptuary but this
apparently did not picas the Ihrut nights
audience for then wow uuiulHtnLably tokens
of displeasure and It received no applause
Why should It As a ballet It was Insignificant
and n failure Haven indllfiroiit dancers do
not make I ballet howeveruligiut their costume
Aside from Its accessories and stage appoint
ments It Is 1 difficult to say what boll on life
such u plcco as this can havo The music la
pretty tinough though by no moans riiunl to
other efforts of the same composer There is
the usual succession of marches waiton I
polLns tint other dance measure arid somo
rather clover concerted music but tho wliolo
nlTLlr II rlrllul down to tho depths of wearl
IIP ly the deal weight of the dialogue
Thero U no reason why the llbrottoof n comIc <
opera should not hnvo I the good qualities
a Unlit comedy and bu HO nkllfully written thin
oven without the tnunln would bo Interesting
But it Is I Impossible to conceive wtia
would become of A Nlcht In onleo
without the muelc to enliven It A moro
desfieratoiy dull find stupid text wo
hnvo never hoard It IA course iutti destItute
ot wit nnd tho actor can make nothing of It
noi could they If they were twit us compntflii
us they are It Is past nil redemption mitt
niilthor tile pen nor the pruning knife will b < jt
tor It Uu vevor the public tnto Is nciirloui
thing Utterly bad und stupid plays have
often siucLedfd nnd good ones havo cotio
to thin wall 111101111 Is not safe to prophesy that
the public mar not find something In this to
their taste To us It seems dull nnd doomed
If It Ii I unveil at all It must bo by Its lively
tousle and Its bright mounting not by tho
acting nor by tho singing nor least of all by
any merit In the witless word If thoitudlenco
lastiivoiilnefurnlBhes any fair test of thoso of
tilt future tho opurn will not succeed for lout
nluht It full 11Iat und hud scarcely a hand lu Its
so iport
I l given with the followIng ollho prln
clpal characters from which It will bo soon thai
no conspicuous local talent has been onlistod
Dnkeof tliblno Mr Walter Tempi
UarlliomrnDelauiilla IHcnatorat I I Mr I Auglistllallruni
Mcfm BnrbarucUo of t M 1111 ilfoiiii nril h
fleowlii Ttstacclo 1 Venice I Mr CI Wllk
faramello the court barber Mrrtll I Htzeral
Tapparoda a mncaronl cook Ur Edward tunnel
Annum a uiuuir girl and foster slstir in
llarlmra Silo rollltelrr
ribolella elecouas l cook Miaa ibiS Cool
llarbarathe ward of LeiacquaMisc 1 Alice Vincent
Maie Oelallxer In Her llelneldBauer
Tho performances of Mmo Golstlncer nt
the Thalia now have a special Interest Thai
offer Ito final opportunities to boar this versa
tile actress and singer for Mmo Gels
tlnc r has announced In the most posltlvi
terms that after bur present engagement
which ends next week she will return 10
Europe star there ono season and then ro
tire from tbe stage It any ono deserves a
holiday this artist docs for ahe has served the
public to the best of her very great ability for
many yours But by hor retirement one
of tho most accomplished artists will
be lost to tho state Ime Gelstlngcr
besIdes bolng a capital singer Is n comedienne
of thin highest order and In melodrama or
trnsrdy often rises to unusual excellence
WhU In this city situ w 111 bu ml principally
by tho Uurman elenmut hor many Amirlrnii
ndmlroru will hoar with regret that sIte dool not
IlItlllIllo I rtlturo
itt IIllCht Mmll lelhtlncer appnand In
Dec jlutIJI I ur lumi 1 1 tutu cotttlll I fig
me Is n youm pea nnt girl whose uncle bus
rheatod liiroutnf her luherllnnro I hy perjury
Thiough lIu iinir > t hanilo Him I d BcovurH his
cuintu ittil erulioui him JlmfOilHtlpgnrliihir
luirtrninl I of 1imif I I tiniught Into I Bpiela tlu tin
lin neu this virtue honor und dlcuiiy hlcli IKKO I
nfttii ml vvlih lii lIt lower walkxnf life whlln
In I tho t croon In I whleh slut or it triui H her per
iiiriil nm lo with thin rvlilfiicndf his uu it H ho
i saul Iv nail unruly to tiuti hilght of till tilt
nation I Mine Hehmltr I for vvhoro hi hell Pun I
pirffirmniico waBglvnn i hull iii nn old woninn
with IIIr usual capital vein of humor und lUo
put8 of lie east was JlcolllluL
< tJowi 4
A ica cniitKfRAMKBioArrt tvurvn
Married 1 la I Lmaaai I a a really Kaillak flirt
Aa Allesea Pirate la I thai llemaekeU
ralyarUt lU B > Ueea Alter Ir
On tho ground that hie wife baa dosortod
him and II now living with one Pen Quo In
London Chutney lleoBlol asks for an absolute
dIvorce In the Supreme CourtOhnruuorsyos
terduy Jtulgo Darrett directed a reference to
Itodortck V Farrell
Charley IleoHing Is I one of the wealthiest
Chinamen In Now York lie Is I also an Amnrl
cnn citizen It Is I snfe to say that of all the
Chinamen who sail between this and other
ports there not ono who does not remember
ihoBlgn with Wg gilt characters on the front of
Chancy HooBlngs plnco at 383 Water street
Ills housi Is 1 tho headquarters In this
part of tho world of a brotherhood
hat embraces nearly nil of tho seafaring
Chtuntnon abovo tho grade of ordinary seamen
A largo front apartment Is fitted up niter tIm
mnnnor of a ledge room In ono end ol tho
room Is an elaborately arranged altar whoro
colored lights and tapers burn before tho cm
blunts of the brotherhood Before coming to
tho United States to Hvo Charley HoeSing kept
n Blnillnr plnco In London He is sold to bo
n kinsman ol Ah Yitntf Ming the Chinese
Consul whom ho frequently entertains lie Is
nn admirer und friend of Cob Charles B Spon
cor a part ot whoso name ho took when bo
settled down in tho determination to be Ameri
canized Ho Is 39 years old wears tho garb of
an American civilian and has short black hair
and n dark moustache In bis loft arm Is
a dlmplo nn Inch In depth that was
matte with n Chinese dnggtr when he
wns n detective In tho omploy of tho
Ilrltlsh Government In China Ho speaks Eng
huh fairly His principal difficulty U 1 In keel
IIIK thn gander of hU pionotins In harmony
with tho mix of thu object In contemplation
Thus ho frotitiently spoke of his absent wile as
he while talking about her last evening but
be corrected 1 the error often enough to show
that It was mornly HIlt of I the tongue
Chin IOH HooHlne took to tho sea when ho
was Ilfienn years old Hohas been to Now Zeit
land Australia India Capo Town South
Atnurlcn nearly nil thin linpottant seaports of
Kurope nnd to almost every quarter of tho
globe uxellt tho rnclfla coast Three times
has lie shipped for Han Francisco as I stew
ard of a merchantman but every time
fcomnthlng has occurred to prevent his
going Ito still has hopes of seeing Cal
ifornia Ho was a youth whon ho first
saw Now York When tho Irinco of Wales vi lu
lled China Charley HoeSing was n doteotlvo
for thin Ilrltlsh Government and ho was de
tailed to accompany tlm Irinco on his trnvols
On his departure the Irinco presented him
with 1 gold modal which he Wore with prtdo
till ho was shipwrecked in the China turn Tlio
medal wits pinned to a garment which he left
when hnosciped from the sinking essol
In 1875 ho found himself In New York with
