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c e efl I
1Ul1tT1lIQ OF TIIK naxoctiAiic rUM
A LM a Totmaany Kun Prcwnt Kllker l Pr
> i I son or hy 1rojyEiwme Kelly em tke Klee
lot Hi Ticket In 1lstev I Mr Puteel
ALI NY July 23Tim falltiro of tho Tarn
many Hull members to respond to Chairman
2MnLft I Mannings call for a mooting of tho
IDem cr tlo Btato Committee created a little
rlnplo among tho ruril Democrat who came
bore toJ r t orcnnlzo for tho work of the
0kflpJtIfl Hubert 0 Thompson and Sheriff
eml and thulr men were on band I
IIon Kelly who Is t at Barntoga I
an hours ride wa absent and bis
faltniul followers Thomas F flrmly Sidney P I
Nichols Edward Cahlll and E T Wood all
oemtors of tho Ktate Committee wore miss
lag They did not oven send proxies Mr Kd
wtrJ Cooper of the County Democracy was
lore attentive and sent Justice Maurice J
rover to represent him Tho other proxies
were exAttorneyGoneral Hohoonraaker for
Isaac N Cox It H Trumbull for Conant Saw
per A W Shepherd for Clinton Dockwltb A
J Oolllcs for Daniel W Tomllnsoa and W H
Henry for Hudson Ansley John Keenan of
flow York Wf absent The other member of
the committee were all present
u ii Chairman Manning rapped with his i
vmlTolla on tbo centre table In Dean Rich
mend old room cpnro Dolavan at 830 P M I I
tbti little room was packed with committee
men visitor and reportor Mr Manning
glsncod abut him and ald This 111 b an
executive session iennns who are not mem
bora utvo please rotlro hTle doors were cloned
niter the oxodus and the committed sat for an
Iholr Rod a hal
Tim first business transacted was the aD
ointment by Mr Manning of an Executive
Coutulttee cousNtlng of Edward Cooper
Chiilrinan John E Dovelln O C D Walker
ChitlM W McCunn Hidnoy P Nichols Charles
K Orunnls P I McCarren M J Coney Dan
lei Manning Kdward Murphy Jr and John
ihDIJ Cooper was Chairman of the
Euciitlve Commit too In 1876 Tammany Hal
IT rocoanlzod In the person of Mr Nichols
Tin resignation of William Powell a
elfctor at law WAS announced John E
IlrlI WI
Jfevolln nominated Eugene Kelly the New
Xork banker who was unanimously electod
Tho Hmte Committee wilt opan headquarters
In New York probably nt the Hoffman House
next week Members of the committee had
little to say about politlcnt prospects In the
Watt Rome of thor wore a little solicitous
about Tammanys attitude but otbnrs were
conllilont that Tammany would ratify Clove
lands nomination In September and that the
natty would be substantially united The la
for ly element appeared to be regarded with
more concern by many of the politicians who
thoticht n thorough and IntRlllgent effort
UtiouM b mode to SAt Oov Clevelands rooord
light before lie workingmen
Aftur finishing their work the commlttcemen L
ntrugulod HOT Cleveland up the bill and shook hands with L
The rural Democrats feel easier tonight
They hear tha Qnuly has telegraphed to I
friend for the names of the members of the
acncuUve commttteps They take this as an
ndlcutlon that Tnmmnny will soon cease to
itudy astronomy and contemplate politics
The new that neither Edward Cahlllrhomns
V Urady Sidney P Nichols or Col ET Wood
the Tammany members of the Slate Commit
tee attended Its meeting yesterday or were
Tepresentod by substitutes caused consider
able talk In Democratto circles Many poll
tlelant thought that they saw In this action an
Indication that Tammany Intended to bolt the <
national ticket Others revived tho rumor that
Tnmmnny would support Oen Butler The
clearheaded politicians said that the com
mltteemen action was a part of Tammany
apparent plan to postpone Its endorsement 01
Cleveland and Hendrlcks until soma under
Dominations landing had bon reached a to the local
The Tammany members of the Democrat
Ktnto Committee professed to b surprised that
their absencd from the oommlttuoa meeting
hould have excited any comment I baa
Onl business to attend to Edwartfoifcltr
wild and therefore could not BO 1 Albany 1
the committee meeting
I Wa the failure of tbe four Tammany rnem
I I tera to attend the meetnl 1 send proxies
I 1 result of an agreement fr Pr
j 11 I cannot talk about that HrJ re
ahl ro
l1d I Can only IDe for
tlh mreh
I had a case In court exSenator Thomas
V Grady said and that Is I the reason why I
did not BO to Albany As It was only a prelim
mary nicotine of the committee I didnt t think
Jt worth while to send a Ild
Plo Commissioner Sidney P Michel also
J leaded business engagement a a excuse
> r his absence from the meeting t
Cal K T Wood said that It wu Impossible
lor him to BO to the meeting because be 1 5
IO metnJ
compelled to attend court today When asked
why he was not represented by proxy he said
thnt he tried to nod one but failed He denied
that his failure to BO was Uis result of any
groomont ai between him and tho other dele
A prominent Tammany district loader said
Unit the four committeemen stayed away from
the meeting because Tammany had not yet
i mnviorsod the ticket That meeting was
fieM he sold to take the prulltntnoryBteps
In I the work of tho campaign rulmlnlY Tarn
many A an organization his not omclally de
lnrt > d Its Intention to support Cleveland and
Clevolad Ind
Jlomlrlcke It would have twen manifestly un
wljj for its members of the ten Committee to
Attend the meeting I know that this Is the
view which Mr Nichols Mr Cahlll Kcnator
i0lthlch CoP Wood took of the matter and
tb that it Is the solo reason for their absence from
> he mooting abenc
Mwil > of tk n mocmtl TTolloiml CIt 1
e Today te O ft malt
Tim Democratic National Committee meets
> at t tho Fifth Avenue Hotel at 1 A M today to
organize and to begin the work of the cam
Vatai The members who were In town last
night were William 11 Barnum of Connecticut
Senator A 1 Qorman of Maryland Col W F
Ylln1 of TffcconHln W W Armstrong of Ohio
Senator J Jonas of Louisiana 8 C Judd of
Illinois Patrick Walsh of Georgia Samuel
Iasift 01 Florida f W Dnwson of South Caro
Una John 1rKthor of Missouri Austin H
Brown of Indiana William Dlckson ot tho I
trict of Columbia John I Kuhn or Washing
I ton Territory and H J Mccormick of Mon
t tann Gun Itosocrnnz of the Congressional
JDoramltteola alto In town A number of Uul
I ted Htntea Senators and
tl 8eltols Ind Hoprceontntlvos and
other ReprceontalvcI nl
prominent linpipcrnts
romlnnt are expected to
at V nil the committee meeting IO
i ziViy rumors were in circulation last night
I Ba to the organization of the committee One
i > ri that esHenntor llnrnum would bo chosen
I Chairman and another was that ho would not
Celt > t it and that either Senator Gorman of
liar land or oxsenator Wallace of Pennsyl
ania would b elected Mr 1rnther of Mil
ourl laid that the position would probably be
pOllton 10ull
teuderuii to exSanator fiarnuin but he bad
been told that the offer would bo declined In
b declnd
that event the conspicuous candidates would
M H Ulor Oormim exSenator Wallace and
rrllllam 1 Rcott of 1enns Ivanlo Walac
8 imtor Gorman said that neither he nor
exHe nator Wallace was a candidate He would
decline I elected ExBenator Wallace Is In the
uol t and will be represented by Mr lllgler of
wil b rprelnted Iler
Fetinsylyanin Mr lllgler has the exSenators
authority to decline tho Chairmanship for him
IA prominent Now York Democrat who aided
in th management of the campaIgns ot 1876
and ltlo I said that MHonator llarnum would
fxHoator liroum
tO > nluited and would The
olOoed accept prevailing
r Inuircaulon among the commlttoemon In that
N llnrnum will lm so urgod to take the Chair
manship that hn rannnt refuse
iruderlck 0 1rlnce of boston will probably
ye Ic0lect Secretary although I probabll
athouah AUlln
4irown of Indiana IK ald to be a candidate
air Wlllfam Dlcknon of Waahlneton who bas
peon mentioned In connection with the
meotoned thl
saul that he WAR not a candidate and favored
tun election of Mr 1 caodilate
Tlio members of the committee from the
fit ipoke commlteo canvass te
thorsnctlon of the country Mr Judd thought
that the Democrats had much morn thousht
flchtlng chance In Illinois and Col Vitas re
