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z Jter of Acceptance
r Chndor compels us to doclaro that Brother
4 OLAINEH lottor of accoptanco Is ono of tho
i olovorost vtitcgolllng machines wo over ex
amined As a specimen of Intolloctual leger
demain It Is vrull ant ted t tako the cake
How lot vhotlior lu tho letter of
No1 1fIO tlo na
OPptanoo which ho Is going to wilto Brother
CLKVETiAND can bat DbAiKBln grip and can
dor as much aa ho bAt him In financial hon
ti esty I Is i a great thing to b financially
t hnnost and It Is n bad thing to bo dluhonrtit
but It Is A great pity when the honost man
r la outdone by tho roguo In mental faculty
and popular favor
i Theso lettera of nccaptanco have como t
play a groat part In tho apparatus of Pro I
douUal elections Thoy aro used to supply
daflolencloa and cover up weak points Thoy
plo out tho platforms of tho Corvolitions i
and show how tho candidate will swing i
1 around every difficulty that tho Convention
4 bos created for him provided only ho can
luoooed In getting elected
Wo have Already had ono totter of accept
1 anoa from Gou BUTLER and It did not do
BUTLER credit I was labored and confused
Dot nt all t L compared t the smooth and
porsuftslvo discourse Brother BLAIXE Wo
suggest that when ho now finally takes tho
Hold t run for tho Presidency Gen BUTLEH
should Ignoro this unsatisfactory lettirof acceptance
ceptance and write another that shall b up
t the mark I anybody can beat BLAINB
4 in I talent BDTLKB Is l the man and hc
boat him la honesty t Nothing was
ever more honest and candid than Buy
LEns speech In tho Chicago Convention find
when he writes his now letter o acceptance
e wo shall expect to and It overflowing with
the same high qualities
And then wo shall have the letter of the
Prohibition candidate There will bo
andldat Toro w b no
dodging that
1 I Make I Plain I
Mr BLAME and Gen LAN after him I
have seen lit t Introduce essays upon tho
protective system Into their letters of accep
i tance This was not what Gon LOA calls
a legitimate necessity for thero Is and
A can bo no doubt about tho declarations of tho
Republican Convention upon the subject of
4 tariff and revenue They distinctly and un
equivocally commit tho party t tho policy
of protection Tho Republican candidates
might havo simply referred t the platform
a embodying their opinions and tho opinion I
of their party That would have been
enough for everybody knows how the Republican
f publican party stands toward protection
The writers of the Democratic tariff plank
woro not so foi lunate Serious doubt Is expressed
pressed as to their moaning Advertently
4 or Inadvertently they did not express their
7 vlows with such clearness as t avoid the I
possibility of being misunderstood Their
declaration Is understood In ono way by
ecmo and In another other
Bro pooplo anl way Jby
s people Home are sure that It means protec
c tion and some that it moans free trade i
I remains for Mr CLEVELAND t say what
ho understands It to mean and t say It
c clcftrly I there U i anything ambiguous
1 about the platform there must at least bo
nothlDff ambiguous about the opinions oi
the MMlt Ills declaration may bo a
cepted as an authoritative exposition of the
platform to which tho party may bo held
1 The Republicans are Just aolilng tot a
chance to shift tho real issue
The Slow rogress of Cholcrn
c I Is true that somo past cholera epidemics
have suddenly become wldospirad after hav
ing for a considerable time bon confined to
C a single locality But there Is much reason
rrcncul mcnt In tho circumstance that
4 the present visitation of the disease afflicts
only a limited area of the south of France
I and Is not spreading much beyond the neigh
borhood of 1U 1 first outbreak
I Is true that we have had reports of tho
appearance of cholera even as far off as
P and at Vienna two supposed cases
wore discovered lat Sunday It Is however
officially denied from Pails that any Asiatic
cholora has In that In such
hllppclr city sUfb a
3 time as this wo nto altogether likely t hear
many false alarms a to tho appearance of
the disease t which other disorders bear a
tf creator or less likeness Even hero in Now
York cases of what was called cholera were
reported tho other day though thoy wore
nothing more than Instances of usual sum I
s mer maladies
iv So long ago 03 the tlrst week tn June tho
3j cholera made Its appearance in Toulon
4 Bovcn weeks have passed since then and tho
disease is still oplduiula only In tho vicinity
of IU orlgmtl outbreak orb In neighborhoods
j not very distant I Is not Improbable there
fore that as an epidemic It will continue to
bo confined U the towns whore It has gained
foothold and which of their
a footboll by reason tholr
filth and had nanltary condition generally
4 urn woll adaptad for Its maintenance
Meantime too dread U I Inciting the sani
tary authoi lllo throughout tho civilized
world t urgent activity t ward off the pes
jp tilence I will not creep Into cities a 1
secret and unexpected enemy for sentinels
tc aro all about watching for Its approach and
armed against It That Is tho great fafoty
of tho moduli fl worM whoso attention for
many yearn past Ima been closely occupied
t with the coifeldpiatlou l and perfection of
miitni fui tho vuinllugoffof epidemics Sinco
p tho hut great cholnru hcuuigethoao meas
ures have been vastly Improved and ran
c dnrcd inure cortaln fur It 1 > only within the
liiBt ton yeant that sanitary science so
culled Ins wuiketi with definite means to
k ward prcclao tnds
The chances of 1 great cholota epidemic
L cither In Kuropo or hero are thuiufuro much
less than they Would ha eif en under like cir
cunibtnncra ten fifteen or twenty years ago
f Botlitutiltirj bclunco and incillonl oxpeilenco
aro loss tori I lloj nt tim prospect of tho op
penrnnci of cholera und th > o iirreneo of a
few casts of the dibcao dojs not provoke
the alarm It would have onto CMII d
hero In New York the average temperature i
k of the summer thecondition of tho city as
to clcanllmiw cud our rellrJmliilstorfi
4 utel of eauitatlon all Justify us 1 dla
mlselng alarm A tos cholera l cpldeml
E o I cases of the dlseoeoappoar hln dutd
I U not Improbable that wo may bare theto
they will not necessarily b followed by a
postllouoe We have frequently had them
In post years whon cholera added little to
the dOth rat
Revision In France Uncertain
Tho action of tho committee of tho French
Senate t which tho revision project 3 re
ferred renders Itdoubtfnl I whether oven the
very moderate constitutional amendments
proposed by M Fcntir can bo carried out
While professing In general rm to favor
alterations In the organic Inw I tho com
mlttoo proposes to strike out tho
only substantial fcaluio of tho programme
that namely which defines tho Bohatoa
financial powers I after debate tho upper
tloueo persists In upholding the conclusions
of this report It will place Itself In sharp an
tagonism to the Chamber of Deputies which
