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l4tka < Tke > lr 1 < llriiil T I
w The Rational Prohibition Convrullou con
tinued Its selou In Pittsburgh yesterday
The candidates wcro placed la nomination
pending tho completion of tho ilntfonn
They wore Dr R I MCDOJCATTJ of Cali
fornia exGov Jonx P ST JOHN of Knnsis
GWEN T Sriwuirof Ohio Gon CLINTON n
FntK of Now Jersey and Tit DIACK of
Pennsylvania Alor tin nominations
6 except tat of cxOov ST Joint turned out
In view of his strength In i tho Convention to
Vs b merely complimentry formalities and ho
w chosen by C03 votcfl w hen
tho roll of tho Htutoa wa cnllcd
The enthusiasm wan R fervent R
that manifested at Chicago but was
tf a different quality Thn platfoim
r was presented and adopUnl with great ac
ST clamation and uo opposition of any moment
t I contalus 0 very cauutlc review of the Re
publicans and their candldaten nnd arraigns
Uio Democratic party with severity but ub
I nominee stains from any allusion to tim Democratic
Tie Personal Character of Ciiiididntcs
+ A newspaper In DufTalo ban publUbeti
some scandalous charges of Immorality
against Mr CUVKOASD and our esteem
ed contemporary tho Mica IleraM
compares these accusations with tho
charges which aro circulated against
Mr IIliAINC contending that I thc one not
of Imputations is I a proper subject of dis
cussion tho other eel 13 equally proper
1 Other journal however aver that the per
sonal character of candidates is not a thing
which should b considered In the canvass
jr preceding election
Neither ot thoso propositions seems to us
tenable Tho personal character of I cowl
i date I I asubject of high Importance and
I is always right to consider It M
for the charges against Mr BLALNE thoy
r aro matters of public notoriety They wcro
brought up before I committee of tho
4 Honso of Representatives and before
the Houso itself and all th facts
alleged against him appear in tho
investigations and discussions which took
place In tho lou Thero is not only noth
ing wrong In tho fullest examination of theo
thing but it Is I a duty to examine them and
t dwell upon thorn I tha cluiactcr Mr
liniNi will not bear such an examination
ho la not fit to bo President
But tim accusations against Mr CLEVE
LAND are flit produced ou tho eve of a Pre
4 idential election just after ho him been nom
inated They have never been things of
Plbll notoriety but of piivnto scandal I
they wero truo i is 1 fair to Infer that they
would have boon produced and established
Jog na Moreover thro Is rtow no time to
f Inquire Into them und to determine whether
f they are truo or false Accordingly they
I must b dismissed a so much gossip They
4 r cannot bo taken Into estimation in ascertain
ing Mr CusvRiiANnM fitness for tho office
for which be Is a candidate
No accusations produced without legal
L proof after tho nomination of a candidate aro
worth a copper and the publication of such
4 ccusatlons is 1 scandal of itself
Tho Collapse of Ibo Egyptian Confer
i Tho efforts of Lonl GKANVILLC to obtain
the sanction of the Continental Slates to bin
plan for removing tim fiscal embarrassments
vof E ypt have taU il although tho terms ho
ofTcred Imposed Kicntor Kierillcos on Grrat
4 lit italn than on any other power Tha Confer
i ence 1 to udjourn without deciding tint most
Important question mooted and If It ever
meets again will not convene before the
4 autumn when the Egyptian situation Is
likely to bo materially changed
j The Conference was called for tho express
purposo of proouilii tho asrent of the pow
i iuteicskd Lou toiluctlon of he I interest
now payable to foreign boldord ot tho
Egyptian securities comprised in what Is
I 4 known a tho unified debt Tho agents of
the British Government at Cairo who are
4 competent flnanclois and thoroughly ac
i quainted with tho condition of this Delta de
s clare that such reduction is indispensable In
order to meet thn existing deficit which
i amount to 40000000 and to somewhat
lighten the burden of taxation which weighs
with crushing force on the native imputation
There ia i no doubt that had this proposition
been accepted tho Khedives finances
could have boon ruhablUtuUd provided
ot course tho control ol disburse
ments wero placed In honest bands and
that the Egyptian peasantry would havo
been better oft than they have been for cen
T turies provided measures were taken t pr
vent tho tax collectors from extorting any
thinS In excess of tho impost actually laid
Tho provisos named however Imply the
permanent asumptlon of tho fiscal udmlnls
4 tration by a European and this
rton 0 power thi was
the very step Lord GBANVHLB declined t
take Partly from a wish to limit the
te Parly Jmlt respon
sibilities of England and imrtly with tho
aim of conciliating France which vlows tho
British occupation ot Egypt with peculiar
Jealousy ho agreed that If tho Conference
A would ratify the desired diminution of lu
threat the Urltlah troops should Iw with
drawn within a brief term to bo doilullely
flied With tho saiiio motive of disarming
Opposition to his main object bo offered to
permit the Interest now pa > ablo on tho canal
shares purchased from the Khedive hy Eng
land twenty million dollar worth t b
out down from 1 to H per cent which would
involve an annual buying of 100000 to the
t Egyptian exchequer
Thoeo terms were s generous that the
c British Government would have found ox
tremoly dlfUcult t persuade Parliament t
ratify them In advance For that reason Mr
GliAlwroMi evaded Riving udotallod account
ot tho Mlulstrya Intentions until ho could
point t the adoption of IU scheme by tho
Conference ns an accomplished fact Hut tho
Conference has rejected Lord GRAKVILLEH
programme or rather tho only hat ui oof it
9 which would render It endurable by the
rh British nation evinced of courts I cheer
S ful readiness to sanction the proposal to cur
z tail the Intel eat on Englands canal shorts
and all tho Continental
a Cntneut pxiwciv represented
fc BOemed t share tho eagerness of France
L t limit tho stay of the British troops In I
j Egypt I was not unwilling also t ap
prove some minor palliatives of UM prubeul
> ilseal dlOiculty such as I suspension of the
rzI Egyptian sinking fund the ImpoeiUoa of a I
tax upon the property of foreigners in the I
JJIlo volley and the creation of a tobacco m
1 uioQopoly which would sensibly increase
4 h Ehedlvol roveuuM But I refused by a
vote which with the exception of England p
as uuablmoui permit any cortailmrai
uUDhlmoWJo prit a1 clIJt
el the thWrst oft the Egyptian debt or any
reduction of tho land tax on which tit let
clgn bondholders must m lnly depend for
tho payment of dividends on their eocurRles
Itlsposslblo that tho altornaUv expedi
ents recommended by the Conference wilt
place ufflcleut resources at the disposal of
ho Egyptian Government to enable It to
borrow tho 40000000 needed to meet IU
most liabilities But If tho Bavin
mot pressing lab1U ut I evlD
effected by a suspension o thu sinking fund
and tho now revenues accruing from a tax