Via r
carried Oov Clevnlauds chance us more than
soul in Wisconsin Indianas representative
WU confident of succors In ropreseDtatle
Alor the National Committee has organized
Crmltoo hl
will confer with the memlxirsof the Con
memlor thl
5rionaI Committee who are In town It Is
lre tOWI II
prnnnsed to have tUo two committees work to
COlmltoel to
tether wor
tee > lio will Headquartors be In this city of tbo and National Commit
elisctod today ciy v will probably b
IVcit VlritlU Democrat
WlltzLItw July 23The Democratic State
fOIVtUon 11 tltn todsy 1 II nomlnl the 811
tell 0 Wt tttM wa lnlllt Win rot of the
l fi nISniil Irinftncltt Wnraplwllnn which umM
Uii I vlifi iV ° Oct 1 or V I Mnffit the lnor < > C
I the IINuIY MI t In Mr UoDI wIth
I Lii 011 11
use be Catosauien
nAU COluulun aJUIIl U 1e
J t I
A auotr OKTM POlll0N
Urs Warner asS kr Pkmlly Vrlven trtm
kur 1I HM a Treatni >
TRENTON July 3The house Ma South
Warren street In thla city Is I plain and quiet
In i appearance and Is In a quiet neighborhood
It was Inhabited until todnr by Mrs David
Warner and her family There never was any
thing remarkable about tIm place or the people I
until a few days neo when 11n Warner on
going Into a bedroom on an upper floor which
she had put In order some hours before found
tbo bedclothes tumbled about She made the
bed again and a short time aft trtynrd found It
again disturbed and tho furniture In the room
also dlsordorod
When this bad boon repeated several time
Mrs Warners vexation gave place to amaze
ment nnd the told her neighbors about It
They promptly decided that some ghostly
BLoncy was at work Mrs Warner scoffed at
tho idea but thfl neighbors went on to evolve
the spirit of a long dead old gentleman which
bad n grievance about the present 00
cupanrjr of the bouso It had tenant
ed Tvhnii n mortal and was bont on drlv
Inu Mrs Warner anl The manifestations
flutwldici after I day or two and Mr Warner
triumphed over her neighbors until yesterday
Shortly after noon she sent her sevenyearold
boy to the haunted room for her slipper In a
few minutes he came slppr stairs
Ihreklol Oh mother save mel I and 1 appar
ently nearly fieslde himself with fright He
Anty nontl bllo hllll frlMbd hHe
bad found the bad which he had watched his I
mother make up in the morning thrown Into
worse disorder than ever before
lire Warner summoned the daughter the
old man whoso ghost WAS alleged 1 b making
all the fuss and together they made an Investi
gation They found the wlhltnc tipped
over Before upsetting It the ghost had kindly
removed from It the howl and pitcher so that
no crockery was broken The ladles I r the
room but returning later they found the ar
ticles on the floor changed In position
and a towel laid nently across the pitcher
A committee of Spiritualists sat In tho
haunted room In a circle with Mrs Warner
and the ghosts daughter last evening Several
hundred people watched tho house from tho
outside About 10 oclock a grunt white figure
was Been walking across the roof ot the house
and disappearing somewhere thn next build
log Ladles fainted children screamed and
great excitement prevailed until Mrs Ander
son who lives next door was heard Hooldlng
her young son for wetting a broom 8oidloJ
Ing a sheet
The Spiritualists communicated with the
ghost and learned a good many things They
told Mrs Warner that tbe ghost was sent to
warn her 1 b careful or shit would fall down
stairs upon her baby and kill I The ghost
Ito I
also told them there was trouble over the title
to the house and that he would keep on muse
leg up the bedroom until Mr Warner moved
away That lady took her family to a relatives
for the the house rest of tie night and today she vacated
tlB 10UM
Tonight the place Is dark and deserted antI
there has been disturbance Inside or crowd
outside People In tbe neighborhood shrug
their shoulders when asked about the ghost <
and remark that there Is one small boy In Mrs
neighborhood Warners family and several more In 11r
The Brleklnyer Bay tkoy Ars WaiiE Sc
MTU U tktlr Flskl with tk BMM
I was reported yesterday that may
bricklayers from out of town wore on their war
to take the places of the striker Committees
from the Bricklayer Union were Instructed
to visit the buildings whore the bosses a still
holding ont and try t prevent nonunion men
from taking their place They were Instruct
ed to offer assistance t met who would return
to their home
No union man ould b Indoeed t tata oar
place said President Donnelly and 1 far
we haT successfully managed the few non
union msD All who have been found working
In our place baT been Induced t join the
unIon This prove thai even the nonunion
meW are la sympathy clth u Tbo bricklay
er In Brooklyn Jersey City and on Staten
Island are awaiting the result of our strike and
If we are successful they will Immediately
le wi Immodlatl
make a similar demand We Intend 1 win In
this ITgh Nearly every bore mason builder
outside tim fortyfive members of the
Mason Builders Association have acceded
to the ninehour work As fast as the master
builders who have acceded apply for men they
are supplied from our headquarters We S
not more than 460 bricklayer now unem
ployed on account of the strike This is I
where the shoo pinches the boss masons who
are holding out They see their old hand
gobbled up by the bosses who have given 10
Hajght t Dobbins acceded 1 the demand
yesterday Other small contractors announced
their intention of doing so today
Secretary Week of the Mason Builders As
sociation said
The strikers are under the Impression that
thoro will b disaffection In our association t
Every one of Ibo tblrtyelgbt members who
Iln thiosolUtions At the Brunswick Hotel i
aro determined to resist the demand to the
bitter ond Threefourths of our member ara
protected by the strike clause and we are at
lbrt to tako advantage of the provisions of
that caule for al unlimited time If at the end
of a reasonable time the men continue to re
main Idle we will advertise for outoftown
wil dVertle
workmen We know that we can get as many
a wo need But In order to b just to our old
employees resort we will use this measure as a last
Bricklayer Union No 4 met at 208 Eighth
avenue lat evening All the members said
eyonlnl Al lald
they would light It out on the ninehcur line If i
It took all summer Twelve ne member
joined al lummor new membr
latlmm Take Fatal Do wkll I i I
F > llt Man > Grasp
A swarthy Italian of middle agedartod out I
of tho doorway at the side of Stewarts restau
rant 133 Third avenue early on July L Ha
left lying on the floor of his room overhead his
wife Marie Landlno whom he had just shot In I
the abdomen Occupants of the house ran Into
too room anu cnrou for Mrs landlno She
was taken to Bollevue Hospital The doctors
said she was likely to die
Landlno and his wife came from Palermo
He loft there because of a fight In which he
killed his opponent Here ho followed tho
trade of a barber He had frequent disputes
with his wife and did not take proper care of
their five children Once after a quarrel with
wound his vile ho shot himself Inflicting a slight
Mrs Landlno was discharged from the hoe
pital eleven days ago She returned to her
rooms over Stewarts Her husband Balvatore
had not been arrested but the police assured
her that they were still searching for him At
I A M yesterday Detective Philip H Smith of
rhlp I Smih
tbe IMth street station saw standing on the
corner of Second avenue and 118th street an
Italian whom he thought answered tret de
scription of Landlno Stepping up quickly
8tellloi luleklr
beside tbe man the detective said
Salvatore Landlno yon are caught i
The man stepped t back startled and tried to
pet away but Detective Smith caught hold ot
his arm and led him un Second avenue In
front of 9413 tho detective noticed that the
Italian had something clenched In his right
hand Thinking it might b a dagger and that
the man was about to stab him the detective
jumped behind his prisoner and caught hold
of both his arms Just a bo did BO tbe man
