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ttr ID cbe tnn
fUtt CONFLICT OfKH flit rltlMfla
Mr rnrnrll Demiirula n Illtl DIcninn l of
kle Me > eure rrneprcla or n Mnelnl ur
I in Irejinnd l > ird Kmiilnlnk tkureklt
JU illn his 3Iin ret Welek Iunil Illll
Thei OrdnMnon Kcnnilnl nnd Ike Ire
1rlnnn Alrxiinilere Xliecled Vlall lo
London An Amerlenn MId lo Marry e
Huron llllko to Return to Iundon
VryrloAt 1834 bu Tiia MUM ITIntlnj cn rvtlliMw Al
LONDON Sept HTuo closing weeks ol
Parliament promise to bo tho most oxcltlng
prlod of thu Besslon Tbo contest between tho
Parnellltca and the Uovornmuni for tho prece
dence of Mr Pnrnolla Prevention of Eviction
bill tho nallmatoa will bceomo acute
bil over nslmal08 wi next
wenk unless Lord Itandolph Churchill consents
to tho private overtures of Mr Parnoll for tho
purpose of securing a promlso that facilities
thorough discussion of tho bill b alTordod
before tho conoluslon of tho estimates Lord
Churchill has offared to give way for dobato on
o bill between tho conclusion cf tho esti
mates and tbo taking up of tho Appropriation
bill but Mr Parnoll rejects this proposition
regarding It Insufficient to Insuroa
rlardlnl na Inluro 0 com
1 I plete discussion of his measure
II I The Parnellltos aro awuro that the Govern
ff ment desires to suppress or falling In this to
VI curtail tho dobato and Is making prepara
r I J tions for I systematic use of its power of
r obstruction I will exorcise t the fullest
extent Its technical rights endeavor t ob
tain adjournments and employ every other
moo which its Ingenuity can devise to
clog tho wheels of Parliamentary progress in
to event of tho abridgment of tho dis
cussion of Mr ParneUa measure and
lively times are expected Probably
there will b several allnight sessions of tho
Bouse nod cl Ions between tho Speaker and
the Parnollltos as well a the rejection of tho
bill are foregone conclusions I however
S Mr Parnell accedes to the advice proffered him
4 by leading Oladstonlans tho bill will be beaten
by only I small majority The first draft of the
kill Is now under revision by Mr Parnoll and
f this work ho Is receiving material assistance
from Mr John Morley
Lord Harllnglona pledge to support the
Government in I direct and absolute negative
t against tho bill with tho whole strength
ot the Liberal Unionists is becoming small
value by reason of defections In the ranks of
the Unionists Mr Farnella intention that I
l the bill shall unite the different sections of the I
IT Liberals will not b fully realized but his
f aim will b achieved In part by the
1 abstention ot many Unionist members
II from voting Only Of toon have promised
l4 to vote against the bill and ten have signified
I their Intention to vote for It J the measure I >
limited to the eviction clansewhllo the Radical
Unionists will hold themselves aloof Lord
Bartlngtona set will disunite and several lead
Jrtnatone 1
IMT Liberal Unionists are urging the advantage
01 acceptance by the landowners of tbe proposal
to lodge threefourths of the judicial rent
as the belt terms they are likely to Iet
On the second reading ot the bill Mr
I ParneUs strength and the degree of his IUo
p 1 cess will depend upon the proof he can bring
thqt the condition of the tenants necessitates
> reduction of their rents which are due In
h November The Government denies the exist
ence ol evidence that the tenants are menaced
with ruin and unable to pay rent because of
the fall Ot the prices o agricultural produce
ad tho Time and other papers with one ac
rt cord deny that such I crisis exists In Ireland
A M would justify urgency legislation
On the other band the Qladstoulans and the
jarnellltes predict that unless there is a re
daction of rents and a stoppage of evictions
the coming winter will bring on a social war
tn Ireland Involving outrages and coercion of
the severest typo compelling tho Government
i to convoke a winter session of the IIouo Rt a
time when the Irish members will naturally b
fl at war with Parliament and risking their
Wholesale expulsion nod the establishment of
a greater Government part of by Ireland court martial throughout the
I Lord Ilandolph Churchills style and de
I I meanor In Parliament are Improving He
shows lOs Irritability and carries him
self with groater coolness and dignity
This course Is earning for him not only th
respect of his colleagues but also of tha
leaders of the opposition Including Radi
cals like ErndlaULh Labouchero and others
who now spctik well of biO Churchill Is Dhow
ing grand capacity for his work and Is In tbo
best 01 health Lady Churchill Is a regular at
tendant in the ladies gallery and takes 1 keen
Interest In the debates The public Is begin
ning to recognize Lord Churchill and when ho
f out for a promenade ho is the recipient of
hearty homage and greetings from all sides
Among the incidents of Parliament Is the
nightly arrival of Mr William Archibald Mac
donald tho member for Queens county Mo
Macdonald who Is blind la led up the mum
bore stairi to tho door of the flutist by his
wise and little son They return for him when
tho House adjourns waiting eomotlmos till 2
oclock In tho morning Mr Macdonald has
ben a disappointment and a failure a a Par
liamentary debater though ho I an effective
platform orator
The general discontent and disgust nt the
protracted debate over tho estimates which
Was interrupted by the threatened renewal of
the obstruction fight has given rise to the dls
enisilon ot measures to forco Parliament Into
genuIne work and newspapers of various 1
hades of political opinion aro ur lng tho en
actment of drastic measures of reform In the
Bouie of Commons
Tho lit Janfia tatette declares that thocoun
try could b Induced t sanction Iho adoption
ol a sharp temporary remedy amounting to a
I proclamation of suppression on any section ot
measure which would provo obstructive to
tho workings of Parliament
The fahinlau Renew says that absolute des
I potic powers must be conferred upon the
Cceaker before the English people can hope to
I see an end to obstruction
Tho Statist contends that the situation In
Parliament Is hopeless as member must be
allowed to talk Tie euro for Ibo suspension
of legislation must b revoUtlonnry such a
the election of an executive otHcerrnsembllng
the ono who presides over the American Ben
atea man who U not dependent upon the
votes of the members of Parliament for his
Tbe bill dliiuallfying any or nil members re 1
ceiving alien pecuniar assistance IH f receiving I
attention from the press or from Parlia
ment n I has no practical bearing on the
case and Is generally ruco nlza < l us I mere Ill
natured snarl I at thu ImnellltLS No sectouof
the Homo has taken the proposal sorouslr
Mr John Den Robert Liberal member for
Carnarvonshire lias drafted I Welsh Land bill
based upon the lines of Mr Gladstones IrUh
bill which elves farmers rights ajjaltut arbi
trary disturbance from landlords and full com
pensation for Improvement made hy them
The farmer An now demanding n reduction
In Iho rent of Iron IT to 25 percent Thongl
tattoo VLalns th payment of lltlius U I iU mul
log throurliout Wales The bailiffs assisted
7 by ft litrgn pollen force have beon bblUed In I
many iiiMnncra tn iwlzo stock to pay tithes At
tho coming rrs lon of Parliament the Yoh < h I
moinbrfl will unite In support of a measure to
abolish ib < lllhes and to di5obtabllshthQ log
lisA Church In Wales
Tho coluiioslllan of the Currency Commlsilon
Indicate that It Is strongly In favor of bl
mbtullsm Tho Chairman Mr Dilfeur I < an
out and out double standard man USMIS
Harbour Lionel Cohen Button Smith and
Courtney nro the loading silver advocates on
the Commission Among tho gold standard
