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t > k Vl A A
tUe nfle
nm rnonintJiox iMnrrs CANDIDATE
yon ma lISINC1
Vllllnm Ttnnlflt tho H Illllti flint of Mary
land omlnnlrrt fhr VlrrPr ld nt Hoik
Nnmln llenaXaile Vnanlmnti nnl by Ac
clamntlon Amid Muck Knikn lu m
riTTHiiunoii July 34 Clmlrmnn Dlekoa
down with decisive vliiclc
gavol como d011 v > a docllvo Vlnok
promptly at I oclock tilts morning Many of
tho men delegates sat In tliolr shirt mooves
and a thousand fans Iliittoreil In Urn sultry nlr I
I On motion of Sir 1reomnnof Now YOIk tho
Convention WH askod to pond H congratulatory
despatch to the Prohibition Convention tw
j csmblod In Indianapolis A dolfgnto itiggritcd
that thoro woro two Conventions nnd cnro
should b taken to send tim despatch to tlio
right ono Thon tho fomcnllon decided to
end a despatch to both Conventions
Mr Moshor of Indiana called tho nttonllon ot
he Convention to tho Met that tho Vudoral
Covornmont lad taken croat Interest In tho
Convention by tending two members of tho
Administrated to advise It vlz tim lon W
W Dudioy Cqmtnlulonor of ronstous nud
Jllrnra Prlw Commissioner of Indian Affair i
thoso would find that tha
He said tholo guntlcmon woull Int thlt
Convention could not ho bought oven to BO
home This sentiment was BrootoJ with
cheers and followed by soveral motions and
resolutions looking to tho rohuko of tim Gov
ernment officials for tliolr meddling with tim
Convention by giving officious advice to del
egates Tim opinion woo freely expressed that
tho Convention could take care of Itself with
out Interference by the Federal Government
I was remarked that the Commissioner had
violated civil service rule In leaving their
pot to logroll about this Convention Roio
lutlons on tho subject were referred t the
Committee on Resolutions
As tho Committee on Platform was not
ready to report the Convention decided to
call tho roll of State and bear the nomina
tions of candidates Cot George Dabcook of
California led off with a stirring advocacy ot
Dr It I McDonald of that State He de
nounced a a malevolent slander the charge i
that Dr McDonald had made a fortune by sell I
Ing an alcoholic beverage In the snaps of a I
patent vinegar bitters He pointed to the fact
that Dr McDonald had sent out a million dol
lars worth of temperance literature putting a
tract around every bottle He held up for the
Inspection of eer Convention specimens of tho
tract containing pictures of the alcohol
demon and of tho wretched homes
of dram drinkers Col fiabcock do
Bled that Dr McDonald had told a drop of
alcohol and said bis bitters were a medicine
and not a beverage He pointed to the fact
that Dr McDonald got 5733 votes for Governor
ol California that he Is not a politician or an
office seeker but a cheerful and generous giver
to the cause who doe not seek the nomina
tion but who I nominated will contribute
cheerfully and work enthusiastically for the
When Illinois was called the Hon George 0
Christian spoke In earnest advocacy of the
pomlnntlon of Joy John P St John of Kansas
He made a point at the start by saying that he
presented a candidate who needs no defence
who Is known In every household and whoso
record commends him to the prohibition senti
ment of the country who Is able to go on the
ntatform anti teach the people the truths Oi the
party wiioi5soonwr i i on the plains the
Went who Is the father of actual practical
prohibition n man who bad a barrel but the
contents had run out helping others and al
though he could not contribute much to the
campaign fund he could do much to help It
With voice and example
Miss Frances F Wlllard followed with thril I
ling words for St John whoso career from a
poor boy to tho Governorship of Kansas she
pictured ns an object lesson of a noble history
hbo said that he wna a candidate that women
riuld point their boys to and say Be like
llm I a man white and pure and clear as sunS
loss who could concentrate all the rays of
loIS Miss Wlllard Is 1 young woman of slight
flKiirn Inl i < ant with rather 1 firm expression
of month but she spoko with vim and force
with n torrent of words and made the best use
of ten minutes She roused the Convention t
enthu liiMii with her euloglum of St John
W T Eustls of Memo spoke earnestly for
tho nomination of Gideon T Stewart of Ohio
and spoke of tho coming day when there would
be a second emancipation proclamation when
the word would go forth No more liquor Im
ported aol none distilled
Ciurloa JL Ne spoke on bdhalf the Mary
land ilulvgittlon for tho nomination of Mo
The liov A A Miner of Boston said 1 tho duty
of the Contention a to nominate leaders for
young party whoso principles aro the oldest
in tile world 1 candidate who might be chosen
t preside over I country largo enough to give
every Inhabitant forty acres with two or three
to spare for 1 flower canton In bohalf of Mas
sicliutetts he favored the nomination of Coy
tit John llu predicted that If this nomination
shoultl to made the vote for It would b so
largo as to astonish tho whole country
Mitt Clara Hoffman of Missouri in behalf of
tho Womans Christian Temperance Union
poke earnestly for St John She hit off hap
pily the candidates of other parties by tolling
the COn lton what St patn not She
aid ho was not a plumed knlghtwlth borrowed
plumes nor ono who advocated the education
of tho people by the use of blood money ob
tained by the sale of licences Her speech
aroused the Contention to renewed enthu
siasm for St John
1 It liuiiforo on behalf of tho New Jersey
delegation presented the name of Clinton D
Flsk AH to tho charge that Gen Flsk Is a new
convert ho paid Thank God tho woods are
full of them Ht took occasion to reply to an
attack that had been made upon Gen Flsk as
a Wall straot operator He said thatthe charge
orlglnatod In a civil suit wherein tho General
was trrlng to get back soma 190000 he had
loaned to two young men who got out an or
der of nrrout in his absence and could not now
b compelled to prosecut their suit
Prof Hopkins on behalf of the New York
delegation advocated the nomination of Go
t John Ho said that Bt John had sacrificed
his own Interest ns n Republican in the noble
work of the Prohibition party Because < he
could not get the RepublIcan party to stop try
lug to carry a saloon on one shoulder and a
Sunday school on tim other he had left the
party and burned his bridges behind him
Ohio WHS called and Odeon T Stewart the
Old hero of prohibition took the platform and
aid that the presentation of his name by the
Maine delegation was against his request In
behalf of the Ohio delegation ho favored the
nomination of Coy Bt John whom he special
ly honored for hi bravery In cutting loose
from the llomibllcan party In State a well as
national politics
Tho announcement that Ohio wss for St
John made his nomination on the first ballot
comparatively certain and was tho occasion of
much cheering
J Newton Paarco of Pennsylvania spoke for
the nomination orJaa Black
Tho Convention was about to adjourn for
dinner COlvluton llubcock of California re
quested the floor and lot II Ho electrified the
Conpntl tiy withdrawing the name of Dr
McDonald He cnuund t to the read a letter from
Dr McDonald to bo California delegation stat
lag that ho did not seek tho nomination end
would only MoN I at thu earnest wishes of
the Convention
This MH tin signal for a stampede for St
John nnd tho Intimates worn I apparently
anxious to get In Mmt Maine led the ray and
Ienuuyiiuilii followed by withdrawing the
name of Judge Itlark Mr llrowno undertook
to stem tho tide by lnltlnu upon the nomina
tion of lllnck but Juilgo lllnck was himself
present und at onco tamo to tho front of tho
platform and positively withdrew his name
and emphatically oiuturxctl the nomination of
ant Tlstamiioda now became general
Mr rinvh mounted ln chair and moved the sus
pension of the rules to nominate St John by
Reclamation Tim Convention was eager to do
It but the motion wee withdrawn to permit
the remaining Ktales to bu coiled There were
othor speeches fort John by I V Clmnln I of
WtscoiiHln the Itev lt Charles llosscll H I 11 Dor
tram and other
Again the Convention was on the point ot
nominating Bt John by Acclamation but a
delegate ill the back of the hal got a hearing
and urged that unless the platform was first
adopted the delegates would scatter 10 the
Convention adjourned for dinner
At the afternoon kesslon despatches from
I various bodies of Prohlhltlonlsu throughout
the country wore read MOlt 01 them advised
the nomination ot Ht John and prophesied vic
tory Thon tho call of tile roll of Status was I
called and exGov John P Ht John was the
unanimous choice of the Convention I
The announcement that Convelton unanl I
