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America Accepts tho Gift of
tlio French People
And a Million or So of People Ashore
I Making Holiday in the Wet
S Tkn Ulnnt fllnlna Shrouded In Inl I Ilk n
MixmlMln Iopiu MrlnB Jirr om Shore
And No llenrlnv she Orrnt Uilnt A Finn
Inrnd ltevIewd l hr President CIuvInd
Tko 1111 1rneriilnn Ihlbl Even
a From Hklp In HklpTke 1knnlom Fleet
Unite Iltrlf Heard Tkoligk Urulloni
a Vndcr the Statue by Kvnrli Depe nnd
De Lp and n Hpicck or Acerpluneci
1 From IrMldrnt CUvelnnd UrnniD
IitUr Mat Akend of Brnnlor Kvurli ned
Dropped Her VII Deter kc Invited
t Her TTk GreAt Crowd > In the Mire >
I q TkaT > r k Not Ycl AllihINo Fireworks
Hitch like Paris ns tourists buy Now York
I tho resemblance can never hayo been moro
striking than It wee at 8 oclock yesterday
tnornlne when the streets woro tilled with the
military uniformed civilians and police the
Itralnl of the Marseillaise sounded every
where and the tricolor of tho French republic
floated from roof tope windows and balconies
tocothor with our own glorious Stars and
tttrlocs Twenty thousand men In uniforms
were to march down Fifth avenue and Broad
way to tbo Battery with flags and bands ot
music and a million people moro or loss came
out to see the sight They moved from the
I IMt and west through tho eldo streets and
blookod tho walks alone the line of march
many of thorn In lay attire all of them In say
holiday spirits
But it was not an auspicious day for n cole
tratlon The gayety of tho early morning
Vrbloh withstood tho dismal aspect of tho
clouds cave way In an hour What wns lit first
but a molet atmosphere became a mint and
presently a drizzle and lone before the proDS
Blon bad reached tho Battery the colossal
t statue of Liberty out on Bedlows Island whloh
f P all this noise and muslo and demonstration
generally were to do honor to was mumod up
I Invisible in a regular London foe and the
1 7 tremendous tiring of cannon down tbo bay
from unseen nnrsblbs was either totally In
v udlbo ashore or sounded n I somebody were
tg1 ilatnralne doors
Every one cordially hoped on Wednesday
7 Blcht that a patriotic weather bureau would
f I MB to It that the storm should blow ovor anl
leave the day unclouded If possible but at
f any rato dry But the rain continued nil nleht
I lone and pretty much all day yesterday and
I on that account the decorations buildings
alone tho line of march were not n general as
I might have been nor as elaborate Tbo City
Hall was the only public building In town
which was notable by reason of the display of
bunting Flags and banners arranged with
f t taste sat off Its beautiful front splendidly and
I lone streamers of small flags festooned from
the dome heightened the effect The Post
t Offloa building was also tastefully draped with
r American and French Hags
t Up about the starting point In Fifth avenue
Snit south of the 1nrfe there wore many small
flags a there were Indeed from windows and
balconies all the way down to the Battery
t Trench faa floated over the Brunswick and
I the Uoffmaa Honso where the French guests
Ma quartered was gay with streamers of red
white and blue The Hotel Bartboldi too was
covered with bunting and from the Albomarlo
end Fifth Avenue Hotels fluttered colored
f streamers Across Park row between the
World office and tho Post Offloo building was
a arch of evergreens
Something of the lackof banners on tbo outer
walls of the brownstono mansions of Fifth
i avenue was made up by tho attractive displays
at the front windows whero charmingly
dressed women and children presented them
selves to view the parade and In turn them
1lvos to b viewed und admired Every door
step on tho avenue was crowded with a family
party The sidewalks were full to tho
j Curb and policemen alone tho avenues kept
back tho people from the roadway and after 0
oclock turned nil approaching wagons Into tho
side streets The Fifth avenue stages wore
allowed to run until shortly before tbo hour of
the march and hundreds of pooplo sit on tho
roof seats In the rain to ride over the Hue and
lea tbn display
Between Thirtieth sod Twentysixth streets
Fifth avenue Is iminsBablo by reason ol the
uuflnlphud patlng anil the procession went
around Into MidNonl tuonuo to oscnpo
the deep mud From the corner of Madison
avemio and Twentysixth street to thn corner
01 Fifth 1 avenue and Twentythird street
i diagonally aruns Madison Himarn thn nt ii itt
tuili was unbroken I iiimhed end crowded nil
the tlma toward Tilth avenue and as steadily
the police pushed It back again aloadly
The reviewing stand was on tho west side of
Fifth avenue near tho Worth Monument and
I across the streot was another stand In
which some lanu people wire packed
Along Fifth aiHiuiu below Mudiaon squat
the crowds woro just ns great and
trucks and WHUins offering Ir seats not
polnlB of observation at so much t Boat
Btood in all the cross Street and
all these people had collected at 8 oclork In
the mornlnif to see tho pnradu nt 1 They
toad patiently In tho drenihlni mll cheerful
Snd expectant soino with waterproofs or urn
relies but mott of tlirm unprotected and
when hours after the Catherine of the rowI
the procession canto nloiin tue nioultf had lost
Cono ot their AmutUnn nthiMinsm Hero and
there along tim avenue whoro 1 lampioss
lamp post roared Its top above tho crowd a
mall boy was HIUH to be scaled In the cup
From Iho top of tho Kortrf > ouiiii stroot reser
tolr hundreds of 1 fnvurod pooplo viewed tho
march there was no unoccupied window no
Overlooking roof comic rum which spectators
i aid not look down Fonple people poopo I
g i everywhere swarmedovcir tho face 01 the earth I
Tho revlnwl ng ttand held about lOCO persons
1 Among them whim buy bad all assembled
wero the President of the United States bcco
tarloH Bayard Lnniar WhttOAy anti Vllaa of
his Cabinet Dnn M I Hartholdl tho sculptor
of thn big Liberty M 1 do Lessors und the
French delegation rdprusentnllyos ot tho
diplomatic corps B Washington aud n demo
cratic assortment or American citizen bard
tocUsslty 1 UHII I Kilbouin Kimx Col Thomas
O Ulrloh and Majoi Cliarw F ullhu s niilca to
Qsn Stone tho Ornml Marshal ol tho
day had chargo of the reviewing stand
on the Insldn und Cupt Williams and
ft Inrga aid < handaoiuo police oontingftiit
brotected tho ot lhldi 1 Away 1 contllAlt
topmost stop nf th stout wna n signal officer
6t ion Rtnos btntr who ntrlchll nttaflton
bylwnvjng n wlgvtgn large u bite sIgnal
flag with B IIIU I idoeulraln 1 moil occcutrlc
curves On to o tnnStorr apartment IIOIIRIJ
tot tllMon nllrlmont 111 I
ahovo tbe Hotel lhrullpnvlk
svna ttnttbr Illllll
HI 10toi rnIRwlk U HllLllti
with 1 wlgvrni al uthori r Ktiitlonod nn
icily points nb > aul I below IhRt two from
Vntrlllltl 10 to Jtittery lhity shgnnliii
the start 01 hut IAnl hlarr coliml Ihl Bt elnnllil lili locl
the word nl IRI 1 Attlg tho wttoku lutto
I WR anuut II 10 thus Frooeh tflhlllit
to cnhH OIlr II I r t lt3 I 1lrWII I I I I louise OM
ort 11 by WIr 1rJ Illh 1 v IIt nnso l
Icl <
101 111t WII IIJ 11 toIhuut lIuo
11111 of the Pot I it oh lnI1 M Im ltut t Itohil I
Mme 1ln Itll II 11101 111 1 I 1111 I I
L8on Ihllrl lb I I o ruin ii n
Ihl Horlal IIJM
001 Hcholhl Wcn tht alrlll ruth many I I I
lmhrl of their IIIn ol Hnl hhtit itrouvo
Chief Clerk ol thi WnV Itaro VIM at aVh
ncton i Y personally conducted tliii iiuinlir ni
hodliiloruatlo con ihlrlyor I I IHlmtrs i 1 I I
her i to tho sleuth Jlr Aduo Whlstum Kt > irp
trr ul Iinte whl IS liii amateur Ihnhtgautur I
efnoto I va Ihurowiih I camera 1ohiIIIIr tlMHHUr fill I I I I
lam M I hearts J arrivol wouiim hunt pnneoia I I I
flat toy Iill and hIs In did 1 I I
not titer
until 111 5PJW nf i W uut B AIHW
H thio last I
rreiiiint I I Ilst nluuto and did not rood tbe I
Tho Presldelt drl1 up to thl Irnnd ftllll I I
whit retary liarnnl 8It
Itp tlry 1 lfl Cipt Williams helped
the President to aIhgh t aiiI shared tb applaort
