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bi 1 WJFSrmVVTr
O i 1 w + I I
W4v < isvi v M
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r I
J IltllilORA
At the rive of IIitsntbiIWIiere ikn Con
1 > eir tor Ihei Cotaesne or IChodee wne Fount
The seen of Ika Ilassth or Antl one
8r Ilvnrr Ilulnrere Iniul Ititle
niplomacir nnd tele Kcccitlilclllfe
lateR Iro of tho snmo number as tho muses
AalhomuBos had various pleasing functions
In tho hierarchy song and dance so thoso
In their
Bine Islos have a happy diversity
family and attraction
llostot thor sotvj M siiinniorlne places for
tho resort of rich Oreolcx Armunlaus nnd
Tarki Homellmos n diplomat In search 01
rest and heilth visIts the isla of Prlnklpos or
lialkl and even sojourn thoro for the season
Wo have boon sumninrlnu nt Irlnklpoo I Is
the chief Island lean rouoit what somo ono
use has paid that what Isohla nnd Irocida are
10 Naples Halkl and Irlnklpoa aro 10 Coo tln
llnoplo ponrls ot beauty In n sottlni of 11711 ro I
Those lands are full ot usaoclntlons of the
Greek empire I with Its princes and queen
They woro occupied for palaces prisons as
well ns monasteries and lllns Hero tho
patriarchs of Ibo Orthodox Greek Church
trero educated exiled and burled Upon tho
mainland almost In sight ot our home at
1rinklpofl U l tho grave of the cront Cnrtha
Bonlnn Hannibal He committed sulcldi by
poison whllo restrained by tho llnhtnlnn Ring
rorsntis who hud given him refuge here niter
the conclusion of the second Punlowar
From any eminence In Constantinople upon
a clear day two Isolated rocks apparently
leap out of the soa of Mnrmoratho classic
Propnntls Hut they are not merely rocks
I Vim wblch In Qroolc moans lau In the
r day froln one point looks like thn pyramId
Ohlxl Vohavo not yot boon upon I but wu
I bavo been nround It I Is not Inhabited ox
eoptbyrnakos Our visit Id therefore reserved
But wo have accomplished the other little Isle
PIt I li the Oriental custom to name
localities from Borne concrete quality nssocla
too or object What PI all meant In Greek I
eon easily surmise Although It Is somo 300
foot nbovo the sea level otllt It la n pta
tenu I can b cultivated nearly over
its whole area which Is at least 150
pros The name Is derived from the
I Greek word x n > which moans flat or broad
word plain
urface It Is the same root for our
or plaza or plat I is duo woat from Prlnklpos
and due south from Constantinople I Is some
fifteen miles from thnotty
Tbflso twin warders of the nrchlpolncro Oxla
t and Ilntl are conspicuous lUurcs In tho Ja
They hnvo each nu Individuality not merely
hypiailr but ntrntiuotlcully The power
C reek or Turkish RtrlIOUcul Constantinople
used them ns sontlnuu to wnrn It of tho ap
proach of tlu < Oonoifio or knightly onorny
Ttaxtr Isolation mndo thom capital prisons
Within tbolr horrid cat now used for cis
I terns the convict was Immured without hope
Bomotlinon tho loc so and abandoned visited
them for the worst purposes of lust and esca
pades of deviltry Plrntes sometimes con
cealed thomsolvos lliarr But luring the drank
mil the Oreclc Church nlso erected mon
asteries upon them The remains of
aterlos still am seen upon both Islands
There was n church or oratory on Ilntl
Its dtfbrls Is son near the Cntlo by tbo Ben
Several times when tho does ot the bit city be
8vtral obstreperous or tho horses sick the
former wore deported to the rocky nnd barren
Islet of Oxla Rod tile horses there found their
parndlso In the place whore tho hermits
wero once establlnhPd civilization guys eternal
rest to tho animal creation Homo times thesn
isles f wore used as n target for tbe practice of
Ibo Ottoman naval Buns
Tho rubli tten or dungeon were once the
scene of n singular freak of justice Two emi
nent patricians hud n quarrel Ono was n
non hash linrdas tho other a Roman
r Bollros They foueht tho IIret duel recorded Into
the Greek annals The story runs that the
Emperor Constantine VII exiled them one
to Oxla and the other to Ilatl They were con
soled however as by a cruel Irony they were
a 1
placed near each other and ono suffered like
r the othorl Constantine ordered that their eyes
should be put out I was the pleasant pastime
at these Greek rulers to burn out tho oyen but
ao this occasion the Ilatl prlsaneroscapod and
there was no adequate compensation
Thoso isles havoainoelntlons more Interest
Jog to Americans than those which are phllo
joBlc historic ireolocic or msthotle Ilati Is
4 best known as the Ulo 1 of Hlr Henry Lytton
Bulwor He came to Turkey after his sorvlco
it Washington as English Minister Ho fol
lowed horo Hlr Stratford Cunnlnir the greatest
of the English Ambassadors How Sir Henry
Eulah Islu nnd what ho did with it nnd
bat associations cluster about It In connection
with his name furnish n strange eventful his
tory They concern the biography tIm coon
trlcltloB of the man and the Minister ns well as
tlo mil
the qualities and condition ot the Isle itself
There nro those In Washington who remem
ber air Henry ThoC nytoiiUulwnr treaty t was
a fact of his accomplishment Hcarcoly any
publlo man from Jndgii Douelit time to tbe
present but has taken n bniiil In tho discussion
of this treaty nnd Its obnoxious cbttisa so inim
ical to certain Isthmian Interests and ambitions
of tho united Htate Among the rest In an
bumble way the writer hereof mndn u report
on April 16 1830 In favor of its abrogation
Tho report developed Borne matters not
Bannrally known It concerned tho Monroo
doctrine and an Intarocunulo shin canal Tne
President had urged In bis mossnco the
policy of the cannl bcluc under American
control Ho urtrnd the necessity of such con
trol as n part of the guardiaristilt of our coast
line Although Now Irnriadn In tho railroad
franchise of 1841 and Nicaragua In the Hlsl
treaty of IHlJ rncnvulzKd the American pro
lectorato the latter treaty wee not ratified bo
enuio of Mr Claytons nlarm lost n collision
with Great Britain would follow The Mos
quito kingdom played Us llttlo buzzing sting
lag klnldom Clayton disavowed the Hid l
treaty to the Eiurilsli Minister Crnmpton
but begged the Englishman not to allow
vs to appear cowardly by ibo abandon
ment ot great and splemllu advantages Mr
Clayton boused England to gIve up her Mos
quito protectorate and share with us the au
tnorltyovorthe Transit lu this awkward way
She negotiations proceodod until April 1
1850 08uotRIons partnership with Groat Brit
ain win consummated I wan done under
the adroit management of Sir Henry Ilulwor
c Doth parties agreed n ver to erect or main
tain any formications commaudlre or In the
vicinity ot any chip canal or to occupy or
fortify or asnumo or exercIse any dominion
ovor Nicaragua Costa Hlca the Moiuulto coast
ornuypartol Central America
England often violated this treaty Hut
why particularize I Is along story In whkh
such statesmen as CISA and Buchanan Chic
Jq endon and Nitplor Ousloy and Dallas Clayton
and llulvver and recently Clarendon Justine
I and Iroiln huvHon bavo figured and with nn
t II onseiiuontlitl result Tlm subtle cryHtnlll
ration which FUr Henry llulwer producnd remains
llr lenry
mains like a wall of adamant across tho lino of
our policy and tho Isthmus Our puny
statesmen bavo tilted In vain against
UilH wall with their javelins of straw
Iho EnglIsh employ Rush trained diploma
tlflts at Jtulvver tile world nround lint his
I I chicanery and Hlllsline3s overtook him nt Inst
Ills Nimieala waHthogenlua of Platl Thn rock
upon which Isle career foundered was this Mot
to which the pruw of our little launch is I turned
Sir Hnnn has left various Impressions bore
upon tlioso who know him I was not In Con
groBS witch tho treaty wits male I do not
romombor oven to have seen him at Wash
I ington He lit 1 described aa n most ongng
inu and charming gentleman In Kuclnl
etlqtiottji and Htyln ho had no peer Ho vas
tIL011 thin In portion Ills none wax hooked
and pnak d his Inca uan Ion I nnd truvn his
eye w8si I Ilkn I 3 1 IUli ol f IIhlllll his I upunr
tenth trots iidtid anil his mouth WI set n liitln
awrr Do plto these gaucherinj ho was not
unliniuUoni I fancy that ho was not unlike
hits older brother tile gr at novuiUt Ii nm
vursatlon ho wan unrivalled Ho was n capital
THontour Ho UUu 1 to omit Htartlinu Paris
In admirable Hurnker hetlifr
doxes HI wasnlulllrlLblo Whelur
ho wits nlnooro or not ho nutria all Batik his so
ciety antl Ilko blni His voice was nou urI
low musical nnd persuasive He was most at
home In intrigue In this be displayed the
lllu if I hid cIIstrscer Ha wont Into adiplo s
matle coutost COM anwrf vl7or up nnd lance
polntoil lie generally isurctsil the nrmornl his
nta oiilst In Ho usually won lor tin did not ills
diln to use ni lu the arts known to thn old stvle
jniiuywhich he held was lust faillni away
Al logo I ussr hi Is descrlbod to me hy tho phvsi
clan who ntie uricil Ii I IU oust the t Citptnln ol hU
clm its amot extraordinary and fascinating
man but inplnte with wli I ins of ivls lois Ihl I
ownership ol this ilo Is by somu nccountod
oils 01 Lisa moat peculiar
011 motloculnr
Ho was Amtiitssailor In the time of Abaiil
Meii4 Wilson I romamier seeing on my trip
hero iii IH51 I No rUI1 wlhy Sultan unless I