on foreign property and tv tobacoo monopoly
are mortgaged for the now loan there will
still lo a heavy deficit In tho annual budget
ho income having been for some time 10
ailequatu to lot the ordinary expense of
the Government Including tho interest ou
ho foroltfn debt Thus In a row years tho
utiUo of things will b Juht W bad an It Is
now even If no extraordinary expenses
should bo incurred for a Bouditu expeditIon
or for defending Egypt proper against the
Tho trim reason ot tho rejection of Lord
OIIANVIILCK plan by the Conference II
loubtloss that tho French 1rcmlor outbid
him The Continental powers regard
as n rich prize which If England IB foolish
enough to drop It Franco would be glad t
seIze But they think that any European
State which is permitted to kcctmio Uio
master of tho Nile valley should do precisely
what Frnncu did In Tunis namely transfer
ho whole native debt to Its own shoulders
It Is probable that M Finuiv would gladly
receive Egypt on thos terms nud It is tho
immlitljro of his readiness to go further
than Lord GIIANVILU that baa led tho for
olgu bondholder and tho States which rp
rcnPiit their IntenstM t resist tim proposed 1
reduction of interest on thu Egyptian debt
Folllicnl Uncertainties
For tho transcendental student of politics
I such a man there bo whoso mind refused
to bo absorbed in thn temporary struggles of
parties awl loves to dwell in the lofty region
of Intellectual speculation a most fascluat
IrA subject of Inquiry might h found In the
uncertainties attending the contest for the
trcdldency which Is now going forward
The K ubllcatM furm tho most compact
and I tho bust disciplined party that has ever
existed In this country I Ii held together
b y tho possession of moro than ono hundred
hou ali ofllcos I has the traditions of
nearly twuntyrflvo yearn of power I con
ducted the war I abolILoil slavery It
reconstructed the revolted States It outran
chised tho negroes I made trit INT rresl
dent for eight years cud then rejected him as
a permanent ruler I tll lnl1 l the result of an
election aud Installed I beaten candidate aa
President Having elected l OAIIFIPCD des
pit itis shameful record It luully iiunilnaloa
BLuE whoso record Is far 103 shameful
than G vrFiniiiiu and 1 big schism Is the
consequence I
But as 1 practical affair how much does
his schism amount to 1 How many votes
will it take from Mr BLAINI and give to tho
Democratic candidate Will It transfer to
tho category of uncertain States any that
have hitherto been unquestionably Kepub
leau Will It oimlilo Jlr CLEVELAND t
carry MossachusettH for Instance I It
strong enough hero In Now York to render
ho Stato sure for rN Will it givo
him Connecticut as I certain thing 7 To all
hnso questions no prudent politician will I
venture to return positive answer Tho real
strength of the Republican bolt is yet a mat
ter of conjecture and probability I U for
midable no doubt but is It
dOlht moro s or as
much BO as tho Liberal Republican revolt of
18j2 which imposed HoiiACcGniaiLET on tho
Democracy as Its candidate I hardly seems
Rnirrent an Affair as fiat and vet the firmnar
n m n
Ine may 0 deceiving But lu tnct nobody
knows positively what It will accomplish
awl this Ignorance forms one of the most
pet plowing uncertainties of the campaign
At tho same UrI tho truth must b ad
mitted that as an organization tho llepub
icati party remains unimpaired Its masses
are faithful followerc of Mr BLAINE nud the
ifllccholdurs are all unanimous in his favor
efuly to WOI k for him in tho canvass nnd at
hn polls and ready t 1 the occasion should
favor to count him In nt tho end If cen
tral y to tholr wishes ho should bo beaten
Tho Democratic party on tho other baud
enters into tho campaign under the weight
of a quarter of a century of continuous lie
a iT This alone coifetltukn a considerable
disadvantage I affects the leaders who for
tho tUUt part are without that experience of
administration which In ossenUal to high
skill In politics amid ilnffectH the niasecp
who lack that habit and stcadluoa of die
clplluo which con only bo acquired h
at least occasional success
Mora than this the Democracy are sadly
Weakened by the use that bas been made of
their memorable success o 1882 lu electing
a handsome majority of the House of Rpro
Bentatlvca That Houso cannot 0 said t
nave turned out a successful experiment
I was chosen as 1 rebuke t the prodigality
of the Republicans and reform was expected
from It Instead ot this it b spent
a hundred millions of dollars moro
thin were spent by the squandering
Republican Congress which preceded
tho election of Mr TILDE and within
thirtyOva millions of the worst House
that ever existed A fact llko this Is
not calculated t encourage a groat deal of
hope But his I Is not tho worst When this
House lot its that effort instead of being
directed toward reform was t transfer tho
control of the Domooratlo party from Now
York to Kentucky and Iltlnolsand t change
the timehonored policy of toleration upon
the question of protection and free trade into
an Intolerant and exclusive policy in the free
trado interest 1 pursuance of this plan
Ur CAUJIHWJ was chosen Bpcakcr of tho
house and a reduction the revenue was
attempted under true trade ausploos Tho
whole session was spent In a fruitless effort
to achieve this end Thus nothing was dono
t relieve Lho > oopli I > of thc crushing burdens
of taxation while the whole country was
called upon t odmlro tho Inauguration of I
the new Kentucky and Illinois policy The I I
ptinpln were alarmed by this attempt which
promised to favor the Interests of Biltlsh I
manufacturers at the expense of Amotlcau
workingmen and American capitalists The
Democracy was divided lu two upon this
question and much bitter feeling came In
to weaken and hamper this party
Then followed tho Chicago Convention and
tho nomination of Mr CLKVELAND This
has divided the party again and whIle it baa
not bom followed by any such exteslo pub
lie breach a tho nomination ot Sir BLARE
among the Republicans it I Impossible t
know whether the Democratic bolt 1 or is
not lu reality quite a Important Tho
number of Democrats who will not
vote for CLEVELAND is largo but is it
8 largo as that ot the Repub
licans who will not vote for BLAHIK This
I n matter about which there Is I a great deal
o dispute and little clear knowledge but
largo not alarming or email the number f portentous I 1
The effect of theM divisions upon the cam
palgn and upi llnal outcome forms one of
tbo moat Ifltsrwtlng features of toe whole
matter Oa tits tf hand wn are told that a
jzrtmt deal of no w strength bas toon brought t
I DsMufcXlB jiiilliU la the number of
BcpuMoaM of MM trado r pathle iwho a
going t TOM fo btaawiaie on the other
land we 1 assured that irrtat numbers of
JcmocraUo worklngtnon and especially of
Irishmen whoso predominant passion Is ani
mosity toward England hero boon alienated I
from tho party by this means What tbe fact
I s wo shall know when the returns come t b
counted but scarcely before Influences of
