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W t tm i
l Basket of Xttt Found Near the Mnr
I dered Girl aud the Nnm Timothy
Byrne May be Important ClarA Mon
Named Byrne Known to Huve Been In
tereatlnc Hlmselfln Iu on Thursday In
Company with a Girl lust IIke the
Dead GlrlA Possible Clue In This City
Tho ulrl who was found dead covered with
wounds nnd bruises her throat cut and her
head stamped Into tlio soft earth by the road
side In tho outskirts of Railway oarly on last I
Saturday morning has not boon Identified > ot
but yesterday botno light was thrown on tho
dark mystery Biuroundlng hor death by ndls
uovory made by the reporters It was learned
that a man who told ono person at least that
his name was Bj me wont accompanied by two
Klrls on Thursday through tho country near
Itahway looking up people who hatch chick
una artificially Timothy Byrne was tho
name In rubber lot
tors 011 tho pencil
stamp found In tho
locked black bagthat
contained tho mur
dered gills clothing
The fact that BKIIO
was visiting Incuba
t toN brought to mind I
the fact that basket
d ot broken eggs was
found near tho I
l r
L TnE SOItDLREC eitt corpse Doc a I s o I
there were nino eggs In tho basket instead of
I n half or a whole dozen tho number that a per i
poibvyonld usually buy nt H store there scorns
to be good ronson to suppose that the eggs woro
not to be used in tho ordinary way but for In
cubating purposes
Other pieces of ovhleneo that are aiding In
Iho investigation ot tho crime tiro tho womans
handkerchief with tho niiino K M t Xoorz or
Nor tho collar button nuukcd N ° a hair
brush on tho back of which were scratched
with n pin tho letters T B which would
stand for Timothy Byrne and tho brown bone
button with a bold eo The button is large
enough t have dono service on au overcoat
Borne people have been thinking that since
Byrne is nn Irish name tho murdered girl was
very likely of Irish nationality Nooryvuiiuht
bo Irish and K tho first lnltlil of tim gltls
name Is very common In Irish names Thomas
Marston the machinist in llloodgoods mills
put the reporters on the track of the man who
was rporer Incubators Ianton thought
tho man must havo been an 1 Englishman bo
cauio whoa ho inquired his way of MarstonH
family bo used tho term hennery In speaking
of a poultry yard
Tlio man Mrs Marston said stopped
outside of lOT house at about 2 oclock on
Thursday afternoon and asked my daughterS
S the direction to IJoiinntts hennery Ho was 0
ri little over medium height and had a sandy
complexion handy board and reddish mous
I tuche sprinkled with gray Ho wore n high
hat He was accompanied by two young women
nicely dre > bcet but not exactly in 11 present
fashion Ono of the girls was of stouter build
limn tho other who was rather slender
The slighter girl was dark comploxionod
while tho plump girl had brown hair
and light features The blonde ono
wore a brownish green dress and hud a light
Iur boa tied around hor neck 1 did not notice
the t naming on her dress but I saw that hhe
earrl J 1 black parasol In her hand Hho
felled weary and she rtu ed u little behind
her companions while tho man was making
his inquiries The darkhtilrod girl teemed to
be on better terms with tho man than the
other When my daughter told them that
Bennetts was a mile oil tho tired girl remarked
Oh donrl I wish I had not come I whore
upon the man broke into a loud and coarse
laugh Tho man Impressed mo us being pe
culiar When wo llrst bow him we took him to
be the father tho two girls but alter they
had gone I saul to my daughter
Th nt man cant bo tlio futhinr nfthoso nice
girls Ho is too Queer 1 oo
The description that Mrs Mnrston nnd her
daughter give of tho stout llghttomplcxloncd
girl answers r clcvolv that of tho lead girl
Her clothes are unite accurately described
oldfashioned especially in the point that they woro u little
Mrs Tlace on whoso stoop tho man nnd tho
two girl stood while inquiring heir war to
Bennetts paid that if she were to look at the
face of the dead girl to see I she could reeOK
nteo it IIH that of ono of these girls sho would
want to see it w 1th tho hair banned which was
Iho way the girls wore theirs undertaker
Ityno has combed tho hair of tho dead gill
straight buck oil her forehead which
gives her face a decidedly different ap
pearance from that which it presented when
tho body was found on tho roadside
Mn IJao said that sho took the man to bo
the father of the girls Hho also noticed that
ono of the girls seemed to remain u little aloof
from hor cODlallol On what is called the
Black road leading to Crnnford just abovo
Maratons tho three people stopped at I little
pchool houso und asked tho children who vvero
just coming out i they wore on the right road
t Bennetts Tenyonrold WosloyFluco said
that the man wore I high hat anti n blue over