except bH boil thu proxent H iltnn Abdul Ha
mod II bOlt Il mora for the reform of bU
Government nr lumle moro fncrlllcus for thu
advnnc nintof civilIzation lie U known as
the Hurmm ul Ituchld of mod r times lu the
Ku t Hir Henry llulwer hail thorofore rainy
opportunltleH of nldln vlloctually In there
B nratlon of Ibo Iast
Sir hoary con < iuored the goodwill ot this
Rilltan of happy monory by xnme special efforts
forts about the nuoMsdlon InCgypt Macon I
nijueaoo or rest irdtho Kultan made him a gilt
16IUOlO f Hn biuan Its Improvement Ifs
reeled tbe two cantleg onx on the shore and
the other on the summit It I sit that thu y I
were laUndtd A miniatures of hit own ancot
tral homtt at Knebiirorth England lie had
another whim lie thought t raise cut
tie on tho II lane In faot he clocked
It with some cattle of the rarest breed
A storm ot a fortnight before the day of sttnm
ferries hero prevented adequate provender
from machine the Isle The cattle Iporlsbod
nnd BO did the ontorprl He seldom lived on
tho Island Ills wife visited It frequently but
only remained short time Homotlmos with
friends ho stayed over night and had 1 good
time hit his health wart infirm and ho could
not follow very far n certain jocund dlspoit
tlon without hurt to bin physical system Ho
Vfas odd about his health IIIn doctor tells mo
that bo saw him every day for four years nnd
that he used to takn ndlfforont pill nt thn end
of each dish nt his meals I was ono nf
his caprices to have frcnuont Imaginary
Ills It was the remark of Uulzot about him
that If lluluor wore III look out Sllschlnf
wan sure to follow Oulrot had reforonrn
Htilvvpta tact ut Madrid In the matter ot tho
Illwol It mller
Hpnnlxh nmrrlnitn of tim Duke Montponnlir
non of Louis Ihlllppo Hlr Henry must have
Mi lhllplo
bad n hail spell just about the tint bo In
velKhd Mr Clayton tn sign away nn American
protectorate Our the Inthmlitn ways
how lie used tochirklo over his diplomatic
Irlullbsl I Homo ol them vvnro won in Iou
tniuiln along with llalll Pachn n losto coin
Pan Ion and 1 good fiillow tt colleague nf Ilul I
wor In Knumnnln llnvr ho used to laugh ovor
his circumvention of 31r Clayton I Those aro a
part 01 tim trnilltlntis nnd gostip yet 1 lora
which Is called tho anthill of politics
He had ciirloui characteristic tiomotlmos
It wan thought that tin wan mo in lu monoy mat
torn but tlm owner of our launch Mr Jnnni
who branch oWllr steam yacht for him from
Ingland nnd used to nhlp him nbout these
isis And tho Ilosporus lulls mn that nt times
he way extravagantly and unexpectedly Ion
WI Ho was oftin timorous of society Hn
would peek tn hide from bin embissy nail
frinndi for weeks at a time I was his whim
or his respite Ills doctor sacs that oncewhile
rostl 18
be attended him at Cairo bo InsKod on Rpond
Ina three weeks with nn old English farmer
thro vlh 011
nut of that city where amId the chickens
donkeys docs and ho9 ho was content to
live on thn homely faro and under the simple
cottage thatch of the peasntit > whom ho never
afterward tailed substantially to remember
It Is n tart of tho reminiscences about Blr
Henry Hint while ho WAS resplendent In social
hIss stud exquIsite In personal taste ho was not
to b relied upon His word was not absolute
verity It wan not exactly unvuraclty It was
Imagination all compact I was 1 uostro to
plcaso Ho was princely In his entartnlnmunts I
Aftr bo was no longer Ambassador here be
returned on some speculative mission nnd
rltroo1 POCUILlvo
hold thu Rams old hUb carnival dal y nnd
nightly with his epicurean friend What ho
nllhy embarrass the American mlsiiionurieB
bore I do not exactly know I had some refer
onco to tho American Iloborl College Its then
President Dr Hamlln In his book bandies
him without cloves lie held him to bo as des
titute of publlo probity ns ho was of private
morality As to lisa latter tho tonguo of uos
rip never oonsos to wag
This lack of private morality Is not treasured
against him so much ns the lack of public
honor Of his acquisition anti disposition of this
rocky Islet there U much said After thu Ulo
wan given him by tho Kultan Hlr Honry In
wal IBM spent 75000 In Its socalled Improve
ment Hn did 7500 keep I bug but somehow
In I peculiar circuitous way Bold It for around
aOlo noculnr then Khodlvo of Egypt I
rnitel Faiths who ot lives ns the best or worst
typo of a millionaire who has wrought 1 treat
fortune out of the mlsfortUHOJof his country
One of use stories which reuriluH us to this
Isle Is that when Iold Lyons was appointed In
Sir Henrys stmid as Amlnssador bur ho
called on Lord Palmers ton at the Foreign Office
In London to receive his Instruction After
they wero ulvnnLord Lyons took his leave Hay
Inn My Lord Is there anything olAo you cn
say as to Turkish affairs and my duties
Lord Pixlmorftoii replied No
Lord Lyons mid Goodbr but ns he
reached the door nod was about to make his
Axlt Lord Inlmnrstnn coiled Olt My Lord I
YeslOne thing I forgot Never own an Island
thlll forjor
It was thin Island ot Ilatl to which Pnlrn
sinn referred It lost Bulwor his plnco for ho
Bold It torn large sum to n party Interested In
of his the service transaction 111 lost his oftloo hv the Indelicacy
Now that we know tho later history of the
Isle lot the launch steam up Ho for Platl 1
Lot us ono what aro the graces of the isle which
attracted and outwitted tho oovor diplomatist
Before wo dash away from this fcaln lot ui
take an observation or two With a rood glass
the two cobtlon upon this rooky islet arc visible
from Prlnklpos Wn made preparations In
launch out for It and launch on It Ono Pal
motion strnOm IVdrn Hkoppeglla proimro
the latter white our Maltese Canitasso Jrlllros
takes tbo rudder In bOld nnd gives tho order
The laiineh U muvly iiplinlxtiMnd nnd looks
as gay as a jaybird Thn cushions have beet
newly covered nnd tbo fine looks Its prettiest
Wo attract attention ns we start from the crowd
of fishermen and llhictors on the quay The
SOIL Is quiet Ni I whlto horses are capering
ovor Its smooth czars surface A few Usher
mon are dropping their nets They look i ida
turosquafn their Mil nashua baggy lireeplis
and fez caps They are half Ireuk half Otto
man A few ahlls lie at anchor In the harbor
Time Asian coast with Its mountain ciirvcn mi
the north and cast is faintly limned against
a sky which has but 1 few lloecus ol
clouds In tho ami hldint limo snowy tops
of Ibo Mytvan Olympus Tha sea IH I Intonsi
In IU azure ocept whore there aro rich band
Izurl oxeHlt sit like whlto lUnversor
of green and the gulls slllko wiio Imnr
Us boaom The water U I nu clear as n fouitiln
In July when sin > sass onl crtln of gravel
Lake Tahoe In Neva In U I not inure lucunl than
this water of tho Irooontlp A gentle blOt
ripples It with sunshine arid makimn myrlail
of clitturlrig diamond points which iiocnraie
Its blue rube A few eI1IU and fuliicons with
white wlnirs lire In the distance who o hori
zon Is stained hoio ant thorn with limo Card in
coal smoke emitted from thn tenmorrt bouna
from Constnntlnoplo to the Dardanelles or for
Modenn and the port of llroiisan
What u plcturo Is that to tun northward 1
Htamboul like un odalUiiuo In her ynahmak
of finest Iko seams tn imor e fron the bue
deep luln u picture of Tunor a bomlldeal
llmpsoot Venice or homo weird mlniRo of
Jrioulullsm It scorns falrv city nf tho sea
t Is sot on bevels hills ansi although a dozen
and more miles off It Is ns unreal as I woven
jy unseen lingers In aerial linns nu unsub
stantial dream of a country that never was on
stnntal land which greatbrowed Homer
ruled as his demesne
My wife rmgaess 1 possibility of liaising at
Piati or on limo way Atones WB nro environed
PIRt 01 lf
by I pIcIuriHiiuo group Wo chooso u four
onred caliiun with II canopy and two sturdy
Greeks The ctliiim itsull Is I picture On Its
nnlde Is n clean floor covered with Turkish
rugs of rich colors The woodwork Is Htnlnod
with golden hues Tlm outside Is of green
wih Ioldon
red and white daintily dashed or strewn with
nnl not unartlsllcally painted whllo you
cannot toll stern from bow so airily tiptilled
are the graceful and of the boat Our lines
and bait are ready We take a turn In the bur
bor with tho launch which was named by Its
owner Mr limes Irons whom It wan leased In
honor of a pet name I have hoard frequently
bunsot Then wit tnko the calauo In tow
and leave tho scaln with much eclat
Before we leave lot ui take n ilntico at the
old town with Its bath houaesand tttono quays
What Is IhAt moving object far olT to tho Anlan
shore Is it a duck or 1 seamow The glass
reveals I IH an amateur 111 llatbont with
loddlos which tho man deftly piles Our little
crow gives u fow eutioy apnshy turns for tho
admiration of tin Mthernien and Greek ga
mils of this iiuny and wo arts off for tilt west
moricaWHrdl I Halkl Is noarod lIar Ill yol
low barracxb by Iho shore where thore Is a
TutklBh naval rcheol her rook theoloslcal
oille o on thi northern summit soil her
wooded rind lovely eiirvcJ mnuntnlns riHom
illnc n Mexican hiddlo or mi Inverted cnlijuo
detain tho oyi > but not the launch
A bropZD springs us as wo pnas the hotels
Citivpso and Ouaclnlo on thoonigcv left shore
Prlnklpos The superb villas which crown
