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tyte Preferred petition from 7J all 1
Proposing to Htilldoo The Sod
A German merchant In Dny street favora
us with the following communication
I ti I bird to eat a dish nf crow but with an heroic
effort len he managed qulckerthan with duly dallying
It Party nominations mad 1 deserve
or I ar nomllaUol honorably ma do
fall support oven It disappointing CLUIHHID > nd
Ilmuiicii will carry Iho November election end Tin
Bon might I well hln for them at for the rest of mankind
HoweverTnl Bensliiltrs II dimmed and I this li I
f olng on much longer Tint Sui will find migration to
more oongsnlal papers b preservation Is I aulntllno
tlvslaw I and circulation above looooo per diem are
S not Insured Betur part from an old love than to h
pickled with I Ion iheer romance
Tho writer of tbo abovo linos appears t
b forgetful of tliu fact Unit for Bovuial years
TUB HUN waged 1 lively brittle for tim In
dupvmdiUco of tlio prtws ant for the rljjlit to
speak Its riwn mind and warfnd It a < raln4t
dtHporato odila OIIANT and his creatures
with the power of tint Federal Adminis
tration anti tlm mlwrhty Inlluonco of thu Ho
publlcari party backing them worn all on ono
side Thoro wajfroat talk then of migrations
to tnorocouifeulal nud mcins
t cuulouhLI paper nUlovery meals
r was employed t sunpnus anil overawo the
Journal which presumed to have n wilt of Its
own and to doclaro lit whole Judgment of
political follIiH and abuses It was a bitter
and protrriotoil eoutnit but tho victory 10
malnrd on tlio side of tim freo prow
Another unulllet of tie I fuwo sort boron on
tho 5th of March 187T when Tlc SUN uu
Bpai liujly dououticod tho Fraudulent Presi
t dent and shocked the soutlmoutal and solf
rl litoou3 by printing his portrait with the
S black brand of fraud upon liU shameful fore
head Thou wo hoard again those thretts of
migration t more congenial papers and
very llltnly BOUIO fmv KopulJIcans really
migrated but It didnt lost I very long
THE SUN pllduxl tins Uoy for tho wholo
r country In that matter and not only tho
nomocracy but tho llcpul > llcan party alno
Ioun CIml lo iitsplso HAYES ai tho groattst
receiver of stolen Koodrt tho world lion over
known Jll nitloiix Indeed
Forgetting the n thliiKi our correspon
dent now threntous u < < with a loss of his
conlldonco and sas that ho will mlerato
t a inoro congenial journal Well wo
shall bo sorry tu havo him leave I Is
gad to part frcrni an old friend but wo
four wo cant liolp I and wo bog him not
t put off his departure on our account
Tho vast circulation of TiE SUN wo nro
proud ot It 4 wo Imvn a 1 right to bo was
not built up by lias and hypocrisy but by
truth and courage and the unronorved utter
ntiLM of cuiiulin opinions whether popular
for the moment or not That Is a course
which wo propobn to continue I nulls our
Judgment and experience upholds It
Our correspondent talks about eating
crow and If by that ho moans a protended <
approval of that which one doen not approve
wo assure him that wo howe no mien pretences
t make What wo said bMoru the Chicago
Convention was not said at random I was a
deliberate conclusion then and CiEvrLAxDs
success In getting the nomination has not
changed it j mil wlieuour correspondent tells
Us that CruvKLAND and HENUIIICKS will
carry the November election wo receive his
assurance with much more interest than
Uotwoou IiiAiNn and CrrviiANi we sin
ceroly prefer CLEVKtAND not because wo
think ho Is qmidiiled ordIberviIlg but becauso
Vl cant Btatid DiiAiNK and because the Kn
publican part ought to go An Incompe
tent President who Is honubt Is better than a
smart olio who is not The Democracy ovun
under CbuvrLANuM loading Is likely to bo
mor by BLUNK uwful than tho Republican party ruled
No Morn Castle Government for Ireland
It looks as If the British Government
would bo forced 1 by the appalling dlKolosuics
matte In connection with tho CoiiNWAMi
Boandal case to rttvolutloulzo tho Irish ad
mlnltttratlvo system A long stop In this
direction has been taken by tho withdrawal
of the conduct of the prosecutions ordered
from the law officers the Crown In Ireland
and intrusting It to English officials who
cannot bo suspected 1 of complicity in tho
olTenoetj charged O of sympathy with tho
offondors Theu Is now room for hope that
tho sink of Iniquity which a8 Irish reformers
hMo long Insisted exists In Dub In Castle
will bo probed to the bottom anti that the
r abhorrence excited by the rovelatloun will do
S more than any politicill agency to obtain
practical homo rule for Ireland
Since the charge against CORNWALL w
first published tho couiso pursued by the
Irish law nlDcors has justlllcd the GLAD
STONE Ministry in treating them us utterly
unworthy of its confidence Every concolv
able niflnsuie lawful I unlawful was re
sorted t in order to stlllo tho scandal In tho
germ t Intimidate tho ltnrwho had given
tho lat to the world uud lo pro out tho truth
from being brought out on the trial Every
British oflletul connected with Dublin Cas
tle from tho highest to the lowest bcoms t
havo made common cause with tho In
criminated functionary und BO compact anti
formidable a front was presented that oven
BO respectable I man us Mr TKEVBLYAN was
Impose upon and did his best to avert a
rigorous Inquiry by describing tho accusa
tions as calumnies concocted for political
ends That tho Hcretary for Ireland could
have been thus deluded and made tho willing
lug tool of betlulili rots Is I lUelf conclthdvo
proof that tlio Institution of Castlo Govern
ment cannot be reformed by changes In a
few heads of departments but must bo torn
up by tho roots ThoDdtlsh nation will not
tolerate a system tainted with the IIht tin 1
Uuichory from top to bottom and which I 1
not promptly cxtiipated would class tho
Irish capital with thu I Cities of tho 1laln
Heretofoio Englishmen have failed t un
derstand the dotetalloa with which the Coo
tie oflleluls tire ivgniilid by tho Irish people
They have turnid a deaf ear when Irishmen
havo deolaied 1 that thu Executive Depart
ment was tho main engine of oppiesblonam
that the moat wholesome and benignant laws
passed by Parliament would b nullified or
perverted by tho administrative machinery
S In the indifference with which many Irish
man viewed tho shocking and calauiltom
murder CAvnMMMn ali DunKE Etgllih
men RAW a proof of flondUh nmllanttyi
jut two U I roisoii to believe that
tho assassination of OAVCNDMH was a pUle
accident and that In Under Secretory
at tho
HUUCK the conspirators wore striking
incarnation of that permanent official hie
rarchy which all their countrymen consider a
curse to Ireland Now however that tho
curtain Is drawn back and tho lives of many
of tlio highest permanent officials art found
to fairly rook with Infamy It will bo easy t
convince EngllHhmen that fttich offenders
hMo boon guilty also of Injustice and mal
feasance In tho administration of the laws
I Ireland la to bo governed any longer as
nti Integral part ot tho United Kingdom It
will have to b placed on the same footing on
Scotland with respect t Its ftdnilnlitratlvo
mechanism For many years all tho powers
of appointment t executive office In Scotland
and nominally vested In the Crown and
ostensibly exorcised by the Prime Minister
roprcboutlng n Parliamentary majority
mainly composed ot Englishmen have In
practice been delegated t the Scotch mom
hers who have constituted for that purpose
an Informal kind of committee on nomlna
loiw Tho result la that tho execution of the
