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HC1E AT lilt lint HltKIK
A llfUc Molkir 1111 tii Stun krr klldrrn
Uonna at Ike Ilnlonfil Vlcllmi I An El
Klnrera EnoIuus nt I Irrrllite Moment
ST PACL Oct t 20Hlshop Whlpplc who
arrived last nlcht from the scene or tho terrlblo
railroad nccldont at Hlo WIs SIS A freight
train reached Illo about twenty minutes before
the limited train which was wrecked and tho
r twitch hud been lift open Our train was going
at tho rato of 45 mllm nn hour so tre train
mon said nnd tho coura4o of tl enclnocr can
not bo pralaod too highly Ho stayed with tin
engine and I havo nnpr known nnnlr brnto to
bo sot so iulcklt nnd etronulf aa that one was
I was In the llrst slcopor and had the burth In
the end next the daycoach Mr i McGlnnU of
1 Morris was In tho berth ouposlto me The In
stant of tho shock ho sprantr from tho berth
and ran to tho front ond of tho car but It was
a Impossible to Let out at that end for It hal
lie rushed back and cried outCome and
help me sao theo loopt who ate bo Ink burned
t dootb I had ben awnko but a few minutes
boforo and had looked at my watch It was
123U oclock I followed McCtlnnU In inyutock
Inl feet Ho ran faster than Land when I came
to tho burning coach ho bad taken two children
from a woman near the rear of the coach She
said her iintno was Scborcr of Winonn ami
Mked him to xavn her children for their father
was living WH both tried to lift thu wuimn
from IvlI car but wo could not for Hht JIH
wedged beneath the broken ceatn A moment
alter wo reucUi bur her dreij took lire and
elm fainted and wiut burned to doth before
our rca
There was comparatively little screaming
coming from tim car but thro was rather tho
low moan of HUHerluc and I bollove that most
of thoso who perished wore killed outrlklit
Tho car was toleseoinid ut both ends Mr
Ames who was on the train BKW tho < imsson
Bors In that conch and so did inv wlfu and thuy
think there were uoM > ntoiii Thor were two
Haler of Charity who boarded the train aol
wore bound for lnona tburo was a mother
and daughter whose names aro unknown
tbrto young men u inlddloauod man Mrs
Hlierer her mother and two children I man
that cot on at Columbus two men who board
ed the car at atertown Junction and the man
who cdmbod out at tho toP lie and Iwo chil
dren were saved the others woro burned to
In about an hour and a half Mr Collins
Superintendent or that division arritxd from
Mllnaukeo and Phillip Lnnulov and Mr < Boy
1llwaukeo company were on the trail < nnd
everything was done that could be done for tho
comfort 01 tho passengers who were lt Tho
ladles on the train were especially kind In car
Inn for tho two motherless children Ono was
a little girl about 4 tears old and tho other a
baby a boy Tbe pasi l < aniur8 In the aleeplnu
cars had somo alight bruises but none was
seriously Injured
The Franciscan Sisters who lost thlr lives
were bister Aluhonso and Sistor UI unison
They were accompanied by a candidate from
O J tbo mother house at New Caesel Vila The
I two Sisters I had been to Chicago and were on
R their I war to the Wluona Institute wIth the
S candidate from Now Cassel who joined them
at Milwaukee All three perished <
MILW IUKEE Oct 29 Conductor Hankey of
the freight train which caused jeitterdars ac
cident near Rio who fled into the woods Imme
diately after tho catastrophe occurred has
been found wandering around In a roving con
dition Ho is likely to become a maniac
Though 0 mass of bruises and confined to
his bed Conductor bearlo of tho llltat d train
was bettor today anti will recover This af
ternoon ho talked freely He remembers and
ean describe seventeen people who wore in the
burned car He says there wero morn In the
coacb so that it Is evident that the fatalities
must hate been at least twenty and probably
more Among tboso whom he describes am
Sirs C SchorAr of Vlnonn her children and
ber motherinlaw Mrs 1 Jones two Sisters
of t Charity bound for Unona L Drinker and
Emi Woltensdorf ot Columbus WIs the
women who lot on at Chicago ouo with
0 child Charles Smith wno escaped
an unknown man of about 40 who
boarded the train at Vnttertown and
who was bound for M tuston Wis
a man with n ticket fr btlllwater Minn three
tckot Mlwoler lnn tlroe
loggers ticketed for ausaw probably to BO to
work In tbe pineries This lIst does 10 In I
clude a novitiate who accompanied thn Catho
lic Sisters nor Walter Scott J T Lincoln
Mrs C M Mohr of Hock Island tho commer
cial traveller Dibble or Mrs Lowry of Milwaukee
waukee The latter Is probably n mistake as
no such person Is known here There Is lIttle
doubt that three pinery men whose presence
on the car Conductor be trio recalled today
for the first time perished He had loft them
but a few minutes before curled up asleep on
the benches
A Portage despatch says
Thu work of identifying the dead is pro
Breeslne slowly Tho body ota man whose lelS
J I and arms bad been burned off and whoie dis
U torted face bore evidence of the terrible agony
r I he suffered was Identified as that of Louis
llrincker The body of trail Wolterndorf was
found under 0 pile of trusses and rods His
head was burned to a cinder and every partlclo
of clothing bad been < destroyed Tbe re
mains were identitled by means of i rink
found on one of his lingers Tho bodies l
ot blitera Alpbonso and Dlonesla woro
found closo together Ono WDa in n
kneeling position with the bands clasped an
though death overtook her while engaged in
prater Tho body of a man ituppoiud to bo
Walter Scott was removed from under n seat
Ills name was written on his collar seat
strange to say had not boon tfobed by the
flames As fast as the bodies re removed
from the wreck they wero taken to tbl vlllaes
of limo where Coroner Allen and tho District
Attorney bad summoned a jury preparatory to
holding an inquest
CIIICAUO Oct 2Mr Totter an English
pontleman who survived the accident the
train on the MIlwaukee and St Paul road de
scribed the ulnaMer as fo < lows
I was partially awake when the accident
happened the train mutt have been running
at a hhh rate of spend The Ural sound was
that of an indescribable crash I can only
liken It to the snapping of numberless timbers
with the rapidity of a fusillade Then I beard
awoful an appalllnc wall Ibo combined ap <
peal and despair nt f many voices Meantime I
Jolt tbn tremendous power ot the air brakes
and wnllo this Indescribable fluidity was aUf
lenlne and arresting thn car In which WIS HIl
lag my body seemed to be carried r slstl sily
forward I was tilled with a nameless dread
for bavlDI hoard the appalling crash I mo
mentarily exported to b crushed to death mo
a the standstill was reached Involuntarily
exclaimed Thank God Every one was pre
paring to leave the car Before could dress
the lurid light from the burning coach next
ahead of us Hashed into tbo vestibule of our
Bleoper In three minutes tho sleepers the
one I was In and tho two to tbe roar were
emptied of passengers
when I alighted tho day coach was ablaze
In every part 1 another minute the flames
Dad spread both ways until the mail Ind tamo8 bl
gage cars wero lurid aol the foremost deepen
were Inviting the tire I was out of my carjust
v In time to sue a woman her body half within
4 1 and half without tho burning roach hand a
child to a man unjolnlnc him as she did BO to
Inve the child for his 1 dear fathers ako < Two
man struggled to pull thin woman through tho
window but her limbs were s securely fixed In
the wreck and with my heart swelllnc into my
< swlhl 1110
throat I stood transllxeil and saw Urn poor DY
creature burned to a crIsp In tart saw the
head a charred lump drop from tho shoulders
Meanwhile we caught Ellmpses of others
through the breaks of the blazlnii wreck and
heard thn moans down to the last audible
Sound but we wore powerless s to help the ylc
time for the heat was so fierce that nn one
coul 1 Bland within a hundred feet or the Urn
The porters threw blankets and beddIng
from tho sleepers until they were driven lnl
closely liy the tamed that one of them had to
tumble Head lint out ot one of the windows
The crew from ono of Cite sidetracked tralnl
1hoc a locomotive to the rear sleeper and
tried to pull the Mrs away to I place of safety
but tbo couplings beIng bent the ears could
Dot b moved without dragging the burning
rlllol burnlol
coaon and si only the rear Innper was success
rOlr 1HI6r WIS IUles
fully tIstacheI Thu blaze lighted up tho whole
