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nul nnil Troukles nt Moth tk > Old Pitrtlf
Mr lllitln lle MmilMlBi dNki wrliis rr
tan hpblla In I VnlirrnU > NnvinU
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WABIIINUTOK AUK 9Mr Blain Is causing
those who are managing hli canvass no little
anxiety Ho II no longer the dashing and
audacious Plumed Knight of 1876 Ho li i a
changed finn Though always tho moot cau
tlouv unil nocrttlve of man ho used to coueonl
tou Inllccr
these traits br an assumption of dull and
pluck that WIH a most nrtlMlo ns well at long
sustained piece of acting Now however bin
friends find that the brilliant aggressiveness Is
be only timid but
tone Ho Hemns to b not
almost Indifferent I he has anygront Interest
In tho approaching cnnvass ho does not roveat
I Ho simply urgea his friends to coon with
tho cnnvnas In their own way nnd l st him b at I
jieace BO fur as possible Now that was npt at
all hit tlio enorgetle KlUui and the diplo
matic Phelps oxpoctcd when they procured hit
nomination They lookud for an abundance of
brilliant suggestions some audacious and over
whelming line of policy for carrying on the
canvass from the candidate but Mr Blalne so
lar has nerlou ly disappointed them
I hot been an open secret among Mr Blalnoa
coo friends that ho has never recovered from
tho shock that Oulteaus pistol caused him Ho
was arminarm with Oarfleld when the assas
sin fired ho saw the President totter and fall
and ho believed that tho next shot would b r
coUod by himself The effect of that shot was
to give him what Is known In his own State as
the hypo He Is convinced that bo has an
organic disease and although the best physi
cians in tho country have assured him that ho
Is wrong he will not bellevo them Last sum
mer he pained his frlonds by asking constant
ly how thoy thought hs looked Somebody
told him that the little pools of water left by
t he ebb 11 Jo on the rocks ot tho coast wero a
specific for the disease ho thinks ho has nnd
be was often Been drinking from them and
bathing his lao and arms In them During
the past winter when he was visited by prom
inent politicians who wished to talk with him I
about his nomination he surprised and sail
denod them by Indifference and ho told one
man thnt he bad rather live In peace and quiet
than to bo elected President and die in the
olllco For a fpw days boforo tho Convention
met ho seamed to bo like his old self and after
ho was nominated dlsphyod to those nearest
him Rome of the energy that was characteristic
of him in tho days of his prime But that did
not last long After the Democratic Conven
tion tho old conviction that he cannot b
elected returned and with It his depression of
spirits Ho Is now said t be despondent and
those who are nearest him beltove that unless
thin hypochondria can b shaken off all the
work of tho canvass must b done without
nucli help from him
Mr Blalne has already received a rat deal
of Information respecting the political situa
tion and ho thinks that It justifies lilt despon
dency Ho claims nt alt events that his politi
cal forecasts of last winter wore correct and
that the ountry has entered upon a canvass
tbat will b unique and that will show some
unexpected results which tho wisest man can
not now predict
Whlln Mr Blalne has no such organized
nf clerks letter and assistants
corps clerk letor openers Ind Islstnnts
an worn nt Mnntor in 1SSO yet hi ha n bright
and ojur > tlo son nnd a diligent secretary
through whom n groat deal of correspondence
II conducted The news that has already come
t Augusta agrees in tun main with that re
ceived by the National Committee It Is far
from cheering though It Is not thought by Mr
Elaines friends to justify his own despair Tho
reports con linn tho suspicion of some ot the
shrewd polttlcl inH who woro at the Chicago
Contention that the Blnlnu enthusiasm was
notgnnuino but wit manufactured to a grout
degree If not to some extent bought Tho re
ports that nro trustworthy already received
both by Mr Hlalno and by the National Com
mitted here Hhovv that there olsts throughout
the front Itupubllcan State of tho Northwest
no such fiery and oernhalmlng desire that
JJIalno shall BO to thn Whltw House as there did
in 187C This Is precisely what Mr Blame saw
to bo HID man lust winter Ho knew his heyday
was In 1870 and that since then his popularity
has waaoJ hike that of all politicians who
have paued tholr diY All the flattery of tho
m n who sought him last winter could not dls
suaJu him from that belief
Mr Blame last winter said that the rank and
file of the two parties would not decide the
bal II but tho doscrtors would and he know
that his candidacy would result In a large num
bet ot desertions His friends did not believe
It He dil Wbilo tho Mulligan powder may
have been burned It left in its burning a wry
Seep scar on the Republican party and no one
knew that bettor than Blatno himself I was
Supposed that tlu > fateful minority would b
I tnalnly confined to New York but the reports
already received show that it exists through
out the country Mr Blalne himself regards
the choIce of Cleveland as an unwise one for
the Democratic party yet be thinks that In
spite of a bad nomination the deserters are
olng to b great enough In dome States now
regarded as surely Republican t cost tile party
to States
The Republican managers both of tho Na
tional Congressional Committee and the Na
tional Committee while they do not share
UlMnos gloom are very anxious about some
of tho halos that have been counted surely
Republican Unless there lia a change of len
Hmanl In thoto States before November tho
Party It i in very serious danger of losing some
of them and is certain t lose others The
committees hare not failed t take notice that
the We tern Germans the Prohibitionists tho
labor and IrishAmerican voters tun Inde
pendent Republicans and Oon Butler are to
elect j tho next President unless In fact the
Hound of Representatives does a contingency
which soma regard a far from Impossible
Tho committees of both parties are confront
id by theM curious confusing and dangerous
amenta of party demoralization and are now
1 a loa respecting the probable outcome Bo
tar i as the Republicans are concerned the situ
ation Is entirely different from that which fol
lowed larftelds nomination Then a faction
ulked and mutinied but It was only necessary
to conciliate the leaders of that factionGrunt
Cockling Don Cameron T O Platt as was
dona at Mentor and the Fifth Avenue Hotel
When this was done the rank and file were
found with their loaders But now aside from
the open rind expressed opposition like that of
the > Quintans
OOIIUOS tho Prohibitionists and the or
mnlMd bolting Republicans there comas in
formation of quiet discontent all through the
Party everywhere which is dlftlault to put the
lut tlo
Incur on hard to find because It Is private and
organized I opposition and therefore ox
Mraely dangerous The Republican man
jwrs nay that these complications will make
ho canvass tho most difficult that they have
M t conduct They can now simply gather
information which they are diligently doing
yore they can actively begin tho canvass
hey admit that
the outlook now Is err dense
astor Plumb who U a very ken man said
W other day tfet the condition of affairs In
a earUMM me < Jto Indicate the Beginnings
of a break UP In both nnd that no one could
now possibly tel what the outcome would bo
Taking some of Iho Hiatus from which the
eommltUos hae received bad new It will be