laws In Scotland line been virtually Intrusted
to functlonarles chosen by tho Scotch people
themselves That Is tho real secret of the
contentment with which Scotchmen In tho
present century havo viewed tho union
with England I Is possible that
If similar administrative methods were tried
long enough In Ireland t allow old enmities
to fade Irishmen also might In time como t
regard with equanimity their connection
with Great Britain This at all event Is
ho one remaining remedy by which a Brit
sh statesman who insists upon upholding
ho Integrity of tho United Kingdom can
lopo t allay Irish disaffection For such an
experiment the time Is ripe for tho subver
sion of tho old system of Castle Government
Is nt last Inevitable Ithos required a scandal
of peculiar enormity to produce such a state
or things but In view ot tho result attained
It must bo acknowledged that tho editor
who laid barn tho shameful truth has ron
tIered a great service to his country
Very Creditable to Air Walei
Mr HALM 1 WALE the Park Com mis
bloncr has done a very sensible thing in
ordering that tho seats in the City Hall Park
bo icbtored to their places Ihoy ought
never to havo been removed ho said amid
accordingly ho took advantage of his tom
lotury opportunity as acting President of
tho Commission to undo tho mistaken work
of Gen VIELE
Whether there are sal In tho park or not
Is looked upon by some people and somo
newspapers as a very small matter but It Is
not that by any means I Is a very im
portant matter and tho Indignant lemon
strance of tho whole publla ought before
low to have compelled tho Park Commis
sioners to restore tho BeaU whoso removal
vasaiilnoxcusabloplecoof inhumanity Such
conduct on tho part of the peoples servants
showed an Indifference t popular wants nnd
loslrcs which was a bad symptom I they
were ready to tako away tha benches to
rt a few men who had softer scats In
ho City Hall thoy showed a disposition
which might lead them to further
mlAht thor unneces
sary with tho comfort of citizens
In the public lark Not long ago It will b
remembered they proposed t remove tho
Central Park menagerie to a beautiful spot
of ground which It would deface because
they expected by so doing t gratify certain
property owners
For very many years seats had been pro
vided for the public in tho City Hall Park u
they are provided In tho parks generally
Tho people havo become accustomed to them
and they grow to be 1 sort of vested right of
the citizens The park too is in a neighbor
hood which Is crowded and which has only
that open Bpaco for the Inhabitants Tho
breath of fresher air they get there Is ex
ceedingly gratoful to thousands of mon and
women and the opportunity for rest after
fatigue which tho scat afforded pedestrians
was always welcome to many of them
That thoro was a demand for the sent was
shown very clearly after they were taken
away Tired men women nnd children throw
themselves on tho borders of tho grass or
took their rest on tho stops of the public
buildings But if not most of
hnlJlljs many I oc
cupants of tho benches wcro tramps say
thoso who urged their removal Are tramps
outside the scale of humanity and is I their
comfort utterly unworthy of consideration 1
Shall the other Idle people who drive through
Central Park havo every provision made for
their convenience while the tramps are
kicked away as worthless drones 1
Besides if what you call a tramp Is a poor
man without a settled homo without employ
ment and a disposition to wander t and
fto tin city Is full of tramps Close by tho
City Hall lurk there art hnudrcds of lodging
houses frequented by such men who make a
precarious living and who aro Idle half the
tlmo either Irom necessity or bad judgment
or habits Shall they bo driven out of tho
pinks and existence made still miserable
pai nlli oxlltOICO mndl It1 more mlser
ble for them Have they not an much right
there as anybody else Moreover Idle or
unemployed len want Boats In such a park
as the City Hall enclosure more than the
busy men They may havo nowhere else
to go
Such Indifference to the welfare of largo
classes of the public aa0cn VIELE showed is
very common among those who have escaped
tho privations of poverty They arc utterly
Ignorant of the feelings ot a vast share of
tho community and have not Imagination
enough to conceive or understand them
Then they wonder why the poor are so In
imical to them Even in their charity they
urn apt to bu Insulting treating the objects
of It us If they belonged to different anodes
from the welltodo with different sensibili
ties and
tlS pohslons
Mr WALKS has done a wise thing i put
ting back the benches
Not a Clood Enough Prohibitionist
I appears that tho fact that Mr BLAINE
has been for a long time citizen of the State
of Maine could not Induce the Prohibitionists
to choose him as their candidate Maine Is a
prohibitory State and no Kepubllcan states
man could prosper there unless ho was In
active or affected sympathy with tho pre
vailing Idea ou temperance There Is no rea
son to suppose that Mr ULAINE has ben ai
exception to this rule Indeed It Is I alleged
that many of the succesbivo additions to
tho liquor laws of Maine whereby It I
has been attempted to keep liquor fur
ther and further from public view have
been suggested by bun But that wasu
enough BLAINE will take n drink when lie
WILt to and tho Prohibitionists havo pre
ferred to nominate their own man who wont
drink at all and Is I ready to both speak and
write In favor of temperance whether It Is
in Ohio or Virginia j aud they expect at Ibo
coming election to eclipse all other efforts for
temperance by cabling 1 much greater uum
bur of ballots than they over east before
Brother ULAINK may bo a good enough
theoretical temperance man for Maine bu
bo WA nut Mood enough tor tlm Ou the
othofhan4W MiocWMo lth his present
State hiar not b regarded kindly by thono
wild base a doddod Interest In the halo and
rianufacturo of liquor A rot many 0
hem live In Ohio In Now York to they
are strong and If they should become hostile
t Mr BLAINB It will bo a muuJi moro seri
ous thing for him than the defection of the
noro noisy Independents In that case ho
may wish that ho had long ago become the
ironouncod champion of prohibition or had
kept clear of the Imputation of temperance
by remaining a citizen of Pennsylvania
A Time or Trial for Our Ilourdi ol
Tho cholera baa already reached Paris
A steamer with two cases on board has ar
IvoJ lu tho river Mersey at Liverpool
Thor Is considerable probability that In
rot vessels may enter our own ports be
fore long Notwithstanding these facts 1
are by no meal approhenslvo of a cholera
pldomlo In tho United States this season
I our health authorities are half a ofllclont
as they havo heretofore professed t bo
when demanding money out of tho public
rcosury for sanitary purposes they ought to
have little difficulty In keeping the disease
out of tho country or In stamping It out
quickly If It happens t got In
There Is a National Board Health which
Is a Federal Institution In addition t this
vo have hero In Now York a State Board of
Health a city Board of Health or Health
Department and numerous town Boards of
Health Wo presume that sanitary bodies of
a like character exist In many other States
and cities lu tho Union Now Is tho time for
thor to justify their existence
When the National Board of Health was
established wo wore assured that It would
greatly aid the existing sanitary authorities
In preventing tho Introduction of epldumlo
