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r j I
011I41 nf ChI Mlrrtng Event In Ik Emperor
XVIIrtW Innc Carcttr
LImo MJttcli 18Whon In n low dnyo
tho ngod UmpVror of Germany n ncho < i Ills
hn tlnth birthday ho will hnvo tho right lo
loil back upon tho years of 1 long nnd glorious
life spent Almost entirely In tho pen Ico of tho
Clltrr lie 1111 wlllr honest nnd manly prldo
Ho ims undo It grail united preponderant
among nations and I not always au eagle I
Indebted In n great measure to liin advisers
Miteomcti 1 and Oenoruls ho lias at least un
grudgingly put his shoulder to tho wheel ami
thora la not In his whole empire n mnn how
vor lowly or oxnllod who line boon tio loyal no
fnltlitul PO conscientious n patriot none whose
record boars ruoh f constant uninterrupted
proof uf Ufalong devotion
10101 to one cause
On 0 nn 1 1H07 attor tho battle of Jena when
llltlp Uinnlmnt or tho kingdom of Prussia tho
3Uiiir iilditu his disgrace In tho uncomfortable
nn1 dooolato lookliu cnMlo of KOnlgsberg
KAYO his third HOII William hlf first uniform of
cidct as the only present ho could nlTord Tho
nomination was only gazetted on tho following
2Jd of March itt I tlnio when tho 1rinco was
lying HO dangerously 111 of typhoid fovor at
Slemol Jhat his II to was for some days de
spaired of At Chrlstmus ho became a sub
Lieutenant was Initiated to his military duties
with tho corps of grenadiers quartered at
Ktinlgsborg and vli n In 1809 tho royal family
ol Prussia rotuinod to Berlin tho young Prince
marched In at tho head of his company In
tho park at Babclsberg near Potsdam tho
favorite residence of tho Emperor can stillbo
noon n trench he duir In tlioiu days under tho
orders nnd directions of Major von Pircli
In 1S13 his health again cuuslng some un
easiness ho was prevented from accompany
ing tho King and hta older m other when thay
started to join tha army lio was however
jnado n L1eui nnnt In June and u Gnptalnln
November after the battle of Leipzig and in
January 1B1 1 missed the Ithlno ut tho side of
BlUclier At tho battle Uf Bar mir Aubo 1rlnco
William was Inti listed with the mission of
lecounoltrlng tho 11 omul and acquitted him
Kolf HO sittlstiicUirtfvtlMl shortly after ho roo
crlvciti the Iron Jro fl entered Parts for tho
Jlrst time and hucaino a Cuptnln of the Ituards
About tho sumo peilodtha Kmparorof Itussla
I ooutariod St icorgo on him tho insignia of a Knight of
Promoted to the rank of Major In 1815 he
took nn active part tn tho nclglnii campaign
ontmod Paris with tho Alllns for tho second
tliuo and on Ills rotmn Al his capital WHS a
I conspicuous rBiuo In tho festivities ot victo I n
us they wore called In Jlcrtln During thn torr
luwlnu yntis he buoumo Buiioo ilvfly B Colone
nUeiiiiril Uommunileruf Ilio First Division ot
tho Ouiud Mien of ilio Third Army Corps
liluutenaut0uornl and In 1S3J General Com
inunder of tho Utinrd At tho Uenth of hit
father hNm other bnoamo King nnd hl him
sel irnssninuil tha I 1 thin ot 1rlncn of PrUHSlu and
hair presumptive us Frederick William IV
nuvor hud nny children In IM9 ut the head
ol the troops sent against tho Bavarian insur
gents ht > compelled the capitulation of Kastadt
and received the Older of Mot It The lelgulug
sovereign a man of wit ouUuio intelligence
Inclined to religions mysticism nud visionary I
romance cared llttln for his army nnd allowed
the Pi tree of 1iiKsla to direct nil the projeotH
of mllltaty luorgunizatton I task for which ho
W eminently llttod mid which he fled with
all tho ardor of rUllullltllstOS la 1851 ho
Mns appointed Field Marshal
In 1857 thirty yearn iito tho Prussian nation
celebrated the jubilee of the llrst entrance of
tho heir to tho throne into the army and ex
tiuordirvtry rejoicings took clace lie received
a present of n silver shield and helmet in recog
nition of xcn Ices rendered on the Held 1101
yrit bo had not entered HO far upon tho his
torical and most important part of his career
for It was only three months par in May that
tho increasing mental malady of the King In
capacitating him from royal dutlob 1 recency
was declared conferring provisional power t
the Irlncu of Prussia for a specified term of
three montlis
Aa lon UH William hold tho authority In his
own hnnds I now llfn and cnorgy was In
fused into every doptrtmont of tha
military sen Ice ho surrounded himself
with able and experienced Oonnrnli put
SlantoulTol at tho head of tho War Ofllco
nnd summoned to Berlin Von Koon and Von
Moltke tho latter solo survivor of tho military
tary ti lad was appointed Chief of the General
KtiilT of which ho fllltt tluvunctlons to this day
Jtleunwhllo tho stato of tlio King becoming
hopolnss the Regency was bcomlnl
lasted till his death Tho Prbice ol Prussia
ascended the throne under tho name ot Wil
Ilnui I and his first act was with tho assist
ance and support of Count von Bismarck re
1 called from his poly dlplomatio duties at a
fcmullOernianCourt to bourn his long strug
gle with tho Parliament so as to assure tha
mllltamfrraudaur ot Prussia The King and
his Minister wero resolved t dispense II n < w > d
d I
b with Parliament altogether and the former
pronounced the memorable words lamdo
tormlned to fortify Prussia BO that she pay
take the place to which vhe Is entitled by her
past provided sho possesses 1 powerful military
tary organization
Tho King did not personally take a part In
the HchleswigHolstoln campaign but he joined
tho army after the capture of DUppel passed
tho troops tiurelew atTundourttand brought
buck the victorious hosts to BorUn
In 1806 he actively participated In tho six
days campaign on the 2d of July ho was at
Gatohln and an the 3d at the battle of Badowa
He saw tho Prussian army three times on tho
point of retreating ho hoard Gen tmes Moltke
tel him that the troops would not hold thirty
tnlnutos longer but before tho half hoar was
over his son tho Prince Boyal appeared with
his contingent on the heights of Chulra and
tho destinies of Europe wero reversed Tho
Austrlans wero defeated and France beaten
On Kept 30 the King returned triumphantly to
Berlin and on tho sixtieth anniversary of his
soldier lie I ho became Chief of tho Confedor
aton of Northern Germany having annexed to
russla the Kingdom of Hanover the Grand
Duchy ot Nassau the Electorates of Hesse
Frankfort and HchleswlgHolstoln
A period of peace and prosperity followed
I but neither the sovereign nor his statesmen
nor Generals remained idle The popularity of
William I already so great Increased
Wilam nlrody 10 Irent Incrousd year
after year till ho became literally the Idol ot
the people Then came the events of 1870
Fats o fiiich recent date and so gravely his
torical are fresh In overy memory On tbo ICtli
of June 1871 tho culminating episode took
place In the triumphal entry of tho first Ger
man Emperor Into his jubilant city of Brlln
amid Btidi applaub nnd acclamations as
have perhaps never before greeted au adored
and viclotlous ruler
From that date William I has made even
more tlmu before tho army the object of his
constant solicitude Thoro is not n detail too
rnlnuto or insignificant to escape his watchful
ness every portion of armament or oiiulpmont
receives bis attention nnd ho devotes eiinal
thought to the mobilization of an array to tho I
J autumn nmncruv res to tho organization of bur
rocks or the kit of a private He understands
the Holdlor having lived hit life and shared his
duties and privations Mil Quito lately old us
ho was ho led it Mill Inspecting companies
the drill of rocmits tasting the food und con
trolling with his own e > o tho plan of I cam
paign and the salute of a sentinel The Em
peror nnt been called tho Hoigount King I
tipokon in derision this appellation bus lot
prevented his making Ills country groat nor
made it Impossible for him to write abovo the
treaty of peace of 1871
Uaukil To the umiy uil the fatherland with all Wmiix my heart
When the tomb closes over tho nonagena
rian and bn goes to sonk tils wellearned laurel
crowned reposoha will die with tho proud con
sciousness that ho has had over before liU eyes
and acted In accordance with tho assertion ot
bls Illustrious ancestor Frederick the Great
The world docs not rest moro securely on the
shoulder of Atlas than Prussia on her army
bull the future ol nutloim rests on us Blender
a thread as the do toll of men and there may
be oven now In sonio obscure country garrison
an unknown subaltern of genliiH who may sap
the achievements of eighty years nnd look his
baton d JJareckal in uume now AuKtorlltz or
