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1 4 1
if j reion CUXTUU
Onatenr Hklpprra who Oe Ike Full rrjr
mml of IIIIIlmlld QnHMera hut
LI mt run Little Merlin sw > Type
1 Landsmen who go down tho bay two or
three times a season to son yaoht races got only
a gllmpno of tho real onjoyinnnt yaohtstnun
havo on the water and If they become enthu
ilaatlo only whoa the big sloops that are to
eompote for the honor of defending the America
empoto tlo overlook smaller yachts
ca m cup appear they oVIrlok 1lllor yaoht
c sutlroly Tho little follows that tag along at
help to all the marine
the roar of thefleet may ni
picture rar but they nro generally considered
the way like tha small boy at a pIcnic But It
I doubtful whothortho owners of tho big yacht
snjoy theIr largur accommodations moro than
tho amateur skippers of the small yachts do
their llmltud iiunrtors Only tim truo yachts
i man with a hand on the tiller or wheel thor
oughly appreciates tim sport And II I Is I not 11
moos that the height ot enjoyment Is roachod
r Racing may buexhilarating but crulslnt clvos
the complutu pleasure A week or two weeks
crulflo with all Its uncertainties of wind And
weather and changing aoonua Is 10 iked for
ward to by the yachtsman buforo thn boats are
out of wlntor quarters In the post few years
cruising to the southward In winter thou has
notably Incruaaed but that can b enJoyod by
only the owner ut largo yachts It Is I tho In
tention horo to refer only to cruising In the
lummr tlmo nnd especially to cruising In the
smallest cruisers
Until a fow years ago I wai risky to attempt
t crubn along hong Inland Bound In onnof the
small shallow broad often flimsily built boats
styled yachts Their cabin room was InsulTl
slant and If caught out In n blow they were do
eldndly uncomfortable t not liable to Inncnr
DUH ilriiiinitiiiicHi Hut thu sport was consid
ered worth tin rlk Hhort runs weru mIn
nnd I If I t streteh of had
from port to port In1 t n hl
Inll <
srenther came on thn vnolitmmi found what
nijnviiiiiiit tli y mluht In thi Imrbor thny hap
10 lied i inin t lu I Kuuirai yiichtmn who tired
lI stiiii I Kxpirienoes loot 1 il 1 around for f cut lor
inI morn romfortnhln tiontR I la t believed
thit limy t will I I I ICI u a 1II that they got their
alilef points from th Kngllih ciittnr althougli
lomn Ioilt wIl t I not favor tlm Knglilt i ctntwr in t Its t t ox
3 trenin hhap ilntivliu Htrotulv that thev nrA
r Itittir 11111 whnn me extipuu cuHwr H I In thn
arKiiiuent I Hut thn Ivngllhh cutter tins Its
aTooil points uuIuoeuaty iis I roiiKliwntliir
Soul Htfity and aiiiimmndntton worn tlm
DIn oljI j t 4 of f thiii violitsuuin In I their new
lepiriiin Hpiid h > lua 1 h nr iooslileratloti
kltliouih Homo of f tlm iraft hnvo xlio n tlutlr
beels lo moro riiiliiliou proilu tn of mtrlnn
aroh teciiin M r lioiriro II I I lllplev an tin
ihiiitiiHtlc iiiiuitiiur who had itiivoted notitn
tlmn o thn Bttnlv of mnall crulieis diier
ulnud tu dualgn Ibo smnllest pvsIble cruiser
T <
carnbln of oarryinK a man forward nnd
two mon In thu cabin I was to be
of tim cuttor typo with tho wnv form
throughout The re nlt wall the llttln cutter
Merlin which wn4 liuinolied Iwo yptir lao
Bhe Ic I only twentyllv hot r and six tiichni In
length nt the wutiir im hut aim carries 9010
pniinili of tnllnHt and fihe i nnnot bo up et
Tb frnmn It I of white nnk The bilge clumps
and wales are of yellow plnattuo plank ol whIte
Cetlnr And the coiling of white pine The
plnnkthcor 1 Ic of white oak bunt cold and thn
deck of nnrrow whlt pine The fastening
are of copper rivaled flyer burro Her plnnn
Show n COIr of good bearings with a good
utrap and a lean run
The nnvKltlrs ot t f hOlt are mold 5fr
Rlplny pliuiiind the oniiniiilatlnnH and built
tnitbiml Hiiiiinil I Ilium au lie oxurHwn I In
the bow li tho ciuiln locker coinpnct and eu
Rlly i I leniliKil t Thn tnreciRtlu In I entered liy n
0 biitrhwnyrorvini I On ito stnibonrd Hllo ta u
1 berth lor tho rw nnd cok nil la oat men
wlo I Ill from fat tu MI a nininh The berth
run Ip turninl un iiKnnni thn stile In tint tiny
tii < e flunkIng I room einiiiuh to turn around In
a aroln
On the port HII I Is l n niimil i coal Btiivi al I lion git
bundle wood IM I the hid In order to have a hot
but slinrt liurnliiii fire for cnoklnc On ono
t site of it h I n piiiiiu connicind with the water
tunkrt oiid on the oilier aide IH a looker for
I fllstins gnu 1 coolciim titensllH A door cloaes
the a aufWity icuuul 111 I to the catiln In the
caliln the RUiinnmy uf rout Is HH omplcte ns
I poi llile I IH lihti by a akyllclit and com
Dan Ion In I OUI The en in tan Ion Inul Jar whlcli
la I iniivnble i luails from a ci dc tilt live fot In I
nnith to the I C utit 11 whhh has vnnuuh head
room titular the fuk light for n man of
more than onllnniy height On the star
bourl Hide fonvipl ATM a wuustuuil anti and
pniall Inknrx anti > lielH4 for toilet artlel x
r4 wri I I tug nmtrli ils tutu ihi > small oddi nnd ends
a vault I ii II I Itli itt < II s IIIIH on hand The hlnced I
CI top nr tlm itaml mi Iw uo1 in u writing des <
The dour of tilt 11 of the locXurH in a mirror
Afro the I puns luntvar Ih I u lixkr uund au 1
wit ri rutto Th bert Ii s are amnln In I length
and hiMtilth illvld < d iniUrfHHCK form oUKh
loiiiil I I fnitA t will I u uiuiti tori oil b Ilk for day
11111 torts itnd s > rii < l ovir I sI lllnl I shut f for
tilKiit i5iiiifnrti < Undr thn liorilm arn water
tulikJ lius callu U Uulited at night by a
nwiiiKInc lamp over nnn of thn ImrtliH Ou
the rtiartioard Hldn 0 the companIonway In A
rriKifitor built In a locker the dnor of which
Will out unit IIIUHIH a dnor of the I locker on
tli poit I shin Hliuttlni I off the call I nC
cart Unlir the iovkplt Is a locker for her
milt I nf thirteen I Hnls I Thi Is drawlnir Is I not to
tnintaiirtf except In e tretnn lenuth and bruudtb
but will serve to locate the accommodations
flora arm a good roan flcurns for I small
yacht hit they are entail In aumbnr to the
gurus Mr Kipley ianklud betore ho had fin
Inhud this disiTlDtlou
Leniih on 11 I L 2ift nin
Xjnvih nvir I mitt 4in
lirftiii ifxirrino itt
DruiiiCiii i r Hhtfr flft
lliiKhtoi i frrhoant HI liln i
MIJIill > Clin afleriitreot lenith L W L Irt uu
AT mi Ihlp HtLMlon 1747 si fu
lllvplatirmiMil I III Iiiit toil 7M
Mast trOll fort pit > nt Shin I II
slHttilrck tn liouiiU 3J1U
laO Jlaiiiflfr at lUcfc 6ln
To > ma < I nil lu Leave 19ft I em
Boom i
tilt if
llnw prlt nuutto ri 13ft
lUetllviiil aft
AiuIe tiC i 1 M
Aita lower 1 Tin 1 ft
In the limited anartera of thin little cruiser
the nnmtiiur sklpimr anti a conuenial friend
J for coniimiiloimlilD with a man forward Imvo
4 PHiit two and thre week at a tlm occasion
silly I rut ii ii I rig Into A port fOr wilIer and provi
Storms MIB his sitliad the length of IMTU Island
1 niml 1 ituul 111 his U I stout BiioiiLh to run far to Ihe I
BMtwurd of CatM Cod Mr Hlploy says that he
his briiin I out In br In very rouah weather and
1 has nuer loon wet In the oivikplt from spray
The AXIIO ot rmm nit her is oomparntlvelv
mall The ooat ol proviilnna can be limited
to I small amount aitbouuh the itovo and re
ilK rntor are laun enough to provide a dinnor
of several rourHOH If denlred The
f sUVral IOlrM I 1lrtI original cost
of thin particular Ylola wit cOIIInll be
caUHu the workman hip was more llnlahml then
Wits nlisolutuly necessary but It N I eatlrmilsd
that I boat with the lame acnmndutione can
bi < Inilll nowadayr for abut IIHIHI
Iho llal cruisers of which the Merlin Is I
Ktyiii arn now preparing for their annual
I cruiHHH and happy are tbe cnnifenlitl iriuuda
who have been Invited to aiCimtiany the skIp
LI Iirehuiont Greenwich Now Haven
Rnra London Newport lllook Island Green
t port and Shelter Island will eon them before
tl lie stmteon clones Boston and other eastern
sorts have many of these small cruisers Tho
I ruttor tyne has bean tolliwed generally but
stifle of the yachtKmr who desire to not be
oniidurod l cutler men Ray that for yachts of
4 iaj > ro Inncth than thin crulham the compro
mise typ w th moduntte bourn and duiilb aud
I centreboard Is I preferable
frillo ut Ike nil ru Yiichl Club
WAPDIEHKAI July 10A large company of
J yachtuntil wa praam to sta ths hat rn Yacht ClUb
8 atari oa on ItS annual crulit Ths > achls war ths
p I achountrs Korluna DIa Jn ujht Uulucan Lallna
S Ac Ula Tia Waulcrsr lout Kylvlat ibs sloois
I North Ktar I cud Vanlatt the cutltrvKlrsnircr ant Lillth
f ami lh > > ts ni < r onrlla Al Socluck all of u craft
j vvtr under way lisannv out of ths hartiir Tim af
Stitch aoay on th lielcli for IU Mhials whsra tha
yachts cia pass III imlil Ths cruise Is to forlland
whir it wil h l uitriiiiiitil whether lha LIP shall IM
4 lteuu4ed Airon < cflurt l > blur ma4a lo has utal
lace to dCII hlh yacht ttuU ma wItS Lla
i 4aI o Xubla 1 wla
t k
rus BAtut aALuotr XBOVT
n Et Flrt wtih rIr th
