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1 p f Jjntt rfi W i oaIit J
0 i i1 1i 0
11 i1
1 f r 1 > K iSwim8S
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r r
znAI snoot ON rniDAr manr
nut NON or initiu raciir tlUl
akt Mr Dteitke line le > Ike Rurlkqniih
ZkI 00 In AIIVkunalnB tke Clem r
Dlllrlbntlnc FoodA llurd Landlord
Dlurlal rA lrd
CruntESTOX Sopt 11Thtro woro eoTCrnl
bock lAt night but Urn penplo are becoming
omewbat calloused and thero was no panic
The first of tboBO occurred nt about 030 1 M
ind was Quite severe although not aaveM
b enough t do any addltlonnl damage The
Hlght to was boisterous and wot and know
Inn that t sloop ID tho open air was almost
certain death non whlto pooplo returned to
their houses nnd slant In thorn In not oslo
Bio case however did anybody who happened I
t b In tbolr bode whnn tho fatal hook cnmo i
return to their bedrooms Nothing could In I
duro thorn to do PO
The mortality list today Is tbo heaviest slnca
the earthquake amounting t elicht deaths
from exposure and Injuries Those ware
Joseph Williams ooloroJ Infant 2 months old
gastritis and exposure j llixttlo Drown colored
0 flays old exposuro Iovlnla Lawrence col
ored 1 month old dohlllly nud oxpoiure
Eliza Hnrloston colornd 11 dnrs old conven
tion ot tho lunge nnd exposure Sarah Itooves
colored 55 roar old fracture of the
skull Luclnda hay colored 18 mouths
old doblllly and oxpoaura Ella Hogitn
Yrhlto 0 roars old epilepsy and
exposure nnd Jnrnos lioll cotornd 2 rears
old scrofula nml oxpntmre It will bn Been
that molt of these am children and as greats
as tho list la II Is reared that It will L much
creator noxt week TliU Hwells thii deaths
from Ibo Fnrihtiuako up to nearly ninety
This morning there wiwii heavy rnlnfull fol
lowed nt mlddny by I clearing up nnd im In
tensely hot BUM which Istaleulntnd I to IncronHO
work rniumed thu
BtcknoiH Alter Hint I wni rlmed on
U BtriOts iiinl thuy I igan to look a Illlln llvnly
Tho rullof cmmulloes have chaimml tho
plan distributing 1 loud Tho announcement
that rations would bo distributed 1 frcn brought
mlols of nigroua to ttm city front tin xur
rnundlng count ry many of them abandoning
the Iloida to como M tlio dir Ir rations and
oven many of the oily wgroes retuaed to work
nslnng R thoy could 11lrP although them
is work enough At roniiinerntiva prices
to employ 10n nblebodl anon In the
city HOIIKO pnrviintB and wiiHhorwr < m n
abandoned their places to draw rations
on tickets which were IrJIorlinlnutoly dis
tributed by the colored prmehnrs to mom
bore of tholr conunriMtlotiH Under those cir
CUmMnll1 tilt rnnnnlttio alter hnlngdls
tritmtnd nnnrly 30000 ration and iinces nrlly
relieved miiny ciitna of HUftorlnir decided to
Chanuo their fystiiii Instead ol Itpuintt tickets
they have divided the city Into twelve districts
3 Twelve white and tweUu colond canvassers
r tho hitter named by thu colored clnrgrmen
have been employed to oanvn the city to r
fort all persons deserving of roll and rations
lort Il
tions are delivered to these hy wagons This
Byetcm will tm pursued hereafter
eY8tl wil b Plr
Another cast hhnnlngthe hHrdheartodnMs
Of some landlord wee devulnp today One
T8 Dronkhnnd who ban toilet a half dozen
times and who Is now an extensive real estate
owner the property standing In the naies of
ola wife and slKfrlnlaw nerved I notice to
quit wie an old colornd tenant CHarles JnlTnr
pan The warrant was IABUHII by John Francis
lirltton nTrlalJufttlra and the publication of
t the fact ban raised quite nstorm of indignation
All tho other Trial Justices In tho city have
refused to issue notices In the city to quit or
distresses for rent for the present at least
The Urookband Incident Is unlvomally con
demned and tho court to which tho notice was
tnade returnable did not meet JefTornons rut
trill of course 0 paid out nl the relief fund
rind the Trial Justice will probably b reaioved
from ofllce by the Oovernor
4 l The situation tonight la rather cheerful
The last shook occurred nt about 2 oclock this
morning and since then the people have been
too bUR Irvine their clothing and tnovluR un
der anolter 10 think about eartlmuanes
The latent reports mm points ulone the
South Carolina Hallway Indicate that the reports
Clrolna 1111
Butt of dUtresd ut Llncolnvlllo Knlahlnvllln
pors elpowtiero were trreatly oxnircnrated
Whatarer la necessary will bn done for them
Cniil 0 O 15ontDll actIng undor nuthorlly
CllI the United Count Survey arrived In
Charleston ynsturdny morning for the purpose
canning I theconilltlon of the bar In order to
report XII any O chance In the clmnneln that might
bay taken place consequent upon the earth
quake Cnpt DoutHlle bun devoted two days to
the work mid ns tlieresult of his oh ervitionB
says tonleh thntchanepsexmtlii both lump
kIn Hill and South Channel liutthcyurosllirht
and they are all for tho better Rhuwfnifln
Ontnsnd ileplli In both channels I1 Impos
sible to 5147 how much better until the tidal ob
4 erviitloriH are completoil and the soundings
can be reduced to low water
0 b
2er Ar Xnonak lent Now nnd Uonejr is
vII I Muel deeded
Treasurer John Crosby Brown and the
4 Chamber Commnrce Itellof Committee did
not meet yesterday but Secretary Wilson was
Jot hand As ba told TUB BUN reporter that
the subscriptions for the day were 13350
making 148872 In all Mr Wilson was oulnusl
Mtlo In his belief that the Chamber would alono
t raise 100000 I this prophecy comes true
the downtown people will get In tho neighbor
hood of 150000 for the needy onus of Charles
ton The helpers of the Chambers fund yes <
terday went
William L Tanderbllt Cornelius VanderbIlt and I
friend a lady each 110004 Mercantile Trunt Company
llerclnnli National Bank TOt Weller A Co and A
t Low each tfiOO ranlkner Page A Co rrorldenci
fend Btonlngton Steamihlp Company C u Ouniheri
Bon OniOn AttetnuiA Co Dunham Buckley A Co
Bweetter Pembroke t Co Parker WIder A Co B I
Inirrn Oo Corn Kxcninre Bank Thebauii Brother
IlIti uermaala Hank each sZro Julia u I HrowerACo
Dmowit Mood A Hhiffiiian Let Urullivre A to Mick
nay Cnnyiitfhain 1111 ant 1i iZ < > > tHili < PiOi
f itM rence ft Cu IJS W II Imam llenrj K Maul
dUil I lleid Lelanit A Oo Frederick Vltt r t
Achelli II naiieliilahl A Io Aui lilnclo limits
are ttllmrrdlua lluuuet A Oo Sawier Hurl
A Uatllllnv BiUim BilJwln A CnJ II V s rullneA Co
I tlerrlnr Mile tan A tn Amilllilnuil A Smith I WhllniHn
CreKhliin I A On Whitman I 5 Ilirln llnnlliu Ciiltiy A
to Conferee btaiilnn A Clllltn Slut Itceil A Cmney
JIOI White tl Cn llrinokerliiill Turner AlnLaM
rent Taylor A fn U 1 Freeman A fn Tnrrnnt A Co
Charles Trait Dodge A Oloilt Uanlel Urane fliullh
Lord llarriinnn A Co Heenth Wnril lttllllml tail a lie
York Street Kiax ttphiiilnir lianipany U I > UAIi > lti A
Co Old Domlnliilfttemnihlp tt inimii Ilrteiilh Went
Hank It It Conk A Co r It Inwiieaml A Co anti
Ulnidtnlillij HcLeicl i A Co each lm Henry K IV
leir Alla UuKhel Ullllini 0 KrniUll IMtranl Ullfa
koiii A C Hulbriiok itt Users 1 tile A ivan Pelrreiiii
A Rayon OVa A lioyiWmrurntoti I I I a fii Pn arant A
Co W M I Taller I A OYJ IeaMll A Wtiehell Hriitlira
Q A I Ballln and Weed A llrolher elelt SMI O A Low
John HIReUtY II K l Mierlitaii 1 A Tn I Kritii trii A Cn
usher A Uerr II Kohlmtauin A IIii I J II hail A Co
IS II Mend Joiepli II Uititttu I nitric DriiHti A Co
1 tTrederlrk fr Flnyil I llalleianil U Hi iwarzwaeIir I I
n aob i J3i frank Le Manna Eitit cal W I ftlA l
44 Xeton A Itaebaffen I UI cash IA
e1 This letter was handed to Secretary Wilson
I t t by a member ot the Chamber from a Charleston
ton firm
forlunatelr our whersea vrarehnueee and other f
Ittolusof trade hare nut been seriously injurvil and our
comma will not puffer any Interruption The great
Jinpalhf and eubiumlal aid eent ui Critic all I quarteri
hare bad a wonderful r InllueiKe on our leo le I who era
rapldl reiralnlnir conn Juice and are Ineplrcd mini a re
newed energy which tu i > ur 01 Inion wilt cauie uu lu
tcreue In our trade lute I year our fellow rountryinrn
bare earned an aierlamlnff yrntiitiile br their nolilc Ken
roilly rie have eared ui from dtpilr hy their ilineir
Sympathy ttrery one ban none to work to repair and
rebuild and we will at lbs emu tlino retain our trade
