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1 < uI wiY i
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t < r r 1
I e Ji J i I
ant ncnvnats xxTsxinxa in AHLEX
INI > A PAftia 1llrULW I
riot source emel n Wafer stapptr Cat OT
iMUicel Cee s lit Vstrleme Pun e > f frmnee
A W mnm llrepe DemeJ Ia Ike SHrewt
r > t l Bee e > T T Tenth of TemleHS
PARDI July 25ItoporU from Marseilles
and Toulon up t 5 30 P M show that ills con
dition of affair In those cities li steadily Im
proving Tbere wore fifteen donthi In Toulon
last ntghtftv In the hospital thr o In thn
town and MeD In tbe tuburbi Six hundred
people bar left Toulon within the last two
day for the Pyrenees Thirteen person havo
died In Toulon tody up t 0 P M
Te number of death In Marielll last night
wa sixteen and between 9 A M and 030 P
It there were seventeen deaths The weather
U cooler and there is 1 a largo falling off In the
number of oas There were three death
from that disease at L Bloono today one at
Dragulgnan and one at I Roquebrussaro
Complaint are being made at Marseilles that
lear of precaution ngalnst the spread of
the cholera bavo been slackened and that the
work o disinfection II 1 not lufflolentlr thor
ough The police hal incited a number of
undertaken who were gelling clothing nnd
beddlog demic which belonged t victims of the apt
Onlr I 9000 person are at work In the arsenals
at Toulon Seven thousand workmen are
usually employed there
At tlm lazaret In Lagnno Italy tho attend
ants secreted thu key to the wino rvllar On
Vfilrm ilir night nt midnight utter having cot
tho spirit ami Indulged
at Mllrl InulOI freely they assault
ed thu Sinters of Charity and Inmate of the
Institution Holdlnr wore called anil HUO
ceed d In suppressing the outbreak Sovorul
travellers who wort Churn In accordance with
the qunrnntlno roirulutlorn were wouudod
An order ban boon publlxl utl nt llntz that all
pprsonH arriving from Franca In Alsace and
Lorraine without having certificate o health
will benxtmlled from tho country
Tim condition of nffalrs at Aries Is I deplorable
In the iixtruiiiti Tim water supply baa b < on
emtlmly cut off owing to nn aCCident In the
liyilrnulki nppuralUR Tbe funerals of the
Irlrll aarBuI
cholera victim hn > e boon conducted by men
who wet generally drunk Tim funeral hate
nionvovor been greatly retarded by the fact
that the carpenters refuse to make coning for
thoan who die of cholera Nearly all tbu bakers
and butchers have loft the city The supply of
food In onsiiquently scarce and difficult to ob
tain The panic throughout the city Is simply
Indiscrlbabln The iipldorato appears to bn ux
timdlng The Councillors of Aries who tied from
tbn pmsiicutfld city at tbe approach of cholera are to b
Isolated cases of cholera continue to b re
potted In various psrUt of France some widely
distant from the Infected district A womnu In
Courbuvolo I llluge only a few miles from
1arls WHU nelzed with sporadic cholera on
Thursday Two cases of cholera ham > occurred
at Narbonne and at He Nazalrne a vlllacu 1 not
farfrom Toulon two persons ha > edl dnf the
dl 6Mw One unknown woman was solzud with
tbo dlmxvdo while pusilngnlongtbnfttreut She
fell to tho mound nnd expired immmtlately
Oin death tins occurred nt Salutes Manes do
la I Hnr The inhabitant of that town want to
oxpol all thu refugees from Aries In six tilt
fut vlllHgisof the Department of Bourbes
lu I tlionn from one totwo deaths bare occurred
death lu Vumlmlclla Italy there have been ten
A pitiable rate Is I reported from Marseilles A
woman m r70 vcarl old wa mllllg several
days Tbn jiolico at last forced an emfmniM
Into her lodging Thy found her body on
thu Moor In ouch condition that duo must have
bn dead fur Home days Examination proved
that she wan n victim of cholera She bad lived
nlmoH CIURlvul on fruit
At Toulon two foolish youths made a bat as to
wb I > liono could drink tbt < more seltzer water
nl drank nlnu Hlphons and tho other eight
Horh dlud noon afterward of cbolnra
Thn oiritttt Argentina which was recently
at MurHelllcA desired to tnkeou coal at Utbml
tar fli Knullsh authorities there forbade
this anti thruittuned to tire unlpw tho veenl l at
IDOl IIJII ThM ArlntIB thorpupon JJr
ooilid to I port In Fortucnland begun coaling
Rut jll InlmbltnntM of the port became panto
striclixn fluid coinpulled tho nuthorltlPHtoorder
thu liumvillHtu departure of tbe v8Rsel WIre
the Arfentlnu U to timid fuel enough to enable
her to mtiirn to La Flats appears to b an In
eolublii problem applUI
A HtHiimor with cholera on board arrived off
lulvl lit Spain The Inhabitants were paulO
Portugal trlckon nnd lied across thu frontier Into
At MnrBclllcs thirtyeight deaths occurred
A Marspls Ihlryellht ourd
oclock during tonight the twentyfour hour ending at 9 t
LONDON July 25The Paris correspondent
ot tbu Simulant says that there U a considers
ble uxndua from that city o people who are ap
prohonstvo that the epidemic nlll reach the
capital bat nothing nt tbe nature of a panic
has jet appeared The correspondent has
Saver senn Paris so deserted as at present
English and American tourists bu auertB
give 1arls a wide berth ThU bo contends U I
altogether unjustified as the capital Is better
cleaned more abundantly watered and health
ier than any other city In Kiirmw
BThe lllgbt Hon George O Trevolyan Chief
Secretary for Ireland has given the Dublin
corporation Instructions to prepare for an out
break of the cholera nnii empowers the officers
to muse n loan 1 to meet the expenses Incurred
In coping with tbe disease They are If It becomes
comes necusnary empowered to eroot tempo
rary hospital In which to care for the nick
Tk frith aid ike Uus er Lrds
LID July 25 Public opinion In Ireland
na been fftnuod by the action uf th lou of Loots In
rt ollnz ihi bill rttonulnr the rritem ot clocttnv Poor
Lw Outrdlini In Ireland l Thl bill pwMd the tIers
Commoui without aD oppoilnc vote The bill wan
nuult the subject 1 Inquiry today lathe Hour of
C Bmon > br tim Ptrntll Mr Illwtitouc In rtulr I ukl
inn b > claW be nntble Introduce the lumen In the
11 < H of Common ajrtln this anttimuln nrtlrr lo force
It throeS the llouneuf Jxtnl Mr PurnvU Ihrrcupnn
live iutlcii that lit > Uoul4 esim Mr ulmJiiuDt to racon
hltr this deduce In Tirw of tlnxUltlrillty conilinllr
tiixrtriiod nf ohulnhur I trout the house ot Lords login I
Uikin Ixarnelkl I I to Ireland
Dunn Jul > 2Ifrtiisl U Tltt wai at Trlr < yettrr
dJ alters he rerl hn ahlr ni from tilt Ta In
rrpiv4itliiMli > nk6lii > uiipariii the Fruichlt bill
and Imiilurwi lriliiiin crvwhm to asilM la the
uoruniut sialmt the lloux of Lord
Cklaa tDecide at Oaee
LOMDOV July 25A Parts despatch to the
Bxctiaii > e TcUxrapli Conipan any that orders hare
biui tilciiraplud to the French elicit In command In
China no lu grant China anr further 4 < lar but to
occupy Fiwrkow at once I the demands of franca
are Del aatUnad o
Tne Khanihal eomipondent of the Trmia say France
kaa allowed unlaa until the slit lnt to reply In the
oowaiMla of Fraace fur Indemnity 1 for the Lanainoia
situ 1
PUll July 3S The ncxollitloni blwn Prim
MlHltUr nrrr and L Fame Pee the Chine Minuter
iii r iardtu lie Indamally demanded 1 by France have
tMeueuiriidedtheCMnrM npreinniatne adhering lo
lb tent otTer ot joouuiOO franca W Krrrr ha eon
ceded China etitit l day delay It In the mean time an
aaretnieiii U I not reaelied J1 Krencli iqnadron will
itt FIKI Chow r
Rebel Attack a BnitklBt
8uuU July 25The rebel maintained a
AUrawere eavir flre open wounded thtclty lut nIght Two BI pta 11
OtO Jut cnyh Kablblh rlb tuna declared
ihu Kabbbhh dolu4
agiotuet ih NihilL
LnoJul r S5In the lloute ef Commone tnday
the Marquis nf Hanlneinn loU 10 that unltif 14y
fureen tIarewIly should arIa nn luppttmenul oil
mIlled uiataof funde for the defence of Egypt would b suit
rulll > Down the Hrllltk iag
LONDON July 25Advlres from South Africa
I elate 1 that the people at Vrljburr In Blellaland pulled
dow Prttl h nl which had been heIsted bY Com
nilvlontr Maciium The Comuilwloner I thereupon
nrdMtd the whole I arallable police lo arreit tbe rtog
leader In the nonlle uutbrtak I
Mlckitel Dallt rr 0 Baitlar
DUDUN July 25Ylcal Dalt In a recent
j kctuia aal < that the Brit duty of an Irliu I American elt
lieu was allegiance In lh rrpnbllc lit thought Un
Uull r policy niart from tile Irish irnipathlea would
atua t the auppun ot the I rlth Americana
An Fe > nkcjne > lin eke Keel 1
Cio July 23An earthquake has occurred
I at Musowah on lh Red Sea Nesrlr all the houses In
