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be Uu
An Independent Newspaper of Dem
ocratic Principles but not Controlled by
any Set of Politicians or Manipulators
Devoted to Collecting and Publishing all
the News of the Day in the most Inter
esting Shape and with the greatest pos
sible Promptness Accuracy and Impar
tiality and to the Promotion of Demo
cratic Ideas and Policy in the affairs of
Government Society and Industry
Ilntri by stall lvitatiti
DAILY per Year 6 00
DAILY per Month 50
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DAILY and SUNDAY per Year 7 00
WEEKLY per Year I 00
litlrru TltK 1 A > ir Vork Itlil
t iiiiisrinents Tniliir
Iljcil Oprru llinn liluili I Itll
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1Ir Ttiratr lots un rmldfs t5 I r VI
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IoInh r ltlii llutm 2J4 It IWKJT
tTnt > 4 < lr II 11 I Irl 1 Minn t no I r II
Knslrr Illals Irloiili I A 11 T q I M
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StlMMjMrU 1 hrMler V 1 ll > I Alii A I I il
1I IIl Ihrilr N < IMIII If I U
1 t l e I he lee liver tin lltrJrii WU s suj I
I Ion hqUHer I h lr 1 IIIe W lit In Due IIuUiJ I
s Ir Lti I leNlr < Vlftir UiUiMiil II I U
Dllittru HflrcWllri 1 Ilu I N tines I r1
1 Ills slerrt I HeMltw Ilic VVI uf HI I I 11
Ailirti fmentn fur TlIK WLI KIY SUM in
gufil tomorraw inornimi muil be huntletl in
thin evening before mr nt luclc
Advertlsliic ICuius
Pius ADD McnoiT 40 cents a line ordinary ftdvsrtls
1 Urfe type fui cents aul pr > erred posltiors 1
cents tu U 5 according I tu classincutlnn
Wiiiv 5 cents a line nn Itt charge for larie
fp Freferred positions from 751 euts 10 S
A iv Mnrj liy Itrrl Iliirlr
Tin Sus tirnpoaoi to bruin nn IVb 22 ISSj 1
the public uiin nf i nrw itnri In Mr lliirlUurk It
vtlllbcilltldid Into three milliters 1 Mid 1 III ul kitlin
ft 11 lie cniirlinled In fie pDIr nf IIiih I j > VUrcIi H
It U I a alifiirnht rnnanct an I Its Illhi I Mil of
< f 1 is I the narrative I of one of Hit I stranded mei
hnnt > hlp < nrerrl II Itft null uml lr 1 > and gril
Jallj surrnillilflnl d 11 tilllt I Into the griming I i It tY if nil
rrBIICMll tlllll A felt < AM 1 ll l dill llf lilt I shlpl
isel as hotel I until t le I letli tu I one of the rincipil 1
horoiuhf ire i f thnt I limn
W e ill l 11 I > i ifiii to titar from th i j of ourcontfii
porarlr In iitlitr IIISLIH I wtio um > ss llitn Jn J u TIIK tv
til ft M inlic itc ftir tu L iitiiiiiinraii oiu iulillLiillii i of
tUU Httnulhe it toi 1 i
The Itoltom ttcslioii for the Next
Ilesidt i lit
Uliovim CIIMLVMI f I wim the I munition I of
o iintluii DMinvritie I convention anil hu
MUK elected 1iosidMit ill linly liy l the I otc it
liienvvlui had I thir lives upheld Deinn 1
cratlu pimeipltH iiltliuiijrh th > y nriv nut nl
nyi Iriwt Mt ablo toappiove I tlieli puty I i t
cindldilos He I t nlsn 1llel I H11 votes
which imihmhledlv vveto needed tn tin n tho
tcale fioni men who luul hit hrll belonged
to tin Hcpnblleiin oi itiiulon Sneh lim
ited reuitiitment fruiii the Ilk nf vhlloni
opponents i at iuii a t enibii 111 eutise
IIUIUCI of the involution In opinion Implied
by tho trntisfei of piopondouiuco fiom 011
party to another 1 liovi AS Ji 1 J IlTitstis eould
tier haI boon 1iesident vvithniit thu belli
nf C homo rodcialist votes AVDKhvr A KSOV
tnubt hac < failed In I I IhJS art hu i did tour ynus
tailler hid t ho not leeoived I support from
Eomoof those who had voted fur ClKWiuliD
CLn or ADAMS in isii
Jut although lily vote t win welcome no
Todeialist expiotod or deserved I to be alt
to a I hljrh pliun in tho councils of JKIKCHSOV
unless hn becutnu an Inmost aud avowed I con
veit to tho stilot constructimi of tho Consti
tution and no man eould hopo lo lliiiii > In
JuKsoVs Cabinet who would not accept tho
fuiidaniontil tenet of Demociacy Tint
tenot has not clunked I jot In ninety ycais
Now a > thon with tho piopuetlc Instinct
that In the loss of thu habit of local sclftfov
ernment tho vvholo fabilc of civil liberty
would 1080 its btono It iiiHlats I
s uull coiner blUlult 1118H upon
rchorvlnt to tho States thu utmost mea uro
of Indopendiinuo thtit It I eompatthlo with na
tional cohesion ant tho lottcr of the itkiinli
law Thus dollucd tho pilmiil Uoiuocratlo
doctrlno icbukos the heresies of secession
nnd imllilliutiim no loss shai ply I than t It ro
iniiilttteM tll t othr fatal hulvont of clvle on
erAr lift intrusive allaliborbin omascti
lutng PItt rat I allll which would tender
tilt sons of Vit rgi lulL and Nov Kiurluml IH
liopolesnly Inciipablo of Mifeontrol and I self
pi otectlon as t hit mltealled ell Iens 1 of Krtnce
I Mr IliKVilfAVl K I a t Uoiuoctat It must
bo his deepest eonv let Ion that Federalist per
I vorslons anil eneioichmenth havo tfono far
r piuiUKh mil that I is I of vital moment t to tin
I flIt Oil ot1tt rut ur thlseouutry h that lot 1 time
nt all eviiitH 11 ttioiiK iiactUm il favor of 1
t st ti let consti uctlon of f t hu Constitution t t should
I Bet In Itellevln I this to bo for his part and
for tho nation tilt ono paiamoiititcoiiblileii
thou he will not for a moment ovcilook It In
tho selection of his Ciblnot On all other
public questions liomocrats may fall ly ill Her
without Impel Illlnif theli title to upbear tho
paity Htandatd 1iUu I i HnptibliranM I tliey may
ifllrm 01 quistlnii till wisdom of Innovations
Ill tho practice of appointing lo ollleo In
tho Ilvll seiviee lllu I 1 Uiimlillciiti I
they may ilUi iie about thu evpedi
fiicy of stimulating niitivn mimifactuiiin
Ijya piotectivi tax on Impoitn > LIKo Kepilb
llcans they Hilly oven iefiiti nowand then
to vote for utmecept xlilo eindldiitcs Hut
tine tiling no min can do and pioseue any >
claim to cal himself a Oumociiit iiiueh lot
to bo Itolioied byi h 1 post in tlmllist Dimo
citilii Cabinet which Alum IctiH into seen lu I
n iiuaiUfof i l l I uinttiiy I Ho I cinitot disavow
tho btittom ptlneiplii of thn t Dfiuneiatlc I
purl ho must not pioelalm fiomliihMit
In tho 1edeiul 1 Ie > lslatiite or I a 1edeial
tilbtiuil a blur leeltleas tlell inee of the let
ter of tlio t Constitution a moio It ail aibl
tiary theory of I I i piotatlon I tau las ever
I oKhiblteil on thn bench or III the Sonatii
i House by i the t most I I headlong Part ioitiiui of
This I Ih tho t toiiihatono by which i itul x Dein I
I ocrt will measiiro tilt hl nllcinco of Mr
CLKVII vSl I 13 ibllldt HppoliitlililtH t anil tMt
I thujjuiiuliiiiiejs of I his Democracy I Ho I can
easily Infill m himself befoiehand how eaeh
I of hh Ionteinphitod IouncllloiH stands upon
this ltal iiuuHtloii for nil till men qualltled
bv experience and 1 abilities I L to net as his I ad I
vlsuis havo been foiced mom than unco dm
I ug tutu hist few yo irs lo dellno their I posi 1
tion on tho liiudamental Issno between thii
two ireat pirtlcsi Ho may plaiM In his Cab
Inot protectionists or f i on lriderj t civil 1 sei
ylc rcfoiuicrB or tho > > u who look askauco
upon tholr schemes Put Mr CLEYJL n
cal not put a Federalist In his Qabluct and
remain a Democratic PresIdent
flrrnk I lip nt Cure I
Cho HOI > or Hoprpsentatlvos lately passed
a resolution Introduced I bydliectlon of tho
Xnval Committee ictiucsllnif the Secretary
of tboXnvyto communlcato to the house
any Information ho may have obtained In
relation to tho cause of tho death of Fiun
I HICK S STHANO late a cadet at tho Naval
Thoconimltteofliibinltled with tho resolu
tion a report regarding tile caso of youiiK
KniANd which ohows that tho condition of
things In the Naval Academy both as to
moialsand discipline 19 to tho last decree
disciacufnl This boy was appointed fiom
Oiecot I and airlvcd at t lao Institution I In
October 1SSJ 1 Ho seemed to have becu at
oiiro Bot upon by tho older Httulcutx for
twclvo hOI nftor reachlntf Ammiuilla ho
was carried to tho hospital inoi tally Injured
Ho had 1uett I put throtich the t process known
an Iui7lntf and which In hln CaSe cunslHtcd iu