disease from foreign lands Tho present
outbreak of cholera In Europe affords It n
fine opportunity t prove tho truth of this
Tho pretensions of this Institution nnd of
all the others wo havo mentioned will bn
judged by what they show themselves able
to do whenever a great epidemic trios to got
In and gain a foothold here Wo know that
nany of the regulations which they habitu
ally enforce tend t promote tho public
health and probably save thousands of liven
alo accustomed to look
audually Wo aro ccuslolUI lok
upon our various Boards of Health as or
ganizations which aro capable of affording
security in times of peculiar peril We
might not abolish them I they failed to
out the cholera but should longer
keep Olt cholor wo bouiino lonl l
regard them with the same confidence
Wo hope and expect that they will prove
equal to the emergency
I Governor Cleveland a Republican
Wo think not but some of tho Itepubllcan
newspapers which oppose Mr DLAIXK are
tryIng to convince their readers that ho Is
Listen for example to what tho politico
religious Jntlrinnjciil says Wo vote for
Mr CLEVKLANO not because ho Is a Demo
crat but because he is the butter Republican
of the two candidates
This reason may bo satisfactory to Itcpub
icans who disapprove of their own patty
nominations but It is not satisfactory t
Democrats I Mr CLKVKLAND Is not a
democrat but is really a Itepubllcan who
diffars from Mr BliAlxu chiefly In having 1
letter character he Is not entitled to tho
support of the Democratic party and should
decline Its nomination
Wo supposed tho Independent Republicans
were going to vote for CLEVELAND because
they preferred to put Into the White House
Democrat who honest rather than
a Domorat was rther a
Republican who was tho author of tho
MULLIOAK letters I now appears however
that some of them are acting on tho assump
tion that the Governor of New York Is
after all only a Republican In disguise
Mr CLEVELAND will do well to dispel this
notion In his lottor of acceptance
A Large Figure
Our esteemed contemporary tho Star Is
Inclined to estimate at two millions or near
ly BO the number of ballots which Gen nUT
LEI may count upon receiving as a candi
date for tho otllcu of President This is a
large figure
In 1830 tho total popular vote for President
counted up nearly nine millions and u quarter
The calculation now is that there will be
about cloven millions and out of this Im
mense aggregate two millions Is not too much
to allot to BUTLEII Indeed judging by the
way he ran as candidate for Governor of Mas
sachusetts last year wo should say that two
millions was a very moderate calculation
It Is 1 great thing to havo tho support and
I the suffrages of two millions of Intelligent
American citizens The man who runs for
President with such a support may well bo
proud of tho fact and his children may bo
proud of It after him
Yet In 1870 Mr TILIIEN had moro than four
millions and 1 quarter of votes and was de
frauded of tho office
I must bo 1 comfort to Gen BUTLER to
know that tho mon who committed und who
promoted this peerless crime are now all op
posed i to him
Tho Prohibition Homo Protection party
made a rather poor selection of a candidate
for Vlcle lloM in the person I of Mr WIL
LIAM DANIEL of Maryland who was such a
failure as temporary Chairman of the Con > an
ton Mr DANIEL will hae much of par
liamentary knowledge to acquire before
iii will bo capable of properly vro
siding ovor tho United States Rnnato
Happily the nominee for President Governor
Br JOHN of Kansas Is a young and healthy
man so that It ho should bo olectod Sir
DANIEL would probably not bo called to limo
White House I Is rather a pity that our dash
Ini friend len CLINTON n FISK aid not
Ina FIIK Ild c tut
time nomination Ho might not have carried
NowJorsoy but jvhat 1 line flcuro ho would
make in tho big chair of the Senate
This Is bad news that comes from Texan
I Is i > kd that Col THOMAS 1onTcrnouKE
OciiiLTiirK the Lone Star or tho Lone Star
State Intends to retire from publla life nt time
closo of the present Congress Thu railroad
business which withdraws so much Intellect
from nubile pursuits will It is feared soon
enjoy Toils services This will 0 I good thing
for limo railroad business no doubt but 1 bail
thing for Texas and the house of Ipro ont
tlvts whore tho Colonels exuberant person
ality will tong be mimed and niournod Hut
perliupH ho In only trifling with his constitu
ents amid doesnt mean to loavo Congress till
helms to lon 0 I
There Is nothing Improbable In tho story
that limo Spanish gunboat Almondaroz fired
upon time liritluh sloop Hcud which trade be
twnau Ports Maria Morant and Antonio
Spanish gunnery U not 10 accurate as to
mako It Inconceivable that a hot Intended
to cut across tho bows of the little craft
In ordor to bring bor to may Imra panned over
hor deck and avon have carried away the
smoke pipe of the cooks galley by Its
wlndnKO A similar experience Is said to
have burn reountly endurod by the American
schooner A V Drlsko The success ot AOUEIIO
la effecting a i landing In Cuba and the eon
taint that great efforts are made to lund him
men or munitions have caused strict orders
t b issued t the Btiaalta aunbvaU touoeru
lok suspicion intl within Cuban watlr The
I loud or Ootfrlod as ono account calls her ro
ort that slit was within threo miles of the
uust with no flog hoisted when brought to
Mlw PIUKOES E WifcLAim certainly pro i
ontpd a most dangerous protodont when site
ppcarcd In tho PltUburah Contention of time
rouitltlon Homo Protection party M tho
loUorof two proxies to cast the votes of lUsts
third she doosnt risldo In Happily there was
no harm done under tho circumstances as sun
voted for lov ST Joitx lint when tho
Prohibition party gets to b stronger nnd tho
ompotltlon for tho nomination becomes
harper It will b a perilous thing to cast
about proxies In such n luosu way All dele
gates to national political con von lions are not
to b trusted like hiss WILLAIID
Tlo Washington correspondent tho Bos
on ItiUu Atlreillifi say that Prosldont All
rites at the aspiration of bin term of office will
CBUIUO time practice of time law In this city but
does not look forward with much pleasure to
becoming onco more n inure lawyer In Mew
York with a coaifortublu income
Tie position of a lawyer in Now York with a
omfortabli Income Is ono ot the most enjoy
able In time world and wo trust Gen Auiuun
will Una It so
One of tho victims of time views of Presi
dent Anruui and of AttornoyOoncrat Hiiuw
BTEII upon time TIT Joits POIITCU case was
Assistant Surgeon 1 F IOIT whose relief bill
failed to receive thu Pro hlul e signature for
reasons annloKous to those announced ins aov
ornlng thin Ioimcn vote But Assistant Hur
itoun Pore had I consolation In the fact that his
iromotlon was to follow under tho new law
concerning promotions In time Medical Depart
tnont Should this nomination bo continued
hat would itself remove all doubt as t his
nital status In the army All time others how
ever who wore In tho samo boat with flon
POUTEO must Ilko him do their work In Con
gross ovor nllln
Tho ticket of Kr Jon awl DANIRL nom
mated at Pittsburgh has a curtain Scriptural
as wall as tnmpiiranao ring The namn that
toads this ticket must bo familiarly imfioclatod
In many minds from schoolboy days with
iorcs famous couplet
The j1 Join minute I with lay frtndl y bowl
The test or rcainli and tile Him of u mill
But of course that KL JOHN mlLht not hava
boon convention ollciblo for a nomination by a prohibitory