coat Ho had I black beard In tho country
about Itahw ay u stIlT hat Is usually spoken of
as a high hat so It is llkolv that the man woro
a dorby hat and not I silk hat From tho school
house the man and girls went without further
InnulrlfiH to Bennetts is on the Crnnford road
ln Emerson Mrs Bennetts motherinlaw
euys that Hue was busy entertaining company
when tho man culled
Wo dont usually allow strangers to look
through our chicken house sho said unitS
I called down from up stairs your name
l Dime the man answered Well I re
plied you have ladies with you You may
look nt the Ilcubntor
t Mrs Emerson says sho sent herhlrod girl with
tho people to tho incubator and that thu man
made measurements of the chicken houses and
made a careful examination of everything
about tho incubator When they came out of
tho poultry yard they stopped in tho garden
I where tim girls were admiring the flowers
when Mrs Emerson camo out and spoke to
them Tho man told her that lie but n farm iu
Virginia and ho expolod to make n bUblJ t
of incubating lie said the younglndleshiveii il
elizabeth and that he was visitIng them 1hoy
had walledho saidfrom Cranford to Emersons
and no asked Mn Kim rhon whether tlio t shorter
way to return to Elizabeth by train was by
going to liahway or Cranford Mn limorbon
advised him to follow the Black road to Crun
ford He told Mrs Emerson several times that
he le sorry that hor husband was not at
homo us Irr wished to lenin more about tho
Incubating business from him Mrs Emerson
told him that Mr Bennett could bo soon at
homo in the evening or on Hundiiys
I could not cOle on Sunday Byrne Bald
an I shall probably Imvo cone homo by than
lira Emerson In dithciibitig tho three persons
used the expression that tho girls looked more
like ladies than tho man resembled 0 gentle
man but that tho mans appearance and be
havior had been perfectly proper The three
people returned past tho school house and
were observed by JIIRt teacher Miss May Ear
Jiiss Earl said yesterday that the man up
poured to her to bo not nioro than 30 years old
and nolthor of the girls looked older than 2
A young woman In Farmer Bullmnns houso
bald she saw the trio from her window The
man hud n black beard mind ono of tho girls
wore u long jacket with a hood Iiich of time
girls carried a muff They none down from
Bennetts laughing at something which tho
man took from his pocket and showed them
The man eoomod to bestow more attention
upon one of his companions than upon tho
other and she noticed that In going down an
embankment the man assisted ono of tho girls
and paid no attention to tho other In Cran
ford the reporter learned that a Dan of
hand complexion with sandy whiskers
who had tho girls with him bad inquired In thu
railroad station 4imo way to Uennottnlncuba
torn The proprietor wnr tho Central Hotel In
Cranford said that I man answering the sumo
description had como into his hotel at about 4
oclock on Thursday afternoon and asked if
thero wore any chicken incubators In tho
neighborhood Tho hotel keeper said that he
IKilnted out Jit Avorys to the man who joined
two women Who were waiting for him In the
road This man and time two girls took tho 6W
Iold noon down train from Cranford on that after
The ticket agent at tile Now Jersey Central
Itailroad station iu Elizabeth said that on
Thursday afternoon ho Hold three excursion
tickets for Cranford to a man whom ho said
answered the reporters description of Byrne
but ho did not notice who was with tho man
Who bought tho three tickets Tlie tickets
vvoio Used on tho 604 P 1 train for Cranford
The agent mid I man who looked very much
tikei the roan to whom ho hold tlm throe tickets
on Thursday bought of biO yobtorduy au ox
ourMnii ticket to 1ranford and used It on the
8131 M train from Elizabeth
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad ticket agent In
the hnmo depot Raid lie had not sold I ticket
from Elizabeth to Virginia since a week ago
IriHt Thursday
Byruf sirki not be traced after boarding I
the cam at Cranford nt 845 P 3f on Thurs
day The train wan for Now York but if
Byrne is tho man who bought tho three excur
sion tickets ho got oft with the girls nt Eliza
belli Nothing could b learned last night in
Elizabeth of tho man or girls Byrno
may have looked UP moro Incuba
tom near Ilahvyny on UT mor nnd been
accompanied by both or only ono of his com
pardons of tho previous day I there woro two
girls with Byrno and Byrne was the Beltway
nuirdcrnr the othor girl may bo accounted for
I tho statement of lilIes Curs an old negro
llo says that hn sewn woman running very
hard on Contra nvouuo between West Or
avenue and the scene of the murder nt day
break on Haturday morning tho morning time
body was found Curts was crossing 1 lot to
IlL Into Central avenue and wtin ou high
