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LONDON July MBoth tide are itlll dl
putlng whether the demonstration of lut Mon
day li t b considered typical of pubilo feeling
or not Though there are many disputes
abut the exact numbers everybody url
that the demonstration wu a r big thing
the controversy being on the question whether
It was spontaneous or manufactured and paid
for Certainly a good dell of money wa spent
br Radical millionaires aa the agricultural
laborer who appeared In many thousands
are notoriously unable and unwilling to spend
a penny on the assertion of their right
Lord Salisbury baa added one other happy
phrase to bin already long Hit of venomous ep
igrams br describing ouch demonstrations
I legislation by picnic and tho phrase has I
ben caught up by all the papers Tho Lib
erals retort that the reanon the Tories ao
strongly object t thee demonstrations Is not
that they disdain them for their own use but
that they cant get them up In proof of this
they point to the fact that on the very day when
Lord Salisbury was denouncing legislation by
picnic Mr Olbson ono of his foremost ool
leitguo was appearing at an open air demon
stration In another town whore the assembled
Tories were regaled not only with his Celtic
and flery oratory but also with fireworks and
the ascent o a balloon with dancing and
special trains running at reduced rates
The good humor of the meeting In London
baa not been Imitated by the meetings In the
province In Leicester a Radical stronghold
Lord Salisbury was executed then burned In
effigy amid much ceremony and to the general
delight and at Bournemouth there was a free
fight Meantime a strong difference of opinion
I arising between the Liberal leader and
their followers Tho Ministers want to confine
the agitation strictly to the demand the fran
chise their object being probably to keep on
their side the moderate Liberals whom they
a not yet prepared to throw over and many
of whom are In the Cabinet and perhaps also
they desire t pose aa having their moderation
overcome b the fierce pressure of excited
public opinion The Radicals on the other
hand determined not to let the opportunity
elipof baring a strong agitation against the
present power of the Hou e of Lords
The other night at the Eighty Ciub an as
Amblnge of young Radicals something like
your Young RopubllMn clubs the Attorney
General was actually hissed when he spoke up
for the House of Lords and at a huge demon
stration which Is I t take place In Manchester
today white Lord Hartlngton will speak t
a mild resolution dealing only with the Quee
tion of the franchise the Radicals have ar
ranged propose a strong resolution denounu
lug the House of Lords and Lord Hartlngton
will hare of course t swallow it MrChambor
lain with his usual dexterity and promptitude
I taking advantage of a crisis to push himself
and his principles forward has been roundly I
denouncing Lord Salisbury and tho House of
Lords while his more scrupulous and more
cautious colleagues have been effacing them
selves by holding bck
Egypt I almost forgotten In tho whirl of this
fierce Internal struggle and though most peo
ple now think that the Conference Is going t
end In a fizzle nobody seems Inclined to take
much account of this new embarrassment of
the Government aa likely to have any Influence I
on the political fortunes of the hour
The results of the campaign on which 1
Terry has entered for the revision of the
French Constitution U considered very doubt
ful and the general Impression Is I that the two
Chambers will not b able t agree This may
produce a deadlock which would defeat even
Fen extraordinary dexterity In keeping his
majority together
The fresh alarms which have been created by
the latest plot against the Russian Emperor
am leading to the propagation of all kinds of
sensational stories the last being of a projected
jected attempt t blow up the Crown Prince of
Germany In the new palace at Pot dam and
the German Government I playing into the
bands of the Russian police by expelling ruth
lessly from Berlin every Russian who cant
bow that he Is engaged either at home Indus
try or studying at the university
The appearance of cholera at ArIes has produced
duced the same extraordinary phenomena as
at the other towns The Prefect could not get
len a ebon a the subprefecture the batchers
having all fled and two doctors from Marseilles
having put up at the chief hotel were offered
the keys by the proprietor with the words I
am going do the best IOU can One of the
greatest difficulties In meeting the plague
grows out of the Insensate fears and tbe ex
traordinary Ignorance and superstition of the
poorer people One of the fugitives from Aries
having died at St Marie a Tillage celebrated
tor Its miraculous cures the population drove
out fugitives who were perfectly healthy
In Marseille the poor are firmly convinced
that tbe physicians are determined t keep UD
the epidemic They force them t take their
ow medicine first before touching tem
They sometimes shut the don In their faces
and I one eae threateaed them with knives
The Italian colonies In France carry oft the
palm u usual for obstinate folly In a lao
where there are a number of fishermen disin
fectants supplied by tbe doctor are thrown
out of the windows doctor are afraid to enter I
the houses on aooount of the hostility of the
Inhabitants and though there are already sev <
eral case of cholera neither prayer nor
threats ca avail anything Indeed the Pro
feet wishing t visit the place bad to ask tho
intervention of the Italian Consul
Sardonic wit II I still at work Clovis fugues
who went t MarseillesIs accused of keeping
np his courage by large draughts of Iced beer
and brandy and the initials P L M of the
Parts Lyons and Mediterranean Railway are
interpreted as meaning Four lea microbe
In London we talk of the cholera In tho same
light and mocking style principally amusing
ourselves with discussing the various Infallible
remedies while hotel keeper in tbe native
sail seaside resorts and above all thing In
the Scottish Highlands exult in the splendid
accessions to their trade which tho compulsory
staying A home of the aristocracy promises
Yesterday witnessed the garden party at
Marlborough House and this event regarded
as so emphatically marking the close of the
season that It Is I a standing joke that nobody
who ha any respect for himself will be seen In
London after that date
The Goodwood races perhaps the most fash
ionable event In the racing world take place
text week and already many of the fashion
able people have gone down there The hotels
I the Highlands too a already crowded
11th tourists preparing tho opening of the
Broute shooting season on the 12th of August
he week baa ben even more brilliant social
ly than those which preceded it during the last
teontb There were several fashionable mar
Haiti and many ball but the chief and sur
Passing event was the r t at the Healtberlos
or the benefit of the London hospitals Tho
Imagination II I appalled by the list of device
for the entertainment of tho guests A princess
Served at one counter countesses u shop
Women abounded and young ladles rendered
I ounl
Bore attractive by bare beads and tho thinnest
S o garments flitted about the terraces and sold
wantte to deludod dudes It exorbitant
MM The IMnce and Princes ot Wale who
got rather a cold reception from the mas whom
they surveyed In procession lut Monday war
almost trampled down In the enthusiasm o
their weloome and 10 great was the crush that
one loyal subject was able to but that he lost
the hal of his oat with only the result of catch
ing sight of the back of the Princesss ba
The cowhouse was curiously enough one of