round thnt thorn Is much to Justify alarm lie
ginning with California thu runort comes > that
lllalnes reputed popularity thoro U vontlnvd to
Ban Francisco Ropubllinns write that they
fear the State Is hopoloiisly Democratic There
will b no great Republican defection from
Blalnoi the German and Prohibition vote will
not make any serious Inroads In tho party But
tho truth In the Itnpubllcnna have gained no
strength there for flonu yours while thu Dem
ocrats have The private nd > Ices received sot
the State down nf untlRepubiluitn by ten thou
sand Yet with lisp Butler running on time Auti
Monopoly ticket strange things may happen
In California Tho Btuto hits turned over to the
Democracy largely because of tho Intense anti
monopoly fueling thor The labor vote Is law
and I thoroughly well organized It will
nearly all go to Butler Then the AntiMo
nopolists unquestionably hold the balance of
power In tho State I In taut there are not a
plurality of AntiMonopolists In California
They nro feeling more deeply about this matter
than poplo i tit the last hae any Idea of don
Butler will got n very largo veto from them
In what proportion It will como from the two
parties Is one of the problems of the canvass In
California Borne letters have hon received
hero In which the assertion Is made that But
ler will receive a larger vote than lalno and I
some enthusiasts there insist that ho can carry I
the State Clevelands nomination caused no
enthusiasm there Ho simply represents an
Idea the man who was elected by nearly two
hundred thousand majority I the Demo
cratlo party la whipped In California It will
simply b on account of Clevelands nomina
tion Home suggestions nro received from the
Btate that the Butler party concentrate Its vote
on two or three electors
No news comes from Nevada thnt cheers
the Republican managers either by the com
mittee here or In New York Tho State Is
confidently claimed by the Democratic mana
gers and Is privately conceded t them by the
Republicans The rich Republicans who once
were there are there no longer and tho rich
Democrats who nominally live In this absurd
rotten borough of forty thousand people will
take care that money enough Is provided to
keep up the very good Democratic organiza
tion they have there
Kansas may cut up some very queer antics
according to the Information received At the
recent Prohibition Convention In Pittsburgh
the Knnxas delegates said that Oov Ht John
would receive not less than thirty thousand
votes In that State and that ninetenths of
them would come from the old Republican or
ganization No moro zealous Prohibitionists
ore In the country than thosn of Kansas Aside
from the earnestness with which they avow
their principles they have a special reason for
giving Oov Ht John nil the support possible
They feel very sore because ho wns beaten when
ho ran for Governor on the prohibition Issue
and they hold the Republican party responsible
for that defeat
Tbo Republican managers do not believe that
Oor Bt John can get thirty thousand votes In
Kansas but they admit that I tho Prohibition
canvass Is correct the State becomes doubtful
In Kansas too is found tho curious political
Inconsistency which Is very noticeable In some
other States and that Is that the German vote
is now hostile to the Republican ticket because
the conviction has seized these people that
Blalue Is I a prohibitionist and because the Re
publican Is responsible for the
puLlcan party rlsponslblo sumptu
ary laws that have been enacted many States
Now tho ProhlbltlonlRts sro opposing the Re
publican party bocauao they assort that it Is
not for suppression of tho liquor trafllc Be
tween these two the Republicans in Kansas
run SOlO risks of falling Into a minority
There are some twentydim thousand Gor
man voters In that Htato RoporU received hero
show very serious disaffection ono careful
canvasser estimating that at least 15000 Ger
man Republicans will not vote tho Republican
ticket Borne Republicans too uro known to
have repudiated Blnlno become of his rocord
though thorn seems to b less of this in Knnsns
than In some other States But If the 15000
Germans anti thu UuOOO Prohibitionists leave
the Republican party Kansas is lost to the Ro
publlcmiB But where will its vote go
Through tho groat agricultural HUitos west of
the Mississippi River thoro Ins grown up
within three or four your an iinti
monopoly sentiment which threatens to
obliterate nil party lines and to secure
political results such HS the Grangers
worn never nblo to accomplish Senator
Van Wyck said recently th at if thu Republican
managers know the extent of that feeling In
the States of Nebraska Iowa and Kansas they
would tremble for the party in those States i
Tho farmers have had what they regarded as
grievances so great that many of them have
mate but a hand to mouth living and thuy see
no redress but that of the ballot box and tho I
success of a party committed to antimonopoly
legislation This feeling is very strong In
western Kansas Mr Anderson tho member i
01 Conlross from that suction could not have
been ronouilnated had he not mace 1 record
In the House as n most persistent AntiMonop
oust Reports come that tho nomination ol
Butler by tho AntiMonopolists bin resulted In
perfKftlng a good organization In Kansas nnd
that he will receive I very largo vote In tho
State Thu Democratic managers while real
Ifil that there will be a large defection from
the Republican voto large enough to justify
bard work In tho State vet are at sen exactly
how to go at the canvass I Is a dangerous
thing to put tarIff speeches Into tho State Ui
cause many Kansas Democrats mire protection
ists and many Republicans Iron traders Clevo
lands nomination arnun nn vnthuslnsm and
there Is no way ol reaching tIme AntiMonopo
lists who will iult < the pnrty suit vote for Hit
lor Tim ienerul will gel I big volo in lIme
State but what its effect will bu Is ono of tho
many problems of this curious canvass
From Illinois comos < ome Interesting news
and of a kind that makes It plain that the can
vass will bo complicated There are about
130000 German voters In Illinois Eighty
per cunt ol thesu are naturally Republican
But the highlicense and localoption liquor
law passed by the Republican Legislature had
caused many ot them to become disaffected
They have the
before Blames nomination
idea that cannot b driven from the minds of
the Germans all through tho West that Blalno
Is himself a prohibitionist The result Is that
ovary day the news that comes from the Gor
man districts of the State gets worse and worse
In Chicago alone tho fooling Is so strong that
Mayor Harrison who Is running for Gover
nor expects to curry the city by 20000 and he
predicts that the State will give a Democratic
plurality ot 10000 The Republican managers
here of course say that Harrisons claim Is
absurd but thor admit that tho situation In the
State II ono thut causesthorn anxiety Onu esti
mate Is that at least 40000 German Republicans
will not voto for lllalne This was made by one
of tho most Intelligent Gorman Republicans 01
Chicago The Prohibitionists assert that their
ticket will receive 50000 votes In the Htato I
tho estimate of time Gorman vote that will b
lost ellmate Republicans and the Prohibition
strength b correct It Is admitted tbat Carter
Harrison Is not so far out of the way after al
In his prediction But here comes In that puz
thug factor agalnthe Butler vote The antimonopoly
monopoly feeling Is as strong though perhaps
iot so widespread lu IlUaoU as In Kansas
