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ru tnninii us cox rana ov
fnders Ftttor llMlamllKW sa Atl
T k r rutlslrut iut flrI H > friy
to the TiirlfTTwii iion Cn
t enliil
didsie bedlnl ri i Ike rr liliilUI Br smtnNtnn
FttThWllf 41401 July 22rittaburKhlia6 boon
fttIvo tOIY with nrlous preliminary demon
810IOln llu National Prohibition Convon
i on which b011 It s loulon l for the nomina
tion ol IrosUontlal candidates tomonow
ton It will to tin largest Convention of
S klnJ erer n mUod in thl country
Twenty W tllo l witi ha Presented Jinny of
tho dolczatlom Irnvn iilrcadv nrrivod and ouoli
train brlnM now addition The Now York
Irlin deloffitlon i tho Inrtwst It numbers seventy
niieli prominent 1roUlbltlonlsts
wo Including A Iromlnont lroblbitonl81J
uBtdhen Morrltt of XewYork 1rof A A Hop
klolol Ilocliostcr Thoinni W Orgah tho Rev
W HBool tho Rev T J Utssoll of lirock port
the Hun W J Oroo Hornca Waters nnd Clin
ton lon There aro four ladloi In tho del
cfttlons Mrs Frances Knuoland Jlory T Hurt
flnlloo r V K Golf nnd Mrs Charlotte A Clove
tacit Other prominent delegates present aro
tho ol Rev Dr A J Thompson IrosMont ot
Oborlln University MIss Florence Moshor ol
Baltimore the Hen Gideon T Btowart ot Ohio
Oeorco C Christian President o I thn Illinois
State Tiohlbltlon Convention tho HOT D I
Miller of Michigan William Daniel President
of thn Maryland State Tiinnornnco Alliance
and tin Hon 8 B Hansom of New Jersey Tho
familiar face of Neal Dow Is missing for ho
ha come out for limbo But Maine sOUls a
strong delegation bendod by N F Woodbury
The day bus boon a busy ono with tho recep
tion ROil location of the delegations nnd conferences
ferences and meetings In Lnfayetto Hall to
talk ocr cantildotes nntl platform There wi
tllk candllnles mnk the platform much
be a sIron clort 10 rlRtorln mich
broIr then any hcrulolor adopted Tho
loW York dolctonll1or tho conlnemont 01
the rlatform to the subject of prohibition and
the ontranchUcniunt 01 women The Maryland
delegation want total In tho labor nuection
nd to Imvcitnlantlmonopoly plank itllunday
Taw It plunk nnd other reform plnnke The Ohio
delegation headed by Uldvpn T Btunrt who Is
Also Chairman < of tho National Executive
Commlitic is In favor of a very broad
Iimtfurm of return Ho wild today that
whlln trh Ibi lion will bo tbo main plank ho
favors a declaration In optiosltton monopoly
nolrinniy stock gambling and reckless grants
of Public lands to corporations All those uuos
thona will cxinn tip for discussion In tho Con
vection Rod will give tho CommttUO on 1lat
ntoo viTv tough lob compared with which
the task or tho ltolilb can and Democratic
Committees on Platform wcro oasy 1 Is l even
proposed to Introduce limo tariff qm > Mlon and
creel the Convention to make an enunciation
on that point
There are many forcible spoakoro In the Con
vention men of earnest convictions who arc
determined to make a lent for reforms touch
lEciiurely moral question Them IK n large
representation of clergymen nnd they are gen
emily determined to mako the platform a very
strong ono on the purl of morality Tho vcrv
name nl the party will evolve much debato and
there are Indications that I strong effort will
be made to chance I Although generally I i
pokcn of as the Prohibition party the real
name ot record Is The National Irohlbltlon
home Protection Party This namo Is op
posed by some ot tho delegates as altogether
I too lout Tho Idea of It Is to express the inten
tion of protecting the homes OXjr08S people by
nnctlnir reformatory laws but many of tho
dclxKatns think this can b done in a shorter
and mere euphonious annie
Tho party claims to b stronger than ever
While the leaders do not oxnoct to carry any
Ingle State they do oxceot to take advantage
of the present Indications of disruption in both
parties So as to throw their voto when it will
i 0 a groat balanca of power Taking tho
recordset tha hlclinst votes cast for prohibi
tion measures at various times they show that
they have nearly ono million votes in the
United Htates although there were but
i J ton thousand cast fur the last national
conilni They explain the low vote 1
of Ib7i by the lick ut proper moans
and organization They say they will have
help tits unto I tu do bettor They point to the
election of Clov Ht John of Kattnas and the
prohibition vote of 93307 In that State iu IBHil
and the adoption nf the prohibition amend
ment to the Iowa Constitution as Indications
of the power of reform when onco aroupod
They say that the lumper of tho people IH alive
for reform and that there Id I room for a unat
third part to Etep In and swowptho country
with the Iwsom of political purification
Of candidates there o plenty und It Is dif
ficult to nay who Is the favorite as It I not yet
determined who shall be admitted to vole llo
bides lie tegular ritntt delegations them tire
many Independent M > cl < tlcs thnt claim admis
sion The Executive Committee after dis
cussing the matter very fully referred the do
clslon to the regular State delegations The
latter have boon talking tho matter over this
afternoon and evening but have not yet
reached a conclusion Tho New York delega
tion favors St John of Kansas its the nominee
for President Ho 111 strong candidate and
has many trlond Ho Is Kiildhonnvrr to uno
forte woik In the ranks ana stump speaker
for the ticket Another strong candidate for
President Is Dr 1 H McDonald of
Callorlil wall known in Now York
city ns I large capitalist und teal estate owner
and ono of the pilnclml men In the Paclllo
Bank of California Ho wan for ten yours
prominent In California as a ProhlbltlonlHt
and cot 5IKKI I otos for Governor I Is said
that Is willing to advanco funds to defray I
large part ot the expenses of the canvass Hu
has very strong frh > niU hero In his Interest
and cart loads of documents gIving his views
haw ten circulated For VicePresident thu
name of lien Clinton D Fisk of New Jersey
Is spoken of Uov ColQtiltt of Georgia and
Judge JUIUCH mock of Pennsylvania cousin of
Judge Juinmlah Black have also bson spoken
of for both platcs on tho ticket Ohioan T
Stewart Ohio Is pressed as the nominee for
rrei > dunt by the Ohio delegation Ho has
ninny friends Iud Is a strong candidate
As to which ot the parties In the full will bo
most Injured by the nominees of this Convert
then tltrro Is I considerable speculation fomn
of the Irudors buy that In the t North they will
draw mofct voms trout lllulne and In the Houth
mon from Cluvilnnd In MIsKottrl lor In
stancn thu Rev Ir brooks time leader of the
Frohllittltni iniienieiit i a melon Democrat
I and Chnric P JnHnoon nnd I Ornte Brown
I vrellknown Dprnocrats arc In the Prohibition
I movement More than onylmlf of Marylands
dnloiratoB to this Uonvuiitlon are old marabou
CIcIIC 110 011 mtmbI
of thoDnniociatlc party It Is I n nutnworthy
fact that mime countliS In Dcmocrntlo Mary
lane huvl1 n S MP1 prohlbltorillawinndltliatHtHto
juts now even more ctriiiKont prohibitory laws
lrllJont pruhlbltOf
tlmn 311 Inl HU
1 n prcciiit Indications are lint the pro
ceeding of the Convention will occupy Ihreo
ua > s The dol atoM rvlniM no desire to hurry
I to blUe the work they have to do
I fioi Hit t Aintrliitnl Irru
John n Tin th nf Nebraska U tho only one
mentioned ns temporary Chairman of tho Con
I Jjition alt nobody Is propped for iiermanent
Chairman except < Miss Frances Wlllnrd who
Biar not 1 be able to attend rIm main tnitturca
51 I tile platform will IH prohibition and home
protection I will favor civil service to
form demand the removal ot Ills appointing
power from the President and the making
of nil ofik04 elective oppose all monopolies
nd special prUHocofi favor thn reserving of
Public lands fur actual settlers dxnounca
lock mid grain speculations and tiika high
Tminds on I iiuestiotis of moral reform It
w III favor tomato suffrage and denounce
rplrcnmr Tho estimates glvan of tho proba
be stiungth of the party varies with the en
tnunlasin of the delegates BOle claim that
thtsy > will poll SOOWMi votes while tho more
lanuulnu place It as high as lOOOIKX
lb SOUoull Committee met this afternoon
ynaelected William Dunlnls of llultlmoro for
temporary Chairman Tlloy nlm adopted 1
resolution providing thnt all the delegates bo
uinltted to seats on the floor of tho Convun
Ion but < that only those who have rrgunrly
lened credentials b permitted to votn Thu
Sat ° Uon will b opposed by maui of tho dclo
