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J Mitl1f3i t f iI 41 r 1 l j I q < 1
o D 1 Ri I
r I t un
l < e > ranlralt r hn Orltlnnled Nolklnr Ex
P to Invest SSOOOOO ef ike Untied
toips ltepolt fund In n Murlcase em
ha atatea Properly on TVarne Ialan4
DANT Bopt 30 Xovr that tlio lines have
L drawn and tho nominations completed
iidlcod voters are looking at the two tickets
I comparing tho records ot tho various can
to Said a practical man of affairs to mo
Tiy Ono ot tha most amusing features of
any days ot tho campaign Is that the mon
Issrs Davenport and Wadsworth tho most
liently mentioned of thoso o tho llcpub
ticket aru not the rocont officials of theseS
os known at the capital
L Davenport Is chiefly remembered bore as
let sickly young man who never attracted
f tlon cither as a Senator or as a Comptrol
xcept tho notice which rich men secure
Bmy Wadsworth wau another sort of n
Ro was brisk Independent Dopular
tho boys and ono ot tho host lovers and
L regular Datrons of baso ball In town I la I
folly for any ono to attempt a campaign
their publlo record As State Senator
avonport was more distinguished a an
nteo than anything else Not a single
bo mentioned ot public Impor
pure can mentonod publo
of which ho was an advocate
bt as an yea and nay voter
oted for every Item of public expense
i Oov Cornell vetoed In 18801 amount
a nearly 2000000 As Comptroller ho
bd 1 along In tbo current ot his predecessors
Ideas concerning tho investment of the I
pi I and canal funds ho borrowed from
ttrollor Olootts reports His collections
Investment ot funds woro In tho line ot his
Icessors Ho found tho treasury in funds
pe language of his predecessors report
i actual surplus in the treasury Is tho
ettho Stato ever possessed This was
t to the receipts In 18S1 of tho corpora
b this condition of tho Treasury Mr
port carried into effect a scheme of rats
rom tho taxpayers tl000000 which ho
d a surplus to provont borrowing cash in
ipatlon of taxes not paid In I was a par
scheme in harmony with one sanctioned
2 to help reCIoct Cornell Governor a a
1 of the taxpayera There was no occa
p to raise 1000000 surplus in 1883
J had been no necessity for tho borrowing
Islnglo cent by Mr Davenport in 1882 to
1 too want of the treasury The
oan of that character no made In
I The Corporation act receipts had
away with the necessity of such tern
V loans The 1000000 surplus tax of
A a financial error a partisan trick of
avonport on 1 Democratic Legislature
ate Deputy Comptroller Galllen gave I
man of this city a copy of thu papers on
i the tax rate cty 1S33 was basn I and the
s show that there was over 1000000 sur
In the treasury at tbe close of thn lineal
of 18S2 and so accountnd the estimate
aptrollor Chapln In 1884 succeeded Mr
apart and received the 11000000 surplus
por from tho people In Mr Chapins
go to the Legislature he suld
e Is I now a surplus of Sluuouio in cash In the
lry > which can be remitted lo the pockets of the
J by dsduotlug onehalf that sum from tile taxes of
If the two next ensuing fiscal year During the
is weeks of last spring and summer there was no
heu the deposits of the lat were less than 5
JJ lu I amount At times they were far In I excess of
m Your honorable body and the Legislature of
Ian by judiciously remitting to the ueople the
irplus now In possession of the titate and by
t yourselves of other kvorlng conditions of the
t once reduce the tax rate to lesi than two mill
s to a tnwer point than has been known since
IChaplns recommendation was not fol
Iby the Hepubllcan Legislature and the
B have nearly threo mills rather than less
two mills tax to fay for State purposes
avenport In 1882 was I party to Oov
lla schema to nmke u low ta rate bJ
c to provide for thu sinking fund contrl
i to moot the oanal debt due The sum of
1018 for the purpose was left out of the
Illl of 18b2 which occasioned tho payment
loroston tluit sum for over one year at 7
out which sum with 79S8U1C was
B and paid by tlio Democratic Legislature
13 se to keep the public faith and save public
monumental folly ot Mr Davenports ad
Itratlon iin Comptroller wan thu Invest
lot 200000 of tue capital of the United
dnpoult trust fund In a mortgage upon
fs Island belonging to morA8 which
luce wan given to the Emigrant Savings
lu Now York by the Commissioner of
ration This Investment cannot be ac
ini for from uny public standpoint It
bu accounted an a favor f the publican
pisaloners of Emigration whom Mr
port OB Senator helped to keep In office
roclouro of that mortgage will roQUlro
lurebaHe by the State l of Us own property
f Is now over two years Interest due on It
i can b paid only by taxation and In a
port of the Commissioners to thu Assem
ey coolly say I Is recommended by
Board that an npnroprlatlon b made to
I the mortgage and tho accrued interest
tort tho taxpayers muHt lear 200000
to make good in the United State de
fund the money Mr Davenport paid for
Wids worth is entitled to much more
lS a legislator and Comptroller than Mr
port I Is not true that he inaugurated
poratlon Tax RCt In the Ill laturo of
r Sloan was tho movor of the net ore
a Commission to revise the Tax law The
llud to become law It passed
10d a I was early
O and the Commission reported the bill
9 Legislature of which Mr Wadsworth
ot a member lie did not even suggest it
LoclHlature of 1880 When ho WOK Comp
I Is true lu > enforced the act In opera
Sr i did Mr Davenport and so haH Comp
r Chnpln who bus also secured the cor
n nf defeats by luiclslatlve amendment
i Mr Davenport recognized but refused
e Mr Wudsworth with his successor is
ed to the credit of wellperformed duty In
irtmont which is the bust officered at all
of any In the country
I thn Comptrollers Mr Davenport prob
iiilurHtnnils thn hast of the financial and
liii liitDrnfitx Ilho Htatu her funds neil
Ktltntlons III K ability In discussing Bar
unds us compared with Mr Ukott Is
lily lacking In the reports of IHTJ and
Ills nfllclnl tUrl was marked by notb
f moment iixcopt orrora In judgment
Investment of u large amount of funds
nrmouH premiums paid upon security
ly required 400000 taxation upon the
Sand left tho 100000 with the lowest rate
Teat ever obtained on State Investment
many cases for several years deprived
eitue 1 worthy therefrom Stnto Institutions of all source
her of thou contliimen a Comptroller
ouinare In llnanclal ability with the
it Comptroller who has distinguished
If lu tlioeynn of all our loading men of
sa Ills reports have received more
and commendation from the press upr
t > than aiiy financial State papers In many
oun ly Democracy Central CaanallUe
Predict atUmnl Victory
County Democracy ratification of the
l1 Ickot was moat emphatic last night at
eutlng of tho General Committee in
urine Hull When 1 Ellery Anderson
the moating to ardor every lot was
nd many members wero standing In the
The ratlfylngroHolutlons were presented
ilnh L Hanger rronldeutol tho Board of
7 neD They comprised most unqualified
val l ot both tho nominees and the plat
if I the Democratic Htate Convention The
i on of the namoaof the candidates In du >
roused applause for each the name of
Illl being specially favored The County
cracy pledged Itself to work heartily for
jkm and to roll up for It a triumphant
Anderson said that the most earnest
if tlw County Hiiinocrany would be given
b Ilyon
ll luru thu UUCOUKS of the ticket
Iftnnt DMrlct Attorney Pltzcerald In
ling thu rrNolutloii said It wan no dls
iinent of other good Democrats that tlm
v r Nomocracys tnt choice was Edward
c I Abbott In nupportlng hue resolutions
0 10 htandard of tlm white flair with the
i letters of Democratic prloclpls has
lamed on a Hill lie plodgml the unIted
