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I Muny FitMenter Brought Ashore Thioitfh
ft RtMClnc Hurf In n llrceches IlunjrWo
I Men nail Children Landed In Ilfb llont I
For tho third tlmo within thno months 1
big steamshIp with every appliance known to
modern navigation has gone ashore In a clear
night on the long stretch of sand that Aoparntci
tha Oroat South flay from tho Atlantic Ocean
Tho last ono is tho Bcotln the French steamer
from Naples reported in TUB BUN of yesterdays
a eleven days overdue
At 4X oclock yesterday morning Burfmnn
J n Payne of Blue Point Htatlon llftccn miles
east of Fire Inland light saw tho red und green
lights ot a steamer BO closo that she was plain
ly going t strike tho bar that lies a short dr I I
tnnco off shore He hastened to got his warn
ing light a blaztnci but tho signal did n good
for at the moment I blared up tho vessel
struck with such tremendous forco that both
masts fell over with 0 crash tearing away rig
ging and bulwarks down to tho deck Almost
nil of the passengers were below decks and
p usoop They lost no time in waking up and
creaming and rushing frantically on dock
There was a stiff wind from the south at tho
time and 0 roaring surf a around tho ship
but tho sight ot tho land not moro than ICO
yards away reassured them They thought
they woro in no danger As soon as Burfman
Payno saw tho ship strike ho hurried to his
station to rouse tho crew but tho crow had
already boon awakened by tim screaming of
the people on the ship and Capt Qoorgo Jones
already had the men nt work carrying tho
mortar to tho beach preparatory to fIring
a line across tho stranded ship Tho vessel
lay within twenty rods of tho station nnd tho
Kim was soon In place Tho second shot laM
a lino across her Instead of hauling out this
lino tho crow of tho steamer at onco bent a big
hawser to It and then wavcd their arms and
humped their backs In a wild endeavor to mako
tho lifo saving men haul It ushoro During tho
same time tho lifo savers wore shouting them
solves honrso and signalling In a vain endeavor
lo make tho steamers crow understand that
the line should bo hauled out on board They
worked thus at cross purposes for an hour
Then two other llfosavltiK crews having ar
rived Capt JOIICH nnd his crew launched their
lurlbont and put out alongside tho ship and
boarded her They then hauled nut the linn
Irom the shore rigged tho brooches buoy and
with tho alilnf thOM nn shoro began to bend
the paiscngcrs ashore In it tit onco
This made nn Interesting spectacle for thoso
Who woro 101 Inlorstll7 ship was Ivlng
lrty In the tlonKh of the sea and with each
jwell Bho rolled llrt toward tho land mid then
toward the son AH she rolled in the lines
llnokonod down until tho passenger danglod
bis legs In tho foaming surf and when tho
line tightened again with tho next roll out
the passenger wont sailing aloft usually
with wild yells and petitions to the saints
I for mercy Only men wore brought ashore
In the breeches buoy Tho women ten at 1
time were put in tim surfbont and carried
ashore by Cant Jonoss men Two boat loads
Were landed before tho first man got on short
The frat man was Pusqualo Miguel who had
once been In this country In all 50 women
and 15 children were landed by tho bout and
60 mon in the breeches buoy Among the
latter were the ships doctor Ho said
hl1 Iull
thero wore 15 sick people on the shin
t and ono man who had his leg broken
when tIm masts wont over the hhlps Hide
There were SSi passengers on board besides 4J
of the crow The hlp is commanded by Capt
H Kunat About HIM of these passengers were
taken from the Dtirijiimlln tho ship thlt wor on
Feb 1 started from Naples but before getting
out of the harbor struck tho warship Italia
and sank Tho MrHt passenger was landed at
7 clock When 125 had been landed a de
spatch from Jacob Torkiillo tho companys
agent in New York ordered the landing to
i stop nsa barge was coming t carry them to
the city As the passengers wero in no danger
no moro worn taken oil
The vessel UPS almost opposite tho station
She came ashore he idlng northwest but Him
northeast nwung around nt nightfall with tho tide until she headed
At low title she had ton feet of water nt
her bow She is several feet down In tho
m nd but can easily bo limited off lor nit
dor Is gone MerrittH two steamboats and tho
schooner Haggerty arrived at 5 oclock They
will begin to got her off at once The pnnion
cors will I betaken to tho city in tho Ilnggorty
The Scotia brought2UO tonsof fruit with wines
and brandies Capt Ruffat said tho reason
Bho made such a long passage was
that she did not hau enough cargo
to ballast her properly anti ho was carlO
drive her lest she should turn over In a moder
ate gale Hhe had no pilot on board It could
not bo learned whether tho Captain had taken
the precaution to heave tho lead at any time
after nearing shore Ono piiH engi > r got a
fisherman to take him to tho mainland and ho
wont to New York There woro only two cabin
passengers on board No cargo was landed
4 and none will bo thrown overboard Tho life
lf saving station wan picturesque but wry
b crowded when night came Two of tho lifo
4 savors wore kept busy until 4 1 31 cooking
j beef stow for tho pooplo who had come ashore
Georgia Farina of tho
t Ooorj11 ono passengers says
m tho thlpH machinery broke on Thursday Ho
could not say what part of her but ho sup
J posed It was her engines This added moro
t consternation to the buffering people aboard
0 who wore being tossed about In tho improperly
balasted chhcl
Tim Scotia was consigned to J AV Elwell A
Co 47 South street Sho is ono of llvo blMer
ships belonging to tho Fnbto line She If brig
rigged 123 feet long 40 foot wide and 21 foot
duel i > Hut wife built by I A I Morton A Co at
iPiili Scotland In 1MH1 anti Is owned lii Cvp
g rlen Fabui A Co of Maiscllles hue iniiun her
4 flrrtt voyage In April itiS2 She is dlv Idud Into
seven watertight compartments hho is I pro
1 tided with two ompound Inverted engine
i nnd Is put in thin hichest cla b iu Lloyds tog
8ter She Is utcored by Etcnm
A FawHy Hryonel Help In v Tree In the
Missouri flyer
BISMARCK Dakota Match 25fl H Ken
nedy hU wife und three children am hold on
liable Inland by the Hood and for six days have
been living on such food as they saved from the
water TheN ii no hope of rescuing them until
the flood subsides and their friends are dig
tractod Thoycan ho boon through full glares
occupying a flCbt built in limbs of trees ocr
three miles from shore
tlhe t Northern Pnclllc Railroad managers
liVxo abandoned tho hopo of iumoIng tho
gorge by the use of dynamite and cannot say
shun they will bo able to fhlp freight across
the river rassongcrearo tranhfcuod b > boat
A party of twelve poihuns uttempting to cross
i Irom Muudon on Wednesday cunning uuro
driven by tho wind nnd J into a willow thicket
8nilTiinwd tho Jilght there momentarily ex
putlng death
Water In Yashburn In fourteen foot above tho
high watermark of JHdl whll hun > It Is I not
Quito up to that record Thin shows that
there id a gorge botwien hero and Washburii
and when thai ton fet of water conies I will
make tlio Hood surpass any previous ncoid
hero is I a prospect that the heart River will
break about tho time thn
up nbolt lmn iipnci gorge
breaks unit I It does ilatnlan will 1m iillout 010
The steamer TonipUiiiH was crushed In the
too today The Northern 1udllo bhops at
Mandan are still flooded I
A DlMbnrved Servant Shoot be Miiiter or
Ccreuoule > In fold lllnliiB Route
CIIIOAOO March iriic huge dining
room of the Palmer House was the scene of a
thin afternoon Philip F Dourllng
tragedy thlt aforoon Phlh Hl1Irln
one of the waiters who was discharged this
moraine entered tho room and approached
Charles F Jordan head waiter lomoiiHtratlng
at his summary discharge Jordan pUHlied
him away licarllng when ho found his wqids
had no effect loarlng through his teijth Ill
Tho next Instant tho polished barrel of a pis
to hashed anu before liny one rould moo a
bullet catered tho head ot Jordan Ho had
turned away and the ball entered under the
o right ear OuwtH mirroundcd tho wnumiud
man canylng him tl this room of DihtublH
whllo In tho lonliislon fleni r1 ellIII Dear
ling Is I n laigu ncgioand cash y rQcognl ud
and I Ih bald ho is to disliked by tutu coloieil
rvoplothat the police anyonu ix I liable to butiny him to
CklUrcu Cry far VUcher Catturla
A stfea vroptraUoa for ctilldrtut complnlnu
> rv 8t > le < Hirlllff Ovel unt t
In lramcn MirUly trll t > Lu JS nl Vn el Hrotherr
llrondnn anti Houston i nod mil ncuue cur UJit 1