his kind aro apt tOAd In secret
Another element 0 doubt J found in tba
position of Gen BtrrtEB in this canvass
Ha is the leader o A largo body of cit
zons who hold ideas of their own regarding
garding the currency and corporate mo
nopolies and also of o mass of working
people naturally Democrats mainly Irish In
heir origin who look upon BuriiKn as their
special friend anti representative iu all p
Ucal matters Ho had been nominated for
the Presidency by some of those parties and
wont to Chicago to endeavor to obtain for
their views a recognition in the Democratic
platfoim In this ho failed and after pre
senting Ids I Ideas In tho form of resolutions
ADd In a speech of force and ability
ho withdrew from the Convention Wo
suppose bo will presently announce himself
1 in th Hold t b voted for In November
nnd tho effect that his candidacy will havo
upon other candidates 18 i a matter of debate
among political experts Homo think that
It will help CLEVELAND by taking away
from BLAINE votes that would otherwise b
given t tho latter Others think that It will
b fatal t CLEVELAND by bringing into the
count against him many votos that would
no be cast at all If BCTTLBR were not thereto
to bo voted for Bui whatever b the truth
of these opinions there is no question that
ho participation of a man like BITLUI adds
perceptibly to the uncertainties of the result
Tim IrohlbttlonUU nro also a new force
and the liquor question is now for the first
Imo t bear 1 notable part In a Presidential
election Tho Prohibition Convention at
Pittsburgh is In Dan respects a most respectable
spectable body It Is sincere Its patriotism
cannot b disputed and I Is bucked by a
mass of voters that may well suggest
anxiety to tho managers of tho old parties
The lowest Intelligent estimate cannot place
the number of theIr suffrages at lei than
bUrrlAC Lln
hair t a million while the moro sanguine think
hoy will cst a million of votes In some
States this new party will probably hare
power enough to affect seriously the calcula
lons both of Republicans nod of Demo
crats and what Is very striking about It Is
that these voters are lu deml earnest and can
neither bo peisuadod nor bribed out of their
> I > inlous Under ordinary circumstances
these s utll ould b thrown against Sir
CIKVCIAND because tho Democratic Con
vention has adopted a aud
lton ndoJt I manly unequivo
cal declaration against liquor prohibition I
but as they will support a candidate of tholr
own and most ot thorn I
Ind A mOt thor wero originally
Republicans it remains uncertain which of
Inccrln I
time two great parties will be helped and which
will be damaged by their action
The liquor interest forms another powerful
body and it will also bo felt lu the election
In New York lu 1333 it defeated the Demo
cratic candidate for Secretary of State on
he ground that his sympathies were in
favor of prohibition taking 19000 votes from
rim and giving them directly to his Ropub
Ican opponent who was thus elected But
that vas au oxtraotdlnnry circumstance nnd
thIs time tho liquor men brewers and all
will probably do their level best for Mr
CLCVTLANU But will they bo eufllclent t
elect bun I That is the question
It must bo remembered that In this clcc
ton a simple handsome majority will not
answer tho purpose of turning the rascals
out With a macro majority the Republicans
can win but the Democrats must havo at
east twothirds With loss they are likely t
b cheated out ot tholr victory
However on that point there is not much
occasion for anxiety Tho majority will bo
rig enough on ono side or tho other
Time defeated party whether Republicans or
democrats whether BLAINB or CLEVELAND
will b so decisively beatcli that thero will
be no need of an electoral commission and no
reason for tricks In the counting of the votes
Tho Value of Experience
At tho mooting of tho Independent Repub
licans Coi T W HiaaiKsox argued that It
is auto t trust the government of tho United
States to a man who has governed llko a
man a State containing onetenth the In
habitants aol oneseventh ot the wealth of
this country Mr CLEVELAND bas certainly
governed the State like a man not especially
interested lu the Democratic party and i is
no wonder that tho Independent Republicans
think ho has had sufficient experience and
boa shown sufficient neglect of his party to
bo called up higher
To govern well and wisely the State of
t t I k
AIUIT AULS UIITO ilium i uuiuauii a Kjjuvrimigu
of men and affairs an Intellectual force and
a solid Judgment such us no man fit t 0
President of the United States should b
wanting In To bo Governor of Now York is
t hold I great pot and to command a great
opportunity for service and distinction But
not all tho men who reach that poet make
use of their opportunity Politics is full of
things fortuitous and Inexplicable and some
of tho men who attain t groat places are by
no means great men
However the Governor of Now York boa a
chance t learn la the discharge of hla duties
much that may b useful t him and t lay
up I store of experience oven from bis own
err of judgment or faults of temper or
leficiouelre of knowledge For a apprentice
In the art of
statesmanship tho Governors
chair may bo a oo school though difficult
Experience is pretty much everything and
am men are able t profit by their own
mistakes A well as by thoso of other people
I the present Governor of Now York be
come President there will belittle danger
we suppose o his giving a angry rebuke
t thc Senate of the United States if It should
happen to reject one of his appointments or
of his looking out for his personal com
fort by attempting t prevent tho reflection
of some Senator who bad made himself pb
noxious t him We live and learn or at
least wo hope some of u learn
Aaotlter New Knclnitd flail for Wales
When Mr UOCKWOOD HOAII was a Judge
in MastuicbiiKetb it und t b Mid of him
that in rendering Judgment his chief nnd
continual regret wag that he could not de
cide against both parties Ho is a man of
ouuatlo spirit exulting in attack 1 d
f sues b I by no museum 8 strong I is I not
natural him t say kindly tin of others
and when the duty la Imposed upon him ho
does not discharge it with success
Following the example of tils relative tho
Massachusetts Kenator Mr E UOCKWOOD
IloAit b taken the stump In defence ol
lie spoke at Worcester tho other night
but did not deal whim th only real Issue of tin
osinpoiffn until be cams to tho clotrtng a
tcuoos of hla speech Then he said he was
not going t defend Mr DxaiMK against at
tacks on his private character o aeeauttaoi
kim as a eamu The Urns for that bad
1 I Th tm tbt h pa8e
I great while ago Tbeco ehaiyeB mlffbl
bare boon mall when IM ww ueaUataJ tot
i e
8ecnaryolt0teUlmilMW i COrSdh7
I a I
M i
u wanlmrai vote 0 the 8 et5 Draw I
craU and Svpublloaa
i other w t1 argument to tat th
chargee against Mr BLADOS should be dim
missed from consideration because howas
practically acquitted by the Senate when b
14 conflrmed an Secretary of Stale
But Mr DrAiNE Is I now on trial not before