lle ely wen destroyed and the shlpe In the harbor
nice violently rocked The al Inhabitants were panic
urlUen sod have lied lo the Interior
CxpreJItUe I the CeMje > Cousin I
HiMBuno July 2Tbe now expedition t
t lute Congo country which la I being I eenl out by the Jet
slut Atrlrati Horlety salts from llambnrg next Wednea
dat ei Licul I Uchuba lies been appointed leader of b I
7raigie XC
1111 Oscar ot Sweden U visiting London Incognito
II l reported at Cairo that an earthquake his oc
1 abQk I
Oturel stlkowah on the Ked o
4 commercial attache I 1 b adde1 to the rub
f Mtloui at aihlngton at Ix > ndou and at Berlin
to rl Xnnln finei nt latin ha lehi fined 6 francs
the tefuljd In IIn a tclegrsm from I Clemenceau
nni I k H di the aLd nyliig O M alleged Interview
1 t Irl JI1
T liii te > whIch ItHeik keia Mrcaiskl LI
T e f Aalorlei
A year ago Louis Thomasmnyor kept
grocery In Second nMinuo and Grand toot
In Astoria lie built etarl IIOUDM In the
neighborhood He lived In comfortable apart
nionti over the store with his wile son und
daughter aged respectively 1 and 19 He be
gan to drink however and then quarrelled
with his wife In last March he WAS seized
with the delirium troinnnn He inndo
an attempt lo murder hIs wife draw
Ing A carving knife across her throat
The physician thought at one lime she could
no recover Thomasmayer was arrested and
sommlttod to Ihe IJueenH County Insane Asy
lum On Monday lust ho wan discharged His
wife had learned of his discharge and fearing
he would again attack her clue packed up nil
the furniture and removed I to this city whom
she now resides henTlioniu m yer returned
to lila home be wu astonished to Und it
Itonlhli Unl
After a search lie found his wife living wltb
wlo UIDI
relatives In Vnndum street Ho promised to
reform nnd apoualud to her to return wit hblra
to Astoria His aupoal wax In vain however
and she told him she otild never live with blm
again Ho told her ho would kilt hlmsalf
ol havent got courage enough t kill I I
anybody she replied
anyby 1 aue said Thomnsmeyor Ho reo
turned to AHtorln slid ate dinner with a frlnnd
Hu was despondent and complained of the
treatment be had received at the lands of bla
wife Altar dinner be again started for Now
York over Xlnutysucond street furry When
the boat was In midstream tin juiniwd into the
river The dork bandit rescued him He loft
tint boat on this Hide and after ho got bla
clothes ilry purchased I flveobambored lint
Astoria lab bulldog pistol and returned to his home in
11 Hon and daughter with a view of watch
bit over lila welfare had preceded him to the
village and wero Hbtylni at Mr Morriss their
next door neighbor Suss Tliomasmeyor reo
tlrnd early but her brother eat on the stoop all
night watching hula father who entered the
house about 10 oclock He did not speak to
him as be thought hu was under tbe Influence
of liquor and was afraId he might assault him
His father kept so iitilet during tbo night that
thu youth went to sleep on the stoop Flo slept
until Jh oclock yesterday morning when he
wa startled by the roport of a pl tol He at
once aroused the neighbor and they went Into
the house They found Tnomatmayor lying
on a sofa In tlue hal tho blood flowing from a
scalp wound about thruu Inches In length over
the forehead On being asked why he had shot
himself berepltiid
1 didnt shoot myself somebody fired from
the street and It trek ma In the forehead
Ot Taylor ilresvid thu wound which Is not se
rious After firing the shot Thomasmeyor hid
the pistol In an old bud rlomalDllyer thu
floor Thomasuioyer was subsequently arrest
nd nnd locked UI In tin ueenl county jail
Ho said to I reporter 1 with I bad killed
myself What have I to live for now 7 kld
home broken UP inywlfa and children refuse
to live with or reuognlze me 0 Oodl Its terri
bit terrible trrl
Miss Thomasntpyer nnd her brother returned
to their mother In this city but declined to say
whore abut was living Tnomasmeyer will be
wi b
returned to the asylum on Mondiy
P or Ike Xlueketir Movement Arrest
aria Vales Wstlklita l > ele utr
Tho Executive Committee of tho Brick
layers Union received report yesterday that
two moro employers had given In to the de
mand tbat nine hours shall be a laa work It
Is proposed bat In case the Mason Builders
Association lioWt oat after today t order out
the plasterers on their jobs
Delegate Thomas Lyons of the Laborers
Union visited the Standard Theatre building
yesterday and says be found a number of non
union men at work Ho said to the contractor
tbat unless they
were discharged be would
order oat Ibe union men The contractor
John J Klerst declined to discharge the mon I
and the union men were ordered out The
contractor called a policeman and asked him
to arrest Delegate Lyons for interfering with
his workmen Lyons was fined 110 by wit
Ford at Jefferson Market Police Court uIC
10iC Cur
The laborers say that the act of this con
tractor was an unwarrantable assumption of
authority and that It hni long ben the custom
for walking delegates to visit jobH and ask to
see menM vnrds Contractor Klerst the labor
ers cOy offered afterward to discharge the
nonunion men but the union mnn refused to
return unless the con tractor would pay Lyons
fine The contractor anld hed sloop over that
Marc Eldlltz said There Is I some such rule
but It IB a rule the strong made against tho
weak I dont see bow tile contractor can tn
bound by any such rule now We are in a stntn
of siege I see It printed that all our foremen
al I
have joined the strike Some of us only wish
they would They git pay whether they work
or not Theyd b Tools to strike In such clr
cmsln Theyd
Thlrtyfle members of the Hod Hoisting
Kmdnovrs Union mot nt Academy hail lout
evenIng and Miteil to aid the strIking bricklay
ers In any way they could One oftho mum
ben said attei the meeting Uum
In any place where the bricklayers strike we
will go out with I them and when a building Is
well up It Is impossible to do anything without
antblnt vlhout
the hoisting engineers
Tke Greet Bnrleira
WASHINGTON July 250en Han has re
ceived 1 this telegram from Commander Uchlry dated
Bt Johns July Je
Caikets for the dead will be ready on Frlda July
A I hope lo sail on Saturday morning July Ought
loamy Portsmouth about Aug J Urcely and party
are tiprvIic dilly 00
oarnxoutii I N I Julv Secretary Ihandler Is I
her on the Tallapousa II l Is reported that he has tele I
irraphed tn secretary Lincoln tucomenn notifying him
1111 he lectern I ihe arrangements for the reception of
llrrely In his hands The cttr Uuveriiinent ot runs
Ir last eoniiu appointrd a coiiiinlitee tn make
preparations for the reieption nf the Orieh party by
the city and < ov Hate has boeb commniilcated within
regard to sending Mate militia here on that occasion
raiseS Blesjexmlaaeuseee the Ilsler c
DDDLIN July 2SMr Parnell has written a
letter to tile Secretaries of the various branches of the
National League tu I Ulster declaring that the cent en
tIm to be held In llelfast on Tuesday belt was called
axlnsl bla advice The promoters of It he say are
acting In hostility to the Organlzlne Inniliilllee of Ihe
Lou He advises Hie branches not t eut delegates
lo the convention Mr rarnell denounces the holding
of the ronventlnn as contrary tu Hie polio uf the Iar
llanisntary rlll and the platform of the National
League lleaas that In l view lnn paramount Inter
cell of national union I Is I uecsasary to ducllne 10 coun
tenance such a convention <
Cwailteulmal Xcvleloa In Freianc
PAWS July 23In the Senate today Prime
Wluuncr retry denied that the revision of the Cnrstllii
thin wan an electoral device lie ssld 331 constltu
enclse demanded the adoption of the measure and Its
Iwsrenea I required now It would he declarid be
Impolitic to leave I such a political weapon to the ex
triune Left from whom the ilovernment wee ever In
creasingly separated Mr Kerry said the vole uf tlm
g rih
Lliamhrof UeputUs on Ihe hill wa a sufficient guar
antee that U would lie I kept wllhln the prescribed limits
prb 1f1
The Cabinet he asserted vruuld not cnusider any de
the larlurefroin MIL the Ministerial programme In relation to
The IlnbllH McsmcusL
DUHUK July 1An order has been Issued
for the arrest uf Charles yitrgerald the son of a wine
dealer of this city There Is I evidence to show that he
was Involved In the notorious Cornwall scandals Capt
Martin Klrkwan has lien arrested on the same charge
Through > oine mlilaka the police aneited She brother
nf Charlea rittgerald Charles was thus enabled to