ground and could BOO tho woman plainly Lute
was punting from her run and sudden
ly stopped R If to pick up something
torts watched her closely and saw her tour
away n piece of her dross which
nlwly nl pllco Ilr dr8S win drugging
WI drallln
1 the mud mil then throw tho ploco away
Having ran n little further she stopped and did
time same thing this time tearing off nnl still
largerpiece of cloth Tho pieces which were
110cel wcr
of dark blue alpaca ware picked up yesterday
from tho muddy rood Also close by t there was
found wJtiSKoy a small glass flask partly llllod with rjo
I tho girls wore together when tho crime
was committed tho woman soon on tho high
way may have been tho companion ot tho dead
8til and may havo remained by her body until
nyllghtmndo I necessary for her to hasten
away This conclusion must of course be
basod upon tho theory that Byrne murdered
tho girl and that she was ono of his two com
panions most likely tho ono ho showed tho loss
regard for I is ohv Iqus from the contents of
tho murdered girls bag that she was going
somewhere to stay nt toast over night Hho
carried n night gown and a brush and comb
Tho polico found yesterday n coat and n pair
ot trousers In tho Itahwny cemetery Thor
wan no blood on tho clothing which tins
stained nnd old Tho garments vvero first
peon by some boy who reported er thor
was blood on them
Timothy Byrno is tho name of n prominent
Now Jersey politician who lives in Atlantic
County near Atlantic City A tetcgiam sent
her yesterday brought back word that Mr
Bynio bad left his home two woekn ago for
Wlntnh Utah Territory 1residont Cleveland
appointed Byrne an Indian agent and after
ward removed him because charges wore
ehlrlos wor
made Unit Byrne was discriminating against
Itoinun Catholics Byrne came on to Wash
ington disproved tho charges and lately was
reappoInted by the President In 188U Byrne
was I Presidential elector
A story that a man who carried n basket of
eegs had taken 1 young woman Into A W I
MoiTcltts road houR near Bloodgoods mills I
on tho night of tho murder to buy her a drink
nnd that she had refused to tnko liquor wan
denied yesterday by Mr MofTeltt who declared I
that for I thom was not a particle of foundation
George Washington Gregory Is tho name of
tho mysterious man who said on Sunday that
ho recognized the girl but would not talk about
hor Tho pole regard Gregory ns a crank
They kept him under surveillance until 2
o clock jestorday morning when they lot him
go Late last night Gregory returned to Itah
way and registered nt Chamberlains Hotel
Gregory is about 48 years old has a hatchet
shaped face blue eyes and ho wears sandy
hair and whiskers His description is not un
like that of Byrne Gregory told the police
that ho had boon In an Insano asylum and that
lie had worked in an iron foundry He had
come to Newark ho said from Goshon
N Y His trunk 6 in Newark and
ho had given tho chock to I good
looking gv nt tho depot On Thursday
Gregory said he wont to Farmer Adams
house at Six Roads two miles from Milton nnd
remained with Adams over Friday night On
Haturday hn was In Ituhway Gregory men
tioned that ho had 5 t cents The police pulled
nut his pockets and discovered a revolver a
Russian leather pocketbook containing 1702
and this letter
WiuwtcK N Y March 17 87
Q IF Grrgnry
Pxm Slit 7r think I have settled your woman difficult
ruTty You have scut me no mnne > as you promised
but If you will semi me fM I tblnk I will lou yoLi a way
by v > mcb ou can remarry without criminal danger
Tho imprint on tho top of tho letter paper
showed that Beattlo was a lawyer A telegram
was sent to him and he replied as follows
Know Gregory ten years llo neverwas insane
Does he need help f
Gregory wore I newpalr of trousers Ho
said he bought them of Tailor Cleonto Miller in
railway which proved to b correct Ho said
ho had loft his old ones at Former Adlls
The poltwrsawtho trouMrBTanifloiineVno
blood stains on thorn Fanner Adams also
satisfied tho polleo that Gregory passed all of
Friday night In bell pWsel
I jou think I murdered tho girl said
Gregory to the police when they released him
why just think 80
J 0 Hliniler of Linden wrote to Chief of
Police Tooker yesterday that tho girl who I
selected a puir of shoes at A Turners shop in
Itahwuy on Friday night and did not cull
again was his servant Eliza Murphy Turner
had thought that it might have been the
murdered girl who tried on the shoes
The woman who camo from Now York on
Sunday to look at tho body and mysterIously
hinted that she know who tho clrl was did not
return to Ituhway yesterday hue is Mrs Mc
Gnoniyof USor32 East Thirtyseventh Street
Constable Jack Vervaleu of Cranford told
Mr Avery tho Incubator man that ho would
arrest as tho murderers two men who live In
Cranfoid One of time mon bad been In tho