the Senate but before tho people of the
United States
In becoming a candidate for President ho
has Invited tho people to try these charges
against him on their merits Irrespective of
the view which anybody else may havo en
tertained Every voter In the land Is at lib
erty to Inquire what tho lon JAirra G
BZAINE Speaker of tho house of Boprescnt
atlvcsof the United States meant when ho
wrote to a friend who bad offered to admit
him to participation iu a new railroad enter
prime 1 tto aol feel thai Ls7maU prove a dead
ca4lnthetnirriuitc if lonct embark in ii
I see Various ehanntla IA ithirU I know I can
be usrfsL Wo should like t have Mr E
IOCXWOOD HeAD interpret these sentence
in thin tight of the letters which followed In
the MUMIOAX ncrles
Tho alleged acquittal by tho Senate Is a
poor defence Indeed Gen WILLIAM W
JFLKNAP SecretarY of War was acquitted
by the Siiuuto but dooi Mr E HOOKMOOD
HOAII think that renders him lit t hold any
office of public trust
In II n Good ExchaMce T
It looks as though a considerable but uu
know number of worthy and welltodo
Republicans In Now Yoik Connecticut and
lneSehusott formerly tho most ortho
dox Imp would this year vote with
the Democrats and I large and alF un
known number of laboring men hitherto
stanch Democrats would go over and vote
The now Democrats are from some of the
oldest and lost respectable stock in the
country The new BLAIVE reel tilts are mostly
laborers miami ninny of them were but lately
naturalized as citizens Tho question Is
Will tho Democratic party profit by tho
transfer Wo certainly see no reason to
think so
The last eight years hmo seen tho perpetra
tion of the most stupendous crIme In poll
Ics that was ever known or attempted
That was tho inauguration of a Fraudulent
President The deed was not only done but
It was uphold and justified I by tho party that
did IK nnil the most nffcntlvn actors In its
consummation were rewarded for their er
ror by their own creature nod became moro
conspicuous aud lulluential among their
party associates than they ever had
been before When the next election
came anti there was nn opportunity to
rebuke the fraud and to ooudnmu its
perpetrators the Republicans who now figure
as Independents instead of voting to punUh
the criminals and tutu them out of office
voted to keep thom in even under a notoriously
riously corrupt candidate On tho other
hand the Democrats who now show signs of
revolt declared against tho Republican vil
lainy and tiled to elect an honorable man for
losldrnt in tho person of Con HANCOCK
Wo fall then t see wherein the Demo
cratic party TI 111 b bonofltod by tho change
which is now threatened
Time Prohibitionists ut Plyeburgh yester
lay vpro not Indians nor were tbey pension
hunters They wore slmnlr earnest and de
termined reformers and It K Impossible to
divine what business Pension Commissioner
DUDLEY and Indian Commissioner PmcE had
In Intruding thorn However I Is I com
snubbed tort to know that both of thorn were roundly
I our esteemed contemporary in Penn
pjUnnla tho IlillnJoliliLi Irett had a true
conception of time lust new economic ilUlnltp
It wouldat pink of Col VATTEn oNx slur
ojrd goddess ns it did lately in the following
Tot Winiixiij rqnlnlertil gwldm of nfnrm
ikiiii recovii livr coiuciuu iiviiii ciiice th dlita ter
xjltnil at OiloKn
This interesting persons condition slnco the
Democratic Contention Irs been greatly a
matter of dispute Somo think sho was kllleJ
outright and will Door be heard of attain and
fame think she Is batter and stroncor than sue
baa been at any time since Col WATTEHSON In
troducod bAr to th rubllc Well know more
certainly after I while than wo do now
lut whether slio has returned t the realms I
of hallucination and fancy whence she came
or Is l knitting Oov CLCVEI NDH Inauguration
loves an Col VATrnnsox sayS ho Is she at
east isnt Qiilnteyw No divinity of the Hon
IKNIIT VATTLi oMeur looks ono IW and tlib
another That Isnt the sort of I man the gallant
Kentuckian Is himself Neither would he over
worship that sort of a tutelar saint
We think that both Col WATTKIIHON and his
reformatory stareyed bluecrass belle have a
decided tendency to smash things generally
but we cant on that account sea their charac
ter unjustly asuallad We always have regard
ed Itand think so still as one of our most ar
gent duties t cornet mbundHrstnndings as
well they as may t appear expose shams in whatever quarter
Tho Brooklyn Eagle says Gems GBAVT
gives signs of a intention t support CLEYK
LAND IaQKAHTon of Nm lispublican boltrs
Borne Or is it more because T he loves not CASAU loss but
Maud S recently trotted a mile In 2 11
and Dun her driver was not ery welt either
All Jay EyeBee performances this year hove
been with a driver in excellent health so it
seems as though the mae must b a little the
better of the two quadrupeds Let us hope we
will know for certain latxr in the season
Not long ago tbo approach of a conference
between the Emperors of Germany and Aus
tda like that which Is I t tao placo at Ischl
might have caused a ventral hubbub In
Europe and a wonder what new mischief was
brewing That no such anxlotyls now occa
sioned Is a proof of the unulf1 l tranquillity of
the Continent despite minor military
ances in Asia and Africa Doubtless quidnuncs
remember that the last meeting at Isebl had
no Important political sequel and then Is I
good reason also for the theory that the Em
peror WHLUM would tw oontnnt to reign In
peace for the remainder of the century
The Judgment of Mr DAJTJJI of Maryland
at the Pittsburgh Prohibition Con ventlon that
Prohibitionists should got a million votes In
the oomlne election they would break the back
of ODe of the two parties It not of both seams
There was a humorous kind of logtla too at
this Convention in the objection raised by one
delegate to the expression of applause by a
blast on a born At Chicago to bo sure the
reoortto a horn was a favorite method of whet
tlagentbusicum but neither the two Chicago
OoBventloDS was strictly for prohibition
The defeat of tho Australians by the All
England eleven wan sufficiently decisive to re
store to the mother country the cricketing
laurels which her ambitious daughter had In
former rear snatched away In tact through
out tho season the present tem from the an
tipodes has gained rather fewer trophies thaa
Its prwfeoeMora On tho other hand It seams
to bn discovered the Important truth that a
steady series of victories Great Britain sets
unfavorably upon gains from gate money
This rear the tour of the Australian bas taken
on ames than rer tbe character of a builnsts
ntrprt and the onantltr of ansylajt
doa Ut Ilea bas MuaraaUr laoMOMd ia 1 a
idIMI ratio cm air toiprMM Ii I
wt An anormoM MinoW harvMt
whlrk tfaer will take back loA rallarIll
probably compensate for carrrlw lease Jwer
sheds of glory
Arkansas doesnt seem to bo Included In
the list of the Southern States on which tho
ilipnblloans mean to expend effort and sosp
nut fall To Mr Powcu GLA TON paoJng
meditatively up and down Thla csItow in