make hi cecali
Loaixix July ZSTh report that the Gnvsrninsnt hail
intruMrd th prosecution uf th Dublin scandal rase tn
Ur Henry Janiei Attorney leneral and Mr Karrer
lleriehell Bollollor Oensral Is I pronounced untrue by
b Times
Mr Qro aid tka Molrepejlllsm
LONPOX Jnly 25Mr Oyo has withdrawn
as jet his negotiations will reference to the Metropall
tan Opera House In New York nut Hie tenors whom he I
hae Intended lo engage demand such high terms that I
Is necessary for Ur Ilyc If he concludes an arrangs
nient ti secure a modfncailnn fOt the agreement whli
had been jroUlonnlly I adopted Maslul demands
Muoniainmih Mr sued ltcvee i Ii expected to reach
here trite Frankfort nn sunday I the terms are
inndlned Mr Ire will engage It a tenors and the bus
lueu will be spsedlly roncluileil oiherwlss ke will
withdraw and the whole matter will fall through wi
FrceemlUae < e PraiSes ike Caer Is Ww
W I W July 25It la I officially announced
that the Cjars visit to the palace here baa not been
renounced Kxlraordlnsry precautions will be taken
Ihe visit 1 violence Mo
during In prevent any acts of Iolenr
Russian will be allowed to enter Ihn city without a
permit The railway will b lined with eoldlrre while
the train S ltli the royal personages Is un Its way Ar
rests a persons suspected f complicity lu the plot lo
f Ii
blow up the palace stlU continue
l Is the best thing known for mitigating the tolls of w ask J
ing WltsvJcfe lay In Uiis hot Weather U ls a blessing u I teas
TI Bale Keeper Vole I Keep Met Beers
Opea All lr uiday
EWAKX July 23This evening thirty
liquor seller of East Newark assembledIn
frank Mclyndens saloon In Harrison avenue
to decide upon some course concornlngHunday
selling Brewer Peter Hauck was present
frank Shaw wa chosen t preside Father
OConnor proposition M written out him
self for adoption wa read a follows
1 e the liquor dealers and saloon keepers of the Iowa
of Harrison Bait Newark In muting anenibleJde
OUt advancing the best Interests of the town do
PlritThal our pie of business shall hereafter re
main closed on Sunday front tl oclock Saturday night
night till 13 oclock noon and from 0 PM until 111 oclock al
second That any liquor dealer or saloon keeper who
violates this the aforesaid
Iorald agreement will recelre
neither our support aor defense If prosecuted at sny
lime for Ch violation of the list 1 relatin to the
tale I of Intoxicants
Inlollc1 on Sunday
Alderman Frank Coyle moved to adopt the
resolution but the motion was not seconded
and the resolution wa laid aside An expres
sion of opinion was then called for Chairman
jbaw said tbe saloon men mutt do something
to protect themselves If they remained
I rmalnd
open and one was Indicted thn other
must stand by him Frank McLyndon
advised that all remain open and stand
indictment together Mr Btatzel snld that
out of respect to religious bodies Uat
rolhlou bdl8
would keep front doors closed and open side
door I they did not allow pool playing Id
larnbllng no Orand Jury would Indict them
William Tlornuy said that to violate tbe law
six hours wax as bad as to sell all day better
close altogether Andrew Smith advised keep
ins the front doom closed and opening aid
doors then to take tbe chance
Mr Munch said no one man had authority to
make lawn Father OConnor might allow them
to Ml six bourn and somebody else have them
Indicted thaw for said selling within those hour Chairman
Let us kOP open side door all hour or
close altogether I dont like dictation myself
I am Independent and I Intend to keep my
saloon open I I am Indicted that will be I ray
wi b Ir
fault I I dont have money enough I will fall
onoulb wi fal
buck on my brewer Laughter
f was voted to koeii open side door all day
Hunday Mr Coyle only voting no I al also
resolved to allow no pool cards billiards or
gambling and to sell no liquor t b carried
out of the saloons A oommltton wan appointed
to confer wltb other dealers and to call another
meeting Father OConnor said last evening
before the meeting evenlD
In ordr that my proposition may b con
rectly stated to the saloon keeper I have
written It out In the form of a resolution If
they accede to I then my saltation ceasss I
not I will request my people t stay out of I
saloons I will try to crush out low saloons
anti stop the sale of liquor to minors and will
Invoke tbn law against Sunday selling 1 wU
I Is generally agreed In the town I that no one
but Father OConnor could have gone Into the
agitation with any chance of effecting any re
Form The people say If he succeeds In keep
lug tile front doors closed und stops the sale of
victory liquor to minors he should b credited with a
At tho meeting this evening the decision of
Wednesday evening to enforce all the blue
laws waa quietly Ignored
Xapcrta that Fallowed ike Death of u much
ChIld em lke Mlaelaalppl River
WASHINGTON July 25Dr Hamilton Bur
geouGnneral of the Marine Hospital service
received a despatch today from Evansville
Ind signed jimes surgeon stating that a
child on thesteumer Annie P Silver had died
at Port Anderson Miss and It was suspected
to b a case of cholera The family had come
direct to New Orleans from Toulon Dr Ham
ilton telegraphed to the Inspector of Custom i
at Cairo Memphis and other points not t
eUtew tbe vessel t bud I she called and to
have her Inspected by a health officer He also
requested the Board of Health of New Orleans
to examine the Custom House record for
names of passenger arriving from Franc
since June 14
This evening Dr Hamilton received de
spatches nc Allying blm tbat the Annie P Silver
passed Cairo on June J2 and IH now at 8t
Louis and that no more suspected cases of
cholera have occurred on board He Imme
diately taligraphed tne surgeon of the Marine
Honpltal service at Ht Louis to make a full In
vestigation and report to him with regard to
the suspected case reporter to have been put
off the steamer at Port Anderson and the gen
eral condition of the vessel and her passengers
and crew
Dr Hamilton says he does not believe that
the cane wan one of cholera but tbat he feels
jusilfind In taking all proper precaution even
to the extent of tracing down a suspected cane
all putting the ofuclalson their guard without
waiting t prove the suspicion baseless
omlaatcU for Cunorcae
The Republicans of the Third Ohio district
have nominated H L Morey for Congress
The Republicans of the Second Vermont district
nominated W N Oral of Barton to succeed Luke r
Poland In Congrees Tbere were eight ballots and a
do light
The lepoldlcans of the Third West Virginia I District
notnlnsteil Cot J W Damslior for Congress DIrct
The Democrats of the Sixth Indiana district noml
nated Dr M I I smith for congress UIlot
The following are the Republican nominations for
Cnngreas In California Kim 1 dltrlct T C rarothers
Htcond A A Hargeut Fourth W W llorrow Fifth
Charles N Kenton Sixth I H Markham aargent has
not yet accepted the nomination luln
W h tWch
Tbe Republicans of the bee oud California district bar
nominated A h Louttlt f or Congress
TheOeirnrratsnf the Sixth Missouri dlitrlct nomin
ated John T Heard for Congress on the 388th ballot
The Democrats of tile Sixth Alabama district on Ihe
138IU ballot nominated Capt John tl Martin of h
lonsa 1 for Congrsss
J I HalsslI has been nominated for Congress by the
Democrats of the Third Kentucky district t
Decrease of the Ioetal Heveamee
WAsHINGToN July 34 Returns received at
the Post ontce Department from IM letter carrier Cost
Offliss which produce nearly onehalf of the postal
revenue show that the gross receipts for the last quar
ter were J3V1IJill less than the receipts from the same
i rUtes dtirluir the corruspundlnj quarter last ear
Uuu this hauls the receipts from I Host Oftlcee during
the quarter woulI aggregate about III nuuut and the
receipts fur the veer rJta about fJUMOuiess than
the reieipts for the previous fiscal tear The diminution
U I attributed to the reduction of the letter rate from
three to two lenis
DrIvIng Sadism Out e > r Diinanc
WASHINGTON July 25The Commissioner of
ludlan Attain has received this deipatcb from Inspectur
Benedict at Iguaclo Cali A Ule Indian was arrested
this mornIng In burango for carrying arms HU friends
Interfered to prevent his arrest everal white citizens
procured arms and went to the a lstauce of the Mar
shal 1 All ut the Indians but the one arrested mounted
their ponies and Uft followed by white men who itrore
them tint of town hhuts were fired and the Indians