ilr Dnnlois ha drawn out of tile contest for
the PrpIdentlnl nomination and the chanrcs
of Dr 11 McDonald of Cnilfoinla and Clln
ton B Fisk of New Jersey have materially
weakened owing to tho efforts of the admir
< olnrls
1 ers of oxOov St John His letter declining
to acccjt tho nomination which was spoken
Mast I night was nddessed to T Edcnr Hunt
3cieKato at largo from Now Jersey as follows
NOHTH llnCTum N y July 21
hVil ondlllninlly for a third parlv i and shall I
IoIU i UHI I utt t nominee of the Iittiburjh Convmi
OOu tint int Kni > < > J lh 1ltLurghlonlI
I lu iiiui be In Itie rank tutu iii penpie
5151 3 WII rJ
no If
AU I f 1 hot sCCcpt IIY ncnlll5tion I
lll WIII I a chlee 10 hIlit liquor 11 all parties
oe Ir141 ovvuU iay Oat hit rau Yuan
his lotwlthstafldlng this his friends 1 are urging
BU nomination and claim that be will accept It
Tfct Cklcaga Mleiellsts Trip
TIT July 20BUtythree Chicago blcy
eUI On triilr way from Niagara fall to Boston visited
l D It ant Au ible Chum this morning Thlssf
torosd to riattsburhwhere they arrived
1Iy 14 la Touorrow tney toy to Lake
I <
lie Ase > Mutks Ueferen LEUlu
slush Kewark Demiternl
Tho Grand Opera Hotuo In Nnwnrk wee
crowded to the dooraaat ovonlng with Demo
crats Two thousand were present when Alder
man Jamxs Hmlth stopped forward to open tho
first ratification mooting of tho campaign On
tho platform sat Gov Abbott Congressman
Fiedler John P Htockton Mayor Hayncs Col
C M Xullch George H Durreo Judge John H
Meeker burg Peters William l Guild
Thomas Dunn Kngllsh JnmoiF Connelly and
other lending members of the party
Chairman Smith Introduced GOT Abbott
Chalrmln Imlh Inlolll < as
tho most popular Governor New Jersey has
had for years and ho was greeted with pro
longed chcuis The Governor said wih
I am with I you mh at the bfglnnlnzof Mils ram
Ialgn I to latlify ynnlf thnt were nrceitary fl thai I am
for Cleveland und Huudrlck There Is n remit of aeon
Tol 01
sldcraule anL of the Republican party Why
r rrh t
IS I IhUT llecitue the men who bar re
volted ilnn think Mr Hlalne a Ht Israeli to be Ireildenl
of the United 8trtf llccan e In I hIs mbilo lit are
mattvr almtit which he t I silent and which cannot ii
cxrilMned I I III tar iii own IpilTra ullow that he I tint fit tn
rule liver Ihe land 1 Moreover th nun wlm surround
hIlt and who made hi nomination posslbls are men
w hum the butter pan of the republican party say that I
ltl I not afetiiiu > t
II has been aid that Cleveland Is not In mpnlhy with I
the 1Plo nn qosutlon ctliigtauor lbS lu I untrue
I trllcv that lie Ia I a true and honeit friend of labor
Whit public Clot lllalnes has been friendly to labor F
You fun show lint I In tin Intertill of pure government
wmt r hn ha dune In n III viur I favor tf Va4 It when ai
Breiiker of the ttott e tie wa aionrdlng tn Kepubllcan
tevitmonv t barlering away the Interest of IllS I country I
In hi letter hi has attempted It tn had lOll oil Oh the
niiIect of the tarltr believing Hint like ilameld lie
could win by aim ullIhIly Logan letter Is I like IILilne1 I
It remind me rI He ton IIaughter1 The Demo
cmllo prtrtv will not allow the plus to he made Ucord
lair to Mr 1 Blulne dere Tlty have nuile reform the
battle cry and they menu to mako the reform Mynr nf
Huffnli amid the refn m ilovernorof New York our re
form rreildxnt lur cry IC l Kxrcutlve reform by hon
plansej cut men with Cleveland for froildent lUreat an
ExSenator Stockton said the Republican
party promised In several campaigns to give I
the paoplo a purer government Whan the
usurper who Iurrr Tlld ns seat was I candi
date thoro wore pledges of reform Four years
ago tho pirtyH OAt man again thoughl it could
purge Itself But today It wa still corrupt
and the people must turn tho rnscnln out
3IISS 311Y lions WAYLAID
Iler Aaaiillanli liclnsi CUnaed by n Crowd
Nulm Aero Xcwtowui trek
May Bohn a hnndsiimo Uormau girl
1C years old started about 53 > oclock last
cranIng from Christopher Nulys farmhouse
in Itavcnswood where she Is employed as a
domestic to her homo In Dutch Kills Long
Ultnd City She took u nhcrt out through for
dent > Wood ° As sho was emerging from the
woods nnd about to cross stream a young
man stepped out of tho underbrush and said
hello Cant I help you over tho drain
Sho declined his assistance and ho caught
hold of her arm and throw her on the ground
Bho struggled and screamed but another man
jumped out of tlio brush and they oerpowored
her stilling her cries for help by tvlna I unfit
korchnf over her mouth Hue atlll struggled
and In her efforts to free horsolf rolled Into tho
stream Hero chic got the handkerchief from
hor mouth and renawed her acroahilmu for help
Thoy attracted tho attention of her mother
who was near by at thin time and also of some
farmers In tho vicinity All ran to her assist
ance When the two morn saw the crowd com
Inn they ran rIme farmers followed thom
Tile chnsMook thorn through the swamps bor
dering tlio wood thtongh William street in
Dutch Kills down Jackson nvcnuo to the
County Court House whoro tho fugitives
turned oiT Ibo avenuo to the Long Island Hall
road track Thence they ran through vacant
lots to Borden avenue When they were about
half way between Hunters Point and lillssvllle
they jumped Into Nawtown Crook and swam to
thin Kings county side
The crowd by this time had Increased to 0
or 500 When It reached the bank ol the rook
n 1 man draw a pistol nnd was in the act of llrlng
at tho fugitives who were In midstream but ha
was restrained by those about him The men
have lust evening not yot been arrested Miss Doha said
Id know Ibo men I I saw them again I
havo seen thor In them wood several times In
tho iivnnlncs on my way homo from work Last
Huttirday morning ono of them I think he llvs
In Eighth street Hunters Point spoke t me
nnd said ho would give me mora money than I
got working I told him to go away from mo
1 didnt see him again until this evening Just
ns I got out of the woods ho sprang ut me and
throw mo down That Is all Blrlnl cn remember
until I mm picked out ot the water I shall
never forget their faces I
utopixa WIT A neano
A Itennllfnl and Arlaineratla TPktt Girl
ICnne Awn with her Caaekatun
ANNAPOLIS Md July 22Dr Henry
Richardson Is ono of tho wealthiest and most I
successful physicians of this county Ho has
a handsome country residence In the lower
portion of Anno Arundel and his family has 1
for yearn boen prominent In tho Stale The
Doctor Is a widower and his mansion was pre I
sided over by I Blstoilnlaw lilts Helen
Owens 22 years old highly educated and very
popular Bho has a tall and graceful form
large black eyes with arched brows and a Croat
muss of rAe black Imlr Her pnnioiial at
tractions wore famous throughout tho county
anti she had many ullorl to till of whom she
appeared wholly indifferent Her great pas
sion appeared to b horseback riding and
sbo could often fan seen mounted rllnl white
mare dashIng recklessly across fields and
jumping fences at all hours ut the day year
In and year out When It became known yes
terday that Ibis lady was suspected of having
elopod with a negro farm hand employed by liar
brothor very few people would believe It To
day the Astonishing report proved to be true
The colored farm hand whose name Is I Jesse
Plater Ix I a muscular man of fine physique 28
years old nnd nearly white He was known to
havo the greatest contempt for girls of his own
rave and was never neon In company with
them He was always the groom or coachman
accompanying Miss Owens
On Mondity nluht t Miss Owens and Plater wero
both missing They wore seen walking iiulet
ly down tho railroad track late a night and
lon train on the lolf Creek Itallroad to
Howie 1 Station where they changed cars for
Washington The man would readily pass for
Willie with those not knowing him A tele
gram has been vent to Washington asking that
they bo arrested Thai gli IV I lands and family
claim that Fhel Is certainly demented and refer
to tha fact that sho has nn aunt in an Insane
asylum The feeling against tho negro Is In
tense and tho young men In tho neighborhood
are talking orclnoublyot lynching
Iror Oca II Ilnrwln Takes eta American
Erne July 22 Qcorgn H Darwin F K B
Professor of Astronomy In rainbtldge Lulverslly Eng >
land old son of Ihe naturalist 1rof Chat Darn In was
this evening wedded to Ml I s Dupny of Ihltadel
phln at ihi residence of her litter Mrs WI
rd rii
ham hpenrtr la this city The crLIIrii te I the