M >
Th First Clrtui Elephant
And the diet churvh old IrWIn ew fork a Erie
Canal 4oP bal Gotluua Set tomorrowt Sunday lltrcun
I Heart palplutlona nertnutnew IrrmbllnKi cold
luudi Mul Ml ura If Vrterl Iron fUUUtf
Vocel IlrotUtr Fashion Catalogac
I Showing whet to wear IhU iprlng for inge and bo > a
o free bv ippljfInu to IlroaUway and Uouilon t and
Eighth anuut corns i2d tl jUt
Mr Morleyt Amendment Defeated In the
Ilnuu 01 Common
LONDON March 25In tho House of Com
nous this evening a divisIon R taken on Mr
liorloys amendment to tho Governments mo
Ion to grant urgency for tho Coercion bill and
ho amendment was rejected by n vote of 340
o200 The announcement of tho vote was
received with loud Opposition cheers
Sir Honr James Liberal Unionist r
proached Mr Gladstone and Mr Morley with
supporting tho plan of campaign Ho dla
Rented from their view that I was of loss mo
ment that a fowcrlmlnals should undetected
than that justice bo administered to thou
sands I was tho first duty of tho Govern
ment ho said to uphold tho law and protect
lo > ill subjects Jeers from tho Irish members I
inu n section 01 cite itouso jeer tnat senti
ment And was ho asked to join an alliance
With such men Y Loud ehcora alinc
hit William Vornon Harcourt retorted that
Sir Henry advocated tho Tory principle that
the law must be enforced whether It was just
or unjust The crlmo thoy had to deal with
was 1 direct outcome of unjust laws I tho
needed law woro amended coercion would not bo
Mr Oqschen after referring to Sir William
> inion If nrrourt as tho Parliamentary counsel
of the iNiUiorml League asked whether ho
Harcourt when Homo Becrotary stopped
to inquire whether the laws wero
just or unjust Ho blamed tho opposi
tion for the dollY In tho introduction
of the Governments Irish proposals It was
tho first time in the history of Parliaments that
nn oxPromlor and an oxHomo Secretary had
deserted tho Government In the conduct of the
ordinary business of tho House Proceeding to
argue In favor of tho Govoinmonts measures
Mr Ooschen was so much interrupted by Irish
members order that the Speaker interfered to keep
ortor 11 Parnoll protesting thnt tho Pnrnellitos
had been almost entirely shutout from debate
moved to adjourn Uuch debate ho said was
a mockery and I hhani
Mr W H I Hialth refused to agree to tho mo
tion to adjourn and remarked that Mr Parnoll
himself had been absent duringitho greater
part of the dobato
To this Mr Parnoll retorted I Is curious I
also noticed the absence of tho right honorable
Mr Gladstone said ho regretted that tho
leader of tho House had tukon tho dangerous
Course of commenting upon tho absence of in
dividuals commontlg had moro experience in
Ids pionont position he would llnd such ob
servations much resented
rite resolution to grant urgency to tho
Crimes bill was agreed to and tho first reading
of the bill was fixed for Monday
Jlr Parnoll gave notice that he would oppose
tho motion for leave to Introduco tho bill by
ottering an amendment that the house resolve
itself immediately into committee to consider
tho state of Ireland
Prince niinmrcki Recent Hpeech Regarded
ii > a Special Warning
BERLIN March 25The North German Ga
zettf reproduces nn article from the Vance of
Paris on Emperor Williams birthday contain I
ing insulting reflections upon tho Gorman peo
ple and tho Emperor and adds
It we expoio tbtso eHronterlea of tho Frencb patriotic
preMlt Is not In order to subject them to crttlcUm but
Imply to add to the extenah documents which will one
day Rive evidence ot the calm patience with which tier
many has borne for years the mot Intulent Krencn alan
den and provocations
Tho tone of tho Anrth German Gazette com
bined with Prince Bismarcks allusion In his
speech In the Landtag on Wednesday to dan
Irs that are still menacing Germanys na
tional existence revives tho fear of war Tho
first symptoms of tho recurrence of 1 feeling of
uneasiness worevisiblo on tho Bourse yester
day there being a general reaction in interna
tional securities
Prlupo lllsmareks exact words in referring
to I policy to satisfy tho Catholics were
We must aim to consolidate the unity of the entire
German nation In view of the dangers to which I will
be exposed at no distant rime
This remark 1ms ben variously Interpreted
as a general reference to contingencies of tho
future or asa special fow Inn I Situation
Is still grave nil the Bourses taking tho words
in tho latter sense Between estordayB open
ing nnd tonlghtH closo there was a fall of H per
cent In Russian securities 1 in Hungarian
and marks > in Italian Austrian credit dropped 1
herr tart Bad I In Iii Trnnk Coln
Vatchea and Diamond Recovered
John Pattersons house nt 1C3 East 115th
Hreet was robbed recently by a sneak thief Two gold
Hatches which were stolen there were found In a Bow
cry pawn shop by Detectives Connor and Maiuon The
detectlrei watched the pawn shop until yesterday
when a woman called for the watches and produced the
pawn ticket Her name I withheld B the police give
her the credit of biiitfr innocent and reipectable She
explained that the pawn tickets were given to her by a
friend whr keeps a saloon up town The saloon keeper
in alto I allowed by the I police to remain in the obscurity of
innocence nnd respectability
He all that he had sot the ticket from Outlay Rtnrtz
of W4 Wt Thirty nlxth street and led the detectives
dlrctl to that very greatly > urprli > ed and disguetcil
loldtllo aired HHlMi rite saloon keeper reviled blurt lu
vigorous Ormao and demanded why he was not told
that the pawn ticket wan for stolen property MurU
responded with the iiennan for damphool and aKked
the pnloon keeper why in Uermau blazes he did not tear
the ticket up
III an old trunk In flturtzs room were found a gold
watch four silver watches a ladya gold chain with
charm a pair uf gold bracelet eleven ureastplnn four
Inckettt the linger Tines four paint of earrings one pair
of cufT buttons collar buttons a scarf pin with a rose in
r I Mr lila
diamondK and I rubles I a set of napkin rings marked A
II and W M rilver sugar tongs a sliver sugar spoon
ila pencils I ninbrtlla handles a box of foreign In
silver rup sevi rat cleir cases a pistol a Jewel boE and
tautly silk hald crdlt and trtites
The idintflUiitlon nf title tint at the detectIve office
will prisoner probably fatten a number ot other robberies on tlie
John Rider Once M Mllllonnlre Dies lav a
Churltiible lastltntlon
John Bltlor who was onco a wealthy citizen
I of this city died penniless In Itamscari Vnsec
tariiu Home yesterday morning Mr Rider was
burn In Worcester Mass 1 7 years ago Ills father had
a contrive I for carrying the malls by stage coaches Mr
Itldtr sets educated at fambrldge and was for many
years it sea Captain in the China trade He was Inter
ituil In and ills said Invented Improved processes of
vulruul7lni I rubber llelntented I the Rider life raft and
inaile laoue steadily until hen nn repute to b worth a
Dilhi > u lie tVned ninth I real estate Iii this city and a
number nt fun horses among iIu were CIIIr span I
Inounas Rorkrtnnd MHII his once owned Ibo plot ot
KruuiKl In which Iho irnnd hold stands
vii 1 Jlldir nusninrrlcd and linvnt a widow and two
Ittits He had not Ih ml with his wife fur years lie lost
bIt money through unuUexpftuUtlnn in hit old sirs
and 1 for a number nf yirs ho had been absolutely perini
legs nud bail ilepen Inl fin the necemnrli of hire upon
friends III II I I la tali tint IIP i luL a tot tulle In 1acao Mall
stock He died of rheumatism
MM Week Talks of her Husbands Murder
The identity of the burglar who shot and
killed Ivrnan S Weeks nt 1071 DcKalb avenue Ilrook
iyn I cm the night of Hurt h IS Is I as muUi 1 mystery as It
was the night of tho occurrence Sir eeks has never
been able to gu down stair to the basement which her
hutbnnd met hilts death but she has given the detectives
u clear and detailed siitemrntof her recullectio ot all
that tranxpircd on thofatal niglit htic said
11al 1 have no doubt that the burglar heard my husband
ffolng down stain He wore his slelppors and made con
sldirable IIOMI as he was desceiiillng to the basemnut
Front the noise of voices as If In dispute and tho shuf
fling of teI1 I am certain there must have been struggle
beiwren him and the burglar mid this I think accounts
for the fact that 1 one 11 the rhalni was IC kouW
prubibl ruined the chair lo defend himself I think he
rri rlle burglar whit probably know that he had
riuiuitlcrablo I monei In the house on that particular I
night I and emU tIter tu get It 1 fhls I retognltion of the