The winning of tho Kolapoor cup by tho
Canadians ut Wimbledon U l time reward of very
earnest olfort for this coveted trophy of marks
manship But why do not our friends and
neighbors of tha Dominion sometimes SOl <
hair BharpBhootnrs to contend with ours at
Croudmoor Wn neal very much time stimulus
of International coinDotltion on the Louulslaud
ranmand apparently shall have noun thoro
this year I Is true that the prizes offered
Wimbledon are most covetable while thoxo
at Croedmuor would hardly ronay c
ot 1 Jpurnoy from Citnadn oven woro there a
cliinco of sweeping oil auond share of them
Hut II the Canadians are tempted to tlio long
ocean voyniM year alter year by the material
rinMirls us well as time honors of Wimbledon
hoy would at leant bu sure of as sharp com
Petition as they desired Crnodmoor
Tie Prnnsyhvftnhls ItrmncraU well latlilid
with Ills Vork nt Cklcnun
PiiiLADKLiiiiA July 24 Samuel J Ban
< huh has turned armor for the summer Ho Is
hoeing corn and waterlog sprouts on his little
arm In Itcrwyn For years Randall had to
contend with tbo wing of thu party led
by I Senator Wallace Ol late tho State Admlnlu
ration has sotiKhttohamporhlm atovery step
limit ho gained such n slunal victory at Chicago
lint no ono could h I mvo time hardihood to dispute
lU position unions it bo Lewis C CuaalJywho
It Ii said has Homo Intention of making a light
lii Mr Itaudulls Congress district
The Paulson Administration Is i In bad odor
with the party The young Governor would
have dnno well enough I left atomic but ho
called in Cnssldy as hU Attorney Oonoril and
JHuldy Iris talcan command Hu loom Is the
fooling against tliu AdmInistratIon that time re
rent Hiate Convention rofiisod to mention Pat
tlsons namo II time same resolutions which
eulogized Hindnll It was an Intended slight
and IuttUon and Cu < i ldy hold Itaudall
< lullbon In < CU8lly 1611111 more or
lumen rusponslblA for i Causldv went to Chlciiuo
mind took with him of the
wlb hll Secretary Common
unltii Iunur amid a you i lawyer named
Gordon who slipped into tho Henato two or
three years IILO bocauso of a split in I strong
Itopubllcan district In the city These repro
Huntatlves of the Administration went to work
on time delegates for tho purpose of turning
hum from Itaudall but they made
I 1llllal mldo no head
way whatever Only live duleuates voted
iiiiilnht lUndult on thollrst ballot und four ot
them would liiivn sluck had they not consid
ered ClOMilnnJa nomination Inevltiiblo
Meanwhile Mr Uandall had reached Chicago
Ho iruvu no thought to his own candidacy but
wont to work on time platform Ho saw that
Cleveland would havo a majority on the sec
ond ballot mid lie agreed with Manning that
his forces should bo thrown to Cleveland Vol
untarily ho withdrew from thu field Unwit
tingly Cugsldv tinned and helped him out
It was a complete victory for llnndall
Mr Randall will bu ronomlnated and Boat
buck to Congress In tho event of Clevelands
election Ilandall will take command In Penn
sylvania with none to dispute his leadership
Tke TnrllTu Great Issue or ika Cumpitlca
from tin lironllin Kitite l
Rpoaktr Call o U I knonu to tin not onlr 0 man of
convictlnftN but utie who lurs tIe courage in avow them
In mi uiiiiiUtaknlile wuj lit doe not think It w orlh
while tn wuttu time lu arguing ihnl tliu turllt oujjlit to
lie I a iiruniinotil Uitte In til cumpaUu lie s that
> i iath pal hue ifhvii It Knii iiroiiilneiuti lu their
I Utforuu nml ai IIHIuu anil L igan lime dcrntrd a
l rxu putt of their letters til I ll < > Joel not tie how III
illMiiiBaina ciii Its AVtiitleil The only tuvition U I
vhtthvr I Dvinoiruu kimll Ui cufl4 I uu thu viJeof rev
illume refurui or uyiMuMte 1 vpoceh or forced suture
ftlopt the I lEvpuCilcau
lpuGillroleUol view
Mr CorlUIr Knji 1
TiIS ai lion of tin Irpulilc Cnin tnllon and In ran
indille whoWN llotv tfrtfHlly IlliPtlkfll thnm tfelllltfllirn
Muni wliu supmei Hint I it Test pulilli ililritliin I litf llui
rnulil li IKII ml I n political eIUteSt ln I evulliiK t
ilUtrul coiuiutfrcul spud iluuncUt fuudlilun or tli
uudll II
iKUinry trrea Hi iU llounr Fnleriil loxMiou tiuni
the Ulflitlbti i lnl UK tuiill I Mud it us 1 tile itiltr nf puLllo
nicu to iiivet It In a pirii I of cuudur and fatrneit i 10
We utrer that Mr llalimn eitlliiiiiatni for urotectlnn
cntiuot dhert the popular uilnd from other iUe tloiu
tucli m hU 0tt liaricter and 1 nindilcl lut It Ij I fully
t hI iv 111 lurJ InC nulls fmtec In the miul 1 uf prrsouill
tlc In I at md debate on a lubjwt which more than itt
tliuprtiil Uivf upon public attriitioii
Air Ikriiue lull Gold Cup
James n Knonos race cup which contains
II pouudl or mill I Hold nnd was n ou by Mi hor I > tlillial
at Ascot Knvlaiid remaIns In his itrnn Imx nf tn >
Cuttimi Home > rUure hinni Tho steal liai ieeti douie
wlmt iliumKed uluir It wn riceltnd hr A bonded
uurehnuie IIIM Imd I In chariru mint uf Situ thIns Ilea
andrriuiitiTli < iitntluui to It I mit u to i hue TOIIMH
lust tu hl inbrpuriuid unlir the Iuilomi Uwi nlth
rritnrdtu I h i cuitiuiu uuthorttlcK ssu Hint ititr I luu
Ijw I whereUvtnodipuai I I 1 b I adinlttnl free uf < dllt itt
Hint m a iprrliil iirl I of Ionifre In I nrrdnl In I Hit paw
nf lurm liiri > lurdi cup MU l bv la > hir K Irniiuolili I
lmUnl Uj iriatury P tui i nrlmeut litld tint duilre
uiul III I iiald li m mu i both 1 pftinued I and denied I II tlit Hi
riTHarv iif tIle irtaurr hu < iliicntlouar l oner > will
rtitatiliii I Mr heriira i I iun TM > iup h I I set curdn
uud I irairil I audltl I > itt I thiS ills box S In whloli It I came
Ir mtinhaum 1 l i I uiuit It I
i fiiniul lirforr Hi e Iw l loiiinTi if
rxparia mu b I coiupiud win II finm imiitr rlll
llml Ihi box ittis l beta l1 lh 1 111 r ssy
111 II b1 uillald and Hint Illey are inaalui
151Cm fOr I ma1
XcTep Hunt from France
To nit KDIIOII or Tlc SusSiV Your n
fiiuut of the
unfortunate Iviuup EcNuuno affair tli
Mtilntnlaji lone ilur our funill an lujiiitlcr > Iy l
father U I B UelKlan and 1
lelll not a Krincliinmi lleiiMf
s as hiinhol ii Ste Commune don 1 nnd ionic
Oliilly wa iierer expdltM 1 frill FrI on that or 01 any
niliiructount lie his bu iii mr5 ho S e Vork for sir
1 < 1 cots llkxntlxioDi
Irutectlon Aik d fur
lrol8lun Noufnlin Men
CISCINSATI 0 Iuly 25A petition was pre
lentnl lo Hit Major lo day by the projirletorn of rl the
Uu u founJrlti and the cigar mltahutsctujs or itt city
priu IIN for I lie PtttCitflli l If Slit i Uthn mit I lii thttr
eItlphOy They Stole Itit I their I lieU I are Iu1l II aol
tests d tsr afleritsr loll receive in pngtin ftntn She I
phtte l this lit clIii5 ti IIrotsttg I Umsy wU is
10 Ih1 florl to utter IUI u
Hi s Unt ke Cunnol hut Hrl > n < l M hi
VsemIus Cal rkle l rly FlleiMs
JomUJI i July 25 EitOov John 1 Bt
John arrived In this city this forenoon from
Lakeside whore he addressed I camp meeting
lie was hero previous to the Prohibition Con
Tcntlon and said that ho could not accept time
lomlnatlou should It b tendered him Whoa
asked today what bo propocod todo ho drew
from his satchel a copy of the following tele
tram which ho said tin had sent In roply to a
meflsaue notifying him of his unnnlmous item
nation and nsklnv him whether ho would
accolt hineuhmsTss July 21 1554
T tlit Hoe 11 rinrli Ihrlton I Urn I rolt nmt lie lion
M V llfnitrll M fllitrln ibid lHIHuitlll t Ill1
I wes al Laamlde yeiitrUa 1 uJ did nut receive jrnur
rletirnui Until I hhm morning it lute I ltd not seek mr dej
she Site liniiilialinn I really mipreclax the uiiauliniiy