AacUr Mm tluidtaiad
BATH N T July 8Kooks Lake tho prido
of this pat of New York gives greater and
greater evidences each returning rear of the
benefit of the work of the Btata Fish Commis
sion In restoring the waters of the Bute to their
original character ot unrivalled haunts for the
choicest gamo Hah 81x years ago an angler
who succeeded In hooking a fair sized salmon
trout In Kenka Lake considered himself for
tunate for Indiscriminate and unrestricted
nohlol with any means that might suggest It I
self t tho pot fisherman had dono Its natural
work Ilr restocking by otrlot protection In
suite of the opposition of 1 class of fishermen
who hud ro yours bad their own way and who
strangely enough wore supported In their op
position by many reputable and prominent
citizens of the lake region and by the Intro
duction of the favorite food ot salmon trout
that noble flab Is now as abundant as It over
was and it only needs knowledge and a skilful
use of tackle for the angler t enjoy the rare
sport of salmon trout fishing from early In the
season until Its closing days
I Is I a fact not generally known that the
salmon trouts natural habitat I the clear deep
Old waters of the lakes of New York and some
Canadian waters enui that wherever else It Is I
now found 11 wan Introduced from those waters
by Hah ctmmllonrl or private purtlea and
olulm It Is niso 1 fact that Kttnkix Lake Is the
mmnist waler to New York city where this fish
mny be taken sncaosRtully with the book and
Ino There are nl nty of salmon trout In
benPCft Luke Immediately adjoining Kenkn
yet they for some reason rarely reward fisher
men with a bite or strike Tim next beet place
for flhlng for tie salmon trout In In the Adi
rondack waters notntily tiarunao Lake A
fuvorlte place wnef fly fishing for this noble fish
Isnt thn outlet of thnt lake The salmon trout
In not n rnady striker at the fly but will take
the troll roudlly
Thn must successful mothod of fishing for It
In Knka Lake Is I by baiting with the food It
loves the bust this Biicaulmit little alewife or
HIIW bally It WIH not known until a few years
ago Unit this llBli would brood In the Inland
lnkH It natural waters inlit I the Krat lakes
In 1871 Seth Green planted n tow of thnm In
Knnka HH an nxnnrlmnnt Eight yeatu Inter he
was tiettlui In the hike for nnnnowB nail was
surprlHid to llnd among Ills catch tunny young
alHWlves InviHtlgatlnn fhowed thai th > < luke
wan KWarmlng with the fish No other kind of
food Is now found In I thn I htuuitm ache of salmon
trout In this lakn and thor prove to tie I the
vry bnst link Vat known lor blnrk and rook
biteS p rh all Dlckernl Mr Green iliieov
urod that It takns the spawn of the nlnwlfii hut
thnm t or four days to hatch nnd It I has tho t ud I
vintaun of f npiiwnlng In tlipcprlnir whiln thn
firphwnter herrliitf and young wlilteflh are
tnllspiiviilng llsh nml It fikns nil wliitnr for
them I to lunch An nlewlfn I hatchns ldtlOegys
to ivory ono hatched by tlm fresh water liar
ri tug They constantly I I knp I thn I salmon I trout t
and other llsh In I Ken lkl Lit 1 kit In endles itt UI I
thy I If theIr Mvorltn food and cauuo them to
thrive andwnx lat aoiordlngly
It Is an uvitryday < lriinistanco for oxpol
trout out I unruti nnd bRAn llsliernien to Conic to I
Knnka iontllent that their xklll with these fish
will I ass Irl u them t the unino success with salmon
trout mid for them to route In nftern davn
Hiort on tin lake blank with nurprlso nt the
poor iic n they Imvn had Thin Is becniise
thn chariot irluutics nnd habltn of 1 the Hnltnon
trmt am IntH known to flsherimn tlmn t thosi
of any other Ill e tlsh and without t n thorough t
knowlndgn of thosii onlv luck or n1rl < lent will
gte tin nneloraiicouHS with thorn They hnvo
illlTiront I I I depths t nt whlih they lie I at dllTerent
tlnnHOf tti year anddlfferunt times of ret
tug according to the toason I thr niicler
expects to cnteh I salmon trout In Junn July
cr August under thn cam conditions that hn
kills It In 111 or May he might nn well keep
his hook out of tho water During tho
spring months salmon trout are found near I
this top of the vvnter COil fend f from sunrIse
until BiitiHet In June they begin to sink lower
HH the surface water rises In temperature and
the angler mny hope to catch them from early
mornliii until noon but after tlmt he need not
waste his time for hn will not induce nslnglo
ono to ncoept lute saw belly no matter how
temptingly hn may servo I In July and Au
gust and the early pnrt of September If the
weather warm the angler must lengthen his
line and fish for salmon trout near the bottom
They will then take the bait from sunrise until
half tint forenoon la gone and no longer Ai
the weather grows cool agaIn the salmon trout
rises toward tIme surface once moro and then
conscientIous angler will conga all the
tuttmlr ilnHirulion for thny am preparing to
spawn antI will noon seek tho shoals and reefs
to east their eggs
In earlv June tho troll Is n killing dnvlco for
thn salmon trout as It Is also late In Hnptombnr
and ou fine sunny October days With n lusty
oarsman bonding to blue oar In one of thn light
skiff In ute on the like nnd n long line follow
ing In Us creamy wake the angler has not long
to wait In ftiiHpniiHe before ho will feel the
magic thrill of the great fishs strike flashing
th length of tilt linn like nn electric npark
and find himself f flue U tt ng with all i his Ktreneth
to save his captIve and laud It safely In the
boat at his feet n thing of sparkling quIver
lOg silvery beauty
Time Hiirrounlui of Knnka Lake are no delightful
light fuil thnt the enjoyment of thn sportsman
Is enhanced tenfold by thnm Thu tn nu on its port
II thit heal of the lake Rurrotindeti tty vine
clnd hills in the hnadijuartorn for all who sunk
LOU nhnrtui of Knnka for the rare sport of f sal
mon trout fishIng
Sporting Nnis
The Prlnre of Wftlei fllly Countarpnne that fell dead
In th iniillle of a race duel of heart dliHaMe
W A Riwo of Lrnn toat the tenmile blcrcta rccord
maklllfr the ilistittiie In 3H inlnutei 3 nenohi
AHhtoii anl Kllraln are training hard for their comln g
fight liiOsklaiU fbi Jerney City on July IH
PAldv Carroll nffere to t1ht anr I2J pound man In
Phllaleliihla with hard gloie to a flnlih for a puree or
atakAot fAno
Jirk Burke Ii 1 out with a chnllenre to fleh Patty
rardilt In twi week at HI huul ilinn for I1IOJ a
cite tj a nnuti
O liitehniie the Rnrlth trlfycllit beat the world
tw miifl foiil recently gong tie dlitanco In 0 mil
UUM f H Heo < tlil
The 1lonrT Cricket Club ijefeatwl Alma In Nw
ark 7e < trrd y hy l a euro of 47 to 22 only ouo lulling a
Ii Lib being played
TheHt Itetl lacro e Club beat the Cornwall Iilaml
111110 Hrioklt n Athlutlo Alvoclallou gruuntla > elter
day Ity a cur ol 3 to 1
The feathrrwetghl pugtllta Alex Masters and Oswald
8rliu ter will 1 ii ar eta I rouiule Uuf nl I > errr rulee I at
Watt luuuittiut i Hall tar On luniurruw l rl ru
INrrr Uinlah and Joe Ootiurn will give an exhiblllon
In WaTilnutnn Itch Seriintnii Ia l on Julj 24 Uinlati
will i ffer lllke Connelly of Ilbaca f 10 to spar four
Ed Uallanan on behalf of Frank Ilearld has hue ft
wefitnir ctinuengii oarhlK to light Mitchell rr any n
ele 1 fur FI 1 150 a llde H hal uoited 10 forfeit wllll
Rlrhard K Fox
MartIn Demi > er oar to rive Are pound to any
feMherwtlehl who will fight turn forifio a tide comm >
London miK rule Me welch 110 pound but cUlina
he can train down to ItO I pound
John W llckeron hark champion heavy weight of
remiM inertia I nice 1 Qcht any mal In the country
from OVIirSMlOalde nl Is I In Iralnlnv for a dbt to
a fuji with hard f love With an unknown
Paddy Ryan wrileat I am again back In Troy and
wmnevrr la belter health I > hould like to hat a no
with UIIVBII on any terms and a city time and plaoa
and hull nut cUhn a cent If I no not defeat him
Billy John > on of Philadelphia offer to back Dick Col
11cr the middleweiuhl clntinpion of Knutano In a flu
or nlxronnl nlt or ill a nnih with m1 glove fur
Liruuu i a cumin with either Ned riuckfelltr or William Uallg
HIorllK atlutela are Iravlhn a hard od Jerk
luh tun hu arrested In Clnclnol her nlll with
Nolan an4 lIt rIr Ilor set Urk Iorl h
al tiectu rId In Denver fur vlolalu Ibordlnuon
ul 111 cOy
Reach the champIon sculler he furnIshIng the Tham
orrl III lil
f ri
critic with 1 food for rritiolem III elolin scat Is
put level willi 1 the gunwale and as thu in a racing
g gvaA rl
boat is umc Pure tuietues I abuive h true gunwale thu
cenln 01 gravIty Is I nouualY hlh lie scull In elect
111 form tAurh with Ih prolonal round back
The tunlors fd th Staten leland end Newark elub
shuiwd Iuueur elder hew to play crIcket velierday on
I Jllnln nnu rroulI Nwark The Im wu
JiaVel Cr au it I wa worth 11 hum tsin wlnnlnK by
tIle I iillowuutf cOri Cewark flritinniuuz 57 aleS sc
end tII i I IWrmilr Statut Ialand at Ort
Inulnt 5 7 second lunlnga