burglar by my husband is only l an ImprryMon on my
part 1 hud I a good view of tlie huurglusr a hue came out
from the I basement door I saw lib I form but did not get
a gllmpto of Ins 1 I He n as u inlluilesizeul man with
bruailshoulder I short neck and he wore I think a
slouch hat 1 hue trn ot the mun its I jilitured Indelllily
Itt iii > memnr but ot course I cannot Mentlf him
The lniue > t hul been llxed for Monday night but I
nlll probably bo again udjourned
Failure untie KdmUton Wndilell Company
Tho Kdmlston A Wnddell Company which
manufactured carriages anti agricultural Implemrnts at
liailroaduuy Wllllnmsburgli hal failed with WAKO
liabilities 11 Is said the unit extended lu business too
much and gave long time III Is alleged that erroneous
statements of their assets were given The failure wa
hutirni by the lt of their I gVI Fine son t Fisher
of fine Innutl tu satisfy n claim I I of SUxi There was a
mteiliiK of the creditors > e terdav afternoon In Dm
empty warerooms The creditors do not know what
mo i tn make Neither Wr IJmlitou nor Nr Haddell
could be founil
The Ancient Roman UaiiieafNaata Maria
In Trnstevtre the Heene ofn Remarkable
Ikcleslnsttcal Dcmonstratlon Yesterday
ROME Starch 25It was Just 101 oclock
this moraine tho day being tho sacred feast
day of tho Annunciation when Cardinal James
Gibbons Archbishop of Baltimore arrived at
tho iron Rates of tho portico of tho Basilica of
Banta Maria in Trastovoro for tho purpose of
Formally taking possession of his titular
in tho splendid robes
church Ho was arrayed atlcnlll robs
of aCnrdlnulwcarlnc n white furcopocrimson
silk mantle and lone train When ho reached
the door of tho church he knelt upon a cushion
placed thoro on a strip of carpet Tho canons
belonging to tho church and tho students of
tho American College In Homo wearing
surplices were waiting for tho Archbishop
Student Btlckoy of Cincinnati was cross
bearer and tho acolytes carrying candles were
Students Doherty of Baltimore and Shea of
Cincinnati Bishops Koano of Illchmond VII
and Vatterson of Columbus Ohio WON with
tho canons waiting Student Itcardon of
Baltimore boro tho crucifix
Cardinal Gibbons was accompanied by tho
Right Kov John Ireland Bishop of 81 Paul
Minn and by Master of Ceremonies Marucci
and others The Cardinal kissed the crucifix
and then put on his berotta and so covered
placed incense in tho thurible Ho then again
bared his hoad took tho aspersorium from tho I
canon who had presented tho crucifix and I
signed himself with tho sign of tho cross Ito
plaulng the berotta ho asporgod tho people pres
ent with holy water niter which ho again removed
moved his berotta and was Unieo incensed by
tho canon tile choir meanwhile singing tho
antiphon Ecco Sucordos Magnu1 After bo
lug Incensed procession moved to the altar
followed by the Cardinal who blessed tho peo
ple R ho went At the altar tho blessed sacra
ment was administered and all knelt In prayer
Tim procession next ont to the high altar
There tho Cardinal knelt nnd tho canon recited
cited tho Paternoster and other prayers
In the apse a throne with white back anti
crimson canopy had been placed Tho Cardi
nal seated himself on tho throne tho Bishop
mid priests In attendance being seated about
him Tile Prothonatory MjI holnl Poricolo road
in latin tho Papal bull assigning hue Church
Bantu Maria in Trnstovero to Cardinal Gib
bons us his titular church The canons wont
forward to tho throne and all but the chief
canon knelt und kissed tho Cardinals hand
tutu Cardinal rising to receive tho chief canon
for tho kiss of peace
An address from the canons to the Cardinal
was then read In Latin by Canon Francesco
Ardulni Cardinal Gibbons remaining seated
and wearing his borotta replied in English
The assignment to me by the Holy tather of this beau
tiful basilica as my titular church tills I me with I feelings
of Joy and gratitude whIch an > words of mine are wholly
Inadequate to express Ior as here In Homo I stand
within t tie tint temple raised In honor of the ever blewed
lrgin Mar no In my far off home my own cathedral
church the oldest in the Culled t1 she dedicated
to the Mother of Uod
That never ceasing solicitude which the Sovereign
IVmiiffs have exhibited In erecting those material tern
pies which are the glory of this city they have also
manifested 011 a larger scale In rearing spiritual 1 wall to
Zion 1 throughout Christendom in every age scarcely
were the ated States of America formed into an inde
Rendent government when rope Ilus the be enth ethic
Khed therein a Catholic hierarchy and appointed the
illustrious John Carroll the lint Bishop of ItaUmure Our
Catholic community in those days numbered only a few
fh n r r h
thousand Bouts and they were scattered chietly through
the State of New lorklennttyhauiaand Maryland They
were served by the merest handful of priests Hut now
thank to the fructiftng grace of nod the grain of mus
tard need then planted has frown a larire tree spreading I
hits branches throttKh the I U ami breadth of our lair I
land Where only one Bishop was found in the begin
nitty of this century there are now eTenlnve ur
citing spiritual Jurisdiction 1or this great progress wo
re Indebted under tod and the fostering tare of the
republic Holy see to the civil liberty we enjoy 1 our enlightened
Our Holy Father Leo XII In his luminon encyclical
on the Constitution of Christian butts declares that the
Church In not committed to any particular I form of civil I
gmermnent She adapts herself taall She leavens 1
with the sacred leaven of the Jospel She has lived
under absolute empires under constitutional mon
archtea and in free republic and everywhere site grow
< go
and expand She has often ludoeil been hampered In
her divine mission I She lust even been forced to utriur
irle for existence wherever lei p jtlam has cast Its dark
shadow like a plant shut out from the bltused sunlight
of heaven Hut In the genial atmosphere of liberty she
blonvnm like the ro
tor iii self ax a citizen of the United States and with
out tloufng my ryes to our Rliorttominin as a nation I
say with I a deep sense of pride and Kratltud that I be
long 1 A country where the civil government holds o o
UH theicgis I of its protection nlthout Interfering with
UK in the legitimate exercise of our sublime mission as
ministers of he Gospel of Christ Our country has lib
erty without license and authority without deBpotism
She rears no wall to exclude I the stranger from cumin
among UR She I hm few frowning fort ill cations to repel
the Invader for she Is at peace with all
the w r3d she rests secure In the consciousneHa
of her strength and her good win toward all
Ilf harbors 1 are open to welcome I the honest 1 i mini err mt
wHo comes to advance his temporal 1 interests fcnd flml
a peaceful home Butiv hile we are acknowledged to
have a free government perhaps wetlo not recehe the
credit that belong to ui for having also a strong guy
eniment Yes our nation J isstrong and tier strength lir s
under the overruling guIdance of rroldenre in the
majesty and supremacy of the law In the loyalty of her
Citizens and lu the aflectlonof her people for her free
There are Indeed grave oral problems now engaging
the earnest attention of the cilizens of the Ijnhteuh nKaKnl
but I have no doubt that with odo bleMlng these
Ihal wih
problem > will be soIled by the calm Judgment and sound
sense of the American people without I violence or revolution
a rI AI J r I 61ololco
lotion or any lnjur to 3rfdI right
As an eUtlfnce of hU good will for the great republic
In the West and as a mark nf his appreciation ot tho
venerable hierarchy of the Tnlted Mate and as an ex
reunion of his kind consideration for the ancient See of
Jaltimore our Holy Iat her has been graciously pleased
tn luvate Its present Incumbent in inv humble person
to the dignity ot the purple For this mark of his ex
alted favor lr ih to tender the rl Holy I rather my pro
found thanks In my own name and In the name of
the clergy and faithful I venture to thank him
Ito ri IY II
also In rea name of my venerable colleagues the
Bishop as well as the clergy and Catholic laity of the
United btntes I presume to also thank him In the name
of our separated brethren in America who though not
sharing our faith have shown thnt they are not in
sensible indeed that they are deeply sensible of the
honor conferred upon our common countr and have
again and again expressed their warm admlrallon for
the enlighten statesmanship and apostolic virtues and
buievolent charucterof Its lllustriou Pontiff who now