oun Ji UI I
XCoOrae Plant hut Drooped In Scotland > bat
Thrived Lan In Africa
For sevnrol ear two Ito stunt core
plants led 0 wretched existence in tho Botan
ical Gardens at Edlnbmgh They would not
thrive In splto of all the gardener could do
Ono day a happy thought luck tho curator
Ha hoard that tha Aft lean Lakes Company
that had Jut throe btoipmboats on Jako Nynsbit
and tho river Khlio wan about to start como
codec plantations in Afi lea Tlio curator asked
tho company to give his poor llttlo plants 1
chuncoto live in the highlands of tho Hhlro
Bo they vvmp taken away to the dm k continent
and transplanted In tho deep ilch soil ot
Mount SSonilw
Ton much happiness or something or other
klllad ono of tho little plants Thu other took
on a now lease of life It stiuclilts loots deep
Into the rod uaitii Its leaves I dnnik in tho con
loninl ulr of tlio Afiliun highlands and at last
It burst Into Iwi lies Tho It ult wub Hue and it
WAS all cuiefully biiveil for seed
Awhile ago phologiaphb wero inhibited In
rllnliuuli of plantntlonei tilled with heavily
hiilcit collce ttoon They aiti Ihu iiiulcim of
JJiihairiu tiMlliiHon Mount JCombu and 1
funiihmof their coRec havo been piitodntu
lilih llguiu on thu London marleu Ivery I
uolfon tiee oil thuM pi tnlutiins is J diieetly
iracinhlHto the iitiny little idaut that could
Imnlly keii alive ldlnbtirgli It Is said that
over KKiOOO tioos cliiin dliect descout from
this little bhruh All It needed was a chunoo to
flourish und when tho chance cnmo It proved
itself as useful u little coilue treo us could be
vlalted lot
s J
not aoRAXToir xtsciioif FHAVDS i
A DalOlII t Bftltnt Max n a
jncctlnn inrt r < l 0 r aa th Lqal Dux I
SCRANTON FA March 20Tho recent olnu
tlon frauds In tho Twelfth ward ot this city
wort BO bungllngly planned and oarrlod out
that tho rorpotrators vrero discovered and ar
I rested before tho vote vras counted Tho Eloo
i tlon Board falsified tha returns doirasttod bal
lots In the names of dead men and rotors who
I had not lived In tho ward for years and In
other ways reversed tho will of tho pooplo
For years that ward lias been notorious for
election frauds and tho arrest ot tho tainted
Board has brought to light tho manner In whleh
exSheriff A B Stevens claims to havo been
cheated out ot tho Mayoralty and tho way in
which ho discovered exactly how the fraud was
perpetrated Tho facts have never before beon
made publlo through tho press
Slovens was strong In tho belief that ho had
received a majority ot tho votes In the whole
city and tho returns from tho Twelfth ward
I led him to suppose that his defeat had been
I concocted and consummated In that ward
alone He was unable to got tho proof ot his
suppositions and his opponent was declared
to havo received a majority in tho city Stevens I
submitted to the docitlon but a few months i
later to satisfy himself precisely as to how ho
had been cheated and without divulging his
secret to a Mnslo person ho hired a Imkorton
detective to unearth the supposed frauds in his I
own way Tho detective disguised himself as I
a common laborer wont tojlvo In a fourth
clnss boarding house in the Twelfth ward nnd
got work nt odd jobs near by For weeks ho
labored In this way become acquainted with
dome ot tho local politicians mado himself
popular among them and gradually learned
how politics wore manipulated down there Ilo
regularly reported progress to Mr Htovous In
the night time but for several weeks ho was
imabla to get anv clue to the supposed frauds
Tho detective diligently kept to work how
over nnd at tho end ot seven months ho had
wormed thn eor t out of tho very men who
oheaudWr Stevens out of the elooUoD and
this It the story that ho told
On tho Saturday night previous to tho elec
tion tha Election Uoard met secretly in a
aloomr IUII n unfrBQuontod I P59 They had
an oxct duplicate of tb81 lral bill lot bex nnd
Into this box they placed as many ballots as
they wanted the district to cast Homo ol tho
ballots waro sailed so as to make It appear that
they bad boon in the pockets and passed i
through the finger of the voters who had coma
from their work to the polls with dirty hands
Into tho box wore thon placed a tally list that
ntalnad as many names as there wero ballots
tn thn box n list ol votem and the registry list
of tho district Uvorythiug was in perfect bar
ony with tho number of fraudulent ballots
and then tho box was kept In a secure bpot
until tho night of tho election
The honest ballots that tho voters cast woro I
dropped Into thn duplicate box by the ticket
taker but they didnt stay there long An ac
curate record was kcnt but that was unneces
sary for the tlckotf landed in the cellar I
through a tube which led from tho bottom of
the box through a hole in the floor under tho
table When tho polls woro closed In tho even
hIlt tho box with tho hole In tho bottom was I
destroyed together with the lints which tho
Board bad pretended to keep and the tickets
in the cellar Then tho bogus box hlch had i
been filled on Saturday night was spirited Into
the room according to the detectives state
ment and tho farce of counting tho votes was I
enacted to perfection the alleged count not
being completed until after midnight Tim
x > x was then sealed as carefully us it would
have been If It hod contained tho tickets which
tho voters haul cost and was taken to the I
Mayors office where the boxes from tho other
precincts had been deposited throe or four
hours bofore I
When tho votes wero counted by tho court
no ono Who assisted had any idea that tho
tickets from that particular district had never
passed through tho hands of tho voters Every
thing was tralght on tho faco of tho returns
and mr Stevens was defeated It cost him
several hundred dollars to get tho information
and although ho did not mako any attempt to
contest the election he felt that the expendi
ture had been judicious and ho believed that
the story told by the detective was true In
overy particular
But to be Tried on a Climrgei of Choking nd
Burning HU Wife to Death
BEAPI50 Fa March 201cn years ago a
Gorman named Frank Kornercamo from Car
bon county this Stato to Beading with his
wife and two children a boy of 4 and a girl of
8 Ho purchased a house on Wolmer street
and Imovod his family into it Tho Kernors
had not lived long in the neighborhood before
it was discovered that Kornor treated his wife
and children with habitual cruelty and that
Ihey all stood in the greatest dread of him
Mrs Kerner frequently told neighbors that she
was in constant fear that her husband would
murder her andithelchlldron Ono night about
tyo years ago Homers house was shaken by
a boavy explosion Mrs Korner and tho chil
dren wore in tlio house but they escaped in
jury It was afterward learned from her that
nor busband had attempted to blow the house
up with powder with the Intention of killing
Sp r nnd the children
In tho latter pan ot last September Emma
Korner the daughter who had grown to be au
attractive woman of 18 startled a fami
ly named Relnhart who lived near by appear
ing at their IICUBO one night only partially clad
and In a great state of excitement After re
covering nor composure she told Mrs Iteln
hart that sho had nod from home to escape her
father who had entered her bmlroom und at
tempted to assault her The girl refused to
make n complaint against bar father so that
he could bo prosecuted but sho never loturutAl
home Mrs Itclnhart giving hnr n home
On thu afternoon of Nov 271880 Mrs Ker
ncr mado a brief call ut a nclghbors Sho
wont homo at 4 oclock A few minutes litter
Kerner loft tlio house und soon afterward tho
house was discovered to bo on lire A crowd
quickly gathered und Kornor appeared in it
nnd was an apparently indifferent and dls
imereHteu spectator aitiiougti ne nnia nts t
llfrell was sick bJt110 lu ftl tIe burning
building The flames woro subdued be
foro much damage was douo to tho
house but when firemen entered Ibo houso
they found the dead und halfburned body of
Mrs Kerner lying on the floor on some charred
bedding Tho bedding had boon on a bed tho
frame ol which was burned away lotting tho
clothes fall to tho floor Tho entire upper part ot
Mrs Kernels body was blackened and charred
but tho lower portion had escaped tho flames
Kernnps story was that his wifo had fallen In a
lit Ho hail carried her up stairs und laid her
on the bed und then started for a doctor Thn
aim m of lire had called him back but ho had
no Idea how tho house could havo caught lire
Tha circumstances were so suspicious that a I
