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I t 1I 1
i t f tm i I l I
I ctcxs watca HURT nsnr BOOJT XJSAD
ft > em the Murdered Blrl alratker
chief w i Noon or 7fe > erjrA Mrtcrlo >
I > MM ITnder Detention who Nay he KMW
w ho She WiteIIe Ilenravcr will Nt
I T I1A Went and Girl from KenYork
sAlao ly They HecotnUe the Body
I A beautifuL woman In tho bloom of life W
I let on a highway just out of tho lear of
Ilahway on Friday night and murdorod In a
manor B horrible that tho details could not
b printed without shocking the sensibilities of
the reader Tho tracks of murderer and victim
murorr vctm
Were left plain in tho mud which froze after
the crime Tho bloody knife found
crmo blod knle was near
the victims boy In 0 neighboring brook was
o her hand bag containing a dozen articles
which must b recognizable to many of her
rends Yet not until last evening after two
days had elapsed was any ot tho mystery ot
I her dreadful fat removed
Yesterday the police gave t tho reporters
Mverol facts which they had gathered from
aD Inspection of the articles kept under lock
IL and key In the pollco station and which they
had previously withhold In the oldfashioned
slued leather bag which was found inltobln
J eons branch of the Ilahway River was a
womans handkerchief in which was woven in
blue allk the name KM Noorz or K M Nor
It Is dllpcult to tell whether the last letter is 0
I or a r but the police are inclined to think it
ISI Z because the murdered girl is supposed
from her features to have been a German Tho
handkerchief Is of good linen and I fancifully
dote A rubber pencil Etamp with Tim
othy Byrne in rubber lot r was another
I f aol found in the bag On tho bottom ot the bog
was an almost obliterated label of the New York
I and New Jersey Baggage Express 116 Greene
Btroct and 66 Cortlandt street The letters wore
1 much effaced that a magnifying class had
t b used t bring them out Thor was also
on the bottom of the bog 0 foreign label
r More of this than of the other a erased
but one word looked like Hamburg
Water had soaked through the valise and
rartly washed oft from one side the pasted
label ot tho maker but It was mode out t b
Crouch A Fitzgerald 5 Broadway A brown
t bone button with a solid eye picked up near
the body was tho lat piece of evidence that
the police had secured These n the only
clues the police had to start on and after they
bad run through them without getting any
light on tho mystery they turned to tho reporters
porters and asked for cooperation saying that
no further obstacles would bo put in the way
of the attempt by the newspapers to make a
Investigation of the newpapr mao
Borne persons doubt that tho murder was
done a early a DM P M and support their
Idea that I was dono at a later hour uyassert
tug that the cround did not freezo earlier than
midnight Cowls De Camp of Milton tho set
tlement nearest to tho scone of the murder
It Bays he passed the spot where tlo body was
it found at about OK 0 clook and all was quiet
there De Camp was homo at 10K P M Ho
I lives about a quarter of 0 milo from the scene
of the crime Ills neighbor Constable Harris
however says he heard cries about 9i oclock
and that immediately the Milton dogs began
barking and because the dogs barked the con
stable says ho thought no more about the
screams The colored women Miss Hattie
Crummel and her slater Ir Moore who heard
cries live near Harriss house Milton goes to
Bleep by 10 oclock and oven before that hour
person might pass through tho settlement
without being noticed The country about is a
Rood place for I murder mystery J U Brunt
who keeps a little brick candy and lemonade
store in Milton wan among tho first who heard
the news of the crime He was on his way to
where the crno and when waklnl oVor
Jefferson avenue bridge he noticed a block ob
iect In the water It lay about 200 feetfrom
the bridge in an eddy of ebaliow water where
I had probably floated It was tho girls loath
v KM which AH thrown from
b whh very likely w t fm
the bridge On tho railing of the bridge w
discovered yesterday eight te stains Ton
bridge is painted rod but the drop came off
br touching a wet flngertlpto tltjm Wen
nicked up the bag was loc od No key was
found on the body and the girl 1 probably carried
ried the key in her pocketbootuif she had ono
No pocketbook or money was round
The police have riven up the theory that out
rage was intended b the murderer
From church and Sunday school In Bahway
yesterday people went t llrno 4 Marshs un
dertaking rooms where the body lay in awhltt
shroud in a plain cmn Many persons in the
throng that looked upon the body said they
believed they had upn the face somewhere
but when closely questioned they wore unable
to give the slightest clue a to who tho girl
t Jve b te While the Morgue was closed to the I
public some merely to satisfy their curiosity i
sorted t the subterfuge of saying that they
rsr they could identify the body A Mr
bleve Chawck tey Cark township said that the pub
lished description of the girl answered very
closely that of a for servant in his family
He did not however BOO any resemblance in
the corpse
to I Cl body is identlfled said Undertaker
Byno I tin it will b through the clothing
Dot one woman of the many you would pass on
the street in two weeks would woar a dross
trimmed as this one was with croon feathers
Whether the basket that held the broken eggs
belonged to the girl or her murderer It ought
blonled recognized It little willow
t readily rogI7d I was a ltte wlow
slatted roundtopped basket und had been in
the bonds of somo one who was careful when
the stands were broken on the lid to have it
nicely repaired
Fit yearold Willie Brunt 1 nephew of
James H runt who found the girls bag came
t the Morgue early in the day and gave tho
police work that occupied them all tie morn
ing Ho said he was positive that tho body
was that of a I girl lie had soon banging
clothes on Friday morning in a yard adjoining
his home in Milton He was yar t recognize
the body ho said from the hair which
be remembered sid bad neon the girl next
door wear in a braid Tho murdered girls
hair was braided at the back of her i
head When tho reporter got to Milton
be learned that the opinion that tho murdered
I girl was the one who had been fen hanging
Iothos in 0 yard was shared by James I
Brunt Brunt pointed out tho houso whore the
girl had been seen on Friday It was directly
opposite his store but Brunt would not tell
names He said the family who led there had
come there six monthn ago und that there was
boarding with thor a man whose wife bad
tone away This mal was a farm hand a little
way back in tho country This man hud been
acting suspiciously since tho crime and had
tone away with the rest of his relatives and
Brunt did not believe that ho would come Luk
Milton was very much stirred up by the re
port that the muriterer was near at hand
Willie tat who identified tho body as
that of the girl he saw hanging clothes was
found in tlO cabinlike house not far from JolTer
soil avenue bridge On Friday morning ho
sold there came t Clinton Froats house next
door on the corner of Jefferson avenue and
Ash tleorer I Jofern carried some
baggage Ho remembered that two weeks before
fore tie lr had come t tho Froats house
in a similarway and alter staying 0 few
das ha gone away oler On her first visit
phe was accompanied ian In woman than
herself but on Friday morning she came alone
Ihe had not been at tho house long on Friday
morning when she camo Into the yard and
hung some clothing on the lines Ho had not