members tho most prominent aro Sir John
Lubbock Mr Birch Director of Iho Bank of
England and Mr Furror tho Board of Trade
Tho announcement ot tho personnel of tho Com
mission assisted canning tho recent rise In
tho price of silver bullion
A wholesale reform In tho civil service Is ex
pected under tho nnwtynuDolntcd Commission
of Inquiry which 1ms tho subject In charge
Lord Randolph Churchill himself Initiated the
movement and lo insisting that tho Investiga
tion of every groat disbursing department 0
thorough Tho Conservative lender believes
that thoro art too many head onicorf In all tho
departments and that nil tho services
detortmonts woreo tblt RI sorlcu
are rookluK with jobbery By oranlntr thor
ho hopes to sao millions of pounds yearly to
tho taxpayers Baron Holhschlld Sir Edward
Guinness and Mr Harvey innnncnt of Iho
great banking houso of tho Olyna have boon
chosen to join tho Commission of Inquiry ns
representative heads of Knat private concerns
Tbo public In becoming excited with Indig l
nation over the constantly deepening ordnance
scandal Tho Government will certainly bo
forced to take some action in the matter Tho
hitherto persistent effort to shelve the charges
of fraud has only Increased the Irritation of I
the people There Is a tendency to believe
that some officIal higher than any of thoso
whose natnon have yet been mentioned In con
nection with tho scandal Is belog screened from
the oon8equorcs of his misdeeds Lieut Artnll
has furnished distinct proof that two checks
paid to tho Commission were paid directly to
tho beads of departments and there Is still
more emphatic evidence of wholesale corrup
tion TUB SUNS correspondent Is able to state
positively that tho original exposure of those
frauds was due to tho efforts of don Lord
Wolseley The General has been unable t act
officially In the good work but ho has been al
the back of all that has been done and it
ia through him that tho newspapers have got
at the facts which they have published and
many more which they do not dare to publish
This may sound oddly t American newspaper
readers accustomed to fearless discussion of
the acts of public officials The newspapers In
England often express regret at their Inability I
to Imitate their American contemporaries in
this respect A man accused In England
of such frauds as those now under
discussion is a likely as not to
make a fortune out of damage suits
besides escaping punishment Such oases have
actually occurred Juries seam to have a mania
for awarding damages on the slightest pretext
in lbl case The result Is to discourage at
tacks upon a host of abuses that would bo
unable to exist under the light of public crlti
clem It Is notsurprlalng therefore that up to
the present the accused officials have seemed
to have the best of tho discussion in the press
The declarations of Messrs Smith and
Brewster that no case of corruption con
spiracy or misconduct has been made out after
full Inquiry would under ordinary circum
stances have neutralized Col Hopes charges
especially 8 hIs newly published pamphlet
lacks the deflnllencss which was promised Tho
Admiralty will make I strong effort to brine
about the public verdict that there has
been official meddling aud even a dealrs
to share profits with the Armstrongs but no
actual corruption They will find It bard to
convince tbe public to this effect however in
view of the now published Hat of Government
officials and naval officers who wero share
holders In tho Armstrong concern The ac
cused ordnance officials having called for an
Investigation the rm I and Aary 0airtt warns
the Government not to grant n Commission of
Inquiry and make the fatal mistake of giving
fresh Impetus to the publlo suspicion that
something Is wrong
The sculling practice on the Thames Is tho
topic of chief interest in sporting circles
Teemer does not believe that Gaudaur has any
chance of winning against Beach Ho said to
TUB SUNH correspondent today
I think I am equal to Oaudaur at any rate
and therefore consider that so far a I am
concerned the challenge is for tho virtual
championship of America
Gnudaur when asked how ho regarded the
comIng contest replied
i think Beachs victories thus far have been
duo to his superior stamina enabling him to
8t nd three days successive races which staled
his opponents I will meet him pretty fresh
and believe I have a fair chance though his
Immense physical power enables him to stay a
long course remarkably
When uiked how matters stood as to 1 race
between himself and flanlan Bench said to
day I have heard no mote from Ilanlan and
do not expect to Ilanlan Is a good man but
he will not venture to moot me on tho Para
malta again I have no doubt about my belt
Inc my present American competitors and
then no power on earth can make me stay hero
rowing more matches but I will row all com
ers on the Paramatta
Much Interest Is felt at Berlin in the exhibi
tion of South American products which will
open Sept 15 at the Dry Goods Exchange In
that city The German Colonial Association
have charge of the arrangements The ex
hibition Is got up In the hope of still further
extending the exportation of German stuffs to
South America
Lord Salisbury and Lord Iddeslcleh are both
uneasy over the expected visit of Prince Alex
ander to London They bavo doubts of their
ability t prevent popular demonstrations
which will bo seized upon by Iluesla as a pre
text for sulleoncss In dlplpmatlo relations
Lord Salisbury has already found It requisite
to personally dissuade the Lord Mayor of Lon
don from extending to the Prince a publlo
banouet or the freedom of the city The
Premier Is now presumably regretting his In
ability to similarly control the Stock Exchange
which Is dctwrmlned that the 1rlncj shall not
miss an ovation of Borne sort or other The
general public lire sure to follow such n lead
A small spark now ought kindle an Eastern
political blaze Austria hurt by tho Ignoring
ol her Interest Is plainly sacking to improve
her position regardless of her former allies
Tho frequent conferences of the German Am
bassador Count Yon IlnUfoldt with Lord
Salisbury are understood to refer to this
tendency of tho Vionna Government
TIre Berlin correspondent of the Daily Virj
writes It Is the dearest wUh of Irlnco Ills
marcUd huurt tu ext lliiMiln nuuagud In a life
anddealh struggle with any power eicnpt
Germany loutluc the Iithurland nt liberty to
sotto scores with France Th Chancellor
reported as doelarlnc that I I illtln I blood lotti rig
by llutula now would bo condutivd to Iho gen
eral health of I Lii rain tie realtOr
On Iho otliui band Damn lolb chld i Bald
> e terday Illit he believed llussla win only
blutlerlmr Hus lals too nor i and Austria
too wtik to flu h tald the Baron th rotore
iioneu It 1 rurluln ThIs expression ot opinion
by tbo tubtiiluiid and utiilinformed autocrat
of flounce may account for Iho llrmnotm of to
days market
A now Antarllo expedition will flail I In the
string 1 will Inciudo delegates frou the
rillh Association anti Iho Uooraphliiil so
clollps ot Kiikjlund nnd Scotland These bullion
have jointly prepared a project for submUMon
tn HID Adiiiliitlly Ibo ItHigraphlcal Hocloty
of Australia Is rtleo l nielstlng and nil tire col
onial governments are willing to help by voting
1 subsidy AvaIlable titcaineis lilted for navi
gation through le will bo ebarteted at Dun
do Tire olucurs and men will IH inerultvd
from aiuonu those who WTII with Ibo Karen ex
IUUOII Is estimated that Ibo expense of
the eutuM will be 7SUOUO 6XlClse
Thn Lord Mayor of Ixind nu fund for the
Charleston nurinrerH Is not increasing so rap
Idly tie tho fund for the Gioek earthquake
sufferers did but 8 It was opened only yeul r