mously chosen ty G02 votes was the signal lor
I uproarious excitement Portraits fit John
vruiq flourished on the platform Hats fans
hnndkrch ifs and canes were waved Every
body clmercd and cheered again Then the
Ilt audience joined In slnglnff Glory Glory
Halleluiah with the words of a temperance
lalelullhl thl
song concluding with the Doxotogy Mot of
the delegates sangreverontly standing and tba
lass wore punctuated with shouts of Amen
Chairman Dickie then mae the formal an
i aOiGmA tint Jolia 1IJou WM mu
larly nomlnat He requested tho delegate
to Inllixto their lung I and give o cheer that
would almoot raise the root The Convention
did It with a will Convonton
John P tt I John has boon a Prominent figure
In Kansas for llttoon years Ho was horn in In
dIane and stiullpd law nndor mnnvdlffiouttle
Ho began iiMctlist In Missouri and alter set
IliikIn Kannnrf bccamo a lending ilipubllcan
lln served both brnnuhrs of tbo Legislature
pill two Influx 10 Governor nf tho Slate
Lntnrlio lii > cuna prominently i Identified I tt with
llio Prohibition party lIe emlnavnrttd In vain
In timkn t hi li null > llr > HnB put prohibition In
their tilatforrns aiidfnlllng 1 to do thntniit Innsa
from HIM iwirty 1 and t ilavotnu hltnxiilf to tim tout
lerunco camo Hu In about < H jours old ant
his rii IntHruMIni fmtilly ito U personally
I ratliornllni wiry man aol look much like
joy 1nttlnun of t 1unnnyivuiila lie IH a fluent
orelblo tiinnkni nnil has hindu hundreds ot
1110 hundret1
miiorancc nntichii
Inn rnport of thn Comnilttoo on Resolutions
was road by Judge JIIIIIOH lack a t0olutol
Tbt lr > hblliin I J lie Imtertlnn ptrty In National
Ciii silo ssnkd akHollh AllIlhlyloJ Si
the rlkhltulMivrreUnot all men from whom the just
lowiriof tiuvrpi la lit uio drlvd sit to whose laws
iuiii n eiisctiiiciiM ihniiiil rnnfnini Peace prool i erlty
Hid III lines only nail cnaie to I tin peo Fl rll I uI I
wsor tiiPlr tnti iiRl cut te HtatQ government are In ac
ciTd vrltlifin Dvln will rlrr
That the Import ill in manufacture supply and sat of
r hl
alcoholic 1 lin crete ctcaleU and nnlutniiml i r by the Ian a
ft iii natlonit und state go > ernments luring the en
Lire hlitnr of snh tnue Is 1 everywhere shown to be tha
l > rnnu > tlm colic of Intenttieranre with resulting trim
and pauiierlfini tutu Urge demamls uron public and 1
ltlYale charlu liupulng large and unjust fixation
aid iubllc burden for 1 penal I and sheltering In
stitutions upon thrift Industry manufactures and com
lucrcei enilanirvrlng the public peace I ctuilng deseera
tIn i > f the Hnliinth i corrupilnc our politic lefiliation
l ll lr
cli I sdittillratlnn f i lii las a iJf Im
ralrln health aid Imlllohll nodlolo Industry
alt Indutrr
uIIIdue 0110 ii I eariccisi ant IOdllllll
Jig the Iachtne of he Ilible 1 Ilia CIitircIi and the
VLiiooi thA ttandinlt and tilde of our fathers and
their chlllreu In the fnlInc and ifrnwth undrr OoJ
of our wlilelrexteni1rd country an < l whileS Imperllllnv
Iheprrprluity of our ciut anil rellirloDi liberties are
baleful frulK by which I knew just Iheie rl lawi are
alUe contrary tu and a lan and contravene our happl
ncut and we call upon our fellow citizens to aid us In
the repeal f thtie ur sit I In tie Itgat 1 luppreislon I of
this banefjl liquor traffic
The fact that dnrlnir I tli > twrntvfour years In which
hl II gn
the Republican MhIl controlled the reneral
Government In many of then Htatca no eflorfa lan
been made to change tliU policy I that Terrltorlei
hare been created from the national domain I and
government for them taiillshed and states
from them admitted Into the Union In I no Instance
11 hl
stance In either of which oh this tratne been for
bidden or the people of tliene Territories ic States been
permitted to prohibit ill i that there are now over raium
Istlllerlei and breweries w holraale and retail dealers In
1 1ar
this drinks holding certiorates I claiming the authority I
rfnm Oa lt
of the Government for tho conllnuauon I of a business so
destruetlva to h moral and material welfare
of the people together with the fact that
they nave turnaa a > deaf ear 10 I remon
strait and petition for the correction of this
abate of civil forernment Is l conclusive that the Repub
lican tiny Is Insenilble In rO Impotent for the 1 redress
of those wrongs and should no longer be Intrusted with
the powers and responsibilities of government That
although this partylu Its lata National Convention waa
silent on tha liquor question not so were Its candidates
MulTi Stain and Logan Within the year past Mr
BlaIn has publicly recommended that tha revenue de
rlitd tam the liquor traffic shall ba distributed among
the states and senator Logan has by bill proposed
devote revenues to this support of schools Thus
both virtually I recoimnsnd the perpetuation of the traffic
and that the Slits and Its cftlseiis shall become part
ners In the liquor crime
1 The fact that the Democratic party has In Its national
elellverance of party policy arrayed Itself on the side
of the drink makers and sellers by declaring I against the
policy of prohibition of such traffic nnder tha false
name of sumptuary laws and when In power In some of
the mates lu refusing remedial legislation and In Con
gress of refusing In permit the creation of a Board of
Inquiry 1 investigate and report upon tha effects of
this traffic prove that the Democratic party should
not be Intrusted with power and place J that there
can ba nngreater peril to thenatlon than tha exlfllng
competition of the Republican and Democratic parties
for toe liquor vote Kspenence shows that any party
not J opposed oo the traffic will 1 engage YI In this
competition will court tha favor of tha criminal classes I
will barter away public morals nurltv of tha ballot and
every trust and object of good government for party
succusl and patriots and good citizens should and la
this practice sufflcltnt cause for Immediate withdrawal
from all connection with their party
That while we favor reforms In the administration of
the Uovernmrnt the abolition of all sinecures useless
omces and officers the election I by th peopis of olitcsrs
01 government Instead tl appointment by rh Presi
dent that competency honesty and sobriety are essen
tial Quallflcatloni for holding civil ounce we oppose thi
mllftt such person from i n admiutstrsIlvs I
email except so far as It may ba absolutely neeesaary 1
secure effectiveness to tha vital Issues on which the gen
eral administration of the Ooraroment has been In
trnnted I a party
That tha collection of revenues from alcoholic liquors
and tobacco should M rl tfrmt the vices of men
are not a proper subject for taxation
That revenue for cuitom duties should be levied for
tha support of Government economically I administer I
and when so levied His fostering I ot American labor
manufactures and industries should constantly ba held I
invlw That tha public land ehould be held for homes for the
people and not for gifts to corporations or to b held
burg I bodies for speculation upon the needs of actual
TbLslt money coin and paper shall be made Issued
and regulated by the general tlovernment and t be
a legal tender for all delta public and private
Tnat giateful care and support should be given to oar
soldiers silO sailors I their dependent widow and or I
phans disabled In the service of their country
That we repudiate ae unAmerican contrary tn and
subversive of the principle ot this Declaration of Inde
pendince from which cur Government has grown to b
the lovernment of EUAOuo of penile and a recog
nized power among nations that any person or people
hal or may be excluded from residence or citizenship
will all others who may desire the benefits which our
Institutions confer upon the oppressed of all nations
That while there are Important reforms demanded
for purity of administration mind the welfare of
the r their Importance sinks Into Inilfrnld
rate when compared with the reform of the drink
traffic which now annually wastes snii > niiur > io
of the wealth created by toll and thrift
ami drags down thousands of families from
comfort to povertvi which I tills I Jail I penitentiaries In
sane asylums hospitals 1 anJ liMllutlnns for depend <
aucy which destroys the health paralyzes Industry and
causes lots ot life and property lo tliimiauds lu the
land lowers Intellectual sod rrol l Vigor daIs the
cunning hand of the artisan Is the chief cause of tank
ruptcy insolvency and lose In irnde and by its corrupt
r t rlpulU r
toe power endangers rerpttulty of free Institutions I
That cOIr should exercise 1 Its undoubtrd power
and prohibit the manufacture and sale of Intoxicating
beverages lu the District I ot Columbia In the Territories 1