seen her since JYicfay morning and he boTfovod
it was she who was murdered On Friday
night Wile Brunt Bald the > Froats had a party
that broke up about J P M While the party
was In progpe William Keech tho man
whose wife had disappeared had walked
tip and down in front of tho house with a club
as U he was looking lit l for somebody to hit
Noech the boy sold was in tho habit of going
ak and forth at all hour ol the nleht from
the Frat t Dr Hookers house nearly a
aif mile over Jefferson avenue bridge from
the spot where the body was found Ho was
very Intimate with Dr lookers hired man
er Intmat Homos Tho Meeker tam
ly are in Florida Willie Froat said
hat a had boon loft at homo
with his grandmother Mrs Undershot while
his lather Clinton Front his mother Sarah
Frt his greatundo William Keoch and a
young woman named Nancy who had just
arrived from Ireland und had como t tholr
I house on Inunulayhad cone five miles up the
the Ash Hwamp road t Dr Hindis farm where
V relatives named Hon living
I The party Willie Frt said had been held
on Thursday night and had been attended by
lan y who had come hat day Chnrloy Un
Qersnotka workman In Bloogoods mills Mrs
irhotJa Boen James Daniel Hodel unt
jiauiaa Sedan John Poland nay iomna
Charles Lambert and Lizzie Lambert
ExChief of Police Koron of Elizabeth 1 George
Wright exChief of 1ollco of llalnvay Chief
Tooker of Ilahway and Constable Conger of
lUhwny set out in buccles to llnd the roats
andsee I Nancy was with them N was the
initial sewed in tbecollar found under the body
of the murdered girl and tho police thought
that they had a clue They found Nancy all
tight Uhe h just arrived from the north
of Ireland Kooch satisfied the police that
te plce
suspicion against himself was groundless Ho
told tIm roportet that ho od outside < his
houso with a club t try to whale boys who
were throwing stones at hiswindows This
Wh Itnes hs
ho said was on Thursday night Ho got only
two hours sleep on Thursday night In conse
I quence of which ho welt t b at 8X oclock
on Friday night when the murder was com
mjo reporters were allowed yesterday to ox
amino the clothing of tho 1stral Borne of
the clothing that was packed in the valise was
t vals wo
badly sowed Little of the clothing that was
on th body WAS of as good quality as the re
porters were led t believe from tho statements
of the police on Saturday Tho underclothing
was somewhat patched and one stocking was
won at tho heel Detective Koran says his
opinion has bon from the first that the
girl come from the city I is not unlikely te
thinks that sho was going to an address sho
Qoll t adrls
had in her possession and losing her way in
quired the direction of a man whom she met
by chance This man the detective says may
have bon her murderer and his motive could
havo been but ono of tw things robbery or
outrage The murderer and not the murdered
girl the detective thinks had the basket ol
eggs If the girl camo by train t ac
companied by 1 man or was met at the train
by 0 man who had induced her to come there
by protenolng that ho wanted her for a servant
tho presence of the basket of em is still harder
to explain It 1 not at oil likely that Mror to
girl camo on tho cars to Kahway she brought
Ir 01 lW8Y brualt
to eggs with her
Tho general theory is that the a had the
eggs Where they came from tM pollen and
porters have been unable to g4 hC Store
Koonersppy they wete not bought in Bahway
1 bu
Linden Muton or Unlontown ynlontown Is
o few miles beyond whore thebody was found
The girls footprints were in the direction of
Uniontown while tho mans came from the op
posite direction They may have met in J 01
ferson avenue instead of In Central avenue
mta Cntrl avnue
where the body was found I that was the
case the girl probably ran into Central avenue
punned by the murderer
pllUe the afternoon a man who appeared
t b from the city called at tho Morgue and
asked t see the body Ae said after a Blanco
at the face that he knew the girl the re
fused to make any statement until he could
bring the girls friends He went away prom
ising t b book before 8 P M and he kept his
word but ho returned alone He still refused
to talk about the cu When questioned re
garding the r hesald he was waiting for her
friends to come The man appeared to be In
t como bTbe ma appad t b i
telligent Ho had a sandy complexion
and beard He was dressed well wore
bear w drsl wel
good jewelry and carried a goldheaded cane
and silk umbrella tied together He was taken
charge of by Chief of tgetor looker Mayor
Daly and County Prosecutor Wilson visited
Gov Green at his home in Elizabeth lot night
and received assurances that the Governor
would confer with the AttorneyGeneral t
day and that a reward of not less than 600
would be offered for tho detection of the I
deter of the girl to detton to mu
Mayor Daly concluded t hold the mys
terious man until today He was detained in
the Summordlke House where he sat with his II
hands to his face mumbling t himself Alto
gether his actions have been very mysterious
A man and woman went from Newark last I
night t see if they could Identify the body
lhe person they are In search of is a girl who
twice fainted in the streets in Newark and
whose home is in Orange The man who is
held Is also known to have come from Orange
The Newark people returned home refusing t
say whether or not they hod recognized the remains
ultick oclock yesterday afternoon a woman
about 5 years old dressed in mourning in
company with a girl snout 1 went t the un
dertakers shop t view the body The girl was
the first to show any sign of recognition Bho
sid rgton
soldThats her
The woman who acted I a very mysterious
way said
It looks like her I might be able t recog
nize somo of the clothing if I could bo permit
ted to see It to clot coud b prit
Tho two women wore escorted t the police
station where the effects of re dead girl are
dea Irlor
held for identification There the woman said
flhp identilled the sack that was so badly torn
When questioned by tho police as to who the
murdered girl is she refused to tell saying that
It was no ones business Officer Conger
who wan in charge said it might lead to The
t te
arrest of the man I she would divulge the poor
girls name but she would not She left t
police station for the depot at7K oclock te
porter had a interview with the woman at
tiny the information BAbway depot but sh declined t v
tanJ f was learned last I evantncc that the woman
t Wal
and in this girl city live at 8M EMlTTHrtyBeventb street
The Bahway City Council met last night to
consider what reward t offer A reward will
bo offered by Tuesday without fait w
Six different photographs of a body and of
articles found on the body will b engraved
and sent everywhere wl e
A gentleman who went t Bahway In the
1030 P M train from Jersey City on Friday
evening noticed among the passengers who
stopped at Bahway n woman whose description
corresponds with that of the murdered woman
She carried a i small satchel and appeared to be
ciod t b
familiar with the surroundings of the depot
She went beyond the park near the te dept
crossed the track going In the direction of the
the spot where the boy was found The gen
tleman saw the body yesterday and he Is sure
it is that of the woman he noticed although
the identification would destroy the theory that
the woman was murdered before or near 9
oclock Ho does not know whether she boarded
the train at Jersey City or some way station
The Women Find I Gone from the ca
loBul and StuBe Fellowl
As worshippers I Stephens Church en
tered tho doors at the masses yesterday morn