Butlers personal popularity Is vary great Th
labor organizations ol Chicago will work en
huslastlcally for him ExCongressman Far
voll predicts that Butler will gut a surprisingly
large vote and that If It were not for his candi
dacy the Republican party would bo beaten In
ho State Mr 1arwell Is taking some Interest
in politics this year and his largo purso will b
at tho command of the party bocnusx he experts
poets t succeed Ion Logan In tho Senate
Tho now from Wisconsin Is very gloomy for
this Republicans Appeals for monoy are al
ready beginning to b received from the State
coupled with the assertion that unless sub
stantial canvassing ot timid sort Is done at
once In Wisconsin thu State Is I lot Wisconsin
gaven Democratic plurality 0000 In 1883
and while Uarlleld carried It by 30000 In 1H80
flayos received only 0000 In 1870 Tho same
combination that threatens tho Republicans In
annas mind Illinois Is still moro dangerously
threatening In Wisconsin limo iernmn voto
lma reported to b almost solidly untlltopubll
cnn and tho PioliihltlnnlsU claim JUtKMt 0101
Time German prosH of thu State U I hostile to
Ulalno ant thu reports received nt Democratic
iuadiitiartai8 hero are hat till Republican
ticket will b lu a minority of ten thousand
votes unless the situation changes between
this and November No ling been
Kovembr news hnl ben re
cold by time Republican managers that war
rants them In milking any very energetic de
nial of this claim What strength Duller will
got In the State will It U thought have no
effect on the result there because ho will prob
ably poll a proportionately smaller voto thcro
than In somo of tho other NorthwostoruHtatoK
Michigan Is going to oar very close watch I
ing Its 04000 Republican plurality lu 1880 i
altered 5000 Democratic plurality In
was alorol to OO DcmocrRto rlumlr
1882 Tho tidal wave swept over tho State
with greater force than anywhere else except
ing New York Tho sumo causes of discontent
tli t effected this great change still exist I Is
reported too that there uro mal Republi
cans especially In tho upper peninsula who
have declared their Insblllty to support maine
and while there hns Iraen no ollort to organize
LhlHolomoiit some pains Imvo beuu taken to
learn how extensive this defection is I Is
found that In the upper peninsula In time largo
nunlnJ towns of Nogauneo Ispumlng ali Cal
umet the disaffection hue spread like an epi
demic almost It Is not confined to those who
work for weekly wages but thu capitalists
there many of them openly announce that they
cannot support Blame because they believe
him to havo led a corrupt political 11 To and be
cause thoy fear that ho will cut UP somo dido
In the White House that will Imperil business
interests One manufacturer near Hancock
who employs some live hundred mon said that
though naturally Republican ho believed that
sovontyflvo per cent of thor would not voto
thin Republican ticket and that he should not
do no himself This personal and unorganized
opposition to Blalno on account of his record
Is more striking In Michigan than in many
other States because It is more aggressive
The ProhlbttlonlhU expect to poll 20001 votes
In Michigan Gun Butler Is very strong with
a large number ot voters lu Michigan and It
was assorted by some ol the Democrats from
that Htnte that had ho ben tIm nominee of tho
Democratic party ho would have carried the
State As it In he will receive a very largo
voto there and his strength will not come en
tirely from tho Democratic party either The
antimonopoly tentlmont In tho agricultural
part of thu State Is very strong
The Republican managers hear nothing but
bad news from Indiana At the Democratic
committee rooms thoy assert that tho Republi
cans cannot carry the State Thoro will b
none of tho Dorsoy strategy this year though
thor will b a good deal of money spont by time
Republicans In the State Doi soy bought the
Stub in 18SO but Tllden earned It by nearly
5000 majority and at tho Intust election thoro
was a Democratic plurality of lllOOO Thnbame
GormnnProhlbUlou combination thnt thrrnt
ons to work EO fatally in other Western Htatns
promises to defeat time Republican ticket nvon
I tho State worn not naturally Democratic
Illumes nomination was rocetvod with no en
thusiasm although for that matter Clevelands
was I most grievous disappointment
At to Ohio accounts dllTor Itgavo Hoadly
20000 plurality thn entire State administra
tion is in thu hands of tho Democrats tho
Democratic organlJition Is mild to bo IXLfllont
thu Germans are reported to bu almost solidly
against tho Republican ticket and time Prohi
bitionists uxpoct to poll OOOJO votes With
Mich conditions time Democratic minnuori
claim that tho Htato that has just given 20000
Democratic plurality amid iu which limes
plurality was only 7100 may Fairly bu uigardri
a very doubtful oven if Uarlluld did receive
35000 The Rupubllcnn mnimgers admit that
there mire some odds ngnliiKt them but claim
that the Republican strongholds In thin State
will roll up I majority largo enough to over
come the adverse Influences But tholr Infor
mation just now lemons to be vague anti general
Thny have determined to makii I backbreak
ing effort to carry tho Htato In October but tho
Democratic managers dlller ns to time policy to
bo pursued Homo of thorn claim that It would
bo folly to risk all on n Stuti that has always
been Republican In Federal election
Tho Irropreoslblo Gen Butler will rncnivo 1
largo vote In Ohio Who ono of thu strongest
Rapubllcnn districts In the State sends nn In
dependent Democrat und Labor Reformer to
Congress as time city of Cloveland did in Mr
1oran and when great rntlllontlon meetings
endoislng hullers nomination am hnld In this
district It Is apparent to time managers thnt It
will not do to discount Itutlifs strength amid
the effect It will hnvoon thin result 1unt dl
satisfaction eUts In him Iron manufaUurlni
and milling region and thorn is u Mionc
millmonopoly sentiment throughout IIK
hiate This will I I I Iw I crtBtnlllod into I I tho I 1111 i
votn How miirli will It bo low will It pro
portionally aftoct thn two t PHI ties I Thl I is U I a
vnry serious problem 101 the nmnuiui < nn both
sides At present nothln cal bo predicted
Such Is n summary of homo of tho hints and
pieces of Information thut halo been lucolvei
right on tho threshold of time canvass I Is I a
nummary of what Mr Blalno knows mind which
lends to his despair anil what thu managers 01
his canvass know unit causes them anxiety
Nothing Is said about Now York bocaiibo
nothing Is known about I rum great Htato Is
now I black Impenetrable political mystery to
both sides
To b sum Mr Elktns pretends to hope that
Blame will curry West Virginia possibly
North Carolina and Florida with n lighting
chance In Virginia but It huoins to bo u poor
to call time attention of
attempt at strategy cal Italton I
the Democrats from tho weak points along tho
Republican lino Mr Klklnn however keeps
his eves very wide opun nnd ho knows tho em
barrassments complication and dlfllrultlis
that tho Democratic manngcrs are Inborlni
under from the vvotblunkut nomination ot
Cleveland down to the troublosomu question or
whether It Is better to send hlgntarllT or low
tariff speeches to be distributed In West Vir
ginia and othur Democratic suction whom tho
tariff Is a ticklish subject Mr Klklns smuts
as be surveys this state of things nnd ho tel
his friends with a hearty slap on thn shoulder
Dont b worried I It does look a little squal
