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Dr 4 l
1 4 J I
1 ± ID t un v
FullgralT anil Unify Defray Their
Wrdclud Colleagues
Throo More Aldermen to bo Tried I
at Dna for Bribery
ft Conffxtlona tlinl I < ly she t Vknle Intqnlljr
Ituro nn the MII > nt th ICnaiir who Nnld
1kflr Vnna Tnld In nn llnnlHpd flnnrt
luini He ri < l c HIIIII IA In I ultiKriiflr oniee
and Mrl uuEhII IIMif Ilie llriuiilwnr
BllrfjlCf Itiiud 11 rfil IIiH 11 Million Cnak
linil 1 Vulilt ItiiI OOVrl 7OOO Half
In Cnxk mid lluir In lluud I ttrr UIIMII
Imotiily Took tk llnir klllllnn inh
Fltltltrntr lVrrp nnd iir he Mil Alwiira
lliinrat Uuill lIoII la Mnrti Ntiilont
linl Telia Iko knn MIr V TkuiKterhnll
for Ik llrlbe Oivra nnil llrlhi Tiikcn
Tim bombshell which Iho I District Attorney
has been hinting lay concaeil somewhere
about hla office tlio > thrown into tlio camp of
the doodle Aldermen waR prodno d yenterday
and I did oxen more diimiii thitn was prom
ieod Aldermen Fnlltrnid and Duffy of tho
Board of ItH mado a complete and lull con
fession of tho villainy connected with thn
granting of tho llnmdway Burfaco Railroad
franchise Not a detail WHR anared and the
whole lascallty on the Hiilo of tho bribed Alder
men was laid open clean and bare leaving ap
parently no loophole through which Ibo ox
Aldermen yet to b tried can escape tbo ponnlty
of thn law
On the part of Fullfrnff I was a complete ab
ject whining confuRlon arcnrnpanloil by pit
eous begging for pardon from the cltlzons of
Mew York Duffys confession was as comploto
In detail but less abject In ton nnd Indicated
less sensitiveness to the enormity the crime
It was but a few mlnutea after 1 oclock
Xfhon Recorder Bmytb opened the General
k Sessions Court ExAldenuiin McQuado and
hlsoounaol 1 and the Inwvers for tbH prosecution
bad been In their places for Ama time Mo
Quade sat In his old place among his counsel
He looked I anything tldi r than usual nnd
bosomned to have lost some of tho depression
which hai been notluenble In his manner dur
log the rait few Ian lint ho had a severe
ordeal before court openeil and ho well nigh
lost control of himself It was about ton min
J utes before 1 unit bin wife nn1 1 tile I wlfea sis
i ter nppo irid In the court room Fol
lowing nt Mrs McymiloB liialn came four
chuliby roumtfaw chllilren In her arms
trasn very wld unnkn Imby evidently labor
lag under tho lmpr < inlon lhat tin entire pro
coodlnit worn teeing t eeiniliiiiHil 1 for Its special
dlverblon end enterlalninoni The slater
lingered among the little umno about the
rinG but Mr M Qilan > wllM the bnby
In her amis unit f < > towed liy the four
young 1leQuldeB went mrileito her husband
fie was evidently siuitfd byihn apparition
Ilncauubt hold ul the neirent BIIIK 1 McQunde
and kissed him irnl th n k Id tho three
Other email MrQundex who were utile to KO It
alone on foot rcb rvtni the hnlir for the last
Then ho klssd his u lit and he went away
rather sadly and with her HIlor nt once left
tho room MrUuaile on up tri ty well while
his wile was looking at him though ovi n then
bla lips twltuned and iiuhxrud but when thu
tot away his eyes Ililml to riiiiiitnii our with
tears and he use iiimliui for HOIIIO tune to re
Bum the con eriiin < wiih his lawyerH which
the advent of > his f unliy I had I Intel iiipted
Witness Cluirl 1 Wnlte who ban now bn
I Coiuo liiHluiilllcant inHi the I Infiirmers I was
Btlll on the stand when court Adjourned i the day
bet rc itnil he wao the 11 cIU1 when the I ease
I opened yesterday mornliif Indleted AldT
I men Wnndet Chary Itielly and Farley walchid
him cirmnly trio cornerH of the room as ho
took his seat In the chair Wnito teslilled that
ho know Billy M Inney and met him often In
1814 In lh m e of ltobintiil Brnbner t
UriKht the attorneys for HIM I llrnndwiiy surface
rOll Walla alun Btlllil that lie had received
by lelecraph i > n the uiuhtof the JOlh t of August
1884 a notice to ntieud Ibo nietlnK on the
morn ins of the Ruth of Auirut the meeting
whlh paHHPd the frnncblHe resolution ovr
the MaTira veto lie testified iilo that
the doors of the ehnnibor were CI Bd stub
this bnsiiims uaa lielni transacted and that
they wro opeiind uhen It was over Un cros
examinallon it was elicited that ilte Aldermen
always entered the olmmi by the side door
end that their conduct on this parllcularmorn
lug did not dlftT In this respect Irm that at
all their meetluua There were a few ques
tions put to him on redirect examination and
bo wat excused lalon
Boodle Alderman FullerafT cime Into the
court room while nltn L was u testifying u L Ills L I
1111K ucm u HUB ifiiitui v tn i iiiiittu inn pair
Was bruiheil sleekly back from his forehead
and his general expresxion was one of dfjec
tlon minded wlti snnctlmoniniiHne lii sat
down within lie rnlllnir and near the Judices
41 wallliiu patiently for Ms turn to come
y 1 was n uonernl murmur of Intnrest and a
Bhlftlnif about In siitx shen hla name was nt
loHt called He walked quickly to the
wlmns chair and nettled himself down
In I with the air of a man who
knew hn had a painful operation to en
dure Mr Nlcoll examined hrtn for the prose
cution II wan five minutes t 13 when he be
an The wltu as Saul his name vms Ludolph
A FullLriiff nn1 that he Iheiiat tim CIIIHT of
Deliriniilio place aud 105th street Morriaaulo
1 lust u wile and a family of four children
ant vis 1 iirxnilfnlher lie win portico arty
fond of 1114 children and dmoted to his family
RIllntpe I
lie ttmtltliH He Mint ontfitued In ttH mnnufac
turn of p pur tuouu aud had his tact > ry nnd
omen in i Fu Inn stinet lie had been In I l > ul I
fleeS In I nun city ami lirnnklyii for thirlyoiuht
2enrx Ho lnl held no nlllcri except that nf
Ihonl 1riiRtf until in the fill uf 18S3 ho was
elected Alderman on the Tammany tie nt Ho
run for Al leruien lu 1HSJ3 hut wax defeated
Q Did tnu Sit nd inn > t ii thr Hireling uf the Board
f Atdrrmea In I he t rar 1554 r AI I ilnl I
I JWrr tnu at nualnlvil with 1 of the meutbrr of
tilt llntrd of 1544 f A I wt 001 r
I 1101 ci r you ciii lui < d nllh the defeudtnilti thli
l Wrr ou liidli a I In April la for the Mm nfleuco
rlllh likll tlf Hrfrll lt I hargrdt A I tta >
1 llato yui nude 1 a a cii nt tn the Pt trlni At
tory onceriilng on cnnnecllni with the gritnilnc of
the frtnrhl tmh t dwar Mirfitct Itallnn I Ai
maile i rtatriiucs tn till Dltrki Attortie couorrnlng
BV > CM necllon ttllh llotl iraniitllon
Q vi there In Mar INK4 alter a certain I rennlar I
trrrtmi nf itiv Uttard of Aldf rinen a pn r in eilug of
ertli Alilruinn held lu ttu AlJermaalc hU I A
Thrre os
< J MOM many ci rr preuut I AEIlht or nla
O Nalhedefendaiilprtlrntt AlIo nil
U Wlmt amill 1 al thai meeting t A I I ale iId 1
thai I wa necr ar It I hare a majority tif Ihr II tard lu
let n A unit rrginllnit crrialn inaitfia Tne < iue tlint
vaked 11 wa ronferillng oilllc u1 1 It tta re
p iidihtiii I wa > nit coucrriilngpolitic ll I was in rrf
etch lu ILinri imllt I I I wai found that tiei
jrere not enough nittftit u to hut a maj trltt ol the
coei Hoard aud 11 me wdtlatiUy uf auoiher tullug WAs dt I
A low mony Ir u rliulro 10 tak up a lualorlt1 of
the artlt 1 A Thirteen
Q 1 11 hat tta the reull of the Hireling I A
The remit wa that II wa tietlded to lilY anotuer
DIIUL al mr omt wuhln a tti k
Qu tliire ouch a meeilng at lur nfflce f A
hr1 liwa at wr I dory In rulton treet 0 up
two talr of italr and O hi back end of the ruoin
Where niyifttre Ii ruol
UMwnilllinwai 1 I held t All wai held jut
aflerlti hud I ad b n dlmld afltir their days
Work ttau4 a I 1r n rocl In or ililujl
l Wi ailblen ctili luII IJHOT the paaa < r of the
Broiitvry Curfere lullwT rhdlw rtaoluiluu ou IDe
iluf AIUUI less I I AII was
Un Q Irul rVaW many Wr lru1 I ATbcr Wlr fur
1 tt r ih d > r iitaul in UI cess Arthur J UcQaatlt
prl fii x llewaa NeQOo
Qbui AMcrmau Penipwy prtint T AIU wi
Oen Trier hero lnt rrupted with itn
ler IDIrNo objoo
ton Itwasto thij effect that thoM prtiant
v1 Boihlnii lo do wltb tb daloDIInt UeUuad
Hat Ui proieotttloa may uk wbo nw pre
rntsiild the llorordnr ant then turnlngtn
the wltnss the Recorder asked Who was
present V
Wo do not WIt lr ask him that question In
tlmlnavtmld Mr Mat hue After HDIII fur
ther debate and Ui en Tracy domnudlni that
< mllllll Illt
exceptions o noted to the I Courts riillnKlt I I
was iIMHoil that tho t question flu lglut en to tho
witness In I this shape QUeBtnn mllht Il
tj tnltt the iiHiilfii > it tOll of those who nerfpr
rut tuQlllIe it A7her s M Miloutilillii ajleit Keunj stud