sits In the chair of ht 1uer
Tho choir rendered the To Doum after
which the Cardinal wont forward to the altar
anil n papal Indulgence of ono hundred days
was road in Latin The Cardinal then blotted
the people asuomblod Tho church iras occu
pied largely by Americans and distinguished
visitors monies t Itomo during the investiture cero
All tho prelates with the Cardinal returned
to the sncristry A reception followed and all
present kissed tho Cardinals ring Even little
children fiom tho nilchborlng streets were ad
mitted Tho iwomblngo wait the most varied
over Been in tho church
An Independent Russian Editor
ST PKiKusnuna March 25Tho Press Cen
sor has sent tn the editor of the Moscuvv uairtte a first
warning The occasion for this notice was a severe
criticism in the Caustic of a recent ofllcialcommunica
lion censuring the hostile tone adopted by the Kusslnii
press toward termanr Despite the protest nf the ifS
i Jilt tiruittr VI 1 Kiitkotf resumes bin attack upon the tier
man itovernment llnilrcluresihat I I the Herman repre
euiutuitivee iii liii hearts arc rcrpomllile for thulnlliireto
prevent thus military oMti ullons and I assaIls the Herman
press for approving of Ito executions
Fattier Keller Imprisonment
DumiM March 25 Iather Keller writes that
ho does not regret hU loss of liberty In view of the rea
son fur which his imprisonment ordered lie ur
If kept In Jail until I die I will never do the Infamous
thing tlie Judiru asked mo to do betray tha confidence
of the defeiu eless and loihtur pcophi w ho trusttd me
Lniuuv March 211 tho Iou of Commons this
evening Mr A J Jtatfour announced that bills amendIng
lug Irish leases and the msicin of land transfer nnd
rl lvl I Ju j
other measures relative to Ireland I would be Introduced
In the House of Lords on Thursday
The Duchess 01 Cumberland Inane
VIKNNA March 25Xhe Duchess of Cumber
land who has become mentally ullllctcd has on the ad
vice of 1rol Ilraun been placed In Irldesdorf private
lunatic asylum atoberdohllng Prof llrauu certified that
it wits unsafe tu keep Die DucheM at home The Hue hns
of Cumberland Is I a daughter of the King of Denmark
hilts was married to tlie Duke of Cumberland 111 71
and ha had nve children
Father and HOI on Trial for Murder
BEWAST March 25Tho Walkers father and
son Orangemen were today tried the third time for
the murder of soldier named Hughes and a unstable
named I lardiner lu the riots of but 41 Iuuiy In the two
prevluns II trlalu I tlie juries j disagreed Today the falliir
was convicted of maiifclaughter and was tvulenitd tu
tsentyyeart penal servitude
Parliamentary Klectlnn
LONDON March 25Dr Kir Walter Foster
lladstone Liberal was today elected tn the House of
Commons for the Ilkeston dlv Mount Herb shire to nil
the vac ane i used by the recent ileathofMr Ihomas
Viutson llomeltuler Dr luster competitor u Mr
hamuel Locke Conierv alive
Kmperor Wllllaui Olrlbilny Presents
BERLIN March 25The presents received by
Emperor Illlam on his birthday are sufficient to nil nve
most of ilts who
furniture vans By tonight jurtho
came to take port in the Emperors birthday ccletmtloa
will have left for Uulr hewN
SA rOB FLOUr nrcrmtEV LITTLE aunr
Kenny Knack llornnsieker Ont at th End
01 Fifteen Wellroncht Round
Eugene Hornbockor and Jock Kenny ban
tarn weights fought fifteen rounds last night
for a subscription purse of 1300 in a barn
near White Plains The smallest kind of gloves
wore worn old they battled for blood like real
bantams Kenny proved tho victor
Hornbackor U 20 years old 5 feet high and
weighs 118 pulls George Qnlnn and George
Boyle seconded him Kenny Is four inches
taller ono pound heavier and ono year
younger Tommy Danforth and W Davis wore
Ida npconds liornbnckor was In the bettor
condition In the first round honors worn
oven Kenny got first blood In the second
round anti gave Indications of being n winner
Then followed I good dent of wlnnori
heavy hitting Kenny fought much llkn Demp
soy while Ilornbacker resembled La Blanche
Kenny drew blood again In the sixth round
The succeeding tounds were so well contested
that tho old lighters present looked on In ted
tnlration In the eleventh round both mon
were smeared with blood unit bolting wits
oven on tho result Hornbacker was knocked
down twice In thn next round and then fell
down onco Tug Itson style
In tho last round there was slugging anti
clinching Hornbuckor was thrown to the
floor and as Jornhlc1or not eomo to time tho
referee gave tho light to Kenny Tho contest
which WIB IIO under Uuoonsborry rules lasted
57 minutes all 37 seconds
BomethlnE 01 a Mystery About a Dissipated
Womans FavtaJ Full
Louisa Hntricld I dissipated woman 45 years
of r was found In the hallway of 41 Nw orT at 1
oclock yesterday morning with a fractured skull She
was taken to the Chambers Straet Hospital where she
died at 114 I oclock The hall from the door to the stain
la I only about four feet long The woman lay an her
bck with her feet toward the door and her broken
head resting on tho fourth step A good many dissi
pated men and women die by strident In the Fourth
wad In a year and only a desultory Investigation
John D Bn of
wo contemplated until Benseii tho owner
the building wu Interrogated Mr licnscnn son iso
I Benien kcep a liquor store on the first floor and
lives with his father on the second floor The rest of the
house Is cliv I ided uff Into sleeping apartments occupied
by youutcc toni Old Mr I Benson said I that the hall 1 door
was locked at M oclock by his son ileorge who had
relumed home at that hour with one ot the lodger The
door was not open again he said during the ufffht No
body could have entered lh hall after that there vvas
nobody in the hall I when his sou entered and the dour
was silll locked when Mr I Bensen found eIM body at SX
o e luck in the morning
Then Detectlvu shelvey became Interested suspecting
that the woman must have been In the house when the
door was locked The woman wa poorly dressed and
showed signs ot dlsulpitlon In the pocket of her dress
were several cards bearing the name Lrf > ulsn llatfleld
and the address r lhrj sue street t Nothing Was known
other at this addre which Ir I n hger 1 beer saloon except
cept that she used ti drup In there rver evening The
keeper of a house at 2 lliysrd street paid thl the dead
woman hired a room there nt ft 5O a week a few clnv s
ago hut hid only tJW l down hits failed I to pay the
rest old was elected Iat evenIng I apt it ebb orthereul
the art of nil the lodgers In llenseu house as well n
ot Ileorge Ucti en as witneMes The lodger are
rank vutt saniuel Stockton iieorge F Kuhlmnn and
Joseph Meeker Tiucy were ail locked up The wonuans
skull woe broken Just where r had 1 the fourth rn ot
the stairs
The n oman had been well known to the Ilrookhn po
lice for more than ten years as Mantis llatfleld she be
longed ton respectable family In the lower part nf the
city and tneniv veers ago was one of the brightest girls
In Public hchool NO Iln Adams street She had a talent
for rhmln7 and In May 1H7IV 1 when she was arrested
in llrnokl rio grand 1 larceny a blx ej rr poems
which she had 1 composed during her school days was
found in her trunk She wits never a public school
teacher as ho been stated Her downfall dates from
the time of her betruival under promise of marriage nt
teen years ago and since then her face has been a familiar
one the llogues In the Iirooklyn Uallerv police courts Her picture Is I also In
Doan Harks hi Wife Jed and Dive
Four tories llawm to the Flagstone
James ilognna driver for the Knickerbocker
Ice Company who had been on a spree since St
1atrlcks Day dived head foremost out of a fourth
story back w below at 3iJ W est Twelfths street yesterday
and smashed his head to piece on the flagstones of the
yard John trace Hogans cousin who lives on tie floor
below saw Slogans half dressed bodr t Ing in the court
yard and went up to his rom On the floor of the bed
room lay r Alice Eliza Hugan in her night clothe
bathed In blood There were gaping cuts on her head A
hatchet lay on tho Moor Tile walls all ceiling were
spattered with the womnns blood so as tn show that
she must have been standing tieside the I beth svhuelu II her
husbniid went nt her with tI tint hntchet I wn found at
Ilelleviie Hospital that Mrs 1 llogans kul wait fbi rat
tured butshc wanestreme weak front IOMot blood nnd
Is likely to die I was learned from her that she had hnd
a quarrel with her hnsband but what It WA about she
appeared 1 unable to tell He had never struck her before
she said
The neighbors said that Hogan was not a drinking