ing boys distributed among them dodgers for
Dr McGlynns lecture tomorrow evening in
the Academy of Music The sidewalk in front
of the church was white with them They were
headed The Cross of a New Crusade and
set forth that private ownership in land I Injustice
justice if ecclesiastical laws sanction it
There was a lively time at the church for an
hour in the afternoon Ever slnoj Dr Mo
Glynn loft the parish his friends have kept his
by decorating his confessional
memory green decoratn cne8ona
box with fresh flowers on each side of h por
trait which they had also hung upon the front
of tho box I is against the rules of the Cat
olio Church to allow the portrait of any living
person oven that of the Pope to hang in a
church but for the sake of peace Dr Mo
Glynn8 picture had been undlsturbdh On
Saturday it became imperative that It should
b removed s that the church could be
draped in mourning for Passion week The
church was draped on Saturday night and the
portrait Glvnns confessionaL and flowers were taken from Dr Mo
I has been the custom for McGlynns ad
herents to gather before his confessional box
1 boforo a shrine after each service At 1
oclok yesterday after the high mass several
hundred of Dr ltcOynns rend mostly
women gathered in the western part of the I
church basement before the confessionals and
demanded an explanation of the removal of the
picture and flowers They were told that tho
lowers had boon thrown away and that the
picture ha I the sacristy behind the
iijtar More flowers wore at hand
and they found the picture but when
they attempted to nut them up
they were prevented by Mr Pardee one of the
collectors Mai Ualllgan the famous leader
of the women tackled Mr Pardee He was
caught by the whiskers and pulled around at
such a lively gait that he withdrew as soon as
he could Word was sent t Capt Byan that
there was trouble in tho church und he came
down with two policemen Mrs Hockett
wih Jlcemen
widow of the late Recorder Implored the wo
men in the church t behave themselves and
with such good effect that when Capt Byan
got there he says he found no disorder Borne
Iot Dr McGlynns fronds say that It was their
Intention to drape tile confessional box yester
day and HO cover both tho flowers and the pic
ture during the holy season
BeatleS Boy Recollect Sfotkln erRata Joar
sey to the loath
Frank Austin Boy the dentist who disap
peared from bU borne as to West Fiftythird street on
Bt futrlcki day inC who turned opal the Young lleni
CtirUUan AuocUtloO tmllJlnr la Richmond T > en
Friday morning last arrived her yeiterday In the ear
of uU wife and of hU brother Jamee J Roy He left
the city etedar afternoon with his wife to L a
moOch ntnled rut In the couutrr
lit Jv oars ba hae uo recollection of what happened
to him durtnif bl < wanderlnn He remembers fulncto
the door ut mi houne with fir Crocker the patient who
lait called upon him and ha has a dim recollection of
tellluir the hrval that be was point aul Kverylblnc U i
a blank In hU memory from this Urn until be found
blmielf lick and weak In the Richmond streets
Mr James w said lait eight that hIs brother wai
YeT Weak when he found him and was erldently put
ctlut from nerroue prostration He also bad chills and
foyer lie was however perfectly sane
New Style Sprta Overcoat
In Iminenu variety from ta 1 fts at Vogel Vrotben
Broadway jdr and llouiton it and 8th nue cor 434 it II I I
CUUreei Cry for rifeJMr CfeaiorU I
A perfect preparation ChII4aaSCOIaIaI4M
Vogel BrotkMwVJhufclM CoUlocv
Showing what to wear this spring for mass sad toji
enl free br applying to Broadway amid Uouaton at 1
Eighth all core 43d 4dp
OmLu r I 1
IDol Ole Prediction
Rain becoming colder winds shifting t
Brewing Dee Especially tar Bnttllnjr
iteadlnton t A Woent celebrated Imperil Lager Veer
bullied I at orb l brewery t N ttl flli li Uow tort
Order touched and promptly attended to JJu
Are You house denning
Try Pylti celebrated PeirUno ha uo qulAa
To regulate the stomach liver and bowel take Car
tr LUll 1 hits OaiflUaiiM > 4il7 ta C
< 1
Jtagllek Polities terete4 Hla Neat d
Next < tkem Came Vox HntU
Mr Theodore Eooeovelt got homo from h
wedding tour yesterday on the Etrurta and
brought his handsome young wife with him
She was Miss Edith Carow the daughter ot an
old New York family of Huguenot descent that
had always been firm friends of the Roosevelt
European travel has physically benefited the
young politician Uo has a rich glow of health
In his face and t stouter than ho was when he
was running his own canvass for Mayor against
Mr Hewitt He doesnt seem to mind the fat
that MrHowltt got there Instead himself
and he said that the first thing he to going to
do this morning t t go right down t the City
Hall shake hands with Mr Hewitt and congratulate
gratulate hlo upon being Mayor
IUlat had 1 splendid time abroad during I
my four months stay he said as ho dropped
Slda o hI d Pd
into a rocking chair in his study Htodthe
trip wonderfully wolf but after all 1 1 the best
thing of oil is getting tome again IBm a good
tin a ptl Jm
enough American to fool that 1 know I
always feel a better I American when I get home
from trips of this I kind
fm tl kind most in England Mr
I Booso volt continued was the politics I tel
almost all the leaders or even pay and they
were all most oottrteon to ipe What I am
struck L that Elh < ul Plticias a noW
divided not into parties but into arons
There are two such prO Oalnt
and the rarnellltes in favor of Home ana
there t what seems t me a incongruous
alliance of four groups the iconli
little bond of Tory Democrats of the Chore
and Matthews stripe the Hartlngton Whigs
and the Chamberlain Jiadloals This anti
home rule mass contains those who differ
widely on every other subject excepting the
home rule question It Is a combination that
to my mind must inevitably in the end split
no my course my sty In London was 1
inort for me to think of giving a forecast of
English political affairs but o an American
outsider it deems to me tat the Inevitable out
come however it may b delayed must be the
granting of homo rule to Ireland
Intn t the politics t England I liked the
fox hunting It Is glorious sport and great
1tng I 1 glorous 8Jr lat
fun hunted with the Essex Warwickshire
mensely and they hunts and enjoyed it im
On the Continent every one is watching
for tho crash that may at any moment como
between the great powers that are trembling
armaments to a collision undertho weight of their colossal
Mr Roosevelt says that he Is pleased at tho
progress of the high license fight He thinks
that the Bcpublloans will pass the Crosby bill
in the Senate
This question Interests me hoeald b
cause I was tho originator of the high license
agitation In the Legislature
Mr Roosevelt aald that ho was going t d
vide his tlmo between literature and ranching
one or thee Driven Tkrongh Iiou Island
Wood with A tfclp
When the agent of tho wrecked steamship
Scotia tried to get the immigrants loft on the
beach on Saturday by the revenue cutter
Grant on board the barge lying inside of
Fire Island he found that fortysoven be
sides about twenty children would have to
b loft behind These were accordingly sent
across t Bay Fort and a citizen in the suburbs
of Patohogue contracted t take care of he
lot until yesterday at seventyOva cents each
They were put on the train at 537 yesterday
afternoon and sent t Now York This loft the
neighborhood free of them s far a known
I but villagers who know tho beach say that
some may rot b found in the woods on Ir
Island beach The unfortunates were obliged