ems xreatly of disturbance excited Agent Patten baa gone to tb region
The Harrison Bunk Failure
INDIANAPOLIS July 35 Tbere are some
astonishing developments being made concerning the
failure ot Harrisons aok The bills receivable In the
lianda of Judjfe Lamb receiver of the suspended bank
are estimated lea then fa UM In elite while thecash
ainets amount tu SIIU In April the bulks statement
tor taxation showed assets uf t AUoU and the turin was
i redlled with real eitite 1 Ihe amount of < STIUSJ The
deposits show it tiy the siniH report wrre MH7 > U
Uurlnv the run en the bank SIX Hi was paid out which I
reduced the llablllUcs lo about S4btiouu
flnclnneitla Police 11
CINCINNATI July 23The police of this city
r paid from the fund raised by a tax on the liquor
dealers under the Scott law but aa the liquor dealers
are contesting the law the police have not been paid for
nearly a month City Solicitor Duwsnn hat given I as
his opinion that If the Mayor retains the cta after
Aug 1 he will he obliged to pav their salaries out of his
own pocket In case the City council dues lint appru
banded irlaie money will be fir reduced their payment the force It not dJ
T Work of Train Wreckers
VICBUI July 25A telegram from Delta
reports that a construction train on the leksburg
bbrsveport and Texas Pacific Kallroad fell through the
brIde over Alligator Bayou today kiln Pnglneer
Vanderberg and the fireman The accident was caused
by the rails liarlig been torn up by unknown persons
for the purpose of wrecking the train
Telccmpk Tolls kUdue
BALTIMORE July 2The Baltimore and
Ohio Telegraph Company have reduced b lolls for
inesisges between Rt Louis and Washington Baltimore
fhllausliihla and Mew York to twenij are cells aud
night miissges to fifteen cents fur fltleea words to go
Inin effect on Hunday = making the rate to HL Louis the
same I to blcagu it
Crape fist l > evrm ky Hull
FCBOUS FALLS Minn July 2A terrible
bal and rain storm occurred hire about 3 r I yester
day The grain In many places was totally ruined At
stony Brook lb hall cut a swath Iwo miles wide
through the country Considerable grain WM also
nlaed la Us Oiler tall coiwujr rl Ia a
Twe Plush Flush I klse atad Ike Usa thai ke
Kxpeclad le > Fire let Ulsaeeiir Alter ke >
WM bead Tail to Blew klaa e PlMoa
Julius Holwoff Janitor of the double tene
ment house 154 Norfolk street wa an expert
psrpshooter of an east side schuetzen corps
He wa a tall stout Prussian with a big bed
long flaxen hair and a heavy moustache He
wa In perfect bodily health and loved to
drink beer and smoke bll pip In the neigh
boring saloon where the tenants met to play
peauckle and gossip about the German
Emperor Twentythree year ago he married
In Prussia and even years ago he came to this
city with his wife and his son He bad been
noted at home for his kill u a hunter and
brought wit him his singlebarrelled gun
When he tot his place u janitor his wife
became cook In a downtown restaurant where
Evlld the son worked at a waiter
Holweg bad owned a saw mill abroad and
had ben a person of consideration In Oentbln
Prussian Haxony He fell Into poverty and
that was why he emigrated He wa melan
choly over the fall In his fortunes and the dif
ference between Norfolk street and Uentbln
On July 4 he bad a despondent fit and tired an
American revolver wildly sending a bullet Into
tbe ceiling Mrs Uolwng witnessed this with
out much alarm thinking that ber husband
wan amusing himself and she wa not mqoh
frightened on Thursday night when ho handed
tier his German revolver and requested ber to
shoot blm She put the pistol back on Its I book
on the wall over the bureau where the gun an
other revolver were bung kissed him and
cheered him up so that laughed and smoked
In apparent contentment again
His cheerfulness bath lan deserted him
seemingly When Un Uulwol and her son left
hint at 7 oolok yesterday morning to go to
work Re left the door unlocked and sat down
In a rocktntrohalr In the back room and smoked
Ills pipe When tbe tobacco was all burned out
he cot up on a chair and stretched a piece of
new telephone wire with a spool strung on It
across the room and nailed It taut to the wall
with picture hooks Then be took down his
gun and loaded with buckshot and ball The
children of the other tenants watched him
from the back yard He tied the gun down to
a table and pushed the table against the wall
under the mirror so that the but of tbe gun
wa chock against the wall lIe rut a screw
eye In the wall under the mirror tied I cord to
the trlggerof the gun run I through thancrew
e > e and over the spool on the telephone wire
and let the end dangle over liu chair He
cocked and capped the sun ROT down his re
volver blocked the rocking chair under tbe
dangling cord wttb rklnl kindling wood so
that It would not rock poured out a glass of
beer lit his pipe sat down in the chair and
surveyed himself In tbe glass o
The muzzle of the gun wa a foot and a half
from his chest and pointed straight at bal
heart He drank the beer put thn lighted plow
back Into his mouth tied the loose Iirhtjlp
dangling twine around his right hand and
taking n revolver In each hand tired two
thirtytwo calibre bullets Into his JrnQ The
pistols fell Into his lap and bU right hand
dropped and jerked the twine over the BPOH
and slightly tugged the trigger but not enough
to fire the gun His headidropped on over his
right shoulder and tbe lighted Pipe fell into his
Illp foiioto
lap The pipe was still smoking when the ten
ants of the house startled by tbe double report
rushed In and discovered all this apparatus
Two hours after Holrregs death after the am
bulance surgeon bad come and gone and the
Eldrldge street police bad closed the room
Mrs liolweg came In Intending to vet supper
t Iet IUIP8
ready for her husband and son She pressed
hor hands to br tempi shrieked and tell at
the bedside When she bad become calm she
told Coroner Merkle that tie only possible
cause for the suicide was a return ot her bus
bands despondency TheCoronergave
bndlelpndlnc Corner gave permis
sion to the widow and lon to prepare the body
for burial and the pistols and the gun and the
station machinery house to discharge It were removed t the
James English who died yesterday at his
residence ei Yartek street was born In Ballaton on
July la 1797 II ls father wae 1 officer of the Revolu
tionary amity Mr English served for some months as a
volunteer In the war of 1812 and received pension
He settled In this city In 1814 and had a grocery at 3SU
Fulton atrset for many years He was a director In the
Home and Columbia fire Insurance Companies and the
Orocers Bank lie lived t for many years at the old
Whiff headquarters itS Harclav street until burned I out
bv tint Ureenfleld candy falorlr rll I wan once aa
Alderman nf the Third ward and waa a charter member
of Hula Lodge of Odd fellows WI
Y J Schmidt of the Utica Maennerchor while attend
hl alad
Inga picnic opposite Poughkeepsla Thursday was cud
denly cn08r from the eSecte nf the heat Yesterday
afternoon pneumonia act In followed bv a paralytio
stroke aud bedlnd I He was prominent cltlien of tlc
Iillam Hamilton died In Hartford yesterday aged
102 years He was born nl the north nf Ireland By oc
cupation he was a farmer aDd quarryman He had al >
ways abstained from tobacco and llinor a
gaIn Inw died at his I residence lu
Concord N II yesterday morning of heart disease I
lr f
axed 67 years Me was born In r arnerN II I was a
ll teacher trader and active politician I In August
lees lie became Inlnnel ol the Klerenth Xaw llanih
shire Regiment which he led through the civil war lid
was Secretary of Stat of New Hampshire from tiO6 to
lSdT and ioi ernor of the state Irons ISO7 t111 III
A Klklna well known
Henry Ylkln a wl landscape painter
yeody Chicago died of mountain fever at Ueorgeiown Col
Mlgiiir Parrlnl editor of the Giuirua flaILs ot Flor
cure Italy Is I I ills death was the result of a
wnuml rxelved In I dUI l
Noyce Darrow one nf the oldest and wealthiest rest
dents of Huffalo died today aged 84 years Among his
snrrlrliirrelsilresareMrs I Phllo Allen 1 uf Chicago and
Charles barrow who also lives In tha West Harrow
bad the honor nf being the driver of the carriage occu
pied by Lsfayette when he visited Buffalo oel
The Tears laitarsml KeTeeme Keeelpta
WASHINGTON July 21The receipt of Inter
nal revenue for the year ending June so were f 131500
0 a net decrease aa compared with the preceding
year of IJ2W33O5 The receipts on spirits wen 17e
BUft383 tobacco KaOOJVH fermented liquors tIB