dinghtrr of flurles M Oiipijy President of the Ameri
can Hocloly of Hiigucnoti I I She wore a orthcoilume
of white brocade satin with diamond ornament The
newlyweitdrd cnnple were attended by Prof It U Jcub I
of the Kdluburgh I Univeiilt and I < 11 They sail fur
their future home In London next week r
Iteoth f Mr dime Gray Hwleehelsa
PiTTsnunan July 22rs Jane Gray Swiss
helm died at her bOlo at Knlssvale this afternoon aged
C8 years She was for many years a Journalist and an
agitator for woman suffrsjo and the abolition of slat ery
In ISIS she started the Pittsburgh AYiIurifny littar an
abolition paper fume was the Oral female newspaper
correspondent In Waeblniilon and wrote letters frnm
that in far the New York TrlltWif fclie continued her
connection l with the ritlstinrgh Eisitorunttl ISM 1 when
> he went to Minnesota and I edited the k Cloud Democrat
The hlllernesj of her attacks on the men and measures
cbs nproned made her some enemies and A one time Iu
M Cloud abe threatened by a mob Bhg pasted the
last cars of her life In Pittsburgh
laraeII Net a Attend lbs League CenircatlaD
CHICAQO July 22 Alexander Sullivan Pres
ident of the Irish Nations Lao of America has re
ceived a cablegram that Thomas K Sexton and John J
ardmonmt will com to this country aud atcd iii I
ntmol1 at Houmoli on Aug Is as repreiculhs
t frl
lives of the IrIsh ParliamentarY I party i It Ii tIle a mite
rl the uirenetit marty tune that tic aoeU should Cot liiTO In loud at
Drowned On RoekWay Beet
KBsPoiNr Juli 22A party of excur
sionists who visited the western end of Boekaway
Heseb 11 stteruiOOii fly they saw a sailboat eOltID
orh outsize shout half I a utIle from the
lug mtlree PFlOflC t
m boat
pulere 5Th r thaI the aron never rose sjaln V
drifted 05 She party could render ito suistancea5
drlud ol distance rom Ih main
and some
thy hid 00 boat Were am dilanc
ant 10 have base from Canard
beol The boat Is supposed I frol
lleat HoteM Will Lss kis Bl Te
Lieut Hedges of the Engineer Corp at Willet
let Lou while prsotUiiut at the rifle ring yeiUrdajr
iowred his rtd amid piseM the men on
his ifternoon right Icwrt rid went o n la 11lre t tees
LU lilt 1 wIll Y In btM UMII
I ° <
t 1 1Jt
i 0 I
P ilt In TonUn Over the Arrival > f 100
CnfflneYederdar Merinlllr
PAHIH July 22 Thoro wore 8 deaths from
cholera In Marseille last night and 10 today
In Toulon thero wero 20 deaths last night and
11 today A case ot cholera has been an
nounced at Lyons Tim deaths from cholera
at Aries aro averaging nluo dally The panic
there Is Increasing Tho Archbishop ol Alx
visIts tho sutTorors at their home
A paulo was created at Toulon last night by
tho arrival of 100 coffins which had been or
dered from Marseilles In order to allay the
excitement It was found necessary to send tho
colllns back Henceforth at Toulon all night
aol garbage and other offensive mailer wilt
b carried out to loa in plugged boats and
emptied there
Fewer cases were admitted tody Into the
Phnro Hospital In Marseilles and fourteen
patients loft the hospital cured
At I meeting of tho Municipal Council of
Paris the Director of Publlo Aid declared that
no ease of genuine Asiatic or sporadic cholera
had been reported at iho Paris hospitals The
deaths which had been attributed to cholera
were really duo to other causes
MARBKILLCM July 22 During the Interroga
ton of anarchist rioters here today before
Judge Toselll the loader of the nnnrchlti a
man named llulsjon was seized with cholera
Ho was taken tn hospital
There were 57 doitths from cholera hero dur
ing tho past 2t hours
VIENNA July 2Two cases Aslatlo cholera
havo bon reported her
MADRID July 22The Government has
stronclhonpd the sanitary cordon In the Pyre
nees to prevent the Introduction of cholera
Produce from Marseilles and Toulon will not
bo permitted to enter Gibraltar
lnzLAnrtpryA July 22The Philadelphia
Hoard of Health has published a small pam
phlet on the cholera In which many practical
suggestions are given to cleanso ollns and I
to guard against the dlsuaso Tho following
sensible rules are appended to tho report I
Oberve Uriel cleinllnem In our person and clothing
Change your undergarment daIly
sleep Be regular In your habit of lice meals exerclie ant
Uren comfortibljr fur the lon and avoid the nlflit
air as much a poIW
Avoid the tie of alcoholic drink
Live temperately avoid all exceisei In eating crude
llt raL g
raw andlndhfi slble t especially I cabbage salad cu
cumbers and unripe fruits
A greater taMy will be secured by boiling all water
oemi for drinking I purpose
1artnte of well I cooked beef ana mutton rice well
boiled and avoid paltry and laxative fruit
Take your mal at regular teanon
At old bodily I fatigue and menial exhanitlcn By excitement
clf fot
citement rr violent exercl I yon Increase the iuceptl
blllty of the system tn dlstase
HisiiNoriEtD I July 22Tho following
notification has boon Issued to the health or
gunlxaltons in the Mississippi valley
In view of the present cholera I statu In Europe the
Kxciutlve I Committee 1 tIll sanitary Cotmcll of Hi
Mississippi valley would repectfnllv reeoninieml to the
health organization connet ted with 1 the Council more
Mgorou promotion of local lamtatlon
Cal Cilvtllee tfonrner Across tkej Desert
from Asslout to Wdr Ilnlfo
WADY HALFA July Missetiffnra ar
riving from the oasis of WakolKharjeh re
port that Col Colvlllo and Major Wonloy with
their Uodoiilu forco had arrived at Boris In
that oasis after a ton days march from As
clout which Is 200 miles distant The horses
were In good condition notwithstanding tho
great heat Col Colvlllo hoped to proceed
southward to Bellmnh on July 10 Bolltnah la I
nine days journey from Khnyoh Tho route
lies through tile very heart 01 the dcsort and
thorn Is no water fit for drinking purposes
along tlio way Col CohIlias Intention wan to
taku IM lOan mounted on camels mid also
take u carnal train of a humlndcarrylui water
Mini dim t to supply his fares tin dIV
and food enough fur Iwo weeks Ho
expected to tako his line ol march
across the desert by means of a compass
and hoped to strike the Kilo nt Ammnrn
come distance south of Wady Haifa The i
Khnlkh of Kharjeh thought that 1 collision
with tlio rebels would be probabln at Ammnrn
but Col Colvlllo did not consider that this
would prove of sufficient Importance to mako
It necessary for him to change Ills plans The
messengers said that tho Inhabitants of the
mvilA I were now friendly to the English officers
The Sholk nf Klmrjiti had Informal thn Kng
hell officers that raesungi from the Miilidl
had passed through Kharjeh on their way to
Tripoli Col Colville expects to reach Bellman
on July 2i and Wad Haifa by Ibo beginning
of August
CAnt July 22 Oiman Dma the leader of
the rebels ncnrBuaklm has bon asked lo Fond
reinforcements to Uerhor Tho rebels there
stand In much fear of Gen Gordons move
ments The number of gunboats between
increased Assouan and Wady Haifa has boon largely
It Is I reported that Zebhor Pashas
I Iblt Zbhor IMhns messengers
to Khartoum have returned bringing with
thor lotion from Gen Gordon In which ho
plates that ho Is confident of his ability to hold
Murder or Suicide aria Purl Financier
PARIS July 22The body of the well known
financier Volkmar waa found In time Seine tudey with a
bullet through the bead Ht ring which wa a valuv
ble one and 1 his money except W centimes In the
waistcoat pocket wer mining s Volkmar had re
cently bun greatly depressed nn account nf monetary
trouble He wa last seen on Thursday last at midnight
In the i ftvlltnn Henri Quatre In la Hue it Uermaln
wltn a lady with whnm he Is I UIpo1 > to
have had otr Intimate relation M Volkmar
went to New York In IHHt and loaned 2 oK lie then
went to London where he itnrted the Fanro Accumu
lator Conuianv He ud hli I ihare In the companv for a
comparatively mal lum and came to Purl Here he
peculated on the SatIric and despite los ee he recently
declared that he had a monthly Income of IOu rronr
The theory of murder U I favored because Volkinarn pie I
tol wa found In hts reldence nntoiiclied I he com
mined suicide he mui have purchaicil another lisle
The London Pre an the Great Proceloa
LONDON July 21Tho Times this morning
referring to the processIon yeiteaday iayi It was a
deinonitratlcu made for the people by the people It
exhibited every sign of spontaneity and enthusiasm
The Teltgrapli says that tile demonstration was the