of hun momnnt On Bhorlilnn rncflvnl thn
I PIt rly on momlnt M IIIIUo OPI Blood by the I lruidrt t I
during the rovlmv
him l Imftirx llm hood of thn fIrst lltlHlnn
conn nlnni tho Trench I gunslsworii prntinlod
to I llio Prttllont and whim hl ninl I tin iculp
tor Ilrl hold l Khonk Imnds thiniworo lion Ft Y
ehiMrfl Unit I HWopt In I 1 wne nf f Hound 1 nvr lie I
tnutltudn Hint 1 1lro tnku up nn tho riiitxklrtH
nf DID email nud passed along far horol Iho
p I ltit whom thu piDiln could mil for ulint thy
wore Hhniitlng Pronlilint Clnviilnnd was look
Ing with and ni tiHiini solfpopooBPOil Hut lo
n small cut on his rIght cheek which ho mndo
In tuavlng himself before 1 strange glafli yea
turday morning ho was apparently without a
i I
blemleb He was dressed In block wearing a
frock coat and a loosofltllng sack overcoat
and itis silk bat was without gloss An arm
chair had been put In the stand for him but ho
declined to sit down Thereupon some ono un
dertook to remove the 1 chair and Mr Olovelnnd
putting his hand on the back of the chair said
No so llrrnly that tho orderly dropped the
furniture ns If It had boon shot out of his
hands The President removed his overcoat
and laid It onr tho back of the chair near
which ho stood to review tho marcblngcolumn
To every commanding oflleer In tho lino the
Prnnldont raised his hat exposing the large
bald epot on his head to tim falling rain When
tbo colors of any regiment or body were dipped
he snluted In tbe same way For tbe rest ho
stood motionless No one offered him an um
brella nnd he stood without shelter through
out tho two hours anti more but before more
than half the column bad passed be put on his
overcoat with tho aid ot Secretary Bayard
Oen Stone ou horseback stood to the right of
the 1roeldent a the column moved past On
the stand ion Dan Klcklos wearing no end of
medals wan at the Presidents right It was
just twenty minutes to 11 when the Old Ounrd
which had escorted the President from Bocro
Inry Whltneyt h USA moved up preceded by
tho Thirteenth Regiment band wheeled around
from Twentyslxtn street Into Fifth avenue
and took Its placo opposite the reviewing
stand There was a blare of brns nod tho
sound of drums and n file of policemen
wheeled Into Filth avenue preceding Col John
Hamilton marshal of the First division and
his staff all wearing long darkblue overcoats
with cnnns and honvlly trImmed with braid
Thus United btatw Naval Itrlgndn under Cuupt
Robert Lloyd which followed was ono of Ito
most Interesting featnroH of < the nholo parade
Thny were linnlooking milti as tho President
himself remarked and their snllur dress WHS I
becoming nod plituiusiiue They looked
somehow llkn warrior even down to the lads
from the training hip who just returned
rum nn elghtniunths1 cruise from Htniln I
couldnt keep their eyes off tho President anti I
couldnt keep stop and Webb him too Tbo
Army BrIgade commanded by Major Wallace
F Handolpb followed tho becond Regiment
Nntlonnl luard ot Now Jersey and a detach
mOlt of Massachusetts volunteer mllltla com
ing next
The second division of thn column consisted l
of the First Brlgndoof tho National Guard un
der command of llrloGen Fitzgerald os
oortlng tUB French column As tbe Seventh
Ilegitnent band came along playing the Mar
I ale the laJlea waved their handkerchiefs
anti men shouted Every stop tbo popular
rgimsnt tpok in progress past the President
was cheered and Mr Cleveland raised his bat
repeatedly The Hiitynlntb with n popular
welcome tbe Eighth Ninth Twelfth Seventy
first and Eleventh lloslmouts came along
In that order each with Its bund alool
Its drum major That showy official In the
Twolfth Itoeitnont band was a vision
of dlanlty and grace Ollmoraa Twontyeoc
ond Regiment band won Immonso favor by
Playing Yankee Doodle as it pnssnd In review
and tbo enthusiasm which this Inspired was
vented In cheers us the regiment filed by with
regular atop and military swing The First
nod Second Battotles followed and then camo
the French column made up of veterans
llnchnmboau grenndlre nnd French societies
Many prominent French citizens rodo In car
riages City offlclasln hacks came noxt
ITuaU 3 Grant was marshal of tho third
division a feature of which wan tho manly
looking brigade of police from Philadelphia
and a company of mounted police from Brook
lyn At this point votcrnnn of the war of 1812
and tho Mexican war nnd retired ofileor4 of
thin army nod navy wero duo on the printed
programme hut the volunteer fireman who
made up such great part of the parade could
no longer bo hold In chock and from title tune
out they shed a flood of vermilion over the
Hue It Is Impossible to understand how In
the old days of thin volunteers t fire ever got
any ral headway with such a multitude of
redohlrtod men just Ihlittlnc to light It
It turned out by the way that tho veterans
of 1813 had boon forgotten Thero nre only
three of them left Gen Abram Dally ngnd 90 <
Henry Morris aged 8H nnd Onritlnnr Lilll
tiridc aged 87 lucy walled at Military Hall
for their carriages but no cuirlneoHrnmo UI
Its the fourth time snld old Ian Daily
1 that wo have hen sorrel this way The
ODorll Committee of tho Grand Army for
got us three time Wo will never appear on a
public ocrapluii ngaln apIonr
ToiwvrrBB unssicx MIAMI TiE OLDIKHS
When the Ii vi Iou bare of the three vntor
an had gone hv tlw ravtowlm ntnnd the Ital
ian IIIIlo liuuds and unltormod Italian socle
ties In I rod and blue with t flumes nnd cock
nice arpaarcil In thin lino after rt de
tnohment of thou Iliuoklyn Fire Dmnrtinenr
but tile rcmnliiing ilx divisions of the line ns
Ino lS
orluIn illy laid down were lot to rdhl I lu Iho
overwhelming < runh of oldtlmo llromen and
volunteer companies from out uf town When
fifty nf thi bye In rod shirts black tiousora
turned up I above tiio mud and big fire h itn
call Itudglncraloiic hnullue an nnllqnntd
hand cnjlno thu crowl cheered wildly nud
tho tiro haihil lee took up thn cry n < III hi I hl I
nn they pufsod the Pipsident Tho leaders of
tlu > line wived their bit speaking trumpets
and tito whole scene for tho time was ono of
unniRtritluod jr on thn part of the firemen
and the crowd The ironoh visitors cuiilxm
platcd this domustiatlon with nronmnuthed I
vomlor Tho facts of the old boys nnie n
stuuy Most ul Ilium WOIO their halt cropped I
clopoarrlnll nf them look h t robust Thr worn
other oIl tiihinu Aid loc reIs and hooK anil
lauder trucks drawn by hitnduseful horn
Irlc orwn ly Iln < usllII uown
hY oily vs r llon moiig tl old mivhcunH
In tho lino wiu the Piuon built In lull
while n mouldy wrack of a hand pump wnrkud
with crnnkK < nnd cnirlcil ou a fourwheeled
truck was built lu 17GO and looked ovniv day
of Its agi > A sonontblo color bOllur or the Vet
eran Firomunx Ainiittion wax seized with un
enthusiasm us ho looked tho Pneldunt fduiire
ly I in the fuia nud W ivlit hid big banner until
It whlrlnd on Its stnif with n trrout t momentum
ho almost carrtrd ilpi I oil bis foot with it
i illetittit dicer up tle avenue grew louder ns
I rolled In wa > > nlcruc with thn tioceislon
and burst Into r holt iti tH Howard the
Idol lit ibn Vuxrin Volunteer Firnmun < ap
Icired ilr ssod In ilnvncolTcd uniform ami
carrying hisgodplnted H enkin > trumi st In
nn > aim rihnd lilH hire hut to the I PrenlJtmt I
The crippled oM iiiiu waleul 1 rravoiy nlcug
ahiiil uf I hh coi pnnv with n beaming lonl
oatlsfaoilun us Im buwod Un inknowlcilcmcnt
ot llm eluari wlh whicn ho wits followed iliiMi
the avcnui No sine Iu the prooesslon tlc Ioll
moro nttenlion Thiio wnrna lot of Itiooilyn
Mtlxrann lu tho lien ton with their mmblro
gaudy but useli and I famous hand iiiion
Iron Ilulok3ii wnjiod rovsrjntly 1l
The oil hand Piigm H were rumbling lonxlly
jy drawn by fit reSiitilrtcd vstsrctri nuuj
iinils wiiopliiyiLMy u yAhcii sinldnnlyallii I
KOIB BOiinded ilrvn till ttroot tin I If it mnnt
biisiuem nml an olOltl policeman iliiihoi