ly Thoyvo floored too close to bolo onco
wore and I tell you weve got em again
lrsIdmI Ujrill llrvwaed
TRINIDAD Aug I President Dyott wan
drowunl al TurUH while ou a ullluf ticuruoo Tin
bull WM ctpilitd
TkU Hnckrnundril l > tnnd Cnlrbi I Pretty
llunlln Alleged Nkixk In the HUmln
nd Nknri tine In t Se Aflernencard
tlllEvn C nrr Island In M Hllr Imm End
in KiidTkc dcricy CoHitTIIIrd t > ulll >
tetivnly rime > In Ike > uw Vnrk Ito
l llnllHni l Ht Iruyer Miiunlul LflVccti
nnd iunlrurr llrkvlnr nf tie Great
NkukvHumii rik Nol utincAiiet oMl
Everybody In tlio city tnlkinl narthiiunko
yesterday afternoon The 111111 Service IDS
ho shock nrrivfdut 211 oclock PM I I was
3 07 by thu City Hall clock Tim general agree
ment Is that the shock travelled in I north
or northeasterly direction though there nro
dlssontliiit witnesses who Insist that It wan
making for tho southwest Itvvnsa good dual
of n shock for this region
Asslstnnt Signal Horvlco Observer 1 1 E I llln
nan in clinrgo of time statlnn on thu Liiultnblo
lulldlng had just Ilitorod tho obsorvntory
ibout 200 fuel from thn giouiul when tIme shock
nmn Thu Signal Service obscrvurho said
nut evening doosnt observe as
a rule not to predict them you Know so 1 was
nken by surprise First 1 noticed a low
rumbling nnlso like ulistamit thunder mind 1m
nodlately afterward n trembling of time build
Ing rather more violent I presume whom I
was than on tho lower floors Time horizontal
vibrations mustlmvo boon miuartorof I Inch
Time duration of time shock was from 1 to2
seconds and tho tlm 211 P II HOI pooplo
In tbo top floors nf the bank building nt Pine
street nnd Broadway rnn to the windows
About tun days nl oMr Hlnman added
we thought we felt I slight slinking of the
building and Imintdlatulyooucluded It was an
oarthiiuake shock hem I was a rumbling
noUo and then ntiomor rime fact would bavn
boon forgotten I this shock hind lot takun
place Wo forgot about It as we thought somu
one might bo moving II heavy plc or fuiiiltnrn
on tho floor below us Thn building movud
about an eighth of its lucli that tluiu
A little after 2 oclock 100 dorks jumped from
behind their desks In us many hotels and ran
to tIme OIUItlr Wlun they found tile uolIor
all right thoy whlstleil Mown to thu unginuir
to musk If the boiler hud burst and then went
behind tholr desks again and vvonderod until
some one elml In to tell thorn that It nan nn
unrthiiuako When they found out what thu
matter was they ran out Into the street to wait
for the next shock and only vvunt back to ross
our thu guests who camo piling down time
staIrs blown up convinced that time wholu houao was
Four men were gathered around u pinto of
crackers In time Astor House bur A pllo of
limits cumo down lu time pantry the big mir
rors all around tho room creaked and lattlud
and thu four lon dlsuppeurud leaving cock
tails trembling In their glasses Tim cashier
Halil he would Imvo gone too but hl was afraid
I might bo some racket to get htm away from
thu cash drawer Up stairs In time hall tho
fullblooded negroes in blun coats turntid mu
latto und the swallnwtallt miilattous In tH
dining room turnud almost wliltn I
At tho irand Hotel a box of cigars vas
knocked olT 1 shelf and six misturioiislydls
appeared In time Tremnnt t HOIIIH I next door
nothing happened lime clerk said hn was as
frlghtunod as I nmn could bu ami his assistant
Maid ha bad a bottle of beer to his mouth nt tho
time and swallowed It before ho knew I at
least halt Will wasted bocuuso ho didnt have
time to taste it
tma the New York Hotel a down gnntlomi
were gntherud around thl clerk who was lull
ing I story An old man from Peru said
1 Thats an unrthijuaku I know cm welt
In a moment hn was ulono
UxHimak Ham Randall vat upstairs din
ing with a party of friends When tbo earth I
quake I camo nn ho sent n waltnr dmvn stalls i to
learn I It mally was un eaithiiunkp mind when
hn found It wan he went on with Ills dinner I
in thIs VlndHur the uliouk huunicil lo be
stroni r thiin In mliii oIlier hotel Mllllouitlio
1 C ilood who was un stairs with l his fam
ily Iuiiio down nnd hiughoi I
I sen you New Yorkiit I 111 beginning to 1m
Itntn us hn H lid lryi mig to I put on sty to I
with outlniunkis But you cant got up m a
nlmko HLo wn Have In Fi lsi > o 1
Chulrmaii JonrH of llm Ilipubllcnn National
Coniiiiittun was lit thn I Windsor too Iknniv
I was an oortlniunkii till I I along hu hiilil I I
> ild In inywlfn r mi h i tour tim ut limit bn an
auhiiinkn Smtsilil Ho it must But wo
lf Ill tit all fuuhtiMicil Hut ilimikiimu
think of I lintltr No iir I cant aai I I I did
in thn Monnu llnknry thiio globes wero
shakcii fiom thn cliandolleis anil evt > ivbod >
tliuilmt time now ftiHipl < m iiacnOhurih had
falliii down linginu Company I 11 tn llcht
tenth Htriint dtnhed out with their online lit
didnt know which vviv lo inn and hud to go
back U ho polivmanon tho brat in Hpcnklm
of It said that no llln company 110111110 Him
1 i liaiicii in hhownil a inn inryrook mil
chainbtiinuid toi blocks up ami down was out
on thn I shliwall and tho onrthr ibralion
Kotunud tu havo nvolvedunuxtiuoiitlnary nuiii
tt nl I luirulaj nproiix
Thu people WilI hail Con curl to CVntrnl
Park felt less shook lnn Ihnsn within doors
but tlny worn P < rhap morntriirlilcniMlas thnv
huh neitlnr Eel Irs not nloMilorH to which to
attrlbutn tho phunomenon
An old lailv lin had I Inmnnniln stand
on thu cornet of Murray trt ami llioail
wny for thirty t > cnrs Him Is I old now ind
has a stiong oung man IOHI iku up her lumnn
ndis vvhllrt slit silt out of view im > iitiiMith thn
oiinter nnd liips ICIOIIIIH l i > stnrday him
was shaken out nl hii iitieat m ami pt > s < i > d
ratillcation nt having bMiuivNitml luy mnmrlh
iiuitku alHitil thn milv 1 thing ilium s ltd wnluh
IUlkUIII 1111
nuvnr hail hupponiil aloni lirouluav
Hut ol I all time hhoiks leiclviMl in HIM city the
Btninuost siinmod to bo lupericneed u on tin t ill
por llonis of thn hUh apartment houns A
> ouuihiihiilor who livis I I lie tommtmu lloorof I
tim > Ivnlikerbockur mitt Mild that Ilinto iaphs
and liottliS vniii thrown Ironi hn inuitilpi
tvlillnthu 111 > pur purl of thu building iuckiil
1 startnd at first to inn down staIrs said
lip but I loiiiludcd that It would ho I 1lul
for mi tu fall I on thu bulldln I I mis to I Imvu thu
buildIng fall I on mo so I ntaiiil i 1 uhiiu I was
The bed rock on wlilli I Man i hallin Island rests
miau4 ti the MIIdt louil In inaiw puv in HIM
uppui part nf I tile cIty and In tint lours I vlinso
folllidatinii rsts on tin 101 tlin ilioek was
paltlculiulvfoielljle 1 in 111 il I tiieo hoii
jiict to tIme Miiilli ii i I htmL llnncm Iliver thorn
was HIMI I Might nimMim 1 I IKMMI whnh
xoemoil lo be pin liiiinl b l > the tolling of fuini
tiiro In 11 lower run 01 tim IIOIIH limn lIme
biillillngtrimbled Inr vliihntly I that thu oiim
miiilH honk on tlin I imuiliilpliMos flf mius >
liiiie isid to I iiiulilliie i lour and then iliril
awnv Tho tiiinbllni in Ito I IIOIIMS In thx
miihhornoiiil bent m inr person Into nm
htrniiih 11111 to thi iuof r > Thn I lillri wintid to
HUH what had Im imnilj lilt an
hum iiftnr llm immtiimig html 111 rion nini
wnniiii nimiiiiUMl I on iln > li finlilhloops wailing
lorn eioiid shin k
Ioopln vhownin on thn IIIMHIIHIK time Notlh
nnd Itist I lilvirtwhin Hie > uihquil ccuiriil
bahl that them was noviHhln I iigitatl > I Iho
wnter HOI or tn m I irthoits In nildtn am
wer stem to tromblo nlluhtl imt thou pasMin
gmn notliud mimi nhocl viry LImO if at all On
tim 1IIIn ground ilcii both river limits time