llUOU in Ills pocket Hu took pnsHagu for Lon
don and opened n resort for seafaring Ch Inn
men how no fell In lou with a pretty ling
llsh girl named Mntnlo Piper and they were
married In church by nn English clergyman
His business did not prosper Bo ho provided
his wlfo with pleasant rooms and shipped
as stnwnrd on one of the British mall steamers
running between London and Hong Kong by
way of tho Hue Canal Ho gave to his wife
ho Stys nil the money that was advanced to
him mid promised to send her half his wages
In four months ho returned Then he found
muse ho says to suspect that his wIfe had not
ban true to him but ho forgave her and
brought her to Amrrlia This was In 1H77 For
n limo they lived in Maxtor Street Afterward
ho opened tha houso which ho now occupies
Among those who camo to tho Water street
houso was tie man Ton iJun He was n cook
on H merchant vessel I here were stories of
plr it icil antecedents connected wIth the en raor
of tills ion Jiie Ho had hon to nvery riiinrtor
of tlm globe and wns counted dashing follow
nm nc the enticIng men of his race Charley
HeoSinKxuvs that hIs wll foil in love with tho
alleged Ill rttlciul loi QiH that hor In
futtilat loFt bocimn HO great that ho was
compiillod to klvn her tIm alternative
of banking ell 11101 I y with this man
or quitting hor husl mils house Shn choso
the litter and fled with thobuocinoor Chnrloy
IlecHInK nays Uu tho day IIItl the Iliuht u
stranno chinaman cnmu and said shut had sent
him for her clothlm and valuables Ho told
the strnnco man that ho could not give thorn
up to him but sho mIght hnvo them If she
would come after them She did not come
Ion Quo and the woman were hoard of In Lon
don If Him U I still living tho probability is
that shin is now In that cIty
But Charley HunSin has doubt whether
tho woman Is living Hn has been told that sho
died In London Two Chlnnmeu who arrived
n few duty ago told him that she was dead
Homo months ago Chnrley HecHlng In tho
belief thnt her death was a matter almost be
yond question married again Tho pending
suit for divorce Is for the purpose of removing
all obstacles to the legality of this present
union In the event of the former Mrs limo
Ming being found alive The present Mrs
HooSIng is Bpunish pretty black eyed and
devotod to hor husband Thoy converse In
KngllHhorHpnnlsb IIA It happens to plenso
them Mrs HccHlngs maid is nn Italian girl
anti her native tongue Is the language of the
boulolr When Mr and Mrs HooSIng
mnkn small purchases of tho Hebrew mor
chants in Catharine strict they conduct their
negotittlons thin Gorman tongue The lady
of tho bouso welcomes her husbands seafaring
friends In the language of the Flowery King
dom which she In nicking up very rapidly and
when Cbrle HeotilDleOCollntor Maluy Alllors
In his walks along tho oiors ho bails them In
their native lingo The husband and wife
somotlmus spcark French for a change Theirs
Is a l1 lei < nntly polyglot household
Mrs HeoHlngs prlviUo apartments are in
the third story They are handsomely fur
nished Charley lieuSings naturalizatIon
paper hangs ou tho wall In a heavy gilt frame
On the top of a handsome upright rhino on
miniature easels anti photographs of tbo
Chinese Consul and his suite Pictures ol Col
Hpeueor In tbo toggery of war and also In the
garb of pence hang on tho wall Charley Hoe
Sing Insists thnt tho Colonel stands In the
relation olgoitUther to him
Charloy uceHlngH lion o is famous for tho
elaborate banquets that havo beonglvon under
Its roof to Chinese notables An account ol
ant ol those affairs occupied a 1 column in THE
tlUN a few years no Tan table wits hutton with
delicacies brought from tho Orient A Cblnoso
band made marvollous mtmlo on Instruments
that never before luau beun hoard In these parts
Wnen of brands unknown to tho bout nrnite of
this town sparkled glassesnf exiiulsltowork
nmnshlp On every Chinese Now Year u spread
scarcely IOHS elaborate Is laid for the caller
Mrs HiioHlng shows with untie n Chlnoso junk
carved out of ivory which was presented to bor
on ono of these occasions with thocompllments
of tho season Ir Is so frail that thu tarts nro
almost transparent nnd It Is kopt under a
glass dom lest It should damaged
Charley Heeblng says that ho has no doubt
the courts will grant him the dlvorco he cooks
Tho alleged plratlcnlFon Qiis wlcomo totho
Kngllsh woman and nX Charlny Ili > ocilngdi <
sires Is that sho uhull not be tibia If she Is l still
living to brine trouble totho home In which bn
Is I Imppy anti proud His Is tho llrst suit for ill
orlll over brought by II Chinaman In this city
Indicted fur Larceny of Stock Held In Trust
AUOUSTA Co April 20Tho Grand Jury has
fiuna a true bill aifalnat deorne I Curry for larceny
aftrr trust The protelltor IJII Palmer w host stock
In the Laugly factory la I held hi trust by Curry for a loan
of JlKJO curry useil the stock In the National Hank of
Augusta aa collateral for a loan lo lilmsalf of 1iitO On
Currya failure on Feb 17 Palmer returned the fluoo
torroweil sod demanded tlie return of the stock furry
could not produce the stock as It waa held by lh < > bunk
security ralmrr thereupon prosecuted lorry I before
till Uraml Jury and the case will be heard In Ibis term
of the Huperlor Court Curry a failure surprise I the
community as he owned the Mimmervllla Mills valued
at fUIO and did a banking busln aa In Augusta vt Itll
a deposit account of sjo um The failure was for nearly
a quarter of a million suit tile mill ls now advertised for
sain with a reserve bid of fSHUr Ills failure I Involved
his beat friends and rauied Ills brother n law T li
sielllinr to suspend his biz grocer business because he
had endorsed Curry In perfect trust
Incur Iartug lu Uad Sliver
WINKTED Conn April 26 Through the cen
Ira or this rockbound but bustling hamlet In the Lltcli
field hills runs a roaring brook called Mad River The
homes on the two main atreeta back up to the atreain
and the rear wlndowa look out upon It II Is full of suck
era this spring and tucker snaring la all tha rsre here
Kverynliiht stall business men maybe seen hunon
out of their win lows and over projecting back pun lie
earneitl endue with a piece of Cmt v Ire I and a stick
They are sucker snaring Iheflttirnu Into stud wall
nn sod several bu > h > ls l are caught every evmtnif ty
the dexterous I II Placers D C Andrewals luigli I r hunk so far
huTinn luUen three bushels all one of the UillKoigl
Ing three pounds
Telegraph Slate Rrduceil
DU1lLO April 2GA general cut In rate
waa made by the i Iv al lelegra li companies here lousy
The Western Lnlcni Juced lt < rules 1 on nlKht message
from Si i Hi n nut fi > r ten I vii rds The Mutual Unlo
adnjitid the new rates of the We itrn tnii n while tie
1nul rrlevraph I Miniin u yule 1 a redutri itt to I nn I nl
fir i us iii v u ord t hnd itt otdrriila 1 tornnii mllng I re
diirtlnn tu I pult 1 i is lit i ho oil diiirliMs I The i liittnn n inn
tllil nmpaiiv v III open abnut May I add Ilie ilinki r