man and that his spree had upset 1 his mind Out Thursday
day he and his wife were both sick and Dr Mary 1 visited
them He found Mrs Ilognn in bed suffering from head l
ache and deprrsslon I and her I husband exhibiting signs
of acute melancholia He prescribed tonics
rather O I allahan of M Hernard Church called on
the same dav He MW that llogan was out of his head
police and advised his wife to have him taken cure of by the
The llogans hat I had six children but all died voting
On nicount I of this I bereavement Mrs Ilognn the il f
bors say has at times suffered from religious mania At
such periods she would spend hours nn her I knces pray
Ing and try tu huave I II her husband I do the same
ilogamu body was carried up to his rooms I sIster
Jlonorn took harge of It hogan had known his wlfu
since childhood Hoth were born in Neiiah county Tip
perary Ireland Hog in w ot years old
They Didnt Put Mr Martin Out or the Me
GljnnMectliiB Last Mgbt
At tho meeting of Dr McGlynns sympathiz
ers in BU Stephens parish tn Twenty seventh street
last night Mr Michael Martin an officer In the Superior
Court and proprietor of a cigar store on Third avenue
had a seat on the platform Mr Farlan one of the par
ishioners In the course of a fiery speech laid the origin
ofDr McMjnns troubles at the door of Tamman Hall
Tmmanv Hall he sabl 1 which Is I composed uf
thieves murderers and convicts
Mr Mnrtln Jumped up excitedly I
f object 1 II to any o such I remnrks ho cried I am
second to none In my sinpatliy for Dr Mcillnn but I
wilt not allow cl vile slanders to Dt ionI in my
c I am n member uf Tammany Hall and I nm
proud of It I on q II have lo stand Itt Tut J him
tiutl I and other shunts mingled with hooting and
hIsses Immediately ensued Mr Martin rSltt ho
was willing be put out and conjectured that would
take about four nf those present to put him I out As no
one volunteered ho clapped his hut on his head and
walked out
Later when everybody had quieted down several
members spoke of Mr Martins disinterested i efforts In
had Dr McilDims arisen behalf slid deprecated tbe trouble that
hoes Lewis who organized the famous series
of out di or tcmperimc meulng un the docks of New
York city and on board of vessels In the harbor forty
seven years ago dlM In Cnnndenls In on Thiirsda
ugedtiy yean v Hu HUH IFuf seventy five ytara an active
inembrr in tlir Hjntist church Ho leaves thirl nine
childrin grandchildren amid great hlrlII
Chnrlcsi I hfllon Iho innriilrt editor of the Uoston Ad
rrrlltii who nas trlckcn ll poral > lson Wednesday
night died yesertuy morning
Mrs Illrnm Hitchcock died very unexpectedly at 14
oelork luui l night ut lie i Iilh I Avenue Hold Mil I li ul
been suffering for tutiututh I wk With acute bronchitis
heath wits oc c chinnc d by heart failure brlnrhll
Mrs I Nancy luutlluai Twlr of Maslilngton relIct ot the t
Into InvninHtei Too Icr I I I I V nnd cldett daughter nf
hit I Inlo J Dr Hturard u hut icr of ieneva N V died in
1I1 I
Itethl hem Jn on Tiuutrouluy i of conircstiMi of tiio I brain I
tuuel llt 1 v enrs Mrs lowler vwnt vitililhig her biolher Dr
Zttutt t H rotter pension 1 I adjuster
Arthur Farce VI I K 1 I the celebrated surgeon
and surlIer Ill vician lxtraur Unary J lu uuri n V ic tori OI
iii iflclan Ace out lieiirtu the rhincs I of 1 ole unutihuer
sisters Isdead I Ho had just reached tilt hilt your
lames Madison Oakley In Hident of tho New York
Yinodliuvciinnd Kocknun Itullriiad illnl ut lulu home
ill tht h vUlairt O Jamaica eMtrday morning of pncn
monin Hu was liorn in this city lu 110 l Hu served
four terms In Die I vsHimbl1 In Jf7 ho vhs ilcitui
Matthcnstornver i taints Otis I Urpubllian t nf hutfolk
cnuntv lie servtt Ilurus ars us u Quuruumul hue Com
iiluioner lie married u daughter of no h lutes Miirllf
11 Diirlnnd of cjucciis count whu survives him
There arc no children
Mrs Ann right mother of Heorge and Harry Wright
lorl Wrghl
Is I dent at her home In iturrluushtr ugmCIi
1IUU Weulbersbjs Funeral
Hosts of friends of the Itilo Llla V ithnrsby
Nat Goodwins wife went lu Uie actors home In tho
Itutland Hits at Hrndwny and Hft seventh strict
yesterday with messages of condolence und binputhy
The body of thus dead actress lay lu an ice casket In one
of the parlors wlih roHCH and lilies lieupu l ulioui I He
side the body sat thenctresi s futhc rnnd mother ntnl her
three Uiern lh Harriet and Unite 1 and I uurllood
wins brother Idnard 1 mttti I bin umuul I Hubert Ih hiutI Icy
lug flint ral will be uu muni i > uft rnnoti all I uc lock from
UK lulls I i lain h Aruund He 11 riier anil tho interment
will be In uitteulluwmu in I timinrurv vault fhere will
be a private tcrvlio ot lit Kuilatid ut uoon to us Ilh
only I the relatives I ii ill be admitted
Park Department InteMlintlon
Thn investigation of the Park Department
was conllnucd yesterday lu the arsenal by ComuiUsion
eruf Accounts Miearmun Illor tu the examination ul
witnesses the ComniUsii vvlih Mr John D CrlinmliiH
nf the I Irk Hoard lad a tint s through Um Turk ant
tunica viewer tbe hllualluli MunUnintr H I killugk
rnglnuer I of Cunslruellon UkUiIrd t that i rrlinniliis i 1
furnished trucks lu remuvu Its i stone tu lie t tollu trout
hue Iark without charge tu the h litv He I knew nf lii
lime I w hen the i Ity got It tilling In done for noticing ei
cspt when Mr Crimmliu did It
fluICio Bi s Cowboy Lariat Him lint He
Oore n Ponj Urcnk Nevcrnt Lariat
and Finally Ilrenk III Own Neck
PJIILADILWIIA March 25Tho superb
bison at tho Zoological Gardens known as
John L Sullivan broko his neck today in 1
mad struggle freedom While wintering on
Dtaton Island tho Wild West how lost almost
n dozen buffaloes and as the time approached
for tim departure ot tho show for England
Buffalo Hill began to look about tho country
lor bisons When ho hoard that Sullivan and
Old Ioto tho big bulls of tho Zoological Gar
den in this city could bo bought ho closed 1
bargain nt once Tho show sails on Thursday
next for London and luck Taylor Diy Bul
lock nnd Joo Ksqulrol the cowboys
with three big ponies camo over thIs
morning from New York to lasso tho buffaloes
Tho cowboys succeeded In conquering Old
Pete and ho was led with little difficulty be
tween two horses to the stock yard of tho
IcmiBjlvanln Hallrond In West Philadelphia
Sullivan had a bad recant for ugliness and tho
society was glad to got rid of him
At J P II tho attempt was made to capture
Sullivan Tho buffaloes wore driven under I
shed and Buck Taylor who was mounted on
Chieftain throw his noose and missed Tho
buffaloes then made 0 break load by Sullivan
Bullock flung his noose over tho horns of
Kulllvan but ho quickly shook It off
Taylors nooso then shot through tee air and
Hulllvnn camo to a stand HO suddenly as to
almost lift Taylor off his horse The bison
then inado n dash across tho yard and swung
around I tree While tho other horsemen
woro hurrying to the assistance of Taylor
Hulllvan made a furious pitch and broke tho
lariat In an instant ho rushed at Taylor who
made an attempt to turn his horse but tho
hull swept down and with a wild toss of his
bend ripped open thin right haunch of Chief
tain with his sharp horn The bull made an
other plunge hut tho crowd gave a cry of alarm
in hue for Taylor to pull floa horse away
A gate was opened nnd Taylor dashed ahead
of Kulllvan and escaped Itllly Bullock then
made a dash for bulllvan and tho bull was
about to plant his horns into his horse when
the cowbojH wero told to com out of
tho jnrd and Kulllvau was loft mas
ter of tho Hold Dr Hulilekopor Dean
of tho veterinary school at tho University was
In the crowd and ho was soon bf the side of
BuekTaylorH horso The horn had opened an
artery and torn muscles und flesh A xtrenni
of blood poured front tho wound Dr Huldo
koper 10urol handkeiclilef Into the wound
and afterward tilled It with oukuui and had it
bathed with cold wathcr
hullivanhnd to bo captured and Buck Tay
lot mounted Htrenks to return to tho attack
when Agent ODonnell of tho Society to Pro
vent Cruelty to Animals stopped him baying
that he would not allow thu other horses re
turn to the jarcl as Sullivan was a mIllet beast
of wonderful power anti would kill them
I dont want to break your laws salt
Buck but wo must take that buffalo and I
hope yoq wont object to us going In on foot
No objection wait mtdo und tho cowboys
went to work Taylor swung his noose around
tho big bulls neck and Ksiiulrcl threw his un
dor the fore feet When it w as drawn tight tlio
cowboys thought they had their buffalo
but Sullivan snapped tho lariat and dashed