Coroners jury found a verdict to thn effect that
Kornor had not Iln to the house for the pur
pose of destroying thn Ufa ot his wife Ho was
arrested nud lodged in jail On the strength
of a confession made by him subsequently
which is now denied by his counsel ho was
hold on a charge of murder and arson The
confession was mado to Warden Won rich nnd
Alderman Unnhart und ns alleged 1 was mib
utnntlaily ns follows Mrs Kornor tlio pilsou
er said came homo In tho afternoon ot tljo day
of tho lire Ho asked her where she hud boon
1vo boon in my skin Kornor uyu bhoiu
jillcd That angered him
Ill fkln your1 I ho exclaimed and seized her
by the tin out Ho choked her with nil his
strength und when hu took his hands from her
throat she fell limp and senseless to tlio floor
wlillu her nuns and legs Kurnor said twitched
nnd jerked like alien with her head cut olT
Korner took hlflvvifeln his IIIIIIH and carried
horuji stairs und placod her on the hod lie
then lighted n kerosene lamp turned it nn
high und sot It on thu floor beneath thn bed
His llttlo boy was not ut homo After placing
thu lump under tho I bed Kornor left tho house
nnd when thu alarm of lire was given hu 10
turned with tho ciovvd und watched tho Hie
Iln linn nil inHlirniu n fill tlm Imilftn
Kerner IK tho son of r u rich farmer In Ger
many Ho came to this country in IHtiO bring
ing with him tho formula for tho making of
certain liniments cordials calves anil plas
ters He settled In Carbon county wheru ho
built up quite a business tho manufacture of
his medicines In 1807 he was married to
Fruncosca Goldberg a young Gorman woman
of good family whom ho Is accused of mur
dering KurnorH trial will como off in tho
Barks County Court of Oycr nnd Termlnor lu
Mils city this week When Kernorwas put in
jail last full lie was In tugged health Iln IK
now in thn last tttugou of ronsiimptlon and It
IH III likely that IM will llvo to bu bunged nven
if ho Is Iunvleted und neutenccd Ho Is IS
years old His wHo vvns 40
2Ujer lu Aualralln
Vtjui Hit llilcayit Tribune
A sporting contilhntor to TltK HuN wrlto
I nm mill that Jia JUnoiiny tlio buoluuUur it lhl >
city fuutiU Iliu fuiiiltwltliwlililt Xyera U I inaLUuc lili
matches hi Hie laud of I liu lunitJrcio
The n < mwlna poiltln Information that John Ma
honey did not urnlib it dollar fur Mjr r irlp A ten
lImn who pad tlirntitfli ililrntfO n low day avu turn
that MycM went to Australia will iiippllea 1IILh mtwy
and liu tarto blanche to niMlta any match lie > fit
and U puthuried I 0lgt1k In Nevr York for any
Amount tip to 94U4U In Invel nn ony iuutili Im I
ItlM A letter lu keen received In I Nmv Vnrk
Mom Mierr hn RIA lit jur tlio cllmittv unit
llniln n unniltrfiil Intern iiianlfntml In fu t
raolntf At Jiolb junto lliero ii I nn aihtelUKroiiuO ncir
lliAi i nlro nf Iliorll vvlilch W H ailed tit > at an < priiMi
tW j 11
of rMhio 1uoisuat ulteiitiuii e at tnat iroitn I nro
rum lVOtJ Aiu t < rrrIIlW IU 11 race lili Ialll mi
rtl SnlinUHi he M I lwlll have In tie nt in tnit tu
r 1 11
g VI m r IIItt
ucit him when he nt in A intrulla i Imimloil tu
intlellbpeiiriiLiiiilliiuninfiivrryiiialihhMimiliiiliit I
Ilm winner > n uld t > Vo all Hie vale receipt Mil he mua
found nut that 1 the other runner there n ould content i tn
nothing lew I ihn an equal dhritlon lie Ii I a little now
on tliutio the awUh runner who hu recent arrived
in ByunV and U Ia not like r hal he will wake any
inatcb lib bun ucep oa cuualtlua tuat aU receipt ifo
will winner
rn u A t O
A Ha f Tower Fall of JJennUM eU
menu Concerning Mixed Drink
Billy tho dandy Nassau street bartender
rosy chocked and neat as iv 1 pin IN his snow
white aprons and scintillating diamond stud
was standing In Rtntucsatto roposo behind tho
polished mahogany bar ono day IflM I week
when three young bloods with bollcrownca
beavers ot mfttohlow sheen find silverheaded 1
canes of ultra fashionable Immensitywalked In
Throo Adonis cocktails ploaso exclaimed
tho loader ot tho procession leaning languidly
against tho mahogany rail
Throo which eald Hilly straightening out
with a look ot searehlnc Inquiry at tho faces of
his now customers
Adonis cocktails I sold replied tho first
dude knitting his eyebrows
Certainly sir briskly retorted Dilly an ho
reached for tho silver drink sllnger I didnt
catch tho first name I bog pardon
Ho slung Roma white of egg into a goblet from
glass bottle deftly dumped somo sugar on
top of that poured in nn Installment of lemon
Juice thqp u liberal flood of Old Tom gin and
topped tho mixture off with a doso of vermouth
and stomach bitters Then ho packed tho glass
full to tho bilm with cracked Ice clapped the
silver mixer over tho top tightly nnd shook it
with both hands for a couplo of minutes
A very lino bracer and appetizer that gen
tlemen lie said as ho poured tho cool mixture
Into throe cocktail glasses with nn easy awing
ol his hand Thoro was enough of tho drink to
just till tho glasses and DO more Tho dudotf
smacked their lips planked down fifteen cents
each and wafted themselves quietly out
What on earth Is 1 nn Adonis cocktail
asked a reporter who had watched tha Incident
Blessed If I know said Billy with an air of
perfect frankness bull wouldnt bo much ot
a bartender if I lot any customer blufl mo oft
with any newfangled name I gave them what
always havo known as a turf club cocktail
and It suited Tho first principle of good bar I
tending Is to know how to mako everything on
earth In tno drink lino no mutter whether you
havo over hoard of It boforo or not
lly tho way how do bartenders learn their
trade anyhow T tho reporter asked Isnt
there a school
oo No KOhool retorted Billy as ho polished
some frail wineglasses with u towel and n
touch of marvellous speed and delicacy No
Bchool but tho great school ot experience A
young fellow KltK ttclzad with tho ambition to
mix delightful beverages Justus an artlit Is
iiiKplred by his inborn soul to paint Genius
calls tho true bin tender to his urt and ho
jumps in behind thu llmt bar that presents iv
vacancy and then keeps his eyes open ami
studios tho methods of tho I regular bartender
It takes about onu day to prove whether ho is I
a chump or lias tho material for a successful I
drink Hunger In him If ho is a chump bo is nil
thumbs nud breaks more glassware In a day
than can be paid for by the sales of a week
unless Impetuosity is eurbod time
It lies got tho right sort of material In him
ho watches tho accomplished head barkeeper
monkey around with tlio Iluldw with artlstlp
lIRe and tries to do tho Rumo thing himself
llguilng out in his mind just how much ol this
Pleasant llnuld Is I mixed with that much of
Homo other exhilarating lluidTlind combining
them tu tho mixture that finds its pathway
straight to that mysterious bourne happily
known as tho Itlght Spot Practice will enubln
him to do Ihle If the wouldbe nrtlut watches
rarefully tho expression of each customers
face and naively slides tn n polite imtuiry of
Is that the way you like it sir or Was
t hilt Iwoot enough ho can easily secure tips
that will toll him when ho has struck thn fight
recipe for the Htlniiriunt In six months Ire will
hnvo mustered ull the nice mj stories of the
pcionco of tho agreeable combination of liquids
and bo has riseu front tho dull level 1 ot tho com
monplace whero tho apprentice utvviys begins
to tho high plane ot tno complete bartender
Thon ho can go forth Into tho world assured
that ho has the povvef to make countless tbou
lIaj1ds > Y
Then that I Is all tboro Is to III Is It tho re
porter asked as Billys voito died away In a
bOlt cadence and ho stowed a fresh clove In his
mouth to flavor u very fine punch of hot Ja
uialra that ho had shared with thn scribe
Yes that all Billy replied slowly ex
cepting that thn genius of tho art after It Is I
learned will apply himself to inventing new
combinations for the comfort of the Inner mnn
For example ho added ns hu picked throe of
the flatbottomed glasses that rcBomble trun
cated crystal COUCH turned upside down
heros something entirely now that is a llttlo
thInK ot my own that Im a llttlo proud of Ill
mix one for you another for thu boss und a
third lor myself
Ho packed tho three glasses chock full of
crooked ice with a Rtlvi leo trowel and placed
them one on top of tho other on the bar in a
towprit pile that gllnbid picturesquely in tho
slight Tho weight of tho ico held them
IItolld while he introduced into n big goblet
HomoVugiiri lemon jTilceT blttorsVhlt66f egii
and Old Tomglnlnncnptlvatlng combination