xhiiik vva itliiinst luipriMptllilc whllu on th
clIIlorllll soil buk of it it wasHlinrn nnd
Anoudof poopln IILr1 i In I fruit of tho t
works of thn t Hiram Ilalll I I u Company In
UriMiiivrlch street hlnking tho ijillnfii hadn
ploilod hilpurlntiinliHit Ullev I ass ml mmiii ihum
there wits nothing I thn nmter nrllt
At Police I iemt1imiu ii irs Domman Helm I It
thought th > < shock I was dun lo burglars hlovvliig
opiii thus Treasurers smile lu tutu mcond slIm >
and riihod up italrs tn i OCIt Ihu cuntiinin
from thn thluviH Captain Handors teloianliiMl
to thn dlffHrBiit I stations in discover irimo u tier t Ito
shock hud Lxon noticed olseulmro Itopllos
camo from all lI rel items In I tho I afll rmmu at lye
Innkers bulnu llrft luiird from llnlotn 1
single reply was rrcclvinl lion ever Huin < rin
tiinileiitCinnlny of lImo tnlnuiaph deiuiitmont
wired I 111111 I from his housn In tnt Hev
ontisocond street wanting lo kiiuw what time
mattiir was with tbo vnitli m I
Thu Itullnns occup Ing the row rt tonemmits
known its thn ItaiincKs m opiiosito tho Iol i
street end of the dntial Olllcc unarmed Into
thin opun II nvhliiilly roiueinbiring their
umirthmmumu Ito ox Iurlumuirum In I their t own country
Thujr bnstn wits also nccoleinttil by thn act
that Ihl h HnrrHiks long slime coiidcinnid by
the liii lId lag lur MI wan II I danger of I lulling I I
In upon them without the aid of an enrtluiuuke
Similar oxcltmell was Ml among thn Italians
of Jersey street and Ixnii that illily thoioiikli
fnrnuiidtlinupiuirimdof I Vottktiuni ni > n < filled
with swarthy nnn nnd womnn full nf nxilnm i
tlonx and gesticulations for hours afterward
Many of thu pnorvr Italians full on thrlr
k nuns In hue t sh rests and licgun to rail upon thn m
sulnts nnd toll tholr bmids DnuhH worn in bu
been shortly afterward kninllng In fervent
a prayer storm in trout of Trinity Church any port In
Tim noise accompanying time shock awoke In
dIfferent minds vastly dlfferunt thoughts To
pedestrians the rapid approach ot a lager boor
wagon heavily loaded was suggested and they
itllud antI atnred up and down the streets
TIme Italian pnamit venders Inn long line In
front ot time Antor lloimo dcsortod their stands
and run Into lbs mlddlu of < Broadway
Mo nun oarthiuukn n Nupoll said ono
Much Mruiiln hoiun tumble ilownn
In time grunt iiiWiM > At > er office in Park row
omploinoH on thu upper worn nunitostid tilt
I tho prenxns hnd lajflmi l set HUddenlv anti vio
lently In motlnn In thutmanmnnt while to those
on limo lower floors the liaIse Beemed to museum
bio that of n very heuvr Iron MarO being pulled
slowly mid jorklly ncrnss time floor
At time Princeton flat In Wust KlttyHoventh
trtj t the ininntiiH thought that thin enormous
building wits falling Ild come ot them rushed
liitotlu stiool Crowds visited thu region ot
time Navarro limits snub the towerllltv structure
In process of erection on tho corner of Fifty
sovonth street nnd llnmdvvny but tliolr curios
ity of damage wile not rewarded by tho disco very of ulraco
Commander Uorrlngu notnd tho severity
thin shuck nnd oMiremiod HOIIIH concern for t
safety of 1m obelisk lit llc however thnt
ho hud propnrnd thu foundation and adjusted
the crabs with nspoolnl reference to scouring
instability In region which clontlllc author
ity ilcclaiow Is I ono subject to earthauukes limo
obelisk did not fall
White n congregation nf 2 > n wore celebrating
lie t cniiHuirallon nf tho I Holy I Hero 1 1 In i thu Jltini
Drnbnlnn I HynugugiieoiiTtlm Hecond floor nf tho
old biilliiliig i at buster I anil u i Ludlow street time
building tivmbled t and several nf time window
pnnt s tiroko und full Into I thn street Tho wnr
shlppors ruslipil for thu door In alarm Stal
wart ushurx turned them back Thuy spuing
to tIm windows old HOIIIH tried to jump to time
round I dlstancu of twenty loot but were
held back
TrooH irnmbled In Toinpklns Square and
ChflOnttnnkerMayforth nf IM Hovonth street
who was Htandlng In Ilovhrx saloon on thu
oppollu corner wes noticed I tat nn hU baik
In First trI Justus Helm ab ran out of his
Hiilonn nnd hurrahed for earthquakes and the
Hoclnl revolution t
Thn hoiiics nf Hook unit Inddnr II I on mn
Imth streei limIt from tholr I stalls ami ran
punglngln I alarm to thn door w hnn thn I lire
men umuim chit and hold thorn TIme billiard bulls
rolled wern In about prngrtRs time table up stairs us If I gnrau
TIme culling on thn llrst floor of thn Kldrldgo
Blrtiul pollen station wits rraeknd tile goldxti
nnuln ovur thn HergnantH hend wits humidly
Hhiikon up 111 hoiao In a pnsslng coach wits 1
thrown down
Open HUTPI curs bowling nlorg Knst Ilrond i
way nt thn tlmo of tIme shock fully loaded with
passemigers wern lull tomb up t mimi ii down and tho t
horses Mnugnrud and neighed w Ith fright
In I thn t tunemnnt t houses In I Frito It fuurt mit rent
Ilium wan gient filgit as somu of Limo build
ings neaily roeki At 21 some ono railed nut
lire 1 I ammil Ihero I was a gunernl rush for limo
street A girl lined Knto MuLnitghlln In thin
Hinrrv full down In II lit Thuro was also HU
alarm of Urn at IIH I William Htreot and from
most of tho rlekuty downtown tenement
hmisuK them wit a vvlinlcsaln eodiie
Thn shock was felt Htronglv In the very high
buildings I and wns particularly notlooablo up
lu thu t ninth Htorks nf tIc Washington Html 11
Ing nnd thu Mutual Ilfu Insurancn liulldlng
A horse of Knglai Company 4 was drinking
at n trough In thc IoinpHioH houSe in Fulton
strunt when thn iiinihln camo It reared with
trlgbt unit ran trembling I to Its small
TIme shock wns not noticcdun tho Iowntown
nlpvnted railroad millions They urn all I tho
tlmu shaking At time Now York entrance of
t hi Brooklyn lirldgn thu toll collector thought
that a car had got nil thu track lu thc station
I 01
nbovn him nnd bent a man up stairs to Ibid out
ubout It
In tin Fifth ward the pooplo did not think
that It was mimi oarthijunko After time rumbln
and shock tho report spread around that thor
had bnniin bller explosion In I Jnmns Pylu > l
HOI soul factory at time corner of Vestry und
Ireonwlch streets all thu pollco went there
and limIt open thin door
Thn brldgn pollen say that whllo I tho shock
was full on him t apprnai bus anil thu iinchoragHS
of thn brliUe thoro was no vibration of tho
span or of the townre
Tho Roy Henry Klmbnll who hnd been
luonchlng to hi4 inngregntion from time City
Hull stops remid this passngu from tl Hcrlp
Lures after limit shock
IUU I Only nfur lu I i > ln1l tin tun tn I ilnrk
eucl 1 ui HID mo in lm1 IHII Kio llulit niil 1 tin lar
iliNll fNll from lliv lifnvrtiM sni 1 Ilie moo Is or tlivlieAV m
rim hull In I Imkrn Tlieu tliall appriif llit nlicn uf the
Sun of mail In tuu < rn
Hn said that hu was not nf that class who be
llfUil thnt religion could b frightened Into A
person hit alien natum developed Itself und
eorrnsnondiid to tIme Word of God there was H
lussoii In I
IUHsnngers on the boats bound to and from
fi Icn lhuid ut tho timo said lust night that
Ihns did IIt notleu tilt shock
Mr Maxwell of California was bronkfactlng
tn HID lloilnmii HotiMi nt lit oclock o ttirda >
inoi nlni willi a Iriund Ito I Htidilonly laid down
his knlto I and folk f nml said to his frlonil who
liinl I noticed nuthlnu I u
Wnll I evnr > tlilng lii Xnv York wasnt
nailed down I should say Hint wo worn hiI ill
an eiirtlniiiakn
Thurn was other testimony tn thin ollect that
iiMiry sllghl shock was foil in time ipoinlng
and thai time uhock in tIme ufturnoun wits a
dnll one
Thn toil lloorof 1JS Wnst Fotvlhlrd street