thin tiufis are on our loft Time liroore starts
the prlsmutlo windmills In motion liio flag
overthoArsrlan water tower Ii oiirown Star
Spaimlod Ilaunur I kisses the brooo amid
we salute limo Htirry emblem Boys nro xwlm
mtnc in tbo bay Thu mountains nearly to
lbs top LcLIn tj sony with their pines The
iretty nooks and twisted rocks of tbo shore
ho gardens tirofus In scent flower
110 Innltns
nnd ran tress lass by as I wo
were Indeed In dream lan > l with poasuro
thomas m ul ally evoked out of Flonp Soon wo
pass 01 thu south sldo of Halkl Its rocks are
irokon cavernouH and prcliiltoii ns I lashed
ii iy I thousand storms Alone this south sldo
rsf Halkl U n boaullful Intrbor Ihero Is 1 Va
cation now In I the callous hut the placn looks
esortod Vo PASS round point > after point ol
Iilkl until between Halkl suit Antlgono there
Illklulll Anllono
pens n vista fcaicely crndlhlu for Its loveli
I ltn
ness CliatikDniih the highest mountain of
he mainland of Asia Is In our mar 1VX feet
lUh It lithe tile gas which wo look through
Ihe shore linn Inl mountains makA n Insist
capo ovor which nnd through which there
lustre anti distant
hangs an Inerponotrallnc nOi
mvallluu which would mako lllerstadt wild
with nrtlntlo cnthuhlasm
We forgot tn lou at you avenue of cypresses
on Halkl Thoy lend up to another fa
noas monastery whure many a Uroclc exile
has been Housed arid many n marriage core
mommy hii been pnifnrmid Tho rocky ledges of
ntlgone near which wo now still urn rnuced
atmd lofty They are full ol cavis and not do
old of trees which give gnrnlturo to their
Idea and lodges Here sea birds live in great
numbers A8 wi > turn to look back attain the
ark coves of Western Prlntclpos aro revealed
antI beyond the southern end of Prlnklpos little
Nlnntro lies almost In nmhuah at the foot of
St barges Mountain whloi looms UP as If
it would rival Olympuiwhoso hund la shrouded
irs tha whlto clouds auvhorod over tho Mysonu
Iolllaln wo could keep right on on on whero
would wo land 1 Out the map and see I
strikes mn thul ice would strike Lemnos Isle
to which the Empress I Irene was banished when
It pleased her Lord Tronauror to show bis harsh
uthorlty ovor the murderous mother whose
nuthorly somewhere on thu Isle ot Prlnklpos
Or II w le missed Lemnos going tine west we
would come up oiilnst the ooast of Tbessaly
and almost under lbs shadow of that olbcr ana
more elMla Olrmput u t wnleti thor U much
t b laid when the roll of Homor heroes arc
ma nirtoa 01 ANTIOONI
Oar boat turns now to the Ulo of Dolar
Platl I looks near lay flre miles I strive
to sketch its oulllnti for Its exterior seems a
yet only a blank rock Its castles arc dimly
lined and nebulously white tOvlor look back
Orcat shadows from white floooes of clouds are
moving over the Asian shore and old Olympus
has not yet come out of his tabernacle The
WHverlna line of the Asian shore to tho south
Is pencilled on the edge of tho horizon Itsoon
vanishes around Modenna gulf anti in 1 lost In
the sea
Passim tho clipclterod nnj streaked cliffs of
Hnlkl nnd Antluono noting tho walls bore nnd
Ihero to provent land slides and excavations
from which Iron nnd copper have boon taken
observing the clean tilled brown nnd rod earth
which the ollvo nnd cyprossornamontsmelling
tho scented shrub or runchie which gives Its
fragrance to tim nlr we turn again lo look back
amid lol h loorges Monastery on southern
Prlnklpos Is n while dot out croon eminence
Wo pass time southern shore ol Antlgono ansi
lotl upon tho narrow shlnll beach in places
some men who bunt birds steal their
ecus and Rather Of 51 era lrll some other
CIR crl I con which abound on these shore
They have boms Vo run clone to tho beetled
cnigs colored nnd Bfockled like tho Increase of
Jiicob wlille horn nnd thnti urn bIg boulders
hold aloft In thn arms ot stout rocks which frost
dud anrthiiunkn have tumbled from tho scarred
mountain sides Antigone rhea sheer 500 feet
Her side la full ot caves What are those whltn
flowery speck mingled with Ibo rock and
crounorv Wo soon ascertain for hnvo wo not
discovered and aroused tho culls nnd cormo
rants who hero nestlet Thoy rome out of tholr
nooks by tho thousand anti keep up such
n clamor that It seaums like the angry protest
of 1 bird mob against the Invasion by our
launch of their haunts hUM are the birds
which make Marmora and lbs Bosporus no full
ot lie I even whim limo hot ulr stloncou all other
noUe nnd motion Thoy are never disturbed
or killed by tIle Inhabitants nnd Imvo a mo
nopoly of tile Isewblch Is named alter tho her
olno ot Bophoolos Poor Anticono hint forerunner
runner of Juliet even nn Haemon her be
trothed Julet antltypoof IAoron for silt Hho
not sacrifice herself when entombed alive and
her lover kill himself by her corpse
Every Isle of Greece thus perpetuates name
Invention or mvth In vvlilch the trade olomont
pbtys Its part Thobo birds of AIU ono clrtMo
all about us then thy off orcnnlViinto com
pnlieb and battalions and return to us with n
wall which Oreok fancy might translate Into
some wotul song
Upon the sides of tho mountains bnynnd the
chiTs are lines through the shrubbery lanes
Irou1 II
for tho coat and sheep As wo pass beyond tho
point 1 umnck U teen with ono must standing
and iso proofs nro written In tho chaotic rocks
of the ehoro ot hot earthquake and torn pent
have wounded und shaken tho Isle The colors
of limo rocks ore various sense black ns time
porphyry of upper Egypt some brownishred
as the I Iron can paint them nod somo nt white
ns mow
Now wo stopr direct for Platl Its profile Is I n
Ketnlclrclo It has dark caps In Its shies
There Is n while bulldimr inIS its shore and
another on Its 1 summit A few moro whirls of
tho HunsotB screw nnd there is revealed tho
two AngloSaxon castles No houses yot ap
pear The smaller sister Oxla Is moro like I
pyramid In fact It U about ton times ns large
ns the pyramid of Ohlzi but not so symmetri
cal tlu As we near It It takes on a roimh uipnct
These twin Isolated rocks ns we approach bn
como quite tall and commodious 1 Bhould
say that Plntl Uulvroiri Islo was at lonbt
n mile in circuit Lonklnc to tho north
west appears In dim outline thus European
const Thu white specks nro the hOI OR of San
Ktonno Thoro thus fnmou TurcoIltisslaii
treaty was inside and theni Ibo Ilusnlan army
Iny In wait toady for aspritip nt and Into Con
stantinople As wo approach the llttlo Ulo 1 tho
harH llltH Tbo desert of I blue water Is nnPcd by
nptiletidld slilp In full pal bearing this Greek
ntislgn It mires likes n UIon of hOI nnd
I 18 1 110slk8 I
loaves no smirch upon tho sky It hides be
tween time isles wo han pn bod than rcaptiears
Hho IB moving toward Moduna which Is tho
portof time ancient capital of this Ottoman ut
tho foot of Olympus
nuuvnns ihLU
Now wo sire within a hundred yards of Plat I
hut as wo cannot land In thn launch wo em
bark nu the cutiiiio with the lishurmon and aro
rowed Into a hId cave whore we are saluted
by tho BoneBeliul of tho ensile Ho Is an old
mnnan Armenian Georcu by nnni Ills last
name Is thonst thing W inquire lor ivory
one hero coon by their JluUtlan name oven
ole Turks The ensile Is then Indeed Inhiib
Itod Its towers und walls have 1 relic
radiance of past glory As wo enter the chin
room nn onoriunni clmndollir attract nt
tentloa Then the fresco of the nulls tho
mosaic of time floors ole thn nselUted pavpi
of limo courts nil speak ocnupntlon und euddei
decay Everything Is quint No blnU Him
not even a cicada chin Not u chip or hOlt la
In view Tho Be Is mill It scorns Ilkn tha
primeval time Leforo tho winds wero looser
from their cives Tho water glistens and
Blow under lie July FUII limo luue clean
away II most entirely and tho city of Utninbou
rises out of tlio > blue elements Tho inluiiioti
nnd outiolas ot the moiiuo of Sullcmanuli
the Orfinnnll strmset ml rat genliih i a mitt tlie mlnn
ruts und dome of Rtatoly BolU seem to gesturr
ftR 11
upward nid swell vvlth new grandeur Turn I
Ing to tho east every one of this limo isles 1 are
miirkuil In clear oulllno oxcott llttlo Ita
vvlilch plays hide and tacit Duhlnd AntLunp
nfl tI A iudb rovu lisa ont icls Him i i pi ono like tin I
dragon under tIme hlutdovv of ht ioorge ol
Piluklpns Thn HouiU s 11 I I sn tim roimd 01 v us lime
on time south but tho outline of limo Asiatic
coast N bediming 1 morn deluitv
> lfIIIW
UOI lnll
Time loner cusllo s much tlo Inruost I has
many chtmbors racnptinn rooms with Urn
pieces tie If It mlgnt have ben IomfortHblo In
winter Onn Is n hiram frnscoed hall 1 hail
various bonkctses vhlOI give added mockery
to thiiouUid a hqll of a cattle I tars i a lime
History of Mohemet All there tho Historic
dogs Arubes > ondor ltotiiiMon Pnloxtino
and again born DOhsHont Tableau of illm
iro I Ottoman Onr A Turklnh Inscription t I
llnd one most 1 charniteri volume contents i
otulttoil t t Notes I ot Michlavolli i lu ami i MummIes i
After lookinc about the castle on time shore
w AIr mm td hiss I hill I i I by a plth gallanted I by
inn Armenian He bills us 1 that ho fiunm LImo
property > and that that Is hIs consideration for
bniig its chiittdaln I asked L > o you make
anything out of It f
Imo jears n little Not much thin year
How niitnv hands Un you employ V