cracy to uphold the ticket without resr
resolutions wore adopted unanlmoiiily l
ruto iitloim of the County Democracy
Committee In laor of the reduction
t Jge George C Barrett a a Justice of the
I ji fl Qaulmously me Court were approved read to the meeting and
ll aitKaonr xo cm
Ue Krtlrca lo Itellrvo tkn rrceldent from
KmbarraaamentTkoaiBna Turn Next
WAsniNOTox Sept 30 GroKory Is to go
lie Is putting tho finishing touches on his lat
tot of resignation and I will be placed In the
Presidents hands tomorrow Ho will take a
Poseati E ionUu view of tho situation on pa
per but privately the Illinois pedagogue U I
said to fool that his going will create n void In
the Civil Service Commission Hint can never bo
filled I Is n matter ot general surprise that
Gregory should inks a hint that hu was not
wanted ant got out so gracatully Ho Is not tho
sort or ofllco holder to lot go uf n good thing
Ono Interview with President Cleveland settled
him however and Instead nf being put nut for
olTniiHlvo partisanship or for nviirloadlng his
expense account pr for gopnral Incninpolunoy
he Is 1 ItlndliMritilttad to flY that hn retires
relieve the rroslilnnt from any ambarranHtnent
on his acinunt Ho IllS no time for his roslg
nation to tnlcii oflcut but hmvoa tho day to thu
Irosldnnt Mr jlnvoland will mnku tho day
an early one A IXniocrut will HUCCUOI elthnr
baton or Gregory lining the Iroslilentp pur
pose it Is understood tn have two Democrat
and one Republican cm the Hoard
Mr Cleveland at first leaned toward tho Idea
of a Mugwump for coo of the Commissioners
but since the Now York Mugwumps have de
serted thu Administration and IrA trying to
stab It In the Interest of alt In 188S he may
have changaih his mind Mr Cleveland had In
his minds aye for Eatons vacant chair Col
Charles I Codmnn the chief nf tho Massachu
setts Miitwumpe Col Codmnn camo here to
see the President about It but would not agree
to sccwpt thin attica I Is said that he returned
to consult Col Thomas Wunlworth Hlgginxon
Carl Bchurz Is tho man that some of the Mug
wumps want for the place
Another liloaof Mr Clevelands Is that ono
of the Commlaslonem should bu a man who
has had experience In an Lxeeutlvn omen and
looks at tho civil service question from the
point of view of a practical man rather than a
theorist AnslstantSisrrotnry of tho Treasury
ClmrlenE Coon and Chief lward O Graves of
the Bureau of Printing and Engraving hava
been suggested as mon of this sort Charles
Lyman Chief Examiner of the present Com
mission has also been suggested for Commls
snn r No Democrats have nptillod for np I
polntmentn on the Commission Former
AttorneyGeneral Sclioonmalcer ono nt tho
New York Commissioners Is a possibility
Th Commission netds an ablo lawyer and ho
Oils the requirement
DIbtehr IJ
Therein no doubt Commissioner Tboruan
Will bn invited by tho President to join Eaton
and Gregory In a very short time If hn does not
take the hint and roslen An entire new set ot
Commissioners t tnnjorlty of then In rym
work pathy with the Administration will soon b at
Tka BetTie In a Lamentable Condllloo
plojec Iiaorant er their Duties
WAsniNQTOK Sept 30On Au r 3 tho
PoitmastorOonoral appointed a Commission
to Investigate the methods ot doing business
In tho New York and Brooklyn lost Oftlces
with a view to expediting tbe service in respect
to delivery and more especially in respect
taking up nnd delivering drop letters
The Investigation was begun In tho Brook
lyn ofllco whero the service was found In such
a lamentable condition that a preliminary re
port was submitted recommnndlng a complete
outfit of new furniture fixtures and appli
ances Tho recommendations were favorably
considered by the department and tho reno
vating of thin lost Olco Is now In progress
This Post Office was found far behind the age
In the matter of handling the malls the
methods adopted being low and erroneous
and the system of distribution being neither
modern nor Intelligent The branch ofllcos
massed their mall in thin main oftko which
paused it over to the New York office for distri
bution and despatch thus causing delay con
fusion and error
The employees of the Brooklyn Post Office
wore found to bn Ignorant of the most simple
and ordinary schemes of mall distribution and
despatch Thu builncss seemed to have been
conducted by guesswork and chance The
Commission say that no correct nnd expedi
tious service can be looked for In the Brooklyn
PostOfflce until some changes are made and
new division life and vigor Introduced Into tho mailing
When PostmasterGeneral Yllas had ac
quainted blmxelf with the fact contained In
the above report ha requested tbo prnsomo In
this city of the New York and Brooklyn Post
masters After consultation with them an
order was issued carrying out the recomenda
tlon of the Commission Including the eRnb
llsbment of an additional station In Brooklyn
mba located In the vicinity of Broadway and
Myrtle avenue within eighty rod of their In
tersection direct messenger service between
tercton B of the New York Post Office and
tbe Wllliamsburgh station and an allowance of
twentyOva additional carriers for Brooklyn
Ickejalaa Scene MI tkc llanajlna of a Clneln
nntl Wire Hardener
COLUMBUS Sopt 30 Patrick Hartnett tho
Cincinnati wife murderer was hanged at the
Ohio penitentiary at 125 this morning Ho
was pronounced dead one hal minute after the
drop fell The fall resulted in almost total de
capitation the head hanging to the body only
br a small strip of skin at the back of the neck
The scan was 1 moot sickening ono and it
was with groat dlfllculty that tha executioners
could summon courage to cut the body down
Hartnett killed his wife on Jan 118H4 In
Iartnett kied wif
Mount Auburn a suburb of Cincinnati Early
on the morning of the deed when she arose hn
ordered her back to bed and charged her with
unfaithfulness which she denied Hn procur
ed an axe madn his wife get on her knees say
her prayers and kiss Ibo floor and then struck
her two blows with the axe ono crushing her
skull Policemen found Hartnott lancing all
and playing a jowsharp around the hotly ana
had same trouble In arresting him Hartnott
was twice triad and convicted by Hamilton
county juries and wasRentnncod to be hanged
on Bent 4 but was reprieved by Gov Hnadly to
this data pending the hoarlug of I motion In
bOlrlul moton
the Supreme Court to grant I new trial which
was overruled early last week
A Treiatudeu A eroliIe Maid to lEave tailea
wllk a Ureat Nulse la Pennsylvania
CLAYVHLB Pa Sopt 30Tim aerolite or
meteoric stone which caused tha loud detona
tions beard throughout tho greater part of
Washington and Allegheny oountlos on Satur
day lit tel upon the farm of Mr Buckland
In Jefferson township near tbo West Virginia
line Ellis Jones a mail carrier saw the nero
lite In Its flight through the heavens His horse
suddenly stopped and he beard a noise like
the roaring of thu wind Looking up be saw
moving high above him with IncreJlblo velocity
u huge mass which he describes as resem
bling a great coal ot tire as largo as a barn
Tbera appeared to ha attached to It an im
mense flame ot I deopor color than the ooal
which tapered oft Into a dark tall with a sinu
ous tarnod All In It moment Mr Jones says
the noise ceased the llrellke appearance the
lame and black tall illRapiioarod and in their
stead the mntoor ausumud a bluowhlto hue
which it retained until It pas bed out ot sight
When the stone fell It broke into three pieces
I is grayish In color with I tendency to red In
streak and Is more than thirty feet square
great The people numbers are flocking to see the wonder In
A Merry Tine at Ike Annual Ilanqnat e > ftke
Htcckler Aaeuclutlan