anil MtrUuuU Ctuuutlftfly opict it open abi > ut > Iayl li
Iron 5or > kill flown
rnm Tn APIII 21Thio Wheeler Iron Com
pnny ot Mlddlraex In the Mlennngn valley shut don II
this nnnInn for want if orders 1 hi conn any bad s
fur iac if fniirteen tliouii4id I 1I an lid cmnrlit rid 11
lit 1 inllla 11 i Ino ihousan I tutu and u ruth if M orka IU I
ftlelatlnn The flml down throws t IJU I nun otll I ur en
JlluYlllelll I
amtmr nnxai rAtttwmu ADDRMI
pall ft cpttes < ATII He
eflaiM f hie Seaae S4
Mr Honrr Irving and his oompany faood k
abet brilliant audience last nigh at their fare
well performsnco la I the Star Theatre Ue
oiio e for his closing night the trial seen from
The Merchant of Venice the fourth act ot
Louie XI the third act of Charles I and
the fourth act of Mueb Ado About Nothing
and throughout tho evening ho and Mil Terry
received tho warmest applause As the curtain
foil on the last act the audience fairly roso with
pplause and finally compelled Mr Irving to
speak Unsaid i
l nm mil OUfLuaN i II U I my privilege to thank
7th for all your goodnuaa tonard ua I wish my tongue
poMelurd > ail elonuenoe thai would adequately exprraa
Itt ly thouffhia Aiplatic I
It1n a night I thai will err beremtmbartdhy us alt 1
nontha agii you welcomed ua lo these boards and I
lank you aa Uie rebi tteutatlre audience of the Bmplre
r ItT of the United Hlatea for the welcome Hliloli we
lists everywhere received from the American people
Not one jnrrlng nol not one unftnernne aentlmeiit lisa
larred the happlnea nf our shy among you
Mllb liSt we I Ituhert our tents and navelled to many
11 lures and travi Illmi In America la unlike travelling In
inland The dllanres are greater and ihe titles are
irilnrapvi J home one liftS klndlv auggeaitd list tIO
Idlgf us titer might iehap be hushed a little closer
otethert but we ran certainly afier v lulling your conn
Iy sympathize wlUi the American gintlenian v ho naa
frald nf I venturing forth from his hotel lu 1ondon test
Its might I tumble over lUlU the sea
Itut wherever we hut P been we have received a Ira
Cites and generous hospitality I and the last four weeks
f VI
lavnalinnnuatlial New Vork baa In no nay forgotten
tie fi at kind greeting she gave us
lit the SPurts it lOch hut c helped to gain v our favor It
< O M not ltome I me to apeak at Irngth 10llr thanking
you on bthnlf each and all I cannot refrain fronirx
ireiulng my tilde In tno triumph if one wlm titus made
inlmprra lon on voiir hearta which will never br rf
fiord I mean my cuter stilE Kllen Terry lAmdaucl I
die haa won gotdrn oi > tnlona from all aorta of pe > plfi
tee In art la full of gratitude and by her fireside I she
will ottrii till nf the klnlueat ho recelved from the
American I pennle
For ni > rlrr I hare ahostnf dellihtfulraemorlra rAp
ttuueel 1 You haveahiinn that IIIHIII I the bruad platfnrin
tia iLh IUIht 111 k
of is ituiitt hit thu two greatest airtlonanf the fnillli i
Reaklng rare are one nallun Applause You have
mtii ivvn luSt I no Jealoiia love ot sour own must admirable
snore luna preventer yet from recognizing earnest
urpnae of an ngllah I company and we shall return to
our homes with the conv Ictton iliat in w aa our melhoda
lucy hateheeii you 111I0 set the stainrlof undlrgnUed
pproval of them and your generosity is I I am sure
tight heartily reciprocated by the rligll > h people
Cenalnlv nalongaa I have a theatre Ih dunce of the
vceuin will tin open rn waloomv > our dltlngulatied I
ountrvmen One la acting there now Otltera vllllrfi
here by and tuj and that we inai not be quite forgotten
we are ritnrninf siion and thatve miiy not be forgot
let by von 1 wi nre returning to yon suit
Dirk said rr jour great Abraham Lincoln tn t Onr
Odrrbv Dick keep ilnso 1 to the people nnd Hint the
American people mav not forgot ua we are coming If all
lue well In ilio next autumn lApplauiie I and laughter t I
nlr 1
Wrshall return full ofhope Still aniiclputlon titud to out
rlenda at home wo shut esy that we tire returning for r
larllng rmbracc fix monlha embrace and 111I I
sure that our dear land which has the Ural pluee In our
testIs will not begrudge ua tie affection which we bear
10 America which out of the depihe of jour klndoesa
ou have conjured up
Ladles and gentlemen I respectful gratefully land
It I may say It lovingly wish you orwr Uraat m
tutu it Ce 1
Mr Terrlss wns called for but with the rnst
of the company hnd hurried to dress for do
larturo to tho utenmnhtp City of Chester which
Is to carry all but Mr Irving and Miss Terry
tack to England Mr Tennis came out and
aoknowloduod his thanks by bowing In his
ulster The company boarded Ibo steamer
after mlndluht
The total receipts ot tho Irving company for
the performances which woro given during
thin twontysix weeks plated In this country
wore ti05CC025
A Uleetaai FIr i Body Found la Ike River
mad at Xegr Arrested es fiasisleleu
NEW HAVEN April 20 What Is now held
to bo another Connecticut murder has come to
lIght in this city Today Sheriff Uutohlnson
of Middlesex county came hero and arrostod
Arthur Jackson n colored man who
has been missing from tho neIghbor
lood ot Mlddlotown stnco Feb 13 the day
on which Beymour Tlbhalu a Vienlthy and
IndustrIous farmer of Kllllngworth also dls
appeared Tlbbivlbti swollen nnd discolored
0dy was found In tho Connecticut Itlvor yes
erday On the right tomplo was n wound ovl
dontly made by n bluvv with n stone and there
wore also wounds on other parts of tho body
Moillcal Examiner Cleveland found sufficient
evidences of this kind to warrant him In ro
lortlng to tho Coroner that in his opinion
1lhb Uu had met with foul nlay
Thhbalt was about 35 1 Jiars old Hn hnd oo
caslonal sprue and would at such times ns
soclato with any person whom ha chanced to
iicot At tho time of his dlRnnptturanca
ho was known to have been drinking anti
to have dlsplojed a roll of bank notes
amountIng to ovor 100 Only about M
was found on bin body In his company as
alleged was Arthur Jackson lie negro who
was arrested today They had tholr tintypes
iiikmi together and anA of these was found on
thu body nf Tlbbals Tim pollen say that Jack
son ant Tlbbnls some ilavs beforo their dlsap
nearnnco had a quarrel and Jackson was
loanl to say that ho would get oven
Jackson Is 3D years old Hn protests his In
nocenco and Icnoruncn of what he Is arrested
for Ho was taken to Mlddlotown tonight for
examination on Monday Ho was born
in Massachusetts nnd has lived in
this city much of his life It Is
thought that ho killed Tlbbals while tho latter
was drunk for his money A special Irom Mid
Motown tonight says that thA widow of
Mr Tibhals Identifies Jackson as the man who
wan with her husband the day before ho disap
flrltand Warfare la Peru
FAXAMA April 17XoI8 from Peru Is most
unsatisfactory The turbulent spirit of the brigand or
Montonero leaders la I now out In full force since the
Chilians have signed the treaty and declared that their
men must not be used any further to maintain the Gov
ernment Igleslaa Increases In prestige but lie I cannot