and rain new builneu
I The Stock Exchange subscriptions yesterday
0 Were L T Hort 100 Funshaw A Mllllken
Wlr 1 1
and Kimball howell A Co f 60 each Meeker
I Vlldes Co and A n 0 25 aoh Total
1 taflO and making total to dale 186836
I The Option Exchange fund was increased
n 100 by the subucrlotlon of L if Palmer and Is
k a now 17003 All the money was yesterday for
r Warded to Mayor Courienay
Chairman Horace B Ely of the Heal isuito
Excbanse OomruUlea received these aubaorlp
tlons yesterday
H n Cammann Horace B 1o Adrian fA Mutter A
I Bon llulbenord Murreiant and Oonetanl A Andrew
aoblllKM Rloharl Demos Orurte I Kec1 K ACrul
balk A Co and It I Luillow On enrh tMi Scott A
I alyera ChartaiM Crown William Urwkihank Uteri
A Hobuinorhorn ana Uuiltb A ItID each i 33 Total
Chairman Washington Wlnsor of the Mercan
1 > tile KxchaDgas ommlttao got this melange
F from UarorOour euay In reply loonesnylng that
I 81072 awaited his pleasure n thu Exchange
Tbauka 1 ynar Kohanffe for jour oontribuuou ad
vlied yeiterd jb Our treasurer M III draw a
Bald A letter rooolvad at the Maritime Exchange
Our money nantiare large Weha > alente sod shelter
nouxb for tbe present The great work to be dune In
the next ilxty day Ie lo ituard uialnit the M niter by re
building and repalrluit iiuall liouiei Mr the loom
The following telegram wait sent yesterday to
Uayor Oourtenay
A luinorliitinn tin linn been iturted at the Manhattan
Club for the relief 11 he Iliarlritnn lufferera I COllier
Ue voit to draw on uo at once for tu ci
J I tOLitfiif Treuurer
The lOloln ittiditlonel subscriptions have
ben rooelved R the nnic of the Jnrtler
1l kll for jowttllum Charleston cutlet fund
Ainorlcnn I Wlihmn I Waieh tipany ani CitIes
Citais 1 Co ticS iOl I A U Iiruiit kMhnOI C t
Ihu II Ohllr A tu I I IIckh1 A Co
Iioitinan lu lliIti lit litiiZ 54 I Iiiiarii
mule I mI1 01 PsS a iti Ju errleisimr tJ lItter
11cm Uileriii r Critter 1lrlul Ino
A IIIU 5 Cu Jon A Wi each I ii ii
Irynr A t o Cr A v UKII hJ uiiri n l i
a II 0 III il < r nii A o Inter enrh flit A W
CUte A inn Miuili A KM in 1 HileM A yrrlu
I ll Xuirord 101 imn A Cu earl h tlSt
buripleler r W U na MiiniifailuiriiK Uu Juiii lchlilll I A
Co demoS hlraun Mbe 1 Klliikiiwulrl ljihinjisilt I I
ra Ililllirnlili f llluk ful Ih 4ge Irk J t Lao
reniM L > iMld Wits A tin Jeii < hiii leroy W
ralrohlld tit Autlo oy Umeli I llecrr KvrnW has A
Co Levy Dnyfaee A O W A B BlackluUnXr n
Jtall I A 60 and Win 1 ftOo aaenvio Jobs A
Klley D Valentine J WodlakaT llartmann hasty
Abknit J R Greases A Oo Howard A Hockahaw T A
Wllleon Optical Co Stout t Sheptrd Krailer KltnbaU i
A Co K KarelMn Obarlea Lao Abrr Blanoard a Co
N C While Payne sleek A Oo and T H Byntwr
each W Cash JlT Ftatloatly howlded 10
uCL t
Park Commissioner John D Orlmmlns sent
n check for 10 to Mayor Grace yesterday as
a contribution to thxOharleston anfferers
Enoch Morein Sona A 0 have telogrnphM
t Charleston that It may draw on them for f W
Deputy Calleclar Ilxvlea Wonderftat te
n Heilmon lnltr Treat Itlvar
A llttlo over a fortnight ago Dan Lam ont
Deputy Collector Charles Davis Internal Boy
enue Colleator Beach of Syracuse Henry J
Howry Ed J Barnes and ono or two other
thought the time had como t carry out a
scheme they bad boon drnamlngof every other
Blent since last summer Thoy simultaneous
quit all moneymaking employment and gath
ered Syrncuno After spending the night at
tho Utob Hotel they wout t Belleville on the
Canadian aide of Lnko Ontario and picking up
Theodora Wickwire and Cot Strong the
United States Consul wont on to Salmon Lake
on the Trent River where they had hoard the
fish were so thick that they took turns coming
out on the bank to sleep no that those In tho
water might halo room to stretch themselves
Their wives not to b loft at home clone
during tho excursion of the statesmen of tho
family had organized n trio to Niagara Full
Dr chance they Ktopned nt the Olobo Hotel for
dinner the dny their husbnnds had break
fasted anti gun to Ciinnda Tub gave Hun to
n rumor that they were hunting their hus
bunilr hut nn such thing was the case
Whn ttii llsblug party of statesmen got to
Salmon Imku they on < nmpod just IIB ordinary
mortal would do Tho laku Is full of black
bass and perch nnd thin next dny after they
bud iirrHud two In n boat wont out with a
ciilde In each boat as nn unprejudiced witness
tn keep count of what took place Hut lot
Deputy Collector Davis to I his own story
Wu wont nut tlmt tiny and Kd Unruns WAS
tlt 111 <
In the buitt with mu It wits n Tliuridny I b
lilly > and the sun phone on the water nnd
IliiHbod tuck into our OYP The cuter mis very
Cionr hut 1 could not see whether thpie were
ninny huh h or not The rust of tin party rowed
II IOl ruR
nlT to different harts nf the hike Unrnos Inlln
tlio bow of our bOlt and 1 was In the stern
Erh of us had light trout rods nfl we wore
trulllni nlnni for whntuxnr rolR mlRht catch
For thu first quarter of nn hour we didnt have
very good luck as wo caught only half R dlMn
Cr 81 huh h < ouch Our bait wiLe common earth
worms nnd the fish would ent this Imlt frmu
hook without I titan nibble
the wihout giving us more Ihln I
I I ni
It wait Ktittiiiic nilhrr monotomiuu pulling
up your line only to rubiUt the book when I
luililiened to look back over Ihu stern where my
shadow kept the bun from the watr The
wiitnr was clear a < air and I could leo down
over scorn nf feet Thero wore hunilrxils of
perch nnd black buss bllluc the bnltnR my
11 I
hook as fast iu > I put It on Youve seen 1 boy
hook frogs ns they sat alone the side of the
pool and the thought struck me that tho flub
scent BO thick that I might do the name thing
with thorn Bo I draw bnck my rod and un
jolntod It all but some six or seven feet I
shortened tho line and rnbaltlnc the honk put
It back In the water As I looted down In the
shadow I could see a dozen perch arab for tie
loose ends of the bait I waited till they wero
up close < and lowering the line nn Inch d
OD of them undor tho Up and pulled him Into
I kept that up for fifty minutes There
wasnt any need to rebalt the hook the fish
1nsnt were 80 thick Id just let the line down end
with a turn of my wrist pull the hook through
tbo water lEvery time I caught something
Borne of the fish worn hooked In the throat
some In the Bills or lips or eyes or belly and
occasionally the hook would grab oce by tho
tall It mndn nn difference where It caught
I would pull the fish Into the boat unhook him
and try again TUP guide was busy with the
boat but occasionally no would look In tlBgust
l <
nt the pile of my halt You see It U I considered
pretty good there to catch thirty flub an boor
nil It takes some little time t rebalt and t
nrranev your tackle
arrlnl went around a part of the lake all the
time I was Dulling tn iny own Bliadow look
Ing down Into that clear water nnd snapping
UI this flh ns fUt n8 they oal08 along Hy the
end of an hour my nnd of the bout was pretty
well settled In ti water nnd wo rowed ashore
There wore 125 flab caught In tin hour and a
few minutes lnrnea caught quite a number
so I ULpThO 1 didnt book over eighty or
ninety I
Tho guide was not used to our style of fish
Ing nnd whim Berlin spoke to him about our
luck when wo landed ho said I
Well Jlr Jan thorn aint any use of I
flshlnif acalnat Mr j vll He dont nonil any
ball Ilx can catch lieu quicker without
bltt cln clob fsl wlhoUI
After that Hflnrnnnn the felting party of
statesmen did not llsh so much nn they feared I
It would be wasteful to catch several hundred
Hull every day when thin could vat only n few
dncon But they bOil hard work to keep the
fish from being caught as whenever Dan La
mnnt would drop a hook a scoro of fish would
light for It
They stayed ten days and last week they got
to their homes Salmon Luke Trent lllvor I
attaining a national reputation
A rieaelna IlHllam Uuleul Inetmaeul Tkat
I tf uel Moer In Pnehtan
The mandolin la tho reigning fashionable
caprice having Quite superseded the banjo In
the esteom of the ladle That It should have
dODo so Is by DO means strange for It Is reaDy
a charming little instrument when at all de
cently played Is not very difficult to learn and
hAs a od deal moro style and finish abut I