Wo lime ho lopliud eight persons on
the island Including I my boy here Antolne
and my wife wlvci keeps house In Ibo upper
castle Time other len nro flailing tho oats
now nod curlnc for the six cows and ono bull
Our path to thi upper castle lund once boon
laid out with skill amid ringed with flowers
Thenir ifs ha has left Its remnanta here on
the border Wo pasa I > old t trees that never
fll to live where there IH n mouthful of dust n
few 10 ash and locust trees remains of old
buildings oratorios convents and kiosks
pdonlnlsof curved marble and broken bOIls
of columns some doubtless ravished from old
mileB mid never worked Into the projected
architecture Then we eland In front of the
main castle It Is surrounded by follngo I
has even In Its ruin I falryllka look Per
haps In this neglected spot Mr Henry hatched
many n diplomatic egg or revelled In many a
bout with his nttachlH nnd friends There Is
a little touch of this Arabic In the Onthlo of the
bulllnl which destrovH its unity Largn rocks
nnd boulders lie about Us esplanade Bbeals
ld grain are Blacked anti somo mnlzo and
melon patches me on the terraced spots
Ttio building above Is not so stately as the
castle by the sen but It Is In bettor preserva
tion and Is prettier rime rooks are clad In n
tOI lichen und vines la good condition nro In
eligible places Here and thoro are garden
patches where are gourd pistachio nuts
melons artichokes anti tomatoes In good
growl But tbo business looks us If It had
cone to lul HO do tho peasants In thulr Turk
lab fuz red Greek sash ansi hntrgy rants The
only healthy and handsome gentleman on the
Isle hOILlhy bull Wu oamo upon him
unexpectedly He mndn n quiet remark In his
which I retreated tmddonly
own toncuo upon HIMonl
I was happy to see that 1m wan llxeil to n Mako
by a chain he could not break His live cases
Borennlyohowod their cuds and gave no sIgn of
surprise lit our presence
We Bland In front ot tho cnstlo Tho lady
chataalne appears Mho Is I not romantic nor
cbnlonllo uretty blt nplon The two men stop their
flail and como down limo circular sfps that lead
to the portal above Ou this circled torrace are
trees of luxuriant growth and fancied vines In
lower Tbu front of the paine his Its win
dows and doorsnrch wills brown and white
none from Chios The fools within tho rooms
nro of marble mosaic and are not yet disar
ranged by neglect The ceilings of most of tho
rooms are low arid where the rain bun not on
tnrnd are as clean as when just frobeood
There nrl silo mirrors nil about In the din
ing library and other rooms The Cal
orod cass elves I dim religious light
to the chambers But the feature of
these apartments Is the Imitation book cases
Thoso nro cupboards but thnlr iloors sire neatly
painted with tho blndingnnd titles of works of
sill kinds This seems to have loon tin ruling
passion of Bulwur thU outside display of
literature I nuked fleorce to open one of tho
bookcases Ostensibly It was n library of vol
umos on taoUngllsh FrenchGerrnHn nnd Turk
liii l cuIsine Ho opened It and I lot of bottles
lllled with the nn lu vain appeared This
evoked a smile all 1 round hut George did not
tondor us n perusal of the contents of these
brittle books hero worn bonks entitled Wine
Drinkers fleoarnphynnd Metaphysics
Jeer one door ol thin library w is written In
rench 11 Jaut nrrc atec ci anile Ovor an
oilier the same motto In Turkish It would
seem strange that Bulwor should soak such n
fecluded spot where friends could inrely cpme
and where If time tralltlona arts ourrect ho wns
rathor limited In his selection by number and
Wbatacommentary those oliamnbois furnish of
the elegant man of the world Ibis type of time
accomplished strategist In the wiles of diplo
matic warl Upon those marbled lloon lie piles
mllo Unonllo
of oat and broken straw for the kin whllo
the sound of tho Hall keeps time where the
golden bowl used tn flow nnd the viands ot the
loldon bwl 10w
epicure wore wont to sham Now the common
vegetable used for tbe peasants soup totiitlia
vOlotablo kind of seed or nut U spread In one
room biis la another the wormeaten wooden
floor ha lost IU power even of storage Upon
these desolations the loft hue of the stained
archways elvo a melancholy Instro which the
mirrors rot unbroken on oelllng and on wall
reflect lu multiform shapes Homo pictures
are In the sails a manner but they aro not 00
Irish as those I saw on tbo tombs of arpt
four thousand years old
We pass up n stairway ot while marblo which
Is i ported and thin only portent poleo of work
remaining Btrenks of white light bore shoot
through the round windows Hero too Is the
Illusory library Ono cupboard bos n lot of
supposititious volumosontltlod Is Wine Bono
flolul another In German Drunken Secret
recensos repeat thoso Illusions Here ovor time
bedstead In nn alcove Is n cuo of haves
Dreams The bedstead Is elegant but the
fnmllyof thoArmenlnn peasant sloops upon the
coarse Qui which covers its eliding I Over limo
fireplaces era vohiumne of Day Droims an
other of Visions rho outlook over the cas
tellated terrace up stairs shows the superb sea
tolnld ultrntnnrlno robe and Htnmboul tho
Ilonutlouul I These upper rooms are hot and
close Homo of Iho doors nro scroops of flowers
In IJI > lqll lomo upon cloth picturing vine lent and
grape upon both sides
Those rooms nro painful Ilk tho wreck ot n
proud man In tho glory of his youth Upon
time floor below In one of the rooms thoro lie
tbo ilisjn la membra of an alabaster vase of pro
portionate elegance and chased with tho vine
loaf nnd fruit I asked Oeorgn If ho thought
tho exKhedives asont In Constantinople
would sell this
Yes sel would In fact It had boon once
sold to nn American hit he had never taken It
nor Paid for It All Effendl at Kloskontuk on
tbs Bosporufvwas the agent Hoe him I
Wo passed out Into the court I Is not largo
ear 100 foot square I has a fountain but no
vvnter It bns flowering shrubs but thulr scent
In wild ns If time tangle of time had deprived
them of sweetness Woods weeds weeds all
an epitome of the life of tholr former owner
Homo of the walls nro tumbling down mind
have props but the arches spring perennially
pof9 in their various stones from the
Island home of Homer The general color of
tho bulldlna In white so that tho stains nl
time and weather are plainly apparent Btlll
tho towers remain and thocustellntlon Is clean
cut aaulnst tho sky
The pestpreserved portions of the castle are
timetables They are quite roomy Whet did
SIr Honry want of horses on so small nu Isle
I stumbled ovor nn old grist stono mnde to
grind tbe grainas old ns tbnt which Mungo
larks necrceses used when ho was Invostl
Baling Africa tho countorpnrt of that which Is
seen In Arloatho Y1t countorllrt understand Us
utility hero In this lonely place There are
Ushers hints lying about In which my feet aro
entrapped Their rnitnn detrp Is also ap
parent for Marmora Is the son for fish par ox
callence I can appreciate tho pleasure tot
race boroud tho stable lookinc woct I for horo
rnc sentimental diplomat of Ibo Bulwor
type could proDtntilM museos he looks oil to
ward sunset and Washington whoro his Clay
tonHulwer treaty Isttlll dlBouHSud I cnn np
preemie also tbo gaidon of figs and melons be
1Ilon f
twoen this terrace and tho western end of tho
Islon wild incongruous romance on durable
ourselves upon
rock for hnvo wo not regaled 0lrsolvn8
this fresh flit ansi tho dollclnns melons I can
Imagine n utility In the Ito llzzurd which
flashes Into the sun out of tbo locks to clvo my
wife an pjacuUtory surprise Even tho snails i
which cling to the shrubbery have tholr use 11
only ns a bait for fish I cnn well imagine why
tho kitchen with Its oveni and woodtiouso Is
M > pnrnt d from ls canto and which still has
its use M n chicken hence Tho old petroleum
cans that lie around hnvo their ueo na buckets
I cnn understand thin compensation which n
ttlncoot this isolated kind so full of remoteness
from the pries of the pooplo who do come and
co furnishes to time jideJ Intellect ansi this
palled taste of tho hot and stifling city I need
not read Huskin to givo emphasis to the utility
of beauty sncli as this panorama establishes
slcl < Innornmn
with breezy fretwork upon the blue eon antI Us
lnphrathondrawn no closolv from HIM fountains
nt nature But I cannot fancy what on earth
Blr henry could want on ouch nn Isle 1 such
Btube room for n Croat stud of horses who
could not carter very nimbly bore without fall
ing off Into Mnrmorul
Perhaps the solution Is found In the Qulxotlo
spirit which erected thofio cnsthH In such nn
out of tins way spot or perhaps In the spirit of
Homo nl the mock volumes whoso titles I read
111 I time lower ensile Ills ns Themes on the
Impossible or LAdvantages do In Iuno et
ilu Soldi Compaios or Charms du Mariano
par un lar < on do 60 fins for In their tlllTerent
colored bindlnira blue rod nnd creon these
odd and outro titles to toxtloss books render
them pretty toilettes to the eye which thirsts
for tho realities which are not within
I said nearly every object here indicates do
cay There Is nn excoptlon In front ot the
castle lhere I I good bas relief of Ht George and
the Dragon and an elegant monogram of H