Ho shook tbo goblet up < iultoa while with thn
bllvor mixer and then with his disengaged
hand took thu llttlo tower ot glass and ice on
the bur apart and tossed tho Ico Intatho cooler
under the bar Then ho drained equal pro
portions of the lltiuld mixture into the glasses
which hail been cooled by thu packed Ice anti
then projected Boltzor water Into each glass
from a fresh siphon bottlu A novvy foam rose
to tho rim ot ouch glass as the soltor was
driven into It Blllybiiluncod tho first glass on
his hand nnd held It out to thn reporter
Instantly it you plcaonl he exclaimed
Drink hnr down while tlio foam Is I flying gu > ly
It vvns as delicious a bovur < ige us tho icporter
had over tasted
Bravo Billy what do you cnll your now
That sir said Billy with unmistakable
pride Is the Niisstu llz in an Iceberg I
would patent tho Idea If I could only get nn as
surance that tha Iatcnt Ofllcn clerks would lot
mo mix one anil not maku udnxli for It before
I eoiild get tho Mliunco to hpecify Us now nnd
pleiHlng nrcmlectiiro lid It wore so to speak
The roportcroffiieil to pay for tho Icoborg
but Billy spurned the silver with a holt und
lovely smile
XBW Hum firjMv TILK
ThU Ie n tliiMlrnl Ilullad Rune nt Comnirr
or Free and Independent Clllren
Tho GermanAmerican Independent Cltl
7cns Association had u Commors nt Beet
hoven Hall 210 1Htli htroet on Thursday even
ing It was In celebration of no pnrtlcultr
event but simply to havo n good time Mv
long tables run tho length ot tho loom und on
tho platform 1 was a small table where Judgo
NehrbiiB Kxciso Commissioner Von Ghthn
and iScliool CommUMunnr TnniHen sat > > Tlio
price of admission was rO cents and there was
no charge for beer Each man felt in duly
bound to drink III > his liulUlolliir nn extra
glass for good ineaMiio JudKO Xehrhiui was
mnotorof ceicmonlCS Tliero woioVoncs and
Hpeeihux ami clionmcs and u KUMI muny kcg
lost their contents A peculiar mng was ne
comnaiilod byalittooorbeercl itmx
rianisHlmo hliouteil thu Lluiltmun I nnd
Ihntapswi IIIIII hardly audible
Iluuoun J they gun moro llrni
oo Forto and down ciino HIM ghtsB with n
crash Hinging thu l > or in various directions
ioitlsslmo and it rounded IIUo it bom
All of the pongs wero mng In cboi us Ono of
thorn iippiUii tn havu been diilgued to honil
humolotlKi ritherlaud provu that ieiman
In nllllh purity IH sjiokou In tlm third 1 lnige
Uoiiiuui city In thu vvoild Heros the ballad
1 VOllKUH 1JlUIsrll
Im ienhkln h8cnno unit nHw n Kit lit
Htt illn i r m Lluifll Im huity hctit
Ilir liinny 1111 clniHii
Mo fnlircn ur Iran lioilul lili >
Im Mhr licit Call zu ifini it
Arlt Mrn 1 Inrlrl ilm 1 lit HIMn1
Kuinm lohnn > hit Hi nut nnlnw titelin
Urn iin cni imiil ru tnche
Viewell wlr vim ilrr rrupiriy
Lndvoiitlo JiiuntHkuitHctic
WeHMrn bilutcll wunmrhtiliTMIke
Ach item hcln Iliuilt vhiil IHU h unt htrikc
Lint iiQlati ilin nit cjuiirii
Hot er lielrn lit rnkf nl n him tn SplU
LnJJrclc Snclilui Aili
Plo VTrii Itorkil re < 1 tnm I tent
VVIe Ilir viiuin yu n Im INvt THI tiitt
lrInnx I icnlti Iliiixitr
iCtlluliC H IHIclll llUdill
Mi hi t tiirl Ikl ii Mlirr
Iiie Tonftiit Itit a ir rr truw i
Nil wi rth it I ti1 11 in rw III iiiftr taut
Lrt it Menu iiurpnuihtinuvc
Vdiiiii nun ill nit i < Hi udi
him ULI iLibii Iniprnve
Mr In Tlnrlf n tit 1 la 1 it 1nn tun Knd
Iltnn n < I1I leckt U I 1ru iili nt
Am Ii tut lui vui iiiin huiia os
Jctzt ruKt r lu i > r ill ilfit Itftit
Din cuurt tllv L Irnc >
Ve melnt ilio And ro Ii 1 krln Juht
Mil ull iln fiiMi nml ilii tiii t
Po Ukiiil tner tut vii > l KJC
JJilit nit 1 ilrr viki i nil hlrr I I uni du
AiioliV > ichcAcliutr
Iioclt iiSilni Wnrli1 Uclm liinilnrdball
liuKelinnlrtlnnr i I 1 JmUn IIrJI I
fHu Ii Ii Irlt i i 1m liiiii
iJoKatiii 1 mi r i h l VM nn
> Ut I cluil kli liu iluiirv
Inil nl Ic Ii nj plinl itle Xw I
111 ii n ruritlf Ii > 1 11 ml In
liu lr II nlmlrifv i j ttclul i
Jctzt Jnluiti iii lUr Mu 1 ilio VM ir
I 1lf rl
> lcr heta I Lrtu Zcu l tu n eh > U
ttttt aU ilahrlin iflu kdmtnen an
daKt > tr hchnvlt ihrem Xannt
Duw I lieewt iner u > < fr fP1
ink und die ilorkeln habe mol
iieul rUlitlf JJiuuch ittabbaK
c r oJ u
People Mny ba II litd Vf to the Truck nl
110th Btrcct After Jn V
Ever since tho olovnfed rond vtns built up
as far as Harlom on tho west chlo of town
pooplo who own real estate abovo Central
Park havo looked at tho station at 110th street
with sorrow Tho trains all stop thoro as
regularly as at any other station along the
line but so far ns benefiting property In that
vicinity was concerned tho road might ns well
havo run up Tenth avenue as Eighth No such
weary flight of stairs is known olaewHoro on
tlio whole Hystom ot elevated roads as that
which loads to this station located so high In I
air that tho train hands could look down to soo
tho roofs of sixstory tenement houses along
side provided thoro wore any sixstory tene
ment nouses thereabouts To build a houso la
that vicinity and ask any downtown business
man to occupy it would havo been much llko
ottering ofllcos to rent on thn top floors ot tho
tenstory office buildings with no elevators to
carry tenants up nnd down Of course no ono
built any houses thereabouts and tho Harlem
flats very picturesque when neon from tho
lofty station at night looking as they do when
lighted with long rows of street lamps llko a
black velvet carpet chocked with rows of yel
low diamonds remained to mako their owners
landpoor vvhllo carrier lots a mile and moro
further up town rose in value from 3000or
4000 to 15100 and 13000 within thu lust
IIe ycare
It was not In thn natnro of Now York real
pstatu owners to stand that sort of inanition
forever nnd so boinnthtng llko n year ago an
organization was formod to build an elevator at
ono of the uorncrsoverwhlchthootatlon stands
BO thrtt people could bo transferredroru sidewalk
to platform speedily and comfortably Thoro
was a hitch In the organization out a now
one was built out of the materials that hail
formed tho llrst and it is now completed with
hlinou Utorne President John 1 > Crlmmlns
Treasurer and C 8 Orr Secretary all largo
holders of real estate la tlio vicinity Tho com
pany thus formed vvns notexpectcd to declare
dividends the oolo hope of return being in tho
Increased > alueof nolghbori IlUfJUlLJ
A lot 18x20 on tho southeast corner of ItCth
root wan purchasedand Architect EH Ken
dall of Broadway was instructed to prepare
the plans for a tower to bt exclusively devoted
to elevators The sketch shows very clearly
the result ot his labors There will be four
lifts ono in each corner with a hall in the mid
dle Tho main entrance will bo on tho avenue
hut a door will load from the rear to tho street
The liftt urn Gxfi feet largo on tho Inside or
will have 36 tmuaru feet ot flooring nuite
enough to comfortably accommodate twenty
men On a pinch twentylive could ride The
engine room Is In tho basement nnd tho
coal bins are under thu sidewalk Tho
Otis Brothers who build tho machinery
guarantee that each lilt will make a round
trip onco a minute thus eighty people could
bo carried up in that time Tho platform on
which the passengers land when carried up IB
thlrtynlno foot above tho sidewalk but the
tower is I the stories high From the landing
1IntforlII a neat bridge runs across under the
truss of the elevated road From tho end of
his bridge a flight ot twentylive steps In
cluding a landing part way up reach to the
platform of thu station It was impossible to
avoid all climbing of stairs because tho station
platform Is between tho tracks and the tracks
kunnot bo crossed at grndo The passengers
must cross the tracks clthor below or above
the truss and it was obviously bettor to cross
underneath With all these steps however
this will still bo tho easicbt station on tho line
to climb to
Dy tho contract lltb 1110 elolt1d comp ny
tho Contrnl lark mplOomont Compony nil
tho concern Is called erects the building puts
In the machinery and gets everything ready to
operate the elevators The ratfrond company
pajsail worklagoxpenscs The elevators will
bo lreo for all By the contract with the rail
road the elevators must bn ready for work by
tho let of next January Tho total cost ot tho
tower and machinery is J50000 It Is to bo
built of brick stone and iron and will be per
fectly fireproof It will cost nearly f 500 a
month to run tho four elevators
1HEAcmxu ar siaxn
Deaf Mate In Chlcaco See tbe JEpUeopnl
Mcrlce und are Mpectaton ofii Herman
From the ChIcago JVm >
Tho Episcopal service Is always Imprpsslvo
and when It has the mantle of perfect silence