around ono side of the tree while the
cowboys ran the other way They yelled
for a rope and Weasel Bill Loomis bravely
ran into the arenavvith a thick rope Esquire
after BOV oral attempts put the noose over the
horns of Hulllvan and he madly plunged
Again ho broke loose nnd again was entangled
by the horns und made fast The cowboys had
Just left the yard and wero preparing to
axh two horses together to take Hulllvnn
to tho train when the bull grew fierce In his
endeavors to free himself With a wild plunge
his fore feet caught the rope and Sullivan
dropped on his left shoulder blade Buck
Taylor UioUKlit the bull was choking and
with J > r Huldekopor and the other cow
boys jumped Into the buffalo yard Tho
noose around tho neck was loose but Hull vun
was gasping his last breath There was In
tense excitement and tho men began to blow
into the nostrils of titus fallen chnmpiun It
was of no avail Sullivan would not go to
England ho was dead The poor beast in his
light for liberty had brckon his neck
Detectives Looking for Newark Constables
Four men went to tIm house of Frank Ben
ncttl an Italian barber In Monmouth und Sixth streets
Jersey City nt midnight on Thursday and told Mrs Ben
nettl who answ ered the knock on tho door that they
were policemen from Newark with a warrant The men
talked and acted Itennettl says as though they were
drunk and Mrs llennettl declined to admit them to the
houst They pushed the door In and then as it U at
legid niwaulted the worn in and her husband after
which they left the hnuse
Two Jersey iit3r i detectives went to Newark last ntaht
and learned there that lustlic trancis o vicMuney
issued a warrant for the arrest of nit Italian in Jersey
thy MiMnnc went to lersev Cityon Thursday night
with Constables beth mid hailfer and sisiteul llennettls
house In search of the Italian They did not tlnd him
but they were not satisfied alit returned to the house
lit 1 clock on Irlda morning Thenit is suidllerth
and hadler entered the house and hiwaulted llenneltl
and his wife Whnt was the provocation for the assault
is not revealed The Jersey Ity detectives arrested
Constable lerth lain last eight and at inidnlgut they
were starching for hadltr
John I Sullivan In Town Agnln
John L Sullivan arrived from Boston at 10
oclock last night and wan met at the Grand Central
Depot by Tat Khcedy and a lot more ot his friends The
party took carriages and were driven to the Coleman
House where Sullivan Is stopping
Im feeling first rate Sullivan said My recent
road work and punch bag practice In Boston placed me
In tip top shupi
On next vionday night Sullivan comblnatlan will ap
pear in Hobokrn Tin re ace betides Hiililiuii hteve Tay
lor Joe Lamion sstto recently mu KlirAln deurgo la
lllanchc and Hob Turnbull and James Carroll of Uoftton
hntlinf whom have fought Jack Deinpse The party
will give t exhibitions ns fur South u > New Orleans and a
far W eH as Kansas tity
hulllt an will light Cardiff early In June and bo back in
Now York by July I
Almost All Democrat Down There
The llopublicnn voto in tho First Assembly
district Is well know to be a tremendous factor In No
vember Dennis Urfnrth amid John tiallagher say that
they are duly elected enrolling officer for the party
but that they were locked out of the Republican head
luarlers on enrollment lay and other people did the en
rolling In the Intercut of John II Urlmes The Commit
tee uttu Appeale moot esUrdnyat Chairman Ashbil I1
I itchs lute uct Nuussauu street nnd ogre oh tui hear the
case HUM Wedtusda night A irimes man alit thnt
the klikerswiro Democrats who wanted to bring the
tinnier dominion of the Hickory Club Concur
fen a all tbo polltii luns in the distrii uro Democrats
Castor bus a turn Thing
Tho ncmiblleiinnof Ito Fifth district of Jer
sey l Ity have nomlnited ei A semblnian Thomas V
Cntur for AMermnu Mr Catnr had already bern nnml
n ited by the CHIens Asvichtlon anti the Knights nf
Jahnr He is n leading IrohlMtliinlut and will get HID
enilorsemtmof that parlv It U now suid Hint the Dem
utials lutuit Si ill u tidtrou him VMthln the hast lisa s ears
he has been n Itcpuhlii a Democrat nil Ami Vlnnonu
Hut shut It iruuluiiuitlttmtiei Ho was electid lu t the Assem
ily frnin flu Third dlritrlctasnn Indi pendent Ikpuhli
can antI during his urmheviitid with the Democrats
as uflca us hu illd w Ith Hie llepubllcau
An Old > uro NutTiuiiteil In III Garret
The throe story friinui rear dwelling at 34ft
Vest Mxttcnth street wns on hire last night When the
tire wns out the iuuudy of Inscph Hill an uugeui colored
tutatu thus suds etucutmuatut of hue garret ssas fotunti ttear
thus uhoor tt tue uluuIrwt he humus luau sWeltt 05cr
butt uututi tucorthueti itiC lutti uuittt tlolbittc but his hsat It
ssas lirtutably tuuuutiJ huy uoifucatiuiu Tue cause of thus
tire is stuitp cod t lets lucut tt thus mtlussttimtur of a rontric
attce hi wtuiuhi mis It natt uhiti huts tuuttihtg I I is is
ruattut lult O cr uituturuhiur lsrttutemue hulittu
Fourteen Hays Without Foot In the Hold of
u Ntruuier
BOSTON March 25Pitt Gunniiu 10 years
oil and Mat Turne aged 17 two stowaways ss era
found In the huolti of the steamer Kansas whiih arrived
to tituS fiuirli en iUi > from llvi rimol Tim hatches vvcrn
ffiMtcnid diivvu and curt trot with fitIght All thug fuol
that the two oung mull 5urus alit tu obtitin was the
pnriftUsof Whitu 1 uki n from the raiks In I hue etcattuor
tututi nih hue uuutr thury mull get wits that furnished by
lie MM at of hit simmer they aru tunic lu very
irliliKl condition
Pittsburgh Overlooked hy 1ovvtlerly
PiTThnuiiaii Pa March 25 General Master
Turkman 1owderly lias nut sent his stcret circular tail
lug for a special meeting at harrisburg to his relure
sentntlvisof the Iltim I Knights with lieadauarlers In
iiuhurirh Tim out t of Iltnburgh tiring overlooked by
Mr 1owtlerlv U a matter uf lonsidiratile comment to
uluuy among the nit mUrs of DiHtrlit Assembly 1 They
iiumt indrrstaii1 whv the Miret circular should be
trntlo us cry oilier HIM Ion of the suteexceiit tu Iltis
burgh District Mi > ter W orknian Ocorto titus sy sail Ii
ulsy that they would bo repri eutril ut the llarttiburg
She Made OO MIles n Day for a Week In
the Great Ocean line
BOSTON March 25ThlO Btonmshlp Knnstw
of the Warren line Capt Olclg brought In to
day news of tho yacht Coronet She taw the
Coronet nt 8 oclock last Saturday morning In
utltmlo 43 39 longitude 43 ° 10 or about
1380 miles from Bandy Hook anti duo cast
from Boston
dipt Glolg reports that the wind nt the
time was blowing from the southwest but
owing to the high sea tho yacht was making
but llttlo headway She was heading north
The day before Capt fllolg says they had n
terrific gale and ho thinks that lie incht
was hoo to and ntdayllght Saturday morning
she squared away on her course Sho wassail
hug at tile rate of seven knots an hour Hho
liud her storm to pall sot and foresail reefed
Her main boom and gaff wore lowered and
Inshed to tho tnUrall The barometer at the
Jmewns29 The Dauntless was not sighted
Wo know It was tim Coronet because who
had a straIght stuilti said ticconul Oflicor
Faulkner like did not speak us at all but
simply inn tip the signal letters h B T II
Tue Ight before them had boon a Htrong cnlo
from the westward with thick rainy vvontTier
Them was a tenill1 sea running Hho may
possibly havo boon lying to thin night before
and started to scud In lie morning The gale
was moderating as wo pamod the Coronet
The yacht liatl iiono splendid work up to tho
time wo mot her Site lInt got about 13811
to 1390 miles from Sandy Hook anil haul mive
raged almost exactly 2uo miles n day at that
rate bho should mako the passage In four
teen days anti she would boMry near Oueenn
town now Wo had had easterly winds tip to
the thorn wo mot her but Hho was earn Ing a
fine westerly breeze mind It Is quite possible
that she carried it all tho way across
Another despatch from Boston reports Cnpt
Olclg BS saying that the Coronet had lost her
main boom at the tnlTrall Sir H T Bushjier
owner said yesterday If > ott had told mi
that she had carried away anything else I
should havo believed it but her main boom
never If Cnpt Olclg reported that ho has
most likely made a mistake and I can see
how ihon 1 wont across in the Coronet last
Hummer If the weather was rough Capt
Crosby always drew in hit main boom and
lushed it amid hlm anti net what ho calls
his storm hall Tho main boom has
boon cut off for this trip so that
it docs not reach over the Btorn
when fastened over the deck and at a llttlo
distance away it would bo easy for Captain