the central attraction and the cows after the
fashion first started by Miss FortMoue the r
jeoted of Gumboil In lolantbe wore electric
lamp concealed In the garland surrounding
their horn The marvslloua success ot this
exhibition ha had meantime the good effect
of letting the Londoner to thinking on the
problem of supplying in the weltering sum
mer weather the terrible want in London of a
decent place of openair entertainment and
Mrs Hart the wife of a doctor distinguished
for starting semiscientific semifashionable
fads hu proposed that In future summers the
association for providing concert for the peo
ple should have Hyde Park lighted with elec
tricity and then employ a number of bands to
supply the people with good music gratis
While royalty Is thus run after when alive a
striking proof baa been given how hypocritical
Is the grief over royalty dead A subscription
was started for erecting a memorial window to I
the Duko of Albany In Salisbury Cathedral
with the result that ot the necessary U6 only
t90 has boon subscribed
Some alarm has been created by the occur
rence of two robberies at Windsor Castle In
rapid succession and tho society papers take
advantage of the occcoslon to correct the re
ports In the newspapers that Francis Clark tho
victim of one of these robberies John Browns
successor Clark attends tho Queen in her
rides and walks and performs some of the
other functions of a gillie but he has not
J Bs perquisites and privileges The cam
her whore the great lamented died Is sealed
up and bars a brass plat recording the date I
of his death and the many virtues ascribed to
him by the Queen I
Strong complaint Is made that though wheat
ha fallen from twentytwo to thirty per cent
the poor man has t pay just u much u ever I
for his loaf In London and Mr Pltmsoll a well I
known and very wealthy philanthropist who
forced all modern legislation for the benefit of
the sailor has offered a baker shop in a
populous street to any baker who will sell the
loaf at a farthing profit t
The literary new is I that Le UaUre dt Forges
will noon b published In Paris with fortytwo
engravings by Sahib
Count Beust who occupies so prominent a
part In tho contemporary history of Saxony
Germany and Austria Is I about to publish hIs
Colter Morrison one of the high priests of
the Positivist followers of Augusta Combs In
London and a brilliant writer will soon publish
an exposition of his
epolton religious views In a work
entitled The Service of Man as Distinguished
from the Service of God
The August number of Temple Bar contains
the firM part of n story entitled The B
Manor I Is I by a daughter of Lord Lytton
who ie 1 not yet out of her teens
Tbe cause of woman is 1 looking up oven
In India There te I now In that country I lady
editor one of the most popular vernacular
Journal and there has been established at
Calcutta a Zonnna library for tho purpose of
meeting the demand for healthy reading for
the educated young women of India
Val Princess and Hubert Horkomer having
remained single for a long time are about to i
b married
Tbe Chancellor of tho Exchequer hu received
ceived 220000 as succession duty on the prop
erty of the lat Duke ot Buccleuoh
The young Duchess of Feltre and her sU
ter the Countess dAIbufera have set the
fashion In France ot again wearing whit
muslin dresses A straw ha trimmed with
black velvet and wild flower accompanies
this Arcadian attire
1 Weiss a wellknown Parisian Journalist
who has been visiting Germany declare that
the acting Is excellent In some of tbe smaller
towns and notes with unaffected surprise
that the actresses a often virtuous and
Tho latest thought reader is I Miss Romer
a young and pretty girl
Tbe highest prize winner at the annual
shooting match In Wimbledon U I a barber and
the society journal declare that Steel whowaa
mainly Instrumental in winning the cricket
match for tbe English against the Australian
Is I a great deal 1 more popular and far more
talked about than Mr Gladstone
IauggIIg Arm tat BCattTraatucar
LONDON July 26 Large quantities of arm
sue war material hare been imufiltd into Madaraacar
from different European ports Lately two fall cargoes
of arms and ammunition were sblpped t the HOVM
tram England Tbiy art still aol bat art talltvtd to
be In charge of persona who will lad tb French block
ae STral American officeri bay for months part
ba drilling tnt soldiers of thi Herat and superintend
Inl the construction of earthwork and lines of defence
The pals leading from th ColaS to Antanartvo the cap
t la aim malntaldtd by lb Novas Anarlolb
Oaring May and Junt last 1 a Malagasy tmluanr palled
through Bocland I and Germany pnrcbaelnr In l molt
improved military rifle for linmcdlat shipment to
Madaratcar Ha la I known to haY expended over
luuuuo Tb SiSSIeS War Office hat received authentic
Intilllrinec confirming tbe reported defeat of thi
French Tba Parti paper however ridicule tht report
that French arm bar suffered a repute at toe hands
01 lbs Uovu
Mr Lttwell Agata Disabled
LONDON July M Minister Lowell having
recorded tram tbt cool bat fallen a victim t a violent
attack rheumatism Tbs second Haft of hit I physical
disability U apparently wore than the OtiS Ilttpliyil
clans 1 hare Insisted tbat bt go to a health resort and
Mr Lowell bat contented to follow the adrift an
day bt was unablo becauit of lbs HTtrltjr of his
rheumatism to attend lbs garden party gIven by the
Prince ot Waltt at Marlboro Home and Its American I
nbaiy was represented by LienS Chadwlek naval
attache and Hecretarlea Hoppln and White
Mitt Terry VtttcUtUltm
LONDON July 26The Lyceum Theatre has
ear to rio from a curious cause Mitt Ellen Terry
becoming a victim of tht smaltpox scan had htntlf
vaccinated and whtn tbt virus began t take effect
neglected t hike tht usual precaution to prevent In
nomination tint continued to act the part of Side
with her left arm In a sling and alt and dranc at usual
Now tbt wbolt I arm and hand art t SIr twolltn and
slit hat ben compelled to cease acting Thtretail It
Nb rI
t tg lbb
that the tbeatrt U cloud for no out In the company
bad understudied till part of Klota nf
Mr Brlfjkl De ttt the Lord
LONDON July 96 The Liberal demonstration
to Mancheeter today was a tucceu John Bright made
Her snitch which was wildly applauded He said that
unless English freedom was a fraud and a bam the
people would know bow to deal with an arIstocratS
chamber which I was erer hostIle to popular rights and
mlI lrrrb
national Interests Engllthmen l era now had proved
their power to curb the despotism of king and they
would surely I flnd the meant 1 bold I In check I the bloated
aristocrats of the present day ibb0C I
pulah laiUreaU In Cubit
LONDON July 36 The Madrid correspondent
of the Standard says i The negotiations between Spain
and America relative to a new commercial treaty art
now at a ttandltlll I The nrttintloni of America clash
with Hpanltb I Interests hl In 8 ta Spain Is reluctant ttiow
allowing cluter commercial eonntctlon between her
Colonies I In the WI indies and America The latter la I
already taking 8 percentage of the export from Cuba
American Cattle In Eawla 4
LONDON July 26Mr Moreton Frewen tho
Wyoming cattle king who organized the agitation In
favor ot Importing American call via Canada led
taor Imarlo
today for Ntw Turk lie tart ht U thoroughly talliHed
with tho result or Ms visit to England and Is I confluent
that orders will soon b given for tbi admission of
Wyoming cattle at British ports
Cola MeIsg t > rTkr Emperor
CBACOW July 26The Ctat announces that
tin Czar ot Russia and the Emperor Francis Joseph of
Austria will meet at Qranlcla In Poland and will pro
ceid together by way of Warsaw to Alenandrof when
