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eirXw Vk < > 1ille Ui fur Miloney r
OOIRO W Altor business manager of Alder
man Jaohiios fence nnd confident to 1 greater
or Ices extent of the boodlo Aldermen who nrn
In oxllo or on ball Is In town Ho has como
back from Canada ready I f appears lo testify t
against Jnehnu should It bo necessary or
others nt tho gang iorlmp Ho returned ho
causo Jnohne at whoso expense ho ran away
to Canada anti was maintained there has
consod t supply him with mono IIo Is under
Indictment for perjury himself and It Is on
that ahargo that ho is locked up at Pollco
Alter went Into the employ ot tho Jaohno
brothers jowollors and receivers of stolon
Roods In 1875 and becantn tholr confidential
clork He did business for r thorn when they
woro not around or did not care to Involved
In tho job When Alter was hired Henry W
Jaohne now in Sing Sine was in Europe with
two other thloves Curtln and Stuard Bttmrd
Is i now In prison In Europe on n three years
sentence Thu alleged arrangement then ex
isting was that Henry who wns not yet an
Alderman should rocolvo tho proceeds of tho
dully toll of Curtin nnd Stuard and ship It to
his brother Fritz Several packages of stuff
wore thus received
Aftor several years lluiiry W Jaahne came
back and after his brothers mysterious dis
appearance married his brothers wife In
pactor Byrnes says that Alter tolls him that
I Fritz Jaohno Is still alive and may possibly
turn up But according to common report
Fritz died Anyhow Henry promptly married
Fritzs wife end conducted the business at the
old stand In Broomo street IIo became Alder
man and was a highly respectable citizen until
the boodlo business and Mrs Sohuylor Van
Hensselaer Hamiltons disclosures came Alter
was sfcll confidential clerk
During ono of the sessions of the Senate In
vestigating Committee last May In tho Post Of
fice building Alter wits subpoenaed to tell what
bo know about Jaohno and the boodlo in
Jaihues safe A man named Scott had testi
fied that Alter had told him that tho boodle was
InJsehuee safe for n while and that he had
cot a flOO bill changed In his testimony
Altor donlod in detail all that Scott had testi
fied to and swore positively that ho had no
knowledge ot any boodlo or of anything else
I derogatory to Jaehne This testimony was
taken in the Post Office building TJnltod States
I territory where the State Grand Jury It was
alleged had no jurisdiction By suggestion of
the counsel for the committee and tho District
Attorney one of tho Supreme Court rooms
was secured and further hearings were had
there Alter was recalled and swore again as
be bad sworn in the Post Office building
Jaohno discovered the reason for tho change
of place and warned Alter that nn Indictment
tot perjury would probably bd found against
him and that ho had better go away until
everything blew over According to Inspector
ByruoB Jaohne promised Alter to take care of
his mother and sister while he was gone
r and to send him money to live on In
J Canada William Conover who acted a
I a sort of private secretary t Jaehne
brought the tickets and money and gave
I them to Alter The route be was to take
was to Toledo or Detroit whence be could eas
ily cross to Canada Within a few days after
n Alter had testified the Grand Jury brought in
q an Indictment against him for perjury In
S spector Byrnes Buys that by this tlmo I Alter wits
OU 01 lowu anu inai no sent jjpiectives itau
il ford and OConnor to find Alter They wont to
Toledo and Detroit but Alter had been ap
c prised in advance of tholr coming not alto
gether unprecedented occurrence since the
boodle Indictments began nnd bad gone to
I Windsor In Canada He wrote home 1000 his
mother and Jaohne though Conover sent hint
j word not to write again Thn detectives remained
f mained In Detroit making occauiornl trips to
i Canada to see If thorn was not some way by
which Alter could bn porsuaded to come over
y to American soil But Alter was well informed
He went to tit Catherines where he reinairol
until June 15 Then he went to Clifton on tho
Canada Bide of Niagara Falls
When Jaohno IIM saw he was llkoly to get Into
trouble about his fence ho told Alter that ho
did not wint to run tint business any longer In
his own name nnd that ho would make out a
bill of sale to Alter If Alter would give him
promissory notes secured bv chattel mort
gages The bill of Bale was mado out by Luke
Grimes nn Eighth ward lawyer and the title
ot tie place wis changed lon the llrst note
cnmo dun Altar was told ho need not trouble
about paying It
Alter remained nt Clifton until August
After Jaehiies Incarceration In Slug Sing his
supplies of money had bren cut off and ho
gt word toJuglintt friends nc New York that
r ho would have to base money to live on or ho
would come back Money was not sent to him
no in tho early part of August be returned nnd
went to bin mothers house 521 Greenwich
street a few doors ubovo spring street
Jaflbnns place had been sold by Mrs Jaohne
anti Alter wanted n tharo of the proceeds Ho
had his bill of sale to prove his ownership but
thero were unpaid and overdue notes ns n set
i off against It Mrs Jaidme refused to give
him any money or any tharo in the proceeds
of tbo estate lie saw her several times nnd
was unablo to make any nrrnngnmont with her
Inspector Byrnes board that Alter was In
town He told Von Gorichten Itndford and
OConnor to find him On Thursday evening
last Alter was sitting on the btoop of a house In
Horlnu Street with Burke Carliou and other
friends Von Gerlchten came up anti risked
him to como over tu the btront corner They
wont to the corner of Kemvlck street and after
Von Guricbtuu had chatted with him for a few
aecomlH they wont to Police headquarters
where Alter was locked IIP
On Friday mnrnlng Alter was taken by In
spector Bvrne8 before Itucordor Smyth and
was remanded until this morning when he
will appear and hate 1 hearing At present bo
Is up nt fib Pnlleu Central Ofllco vhero
ho has been since Thurday nxcent for his
I trip morning to I tlm Geiierii Sessions building on Friday
No 5Jti Groinwlh Mrrot I where Alter lives
Is atbreiistory brick in I use the Mist floor at
I Which M 1 occupied by n hutoher shop Alters
mother mid brothers live ut stairs His mother
ald yesterday
atdMi noli Georgo wns not in Cnnada nor did
lie try to escape from anybody or from any
t charge Ho touka trio of 10 or six weeks to
C Detroit and other places because he had nothing
I elsa In particular to do When his trip was
uver ho mime hock nod has been hero for guy
1 Mal weeks u biite seen or heard nothing of
hi i since Thursday The last his friends saw
of him wits when on Gerlchten told him ho
wanted 1 to see him
One ot Alters brothers said that he had called
at Police Headquarters end the District Attor
neys cilice and had been told nt both places
that nothing was known there of his brothers
hereabouts Inspector Byrnes says that
neither mother nor brother his noen him or
naked where Alter was
Inspector Byrnes hal had several conversa
tloiiB with Aster and bybaj that Alter told
him the following story
r What Scott tostlllud to before the Senate
committee wns trim I knew that the hoodie
was In the safe but I nver had any JloOOD
bill changed tor Juehim 1 never saw a tiouoi
Mil and the largest l I ever had hanged for
Jaehne wax null for f 5i0 Whnn Jnnhnn saw
that hn was In trouble liu wluted to get rid of
hit plncn nud mudo l out I hill I of Mile to inn tell
Ico I mo that 1 mind I foyer trouble about p lying I
the notes as thai I was all I light and when the
first note Cattle dun iiOthin was donu about it
Janline kept a funn coil vvai ill ooimtuut re I
culpt of htndli giiOls litany of wllleli camn
Irom otb rhtatosami from Europe ills hturo
was stocked with them and he used sullen
1 goods in his house The wutch that he hill mi
wnsn he vas iiritud was stolen Irom tie
stateroom of a North German Lloyd steamer