II M AMrrninn lleline prmrnt J AV
QHuAklFrmnii Iluny Ilirrrt AIlri > a <
Q Vfllwlmt was luuue utter > nu KOI tintrthert I 1
Thvnitriinir un > nritunlreil I iso lurId in 111 onio
AliitinnnMcIouiililla innn vss out my motion rhonn CIr
q Wfll hot wnonldt AIt woe tnlkhd ner mid
Haul thou I an IhlK I rio < lipl > rtnretllr llnnrd nf Aldrr
Iliill W tl tluriern I WoO d ulu ibO nlt tittfetlier tlittt l
we noull ol < > loif > ther on mrjlhinjr I iorlt pit Illcai
inaltrr W edld not 550e lo volo loll thor OIl iimliiiat
ra lit a II
Qiuud I I aiiyunly liiakit rprerlirN and If no trim t A
Yre K terul tperuli 1 I lucre lull ill Il Iucv RltukeHlid
juehti M > k unit llh ie Hirr nnenr tun I oiht 7
Q WIll aiuthltnf fritM with I terercnre r lt I the llroiid
wai Itnllnayt A No sit liollllliK llt ukt nOnut the
Ilrniiilwai rnttil
U Hill what cuts done A I wn arranms thu
S A Hhnulit hart ciii 1hr in rOt itue r
q Wa a n Unit al1 fur lhat inrrilnut A Yes I
WHM Hirnntd llmt it lutulI br he it I Hllhin I I H week
Q nimrrt AA I N r Mol itiKlillna IIOIKC It I trim
lo tr In Ilia fvenlnir old about a Week from the tints of
thr nietlnir In I my outre
QiuiI J ou hare itit I inretlnir a ou lhtl I nrritnnd f
AV u nun auottl a week tier In I Mr > li tNUJh lta
linut 11 I I ua helwien 0 and 7 olMntk In I I lIe 1 aiti Inu
1 Vluo Ware 1 Front I AOs liuy WAM prraent nnd
Mt bills nuI JI llui 1
Q Woe nil tint thlrietn i rei > l I A They were
l I lint IM you dot AWe o ffnnlJlt > il and elvctnd
a l hirninn
AWIll noinliiatad the rimlrinnn I AI sib either
1ult tr Ue Llwy I do not rrniemlirr which
Q mitua iiDiilnaletr A Mrluihllii wa notch
mil cl and 1 rliotrd lit look lIt eulItr
11 lot wa Ihe I lust limlnfii whiiili rote nut 1
The llroadwa llrt1 bunlno franchise u thOu caaie up wan the question of tho
nfl > toot 100 CACtI
QWhot was list Bald nn lint kulijrrl I AIt was
Hint 1 thai then nrie l iUirr fouipanltr nftrr fruntlilitfi
lot other empt whiih Imd lOud upplirallou tlio
CMlili ominnt Mid othrrtc I
Q Who pko i on true tulJrrtr ADo Licy and
Jfte nflioke
Q What ao nid aumtt I a nearly an you rronlleot I
A It was 01 UIHI the Ubl Cinan I had 1 fId
7IHOI for their franclilutt of whloti half was to tio In
cah 1 slut 1 half In unnilft
I Hi wiinm UHC it mM that thIs onto was odendr
ATol 1 ill 1 not rolL
1 Vtlmi was jail ahoiit 1 the Itrnnlnnt vnrfaco real V
Ahl Will soil thai wo could net IMXIOOO ia > ll for Ilia
tram bise to thai mud 1
QWel I V hA fva ald Ihent I 1 > t > mini Jarhnr
ad that the OnlileCin kiiyv ofler if ST Mnni half In
C 0l ii alIt half In liflnl wns mil dcttlritliie tn acfi hL aa
the tionilM could LevcrrtonlU I ir t d 1 andMtuM innlca
troubo and lhat wi hal I etlvr itt S it J tile oar of 0
UUtl aith front the llroadto t > urfnfe r al I
y Ua lilt qimlkiii f nrprptln the 5fllltb from
the llrnatwar hurfaoi > road juut tea tolef A Ilunn
Q How did tlm defendant lu hull Cia5 Arthur J Me
Quail ntef Alie toted use
C ttilu WM It carried t AIt was It wa aunant
lOtUS totrv
Q a fll what waa the next itutiject lliat canto up for
dirt n xnn t ATh next autijei thnt citme up was na
tu us I t nuld be flit i with the innne tn 1111 I
Q Well what next wa dlocueKrd f Ai here Was
11 eoiiitithlug aid aa t ttm amount each member was lo
Q What win the amount lhat wan lt ifga lo each
member t A think then W aa lo ba JJiuKi titled
Bonie one aukl I would be S JAtM for eatlt member I
dontknnn wlntltnna that laid thnt Cut Alderman
Jnrlme ad that rum could not be irltvn iirauue l tlirr
wi uld b oihfle to he iald HIII 1 isyettt and ntlirr ex
hOllIes lie Ihnutfltt attnut 522 WJU each waa what would
be lent
< J Wall what I done about It I A I o put Inn
cdlv to rot whclhtr we would take I ftlAAl each and It
wnlilrcldtd that we would
Q 1 w did tile dftrndaitt veto on thIs quoellonf
A tendunt t 011 ate
Q Unltctirrlrdt AIt waa
QWcrs theru my < Hi < tiitliiK rotcif ATers wai
limit I I wait unniiiinntlH
1 When itn1 oh re Will the next tuteotbng iS the
tlnrleen heldr AI he ntxt ttlcI lla ttn hclt obit n
ttcrk lutr lictwern Oaud 1 otiok In the VII at 1r
Mel ninrhllnit hoime
j Wrreall tile Ihlrtrm prrnintt A nor wusI I
QW 0c nbiHtitee and onlt ttveltr 1 irf ent ol the
onirln it I t ilrttfn who met In I in > t Ire The ilurvndaui u
AnliurJ loyuHde wn tin re
Iot wI
QWlfttl I so dim uavd o Ihl meeting ATh
quveli tlntiUHi > ed at tIllS lueelMi HUB ae ti > who
euqu d hold thic money
The llecorilrr What inniifj i ATius money that
lIt an tit be rcrrlttil fnr nu nntii
TllrUrettidir 0I 15 niieee I AYes air
JlrMioll Wellwhal WI < Bald loul ll S Aflle
Ins n I eCalt i > J tlilnk I III wu Irlltluld ittittny nnd
Allrrniuli t Deity iioni < Kl llr Keel4lt Mr MiCbti
iuflr3tflmfiey 5 astIfe Plgtietulint Tlichu unutotot4ihat
kind of hostile ttttr lisle I dont knitw whit U Wuus I
raid Mnlonevconld not be trUtcil tllh no large M alnn
Itwje 1 tttlirtttt tlial Alderman Dutfr pio > otrd Kffiiun
and Kfrnitn it wa finally dccMed tn Intrant the money lo
g Was tht vote unanlmou AII was
toteil I 1 How attt did the dtfei iiant In l ills caig t me t AI
Q Wet wiiitt wait next ttnil f A tuiermitn Os Lay
iti 111 I 10 hytnn luau I be n Hvlri ted t attriiil lo Ihe
buslnttiH IIP KevUHli wtuld IUk r till I inriiilier tt Kit tn
iittt I tttl tut mill I t peronaily and 1 Inlividnalij that I
wa alt I riifhl M
t 1 NN inert anything Bald na In how the franchise
IU d i paiird 1 ttter a Mto lij In Ala > tr T AI M I
wan n Illhllt l I the rraichIMM UHN iiiMfrl ami It Ucame I
livivu ir to halt U Over hue Must 1 ru uul l 11 wtuid be
in r raiy lo hat e Hirer mi tnlr I and tht guI Illnir I I I nf
I u 5IuilIIi wnMleUllHicuiJ He left lo iloloney
Thin wits no trolettn Ihla
Q > relhc > iircllno held prior In Iliu Olh of An
irlit Hie dtte trhtm Ihe Hrt lwny tiurfawB Uallwar
frIll hut ua toled A Iherwrre
g Vo yOU remember that on ttif IHttt of August Ills
llts or tclotd the rea lutlitn tfraiilltii the broadway
Mlrtncr ltiitlHB > Irani hlfff AI 1
QWits thrro anoihrr nueiinitof the thlrtfen lifter
thlftf ATuicre uai
U At the mine bloc I and hour I AAt McLonffh
llnit hnue ami nt ilia I ro hnur as the other meeting I
belwtf n Oand tt c tICS ID theerenllltf
Q How FMII after Hit Mayor tom wa reoeired woo
thu mevttnff held I ATiie day after
uUlnt wai dicuuedf AI Ihe quetion ot over
rlumir the Vein
JU lm puke on the lubjrrt t Who did the mot nf the
taUlntff A UeLacy and Jnrlillu I was sold lhat
moir niniif uoudbe rqulrrd In Ret more rnlt und
I wait Ir t > P tid 1 tiiata rettucilm ot eAch ontta share
from P22 iiiitof2iOiHi b madi >
Q Wutihl toted upoul AIl waa Toted upon and
paacd unanlinnulyt
PQ Wn the I C frndint preint and how did ho vole I
A Hi waa prt lent aud VII yen
g Wtir wert > on nn lbs nUht of the 20th of Au
gu I RH4 r AI I WMB at mr hi mo
IU O bid t U r an > body on that night t ATe itt
Iirf SI r Moliiey
QiI1 llr M loner com 10 your hou < e and If 01
what time V AMr Unlnney caina to any huufes he
Kin tlio I about 10 oclock 111 the eTenlnff He had with
thIn I t5 I for s 111 f ma Hoard of Alderuieu to ba
fold the luxt day mninlnir
ITero the witness Idontlllod a vapor as the
call for the meatine anl I Identlllud his own
BlLimiure DurlnKall the time ba had been
tetililic tb re was a breathless silence
throughout the court room The witness had
tolorablu control of himself nod answered
steadily and dollli rately but yet seemed to ho
laionni under oxcltnninnt Durllr all 01 his
tistlmriny his eyes never onco net McQuaden
Whan be llrnt talk h > H eutln tho wltnoHclmir
he looked upat McQuadu and caught Ihe Ut
terx steady coze tUed full upon lila face Tho
wltneks eyes fell and Irom that time on he
nnnr agaIn looked In tho illrerllinof his ac
cused fellow AlI man MtQuade eat 1Ir
ontly periectlyciimpoxed during the terrltile
arraIgnment nf facts against him ihluh the
proolllol was drawinic out nf the witness
ntamuoeof his face moved except now
and then when ha turned around XClt wills
pored Hiniilncly to some frloml who CIO over
to sit by him or when he turned 00 Iho otler
aide and ionsulted with his coinine Ills
Lrother Itiruey on the other hand lldieed
nlmtit In hit Heat and seumed to be by fur tho
more unenay ai tile twit
Q What did I you da with th paper AI Uindlt
Uld J hut II back tn Mo oiler
at I SrI thereother namr nn I I ATI worn
oral littler nammou It I oJled Clerk 1
art ra nlhl On I ool1 uiion wnmar
1 in Intu v the lIeS innining and then went don
down 10 I St life CIty lieU aboit 1 or maytii itlit