penitentiary and tho othor fellow was just
about as bad a character Ono of tho
mon tho constable said had ben keep
lug company with tho murdered girl
for two years and the murdered Ir bo
longed In the country murnrel Crunford
Charles Schmidt a steamship agent of Broad
street Kllzihoth and his daughter Hutla
lowed tIme remains yesterday They said that
after reading the description of the girl In the
PlPOI thoy thought that she might bo tho vv o
man who had culled upon them on lust Thurs
day afternoon and had a draft cashed They
woro Ile unable to say that tho dead girl was tho
Gov Green has offered 1500 reward for tho
capture of tho murderer Thoro is no reward
offered for tho Identification of tho dead girl
Itahwiy citizens tiro indignant at the smal re i
ward held Olt They think that at least 1500
should bu oflVuvd for tIme identification of tho
body and at least tOOU for thu capture of tho I
Two things that make it appear that tho mur
dered girl was travelling with I man mire tlio
pltci of husponders and tho liver pad found lu
hor black bug This latter looks as if It woro
dnplgneil for I man Tho preoonco of the two
white aprons in the valise looks as if time alit I
was going Into service Ono of tho aprons was
of line material white tho othor was I coarse I
apron such as would bo used in 1 kitchen
A woman who refused to give her name hut
said she lived in WIt Sixteenth street In
quired of Hargennt Wells ut tho Prince street
station house last night I the murdered girls
body had been Identified yet Hho said that
the description closely answered that of her
daughter who hud run away from homo two
> ouri ago miami marrIed I worthless follow
who It wan nf torn aid ascertained hud 1 ill
ready I been man led Her daughter hud
threatened to leave hor husband mind
ho had made throats that ho would
kill hnl Tho woman said she always told her
daughter that tlm end of her would bo Unit
she would bo murdered The woman said film
hud not seen liar daughter in two weeks und
would go to Beltway this morning
Tho gontleman who thinks that ho was a fol
low passenger on Conductor Cornells trail
from New York nt 1010 on Friday veiling
with tho rmtnlorad woman Is II K l loltit of
Itahway Ho Is l n 1 contracting agent of lImo
Pcnns ivnnlii Itiillroad Ho bus seen tho cloth
ing and the body of tho murdered woman and
is quite convinced that she in no other than tho
1110 saw leave the train Ho did not obiorvo
her before that as ho rode I In tho smoking car
Ho noticed that she did not scoin to ho familiar
10 notcod plate Hhe loft time depot In a hotl
tatlng way and so evidently did not know
vvhoio she was going that Mr joist thinks
that she may havo got on the wrong train at
Ellzabothport and Intended to walk across
country to Wostlleld n station on the other
road Time woman pusqd diagonally ntrob to
the little imrk opposite the depot and past the
corner halt wuy across Cherry street Mr Irplst
was just behind her Ho turned the cornerof
Cherry street and as he did wt limo woman ro
tiuiod her stops from time middle of the street
and followed him along up Cherry street At
II I10nt
the next corner flie turned down Campbell
street while Mr Foist went straight on to his
homo Ho noticed her waver at tho corner its
though undecided whether to go on and ho
had a good though not u closo Took at her la
sh baled under the electric light
The label containing tho words Tho Now
York and Now Jersey Express CoropanyCO Con
Inndt street and 140 Ureeno street pasted on
limo black bag found near the scone of 1 the mur
der will bu of little assistance in tracing tho
woman The Cortlandt street number Is the
stand of Lurys Now York and Puterson Ex
press and the Greene street house is the
Army building The label could not b
of help II tracing tho bug unless
of recent date which Its appearance and these
facts do not indicate Crouch A Fltgernld the
trunk manufacturers could not tell un > thing
about tho bag from its description and doubted
whether they would b able to If they saw i
Their label on the bottom of the bag gao only
limo number of their Broadway store nnd Is
thought on that account to b old and worn so
tlmt the addresses of tho branch houses were
obliterated The materialIf corroctlydescribud
ns enamelled loather would also seem to show
that tho bag was an old one as those goods
have nut been made by the firm fur yean o
They Propose to Abolish Jnry TrUls fbr
Certain CrlmnThe KittlonsttLencue Ae
cused of ITslni Dynamite and the Da
n bin Expected to Became a I itw Mr
Dillon Darkly Hint at Bloodshed
LONDON March 28ln tho House of Com
mons tonight Mr W I Smith the Govern
ment leader Intimated that tho Government
had decided to ask tho House to pass tho sec
ond rending of tho Irish Criminal Law Amend
ment bill before proposing tho usual Easter