than the banjo has However the latter may b
adorned with nickel plating motherofpearl
and all sorts of gaudy ornamentation it has I
plebeian look about It and suggests the Idea of
I field band In his Sunday suit But the man
dolin especially I one of the good kind made
of joIned strips of dark mahogany has an aris
tocratic polish and finish about It end wears It
In jaunty fashion peculiarly Its owu
The only unpleasant feature about It to the
learner Is tho knlfobladellke sharpness of Its
fine wire strings There are elitist strings In
paIrs nil of steel wIre Two pairs are wound
with Ourmnn silver and era nut HO cruel as the
otiloOS but Ill unwound four bnrdlv thicker
than horse hnlra soeiii to cut t the bone the
linger mills that press them down upon tha
frxia Of course that pain nnd trouble ends
whuu eaih linger nf Iho left Lund la tipped with
a bnny callnua spot nnd one must uxpeclsouio
such iroubo in rmlntr I clous neijualntanou
with nnvHtrlngtiil instrument When
wil Inl lrlnlolt InltrumeDt nature
Lisa pruvidud bat tinitucllon tho mandolin
player I nn expert can producn some very
pleaslnit offfct by producing the tones by
111IRlnl flrt Ilrlluolnl UI tonos per
ciiHsloa on I Im strlnus over the trots Instead of
by strumming with 1 bit of tortnlse shell held
butwHun the thumb and tore llniterof the right
band which la the ordinary wny < > l playing
The tone of Ihn mandolin very much resem
bles that or the zither linlngihn Hams clear
penetrating quality but the compass of the In
etruniBiit iitid Its capabilities are much below
those 01 tin zither
This Spanish mnndola Is muob like thallallan
mandolin In Its general features but has Im
portant differences from It nevertheless Us
body is shallower shaped more like tie bowl
of a spoon than the half of un egg divided
lengthwise which Is tho form of the Instru
ment beloved In Naples and Home Us strlaua
are of catuut Instead of steal and its tone Is
not so sharp and Incisive Eltbnr mandola or
mandolin however has a surprising volume
of sound for so small a body and dominates
pleasingly the tones of a guitar or oven those
of a piano Expert players have a way of
maintaining an unceasing tromolando by
keeping the little Instrument In n constantly
quivering motion while they are executing a
solo that llt heat look
° lt slt IOM i it na reCt
MK 1 to Dt and harder yet t uonSi = 5
I any anath of time but tha lengthenIng of vf I
bastions thus achieved prettily supplies the
lack of A supporting Instrument The power
of eontrollni the volume of sound In acres
cendo or diminuendo pnsteased bye skilful
perf jrmer Is really surprising and extremely
ofTeoiiv In rendition of the peculiar poialon
ate and sensuous muslo to which tho mandolin
I best adapted
While the mandolin Is easy to lonrn up to a
curtain point It II like all seemingly simple
Instrument very difficult t develop to Its
highest artistic capabilities and the Italian
who has achieved complete mastery It not
only very justly respects himself highly but Is
even respected In an extraordinary degree by
his countryitton The bOut players are said to
come from Naples where a native who does not
at least think that be can play upon the
mandolin Is a ourloalty Here upn New
York wa ttvs < not many who deserv
edly rank high as experts Prof Do
mlnloo Tlpaldi Is regnrded as a very
correct and nrllstlo performer but In xprM
alon and dallcaor of tono chiding Signor F A
Krrlco who is proprietor of an Italian art and
curiosity store in John Street and only an am
ntur mandolmlst Is deemed by critics the
most finished artist bare nut inferior players
find as much employment as they want In
tenchlng thH mandolin to the young mal anti
worn of poilmma upper UnTl anti fmm
pr > ent Inillintlons the Intrument will bo thin
rags the enrly when frosts fashion returns to the town with
A eond mandolin costs from J25 to 150 and
nil procurable here are Imported from Naples
rae Frmklla Kde n iut lluek llnuucel
The Health Dopiirtmantt steamboat Frank
lln IMinu floated off Ihe sued Out which ebe itranded
on Thurclay hluht al huh water on frMar evenlm
Hie le > nff Tone m and until ynienlar iniriliiK ken
Olie elcaiur1 Up ti ihe fool of bail 6utceuib llrerL
ube ii aiipareiitly not much Ilie itore for her operl
noe slid wIll steed ooMvaratlraly little repurlnf
or mur aoauKsa
IIr Alblne baa Oa Prnrer far Hick asil
r tr ltm PurKlylle la Made te > Walk I
la Ik M rey tUodate are Wai Cted
For two or throo years tho Passion
Fathers In the monastery of West Ilobok
have raeolvod many calls from tho sick and the
lame who bavo asked special intsrcossloa for 1
tho healing of their ailments and
bonlDI alments mnnr AO
counts have gone out and been blOod of
miraculous cures I la the venerable Father
Albino the first of the Passlonlst Fathers who
came to this country and who has boon con
noctsd with the West lloboken church for near
ly I a Quartor of a century whoso priestly bloc
logs Is I mot sought for br these unfortunates
I was only on Thursday last thAt what
many believe to bo a marvellous faith euro was
effected through the Instrumentality of Father
Albino The sufferer was a woman a New
York lady who for many year had
been Buffering from paralysis Bho foil
asleep once In a draft of wind which
cams In through an open window and wbon
ahoawokoshe was powerless to movo Bho
suffered great agony and tried In vaIn the ski
of eminent physicians At last she heard the
stories strange cures br divine Interposition
which bad come through Ibo prayers of Father
Albino of the West Hobokon Monastery Bo I
Bhe wont them on Thursday afternoon In her
carriage and was supported down the long
aisle of tho church to tho altar rail being
barely able to drag her feet along tho carpeted
floor Bho knoll up to tba rail and Father AI
blno solemnly asked tho blessing of God upon
her and nt her request rubbed a sacred relic
upon her powerless hnndsnnd arms Then bo 1
bade her arise and she arose nnd walked
weeping and praying to the door of tho ohurcl
apparently rustorod to her usual health and alt
her disease departed
On only tbn day before It Is tmlil Mrs Call
nrlne Murphy who had come all tho way from
Pottnvllle Pa lo ask thn priest to Intercede for
her wit uilan cured of Imralvd She had line
80 sorely nflllcted that uhi was unable 10 walk
without crutches but when thr > I > priest hiatt
bls8Bil her mid told ussr to have faith and try 10 t
walk without her crutches she started tlmldl
t obey him und ns her confidence cnmii he
moved nnnlly iinnldeil to 1 pow where ella
knelt In prnyor the solemn acnnn being ron
dereil still morn touching by the eobiu whilh
came Irom tho believers In all parts of tho
church Tho woman loll her crutches In the
church and walkud calmly out of the door
through which but a fnw nilnuino before ebo
bail boon ebb only t bobbin painfully
Them there was the equally marvellous cur
of Miss Lamonte which took plan on Hatut
day MIss Lamontn cnmo from the Houth a
ting journey und she too Imfl tried all world
ly devices and remedies 100 rid of her disease
I was in the afternoon whnn loaning heavll
upon her crutches she tolled wearily down the
nfttlo so many of the uflllcted have trodden
nnd with kind friends supporting hr knelt
with her head resting o tho rail and asked the <
priest to beg a heavenly blessing for her Gun
tie Father Alblnowho Is a soft voiced magnetic
man a full of faith a he Is of years placed
his hands upon the supplants bead and
asked a blessing upon her and that aim might
h freed of her affliction Then he brouuh
forlb the sacred rello a bit or hone which la
auld to have been reloa of St PauU It Is a
mere airy trifle now eneaned In a circular
frnme of mnsnlvo silver with a pIece of glass
before It BO that all may look reverently upon
Ittbo whole resembling a hand mirror In at
elaborate setting With this hn rubbed the
woman shoulders and sides saying Arise
my child And this Bho did but Mill lennlnt
enld on linr crutches wheroupon Father Albino
enldLay tho orntchei aside anti walk without
fear remembering your faith
Th sufferer droppud the crutches and will
her relatives by her side rally to catch her
should BUD fall wont to a pew whore she pray
ed as other had prayed before her cud wAnt