most remarkable and Impoitng that Ins been wltnetscd
during Queen Vlctnrlaa reign Over Inouno men
marched In the procession with a decorum rising to dig
nity 11 mil do for tile 1ier tu mock or underi aluj
It pearefill mini le method or decry It a a paid chow
IIT b l I
The XMiulaH ea > e I o behavior nt the people was
admirable but the demonstration has not fhanvvd the
p < llilcnlFltiictlou In tho lighten degree Tha Ministry
ihiuiM concern themselves wlih the sober majority who
stay at home alt think for themielve Instead of fol
low liig the brasS baudthrough the street aDd pausing
r sOlutions
Tkei Brltltk ConrTalle Defiant
LONDOX July 22Tho keynote of tho Con
lervatlve campaign wai Ollllt tonight at flheflleld
At I larsc meeting of Tories amemhled there the Mar 1
Ctlie of EaUibury hurled detlance at the Liberal
pnrty He said that the aggression sought
lo I be mnde by the I Liberal npon ever > tlnng
which KmtlUhmtn hrd been taught tn retpeul
mu crc tIle niimt Impiidenl ever known In I the history of
Bnglleli I I IIWiJhl The present majority I In the Hnuie of
moilnmone was th moil senile he had ever known is
It deputed lo tocalleditel gittloii from worklngmen
the power and the function ot the lovernment
Nolhlng could be more aluiinl he laid than Ike gicrn
lug of mu great peorile by the voice ufjilonlcalntlistreet I I
of London Lord hallbury S al loudly applauded I I I at the
end of his speech and committees were appointed to or
ganlre I counter demonstrations through the manufactur
ing districts
France and Cklua 1
PAnts July 22At a Cabinet council today
Prime Minister Ferry announced thai the negotiations
with China were making favorable progress The Tsung
IiYamen he said hail Instructed the Viceroy of Nankin
10 settle the pending questIons and especIally the qilea
lion of Indemnity with M Iatenotre the French Muil
rJ 18grr 1Il M ro
her to China A speedy solution of the matter was
expected The French squadron would remain at boo
Chow until the Indemnity should be fully paid
Two transport will Itave Havre tug IJ for Oran and
Algiers with roenforceinente for Tonquln len Millet
cniiiniiuder of Ihe French troops In Tonquln reuorti
that there li much ilckuen among his troop
pauUkAmerlcnn Treaty
MADRID July Negotiations I for a treaty of
commerce with America were opened to dav The envoy
from the Government al Washington arrived Friday
Inquiry wl made at the Slate Department al Wash
ington as to the Idenilly of the envoy mcntluned III h
bo deipatch It mae there Hated that nnenroy other
than Mlnliter Fotter had been lout to Madrid
Tk Cues Canal la be Widened
PAIIIB July 223 de Lcssops President of
the Suez Canal Company announce that the Interna
tional Technical CommlMlon which hs been Undying
th question hai decided In favor nf widening the pres
il t tUr rhr W
eat canal luitead uf building another parallel with fl
TurexMnn ubntlt lo tbs Can
LONDON July 22fbo English agent at
Meihed In Persia telegraphs that the Turcomans In the
district southeast of harrakss have submitted tn the
Cur and acknowledge the claim of Itusila to absorb
A Salvation Army Hall Wrecked bjr a Mob
GENEVA July 22A mob today attacked the
Salvation Army Hall at Blonne and completely wrecked
the building The police were powerless to prevent the
assault M the mob greatly onluumb < rd tbtm
1 Cured without knife powder or sal re No chart nutU
sand Writ ton reference CwkJju 111 attkvM
t t r a
pIz1jufn Told nKTKCTlVK Fit AN K HER
Dlitrlel A rn Olne rein Jnkn MeKss
WrRlltt lube tbat Hear tk Private
Mnrk ft Firm who amy they wee stolen
Tho sIntGcolorod shades were pulled down
over the window of Mother Mandelbaum
dry good house yontorday and there was a
quiet air about It which was entirely now to
the residents of Little Germany M the neigh
borhood is I culled The dry goods house Is on
the southwest corner of lllvlngton and Clinton
streets whoro for thirty roan Mother Man
dolbnum has flourished She occupies
three buildings all of which are con
noctod nnd which face Clinton street
Tho salesroom Is on the corner and
tho lllvlngton street side Is of brick with the
ground windows walled no The Clinton street
fronts aro of narrow clapboards painted yellow
and have half a down street exits A slender
flagstaff rises from the root of the corner build
ing for Mother Mandolbaum Is I patriotic and
on gala days floats the star spangled banner
Early yesterday morning tho window
shades of tho salesroom woro pulled
up as usual but after six mon had
sauntered In and five had come out
again with Mother Mandelbaum and Hurrman
Btouclo tho shades woro run down Tho vis
itor worn Dotoctlvo Robert Pinkerton and bill
men who at the Instance of District Attorney
Olnny had arrested Mother Mandelbaum and
her clerk as receivers of stolen goods Later
In tho day Mother Mandolbnums son Julius
walked Into the store and was arrested by an
other detective who was waiting for him
In January there was triad In tho Superior
Court of this city the case of Scott Hgt Mnndel
baum In which tho plaintiff sued Mother Man
delbaum and got Judgment for 7000 His
store In Boston had been rotibodof tUUOO worth
of silks by Hhaony Mike nnd other cltlonu
The goods were shipped to this city and wcro
traced to Mother Mandnlbauius dry goods
house Scott brought suit to recover their vnluu
This case created much comment AsMst
ant District Attorney Allen snlil ynstcrdny
and surprise win oxpreswid thnt Mothor Man
dclbaum had bean provod In In civil court to
hnvo knowingly locolwd stolon goods and
still was allowed to go free A reporter who
Interviewed Superintendent Yialllug was told
by him that the police tmo been trying for
twontyllvo vuars to make out a case ngalnst
her but had not been able to do it Mr Gluey
determined to try his hand nt It and OH the
Iiollco h admitted their Inability do nny
tiling hn put tho case Into the hands of Dolce
tlvoTlnkorton u
IinKorton men wntcnou Jioutor Manuel
baums placo for two or throe weeks took note
of all who came there and shadowed thorn
when they went away They say that among
tho visitors wore pjckpockets and shoplifters
timid that some of time latter came direct from
large dry goods Mores loaded with merchan
dise Thoro wero nlso many apparently rUe
spi > clablo person1 who mad1 purchn os which
worn Invariably delivered liy Ktoudi Those
persons they Any wore shopkeepers of tills
city who bought good btock cheap from Mother
All these things worn reported at thin District
Attorneys ofllco It was then determined that
one of tile dotnctlvoa should bocoimi ono of
Hothii Mamlolhaumg customers District At
torney Olnoy wroto to nil the laruu linns which
dial I In silks and asked them to mark their
g oods with a private murk so that they mlfht
lilcntlllod U Blotun Till was accordingly
Datactlvo Plnkerton selected Ou tavFrnnl
to bo Mother luiululljuunis oustomer Frurk
IH tile man who hobnobbed with Unrustoln tho
mnnneer ot the Kentucky State Lottery won
his cnnlldencH nnd then brought about tile
big raid which liroko it up In this city Friink
shaved off his blnck board and ono morning
presented himself before Mother Mnndelbaum
Ho hums R German face and touuue Hn told
Mothor Mand lbaum thnt his name was tit > < ln
and that hn wanted to buy some cheap silks
The unit day lie got no satisfaction Ho went
again aDd nualn anti finally represented that
he was a crnnk hInd wanted to buy stolen goods
to sell out In thn ennntry Mother Maudcl
baum Unfitly h1111 > to sell him slllc
On June 10 hll bought a roll of 107 yards of
chuck silk which Lore tho private mark nf
Hltnpson Crawford t Hlmpson Mr Henry U
Porter a rorrcsentntivo of that firm Identified
tile silk as having Ixim stolon on Juno 11 urd
idonlltled nnntlmr roll of chock silk which
Frank had purchased as having boon utolun
on the snmo dittn
On Juno 22 Frank bought two rolls of fig
ured silk which bore Hlmpson Crawford t
Hlmpsons private mark And which were Iden
tified as having boon stolon from tho firms
Store two ilavs before On the same data ho
ot hold of 52 yardi of brown silk which was
marked with tho private mark of James A
Hearn t Hon Mr George A Hearn Jr
Identified It aa having bean stolen two days
Frank bought n great deal of flllk which had
no aisunguisiung manes
Ha got quito friendly with Mother Mnndol
baum who cave him good advice about dispos
ing of tho property District Attorney Allen
says that she would nylo him Dont sell this
pleco In New York Mr Stein because It cnrno