in a iniKiUnn diioK I saw him tlm day alter
lie 111 10511 licked up nnlt hu old
Its nil right about that watch I fame
li f r iettlng mo Into trouble but Its disap
peared now and Ivn got t I new one and Uo
Boned urn the nnw watch he had
Titus IIIht after his arrest wbtn be B out
on 115000 ball I met hll on the corner of
Broadway Spring Btmetand hn loll mo to go
to lbs store audgut tertain things outofihefiata
for him ns ho was going away at lOb that
night t went over to the store aud waited for
him tubei urnHaut when I got tile things out of
the gate but hn did not com I went to his
house lo sen him nud 1 found him there with
A lot of his political friend Ha lold 1 UIB that
< 1t
he had chsniOii tiU mind Ha said thatiho bad I
< h1hnCbU
Intended to skip and forfeit his ban but bo
VIAl u tona MI d ISTT A polltloW Eign i hi Ls I
party who had told him that It was not nocen
sary for him torun nvray ns things would bo
all rlallt llrnlly Ho ho decldnd to stay
Turn his ball siirrenilcred him and hn had
to stay In jai threw days until nnw bondsmen
eoilld bn round to qualify for tSflWK When ho
got out again hn says to mn Oo It 1 < the burglar
alarm people and nrrnncn with them BO that I I
can open thn sate nt night and take out a lot of
stuff that It wont do 1 to keon there I ar
ranged It and that night both of us volt to i
the Atari and began to open the sale Knmn
body shook mba door and Im lold inn to go out
and sen who It VIA I wont out but sirw no
body Wn wont Ilnll to open Ito I safe and
nunin we heard a nolsn nt tlm I door 1 ittilu out
thniight hn was being fnllowpil and wntchnl
Hn I I was frightened nnd tremhlod and no put
nil npnnlng I th safn thit t night That wns thn t
night of May 21 I believe lo noxt morning
w went anti took thn stuff n < vav
Jnohnn was afraid that his hntine might bn I
pnnrchpd and If It wan thorn vvnrn a lot of
tii I rigs them that I It would bn hard to explain I
Ono of thn thing hn unit wns a line slit ot
11 Int
KhakeSposrnHwnrk which wasstnlnn On the
night of May VI1 wont to lanhnns house anti
ho nave inn a pnckiign which bo told mn to
throw In the river In It wero n lot of antique
sliver jewelry anti other things which bad i
been stolon I took the package which wns n
largo one down to the foot of Christopher
street I thought I was followed and I waited
for 1 whllo and then got on n ferryboat but In
tho middle of Ihl dream 1 I went to the rear of
the boat and dropped the packngn In tho water
The Shakespeare was aiti destroyed After
the trouble began tlm Aldermen used to moot
at Jnohnos plsce and talk things ovnr
I Alter Is i n young mutt about 5 feet ti it Inches
high with 1 light sandy moustache bluo pro
and a slightly pimpled face and weighs about
ICO pound A young man answering pretty
well to tho description was at AIrs IIOUPO
ycstordny afternoon Airs AIr said It was
one of her sons and not George Inspector
Byrnes says that Oeorgo Is locked up
I Is n bit Old that so many dais nlnpaod be
tween tho time Altors testimony wasglven and
his leaving town The indictment was found
tugit I lust him days beforn he threw thn gluten
goods Into the river and still hn cot off to
Canada and ho does not como back until It Is
universally known that Jnehnos csonpo de
pends upon the opinion of ono Judge whoso
mind is nut entirely made up Hn turns un
nnd has been In town for throe woekx accord
ing to Mr William Hartley his mother his
brothers and neighbors before an arrest Is
Inspector Byrnes explained this by saying
As soon ns I was notified that Alter was
wanted I sent officers after him but by that
time he had left the city I was informed of
his coming back and had him arrested
I It true that Alter has been brought back
to testify against Jnolino for receiving stolen
goods In case he is released by tbo Court of Ap
p llRo
No Alter Is simply arrested on an Indict
ment charging him with perjury 1 know ot
nothing further I actod only itS 1 police ofU
arresting him I could
ocr in as oon as
I Is said that Jaehne Is so sure of release
that hn has ordered n now tail hit to bn sent to
Sing lung tor him In October The decision ol
tbs Court of Appeals Is I expected then
District Attorney Jnrtno refusnit 10 say what
would bo dono with Alter or to talk about the
case at all
A VolaBt r Concert Ht Wnllaokn In wklck
Many Wellknown Arllite ink > Part
Every seat was occupied and paid for In
Wallacks Theatre last evening at tho testi
monial concert In aid of the Charleston suffer
ers tendered by Mr Lester Wallack and Col
John A McCaull and a committee All who
took part In tie entertainment volunteered
their services and i was a circumstance which
added much to tho success of the entertain
ment that every volunteer was on hand nnd on
time and the programme was carried out
without change Col McCiull said after tho
performance that It was in this respect the
only volunteer concert of the kind in his ex
perience About 1300 was raised and It will
be sent today to Mayor Courlenny
This orchestras at Wallacks and tho Star
Theatres wore united with Signor A Do No
yalta as musical director and the chorus In
Josephine In evening dross sang selections
from William Tell Ernanl and Lom
bard Francis Gulllard song Le Petit
Bleu and Non Ver Helen
o 1elon Ottolongul re
cited In nn inimitable manner The Charcoal
Man and Bobolink Luclllo Meredith I sang
MrpAntthlv MntfAla TArnntrtlln nn4 M
o Dundee and Mr Herndou Morsoll sang
pleasingly a ballad by Falrlamb Mnthlldo Cot
trolly recited Tno Olovo a poom with fan
tastic musical Interruptions arranged for tho
orciestrn by Charles F Werlnt Do Wolf Hop
per sing Schumanns Two Grenadiers In 1
way that surprised those who might have
IV tllt urlrI8el Ibolo mllht sup
posed from his part In The Black Hussar
that no was not up to serious work Mr W J
Ferguson recited Shakospearea Seven Ages
acceptably Miss Emily Soldone In 1 black
and white striped dress and wearing a bounti
ful diamond neckles sang Golden Love hy
Welllngs and was heartily applauded Mr
Constantln Sternberc tbo wellknown pianist
Played a transcription from Mendelssohn
Wedding March Miss Louise Parker and
Mr Eugene Oudln sang a duet from La I
Favarlta and had to repeat II Marshall 1
Wilder told some funny now stories In so funny
a that the audietico Insisted
way Inlslel on more
stories until he explained with apparent seri
ousness that tho manager Insisted on his not
doing the whole Ilualor
John A Mackav Imitated famous actors and
ho too hat to explain to the audience that the
Programme must positively proceed to other
numbers Louise Parker sang Counnlstu lo
Pays and was encored Mils Georgia Cay van
recited Savings St Michaels Church at
Charleston b C The poem describes a his
toric scene A brand from a lire many years
ago foil on the lofty tower and threatened tho I
destruction of the venerable church A slave I
climbed tbo lightning rod and threw tho burn
ing brand to the earth Ha thereupon re
ceived liU freedom and the thanks of the Mayor
Mr Oudln sang a romance from Verdi Mr
II I Mantell recited Longfellows Wreck of
the Hesperus Mr Frederick lanes plavod
1 difficult solo on the trombone Mr Kyrle Bel
low recited Good News from Ghent and
Cottrelly Hopper and Mountjoy Walker sang
Head tho Answer in the Stars with a new
verse on the result of the yacht race The en
tertainment closed with the singing of the
choruh Suwanuo Hirer by Loulso Purkor aud a
Collections amounting to about 400 wero
made yesterday morning and evening att
ienrgos forors Church Ir aid of the Charleston suf
The IVntrra Inliu IMncInc lie Wire an tke
Third Avriuej fir > vat il IConil
A gang ot workmen with ropes nnd tncklo
got oil a Tblrd avenue elevated train nt the
downtown station at Thlrtyfourty street
yesterday noon anti the foreman showed
the station agent 1 permit to lay a telegraph
cable along the structure Presently a train
of Hat cars camo along with a lot of cable and
the men unloaded it upon the platform Simi