idling I I him about Ilia batrel
Tho authorities nt tho Academy have ap
iiientlyiefu ed to give tho lends of yontiff
STI1ANl any of thu paitlulars of tho mur
der but have rather used their oflorU to
conceal tilt tittth 113 tu tho outra ell com
mitted by tho students the course ot their
brutal hazing It has even been denied that
the practice oxlMs thero III any except a mild
form and yet the Naval Committee ay that
sumo of tho trick played on tile entering
students aro simply diabolical and that In
general tho moia tone t of tho school Is
I honlble Yoitn men who havo any re
ll lous lull lId ltu > for Ilihtauce uio thus
tteated by their I t blasphemous companions
> nn II nfur the nrrhiil of ttio plrbM the nuiftit
Ililrl tln I < uuu111 nnvrliltil wlmnrMhf ilnlll nllliiliiiru
lh 1 I r UFO HWOH PIIIIIII onn nn n at the lint part of
the I v a Icinlu uuulro Itit I tlieri urn Oil frtt on itrmlun
tloailii > U hen th 11 I tin inir nri fouiul out a rvll ioii
orilcu li Ii pub With tin ploiii utin for nillilnltri anil
ilfHcitiia thrrv tl I u mrrt IU It I coluivl of rfuetilnir
milpmrr OuT > < inlniltv PaTh nnvof tlieautlUncQ
h I rtiiuircil lo nit < vent to I liarty antitii
TIl3 commltteo say also that they havo
iivolvcd lottcis 1 front thu paients of boys
vIiiu have been at the Aondi my cspie bln
Ciatlllcitlon that their win1 vvero icmoved
Irom such eiIltatt lila t iui Inllnences I Thu
whulo I iilaee feceiiitt to 1 u bo motally rotten and
till dillluur the llicliHiIlution t buvery
bad I I for tot IC1IIIIII 1 I leit II TiStlatiOtt9 have been
made by tho I studenu t wholrIII I part nt
le ita coaiso and lou hbetof young luf I
lliins Mot coverw lion thoy ngao i Iu hazing
they t lolato an oath they tnUeon enterlii
tilt 111001 and jvtthey t HIP suip I < ned to be
I OmlIIS trentlcmeiiund all In training
to t exercise command and i to have chat go of
the property of the Jo ei nmerit
In I other colleges hiIni Is I going out of
fashion not so much through ItO olToits of
t IIII authorities as I ciui > th young moil
theiiHelsei havo too inuuh slICle pct and
KCXM I sKii0 to eimacu Iu I suCh hor > o play
llieio is I nunoof f it at Hanaid I I nUll Yile but
at the two mllHaiy behooU of till < iouin
ment It I I eontlnnes to be IIi biual I as ever
thoujh they make meat boabt of their dis
cipline l I and tho t student nio i ollkeisof tho I
in my I and nav y anil get pay as such
Ait I Im committee i ltd if the lepoits as lo
tho t moial tonditiou of tho Naval Academy
are till the Injtltntloti oucht to be bioken
up That fceein to Ill I Lho 01111 way to Kd
tld of tho gut ti hg evils which they doscilbo
Decides it U I useless for what do wo want of
u school fin inalcliit I more t navy onieerswheu
wo alieady hall live time ItS miuiynd vu
nenl and the I wholo service Is I bocomlUK
lumorulUed bectiwe has to lIttle to do
I Keiiiitoriiil Strtiusle I where
This I Is I a big year for imnliu upon tho
j I rutted SlaIn Senate A number of lively
ctmpilcns 1110 either doughtily contested or
I cmftlly I I planned I I I suveial States by patriots
anxious to Miceed themselves or some
body IUo In tho Sunatu anil New lOri
by no means has a monopoly of tho labor
and fun of electing n Senator In I Congress
The contest In I this State la 1 tho best adver
tised anti attract the niObt attention but
other States are gIving or ptomiao to
give bhowa ptllu ad uiiteitaluliig and In
Nothing In the world interests tho Hon I
JOHN ALIAMIFK Loavx bo much at pieient
as thu pioceidlngi of the Illinois Legisla
tme I which Is to dccldo If it can decid
whether shall go back to Washington for
another term 01 rest ouco Inure upon tho
fond bosom of Jackson county till his Con
gicssdistilct I bhnll I agilu mnko a Congies
iiinn of him LOCHN is I a pretty good let
low In his own weird way and If thu Illinois
IjcglslatutocluxfeOs l any Itepubllcanlt might
do woise than chooso Black JACK But t > up
po ° o a Democrat should bo elected This
fascinating supposition has alieady plunged
tho Hon ViMlAii ItlAlsiov MoIiHisoN Into
deep niMital pun letatlon perspiration and
pel tin bat Ion liS wo say III liurcharduao Ho
lias a eiy fair strut but will ho get theio 1
It may bo added that the lIon CAIOTR H vn
KISON Is alniost as much Intelestinl I In what
Is I now going on at Springtlcld as Mr Loo is
and Mr I Moiinisov i ate On tho whole It I Id I
an able light which is I mslugat Springfield
and I it may I last all I winter
Colorado 1 Is I a good second to Illinois Sen
ator N P Ilijjij whoso tutm cxplies this
year teems to 1m tlolng well against tho
combined resources of Secretary Tiiiru am
Senator CHAITKI Its a tough light and
an old one this row butweeu TciLrr and
HILK I They do not loVe each other and tho t
talk of their t 1 niipporters Is acrid iov
Kourr Is I talil to Insist that ho Is the coining
man I and that TIILIU and CHAFITK hare
told him so heie teems to bo a strong Ito
piesslon Iu I Coloiado that HouiT may bo
mlitaken OM TAIlOR whoonco got thlity I
days I Iu I tho Senate has a olT small I Interest I
In tho stake On tho whole the Colorado
light pioinlscs to bo a genuine and a rather
firo light
In Wlncotisln there Is also music In tho air
Seimtoi IliiMTrshvwYHitliorlchltppulill
can lumberman I I naiues JOHN C hrooMit a
biunit young rallioad attorney as bucce sor
to I Astni I IAMiiiuv S wynts enemies
iianio I Ltcirs lt I lirli ILl soldiet and dlplo I I
ml lilt hit whom people l > with good mem
oiles may m recollect as an occasionally I men m
tioned candidate fur tho 1ieslileney last
sIring Iho Hun WiriUM T Ilticc MO i
Is also pining to l5 made Senator and Is I en
gaged I Iu a tiemendoun t tow with Mr t HiiitAcr I
111 I I I IIM I t P m onrostecnud m cuiiteinpoiiry of tho
MilruuUte Kmluiil i Dm light In Vlscunjln
in I conipnatiMly young y < st but with caicful
nurlng mm h may I i expected from It
Ill Cal m IIItI Lu thoieappouauco of Kmov
Sviiiiiisra It u camlldato for tint Seimie is a
start I img I lIlt ie1tiolt of the t condition of poll
tics Iu I that I Stato The Slin Ffunonia Clutnt
tell opposes I HIUI t IN1 Wllh IIIUIll vi Iglil Illlll
It I to bo I hoped that things will yet bo
nride veiy llvilv for him
In nil there I Saes iiibodyls likely to bo
eleeted Senatoi without a good deal tif pains
and a gieat deal of political filctlon Hultho
ically lurid uiul plistuiitnocampaign ul the
vearwlll not come oil till next June when
Now JlIIIIIII hill will begin to try to elect a cue
lecsor to time Hon HCNHYM ULAIH Theio
area halt dozen or mtno New Ilatup hlto
men alter Mr BLAInS place and Mr BLAIR
Is willing to serve tho country for sis years
longer A hot and perhaps long contest
such M < Riirprlsod a Now Hampshire poison
called PIKE Into tho Brmato last year may bo
expected The Hon WILLIAM E CiiAvmrR
will bo able to give his whole attention to
tho t matter i I of electing I a 8iiece < or to Mr
HLAII aud wo Mipposo It Is I Ill ecret that
tho Hon WILLIAM II CLANDLUI shakes up
Now Hampshire with considerable violence
whenever ho ically and truly puts In his bent
blow Mr CtiiNDMit will put In hid best
alter thu fourth day ol Match uoxt
The Attack upon Mr Morion
Wo read with somo surprise tho attack of
the Xti Jli 7imia upon Mr Lnvi 1 Moil
ION now Minister of tho United States In
Platte Mr MORTON Is a wealthy banker
of this city u supeilor business man well
veiBid In public nITnliH judicious null high
minded Ho has ahvays been known as a
I peetnblo and upright gentleman and an
orthodox I Republican not specIal I Idontlllcd
with any faction and wodaroBayhn has been
nccustomed to coutillmto libel ally to the
fiuuls of his party 110 Is 1 now n candidate
for the ofllco of United States Senator
unit tho 7imri attack > him with extra
ordinary bItterns Ills I canvass that
Journal says 11 nothing but II bhameloss cor
ruption II Then Is I no pretence conceal
ment the Time says < II Money the potellt
agent which has gained for Mr MORTON
whatever standing or lecogultlon ho already