Emperor William ot Germany will Join them
Murdered a 1 Trulsw
BaLlasT July 26Oharles Moneypenny a
linen manufacturer of this city was found last nightie
a carflags Pt the alibi train rlanln betwen Fart and
tssawriiBi Ir llbl blowi oul IIIPp that
U A wrlir4
ins caountA icovitem
Beeretulsw U KarMlIlM smtf Tulsa bat
Still Spradlsg
MAMnLLBg July M The preterit epi
demic of cholera has not the same virulence
that has characterized previous outbreak I
appear t have attacked sickly Individual
rather than whole sections of the population
At Aries many person have become Insane
through fear The total number of place In
France where the Infection ha 1 fa appeared
II i fourteen This city is I threatened with a
meat famine owing to the fact that many
butchers have shut up hop and other fled It
difficult to procure supplies There have been
oven death since 0 oclock this morning
The cholera ha appeared at Bpezzla Italy
I was carried there by an Italian workman
from the arsenal at Toulon There have been
two fatal cases already and the inhabitant
are In a state of panic
turn The fugitives from here are beginning to ro
TOUI July 26Tho epidemic here con
tinues to decrease There were thirteen deaths
last night ot which fourooeurrod at the hos
pital nix In the suburbs and three In the city
Thoro were two deaths today In the city and I
two In the suburbs Tbo total number of deaths
here of cholera Is 503 The exodus from the
city ban docreasod the population Cwo third
LONDON July 26It was reported In Liver
pool yeflterday that a sailor rprtd Saint Dun
Man qutrnntlnfU In the Meraey upon hnr nr
rival from Marseilles bad the cholera It was
found today that ho had cholera morlmii I Be
fore the cholera rumor was contradicted the
railroad travel out of Liverpool had ncreased
by 6000 image nee rs beyond the general l average
Tbe flight of tho people still avorae
announced that nil workmen contuuos arsonol
Who absent tbemselvo for two weeks will bo
dismissed A cholera patient In a hospital
here committed suicide patent by plunging a
knife Into his heart
BT Louis July 26 John D Stevenson
Health Commissioner of tt Lull today
telegraphed to BurgeonGeneral Hamilton
that the Annie P Silver had arrived here and
tbat the report of cholera on board was not
warranted by the facts Ho says the family
whoso child died during tho trip bad been resi
dents of Mexico for more than a bn They
came to the United States seven months ago
They were never In the cholera Infected dis
trict of France and the child died of summer
complaint The family arc Italians oamod
Flcolloto Mrs Plcolloto being slightly 111 and
having no money waa placed today In a hos
pital where them are 200 other patients show
ing conclusively that they do not believe tho
cholera story The story originated with Dr
J D Peace who attended the sick child on the
vessel and says it died with every symptom of
WASHINGTON July 2dT N McCormack
Secretary of the National Conference of Health
Boards say that a meeting of that organiza
tion will b hold In Washington on Aug 7 to
take action with regard to the threatened In
vasion of cholera
CHICAGO July 26 Health Commissioner De
Wolf laid before a meeting of the physician II
last night a Plan of action In case cholera ap
pear here lie proposes to divide the city Into
forty district each In charge of a physician
with telephone connection with the central
health office Tbe plan also provides that all
incoming trains shall b Inspected by a health
officer and all baggage fumigated Tho plan
wo approved
alf alI a Struggle Between rraell ud
Davit will slam B > li
LONDON July 26Tbo Irish Nationalists are
all at sea on tin subject of the IrlihAnitrlcan National
League Convention to b held at Boston nest month
tfr Fantail say hi it Do strong enough lo attend and
Mettrs Thomas Bexton and William Redmond will
therefore represent the National party and will tall for
America 1 Aug 2 Mr Sexton Is I Intruded with a
special menage from She I London leaden of the party
lit will alto addritt meeUngs ot the Irish National i
League In America on hit way to lan Francisco and
colonies will spend sum time In Auilralla vltltlng all the
Then Is I a collltlonof views and Interest regarding
thicontention of Irish Nationalist to bt held at Belfast
on nest Tuesday Tie leading spirit In calling the con
TenSion I a Ir Ferguson or OlaHtnw one or the support
ere of Henry Georges doctrine Michael Dante hat I co
operated r wIth Mr FrguMia and means tn mat the
convtntlon the Initial point of a land ft
compalgn This bring the tune between Davltt and
farnell to a head billnf known that Pan 10 hat made
up lilt I mind that the time hat come t cruth what In
and his panT believe to be the fatal heresy of land na
tionalization They say thatth nailonallutlon of Irish
land 1 now when England rulet Inland would bt alntply
giving the Rngllth Uortrnment the fee pimple of In
lend There It no doubt that the rarnellltet art deter
mined to defeat the natlonallzera Tin general opinion
It S that the long deferred struggle for the flrII be
tween Fantail and VentS will now begin In ant and
rarnella victory It I contldered certain I U I generally
uodtrttood here that Mr Sextons rUlt to Australia It I a
part of the 1arnell antlDaritt programme and that ht
in expected to forestall by hit speeches and Influence
the effort of Mr Darltt during the latttrs projected
tour of Auitralia
some leading members of the League hart received a
warning that Chief of Police Jtnklnton bat sent a
female spy to pertonate blisS Ford enter of Mr Ford of
the rUb World The spy it to introduce htrtelf I to eu
peeled persons at Ml > a Ford and to pretend thtt tin hat
Jnit com from New York baring betit diegated to act
ae medium for the conveyance of letters between the
IrIsh Invincible and the American lodges I Her Identity
discovered Amtrlca by i a IriMiAmerlcan who knew her In
Lord KMabtrr Called 1 KilpU
LONDON July 20Lord Bosabery today
unrtlled the statue to bet Bar recently presented
t the city of London by Mr Crawford the Scotch mil
llonalrt The statue occupies a prominent lilt on lh
Thames embankment An enormous crowd assembled
t wllnett the unrelllng Rain fill In torrents and Lord
Roaebtry 8 obliged to deliver his oration protected
by a large umbrella The shelter afforded was slIght
and hit Lordship was completely drenched Around the
monument thin was a enclosure lo which admission
was obtained by ticket only This restriction I Incensed
a number of scotch workmen who attempted to force
their way The police rtpulttd them with such vigor
that the disturbance nearly amounted to a riot Lord
Boebery was frequently al Interrupted and when ht had
flnlahtd and was paOlal > through the crowd the Scotch
workmen yelled I i Te let yon kelplt cud a Laird
I foI kelplt i for ° blrklinn I account probe
bly ot hit lordshIps saturated condition They wen
quickly Joined by the whole crowd and proceeded to
ting Burnii A mans a man rrr8c giving partic
ular mpbu t the refrain
The rank U bat the guinea stamp
The mans the gowd for a that
AtMrieu Ardors Eowltuitl
LONDON July 26Mr Dalys company bad a
triumphant walk at Toolts Theatre The houses stead
fly increased In tin Real enthusiasm was displayed
throughout and the actors met with continual recalls
Mlat Rehan baa ettabllehN herself at a London farorltt
The weekly press hat been even warmer In its praise
than the dally paptra Sale m In the London News
Mr Dalre company rlralt tin Mtlnlngtnere In their
ran Intelligence artistic I fltneta and perfect discipline
g danS 1d
puns The AVmaun lay England and France hart
more t learn from a company like Mr Dalys than they
have to teach them
The company will tall Ifr New York on Sept e