llf lrfnri Hint
4Werr > ou al Iho Aldertnanlo meeting V A I is ai
Mr taltl prrclded
AW hurt another meeting nf ihe thlrttrn after
Situ tieetlug I Aru sue ao I Hlliik It Wol In lle I feit
t huf f Hie year in October I think at > lr He Laugh im
fu Wrre 1 of th original thirteen praientt A
Tllev Were
Uviutwaa 1 uld or don at that mrcllngf AIt
WH tid thai there had l > rn no moner handed m I
yet Hum might be ndicrit but sUch ic Wanted it
eonld vet It
s I or you paId anything that nIght AI was
pull 10
Q Wh pail It 10 you r A D Lucy
y Wniihat joUKOtt AThat wu eli I lon
fore ulrcilon
Q Un > on remember when Ih final von urantlng th
frIbIlehIlie wet titsu I AI do ll tta ou Hi tith of
JJec mber
Q low much iiltl you reh In all A received I
11 aftrr tn IlIA Us Lacy gave me I recev4
tlHixmlii alA I rvo
Q t1lduiu hat conuruehon with the defendant
Arihtir HtUuad with reference wnbl the uiouey n1 A
ornatwii thatcnnreriatloot Altnethhn and
ali film if tie got hi motley hln
Q And he Mid t Alie bud All right
1 Whir tt sit this conrrnation t A I o In the
anlrruoin lann rnuucll la the Clerk oiflctho Clork of Ihe Com
o Mu ihl I ccntenatlon btfor or after tho Olh or
Pteember tti data I on which tha dual 01 Was taken
xriiiting i hi Krnailway burfac Uatlway fraucblM t A
Ill WI alter 1111 dill
jttiw long atltrt Ali mlxhl hive lecnflv cr
Liz dsys after
Horo the prosecution announced that It bad
no more aumtlona 10 ask the dsfrndant and
hs was turned over to the defence for cross
examination Mr Naweomba conducted the
crosinxamlnatlon During the direct exam
ination On Tracy had bean continually rl
laa with objection tbeYal majority of which 1
wer overruled and tn all auoh ea a Whlo
Tuoy uld that hli UCPUOI t the ru I
be noted The wltno looked somewhat
I fatluued whim Mr Mnwiombu beKati the
croHBoxnmlnallnn hut pulled hImself to
eether and inldontly set his face for 1
protracted Hleue In answer 10 questions
heHiild that the fall of 1BH1 nan thn first time
lie rnn for A lute riui an I tint lii < had been mar
ried thirtythree I I yearn and win much attnrhei
to le Inlll thnt he hsd llvd In lilo present
linuxe In I Deimonluo place Morrinnnla four
teen I or llfteen years Two ol his I four Obu liii ron
lived with him ono of thorn boiuir married nnd
the othurRlnule
1 D i VMU rnne iilir lnlne cilltd before tlm Lrgitla
llt I I s timiiilttee and iwnrn t A I tin
g I noticed Hi it Ntdat Hlifii nu trert cnllffl upon
tn take liueillt I t on II aiHmid 1 U Ii thdoudo 7 lhat alien
you took tin ot 1 leCture tho coininilit I
Hero the wlniHMS who had evidently mlstin
derHtood th q 1eytOhl manliSted I mtieh emo
tion and It I was some innmuntu I be itt h it ttuii Id
S At tact he hrnknoiit In I n deep hoatso
vole and Bald dramatically With uplifted
hII1mlr I1 illd that Iron remorse the re
morse of 1 an honest man who hud
lli > re he broke Ilnwn ami fell tn rnlllnc his
hiul nbout I v hllo I th I Uncord ami Mr New
conibi worn both nndeatorlnic to linto him
understand that tho qniwllon IPI had I An
n kl wax nothiiiK thill wan calculated to do 1
Milop Ihn Bnntlinent nf rumTHO At Inn the
wit ones beiiitno Bllfllilently I 111 to grit ii this b
point and aiiHHered that to lie t 1r of his
recollection he 1111 I afil nOel let In 0 thin Cu > m
niltten the siitne no he hud jilet t dono 01 tm taking I
his seat In I the I wltnerg M < IH d
Q Yiii Mttnll nut hell berstely fit xr itfre ton nru nnd
rninmll prrjurt sun d 1 ynil llr I Fluligu all At ttnnld
liol nn Mr
C 1 You would not do Ihraely conimti perjury lo lu
jur a fillmt ti ltlrf would rnu f A Nilir
Q un tn n d itt I rtinmit lien try to benefit S ouriolf
WtiulIII S 01 I A Nn htr I uiinldlint oun11
nro llm witness who was evidently ncltatnd
In I mind I although I t hn inalntnined I tolerably
calm diHiiianor asked for e Ill q nf water
which one ot I ho ileputiet handed him Hi
drank u few inniithfu I I H fovorlini I y and sat the
KliiHt dniMi uiion the flu ir by life 81
Mr Niwconihi then ilrew rnn tlio wllnRB
Ut lIt ho hint been active I In Ullliic iflhllOtU rca
patseil I tho llonrd of Aliletmnn which
Ins1 by Inlrll1 AII1 Oun et ru
calnulaled to Imnollt hln it the I wltu > illli let
and hIlt hn hii I solicited other mnmliori of the
lloniil to aiflst hltn In title Tho wltne visi
bly brluhtenid up at this t eplaodo In I hli career
wan dev loped hit when Mr Niwiomh picked
UP I hoiind volu i o nnd Bald ho would than
refer to some pastiiim In thn I printed iport of
Jn lort
In IrrtH
tho wl It I noes IIIt in I II Ii loll before I the I Iy < ulla
tlxoCominlteo theexAldermanHcountnuanco
dropped onio moro Into the old dejected ro
pnntant XprpM8ion
Mr Nwcombe read from tho report In which
Fu grurr pa Ill thnt he knew not h I iig about t any
private meetIng of members of the 13onrd with
reforenet to thocrantlnLt of the franchise
Qllui vu no itttur before the committee r AI do
did n renutnbrr I II liters 4 you read It I itippoae I
QlIt you BO Bwenr f AI did
wa q Tale Wee that jou nVu ore to then rIle or fate f Ahl
Qtiuei > ou committed perjury t A I did
g Yin rinmitrd lerjury I lo iirnvenl > nur being
pro eoutrd for brll e taking t AI committed perjury
tn l > IVont the wlnle game finm tiiina1 I lit piosccutwf
lave Hie vthnlt gang ue well lb m > rctf
g Hut you comnilttfd ierjurt and you knew you I
wire CIIIIlII perjury I AI did acknowledge Ik I
Mr Nowcombo occupied the ereHer I art of
the time during the cross x mluRtion In
reiidlnuoxtrncta from FuilurafTH perjuries At
the closu ot touch section the wltnenH wax asked
If he snore as the record recorded him as
having worn Occasionally he resorted to n
Imt I lit tiiHiitnir hilt fHlii rnllv < niictntftfl tn n <
l rihu record tl nnd then trnnkly i but with
downcast njes and much solemnity of manner
ndmlltul I I tint hn had perjured himself
Uo was still upnn the rack when half pat 1 I
oitni and Court adjourned until mmrter past
2 At thlll hour Mr FullurnlT WItS 11111111 called
tn the I stand lie I looked little I I ref i 1511111 from
h s lirluf riiRnllit aud settleI himself luck ni
si I nelly b onue mnrn tnnniilt thn nltnkH I I of his
torniertor McQtinile lookil lrlfht I nnd buoy
nnlanil tnlkt chefrfully with thme nround
him The news nf IliUkriiir I cnnfoitlcii had 1
Kprend tike u I ulhlllrx I in I the sinels nnd HU cr at
n thrntii tvas tmtifclni the Iootlt lor tot hO isein
that I It I took nil tbo enemies of Ihe I IIIIIIIt to
keoi them from Hunrinini u Into I the court room
by main fore Ax It tas the crowd In Iho room
wits renler than at any hIm sine tile clilonhiug
or title trial UiwrdlnAidertnen Wnndnl Farley
and Clenry wor ntmved nttny In conenlont
plices with I ii niirBtiot and M rut IticQul nile bad
resumed her old snat In the witness pun Mr
Necombe resumed till crossexamination
QIhn Miilnnrt cttlltd ninii tin 55 tIll the ccii for
a nn vllng nf Hit AhUnnvll wimt I tint tnu M Inllliu I
AI 1 itkfd Mm tvhai the mrutng want r lie I 01 It
wait it tfitfrv iiruiliiganil wunld nnit Cult us hut U
u lIlt fur w hen I gl Ilierf I uIIId l tint II Iml refer
elite tit I ottfrrillnj Hit tlatnr tetiof lilt Iiruuvl way
urfiu t railway II IruiKhl e M hen I got II to Ihe WII Halt I I
Air i Wall e fald theri tttn dutigir it ilr Lt duly 11111 hid
mirf minify from ihe I rnllm 11 mnpaio by grttmir out
annllirr lijumllnn unit IhiUilwaa neceaary to hove
HID nirtllng rout to hua him off
Hern Mr Neivcnmb resumuutl scatting thu rec
ord of tin Ijtsllatlve CommlitueM I InviStlirn I
tlnii nnd Bonn Iml the I witness cornered oma
more In tDtlmonv directly oppoulto to that
WIl ill he lial juttt ulMin
QW tvhtt ton it siifltfj to then before tha commit
lr < I rule t A Sit our
Q Didnt > on lm tthrn ten tctiQtd thus 11011 aid
dlunl > u know you tt ire 1 IIIK T
Mr Newcnmbo spoke In a deep voIce nnd
with i flu thu dramatic force stri k I rig the I tab 0
befttro him n fcharu blow with tint flat of his
hand as he cainx tn the word hlnc The
conns fnr the prnhecullon Interfered In bo l
hal nf Fiillurnff who was In n Itlulily wilted
and helplons oomlltlon looking feebly from ono
spenkir in another us the debate wont on At
last the Ilecorilertoild
That Is nltoeilhur too stronc Bfr Now
combo It N I unnecessary tn put It that way
It IB just nt wall to say Did you not know it
tol II untrue V
1lIld > nu nut knnir that that to which you then
teiilflcd Under oalh wa filet t II did
Mr Ncweombt read from the committee
record the reasons Mr Fullernfl had ulvon to
the committee ae having actuated blm when