rely on any of lila troops Under him they are only sure
nf their pay llo If he ships them to any of the districts
rrrh U
r yo
in whleh the ilontoneroa abound In order to queil r
them they at once turn over lug and baggage because
they I are certain of plunder of into kind lu addition to
their pay One of these Intuit I selut from Ayacuchos
by 1 aierce to the vlcinli of lea although not strong
enough to enter that toxvn plundered and murdered
every individual they fell in With The recurda are
r th J
horrifying I although every Peruvian I indeavors to blind
the public nIIII what la realty occurring I Business la
very bail and there are alight I rnipeue of any Improve
ment Pu long as the bandits control prlotlpal reads
leading to the Interior
A fltllor Devoured by Sliitrka
PANAMA April 17 Whllo leaving the port of
Dahl the it niner Chula lost a man in a very tragic
manner lit fell overboard and a boat was Started
to till rescue The man MM a good tvminer and II
scented certain that ho would be wwl 1 EUJemljr
hnwcter the pIano bccimeallvo with sharks and lIt
once became apparent that the man was doomed Once
lie threw hlinelf alino nut of tha water In i an norllo
ecaie 1 Ito Jan e uf OliO of the niAiitcrs liii t a few eec
unit afterward Ito HU Aimrfiitlv ttfiztd and dntrtrtd
iitultr no uoihlnir nuir ill It Sit if Mm I Other shttis
lU artntly tllnplllItr1 tn their tuuiuet 1 of prey uere
tluu eruruhliiK Ihnu nh thus it stir In all direction
and apjirand lo 11110 un attntit on the boat wlili h i
after an Ineffectual e ill PUllet I IIALK tO hue stuip Tho
I liuU of thin MIil attuttie i Mli there n h I but tlili
j cor they seem lu be ltore numcriUa thau vr
Jke Craiie In the fturlkweal
ST PAUL April 2iJTbo work of seeding Is
practically completed In tbe southern tart ot the Mate
and in many place the field are ulread green In the
southeastern counties there are Indications thut there
will tie a decided decrease In wheat acreage Increased
attention lnliigpnld to oats barley and corn 111 la es
tlmattd thai utter wit be t an Inireaseif at least lei
pi r cent in Ihe acreage of cultivated ieuut In I the Mln
1 neiiota I portion of thn lfi1 Itlvir valley I tOut I her I too
the farnicru will ciecllnu to plu their fnlih wholly on
wlicnt of vililth I a iidiiiowliat feinaller airengo ma > be
lCleCtttl On the llnkota SItu a eoiillnuance ll the
prenciit warm wrnther will bring Reeding 10 a speedy 1
clone In aoulhcrn Uikoti the luruiticets i ore fur alit 1 City
mtuervteut 1 acreage of wheat nhllr considerable I alien
tlon will be paid to corn nax an1 I oala
To Vktl American Pruicatunt Democrallcj
Widow and Urpkaaa Only
DnmocronT April 2GThe will of Aaron
Somers an old farmer wro died 01 Mondav nEsted for
probate to day states that his prnprly shall I n to the
worthy poor deserving I wliiu American I Irotestan
Deinicrallo widow a and orptiniiK In Hridgeporl until all
II expended Ills estate la I valued at tin uuo
Alleged Fraudulent Failure
WILKERnUIRE April 2G Meyer Bondholm
the clothier at llailetnn Pa who recently failed lId
was aoon after arrested at tbe Instance of Else
Co Philadelphia for fraudulently transferring
UOrOOU worth of goods to reUlht hal been adjudgci
g nllly I At frau I and directed to be committed lo prison I I
omlI W r
Il lia etiii ted Illed 1 alumd under the Insolvent I law ankln i
that Out ilefendaiit be I nlschargul 55 he oftera toaurrei
der all the Jirnperly he owned for the bmeflt of tie I
credllora Iho I Innrt ordered that there ahould b I
onnttier henrlng ou May hi 1lo I ascertain If he is entitle
to be released I
A Unit and XIII Iool
PtnBnuiiaii April 2GThe bolt and nut
IIIOUruIII ut Iho lJiiitcul StAte ho rorllll s pool
for ibs pit rinse of real riding 1loclln tint Ctuliiitti
lute I turulu lli rIling r4tuui A uuttei ix ill ho lucid lore
situ t M u I I it rest uc t tie rlee kiti hiCOtiiil anti to
litiit thus i hue iluteui tuir hue uioh egreetiielut
A Verdict tor SIJ1OOO
KNOTON April 26lu the null for 10000
dsniiui uvalnit Mr Mlllam llillcn whose ach
utuptuitlit suinti lie ateiliilioit harloitr Vnn lerhllt by a
rniiiimi on Hie Hu lon rli r In JnU IS averlloto
IiJtst iiL4iii l vr Hcldeii wan rendered tilt moriilug
Ilrnuitkl In Wraleiu Texiia
ET Louis April 2fi Advlios from wrslorn
Ti naa are to Dm eflict that cnllle are auflerlng and lent
nnnilirr 43 ititi fir t slit of ti stir sit grast I lie hrnuht
Imviriif liin viry set crc In that ftion VItrills h it
caliri Illitrilmve sItu arpcared mid nre dratrorluii iii
kmlA i f iirrttitiot
uaer AIasS that HM Ctttd 11
ideMnt4 by psitIsMsey Ok
aissd e Vend Wrkee Orrtllenl
When Mr William J Phillips a grain and
flour dealer at 19 South street notified the
Produce Exchange on Friday of his Inability to
ne t hUeuKWema U only half the story WM
known and Itexolted comparatively little set
rise He was known to bo short In tho wheat
market but hIs liabilities there were not un
erstood to bo largo and o far as la now known
they are not
It came out yesterday that at the time be
sent the notification to the Exchange referred
to he also tendered hla resignation as n mom
her of tho Committeeon Information and Bu
Istlcs This WAS considered a little odd Yes
terday morning there wore rumors that he had
urged warehouse certificates for flour to the
mount of ten thousand barrels and over
nost of them In the name ot tho
flour firm of Abeam A Bentley Ho had always
stool liluh In tim Kxclmturo hiowuter hnvlnc
iien at different tlmofl ItKBocretnry and nctlit
iciiHiner Slid tho reports wore therefore
coulfd by many as tmipoHtoroUH
IIo Is not like Treasurer lloniTt who cam
mlttnd suleldn aftur Bwlndllntf tbo Kxohanco
wax thncomtuflntof somoof the older mombnni
Hut the luinnrx neverlheluns oxclled eon
Idernblo distrust nnd Itniuliloa not only
hovuid that Urn allocations lUtiilUKthlni were
true but that ho could not bo found His ofllco
In South shoot wan closed and at his house 1G
Jeekman phioo In this city no Information
ould bo obtained an to hla nhnroabotltis mill
hitter It WKH rumored that like the former
innsurer ho had committed suicide These
developments created a profound sonsatlon
atnoiiK thin brokorn
Mr R H JttlmbfprlmK for several year boon
specIal partner with Mr Phillips He la also
roHRurer of thin Irnltm WarehousIng iutiipany
which has HR ofllceit In the new Produon Kx
linniin bulhllni Ho said there wan no doubt
I hat Mr Phllllpa had dlmippenrod and that ho
luuttl 1 forged warehouse oirtlllrateRiind obtained
monny on thom As to the llabllltlea and auKuta
of tho llrm Mr Ijiimbwrcould give no Informa
Ion for tho reason that tbo accounts were In a
Into of great confusion
It was understood that Mr Phllllpa had boon
peculating with his special partners capital
> ut that tho latter could not bo bold ropponvl
bIn for moro than 25000 tho amount of hla
specIal capital
Among the banks mentioned na having boon
Ictlmlzod are tIle Produce Exchange the Kea >
board the Corn Exchange rind the Manhattan