A t Palmer and Manager Brook tailed for New
York today oa the Aurania Mr Brooke hat engaged
Lillian Ruiiell for a season In America to begin fn le
eimbir Lotta will sail for New York nol week
Dearth ejf ieaie Tuckers IB Lod
LONDON July 26 There Is I a great dearth of
female teachers for the pablo schools ot London now
and the number ot vacancies tt increasing Then art
no applications before the authorities for the vacant
rllc The reason liven Is that the unnecessary
severity of the preliminary tuamlnatlons frightening
women away from this Held of labor even In a city
when tt ii to difficult for women to a a decent llrll
hood 8 London Very few femalt aspirants for teacher
ship hart patted any of the recent examinations As
a rimed for this state of things the Government U
being urged t lowe the standard of the examination
Warcaw la a Slat f Slate
WARSAW July 26The police have closed a
number ot coffee houses and restaurant All other
places ot this sort art required to close their doors at 8
oclock every night and to remain closed altogether on
Sundays and holidays The city It I lo all Intents and
purposes placid In a minor stat of siege 1 The Czar will
mite hit proposed visit to Warsaw about the middle of
August Hi will not remain In Warsaw but will reside
at Heleniewlci from which place hi will attend the
maaoturrei and the review and will afterward go upon
a hunting excursion
Myari DaollDM in BUB
LIVERPOOL July 26Tho joint meeting of
the South London Harriers and the Manhattan Athletic
Club of New York today was partially abandoned a
In declined allhI last moineul to run The ineiiibert
of the Manhattan Club left the enclosure Although I
heavy r had fallen then t appeared a tnI t the
weather clearing and the Harrlert ran off tin open
event to allay the Irritation of Site public
Tka > Tory Mutt MaelUtT a Fullure
LONDON July 26Tbo Tory demonstration
In llydt Park today Intended at a counter episode lo
the monster Liberal meeting there last Monday was a
complete failure hardly a thontind persona attended
and they ncr quickly dltperted tn a heavy fall of rain
The nloprl It tonl ht Hit lubjict of town 11lcul r
Most of the Tory leaden abtoln themselves from all
responsibility for the naaco
The Preach CanMllutloii I
PAula July 26ln his remarks concerning
the revision ot the Constitution yesterday before
the Senate Prime Minister Ferry created a profound
found sensation by warning the Senate that uaUttlh
qiseticO of revision thould I M tettlid now titer would
h a more serious conflict bit mi wxi aS the fas
1 r JOUXt
Arrival Her oflka Lsb erry tke > TeaSer
or she muter KzMtlUlM BrixUs the
BeMDtJa A Talk with atastim OtaaaaTMn
81 Jomra N F July iTo Orocly r
lie squadron weighed anchor at 10 A II and
teamed out t sea The flagship Thstls led
followed by the Dear and Alert A they sailed
out all the harbor tem tugs and steam
launches with the flag of Great Britain and
the United State at half mast and crowded
with leading citizen followed On all the pub
lie building and stores flag wore draped
The hundred of vessels In port displayed their
national lap In mourning Thousands of
spectator from the shore waved adieu by
banner or handkerchief which salutation
were gracefully returned by the fast receding
sQuadron Lieut Oreely and the other sur
vivors are enjoying tolerable health
WASHINGTON July 26 Secretary Chandler
sent this telegram to Commander Bchley from
Newport II I on the 21t t
Then la I danger to Meat Ireelr and party from over
excitement and reaction Protect them from Intrusions
and exercise strict military control over them according
to the advice I of jour resnonslbli mrgeon until they arrive
f Idof rh I Inlllb a
rive home and leave tin ilnpa
Lieut Oreolya promotion t b a Colonel
the signal corps by act of Congrosa Is talked of
nn probable In army and navy circles The
United Htntes Consul at Ht Joan was the first
to take I promotion for granted a In a tele
gram as Major to tile Oreely Navy Department ho refers to him
Oon Huzon has written I letter In reply to
that written to him by Mr Linden Kent In
which he says he has not tried to shift tho responsibility
sponsibility of the failure ot the first two relief
parties either on Greely or Oarllngton that In
net the whole plan lor the relief expedition was
ulolton WI
elaborated before Grady wont north by Oreely
and himself The plan appeared to b fault
less and ho blames no one for Its miscarriage
lie think I neednt take a very astute person
now to see In the light ot past event wherein
Jut een
the plan might have been better at first
Tho sentinel of the navy yard In Brooklyn
had a broadshouldered black wooliylt aired
dog for a companion last night I answered
to the name of Dear and I seen In the north
woods would readily b mistaken for a bear on
account of 1U shape It was the property of
Ensign W R Chamber who with two seamen
arrived a the navy yard last evening In the
atcamer Loch Garry from Bt Johns having
In charge the records of the Greely expedition
and Commander Bobby report of tho rescue
all thli of mornlpg which will b forwarded to Washington
The Loch tarry I 5 a Dundee steamer that
was chartered by the Government to serve ass
tender t the Greely relief expedition She
carried out coal lumber for houses and a
quantity of stores While following the let
he was slightly nipped several times in the
Ic and la I now leaking forward Hbo will go
Into the navy yard dry dock for repairs wi I
Ou the way up the bay tho Loch Garry passed
the torpedo boat Alarm and the monitor Pas
sale and ran up alongside of each vessel to
allow Ensign Chamber to exchange a t
words with tbe officers he knew aboard En
sign Chambers said ho could not give very
much Information about LleuLGreelya doings
I be had avoided the subject when he
met the Lieutenant In fear of bother
ing him on a subject that be must
have been questioned about by hundreds
of people On the passage north the Loch
Garry encountered an unusual quantity of Ice
but when she bad rounded for home a great
change had taken place to the south In two
weeks vast fields of 10 bad disappeared and
the waters were clear for sailing He believed
that now a vessel would have clear sailing up
to Fort Conger and that Oreelya valuable col
lections could b got at Those however are
not perishable and there Is no hurry All
Greelya records were preserved
When Groelya party was rnscued prayers
were being said over Private Connell and the
last drop of brandy was being poured Into him
He was cold up to tbe waist Greely did not
look as though he weighed much over 10
pounds He was terribly thin and emaciated
but was somewhat tanned When Mr Cham I
bars left Bt Johns all the rescued men were
much Pouter but had not seemed to gain
strength In proportion as they gained flesh I
They were all weak In thetegs Generally
they were doing very well out no doubt
without succor every man ot them would havo
ben dead In fortyeight hours more time Mr
Chamber understood that Lout Greely was
entIrely satisfied with the scientific results of
lii 1 expedition
Sulky ant allot and Ne Ac tialBl d with
Jtlrt Krelx of Orchard Mtrcet
Mrs Mlnnlo Krotz of 135 Orchard street ac
companied by her husband her aged father
and four ot her neighbors came to Essex Mar
ket yesterday morning to tell Justice ORollly
that Barney Isaac of 40 Orchard street had
got Mr Kretzs no speaking parrot Mrs
Krotz said the parrot had flown out of her
window on July 13 A boy told her that Isaacs
had the bird Bhe did not believe It and she
went to see for herself
I called tbe parrot by Its name Loretto
she said It answered back just the
Ild I alword same u
If It was home only sadderI nm here Mrs
Krotz Take me home I can speak three
languages English French and Gorman