Little Wk this must be melancholy reflec
tion It titus In Arkansas were only what
they used to be I In the good old days after the
war Mr CLAYTON could have cheerfully fur
nlihsd whatever ItepubU an majority In that
State Mr BLAIMC asked for CLATTOH stood
mighty near the head of his elans in ballotbox
stalling and at counting ont and counting In
he was equalled by few In 1808 he counted In
hot distinguished patriot tbs Bon LOOAN H
UooTIUIeaalllcSate for Congress though the op I
posing candidate majority was greater than
the whole number of voton received by llooirs
And a few years later he counted Iu a Demo
cratic OongreMtnan In pursuance of a bargain
Democratic votes lathe Legislature tuongh
tho Itepubllean oiindldato had a paltry majority
of mora than two thousand votes GLATTON
has gifts and ought to hate been made Chair
man of the Ilepubtlcan Rational Committee
Perhaps he CAD make use of bill gift In some
other State than Arkansas
Somo of our esteemed contemporaries arc
grieved and anxious on aocount of limo absence
of the Tammany members of theDnmoeratle
State Committee from Its recent meeting Bat
there can be no doubt that tho Tammany men
are able to give 1 aufflclpnt reason for their ab
sence Perhaps they simply consulted their
personal comfort In staying away
He Iketin nI1on toM 5 FrIftHl Sr
G law Akeitd with the irparatei
KKWBDIIITOBT Moss July 24 Mayor
Johnson this morning received the following
Accept my grateful Shacks for your kindly Inteatlon
Thg surgeon thinks a public reception unadtuhle on
account of luy physical weakness I shsll most glailly
meet quietly all my fellow cltlien during my sojourn
Newburyport u W Oautr
Time committee ot arraneomnnts will erect a
stand from which Lluut Grtuly wlllrcvlew OIl
procession and arrangements In comformltr
with the above despatch will be made Efforts
nrn being made to havo tho Bear come from
Portsmouth hire with guests on board on the
day of the reception
WASHISOTOK July 31 According to a pro
crarome agreed unon by the SocrMnry of War
and the Acting Kncrctnry of the Navy the VPS
sole of time Jreel relic expedition with tho
urvhors nnd dead of tho Urnoly party will
call from St Johns on tho aith or 2Dth Inst
and BO direct to Portsmouth N H where they
will tie oOlclallr received by the Secretary of
the Navy time officers of the North Atlantic
Squadron now at that port and the Pinto and
local authorities Ilnut Oruolv and the other
survivors will disembark at Iortrmotith and
the vessels will prowoU to New York with the
boillm of time dead which will be landed at
Oovrnirs Island and pieced In charge of
MHJorn Hancock The latter will trntisfor
tbwin to the cars of thu relatives aud friends
utmn npillonllon
Tlm vessels arms expected to ai rlvo at Vow
York about AUK 1 Should nnv of tho Ixxllos
lie unclnltneil which will vrouably prove to bo
time ease with Fame of the foreign born they
will ii l i hurled with HMirofrlata ceremonies at
time national cMiiiPtorr In New York Tho
ollkpr of limo rollnf osi rlltlon will probably
nnnrt In Wnahjnuton early next month
The Chief Skina Olllcar has mldrusscd a cir
cular letter tn tim relatives of the aentl mem
bnt of time Greslr party Tin Utiltml States
will beer this expense of transportation of the
bodies to such plnoe ni the rolatlvxs may elect
for interment well as the cost of burial but
exnrnoHS for journeys of relatives cannot be
Paid by the Government
Ills Plnn nrDltlrlbullnB tk s flarptnt
To TUU Enema or THE SUN Sir Tho 7H
uneli I rum UlKlnoU I luletil a creat itttninan aud s
fiDlltlcaltranomlil of tie lilxlieit onler tilt pisa fir
the continuant of Ihe inoit opprculre Uxntlnn tnat
we ertr IntpotMt upun m ftc people an f tunt r t < b ry
without warrant ot Uw mil contrary to the Conilllu
tlon of Ihe Uiiltrtl Slates r oveu to lJeo by the fact
that timer > liacoMilnulitiiurplui t beyond the actual
inciHUIfiof lliedoierniufut aimS that Ihli inrplm
collcctrd larrtly from Keiituckjr upon Iir whiskey and
from Vlrirliili upon her IMmcco thould he Olrlded
atnonv lh I Slates acoorIlngtnthe nuHihcr of inhaliltanta
of rneh plticeff lilin In i the front rank of al its political
jmiZmlers l and trlckitern of hli time Iarrle to III leirttl
mat 1 coucluilou the central Oceruni in Washington
would 1 I MMtu more alixiluli poaer than ass nor
clulcntd t > y any port In lmlanI or Ii l now clmi to 815
merck hy Uerinnny It < rouM Ix I reed i fri all the prao
tlcal rmtrMnt of the Oonilitution and having Ont
ntltnrd the rnraclt of tha uinulpulaton In Wanhtn
ton he rciiuiaHt of mImI aurpui was to b dsrot4
accordIng In Ur BII ln to the several HtatM and ao
that Maine could hu no occasion for auy taxation
Hliattt 1 for local 81 purport
I That the Iop1e of nor r clio should be thai taxed to
rellete the burden of thitpowhiln no way coutrlbut
I 10 thll tribute would llouMIrM lie drllzMful to Uliw
who temporarily r w > H the bcnrflt of this robbery But
IUIIIOM that Hie next drinatnfut cu from Vlrirtnla
lie inUht rtitrtt this ploniant scheme make tobacoo
frttaiiJMlw hlgiUrtmias from Hie lumber Ualne
and the manufacture of New Enxlaud
Why trai nialne ouittled from the banking firm ot
Grant Ward t Illi ability M a fluanclcr would hate
carried thli Aim throuih the donut of Wall atrert until
their Indebtdneea might have keen a hundred million
of dollar while ttey aioemnbtd under the moderate
toad of only elxtcen mlttlnni
li not thia a matter worthy of taint recalled to the
tuIndentthocewnonay forgotten Vlalnea plan
au la the Mi They Wmmt
To THE Ecrron or THE BUN Sir There Is
In this vlolntly a deep and strong > norcroet In favor of
on Butler an airaluat txttli Slats sad CI1o and
ii son aiitladcnnltelr I known that he la In the SetS
with tile coat oft for Ilia flflit It will bUue forth In uch
manner ai to make the lieada I of 11M inaolitoe wan
Mtn swim
The common penal of this ronntry want Butler for
rreildenl and 1 I hellrre If tha campaign ia mad what
shoutS be a > at to how the people a chance for lit
election that minium the worknumen will abandon
Cleveland and 1 lllalne Iud join the Butler rank
Duller to I Jay Iud before the people aa the one real
leader that reprmenli true Jeffenon Democracy
Olereland wai not nominated by the Democratic party
hut liy one wing of tho Hruublloan party osri for
Bold Hen li o Biuwm
KAvatTvcK Coon July 13
Tfc flume jX alaki sand 5h rat 3etsbl
To tnt KOITOB or TUB SUNS I havo
Bought out and let In I order the deeds nf many knUhta
Amoiur the van array I can Cud nn deed whereto I can
raaeuible auy a > ei of the named Knlghti Vtt there
la I isis rli m Tbe rat Knbrht faUtaft eulrlard the frlnce
to rob me txiheiiuer Nand Uie Ilumed Knight has
sail Let ui OlvlJo the surplus aioeog Ike Ctatet
They are mm It the earn f II W
o IT CULUM Col July II
nw the DpaetenSa Are Heine
WAHIHNOTOM July JfAII yet no one In tho
department hai eteijied forward ai the Maine flagman
The IInl contribution in revpouae to Chairman Jones
circular li I yet to be heard ot The contribution will