would sooner abandon tho scheme of revision
vision altogether than confine Itself to In
setting n few republican platitudes In tho
fundamental law devised by tho Versailles
Tho secret of tho Senates unwillingness to
assent to the ropohcd limitations of Its
powers over money bills lies doubtless In tho
nlfglvlng which Is but to well grounded
that the ConstitutionalCongressonco asscm
tbat tie CnsUlutonal Coofrlssonco IS < I
bled might Iofus to be bound by tho Minis
terial programme A we have previously
shown tho theory that tho two Chambers
acting their separate capacities as branch
es of a more legislature can prescribe tho
action of a body clothed with absolute au
thority over tho organic law Is tantamount
tho greater than tho
to saying that parts arC rentr
whole and that tho creature can dictate to
its creator I Is known that tho advanced
tlatllcals have determined t insist upon this
view after the Congress has convened and
hat their weak resistance to the FERRY
scheme of revision was duo t a conviction
that no antecedent stipulations would prove
blndlnl on the Convention Moreover the
Premier himself Is sad to havo lot slip some
Incautious remarks upon the subject from
which the Senate may Infer that ho not only
anticipates the assertion of Independence on
tho part of the Congress but will not very
much exert himself keep It strictly within
the limits sketched beforehand
Now unless theso Conservative Republi
cans who believe that a certain proportion
of life members should be retained In the
Sot and that the choice of the elective
members should b confined t select con
stituencies can count upon the Cabinets re
sisting any attempt to go outside of tho concerted
certed programme they know that tho com
position and character of the upper House
may b radically transformed A great
many French Republicans would like to have
ho Senators placed on exactly the same
footing as tho Deputies with regard both t
lie method of election and the term of of
lice Such a change In tho judgment of the
ienato would b fatal t Its dignity and
usefulness and If would probably b followed
by the abolition of tho second chamber
to ablton send chambr a
an unnecessary appendage The truth Is
that a single legislative assembly Is best
adapted t the present circumstances of
France For there an upper House neither
represents tho landcd interest A tho House
of Lords docs in England nor guarantees
he reserved rights of confederated States
like tho American Senate I Franco tho
and Is distributed among tho masses of the
people and an agelong process of central
atlon which was hastened rather than r
tarded by the revolution of 0 h created
ho most compact cohesive and homogenc
ous nation In the world
I may be that the Senate can b prevailed
upon to reject the report of Its cdmmlttee
and adopt the FERRY programme But If it
docs and tho two Houses come together in
joint session at Versailles at which place
tot Paris the Constitutional Congress will
assemble wo may expect to sec the Senate
undo tho target of bitter criticism and not
Improbably tho victim of measures artfully
contrlvcd to destroy Its Influence
Presidential Scrap Book
A roport has reached us that both tho can
didates for President have already < y begun to
keep scrap books In which they put avery
thing ot Interest relating to the campaign
When wo ear everything we mean every
thing that Is favorable Tho Albany scrap
book tolls nothing about Tammany Hall and
no mention of the HuiiLidAM letters will b
found In the scrap book nt Augusta
Tho other day tho Waahinglon Star pub
18ho1 an elaborate article concerning Presi
dent ARTHURS state dinners at Washington
describing the manner In which these sump
ttous repasts are prepared and showing
how tar they surpass any previous enter
alnrnent of the sort ever given at the
White House
As soon a seen this article was instantly
cllnpcd out and pasted Into each scrap book I
cIp L l > useful t ono of tho candidate
but It will jose Its Interest for tho other early I
In November next i
Thero Is nothing like taking time by the 1
Forelock but tho question Is which candidate
has got tho best gdp on the forelock Will
the Plumed Knight of tho Ponobscot or the
sturdy Sheriff of Erie preside over the State
dinners at tho Whit House after the fourth
day of March lBS
Quo thing Is l certain Tho dinners will
1 never b finer or dearer than they are now
The Edinburgh Forestry Exhibition
At the beginning of this month there was
opened at Edinburgh under tho auspices of
tho Scottish Aiborlcultural Society of which
tho Marquis of LOTIIIAX U President an In
ternational Forestry Exhibition tho first of
the kind over hold The Town Council of
Edinburgh and the Highland and Agricul
tural Society of Scotland cooperated In ar
ranging this exhibition Its site Is upon
tho grounds around Donaldsons Hospital
where buildings were erected fur the purpose
These buildIngs thus placed In u conven
ient and cosily accessible locality are not
only very spacious but lao been made or
namental The main structure lescmbles
that of tho International Health Exhibition
at South Kensington and It Is supplemented
by the arlous annexes and adjuncts which
are usual In such enterprises The floor
space secured for tho exhibits Is mora than
73000 feet and outside tho buildings nursery
men occupy plots for tho display of plant
The namo of this exhibition Is itself a suf i
ficient Indication of Its 1 character and pur
poses I concerns Itself with whatever I
taLes to tho growth care and preservation
of forests and since both tho scientific and
the mercantile phases of aiboi culture aro
fully repieseuted thoro Is a variety In tho
exhibits that might not at lint bo thought
possible from the restricted sphere of tho ex
hibition Woodwot king machinery for ox
ample finds a placo allotted to It In ono of
the annexe
In every sense this must b recognized
as A worlds forestry show for although
oroo Important nations are not represented
yet there a Government exhibits from
about fifty foreign countries and colonies
and the private exhibitors number about
five hundred One of tho moat interesting
t j
wd oompltte of tho foreif exhibit U I the
I MpalMMr M tM Mflbltfon will remain
Ill on aam the Isf of October It will doubt
I less Increase In lam and value by the ar
rival of contributions for weeks t como
Why should not an American city b tho
site of the second International forestry ex
hibition 1 Surely no country Is moro deeply
interested than ours In this subject Tho
practical good derived from tho special In
ternational exhibitions which hMO of late
e largely taken tho placo of universal expositions
positions Is unquestioned Direct commer
cial as well as sclentlllo gain for example
Are well known t have faulted from the re
cent flhory fairs and forestry Is I matter of
prime Importance everywhere
What Do Thoy Mean f
Our Independent Republican friend who
conferred In title town on Tuesday deter