t Itli wlnili liwuKltu I ai rI is the honor 1 II I r
I vet only my now that 1 acauleire In the stOut of hl Hit
lg rJ
on vHillon I ami looking I to Ocxl for lln I Kuldatice ihall
try to do my duty Join 1 XT Jona
ExGovltJobn continued I was under
stood among all my friends and by all
with whom I hnt communicated and
line been publicly announced In time
mpors that I was In no cense A can
didate nor could consent to accept the nom
nation and It was In the face ot this deolara
lon on iny part that tho nomination was given
to me In view of tho unanimity with which
ho call has boon made on 1011 fuel now that It
s my duty not to turn my back upon my friends
or tlio elitist and shall not
llflicnrdlni the prospects of the Prohibition
party this year us iompiired with tlio last cum
lalkn bo sold Mr Neal Dow of Malno wits
time candidate of tho National Prohibition party
In 18SU I do not call to mild now time exact
vote ho rucohod However It was not large
But at that time the Question had not iiBSunum
time mntnltudi thatctiaracturlwn It todar and
devotion to the old political parties wns much
stronger than now Besides during tho past
Itrnll years the uuostlon hiss been discussed
not only In almost every church and school
liousu and nubile hall In the Intnl but It has
bun upfordlscusDlon In tie Icalslntivu halls of
nearly every Htato and Territory In the nation
It bal ulio to some extent attracted time atton
lion or both houses of Congress und only last I
october about aJSOOo votes were counlod
pluimo italicize the word counted j for pro
lilbltlon In Ohio Today this question utoro
tuRn all others reaches tile iixnrt and con
Hfliincuot the people ami the ultimate triumph
III the homes of tills country in the strum
11IlSI the liquor traffic Is only n ancntlon of
thus Jusiwhen It U not for us to know It
Is 1 for UK to do our duty God will take cure nf
ritsultH In the runt campaign 1 am In
ellnid 10 think and hope It will 0 tho policy of
thn Prohibitionists not tnlndiilga In personal
abuse of men or parties hut founding our
faith the
Illh upon principle nppenl to ruaion
Imnrt nnd conscience of the people I ilo not
want I vote thill 11 l not obtained hotiustly and
booutise tin voter believes It Is right
As to his connoitlon with tho Itopubllcnn
wlh 1olublcnl
party And the temperance cause ho taut I
was born at Drockvlllu lad on Feb 251M3U
I hnvo lived I my life In the Weft much ot
thn time on tins frontier I was an abolItionist
during the days nt slavery anti up to tho 4th
of lust Juno have acted wIth the Ilnpubllvan
party I loft I than because It not only refused
to rocosnlro the temperance Bontlmcnt ot the
country but by its platform endorsed 1 the
munuracturo and sale of Intoxicating Ihiuors
an I beviruae I was In this army during the
wurscrvlng forelght months as Ouptnln 01 Com
puny 0 HlxtyulKlitli Illinois nnd Lieutenant
inlonnl ottlto HililIllinoisInfanlry Inoltlort In
KRnn II May 18GJ anti wnsolflcledtn lathe State
Hntmto for n term ot two years In 1872 elected
lovornor of thin State In 1878 und 1 reilociod In
IhHO I was defeated for it third term In lttH2
I hnvo prncllsed my profession ns a lawyer for
twiinlyllve years No I have never boon a
dulcgiilo to a convention of nny kind Finally
I would nay that I dont claim to be ncront
warrior o I treat statesman hit simply n
pliilti hardworking man In a humble way I I
hay donu hnlnvnr I could for the prohlMllon
ol time trifle In Inloxlcatlni lltiuon In this
country but thero nro minions who hnvo
worked us unrnuHtly In the ciiuie nn I have
In speaking William Daniel ol Baltimore
tho Prohibition candidate for Vlco1roiildiint
oxGov Ht John said lie Is 1 man ot line
ability und starling worth 1 a clllzon Ho his
boon a prominent worker In the temperance
cause for many years nnd Is respected by nil
who know him He In about 45 years of ago
innrrl d and a lawyer I by profession
His answer to What IK your programme for
the future 1 was 1 oxptfot to leave Itochoster
lomorrow lor Kcuka Lake whore I um in ad
dress n lempurancn cal meeting I have m
Kngemnnts lo speak at meetings ot this kind
In thin State until time 1st of Heptember These
ongngqmenls were matte a year ago amid I feel
It mv duty to live up < them After thnt I will
t0 Went My wife amid twoof our children will
101 wil
ininjne In HulTulo on the BUlb of this month
Nn I will notwrlu a letter ol acceptance before
H pt i bforo
PiTTHnunoit July 25Aftsy the adjournment
of tie Convention lat nlifht thus California
delegation on behalf of iJr R 1 McDonald
wave a banquet to the dolcgntes The leaders
nt tie Convention In Interviews tntlay claim
they will poll from fiOOlXH to lOOOOOU votes
nnd thnt they will probably carry Kansas and
Maryland and so throw the election Into Congress
Tke Dry Oooda Inltroat
From tht American Grocer and Dry Qooii Reporter
The dry goods jobbing Interest compared
with a year ago ti t ou it aoundtr baiii The volume of
business traniacted U I not larger but I has b1 more
voniertallvely manased In the flrst place JoUbera j
clocks are imaller than at tho close of the spring leaion
of IHMH uoodi have been more judlclouily toujht asS
there Is I 01 less amount of unsalable stock now on hand
tlinn In any previous history of the dry good Interest
Purchases for the most part have been strictly In ac
cordance with actual requlremsuti and have been ills
trllmted throuKh a series of months is occasion ile
tniinded As result payments have not been large In
any first period amid consequently they hat been
promptly met as they fell due There 1 I less I dry roods
piiper alloat al the present thins In this and other money
markets than lu IJ former period of Its history when
the Increased MIume of business la I taken
Ihlacrld I bUI1 11 Into consider
ation Jobbers are paying their bills as a rule promptly
atul askluir but few I any favors from Importers and
commission events Their louts by bid debts li ve been
lIght as compared ultlt other spring seasout and they
hay suffered but a slIght loss In closing out their broken
assortments of sprint and summer goods Throughout
tin entire prim season there has boon a eteady tone to
values and no demoralization of prices has existed Con
sequently the busluest transacted haa been done at a
fair average profit
The sprint business of tss has been more uUifac
lory with jobbers than any similar season since Ibfn
Jobbers are extremely conservative and cautious and
never In Ihlr history hay they conducted tlnlr bust
hess closer to their capital than the present There Is
an entire absence of speculation and overtrading and
the business transacted Is healthy and legitimate Dur
ing the past two oar of liquidation In 1 branches of
Ira the weak spots have about all been elltnlnaUi
from the dry goods Jobbing business slid the firms now
conducting It have a good basis of capital
The fahiure ii hch have recently occurred were not
due to stringent nieniy or general depression but were
due solely In bad inanagemunt and should not be
charged to outside clicumstuncea
After a thorough review of Iho dry goods Interest
wholesale and retail base upon personal Inquiries amid
observation and sloe from the retorts commercla
agencies we r satisfied I Is lu a sound and substan
slit condition moro so than any other loading depart
ment of business
Vk Prooter or hi Electoral fraud
Oppose llluloo
From Pc jl ntrlltllbfea
The Electoral Commission bill wns a great
act of statesmanship which rescued the country frou
Hdlsputu verging upon civil war Mr Kdmunds Wr