nlong In front of the craid utanl waving hU I
irrr3 In frnntliuiirt 11 IAnr thu track lie I
fore htJ old urn ulltra In line rmnirolmndoil
wliu was oomln not n roat lliionuino ilruvn
by n pilr or uronl gray hrIoQ thuiilirtiil along
and dashed left ii itt luvlnini ataiul eat
tor I tug nnukn rind Ilndmi PI nwull us vntmun
llrumeii Inltscout i iliivrnsnomakalMliovo
ilnnuiintralioii aid tlo rurdy uld lliomvii
Cr011101 rant with cuIllitlngoiuotlunH their
plmu of duty iii iilulnly th > re bofro the
couitrr8 ihmf Mocixtrato whose o > es wore
nion thorn Their hearts wero plainly with
Hi lire Thu hire was just a block aboTO Ihe
reviewing stand nod wiia < lulu ly oxtln
tul hell while one III three old cnglnon would I I
have been getting nadyln start for it Another
touch cl teal life III lbs t11ldlt Of all Ibis 1I0tllP I
mid clrcuiiRtnncn of rnnen wits thin hurried
iHF > iiilii uf I nn are butiui n Co rust ito grand stand
While Ihlll MHriidu wan In prngru
Tutu Grand Army llrlundo was undor I escort
of JlrlgGuii J J 1 nuns i McLourntut n ditiirliinvnt i
01 tho I HoC I iii ii I llilgiuluof f Ihll NIImlill t Oiinnl I
In Ibo llio ii ltd ilium corps nttauhid to tho
Irani I ft rut y IoMh aura liii ItT i it I errs I iou lit
tutu lnlloMs nuns or urnndHonR or VKtnruna of
the Into war A model of hut original Monitor
b rout on truck lollownd From thu gun port
calm tin t Mil oho ot burniKl powilir whllo nt
thus hcul was a litHo nlnoycarold tar In lull
unvnl uniform
in ono of the Inrgist fife and drum corps no
cotttianyIti tinuuuid Army post worn thru very
pretty little girls dressed M vlvnndldros anti
canyltiK snnro Irums Thoy stopped out of
lino and nacondcd the steps lo where the Prrsl I
dent wntf Btandltg Each little girl handed
President Cleveland n basket of flowers for
which Ibo hitter saul Tbnnk you and thon
they haiidnd it small coldfrlnyed silk Ameri
can flag to M do Lessnps for 51 Bartholdl who
stood back on the rnwlioll stand Two of tho
girls woro Llz7lo llofnor and Annlo Corner
Tbevntornn llrsmon now having about run
out and tho Grand Army posts having paused
along canto a troop of freshfaced school boys
curryIng walking sticks As they paused tbo
President tho loader rained his cane as a sig
net nod In chorus tho others Bhouted In well
known accents Columbla Columbia I
Students from tho College of tho City of Now
York wearing students caps and gowns fol
lowed with their college cry and after thorn
were tho boys from Slovene Institute IIobok
The old coach which Gen Washington onco
owned wns the closing fenturo ot tbo long line
It wns drawn by eight horses and attended by
tho Continental Guard of Washington and
after It camo certain Sons oflthe Revolution In
carriages Bald Benjamin Hlohardoon who
has achieved distinction by becoming the owner
of tbo historical old coach rodo In a carriage
following It and stood up to show tho full
length of his fourfoot beard and to smllo
genially upon the admiring multitude
It WAR just 1 oclock when the last carriage
In tho line passed tho stand The procession
had been two hours and twonty minutes long
Gen Schollttld remarked to Gen Stone
This Is the best parade I have over loon
In New York
Tho President bowed and waved his hand In
endorsement of tho sontlmorit and then en
tered his carriage Tho crowd which had boon
kept back In cheek so long broke loose and
spread over the town For an hour afterward
there was a rush for tho Battory by burse cars
and elevated railroad trains The Broadway
cars started after tutu parade but were blocked
down town and a line ot crowded cars extend
ed back a mile Irom the rear of tho column
President Clnvnlaud Col Lament the mom
horn Qf tho Cabinet ana Gens Sheridan nnd
Scboflold woro driven to the foot of West
Twentythird street nnd boarded the Dispatch
at 120 P M to go to Bodlowa Island
Seaward thoro was nothing visible save n
great gray wall and oven Governors Island
wns dim and shadowy Now and then thoro
was a lighter gleam to the water but the foe
settled sullenly back again thicker thnn ever
The steamer Thomas P Way and Magenta
lay ut the Birfia Office to tako tho Invited
puests of tbo Deception Committee to the
Island 1 The Thomas H Uronnan came slowly
up nlongatdn the Magenta nnd tied to hor
and soon thorn camo a stream of bluo
undiod uniforms pouring around tbo
corner of tho Bargo Ufllco and tim Sixty
ninth Regiment morn or loss bedraggled
filed across Ibo deck of the Magenta
to thn Brinnnn anti was soon olT far down thj
hay leaving tho othor boats waiting In tho
drizzle When thoy got off nt last they might
have been heading lor Bay Itldgo or the Nur
rows for till anybody on their docks could sco
lint soon out of tho mist thoro loomed high In
tim nil a grout sombro shadowy form which
grow vaguely distinct no tho boat approached i
and soon tho wellknown tlgurn ol tho torch
bearing goddess stood revealed In hazy out
lines What appparnd to ho a wldo white
splash swept down her face con
coaling the features It was the white
cootro stripe In the French tricolor
with which the face was veiled the
drenched dun atmosphere rendering tho rod
and the dluo Indistinguishable from the bronze
which thoy covered Gtoat trailing scarfs of
mist dnnglcd from the uplifted torch and
wrapped themselves around It and over the
goddesss mighty shoulders at times until they
wero all but Invisible There was a rather
bilsk breeze i Jod up fd too fur the
8sa g tg IIt
majestic nose of tIm goddess could to scon nov
ana than elevating thin bunting like a small olr
ells tent n8 the wind fluttered tbo flag t
It Only the nearest of tbo menofwar could
bo seen floating like phantoms on what might
either have been fog or water so far 118 the eye
could see and all around hovering apparently
In the air woro the vague outlines of tim scores
of great excursion steamers As a mutter of
fact them was anchored there a vaster floating
city than swept alter the yachts during the
rnces and tho murmurs of Its people and the
sound of Ita music nod ravelry oamo In muffled
tones to the oar but nothing oould bo seen of It
There was space In front of Ibo speakers
stand at the base of thn pedestal on the oast
Dido for about 2500 people I and oamp choirs
wore placed clnely together In a semicircle
over tho area Tho tlrst arrivals flllod the back
rows of seats and as succeeding boats came
the places worD lilted from tbo roar to Ito front
the mom distinguished guests Including tbn
French delegation arriving last and occupy
ing the front row of chairs
There wile a dreary wait for nearly an hour
aftor thu llrst boat came with nothing to re
lieve tho tedium save hunting tot porno place
to get out of ho ruin At n quarter to J Pat
Gllmoro who with his musicians was stowed
away somowhoro on thin Island struck UP tho
Marseillaise which ha dovtalled Into tho
Star Spangled Banner and other patri
otic airs in the midst of which thoro
arrived tho French delegation nod tho
music wns smothered In checrn Tho Count
do Lessons vigorous and sprightly in spite
of his years anti with the ends
of his moustaihn cocked jauntily up walked nt
tho hnad of the lltllo procession arm in nrm
with the swarthy and earnest faced Bartholdl
Thoy were followed by Gao Polisalur and AJ
mimI Jauri8 Ccl do Pusy Col LnussII lat and
Lieut VlllegRntA nil the officers ablnzo with
decorations nud tho brilliant red blue nnd
gold of than French army uniforms But few
Indies wore with tho company and not ovor a
doen In all camo to tho Island oven those who
did looking na though thoy wished they baIt
remained at homo
It was 112 nnd Pat Oilman was still at It
when hN melody was suddenly motliorxd In
such IIn uproar of steam whlitloi nnd artillery
as tha harbor hns rarely heard before Tho
1resldonlA had come at lout nnd for tim
Mist time there wni real cnthueliiBiu The
crowd ohooiedas gun after gun ripped out of
thoetdnsof the bill war bhlps and wilh every