he vOled for the Droadwar trunchlsn They
were all of n rather lofty and philanthropic
QW or iho year reaioni for Voting for the fran
clnie r AYee dr they won my rrann Tlliy I were
lur full I reason with the exception of lie Inducement
that ttacoffiired
Hy thr Kerordf r And you mean by the Inducement
ihe riooo that tro given ou for your TOil I AV
QTiien you luppreied that before the committee
Airs sir
IIlld Mayor liditin talk to you with reference to
your tountto initlataln iuii veto t AI do not know
that be did
g Ild > ou not prey that Mayor Edion wai directly or
fnihrcilly Inlerertrd in the cabe railway I company I
U tcli I to StIll ruled mil aa iris event
g U hut did you nean by what yiu aid to Mr Mlel
ailobnodlv trhell lie wa examining you bfforvtlie
Ie latite Cominltica I AWhd I meant to my to
SIr ilis tra that lip I tinting 1 bet > n In the Acmty
wlitni linnlltt Ws flring around Albany nugit In kuotr
ui tnuth about tile iutjvci lie Ws iuiui ii Now Yuik
Mr NowcombeThat Ii I hardly fair Air IfUOII Is not
lliro I
The Iternrder lh wltnei ii 1 In the right ll hM ox
lilalnrit that he hud lo ay to Mr Mlco
g What ttil you undtT tl > l liy the term bnodto T A
1 undrrititiiMl it tn meau and I rI > pof tt ineaui niouey
oltlanud lilt iMtlm tlelv
g i ou mean then uiojoy dishonestly Obtained t A
Yet air
Mr Nnwcombe hero lead an extract from the
ilnfrBs testimony batoro tho coinmlttoo In
which he had mid Butt men honest as ever
sat on thH Lords footstool ne pure as any riuii
IlvliiL had voted for the frauihlSD
Q Iii you nfer in oiirelt when you wero speaking
01 men a tWutesi al Over 5151 on tl e lord f ottooi and
aurea > 0 ny lirli z AI referred lo uiyiilt brtoro 1
win itn AldtrniBiii t befur I did Iat
g 1 liffiirrjoudid Hint i A Krfore I accepted lhat
Inn u fr my rot and fur which I ain ahamed and
ted kfriil tnt iligrarr
Q I r > u If raft eliher Ihe statements mal by yen
tniaf Hlth icfrrrnco to > nur partliiptttloa the grunt
line iif ih HrnalMiti rrnchl Were Cloo or your huh
tntny brf r > the rinninltlee wa fits e I AVue Mr
g 1 Klther one or the nlher of tiliue lalrmcntl tra
mill ii ar you under oaih knowing u lo la title I A
Yes sir
ruoTKcriox rnoMwcu TO unto
QlIow InnrdlI Ion adhtra to your oilghial stile
mm 11 A Ui to six week ago who 1 made my Halo
nitni to Hie IMinct Aliorney
brtirlr there tint another charga agatnlt I yna of
bribtrr in rrUtlitn to another road f Athere wu
1IIIhr you were arrried tur brlherv In connection
with theothfr raid wa anr lndu ment offered Yell if I
you wnuld mIL aitatimeot t tt WBJ toil I noul4
The witness then related how ho WOK arrest
ednnd tnken tolnspertorUyrneBsnniconhrro
be met Mr Martlne who tried to Induce him to
mako statement Ho replied that bo would
bite to consult his family lint anti adotrctlve
wan seat homo with him nud actlnii ou the
n 1vlco of bis family ho went to Mr NIC ills
room and mado n full statement of the Iran
obUa transactions
QY aid you fell remorse for what you hid dont
A4dt4rniuiy I
Q luVeroa returned the SISoco yrurrcelred for
your crime I A t tulcud 10 lure ai Uod lets 1114 lire
g An trer my qutuon Hasi you returned I be
lbIeei I rica gut tirj ur crime t A Ii Intfij
A Auiwer my qucitlon IUv jou rcturnd tin
money I AIll itt
Q Old ro ncelr money for ttui olhr crime for
which i tn wero rr mo1 I did
Qttow hrr Atin lhou anddo larl
Q Hat i U returned that moncjrt A I woo
hat rnurnrd u > ry cent of II
g Uaveyoarelurnrdltl AI hire not
Witness bare Idectlflad his oath of office and
bla signature thereto Ha RaId that when ho
took the bribe ba bail foraottan bla onto
QTlla kiuw DtLaty U la Canada lhs t HoCatx I In j
MaUiat8ajUiliU CuudauiaMiugrUild < ttiai
JarhnIln State prIson that Mcgnde lion I trial t A
Yes sir
J h Vim know thut all iilItlOlIe Cr two otllu thirteen on
wnom j nn bar lurne t Hislie ertttence f were either In
lane l uJ In ptl on fugtllrai from Justice or on trial
ftOn retllrect oxamlnaUoniMr Fullurnfr said
tin tratlfled falsely befOre the committee to
protect his fellow Aldermen nnd ho had made
his confiM < li > n to save bin family from disgrace
ami he humbly b ueed tho forgiveness of the
cltUotiBof Now York for tint 111 ho had done
tbornJUFn C
Aliloruinn Michael DufTy of Duffyxllln was
nitxt culled to the stand Ho ti > tllllJ to Ills
special mentlne of olllhtln tills Aldurinanlo hall
nud in tIll subsequent muotlnK of thlttoen In
FiillcrnlTrt oHloe
g VMiat waithrnbleetof Iuis l aiorlitlrint 1oh
It wa in form a tulle comblr In act tnjrther on bull
Dem matter particularly onraitrnad tnattera
Hn nXt titstlflod to Hip meeting nt Ald rmon
McIjtuuhllnH soon nttec thn ineittlnirnt Full
erallH and Bnld that at that 1111 nit It was
nalil that the iiuhlo roud nlTorud tTSOUflO one
llill I ciiHh nnd tho otlnfr Half biiiulH for tho
frnnchltto but that It W liB objected an to
the cabin load lhat thorn wens too many
I i i Into It alit l that It l would be a very
dangerous thine to Mkrthold of Ha nlso tic
tllled tn the vote by which It w IH ilecldd to
I arcept tlinplirfacn coinpnuy olTer of tWWOlK
ciish and III t the disciisslim of lillly Moloney a
hitting rOBolVolrlnr the money tll lurnudilutu
IWhAt wa aid about Hr Motoner In title Annno
Hmt AIt us as ald lIt l Mr IleLacy th 1 < t Mr Mown y
CII tl nut le I trurutl I tvltli PuI much money aa he might
hupp n lo II eli ift with IL Tlieit I propourd Mr I Kerlnin
anltf 1 u reed ttiiiiu 1 Mr Kenai aol I it wee Clll that
ent ti nirnitrr wnutd tmtr tit irn in I Mr Krftlnn pfrnn
al r and 1 Nrtf all right before Would Cotleu lit tn art
I hues f nifelliKifi te iiiiuillltlee wtlt hII I llilnkbe
torn tile Oih ti Aiuut when the lritinlnL wn grante 1
Q Wan liters n meeting 1 fIr thttclii HI Hie Mayor
A lucre I ttual Mr Mrloujlilliiii 1itIII <
cind and 11 tta urrrl hunt SI r Nolincy nhiinid go
lIt tututI nnd get omr more S Clue AI tt 0 itt Ha slId
wi uld titl 11 uaa igrud that Mnlir ftinllld
go iriiniitt and do tha last I Ii cnllI Hint he
aliiiint IMtk nit four or ore pare ttaS aol pt rirrin
Wf ngreid tnrniiie I dovrn f1II fJ ISOI In f ono i tiilfrtt
In mttt lion I i ta tut tile 1lii > va brf re tliu I ttimtug of
tile J 1 hHC AUIKI I nut InS lunif I lilt Iulteihiig at
mt hmnr in ill e nn the nktil of the Uh
Mr DulTydescribed tile mntiniif the com
bine lucid at McLouihlliri just luforo tho
electIon l
Ah tile thlrtren ware preimt nod we talked about
the coming em linn HIM IlIAC tt ho tta ifoliiff to run
nmiln l hid Aide nBII akfd wlur Wha the nmtifr
cmnliig rom fur theliltai I ttantid to run an 1
COllIe one elite 1 > ild he Yke Rilng 10 art liiu trnin
tile lltualwiit UIlWAY I uMnt gel an nmnry
lull al out H nunth utter rlrollon mill then I got tin ui
I met JtrUuadn on the nntth drib 1 ir Ihe i lt > Hall a
few 1 aye utter and tte etaited HIII talkrd lloaild
Ill tjon gf l tour moneylr the I flroudw t oaiir1
eCu I ealI Mt > lU gut Intro I nnd lit pull Ifa all
rlKhu 1 aid All rljlhIttIlt
Thin witness further testified that at all tho
mo tlnuH of iho combine Mctjuado waa
present and voted ulllrnintlxoly oil all the
ineiixuros adopted At C the prosecution had
done with him anti thiVcrosHexiimlnntlon was
deferred by this defence until after reooss
John T ThompnoD a Block broker was
Sworn nUll lo tlliii that nn llec 16 ithl4 Mc
Quado boiicht 1UO ostern Union shaios for
nbhh with tho ixirceotnice he paid J508750
In cash In hllisnf large lttioniInntliuuua
James Julnlan aciOiintant lit llm Ireonwlch
BavlnuH Hunk tesilDtl that on > c 81 of
1881 McJiiade palt theprincipal and IntereHt
ou n bond and morlBiiB nmotintlni to MUH
He paid In cishaiid In tills ol large deliolllitlul
llons Hie I Court hurt took a recess until oven
Mrs McQundo ciMtnt most of the recess In the
court room talking with some friends The
doors of the room were opened at Tooioik
AA soon us the jurymenhad answered to their
n tmt Mr Mnrtine Mr NIcOli Mr Tray and
Mr Nuwcomho glut touellmr around ih Juilkia
dusk and biuati to I lIk eagerly with the lie
oouter Mr Fellows joliifil ilinni in mliiuitt
and itri oMejtt Mr Qrady c unit lo the rnllmp
around IlioJudueB deiix 04 timuuh thnlr lives
dep ntled i 1 0 ii tlmlr I stink i iug there Then Mr
Tracy and Mr Noucoiubo Iuno ntitsldn i he bar
and ttpnktt In I whlupen lo MiQimile unit II ii utl lit
Mr Tracy usouit Lack rind joined Mr Miirtlnu
111 few moments they left the lUnordnr who
btttfm at onco to aaarit < s the jury HoHili
1 am sorry loinrorm 3uaiBt one of tius ot > uiitel for