enjoy Is to bu lavishly employed for the
gratification of Ids ftuther ambition In
other suiI tit aCClLllu to our contempotary
Mr MORION pioposes to buy the Senator
bhlp I aud to I bilbo till ituinmbll can mcmboia
of the I Legislature to vote for him
Vo havof oeu at Albiuy a good many heated
coutvstn for the po < esslon of Sonatoilnl
honors when ooiiuptlon has been elmiged
but inner befoie In our memory has the ac
cusatlou been so bitter or so violentas this
Us sharpness also gains something from
till fact that till assault upon this eminent
liepubllcJii mudo by a journal which has
hitherto spoken for that party suupoltlutf
Its candidates and justIfying Its nets
Wo cannot boliuvo tuch an accusation
against Mr MORTON until It has been proved
by liieslstlbloovideiico lIe has biirne him
self with credit In tho pojtsof Hepreseuta
tlo In Coiigicssand Mlnltci to Trance and
when PiiMldcnt GuinrLDa Cabinet was
made up no one doubt that a place Iu It was
offered to Mr MORTON
Such being the facts until tho mast IInfJut9
tionblo testimony Is I brought to oustaiu It tho I
attack of the 7imi upon Mr MORTOV must
bo tegardtd us ciuel unjust and untrue
Counsel to the elsll1ture
Th recominindutlou In Governor HILLH
message that piovlsloii bo mad by law for
till appointment of a competent poison to
act as counsel to the Legislature dining Its
session has been lecolved I by the press with
ies ndwisu I etltlclsm t than It de orves I
Tho avo ed puiposo Is I to prevent tho on
net t tIC itt oC ciuilo and Impoifoct I legUlatlon I
Tnls object I puilaoixorthy but tho pioject
itRelf is absuril
Thelawsbhould bo undo bv tho poisons
I chosen I by I i tho people to m ike them Tlieso
are the BlIatm tho inemboisof bombly
and tho Governor
There Is I no room In our system of govern
ment for n new olllc outside the Leglsla
tine which ouhl practically give to tho
lawyer who held it gieater power and Influ
eneo over IcglsHtior th in tint possessed by
any of the lepteaonutlves of th3 people
elected to make tho laws
Wo do not say that till nrinner In which
our statutes nro drawn Is altogether satU
factoiy On the contiaiy theio Is much
cause for complaint In this respect A good
deal of needless litigation would bo averted
by tho ciieful loUsim of bills as to their
I foiin after till Intent of tho Legislituio ns
to tilt sujstanci tIll I bon nscei tallied This
woik hovveier should be done not by a
I new officer with eXt ttuittlltat ry powers but
by pet sons who are t iimnol yes mumbrsof I
I till Lcglslutuie I Thuiu aro alvvays fail
law veto In tim Legislature and often very
good ones A coininitteo of lovlsiou nrulo
up of these gentlemen could readily accom
I plUh all that Is I dsliablo iu the ditection
i Indicated by GUI HILL
Rapid Promotion
Mr HOLMSX SQUIRE tho now Commis
sioner of Public Woiks has admitted that
I ho Is l tho pouon who served tho WoLr In
junction j upon thu Hand of Aldeimen
1 It had nothing I to do ho says II with my
obtaining my present position
WD u should hopo not The fact that Mr
SQUIRE served this Injunction however Is
Interesting as an Illustiatlon of the nipld
piomotlon which Ib I possible In Ammluin
poll les Most peoplo thluk that Mr CLara
LXD has Jot 011 pietty fust but this man
ft OIl Boston of whom wo nover before heard
hit burpasses tho President elect In this
lespect In ono day as It wore ho upiang
fiom a process sei ver to a Commissioner of
Public Works aud now instead of serving
liijunctious upon a moiibnnd Boud of Al
dermen hI Is i attending to the business of
t II IIDVV aqm duet and making funny
speeches at the Lotos Club
If a man wants a thousanddollar clerk
ship under tho municipal government ho
must pass an munition but 110 such ob
fatauln Impedes access to the ollleo of Com
missioner of Iubllu Woiks
If It did would Mi SQUIRt be there
Tlmo will hivo to answer this question
Tho fact that Mr Scjumn makes a good
bpeech docs not neeess irlly show that ho
will make a good Commissioner
Not hInt Kind of n Cat
Wo find In tho columns of our esteemed
coutempoiary thu Keening 11 nt tho follow
lug timely inimtiy
The AiurilaCuuntrtiilktof Titr Scxi illicernlnr Tnt
at sliv untl 1 her Is I there miy warrant for this an
sumption r
This icinlnds us of a story A young lady
hippcucd to bu calling I I on the family I I of tho u
I young gentleman to whom she was engaged
A largo and exticmoly hamlaomo cat just
like ours walked Into tho loom
I Oh what a beautiful cat I situ exclaimed
p What is its namoV e
I Vo hnvo ul given It any name esponded
but lover
1 Now you must lot mo nnm It said tho
fair visitor I l I will chooso u thee name It
blmll be called JULIA
Tho young man uvuied slightly embar
iausod Thoglil m I noticed I his I expieblon I
I Dont you hko tutu name JULIA said she
II Yes my dear ho answoiod but tho
trouble Is I it Isnt 1 that kind of a cat
This lesponso supplies an answer to tho
question out by out catccmcd evening eon
SpoaUitg In illipiiagemeiit of United
State > le al I tenilur notiiD tho I limn nays Hint I
they IIHVII iiiiinjulenunithof unearialiitr hut
most bi ni ri IIJUH buin i tho not osubluhil bv tliu t
Silt ruttiii Court that thu iiouurof Conirress to
isSUe them IH I practically dlscrutionarr und tin
other fact that they riro liable at any tlmu to
bocomu tuJeuuiatlo Iu Hilvur now Jouruciutod
In valuo and sure to be fluctuating It thon i
coot on to car
In the bank currtncr His lither html If rroritrlT I
iruiiriteil and modlrteJ we hire many tilrtntuKti not
Lclonitliic 10 lily other form of currency except jolj It I
II AI safe AI itolil 111011 l It U I current nvrr the whole
country It li convenient The pOlItic aretieil molt and
Ilk 1 and haY iiniiirllonlnif cnnnlincp I 11111
ConIlorlru that time bank currencvthusculo
glrocl Is reileuniablB In tInt very Ingal tender
notua and depreciated silver which tho Tunit
conilumns It la dlnicult to soo wtioroln It xu
nurlorlty conAlatn If hank notes tire n inlu nn
coll so lire IcLiil l tomler ant > l certainly legal I
tenders are iiullc as vl July current us conxun
lent l ai iioimlar and aa little questioned as
bank notus are I
Tho latfCHlon Daily Xcirn has Ita word to
say about the election ot thn now Senator In
Totigross to which tho lPcMaturo of Now York
will so soon lme to attend Wo nro glad to
notice that titi4 very able Hnuthorn journal
acrpos with us that Mr CIIOME would muLo a
Iliritrate Henntor oven while It denies that
tho jotiMng Inpttbllcnns of New York could
over elevate thomsolvos oiiouuh to reach
Fortunately wo aro not rospon lblo for tho
jobbing llnjiubllcnns of Now York but wo tell
them tho simple truth when to shy thoU Mr
CnoiTt would mnko n llrstdiiM Selintnr
bettor than any other man they are likely to
clout If thoy wont tako our advice that Is
not our fault
Tares on tho Uiooklyu Hi Idgo aro to be re
duced 1 at last and after the Ural ot noxt month
It will cost n Quarter ot cunt to walk across
and throo cents to cross la till cars Now If n
new Hoard of Trustees will rufonn tho system
ot collecting tho quarter uf cent and Imptovo
the access to the structure from the City Hall
end tint lirlOun will begin to amount to some
thine The reJuctlon ill oar faro will do little
cood until some rational inothod of aultclilni
tile trains from tho Incoming to the outuoliic
cable hils been it > nlHi > d lit each terminus
71111118101 4i 1111 1111fSUlll
Their LfTurt to Cuttirr Julia Kuleer Uneuc
WASIIIXOTOV Jan 11 Dining Secretary
Iolgiira iiorloj of service ho was inoro tlmn
once approached for his coOporatlou In a plan
similar to tho otto which butt just been curried
Into exocutlon to do for tho whiskey Bpuoula
tors what ConurnsM refused to do An
opinion from the Department of Justice
was ready lit any tlmo If the becrotnry would
clIO his assent But Juilko Foluer tternly re
fifed to consider tin qUeHtlon Nothing but
Inglvlutlon ho snlil can post POliO thU cal
liCtiiin or tin whllo1I tux and CoiiKrms