004014 The receipts by Slates and Territories were
Alabama pinms Arlzoits ImT Arksuaa imll
California IU i47n5 Colorado no uon Hiiiecilcut
147t1 DakotaEUKU4 Delaware CJIU377I Florida
I7MMTJ Uenrgta 47R741 Idaho t m Illinois
Kari3u484t Indiana nidl31J Iowa SJ757416
Kansas l 7Jil Kentucky tm9H3l7J 1 Louisiana
SWOIM Maine M380 Maryland WI4H4UI Massa
chusstts JS riMIU Michigan I l4VIaeO 1 Minnesnta
4IUIWI MlHlssippL SVI4411 Missouri 5H475CtI 1 i
Montana ll 12 ItHiNebraska 1SI5HIH Nevada taiijT
New Hampshire Msu it5d New Jeriey S3477aO New
Mexico 1i New Ynri 513let5u4 North Carolina
Cl ITtnatWi Ohio lIS3iJM 1 Oregon litut27h l Peak
syhanla S7HHM7U Rhode Island PtaeH doiiia
Carolinais8miTenuess 51241 V7SiTexaa 2I ° IIi
list S4VXJ Vermont 3JOuo4s Virginia a3Xi7JO
Washington Ju g7M Wyoming ein West l90a virginia sieUaa l Wisconsin
Dr Zckwe > e > 4s Bleaii > ee > r aie
KOBWAIJC July 25 Nearly everybody In this
place bee a theory to account for the disappearance of
Dr Wm E Lockwood last Saturday r HI John hie
mother In law said today that she believed the Peeler
had canled out an idea formed sonielthno ago and a
started for a taunt threugh Europe She said that aha
had redeemed the Dotes made by the Doeuir at the Fair
Held County Hank hhe also said that the only flnanelal
transaction the Doctor aver had had with his patient
lhI tate r Tryon sue to Inveet > o for her at her
request The loa was lost and Mrs Trynn gave the
Iiootur a paper releasing I him front all reiponslbUlty lu
tile matter Mrs Tryons relaUves any that tier recent
death wee not unexpected and no notion has been en
tertained of having tier body exhumed
Mills akerttlaa Dews
FALL RIVER July 25The Juequechan mill
will shut down within two weeks for a Indefinite
period owing 1 the depressed condition ot the print
cloth market This mill employs 175 bad with a
weekly pay roll of I 0 and a weekly production of
IOU pieces The Anuawan mill Is already shut down
for a Idenutte period and the I Wselamore minis lowl
suing every other week A temporary shut Iowa uf
other mills I probable tmprAy lul la o
Orsme Aray OSIaare
MiNXiAFOLH July 25The national encamp
ment U A R met this morning and continued balloting
for Comtnanilerln Chief On the sixth ballot
Commaderla Oab alb balot Gen John
Konnti of Ohio was elected Judge J B Reaee of Minne
apolis was elected ViceCommander Ira K Hicks
i J A
Dakota JnnlnrVlceConiraeuderi T M Hhanafelt I uf
Michigan Ihaplalnt and W II Hall ot feuneylvaala
Surgeon Resoluilnns were passed that no picnics be
held on memorial dare or Sundays by L rand Army Pelts
Use Lgaa CI East
MfJ4PLfa July 25Oen Logan loft for
the East this afternoon by a special train over Ih Mil
waukee road The veterans cave him a grand farewell
reception and cheered him on his way to the depot The
Grand Army I 111 aeeelon dpol T
T President Ceealac by Mew
WABUINOTOH July 25The President will
leave Washington tomorrow morning on the United
Htates steamer Despatch for New York He will b so
cnmpauled liy Mr Jnlm nIIL Aislslant ecrslarv of
Stale Miss I MslUe Arthur and Private Secretary PhlUlpe
Keamklleam Me ar S Sisal Ble With
The Independent Republican Finance Com
mittee sanounced Yesterday that 10 had already
been subscribed award the of the
expeases campaign
and nl that promise ot ether ceBtrUsUeu ua4 keen re
ceived w3 UIa =
The AjnsetlMsMe KelallMS hat Kate B 4
Iweca Hiss aid His Keeper
Crowley the chimpanzee Is 1 drawing biff
houses From early morning when Jake Cook
his keeper relieve Tom Donobu the night
teeper and open the monkey house men
women and children are looking at him
Yes said Jako Cook there never ha
been such an attraction here before Why I
have had them from Chicago Boston and
Philadelphia I have had nationalities and
I may say professions I bavo had artist
who wanted to give Crowley free sittings
phrenologist who wanted a cast of his bead
photographer doctors scientists showmen
and I dont know how many others
While Cook was talking Crowley rocking
himself In his chair keeping his large brown
eye upon his keeper and ant as If he were
trying to understand what Cook was saying
Come Crowley said Cook come boy and
Ck omo I
take a walkViCook threw back the cage door
and with a little cram of pleasure rowI8r
bopped out of bla chair and putting his anus
around Cook neck and pressing lulls chock t
b books B fat b allowed the man to carry him out likes
1 wouldnt let him walk In the homo said
Cook because the monkeys are no Jealous of
him that they would kill him I they got at
aim Why the other day I was coming along
with Crowloy In my arm when that baboon I
there threw a handful of aravol at UI I for
tunately didnt get any In my face but what
struck me on the back of my had hurt prettY I
bad Oh ice I punished that baboon for I I
and not bl would have dOD It again
I Cook led the way out upon the lawn Putting
Crowley down ho took blm by the hand and
the two walked side by side This was the
signal for a rush of visitors They ran ahead
and quickly surrounded Cook Crowley
bowed no fears He simply turned his bead
around t look at them Then be looked up to
Cook its much I to say What do these peo
pie want Ck when 10 got to a sunny leo
Iot pt
on the grass lit IO his hold and Crowley sat
down Just 1 naturally n a child and looked
around with evident pleasure at the green
tree and blue sky
Lie down aid Cook and Crowloy put his
bead under an arm and lay on the grass with
his face turned upward
Close your ayes and go to sloop like a good
boy and Crowloy closed his eyes Cook then
reckoning the upoetatqra to make no noise
moved quietly away Crowloy partly opened
an eye Then he raised his head and opnei
tog his keeper sprang up In I burying his
lead In his bands screamed with fright Cook
returned to him at onC and Crowley sprang at
lira and hugged him affectionately pralt
There atop crying like a good boy said
Cook and ho gave Crowley bal of an orange
As a child would Crowley put the half orange
t his breast and resumed his walk 1
Now said Cook before we in eat
ofange Ild Ck bforo go your
Bunked Crowley at the sat fruit down picked off the kin and
Cook fouls grieved at a letter he received from
a lady In lloston telling him tbat he should
not tease Crowley The an mall love for him
is I so evident tie writer tel Cook that ho
lUght toreturn I and try und buy Crowley
I wish 1 could buy him said Cook put I
havnnt cot the 520h thor wiint for blm But
dont think that Crowley In I abtibed l Few chil
dan are as much petted and oared for as ho ohl I
Tke Bepnbllean Stat C ns alttae Will Ae
eept C ntrlbntl na OraUcfiillr
The Republican State Committee issued
yesterday their letter calling for funds for the
campaign It asks all supporters of tho Republican
publican party t contribute money t meet
tbe legitimate expanses of the canvas The
argument mnde In the letter to convince office
holder that they tony contribute without vio
lating the law rends
To His and that each Individual to whom this appeal Is
na rl lr hl
addressed may fully underlain that the committee so
licit only the voluntary communion of the citizen and
that declining to contilbute will prejudice no cue atten
tion le railed 1rC the vartnueauauf Congress i the I
statutes of Hill state making political sses > menta un
lawfal and prowtltxg thoM rn she public MTV
agamef snch aseessmentst from which I will be seen
that whatever Is I contributed fur the purposes nf the
campaign must be of the free accord nf the Individual
and at the semite time Hint any nne either In or out of
ofllclal elation may lawfully make such voluntary eon
trltiuUon to tin committee Se his owens will permit and
his rieslre fur tlie continued supremacy nf the party <
the nation snail prom This will he a long aellvr and
earnest campaign aol It especially I IsdeilraMe in this
Presidential I contest that f who eon will liberally aid
ua In our endeavor
The letter will b sent to everybody who Is
b likely omitted to contribute and officeholders will not
More lee Cream Poisoning In Hrooklm
After partaking of vanilla and strawberry
lee I cream on Wednesday evening John Sweeney his
wits and six 1 of his children of 1C7J Atlantic avenue
were taken Ick Early on Ihurrdat morning br Win
A Little ot 444 Iledfonl avetiun found them suffering
from nausea and cramps Ins child which had not
eaten the rreain was not sick llr Little rnnclli < Ud 1
that the cream Has the cauce cit the trnublv yeelenlsy
he tehOrteI that all the patient wet rmttraletfent The