J I Rlgetow finding that the expenses of the Worces
leT rila witult erd the rPI ha wlhGran
tii true and Drolhly the allr wilt be oa Hnlan
will remain at tile Ik for PractIce but Kennedy will
nol stay If the rPla is I ahndn Tn lyn he I al
a relr fir the ommr aud II tho manager or Oapt
Cobul boalhou
Jack Dempsey is 1 annoyed about comments to tha
efteci Irtml hue r 1r hog offer lonl light tic
alloy lch1 or lur for fO asIde I un
tttat 1 hui I iniuuiey is ready ant wants to knew why they
do ito city erI it they can waip I n as easily I a
they cay he aetsl 1 why darts they get thu 1nl
together and give me what Pa gay the drum t
ROM ie I Courtney < lau < 1aur llamm and Teemtr ar
rivet In HalUniiira yeler < lay ant will at Inc train for
tile reicatla nIL week at liar Ridge Racca hay hn
arranutd Cr thre itars I and large prIze In money hue
bn eutiuecriliuul Rich of Wheeling Is I rspeclsd to pull
In the little I cull race and tha douMee will be lee and
ittei Haiiiiii Stud Uriuilaur and Courtney and Teenier
The alterallan t the keal at the Mayflower will be as
fnlmn 1 AddlUnnal Height Is to be eildeu along about 411
feat rirwurl ol the turn putt consUIInK of heal S
lnineid < ei jl and I6mcli s wile Tills will i > o taken from
the inldv sit that In reality Ih yacht will have no more
ball tlimiiih 3 tuttle will thus lie put outside The
sails are Wln < recul and the aUecaUiiue will Lo Oulslied
auuut July 13 AInUo
W Oliiiniiell of Oran1 Rapids Ulch wrIting about
Ine ntfhl between the heavy welirnlJ J f Clown wrllnl Jim
reli i il > ti riow was a ool llnhtrr and a gil lien
oral Ito adoptaJsck llellil sets > lrle Hit is no rustier
hut ion Cur a lon I fight anil stuitse how to slay ami
give tutuuiehiuutut wultuutut alo lvlll He bad a lerrllila
left heel Had lIt rOlol wuli bell curie on one or two
miiro round Clew would hav csrtaiuly knocked blot
Mike Donovan halsuM this chlllenm Some few
days iso Uini nlik lieu dry In Ilue net few Hue of a
card ttlllnu what lie will 11 lo ho t John L built u cii I st s ha
will attend to Jack DIY In the fall alter Ma I
Online wit Ii his piclent taloon bulness al Allallllo
City I WIh to stale Ilirouiih the roluinniot Jour valu
able paper that I am prrpard inali Ii Jerk lieinistiy
to Hicht tlonnntck MrCaffrvy In a twenty our Coo rtnir
with kin 1 llnht f lure to a nnlsh under the new rules of
Hie Loulnu price rliif for from llUDIu Adxi a side
Mciaflrity can welfhai much as he likes In order Ihat
McUeHrey may not plead tile present engagements as au
deuce ri I am satunvd to make ibs match to rljiii tn
tbreo four or six months from dale or sifnln articles
AU ItcCaJIrey bu la do DOW Is I la n mo eoclte where
U meat sun aruclM at Mrstmsnt and post the forfeit
money wtalob I will put up si soon Mb will my re
spoaslbls I iBajts bau
Tk VU Win the Allnnlle sm > k s a d be
FIII thai BleekloH aii > k a Commtsalanajra1
Defillna In fbi Aaralasl Ike Han cifVlrsll
Mukliur Fast TIme am at Haft Track
Thousands of racegoers journeyed to Mon
mouth Park yesterday despite the rainy and
threatening weather They saw seven slosh
Ing races over a track covered with slush and
mud McLaughlIn opened the sport by win
ning the first race on Green Morris colt
Favor carrying the top load of 122 pounds and
running the mile and a furlong In 1 5914 head
ing tho fast oi08 Dry Monopol Herbert
Heel and Toe nnd others
McLaughlin followed this on the unapproach
able Tremont for the Atlantic Stakes The
black wonder had only 115 pounds up In the
race but that was from ten to thirteen pounds
moro than any other of the five that started
carried Getting away at tho tall of the clus
ter he nt onoe assumed the lead cantering
home ten lengths ahead of the second horse In
116V Mr Scott Introduced his flllr Pomona
daughter Ten Broeck In this race Pomona
made a very poor performance coming In last
Virgils eon was barred from the betting
Beginning with Juvenile Stakes In Jerome
Park Treniont ha now won eleven consecu
tive races The stakes yesterday wore worth
2400 This makes his total winnings to date
milO Tromont was foaled in May 1881 at
the Elmendorf stud The Dwyors paid llCOO
for the coir In May 1885 nnd started him on
his wonderful career last May
For the third race the Stockton Stakes Mc
Laughlin appnarHd lu time caddie on Dowilrop
Mr Hootts colt Quito sirol by the Duke of
Mmrenta and the PrPHknpsi Stahlos colt
Llndnn son of Longfel ow wars the only com
petitor to appear at the post from the
original list of 115 nominated The odds were
10 to 1 on Dewdrop The rare wns a mile
and n quarter At tlimf > iiuirt ri of a mile
Llndxii vsni loalnn off without hxvlneanutlirr
Wtfht of Fnlsottns daughter who wits not
cnllfd upon to reitllv oitteiid Imorstilt In winning
thrniH Thin valiiuof th stakes was 3SIO
This with Ihoamount prevlriuutr crndltod to the
Ilrooklyii Htaliif givni the total of utakis and
purHis won by the IJwyors thus tar this season
Commodore KllUon sold his nily Elizabeth
biiforo the race for ito Corlntlilun Stak H lo
Mr C Monok for ttW Kllmtinth evidently
jot liar bunk up alter this tirooediire Sim
limped awiiy lu the IKHI with tile top weight
of 131 pounda and won thu stakeri without be
lug uIiuullutmgil
Mr KilsoH Illly Eilcofleld must have felt out
of plaio nut t tug tlie solllni I i platnrs Hhe tii 1 >
vatml hllr heels I In front of the lark llehl from
p st to llnlih rminlii well out In the light
It wan Tom llrownn turn to win the Btn i > lfl
ohns He Nklupid In IfIly with the light load
of 121 pniinili
Follow nt are tho events In the order In
which boy were roil off
Tilt IHTIlOlirCTOItV sort
Free hinlloap swrepslakxtif f2 > each If nnt declared
out with 7nii KIled of wh 1160 to the leonud One
11111 n1 u t fturbnut
tl I B Morns h i p FavOr 4 by Inl Molloy Favorite
Kmen 12m ltlcltUulhltitt A Ioliim I lc 1 iirv Mnnnjioie b by tbleut lit i I
Pern i IfIIt I utiieilold 3
D w > IT llrii b I Keriinit a by HlenelK La Ileuder
sun liRallrrC I I 3
it tel and I oe Monuurim nnl lIeu bert al > o ran
I line lrI 1
nolllnKIIln1 Fmnr n in il Dry Monopote and
IltrliTt 4 I I emll live u antI Toe 6 tu I t Monogram
10 to I m and 1 Yr multi 15 to I
The nix dnshol away In splendid shape Her
bert lush lug the first to eI hlH shoulders clear
10 mitile the first turn lending by a length Dry
Mnnoiiole HeKntid Foronii Favor anti Heel arid
Too In thn Fiiuad as named A ole brush
along the bnckntr tch resulted In Dry Monopolx
gaining the teal l at the bitlfmlle polo Feronn
collaring him on the far turn unit raring heml
anti heath In tIme limit Mclaughlin holu Favor
near the front line until within fifty yards of
the tinlSh when ho cut him loose wlnnlliKWlth
eauo > iy half a lenglli Dry Mnnopolo second
and Furona a length behind third
For twnvearoldi al ISO earn flft forfeitwith BOO
ceded of which Juo t lo the sccnnd ihime not having
won 21X111 allowed ne polii li lnmn > ua alnuel ten
pouiidsi i eightfeuen nominations Threeiiuarters or a
ml e
Dwyer Bros bit I c Tremont hy VIrgIltan Fief 115 I
MiLnnnlilln I i 1
J T Wilhnmxs ti f llewlo June by King Alphonno
Vlrun MS MpfanhM I 3
N W Ktiun hr o Kuveller by Relorni Sin lue IDS
llenler 3
The Julletta colt tile Mon anil lomonlaal ran
t Mm itinv 1
Betllnir with Tremonl larrel Affalnst Hectic I June 2
to 1 thoullvtt cult cit ites 1 r ft In eaill rnni
no5 tO I t Mltt Miiune lo u III I Uuly one buanl ai TIU
mint Up and that w HP 30 in 1 on
Btnrtnr Calilwell stunt the youngsters away In
eivllnnl lyle MoLauihlin buvint Tmuiontitt
the lull of tint lunh Ilililni throuih I to tho
Iront at once Trmnont oil lit a lonclli it a fur
brig and an opn liikth at a uuiirtor u tlm I u
Jiillittu colt stud Itesali June matting a close
race for sro it pliiii Triinont guI ii ulutul Into I
the hornPdtreieii with two open longtime lay
llclitbHtwenn hlm11 nml ICSH Juno Ilininp
hut ainuug the horaentrntli as lie plnahod Tre
mont llulKliml In a CHiitiir winner by tutu open
IftiiLtliy Beatila Juno cnmo sucoud lUvellor
For Hireeye rnll at linn each half forfeit or only
CIII declareI iyjan I urf3lly June Ci wlih f 2 > 4 oo
Id of rttilih JfMJo I t to Kfciind penalllrs and allow
ances 110 1 nomination 41 declarations Una mile and
a UBri
Uwrer hrosb f Dewdrop by FMRetto Explosion
llllelauirlillnl I t I
W L I cilt4 ih f jultn by Duke of 2laotenlaQuubie
his lKIIZialric 2
PreakneM Mnhleiib I e Linden by LonttfeilowIttiuie
Lewln III Hlaylock 3
Title 2ISi
nptllnn Five to I on Uewilrou 3 to 1 against Quito 15
to I against Undeii
Quito Kalloped out from a welllined start
leaHUB n lellw I h and n half on piiffltik the
ntiiml ami enterIng tho eviii mile liHwitron
HKCond At liill a mile from the Blurt MI
Iaiiulilln had lHwdron at QiiltoH uirth iiml
Llndnn ti Htiin oil Quito ami lewilrop run
luilf lapped with Julio leadlnc I to the bind for
the hoin troich where Molniiulilln let up a
little I I on hi lie double pull I and Untvilron ullilid
