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Hnntue Jfrepornllone far ° Tnr The Holism
AtitUe Odlon OompurlioniOrcint flnSTet
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IVroog 1 Evicted Te ante In iMlnod
rrg 1 18 It Till oIOr Bra Printing and llAn
JOSDON Nov 20Tho political sensation
usual by tho small
of tho week Is furnlshoe n smnl
but IrruprcsRtbla Churchill who Is known now
ImODI tho Irreverent as the Bushing Randy I
Tandy Tbo excitement this time was causod I
by bin spouch to a deputation of tho city cor I
poration who requested the Government to
support the renewal of tho coal and wIno dues
I his speech Churchill made 1 successful poso
os the friend of tho poor and tho upbraldor ol
itrnsplni capital He made tho city magnates
tool sad tolling them that they wore running
thlnan In a disgraceful way Ho save them
much advice In strong words and with a few
Cluus nt tho nacred Institutions of London
town dismissed them much humiliated and
Tory wroth His tone was that of a Radical
minister I ban filled the Conservative party
with wooplnff The allcxlnnco of the oily matr
nato to tho Tory party has been shaken
The Tory press is full of rebuking loaders
That Churchills Independence will create a
serious split in tho party I persisted In seems
certain Oldfashioned Tories accuse him of
betraying his party while tho Liberals are en
thusiastic They prophesy that Churchill will
live to turn his vest like Disraeli only knit the
other way and that he will b a Brand
old man a soon a ho cots old onouRb The I
Conservatives demand that Salisbury shall do I
something t repress the enthusiastic Church
Ill or distinctly accept I back sent In English
politics while those who do not care
admire Churchills Roahaadatlvenoss and
wonder whether tho secret ot his
success Is that of n Chicago drummer
or whether It L duo t a precocious
devnlopinont ot statesmanship Fossil Tory
dom Is waking up to the fat that Churchill I
a nominal Conservative I also a militant reformer
former Threats havo been mado br a number
of the members of tho Carlton Club to revolt
nnlots bis sentiments against privilege are
k disavowed Churchill Is strong however In
the confidence of the progressive Conserva
tives He knows that the resentment of tho
club Tories toothless and that the former
power of tho nrlstocratlo clubs Is fading away
before thu rising Influence ol the Conservative
L Democratic organizations
In another direction also Lord Randolph
Churchill active and fearlessthe abolition
of departmental abuses Finding the officials
of tho Admiralty War Treasury and other
departments reluctant to assist In the Inquiries
of tho Civil Service Commission on Expendi
tures he threatens t make an example by
suspending some of tho most recalcitrant
placeholders No Minister lisa over before
ventured to beard the permanent officials
Lord Randolph Churchill boa already sus
pended a number of thoso at Woolwich and
has caused all the departments to know that
lie Is determined upon the repression of any
attempt to boycott the civil service Inquiry
The Eastern question keeps gently simmer
Ing The Czar wounded by the total disregard
ot his feelings shown at tho Lord Mayors ban
duet nndin Bulgaria has evinced A disposition
not to play any longer Gen Kaujbarsvwlth
much pomp and many Improsslvu wordtvha s
t lilted 1l load i rom the Bulgarians by afla
away and wise men a divided in their opin i
ions as to whether Russia shows a tendency t
back down from Bulgaria or whether she L
drawing back In order t leap better
for conflict being
Russias preparations a connot are blnl
carried out on an immense scale Tho mo
bilization of the Seventh and Eighth Army
Corps under tho command of Gens Allor and
I Rorbarg boo been completed Including the
Cossacks which aro attached t them those
corps number 13000 man each Thero aro
plenty of transports at Bebostopol Odessa and
NicolallT whore troops are being maatod ready
to take them on board at short notice Tho
Engineering Corps Is bard at work on tho
roads loading to Erzoroum Tbo garrisons at
Batoum and Ears bavo boon reOnforced and
now fortifications bavo been erected at Souk
lew atoos
goum and Kale Enormous reenforcements of
cavalry have been sent to tbo Roumanian and
Gallclan frontiers
Tho Sultan has been getting Into trouble
with his big neighbors In a moment of ill
humor ho expressed his belief In four Turkish
words that tho English wore dogs and tbo
Germans were pigs The Cologne QaiMa bad a
reporter around who understood Turkish and
published his remarks and now tho Coloant
r Oatette Is not to be allowed to enter Turkey
Another piece of news cornea from the other
Bids of Europe which Is a reflection upon the
Bnltans geographical knowledge I ssys that
a Swiss officer went to study nomothlng In
Turkey and Ibo Sultan wanted to know where
tJwltzorland was Ho found out and then said
tho Swiss were good people anyhow because
they did not bother him with Ambassadors
The Sultan Is unhappy
Franco has just missed tho pleasant excite
ment which Is always furnished by the forma
tion of a new Government Tbo deadlock between
tween tho Government and the Budget Com
mltoo of the Chamber Deputies yesterday
promised a serious ending Tbo Ministers
bavo yielded to tho commlttoo and the danger
I of I burst up has gone for the present
Tho apparent Impossibility of finding a suc
cessor for M Paul Bert a Minister Resident In
Tonquln assumes grave proportions and the
task Is not rendered any easier for M do Frey
p elnet by tho facetiousness of H GrcSvy who In
enumerating to M Rouvler the charms of tho
office said Only think 150000 francs salary
10000 franca for yourfunoral and 12000 franc
for your wlfol I Is said that a dozen men
hio already refused tho big salary which the
place pays
Preparations for war particularly Improve
ment In tim mankilling capacity of guns aro
still being pushed all over Europe and nowhere
more vigorously than In Franco whore Just
now Minister War Boulancor Is conoultlng
President Griivy and In various ways disquiet
inc peaceful minds
Ono of the most curious and from the Tory
J J point of vluw most dangerous features of tho
situation In Ireland Is the progress mado by
the Xutlonallpropacanda among tho uppor
middle and lowcrofllclal classes Evidence ac
cumulates that the former have lost much ot
their fear of the results from granting homo
I rule They aro oven beginning to see that
with the abolition of the Cnstlo bureaucracy
which would ba one ol tho first con
sequences ot Nationalist triumph tholr
Influence would b Iramonsaly Increased
It Is notorious that nothing can L done In any
department of the Irish Qovernmnnt whereof
tho Loneuo tlocs not receive prompt Informa
tion This was utirlllruly exemplified oven
this week by the publication In United fielnml
of two confUlenllnl circulars to the pollco nnd
ningltitracr of tho highest Importance One of
thoan would seem to Indicate that the Government
moat entertain the mad Idea of luriltullng I
prosecutions lurnlnat tlm moro active loral
workers tho Nationalist ranks throughout
lltonalst IhrouJhout
irAland without attempting to touch the 1nr
I llamantary Dublin leaders or lue League biecutlvo In
I Blr llobort Hamlltous final removal from
I Dublin Castle was accomplished to the joy of
L the Tories and the Indignation of the Irish
who saw in him a Homo littler at heart and the
L only man friendly to their Interests among all
I f bo bad been sent to govern them Tie pre
I nrmntM the Government choose to call It
I Jhlcu was confer 4 on Hamilton cal It
MMnaitutlon ols oppoosoU to HHOT fei
lX J o
thoroughly from Ireland Ho Is to bo Oovornor