day there Is no reason an yot to consider It a
dar ure On the contrary It la believed
that a good subscription will be realized
Borne ol tie minor newspipnrs comment
unfavorably on tire Lord Mayors zeal and take
the ground that the fund II not needed They
aver that the pnbllo spirit of wealthy Amorl
cnno laamplo to meet tho requirements of tho
ovoislon These utterances however will trot
Ilnrnnelll wlilot
prevent the public from following its evident
disposition to contribute Mayor Courlonny of
CbnrlBton has cabled this message to the
Lord Mayor m08IIO
Frmii critiC our mln ROM forth hirtftt unfit to
TOUT Uml i hi P i fur your conidrn and I irntroui t
r tier hhmr i The 1 cluoeiultnn and lurceimri fPho
KnHl > h oolonliu who umlcil from Hit Thainra iirer Iwo
crnturltl > KO anil tattled on tlio Aatilry Hirer hrar a
niutlicrs fracloui voice lu their dutrcu and are
orieted all
Canadian High Commissioner Tupper It try
Inc togo tho assent ot thn Committee of tho
Colonial and Indian Exhibition to Imvo tlio
Phnw remain open until next year Ho NUg
IIIR mat Canada and tho other cotoniks ate
willing to sluiro the expense Tho continu
ance of the exhibition would havo serious
effect upon the success ot the forlhcomlog
American exhibition but tho proposal not
likely to ho accepted
A marriage has boon arranged between tho
Huron Louis de In Grange and Miss Carroll
daughter exUov Carroll of Maryland anC
granddaughter lloyal Pholns founder of tho
old banking and commercial botmo of Malt
hind PliolpsVCo of Now York Miss Carroll
IK I BiHter of Mrs Cator of llaltlmore whoso
three dnUKbtorH have become tire Ditchers of
Leeds the Marehlonnra Wullesley ruin Lady
Ktafford Tho wedding will bo an Important
social event of tire benson and am ng tho
guests will bo representatives of tim lending
1rono nun English aristocratic families
Mips llilll daughter tho well known Oleo
financier bandoll Halll ban met n cart death In
Scotland II hln riding with Lady Aberdeen
Ltv Mnrjorlbanks and oilier friends tbo party
undertook to cross a ford The river had been
swollen hy rilnc andUIUs Itallls borer stum
bled and fell In midstream throwing the lady
off Her companions tried In vain to rescue
bar but she was swept away and drowned In
spite of their effort Tho oilier Indies with dif
ficulty avoided sharing her fate
Sir Charles Duke returns to London In No
vember Ho baa changed his mind about re
tiring into obscurity and exile Ho has re
tained Ills house In Ixlt repairing and
refitting It and now tells his friends that ho
will live down tho scandal and eventually re
sume political life
Mr Tyndull thinks he has entirely recovered
from tho attack of Illness which threatened
paralysis During his hoalthnoeklng sojourn
in Switzerland be was uot tibIa to resist the
scientific Instinct and Indulged In 1 good deal
of mountain Investigation On one of his trips
In which ho wait accompanied by Mrs rndRI
be missed the path on a glacier and tho couple
were rescued from a perilous position with
muoil difficulty by guides
Minnie Palmer who has just sailed for Aus
tralia expects to return In nine months when
she will appear In a new comedy drama en
titled Pert or My Stepmother by Marsdon
the American dramatist
Grace Hawthorne baa arrived In London
with any engagement Manager Kelly She ba not yot accepted
alT ar Anderson temporarily loaves her retire
ment to play six nights at Dublin In aid of the
Charleston fund tune has relucted n London
company to assist her The whple profit of the
performances after paying exjlon es and rec
ompensing the assisting artists will beiilvon
to the fund Miss Anderson rendering her ser
vices free orLnl
The Nlllon Society has Issued a new transla
lon ot luo D om ron I Is by Mr John
Payne an1 agreeably to tbe Ideas of Ibis so
ciety It IB couched In the plainest kind of
InnuuugR I following tne Italian with fidelity
The translation will also be unabridged and is
limited to 700 copies I
Violet Cameron has written n letter charging
her husband Dobenanudi with cruelty prior
to hor acquaintance wlh Lord Lonsriale She
also says that Dubensaudo deceived her In re
gard to his position She says that In fact ho
was bankrupt and never gno her a farthing
for thu support of herself or child She appeals
to tho justlcolovlutr public ot England and
America not to prejudge her but to reserve
their verdict until all tbe evidence Is produced
before a legal tribunal
The outburst crimes and violence marked
France with peculiar Toe week savagery record Increases besides tbrougnout the bo
liemllna of thu woman Lea Includes thn mur
der of M Claude Faure by his slaleiInIaw
whom he had convicted of theft While vlelt
InK his brothers house be was given a drugged
drink from the effects of which bodied Ills
brothers wife confesses that aha boiled the re
mains In plneos afterward throw lag them Into
the river Ardecbe and burying the bones Ibo
also admits having used that evening the same
vessel in which the fragmentaof body wero
boiled 10 prepare the family soup
Paris IH excited over the death of young
man named Dufentrelle who while walking
with his sweetheart In the woods In tho suburbs
of Paris won abut by u gendarme Tbo au
thorities arc accused of nttHiiiplliig to ehlnld
him and witnesses In other cases accuse the
gendarme of lying In wall for and extorting
mouov from ynuni men and women vIsIting
the woods lr would appear that Duf r ntrelle
refusing to submit to blackmail alter Rome
angry words struck tIre gendarme In tire face
Tire gendarme retaliated with hIs revolver
killing the VOUBK man Instantly
A compositor named llebon after being dis
charged from an English printing olllco In tire
Hue linnoro for some derellellou of duty shot
tire foreman dead nnd wounded an apprentice
M Loon Bayard became Inuihed II I quar
rel with a comradn named MarIna at I nail In
the Harrier Ciiluo ami fired two shots at him
Marlus H I In a dylnit condition u
A laborer named Jean Julia residing nt Vllla
nnuvo beat In urn skull of I his uilstrusa Marin
ForJBtler on thn public high way and afterward
cut open her body as It lay on tho Mreof
A hotel owner named IlnrtliK whom house Is
located nn the Boulevard St Germain havIng
bucomo depressed > from losses In business shot
bin wit dead anti eommlltud sulcidn
Tim Knellrh tint French dlscusn
1b IIIIb Inll lronch press are dlsolAA
Inl the causes of tim murder epidemic It Is
variously attributed to tho lncioa ed lao I ot
alcoholic HtlmiilitntH the oxiltmnent caused by
tbo polilleal turmoil till wait ot moral guid
ance anti the Htimid of atheism
An luculent occurred at NCM during the
week whIch baa caused considerable talk
Count Paul do Pardounu was are > U > d on 1
charge of swindling and was taken to the nfllce
of Magistrate liertbullus Pnrdonno being 1
man ot elegant nddrrss rocolved unusual
courtay Hu un taken into I private apnrt
meul to L examined anti while the others wero
not observing him quietly loft tho room lock
ing In M Uenhullus and the dotectly who nr
rented him lie took the key and escaped in a
carrIage and Is now hey nd the frontier
Tire JMronctrs BurdetlCoutts has leased nn
estate In Chanlllly for Iho term of fifteen years
Gen lioulaneer has Issued 1 decree thnt tho
nltfnnlllr of the French army shall hence
forth be ilourlr pour la Patrle
Ill Health of JUlnUlcr Cx
Cox Untied Hutu Ulnlitw tu T roy li I about tarllnr
for home no n furlough owing to 111 htalih Mr I I
Heap SecriUry of the American Legation will conduct
tbe affair at the oftlcu ilurlni Mr Coxa abi nce
More Armani are roliiff to the United Slates to be
natur llzeiL The United Mato Internment hu not jet
rrpllrd tn the irnien of thine Ariiirntani whose Ameri
can clilienhlp Turkey refuiei to recognize