ot the united fII end ol In all places over which the
Government has exclusive jurisdiction that hereafter
no State shall be admitted Into the Union until Its con I
stitution shall expressly prohibit I polygamy and tha
manufacture I ana sale of Intoxicating bet erages
That the activity and cooperation of the women of
America for the promotion of temperance has In alI
the history I of the I pant been a strength and encourage
ment which we gratefully acknuv lady and record
That believing In the civil and political equality of
the sexes and believing that the arlII In the hands ot
woman Is I a right for her protection and would prove a
powerful ally for the abolition of the drink saloons I
the execution rrl law the promotion of reform In civil
affair and the removal of corruption In public life thus
I fJ rllrh
believing 1 wa relegate tha practical outworking of this
reform to the discretion of the Prohibition party In the
several States according to tile condlUoa of public fentl >
bent In those States
That gratefully we acknowledge and praise 104 for
wltll pr
the presenca of Ills spirit I guiding the counsels and
granting the snccsss which ham been vouchsafed In the
progress of temperance reform and looking to Him
from whom all wisdom and help come wa ask the voters
of the United States to make the principles of the above
declaration n ruling principle lu tile government ot the
nation and of the States
Hrintrrtl That henceforth Ihs Prohibition Home Pro
tection pITA party hal be cal ad by the name ot the Prohibition
A despatch was read from Dr McDonald
congratulating the Convention on the choice of
Goy Bt John as the nominee for President
Ball promising tn support tho ticket The read
of Ing approval of the telegram wan received with shouts
The Convention than took up the report of
the Committee on Platform and proceeded to
adopt it by sections Things wont along swim
mingly with the first section but Mr Halt of
Illinois bad the seeton cliarncterle the
second section as diffuse multifarious and
unintelligible and Mr Smith of the same Btate
ondonoa him It seemed for I moment a
though the work of the Committee of Fiftyfho
was about to b thrown away Mr lat moved
to recommit It to the committee but tho Con
vention refused to hear the motion and adopt
ed the second section by an overwhelming vote
There was still adlsposltlon to hurry through
the adoption of the roport but there was also a
strongdeslro on tho part of many delegates to
make the platform more terse As a sort of
compromise the Convention decided that after
the adoption of the report I should b referred
to Judge Black tho Rev A A Miner and the
Itnv John lu aell to revise nnd edit It An
effort was made to strike out tho personal al
lusions to Blame and Logan but the Conven
tion decided to leave them In as u fitting re
bnkn to the Republican party Ittni had
put up two men who had conspicuously sought
to brlbo thn peapla with the proceeds of the
liquor traffic In order to continue the system
under the protection of the Government
There were but a few scattering votns In favor
ofatriking it out >
Mr Hopkins 01 New York sought to strike
out tbo financial plank of tho platform favor
Ing tho making Issue of all money by the
Federal Government Ha wanted the platform
slmplllli and declared that this was putting
too much In the platform Mr Hart of Illinois
wanted the plunk left In Dr ulmhT of New
Jersey also wanted it lnTho discussion
wnx1 warm Mr BoUprof Wisconsin moved
that Ihu remainder p1 f the platform b adopted
without further debate Tha Previous quos
lion was ordered and the motion to strike out
the Greenback plAnk of the platform was de
dared not adopted There were a few dls
clard lot adopt delegate < shouted
eltedly Thats dishonest and I will leave the
party The Convention then under tha op
par of the previous question adopted the
remainder of tim platform
Mn 1rttlltMc5lia0nrdni5rowno of Cincinnati
Mn HcCeland
reported a series of reoluton approvloa thl
reportd VobM
work of the lrohlblton part and avll n
women to Join In the movement She I prlnted
a form of memorial to the women of the
United States which wa adopted amid cheer
InLand pplauo
lDMDFayPoPtMSSachusetl tried to get a fre
trade plank lllsaehueeUa platform but could
hardly get his replutlpn read
The Convention then considered various
propositionl to chnll the name of th Pnl
Some winted to cl It the PohibitIon party
some wanted Prohibitory one Imo wanted
Prohibition Bome PoLot01 By general
oonent the ConventionitetenSa to aD oaxnest
NPuK CnyltonJlLnla nW 1i aUU
y if 1f1 1 i
I Is The Convention then voted under the op
oration of tie rrevlou qtmitlon on the snb
lrIQll Q1ton nb
ftltutn Proposed by Miss Wlllard which wa
lost Tho motion of Dr Miner to make tha
PAIIIO the Prohibition party wa then carried
by on overwhelming vow
The Convention then at 030 P M took a
rewss until 8 thin evening
The dm hour and a hull of the evening ses
sion was siiont In an amusing effort on the
part of the Finance Committee to raise a cam
paign fund The plan adopted was the Issue of
certificates or tock In what Is called tho
pioneer battle fund of the National Pro
hibition party the holder of each snare
pledflnq htmiolf In pay 110 a year to the fund
Sledging to be payable In heaven Mr
Christian of Chicago acted as an auctioneer
broker and by hi amusing remarks cajolfld
Imulnt remark
the delegates from the various States to ub
icrlbo for from one to llfty share each the
whole number of shares taken aggregating
about 400 takn relatnl
Dr Miner of Massachusetts from the Com
mittee on Itesolutlons made a reort U to the
finance plank In the platform He said that It
had been I matter of doubt originally In I
committee but on reconsideration It wai de
terminal to recommend In lieu of tho finance
rlnnk the one adopted by tho part In 1876 u
The separation of the money of lime Government from
all the banking Institutions The national Government
only should ixrrclse the high prerogative of Issuing pa
fdhon hJ
fd J
per money tn IM paid on demand In gold and silverthe
World only equal standard of value rucojalied by the ft
worhlAter a dlscti slorl In which several delegate
took ground that the Convention should cnn
fine Itself to the simple principle of prohibi
ton while other argued that the proposed
plank would attract ota of the Oraenbaokara
the motion of Dr Miner was adopted and the
nnanco plank of 1870 wa substituted
The Convention at 10 oclock proceeded to
the call of the roll of States for nomination to
the VicePresidency nomInaton
hMr Caroline Buell of Connecticut presented
the name of George P Roger of Connecticut
Mr Minnie Masher Jackson formerly of
Maryland now of Savannah Oa presented the
name of he Hon William Daniel the Little
Giant of Maryland Mr Ransom of New Jersey
resented the name of Clinton B Flsk ot New
Jersey The name of Miss FrancIs K Wlllard
of Pennsylvania Illinois was presented by Mr Young of
Mrs Duel of Connecticut who had nom
Instod Mr Rogers withdrew that nomination
and seconded that of Mr Daniel The Chair
man of the New York delegation announced
that Its unanimous vote would be given to Mr
Daniel TOe Chairman of the New Jersey delo
ratlon withdrew the nomination of Clinton B
Flak and seconded that of Daniel Cinton
Mr Nato of Illinois then moved that the
rules b suspended and that Wm Daniel of
Maryland b nominated by a rising vote This
was agreed to amid great enthusiasm and
VicePresidency Wm Daniel was declared tho candidate for the
Mr Daniel briefly returned thanks and after
some further unimportant business tbe Con
vention at midnight adjourned sine die
At a meeting of the National Commute this
evening r John B Finch of Lincoln Neb was
chon Chairman D P Bngendorph of Michi
gan ViceChairman A J Jutklns of Chicago
Corresponding Secretary J A Van Fleet of
Chicago Recording Secretary 8 D Hastings
of Wisconsin Treasurer These officers with
Miss Frances E Wlllard of Evanston IlL and
Mrs Brown of Cincinnati constitute I Ereo
utlvo Committee with full power to act when
the General Committee is 1 not In session
BalalHaT Sap so Carry Florida and West
Virginia and Okl la October
ARRSDURO July 24 Benjamin Franklin
Jones Chairman of tho Kormbllcan National
Committee ha fully decided on his plan of
campaign Ha Intends to make an effort to
carry Florida and West Virginia and will ex
haust every resource to secure the vote of Ohio
In October to the Republicans An Intimate
personal and political friend of Mr Jones said
today that the Chairman had let his heart on
these results HA does not conceal the fact
that the old Stalwarts who formerly per
formed the work contributed the money ire
alienated this year and will do neither Harry