of Tasmania which Is Just around on thi other
nldo of the earth and as far from Ireland
Bspoanlble Ho will lot a salary of 125000 a
roar and tho climate Is delightful Whnn tho
history of the Intrigue against Hamilton Is
brouitbt to light H I will there is every reason to
believe bt < found that his opposition to tho
newly resolvedupon polo of oxaxporntton
finally decided Hlr MIohail HlcksDoach to
yield to tho cabal whereof Lord Ashbourno Is
I ClJ htnd and cet rid of him Ashburno
itamuton baa no Bfrnpnthr with the Irish i
people or their national aspirations when be
uret so tot In Dublin yearn ago Ho became
BO 10 bcam
converted by Ibo forco of circumstances and
tho Irroalstlblo loglo of facts and a similar
metamorphosIs has It la well I known almla
witnessed In the raso of Oon Bullor who went
to Kerry a martinet saturated with antlIrleh
prcjuilloffl and who now I not exactly n
Nationalist has shown lila sympathy with tho
people In various practical wan
Your Dublin correspondent telegraphs only
today that llullern evidence before the Tory
Governments own Iloynl Commission on Land
Tenure was maInly directed to prove that tho
disturbed stato of Kerry and Clara counties was
entirely owlug to D etruguln botwoen landlords
and tenants that the landlords wore blame
able for the manner In which they
exacted excessive rents and that in
almost all tho cases that had como
under his notice the tenants wero over
rented In a majority of cases oxoesalvoly so
correspondent adds that this expression
of opinion nan already had the cffvct of staying
many evIction Meanwhile tho test struggle
between Lord Clanrlciirdo and his tenants is In
full swing and I regret to ray careful and
competent observers predict that It wllinot end
without bloodshed but tho bloodshed will not
bo that of the absentee despot who from His
luxuriant quarter In Piccadilly baa for years
past been fanning his ukases to his wretched
tenantry and his resident agent Joyce must
envy his employers safe ntroat
Your Dublin correspondent had an Inter
view today with Lord Mayor T D Hulllvan
M P anent the recall of Blr Robert Hamilton
Mr Sullivan said he bad not tho slightest doubt
that tho affair would In a very short time bo In
cluded In the speeches of ovary Nationalist
loader I Is only natural he continued
that wo should feel sympathy with a
ma who merely for the alleged hold
ing of opinions we consider right and
proper ban been attackod time filter tim
and finally drhen from his post I would
have been a different matter If I Hamilton bad
been In the Cabinet but he hold a permanent
position supposed to b unaffected by changes
of Ministries and his removal will certainly
cause much bitterness and add another to our
cupe <
lulverCul of arlevlnc anl The Liberals wi
prbablybrlDI forward the subject In ParUa
mont and doubtless tie whole strength of the
Irish party will support them
The correspondent also Interviewed Mr Rus
sell tho socalled Liberal Unionist member of
Parliament who defeated William OBrien In
Tyrone Mr Itusioll gloried in the removal of
Sir hobart Hamilton and well expressed the
Tory view when ho said that Hamilton had not
only assisted Mr Gladstone in drafting hIs I
Homo Rule bill but there was good reason to
bnlloo that ho gave his services con amors
which tho ParnellltoB very anxiety to retain
htm proved
Alter much hesitation Lord Salisbury has
dooldod not to recelvn the Socialists on Sun
day The populace Indulge the hope that they
wlliwltn < esatTrntaltarEquarotlioBportwhlcri
they consider they were swindled out ot on
Lord Mayors dar Meanwhile the tioolaltsts
have boon having fun They have been beau
tifully advertised They have boon gently
making game of Salisbury Wnrron anti ev
erybody else Thoy have offered to provide
special constables to keep tim peace and also
to tako charge of tbo two cannons which
were t have been broucht out There
Is little probability of actions trouble but
the shopkeepers and clubs aro thoroughly
frightened nnd tho boarding up of windows
and general barricading against the mob 11
rapidly proceeding In the vicinity of Trafalgar
square Tie plateglass Insurance companies
uro doing a roaring trade by means of A corps
of special canvassers They stand to win any
how because I the window aro broken the
companies pay the Insurers and then claim
compensation from the Government under tbe
terms of tim statute relating to damages
caused by riotous mobs
Janitor Sands who guards Lord Salisburys
door has In anticipation of socialistic visitors
on Sunday Invited 1 notorious bruiser in tbo
employ of the Marlborough Club to come nnd
spend the day In his lodge Tbo bruiser who
enjoys the favor of tho Prince of Wales is
brawny ard with thojanitor who Is a large I
specimen of his class expects todafy oil social
lon sQctlfo rlQaplre >
Meanwhile careful Observation on rite part of
your correspondent shows that the number ol
unemployed men In London is very groat
The degree of misery existing is already appalling
palling and In some quarters promises to be
come unendurable before the close of winter
Tbo suffering Is only slight among artisans
and skilled workmen I Clio chiefly upon tho
poor in mind and body namely untrained
labor which role upon njrush of business to
supply a living in odd jobs Among these poor
people who have no voice In the present dem
onstration no groat enthusiasm can havo
been excited by tho recent generous contribu
tions In aid of n schema to establish a Home
tOllD alI
of Host for broken down horses
Theodore lloosevolt Is going about London
with a face that looks as little n possible llko a
defeated candidates and his presence fills the
room with an uninterrupted glow of smlllne
ness Thero aro reasons for that numbers of
them Mr Iloosovelts table in Browns Hotel
Is covered with Invitations to four times as
many dinner as he can eat and to any number
of jolly things lie hunts the fox In Euo on
Monday Is I put up at tho AtheniBum Club and
Is to b married a week from Thursday
In St Georges Church Hanover square
The tt affair will b quiet Mr Roosevelt
says as I defeated candidates marringe
ought to be onlv about a dozen persons having
been Invited After the wedding the couplo
will roam around Italy until February when
they rOlm return to London The man here like
Roosevelt and ho knows It Ho thinks I II
because he Is thoroughly American and pro
nounces cant bore ns simply andunosten I
tatlously as at home Englishmen he says re I
epect those who do not Imitate them which Is
true and which Is something many Americans
havo yet to learn
The tide of American travel Is fast setting
southward Cannon will baa hotbed of Amer
icans this winter rIte American floating con
tingent here Is getting smaller but tho nettled
colony Is rapidly crowing Some of them do
not honor tho United mates One gentleman
named Ashtor Arthur Edward Toljamca Bur
rows tried last night In 1 barroom to shoot
Altrdd Arthur 1 butcher nnd commission
agent This morning ho looked through tbo
bars lu Bow street He said he was harmless
but Magistrate Vaughan bought ho was dan
gerous and committed him without baIL Bur
rows Is not a prominent American
Numerous inspired letters from Russia are
trying to prove bow erroneous Is tho Impression
that the four is unable to Hunt for tho want of
money Clr enthusiast makes Russia the
richest country In resources and quotas the
Czars boast of bin readiness and ability to fork
out 250000000 from his own private fortune
as the contribution of the Romanoff family to
tha war fund Other writers suggest the easy
plan of suspending payment In cold on the
Russian debt thus economizing 1130000000