IiiBhlor Hherman of thin Produce Kxchnngo
lank said Its loss would bo 5000 The Corn
Exchange Dank denied having lost anything
and at hue Manhattan and thus Benboard the
cashiers declined to ninko any statement
Whon It became known that Mr Phillips
could not be found Mclntvro A Wurdwoll
grain theaters to whom Mr Phillips it Is snld
owes t2 600 sent to the Corn Exchange Hank
to attach his assets there but found that his
iccount had been closed They then procured
in attachment on his house ana furnlturo In
Inokman place Mr Irving P Bennett also
secured an attachment ntalnst his property
At Mr Phllllpss house last evening It was
imld that he had not been homo since Thurs
day The honsn Is saul to ito l owned by Mrs
Phillips On Friday Mrs Phlllipss brothorln
law brought her word that her husband would
10 kept away sonic time by business They
lave since learned that he Is a defaulter but
theydo not believe that he has killed himself
Mr Phillips Is a relative of oxAlderman Phil
hits of Brooklyn nnd has always been esteemed
will In business and social circles Ills
troubles grow primarily out of the bull
speculation In wheat now going on both
bore and at Chicago Tho market had been
slowly declining for somo time owIng to tho
dulnens of thin export trade and the largo
supplies nil over thin world This led many
tpeculatorH to Nell thin market short anti finally
n few powerful operators deturmlnod to corner
tliiin If possible
Whon this houime known ito shorts rushed
into tho market to co or their coutracta and
hn ovvltement has boon so great that within
tliriin dais prices have risen six to tight cents
n bushel mitt rumor has been busy with thn
names nf seven or sight firms which are said
to bo Mill on tim short Hide waiting for the
storm to blow ocr
Ex Alderman Fred Phllllpa of Brooklyn said
that ho last saw huts cousin on Wednesday last
Ills cousin said nothing about his plans The
Alderman doon not believe that bis cousin has
committed suicide
Iantitnna Debt Amendment Carried
NEW OnrctNs April 20It Is now regarded
tictruln that the flrit mrnJniciit to the State Conill
tuition ha > beta carried Thin amendment provide that
u < t on hue State bonds which had been fIxed by
the Conftftui it 3 per cent for fifteen yean from
Jan 1 IHrtl ant 4 per i f thereafter shall be raised
In I percent mm Jan 1 levi h0 whole term ot
tlilrtt iari > Tlililntiellordtobt tlmn tnriIn
whlrli n Side hy tho popntir rule of tho people huf
raiHtil tlicl Interelt nn Its pulilit debt Die lln rmclnn
unions nniiioinl men hero la i ti at this remit Mill lend
ureiillr to rcitoro public roufldence lu ail Inuiilniia
securities Flue Oily of > ew Orlcaim accordlnif to the
retiinm ul llsliett gave more than IHOuomajority fur
this aliivn hnLlit Hnd vonie of the country parishes
notiibly Tuiteau Aiaumitlon Ibtrvllle and HI James
gave over loouo majority
Cello1 Hentlna In Nenport
NLWPOBT April 20 Vcrr few cottages have
been rented tItle week Mr William Klngilnndof Bear
boru ou the Huilton will occupy the Iendleton cottaie
on Ocliro Iolnt fir II n I BrIdges of New York his
rented tho Watnonl cottage at Conanlciit Mr Henry
Sampson of New York has hired rllft Cottage No 1 and
Urn Uenrte II Mill t hew York will occupy Chit
lottait No 7 Ttue rent cf the latter two cottanea la
Suttu each Ur Hubert Rogers nf NenburKlt N Y
bus purchased the whole nf the Roirrra LnnKlev entitle
nu Mary and llminaa streets forf IBOui Mr A L rant
Jr sun of Admiral Caaa of Bristol hal purrlmail a
lilies tiC property on llrcen lan for 9 4tOeJ Mre J V
rriij n nf Albati lute rented the Chauier cottage ou th
Clioa aud la already here
Glove FlikU In the Weal
3ItNNEAFOLtS April 26A hotly contested
glove flcht occurred bere this evenlni betwten Irof
Dupleaila ami a local celebrity named Lewd Only
three rounds were foiuht When the referee called
titus for the fourth round Dupleaila appeared but LewIs
wna unable to meet lilui and the former wee an ardvd
the viettury
CISCIVNATI April 2ili glove flglit occurred at Robin
cone fliers Ilnime lonlht fur a stake of fKi four
rounda between Hob turnII or New York welching M
Ioii tile and Imrlea McDonald of Inrlmmtl formerly
of Aimda weighting 17n pounda barrel displayed d
cliUdly more rklll audit drcnion was rendered In his
fat or at tho end of ttie fourth round
Tk MIssissippi River Intiroveinen
WAHUIKIITOK April 20The mombera of the
MiMiitlpii ulcer CoinmlMlon vro before the Home
Committee on Ulcers and Harbori today explalnlm
the 1 rorreil of wort on tho WUil r lpl lItter Gen
On i unlock nf the Commlnilon thoiuht the work at Plum
1ntnt and ake I Providence u in itt fur rnouuli ninny to
Bny It win a iuocc It nouM take three tare to rtniih
the work on tde two rtacltc and It uotild colt 4150
lot ire The other member of the uuuiiiit istioti
thoucht lie i it turk wan hejomJ the txj trlmm nl staffft
ntid thnt it wn an absolute sorties fluv ni nmelid
cd cppro rmtioiiH tu begin work ou new reuuchuos
An Aged Farmer HnnifrU In nla Ilonrrnrd
Dh MOINES Iowa April 26Four men en
tered the farm house of Mr Jellson near Audubon at 4
odock Ills inoniliiK and ilragRcd him and hla wife nut
of lied Mr Jelllson who li a cripple 05 yesrs old was
taken nut Into his donryard and hanged to a tree where
hue it to situ sfierWutrt fuuittuul dead
1 tii etery suurruuuuuds uhue o huh sifimhr Jehhitnti Wi I
peer tui fartuur the tutu her if a Cr it it it tutu ily w hut
tus I scattered truuii I ti tuiuint eituut test iii ii teciupiud
tu the sgeut cuuuple smite Ureut ctritetiutt lirivails
stud tie Iisrpeiratora of tue deed if caught trill to
nefuatne la Leave the UwltckbucU
POUT Juiivio April 20TIta famous SwItch
back Uatlroad at Maucli Chunk has been nianaged fur
several years b > T L and It J 1 Numford formerly Erie
Rallnay emplojeo at this place They paid flouo a
ear for the road Last year they cleared f7 Son apiece
from It The road having pained Into the handaof the
Philadelphia and Heading Kallriiad Comimny the laite
leaard It to other tattles for the coming season at an In
creased rental The Mumtorda retuaed to aurrende
their kale claiming that by its terms they arc entltln
to a rotten 51 They have carried the case Into ths
A Malt for lsaaaati
BUFFALO April 26An action was begun In
the hupreine Court today upon tho complaint ot R M
Moore John Zimmerman Elnathan Unset Jamea R
Ynung and others aalnal the North River Construction
Company the New turk nod West Miore Kntlroad atul
the United males Trust Cnmnaii of New York for Hi
paimrut ot claim amounting to MIHMHI and the
clalma of others ot the credllora nf the NortH ills
OtOit rue tin Iotnpuny nitioutut tot tti j7Vianj u is I
desired to liar the trial come od in Hclieucctady county
Cued Openlua t u 1ssaleiralf
hfoMrstAIx Pa April 26Thin Boy J It
Allen of the Wjomlng Conference ot the Methodic
Chtirrh tookihnrge of the lleech Pond rtiurrh near
tutu last week The ilratda nfier going tIters he was
nut riding I with his wife and chill The horau ran away