to walk seven miles from the wreck to the place
of embarcation and some may havo wandered
off and sunk down exhausted Many throw
away bundles of clothing and valises t get rid
of the weight and thy people from the shore
foUowe today along the inner beach where
the Immigrants bad walked and picked up
such of the goods a seamed to b valuable
The immigrants had oneLong Islander for a
guide and another waa sent behind them to
MO that all reached their destination But al
e tiiiuiinHiuM atruntt dnrftrf moraruiman
titHe somo may have been lost and not missed
The ay men say tht the man who marched
behind was provided with a whip with which
t flog those who through stupidity weariness
or weakness tried t sit down before reaching
rly their destination t It I said he used the whip
In addition t the fortyseven passengers and
their children that came t town last night
there were two Bailors Pasquale Jassa and
Tomago Avissa Jossu had his right thigh
broken while Avissa had his left leg broken
below the knee Thoy were hurt when thom
masts fell over the side when the ship struck
It is asserted by men who have been strck
bah every since the wreck that these sailors
after being transferred t the life saving sta
tion were utterly neglected by the ships sur
geon The third mate of the ship remained on
the beach with them however and the llfo
savers did every thing possible for thorn The
agent said on Friday that Avlssas leg was
simply out A man may now walk t the ship
on 1 sand bar at low water
Tho wreckers began discharging the cargo
into I barge at 8 oclock yesterday morning If
tho weather favors there may bo a pull at I
hawsers tomorrow in tho hope of getting her
oIL The cargo will bo about all out of her by
noon on Monday The eoa was perfectly calm
all day yesterday Capt Buffat and his mon
remain on time sWp
BU Brother Buy the Young Widow km
Produced a Hpnrlou 00
Francis Macktn a wellknown and wealthy
citizen of Newark and h titter are the contestant of
the will of ezStat Treasurer Jam llackln of Patches
county They say Mr Xackln wa not capable ot mak
ing a will for many month before his death at fit
AuKuitlne Fla Eight year ago June Mackln married
a Mcond wife a Mm li l Sarah Brttton of St 1oul the
daughter of Mayor Brttton of that city She was a sect
ely leader and It Is I asserted was entirely l uniulted I to be
the wife of a man so much tar senior Mr Mackin f
attacked with pneumonia lat summer and spout ten
week in New York under the care of Dr LoomIs > re
turning C his home on the Undwn nearly cured Mr
Mackln urged him to travel I I I said ad contrary 1
the the advice winter ot h phyilclan he went 1 Florida to plnc
lie died at BU Augnttlne of acute bronchitis and III Is I
auerted by Mr MacSlabs made his will a few days be
fore hi death giving bar twotlilrd ot the estate abso
lutely f and the us Yol the remainder durlnv her life She
wa Hole 1 executrix under the will Ills Newark relative
say he did not make a will before going South and he
could not have made one while there He wa on good
term with his brother and sister but 1 wre thu Utter
My toe no opportunity of showing her enmity to them
Mr f Backln uy thai he ha no desire to contest
the wIll for private ends but will light to the bitter end
as a matter of principle knowing the past blitory his
spurious brother wit and feeling poaltiva that the will must b
The Hon Samuel H Treat Judge of the
United State DistrIct Court to the Southern District ot
Ullnola died at hi residence In Bpringfleld yeiterday
II wa appointed 1 the United State bench b Preil
dent Fierce in t8 and wa 75 year of an Judge
Treat wa born In Otaego county New York in Judl
studied law and wa admitted to practlae In his native
State In 1832 b went to Sprlngfleld ill where be ha
Inc 1 resIded In 1834 he was unpointed Circuit ta Judge
and three rear later wa elected Judire o the ttaprerne
Court servIng In that capacity until appointed t the
familjr bench ot the UoTud Sects VUtrlot Court HUe leave no
Ellhn I fleer for half a century a printer In Hertford
being the publISher of the City Directory and for many
year connected with the National bard of the State
aled at his residence In Lrme yesterday aged 70 en
A Blind Veteran Soldier Killed
James Doyle a blind veteran soldier living
at Tuckahoe In We tcbeter county died yetterday of
lockjaw retultlag from a stab wound In the left tide
Indicted by William Bpalan on March 2 The men bud
been drinking all dy The old soldier wa deicrlb
lug to gpalan the engagement In which he
was blinded and wa pralnlng the munif
icence of the Government In allowing him Ilion pen
Ion of SOO pr month tipalan made sow dlinaratilng
remark about Doyle bravery and the Ine I of his llkht
Tbl brought on an encounter In which Doyle 1 was
tabbed with a knife bySpalan Doyle leave a widow
but no children Spa has not been arrested wow
Heading Railroad Earning
PmLADXLPUiA March 27The statement o
the badness ot the TOUadelphla and Reading milroU
Company for the month of February 1087 shows grow
receipt Sl5l825a and expenses excluding rentals and
intereit7U241Us profit stezi Yet theVhlljUlelphla
and Beading Coal and Iron Compiny Ih1 receipt
were 111 macno and Ip110 oclnilnr Interest l112 I
47U leaving a pront of tAM The ct tbu
companies for Vcbruary ai compared with the sea
snonib lssI year she a an increase t 11 > earnbu of
MM 112 i an Increase In a xMne of U2B64I t aninaresas I
f12 earning fn S424o71i and tor stare mesthe J
endIng Feb mit anlnorsaaslnosarulisixot leatwo
alncrl IHaOr 1 lrdesticrsse Is
1lla 11
say arm Anxms OJT nus 6T
Pnwed Away mi laturdgfweek I
Ibis Last Ungrounded by lehn St Ma
VMBllr ArnuutBMt Mr the T > BentU
The Bermuda line steamship Orinoco
Capt Oarvin arrived yesterday at the foot of
West Tenth street having on board the body
of William Biggin Travers This was unex
pected and sad news t Mr Traverss many
friends in this jjty A report had been spread
last wek I Qt clubs of which Mr Travers
was a member that he was slightly better and
that he was t return to New York yesterday
and make h home temporarily at the Murray
Hill hotel He vacated his house at 3 West
ThlrtyoVzhth street last November when the
ir L niTiu
conviction grow on him that he must make a
struggle for life To those who were most in
timate with Mr Travers howovor I was
known from tho beginningof his sickness that
he could not recover Mr Bet B French Mr
Travorss business partner said yesterday that
he was sure when Mr Travorn left New York
wo Inr
last year ho would never see Now York again
Jlr Trevors went t die I his cottage which
ho built several years ago about n mile from
tho city of Tear While Mr Trovers lln
cered in his last illness sitting much of tho
I slttnl
time at a window which commanded a view of
the ocean he was visited by Several of his old
Now York friends One of the last t see Mr
Travers fronds Mr Lawrence B Jerome
who returned from Bermuda three woks ago
Mr Trovers died on Batnrda aftornp n
tho 19th lust There wen at tho atomgn
Vf B Travers tha widow Miss Susan Trl
Mrs M M Travers Mr Joverdy Johnson
Travors Mr mr son and Mr Travorsa
physician Dr Eldon Harvey The body was I
embalmed In Hamilton and on account of a
law by which it is forbidden in the colony to
transfer a body by day from one place t an
other In the streets Mr Traverss remains
worn taken on board of the steamship Orinoco
on Wednesday bar sundown The coffin
Is of metal painted and grained in imitation
of rosewood A glass sot In the cover permits
0 view of tho face ot the dead On the cover
1 this inscription on a silver plate te