Justice Gltetlly Issued asummons for Isaacs
and he came In In the afternoon with Mrs
Minnie Hubsche of 107 Canal street It was
from her he said that he had bought I par
rot She said she had had the parrot five tar
Justice Olteilly sent Isaacs to got the parrot
He came back with a cage big enough for a
dog kennel In the middle sat A dumpy dark
green parrot Its feathers wore ruffled and its
eyes bleary Altogether I had a dejected ap
pearance llrs KreU looked at the parrot un
easily Her husband said It was not theirs
Her father said there was some mistake The
four neighbors said it wan a shame to misuse a
poor dumb thing like tbat
Mrs Kretz stepped to the cage and lid
Ll up at me Loretto look up
Tbe parrot stretched out a leg and then a
wing and then bundled Itself together solidly
on Ito perch and lowered Its beada I to cay
Go away you worry me
Mr Kretz said that It was not her Loretto
He Wa brlrbtfaren and of a more lively
disposition He had a red line on his wing
dI8COIOU lue wlnl
This was not the parrot she saw Mr Isaac
have Mr Isaac laid he had no other Jus
tice Ollollly made him give ball
Aaiarlcana Arrested aa Maxltn
CITT or MEXICO July 26 via Galveston
William llarwood and Edmund Vtlacb the AmirlciBi
who were arrested without warrants on an unfounded
charge of defamation of the President art still closely
sonflned Thty were senttnctd without a trial The
American colony It greatly excited I the authorities hay
ing lrJ demand of the Anitrlsan Minister I
The arriitt were dlD the collector I of rents on the
reiidtuliettattiwho wanted Vilacb to tell him the se
cret of the manufacture of a certain kind of cusp Vt
lach declined to divulge I the secret and oM collector
hued his Influence to hare him arrttted llarwood hap
pening to bt with I T when the latttr was arrested
was taken all Both prisoners bear excellent pUla
then and art over DO yean of age Two American en
gtneert on the Mtxlcan Central la Railroad hart alto been
arrested The American retldentt bUn that tie
authorities art courting International trouble
by display I
tog anlmoalty against the rights n1 Americans They
hope that rigorous Instruction to the American Mints
Mr will bt received from Washington Mlal
elaralav 1 Captured Uword
LEXINGTON Ga July 26In tho late war
Sergeant B I Wllcher of this place captured a sword
on the hilt ot which was Ibo Inscription Luke R Tldd
Woburn Hats Sergeant Wit her kept the sword and
about n year ago wrote to Woburn Inquiring whether
such Ia Ira Luke R Tldd lived then and whether the
return of the t sword would bt acceptable Thi reply
came that rapt Tldd was living In Woburn and that
the return ot the sword would bt appreciated Mr
Wltcher returned It and fI ail week received from Ctpt
Tldd a picture neatly framed giving a graphic Illtra
lieu of th position of the oppoilng I forces at ti tijo
1a sworl I wee captured and the scene at Capt Tdls
house at the time the sword 8 received then Th
picture bean the highest testimony of Capt Tidas
gratitude to Mr Wliaher
Gee Mtvalai eposded
WASHINGTON July 26Tho charges on which
Brig OeIi Swalm I to bi tried by court martial hart
betu formulated and ht has been luiptnded from duty
and placid I under nominal arrest by which hltmort
rlml brblnf
W r II
menu art restricted to the limits of the District of Co
lumbia Col I N LItter Assistant Judge Advocate
General hat been directed lo I tie charge of lien
Swamis oftlct Tin chargei 11a not be made public
until tie ataeinlilliit ot the court They are based prin
cipally on hit transactions with the tanking turn of
BIon A Co and bit connection with Hit duplication
of Cot Morrows pay account
Kin Teresa Killed by Lightning
CINCINNATI July 26 Rains aro reported to
y prtvallsd throughout central and southern Ohl
ynterdayand today allaying the farmers fear at to
tin corn and potato crops Six person wets killed by
lightning In the sections visited by the stormi
l rilcMFlleerilM
Oartd without kalft powder or salve N charge entul
Jo chrnIU
eared rl Set gelereacee Ir Crl u 1 2U
Cole PlnBteMi MtMttjM the Ckalrawastsaliv
I aim Oetlllu Chases Is kla PlMe
BooToir July 6It baa been known for a
week that Ool N A Plympton Chairman and
Col A 0 Drlnkwater Treasurer of the Demo
cratic State Central Committee Intended t resign
sign from the committee and every effort hu
been made by their friend to induce them to
change their determination They adhered to
their resolution however th cause of which
wa the opposition to them on the part of cer
tain member of the party particularly In Boa
ton The committee met at noon today and
u Gel Plympton wa not present Ool Henry
Walker presided Among those present were
the Hon Joslah O Abbott Ool J W Covsnsy
George I VYIlll of PltUfleld John Hurley ot
Tompllton Cl J P Iwcn of Lawrne the
lion Reuben Noble of Westlfeld J I t Richards
of Attlosboro and John I Leo of Boston A
letter Wf received from tel I Plympton In
which he said llmptn
Von will remember that In accepting the Chairmanship
hip of Hit conmilttei I did I with great reluctance
after you had In the raG or a positive refusal on my
pert 1111 that rihould do 1 by a unanimous rote
far 1110 you thi that J at any Mini the feeling of en
tIre unanimity which apparently prevailed should ca
to exitl 1 certainly apfaal I rtmaln at the head of a
divided < committee I felt then as I do now that It
would Impossible to conduct a successful campaign
noises I potiesied your most cordial and united I sup
port and confidence W can no longer command ufi
mull bi at apparent to you as II li to me and In Justice
to the party at well at myself I hellere It t be inr duty
to surrender a position In which I can no longer serve
t your advantage or my own satisfaction
A letter of resignation was also received
from Col Drlnkwater It was voted t accept
tbe resignations and a vote of thanks for past
services was extended to each After the Hon
Reuben Noble of Welt eld tho od Democratic
war horso of western Massachusetts and Col
J W Covenoy of Cambridge bad been 01
ively chosen t the ofllces of Chairman and
Treasurer and had successively declined the
Hon Patrick A Collins of Iloston member of
Congress from tho Third district wa unani
mously elected and a message was sent to
Albany t Inform him of the wa Charles
D Lewis of Framlngham was chosen as Treas
urer The vacancies In the General Committee
were filled by the selection Gener Collins of
Boston and blthe John M Gorse ofWhlncbes
ter A eommltttee was appointed to ronfer
with the Democratic City Committee of Boston
with reference t arrangement for a ratifica
ton mooting at an early date The State Con
vention Is I to b held In Worcester on Wednes
day Sept S
Tae ansalaslnra Bead fur laipxctar Bymea
aid Order Him ID Write a Beck
When District Attorney Olney engaged
Plnkertona men to arrest Mother Mandelbaum
for receiving stolen goods and they did It
some of the newspaper said that nor long Im
munity from arrest was a reflection upon the
police and a assistant In tho District At
torneys office wa represented aa holding the
same opinion The Polo Commissioner
passed the following resolution yesterday
The language is I their own
Wlierrai It appear by newspaper report that cer
tain charge and tfI row ban been made against
I member tire Bureau of the and police force connected with the UeUc
t lthrna4 This Board li I dttlrons that any and all mim
ben of tbe force shall bt tried and If found guilty be
dismissed from the force or otherwise punished I i the
Board on the 33th Init addreittd a litter to the Dis
trict Attorney aiiliir for Information to which a reply
was rectlrtdt now therefore for the purpose of obtain
luir full Information In gelatin lo the subject matter Ills I