Two hundred and fifty gentlemen sat down
last night lu Ihu grand illulm room of Ilia Metropolitan
Hotel at the fourth annual dinner of the Sleekier AIO
rlatleu TIts Justice his brother Charles and Col rl I
llaard the Secretary of the Association received
the gums as they arrived and later conducted
them to the dining room where they Cued
four large I tables aitsiKliug hue length of the hall
Amos J Cummingl preiided and sealed at the guest
table Vere Judge binylh Ulldereleevv anil Cowing
AMIHut Ulttrivt Aiioliel II 1 I lleilford ami John I
rellows Aeiemblvmen Javnb Canlur cud Itt I Commis
clutter llrinnau Wardvn Kleruau llnry A lumbietou
R M t alter Coroner Messemer Uol t f A Cunkllug I
and Senator Pity
Mr iuminliKs mads the addrass of welcome lie saul I
that IhertVaa nut a stain of mildew on Judge rileukleri
Cal Heard read letters uf regret from flay Hill and
other 1 he name uf Oot Hill was received with lung
continued and enthuilaitlu applause
Itscurder rfinjrtli responded I In thy toast The Uench
Judge towlnf reipomled to Th 11r and lestillcd lo
tha ability cfi the Muckler brothers In pleading before
h tientral benous
Aiiistani IMtirlct Attorney John I Fellows discoursid
on Uanquets and kept everyone lu a roar of laughter
The other Inalls and speakers MerelTh < Tress by
llallard cmlllll The lluslness Mitt ft lIen York by
tue lion K A Uoukllnii Our llty by Judge UllJir
sleeve Our Hiate by the llnii Thomas J Creamer
and 0ur Country by the lion John Cochleae
Many De eeereue Geajaterfells
Ot FUs e l te fstrUaa lwua a themU
A I J t F Ii Cs
laraal Ontee Predlelloe
J7alr weather stationary temperature
ifnir ronic CN NO tovoirn iiora FOil
An r ii Ilrtllliint Htrmcta Between tie TITO
Club the Neon Had s to 1 Street
lllocked Around Newepntitr Itullelln
CmcArio Sept S Excursion trains
brought groat crowds of base ball enthusiasts
to the city this forenoon They came from
Wisconsin Indiana Iowa and from nil parts
nf Illinois They talked of nothing but base
ball and Wanted to hot big rolls of money on
tho Chicago Club
At 2i tho Now York nino onto rod tho diamond
and received n rousing chcrr by tho vast
throng Tho Chlcagos appeared fifteen
minutes later and woro given a similar re
ception TIm Maicott trotted at the hauls of
Flint his taco cut into hemispheres by a smllo
Tho oclock the
came was called promptly at S
Chlcagos taking tho Hold Clark on tho Hag
luaw wonder llllod tho box for the League
behind the
leaders while Flint supported him
bat Tho gong for the play to begin
struck amid Intense excitement and veteran
Ollourko pointed hU club to tho southeast
and awaited the Clarksonlan curves A halt
dozen swept over tho home plate but they were
so erratic that the muscular centre Holder of
the giants was Bunt to his base on balls So
much good luck appeared to daze him for ho
was caught dreaming off tho bag by a swift ball
from Clarksou to Arisen Dig Connor then
took his base on bolls Duck Lwing tItan
clubbed out a threatening fly to Plotter which
the latter caught and sent the ball like a shot
to Arisen cutting ofT Connor thus completing
a brilliant double play
Glllospla < opened the second Inning with a
bunt lilt In front of the homo plate and where
no ono could get it before the batsman had
planted hits feet upon tho but that Alison
guards Dorgnn drov a redhot grounder to
Burns Thu little short stop caught tho buz
zing sullen mid tossud it to Ifutter who In
turn throw It like a roclcet to Aimin thus cut
ting oil both illlesplo and Dnrgnn Riclmrd
Hal hammered out an awkward grnuuder but
was put out from Anson to Clnrksnn TInt
Mascot hid himself between two policemen
amid rested his hnail upon a painted bat Kuufa
worked laboriously to hit thin ball In the third
Inning hut soon sat down on his benchbruath
leg Very hard Uorhardt spanked tbo sphere
Into right Held for a base Ward hit a roaster I
to who thrnw tho ball to Pteflor t to
catch tierlmrdt 1foflor muffed thu ball itid
both base runners woro safe OKourko lilru
grass mower to PfofTer and was thrown out at
trlt trIRS Connor then unllmburod himself but
could only club out a lino to Clarksnn leaving
Ward and Gcrhardt Ino bases In the fourth
inning Ewing wiped the turf with a hardhit
ball and was fielded out from Ifeflur to Anson
Ulllusple popped up an easy ono to Chicagos
socoudbaso man and Dorgun ended Ibo
Inning with a terrific hit to Burns In the
fifth Innnlng Richardson slapped a liner
Into Kurnss hands and then sat Ion
Knafo dropped a slow agonizing fly Into
short right fluid for a base and a passed ball by
Flint advanced the runner to second Ger
hardt struck out Keof going to third on an
other error by Flint Ward could not discover
tho ball with his club and was declared out on
bnl Tho Mascott wiped his face with
a laundry circular pulled his cap down over
his eyes and moved 01 the field OUourkn
opened the sixth inning With a cloudscraper
tu Kelly Connor gauged a Saglnaw curve fore
baso and Ewlng blow out to Gore Glllesple
then wrapped a hot grounder to Burns but
perished on the latter excellent pick up and
throw to Anson In the seventh Dorgan swung
his club three times at as many nerpuntlnu
twists and returned to bin bench Richardson
blew out to Dalrymplo and Kuefo ended the In
ning going out on strikes Gerhardt opened
the eighth with two threatening fouls into
Harrison street but eventually struck out
Ward made a bunt hit that no one could get
ORourko popped up a high one to Dalryuiplu
Ward then mado a dash for second base which
be reached by the skin of his thuth Then ho
tried to commit larceny In Williamsons terri
tory and was put out after an exciting race
The giants lade a rally in tho ninth but it
proved useless Connor was given his base on
balls Ewing struck out and wai loudly
cheered for this courtesy Gllloipio reached
first on an error by Pfefler Dorgan then made
a sacrifice hit bringing Connor home Rich
ardson could do nothing however and went
out from Clarkson to Anson For Chicago
Dalrymple opened the first Inning with a base
hIt t short centre but W put out while try
Ing to steal pncond lore slashed the
bal just over the tops of Connors fingers
and against the brick wall Kelly struck
out Kooto then made a series of gyrations
and suddenly threw tho boll to Connor who
caught Gore off tho base The Mascot
CRulht of
scratched his head with a bat and pulled his
Jolt Toruiinger for luck Anson opened the sec
ond Innings with a grounder over the groan
carpet and was thrown out at first PfelTor
fouled out to Ewing Williamson put n fresh
quid of tobacco Into his mouthand then retired
the side by hitting to Counor In tho third
innings hums lifted the ball as high
as the Board of Trade tower Qlllosple
ran after tho soaring sphere llko a race
horse and captured It amid great cheering
Clarkson struck out Flint knocked a diamond
duster to Gorhardt and died Dalrymplo rubbed
sand nn his hands when he wont to tho bat In
the fourth Inning The third ball that came
over the platp the big left Holder slashed against
the Congress street wall for two bogs Gore
took a bead on Wards legs and fired The bal
hit the target and went scooting Into loft Held
Dalrymple scoring A passed bal sent Gore to
second Kelly then flew nut t Glllesplo An
son to Richardson and PfofTer to Dorgan In the
fifth Williamson went out on a slow bounder
to tierhardt Burns hit a policemans head
gear with I foul and then struck out Clark
aonlwas retired by Kecfo and Ewing
Flint struck out In the sixth Dalrymple
popped up a foul to Ewing and got down Gore
banged high roller to Gerhardt which that
gentleman gobbled nod put tile batsman out
Tn the seventh Kelly fouled out to Ewing An
son pounded the pinto three times with Ins bat