Horn August IHIU
Died I March 1581
The Orinoco sailed on Thursday afternoon
Arriving in New York yesterday forenoon the
family took carriages for the residence of Mr
Wilam famiy ADuerl Mr Trvero onlnlaw40
West ThIrtflftL street TheJ was two or
three hours delayin ringingMrTravors8ro
tr hour deay I frnag Mrrvors r
mains ashore because It was necessary to rog
later the certificate of death The certificate
was signed by United States Consul O M
Allen and Consular Secretary Cavendish Boyle
Alen CDuar tecrt1 Cavendi BQlo
at Hamilton liar uda Dr N sale of tho Bn
Sr f osrantee par
mlt yesterday and tharemains wore brought
ashore at noon They were taken to Mr
Uucrn residence Tho family are at the Mur
ray Hill Hotel famy te
Mr Trovorss funeral will be from Trinity
Chapel West Twentyfifth street near Broad
way on Wednesday Bishop U C Potter will
probably rood the burial service I the Bishop
cannot officiate tho BovDr Cornelius ESWOPO
will conduct tho service Tho burial win bo In
bura b
Newport Tho pal bearers havo not been ap
pointed tho number Mr Lawrence Jerome will be one of
Mr Travers was r lee President of the
New York Athletic Club for the ensuing year
on the 8th inst and the official notice of his
election reached the city of Hamilton on tho
day he dlod The governor of tho club mot
yesterday and it was determined that tho
office of President should out of respect to Mr
Travors memory remain unfilled for a year t
come A meeting of tho governors is to b
held tomorrow evening at which resolutions
of regret will bo passed and oxSenator Boscoe
Conkling one of tho governors will probably
speak Tho Union the Knickerbocker the
Lambs the Lotos and other clubs of which
Mr Travers was a member have announced
meetings which resolutions will bo passed
NEWPOJIT March 27 There will b funeral
services hero In Trinity Courch on Thursday
the remains arriving on Wednesday evening
It Is understood that it was Mr Traverss ex
pressed wish that he should be buried in tho
Island Cemetery in this city whore he has a
large lot Mr Travers was a member of the
Newport Club and was a stockholder I the
Newport Casino
There is scarcely a man in Now York who
did not know Jlr Travors by reputation and
his personal acquaintance with business men
was notably extensive And rot fow people
really know him and ho was greatly misunder
stood und underestimated The majority of
mon would and usually did pronounce him an
eager speculator a jolly liver a man of the
world in the broadest sense His jokes and
witticisms reproduced in tho newspapers
made his name familiar t thousands who
had no other knowledge of him and construct
ed a Imaginary Travers out of these mate
rials Ho was talked of from ono tese of the
town to the other and from city to city until
everybody thought at least that he knew the
man tho name being often associated with
levity good fellowship and reckless audacity
But in all this tho public sadly misjudged or
misunderstood the man He was never n wild
speculator in any sense though for many years
a conspicuous llguro In Wall street and at
times ono of its largest operator On the con
trary ho was always a clrful prudent intclll
gout business man conducting his operations
with tho strictest regard t wellestablished
commercial principles and riolug governed by
Though ho mado money often with great
rapidity he was never accused of being a
sharper or of wronging his follows in a bar
gain And as to lila social life while he was
a thorough club man and one of tho props of
husband every manly and sport father ho was also a most devoted
Mr Travors fater born In Baltimore in An
gust 1810 His father was something of n poli
tician and while tho son was 0 child was sent
t Spain on n special mission for tho Govern
menu On his return bo became Interested In
cotton manufacturing at Piitarson NJ
whither he removed While William was a lad
his mother died The boy was early noted as
a leldor Imonu companions In their rougher
sports and frollCMjmo Irks Another char
actoriftluof hit childhood was his shrewdness
in 1 trading for which ho had I remarkable pro
pensity Ho was never averse to swapping
jaokknivos or trading off any other article he
mlgbthapnon to possess but It was n smart
boy who over got the start of Diy Travora in
any such transaction
As 1 lad ho attended prlvnto or select school
on Churh street near Franklin this city
then kept by vanning Worth formorlynprofcs
i ear or tutor iq i Columbia College This school
many ot ho older buslnoen men of at
tended in > boyhood Travurs boarded near Bt
Johns Parkbf which the notihborfl had the
HBO and when ho was around tho play became
too earnest for tho smaller ones and Diy was
pronounced L terror jby tho parents of tho
other boys How long ho remained 0 pupil at
Mr Worth school Is not remembered but
hea ho bid satisfied his cravings for book
learning witch were not then inordinate ho
returned tePaUraon and entered the office of
one of his fitKorfl will as a bookkeeper Ho
then oontUtoradhliriHol lf 0 young mIl fixed
for life Tliutno biul had I tustu of city lire In
comparison which existence at Iateruon
seemed tame d unprofitable baclosoof
business on Saturdays brought him with won
derful regularity to Now York wIero be spent
the imainder of tho day ra t following
lilinday He put up at the Astor Mouse and
r hampasne bills abput absorbed his weeks
Quatntanoofl stipend and increased largely Ils circle of I
Alter one or two yours pxperiqpeo be voted
bookkeeping bore and llfo lni4torron un
nnduratue He br lw persudsdbbuseif
that h might knowmo tAm a Jis 41d with
proat t h t Wba I lor more
entered the olasa ot 1830 ot which On William
T Sherman was a member On Sherman I
recalling h old classmate says
llo was a bright studious manly young
fellow standing well up In his class and
would certainly have graduated with dlsUp u
woud oernl hvo wth dlstl
tlon But unfortunate impediment in his
speech which ho struggled heroically but
vainly t overcome convinced him that ho
would never b suited for military life I and a
he was too honorable t enjoy tho nations
bounty of 1 liberal 1 education for which be
could not render tho Implied return ho re
signed after two years 11rlod
But though ho could not consistently with
his own convictions complete the course at
West Point hohad nevertheless determined
on a full course of study and on his return to
this city ho entered Columbia College and
graduated In 18 His fate gave him 0 form
near Perth Amboy At that time the silkworm
craze was nt its height and young Travors
covered his a far with mulberry yunl and tire
posed making 0 fortune out of coon lao
or two men ear of that experiment satisfied h
rent ste
and he quit it a loser
His next movement was to Baltimore when
ho formed 0 partnership Wllmot Johnson
under tbo firm namo Johnson Travpra Tho
business was wholesale groceries with a gen
oral produce commission attachment The
era did not prosper and after a desperate
struggle of 0 few years Its career terminated
in n disastrous failure In 1853 leaving Travors
then but young man sadly Involved in debt
Nor was his father then able t render him
further assistance Ho wasthrown entirely
I upon hla own resources
During hla short residence in Baltimore Mr
Travers h formed an acquaintance with
ha Iwlh
Miss Louisa Johnson daughter of tho eminent
lawyer and statesman Boverdy Johnson and
undaunted by his business failure pressed his
suit for her hand It was a case of mutual affep
tlon and Mr Johnson consented t the match
Mr Tracers took his bride to Patron at
