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1T 1 I
J ii ot
H J f i Mn
The Congress Elections I
Tho nulled Democracy > can elect Iho olijht
ConjriTwanicn In this city anti Ihoy should
pot r fall to do It Theo oltf ht member may
t bonootUd tojflvo their party n majority in
t tho next Homo Tho Republicans halo n
1 ported that thy will socuro tho majority
They hare not Informed tim country whoro
thoy oxpcct to nrtltu thu iraliu tu accomplish
t thlH and Uiolrboiwtliitfs frUIT fceblo ivj Iho
1 elections draw nOr Hit this should not
throw tho Uomoeints oft tholr guard
Tho Iou o contains 325 momborg and tho
DnmoorntB now Imvo a tnnjoi Ity of 43 To
f f ovircomo this tho llepubl leans mint thU
ypar Ruin 22 members When asked vhero
j thoy hopo to gnlii tho 22 they rnply In vfifruo
1 t Rtnornlltlcs Hut Inasmuch as It has been
un almost I n VII Inblo rulo thit tho prty that t
I c can IPS a mijorlty of the t llouso I In Iho mlddlo
or n IriiHldentlnl trm cloeta the u < xt Presi
L dent tho UcpublloniHwlll now no doubt put
j forth desperateoxortious to Havo tho House
i Democrats iieoil not bo riti I tilled that when
tho ItepublldiiiH lire nrouioil and united thoy
nro 1 hard party to lipit I
L i Viewed In tills Htht tho DamocrnU wi
t r t eoo tho Importiincpof CiPctlnffpvpry ono of
j tho clRht city momhrrs whllo tho Ilko mo
c II tlc will Impol I them to hold I fast to ho I nlno i
districts outsido of tho city which thoy bo
I curcd two yoiiiy 1LO I also behooves tho
Demociaoyol Connecticut and New Joraoy
I I tu clu lo tho llvo dhtnotn they carnell lu
i I tlml campaign
r Why Should the President be Ashamed f
t hero Is n Rood deal of gossip about tho
rnported lotiroincntof MIsslluscliiiiiiAiiuni
< JKVIIJANU from tho literary enterprise In
Chicago In which she has bOU a prominent I
part during the past three or four months
Mlsj Crrvnr VXD teems to hlo grounds of
I complaint against tho publisher of Literary
Life a piuthliiR gentleman who has cer
tainly iHtl her immn for all that It Is
worth for advertising purposes and somo
tlmos In a way repugnant to tho Instincts
011 rnlld null modest woman This how
ever Is not tho main icason nllogod for Miss
I CLKvnrANDs withdrawal from thu Chicago
magazine I is persistently asserted that
tho public npponnuico of Miss CrTIAND as
tin editor and a wilier of periodical liUiraturo
has been and Is l displeasing to her brother
tho President of tho United States and that
I hie h Influence has been steadily exerted to In
duce her to retire from her chosen field of
independent effort
Tho plain English of this story wo suppose
pose l > that tho President Is ashamed of his
ulsters present occupation Sho 1 i a woman
of positive intellect and earnest views Her
declarations of opinion are uncompromising
Her stylo Is forcible What she says com
mands attention and stimulates controversy
j Sho stands boldly forth In tho freo forum of
thought claiming no other rights than belong
long to bar Individually as a citizen of the
I republic of letters and asking no favors from
I Under tho circumstances
I press or people elrcumstnee
It Is not surprising that Miss CLEVELANDS
I narao should bo frequently son in print or
that her writings should b widely copied i
and discussed whether thoy excite aUrnlra i
I If tlou or provoke argument This is not noto
riety in any bad sense of tho term I Is
r reputation tho sort of reputation that Is tho
aim and crown of literary endeavor What
ever fame has come to Miss ROE LIZADKTU
CLEVELAND u a essayist novelist and
I poet has been won by her fairly and credit
ably In the open field Tho recognition of
t nor merit has been general I In any in
stance she has been treated without the ro
c spect duo to ovory good and thoughtful
woman working with noble aim wo arc not
aware of tho fact
Wo shall btt slow to bollovo that In all this
President CLEVELAND finds any reason to bo
nalmmrd of Ills sinter Ills mental habits
are very dlflorout from hers Many of tho
IIIQ tons historical critical psychological
moral which Interest her deeply and tho
constant consideration of which makes so
largo I part of her Intellectual life are for
I eign to his experience or tastes I Is perhaps
not too much to say that In curtain phases
horn Is I the liner and moro active mind Hut
tho riosldont U tho man of all oth
ers whom wo should expect to appreciate
at their full worth tho qualities of inde
I pendence selfirllance sincerity and unns
numiiigdciuocratlc straightforwardness that
I S havo illitlnKiilbhcd 1 s CLEVELANDS course
I since sil left the Whito House t win her
I i own wall I tho t world
I Ho ought to bo proud of her Ho OWlS hor
4 not only admiration I hut gratitude also Who
I l Is l thin that docs not fell tho moro kindly
toward tho President bocaiibO ho is tho
biother of this interesting energetic and
J uuctiupllhod Amoilcau woman 1
o t SpulnS New Agreement
I r Prtsloiiit CLCVELANDA proclamation Im
I II S posing tllxcilmliiatlva duties on KpnnUh el
I r sols coming to our ports from Cuba and
I Porto lilco became operative on Oct 23 I
has boon In foico Jut three days nnd now It
I li revoked by I I second proclamation Issued
In pim mlmammc or a new ngiwmtiit t with the
Mudiid Government whereby American
I Hliipownntf nio piomtsed equivalent piiv
S 1 llogi5 In thu Spanish West Indies I re
t I mitlns to bo Setl whether this fresh promise
will bo piomptly carried out 0 whether
I tliK liko Limo compact undo moro than two
S yean ago will be evaded by tho customs
i I t authorities In Spain > American colonies
I Wo fear that our merchants and shippers
limy thou It hind to leconcllo I tho grounds as
f I bignod for tin hreiioIent llusu of front In
his I lalobt proclamation with tho
lltblllrchlUltun wlh memoran
< dum i of which Is I bun
UHI agreement s blniullunooimly
II Tho President Is mailo to
published Ichhlt say
that t ho revokes his proclamation of Ujt I12
Z and relieves Spanish vessels finni diset I mom
V liuitlng duties becniiso ho has satisfactory
i proof that no such Imposts aro now levied In
r Cuba or Potto Itlco on vusscli belonging to
rltlaimof the United Slates No such proof
r i Is afforded by tho agreement with tho Mn
Z f timid Government which boars tho samo tint
us the t new pioclamatlon namely y Oct 27
The Spaulnh Minister docs not atlto th ab
olition of Imposts as n fact but nuiely ns a
promise Who can guaranteo that this stip t
ulation will bo worth any moro than t Wil tho
covenant entoiod Into upward of two yeara
r ago but which has never been executed to
t thlbday And Is It not trim that discrim
inating dutio tare levied on American vei
sols In tho Spaulbh Wol Indies on Oct 27
t ho very day on which tho President aborted
Iho contrary to bo tho fact 1
1 may also perplex Amcilcan fehlpownrrs rs
to learn that the t dUcrlimnatlng duties Im I
posed on Spanish vessels on tho nth liCth
and 27th of this month by reason of the
proclamation of Oct 12 will piobahlybo 10
fundiHl Why so Why give back to Span
ish shippers duties which they havo been
asked t pay for three days only but which
oujfht to Lnvo been loylod on Illcm for JDn
than I two years past 1 or over since time viola I J
tion by Spain of tho agreement of 1884 be I
came notorious Ought not such refunding
t bo reciprocal Should not tho Spanish 1 I
Government bo called upon to return to our i
shipowners every dollar wrung from them I
In Cuba and Porto lieu during the last two
years In contempt of a compact which tvo on
our part had loyally executed up to Oct 25
of the present year
Wo remarked somo time ago that Mr
BAYAKD would deserve tho uiltlu o of our
shipping Interest I ho could hit upon some
modo of getting back tho money unjustly
taken from our merchant by discriminating
duties which wo on our part had abolished
The Bpnnlsh Minister has shown us exactly
how this may bo done I It bo true that ho
has asked for refunding of the Imposts