mined to support Mr CLEVELAND for Presi
dent but they said nothing about any candi
date for VlcoProsldcut
Do they Intend to take Mr HcspBtcK1
I not what havo they got against him Do
think make sato President
they ho will not n Prelllcnt
In tho event of n successful election and thc
Presidents death subsequently 1 have thoy
any objection to Mr HENDIIIUKH because ho
Is ono of the len whom they joined In cheat
log out of tho office In 167077 after he had
been elected 7 Or I theo aro not their
reasons for rejecting him what aro they
Do tho Independents mean toyota the reg
ular Democratic electoral ticket or will they
have an electoral ticket of their own And
why are they against Mr UEXDRiCKa any
Dull Tights In Kansas
Mr HENRY Bunoif tho man who believe
In the inalienable right of cats t steal milk
without liability to punishment baa made
an Important i historical discovery
On tho Fourth of July there was I bullfight
fight at Dog City In tho State of Kansas
Mr Brnau has learned of this occurrence
with regret and ho has expressed his regret
In a halfcolumn lettor to the Governor of
Kansas In which ho tells that magistrate
hat bull fighting Is a pastime which has
more than any other cause corrupted and
wasted tho minds and energies of the Span
lab people until national stagnation and do
rcneracy aro visible In their shrunken tri
try and loss of political Influence In the
councils of other States
Wo cal tho attention of historians to this
novel view
Its correctness seems to be confirmed by
the evil effect which this ono bull fight has
already produced In Kansas The bovine
contest has so whetted the appetite ol voters
hero for foreign blood that the State Is
likely t go for BLAIKE
Tho bull fight as a Republican campaign
agency should b suppressed
The Civil Service
In theso days sentimentality and humbug
It Is delightful to find a fellow coolheaded I
enough and manly enough to declare the old
fashioned doctrine Tills Is what Gen flay
LEE did In his Chicago speech I want
change of offices sid Gen BUTLER In
order to counteract tho rat tendency of
these times to caste In aristocratic lIfe office
This touches the very heart of the question
The proposition that men shall bo appointed
o offleo as tho result examinations In book
earning and thai they shall remain In office
luring life Is a proposition that ought t b
speedily broken down and turned out We
dont want an aristocracy of officeholders In
this country
We are for turning the rascals out every
where and this proposition Is one of the
greatest rascals of them all because although
a wolf It comes to us in sheeps clothing
Gen VII indicates with some clearness
hat his removal of the benches from the tty
Hal Park was a very arbitrary proceeding tnt
he falls to state any good reason for such re
moval or for his neglect to restore them In
obedience to tho public desire The fact that
her were Infested with tramps and bad charnc
ers even I tru3 is no justification for notre
ilaclna them I the nollco were as active In
turning tramps out of them as the are now In
clubbing tired and pcaceablo citizens oft the
ir tho seats would b occupied by the poo
plo who need them and aro entitled to them I
only the tramps used them how doe I happen
hat there Is such a universal demand for
their restoration on the rart of IeputAbe citi
Ono Important field of contest has been
greatly changed withIn this week Duilne the
present base bal season after our own Now
York Club which boasts tho crackett catcher
and tho most learned and Intellectual centre
Oeldor in the country dropped back to the
third place the PoUacnco and Boston nines
went to tho front and hae fought for glory
evor since with very even chances of success
I f tho Providence Club should now distand on
account ot Internal dissensions as Is not un
likely the Boston will be left in a long lead of
nearly ten vIctories more than tho New York
just at the middle of the season
I will b a great pity I this noble game
should thus be robbed of much of its Inter
est t br the practical cessation of competition
ties for tim first place In tho professional
arena Lotus hope that tho two Providence
pitchers who apparently have caused all the
trouble In their club will repent or b replaced
with others equally elliptical or parabolic and
the struggle kept up till fall I would be a
great shame for a nine that Include the vet
eran JOE STABT who before the days of the
Brooklyn Atlantic Is I said to have gallantly
left the flrt base of the Harlem Continen
tals t go and flilit in the Revolution should
ignominiously burst In the heat of a moat mag
nificent and perhaps successful contest with
the representatives of the grand and Indepen
dent old Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The discoveries of oil at HIM near Quctta
In the northwest of India may affect the future
of the Itusflan wells n Baku on the Caspian
Bea much more than they will American po
troloum Ititlll remalRs to be Been whether
the Hlbl strata will justify the hopes enter
tained of them as they have not yet bon thor
oughly tested by boring But arrangements
were already In contemplation to Introduce
Caucasian oil into India by way of tho Suez
Cacal and the led Sea So numerous have
the products of tbo great Caspian oil bearing
regions become that they supply largo pad
of the petroleum used by Ilusila and have
made Inroads also Into other countries of Eu
rope I would b a serious check t the pro
posed India market on which thor have been
counting should tho Quctta moon Itself pro
duce oil In iiunntltles Bumclent for nil the Eng
flab possessions in India and alio for Atotmn
Istan The ready markota which them new
fields of production command Indicate that
mankind In the nineteenth century U deter
mined to have plenty of light
Tim Ironclads Defence and Valiant which
collKIud with disastrous requite In llnntry Bay
the other night had already rassed out of the
list the formidable f l llrltUh battle
lt of more < > > lrlbh at1hI18
Lord llFsnv LENNOX In hN famous pamphlet
ot two years ago Forewarned Forlnrmed
put thorn upoU the obsolete schedule along
with the Hector and Penelope This classifi
cation 8 then disputed but there U little
doubt that the two ships Ii question will go
thero now
I would bo somewhat pardonable II tbo news
of this accident should have been beard of b >
oar naval officers with that feeling of resigna
tion whjcu Is often Iniplr d by tiding of tho
misfortunes el VtUi ui
MM brAomssfltluMiMMevelyrt t toAs
rroMdlng and otfctft fteetdentt Ml f pro
portion t Its slaslttasrkesald M fcatthad
a prsdmhieSel In f them The tatMteaMWM
In some respect the mowfoomUal It heist the
Tallsoooias running Into the tow of canal
bat at Halt Oat whin she bad no less I dtt
tlngulshed a naval passenger aboard than Mr
W E CHAMDLUU himself
In ordinary times tho fact that I stalwart
Philadelphia grocer bad eaoa too heartily of I
watermelon and u a eonavquenoe had died