first In time he formed 0 partnership with
Edward H Miller and entered Wall street o 1
broker He became a member of the Stock
Exchange on July 96 1891 Tho firm did ago
good business and made money from the start
but for some reason was continued only a
couple of years lon the mea time however
Mr Trovers brought his family to this city
which has ever since boon their homo During
tho continuance of this firm also Mr Travers
was enabled from thl share of tho profits to
pay off the debts of the unfortunate Baltimore
enterprise satisfying not merely his own share
but that of his partner a well with scrupu
lous insistence paying a hundred ont on
every dollar with accrued Interest
In regard to those old debts 0 characteristic
rgar rotated Meeting one of the Balti
more creditors one day ho accosted him thus
Mr orlor hold nnote against JJJohn
son ct Trovers Wwnatll you ttako for It 7
Well Mr Trovers you havo been unfortu
nate you need not trouble yourself about that
note was the reply
Hove you ggot tho note wwitb you f per
sisted Traverse
t Yo here i Is 1681 with three years in
for terestWwlll It you ttako fflfty cents on the dollar
ItA Y0 was tho ready reply but I am
not in need of the money and It can just a
well wait until it is convenient for you to pay
Wwoll I may a well ttako I up nnow ns
any ttlme FllIty ont on a ddollor you
soldYes Ill accept that or less if it will accom
modate you
lo made a hasty calculation and then
wrote 1 check for 203101 principal and inter
est and handed it to the surprised creditor
est hade I srld orlor
demanding tho surrender of the note The
creditor afterward became one of Travorss
rtr aftra bao I
After parting with Miller Travers formed a
new partnership with Leonard Jerome which
was B a successful venture The ilrm lasted
but two years and In that time its losses ex
ceeded ear I at its termination tho
net profits lot a balance tho credit of tho
partners of about 350000 Smoothen though
per and Travers havo remained close
friends most of tho time occupying the samo
ofllco and haveboth been largo operators
each has been independent of tho other
Throughout his career In Wall street Mr
Thughont h carer
Travers has been known o Q bear With rare
exceptions ho ha operated for a declineIn
prices One of Ills Intimates once chided him
for his persistency in that lion pointing t the
prltnoyn ttJ to
greater success other noted individuals had
met with by bulling the market Travors r
plied bung ar ggood ffcllows rvor Im
Kglad theyve mmade money They couldnt
havo mmode any If tnerodibbeen no bbl
to skin Ive had Iota of ftun and mmada oil
the money I wanted tot mm
Thl3 anecdoteillustrates a tratUttihfltnns
t1Wtta m
chandler Ho was flower envious or jealous of
the success of others Indeed always seemed
to please him to hoar of anything by which another
other operator had made a good turn
Mr Travors confined himself very largely to
n legitimate brokerage business only on rare
occasion operating ooblaown account though
when he did BO ma transactions were usual
ly large and conducted Wtn great shrewdness
und sagacity But such was 1 reputation in
the street that he never lacked customers and
his commissions aggregated a very large an
nual income Ig wo ho Inclined to humor
other In BpoculaUonBiliather In his Inimit
able way clothing his advice with humor
whenever his sound judgment s admonished i
he would advise the customer not t operate
Thus Ole day a wellw came t
him and said Trvets yu are a bar and
always prdlctla afa i th market hlyon
should say any stock was going up there would
b almost a certainty tot it would advance
Now I havo just mortgaged my house and
have got the money mora shall I buy V
Bbuy the mmortgogo was the response
I is related of l Travers that te all his ca
rver tat
reer in tho street he never pressed an unfortu
nate debtor On the contrary he was always
among the first to sign off its claims against
of hi aaist
any who had failed generously giving tom an
opportunity t resume business and recover
o1Prunity rve
their lossos In this way ho has signed oil
hundreds of thousands of dollars of just of
some of which howovor were honorably paid
when the debtor again got on his feet But
this was not always tho case Ono wellknown
operator failed owing Travers 80000 His
transactions had ownl crooked and his failure
was generally reported t be a swindle Tho noxt
day Travers firmly avowed that be would never
sign off that debt and forbade thoso in his em
ploy from doing sp A year later the man was
In the street operating again and was believed
to bo making money Jlr ravels manager
went t tho bookkeeper and demanded the
mans account The bookkeeper replied that
It had been signed off by Mr ravel The
manager went Immediately to Mr Trnvors
about it and exhibited no little feeling against
the debtor Travers replied
to John Id bbe ashamed to kkoop mmad at
amman 0 whole year
Mr Trovers has not boon actively In bust
ness in his own name since 1870 But he has
consIderable capital yet invested In special
larnerbhs lie was I special partner In the
wolknown firm of Van 8chn luror 3lnflit
Later ho established the house of Prlnco k
Douchy His capital also backed tho firma of
llumo i4 Van Emburch now Van Embunh k
Atterbury in which he still retains 1 largo
special interest Uo also started the firm of
Prince t Wliltely In 1875 and still retains his
connection with It In 1870 ho embarked con
siderable capital III tho cotton firm of French
J 1 Travors cali which bin oldest son John IBm
ua ucuvo partner Inn arm maao money
rapidly John Trovers share making him independent
dependent years ago
Everybody who know Mr Travera has n
Travors story to toll Ono of tho best of his
recorded sayings la i his wellknown reply to a
hl welknow rlIY 0
Baltimore friend who mot him I this city and
upbraided him for stammering worse than ho
did when ho lived In the onunlllul City
The rlply came InstnnUy Ho to lbbl
ger lflulee Time exceeding geniality of time
gonlulty tlo
man JIICj liberality which was proverbial his
abundant knowledge of men ond things his
fondness for tho society of men of character
and lib uniform readiness t contribute to tho
pleasure of thoso in whoso company ho might
bo made him universally popular and he WAS
everywhere sought nor He developed in his
boyhood a fondness for athletic sports and all
through his life h ban boon a liberal patron of
the turf of wrestling and boxing matches and
of all manly diversions of that nature lie bud
a largo Interest in Jerome Park nod the Trnv
era Stakes ar an old standby
Among the thirty odd clubs of which ho was
a member vgre the American Jockey Club of
which bo was I director and VlcoIronidenti
the Coney Island Jockey Club and thn Mary
land Tockoy Club Ho wns milan President of
tho Now York Athlotlo Club and of the Racquet
Club Lambs Club com pORod principally of
members of tho theatrical profession found
him 1 most valuable member He wax n mem
ber also of the Union Manhattan Knicker
booker Turf and Lotos Out the Tuxedo and
Country Clubs thov Maryland Club in Haiti
more the Philadelphia Club In Philadelphia
0 club In Washington and 1 score of other
Tho wife ho married in IBM survives him
The nine children who have been born to thorn
oil survlvo i They are Mitt M M Trovers Mrs
James Wadsworth Mrs George Fearing Mrs
JJuer 11f ublo and MIs8 Ilntlda Trayers
mind John William ILJr and ltevcpIyJohmueon
llvcn They are all comfortably provided
for Independently of any provisions which may
bo contained in their fathers will for in
his lifetime ho presented thorn each with a
lotro Jhom