and then low out to Gerbnrdt Proffer put I
feather between his lips and drove tho ball into
Congress street for a home run the crowd go
ing frantic with joy Williamson struck nut
In tho eighth Burns wont out from Rlchardsnn
to Connor Clarkson struck nut and Flint
closed the Inning with a difficult bounder to
Connor The enthusiasm at the close of the
contest was intense the crowd leaping from
the heats and chiioring the victors frantically
Tint New Yorkers while they Uoldnd almost
perfectly ali nt times brilliantly lost thin IIIIO
through their Inability to gauga Charlatans
curves Opportune hits and daring bane run
ning xxplnln thu success of tho ChlcagoM 1hn
features of the contest warn Gorhanlts tocond
base play Doriaiis flv catches In right Meld
the Holding nf burns and tho batting of Dal
rymple lhe downtown pool rooms were
crowded all tho afternoon Returns were re
ceived as each club retired from tile bat and
woro posted generally amid cheers Up to
the end 01 the first ball of the third Inllni
bets of even money were generally offered and
found takers with lair promptness When It
was announced that the Chlcagos had made
one In the last half of the fourth and had a
man on second and no muse out thu news was
received with a loud cheer but when the In
ning closed with only one run Chicago stock
fell back a trlllo At the close of the fifth some
body trilo 10 to 10 00s8 the Chldagos but
found no takers Thousands of alOS lars
changed hands on the result of the game To
night the New Yorker are slightly cast down
but still como to the front with their money
The score
CUICO Raw ron
I sijroAs
Duiryinple I 11 2 a u U Olourb a ft u ii fl o
1IY o f 0 2 I 0 UcoitiiorIitbi I 7 I 0
1Csilyr t U 0 I U U awhite UII I I
Aitcoit 1st b t U 10 2 3 tiiilrUisie i fU 2 0 I
ittrJli I i a hIirgsil r t mm ti i u ft
wliihumliit 14 bIt A i ii r1 ititti I irIit54b It U 1 i 8
liuritsaI U 0 3 4 i C 0
r ki p g I It g tirhardik1 bc i 2 3 8
yinim 0 0 2 i Ward 0 0 I I a
Totate2 0 91 2 i Totil1 7 ml I
hicsgo 0 0 1 i 0 I I 0 9
g 8 J 8 8 8
ro Id
nub 11 Lost 1104 play 11t
Cblcsto sa at iu4 it UI
New g ua t U 117
The excitement In this city over yesterdays
ball game at Chicago was far greater than nn
tho Jay before 1ark row nnd Nassau street
wero < blocked at times by thin crowds of pnoplo
who wutched tho bulletins for tho two hours
tho gtlnhtu will beliig played In front of THE
HUN olllrn the peoplo could bo counted by tint
thousands at tiui cc and thr t o pollcumon hud all I
they could do tn keep tIme nldnvulk clear Tho
result of each Inn Ings was rnMtedun tha bulletIn
board n few mlnutiiH aflnr It had ended Whan
tho Chicago Cluli acorcd thnlr llret run giving
them the load of 110 O a slight murmur was
heard but tha great crowd did not loe hope I
When In thin seventh Inning the ChlcagnH I
added another run to their score the crowd
showed great dlnappilntinent and when tln
run for the Nnw Yorks was put up at the end of
Ibo ninth inning chewing that the game had
Uien lost I i by 2 to 1 the great crowd cheered
and hltsed at the enmo time
The telegraph ofllcea vuloons hotels and
other places where thu news of the game was
received were besieged by crowds nf men
women and boys who could talk only I at the
game The hotting was very heavy OJ Q tie
game EnD money was bet on the rsun >
A Skirmish Between Turks aid Konmellnn
Henry Finns Heard
LONDOK SOt 3 Munlf Pashn thin Min
ister ot PublIc Instruction In the now Turkish
Cabinet which went Into office last Friday bal
boon spending some weeks In London and
Intends to start for Constantinople tomorrow
to assume tho duties ot hie now post
The Italian Government has notified the
powers that It favors tho maintenance of tho
status quo in Itoumolln nnd Is ready to oo
oporatn with tho vlow of terminating tho crisis
During the last two day heavy artillery firing
has boon heard In the direction of Prlstlnn and
Djakovu I is biliovod that a desperate tight
has boon raging between tho Turks and tho
Arnntits Itashl Bnxouks have sacked and
burned several vlllnmm In eastern Houmulln
CuNKTANTiNuiiK Holt Constderablaoon con
ntirnatlon prevails In ofllclal clrilas over an
Important discovery lust maim hr Alb Hahb
Pasha tilt imw Minister of War Immudlatnly
nn being Inntallod In his now position Alb
Kahlb iaslia ordnrod all the various depart
ment comnuindorH to report tho strength of
tholr ruspoctlvu commands and thnlr present
condition and detailed several olDcers to In
spect tho various posts Their reports have
boon received and show that undnr GhRzl
Osmnn Pasha the Intu Minister of War who
was dismissed on Kept 25 the army was almost
entirely neglected and the large sums of
money voted for military purposes were usod
In other ways than those for which they were
dexlgnntnd Tbo Inquiry has revealed that the
Adrlnnoplu army which was supposed to b
15000 strong contains not half that number of
man The soldiers have no uniforms and are
shoeless The cavalry Is unable to march
owing to lack of horses and the necessary ac
Four hundred horses and 2000 mon who
have boon fully equipped are under orders to
march at an hours notice Four Ironcladu are
actively preparing for Hen but there are only
UUO ton 01 coal available and their doparturo
lay possibly bo delayed on that account
Yesterday Turkish troops fired on tho Itou
mullen outpost at Mustapha Pasha a town In
Itnumalla twenty miles northwest of Adrian
npltt The outposts worn Immodlaflv roiti
forcod and It skirmish nnsuod in which tho
Turks wore defeated ami forced to retreat
carrying with them It numbnrof wounded
Tlio Porte his ordered tho railways to pre
pare to transport troops from Salonlca to
Adrlnnoplu It In estimated that GtMX Turks aro
nOv facing 50110 Bulgarians on the frontier
The mooting of the Ambassadors to consider
the Itoumollan question Is oxpactcd to ho held
Ambastitdnr here tomorrow pmtlitlng with Count Cortl the Italian
Annul Sept 80Thin Diet of Croatia today
rejected a motion for tho adoption nt an ad
dress rnngrutulatlng thu nnoplo of Itoumulla
upon their union with tho Bulgarians
IUILUIUH Sept 30lh Bank of Philip
popolls has closed its doors General anarchy
prevails In commercial circles
Tie resent Were Xd Itoaetedand lie Mat
the Wan Man on the IMer
Peter Cainpann tho antique and grotesque
pedestrian popularly known as Old Sport
came to to town yesterday to whip a steamboat
Captain Peter keops a fruit stand up in
Bridgeport when ho Is not Engaged in adding
to the luminosity of his queer aquiline nose
Ho ordered twentyfive bushels of peanuts last
week for which ho says ho agreed to pay tl a
bushnl Ho says the firm from whom he bought
them promised to relY thu frotghton them to
Bridgeport and agreed to have them roastod
When he wont to the steamboat wharf In
Bridgeport and asked for his peanuts he was
told that ho could not got them until ho odd
the freight lie was also Informed that tho
peanuts were not roasted Ha expressed n
great longing to lick the steamboat Cantata
when tho latter refused to deliver up the pea
nuts His longing Increased when he learned
the next day that thn Captain had returned to
this city and taken the peanuts with him
Old Sport spent the greater part of yester
day morlnl looking for the Captbln in the s
loons along South street His energetic search
made him very tired Some ot his oldtlmu
friends to whom ho told his troubles wore so
anxloim iu note him lick the eteKrnb at Captain
that hey agreed to pay for his peanuts 11 he
would dolt
Then somebody pointed out ono of the crew
of tho steamboat to Old Sport as the Captain
and he went for him The two were soon mak
ing tbe dust fly out of the floor of the pier Tho