from ono of the blgstores borentis Is n fine
piece of silk which you can sell In the city be I
cause II came from Philadelphia Ho also says
that Mrs Mandoluaums son Julius was pros
ant and assisted his mother In iittendlmt tho
business and helped examine the silk for
tutn July 18 Pollen Justice Henry Murray who
had that little difficulty with the police last
winter Issued warrants for thn arrest of
Mother Mandelbaum Julius and Htoudn He
also Issued a search warrant which called for
one Npacltlod place of silk and gave the priv
ilege of taking any other silk similarly marked
After thin warrants had been executed yester
day nnd when Mother Mandelbaum wo walk
inc toward tho oars which were to take her to
tho Harlem Police Court Frank stepped UP
alongside of her ana said
You are caught this time and the best
thing that you can do in to make a clean breast
of It
Mother Mandolbaum turned quickly and
struck him a blow in the face When ar
rnlgnnd In the Harlem Police Court Justice
Murray told her that there wero five ohargits
against her and that hor son Julius and
Htouda worn Included In each cnmplnlnt Later
Julius Mnndeiluium was arraigned and all
three wore held for oamlnHtlon In tiuoo ball
on each charge This made a total ball of
130000 Then counsel said that bail could not
bo produced that day and tho prisoners wore
locked I up in tho adjoining prison The reason
given why ball was not offered In largo chunks
was that Mother Mandolbauma friends wero
out of town Shell be balled this morning
Mother Mandolbaum walked up and down
In the corridor fronting her coil In tho prison
It IH I all unjust die paid There woro no
stolen goods at all And Just to thine thut my
Julius IB anviited tool I
In IIIY InstancH her lawyer said Julius
cannot bo held They cannot prove that tho
silk was stolen and If they could what has
Julius to do with It They might just ut well
have Included my name In tho complaints
Walt until tho oxutnlnMlon when wo will how
how llttti the enso amounts to
Mother Mandelbaum Is 32 years old Herglvnn
name Is I Frodorlca Hbo U above tho mlddln
height and vary etout Heroyrs are black and
sharp nnd hor under lip projects mitrUdly
Bho ware yesterday u dotted blue gown trimmed
with lace In hor ears she woro email cluster
diamond earrings Among thn thieves nnd
burglars she is called Old Mothor Iluum
They think great deal of her for sho sticks
to them when they are In trouble Homo years
ago when Burglar George Howard was alive
ha and his pals wero under her motherly
wings Howard had tracod to him from
January 1H09 to tho winter 16771878 pliin
der from burglaries amounting to 1420000
Billy Porter Johnny Swing Draper and Dobbs
were her friends Nowadays most of the stolen
foods tire got Dy t shoplifters and not by burg
a Mother Mandolbiium Is rich and owns good
deal or rent estate Homo estimateJicr fortune
far above J5000CO Her home Is furnished
elegantly anti shn keeps a largo forco of
servants The arrangement of her houses
Is I peculiar Thorn is communication be
tween them all Tho corner building Is
deeper than tho others and runs chock against
n livestory double tenement that she
also owns A hallway divides the tenement
house on tho ground floor and leads Into a
yard which opens Into a yard bucking tho two
Clinton street houses Tho door loading to the
tenement house hallway Is i always open A
lllKhtot wooden stops run along tho outside
of tho most southerly ot the Clinton street
house and lend from tho yard to the second
Mother Mandolbaum has two sons and two
daughters One of the latter Is married to a
politician of the Heventh ward Julius the
oldest son Is 34 Herrman Htoude Is Ml years
old and lives with tho family Ha Is a round
headed German and wears a towcolored
Detective Pinkerton went through Mrs Man
delbaum house last evening on the strength
ol Justice Uurrarl warren He got several
marked piece of silk In the upper stories
he saw many trunk filled with silk worth
thousand of dollar He bad no authority to
disturb them
I i
Thm 8trea Man of Ik Nercitccatk Weed
If MI Cob Cklerornrmtd In Court
Gus Cummings tinsmith Is ono of tho
most powerful mon In tho Seventeenth ward
Ho Is over six foot has muscles like Sullivan
and occasionally arausod himself and his
friends of an afternoon by carrying barrels of
sugar out of tho holds of vessels lying In the
Thirteenth street dock and taking them ashore
Ho has gone mad and his friends some day
ago locked him up In a room In 621 East
Twelfth street On Monday he broke down tho
door got out on tIme stioot and started for a
run down town Ho got out Into Tompkins
square and frightened the women and chil
dren Three policemen tried to drive him off
Ho laid thorn on their backs Other came
and with groat difficulty took him oft to tbo
Fifth street station Ho slashed about his cell
all night tearing down the plastering on the
wall in his ofTorta to got out
Park Policeman Mann nnd throe others car
riedjilm In Irons yesterday to Ibo Essex Mar
ket Court The four policemen held him In
front of Justice OHcilly and an ambulance
was summoned Ueforo It came ho was fran
tic They had to put a htraltjnckot on him
They lhor It almost on when ho lot out with his
right foot ana knocked Policeman Knrshaw
clean across tim room lIe jammed Policeman
Simmons against tha wall and hold him thoro
till Hlinmons thought ho was dead He tore the
straitjacket In two and laughed at tho men
who tried to put It on him
He had got free and was glaring around him
When Policeman lieu stooped down behind I
him HergonntLong pushed Cutnmlngs sharp I
Iy back and he fell backward over Doll They
Pinned him nnd got on another strnltlaokot I
It was of little use In restraining Cummlngs
The muscles stood out In great knots on his
arms Ho violently wrenched tho irons around
his wrists
The ambulance surgeon said It was useless
to attempt to take Cummings anywhere in thnt
condition Ho went to A doctors ofTloo nnd got
II vial of chloroform Under tho Influence of
tho drug Cummlngs became quid and was put
Into tile ambulance The vial was hllld to his
nose whenever he showed Blgns or reviving
nod ho was carried oil to a padded cell In
lie will Spend tko Hammer IB Albany Except
u rv UHT Vacation la Aacutl 1
ALBANY July 2200 Cleveland Is dally
engaged with tho routine business of his ofllco
Ho says that ho will spend the entire summer
In Albany with the exception of a tow days
vacation In August It Is expected that the
formal notification of his nomination for
the Presidency will bo made at tbo Executive
Mansion on Tuesday or Yodnesday of next
week Among his visitors today wero Henry
L Hoguet President of the New York Catholic
Protectory Col Dnwson of the Uharlrstmi AV ICII
and Vjnncr nnd Henry lllchmond of llutTnlo
Tbo Democratic State Committee meats here to
morrow to organize for tho campaign and fill
tin vacancy on tho electoral ticket Among tho
names suggested nro those of Janins Lynch
President of tho Irish Emlgrnnt Hoclety of
Now York Eugonn Kelly of Now York and
Francis Kurnan Tho titnto Committee will
open a temporary headquarters hero to
morrow and begin the preliminary work of the
The Fiat laitezcr la eke Twentrtklrd Street
Ilnblnll Make n Lot of Trouble
George W Conner counsel for the Twenty
thIrd Street Crnsiumn road called at Police Headquar
ten yeMtnlw afternoon to conlmulmm ut Kounti
inan John U lltrllhy of the Twcntyiecoml ilrcet police
It waint It I I U1nn Monday nlgtit at Tmveniythlnul street
near Lexington avenue that lite rouble occurred A
stout well tot ami wclldreiieil lUMeniter refuted to put
five cents In the time box He did not care about the five
cent lie laid but ai hit nickel had alien on the floor
lie thought the rntnpnny ought not to expect him to
mind It It Tituld tint lone hi > p < neil hail there been a
cmultirtnr inC lid refused to prixluoe any more nlcliolf
brlvrr Ifuttti lj nrh Hopped the car nOd niked Uounda
miiil tlerlllivlo put the matt tiff The roundsman told
him to do It hhnfalf Tub < the driver proceeded to do
calling upon the roundsman to tinned him from HMIIIII
ii n i a o of rosfstumie lil far the story U all Utn full
1mw hut tliFiicrfurih the driver mid romi < lMn n radically
dlriwrve on ill point The driver ate that the rniiuils
liiiu liitertvrvM amt < l hed him M Idle the rmi gir mum
lilelkd hint timid thai the I loundiiiuii then lotik a hand
In hlnmelf cluMilntt LIKI amid Daniel Ituitho another