away 1 soon after It Is until wholly healed lies
rriitches Sim left nt the railund they were lolL
aside by tno altar whom are nearly n score ol
oilier crutches and even mal more canes antI
supports wliloh have accumulated thorn their
owners having gladly bRo thor fnro ell end
gone away nn they devoutly believed especial
ly I singled out by 1rnvldence ns objects of HU
blensmir There urn two Irolt rOUP8 of tlume
bad mementoes of human Ills oim on nauh hlili1
of f the altar and they ore gnred upon with
reverence by thesupptlnnts who cm dally t
UBk that their woes too may b relieved
Yesterday afternoon thorn knelt at thin rail a
woman and n young man tho latter with his
nrm Inasllngand the traces of suffering on
his fact
What Is the matter f said Father Albino ae
bo whoso had
npproachoil the young man wbo eyes bal
not left the irlnst for I inomoul
I ve a pain In my shoulder said tho sup
pliant and my arm IB Injured sup
I will attend to you soon said Father Al
bino moving away leaving the young man still
kneeling und patiently walling
I nm sorry these things got abroad said
Father Albino for theY are calculated t
awaken the vanity of priests The people In
their simple faith attribute that power t the
priest himself of which ho Is the humble in
jtrumonr People who are nfflictad come to
me and teak for tuy ptlestly emcee In their be
half I cannot refuse them I they are
heated It Is the mercy of God Sometimes the
same person comes once and twice and oven
thrice with no result I counsel such persons
t pray and come again and again and not
despair We have Protestants who come as
well IIB Oatliolleie and now anti thon a Jew all
inking relief from their disease I make no
distinction of creed I tho poor and aflllotnd
como to mn end requent that I ask Gods bless
ing upon them I cannot refuse I the bless
log Is granted It Is something In which I
lave no concern I am only the humble
Instrument I am asked at times to make a
special and peculiar Invocation as though I
md one for one person and another for another
Such requests as that wound me I halo only
> no supplication for tho rjoh oml for the poor
Ono I I all rests with God s InfinIte mercy
We blvo had somo surprising things happen
hnt I will say But I ask no names and make
no Inquiries I cnnnot xpidty rnrtlculitr
cases of IndlvldunUi calling them by name
Thor was one very striking casa of a
gentleman from Brooklyn He was a Irot
iHtaut nnd ha was brought here by a friend
who wan a Catholic He came hero
moo and won Improved and he came hero
gain with still more beneficial results Than
I told him to wnlt until be was nblo to come in
the street cars and not go to the expense of a I
arrlago and bit did so and alter liu came hn
Went away curod I do not wish to encourage
his to lead peonla to foster faleo hopuB rope
daily poor pootile who can III afford the I ex
Duse I cannot say they will b curnd or tbat
thor will not They may be bunelltod and
they may receive no benellt at all It Is < all In
Gods Providence The relic we have Is a very
aerfdone one of tho moat sacred In Amerlcn
It In I often the peoples wish that It b applied
10 the afflicted part and I cnnnot refuse them
Ibis several roars now that suppliants have
ben coming to us thus and often them are
mal of them sometimes from ton t a hun
dred In a day I am often much exhausted
for lily heart sees out In pity t thom all sod I
feel > their afflictions as 1 ask blessings upon
There f a disinclination among the other
Brothers of the order to talk amonl subject of
the faith cures and one of them said yesterday
that It would b better If nothing whatever got
Into the newspapers on tho subject This view
Father Albino holds though not quite so radl
rdor city as do some of hU follow members of the
Tho monastery with the great domed church
attached la nn Imposing structure towering
far above the Hudson on the beautiful Jersey
heights There ara beautiful gardens about It
herein the Brothers raise flue fruit and yeas
tables and In the building Itself on one corn
zpanyroomlwhiah are set aside for
h ae Qlnl Se mal desire a few days of
sue or the so Uo i is i
and = le ese
the seclusion Quiet 01
rooms are often Ohed with those who u II
the world are engaged In all varieties of active
life but who once a rear or even oftener take
a week or two weeks In which to withdraw
themselves from tbe whirlwind of life and de
vote themselves to prayer an examination of
elrcoiiBoleMioes and repentant Tho num
her of the afflicted who come dally for succor
and divine Inspiration and on account of the
fame of tbe Monastery as the scene of ralraou
fame cures is l fast becoming second to none In
the country
altiffl tae > Holla
To TUB EDITOB or Tau Bus Sirt A trr6
poDdeat bat directed attention to the abominable cob
bleitone pavementi of Jlrooklyn and there II I no one la
IhU lawn who dose not echo lite complaint agalmt the
aoU and uncleanly uuliance The ponderoue and rum
bllng Ice earl which awake the morning eohoei ao
rudely are quite I bid at your ocrreipondent Atom
too hu ouggested hot there li I another source of tor
ture ta which I ltreoklynlteoand 1 luiperl New Torkera
ai r are lubjeeieil quite 1 ai venttloue al the noier
Ice wigoo and a hundred times leae cacuiable ii the
Junk 1 curt
kl lt men 1 strong onmlloU1 eel polItIcally
that t he uin with braun pro uni > llnn go about lh
elreeti In th airly mornlix a lib hli Internal clangor of
ewe t belie I jinvld f Is there no jioHer to lentils ilie
l rl
ctitM > raof tin haretiVtilred and dUcorilaot 1 chime I IIi Ii It
not enough that all puce II the early morning ihould be
disturbed alnne by the neceunrir old < cit the Ice carl
anil I its inllkmaN without the allorether inralled
reeket ntilie Junk marl I M uln tIle ball lUtiiua
brLaCaa rue Uaoo iTif 8epL 11
hue Hull lllllvownnd Trtdny
Rrnnklrn u Mile Chamiilonelilp rims Unl
aloiiUoia Gains I i3 1 II4ta u
Vacbt race t cur loiiiti who ire anffirlng from achet
and litlne re ulilug frem leu ThunJar7 a eitoiure
ell me BeiuoKe t liuttUp
Tnerea one tooth wash the hullee prl le
r be
beloved ur betlra oer eery west beildei
11 dentifrice there I eii remelr bint I1
A iweotir allis one man 1 the reli
And 01 will nod In every land Hie I cain
1 hal Horodiinte lie ohi familiar name I
Theelandard I tooth ra < h nf Ihe ate le Rowlont It
hue illilaiiOHl coinlietllliin I ULculnrrd Itelli are 1
lereltbite by lie use 1 tie breath tern frairnce
from III ainnia I prerenle nnd am ala druid decay
Ilia liuiua become rnllrr ami hariler Ulllor lie tiueralloii
10110ut All 114 luifKdhriiti are vegetable I said aututtlc A < 1 for
ChI Iflfifltuiaihsulcian who mat i apStlalty
ml IIflled sac that Ills great diiertua In
cholera lOfaiihitsit I lonIlrope lon 111 Ilrrul 1111 j
talijed Ih lilalgal
111041 1llelllall1 blonl ci easy luCite
Meliints rmi is a predlgeIel fond n4 baa lei IU
r1 proved
lm I yeles ho clioleca iilnuio4ft i
E J DEIM coal
D10O T
Havo noW open thoir Fall stock c
Foreign and Domostio
ombraoing all tho nOwo3t etyloa and
novelties whioh they offer at extremely
tremely low prices
will salo
wl place on
Best Qualities Handsome Pattern
Parties about to famish will find
It greatly to their advantage t ex
amine those goods before purchasing
Broadway 4lh Av 9th 10th Sta
Brighton Beach
Sflernoon and Evening
utinr aoUrt
A bnf Itet ol AuRin llltlrro in fl vnr yW
lemonade or any oilier mitt ilrlnk wllu will keep yoU
tree from epepila colic and diarrhoea
Ilala rr Omllemn Knit rtrlea Jolt sued b
cprrht Jlolirw
A oMintKin ruuK OF iivri
nilllOMKI tUHKAMlMew k rpl6 I1WID
Kanvon 2S3 mil ivciirI I One year airs I authored freol
r hirer j > bail Hint i I could haniiv eat or deep I
tried all Mnd of dctnrit silt nirdkloei I woul to a
minr and tried iloctor al 1 I fur nolli inC I came hark t
Hew YrK and YOu cured me In me weeks without
medicine I exprru my hearilelt thanks lor wlboR
erful wondrous YIn I MII 00W ireil I
1Y1IW zwigy8t
138 BOth it betKeen 31 ejid Ltiliutnn eva
Heir York city
lirrtinn Ibe work f the natural drum Invlelbla e ooa >
fortable aid abets lit iioilllnn All COnversatIon asS
even whupir henrd dfiliiicllr Send rnr Illueiraia4
bout of lelmionl1e free K IIISCuX K > 3 Sway M t
NO and NKAKMT IAINIUHS CultS for rilea 1