cream hail I been iiurrhaneit al I 1 I TUnkona confec
tlonvrv store t OlJ 3 Pulton street
Dr McNauKlilon nnH ot the luniectorsof the Health
Department attended four patients I who were also I made
sick by cream tiarcha ed at the same rtureon Wednes
day eveiilm He enamlneil time apliarnln In the store
and found I clean Ur Tlcnken WAN summoned In the
Health Office yenterday I left a sample of vanilla Ice
cream vilch will be examined vla
Aeeee4 ratabbUs ate Mlkcr 1
Daniel Burn aged 22 of Far Itockaway
went home on Thursday evening blue supper and found
fault with the fIt his mother had prepared for Him
He nnelly il It is said took a knife frnm the tilde and cut
her three hums with II r lu the I II neck and back Innirtlng
painful but not serious Injuries Mr Burns ran from
the houie shouting Murder Burin was arrested
During the night lie escaped from Ills cell and Is still at
large u uale c1 11
The Erie Pre > eerlBs Cmimiiia Fitters
BUFIMLO July 2Tbu property of the Erie
Preserving Company here was 3 estenlay levied upon by
Sheriff Koch A mortgage for WOU Wile yesterday
executed by Moses Smith a banker by ccni ut of the
stockholders of h company holding twothirds of the
capital Sloth subject to two nther niortgam > s covering
thssame property one of which Is hell I I b > Margaret P
Pinto of New York uo secure the paimrut of iu7HIU
null the other by Judge llsinmmid of this city to pectin
H loan of 5l4 no Roth of
110 o 11 Ibl these mnrtgagss are dated
yesterday There Is still another mortgage for Sluuuo
debt held by ot the W company II Purcell 1 A C of Chicago aa Icurl foW
Casesse Declare Hla s < iir Fmlelenatl Presl
LIMA via Galveston July 230n the return
of the Commissioners to Tarma ilsn Caceres declared
hlmsalf provisional President of Ihe republic and ex
pressed his willingness to hold the power until he coul 1
resign I to Uen La Puerta In order that the latter
should call u election
100 oa 01010
The Mew COM a I
BOSTON July 2The Nashville comet first
discovered at Nashville Tan was seen to nlnht by
Profs Chandler and Wendell ot Harvard Obsertatory
and Ita pontnon defined I follows July 350 hours
U H minutes right ascension in hours I minutes 7 sec
onds I declination I south 87 ° lii V The position as de
flaed tonight varies somewhat from that given by the
obeervera al Nashville and Washington
Deadlock tm at RpohHe Convention
OIL CIT July 25The deadlock at the Republican
publican Congress Convention lu the Twenty seventh
district continues One hundred and four ballots have
been taken the result of the last htiuic BralusrdGO
Meokeyoa atone38t Butterrield beveraldelegatea
have gone over lo Mackey making this vole the highest
he baa yet received
Tke Quickest Pauaace to New Orleeuu
Niw OBLIAKU July 85 The steamship
Louisiana of Ills Cromwell line from New York ar
rived at her wharf here at 4li oclock this morning The
time of lbs passage from wharf tn wharf was a days and
II hours or frnm bar to bar 4 days and 33 hours This
Is I the fastest passage ever made br any steamer from
Mew York surpassluf even the previous record ot this
famous vessel
The Independent Republicans intend to begin active
work next week An effjrt will be made to secure
llsvsrlya Theatre for a public meeting on Thursday
Efforts It Is said will soon be I made In solidify the anti
Cleveland ssntlmenl and If possible organize an title
pendent Democratic uenerel rommlitee rirculare
With this object tu view have been distributed lu the
various wards
Two wagen and carrlsgs shops and the contents of
two lumber yards In bevies t tty Iowa were bunied on
Thursday night Loss 5imiAOJ insurance flixu
An accidental Are In the vecUn room of Warren H
Lord A Gos fumltnrs house and nicker factory lu
ttloayesisrday afiernuoii demaei the upper einrles
Half uf the elect valued at SSouu was ditucbsd with
A flre In fllroudsburg Pa on Wednesday night de
elroyxl J MeCllnlockT e furniture factory full or nuw
machinery lleorin Hellers livery statle I and Iillam
lluatsmsus carlsen factory warero and residence
Loss bets ceo Stuuo and tioouu
Charts K Bauer A Co e tannery In Louisville wan
burned yesterday morning Loss about tee tiji Capt
n Iillam lleruiaunf the tIre Depsitmmmemmt fell from the
burning building and was dangerously Injured Tbe
aUeUiuuuwssdwbavsbssaUiewMkaf an Iseesdjeq
A Blsekarveal Clerk Givee kaferaaustUB t
Ike Fe > ele aatejrOe er l
Col Charles P Morton the Assistant Poet
master of Brooklyn is I still miming Ills fam
ily and friends as well as tho Post Office
authorltleseay they are In complete Ignorance
of his whereabouts United States officials
now admit tbat a warrant bas been Issued for
his arrest on a charge of falsifying the pay
rolls Marshal Tate who ha the warrant says
lie doe not Intend to hunt the Catakllls for
Morton as be believes he Is out of tho country
He ears he can do nothing until bo baa more
definite Information
Tb special Inspectors from Washington bad
made arrangements to examine the office
of the Assistant Postmaster on Monday
last Cot Morton did not make Ills
appearance but the Investigation showed
that the pay roll bad been wrongly
fluid In Tb amount the discrepancy It
has been ascertained doe not amount to
f 1000 Postmaster McLeer and Col Morton
friend still believe that when he returns he
will bo able to give a satlnfietpry explanation
Others however In view of his continued
absence and silence think ho ban plnoed him
self In such an embarrassing position that be
Is afraid to return It has been learned that
during the Investigation at the qfike last week
Col Morton and the special Inspectors had
angry words the former accusing the Inspec
tors of actlpg Ilk petty thief catchers
Tbn secret Investigation Into the affairs of
the Brooklyn Post Office was brought about
through n communication to the Postmaster
Oeneral William A Stevens a discharged
clerk who said he had received Information
that his salary bad been drawn regularly for
four months after his discharge
Accused of ordering Margaret Comaiera
Two men were arrested yesterday by the
police of the 8tagg street station Willlsmiburgh on
suspicion of complicity In the murder of Margaret Con
neT whose body was found on Blddlee farm In
the suburbs of the city on Sunday morn
log last The fret arrest was made late
in the afternooon The prisoner le Henry Wild
aged 24 years of lea Withers street Alfred Zarn aged
24 ot ted Withers street was brought to the station
shortly after lu oclock last night
Tarn it Is alleged was seen at midnight on Ratnrday
walking S IIh Margssat Contirrs through Frost street In
Ihsdlrectlonof the farm Wild it le alleged was seen
following the cnuple Zarn when arrested wore a
checked jumper and a black Derby hat
H Is I short and will and answers the description of
the man whom Mrs Bitter of W Wither street saye
she saw with three nther men cherish Margaret Con
ncr through Leonard street toward First street 13
oclock on Saturday night
UlecdTarlac at Leig LeeS husband
Daniel H Csswell and Miss Anna Maria
Willie became acquainted In Brooklyn In ties A mar
riage engagement soon followed Caswell went to South
America to superintend tIle construction of machinery
In a factory and remained there for a couple of rears
lie sent for Miss Willis and they were married there
Hubseauently they went to California Mrs raswell
being In delicate health returned in a rear or two to her
parent In Urooklyn A daughter was burlu who Is now
17 rear old
g000 slIer the birth of the child Mrs Caswell lost sight
of her husband she cave and never learned where be
wee until last year when she discovered that he wee
living In Nashville with a second wife and family He
Mid he had procured a lit nri a troll Ills first wife in an
Illlnola court on the ground of dieerllon Mrs Caswell
tiegan an action In Illlrnls tolmnach the judgment of
divorce and Commissioner nrrlted In Brooklyn yes
terday and examined witnesses in her behalf
RussIan Keler Gets lix Tear
Edward Heeler who was convicted of partici
pation In the burglary at B B Havdens Jewelry store
JO Fulton street Brooklyn on Jan 27 was sentenced
yesterday to six years Imprisonment by Judge Moore
The robbery occurred at church time on a Sunday
morning The burglars entered the hall of an adjoining
house passed down stalrsand breaklngthrouf shriek
wnlt entered the cellar nf the jewelry store
They broke open the safe and took all lie contents
valued at Mmo Keeler was seen leaving the ballot
the adjolnlus house with a black begin his hand He