to the front tliroilLll the slush with the illmmt
sects nhowlni the way Into lp < stntlulit hy half
lenitth Coming held well in hnml flew
drop v > on the race without helnir I CII tti Ittugeul br
a length Linden fluUbud forty lengths behind
Free handicap sweepstake of f2ftesrb If not declared
ont wllhflU added ot which SttO to tho aecund
line mile and a half
Clifton tauleS ch f Tola 4 by Ton Broecfc Tscalco
VHIllerhanly 1
FMrfsi HiKllt tii I Uurast 4 bv llortciner Letula
lu7Unnhl 2
lit Helens oh e Lottery 8 by Olen Athol Lolta 03
lavl S
han Lynne and Ultimatum also ran
lime 2411 <
Bettlnr A alntt Eat Lynn a to 5 Ultimatum S to
h TolD 4 tu I Unrest II to I Lottery 120 lo I
Starting at the balfmlle pout on the back
stretch Uerlmnly Bent thu mare Tolu for the
race from the first bound Lottery clunv to tile
leader l durlnu the openlnir I halt mile when Un
rest headed the bunch that olmxHil Tolu two
lengths away Unrest cloned on Tolu alone the
baokntretrb and Molauich lu warmnd Eliot
Lynne Into a ant pac moving nn to tho lead
ers Unrest and East Lynne began drawIng
away from the leader on the far turn while
Tolu proved a stayitr In the mud Bhe was
never headed from the start winning the race
tour lengths In trout of Unrest Lottery third
ma coai TnuK mats
A free welter handicap nf JJ5 eoh if not declarail
out with fAOn added I CIUO tn sevonu rot of the slakes
enilemen rldirs allowed seven pound Ouo mile aleX
half a furlnmr
C Mnnraa hr t Elltabelb 4 by Btraclilno Blatle
IIJIMtipatrlcki 1
Freaknew P Stables U i i Uearfea i 4 by Ten Broeck
Mnllle Hnijem IJ4 Blaylook 2
B O Fate oh K Revoke axed by harry OFallon
Hallle Uowell llJlnev s
Sussex and Binnacle aim ron
Time 1 XHf
Buttln ASlnst BIUaelh 7 to n Revoke S to 11
Blunacle 4 to 11 I Huiei5tol II Heartsease S to I
FItzpatrick took the lead from an even start
followed by Uloylnolc on llHiirisKasn alone the
backstretoh where they charged the raco from
a close affair to A procession Elizabeth swung
Into the homestretch rather wide and Hnaris
ease slipped Inside closing up a cap of two
lengths on tbs run In Elizabeth winning a
length In front of Uoartseasa llovoku a poor
iaa IILLIKB uai
Purse IT 5CO for threeyearolds I I and upward i entrsocs
f2r l eelltiK allowances I One mile I
Mr Keleoaoti f Kdfefleld I I by Enquirer Orphan
Olrl 53 William IIi
RO W Waldens b f Utretla S by Tom Ochllirso
Lettv HBtMcKennH 2
J UcMahone br o Kraos Ward by Voltifeur tillla
84ralmer I 3
Adonis UonuloU WbUiilit Llui Mack cud blIss Daly l
aim rn
Time t4D
BettlmrAialnt Bonnie H oJ ate and Kdiefltld s to
1 eaell Wlllutlr 4 10 Is I Uule 1 lark and Frank Wild U
to I each l trella and Mm lialy 10 to each
Edcollnld had nn easy tack In this race Get
ting awny with the lead Williams rode him In
the vim from post to flnlnh winning throe
lnngth Iii I front oILeimllH Frank Ward third
Adonih llonnle b SilO Whltfh ptruiftfled
along the iirocosnlon t i thus sorrow of their nu
merous backer There was no bid for the
rune fiK of winch tluo to the ecoul Over the full
slr lilechn e cnuree
M 1 f I llitialiere b I Turn hirosim aged hyOUnell
Jnnir Ilrnwn 139tV liynilll I
EnreW Ktablos 1 b t Uurllilt Uy Kln < llaililodl l i
If I3l Lynch 2
Loiuciiani A Newituns ch h bratiam cut i yjjl
letlan Klclra m < f Jilirf S
Braewiiid ktgnlugton < liuturbaucs and Colonel Mar
rlt alsO rail
Time 51151
Blllnf Afalnet Tom HroMii ri to 6 Abraham ft to
21 I Disturbance 4 lo I I Braewood5 to It Wvrib Cslouel
Merits and atoainitun 10 to 1 each
Abraham led over the first hurdle Col Mor
ria passing him at hit usual fast pace 1A the
trlri > rtof tM hunt and trvklnz the second
hnrdls In the lead lie then kept up hIs repu
tation aa a bolter by going out of the course
D1Id TaCO In tbe lower Held Tom Drown showed
the war over the water on the first round
Braewood spilling his rider on tho second air
el of the fleld Tom Drown WM never ap
proached attar training the lead He wen h
al lengths Worth second and Abraham third
Tbs event In the six races for Tuesday will
be the Midsummer Handicap Tbe Dwyerx
have Inspector Doo Tom Martin Ulohmond
Bankrupt Pontlco Elmsndorf and Lulu In the
list to assort their claim to the stake
erect Tfclnga Kspe > ted lit tk fOallfltl
le > Ula Arab
PnTBDTjnon July 10The great Oallfornla
gelding Arab 217g Is tabled it the Driving
Park and slowly getting on edge His faat I
et mile ao far has been In 223 but he roes so
easily and his gait Is I so olean and frlctlonles I
that the experts inclined to believe that a
great deal faster time than that roust be mAde
to beat him Beta a bountifully built fallow
yellow bar with white star 159 hands high
and about 950 pounds weight Tin Is 8 years
old and br Artbrmon a son of Bambletonlajn
dam Lady Hamilton a mare of unknown pedi
gree lie cost lllckok MoCord and Porlur
Asbe the running horseman who own him In
thirds f 2250 a rear ago and 130000 has been
refused for him
Arab will start first this ssason In this 917
class ut Detroit and will come down the circuit
Bnforo long be and Ilarrr Wilkes will trot
gainst each other In n match
Hlokok says about 8t JUlien The old king
Is In a paddock and shoelepa l near Santa Rosa
Cal and line not done with the track yet He
can trot a mile In U i 15 tomorrow
now His Attempt to Knock Nolan Out
Bcanlled In Disaster to Himself
CINCINNATI July 10 Thoro never was nn
athletic exercise In Cincinnati that barf oc
casioned HO much after talk as the Nolan
liurko fight at Chester Park last Monday Jack
llurkos face shows how badly be was bruised
Over his loft eye tho eyebrow being repaired
with court planter lie wears a grOen shade
His right eye fared scarcely better though ho
leaves Its black aud blue uiionvortd to the pub
lic wire Tb night after tho close of the lUht
Jacks ell and jaws worn turrihly bruised anti
swollen lIt furo tllo 111ut he said I will make
u monkov of Nnlan Ill knock him out In lour
rounilc After It I I win OMir ha pxpr > mi > il great
aHtonUhmnnt to hit irleuJn und to OliO of tlniti
hunald oo AftuiI Inn1 In my null In limit llrit
round I was oonvln 1 fl 1 1 couldnt knock Nolan
01110 Until mon wars in tip top trim Nolan
lim I trnlnriil I I Inn ilajtt t for thnjunu f light and two
woke lor MID light nf th Fourth
Cnrafiil oliioivcrs In sizing up the two men
say tlmt Nolan ilom not holY the ccliiuoo thtt
liurkn u ilnen hut tIm itt he is I u morn artful I
dodgnr a biirdT Ii itt r1 hotter I I n tight icr and
line a lunger reach In I Bhorl Nolan lacks Ill C
nrtltlofs allt LrncM nf a noll > hi > it tuiullUt It
Insulil that Nolnn will go tat for three or four
mntiths t nil II I 1mg uiilurn I to aetr Afor that I
he In to bo tile champion pirhapn of ti
world so onthuilaitlis experts piedirt II Is I
nlxiiitfiO yearn old anti IH I a trilla taller than
It it riot Until I i I tlini t or four yart ao hn
worked hi a Hhoi fa toty MInce thnnliulnis I
liuin keeping a nalium on Vino utretit Ills I I
first iiiipiariiiici In public wee nualn t lrcilA
of California two years or moro ago at tho
llrnnd Otter llouso hut truitu uiint Brooks up
when thn pollcu stoppd tIme light
TitEr IlHJl iiiitus lJnI r
ID Expedient thaI Ilr > lppil Two Ilureemrn lo
Whit n Lit of Slnnry
PlTTSlUJltail July 10Thero was a HUlo
scone at liouivwood Park that was very litnr
metIng last Monday W II Crawtord who
used to mallllCO the great Case stable has one
of his own this AlIson It Is a very choice ono
too containing Endymlon 226 Charles nil
ton 22214 Alert 224V and Problem a very
fast son of Kentucky Prlncn able to go below
22u but without n mark The central tlguriM
In tIe veemue were Clmrlns Hilton nn entry In
the 222 race Crawford ami Orrln Hliknk the
great driver of Hi Jullrn Lucy Jtidgn Fuller
ton Sniita ClHiin Uviirmnn anil who has just
comu from California with Anth
Illrkok was itrlvliii Charles Hilton anti had
gone three imumtme anti loiiml out without win
ning ouo of them ttmt ho lind tho epeed of f tilt
ff J rI1 I f r 8hb lr 0h Ii NIII
croup nnd multi win if his horio hold up Hut
Hilton would not IIIVOlil out and lllckok and
Crawford wore In n fearful strait They wanted
the purxo and the pool tickets on thlr htiro
wbnHoli for about SH III unn nnd wore rniuly
to perxpiro for nun I I hmtn If I uci inarr Hut Hint
wouldnt do flu horso wis doing thn trot
ting nud haI 1 to IIi a < ool ilenl more of it So
tho wily pair took n despernto almnoo Hilton
watt tiikiiu ton pit IMP tlrencheil wth cohlBprlng
water and wrnppil m hlnnkiti ItliroiiLht I tho t
sweat and Hilton won the trot In limo ltutvnili
heat Htckok and Crawford cot tha cash ou a
goodly pile of tickets about ItiSUU
Jf1lb1I1 iiirrrtfs vtcxic xowr
The Aaiemblrmau or ikitt llulrlct Does Nut
Forarett the Inme Hall and llllnd
Tub lottor Was received yestoriliy by tho
R cltton Commlttau of Ansemblymnn Tummy
Matters big excursion Witch will descend on
IllvoTVlew Grove on the Hudson on July 20