lure rutula l lichlnif I I Ao lllunratcil I paper coutalnliK
rereitnrn ami rxamlniiliini > I I free Adilrtia Dra atlS
LEa A JAUInUN 41 Watt afltli it NewTon city
lyZilllJEuM TniKIH IIA1 UK jLf
41 WKKT MTU KT hare recently been enlarged rao >
rated end greatly improved Solid for illustrated papas
CA UPKTOIeanilnirTiros i J A8 H CEWAKT tail
Bdway 11 dnor ahoee 6th I I Brie and ath J oj Ils
T al Mti bV A iLl TEA St 0 IIZET
Cleaning Work Eeud lee circular UN VAIPJ
gttOlou oit
A Kit WIIKM trait multitudes stood about bloL
fl Luke oheiiter la zlUII at Amoa chapter Of
Ezekiel chapter SOt Jeremiah chapter 28 Lik =
ter Ilrerici37 toit Acts ohapter aa vera SI JaoieZ
chapter a vericsl 1081 Mark chapter 4 vereaaltoM
DuUay version
DIV K ilE114lTli SpirIt of LOT aai
a Widom li I heallair Ipirliusi l and physIcal dlaeuai
aU ulfrlI oias lcvIIeii uoV1 Ueehng uanflaciix
211 Wt tiHk I
JMaLts15 flu A111V 1UIT 00 lii rt
U1 UtLHto dllu Is I olmauoh a tiui 2
d1 du Un I A V Wilore rolur bun
N V hIiJflCifRat3hj I
o tIUSt
btn Pat and liifruJIRutllhl
r Tb piltorreIees Lord Wilt tie t A N bermes by lbss
tISrnt 15tnlmrt
900 OMSN ti U itciaN to rent from
10 5t bargains IlIOit ecuud i
fl laln Inbl cld basil ptaaas 54
orlri istturra tom II1 5135 5147 did fE Organs say
bias slid iruiall I8UU Dt f l
All Kiutanteca for are years
7 and U 111 Hin 1
AN LISI n J1 Tuy IIlly clad IHIhl
Il 110 of our lk itS 1I use new for Iii
alILra reduction rol suir lOta pricee haies
fur fil 11 NIK A tl I Sib av
GU t or hallIUI 11 I tiioiiIis law ptaaui
POleUt 01 ouly 51U dtiwis 11 14 ps OOllh VU
111 till t I A Chit A u Ij 11t sv
81 1 1IIIIJ iitelt lb
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heulul VIIOlol I a I oraaj
eta lIIIt e 7 teal Riba
A iiiu ll Ilt I o n
1 aint list Ittelleiic I Ll1 i Viol II Itilus SI lucas 54 iv
Icl ttlCpsr 115100 I
J Ubl una IW LULK 133 jIIIUt
auRal we rroirx OVARdNrZr
Cr Au Veto l akt He liable
ntwss Pl htf lint I la Blekr
Mr Jacob Balz Consul for Honduras 1
ono of tho lending representatives of Cntrl
America In Now York no talked about the
condition of the country And tho postlblllty of
union the othor day and said
I Itvrlll bo hard for any Central American rO
public to rise Into such prominence that It can
enforce a union on tho other republics Pros
J < mt Ilarjlm mluht hve done U I had he lived
deathOustemata has longer
butalnco his death bi no 10Dior
beon so powerful and though nU successor
Purlllas Is a good President Lo Js not the
ambitious lender that Barrios M Barrios
death was a setback to tho plan of union The
Central American republics nre jealous of each
othor as tho 8tnt 8 were when they woro ooloules
Tho Idea of independence Is strong In all but
the smaller ones tear that thoy will bo less tree
should thuy como Into a union whoro they
would have only n minor part Still almost
every Central American want n union and I I
he could have suitable guarantees he would
bo In favor or Il
I the United States wore to offer to cunrnn
too Ibo union It would have n grant nfTBOt Tho
Contrnl Amorlcans look on the United States
as the mother republic nnd attach great weight
to anything It doos or to any recommendations
tile Btnlo Department may flake 1 contort
oration lon tn ba formed It would bo on the
orton plan the UnltidBtHlPS Tho trouble would
beta the number nf niubltlous men who would
wont to be rrtHlilnut anti would rather have
tho union wrecked nnc allow a rival to b
Tlicro Is practIcally a peace In Central
Amotlen now Thu uoojiln are troll entlBlIuil
nnd nontontrif 1 That Ilotro nla nodlxcontHnt to
speak of Is shown ty l > ion DolfncloV uxpi > i
tlon tlmt was allowed to mArch to within four
lontfuosof the capital and did flotSam ndoiii
recruits on Its march I bat twice as many by
desertion and Wets llnally defeated In the llrst
contest without troublo Buldlvn Is oruanlzlne
nn ftxroiiitlnnnitnlntit Hal Hnlvnilor xvliore hu
wiuila to have n man of his party for Pnisldpiit
Humo 200 of his fnlloworH lire cutiorod In
Nlciinuruit now but that Is his way of marshnl
line his forces nt tile oolld only thor do It dif
ferently there from horn
Iliiutlnc Is titus relaxation of I Central
American lie can earn unoiiKh In n few days
to live on for 10 car A man with a capital
of t2 olin buy n pint of land bnlltl u house nl
Bottle down to a life of circa Vauun ore thirty
CentS n day hut ono days wanes will pny for a
weeks fiinil anti n bit of cloth will do for
clothes whllo a nntlvn peter trouble1 nbout
nlioltnr When his bmrd It raid or when he
his natives dollnr tn buy tobnccn and food Im
hilts nothing to ilo but to roll cknrottoH anti to
light lie IM not particular on which ado or for
whom hn lIghts and that accounts for the
roads fullnwInirHoma ndvunturirsKut nt times
Un not think though Hint thu title of Hen
oral Is l confurrml gratuItously I does not
nmko n mon General merely to Imve been In
command of some forces To be made Ounernt
lie nuiut hnvHcominiindod lu battles wher lie
WAR under lire Fiuhtlnc In Central America
Is dangerous ns elsewhorn hut tho list of cas
ualties Is not long because the number of com
bntnnts is not erunt A flubt wheru twenty men
nro killed Is called abattli The loss of twenty
fighting men moans n great deal ton Central
American army which Is not so large as bnlf
ot a United States regiment A fluht Is pleas
ure to a Central American Hn uons Into It
with joy and ho come out with exultation
Tbey fro not n pugnacious people nor fro fist I
fights frequent To join nn expedition Is i their
dissipation They gIrd on their clothes shoul
der their muskeiB roll their cigarettes and
show run along with an expedition a It It was a
Skarrtnc ike Bcealia or Ilemocraile Hal la
Ike Line of Reform
WAsinNOTON S Pt 10Tho Democratic
Campaign Book for 1836 la at length out
It makes a pamphlet of 80 paces nnd Is a
work of far creator Importance and ability than
most publications of Its class The first
hundred pages are devoted to the scathing
exposure of Republican frauds In the manage
montof the Pension Bureau which has been
already described In TiE BUN Followlna this
Is n recital ot the brilliant results already
secured by the Democratic lenders underbills
Administration In the line of reform In the
public land system tho forfeitures of Inpsed
land Krauts covering a vast domain
tho rejection of fraudulent land patents
In Now Mexico nnd Arizona the check aduiu
torod to tho land grabbers In the Western Territories
ritories the purgation of the old corrupt sun
veylucBystom the rout of the timber thieves
and all the other salient and enlutnry fanturea
of thn reform mlnilnUtnitlon of Coinmlsuloner
Sparks are prasunteU clearly nn1 minutely
The letonns In the < Indian Iturfnu are next
dwelt upon It IH shown that the amount saved
to the country In tho mutter nf Indian a
In 1888 as antnparoil with 1885 wits over 137
000 and that thmistlmutoa for thu Indian wir
vice on iirrnncml by Commissioner Atkins
were 1300000 lass than those of Com
mIssioner Irlce Tue publIc la reminded of
the great olmnco for the bitter wliih Mr At
das has brought about In the regulation and
control of Ibo Indian traders and in tie man
ncement of Indian uducntlnn the re ults of
which are saitti In the fact that exeeptlne the
cane of Oeronimos handful of Apaches there
has been nn unprecedented degree of peace
and good order among all the Indian tribes
during the past tees
The greatly Improved condition of our naval
Interests under the proauut Deranorntlo aus
pices In comparison wlih the stale of affairs
under Chandler and Robcson Is of course not
forgotten by the comnllors who furnish I con
cise account ot nil the frauds end scandals
which deface the records of en many successive
Naval Secretaries prior to 1B35 The book then
COPS on tn consider the advance made by
the present Admlnlstrntlon In the Ins of
reform In the Internal Hnvenun Ilnroati the
Patent Odlce the First Comptrollers Office
the Coast and Ueodetla BUrr thn Agricultu
ral Department and tho civil iervlce particu
lar attention beIng paid to the lona list of
pnlltloitl rascals rewarded by Hayes which
corn three closely printed piigos
The results Nuhlnvoil by the Democrats In tho
JQqt Congress In tint sac of Inbor leirlelntlnn
are noticed soul the nttiliidt nf the RenublloMim