yearly Tho simplicity of tho latter plan is
plain to everybody painfully so to Germany
whoso sinn securities capitalists are still largo holders of Rut
All tbo London newspapers praise exPresi
dent Arthur Tho lnirs devotes n long leader
to him today The American Legation and
Consulate will bo closed on Monday owing to
tbo funeral Tho flag over both buildings
have been at halt mast since tho receipt of the
news ben death
ExCommonnr Macllver the owner of the
Bristol JJallu Zlaclver tho great referee In
trades disputes tins lust returned to London
from a comprehensive tour of the United
States and unburdened his soul to your corre
Boondont Hr admires tho size of tho country
Its wealth and tho enterprise of the people but
is amazed nt the ilspotlsm t of Its President
and the wonderful Indopendencl of Its Minis
try Ho li I shocked at our corruption lie
says that Mr Cleveland la a bigger man than
the Queen of England Hn thinks also that
about the
New York doesnt know how to go
e > ctlonof Mayor
The feeling in variety over lie Colin Camp
bell divorce case It I running very high and
Lady Colin Campbell Is the subject of general
sympathy Him Unnlcfl every charge asalnsc
her and her friends assert that she will have
no difficulty In proving hnr innocence
There Is npromlsluu movement toward the
fusion ot tln > two wlncH oM nnd new of the
Methodist Church In England and four ox
Presidents ot the ConC renc dirlare that there
Is no tlfllcultr in the war ot n reunion
Mr Ira D 1 Ranker the nvnncollst and Gospel
singer sailed from Liverpool for New York to
day l after passing I liollclny In Scotland whore
lio was the gneitt of Lord Cairns
Mr OConor Into Haerntnry of Legation at
Washington ha gone to Bulgaria to icplaco
Mr comitrr Lascellou a lirltluh Minister to that
rOOHL llltHTllKllH
PerfeetOUInc < > Trc li
In Timsnss vsrlslyof rellat material t or men and
bore at tbi lowest poulbli prices Broadway and lloui
IOU it t and Eighth avsnus corle i3d SLJO
Hrysm O Melwj S4O Hrea4 ay
Qt a pair of Mi watrproof shoes I yea dfilr good
asalm ran ibou at low ftltu 13 and npwrdJ4a
FrUk 1 BBplare RMily
I i a I IUF rllZlradI for Hernia Call or Mad for fri laa
1 f
Hot ln > i i I II
I nol Is nos liil U ram ct ciw out I
Tho JQcadllul Ee1 Ye J
t iroip Im Dr G A O e144M Iioislee Certain Croup Cure Btver
Prepare rr tka Cold Weer
Lidlc and fintltmen can precuT etothlngof every
sscrlpilon on credit without extra euarn at T Kelly1
2 6 Sil av nssr 17th si IJe carries e full tin of gsuti1
lotkbur Including overcoat Also ladlM wrp
leih aac onie newmsrkiU silks vslveU anal g 04
and boOMtsspIng arUeles Batraac tareafb U tur
Hare tore Tat tat Tal te Ul Gar u
s j J
ran cno n us utrn FtBn AND nil
No lore LoUr < lbs hive Ommt Dlemnl
Policy Fled Ike Tows and Oombllng
Oranrn Slender Supt f nrrny Ilcpontblv I
I auy ousorvaur nnu rapid couhLrymau
visited New York two yours ago and wrote I
homo to tim companion of his dissipations an
exact account of offcolor life In Now York Qed
wo could print that letter now It would seem
as little like an account of Now Yorks condi
tion as could wail bo Imagined The city bas
undergone a change In many rospoclfl nnd nl
of thorn are for the better Where now aro tho
showy and sometimes gorgeous offices of tbo
lottery companion that used to brazen their
signs before the people on tho fronts ot Broad
way buildings Thor are cono and
so aro their posters and circulars and
the marvellous stories of happenings
upon Golaonda by those who bought
their tickets And wbero aro their second
1nDU 1J
cousins the policy shops scenes of so many
witty dialect stories about Thompson street
and Little Africa They must b well remem
bered little shops the size and shapo of coal
offices with nothing In their shaded windows
except wire screens bearing the word Exchange
change or Broker and always In the very
Inst neighborhoods a broker would choose for
carrying on his business All all nro gone
with their cabalistic reminiscences ot gigs and
saddles horses und the like Even Ltttlo
Africa has ono and 41144 is but a
And only glance at Ann street with Its for
overshaded upper windows and T want 7
eighth and Thlrtyflrat streets and the knots
of C shinybatted weltbarbored gamblers on
the corners thereof suggesting barred doors
and strange peoples and rooms full of tobacco
smoko and the click of chips These were the
very limbs of the elephant the country corre
spondent of two years ago described And are
they cono I not where aro they Wo shall
see that tho few there are keep In biding and
wonder wbat tbo world Is coming to And
Hungry Joe In orison and Detective Pryor tell
log a HUN reporter tbo other day that bunco Is
a lost art or noxt door to bat since its dev
Ohms have moved to Philadelphia
But there are tho dives surely the notorious
haunts the third sex aro not missing a10
No but only look Into them They are dark
and lonely and served by melancholy toughs
with faces as long n the idle arms they used to
slue and carry bar with Few enter born
and none stay for thoy aro as nearly dead as
so many yachts becalmed They dare not offer
their oldtime entertainments for they have
no theatrical licenses or I they havo they
dare not sell drinks and so they have fallen
between stools and the crowds swoop by
Meantime the third sex shivers In tho streets
One man has worked those revolutions In
this city and yet bo Is a man one seldom bear
of And ho Is I In the Police Department also
tho service In whlcb above all others there
used to be bigger reputations based on Jit tier
merits than In anyotner fleldofondeavorln
Now York Bis name is William Murray and
ho is the Superintendent of Ibo forco Some
how ho has escaped notoriety Either he does
not want It or he has not the knack forgetting
it but at any rate be has managed to per
form these marvels of police work without It
in fact without oven a lair share of credit
Murray Is so modest that few are aware
how brave and strong a man ha is said Gel
M O Murphy ono dar nut summer to a group
of Now Yorkers In the United Stated Hotel In
Saratoga Ho went to war when he was 17
and ho was in my company In the Eleventh
Now York or Ellsworth zouavea Wo were
in tho battle of First Dull Hun
and Murray who was 1 private was wounded
In the groin It was a terrible wound He fall
was picked up and then remained with the
company till UI ho dropped exhausted I had
him carried and put on a caisson or ammuni
tion wagon belonging to I battery stationed
nearby The battery was ordered to rotrimtsoon
afterward and I did so carrying Murray
with II Only Imagine that jolting ride to a
man In his condition I Hut when the battery
bad cone five or six miles from the field It was
ret by a Held officer who ordered Its return to
the scene ot battle and back It went jolting j
Murray alone with It His sufferings wero
simply dreadful and a man with lent nerve
might hmo died on the journey Without
much ceremony Murray was thrown off the
wagon upon tho ground and finally he was
Hospital taken oft the field In a ambulance to Fairfax
Mr Murray has since spont half of his life of
lortytwo yours on tho police forco and In that
limo has hold successively places anl all the
trades between patrolman and Superintend
ent roundsman Sergeant Captain Fourth
precinct Inspector and now Superintendent
No other mal has ever had that experience in
New York
Ho bocamn the Super as the pollco say on
Juno 10 1885 and notified all the Captains
that he Intended to hold each one personally
responsible for law breaking and disorder In
his precinct reserving to himself tho right to
ontor any precinct without the Captains
cnowleilgo and execute the laws against