holidays Tho Government said Mr Smith
disavowed any intention to menace tho House
but they wished tho members to understand
that tho measure was vital to order in Ireland
that it was ono upon which tho Government
staked their existence and was more impor
tant than the holidays
Mr Balfour Chief Secretary for Ireland then
moved the first reading of the Irish Criminal
Law Amendment bill Ho referred to the
terms of Mr Fatnoils proposed amendment to
tho bill In which tho Irish loader assorted that
the Houso should obtain further information
about tho condition of Ireland Mr Baltour
thought tho Farnollltos were sufficiently in
formed of tho state of tholr country and
should recognize Irish anarchy n an artificer
recognizes his own work
Time Government did not rest tho case on
statistics of agrarian crime Thoy took tho
vlow that tho amount of crime must be con
sidered in conjunction with its causes and
character Tho amount was shown In th fact
that at the urebont moment there wore 49m1
persons In Monster 175 in Connaught and i51
lu Loiuster under police protection The law
hud been set aside and tho vacuum had not
been filled by tho ordinary law Hero Mr Bal
four rend a numborof charges made by Judges
to Grand Juries showing that tho number of
parsons actually charged bore no relation to
time amount of crime Boycotting and In
timidation ho sold wore rampant in the ar
of tho country most disturbed The men who
gave thin testimony wore not partisans The
paralysis of the courts of law was on evil
necessary to be specially chocked I arose
from the difficulty of inducing intimidated
witnesses to sj > eak out In 755 cases 422 in
jured parties wore so terrified that they refused
fused to appear When evidence was obtained
juries declined oven in the clearest cases to
Hero lhl adduced a long list of cases In which
the juries had disregarded tho evidence re
seated and asked if it was to bo wondered nt
when tho national presapolated out time jury I
men giving 1 v erdlct ana hold them up to nub
ile reprobation and secret vengeance Those
persons desiring tho separation of Ireland
were ready to attain their object by tho exer
cise of avowed terrorism The jury system
thus became Impracticable liarnellito laugh
tor1 Time I place which tno law ought to till I
was occupied by tho National League Tho
membel of the League relied upon secret s
cieties dynamite and tho daggOr tho object
of which was tho bringing about of 1 state of
anarchy by means of assassination I was nn
absurd travesty of time facts to say that tho
Loaguo had any resemblance to trades unions
The Initial policy of tho League was n com
bination for 10lC plunder of Individuals with
time destruction of tho Constitution
The sneaker then gave Instances of boy
cotting but was rejientodly interrupted by de
mands from tho Famellltcs for the names of
the persons boycotted lie declined however
to glvo names unless he p1ons were beyond
time reach of members of the League
Mr Balfour next read extracts from tho
United Jrelantt disclosing the extent of the fijs
toni of terrorizing Ho said that tho latest
official return showed that 831 persons were
boycotted under orders from the League In
many districts tenant right had become value
mlny distrcts
less because no soiling of the right was possi
ble unless sanctioned by tho League No
tyranny however cruel could compare with the
anarchy resulting from tho existence of the
League tribunals
Coming to the proposals of the bill ho said
that the Government had borrowed a provision
from the Scotch system giving magistrates
power to examine witnesses on oath even
pwer 1 persons aroaw with ertniafo
meet tho difficulty of getting verdicts they pro
posed to abolish tho jury system altogether
cheers and counter cheers for certain classes
crimes giving the magistrate jurisdiction
with power to impose n maximum penalty of
six months imprisonment in cases of criminal
conspiracy boycotting rioting offences under
the Whlteboy acts assault on officers of tho
law forcible and unlawful possession and in
cases of incitement of the forecolne offences
Cheers The Government did not propose to
interfere with the liberty of the press but they
hoped that by giving magistrates the power of
summary conviction for Inciting offences they
summar omleton Incl1
would be able t prevent the press from shar
ing in crimes
The bill also gave the Government power to
change the venue of trial for graver oJTonccs
The Government felt the difficulty connected
with tho abolition of trial by jury In Ireland
and therefore proposed that tie Attorneys
General of England and Ireland in cases of
grave crime should certify when a fairer trial
could bo hud in England cheers when under
the same conditions as tn Clb of hi rhungo of
venue In Ireland tho trial should bo held In