old pedestrian was not hurt by the steamboat
man but hn was mado vory uncomfortable by a
shower of fish lobsters and several bags of
his own peanuts an he left the pier
He called at the Wife tjazctlr office about an
hour later and wanted to borrow 110 with
which to hire a lawyer to suo the steamboat
K J C Ayer Offer S1OOOOO for Mr
August Belmont House and Orounde
NEWPORT Sopt 80Mrs J C Ayor of New
York la evidently determined to secure a fine
establishment here I money will do It Ke
contly she offered 375000 for tho property
which Mr Plorro LorlllurJ sold to Mr Corne
lius Vanderbilt for 25000more than that sum
Mrs Ayers great desire Is to have I cottage on
the east side of Bellovue avenue and with
grounrm extending back to the Cliffs She has
jrounnsltnndlnl August Belmout of New
York 400000 for his estate which is
known as By the Sea This estate com
prises nearly fifteen acres or C43000 square
flint Time hnuKO Is a lIne one Tho estate
Is taxed for tiyJSOO but this Is no criterion of
what the value of the property Is The vlow
from the Cliffs Is l grand one I Mm Ayor is
not a successful bidder for the property them
M but little boon of her securing such a place
as olin desires for thero Is no other site on tho
cliffs that would bn sold Tho decision of Mr
Belmont Is awaited with some Interest
Jefferson County Democrat an Flowers
WATBBTOWN Sept 30Tha County Demo
cratic Convention was held here today and resolutloni
woo adopted xpressliig admiration at this Administra
tion of President Cleveland and Guv Hill The follow
Ing also uiianlmnuslv adopted show I cttacf fed
lug in regard to Mr Kluwers declination
Rewired That w e ngret the refusal o Ihe Ion I P
Flower tu accept Ihe honor odernl him fur the ron
so well stated in hi letter of declination hut In his suc
cessor lieu JUlt selected by the Slate Committee we
recognize a candidate ndlnlralily CIted for the attic for
which he has I generously I and wisely consented to allow l
the use of his name
the Hon Andrew Cornwall of Alexandria Bay was to
day nominated for member of Assembly by the becoud
District JJsmocratlo Convention
At the meeting ot tho Baltimore Corn and
Flour Exchange yesterday the deaths of four of the
members were announced t George W McClure Usher
Clabaugh 8 af Lyle aud Dr I F Zolllckoffsr Mr
McClUre 1 one of the oldest members of the body
Mr Clabaugh succeeded his father the late E A Cil
baugh at the Cloverbrouk Stud Farm and I > r Zollle
korfer waa head of the house of utonebraker Co lour
and grain niercianls
The Rev Dr 1 I Ledous of Cornwall died yesterday
ared us ears He was born near New Orleans Kor
the ilumt tweiitv years he has oouducled a > boys school
on Ktonn King i Heights
Lorenzo W Nye a carpet manufacturer of Auburn
dld suddenly yeiienlay of heart dUees aged 77 j ears
C 1 I Itusdell aged 45 I ear U lenerai Agent of the
Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford died lu
Toronto yesterday of rdiloi
Democrate Appointed
Revenue Collector Black of Brooklyn has ap
pointed Charles J Powd James K I Davli Jamsa Ollara
and James Ilrldgea to places In Ills ofllce lo nil vacancies
CIo by resignation or removal rIte new men hava
were all been active vouched Iteuubllcans Mr as good Democrats Tile alit cues
lain Politics t
Henry J Coggershall was yesterday renomi
lied for the dDt by thu Iteuubllcans of Oneida a
Olity p
this Kepuhllcana of the Thirtyfirst district Erie
ounty yesterday nominated VII I Ucillilau for t
I lie tienate
hub 1rleon KisrnUfa
The earnings at Sing Sing prison for the
month of rieplember were 11 tJ amid tha expendl
lures tUOHUUl tearing a trait l for the month of
5a774 l a < and a tola roflt fur the > rim of 73l > iiJI
1 lie earinnirsof Auburn prison for the I month nf Hep
tember deoclt ot were OVa fl tu VI expenses f < V1H u d1
Crime In Irelisnil
COUK Rapt 30 Judge Ferguson In a speech
hera today said 1 that misTer before in th history of
Ireland had such a reckless disregard of life and properly
teen known If Immediate steps Here not taken for the
suptircsiion of crime a more stringent coercion act lhan
had aver been passe J would be nevessary restore order
etlr Ulchael IllckaHeach speaking I at Salisbury today
salt the Uovrnmeul was preparing I lo deal with a
strong band with the boycotting lu Ireland Heeverred
that lbs reports of crime ID I Irfaud were absurdly e I
llawn but beieoiUua waa rite lu csrlala AUUlsla
JllK lA TBs
EnlknetHim t the Democratic Onlkerlnc In I
the IIolTmnn Iinmit Notable KxcrnllTB
CammtllT llcinbll a Leaden In T wn
David U Hill the brainy young Qovornor
who heads tho Democratic ticket loft tho city
yesterday to moat an appointment to speak at
I county fair In Drydon Tom klns county
Hu did not co however until his numerous
visitors had turned another day Into 0 con
tinuation ot tho distinguished ovation ho has
received and of the notable reception he has
boon holding Ills youthful appearance sur
prised thoso who saw him for thin first
time but they ware still more surprised at It
when they learned how old a head his young
shoulders carry how brnad ho Is In his com
prehension of public nfTalrr ali how deeply I
his political sagacity has Impressed tho vet
erans who have conferred with him thus far In i
the campaign Among thoso who visited him
yesterday were Congressman Adams Sprlccs
and Belmont Ocin Lester U Faulkner
Senators I C Murphy Nelson and Daly
Edward Cahlll Edward Kearney Andrew
1 Green Alderman Kirk S S Marshall
Judge Parker Hubert 0 Thompson Gen
Dan E Sickles William E Smith Judge
Mlllerof the Court of Appeals and very many
business men and citizens who came to say
that the character of thin warfare waged on the
Democratic ticket by Its opponents and tie
utter failure of any ono to find a blemish on
thin character ot the nominees on the Demo
cratic ticket had led them to declare themselves
pledged to do all in their power to Insure
tho successor tho tlckot Mr William ESmlth
took an early and public occasion to con
gratulate the Governor on the character of the
ticket and to shake bauds with lea Edward
F Jones the noinln for LteutenantGov
ernor Hespokuwarmly and confidently of tho
outlook The Hoffman House lobby again con
tained a notable assembly of Democrats In the
afternoon and evening and it was observed by
more than of the leaders that the enthusiasm
for the ticket intensifies as the days no by
Mr Alton l 1arkur oun of thu large number
of clearheadud young mel who are becoming
conspicuous In tho Democratic party was
especially hearty In what ho had to say for tho
tl kot
I have just been to my homo In Ulster coun
ty said he and thoru and on the way to ant
fro have witnessed the hearty reception the
ticket has had among the people All are feel
ing confident that it will triumph on election
day I lavu tooe homo at a similar juncture
in other campaigns when the people wore not
feeling so well and I assure you It is I much
more pleasant sensation to find all united and
It is strong ticket
hopeful as they are now a tclet
for which all will work without urging
Mr Parker has accepted tbo Chairman
ship of thin Executive Committee of the Stato
Committee The committee was appointed bJ
Mr John OBrien Chairman of the State Com
mittee pursuant to resolutions of the Conven
tion The same resolutions make Mr Brown a
member exofflclo of tho Executive Commit
tee The following persons compose the Ex
ecutive Committee Chairman Alton I Parker
nf Ulster Secretary Wm L Huller nl Elmira
John Olirlcn of Dutchoss Edward Murphy of
Troy Hubert O Thompson Nicholas Haugh
TrOYj Hugh J Grant of Now York Robert A
Maxwell Samuel J Tllden Jr John M Wiley
James W Itldgway and C C U Walker This