within teattolr hours would point no pub
lie moral beyond tie already familiar ono
against ovrlndulteooe In this seduotlve fruit
But 1 juaker City doctor has bon fonnJ to
prononnc the case In qnestloa one of Aslstle
cholera Instead of American melon oollo For
the present nvrtholos wo think our Phlla
dtlpbla trUnds will b entirely justified In not
Hitting Into paulo on the subject though they
may wisely refrain from Indiscretions eating
that frequently prove fatal cholera or no
A Panama newspaper speaks of a local
physician Dr L QinrnD as having discovered
t method of successful vaccination for yellow
furor Us has vaccinated himself It says
with I culture of yello fever germs and ex
nerlencod l a mild form ot the disease It may
be remembered that a proposition was made
In Congress a few months ago t offer
a reward of 1100000 to any person of any
country who would perform the precise service
which Is thus claimed for th Panama physi
cian It Is I rather roniarkitbt that It the same
moment PASTUI should bo endeavoring to do
or rabies KOCH for cholera and Oinatto for
yellow fever what Jtxxcn did for smallpox
Th Htltttoai ylrlt ilrrc is Piaitf Iv > kU
WlLRlsmnnt July 2t The Mother Supe
rior of ono of the largest convents In the coun
try which II located In this city and attached
t S Marys Itorann Catholic Cathedral Is I k
else of James O flame the Republican can
dldata for President Bho Is I a woman o rare
vlrtoeH and high mental qualifications Those
wno know bfr best attest to her happy dispo
acterittlc sition deep religious fervor and genial char
The labor vote in this great county of Lu
zeTa represents seventenths of the full poll
ot which sixtenths Irish Catholics There
u not a man of thorn all who is I not today ac
quainted with the fadttbat BlatnestiUce presides
sides over tbe convent hire Thousands have
ben Ignorant of this until quite recently al
though the lady has beets Mother Superior for
many year Jot now the most heroic efforts
are making b the Blame managers to con
vince the llttlo Old of Catholics In this vicin
ity that the Boimbltcan candidate for President
is himself a Catholic Your correspondent
m UIMJOWI n Catbolc A WU4 corDondsnt
hta been informed that I it wore possible to
sfcur thi totters received by certain prelates
in this vicinity within the past few weeks some
startling dukNOeuro would b made concern
lag promise presented by the Republican can
nty Rpublcan
didate In cane of his < election over his own
signature and marked confident ow
This Is a plain statement of the situation la
his the heart of the anthracite oal regions of
iVtDniylvanla wherelhousnnds of worklnaroon
reside The demagogues are endoavarlna to
present lllaine ns the true end only friend 01 the
vane worker Their voices will soon be heard
wle b
from the stump while the money bags of their
purchasable confederates will b jingled In the ears of tho
IurnablolWrlS max RUHR
The thatit t it o PpelieJanaia at
IwSlrlMi la ta Xrth I Italy
Bom July 7The health of the Pope ha
not < very good leI yet lii hu ttin at > U lo go
tirouch accuitomfd work and glvi 1 pttkllt Mdltnet
Thi lilt ont took lt ci on 4ilurdy the Sib InL at
toon any AmoreRu t pruont I iotkid among
thorn tbs BIT F Utility of 61 John thl Branftlltt
ftw fork ana Mr Tobln ot Xtw York alto Xr l rntr4
C llBhan and J B Catiogban from Chlcign and thi
Kef M tchu ietD t D o Ht Louts with thi Her J I
Corbyn ot Auamcu If JiJ JuUtt Beck and Mr Beck
of Denver Cot 1
If lh Pope could go tnJ loathe tin part air ot
Cittel luiJoUo nu Mi lirrty trrraca In front ot the
old mini of Altoongt rtfitctcd by the bin wave of
the like 01 Albano the lloljr Fithtr might look better
iiid feel I a great Ice l itrcngcr but such a luxury grant
ed to every Romaa from tin Mlnliteri down 1 tin
oorcit wtiierwoman of Traitevtrclt doled to the
rreatevt fltture ot Rome the uceensor of St per
Th lait Pontlflcal nomlnitloni the following
Father B Carltirtre a Francltoan Vicar Apoitolle
and Blthop ot Hu ft Oriental China
Fetter I Beiiianlm a FruncUcanCoi1J tor of the
Icu AjottDlic and Ulthop of Chang Tonz
Dr J Iron pallor at rerun Ireland BIiiOp of
Monitor J FernsnilO honorary cKtpala to the
101I Eminence Cardinal lUuill Protetor of the Arclil
io4tiIlu of the Holy Martyr Tt hon and Njmm
The Jentt hare won a lull agalnit the Italian Gvern
mint When the crier wai inrprcMCdoj the ItS of
July 1 Oln Narleif llrKm wre iifuled to the Jet
ull > bnauie they had been already tuppruted there by
QarlbtMl llo ISO The Father upplltd lately for their
Ivlllf Which war rafLlod tnt on a fupth p MBBMII
n n nn H
to the Supreme Court they won their cue and the
Government H1 I have 10 pay a round coin for the
yeari llrcail eiepniabout half a million
Count S illicit ton In Sir of Count > eitelrode Chin
cellorof RuBitit before lying two weeks mo ta Parli
lolced theCutholle Church on hit deathbed
The iorth of tlalrhat been lately the Held ot itrlkei
among the respei They hare had Coarsely any work
durlt g the j ear At Qrlzcano the province of Rorlgo
they cai lured the Mayor J Zinniro They wanted
him to free tome ot their conipaalont from prison
While they wet trying to tab him and perhaps kill
him hit young daughter daihed dttpalrllirough thi
crowd reicued her father and brought him home site
None direct to touch her They adopted a tort of a war
cry like the pi lracf the French revolution Their
cry ii La brie which mal It boil They compel
the farmeri to Hop work they resist the police
even the regular attacki of tglineutl cavalry and In
fantry The iltaatlon It I bad 101 more so l its lot
diet chiefly risrnlted among the tahorert do not like
to be ccuipeLed to light heir own tathen and brotlien
no Rev Pr TUcnmmtt Hm Xm MmndulUed
Mr rieveUi rHle Lire
To THE EDITOK or THE BON Str As some
ot the Weitern fipert are robUihluc a pretended Inter
view 1 with mi on tne print lift of Cloy Cleveland per
mit me to tay that I know nothing ulout the private life
of Mr Cleveland and hat t ha > e made no fullle utter
once and had no Interrlewi on the subject Reipect
fully your J F NrrrKix
Ciiicico Jul Jl I
netplnc Out the While llouie
WUtNOTOY July 1Tbe annual re nova
lincf the White llouie 1 begun I being thi Ilt a
lou of den Arthur to depart a few da > i Ourlnz hit
al ence not only 1 Ill many of the adoruraculiot lat
year be treated by artltf but new ones will b added
> ew urnlture wIll be bgugit and cirpeti which a
year t uie hat rendered unsuitable will Le I replaced by
new Gen Arthur t roiebud portrait nlll be removed
and another by a dlnVmit irtlit will take Hi place Tin
President Ints nor teen d with Ih former hit
permitted nto i remain rather than seem to endorse the
crltklimi which were made on It The Initenhlon Is I hal
the White Ilnle when the next tenon opent thall bi
In a condition to realize the porpoie of ten Arthur ot
hav log the coming winter unexampled forth character
of I onlrlalnoll Iud brliale ot lit company I