lifted to his lip a small bottle Before the de
tective could dash the vial out of the man
bandits had drank ot it It contained mona
tacho dye A hal hour 1 later Ralvijtore Landl
no was dead on the floor of the 126th street
station MOuo house His body was sent to the
wffen Mm Landlno was told of hr bus
bands death she exclaimed excitedly I
saw him from my window going by In an ole
vttted train Ils eyes met min and he turned
his face away He Is I dead I am glad of It
A rear ago Detective Smith arrested woman
for burglary fibs procured ball When he
wont to fetch her for trial ho found her dead
by poisoning
Oulriia as Awfritnn Workmr la Meal
CITY or MEXICO July 23Two American
worfcintn r arrcilcJ ou Snurdr iMt Os a chug of
defomlai this chsructtr of the 1riIJfnt ud Rot RIO
mltttJ to communion with thrlr frlfniU until toilny
Ullhoat total the Ocnwinr of the diitrlct intncvq
them to 1 month Imprisonment vhs h official
now xr0 to rtlki the inn Unqutiudto do w br
tlie Aiucrlcnn illnlitcr lwn I tint the chargt bl
wiibuut fouudfttlon tudluilgaUh by fuallclou persona
A llurclnr Cks by a Was
RAIHTOCU July 23Miss Marlon Foster the
arllit bonrili ot the Iitaly colti Karl thIs orn
luff two burglars climbed Into a window In her room
thu I Foster ItriC Iwlc St the intru < < riouiidlDKftn
nftheni liter then Jumbni trout III Window tllfi
KoMerltnu Invalid L Wbr now cntlrtllr Ill I list tea I
fitlnteil lniui < lUlcly after the sliootliif through felt
tAil she ICi kiUttf Uit wa
L t
IRVIR4I utFStttmia or BAIL
Mr BOMB CaabSIa rnralkM the Ben4
Aflr ts Hnial ef Chat f ker Kvlker
Mr B MtMra MHlirfxIkniiM Kla > <
Two biff men with heavy features wearing
shiny alpaca coat and gold eyeglasses were
among the first persons who entered Harlem
Police Court yesterday morning They wanted
to furnish 110000 bal for Mother liondelbaum
the alleged notorious receiver of stolen goods
who was arrested b Pinkerton co
had been employed by District Attorney Olnoy
to get evidence against ber The first volunteer
bondsman was tfanassah L Goldman of 33
Eldrldgo street
What Is I your business Mr Goldman
asked Justice Murray
Dry good In Eldrldgo street
Are you bondsman for anybody t
Yes air A grocer 180 and a pawn
broker tlOOOO
Thirtysix thousand dollar bond already
lald the Justice I cant take your bal Mr
Shatler what business are yoU engaged In 1
None sir I am a retired win Importer I
on real estate at 933 East Thirtyfourth street
worth 113000 I
S Mortgaged 1 I queried Justice Murray
Four thousand dollar
Sorry aal the Our but I cant accept
Ithor surety Goldman and Shatter went out
o our talking rapidly
I am going t be very particular said the
Court about accepting ball In this case Th
law give me 34 hour t Inquire Into the relia
bility of a person offering himself a bondsman
and t mean to make use of the time
In the afternoon Assistant District Attn
Gave and Detective Itobert Plnkerton came
perspiring into court They brought two ad
ditional complaints against Mr Mandelbaum
her son Julie and Herrman Stoude The
charges wen ftade by James A Roam ft Son
of West Fourteenth street upon the discovery
of three pieces of silk bearing theirprivate
mark in Mother Uandelbaum7 a house at 79
Clinton streot
Oln Itrft
Before Justice Murray arrived Qu Mandel
baum Mrs Mandetbauoi I younger lon busied
himself carrying water to an elderly woman
her e1fo daughter and a row of young
women In cool dresses who fluttered tans and
looked severely at a group of Plnkerton detec
tives in a corner Of the court room
Counsel for Mother Mandelbaum entered
court Ho said Good Hfternoon Mrs Du
pont to the old lady and Warm day Mrs
Jhambottft to her daughter and went up on
the platform before Justice Murray
There was a departure in this case he I
aid from tne usual way ot making an ar I
rest The District Attorney applied 1 private
detectives instead of to the police and he did
not get out tho warrant from the magistrate In
the district which the woman was to be arrest
ed In but came up here to llarlom because tbe
Justice ol his choic was sitting her
Justice Becaimo Murray It was cool up hero suggested
Mrs Mandelbaural counsel 1 continued
The ralu of th tndc aOd ln ftc toajplaluli te
have been reeelvri by UriL 3lanil lljauui aa tola prop
arty wai only JOO tat you Itayl Impoteil t th eietMv
baUofJuuion eaeh chera total ball of f louo IYt
know of no case nhr 0 much hall was required for s
larceny In I which th amenut dhl not xced ffuoo
J racy who waalndlcted too mnnler I WM balled I by I a
udK of the Buprem Court In I rw The bail of Mine
Briter who wa Irledfor oolaUhlrw l onljf3UJO
A good deal has hun said ajraluit this woman 8h1
his never been Indicted tier arrttt wa Mcompllihe4
br oon > plra y She Ic I not Imprlioned upnn h YIn
of tit police but upon lit word of a detective abut
whom there so rumor that h was nr acooinpllc It I
It a violation of tr Conetliatlon I to demand that such
eiceuiv ball hall b given for the reIssue of Ihli
woman who I think we will ahow ha don nothln
wronf A magUtraU who violates the law la wor I
tk > Ih criminal I dont wUb to believe that yon had
tk ear of tk Dutrlol Altoraey before yea came Into Ih
court room any mot than you har mine now I I
move that bfl of Mr Mandeltwum be reduced one
prisoner halt Wou and that one bond b ilrea for til Uuei
dont believe that I haT don anything I
wrong said Justice Murray or that I have II I
bl pn t on u cent too much I shall not change t I
yes said Assistant District Attorney
Gove There wore other complaints this
afternoon and we want the ball sufficient to
Insure Mr Mandelbauma presence In court
Then hero 18 I the ball said counsel for Mrs
Mandelbaum leading up Mrs Catherine Du
pont She Is rub and hope her bond wont
go unrecorded
Mr Duponts daughter Mrs Susan Chain
belts followed her on t the stand and Inter
preted for her as Mrs Dupontepoke In French
Mrs Dupont said she owned property 248
East Thirtyfourth street worth 25000
wortl 20
Wa It handed down to you by your hug
band 7 Inquired Justice did
InQuird JUllo Murray or dl you
buy I yourself 7 I there any dispute about
tho property Has anybody a claim on it 7
it was mine lost winter said the daughter
I bought It of my mother last winter and
sold It back t her The deed wa made for
1200Q but that was onlY for convenience
hB pro rtyll worth twice that amount
should like to see I tho deeds recorded
alu J ll Jfut lU hOld the bail ovor
until tomorrow morning j
Better ball ban Mrs Dupont i f5TSf
offerer In a potion court aId Mrs Mandel l
baum lawyer It does creep out that there
something different lu tblB cue from any
thing In any other tease II I wo could only lift
UP tbe curtain and see It1
I you dont want to take my mother
balL said the daughter take mothors
mother la I worth IWO but I tk worth 100
Where II I your property t asked the Court
Au 11 around town I own a house at 817 ao
month ond avenue worth 130000 I earn me 1250 a
Mr Chambotta Ill take your ball aid
Il tke
the Court bal
hld rather youd accept my mother laid
the daughter Mr mother I a nice
woman but I wouldnt like to have It In tbe
newspaper that I went her ball
nlwl aJr Mandelbautn bl nice woman
said I r Dupont In French We have known
nor a lont while My daughter signed her se <
curl once In a civil daujhter sllned
When Mrs Manilollmuui camoup stairs look
Jag a meek as her heavy jewelry would allow
her to sign the hal bond she kissed Biow
Dupont and Mrs Chamnetla affectionately and
A A 1 L h
U uu u n
Just to think poor Julius Is don stairs
ret Mho 11 and Uerrmao too It II o
Frldar wrong morning that wo show thorn I II Of
Outside the court door tho oool young women
who looked sonharply at the Plnkerton detec
ties covered Mother Mandelbaum with kisses
Tk Forest Ccaumlulon
BiBAToai July 3Tbo Commissioners ap
pointed by th 811 Comptroller to pre sr a bill to tc t
presented to the Legislature looking to4B t preservatIon
of the foroti met here today The Commission Is I com
pn ed ft Trot C I Haritent of Harvard College U
Willie Jaine of New York W A Toucher Oswego