P5cC Tosserm I havo lieerd that ye are getting np a
big eicurmon and I have Just thounht that It I could
oult Ret nruuud in the excursion uurgn niay be thin
putt of thH oiild folk wul oKiilt for tuft Im Ion ioor
tog lo tillexena or a carrtHkfe l > ut Mr Mclliltlil
sa > s s 4 disc itt ilmu loan ot her twu gate nml 1 wet
carl III I roiihl oily rite liwn In I them lo llnvtr In ft
lurk ll > ou think thor Ii daiur r of nty fa Mini out
an1 tiurtiiirf IIIlt wnree than I nui nw I I nm 1 drug
enri irh for flu < ourn0 I am sore Yr lnnuIUeil friuuul l
hfI H one HTKKkT I utica llNaill
Tommy Matter KIlY tlmt ONnll tell from his
coal cart alout t elulit years ago atm ii iiilnluiil I
nn Injury to lilx Hiilne Unit conllne him to h hiM
lied I Hn IH I 72 y IIlr ° old Tommys hrotlnr
Kd I who Is a cai Itiilla i nnd I IH I Mntiillnir I tln
Bummer In his cotla n at Far ItoRknwny wall
Hunt for lie instructnd I the t c urn in ttcetolook I
un nil thin ilereplt and 1 Hiiffiirlng puopln In the
Fourth antI Sixth ward anI havn thnm taken
to thn plrnlo hnieH im July 20 In carriage
and send the bill to him
Tlrlgklnn Ilenek ttaieee
There was a large crowd nt the Brighton
Beach races yesterday Netrly every flniih wa cloee
and exciting and the M > nlaune wa liberal but the track
we a mass of mud The lint race was fur a puree of
2U for threeyearolds ttireequartsre of a mile nine
tartars ohr lIt the lead anil was never headed
He won hy two lengths mint Quliicr 1 h5ll I Hill Brian
tblrd Certllloatei paid 311116 place fl IA33 Qulncy
liaui f 13 Kl
Hecoud Itaoc turia S2U1 fr all age one mile slut f
starlei 1 The old I war home I I ariium iiliUtflifd Ihrouuh
lliimud I like a loconiollvi and wn In I a cmitir by three
leigh 1 is in I 4il MralbMiev II necoli1 i Vatllter I third Or
Bcntr belt 7 itS pUo I tTrill Mr lhP > ey mall l > tin HH
Third ItIur f Vl i Ihreeiiuarlere 01 l a 110 m elx
starter llnrHeld Wos the nnt ti lake the rack near
the lole but old Uictory Jim kepi at work jI mining
gnid eii Ktrong on llii nomtMrrtih I riilut1 throiuli
lie bunch itnd won by two lengths In IrJIVj I larreld
5e011 i Nianillrorl l Keller 1 llilrd m I Cernlcale paid fI7U5
piece IUHV llarned panlZIMO
The od hone rellowplay broke down In this race In
one uf 115 forward lega
rnlh luce Pur > e f23O IhrfeqnarlfM of a mile
five clatters Jonkev ItMrrion I by ilvndld riding with
whip and I MUr itrew away at tne tlnl I h and won with
Urtiif H by half a linittfl In tlll Manllulia Seroid
Weiilinore third Iertlttcatee ball fat 60 lilacs foUO
Manitoba ualil f 15
Kirth llace Iune U5 even furlongs six l startem
NiIir ran away from i hue li liunrh and t wnn In i a galop by
three lengths In I ili Ullvette fcMI MoiUul llilrl
Orllneates paid fulj place II35S Olivtlte paid
Kixth Rare rare I 92V for all apes seven fiirlongst
four tarlera Blue My thn favorite won in lMIiby
four length In front of Harry Mann Soprano thiril
Certificates paid f30 ilaoe S4U Harry Maun paid
7k e Anelraillmn Cricketer
B J Warding manager of the Australian
leant of cricketers has written to a Newark cricketer
that bell anxious to play lute team this autumn la tins
city Philadelphia Boston sod Toronto Ua wauU a
guarantee tether than run the risk of a poor attend
ance or bad weather Mr Wanting through Mr Alciiok
ot the Hurray Cricket gut inaite this proposition tn K
l HUMll tr uf the rmlaJeuHa match aomniittea Mr
Blltell wrote esWrday that the flUladeluluaus could
make the Australian no guarantee and were Jut as
anwllllur Cs they were tn run lb risk above men
tioned Besides there Is no much cricket aid Mr
Jtlt < eiL Cost for the fall that the ICI lhll lelihlans
could nnltmakH any move In Its mailer Thr uhnca I I
sire that tna Auitrallane will not come ri hi 11T way nuleas
tuej dtcUU COWl at thtlr un rIck
The Crap Itporl fur July
WA8 1fOTON July OTho cotton return to
lbs Uiparunent Agriculture for July I ittus that the
general average of condition UMI I It I t was h87nnttie
lIt of June Last yenr It was Win I July a rhl of four
potntk during June Favorable weather in I July with
prnuuupt Htroclon < I of wied niai i advance I condition I
C ut further ruin IT lolnr 1 conllnud 1 Ii I d rut lit would work
struts Injury lo I tlie rri > i While a fair product may
ret be neihUi Ciut of tliu MiMUall I i tue coiHllllon of
hat tirllou l uf tlie crop uiajr t cuiuldercd uuiewhat
The acreage of corn has Increased 3Li p ir rent or
about two and a half million mTr Corn is I late 1 un the
Atlantic cutest from net c saute cool nlghia and low
geruuluu ci tout In I miny eli uahioit UIH ied rottvit and
rellintlug beC4ine nrteaary Vet there U > en r > llr I a
fair slaiil and the crop I growing and healthv and
with erHSonnble July wrathr vtlll I make a lull vllt I
T hll ri lro ii rllI y aIt
Thegtuaral average u 85 agalnsiM last year cud M m
Tlie condition of winter wheat has declined from 027
to 811 The condition of spring when has declined
from W ID June torts In h onnaeoueiK of high tempera
lure doing winds and lack of rain
The condition of oats averagsa Ia decline of seven
Bye fully maintains Its position averaging S3 Tas
ran cuAtiiioNa DEPBAT me DK
ne Hew York Tent Whipped by Ike mi
4lphlnM nrovklrii HMIMICM ts Bear n
Victory bit the Indium are Haf > 4
Chlenjfo made another etrldo toward tho
Lcaaae pennant yesterday by defeating Do
troll while Now York lost a game to Philadel
phia Tho Western clubs of the American As
sociation Oftmo out ahead In yesterdays ames
although Brooklyn scored a victory
The Philadelphia team defeated Now York
yeiterdny by hlttlne Welch hard alter the fifth
Inning up to which time they bad obtained but
two singles The rlaltnra six hits were seat
tered through Uo different innings Casey
pItching twine very effective Philadelphia
oorod three run In the sixth Inntntr on four
hit and Connor muff ot Dorcane throw on
a pretty piece of fielding tiy tue latter player
Dutlna soared In the seventh Innlnc on a two
bucBir an out and a > bad throw by Ward and
the sitma nlayar scored attain In the ninth on a
double Ksterbrookg muff of a thrown bull
and a lly tothe outfIeld New Yorks only ran
Wits scored by Wnrd In the fourth Innlnc Illn
third strike bounded away from UrOuIr anti
on attempting to steal second Carroll dropped
tlie thrown bull Ward then cnmo home on
Dorgana single Miiioy wee sIck and retIred
after betting in the first Inning The score
ruli3rKuri seT voax
Lii PO At clLpo A a
Mulvey Cd btu U 0 Cu ii OhteurkcfO I 2 0 1
IrwIn S S 5 0 flonnir hut bU 0 ii U 1
Wnodlf0 0 2 0 QWsrdse I 0 4 5 I
ttalty C f I 2 0 it Kiehsrdsuuu lfu I 1 0
Fottarty r C 1 5 5 0 0 Itorgelu r f U I 0 I 0
Parrll 24 bt 1 2 2 lttrhirk lii bc 2 0 2 I
Tartar Iatbu OIU 0 Ii 0 Ii 2 1
IlaetluunauI ui2 2 I I 0 Weigh 1 1 Ii
Mcuttuure 0 3 1 2 Urbar1i 211 bt 0 4 2 0
I 0 5 I
Totals1 52722 5
Tohat 8102117 B
0 0 0 0 B I 0 1S
Earned runs Flillailaliihla 2 Tuahtuhltr Bastlan
3 Itlrhunlion I r art lalllt haslry I Wild pitch
Welch First ha siml huntlNpw Ytirk I Flrt Iuaus t ou
errors NVwTorkU rhlla < ltll > hia 2 Htrurk out New
Ycrk4 llula > lillla 1O Uanblt > lays Irwin Fans
aol Kurrar Umpire Uurry
The greatest game of biiRn ball over played In
ClilcuLO was tlmt of yiijUnrilay between tho
ChiiaLOR timid DotroitH anti tint Internal ot the
IROUU Iooulo iirifont was liitense Tile Clilcn
COR iilnrnd In an iitisolutoly perfect ntvle ami
the visitors nero not one whit behind Thn
bittlni WIts In Clilcncos favor to tho I nttont of
dovon hIts wlh H totiil of foiirtnen buisos
while I I Glnrkfton itch I thn I vlsi I firs down In u flvn
tills fur a totnl of tutuvutmu uwlnu to lllcliiinlHoiis
thr bniriTMr which win prupurly n homo run
bult lIe win lipid nl tlitnl by llanlon to kceiu
ClarkSMti nn hit uiirvo Tim cxci to nit rut In I lie
lnHtlin I f of t lIe I lOut I Innlnc i I when ill ciumtrdto
htul a thrpohii tfT antI WK followAil hya ims o
hit I t bv Thotni Kiin was Ititonpn i Li err norvo
wii4Ktriiiiu to itt iitMiimti nnd when tIle hat
man wax initniit i Ii l r IftITir tiu I > rulit xii tI tin was
iuiHfruiid i I howl I nt victory Nnvcr In I tlo iiis
torr I ol I th gui tutu In t Ii itt city lia tlmnxiltn
niiitit lifen viiinillHil Sotnn grant Ililillni was
clone on buth side anti Hiindny titers l off time
palm for linn work Thrn come Flint arid
Ileflor with ilnuble plays The score
uuuctmtn Detail
Itelrympl I fu u II 0 tt1 tllehirutnn I f I I I It 0
lure I uu I it ii Tliouuluoi F lit I it 0 Ii
i4uttlay I t it it C II i tt t hi
2 12 ii ii llut it II I 3 I
PieCer 31 Ii 0 it 4 2 I tI lull ii I it it ft 1 1 ii
0 I I t it leuel ii II 2
Buure 31 I ii I o u ii ui uuiurt o It t
InI ksuuuu Ii 0 1 I S t I letritt p I I t U i
biiltt C I I 3 1 U Crautclul 7 I U
Toiels B 7 47 14 2 Tiutels I h27 lb a
rhlciun 0 o 1 1 o t o I u tiS
Detroit 0 0 0 tI 0 0 O ii I
Fariuel 1 rmi rhiian 2 Detroit 1 Home run
Atluli Tn these hue Flint and Williamson Three