neighborhood and tbe ira i fences and tele
Branh poles near by were ablaze
Iho engineer who displayed marvellous
coolness ali courage caw among us with
head and face crimson with blood and told us
how Ji happened < Ho raid he was whirling
around the cUre and the nnnitlnn nf the shIn
ttakol freight obscured the witch signal but
81Vlch 611nll
hu was on the lookout for It and the Instant It
HIM to his view be i the < 101lant nail tin
slructon ahead Ho had less titan a train
ienith T l logo and was mnklo fOrtyIlye mIles
10 hour but he applet the lull power or Chic
air brakn aol reversed his engIne and bolero
he could reversed from the < bltr
< hil
tnlKbty machine was plowIng tho earth and the
ears were piling upon eb other it is woo
iSfful that the ontooer and Ilrnman caped
with > lriairMililu for the lIghtnlngjuo
UL ltr 01 this drlvor action In applyIng
the Icton
e brake the whole train IPplrlnl
must have
bsen frightfully wrecked stud the losS
of 1011
o IIt I
I creator than It was I
a that the t mpanr A emploreea
aulor lrlormed orolo ftenioo lor Uo clon ot
lIJtUll jo niiii ton IUWIIr
Tonight Jurndi Sir 41pnr e Npcttka at
Httn tleeilnca In I One i enlnic
Tho mannffcr4of flio Hour kotgo cam
pnlKn announced with joy yesterday that Ion
eril Master Workman Iowdorly of tho KnIghts
of Labor would address I meeting In behalf of
Mr Ooorco on Monday nIght Tlio largest
hal that cnn be secured will bo engaged Tho
mnnacors mill say that lOuUOO men will tako
Dart In the big purado tonIght 1 they do tHe
rear rank of the procession will not bo ablo to
start up tho llowory from Groat Jones street
until ns lone niter tho first rank starts a It
takes a rnrader 11 t walk nine miles mo lino
Is to wind iiroiind Union squat first nnd Joni
kin Mninro next Iho formation has loon
clmtiued from oUht files front to twelve flics
trout Mr ieorio rattled around In n coach
last nIght and alllr sled niovin rneptlnus In
all Ho arrived ut tho hall at 2VI Uast llroad
WRY about 9 ocloik Thorn had been a torch
Ilifbt proceiislon and a band of music was
at work Ibo crowd extended out Into tho
Street Cheers went up when Jfr George ap
Hariid Senator Kcclosino introduced him
Mr George went for the police which Is his
favorite subject i 4 which always produces
cheers lie had tho account of Sergeant
Crokora clubbing of citizens In front of TIIK
SUN ofHco and quoted the facts D related In
Tlc Su
This Is a fact sa II Mr George and tho
pol co tire guIlty ul acts just n < brutal as this
ovory day but they are not brought t the
notIce < Iho public When I ant tteyur J wIll
rniuudt this condition of tbiuLi so turns r 1 inn
nblu and will HUH to it that honest hardwork
tnt luiii and uoiuun can oiuov I hot Iduty with
out bolnt iilnidil Thirty thonsnnd 1 workIng
tinn have called ution mo and bent plodLvd
mo their vote and support Ibis Is the true
Democratic movemiint
The United Order of American Carpenters
and Joiners met In Irvine Unit They marrhod
In In seimrnto lodges and stacked their btttiuers
on ttic HtaLo amId Lrnut applause Thin Chair
lao was Jatuxs < IT Case ley James 1 Quinn
nf tbii Hotii Club and Dlstrlc Annoiubiy 4l
Knights of Tabor said that they walt to
elect Henry doorte In order to llnit out all < the
rascality that existed In the Mayor ofllce
When Henry Joorro appeared In tho hall
Chalrmal Casnloy Intro u a him as tho mod
ern Moses como lot to deliver thorn from the
land of bondage but from tbo bondage of tbu
land Mr Crcorto said <
Tlitt Frfntny Itilt and the UurU lay thnt the Oeortfe
booinuiloai Mr llaultl hss hired A frofesvlullal liar
to tett them n surll a nu tiutf an thll 11lh1 thrir
iiiltlak I U I a little earuvni ol the uprhlhili is I lit
tore for them nest lueJuy I ask you to void not for
me not fur tin cuinll lair Iut I tot the i suse Hie I pruici
lie I ou uphold flic lollowera I of hewitt rely uion
bribery ami t > IJI iiiw uih bulhloi I aa tits I oilier l day
killed a carpenter tircauae he pal 11 tmu aa a ioorico uiau
Lit u > give them one lnon tluill mrer forget
The Henry George Music Festival gotten up
by the managers ot that gonlemtitts campaign
must have netted several hundred dollars to
the campaign fund for Cblckerlnv Hall was
crowded last nluht with persons who paid
twentylive cents apiece for seats The pro
cramme opened with Schillers Sang of thn
hull sung by St Stephens choir the Con
cordla Club and a chorus of one hundred
voices Tho words wero not remarkably suited
to the occasion A part quartet waa as follows
The father cheerful from the dor
lllawidt extended honieltfad eyes
lie boseti ulth Mwellltn prUe
Klrtn ae a mountain n 110
Airaiu the iiiock of f ito
1 now my happy state
Promises of reform in thin PolIce Deportment
were suggested by a solo wblch wont
A plrui hot e by all be shared
htrua the ioptLr clear
Mr George spoke briefly and assured thosn
present that ho was confident that he would
get laOOOU votes
Lospov Oct 29A public meeting will be
meetnl 11
held in London on Monday of worklnicmen and
< workllimoo
land reformers the object of which will 110
sunport the policy of land restoration b to
express sympathy with tho American working
men in their tort to elect Henry George as
Mayor New York Ouorle o
Ucaawhlla Xotkln Can Hold fJrndTand hit
JCloquvnce Pervades the District
Mr Timothy J Campbells throat was soro
as ever yesterday and ho could not make any
ble speeches In his campaign to be reelected
Congressman from tho Eighth district Ho
spent most of his time over tho loan agency of
tme alonc
loses Mohrbach Instead of at his headquarters
at the Oriental Club Grand and Ridge streets
which Is too accessible to strikers
Grndy Is sending out his circulars and tickets
over the district He has twentyflve men in
his headquarters at 333 Grand street hard at
work so that no voter In the district will be
unsupplied Last evening Grady spoke at four
Grady men declare that Campbell has made a
deal with John Simpson Republican loader In
tbe Sixth who Is now running for the Assem
bly whereby Simpson Is to sot the County
Democracy voto In return for the Republican
endorsement of Campbell Campbell has the
endorsemont but Ibo friends of Wm J Me
Kenua the Democratic candidate for Assent
bly are working hard to see that ho Is not do
feated I proof of the deal Is obtained Camp
bell will be openly Instead of secretly cut by
Tammany whose candidate for the Assembly
McKenna is Owlne to the union ticket Mc
Kennn has the County Democracy endorse
ment and Tammany endorsed Gustav Meu
finger the County Democracy nominee for
In the Eighth Assembly district theta are
rumors of a deal to tradn rhllitp Wlisig Tam
many and United Democratic candidate for the
Assembly for votes for Campbell and Charles
Smith John J OBriens man <
The Campbell people are procuring their In
alrtment against the Grady peoplA and they
have therein charges of contemplated deals
with the labor vote with the Republicans and
with pretty much everybody
Dcmocrata Making it Great Dart to Car
t lilac Congress Illalrlor
COLUMBIA Oct ThocarnpalKn In South
Carolina will b closed In a few days Tho State
Democratic Executive Committee instead of
appointing political meetings for each county
as has heretofore ben done appointed mass
meetings for each Congress district but in tho
upper and middle portions of the State the
people have been utterly disinclined to attend
political meetings and tho nominees for State
officers have had very small audiences At
two meetings In Cougross district the
meetnj8 ss 118trlot audi
ences were smaller thao the campaign party
In the Seventh or black district however this
has not been CIte case Tbi whItes with their
colored Democratic allies have boon t working
with tho utmost zeal for Col Elliott Many
meetings have tnjiiu held In the district and
thn pnopln have boon told that It was Inisideiit
Cleveland expressed wish thnt the Democrats
should carry the district and that it was
needed more now than ever before The bLat
campaign party ban paid particular attention
to the seventh district and senator Hampton
has gone thereto help Col < Elliotts canvass In
each county Tbo presence of Hampton Is
having a marked ofToct the colored
havlnl otect upon peo
ple Ho Is respected by them more than any
other mn in the State and already has caused
many to desert the Republican ranks cauel lho
prospects of Elliott carrying thin black district
have brightened considerably during tho past
ten days
Congressman George DTIlImnn I Democrat