moment thero secmnd to come retntorcements
to the number nnd fury ol tha steam whlstlon
Thon It was that the magnitude of the floating
city which role un tlm water but lltllo ovor a
stunou threw iiway made itself evident Tho
climat wns reached Uiui the Piesl
dent with his hold bnroil In the raIn
and Fmlllni and bowing in hli > portly way
loomed uu out of thin loa atnl mounted thu
ot1t s of tim stOikoiH stand with his arty
Tha Hon Chauncny M iJepair I Honloi Lvartn
1 r Storrs nnd IJUhup Homy O Toiler wero
already on tIm viand with the IrKiich I guests
coil nltlllt tvdM renewed Ihu nfernul
din of tlio witistlis and thacnnncunliiih never
let up for r ll110It
WIIIf1r piiitiKs DtiowKBR tioniiVs iRvpn
llIo Bland was olabor Uoly decorated with
1ronch nnd Airmricau lIege i > hoso folds foil In
looppd tip dniiery nround the front Tho
President sat In the middle of the covered plat
form with Mr llarthoUll on his rlcht nnd
Count do Ioscps on his left Gnu Scholleld lu
full uniform i occupied llio I uoutl 1 cornor and
Gen MoJliili > n the noitb In the rear wore
croupil tle ni iitlora of the Cabinet and
olhor I
Thai was not a hint of 1 let uu In Ibo up
rourof llio nhlsto Ibo artillery bad sub I
slued and only broke out now and then In I
l3oicd spot Get Hcluiluld nivcd hid hat
fiantlinlly soldtrri aignallnd and waved their
hand and ap1 from the batlemenls llo 10
lico riirhui nround look ug fur scmolody ar
rest But It wan cil Iu uc n If the 81nI9
wro eon Ihruugli the fiwr they woro clearly
tnkon for dllul clgns eDcourngoment to
keep It up
Soion hhoflold LIUO un In dospalr at last
and roaici oulln tho ramlrnionlum that Dr
ton would open tho Itros with prayer
Thfin Is I mile whatever that Or Stcrrsdld
rrny a d I LJOIIO took olT their hills and wllh
bowidlonilH barn III the rain liotonod itvurontly
to 110 I iii tints uf I Ito i t tugs Altlhrough I I fin pray
f r tliU duuiunlni nctuuu pan I itenit was kept up
now aii1 I then dying tlovn aid breatilnu
nu in ftMttirid and snriallo tatrUQOA until I
bnio rnild begin tn nbc nndliion aonie pccu
llarh ucoirthly whoop would come and eat
thom nil iff again II was n certdtii HhrllN
voiced 1 tug which viif thu molt l iiladilovouB
this wily It dUio > vrod early Iu the up
roar lhit It hud a knack ot Im
itating lo pHifnuiio3 thii crow of a
toaster nnd nun tint time on at nil
critical tiniH suin for iiiBence ns when Dr
HtotrB cciaeoil I Huaklu II U Impish serrncli
would rlngnul I with a long lrawr nir pllttlnc I
note nt th < i dose which never fiilod lo bring
out rIIIS 01 ippliiu frm oven thor whistle
within eat shoe
M llu II or i OINT till i fESiErs
When Tr turm hrd made his irayor amlil
tho Kbiilli triiTOi ion hclioll ld minoguil to
Introduo tointdn Lfbatfns who came brUily
lorwud to the rnljlflg ul tbs platform looking
fresh linrly nnd smiling Tho noIse hail
I liuitly I wnll I I d1 out nuwnnd du Loasops ulih I t
lil I flhlifuL hit In his hnnd and hit hl1 > bare
io llio I till II lignn his nddre Inimduclng I I
ii itt ever with iho i ruins I k Unit I Htniii n hlch i
Ii ci donn so much good In I llm world M Jiiat j t nnw
doing IM n Bi UlllclIl of Injury I Uu I I n oUo on
b < half f if the i IraiieoAim > it Union
AvrnicAv Ciuvi i I It wiI a VLtuurUi Ides htph pro
sldcil tiler i lie ercliOil of ilia Maine nf lltuly li I hull
orn innrtlly tlioie I ulin coucelveil It ell Ilio I o wlio ua >
ilirMniiil it In acre lint If I
Mlirrtv Hiilshlenlii I the florldt nrcnt tenrnn i irt
fl 1 In tln mlilslor ho naves on the tlirnliulil of free
A nurleut
those iiuniiin cutter lit ll hlwlll knew Ihst thf y menu
tlonil nllern Illilltldunl Inltlsllreln i ilcveloinl III nil Its
strcuKlh wtide protfres I a reliKiotii t lucre great
ftiriiiims become pop 1M foriinu lii I rHiinn nf llio char
iilre they create uuu lIla ciionimljemelil thry cite til III 1
mructlon nnl to science and in sow lug fruilfui seeds for
Iii fulure
Ynii are right AmerIcan J JrIl hi being I proud if
bA tl
your eo uihevuit Volt have mauls great atrltlts I ilurlinr I
the ian l hundrol years tbankf lothla cry because you
have been fearless
In iniiklnir to you of the irmpittliy of France I
know that I express uI the I tnoutlite lhil ray country
mo Not a slnale painful or IO memory between true
criinnntu fotimlml upon the I Ainprlciii lira I sail In thrl
tli tiitinn tn llberi r oilier i li er ttjoiov tluu lit siiirl
i hns enetrateil I I nil l Inntls and is llio I r IlOut itul future ot a 1
eu t ire
In all airf the > rlili > remrnts ot tnin sal 1 hli aiplrn
iloii4 hitiv I reu rr > re enieil In I ayintini Ituren i < ai
ills iptoi < nnl i 0 tent trill hue of Ihtlr rir 1 nr rail
hut h > tliuir iiinnninn < rn kmm ilieir ld inry lint
tiny noen illitrf In sl Iun anil ituiitilui I I < III > ilrll besid
Ih I i iiilnliir ktiuciur n II its Iminrliu tlouxiit
Itnifntn lliMxItn the nlnltion nf prlMlmra loth
few sill tile enrrntiiliiiemeiii nf hit Indlvlilnnl the
feillliitllv if nil l IIKII I be ore the tow anil utiUtrsal I 1 Cult
frnifo the tmllot lecuru from frniul 1 t saul the toiler froi
liiiiiulilnllnii iris i Iron ami tduriitlon furnliliel hy u
rIm IIIRt for oil litirrtv nf Hornhlp nnilffre 01 iiinli tile
rhrhl tn rue SOil riinl niDorlutilty for lionnr Mid for
lout the proMcms I of Inhur sOul mrltAl I of social rciten
eriilon ami niornl I Kmnth nf property and poverty will
a ork themielvei out tuttle the heiilun liiHuenots 01
cii liurti curd maklnir I suit iKwalilillnK I Illierly wilt
out the aid 1 ot kIng and smile or of Auarchlsu I auii
I devoutly liellcvo that from lilt nnifcn and the tin
known tao itrrat silt 1 have como In participate 11 I
celebration The faith In which they inert fuiniled the
cause iur which they haltliwl triumphant the people
thvy loteil In the enjoyment nr the right for wine
tlier laboreil and fnuiht and lullereil the fpirlt voIces
of WiMlu lon and Lafayette join In the giLt I r Ito uf
J 4
I 0 a ct
p I
S r e
two countnisi Onlrons rivalry that of progress We
accspt j our Inventions as yon accent ours without
jIJI oVo nlIW on oa3 ii uola
jsaluMSV Yea lUa the men who dare and who p re
vere f lay with you M1o ahead Wo underpin
eatS otlu r when I speak that laogimite I feel ai though
I were In my family when 1 am among jou
Mon gentlemen we will ant ourselves reunited
aa4n to celebrate a new PaoHlo counurst Farewell
tlr we meet at Panama white the thirty stht stars
nf North America will come to float by the stile of the
1 hn Bfal l III11
11 re r t
banners nf the Independent Suites of South America
ami will form tn the new world for the good of hu
manity the peaceful and fruitful alliance of the Anglo
Smon and the FrancoLatin races
The enthusiasm with which the venerable
Count was greeted when on was Introduced to
the audience broke out with rononod ardor ns
ho closed and he was obliged to bow his thanks
before the applause closed
Ion Schoflold thon Introduced Senator Ev
arts It had boon arranged that nt the chose of
Mr Evnrtss oration hl being tho formal
presentation ipoeeb the French line which
veiled the nlntuo should bo stripped oil and tho
gift of the sister republic bo thus completed
To nffcot this a cord was run down ID
tbellnterlorof the platform to tho lave of the
root of the speakers stand There was open
way from the Interior of tilts pedestal at this
paco out upon the platform roof Mr D H
King who ornottd tbo statue wan to stnnd on
the not of tha stand whore he wan to get a
signal the moment Mr Evnrtss address cloned
liarthoIJi was to stand at tin cord and to
pull olT the flag as soon as ho got tho olgnal
from Mr ICing which Mr Kina wits to get from
below Mr Events began as follows
I The scene upon writeS this vast axrml li In col
lected dl > pli > s a trituiacllim In I human chairs which
nulls no record nr precedent In the past nor In the ionz
runitc we 1 may feel nssured rflll It ever confront lu
counterpart or parallel
Whntnrnimentsof speech what eloquence of human