and It II Shepherd of Now Tort l tnu thirty I lumber
mn were present and exprei 1 their views I a urmal
mUlo a 1 lb bust 101 ot prrvlr Ih rorl
AcenrtIng to r oplulen of those preul ih lumber
u as Is net asdangeroul to the forest as I nre
Tw teaere Buak lm at Cllllem sic Sea
LONDON July 23 Advices from Coronas
Spa report that a collision at sea had occurred
between lb Spanish tttamtr Qljon from Cornuna for
Cuba and the British steamer Laxbain Both vessels 1
tank rortjrflve of lb Ollon naaener and eleven
Rf the Lazhantscrw had been landed Corunna It
II i Lltvl that th rest 1 m pMenet mid crews
were saved n
A depatch from Corunna aarit The patienters and
rewa of th Uljon and Leiham nniuberlnc IDs took to
the boat but have not heal henrd from Steamers
hays been despatched In search ol them t
The VT rfbre In Ike Woodeisu
OAIBO July 3The Mndlr of Dongola tele
graphs that hi Das defeated 300O follower of tho Hahdl
near Debbeh and captured aoo Remington rifles Th
rebel loeee were very heavy Rmlnlon rl
LOJIDOK Jolt 33 onlern have been Issued at Chatham
o send all arall tile steam plnuacee to J11Pl
f ke Meellaic of st E sper r
BCBUN July 3The Interview between
Emperor William and Emperor frauds Joseph of Aus
tria will take piece In Itch I a watering place In Upper
Austria on AUK S The iiiretln < will tat two dare H pe
peror William returning 0 Berlin on the Kuh The tee
trian Kuiperor will titeci umperor William at Theuse
IarthCuahsln lecklu
LONDON July 3A very perceptible hock
of earlhquak occurred today on the Island of
Isehla In the Mediterranean Kea The Inhabitants were
freailjr agitated as J they feared an exposlun from the
loniextliict volcano Mount Sun fJOlul
XUllliie U Ike Caper p rnrk
TENDON July 2IU Is reported that tho 8t
Fitersburt police hire found three Mhlllsle secreted In
the park of Ih pities where the nur promenade
The I Klliflliu rcMiUil vounded a fceriieout of police I and
Da their escape
Thei Pimoa Cssal
Pants July 23At a moiling of the share
holder of the Ioiinmn Caual Cinnpany to day the pro I
stoats ot the dirvolor Coors ndnpleu H UlnKlrr elated
UtU ihs cult wimld nutlj tt vlttu tut Uaflll I HWa 101
c 1
1 asS Craps Diatretil wsel NSIral
renew Klll4 surf levlarejek
DziBiPTDe D July asAfter MI u
e eedlngly hot day at about IP kt heavy clouds
began gathering In the noamg ad week and
the air cooled rapidly The clouds mortbwMt
o > f Dl Rapid assumed a fearfully dark A
lot Everybody observed tkem and when
they law the storm beaflticMa o the town
hy went Into the cellar There
clal her was very
heavy thunder with vivid lightning Tbl
c iloud were 10 black that one could hardly 8
lo real The black aloud rose and revealed
vast bodies of green clouds which swept tbe
town Rain fell In torrents I hailstones came
i In sizes varying from a hickory nut to a hens
egg During the storm It was Impossible to
s e across tbe street Tbl bal destroyed
t hroefourthi of the window glass on the north
and east sides of the hpttie The sash wa
mostly ruined
The storm wa of the character of a tornado
Farmer say that they ssw a funnelshaped
cloud rle fall and go eastward S far al
l learned there wr four pwton killed one
woman and three children Th woman
name wa Ir John Hal M year old She
l Ived four miles eat of Del I Rapid Her bus
band who was In the field working I saw the
storm coming I parried I wr house twenty
feet and oruhd It JTtaen the wind
blew his wife my feet furtker She R dead
I when her husband reached Her Cora ham 1
year old who lived with hi family was badly
hurt and may not yevu The tanyearold
diughter of Samuel Duck who lives three
mlissst Of town waiouton the prairie play
tn Iralre
m Inc o Th wind took her up and blew her nor
ls A 1 mile dropping her In a slough where
the woo found W Six mites southwest a boyS
WU killed and aMtherwa killed westof town
S ven mil southeast a man named Hattarson
was broken blown out of a wagon and b a arm
The Prospect school hose In Lake county
wa blown over and some of the pupils were
hurt A Mr Patte living o miles away saw
the storm coming and ho and hIs son hurried
t the house with a hone rake and began un
hitching the hone The wind blew the boy
away from tho rake and toward the house He
called t hi mother who was standingat
lido ot the house Catch mother I cant
stop His mother faced the wind held to the
corner of the house with se hand reached out
the other hand and caught the boy just u he
wa sailing by C
A school house three mile north of townlwo
suddenly turned around but not ruined The
school wa In progress and the pupils and
teacher were lrOru Kn Ilalnes who lived
across the road saw the storm comm
and ran t the school house and took
refuge Looking out she sjaw bar own
bouse entirely destroyed hag Florence
Bean was teaching another school a tow miles
distant As Ile storm approached the pupil
became 10 frightened that they wanted to go
homo She tried unsuccessfully to restrain
them and when she saw that they were deter
mined to go she went with the younger ones t
take care of them Hue was very seriously In
ured by hall and all the i children were hurt
The house wNs left Infect Five horses of
Henry and Philip rnhejr west of town were
truck by lightning and killed I
In Del Itaplds there was great Ion The
nchool house was totally destroyed los 2000
The Congregational church Is a total wreck
JOM U6 The Methodist church wa so
badly r wrecked that It must b taken down
loss 1000 The prssyterIan church root
and tower were blown off The wind was
strong enough to partly lip It over then It a
back to Its place The i Baptist church was
movqd from ittu foundation
Th Western Hotel roof I damaged 11000
The Kzpanmt newspaper office va damaged
2600 The Skating Itink la nt IOMS 1000
Grossman Bros general merolia dlse store
was blown lat Ienera large stock of goods
damaged loss 5000 Odd Fellows Hall and
Nesbltts harness shop under It were blown
flat loss 110 Irving Aumtnada shoo wa
destroyed and but house damaged lo lao
Many other buildings wire also damaged
Fifteen house wore blown down In I the
Fulmor neighborhood west of Del Naples A
house four And a half miss northeast was
caught Into eloush by the wind and t carried fully a mile t
Peibll aekml In Moreellle ems TdlM te >
be CIX Oe reKe In hi Mrtattty
LONDON July 33 Tboro wore twentyono t
death from cholera at Hanellle last night
and fifteen at Toulon Several apothecaries at
Toulon threaten to close their shops because
tbe city 1 is distributing medicine
Thoro wore seventeen deaths today
I tdAY at Tou
lon up to 0 oclock At Vldauban there was
one death and there was one also at Lllne
and Brlgnoles
In the twentyfour hour ending at 0 1 M
today there have been fortyfour death from
cholera in Marseilles
All tbe public schools at Toulon and Mar
ellles will be cln i > > < e
alAS wi viuurrow I
nh Trench AcnJ < < roy of Medicine plopuEC
to hold an International Congress to discuss
Jho prevention and curo of cholera JJr Koon I
I ha astCu that the Conaroaa met In TlnrYln
Tho Medical Cholera Commission has estab
licked a lazaret In the Moablt quarter with
500 beds I has also organized a sick wUl
port service and Issued a series of rules for the
public guidance In guarding against cholera
There Is no sign of Asiatic cholera In the city
The Egyptian Conlcreaee ITnokle 1 Acre
LONDON July 23It Is understood that the
Egyptian conference are unaMe to agree In retard to
Enf lands financial proposals England and Franc are
wide apart Earl Oranvtllo l la empowered to summon
thconrerenca to another meeting at any time hOn
M Wadillnxton will formally present the French coon
ter project In the Egyptian conference today The
conference will postpone gIvIng Ita declnlnn on TI
English I or French rrnpoiala but will 51P1e to such a
modiflcatton of nlt law of liquidation an wlt enable I
conference England to will arrang then a adjourn pert of until the October Egyptian loan Th
kvmm July 23A spy from Kl Malidl who was re
cently captured In this I Iowa has been hanged II re
feeeed that he wa a spy liii halld that Den