lar gangs of men appeared nt the stations at
Fiftythird Saventyalxth ana HGth streets
and work wits begun simultaneously nt these
stations Cole of Ulnch cable had been left
along the road and the gangs of men proceed
ed to lay It on the footwalk along tho down
town track of the road The work was finished
yesterday from Twentythird to Fiftyulnth
shoot and It will bn 1 carried on today
Thoso cables belong to the Western Union
Telegraph Company and aro I part of Its
bvstom 10 do 11 with telegraph poles In tho
streets of thn city The company will run as
ninny us possible of its wiles through these
elevated cables
lug ibles were Jail on Sunday al1 Dr
Norll Orten lrusidunt 01 lie Wltr Union
lItrah Company 10 I reporter of Lllou 11S
yetoruitty Dot lit artier tl olld the HlbwlY
Commission but because the cablro could not
be transported on platform cars HS well on nny
other day vvn have had for seven years I con
trot permitting IIH to uio the elevated nulroiid
structure fir our wires under curtain restric I
tions I Tlm Wuvatnd ru illroad I I company opposed
fur plan hut rather than I eject us by force or
by Inwnult the mutter was compromised nnd
they grunted lls tile right lo uo certain tilt IS
of the structure for our wires in consideration
of our yielding CI lain other claims which we
had under our contract
1he wires that will b run through the
cabins which wi are now laying will take lie
piles of the wires now strung on poles In Third
aveuuo Thu lait that similar cables iiasu teen I
laid on the glrderrt of the Brooklyn llrldge
proves the iractlcabliitynf laving tho cables on
the elnvated rnadn TIeyvMII bo In nobodys
way thore and will be practically out of sight I
Wo do not know jet 1 sud Dr Green In
answer to n question whether WH thall put
other wires In thus hands of the monopoly com
pany created by the hiibnrayCoinmltslon Tlmt
ranJ quo ton for future detttrniluatlnn We
already have Iron pipes ot our own laid from
our mum office In llroxjuny up town tu far ns
Tnentyfourtb wires Street unit ready to receive the
Dr Green declined to say whether cables
would b IkMon tie olftvated road lu tho other
fci Hue rnirred fur the Xrwimrt Clip Too
nntl Mnv Null Tknt lines In I Hnlr Alin 1
Irdltlliir Iknt Tkrrn will ha V Mure
llrliuk Oini > f > tltnri rr lk Amerlcn Cup
Ono had only tojo to Hay Rhino yesterday
to determine Hint the people of Now York wore
still Interested In tho giant single stickers that
contended on Saturday for tho yachting su
premacy of tho world Uowboats and skirts of
nil sorts worn pressed Into service by groups of
crown people nail gangs of boys until the
shoal of small craft that came anti wont about
tho two stately beauties lying at anchor 01 thl
Bay Illdgo landing suggested tho numbers
that Bwnrmod ovor tho water on tho morning
of Tuesdays race when tho start was from
Owls Head Cat boats from the Bayonno and
Staten Island shores and from up the North and
Enstlllvors from no ono knows how fanswoopod
down and around thin racers Ilko yachts
rounding a turning buoy tho stiff southeast
wind bellying theIr sails nnd making tho pas
sengers and crows aft In the cockpits climb to
tho weather rolls hastily whenever n freshen
ing gust swept down trout the low bluffs Bo
sldos this several tugs with passengers
aboard visited the scene But tho crowds
nboard crots
worn on tho shores nnd piers Tho crib
work nt tho outer end of tho Atlantic Yacht
Club basin was simply black with them The
Bay Rldgo boati carried a tremendous number
of people of whom many returned on tho boats
they came on having simply gona down to sco
t Ito champions Naturally tho Mayflower
came in fur the greater suture of attention from
everybody Tim Bay lildge route led i between
tho two yachth the Mavllowar being to lie
Bouth alt west of thn Ualutoa and some dis
tance nwny livery boatload of people thronirod
to tho side from which she could bn soon I Is
likely that Capt StoiieH arm would have ached
by ulchtfall so often did ho have to take oil hula
hat when the Indies en the steamers waved
their hindkorchlcfs nt him as all the hand
some ones did oily he Has become so much ao
uustomed to that sort of thing since the Mar
flower came hero that his hatdolling muscles
am In training
But tho cutter and her sturdy crew wore re
membered by not II few many or this email
bolt passengers cheering her as heartily
a they did tile Mayflower Occasionally a I
gang of touch nailed by and reviled the
guests But this disturbed only the American
seamen on the nearby yachts who would have
done up the toughs In short order could they
have got at them
Thit diminution of tho pleasure fleet was as
tonishing The anchorage ground suggested
nothing so much as the lew strangling birds to
be found among tho trees of 1 pigeon roost
after tItus roost has bon dnsnrtod for the sea
son The hacbom tho Fortuna tho Stranger
In fact all the Boston Hoot was gone tho most
of thorn to Newport whom they will take part
In the coming race either IH spectators or con
testants Many Now York yachts had followed
tho Boston boats but some have been hauled
into Ito basins of South Brooklyn where they
will be laid uu for the winter There wire
enough Irl however to make a very pretty
spectacle thin chief among them being the
queen ol Staton Island tie Prlscllla
Gen Paine Designer Burgess Dr John
Bryant aud Mr George I Itlehnrds left the
Mayflower early In tlie morning and in tlm af
ternoon took tho Fall JUror line boat fur Bos
ton Her craw sat nn thn deck enjoying thus
homage of grateful pulille or quietly smoked I
their pipes In tlm forecastle They were ns
comfornbln and contented could be nnd not
nt all disposed to groul I unless the long delay
nt tho start of Saturdays rile was mentioned
Then they wero Indignant They were just as
anxious for a race In a wind worth calling n
wind as nero th GalaMah men and wero no
less disgusted at the calm that fell on the race
When CPI Stone was asked how I happened
that the Galatea crawled up on the Mayllowor
lu the long beard In shore after turning this
buoy ho asked Yankee fashion If tin ques
tioner did not flee that each yacht had n dif
ferent wind and that this Galatea bad tbo best
of It when she was gaining
On board the Galatea Lieut Honn was very
plainly suffering a good deal from the congestion
lion of his lungs which has afflicted him for
several days When asked about tho future
movements of tho Galatea he said that he had
formally entered her for the Newport ran and
that no WOUIU sail or that place on Tuesday or
Wednesday He said that ho had not received
any answer to his challenge to sail around the
Bermudas and tuick and that If no answer was
received by nightfall hn should withdraw the
challenge and substitute another As to Gun
1alnes challenge to go to Irovlncotowti wait
there for a gale of wind and ihn sail to Mar
blobead he said that that matter was still un
der couslderatlon He did not wish to say
hot sortor 1 race oontemphitod proposing
In place of the Bermuda raco Of tha cup races
ho said
Of course there are tho ohancos of calm
nnd light wind I which must always bo expected
In yachting but It Is absurd to call the trials
that we have had racing Xo moro Drltlsh
yachts will come over here to contest for the
cup I Isnt worthwhile to come 3000 miles
to enter In a drifting match
There was one part of Saturdays race how
ever which he did not think was l drifting
match That was the long reach In from the
buoy to tile shore He said the Galatea had
nuido up all but live orsix minutes of the time
tuhiui lost In the lny run down to the buoy or
hilt gained about ought mlnutos Then tho I
wind fell flt
That was mortifying of course under tho
olrcumstatices Whom one has l whole season
or twenty or thirty TPCHS ahead of him thin Ions
of ole men by an unfortuunto shift of wind or
an accident Is nothing
Ho was aulte confident that tho Onlll had
outHnllud the Mayflower on the wind during
tho half hour that they were making some