laie lilts llalrymile r Itlchnrilem Pu Cecil luutllvKeit
1111 I irst l Late uit lialla iiilcairu 1 Delhi I I Flrnt
Ine nn erri > r Clnciuii Ii I I Ditrntt 1 Struck out
Ch echo 3 m Detroit Ii 1 Uounl plnyi FIII and Ana n
rfefferand An on leT7 < ln BpnuiMt t and Danzil Buses
eiole i Dnlmniile Total lett nn bare Chicago 2
Detroit 3 Tune l5o Umpire Mr Couuell
Two thousand people taw nn excitIng and
splindldlv played gnme between the Metropoli
tan nnd CmoiiinutiH yBierliiy In which there
wore no runs ncored until the tenth Inning
when two banns on balls and two hits gave the
ClnilnnulH linen rum and the game llolbert
inailii tile only error of thugiimu n wild throw
wlilch bad no Influence on tlm score It was n
lleldlng coniKHt In whlili the homo club al
tnoukh I outbattiid cniim out test llrady inndu
n haniMome cntth and the playing of Corkuill
ilcihee and Feuuolly wits One Flue store
cltuciiotaTi MiTtoPoLitoa
K la POAx LhrO AS
JonvilfU i 2 o o Nelson a o u u 2 0
Cnrklilll r f ii 2 3 3 II Roiemnn c fO 0 I o O
C rp ntfr3J ho o l l p ilrr 1 b I 1 U o 0
Ie in c i f o t o o ttvtuiinii Slut O I 2 o
Milllrr ZI bl II M u S O II I uututue I f ti 2 0 o o
tvuMti y I t u I It i It u ru for a i o 3 4 4 o
MrlllV It ll I I IJ O II iinid > r f o 1200
MnMUnc O 1 II o II ilu I ITI c o 1 Hi o 1
Ic I eiilmy i > o u ii 0 oisinn p o o o 3 n
Tnlitln a b M U I u TotaU II TUIll S 1
rinclnimtl o o 0 hI o 0 ii 0 0 33
ilttriMullall O OOUUOOUO tIti
KArniil riiu ritiflnnatl I Iwobjife l lill llrr
Iaonl liilllhllrri I I Will pliclr Itclnny I
FIre l liue nn bBlli UO 1eclilliey 11 ud Ma l3 Llll
plrv Vtileiitliie
AT PITTS ntjnilH
The home team ntlttilliyutui thus Brookline at
nvnry point yi fli rilav but ocr lenten tiy lie
vmltort biinchliiB thlr hits In thn ninth In
nltiB I Umpire Ilraill I I y an ilu I I I favnrd tun I B rook
Ivtiln close ilHpiHlnim inuih to the dissatis
faction of thIn spectators The scnrn
pitmeceume iioueLyg
jute mo A I imtcPOtr
Brnwiu r F I U 2 ii it Pliutney 31 Ii ti tt 1 I 0
Larrull f t U 4 0 tu Mutilloti2l hO 0 2 4 I
trkley 21 but 2 5 4 ii Surcriutueolrf I I 4 0 I
ituuulilu tu a S I Hitruh I I 2 0 I
Itueiuie3tu1 I I tu I lul tuiuiflV 11 t 0 tt 0
I liii It ii H I I lIt 1111 is I at ii I 2 II I I
t I I UI I tt Ii 2 ii
tullr 3 1 us 0 II irttuo ii I 2 ii
Utibymu 1 0 I Lu Clot ° 2
Totals 7 HJ Ill 3 Total 9 7 31 a U
One man out when wlnimiic run made
IMtthnrith I 1000101 04
Brooklyn 0 I 0 t o I 2 0 o 0 25
Kiirned mm Hrnnklyn 2 lillsiir < h I Threel e
hit Kuvhe rnr > rl lill l lurk 2l Miller I Will
purlieu MtukliiH t I I Firm inc t tin IHH HIT heIdi Il
nil luau tutu s Hirnrk litthy llnrltlnrt 3 Ilnuhlo
puv Suiitii and IIkliv m ill ii It iturk iv and feboui
berg McClcllati and IliiPips Umpire Bradley
Klnirttoiis 1 1 0 0 I 6 s a 09
Troys 32O02110O
Foten Island I 1 0 0 0 0 1 a 0 n
Maslau OOSta000b7
Idew York Fire Depirtunentt il 0 0 O 6 I 0 SIS
YuUALoune II O0200001 3
Jersey nines 0 2 4 O 1 0 0 0 7
bylvani O 01000010 2
Tong Island AthletIcst 0 1 I 2 I I 4 112
tikellys U H000140O I B
Nvack 2 0 0 1 S 6 3 0 1IC
Voojiuick o oonooooo o
AT TUX POLO oiotmns
long Island I 0 o 8 O 2 I I8
Monroe i oaaoaooo s
Rnton 8 0100000 28
WashinKion 1 0 o 0 0 0 O o n 1
Base hlls Boflton 10 Washington 4 Errors Bos
Ion ul Waahmifion 1 fltchsra lUemmeysr antI ItaUi
Ft Louis 10O00004
Kansas City 1 1210202 AlI
llhie hitS nuts 2 Kansas City 17 Errors Hi
Louis 6 KausasCity7 1ilchers UeaJy and Whimsy
St IfmK 0 0000020 2 4
Baltimore I 0 U 0 I O 0 U O2
Bate hitsSt Louis Tl Baltimore 8 Frrors St
Louis 2 HallUuuro 2 Pitchers ellrly cod Fuiuiur
LnnlvUlo 0 0200200 04
Alhletlo 3 U 0 0 1 0 U 0 UJ
Base hits Louisville Hi Athletic 7 Errors Louis
villa 3 Athletic9 ritcbera llsokor and AydslutL
Monitor 0000B000t3
Atlantic 0 000303010
yas 0515
Al Brfn Polntllr oklrn AUilello Clublm i Bergen
At ilott Haven Karl A WIlson Tl Arnold Consta
ble A Co 4
At Toronto Tnronln 101 Sulfate 5
At llainlllon llamiltun A UiiehesUr 3
At Macon Macoti B Naihrllle 1
At Kathcrforil llulhrrdinl 9 Mule rails 0
AtOrotuu Kall lrutnu Kails 14 Ut Kuco 10
At Htateii lilautB A O Telegraph lUj UanhatUu
Buirlct 11
TIT iticnnn
Iwr cent
Worm jolt Flayed wn
i lbS
ttulvamut It tA 732
Sew lurk 31 15 53 eia
ihullautlpltia 2il 411 tbel
Si III 62 CIl
IL Lottie Ill U b4 VA
Keutsas City IS 54 47 2711
tasimiugtto I 11 47 mi
CeaiCAN AnltuialiOt
rer cent
hIn 1stC rlopeA I von
Si inill tr 23 i7 eli
PlilcitUhlit ol 211 01 6SI
tiruklyus 61 031
touuiuIIe 4 Ku fit bt7
87 71 < 7i
Athletic liii 52 58 414
htetrtitolltan 211 51 5 4111
InS lit 037
tcr cool
Was jut llaved wi
15 S 411 324
ltochsar 7 le 43 527
III 41 dutu
iS 43 5141
hhcnitttOU 25 15 44 05114
Sacabo ItS CO 44 4O
btnghiezntomi IS Ii 43 sus
4 <
Jcr Cent
Wbc La F1a wets
flsrga P1st II 5 0 4155
4 5 1155
Staten Iiiud 3 5 I 575
Bzooklyu C 5 5 575
Wa ZoU riius Prn
Bowart Si It 43 744
Wsterbtryy 27 12 55 5152
hhartfnril 23 IT 1 1175
Jeropy I Si 52
rld2pOtl ta 54 42 45
82 ss 200
50020N irvia mlAcce
r PhIL
WtflI Lest rlaped woe
Tugbkespes 21 0 tb 7
II 35 tSth
10 H
Yrny IS 15 51 Sul7
Saratoga 7 22 15
Anion hti paid that 11U fine
Tbs lDter > stt L aftt disbanded
Olurll JOQM of the Clou Jan ui it iuarrU1
ThtUtlcai at happy trer th Syracuse downfall
The BUck Dlamoudt mr In prttt fair chap Just now
The Brooklyn uam bane not stolen many base OB
this lila
TbLudlanuanaotverywallgt 4tva oinen farther
In ha race
Hronklrn win hare to do some sharp work to bold
hIM plc
Th Wantilnf toa Glob la tying Corcoran at aliort atop
With success
Itorgen has mauls a da ahowlnfta the flehil line ttit
club left haute
There will b i treat rush of bass ball clubs to Call
foruuta this fail
Thj Rsyannsb Club hu recovered fron IU ro nt
fluauclal trouble
Decker thf ia < ehtr whom Detroit has Jait bought ot
Maccc eost ahkt
The Octrntt Club paid IOOO l for lie malaise e f gjnltb
br the Macos Club
OKourlu Han Wen a r luabl naato the 17e w Torlii
on tin pren iit trip
Thing will be Interesting on the Polo grounds before
nuny day bare pact
John t Knft > re nf Ihe FhUadelphU Club Is I preparing a
new set of ulHylutr rules
J A 11il It left at the bat and focI to the bat flnt
tit tb followUiK lun 1 1 IK
Ttue Miartcstinn Club has bought fiulllvan from the
LouUvlll Club for t2iM
The Cuban tilnnte Hare arrancod to play a crleeof
Valuta next winter In Cuba
ClMelaml is wnrklnjr tIerS to hare an Atnoclatlon club
plated 111 tlltfcttjr belt va oiw
The Loiisf IrUiMl Club and the Cuban GIants play at
the Urund shred t tfrouiuU tudnj
McUtnnl the Intvlr r leiiio < l pitcher of the Browne
has triitid cilIa the Unllluinre Club
Thi Pasitilu fliitl WulVawAke hub play at the RMira
wutij Athletic Ulut ifruiiiKlH to iUy
Lurrv NiriarAii CKII bat oincwhat and has already
niatle u faIr tiu tug with the villlow
iwi lucy of the St Louis Left if tie Club bas been en
Bmffil hut t lINY I with HIM i > rncu e Club
Ilir I IaltlttiirM Cub hud rtUvncil Ireer and enffigcd
NHVU Ite rib aninh ctttIier In hm > Uie
If t lute InHtrru Le atue U tn riced < l if AH umpire let It try
Julm K Ciip titi old 4NfVv Yurk player
The YH I aiit Tivti ntil the Irtrk tltv chile are con
leSt 11mg the binittvur chain pi nu In II i ot Jmiiifcticnt
It I 1 iitHlcrittMiil I lust n trek nrtr bo f > pp < iist In tiO
Ain rlcua AuMiolatlon Iv fur lie rinl uf tli ititim
A deal in n porte t bftucrti iht hL Ionti Rnnvnn and
Hie IlttitliUfKli I Uub Lktliaiu lit to fo tj 1ittnl uriflt
TIle Itrunklyne lark I iUni wlilrh llio cluh llnnkn
gIves ihcin lout Bhuultl iiAve lit I eu taken nimbi them
Bv thn way the Miuthrru L itifiie libelers are tielnjf
lulu ll lonk his tliDUafh tlie Legute I iin dial > to rcUtt1
Ioott till fT a uri > rifto In lute Ii lit Tie unenHluc
of the dittcrcut club would iit < licatu that IMuethiiitf Wa
citlu log
Kumle crews tn he In hinl Turk with hid Baltimore
Cluir 1liH more hu trie to Htretutlivii it tie wor v it alt >
impure to arm
bit Jnt Jirfmrdt neem tn have fouril the bull nnd
linn iiiful inxru hltt untitf ito past wsvL ihuu lot e
iiiuiiili IrvI hUn
Thr ffeiiiral work nf hut New Vorkn fflnco titer left l
hnuir h tn iirrn o i thy bust avery titan lias pluyrd Uio
ifiiMif fur ltd lu I Mtlui >
lImo itimu tt its e that I S helm the MttnipIltan9 tft home
lit 1 u ifiMinc to Kea tlntt lit lucky tfrutu Hug llimt 0 nI
tIle utruuuuie curry ilu >
The A lit tOlIC luh nmtinffcrs my thnt tinre will hi a
tciitTHi ryl Out iif tie entire traIn whou tile ciub re
tui I nn from it prtHtiit tour
Time Brooklyn Cluh are reoon tructlnfr their had rnns
at iViiiiiiutmi 1irk Kirflit incite of ciuUcm are ut l
ouverctl by I four iiiclicn ot luain
O ll Srhmnltrtfof the Utlea Cluh who hnn iron con
rlored tho leO I > U ret Imne man In hue Mutu Lwisgit has
been vtiiciiRfil h the I liMjurtfh Club
If Chris Vnn tier Ahe alteniiits to hay nut the Jllnrk
DiuinonilH tlitre will botrouiHe M Louis would mtk
atuua Lrauitc ciiy fur a utniiin club