hail nre louMy been seen nn two or three occasions near
the store He tried tn liroi an alibi He la a man of
powerful physique and was at one time matched to fight
los K ekdowas la Peer Reusds
James Weston and Chart Douglas nsgroea
fought last night la an open lot two miles above
MeComba Dam bridge for tlOO a side Then wen four
rounds Qusensberry mutes
In 3he first Weston pushed Douglas away from him
with his left hand and with his right dealt him a blow
on the bridge of his nose that brought first blood
The blow was followed np with the left on the side of
Douglass head and Douglas dropped Douglas was
knocked down again In the second round and again In
the third
Ihe fourth round scored a fourth knock down for
Weston but as Douglas was rllug Wsetub tout him
anundsrcut blow In the month A foul was allowed
and Douglas got the money
Mrs Mary A Hurtle U Cemrf
Mary A Burtls of 101 West Fortieth street
was arrested on Thursday on complaint of Grace E
Miller nf 110 North Oxford street Brooklyn who ac
cuses her nf having threatened to kill her The prisoner
was arraigned before Justice Masie In the latter city
yesterday She gave ball and the examination was aa
ad jouinemh
Mrs hurtle says she Is the wife of Al Burtls the pro
prietor nf a pool room on Coney Uland A few flays
see she unexpectedly aip sred at time layton Cottage
nn Inney Island and finding Mrs Miller there accused
hvrnf itepplitfc In between her husband and herself Site
took simile Jewelry Iwhlch she cay belongs to her and
vas arrested at that lime for larceny
nedwlc Slopes Story
Mayor Eduon begun yesterday an Investiga
tion of the charge made by UedwUj Hope against Mrs
Amelia Meyer keeper of an Intelligence office at 44
East Fourth street The examination was con
ducted bv George W VcDrrmott the Mavnra Marshal
aud Mr watch bis thief Clerk Hedwur Hope told her
story tit the Merman tongue tJho said that Mrs Meyer
persuaded her tu go M hew Haven with Mlllam Wit
nuns who lied eugsged her as chambermaid for Mrs
Edit of thin city that In the woods near New Haven
Ii0 assaulted her and afterward compelled her lo live
w iOu him ai his wife In Brooklyn She denied that she
had mid the boarding houn kueper In llruoklyn that she
w M Williams a wife The examination will be continued
Dentist aioTepa Mnae far Divorce
Dr Charles U Stevens a dentist of Jamaica
LI has tiegun a suit fur limited dhorce from Sarah
Steveneon the ground of cruel and Inhuman treatment
The couple have resIded In Jamaica for twenty eight
year They have clam daughter Catherine IH years
old Mrs 8teme Is a sister of tIme last wife of the late
Thomas Klnsella
Stalg Spelled Meat and frail
Friday Is market day In the Hebrew quarter
on the east side Dr Kdson at the bead of a corps of
fruit and mat Inspectors visited the quarter H hen It
Wa In full ulait yesterday and seized two wagon loads
ot fruit and meat which were unfit for food
Fre > klbltle lele la the Local Caas > ali
The Prohibitionists County Convention will
meet lu the seventh btreet Methodist Bpltropal hurch
on Thursday evening next to nominate candidates for
city and county bltlces
Congre iman William R Morrison Is at the Fifth
Avenue Hotel
There will be display of fireworks at Oak Point on
Saturday evening
The naked body nt drowned boy apparently U years
old was found in the borth River on Canal street yes
The Manhattan Club will give a reception to the Deii
ocritlr National Couimllttu on Wednesday or Thursday
evening next
Music it Last Utter Iark foot of East Flghtv ilxth
street this aftsrnonu at 4 oclock by Oayuea Sixty
ninth Reidinent liammmt
The General Hess Ions Urand Jury reports that when
It visited the Wards Island Lunatic Asylum not cue of
the t00 I patients H as under reitramt
Judge Van Brunt has annulled the marriage of Eliza
belt K Vemnhv anti Wn J tiembvon accourtof a for
mer marriage of tIme latter which Is still In force
Mr August Ierkuhn for several ears pest the agent
of the iheW York Associated freis In Havana tae me
signed cod routes to tills country tn embark In business
Late Block Is a prisoner at Inllce Headquarters He
was arrsteil fmr liaising bad checks for small amounts
at the cigar Hands of the HoOmau huts and the tic
loria Hotel
The catboats Palsy Mr Dennis Mna and the Cn
knnwn Mr Joe Moulding are u sail a race of twenty
mules to morrow lor Slit > a side piarllnir from Oak
Point tu clot uruunJ time llanuway Buoy und return
Edelberto tutu gave to UM ball yesterday and gut nut
of Ludlnw surest Jill where he hat I been put on Mrs
Cogs suit atf emit hut for money which she sa > a he gut
from her by false pretenses and under a promise of
Mr James Irlffln uf 40 East Tenth street was knocked
don n by a horse attache I to a coal cart nn Tedur street
uesr rnmiaau ystrday Ho was iilikrd upiincon
scluus and taken lu UN Clumbers Street Hospital but
was ebb tn gm home lest evening
Conrad Major a tailor ant the fithirot six ebildrrn
went last eight lulu the cellar uf his linux al Beet
ThirtyKvvenUi tml and i ul Ills throat with a laid
knife Inliceman Kuincdy treated him nn the tired Aid
in time Injured liiuls and managnl lu siil l ji the llow of
blood The ili > siclsns think Mnjor will die
Judge Brown of the United Staid District Court cave
adeclilon jeiterdsy In the crus liliels brought by Ilia
owners uf ills barks Fi nlvnnye and the Jutianne Au
gum unIt of S lmili Were laity danisgnl lu a colllilon
uit Mautucket sioils nn kfl u tOOl The tuiirl says
that Imih veiii Is were lu fault and that tlip ilaniairra
winch were tin ito In nne casa and IIDUOII in tise uihsr
must be divided bslnsen tlleln
Judge Van Brunt hae appululed Hamlltuit Cole referee
to take I tie tItfuiiitiiy of Arthur liett and 1 ralism l U
L Norluu stocklioldrre as In their iisctlons and tie
counts vilth Juhn O hon Individually alii as Ireil
dent of the Net oud Natloiial Bsnk Al the request of the
brokere1 connssl however hs has stared prnceedlnvM
rending an sliest frum the irIs nf rvfrreiu v so that
tb tlsnivn cannot Le reacted before October
tWB iimponyxgs
Jtra I taclry te > Bali ToDayA flIght 5
wnllowe Kmbrclderrd as Her Trncllla
Brcealler Dliu md Ruby and Ie rta
Mr Langtry will salt for Europe In the Art
tons at T oclock thlentornlnc the will be accompanied
by Mr Le Breton and tiy her Ohlneee boy Mow to
whom she promises to lire stood English education
Abroad without requlrlnf dim to cat off hie pigtail
Xowe brilliant wardrobe was carried aboard the steam <
er together with tire Landryi at 9 oclock last night
DurIng his stay at the Albemarle Hotel be has salon
lihed the uuti by appeannf In turn sets of new tar
minis of colored silk every day Every hue of the
rainbow was produced before he get ti the end of the
supply emS gowns He li the MB of a Chhiste merchant j
In Ian Francisco t
I hare made no decided plane at all for next fall b
road my provincial lour In England Mrs Lanitry
said yesterday 1 hare reeelred several flatterlnt
offers to play In London next eeason but I shall prob
ably return to America In January and will produce
one or two new plays
Uri Lunttry hae gained In Been since last winter and
the climate has agreed with her complexion fine was
photographed mtntly InJapaaeteoiistume heroes C
est tramlllnK dries Is a gown of dark blue cloth em
broidered with a flight of swallow from one aboulilcr
diagonally acnus the front to the lower edge of the
skirl A turban hat with a swallow on It goes with It
Mrs Lenirtry took her Jewels yesterday from the safe
deposit vault where they had been reposing Amoiuff
them are a necklace of diamonds and sapphires Talne4 11
einvui eWooo ruby and a ring sit with a black j
iitarl a wlilta pearl and a pink pearl and rained 51
nuui She has been talking of building a theatre U
New York
A Ua Captains Curs f kr Chelerav
Nobody need bo afraid of cholera Md
Capt George A Plnkham of the barge Frank fenham
yesterday Ills not on record that anybody ever died
of cholera In Hudson on Ihe Hudson Hudson draws alt
Its water from the heart of limestone mountains and
lime water Is a eorerelgn preventive and an almost sure
cure for cholera In 1BJJ the cholera was raging around
Hudson My mother made me and all her other children
drink plenty of the water Everybody In hudson did
the same and there waant a case there
In IUU I wan master nf the ship Black Warrior We
were lying In the bay of Puma Aremas In Central Amer 3
ics when Walker the filibuster infested 3mu of
time soldiers of oela Klca Tbe Costa Rica naopte re
treated to where w were lying throwing thstr dead