thlnc like a rate of 12 knots an hour He ad I
mitted that the Galatea was outsailed in the tog
on Thursday out said that was because of the I
error In judging tho weather when they roofed
their bowsprit and started under shortened
sail On hue subject of thus two models his
opinion wius as strongly In favor of the cutter
as ever Even allowing that the Mayflower
bad on the whole buaten tho cutter It must b
good moilel which being n half larger under
water and still Hir > > adliiK 20UO foot less of can
vas could do so will
Uosidus no naid wore you over tween
docks on tho Mayflower Then you can com
pare the room there with what wo have here
He was lying on a sofa at tho time In a saloon
tho beams of which were so hlirh thut the rs
porter could not reach them 11t was about rl
14x10 fool large Them were other rooms
equally commodious forward and aft which
Mrs Honn showed with juntltlabln pride You
cant call I this I a racing machine I nddod Lieut
helm quite truthfully if liy a racing niaihlno
Is meant a comfortless craft built solely to bo
driven quickly through titus water
Tbo sailIng of tho Galatea on Thursday
when ns the yachtsmen still she wns hoveto
all day was mentioned to Lieut Honn
Thov dont lnow I anything I about m It snld
hn Thuv judged hy thelllapplnt of the sail
That Is I always the way with English sails
when they get wet The yacht has been sailed
to thus bust advantage m each trial Mr Webb
handled her at my special request Hn Is con
sidered In Ingbind to be t the best man at the
tiller I we havi got Hi I < linn won morn than i 200
mucus anti that Is more than any man can say
Cant Joe KHivorth when talked with on the
subject seemed to coincide with tho Lieuten
ant s assertion that tlm Galatea fairly outsailed
time Mayflower In thai heavy work of the board
In from the turn He mid
I was good thing wo got the slant of wind
said hoforo she dud But Its over now and nough
The majority of the yachtsmen however
said wlmn they camn to go over the details of
titus race again vostorday that tho Mayflower
really made gains until tho wind dropped
which It began to do in about twenty minutes
certainly within hal an hour and that tlio
Gui uttit gained thereafter I boiTtise thtllo
clol I topsail I which the I Mayflower had not and
on the whom had thin better of the wind I Is
quite certain that Ibo most pinjiidlced of r the
cutter mini on I Iii press hOlt did not notice i
that the Galatea had gained I any until i about
1321 oclock vvhnn jib I ti < psails i worn net and
tliat wns at leant twenty minutes niter the
wind I began to h fnl > nnd to Veer about I one shift
bringing the PrUcllia I which i was further out
to bait fur about ten minutes i I Mllo i t to wind
ward of the Mat low r although Him bad been
prnvloiiHly hall its much buhlnd IIHI leader
To Copt Kiiine belongs time credit n saving
thn diy While the Mnvilovver was holding far
In to time land off Long branch hi was the only
one on buurd vvh i thought he was right The
Galntei being further out to ei although con
siderably further south I or tu leeward plainly I
had a better wind nnd was gaining while I I the I
Mai flower was running out of what wind she
had Cant St mo i admitted I t nil I that but hn
could se a wind off shorn further Inside and I
his judgment prevailed after lie got Cant New
co m be 01 the Fnrtuna to look nt the wrinkled I
water near the breakers and the yullovv rlou Is I
of Jersey dust that were rolling out to sea
above them
When the race was all over and the May I
flower was at anchor II Boston man rowed nut
to her nnd climbing on deck was mutt hy 1 Mr I
Burg Nn uore quiet modokt and retiring
Boston man than yachtsmen Mr DurgoiM can b found among I
How do you feel said the vlattor
Fuel said Burgess Heal Ilko till
anti ho turned a handspring as nimbly ns no
liordbloss mn I never know you could do
nnythlnit liCe host said tho visitor thunder
struck with astonishment Well I can said
Ititruesn klcklne llrst ono foot nnd then the
other to thin main boom ovnr his head and I
you say so Ill do It nualn
The arrocanci or titus few Boston mon who
romalnnd about the hotels In town yesterday
was simply Insuirerabln I They swelled about
like sulnnakers Ixiforn hue Inll holt their
heads iii Ilko club topsails and flapped their
tongues like the leach I of tho OnlntenH main
Hall Boston in 14 glut not be the metropolis l they I
said but It was thn sent of r learning I In I matters
marine and tho birthplace of modem naval
nrchltncture nnd that was quite enough to
satisfy thilrnmhltlon
Tlin llrltlsh cutterschooner Miranda wont
out for I turnaround tins lightship whom as
one of tho Bwaiimn said afterward she found
n stylish bit of n suit on lie said Ills shin
mates without exception after setting the work
of the Mayflower bellnxed her titus fastest bit
of wood I I oa and mnko no mistake They
ore nil < thorough llrltlsh sailors too nnd have
Iro 01 thorouJh Irltlh Riloro
Seoul the host boats lu tutu KnullHh Channel
Hut the sailors of the Galntna as llrmly bellevo
that their bOlt can outsail tho Yaukoo to wind
ward I thorn Is wind enough
None of tho achtsnien seemed to know any
thin about the probability I of blunt Henn
Ionlll I race around llermuda but they sold
It was mighty curious that Mr Canllcld should
ho testing I his boat Ibo rrlscllla with the
cutter so often I ho had nothing In view be
yond n curiosity to soo If bo could whip her
They said the 1rlscllln could go around Her
tnuda and ought to do it quicker than tho
OalatiB hurricane or no hurricane
When thin race of Tuesday was over and all
worn comhlug tip thin bay Lieut Honn told tho
committee that hn bad killed two men on
board already No ono thought it other than
jokn at thin time hut two of his men did have
n narrow iRcapo William Miles n Southamp
ton aniaii antI hue yachts steward were
struck by swinging block and knocked down
Mllimwas laid senseless Hn got n had cut on
time head but It proved not to bo a dangerous
It Is intorpsttnetoeompnro the Interest taken
In former International races with thonn ot
this year When the Countess of DufTerln
came hen eonlldent of success shn was greet
ed at the trial by what was considered groat
turn out Contemporary history says
There WAD nn Itmchftt nimber of j > 010 > preR nt The
rxcurnlon ktenmrrs number 1 a itezen Mid of ynchtl
theru were Hx uhuulieri and Irhol in it dozen sloop >
Alexander Olebmteil with Ftuvltipl the
Czar with n in Ileum
LoNDoN Sept Alexanders fiito day
was tho occasion of great rejoicing at Fhlllp
Tho festivities continued
Dopolls festvlloB were contnued
throughout the night Bodies of troops head
ed by bands paraded through the town and
the streets resounded with tho cheers of tho
populace In the evening a brilliant display of
reworks was made
At Yarns prayers for Alexander worn offered
In tbo churches Tbo Te Deum was sung at
the Russian Consulate In honor of the Czar
Only fifteen persons wero present Troops
wero stationed around the Consulate to pro
vent disorder
At Sofia six Koumellan reclraonta were pro
sontod with new colors The colors born attho
top the Itulgarlan lion on this bordors the
motto God With Us and on tho corners
Alexanders monocrnm After tho presinta
Ion of time colors the troops wero reviewed
They made a nplendld npneiirance
TbnAoroc livmi of 8t Petersburg
lhl I rImUI ttllorlur says a
great mistake baslmen I committed If the doublo
celebration of Alexanders and tho Czars foto
days contained an arncre penstr or if the pros
nutation of the colors to the Houmollan regi
ments was Intended to flatter Alexander Itus
slit it says will indicate her position precisely
to the Sobrnnje nt time decisive moment
The Cologne Gaul says that twenty Rus
Hlan offctrs are going to Bulgaria to occupy
thus highest military posts
JlEKLiN Kept 12Tho North German Gazette
Bays that there Is no prospect of the re
enthronement of Prince Alexander that oven