Hoar Mr 1 lliurmati and other Senators acting In a
spirit of devotion to the whole country were laboring
to perfect that neaiure Mr Hlalne expressed deep
sympathy with thvtr efforts but ou the last I night of the
debate when the Scuttle tat till 7 oclock
holl 11 TIcoel In the morn
lug the Senator nroio and loUr disclaiming al 1
title to be I a Constitutional lawyer aaltt he could mhlt
vote for the Kltcloral 1 Commission bill bvcausu I dt
ilo not belIeve that tongreii Itself has the power which
It proposes la confer on these fifteen gentlemen He
said lie I had been witling tu support aConsmutlona
amendment which was of course entirely lo
In tile limited time referring all disputed quedlous to
the Supreme Iuurt The bill passed 47 to 1 Mr l Itlalue
Mitlnglii every vote the negative and Mr Logan being absent 01
KaliUe Narlhwroioro Car Company
ST IAUL July 25C U ailflllun stated this
morning that he Imd riispotd if his stock In the North
western Oa Company of which Hettator Bath was
rreiMeut Mr Saul owned I Uilouf In the 11 N Nol
son Lumber Company but sail < l that the slars were
pledged as curly 10 lIme entoil of 40 cents on lie dol
lee I Mr I tlllilllsu I then propoird lo give fliiiin I
Sirlliuisiern I I far romiieiiyiloik I for C IIIJlSei of II lumber
cuinpaiit stock I hlili In uoiiM aiu rrdtem This K I
airrii d Mr Tll
Ilimilan then
111lal Ih1 arranniJ Pt i Him ll Ii
lul tee Ir rinoagii inuld exchange his meius a hi I near
lomiaii ktiiL In lilt nine inniinrr Ihr 1 sanm nr
raiiitrnieiit wai iiiaJ rf It It table t if Ihlfego a hi I
hiJsJVnf I the car compaiit e IL khlr lr Ione
h mint yet 1 dIIII tlihalig his > lok If I this
nolll tl cx
change f I ellnted It ulll tests I > lr Nahln holding all It thu
car whim coinpjn s smok except Hint held lu the East 11 ld
wil lei oi tile Nunhwr parties out witlh about M
11 oa the dollar Wlh 01041 U
The Maekero Collar Must O
from tttt LIft Tiltarapli
Thl patentees of roglutend dtislgns of
11111 und all round collars ti iuW I Iw netltii
rinrii If vVo their bOl Ii cul It lust I with ihie lhl
51111ie5 I I is nut err mrtnhie whl y
III 1 o ttiai u ahlmuit
r 1f 5
lasrKBiaisuMu Orr is them il tim S SIF
0U win 111 lollt ii
Pr aldcsit tilrn mid lnni > lintlri Urnnl hnvc
a Nhnrp Hcbiite Ovn II
Corrtptrollor Irani rte imtly offered a rCo
utlon In tho Hoard ot Apportionment lining
tile salary of Clmrlos V Aden the Clerk of tho
Hoard at 13410 President Anton then movsd
lint Mr Adens salary bo 13000 At tho moot
lag yuclerdny Comptrollrr flrnnt called up his
resolution nnd moved Us adoption
The salary named in tho resolution 811
ho is In my opinion ample for tho services
rondored I think that the position comes
nearest to being I slnocuro of nny PitieS
tho city Govornmunl We hold hint year only
forty nicotines for tho olorlcnl work ot which
Mr Ado received H400 Kw far this year wo
have hold fllteun uioutlngn for which ho will
rocolvn undnr my roiolutlon llUOO Most of
time work of the Hoard It done by tho Flnnnco
Department Indcod so little work remains
thiitt the doparttnnt would not hesitate to as
imumno it
reiillient Asian replied to the Comptroller
that Mr Admi had often workud nt night to
clear up thn work ifuiru moutlnirsol limo Hoard
ind hud nmploiod help jmylng for It nut of his
own pocket He tins txien a faithful and
pulniitnklngHorsnnt of time Hoard Mr Anton
Mid No errors havo Imier boon found In his
work and that Is of great Importnnca to this
Board Thin Cnmptrollnr has snld omMhlng
thnt bo should not have said Tilts young
Ill flfls lou Unit Is not it Hlimouni lliu Comp
trollers own Hnlnrynns rucently raise 22 ncr
eeflt I could reply to tho Comptrollers state
ment In ii cutting way If I ohono ami fling
> nck liU assertions In his face Why Mr
Mayor when the llnal cntltnuto wns mndq this
dorks Hillary was tlxed nt 3000 and the
Comptroller defended the Increase I nm
afraid there Is sumo object In reducing time
mlary that Is not very crodltablt to those who
TUIJ Comptroller asked Mr Aston how much
sorrieR the clerk lied rnndoiud tile Hoard In the
last three weekH Mr Anton answered A Croat
sited Ho liac obtained for tno much valuable
I dont see time Comptroller that this
Bonn gets the bonelltof suchnorvlro I repent
that I consider this offlco a perfect slnocuro
If you sny tlint Jlr Aston rntortnil sharp
ly I mtlt say that Mr Adoo g VMS his wholo
time to tho city Ha has never men found to
m In any outside speculations You oliiict to
this Incrcnui when the salaries In the Flnanco
Department hnvn been raised 23 tier rent
Yes anti they nuuht to lutvn boon raised CO
per runt the Comptroller Milil
They will Iio Mr Anton said qulokly
When wit get Comptroller who Is oijuul to
thmi position und Is worth It
Mayor IMsnn interrupted the discussion nt
this point This is not the proper plncit
mild lie for Htioli n dismission Th auittlon
nt issue Is not Mr Adens nhlllty Tha Hoard
wits iteketl to dicldn what tho xorvlccs of Its
fllnrks wnru worth I think that 12100 Is n fair
Halary Ho nddnd that time clerk might do much
of th Hoards work which time member either
did nrdctnllod their clerks to do If Mr Adeo
could give the Hoard moronld than lin now did
iim would bu willing to vote for an increase ot
his Sahumt7
Coinptrdlnrfirnnt said that he would like to
havo Mr AiUos aHilKtnnco In work which his
own clerks now had to do
Ilavw you over asked him to help you
President Asten inuulrnd
rue Comptroller ntvewored in the negative
whorcnron Air Astun snld If Mr Atlee
should hilp yon I suppose you could reduce
your clerical force
The Comptrnllur replied that his force would
not even then ho too large Time vote was
nikon and limit Frosldnnt Astons nmondmont
wits lost IreBldunU Kirk and Aftton voting
fnr antI tIme Mayor und Coinptrollor ncalnst It
Mr AdntiB salary wits then fixed at IlilUO all
the membors voting for It
Time Uoard voted to permit tho Fire Commls
stoners to expend 101000 for a building In
last Kuvitntysuvontli ftraut to bo usud for thin
Life Having Corps n school of Instruction and
a duplicate lire alarm signal cyHtum
A ItstUrUt Shot Hulidess Nay May 5upad
Iran la Ike KnIUrr
Eu there Is an article onproflt In Iron ships which
although Instructive doss not no far enough You are
doubtless au are that soft steel Is I being extensively used
for this purpose Its superiority over Iron was recently
demonstrated In this Imrbor In the isis of tho French
jsiht which ran upon the rocks In Hull Hate at a depth
of water one foot less than the draught of tho vessel
and was got off uninjured Till would havo been Im
losslblo with Iron which cracks and breaks like wood
whereas soft or mild steel becomes Indented nr bulged
Under this treatment and does not open or crack In
lightness sift steel Is I as far superior to Iron as Iron Isle
feood Tests nf plate Iron used on the Clyde for ship
building by Klrkaily give 4tSOJ 10015 tensile stress
per square Inoli with about fjtua pounds elastic stress
the reduction of area at fracture being 4 toft per cent
with u to 4 per cent elongation soft steel plates made
In iinnsyhaula from coke pig Iron and Iron ore In an
open hearth furnace are of uniform quality tontine
7 > ilV > pounds tensile stress per square Inch with
44isi pounds challis stress reduction of area at tree
tore 44 per cent ami LVH per cent elongation
The rlaitlc streee and eluintiUlim are the tests ot value
lo engineers as the former I the limit of olastlcllv al
which the metal stretches and returns to hIa original