handsome house and Bottled t incomes upon
them pufllclent for their support
Mr Truvoras fortune I variously estimated
at from 13000000 55000000 Though hi hail
mado money rapidly and umntorrupudiy Imt
lug tim past I thirty yearn his wellknown cou
eroslty cost him largo Bums Ho gave con
stantly In private charities and his purse was
always open t any really deserving appeal It
much has been as he estimated saved that be gave away Quito us
muc svul
facts Abemt the Xaeht Thistle Now BalUU
lug t Rues with Our Bool
BOSTON March 27Tho Scotch cutter
Thistle now building In Scotland from plans
by Mr George L Watson will be about 00 foot
on the water line Bho will b 4 010 foot
longer than the Oalatea and 1 310 feet wider
on the bam The Gonosta is 0 feet shorter
and is 5 Joet narrower Longer than tho Gala
ta with more beam nnd with considerable
more sail area sho will no doubt havo great
driving power and this is just what Mr Wat
son has always advocated that tho hull must
b mado to correspond with the driving power
which is to be put upon It From thoso moss
uremonts it appears that tho Thistle is a out
ter built especially for moderate weather
though with her width > moerato bam and depth
sho will l prove u groat cutter in nil kinds
of weather and with tho enormous situ
spread that oho will carry will prove fast In
wi car
Uttit winds She Is so powerful that she will I
30 able to carry s sails in the strongest
winds and will stand up like a church steeple
She will have 3W feet less beam than the Moy
flow sr and 4110 feet more drought Compar
ing her with tho Puritan she vil1 b 10 foot
onger on the waterline and abut throe foot
loss beam with five feet more draught Bho
will bo able to carry as great a sail area ns tho
0 si nrR
1 b t car gnt
Puritan and over a fortymile course will have
to allow her by a rough estimate seven min
utes of time >
If tho measurements given are tho actual
ones tho Thistle Is tho longest racing cutter
yet built and will prove a formidable onteg
buit wi
onist to the American sloops now that the
longest of them tho Mayflower is going
abroad The correspondent at Glasgow who lur
fishes i these figures also says that the cutter is
of steel with smooth plating above the water
line and In and out plating below The
official measurements with the fomaI ehaI
lenge wore forwarded to the Now lork Yacht
Club a row days ago and will soon bo in their
Ike Janped frs a Train Bragging her
Mother with her but Escaped Uninjured
PBOVTDKNOB March 27In tho parlor car
Pequot on the Shore line train from Now York
which was duo in this city at 355 P M today
were Mrs L Kendall 73 years of ago Miss
Jessie Thnrston her daughter both of Port
land Me and Walter 0 Porter 30 years old
Mrs Kendalls grandson Thoy wore on their
way to Portland from Jacksonville Pie
When the train going at the rate of fortyfive
miles on hour was approaching Norwood six
miles from hero Miss Thurston camo out of
the toilet room whither she had boon followed
by the older lady and suddenly opened the
door of the car and wont out on the platform
The next Instant she leaped from the train
Her mother had kept close to her
and when she realized the latent ot
her daughter she seized her by the
skirts and was dragged off the train The
train was backed and to the surprise of oil
the two women were found alive In the nnnd of
the roadbed Mrs Kendalls right arm was
broken in four places and her head bruised
but she is not considered anngerously hurt
Miss Thurston suffered no other injury than
scratches on her face whore Bho struck the
sand It Is said that the recent death of a rel
ative in Florida had upset thin young womans
mind and at times she has boon violent
The CalnndKeptBy until Snow Squall
Came Upon Them In the Night
The Dutch steamship Caland got Into port
yesterday with a big load of cabin and steer
age passengers and some bad news about the
steamship Salerno ot Hull which eho fell In
with on the afternoon ot Wednesday March 23
in latitude rU longitude 57 ° 58 about 850
miles southeast ot Halifax The Salerno
Which Capt BocJrs was bringing from Copen
hagen to New York was under Ball Blearing
northnorthwest with bar engines disabled
It was 3 oclock in the afternoon whoa the
vessels met TheSalerno asked to be taken
In tow6btTth re > was a very htch cross sea
running and stormy weaThbr Tretnthe south
west iwfaich prevented tho Caland from get
this hawsari aboard Capt Bonier of the
f nd agreed to stay by tho damaged steam
hItlp and await hotter weather
lathe night the storm increased and rain
and snow minified with the high winds Tire
Salerno was Balling north by west mind cover
ing about four miles an hour The Culand
steamed slowly alter her At midnight a snow
squall oamo down upon the Caland and she
lost sight of the Salerno
Capt Bonier says hn searched around for
her until 7 oclock in the morning and having
come to tho conclusion that the Salerno had
kept off for more speed toward Halifax ho
beaded his vessel for this port The Salerno
showed no blue Tights of rockets when the Co
land lost sight of her
The Salerno is an Iron brigrigged sterna
ship of 1659 tons with engines of 180 horse
power She woo built nt Hull England by
Enrlos Ship and Engine Company In March
1879 and Is owned by T Wilson lions A Co
She is 290 feet long 35k beam and 25 deep
The Salerno last arrived hero on Jan 20 and
soiled fob 1 She carried no passengers then
and rarely carries passengers Its crew is not
The Woman Suicide Pocket Fall Money
The body of the woman found hanging the
area way of the Eat Third Erect cash factory wa
Identified at the Moriue yesterday by Bernard Jacob ot
43 Suffolk Street as that of hit wife Margaret He could
gIve no explanation ot her suicIde When Undertaker
Code wa preparing the body for the coma he found ft
secret pocket In the petticoat In which were f2a8 part
In noteeand part In gold ond the woman marriage eec
tlOoate which ahe bad removed from Its frame when
ebe left home
Mr Jacobl uy that n pair ot valuable gold bracelet
that he owned nro not to be found at theheuse and
were not on the body when It fell into the band of the
Jerome Ilopkln Provoked
Mayor Hewitts speculations on the moral ef
fect of oratorio provoked by a letter of Inquiry from
Jerome Hopkins ha provoked itr Ilopain lie says ID
a letter In reply z
Your Honor ha treated the concert saloon and Son
day liquor topics with inch dUtlnftulihed ability that U
was surely venial for me to compliment your Honor with
belnK quite as much of an export In I music us in beer but
I ionfeu my astonishment on seeing a serious
artistic and moral agent so flippantly dIsmissed by your
Honor Doubtless in soy taking your Honor for a inuvl
eel expert and your Honor thinking me an lObe both
were mistaken Obediently your Jasoss Uorgisa
A Speck Bevolnllon In Spain
MADIUD March 27 The rumors current
during the poll two days of the discovery of a dynaitlo
conspiracy have been confirmed by the arreit of many
pertone connected with the plot Among the prisoner
are several Ialace oUlcial the Palace armorer and a
relative of a well known lnlsterUllnt Deputy The
Deputy alluded to will quemion tIme Uoverainent In Con
sTeel tomorrow with reference to the sOil
Emperor William Better
BERLIN March 37 Emperor William who
bu been lufferinc from a cold passed a good night
and wa able to deep with the exception of a few Inter
val ot wakefulness The eye which bad become in
n tnAf1 la better
Gen Qulncy Committed Hnlclde
BOSTON March 97The melancholy fact has
become known that Gen Samuel M Qulncy who died
on Thursday at Keene N II and who was burled today