levied on Spanish vessels arriving from
Cuba all Porto lllco on Oct 23 and tho two
suwcdlng days Tho rotundlng process
should bo carried out all round
Forestry nt Denver
The Amcilcan Forestry Congress Is a body
of publicspirited and earnest citizens who
meet together onco a year for tho purpose of
discussing tbo fOlells of tho United States
and devising methods for their preservation
and extension This year tho meeting was
hold lu Denver In i tho State of Colorado and
to juilgo by tho very brief account of tho
proceedings which has Jtut reached us It
must have been an exceedingly Interesting
mind Instruetlvo occasion Tho discussion us
was natural from tho place of meeting had
reference largely to tho forests of tho forest
loss central dry region of tho continent Tho
Hon WMIIIKN litany of this city President
of the Congress piomlsod for example In
his opening address that the Convention
would havo holontlllc assurance that tho
preservation of tho scattered bodies of timber
which hang about tho eastern elopes of tho
Rocky Mountains would mako tho great
plains tho happy homo of a population of
fifty millions of agricultural people
Tho fate of countless generations and vast
national wealth hangs then upon tho preser
vation of theso scanty forests It Is hard
therefoie that tho meagiencss of tho
published report of this inspiring ad
dress should deprive tho country of
tho chauco of knowing just how tho
preservation of forests which have al
ways existed is to Increase tho precipitation
of moisture on tho central portion of tho
contlnentnmellorato its climate or add to the
volume of water which Hows out through tho
streams that head In thoilocky Mountains
Tho central plateau of North America was a
desert long before any Inroads had been
made upon the Rocky Mountain forests All
tho oratorical eloquence therefore of tho
Forestry Congress must bo required t mako
it anything but a dosort beyond tho Imme
diate Influence of existing streams
Interesting anti hopeful Information was
given too In regard to western Kansas by
Mr TILTON of that State Western Kansas
has for many years been regarded except
by persons with land to sell thoro as ono of
tho worst places in tho world to live In
Crops havo failed year after year oattlo din
there every winter by tho thousand from
starvation and exposure emigrants In
duced to settle In that region by tho
false and misleading statements of
tho agents of railroad and land com
panies have either perished from want
or boon driven to sock moro favorable
fields for agricultural enterprise Wo learn
at 111 however from Mr TILTON what tho
troublo really I with that unfortunate part
of tho country There Is it seems an
amount of rainfall perfectly adequate for
Umber culture and agriculture but tho buf
falo grass is a rcpollant of moisture
and when we got sixteen Inches of
rain we only get the benefit of five or six
Inches Cattle men t be sure have long
regarded tho buffalo grass as one of tho most
valuable of all forage plants and lamented
Us extinction as tho greatest evil arising
tho with domestic
from overstocking prairies domeltc
cattle I seems now however that the little
herb Is really ouo of tho most noxious and de
structive of all plants and that the sooner it is
exterminated tho better it will bo for tho de
velopment of Kansas and the adjacent coun
try I is not pleasant to think that this Im
portant and interesting fact might never
halo been known if tho American Forestry
Congress had not been organized enlighten
and Instruct us
Time Congress did not adjourn of course
without passing 1 series of Imposing resolu
tions looking primarily to tho protection of
tho forests and remotely t honorable and
lucrative employment for its members at tho
expense of tho national and the different
State treasuries Tho forester however
must live and the most patriotic and public
spirited citizen oven cannot bo expected to
go on talking forever without somo substan
tial benefit in return
Something Is wisely left for tho next ses
sion of this Congress At least wo fall to
discover In Its resolutions any demand for
tho removal of tho Import duty upon foreign
lumber although tho collection of this duty
acts as a direct bounty for tho destruction of
our most valuable forests Tho necessity of
repealing tho Timber Culture act under
which millions of acres of valuable land have
boon plundered from tho people of tho
United States without any adequate return
whatever Is not referred to Methods for
tho protection nnd care of tho nations
Irotelon natuns
forests now long proyod upon by unscrupu
lous Individuals and rapacious corporations
are not developed or Insisted on But these
after all are merely practical details quite
of tho attention of such
unworthy Ittnton nn augubt
and Imposing body as tho American Forestry
Ututhold Statue Poetry
T has been very bad Tho best verses em
bodying tho sentiments supposed to bo
represented by tho copper goddess on Bed
lows Iblaud are contributed by tho venera
ble Quaker of Amosbury Tho last stanza
In dignity and simplicity almost ilsoa to tho
level of tho occasion
1 Plilnefir ihlno free naulJIng light
To lUiMmi wa i BUI Viriuoi aim
A lightning liito the wretch to unite
Who ihleMt hit llcenie wllli thy nato
hut Winmens ode to tho IIUITIIOLDI
statue Is not distinguished on the whole by
tho quality of his most fellcltlous produc
tions I Is 1 Inino all feeble Mr SrnoMASs
effort In tho Tribune uela
IrOlt printed 7iibUIc on Tuesday
would call for no especial rcmaik I except for
speaks the noteworthy of Hue In which tho goddess
My sky llnir enrolled
Dovir OltuiLir nn Irish pattlot and a
genuine pout stttiggles hind to redeem tho
subject from tho commonplace which its
moto obvious and theatrical aspects suggest
to the maker of rhymes His poem was
printed yesterday In the Now York WorM
Tluro Is niuHlo and philosophy In some of
the lines but wo confess our Inability either
to paifaii or to understand this passage per
haps intsptintod
What art luau I Whence I What comrlti thou la
Itach I
WhalTltlnn hath thoM InlrortTttd < yi
Ot Hirolulloni rmu < lit ctulurlei I
Mi WILL CAHLLTOX piles adjectives nod
figures of speech Into forty verses with
rather bewildering effect
llarhnrof holnl Inrnittd without fear
nr duI of labor i IJ l from rolling > otli
Whoie iweatcatnij pIuomoaS hal bcm itoln by
In Ills famcil Mr a virgin guilt comt nigh
All boils her trluimiil lanii to the it rrj my
Il Is refreshing to turn from tho forced and
artificial sentiment of productions like this
to the classic elegauco and glowing passion
of the poem In which tho lon NOAH DAVIH
Presiding Justice of tho General Term of tho
Supremo Court for Iho First Judicial Depart
ment of tho State of Now York expresses
his appreciation of Mr llAnriioLUis goddess
Few people comparatively know Judge
DAVIS an a poet Tho distinguished jurist
shall have a fair show In TUB SUN
IniDlii I treat tcnlptor of hoe < oJl In lcuj > ture
golden day
Knllironeil hit Image of the Hellene eoj
In nujenty anti grace that with a nod
ItulcJ ooniutml utah MJ the world with item aDo I
awful sway
Wlillut oer the Olympic game his unllci In coploin
bleulii2 < PDT
1BAjiTFin with rotter touch In wonnnl beaiitcoui
moul1 1
Modelled from niRTifts ninrrelloni form
The Cnlilean Yfitr mule anti 1 warm
whose woiiilroni clmrml lurti lovciot art III Grecian
Amiiuruei the Ulbc of klniii and icotntJ the pnleuoy
01 0 gill
Am thou llintuniui I iMilui crowneil ion of Franco
anil Art
ConfrtrerUht worthy n Immnrtatil I Now
CnlinuMti Krntfftil laurel urritho thy brow
Forlhlni hnth IIPIII Iho mtrlot > culitnri nobler Iorl
To weM In tiroiue nounturya lox of rcopl 0 heart to
Hut tho parade and procession wore meg
nlllccnt ali the btatua Itbult towers high
aloft Yesterday was Indeed a great day
notwithstanding the failure of the pdcto and
tho weather
tho badness of welthcr