non a between Khartoum and Berber have
spread great terror among Iho rrhela
Osman Ulym
la I doing Ills utmost to counteract their alai m
Wo Immediate Reduction of Cable Toll
LONDON July 23 Those people who have
bon hoping for an Immediate reduction of cable toll In
oonsequenc of this completion of one of the Mackey
Bennett cables will find their hOle delusive for I Is I
now announced that the new Commercial Cable Coo
pIY wilt not rcln messages or Irmllon until its
aecuttt Ito under the 01110 sod the oua onlil
tweet Ireland atd t Franc are coepsted whirl It ii vs
litutited will take two month at h1 it will tiottbtlee
be will alony In the fall I bdoro i the c001pasj will I he
ray for bulneiI Whether soy malarial reduclton I
rates wilt hen be mado rlal 10 be cccii ThlmII
or the ulUOr celtie pool predIct that rates will ha itsltt
1lnd eubstaittlally ci al prnl arid 10 Ih moan tiuta
they are pursuing a 1111 policy 1 IIUI
icllliiff Slecne lo the Coo
LONDON July 33 There was quite an ex
citing scene In th Home of Commons this evening
The annual estimates were under discussion and a
sharp flght was mod on Ih appropriation for the
salary Ofh MrGeorge poltonthe I Crown Solicitor of Dublin t
who rr charged with the same kind of offence agates
decency for which exHerretary Cornwall and Inspector
nl v 1 d u n L LL
tlonalist i and Radical jii 1n furiously attacked this
Item and denonnced Mr Sultan as an tufamou 4Ihr
rupl scoundrelmint to be continued In any official poll
tion The ilnvurnment diproatd these attack peed
log th trial of Heltons libel suit analnst United Inland
r IUbo salary was dually pasted by exactly Irl4n
third votel ti to 4U
Tko nrlttsk Cellos Trade
LONDON July 23The annual report of the
Northern Spinners Association hoe Just been mad pub
lic It says that the cotton trade has not been prosper
ous during tho past year It raw s attention th com
petitIon offered by the growing I spinning I Industry In
r na = Imf In
India and declare that thin competition la becoming
serious The trail ala suffers constantly and heavily
bla says from the preienca YI pimp and stud heI
bale Moreover there has lately Itei a serious ad I
mixture o Infer collnn In ISles purporting tn be nf
higher quality Iliereport urges the
lfl m m tar Importance of a
strict examination of the bale uhen opened
ContVrMCS of Ilrltlak Cuniervntlvca
LONDON July 2SThe annual conferonco of
the Conservative National Union was held at Sheffield
to day A thonrand delegates were preselt Lord Ran
dnlnh Churchill presided supported bv the Duke of
Norfolk and others Ihe Marquis or Kalliliury was con
spicuous by Ills absence Lord Randolph ciiurclilll I In
hie opening nieecli Mid that the Unnrr iilln would
have I win Ihe n > nn < leice of the people It they honed
1 be successful at t Hie iteM icnernl electIon Linl Hat
doltS wUhoutopposllloiu thurchlil was rtelectrd CLalriuau of the Inlon
The PcllllcMl rnmpnlgrn In Uerssmnr
BEBLIN July 33 Although Ihe dato of the
electlcns for members of the Kelclislag his not 1
been flied Iho eejloral campaignIt being acutely carried
ried ou The Consrrvallires advocate the extension of
th rotonlel policy the snbrcutloa of a number of line
of navigation mid lbs formation of national tIre and
life Iniironce companies The Liberal platform op
poses Oorerumeiiin Interference In Ihematerof In
surance and limits lb Uovcruineots wlit iios lo
coloultl ixtausloos
C I 0 i r dtU r f
A r ttt wklek Ike Hone Transput
ttyeisi 5k Pie5atylve Pr Is
jureuS Le Ikust Twialiflv B rlesly
ORT N y July MWhllo Barnum
Bale A Butehlnsoni circus was giving It
afternoon performance here today to an audi
ence of 5000 persons a heavy storm of wind and
rain cam up The tent wa In a narrow val
I ley between two small bill and tho storm
rushing through this narrow place created a
whirlwind which truck the large performing
tent from the west near tho dressing tent
Assistant Manager Hyatt teeing the storm
coming bad the four peak lowered thinking
this would prevent an accident The hippo
drome was just beginning when the wind
track the tent In an Instant the guy rope
were torn from the stake and the broad side of
the tent wa In the air Rope and chains were
flying Quarter pole were swinging In the air
and the canvas was torn Into shreds
In the midst of all this confusion the people
were thrown Into a frightful panic Every one
sprang t hl feet and rushed anywhere
he could Host of them ran out among the
hones which were harnessed ready for the
chariot race Tbe terrified horse roared and
plunged trampling upon tho people and
wounding many seriously though strange t
nay none fatally Tho elephants who had
just been performing and had been bustled
out ol the ring trumpeted loudly and were
greatly excited It required the utmost effort
of their trainers t keep them in subjection
and away from the crowds of flying people To
add 1 the confusion tho rain began to fall In
torrent Women who had not fainted were
looking for missing friends From underneath
the now prostrate canvas came the groans of
the Injured The lon and other animals add
ed to the din and confusion by tholr roars and
cries The Cortland Fire Department wa
called out and hastened to tho scene A
Out of the 0000 people who attended no one
was killed though it Is feared that several will
die tievoutyllvo In all wore Injured of whom
loss than twentyfive were seriously hurt
None of the circus attaches were blr
though right In the midst of the disaster
IJarnums loss Is 110000 which was confined
to the destruction of the tent This is the first
I experience of this kind he has had since 1871
As tar R can b aucirtalned the name of the
wounded are a follows Del Tsrboll of Mo
Clrawvllle scalp wound M I llurlburc of
I Cuyler severe Injuries to head and client K
Harvey of Solon serious scalp wounds a
daughter of tho hey 0 Adam of Cortland
Inturually Injured J D Brown of Cortland
throe ribs broken tvmun Olmstead of UcLenn
fractured skull L Richardson of Oortland se
ver contusion In tho head A Brown of SIo
Hahon left arm broken and severe Internal
Injuries Mrs D Conger of McQrawvllle head
andjace badly cut Jsd Bglls < Tnof Cortland
buck of head crushed V nffoksof Cold Brook
Cld Irol
shoulder dislocated J Frenchof Klllawog
badly bruised In several part ot tbe body
eyer larll bdy
Many others from neighboring towns wore In
jured whose names It Is Impossible to obtain
IlIOUFIRLD HPBtNGS July 23At about i P
11 today a hurricane poMed over Itlchfleld
Springs followed by a most terrIfic eleotrlo
and ball storm Lightning truck Halls cot
tag i rang the door bell toro the Uall the
sides i broke the expensive lights shivered a
magnificent tree and tore the shingles off the
roof The wind toro open the barn doors of
Julius Walker who had just driven a load of
bay In and drova the wagon out which ran
WNon out
over him crushing his leg rib and arm
Tree In every dlteotlon some of them mon
strous oak and hop polos by the thousand
were prostrated and window panes by the hun
dreds wore broken Washburn t Huntings
circus wns giving an exhibition hero and was
ailed with tho fashion of the Springs Wa
Ing several hundred children Without warn
inn the wind Mew the large tent over upon the
spectators Hundred of gayly dressed women
and children were compelled to crawl oat from
under the canvas on their hands and knee
only t meet a terrific hall atorm followed by
trrente 01 rain
The ladle hastened Into the barn for shel
ter Carrluges and busses becanto arrive from
the hotels with anxious
hotol parents Inquiring 1
about their little ones but except a few
bruises and small cuts nil escaped Injury I
Emmn Baron nurso to Dr Scbloys daughter
In Halls cottage was knocked senseless
Hates barn two miles distant was entirely I
demolished and another on the next farm wa
except turned one half around All the wire are down II
I Pesttk of WHUsina Brnmmell II I
Mr William Drummoll the confectioner died I I
Tuesday ntghl e 91 Hew herein I this city
and learned lb confectioners trade with a Mr L1