aliinn eaii leKislate Hu was continual liar
assinl 1 by I wlilskny specul I itorsand tlmlr t ntiintn
but vvnrst ot r all I I by tuul it tel III C with lunbiimil
emls achieve with tho plan which has Just
IJut Juitgii FnhH wits resolute to tho Inst
NCJ pmull part of thu strvlicth of hU hunt duvs
was HXiiPtnled In iislritlin I ImpottunltlCH to do
what Mr MeCulloeli foumi no dllnculty In
dot ug Thiiu I IH I no Inu for It I t Law right
n nil imllevaio all against It An opinion to
t end Is I not ntth tli I P11 par It I IK I iv rI Ito n
on slhl Juiluo 1olcwr Tho records of tit do
Mrtinant tint olllelnls with whom hu I con
Ic t ted nnd nutslilirrt tu whom C I he givu hli I enn
Ililiitieoaio tliuiiiiices ot proof ol his resolute
riHlMiineo I I to the I ext ruuorul mlary InlliieniSS I
brnuulit to Ior nil him ID numi tile igila
tloii which ConunHs mfiiinMl I and I hlch has
jmt I boil itpiilleil I t t I 1 t1 two CIIIIltll1lnt nitlt I tg
together Jmlun InlKer I wits supimrttMl by HID
iiluiity nnd exyoriotieu of the doimrtmuiil ruin
Mr < t to last
Tho iiiHHtlnn WII OliO of time vory first which
Sieretiry Mcdiilloeh l I took up I Ho p rut iuai IT
ileeiiliol i I ul un Jllrlld But so wull I I kept
vias thii MiT t tlmt Heept by the ripni itlnir I
olllelals It was notknonn In tIme dqintrtmniit
tlmt t thn uuiHtlfiti was bolng Co iloilt UI cut with I t l
favor belurn the ileelptoii was announced
tliough Intiitoste I distillers hundreds of I nillvs
I illstimt nun apprised of the huorotarys action
days before
ISo Aichbtibop uT Quebec nnd the tlrsulte
Jtcncc Jan 11Jttor from Komo have
tienrtcihed htrp a rrtitu that Violin irnnr Tatctifrc
Arthi tiliuji of Qutbfc hut I oOIU U nrthlnif but on
courtiKtinlit at Hnini In hli wnr A Inutrl flU > MiiRliii It Die I
Jnuitii Ills Aiiault his tint niAt with the lipprotatlnn
fit hip llillliKH I tile Pope unit 1 thiiimll llninr h I up
pforvi nf his driitliiff illrrctlv with th rt neutotlvii of
the locnl Uovrrmntnl It will nut ianctl hip prnpoird
lioltutiun of the ocher lh 1 cnni ositlun of thin tJuieticc
I lIIIII Is weIIliioMi In Kotnv leo Xlll In I not
niklh lmpn > ci upon llu b has I hnl JetBllcrt Hccoanli of
tho work of I till Vrvhh rtnp nnd of his favorites Hi I I n
tlnittcs truly tlig itltritulLnl laluu nf Mil that is lirintf
iloni > Tho jitlrney of hU tiracu 10 Kriine hu I thriiun
lfl1lu lljflil on I tin wroi it of ttm Vrchlilsho than on his
urituiltd rlhn
lliielfiusUrlultiiil Ilicxrsal Ililll Kurctvell
Vow the Uitttun Pu ululilolr
To an observer In the lobby tho greater part
It tin linini no nil lluice Mttli nne rxct titlon Imd hurt
11111 i > bl uk or it irk rutumcs Once iniMe tht thi itri till
I pitneuns nnl entirely soinbrv hiiutter tIlT 011011 the
hini CHpesan I coh w ere rutmv ul mini Uille 111111
ri n to lmo IV till I of luhl or brlirht tolon al ot thn
dark Itrt Hivlnn WUIIILII arc V io la lId 013 01 I
mm ration n nil ttuy Wnun that nt onl > 1101 Irons I iiKlrts
TIm bailh cruitud at such a pace but ttiat moreover
the unM of tlinlrtu I 1 Is I I ractlcall all tnnt I ltiblf
I therottuine tisier 10 grand lltnce thnls v i lktsor
fane batquis
1 kt Oiipui linitty In I Halo
I 1 row tht clflcfiNafl Eniultrr
Mr Cleveland can ntalco n Cabinet appoint
mtnt r111 Ills state that I will unit thn tiemncrac of
uhln and no fir Inward as < urlnu Ueinocrttlc vlctorlix
eoiimluiuouty iut Io alld In h1 etc tIe COli kllook
Ihr I 1a4 mIcop friujil the mmuntcoiitemui all 1 nut OiIe III
m liuuui n ho Ira o oih cllaiuulilC III line uu Ith t lip roculluil r
urumiiatioiu 1 Ii 011I bt4 or I lie tart A rw 11I1tIl
huh I ill I Vi 10 ttie pltlle utter tII Ilu UII b I
TigiiZiIuii ohio I lililke ltn orrllllnI thin ya lli
III hull lIt OTIOIIIIT natIonal Ileiiocrnllc IlIctilmy
Ohlll VOIIWU howr du hot ltllllltUd 1 thIn 01 Iho
101111 elecl tiuey an aciatit but hut dlCI
tot ml
Mtse Uevrliiiul M t the llnlTulo Cknrllv Hull
I from mM Huff ill Courier
JfissCliivnland won It ISle bIll satin nt liamc
Mlih u tnniiiiri tut riiur lOut I i 101 wnn btiiilvof I
iriuln > nsttli tilt I 1hi 1 Uiovvhlch I trnniti il the to C
hIll I trlll S a run v 1 un Cold Hire 1111 The ifo n olo eil
UHIII In front friiin a oremn trIll te mtln petticoat the
li I If ill r Illi nil Itll tvrv out lined II lull iiu14 l I thrntUs Lonir
toll Lotircit iliotiulluli lute ulot r met the laci eilifvd
rlijon Itl 1 ivvti > heuureH lutnl I of Telv It anund III I r
thro it t Ttiuia I with in anllinn Iroh 1 ami tarried a I
bum h of lulu tililiud Iatlltrlne VlKrillft rovH
Vlis i Itvli4iiit s hair N h1 slijilitll tlnced with arar
and 11 in l uirl 11111 I I hhilil Inlllr lual looking slit ilnrs
not ti rKt II iiani nr th face that I icoe wllb 1 u thuiii
funiia Iv pr srnltd to lur eurlv ill the vielilntr whore
turned vhtfn tlurv vi UB I vs of u crim it In the recrj tlun
room tI hive n ft I niiimeiitii C lot tilth her u err Hiton
lilieil liar ttifiiimlv adlrr rit In name mil tfifl
till ii future hief lad V of th I N hlte llouvonof price
h I ssi nine Her I ncr U nm tliul would attract aiuntli n
Iii I lvIinr bv I its lliiuuhtfil I tittt And 1 cxpreriilitncsii
r IIIr 1 me Hum 1 height nut 1 brrirs herself with nit itlf
ni k < l in 1iini evidently a viouuii of coot aliut us
liolilIni IOOII nellIe
Uoitrtllnz HOII > P Hellles
Frill Ot < Itlcllv Trlltunf
Two young mini stood In the doorway of a I
cltfar 1 CIte I il Itltoht mi Clar street heir In liana
M litn h I cliii iMikniif II2II hunt pused hv Une of
thrill Innked at the ptilfttrlnn with nn Unrulse I con
tempt itainl I e t on vt vn fui iture I ThU v > a > 110 IOU hy
hi tlinpmilun Ijj he uik d
Klidvi him
I hould lull
Ulii mu l h I
lls a 1I1t I
A 1 hIi I
4 hollY toil to1 nrttcndto sny that you know
Hi thllK hlnuit llUllr I
1 in hUiet 1 re till Im I clear oil
Well jitllt li I tin hutbiind of s boarding Iiouie
In I id I
JL Juult 1nlui ecu t > v Ike I Ivll SBI lcei Itiiles
From tltf Vru1 Hum ffntnj Jitjitttr I
It was a notlcnililo fact that of all the anpll
hull tur K i os 1111 ulitr l itie < liirniiii nt atlheiivll
irrlt t uinliialliiis I eli rt uI not on > of them hell
hot J vn li lw rii the funniuer and thunlli a all Call
fuily uujht by LoIunmnuit Itistinciors but a fsvr > eurs
ttfu fhould
Vcrr Illlln Finliiiri nksinvnt Txtiectcd
from tfif Vew 1111 Penlmj i Rytfiet
From the rtlxth obxtactH a sueceSTfiil nlno
critic ilmlnlitritlliiii Dial irrvcntril 1 tIp > ir llr Uiul s
di lvlI 111 lIe rrrlll i Iiitenil4I nit 1 Iii like uiiInoi Ill
ixptkts I I eTy lilt iv IiiIibirTliIlldiit
Chum ni MieilLer Hlinuntls
HirTionn Jan 12 HptnLer tilmondaof tho
lliiuienf Itrprek ntuiiib4 is lllviltli i htid fevtrund
It H I lelievnl that i speaker rntin s lll luietole I I
hoii in morrnw Aii 1111 in of tin Julul ittii liiu pvi ini
nr UHIU i timmitlim Imle beu holht l ItUiifire
helldtd that bUkllleS w III i little i In tome tu a stIUIUlllll
1111 lb I II krii tllk I I Vtonlt y
iTiiiov Tun 121h Rev Arno < P Ieneh
billS i of M 1 ilius ii i > inkm vitth liiitidn in his
hnrth > eourlisr To ilav he tiiuioil 1I im liiiproieiiient I
uud his itiudliiun wai re ur ltd ill danjeroui
StOOOO ror lit Sckencki Fiinlli
An Insurance toilet of 30000 in the Mutual
life Insurance Cnml lay on the I life of the lute heY III r
Siall llutithcheutit I a4 paid lo his family uu Saturday
Ii llhuut tht uiual tltlaj ol slitjf 11Y
To ran EoiTon OP Tire Box Sir Whllo
theru has boon n general shaking of handy
ncrosi tho bloody chasm whllo tho erring
sIntrs l hnvo been joyfully taken back to tho
maternal bosom nml while tho offence of tho
revolted brethren generally havo been con
donctl tile votiirnblu mConfeilorato chief
alone Is ruthlessly haft I out In tho eolil Time
implacable vengeance of tho reunited nation
pursues him end In tho homo ot his friends ho
receives this moat unklndost cut of nil Inn
rmiit ntinibur of tho Centura mmwlno Oen
HcniiriKnril h iddles upon him I ho fatal rims Illt
Mbllllyof time lost cause Ilutnro a irnthorlng