A RUMMH Editor Honored bl tko Cenr
ST PETBRSBuna Sept 11The Cznr has bestowed
stowed Hie decoration of lisa order of Ht Vlailline upon
M Michel Nekrphoronltich KatknO director of the
Moscow Lyceum and editor if the lloicow Gcurtte the
moO liilluenltal and anthnrltatlre newspaper nueiila
the nlttrlal itauiueil le hit the editor In I aeoorated lu 1
reward for educating Ihe people orr Ituila to a clear i
conception I of tue true foundation ot the lluiilau politi
cal couilltutlou
CIppneed to Overwork ror l 1 Few
HULL Sept 11The British Trades Unions
Conirrcet today adopted resolution condemning over
time nork on Clio part of men havIng I employment alone
1 ro 11
one of ihu ekin < nlH of over employment I which cauee
idlriliM and I poverty among tnoueandl hy shelling
t 1IJu M
them out from their due Slier In the worlds work
Ckutora In lusty
HOME Sopt 11The cholera returns for the
whole or lull chic the test report are Hi new case a
and JH iteallii
llmv to irvvcnt Knribquakec
WiRHiNOTON Sept 11 Twenty or moro let
tcr hATu hOI rclvll ot the OuulOKrcal Surrey from
illffcrvut part of tire country inaUln lunrntlont cud
rlTcriiiff i4i Ic wltli re orJ to the prevention of fnrth >
ql lCo Doe of the lou prupitic clml liolen Ie t bored
tnruubfli true rttr emit IOCIVD thi dcitrucllve gai i
an outlet Tire wrltvr It I ci yet uukituwu io laD
lrrMfit fiiorrca VII th slammed
LIMA Sept 11 President Cacores accompa
nied by hie Cabinet aud t the United Slain ulnliter
Tliltnl I the Ainrrlrnn nurihlh I llurtford and the Chilian
II ar ilramer KoneraMa on lliurdar I They were r >
rrtr hangul oil Hlth every honor and cordial ipeechei were ex
Ievy Ncdcwlck IA lao del Noel
DJVF CuI Sept HAn Il Paso Texas
special sape thu Kn oy Vedgnlck ipent all day lester
duty In Iii I ti I 1 Norte > < Ktco in close cniifuttnlion
MliliConxil Brnlmni In I true erciilnf he uiued our 10
Ih lintel udocne In HI Tato
Ike lwcli IIUBekerr JEmb ailcne > C
BOSTON Sept 11Two Indictments have
hurt fouud ageilust Samuel II Suellbig Treunrur of the
Lowell Bleuiery for ecnbrulement of lund of the
Iteaherv ompnny and faUityluit tire itatement nf the
delis of Iho cotrtguu7 hon be made odin w f21
en their the true niturei
KolklD llk It
There la BO inch oihircompeadlacn of new or mlrrer
eilcentasgnixj BUloryulua Wnaii San II ayes
4r7RuIr TO iiLoir in A WITCH TOiran
UN titK LAKK mniiii notr
The fines Fremt Nknllercd Ilnllrrv Cells
JIIrnllBit nnd the lH llninllo 1ilhi Nyelcm
RnlHrd Tke Upernlnr IlndlF Frlklen
CUIOAOO Hopt 11 Oppnxtor James Colvin
eat at his pneumatic maohlnn In tho top story
of the Lake Shore roads signal tower at the
Intersection of the main and stock yards tracks
at Fortieth street last night The tower Is
nbout thirty feet hIgh Rod oommauds nn un
obstructed vlow of tire groat yards of the com
pany I stands on the northeast corner of
Fortieth street Is only 300 foot west of State
street and man armod with Winchester
rifles havo patrolled by It every hour
since tho strike of the switchmen was
ordered At about midnight last night while
tho moonlight was streaming down upon Col
vlns porch and the tracks ho guards ho hoard
a slight nolso nt Iho halfopen door on tho floor
blow A moment later slender ribbons of
smoke curled up tho winding staircase and
circled about tho head of the operator Colvln
fearing that tho tower wits on lire leaped from
his chair and started down the steps
When about half way to the landing
ho was blinded by a flash and than knocked
down upon his knees by a terrible explosion
Through tho cloud of smoke and dust which
filled tho room tbo bewildered operator saw 0
tall slender man running west on tho stock
yards tracks Ills ont collar was turned up
and the soft black bat on his head was pulled
down over his ears Tho Qoolng man was soon
lost among tho sheds and manufactories just
east of Wentworth avenue
Policemen Donovan and Costello who were
standing near the Hoot street crossing beard
tbo detonation and ran to tho tower Tho
building was still filled with smoke and lying
the door of stuff closely
near was n mass etue re
fcemblfnir cotton front which sparks wero fly
ing When tbo wadding was picked up It
burst into a flume and was flung Into
a Barrel of rain water standing out
side Tho man whom the operator saw
running away from tbo lower hail stopped up
to the open door of tho structure nnd placad n
spherical dynamlta bomb on the floor about
two feet from tire entrance and just below the
north window lire ml HI l e must hare bon
tho size of I base ball and was made of cast
Iron The etroko which attracted tho opera
torp attontlon came from the fuso which was
evidently quite thick and long
When the policemen lit their lanterns the
work wrought by the explosive was everywhere
aii arent A hole two loot long and n foot wide
had bon torn In the flooring tire windows had
boon blown to plecc and thn sashes wore crush
ed In many places Tim staircase down which
Colvin tumbled wise rlddod with holes as large
fin hang nifcrK nml II hit filllnif burro nun mArk
of n pleco of i Iron which had 1 evidently bean
wound with twin or wire Ono of the tubes
from which the pneumatic machine on tho second
ond floor drow Its supply of air to operate the
switches and gates was broken and about forty
glass batteries C shattered to ploeen The
entire signal service was wracked nn complete
ly as though tire mIscreant had taken his time
to accomplishhis object
When daylight cnmo search was made of the
little coal shed just back of thu townr hero
tile policemen found n bundle of stuff d
up In brown paper and tIed with 1 black cord
Tim paekoko was taken to tire Town Hull
and opened by the police I contained
a largo quantity of closely packed
cotton which had been Honked kerosene oil
ami In the centre of this stuff was 1 lot ol com
mon black powder cud a box of percussion
matches I Is Iho theory of the police that the
miscreant Intended in demolish the tower with
a bomb and than In thn oxcltomunt derail tho
night passenger train which was due atFor
llfllh street at midnight
There wero other attemrta ot destroying
property on the Lake Shore road last night At
about I oclock the Lake Shore received from
the Illinois Central a truln of twentyeight
ears While those worn being taken over the
Itt street croRnlnr a swill was thrown after
nhont half tire ears had nassod causing a cen
oral wreck Fifteen of tire earn were derailed
but no serious damottB resulted
At about mldnlcbt John Faelnnn axswitch
man of tire hake Sihor roail wits arrested at
Fortythird street JUKI an hu was about It In
alleged to throw a as itch with the pun oat of
dniallintca train Tire tsrrist wan nmdx by one
nt Pinkertons men who are still I ginardltig the
Lake Shore trucks nt thai point Tim I rironvr
was taken to tire Harrison Street Rlallon RUt
locked up Facin WIH s > < nn In hiM cell too
ninrnlnv Ho said that In company with a mail
named Murphy who IH I also nn oxLnko Khoro
swi tom mmli bo was walking nlonir Ire tracks t
omit neither of them nntieort tlm uppronohlnj
frohthl stalIn until It w list otiose to them that
they worn separated hy It J sorts that when
arpasto 4 tin wo rnnumn 1 nnop tha i in 1 rn I
pafoert lo Sf if any liniiii bad come to Murphy
Tho Lake Shorn ifllclaK when thuv hound of
tire attempt to blow un tire signal tower wero
greatly exorclred Supeilntendent Am > < dtn Im
mndlRloly wont to Kortlnh stnet tn mnko In
vestltMtiins W I Jlclntosli ehinf of Iho I
tnotivo foreo of turn company said His morning
that UD to yesterdiy lh attemntn imtiBlruy I
the property of tire company hud been con lined
to points ntsomi dlhtanci north and ninth of
the lorvtblrd street yard Thn olio bad
oniiflncd tbotusi Ivus to 1 ounoa RICO of tho