Olelg to think It was gone nt tlie tafTmll Site
had no spare main boom Of course If ho did
lose her main boom last Saturday and tile
yachts had light weather she Is beaten but
oven without n main boom I am confident that
in rough weather she would get there llrht I
am ex peeling to hear of her from lie other sldo
every minute
The Maritime Exchange was thrown into n
state of feverish excitement yesterday by a n
port that tIre Dauntless had boon sighted off
llochoH Point It turned out to bo a spurious
piece of news The despatch was on Kiirnims
tape and when It was dNcov ered to bn false
remlnliconos of the riot in Hobokou wore
A Despntch In his Wife rom Richmond An
nounce It and honey is Sent On
Mrs Roy wife ot the missing dentist of
105 West Fiftythird street received the follow
ing despatch jestcrday
IticnvonD Va March 25
Mrs F L Fuqrne roy IBS Wat Flflt third nIcest Ana tort
Vt Roy la found Wishes mune to get home Tele
graph Instructions II M CLJBEK V M C A
James Roy the dentists brother ascertained
at the association building that Mr Clarke Is
Secretary of tile Itlchmond Young Mens
Christian Association HO he at once wired lie
necessary monny and asked to have particu
lars telegraphed Though no particulars wcio
received Mr Hoy is convinced that the news IH
true Ho loft for Itlchmond last night to bring
his brother homo A despatch from Itlchmoud
quotes Mr Clarke as saying
I sent the telegram It Is true to the best
of my information I can say nothing further
Secretary Whitney liuby to be Christened
Dorothy on Easter Monday
WASHINGTON March 25Tho Star says that
Secretary and Mrs Whitney have about decided upon
all the details for the christening of the Cabinet baby
She shall be called Dorothythe fair quaint name her an
cestresses have borno and although Mrs Whitniyisan
admirer of Mrs Dolly Madison she trusts that this hater
Dorothy may wear the name without abbreviation The
sacrament nf baptism will be administertdinht John
church hy Dr Leonard on haster Monday In the after
noon The godmothers have not yet been decided upon
but It Is likely that Iresldent I lev eland will stand spoil
sor for the first child born to the Administration The
church will be sweet with Its Easter decorations and
titers will be n beg nnlng of leafage and bloom In the
parks and gardens There will be a tea at the bicre
tary house after the church service
Proposing a Citizen Ticket In Chicago
CHICAGO March 25A meeting of tile Illinois
Club was held this evening at which Democrats and
Republicans were present and steps were taken looking
to the nomination of n socalled Citizens tlcki Ar
rangements w er made to induce as many as ponslMe of
titus ollur prominent clubs to join in the muvetuilit
agninst the tw o tickets now In the Held
It was proponed tu nominate for Mayor K Nelww
Blake ex 1rt Hlilent of the Hoard of Traife who was le
rented tiv Roche in the Republican ronvention The till
nois ttuh is wholly omponcd of Mayor Harrison neUh
burs nnd tin ni Is a suspicion in some quarti Hint ho
w ill ultimate bu named instead uf Illnke or thnt Illuke
being in thn field and dividing Roche support Harrlton
wilt again In come a candidate especial If able to make
a deal w ith the Lulled Labor part
End of the Suit Against the Trunk Line Pool
IlAnnisnuRo March 25The trunk line nnd
coal pool cases were called up for argument In court this
morning by Attwtiey lenernl Klrkpatrlck Affidavits
from the 1resldents of thu roads interested were offered
showing that the object of the poo was tu prev tut secret
rates end unjust discrimination nnd had been of grint
benefit It thus people tuf reniisylvnnlab tirodui Ingsuidy
and fair through ratis thus enabling the cnmpinieit tu
reduce local rates They also showed that since lice pas
sine of the Inter State Iommerce bill hue companies had
all withdrawn from the trunk line pool to dim from
April 1 The Attorney lrneral tlun said that he would
Indefinitely postpone hue argument of this rune and pro
ceed to the case against hue anthracite coal companies
Fire at HlnBhistuton
BINGHAMTON March 2012 A ILAt about
11 oclock lost night a fire broke out In the shav ing house
of W B eed Cuts planing mill turner of fllnlon and
Janis streets The flames spread ranldly and the mnln
mill was niuna mass of names 1rom the mill thus
names spread to the Immrine lumber vard where the
lire is lousy raging The ct hnutlve mill with Its fine
plant of muc hlner > Is totally dentrovtd The ins tip to
the prtscnttlme amounts toflluouJ i
A Negro Hanged for Aaauiillln n Child
MKMrnis Miinh 25 Amos Johntton colored
aged 4O was linked this afternoon at Marlon Ark fit
outraging n white MM H years old who had been left
In his htrgo by Its parent He was i onv IncI by a jury
nf hisuwn color anti confessed Ibis forenoon Fully I
1 vm persons mostly inlnnd wltnersed the hanging
his heck WSb brucleiu Icy tics tall
Revolutionary Rumor In Pnnnmn
FANAMI March 17In view of revolutionary
rumor Mr linel a tvtutler lit rlllis nnd cartrldgis In
1unama the other day turned over his whole stoik to
the internment for safekeeping There set IIIH little
utuutubt I hit hiuere is suttilehttimug Itt the air uupl I hues who
know best believe tho eneiueluu frontier will be the
Killed hy n Urjeeted Nnllor
YouNGsTowN 0 March 25Miss A Hancock
aged 17 years wns shot dead last night by Ihenczer
tanard a neighbor who was In love with her and saw
her walking whit n favored suitor Hi > fired tix shots
from an ambuscade One shot lilt the girls cbinpuiilou
in lie hand
An Vnliicky Post Office
ATLANTA Ill March 25Ur W T I Kirk re
centl iippolnti I OKimantcr here illid this afternoon
IIUlHrificisMirlt T bill also appointed by Iresidtiit
Clct eland tIled a fuss weiks ago
Tho class ofHT wIll nn gradual Ing present Columbia
Colligu w lilt u Itnndsumc mutitelplut for hue libr ir >
John Wilson mate of Ito brlit Milan M hleve which
arrltrut lucre > cutterday was lust overboard unJiin IT
Tlie ililsott Iiollir romnaii mnniiraciurliig Mcini
tMll ri < ati usl euctluttutlt uireet anti lit estflcld > t Is
in Ito haudi of tliu Alicrilt
The Now ork Matuuittion I of the flit Tsl hoclely held
lit uniiiiul dinner at hits Hotel ltruiwli last nlihl I and
ilecinlKllirldkuT I tmy 1rcMdent
The Inn lei ture of the seairn In the Iuopcr nlnii t free
cuursii will tie cicn huts eviulng bv Dr J H I I Itiiimund
on House I Ilumbliigai d Its Dcfri tslllu > lralcd
Jndiie Honolulu has granted a limited divorce lu Vary
nrrull from lames tanull JnUgti Allen huts utratui sl
sit utusuclute thiS urre lii itliie II lark from M I lurk
Iapt laullluton with his sis iinmuiuuur uuutflt silledun
the pilot boat runny No 17 I which Ml hi n mi cruise
3 rutterduty Hu win Ituvu the craft HI lire Island amid
swim usliurt
fhu Aquedilit roinmliislonrrs tsterutay upfned lulls
farshatt lu > inn sect lion 7 The bid firs wire n I I lirliu
lark lnai N himi HI i egglotuii and rrtderlik
Datli Noawura utasinusde
Margaret Hrennan died of pneumonia In the Convent
of tic Sacred Hurt at 40 West heventeenth street mi
edntsday at this age nf 75 the vat born lu Brooklyn
and was au iumal of lit convent
nlrrrsWttsWir fla2J
snn TOO HiT rr A comtinm AND
LimnIzcr nURILlV
Tired nt the Thulln stud Unnliryina Or the
Amrrtciin HlntrnTncklea a Crlllo In th
IloweryTuo Arconntsofthe Tragedy
Tile iiowapapora received last night nnony
rnous letters THE SUNS sample which with
ho libellous sentences elided runs as follows
> hieAiut Pfrgen tlila noon cowhIded MaxMansfeMot
the 1laHiteuttrke A uct < nt Hi uell s restaurant 43 flowery
where she was drinking n cup of coffee during Intermit
tlnn In the rehearsal of thus Action Budlker In which
she plnj the part of tmtr at the Thnlla Theatre tonight
Mnnsfeld sat at tha same table when Miss Von Bergen
said to him I
t VMi > did > nu again attack me tn your paper his
morning after I nskcd you a fortnight ago not to men
I lout my hattie In your paper again 1 Take thlil asul
she struck him urcr the face with a short thick cow
hide Mnnsfeld caught boll of Mint Bcrgcns sealskin dot
man and lore her right sleevo and stripped the bracelet
olt her right arm Site raised her right arm dramatlo
nllyniut snld shaking her forefinger In n threatening
mtnncr llenirmber this and ho answered I will
rrtucinber It
I Mrjbodyln the restaurant which was crowded ap
applamled antI said Urnvn Mitts llergeul
bliss Ada Kergen Is a beautiful American girl bond m
Duliith Minn and educnted for the stage In Ilerlln
there she Is engngnd tn be married to a gentleman of
poslilun and wealth MINI Ilcrgen Istlrcdot theUer