In tiles Suniste upon thn question of the Presi
dents rower of appointment and the Beck
Hallway Attorney bill IK I recalled to memory A
long passage In the book devoted ton rehear
hal nf the position of thn two parties In reRHrd to
tariff leelfllntlon nnd many facts nnd figures
are cited Inniippnrtof the Dnmocrntlc position
The Dfcmnorntlafnmlgn policy Unlsonxiilalnnd
and defined the fnrms In the Post Ofllco De
partment sire described at length anti the ad
ministration nf the Btntn Dnnartm uniliir
Mr Bayard Is compared with that of Mr
Blulno greatly to the dIsadvantage of Blalue
4 YOUNG miHiHa vuspjzn
Lots rcRBtUaeeka 1olaona herself sad ker
Two lUlla Girls
CHICAGO Sept 11Seven wax candles
hare flIckered all day over the dead body of
Mrs Maggie Comaford Late lost night she
bought small bottlo of corrosive sublimate
and relumed to her home at D021 State street
After suppor she administered a portion of the
liquid to her two children and drank the rest
herself Then she clasped her little daughter
to her bosom and lay down to die Peter
Lane who keeps a saloon on the first
floor nt the building heard groans which
Boomed to rtima from Jlrs Comaforda
apartments Ha ran up stair nnd tried
to open the doors They ware locked Falling
to receive any response to his repeated knock
lags ha burst open the door and found the
mother and the two little gIrls writhing In bed
Doctors were sent for but beloro they came
Mrs Comntord bad died In the most terrible
agony Lmetlcs ware given to the children
a u la thpuiijit hIts younger ono will live
The other win uitt
Mrs Comaford was 31 roars old Boon utter
the birth of her second child her husband died
leaving her almost penniless Than she tried
to get work but falling In ibis aba crew de
spondent and at last desperate 8h will bo
burled tomorrow
Taranteied War U S elnnntl Bntea
ST Louis Sept 11The threatened break
In Eail bound rites noir item Inerllalilr and the skit
mlihliai actually begun Veitinl r the Tenniylranla
placed a block of tiokele In the hands of icalptrl with
tbe natural remit of deducting Ihe commIssIon from
the already lovrrate round trip tickets to rlntlunatl
now elllnfaitu or7 one way and to Indianapolli
fordo for the round trip or hb one way and IIU I nnder
stool that proporilonatu Guts are being mnde to all other
poluti east between Hi Louli and lialtlmore The Haul
more and Ohio will naturally I comielled to meet line
cut and with the iiralned relation enletlor beiwei
that company and the fennirltanli U U pall l that au
itch break lecerlaln lo error Unleos hits ojrotloiikbl
lS1SJAw end should this Belilmire sad
liii lali hue ii lii Ii liii caiuiiot keep out The
nitinhtin I exprMsi that this sir will item ritesiti Into
truusik liii ierrilirV lot 511 be coflsl prIncipally he
Clisrhnnati hilduiutuloi sod locei lratCe but otto lii
aunuraud will net elnp llile aids of Ualiluior
coNTnotTixa forxoirajaiD on ro
A rkltnnlkrapla O k > wa In Ik latarcel f
the Oo > d LIver sad far tkej Jfurllcalur
AdveiKlnEej eiftkej ITklUMkreiplel
When Arcblo Worth mild mannered In
business hours as when ho Is teaching his Sun
day school class la an Episcopal church in
Brooklyn sprung hU famous corner In pea
nuts on every dealer from the Slate ot Virginia
to Baxter street New York downtown busi
ness men said the acme of speculative In
gonulty had been reached They laid peanuts
wound up tile catalogue
But that was several rears ago and develop
mauls since than have demonstrated that Tan
koelnnd ban no limit to Its speculative Hold
People now speculate In butter cheese and
eggsnnd dabble In molasses just as other folks
peg away at stocks grain petroleum faro
horse racing and pokor It Is as natural for a
great many Now Yorkers to speculate rotor
those solid old gentlemen down In Kentucky to
drink bourbon
The very latest wrinkle In the speculative oil
is the American Cottonseed Oil Trust Certifi
cate bettor known as Cotton Oil Trusts to tho
brokers of the Stock and Consolidated Stock
and Petroleum Exchanges Only a few years
ago the oil In the cotton gins at the South was
given away br the owners of the gins Home
times men were hired to dump It Into the
bnyoiia Itwni conMilnrud n nuisance about
the aIr and the owners wore glad to bo rid ot
It Then some brIght youni man thought It
cood to mole ton the food cakes given to cattle
ami manufacture cottoiiEoud oIl cake be
cuino nil nt ones n recounlzml Industry
A little litter ono ot our phllanthroplo citizens
thought hu illnoovurecl a pof ullir toate to tha
BuaiiiHh and Italian oils emit over to mako our
salads morn palatabo People who hiked good
tilings to eat wore fond of olive oIL The
phllnathrotilo citizen saId that our cottonseed
oil was aa good as olive oil nnyday In tho week
and would hot on It too Iltrlmrn wn didnt
know us well how to got It to the refined stand
nrd nectiimnry for use on the table but that was
eli Insignificant dinicultr to overcome
liis go to work anti ninnufitrturo the oil
mid tbn philanthropist snml It to Europe to
have It refined If necessary bring It back and
thorn aro bonus of money In It for folks with
norris and cuHh enough tn tun amuck of the
foreIgners who have mado castles and good
clothe out of the trade In olive oil
1hu nero und cash h worn round and when
this famous year of the nineteenth century
was iiflhnroil In there wore nearly fifty mills lu
tIle country from New Orleans to Connecticut
manufacturing cottDnsumlioll
In n certain sense the mills are like the
petroleum wells of Pennsylvania only their
production Is more unllorm Several months
ago Now York capitalists thought the proiluc
tlon of cottonseed oil really ought to ho con
rolled lor tha good of mankind A big com
ilnutlpn with that end In view was formed
on1resldnnt J A Bostwlckof the Btnndnrd
OIl Company was prominent In the venture
and n uood many folks down town have In
ferred from his connection with the move
ment that the Standards money has oiled the
path of the combination to success The ma
orlty on the big Petroleum Exchange believe
his to lie so because Livingston Roe and
Jeorge IL Lincoln tho pet brokers of the
Standard have done much to boom the trust
certllloatasof the combination
The Htandsri people however do not care to
say muormbouttbclr oonnnotlon with the new
enterprise Between thirty nnd forty mills are
now In the combination They have been cnpl
allzed In ratio to their production of cotton
seed oil and this Trust certificates which the
brokers on the Htock and Petroleum Exchanges
have made n favorite havaboen Issued against
his capitalization In a word the value
Bcoculatlva or otherwise of the Trust certifi
cate should be a barometer nf the production
of oil by the mills In the combination just its the
valise of petroleum certificates should be gov
erned by tbe flowing of the Pnnnnyltnnln wells
The par value of Cotton OH Trusts Is 100
speculation began In them three months
ligo They started nt 20 and It was a rare
dny when 000 of them changed hands More
mills joined the combination unit the catitutIl
action wn Increase from 25001000 to 30
00000 This was In a measure identical with
Liii watering nioongA said to ba familiar to
many railroad directories but Cotton Oil
Trusts wont up all the same They touched
ti3 a few date ago and yesterday nero 5675
As many as 7000 hne been dealt In at n see
isbn on thus Potro eum Exchange and brokers
who hnvo sue tbemaulvou hoarse bulling and
bearing eroxenn have shouted with profit
bout uotton OH Trusts
A Qnnrrcl Beaus e > t m Unt dam Kenewad
at Dunce lIve hays ACerward
HOUSTON Mo Sept 11 Night before last
a terrible tragedy occurred at a farm house
near Summorvllla twontrone miles from
Houston On Saturday last during a game ot
base ball at Summervllle Jero Orchard and
Iltloy Martin had a violent dispute but were
prevented from coming to blows On Thursday
a corn cutting was given at the house of a
farmer near Bummervllle and during the
dancing In the evening the base ball dispute
was renewed and pistols were drawn In
the m6liSu that ensued Orchard was seen
to dlsrhiireo Ms weapon at Martin the
bullet panning entirely through the laltcra
body from the back to the breast Orch
ard was thereupon attacked by a friend