points at which thwe attacks linrl liaen mndo
anti line signal tower had boon left entirely un
protected Ho was suro ho know who com
mitted tho outrage last night and that ho
eight would hours have them all under arrest within forty
IXSUIMXCE IHKHinnXT 411111f8 lies
Jaceiteed > r TlolulliiB the Hrlnive nod e r
tubexxllntr rise Funds nflko < nmi i n3r
ChICAGO Sept 11 AttorneyGeneral
George Hunt filed a petition In the Circuit
Court yesterday against William I Wills
Henry Hudson William W Younger Joseph
H Thompson and A L Crandall to have them
removed ns officers of the UnIted Stales Life
and Accident Assoolatlon of Chicago and to
have n receiver appointed for the concern
The association Incorporated In May 1885
and adopted bylaws which rqulre Its Secre
tary to keep a full account of tho business and
to report the same nt each semiannual moot
lug The Secretary Is required to pay over to
tbe Treasurer dally moneys received taking I
voucher thcrofornnd to give good bonds for the
aithful performance of his duty 1 Is l charged
that for six months tbo Secretary has failed to
perform his duty and Ims also failed toflvn a
bond Accenting to the bylaws It rle I
Acoollna thl bIIW8 was neces
sary that the Treasurer should deposit dally In
tIre First National IIIIIK of Chlcniro all funds
belonging to the boneflciarlot and al Iho
end of each year mnko n full report
of the finances of the corporation This
likewise baa never been done Crandoll Is tbo
President Treasurer Medical Director and
Acting Secretary itt tire association He has
ailed I Is alleged 1 to deposit t any inon y what
ever 111 the First National lank Instead how
ever ho has placed funds In a box In the sofa
vault nt Irregular Intervals which Is at loO
lines under his entlio control Lance amounts
longing to banollelurlesnro now In his bands
or boo been wronitfiUlv converted by him He
lIes not given vouchers to the Secretary for
money received by him he did not jlvo II bond
or make I report Various other violations of
tho bylaws am cited The Court Is asked to re
strain tho defendants from withdrawing or limo
banks Irom paylnu out any funds deposits
nnd llnally that tine defendants bo removed
frol ofllco a recoher appointed and tire LUH
n6n of the association cased Judge Morgan
granted nn Injunction ns priued Henry Hud
son one of the dlreelorx swears to tire truth of
ho charges Alter this bill was filed Crandall
was arrested charged with embazzllng tl200
from limo association Hu was token before
Justice Foote aud in default of 1200 ball was
taken to Jai
BJjrmpNlklKerei 1 cbs CwMdtfmiicd Annrcklela
CnicAoo Sept ilTbtc sympathizers with
he roudimaed Auarchliti held another meellng lait
night lo express their liKlltnallou at the conviction of
heir oompatrlutp and to uUe uiouiy In all of their
further defence HetneenHOO and lnw persons were
ireirtit They wero flennani debit excliulvrly Some I
vreiityrlTe or thirty uomrii Wed scions the number
With irrrat unanlmtlt the crowd applauded Ihe tenet
lolin utlerancti if the ipeiikeia lh tciniicr of Ihe
rund it I more than n ord nanny excited mid there
Were iiiuinente n hill the pnrlere pn unit thought their
ecu were not much ester ilimi tluue n Ihe tnuvicted
Anarktiietii The collrctlo 11 kin up fletneil fr When
time amusing broke ul a tierS ef the crowd left the hall
Iriflnir lIre Uarieillalu all aol to milel them
provIng rain
An Aeeiaistdaila heed Keeper
Judge Andrews of the Supreme Court has
ranted an attachment agaluit the properly In this
Hate ef KoiMli II Baler e reiMenl of Scene Ayres
in an action I begun ky John II I UalUr of the Amo hotel
iroedway and Thlrlrelgblh lirel lo recover 13071
or board laSting and pieuejr loaned btlwua jaavarr
SSI aaJJuue lout blD
If Ike CoorS Anpmle Kevereei kla Onnvlc
IUn Cnn ke be Tried Again t
A treat many people have wondorcd why
Mr Nawcombo mania such strenuous efforts to
have hut Court of Appeals reverse tho decision
of tho court below In the Jaohno case when
apparently tbo only weighty ground for re
versal Is that the District Attorney as Is al
leged erred In electing to try for violation of
the Penal Codo Instead of under the Oousoll
datlon act It has been commonly supposed
thnt I tho decision uf the court bolow were re
versed It would b the simplest thing In the
world to rcarrcst Jaohno find an Indictment
against him for violation of the Consolidation
not and with time same evidence that secured
his conviction for violation of tho Punnl Code
to convict him of exactly tho pnmo offence
under tho Consolidation at I this oDUld bo
done tho only effect of a rovorsnl would bo to
shorten Jaohnos stay In Sing Sine
But Lawyer Nowcombo has a plan thnt runs
far ahead of any such sltnplo notions In lose
far through with the Jaohno case thnt ho Isnow
a work preparing Uuddonsleks case and after
thnt Kltilro and Flynn are to b looked after
Tine only thing that troubles Mr Newcnmbo Is
the delayed decision of tin Court of Anneals
Ho knew when tha decision of the Court of
Appeals was not announced an xpocted on
July 27 bicauso no decision had been reached
that the deciding vote rested with Judge Finch
and he expected that Judge Finch would side i
with the Judges vho were already In favor ol
Jiujhne ills opinion was based on Judeo
Finchs decision In the Catholic Protectory ease
This nnwfi wee Rent to nil the bondsmen and
roaMied D Lacy and Uempsoy In Europe They
prepared to return In the event of Iiinbnea
llndlng any loophole of escape which might
ot r them I hope of Immunity
1 tho Court of Appeals decides In favor of
Jaehne as It may do if Judge Finch changns
his mind Jvihnes counsel will Immedlatxly
move for his discharge on the ground that Iho
Constitution of tbo United Stales forbid tbe
putting any man In peril twice for tine same
oflonce Jaibno ban been tried onco on an In
dictment found under limo Consolidation act
for the Indictment on which I 60en was I convicted
ccntallied ertunts charging him with violation of
hoth the Penal Codo and Consolidation act
Jnobnea counsel will claim that tbo District
Attorneys decision to try the case under tho
Penal CoO was equivalent to entering 1 anile
proseiitil on thn cart of the Indictment which
charged him wltb violation of tho Consolida
tion net It Is well known that I a mnn charged
witb nn offence Is brought to trial and a nolle
proitequl In entered on motion of tho District
Attorney It has tho
Alorer same constitutional effect
in 1 permanent bar against further prosecu
ton Hint nn acquittal would bavo On that
ground Juebne hop B tn escape entirely
When 1 man Is tried on a faulty Indictment
he cannot bo said to bn In jeopardy an tho
fault Is nt tho start nnd the Indictment would
not hold him even If ho were convicted Ho It
may bo assorted lu the Jaebne casn This Is
tho reply that would h forced on the District
Attorney in case the Court of Appeals ddcldes
in Jaehnos favor
A jivitniVANE airsRpa sr JINfJV
Brrernl Knalinh Vlllaaee Nearly Ohlllernted
ftevru Churches Ueelrnrrd
The most tcrrlfHc htirrlcano which has over
visited the little West Indian Island of St Vin
cent was felt tboro on Monday Aug 16 The
wind blow with great violence across the south
ern or English part of tho island the hurri
cane lasting from 6 oclock In the morning
until after 7a oclock I Increased until 6
oclock when 1 attained Its greatest forco
Copt John Evans of tho steamship Barrn
couta reached St I Vincent on the 19th of Au
gust He was at Grenada 80 miles south on
tho day of tho hurricane
Thorn wns a heavy blow at Grenada mid
the Captain anti a Brltlsblmnn o war bad t
put t sea to avoid being blown ashore but
hero was no hurricane But at 8t Vincent
everything bad bron destroyed by tbo blow It