renomlnated from the booond district Is golnt
around with tbo campaign party abusing and
censuring resident Cleveland and the Ad
ministration In general ills conduct has
caused much Indignation I throughout tbe
< > nnlon
State His brother has for two years been
charging the State Government with being
corrupt and Incompetent
IollllcBl JVotea
The united Democracy of the Seventh As
Kinbljr district will hold a ratification nxeUutf ibis
evenIng In Lyric 111 t fcoutli Fifth avenue
A man meting coder the auiplcee of the down town
students an I < Ta1iitei of the fnocrr Initltute will ie
held hue reenitu ill Man lard Hall lift East Uroadway
to ratify the nomination I of Mr Hewitt
W r
Theodore Roosevoti will h I lrli a ln ftlntf 00 the Sub
treasury atepa a3l oclock this afttrnoou te Sub II I I
Trolllne Nluclt Monad far taliramla
CIIR vro Oct 29Jobn Mickey the superin I
tendent Mr J I haggles California breedlm farm
arrived In the city today from Kentucky with a carload
of Ulevii flare and > earliDtf > dettlntd for Iht rahtor
nU luck tare where they will b I brr l to Iiorebm an < t
Sir I So Mr lla < in now has at Washington Iarlt
fitly lad of broud wares and colts wtiicn will tM
I loJlo atilpp > d 10 cU rttU temerraw prurUiug 119 weatber I
UK inrtsss A 1141 tnT of IISl
iur rclnc She 1otnU Acii1n t George end hU
Tkrorlei and llliainff fins Beware of
the Ihundcrbtlt He Neck > In Wield
Tho business mens mass inccttuf which
ntloil Steinway Hall last night was organized
by tho luIn 8a Ions Municipal Association
amonc vho6omombors are many of the lead
ing mon In tho bunlnesq inonfl inooniont In
the Cleveland clmpnhn of 18i4 There was a
Koodly BprlnLMnirot ladles In tho house Mr
J I < ward blminnni itroHlil On tho plat
form WITO some forty or moro romlnont > mum
bore of tInt assocIation 0 VlllIs James
Charlim It IVot V A Colo Henry Clnuson
1 I H L Lhonnore Wilson O K 1 Hunt nm Morris
1 Jesuit were among tho VIcoVrosMuun
Mttittt rM salt 1 Mr Slininoni In his openlni speech
drOne uhu It I ersed ia the
nl o a pulitklftii ra one u 10
scIence > oC got emit ii Mit ami the art of Koveriilnif In
this 1 ocpt lou uf > the worJ 14 I the I ciillunt more Im
l Inc t tn Ilio milieu or MI occupation file will
em i drr iurpott r achier conwfjuencei tu the iiitlon 1
The tttiBQtlifactorr cnniitlon of our public aflftlr may
tue due tu Cite fait that our bustiuM mon are
not potitlcUii Their 1 lack ot vljtlauce their
apathy and I list g 11 of the dutif of cltUcn
ship hate mal Clue way ot the trantrreMnr
an vany Tue II i heel a hltflier tnornllty lu i ur
liff II tfvil In tlm vllnc ol
olttkfl I IC A a purr lone II llc 1 iur
i uiiiiiii Oounril tmiuWr all jmi bUetuitos men nf
Nu Y irk in hcate ty jtiur preeee tnre tti niifht that
jnu lure all to tM I > lyrnckii of tile lionr I v have
tune lifiv toiilirlit to iHitifv oltr lo > altj to ti uarkimc
null n rii > riiiiiritlti I urinvi mnn t talon vrrir t
lu thf iruure of hov eminent niiil ttin art ut Buvciiiii
our i nutti ut t tie fur M tOlhlol 1 i Af rani 5 Hewitt
Mr Ilowittrt naiiitt 11 greeted with uroirof
Aiilauho Wit huh rruko nut with ruttou tuniC
forco vhMi Mr limviit hint suit in ovnhii
threes and looklll froriii anti vIgorous Rtopuod
upon tho platform Aftor tlii upplnttso hud
died iiwav stiMTiil Cutlets aud had boon nnmod
again Air Hewitt uan all last < able to make
himaHlf lit nrd AUnr rcforrinir In compliment
ary tAm to tie Cluilrmnn Mr Hewitt spunk
iui of the mannur of his nomination said
tie inecthitc wan 1 ineiiHirntit nile Nn human belnK
hail rpuKeii to fir un the vunj ct ut uiy cuuti li ttaey and
tt I wn not this work of ontut C un UK true thuimiii I
tvliu ilnc t l inu lu tiuniinniiitn hate Ion if itch in I rhiufio
of tte pul lie atlnlr1 of tin city am 11 I I sea < iertei l t
ty thtriii I caiiiMt but tliliiK u wax Ucsuv In tluir
bitch itt ctrcumtancf uf Clue ta s JnnaiiJeJ a dir
leI i turn thus i hey uiittlit uttucru iou have taken I
atLfpt t the in n nation with r ufrt I fell that my
work such nII ta other aside and I o
wur ucl as wa > in nlo Mai only
luUicrtl tu artept It i L cuiiHftlt I that there hail MI t
pad Ion tile mene an apo tU of M ne w doctrinenot
hew to the DM I t old hut vholU ICC i to huts free city
uf Utlttt doctrine of cnn tluati in
Inl U truv that the bem brain forco In tlili I cuuutry and
In tho world conic to tin tuttle I city of Nuw tort
where e lire alit 1 it 1 also true that wherever them It
an liuiiallty of rain t i ovver ttnr will bo UQ Inequality
offnrtuiiA an tneiUitlt tn thus dlvlilon of pjw r and I
w nlth Just ai oil sOur U I greater auii 1 1 tt llr than nn >
otlnr t but the tutu 1 lit uf lit a vf n aulnea upon nil alike I
Ditltrtnt surroiuuiinifu Oiilfrvnt activity will nr a < I
arily produce diU I reut dcreee ot rllw and tru
p rity
So two people briny alike In this respect an1 1 thor I
necessarIly Umirln thl if re at city unlr l thnt Ian o I
nature a greet number of people l who iiiiint live from
day to day by tintr hays labor thi udtent of n man of
Crest maifiietlc Intliu nte of great mowers t of orator > w ho
prtiachea Pu them lolle j that that which tielumta tu
tbuus hi 1 theinthat they created It aud tt u ttetrsio 1
dautf roui nun
I have nullim to say ai to the ilncerlty of Mr
Oeorire conviction on tills 5Ut Jectnn which he dwell
I belime that 11 U sincere and toe that reaiun believe
that hl he 1 all I he more daiueroun 111 C 1 not strange that
under hie Inlluence I a large imnibr of Ignorant people ai
welt as a tare I number of wtli nfnilii but wholly de
Uiled neoplc should be to 1 I awny to hi fal acle
If the dcctme of Mr Ueurffe us tu a division of
prorerty were adupied all Incentive to savin money
wu1 be taken away The productive value or thIs
country ai howl by tatuua is about lilly cent a
day per heal If th ref > ru a naii to t earning more
than thi It be is I earnlnirfl I or f a do > he U earnIng
more lion than lila bare on tIlls bails ol a ircueral dUtribu
1eter Coooer was enratrett tn the maaufacture of glue
for IIUJ 3 ears Dunn that time tin price er produc
tion lncrea d by double the price of the articU win
reduced one half and the quality of the article produced
double In xccirur Mtii who were elliOt < o > 1 all this
time tty feter ooper raved their monM bought their
hOI and lived iomfortably Prier Cooper nnt rich
Ou whose property did ho encroach I VV horn did lie C rob r
lake the example of Heiiemer life Iie5seuit
discovered a procei for makIng improved gold tub
cneap tVitti the money he them from tIthe invention
he atiptled discovery he hat made for cheapening the
li oC
l r7 f g
prodtctton of steeL Iteascusr atm got rich bus Uio
Production humanity by hUdicov I rj are vastly ureater
than accrued to him not a day passes but hundred of
thontanlBof I people enjoy the fruit of Ma genius in
rheapenlmr traiuportation Will anybody begrudge
ileossnior aho richer
Mr Oeoreeia > I that the Knights of Labor and other
labor ordAtiization muflt come to the poll In I a body
and can their vutea for htm Is that the liberty 10
which he is i lull I iting tree American citizen f Waa not
that doctrine hatched In the infernal Cegiotue to destroy
all that U maul and hero c In hutnun nature I <
MrITowltts address was delivered In a clear
ringing voIce and with much movement and
spirit and elicited lrHlt applriu and at tho
ctoso aconulnn ovation roderic u Coud rt
Al urnon H bulllvun and 0 < 13 Potter also
spoke The resolutions say
In the comitc 1 1 election by the I candIdacy of Henry
George the bus neM interen of our cur are meudi J
the security of ropertj i is I threrttened and iuuertlou
of law and older is I openly adoatfd Indo specious
appeal to the paiilon and prejudice or clan
As lustiness I thou n of nesY Vurk we plaice our hearty
support to Abram s I 11 In the comic il ctlou We
Incerely deprecate ails action which uinltr the pre
t n enf advocatln the tame principle of which our
candidate la 1 an llluitriou rxeuipUtr e nail bitethy alit
elUnhty en4nng r our citys wu fttre at the call of
arty And necatl UI on all who deSire a found admin
ttration of the cit > 5 Government to bruit t every energy
for the election I nf the patriotic tatemau Abram d
Hewitt the people canal late j
Twentyllvo hundred Germans enthuslantto
for Hewitt and about ona hundred Socialists
orowdod Into Cooper Institute last nllht
Piano Maker William Steinway was President
and a lIst of Ylco Presidents headed byOawald
Ottendorfor was enthusiastically accepted by