tIicdeflw Xr NoxomHtJntnietii tluonng all nay
Hllh MlukiirNW 1 I hive liSt ihf plen u I it Knuwlni Mr
ices ehIlf for ninny yaare anl I Am i outlined that It
tttuld IH Inliuiiian 1 to fun 0 him In continue tin truIng
exIt ttstiuit tor lie t IaI 1 ttliiitMt I NIII tnfiiniifil bt him
and 1Y U C Tray Hint thf arrHiigraiflil I Intxr t n HID t
llJ r
cniintel for the t helene ii I Hint I tlr Newctmtit in I to
t loin examine flue vtuiifMrf and thai hv a oni > iuis
mitdr nu ti p 1 iritllona fur tlnlnif nn 1 > hall therffire I
am titr > tttrjt I beoblucd to adjourn I urn nor > for
run bflau tou will bf krll HI Ittnttt lulls and H half
iinii e louder frnm > onr ftniilllrebtritu o tir Awcltuiu ho
liMd ox letIei itiltnun I I crn Xtlhiltltl I lilt of the iHt
wltnritrt nnd tt I iiien for thvdpffnce Hut tIm 1 < nrrttnge
nn nl tinti IM rti llmde tirltterii hits oucl nud nirflf
I elicIt bo lucre ul lo n Ll ck to morrntt I hope Mr
Netunmbe ttil bd able InOtiutlnuu but If he llntitllio 1
cad will net vrthele go on
The corder then cave tho statutory warn
ing in the jury and dismissed them until 10
oclock todiw They worn pormltteil to rema n
III tim court rnnm fur two liours for eximiBD
lifforo cotni hack to the Aator House One
thirsty juror wanted In han BOIHO huer nnd
Mskml Mr Nlcoll he mIght have a bottle Mr
Nlioll thnULht hn mluht and linked Mr Traoy
A bottle eald Mr Tracy Yes u keg for
all I wo Ill rt
And a pack of cards sucnested Mr Grady
Yes said the Itocorder it you play solely
for amusement
Fulluraffand DufTy were under no restraint
and went where they pleased
Aldermen Clenry and ONell and oxAlder
man Charles Itullly are the three men of the
thirteen who are not dead crnzy in exile In
cuatojy or inionnerB i niir uonusmon wero
nolllled lust evening to produce them lu Part
1101 ttiojQenhrnl Hoslons this mornIng when
the District Attorney will move to have days
llxnd for their trial Since Duffy and Fulleraff
approached the District Attorney with oilers of
turning Btatea evidence Mr Marline has hud
Inspector llyrnes watch these throe men Mr
Nitoil saId last evenlne that Cleary nnd ONell
would probably ba tried at toe name tlmo lathe
two parts of the General Sessions
Then while Huffy U tolling the story up
stairs FullKruff van be Rlvlnic his evidence
down stairs Bald Mr Nlcoll And If we time
them well there will not be many minutes
wasted by one waiting for the other to finish
LIB testimony That testimony today was
asioundlutr Even to me tnouieii I am ncous
homed to It and familiar with It It scorned
really awful as Iullitraff and then Duffy told It
I dont see how there can bo any doubt of con
vtttluit McQuado n nd the other men Those
not implicated by Duffy nnd 1iillyrafl are for
tho present Bale DIIIT and PuHitraft are at
liberty They nro under no restraint as Waite
is7 l ThRY are uudor bull though and the the
ory of thus law Is that limy urn In the custody of
their bondsmen Two of Inspector byrnee
mn are watching the three Implicated men
not yet 0n trial or uead or skipped or turned
The Boven Indicted men who lire safe for the
present are VInci Wendel Pearson Miller
Farley Kirk and tinells It Is suspected that
buurp will bo tried before any of them
Alderman Clearr was nt the trial of Me
Quado Hn did not return to hIs home nt 03
lenrlBtreet un II about mlduliiht last night
Two Central ono dutecilvis eood all night
under the shadow of n beer saloon door with
their ort clued on the nxAlderumna door
Cloary said when hn arrived home that he hud
uolhliiL tonny about Fiillcrallc testimony Al
tlurman ONell wa at his home at Centre and
Grand streets all tho evening Hn refused 10
talk for publication Detective watched bla
door nil nlwbl also
ExAIIrmall Itollly spent part of last even
leg nt thus Oid IIICKOrv OiubElehtynrat street
and Third avenue He left there early for his
lione 320 East Bnvintysocond Street and
went to bed Thomnsl Itellly his father and
bondsman said that his son would be on baud
to the I end of the trials
Jacob Sharp James W Voshav James A
niohninnd and Thomas B Kerr wero all said
to be ul home last l nIght
The New York Cabin Railway Company fans
ofnces nt 206 Broadway W B Williams Is
Imsldant F M Evans Treasurer and A L
Enrle Hncretarr Charles P Hhnw wits their
counsel Hecretnry Earle and D McLean filmw
the brother of the counsel were at the ofllco of
the company yesterday afternoon After they
hail rfaa the report of FullcrnHs teutlmoar
they said
Our company made no attempt of any kind
to Influence or bribe the Aldermen Wo know
It would to UBole even If we bad wished to
Attempt any such thIng for It waa apparent
that the Hoard nf Aldermen was controlled by
other parties The reference In Mr Fullvrada
testimony could not ba to us but to the Broad
way Itnllroad Company Our original plan did
not contemplate the occupation of Broadway
When the General Railroad act was passed wa
rnnda formal application for Broadway to se
cure our position not with the expectation of
setting In AUKUst 1881 we offered 1000
boo to tho city for the Broadway fran
chise and we wore willing to par more
We never offered Inn Hoard of Aldermen
anything lAwson N Fuller WM employed by
the Broad wny Railroad Company on our rarom
men dation to solicit the eouieat ol property
owners That waa hla only connection with
us The Broadway Ballrood Company was
understood at the ontsst to bo a branch of our
I company but It ased to ban any connection
I with as Dofora the frsnchlaowa dlspOMdol
r dUtotoo 01 tll DrQwai aollJlIU wi
I W C Whitney Ji A Roosevelt T F flynn W
1 0 Andrews W II I Warren llrnyton Iws nnd
others Homo of thin same men control tile
Ilrondway road now Tim company Itself eon
hardly Oil l > said to have an oxlstiiice
Ono of the rumor Is that thn reason Mr
Moloaey wns distrusted by tim Aldnrmen was
because IKHlOOO had bcnn put In his hands lorI
certain parllm to delay itctlnn tin the Broad
I way road and ho kept the wholn of It
flt1VllUtlSM Li Nil ItNIUlKB
ItllegI ConiplrHcr or Cniillnllit In ntenl
Jteulwod Forelle In Ci lir rnlit
W ABUNGTON Nov 19 An oxtonslvo con
splrncr culminating monstrous fraud Is
tho manner In which Uecratnry boner charac
terizes In hIs helter to tho to
day an allotted attempt to steal all the mtitftiin
cunt redwood forests lying within the confines
i of Huroboldt county Cal For nearly a year
pnstBpnclal agents of the General Land Office
bnvn been investigating time mothodH by which
Hum A0o hnvn secured patents to 151 entries
of flume Umber land probably the best In the
United States anil llnal rocolpta upon nearly
300 more nnd time report of Agent It F Uor
lliin dlnclnees If proven a HyHtem nf fraud that
Is HO perfect In detail aud niiilflentlon its to
Ritln time admiration of land nfllclals fumlllnr
with every phasuof tlmlier thievery
A svndicatn of Sootih captlnllHts Revernl
years HBO niniln through Its ntent In Califor
nia JtuneB D Va ker n contract nllh tint him
nf HUSH iV lO oompoed nf Josopli HUSH David
KvatiH and Chnrli KltiK to siicur by ouch
ineiitis Ifs tIluy < i Bhoulil see fit control of nil lime
valuable redwood timber t In II U flu buiiult county
antI tout contract Jlu n Aun liaveslnv been
Industriously carrylnir nut Tiny employed In
tile nefnrlnuH work its the Secretary calls
II niiarleg U H Bnach harry A Mark end
M V Kolmrti n brother of thn Ileulnter nf the
Hutntioldt Land Ofllcn A man named Frank
JlIruiclitln I was hliuil to futile tlnmr t Itt Ill
attotiB and he wns patti S5 for each entry Ills
duty Ixilm to take clmrto nf the entry mon
A rnntract WIIB main with John Concur n
bnnrdliiKhoiisn keeper to turnOut sailors to
mann e tries nnch sailor lielnc paid tW for
miterIng tilts land I 1HO acresunder dlr > tctinn nf
Muljatichiln and then deeding It to HIDH fc Co
ear itniul of Its momlirp A notary nnmed David
Cutton Bwearx that he wan employed by the
h Ituss Cninianr tn draw up deeds tile names
and n description nf the property 1111 lnir fur
nished him In tiilK by Marks antI hn further
Bwenrs that ho ilrow up between 400 nnd 450 of
these deeds All thnt wm required nf ttm 51111
otis was to make entry and sIgn ndeed lifter
which they worn shipped off Marks pnlil all
tho tots and wan Bonn payIng for some twenty
five entrIes at one lime to the receiver of the
Land Omen
Thn recorlwnf Humboldt county show that
within n very short time 300 deeds of timber
land tn the IIUHH Company have been placed on
record It seniim that up tn this tlmo the com
pany huts neotired nearly 3 000 acres of this red