Is doomed a splendid workineforcoand one ex
ceptionally well olllcerod Mr Thompson rep
resents tie County Democrats Mr Haughtoa
represents IrvIng Hall and Mr Grant Is the
member for Tammany The State Committee
has decided to open campaign headquarters
In the Hoffman House on Friday or Saturday
Congressman J Thomas Snrlggs of Oneida
sid yesterday that his position In tho Con
vention a not one of those prominent In
advocating tho prevailing ticket and as one
who voted for tho adjournment before the
nomination the Governor placed him In a
position to judgu of tho ticket without undue
partiality toward the prevailing side The
ticket now completed ho thinks Is a vary
strong one that will elicit the full party
vote without lu his opinion losing the
entire Independent and Republican support
that came to aid tho Democracy last year
Those who am ardent supporters ot the Ad
ministration will necessarily do their utmost
to provont the detent of the party In the Presi
dents own Stato while those who were u little
impatient at delay on the part of the Adminis
tration and Inclined to b grumpy will as
warmly support tho tlckot now to show that the
Democracy U the dominant party in Now
YorkOn tho other hand among Republicans
Davenports nomination Is regarded as dis
tinctively CornollH nomination It had been
predicted confidently six weeks ago by Cor
nelld leading workers and his candidacy had
been sustained and pushed tliruiiuh aided by
the little apparent diversion in favor of Cor
nell himself designed only to mark the real
position It will nut bo forgotten by
many Republicans that Senator Davenport
was one of the most conspicuous It
not thin leader In the Ilitht against
Uoseoo Cockling and Its my opinion that at
least In certain sections thin memory of that
conflict it nut lost Furthermore tho Cnn
uresHinan said ho believed that many Inde
pendents formerly Republicans whose party
allegiance Is loose will decline to reverse tint
votes of last year Some will stay awuy from
tint polls and others will vote the Democratic
ticket especially when the can vim makes It ap
parent that thu principles of thu National and
State Administrations are the Name
< lun Edward F Junes loft town yesterday
after having mado many acquaintances from
this and the northern end of thin State where
he was known only by his reputation as a busi
ness man Tho Democrats of llliighamton are
preparing to give him a rousing reception Hu
will undoubtedly take the stump In a few days
He Is an eloquent and effective speaker unit
did good campaign work in that way for both
Gen Hancock and Mr Cleveland Deputy
Collector Jonas who was at the Hoffman House
congratulating all who had to do with tho mak
ing of the ticket Is credited with having told a
nominee on time Republican ticket that be was
exchanging Mugwumps for Irishmen He
stud ho was offering four Mugwumps for one
Irishman when suddenly his stock of Mug
wumps ran out It did not matter however
for he found tho Irish votes wore all coming
over to the Democratic fold without any urg
There was much less merriment over at tho
Republican haadiiuarturs now opened In the
hussy House All the Jimmies and Johnnies
and llarneyH ntid Mikes of tha old mschlne
decorated the lounges In tho lobby and wel
comed tile crowd ofboodloiieekurs of more or
less notoriety who camo to bit presented to
Mr Ira Davenport It Is said that thupeo
plo of haul wlm think Mr Davenport
exclusive end haughty would have been
amazed to see the company ho
thus totted himself In The number of
men who have lost Federal pickings and to
whom campaign boodle Is l vary tempting was
t surprising reminder nf thin fact that hilt old
party Is no longer In power Candidates
Ulrluh Thomas and Van Rcnssanlaor were at
tho headquarters during tbe day Gen Carr
was also there lest jubilant than before tile
nomination of Gen Edward F Jones Senator
Warner F Miller was a uolllary figure at most
time and given to wondering how It was that
he got the wrong CUD at the Convention lie
seamed happiest In the company of thu venera
ble McCarthy whnuu ninu Is Dennis Al Dug
geti was especially conspicuous and HO worn
Julie Iutteraon Jim Holden Hal Smith and
den Sharpu Thu State Committee went Into
session nt 1 oclock and nominated Capt Clies
tnr S Call fur Chairman of thn Execu
tive Committee with John W Eagle
soil Treasurer and Messrs Charles A
dickering and John V Yroonian Secretaries
Tint following members of the Slate Commit
tee were made members of the executive Com
mlltau O W Haukntt Alex M Holnim John
II Dutfher James J lleiden John J Ollrlen
John IMrdsall Solon II Hmlth David Wilbur
James W liustod 11 H Warner Theodore O
Teale Samuel T Maddox Henrr lirUtowO
P Unwell and George CemubU
4 5 S s 5
Mr Osbern OITerecl 8OOOO but Mr Webb
Hid Not Consider that Enanc
On tho day the OoncstA cnmo In a winner
boating tho Dauntless away out ot sight In the
race for the Capo May Challenge Cup Mr Fran
cts Darns Osborn walked Into the ofllco of
Broker Manning lit Beaver street smiling
Ill pay 20000 for tIm Oonosta as she
stands hn said
Broker Manning promptly Invited Mr J flea
vorWobb to dinner and over tho wine told him
that an American was anxious to buy the
British cutter
Ill soil her for 130000 responded the Eng
IIMiman but tint any less
Mr O born wont aboard the Ormosta nnd
looked her all over on Tuofday afternoon Ho
bannt owned a yacht hlmsnlt xlncn hn sold the
Nokotnln In 1871 He wits greatly pleased with
his Inspection of the cutter
Him Is the best conntructod yacht now In
American waters Mr Osborn said ynsierilay
but I dont think that Mm will bo Hold 1 doubt
If Mr Webb really wants to soil her Of course
If shici wore sold It would only bo because Sir
lllcharrt Sutton wants to build better
Tho lonesta will start for Knglttnd nn Hatrtr
day unless somebody wants to nov 130000 for
her and puts up tho cash The limnton 1oof
and Cape May Cups that she won will go back
to time Now York Yncht Club in case a sale is ef
fected by Broker Manning
Trial ef the Younc Men who are Ckarajuit
wlln the Crime
Tho trial of Thomas P FItzpatrick and
David J Norton charged with complicity In
the explosion of a sixpound can of gunpowder
at 2 oclock on the morning ot Feb 1 under the
show windows of Garry Bros store at Grand
and Allen streets was begun yesterday in the
General Sessions The prisoners woro Intelli
gent gentlemanly looking voung men Many
of the members nf Limo Early Closing Associa
tion surrounded them
After Thomas Garry had told about his
troubles with the association and the damage
tn his window tIle sup rliitiinili nt of his store
Mr Leslie admitted that Voter A Daley who
was also one of the acciifend had rnnmlnod with
him until the closing hour nn the night nf time
explosion and had then ratIo up town on tile
elevated rondwlth him tm far as Eightyninth
street which was reached at midnight con
tinuing on time cars after ho had left thorn
The defenco will try to provo that baby was
up town when tho explosion occurred
A VcllDreased Woman Found Vneonaelnna
In a Hallway
Two mon ran out ot a building at 151 West
Twontyflfth street at 5 oclock yesterday morn
ing Policeman Clinton who thought their
conduct suspicious in Investigating stumbled
over a young and welldrossed woman who was
lying unconscious near the door Her cloth
Ing was disarranged She was taken
in a cab to the Thirtieth street station wbtro
she recovered enough to say that her name was
Laura Laurent and that silo boarded lu
Twoutrolghth street near Sixth avonue
Bho said she bad bean drinking ab
sinthe and was locliad IIP as drunk W lien
Clinton went to her cell at 10 oclock yesterday
Bho was unconscious again and was sent to