of Martin named Stncsdalo who shot b Ira In the
breast making a mortal wound Btogsitale
then attacked other friends ot Martin the first
being Znom McCadkeil who was wounded over
the heart L ° wl8 Raider a man of great
Btrnngth thinking till Indiscriminate shooting
had gone far enough ruahed through the
crowd and attempted to disarm Btogsilule The
latter had one morn charge In his pistol aud
this lie Hind nt Italdor the ball taking effect In
blue latlerfl thigh making an ugly wound
MartIn Orchard nnd McCoikelt are It Is be
llpvort mortally wounded anti Raider danger
otiKlyso Oront excitement prevailed over tho
nfTiilr HtngRilale hit not been captured and la
bellovcd to bo on his way to Tolas
Tks ItoOr of o Vomim wae > bed Kvldeatlr
lIes atranclrd Vuikad Aekare
BniDOEPonr Sept 11Tho body of a wo
man 85 years ot nee wa found on the shore
of Long Island Bound at Bouthport last night
The body was almost destitute of clothing and
to al appearance bad been floating In the
water for a week or more Coroner Holt ot
this city and Medical Examiner Oarllck exam
ined tho body to ascertain the cause of death
A woollen nnblaor rlnudwas wound tightly
about bur nccknnd a portion of It was crowded
into thn mouth nnd part way down the throat
The theory of the Coroner and of the medical
examiner Is that the Oman belonged aboard
some vessel bound through the Houndnnd that
she was either Htrnnglod and thrown overboard
or was put over alive after being rendered
helpless by hlndlnic her neck with the nubia
Medical Examiner OarllckH description of
the unknown woman Is an lollowa Flvo foot 6
Inches In height nee from 33 to 40 years black
hair sprinkled wIth gray full round forehoad
small hands right band much deformed the
thumb end third finger only being normal In
shape She had on the romnantnota black
mohair skirt with narrow white strip black
caihtnere sucque lined with brown Canton flan
nel velvet collar and trimmings The feat bad
been covered with red stockings only ono of
which remained
Conductor lx > B ne Oltutl Fruelnred
Conductor Samuel Logan ot a freight train
on the Pennsylvania Railroad tried te eject six tramps
traIn Mi train on Friday night a law mile north ot
Philadelphia T na rnck him on the head with
a coupling pin arid fractured hit skulL llli recovery U
doubtful The tramps eseapd tut there U rood reason
to think they look another freight O eenIt OWJ
thli city At Trenton four tlimpa wets IT1
freight train by Conductor W II utmttt and when >
ordered them off they threatened tn Jdo him SB
ileanwhlte the accouut ot Logan Injnrlea was tale
Itriphe I along the line and Fmlih lent ailipitch lo tha
railroad oBliri at Newark where hu four i > ampe wire
captured hey described iheniirltec ai Frank Bllli of
iewretice Misei ratrokTlinmpeon of lirnistlyn John
lOitith of Worcester and William Wilson of Ihiilsdel
ibis They will be hold tong enoogh for a ccmpiilnt to
arrive toolu lililailelphls
An Accident With Jtaloniy fur a hotly
Henry A BUn nau ht who shot himself la
lbs breast it 247 Welt Eereuteeulh Street on Tuesday
wai taken Irom the New York Iloipltal to Jetferaoa
Market yretorday henrys father who lives In Brook
lyn and llenrya wife came to court with him Tna
formal chine of ailemptlnr eolcMa wee made
bieiuIsuauVilI huualet SI hIsfl Justice buillb aiLd him
Wits Ii hiatt aileinpied to kill itliticeIt
I itldiuI Ic hiont hssyori It sIammeredi ii
was iccltlntoi ibm be added I I waa a little Jealous
of ihi colnin
tire hiannnaught smiled and told the Judge that
wuull lu a I ery hapilly herefiar Ku one had win
Hiaiiii iiatil Hre Hie ihnt alit Juillce rmllli illliharled
him Hiwiynaiiithfa trIte as inarrwd to him at lbs
hew York Uotplial on Friday after Iii shoctiug
lIed Tape About a iekalulonoe l Wires
Dr Fred n llmsmnn was put out of 210
Ynsi Portyelirliili Street on Thurnlar for non payment
of rent Veileriliy the agent rame aruuud lolnipeet the
premisea and fused I tel ilte lJrIo lied lurgilles to
Carry away ties if III ekelelone Ibe Qirant Lrouuhl it
I lilt Moutit hi situ II IC I he iliei of health anti
i 551 II 10 hi Corutucra It we thelu Saul Up to ihi
itorutil 1 iiueonieu lucy Iltiotlil get lii kciaitssi
aflcr the Ceroner hi rustle a lmllnsortom xiiinitto
A Mtubtr f BaMhaf Ckor k BitM to Have
B aa Cttntkl a lira Tsbr ITiM
A milt for absolute divorce brought by
Albert T Moore against Lisle Moore Is I pend
log In too City Court Brooklyn tin Moore U
a member of Plymouth Church and a taw
weeks ago when she made an unsuccessful
effort to obtain alimony pending the trial Aa
olstant Pastor Halllday testified to her good
reputation Tomorrow Lawyer B A Mor
rison on behalf of Mr Moore will move to
amend the complaint by adding to the list of
ooregpondonts the name of a widower doing
business In Park place In this city The mo
tion will bo backed up with affidavits made br
Mr Moore bynrlvato ileteotlyn nnd by an
other parson detailing the particulars of an
extraordInary mldnluht scone on Friday night
at a hotel at Bath Beach In which Mrs Moore
anti the widower am the principal actors
Mr Moore his detective and n friend took a
room next to two connecting rooms which they
had named were oooupled by Mrs Moore and
the widower The proprietor or the hotel who
bad boon lot Into tho secret by Mr Moore took
care to have no euusts In tho othor rooms In
that part of the hotel When the three men
jtidROd from the sound of voices In Mrs Mooro
room that it was the proper time they burst
open the door of her room What they alloea
that they sow there Is tho basis of the motion
to bo made In court tomorrow to amend the
complaint The widower when the door was
burst open laid his band on an ugly weapon
but when Mm Moore recognized her husband
he the widower iiuletly told the visitors tn
withdraw as be supposed they bad obtained
all the evidence they wore looking for and ha
added by way of apology that ho had boon do
colvod himself as ha had supposed that nil
companion was a widow
Mr Deader Encounter s rernl Enemleiwllh
Variously Ittparled Keanlia
LAS ANiMAfl Sopt 11It tnkoa man
with a croat mind to odlt n far Western news
paper said a local publisher to THE HUN cor
roapondunt today Wo keep correspondents
In all the adjacent townswho are Instructed to
use the wires only when matters of great Im
portance occur At other times they tIre to
send their copy by mall But these Instruc
tions have boon absolutely valueless In cases of
fights shootings and cuttings In spite of ro
pentod and most explicit orders and of chances
In correspondents every fight that occurs with
in arty mile of this often IB promptly mole
graphed Now just for a curiosity hero men
fowuc8imtoh > 8 iirrnncid In tIle order their
receipt whlih came In on two consecutive
nlirhta inst week I am going to sand them to
the State fair
THE HUN correspondent copied the tale
grams In their order ns follows
Uta HIRIMM Sept aThu evening Jail ai II K
Bonier ulilor of Ihn flaoitaff wan leaving the Pom
Olllce ho wm nietby John Cor > ell rdltor of the Moun
taineer cud kuockeil down Itonder rallied and aent
Corell tn Craw but a moment later Coryail son cama
up anil the two aoitti RaT lender inch n walloping aa
tin place ha not nein shies lllu tilts cleaned out she
Patch lloute Tlie Coryella wars cob Injured Daudara
friends carrlet him off
LilIciAl U oclock tnnlnht Bender appeared on liii
trart and was airaln atiaukeil tliU time tie Col Jerry
Rathbona who had been alerted or Bender In hie paper
The Colonel la a powerful man and he ilrew blood aVery
time he jumped on Mender FrUniliof the conlcltanta
aepuraiad them but not until this editor had been
knocked aenieleea Publla opinlnn It divided as to Uia
mania ot the cue but the majority of our elitistS think
Ben < ler has been served about right
Uta CeRise Septa Tha etorrtelenraphed front hers
tonlirhl that I had been whlpiied by three men li falla
I wnul licked at all end 1 can whip the man who says
I was I used them all up and am ready for mora
II K Binoim
Urn PraIses Sept 2Tita usually qalet plan was
thrown intu n wild alit ot excitement thUevenlnr by
a flhtht In trout of the Poet Ollloe between Mr Bender
adluirof tno Flagstaf and Mr Conch and Inn tllnra
of the Ununttllxrer The latter attacked Mr Bender