offenders > The most flagrant law break
ing then was by the gamblers and
mnco men It was understood that
10 meant what ho said Afterward be
proved It Tho bunco men wero first weeded
out their loader was bogged and the rest were
frightened off by the knowledge that they wero
to bo treated a vagrants Then came the
movement on the gamblers and whoa 0 Ono
lain failed to act tho Superintendent acted for
him tallol raided a place in Oapt Sanderss
precinct after calling for 0 rooort from the
Captain and falling to get word of tho
existence of a bell ho know existed there
much paraphernalia was seized und the live
proprietors were convicted Charges woro pro
orred against Sanders and ho was fined thirty
days pay the most severe penalty except dls
misaniand aunt to lourn bettor In the Hlith
Bridge precinct Tho Captains two ward do
octlvoa were reduced to patrol duty Thero
was then a large number of bookmakers In
justness here and thoso wero noxt attended
to For falling to enforce the law
respecting them and gambling in other forms
tho Superintendent causnd to bn reduced to
patrolmen a ward detective In tho First pro
dod one In the Sixth ono In the Fourteenth
two In the Sixteenth two In the Twentythird
ono In the Twontyseventh and ono In the
Twentyninth This had good otecL I showed
ho precinct detectives that they wero hold to
a rigid resonslblllty and that I they wero
honest and capable no gambling or bonkmak
lag could b carried on in their precincts
Tho Superintendent does not say there Is no
gambling in town today but It has been ro
duceif to tho smallest possible limits ho
thinks The gambling now done Is carried on
behind grated and barred doors in n tow
places carefully guarded by attaches and only
open to wellknown players and thosa whom
they Introduce I Is not poisoning tho com
munity and It Is not profiting the game keep
ers The Superintendent continues his raids
and has collected a tremendous store of the
most costly and beautiful layouts and ma
chinery for gnmblnu that was ever ponllsented
liartorml In the Headquarters nail In A short
Imo the District Attorney Is to b Invited to go
UP there ant SilO It destroyed a thn law re
quire The Consolidation act confers nut
Iclcnt magisterial powers on the Super
ntondent to enable him to Issue warrants
on this uffldavlts ol policemen or citizens
and the records show that Mr Murrays war
I rants were the first ones over Issind by a
Superintendent that were successfully execut
ed Ha has not always preferred charges
against tho Captains In whoso precincts these
raids took place booiuino he found ho could not
get proof against them with his own men and
salt was fair to suppose they could not with
heirs He I got his proofs through frequenters
of the places
The consequences of the war on gambling
lave been remarkable There I II notalamblnl
louse on the Bowery between Chatham square
and houston street where tbero used to b
> 100toa Ilel 13 Down were naming
louses for thirty years but they are not now
Jt is lust the same near thin congregation of big
I Iliolt
hat I up town and by the way ouo bU hotel
pear Fortyssrona street and Slxtb avenue
PI had Its license revoked for permitting I
gambling la its rooms No law isIS touch Ike
i p
IrlTnto poker games among trlonds tnt are
now the main outot for tbo ImblnJ spirit all
viir town and nro UIBIIIUIIUWM In hun roda of
private houses but SuperintendentHurra
Jute attacked pnbllo poker and with fltlccoen
That Is another Innovation of RfOCOSB
used to bo held InnovatOnbOf al banking
rmmo but Mr Murray has proved diM I is
Ho sent a detective to I pokor game near tbo
Pollee Ileadnuarters to buy aom chips not
Iolco lendlunrtor
hong ago and the detective gambled with them
UaJi = t fj t tt I thetath
chi was the banker and tbonnh a pollco
magistrate disagreed with b ml bo proved that
his Interpretation of a special olaofa of the
lenal Code covered the case and thUs estab
lished a precedent under which ho novoporntcs
against this form of gambling
The lottery offices r closed and policy Is
now plnyod only by mosntQt men vhogo from
IIOHBO t house among ttjKrcostoiJMi carry
leg their books In thoIrtwJkots ViTtloin two
weeks he has mrtdo seven arrostsofwjjcy deal
ers tho first it has been necessarrMo make
In a long wbllo Tho Bupcdrlntendotn alleges
that open solicitation by brostltuWi In the
streets up town near tboOtqls jjlbloh was
onco so shockingly public a bo6trjio nearly
suppressed that it is nonimfo for a Iftjfy or lon
tlemnu to walk anywhere In that alt l notori
ous district without seelnjr thewijcroatures
Plying tholr vocation under their eyes The
even moro shocking exposure of ihtHcantlly
clad women along lbt lines of certain weal
Bide railroads which was onc 1010rlouo is
now abolished > f j
The Btinarlntondent has put forth every ef
fort In hIs ow rt closo tho dens nn < t disrepu
table resorts and hOI arrested tho proprietors
and employees again and again < > ahoy are
quiet and lonely places now and tbalr owners
and the police are anxiously awaitlngtho trial of
some of tho mon under bad Tbe most notable
Places proceeded against art H rrr Hills Tom
Goulds The Allen a1 UIrriIIs Cro <
morne brighton Haymarkot nniTlfoiart In
I arrests have ben made for violations of the
xoUo and TbeatriceTiawa In all thomlargo
numbers of arrests havo ben made and Hnrri
11111 and his men together have been hauls
up eighteen times llr Murray holds that
whore the Excise law Is I violated n an un
licensed plano In the presenooof the propri
etor be Is amenable to the law lie holds also
that under tho decision of the Court of Ap
peals in tbe Eden Uusea case cyon an enter
tlnment by music alone eYpn theatrics
license The Corporation Counsels assisting
tbo Superintendent and without either music
preMed or beer for a attraction the dbu aro had
Tbn present Police Board has raado It possl
bio tot Mr Murray perform thi mighty and
moralwork that has 8 ohnuacu tho face one
life of Bow York The CommissIoners deserve
1 groat share of the credit for tnW revolution
TUey twvo supported Mr Murray In every act
ana assistedtrim In ovary direction otherwise
n would haT boon powerless j
Anetkr lily Sink Irapendln r1a the Coke
bnrnlir Il ala V
PrrrsDucan Nov 20 Another great strlko
of tho coke workers In the Connojisvlllo region
Is probable and before many dojM 12000 men
will be Idle and thousands of ovens cold Tho
operators mot again this morning and decided
not to bold another meeting with tho miners 1
committee n the operators brtdtlearly shown
their position to tho committee nt yesterdays
meeting This letter was draw up and sent
to Secretary Association Mulllns of tho Minors Amalgamated
AssoclatoDI rinsictcu N OT2
ro J Ifullliit tIT of DlitrM SoP
Arbitration bai failed to sire tallif elon when I hu
been tried and therefore In snf gssllir Ibis method I
I Is I only another way of keeping up Ui I agitation which
Wi bad endeavored to still by annUli advance of al
most every kind 10 kip pOe Tbs advance have
been Datd by th nDrators and tbvfork promised has
not ben performed by the meo Thtrefore until Ibo
past promise ot the mn era taUloS aad the mauige
meat of the works ltI In their own Sends sod I dlpo
sltlon shown by our eulplor cello do what II right we
deetln to hive anr farther conf ren p upon any oUb
points ratoi l Olcrlbr >
There has been no advance In the pirlot of coke since
April I and nothins In the lloJio Ibl market to
warrant IL We hive always mol your committee more
than bait war In the majority of Joar ease obmtiled
and t you conclude to onlut strike Jon aqdnot the
operator are rssoonslbls V
A m3mb r < ffrthaxsyndlcntoi WJaho corn