Oliver Jr who In 1880 raised 100000 for the
Garfield campaign was solicited to contribute
but absolutely refused 0 L Magee likewise
declined to draw his check to lie order of the
Chairman Both say that they will voto the
ticket and make fair contributions to the local
commute but beyond that they will not go
They are taking I rest Maior Moorliend who
has hitherto been what Is called an Independ
ent shows an Inclination to side with Olhor
and Magee this year
Mr Jones Is not dlsgourngnd however Ho
confidently expects to raise more money than
has ever been raised In Pittsburgh for political
purposes Ho will head tho subscription him
self with 100001 Campbell Horron who has
not heretofore Mon active In politics sub
scribes 10000 Ed livers who was delegate
from tho Ttvnntrthird district puts down
10000 and Calvin Wells proprietor of tho
Philadelphia 14miIi and elcctnrntlnrgo on tho
ticket adds 10 000 Time M Itayno member of
Congress and livers collenguo In the Conven
tion will contribute liberally nnd John Chat
fant of tho Iron firm of Spang A Chalfant has
subscribed 10000 Thoso mon have never
heretofore been liberal and their generosity
this year Is caused by the Impression that tho
Cameron crowd aro Inclined to sulk Harry
Oliver will spend tho summer In Bedford He
has sent an Invitation to Senator Cameron to
meet him there They will discuss tho politi
cal situation fully and come to an understand
ing as to what Is best for them to do
Indiana Froklkllloaleta Divided
INDI4UPLS July HTbe Indiana Prohi
bitionists are hopslessly divided on tha question of nom
inating a State ticket and as the result the party U I
holding two convention here today The section favor
ing the nomination of a State ticket with M B Slilsl at
tha head assembled In Englishs Opera House and ef
fected a permanent organization by rejecting EU F
Rite of thla city as Chairman Mr Blttsr on taking
the chair delivered a speech favoring the nomination of
a State ticket The faction opposed to the nomination
of a State ticket headed by Dr llonser K B Reynold
J B Connor and others Is I in aesslon at the urand
Opera house
The Antl State Ticket Convention asked for confer
ence and committees of conference were appointed but
nothing was accomplished The state Ticket Conven
tion then nominated K S DwUglns for Governor
C Slier for LleutenantUovernor H f farter for Seers
tary of state KM Miller for Auditor A J Taylor for
Treasurer B P Hammond for Judge of the duprema
Court and Ryland T low for Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction The State Central Committee was In
structed to name candidates for AttorneyUsneral and
Presidential electors
Enrolllnc Against Illume
The Independent Republican Executive Com
mittee met yesterday at U Nassau street Carl Bchnri
agreed to translate Col Codmana speech and George
William Curl addrsss at lh Independent Conference
Into German and they are to be circulated In thickly
settled German districts The finances of the commit
tee were reported to be flourishing and a meeting of the
local finance Committee was appointed for this after
Secretary Oreen said that within ten days the com
mlttee would have ready three monster lists of Inde
pendents from various parts of the country and added
that they would have no trouble lu raising mousy even
though they could not assess
The following blank form for a pledge was ordered to
be printed and distributed I
Believing that the interests of good government and
lmr3Ia a
public morals demand the defeat of James U Dlalne and
the election of Irover Cleveland I desire to enroll my
self wllli iitlur Republicans of Independence who are co
operating with the committee I appointed by the confer
ence July 23
GOT Clevelands Visitors
ALDANT July 2tOov Cleveland was nt the
Executive Chamber during the entire day ills mal
continues to be very large congratulation and assur
anceiof support and success coming from all rat of
the country Among todays visitors warn I United
Mutts Senator terre II Pendleton I of IObo exMayor
Edward Murphy of Troy the lion William l I Oorihslmsr
of New Turk J W Inch of Olena Fells Senator Henry
C helsonof Sinc 1 Pug David John Johnson ot Cohoes
A C shaw of Boston 41 len James ia PsarsaU of f
Oleo Cove
Ck > el > ij a epaklleaa Cleetor
The delegates to the late Republican State
Convention from the Eleventh Congress district of Nw
York state met last night In tin room of th QarBeM I
Republican Club at 9O4 Eighth 1 avenue and chose Ed I
ward II Ammldown aa Presldsntlal Kltctur for that
district The Eleventh Congress district Is i composed of
I the Thirteenth riltssntb and Seventeenth Assembly
districts of this ally
Tka Cesmtr lleaaerae a Ben
The County Democracy will ratify thc nomi
nation of Clsvsland oDd Ilindrlcki on WeJnesdsy even
ing July SO The meeting will probably he held In
one Jal n Hall speakers Cot mlln Vila of Wisconsin will b
Irllkisea Kft Fer Wits
WILZTSDARBZ July 24Reports have gone
out that tin Irlshmsn of this city were generally for
Stain At a picnic I of the Wllkesbarr Emerald oIly
today a vote was taken which resulted as follows I
Cleveland IM Slates I 18
KxQav Hoadrlcau Cawalasj Kaif
INDIANAPOLIS July 34 ErQov Hondrlok
I expect t leave her on Sunday night for tha Bait
where ke will ramata three or foot wa Mrs Baa
Oiifkj will aceonmaajr Urn
m v I 4 0 1
Cicadae Trmsiai S Treasure Oaiaat Uasisx a > f
Ifttm slkaiwle I > aaaa cd slllka Blaraal
svkara Tklavaa Da Net Bramk Is cad Used
Our search of Mothor Mandelbauma
house led to many Important disclosure said
Detective Robert A Pinkerton yesterday We
hauled over bolt after bolt of handsome silks
but all wo took were three pieces that bore the
prIvate mark ot James A Hearn C of Wed
Fourteenth street Those wo had a right to
take on the criminal warrant for Mother Man
delbaums arrest Bilks worth thousand ot
dollars wa left undisturbed because tho law
gives authority t take only what t described
In the warrant I
Lot mo have the keys of your safe I said
to Mrs Mandelbaum a my detectives ware
taking her away I
Just to think of such a thlngl1 she an
swered No
I sent for a blacksmith who came with cold
chisels and wedges Ho had Just begun ham
mering on the late when Mrs Mandelbaums I
daughter Annie a young woman ran Into II
the store crying StopI I Hara are the
keys We unlocked the old safe and I
found It full of Jewell Diamond ai big
M peas I tel you dazzled our eye Brace
lets with rare stone settings lay upon
heaps of gold watches chan rings scarf
Pins cuff buttons and odds and ends of jewel
ry Almost every ornament yon could mention
wo In the safe Borne of the diamonds wore
loose and there were watch movement and
watch cases packed In tissue paper On a table
In Mother MandelbaunVa bedroom which was
magnificently furnished ware malting pots
wer POl
pennyweight scales of different sizes and
scales for weighing diamond Herman
Btoudos little leathercovered and brass
riveted trunk was full to bursting with
watches chains scarf pin shirt studs and
collar button
Up stairs in a closMI was a Saratoga trunk
which wa got a locksmith t open It contained
I ontlnoi
India shawl white lao shawls and costly
lao curtains They were not marked I sent
word to Lord k Taylor Arnold Cnltb rnt
C Herr Johnston and Donning to send
msih from their stores t examine the goods
and le If they could Identify them as their
property The shawls some of the dry good
men said ware similar to those sold r their
stores but they could not identify the good
because they were not marked It would have
taken us two week t handle all the articles in
them store There were more tlnp towed
sway up stairs than down stairs
Two months we shadowed the place night
and day I was difficult work All Mother
Baurn neighbors knew what her business
was and when they saw anybody watching
they ran and told her Down the green window
hades would come and they would remain
down for day cmo lookout was always at the
door After six weeks spying the family
dropped on us They must have noticed that
whenever anybody loft tho store with a bundle
we followed to see where he went One day
Herman Btoudo sallied forth with his arms
filled with packages Ha got on a horse car
and our men sat behind him Ho turned
around and presented them each with a bundle
Take thor now he said it will save you
the trouble of following me They 80 bun
die of paper Wo met with many such rebuffs
but finally Detective Frank by representing
that his name was Btoln nnd that ho was a
crook and wanted to buy cheap silks became
Old Mother Baums customer Ilkl when he
was buying goods they came across a piece of
silk that bro tho private mark of Simpson
Crawford A Simpson Mr Stein tore It oft