foil I In I It I was an oldfashloncd house No
body was hll I
Mnnln J Ivci so was in thn ouit loom m next
lolliDolllinofthel I 1 I lerl of thn lo ml of Ahlir
iniii In llm t in Hull nml was engngod with
PIMII II nml Iipii In piipailnga mumoraiuliini
ill thn old i oliinteei Iltn llepartiunni lIe foil
an i scilhiting movnnuiil as If a loiirhoisu
truck In ided with a licny boiler was tumbling
iienws tho pavimunt Hn wont lo time window
to I InFpeet thn sIy I and heard u l < mg hem I I
mil i Unit hoiinihid Ilkn tliiiniliir travulllni
from nf u nit Tin windows riillloil Thoclocl
hands piiiiinxl to snven miniitiis past tutu Thn
viiiriitlnns lattid about lialt a minute and
Mnmnd to I u Mr knesn to pass fiom inut to 111
Mr Kenso si 1 tim lal hu hal felt shocks or cart hi
undoubtedly 1 liiulco In I Callfornhi uuniiiiie and that his one vvns
The slmcl wissuvnieli full In George Hnnh
lelnri linrluii eliot ii IS Mnudoiigil htiiot Half
a doen illti AhMjmlilv disiric polltleiuiis
hJlhlt IIIIlall
viniw liulug hhavel Sinldonl thn bottlus tin
111 to I ilincuon thn Hhulvi3 amid tho ehainli
lliuH bewail lohulnjc liko peiidiilumx Thobar l
l 1 s tin t nod pule and tlin cMMnmcrs xprang
from their eh iliK Mleliolo
frlllhnir Imi ulll Hpatufoio awoll
knowii Ialiaa goiitleiiiitn crosseil himself he
i nine livid nnd shouted1 llro I YOI noetlin I
hoiios beglniia to fall she eoinn frnm ltal >
Ito rmmm Into thu strut reiiinluiug them until
Iho end of Ihl t shock Then hn returned say
Ink Italhum inin knowa Imi Sims ennm
niieii iwou I limn Iook out for twon tlmo
lloehlln lesiinibd his shaving nnd nftnrwnnl
toiiml that I tint i > unthiil iku hud sliaUou his
xllver Into llm back lonii aitiimnt nf time money
iliavei Ithougii tin world was lomliiL to
end imo mmilt Ill gn m INhliig toinonow Itll
inuku tho llsh bite suit t
Tho wlfn nf t u Midiitn Ninth h vvnulor was
flluhtened out of oMinthhiL but Inn curiosity
I am going to find out what thnt IN she
cried tmmml 1 riiiied mil to time liont door Tho
slunk MIII tneii oviir nnd hearing suinn ono
nxplalii that an Ion I wagon had just gone by
Him II IIIIIIM In tllilinpli with this Infnriniitlon
Her hiihbinl had nevor f lt an eartliiiunkn
ilmck ifoi but has lost manv hours of sleep
In loaoiiof p u iviignii lli uci cpted tho ii
plnnatiin in I dnl mint llnd out until hours
lulcl Ill it tin em Ih bail i naked
ci 1 1 umtNmmm i VMII mimi i 1 1iMii ii
Vnt tni Ihlens Is I dot cald a ierman who
wiis ule illy shaken v III n hn vvns nnting his
dilinei tn Mnuiillnh icstiilliant
iiiiiehiily lolllnc siimi furnltillu nround
up simmm th waller lepllod ialml
Voll hn tond peildnrilo dot any morn snld
ihndoriimn m I ni I elso mmmiii tie dur rllJIng vlll
duinblu arount m hit I ears
nitiiiiiiii it mr y fvAitii
Guru t In I Ikv lierrrisil llitn e Five Into ike
MrrtllYliiklviiril city lilklul
Tlio DCPUpnntH tmt thn ul tmmmhei hal liiilhlln
in liinoklvn vv010 badly soured They Instinct
ively recalled the fatal gas explosion which oc
curred in time tax ofllcii a few jenrs ago antI
thought Hint n second visitation of time kind had
oceiu rod Thn building trembled from top to
bottom time tables mimmul desks shook und Limo gus
llxtiiliS hvvavnd visibly W H Moor thu
colored watchman was hitiid lug lit time en
trance to time building loaning ngnlnst ono ol
limo nmrblii plllarH I He I I vvns knocknd Im says
iiliimut oil hlh font bj thu hwuilngnf I the iilllnr
Hn ospcctcd thn bulldlni In i fall ou him Whun
thn Hiinik iiahoil over hu and others vvunt
through tlialiiilldlhg from cellar to roof trying
to I acort iln whnt had burM
DiWxkon Deputy health Commissioner
und ffverul clerks w urn In tint Health Ofllcu
and liurried to thu t htioet 1 1 mover txlmerienutetl
uiilhliigle I I I I It I t In I myllfv u hitld Jlr t V > ckolT
v heiilgnloutonlin 1 I t bulldlni I I I would not
Imve boiii sin rI PI ii Iseil to coo thn u City I I IU1I I I or the
who ik block of 1 buildings I I opposlto In I ruins It
hiK left mo with n SOUTH headache
Mr Uoiuihov who was nrninglng nome ps
iumut Iii thin olHcn of the ItugUlnr of Arrears
huld th it a desk at which hn wits standing
moved from tildn to olde 1 nnd that ho stood
tliHru expecting to bu killed Hu w mil homo as
boon us pn > iblo
Flvn minutes after tIme shock telegraphic
messages wore received at Police Hcaduuar
O > ifmuu on Third l Jize
cs I
Lad p ke Killed Illmidr I nvUl kl WIfe
t Ceutinue tko iriinl Alone
CtiBVELAXl AUR 10 Charles E Wright
n travelling agent of tho Detroit and Cleveland
Navigation Company cotntnlltnil suicide In
online Mich yosterdny by shooting Ho
went homo and seated himself In tho parlor
and wrote the following letter to his wife be
fore committing tho deed
MrDtinWini m May list luntlt nif for Icuivlumt you
till way loiuiiint I lulplt I IIKV trIo Imrt In Kt
nlonif amid hus > at loiiKtli been ilrlvcii tu time with unit
5 mu way ahesi for me U > life luss liein a total full
lire Hi my darilnmg dont grIeve tnoinuihfnr inr but
try Mull llvi Ho a good true woman U iay Ilinl Klve
lull inorf hipphai la the future than I lie I tin In tho
lest Try anil turgtse your IOor tiny fur Dili
luist l util act 1 hilO von will lwi e Hilik
lit Hit plfnant Hum We lint > e > tiril y IhliiK
how hiliur we wnull I hive Imii If vir
iiiiilit Iliir hue liml umuth lo Cit uluiiit Hltli I
iiuuuuiit mniiil nivtfiy nml lir merry nny limuir hums
rmumus umis It 1 IIHI itnveii HIP KlmiM t nuv I IIMVD
KtrimiMul 1 nirahut u > virt > ami III luck nil inv llti fliii
< ml u In i iiino nt tesi l nnd I will IIM i FCPI I ell inotlirr
nnd llm rIT unil iO l limn to rnrirlvr mr llh ln
ilnrlliiK rrtlmm lfi I Ie l a you wlihntl in limit unit
Rtiul nni jin > e muni limit in thn Immure vnil m IIIH Unit
limihhieiu 1 I ry anil Inmtri > our pur I unforli nnr hum
InnI llnmllnnn ilitrliiiir iinr iniwl liv Vin will uipil
infi In Hit uir i smut mm3 > tUrlluif mm will Im I lmiiiy
Iliun Vuur 1iMnIHHHIII Oiuinir u
A few joars ngo NVlllo Crawford n bright timid
nttrnctlvn ioiingwomaueamo to this city from
near Connoaut whet her parents lli < and ob
tained work In one of thin dry goods Mores
Hhu was not choice In the selection of tier com
panions was fond of flattery ami ndmlrntlon
and wits suscuptlblu to the mlvancns of a cer
tain elites nf young mon who from their finan
cial standing only nro allowed entry Into the
iMist society of the city During her stay liens
Nolllnchniiged her situation several times nnd
thon disappeared A few wuvksngon voting
lady wlm years ngo had bntrlnndiii Nell it WIIH
Hiirprlsed to rnculve n mil from n noun who sent
up bin Damn as C li Wrlirht Ho ex
plained that hn haul corn from Pnntlni
Mich whore ho haul left his wife for
merly Nellie Crawford and he extended
un Invitation tn her tn visit his wife In Pon
tlac A fowdnvs Inter time young lady iroelv d
n utter from Wright lulling her lint to go to
Pnntlne as he had just discovered thai his
wifes conduct during his nbsencu from homo
was such ns lo create serious Kcnndnl and had
oven Inlluonced seventh of Ills old friends to
out him In thn course of n week Wright came
to Cleveland nnd calling on time young lady
told her thai his wife had caused him nn end
of trouble liar extravagant habits ute up his
HHlury and ho had determined to leave her
From Cleveland ha vvnut south Arriving at
Lexington Ky he changed his mind and de
cided to go back and try lo porsuodo his wife
to change her course of life Thut is thu last
that WIIH hoard from him until news camo of
his sulcldu
Tko Central Iabir LHUB Francis the a
Place IB the lug Puritdr