mutes from the Minor AssuiMtlnn yesterday
Crm tO1
added four mqro totba oxtttOCI dorarmds
These wore for Increased wages for the trnppor
boy track layers car forkerc and diggers
Those additional demands stumped tbo opera
tors when they were presented They have not
ireatedus fairly Tho man have not bon asked
to Ice pt a reduction but only to work at the
prevailing rate of wage
A meeting of the miners wn hcl this after
noon The answer of tho syndicate was under
discussion and the session wan nn animated
ono Chairman Mulllns said Thoy are afraid
to submit to arbitration They darn not show
UP their books Whr tbero are men up there
wm ware not millionaires twenty years ago
Yes spoke up another delegate and still
hey nay there Is nothing In It
lb Well continued Mr Mulllns the price
of coke has advanced 70 per cent and our
wages have been advanced only 5 per cent
WIIIS tho charge that they have granted
advances and the men have not dutio the
work promised it I is untrue I suppose
b y that they mean the petty strikes among
the men which have occurred now and then
mainly through tho tyrnllcnllct of Ibo em
ployers agents They say that they havo nl
ways mot ua halfway Well I dont think so
We want tbnm to pay us by the bushel 76
pounds to the bushel ly the wagons it Is at
east 81 pounds to tho bushel so thor nll five
pounds on iif They also compel us to heap
ho wagons so that they will b level after the
Jolting received when running them out of the
mine think wo can do nothing but strike
Wo have about ton thousand men In our or
ganization All will go out und so will the men
who are membors of tho Knights of Labor for
they sanctioned our demands They number
nearly threo thousand men
Two of TIm ronrlnir Oat or the read Is
Ferry und ttonran Conntle
LOTJIBVTTjIE NOV 20It 18 considered a
lull day In Kentucky newspaper offices whoa
ho telegraph does not bring reports of two or
three tragedies Yesterday was no excop
ton The first telegram comes from iowan
county While Howard M Logan was
talking along the road near Morenoad
ho was fired upon by somo unknown
party In ambush The first shot missed
ilm but the second struck him In tho leg just
bolow the knee breaking the bone and making
a painful and dangerous wound Logan has
been a prominent noncombatant on the Mar
tin side in tho notorious MartlnTolllvor feud
During the past summer Logans son was
tilled by persons Unionizing to tbo socalled
oUlvor faction At the time ot bis sons death
Toiivor A
Logan it Is sold was bitter in bin tlonuncla
Lllol the murderers and It la thought that
ho was shot by parties whose aim was not to
kill wa to scare him out of the county Fear Is
entertained that the feud will break out again
with Its former deadly effects
The second tragedy was enacted on Flat Rook
Creek In Momfre county A few days after the
election It became known that the llev Louis
hughes an aged and highly respected citizen
haul voted the Itepubllcan ticket which was tho
fIrst vote he bad ever cast ivlth that party On
the strength of this a crowd of men under the
guise of regulators went to bin house and aU
though ho was In bod slok at thn time ted 11m
10 that heoould not offer any resistance and
bOlt him with hickory withes till life seemed
extinct Before going away ono of the party
went Into tho house and beat the victim with a
handspike breaking his jawbone and fractur
I ing his skull The family had been driven from
tho bouse when the crowd cmtoreJ Bam Poffat
ono 01 the regulators has been arrested
lulalors nrrostel
The third tragedy Is reported from Parry
county whoro the feud reported by TauRus
correspondent lay ago Is still in progress
ta prol
rPM botnnnn the Dvorsole and French fac
tions nearly every man In the county btlng In
sympathy with one or the othorslilo Two of
the combatants met at Unzird on Wednesday
and a difficulty followed In which a great deal
of promlscuoufl shooting was dqnn A man
named Blmmomli was shot through the bowels
and Instantly killed A number others aro
reported wounded A truce was belt between
the factions after tho murder which Is said to
have resulted In both parties signing an agree
ment to leave their illffciances to an arbitra
tion committee whoso decision should ba
llnal pending which all concerned should
cease hostilities
Tkay Oat Homelkloi More Substantial then
ATLANTA Nov 20 DUI tho sessions of
the Prison Cogrs > In Atlanta no asliraU wai mora
profuse In eipresslnn U 1 sympathy for the unfortunates
than Gin Dnnkrhu I Ohio Last night a prisoner
wa brought Into the Helton house upon whose parson
was found a pocketbook ontalulng papers and passes
belonilni to the Ohio ph anthroplsC showing that be
must usia teen among Ihi number who pockets war
picked by lb Atlanta pro utenSil 1 TUs Juke I thai
I Usneral nvr lao hat i n bit loss
The Wish or the FJIU hat There Nknll lie
t Not7nacc rl niipl r lo beSlrlcllv CAr
rledOatThiKe Wao VII be Inll Ilenren I
Admission to tho Cburohoftho noavcnir I
Rest In Fifth avenue near Fortrfllth street
whoro tho funeral of Don Arthur Is to bo bold
at I oclock tomorrow morning will bo by
ticket only About 1 thousand tickets have
boon glvon out Abovo and bolow tho church
two blocks away police lines will bo stationed to
prevent n throng from gathering In front of tho
edifice Excepting tho military eccort from the
church t tho Grand Central depot there wll
bo no display to make the funeral different
from that of a prlvato citizen This Is In com
pllance with tho wish of tho family and Is ac
cording to preference expressed by Gon Ar
thur In his lifetime llany military organtra
tons offered their services but thoy woro re
spoctfully declined
Tho pall bearers will b Messrs Walter Q
Grosham Robert T Lincoln William E
Chandler Benjamin n Browstor and Frank
Ilatton who wore of President Arthurs Cab
inet Gen Philip II Sheridan Gen George I
Btiarpe Dr Cornelius 1 Agnew and Messrs
Cornelius 1 Bliss Oornollun Vanderbilt
Robert G Dun and Charles 1 Tiffany They
will wear sashes of black and white
The famlly and pall bearers will b at tho
house 123 Lexington avenue at 810 oclock
At 830 the coffin will b closed and the bodr
removed to tho church Tho Unite
States troops sailors and marines will
form on the west slue of Fifth avenue
with tho right of tho column resting on Forty
fifth street After the service they will lORd
the line down Fifth avenue to Fortyfourth
street thence east to Vanderblt avenue and
Fortyfifth street whoro the coffin will bo
placed in the special train waiting In the depot
Provision has been made on the train for the
family and pall bearers only so that It will be
impossible lor any committee or dedication
to accompany the remains The train will
start at 10 oclock and go through to Albany
without stopping The coffin will bo at once
removed to the Albany Rural Cemetery and
laid In the grave which has boon prepared to
ro ohe it I is expected that Bishop Doano 01
Albany will read tho committal Burvico
The church was prepared yesterday for tho
service Tho porch was drapnd with crane
and a crapebound flag was placed overbite
arch lueiao ttio cnancel pulult ana lectern
wero hune with crape There wilt bo
few flowers The funeral service will be
gin at I oclock The clergy and choir
will moot the coffin at tho door
wi coor
and escort It up the centra aisle to tho cata
falque In front ot the altar The Episcopal
service will b road and tho choir will sins the
anthem Lord let mo know mine Blnf the
hymn Nearer my God to Thom tho anthem
I hoard a voice from heaven and tho hymn
plate Abide Is with me The inscription on tbo coffin
CIT A Aurnca
Born October ft iiua