fall far below former yeara The depaitmenla this limo
temmi practically I barren In thU reaped A prominent
bureau officer heretofore active for the Republican
casoe OftIhI then li aa much favor for Butler on the
part of lejireieutallt Admlnlelration M for mime
Editor rnrnll Mluara
Editor William Purcell theltochester Union
ami AavnHr who reil ned oentrol of hi paper tern
purarlly ralber than ulpora Grover Cleveland was at
thellllwy Uuuie yeMerday When atked why here
fiuwt 10 I aupport the Ueuiocrallo nominee h laid t
III li not on cither ptreoaal or political iremmnds jg
twciuee I believe aim to fee s moral leper
Illrraturej sad le > r
TOTUK KiiiTouoFTue Bun Sin Would you
pIe Inform me in yfur valuable I column if Mr Henry
Janiei the
author of leonrln Reason recelTtd
any compenatlou for hit Mory and whtbr any olhn
author work would be accepted f 4
Haooiirs July 33
Ha did Indeed and very high compensation II
was Moreover any other authors work of
equal merit will be welcomed like the return of
a longlost frIend eves though tho author is I an
entire stranger and the canpensatloa will be
A 15ess it pWe
I f Tim toll CIImllllaaatioD is to be III s4 to 1uta 8tofT I
us all II the Maw
York kiesMed allroW 1
ta4siaudCbuWena5 Corn 5 0IIQ in freal or thi yn
I 1if11 4 t
I > f
Jxa cuaCJ1J UrOO
fZZily s Fatber Curd promised r >
MBtlrthatbe would write another pamphlet
on tile Questions contained In his Vatlcano
Keglo II and bid goodbr to that controversy
forever The promised publication bas ap
peared today Father Curol won summoned
tOllII d the end of June boforo the Archbishop
of Florence who orders him to atop any pub
lication and to withdraw all hIs theories about
modern liberalism and condemn his own book
otherwise he would have his temporary sus
pension a Uriiif turned Into a regular censure
rffltilaitlca The sentence emanated from tbe
Holy Office with the knowledge and approba
tion of the Pope
The old exJesuit baa completely refused to
submit and by tho publication which today
bas been Issuedhe seems to bravo all the
thunders ot the Roman Inquisition The title
of the now pamphlet ISO octavo pages Is
Lo Soandalo del Vatloano Eagle Duce la
Provldenza fauono a qualche coma I or Tho
Scandal of tbo Royal Vatican Providence
bringlJig good to something With this tbo
author says goodtry to such polemics
The author reminds us In this new book that
tho capital thesis of bis Vatl anollflglo WM
the orthodoxy of liberal Catholicism lIe doe
not expect to attract public Interest ID his
new work while the liberal aro preoccupied br I
cholera and social and political Question at I
tho end of the Parliamentary term and while
be Catholic encouraged bJl Teutonic snubs
and electoral triumphs are moro and more
disposed to curse an excommunicated liberal
lam which thoy soon trust will be out of this
world Yet ho bones that the comparative
brevity of this new work may secure attention
Many saw a great scandal Carol mars In
that book 1 felt time duty of a publlo retrno
Lion and I made It But as from those errors
seine good has come to religious and ch II xo
ilotyIcall to this point tho attention of all who
believe that religious juestlons mire In seine way
connected with the prosperity and glory of na
tions As the book however was not a scan
dal for all and was not all full of errors and
runny gave a favorable judgment of It their
opinions expressed In private letters to time au
thor are trlven In tbe flrstapuondlx
Thin second appendix Is a sort of apology
for his conduct towanl the Inquisition
Ho declared that weighty roanons oMIeod
his conscience to refuse respectfully but firmly
to obey the Inquisition If his reasons aro
found good Catholic consciences will be ila
lhcri from an Immense deception with greet
advantage for tholr soala If he deceives him
self no harm will come to the world becaiuo
ono man mow was mistaken Men mar judge
him a 1 they llko I God who knows his motives
and the strsngth which supports him will be
merciful to Islam
In the presence of many Catholics who open
ly revolt from the Church WM nocowiory that
ono should offer himself as n rebel Ha Orcllnes
brand the conduct those who think like
him and hate not the courage to say It openly
It Is a fact that the new theories of Father
Curd have divided time Church Lute two camps
Many among the laity are openly with him
many nraonn the clergy secretly These would
join him but nro deterred by four
Father Curd It It well known collected
In February 1871 nearly 24000 signatures
of men born In home of full ate and all en
joying civil rluhts Theso signatures auto
miMis leirailmd by a notary protested rurnlnst
the Invasion of Home It Is rot in the Vatican
TliU powerful plebiscite which would havo
oflfruil to Cardinal Antonolll and Pius IX a
splendid occasion to write a diplomatic note to
the European powers was scarcely ncknowl
edged by Ibo Curia and Corel had almost to
undergo time remonstrances of tho severe Car
dma for having dono It let hound his aBtl 11 t
ants had lo knock at about 20000 door bravo
the pollen which had already Rot word of It
and which watching closely the young men of
theSoolcta Dealt Imnrosal Cntolfcl croatPd by
Curd succeeded In selzlnt and destroying one
paec with a hundred ateimturon
Father Cutol having gathered these signa
tures with the help also of tho young
nophcw 01 Cardinal Antonolll heln afraid of
the police wont one evening to tho Vatican and
requested Mnnslgnor lllcof tho onfomo of
the Pop 1871 to keep this two volumes for
him until Prince ClilKl should take them and
Present them to the Popo an tho PresIdent of
the aoclrtA Uccll Int ros < ti Cattollcl Cardinal
Autonelll was offended and would never makn
116 of that splendid plebiscite bocausa It bait
not boon placed tiNt In his hands Father Curcl
concludes thfllif limo temporal power could be
rtJlllolId ns hn had dono nil that could have
been possibly done to restore It the lope and
hs 1IIIIIamlll8 would notbavo acted so nllndy
All they did SIIs lns every opportunity for
elJeraollo act Ion and retiring helpless from tho
political tUellold they tlvo the best evidence
to hli idea that now times have come
Time efforts of tho Curia to carry municipal
elections In Roma are useless After till
must brilliant xlctorlon a simple ministerial
I decree of the intruiltngaovornnsont Iseufliotecit
I to put down the Mayor and send borne alt tho
Aldermen r irK pndlng tho 8 P V It
Many I repent It among tho laity and thn
olergy are well nwarn that all these ure sound
facts and plain trutlif but refrain from oa
dorslng openly the theories of the exJoault
It Is tho opinion of many prxlates In Home
that In Curd books there mire some truths
which at no dl tunt time will become articles
of the Credo of future generations
7UB XEirjBK 111 irVU flANK CASK
Tke Evidence of Mesa risk and lintels Ex
cluded on a Tecknlealllr
Tho reading of Mr Hatchs testimony was
continued yesterday at Newark in tho case of
the Newark Havings Institution It contained
tho new fict that according to thn witness