wood forest land nod Is continuing its opera
tlonn The Hutrot iry rocnmmends criminal
suit against all parties Implicated
Am JEOTor to ami Inol Hrlllna on hIs New
Jest Trnek nt Cllfltin
PATEKSOX Nov 10 GeorRo II EnRcmnn
formerly of Brighton Beach now proprietor of
time Clifton llaou Track and nine of his as
sistants consisting of clerks pool Rollers mud
others worn arrested this afternoon by Sheriff
McKee and arraigned this evenIng before
11Tirder Oronves They were held under
JWH ball apiece for the next Grand Jury
Thu object nf nrrestlm them was to put n
Shot to plifli sellIng and bettlnc but In default
of HBii > iincstntiitu to color th cane thny were
ouch cIte rguul with I kenplnu n disorderly I house
whey driukinif I tippllnu t I gatum ll i tug earnu ci rig
awearlnu and Knneril misbehavior were car
ried on ilny and iilirht This refers tn the club
h use and hotl on the Lroimtu and It evl
detitlv lit l n technical charuo intended to brine
tlit matter to the attention of tutu courts It
wl 1 not It Is tnld Interfere with tIle racing
Tile complainant In It A Ilnmcurtv nf Newark
a tnomberof tho Slate Drlnrtho Auency
COLUMBIA 8 O Nov 19The Board of State
Catirave iuei reached a decIsion In Iho hiuall Kllli > lt
cnntet They onitluJfd that hue argument of connel
for bmall Hint Hie Stalu Board ha1 Hie right to ret ere
Ihe aciittn nf Hi County IlnardK If neorpary wan cot
reel and Ihci pmcredid Incotimder Ih live Bperlfled
citrf tt here Mnu I H fired Hint them hd hi en frau I or
mi tncorrrct i ount In turf if thfite cite the llnurd d
ci lcd tluut tlifitt 0 0 not B intrKnt tainiuhir theIr lulur
frrlng still tliL artlnil if the I lower lIla ri In the
oilier two Celes ttlmrtt the Oimnt Hurt is l had refned
to canta Ihe riitr ir lilt prrrtnrtinl throttn thent
out the Slatr II ad rtttfrfed tIle drciliin nf nnerrd
the tolc nnunttil Thre two prfCinct rave hmallii
111 rilfRiiMiie thiin Miott rrt Ito ng I ha lallrra I Ills
jnrity Ill 5i1 Klliitt thcrefie rro lied tile cerilOcale
nr elrfllnn nit rongrrMllian Iron t the erftilh dltnct
llplilliit beret it is prnlrl of two tirerlnrta In Beau
furl rnuntr hut ull riitrr Ilifin I n Wiulilnjilou when
itiails coutoiu In Hem In tile house
aloiiotritna Rival
BUFFALO Nov in Whllo Laurence Donovan
to I Waling fur a dime muieum eniavemeat nails ar
iprliiglni up to rob him of hIll glory John Don ere
ptibllhea a card utterIng for fSO to jump from
the Cantilever llrldge ewlm the Niagara u far al
the old bupeiiliin Bridge then catch on li > a drag
linn and ctmli lu thu font way of the bridge and
make the lenp madr by Donornn Nelioti Wood an
Bnut Buffalo barber announces that he will Jump next
Wick and wll aCierward go Ihrouuli the rapid la a
linrrel tt lib tia chant Bteellieart llnnnran haB not yet
arcurid hi feumU companion for BuildS > trip la tit
double barrel
Colored lEnlnkia In la touth
NEW OIILBANS Nov 19A now factor has
been Introduced Into the labor problem in Louisiana
It hn long been known that the Knight of Labor Tt ere
ugaged among the field hand orgaulilug lodge of the
ordrr but the lint effect of thetr trnrk las jut been
innnlfeeled About one hundred hand on tile Falrtietr
plantation one mil ahore Ilerwtck have been on a
strike dud Monday Cutting tiaulirig and g lading
cant hare entirely eeane1 The tiaml are all Knlghti
of Labor and tile atrlke tra lntltutod by order of the
Ire it lodge at Berwlnk The uitu detnaud ao advance
of SO per out luwaK
Accnerd of Kllltna Hla Molker
LOCKPORT Nov 19The Coroners verdict In
the cap of Catherine Lavell ag d 80 year who wai
found dead la her home In this city oa Saturday morn
Ing Nov 19 where the lived with her son William Ii I
that Mr Larell cama to her death from paralylanf
the liiart caused by fractUre ot the lircaat hone and
that In the opinion of the jury eaiu Injuries were pro
ducad by William Larell The parte are laid to bar
been luloxlcated that night and quarrelled
A Hotel Deairoycd by the Dale
MIDDLITOWH N Y Nov 19Tho Bale of
yeiterday completely4ctroyed a lummer hotel In pro
ceuof conitruotloa on Walnut Mouniala tn BaUlran
county The whole structure was lifted from Hi
Inundation and carried Itrrltt feet falling Into a mam
and ii I a total wreck Utgtilern men Wflr al work In
the liulldlng at the time and all nilraruliiuly ecai > ed
unlnturvd except one who wne erliunly hurt Th
building wan six stories high 50 by moo feet aud Intend
ed to accommodate 3JO glued
Latest MrlVB Abnnt Nitlna
CntcAoo Nov 19At the Tremlllennlal Con
firencn In Farwell Hall Indav the Her Dr William
UlnwIdJleof Alexandria delivered an address on Tue
Frletbood of Jous Chrlii Amnnf corn of Ih re
roarkabl thing he aid wm that Satan wa Hill la
ueaveiitnd that UIH had not jet hur ed him out II
icorrd rilutlini and the lloia n and Orerk Uathollo
Churche is fall i lleini sites they put a man be
tween believers and Hod whereas If tile lllble wa true
u Ii claimed ovary Chrlllan wu a print
Killed by on KxploUn
fivnACUBE NOT 19 Choros A Brown of this
city aid r K IIurglt ot Newark N V were killed
her this morning by Ih explosion al a ttltir In a pan at
lIfe experimental salt woiki George Uetiton wes
11 tide i aud otherwise Injured The buldlng wa badly
ttreckfd liurgett was blown twentt > llra feet and till
bod > lodged In til ruins at flat bought Jlrown wai
crushed lodanth They were the onir pcraon In the
building at ih time Tb cause of lie uploitoo hu
bet been aicertalued
Tko VIIKnUiHn Cess
TJ03TOH Nov 19A supplementary motion
for a new trial of the WlloD4oen CM has bun mid
by Wlloni couniel Tb motion ask that the verdict
be let aIda and a niw trial granted for the further tea
eon that on Ih conlract between thus lilalnlrf and da
fendant a alleged by the plaintiff la Ma declaration
the jury taisd to flud mil report a verdict M reaulrd
by law
Beaidtna JTrla Flaklor l > PrUon
BAN Fnuasco NOT 19In Alameda yaotor
day two local puglllu Martin Coitello and Tom Clary
convicted of felony for prize fUlitlig wr lenienced
Cliary to serve three month and Cotello lonrrilx
weik In Bute prUon Thli U th tint llm in the Dial
that prize djliUrl hare bin convicted and MUunil
for flfbilaar
Oroait Ailaalalalraten1 ted >
Attend tu IrnmenM ial of winter utu and overcoats
now golnf on at Ball A Cos tile popular clothing deal <
irs oh t3a and lOU Broadway sod ussr some of the
greatl bargalaa Tr oftad u tb public TO ten
orreoat la lb city lit 510 1J and Ili Tbi bind
aomul clothing vsr maiiiifMlur4 atprmceaoooibr
dalr 51 Baaa You can twv from 23 Ii 40 per ai
n rrr dollar you loved al Ball t Coa Ba and CM
lhceMwq Mlwtu SiKtXsi a4 Usctta st4d
CwUrU elves perfect titallb to larant an 1 children
p coilS eosr atomaca too wihvcoaitlaaUfla it
L GUIOIIS Itliprgp
Any ach or pain rtllava by Carters Imirt W 4aa4
BMIM risstg Ads
1s s4gc
4N0711R11 ricuntr yon KILII4IN
HB Ileitcd Dennr Kllllun bat Fnlled la
Knack HID Out
riiiLADRiriiiA Nor 19Jakn Kllrnln
met Denny Kltllrtn nt the Comlauo tonight
and bested him allhouch he did not knock
him out Kllllan Is tho round fellow who
fnnuht Seek Anhinn In New York last nnrlnff
In the first round as tIme was called Joke cnvi
Kllllnn slap In the stomach with his loft and
cot away from the return with case Hn re
peatnd the dose and then planted hla left twine
on Dennys chin Thun ho lot htm have a
rlffhthnndnr that knockod him Into nn en
trance and n moment later hit him with n left
hander on tIme neck that turned him nround
In the second round Jake planted lilt left
four times lu succexslon on Donny chin nnd
breast without Kettlni n return anti KHO him
two or three hard pulichee In the stomach
In the Inutnnl I icof the third round Jnkn lot
no left and right The last caught Denny un
the neck and hn fell ou his back Hn wan
up In n Bniond and renewed hostilities
In a clinch hn got In some halfarm
work arid when they separated blood
wan trickling fro n Kllrnlnn nor Denny was
somonhnt nncournueu and tried to rush his
nan but jake wale ton clever for him and then
lm ndnptid Fabian aches and kept well out of
renoh until tlmo was callel I
Tho hitting wits all In favor of Kllrnln In the
Inst round He planted severe blows on Don
IIVH nock and stomach and but for the tat
hrs quickness on hilt foet ho would hnvn
mado short work of him As It won he ran
after him anti Onnred him just as thn three
in I n limit wore un but hn did not hit him I hard
onouith to put him tosleop Jack Focerty the
reforue awarded tbo lluht to Kllraln