the Now York Hospital In nn ambulanco SIlo
died thiro nt 3 P M and the surgnons bo
llaved site died from opium poisoning Tho
police think sho was robbed and outraged
Two Nnakae lu hie Htomaeh
YTEILSDORO Pa Sept 30John Longwoll of
Charleston a few miles from here has for two years
past been subject to fits being attacked suddenly and
lying unconscious for hours Within the past few
months he has exoerlenced a cold sensation In his throat
occasionally as though something waa rising Into his
mouth This attended with the strange feeling In hla
stomach convinced him that there wit some living
thing Iniidn of him physician thought It would do
no harm to give him an emetic and accordingly gave
his patient a large dose The result was that ilr Long
well threw up two aiiakes one about fourteen Inches
long and the other a foot In length brown In color and
both alive and they are alive yet Mr Longwell was so
overjoyed at this deliverance that h brought the rep
tiles tn town and exhibited them to a few ot his friends
Mr Longwell thinks that he swallowed the eggs which
produced the snakes while carelessly drinking water
front a spring Ihe snakes have beeu seen today by a
large number of persons
Remarkable TlsjktJIope Performance
PoitTAoc N Y Sept 80 Fully 4000 persons
from Buffalo Rochester Elmlra and other places along
the line of the Erie road were on the hanks of the Port
age Gorge this afternoon tn sea Prof J E DeLeon of
Springfield O walk a tight rope stretched 350feet from
side to side at a distance of Suo feet above the bed of the
river and directly above the falls Tint rope was an Inch
tn diameter much smaller than is generally Used lu
such feats The performer walked across In eight min
utes suit returned tn the centre of the chasm where he
ifnve a trapeze performance after which he lowered
himself to the river lamllrg nn the stonework which
was recently hnllt to keep Hie falls from washing away
He was thoroughly exhaupled and after a rest climbed
the italra to Murpnys Iark and marrhed triumphantly
back to his hotel preceded by a brass band
George O Jones Letter of Acceptance
George O Jones in accepting the National
Labordreenback nomination forGovernnrof New York
says the sectlonaltiiu nf the preient Republican and
Pemocratlc partlesboth of which live In the prejudices
nf the dead Bait and rely on a aolld North or solid South
for their success Is a menace to the union of the Mates
The advanced posltlontaken In the platform adopted by
his party its says Is lu utrict accord with the late deci
sion of the Supreme Court on the money question and
the preseut administration of laws
Desperate light Between Iloye
LOUISVILLE Sept 80A desperate tight oc
curred yesterday between two ISyearold boys William
ieebles and Tom Ahart The boys had a fight on Satur
day which was renewd at an accidental meeting yes
terdav After afew words Allan plunged ii large knife
Into Ieeblesa back cutting a gash ilx Inches long and
an Inch and a halt deep The anssllant tied pursued by
tile woundet liny whu overtook him sill felled him
with n heavy rock maklug a serious scalp wouud and
cracklugbil skull
A Flint with the Apaekea
TUCSOK Arlt Sept SO Advices from IIu
achucu say that a courier arrived from Major Davies
command with Intelligence that on Sept 2 il the com
mand lund a tglit with Apaches killing one and vroima
tngteterkl It la believed that fully dOte hoUtl eere
engngvil Tim IriiipM lust imictiut The Indians re
treated Into the mountains Major Pavls followed ihem
early til neit morning snd was blued by Crawford
aud his scouts
Did Murray and Cometuck Stoke st Knld
Two persons supposed to bo Superintendent
Murray and Anthony Vomslock are said to hue raided
place where pools are sold In Barclay Chambers
Chatham and Kullon streets yesterday morning They
found the doors closed everywhere and no business do
ing the proprietors having been warned of their visit
The Uaptaliu of the two priclucls In which the Boot
rooms are situated knew nothing of the alleged raid
The terlles Cueo Dlspeeil Oft
WABUINOTOV Sept 30The President today
decided that the offices of waighsr and gauger in the
customs service cannot lie filled without an esamlna
tlou under the Civil Service Commission The Commis
sion will therefore hold an examination at an ewrly day
tn fill the existing vncaticy In tile oCtet of weigher ai
the port of New York Thn dielslou practically dis
poses of the Sterling ca
Hard Olovo Flirkl lu Auburn
AUDVRN Sept 80Bolva Buckley and Jack
Taylor colored fouiiht Are rouuds with hard gloves In
the presenee of KII spectators here taut nUhl The
police put In an appearance and the rrowd scattered
Over nfly names of wltnemesof tile tight were takeu
and the District Attorney will prosecute them
lie Sued fur VCSOOO and Oit O Cents
DETIIOIT Rapt 30 Jonas II Rowe brought
suit for lttou > damages against Ihe tttt mifnrlhe
Kilillcatlon nf charges nid In prorerilluiis that had
beeli entered for divorce The IseP Pivot copied from
Ihe court records Today tha jury bronht u verdict ill
favor of the plsintm fur SK cents damagss
3000000 fire In Iqulque
IQUIQUE Kopt 30 via Galveston large fire
darted In the principal aiuare here last night aud the
most Important ijusrter of the town was destroyed very
few of the commercial establishments esosplng Tho
1nst UHlcv and water sit < le buildings were nut damaged
The loss Is estimated at ttitltOJ
An Kaejlleknian Captured by Urlffjanda
CONSTANTINOPLE Sept 30A band of Mus
sulman aud Chrlslian brigands near rimyrna have cap
tured a young Englishman nsimd Kred hsrnsud They
demand IHIO rausun aving that tr it li not ptla their
prisoner will be I silled lirlgaudsge is Increasing
throughout the country
SuicIde In Outrnl Iark
A respectably dressed man committed suicide
lu Central Iark lait night iie was > feel 7 Inches till
and was bald In front lie had sandy hair and mous
taches and wore dark clothes
lie shot hluiself under ih marble arch lu the Psrk In
tile pocket was a postal card sdaremd W aauiual Wig
watt Its West Xweutrauita sliest
anaa iiAitiroon nvxa AWAY FIIOM sin
The Emncement nt Ml Desert of n Venn
Albany Knlckerhocknr unit n hectors
llatnickler Her Abrupt Ooodhy lu Him
Nnw Hxvrx Sept tlfl4llsa Honorn llur
wood younccr dauishter of the Nov Dr IMwIn
llarwood rector of Trinity Church ot this city
created a sensation in her family and amoni
her ncaualntancofl hero today by thin in
nouncemont by lottor of her marriage tn Mr
Truman Humluway a broker ot New York
Time sensation was greater and the nova nioro
startling on account of the young ladys on
cneomnnt tn nnotliur ironttoman a son of the
Into John V L Irityn ol Albany ami crnndsnn
of the Chancellor ot that name TIme data sot
for the expected marriage wan Oct 7 She
was married to Mr llemlnwny on Tuesday In
Jersey City by the Ilov Frederick 11 Mortimer
of St Marks Church and the newlymarried
pair sailed this moraine for Kuropo tn the
steamship Worm
The story of Miss Harwoods love making Is
romantic She Is very pretty has light wavy
hair a fresh complexion and large fine eyes
She is a good talker and an excellent musician
and at the assemblies and colleen germans her
society was eagerly sought Her father U
rector of one of the wealthiest churches lu this
State and has many parishioners
Tho llarwood family spent the summer ot
1884 at Mt Desert Miss llonora llarwood
and her ulster Allda also a beauty were belles
at tIle Maine resort Mr Truman Hemlnway
and Mr 1riiyn wore smitten by the younger
sisters charms and bocaiue rival suitors for
her hand Mr Pruyn Is very wealthy and be
longs to a Knickerbocker family Sir Hmnin
way IH comparatively poor Tho latter was
Miss Hnrwoods choice and upon him she be l