Mr Alun iris killed Mr Allfn and the child cues sarI
ousl hurl
VnrlfcuunUe In EcuHdur
PANAMA April l7lhio earthquake itt Ouny
aouil lciudur on March 2 5 caused Mime siljit damage
Two of hue ciuuurrltee eulTerrd aeterelv UK wnlU of line
nf thrin hnvtng erected to purl an rxunt ac to lead its
nenapapera lo advocate that It anould be rebuilt
nrrnrd ConvIcted utr Yoryury
NEW IliiusRWiCK April 26Ion I Jnrrnrd
ex County tolector was couilcied of forgery today
The jury uaa nut twn limira Henirn tiaa been pelt
pined for lunwrrka a > the motion of the defence I a
now tilal less nut been deitJed
Nes AllMHI Betrayal ar William rarry
Attar a rrlee af Marrlaare
William Parry a member of the firm of
Parrr A Bon pattern makers BO First street
WiUlamaburgh yes arrested yesterday on an
order granted by Judge Clement ot tbe City
Court In A tilt to roooror MOOOO damages for
an nlleeed breach of promise ot marrlfuro
broucht hy Mr Ilrldant Dowtl as guardIan
od Mm of her daughter Marsh aged Ivrenr
In complaInt Miss UowunneiffH tune
bnonmo Acquainted with Mr Inrrr In June
IH80 through nn Introduction by henry Lnnn
larry It Is I aliened invited HIM Dowd JocJili
at his house to see his parents Atllrst she de >
ollnod todoao but finally eho connonted to do
so Him ulliCft that when sho did mill at his
homo 59 South Sixth street she found Parry
alone and that ha detained her thoro In spIte
of her entreaties and resIstance
Parry was placed under 12000 ball and In
efatm he was taken to Raymond street Jail
estorday afternoon hIs friend furnished the
required bonds and be was released
Th liens Acrrea I II an4 Vnleje I Fat
Sr thlp i an Ike Free 11st
WssnitotoN April 20TIm bill to remove
Imrdtna en Ibe American merchant marine and to en
courage our foreign carrying trade wai passed In the
House today after beIng amtruled In mom respect An
ainttidintnt offered by Ur Cos of New Yorkwee agreed
to provIding thu ny citizen may Import Iron or Heel
tnllt snipe of not Irsa than < Ku tona mtaaureweiit free
of dciy the itsips to be eilinltitit to Aiiirnoau registry
attn lo lie exoladeil from the coaaiwlne trade
Mr Cox asked leave In report for Inim iliate ronalilfr
alien Die Senile Joint resolution ffrantlutf pf rnii alun tn
lnsUn ltc > n old s now on lutr with the Ureeiv Itelltf
K pcilltlnn to accent the Decnratlnn nf this lto > al and
Imperial Order of rinds I Jnstpli from its clurrrninent
of Anilrla Mr ItobtnHon of New York tiowivar oti
jested thnaiti tie pall ho wai with iff to extttid the
Ihankaof UunirrvHS to thus youn man an honur com
iared n lilt which the rluliuus were uiinseaaa
Hem After Oonvlcllnn
The conviction of Charles II Itugg for the
lurder of Miss Annie Maitiea at Brcetvllle la the sixth
conviction for murder In Qaeena county within eight
year Those conviction were Jackson and Jar
vi la negroes for the murder of Ramnel Jonei Pe
aney for the murder of Cant Dlckaon Ma
onchle for the murder of Maggie Bauer and
atrlck Casey for the murder of Sergeant ComUkey
Jackson Jarvla and Delaney were hanged Maconcble
went t 8tate prison for life and argument before the
Court of Appeals for a new trial for Casey will be beard
on lueaday
Kugi slice hIs conviction lies become very nervous
lefore lie was placed In hla cell on Friday afternoon tho
cell wan thorougtily cleaned and the little nrnnmanta
with hlch he had decorated It taken out lie reoelt ed
a ault of prison clothes He was Ironed when he was
put baok In the cell He sushi but little on Friday night
iut still Has a good appetite and la oot averse to talk
tog about luis trial
Tutu only thing Is he sild a new trial My counsel
would not let me tell where I got the watch when I
waaon the atand
tIll coiinael did not call to see him yesterday bit It la
nderatond tlmt they will apply for a new trial JOstles
Iron n iv 111 sentence Itugg Immediately upon the open
luug of the Court tomorrow morning
Kllrnln Cant Bow Wnlktae
The members of the ExecutIve Committee ot
the National Association ot Amateur Oarsmen met In the
Ullaey Uouielaat night These definitions were adopted
A Junior sculler la one who baa never pulled In a
senIor or won a junior scull race
A junior oarsman la one who ha never pulled an oar
In a senior race or been a winning oarsman ID a junior
race Compstlllons with members of hIs own club will net
affect the standing of a junior of any oarsman nraculler
The qualification aa a junior oarsman or nculler
ball relate to each time of his coming to tha starling
post whether In a trial or a final heat
It waa decided to row the annual regatta atWatklni
Jake on Auif 12
John Kllraln the pugilist who desIres to be known aa
an amateur oarsman will not be allowed to eater any of
the races
endlnar kle Pkotoarnpk wltk his Cheek
Do we open accounts with men who can
not read or writer Oh yei said a bank Treildcnt
although some bank refuao to accept such accounti
Ye simply have a password which wo use as a > means
ot Identification 1 heard the oilier day of a photograph
dantlflcatlon In connection with a check A man who
was unable bread or write use In Bt Louis where he
waa a complete stranger and wished to draw money
trout a bank In Trite where ho liml an actount lie
could nut triilltv I btmsi If In au > of tho ordinary ways
and he wits asked to Imve photograph taken When
this was d < ne U wits attached to a check upon which he
nade tie murk and was split forw ard telegram came
jack to par the check and the man got the monev by
neani of bis photograph I do not know of any other
Instance where a man ever put till photograph through
the routine of bank builneas
Ilnnker Pecka Property Hold
The property of E 8 Peek the private bank
er of Patchogue L I who failed a few months ago and
who afterward made an alleged attempt to commit aul
clde was sold yesterday In Patchogna by direction ot
the aistenee About 20Ono waa obtained for It The
residence which cost III Oli brought taoist Median
lea llena on It amount fin ie2a The bank building
which coat uituJ l Was tuouttlit by John Havens aa the
representative ot a number of persons who Intend lo us
talillati a inal bank Some vacant lota brought
KJOOO The iletiuThuth U it Ilia now saidreceive
over J3 per cent of their deposit rer u ii < e
a Week ago mil i t II Ii Said hela now In Connecticut As
signee Potter say he bellevea heck and lute wife turned
over everything they possessed
On Complaint of a Boy
John E Wheolock whoso claim for 150000
against the Venezuelan ov eminent la at present before
Congress was arraigned before Justice Walsh In Brook
lyn yesterday for an attempted assault on James II
Hark ageut In years Wheelock lived at 2ID Pearl street
and Clark railed there In auswer to an advertisement for
an errand toy
The attempted asaanlt was committed It la alleged br
Wheelock In a furnished room which he occupies and
was witnessed by Police Captain Campbell and Detective
Lowery who wets atanding on an extension to the
house and looking through a window Wheelock was
sent to Jail pending examination He Is of middle age