Lot mo burn It said Mother Mandelbaum
No said Frank Ill throw It out In the
back yard He went outside and put the
mark In his pocket
Dont ba so careless Mr Stein sam Mrs
Mandelbaum when he camo bak Youll gut
us caught
Mrs Mandelbaum believed Stein was ar
rested with her She Btoude and Frank were
in elevated train going t Harlem Police
Cnrt What did yon do with your trunk Frank
heard her ask of Btoude Did you get the
jewelry out of I
The dllnt ale mo time rltled Bloude
Just to thlnl said Mother Mandelbaum
If they get In lat 8alo the1 find enough to
settle me
When tho prisoners wore walking In 125th
street toward tho Harlem Court Frank said to
Mrs Mandolbatim I must Undeceive you
now I am not Mr Stein but a detective You
are caught
What you sayl cried the woman Mr
Stein you dont mean It I cant tiullovo you
have tricked mo We both have families Dont
give us away I
Frank was laughing at her and sho slapped
him In the face Thoro are in New York
concluded Detective Pinkerton eight parsons
mnn and women who keep fonons for thieve
brokers Three tn Brooklyn have signs up A diamond
Mnnasioh L Goldman the pawnbroker who
offered himself ns bondsman for Mothor
Mandolhaiim and was refused Is a member of
tho Itennbllvan Association In the Tenth ward
and 1 delegate to tho Republican Central Com
Mothor Mandelbaum has executed 1 mort
gage on ono of her houses on Itlvlngton street
Wtyt of Clinton to Indemnify tho woman who
gave tlOOOO bal for her The rnortKuuo was
filadin the Registers office just before noon
yesterday 110000 I is to Susan G Chambettaz for
Tke Red Man Win In at Rons Oatme
The Caughnawaga Indians who on Wednes
day defeated the New York Lacrosse Clubs team yes
terday met a carefully selected twelve of the Inde
pendent Club on the Polo grounds There was some
complaint that the Indians were a little too rough on
Wednesday but yesterday the Independent wal
their roughness and went them a great many points
better Dome of lbs Indians looked aa though they had
been In a prize fight and after one of the games Cross the I
Klver had to have a cross patch ot stlcEIng plaster I put
over an ugly cut under the right ear The red man remarked
ulllI3 flh
marked ul Incidentally that me head was covered with
lumps adh gashes rfh and the Captain of the Indian I
tram said he did I not think this was exactly the way to
play lacrosse This police at one time threatened to
clear the field If the rough play was not discontinued
The Indians bore their cuts and bruises stoically and
easily overmatched their opponents Six games were
tll hhI hl
played of which the Independents won the lw and
sixth and the Indians the other four Fitzgerald who
crushed everything before him and used his bat I 1 k a
cudgel made both gnats for the Independents Ir the
Indians IJoinliilgue I Morelgiia made the third I and fifth
foals Angus Heauvals the second and Strong Arm the
Blind but Gilled
A sootyfaced aged mnn with a tuft of black
chin whiskers resembling a paint brush and a sailor
hat on his head stood lu Franklin square yesterday
afternoon Officer Chlardl and Policeman John Leon
ard caIn along just as the aged man stuck out an old
cigar box and dolefully remarked
fleasa help the rgUrIf
At Mr Chlanlls suggestion the policeman helped the
blind Ian to the Oak Street station As ths trio walked
along the policeman said to the blind man i
Ho ou know who this Is t and Indicated Mr rhlardl
i think I do said the blind mal as ha turned his
eyes toward Ur Chlardl Ha la I sue man who sends
blind people to the atmshouse Ive rend about htm lu
the papers
The blind man said hs was William Newman a sailor
07 years old Ha was locked up lIe hal buu longs
familiar I figure to people who gmm to aol from Williams
burgh by way ot the Roosevelt street 1 WI Wlm6
Erie FUatlac On PeirawsuU Taxes
Tho Erie Hallway applied to Judge Van
Brunt yesterday for a mandamus to compel the Com
missioner of Taxes to bat taxes which had bean Im
posed upon the personal property of tha company for
1883 to tha amount of II l o The coinpany claims
that the asasssmsnt upon which the tax la I baaed was
Improperly made I avers that the Commissioners In
stead of deducting the value of Its real estate from the
actual market value of 111 I capital stock deducted the
value of the real estate from the par value of its capital l
al ulof
OMhal Om
stock and then estimated tha difference at the market
value of tha stock thereby leaving a basis upon which
the tax was placed The company says that Its per
sonal property Is worth nothing In excess ot its real r es
tate and consequently time tax was Illegally l Imposed
3lt gu Commissioners should be eoopsllsd
to remove It Decision was reserved
Ike WaMstad Ibid Beef
In the suit for limited divorce brought by
John M Ambrose against Llule Ambrose Judge Rey
nolds has confirmed the report of the referee In favor of
the plaintiff who agrees to pay the defendant a allow
ance of f ISdO The parties were married In this city In
lnw bv the Ilev Mr Corbatt The husband alleged that
his married life had been very unhappy owing to the
violent temper of his wife Aa an Instance ha said that
on June 4 he Mked his wife I what she wanted for dInner
r 3
She said rbk 1bl He coaM find none and ao brought
home a choice piece of i eal 1 She Indignantly refused to
eat It and want 110 search of a policeman to bay him arrested
rested On J una II she left bin and refuted t Titers
Jason Collier one of the oldest and most
prominent cltlitns and Masons at Lockport died yes
terday morning
Leule Swneer better known as dmaiaLack a
colored man formerly a Y died on Thursday at the
County Uouss In Ixxlport aged ltlo Jala l
The Kev Ueorga W Hagiea of the Maw Tort Bast
Ooaferanca died fu Bridgeport on Monday afternoon of
Brlgats disease aged Sf years He bee bean located at
West OoskaaantU two weeks ego wben ae earns to his
tolaati iestsse t skis city 1 geji4 U Us kaaith
v 0 f 4
wanna a on LOCIC WOOD
We Bipeame > r IVatrwatk StarS Ma
Bad e > f Talk
KORWATK July 24Dr William E Lock
wood a physician who bi practised In this
town for fIfteen yells ha disappeared Vari
ous reasons are given for his departure One
of his patient was Xr Harriet F Tryon tho
widow of John Tryon a watchman at the Nor
walk Iron Work Shortly before Tryon death
he became heir t 60000 and 16000 of this
wa the widows dower It is I asserted that Dr
Lockwood had Induced the widow to become
bll surety for 15000 and that about two month
ago she made him executor of her estate
Twelve day agoMr Tryon died unexpectedly
and search by bar friend tinea the Doctor
departure fall to reveal the bond and securi
ties she one possessed A rumor was cir
culated this morning that her body would b
disinterred and examined
It tl I reported that Dr Lockwood only ton
received yesterday by mail a letter written by
bis t father announcing his departure and that
he did not expect to return It Is believed hero
that Dr Lockwood ha gone to Europe
About two year ago Dr Lockwood pur
chased a aat In the PetroUum Exchange In
New York Ha speculated largely and for a
time waa successful 1 but a turn in the market
sunk his last dollar and he borrowed from the
Fairfield County Dank the sum of 10000 on
notes purporting to b draW his late wifes
mother Doubts have been expressed aa to the
character of the note and when a bank
director wa questioned concerning them be
refused to answer These notes have lain In
the bank for more than a year and have
frequently been renewed but not materially re
duced in amount materlal
o lat the physicians practice has fallen oT
somewhat but it was formerly very large Ho
I Ilrlo le
hascultlvatad the acquaintance ot many women
In and abut Norwalk and to such an extent
u to cause remark A abort time ago a citizen
of Westport forbid the doctor coming again to
his house From ono family In this borough
comes the statement that his Intimacies thete
had been of such a character as t call forth
one day last week from the husband cal threat
that I the doctor did not leave the State at
once he would shoot him on eight Taken al
together in town I Is I an affair that cue much talk
Tka MxtrNUth Put Tkremtk t Paces U Ike
Sun Wkem It WM BO Im tka Bkatde
The Sixtyninth Regiment was put through
its bait paces yesterday before Inspector Drlgg
and Captain Field of the
CptaIn te regular army The
men went at the work with snap and spirit al
though the thermometer that hung up In front
of the camp pharmacy marked 9 In the shade
It is I only fair to say of the Sixtyninth that
not only In work but in general conduct It has
distinguished Itself The Peekskllllans
dltnaullhed Ilelt
loud In their pralaeof tho demeanor the
men about town and not a man has been In