nnn stage nnd vould like to get an engagement on the
nglUh stnge Her great thnrmsuf feature and figure
mvu been favorably ruminenttd ui > on by the JVdll IsIS
iltrftt Miss Ama Bergen recovered ooly A few
days ago from n severe attnik ot diphtheria Sits reside
Ith friends In a pretty flat on Second avenue and bean
an excellent reputation both on and off the stage
At the restaurant last night it was paid that
Miss Bergen was sitting at n table eating when
Ur Manftfold came in Ho sat down at another
able after bowing politely to several friends
It was shortly after noon and nearly nil the
numbers of tile Thnlla stock company were la
the restaurant 31Us Bergen walked over to
Mansfold and uld
What do you moan by attacking mo in your
Without giving him nn opportunity to an
swer she drew off In the approved John L Btyl
anti landed nn his nose with her right Tile
evidence as to tho result is Homon hut doubt
ful A number of tlioso present Kiiy that the
claret flowed from Mr Mansfolds injured
member Others deny this and say the blow
was u glancing ono and only brushed his
nose landing moro heavily on his oar
Mr Mnnsfclds actions ant also in doubt Ono
account state that ho toro the sleeve of Miss
Uergena clonk while another nays that ho
merely walked uway Both accounts agree In
sn > Ing that Miss Borgons Ire was fully aroused
hat sho did not have a cowhide and that aha
tried to follow up her nttnik with other blows
but wan tumble to get at Mansllold
Miss Bergen Is I a tall woman with black hair
black eyes and handsome features She is ill
yours of ago Him has been playing minor
imrts nt the Thnlla and owes her position
chiefly to her beauty Manager Amberg found
her at the Victoria Theatre in Berlin whore
sho had n small part
Manager Amborg will call her before him to
day and investigate tin assault
The Dolan Inquest Adjourned
Coroner Levy started to hold nn inquest yes
tny morning In the case of Patrick II Dolan who was
killed on the Third avenue elevated road at Ninth
street on the morning of VIsrch 18 Mr Dolan accom
panied by her counsel Mr I W Wclden of Rutland Vt
was In court Frederick I W fihenrman from the office
of has hen I ole and Kupollo represented the Manhattan
Hallway Ctmmtmuatuy
All te witnesses were present Pave John O Waters
the most important rltni s of all VVuters Is the man
whohelnid itolan up tlio station stairs a few moment
belore llnUn uni klllel Lawyer Louis Irantot 1M
Viviu street said ttua CAters was nick and could not
get out but that he could be present at another time
Coroner Lev v adjourned the Inquest to Tuesday morn
ing at 11 oclock
The Wrong Gran u
Somebody In Quebec blundered badly in pre
paring the Uroclatcd despatch from that city to yester
days morning papers which stated that the manager of i
the Maid of Hellevllle opera company who had been
thrown Into the Quebec jail Tor debt was Maurice Gran
Maurice ilrau ic i associated ulth henry E Abbes in the
management of Snruh Iternhardts tour and never hail I
nusthingtodo iiih the Maid oflIellevlUaonerhconi
pan > either in quIches or anyi hero else Mr llraulis
naturnll annojtd at thus error as he says that It may
cad unthinking people In oIlier cities to Imagine that his
Is really tho man who Is in Jail
A Pew More of Lawton Creditor
The Central Trust Company has brought
three suits against Walter E Lawton and the Chemical
Ammonlate and Oil Company for 14HVJ the Lone
Island Iresslng Company VtlitZ and the Marcus Oil
Company Cu32 on notes made by the several com
panies to the order of lau ton
Jiidifo Patterson of his upreme Comt has granted at
tachments against IUHton ill favor of the Fourth Na
tional Hank for tut two mimey loiurd and In favor ot
J llojil stxoa for 3ft on un unpaid promissory not
It TV III Take Illood to Wipe It Ont
President John A Greene of tim Tress Club
wrote to Ira Shafer suggesting that ho ought to apolo
gize to the reporters for what ho said about them nt tin
Clear trial Mr Stutter replies that if he wronged anY
niembtr of tlio Trees Club ho is l nut aware of It and will
certain apologi7o when Im become aware of It hut
he domnt take hack unyitultug he said nbout the report
ers of tile Cli art trial Hint be says that Mr 1utltrer
Hricitures of him mused weeping and uuhappluesa at
hU home
A Ho fiTm an Home llartrndcr In a Scrape
Edward MullulA Hoffmuu House barten
der was lit Id In the orkille Police Court yesterday on
a thirgoof carrying a pistol without a permit Tht
police tried to mnkc out a cane of abduction niili t him
Th < y say that he met Cfteui > eir 11 MaggEd Short of u
4M East > Iorty nit tti Street on Tliurhriay nU liuand that
a cillen caune lila nrrrot tot Its was trjlinf to hires
count in its ulcnham Houie
Mnved her lluly llriilbera Lire
Sarah itutan aged 13 stood by the kitchen
stove nt IH Ludlow street isUnlny with her batty
brother in her arms A guit nf uind through the open
window lilou btr govsn to thu fire and soon sItu ua
ahla Site threw the tmby from her paving its life
Tlie little girl was taken to tho iiouveruiur Honnltal ler
rudy burned
The Nutlonul Operas Trnvels
The National Opera Company will close the
season at the Metropolitan Op ra House on April J amid
In the next stock will appear In Albany Syrutetusus
< lev eland Coliimlius and renrla I On April II I I and 11
there will it I H pLrfiirniatuen In Uuiuha and then the
cumpauv will iru to ban lrantisco
lilt Iii lllVHls Iluud nnd Lee
John Anderson a Kvvede has boon boardlnn
with John llnniuiii at SJ Uin Twent > ninth street stud
Hanson Is JLUUIIH of Andersen attention to Mr
llnnnoii It wound up lu n tight and nt JelTersun
Market jcsttrdnt Ainlemu was laid lor biting Haiuon
on the bund unit Kg
A Fourjearold Iloya Fall
Fouryearold Abram Steinberg was looking
out of tlie window of liU mothers room In the fourlb
story of J7 Allen street vnterda atud trying lo count
the pnsiters by lint he leaned out too far and before
his moth r i tttlt I resell him his llitlo body was wlUrllu
toward the sidewalk He was killed
Miislclnu Slurros Suicide
A muMcIiin nanied Miirro agid 23 commit
tel snlrlili In thn ITInv Hotel I In JaninUa yostrrda tir
blowing his liralnsoiit with revolver lie is suppose
to have been temporarily insane u
HltUBl Office 1redlcllon
Fair wonther ttllght changes In temperature
variable winds
hits Ia < l > aw anna Iron and Coal Company hiss boughS
the Mill hell Iron Mine at Scuaunte MlchUaii
Tlic lluilsuii I I hirer Is opan at IliicUon and this ferry
IHIIIH ut list Ioint and at < atiklll ore inukltlii rigulaf
N Ilrownill ut hint Imp heaters of llubbardsvllle
VI iillrnniuuntv u NI 0111 ulnuii annknini Uaniliilts
fAlu l HI secoui Ircfrrrcl ercilllH amount tuf tow
llrnrt MhinMl who rnMiijn 1 Van Mopesof trw
vork itf mt 1 s i I wurtli uf illAiiionilsa inontli sgui was ar
rrsti it In Albuti > istrrcli tIe coiifeSMU his guIlt
VMIIIam II tnunt f lists lieon convli tcil at Iouulsuihie
anti > l vcnirniiil In tilts > rir ui lunl labor In Hit Albany
pinlti mlary fur havln rruuiluli ntlv reimseiiliil bios
self it hueiuuu emuthuloeu of Iho LliltwIHIatfV
M Jutlus lrvisfuv H rriiicli rrslIrnt ut Ianama Ii l
rain llttttuuiuihy i mUrrasMil anil ininmilicl suicidui out
the Hili nut ti > liiiwliii hula tiritnsout Ito ituith serseti
5 iths uhitluuttislaui tiuuilsiulry its the Tnijtii weir
llui I 11 I lutiilwl mer of Iuiinluiis rtmrts that iirt7137 an
pllialliiii ore lino lururi his mine fur uiljuilliailuii
liiluis mibin tiled nt tin rniuof iii sit it vtitk ami s
the lluul acljutlli ailm snuinbrr uituuuut ruj us week
VMIIIam II hirowi tiC Jrrseyrit fornu rly Irrsldint
nf HruMiA llrosailrliinii Una uf vvuterlnirv teinn C
lust itird thii static df hrunkllii turn Mi tI Derby fonnir
maujkir to for lMilut i alleKlnK ilulins and UamaKis
Srlgtietu ° U uVilfox Ctultltiutuuuthiitg the lirparlincnt
of Ititf MlrscinM will br laceil un ihe i rttricl list April
in Tie irotublltlrn urn Hut I Iol ii t enlrv vicrrltt MI
Irirlrmleiu of tics Military Aeadenl > will succeed Um
The trlumnrr Montana from HamarUroita Mnfor
Null l plin at leak mi the S M lust lu a hf avv gate
in Uinv I cs S liUnil I iiii > Ucc anilsiink t ani tronby I
will t n 5 ttf rvo I nit a ivni rnKiinl tv Hit Mhooucr
ltnr loiiiiei und luil J In llilliilrl > lila
Messrs lludjon Ilkr amit lull of thue Midi Shuthi Coma
ml lcin of tuiintclli ncnt lu day lu hruus ideate II I
to inset HID Ithcid Ulanil LoniiiilkslourrsaDcl fornully
ilini th doruintnt wlileh clennluly Ha lonneeikuli
uiMrn boundary Ua < Wth lit but of KUoU laiutV

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