I the Hobranjo reflects Alexander the signers
of the Berlin treaty will hardly consent to his
return I Is not likely the lateUe ados that
Itusslaund Knglnnd will coitus to nn agreement
very soon regarding the throne of Bulgaria
LONDOS Sept hitIiusrr Van Tlsza recently
Informed Count Kalnoky tho Austrian Prime
Minister that ho unable
11ltstor was unlble a Hungarian
Premier to consent to a Russian occupation of
BulgarIa occupatun
LONDON Kept is oreat xcltpment hiS
been caused at Chatham by thus unexpected re
ceipt of urgent orders from Ibo Admiralty to
oxpodltn thoeompletlon of monnfwar
Itolnvsof workmen are to bo employed day
and night I necessary This activity is re
garded as indicating possibio continental com
The Morning 1mts Berlin correspondent
Bays that Austria his formally unfilled Ger
many that Austria will oppose any attempt by
Balkans Ku BJa tooncrouoh upon the liberties of the
A special messenger has started for Itras
hur wltn Important despatcbos for Emperor
The Austrian newspapers while deploring
tho possible necessity of war agree that It must
be cheerfully resorted to if it will provont
creator calamities In tho future
Homo Blliorennt Stroke the Nwltch with nn
Ajte Tlie Knilneur KId
SpniNoriKLD Mass Sopt 12A diaboli i
cal crime was committed nt Westfleld on Sat
urday night whereby a brave young engineer
met his death amid his engine was badly
wrookod Homo unknown parson broke
with an axe tho lock of a switch about
n mia southeast of the Wnstflold station on
the Westllold and Holyoko branch of the Now
Haven nnd Northampton Itallrond Tho IXI
was obtained from a neighboring slaughter
house The train wreckor first unsuccessfully
tried to out tin switch staple from the tie
He turned tho switch on the sldo track where
u number of freight cars wore standing and
when tho New Haven excursion train elmo
ovnr tho road from Holyoke about 830 this
morning it ran on tho switch Tbo Iranian
saw thn freight cars jumped from tho
right lido of tho engine anti vas
unhurt Engineer George IX Baldwin
reversed his engine In n flush and jumped from
the opposite shin but In some way was thrown
under lime whoelH whoro hn was cut to pieces
Hn hud thrown nn the air hrnlcnu ait atrnnrrlT
that the engine tore out thn coupler from the
car following and the car was thrown from thn
ovnr rails directly across tint track I did not tip
ovnrhn train consisted of three papsongor cars
anti I han car and carried between fifty
and sixty passengers who worn somewhat
Bhaken up No one however wna serIously
injured A car was run up from the station
which carried time paxsongers to tho Westlleki
depot where they took nit excursion train over
thl main lint
Tlie engine was demolished by telescoping
with the freight cir The body of the engi l
neer was picked up nnd prepared for burial t
for was the horribly atrocious mangled crltuo No motive Is assigned
The SnrTlvnn nf tie Nunik frnle Blimler
Jlmnlnd kin or his Jlruvorv
Capt John Gully of Mr Tcbos biff tug r
ITavlland was ono of tho mo astonished men
In South Brooklyn yostordny us well as ono of
the most delighted Capt Gully was tho man
who when tho Sarah Craig was wrecked In u
squall off Handy Hook dlvod Into hercablu
tune and again although lu the greatest peril
I every two ho wont down In order to bring out
the bodies of the drowned While ho was sit
ting In i his parlor at till 11110 I I strait three
of the survivors of the wreck Mecnr Has
I klnn i Potter and Jardlne I walked In I They
said they had Ole fr > m Philadelphia Inbound
of thn survivors to show their tKteem fur tho
I worth ol Cnpt Gully I hey then presented
him with I pair of marine glasses of the very
best ijimlty This Inscription was engraved
on u couple of gold plated nfllxed to tho glassy <
rrrpfiitfil tnCnpi Dully ciimminilhiic uteanicr Ilavl
ImiH lit UipMirMvom of liii wrnK1 clnionrr haruli
nol in upt rvcmtlnu uf liu tiirelu icrrlcvt m th mice
of luji < n if lie lot July ao IBu rcau
Illnnrr In Jhuiuur nf Irrdrrlek Ilonclnii
HOSTON Hept 12lho Wendell Phillips Club
of this city iiitva u tiamiint lint nUMit a the ItiTtro
lieu to I lion treilrrick Duuidaii Atinut leventr
imill iurn weri iruwnl I I IncliMllli Meoarl E lint I ami
1 iiiriliiii I I lOteet t ihn Ceu v rK frrtuaa fr lUrml
Iee l ts l llnjilell Minor llllriell Illlvtr Jjhimill lrtuitms
JucUuii inrn > en JOIIKI N Huniim ninl 1 Judve liunin
Atitotlit I iii V lIttle I Phuetueti i I r Hie KcntUmn
nrtiiir < cmii < l Mr Uou < li I nhu nuOe site Ionln i
CT liii et iutiiC tic U u i 00 In till peciu
dwelt utileui I on Dm I i Inert niaJe lir ib colord i rice
luco smith mevsry tiuui
Cruelly luNeivitul lo
lUf uu them lu lldi hot wtatlior the emil of Pe luLJ j
I Ueiouu If you prtr Jsmuiu4rz4i a pure ioi A ale CulM p UIII
ATnai Smnhrilnek lllunn 3oO Feat Inlnnd
the Vlnl up or I Mqunlty IlnyMnll
Jlnuu CnpilzeJ Kleclrlcut HUtnrbiineee
A heavy thunder storm struck tho town
yesterday just bororo C oclock nnd brought
along with It a gale of considerable violence
Up in Hnrlom thn wind reached tho vigor of a
miniature tornado mil knockod a great many
things ondnlso with 1 suddenness that
alarmed those who cnmo in Its path
I came along from tho west just R the liar
lomltes wore sitting down to tholf Sunday sup
pers and made a drlvo through thn drenching
rain straight foe Manhattan street Fyewlt
noaaos said last nlghtthnt I burst ovor tho old
fort on tho rocks lu West 123th street
like 1 cloud of smoko Trees bent before
It Ilko weak reeds and telegraph poles
snapped off ono after tho other
ns It travailed Blacksmith Ulilo who liven on
the top floor of a now fourstory brick double
tenement owned by Mary OBrien at 117 Man
hattan street had just stopped to tho window
to see what tho sudden rush anti roar on tho
street was when bo saw Thomas Mul
hors blacksmith shop come dashing
along on the nlr from the opposite
side of thus street nnd smashed on thus siduwnik
In front of thus tenement I had bean n one
story frame building resting on stubs over
an excavation Tho wind got in under It and
lifted It bodily olT the sullies A beam shot
through tho plateglass window of the
house 121 owned bv Policeman Knnslnr
He was sitting at dinner with his wife In the
front apartment and upset his Mmp ns lit
sprang to his feot A lamplighters boy who
had clambered up the lamppost to light tho
tutu tqtt lump wns upset at hum I samn time by 1
plunk which 1nncke 1 his ladder from under
Just as illaeksntlth Utile witnessed tho de
struction of Blacksmith Mtilhariia shop the
wind that knocked to flinders rushed up tho
front of iho blll tenement t and ripped the cor
nice and tin roof off over Ohios bOlo VII
ran down stairs with John Cockroft
who lives In thn opposite top Hat at
his b Ivos Tholr families camo lb 1M them
poll I moll They found the six families I who
lived In thin throe twostory frame buildings at
113115 nnd the rear of 117 on tIle utiduityitlk
boforo them trembling with fright Titus wind
had ripped off the room of the three buildings
ntngnthor nnd Inspired thn tenants with tho
belief I that tile Charleston earthquake had
come North
Looking IIP the unhoused Hnrlomltos sawn
big hack object sail tbroiluh tlm nlr nnl mnrt
on tho roof ot Strubes Hotel at IZilth street amid
Tenth avenue A policeman climbed up
there tumid found that lie black ob
ject wan n wrecked Rmokcstnck It belonged
to the tug Bell and Hattlo TIme tug bad got
tangled up in tbn torundo at thus foot of West
Twentyninth street and tho smokestack hud
come 25U feet through the air
A big tree wits torn up by the roots in front
of Yuongllngs brewery opposite tutu hmotol nut
the lightning that played vividly all the
time the big blow was cavorting around
struck another big roe nt 127th fitreot
nnd Eighth avenue ripped the trunk in
two In tho centre and bulged onehalf of It out
In a semicircle When the blow was over tho
police found a pile of bill boards shingles
planks and beams strewn in Tenth avenue