the meeting Applause greeted Mr Carl churz
lie said
Iolltc In Sew York hero lonl bean rotten One AI
derman is I tn Slog Slug many are In Canada and one li I
liinne because he cannot ket then
> f dear worktngmen do not beltire that any one man
Cs 1 Kohl tnbrltiff Snout the millennium Ttielworkmnnin
would tuHtr tiioot from Henry ttvurtfei euccoes 1rop
ert > owner are uot onl > uch men as the Aitor
Ulll and other wealthv mtnbut rer > worlvlngm
who luas inanattirl to ave a fen dollars t 1 a property
owner Besides the worklnifmen who believe that their
Inter us are Idcntlta with Mr 1 tteorire success hU
baikera Inclule all theAnarchutiaiiliommiiniit in
the city lllerc Police Cautaiu ilcmllagli who wa
In tore clothes fixated In the front row
U an in t ere ted peeiaiur lauictieJ In a sarcastIc mal
oem I i a 11 a tenD o tile worKintfinan and I can trulv
ny so for I ak nothlnf if him I am not now <
never will bn I tuan a andidatn lor otlc Of trike I
can only ay that IIOIB can te succeusfut < unleai the
ynitathy of flue American inple t with II No hone
Viorklntfuan wih 1 jnvf ui I a contract into which tie nil
Inglj enured aiit I which hi tecut i honetly malutafned I
by the tmploTer Nor will the American pcuplr show
tradeainen t < > be crushed down bcu the fiveim
NOYIUllo workltiicmeu who have refuted to John II a
W e as fermtn here al everywhere are for the right
anti thu taw and I ts to inaiutalu them that we vote
for Abram A Iletvttt
Mr Hewitt came in and the audience nroso
en iiasse and cHeered Mr Steinway Intro
dured Mr Hewitt as tho next Mayor nf Now
York Mr hewitt was very hoarsu He said
I am aorry I cannot speak to VnU in the tongue that it
endowed br the el < iueiice o ray friend Ur bchurz but
I un l rand tuough to un ler and the introduction t > t
the Chahrbiitut ant the Utuna of your heart I have
nut louxhi the cacti lacy 1 am not here U a candidate
except for the various nt defending the principle for
wilcti one would be willinc to Ur I down iiis life
j Inc malY I went Into thi contest for the ake of
the DeinOiratio party hu liea lain a Democrat anil
telt > Minm arty t hut t nlxi bellvte that me iteration
occur wtifii a man tenet roe nbuve party sal tithe u I
OIIH if tiusee t laiinn I rennnitcr li7ti when itond
ntraiuit 1 Juitgeitiiiue of anarchy anl I was thfii
thankid I by inauj K ubliram who hal now forgotten
I 1 Mr George a gout that he wonll I make all mon rtiil
I Incapncitv > ii 1 rortunr 1 Ile I I S t he to I 111 l 1 n tint 4cr
holt Let him beware It doe not turn uj on h tune It
ntLIflutGnv Salomon evoke A row hisses
and aciith iniHrruptKil him OLcnBiounll
Thla dtflpanli from JoAph btoLcH superb
tondent of the JerawyHteol and Iron Works
of which Cooper Hewitt V Co urn < tho proprie
tors was received today by Mr Hewitt
Tnoro Oct SA
ye Abrlufl v lIW Oct
Tile reniou suiJiiv Jilrrrf tfr Knl htt nf Lbor orffin
ha siteS rerutiouu to tnk a Secret ballot 10
inurriiw At this lIsts 5 iii 1truuiins how ininy nr our men
wnuM cult Ip or > iu stud bow niauy for iiinrife uhall I
rant the miuttif Junru bruKis
To this Mr Hewitt replied
maw YoacOct20 18R 1
Joip7 Stoics
tr mo Ihn forty years tIle prnprietnrsof the works
h 5 reuI chow nu IUICru Uh ibis plitic
of the kln This rule ciii be rigidly alhllo
Inr nil Irrlllaure as t hue oihy mutecuis oC ollnl
this wortutieuu aaiflet intImidation trnnh
wokl On1 11101JIUU I 01 nwl mo
a and oUIocn Aucoit S ilswttr
Ucmneralte Inthuelailn In the lath IVttrd
That the old Ninth ward has lost none of Its
entliutliim for Democracy was mown Ian nIght 1 y
the Imnifiiie mvetliih fit workman at Atlndoa
aijuare Three hundred young JelTrrtunlant marched
to the Uatf ajurneil tan4 In the qua auj swelled the
crowd folii Coiniullimrr Viifirlut Coed tue
OowJ Iollc COIIIur oieu II meet
Ilk anl Justice liiirmaii I recited Krtnlutlinf vn in
ajuptLd fciiiliiruiz the rrirular livituuratic ticket ami
the iiuinitialiMi 5 uf Amo J iuimmu fort licrese
i an John Marllu for Atfintilyni4ii anii Wil tin itt
t aiker o ItrmaiL Koutii steeChuCO were IldI lijr
ex Atilhyinaii Ja 1 > MtClellainl Viol 4 mllh
harlet I Turntr 1 II titus t IIIIam I Bergen
Johl spoke Raiicrty au4 Edward 11 uiley Jr CUIIWul
Tka Olillima Fire AtetuoratU
Where the niachlnet Used to locate end the men oho I
rD wttb tbm Ho tomorrow unr JcTJ
otts Like It
Tber Is DO such other ipeniltiiin of Dewa rnlrroc I
ci aoulaojoalal buwu U liu Wlntij Hu 11 a t aaz
rattorl dYe perfect health In tnfsnn an I clill inn
For colic tour ttouiach lowe biiwpi 1 totittipauoiu or I
nliffeUon there u uoitimf Ito Cattorla 11 plOp
II I isis U 1 slfl4ts5 >
l TKVCt 10 JttK llOILKIt 1IOU1K
The Fight In lie TiVuge Tkronf the lnlle
the llnuril of llcnllk nnd the iltlnlurr
The ntitlbollor house people who llvo near
Fittyaluhth street and MadIson ITOIIUO met
again last night ot the Madison Avenue Hotel
t press their protest against the erection of
the objectionable bier houso In tholr notch
borbood In tho absence of Mr Knov
all of tho Law Committee Mr Bennett
roDortod that tho committee had found no
record of the payment by the Steam heating
Company the 3 t cents per linear foot which
they were bonml tiy their frnrchlao to pay to
tho city for tholr pi > < > line lie gave n hUtory
of tho oxploslong ChIll latiiHtlcfl which had thus
far nttandod tint Inylnz of tho plpo ot tho
company anti paid tint tho boat nf the
fltoani 1lpl H clo ii to thin cater and sew
nuo pitio would ilrlvo thn oowor uiip hack Into
Cite hoiise Thin commlltoo nritod that th
courts and the IoirlBlnturo bo invoLml and
that tho Atorlnypnnrl 0 asked to wind yp
thu affairs of the Steam heating Company
on the ground that it had not cumplluil with
cnrtnln or the coalitions of Its charter
Thin committee thn 111 Uommltton thought I
nhoiild move on the Steam Huitlni Company
through Cite police the Board of health and I
ttin Legislature
tlA llslaturo I
Mr Cionrirn Storm Chairman of tho meeting
called attention to the lettoror W C Andrews
Irusldont of th St ura Meat tog Company pub
lUlieil In THE SUN of Thursday nod said that
3tr Andrews was hardly I lit person tojuilfc
01 tile utITect of the boiler house on tlm rnsldents
and properly holder In tho nulichbnrlinod
ot < tlm uroi0Hj bulldlne tin said that
thu letter was full of misstatements and the
thirtyInch main now hue I tig lild in i Maillnnn
nqiiU4 vas In tact I inlrliitiini boiler and
ba > > according to hot
nuclit to tnpi lcl1 < nccorllnJ law In
hinted that tlm Uiiiartlunt of 1nlillc Worls
Cum was lntiT pan y tud Iti support of tbu Htuuua Iloatln
Ur Train of tho Coraraltto on Petitions ro
ported that not n slnirln pirwn In tlm neigh
borhood had retu od to ihgtt tho tmpor pro
Rented lln opposition to tho boiler hou p
An Executive Commltteo of nlnu Imludlnc
thn four inembon ot tlm Law Committee was
Kppolutud to carry on the wore ol opposing the
boiler hOI < u and to onlUt the at ° istnuco of tlio
city authorities to prevent Its erection
lint the Hunter Ntncb to Lbs Steer ATklek
Illeel In the Nick of Time
ELMlluOotJO Jackson Tnthlll and Voter i
Wlsner two Southern tier hunters wont to
Potter county In last week doer buntlnp
On Friday while Wiener was standing on n
runway waiting for n dear to como along near
au old lumber road ho was surprlsod to see 0 I
bar cross tho road a few rods from where ho
stood As tho boar disappeared In the brush
AVIsner recovered hImself sufllolently to send a
rlllo ball after It Tutblll was in the road a
hundred yards orso below Wisner and on hear
rarls onl
iuiiihOBhot hurried to where his companion
was Tho two hurried through tho woods to
head tho bear ofT and on their way wero
joined by ono ot their docs which had lor
some renson or other given up the dear elms
Thoy cal out In another old road and
hearing a croat crashing among the scrub oaks
naturally concluded tlm the bear wouldi jHlon
make Its appearance m the road tno They
hid bohindn clump of bushes and hind hardly
taken there plniics Chore when tho bear ulna
out and slouched down the road toward them
The doc sprang nut at sleht of bruin and run
bristling and growling to moot him A bear
hates the sight or n dog and thin moinnnt that
old follow saw this ont ho advanced with In
creased speed The dog made a hort show 01
Unlit but as tile bear came on with open Jaw
and In angry tho woods growls It turned tall and disappeared
The bear stopped and looked In an astonished
way after the doa lor a moment anti then