thrown about It it is particularly so There
are about fifty deaf mutes in Chicago who
worship onco a month in 8t Jamess Church
CUBS and Huron streets Tlio Bev A W Mann
himself a deaf mute who has been nearly
twelvo years In tint pulpit Is tlio rector his
field embracing the entire country bounded by
thu Allechanlos on tho east thu I Ohio itlter on
the south and Kansas on the Ynllt Of the
3UUOO dnat mutos In thu United htatet 3000
are communicants In the various diocese
whleh thu luv Ur Mann minuturstu
Choobn yo this day whom yo will bervo was
Dr Manns text yentonlay There was prayer
hllcnt prayer oiTerert by the fingers while
tho pluuo In thn room bolow peeled forth a
habbiitb school melody joined by a hundred
voicort but thu nolo did not disturb thu hllont
wornhipMMn Then the litany was ropnated
tho congregation responding In pantomime
concert 110 choir no organ no mtlHlo to Btlr
tho soul to religious thoughts And thenwhen
the rector hud lulrjy launched out In his nor
inon and from appearances was giovvlng elo
quent tlio vvlfo of Ur 1 Vlbbert came Into tho
room with Imr lvrco Ilblnclii sof young ladles
nml thu nnho that usually attends Hucii exor
cises wan begun but the discourse went Mi
nnionsiiiglr tlm llnturh of the Itov Dr Mann
joikiiigund jumping and clutching and ges
ticulating with imno > t lightning tapldlly ills
midttors vvttclied their movements with the
most intense Interest their faces Hometlmes
clouded art if listening to thn description of
Miinu hoirlble thjntrand thon again an ox
tn > Hon of joy would worn to follow some dox
luious movement of tho client preacher When
bu had delivered hlmselt of HOIIIO eloquent
peroration the i1 > etoi would stop moment
puxuiiiahly giving hlsohnnitM time toeom
iuvhtiiil and then ho vould boat tbo palm of
ItK Kr I land with the clenched list ul 1 tho right
Mnittl tlinirt and thii hu would follow by
nial Iflelho nods of thn heid as if 1011111111
vt JOHJ thai Is It or thai N true
Nlioulnz Wlint u leur Hciitl tIe Veteran
Itntl When ur Joiiflit Itim
frmillie Itttttunii WjinicA
TalUlnpr about u imclllpi I wiving hIs
lends wild Old Spoil tlie tllekest thlnt I
oviffciivvwiijdonn bynldJiuidois lu his light
vlth Iltddy llyin down In Yliglnlit In the
hpllng if M I didnt llko to reo old Iie giiint
up iiunlnst tho > ouni follow but I knnvv if h
iislieutentheio vould lie a game light be
101101 battle was ovur lou rocollnct thero
was a good pile of money but on HIM blood und
nil ol loos friends vuro batting I that hu would
Hint draw tho cluiot fiom till Joung Trujuii
U ell that wus a light nnd mistake Thn
bravu old vcleiHii took his mmWimmit and
fought llko a hciu At tho end of tho third or
foiuth round he inotloiied 1 for Johnny N to
foniutohls blio nil ho Bat In hlx corner Ilo
htorloiicly took fohnnys hand cut tied It to
bin mouth unit with his tnngiju depoclted
fomenting In his mends palm Johnny was
h l > lutcd lliieiiuld IIICI mnko out what thnold
fellow niitaut nnd began lo Uilnk that thu light
had ret him iiueer lolinuy Kent Ids hum
i losed and Jlllined It Into Ills eilt Jiockit ami
liejd Ii tlieio until ho had ncliaiicii in HOI tn I
oiu > Mde and exunniui thocuatuiitt 1 Ciiitloiily
vvltlidiiviiighls linid he uliuvly iiiicloNMl Inn
llnpux and uliimliu down rildovvu R so that
no nan would nbiuivu him IIOMIVV what I It vn
JhomyKd was i > plaiiet in 1111 inMiuit and
old Jouh clnai hond anil foiothougM cuuld not
ha too highly noninidnded In thu necond
round Hyiin hud I hvvuiiiastlnglngrliJithiiniler
on Jous mouth nnd hero I rebting in Johnnys
hand woro three old teeth thtt had been
knocked out and 1 oe hud carried them through
two rounds until ho got u chance to get rid of
them without ilNpla > lng tlw I fact that Bytn
hall drawn llt > t blind Hu thus caved ids
friend that much uf their money nt any rltn
Johnny quietly IItllfu1 i tlm tmthto iin
other Irlotitl Afiervvird when tliey hud to
IuiVi old Joo niitiidii nf tin city to t utcli u trnlu
In outer lo keep him Irom Ivlltg airuMed
Johnny remarked tho huttluitcurrod veto
iin whim they weru ftfely uboartl
vhitt was that you givo me Jon
I dont know What was it mild flonn
Why that you gave mo out of your mouth
down In Virginia l
ohropHod Jon with a chuckle Mhem
bloody old stubs Im glad the young feller
knocked m out fur they ww alw yi MhlaV
Nlmfcla nut Atktctla Yea VTumt wh
Arc Le1r to re ne
FroM IV rt tauti Ql ixmntrat
I CAW tho actors and nctrcflscs of tlio fu
ture yesterday nttho examination of tlio eludes
of the School of Acting In Now aork An an
examination It wax trying an any ono could
wish and touted and revealed all tho capabili
ties ot > tho pupil They were called on at a
oceonds notice to do deathbed scones Jn
pantomime to bo agonized mother re
morseful criminals lovesick maidens and
scornful creature and they did it nil
well One adorable little thing in n short
I vrldtn gown led ono wing ot tno dancers and
tho dancing clans did so well that they wero
recalled to do the prettiest figure OUT again
Then came the fencing clasn and expectation
rose to tho highest when M I de ChadcnedcH
came out tu a whtto suit and n broad red sllRh
and made a delightful speech in Ingeniously
broken llngllsh There is n rage for fencing
just now nnd tho young girls In their tennis
shoos nnd short black IIOwns WOrD Immediately
the object of all attention The boys tntho
fencing clans had no chnuco at all l lln the favors
of tho audlonco
the IIrmpathy nnd ndmlmtlon 0111 for
All emlle feocollt ond after tho lIonoml drill
Iloro lIB n plrltOlI bOllt hohVI1fn two al1o
IIttlo QrIatllros In fenolll owne Thoy IUlItld
at each other and clashed swords with nn oar
nostness and vlclousness that indicated that
they would both have been cut up in Inch
strips If It had not been for the buttons on the
foils Thoy wore as swltt in their springs
an cats and their thrusts and tho whole
manner ot tho duel was so feminine its
to be funny When It camo to fencing for
prizes with the best fenoor of tho men arrayed
gainst tho best foneerot tho girls expectation
was tho greatest Young Halvlnl a handsome
young Italian in leather jacket nnd long
gauntlets was judge or umpire of the fray nnd
Ids chivalry made ills partiality to tho female
fencers very plain Bahtnl was ready to give
all tho points to tho little woman Inb n black
gown and yellow neckerchief but her
opponent was not disposed to givo her the
Ifamo and made her light for overy point she
scored A last bit of favoritism from tno young
Italian gave her tho palm and tho llrst prize ot
n pair of foils was presented to her and an
other pair of foils went to her opponent
There wan nomethlng irresistibly comla In
watching the little woman put on the visor nnd
gauntlet and solemnly shako hands with her
Foe but it vow oen funnier to sea her dart
about nnd lunge and tlijpst nnd parry and
strike nwordsmanllke nttiuidos nnd show tlio
earnestness with which fclio was doing It all
A Contr clor > Quarrel with IIli Men Md
the ratal Bciiilt of It
DILLON Col March 22 W II Cos a sub
contractor for J J Brown Co of Council
Bluffs la on tho Dillon extension of tho
Union Pacific Bnllroad has just died hero from
wounds received at the bauds of worklngmcn
who allege that ho had wronged thorn Mr
Cox was a peculiar man Somo said ho was
eccentric others that ho was crazy and others
his employees that he was n swindler Ho
had been wealthy but lost Ills money in unfor
tunate ventures Since appearing along 4ho
now lino as a contractor ho has made many
enemies His men charged him with keeping
them until they asked for their pay and then
discharging them and employing others Tho
country through which tho Dillon extension
runs was Intensely hostile to him and ho
know It Throats had been mado that he
would bo served as some other bosses hao
been in this country kidnapped and hold for a
ransom Fearing some such undertaking ho
always carried arms
Mr Cox left hero tho other day for Denver
going by stage nnd word was panned along tho
route that ho probably would return no more
Before starting he was surrounded but Ills
coolness nnd tha presence of u big revolver In
each of his hands kopttlie crowd back His
capture was out of the question At many
places along the road crowds of men attempted
to stop the eoaoh but without success Cox in
variably showing his weapons and threatening
to kill tho first man that approached him Tho
etngo rolled Into tbo little camp of Naomi at
dusk and was immediately surrounded by a
big crowd of tlio contractors creditors most of