Kaolrnl That the Inspector In charge ot the Detective
Bureau be and 11 hereby directed to report In writing at
an early day all h tic act and proceeding within bit
lb 13 bl
knowledge which may cnatilt the Ilotrd to decide to
what extent If any the force under lie command u I
Censurable for the act done or committed In I the case
referred tnt I and that hi also Investigate and report In
relation to tile character and source of Ibo imbarraii
menu which attend Iht performance ot detective I
dalles to tin end that tin Hoard may take such meat
urea 8 shall bt deemed proper 1 encourage aud protect
the members of the force In all cases In tht prompt and
rUiornui discharge of their responsible duties and
utlcs punish such 8 auall ta to properly discharge inch
The reply to the letter asking tho District
Attorney for Information referred to In tbo
foregoing I from Edward L Parrls acting
District Attorney who merely wrote that In
the absence of Mr Olney from the city the In
formation the Commissioners desired about
allegations that tbe police protect Mother Man
dolbnum could not now b furnlsbld
Inspector Byrnes returned from the country
yesterday ahead of his time to prepare the report
port ordered by the Commissioners Ho re
fused to talk about the charges made against
his detectives
Commissioner Matthews took the trouble
t write out an elaborate statement declaring
that tbe charges were In bis opinion ground
less and that In place of casting discredit on
the police the District Attorney cilice should
aid them to tho best of its ability and when
they aro derelict report tho fact to the Commis
sioners so that the offenders may be punished
Mr Matthews expects Mr Vine to correct so
far as his office 1s concerned any charge re
flecting upon the uprightness ot the detective
force The Commissioners statement thus
Disaster to the public Intertttt must inevitably follow
unlaa the arresting and protecutlng authorltlet concur
and act together
Oilllitl Read to Resume
The suspended arm of Donnell Lawson A
Simpson hart secured the aunt of nearly nine tenths
ot their creditors to their proposition to give their notes
for their present Indebtedness and to take their alt
out of the band of the assignee and handle them them
selves The firm hart been delayed In returning became
of their widely scattered business Mr Simpson has
been In the Wttt explaining to creditors more fully the
plan for resumption and I It I probable that the doors ot
the banking bout will bt opened for butineu before the
summer It I over
Then art pending matter which I cannot bt handled
with profit tn an assignee who needs an order ot the
court before he can act but can be worked out success
fully J the firm It I permitted to use lit tact and discre
tion Mr Lawtonwho hat com acrost the water to
assist In galling In shape for a fresh start will soon re
turn to complete bntlnett negotiation j that ht had rl In
band there
experleneeaof private btnkerfwho In crisis hart
not the protection which the Clearing I rr gtree to
the bankt that are associated together hao pretty wttl I
Put end to their of Interest deposits It
Rut an m paying upon rlr
is probable I that 1 If tin firm re umtitl illmitpay In I
terest In the future upon deposits Many of the custom
era of the house have volunteered to return to It as loon
as It Is I ready to receIve their business
Tae Ct > ataltla t Ne > tlf > Ut Jaaa
Drrnorr July 26At the recent National
Prohibition Convtntlon In Pittsburgh Proto Samuel
Dicks of Michigan President of the Convention was
made Chairman of Ibo committee to notify Mr 81 John
of his nomInation and authorized to appoint the other
members of the committee Proto melt hat appointee
at such committee Ibo lion James lack of Vtnntyl
vents the lion John B Inch of Nebraska O ShOd
ton of Kansas tht Ilev John Iluuell of Michigan Mist
Frances B Willird of Illinois I I the Hon A J llaitlni I of
Wisconsin I Ueorgt R cll r hew York Mrs Mary
WoolbrMie of Ohio and the lon J T Turner of Ala
bama The committee will meet > lr Ht John at some
point In western New York about tin middlecf Augutt
iMportlnc Cheap TLabor
WABHINOTOV July 28The Star says The
bill t prevent thejlmportatlon foreign of labor to this
country under contract which patted the House was
not consIdered In Ihi Senate There Is I therefore
nothing to prevent Such Importation and a drum In thli
city has prepared to embark In the business The
ohm II I to Import Welsh tad Italian laborers to work
under contract at low wants W I Main a real estate
agent It I at the head of the concern and lilt agents art
In Kuropt arranging for tbt shipment laborers The
plan It to keep a number of laborers and domestic of
all kind to mitt all demands and to replenish the ttock
by shipments at they are needed The managers will
latut circular to contractors all over h0 country offer
lug to girl them a superior a of labor at low wages
The BcnmiltMaekssy cable
CnicAOO July 260 D Robert who ii I In
terested financially In the BenntttMackay Atlantic
cable says lie cablt will b ready for pubis service on
ct I Ont cable It I already finished and the other will
be completed on the abort dais The Cost of ihs cable
will reach S7KJO000 The ran for cablegrams will be
materially lest than by the old cable but bow much leas
Mr Kobertt declined lo lay A company hat been or
Sanlted to lay a cable from Brazil to hew Orleans via
itt Thomas to Cost 3ououx which will irorkin con
nection with the BenncttMackay cable
The Fretldtala Seta Tetvact
AIDINOTOl July 26Th President let
Washington on the United States steamship Dispatch
for Ntw York lit was accompanied by Mr John Paris
AmUtant Secretary of State Print Secretary
Phllllpt Mist Nellie Arthur and Mist May McElror
The veNd It expected tn makt the trip In fonielgfi I
hours arriving I In New York on Mnudty afternoon The
President will remain In that city about a week and
then proceed up tin Hudson to Kingston and mate a
short stay then at tin truest of lIen Sharpe mak
DcatDCratalN LI U tht Mahawk Taller
FOBT PLAIN July 2flTbe first political
demonstration In this part of the Mohawk valley wa
held by the Democrats here this evening Fully 30O <
people are In town and I 0 were In line with ttrera
anittof motto fireworks and cannons boomed along
the lint Tin principal lo speakers wen the lou K K
Apgtr ana franclt U Woods of Albany
A Large k la a Bunch t > r Bananas
AkaTKiuuic N Y July 20Wm Collar the
news and vegttabli dealer took a bunch of bananas
from a barrel yttltrday Coiled In tb bunch lay I a hug
Mack saab three filU i length This bananas tan
tnm the WM Isdiee 8
Thai Bald ID k Xa Base Why Ike Buyer
f the Baklall Should Bit kit
Hugh Lynch tho driver of bobtail car 41
of the Twentythird street line who says
toundsman Herllhy assaulted him on Monday
ht had Herllhy arrested on a warrant yea
erdar In Jefferson Market Lynch swore that
After a stout redfaced man had refused t put
hi fare In the box he called on Herllhy near
LexIngton avenue t arrest the psasenger
lerllhy swore and said it wa none ot hll
mslnesi Then Lynch ordered the tout pas
enter out of the car and the tout man truck
him Lynch says that While he and the pas
enger were truggllng Herllhy came Into tub
oar and seized him tore oft his collar and neck
tie and clubbed him
Daniel Hughes another driver who wa a
passenger on tbe ear corroborated Lynch and
aid that he tO bad been clubbed by Herllny
Dr J A Sanders of 17 East Fortysixth Street
testified that be saw no evidences of clubbing
on Lyach further than a spot on his right arm
hat Lynch laid was painful when touched
This was three days after the alleged clubbing
The stout passenger who was the cause of
he trouble wa Mr John G I Puntz a oommls