DIet I November IB 1886
L 1
Many persons called yesterday at Gen Ar
thurs late residence to express their sympa
thy Among them wero oxrres9 Mrs August
Belmont Allen Thorndlkn Itlco VV Thomas
Jr oxUnltAd States Minister to Sweden
Frannls F Marbury oxChlnt Justice Charles
P Daly James It Garfield and Harry
A Garfield sons of President Oarloll ex
Secretary Ilobt T Lincoln Jitmns 1 Benedict I
Mr and Mrs u 1 Rlvop Mrs Lawrence Tur I
nure Archbishop Corrigan ProC I O Dore
mus Do Witt 0 Wheeler Col Fred D Grant
U L Battorloo and Mrs William ree Astor
J despatch anl Judeo Samuel M lilatch
ford In Washington said bo would attend the
funnrnl with Chief Justice Waite and Justices
Ilurlan and Gray
Among the despatches received was tho fol
lowing from the Japanese Minis tor and his wife
Fleaae accept our deep eoadolcnco and alncera sym
pithy lu your recent berearement
Workmen were busy yesterday covering the
columns of the City Hall and Custom Hotmo
with black Tho Amurmanlo Chamber was also
draped Because of tho small seating capacity
of the church only twentylive tickets of ad
mission wore sent to the Board Aldermen for
distribution to tlia Mayor tho bonds of the city
department and members of the Board
The executive offices of the Post OflUo will
eooutve wi
bo closed tomorrow from 10 A 31 to II M
Resolutions respecting the death of Gen Ar
thur wero adopted yesterday and committees
were appointed to attend the funeral by the
Mitrltltao Exchange and the Produce Ex
1ha Ancient nnd honorable Artlllerse
BOSTON Nov 20The Ancient and Honor
able Artillery Company held a special meeting
In Faneull Hull this afternoon to tako action
relative to the death of Gen Arthur who was
nn honorary member of tho company Resolu
tions were adopted and will be engrossed and
sent to tho Arthur family which 5ny
Horn Among the rugged hllli of our own New Finl
and educated to honeity of purpoftc Independence of
action tr mIOoth thought t and PI toltrattou r toward i al
nn lila great generi manly nature omlnont > fitted
lOin for the httfli position to which he wa ID rudJenly
called and the term nf hie Admfnlntration was Cited
wlLh credit tohluiielf and honor to his country Cour
eoue aOabe and yet dignified In hit burin ho wee it
hot a example ot on American citizen unipolled by
rank unsullied by cOle
The commissioned officers and aicht mom
lerswore appointed committee to attend the
funeral The colors of the company and the
armory will be draped in mourning for three
To Attend Gen Arlknr Funeral
WASHINQTON Nov 20Oen John B Clark
Jr Clerk of the Home of Representative this otter
noon received A telegram from Speaker Carlisle dated
at CoTlngtoo Ky deslgnatlnf the following nepres
atlTeins 5 committee to represent ttio Itoueo at the
funeral ot 1resldrnt Anhnr Frank Illscoek Chair
man i A B Hewitt W l > Kelloy W II hiiliiKor Time
a Cecil Olln cUborilW W 1lielpi U t 1 UaHon John
P Loan Daniel frinsntroiit hubert IL Illlt Uerlah
Vllklne and John T Heard len Clark has notlOod the
members of the committee ot their appointment and
lai requeued them to meet nt the Fifth Avenue Hotel
at 9 oclock tomorrowtbundny night Hestri Springer
Vellborn nation lint VVliklni and Heard whoa are
now In Washlnirtoit will leave for Mew York to morrow
afternoon at u > oclock
Nnmrl Tisokec Fisherman
BT Jonu N B Nov 20The cruiser Gen
Ulddlston arrived here today Commandur McLean
report capturlic two American flitting boat In 8k
Andrews Day yesterday They bad been tailing under
Canadian fishlnir licenses Their pipers were coufle
ated and they oere > et free It is alleged lhatanum
beg of Amerlrau tithIng vessels have been Mllln umlrr
CanadIan license and In addition to taking our flat
have anplUil for snt I received flatting bounty from the
omlnlon Uovernment Capt McLean usa been In
structed to keep a watcb for such people as these His
uspectorof Cuitinis for New llrunsitlck Is nuking In
quiries to ascerftttn bow the Americans obtained the
New Ilnllroad Chartered
itmusnuno Pn Nov 20 The Ohio Con
f otlng Hallroad Oompiny was chartered at the Slit
Derailment today The capital stock Is I 11000000 The
line will be about thirtytwo miles bug manIa from
a point on tho riiuburuli Cincinnati and Ht Lnuls Rill
road near Oherliati btntitu In Allegheny county across
he moo hirer by the limit feasible rout to New
Brighton Beaver county The prluclimloBlce ot tee
company will be at fitlsburgh
A hunter Killed bjr n Falllns Tree
PnTSBUBon Nov 20O D Freeman Will
f Baker Josli blevens and J J Baker all ot Corn
is mid Willie harvey of tHnnesola were spending
few day In Forest county ant were encamped In the
woods hunllmr This mornlni at 1 orlock during a
heavy wind storm a tree has blown across their hut
demolIshIng It and killing Freemen nutrlacht Iho
others were srlously Injured but will recover
Congressman ISuckolenr on Cleveland
WiiKESBtnRE Nov Contrrossmanoloct
Buckilew who has beet mentioned as Attorne Ucneral
artandi successor sail In un Interview today that
President Cleveland would plrits his catty better if he
ad more Drroocrntlu bscltonei Hint he made many
mlsUk4 In hli arpolntments II also said that giiciet
Con might make an ajiuilrg Speaker
COT Davl JSrcumlasr llllnil
BT PAul Nov 20 Former Coy 0 K Davis
prominently menllonJ for United Stales Senator from
his State before the next trfgi > lntnre ho temporarily
lost the tight of bit left eye and Hie other lain dancer
ill hyeoiim Is I very reticent as to the outcome and It
Is fared that total Ulndnesi may emus Tha caus at
rlbnted U overwork
Hnlclde of n Unlckl ef Labor
BALnt Mass Nov 20 Oeorgo A Warren
on of the striking tanner shot himself dead Ibis morn
nf at tits boardlnv heal Ita was a member of the
IxKOtlv Board ot DistrIct Assembly No 77 Knight
at Labor lie wu 98 vari of ace sad was Dinuarrild
no gauss for his suicide hu been assigned
14Wr1r11 n n ntinnnrr itlnefrn
The heed of n Fnrallr lie IM Net Starry
Into Aecner Him of Swindling
Rosallo Clmrpcntlcr n wolltodo French
woman who has a bakery nt ICO West Twenty
fourth street wont to JoITorson Market on FrI
day and got a warrant for Henry D Garrett n
young lawyer of the Stewart building She
accusosTilm of lwInulitiL hfif outOt112000
Sergeant Combos found Garrett at his office
yesterday morning and brought him before
Justice Fiittorfou
Mrs Charpontlor said that her dntightor Eu
conic 20 years old met Garret two years ago
and ho become a constant visitor her lioubo
It was tacitly understood titab Garrett was U
marry Eugenie Mrs Chiirpcntlor considered
him a bright honest young follow encouraged
his attentions to her daughter and when she
had any legal business to transact employed
him to take caro of her Interests
About the middle of August 1885 Mrs
Chnrpontlor bought tha house ICO Wast Twon
tytourtli street and was about to buy the
buildings at 237 239211 and 213 Seventh av
oiiuo but was told that thoro was some flaw In
Ito titles to the houses and that If sho pur
chased she would probably have n long and
expensive lawsuit oil her hands Mrs Char
pontlor coils that she engaged Carroll to In
voptlffato the matter and thut ho reported to
her that there wero five people who might make
some trouble for her but thought that will
13000 for ouch ono of the people no mentioned
ho could Indues th m not to contest the title
Catharlue A Fields nf 611 Harklmor street
Brooklyn Mary C Eoarsallof East lllnsililo
L I Anastasia 0 Reuse and her husband Fe
tor who are now In California were four of
the people Mr Garrett referred to
Mrs Charpontler avers that she gave Garret
12000 cash to divide between the four people
who were likely to contest her title to the