Tim delegation chosen at Thursday nights
meeting of colored worklngmeu wore received
enthusiastically at time meeting of tho Central
Labor Union yesterday afternoon All the col
ored delegates made speeches They said they
had learned that there were too many colored
waiters and barbers Their purpose was to
give expression to the growing desire among
colored mon to work at tho muclinnlcnl trades
Homo of thorn wore already skilled In bricklay
ing painting andlnlnsturlng and all that was
wantoil wax nncoiiragument tn bring thorn out
Could times bo nccopted in lime trades unions 1
Hnvornl members of the Central Labor Union
nindu spuechus In return vvolcnmlng their col
orud brethron and promising thorn hearty sup
port Thny said nil trades unions would bn
glad to receive the colored man as a man and a
member Thn colored delegation said they
would liken place In the wotkliigmens parade
on Hepl 1 A proposition was made toitlvu
them thn right of the second division They
withdrew witli many thanks for time cordlallly
with which limy had been motived
The delegates of the striking bricklayers
mildthi hud about won In tholr light for nine
hours u ely Their Treasurer said thoy got
f 1U14 from different trades unions last week
A number nt unions reported arrangements
for tho parndo on Hop L The butchers saId
they were M turn out with jumpers and caps
und were tn tukniilonglvvnnbnttolm on wheels
Any member who did not parade win to bn
lliiod < 5 Thn palmer maid they would send
VMIU omen In iinllorin with paint pots In hand
JIm horsushours urn to have nstulTud horse on
wheels nnd mime to parndo l twelvu dlvlslnux I
Thn laborors are tim paradu with hods on their
take Thn printers urn to have thnKlxly I
iiinth Iteglnieni baud aud n lot of carriages
for the fomiilu printers
lloNavi the Aomlniilloit was it Ulander und
that kr but > Illlle Hope ot Nacee
SAUAT AUK lft ilti Dnu Sickles was
talking with n correspondent of Tin HUN to
night Hn is n ilovotcd Democrat but Intense
ly l disappoint over the picseiit state of af
fairs lie Hnld
Its useless to prophesy anythIng pres
ent respecting tIme outcomo of time election I
inut confers I havo little conlldoncu of lomo
crallo success and certainly no nntliiislusm
How cnn nuv Democrat bn cnthuslnhtlc over
Cluvelnnd His nomination was another of time
Democratic blunders which have lost us the
Prefldencv In I tho past and will most likely I I do
tin now The party iiinnngvrs u who refused to
oiieillntn hell nnd llutler mndu a grnvo mls
l ike Thuy Imvu an Influence which U is difll
cult to I overestimate
Advices from Huston cay that n conference
vvns held I at Hen I liutlers h I I liousn today which
wus attended br hl leading supporters In both
tho Labor anil Demo i itle parties A plan for
avigomiiH aggriHslvn t c impugn was outlined
ft was Mated that lime Itoiinn Mnc which had
horotolorotunpiriol llutler wouldopposn his
tiiiidldiiuy for thn t Ileshb nuy Duller hold a
large Interest In tho 1ubu
Her Ckuruflrr VlndlCKted Viler lle lk
XEWH4VEV Aug 10 Today tIme funeral of
Itt A 1 Mnrk IILI tell In lime lotut tile Iliunli nf
a lilt li rhti v Viii A nirmWr The truntec f ba > l prvv ou lv re
f nml m I In m olliiw lirrliiult lolniuht lino the rlinn li lim I
i iniiti It 5 u uhl itrtfil III it he hml lieeu vulllt nf
i ilmiioitlt ultli Mr Murk m linHi hnin < kt iivr IK sin
aiii wluiin fcu inurritil Jimi Infore In r 1Oi l TInv In
IInl Hut nu Hinnn Inill1 Orim l lr lull Till nut
anttM in Hint tlie rrmlt vi is ihut tlio stutlee have bven
1 ruled mm tmoty l fates
Allemitllnz Suicide liy Fire
AMIANY Aug 10StIll Welch aged 20
rarMViliiinr > tkMlliilii > eilHt 5i Ioti > pinch Hill u > ity
mum mile inn iittpinpt ut tnucliU tllli I morions Sm mIme Ulmr
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uferIi1 < Iullini lierwllTei
Iliiismtiii Vn Aug Itt Thn i sum hlerinm
amiMiir the m rcttruuts i of Mtktiniilihilli n s titute i Of
tieittrfisId mintj near mimic IlBti u mere risjide the
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t tMiiiiv 1iturt 1111 irt n u els it Ul m III tt m
mm mbiu sum e dde v lll lie mutt mu lo utile a mstu ilulr m Uu
Msio ill iitiiral this Territory
PiTTbiiuriiii Aug If Ooorjn Wnstlng
liouif i emrrieumu lug thv rniljulilphu NutnrM I u IIHII
I Duly v scud du i uiillUHnl A IruHtlnild of fnur lUllii u of
nlillio I uuttii ret uii lrrrllnr In is iHnn ImiiihaniH I
ills iU Invlulm lln > Hullrr anil laivntuin i meti U slIm I
fli > f irnin tn Hu UtlnlU i f HmnfeUfioit Ihiniilv I me
m mitt tsp nuiiiiuilc in in iiml ilrmiiiti1 m vi m iiunxunl
Invulvi an mires ct I7KU ucrtu Hie urnm of tlm Sale
am vUllihelil
Tke C ai l Miner Nlrlke
PiTTHiiunmi Aug 10Time steamer Jack
Iliiuilicrt I 155 In rn she tmetud tiy the striking tonl inln ri
ot Ilit mitch icroml anil third ponli and will Hart from
Kllzalivth to innrrrtw for mime fourth pool dIstrIct hiv
era luinilrfd inlntrii wilt provltions for uMtA will
aicniiiiMii tile beat am rnilrnvor to permudc the
norktuic miners temnue out for tlm dlilrtct irUe
t Able to Tell
Coroner Levy made another attempt yeiter
hay in take the nntr innrldii ilnlf ineiit nf lnnlni llnlu
nmn ma ho wn liott I John IV hunk of 224 hmt IIJlli
cit pet by mutilate for a hnrilnr iarlv on u Weliifudn
innriilnii liir I vlrl mm as irlulh iun clini bin v > c nn
Situ ID talk I toliimill 1tn < nul Ihlnteiiliv iiduvil I i
live ulinul w us tint sm h w unit n cover Htl i Itlinn t
Inrriiiiirt I limit I > lurrl bi llm > htikUn > i f hut Mn
I nlnili alnel lli plial wlmcouildtr It tittuurdluary
that ahe loin IU rd ku louir
Robert Itncere the Trainer Dead
Ilobort lingers time noilknown trainer ot the
New York AllilMlu Oluh illeU at hU hnine lu Molt
Haven on KulurJay nhiht the was rontiecleil with thr
londi Atlilrllii t lull for eliiliton yean and dnrlnK
Ilial lime traluvd > oine of lh < uioil eelcbral alulelet
Ot KlIKUlld U I l v jr lt cad smya UUlOJ ehmtI4tw
ChAP llArtlTAXIt Mil UHItllH
Tke flee Newmmi Hull Mitla fnr eav Yiirlt
ri > li tiin > ut Hecirle Ilckla In 11 i
lion kfAMlre Hymtmtky for Isiita iitid Duly
LONDON An r 10A Cablo News reporter
today draw Mr Duvlttri attention to thn letter
published on Saturday by Mr Hlugnriloclliilnir
to bo present nt Monnghan nu the occasion nt
Mr Henly delivering an address to his con
Htltuontu It ho Mr Pnvlttl should be thorn
Mr lllfgnr assigns as tils reason tlio wldn
dlffcrenco of opinion existing between Mr
Dnvltt nnd the Pnrnollltos on time subject ot
Innd natlonalbatlon nnd also lila dlxnpptnvnl
of thin lino ot conduct pursued by Mr Davltt
on recent occaHlons Mr Dnvltt maul
I do not Intend to bo present at tint demon
stration In Monnghnn It Is moot that Hitch n
paragon ot rlghtoousnvss as Mr Ulggnr Hhnuld
bo uncontnmlnntod with oven the breath of
land iiatloiiHllzatlon For may hurt I Imvo no
wish tn Incur tlm reprobation of tliKnxPnrls
fan gnllniit n mashing gny deceiver fresh
from thu delights of nn action for brench nf
lmohim lee I have heard him ctlled Cavnux
Too by bin familiar friend but I should think
henceforth bu In more likely to go by time KO
hrlimot of Bt Joseph Ho knows perfectly
well list while holding Manchly to my own
opinIons do not wish to divide time patty
that I havo never allowed my Individual opin
ions to Interfere with united action
The Kenoral Impression burn Is thnt Mr
DlggarH lutttr was prompted by I a jealousy ot
time ulteranees with I which Mr Davltt I Is I re
ceived on all I occasions whcrn ho nppenia on
thn IuIit forum nnd tim mit tho reasons given am