slouched onward Vlsner lined nt him when
ho was not moro < than fifteen steps nwiy and
tho bear dropped over on his side Tlio hunt <
erS sprang outaupioslnc tie game was klllid
but bruin was on his feet In an instant and
limped ufl tn Hi IV liiicUl nRVrrlullovirtJ bY <
otber shot W inner ran around to bead him
off acaln If he took ono direction anti Tutn 111
ran In Ibo woods to get a ibot at him If ho
turned the other way SVIsner came out direct
lyIn front of him but In his excitement shot
wild nod missed him The bear maddened by
hla wound and seeing his enemy directly In
his path ruhod toward Wisner who halloed
for help Uuthlll hurrIed back and lound
Winner describing n pry mall but lively circle
in the opening with tho bear following him so
closely that there wee tho space or two Botunly
t twon them A bruin came around whnre
Tuthil stood on the oof tile circle Tuthlll
put I hall throuch his head with the uiuilo ol
animals his gun almost brains in out Ibo boars ear blowing the
lie Spite 1oleon bJ tke Jtinrt
A roundshouldered man with rum shoos
and a husky voice and haunit tbeilitappoiiitnl air of a
citizen of the world nlio hail uiltlU hIs tomato can
ely 10 the day and had been unable I to find another
one went noltelettljr but w Ith much decision Into a west
side saloon and put hit flu ilowu on the bar with great
emphaila Ii Was early lu tho evening oDd the bar
tender wool bay
PIT suid the linil voicedmsn ° Im sthoniana
Itgitt centipede from the Greet Staked Plain and I
alI > ou to know IL Ire RJI four feet ull every kff I
and twenty claw to the foil 7htr t nine Llinl o
ptzvlt let r ID rery chaIr Tip at cotle anil nil il ai a
taw hot if tlitukt It my way but t 1C l u rubbed wrong I
lour and when I sour I sock thy teeth m clean tn the
null aid tplll tilen by the quart tin turuiri ti llitlo
now he l tey and 11 lesS tl all to mrutt lit be curilli 1
clear to the ear tie nor us Lf tie old uY tit uti
riht away nnd set up quirk It I the Mily thliu thatM
hp me from hoppiu nifht lu JelY and turniu on my
deadly Jutcei I
ett Maid i the bartender wl its been a good
while once I so bit real hnril liy ft thoun I leir eil
cntip le rom this treat eCel Ilutut and tu I guess
Ill tim your fur nnr Jut her luck IU
itewilnesee I decline to cu tnt i detail n tn the quirt
City of poison the dtfmlly rrptlie epuhiel I dulni the fur
ti Miiif plo put who a few lulnutr den the thou
tainl lei4tfd dMill > tdo tuoil a the roru r above and
fiitcitel a tl5oliuR tiimn mr A rsstile o edits to got
him a bed tile citizen w 5i o tartkt ujy his nppfilrance
that lii I aikfil him 1 in whUo b noplial he would nave thus
beil endowed
Iklladrlpklne 0f Jon
rnii4DELPHti Oct 29 Sheriff W Ellwood
Rowan one of the greatest f the Itepubllcan pulillcal
bouet Ii I I II I flrtU hopeleSsly l insaiir lie h1 l a
severe contest a yetr an for election aol 1 hat beeu act
trig queerly ever Strict Three wecl > t a < o he wee taleu
10 a print alum for trealmenl but rCud to rr
mll A Iw days uufo hue I as Id 10 tuho ham afler
makIng a sCe on CtcilriUt street Un Ioldo hue n as
tsn to tclbon Mlul tear Tcony TnIy ha
was found there ty a rporter it was very esetlaijia
ant repettehhy atteuuiptad to leave the retreat aviriR t
tlat tie mast gu II II I hrl nlflce lit tiialadv is
telling Out him I every lay I etcepo ey tilts IJ is I
lond alter by tI auhl hue wntch hint II
the lay UI sat the oilier at nllhL Tiue dlu h11
called on Mr Knwan this tnrihng to Ret 111 tn sign a
liumt > rot papers requlrllU hit tuiiature I he III
was glad 10 see him aug aCle1 111 IIrecty eaii lan
nr Mrs Inwn wu with hll 01 this tutu uuni the
pro oC his cite and Deputy tthlmway put Ir 10
at into 01 humor nor a ht tliuue SIr lown ties
teetu a Ogure ill pOUlc for e are Ito rprOolo the
until Tweatyeeeeothi elected btierihi ward II ills Councils Cor Wa terms
Culn sat If Natinnuat 3f nr > nm
WASOiNOT0N Oct 2Thnru have recently
bn received at the ltIurisI 1 1u01 atoutcdozsu
otle ot pony and pelry presented by ens
Frlh Government the total value 01 which t more
thin SOIO This mlt costly 01 each are a Seynes vase
v atu1 al Clue place o uinufeture at Is O I al I a
Ubln ruin valued at II 1151 1 lIe mueUII hive alsu 1
100 received a rare cUe111 nC ubi eta IIr1 Iy
Lnl Tasuut I S SII hh travel on the Upper ono
ant preeumutej ty hilt the cileliuuu einbnacus a
Variety of r rudely 1 but eluborateiy nrnuuuDntel I
after the barbarIc tate or tile Ieiutrat Africans shields
cut WOI hatubno nbL mule1 Intrulnl mad ot
olphnt tulsa ielhutiiutig knives not 5 long list
lastly noTe trrihuhs tItan Ant > 5 nmclal Implmnl
woodeti pnn fnou this cnLol regtuu an1 jeoeiry
01 the last taniei there is I n ring Whlcl weighs tn
lOuodo uf soul lease tuln Crol this ankle 01 a Cn
Colt Arl belie The UI n Is I InlIIol of
little wortlu bt as an ezauutle of i ieruisruo are aid Cache
prevsictit I1bt region so little I I knee a II Is of great
ethnological vlno a
Hke Didnt Knw her Own Rider
New llnusswicir Oct 29In tho Jones will
caw today Mrs Susan I Knoi a sister ot the late
Charles Itauiom and also of Uri lay Jones the tevta
trlx tetttfled that durlni the last years of her sIsters
life they sew each other only three time and the wItness
oat alarmed at the change that had taken place In lira
Joue t mental soil cl itivilcul I t condition I OTr latl tlma
the visited I herr etcher hire llrytnr laid Mart tvs it
brivfe I bout you know tier I f r Wary looka blankly 1 at
the Mltntii and laid IJUyel that It to and then
biased her 11
Tne linen tall he Mr 1 Jnndout
It thetnok 011 riding almntt
daily unill Mra i iteerr the duuitiitr 1 ulio u il he inii
clpnl legates uC the wilL I INllt Then a gradual tear
01 ever > line grew upon Mr Jt a 11 no sort nf sruuss
could ie t oil nut oh f her DurlniT the latt three week nf
tier life sIte refused lo talk lu any one but Mr Wheeler
Some In Connecticut
Dtietivnr 01 29ThI4 la a great rear for
rants iii tIthe part o Connecticut Thee wot are full 01
qlal partridge a1 rabbIts On doy lat wek Chines
sportsmen took 10 the wools along She hiepng valley
ant trouhit tn wellitliod alo Cags loP Cole a
Welt knuwiu beat hUller out Saturday higgsj tell tiFt
rihgs si 1 UI ald three rabbits h Ilr lou
Ttp Itrdtrl iAOlo lot4 1000 IOpor
SIlLily Cl coed tOeS
He Vrtrt the Fleclliii nl Caaiinerr F Illnrk
JJcCHllao lie la a True lleraocrnt and lie
pile lo the Npeeekea nr Mr lltulnp
PltlLADELPItlA Oct 29Tl h was tllO
Democrats night In thin Republican town and
they made tho belt of their opportunity by giv
ing Oov 1III1 of New York a rou lnl rcuptlon
at tbo Academy of Music Tollowlnc olonn up
on the Shermnn dnmonstritlon of Vdno dny
n itll t when Republican nnthusln lit Itxclf
IOOHO to do honor to the Ohio Senator and Gen
heaver tho c 11t < AI for Governor the < m
oo today and this evening by tho
Democrats in honor of New York Democratic
Governor SlId their own candidate for Govir
nor Clmuticr P Back was highly creditable
andlmmonsolyouthuslastlc Gov Hill arrived
nt about 1 1 M 1 Ills privnto secretary Col
Ic and Comptroller Chnpln woro with him
Thoy woro mot at tho llroad street station by
Chairman Hensol nod other prominent Demo
crats and escorted quietly to the Glrird Houso
where thn DouioeratloComiultti hits Its bond
quarters Alt the afternoon thero wait a stream
of visitor anxious to pay their roKiwcts to > < ow
forks dlstlngulshiid nan but the Governor ox
cUHed hlniiHif for the tlnm on tin plea of
fatigue riicn was the utmost fnthuilanm
am jug the local Democrat and n ileslro to
iiicHt and POD Gov Hill hesinut street was
throng I all I thu I aft > rnoon and > nlng I fl Phd
soon tel tr n Igit t fuel I Dtiinocritlo or > nuiuloiin
bgin tinnidiiii i tlm ftriot Tim A luerc its
Club nnd 1 l Vu itt big ln toe ratio liHttal I on c tvo
Gov Hill a iiTitiinl at Itie honl thi i > vetting
before scorti rig him I tntlm I Aendr I > m y Chestnut t
lot moult win luck i > i > il I uith C nh iiitlntr I iJ in icrnt I
Somii waved luinnerH bnarlnc the Icguud Se
wolcomi tin 0 iuu ratlc Guvcrnor
At lit Aciilotny of lluslr there wits a great
throng After thitiklng the nioetlng for tho
cordlillty of thu rucnptlou glvuuti him which
ho construed n coinpllment not to iilinplf
porsonallv but to tlm gallant Democracy
ot the Empire State Gov Hill Kind that
four years ago Pxnusylvunla tutu New York
wore tin scenes of a peaceful political revo
lution which roatiltod In thi ascendancy of the
Democratic partY bubn < iu < tntly Gov Grover