houses Her daughter Kugenlo ears she was
present on Aug 17 1885 when hor mother
gave Garrett the money Un tho following day
according to Mrs Charpnntters tttory Oarrotl
called on her and assured her that he had paid
S3000 to each ot the people ho had mentioned
and had settled tho matter Garrett she says
had no receipts to sbov but said that he had a
warrantee deed In his pocket lie did not show
It although the repeatedly naked him for It
Mr ClmrnonHer became suspicious and en
gaged Lawyer Charles Mnrchln to look Into the
affair Marchln It Is alleged found that Gar
nut had paid I7C apiece to three of the people
and had promised to pay them 225 apiece later
on When lire Charpontler got this report
slip cot the warrant for G an oils arrest
This charge is a malicious persecution
I dony emphatically that this lady gave mo
naOOO Mr Garrollsald and I have ample
proof to refute everythIng that Mrs Ohnrnen
tier line alleged against mo I have nothing
more to say nt present
Jiifttlco 1atterson put him under tlOOOO ball
and the prisoner promptly furnished a bonds
man lie will have an examination on Tues
day He was married recently not to Miss
45 osiiiieii vaa IWIISTS
A llemarknble Rxplmlao ismt Knocked Sir
JIaur tteuselv
NEW HAVEN Nov 20An ostrich egg
about a year old burst In the Peabody Museum
today with force enough to knock senseless
George Baur who was experimenting with it
and leaving an odor in the building worse than
condensed sulphuretted hydrogen and rotten
eggs combined The scientific men here say
that they have never beard of anything like It
When Dr Biiur came to Now Rayon about a
year ago to assist Prof Marsh In tim Peabody
Museum he wrote to Dr Atharstono In south
Africa for some ostrich osco They were
shipped on Nov 141885 In the bark Aurello
blio was wricked near Trinidad but the eggs
worn saved and reached New Haven today
Dr Baur found four of them In the box and be
gan at once to tot the embryos out of the
shells for they were what ho wanted to ob
serve He had filed two little holes in two of
the shells and bad blown out their contents
He wrapped a towel around the third and
began to file n hole In its ahnll A hiss and an
explosion which knocked Dr Baur senseless
followed and when ire recovered he found him
self covered with blood and tho contents of the
shell None of tha stuff had bit him in the
oven but his face was considerably cut up
Tim explosion was felt In other parts of the
jutldlnc by several persona
Dr Baur says thit the first two eggs bad
been punctured and treated with sulphate of
mercury which prevents fermentation while
ho third had not and Its lout voyage had
itirrodupn lot of powerful gas inside Its ISJi
inch diameter shell which burst as soon as the
Ho had Yvcakunod It enough The shell Is two
nlllmotriH thick and to touch that It cant bo
broken without a hammer As far as can be
learned It la the only accident ot the kind on
iiairr itEi trisBN lyoi Nn in CAXJDA
A XVnr Party or Groevenlra Annihilate a
Mninll Hand of Blond Indian
OTTAWA Nov 20 News has boon received
of a bloody fight a few days ago between bands
ol Grosventrcs clod Blood Indians at Sweet
Grass Hill In the Territory of Alberto The
alter band consisting ot six all told two men
and tour boys wero out on a marauding trip
for the purpose of Initiating the juveniles Into
bo mysteries of horse stealing They had
sonoa considerable distance from the camp
when they fell In with a party of twenty Gros
vnntroslim by Chief Ottor Hobo It sooms that an
other party of llloous had Incurred Ihu Gras
vontroa displeasure by stealing same of their
horses and It was while In pursuit of the
thieves that Otter hobos band fell In with the
small party ot UlooiK Entirely regardless of
ho fact that the latter wore Innocent of the
particular crime referred to the Grosventres
with true Indian savacorr made a murderous
onslaught annihilating tho small defenceless
party and escaping themselves unscratched
wIth six fresh scalps hanging at their cfrdles
it U not known wbat action the authorities
vill take but somathlng decisive will have to
he done Immediately or else nu Indian war Is
imminent owing to the Intensely hostile feei
ng between tbo two tribes
Scheme ofOXlo Kemiullcnu Io Cheat Camp
bell Out ef kl Seat In ConEreM
Coi < usinu3 Nov 20The Hon James E
Campbell Democrat boat the Hon John Little
Republican two votes In tho Seventh Congress
district The carelessness If nothing worse
of the Clerk of the court of Butler county In
rodltlni Campbells majority ol 3000 In that
county to Little may entice trouble It Is ru
mnrea hero that the Secretary ot Slate has not
ubatltuted tho second sot of election returns
ecelvcd from Butler county wlikh corroded
he error for the first sot which elected Little
to Congress by 3000 majority
The reason assigned for this action Is that
ho duties ot tile llelurnlnc Board are ended
and after It once adjourns It cannot again bo
allcil together thoroforJ the return made by
he Board must stand right or wrong It Is
asserted that tho Secretary ntStato will issues
certificate of election to Mr Little which hn
wnuld of course refuse The Governor would
hen declare a vacancy and order a new eleo
ion It Is said this can bo lotally done and
the Democrats In the Seventh district are con
Iderably agitated over the rumor that such
action will bo taken
To take advantaga of a clerical error like this
is simply contemptible As the lower House of
3oniio9a Is Democratic It will sea that justice
is done and Campbell U sure of his seat it be
lives In spite ol Uoblnson orGov Foraker
TJuder n Ftvrton Trlpknmraeri
The keeper ot the bridge across Flushing
Crtek at Jackson avenue discovered at s oclock yeiter
day morning that a truck carrying a huge triphammer
hod broken partly through the bridge and that the
rlrer 1eler Davis wa lying with his legs iilnneddowti
ndcr one side of the wagou by a weight of about See
toils IJavis sal I he had been there sine I oclock cut
erlnir terribly Ths bruit was damaged to the client
of SliOt DitCh whole leg were amputated will
robaUy die
A Judgment dfjstlnl Mile II M
The suit of Dr Y B Silvers oi Rah way
against Mliee Roes for the settlement of some lection
iptnsei Innnrred In the campaign several years ago la
which lie was dfealed for Congress by Mr Kan Am
p for trial In Railway yesterday hllhr Mr Rou
norMs lawyer Judge Cowenboven pal In an appsar
nee and Judgment mu the Suet of 115777 was taken by
UK JIMS ntiinn to nituu ALDFKMrfr
Evofl TIIK aim mitKKT IUIIH
Vn Hired Slim Nut TtiltlKei llrlhe t Piill
rrnrr nml Hrvrrul Oihrriltr COn wee
Led tiy Jtmnr In fnnrres nn < l Got m
11utuUe of Innijtultv Tha 1roieculton
times tvllh His Letmnooyvdlk seen
ales In MlUuiiuV Defence end tleurr nnd
Kellljr ilia euro to lie eilodONti llriile
that lie WHI In tho nHHHne tVltnatsee
Testify n Io Mrljuail ikarnrler
Whatever emotions may bo raging within a
the bosom of oxAlderman Arthur J McQuade
now on trial In the Court of General Sessions
for accepting a bribe ho certainly baa the fac
ulty ot completely volllng them from the pub
lic Under all the damning testimony given
on Friday by his former follow Aldermen Full
graft and Duffy ho nat wholly unmoved nib
bling contentedly at some confection ot which
ho seemed to havo a store In his cooket chat
ting briskly with his brother and such friends
as mode their way over to him and looking
about and nodding cheerfully to those who
wore beyond the reach ot his band With every
word of tho terrible testimony against him the
State prison scorned to open moro Inevitably
before him but bo faced bite gloomy prospect
with an absence of concern which might bavo