of Iho Orainl Army of the Republic len Slier
man Is roporiod to have elinruail him with a
conspiracy to establish n SOli thorn despotism
In tho IntLrotit ot Impnrtlal history I dnilio
torohilo an oplsodo of tho boclnnlm ot till
war which eseaiiuil publicity lit tile time but
which may now throw a new Hunt upon tho
character motive of tho secoislonlst loader I
Ou tho 21st of January 1S01 Senator Davis
of Mississippi and Iietiresontntltes Houston of
Alnhaiiia and liu troll of Oeorda resigned
their seats In tile United States Congress and
slartud for tholr homoa by way of the thun but
newlycompleted Southurn railroad routo
riley reached tile Vlrulnln aud Tonnosseo
H late lino I I in I tho midst I of tho I heaviest snow
form that had been known that region for
tunny onrs Travel wn < obstiuclotl by thu
mow drifts In the deep cut and In cottso
quit nee tho secodlnc statesmen wore weather
bound In tho vlllnci of UrlstolGoodnou for
HOtnu fortyeltfltl hour
The proncneo of such dlstlntuUhed states
men In tim youni but nspirini town naturuliy
created a eutisiition There was an lnlormil
nicotine of citizens dc lrom tu hear from his
own lltiH tint views ot the Kniit SHCOHainnlst
upon the Impondliucrisis A noli uxinesnlnt
their wishes Wits addressed to Mt liivls to
which lioiuspuinled ho would hipliy to
ineil and ext h uiito views wllh lilt ullnvv cut
jolis lit n tI Ill time and plant nn iniicht null I tlmlr t
convenience Mlbaiijuontly Meesrx 11 II lIt II II
and Inrtrell I i I as a mutter of cuuitosy vveie In
cluded I In the Invitation
itt it oclock In thu tivenlnt tho hall of them
new atailiMiiy till phuo upiiulnlml was IIIUJ
with IIII I lininlieil Virginians I nnd iiinnes
seiiiim iihMtints of tho village I ami vicinity I t A
hrlol i II lore 111111 to tile locality and thu churau
of till ainllonuo may here not bo amiss
hurl tl C OldSotm Is dlvldKil I Inlolwo I munlcl
imlltluB I liy tho t Mule line I I traversing hue t niiiln
street Onodson IH lit Vb ashltiutnii county Va
the I eotllit Kent ol which was the home of John
II rimd t I I tho War Secretary ot lliichatmnH 1
Cabinet l llrlstol It In Sullivan county Itiiin
the t Oemoeracy ot 1 vvhleh wow hill Tenth t Io
rion nt Andruw Joliuons old C iu > iss I nal
district Un the Virginia xldn of the line Ilietti
wis a stroiikf eotisiiivatlVH element cnmpcised
of old lluu S liltf who WITH tho oitt and
avotviid otiponetits ol secession On the Ton
IIUHSOO side Uinimli thn Ill tiliii hud nlreiuly
commenced nn this I lilt 110 between Mr i Johnson
and his Sullivan counl Hiii > nuri > irs them t vvcru
still I I I tunny Union be nm ta ruts Tin Union Ittll
In thu main however were only roiulitloimlly
Huooll They limfHssiil C bu as toady an tIm se
cIIoIQull tn r llsll1l1 oven act of aciiresslna
upon state rlultts liv I tlm Lincoln AdmltilKtrn
tjon So It happened that thn uiidemi < ut thu
ACiiileiny that evcntni was about uiiiiully com
posed ot I Unionists and eOVlttfl hIt t 8
Although tlm paramount I desire I of f thin ns
an n hung was to Itenr Jell Dane by somo III
adverlunco Messrs Houston I uinl Oarltull I 1 wmo
liilrodliiid t and inch consumed hours
time Tin iiuiltuncu llstMiied willi loll lrallll1
liollteni I to thn trill I anei dotei of Ilm nnu und
Ilm prosy phitltitdi s of tim other and It was
tint till I I I after in I I oclock tlmt t tho ih It81 15 i mill
ill H1l1lor got tlio llnor lieu insUisKins tho
itiiiln Had Icllmn l iiHinlfiht Mr Davis nr
rusted their wearied attention hvafttvt ru Ill cur I s
diiMitly in tlm I liultIi0l und HOIIII tlvetcil It
with lila crnviil oiatnr 1 hail imvei tulmo I
or since lieinl as much fnrrlblu h > tic fullit
clous It nuly ollu lit in I tho t liuhtof I titter I Ili emi tut
einwdcd I Into n half hotiis s iui h I will
civil ti mure niitllnn nf his nrifiitneiilH but thn
1110 il racy of m I report will i I I I think tu vnitchid
fur tv I iniinv livlni vvltnnsns and not be de
nld I by Mr Davis I lilmelf I I
Ills Hist tiolnl was that It vrun In vain tn talk
of vvaitliiL fur tint oviit net which was in
evltiibl fnioshiiiluwiul in tile election of Lin
coln bv a imrel t sttnnal vole The t door was
I ITuluall t I I y clopd hI t that I act mmcii list att y ln lulls > i
of nmliitilntni the rlultls ol tlm butithirn
States In I tin I Union Ho I nlxt i disciissud i Ill
1uilMral 1 eomiiact nnd coiitetidid that thin
States hail thu cntiitittitlnimi and innll > iialil
riiiht to Itlnlriiw from It w lien the conditions
iiiiilur which 1i1l1 bin atne jiattleti to It wetu
violated u He I I u bel ill tuil tlmt thi seimratlnn
would bu pimceable jill ii fHOtilnd the I idiii nf tin
attempt lit eoiiclon His I I bsl lot wits Imsud
iitinii hU I knnvvlucluii 01 this Iliuracliir nl hue t
NortliPrn 1UIh i > They wuro intclliieiit
I i shtMwil and Ktituriirlliii with an extiennily
1 sHtisltive fiocknt HIIVH 1 hoy VV > TO fur too
i wi 15 prtcliutiito II conflict in which tlmy hInt
I i ever p thlnu i to t I lose I and 1 the t South hut I little I A
Llanen at the I condition of thn two sections
would show tlm lolly nt inidlctint lb I
war butwenn tlittn I Tho South was
thinly SKllled and had no great ilHpnts of
slnred trot Inll ConKi > iiientl 1111 Invaillni
at my vvnulil ilIll liausport its i iibsi tniicH
liv Ilimbrniis niHthuds and It vvntiltt nuiiilic so
Ill iltt Y trnopsi t In Kiuird I Its linn I nf 1 niatlom
from Its loa i of Mipiillis tn an objeitlvn point
that the ire itosl fun thit miild bn l nt titilMi
lit 111111 rail III a ntilhiirn Statti vvnulil htcnmo
sn wiMkeiipd as to itt an eas IJo Lit lilt tI hull
resnlutii sliatisinotes I On lie t oh lit r hand tlio t
North was IhlfU ptttltd had oveilliiwini
l grit ti irius Its I t lario cities i wotostncke t i with
wealth and aiiiimiilati piniliKn with h IH 110
I CHsinriMS and luxtirns I of life i I ami trHitsitrns of
nit t nlTiilne f vnry liuliiciimmt ot Htibs sti < nco
and plunilir to an Invading nrmy nlntt tin
liiinpcrMil bya nminisatiat tn Kimid ttibi
Iilntid by u linn of operation to 1 dennd nud
tlinrefnrn easily tnnseil 1 fur iilTectlvii nctlnn
lluvinc thus demntistraud ImpiubablMty
of war IIH mite result of secession ho prnccidwd
to IIrIlU that tin Mitiaratlim I I I would > i but ti m
mIlItarY 111115 dlmiriiit SliCt lotus nf I lie C utm itt my
wer sn Interdotiiinlent I hail sn many Interests I
in I common that it was Impossibleilu I could ox
jot a lid prosier is separate and opinifltiK
iiiitlonnlltlxs When thu Ninth became enn
vlneoil I of f this I fact ther t viotinl 11 l > n r < onnnt r lit
linn nc thn U ocr rn Illufl t upon I n lie ut ill 01 fl tIm tli
CUiiruntepB of thu rlkhlsnf all thus istates and
thII cs fort hi Iho Lnloti would to rttual
Such In t etl I Sill tCU WaS thn II rut speech of
TetTeron Davis alter hid wlthdraval front tin
Unttinl Htatis hiitmte tnailo inulr circum
stancii which called for no eiinlvocntlon or
concealment and thereforu presumably em
boilyltit i hi ill real I sentiments
Its 1 elleit upon tlio mixeditsiomblyof I ItrInt ci
Ouodsonites was miifieiU old penman tirejn
dIces were swxnt away Ilku clmlT befnrit Dm
wind A careful CHIIVIIFS of tlii vlllaun the next
day lalleil 10 tniuvealatrac Unionlm rpinnln
IIILT The lIttle community was thenceforth
mild fur Ito t South So complete wi t tIll allllie
In I Sullivan I I I county I hat I Andrew Ji Ill nuiui mu a
row W8 ln later hy a unanimous I lot ii nt liln
former fnllnwers icon reliisml the lrliIIlO of
maklns a VII 11111 speech nt tIll Court HOIIM
Mr Liavls Is wuI I I known as a man singularly I
tiiiiiuloiiB of oiunliuis onci loniiHil I havu
lIla id this t trait ChIll rmiutlrhze d I HS an obti muter
Unit iinvnr I yb Mltlidlo fnils but I that of count
WItS eiBi ratIon HIH h I oplnnms I must hi IllS
been iiniilllleil by lila Innxorubln loLle of
events I but doiijt vTlintlmr his Ill tuth 111111 us its
to thH I II ItI moats ii flu I hut hun o if r the S tats ns ti x