Lluvtland had boon olxctud Irnsiilont and the
sneakurn had been elected to the Governorship
of New York I como hero tonight ho con
tinued to auk volt to follow the example of
Now York nnd elect your LlnutfnanKiovernor
to thin Governorship of sour btutt That will
bo true civil service rnforni Tboro nrn many
ronxont why havhould tmlcctoil but them Is
one which is sulllcient for moIto Is a true
Alter HID Ing that nil the predictions made
two j ears ign of I lio evils Hint would follow the
return of tItus Democrats to power bad como to
naught bo continued
buine allusion IIH been mile to the set of H visit to
your btate ot tie dnmntruliMit 1 iftntkniun who hails
fn in tlue Mate of Maun > it so I hit micovilril In I iftvinp
hie own State alter a uluoll terrible fUtirt hiLniiiee tii
iehp t HM IteiiutjltiMlmo I 1 e uiAvltama sIre this clips 1 j
Mute There u not in no mini better e tdmtc that the
Mnto U not liar tut thul It I i > urei > tfuuitf fur t lie
Ueinoiratlu part Ihi4 ill iiluiguisliei ntlelitan wtioio
word art entitle 1 u > on nil nn i JIIH toiareful colt
Meratlon sod lieTura nn auillenc In PhtuJHpliia that
ttiu country llae In d ilDsVr btcnne of this Uelnuiratio
policy He spoke of the muifiiitkent tlineN which we
lied under Itc public tn rule tu wim d iniaicltm frinii
hits atateineiit that A few ye ire ago all th S irk
inifinen were obtaining better nutfea titan now
Vou would tmaifin that tlii re leers no hard
times a few yiir < ao tinder a Republican
adinlnitriitluii ii iuy he tinifets but we recul hued thttt
the last itrtat pann in this country occurred boiler a lie
publican atitnn4tritioii In 1H71 wheat u crc wan a Ke
pUiuhiCuirt Irelilent a hvpubiican henate and a Kepub
hhcauu llou e of Kej revt illative and at the Mr > time
thulJunie G Hlalne hIS beuker of the Hous ut Iep
renentallve1 Neither he nnr Mil party Han able to
trite the i ountry ifnint and iroieruu C nine I although
thiy chalet all the leifinUliun of the loilntry then
I eat llntt year mid u half of uonul niiininiMtra
tlim t I ha demonstrate l tile win loin if llii i mpli ot
thin country in u ihanirin the alininlFtratlnn it public
alTalra and bOb i Clog the I Democrat In moo em in elmve
not been cIte to serum p1 il all that we ftntii ipnteil but
you niust tieui itu uuilrh thus fact W n liave bteu I hO anal
by a Kepubiican beiihlaof the Lulled Mllle Yuu nest
bear in nilnd that there uit thitle Un fur the Dnnocratc
party In the llousu til b preienlallT to truiue meat
urea which were on v to be plueoi iuled liy a Kepubll
can ben to If you here in enllvlvanta 1 un 1 we In
> ew ork eucceed In elecltnR Leifidlatures which will
give no Il mmjrati tlill rt SlatosSeust r wimar haTt >
a Dtiniocratlr Andte of the Lniteil States and be enabled
to uSes measure In Conirreli M titch will carry out Uemo
cratlc principle The people it Club tountr > have no
right tu ho a ui entIrely renponitiln for what has been
iluue or on ui itttd in be done Jf I ley wit 1 in tie few
Slates In tthnli elettli IIH are now t tat e 115cc so lobe
as lo who n llmi i I i tiit of nil the t d t trt u bull if the t
U ternmeit then S Clu prof nv ou Itch 11 I riponi <
billtv An 1 we w4 I aCiett the rii onil Itv
ill suite iftiit ciiuii Mho i u i tiitlivt ut3 of Ihllv
dell hit tutil t lie iuiaone t ii > lu vaine ieeche n I cr50 here
nn the nuinp > warned t e ti tintr > uf it great and im
pending danger 1 here al n > 0 eeiue to ie I great ilani er
to the coultr when Vlr IaliittKe tin flump Ile i
rtmlnd me souuinw buIlt of the atlt iiieli C male bv the
aitor John 1 Ka > inond m hue pla fljled
For Coiiwre in whlcti ho herli bOleS
the character of Gfn Jctlafi tauter of
llllooi 1 u will recollect that 0 hulls realms In a
pomiou manner what Ie ruin t to the otutloni
ol tIll party at the 4 nnenlinn sell oR f rib that our
jiartv inet In ttiMn Jtif n tre tt trim he intrpu
lite 1 a a aide renmric to hi aulience one peculiarity
about our part u that tt altun iiiccts In thi iuitlt of a
great crIsis
I hicre is uuo crisIs Is be nuithelpabel cuuh as ICr Itlalne
Iii gliuce iuit prehits t utlilcriiunt huiu Ii a iv tlust lie
oh loe I iuiy iuiiertvrelite Will refcrciicu tlu tim torthl I
tiudirsbioh 1111 tu tlit he uuppiiond au refruit of
Chic tariC C uluderuhiil hi iui 10 11 Cii st lie fhl uut wiSh
tile eublect toue lIui in ituy ttiauiuiu r Auh the great iiuua
tush lie treerutI to the teople of lelililvalulil 055
that thiore uuiut tie tiuu tgiiaulli Ut u tIlie ouluJ ct
1 SIll not going to dcus tuuiiiuchut 1bps tarOt
queetiiun It Ic a sable I about whIch itt his
debShS thrs tnei be uuiffereiuce lilt lit tue
uuiiiui th rc cui e uine I shill i ropoe I e oh Otleti
bloii to tile t t ilriice tu rut It r ilioui u lInt CII Cre w biett
he bells OU thftt tin ictIuenuu Is uleceuers wiitevrr
I av thi uI 0 bin ru ie uiiakes I hi n bnb CIII at ii the people
of leuitio lvcuila lIe ihoco stal ii uiiui sIc the tIlt
frill of huhu partj Iii It Irtuinebit haul beelu 5101 5 I
upon Clii sutuject in 1b abut ut thin iIa fiuruu sdi iet
ii their o a ii tnl ci thou Clue ilep uiilieaui ill ty
iiiad ua of Cluese ouch Yui huh dC rse
tuow lhuut Chit trPutlioui to tituter wibhi
the Cant dnee tier eumuuals joiii a Oeinourutt
source for It is Ciiullatnei tO tiC iaIIulive of the itelub
llcnuu p lstforin tictu I I tIle itepiitullrOiu party lielre
luelf Incorrect the tnniuaUtlet of tartlT nut tn reduce
the en tItus WtMr Hi itne come nuw leirc I I bun ei
pie nf till i tartlY Mate at It i is i uipoel lo be and ile
clare Ihtt t lie 0 iii i sea all leiivlatim whatever He
want the reent Inw intilntauie I uuqimlitie suit 1 all
tIe tfluies no pullet a tn tluw the oiirtiio 14 tn be re
duced Mure than that ha flat cl glued but position on
till iUluleut
In truth Iho dlPuHr with our trivet I Mr Wain It
Clint he I ruins loo man > el hors be cur y a Ni vein Icr
iNia he wruu a letlcr tu tlia leu h nillli a krenileinan
lout unknown lo fnne In tin etC nn nil or of u lie of
your pilona In wtilrli chunk Ii n thi subject he rait
IhU brin with tl the buunibt uf rcilui n f IIH na
tlonil reciine The pn ent 5 > ntem in ttXHtion Is I
3 ic hull more Ihnn SI iJtMiui l l beiuit the 111011111
require I fur Iheur tlllire ieules If l lntVrriMllrlit It I Is
rluctinn S 1 i oun becunle un liuperitivi itult This
Vue hi p iitn ii tttiiin flcl tiriitt lv in Ivl hntid
tin It one uf tho letter thtt wn not turned ijteit
merriment 1 We nrcwllliiu to utiit nion llittmud
tn iltion Ve mil I I IHI linftvornf 1 n venii refinn
VVe haw lft ort m tliini e 5 e Auui 1 tliaT n f nn Llh 1
nol Interfere with Chic Is eof a HUXI uniu man
Ciii the clutrurs It will triere slul trill i e them It
will u not det o > a dl c e tululrt li ibl I t c uu lOb hut I it
will pretre ant I but 1 tip al iftheni I ciii lilt tuck
alit t > ou nil alt I hat 11 ee rnllt nin hall la I 01ho
tent in the pi iltloniMh b they lake belore the people
of 1115 country
Mr lllalue hits altnirreattinpthyftr the colored pen
Tie of the Mtutt He tiin tit what 1 do not t elieve to be
true and what no entuatlrm had w ithln the ran two
or three ye irn ha promt tn be true ntm lv that the
rolnrtil teoble rf I hue MI ti nre deprive 1 it their Iiti
cat rights It fiat Ilecu ton informatl liat lie tn whi cit
the conntrr ha not accer 1 ey there bias
been nn complaint from tie colore t iin i I lm eir
There ha beuu noltlei il mnli 1 < from an s reslIlul t
ble source and there ha teen I I in4 exc itlhettie
men of Mr Illnll e bh hit the culnreil I H I ii lint Ircll
deprived of heIr tulincnl t gill tn Ine n u I Wnrn no
rncli < iiin I Inml tit leen miidu in the firm in wtitcli
cacti n arbors ore alw tv ° I r tnl tu Cli tout trt by
I tilt ti t n rue or lit inv a C tlun nr e i n nlifee
I httt a lUht to n ii 1 l i t ar c ii a uriltiiel 1 up
oin tnd Otto inado fr olilctl eUcct en lliooeof an
Comptroller Chapln aliso spot and IIout
Guy Ulnck the DHiii i robin cnndidHt DifHdd
his own iMiisn nun I I a con I fl Itiul whirl I of up
lltuo Ih blirnudl nc CibOrlI 1 Itsulf hiarsu
for Hill i I I anti lime it nI 1 dipan 1 i I with tno t
firm notion tlmt tho Kmstoun Sate will be
placed the Democratic column noxtTueaday
Out HI Wusy Out of Jut I
3IiDi > iETowv X Y Oct 29A sneak thief
who entered and robbtd the ruuuiuus of tha Holding
llouie aiU the Coinmircial Hotel here wa arestei
locked up and du hIs way out of prlfon vuoerIay to
the irrett sancho nf the authorities He p nl In I na
franiL Hot ten bit hi ha teen hero h fure under tint