lon merchant of 121 and 123 Front street who
lives at 119 East Blxtyflrst street I got In I
he car at Broadway he testified and aa I
ras about to drop a nickel In the box the car
lurched and the mQney fallen the flQor between
the Iuta Than the driver oedcred me to pay
my fare and I explained that it had fallen b
Iwetn the slatsand that I could not lied it
Then cot oil be said I refused to get off
mowing that I was In tim right and deciding
omsko a test case of the matter by letting
lira put mo off Wlien the driver came up to
no he struck mo Then Is the mark Mr
Vntz Indicated a bruise nn his chin I s
lack and called on the roundsman to pi
ne and to arrest Lynch Tho policeman took
hold of Lynch and then I went away to avoid
publicity But when I saw that Lynch bad
barged the roundsman with assault I came
lere to tell the true story as I had seen no
0 ilubblng
Itonndsman Herllby denied emphatically that
ho had clubbed Lynch He said that bo saw
Lynch strike Pontz and then arrested him and
elf aaed him only when he found tbat 1entz
tad gone away Policeman Denis Murphy
wore that there was no clubbing and corrob
orated the roundsman Two passengers ou the
car were prepared to give similar testimony
tut Justice Ford dismissed the case without
hearing them
Th CDsaailtle or Netliaeitllaa Expected la
Alhany eu Tacadar
ALBANY July 26Gov Clevelands time
bu been occupied today with matter of
routine and be has remained at the Executive
chamber the entire day Among the caller
here were Gee Bosecrans of California John
3 Kane a delegate from Brooklyn to the Na
lionel Democratic Convention and Dr and
Mrs It B Mnelder of biicrnmento The Com
mittee of Notification expected arrive here
on Tuesday morning and the formal notlflca
Ion will take place at the Executive Mansion
at 3U P M Gov Uendrlcks Is expected to arrive
rive In Saratoga on Tuesday and he will be
formally notified of his nomination probably
at that place A large number of distinguished
Democrats from all parts of the country will
bo hero next week
The Uylyas Stream Hit WIHUt Wall
William Wall a broadshouldered bumboat
man of 33 started about 0 A M yesterday on hit dally
task of supplying resseli with fruits vegetable and
other things that tailors hanker after Oft Rector street
hi tied his boat to a tug which was going up stream and
at ht was towed along hi read She morning piper while
ill boy Steve Rnlllran tat aft When tht tug and bum
boat were opponlti Warren street the vtetmbnat Sylvan
Mrtam shot up from behind and struck the Jersey side
ot the tugs item oblpi > lng a piece out Tin steamer
lironic around and her flying piddle upset tie boat and
broke Walls right arm Hi maIMed to cling to the
loatwlih hit left hand until the tug ttonped and took
hint on board The boy Steve was alto picked up
Wails arm wua put In spOuts at the Chambera Street
Hospital and ht went home to hit wife at IM llreen
wlcu street lilt boat It I ruined and lilt cargo wee lost
Col Metrlem Tel > Absent
Assistant Postmaster Charles D Morton of
Brooklyn who went away on Saturday July 10 with
out tilling lilt family or Postmaster UcLeer when In
wee going or when lie would return is still mining
Then were rnmoit yesterday that ht hid been traced to
Canada and that a letter had been rectlred from him
but they conld not bt Ttrifled Col McLeer said that In
pin of the fact that a warrant had been tuned fur his
arrest hi itlll believed In Col Mortont homily and
that on hit return lit would bi able to give a satisfactory
iplanaUon of the alleged Irregularlllet In the pay rolls
An employee of the lust Office said yesterday that the
Washington Inspector teemed to act as If triry man
was a thief and that Col Morton became ao disgusted
that ht went away Intending to return when they got
through and slow that they made a mistake In lilt cast
Tin police ban been asked to find out where he it
Cvnsplaluta Acalnit the Athmca
Mayor Edson has recently received no many
complaints that householders have had to pay for the
removal ot ashes and garbtttt from the front of their
houses that on July 21 he sent Cbmmliiloner Coleman
of the Street Cleaning Department the following
Dua SIR I am led to Inter that It Is the rule rather
than the exception for householder to pay for honoring
ashes and garbage after It It placed at the curb and thai
In call of refusal to pay for such work the ashel and
garbage art not promptly removed but are frequently
left for dtya on the sidewalk Tint seems tn ho a tub
Ject wortliv of investigation and the application of a
decisive remedy It the evil It found to exlat Yours
very truly Katnuix Kosox
Commissioner Coleman yesterday replied to the
Mayor aying that complaint of this sort had always
been promptly lurcstlgaled and alwaj a nould be
Taklag a Wrinkle from the Policy Dcalrra
George McCarthy was bartender In Alex
OJIalleri saloon In Whitehall street up to two week
ago OMalley Ihes In fhlladtlplita and comet over
every week to see how timing art getting on lie stum
bled over this In the account of his new barttnder
Joseph Furlong
George Please lend me over the flO or else Ill
close up the saloon
On tin back Hilt was addressed to lenrge McCarthy
I paid that tn McCarthy tn pay to dies I Captain
Csffry said Furlong McCarthy told melt was tin
regular timing Ho sell the Captain supposed ht was
still here and in had tent the I demand in I him
OMallei went after McCarthy McCarthy admitted
that ht hail invented tie Story about Cant Ca0r >
and said that the money was for services last Sunday
atcblug Hit saloon door Hi was arrttted
ChUrDfurated sad Robbed
When Major Joseph W Congdon commander
of the Iatereon Light Guards awoke at e oclock yet
terdty rooming In hit room In the Hamilton House
Paterson hi felt itrangily tick and dizzy and for some
moment could net collect hit thought The odor of
chloroform filled the air Hi reached for his vest to gel
till watch to ascertain the time but he fonnrl watch ml
chain gone They were worth f 8JO A buiuhof keys
sit and a lot of private papers were also ttoUn
Major Congdnn Is a member of tin firm of W E Bnr
lock A Co KM Broad ay New York 11 I It sui > po ed tin
robbery was commuted my l a man who registered in H
II Let Trenton N J lit disappeared before the rob
bery was discovered It Is inspected that he was a pro
feailonal hotel thief Then It i a man ot that name Ilr
tog In Trenton bat It was not be
Not Advised lo Vote for MInute
Circular containing the report the special
committee of the Young Republican Club of Brooklyn
appointed lo investigate Blalntt record tilll be mallet
to the 3500 odd members of the club thli week Accom
panylng the report will also bi the cnncluilnne arrived
at by the Executive and Advisory Committees of the
club which an that tin belt course for tin club to pit
sue at an organization It to take no action looking tithe
endorsement of tin Presidential candldat sl e Ing each
member to vote nn this question at hi may see At The
members will also bt Hiked to state whether they wan
meeting called to discuss tin Preeldentlal question If
a majority want such a meeting It will be held
A Smelt ptiolntor Itlttln
Morris Altman who came to this city from
Vienna In February ltstwii reported mining yesterday
Allman who It 93 years old hat been living with his
brother In law Oustart Pick at 107 East Seventy
fourth street and has peculated In Wall street on a
smelt Mile Hi left Iksi house tn go down town
on Thursday morning ills brothertn law IMI that hi
had several hundred dollars In lilt pockela Tin pullet
have been asked to look for him
For TLoaa e > f Ufk Is Ihe Utute of Florida
Two suits were begun In tho Supreme Court
yesterday by Daniel Connor lo recover tloWO damage