near the Cable road depot Up to IDS oclock
last night they hadnt found out where tho
lumber bad beon blown from
Pollco Sergeant John It iroo In the West
12Cth street station house had to watt an hour
before he oould telegraph to the Central Olllco
Sparks kept living from the telegraph ma
chine with reports like a pistol shot ovary
second or BO The sparks lie said were at
times ns large as tho gnu jot over the desk The
telephone connecting with the Manhattan
Hospital kept ringing constantly while the
storm lasted aud he didnt dare go near It
until the etorm censed Tnen a doctor at time
hospital called him up and asked him what he
had kept ringing the machine for an hour for
The moon camo out again at 11 oclock when
tho rain stopped and half an hour later whan
it was still shining the rain drops came down
afresh again and kept on coming by moon
light All along Manhattan street from Illglith
avenue to the North Blver thin street was
strewn with Western Unlnn and lire telegraph
wires Hooted up poles wore thrown across tho
sidewalks and shattered glass was scattered
nil over
Time storm was severe In lImo town of West
flu i hd 4 I
a I fl IUb IUIL flOCiiiiK
buildings At Williams Bridge n partly built
house owned by John Young was blown down
A barn belonging to Peter Brlggs was truck by
lightning and destroyed Fences wore blown
down and telegraph poles prostrated
Down town tIme wind was milder It record
ed only 22 miles an hour at time Equitable
building Tutu rain fall was 114 Inches Tele
phones were unpleasant to approach while the
thunderstorm was on for they shot omit dcc
trio currents and crackled like a snapping
wood lire
The Old Dominion Linn steamship Wynnoko
was opposite Bedloes Island on her way In
from Hlchmond when the evening thunder
squall capsized n little calboal close to her
Capt Hulpher ordered the Wyanokn stopped
nnd sent away the lifeboat In twelve minutes
thn lifeboat was back again with John Flan
tiorv and his son Edward Frank MoStay
George Buying and another man safe
on board They snld they came from
South Brooklyn and had taken out their new
rathoat to try H before naming it First Oflleor
Loyland said tha rain storm came up before he
could got his boat back to the Wyanoko and
that time capsized men would havn been
drowned it he hadnt come just when ho did
The iron steamboat Siritis was preparing to
lower a boat when the Wyanoko sent hers
awuy and waited at hand to land aid if It
should be required
The cntboit Unfit capsized In the Narrows
early In tile afternoon and throw her crew Into
time water They swam to South Beach Mr
Alexandras steam yacht Vision took the boat
In tow and pulled tho most out of liar and thai
Health Officers boat Preston towed her to
the Quarantine dock
About 2 oclock a pauall struck time Martha
Munn of the Columbia Yacht Club and tipped
her over In a jiffy In the North Iliver off Shady
Side Capt Itobnrt Crugor the owner and
13 others wore pltchnd Into the Water but
all hands caught hold of time rigging and
held on until time police boat Patrol got a boat
to them They were all rescued and taken to
ttme htiady Side iloeu Tin yacht which IB n
30foot jib and mnlnsall open sloop was towed
lolho dock Bat up and tIme wot crow bulled bar
out nnd stilled away In her The 13 others wero
Jerome Ueilly Uobort Tucker Otto Schubkc
cor Ldwiml llngley H W 1ilotlor John
Iggan John Turner William Valentino 1
Stewart L Collins Thomas Winter HonrJ
James and IsaaaOliver
Oustavo Ktihlfnl 20 years old of 1158 Ludlow
stre t and Theodore Becker aged 24 years of
titi Sixth street took Maggie Stempf of IIU2
tust Tonth street anti Kate Doran of 219 East
Third street up to Harlem Bridge yesterday
afternoon nnd rowed them out In a skiff
vvhnntho boat was almost under the Fourth
avenue bridge tho rain fell In torrents nnd as
thnoarsmiMi tried to turn thin bow of the boat
toward shore It dipped anti some water camo
aboard The girls jumped to their feet sud
denly and the boat went over Capt John
Halls steam launch Acacia picked up the party
Ilellslona Nervier ite helium Iko Earthquake
Handsome Gift to ICepnrlBr
CIIAIILESTOX Sopt 12The weather was
fine today and many churches had religious
services as boforo the earthquake while others
for convenience or safety had services In the
open air All the orphans of the city orphan
house are In the building again ana had ser
vices there
Tho Associated Press has sent a check for
500tobo distributed among the reporters of
the VIPK mutt Courier who stood at their posts
during the nnrtlniuako and furnished the full
and admlrnhlo details of huts disaster llrst sent
out the Western Associated Press offered to
contribute hair of tinamount Thus piraanil
Coiin < T In acknowledging the receipt ot the
check says
U tfUen in InexpreFilbln plemuro to receive and dl
tnliulu the ImiiilHiinj sltt ot III AMnclated Irelt and
to add tnllour OHII pulillu Itillmonr In Ihe I totally
rournue Mill miii usury ef tie Krnilemrii threuuii whole
ctKtuand by tu umoe work the VYur uiiil verIty iuss
cinillnued to lie publlihed day alter let iiid hai been
enabled uI tie it tieacoii Ilkthl In III 11 nhuiv commutil It
he not Improper to mention we apu mrvihut I every
one connected with the VrttKinl lourirr hit uillered
more or ics hy fharleiiini calamltt and thn ran will
rcndirr thUulitof thu I Aiuiciatrd lisp all the more no
ceptatle Hut unrxHemUMke the men lo iv tce litre
tin slIt Is dedicated they will tttieui cue inure hlitlllv
the I rtllnir fluSh i mil lonon which prompted tin till luau
tilty will tin tuft itinif
< > flleers tiflhe Central Labor Vnloa
At a meeting of the Brooklyn Central Labor
Union last cvtiiiuit the followinitoniceri were eUoltdt
Recordlnx Kecreurr I Harendi rreipmiilln deer
tar Ja > Hell nuaiiclalSecretary John lJuUlejTr a
urer It llnidilwrid Oninumion Cimmniee Vlnra
lliehi t unnluKliim lliiriilrr Slcl riteS sill Ilnl
lilsi dnevuiic trim mututme Uixri Deitnan tiolomuuouu
Rlm Uarii amid Qulutleyt riutramlouu Outunill
MasTs Vitmurty iueuuiu iieely hilutitembrg tiouuln
and l4urrsfl Cmedeumthii CoinmejiL HsusDhimamauog
MtUziUi jisu sn4
IIIIEAK IN nnooKTjTXs iiissEnroin
A Blream nf V eler lour Ilown Vndcrhlll
Avtaar Tke Leak > lapp d
A break was discovered nt 1 M oclock this
morning In the Brooklyn resorrolr nt the prin
cipal entrance of Prospect Park on time Under
bill nvnnuo side Quito a largo stream was
Hewing through tIme break nt 2 oclock The
reservoir Is about 2nd foot square anti
time water In It was about fifteen feet deep The
pollco found considerable water flowing down
Underbill avenue but In the darkness tliov
worn not able to estimate the size of the
stream that had found Its way through
time wall The reservoir IB on n high hill and
overlooks tho wholo city The neighborhood
Is built un with now nnd handsome houses
1ateA report just received from the reser
voir says the leak has bean stopped
Her Fiitkrr nml She Knrk Tnhit n Liking to
it Iluiidinma Yniinir Mccknnlc
Charles Me Williams of tho firm of McWIl
Hams t Drown holler makers In Hudson street
Jersey City has a pretty daughter years old
Yesterday It was made known that the young
lady elopnd a waok ago with George Andrews
n mechanic employed In thin boiler shop Mr
Andrews who Is il years old wont to work for
McWIlllams A Brown two years ago Ho was a
good workman and Mr McWllllams took a
liking to him Miss MuWllllams often called
on her father nt the shop during working
hours Site also took n liking to tIme handsome
young moohanc anti tIme two boopime Iriimda
One day about six months ago McWllllnms dis
covered his daughter nnd Andrews In close
conversation nnd found fault with her for It
Thnxiung lady promised her father at the
time that she would lint again talk to Mr An
drews nnd a day or two biter when Mr Me
Wllllams met Mr Andrews and his daughter
In the street walking nrm In nrm Imwas more
than Burprlhel His suspicions were aroused
and hn positively forbade his daughter having