lucille of Fret oas lie all lie si t tesTi it Utah
wa a bartwn t r n r r inv third lreet N wlirk He
lIce caught jut is i a un Iekug an irit I trIll 11 filL
hi us cisl e 4 tIer tn Xt hUh l HI IK Mlti It I let I up
ever nif hi for trial HIII u h n o I e oitl i r went I Iho
1 itt to cit him th Uiort ii it wt funii I that tIe li rd
hal eoCftteI Cuth the Ir i tIn I I f w o en tiaI he
Unit through ihe bri 1 110 tI h a ni l 11 I her
conipnn hnu and from there walked oil through u
back door and lied
The Grand Iruntt T > liiliillnn un Old Irtvr
TOBOMO Oct 29TIme Ilillway Commission
ert tUiliiir in Toronto acrlttned this inorninic that
the IntuIt Trunk Itnilnav wa nitkin about Vli > 55
more every yeir traIt It wn dulled tu hI cliaririn
hOlier raIse than thoe brollied i fr hi an nl 1 act of tha
t ai a lian Iarliament w Inch IS i SI till in force It I is 1 trot I
Isbis that a rr uiar lailwM 11 uui iion for iiiiaia
will be apt olute 1 uuti tu tu rate uuu itl railway iu huts
country cud irevtiii dlcriiiltiatiuu m matte
Irlnlere Aiipeul lo the MnrUlnimrn
Typographical Inlon No C i has issued a clr
ru ar aiiu the workm inen i r lln ttn n i tuaclintt i
Atvtmi y eunull hates fuvnrel 11 the vurjrr rrinn
in riCer t defeat tile clixtlon of VVliitelaw ibid a <
cited sloWs Aenttor v
I 1t E ItfIf ti FjftJlt 1
McAiillfTe KnneUa Out Frnclrr wllli tt Itlakl
header un the Jugular
IJosTov Oct 19Tito light tonlBbt with
twoounce gloves between Jack McAullffo and
Billy Frazier for 1U < JO and the lightweight
champion belt was thn hardest gatno t and
moot oven glove light over seen between
lightweight glove fighters In this conn
iy Frazlors weight was 133 pounds
and MnAullfTus 139 pounds The fight
was six and six until the final and decisive
round McAullUd bought on the Di > mrs y plan
using Ills legs for nvoldnnce and his loft for
punishment Frizl r claimed first blood but
his loads M n rtll fell short owing to MiAuMfl
clovitrness and ngl liy JIcuilflo fought main
ly tom the face with his Ift
The diCiMlVM blow In lInt twontyflrct round
was n rluhthandor on the jugular Frszir
full fiico forward and his second threw
up thin sponge McAullfle bad n swollen
HP bin only evidence of punlMimuit lru
zlors optics were both pretty well closed and
ho squarely ndralttud delent tiropoclnk hon
ever n new match at oven weight McAuIlfTo
who had gnne into the light on ten days notice
anwerod Frazier that hu nould met him tiny
rules or any glovus for tl500 to J25UD nsldo
ISOO forfeit or any light weight In America
harry Glluioro the Canadian champion pro
Sporting men nrreo that the battle was the
bostsr > on In the Fast In years Ld C HMste
was referee McAullffe was seconded by Jack
Willlnms and bits brother Con McAullfle
Patsy heppard and Johnnlo Murphy waited
on Frazier
The Effect rrortucril tir fi New Kpree Tom
ptanr wklck the Old One Igurs
Since tho service of the Erie Express Com
pany began on May 17 of tim prsent year a
pretty lively and continuous fight has been
maintained between that now competitor for
public favor and thin older companies though
the latter have affected to bo Indifferent to or
oven unconscious of Its progress A month or
six weeks ago as reported by the General man
ager ot the Erie Kxpress Company the rates
between New York and the West In their pro
gressive reduction reached a point whore they
seem to have made a stand and with no Imme
diate prospect of any further cut Tho rate to
Cincinnati and Chlcscotho westernmost
points atnhlcb tho Erlo Company s
Its own offices Is now tl anti to IlulTiIo T 5
cents per cwt with proportlonitti1 rate to In
termedlute poluW liofore thn new company
wits Hturtxd Chit rate wax 12 to Cincinnati mid
Clilciigo and ilJS to liufTaln
Tho sharpest compititlon of tho Erie Ex
press Compain which operates over th Lrle
Itillivay and the leased nnd connected lines Is
with tho United StnteiEiprniM Company vvhicli
it HtriktH at nearly ail points In the Northwest
and from here to Chicago The next coiup tny
to which It Is nn important rival Is the Ameri
can which It meets at almost os muny
polntB The dims It competes with at
Toledo Cleveland Chicago and Cincin
nati but at few other points The old
companies have Very seriously discrimi
nated against the new on In thin mutter of
exchanges of business at tho vvimteru points
where the Eries service ends raiding their
tariffs on through mutter beyond those points
above local rates Hut blow nero onabled to
do by reason of the monopoly that their con
tracts nltn the railroad companies gave them
fur the carrying of express matter on passn
tier trains To meet that stueln thu Erie Kx
press Conipanj have employed thi servIce ot
the fast frniglit lines with a tatUfaciorj de
gree of succee The business of the new com
pany thus tar Is repurtud us hiving boon good
and crowing very vnrouraultiKly
Mr Crosby assistant of the resident of the
United btates Fxpruss Company refused to
say anything about the ilvalry between the
companies and an officer of the American
Express Company was equally reticent merely
saying that Cite od companion bad notblnu to
present Mr John Hoov ot the Adftius Kx
press Company said that there was no nxpruss
war that there bad been no cut rates except for
about a week bong ago ami that tha whole
matter belonged to ancient history
trAit ay j n is ii AGITATORS
The Orllltk Government Approvea the
JPulley of Iurd Kundolpk C kureklll
LOJJDOX Oct 29Mr Smith Secretary for
War In a speech at Sudbury today said that
Lord Randolph Churchills policy bad the full
assent of his colleagues In the Cabinet The
Government ho continued had rvndired the
trade of the moonlighter and assassin too dan
cnrou1 to be pursued and wpuld now neck to
uitke the trade of the agitator unprotllitblo
Such men bad long extracted the bard earn
ings of Irish peasants and servant girls
Tile Government Intended to break down the
system not bt an nrbltriri actbut b > securlncr
to every man Individual liberty and by freeing
him from the tyranny under which Ireland
sufTura from thooo agitator Mr Multli con
gratulated hU audience upon bLue siuns of re
viving trade and undisturbed peace in Luropo
Hard Fighting la Esst Afrlcn
LISBON Oct 29East African advices say
that the King ot Inhainbaue twice rebuloel 1 the Kluug ut
Muzilla at the head uf2OlOX iueu and In the third at
tack the latler was defeated by 10 Ouo torru uete and
natives un ler the cotntnanl of the Clove nor cr > I iatn
biiJe assisted 1 lay I umpeun mlllttr ant 1 nanl ottlcir
Ihu ouvernor wa continultiif operatmnt with C tie < lj
Ject of drlviuir the Intnrifeiit from the lutnct Tie
Ooterninent li naiTcnunr rrepuralton blur an ex e
1ltiMiar force and baa Instructed he tjoternor of
MZailtbiulrte to purchase nHt at markets along the
Three IVeeka a nrldnund Suing fop Divorce
LOUISVILLF Oct 29 Three weeks ago a
fahionable wcddlnir wa celebrated in Italian circlet
here Tony Uenspolit of tltit city lOSS the icoom and
tlltJohnanna Cefala of New Orleani was the brlle
eel her faintly U one of the beet known and richest la
Chic ruth The young cnuite went to hnutekeeplnir
hti rie of the cruel trettnient of the wife were in circu
Intion teerai < Jii > i ftito to the effect that thou butashinlil
but 1 krick I her donn bent her uuiui 1 attempted lu cut
her tnrott Vlr U intboll heft him anj re urne 1 to
her iuitr ulieijUHiitl > iromif to New Orietn To
day her lltiinnve rlei nit fur dlr irce remtmf the
above charges cf abUse slut attt mpt to murder
An Itpeclrtnl llrlilrffrnntna nlelte
WiTEEtunv Oct 29 Vllllam Tlnnerty aged
2S yetr w a In have been Charnel 1 next Mt ek lo tn at
tractive youne lady tn thIs c ty Lat nlvht he met hr
arranged with her to co tid purchase the necessiTy
furniture for housekeeping 10 day and then reburei 1 lu
hit In me on North vialn street in ttitettof cii lrit
i his niornltulie wat found It I me on hit bet wiih i hit
CIruit cut tro n ear to ear The derd hl tiren per
formed tome hour earlier 0111 tt raz ir whicfl was
fuund nnrtur I the bet I I and he died toun after the ditcov
cry > o reaton can be aiKiied fir the suicide
Arrested fur Fraudulent ICecltlrntlon
VTICV Oct 20The arrest of Alderman Ed
ward U Orowu of the Seventh ward on ncmr eff
friu Inleiiily prnciirintf the rettrtitoti f Irteen
ewl I > arrived VVethmi > n hAs h en I h ui ek eii > tlnni
t cc 4fr an extnnitl n L > O in MI i u le ji ii
I 5 il I h lip I I SCSI ii u1Ili 411511 hOe lirOi Vrui f