n meiuuxcusn for Hiding n pulille meeting ut
which one urtho other would havo to take a
back sent
The lint Newman Hall on of the most emi
nnnt of English Nonconformist ministers now
Illllng the pulpit oncn occupied by titus cele
brated and eccentric llnwlnnd Hill preached
his fnrewoll sermon nt Jueenstmvn tndny bn
fore sailing In thn Kervln for Now Vnrk In
his arrival hu will IM tIme uuest nl Dr TV let Tom
Bomo weeks after which he Intends to iiinkn n
tour through tho States to Htndy tIme inllgioii
nnd I educational conditions of tlm I cot Immt my Mi I I m
will return to his pastoral duties I In I Sovvliiuton I
Chapel after nu nbsencn nf about three months
Thn mciii pat hmlos if 11 Million nrn sothniuiigli I
ly aroused by tIme fate nf Kuan mm Daly whr
urn believed to hay been uniustly sentotn eil nt
Warwick that n fund fnr thn I support of their I
fnmlllo has buen started ut Limerick with
great success
Tho autumn Benson of this promenade cnn
certH nt Convent Harden Thontrnnpenu I list
night Tho whom of thu auditorium wits dense
ly pnckud and ninny nf time boxes were also oc
cupied Time performance wits Hommvlint
marred by tho eeeontrie bohnvlornf thnihe h
trim lights which exhibited n series of Htn
tochnlodlsplaiH not tnwn In the programme
Home of the Incandescent globes toll upon tlm
heads of tImes spectator exploding like bomb
with n loud report cnuslnu the women tn
scream amid nt nun tIme thrcntnnlng n pniilc
Tho Im go mire lights roared hissed and spnt
torndsoas to seriously Inlorfure with the uti
joymunt nf the music
Mr Charles II Nowdcgnte M P Is i a urnnt
sufTerer from fits and Is constantly tumbling
nbout nt Inconvonlnnt hours and places Last 4
year hn fell down on the floor nf time Ilouxn of
Commons in tho middle of debate In n con
dillon variously attributed by friends or one
Rilon to epilepsy or Intoxication Yostordny hu
huuut another nttHCk In the lobby of time llnti o
of Communs mind was taken un unconscious
Ho was carried by thin pollen Into nn adjacent
room where ho slowly revived Bufllclentlv to
bn taken home Mr llrndlniigh between whom
amId tho honoiablo member there Is no lovo lost
nu hearing of the event exclaimed What
Another drunk
There has boon considerable discussion liens
ns tn time conduct ot time Captain nf the Austral
Indemnmllng nxeosBlvn term for towing tho
disabled Lydlnu Monarch ns also ot tho policy
of Cnpt Huifgetl tn refusing the asslstnncti mi
time terms offered It Is said that the lowIng m
of one large vessel by another through nn At
lantic gnlu Involves very considerable risk nf
collision and thit time towing vessel IB likely to
bo tIm reator sufferer For thin reason It is I
urged thin Captain of the Austral bad u right tn
luimuco time risk lo his vessel and Its crew nnd
pns8iigi nt a high figure It was not n ojucs
llnn of humanity as nn rociuost was matin to
tumko oil tIme uansengnrs of thn Lydinn Monarch
but purely nun nl Bnlviiiro I Iii thn other Iii nui
It is I salil that Capt lluggntt hnd the fullest
fonlldencn that ho cnuld bring time Lvillmi
Mnnnrch Into port nnd thai ho tan cnne
Muenlly right In refitting the assistance on thu
terms offered
TIIK iitivi of iriKsvi zUiine
Ha la u Uadlcnl but Hellevea la a Conilllu
llnnnl Mannrckv
I osnox hug 11Atm luspliotl nttlclu lia
nppourod In Ituiyile Wfrllu the chief organ ni
Limo working classes nn thu politics of the
Prlnco of Wains rime writer Bays thnt time
1rlnco nf Wnlos has no ballet lu time policy of
time cfTaccmont of the empire and will I I not
hbrlnk whnii necessary from thou assertion 01
the extension of time Imperial responsibilities
though opposed to nggrosslon Ho Is
therefore drawn to time Radicals whn
Imvu broken from time traditions of the
MnncliKitorpnncn party Thin article further
ntcltes that tIme heir apparniit to time throtntol
hnglnnd is n freo trader on principle und t
grnls tho oxUtenee nt a proectlon policy lu
other countries t on the tinund that Imstlei I t
tariffs beget other forms of Internniiivial I m
imisthilt y Hu considers hunt many of time
Ideas and plans I of t he I4elmut let aru thoroughly I
practical Christian nnd constitutional lie I
Hpectlng forms of government hu ncepip
1opos Uutiimiw hills Lest ailmlnlstered In
bst A onstltiitlonal monareh Is hue
most economical form ol government be
cause Itloeps I u check upon Individual mu mum
bit liii etrnviiuunctf and jobbery The
republican Men In I tho nbstriu is eiy
fiiHcinnilng In practlcn It li i deliiKlve costly
thionih waste and unstable i > specially In I Us I
foreIgn policy which should bn purmu itcd by
n llxwd Inclplu common to nil iiiillus of lime
State TIme irincn believes that tho t Kngllsti I
moniircliv will endure ht > cnusn it is lie niiclous
of n oat m repiibic un bavlm whit other 10
nublles m ed acontiu of gravity apart from nil
yet allied to all
Tke Fawn Given Ip Wllhimi n nion Ilrltr
lak Irotfit Aenlnkl Fivttfk Orctu > iill n
INDov Aug 10Later ilotalN of tlio ont
turn of Kulung by thin French say thnt the
town wus then up without n blow Directly
thn t cannon from Adam I mai Lespcrn llai > hl V
signalled tlio men landed frnm tho vnilnin
ships i nnd tho tnwn I was tnknn t > o > > snisloii mu if li I i
tho luiinn nf Fiance Tim authorities nf the
town nndn nutinilty of thn popnl uo Hod Ioni
tlioiiamlthiniiMttioops recent iy I ui rived from
hlianghiil m tuilre I into thu Intel lor
Tin llrltish uvlmisul vveiit en buird Mil
Lnglish giinbuit h ivlng provimisl Cent n pro
lot to Alum nil Lxsiuriigitinst I leiich occupa
tion nnd iMilnlliig nut Hint t Knluiiir was i ro
toiled nielr trial vvlth Knglnnil llm Ileneh p
upon iHinlin Mied many junk nml lunlur
goednviiril hteamers imumiiiit mimi Minligluil
un the LMniiml Iliat theIr puperswerc Irreml i
Adinlial l cr hns IssueI a i roclamatlon to
thu inhabit nits Umi irliu1 thnt their lives nnd
pro ity will ID mimI under tlm 1 romh Hair
Adiniinl Courbil will nltal li K how nn
Tuesday 1 noxt unless tho lieu cli iudemnity I
proposals urn accepted
Irdteut < nnurc In < ut rnhnurn
ComcNmtuitN i A us 10TJBMudIcalConsrc f4
ii IIH ticumet 1 lucre tixUtin time i reiencfuf the lnuRiil v
tjmt i < f llfiunark ttiv inuniU of Sinus sal ttii I Ktui j
nit iun n nf Ci roe Die t itnfr i liKtu lf > Jf i un
lit > vtvOf iijuSorvveiiiMui suit Phi jivrnuiu of oilier
From llliilae tu hustler
Branch 1 of tIme AntlClevelnud Working
inrngChtb of llnilvnii cuuniy whltli two sttu uei la
St l Jutini llalll 1 ers ill > unlnrfcpil Itlnln sut 1 Lii nn
nri iliUridllitinullim m iMrrli afteut MII HI n in
liilf In tIm KIIIIIV liall Built Iln n ililor e l li n Hulltr fir
lh > trcIilvni Hie invftin 0 an 114 l i tunl niliu i >
a ilo hint itvrv tnvimuii uf miters nuiin Sins rv
ccivtil wild cheer
Muudny Hull Punting Stopped
Abommt hlfty young tumen worn liayhng bail at
time summits up hcu mcli grutuls I louig iptumut ItO
trrtc cfueFILoIu mcli i icy vure emii I m time
54 iio arrested OuiC 01 Ilicium I I i ii lm cmi li I lie tnt u hi
511110mm louse hut was umou itfierwird nimilil miii ii iuttt
Micros for Ike Post OIBe Ileimrlmenl
VVjilllMlTlix AilS 0 The rtirt < rnlnHf nt iljh
Irailtntf pitu iuickers lute tirvii i onilictlnir Infore Illw m ilr
I nrlinnl fur tile vuttacu til smumlip lllv filis mum ln > l
Oitli tt willi larir tire amt ItiirKlar irnof nafet vlx Nivt
Verkcm Uhanotie N U llrrennelJ tic > tinning
limn Iniin rnnronl N II and oranire NJ
The Mui mum Kafe Coiniiany of New Vnrk atiU rhllaJ1
tibia war U lucetHtul blddusW r TrttuiirJJf

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