drhartvlio atinitt4 to Intrrferc and that ho tinalljr
arrtMrd htth Ijnch and IIuchi but let l tbeiiu KO avala
on nnding mat me reu inree rut mill imo airapprcrcd
lanierCoiaier Iuyi llat both the drIven were to
much Injured thy could not nork ie ierday Mid tie
prooscii to proceed mrulnkt the roumUinan before the
VoIre Koarii and In UK tourle
KnuudHnian llertlhy ru > e that Driver Lynch instead
at tijliu to lut i the iiixxiiger ult the car walked ui to
him and iMna hed him In the hOPS The rnnnd inan
in onllired to Interfrrc and HH thu painrtiKir fald he
wonlil make u complaint of Httatilt agalnit him he ar
reahe t t Lynch and rnly let him gim < n hen he found that
the cot lismnt lal I difHpprarrd lie add that lynch
and lluiihe were nuiuh and LoUterouu and were swear
Inc aim uitnif such ublectuniaito lanffimffe that tao
lady tiaiienKtn were obliged to lest the ear
The Grand Army Reunion
MINNEAPOLIS July 22All the Incoming
trulin are ninnlutr In lectlnnn being loaded down with
Grand Army delegation Oeii Logan reached here at
noon tools on a special truln over the Milwaukee road
and received a grand reception all alnnir the line of
march from the depot to the ruldence of lien Wash
lurnewho cgiitith l < tell Slienniiii line arrived in
mite city He waireiered nilh Crest rntiiu > li > m The
tlainlwuu Club of Tcpikii Kan which arrived todar
attract much attention lhl atternonn at Camp
Bealh n formal uelcome wan extended to all vIsItors
Hpeechcawern made by Mayor Illlslniry Guy Hubbard
and Commander Heath All the pnia > ate refldencei In Hi
Haul and Mlnneapolli lute been thrown open yet the
crowd of vlriton ran hardly Ic accommodates ttti I
cullmated that inuxi vetrrnnt are In the city They
will all take part In the grand parade tnmnrrow To
morrow afternoon aol etenlng there w ill be banquet
and receptions
A Blntne Orator Meat 11000
WAHBESTOS Vo July 22 While Dr 0 D
Cooper a leading phytlclan of IhU county was with hli
family at church on Sunday iilcht his houie was
entered and ClbtXhO stolen Suiplcloii attached to Mor
tie Oliver who lUcd near the premltei A box contain
Ing the money wan found III s hay clack and Oilier
Onally confcued the theft He wa n maIm speaker iii
the cnunty of louie notoriety and one of lluhouea
truitcd leailera
FMlnl Feud Between Jlodge City Mnrakiita
KANSAS CITY Mo July 22At Dodge City
Kama late bach l night Deputy Mnrnliat Ilatiie nolo
rloiiR as M iterliiui Date shot and killed Thoinai
Mxnn inither I deputy mnrihal Tlio kllilug was the
rexilt nf an old feu t Mutliern fired four shIll any one
of which nould lime prot cit fatal A cowboy nlm teas
tnndlni near WHS sly shot In the knee Nixon had the
rej utatluu of being the ht l buttalo hunter uu the plains
tVllllum licit 1VIII
The will of Ylllinm Ilotta ndmlttod to pro
balrjeitcrdny In Jrmklca dlipcm of property valued
al fIVlovi The Itev Ileierl Kolilnson a grandson
receives Ihtf fairlly plate and painting the house 122
Knit Thirtieth itreet New York nnd riJoijii Caroline
nilkiigliterreciheifJt x0 and the nro of tlDooofiir
her lifellnie Inaiiella a grandduiuhtcr receives
KIIIJO and nn annull of Vn > Inubrlla rorti Hitir an
other dnighter of the testator receIves 5UUUU Mr
lioblnion Is the executor
Accmril by kla Aged Molker
Mrs Fanny Solomon U 71 years old and the
mother of Alfred Solomon a lluimllli of 241 First ave
nue Hlio hail him al Btiex Market yesterday and sail
he had itruck her tam ins In the face oil July 17 and told
her thai he wished she would die He is I < 1 J ears old
amid Is said to be In comfortable circumstances bIle bail <
him put under bond SOIIIQ time Ngo to tupport her
He dtnUU the charges she made He n us locked up
Katie IVultka Story of Assault
Katie Walsh 27 years old a dressmaker ot
21 Spring street told Justice flormin yeitsrdsy that the
was walking In Eat Thirtyninth street at 5 oeloakln
the morning when hrrtophtr Fox and two other
men who had not been arrested dragged her from the
street Into a rear jard where each m aulted her The
Court hvld Fox for trial lie Is 33 yean old and live
at aid bait Thirtyfourth street
A Slob Walllai to Lynch EaiUeer
HtNTiNdDOM Pn July 22A girl named
Ho > cr aged U years wai run over and killed today
on the bridge at Raxton by a passenger train on the
liuntingdon and Droad Top Railroad The citizens of
Haxtnn uecHine enraged al tile engineer Vu llllam Crow
and a mob collected al the depot for the avowed purpose
ft Ijnchlnghiin nn the return trip Urns however
hearing of his danger left his engine In charge o
another person and escaped at a stallou below Saxton
The death watch WaS set ysiterday on Alexander
tenon the negro murderer who is t to be hanged on trl
day of next week
Maggie Illfles has brought suit for limited divorce
against Louis Illnes bIle ta > e he dragged her about by
the hair pointed a > lltol at her and threatened to take
her life
Nary Feller baa begun a mil for limited divorce from
Wllllini Feller In the CIty Court hue icy he bat her
with the heel of hi sllnper clubbed her and once tied
her to a hook In thus Ceiling by her hair
Articles of Incorporation of the Cltlzsni Association
of Bath for the conservatIon of law order anti public
moral were filed yesterday In Ihe County Clerks odlee
Tbe Incorporates are N W Bloss J V Van Ielt W
MoMaausV A UU J M Iligeman lad u K llabcock
i a S I r 2
LOVED aitt 8PITK Of HIS 1E4 liP
IMttt Annie IM Toamps fneonqnernol ASk
lion fi > r leter svcknnaee
Clement Lo Loup whoso participation la
ho communistic uprising In Paris In 1871 Is
aid to have caused his banishment from
raneo keeps n bakery at 335 West Seventeenth
street He has a little daughter Annie who
since the death ol his wife has been helping
in the bakery She U10 years old and pretty
Among the bakers customers was Peter
fehniissc K rather goodlookinz Frenchman
64 years ot ago He made hove to Annie and
when to LOUD found tout asked to marry the
girl Lo LOIIP told Kohausee not to visit time
louse or see the girl again Slit however
nnniiecd to meet hlin secretly notwlthslond
inc time vigilance other father lute said sho
moved Kcliausso and would marry him
or > nobody The baker then procured tile ser
vices of Lawyer O W Gibbons anil began a
stilt against Kchausse for damages for alien
ating ills daughters affection and depriving
him ot her services as assistant In his shop
Judgment against Echnusso for tl750 and
costs was procured and being nontile to pay
tie was sent toLudlowstrortlall Ho WON re
eased yesterday on the ground thai ho bad no
property > nnd that n longer confinement in
prIson would probably result In consumption
The neighbors of the baker say that when he
heard ol Echau xeH release ho became very
much excited He was seen walking UP and
down his shop with a revolver in his hmtncl The
girl was locked uu In her room adjoining the
lallnay ot tint house last evening and was
crying Her sisterinlaw spoke encouraging
words to her through tho keyhole Tho hall
way was crowded with women who declared
that Lo Loup had whipped his daughter ro
jeatedlv during tho day and had threatened
to kill Kchaussa If ho cama around Mr Jib
bore atml the girl kept up a correspondence
with KclmuiBo vhllo the latter was In jail
nn noitAtr nirrx niatsrrr
Trust the Seine Ilentk usual be Und Found
Stoat Merciful for kla Horse
Dr William M Doran a physician In the
vlllrge ot Mount Vcrnon Westrhciter county for
twenty years shot and killed hlmief yesterday In his
room at the resIdence of II T Kuapp Mount Vernon
He Wan 62 juts old Ho Ma a graduate of llellevne
Hospital Medical College and w a hotpltat unrgeoa itt
Fort Smith Arknniav during the war Ill hrallh finally
compelled him to retire from practice He wrote paper
on surgery which CYSTS prtnirl I In the JnJfml Jtecemmt
poetry on Ireland for the Ulluge rarer was corre
pondent nf u tieivipuper In hlln and ipmt three years
In writing a ink on the autuomhlp of the letter of
Junluii whlelil Is In muuuscrlpt Dr Doran argue that
Ilenrv Flood was the miitior of the letters
Itr Doran wan bachelor and In many wny eccen
tric Hi pet wn hum home which grew nM In hit cur
ice When the inrte had become umoelees for Ole pur
Poses ho wa puzzled to know how to dlro e nf him A
livery man uttered flo1 fur HIP anlmil but Dr Uoran
would not sell him He nnmllul Henry Hergh One
morning he dug a big hole In H panture on the outskirts
of the town led the horse betide It shot him sadly and
tnnblcd him Into the pit