It I already decided that the Pretldiuft ililer Mn
ilcElrry will le the nlitreii ot the Whlti House with
u hal and accrtiorltl at will tiillze thepnrpoieof
making the cnncludlng days ot Gen Arthnrt nccu
ancy I fully equa sty In lle hUtory of tb While House
Gen Arthur tucceinor ihonl 1 he b Blalne Cleve
a land ginllemani or Built reildenee will and the White Home a I laci flt for
To Mr > T II Curbery Jr
W H Carbery Jr writes to say that THE
Eci i callt letter which It publlihei on Sunday It I for
th molt pin a fmui and deception became I I a
palpable concoction lu New York
New we alit jut IDa thouinud dollar lute the Ilnd
of Then C Acton Ei 1 Anlilant Treasurer tin
United tntu In ihlt city on condition tint Mr Carbcry
stall put up the lime turn and then till tuectiun of the
1tullnel ot thee letter hal be referred la Devil
L Clone Eiq editor of the J < vni ti > fr < ntmrrtf If
afttr loll Inreitlgatlon Mr Stone shall decide that thee
letltri at all time ever since we begin printing them
hue nM bn telecriphed entirety front IonIon then
Mr Carberyi thotiun dOlor ihaU te I returned to
bin and ours < ha1 L paid orer to the tunis ot the Xewi
bets Judging house bit If Xr intone Idd that lb
letter art genuine and that Cirbcry Hu then oar thoU
und dollar tball bt in StillS
I dol rttirned to ui and Carbcryi Ial
fit ttt i ibtOt f Ui TUliof a
C 4
MtDmncic Mcmom o
Cote ontlnties t Uh MHkeXrWljf
opIela I K Even the eotjjilatat about
te t r6 depression ot btiineaa hart ceased
and la I the Booth ot France all trad and In
dustry havo ben practically brought t a stand
still At this season of the rear tho Continent
of Europe usually lives upon the travelling for
eigner who does not turn up this year or run
away I he happens t he turned up before
ho cholera mado its appearance It Is I well
known that a large number of Americans have
already cancelled their ongsaomonts for ocean
passages and a still lamer number have left
France for England A tow eases of cholera In
tho British capital will probably bring them all
by whore
home Yet there Ii I a country near
they could spend a delightful summer In abso
lute safety and that ii I Switzerland The pure
air of tho mountains and lakes renders epi
demic In that coantry almost Impossible At
all events they have never marie any ravages
there Tho coasts of Normandy Brittany Uol
and and Belgium are also quite safe provided
one keeps away from the large ports There It I
consequently no reason for Americans who nro
at present abroad to rush home Scotland to
ts I nn excellent asylum In case of danger
The next big thing In the way of London ex
hibitions Is to b an American exhibition to
take placo In 1880 Tho building which has
served for tho Fisheries and the Health Exhi
bitions h I to b filled l with everything which
can bo seen on thl continent Things not
susceptible of transportation the Yosemite
valley the Ooiden Ode Plymouth Rock or tho
Brooklyn Bridge will be adequately Illustrated
Every species of animal from the grizzly bear
and tho alligator downward will b represented
sented A special department Is t b devoted
to ward politicians and their performances
The animals used for food will b dally cooked
In the American style and terrapin and can
vas bl < k are to b rendered familiar to the
Old World At an American theatre charfiecr
Ito American performances are to be given
b American actors and colored minstrels O
course baseball lacrosse fast trotting and
other forms of American sport as well as
American mixed drinks wU b mlle loading
features As far a practicable every peculiar
phase of American life will b Illustrated In
dian camp mining life the Ice house and
canal boat rstetni and even Walt strict will
b duly represented There Is I t b established
a diminutive Block Exchange or a huge bucket
shop connected by cable with NoW York and
Chicago It will give Quotations of stock
mil and provision and transact business at
a moments notice It Is I a pity that New York
and Chicago speculators l will have to wait two
Tim for these arrangement to b oompUtod
U they sadly want some such facilities t got
rid of their loads right away
It may b possible however that the mon
grel boom started some ten days ago and so
persistently continued is I a preliminary step
award capturing European greenhorn In
1886 There U absolutely nothlntr to warrant
an advance In the price of railroad aecurltlia
ret a number ofHhem have been put up from
twelve to fifteen point In ten day Report
of heavy failures In every branch of trade
comes dally from every part of the country
but the Stock Exchange seem t tk them u
So many Indications of the growth of general
prosperity The room trader headed by
Jours 1 Week Otborn Chapln D P Morgan
8 V White and Winard ore responsible
gan Whie ad Wia I rp nllbo
for this foolish movement But the room
trader are quick t run while the gentlemen i
named here are all rch and can afford to
indulge In little spree They will b the only
ones t pay tie bil for toy cannot entice any
ontlder p join them Jay Gould will probably
b the only man who will make money in the
end for he will got rid of a lot of stocks he
could Do dispose of on a falling market
Amateur fishing has so far proved t b very
poor almost everywhere this MUD The
sportsmen indulging tn blue fishing around
Fire Island are the only one that do not complain
plain Salmon fishing Is reported or poor
all over the North The black basso the St
Lawrence refuse t bite at all having an un
precedented opportunity for feasting upon Im
mense shoals of menhaden The troutflahing
season is declared to have been miserable and
curiously enough tho Fulton street fishmong
ers say that poor as tho season was they al
ways had moro trout on band than they could
possibly sol Tho general depression of business l
oon seams to have affected even the demand
for this little luxury of the table
Th ro seems to bo something wrong with
fishes everywhere From England cornea the
news that sharks are playing havoc with tho
fisheries all along the western coast They
destroy especially tho mackerel shoals but as
medical evidence has declared the mackerel of
British waters t b diseased and unfit for
human food this ea the loss will probably
not b very great
Poor fishing and cold vrjajbor haTnmjitBrlally
destroyed the prolocta of seaside and river
lesdrts of tho sportsmen But the other water
lug omens do not fare better Saratoga Is pro
nounced to b duller than It has ever been In
the last ton rears Cape Hal and the Thousand
Island are almost deserted Evon Long
Branch Is a heavy sufferer the lPnes and
aellltle of its communications wit Now York
Ot course the general retrenchment of ex
penses is i the main cause of the dulnass of the
season But Long Branch and Saratoga have
been also hurt by the horse racing being over
done A six weeks meeting ts sow kald at each
ot these placoi besides those of Chicago and
Brighton Beach Thero are neither horse