whom were ugly and determined that ho should
not got away Ono of thnm demanded Ills
pay and Cox losing his temper began to
curse thp follow at the sumo time pulling a re
volver from each of Ids overcoat pockets A
rush was mado upon tho coach ono of Unxn re
volvers was knocked from his baud and ha in
stantly drew awldkecl knife Everybody In the
crowd was armed Cox jumped nack a few
steps nnd was about to shoot when u shot wan
fired by somo ono in tho crowd which struck tho
contractor just below tho heart Ho fell as If
dead but soon regained consciousnosH and was
put into a clod and carried hack to Dillon
where he lingered for several days until death
came to his relief
Tho workingmen profess not to know who
did the shooting but assort that ho provoked
it by his menacing attitude with his guns no
less than by his refusal to pay them their wages
Probably Ilroaiht About by Practical
Jaken Became ho wai Nnluinee
LORDSUDIUJ N M March 22 Tho Impres
sion prevails hero that tho recent lynchlngof
Oneeared Dodgo across the lino in Mexico
was carefully planned some time ago Dodgo
was not BO dangerous A man that it was neces
sary to lynch him Ho might have been shot
but tho opinion of most of tho ranchers was
that shooting was too good for him Whore he
camo from no ono knew but ho was not an old
hand though a very troublesome ono Among
tho old timers here it is thought that ho was nn
Eastern tough who had become fascinated
with Western life nnd that on nrrlvlng hero he
had found the thing too much for him Ho
lost Ills oar in an attempt to make n rancher
drink nt tho point of n revolver and lie was
shot nnd punished oneo or twice by other pc < >
nlo when undertaking somo such hoi o piny
In a reiil light or in any fcerloun dangei liu a
fur f lorn being tho bud inuu that ho u an ted
other to esteem him
From Home things that have boon dropped In
this vicinity slnco tho Duelling it Is infoireil
hat Dodge was trapped by 1 few praeticil
uiKcrdon this sldnnnd tlintliUhnnglnuby the
llexlcnn ianchors was thus Invited Ilo bis
been an tntoieiabln nuisance In till nmtlon for
umir audit the ranchers on thlu sldo took
stops to get rid of him in imuka wny no one
hem will blifmo them When tnlen an tlio
otlicrhld of tlio line Dodgo bad lhro < > stolen
eattlo In bin possession and that sealed bis
fain Tlio stoi > is that thesis cuttle sundered
olTund wero token up by an American rancher
who with somo n t > oelitof conceived the
iden that it would bo a good elmnco
to get ild of Oneeared Dodgo They lot
otheis Into Urn secret and when ho put In
an nppenrnnco they told him in au ollliiinil i wty
that it liu would dilve the cult In actors lo lino
t their owner h would bo llbornlly rewarded
Toreiuli the point tn which he had been dl
pictml It lineame necessary for him In ITU H
tint ningit nf HIM man who owned tlm iittlo
and they minlu up tholr miiilt Hint If Doilui
vimsnt > n In thai section diiviu nfl Iittln no
Would not hiit long II btnrtml nut on IiU
nrrand and the n < nt tlilm tliut varf heard
from him was a inpoit tliur the Mi > Iean
luncherrt near tho American line had hiKhul a
horse thief who had only one our
Some of the bo > s on this side nxpnwil n
llttln HHiiimthy for him but most of them
thiy wuro glad ho had boon minded up
Thorn Isnt n boar In this country said onu
old iltlznii that isnt full of that fellow lend
if h jiiMln t been mnli an ivrrhiktlmc fool ho
would have been killed lung ago
Kwlaa Tlmrplccv but IVIcbteucd iv INirlv
Tlio Mini lu tho fuiliim llouc
Irmn Ilir Itywfar felt vr 31 mIMr
When tlio Emppror Cliorlo V of Spain IP
tiruil to tho MunilHtery of bt Vusto lie look
with him Toni nu his clock iimker In order to
while away thu tlmo by constructing the move
nieiitHof clockii Ho wonderful vroro honui of
the nieces of work which they initdu that thu
riionkH would not believe any one i < xei tit tho
diivll hud n baud In thuni until the machinery
was shown to thnm by tlio nxKninirnr It wan
inderud by Charles that whim huslionhl illotill
rtf theio eloiks fhould cease ruiiiilng and It Is
stld to lju a fmjt that hhoiders wvuiohoinl
Another King of Spain came to Oiimva to
peeueloek vlilill Iliwl lifoii iiiadit by JJnv n
miuihaiil of that dty Uiji tho i oil went
seatiilnhph < Mil itingrn nud ililog AH tho
hotifwashiitivk tlioMiephiT1 playetl inioii IH
flutu and thu dog iiied ontly at his feet
Hut w hen tint King i etijunl fin th lu touch nn
iiiijiln that hung from a tno under whleh tlio
hliviilioul rnUd the ilog llmv nt him and
linked so fui ioiiHlj that a llvo dog uiiHweritd
him and thii wholii paily left in hasto Von
tiiring to return ono uf the oourllorii iibked tho
negro in hpiuiuth what tlmo It was Thoro
VUIHIIO rnplj but when tho atiuBtlon was in
piMitudlnlieneh an answer win given This
Mgntoned tlioiouriler who rejoined his com
panlonit and nil of them voted that the clock
vv aM tho w ork oft ho ov II one
lipii tint liflfrv of tho KnnllmtiH In Cob
lilij thiMi Is tlio head of n jjiiil biardod
nnd hiilinitod with brusn Tho giants head IN
knonnus thu man In the Custom llousit
wild whenever n oouiitri man meat a citlzuu of
CoblKiitz away fiom tlntt pluuo instead of say
Ing How H re all our friends in Coblentz lu <
asks How IH tha man In tho Custom HOUBO r
At every stroke of tho bell which sounds tho
hours upon the clock the mouth of the giant
opens and shuts with great foroe a If it wero
trying to wy In the words of Longfellow
Tlm waeTlmo laTime la past
A Or Y nn > e jr > t m nnd Hi
Entry Into New York
CONCORD N II March 20 Tho Supremo
bench of New Hampshire ranks no conspicu
ously low asu legal authority that Bomo of It A
decisions gain greater notoriety by reason of
contrast with the weightier judgments which
It Is generally conceded como from tho neigh
boring courts ot Massachusetts A storm of
scandalous comment Is raised every few yours
by somo decision generally of it railroad ques
tion which outrages tho popular Idea ot justice
nnd good law
Jurt now tho most violent protests nro com
ing from nil over tho State against n recent de
cision of the Hupremo bench which cancels tho
lease of the Northern llullroad by tho Boston
and Lowell Tho criticism In Romo quarters
scarcely stops short ot insinuations of corrup
tion It Is easy to ralso tho cry of corruption
In Now Hampshire politics nnd official life
Tho motives which load n Bnpromo Court
judgo to enter decision aro discussed with a
freedom that shocks the norvon of a Bay State
man who has always regarded the Chief Jus
tice and his associates as not loss Immacu
late than the crmlno which they dont wear
In tho pnisent situation thorn Is a hinted
proposition totovtvo a remedy which 1 thor
oughly effectual but which IH probably without
precedent except In thin Btnte In plain words
It Is suggested that u new court bo created to
overthrow Ilio decHoji just given This plan
has been uuccnsHfully adopted in ono or two
notorious Instuneiw within tho memory of
prominent politicians of today The ichemo
Isto create by legislation a court of final re
view which shall havo nppellnto jmlsdfctloii
over Hupremo Court decisions Tho life of
Biich it coutt would probably Iw tOioi t as II has
beon In the past when created for blmllur
Tho decision In dispute seems on Its faco to
bo a rank ono Tho leaso of tho Northern road
Is cancelled because two or throe stockholders
a very small minority object Anlnctynlnq
years ICIIKO is hold to be virtually a sale and
thn unanimous fcomtent direct or implied of
the shareholders Is held tu bo necessary Tho
stock held by tho dissenting stockholders
would havo boon purchased It It could havo
been obtained at n reasonable llguru Tho In
terests of the tmbllc appear to bo unquestion
ably on the side of suHtululiM the leitMo Thn
Boston anil Lowell roud had nniilly nuceeeded
In linrmonUdng thu Intercuts of the llvo small
links between Boston and White lllver Junc
tion vvhleh comprlso part of it through line
fiom Boston to Monttoal Thoro was probably
no greater barrier to eouUnerulnl pixispority In
tho Htalo for yearn than tho tliroateutttng
quarixlH between those little roads which In
combination make upowuiliil trunk lino but
whleh lighting ut cross purposes uro thum
The Judges making tho decision arn Doe
Hinltli and Clark lndgu Alluu dissents and
Judges Carpenter Dloodgett and Uinulmiu
did not bit Among the intitrcstlng publlu In
timations rogurdlng tha decision is this by tho
Lebanon Frtt JrfU
The declMon hm been Rnppnucil to tmohe ttiehrrat
Inxuttoiit Itio trftiiu ufttie lloktou ttiiiiont unit Mou