L 11 Drjon elphT Is I nil that remains to attest
tho peraonnllt ot time accomplished diploma
tist who in mnklnii these structnrrn built
even lees than n Spanish oistle The dements of
the Imagination of his brother HlrEdvvnrd Lyt
ton Itnlvvpr and limo pantry of tile son tOen
Jlhpr who tlo dorllled Mnionco Night
ingale by song us sweet ns Hint bird Itself can
ting han Sonl lef their permanent Impressions
upon thuS tlmn But thesn uocativo llgments
ot monnr nnd stone class nnd wood have no
mniinlni except to murk time swift decadence
of tho blntesmnn who erected them nml nf the
full from POVVIT of limp oxKhodlve Ismail
Pnhn who owns them
Thus mnrnllzlni wo tnko our way after
mnklng rnmunnrnilon to the Armenian keep
er for his piilltnnosg In show Inc us the
realities of these cnsllen whicli eoem from Iso
Bosporus und from the other Islos Ilko unreal
cliateaits I i inntiiii or castles In tho nlr Wo
timid at tho hind Ing hum good launch Hunsot
sitting like a bird upon Use semi Impatient to
show I hor brand now line to thho warders
of thin once xtringo dlDlomatlu chateau Our
ambitions take u m moro apostollo turn nnd for
gutting diplomacy and its eccentricities wo
steam oor huts clear blue water to Antl oiio
with our fishing caique In the wake There
wn enter thin caique and fish for gratuto
luiiKiiif WI While tho launch darts around tho
lain for 010 broad for lunch What wo cauiiht
is I noljilnc to nobody Hut wo brought home
n splendid manylined aIrIng of memories
I and zest of cnstlo building
with nil tho flavor Ind ZIst coslo bllhlll
without the glamour of antIquIty or tho ruin
of time K S Cox
Hka win Fly
Dearest I love you Fly with me said a
base nail pla > er to Ills best girt
I weiiii sail time fair one only It would never bo
I ccWI otl
wemm lyou know you are always caught on trio fly
But be rang Ids gong and flail
Not VFcll
The Galatea people dont appear to be feel
leg well call I 1 Jai
No I What II thus matter with them I
0 I ilimt know but they seem to be suffering from
1 General 1alne
A Nat uf Taper
I think the New York Yacht Club aro n hard
Set of topers salt Kotlnson discussing the yacht race
with a friend
wIl nIcer heard that ther were Why do yon think sol
10 U appears almost Impossible 1 l make lucas
give up the cup
Iolonalsei are revived
Violet wood fane are the rail fancy
the rule this fill
Twopiece fabric trucks are IIU
bleeves are no longer cut Unlit above the elbow
Shoulder seams are as short or shorter than ever
Nldrrcd cursaice > and full plastrons are all the riO
Plaid velvets nre coining In vogue but they are not
Sleeves are cut tight only from the elbow to the wrist
this fall
or lllg garment and lilt buttons are both worn on the same suit
Vigogne andbourolte are Ibo popular Paris cloths for
faU frocks
Velv et striped broche silts come among fall dry good
Diagonal rtrnplng across the front of thus bodice Is issn
oa new 1arll ilresius
Tinsel shot SlsJris I lace curtains are pretty norelllca
In winilow Urajivrks
Vertical stripes I in tress good of all kind are the
feature In fall futirlcs
CnniLlnnttona ut silk with light wool stuffs are popular
for rlrtl auinniu froikr
Brocaded borders and bands as well as vertical stripes
are much favored by fashion
Milt plush on wnnllrn grounds In striped broctie
effects are serum un dress goods counters
The newest KoodsAir tailor made gowns are novilty
aulllngs linltatlne melts trouserings and coatings
Some nf this new plnih brochv bordered woollen stuffs
areas rich amid dreis ai well as costly aa slU velvet
broc lie
Onepiecc drcKses of wool and of silk are both worn
ana i rsforrid by man ladies of unquestioned taste amid
New camels hair cloths new chev lota and nuttings
are seen to herring lion and chevrou weaves to form
Ihe vertical stripes
Cabinet mantel shekel In artlstlo panels tlie entire
backs ot bevelled French plate glass mirrors are sold at
very Ion prices la Denning new art furniture depart
The crazo for tare Is on ttie Increase and la creating k
genuine revival of oIl nolnis Flemish Alemnn Druges
ami knitUsh along with S emieiiaii amid via Flursuilne
pubS taupe
Now Is the time to buy wool suitings and woollen
novelties for there will eoun bn an advunce In prices uS
these gotMls on account of thelulcly advauced uric of
wool m Europe
The flush stripes on new woollen novnltr fabrics are
made to produce shaded block bar iluwer amid leaf
effects by Ihe cut mid uncut pile crcatlug what tIme
merchants cat IrUc effects
All the novelty broctie plush and striped goods H heth
Cr itt silk or wool are accompanied with plalu sslfcu
ored goods la match shoeing that lull leosuus Trucks
will again be combination costumes
Large plaids In deep dark rich tones of color one
shading Into the other and producing Indefinite vanish
ing effects These plaId are accompanied with plain
self colored goods toiuitch time prevailing tone of the
features In fall fashions are walstcosts ot various
kinds long over draperies long waists short shoulder
scams sleerea loose atiorelihe elbows full skirts side
panels little or no looping lu skirt draperies many but
boa Iilgii tapering liii stows hIgh solflurss sod vii
hi5b dresa qUr
nvaiNiua ii VILDINOD
Intaresllx Oplnlemi of a Nkllled Architect
Absolutely Heeiir llnlldlncs Mm be Had
by Thoie tVlllInc la JPisy for Them
Since tho recent solstnto disturbances In
South Carolina a good many limbernocked
citizens la the narrow streets down town have
boon peering up at limo cornices ot the tall
buildings lining the way and wondering
whether In case of an earthquake shock those
towering edifices would coma rattling down In
to the street It Is by no moans nn exhilarating
reflection that they might do so and time fact
thatsomo ol thorn have actually threatened It
oven when tlioro was no onrtlmuako for nn ox
cuso elves n gloomy probability to the fancy
It Is not very Ions sInce that n huao nail costly
building In time money district cracked In such
an alarming way that tonnnts flew out and
roostoJ on limo opposite side of the street wait
Jag to BOO It collapse Dlnicult perilous ex
pensive and mysterious things wore done to
It and It suspended more or loss permanently
Its process of foiling down Persons from the
country who have occasIon to enter It now are
liable to be Impressed with an Idea that It la a
very stanch structure But the habitues of
Urond and Wall streets sire not a little curious
as to what effect nn earthquake would bavo
upon It Thoro Is also a big hotel up on llroad
way that for n long Unto alter Its erection
used to co on settling to such an extent that Its
owners kept on hand a stock of hugo plateglass
windows to hurriedly replace those that worn
burstod out of limo store fronts with as little
delay and effort to attract public attention as
possible The men who did that work had
practice enough to make them quIte expert at
handling Buoh big plates of glass For several
yearn now that hotel baa seemed pretty steady
but what would It dolt an earthquake should
give It a shako 7
Of course nobody has the faintest doubts
about what would happen to the Uuddcnslek
class of flat houses and tenements It ISo earth
bhould give just tho loabt llttlo bit of a wriggle
There sire long rows ot them UD town that
while In process of erection barely escaped the
fate of tlioso between Tenth and Eleventh
avenue the walls of which wore too weak to
stand higher than the third story Their sham
foundations thin wails of crumbling brick
with mud for mortar Blender rafters and
Insuftleiuutly anchored showy brownstone
fronts would easily bo jarred Into their coilarc
Unhappily thoro mime hundreds of such build
Ings put up by UuddeiiHtiik and his Imitator
and tilled with thousands of mull women and
children nil liable to bo orunhud to death In an
InMnnt If ocr nn cnrtlKjunko springs tho
donth traps la whlUi they Imvo sougnt shelter
In tho opinion of wolllaiornvd and Intelli
gent architect tlioro is no city In the world
whoro a bovnro oarthaunko chock would to
I likely to caulsus um rim eiii rnl I slaughter I tn t limo
residence portion m In tills city ol Now York
Accenting that appalling probtbllity as be
yond dispute tho rjuictlon rninnlni an Inter
esting ono whuthur thorn la any very mucU
creator degree of security In n uioro preten
tious class of building tlioso ot publla char
acter erected us permanent Investments by
their owrmori Engineers and architects reply
umphatlcul y In the alllrmatlvo Tliui say that
greut progress has boon made within t fnw re
cent yearn In the building art and though
earthquakes have never bean thought of as
contlnaonclos to provide against In this latl
tudo to such n point hove we attained In per
footing the solidity of our buildings that few ot
our modtirn large structures ot the better clans
would be nt all likely to suffer seriously from
avon nioro severe sho ks than thoae oxpe
rlonoHl in Charleston The facts upon which
this coulldonco Is bases wars hast stated by
Architect btonhen D Hatch who ban bad long
experience In the construction or lange edl
Ileus of the most costly Kind ills remarks
voro ld Into by his reply to a quastlou ug to
time length of tulsa that it takes n big buildIng
to settle down to whore It la going to stay