men nor money enough for all this Ypt the
migrating racing crowd formed always an Important
portant factor in Urn prosperity Long Branch
and Saratoga As things stand now the racing
Is as poor everywhere M U the attendance
Tho yachtsmen began their season very
poorly too but they exec considerable im
provement next month Tho old Now York
Yacht Club and the American Yacht Club are
getting along harmoniously and somo cruis
ing on joint J account is anticipated The Now
York Yacht Club places great stress upon 10
Bennett resuming once moro the post of Com
modore Ho left St Nazalro on Sunday last on
his way to tho Azores and announced hits a
rival In Now London for tho 2d of August
Chicago sfmculators have not yet made up
their minds whether the cholora will prove
beneficial to them The majority argue that It
is I sure t put orlcea up a ships from other
countries will be bothered by quarantine reg
ulations They tried to put price up accord
ingly but have not succeeded so far except for
corn of which tho visible I supply Is I very small I
and no new grain can b oxpeetod before December
cember Tho talk about quarantine Interfering
with the importation of wheat is I 1 nonsense
There Is no cholera In either India Australia
or Russia and there Is more wheat everywhere
than can possibly be wanted Our own
surplus after providing amply for next
years home consumption will probably
b ovor 200000000 bushel besides tho sur
plus which will b left from last year The la
boring people can safely rely upon 75cent
wheat during tbe coralMt 1 year The demand
for provision will of coarse decrease I chol
era makes further progress but that cannot
hurt anybody except Armour and his followers
who hold almost all the pork In the country
and are demanding fi a barrel or doublo of
what i can posilbly have cost S C
Cowird lo lb Rear
rnm tlit Rochester Union nI I MttrtHcr
Democratic editors who shirk the tariff Issue
not only lack thi courage of their conviction and dlt
credit their own pirly platform but they actually play
Into tin hands of lbs I enemy by falling to make elective
thoi mInI In the canes which would bring recruit
to our ttaudtrd ant I vote to our party Tin Democracy
hat no ntt for poltroon In tintS loitrgcuey
Cklcucoa 9d tlnt t
from lite I JVilkt < t < lc 4 Cn
i Chicago Iluaband am shocked my dear
that yon tlioull watt with that Stringer tile MeVj 1
Itln a la you never aw before pot Isle arm around
roil In thai etyl
ttlfeI r 1 not hart don 11 loreonlr I found
after knew a him few molt > veriatlon that I formerly
Iiiderdl 1
a ei he waS OBI of nir IluIu
fl I r j 1 T f r
I f iN oMIao1lif
Kr 2iatl 1 LtkeW S Slid IrSISSI
g kelr1 r Beater
from I 54 Ctncfsnati OrataiMlf
It would bo for tho brewing and
I wul < b IrapoMlblo brwlDland
liquor Interest of tho United State to tool
other than extreme alarm at the poulbllltr of
the election M FroMdont of inch I lifelong
O Blalne and we are
prohibitionist l M Jam Dalne a
advised that tho brewers maliters and liquor
men generally are bosoming aroused to tho
danger It Implies
The tact cannot be concealed that there In i a
powerful Interest that is 1 determine to carry
tho agitation of inhibition Into tho halls of
Congress and transfer this dangerous question
to the national Legislature for final arbitration
We know what that means Congress hl al
ready taken the Ant step toward ooonlng this
discussion by the passage of the bill for tho ap
pointment of tho liquor commission happily
rendered for tho momont Inoperative by the
tact of our Democratic friends In that body
Prcstdoat how long would
With a lllla against us oull
It take to precipitate this dangerous saltation
upon tOo country with all Its evil conse
quences In overrBtato In tho Union
Hut Is I James O Illalno a prohibitionist Is
Inquired by tome one
Neal Dow the father of the Maine liquor law
In tho United States said recently In n letter
to tho Boston mob that he Is sound on tho
Question of prohibition
Senator Fry of Maine said the other day
when Interrogated on the subioot Yo Blame
Is I prohibitionist oa every repot lo Repub
lican In Maine Is I
In 1858 there was a violent struggle going on
In Maine t overthrow the license law enacted
by tho Democrats In 1854 which measure as Is I
well known succeeded and the present Pro
hibition taw WIts enacted At that time Mr
Blame owned and edited the Kenneboo Joist
nl and wrote and published the strongest and
most outspoken articles favoring the repeal of
the license law and In advocacy of prohibition
Blaln has never shown by any word pnblltly
spoken or written since that his view have
ben modified oa this question ad on the
other hand all hit political friends and allies
In the State are those who a upholding the
most extreme prohibition measures
Indeed w fad oa examining the statute
books of the State of Maine that since the
final adoption of prohibition In 1858 the law
baa been changed thirtythree time by the
Republican friends and allies of Mr Elaine
and each time making its Ironelad feature
more oppressive and prescriptive until tho
last Legislature that may b said to have
been virtually owned as well as controlled by
his partisan friend submitted a prohibition
amendment to the Constitution which U t b
voted upon this tall
I this does not constitute him a prohibition
ist of the rankest and deadliest typo wo would
respectfully Inquire whether anything can and
whether the brewer liquor dealers and saloon
te bwrUluordealtr aon
keepers of the United States can vote to place
such n man In the Presidential chair without
eat the Interests imminent risk t their nearest and dear
Th 1IWMI M Crank sad lbs lisa XW
CLEVELAND July 20The following anecdote
of the Uon Edwin Uebetudlnout Cowlet U I iQtimttttd
for tht Benefit ot til SIncere ttudenti ot hebctndlnoilty i
On day rural lubtcrtber let at tht Leadtrctnct a
hiul egg of abnormal sue The hebetudtnooi crank
was aiitonlihed and dtllght d IU immediately Initruot
eds eirtala bright roan reporter t writ a description
el the ttt for the next morning piper Make a pita
ass paragraph of the egg he laid and be lure you e
the dlmiailoni accurately
After writing that the egc measured id Inch i around
the wilit and fourteen Inchea acroie the gable tile re
poriorwonnd tip h tllu follows And It wai all
laid by one hen
Two Old Ill the reporter was summoned t Mr
Cowleet room I foanJ the hebetudinouf eraok In i
termini of ladtgnatlon Olarlaf at the fOI through
l hit pot and ihaklag th proof of the ggsrs
graph under hit note the editor of the nf < rdemauded
In a vole C thunder What do you mean lie by try
tog te run such dd nonient Into my paper O
ell the egg wai alt laid by one 1m Who rtr heard
of an tl that wainl In
BlM f 0ei IpstI
4HnT1 July 221 The President pr
posse to Intpict the fiiherlu at Hoot Uead Le A
SpecIal train s ill b put at hit disposaL
2 The Secretary of War propose daring the hot
month to inspect the formication at Saratoga TeD
deroyi Crown Point and th CatiKIIU