with gray side whiskers and la very deaf
Iaillllcal Straws
The Eighth North Carolina Congress district
Republican Convention eaterduy elected W H 1earron
and I L flrecn delegatea to the Chicago Convention
They are InitruiUd for Arthur and Lincoln
The Arlona Kepublium Convention on Friday ap
point d delegate to the Chicago Convention and in
strutted them for Hlalne
The Hepublican Convention of the Seventh North Car
ollna dlitrlct jetterdav slut I Into two faction each
electing delegatea to Chicago Tho delegate of both
famous ii ere Instructed to vote for Arthur
llualncae Trouble
Dultman Tompkins A Co grain and flour
commUelon merchants who aup ndcd Friday made an
aaslgnincnt yesterday to George A Butler glvliii pre
ferences for S5J40U aa follows Ilk hard C nultman
tu3lt l John U Hrjlikmati lOtu > John Mclninufi r
JUKI Illhrrt Tompklns 54W HanoverMatluual Bank
S7iu llklrkh II llultmanMOum
lleclK A Burclty commission nurihant of San Fran
cisco filed ti briutuuy LIabilities are fJWlOOU nominal
aMi 5ioisi i Dinohue kelly A Co bankers and
the 1uclflo Bank are special creditors
nAsslstant District Attorney Henry Snoll
the law partner of District Attorney Winchester
liritton dlid yesterday morning at tie residence 233
Carrot street Ilrookl n lie vv as 4J v ears old
W ci W > man of ilrofton tit well known inerclisnt
and politician died ailddclll onKrida >
Ihomaa Oaff aged 74 3 core of Aurora hit one of the
largest distillers in the country died of apoplexy In cin
clnnati I on 1rld iv evening
Dr Adolph Kruinlng the largest iiinnufurtiircr ot
drugs and chemlcali In Ucrinun Is dead at rankfort
The Preeldoni offtaHador Here
Trrsldent Jtafnol Zaldlvar of Salvador and his
suite Mesirs Juin Ia Illla Ui Hernandez Jose Leon
ard Joachim Uindez Den Uollaa and Dr Emlllo
Ahitire arri cut yesterdsy on the etesitter Acsptihco
trim Asluituit nih Thy it eut In ttu Whtutuir tltei stud
over receireuh iu tieor IiatrLs Mitutiter fur ithhtsuiuur
autuh II uictisha 0in B lctiei Suinre tbte Suulutiuhl Cttusuih
iieteral and 1MM iuttiuztlue Cuuoti flies tuusul lroiuiint
Erlutiisr ltu this evei0te tIbet miii a frieuil iii Fifth eve
oue II will visit astuiuigtou atud ttueuu co to Euruup
Toung Mrs Mllcaell Poisons Ilerseir
Ilnttlo Mitchell 22 years old took lodging
with LouIsa Klebur at 137 Ludlow street a few days ago
She laid her husband Charles I Mitchell a photog
rapher nf Ihlladelphli had left her tile looked for
work but did not find It Yesterday she swallowed arse
nIt and was found dent In her room SItu heft a Post
Olllce order for 11 and a rerllnVate of her Inauranre In I
the New lurk tafety Fund at 1M Ilrondway Only 10
cents had bean paid on It
Mr Mnulllu Uu Not Failed
The report that FrederIck AY Huullln the
representative on the Produce Exchange of C I Green
S Co Ito Pearl street failed on Friday la Inrnrrect
Mr Maiilltn ha not even suspanded and says be had no
contracts outstanding on the 1rodute Exchange Al
though he Is I a member of the Nw tnrk rroducerz
ohango his business Is the execution or ruttier the trans
mlsalon ot order to Chicago
lie lEad to Have kle Exr Hewed On
William niake of Tompklnsvllle Staten
Island attended a aoclal party at the rtsldtnce of Ur
Kraua nn tue I fingerboard road In Clifton a few nuhta
slme and while dnnclng slhipe l and fell barkuMrd
ngaluat a large pane ot plate glaaa The tiles was stint
tired Ilia neck and aialp were iialofull cut undone
olhlaenra tueerly severed from liu head It had to be
suited In Place again
Staten Iliind lleitle In flesh Ielnle
Through litigation lllchmond county two
ycara ngo aciulrcd the deeds nf three linnc In New
Jersey 0 Inn of lhr < r In I Jeraev lllly wna sold lint it i k
for r vri Afii rdc Incilnir the let il eiu > HMM and law
yer fees fie county rrceiud 4 iifrom tue lutlu
JUelnrke imivlrted nt Murder
KIMTIIA April 26Thin jury In thin rnio of
William Mrlnoke ihargid sUit the murder ot Katie
Hrndhoff aftrrliilng t nut liro I bourn rendend I A veidirt
of murder in tie hutti degree Judg ilufiv suspunJed
scnlcnco until Monday ii > uruliiC
0 4
DH rfKWMAtf roRHlDOmH TO VtM Kit
Judge Be twlek Asked I MlMt klna e x
days Alan kail Italia AHia > IU by ii
riv Clergrneai at r > Ut r sad Other
Lawyers W J Woshburn and Austin AtH
bolt appeared In the Superior Court before
Judge John Bodirwlck yesterday aid Mktd for
a temporary Injunction restraining the B r
Dr John P Newman the Madison Areatk t
Congregational Church and the hoard ot
Trustees of the church from porformlng ttuf
dutloK whatever pertaining to th church or
from Interfering with hue right of members ot
the ohuroh Tbo title ot the action U Fred
erick T Hopkins ngt James n Seymour and
other trustees and the Nov Ir John P New
man With the complaint them waprt
sontod to Judge Hodgwlci rt copy of no end ol
documents which have boon aecumulallBC
since lie church quarrel broke out Among
the names signed lo affidavits are thoso of dlav
tjngulshed clrruymun who w > ro members X I
thin Council voting nirnlnxt Dr Nnwman
Tint Injunction applied for roatrnlncd Dr
Newman from acting as pastor In any yn4
thin church or rust tieu from recognizing bfraaa
such It rostrnlnod him from presIding stacy
niietlng from voting and from drawing hu
salary It refllruliied the trustees from caulim
any mooting from proceeding with the rent
Knnlzatlon of tho church from revising th s
roll of members and from Interfering to nro
oiit or forbid meetings of momtmm TAO
tnihteR ware especially to bo enjoined from
recognizIng or employing Dr Newman B pas
tor and iron tinylng him any sa try rroam
Nuclei 31 the data of his dlmiilssal by the liar
vai d looms meet Ing of church members s
JudKntipdguIek grants n temporary Injuno >
tlon covering nil thneo points excepting that
he allow lr Nownmn on Hundays to prnac
and conduct tho HorUooaaa usual and allow
tIm trttushirna to mill meetings but roquiras Uiera
to adjourn at one without doing business
Dr Jiimcs W Itnnnoy and Horace H Tuttl
tuo bonds tstwiiach to cover all damages la
ease thu defendants ware Injured by the la
Coplesof the Injunction complaint and affl
davits wore HTvoil In tho evening on Ur New
man and Trustees n H flrant Jofhua 8
Uixiler Hboppitrd Knnpp James U Urtwrj
Jhrlrttoplnr Meyor Alexander Nlooll and
Jacob Berlin On Thursday cause must b
tihuown why the Injunction should not bo mad
TIm complaint charges that the Newma
trustees aro proceeding In the admlnlstratloa
of the church und society contrary to thn dis
cipline rules and usages ot the church II
says that Ur Newman is a clergyman ot
another denomination and not the per
manent pastor of the church that the
Income of the church la entirely Inadequate
to paying him tlOOOU n year that Ur New
man and the trustees have disregarded the
wishes of the church and council and now
endeavor to cue off many of the church mem
bers by revising the rolls that the trustee
are falling to collect the pew rants and that
they are allowing the building to go torultt
for want of repair