anything I further to do with Andiews i AB nn
additional precaution bn discharged the young
man It was too late Tho couple had grown
very fond of each other and had resolved that
nothing should part them Clandestine meet
ings worn hold nnd arrangements forau elope
111 ent were mate
A week iwo Miss MoWllllnms put on her best
clothes and loft her home In KUHHOX tumid War
ren streets ostensibly to go shopping Hy ap
pointment sho met Mr Andrews in this city
and they got married They remained hero
until Saturday when Miss MoWllllnms re
turned homo and confessed to her father time
cnuf0 for her absence She was forgiven Mr
Andrews called upon his fathoriuluw yester
dayuud he was received kindly
A Suicide Found on IMer 47 East River
wllk n AHIUB Tultoned on his Arm
A dead man was found on Pier 47 East
River near Clinton street There was a hole
in his right temple and by his right hand was
a32callbro revolver lio was above tho middle
height about 50 years old with gray hair and
small black moustache and looked like a
foreigner either a Spaniard or Portuguese
lie was dressed In little worn clothes a blue
coat and waistcoat black trousers and neck
tie and dark woollen underclothes In his
pockuiB woroo5cent piece a comb a scrap of
paper with time address In pencil OC7 Tonth
avenue anil a business card of Louis Monjo
Jr Co 15 to 25 Whitehall street room 10
No ono lives at 517 Tenth nvenue At time
Morguo tho body was photographed anti Capt
Fognrty made a careful examination of It Ho
found the name J L Miller marked In
India ink on the right forearm ard a main until
n female figure tattooed on the loft arm Capt
Fogarty thinks he wns a sailor
Mr Louis Monjo is n commission merchant
In the Cuban trade I have no Idea who tho
man can bo he said I know nobody named
J L Miller Incomplete descriptions of time
body had reached Mr Monjo earlier In tho dav
His uncle John Monio 50 years old had loft
thin afire on Saturday afternoon to take the
4 oclock boat from Pier 17 for Ci rent Neck Tlio
tattoo marks made it curtain that the sui
cide was somebody else
Charlei AVenlr iimrreli with his llrolker
HUd Atluula lkntur JCetibe
Charles Wentz carno to this country from
Germany six weeks ago Ho has bean living
with his brother Frederick in Bloomllold
street Hoboken over since TIme brothers
have had several quarrels because of roiiglous
differences Charlos who Is 29 years old Is a
Catholic while bin brother ntid his wife are
Protestants and nro members of titus Gorman
Methodist church on Garden street Frederick
and his wire liavo been trying to get Charles to
change his religion but without success
Charles thought that time Roy Mr Ilousw the
pastor of the church which Frederick attends
was nt tbn bottom of tho matter and ho told
Frederick so and said be would have his re
vcngo on thn pastor
Last night Charles lay In wait for the pastor
anti assaulted him on the street whllo he was
returning to his home after service Tne pas
tor was alone Weutz mot him almost In
front of the church nnd without a word of
warning It Is snld struck him a stinging blow
in thus face with his fist lloforo he could re
peat tho blow some persons who were passing
by seized him Ho was looked up Pastor
llouss said hn was completely taken by sur
prise Ho did not know thin reason for the
Drummer < kirlr > Cuing Ilneint Want to Go
to Oleim unit ktt Il te4iit Oo
Constable John Whalcn of Oloan had a war
rant for the arrest of Charles Coflln a travelling
salesman who was accused of forging n check
for t700 Time constable arrested Coflln In Jer
sey City on Friday Coflln was with his wife
Ho told the constable that ho would go with
him toUleun but asked that ho be allowed to
remain la Jersey City until today bo that
bo might attend to some iiroHslnir hintlne
Thn constable was obliging nnd gave his con
sent Collln hlmil mont for himself ana wife
at Wagimrs Hotel Constable Whaien got nn
adjoining room In the same hotel Coflln
treated tile constable nicely anal this latter
thought well of his prisoner
Last evening the constable went Into Coffins
room and had a pleasant time with tIme pris
oner nnd his wife Coflln while tho constables
back was turned sneaked out of the room
and having locked tho door from the out
sldn he made bin ecapo Tho constable
broke down the door but Coffin had
got out of the way Lvter In the night Mrs
Coflln left tIme hotel leaving thus constablo
there alone and without money enough to take
him home Cnninls27 years old and Is said
to work for a big house in Bookinau street in
thIs city
lee Silica Hny They Wrro Nercr Ills
armed unit IVrre Not IVIaiinera of Wnr
AMIUQUKQUE NM Kept 13Jon Miles
arrived hero last evening to moot 400Chlrnea
bun and Warm Spring Indians who will pass
through here tomorrow from the Sau Carlos
reservation going to Fort Marion Flit by way
nf St Louis They art Iho war olemont of thin
Atmehes and their removal rids tho Semi tim wtiutt
of all Indian troubles Jon Miles say tliat
regardless nf what time Inmuml Aui u lumnnt
says the Chlracahua and Warm Spring In
dlans wore never disarmed nnd were not
prisoners of war They were placed on tint
Aiiucimti rusuutsrvaion tigitiatut limo protostBof the
Interior Dnpartmnnt and thn pnnnle uif f Ari
zona and It I t Is well I known hern that I their m I rn
inovil vvlmn accomplished will I I I nil I I i work
of don iiis who him been in > g the
matter for live mouthb against hill i uppo
Tha Henulorlul Clinleit lu llvlmrure
WiLiiiNOTON Del Sopt 12Senntor Gray
virtually carried Ntwcmtlo county In tha ejection ta
nominate repreitutatltet for tlio lencral AueiuUly
The holding over senator will tote for Mr Lore but
tin 111 senatori nomhmteil juttnloy amid four of tho
even representative sIll support Iray A Ilfth Tepee
leiiiatlt U iluuutfin and tho I remalnliiir ems
Lore men Kent Iountj noiiiliiatwl tin Intilj
lit caiithlatei in convention Iho I dclegsius eu t
llm thero tun risulici lu ut tie utli i
elecllon In oim ImiiUred In ilnuht The seen
bury who lumsiiftget the tore canvass llire Hl
probably ortnnii the Convention shut ilipi the unit
rule Ivfort Iti I i eiiiit itil iMniaica are aliuilled ut hurt
1 uii hit S I its wi setttir Ciii vtut itcfmesiuugilt
lV iI e
lVLirlr0Vtldl40iiifllY11 V1
there Pu > ir mrs If Oils C utus ICeitu will ii Hay siuii
lur Ill sime etch THI iiiiilii imii rircifim11 iii
Huxez wliii h tt Ill tie held mi Sepi 2 wuli lie iuiditeicuil I
uyih ouicuiue in Kent Knooii lloore Ill itfealea
candldat for the Levllaluro in this city will ciiuiesh
at lo one ward ortr lnoo sateS were oouuud while less
thin 415J wf sctuuillj p0114 liz Utpj hi 111 10 WIll
Kenitlnx n Vlrntent Reply lu Ik Ckarv nf
the Oinmlltvn of Ika Nnrlk Ilnptlet AeeoeU
ntinn nail kle Anniml Latter totke Chiirck
UOSTOX Sept 12 1nrsou Downs came to
time front again today with two of thin most
virulent ecreeda that ho has yet produced Ho
rend to nil usual Sunday nil doncn llrumstead
Hall the nnnual letter win u his church will
ennd to tho Boston North laptl t Association
limo religious body of which it to ins n part and
also time reply which hn rondo yesterday to time
commlttoo of tho association which was ap
pointed to investigate Time committee was
appointed nearly a year ago but It did not
summon time Bowdoln Square Church to an
swer charges until yesterday The formal
allegations wore those
I lust Fred J Tiber brought s IIM of illrorce In tho
Rupreme fiiillclal Court for the county of Suffolk imalnit
lilanlfe Annio J Taber allfRlnir as the only crottnil ot
divorce naultery committed by her with one William
W Dowits tiC lloiton suit that mid illtorce attor hear
Inir has neon KrnnUil for the sole cause sUegel
2 That In December IsO past the Irnml Jury for the
county of Huflulk proieuted a true hill of Indictment In
throe coinili ngAltiBt Bald Powni for adultery commit
ted hy him with nalil Aniilo J Tabor
3 That time Crnnd Jury In JulY taut prencntel so <