tiressod nbnvii ever underwent any material
cit it uge His h I obstinacy I and his nvertearliu
m timers may have been obsuclos to the
sninothnnssiif hs I u I vTsoiiiil I I It tIuroll It rIot but It
Is illDlctilt to cnmoivM uiiiin what uTnitntU bi n
Miermau biseil tlni oliai o nuiiinst him fn
conspiracy to i st tablish a Southern despotism I
I hid fOinn Inliiniicy I I vvllh prominent h ClIl fit
ertites dttrlnu the wur and 1 heuid no hint of
such a con i tI riter
Ierhaps the lieiieril became Imrreseod with
thin idea vvhl Ilul Itlul roll I mig ihrouih I denrila
Sotno iiitenr imtlons iirnvalieil in that State
Hr I I present Iniled I States Sen atom the t Hon h 1
Inn llrnwti who was then Oivernnr was
fimlllarly Unnwn as Kinu h I Joseph t I frui Ill his I
lIsting inctutlited a Minister rionlpntentlary
In leiipsetit t t iuu slits rI ig tI Stitti nt I I iore Ill nt
tho I cnurt nf Ionmrl Ilk Tint stimo niiiocrutla
jovernor carrleil his secesslnn vluws to their
loul cat nticltislnu by luoposlnc I i tn sectdu I
Umirkla from I the I Southiin Ci bfl to Iii TItey 11 I Is
Inn even prepared n pniclatnitlim recallhm
the Oenrila tmniis folIo the Confederate iitmy
nnd was only leHtralned I rum Usuim It by
HO inn OHM flrkliiL him tlm Pructlcal iiuiistinn
which I Hotspur I luthttltt ruled to I Owen Ojen
dnwer In riCnrd to filtnir hidrlu fiom thu
Misty deep Will they cotnu when you do cull
for them I
The hostility of the Into A II Slovens lo Mr
Davis Is well known I
hoiud him nmk it
Bpuocli at MilliiUevilln nt a critical imnod nf
tile war when 1 tlimichi ratilntism demaiiilinl
Ills I I lit ISCtI II as VuviIreiildHiit I of f the Colifnil
eric nt HliIimoiul ill tiuhelu Im m nle IISH of
this remarkable fMirensInn ifntlemeii if I
nm to bu a slave 1 wmld as leave bn Ue Iln
inlnH I 1 I I blivii as Inn 1 Diivlss t KIII ll but t 1 was
linl n tn call nn mutt muster This i > pesnin
WIIH afterward omltluil Itoni tln < iitibiisleil vnr
slnn nf thin speech m n tirattke nut iiiiiiiiiiiiinu
vvltti MrStevens Ooi llionn I waslu I Milleipju I I I I
tills at that time Mini 1 iireiunie WIIH pte ftit
nt tIll ineiitlnkaml hennl thus spuech If no hu
ciiu conllrin lIlt reemleftlnn Of it
If tlleru wis conspiracy in doriln lobulab
llsh a southern t depnlism Mr Putt it couUI
hiullv hnvo been ut lIrtY lo II
Ocn liiiiiitiecaid In tlni iirltulu In tho Cmliifj
tiifiire teferiiil I I i tn pliiiflbl I 1 t o hi own that lint for
tutu I pluhiaildneiH of IrtHl 1 lent liavlH h hill
ortli Instninl of the south vvuuld have bnen
lilly whipped iu thin late conflict tttnl tho
ismtis of tlm nuIr entirely levorsid If this bu
so and 1 am nut iiielliid tn ilijuuo it tin
Niirthirn I litli I Ill II own Mr i Dnvls a debt of utvti i t I
lude whlchllhcy III repay by iniennlally KUS
Iiendlnu I him I from thu t boughs ot thai trv
i UitlunnlBour I t I apple tri Iut il S hopo Hint his
tory will I I mete nut I inoiulinpnrtlai 1 t J utttcu than
I le meted to him I lu tho I popular ballad
11Auwi N J Juu ti J A S
TkrtS Vent > to HIde In the airs nnd n Quar
ter nf n Cent la IVnlk Over
Mayor Grace and Comptroller Loow nt
tomled thomectlncof tho bridge trustees os
lerday I afternoon In DrookUn Vlcn1rosldent
Hush was In thu chair It wan rosolsnil to ml
v urtliu for propnauN for llnlahlni the brick and
Irop I work on tile tvventyflxo unfinished arch
was In thin city
Time reslirnntlcm of William C Klnssloy ns
1rculilont of the Hoard anil as a trustee was
reiul Mr Strannhnn spoke of tile low and
valuable services of Mr Klnesley and of Ito
coinmandlna ability which ho bronchi to tie
ureat undertaklnj Tho nnnoupcomont of the
appointment of oxTutlffo Aloxnmlor McCuoRs
trustoo In placo of Mr Kltiksloy was inatlo by
t lus Clinlrman Mr Straniilmn however In
forniid thou Hoard that Judge MoCue hud con
eluded not to accept time appolutniont
Mr Stranahtin Bald that the commlttca np
pointed 1 to draft a bill for tile reorganizatIon of
the hour was not yet ready to report Thi
coininitteo would hold another meotlni on
1rldny nnd would thon ho thought complots
Its 1 labors
Mr Stranalmn was then elected Iroshlont of
tho t haunt of Trustees by an almost unnnlmoiis
vote Ho said that were It not that ho Wished
to t nsalst In thIn proposed reor atil itlon he
would not decent tilt responsibility I
Mr t ThurUir I moved that t on and alto leb 1
tlm faro on the t brldce ears bo rot 1 cud to three
emits and that ten tickets bu sold for it cents
At thu hitrt iitloii of Mr HnndrU tho ditto
llMil h i for tin ludiictlonwns I elninued to March l 1
Mr lUh suld thu ear were now overcrowded
dnritik i i the 1 iuilty hours I ot travel ami that on
foiX dii > s the facilities vveru not cnunl to thou
ibiminiK lieu tralllo In tho mnrnlncs and
ovniilnus I eould I I net Ii9 bat lii I eul IM Inireised I
with t sitfetv It I would In i view of this fact bn
ibinneritis I I to ruiliuo lIe I fine and thus swell I
the ti illlc until thou structure Was eomploted
over Chatham squure
vtnvnr leninf I secotnl the resolution of Mr Thnrber
I III in luiornf I muitliiif the tTllmd I tree us Inc as inisl
tie l l The 111 linen hate built It uliJ thf tell Hlliu I
Ii in in I ntllur u ID th krtnUt t xietit I tiul llilunr use
irtt lntothl > iis linn tin I dId Hlnl one usny In thai end
iI I n tile mini tu > n of the fares for nit IIIVM I KM 1 built
I l I Pelt I I rluser I I ii urtutlm nine frmii tin hn life If I
l ull I the I invir I HOIIII iruilliuli make II free
Mr Vliirrlnl Ilu btliUe nushullttii Kit nmmi dnte the
I1 l larje nnd nut fur tin iiirniin t nf iIIIIIt tolls
IheluM 1 tub mil tome nnilir liii > clrcinnstunces itnd
tin rentflit ItOKrd sinill I 111 t tn out Cf eistetnn lilth
out tiiklni a hell in thai dlreitmn
Siipnrlntotnlent Mnrtln told the trustooi that
iIIrIlIg till rush hours tlm trains were run on
li minutes hnnilvvny Iiils 1 wus ns fust as they
eould bo run with safety Thu cam were abso
l lutely packed In tho mornlnvs lund ovcnlm
Vihin thee switch facllltlHS wore Inerniised
thrro or four ears would bu run on eaeh train
abut lvio the number of piissunners could be
Mt or Low said that ho felt constrained to
votuiicnlnst I thu t motion Hu ronrenentid m per
stius ilvlnir In dreinpolnt and hay Itblvo
Hu bnllevnil thiuit tIll policy of low tolls was very
haul on ihu I lltookDn of tilt prudent
Mr Thurburs luotlun was curried by tim tel
low Inu votu
eitn Ornce llniTelt Msrihnll Ilenitrix Clnusen
Oliirke vuiimid Thnrber Vnn chalet tuewID
Siitssirintiiiiii bnan vvitte liaiues Davis Lour
Iluli iintiKrrhoii
Mr Tliurbor then moved that on nnd after
1 eb 1 twnnty tlekuts on till promenade bo sold
for a eentR nml loo tlcUrts for il cunts
Mt i t Hnrdliu I I I said theru wits tm publlo de
nniinl for tn iiboiutely freu brldire rInd tlmt
Hie tiroposid reduction mlchl lead to tile nn
cuuslty I of f ailditlonnl I tiollen protection
Mr Thttihern initiiin was eartlnd IU to 8
Treisnrur Wlttu leportid that the uvernee
rnpnlpts from nljht enrs frmn Dee 2 to Dec
ill t 1 vvuioiJIS II I ptrnluht I flu s numbnr of vo
lileliii vvhleh CIOISKI the hrldirn in Decomhor
Wits 69huSl niralnht 12P25 In Novnmbor The
total I avenge p r ° r iluv from hue t turuilmietl i hue rail
road ami cartliiLuwa wa tl ij3ui87 for Docem
bor ituulifU tllyj M for December 1843
JA n rrs s iaixiits
Tke Innest Mini Hi lk < llnckln Valler Bet
111 Mru null Ntlll liii nIne
CoLUMlits Ohio Inn 12Last night news
was iicolvid at tho Hoeklm Iron anil Coal
olllcn In this city that ono ot their mines at
Now StrnItsvIliil known as No 5 hail been set
on tire and was hurtling bo fiercely as to bo bo
ond control Later reports conllrmoil tho
Ilrst accounts and the mlnu Is still burnlntr
U Is thu luruist mine In the hocking alley
and It Id said In thu world It Is asserted that
the patty that sot lire to thus mine obtained
entrance throuch W P Heads mine which Is I
connected with No 0 thus making discovery
bl tie uunrds on the outs iiio of tliu mines I im