voice what costly gift of Kold 1 franklnoeiitr and
myrrh of our ur trIbute can we bring to the Cite
brntlon of this consummate triumph of genius of
skill sail nf labor which speaks today and will speak
forever the thoughts the feelings the friendship of
thee two populous powerful tl and free republicans
nteudou cheers knit together In their pride and Joy at
their own established freedom and In their hopo and
purpose that tno glad light of Liberty enlighten the
To this I reatzttta i > ce > O tvrrai t troaprht the
terror and Inspiration 01 aDoularo and llontl Martin
tno Lafayette ami their Illustrious companions to
spread abroad on all Intelligent and upright mlmatle
zcHlnf their own high pitrpntss 1 hey drew from tlie
well furnlHhott numbers of thalr accomplished crud din
tlnituUhcd artists the genius the coursE the tint otic n
ni spirit tbe IndomllHblo will of the great sculptor
At tho close of this sonorous period nn Im
pression somehow arose that Mr Evarts had
got through The signal was given nnd In a
trice tho great flag was whipped from tho noble
bronze face and theigoddess lieu hor steady
calm gaze seaward The Instant the lint olme
off there was a slnglo gun fired from ono
of tho menofwar and that was the signal
for another outbreak of the hideous pamlomo
nlum through which Dr Storrs bad unfortu
nately beau compelled to pray If It Is possible
to conceive a worse noise than that which
CMOtod the arrival of the President It was the
noise which greeted Mr Evarts whon he
reached his journeys ond of mat last sentence
He abandoned speaking for some time nnd
people ouppotud that it wan all right and that
hft had really llniahed and they had begun to
move about and chat when somebody observed
that Mr Kvirtfl was still talking Ho haul
turned his back to the audience and woe talk
ing dlrortly to the President and thrre about
him In this way ho conaluded his address
In the nanlot the citizens of the United State who
hays completed thu l pedestal ami raised thcrenn the
statue and nf the voluntary cfiniiutlfle who I have eke
cuud ihe nlll of their reflowrttizcuie 1 ilnclye In your
presence and lu the prrfencx of miss I thmufliu I
ifuc ts fron Inc 1 void of this agust as mbluifeof
the honorable and honored men or our iso1 l and of all
rob couiuli miiltliiKle thit his I pedsslM i lel SI ik I
muted work of the two republic la cumplstcd and cur
dra l to the i < r < > ninl Peeping uf tin uoterumculaiid
hit juoplo uf the InIlM Stales
Tin rmsioEST Acotrrra THE OIFT
Ocn Kchollold then simply eald Tho Prcsl l
dent of the United 1 Ktattv Mr Clooland
looked hAalthy Bud henrtyna ho stepped for
ward and with his left hand loaning on tho
railing tuforo him and the right thrust Into
the bltJaRt of hid frock coat went at onco Into
his speech of cccopiauco It was as follows
Tlie psojile ol the United stalls accept with grutltu
from their I rllhren of the Fieuoh republic the tinatid
nod coniplttcd work of ail we here Inaugurate
This token of the atttclUnaibt lonillerallon of the
ptiipla of France demonstrates kinship of republics
and conveys to us the assurance ttmtln our efforts to
commend tu niaiuind Hie excellerod ot agovrnmsnt
resilnif up in popular will ue still have Ijejond the
American continent a leadfnd I ally
ve ute nut hem to > la to bow bllr the rcprsetuts
lIon of a IJree suit warlike Kd illleil with ruth ituit
veui < iiiice but we Jojouly contemplate Initend our
own deity keepluit match anl 1 wcrd before the oieii
Kales of Aiuerlen ami urmter ihin all that hara been
celstrscJ In ancient OUl lintcailof nra > i > lnx In her
liaiiJ tliunderbolis of terror aud of death she holds aloft
tic I lUhl which llhinilnte the way to liiine enfranchIse
Wo will not fiirzet that liberty hat here rivlo her
Nome nor tnll lot ohostn altar be ncglectea Willlutf
I vutnrlci v < Il coiiittntlr keep ally lt fro ami thcio
thnll itSuli upon the shores of our sifter republic In the
la ft Jtcnoctcd thenci and joined with answering ray
> slrenin I of lIaM shall I Urn the ilarktiesa of lk i
rust once and nixiis oiirtMion until llbiity ciilUlitni
the worU
Amid the cheerIng and the cries 01 Vive lo
ProHllont did Ktuta Vnl to CAme calls for liar
tholdl OliinoruK bund struck up Tartan
pour In 13 > rlo and when the muslo and the
chcorlni bud all illed away Inn Bchollold in
troduced tho French Minister Mr A Lufnluro i
wLo iiiiienrcd as rotllcaot tntl of the lr lIch
rapid io un the occasion Mr Lofnluro
GpLech which was In lugllsb was eloquent
and was loudly applauded
The commemorative oration was then do
livened br the lion Ohaunoey 31 JJpgw who
spoke as follows
We dc Jlcxte llis salue t the frlendslilp of nations
awl tin I iiiruce of the nu urM The i dint lf liberty i em
braces all 1 piece in common brutherliood it olcnH Hi all
lai 1 ya < > Hie mine needs a1 I as lrallanr llio full
t owe uf its exDiustt tui 1 rroyrtulve I IntiueiCd cnnnot
ecll r
itit rescued until ware coal arnilsi are disbands alit
lnteinntlnral ill tutva are sttd r1 linful tribunals
and the principle of Justice I Then in people I ttb every
llnluu f eure fnini invasion and free fi om the Imnlen
ciii I menace cut Cleat armanientii tarn calmly and ulijias
filonatily promute their own hnpnlnessand roioeriiy i
Ije rajs I rum this torch lilumlnsls areuturv t > f un
broken I frleuuulhuIu I b4tnotnKr > M > teait < l the United Slates
The Frenil alliance which enabled us 10 ala our Inde
pendence Is I Uw rumnnceuf liiitorv it oretcane im
uruijabllltlea Impissiblo In Hctlon sod Its results cur
paM the Uriains of Imai nation
Tue most defpndo of Ktiur surrounded by the I mot
I 10s rl J II Jn
exclusive of feudal aristocracies I sending theste I and ur
mice omcereil by the Ioro uf Hie roudenl of nob lilies
to light for subjects in uoll end the liberties llio
f o ninon people Is a I flrtut beyond the power cf nitre
human energy tu have wrjukht or solved As the fOil >
liile roll l > mi In the lulntssof time It taro ol lib
srt7e torch uir tlu I tu00cn 1 linHscf tbe world tIn ecu
iralnlchealniiioearlha I I IHiittison ot rresdouiHtli be
nlled bv the lUtirseof WejtbiMton soS ifaveit I iris
story of r hue Jaunt french nobfs life is the history of
the lime which nude p > s > lble I IliU statue and his suint
ll 1 the very soul uf this releuriuicn
When tO flxh for libeilylu Amerlo wsi wor Ihe I
hundred yrafswarfor lloerty In Fraveewae to bjfln
America was Its Inspiration Lafawatle Its apcstie and
he Ilurninf French slut Ha enileasrus Tudar In
the f il bv tOe Go and the ace unce by the other of
tils tola et statue the aYIlall tbs two oounlrlsi
< l l ttUlf laity 1 repttJltU laiUUUCBJ U liv
Prance and the United States to Liberty Enllfhtenln
I the WorldLininTYa
MusIc and the benediction closed the oxer
dee and tho crowd made n batty rush for tho
I dock where owing to somo confusion they
were obliged to wait for throeauartors of an
hour In the rain before thoy oould embark
The President nnd the members of the Cabinet
went to the Government steamer Dispatch
which had brought them down and were soon
steaming up tno harbor The weather bat
now become so hopelessly vllo that nil though
of lighting Libertys torch Illuminating tItus
statue and giving the pyrotechnic display that
I night wore nbandonod A member of tho com
mittee said that tbo exhibition would take
place probably on the first fair evening
After tho President had returned on board
tho Dispatch about twenty shrieking tugboat
crowded around It so thickly that they hooked
like nut ileland bigger than that on which Ito
statue stood The stout form of f tho Proslden
In his rumpled silk hat oould bo soon on the
Dispatch He WaR busy slinking hands and ro
celvinu compliments The police boat Pntro
was several hundred feet away when a uittio
steam tender darted out of the mas i of tug
boats around tbo Dlspitch and bobbed way
toward tho Patrol llaudomo Capt Smith