Mr risk told him In the presence of Mr Dodd
that the firm was to liavn the use of the banks
bond When tbo mailing was finished Mr
UoOnrtor of counsel for the managers asked
the Court to occlude the testimony Messrs
Flsk and hatch bccausu the order appointing
tho com mlstlon that took the testimony was
made without notice to tho counsel for the de
fsndanU and also because It was Impossible
to tell from the return what was testimony
and what wits not Mr MoCartcr added that
after the testimony written ont it was
taken to the witnesses and road to them and
numerous alterations were made They would
DoIIlJlfn l it until this was dono
F W Htevens of the coitosel 1 for tha deposit
ors said the alterationswnre unimportant and
were made In tho luesonce ot the Commis
l > Und tn one ease MM the TlceChanc land l
lor that nl air was changed to yes sir
and this Is I a material alteration
Mr BtHvenH said the objection was purely
technical and if Insisted upon It would only
make It necessary to take the testimony Fist
and Hatch over attain
Mr MfCarter pressed the objection and tbo
ViewChancellor excluded the testimony
Mr HtovenB moved for the appointtuont of a
cpminUHloa to take the testimony of Flak and
Hutch again Ur McCarUir opposed the BO
tine nontendloK that the d lay and expanse
would 11 ho l unjust to the dofondants
VlesChan eiinrvan Fleet said tbe testimony
of Hsk and Hatch was material and ho would
rule that time bn hen to the counsel for the
etllloiieni l to take tt Ho would alBa allow tbo
counsel for the ropondeota to submit aulborl
080 uu
w n M wiivw iMAh huv i eviiuuiiy ouuuiu uo ex
Time case was then wtjourned until Aug 20
and In the mean time Flsk and Hatch will be
again examined
A HiMnarttut Dot A4vl to the Mnwor
Dr Uudoif Touszky bad an interview on
Wmluexlay Ut with Major Edaon to whom he car
hla eliw In referent to the dalle of the city author
Itlee In case of the arrival her of tb cholera The Doctor
advise tt estabttuhnuI of ft warm baths and wash
houses hi different parts of the city To chaii the
poor U said wa ahnply to protect the rich ma
microbe which produced cholera could
lucrtaic ant
uiuShItiy all only In nitliy loeallllea and from them lii car
ned over the city Jut ae amoke I carried from
Sri U 2 I wjil iHHfri use of whltewaih and
aeyMeiu of
cninpulaorr cleatillneu
a a ineaura
of prolectlon Tim free bathe at
Preset In lies In the
city wets wholly Inadeiunte h aatil lens ihey had
lIe hot water and had no wah lion allachrd where
the poor might Wash their cloihlnv In the liiterwt of
all every opportunity ahoula be Sheen to poor people lo
J ciestily 1 Jn a lierfeeily clean city with healthy
PWJ10 thee was lie room for cholera
Touuy Ta Mayor otsryaiiiomi told lii ucrtuy to mk a MU of Dr >
Tke Car llrlveira Illll
To rims EDITOI or TJW BwSIrs Thcro Is i
a Me talk arnesg the car drher and conductor In re
gird to the bill regulatln Ilirlr hour which th Uov
rnor refuted to lin I thluk he I wa JuMIBcd In not
stemming It I read tim bill and could ae nuthlni In IL
Had lie lxnd It It would hat been of no benefit to u
as we are paid b > tt1 trip not br the itay We yet twen
tylevel cent for a liort tripdavE trip at 111st
which enn > tl < ute adar worai finlrtwo cent for a
llarlew trip nre tap at Wli > a Lay wert timid h
aleS its bill we oiulJ reveiv but 550 and 5101 for
our lays Ourt Instead of SI 110 amid Klu Therefore I
blat M the bill wa of no benefit to the driver or con
ductor fliiaiiiltlh I fov Olevelaud wa juettned In
wllhholillnz mull lKliture
MawyosaJuiy lit rllanLtgpusvsicosocoa
A fold tllaaata Haltsikle
Its too early to Hunt the gas ret she had
Just said softly They were ther alou In the twilight
fib uncondnuily hitcheS her chair a little and stew
uaetnant later be unconsciously Ultchsd It gain but
there wa no response
11e0v5e silt suddenly remarked If you bit bu
cmmwied with the Irmly eipedtuan I Imagine you
would nv tireu a very rofcnst a wiror
Ssv hiH
relJllav rsMtad woeld a mar 5ii4 wilt you atiS you
As Usorge coiidil cult 0 tk feses 1 51 rums
1l mad 5W4 tHi
The plague fresh from Persia recently
tarried offSuoof the Casts subject In th uilgliliortioul
of Kare
KareTurin now makes the finest church or
sail in Europe and BMicIa claIms to hays an ortaiilil
eqaalllnf Betthnrtn In power
The proposed worlds fair at Homo hat
been post ontd until IPOi as Prance hti let Ui heart i > l
bsvinc oat In t ISiS ma ontnnlal of the rerelutloii
Arizonas total production of copper thli
ysarixpcitdtebensariySQ per cent frealer ths5
last ysars yield which smonnKil tn t7tXicm < > > iui I li
Tho project of having policemen dHulM
dally to wtlf coat dillvuM lo In Mitouitn it rrlnll
and e a that th full wtlfhl li f Inn U now a lltJ ii l
Ban Kranciico
AMooon woman was lately fined 150 foi
Itrlklui her hiubaud on the bead with a Led ilit In I
quarrel abeam blackberry fl The Mat day ahe Hole at
till mosey 51i and let for part unknown
A horse at Riverside L I by his weal
Sep for eating ehlckin UcatiMng hi owner ronilder
alll tronbli The hotseati lb chicken feillttn ant
all whenever hi on manaf to catch them
A mod dog In Paris bit eighteen of hit
fellow All war dead Ufort might They w rKlllel
jr ha police Bora land In th Bold > HosIng ln
betll aulKiied to M la tnr for oil llperlmcntl
A Blnghatnton physician Is suing this
eitaloof adeciaaed Juilg of hit place for the recur
ery of a IDIXO doctors bill On Item of IAOII q
chanted for inbMmlnff the hndy of a ion nf the J uiie
La Gmtelta dealt OspUult gives the fol
lowing itallitlci of the ortlon of medical <
proportion nice to l i
population ID various coujtrKit Yruncr 201 per Itltli
3rrmany 32li Amtrla 34I Enilnnil < 1 llunitnry
010 Hairniui Swltierland 70131 i United State invi
A novel modo of paying a visit occurred
lh other day at Albary the Puke Af Nnrthamuerlanil
eat a helm Mrnadenrnwillof theKcoiKlnanlinccoin
panled by a brother oMrer detcendsd In his ballonm
he park havlnc com from Aliienhot Juit In time tot
A oorrospondont of time Lancet says that
he hi pracUied for eight yean on itianien running IMS
Iween Liverpool and American port liuring ibis liii
I i ha had charge of oOur people ami lIme death wer
en than one per lum Flo of theme were inlclde
and the Kinalndir occurred innttly ainonz children
Emigration from Italy to foreign coun
lid in I yearly Iwreaelni1 In 11 It reached according
to onlclal itatlitlc imtni mmtly peasants and thj
owtil laziaronl Tha two America receive a little me
a third of all tbe emigrant and latterly a drift from th
Itotno Ayres coast to the United State han vein uo
Authorities in many cases dIffer with
Dr Koch a to the naturo of time cholera In Priinro
They ln lt that the dleaa may h mornllo onjlnl
despite the prefnc of a barlllui ilinllar to thoie found
In Crypt and India In India epidemic of cholera
occur In eats and on of Uteae lni w rfflnir In Armibay
Yet Or Kuch waa unakta lo preSses tha diieaie lu thns
snhnall with hi baellln
A case of death from earth eating is ro
ported In the trlllik illlcal Journal Such a remit ip I