IiosHibli Thin llni hits nottll eovered by the
iimrds until 1 about I oclock Sunday evonlnif
u linn attempt wnro mulo nt once to extin
guish tliu llaines but without HUCITSS
Later elToits wnro said to havu boon malta to
Imiuiii ooiiiu of tlm btrnltsvlllo miners to assist
In I glltt I tit control t over time Humes but no ono
seiiiniMt willing to lutid n luIiluitlg hand An
cnultiu nrid sottiu tntnurs from litichtol were
taken to NHW Sttnitsvillu this morning ami it
Is thought that thu force aunt may bu sulllelont
to nnistur thu lire
A minor was current nmonc the miners to
iiuit that I IJj eon boys had l as ombleil at Nmv
btialtfvlllf t I who would Hhortl I y make u laid I on
all I I the working minors I inards aru bulni
doublMl at tho mltus In tho viilluy and u ctlBls
Is niur at bund 1 Mln No 5 which has a
eapaelt of IJU ears pirilny hud boon closed
tot HOIIIII tlini I It flit it i lyRe Hiipposnd 4 to bu so
IUiel r blucknd ut thu mouth but entruncn was
caimd b iliLTirinii under or through tho stone
uml wnod work
AtteuiWs on this part of some guards to cot
at the burnliik mine war met with a shower
of Rtonns and nothing I could bu tlnno I I to uxtln
gil I nil the t lire then Tho Division Superintend
ent ut lluchtul was ordiind this mornlne toiro
up to Strltttlit ills with a force of tnrtt to assist
In I closini I m up thu btirnlni mfiin I to proven t fur
thom lniniiMH No n ° slstanen for this tiiirposo
eiiulil be I otjtalned I at St rll I I sill to Col Chiirch
III Treasurer of the Columbus and llocklnu
Coal and Iron Company HUTS
Theruwill bn u Krami walk around before
long If this thlnu doesnt slop and wu wont got
licked cither Vn huvo become tired nml If
the Stitu iorernmont will not taku a liiinil In
Fiippnisini tiles mnnlnrurs Incendiaries
nml cntlhi outs wu must look alter our Interests
iu out own way Ihu country will hoar of
Minn thine that will vvuko It UP from ono nnd to
the other unions somn official action is taken
to put un end to lawlessness
Col Chureiilll said tlmt notwithstanding the
heavy oxfciisn ot btiurdini Its property and
miners tile company clearml 2 Onu Inst month
bin It I was duio I it iiiinr illsHilvuntnueR and
scarcely a member ol the llrm had bnun ubln to
spTid an evunint with hits family for three
ultomi I hIs
Ouv Homily Is In Indlnnnpolls attending the
I IlittI It rit Ion ot Oily G rut V H > > bus beun In f
fotined by tulxirranli of the nhirmltii situation
In the vtilluy nnd asked to l call out thn militia
This his will undoubtedly refuse to do unless
thu Sheriir nt Ihuot lag county eu > j that tbo
civil authorities ate powerless
The lliiitlhnltlir Ilun fur Iteorirnnliallou
Snuintltia la the NlacLkultlere
vDnLPHiA Jan 12rnu annual meet
lug 01 tbo Ihiludulpliia and lEuadlnu Hallroad
Company today was presided over by Edward
S Whelun Tho annual report showed that tho
lloatliiL debt of lie rallroitd IneludhiL receiv
ers cortillcutes Is 12080241 current llHblll
lea 7770815 total debt I198J7050 The
flnatlnudnht of tile Colil aflil Iron company Is
tJU03JJ3 currHiullabllltleD tliC7il4 Total
ot I both ciiii muaml has Jljl7li2J J ill btiito mona I
of utirnfti i s anil exputiftip hhovvml gross eitrn
Itugs < if S I7 4u JilSikiiMreipun ec JJ1051JU
net imniiiuf J iur 4
Thuboniilioldxrs plitn tin main points of
irlm hell Imvu tlttIt luibllbhi d was tress a teul utnui
Mr Franklin 1 I Oowun III ads a Innuthy simech
In Its favor Tlm plan was referred to tho in
comlnu lioard of Mannuers This ticket naa
elected without opposition
Iu liltni luiue Do Ii I Ketin Managers n Mp
rlntitt 1 V w IIMIII < III truiiklin A i omli Josfpti
Whartun Jilni VValijmikr llubrt II hai re Scorn
tat Albert fonur Ueuiurer VViiliain A Cliurili
Cftlnrril Voter from Kvntlickr
CINCINNATI Jan 12 Several witnesses toitl
fled liot fire the hrlnver l committee today wltlirefard
tn tIle nMeKf I Impurtutlon of Iitrn voters from Ken
tutk > brfiTe ttie October election Daniel lloifan testl
n < M TH reelnc bull and brddinK taken Into a colortd
clliurl Iii Third strttt nml Intu neirrn Ills eiuiiio In the
Ill 11111 h uuUli u fen dalttlefore the elet tlun and taken r
lUt it tut or tOO uMt tile election iJrnnlH slucliall
> ind that in Hie r iu hi tenth wurd hf saw near twice as ri
ill 110 nekto Vol l MS tic ever SUM there at uny tiler
nue 111111 VM I liain I On
01111 bay null 1 lot Wruht nrilwred the
m ellIle lo full tint K and let a lieyro vole althiUall tl
hi I inn ol I ed lal I saU III Vvrihis nearly that he had already
Tke inUkAnierliiili Tietttr
IIiviM Jan 7 7A mass tnentlni of rhga r
tiiHliufitliirers and Ills ratlOra itns held at the Cailnii
lalnAl Ill Jsuu 4 About 4uio perions vrero prgsent
It tins agreed tn eltlori the tjiiveriitnent tint to makt
any itnieiulincntu In the nnviliil tixtof the Spanish
Amerlt nn Ireutv I rtwsrdllnf tnliatcn and tiirars and de
spittthvs In Ihnt i IUit neio Sent tn the Minuter
I otonlts and tIle re reseiitativu of spala at Washington
Illlillv IulltU afMlsnltubsu
OTTVW Jan 12 An arrnncoment has been
inn ts bet us Cell the Hunt ulon and Manitoba Jottrmasuti
lindtr it hlth in lieu nf her lands which
are held
re nn I
alininlitered as Uolllln tahiil I the proilmuce a II nil fe
celie an annual grail nf Jluuuut
rn i > r vlnit > Is I
also inn
L1 lisTUnan put IL posies ion ot all susamup lands within
A JsIICC Accnslnsj klm iknt Ieunte Says ti
n liiriirr >
ST Louis Jan 12 With regard to tho nl
oceil lifer of oxOov Ht fohn of Kunims to
ivlthdravv from tlm tlesldentlal canvass for
iionnr time UMieDiiiiiirfal pulilUliOH I this I let
her addreMted to it 1 Ii Kerrnsof this city Tho
words In brackets lire sunplled by tile editor ot
the HfiliflleiiMfrat having boon omitted Lathe
OiFtriivr OhIO Oct 10 IM4
Prin Stn I maite a mistake In 1111111 lot la here I
ilinuld halt t iriitii tnlMrmt llnli lunCh r initlilitiliatliiir
5 Hli him IM him bv l trlccra li I havnild in I htm
hit tit the 1 1 mil rein i It Ma two rtflhi itnten In Ihll
eiphlatn inorrow tuht nndtlirn nttlishv the mIll slid
Ii InIied l III i on lu tilth fur set nnd III I ment I iirnilde I
lue left fil riilladrliihln In dat iml snlil Our I Mill
lItlIr Illimhi toll me It shnut 1 he dime Jut lot this
frnin Nt lolinl AU rlKlit lpnie In shun lime for
IhiliCiIelllhIlli hilt mntel nil nest of there Meet me In
Iltui nrirli tn tiluht 1 lint tour leitrtm tinder IIRIIIO
IIf Jnhiison I tcrtitse Ill 1 tint n anl tn ne my nun name
I tonfess I mnile iileilnfiiuiin suliully I lull Iuiini ill I I mo
oniakrlt I I inenn bv tint hi luil I me in keep St John
ill Ill this state anl tfet him tiHinclnnatl I and > ou
illiultil Chic lulIll 51151 III 4Iil ilusoi nn I then I said
I Mlppose I loUire him Cluisiu will m Itch
tv guI and he naIl m t es Kerens ivth gin
iitm fliioisi 80 If I hove cut n blir hoir the
iork helonus to rininh 5 oIl I am CiIiZ lIner lo fills
iiirifh tn ttv him 4t John Is It not jiopslhle fill MIU tu
etui nine < me ut erfmm Nen Vnrk I il 510111 lid with lilni
alit lIt him then hull 1 there 1 I am n little Killltv because
I i on dimt re und tn Johnson t nil tIc aid fIr Ms conn
irs It I was not pnslhle > oll wtre sedlici I ml the I riled
nine and thus let 1 hIntS lout that vmt hire drunk fur
on aru too ghuhll 1 n st Johhiie Silt t till C snnitrtt t51l1iol l 1
is lane got St John nut nf f tln > Male and mule nuulset i
I n hllu ttiat In sinne na vterent reileeimd t ou may
mt rare n d n but I hare l tn live M Ill him > ind viu
lontt Ill loan rinmii Hlnij sun tt oiunr Olill llelljmw
iclmlarli hut > our Jilts I I luni
The Hull lit luilouilt says In I an editorial I that t
St John early In i tlio t CIttlI thug II secured I 11 let t
tur from Senator Plumb IntroUiicIni Itiirata to
ho Nut I till it I hti lull hI loan Cotuiulttru as u jiir
SlitI atithorlred to net and speak for him I I < u
rntu said to thu Itnimbllcuu I Commltteutlmt I St
ohns original Iulemi Stall that ho onuhtto vut
JotiOOO Ihunrtlclu fin thursnys that I nto