covered the southern end of the Island for a
distance of about ton miles northerly from limo
southernmost point I swept away houses
auirar mills churches and carried big trees
long dlMtnncos There wore n umber of lives
lost I think nnd when Ileltlt Watt bought
ho dead had not nil 161 found Hundrddn ot
families were left destitute HIM the churches
RIIII puhlln buildings left standIng were used
an temporary nnmon amid hospitals
nli 1011ln1
They hadnt begun to restore thlncs to
I Ihnlr old condition continued tine Ciiplaln
They seemed utterly iiirvaloss nn d wandered
around pIcking up the furniture and the
Irould lP Ilrluro In1 pieces
Almost nil the uuiiar mills woro deHtroyod and
tbo Ins > wll reach a large llsuro Im alrald
At tho nfllco 01 Ioaycruft k Co agents of tho
lino to which tho liiirnvouia liolonir Mr Ir
viu miuiaiT of the uloiinshlp donarlmnnt
Bald that nunrIInz to letters I reeidviil tire turin
rt anne bal nfTected u only Ibo Knglleh L nettle
menu AIIM uniiiitiru unit ill tire iHiaili innao
Itnil bv tarl > had cone untouched iiovrial
villacen hud been nearly obliterated and even
chirches anti oil ipeln duslrnjod
Time island of St Vlnuent Is limo second largest
of limo Windward folep Its area Is I 1TJ square
miles arid its population IH about 40 IKK FInn
southern I part of tbo island Is ill iuiid Into I four
parishes named respectively Kt jinrues St
AndriwsH St Ulvlll Rod Ht Patricks limo
principal port h Klnirstown almost at tho
southern point of tin Is and This town IH alto
the Beat of tlio IliUtunantOovernor who at
Dresent IK I AtiiMistun F lore Krn
A correst undent writes to TIIK SUM
Ni > arlj evi rv liouv It blown down I mth the three
rincli at uliiirLliiH Tiara hnto I irsim I matit resin und
tIme M fiim of titr rlnif era truly labia Two litia < red
ana dfty thounamt dollar will not cover the rues
A nale Hiidrfenlr DIce AHriir ontl the Wave
Flatten Out Into u limnoik Sen
CillOAoo Sept 11Capt Mnrbden of tho
propeller Donaldson relates a alraugo expri
on < e which ho had on his tri lo Chleauo Ono
night last wexkwhllo comlnu up Lako Supe
rior with the schooners Brlshtlo and Nellie
Mason In tow a furious gala from the north
east wns encountered Time wind attained a
velocity of fully forty miles an hour and continued
Inued with unabated fury for several
borEs It was accompanied by a vicious cross
pea tbo waves running very high even for
Lake Huperlor Tim steamer labored badly lu
the heavy sea and U was with groat difficulty
hat aim succeeded In weathering time storm
huddcnly and without any apparent cause the
wind died away tn a dead calm and Inlets tJian
live unto rites tine whitecapped wavon flattened
out Into a perfectly smooth sea fine erews of
all thrie vofsolx were greatly mybtlled by tire
strain phenomenon and all agreed that they
lad iiHv rF 11511 anything like u on tho hike be
fore Turning to his mate tbo Cnptaln remarked
bat them must havo boon some unuAiial die
urbanco on land Un reaching the Hault tire
CaptaIn went iishoro trod bought a newspaper
It wan then learned that nt about tbo name
line that lip had witnessed ibis Mueularaellon
of wind and wave Charleston had been badly
shaken by an earthquake
Kulta lialnit Ifnllromla In iiva
Des MOINFH Sept 11Got Larrabeo has
directed ttie AttorneGeneral to bring cult agafnit the
Chicago arrd lormlrweslern Chicago Milwaukee cci itt
isul ilhlrrols tsrntral cr11 Chtcagu inn mlurilnugturr ond
Quincy ilnriiruad Inhuuiintule to cniuupei lInens con uira
ihije to emnmu ply wliiu the suralici btvcmtuy hew a ii Ic In
rennrlrea eli unrporsilonue dituig bunsitipe I in I tie n to nnn
ceriuriic rtnulr Iue tieS 1mw tl nmbjrct beIng ii lire
iemit tile trencher mit curl s to time Veiherei cin rn t i is
tuuderilooit mulCt nut corm orutmiuuim5 bile I innmr r tutu turn
iii grouumls ihiat line law ioiaIes us CureIIiuninnial no
viulmin 1 hue lulls u ii mxcii cress lrllrct ccii ciii
prubibty Li currIed to hue hilunluest mterel Cuuris
NpIhtiIn M Jlluna literS Open with an Axe
Four BMITII Ark Swpt 11A horrible mur
der waieoiiiiniitKil tnit seening near hcullyvilie Chec
aw Nntlon Ltwli Biirrom a Imlf breed hid a quarrel
with William Mnrmu a white loath ahnut lerenlv eenti
which he aid wa owing S lilt from Alnniriii netiltnw
Anury word followed nnd Hnrrnwi raiieil a ihrrp 050
11111 iiruck Uoriraiion the lift ihouldvr with such iunve
that the budc cut Into hti body and spilt his lieart iride
pun llorgin died Iniiaiitly tiurrown wae arreeted by
a ilepuiy Manlia ond was broukht lure hull t afternoon
and lodged In Jill where with iweutv ouu other inup
erira bi acute trial
A VIctory far McAdo i
The Democratic County Committee of Hud
on county NJ met on Friday night Mr McUatuh
cut lluboken oDered a niolutlon thai ilnce frcHent
CIvTsrmI < Ini lint desrr eflicetiutilers In tale active III
tired l in politic the rcelgnaiion from the County Tom
illleeif any lucli paean In reuuciteil II ices a biuw
lined at Coiigrr m < n MeAitoo thrnugli I it fileade on
lute eomiultiie Chairman Jainca rurraa Poitiniiter of
oboketi and Internal Hivenui roliictor Keterbrook
loth of whom are McAdoo appolnter A motion te
table the resolution wa carried iirurly uuautniouny
Worhlac Peepie
houM you require any arllcli of wiarlng ipparel for
yonur family to lo Kelly > I7lh it and Bill > r lie cells
sin klndi ot ineue yontlia and boys cloihinr ladle
wear dry ooda illkj lo rurnlture carpet and all
Indinf huoienold iood > on easy ternn of payminl
U4e Wsdinesday tad Saturday ireiilaii UaiUCSQAdP
Ml3fl iroona IluiuilffZIU
She Lashes Mr Wllllm NieceS Air Ton
reratitenl AltrmUne
Miss Llzzla Wood a member of the choir
at the Gospel Pavilion tent Flatbush avenue
Brooklyn baa boon for two or three years tire
favorite servant lu tbo family of Mr Henry W
Lovejoy at 123 St Marks avenue Hbo Is twen
tyfour years old and Is good looking She
camo alone from Ireland eight years ago and
sho has no relatives In tine country For
some time she has been persecuted
with attentions of nn unacceptable mid
dlevged admirer named William Strong
who was formerly employed In tire
weighers department of tIre Custom House
Ono night two months ago during liner ser
vices In the gospel pavilion tent ho auntie his
way close to the choir platform and addroscod
Miss Wood In n manner which caused her to
liavo him arrested Justice Walsh placed him
under bonds to discontinue his annoyance
Lately ho resumed his persecution of the
pretty domestic but ha managed to keep In
side them law and prevent limo interference ol
Ibo pollen
Miss Wood nt length resolved to protect her
self anti a week ago she gladly received from a
frIend tho pn sent of n horsewhip wltb a leath
er handle and a lash ono foot and a half In
lonalh tUna carried this constantly when out
of door In anticipation of meeting her annoy
er Tho opportunity canto on Fitday night
when she was aittinnr on limo stoop nf h > > r em
ployers borneo enjoying the cooling breeze
Strong passed the house without stanplng and
on rescuing Carlton uvenne hue seunted himself
on the curbstone Miss Wood concluded that
his only object In visiting the neighborhood
wIne to annoy her and drawing bur rawhide
she hurried after him
On reaching him she nt once brought the
lash into active play Strong took to flight aa
best bo could but Miss Wood kept close on his
track and his cries of pain showed that the
horsewhip wits doing elrnclivo work It was
not until ho bad gone three blocks that ho
Dually freed himself from further punishment
by taking rafuga In the house of a physician
Blood had boon drawn In several places and
Mr Strong retired from the physlclaus parlor
a vary much brokenup man
Miss Wood returned to Mr Lovmoys house