A largo building properly built be said
In generally settled In time first year after In
completion and It rnroly settles oorcoptlbh
after that except from some exterior cause
Huch as digging below Its foundations for an
adjoining building for Instance Unfortu
nattilY many buildings are emoted with little
jud moitln the matter of foundations Tha
is the greatest and mot likely Infect Bull II
Is n mistake to Biipposu that n defect tlioro will
bo hidden because It Is burlud out ot night A
man may put ilnnu piles to carry n buldlni
thuutt arc perfectly capable ot carrying It bist limit
Bomiithlnu on top ot them that will not hold
the imposed weight and will bo crushed he
foro the piles begin to hold the structurn You
havo a pile for Instance that vvlll carry iou
tons and you cover It with n poor con
crusts that will only carry CO tons and you
might use well have only a pile capuhli
ot earning CO tons Tho maxim will
reference Iii n chain that It Is only as strong at
Its weakest link may very properly boapplloc
to hnlldlngB It Is not long shgmce that f wits
called upon totako don entiroly a large build
ing that had botvvcon itum piles anti the founda
tion MoniB u maaa of concrota that was yield
ing all thi Illume causing tin structure tc
cruck nnd constantly threaten to full Nothing
could to done with It to mako it safe hint pull
It down romu ay thut defect and roijiiild
In thn cnsn of Hint hotul on Broadway which
you motitionod the tine that was so long in
Bottling thsti foundatlonn wore only intended
for a Luilillnn ot twothirda HM height nml
wolght tn which It iibcnrrlodso It had to keen
on packing down tho sand until the Impact
wan pulllclont to resist the prussiao thrown
upon It Now It Is ht op n nl and Is doubtlosi
safe under present condition Whuthnr it
would bu cafe It an earthquake should shaku
thin sand I cannot BUS and I would not core to
eMinien nn opinion
llnrlhgunkes are not taken Into consider
atlon In phnnlng bulldlngn In this part of th
world but our Jlroprool buildings are BO
bound togothnr with Iron In every direction
that they would stand Hfply a good deal ol
vibration Tiike thin Itorool building for in
stance put up In 187 It Is not only anchored
together with Iron beams but tied together at
limo atmles with Iron plates all of which make
It portuctly rlald And Unit mode of con
struction Is now faVored by all firstclass archi
tects who have larco bull jinas to erect and are
conscientious about their work In southern
countries notably In San Francisco n bore
earthquakes aro not so much of a curiosity as
they are hern and special provision to meet
their dancers Is called for their high buildings
are tied together with Iron rods and plates HO
as to withstand almost army probnblo shock
Like precautions sure adopted In time modern
structures of South America where they rise
above the ordInary height of their dwellings
and they have some very tall buildings such as
the Cathedral ot Santiago de Chill although
theirs 1s an earthquake country
What chance do yon suppose our ordinary
cood flat houses would have In a tussle with an
earthquake 1
As nearly as I can judeo from what are re
ported as the experiences of Charleston I
should Boy that they would be likely to bo very
considerably dlsturbud though perhaps a few
of time very best class would bo no morn affected
than would the publla buildings ot which I just
spoke rime common Hat houses nro merely
anchored to wooden Instead of Iron beams and
are not uuunlly cropstied They will Btnnd up
well enough under normally placid conditions
hut would bo likely to come Buddnnly to irrlof
If forced to participate In any such lively pro
ceedings its an oarthquakn compels
To what publlo buildings In this city would
you point confidently an models ot strength
likely In resist well an earthquake shook V
oll there area good runny but I might
specify the Mutual Lifo Insurance Compauvs
building that of time Liverpool London and
Globe ln uranoi < Company the lloruol build
ing lists Murray Hill Hotel ansi buynnd them
almost any of the modern lireproof buildings
possess Biilllclnrt solidity to make It likely
that they would Htnnd successfully such n trial
All that In iioauusnry to make your buildings
enrtluiiinkn proof Is to construct thorn of limo
tuel materials In HUlllilont quantity and prop
erly put together If a good architect Is re
quired to do NO and Is not trammelled by con
siderations of economy ho can make n build
lug whatever Its biro practically nn strong an
nn Iron sate ono that uould ho liable to hold
together pmtty well even If the earth under It
danced n jlc Tho men who Imvo capital to In
vest In big buildings unuerstnndtnls and nn
fears of damngo by onrtlmunkti will stand In
the way ol their going ahead with tIme erection
of just as tall edifices as HreumstancCH eeom
to demand and popular Ideas of convenience
will permit
Do you iliiem Ironfronted buildings as safe
In case ol polamlc disturbance as those of stone
and brick V
That depends upon how they are con
structed The walls must be Imeavy ansi solid
to bu stcure whatever time material II nn Iron
front Is properly put up and filled In with ma
sonry I think It will stand ns well as one of
brick or stone but n hollow Iron front n mere
shell as some are will bo likely to vibrato
very easily and glee way under the strain of n
sudden severe shock The city ot Mexico
shows us limo sort ol walls that people familiar
with enrtbqaakes build to withstand them
several font thick sometimes Our method of
construction with Iron tie rods and angle
Plata Is far superior to theirs which Is do
pendent simply upon Its masjltancss for Its
Btiength but wo can form a good idea of what
is attainable for us by combining their system
ttumd ours Tho Croat thing primarily as I In
dicated In the first place Is to got the founda
tions suniclont Wo can tell nothing more
exactly than what n pile will support provided
tbe Inalstnnt weight Is put directly upon It
and working from that bail we have no con
ditions of location on Manhattan Island that
will not admit of the construction of a perfectly
safo building of any size That wo can cut a
itructureol any required solidity upon a rook
bait ot course used hardly bs raid
Exlrocrdllnry flpsd of the TrlM whteb
Carried Tk Usa B Ilnfful
Tbo residents of tho towns along tim line
of the Now York Central Railroad as far away
as Uuffalo wore very much surprised on a cer
tain Sunday In May last to hoar tho cries of the
newsboys about the street offering TUB BUN
for saloon time forenoon of the day of publica
tion Theretofore they had read their nearest
local Huuilny paper at n glance oror their cof
fee mind rolls and had waited until Monday for
the volume of interesting news and general
reading matter which the Sunday HUN now
brought them on the day of their greatest leis
ure U was a pleasant surprise not alone to
the old Bottlers but to the summer residents as
well who welcomed heartily their favorite Now
York newspaper
The October days are cloflo at hand when tho
town reclaims its wandering population and
when thoro Is no longer the snmo impatient
demand for outoftown Hundny newspapers
on Sunday Accordingly the fast newspaper
train has boon discontinued for tho present In
the varying weather ot fall and winter with
their falling leaves and rains and snows to
make the tracks slippery and retard fast travel
it U no loncur safe or expo Bent to run nt such
n rate as tIme Now York Central newspaper train
to Iluffiilo has kept up during tile summer
The first train of the season started out from
the Grand Central station nt 3 oclock on n
rainy Sunday morning and went booming
through the gloom and the growing dawn on
into the light ol day throwing off cront bun
dles of TUB RUN nt tho stations which were
pnssod nt full speed along tho route Only such
stops were musIc ns wore necessary to change
engines or to take water A minute was lost
hero Twenty miles further and two minutes
wcro gained On the train sped whizzing past
wondering people who had come out curly to
POO It co by throning oil Its bundle of THE
BUN shedding light thus along Its course and
ntlnst rolling breathlosuly Into thia station at
Uuffalo 141 mile away from the starling
point at high noon on time
This was fait running Indeed and the people
along the line appreciated the enterprise which
at this pains brought them tbolr Sunday after
noon reading
There Is n wide difference ot opinion as to
the respective merits ol the gravel or rock
ballasted roadbed It Is prutty generally
agread that the latter is Irmor and tho former
much moro ulastlc and easier for this passen
ger Grave1 Is used on thn bed of tile New York
Central road and by labor nnd constant atten
tion the road has been brought toi condition
practically perfect In running this lust train
it was merely a matter of right of way and tine
capabilities ol the i
On no occasion during ho summer was the
train late In reaching liuffalo and for tbls
promptness this icadereot Juts HUN who cot
tholr papers on time every Buuday morning
owe tholr thanks to tho facilities which Super
Intondont Toucoy ot thn Now York Central
placed nt the command of Tin BUN limo fast