saw horcorulncr and wits waiting for tho mrs
sage she brought A natty little officer In blue
arid gold ehoulod
A lot of tugboats have niado fast to tho Dls
patch nnd are dlaposnd to bo ugly Will you
kindly disperse them 1
Tho little tender sputtered away anti Capt
Smith fooling tho honor of being called upon
to protect the navy gave the necessary order
Tho Patrol with a consequential biaut of her
whistle vent half n mile In three different dl
recttons boforosho on mo around and bore war
race tllR euro > is I nt rAut nrAtoua
for the Dispatch The tugboat apprahendlng
trouble began molting away as tbe Iatrol an
proachca and so thoro wasnt oven a harsh
word spoken Innpoclor Byruee stood away up
in the bow with his lowcrowned blgbrimmoi
hat pulled down ovor his oyes The President
saw him nnd walked to the rail of Ibo
Dispatch with Dan Lamont The In
speclor ycllnd nt Dan The Provident
shook bin chubby torallneor At the Inspector
In a chiding way and smiled The President
was trnnsfoirorl to the propullor Ordnance anti
taken to tho Pennsylvania Kallroad pier and
tho Patrol ftpurtod awayaftor him Tho Iulra
Is not noted for hp ed tied didnt got there In
time to par any further courtasla to the Chief
Magistrate Aspocljil train composed of car
4 > jJ and Piesldent Robertas new private car
120 attached to locomotive 95l was waiting In
tho dopot Conductor J O Clothier anti En
Clnoer Hunirhroy MoMlehaol were Intruetei
with tim duty of landing thn dUtlnculnbed
travellers safety In Washington Tho Presi
dent settled nimealf comfortably In one of the
cars luxuiioufs chair and ohnttod with Seers
tary llaynrd Ion Htono nil adlou to the
laity and returned to Now York just before
the train loft at 535 oclock
The parade voimd through tavouAv place
to llrondnay At Wabhlngtou u nquaro tite naval
brigade under apt Kohurt Itoid struck out
for tho North Ither to embark on Its hosts
Every big mercantile housa from Eighth street
to City Hal was u nlJuro iuiywindowwna
tilled With ISOIiIC anti all Hint could hnhtg on
thu oofs hung thoic Un onu building near
Canal street a big cannon had boon mounted
on the roof and It was tIred ns onch of the di
visions parsed urdur Ir Clerks parched In tho
upper windows ciarlisil tho Bldus of tIle build
ings with slots nr vfond as tho crick rugimoiit
passed along Thu UUtrnlnlh Jticlment was
vigorously bulutcd by all tUo lush luislua In
tha top stories
irAton OIIACE iKrr OUT
There had Leon nflnthorincof 3Ii < yor9 curly
In the dny nt tine City hail Amoni thorn were
Mnyor Ilulkloy of Hartford AlHyorThotclierof
Albany Mayor Whitney of Jlrooklyn Meyer
llaymond ol Nalnni Mayor Koiutezaid ot Mon
treal Mayor Itockfollow of Ililnlold and
Mayor llnlnes of Newark They nero nil us
coiled to plncca lu Hun by Hbcrl1lrnnt who
voroa iimunllUent trlcolur saeli The N v
York Aidormon came Into nnd tho lsltlrg
delegations wore weloomid by Mayor Cliacn In
the Mayors office before heaving BlnyorUrnca
and Comptroller Ioew were not ofucmlly In
vited to participate In titus corenionlpf They
therefore remained nt their respective otn oj
and signed warrants for the novemljoi cay
rolls to the music of the paaslMJi
bands The original line ot march
overlooked tile City Hall and proposed
to take the parade through Mull htrest
At tile last mnuiont tbn lintt was altnrad to tho
plaza In front of thn City Hull This spoiled
tIP view of the runny who had obtained good
seats < In the Malt struct end of the Federal
building but It guve good plutea to many more
who thronged thin Slope the lovprnoru room
and nil the front windows ot the City Jlall end
both aides of tiuo plaza
Mayor Uruou and Comrtrollor Ioow said that
they did not care especially alwut being over
looked no they hud work onouLli to do but
they thought tlat as iorronentutiv of the city
It was somewhat remarkable
Tho processIon moved down Iark tow anti
into Kronilvray iiialn Part ot the Frit
lifgadd Illed down Cirtlnndt street and
Part danti Maiden lane The Second
toglment rf New Jersey tbo PhlloileU
phihit police and thn Hecond Brigade of
irnoklrn moved down Wall and hector ulreetsi
and Wore dismissed as soon as Uroiidnay was
cleared The crowd choked the streets
sppclally was there a strangulation for a time
tt Brnndwity Cortlandt street and Maiden
ano People were seeking to go lu all four
directions and none could go In any Men
and wumeu were lifted off their feet children
Hero lost and friends parted could not reach
aoh other again for half an hour
This linn moved down the west side o
lowllnu Green and the commands wheel
Iii out to right aJ ion and wci diuLsioU
Bontn worn romly to ntn opoclnl Jinrtinfl tn
IMIimV Itdami Th lliinnl of Aldormiii iiti <
ulmrlnrcd th tryntnl ill ron nut ami s li was n
Plnr A The thim t inmlldiitiB I fur In eel lit ri t n
the llonrd I I of Aldirmnn lluiic itt utn Noonov
nnd Otlonnor vtern nmong her IHO IHWMMI
guru SIxty cases of clinmpngnn xrnrn uloanl
Aldnrmati Thnmin Cleary iiilfued It beinniin lie
lurried until tint ropcx of tln Crystal Hirnnn
wiiro In thn wntur nnd tin didnt Ilkn tn jump
lie nent over to tim llnrgn OfllCH nnd gut nn
ti > mrd I hit stunt biuut Mammta Pollw 1 utotlee
Andy Yhlto soul Chlnf Cork John M Cotiiut
sillied with tho clmmponno
All tha poopln who wnrtt left wndged thorn
solve In crowds up nualnst tine Iron chains of
tIle Unitary Park nnd wre kopt In order
GOO Bpollcomon Uuprliitemlent Murray and
Inspector Kteers were In oominnml Thin po
Ilinmon kept the crowd In sharply dettneul
and compact masses through thn alleys In
which moved the paradera on their way to Lib
arty Iutluunul
Capt Ferdinand P Carlos battery of the Xa
tlnnal Guard and Major Wallace F Randolph
Filth United Stabs Artillery formed In Hither
Park and trained their guns on Bedlow
Island At Ht oclock Capt Lnrlns bailer
opnnod the foudojole anluto and Major Han
dolphs battery replied Ton thousand round
of ammunition wore expanded by Capt lanes
billings Policeman Thomas Elliott of titut
Charles street station and one of the mllltl
gunners were prostrated during tho firing of
the salute Both of thorn ware weak from want
of food and their nervous systems gave way
A via FLKtsr nuvNu vi IN FOG
Tlse Navel BfatnceiiTrea were Not Speclncn
icr bill they were Noisy
The morning Hftlit came straggling over
the bar and the naval fleet at anchor off
foLlows Island In a halfhearted way as
though unable to determine that It was best to t
have any day at all unless it could bo a botto
day There was a foggy mist over thowato
that drove atone before a raw northeast wind
and chilled the tow sailor men who Kept the
anchor watch and kept them pacing up and
down the wet docks The lanterns In the rig
ging grew dim as tho daylight suffused the
mist and the shores of Jersey and Long Island
and even the hills of Staten Inland became
faintly visible The officers in charge of the
ships docks began to give orders and the
shrill pipe of the boatswains whistle pierce
the air followed by the sturdy bawl of the
boatswains mates who passed the order
As the activity Increased ou board ship a
bluocoatod soldier marched down under ho
walls of Castle William on Governors Island
to the signal gun and after looking at his
watch loaded the gun Then watch In hand
ho looked at the ships at the big statue and
down to the Bobbins Itcof light that flashed
away lu Its nightly round Hnug little cylln
tiers of bunting wero run up to the mast head
and gaff ends on the ships nnd then as the
time arrived when if thoro had boon no fog
the suns rays would have begun to tinge the
clouds ho stepped behind the gun and pullet
the laniard A ijuick Hash n cloud of smoke
and a treat roar followed The Bobbins Iteo
light limbed once tutu disappeared for good
The little cylinders of bunting nt mast load
itnd tall OttO blooiuod Into broad American
onslguu while treat linos ot bilghtcoiorei
signals rose up mlnlow fashion OUT the
man heads and down to boom onus and into