And now lot us all take hold and glvo
HEWITT a mound voto of 1100001 I
Encouraging News from Governor Hill
Tho Governor of Now York like tho good
Democrat that ho log I went over to Newark
night before last to muki a speech In behalf
of Mr GiN tho Democratic candidate for
Governor of Now Jersey I know of no
olvll service rules said Governor HILL
which forbid me talking politics in Now Jer
sey or In Now oik for that matter cither
I there were I am afraid I would bo tempt
ed to break them
Acting In this Independent and manly
spirit Governor HILL carried to tho Demo
crats of Now Jersey a message which ought
t cheer and encourage them and cheer and
encourage their Democratic brethren every
where I refers to the progress of tho great
change In tho administration of national
affairs for which tho people of tho United
States voted two years ago next mouth
Remit of ui may complain that tha rural are not
being turned out fait enuauli but all thIs will com In
time and I will warrant that thoie who are criticising
at preient will be latlifled It li I far better that our
Jr IJeiit should be counorvative In tula matter
Governor HILLS guarantee that before
President CLEVELANDS term is over ho will
satisfy tho expectations of tho Democracy Is
tho best contribution that has been made by
anybody to tho campaign this year
All this will como In time says Gover
nor HILL Wo hope ho is right The time
is getting mighty short
But wo should vote for HEWITT next Tuesday
day all the same
We renew to Monsieur AUOUSTE BAH
TIIOLDI the assurance of our moat tlintin
guiahed conaiilcration lie is not only a great
artist but what is more a mighty manager of
men ant it hi were an American h could
be President Tiro mitioiiH pay him the tribute
nf glory and his laurel is jicirlesa j
I tho Democrats should elect a majority
of nine In the Assembly tho elaborate prepara
tion of WARNED MILLKU for a return t tho
Boiiato uous doauotudo would lupso Into a condition of Innoc
I rained pitchforks when tho corner stone I
of the statue 01 Liberty was laid and rained
pins and noodles yonterdar when the face of
tho statue wag unveilod This will doubtless
Boom a judgment ot heaven to that Massachu
setts college President who declared that 1 was
a sin to adorn the harbor of the first oltr of a
Christian country with a heathen image of lib
erty NavortlielcBs the sun will be likely to
shine again when tho east wind has done blowing
Yesterday Liberty was splendidly cele
brated but on Tuesday next Law and Order
will have tbelr turn in the triumphant election
of AUIUM STEVENS lluwrrr Give him at least
110000 votoel
For tho rains that halo fallen to refresh
tho sufTorlni earth this whole region utters IU
devout tuankeLivlntrl
I was a great day too for JOSEPH PULIT
zrii yesterday Hut for him tho statue might
not even have had a pedestal To the denerv
hog let all duo honor bo freely awarded In tho
hour of joy JosKrii should not be forgotten
I I wouldnt have boon DE Lmscra if lie I
hadnt cot in a food word for the canal
A Blun Whom Democrats Honor
from the Wlilttlinll Tlmti
Probably no great loader of time Domocratlo
party In thll Mate iliad higher In the eetrem of Olin
people than lot Hill lie U I a itateiman In every par I
ticular will a mhl Itoro1 wilt learning he bring a
character for InUgrity that lint never been iiucitiontd
DavW II Illll Ubleiwl I with a gift of oratory that few
men poiifia Ills production are polished dwp and
wisely conceived When hu rpeaka ho succeed In rain
Ing Ito molt profound Interett and attention of hli ai
Minblanei Such a man oud grnco a teat In the
United States benato Kvcn I more than that the Chief
Vauifttracy of tile nation would not baa charge too great
for hIm to nil acceptably Ucinocrati look upon him
wih tool ot pride and he U I the foremoit ot those
where many are called but few are oho > en
Another Ncvtapriprr Outrage
Vow the flaltlmorf American
Tho President his not changed the annie of
hi country place from Irctly rropuct to 101 l Top
nor hOC Mri iluveland donoo The newspapers did I
all It cnnie about thus Ono night about I month a < n
four well known correspondentsKathered together at a
restaurant for upper Dull tho repast one of them
a correipopdent for n New York pnperremarked that
he had been out to the IreBidents country 11 lac
I dont like the naino ot the place call he I see
the 1resldmit has I painted root red anIIIIOIllo I >
call It lied Top lmy do 01 like the name t ha asked
ot the other three 1 hey laughed and rei lied that they
old not think ho could lode the nninc to the plnce
Ill bet you a supper I cal he replied In ices than
a month lied Top HUD become the ercemiom name fir
the lace and the correspondent won hit supper III Is
said that neither the Ireslilrnl I Mr Cletelaud nor
Mra Folsom who Is to live tinre likes the new name
but It ieem as It U has come to stay
A Inter for llun Iuckuiiotl
Fran tlir Mil ittit I ffprrtt
WASHINOTOX Oct 2 rite TrnslilontM
hotimlig of ltjtrct Attorneys Motie of lotli J > Ivtuiitt
andliintnn if Ii lsiOltrt for making a speech at upolln
cal 1 meeting raises potiOn expectation to fr uy abuiit 1
wliit a 111 lie done to IMn Lockwonl In 1 i Don a IU
I eli mast liu > > liablv nuke thu nouilnatiu speech and
i 111 Mr Cleveland bounce him f
Noltllere Alnnlimrnl lr dlculeil
NEW IIANTV Got 2HA memorial monument
to the soldiers and sailors nho died In tie war Has
deillcate I In t > t Hernari femtterr to day HOT Harri
son noel the speech of the day Other speakers Mere
J D llunkett 1 the Her John llunell the Rev Or KA
ward HcOlyiin and J N Males t All III military 1 Ism
peraicr rrtn uthf societies the inllUU and vctbraui
paraded the Clients lu splto uf the calms >
= =
TAlking to the Mln ra of the Itunor from
Cfcenp Htftu I Mbsir In I Iha Hooth
HiZLLroN Oct 28Timo lllalno party was
lent off from Pottsvlllo this morning In the
rain Mr hums after his 300mile ride anti
oluht speeches of voatorJav slid ho felt first
rate and looked that war Arriving at Tama
qua at 8V h was IntroJucoil to a crowd of
several hundred and made it short Brooch The
party was wolcomod to Mauch Chunk at Oi
nod tho meeting lasted nn hour About 2000
persons wore congregated In Concert Hall Mr
flame said In part
The free trade pclloy In the United State U rerreient
ed entirely by and la IndIssolubly wedded to the demo
cratic party Were 1 not for the Southern States hero
would he no Democratic party These States have the
cheapest labor In the world today anions clvlllted peo
ple The value of the cotton eiported from thoie Stairs
since the 0101 or tha war exceeda the value of all thai
was ever exported from the time cotton was Drst plant
ed In I the Seth op to the Ihl of the Inauguration of
1resldeut Lincoln br about one thousand mllllonf of
ilnliara nll I refer to this 1 to show how Industrtoua I the free
negro la for all the cotton Is railed 1 by n < > r labor the
clam whlth cannot cast a Colitis efTectlve
vote In that whole region that lee not en >
Jny ROy rrpremniatlon Iliat gets 0 nn hearlnv 1
rhlils I cheap later m alll tie South They are I Item Iteile a
free trade people If an entire community bring them
selves to treating lit Southern near as lie Is treated
pritLllcally iletiylnrf him u civil rights they can eiillv
irrlnil him tina it to a srnlo of ages ft hlch mrnsure
over the entire mail of the nit population Mrutclihnr
from the rolonmv to the Ill Omnd atcrnites lirs limn
a third nf that paid to white niti In tie Northern
lit ale The time Is at hand to Huht this iiUaiitlo run
splriuy ngutiut the Ubnrer In llila coinitr > it cnn
Irary whirl I If not nrrenled wilt work thu tnon cebi
UIH Injury to every whit man In the Unltml i Hintps
Tho train stopped two mlmitoH at Wnntliorlr
where Mr 131st ito amioitred on Ito I platform and 1
received oliniirs toad noknnwlodueu tho cum Il
meet At HiiMllun Mr lllalno smith