England Cries from the Farnellltos What
part of England Irish counsel ho added
wore to b allowed to appear In English courts
tlarnolllto laughter and tho Htato would provide
Ido tho necessary funds for the conveyance of
both witnesses and luwjorn Furely political
offences such us treason treason felony and
seditious libel wore excluded from thu provisions
visions of tho bill
Tho crimes to be tried in England were mur
der attempt to murder aggravated crimes of
violence and arson In all cases tim bill ap
plied only to proclaimed districts The Vice
roy would have further powers t proclaim
dangerous iocletics found to be disturbing
peace nnd order A proclamation directed
against nul society would ho submitted to Par
liament within seven days after issuance and
I Parliament condemned I tho proclamation
would bo dropped Thu Government proposed
thittho permanency of the bill should not bu
limited to I fixed time Cheer4 Ho conclud
ed by declining that It was In tho PUUMJ of Jib
cru that I tho Government naked 11 House to
break tho yoke under which Ireland was
Jit Dillon followed Mr Balfour Ho wild
that this bill would never pass Into law Itlull
cheers I ho believed that the pooplo of Eng
land were capable of namtlonlng tho measure
he would give up forever tho hox of BAlng tho
Irish mind tile English nhnko hands Thu Irish
people would bo B ues Indcod If they submit
ted to i lllher ho would leave I country
whet o no Irishman could ihouuleii Im Jived
llko u slave or I thu people oni Illlui 11 <
wolid ho proud nnd lumpy to lead them In
battle lCleers1 The mtiiiHiiro could only re
sult In UiNlnglncriuiHod disorganisation nnd
drivhmig time people back to the honors of for
mer onl Jtnorn1 I iluil l Spender bellovlns
his illo to I Im In danger bail tho courngo to I fiun
tho people of Ireland llko I man hit sin ill
credit was due to tho prnont ovornmnnt
who did not know tho dangers they vvcio
fl I
Moi miserable excuses on which to found
coercion had never been hintd Mr Balfour
hud succeeded In proving nothing but hlx own
ignorance of the country which ho hought to
govern lime sooner Im quitted ofllco tho bolter
fOI Ireland old for himself Tho Government
wore practically treating Irishmen llko tlaves
They sought to trentn them out Iko veimlu
Tho Governniontoffotcd them the piotpectof
a favorable Luid Iinclmse bill I this Coer
cion bill passed neither n Lund Iurihaao bill
nor any othor huh measure would the to be
accepted at tho hands of tho Engllnh Parliament
Inll r Farnoll considers tho Irish Criminal Law
Amendment bill one of the strongest coercive
measures over proposed In Iarllnraont The
bill ho says even creates now offences Ho
thinks that Mr HaltomH references to tho
prusH mean that tho Government will suppress
prominent Nationalist newspapers us loon us
tho bill haH been panMd leWIPl1
A conference of Liberal Unionists will bo
held at Devonshire house on Thursday to < on
eider time Coercion bill An exchange of views
in time lobbies on the bill disclosed the fact that
6 oral of the Unionists disapprove tho meas
ure but tho mass of the party consider Its
provisions not too stringent Lord llurtlngton
und Mr Chamberlain will give a thorough sup
port to tho whole of time proposal Tho threat
ened defection of Unionists will probably not
exceed ten votes leaving tho Government still
with u potent majority
wih I Iotont
The Pnrnellltes held nn informal meeting
Iud united in denouncing what they termed
the atrocious haracter c of tho Coercion bill
Time nmoitsuro they said eonconlod under its
prvislonl towers for tho extinction of limo Ih
orlol of the press pUhlo meetings free speech
and all individual rights Tim ruraollltcs dis
regard the threats Mr fiinlih to continue time
dobato until lImo second ic lirof tIme bill
Timey say that if f time Illtl I or > inn I pitting
rostiltsin I test of physical i > > p n liiis will
be ready for the struggle
I is the opinion of many persons that Mr
Balfourrt speech which wab 01 great length
was weak diffuse confused and pointless unit
that on the first chance ho has hal to show If
he was capable of rising to a tat occasion ho
has made a notable failure
Mr 1arnell lias postponed the Introduction
of his amendment until ho consults with his
Lortt Ilartlngton is l about to Issue a mani
festo says through a now Unionist paper In I ho
We are confronted at the prpMnt moment with ft moro
acute form of the problem nt Iminrt than hut ever tieen
presented In halt times The difficulties of he problem
bare been Infeniiflf < 1 by the action of the Llbernls ho
suddenly discarding er remedy hitherto I approved br
gm oro
lime Liberals I hare made a chain of front nnpsralleleii
In completeness and rapidity limO adopted the 1Ollcr or
the avimed enemies of the Integrity of the llridsli m