considerably exhausted by her effort but in
very good spirits Bho said yesterday
I think I have done only my duly I had no
father or brother lo protect me and I con
cluded tn protect myself Thin man has trot
onlrwhat ho deserved wouldnt hurt a fly
but 1 am sorry my whip broke and my arm
gave out else I should have followed him still
further My right arm Is so lame today that I
can hardly can It I dont think Mr Ktrong
will annoy mo any more If ha does I will give
him a second dose of the whip
A Lady Iatlent r a Iluudsoraa ttlevelnmd
Jloelar ftfnUlnir 0 Heap Trouble
CLEVELAND Sept 11A case of apparent
jealousy of a handsome lady patient of her
physician of whom she has become en
amored ban been developed here Dr D B
Smith the most prominent and prosperous of
the allopathic physicians has n largo practice
among ladles He has long boon a member of
the Board of Education and Is n hnndsomo
man of high standing A few weeks ago his
wife received anonymous letter of n uuos
tloiinblo nature Then lady patients of the
doctors cot postal cards and letters warning
them to keep away from his office as he was
claiming too much of their time Blunders
made purposely In the addresses of the postals
bad thin result of making talk against the In
tended victim and it U alleged in ono ease a
Family was broken up
Private Detoctlva Muncie was employed In
tho case A handsome young school teacher
was suspected The detective disguised as a
Farmer went to her school ana under some
pretext got her to write n letter It was com
pared with the anonymous communication
jy nn expert C M Voroo whose wife nail re
ceived one of time letters and a similarity was
discovered The friends of Dr Su lib suspect
that the letters may have emanated from pome
professional rival Tile cbnrces against the
seboolmlstresH will be Investigated further be
oro legal action Is taken
IrJLLoirLn A Dittivifu nixa
A Metro Tklefnnd Ilia Plunder Locked Vi
Anthony A Khorr alias George Hull who
says he Is a divinity student when lime Is not a
waiter but who really la a darky confidence
man from Philadelphia want Into the jewelry
store of K rails it Livingston on Wednesday
ilgblaud asked lo see some diamond rlnirs
Marcus Livingston mistrusted him and sniul It
was too Into to show corns Time customer
called again on Irldny afternoon and n dia
mond ring woith ftiO wns rhonn tn him Ho
Boemcu pinaseu wiiu inn Rtononnn toyed wRit
It placing it on and taking It off IIH lnru
fingers Ho then asked for a vvateh with a cold
bain and pmiduit ThU pluahed him I also nnd
ire coody walkout out of mite Storm with Iho
watch and tIre ring Kriu spian ft irma be
hr ilnd I Site counter and ran after tbo I thief and
in iad tin t I utah iii action of f soui rug Polio man John
Ccii toni collar him
Tim necro Hhovvnd habit and swallowed tine
diamond 1 rliur Tho which ivas found in his
pocket At tbo Tombt yuAtorday ho aruued
hatltwart I n dice of tIl ithuh cnn Idnutlly and
that tint villain imin havo hun I Inlet twin broth
nr Justice Iluifly soul him to prison in default
of ilDOO
114 IC it C VWtTKfH SHiftAlUKE HJlUiKll
Only the Iklefe TImidity 1rrvenCed hIm
from nrlllnic On wIth SUII
Philip Evolnor n stuoolhfuced bright
looking fellow who says ho Is n barber and
lives at D25 Iist Twontyfourth street was
committed In Jefferson Market ycrtorday for
trying to pars a chock for Wi CO to which ho
bad forged tbolcnaturo nf Hatch > k Footo
On Aur 19 Kvoleer proienlod time check to
tIle paylrg teller of time Continental Bank In
Nassau street rind asked him tn cash It Tire
toiler understood him to hay he wanted ihn
check cartlllfd and walked away from his desk
to another desk Kvolucr thought ho bad gone
to call nile police Eveljer hurrlod out cf tile
bank Whom lIne toiler oamo back to Sire win
dow with tine eel tilled check rnd could not find
Kveliror hn mndo ImiulrloH and found that the
signatures on lime check had been forged
KvolLcr finis bo can provo that ho was nt
lomo when the check was prefertod at tho
jaiik ho Is also known us Cnurrtll and was
arrested with Mnsh Maikm Jakn anil another
thief f for fortTli Uveliror became States evl
dcnio and Jake wan convicted
I urlr toalntr In Hnrleu
Early In tire summer the loading merchants
of llartem jolneit hnnOi lu n motemuit to give thrlr
employee uneeJed rtit The Mtrclmnlit Karly Clfiliik
Apeoclatlnii Si it wa ratted Imluced Ila knit store
teeptrn to tisc at 7 I M atiirdat s eXLiiptrd during
Sue enliro eiikrn home ftttt uf the olorvkeCMre ore
low en < laoira to resun tie tlieod pilOt of keeiiluu obvii
until lute In I up t veiling Al an t oiret lo tlile I imo nsnt
clallon called H muliuK on 11 dminl ly nlklit itt Iho
Yam nw vieiiM thriHilan Aaoct lion e room I oAth etrrvt
and Iixliiuteti at nut Irrfluiir At ruin Inn Pu nr ached
nn Challinnn It Hnfl nmiilmoliKly volrd to liuhl a murk
ueetiru nt an eurly tier ii for the purcoec or urgttu llnr
em inerthitiits tutontinue cloiliij tutu PILI ouf bun
itxalTT M i until nt leant the Itt of DmmUr Ur
Ituur wa rmiinwcrid to I dect a lisa lu Which 10 hold
lie meeting and to secure cheater
8IO Fine fur Altomuled Illcaivny liublierr
Nathaniel Harsh of 42 East Hovontylifth
trcet walked nlmiir Fast H uvcmliythlu i ntriet yesterday
mornlni ee thin a vnaslila little terrier m hu nnni Three
ozcjtchera Jilm Kennedv Joeph Walker and John
II luuli < 4 lilid to match Iho I > cx from Jlr lUrli lIe
rung to ttie anliiml ant I win roiuhb liandleil The
ilghttai men inn crc itlrented llarvh HIJB he hal M ilm
her ailvrnture n vmr ago with dm rnrmeII llipprle
nrra were lined SiC eli by Juitlce Wnllu lu the Yuik
Hie Court
Nut Oullly vflluvlnc a Not Iliacaunled
The Ray Henry Wilson formerly pastor of
African Mtllnwlt Zloa Chinch In Jlonnioutli street
Jsrey City was arnultled of Hie charge preferred
iialnut him by the luiv Mr CrcuiIey lie recent pmor
llc wae accused of hiving a nnle fur 1141 given him hy
he trillleee of Ihe church In part put melil of lili inlart
licoiinted limit U wiia alleged wan nnchriiienllkr
The Jury Impanelled by the cliurili aciiulltiid him of
the cluIng
Ji > kn 1 NulllTime IMcilc
John L Bulllvan and Arthur Chambers will
rice a julculo In Newark toinorru and among other
elebntlra Frank llearM has been liiflted and he haa
Ignltlcd lull Hentlnn I ttt Ulng on hand bearing that
ti mat be A concerted plan lo secure the often pmlroued
leellng between Hulllran and Henri I the police bun
afceii precaution to prevent a Mil sIll the park will
lie guarded bj an extra fairs of men In cltUiLt clothca
A Noted Ileauly
Maltim flcantnlsr the most Snolii besuty cut the trim
eunilrp lit p1cc of cvnsmhtes treed a creinmi wiuIIn tin in
known ii Ilecinul Uroannn umsun cumin soIl ii intuleecle
ant r ntI by Wr ilazriet Ihubtiard Arr handy whIt
synhor A Co ei47 Uuheu spruce Ileme Yugk illil l all
Till aionrovn YSNNIII fl78TdNClf
iIIll jiiiiiun FOH mis LAST HUE
Len her Three Mllee Ilrklnil to Ffiitall Ike
Ynekt llnea by klnnnllikt Alone Onlr 11
lllnulr 4 Npnra le > Stake a line eC II
Onul Joe Elevvnrtk Gut A JlreeBB eVem
Hmronne Wind Walled nl Ike atari nod
Witntln nt She Flnlek It was Not n Urea
Knee but 1 wn > JUi iick Twill Memve
The miller Inoknl a ir liho had n Cknnc
lit One Time end Culler Men will BUM iP
Talking bal We lny Kxpeol a llrlltek
Cenlrebeitrder Over llere Next Time
The International yncht contest between
ito Yankao sloop Mayflower and the cutter
Oalaton the British Idea of a racing yacht U
over and tIre Yankee modal won M It has al
ways won since there were any Yankees to
make models Time race ot Tuesday was the
sloops first victory Time race of yesterday
over time outside course twenty miles to lee
ward and back though not very satisfactory to