C Un It uIiiiht turn ii ii i iteitu old use It lilY
irs I 15 mi as t 5e I II bresi 01 Ct at lIrty
Ii e ulihlils b I t iIt Ii u t 100 lit t Ii uI oh lu e hutluel
Iriuli I 5ioCeonrtr old TI I a hue ciiie tu this door
New IlruiitivlcL 31 Icier ISrhlnd Time
NEW IUrhucK Oct 2hNew Brunswick
crUbrated Ui ctemUl or thought It dud on Seyt 1
Iw4 1 Irof Auitltt hcott of Rutgers College hai recently
Lrouirht tn light anthentlcatt copies cf two chianti rio
inc rroritlrin of the city of Ntw UruniwlcH flahc t >
nre 1744 rue tire i wits irivcii 07 Omrir II I I on lice lit
17J u an 1 Chic ivconl in t ltit Thut I tie peuplo if NBr
Urutuwtrtt hays bovii frmn I lu iiave teen fifty f ur
I rart ttniM t thu lilies a hush they haul ttulr Mlctralluu
I S iS cans ago
Two Jtcke3Ve Nlltpcnded
W SHIVOTOS Oct 29Two jockeys I1 Lynch
and W Ueany whiu role retpeciivelv Uniurliincu alit
lluiiibrook nlhe iteeplecluie today wes 5Jtcn tel 1
on the race track upoti compumtt of the uwner ut the
In re fir hu h ill it truer tics e aul 1 ttlr wiiug tic rare
The pentntn was rnt Cruel and untie tee iu uei C
at the meellliK flhe t club Hut I eielillU The oKnert
S relented evilence tuat the tw t Jockey hat tele
tr iphed in peopie at a untauce aivlsiuug l them lu but uu
oter burtc
ftureiule llnnveid
ViiTorH n f Oct ST Kobcrt EvnnSproulo
wee tuangei tieie ttuia morn in at lu clock fur triO
rinrdrof rtiuinn llammilia 1 June I8C4 in the I Kuote
tel mini
the ciiiidenned man aseendei 1 the scaltt Tl without a
treinir aOl wale a brut ipeecli truuiuu Lit in
tiel4IfKS ritllil TIIK IKLKQItdllI
Apoitnmce In n lnU a as yesterday named after
the sculptor riarinoiu
T a HreBiJent hel 1 his usual afternoon reeeptton yes
ttra > aui l hooX nan It WIll about ten irsoiis
The rrrilent has appoiuted John 11 Turner Iott
matsr at West Utove Is vice JoxpU tit cumtulttiga
tin if ir7i > s intK t TIlE Eta ma
453 nmes Itnwu irnm Inn IlieekTbs BM
Itttttlltan < niittuHlfe Altnnt MaklMfl Vi
its Muni In Unreal In the State
The Republican Comnuttoo had given II
out through the State thai tlio vote ot the Label
party In New York wntiilbu I given to Daniel
And hen tried yciter ay to deny that the
Labor party iiq ilccicli I > > vote for Peclch tn
ntid to tetllln I lit I s il I tO bunelixil with
Gori ticket nt I o tuol t Son nor War
ncr Mir niil thi clmk nf the great labor
vole lie M CM ii In N w Virk to shIeld this
cHcrlllciof Dunletitb ioonihymefl that
he tea nIcking in ovory lonhtful dlstrl In tbo
Mu Nfwth f will ljoxpoi > d and CIte State
Com m 11 to < > u ciiomliy gutting ready to get
whipped ajnin
Reports of illegal roirUtritlon In the Eighth
Assembly dlarlet Imtroaehed the Democratic
Stato hnndquartttra Tho lllchth is John J
OBrlons district and Hartley Itourko rules la
1115 absence It unit from Division street up
to Sttnton and from tho Dower up to Norfolk
street Thcra are only Collie forty blocks In
the district linrdly halt of which are purolj
tennmenthnitsp blocks and yet It baa a regis
tratlun of HUiil Ollrlun lint for some years
elected Crttnl > H Smith emllytnan from the
dlrtrict I l t and ho N determined I to do It this
your In t eiir tlm I VO u lu if t Mnlth i win 4221
n1 il Mr stnmhiiL I t I ho Dtnoi I rntli candidate
3lth < I T Mi tniti IHI i KIH Ibiio votes
mil t Htiik ii 1 Putin a it i a 57i > title year
IrlenV rt i d Imit that t i y will give
II usVh it I 2 V J piiiriniM I I to Hhou that they are
not tog li in nut and that bmlth will ol
conr o b rti uctcb
Lilt L liliiMI r kiirntlfiii It Is I n etred IR along
thin ISoueriiuiil I PI lily In blue southwestern
curnurnf I thedltnct t I iluT hnuiso I Ill 1 fame
and cheap Induin liou are plenty From
the onu liiook Lioiind d liy Hiivird street Dow
nry Ciinal and Clirjtln bbrets tLiit const
Cut ulu Uon ilNti il Nu 1 loJ men hiiru reels
tore d From the four blocks hounded by the
Uoivnrj Cm il DHidon tint Lldrldcti streets
okctlon iil trluti At > 27 13 mid 11199 1 names
are fiiiston d lhir > > lire not Clint many beds
In thus ilitnet Ironi ilioHo four blocks an
eighth of tlm vote of tin district In riirlstered
ami K Is i h trend that at luast a quarter of
thi > Itro trim iu int
LxAld riimn II ill has offered to produce
evident n that tlmrn it I n fraudulent registration
uf at leait K tlnmHiiil In thn ilistriot It Is ien
tnd li suit H nliini tho Ilimory Citnitl and
Cbr > lli vtrto tthin1 bit < iIhvs iiri The
nitlidd l for a irui p I to I H II nltrnaely nt
h uf a ilo ii loilirini In IHI for a month before
lnt tlnn II I I ti rirHHri I fniiii moli 0 flu under a
dllTTofit naino On i fitlon inI ho ITOPS around
to hi I several iiiillriu 1 I IIHIH t nnd otp If
the ro I o nnj uliiinc nt iii > i < ury ult lien tramp
mo run in I on III i nnnn 1 hH district nendi
Inunvdl UK IriVHtifnt I on
List i i unliii ilirrf Wipe a conference of the
dlctrlct lonlir ol tiolli Uumocratle organize
tlons In I HIM front ion t n of tint BPPODI tloor of
9 Wi t t TwTit > outtli street Sir Hewitts
liMtdiiuiirtiTt I Fob lOW I IlK I ils tXht In Pill of Mr
llootHxelt this inrtoiiul letter Imn beun print
ol arid Iitiitia aro being sent out Dyfrleudsoi
Mr Hewitt
Npw Tone Oct 2fl I8JKJ
DiAB Sin I hive noiliul ttlut Jim uuurroe wllli ma la
Hit dull II Iii uu 1irtl the l r inn uf M lvur i > Of orir as
M > ii > i a l ti 1 n S ev jrcst calnllllt lliini satu tied
tliut the i 1 e i n iu I tMu u Its ntul It rntu ri Hawilt
inti lint I hi lire Cis I cl il nil I < IIH ht In Clue race
1 lrliire to 00 yilu In J in lute In vnllnr for Hcwttt
nr I tliu i il I Im larger s It n l uil reult from lli
nucc lei fti t re t I nio eui nr ut which Mr U orir
l tlutxintitfiit trtru i > iiir >
3Ir ltooevtit hal il jnjoiii fIlliP In his head
QII irtr < > f tcrlnv is usual StakR or his
HtliotT ipb < urtt ditributxd An nddrnss Iq
lila fuvnr fists tppn I Isiuud by a number ol
wi a Iliy Htinililican
Jlr ilooonht mmle nuMrp tft nt lIve tne t
log s hiutsl t ePiii Ito told thus It publlca8
Union nnd lrotetbno Club nn oruanbatlon ol
colorod rm n In thn Orand Uptra house Hall
that hue had broken for tiltS llrft time the ar
ratiKomMnts tnndu by hilt ulmlitittuo by comma
flrst to elIlirecS The c MO > dnien He next ad
drospil a large taunting at 28 Aaenue A
and wnt frnni thor to spunk at 4J8 Third
nvpnii 1 IIP re Mr Jloonoiilt said that
Ilnmtry GiorKO coo d not b a bttr roprss nta
tiv of the work I itbuue i5 Intirestx I than ho
would b if 1 < < d Mayor by special loco
tnntiH Mr hIuirnurvbt wnt fr m the Grand
Central Jpot to rrpniont whore ho spoke
In Ittncrt Hall Itt IU oclock he was pres
ent at n berg liouiicring in Lonox Hall
Sinty < i < C < n JH ftnot nnd Third avenue
pniidi I oMr by HIIndue J C J Lancbein
Htrfl Jlr Hooktiiolt said thnt thus Oeurue vote
voin1 I thhiuir art or tn ill If large it
would wiiw I out I linn lit and tho electIon would
lui b > twon UnotHMilt nnd Gorge If small
th olMotnm 1 would b I re I u t ns seri Itoosovelt and
Hxnll and < ooi < lt I would nln
1 IIH Imoii Ninnro YOUIIK Men Republican
Club tnT a Z Uninn tiimrn lift eninir and
iiidori I th nomination of Mr Iloocovolt for
Mayor bin if Mr Noonoy foriruolJeut thiS
Board of AMuruiOti
The Eight Rev Tnitn Wtlllnm Bewick Bishop
of the Kmum Ctithoic UIOLLPU of llrxham cud 5 few <
castle Macland I tInt yeaboriay in hUail year
l > r lenlt Merrill of New IIen aged 72 died iUd
ittil In tIc slret in Iliifott L 1 citerday Us bed
tei s ifiiurrkjiJ Hurt
lritium Irtnl Ivnch on < > of tm oldest rclldeDUoC
JatliHlLH L I I it lcd on TIIIIIH bay nUht
JuUr Minimi tirulhcrnt tha lre i lent of ttJoSnpnnl
Court uf the oirniin hnii ire u deaL
Thus Ear Qf alra Tnril i4 del 1 Ho vra BO years old
Taking it Out or l he Chief Clerk
Philip Well was fapM In 300 ball at Jeffarsoa
Mftrktt ycsicrItv t for nitjultitu Ctiarlci S leases chIef i i
cltrk of Tout 1111cc < station l > on Monday nIght LM
week Weil wh i wee a letter Corner came Into station
Ii out 1 f 11 h h iiii j itvrl ill 1 the letter irlr a to titm
luc r4o lull t Iliac ilriwtrr nnJ founts eIght Utter Sj
list It elI lui not let her 1 IVeul wa u pDilil Oa
Mou tat nltit ne mT Uaicn iti tirt utU stret vid
truck lilia tirvv tin i e lu Ute faro
Kllleit by fuiink MedIcine
Jo ppbinn Ahhnuzzn 4 years old died and
denly in ceo ulhuuu Ut Lvcnln at her hume tot Elius
lttli I aired t viler ttikinir f uno cotiich nicdiclu list
f ilbit Vuireiu luthieuzc i Inliati at > orf r lart thai
Iv e t IMIi I MI u tO c in il I li l tIle mellcinv kIn Rv
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