shale and the latter Indicates Its toughness Mild steel
of tills qutlllv welds as Iron does and dost not temper
or harden n hen cooled In water
This metal thou Is lutrliulrally loo percent better
than iron In the economical point of view of carrying
cnpacltv and iihould be of ilm same economy as regards
marine Insurance
Mild steil I innde most economically In open hearth
cas steelmelting furnaces from pu Iron and ore or pig
Iron meltid with fcirnn Iron or scrap steel and ilecarbon
izol and then poured Into Ingot whIch are rolled while
Mil hot Into plates or shapes of tho required sires This
kind f steel Will rveuliiallir take this piano ot puddled
Iron for almoitt every purpose AUUA
haw VOBI July ii
A Hkrcwd Young UaiB
From the CrrrMnd Leader
Ills private secretary Is Daniel S Lsmont
and If Cleveland Is elected 1resldent ho will without
doubt be his conlldcntlnt advlssr and private leorolary
at the White House Lnmont Is I a wonder He Is a small
blond young man of 80 with sandy hair and mustache
He has a modo personal appearance dresses very
neatly and there Is I no man In Now York State not ex
cepting Samuel J Tilde who has a larger acquaintance
w 1th the Democrate of that Mate and I might say with
the prominent Democrat of tho nation Ho la per
fectly honest knows a man at n glance and time mo
ment anyone comes Into Clevelands offlce ho cia tell
what his business Is He slgnllles to Clevtlahd by a nod
of his head what ho thinks ot the request about to be
made He never looses his head hat been with politi
cian all his life and he has the most exemplary habits
He never smokes and never swears lie Is Inferior In
size and docs not at first command the attention to
winch his abilities are entitled He Is courteous and
quick is very friendly with ills newspaper men and
glies them all the n ns freely with atalrfstlmateol
that which should not hertported It was fcauiont and
Apzar who presented Cleveland to Manning at a caudl
date for Governor tn ktiouk out Mocum awl Flower
Tunntnny Xot Vnnlod
from the firocllim Union
It will bo good for tha Democratic candidates
If Tammany continues to mtrk Its disapproral nf Cleve
lands nomlnttlon by a sulky abstention frmn the cam
halt The Democrats have tnUsed two or three good
chances for flmwlnit that they could carry New York
Stale Ithiut the aid ot Kelly and lilt friends hut If they
cannot dltpetiio with lImit aid this year tb party might
as welt disbammd
Tie Irish Xiillnniil Itugiio Convunllon
BOSTON July 23At a meeting of the Execu
tive Committee this afternoon time programme for time
Irish demonstration at Institute Building on Thursday
etenlng Aug 14 w at completed Accommodation will
be I provided for ZVU persons and stain will be fur
hulled ou the platform to IIMI Intlted mOlests There
will lie kirrand chorus of I1UM nice s umitei by con
nlldaiei1 bunds nggregallng Its Instruments Iho 1 newly
tlictMl l > rekld llt ot thr Nntloistl IenKile will preside
Ailiiilslill will be my ticket fir sm hicli a Ilinnllinl > un
I ill itt cli rirnl and this net proceed u III Ito ilmil to
he I larllaiiirlilarr fund The iCSbIIliieC of Illalne
Cleveland mil llntlrr to tile Intllullons whleli have
been oxteudcd to tlium are awaIted with Interest
Tke Driiuikt In aluutkorn Ohm
CINCINNATt July 2Sllnln fell In Indianap
this last ulght and In a bolt to the eastward throng
central Ohio as far as iiiIeciIilg l but none fell hero or Iii
soullurn Ohio A report from Youngstown Ohio says
the drought has caused connlderaMe lops to the farmers
IhoieaioiiK ilm linn of tue milrouilMatch iililu am
aat lupretelit Dm llnj I toil at < in a ton iIQtI will be
higher If rani dons not full toon A iliiiii h rrom Uer
iiiiiitnwii llutier count 55 > 5 that that I region has l cn
seuirOeti i vhhlm tin severed droiiifht knovtn for itari
Tlio tobaccii crop has trili imull iiij crud and the corn
crnplstlirHiteiird I Tin crops of ts heal oats almS liar
are unusually niii
A Modes Youua Woman
They were uncagtid and ho complained that
sims wouldnt allow him its kiss her
I I am very sorry m > tIter she said but I dont
think It primer for a lany to permit a gentleman to kiss
her until after they are married
Most i > unglaills allow their Intended husbands to
kiss heat arifllil UtTgtf
1 know thmsy Uu bin I never did and I never will
HoW Onej Havel Iloie Fell In Love with
Anecdotes nf the famous ran horses ot Hit last thirl
years luilil history of Maggie Sllichflls lIar > of Fan
clion m the one solitary romance lu lug cart t r nf leorgs
William Curtis how the U I oclock meal got lobe taket
at S oclock and the circus that was made about It lee
t morrows Sun lup Minuru tilt
When your liver Is nut of irder list Hr Jurnea Sana
thy Illl ami > nu will atst tue UllUrj rstcui lu r e
galnlngaliealilir condition and gsl nd Ji MM
57tutsumL4mI5 nir r
Tt In said that fifty Canadian nownpaponi
hare ulcluriu I In fat or uf linlepuudiilico Auntxatloii
finds but few advocate
II In runoi tod that a ruby found lu Clay
ounlj K C was soM by tho finder for 13 thee fi r
I30IK nml after lirlna cut by a lapidary fur llsiin
A Detroit telephone got out tit order ami
the mtn who is ai sent tu flu II up discovered thai n liole
hail been punched III tlift hid nhluliethi by somebody whr
laJIniioctntly thought ho oauM heat better through II
limit Wsy
Time boys of tho Bacramonto Cal high
School believing thtlr principal tn have been harshly
used liy tho Hoard ot Kitticatlon which had illsmlssed
ilm from Ids post packed uu their books and lift the
school In a body
Thero U living near Conovlllo Pla a
colored man named Itotiien who Is wedded lo a maid ot
hits race called Juliet Tills couple hive twlat whom
they havo named llomului and Iteiuut and Iki fainllj
Is conveyed lo church on Sundays by a hors named
rontlus lusts
A rcRUlnttrn In In force nt the lUgim by
which every one In whose house an Infectious rtisetx
exists Is bound lo limit upon the front door S Botlie lo
list oRect and to state the tiatnronf this M ls4yj so that
any ono whnto bushiest takes him to Ihs h iuo may utah
time danger or apt as ho think nt
Tho trustees of the Lick estate la tea
Francisco lime paid liiooo tu Kdninod foil of Fats
foC a glass for the Ilck observatory on Mount llaiiilllou
but nf nineteen glasses produced all but two haveproved
defecllv ami It Is not certain thai Ihf lietwd wilt bo any
better Tile glass It to bo thlrtrsl Inohet In dlamtter
L 7 Hose has sold hits state probably
the Sliest In Cttllforult for tToOonO This planlathiii U
knovMiatSunny Slope hear Iasailsna and It contain
more than its acres ot wellwatered land The orange
crop was sill on tho trees by Mr llooo tills year for
UM and His dotage lost year front tOUU aires et
vInes wa lieu lout ot grapes
A 1owliatau Ohio woman iravo a warm
receptIon to railroad sureyortwha attempted to lay
out a line through her anl contrary la tier wishes Tho
first surveyor escaped with hit hat riddled with shot
from her revolver while the seCond man was driven
Into a mud pond at th Mat of the pistol leaving all lilt
tools which she captured stIll still held poessloq of
Tho collections of the British Museum
increaio so fast that It has been found ntietoary lo re
nove while department Thus tile entire natural his
tory collection has been transferred tu tho Smith Ken
iliglon Museum and soon the print drawing and
iieWstIiIiu F II ill be placed In anew building Lant year
3tlssPviuius were added tn the library Tha nambor
itt > visItors WAI liiiU lent than In 1HSJ lint the number
nf undent Is nn thiS Increase