Tde NA < < au Athletic Chih lm seenrtd plnro In the
atnniviiruii4iiitiiuuiiiip rtwr with u tnlr ohtuice vl let <
trrinir tiit Ir IMMIUUII > v illitn tile next ten Uu > s
Hy the I loot a umf the amount L of linen that are being hn
po td on piajtr l > y the uiniiircd it HtiuM erin uri
tloiuh thev Initial tu protect tlieniaclvcsi ut uny cost
llm niiiiiHtreiiivnt of th Haltuuoru ritib has vitftivil
Tout Do in iio rcctnty UitK humiruici Cuti utter of thu ai
LmiU IPMTtif tatn for tic rtiuannler ot thu Bcanoii ul u
enlarj < t f liHJu
The lu let tIle Club hurts euutmu mel a new Mayer tiimril
HylvtMttr fnrmtrty of ttie MtuiiiiTii i I LeaKiic The raili
tIlts nvit n > rrd ih aavAiinali iiiiinutcenicnt tAOJ for the
release of Luhiis
Tu In y 8 Inolunlve the Ienfrue niyte 103 home run
The UithiuiH Imve intKit IU Citcmctm iit 0 liftruitM21 I
Ktiii Uny M Ntw Yurk 8 riiUatMhliiS ll b ot
LIH 11 I VK Hliifi IU
Therv mc i < natil lii ht < citiiHiilerntilt fntimlatlnn tn the re
pIe Ilial tlieLeattliu Slit American Clnlrtnt M tutu 1
Hie lu c eli I ile Ihe trot irycr of uutll cuhl tu
COlUlltUlt UK hew Luuifttr ItUt
TIn ic littiu lo frmitu report th t it the Leitru4 arm I
Strut tit sU iuuimii 0 ill tv culutuillhuiid tt a ire MH
Hn Intuit nf teuu liLa I lit lf mte t I eat that they
ulpui < tti to take in tii > of the toe > n iitliuti vintiM
uiu their flrutt teltlu t Iii Iii lItttututiu huluu lire
gilt u ti ci nuue it its p re mit nil lucy iSuitu Cit
tultu II wluu uI tIle 01 Cl trIl itt Sit tluC dulile frtui
Ilu CitcusCe iiilli irlu lute ltoIFlil hue Iiul tlley
toiL tivi Cttluu ttme ClttiuitltIt tutd uiuuo irilui itt Ileuruue
it tttuttlmt it uteli fur smuieof tile wliiumliig lenmmui cliii
hut keel Cit t e umli llslmuuuuruu suutItthiliiit lila lute
pmulr Strut itice but SVti tIle clt4lutlutuitSuuu ltt lit Iruu t
uheulte it lutu tue tut mow vol i but ott imp ty regalia its Itt
011 tmlte tutu uit All IC r ihitrllt Is I iiu 1111 eomporh aOl
It m it III carry time t au Ulm is rI lum imu Ic
tuitt tuuirfrr Juturtmuii etys flu Hriuoltljn glaruis
Itch thu Ituutmlieiuv lieu flui yuuuu if lime Itt luu
tiroW ilL I Icy nil II tluurllithtI V S cit amt1 out
tulli tttt but oIeiiltv euuI tlutttlui ltuliy ralher t mliii
Ormltituilv Oitlotlc of I tlrlimtit iuilttlt illi ulriuhIl
Terry tI e mire tltu ills el btu ru utttere hit I mit coumilIry
Sn ill It umtul ihlutdlu Mt rumuuamty McCauley timtmi
the t et ruit uttu eleiltituuu
A hesuaitlt Irutuu Lotuteylile eoys iete liii wuiluig he
tiThe erect omit I in or w it I ii tIC tItSitti Ii lu titI ix
illeutt of tue i ml v tUlu lmd 1 ue uItutlul 1 It ojla S
out itt delutmuull agtuut cc it I a eli tlulWiu tluat it I
IttiltItill siti tltieonli tiudutimell tuf I it iug itili tile
0 5 luut Illume lb 00 hilt dcl hut iliti
titctt ii ruult im o itt imail hut t iluille I be telZd wuilu
dielute 00 ttt vrrtugu uuu1 1utiu us it tel it Eel 15 ii
I K lal I tilt lii Ill Inch EMIt tI tulate I a nileuitd
cut r Itt ii Woe k ttducub itutu Ci tic Iltit utie tiuut
amy hIt Iher utuud it tatucu stilt a Iyt
nIt Peter thai a tiIter fur it gtut wiiuuiu
to i feet ot It chit lu I lu iuimeruilely aid id
Ii bell tell itt tile leet tt mutt city tluutt lu titk IT TIle
rrur cuni the HI tie lux m iiir luim u llttoniinot hit the
ball out hcuuiinl tf lumu tilmuug nulii eli l it U atd thut
hr In in nil altnoil inlluile nu it M < lln cuiulition I he nmn
Kuintnt liiri tech f > rtel ht jiuldio OJIIIIMHI tu icy him
oil llitt Kill Ilu not kiln iiisf the n itore of 1 hit ntltitii
liiaavd cul I Jvwreii hiu truvib when lib utm to lute hat
after reiumim the fly tn centre tkld It HUH ndeinon
atmituii an cruel Cu that wimh itCh pour Alum Mutiul
lotitth at rhiUtttfo w lit n he broke it own Then li no
quintl I n tlutt HruiMiimf In I alttou an tat lly oil so Mrlul
butch wan there tx I tiini talk nf aetidiihf him to lie I
Hot bpriiisO to reiujieraiU lutt the bellwt uf tbu e wUo
know biiu is that he IK l > f > ouJ help
Dry UiKMta Clerk Try Their Muscle
Three tboueun pennl ptiBhed and crowdod
one another on the vruunda of the 111 suit lillut ti Atluvtiu
Club yesterday afturnoun to sea the ninth annual VHIIUS
of the emplijree of Jnmes Mcirvery A Co Ktrtnvof
the erenta were open to members of the different alb
letlc chubs and men front Intl I A Tui Ions Mac > s LM
Boutilllera Sierna DfiinliiKs illl other large dry
goods hoUscn competed fur medals The hundred yards
da h was won by I T Davis In 11 I seconds
The one mile walk was won by F GuttnchallL In 8 mln
utes B euonds
A quartermite obstacle race was wnn by J J llerndnn
In ills onetulle run there were thtrtseven entries
The first pill i gold watch was ifmn tu J H bheller
fruin Win Burr 4 Co shove imt WAS 4 minute 514 tea
oiuia and the iccotid prU I itr watch to I T Davis
of UcCreerys time 4 minutes iVJ aeronde
The 230jards dash sac won ty J Solomon In 3ui
ieCtttile She thretileirfiptt race esutue ilUlatice ace won
by Ueaiirs r U Hurku and I P 1 UVmiiiMr
J T atuKtnn put the IHpnund ahot 27 feet 10 Inches
and A Unhurt threw I nMt lutiiit I shut U feet U inches
both wlnuimr guIlt mrdnla
Tlio Imlfnlla walk fir tuv was won by W Hall In 4
niinutf 28 strcoinla
A haftnik run open to alt mrmtirrn of athletic club
wai mm by 1 1 lompklnt Manhattun A O in 2 mm
ute4k seconds
J K l Logan won thu rutiiiing high jump with 4 Net 11
The rMyards hurdle race was won by J F Logan in
80i vrrnnila
A natfnill run for stock boys was won by A Baler In
2 mlhutPst 21 svcmidn
Urimrnnent r I pulled two other departments all to
pIeces in the lug of war
I T taIls won the 4tO yards run tn 54l seconds
In the rich buys tu4lwsr forty kids tujfired twIst <
ed squinne l and did their beat to < lefcat forty other
kMs 1 h prize was three days holiday
On the True at AVuiklnvton Pnrk
CmoAoo July 10The Washington Park
track today was In fair condition First Race One
mile BolilnglraE Bride SUJU Wargn 73 Withrow
935 Mtiryo won ridden out by half a length With row
rcondkBride a tad third Time 1 r4fl > tiutuets pall
911 sSh
Second Race One and a quarter miles Lisore walked
over for half the money
Extra SellniK Kace StTencUhths of a mile Betting
Knatere fUMIi 1 arrlnifton MO Jim Nave ttmllSt Held
f 175 fiotltre won by one length Titrtar second a head
In front of Sarrlngton third Time 120 Mutual
paid f U3 sa
Third IUcoTha Columbia Stakes One and three
quarter miles Bettlnn Volanle FITS Lime Uwy r
rut field HA r lnnte wnn In a irallop by smut lentftlH
Lile ltw > er aecmiil Hiuii tt third away uff lime
ami kiuitial Paul l 104 7u
Kourtlt lUrt nntvuiMe heats First IleatHeilitig
llouedile flaiS trih Tut flnt Uu > itblaik Sibt Ctld
5ttl ilutuetale SOIl by ou Unfth Honiblack occult
lliudr Knwlinr Ihlnl Tim I 4L iluiuaia pail 113 itt
h toiil atHetllnir hiuupculsle Silk Utah fat tUt
BtMthUcaC7V field tia Inch fat won by a head
llniUic aaounl Hontlafk third Tlm 141 I Miliuall
laid S nil I itIrd tueat51ttutig Irish rat SlUt llupe
dale 510 llnpadale tool tba lead Irish Pat whoa up
tlope < lale won the beat and rae br four lengths Irtsb
fat a crti < l Time I TO thuds path M 60
Fifth Rao SttepUchaae short course Battlnf
Retry OMoreMO B Mpbaas 601 Aaooli 5il Bald
575 Buoepbalus won by one length Hock second bulls
boik tlsft4 Tints IUQ Clusbl paId 1150
nth iitctntATiov or nvrLirAtt TO
kaaes at UstaWrsg aad JIrM wIth Sbe
fknmplon McCnfTrey Mad ilitck Dempsey
140 550 Keep ynnr Ere no Jurt FWcartvl
Thero was more talk lost week over thi
big fight that didnt come oft than there would
hnvo boon over a dozen contasti botvraon ordi
nary pugilists Sullivan complains agood deal
about the hardship he Is put to In being com
pelted to give up a share of the gate to gs
men to fight him It begins to look as thooBb
he would not have a ohanoa to glvo anyone
share for some time to coma atlonst In Nutty
York or Its Immediate vlcltttr It will bo well
nigh Impossible to bring off any contest for
gate receipts In which hole concerned as nprln
elpnl Ills course of life has so antagonized ear
tain elements of society that the mention of his
name oa a contestant spurs then Into Immedi
ate and active opposition to the schema They
know from his record that ho will not ° sp
In any contest In which Ills reputation Is ml
etakf and that the Instant he fools that his op
ponent has tho shad the best of It even If but
in appearance ha will pat forth his every en
ergy and slur him without mercy Ills this
quality that makes the admirers of pugilism
forgive his many faults but the former ele
ment takes no stock In the announcement teat
he la to spar for points merely and It will
make Influential opposition to any contest ° ° °
which It Is announced that ho la to appear
Had tho chumplon listened to the advice and
warnings of friends he might today bo as
popular as John C Heenan was In his day
He has not done so but on tho contrary b
has behaved at times so outrageously that