I am churifud with the I olTenco of coinlinr Inlo I Penii
vlrania llnuiditnr I and npplauii I I Mr ihliinciv I K
Black U I my aciMi er 1 hnpiirned to nmnrk i fin itch
evening I uiMrtMid ft public1 meetlnir In 1iiUnl liilili
thai In lhi > pvrfoii of Inhl hOok and In Hit leirunul t 1 t
UOL Hcuver many features of thu I conu > t UIMcen llio t
principles repreiti ntnl 1 hv Mr 1 lluchatmn anil Ihj prio
elplmriprckoiilnl hv Abrollll Lincoln wire rrp ulid
Apflaiie 1 lluTifiro Mr hick thinks I luvo nf
lenilvd In ciiming lutn ennylvuula I Ihe verdict 1 j 1 the i
peopln of leunsylt solo upon th I < t I SIICN reiirnkviilcd by
Mr llitchaiiftn hl u toiitf ago been rdonlcd nil ihe I I
opinion of the peotilc of leHnns > lvHniit H till I tin ooiel
relireceut tel by A trail at Lincoln his 1 0 ily I I bi en ri
corileit but Caleb with bl I uull I t and for tie prnplo I of
renimylvaiilt In ihUxarof t grace lieS to I ute t iluwa
the man who sOil bH blond on tnc bttil ifluiil In iifffiHo
ot tile Union and llio rro labor which tile tliiKn
fiiarantef and to vote UD the political difx etultiiitii
of the I Polity nhlcll Mr nuchanall represinlu 1 Ift
tlilnv I illl 611 cannot bcllev Ieuusjfhaliln ll willing
to do
WnIFPnnm Oct 28fr Blnlnn nrrlvnd
lure this nltornoon He wait met at lion Huni
alit by an escort committee of prominent Ku
publlcnnnof LuKflrnii count wholc < omPRII1
him to thin city On his arrival at tilt station
bo wits arnetoil by an cntliuBlmtic orowU ami
cftforted Mutropolltnn Itlnk nhcni
was forle t the IutroPoltan Ink wllr
a public miHtlim wa held Hp ochnn woro
mado liy Cot DavIs of Bradford county amlOol
Donunioiit otllillailolphln Mr niitlnn spoke
about tnnnty minutes chiefly upon the tnrllT
He and his party loft for Hcranton thlsuvoaliiK
Their Will IIB FUnnily Ihrd and Decided br
Ike Hupreraa Court at Waeklasiluii
From the Electrical Kttttw
Deputy Cloik Shields and Assistant Deputy
Clork Thornton of the United States Circuit
Court have been occupied for live weeks In limo
preparation of tOo records In the wnmt 110 l
iiliono canoe which are to bo nrsuod boforo the
Unltud Btaten Supreme Court and tbo heavy
volumoA of printed mutter woro forwarded
from Now York to Washington Tho tran
scripts wore contained In two volumes ono of
which had over 7000 printed paces the other
nearly SOOO pages One of the volumes was
about two foot high and the binding together
of so many paces proved a difficult piece of
work lnloa
Tho two units tore that of the American Boll
Telephone Company against the 1eoplus Telo
phonn Company commonly known as tlio
Dravrbnuuh suit and that of tho American
Hell Telephone Company against the Oiurland
Telephone Company Final decrees were on
toted Iii I each case In favor of the validity of
the Del patents The testimony and nrtcu
monte touch upon oven question Involved In
tolophono lItigation since the patents were
erantod In 1871 and against tho validity of the
patents to Alexander Graham Hell tho defend
ants have sot up tho alleged priority
of tho Inventions of lists Gray Edison
Drawbauub McDonouch Oolbear and oth
ers and tho cases have occupied the
attention of Judges for months at 1 tlnm
for several years put Many of tho most
prominent patent solicitor and other lawyers
In tho country lao appeared In three cases
among thorn being Moeisrs Ulckorsont Dicker
son tIme late Gooreo Olflnrd llosaoe CoDkllncr
Whooler II leckham Chun P Crosby Henry
0 Andrews and George Harding this city
Konotor Gaorun FrtEdaiuuils of Vermont ox
Judge Hill of Washington and James J Scot
row Chuunroy Smith George L Itoborts and
Causten llrowne Jloaton Other telephone
suits Involvlni some of the issues raised In
those suits wore appealed a long time ago anti
are on the present calendar of tho United
mates Supreme Court to
The counsel l on beth sides of tho litigation
purpose It Is understood to ask tho court to
hoar final arguments on these two canes as
well AA those now on the calendar so that lot
only the lesuon raised In tho earlier cases but
all the dlsputnd points In the long litigation
may bo pinaed upon itt the same time by the
highest judicial authorities Besides this tes
timony the Justices will have before them a
tmony JU8tC8 wI
large amount ot testimony taken In other
cal as all the testimony In the Uolboar and
almost all the other suits Involving the tele
phone patents hRs been Introduced by stipula
tion In the Overland case
1 rays alleged anticipation on which the
Government case brought In bohalf of tho Pan
Electric Company rests Is the foundation of
many of the Issues raised In Iheso Milts and
the whole matter will probably be decided be
fore the Ohio cone Is passed upon by lime Judges
before whom an argument was recently had
first Molina of Ike Thomas Concerts
Tho Metropolitan a again filled at tho
uiatlneo yesterday afternoon and the concert
was a charming one Mr Thomas has given
UP the name Young Peoples Series for
these musical afternoons and baa evidently
made an entire change of clan avoiding his
old method which was to present a Hunter
class of music In too daytime Both pets of
concerts are now of tho same general vharac
tur A march opens every concert unit so fur
as now announced thoy are all now and
marked with thnso magic words limit time
which are certain to arouse an agreeable little
excitement of ourloalty and Interest
The great Melsterslnuur tforturo towered
like n mountain range ubovo the rest of the
numbers on yesterdays prourammo and its
wonderful beauties were nnvor so clearly and
grandly brought out oven In the hull where it
tins so often Iiou done npnnruntly to pence
ton There was In Mr TlKiuitiss Interpreta
tion an extraordinary eXactness of phrasing l
and oloaniBBH In time brlnulng out of tha ontan
muted web of thornos that never was aurroachuj
before oven In the dais ol Holdl The uruhus
tra of course has a bettor bunco of bulni
hoard from till stage than It doos vhun place
upon tim Invol of the atidlunw
Tsohalkotvskys Varlalloim wore brilliant In
orchestration arid fertile In Invention Kxact
ly three qualities nro Iliosf also which chiefly
clmraclorbe lluethoveus Anduntu adapted lor
orchvbtra br Liszt
Miss Inch sine tin fa clnntlnc aria from
HpohrH Faust IIo htlllo Nuclit Kntwolcht
with nil the lntilllut < gracfiiif manner ox
liilslto pronunciation nml beauty of tone
which aro hor happy endowments Him WItS
warmly npplandod mfllr tlilm ns after hor sec
ond selection from Der troyschtlU
Tke Ircsldeule Favorite Sung
ft nm the CMtatio Atua
Since his marriage Mr Clovulund has not
workud 1 en IncesMintly as he did before niul often tIC a
days spends lie eenlngsfn the dmwluif room with tile
Iadl > Cull etltileS Joining them In a long 1IU I futorlte
air Is Whit lili the Clouls Holt lly Jennie and he
roars out a lno when his tit kimr It that at lint made
theuoorkeipera In the etllbulo thm spmi filifhiinl I I
cyclone was loose In tic yard A couple ofr > tinatori
railed the other evening uhen be a liH inir on unuu
aiiy good time and at they entered tie etllbule lie
was on sumo vcr high notes They looked at each
other In alarm and IMen at the doorkeeper who nuiusrd
R Ilia eipreiilon on their facts bugle outright
U htt on earth is tilt illirnibid I noiiie I xcluliued tho
ono vi ho first recovered hU prfcXHncn of mind
Mis m nnl I the 1renMcnt singing sir replied the
I I he often taken that way t
u 1rt Uy near every nlvbt of late nr
Then I reckon wed better cull during lheilu > ob
served tie lrnalors ae they Marled Km aril luhn 1 Iluui
berluint ctut hnuie to Inn lit I their ainainunl
On hell tins rn leliiud
Ileportor to Bocrolary DaynrDWIH you
please tit bole
Secretary Hu rI1 must refer iflit In nan Ianiint
me Iteplu ten Ito Secretary Wliltne wm I Oil lnion tell
recreinry Whitney Ton will blat lo see Pin IniiUnr 1
tie Itrporler tlo bicrcliry Laioiftnji I 301 peati I lull
uretary Iamar Danlamont Is I the man you want