Thi tvhimiC I of rechilmlnglho 1otomao fiats
along tin front of Washing Is proceeding satisfacto
rily eni II2H acres of marsh have already been filled with
Irnlgliiz from tho river bottom Contrary to expecta
tion these dredglmrs do not give out malarial tflluvlo
but are ot sand gravel and shells Tho exhalation
from the marshes which were formerly very offensive
liave ceased Ultimately a park ol eon acre will tie
formed along the river front
The descendants of Rebecca Nourao who
was hanged as a wItch at Salem Mass on July IB 10ft
icld an annh ersar reunion at llattvers a tow day ago
at whleli about 2ur of her representatives wore present
llenjamln K Nourse of lloston presided and arrange
ments nero made for the erection ot s monument to bo
dedicated a > oar hence An Interesting feature of tlio
occasion was a letter from this poet WhittIer expressing
the opinion that In thu execution of Kebecea Kourso
the people of Salem hanged the best Christian woman
atnoiiir them
Women havo some pretty substantial
rights In China This appear by the recent decision ot
a court In Foochow A man being convinced that hit
wife was unfaithful to him prepared to kill heri rem
edy which the law sanctions tlha unworthy spouse
liowever was too quick for him and Intttad of allowing
her husbaud tn kill her the killed him This also wa
recognized by the court at ono nf tho rights which be
long to condemned wives when they can exercise them
sod on lime conclusion nf tho trial the woman was dis
missed with a reprimand for not having Immediately In
formed the authorities of her husband death aud thus
made arrangement for hIs burial
Tho lately published vital statistics for
Ireland for ISAIglvolh population at 6013 Sis show
Ing a falling off from 1HU of 83021 The marriage rate
which was las Iten 1000 In England and 14 In Scotland
wai but 80 In Ireland and 05 below the mean rite la
the prevIous decade The bljlli rale was 3 0 below the
mean rate and was but 230 while In England aimS Scot
land it ws 33 J and Sls Thi death rate which wo
174 In Itw2 rose to lit 3 In IAH3 while In England and
Seottimit it was 195 and 20L It should be remembered
that owing to emigration 431 pir cent of the death In
Ireland last year were of persons of sIxty and upward
Ths proportion In England was IS per cent
In a town In Normandy lives an aged
lady named Marie Durant much visited who It boUevod
to be 123 yean and a few weeks old but who when
asked with true feminine Instinct declare abs doe not
know For ninety six lairs she has been a WIdow and
during her lifetime four klngt bate ruled the Man ot
two emperor have riseS and tot and thrtortpnbllCB
hive been eatabllshtd Sits Uveleicluslvely onfvegiltblo
diet but Is I always ready for a petit verro of cognac and
says she would have dIed but for frequent dose of U
during a recent Illness Her ikln lo brown and wrinkled
and all the flesh seems to have disappeared from under
it though there aro still small vein of eoloroa hit with
ered cheek
On one of the many official excursions
made by boat to Fortress Monroe and Chesapeake Bay
Cnlef Justice Waits of time Supremo Court Judge Hall
ot horlh Carolina and other dignItaries of the btnch
were participants When the Government steamer had
fairly got out of time Potomac and Into the Atlantic tho
sea was very rough and the vessel pitched fearfully
Judge Hall was taken violently with tea ilcknsss As
he was retching over lbs side of tho vsasel and moan
lug aloud In his agony the Chief Justice stopped gently
to lila side and laying a soothing hand on lilt shoulder
said My dear Hall can 1 do anything for yon t ins
surges what you wish I wish said the seasick
Judge your Honor wonld overrule this motion I
A reporter of a Denver paper while
travelling recently among the Heckles found the mow
on mite tops of the ranges at red as If It bad been tprln
lIed with red pepper Upon digging down a few Inches
It appeared clean and white lie concluded hat the rod
dust must have been meteoric Iron and lu some way
connected with the recent protracted red eunott Prof
Van Dies of Detour disposes ot this theory very briefly
It could not hate been meteorio Iron ho laid be
cause Iron would by Its specific gravity hart sunk be
neath the surface of the mow and lu addition to this
the color would not have beeS red at U It described to
hate been but It would have been more lIke ochre I
Imagine that ttio red substance found upon the snow
was the pollen ot come flower which had been carried
from a distance by this winds This ha boon noticed
before travellers In tho Arctic region havingpoken of
leelng similar appearance upon time mow Examina
tions have shown It to be vegetable and not mineral
Speaking of American Judaism the
American UraelHe nyii All persons born In this
country In consequence of Its political ana social or
ganism are Americans first and last You can male no
foreigners nf them whatever language custom or
habits you may Impose upon them they will speak
English think In English speak sail feet and think
Amsrlcau Nono born lu this country can bo a for
elgnir nobody want lo b an alien It anybody is I
Unorant of this fact Ut him mix a few days among th
JOUMX American Israelite lo be convinced that all
peculiarities In language manners and habit brought
from other countrUs are eradicated and with most of
them not a trace thereof Is left All that It left of the
European lu the American Israelite may b reduced to
two elements the historical conidmisness I am a
scion nf Israel winch Is connected with the religion
fiellngs peculiar to Israelites and wuergetlo Intelligeno
peculiar to the denomination whk makes It Impossible
for him to become a dogmatic Christian
A wellknown Im Is picture dealer has
published tu Intrreitlug ami useful pamphlet on Sham
Old Mailers Ilo save that the commonest uiods ot
counterfeiting an old picture is 1 to wirer a new one
raluud of course for time purpose viltli a ctrtala
transparent paste which when exposml to slIght art
fidel heat cracks and becomes brown If a suinclonll
venerable tint has not been produced Site canvas Is
washed with a mixture of lampLlaok and liquorice
Julia The plclurv Is luxt exposed for tome hours to
tile smoke of a wood fire and the loose ooot having
icon bru hed away U rubbed here and there with a rag
which has bten nipped In a very dilute sulphuric acid
Tlls operation gives a mouldy appearance to those port
which have been touched The strk Is finally sprluklsd
b > meant of a tooth brush and a hairpin with uiUuit
spot of a solution of somlia In gumuater lonnllalelly
spicks smut it is tI > nreai > for the market Signature
are Imitated by experts It ito are known as monogram
uilstes and w ho devote their exclusive attention to such
matters t and one of thete men who died recently and
Os as known lo be lime author of tlm pamphlet confessed
tu the forgerv of no fewer than 11 I I skj signature of th
Italian MUIITH alone and said he had for years mad a
large Income by the exercise of hi art
In court sail the card on this lawyer door
i Hack In ten minute on many more
Cone to the hospital on the doctors slats
On another Hit down and wait
tlono to bank on tho notarys sign I
Arbitration that oung clsrk of mlue
Hack toon on the broker book t
Collecting renti on my agenti hook
They were all loo busy a matter quite new
Very sorry was I I had nothing lu do
Then I bled me hence tu the bate ball groans
AB4 vtry man OD the erraai stand toned

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