Thf YtUBger Kllla ike Older end Iben Die
r Ills 0a IViund
PATEIISOK Nov 19Jacob 8 Boners
President nf thn lingers Lncomotlvo Works of
Patersnn bus n numher of dour on his place In
Willis street This nfiornoon two nines brnko
down a fence that separated them from each
other nnd joined In n fierce combat Time bat
tle wits wltuofded by a number of persons
Several atttntptx to separate the combatants
were made but they were unsuccessful Tlm
contest iated for an hour nnd was u very In
terestlni eIght
It ended In the younger of the two stags klll
mw the older nnn but thn victor himeolf with
family wounded State Veterinary Inspector
Lowe was called to attend tn his Injuries It
took six iniin to sol7e and hold the stag after ho
had been lassoed The Doomr did his best to
save him bat bo died soon altorwnrd
Till CONUKillATI < lff tiVaifUVNDEn
Pator Hughes Announera kit flelgnatio
Bind Toils Ike Krnlnn
After prayer meeting In the Summit Avenue
llapliit Charon In Jersey City on 1 hurl lay night the
Rev D C Hughe hue pallor announced that he la
tended to retgn My rearons for 10 doing all hf
are that five or six of the brelhren have made the past
year both for myself and wife a very grlevoui burden
which haa been uu > rabl only on account of loyally
and ndellly lothc church Ha then handed a written
repignailnn lo one of H ie deacnni and wlin his wife left
tOe tlinrcn
The congregation sat for awhile dumfounded Tliey
had nut reteivtd the a lgiiiei lattmfttitn of the imtora
inteiitliiii lit an iiterwlielnilnff rutr they refilled to
ace pt the retaliation Wtif n n committee pointed
toak the luotnr In re onl Irr Itus acluin Wallet I upun
him lie told thf in that hecoulltittdnvo a hr bail airettdy
net r ted ulinthrr chage It N unilellnod that IaMur
hitigitri haul accf td a call to the rrlnity Cellist Church
In lllrih tret and Lexington atenne In I till cty
Ihe trouble btttrien PaHtnr Hughe and the glue or six
lirullin to iiom Ii rrferrttd ariirf Fulfil the t Cry prom
lm nt putt the p Hlor look In tile election of deacon a
your ago
Walter 8 fine one of the bestknown ad
anca agehti iu the Ihetlrical world died yevlorday
morning at hl home In Baltimore of conitiinptlon agrd
114 year tin sac fur loliti > 05t5 bulne manager for
th late John MoOnllolgh and began work thIs aealon
for yflfflfl Hnnth HtlllUI Jilt WBB CqUfled to lOT
about three week agit He leave a wlrtowT formerly
Annie Huhattar ail opera linger and twoalilldreu
Kugene T Irulhoiiinie died rrKterday In Whit
la ItI aged OO loIre When ho cam frtiu iarla atmut
forty rear aifn he was a cook At tile time of lull lists
lie ttu Pr ident in HithllH I Ilalne O tnmiiato and
wa adirrotor in the Cential Bank of Willie Ilalni
Dr Tluinai K Clear died tetrrdar al luls home 17D
Ueilfoid arrnue Willlmnibuigli 27 mr old
Mr Allen V CSiukrr formerly arnfnr menibfr of Hie
flrui of A Y MoKf it Cn hitleale urndre dirt cut
ileiitt la1 night in hu farm near Jtlfhmnnd Vn He
Woe n imllte tif Nnrtn Carolina but fr fity imr 5 hud
lit rd III Itlchinond u tit ru hu ropered In biHlnf and
rrttred a few j ear ngu ttorfh ever half a inlllfim Uol
larit Hu wa 117 year of age
Judge George L m Ililltlnof Ihe harletown Dtmrtrt
Pit I IIM ilnurl dlrtl lat illIcit tt IJrigllta 0 lease Ho I
wait born in ltiCblutIlilVUlul l 1KJ4 hi larelu Ill being free
proi le of tnlor and p < u > Hr < itd tif a liti b uropertr and
education In I IKAJ hlp renta rrmotrd lo lliiBlonwhfro
tiue F eIght chili nIl liitluning iieorgf were iit tn it
puldlcichnol lie I itudlrd law will I Jewell A la > lnn and
afterward itltendvil the I Harviird I LHW hclion frnm
trhltli ill guild hated la IBhU He I buill up it t U cerful
ricllte itnd ttaan hnnnretl nirmhcrof tile tnir lii
lerted in tile ILgliUlure and In the toinnmn Council
and tra prominent In rellgtou nnd charitable nriust urn
lloni amiuir I t colored peope lIe vtal nint lined
Judge bv One Itutlfrln IH8I being the tint colored man
to livId a political oftlce In MaMtaunuelli
Mitaked lllver PIrate
While the schooner Orion was lying In thin
bay on the nUtit ofOot Ul Hire misted men clluibed
over the rail Ote fit them who carried a revolver in
one hand and a big knife In the oilier awakened Cant
ThomaiUlillami by looming up dole to hi bunk and
announcing that they had come for all they could
get and If he innde anr ulij cUinit he would Ic a drad
man Then the plratia lound I IHII WlliluttiN lute
money and other taiucblea ttnrtr Slits fiom the cilIa
rohbvii the cook and maivof Cl 28 and dropped otfr the
aIde nf the chonner 4 harlv Ulrjer who lbs police
say I one of ihe mnt during rIver plrtitrB hereabout
WIN nrrcred In South trial on Thurvliy and Identltlad
hjr < pl William yeierilar nl line of lIe men who
piimmltted piracy nn hli nlp Jullc Uufly tn to
Tnmli held Merer In flMM laO
Capt Mlllam was ahnra lat evening and at th
corner of Bnuih Fight avenue and lileecker atreet h
wa aiauled and robbed br two men They got only
SI wi One of the men wa arrested Its saId he WIIB
William Merer in 3 liSle old and lived In Uhryilla
street He traa linked up and Capt Mllllami wade
talnid at ttie ollce Crniial Orllce is a wnneii
Iitjun Sleep Dunes
As a preliminary to the Wild West Show that
tltobe I given In Madison Square Qarden about 200O
men gathered on Invitation at the Garden lat night lo
ace the chief and braves of the fawoe and Cheyenne
tribe meet for th fIrst time off tlus warpath and bury
the hatrhet A great medicine man dreed In a profu
slot nf fetttiera was Iuseter of ceremnmea
The tndiatu tamo out In all the glory of bright colored
btankrti gieamlng ttllli unall mirror and quailed In
tile roar corners of tIle arena The duets nf tIlt hotllie
tribe then Mdraneed cheered oa b > flInch laying i of
drum and tilanr yelpi They exchanged piles and
mnkod and then ewapped luboIhite lbs nifdlcin
man produced a hatchet whli h two Indian malien
buried diggmx In I ihe earth being beneath the dignity
of the biatm lileut they at telped Tim corn dinre
and Ihe tmr dance fnl owe I In them hi Indian shed
ptettr much all heir I rloililag except the paint ami to
th dm of tomtom plunged writhed silt jmnied
about the aretot watlng thflr w > a > iiiiM Kooky User
the bead chief ot the Muux danced a ola
A rullerrauB Kill his Vlfr
PrrTssuHan Nov 19About daylIght this
morning juot after a bail given by the llailtn Biolher
hood Policeman Charles Jone hot and Ini autly killed
his wife June wa Intnxlrated and trltd In pick a
quarrrl with errral peiBnn rho had stir did the l alt
Ills wife Intrrlri when he drew hIc rernltrr and mot
her through the head The niurlfrer wa arrried Ho
waa couldered one of tlue bet blUcer on the fort
Grover Clevelund wna lbs Vlnnlnai liar
SAN FBANCIBCO Nov 19In seveneighths
of a mile handicap reel of the Pacific Blood Hone Asn
clattnn today Ornrer Clvland gut off first and kept
th lead to tue fluUh winning bra lenglli ami a half
WHU heili n lacoud and Boulta third Time I JO
lonareBMHn Arnot l > rlnar
ELMIHA Nov 1The Hon John Arnot Con
rrmmn for ttto terms from this dUttlct lli la a very
precariou condition at hIs rfildrnce Ill Ii not expected
ihat he will lire more than afew lour lie iuss bceu
tailing in health for several mntha
Tk President of Urucunr Helgn
MONTETIDEO Nor 19 via Onlveston 1roal
dnt Ueneral Salutes has relgnrd lube lost ll 11 thnunlit
prnbabl that UenTajei win lIe chusui to succeed him
u the Co let Uiglilrit of Hi Republic
Ease Flakt Deiwean Vfclie nad r t rd Ilala
FonrVAri Oa Nov 19A strnnce race
flghl look plae here ths cnmbaianl being while and
colored rita Thrie wall ran killed four colored out
lu two mlnutia
A Cklae Murderer Hniced
BAN FRANcisco Nov 19Fang Ah SIng con
vlcld ot th murder of a ClImes wtiuiui four years
aio WaS banged this lrnoon
Jill Ipry liassad
Nicnzz Nov 19 Jones Spry colored the
murderer of Ada l olman waa haugd in the Jaul yard
lIsts todey Tb drop Calm at m l u uetoclt l
tO HB CONDVfTKIt trilllOUr ntSPLAt
Tke Arrnngf ruril JSrnrly ritmplelr Fartker
Mark iif ittspeetiirssges aT Ntmpxlkr
Dlatltllf lllMk lIe Mih V1I iI
Tho nrratiRoinotitB for tho funeral of Chos
tar A Arthur worn nil completed last night
with tim exception of tho selection of the full
list nf time pall bearers In deferenco to the
wishes of the relatives the ceremonies are to
bo conducted without display Thu body will
be borne In n plain hearse to thin Church ot
Heavenly Best ut Fifth avenue and Fnityflfth
street when servIce will beijin at 9 oclock
Thin body will be accompanied to tile church