ho has grieved and shamed his warmest and
nearest friends The American people lore
couroco and admlro physical ability and skill
but they have no affection for the man who Is a
barroom bully and brawler A great many
would hatH to BITI Sulllvm whlpiwd by Mitchell
bxiauxn Mltchnll Is nn Englishman ami nntlon
oh tinkle would bo hurt br the thought that K
Johnny Dull had donned n man born nn this
boil but If holllvan la tvvrbcnten bra native of
AnmriCH tUne will be MIMIIIS of joy from nvwrT
hnml t vlllnue town and city In the land
John L BulllvHii U not a popular man and he
lunnuonu to Ill hIlts but hlniielf I I for tho fact
He may menu woll out hull Is paved with good
liilentloim thoUHiiiidH and mllllcns ot them
miicli liHttHrthan nny of hlrt 1 fol uuli iWHiiriul
Pa l ShenilvH curd CII allttnuch rug Hiarld Hyan
nnd MiCafTriv ti input Hullhan fi r lbs linnrflt
ot time Home Hulo fund wni a bl I for ponulnrity
for him that fxllml of its ui poon In Mm lint
pai no uch exhibition I mill I Ins p < < rmlin > d to
lake placo and in thn sneond tho fact has
IHBII mitt Ihioluluti uttuui that I tot hI MiCanruv I and
II arid bland nmdy to Iliiht Biilllvnn Ion finish
without n Cent of riwnrd otbrr limn victory
over him I coult I I tu it ill conlimtM bu fi utlu bit 1 say
tranklv lInt I dont bnllnvn that olthor Henrld
or MiCatTrey can whip Sullivan harrliii neol
dnntH It IM IH well antI lit nnd I
niiil say that JIcCnITriiys prnpoHltlon in ono
thHt be cannot afford to Ignore with Chest
hiit I It IK a imtttiif I of riiont that will I bn
printed ynurH nftor hu hnrtuotio that niltiick l > i >
R nt him In hi prliiui and vcts not Unnckud
out Hiul that liu iiltniHil to lIght hint to a lliiiiih
within four wtnks roiti till dato of wiuiilnic
nrtiuli and IU thH nntlri cntn uo to thn Homo
Uiilo fund In the laniiiniu of pikr Mack
luirt iaim him itrtli I it is Siillhnnt turn lo
call riinrn ought to ho no ilillkuliy In
cnltliitr I I 2ntl m > Mi to I give f 50 iwh town thorn
Ii ICC t In I mini vuu to That would Klv > tho liltil I
101100 imd would suttie thn vexed question of
supirmnty atoncii anil forever
JliCalliHvH oHor to lltHt Jack Dompeoy
eltht rutids for tile entirn cnt ncwirts Bf
soon its Ills BcHon at Atlantic City l nvnr and
II he lutla to ttlop him I ion maku a iniitih for a
fluht to a Iliuali for from IOOO to fllioo scorns
no fair that I hate no delimit Itinipvusy would
aecMtit It at oni wore ho hint HM IIQB fun
cld Diiiiilniik I f I ur Bomn llttln I i t t tlmn I I ii nil he
and Mank lure KI ebb Hijttnri and etmlomnnly
tlmt H contKHt belWHHii tlicin would drnw n ire
mend 11114 gaIt Mc < nfTiuy 1111 Ilufli blOts ham I he
will I I Mlnnd 1 by his original i Imii Mou I I nnd pur
no atinntloii to Miko UotiovinH challonzo on
bihiilf I of tlu > Nonparfill r hero In ivi > ry roe
don to bllevo limit Jack and Dim will cross
dnddliiH early In tne fall I think Jaik will find
that t tin haw cut I out n tank for himself I C that It
Mil1 be vory d fllcult to Pm form
Are you kippinK your evtv t on Jank Joeartyr
HH doiHiit talk much or publish many nuwa
lair cardi hut a arpenltir Is known by hla
Chips nnh l his am falling close to tItus llnnpvnry
tvok Ills bat one tug Con Tobin of Troy not
long slime wan talkid of as n men lit to co
HLnln i Knlllviin Of course lin waaut Fe
itartv flTictiially ileinoiiHrated that by knock
Ing him Hilly In two Hindu If 1ntnr Nlan
tiC > lieS the I law I In I whose clutches hn now Is I
would HIIIHIH tutt if hi > wauls to lest I himsilf
til ninthly he take a hack nt Jack Focarty
Is thn most otiiiKlnu In tow In I lIe world
and 1 know hn will I I bs triad to nr > ninniotlnle <
nun Nuliin in n uood uitlui blKKr thnii Io
varty but Jack will forgive him ten or llftion
poiiiulK II lui con do Futrnnv Iltu In auood ono
and I nn Ill I li It ku Tlnrn is i a siiiililon here
that Iflirlo Mils bciMi going back for tilt pant
yiar Hn 1 I hail n linrd time t I of It with Frank
invT Muilinll tintod him dtolilidly nnd now
hn is worsted by Nolan Kogurly on tIes con
trnry Is iotnlnu on He was mil up ngaluKt
laik 1 ll I tt nimi > S t lit top Hnwyr of tliKln all I t be
hire hn WHS ripe nnd he got Ito worst of it
hineo iItli ho liasi IILHH aiiulrini shill and nx
pnrinncu with rnin of Inssur notn nnd now hn IS
a most uood iionih for any of them exeunt the
bin fallow lluuuiglu not an tall hn Is as bit a
man us Vniik n Sullivan wIts and he Is crow
Ing I bluuer daily Hn and Noluu would Cir
tamlv I I dnuv a atiHfat < iry umn
If Nw YotUiTK Imvn conlldenco In Tommy
Dinforth they can plan all tho money they
walit to lIlbi l l on In in in lull forl hrmilni lIght with
1oinmy Vau roll Thn Intlnr In liHlicvd hy the
pionlH of Cliicaco IliiMnnatl Louhvllle nml
Iiidlanaiiolis to hurt invlniitiln at hid wuiulit
And Ilicn poor Ignorant V > lnrnBr will iilt
thitr last rml on him Tliny say ho IB tin
only I no1 l ffttti I rae ithl I I i tin I ritir has iin Hinii I
Dick I llol t ywood I and lohiiny Knatlne t I retired I
If Dinfoiili shows thxin thai thit y nr wrong
them will hn a tliiaiiilal panic In the Hiortlhii
oirc us of t lIt JIdVtht
Sparrow Gmilin fnls hurt that Fraik Ilnarld
has not Hipnd luis olmllniign Frank I in alter
morn uidiiy known uatni and wauls n haik at
Chirliy Mililmll Will Imuet itV is i a iincstlon
If Jiiku Kiln in nnd lak AHhton laii tacli
other In giillii iHttio ttIhiutl rut nlklit it wmik
thnv will mukn thn prnttlest HMtto penn uboiit
burn for muan tltnn I Thn liostoti Hoy la no
slouch and lix wll maku Jucit box for all he la
worth 3le if Ita doKunt
The American Yitrht Club Kcitftttit
The third anntuil catta of the Amflrlcan
Yailit Club nn lliurfduv next o Cr the lulls course
from Ijurchmnnt tn New London will linne out the t bit
Kent and huiiilaotneat llctt of swift propellem ever ieen
on the Houn l or any where elite Ailnxen ynclitN already
liuye entered Any me rim > nchla ss ti tlier beluntflnic to
tile chili ut > not can cuuulcIe > fi > rnne tm more of the rlulis
pnze t > y nmlfylmr rinnrnnin iforu V IU11 of the Ke
ITHtta tnminltiee I lli I UroatHn al any lime before the
UHV tf the rnre
In adlitlon to the Inmmolnrea Cup which will da
nvtMnle l to lie l S iiclii timkiiiv the ah tines nine mer mite
cItric lrrr Ti tu e lt nine iilhw nce oilier cup wilt
lit anitf led for in I tht i ilin raiit t Cl acC
Tht Ml eitn I will I I I hat t > tiltttl hue r aiititkinnlat Ieai t > leslay
Ununra AtulnntH In her ruin fur the Ii tmnndorra Cult
til1 rntiitly ultered ijtmie atrnmer Meteor now me
jwctit nl ViceriiiiiiMiiore A K Jintemaii
On riley tun cu c Mill le i ompetrd fur by yachts
STIll Innuchrs not ed tee Imir I tlltj feet leniitli on water
line In ihe run from Nf i lonlon to hhtlter IslKiid
In th HfiTiHuii of ihe utililo cl ty nl Ktielter Island
th re will be cutter iru atnl ilmvy rnre fur tutmiieo aril
ti luo fur ihe HHtihriulthlkim Cup fur cutters now
hfld In Jnmea A liiLer > Km
the attttim out I > flt his been clinrtered fir the
aminiinn tillrn nf inemherH alum cnrxia nf hue chit
Tho ruvtw i and i ai alt nf tho lIed will Ie l ut New inn
dun nn tTi > 1ny lufitre the I vi itrt for Shelter Ulnud I Tile
dipKi > ut tires orb on KrM iy rveninif will II r > he un by
ovcry yucht ainui tttneniiiv humliitf ilitterent colored
firs After tti colnrel flreH lucy tieeii burnt fur a few
iiiinutrrt thediltluy I will becuutiiineil I b > each yac lit at
diuicret Ion
The Trenton Cricket Club defeated the Now
York lubtu tvutral fark ytstvrday by the score of 01
hue 0 K T Cricket Club of Newark playrd with the
Minliatian In Imneci lark The ManhaMau utnt to
the wicketa first ami ocorvil 174 runs for U nickels hoC
tntr the tl N T huntlnT hall nil the afiertiinn
1h I KIng County Cluh defeated th Kivcrildi Club la
Proiipect Park yeatarday hv Hie aoore of 77 to 71
To Itself In minv Important particulars Hoods Rariv
partita la different from and sumenior to any oilier me > ll
Peculiar in combination proportion and preparation
uf Inicreillents Ilmxta Mirtaparllln posaesufs the full
curatiT value of lha bblknuiu retiudies of thtt vrgo
tttlile klnifilom
IaculUr In its inellclnvl merit hood fiarsaparllu
acc > ini lullilues cures hitherto unknown
1tfcutlar In tretitflh nud economy llnndi SarPtla
fills Is tho only nidlcine of ss Ituilu cut truy he said
lu d our a one ilutlar dtclnva in iftrifer stud tiKitUr
bottle requIre larger joy end do nut irolu as good
results aa llooda Harasparills
teculUr in Us irotM iitvina at tininv litre is mnr tit
Hood Hairsitiarlliu hold In Low sil it luere It Is 1 uiad
than ofall other bh > > < t purifiers
IaculUr In its phenomenal record of aal > s rOmmd ro
oilierpreparation has ever altainud such popularity la
so fthurt a time He sums to get
1141141S 1trMnJztII1l
Bold by alldru ifliU II l I ilx for f5 Prrpafcl only by
O L HOOD A CO Apnlhecartes Louall la a
100 Doses Ono Dollar

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