other true hill of Indictment In lure I count ajrntnst
raid Down for adultery coininlttcd by Mm still cue
Alice Nrltnn
4 That Ihe VIIHim W Dawns ahnre named li the
Itev VVilIlnm W Ii > vn < piutor of tIme Howloin Rqunro
lnptlnt Church nnd the church hn uelthir deposed nor
putiuiuuihuuui him from Hi h imlornl olllie but hui ecu
Uliutd him therein l time propiMit time
Tho Church sent for Mr Downs mind several
others to appear buttons time committee TInt
Ibis Dr floVHfnf tat Nnwton Theological III
stlttitn presided Thero was a good deal oC
argumnnt on the question of jurisdiction and
then I Mr Downs said hi wanted to bn hen rh
He read n paper that fairly took the commit
tees brcatn away First ho said
Thn llrst of these formal nllcgatlonn seams
to bo to the effect that n certain man bv tn >
name of Tabor has beoncrnut divorce fruni
his wife on the ground ot adultery botunoii
her end our piistnr This IH cnrtnlnly new
ami groat HOWS nt that Wo do know how
over that a thief adulterer abortionist
liar perjurer and rummnsellur bearing tho nnrrm
you mention has tried very hard with the Id
of monny certain persons like himself nnd n
few of your particular friends to get a divoo
on the grounds you speak of but Ins signally
and completely fulled to do so The dlvorenyou
speak of is now pond liu I In I tho Supreme Judicial
Court of the Commonwealth and vvo think wu
may safely add that Thatadulterous boast
as Jlninlet says will never oven with all tlio
bolp you and some of your friends are BO will
Ingly giving him get that dlvoreo on this earth
unless two certain men either din or very
materially change their minds nnd one ot
tbosn men K the pastor of tbu Bowdoln Kjtiaro
Baptist Church
Regarding the second allegation the pastor
admitted It to bo Shamefully trim that the
Indictment had boon found against him but
adds that no has been vainly seeking n trial for
n year past Tho second Indictment I for adultery
with Alice Upton nnotber of Ills flicK the
pastor also challenged limo District Attorno1 to
try Another paragraph In the address I > as
Still another allegation that this srlfnp
polntid Baptist court prnposs to consider Is i
lie horilblo Impropriety of thellowdoin biiuuio
Church in neither suspending nor dopuMnj
thom pastor from his pastoral olllco but con
tinues him therein even unto the ptesent time
Well what of U Pray tell us how alt
this concerns you and if the pastor
of tIme llowdoln Square Church Is pleaslnc
to his people and they are profited by his In
structions nud sro notto be moved by nnytliluir
that thieves liars harlots and courts liavo
said or done pray tell us what business It Is
nf yours In this ono thing alone the Bovvdom
Square Church finds enough to condemn your
Bolfnppolnted court a hundred times over
and regards this presumptuous Interference
with our rights as anlnlnn and meddlesoino in
thus extreme until worthy of nil con
demmulon The Bowdoin Sauiiro Chumh
having tested Its pastor for ovor
six ymirs sees no reason why it should nither
depose or suspend him and Inspitnof any
anti nil denominational howls or tiontoni ltset
many reasons why it should sustain him as it
has done and still means to do until hn makes
his nneniles his footstool Hpunklng
of deposing and suspending our PII
ton however reminds us anti you
anaro Mr Chairman that the same Ornnd
Jury that last month Indicted tho veneriblo
and venal Joseph Story for ailultry also in
dicted n prominent member of your own
church a Mr T O Whiting for tho saline
Whom n the pnron had finished his tlrido no
batty imaul anything to say and the committee
adjourned u without action
Tho annual letter of tho rhurh to thin associ
ation read by Mr Downs in his pulpit tuday
Is after the same ntvlii as the above nddeK
It rnvmvvHlhe sensational events of the year
from Mr DownsV btandpolnt and pnvacoly at
tacks his opponents lu tho church aud out ol It
fI lUj 2ht UVh U Yi TJf MILYRP
It win u Cine or Grave Itolherv The JHUUnt
nTtko Alllct lounml Is implicated
HELirvun O Sept 12Time rpprebuntn
tlvoof Ttt SUN has succeedoil in unrnvelllns
the trunk mystery aftorconBldernblo dillleultv
Belle Bovvon died in Omar Seneca county oa
Wednesday Sue was tho belle of the plueo
and was only 17 yenis of age On Friday aha
was burled and on Sunday her father J M
Bowon win horrlllod to find thut the grave had
been opened and the body taken away Tlio
father fell Into tIme grays out learning that truth
lund thin mother has been uncoiiMlous ever
since They hud heard nothing of tho Undine
of the body nt Toledo until Informed by tho
representative of THE SUN Tho cofllu vvn
dug up amid takmi to Toledo by tine
father who will claim the body In the
morning Time tnnvatlnnal feature in titus
ciho Is thn arrest of Dr II U Illalno of
Attica editor of tho Attjea Jimriinl on limit
charge of gravIs robbery Ho nfusod to tay
anything to Tun hush rnprubentntivo Tlin
evidence Is conclusive agalnbt him Them
arn throats of lynehlng If thn men urn broutrnt
back to Attica The community Is InUusuly
Nathaniel Oilman White an old and wealthy
citizen of Lawrence Man illeul i yenivritay of huartiliA
eaieat lllllo llcur until N II Ht vthlto wait utijout
07 earn old lIe was fkctod Ireildrnt of tlio llutluu
and Maluo t Ituilroad and hud olllce until lhX when lu I
rftikncd Uu wiu HI nle lime a ilirtelor of i the Uul htitlo
Haul mid in Iho I lime ol his death VltefiolUvlu ot time
L > bex taavllik hank
Prof Kphrann VUdtmaii Ournex heal of Iho ieilitti
iiieiitiClliiioririii liiirt I i uurt uilienu itird udileni jn
un H > it hIs > tiuKilii hue nerlr Prof I m umsuy wnneno
ol I lie LriKnuMii Mini ciJiinecmil with Harvard undeim
Ol the molt eirnrnt lulnitl re 111 the Inumy letutliuhlt
entire lima in thu cullr s lie binuiu as lrefeiior cC
Latin then becalm IToMor cif riilloinnhv ami In
lute JrofMior nr lititnrr lIe was beau cC th ColleKa
PsuIhy fmmmu IHTII nu 14711
VVIIIIam Vnunit nf cltuili Alan ill In Mobllo mi
Sam iirutai vir Yttit wm the litt > m ttmtidt ior
rc > i indent at tho nest hitilr of Krultrirknuur ii umcro
h tie wiiuilf I He I vrt < client irui friail lutCel liv lhi
Vriw ion Ikroiii nud while lit li lli > jurkf UKH lake
prloilirrimd cnrrtwl In Virmioii itt lie aucceedri In
Kelllnir biuk In the I Union IliitJ us iilklnir ii uny lull
luthte u irniieuu bite wmd < ll n wn situ m lie Vm < tvrL
jlrniir < corre > i > iiiidviitoii mho Ited liner xu illliou S
Knrtkfjuako In Mexico
CITY opJlKxico Hopt 12 via GalvostonAn
mtkUl reiirl In tho hut eruiuuuuuit from reiiuKtxtlaii a
Slats of MfXlcn tuyk a hlook uf eurtltouike uith iil
luiiiiiKlrum i uu I ti nut 5 ii jut then oetwreu 4 aid
a i cinok on tli ninrnliif > f mlie il I luvi
The lnl ci > ircIILK den nne four r in inure 55 lin
the Mini > ltehiilidllliirulri lit it lim > liiii Hank ins
crirkednudolli r nhtli r Uijnril llmt mien u trtt
I iriiulinnt 1 iiir it n I ii rtUril suiveru earihuu e
lllockii hi tllD Ulliti Smite
Noutkern llcxlnin Itnllu liy runt tnrfettuj
CITV 01 MKMfo Sept rj via finlvnstrin
Tlie iMiuce loll ur liled lu lien t tirnlUl honliiern 1 cc
cmi ItullMai fur MHIIland In tug ttmet 11 tens Irni
filfbU < l tu ira md l Inimi 5 Its inlny jinrmli il
ilurcd foriritrd lue raiiuuy CUIKIHIOII uud a Itmr
timukliice Iui cut rjrfiitil
Aiiuln lluriicl IvllUl
WlfurrsTuuxI Supt 12This afternoon An
hIs llarcel annd IJ > tar lUuihier of I VV ihiuhil l
fail remit tie hl veuithi l Vn4 tirmilt ii tue rullna1 cut
ha lent SlOt niiiiuiuuii fnlil niuri < nn IHHHJ tn
iuimuuiuiy sthital liii tuiel lint i to luo ever hue rail al
ithiiulgiveu suuuiy
Ain i time Prui I
Local rains slightly cooler westerly winds
Tnrtythres excise arresue I eteriltV
Time ste5umitiuu l 5 iiiTCimririd I lie morning
Kllin Iiau bet vthu wai toni 1 liy u sa p1nhemi ef i
keruteetue usmul ii u7 KM tntlu i strict Ste itiUuuy
Imigmit dmcd ytrdai
Obiiiumit toneuiniaiou readily vieldi to the raiuuax ties
CI cziua LItU 4y liih4uiu

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