3 The Secretory ot the Wary will Inspect the navy
yard at Iiewport Mount Deter Bar Harbor and Long
Branch Two ihlpi of war arc detailed for this service
4 The roetraaiternenerala tour of Inspection will
begin on the Brit of Anguit IrregnlarlUei said to ex
lit In tine Poet Ofllcet at Cape May Blehfletd Spring
Manhattan careful attention Beach aud In the Adirondack 0 receive v
5 The Ueneral ot the Army will biped the itatloni at
Yellowstone Park and In the Wyoming I S Intended
that Ue black elk of the region ahall be iaoiedJ
lie Believed la Protection
From Hie ctilcmo UeraU
< 0ne of the Massachusetts delegation was per
ktent In hit demand that the platform ehoud contain
a plank In favor ot liberal apcruprlalloni for In eaten
Ire i 1 item of cot defence lie appeared before the
committee but met a rebuff sot then mad a ipeecU to
a mob lu front of llooleyi Theatre
Oh yon teller can hoot and yell eelS he but Im
a Democrat from Cape Cod ami my home Hand on a
necked land where n foreign gunboat could ahoot the
old potatoes right ofl from my table It may be d
fuuuy for you tellers out her In the MlMUilppl Valley
bnt I want you to uudentand that It 1 bate ta emigrate
at any time In th next four yeare Ill bold tts Demo
critic party reiponilble
Faty View
From the Chicago Rca
Do you ever buy editorial paragraphs from
Th editor of the organ laid he did If they were suit
litre li one I dashed off
Bead It torn
Old Blilnes Utter of acceptance U longer than the
moral law and Just Inch a weak puerUe mtae uf dodgei
and taffy and
Say hold on This paper ii tor
Ah yea excuse me That one to for your esteemed
Demooratlo contemporary This I the one I wrote for
yon I Mr nialnai letter ot acceptance is a maiterly
effort full of bold yet Judicious expression ot well con
aldered epa
There thati all right I eaa KM that one
Fighilag ff r a alU Baaaer
WASIIWOTOX July aiPerry Carson the
negro delegate to the Bepubllcan ConventIon who came
back proud as a Hxbtlng cock baa had a pitched battle
with the DleUict Commissioners and vanquished them
Canon le the proprietor of a drinking place with a
tarrrn license on 1enuiylraala avenue from the top
of hit flace he conceited th Idea of itretchlng a rope
with a rilalne and Logan flea attached to the budding
opposite The Commissioner forbade his doing It II
went ahead deflantly and the Hag wared a coupleuoni
adiertlieinent of Carton derotlon tn Ihe cam and the
drinks for sale at hla counter The Cominliiloncri
threatened and so Old Canon and th matter was taken
to the courti where Slit ana Logan through their
champion wan
ay I Boetoa
permit a Keir Yorker on bIe vacation to Inform jour
reader and especially the Sabbatarian among them
how much pleainre and Information I have derived
from yUltlng the art Mnieunn pulillo libraries the
Maui museum Ac Ac In Boiton all ol which are
thrown open free to all on Sunday and hate been
for year f I have also listened on the Sabbath to con
SeCts ot eeeular mnilo give reznlarly by excellent
band on Uoiton Cnuuuon and oilier imrti here It
seem that the Hoetontaui eon > Mer tint the Sabbath
was made for man and not man for the Hatibatli
JtMTOI Jaly22 Cuiitti r actov
Th President1 Uullduy
Wasnnmvoec July 23The President will
not tear Waihl gionfor New York before tomorrow
lie will probably mike the trip on the United Slates
learner LHipatch lie denied hlmieif to all caller to
ilny In order Xo mutt certain Important bnilueu be
tome hit depart ure
4 4fd CesPdesd Cltrk
15I IAt JfrcAani Founder
The mice on that said q i clerk picking up
a remnant nf silk It quilt d vllrf1
What I tall tin ittrtled ctuin ner
The price le nulle tuniltu I slid
VOUIIK lush io you know whit hottttU meant t
tee madam I do
Well I think you are mistaken
Oh no I am not
What Jon u meant
It means rut Inw i and tliatt whatt tins matter with
thtprleiouthlitilBceorKooat Cvmtrtnu r < ui I
Tho dwellings and farms of widow
minor and iploiteri aia exempted from taxation U
Several static ot lh Xexloan ripubllo
M Jules Verne la still cruising In the
Medlterrinun lie U writing a new story which It tie
senSed at the biggest extraracant that hat yet conic
tram hi pin
It Is said that by the following slraplo
method almost instant relief ot carieS U Carded I rut
eye drop of ehloroform en a little cotton or wool In thj
howl ot a clay pipe then blow th vapor tbruuili the
item Into the aoulng ear
Gon Bhornwn who ban nt Ml paid his
lleenie for extra itreetwaetilng water added to hit Ut
ter i The city of st LaUremlJ mrery niuchof a
hotel In Omaha wiscee proprietor advertised Terms
14 M per day board and loJiliu extra
Downward seems to bo tho present ten
d n y of thi gai tails In Snobs One oompany ItilJti
making a reduotlon In the price of ga has weed tf >
allow a dltconut uf fitly centi per Ihoueand feet turuel
on bill paid within ten dart of preientatlon
In a race up Mouut Wnshlndton from the
Olen Home recently one ot four lii li who ilvle
acconipllihed the feat In two noun and fifteen minute
a record It U laid that hainottaetn best t n itnee iRvt
when a guide mad the ascent In a few mlnulet lex time f
Redwood forests In California arc yearly
dlmlnlrhlnr ki Ihli wood I Incriailnily used In building
on the FaclQc COMI The iuperitructurnf noil dwell
ing In Ban yranclico I ot redwood and IheTrlwan
cherlih the belief that It does not burn a readily as
other light material
At a notable Chinese dinner lately served
In I London birds neit entrees lotus leave latad warm
rice wine and Imperial tea coiling two dollar a pound
In Petit were the attraction Chinamen however
are not popular In the great city and there an not halt
at many there at In Hew York
The Rev J 6 Watson an English clergy
man ot literary tastes and the author of a life of For
ten a life of Wilkes and a life ot C kbett fell out of
bed and ink hi neck In prison th ether day lie was
servIng lmI his time having been sentenced fourteen
year ago to penal eerrlla1 for th murder pt hi wife
Muscogoo county Georgia has just re
ceived It lineS benefit under th echat lawn Mrs
Sarah Clarke an Bngllihwoman who cam from Lon
don In IMt died In that coasty and adrertltlngln say
eral KnglUh per has failed to reveal th whtreaboutl
of her tiller er other relatIves The estate valued at
7000 new goes to the county school fund
An orchanllst at Santa Barbara Cal ac
cording to the Independent of that pine haa over 0XW
trait tree under cultivation In a Sinus l foulS ranch In
eluding 1000 ollr UM 1900 orange SCO lemon 6OO
lime 10000 almond 4 ooOwalant ssoc apricot appl
peach pear cherry nectarine and puns with 200 Jap
MM penlmtueo beelde agi loquau a 55 plains
At Ems a day or two ago the German
Emperor received a denotation of iaglMi gist headed
by their Initrnctrree lima Brkdan of Bonn granling
th andleno for the pnrp > of reeelvln from each of
them a bouquet ot sowee sat good wlehea II ax
pressed th pltamr It deeded him that th girls knew