the water Thu day had begun olllclally
Vhon tho war snips drowsed themselves In
bunting tie tuga until the IcrryboaiH anil the
merchant Khlps that lined the ator front to
lowed their oxamulii Ui In thu Ni ith lIfter
opposite Twentythird utroet tho little mourner
Dispatch lay nt anchor ready to bo lined in
carrying tile President to the Island Her
crew not only ran tbo ralnbowhuntltig fore end
aft over her mastheads but erected un nrcl
over tho stir U arms on the foremast At the
pier at be foot of West TwontyHeventh Street
the Government steamer Godney Cant Crosby
awaited the arrival of lien gunets botoro takliiu
lion place oft Fortyseventh street from which
sItu was to lend the marine procession down
the river lllte the naval ships off IJudlowd
Island she was docked In buntltxr tier mast
newly scraped her docks scrubbed and her
brass work polished
The fog which at first had permitted tho
spectators on the pier heads to see fairly well
objcfio two tulles away shut down uutil the
two or throe steamers that followed tlio God
nay to her nnchorogo had an uncertain out
line Kldowhookra and tune well loaded In
spite ot tbo gloom and wet came straggling
along until moro than n score had gathered at
the piers astir the stalling plnco and In the
stream Thou the Oeilnoy got up her anchor
and at 1245 llred the first gun and heiulei
down the river with the tide The tug Cheney
which was to head tho rocord division of the
fl > ot came along but found nubOuud division
When the second gun was find nt least three
or four of tho vessels formed behind tim led
nay Perhnps thoro woro others but If to no
one on lie Uodnoy could sue thnni
The Uodnxy drifted slowly along meeting
Quito a number of summer iu cay crus bound
up nod ao ns those lund IDluHy lionrd tile
llrst gun a third waa llrail Ncaily half thn
piers along one aoun Ittrur naG vessels ot
some kind tied alongside with pnaorgura ou
board and thcso cast off us thu Ooduey came
donn It is supposed that they fell in Hue and
followed down to tin naval ships nt anchor oil
the Island but there tile Hue If th < rouas a
Hue beciiuo wholly demoralised Neatly a
hundred vcuscln of vaniou kinda were nlicady
there having Blightid the procH luu in order
to gel on nnilioiago near the Island and the
VCB30U In line mad UMHM to ret through be
tween the men of vuir In order to capture such
witer as wan left It Is lmuoJiblo to say how
many vessels gnthorod about withiu gun
shot of tho Inndlug pier Thirty by ac
Innl count bioiitlit to side and side
H > a1 lo form n lithe fur th < > lra < ildciitu launch
topuHi through whim ho hhould land 1iob
aMy 250 moro ol all kinds fioin Ito bugo oi
cursion stcuintr whit 2000 ueoulo on board to
tho naptha launch wImP Proc men hut it massed
tliorusolvos lilt near hy us possible most nf
thorn uncliorod but some doimadlngdu their
nhiels loovorcomu iiio ebbing lido Mam < if
the puoplo there had soon Ito i > rnat Irooti that
watched the yacht Mayflower when silo ivinppid
the Oalate but lute watt it tliiong beside
whlnh the suiiimor pleasure flea tanii into la
Frtir cluuda nail rifts drifted across the
tallied now oubauring tho lurch nnd lieid of
tho ritntuo now the alat nnd thuu the mode
tl just as the mnniri fog drifts across tile
mountains en time Hndron At nearly 21
oviock boon who wolti near onoujli to the
Yuntlo the viirnhlii at the huicitl of thn iiio biw
BU unusual stir nnotit hoi iknlc Hiuloimui
ifitliorud about tho foot of thu uhrouda and
llnuily at HIM wurd nl eommuul run ninthly up
tha rlgulna and walliud out on Iho ariU
whore they stood tract Tho Hhpitch with
the PnHldoiit on Pearl was cuniuig hftndlug
hand to hand on tlnlr u lull y inrcli lie I hdllon
faced the blest The wntor drluiud on tlixm
Iron ito touoi nbovu and thu t ind llsht as
it vnul onemud lo blow Iho Ru clniir thtough
thiini It made the Dioctutora shiver in situ
paihy to look at them
As the IJMpatah pnsaod each ship the mon
CAinodonu until alter stoaminic tile lonutli uf
Iho lluo the Dispatch returned limuseil under
ito bow ol Ito lligihlp and cattle to anchor
llir miiloiH thoii nriniiud lIar turtle under thin
canopy of bunting while a whlto clipport < ilit
launch ran nlong ido bur etarbourd gangway
Ilor officers aol two flies of mntly dressed
nailer bats catherad at thin rail mixed their
luiig and then the President and tile party
woro nesletod down the side to the launch
Tho over watchful tug Cutpitulns saw what
WBtgnlngnn ami sulintf the uhHtloropos an
ticipated tho Iresldantlat sitliit from the can
non on the ships Ono blait on n hoarse whUlla
noir by gave thn signal and every skipper In
ho fleet followed But the elghtlncn smooth
1019 U a mighty ituti for noise nnd when ones
im firing began there was co troublo about
lteining the rpotte even above the tonndo of
routing steam iius smoke flliulod with tile
vupor and dilflod Idly acrosj ito lulnnil A
bluto yell seemed to ehioud and then to blot out
ot sight the towering utnluo VUIIn tile noise
rauad the lulls white launch threaded Its way
to the landing and the President disappeared
on shore
He Mlolo Ike Ilnnda io Gamble In Uncle
CIIICAUO Oct 2alraJorlok M Her the
leIltI convict Iuk the SiAn I la Juilve Cniuhaitu count
tonluy iu the case nt the Ni > iUvf iy Vitiley BanK against
rcitoii Kiss A Co lIt testified boldly tint he took the
ion < J whlcMwere In the safe beetling of his employers
llt oijsct was trlllatlun and ho usel HIM buul as
ollftttralu fur inarvllif In dealing lu tftaln on tl e Hoard
of Trade He ei 9tPl lu mitko tfiod lbs defalcation
There wtire upward of tWCtit > lire tunes with xhoiu lie
decit lie nisnlioiiel field LluUltr 1 fo llnlgkl t
Uililllh tut teeth not Ull tio rest
Vihaos Vin tb Suit
The suit ot Bray agt Wilson which has bsfln
en triti mu Ehiisbeth N J use dechied yesiredey in fa
von of iii nlfetutMat Stay charied Vlisuia cliii n
bezzlmuut siud granuul lireeov or 5 wluhlu hue tnuullu
enhuuoui tf 1eceuiuattv I ireuin bud ulirectout tuiuti Ii
to Sry liray lus4 llasdu biul sod WiLsuu Laid lih
bnnt 1150
Alderman Uleeaa Sued
Charles Korrllz baa sued Aldnrmnn Palrlck
J ille > evnof Lony Island CIty for MTU for tmluua
rlutinz for the Alderman who Ii a eatudldatefu Esyor
ml mil will bt tnrt vs FjUaj eg sail wiO
iff a ittiiunil > i LCibloY1
An OpiMi h rrk Lenses in ft Fr up til I T
on eke MllniillltFo nnil Hi InrlOety
lhre0 rnrinui r cutB Ft oat the Conch
PoiiTAor Wit Got 2iKoon after mid
nIght last night tho wostbouud limited train
was dltohod nt East llio siding n small station
about thlrtoan miles east ot this city on tha
main lute of the Chicago Milwaukee and St
Paul rond There nro too side tracks at the
place and at the time lie train was duo there
last night both woro occupied by freight train
ono by n wild train nnd tile oilier by train No
11 Conductor H P Honkey of this city which
had just pulled In from tho west to allow tha
limited to past No li was vary long end tha
conductor was at the bond of the train
relying upon tbo brakeman to attend
to the switch Ono report says the
roar brakeman whoso business It was to close
tho switch altor the train for some reason
neglected to do so The other and moro prob
able story Is that ho started back to close tha
switch but before ho could roach It the limited
which does not stop at any except large places
came tearing down the grade at fifty miles na
hour and loft the rails nt the opon switch The
siding Is In a cut where the road curves io that
the switch light cannot bo sean from the CM
until a train Is within a few rods so the end
noer of the limited could not eoo the switch
light turned wrong until too late to stop
The engine lot the track ran a short dlev
ante and brought up against a sandbank
toppling over Tho baggage oar and two reg
ular coacbon followed while four sleepers kept
tflo rails The engine and tbo cars that went
off were badly smashed and took Ore from the