SImple on Greenwich street just after the war of 1812
lift went Into huslnew for himself very early and Is said
to hare started bolt sixty candy stores In the luad
moit of which ho edit out as anon us he had made them
valuable for thirty years he lisa kept a store at Si
Third avenue Ills nefghborevised to say that r he 14 I
made hl half n dozen fortunes Hud the poor had them all
T C > Si baTh prown up around Tenth street
I ann Third attune In the last twentyrive years knew Mr
Brnmmell as K man who was xlwavs dying candy away
aT talwsrB had tile pockets ulloOt He leaves a
wife i aIAT IIrn TntfJWVaJ wljj take IIe to
morrow altO the body will be burteu at Uypreee IIHIs I
I Snlclde ole Confederul Widow
JULTIWOIUS July 23Mr Annie Fierce
wide nt Leut Pierce of Confederate army fame com
mitted ioltxe hers today hanging herself 1 a bed
post a e reeKIeC 2 Oranbv street Mrs Pierce was
a rimlneni laIrYn i casino Va before the war Site
was l hfvVonJeeJ yr1 earl ago hf itusbani
COlnerl 10 W4
died LavIng be r penniless vlth hrec mall chlldriO
Her netlth I ken begin to full an article after all
was told to keep the wolf from ihe nJr nntllbecom
IngdesDondent the poor woman resolved oql suicIde
1110 was too proud lo make known her iiUisOle eon
dltlon and she hut been living In utter leclusicn Her
children Confederate the Society eldest T rears old will be cured tar by its
Tkreei Itsnronco Componle Itellrc I
I ALniNT July 33 Three fire insurance com
panlea h v nollfttil Buperlntndcnt itiUall of the In I
UIBUVB wpanuicui vt tncir iQiention 10 retire from
business yIn I Mrchanlca l And Traders of Now York city I
IrvIng of New York city and llremnns Trust of ltrk
lyn I every case Ihe policy holders wilt I fully ern
tected by relnrurance In other companf and he e I toOt
holders of each company will protiably he pull In full
In the cape of the Irtlnt I the requisition made by tInt
J It
Huperlntendent to pay In nn Impairment it six per cent
has been met slid the company nw show n surplus nf
ajioi t after t tie payment to the etnckhoMert of
flouo doe without Ita risks delay Mill b reinsured actS lie business
Terrific Ntoren on ISo Hudeon
PouoiiKKErsiE July 23A terrific storm of
wind and rain prevailed along the Hudson about 0
oclock thin eenlng In every direction trees were up
rooted teliftranh wires were torn down and fruit
stripped from trees I fUl
The Inns l of fruit It doubt
nn bl hear The Imrrlciui
lusted uunut twenty minutes I bllat r IIW sloop
Willie was blown nslmre ererat miniature water
spout were teen In Xewburgh liny
A Hnrclnr lUenllfleil
BniDOEronT July 23Tho young man giv
log the name of SIt Deroe who a arrested a few
day ago for burglary proves Co bo Hamuel Hamilton of
New York who deeerted from the manofwar Nw
Hampshire United States laT about three months
ago and for whose serial n reward was offered He was
taken to Newport where vessel ii I now stationed by
Police Officer Jennings afternoon lalono
A Cincinnati Jury frmjlmg for Guidance
CINCINNATI July 23Tbe jury In the case of
Patrick Hartnet returned a venial of guilty of murder
In the first degree 3 oclock this afternoon after being
out twentytwo hours The jurr after retiring yester
day prayed for guidance llartnet killed his wife In
Jaiiuarr with alt axe IS l by nearly severing her head from her body
musics ar Fll
The peanut factories of R O Marks and Oeorgt Davit
In lire Petersburg yesterday Va morning Were vulli destroyed all their br an content Incendiary and
arrested machinery on suspicion Lost about SJOUUU Two negroes have been
Knierson Bmltli S Cot extensive taw manufactory
In Heaver Palls r a was Slinoit idc > trored l by lire ester
lay morning The lire started lu the tempering room
from an explosion ol oil u > ea In temper acres and
spread very quickly to all part of the building Th
loss It faiUU
On Tuelsy nlnht a fire which started In the lumher
yard ot Ilnrx ilndilard ciii the west side vt tile rite
In Ran liaglnaw Mirth destrnt td aiu tool i feet of lumber
longlng to tnat nrni IKHIOO feel belonging to
llarkus A Binder hJist i fit helollglng In II S i
luikns IIOiiul fort nnnr1 ht p uh iirrm Anon and
Illllso I feel behmgllif I > V xeldeii of Itome H Y
Total lot 5251cc
The two upper stories if 1 1 Win Inr block on Paver
street Boston vt ere hunut r HiMilny niornlnir These
floors were occupied iy l A 1C Hlaicnard an a shine fac
tory The Critic lost ulll not exceed f 21410 The
slock of T Ailains maniirjclurer of llavorlng extracts
on the pcrond ilior was ilDinn ed by water t re b build
lug wind is netted tiy Hie Bert estate was damaged
lo tInt extent of UXO V
John HiMits hey rske works In Dtitnn Ohio caught
flee yesterday morning from the Clarke of n passing
Inooniotlve Thu nre caught In ttie roof of thu fr me
Mtirkshup and spread so railliy lust the firemen eould
only save the HereriHim and foundry The Intense heat
gulled the surrounding frame dwellings desiroilng
four two story house slid two onestory houses and
Injuring several others Half n dnteti atahlet and
otlur property were uso burned Kearly fine whole
blorli I < In nilies Mr Iicrbtai > t > loss It estimated ai tenjiu
anti his dn clllngs nnd > er > oual property st IS5U5A Tb
iieurauc iI tot 40 ucn
ei °
Tk Air Fine with Hat Jest a Tw Wejtus
beat BtuBs4 Tegetber
About a score of young women and men
stood on the wharf at Pier 6 North RIver Ut
evening waiting for a Coney Island boat when
the Hurricane truck them It was 10 unex
pected that nearly all their hat were carried
oat Into the river before their owner bad time
to clap their hand to their head The Sylvan
Stream which had Just brought a load of ex
cursionist Irom Day Ridge had put In and
the passengers were beginning to cross the
gangplank The steamboat Orand llopubllo
on her way to the foot ol Wost Twentysecond
street wa hugging the New York shore The
hurricane threw the Grand llopubllo against
the Sylvan Stream which struck the dock The
Grand Ilapublle quickly backed water and the
Sylvan Stream whoso bond line had parted
swung off the gangplank fall overboard and
there was the wildest confusion among the
Everybody rushed to the shore side ot the
boat and tried to got on the wharf For a few
moments there was a panic lu the crush a
good many women worn hurt and bruised
The deck hand worked hard to restore quiet
and by the time the hurricane hud spent ltsoll
nil the passengers bad been put ashore The
Grand llopubllo steamed up to bar dock with
out apparent Injury The Sylvan Stream after
touching at her uptown piers went down to
Bay Illilgo when she hays up She In a little
crushed whore she was hit by the Grand lie
public and also where she was driven agatuat
the dock She will not run today
A West roUt l qusd Captures tke lists
Camp Without Dl anlir
Twcntyflvo young horsemen wearing
trim gray uniform and shining white helmets
came winding up the hill Into the State camp
at Feeksklll yesterday They ware a Quad of
West Point cadet on an informal visit The
wore under the command of Capf Auger
The young gentlemen as Cant Auger re
ferred to them left West Point about 3 P U
and rode ate leisurely pace to the camp They
roamed in squad about the groundswhile
their officers refreshed themselves under the
cool tents of the caMp commanders At the
sound of the bugle they swung Into their sad
dies about oclock and galloped away through
quads of ndmlrlng Ulxtynlntbers
It may be a picnic camping out aid a
stalwart Sixtyninth private last night but I
have had my fill of It It Is work work work
and tramp tramp tramp In the hot sun from
morning until night i
DorrPs powful enters dom Sixtyninth
fellahs said a perspiring commissary waiter
dey cots away with mu vittles in n day dan
any two rrgmonu wes had hash Seem
thotiKh dar wurnt no bottom to some dose
mnns stummlcks
There was a picnlo during the afternoon In
rtn adjacent grove and more blue coat were
visible In the Peeksklll street than on any day
since the regiment arrived The Sixtyninth
bad a large done of rigid discipline from the
moment it landed and has submitted to It