Ire Their action has stimulated time I our and hopes
of the separatists 11 Is the duty of the Utieritl Union
Isle l now to endeavor to brine back the Liberals I to their
faith In constitutional reform rrtnlutelyexlwuinjr the
delusion that the abandonment K their principles or the
sacrliKu of courage of or any justice clots of their countrymen can bormoct
Boforring to tlio Coercion bill ho says
Not a Mnule Unionist believes In coercion nsn policy
but all believe lu the necessity evary eirillred country
asaertlnit the supremacy ot the law The object I of the
separatist U tu prove that the loverument of Ireland
as a part ot the United Kingdom Is I an ImpoMllilllty I with I
or without reform The object f of the Unionists must b
Ireland to promo the union Indissoluble while doing justice to
Tho whale tono of the manifesto Indicates
t hTho thoro will bo no compromise Messrs
Calno and Chamberlain endorse tho manifesto
l > BTltt Tell the story of the Clergyman
Brutal T klB OK
Sioux CIr Iowa March 26The Had
dock murder trial was resumed this morning
Henry L Lcavltt the conspirator who has
turned States evidence testified
I Hie In Chicago at present lived In Sioux City las
August I know Arensdorlf time defendant lied bus
lieN with him In regard to unilsblnt me with beer The
business amounted to some 30 to TV per week lie was
enraged at the Franz brewery 1 went East lu June I
returned t Sioux City three or four days before the
Uaddock murder On Monday 1 met Mmonson at The
Chicago Slmonnon lid he was roll to tfet a baggy
sedge around and call A special meeting of son
mn I joined the saloon mens organization at
the suggestion of Slmonson AId that was the tint
time I heard of such a organization We drove
about on hour I went to i > meeting tn llotden t
relds Hall with Doe Darlington about M clock I I tint
went Into the Ion and not a drink and then went upstairs
lot ant
Lln There were present AilsUhelm Trleber Hath
Cormeny Book Darlington SlmonsouArrmdurf Munch
Cneny Do1 Darlur lmonl Afndor > ulch
ratS Kesfgue myself and othn Adelsbelra presided
Hlmomon said ft was called I for the purpose or making
Doe Darlington and myself members of tue nuwlatlon
I asked what It cost to Join They said lav 1 told them
to come tip and get the moneys the opening of the thea
tre ns I did not have the money that night Darlington
le JI Lon lngon
aid he could not show over It I was admitted
The meeting then adjourned Trleber and Munchrath
then both rammed to me Arcntdorf was In the back part
of the room They raid Walt a few minutes r1
waited So did hlinonion Trleber Plain Arcnsdorf and
some others We remained In the front rom One of
the party that remained 1 did not know leorge Trleber
said lie had succeeded In getting two Dutchmen to Whip
lladdockand Walker If they were paid for It Arensdorf 1
said there was tTiu orll In the treasury Junk safe
and that ought to be sufficient Xunehratn asked If the
doorkeeper at my place WASh I a good slugger I told
him he hud slugged one or too at my place his name
was Dun Morlarty Munchrath remit ho owed him a
board bilk and ho would go with me to the depot to see
him that U Dud be a good excuse to approach him I on
the matter of doing up haddock
Arensdorf said I we ought to blow np or burn down
Haddocks and Turners houses and Unit the breweries
had too much at stnke to be downed by those d
I met Munchrath In front or Noshs drug
store on Tnceday We went down to the depot to see
Dan Morlartr I lie was at the Milwaukee nail t 1aul
yards We both talked to him In relation H the matter
brought up at the saloon keepers meeting The con > er
ration was In reference In whipping Uaddock and
Walker If he got paid for It Wo said that we wanted
them licked Jdorlarty said 1 he had a good job and he
wasn going to lick l anybody We offered him 1 ou
wft think I about B oclock In the et ening I was In Coch
ran gamblmimgsaiooo on Fourth street After leaving
there I went east After leaving the SIoux City flank
corner I met Ilath filcher Mnnrhrath Peters and two
Merman I did not know the Hermans then I have
since learned that they were Jrauda and lllsmarck
They were standing there talking I conversed with
them We were talking about Haddock and
Turner going to UreenvUle for evidence Trclbcr
proposed Olr go Jn see how Haddock got cvj
Sroposea Tn the hack were Trleher Peters myself nnd
I think IlHth The hack drove off Trletxr told the
driver gotoOreenvllle Peters got out of the hack
and went Into the drcenvltle House and ayked the pro
prlemor Ifaroanhoree and buggy had been there Ka
rove back tnJ links saloon I gill Out and went In Trie
ber paid the driver He got the money of John Areas
dorz as we got W of the hack and w WI Into the saloon
We were there three or four minutes i raw > bcoltant
Grady Junk and Arensdorf there cant sv whether