only bv the members of tho family and the pall
bearers and the escort of nix buttorlett of artil
lery furnished by Oen Schoflold Admission o
the church will bo by ticket only and loss than
1000 tickets will be Issued The exterior of
the church will bo draped with black and over
the portico will be hung an American line to
Indicate tho national character ot tho olxto
qulos The chancelpulpitand roaillucdesk
aeo will be draped In black A
The simple luneral services ot the Episcopal
ritual will bo conducted nt the church by the
assistant rector the Ituv Dr D Parker Mor
tiin and the Itev William A Leonard of BU
Johns Church Washington The musical
pnit of the services will consist of professional
offertory and recessional hymns Two ofthe
hymns wilt bo Abide with Me and Nearer
my pod to Tho A short nddresa will bo
minii by lie Itev Dr Morgan while the le
ninlns rest before thin ebuuuloi
After tint services the body will be carried by
tho most direct route to the Grand Central
depot where It will be placed on the llK train
fur Albany The rulatlvrs and pull bearers will
occupy n private cur Mo ofllclnl orKitnlznllnno
of any kind will accompany iho inonrnorH to
Albany There will bn no ni niniof the house
on L xlnutnn avenue on the day nf tIle tuneral
nnd the colBu will not bo reopouod utter the
rnmnlnH urn once plactl In it
Thin body of len Arthur Inynlrdny tester
day lu the chamber In which ho died The
Inco I okeu Hommthut emno nh > d but In other
respects It was perfectly natural Nona but
inomljrs of the family wore admitted to see lu
Tomorrow It will be placed In a coffin of oak
covered with black cloth and without orna
ments excepting the sliver plate The coffin
wM bn exactly like tie ono lu which Mr
Arthurs Wile was burled
Mrs Maston nnd Mrs n J Hayneswoith
sisters of Mr Arthur ronchod the city youtor
duty anti conferred with the other staters and
Mr Arthurs son In reference to the Pail bear
urn nnd It Is settled that Messrs Jrushnm
Lincoln ilntton Chandior and JJrowstor who
wero of ProMdont Arthurs Cabmot wilt act
Messrs Uresbam and Lincoln arrived In town
iast nIght Ihe name of the others who have
been Invited to bo pall bearers will not bo mad
I i ubllo until It Is known whether they can tie
present Major Arthur the oxPrusldentti
brother Is out In Texas out of the roach of the vi
telegraph and it Is not yet known whotbur ho Tit
will bent tutu funeral
Secretary Daniel Lumont telegraphed to Gel
Clayton Mclllclmol who has onnrtro ot tbj
funeral nrruiiuemeutti that President Glare >
land nnd Hwrotnrlea llnvard Kndieott VlilU
ncr Lnniar nud Yllas would attend tbo funeral Vi
Theno telegrams were reoelxvd lt
04 Arthur Jr Jl
1 beg to tendrr my lnccret fympnlhf In j onr Kraal
brreuvt mut It la my iuteullnu In beiraitriil I HI IM
funeral Jmxa ll num
84N Fginoiiuu hor IV
Hr Jar K JK troy
In vxirefiiag our profound inrrotr and ameer ITU
pailiy wo Tolce the universal iteiillmr11 here
JOHN 1 Join
Jails W llACCir
naiTiin LaaiTioi WJiuiauTOH huv IB
Hri JaknK HiKltni
Accept icy ntnceiu condolunoei Was
J2LIIII1 N V Mnv 19
CA < rtAttr Jr t
l luii lease her Sunday night and will attend your
fatnr funeral DAVID B IHtu
Loomis Not 10
C 4 Artliurjri
raV1d6ijhCmrdeltZnurspeettel synupathy Wits
hrflrlfelt regret I luue rend it t llm drnln r Ill late
Jreildtni your beloved and dltiinKulilinl luther
UIDRT lirma
Other messages worn rncnlrod from oxMin
later to Austria John JI Francis Clmuncv 41
lHi w Buiintor I M Culom D SI Rubin
UV Larratx of Iowa uxMiivn < iiiry Toiler > g
wtioHHiit IB regrets thai Illnesn proVHiitfil his jl
neiinu its It pall iKiimr 8enutor Ji C Uutlerot
North Ciiroiiim and llutliurford II liny on
Th re short many allots itt thus louse With
meaaniit ot comlol nc for llm family
Kx1resldont Arthur toil a will disiioalneol
hlHiiHtaio but the will will nut bo read until
altar the builul
Tho Hoard of Aldermen yoBterJuv upon
Mayor Urnciia HUei > aUiiii nilniiftl rnHolutlou
tespectinu Gun AithurH d > sub Thu munl
clpal olllcim will I I i b > i Iluaeil ixtept I lug tluwo I
which liii laW n quires shall b kept opun
Owners of pmatu IjnilllnKs urn uBknl to hare
them draped on the duy ol the lunoral and
musters of VHtttols ant reiiuiixtvd to display
their flutes at half nia U llrief ouloulos were
demenid by Aldormiin Vim HeiiRhelanr and
1iohtilunt Noonoy A coinmlttoi was appoint
Ill 10 miiko arrnpiceineiiU for attending the
funeral The Aldermen will meet ut tho Wind
sor lintel nt 81 > i A M on Monday and proceed
tliHtice to tile church
Tno Custom HoiiBo will bo cloned on Monday
The Cotton aud Morrnnlllo KxvlmiiKua have
uiloptrd resolutions respectlbt Ocn Aithur
deathand will tixrpr Hentod at iho fiiniirnl bp
o iiimlH ea The Mercantile Exchange will ba
cloRiid nn lie day of ibt funeral
WASHINGTON Nov 19Tljtm President will
leuvo ashlnuiou on Uunday ulcht for New
York to attend the funoral Ill Oau Arthur on
Monday morning HP will be accompanied by
BMcntnileu IJnynrd Ehuhicuilt Whitney and
Lnnmr and roitniiiRiiirQerieral Vibes The j
puny will return to Washington on Monday of
lornoon leaving Now York directly niter the
funeral Till United titatea Hnnatorlai Com
niitlee will leave hero on bunday at 4 1 M
Irnsldunt 0 evolanddld not hold hit customary
receptlun this afternoon 01 account of the
dentil of Gun Arthur
TIle Secretary of the Treasury has author
IrHl the draplni of the Custom House at New
York as a mark of respect to tho memory of the
late President Arthur
Tile Iresldont toclny Issued an executive
order for the closing of tile executive dtpart
mints on Monday and tho roatmastor0en
suil l an order for the clottlnu of all Post
ODlwson thoHHineday between the bourn oZ
IOAMund i PM
Tim death of Gen Arthur was formally an
nounced in the Bunremo Court today by At
tornuyU nonil inrliiml and nt hlu Suggestion i
the court was adjourned until Tuesday next M 1
Ckulrmnii IleMacIsuis Speaks
About 100 monitors of the Labor party In the
Flr l Arclllbl dlflrlct Illrl la > t Illlllll III tlm Old Uo
intnlun Hall t 403JreeiiwKh mreet fur the purpose of
rvorKaulzatlua Jihn UcMitckln fhalrninn of henry
< heorgee caniitaUnc tinmlttie esli 1 Ibid the grest vote
cat for Henry Grbtj hail had a woiilvrut t tt upos
the cause uf labor In ltj of a riinupt and bia k
gusrdir press a lurulsi end arIlsui ruolbre to Ce an
hue perfect orgaiuhs iuui of itcisblilsO 5111 DCtullIrat5
lit isluurlflr tuleti ut Sew t l I ehee U tlust it as as i
OhiO It itutsell Outs to hi iCsi riuge IerilaiI it a ii belIer
fur Ills dune ii 55111 tltIlt leureu Ions 111 riuuted
Ucoge iluteilmad to ets ill a York sitli WlI 1 111111 1151
lIe lIes tIC bulrailuu I lit ttllute Tile lIreleul
p5th orgslbzstion ellsull lIe cnutuluieieui stud Ills I rellors
it It exiue let it Was Cur tilt illouest f hteuuiullcuiia
attul tietlIlIcrate lie niut hI kcj e rIsit dletibcis lii InI
Cli pluvert 1 IlrilkeI 5 tiust tiles cuiuld I u tnrtMl oh
OeCuilt lay hut tie cx 191111 It a tI It ill 1 lie treat
lInte igultist Ueutrge ili Ilue equ ttd reou heIr iiaitsr
Street Mr MclasSiu 55 cr01 slIa tiuus iulurcliaeo
es 5 uT nnlury Slow In lurbiie
The Corporation Counsel has advised Comp
trolltrLoew line Ahlermaa llmr > XV Jjuiin ulia 4
In I row in 511111 Miir I mllil l lo fit or > aKry nnin
lecl 4 at tile tinitfcf hi is cults lulboli tnt liril iry 1 hi
innllvv Htit lit lnl1 lIt Ueorur 1 usel lIe n L I o tier CC tlltt
txAlileriuuu who bold a 101cr > of ailurnry
Unlllnl her Ilunin In Ibo NIlk t
AnnIe ll > cknr 15 years oil of 11H lirooma
Irrrl qultlrtl nrr lltttttu I in tile nltlit Ill IliutvUy and
Ihc polIce i wcr uHtil yrximlny in luiiik l fur lii bli
took ftouia niuncy u tilth she lam ntpt in litr louts
A 155000 Fire la Jersey City
The works of the Fro I lac Embroidery and
dsnufucturitug COntIaluy Ill Nerlis street sItu NoIses
aae tieJerser City Were jslroyeui by lire at 2eclnck
yelerIas nuortlulug II I loss wi Iluilditug 1112 sheet is
cstiuuuuited IsO I5 15X fuiy covered tuy iuiufamtce
rolindered with 140 Seal m
LONDON Nov 19 Ailvices live boon re
Ceideui tluat a ship crowded aith oath laborer ritursu
be iroun Quueuuslaluui piijit4tiutt1i tnundrc Itt hiS
Iaciflo Vcssn iuul thst 144 ilvS wet toe
Llberly Tirelt to llyrai oai JUonday Makt
WARUINOTOX Nov 19The LlehthnuM
Board Ii Informed that th Banbeldl statue ot Ubwur
will probably I rUf utcd on Moudy ereulor
Rluai ua 2 ° liltl
Fair wther slightly warm weiUrly

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