In thl cur took hIs own life Uen Qulncy It to sold
was a victim of the opium habit and in a ill of deiuoit
deucy blew out his bruin
A Burglar without n Pletol
James Daly broke In the basement ot Eugene
ItouweU1 house at Vii Weit Thirteenth street on Sitar
day nljIt til woe picking up clothing In the hallway
when Mr Kuuwell rains down stairs Xialy did not have
a uttol and Mr liouivell iiipiurert him lie wa held fur
trial at Jcllerwn Market ye terdy
KnIghts ef Labor NomInate a Mayor
The Knights of Labor held a convoption yes
terdsy And iiomInatii exMayor Nuthan Jiarnert a
Ijoiaucrat for baytr td lmitereun they also deoidcQ to
rnntullticketsluall the wards
The Her Buy Palmer Dying >
The Ilov liny Palmer time hymn writer Is
dying at his residence Liu Jount flraiant arrnue Jietr
ark Iowa pruitruted on Toe uay by a complication
of Uletane
f I
She Crosses the Victory Line
at Steam Oar Speed
Many Days of Racing Through Cyclones
and Tremendous Seas
The Journey Mode In 14 Day IV Horn
fid Mlnate Alt oit at a taadttlll fr
Two DayThe Record Unbeaten Xx e
on the Last BayBn T ted tike Chip I
a Mill BamTha Coronet Will Challenn I
tho Baantleo to Kace BackA RepayS
that the Dauntless has Arrived Disabled
CtwritU 1887 bIt Tni Bust rrtiillitff asS FuMiMtf
QUEKKSTOWN March 27All through this
quiet little town and for miles into the green
country around it the news has been spread
ing that a great race across the ooaa was to
bo ended hero and a great deal of fame and f
money gained by the ablest sailors in the fast
est yacht Tho telegraph office has been the 4
centra ot the place and the correspondents of
the Now York papers down from London In 3
force have marvelled to loam the richness of
tho Irish tongue as regards the pronouncing of
Coronet and Dauntless For a week rumors ot 4
all sorts hare kept every one anxious and this b
morning reliable news finally came that the
Coronet bad boon Boon flying along off the t
coast and that the oat ot the fine struggle was
coming The enthusiasm immediately dis
played was creditable to the people of Queens
town and flattering to American yachtsmen
Every ono who had on American flag spread it
out and the population promptly formed It
self Into a thick black excited ribbon along the
shore In the meanwhile a swarm of small
boats woro desperately pulling over the choppy
water and black clouds of smoke marked
the progress of a race between tho launch ot
the loyal Cork Yacht Club the steam tug that
was getting there in the interest ot THE SuitS
readers and about all tho other boats going by
steam ot which Quoonstown can boast The
first glimpse of the yacht showed that she had
crossed the ocean bravely and had known how j
to moot all the hard treatment that Neptune
had prepared The wind was good and stiff 1
Under all plain sails the flying jib and main
topmast staysail with the Stars and Stripes
flapping with the Now York Yacht Club and
her own flags sho camo flying along model
of grace and beauty The white gulls wheeled
and dived In the sunlight about her It was a 4
picture to warm every sailors heart
CIIOSSINO THE vicinity wig
The line that she must cross to complete her
victory stretched across a narrow neck of wa
ter between Bochos Point and Weaver Point
through which the waters of the ocean tumble
into the harbor As eho came flying to her
journeys end sharp gusts coming across from
Itochos Point caused tho beautiful spread ot
canvas to bo lessoned by the topsails stay
sails and flying jib A few minutes afterward
she crossed the line hcraMod by the booming
of her cannon and the clouds ot white smoke t t
that shot out from her dock announced that
the journey was done
It was just a few seconds before 1250
oclock The root time taken to run the race
was 11 days 19 hours 50 minutes and 3 sec
onds The apparent time duo to the suns
tendency deceive those who accompany bin
around the earth was 11 days 23 hours 59 min
utes 8 seconds In that time the yacht had
ploughed through 2879 knoUCor 3328 statute
miles of salt water a very large proportion
the salt water having presented itself in the
shape of largo mountains with valleys to 4
match between them 4
Tho members of the Cork Yacht Club who
bad gone down to meet tho Coronet had enter
tained a settled conviction and the newspaper
men had cherished a alight hope that they
would bo taken on board at the point and t
shaken by the band No such thing happened
The yacht which at a distance seemed to bo
gliding along gently was discovered on nearer
acquaintance to bo rushing through the water
at a steam car rate of speed and it kept right
on in its journey toward Queenstown after the 4
imaginary finishing line had been crossed
The Quoonstown fleet ot steamships struggled v
humbly along behind They learned perhaps 4
that they were not so swift as they had thought
and took a lesson in humility They couch
up when the journey up the harbor compelled
the yacht to tack and then the end ot Usa 4
yachts journey became a triumph m
Flags were dipped all about Everybody In
the swarm of boats cheered never minding
the salt spray which blew down his throat
The crowds on shore cheered with an energy
that was frantic and kept it up long after the
lost white soil nod boon culled down and the
Coronet had anchored at her journeys end
before the Cork Yacht Clubhouses Members
ot the club swarmed aboard Two boat loads
of officers arrived from the English guard ship
Bovengo attired in their most gorgeous finery j
Congratulations were poured out invitation
to dinner wore accepted and little by little the Y
story of the trip come out It was told in
pieces and the pieces flew all through the town
as they came out
One fact Oiled with proud joy every heart on
board It was that not a single thing on board
had been torn or broken or Injured with a
solitary exception The exception was the IY
melancholy brooking of thirtytwo pieces of
crockery which wrung the heart ot Edward
OLoughlln a steward from Cork who loved
Mr Bushs fine china
The feature of the voyage and that which
seemed to have vastly impressed everybody ijij 1
was tho terrible storminess of the trip Every S
hardened mariner on board admitted that the
mountains ot water which be had mot before
were trifling molehills compared to the moun
tains which the Coronet had had to climb over
or cut through Tho voyago had been a lonely m
one and o dismal one as trips are when no one
is in eight mind there Is a chance of finishing
them In o better world Throe miles outside ot
Sandy Hook Lightship the Dauntless was loft
hull down und the voyage was begun In
earnest The loneliness the llttlo boat on a
uig ocean ucean to no jolt
A northwest breeze a clear sky and the
sighting ot a westbound steamer were the
features ot the first days sailing Dulncsa I
marked the Oral lire days in which 110209
miles woro covered When men take their
liven in their bonds so bravely it is painful to
relate their llttlo weaknesses but on this oa
camden It is necessary in order that the public
may know why the first days of the voyage
were dull A small yacht is the plaything
the water Tho Coronet jumped and danced
and plunged and rolled agonizingly and allot
the mariners not connected with the crow were
seasick It was no disgrace to them for oven
Mr Whittier the mate was sick too and n i
shared the goncrul misery On Thursday there
come an interruption to tbodulness and an I
aggravation of the dreadful seasickness The
Coronet met the equinoctial gales and export
Qmtinvtd on Third fagt

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