est engines mind what was quite an much to time
point this cleverest unglueers Blood ready to
do Tim SUNS seivlco and so Sunday after
Sunday In rain anti pleasant weather the
train pulled out of the Grand Central station
with 1s Height ot nowspapore dump from thin
liuhtnlns presses nta clock In the morning
and with oiiual regularity rumbled duly into
the Buffalo station
One run was especially notable It was mado
onHunday Auc 8 h when the fastest time nn
record for nn equal distance was mudn by Kn
gins 511 driven by John W Cool Engineer
Cool appears tolltu boon named with ruler
once to his temperament
AmlKhnpto tho locomotive on limo IIuilsni
River division dulayod the train mtj minutes
on this Sunday morning llctwnen Albany arid
Syracuse leu minutes of this time was mado
up and then an John Cool took his scat In tho
cab and dropped tile Uvcrauond husild lie was
going to make up that lost time liio unglue
started with a jolt ns the throttle valve outs
opened and away went John Cool over n
straight stretch of track chasing that romnant
ol lost limo across this Mate It was just 10
nclock i and I Ituftalo wan neiirlv i Ifit 5 nillo Hvvav
A mIte a minute unit was lunched within thn
first four miles The tram pasod Wmulspoit
at the rate of 741 miles an hour sins limo wind
blew through John Cools whiskers There ant
a number of crnden between Syracuse nnd
Buffalo but the track U reasonably Rtruight
and smooth At Fnlrport tho train was skim
mini along nt the uxlillnratlug rate of 74UJ
initss alt hour
At HocliMtT the engine stopped eight
minutes for water and was away again and
tho next fix miles wuie covered In Oi minutes
At liatavla tha ounlnn slowed up butthu iieoplo
who stood at the station and saw It lly by at 52
mlloH nn hour dldiit know that It WLHUI
maUng tinton Hpeed Long twtoro DusTnlo
was reached Emuiitsner Cool hail mnrcomo time
lost time nml wheu 1m jumped off his Boat nnd
cllmbixl down from the cult In tho station ho
wns six mliintosaliittil of time
The nvurugii speml Irom Syracuse to flit halo
1487 miles was 150 miles nn hour Irom
Syracuse totothe4ior whore thus stop was mauls
for water tin I avurayn VVHS at thus irtinirabo
rate of U727 miles per hour This ieats u Iii
record and John Coal IR partleulaily proud of
hIs achievement So Is Tun HUN
LLrrin8 Ill 011 TllK VKOIW
Could Daniel N JUtklmon lies lle n J unl
imited I fir ireI units I
To TJJI rniTon OF TUB Suv fir In your
Eurulay ciltluii of Au > c J ors iiubiUritil tlio Ktlvri of
YinU Marey ami IlttnUl H Illcntiiion 1 notice lu the
Utter of Mr Miruy of June 12 IKU he cays
lit 1 > even nftcR to lioM out Hie i nntlati llirt h
nilklit litnikflf litH beers nominated hut I miit retail I
tliffD WH not ut Si ii lime n serious thought ot Ills iuml I
nation lu the tousenltuit
Tlio writCMDBQ ilclcfiiilc In that Convention nnd tht
frlciuloCMr l HiKlinnan omit HUBNoon inihnale tennis
with Mr iuieklusssms us iso was nil mirth l ut rlrtid itt Seis
Cms In that Coineiitlon An tntortnnt cent occurred
In tlmi Com Billion tltat hat nut beets referred to After
tho doieiTAlet lead balloto < for tuoln > n ami it became
Apparent ttmt thu nomination of either CAin fir Iluch in
an wa hoi tlcw this ttctejuteii beuii to COO nbo it for
sonie fuiultitlc i ssuutl date At I its ittmf llic I S cneral > U
James Hnrbour htitrintin it his Vsrglsiia duiorutloti
arose ntl hi a lituOiuiue speeds iiunitiitttKi U tin I ci I tt
Ulcklnkoii for irui lent Till nuninutun is o rculttd
with amtiiise ami n large number < > f hoiHjtietit were
Urnprtl cross Site gallery to Mr DU kinniin us to litnne
lately In a brief peecliilfilartnT isle frleiidshsiu for
den Cue declined u Sue imiinnatinn the i rsmer wee
netr him lit tIe time and sail tn him intu bier Siwl I
the oppnrluuO ot your life llo oflen ipuXv of thh
afmern srI
llu tno t certainly would have lirtn noinlnnteil
Btiurll after the iniuo nf frunklln Ilfrtouni usiiel i
in nnintiiutlon Suit nuniliiAted Ihere I arc S try few of
the delegates of the Ionv uitiou of lean l now lu lug Sir
Ucliaont nf New York wsis a delegate
henry Geuree far Alnyar
To THE Euixon OK THE SUN Sir At present
there li considerable dlicuiiion ifolns on amonfr Itie
inochaulci and Uboriiifr people ot thU city at ton tin
would be the most available candidate for Mayor
The recent disclosure hare opened the eyes of the
people to the fact that both of the old panics are rotten
and corrupt No matter how glaring the rolienneis or
how severe the punishment cf tti wrongdoer those
same old parties loth Democratic and Kcpubllcan atlil
persist In their corrupt iiruinices
Hint I fact iso thou is the i meihinlca tml uorklncmenif
this city Hut > o fir us tiirlr Inttresn nn concerned
their votes have been v irluallr thrown u 55 a > YC Sr eSter
ur on either one or tho other of thoo old uolllicat
lianlesln tisia city
Now Hut t the worklngnteu of this city are < iriranUd
tn a Inrccr extent thou the pollii > tanor iini > t teojU
Illumine the can force Ihe 1111 u tH < tui < inoinlnnte
goal clean men end It thy iltuv oil un ties do I not
liolulnatn gli I man thor will lluti I themselves burled ut
the polls lists nrlni Ipal iiuseu inn appears to be VVh
will be our candidate for iis ivurf
Itoswelt 1 Mu vtriii aif u td I nutn S I Henrt DiiKro or
James J Coocaii are also gustt t men t < utdu u they repre
aunt thu InterLfU nt i the n < irkliunt vinst itocld dl >
nn Who thin f Ihe answer 14 llenrv I lleiir e lie lit
ono of usa mint aiminir men nlihutuh we miiy not nil
airreo with him in his tiles He Is a man of principle
with a clear spotless reputationu ho i < ii ll I use isly hue er
Klvvn lo him In the Interest ul nil good t HUeiis
The liusmesA pooplo coil I tlltr 5 cuss nl voter will I join
w th time orklntc people in electing sn h n innn Vlatur
and teach those latlisu cud parties a lef fnn ilieV rlchl >
deserve illaihril Mix
New Vonar Sept 10
Ceursrei CrooU and the loitlnnf
To THE KniTon op TIm SUNSs fs If it bo
us true as It would now appear la be that litroulnioi
iirrsnder was not unconditional and that he as > nc
corded terms by dun Milt a gni3 thing was < Ions
which ought to have been don at least fix montha be
fore when Hen Crook could have done is list lieu Miles
has now done siring many Innocent llteivast Injury
to the people of Arizona and a great deal of money to
tilt Government lets Crook Is alnnya awlie man in
dealIng with Indiana In both peace and war In war
releutlei skilled and energetic i In peace honest truth
ful end 3ust lumillins unit been taught to four ae vrell
as M roped and trust him Ills pacification of the
tiiuux after lighting them wai an etntordlnary achieve
inent and renulttd In Inestimable blessings 10 Hie pee
pIe of ih Nebraska rolorado yonilng and vionlana
order Truinet blowing for Jen Miles after
Semi Crook had liunted to vurrcnler all
but nineteen of the Chlracahuas who wets on
use ausruli ii was all very wull but It S could h not cloud
the name or obscure the servlcei of leone Crook In the
inmcsot thu Sell Informed who knew that lie had for
goticn worn about Jndljne Indian narfare and the
ito way of dealing with the red race than all the reit
Cr uhu gallant ssshulirs if the United States army nut to
gether ever knew Including HierlJan
Tue Christian cry I Hang lleronlmol This la I In
the Chrlstun order the cry li natural Ueroiilmo Is a
lessee VVar with Mm as II was with Hie Inqunli
vt ho gave this country to the people who now occupy
and possess It iniana savagery and laiaterrK the
sine everylitre It obtains between Indian and In
dian us n ell at between Indian ami white It springs
from the rude religions nt barbarism Hut let what we
call Junior prevail and when Ucrnnimo shall have been
hot or hung for nghllng for his rights and country
with a courage seldom surpassed In the history of any
sac or people timers are white men who will still re
gard him aa a patriot who lacked only numbers forage
and food to compel those who had robbed and wruugaj
all people la live back what wai limply ItKlr own
XlwVou6eH10 IBW Jstiu1
nun iiitc fine LADDIES WORK
New iBivenlona ehcraea far flATlnff n Frau
lion f a Hecond Anxletr Last Hems
FrHillon Jtfar 8IIII be Wusted
Tim sharp clung ot the big alarm gong
rang rough the cosoy quarters of Caot 11 af
fortys Fire Patrol No 3 In West Thirtieth
street on Friday night Instantly the bone
dashed to the patrol truck shafts with n swift
clatter and just as swiftly Driver Abram Lieu
was In his seat and had the heavy reins crnspod
tightly tn his brawny bands Ills npponrnnco
In bis place was BO sudden that It looked like
magic The cone had struck but a sIngle
stroke ol the alarm when be sprang
from his bed on the second floor and catno
slap bane through n trap door In the coiling
just Ilko n hnrloquln In the pantomime It
took him lost than nlno seconds to leave his
bed and start the horses out with n rush from
the pntroi house Driver 1C S Hoot who rides
with him was just ns swift In dropping down
beside him The beauty ot the performance
was that It wasnt nn exhibition lost either but
a bona fide answer ton call to afire at Tenth
avenue and Thirtyseventh street
The way Drivers Lyoll and Hoot loaptlirousb
the trap door every lime there Is i a fire Is nn Im