stowud her affection but her family and friends
approved a match with Mr Pruyn and aha
yielded to their wishes The enuaiiomont wiitr
nnnnunced congratulations poured lu and
Truman Hominway was forcotton
The llarwiioils returned to New Haven In the
fall Tho marrlnto was down for thin oiiKuliic
winter Mr 1ruvn mado frmiuont visits to this
homo nf ills Intnnilnd lirldo and in October
Mites Hnrwood wont to Albany to visit Mr
Iruynrt family There It is eulJ a coldncsM
arose between tho afllunced imlron account ot
Mr 1ruyns alleged devotion loan Albany lady
It is l reported ttlitt at that time tie wits oncassJ
tn this lady or had offered himself to her
Whatever may bo the truth of this there was a
broaHi of tho uneaucmont between Mr Iruyn
and Mice Harwnod
Miss llarwood returned to this city Hnr
health failed and a trip abroad was advised
With her mother and sister Miss llarwood
went to England Minister Iholps her fathers
warm friend cheerfully welcomed them and
looked after their entertainment in London
Not lone after thulrarrlval Mr Iruyn showed
up there Ho renewed his suit and u recon
ciliation followed news of which came to this
Dr Harwood spent his last summers vaca
tion In Kneland There hn was ono of the Com
mittee on tIle Grant memorial services In West S
minster Abhor rite family returned hero
early In September Mr Iruyn with them
October was cho en for the wadding Cards
wore out tlm brides trnunsoau woe purchased
and thoro worn selected us uslmrs Mr Hannnii
1 heal son of ion Meredith Uend nxMlnlH
icr to Greece Mr C M Inporsoll Jr of th
Consolidated Itnadatid Mr Frank It millions
nf New York The brides uncial position mitt
her wide popularity cuarantivxl the success of
the anticipated event and Now Haven society
was on tiptoe
On Monday last Miss Harwood said site wan
going tn New York to arrange final details for
her trousseau She took an afternoon train
and In New York mot her old lover Truman
Hominway and thoy were married It In not
known whether any correspondence had bean
going on between them As soon as she was
married Mrs Hnmlnway cent the marriage
certlllcato to her father and ho received it this
morning The reverend gentleman wan thun
derstruck A letter to a young lady conlhlantn
In this city a sister of Prof William G Sum
nor also told of Miss Hnrwoods marriage and
of her intention to sail this morning on tlm
Werra Still another letter told Mr Pruyn that
his expected bride wan speeding across the
oraan as the wile of tile rival at Mt Daaert
Dr Harwood is overcome and refuses to bo
seftn He has had trouble with his children
before His son Charles was disowned about
eight years ago The young man lad n fast
life and wont with a dissipated nollegn sot
many of whom are now prominent In New York
society This son was arrested for forgery and
sent to prison for a number years After
his release he wont tn Chicago whence storlor
come ot his irregularities
Political M > tlosa
Senator Charles A Fowler of Ulster county
helped the Harlem Democratic Club to ratify the Demo
cratio State nomination ID the club house lu 125th
street hast nUlit by making rousing tpeech The club
favors the reelection of Judge George C Darrett and
will lupport JustIce Anilrw White for Sheriff
The VouiiK Melts Democratic Club ot the Nineteenth
Auelnbly Dibtrlct revolted last nlfrht that the prentnt
sorallil civil aervjre laws will ultimately If applied
lead to pfriiluiou rmulu
At a Hireling < if the burst Aieimlily Plitrlct Anti Civil
Service Urirunl tlon lost l iiluhl resolution were ailnpt
il riulnrlne Michael Norton for litate beuator and Cur
neliuii flvun for Alderman
Thu Thirleunth Ward ludependent Democratic Anil
Civil Service Aitneiatlon ha been unranlieij for tile
inirpoie uf promoting tile electlon of men uppnied in mite
i > rcnent civil Ion Ice laws They endorse thojDcuiu
critic Slate ticket
Two Stories About a Clubbing
Wm II McAnnany a young bartender ot
mlll and InoScnitre appearance who lives nl 2J7 Kait
yiflyaevcnth sIred told Commliiloncr Voorhli yeiter
day that whIle talking quietly with three friends at
Third avenue and Fiftyfourth street about 2i oclock
on the mornlni of Auir 31 1oltcemau Thomas Wall of
the FiftyCret Street squad rushed at him and without
provocation broke hie left arm with till club I tie
vountf mans arm wan In a sling siam his three com
iis nloni corroborated his story two of them vayiuy that
Wail also clubbed them
Wall silt the four young men were engtited In a fret
flrht and wlleli ho Interfered to Jireserte the peace
Drliioll whom hu railed a bloody iirlze fighter
grubbed him lie knocked Drlicoll down In elfdefence
and arrested him for being disorderly Wall drilled
striking any one but Drtscolt and produced a witness
who laid he saw McAnnany fall while ruuulog away
Urineoil said that hn WAS not a prize fighter
DscUloll Was reserved
Batliar Campbell 1aqnlta
Darjlsy Campbells Mexican play Pitqults
was played last night for the tail time this season to
the Fourteenth Street Theatre Mr Campbell leased tin
theatre for four years on Sept I lsrults It Is said
has been pta ed at a loss On Tuesday the company
struck but were roared Into playing that nIght Yes
terday a rompromli was effected Mr Du Uellevllls
soul he thought 111 it there would bu nofurthurdltnculty
MUi Kate rnrvythe who has been tha leading lady said
tu a reporter
At uitr iteiimug hue innrnlnir I receIved my full pay
We are nil sorry fur our cliinptxill but of count lll Is uo
our fault if tie t Imi not ttio money
Tin uompa will tfo on the road after a rest of two
ttenki Mr iftiniWll witt Hurl for bun Krauciico it >
iiUlit Mr W ti Tillouou wilt act at niftDigcr for bile
Jiaccra Hold
Before the races at Ilrlehton Beach yester
day afternoon Auctioneers Bruce and lirleu sold uodsi
the hammer ten head of thoroughbreds The followtni
are the prices l Veecheitbrook tr > Abe B jnodwln tot
sin KUtano to F D I fJalll I75 lltlle Fred lo A
Khieldt tttt Pelt tu J llnnoliue 5mb I i Carlisle ii T
lleniinit I on rililt Speculator to Y lialllll Sift KM
die was liiuht in fur Aon Danville was soil ti > C IIol
Uml for I10 Leonard lu It II Campbell tVA l Vacll
tator to H K Thomas 593
JustIce for One of the Cuiiul Hired Oner
William Fanning a former convict garroted
llughUcUlnly uUuilom Houseofllcer In Canal sirrrt
on the night of the ZHtli nil and rot > he4 him of his
watch and chain McUlnty however recovered iile
secnndnlnd and having si > un < lly ilruh > > rd ralinlnn
held bliu until a i > uliceiiitu fame along r alining 1ieftl
eli gullly > terdnv In I the liepieral hesione and Ueiunl
er hm > in sentrncud him tu rilulu iiriiuu fur tell flare
and six months
forced toMnrrv Him liy Threat
In thu suit nf Viola Bennett for divorce from
her husband Kred K llennett Judgu Van Vck of
Btuokljn has I lirrcled the referee I to iiitiiilc lam
without an opinion The plaintiff who U I only JM > esrs
nM avers that she ws forced Into marrlngo in etiee
iiunce of lieiineits ihrtats tu kill himself and blast ur
barged Wllk Mlcullns 5OOO
Joseph Keepers of 231 iHcThlrtninth l street Ifl
wasarresliilln i J auiit b trunks oeiIi n lui I llurd I at eli lid f
charged with sleHling 0luo from a MaMin lune trot
who employed him <
Cunlrlliullons te > the Urnnt Minutria Itinil I
The total subscriptions to thin Grant me
lilfirml fund jeslerdav amuimird tufdr Ml L lriloueij
aciinuHltdgeJ fCl > ol > lu llrand lotal fsUTB m L j
Tke Vriillirr YrXrrUur ti
Indicated by lludnulii tli < > rmninntar 3 A
IL 33i u A M usJo J A il l 117 I a 7 Jm 3lJJ
I 1171 I f I M 71 u f M IIV U inlliiluhl ir
Ar rage > eslerday < V aterage fur Sept SO IMS

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