tnul roul hut later It haii lii > i > u Inllnmtnl iliy
Ihu tame varUM lm lilntcd wcikn uiw xlint Hie
nature tit the decision ttus to bo and who uro Inter
rriFit to htvo It Juit what It HI that iirutmtily Ihe
Court vioutd not hold In the latter UJKO as tn ttir fornu r
tiecmuie nu itockhnld < ri pertinently > rott > tei Aculnit
It Anil thii In the fucsnf ilio fiat tnitt the nnl > rcmun
why mule of tlitm did not runtot n Imnuse tbry
Ftirpoaed their rlKhu were Involtid lit ttiec eju tili <
ridtd We ouipcct that this furuil may bo wtll
On tlio day tho decision was filed thn matter
vvns still further complicated by tho signing of
nn iigroement for the lease of the lloston and
10WU11 road to tho Boston and Maine nt n ren
tal of seven per cent on the capital of tho for
mer for eight years nnd tight per cent thenaf
ter It is said that tbo liOHton nnd Maine
which IH now tho interested party will not
mnko any grunt exertions to icgaln eontiolof
tho Northern road though It desires to do so
If tho opposition continues groat the Boston
nnd Maine will bo satisfied with tho 1assump
siu as tin northern outlet nnd tlio Nurthein
road will bo left out In tho cold
Tho great sistom by thn wny which the
ostoii und MitinenowcontroltMncliulospratti
cnllyallthu roads lu Maine nearly all in Now
Hampshire und all In Massachusetts except
the lloston nnd Albany Iltehbiirg New York
nnd Now Luglnndnnd liostua and 1rovidcnce
It amounts to JUUU mllon within a section
bounded by tho Canadian lino on tho north tho
NcvvlJrunswIek boundry on the east tho pro
grcsHlngtermlmiHofihK Central Miihitachtmuttfl
on tho west and 1 iston on thu south There
Mill boanlatoiestltiK story to tell before long
about tho plans for an Independent entry of
this grout system into Now Votkaud toward
tho West in addition to tho nrrangoinvnts al
ready mado for handling tho bcuport trillla of
thu Canadian Pacific system
Uurdcr at Fort Worth nnd Aiiaiilnnllon
Ae r Ucymuur
fnm the Gavt4tvn fitwa
Four WOIITH March 17 About 210 oclock
this morning two sharp pistol bhottt rung out
In rapid succession in front ot tho While Ele
phant milooii Those who wore on tliostrtxt
saw ItobortHaywooilu wellknown gambler
of this city fall and with tha one exclamation
O my Uod was u coipsa It vas at oneo
known that Harry Williams another gambler
who hud recently come hero hud tired the fatal
shot liuyvvood hud lieou huro some Kursand
was generally highly regauled in his elides
had not tho reputation ot being a u
man but appears to havo had tno drop on
Williams his slayer last night yet Williams
fired apparently like the hue Jim Courtwrlght
under similar circumstance Jiayvvuods pis
tol did not go oil Whether or not ho snapped
it could not be determined
W FulllumUiodiivor of the hack from whleh
Hayvvood omoigod to his loath being HWIIIII
biild 1 inutlln > wood lust night In fruiit ol
the ricLvvluM salonn Ho look my hiU and
hud mo take him to Hud IIIKUS lioiu llv i
llayvvood vvoivtt Jigg up und told him In
wantod 1uggn gun which wirf refused J ng
saying ho hul nonu at luum 1 then itnivo
iluywood buck to thu ilkpliant whom hu had
a short talk with leorgo tuniiy who joined
Hut wood in ny hack and wu vvxut to Cantr e
room tltuu back to tho Ilephaul JJelme vo
had HtopjHd in float of Ihu Jlephant Ctiiaiy
threw open the hack door and passed into the
Kiloon AsX got down Horn tho hark lltyivood
got out As ho reached tlm sidewalk MIIIIU man
Mioko tohliu 1 dldni know thin luttur niiiu
lio was coming Itoiu tho direction of Ktimus
saloon and was walking cloiu to thu building
liu mild to Hit voud
1 understand jou have been after yourguii
IgueKsijuugot it
Tills was Mild BUndlng with his hands down
As Uaivvood Hoplied liuni tho liick ho put his
hand io Ids hli pmkol anil on tho other man
ulttivil thnwordiiiiiiied llayvvood threw hH
gun In tho oilier mans luce ami said
les > ou d 1 htve
Tho otiwr man slopped haul about four feet
mid dniMln > Iislul llred Tlnro ueie lu >
saott iliud luit MI iitilckly that i could not tell
if thu htiau o man Hied 01 botii liaywuod
tell itioind a post over a biKkot ami e
ilitlmeit Om > icitl Hosild iitiihliigmom
Jim man that did tile shoolliK 11en ic > d
up and lookod at liaiwood and tt this uiii
tlii < ui1lciitniii ilii and Ilio eiovd iiutlien d
lltvwood bad told hie that In had had u Inllj
iifket List jiighi in u gtiulilliig Hum ith a
man nnd htt Ixforo iiioriilng vvis piling ti >
havo tomu nmre Inn 1 IhniiKhl wliei J saw
llaywood tliiiw hi < gun on Hi i nthif inin that
thu hitler hid been sit iiftcln thulaeu will It
WiCTUTi IALii iliiivli 17 Tlio Keyinoiir
Ktu o whlli aiilvod heinitt iurlw kthlsoveii
Inr hioaght ntivvs of 1 Jndiiius and tragic
niuider Jliiiier bntlor lnovvn us Bull
Tinner liile driving iiitiiSijiuour vvitli Um
Lain UH win wit hud ami asahhliiatod by
thiio unknown piuilns Tinner and laariis
had Iteiin out to the luttiiM iineli Jasie n
lUmtilarkvv Illicit hey neio ictui nhiLund
u n inn ii mllii of ton n tluitliiooiiiiii iliidimod
by ilaiknosH ami mined tit tho ti
lire on tho iinfoitimato tntullm At Hist
liiiiinis vNliu vas ililvliu diuw his juius
am stopped tint bunvy lull Tin HIM who
had been stunk by Ihii fain bullet Mild
hor tJodV saki ililvn onl Tlio hores
tittailied to tne bugKy had become flight
moil and dasliiit up thu load with
fearful upend After running about tlnou
iiuirtora of n mile Tuinei plurcvd vvitli
tin en bullet fill from Dm buggy and the
team lopt running until they ruuehed town
both tho hti > os having beim shot tlnoiigli Mini
tlnoiigh and the buggy shattin > d nlih bullntn
A largo eiovvd thon pioceidid 10 thu plain
linivvnwjh Ihu llrdl to rtinli I iirnur who was
lend not having spokiii slnro roon ntlerlliu
Hist tliot WHS Ilird nud tvu bullots having
pKivrd his buU and ono til birast Tluioun
in ins bieast uai suipi > i > il tu lirvc hivtt llifi
uilii tin fill fiuiit thy Inig y Tinnrr via
rnndllato forlittintyJiiilgii lor KIM Ioiintv
rl thu la l November rlivtliu and as dn
fiiitud by n voiy umall inajiilty jlo vu < it
trlet man of riuitliiiraDlii iii5a s mil vviisvvill
known In Vl hltit lull vUuit > ho bud douo
lotsm Iradliig Iaaius0buuiedeoeied with
blood but unhurt
Htlll Auolber Hurt ufMltuiu JLauuch
n m tht llililri Kriirrn
An opltlnl trial ot an IHfout MKIIIII launch
Ilir lull lu l fhe lutilMli u
prnivi lij ui < ilri > rroin > iund eiulni lupiilxl ulth
nnin rniin lulnlir n II IHIT ll < fn l luhitrKun
c r Hi d fninl i ir inn II > he Ii MU k VUlUllil
aui nuii mi HM t ol ui hi a ir nf iitpiu
imiiuili IM i u ift liu Ii In > cli
iniiiuir nnr < Ihv priiiitui 1 a < 1 rU iimrl > i il at
w hu h It ltw nil nt iln iftv vol the Invimli u I
lliltle Mil criUninv nil 11 liitlrlitril lif
trial la Qiiwiiiun wan tiiaai la the i im > of wniti of
tue Iraclhu riuilucrri INI the lljls ull uf iioni
exprrM iJ > i < tl ruttl nut the remit Hie wiilKht or ilm
launch Immlir 5 r t midtho ii d inaliwd ut tholrUI
wufully tUhlkiiouiwrhour The nwi uf the oil uii
on i > fnny r hour y thlr arraiiireratnt nuiluklnirli
nqulrcd and no > uiol la mlitrd from ordliury
paramn The Invaulor rlalitK that th unnlnc unS
fciI J > PIftJ < tJ > fn1 1 < h
Beaioni Why T wmnker Mion1 < X t Med4l
u lib Ilia Serpent
rtml HI niUMfttlit > mi > l
The Mil which hiw boon biotiKlit bpforofth
Pennsylvania leglslattirothrpugh lh 0
of benevolent people nnd whlili IH Intond
nmonu othrrthlnu to imAllit thn foedlng
a law this moasuro would provon groat ob
stnclo to owners of sod oglenl Fnll ° ° AlWllLlJ9
would result In depriving mich exhibitions ol
an attractlvo and Important feature
Htiakes aro very particular M to their dljt
pnld Head Keeper > rno of tho onlogloal
don They will not touch any food that Ii
Hinenrod or him any odor anil they Will not e
nnylhliig unless allowed tci kill t Ahqinsolvei
They nro olton very trrogulnrlri tholrMllnff
nnd under such ulroumotancoy they W1 8BJ
only the most tempting foodIf Indeed thorcM
be Induced to tnko anythfng Now thoro Ispui
big anaconda Ho carao hero last July and nat
nol eaten anything Mnce When catlni r iij
latly ho ought torendcvowdny
phed ills Hklnnnd will probably oatbeforolonft
NVe aro trying him now with different kinds ol
food to BOO if ho cannot bn Induced to pat
Kvory night we put beforn him n rnrlngchtck
on n gufiioa pig or come other amnll ammnli
but thus far hu has shown nn Inclination to par
take of nny tif them Uinienlt iwlt Is to Indue
them to cut live lood It would bo utterly Im
pi > sll > lo to get them to touch dead meat or to
mix up nny food which they would tnktv Ifws