provement In speedy preparation for respond
ing to fire calls thnt Is nt present exclusively
the proud feature ot Capt llalTortya wide awake
company Time trap Is cut In the ceiling Imme
diately over limo drivers sent on the heavy
truck It Is surrounded on the floor above by a
polished brass ratline four feet bleb that
shines like a mirror ISo drivers beds are
right beside this railing When nn alarm
sounds at night they spring from their beds
together PoliO tho railing nnd lot their bodies
drop horizontally through the trap The la
etant the door opens they lot go and catch a
second brass bar fitted Into the coIling like no
acrobat dropping from one trapeze to another
This second bar balances them mind prevents p
them from falling forward In their fivefoot
drop to the trunk neat A weight attached to a
pulley rope shuts tho trap door with n bang tine
moment they disappear through line trap Tho
whole device works so smoothly and quickly
that It Is only a ijuostlon of time when the trap
will bo Introduced in all thn engine houses la
town It saves smo seconds of time lost In
shinning down the brass sliding poles and
clambering to the peat on the engines In ex
hibition dtllls Drivers Lynll nnd Itoot have
been able to drop to their neat and started limo
truck In loss than two tooonds which Is nwar
ahead of anything dono In time patrol truck
mnumo log
Even day the brave fiio laddies of Gotham
are getting to bo moro export In swiftly an
swering lire alarms und are on thin lookout for
Improvements that will cut down oven shorter
the few seconds nt urocnt occupied In hitch
ing up boieuA and Planing time engines or
trucks ratlllnc on their way to the lire rise
sliding polo wan an Improvement on time old
fathloned pellmoll lush Town thus stalrn that
saved nearly a minute of preparation Julclc
dressing la ono of time features of lIre luddto
natIvity rowadiyd that tills every lumnn
with nmimiincnt The huddles huvo cot
the business down to such n uchuco that they
literally jumii into their vlotlics Every lire
Imman goes to Id with ii Is roil lltuuhlrt on Ills
trousers arts nlvvnts kept tucked Into tha logs
of tilts heuv rubber hootx nail when ho rehires
ho simply lets tine troimusuina elide oil him and
down over the boot lee and then steps out of
the boits When ho wmts to dross bu stops
back into the boots again yanks the trousers
up around bis waist fastens them wilts a
gprinK buckle and mikm duhoA for tlm slid
ing I pole iiulck as u wink comploluly drn < 9d
Ylsou Iitrol3 wont to the his on Friday nisht
Lleuu lluvveon I nnd 1utrul fjere < tu I < t Smith I
jumped Into thir clothes BO fust that THE HUN
reporter could sst tlino ihem
Twolvu i BeoondB IH tne average time u takes
a fireman to dies vhun nu nhiim stunts linn
out o bol i at nIght Suirgnmnt SmIth stuild and
Ill but I UK I tn 1 ni many limos as nmbody
wants to take tho odds that vvo hnvo men bora
who Cfil5 throBs In six seconds every tlxe tnuy
sCant tm
The essential thing Its putting fires oiit In n
hurry Is to gut tho mnchlnory them ri u null its
tbo man who handle It A nil It I Is lou is is DSHOII
tiil thine iiboni tho s lnrea cf liHiidllnc him mis
that our 1iij i Cr iii tn I sutlisis sue think inu 5 ttu liar 1
nient comes KB near perUctlanu It U I ftilila
furl I ninan lncnultrtn reach lm rovment
after iinprovomiiit ha lMrn l innb unil I I now
lit > I ° R nt tniu I In hlUhlng I IIIH IILI n led need 5 i
ncpirunlly alnrlately to inu Iii t utxi mu 11 Tnura
nre only tw > ttilic nbout It th it nreit tttto
lisa tie The o mo tlm movement of tho
isrsue I fr < m tlio Mills to tlpdr jImiee
beside the engine I uhaft and lie 1 vnniiplni I u i I ut
tp collrrj over tuilr ic < lilj 1 tutu vat limnii
And liith tl I esc are ilium In RUh a urfeel I viy
that tmst turn ns cood in aiitiiinitl il ihow
Attonull in cllnciy d 1 < > nl of ihr n nt nt Ibo
vvoiUlulil nouKh to mako jmir tin 5 ri if
snit tIy tu Inn t this details The ititintit tho
operator at Flin HundiiinrtTH I 011 u is Mm cir
cuit to fetish 111 ultrm tlm un n l drop a n ilnl
bill niimt halite this guni i Thu bi1 atmiln 3
inebea douu a Lnr nf bris nnd rnlls I u
steel wino that rrimUnlly unlilteiii the
prlrefl ut tin old > i of limo ittlls IInt
hold thin laltiis nf limes lorp list lintiniur
of HID gong simullnurouil with nut llrrft
ilarm toni stilts tho httlu nord iuuk <
that Is pure lit il i n n fliell boside tl cgirc anil
thus nulomaliia Iy I leii n ricinl nl this limo t
i oiibumeil In cuIng to a tin Mitlitii It out nnd
reuruiru II IMIIIP ultig tlio little clock is ills
the u his chisel untile t vill that Is I kept KUIIIS m nil
the 11 me tIme Ctiptalnnf his t company < iri till
at f claniu 3511 t hnvv mug ll took to dnanvijlvvn
lieu a iii work I limo I iiiiKsslsnlvriinKiisii < rilutl
ovi f the hhaft by nn nulom itlo linn bnng
> r It Is hold In position thoro by fitliss
When tho drivor ginlm tho loiiib thn tonnlon
looseiia the hid ings limo hariiobsiM diop down
upon time horiex the vvaihni uuarmIsm tile cal
larn around tho horsuV nocKx and ntitumatlu
vvduhtx attiched 11 litllo pullots In tin teilng
cany the framework of limo laiijror up over
head out ot tile way iLiprovunicuta
are steadily being mado In tmi collars
that limit lie horfos wear Thoy aunt
mnda In two hoctlnns fvtenid whIm it hlngi
at the top nnd 1 snap togntlHT at thn botcm wit ii
an automttlu sited fiiirliig hick OollarB made
of east Iron have recently bcnn Introduced In
somo of the engine houses They tire blxtoen
liounils lighter than tan leather lollnr which
weigh thlriul pounds cacti and they nre
considered moro durable nnd serviceable
These collars can be faMnnid nround tIle
homes necks In n fraction n nncom
No time whatever Is now lost In llmmutlng nut
whoro H lire alarm In originally Built from
Placards son which are time number ot every
regular nlnrm box In town with Hn location
arm bunc up on the I walls of thin tungi miss house
nn th ground floor behind the dipt ilnb d > fdc
TtioCnptaln glanciH nt iso t rhiteuu nit ishm lit tIme
mn guns gelling icady and tihnuu limo Inottlon
of this lila to tho driver thin moment thin last
stroke of Iho alarm Is struck Many big build
Ings In town have within thus lust few months
Introduced n now nutoumlo special nlarm
which saves the time lost In traimmlt
hug nn ulaim from n regular uttoct
box It canf > ltH of nn olnctrlenl oonlrivmco
hitched on to this celling of each flout of the
huildinu und ntlnehud to n sure FonHltlvo wire
A Ttain daneorouH ilegrno of boat In nnv par
tlculur floor no mutter how gunnrntod will
miisK Iho vvlrn to IMiand nml stirt n current
thnt drops a dink In the engine htousst of tile
district In which time bulldim In lorned timid
on this diKl IH I Inscribed I not only I tbo exit > t lo
cution of the building but alto the tYaot hart
of time buildIng In which thu tiro or thin heat
thnt IH great enough to produce finn It not
chclud linn broken out
Thoro Is n perennlil compnllilnn noising the
varloiu flreroiiipaiiluft In the dopartm for
this honor of hong known an time compuny that
cots there first vvlienover nn alarm consists in
lnglnu 33 which doiiKH In Croat Jsritsu Street
ban been thn cock nf lit 51 vrnlk I for n lone time
Slit won this pno nt the horxo show foiHivllt
nets In catting rut Iy Tho men pan get lor In
shape to start in los thnn two noconds In sum
exhibition tost and the humdrum uveryday
work of hitching up nml iettuig away U never
moro than live or ulx beeuiuli
Orcftt tie la thus ofllcliiniy nf lImo appirattiR lot
us tinc is ltshii uiir II rye still I I further luts birds ft ttl nts
tilts Omuttu utu lila tush Coiutnlsnlonur 1iuroy is
trying to have nn elietrlo lantern pcI foetnil
tbnt will enable tho firemen to sen I into biilld
usgs through thick smoke nnd that vout go
out and leave them In darkness as the present
oil lantnrns do lists Uoimnl8 lonrrh brother
waists lo rig up n double slogs arrangement In
every onzlno hoiibe that will onnulu Ivvonnclnns
to bo kept I In cacti homo nnd thus donlili Ho t
capacity of the department to light hIres Sen
onu engine has cone to a Urn tIlts othor by tIme
proposed plan can be holbtod out of tlio collar
arid be kulut In Instant ruadluenH toiuihvvor a
Bill for refnforoomeiit Iroud inlhiimltos
ihiunk that tho department PonM all crmitlon
now as It Is If it should got tho electric lan
tern and limo double stngu thor nro cerfilii hunt
it would bo far ahead ot anything over dioarnt
of anywhere by nn > body creation
11 fa la I Texns
from the HI Paso Trlliunt
Mr ansi Mrs El l Wishes IIP father nnd mother
to ns Cu Its msssmnicssgst litik girl iiilnes in lbs Texan
country Slue lipped thu scalesit lAuttly firieeu I I usnla
Just after th atari left her nn llic I from shea i nr her pVa
mansion nn Wednesday night and she crIes us natural
aslf the hud pracliccd It lor curs
risking by IroKy
toil At milaMvMi Irtntnt Call
naglcyflolnc fishing today
UeUaggs No sir roc much business to attend lo
Ser Vk Iii HhiWof > uu when Im litlimmif Dii thus
bank In the U
shady hauling twononml hvsutuu
Tliats right do And when v > m stop at the market
en yeur way lisme Just lmuy me a StrIng IOU Tims 5
1544 1594w

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