Into wells and polsiininir the water so that 1 Duo of theot
died of cttiiltra before the eighty mites wre covered
They brought the cholera with them and sixteen ot my
crew of twsntyflre were soon down with It I mad
them drink lime water I put enough lime Intu the
water to discolor It anit make It taste natty Oil > Ore
died and I belIeve they would bars been saved If the
American Consul there hadnt insisted oa givIng then
other treatment too
A Pleura rtke OatrdUal 5 Lucite
Deputy Sheriff Trainer will sell at auction
today all the right title and Interest of Frost Johnson
to a certain historical painting ot his Eminence Cecil
nat MoCloekey The picture was begun by Mr Johnson
three years ago and he has worked on It at various
times since The Cardinal Is represented life alt dress
ed In his robe of office Ills EmInence did not sit tot
the picture but the artist was guided by frequent rlewi
of bti subject and by photographs It was Intended tc
me the Onlihed picture as an original from which copies
could be made at a modetate price The artist needed
financial aid to complete the picture and so Mr Wm T A
Hart the undertaker took an Intereit of Wouo secure
br a first mortgage on the painting Mr John Mack
also advanced a considerable stun secured by a second
mortgage Mr Mack has now stepped In with a levy on
the picture and it Is to be sold subject to his claim and
Mr liens
heath e > r Pater I Fester
Potsr 8 Porter an old < colored abolitionist
and for over fifty years one ot the leaders of his race In
this city died at his residence 223 West Twenty sixth
street Thursday nIght Ra was born In Delaware and
when a small boy was taken to Pennsylvania to lire
He came to this city In 180 and began to do carpet
cleaning and work of that sort Before long bowers
he started a boardIng house for colored people a bull
ness he has since followed lie became known aa one of
the anil slarpry workers with Fred Douglass Or Me
Cune SmIth William Lloyd Garrison Garret SmIth and
others In 1645 he was prominent In the fight agalnet
the popular sentiment which would not allow colored
people to ride on the horse cars He kept the fight up
nth be won lie has long been the most prominent
member of the American Union Church In fifteenth
street and his funeral aerrlcsa will take place tomor
row from that church
Oa HIs War se > thoj Whit Reuse
A little man with a stubby gray moustache
stood In City Hall Park last evening surrounded by a 3
crowd Yes gentlemen said he the citizens ot
New ork desire me to run for President and I have
accepted I will defeat John Kelly Ben Butler Jim
Blalne and Goy Cleveland My first official act will be
to place luthle park elejant cushioned rocking chairs
I will than liberate Ireland and I will make the elevated
road free I will
Juit then a policeman walked up The crowd dispersed I
aad the little man disappeared down Pack row
Trying to Berr w a Likt
It I as good U a circus to see people at
tempt to get a light for their cigars or pipes from the
electric lights said a deck hand on one ot the ferry p
boats last night They walk Into the cabin carefully
fold up a piece ot paper and reach up to light IL Then
they walk away In a hurry Some very nearsighted
men and others who are unsteady on their legs will
fumble around the globe until the laughter of the othei
passengers helpe them to discover their mistake
Ferryboat ofRany Colors
In order to more easily distinguish the North
River ferryboats of the different raIlroad compsaie
the boats of esch company are to be painted a dletitci
color The Itoate of the Cettrat luliroad of Mew Jersey
will be pftiflted cresiti ttmose of the lennsylvania road
India red the Hoboten boats olive teen While the itrie
road boats wiLl reumain wtlll
Beaten by her lee
John Fanning a plumber 29 year old
pleaded f ullty In Dpiclal Beuloas yesterday to an as
ssult upon his mother Mary Kenning years old o
447 East Nineteenth street Me wa sentenced to finS
year in the penitentiary and fined fouu the severest pen
alty for his offence Two weeke ago he was released
after strung ten months on a ilmllir charge
The etgai l time PreclletleMs
Local showers and partly cloudy weather
vauable winds stationary temperature
si ARKS fjsoat run TKLEQKAVO
The Everett Mills In Lawrence Mats will shut down
on Aug 2 and remain closed until Aug 18
The Preildent hae appointed John E Bryant United
Slates Marshal for Georgia in place of Uen Longstreet
Seven persons were bitten by a mad dog yesterday at
Newman station on the Union faclfic Xulroatl fifteen
tulles east ot Topeka Kan
Fume Warner aged 14 wRoae disappearance haa
caused an excitement lu Ansonla Coon la with her
raudparsnts In West llareu
John A Baldwin while at work In the hat shop In
llllford Conn yesterday afternoon was caught by a
ret Diving aliaf and Ills left leg w aa ssrertd at the knee
The Pemiiylrama coal mIners at their State fonren
tita in Pittsburgh yesterday decided to change the
name from the Miners Amalgamated Association to the
Miners and Laborers Aisuclatloii 1
Bert Y Turner Sheriff of Phillip county Ark It I
short WOO In Ills accounts with the Male during his i
two former terms In the oinee lie Is I also said to be bv
hind In his accounts with the county
The 1resldent tae appointed John O Brady of Alaska
flenrge P Ihrieof Pennsylvania and hester Reeberol
fulifurnln to l ii rommlnilotirrs for Alaka They will
reside reiiictli at slits Vtrattmfti and Uunalaska
Andrew Johninti a negro livIng five miles from Glas
gow Mo after ltlmf aitultt by Adilnou hmltht an >
iilher iieirru with a knife shot and killed his assaIlant
With a rule The affair grow outer a quarrel about i
The body of a well dressed man was found In the lake
lnllide ark lmiugilteeliaie yesterday lie cam troic
hew York on DID ilary PowelL The only mark by which
the biHl > can be Identified le a small wart under the
right eye
Jolin Urendorf aged Ms Frank Vlltum of the same
age slit Fred Jonee were drowned while Cubing at Cop
peras Creek mIami In Lllntnn Ill teilerdn inoriilnir 1
Their Uoatiauulit In the eddyuf thsdam und was drawn
under the water
tapt Travnor In hl dory the Harold T Bibber lauded J
at Matlulrue lilanil Me uu Weilnixla artrrnnon In
nine lays from New Turk an4 proLreiltd next day for
Bristol Knit llnnsplu good heallli and confident 01
reaihluic his deitluatloii
Thomas A Csltert an old and reperted citizen ol
lie eylile Ky was slim and killed on Jhnrilar even
linr by Itoberl rarrll 14 loire trainer and sporting
man Purcell vurrendered hiuieelf and ilaimwl that tie
shot Calvert In meibdsfence
tllis Jary C ulters the betrothed nf Dr OsslsnTer
burgh hn roinniltleil suicide at Iltlpimrirli a few
weeks aobv taktiiir pruible avid allot herself tluouirtt
time brvu > t itt Uochiiurg Pa list night Mia le stlU
alive but esiinot recuxr
William Kelly of Nw York was arreited In Boston 01
Thurmiai evening tor an aoseitlt with a rim I on UeorKi
Kelly nt Bo ton on the nllllt nf July 11 I The lattrrs
emit sac frsctured flrnrife is I st the Alaisailiusvlts
general hospital and is III lrctJtimli die
llemlsrsnu Urother > acnts nt the Anchor line ni
steilllerii lisT cnni ludet nrraiiKflllents In rwemul Illll
their NrrMee hetivevn H itnn nni iMiihnii l iiftrtiuilnir C
Wllll till Auilrutla lu befolloweil lir the alrdnuU illul
ether tranters of the line as the exigencies ot the trail I
ma demsiiil
Hiertary hamler hss dented that Coinmnndei
lSmiiamti fampiMjli shell urr ted I silt Thnnias U 1 Out
frlilico as Lomiiiiiliilaiil of t lie Tmitleimn flalluli at Sew
purl oiiiina itlvr Haini lOil wan < mlls of llm Hi aril up t
ninled I to couviiler the iile tlnit of eslatllshliig the wa
sellout for a Inst tfrmluatt climil
The Pm > > lviinn Kallrusil Companr has purchaie l
1JA acres It Und at reeilnm Pa for SlutiMKI It is th
immteui hum of tlmc ciiiii > iiy li erect repaIr shoos ruunl
hmimitsO Sm on Hit I proj eriy atil make iltI eli cml nnt
taunt bound fnitfhi tiuln at that poiiii tile cuiupitn >
wilt rrormiUn n > trrlvlit deparlmcnt and eienJ
il0t5lmlXJ i on ln riiremeils I1
W I t ileitmel I editor nfthe I ucsster Inltlllgrneer ana
Chairman uf the Pennylvaiila > mncratic elate on
tral Iliiiiiulllee nil iiritlu time pulillfallnn lit pilla < ltl
pius on Attn J nf a irnelly ruinimuu newspaper to us
ealKil tlie ftttt II will be a medium uouuuuuicatloii
tietwi eli ihe tominitii mid the l > emucf stle fireae sad
local cguuulileca throughout the list

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