should bu prohibited from giving live food to
our snnkoH wo vvouUI bi < obliged to give tin
keeping tliotn I cannot nuo nnythlna opifl
about giving live food to thn snakes It t their
natural way of living and 1 HOC no reason why
t hoy should not llvo In tho same way In oon
flupinent Jilont jmoplo havo an idea that w
feed thn snakes before tho visitor but It Is not
HO Wo never feed them until after tho
visitor has left the groundu nt night and tliea
no one IH prosiont but tlu keeper
It would bn n grout loss In Thoro wnyn than
< mo to give up keening n collection of suakos
In addition to their forming an Important
feat uro of the gnnlen they nro vert vuluabla
from a medical point of view Many physi
cians came huro from time to time to get
poison from the venomous reptiles Thii
poison Is a very Milunblo rcmodf In cortala
forms of nen otts dlscusex anil It this source ol
supply bo removed It will bo n serious ION
The manner In which the poison Is obtained I
fiulto Interesting The keener armed with a
thick glov Hoizox tho snnko around tho neck
nnd presents n small glass to tho Irritated
animal The unnko bltim viciously nt the glw
Into which tho poison Hows In thin way It Ii
eollecteil from tne rattlesnakes nnd the deaull
little eoppcrhcnd as well us somo others
It I nelnit Hade In th Vnltert Hint altM
Bute of aoOOOO Malluni a Ttnf
From tlii Hnalia llrraM
Tho ll3llllfrliof tho country aro very ac
tive jnstnovv Thcro are over flOOot thorn novr
running nearly 150 In fact und they nro turn
Ing out intoxicants nt tho rato of o < > r 300 gal
lons n day They aro using over7JWK bushel
of corn a da > and ovorTWl gallons of molasses
ilnlly Thin lit thn Imsy tlmo of the year with
tho distilleri During this month nnd next thqio
will bo running between G i > and 700 distilleries
In thn country Six months from now thoro
will bo no more than n couplo of hun
dred of them tunning though thorn are
1200 of them in the country These 600 now
nl work uro the legitimate ones that is to
say thoHO who pay titxex nnd report to tha
Government tho business they do Besides that
number thoro aro a lot of them running Illegiti
mately moonshlnlng Tho hind provided for
the prevention ot Illicit distilling by tho Inst
Congress IIUH nearly given out and tho din
tillers know It Your avorngo moonshiner In a
pretty shrewd fellow nnd ho manages in some
way to keep posted on the woi kings of the de
partment The money for tho detection of
moonshiner nnd for breaking up their stills
ran low fcovorul weeks agoand the department
was unublo to rcsiiond to tho demands of tha
lovonun ofllccrs for more deputies The dis
tillers caught on to the situation and tho result
is that moonshiners nro beginning to bo < > ry
active In Kentucky Tennessee northern Ala
bantu tieorglu nnd North Carolina
Ueorgla Is making more vvnlskey today than
any other Btato Her 150 distilleries now run
ning aru turnlngout 100000 gallons df bourbao
whiskey dully Hi months from now there
will not be halt this numlicr running and
they will only Jiii turnlngout iverliaps 20001
gallons u day north Carolina has tho largest
number of distilleries tho number now run
ning in tliittHtato being something over200
Yet they do not turn out over 3000 Bill
Ions a day nn uvurngo of IOPH than ton
gallons npleco On tlio other hand Illi
nois with only eighteen distilleries turns
out 80000 gallons a day and docs that tha
year round Illinois makes more whiskey tlmn
any other Htato in tho Union She turns out
nearly 25000000 gallons a year while Ken
tucky nutkes but 15000000 gallons Tbo Illi
nois distilleries run about tho same nil tho year
round while tho Kentucky fellows shut down
in tho summer It would bo more nearly cor
rect to nay that Illinois makes moro spirits
than any other Htate for really very little of
the article tlrt Is turned out Irom tha distiller
IcMof the Staio is whiskey
Nearly all that tho bg distilleries novr mnko
M known tn tho trade as Cologne spirits
This article is about the sumo as alcohol ox
Copt that It Is oven more absoluto in Its purity
tlmn alcohol Whon these big distilleries that
make this Cologne spirits begin runnlugoff thn
products of their mash tubs they run the first
part us alcohol It has n slight tinge of color
anil Is not ns absolute in its pgrlty an that
which follows later on Tho operator watches
tho stream of liquor an It comes from tho tub
and us hu ecs It becomes absolutely pure
turns it into another tank and it Is termed Col
ognu spirits This Is tho highest grndo of dis
tilled spirits so pure that It Ii absolutely color
loss and odorless It IM coneimtiatod drunken
ness nnd when ills wanted tolic transformed
into whiskey It is reduced to nljout onehalt
Itsstrimith with water some bsirnt mignrput
Into givo It u coloi some glucose added tu
mako H hinootli nnd oily Illio old whiskeynud
it p its for i lie real aitleU Many u supjioetMl
i > in < MH eui hiih siaaikod bin lips uvor alleged
uhlikey and pronounced It
tho lliiist la tin country wheat IIP article ho wan
iiniiliiii > ntliig was Cologno splilts only u
month old llavoml with glucose and burnt
sugar On tho whole however tho whiskey
of today Is not thn levcmio people sny an
hurtful as that turned out by the whiskey
makers twenty JUIIIH ngo Tho chemical I
changes vvhkb won then performed by n dun
eel on acid siro now prodm ed by other moans
and ioinii of tho poisons which dehtrocd tho
sloiniiclmof vUilskey driukeis then uro not to
bu found In the cup now
Ho 1VIII Hut far It tint It Ii nn AwkxrnrA
IMece of Kailncu
Nrvv 0 rE VXH SInrcli 2 1 Thn suit of An >
tolne iiinliii < t Hmltli just Instituted in tho DIs
tll < t Court hero for 4ii5 shares of Louisiana
IMtery Htrxl worth 255000 itromlses to open
n i U h plau r ot fauts for tho historian of Itepub
Iknn jobbery In Louisiana Thu principal
tit lots in tlilrt transaction were In 18GB urn for
many > oai afterward leaders in the Itepubll
oi 11 Council Aiitnluo who IK colored wait
formnily Imibcronn led lllver steutnbout but
vvitvviiu Ltniiti > iinntUnoriinr of the Ktato
nud hold other high ofllces Ocorgn L Kmlth
win camufiom tlio hamutown nn Caddo wan
n hlnuvvy cat putbagger iiulto reserved a
man of silent and subterranean methods Col
loUor CougioHsnian fto Those two Autoln
for thu negroes and Smith for the whites oon
ti oiled tlio Kepubllran politics In north Louisi
ana Kmlth was sent to Congress und Antolna
beeamo lluiittiuntOovornor It vvau on era
nl boodlelsm vUiiin hiindsomo sums wore ob
Mined by tho leglslntorN and thu party chiefs
through thu passugn ut rtpeelul nets All thosa
who applied lo thu Leglclntiiro for chortorsor
ads had lu pay handsomu siima for them tho
iia > mnnts bi > ini mudu partly In < ush and partly
In sioek Tn sec uro votes and support tho
beiielliiiirlitH look good euro to bolect trust
worthy stakeholders who relumed thu fund
und stocks whleh vvmu never delivered until
aflitr tho pledge inndu by Ihe legislator had
been fiilllllod and thn bill asked for pasewd
In thu case of the Louisiana lottery Uoorge
L Smith seems to havo boon soloeted as tha
stakuholder and received tho sharp of stock
allotted lu him and hlxchuinAntoInu From that
day ID this thu dividends paid on this Block
iivtfriiglnuCO am HO percent iwr unuum won
divided butvrnen Autolno and Bmltli tho hitter
fiilly lucognllng the uxburber nnd lletitenunt
iinoriiors eliilm to a sh no nt thu fund A
Mm t tlmo UIM Smlili ilji d leaving ills estatn to
a lirutlier DnMnrhiiiltli and falling to tntuit
fr Anloliin fliint to him It IH over tills that
I liu piouiiti ull bus arisen Antoluo Is in
In an iiiiiortmtato position Th cnntiaot be
I worn him nud Cioijin Hinjlh as lo tills lottery
sliiel was burned about it inr ago lio
has cither uvldoneD lunvevor nnd will try to
Piovo that tlm mouoy vyas given jointly to him
and hinlth tif their political Influnnoo In tin
days of old At all menu a grvat dual of vol
liable testimony prouilsos lo como out shovv
ing the manjuir InvUilch legislators Oovor
nnrs and political Influonco wero bought up
In HeiuiblliMiiidnyH
In thn meanwhilit the nltnnl Ion of the Attor
lmyfliiioiil 1ms Uen iiilUM to tlm fact that
MM stok in ilKputo Is boodlij n corruption
fund whiilt nliould bn forfeited lo tlift Ktntij
iiml Itli piopDhMlthiit tlm Htato shall Inter
fern In thu ease nnd If pn iblc obtain pon
sehf Ion of tills sum us nionu gv u UH u brlbu
Jia Fllei on tho Ureter
rrvm tin BviUagtim frit frrn
JuitimierJlut liiiw catne fliew Hyipeckl en It t

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