rare nowada Yet the writer sys the hall UCOQ I
nina among the Hindu Inhabitant of TrluUbd cut
dna often lake te It and In adult the habit recently
Serials so depraved that U cannot he riven gp Ttt
earth choxn resemble nixJitone and is I often mined
wifti late Adult generally adopt the practlcu I rum
conomlcal reasons
Dr Gamgeo of Birmingham England
la been liitereitlnir the Part nnrom whIm hU aril
llclal sponge It I Is made of cotton rendered Iiinrbint
and treated with antliopllc One of them of the > re of
a walnut wilt absorb water until It renchc the dlmen
iiunofacrickt balL On of its moil Important nd
m antsoili chiapno ibis quality aiake It nnrere
Cony to me It more than once no luSt sponge iufec
tlon becomes on eaitly obviated evil
During the present harvest season In
Italy the reaper have enmed a dollar and a half per
day which they consider extraordinary wze Their
wnrklaited fourteen honridnlly frntn 4 A M to 81 M
with lutorrali for meat which consIsted of mtiih and
oil Bologna sausage tee bean rIme e ant nine
taken at 7 12 and 0 oclock Outside of the tenon
their hand find little to do and they alckin often from
downright starvation and Mrnatlou
While the wrestler Duncan C Ross was
quietly sleeping at 3 oclock In the mnrnliiK he was
waked by a member of the Cleveland City Council wits
had broutbt another wrcatlcr who ho hoptd coulj out
wr > tl Ron In a mixed match of the belt mc o falls la 1
three Bon arose led lime pirty to the buicmont of Mi
place hail for a punt of 5 90 placed tOe antagonlit on lila
back twin la tbe smere of tivenlj uilnutt The itakei
were paid and the vliltlng party left
Italy has taken tilngeut > precaution
against cholera thIs naton No country ha tulTcnd w
much from th discern ilnce It was tint known If
Europe Ono hundred and tblity tlioiiiitmliliaihi oc
curred In the peninsula In tSmh7 cileil iau ed b > lbs
drinking ot contaminated whl waler It town and
Tillage were In that year extremely fillhrand velli
almost excluilrety need Greater canHne und belief
water are now relied cute prevent a ilmllardlriwter
The production of oil from sunflower seed
hh become an industry of considerable lmpnrtncciq
Humus It liexpreihcd I on the spot and the product li
largely emplojeJ In the adulteration of olive oil Ih
purified oil la I coniMered equal lo olive and almond nil
for table ui The most Important Industrial itpillta
Lion of tie oil are for woollen dreulnv Ilrhtlnr not
candl and Map making It being regarded for the In ft
named purpose u superior to most other oils The
Rustlau ankle U of a pale yellow color
Mr Iwaao Came a rich shoemaker of
Liverpool who left hit properly to public ihirltlo
opened lilt first shop oppoilt the building where hd hal
been a servant amid put up a lsn l IThlch read I Ceimir
from over the way Somewhat like thIs was limo slim
of a tavern keeper named Danger near Ilambrlilx w 10
having been driven out ot his home built another oppo
site and Inscribed on It Danger from over hhmc nsy H
The successor then retorted by putting up a view itt
crlpllon There is I no danger here now
The town of Selma Ala claims to hare
the most wonderful artesian well In the M a ottl I imtl it
would item with good reason Tlie remarkable feature
In the case li that two leparat itreami of a 51cr of en
tirely different properlle flow from Ibis well The sin
gimlet effect In question In produced It Hem by liii
simple Insertion of a twoInch pipe within a four Incli
tub Th larger pipe descend to s depth nf some four
hundred test the water laviug Ito mineral iiialltles or
character and being very coMi th loner pl > drseeiil
even hundred feett the water l atrouflr Impreinatiid
with Mlphur and iron and compared with Hi niipera
lure of th twin stream U quite worm
The acknowledged pronto of ho gam
bling home at Mont Carlo are serenteen nilllioun mit
fraao Iu ins It wa In lie Infancy and was a small
lualgalflcanl coucen When the gambling tsubllih
mInt at Homburg wa closed M Diane bought up his
Monaco bnilneis obtaining a loagleaw from tb Irlucr
with all kind of privilege which were largely paid fur
Ill nieces has been stupendous What aided him most
was the fact tint the closure of Ilomburg wei followed
by that ot all the gambling bouse of Europe ao thai
gamtiUrs of all nationalities men aol women have been
thrown iota his clutch Year by year Ike area of the
prrnldnu Influent of Monte Carlo has increased In
everwldflnlnff circles until It is now falL oil ne tttm
world la Europe Asia Africa and America
Marseilles where time cholera is raging
now gives a visitor the impreselon that the chief occu
pation of the Inhabitant Ia I drinking absinthe and rid
ing In horse cars The town is I traversed In every
directIon br long open cars Ilk th Third avenue once
here with cornice and curtain cut In Uoorlh seal
lops and above th Indications of the roulesJollello
CatlelUuo Lee Catalan Prado Belle de Msl Vail
dAurlol LB Aggoladei and a dozen other pretty RallieS
that ascot to be full ot lanllght One of the routes rum
aleg the Oorulehe road from III footpath of which
you may throw your lIne dlrtclly Into liii lledlterra
nean and Hih furred mullets milt Is the famous lies
taurant La Reserve celebrated hy Thackeray whcr
aloe you cia eat Boullln alue In perfection
Dr French In a recent work Nineteen
Centune of Drink In England say that meal was lila
Intoxicant ot the ancient Briton Th Romana Intro
duced win cider wa known at an early date but UK
Saxons Dane and Noriiisn brought In th secret ol
stronger biverages Distilled liquor were Introduced
under Ilia rinntigenets and clergymin then began ta
tipple In the slith century men of all degrees lum
tiered asey their lime in drunkeniess The prevalent
Intemperiuc of the teveuteenth century Uiald to ba
Joe lo tht Act to Encourage mutilation tlm exhaullon
of light lnn the tutluencei of tIme court and the do
lopment of touttlng and club lite Dr French pre
dict that moderation will lncrai until Intoxicating
btveragei sholi be used out not about inS thui becum
on of our bleislug
Theodore Barrlfiro the author of the
1M great comedy success In ParU let di DlnotW
had an attack of cholera in 1844 In Part One morn
login lbs height of the epidemic be I was taken siidltuly
IU as hi wa going ont fur his accustomed ride Hi felt
cold oil aver and shivered from head to foot lie Im
mediately went to the next cafe ordered a carf < m ot
brandy and drank It off Thus Invigorated he inn
aged to get Into the saddl and galloped along the bnule
yards Althcnrurof tIme Ku Richelieu he tmpped t
at another cat iwallowed a teeond cararon of brandy
sndreumdhUi1d He dismounted again when h
got to thRu Royal aud repealed the dot lii then
started it a rallep fur Ike Salt Ic Bologn and con I In
aed th treatment by ordirlng a fourth carafun at ons
of the restaurants tbste lIe rod horns by the Rue de
RIvoUdroapea oft his hors Salt asleep halt aoake
mod hU way to bad and slept for thirty boon vrttnuur
llgria lkSwokeluU

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