The affidavit of the clergymen Dr It 8
Fttorrs Ur Dos tor Dr A li Clapp Ur U D
Coo and Ur E W Oilman wore In reference
to the distinction between an acting and a reg
ular pastor holding that the pastorate ehould
bo formally accepted and ratified by a council
of the churches An acting pastor could be re
moved nt any time by a vote ot the church
An affidavit by a painter says that the church
Is badly In need of paint and Is rusting away
Ur Newman said last night that bo was glad
Judge Sndgwlck had frustrated the attempt to
prevent him from Drenching today Uo wee
willing to obey tim Injunction The only meet
ing It would interfere with would bo th
Wednesday evening mooting Aa to bin being
a Methodist It was n common thing for 1rosby
terlan to ho called to Congregational pulolCs
Trustee Nlcoll said he was greatly surprised
for ho had supposed the fight was all over
Note of r
Ike Trotter
There ware many visitors at the track of the
New York Driving Club last week Alilcrman Henry
Ilughoaa aorrel gelding Fides and Jauiei Keenani bay
gelding Prank had a brush of a mile and went neck lad
neck all the way round In 2333g I
Jerome Whelpley drove Krank a mile In 2 I7K Pal
mer Cleveland drove Minnie Warren to a tSp wage
weighing with its contents 31 > pounds a half mile 1
1 11 and another quarter in Jlli aeconda
John K Turner the Philadelphia trainercame on with
Mr Fdwlii Thorne In purchase the bay mare Nettle
1arka belonging to Mr VVUIIiin Knapp Tlhe mare laby
Tliorndall out of a Illot mare and had tfo record Mr
Turner drove hern mile over the track to a rosS wafo
InJ m ltd Mr iutrne pail fisoo for her
Mr W II llsrieck trove lrinue Arthur and Chestnut
lllll a tulle itu JW Mr Alfred Do Ci rdova drove Julia
U a mile to a road ration In 2 30 SIr John Harry
drovo ills bay gelding Col Hunt to a road wagon a
quarter of a mlo in 91 Hecon 1s cud a mile In t 3H
Mr A A Homier drove hla bar mare lal y Tyrrel a
mile to a heavy tup road wagon In 2 4U The bay mare
hellylklng trotted a half mile at her ease to a road
wagon In 1 13i and the bay Orldlnir Joe htlptey went a
half mile to a top road wagon in I lAa
Mr Frank VVorka Idnard anul Sir PeterTanrvlnes ii
Rattler had a truth from mth to lith strIct Hauler
lund i I the iuet of the mlid oB and faced In trout for half a >
mile when Mr Work gave IMward hla head and rushed
by Ititller winning by several lengtha without turning
Low Tclcerav faue
The now night rates of the Baltimore and
Ohio Telegraph Company are said bytelegnph men to
be the lowest rates ever offered to the publc They are
one cent a word between any points recited by the
compaiDi lino east of the Missouri lOver The mini
mum nUht rate Is fifteen cents for which an equal num
ber of tonal can tie smt The Pysten of the company
extends aa far mth as Washington and west to Chicago
and M Louis I tnea are being built to Boston and thai
principal Intermediate polntu as well aa to New Orleans
antI iialveston The new reduied night rates ot the
Western Union naiiKly ten words for fifteen cents be
tween competitive points appliea according to the cur
cular to Mutual Union oflucs only
Abbey In Tara Sues tsenlekl
It was reported yesterday that Manager Ab
bey hall rough suit for fflooo against Madame Scalchl r
for refusing to sing lu The Prophet on the afternoon
of April U because she ha I eaten too much breakfast
Tlioperforn a ice was abandoned because nf her re
fusal and Mr Abbey it la alleifid was obliged In refund
ratesu which had been pull for Scalp and forfelte4
11411 which mouth have been due him from the stock
hollers hid Ihe entcrulumtut been given IS
suing Abbey for salary
Will Ike Opera Houses Mere I
Tho directors ot the Academy ot Music ar
to meet on Monday night when the question will be
prcaented whether or not a conaolldtitlon shall be
effected with the Metropolitan Opera House The dt
rectors are hesitating as tn what courts to pursue Her
era aro strongly HI posed to giving uu tlio old house
with us many ptoasant a > mi5ilon < Others are con
vlnced that It Is Impossible to have two 01 era conn anlss
golnir In tIll city at the same time w Ituout a loss to one
or both
Fireman Noelen wlirOtt Veil
David II Bodon fireman ol Engine
11 who was burled under dh tie at the tell street Ore
will get well Ihe doctors say The surgeons took
stock of lili injuries ycatcrda and found pretty near
all the bones In his body except the ribs broken Tbere
are ninnbera of rontiinions alo
M 8nlcn Is H stout mm and It was that probably that
sited his llfn Dr Imils er said A thin man wouM
hnvi hei i tioKcn to licteit Wo set the broken tone
of the rlrflit leg busy aid tomorrow will gitatlhej
anus uuul left iz It mil be three months before be
la able to leave the hospital
ftot Limited to Ike Fife Hooks of lloeee
WASJIISOTOX April 20 Edward Drlco col
ored convicted of the murder of Ieter Washington In
tills city was todny sentenced by JuIce Wjlle to to
hanged A motion for a now trial on Ibe
ground ttmt onn of the jnrora I who la a He ft
brew tool the tnt tuluol n the Uhrlntlaa Bible and net
upon the lUoliookiof Moses was overruled The Uteri
pail 1 tint he w oiild not grant the motion oven were Mr
rank ail orthodox Jew for the objection should have
been raised at Iho llmu tun juror was sworn
Rouademan Mleveaiae Ilcalk
Roundsman Davis Stevens who for a long
tItus was detailed to the Street Cleaning Department
and three da s ago waa transferred to the Charles Street
police died vesierdav morning from heart disease Ills
said III Psi I tutu troiildrd with Illnesses arising from
the persistent use of hair dyes but was not known U
nave heart dlseaae
Aajalnat Ike Bill
Mayor Dlson and his Cabinet yesterday
voted aifani > l UK bill In the Legislature to proven the
closing of thit schools for colored children In New York
laid the bill in add the rreaideuteif the lIre Department
to Ihe Aqueduct Commission
flurry Hllla License
Harry Hills license which expired a tort
night ago was before the Excise Commlsslonera yester
day after several adjournments and its consideiatlon
was postponed again unlit next Saturday on an aj plica >
ion by Mr James Cuven couuel fur Uaro Hill
Kir HiKkln Wane Again
Mr John D Haskln was goIng flsKInc for
flounders at Harbor Island yesterday but on Friday
evenliu he ha I a clmneo d ideill for the worse and
3 i > iirda > bis IliilcljiK uia Hint his cuuJHluu was
Mcnkiideu Arrive
Monhndnn nnioinM In Tong Island waters
for t tic tiri liinc h HitH i inifi 01 Krldny on i large linm
IIT u I limn I it its eu iithi I H K I Viii of III lminilcm
lit ny ailtrnoni iniilt one million at cue taut 1S <
Us i so et ire eninll iut luur
Jnrrtl Iliea IVnnsIviinln
NKW lltoiiju in n Pa 1 April 20A forol IIr
tiia rift 1 ut I iii lIuuetutit Iliitge rear huts 115cC all
I v e i trrti t I tu fltues ut ietut a wtlrt siceturaun a
p iti luni trout tiui ii thte tree tis liluihiuli
I f ccci ut I tthuistI liuul lave titu Swept Olaf
bsl cral fsrtt tituess larruo ly 5051uSd

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