with soldierly fortitude Passes out of camp
are a serious matter and given grudgingly
and only on good excuse
The death of the Right Hon Sir Lawrence
Peel u announced He was a cousin of Sir Robert Feel
atid was born In I79D He was educated at St Johns
College Cambridge and In 1M4 was admitted to the bar
ttthe Middle Tempi and went the Northern Circuit
Afer filling the post 01 Advocate General tt Calcutta
be was raised to the bench at Chief Justice of the 8u >
prInts Court there In 18W The sense year b received
the honor of knliblhnod He retired lu 5855 and In that
year wan VlcePretldent of th Leglilath Council at
Madras In 1857 he became one of the director of the I
Edt India Companyand In IHfff he was made Treasurer
ot the Middle Temple In October 1H71 be waa appoint
ed oneof the paid members of the Judicial Committee of
the Privy Council U wrote a Lit of air Robert
BxAttornyaeneral Daniel Pratt died tn Syracuse
yesterday afternoon
R < arA < mlral George t Rmmons US N died yester
day at hie home In rlncon TS years old lie leave a t
widow three ton and a daughter ifla ot hit tons It a I
Lieutenant In the navy and his daughter Is I the wife of
Commander Whit of the navy Ue wa made a Mid
ahlpman in ISiH and became a RearAdmiral In 18TX Mide
was retired In the following year Ha was n Commander
lathe early part cfth war and a Captain nt lit close
Ieta at Mode
The Aldermen of Jersey City are suffering
from an excess ot music during their icuiont Opposlt a
the City Hall on Washington place It a saloon In which
a brass band plays every evening Adjoining this pltc a
I Is saloon tint Louisa loud and tireless htnnontron I
rite drum TOH > al the louri Regiment practIce
nCrhtlr on the floor of lh same building Tht
orcnestrovVr7vthe or Newark aashtie cot
IllliUtes Iti share to the general utii oar
On warm evenings when tlie Aldermen alt with open
windows till various music renders It Impossible for
them to appreciate each other eloquence Metwngert
are tent at each tneetlii rit to the different sources of
the music requeuing moderation but generally with
very little effect
The Wife Heed Left Ilcklnd Olin
Charles Reed has been a burntcork comedian
In Emerson Minstrels at Ban FrancUco for three
yean He returned totnltcily tUrco ua js osS Ptfor
ur z w esn Francisco hit wit Rosa Reed ct 211
Third street litd him arrested for abendintent Jus
lice Tower ordered Itced to pay hit w > eUawcek
Rewl ipealed the CAIO to the Court of Kptlal Sessions
which ordered him to pay flu a week Ills lawyer was
enabled by an error In the paper to have the order tot
aside by the Supreme Court and heed took itie tie
artur before he could be rearreited Mrs Reed but
him arrested on Tuesday and tie gave ball for examina
lion Hit wit says he married her nine j ears ago and
a short tun after refused to live with her
Rival In Ike Slay ButlneM
Ephralm Palmer Is t Assiitant Postmaster at
East Chatham Columbia county Ifli tther is the
Postmaster Tue father and Don are engaged In hit h7
and feed business It wat charged that tho ion da
taitej for five deyc helter iiiteitdl fora rival hay dealer
In beet itatttati which conhainod an order ftr poduce
Tire Aseistani loeltrtester was arreIei anI tsten before
Cointnluioner iihieltls yesterday whierp it foaled all
kowiedge or Vie
Iettr Ti Cntnrnhssinrrer
on the cvi
Ilenee gave ii latnrer in Itonnrabs dlclwrgo
He Mualdat Heraiiv kit lint
George Decker a spectator In Justice John
eons court la Port Richmond 81 on Monday e > cuing
wee requested to remove hit hat during the tesslonof
the court The request was refused Decker was then
arrested for contempt of court and fined IX At he re
fused tn pay the tine he wa committed tn the county
jail for lUe dnyt Mr Urcker It bald and he allege that
ne dared not remove his hut from fear of n draught He
threatens Irate to bring a suit for damages against the magic
AlcxuniTer JefTcrton Meet Die
Sheriff Stogman received a despatch from
Albany yesterday noticing him that Joy Cleveland
had denied the application for a reprieve In the case of
Alexander Jefferson the negro murderer lenience to
be hanged on Alit 1 Justice Cullen hue alto denied the
application mail nv Jeflertnn counsel for the appoint
ment of a Bherifft jury Inquire Into Jeffertouitiulty
The Crcmorne Kellctneed
Excise Commissioners Houghton and Mitch
ell rellcented the Cremorne Tom Oouldt place In West
Thlrtyflrst street and the saloon at 91 Bowery ester
day Coimnietiouer Morris opposed their action The
license for tint first two place were mad nut In the
name of Ezra Uiurgelt and Thos V Parker the holders
of Ihe old licenses
An Eloper Mcntenctd
PITTHFIELD Mass July 23 William Qrls
woW who eloped with Rusle Uylln sged II year at
Dalton vat t day srnteuotd for three years for the
elopement and one year for adultery
The firs hotcorn man of the season has mad his
appearance on the tiowery
The ball of Rdelberto Giro now In Lndlow street jnll
ha been reduced to fOuuu and today he expect to be
Edward L Paris was elected Chairman of the ram
patKn Committee of the Young Mens Democratic Club
yesterday The club a ill open mounts in Twentyfourth
The Rev Father Rlordsn rector of the Immigrant
Mission at Cash Garden will sail today on the Baltic
to explain the nature and alms of his mission to the
clergy of Ireland
Major Edson said retttrday that he had so apprehen
lion of a cholera eplilemlc In New York the hail how
seer recently Inspected tie streets and a > euuet He
found them very clean
The Irving Hall Democracy will hold a mass meeting
to ratify thu nomination of Cleveland and llendrlcktln
> vlng Hall on Tuesilsy evening next LfeutUov U P
lill nlll make the urlnclnal ueeuh
eatituet Ieterlitn Who WaS arrested for shootIng tile
lrsetlinghruee keel 2Irc Msidi1eit Illoniti ii rtml
t0ieterati Monday Cue been aertulIted a It was aliowg
thu lit stint that billetS Ut wotuani accIdental
Tttourts Plant Si years oIl lately of 2 MorrIs dtreet
a Ito a as OttttictuI of art ailemniptel tisciult on then
mlena Nupitci cit etnigratut girl on July Ii was setilenceth
2 etcrilat by itecettler itnt lii It blate priavu for seven
yesra Strd sic nmelt
This fsiitsr tt it A Esthntn the saeannan forJ God
itCh 444 Pro d rity Whtu UZiI suithittieti to have lot Iii
lit t the itrrtliig of lint IS nicer licuel at dniar sirings
hi eli tact trtdey fern his en ort 1 tttehiiy lieS
Tue I tier teas lsted trot tliticsiin tic J Uudiiehp ais
hicari fmoiti tile ealesitteti yelterihay
An crier was itmaile ererday ly Judge Tair linesen
eloni4ittg lIt Ittite of tSiilistti dJinn aeslitne at
henry Morgan thirty ds I mroee in wtieli to lii the
scttsdtilesuf tIme mlgnnr Mr Ulzoii believe II intl
viuum acetic ni sir Morgan win tint exceeq stutiuiij
Henry Morgan was a member the firm if M Morgan
OUS brokers ti tnt recently faUst i
H Prpesa tksst Thy fOuill Opun SO t
ytlMlt an tutoy ARcane mm4 dM ail
IThey Beealre to Kslforc tke BlBXvsrt
NEW AUK July 23Tho Rev Father OfOam
nor who Is trying to close the saloons of Bail
Newark on Sunday was requested by the is
loon keepers today U I moot them tonight It l
the billiard room of Alderman Francis H
Ooyle 300 North Fourth street Ho oonolodMI
to do so and to make a proposition to the
liquor men lie first ubml tied the proposition
to the local members ot the Cnthollo Total A >
tlnanoe Union and got their approval At
oclock fourteen saloon keepers wore presetS
and a mooting wa organized with Mr Tlornay
n the chair Father OConnor laid 4
You havo sent for mo and I see In this
recognition ot my Influence aa a priest Aa
you have made advances I will be as goneroM
as I can If you agree to my proposition I
ball be satisfied I propose that you close
your saloons on Saturday night at 12 open 1
them again at noon on Sunday and close atf
lathe evening I dont want to be radical aad 1
therefore take this position A pastor of that
PIne I can concede no more You ought aot
to take nil of the poor mens wages Now they
spend half In your places on Saturday night
I propose to crush out entirely the wont