for the Inet of his two children In the sleamlhlp Still
of Florida which was tank In mldocetn In April last by
collision with the bark Pomona Tin cast Isiuieetlhe
liability of the steamship company for the lose nt lift
attending the nuking of the State of Florida and 11 to
he followed by a suit to Kit tin company liaMlny for
ion of properly The suite will tt reached m October
A Tall Qhnt Wlthaut Cloth
A ghost which cries OhoI Is said to bo
haunting the country between Mount Ollvit and
Lutheran Cemeteries on Long Island It It reported that
several men strived with guut and headed by a con
titbit hunted In rain for U on Thursday might Ilro
sciubles a tall man without clothing
Meat Fields of She I Bwalara eUatcacad
The sentence ot the court martial In the case
of LienS tlildi late of tbs Bwatara U thai ha be lot
Undid far two years from rank and duty and that h
be publIcly reprimanded Utwasuild itt Isieg dzunk
wbjiQnguly C
Produced by a Combination of Newspa
pers and Published Serially
in Parts on Sundays
Ceprilikl ISMkr Hturr Jima
All Blgall Beserrsi
Second Part
It wilt doubtless seem to the roador very sin
gular that In spite ot this rofloctlon which
appeared to sum up her ludgmont ot the mat
er Mrs Portico should In the course of a wry
few days have consented to everything that
Georgian asked ot her I have thought It well
to narrate at length the first conversation that
took place between them but I shall not trace
further the details of the girls urgency or the
laps by which In the face of a hundred ro
bust and salutary convictions tho loud kind
harp simple skeptical credulous woman took
under her protection a damsel whose obstinacy
abe could not speak of without galling rod with
anger It was the simple fact of Qeorglnns
personal condition that moved her this young
adys greatest eloquence was the seriousness
of her predicament She might bo bad and
he had a splendid careless Insolent fair
aced way of admitting It which at moments
ncoherently inconsistently and Irresistibly
resolved the harsh confession Into tear of
weakness but Mrs Portico had known her
from her rosiest years and when Ooorglna de
clared that she couldnt BO home that she
wished to bo with her and not with
her mother that she couldnt expose her
selfshe couldnt and that she must remain
with her and her only till the day they should
sail tho poor lady was forced to make that day
a reality She was overmastered she was ca
bled she was to a certain extent fascinated
She had to accept Qoorglnus rigidity she
tad none of her own to oppose to it she was
only violent she was not continuous and once
be did this It woo plain after all that to
take hor young friend to Europe was to help
her and to leave hor alone wan not to help her
Qcorglna literally frightened Mr Portico Into
compliance She was evidently capable ot
strange things If thrown upon hor own device
Jo from one day to another Mrs Portico an
nounced that she was really at lost about to sail
or foreign lands her doctor having told bet
that It she didnt look out she would get too
old to enjoy them and that she had Invited
that healthy Miss Gresslo who could stand so
long on her feet to accompany her There wa
joy In tho house of Grosslo at this announce
ment for though the danger was over It was a >
great general advantage to Oeorglna to eo and
ho Oressles wore always elated at the prospect
of an advantage There was a danger that she
might meet Mr Donyon on Iho other aide ot
tho world but It didnt seem likely that Mr
Portico would lend herself to a plot ot that kind
It sho had taken It Into her head to favor their
love affair she would have done it frank
ly and Qoorglna would have been married br
this time Her arrangements wero made aa
quickly ru her decision had been or rather
had appeared slow for this concerned those
agile young man down town Qeorglna was
perpetually at her house It was understood in
Twelfth street that she was talking over her
future travels with her kind friend Talk there
was of course to a considerable degree but
after It was settled they should start nothing
more was said about the motive of the journey
Nothing was said that Is till the night before
they Ballad than a tow words passed between
them Qeorglna bad already taken leave of
her relations In Twelfth street and wo to
sleep at Mrs Porticos In order to KO down to
the ship at an early hour The two ladle were
sitting together In the firelight silent with the
consciousness of corded luinrnge when the
elder one suddenly remarked to her compan
ion that sho seemed to bo taking a great deal
upon herself In assuming that Raymond Ben
yon wouldnt force her hand Ho might choose
acknowledge his child If she didnt there
wore promises and promises and many peo
ple would consider they bad boon lot off when
circumstances were so altered She would
have to reckon with Mr licnyon moro than
she thought
I know what I nin about deorglna an
sweroJ Thnro Is only ono promise for him
1 dont know what you mean by circumstances
being altered
Everything seems to mo to be altered
poor Mrs Portico murmured rather tragically
Well ho Isnt and he never will I am aura
of him its Euro as that I sit here Do you think
I would have looked at him If I hadnt known
he was a man of his word 1
You have chosen him well my dear said
Mrs Portico who by this time was reduced to
a kind of bewildered acquiescence
Of course I havo chosen him well In such
a matter as this be will be perfectly splendid
Then suddenly Perfectly splendidthat whr
I cared for him she repeated with a flash ot
Incongruous passion
This seemed to Mrs Portico audacious to the
point of being subltmo buteho bad given up
trying to understand anything that the girl
might say or do She understood less and less
after they had disembarked In England and
begun to travel southward and she under
stood least of all when In Die middle ot the
winter the event came off with which In Im
agination she had tried to familiarize herself
but which when It occurred seemed to
her beyond measure strange and dreadful
It took place at Genoa for Qeorglna
had made up her mind that there
would bo more privacy In a big town
than In a little and ube wrote to America that
both Mrs Portico and she bad fallen in love
with the place and would spend two or three
months there At that time people In the
United State knew much less than today
about the comparative attraction of foreign
cities and It was not thought surprising that
absent New Yorkers should wish to linger In K
seaport where they might fled apartment ac
cording to Goorglnau report In a palace
painted in fresco by Vandyke and Titian
doorglna in her letters omitted it will be
seen no detail that could give color to Mrs
Porticos long stay at Genoa In such a palace
where the travellers hired twenty glided
rooms for the most Insrgnlflcant suma re
markably One boy came Into the world Noth
ing could have been more successful and com
fortable than this transaction Mrs Portico
was almost appalled at the facility and felicity
of It She was by this time In a pretty bad
wuyamlwlmt bad never happened to herbs
fore In her life she suffered from chronic de
pression of spirits She hated to have to He
and now she was lying all the time Every
thing she wrote home everything that had
been said or done la connection with their
stay In Genoa was a lie The way they
remained Indoor to avoid meeting chance
compatriot was a lie Compatriots In
Genoa at that period were very rare but noth
ing conld exceed the businesslike complete
ness ot Goorglnaa precautions liar nerves
her possession her apparent want of feel
ing excited on Mrs Porticos part a kind ol
ffJooar lUlfcsnjss i B9jb4 tiulf to it h A

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