To Mr Kerry his only Intimate friend Dr Doran mid
on Monday eveniog boot 1 wont Ihd long Ho wan
found dtad In hi ritom In the innrnln tiy a timuentMd
who went to call him to breikfair He lravcHUlolo
two listen one in Mlznand the other In San Fruuclsco
An tlmployee of the Tobacco Jmmnnuml Write
Iknt ke Will Ilruwn Illntseir
Maurice Solomon assistant editor and finan
cial manager of the Ciirnl fttattl Totema Journal left
the nftlcti of the iinnpr In Maiden bump on Wedneidar
July 9 saying thnt ho had some news matter to attend
to He did not come bock on that day or the next On
Thursday the following letter was received at the office
Jr o finimixfM
liens Mat I loire been speculating In oil grain Ac
since last fr ebrunry Ip to the time of your departure 1
only uscil my owninoney Tempted by a friend who
promised to make good any money of yours I would use
I took ad antafic of your Absence and used your money
In the hope of getting mine back lliit the result ha
been dlaaitrons The friend has proven fale llehasleft
the city and I mutt din by my own hand I have tried
to raise the entire nmmiat due you bin In vain So lily
life inut pay the penalty of my dishonor There Is no
excufco for me for I tluniM lint proved worthy at the
trust you placed In me I never betrayed yonr confidence
before stud you will Und the books all right This Is
sllglit but It ii I all I ham to offer M eotonov
Mr Hammersteln waslit Europe and did not get home
till lau Friday An examination of the book phowed
lila nf tlu moneys collected Solomon had appropriated
ill OA
Holomon sent a letter on July 9 to Dr N O UoVneter
of Cast fifteenth street aa acquaintance It said that
ho was on his way to contlgu my body
tn the sea wliicb I love to much
Or UcUattcr said last night that Solo
mon wa particularly fond of this sa near the
Brighton Heauh roe conrs He went down there six
week ng i with the avowed purpose of throwing hlmsell
Into the sea but he made a nit at the races and came
bark lr McMasier dues not conflde In the grain mar
ket theory and expects to hear from Solomon again
BeelkoTen Bust Given to tkc Cllr
Two hundred ouch carriages took the mem
bers of the Iteethoven Maennerchor and their friends to
Central Iark yesterday afternoon Mayor Edron Iark
Commissioners Vlele and Crhnmln exAssemblyman
Waehner and Ireildcnt Ohmels ot the Beethoven
Mnennerchor occupied the f rst cnrrlage Your mounted
truin > eter Marshal Rimer and five adjutants with blue
cache nnd ihlny boots that reached to the thighs and
four mounted policemen led the way A great Crowd
was found surronudlng the bust of Beethoven
on the Mall opposite the muslu hand The
bust Is four feet In helirht and rlards on
a 12foot granule pedestal The front Of th
peiiestal beer a bronze siatue cf mitule Cemi tile
made un dmirel nmi lreellent Ollmlleis Presented iii
bolt to tile city luisyor Edpon accepted tile gIft lii a
brief sddres and Mr Weeluner tiunile the oration
fliere was a bIg cuinlimere imu teetiioveo lOOt tim the even
Ing and presents of punch bowl goblts and pictures
were showered upon the entertaining society
Two Kllleil sand Mix Injured
ATLANTA Oa July 22At about 6 P M gas
exploded In oM Barrys grocery store 17J Decatur
street and In addition to killing one person outright sad <
injuring us otliera one of w hlnIll liii aimice dIed imiado a
cumiuplete wrcck of tile tiutlltiny TImo gas comnpany was
piecing gas imu the htlimilhmmg amid hail Just
tisIe a connectinmu when the exploaton oc
curred by thu iigbtimig of a match ao it is
thought Mints flutec a negro a oman who sea In the
siore was instantly killed Harry the proprietor was
blown tut the ceiiiiii amid badly ilmiured whue hts
daughter and Mrs J A Orate whim were in s resIdent
near the ctore were badly cut hr ilylmig glate henry
Belcher white who was superintending the work was
cut about the head and two negro laborers were badly
injured one dyIng clure
Keeentrlo lira Dene
The will of Mrs Hannah Deas a wealthy
woman who died la West Brighton Is I being contests
before Surrogate Stephen of lllchmond county The
contestants are trying to show that Mrs Dens WNB nf un
ouml mind At the last sesulon before the Surrogate
witnesses tettlnml that wherever Mrs Pea went she at
traded general attention by her eccentrlo manners ami
drc On the street she wore a man hat and on one
ocction while In a New York theatre she dlsturbet
the performance by shouting that the actors were not
men hut machinery Oilier testimony was In the effect
that Mr lira while Iu an oyster taloon refused tJ use
a knlf or fork In eating oyster but ate them directly
from the half shell
Shutting Dow em Hrleke
A meeting of brick manufacturers from va
rious parts of the country was held yesterday afternoon
at the Coimopolltan Hotel Frederick TompkIns was
Chairman and T 1 Crofttmsnn Secretary
The committee appiilutcd ut the meeting of July R re
ported lint they had agreed upon reducing the 1111111
Picture of bricks twinlv per cent Last year ewidunouo
of bricks were made This year there would be IJOUOO
UJOIets It was resolved that the meeting organize per
msnently as the New York and Mew Jersey llrlck
makers1 Association
llllnd nod EHBV nad IeuMllr In Jaii
John Crosswell blind and lame and very
drunk was picked up out of the gutter at Iearl amid
Chatham lrets at dusk Monday night Suspended
from n string around his neck was this sign t
llllnd and lame by an explosion Charity Ic I the
noblest work of man Our hope Is In tltee
Crocsa all raid at the Tomb yeeterday that he had
been on the island twentyone times He came out two
dy ago after serving six months Justice Smith gave
him Ilie twentsvcond term which Is six months also
A Dimmer t 5 Oreelr Relief UMeers
The American Yacht Club has Invited the
officers of the Ursety relief expedition who are honor
ary member of tile club to a banquet on their return to
New York Commander Bchley has telegraphed an ac
ceptance of the Imitation but u the ships go AreS to
1ortsmoutb he could not set a date
The Massachusetts Republican Slate Convention will
be held In Huston on Kept 3
The Nation Temperance Camp Meeting at Ocean
Grove will be opened today and w 111 continue five days
The Ire tent of Fan Salvador was presented to Iretl
dent Arthur yestsrday afternoon by the Secretary of
ExHpiliterRargent now In Kewbnryport Mass hat
received a dupatch asking him to run for Congress In
one of the California dIstrict
The Pall Salt CalcIte sari that It It absurd to suppose
that M de Lessees will be able to make good his boast of
opening the Panama Canal In le
The works of the Zell Quano Company at Locus
Point Md wlththelr contents were burned estrda
afternoon causing a damage estimated at itojtso
When Ihe roof fell there were seven Bremen on It but
all escaped without serious Injury
The Oreenbaekera and the Democrats of the Sixth
Iowa district held separate conventions yesterday anti
both nominated J B Weaver for Congress The dele
gate from Keokuk couuty protested and withdrew
from the Democratic Convention
Twenty buildings wr burned at Gloucester Mats
yesterday morning The Ore itarted In Harvey C Tarre
block factory on Duncan street The wind blew a gale
and the Came spread rapidly to the surrounding build
Ings Tb department of Lynn and 8alm were sent
for and at noon the aro wa under control sloitof use
builiugs were dwelling houses Lois > about toocou
BnntppEn ana airn AT Ay BAIJ
Assaulted In thi Woods Near Jfetv STeven <
Kept for Four Jtnye In HrldirepoH iffra f 4
City iced JlrooUlj nT vo Arrrste Made
Bcdwlff Hui > o 18 yearn old neatly droasod
large gray eyes pretty face German accent
is the description of the girl who wont to the 14
Ilftynlnth street station house on Monday at
ornoon with a story which she told to Capt
lunnor and which was taken down and read
In time Yorkvllle Police Court yesterday ash J
affidavit This was the story
Mrs Amelia Mayor keeper A bureau for
orvants at 41 East Fourth street Introduced
no last Wednesday morning In her office to
William Williams who she said had chosen
mo for n chambermaid In the houco ot Mr Robk
of 41 Bprlngflcld avenue New Haven Mr
Robb she said was Mr Will lames neighbor
and Mr Williams would take mo to my new
place In New Havon Mr Williams did not talk
with mo and that mado me ask hire Meyer II
ho was a good man and if I would bo salt with
him She said yes
Mr Williams took mo to the Now Haven
boat > on Wednesday afternoon At 11 P M we