ixplalned to thu Ioiiimlttff how St John eotild
iltt of I I I sprvlen to thn lEepuhlleiini He I sabl I I that
ln < St John I WHS to nay In I Ins I spneli tlmt I It
was evident the oholiu was between llliilnunud
Cku t elut mItt u and I Unit t us Ills I ii a re thronell toot
whlskny nml loyalty and its Cleveland repru
inntrtd whlskoy and dlsloulty hu was for
hiatus Hu was to I bu accompanied In his can
itts by Mr Licato as n prominent politician
rom Knn as who WitS to verify all St John
aid find i say that tilt lriil ibition lists of hans
eould all vole for Dliilne
Alter a gold dual of discussion U wan nerocu
to pay St John tJSOOU Thin editorial nays
I hut the t Hnntenen In I Ieuatos letter I luau tug1
I am a little utility bneattsu you dont respond
loJoltn ons call for aid for Ids country Is rt
lihriine in I cipher and that Johnsons call for
old for his country means Lekates despatch
four St Johns money
TIis Uliilifllrniim asserts that It has proved
hut St John sought and failed to get money
rom thu I llepiibllenns unit that I ho directed I his I
imp ilfn In thu Interest of th < > Democrats and
WIll llbcrallv rowarded ns will bo shown In
good time It further says them are several
rnntlr tnou whoeotild hiilii provo this and men
tions tile editor of limo Cilicilgo Acrjas nan
ami Sunator Gorman nf Man land us another
ToiFKA Jan 12 Tlm ilpAiiininJ this oron
log prints an intervlnw with InnioH F Iecat
I n relation to thu Ifttor lodav Ill rmtortl g to
hIlly been written by him to lb C Kerens of St
jouls After lendini t tho lotlur carefully Mr
iiKato said This I lettnr Is u coldblooded
forgery I novor wrote nnythtni of the kind to
ilm or any tIltS It Is n wilful uml malicious
Ito from beKtnnlni tound I never knew Mr
Kerens and never mnt him but onoo I rode
ivllli him from Clnplnntitl to Columbus som
tilt diis Imforo till October ulectlon when ho
old thu I mnthodsof 1 tho t oath pug rt
Mr Legato also doclanul that hn nevor made
any such proposal written or oral that M
John hud never authorlml t him I to mnko any
proriooal and that any charge Hint lie hail
lonosowaaa lie gottun up to Injure St John
The lumbermen of Minnesota Intend to
rrtHtly reduce the cut thin w Inter Wciius they my
hey can hu > loge ihrnper than they cnncut them
Tho CIoVIs Hujuos3IorlM trafrwly has
lreadt teen nelond upon ti > the ilniniutlit A play tin
hail t Inn the Incldenta of thu nlulr Is I noted In Lisbon
Ship llres fioiommon an oecurrenco nt
he port nf Sew Orleans In tho I ieit t rarely happen there
IIOK The prohibition of smnthn near cotton on the
wharves and on ihlphoard and n strlttvtutiil kept over
thave almost cntlrel elimlimted this evil
Thero Is but ono place In the United
states where vim cotton Is miide Until sit months IWO
he nav > was ollled to depend upon lntttand for all
tIle mm cotton ued but a manufactory haa been erected
ut thetorpt In sintlon Newport and now produces all
that Is reilitlred for sea iini men of war and torpedoes
Mr Iroudo is trolujf icmtiil the world
tartly for the sake of his health and partly because aa
liesay t luae gross ii tired of tin chatter w Illch my
tau t volumes on carl > 1e haw brnutrht forth and I
I Ihontht that In ill months nt ony rate the world would
force the existence oC so unlucky a person ai the biog
rapher of Carlyle
The seacoast of California has been vIe
lIed tills scaion by several varieties of birds vthlcli have
luSter before been known to Inure the mountain TUU
hits iteiierally been supposed to Indicate a severe winter
hIlt according to silence the migration Is more proba
lily duo to the prcv allinir scarcity of nil kinds of seed fa
the mountains this season
A Texas papor remarks The names of
Jeills and Christ sound very sacred to Knifllsh speakln
People but none the Hpanleh both are ery common
names tflvtn an 1 siirnHlnt s At Laredo the other due
Jesus 11 Christ was rticlsterrd at one of the hotels Ws
remember nntlnir a few years ago that a Mexican named
Jtsus Christ had been hanced for horse stealing
Tho camphor laurel a native of China
StIlt the tree from which most of the I camphor of com
liierco is olitiilntd scums to have bet u introduced suc
cessfully Into ralifornlit mm tree I In Sacramento having
attained a heluht of thirty feet Thti wood every part
nf which smells umromuWly of camphor Is lUlit and dura
ble tiot liable to Injnr from liuccts aud much favored
by cablnetmaWers
Parties who havo returned to the Pacific
cnant from n tour through tho buperstltlnn Mountains
In Arizona Territory report the discovery of extenslt
stnne ruins some of them In h almost Inaccessible I places
The walls look as If they had been battling snub the ele t
menta for centuries The prehistoric people of whose
exlMenco they are the omuly remaining evidence must
have been numerous
In Tcxurkana Ark a few days ago a
man was literal smoked to death He was a little un
tier this lmimttii mice of Ilijiior and upon returning hom
found tho I donr locked wlitn hw attempted to crawl Into
the Hue head down The flue belnvof an Irrecular
width the man stuck fast before hf descended far and
wits held until relieved by death whlrh wan cluned by
the smoke from a small tIre on the hearth
Albania do Gianadi locently destroyed
by nn cart Inlake posseh ed the I most rnmantlu situa
tion and the most rnmntitlu history nf nn town in
hualn It stood hlith upon thu verve of avlruntlc cleft
In the mountains the result of volcunlc action rrnm
Its position It wan jusll riitardcd by the vioors as the
key of their Uiudom of llrann la and us tmn ca tnred In
MSby the forces nf lerlinanl and Iiahella the Alham
bra was Mt tone foredoomed It I t WIll lht I event which
gate origin to the mournful hallud Muy Dotoroio
translated by lord llvron 5 llli the sad refrain it the
close of each stanza Woe Is me Alhamal
Siiah llisrnhaidt told an Intorvlowcr
vsho Inquired what prii rts she was maklni with luer
role In II 1 hurdou new lecu that she never studies this
parts for which she Is In
cat a regular inithodical INKU
ntr She works at alt times when slit Is drcslinif
vthin she Istnklni I adrlve eipecinlh when she Is lak
liut I a drive Iimoln I < to and coining frnm tIll theatr
she thinks oser the tart It Is at rehearsals that she
liisktsiiiilt way blue has the urealest confidence In
the Judvnuntnf her COhiltilibel and she Invarlabl takes
their opinion on her mode of rendering n bit about
which she has Iiy duult When they sty Vn It Is not
quite that she bejlus aialn and keeps on irt lug till
she satisfies them No onu knows shs sal s abut ener
gy and passion she brings to the I stud 1 of her roles
Among tim wot kinj women of 1anu there
are IUJ7 who earn thtlr Hum as laUd i ilmiters nf the
opera receiving wagci varin fnmi f 1t lu I73 p iCC
nnmmi the nlinmtl sum I al I for iuI I In the ladles of
the hil at amounts tofM HMO Tht trslnlnir Is hard work
tnt Ic Ii severeli strums tnth ma ter and pupil vehnis
lute of life are nfttn vaitl 11111
ml so iltftwrent ss to make It a
flllicult matter for them tn nn lerstandeucli other Im
nnrspf tnln the placeof the ersiii you repretent
sa > sthe prnfesior tn his upll l If > ou were suddenly
abandoned ty I the man ynn were inadlr In love su ilhi
what WOICI joii do I IshuuM I find unother loser
re lied wlthnut hesllatlnn the daiineilu which after
nil Is ill rlunpe lolli eiiler and 111011 prnititul than to
ulleinpt to express the moddenltii dtspalrut abandon
mt t b posture making nn tin I slng
A work lately published at Homo fdvcs
purtiltllirI CiIllitiyiihllW I lie nuinitr If i Iinllun I < his ui m
foreign countries al the eflI I uf At Ihu h ad of tIle
list stands r I ranee w hah itith Aleria and the tnlunte
cnntnlns J74 of us 10111 1577 are In Ijrij 3 tiuJ i In
Algeria and 071111 In Vljr > illles 1 1 he Argentine Itepub
llior Ia Iata la llss KI6i of winIll live la
lluenot 4reu htrmui to fM tin tutted tales bee In
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