the guardhouse I will take back t New York
a wellearned reputation for hard work good
behavior and eating powers that are simply
phenomenal The situation nt the commis
sary department after dinner yesterday became
cam alarming Tho aupplvnt provisions con
sumed had exceeded the wildest flight of the
Commissary Imagination
The ferry war races with unabated fury Tho
steam ferry people are trying to drive the boat
men away by tho strong arm of the law and
the boatmen are taking all the passengers by
raising the cry of monopoly The Slxtynlnth
ers patronize tho boatmen to a man
Immediately after parade last evening In
spectorGeneral Briggs advanced to Col Cava
nBb with a brief speech and a 1300 gold watch
both of which he presented to tho agitated
Colonel In the naino of tho officers and men of
the Blxtynlnth
The Seventh Regiment In civilians dress IB
expected to visit the camp today
Dcatk of KxCoBgraseaiasi Joke Hill
ExCongresiman John Hill dlod yesterday
morning Ooonton J aged I yean lie was t
about two months with Brlghts disease Ha was born
In CaUilll and U1844 La I removed to Boouton whera
he opened a general store Ba was elected to the Haw
Jersey Assembly aa a Republican In 1800 and In 1866 was
attain chosen to that body and was elected Speaker In
1880 although hla district was Democratic ba was
alerted to Congress Everybody knew him as honest
John Hill and many Democrats voted for him As a
member of the Committee on Post Office and Post
Koads he attacked the franking privilege and kept up
his warfare until It was abolished He was the author
of the bill authorizing the use postal cards It was his
theory that cheap posta n would increase the revenues
The postal card Instead of diminishing the i receipts of
the lost ufflia Iirpartmrnt as Its opponents predicted
largely Inertused them After six ears service In the
House be rMlntil lu Ib7l out In IhhO he Has reflected
and ejraln distinguished hlm tlf In his olrocac of a re
duction In letter postage trmn three to Inn cents The
passage of thli Mil was largely clue tn his I rrsnt rrlng ad
vocscv of It He lies not lieen In wood health since last
fall He wia IresLo terian and for forty > oirs wits su
perintendent of his home bunday school I j lutes a
widow but no children
One Coin and n Gang
IrnSlmder a young farmer ot Qlaigow Ul
ster county was accused before Commissioner Shields
yesterday of passing counterfeit coin time telegraph
had described a gong of men who were passing spurious
money up tho Hudson Shadera father took Deputy
Uarslial Grimes ten miles in a wagon to find the son The
evidence for the prosecution was that one counterfeit
standard dollar had been offered by Hhader who waa on
a rpreo Hi shopkeepers In flondout one of whom finally
took it Slushy said that he had his fathers trousers
on and found the coin In the pocket Ills father said
Hint the coin us a ono that had been given to his little
girl Young Hhader said he would have his first Tote
this toll lie did not say whether he should vote for
lhmmiie Butler or CeMlni4 He was allowed logo In
his fathers cnstodv Several shopkeepers and others of
Ulster county drew mileage and witness fees and went
A FonrleemyejairoM Olrl MIssIng
ANSONIA Comm July 21 Emma Warner a
bright and handtomc girl of Hyrats has been missing
from her home since Monday Rime lIved with her nude
Daniel Holbrook and lately has been acting etrangely
She was Seen on Monday nliht by a neighbor Dwight
Downes to whom she gave an account of ill teeatment
and said she wanted money tn go to her father who
tires In Haildani She was advised to return to her
uncle Site was last obierved truing toward the llnnia
tonlo River Her relatival have Intiltutcd a search
without success Hhe wArt a blue plaid dress and it
black shawl over hsr head One shoe woe bally ripped
No reason Is given for her disappearance oIlier than
that abs was temporarily deranged
Iii Wife Came Unexpectedly
Since his arrival from Denmark two years
ago Loren Andersen has been one of the most active
members of the Danish Church In Mnth street Brook
lyn At a fair In the church tsoma lime a o ha met a
young and pretty dressmaker named Maria Ithlnelander
and his attritions became so marked that It was under
stood a marrlmre was in prospect A wife whom An
dersen left behind him la Denmark unexpectedly put In
an appearance Andersen lived with her only five or six
week and then It Is said sought the socletr ot the fas
cinating dressmaker The result was a suit for abso
lute divorce In which I Koilr the referee yesterday
reported In layer ot the plaintiff
The Grand Army Knaaaspsaent
MINNEAPOLIS July 24The great crush at
the Grand Army encampment Is over and people are be
ginning to go home The principal event of the day
wera tha reception to Oen Logan at the Illinois head
quarters this morning and another to all the visiting
Generals al ten Wasnbtirnes residence tonight At tha
former a great crowd of old soldiers Was present
nn ca flnan 4 inn Hiv at i nnv ivni l
speeches In the evening lens Sherman Falrcblld
Negley Thomas and others were present There were
sports of a miscellaneous character at the encampment
all day A reunion of exprisoners of war was held at
which about IOU gathered
Ifr Vssldaa Waste a Divorce
No tiding have yet been received of Hiram
y Boshns the fashionable tailor and Mrs O r Valdes
the wife of the Sutton street cigar dealer who eloped
from Brooklyn on Saturday last Mr Valdes yesterday
began a suit for divorce In the Supreme Court Ha
tales that ha married his wife In tine and that their
children are a boy and a girl aged U and U years lie
denies that he Is the father ot the fourraonthaold baby
carried oB by Mrs Vales lie refers to one occasion on
which he unexpectedly entered hit house sad fount
Bosuns locked p In a closet
Arrayed U kar Mlstressa Fliery
Lizzie Kelly a servant In Victor Fredericks
family Acadsmy street Long Island City disappeared
on Wednesday morning with clothing and Jewelry val
ued at tuso belonging to the family Yesterday morn
Ing aha was arrested In Brooklyn She had on a silk
suit gaiters ostrich feathers and flower a diamond
ring and a watch all ot which belonged to Mrs rrsdsr I
Rng She will ba turned over to the Long Island City
police today
Tha Rev P y 0 ORara has been appointed pastor of
81 Anthonys Church Oreenpolnt
John Larrabee father ot Ella Larrabea the girl borg
ls r ha bean arrested for receiving stolen goods
tchnylsr A Bockfellow a lawyer was arrested yes
terday charged with having collected and appropriated
to hla own iiaa 1X198 belong log to Benban rargaaon
Tha Warden of tha Kings county penItentIary has re
fused to receive any more prtsoaeri from Queens county
on tka ground that Ut board btU ol prtsoaeri from that
busty u In arrears
The commission appointed la Inquire Into tbe sadly of
Abraham Doulaae the negro aasallant of Mr ranlln
MUler has proaouacad Mm Insane lie will bs lest to
Iba Ittt Luaaiis Ailoaa
a t
Ha Wase si Hkact cad Several Gui Lsdsd
milk Salt ass Heady far Him
TAKMTOM July 24The neighbors around
M2 South Warren street ire all out on their
front door step tonight watching for tho
host Its last appearance was on a side street
ear the house where It frightened the child
of George McCannon nearly Into convulsions
It fled successfully from the Irate father but
dropped it sheet nnlt ran All the fathers of
the neighborhood have loaded their shotgun
with rook salt and will make It intonisllng for
ftte ghost tha next time It promenades The
louse still remain deserted Mrs Warren ro
using to occupy It agnln A young man
who passed It at midnight last night
pays be siw a waving light through the win
dowi Hlsjrlrl was with him anti saw tho
light too Two boy who climbed the back
yard fence say an old gentleman In a white
gown stared at them from one of the rear
windows A crowd of small boy are darting
out of side street and dark corners around tho
louse tonight yelling Hera It comes They
nave not succeeded In frightening anybody yet
A policeman with a big club ana his hat over
his eyes stand opposite the hattie Ho ro
uses to say what course ho will take II the
host appear
LOCoMrIr1 AND llORtr CI It
FlSlllg t lbs Okeet for WhIch Open Halt
way Craselaxa are Maintained
TEOT July 24Tho Ranssolner and Hara
loga train which left Saratoga Springs about I oclock
this afternoon reached the Waterford depot at I 11 3
Gad II Lee a lawyer stood In front of the Sarati va
Company Bank In Waterfonl and law the train and n
horse car approaching the same point Boeing thrt a
collision was Imminent he ran Into the street ami voe
tlculated wildly to the driver of the horse cir > pull
his tram tack Tin driver Ste hen Ppauldlnir v lipped
np his horses Instead and as lime car crossed the rail