without warning but though iinaller Iihiilc Mr
than elthir ot the othrrn ha manfully about hie
rruund and soon put them to IvniMrlnlont flljftit
The cItizens nre unanimous In their ui > nort oC
Bemter and nothing but dmiunnlatlon li heard of the
conduct of the fnrj alle both or whom were 10 liadly
uwd up that their ire are deRiialrM of The excite
ment over tItle alTalr hal herilly died put when Cal
llalhlione who han boon severely crltlflied lir Brndrr
altitokcd the latter with n limited whip Mr llendnr
defended htmclf In KallHtit style ant annn toil the Ci
nOel dew e hrn he inlirht liuedUI1urrd lilni fir life i
but he mercifully eparel him Our olttzenfi era very In
dlcnnnt nt thee unprntoXcd a aultr und U will go
hard with the parsons nho repeat them
IlumvlLta Petit 311 K Bender editor of the Ute
Bprlnin riovtinff nmiearHl here tndai on bunlnenn and
was prainntlf licked hv Jim Ponnell who usa had It in
for lOot for a month or two llemter lied all hu front
teeth knocked out nnd heliegeed hard Ierre Jut wulih
let upon him This make turns licking that Bender
has Ilia this week and ho must keep away from bare or
be H 111 get three more
Now roll see said the publisher wo
have to pay for this sort of thing about twice n
month or get left when u good piece ot news
occur Borne of those Qulitlug editor have
cost ma more than they earn Gut we Lava to
koep track of them
ana STALLIoN rinaiL DEAD
The Great Klre of Jlitr TVkaeei Cklldra
Ilnre Woe 8iSl aO la 13 Year
LBXINOTOK Ky Sept 11The great sire
of racoraVlrcll br Vandal dam Imp Hymonla
by Yorkshire la dead For two months past
ho had been afflicted with something like asth
ma As a sire attention was first attracted to
him by the performances of Vagrant Olrt o
the Period Vlrglnlus 1alrplay and others
As a threeyearold ha started seven
times and won five Afterward ha
was used aa a hurdler broken and
driven to n buggy The late M H Sanford
purchased him froin t > Bwluort for use In the
Pruakness stud When Mr awltert bought
PreakuoHS farm and Rtook Mr Swlcert again
becamo his owner This was in 1872 After
tbo season 1873 Mr Kanlord prnsontnit Virgil
to Col Bon Bruce editor of tho Lice Stock Reo
ora Thin horse bad boin used to finish the
reason of Bnywood who was taken slob In
this accidental way his great merlin
wore discovered Cot Bruce gave a half
Interest In the horse to Williams
Owens for keeping him being unable tn mil
him for 300 Ho nmdo no Reason In 1874
Aff ocrnnt won the Kentucky Derby In 1870
Col Precut sold Virgil back to Mr Sanford for
2000 The Intter afterward refilled 25100
for him nrlcni him nt f4nnoo anti ndvnnc
to tGOOOO Front 1871 to 1883 Ills get won the
round sum of tl21W270 lbs sIred among
others of note tho great Hindoo and the new
woudor Tramout
A TuII rune the Uavrnnent Scales
To THE EDITOB OF Trns SUH Sirt Although
there Us law governing all men who are employed by
the Government to the effect that eUht hours shall cou
itllute a days work nevertlielnelt U to be rerretted aa
exception a maSs In the case of the men who work In
the United atatoi WcUhert department They nod DO
fault will the number of hour they work hut they
do prulelt ayalnst the few hotira went that Ic doitd out
to tlicm aa though It were n charity It doci not require
much of a phllomiphor 10 know that when aevellvs
men are required and can rto the work of the ttlmriet
and IUJ are on the Hit and are lure to be ou hand
walling for work there la not enoiuli at the eud of lbs
week or month to pus the rent
Ili eeltta tltatsli moat suffer to order that thou who
worked under Keiuiilican Adnilnlitrntloni may get work
under Democratic rule It Uminlfnily Unjust to timie
who are tent by prominent leaden of the yarn Inimwer
and are rioDaly known to them to be faithful and
conlltent Demiiorata to Hud that they are very forlu
nateif tbeycet two em three dire work In the week
fhereli I e class et teen who In the past were ihoutera
and banner carrier for the Republican party who even
now scent to Imagine that they Lola a mortgage on tha
Government scales LiaoE
Fed Kl Konrbna
Nobles ot tlio Mystic Shrine from all over will
Mumble In the lloolah Temple at St Louis and ID the
Hedlnih Temple of Chicago to celebrate the treat fee
tltalof EedEl Kotubaa or THe H crlttce by the
1Uirlmi at Mecca
Tfkr Sb Naeded apeeteiclaa
Front IM Germanuim Tilegrar
now old would you take me to ba Mr
Snooks t She limed looklm unutterable Ihlnia at him
I duane be replied inutloi nerroiuly about In hu
ohalr Im awfully old I assays you Ire sees twenty
three iDinmerel
Then yon ought to wear glasses be replied ear
Mr Bnookel aiaMeiattwenty threat
a i5 nsootbe bad
Yes1roar1 eQODld tlilnk ao aba I
tl Im euro I dual auotr Wby y w
pou lee
IIeoaaie Im afraid about twenty iammUtbtTr0
by that you hare nt ease j I
UAU1NB IMriltLjaEjyQ
sipuyeia autiaio TIM Die
finrUM 338Suaiele Oi15i0eGsseta tiCS
men varaa tin on
SisSy llvok 0 31 1 UOT lalaod 7 Jt I U U sacs asi
Arrived Sit UUDIT Rapt It
5 flolhnIa Dalton < Liverpool Sept I eM Queens
Cowls 2d
Be lidm Toil Amiterdam
Si Itlchinetid lliai Newport News
Si New York lorham New Orleans
ship BiambouL Cane Illo Jauelro
Ship Duo Unite Antwerp
Whip tltynf Montreal tlou Monlertde
liarS Tereins huWrano Bllboi
Bark rraucli Uerbert Ilirtliaa LouSes
aiaivio eve
from New York for Liverpool i Queens
tiswa tie Meets front w York for Ltvefpool at Queens
SOILeD rica roaitoi roan
Ei La Drctatne from Havre for New York
COMPTOXSMITllAt the reeldence of the Lrtnei
fnllirr In llriHikiyn on Thnrmtay Hept 8 by the Rev
G II Urrxory nt Aew york city aialaled tiy the HeY W
K Thoiii iiii HIM liev Mllllniil K Ciiinnloii of llroloa
Luke N VIH Mary llerlrulr dauKhUr of IberIa U
blniih and Kraiulrlnuifhler of the late Hev Ua il i riniltk
JIIUIIKLi JuNKs on Krlilny HaItI 10 iT lha tur
Pr Uariliinton rerun of riirui Church Bedrord eir
Hrnokb ii lenrite KdiDUud Uiohell 10 Carrie Frauo
Jove nocar le
i > Ant so at the BrltUk
Consulate HiiUlICiii ThomaN tleorire ounceet toocC
RMPL CHiKraxc Ueldent llitclitrate ami ncDlieer ot
Henry Betrays Rati of Onlira count Uiibllu to Kapkr
Iierkett widow ot Ueary demon Ueckett Kao oC KeW
BPNBI > IOTOnrrlday8ept lu st his tat recldasa
OU Conchs > L 1rniikM renellcl such lEt year
FunerM aertlM nt Ihe Union liemrinvd DutoM
Churi Oils av cvl0 lte tyset 3d el ihti atiernnon u i
oulnck luleruieiil at Pouflikeefele N V ou itoudar
beut 11
iiONKttSOn Friday Rent 10 at his late toettisacs
411 heel x < ih iu Both Oouklln lu the 7uth year ot US
aireORUDDBN Melbourne Auitralla on Jane 4 IBS
Michael Lruftdeu of Jruuden Hrolhera Kllzror a native
ot Louftidaveii perish of Mullaboran county Uavaja
Ireland H I P
DANA1t1 Uoroheeier on Bept a Isabella llaiaa
wife of the late Frnncle Dana Jl D In her 77Ul rear
KHKCIITIKKAt Bull Raw York ou Sept 5 C tleeur
Krecliller In hliSItli year
hteiaiivea stud trlaiitta itt the family are Invited te as
tend the funeral aervicea at lila late rualdeuoe VarowKB
ar nenr Atlantic av today at a P U
McDKKMurOn haturday bept II WillIam UcDas
mot lawyer
KclatUea and frlendi are reiptrtfally invIted to at
tend th funerol from hie late ldbiice8J West Sid
it on Moiidiy ihe 1tin inch at a oclock
XoSllbLAN At aw ROM St HrookljrnB Don nrt >
day tpC in WllUaui U Wclliilan la tim UllV yew gt
bin arc
Punrral cervices at fall late reitdonce on Monday eveo
Inir m R oclnck
Kmunloii N I Y end Wrltern pipers pleaee ropy
MUltPIIVOn Cur M at Uitii Urmioli John A Rep e
pity iniinf Mmy ant JKIIIDK U Murphy uf t3 Kul aill
it aired luyiam and tl niiinllil
luntrM itch Proliroica it ferry on llonday M tl
orinck ihci04 ii > CNtvniy Cenittery
OimVAThllOn Krulr evenlnir 5pt i 10 WUIiata
Ray sun ut Ilioinu aud Vlolttla Outwater lu hu ztttb
Knnerat cervices at Dr rro bi 4th av Prfahyterta
CiiU en corset of ir 4t l it Uil afleruoou amo oclock
alit ct >
hCLDDRH On Prdar Sept 10 Henry W Scuddat
Soil m > i l < ie Jlhn Rcuililrr
Relittlveii dun riil cell ihofe of James Hand ar
Invited in atlrn l Ilio I fum nil earl Tcusui rita iii
deuce 1U li > aietl av Hrooklvn tin Monday Sept t
it I elm k P 1 M Plrawvinlt llnwra
KQUIIiKU Hill laIn innn on Sept 9 Char lei
Squire formerly uf Staten lula id

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