to go to
Keporler Postmaster UencralVilaiJ Will you please
tell me
lo < tmaiter ilcneral SOseYeU will hare lime goodneii
to Inquire ol Dan
lirporitr lan LaraonDWill yon please tell me what
llmo It 111 l
Dan LamnntReally my dear sir yon will 1 have to n
Cu LmonlRull cal oter to do a little ihupliig fur
toy wIfe
rna IrnrrS lUNJn4T
Ilnrleil nl Garden Cllv Close te > the Ornve
has hud been 1re inrcri far k er Ilutbuxt
Mrs Cornelia M Stewart widow of tho
late Alexander P Stewart was burled yester
day afternoon In the crypt ol tho Cathedral ol
tho Incarnation nt Gwdon City Long Island
In tho vault noxt to that prepared to receive the
remains ot her husband Shortly after 9
oclock yesterday morning tho remains of Mrs
Stewart woro placed In tho velvetcovered cof
fin and carried down to the main hall of hor
late residence The coffin was placed upon n
bank of roses and emllaz There were other
floral offerings sent by friends aud tho whole
place was odorous of Honors and fresh nhruls
Boon after the coma had boon placed In the
hal the doors of tho house were opened to tho
employee of Mr Stawurls successors and for
two hours and more they pnriod In looked an
Instant nt the face ot tho dead woman and than
passed out About 200 viewed the remains
Not long alter tho doors wore opened two
companies of Knights of Pythias ono from this
city and one from Brooklyn formed In front 01
tho houne They stood then about two hours
before they could join in the procession Many
01 tile Knlghtt wari drunk SOlO of them tried
t forco their way Into tho house and their
general conduct was dltgrn l < v < itl Horcoant
said their
Cross of Capt Williams picclnct alld
conduct WIts tho worst he had ever loon In any
drilled nruanlzntlnn The panulera did nol
show much itt ire respect for tlio I dnnil nn nl
thu roLImmial bands nxccpt thnnn of tho I Nev
atm U and the Hlxlyiilnth I I ItuKliucnts I imneed Iho I
lout n lu full blunt ami iho I HOIHB nt the oornur
waq at all tlmim I II tin mhz thu niirnlnc I nry Iniid
About 12 oclock th Inllmato I frl ndn of Mrs t
Htmvitrt bicnn to arrUnat thu IIOUMI unit not
unlll Shout 1 oclock worn tho t doors Dually I I
ultHud At that tltnu ninoni thofi t In I ho I lio tune
wuin MlHSna Anna Jiilln 1 nnd Km ma Clinch
hnlf BlAtors of Mrs StuwnrtH Mr Ilonry
Hilton and family Mr nfl Mrn Iliiio Ilil
sell Mr until Mrs I 0 l llnuliiin Mr J Law
ronn HOllh anti lIOn Mr nnd Mro J Illnniii
Jlnlil Wiithnrall Mr ami MrH Hliiiifnrd Whlto
MI Ins Kiln Hrnlth Mr ami Mrn 1inocolt t 111 I I
ISutnr Ju llon Jonn I llrnily Jlr Micks
Lord l Mr Arthur luiRnt I Mr I u ami MrH Wllliiun
Llbly Mr ami MrH Francis I Tows Mr
Clmrlcs E Uiitlnr Mr llrnmi n flstnrlnltw
nf tho lulu Ill nt llllinn I Mrn t Win C Undiro I
Dr and Mrs John C 1 Minor null ntlnirs Mrs 1
drain WIlt ainiist tho lust person toiuaclillio I t
ImiiKO Khn WIIH RColl lath eel by Ool l nnd Mrs t
Frodnrlck I I I ran t 11 one of thlr elm lid rut
Illshop lltllojohn of Lnnit Inland roa I n fow
ptu > ers fn m tIlt Episcopal burial siivlT toni
shortly before oclock tint colllu was clouinl
and carried out to time lienrnn The uinr o
wan plain drawn by two black horses and
driven bynglovoless Inil who woro his hut on
the I Aida of his hOI lly this tlmo i the proces
sion hud passed nnd nil time Hldovutlks floor thu
laciuco woro crowded with poople waiting to SOl
tho cnllln of a woman inllllonalrn Thuy wow
Kratlflod for nn Instnnt about Jt oclock Nine
toon cnrrlnifs took Iho Nuuly and xomu of tlm
friends to Thirtyfourth Street ferry nnd at
235 n special train nf Ihrua ilriiwlnuronm anil
live tiny curs Htnrtnd for Garden City with Ibo
ooinn and Itanttundniits
At Gnnlcn City Ibo hundred boys of the
Vltr hunlrot
Cathedral School of Ht Pntil I In tho t ful I I uni
form of Stato artillerymen hit without arms
wore drawn uu opposlui thu Million Tlioy ru
moved their lionilotH as tho cnllln was cartli > d
from tilt funeral oar ant placnd In a small
undocoratod hoarse anti thou led the miirnli
to tho oathudral and drew up on oltliomlilu of
tho road as tho hnnraii was driven nlowlv up to
tho great doom of tho building rimui cathedral
bad been open for somo lino t before lion ar
rival of the funeral train nnd almost all of tile
0111 not CHpoolally reserved had boon taken
by Garden City peonli Th < > gas In tho great
church was lit nnd around the oruan anti back
of tne communion table woro bunked masses
of ferns f anti palms
At 3t oclock Iho choir singing 181 proces
sional the hymn Abide with mo lust falls
the eventide entered the church from tho
vestry in thubnsnment I liehlud the choir fol
lowed about thirty clergymen alt but ono or
two In gowns and all wearing block and white
jownH uno
Bcarfn The venerable Arotuleucnn Klrkbr
with Oxford hood of black and crimson tho
Rev Mr Humphreys procnptor of tile catho
thai with I musical doctors hood of crimson
and gold and several other clergymen with
brilliant hoods walked tho procession Then
came the Rev Ur Loiko chaplnln of thsclmol
with a purple hood tlarltlg aloft tho lllnlinpH
crnzltr an obony shaft with golden crook Aftor
him mnrobed Bialiop Llltlojolin llilml him
tho coma was carried un the aisle followed liy
Mrs Stewarts family and friends The coffin
was plnood In the middle of the chancel
The burial sorvlca was lutonml by Bishop
Llttlojohn the Kov Dr Ueorge 1L Vandowaior
of tit Lukiis church Brooklyn wno wore n bril
liant scarlet hood and the Boy Mr Hum
phreys At tho end of the service the coffin
was carried down the aisle of tho cnthedrnl
nnd following the choir and clergy Into the
vestry and thence Into limo memorial chapol
tjenoath the chancel At the end of the chnpnl
Is n circular room called tbn crypt whore the
coffin was carried About fifty rolativos and
frlnnda followed I Into thn crypt and thoro
wlillo the people In tho church not knowing
that ito chapel was open only to relatives
struggled vainly to enter It the cnflln was
plncoil a london coffin and then In the outer
box of chestnut In the mlildle of the oller
are two graves tho southern grave was open
yesterday and into It Mrs HtowartH body was
lowered 11 A huge slab of stono was cemented
down above It and still above that was placed
n marble 8Hrcophniiis wnlchlng a ton and I
half A similar sarcophagus Is over the grave
prepared for Mr Stewart
As noon ns the grave was cloned tho funeral
party left tho church nnd returned to tho train
A watch will be placed river tho urn vim
Mrs J Lawrence Smith niece of Mrs Stew
art was too III toattnnd the funeral anti Mr
and Mrs Osnorne Mr Stewarts grnndniece I
atOll her husband could not reach thu city from
ChlcuKnln time for the funeral lhu wil was
not read lust night but may be read toduy
Tke SmuKnled Liquor owns for Ike Vie of Ike
CnicAOo Oct 28 Commander Henry P
ricking of thu Koariarge Hulled Stales NavyIln l the
city He said today It was annoying to allow report to
go brod1 over tin counlry tilt thu olnee of tie
taly wr enKI IQ IhIUIII tuelness People
who dim not uIrla1 Ito Iel 111 the ommd
Judo from tile puhlh1 reports that the omr lt
I tIe floa luoW1 a tot ut lIt ore Oi or1 I loOt
511111 01 liriucttt Itocull In lit Iuln tim Ic silt wih
oul pay1 It Iuy TIle feat Is t iCU ullnU of Iho
slips lit Iho IVY are ccierail Co ICed by IIruII1
chute or Ir II glol ohrnnl Tue rut I 11 teuo
abuod liiiu Cl hrlul or PUll Cliililllil 15 they uieciro
fir their own use nul a holIIr t 5 Woul toll fir the uusu
film men Uhln tile rcrfiilillonsil the ulVY I do blOt
itMleve that the ollkers uf u slip i hiVe miMiey eoliitil t
ill Inlo the purchase of mnuifgled gnome no je to luuk it
> 1 ouj kt to them lo violate the law
Xeu York Capllitllela ltircknee tka Lou
Isluuu Stub Penitentiary Lease
New OIIJEVNH Oct 28Col James lessen of
the LoulMiaiia Mate pinltenilary has sold tlio unex
tired term of ills lease I to New Yurk capitnlds whopo