road track the loconmme of the train struck It
tipping It over on Its side and entitling It to splinters
The passengers on the horse curaim open one had seen
the train approaching and mnst of them Jumped off the
ear and escaped with a few bruises Mra M P fccoU
an aged resident of Uaterford fell on resolute lIme
roadway and the car tipping over on her killed her
Spauldlng the driver was hurled to the ground wllli
great force and severely hurt At the time of the col
on Alexander lllleenle the conductor was convcrs
lng with his brother James on the rear platform Alex
ander waa not badly hurt but his brother was thrown
tinder the engine and his right arm was crushed at
the socket
The accident occurred In Dlaln view of Mrs Stalls
home and members of her fffmlly were sitting on the
stoop The train was drawn by the Locomotive Sara
toga which was recently wrecked bv collision with a
runaway engine near Mechanlevlllc
Caintet is a Stern OB Ckesispcnke liar
ANNAPOLIS lid July 24A fearful wind
and rain storm occurred this afternoon on Chesapeake
Bay In which the steamer Oeorglanna was caught off
andy Point The windows of her upper saloon were
blown out causing the greatest consternation among
tier pasasngers Women fainted and the men put on
life preeervers expecting that the boat would go down
She lost hsr way In time blinding rain and was at time
mercy of the waves until the united mates revenue
steamer Phlox cam along and took her In I tow The
tIming had great difficulty and tts strain was so great
upon her that her engine could barely turn the propeller
She finally reached this port at 7 P M and wllli this
corglanna will remain tierS to > nlght
A Pklladelpkla Burglar dmtbt
BALTIMORE July 21Early this evening
while the policeman on duty on West Falls avenue was
tryIng the doors on his beat he dlicovcreil that of the
umber office of Boyd A McKay unfastened and some
one pressing against It who secured U from the
Inside A man then rin through the gate and was
rough to a halt by two pstol shuts He gave his name
is Oenrn Bennett ot Philadelphia Ha had broken
through the safe with a powerful stcnnsl jimmy but
did not get any of the contents llcir It Is a prufes
tonal and Is marked by the absence < the first Joint
front the Index finger of the right lint Last night the
mce of an Iron foundry In the same It l silly was robbed
iu the same war
Farced to Bceosac u lllgumlst
RICHMOND Va July 24Dr Joseph Augus
tus Edwards the chiropodist who has bean arrested tn
Atlanta for tke attempted murder of Ills Boalwrlght
whom ba married In this cltyand also for bigamy tells
a startling story regarding the last marriage He says
hat he met hla wit at a hotel la thIs city where aha
was linen room keener They subsequently lived u
man and wifa In Petersburg In May last two of her
brothers presented themselves and forced him to marry
her notwithstanding that ha told them he had another
wifa In North Carolina Edwards claim that ha fled
from Miss Boatwrlght on the first opportunity The
lltoera with Edwards In charge are expected here to
Clllten K Weerfe < fe Cs a Fatten
PnoYiDENCE July 24At a mooting ot the
creditors of the suspended banking flrm of Clinton R
Olden It Co thIs afternoon Counsellor William W
Donglas one of the assignees presented a statement
howlnggross liabilities nominal 034471128 gross as
sets nomlnil < v > tttttHcu unsecured liabilities t20
O1M7 estlniatsd available aeetstDi960 it was cc
Imateil that tIme estate would probably realizo 47 per
cclii The cntlmont of Pie meeting appeared favorable
to tlio firm and to its continuance In business
V Tlilnl Wave In Wisconsin Rivers
MILWAUKEE July 24A tidal wave was felt
tomity In the Menomlnee and Milwaukee Rivers It was
mimt noticeable at the Straight Cut as the entrance
to the river Is called where the waters receded three
feet returning again in about fifteen minutes Above
he dam In time Milwaukee Klver two to three miles
from the Straight Cnt swimmers who were standing In
shallow water were completely submerged by the re
turning water
Dispute Over a Bottle of Whiskey
PTTTSFIELD July 24 About a month ago a
number of colored men In Htnsdala mat at the depot and
rot Into a dispute about the division of bottle ot whu
key Charles Anderson and Alonio Jones made snas
aiiult on Leslie Perslp Anderson shot hIm In the head
while Jones held him Perslp silll lives with the ball In
his brain Todav Anderson was sentenced to State
prison for 10 years and Jones to the county Jail for 3
years for assault
A Girl Ntogo DiUei Kill a Rattlesnake
QOSUEN July 24Mary Howell agod 19
owns the stngo route between Warwick N V and
Bellvale N J and drives the stage herself A few days
ago on her way to Warwick her horses wire confront
ed by a large rattlesnake that lay coIled In the road and
showed no disposition tn retrest Miss howell slopped
her team Jumped from her seat on time stage and beat
the ugly serpent to death with her whip She tore off
the rallies and brought them to Warwick as a trophy
Secretary Caumdlcre Movements
PORTSMOUTH N H July 24 Secretary
Chandler arrIved here Into this afternoon on the Tall
pnosa aid remained on board tonight Commodore
Lice Is here and will relieve Admiral Cooper on lbs
Sill The Vostultels coaling and wilt leave on Satur
day Itls sold Hint the trip its been satisfactory Kc
relary Chandler awaits her arrival of the Ureely relIef
Miself which are expected Sunday night
Tornado la Connecticut
NBW HAVEN July 24New Hartford a little
town In the centre of this Btate was visited by a tornado
on Wednesday night The Greenwood Manufacturing
Companys building was unroofed and a number ol
sheds and small outhouses were demolished Limbs
were wrenchwl from trees and serious damage was
don to garden and crops Several persons were
severely lujured
He Shot hIs Sweetheart
Pmsnunon July 24This evening William
Donaldson shot and fatally Injured his iweetheart An
nie Btlffey The shooting occurred In a vacant house
next door tn Miss HtlfTeys residence Donaldson culms
that It was accidental and the girl refuses to say any
thing on tile subject
Killed by a Falllaaj Hara
IotA Ken July 24 During a heavy wind
storm thli afternoon a new barn ou the farm of Cap
A J Surrey three miles from town was blown down
Two sons of Cspt Surrey aged 13 and III were killed
and another aged 17 was fatally Injured
The City f Hemee
The City Works Department of Brooklyn re
ported that at the close of last year there were 377J
brick and stone and 45011 frame buildings lu the city
with an average ot seven Inmates to each
MusIc on tha Battery this evening beginning at 7H
Judge Van Brunt has granted an absolute divorce lo
Adelaide O Caldwell from Louis II CaldwsIL
The corner stone of the pedestal for Hartholdll Statue
of Liberty will be laid oo Vsdloes Island on Aug ft at
a p g
The subscription received by the Cowrtrr da giatt
Cnit for the relief ot the sufferers by cholera la rranoi
amount to Si5iJ l
T O flPasses to Blackwells Island are Issued at the
office of tha Commissioners of CharlUal and Correction
Third avenue and eleventh street
The CarmenAmerican Independent CItizens Asaocla
lion of the sixth Assembly district raised a Cleveland
banner last night at BO Clinton street
Policemen Stone and Mackay last night found a large
haystack tn Central Park at Ninetieth street on fire II
took the Fir Department two hours to put time fire out
Oeorg Nolan IS years of age an Inmate of the St Jo
sepk Orphan Asylum Eightyninth street and Avenue
A wa drowned wall bathing at the foot of MlaetyArs
street yesterday
Augustus Rudolph aged 17 was drowned on Tuesday
laat walla bathing In the North River o f West Ssventy
sixth slrslt Ilia brother George found his body Boat
lag near Sevsatysevsnth street yesterday
Judge Tea Brunt closed yesterday the examination of
the charges against tke Park Commlasloners amid gave
tka Commissioners leave lo move to Impose coin OB lime
CosBiU of ifona which mad the charfM
William n Rnnmssi Again Made talrU
stud F O Prince MecfCtnrjrPreMBXtla let
law Several MstlcatlevclsmeVe Ouuaeej
Thin mooting of the Domocratlo National
Committee to organize for the campaign was
held at the Fifth Avonuo Hotel at 11 A H yes
ordity The attendance of politicians outside
of the National Committeemen was small
len W 8 nosecrrtns and the Hon 8 B Cox of
the Congressional Campaign Commutes Stat
Committeemen Charles W Medina ot Buffalo
Wilson H Ulssoll Cloy Clevelands law partner i
Col Clunlo of California Senator Michael O
Murphy Smith M Wood and a sprinkling of
ooal politicians were moving about the hotel
corridors The States of Indiana and Toxa
and the Territories of Dakota Now Mexico
Utah and Wyoming wore unrepresented