German well eaonh to let him thank them In hl own
TheBrttla GwvQrnmenthavo declined to
puonaMtb sejadlis Madonna del AnMdll aol the
TBd > ek4trlu portrait of Charles I at the price
ptad upon tain by tk Duke of Marlborough
meoooa they hv howerer mad an offer for thre
ofthe work In the Blenheim eollectlon the two abov
named and one ot the Bubemei This offer has beeS
refugeS by hi Duke and there the matter now Feet
At this time when out flowers fade eo >
soon It is I well to know hat If a mall bit of the item U
cat off and lbs end Immersed In v ry1iot water the
flower will frequently revive and reeom its Beauty
Colored flower are mar sully rejuveiatad than whit
one which are apt to turn yellow Tot preserving
flower In water dusty palverlied li ro al eJwuldb
put Into the vase at this uaion Where vine are grow
Ing In water charcoal will prevent foul odors from thfc
landing water
At the head of the Hate decorations con
ferred by the French Government on July 14 flgnr St 4
Sloan who I promoted from the grade of Officer 14
that of Omnmaaaer of tit Legion ot Uonor M Kenans
new povrtloa aa LakouUya nooetaor lu th leadership
of tIe Colleir ds yranc ha doubtless Hggtated this
honor but aceordlmf to the eorrwpondtat of th JC ia >
don TUMI there is obvious Incongruity In aaaoclatlog
Revolatloo with a man ao little In sympathy with It
MBraaaUwnnllally an aristocrat and would hav
preferred t e Maintenance of the DuUlle to ItidemolV
lion byasb
The Spanish navy consisted In 1833 ol
five Ironclad an Ironelad monitor a floating buttery
and 117 other vessel The navy posse e > beildetH
guabcat for the defence of the Iilhmuivf Cuba and
Porto Rico ACcordIng to the new proposal lime reef
ganlutlon of the Beet ought to bo completed In tea
year at the end of which time Spalu would posses 13
Iroacladi 3 IranM cruisers 7 anttlaa cruller 0
Mo telue oniiMr 11 tblMcUii cruleen torpedo
boats aad0 tranapprtf A turn of 030000000 peieta
about f80080Qto be ipf at In tin years is demanded
trout 14 OatiraUMt
TbegroatdlBlculty putting effective
check on Iniaptbl medical practitioner may be traced
in France la the fourteenth century TIte S6 barber ol
Parts maid a Bylaw on the Xouday after ml J Aujnif
lnth yasrpf gao mil Scud ceo eS > aiitef August
1SOI forbidding all bartrra on pain of their bodlea U
enter npo th art of iinrery before they had tein A
embed 17 the master of Surgery And the barbyeurt11
ot Doual KohlUtid ordinary barbers and barbareaicl
barbyercesee from bleediCg which should be rrae
tie by those plally appointed thereto At the suns
time no doubt to uphold the dignity of their loyittry
they were not to go through the town and crying front
b ansi to house Wilt you char t
A Frenchman who has recently visited1
Switzerland Stile with mtonlihment tlory ot a young
KwlM lady Ilio at a certain tabledlioie refuted to lake
any Intoxicating drink became the had signet No
ticing the look ot amated Inquiry on the Frenchman
face at her announcement the acquaint him with the
meaning of the term and Induced into to glauc at the
tatlitice of the Bwln Temperance Society which
showed that up to December society which Iii only
been formed very recently counted no leu than 2 K84
member 1470 of whom were men OUT women and tine
reit children iclfahnegalloii the Frenchmen had
never found at home for France although sober If con
sidered as a country le I not a land of temperance tocle
ties nor la hi Improving m this respect the isrisiaa
of 1830 coniuined lOt litre of wine every year the
present generation drink more than twice the quantity
and the rive litre of beer and other liquors have In
creased to eleven
The statistics of suicide In the Austrian
army how that of late yare military suicide haa been
considerably 01 the increase and as this phenomenon
Uby no means confined to Austria seem to Indictt
an increasing avernou on the part tine modern Euro
peas to military lervloe The total numlwr et luUlln
committed from IS09 to 1878 It I tile or tn average of 205
per annum In 1878 the overage was 307 the year after
lid Th lowett number wai i9linthoyear l ISTA Mp
tllatlea ana attempt at suicide are generally found
ameng the abordlaatoi but In ills liner were ti hlglitf
vfllccr lad 04 offlcert of a lower rank among them A 5
far u tOe motives can bo aieertalucd fear of punish
nient monetary trouble dliaatlifaitlnn with the soP
dlert life and mortified ambition are laid to be the moat
common Death was generally Inflicted by revoh
An Interesting ttketch of the life ot Robert
Koch the dlicoverer of the cholera germ appear la 4
recent number of the barfenlaule Dr Koch who ll
now 41 yeari old Ii a ton of the harts Mouutaln la
ISfldh took his 31 I degree For the nest six yean
hi latiorlouilv worked hit way upward aa assistant phy
strips In out of the way hospitals When In 1871 he got
an appointment at WolUUIn the ttruvgle forexlitenc
had again to be fought for levea > Care 11 le flritdl
Unction was won by the publication gf Ihe results of hip
quiet labor on the method of the artificial dtlug of
mtcroiCoplo objects eipeelally of bacteria By the gen
eral public hlidlieoyrry could not bo apprtckiUd but
those who understood tine value yt theie researches In
the prosecution of the tludr of bacteria knew thai wll
U a new era had dawned for tcltnce This conviction
ha been brilliantly confirmed During the last Cv
years he ins sutceeded in ideuiitving the genni of cat
Uedlieaie of coniumpllon and of cholera Theie dla
coverlet are not Incidental strokes cf good luck but the
natural fruits of hit own system ot research
The Reverend Arthur Robins writes tQ
the at Jaawti Jairiu from Holy Trinity Rectory
Windsor There It to general an Interest taken In all
that concern any competition In which Oxford ana
Cambridge try concluiloui that I lend you Ihe Hate of
the poll from the beiclnnlnir exclusive nf this > eir ai
It itaiiiliLctWeen the Dark and Light Illuet In rtKard to
allwentiat Uenley Itegalta Of the Ur ml Challciig
Cap Oxford hat scored fifteen wlui end VambriJg
alneiot the Silver Outlets Oifonl sixteen and Cam
bridge three of the visitors Challenge Cup Oxford
lUhteen and Cambridge fourteen i of time Btonvde
Challenge Cup Oxford fifteen ill CainLri3o fret ot
time Ulimoml Scull Oxford rlltceii and Cambridge
nine ot the Ladies Clialleu Cup Oxford thirteen end
Cambrlde shIed The result mid tliun Oxford In
all ninety two win and Cambridge fifty tlx tlionlnc
a large aiii igiiii1canm > urlloiiof vi lctorln scored by 01
Ihe senior uuiversniy In the great naval batllii at Ilia
ley on Timati ant nine of them mnrtovfr nun ullk
even cxrt lu an elglitoarcd race
Mv courses itreiutliinM n I cee ii I
Im scornS cnuio ruilniif to my Iliii
The old nit fair f tore was told
Dhe Klaucnl ilons n at her ttiuer tips
Liii I then the tpoke lu nccenlt tow
Wiuiie bluiiea red iuilu ed Her cheek
It may be wrong far me In a > k
Mel bow uiucli do you gut a week I
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