names have not yet been too public Col James has
aloe sold hU Mar rdale plantation to the same parties for
tote to he militated It IB I understood by conlct
labor The arm Yorker will ortianUe a compin put
seeral hutiUrod i ihounaiid t lon Into I and utl te the
lirne convict force of the Mute avvrntruiir from lOOt to
1JlO atile hodled men In but dill leiecs I rrdtemln
the ntfrlloHed and 6vnm i loll uf Ihu t hale and put
UIIK lliin In illmlile roinliilui HIBV I expect 11 reeler
several 1 inlllioii Hires HUM of liitlij nr notitluu The
Conmillltlnn uf the Male I allows the sale of lion icnttrn I
tiary kane lollrinnor companlts
Icgro Cliiirclie Treated us Atilnnnc
Ncw OuiriNf Oct 2For moutlm past a
fruit tunny mrftoiu In this city lino IHM titu cniiiitaiilntf
Hint life tt a > mA < lc inlierAble by too t ntern church a
which prnjcr mrvtini Were ke pi up 1 nil nUht lout tell <
derlrnr lUnipoilhle for time neiirlljors to rlecp They
alileatti l > to the Mtiyor who crIerdl the police to keep
tlue clIlIrches in crier The nvkTuu uf Mount CnUnry
Hftptlt Church flied a milt In thn Unltetl Stftteg Court
tI l Jfty i > n > tfilufr minium itiu piltrf Inlerferenco ti liii
tIny Cay lie brokttI un Ihetr t ttu thy nclmnl preveutiil
tiucir iliiiiilg bUlly SCtI ice tool iuinl lieu cnnuru
iialion Ito fiction uf f tie Uj > fr lily oomi lulu u n
viotat Ion of the Cunnlltuilui of he UinttJ Hmtn alit
thry I pray for nu injuncttoti nffuliit him nii < t list fur
aiithotlty tr > hold intilliitf < i wi eiirvtr they choose will
out iittieui Utlim from the I iolir 1I 1 ii cits tn n u I eli one
an a iiiiniLwr nt other tio gnu church ht > nuid l In nilier
lownsof IjtmriUnuaixl leans ar umlcr ciniHar p >
ni > Ultttlun hue vniigreiritlliiii hclinr rfquirtl 1 to t our
low ami duo n uji Hur t ctiiirtliei rarb HI nUhl uinter
pviinll ol btlurf treat i U ai puhhu iimimiiiv
Hiirnillts lo lie llnngcd Totlnr
Omwv Oct 29It was learned at tile Io
partmont of Justice today that i hproule tho American
convicted of murder In llrllUh Columbia mil be
hamrid to rnorrou murnln at H oclock Tho Intercts
slims OI bvhillf of tile prUnnt r have nut hem fulllclent
Inelmmio lull mind of tin Minuter uf JuitRt 1 0 hu
Ihliika Hint Ipruis li I ihrrt uu uf d 1 > aOl
lt iiiMruN Oil Jrt lIe tiretnr > nf tale tools an <
oilier Itlurl lu dat loncurii to fiullicr ru I 00 C fir it P
bprelllt CO ideilini to > < e huntiid tn uirr0o Ut I I tul
rIo II L tIt murder I but nn ri till lius let tCel I
andll Is l r iliilpd Hint tin ukHdiaii tlilliirlli i 00 II
Imvo i ii lOt tpin l tIle lid iiiir Ihuu innn 111111 lie ru
on m ut Uu ifiirtiuint in Mulf will nn illt liitiii
leuli tic > Iho m Aiitvnuui I onsiil at iltrlio ii
ilUIitb iiiilliu d uilh did bciltil lint flrl In liii uetlt
whkli lit IC 5 1 ertI II tii o Ma or suod mm pioml
unit llrltili tllutin uf Vi ielrlJ
Attempt Cu Iulsun < juiitrmuli4 > Ireslilenf
NIM Ouiit tNt Oit 25rho steamer which
until ci hero todny frIll IlC till furies liauiemala
Irtuige loon 5 of atm atmeIllit I pelsot this lrtollttlt ly
1 WI irIiIcre trliOtl 5 1 hoer lrcmarI to tiott s p
Ot C u I II a 0 r t ott oC tie roltilt 00 lOU lJ u cc ii
btlil tI eiutiiiIttur it lull tile eerlitit IrOVeb floitijiut
Cull II luotIt tier I lie luliitor uI tie ulinuol Ill ml
04111 I iC olrlllhdeis V CCC arreolci rood lilt to uleAtto
lie Irefre be 1uyor uf Chicago
TIIII AD Oct 23 Mayor Harrison thhnfler
ouii > rntiilrll > r In tile t hairmaliof tio Third district
llemiu rat o ronffresiunal runimlllee declining to Ln a
iitdatt for CuUfriM lu tbat dhlilct I
ft14K1N0 rt > ii PflUUIJJZIZOY
Tkej Ittpnbllcnn Pasty Called a FlIrtA
Tklril 1itriy Xtcessnry
It was rather too wet last night for the
Prohibitionists nud In consequence tholr
crnml ratification meeting at ChIckening
was but slimly attended The Young Mens
1rohlbltlon Club under whoso direction the
mooting was held marched In about twenty
strong with a band ot nine pieces and quietly
took front seats A few women were scattered
through the hall and a corps ol polite ushers
wore kout busy distributing a variety of appro
priate literature both prose and poetry The
managers awaited In nn anteroom with maui
feat Impatience tho tardy gathering of the
audience and half an hour after thu appoint
ed iliac inarched upon Limo platform fOnt pro
ceeded to business with tho hall loss than one
third Illlml
Mr John K Bhoroy wan Introduced as the
Chairman of time tituoting lie said the cause
of prohibition commended Itself to every man
woman nml child In tIme land especially tile
children lie rejuiesi In being auto tostnni
up for this CIIIIHO Thu tlmo nan whim hocouli
not do no It required cntirngn to stand up fur
n movement Ilko thin In I its Inclplnncy Ity I
nnd by thn tlmo would come whun nil would hu
proud nf their connection will It Vn u are In
tne mlilct of an Important contest There are
throe candidates In the Held for Mayor Ono
of thorn wns n umber of an old and retpeetui
fatnliv n tientlemnn of wealth nnd character
Hut ho linn nn interest In tills movement limo
lroil I liIttuifl IsIs vet 0 ilot rmlnuil I to go to tho t
polls noxl Tuesday nnd vote their own ticket
Thoy were willing tn Htiunl up and bo countud
Thny wanted thomsulves to know just what
tlmlr Mroimth Ic l i
Alter prayer hy tho HOT Mr Thompson anti
n sting by Mr leorgn 8 Weokn thin Itiiv It II
Travnr of Lulnnd Lnlverslly New Orlmins
nililrca ed thu nudloncu Ho nnld the advocates
of great tirl it el lullS did not mind I time wimther
therefore t ho cocci ii tint I that all I be furu Im I Ill were
lnuil hI tioti Isis Ho I thon 0 proceeded to del I vii r
n Fourth ol July oration havlntr for Its Text
the unveiling of tho statue of Ilbnrty But
with nil our Illmrty ho Haiti the Immlurnnt on
arriving here was beset by ton ttiouinnd drum
hliopn hoforn ho got through thu city Those
temptation kept him I I down nnd proientoil ito
full I I iliMlopment u of thin country I as tit 0 land of
thn fien nnd thn homo of hIlt brine It was to
relieve us of tIthe tutiglita thnt those good pen
tile were bnndud together In I this I trout pro
hibition I t movement It t was n nmvnment for
the benellt nf our WVPH and children for thin
perfect duxolopment of freeilom He I closed
with n tribute tn the women for their zealous
cooperation In tno work
lilt llnv Inlin Inhnen tutu next speaker was
onlod with applause Hu Bald lie was ten
tntnl bnckbono and nil Ho should vote ito
entire Irnhtbltlnn ticket next Tuesday be
calms un liollcved avery man nn It was n 1ro
hlbillonlst hut should voto ns ho prayed antI
pray ns ho voted Applause Thou ho aduind
Von cnni earn out n prinilple without n party The
hirl triple nf prohibition cnlH for a puny to nhe It effect
hrlMhnd to miike n party tu carry out hift reform
luther hiiil tn format port tOn ulIl Wonley All I i reforms
have riqulrd special unramcittiiui And so tills temper
ante reform rIlull rot a tonY ou cftut rei ly on the old
purtltn The lleinocrillj parly ulll not tutu you be
caitsft they sot they tIre op oticil to all sumptiinry leirin
liii ito 1 lIe Itejiiitillivtii purlt alrtc lIes us beid and
iloei notlilmr The n iitu < Tntlc party savaIt wont help
3 flit and dues 1 lie lleiml i liran party sal i It will brli
3 on nnd itnt 1 prefer ihi llemecritlir party i i f Ihe
two There arc moru lAinocratic rrobibltlonlits In tho
country than publlcum
charged the IliiuMlcan party witim being
n hint Thoy flirt with the Ilijuor rote ono duty
eliot tho nullsaloon people another They are
getting to bo despised by both clnsoes Ap
plausol Ho belliued In deals with neither
party The Prohibitionists wore not numer
ous it was not n bIg party but ho put tin
quality nt It utgititst tile quantity Applnusn
Ho would vote the Prohibition ticket If ho had
to vote nil nlono
A N Cndv President of the American Tom
penance Union spoke next followed by Win T
Ward wo II Hie I Prohibition candidate for Mayor