Smith M Weed hold a proxy for Chairman
William H Barnum and William 0 Whitney
represented P H Kelly of Minnesota C 0
arsons was proxy for M 8 Wailer of Colorado
Dr 8 F Miller for James H lloyd of Nebraska
E A Illglor for oxSenator Wallace of Penn
vlvanla John 8 Harbor for B F Looney of
onnesBee L L MoArthur for John Haley ol
Hocrotary Prince called the meeting to order
MId nominated Senator Arthur P German of
Maryland for temporary Chairman W H
litrnumof Connecticut and Frederick Prince
of Massachusetts were unanimously elected
permanent Chairman and Hocretary On me
lon of Mr Dawson of Mouth Carolina a com
tUitIon of COVen consisting of Mosars Dawson
of South Carolina Baronet of Connecticut
Jorrnan of Maryland Miller of Nsbraska
smnlloy of Vermont Kelly of Minnesota and
Vilas of Wisconsin was appointed to consider
end report at the next meeting a plan for or
gimlzlng for the work of the present canvass
On motion of Hubert O Thompson a com s
mittee consisting of Messrs Thompson of New
York Mclloury of Kentucky and Boss of New
Jersey and the temporary and permanent
Ilmlrmen were appointed to secure suitable
headquarters for the committee A house on
Twentyfifth street near the HofTman House
has been offered to thn committee A house on
Filth avonuo can also bo ranted for the cam
The National Committee adjourned to meat
at the Uelnvan house In Albany on Tuesday
text at 10 oclock A M for tlio purpose of ioln
low the committee appointed by the National
Convention to Inform Mr Cleveland his nom
Tim members of Ito committee expressed
themselves as Very confident of Cleveland
election Mr Maker of West Virginia reported
hat local dissensions in the party In that Htat
had been completely healed and that there
was not the slightest ground for the claim of
tepubllcnns that Blame would carry the State
topresentatlves ot all the other Southern
States said every ono would go Democratic S
horning Judd of IlllnnU confidently predicted
hat Cleveland would carry that State Carter
Harrison would bo elected Governor he laid
and would got many votes for Cleveland Cot
Wm F Vlltts said there was a good lighting
chance that Clevolnnd would carry Wisconsin
riio Germans were strong for Cleveland Mr
Wm W Armstrong thought Cleveland would
sweep Ohio Several members ot the commit
oo reported disaffection In labororganlzatlon
in their States but were hopeful that matter °
would Improvo with time
fitudrlnc tan Ilahtla of Haiti Water risk
NEWPORT July 24 Tho Government steamef
Albatross LieutenantCommander Tanner commanding r
arrived here this evening from Norfolk Vs having on j y
board a lsr < e number ot flsli experts who since her da A
pnrture from that port on Saturday last hive bean
making obiervatlonn regarding habits mh found
In the waters along the iorthern end of the Galf Stream 4
Home Important discoveries have been made during tha >
cruise The Albatross will leave again tomorrow and it
proceed to the southward of Block Island to watch the i
movements of mackerel and menhaden Snbaenuently < I
aha will proceed to the eastward and continue oDiarva r
tlonsMtsr as Wo Mans Land v
IVkltej Mr Rug we BatkU
Henry A King of East New York went to the Jfr
Brighton bathing pavilion at Coney Island last nigh
with a friend to enjoy a bath lie took care that his
friends valuables were checked In the office but forgot
all about his own 1250 gold watch and chain and his >
pocketbook contalng 30 and a charm Ha left them In V
his bath house A thief who was on the lookout for
Just such absentminded people burst open the door
of the house while Mr King was diving In th
breakers anI I nutting the moneyand jewelry In his own
pocket walked off Half an hour later Ur King told y
ChIef Megan about II and a detective was detailed ta if
hunt up the thief S
A Model County Treasurer
Placards containing a photograph of Orrla
8perryl the defaulting and absconding Republican
Treasurer ot Chautauqua county and a long description
of tbefugltlve have been received this city Among
other things time card says that Sperry lias a very con
Identlal way of approaching you Is an Inveterate to
acco chewer swears In conversation Is fond ot
women and talks of them politics and the Penniyl
vanla el I Odd and nurkel Hnerrv owes his county
about tuoun A Ten ard of 2faa le offered for his ar
rest and conviction
Three lien Aajnlait One
Dennis Foley of 9 Jacksons court Jamo
Lanrlorof 113 Hudson avenue and Edward Kerrigan ot
33 York street called at the saloon of P Zlesel 344 York
street Brooklyn yesterday and demanded drinks Ih f
drlnts were refused whereupon Foley and his compan V
Ions attacked Zlesel besting and kicking him In a brutal >
manner They ran off but were pursued and captuiea
by Roundsman McCarthy and two policemen Zleset
had three ribs broken and received severe Internal IB <
Juries i
Bewnrdlasr Leajal TaUal
The Kings county Board of Supervisors yes
terday reselved to pay exJustice Gilbert Winchester i
Brltton and John II Kembla 2SOO each for legal air
vice rendered the Board In contesting the suit of thai s >
heirs ot leo 1hlllp H Crooke to gain possession of thai V
Prospect Park Parade Urounda The salaries of many vi
couuty employees wera IncreaSed Among them WM
that of the Assistant District Attorney
Preferrlnc llealk to Itaprla aia if
Yesterday while two constable from North
ncmpstead were taking John Riley a vagrant to
Bsrnumi Island he jumped from the drawbridge con1
fleetIng the Islind with the mainland The tide WM i
high and the constables had considerable difficulty In t
But lug him He was unconscious when drawn to III
shore He said he Intended to drown himself as be prs
ferred death Imprisonment
Patel Fruit Car
Several trains of Improved patent freight
can for the transportation of peaches have been built
for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad and will ma
on their road between the peach districts In Nsw Jersey
and the New England States The cars will be trans
ferret from Jersey City on Hosts to the Mew York Ceo
tral road I
Killed by a Hull
David A Vanderwoer died yesterday at hii
homein Marlborough N J Injuries Inflicted several
days ago by a bull owned by one of his neighbors Tha
animimal attacked Mr laiulertirer while he was trying to
drive It out of rno of his fields and gored him ia the
breast and side
Knocked Out la the Third Round
Bob Gaffoy last night In a softglove contest m
at Turner Halt Trenton knocked out lat Scullion who vjj
whipped Jtuimle Golden In tie prize ring last winter M
The knock out waa In the third round by arigulnauia I
blow under the jaw VI
Tke Hlnaal mmcc Prediction
Partly cloudy weather nail occasional rains
rarlubltt winds stationer temperature
W H Vanderbilt and family will leave Sharon Spring
for Saratoga today
Major Oen W R Hancock and wife arrived at the
Pavilion Hotel In Sharon Springe yesterday
The PostmasterGenera discontinued the practice Jt
of eupplylng specimen postage stamps to collectors as
It Is unprofitable and a source of annoyance
A burglar giving the name of Robert Murray was cap
tured In the residence of Andrew Jocknun In Nvack ml
4 oclock yesterday morning He was taken to the now
city jail to await the action ot the Urand Jury
George Vedderklll fell from the attic window of si
boardiug house In Auburn X Y at midnight on Weil
nesday and will probably die of concussion of the brain
Ha was known to ave had 3O in his possession whlcU
missing rout play iasuepected
It has bean ascertained that the body of John Mar the
Conehohockeii murderer and suicide was stolen from
time grave by two men from Philadelphia one of them a
medical student and that their object was to secure the
skeleton This police are on their track
The Meadvlue Pa chaos works recently Imported
some Belgian workii eu arranging that a certain sum
was to he deducted from their waves esch month to pay
their passage from Hslglum which had been ad < ance4
by thcoinpany When some money was stopped tu re
pay their Indebtedness they struck <
By the explosion of a steam thresher on hIts farm nt
Joseph Hall six miles south of KiiilivUle Ind > esler
day Kugens Swain and David Henderson were Instant
killed and Nay lines wasstruck by flying inlsmeitnit
so badly Injured that hs lived only two Hours Haddia
Cragon Jr Is expected to die j
The cats of Deputy Judge Cole of Waterbnry Conn M
committed to jail for contempt b Judge Hraifstrset od I t
New Haven In refusing while on limo shines stand tu A
give Infarutatlon wh ch be had receIve from a cileol J
while actIng as counsel was decided In to or of r Ic l 1 ft Ai
the Supreme Court liii return bclutflueuitlil ul to UC4
fur coulcmut t V
J 4 A4jt P

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