arrived at Now Havon Mr Williams said thai
he did not soo his carriage which ho expected
would bo at tho station and niked mo to walk
to Mr llobbs house which ha described an only
a short distance away I accompanied him
BOIIIO way along n road which finally led into a
thick wood In the dark he said to mo
What I have told you Is not true There
is no such person as Mr Itobb but 1 want you
to live with mo forever
He took tight hold of me struggled tr
jot away but ho throw mo upon time ground
Then he forced n handkerchIef into my
mouth threatening me with death If I
made nn outcry Ho assaulted me Ho
forced ma to stay in a strange hou < n with
him that night Ha seemed acquaInted In trm
house Tha next day hn took me to Bridgeport
where he dotalnnd mo in a hotel tiy threats On
Friday ho brought mo back to New York and
across to Jersey City All tile thins ho menaced
me Next tiny ho niadu mo go with film to a
Fnrnlrthod room in n house ut no Meadow street
llrooklyn On Kunduv ho said to mo
My money Is used up You must get work
and earn some Whoro will you Ionic font i
I said I would call on Mrs Kraft of 937
Third avenue this city
All right ho said and mind you com
backtonluht If you tell on mo or try to run
away from me I will find you nnd kill you
On Monday when the girl came Mn Kraft
sent her to Lawyer Kilns O Levy and ho took
her to tho station house When her story had
been told Detectives tSilmon and Campbell
were detailed to look for Williams They wunt
with time girl to hire Krafts ofllci and loomed
that Williams hid boon there Imiiilrlug forluir
It was now night and Hndwlctook tlivm to the S
house in MoadowMrner Uruoklyn Hho walked
ahead and In front of No SO Moopcd as if to
tin her shoo It was a signal for tint detectives
to walk toward tho house Tilt first pull at the
bell brought Williams to the door just as the
detectives came up Thoy nrrcatod him for ab
duction Yesterday morning they arrested
Mrs Meyer
The prisoners wore arraigned In court
yesterday afternoon Williams is slightly
built and has curly gray hair a moustache
and goatee Ho wore a silk hat lightcolored
trousers and patent leather shoos Mrs
Mover Is a largo woman who speaks yen
broken English
Tho aflldavlt charging time man with abduc
tion and ono charging the woman with being
his accomplice wero read Williams was
asknd If ho cared to make n statement Hf
said yes and was sworn but when Lawyoi
Levy asked him If hn had told his real name
ho admitted that ho had not Ho said he was
an engineer and lived In Bprlugllold Mass
Tnon ho said he would muko no further state
Hedwlg Hope was questioned through nn In
terpreter though she can speak Kngllsh so nl
to bc understood Hho said that bite PAW WIt
llama In Mrs Meyers oinco several times be
fore she was introduced to him Williams
and Mrs Meyer talked together a good deal
but their conversation was in English and site
did not understand it clearly
Mrs Meyer called as witnesses two servant
girls who wero in her office when Williams and
Hedwlg were then They knew nothing ol the
situation the girl had obtained except that she
ims going out of town
Mrs Joyer testified that she had kept nn in i
tolllgmico ofllco for eighteen years Idle had
never been arrested before but n longtime age
she had boon a witness on hun trial of a woman
who had taken a girl from her omen and put
her In n disreputable house She bad never
seen Williams until Wednesday she said Af
terword she said that be had boon at her
ofHco time weak before Ha represented to
her that he didnt engage the girl for himself
but for n wealthy neighbor In New Haven who
kept four servants Williams paid lter2 her
regular fee He told her they would reach New
Haven at G PM that day She did not tell
Hedwlg that situ know Williams was respect
able anti that she would bo safe In co
Ing with Williams to Now Haven She
only told the girl that she could try the place
and If she wasnt satisfied could return to hoi e w
and get another situation She had sent plenty
of girls to places In time country in the care oi A
all kinds ot mon and no harm had ever come
to them
Robert Murray her counsel argued that
there was no evldflneo Indicating that she was uj
accomplice of llllams und that she was g
not to blame for the girls disgrace Ho moved 3
fOr her discharge JN
Tile use of Intelligence ofriocs for procuring > > S5
girls for trade snld Justice Gorman has bo
come so groat an evil that detectives have been >
pet to watch the offlcos hold Williams for trial
in 5000 ball and Mrs Meyer for trial ID < K
3600 bail Hedwlg was sent to the Houso oi If
Detention SIte camn to this country two vv
years ago Site lived fifteen month In the d
service of Mrs Joseph Frank of 214 Eist Six Ti
tlath street
A Barclnr bal Ne > SHoed V
H Rosenblatt proprietor ot a secondhand 2jf
store at lit Third avenue reported to Police Captain J
Koont that he shot a burglar who broke open a window
of hit stem early yesterday mornliig and stole a re f <
voher Mr Koirublatt said that a stream of blood
gushed from the burglars back and that he fell several i
time while running an ay Uetrctlve Cult scertalnea 2f
that there was a real burglar and that Mr Koicnblatt > T
had shot at him but he found no evidence of blood bar r
Ing gushed from the burglars back J
The Fnalcet Quarter Mile
08 Hopkins drove Mr J Smiths brown
gelding Dart a green horse H years old a quarter of i
mile In harniis on the New York Driving Clubs ground
yesterday afternoon In the nnequnlled time of tail tec
onds The bt time for a quarter of a mile before this
was SO > 4 seconds
Capt Lorlng P Small aged CO retire a well
known Boston shipmaster died In the Chelsea Hospital
on Monday night of droppy He cominnnded the shipe
Charles Hill Uuldlng Stir Harmonla America antI
latterly the Ocean Klug the largest still > afloat
The Hlgnitl UBIea IVedlctloii
Bllghtly warmer fair weather followed b > K
PaTIO cloudy weather and local rains southerly winds
Constant Reader Vou are entitled to vote here
William Purcell of Kochestsr Is at the Ollsey House
IlxSenator W II Baruuni ot Connecticut U at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel
The St PatrIck Alliance of America will have an ex
cursion to River Mew Drove on Sunday
The Robert D Roosevelt New York Democracy ap
ttoluted a Campaign Committee yesterday
B V llarnett C Co sold at auction veiterdar at lit
Broadway a two story brick tenement at i3 Morton
street to ID Keeper for f7tiU
John Uangln II year of age fellyeilerday from the
roof of the sIxcIory tenement at 27 beck street to the
roof of an adjoining four tor > building and broke both
GUI Rudolph of 43 Wet Thirtyfifth street went la
swlininlnf jeitsrday afternoon at hetentriixth street
and North Itlver lie na afterward mined and alduS
his clothes were still unclaimed
The Executive Committee of the National Amateur
Athletic Association ha decided that the vhainpl < muu
games shall be held on the Vlltiaiiisburgli Athletic Club
grounds on Sept 27 entries to dole on Iho VHU
Secretary of State Frcllnghursen ha iemmt a letter to
Col Clark Hecretary nf the hoard of Health of this
city Informing him that the Importation uf rags from
ports Infected with the cholera should be forbidden
Thomas Burns drUer of a Christopher Purest bobtail
crosstown car leaned around lat night to strike with
his whip at some boys wtmwere Htenllng a ride on thio
rear platform iie fell over the rail and broke his arm
The doctors hope that Nellie ONell who Was shot In
the neck Monday e > enlng by Christopher Courtney wilt
bs well enough tonight tti make a Karen for the bullet
faaslble If the bullet is I wnere It can be found easily u
she will be Ilksly to gel well
Mr Samuel Yates on behalf of the employees of Tums
Rex paper department presented yesterday to Mr Harry
Tatter the tuperlntundent of the department a stt of
Billing tackle valued at Sib Mr Teller celebrated
the event by taking twentytwo pounds of weakflsh treat
the Great Bouia Bay
It Is feared thai R A Nathan a talesman for J God
help of dub Hroadway was the eommirclal traveller
who lost hi life In the burning of the Wagar House at
Cedar Spring lOch lad Friday Mr Uodhelp received
on Sunday a letter written by Nathan In triad Rapids
twenty miles from Cedar print Since then be ha
not beard from him though In the ordinary course ol
butlnsas bs ought to have received word from Mm mete
Uian coca
C 1

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