and other candidates
No Civil Service NoniejDae tn be Attacked la
klr Older kn Snye
BUFFALO Oct 213The Hon Daniel X
Iwockwood this afternoon took the oath of ofllco
as United States District Attorney before Com
missioner Hlrschbock He kissed the Bible
with a hearty smack and said that he should
move as much of the office as was necessary
from Troy to DufTalo next week
I have about thirty applications for tho two
offices which I expect to till said Mr Lock
wood and I shall appoint thorn as soon as
u Will you have them pass the civil service
Not much There Is I going to be no civil
service nonsenne nttnched to my office
Mr Lockwood will mnko his first official np
pearance at the Auburn term of court oil Nov 1C
A Contest OverHenlptor n K Ilrowne Will
NEWDUIWIH Oct 28A contest has been
beiinn before Surrogate Coletnan of this county over
the last nlll of the noted sculptor Henry K Brown
who died not long ago and who designed among other
notable works the equestrian statue of Washington now
slanilliiK In Union Bquare New York Mr Hrown lhe1
In ths town of Nentmmh two miles north of this citr
Ills villa residence Is I considered one of the finest Iith I <
suburbs of this city The content Is made on the ground
that when lie made his will his mental Incapacltl to do
po was etdenl to ever > bndv The heirs at law and next
of kin who makn the cuntent ari Tira 00 Clark Soot uel
I Crown Caroline C Ourptnler John Ilrown Mllihin
Brown unit CynthIa H a tIght Ihe male conlsta of
reil nnd personal pmpertv and Is Hluabe Mr Bronu
left n will dated Dec IT t7i I and In It be give Ills CU
tire properly to Henry K Ilrown Hush with the excep
tion I of Jl 10 l wtliiah he willed to hl < namesake 5hd
nephew llrnry K Ilrown lloth ldes to the Citru
veto admit ihut Mr Ilrown became Insane subkeqiimt
to maklnir the will but the contestant alt ito that he
was aluo of unsuuud mind at Its lime of 1 raw Iutr It
About a 3 ear bffort Mr Ilrown died a btierlffs jur WKH
lmpnnt111 in lucille upon ito altIi to mannife his OH n
allairs They declared that be was Incompetent to do It
and a committee vua appointed to take ellarge of IIIM
Fnlllntr From Ike JPIdk Story In un Elevator
BOSTON Oct 28Thie afternoon Henry Cur
tier Simeon Murrls and Joshua IV Knowlus employ eea
of J F Mckerfton grocer 6 Commercial street had
etarted to return from the filth door lu tlio elevator
when the Machinery broke and the car fell to the hot
toin w 1th a terrible crash and w aa completely wrecked
Thu three men were taken out cnllied toll blecdltiir
KnowlenM fkull Is probablj irAittlred and there ie little
bopo ol Ills recovery Turner WHH Injured Inlerimlly
alum hud several ruin fractured Ills I condition Is criti
cal MorriM who li I a colurf1 man iU4lJineit it fracture
ol the taoe of the sinna and llier Injuries of a serious
nature Ttie clealor n operatid by u wire cable work
luiroMT I a drum and tha accident was rnun d b > the
wlrt gil I tug way Ott hull te tlie hemy lend as till tleMi
tur contHlnud a laMe It U intity i or tiood at the t time The
liiiuriil are all > ouni men anti Kuowles and Morris are
Tke Roulkueetern Itiillroad Pool
CiliCAno Oct 28The general managers of
the lines parly to the Southwisleru Iassenuer Assoilu
lIon affreemeut met today and luned tho contract for
the pool thus putting it Into erect A repreHcntatlve of
tIle bt Iouls and Sail Francmco road uas prtsent but
refined to subscribe to the agreement unles a clauo
woo inserted pro > l Unit for the redemption at tariff rutea
of alt tickets found In the market rbu tilt oilier line
reftii > d to consent to on the grIll i t that It woe already
100 lied form the contract bv llio I priniKi nhkh nmdo
itll lines repott sales and btlihicss nt Intuit rHtia Thn
lilt ilates from lie L 1 and on Nov t all rates thronuh
out tile territuri lore to bo re ioreit to unit ihin win
altance th prei nl rato bvlueon Kansas city and Chi
c o from to luilU
Collision on Ike WMhuek JCond
Br louts Oct 28The Toledo nccommodn
tiou train on Iho Wabanh road collided wltli a freight
train near Edward IOn Ill this mornlnir lie freIght
train had orders to wait for the pasmnitor train at Ud
tvnnUville but the conductor Bttcinpud to reach
Jlllclnll fear miles IC ohm Ihe m Iruiiu Ill lilfl 1 on a
cure Jioth eiulnes wire wreciiiil tIe tegrige hull
ekiresa care were tele cuped nn < id M > rat box cars
dueled Thn cx irene mtfe Hirer it IIHII llnlluu ass
iTUlitd to dinlli by lh ruiiteiilt i llio car belni
thrown I upon him b l A hour lilnuu u brukeuiaii Waa
seriously injured
Dr Converse tilt fur 830000
TKCNTON Oct 2g The suit of Dr Converse
of Jersey Cllv fliulnst the holaware IUkuwAiiuaand
Western Itntlrond niuny for AoOio went to the J uy
this I nftorni on Tills enlnir tie V returned a sealed
vinlirt wlihh will be nptned In till iiiurulutr 1 lie
1liumil I ut atrin k by n Irani ulttit < l suriend luJ lIcks
frail Ii Iliclo IC ill Ill V r fully reel cOot
Some Olker l > iiy
Admire the Bay style of n daihln younir healer
It hose face mn > be bronzed but Ills hejrt Is oil oc lIe
As nne as the heruesot novels by Onlda
M ho ihlnrs like a stIr at the front nf the tight
Ho I I coo Inns liiiiniuiiriro rnJ whIne his nUn
Audliiiher and hither I heicallere his icol
lie tents not tlm fnturp and thats whats the malt r
liicause tu J uuui Uijcr u looking aiunJ
Above Hit bnttlci roar
Ito coil olfes chimul i
Vot this jute 1heolore
hcin other lluiu
The hope fiat I hi e leads H I n trot y forlorn one
Hut forvv ird nn pusti s anj fact s tlic iled
And hU liar shall bw nuv e r a drinl I d and torn one
Tile jti early tie fate ol his iiim Iron I be heiiV i
For geliuni rouiu chlflaliu shall time rurrj Uur U
And oiiitiful ambition so wl lie in Its scope
Outlltln oullasilnir JI factional qimrrrli
Hi lova u lif future null cuuUJeiit lop
lie hars ai hirelofora
Hwc t toioti say i
Not tins itar Theodore
w ttltt 45
CLVunma niairr JXD zcrr
The Inexenenbto Behavior nf the Intltei fsj
front of Tfce nan Offlco 1esltrddr
Tho company of men and women who
viewed the procession from this windows of
Tun BUN building yesterday also witnessed
conduct the part of certain policemen tha
was ED outrageous as to turn their ploaanro
Into Indignation For more than an hour the
police clubbed the poopto again and again a
very close Intervals Among people BO Kooa
natured as the people ot Now York thor
Is next to never any shadow ot roax
ion for the raising ot n club and
In this case yesterday there was not th < J
least occasion for tho outrage Time peopl <
wore massed In Turk row between Tnu Su <
ofllco and the park in a line seven or eight
rows deep Thoy wore mainly persona front
Ilrooklyn halted by the proco tlon and nnx >
Inns to BOO It Time hindmost road nn tlptoo
naturally luiBliod ncalnst the rows In front ot
them In their offorts to see over tholr hcada
and thus tilted the front rows forward When
these little bionks occurred theIr wore oppor
tunities for firm but gentle action on the part
of tho police In uroaAlng tile front row bnelc
and udmnnlsliln thus rnw in the roar Then I
wns nothing moro needed for tho peuplo woro
In purely holiday humor
Hut when these junctures occurred or when
It was suspected that they might occur n halt
dozen bluechid nriim were raised toad Plows in
profusion wens rained down upon tho pvonleti
nnnds The louder in I this wanton brutality i
was a burly nixfoot horuonnt iinniod John A
CroLor nod connected wIth the Ninth ureelnct
Hu win big enough to bo more brave and man
ly ho was old enough to know n great deal
butter Ho thumped the tOt tuli ns no man
woultl dare In then days to hit ni ninny cahea
or sliuup Ho Ilunir blniHOlf upon them
and pushed his way Into tile thick of
them null hammered Ilium on the bend
as If bo was bunting carprln on a wager Tlm
patrolmen near liy followed bin example hut
their dlTunco was 10 mild compared with tlio