Stoves Engineer Llttlo anti Fireman Egan
craaieii out from under the locomotive badly
bruised and scalded Tho baggageman had a
leg broken All the passengers In the Bloopers
got out uninjured except for slight bruise
but In one day coach thirteen wore pinned la
and burned to death Many others were In
jured The whole train except one Blooper
which they were able to uncouple and draw
away was bnrnod
Tho mall biggage and day conches were
plied on top ot the locomotive One man awl
two children wore tbo only ODOR saved Tha
others wore burned In the car Tho man who
escaped had nu arm broken and was otherwise
bruised lIe IB now at Columbus and In dolna
well A woman whose homo Is In Wlnon
handed her two children out of the window
and burned to death In tIle car Louis DrInker
aud Emil Woltorsdorff of Columbus WIs are
among time dead Coioner Alien Is holding an
Inquest on the charred trunks of bodies alt
Hint Is left of thin illfatnit travellers Tba
burning of the baggage obliterates the only
clue tn tho Identity of the occupants of the
burned car and It may never bo known to ft
certainly how many persons perlihcd
Engineer Little hays that when the crash
came ho was tbrovtn down under two largo
packing cases vtlilch rested across his body
Ills lungj woro filled with smoke and hn at
Hist thought he was Injured Internally and that
ito wait bli diig nt the lungs He wits taken
from the iVhrix however without serious In
jury timId wits able lo render assistance to tha
other unfortunates
II LoHenbach a job printer of Milwaukee
WhO on thj wrecked Stalin Ilo says tho scene
niter the accident ware harrowing The
passenger couch which contained bo two BO
tilteeti arid twenty pursons was telescoped at >
both ondR and thu Urn and smoke that en 5
veloped the wreck prevented thin Imprisoned j
and InjuindpivisoncorB from escaping Passon
gene from thu sleepers gathered around tha
blozlnc care but teem inrlHSB to render
siHtnnce Mun and women could bo Been teHr
Inc their hair In th ngony of the moment and
frightful screams issued from tie drnth trap
Ono liirxo woman toro up one of tile seat
with almost HUporhiimnn strength and en
dervornd tu break her way out of the llnmlna
car but her strength failed nnd she fell to the
floor and mot a horrible death Only tbrpa
persona eacuped from Iho pafaencer car Mr
LooWRiibnch saws moan force his way through
tho ventilator on top of the car with nil Urn
clothing na his body frum the waist downward
burned off and his flesh roasted and bleeding
from cuts infJktod by broken glacs All of the
bodies of the victim were burned In the wreck a
A wrecking rain from Milwaukee with sur
geons scout to the scene of the wreck and did
nil that was possible to allavlata aufterlng and
to save life Conductor Htinkey of the freight
was PO demoralized by the accident tho re
sponsibility of which r8ts on his crow and
thus also on him that he took to the woods la
despair leaving his train Ho line always beta
a most careful and efficient wart much trusted
by ltd cuinuniiy
MILWAUKEE Oct 29IIto train was com
poed ol one CHftfiiKa car one mail car ona
ro > ungr conch anti three sleepers The malt
cur was in charge of John Hench of Plnlnfleld
who with his live mon oscaiiml though badly
bruleoJ Thoy not nil tho valuable mall out
bolero Ito cur burned hixty bags ot paper
were destroyed Of the ruBsenjTfl in the day
coach ull perished except Dr Smith of Chi
cago and uo emtil chllilrnn of C It Schnrerof
Viuiotia Mien Mr C 11 Kchoror and bet
moth < rlnlnw Mrs Itoslnn John wero In the
IMI nnd perished but ivure able to put the chil
dren out through u window to the outsiders
Tim children wore eont homo The co ich ccn
talrod less than twinty people Tho mo
mentum of HID Hlertpein bohlnd ft railed the
centre of It up hIke a letter Awhen thin botiuntg
ainn together smaRhln ovitithlng to iuiices i <
uml pinning I tile hOi In dovn wlih t the floit
Ciuneral Mnno oi Miller nsio went out to tha
scout of thu railway aocilont at 4 oclock ibis
Dioiuliix mturnod this nllornoot He buloves
iliut twilvx poibuna lost tli < > Ir llvi3 In tha I
wreck Abate sore tvu wcion wearing the
garb of nuiifl both of whom hid masQue Ona
wu a Aloliar uui orion of souin loinnnt IQ
fonnntl hurt niucci veil here Itnda to titus bo
list thit ultuu was thin Mothir SuperIor
of n cuuvcnt nt New Castle In Fond
du lic county Tho order Is known as
tIne Titluul I Itiher of IlnncNcnn Skiers A mor
chant at vbnsi store tho Sister huuvhtgnud
aynthein wore tlircn of item nnl Uut thor
hail their iiackaL s taken to tile uhupot to co na
on tho might train tortt 1nul Tho oilier vie
thins whosrt 11111103 hio Leon usivmiilnod are
Louis I iJunkorof AitMiird uiil Jimil UoliJrs
dart a merchant of Coluinbu i W H Thus only
utah whucu custuohued front the tuinliiu car was Dr
Mniin 011 utticaco
It tile merchant Is IoiieU about tSnrrt holnjf
tbnio Insiond of twit lr ncscnn Sinters on time
tin ill theme ulioiM bi ono nid > d to Mr Millrri
llstof the vlotlmfl milking U I nil thlitmn This
Is probably tha t full I I ii ii itt br
Sonu t f tile charred ruin ifra can La Idntl
Boil Ai fir ai burned nm i > to trLlslt thosa
who porWind nin
MM 0 It Hliwrirof Wltonr Minn Mrs
Rut I uta Johns 3 ut Vi i hlij tIC hoi hitot herI n law
I iou lit JlrliiLur roll Moir i < i iiuknnui i a jounc
woman bitlloud to ho Mr Uiniju A Jlarr uf
Clikagn Emit Wiltcisdotf rt ldjno nn
linnvfi liver nr moro tiiiknoMi tursotiut t in
cluding I I two Mitnrn of Clinrll I who nero in
MIHvauloo I I tof > Atabl ii n ito IC 1111 bout
I ID IDJTod IncludoCondueti1 I lnciiKfarle I u
of Milwaukee bidly hurt nboul th cliost but
robuttui y hut family ndiiClnikof m f Dionomn
vnu I aguagiutlihthl e bu oko lIrS P hilit
OlinVnlMsh I tLoi ill i hliMco troija Him ftl3
wuict t hunt cut bid y by broken n > ctaita Jan
PhllliiH I Ijrtkeinitn cut bidly ahuut thn t head
Nn onfionueis In any nf tho Eioniwrn wira
hurt badly Conductor hniu was in the bag
gage car whnn ih uhock o2 > rrod rite lung
giureman Claik Phillips tho braCnunin mutt
nearlo were piunad niiderenvorni heavy trinkx
unable to extricate tlioniflheu To Inlr hor
ror they saw flames burnt In fr in unu ond of
tho car Thuy ridjtibo I lliifr ofiarts ncd
Pllllllus I I 111 notIce I lu I CITVV out t Conductor
Honrlc thus rniluvd follovud him Clark
with n broken log wai cnttoii nut nnd thu tlirea
crailod through u vlrdow is i the lli > mo > > had
crept up lo within clew cut of tlitii onJictcir
Hcurli Is now lying prostrated nt hln homo la
llhvaukO Ho euro us nuiirly ni ho ian recol
lect the occutxintH of tho iloomnil dny Car In
cluded n > r luan with a lithe nIt I iiiont fi year
old aunt lor think it ut I roil wotnin with a luha
inns tlutiu u your old a Monde u iinnu cf > IJO who
Bccmfd tobo niMiiipaiilon of tim fnrninr hellS
bound for Ht Paul and two Slums nf Iliarltr f
trnviilllnit 01 n pius Ho can m ad uu d < scili >
tlin ot nuy olhiri but slips tlOM worn pit I1 I I
oxcttul tItitt tuul sut tf fn the ° tr ias los
his Ilck > t3 unl so there U nn ie i rd
A late dispatch to tlm N n > > J OHttmntcs lie
number of iicople bmniil HI twoniyrlx A
furco of moo Imi bern ntuMuud tonight in rink
lot over tho rulim of llio ctncliei At 11 oconk
thnulirn rut hunt I1CI ni sluivuuti u iotl mu lund u
taken out In the locket nf tune lImIt WA 4
euvnoin uddro > ud J Tourln iOrtyu h
Btronf Chlungo A traullini man in jnl
Dibha was among the victims Mr L Lon
roy of Miliviiiknialii IlrUlied Brunitor anti
Voltorsitiirf lueil rt foluutjui this State and
bore bonrtod tutu train
Signal omen 1rrtlteilat
Rains followed iii fair wentluir ru rihetustoriy
Hittt licuinu Lotiliti y tulgul7 i tlKcr
TuUi faro I lc lniu I Keep
Yutr home ami tu column ccan le fornr 44i
Iron for tin uioJ iiosi for tie nrrwi uriicth for
the owtj lijr imlnx < enter Iron it1 id
II jolt prefer > iiir lue1 < Sr ChacOe S UlzilaM
Uitnta LcilttIyAiJs

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