anybody as a teat ot the boats was nevorthe
loss fairly won by the Blunt sloop and was
mighty satisfactory as a cup race That the
glorious Ynnkco could outsail the cutter In a
boat to windward was demonstrated in the
fluke of Thursday Yesterdays victory In
which tbo cutter was outsallod most ot the war
on oven terms and the rest of tho war by luck
did not upset the public verdict In favor of the
sloop although It elves the cutter men plenty
of leeway for argument and as far as wind
ward work over a class of wine at tho club la
concerned leaves the controversy just where II
wns before
There was something refreshing In tire cool
northwesterly breeze that camo drifting over
the upper bay In time early morning dragging
the water Into the semblance of n broad tldo
riffle and hero and more tearing open the
roughened surface to let tho mllkwhlto foam
gush out sparkling In the sunlight Tbo treat
breadths of hazy gray clouds overhead wore
feathery and fiuvod on the edges Tine bills ot
Staten Island seemed blue with smoke with
now and then mt ray of flame darting out where
some cottage window reflected tine sun The
tail office buildings and splros of tho city tow
erred up In a fog of coal Binoko and steam but
for the fliat morning of this series of yacht
races bore was no fog on the water The
yachtsmen who bad down to t tho Battery
yac smen w o ai come own o e a ery
to take tugs and steamers for tho Scotland
Lightship were charmed with tboprospect and
talked cheerfully though some of tIne older and
more weatberwlse shook their heads doubt
fully fearing that a westerly breeze nt this
season could not lust But It was so perfect a
day from an excursionists point of view thai
no one could long resist Its cheering Influence
Snuimrs and yachtsmen alike on the pleasure
Beet at Bay llldge stepped about the deck with
Ivollor motions than bad been their custom
on former race days Whom the committees
tug the Luckoubnch arrived from the oily
cables were slipped and tow lines taken on
board expeditiously and by 8lu oclock time
graceful Mayflower In tow of tine tug Scan
dinavian was out of the luck of the fleet and
outward bound while the stately Galatea be
ilnd the Luckenbacb was following her The
Jalatea had her jib up in stops It was lie bid
jib and tboro was no roof In her bowsprit
After Thursdays experience there was not
Ikely to bo any more roofing dona on thai
stick blow high or blow low
Only two tugs and one steam yacht went
around to carry the racers through tbo Nar
rows It was n pretty early hour for most of
be yachUmon but the promise of One weather
was so strong that no ono doubted that them
would be spectators enough at the start
In the lower bay limo tugs with the yacht In
tow beaded through Site Kusli channel the
northwest wind freshening oncouraglnglr A
fleet of merchant vessels that could bo seen
outside wing nnd wing seemed to bo going
along bravely TIme long green swells that
hazIly rolled In from tire semi word covered with
fretful whitecapped waves that wanted toga
hu other way Tire land loohad blue and
smoky while the wind soumed to bo gather
inig limo vvcMiein clouds Into u wblto
roll overhead leaving n cloud bank below
which tokened amoco wind Tho wind did
increase to a sinut cupfull whun tire tugs af Icr
rouudlni tlio point of tho Hook wero passing
time VVIPC of limo dredge Juojn sunk during
ho fog aitur ThumiJaib race
At this point urn head of She Mai flowers jib
iiuau to chow abuvu tho bonci rlr and vvheil
bill sail vas sot tire ttro fnit cuuumo rip Then
ho fliiliiti > Pnltuis swuimed llrltlsli ftSil lint
up the ntsii t mm t rIde S hO luuui in rile of lie I tJg
maiiigiill Near tlio Kcnlland Lightship ftom
which tim start was to bo mudt thin Mayflower
gut up her uiHlnbill nnd casting off from tho
u heiued toward tho Jersey shoro on the
starboard leek TIre wind wns slll from time
northwest Tho Galatea cast off n little Intr
from tile Liickonbach and as duo CllItO along
Bidn I in it Ilinenlx I shouted I tn Ihn I ommlltio I I
Limit himnn IH ant vary well uml nka It
tire emtunreni ciin Lo laid llfteon miles instead of
It IsniiiiPHtlnn whether wn can do that or
not Lieut lleuii wants It done dots huh
shouted buck Mr 1oblnson
Vex Ilo wants to wet bmk in time to coo a
doctor tonight lie linn cauulit a cold and la
n Ills tierlli utiJ
Mr Hoblnon Raid tin would conjiit with the
cnmmltlC rend tiin Iilne and see xvhut could
je done Tho Amnriciin Clip Committee told
Ur Itotliipoii on Tliurxday that limo Iteualta
Committee could nnot chuirugu airy of the cnurnoe
TIne Liirkonliiuh tiainoil over in tlio Miry
hewer and consiiltdd Uen 1iilro lie said ho
would express no onlnlon It was n nuittor for
thin committee Thn commlttno decided that
the course could nut bo chaucoct
limo tinilatea matte for tutu Jorsoy shore antI
jibed around and bonded off slinro on the tort
tntk with ono jib bet lloth Ilii boats got their
eliibtonenU ui > tigather It was then about
lllt oclock
Tim uxciirslon fleet Ixciti lo arrive Tire
Sowlork Yiiht nboinlluo imturuus inline along
I lull I I a > oir stuam vrihtii nnd ns main tugs
nil with In luht colorod hunting were rolling In
ho swullH Ilio Iliiln lit Htiiton iHlanil tine bin
irlRuilla I with I t all I huh It wall bet reached about
with cnmih bopmlniily as stIff as limo Iron
hull buuoall It I I wlillnthnlrotlilni I g water curled
away from bar thick shoulders and trilled
away In tier walta like a Luriiiutl toll from tlio
icnd of boma black prlncoss There wnsnt
n Now Yorker nmonj time excursionists who
dlilnt adinlro her wlmtuiortho huuglity two
ruin from Ilontor ranv luitn bald or thought I A
dozen i hclioonoia and sloops ould fain mayer
rallateil her but home or thorn vorn fearful of
necldunti aloll nml HU curried recfud cnr5
whllo tlui rust ivltd I ouruliltig I u I drawing Una
to cite IM > the talk lIne Irlctllas skipper
was gituno to try Ihn Uiilnten In lomvnrd woik
an ha had dnno to wliidHHrd on TliurKiluy ana
vlth only n worklni tonaall hut blue ovunlunlly
ran away from time Union
To the yachtsmen not on tho committees tug t
it t scorned that at least half an Iour was mend
csHiy thrown flurry at Iliu liirhtnlilp huforn thus
tug Moandlnavlan was bent away on hercotiuo
to sot tire turninirliuoy and thin lost time arms a
di > iilon llH wasto ot wind Aitlioiicii tine bata
rniiuhud tho llghtnhlp at lOoclock the buoy tue
ltd not gut tier eoimrcm nnd dopnriura until 40
niiniltuit Intnr Club Itiniitirnr IfrKlnn it nn
pears liml not been Infornnd that nn oir Ur
sturt than usual was contumpl > t d and had
nlastid tile teat and PHIIIO down on line
Iuurus U took about IS niluutuK to trans
tsr him from Hue Iuurus to tho Srnndlnnvlnn
ItfOHUicd likely that tins moors wnitlij reel iff
ho rnuisn bdi > ro the a lcd nt ton knots or
liners an hour nnd It win thorufnro recBJivry
to Rive liner biiov tui nt leant half an hours
start Full wind being northwest lint course
was twiinty miles rwny lo the southeast
tire yachts havIng to run out nnd It
ho wind hold steady to bent intel Monnwlillo
ho UK ynjliu crulHi aboit illllni and Imck
ugwlth booms iow to Ktatbian now to port
with ibs to windward or to loovnid as It Imp
aneil but kauplni protu well to time north
attn bvest uf tine line running easterly from tlia
lu itslilp totlin HickoiibaoJi
Tbti ynchtiimu and spectators wane aching
to sec tine start before tho weatrrr futlod for It
was then beautiful Tho big arch of clouds
above had been driven rrt tu tho soutbeast
leaving awake of Ileotn on to thin norlhweat
pail the point of tho Hook Hu water w iblade
with tire rough flaws ot wind and simply glntU
out with white cape and stilt they had to nat

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