behavior of tholr brutal lundor Soruonnt
Crokur that it lie not neces ary to dwell upon
their behavior limo worst of It was that thur
did not look to see where their hlowi fall They
simply reached forward us far as they could
antI whacked away Every blow hit u bat a
face or n bond
Had this occurrod nt night or at any other
tlm or tulane nnd had this cliaigo ngnliint < r
K nnt Croker been mado by n tixraou in the
crowd tlm accusation would dottbtlutii bo mot
with n prompt ilonlnl Now and In thin case
It la I not nt nil likely that the KerKonnt will Qt
tompc tn ilony It If his superiors ecu Ut to tako
any action In the lualiur
annvaxa Kvrs IN IifILI XZ
Jllllnn thInks Hlnnv Inndlorila Intend te >
Kvlct Teimnle
PtiitTS Oct 28A largo number of land
lords In West Clare mails a reduction In tholr
rents todar Thin rents on the JJrowno estates
wore reduced forty per cant and on the
OKellv estates thirty par cent Col Stewart
mndo n reduction of twenty and Cnpt Morgan
of fifteen The tenants generally are paying
Mr John Dillon has an article on tile Irish
question In tho Jiincleexth Century Ho says
Thero are the strongest reasons tu expect tllat a large
section of tIle landlord In Irelanl I Intend tn evict
tenantsdurlnir the ci mine winter If there Os to bean
other land war the new faith of the IHi ml party mar
br put tn a seere strain Many bitter llilixs will ho
said and tn spite of all we can do it ids may be I IonS
In Ireland which will Cull k them dreplv A very great
responsibility will rue upon tile IlKMls If they will
be etronir In their faith nnd nuniclpnity wld In tluir I
tyIittt itch to enter It t > the bitterness ut an ippresneii
peopln all will come ritfhMtr > HUOU and ilr tiC istolli
will llvo to ate the two peoples friends
There wore lively scones nt tile montlre of
the Convocation of tho Royal Uulvoralty of
Dublin nstordny Tho Nationalists niailo nn
attempt to obtain n share In the govnrument ot
the University MrBarn Thomas Power OCon
nor Clancy and Tanner mumbnrs of Parlia
ment were nt the meeting After n lone
wrangle a propotnl wns mndo to nominate Mr
OConnor ns a cnndidiito for a pent in till Sea
ate but tile wn rojectmi hy a large majority
Lnilni Jrtlnnti tolls the Irish tenants that the
time for patient endurance IH passed and snya
It Is time for them to stand iii nnd tluht bard
hitting from the shoulder Tlio Unionists It i
bays have been in power for six months and
have not made any aitemorut to suppress tha
National League which Is stronger mora
activennd more resolute than exor and lauchi
nt time Government devices bluster UnIt throats
The paper taunts time Uovoruuvit with bolug
afraid to use coercion
Why ike trur Ullled Ills AId
LONDON Oct 28It Is now whispered and
tile story Chili many belIever that the Crara reason
for kIttng bit aide Count Reutern was that he sue
peoteit the Count ot malntalnlntr a llalinn with a female
memlier of tie linp rUl family Count Kcutern ha1
earned the reputation of pnea solar In a high decree
the prolielislttea uf Don Juan ant illS 4iarn sIn
piclone that hli aide hnd not held the hnuKehold of Ills
finpvrlat master Inviolate are said to have been well
Forbidden te Ireack In a niiptlit Cknrc
LONDON Oct 28The Boy Hugh Hoglnalil
llawele Vkarnf Bt Jamesn Kplicopat chapel Marjle
bone was announced to preach a sermon lo day in the
City Tomplo Iluptilt of which the Uev Dr Josepll
Parker Is pastor When the time for the bttflnnlnjr of
I ho service arrived Mr HnvviUilid 1 not appear nnd Dr
Inrker Kniiounce I to the < > who html as emhleit that Mr
llnweleM llishon had forbidden him ID I puuch tn Ilia
city Temple This statement wue received w hIm cries
of Shamel Uhamal
A Princess on the Amateur ftlnne
Daiuiy Oct 28Tilo Cologne Gazelle says
that rrinceis OoUoroukl I the nioriramiilr widow of tbsi
late Czar Alexander II recently coininl iioned a Illls
ion ptnywriirlit to write a comedy she herself rnrnlRtl
liiir the plot rIle commUilon HUH promptly executRd
and tile play was acUd a phurt time ago bulorc u select
aiullence at the villa of the rruuees at lllurrltz tlm
characLTl turIng presented by the Irlncess hir chil
dren and the 1rlnco Jedroj
Fntnl Collision on the Tkitmea
LONDON Oct 28The British steamer Bor
derer Capt Mauler Irom Honon Oct te for London
collided with the Mlierva In the Thamea today Tin
Minerva stile and Helen per ons were drowuvd TIC
llurdmer suktulned considerable damage
Ilerukurdlsi Nan FlakU n Iluel
PAnts Oct 28Maurlco Bernhardt son of
Parah rnnarilt has fIlCh n duul vviin M Ini KIIIH
the txhlbttnr uf u painting rlJIculiuif lola ulutile t U
LutiKlola w ai wounded
Tke AT euw Inraistt Company
IoNnpv Oct 28Tho human Intornatioimf
LlUSi5 lIlts tecul > regUlereU Hitliaiiplu
of lluuouOJ In uu pound Minns
JlKkt Ieraone lltiru d In a Cabin
LOUIRVILLE Out 28On Tuesday William
Ioe u farmer near Ilat Itock Knox cdnni wdit nwiy
from home on bJlnoE lens lug iii i wfc riic j lulu Ihll
dren and two joinig laths uit the mlghborhonI I ini I
Alice Came and Sallio Adams In bin W r ibln Iniiliin
ti n night the cabin lurnmKinl
was Ill all u i iuiier I
burl aId heIr nmalns wire I fiitlii nit IHV M tin
ot i hi return it I ultut ko how tile i Chub
cOugii I lire but tile tiuulilet riiuilii tier ruundi ln < n
I mr thue nt tile bb > and i lie ClItlul omit of ile bed
lninih stobrI 1101 ° U 01110Ct hal u < u 111120 ti ci Lf
tlllgulislm tlu lire
lijiiird by rntlliiE from a Toner
HANOVEK N H Oct 2flWhllo C A Oar
bluer of Iliddeford Me a Dirtmouth I senior o u I II
Tuttle of Lebanon and Timothy Sullivan of llnimvei I
were at work on the stone lower at Collie Park tudiy
tile itajcliiit gave way and hurt fell thlrlynve fct lo I tli
rocks lijlow tjardlnirnamriouslyiiui
I not ftiii i 11
urd Tuttlo ot too trlltiti Ill 0 cut about I i hia I lilt
tluty neOn r PIt lii i otu CIuO i il i to II Ii to few ril ues I Ie
S flu It of bniMIn C lie i tIlt er urlnhmlel ti ul 1 t F Jn S
MIt IC Willlily lltttio by sellIors Uato crsduiotiu5 ci set is
epctcd to dltctufltt
Killed whim Ititclnir with n Train
FORT KKCUIII Mutt Oit as cowboy henl
tug solute otoltie ulo01r lit luiiII > trnlii Luiicvlvrd Hi
deaot ruiinlneararow iih I t a freight train Just pasting
nttlng spuire tobl < brenrho IIH rnmht lip nltn the fly
Itug curs utuit fr a ii lulte the rIco to os an sect on
otlilie iimuliihig bIle inii ihmitMde thin iruln tIe hors
ant rIben by a nudiirn mull irr ilirutcu n HHHIII I ll
Cot Ills tltY 10 00 tIC Mlli1 t ii U Ileilil being split r
aid both his lee broken Tho buna was also klle I
hell Oat Ilgbl la tie Extinguished
W hiiiNMov Oct 2SActlngSocrotnry 1nlr
chill tolit > give orders for tin I tall gulilinirnl ti iha
lecnic I light In the timer nt II elI lOtte New Yurk hnr
lot from and after Dee I This I HHI Wll > tIne1 j tilt
ill tt < mii ndiiiun of the Light Ilno iioar I lou n I ic
auvnf cnsait i fritt ltiorluir tillol ill
llhntiuir u lotuutr ni Ii r ligit Ilululd II C deirlim
lead uf aid
uu w toll igatiun
A ReceIver lur Ike tnirrlcnn Hall Cniimnr
NrwOmfiN Oct 23Judcn IPOn A far
e of the United P tale Circuit Court In tho cj f
olin Uiwder Welsh niralnst Ihe i AnurlPan fa t I inn I
lilly of New iirk hli5 toll ellltd Mi lutttlll Ill
luiiuf Niw iurk reiBivcrof tin company
rllnmlci fur the Iol Untie llrpiirlnicnl
WimiiNcroj Oct 23Tins tlmntos nf the p
expenses of tile iostitl srr > ici > for thlu inxt I uIea l > ur
aiitrnrnto J5VJIJ IV I Tlw nn nrrHnoim fr ih > cur W
reilt 0 CuOt 0re fIJci4 eiultlud ill OIl toiCiC urlleat I
bui ul i7ii0J
FMllure ufii 1rlviile Iliink
IlvcotN III Oct 25 Dimeuhrme > prlvnto bank
htos il iwe H u I duurs llic I lit inius uru Jjwuun of
which tH ITe due dcpuiturs I I
The Rev Thomas J Conaty makes a < orr
omplrte summing up uf tile Uoman Caihollu view of
Itellclon in hducalion In Otis leading attlola of the
CtUioio iruuijfersucmsitoir

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