come from confidence or from resignation
Yesterday morning when he entered the
court room at a little beforo 10 oclock It wa
with the customary brisk step and bright
smiling face He bowed to everybody and had
a pleasant word for everybody The facet of
his lawyers looked far graver and more anx
ious than his when he joined them la consulta
tion They had asked for a transcript ot yes
terdays proceedings that they might study
with care the testimony of Informer Duffy
Whoso direct testimony was concluded late at
the last session on Friday and whoso cross
examination was put over by consent until
yesterday morning > >
Duffy and his fellow Informer the sleek and i
sorrowful Fullgroff were promptly on band 1
within the railing and the attentive boodle
men Wendol Farley and Oleary were In ri
tired corners observant of all that went on
Even more effectual precautions than those ot
the day before were taken to keep the crowd
back There was the greatest demand that
has been made since the trial began for ad i
mission to the room but the order of the Court
was rigidly enforced Two deputies sat at the
bead of the stairs and kept off the second floor t
altogether all who could not ive a clear as
count of the business which brought them
there Not over onehalf the seats lu the court
room were occupied tij
It was after half past 10 oclock when Mr u
Newcombo finished consulting with his client rS
and his fellow attorneys for the defence Ho
looked fresh and koenoyed although he had 5
asked that the Court omit the evening session V
on the night before on the ground of Illness J
He asked tbnt Mr Michael Duffy bo recalled
The King of aoatvlllo looked robust and tree
From mental distress when he took his seat
He had fully confirmed In his testimony of the
day before all that the melancholy Fullgraff m
hind sworn to about the meetings of the thir
teen boodlera who formed what he termed the
combine and ho had oven added nouio plclur
esquo details to Mr Fullgraftsversion which
gave color and spirit to the tale of the confer
ences which these ettlmablo patriots had held
atboodler McLoughllna house and beadier
Fullgraffa back office He had Identified all
the thirteen as Fullgrott had Identified them
They were Io LacyMcQuade FullgrafTJnehne
MCCabe Bayleft MoLoughlln Kenny Duffy
ONeill Cloary Itelllr and Dempsey
MrNewcotnbesllrst questions boro upon Mr
Duffys career as a publlo man and a business
tnnn Ho had been elected an Alderman three
tlmosln 1831 In 1882 and In 1833
0Were into reelected iii IBSIt tNo sir I was not
I dlil not seek tIme oflico I did not wji t It
QVere any of the Aldermen of tliu Board or 184 who
were meniKra uf the Tamiiiany otir uilzitlon rcnoml
tinted la that year I ASo dIr I IeIova t > not
Q Were jou aid Mr iullarfl uinturt uf tlia tme
political organization If AYe sIr we n ore Pullgrnff
McCabe McIoU4liliu Denuiiv aol 12 were alt iilnlibi5
of the Tiniamny nrfrnnUatioii
Q torcruJOH know lilt pieliht for any of the Al
ilernnii you liavHJit panted to ImsMItKi at WitnesseS
lii tale cam tt I iloni knnn
yDui yell know tint Mcloiulilln U dent and that
tie cnnnot bn called you ktiuw tlitit Mciii is 1 a lunatic
you know tlint l iupiey If without tliu jiirKilloiinot
he court and tlml hHilirtif hni lurn ilbnle > vhlnce
roil know all that clojoiiuott AV sir I know all
But all that lit I selfovldont Interrupted the
Recorder What Is the use of wasting time
over that 1
lonlrjfnntod to show the jury said Mr
xowcombo tlmt the witness know all this
when ho made lilt stnteiuout
Q What is l your occupation I A I am a lallder and
have been for fifteen or twenty year Mr father was a
milder too and lili name nai Tatrl lc Puffy I was
bent In this country
Q On one or two occasion you hare teen nnforta
nMo In your busmew have von not I A cc sir
QOn how nianr Hum liavo you been Unfortunate
5Oh about 151cc think
Q Wn wni ti once or twicer AIt wee about
t niCD lint Uthe meet sills er I can Live
QWlitt do you mean by unfortunate In busIness f
suppose ho means Interruotod the Re
corder Impatiently thatIn plain KnglUb bo
filled In business In that so lld you moan
bat you failed In busIness twice
Yes sir said tim Alderman that Ia just
what I meant
Qhcn was time tact l lima you filial la bniineiil
AThe last tumid was lu 187J
QWere von till liable to your creditor under that
allure vtlien lou were au Alderaun In I8c f 4I
fhToti totlfltJ on your direct examination that yea I
received l Ito toi fur your vole In itrantlnit the XI
Jroatlnay Surface ICailroal franctiu Hnw much of i
tiitt lOOO 111 you lva jour creditors Dii you give
hem any ot III ANo sir
qYou remember the Patio of offloo you took when i
you became an Anlcrnidn In 15SI Dim you rmam falto
ful to mat oath while you were In oillce f ANo SIr
iott you Know you were violating your oalh ot
nfco when you accepted money for your ote lu grant
ing the Broadway franclilso f Ai 1 thluk so sir
to Dont 3 ou know It I Li do sir I knew I wu
olnK wrong
QYou kuen yon were vlolallog your oath of once I
AI did sIr
Mr Newcombo hero mud the foath of office
worn to anti slgnmi bi Duffy and In response
on question Duffy admitted that when he oo
optod the bribe ho had from his experience
a thorough knowledge ot his duties as an Al
Mr Nowcombe then said he would ask the
witness to describe over again about the meat
ices of the combine beginning with that
one hold In the Aldurmnnlo chamber after tbo
regular session of Ito Hoard had cloaod ail
continuing down through the entire series
with all that was said and done and by whom
at each particular meeting
The witness started out with a good deal of I
cheerfulness upon this rather complicated
ask but he soon found that be bad more on
his bands than bo had anticipated He began
Well we mt about twenty minutes la iho Aldennanta
chamber and then agreed In adjourn and tiivo anuther c
meeting at llr fulUrafS aChe
But hero ho was pulled UP abort both by Mr
ewcombo and Gen Tracy who wanted some
thing decidedly moro specific They wanted to
know the date of the mooting the exact num
bar present who spoke and what each speaker
aid The witness could not say about the in
lumber present anything further than that
hero were about eight As to thu date ho
was wholly at sea but testified that It was
either In Juno or July Mr Fullgraft had testl
fled that It was in May Duffy was equally at a
Ions as to the exact things which warn said and
done with the exception that it was imnani
lously agreed that there ought to bo a com
line and that the combine was to bo about
raIlroad matterS As to the second muetlng at t
rullgratrs office when thin combine was i
nrmally organized and McLaughlin elected tl
Chairman Jlr Duffy was almoit equally VBCUP tl
lie could not tell what was said or who laid It I
except that Mr Do Lacy said wo ought to tl
meet regular and have acomblao on railroad
mTbrey > ll talked together ° said the witness
last in a kind of despair under Mr New
combes harassing questions and they got
U mixed up about
Q Did you thirteen meat In Mr rullirMTi office to
have a mblne and does all that yea rstnsnibrof
what was Mid anil done eontlit of th feel that Mr Do
Lacy slid yon ought 10 mast regular and Save a com
tnt XTli sir
com WOULD SOT itixi A OOOD nirorrEn
Tbeoouns for the prostration hero inter
ossd an objection to this line of orosseiaml
nation OB tbo ground that It was a mere trick
to itrp svnd onfusa the witness The Court
however allowed the questions and Sir New
mbi onUnulng passsd on to the third moot
mid His eopabuo th one held In Alderman
tieTliUat house about awoek after the one

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