saloons and you will get some of their trades
again with a reform here the town will grow
and this too will increase your busIness a
thnt really you will not lose by doing what I
ask Fart of the agreement must on thatu
Rny saloon keeper violates it you will not iota
ID his defence
1eter Hauck the big brewer ot tbe town eal4
he would like to come to an understand
with the priest lie suggested that sale
allowed on Sundayevenlng until B orlOocl
An Irish saloon keeper said It they could
only six hours they might a well IoS
tlrely then the trade would go to Newark aM
East Newark would bo hurt
Father OConnor doat com to argue ay
proposition but to say that my duty aa pastor
and President of the Union require mete ua
all my Influence to accomplish certain end IX
I raauost the people to stay out of your salooB 1
many will do It and then your trade will notbf
as good as It you accepted my proposition I
Will do this unless you como to my term
A saloon keeper said Father if you tell the
people who are back of you to pay their debt
you will bo in batter business
The priest arose to leave the room U was
entreated tn remain
It the Chairman he said with dignity
promise me protection from offensive words
I will stay
The prnmlM waa given and then the pries
said again that he would not change his prop
iltlon Saloon keeper Smith asked Ie
As long aa tho law aad th pastor U agalaat
us what show have we V
Yon know said Father OConnor thai
the priest Is for your good I am not your ene
my If the cholera comes hero your pries
will stand by you As your priest and fattier I
appeal to you As your friend and the friend
of T the community ask you to do as I propoae
Mr Hnuok proposed that back door be
opened In the orenlng j
My proposition it 1 clear and I cant chang
It replied the priest Some dealer havVu
ready promised mo to close
Chairman Tlernoy said ho would rathercloao
altogether than have any sidedoor businNa
that was annaklsn
Lotus close up everything shouted icy 1
oral voice
Patrick MeCabe said be liked closing the
front door and leaving the aide door open
That was done last Sunday and the result WM
Certainly your saloon profited byltaaU
the priest In a sarcastic tone
The priest live opposite McCabos sslooa
McCabe looked angry at the remark buthadno
retort ready Ho moved however that a rots
on the proposition bo deferred until another
meeting next week giving as a reason that
about sixty saloon keepers were absent Fatkac
OConnor t < ald It the laloonstwere notclosiom
next Sunday he would begin prosecution
This added to McCabes anger t
Then I withdraw my motion he saW
and I move we close everything In tow
Let enforce the whole law
This last motion wan adopted with a rash
mid the meeting adjourned amid exclutme
The saloon keepers aid they would stop the
homo ours ftnfi crr6rc6 tbo hun laws In fulL
I am satisfied said Father OConnor to
reporter we can do without horse cars a
as for butcher shops and the like they ougnf
to be closed I am going ahead with the flght
Sunday shall be suspected and tort dive snafl
bo closed every day Halt the population hi
connected with my church and I know tail
people are with me
a noep
tore catholics and some of them are gq 4
ohureb people It was said when I bigtatt tiux
leg to the people about the saloons the doiiei
tlons would fall off but they aro increasing Is
Talker Ilenntuoy Weak but DetUss
No more hemorrhages Improved but weak
We hope for hit saying matt ou Sunday was wrttt
i on S pleciof note paper that hung yestndar frca k
I door bell of Father tlfnnsneys bout on Bramhal
I avemue Jersey City ycstorday
I We list to put out that tcrap of Informs on ssssl
I the nay Kather sheehan the f ttrst tf to tile ISilaSj
I of the icoreiof people wino ore calling her from norm
lii ciii n Z hs 5 i tre after the pastors condition 14 4
is much Letter hut not yat out of danger
Von OogktVett
Miss Lily A West daughter of Sir Edwart
West of this city was married to Mr Henry T Von Oftj
ot Buffalo tt the Church of lie Recnnriilatlon last evjej
log line 11ev Newton Perkiita perfoete4 time 8dl l
nttony The bride rca dressed to peirt eotorul et
HIre wee sive away by tier faiber Miss
was hmidesmnll arid Mr Rhinehtirdt Neifert
was best man The ushers wire llcurs James Wruu
William K xchultz Jr Jihu W Pmttcane
Wheeler and William r Reilly Ueorr C
Blowing XeaiIjr a Mile a lllunte
A wind storm struck the city at 710 oclock
last night The velocity of the wind was about attf
miles In the fno minute It listed Cautionary tlgnalg
Were t > ut un all the way from Cutie Ilattertt to Lattpoe
RIX In tile afternoon lhe barometer fell rapidly
TIte v lnd lorm cattle from the tuutliwest and sal aS
oRhnot of the storm which was central about thu itS
region enrly csterday morning
Hits Wee Allca
Charles W Allan known as Wes Allen whi
Is cashier In The Allen saloon In nieecxer street wet
rhirged at Jefferson Market yesterday with strlklu
Edward P Hileldsof Id rtirutine street on this head wliS
a chair on Tuewlay nght Allen said that Shields wig
drunk and disorderly mil that ho only strurk him onoe
wIll tile list Jusilcn Knrd held Allen In foOO for u >
auiluatlou Hw found a bondsman
Mr HiilllTun irtudfiill
Mr James Sullivan one of the moat prom
med Iniolitnet lie Jersey City U A ihoe dialer Ii UIui
Juit fallen heir to tOOtS left br hU uncle who died C
Im rninT tortinfor the Aviembly In mr dltnctHht i V
aid yeimtrday and Im yolag to spend fluuu on nt y <
The Klsnal OOlce Predict
Local showers and partly cloudy weather
louiliwistetl nlnds stationary temperature
Gen Sheridan and wife and Cols Gregory and Tout
man visited Backoffs Harbor yesterday
The Treasurer of the National Rubber Company et
Prot Idence denies that the company hat failed
Itepretentalive Converee of Ohio has decided lo retire e j
fniiii public life and has declined renouiltiatlou V
< l II Heap of Pennsylvania has been appointed Se J
C iry of the United sUtre Legation at Ionilsullnopl L
Judge I C Williams of Watertnwn N V Is I terloutJr >
ill vtitli erysipelas and blood poisoning caused tycaw
ling his hand M 1th a brass spring T
W o Klnmley President of the Brooklyn Bridge V
Company inc engegeil roomi at Alexandria Bay Cot
himself and family for August and Beptember
A large purl of the bodv of tue ninrderer John May
which em os Helen from Iho grave at Xorrlstown ra v
week ago wit found In a thicket near Hie Jotler 5 FIM
John Andrews a negro preacher sentenced toprlsoa
nine years sea for life for murdering his wife escapet
from iou In tleorgelown Del on undny night and ka
not yet beui found
Ails Clay acoored woman of Columbui Mils tkot
and Initantly killed the wit of Dave McUavId a negr
upon whom her heart wts set Hhe lied but was aubo
fluently arrested and Is now In jail
Two dlsreputsM houses In ablna O kept by DaviS
West und Vats Willltins re P < ctlrely rtire blown n
by cltltcns pellet 4 ty inoriiliig br the use of glaai
powder lhe Iniuaue were allowed to depart
A H Wrjnr brother cf one of the defendant
charged with ihe murder of illrum Kdmundiun of Mi
Kees > nrt In and the principal witness forth defence
Sal esteritty arrested for complicity lu the murder
James CJilllnitn shot and hilled a young married
man named Uioi g Nichols In Chlcaro on Tuesday nlgkt
because the Inlter Interfered In prevent a sun of Call it
hart fruit luntiug n child Mcholt Was ihol lu Hit back
as he HAS loot uhf time scene f
The Itiinril of Managers of the Worlds Exposition a l <
Sew fjrlvaiis hint e atilliorlxei uirectoMjeneral Burk ta
notify lie tltivernurs oh all lho StOic and TerrItories > >
lending In malio exhlhlls lint Ihe first Installment eel
their lhe 3IXI onliri sfiirofrlated tu each liy thu Hoard It ready fW i
Joseph Welch a former student at 8t Joseph Bnmaa f
Cttliolio College In Buffalo was
tterday arretej I
chtrgrd with entering the college rifling the contlib
linn hox i and Healing two large Hirer chatted rises
tllrersiultU lie had brnkeii up the uses and disposed ot IbemW

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