Arenidorf v ns In there when we went out or not
When on the walk Bismarck came m I > and said
that the buggy had got bath this was just as
ntb 1k rns tIj
we had got nn the walk Arensdorf aldt Lets go and
see We all walked don toward Water street Peters
Itnnchrath Trteber Plath ArenMorf Sherman myself
and Bismarck We leisurely walked along Arensdorf
and Peurs took the lead Henry Mierajsn walked ullh
S9i t stopped at Dlnena corner MWrtniiraththiit said
as w < wetS WAlklllr It timey lick r Haddock give htm n
block ere Jn somethfng e < as not to get Cs into any iron
hie Arensdorf spoke hut Vo cannot remember the ex
act language He said something about drunken Dutch
I saw Haddock as he came from the stable to the Co
lumbla Uouse corner and started across toward Dlneps
corner John Arensdorf started toward him After
Haddock got about Knfitt from Dlneifa corner I saw
Arensdorf and Haddock I rm Areiudorf looked In
Haddock face 1 mime latter raised his 1 hal Arennorf
poised him one step lieu 1 turned and Urn lladdoik
1 Yf J fe df tint I
at ggered and fell Arensdorf went straUht ahead I
started to run In two or three seconds from the time of
the shooting having been so startled hint 1 lould not
stir at the moment I ran toward Wutr street
In the afternoon the sharp nnd ournitt cross
examination did not materially shake tho force
of tho direct idonco
Cardinal Gibbons Proves Himself Their
Win Friend and Defender
ROME March 2BTh text of Cardinal GIb
bon report on tho Knights of tabor as puMiHhcd In
the Jtonltturac ROMe shows that several additions havo
been made to the report as originally puulhicd Ke
ferrlng objections urged against the organization
the Cardinal sys It objected that In Ills kind of
organizations Catholics mix with Irotistants to the
peril of their faith Among a intxid pooplo like
ours separation of religions In civil alulrs U I not pore
tile To suppose that the faith of Catholcs suffers shows
Ignorance of the othollc vn kmen of America who
regard time Church ns their mother fhe > arn Intelligent
instructed demoted mid ready to give their blood nol
they give their bard I earned gains for tl livr support
and l protection To the question wbrthvr it I would
not bu better to havo time org mlratl nn rondiuud
by priests under mile direct Influence of rellelmi the Cur
r r rl III Lt ch rJ Omll ftl iC
dlnal frankly nnllni I mat ho things Itnelttur no < H > le
necessary inour countries he rays we liad
abundant < n of mukliu food Catholics without go
ing MI far
Special stress liclng mid upon tIme violence which has
characterized iei ere strikes hcuu by orkinmen as
sociutloii the larU1IIII Kns I mo ml ire ihlri tore
mark m lint I eirlkca are lint Hie ie emiion of IhuKnlliK J
but a unlvtiKil perpetual 111111 bv whuh
workinru proteit muliim what It l InjiMI niul
demand their rttrhtt bitnntl In such a rttrug
go of the multitudes tlic poor aipiinnt littrd ob
titiiiitemotiopol wrath nnd violence arc often au lu
Milahle a they are reirrcttsble third tli laws mint 1 tho
principal authorities this Knllit SI I far from mcnur
aglrig violence or oiciiions for loeino feriiv t n
powerful precntUe Inllui nee steklug to le ep rlkea
within the limits of Ukllliiialc acilun
Alt immtciutmm etitimiiiutjmia Intii hilt violentsnii lis
between labor ami car Itul lias convinced inn or tiiu In
jinnee of ntirlbutliig lolenc lo thin ltilkiti Tlalr
prlnclpnl nutliorltUiliaxc i > rieil the fact that It lit I M
unretbonubio to I attribute m 11 l l < iicetotlio KulRiits n4 to
nttrlliiile ii the church follci and crimes of her dill Jren
AlallIt nlilch she prr > tLHts
Arrrst Another Patriot Priest
DUBLIN March 23 Yostiidny officers wore
sent to arrest Father Itjau of the HerberUtown
brcnch of tu > Salbnnt Ui < uo fur detlliiini
to irio cvldenceru gardln hN connection with
tho tiUu of i impalgii flue prlrft cludLil the olli
can mid Cent In Hull In voliinuirUy llo I will rnu
front I uethu < i > lint I d to morrow Vlthuuirh I tin 1 trav elled lit
disgnlsf father Itjnn was rceorfijlre by many I persons
along tin routtnnd wan most riitnuHlusUiully greeted
A Catholic i otiKtuhle whose aitnUttince hud been du
mamled threw downhUuruis mid icfuaed lit aid In ar
resting the prlent
A Ministerial CrisIs In Friince
TAna Miuuh JSiho udBut Commltteo hy
a oixnfH un hs rejei ted tin siiiiienentarjiredlii
nsked I lor time lliMTiiuieul A illiilturiul irlnis is be
llev til tu be Inevitable
height Flumes la Hunters Paint
A lire that Illuminated time fly for miles
around broke out shortly utter U oclock heel uienlng
U I W Autcnrelthe cabinet warehouse a three story
brick structure fronting on Venion and Hushing streets
Long Island City The Itamea spread to Iho mill depart
ment a large four story building adjoining ana In a
short lime had enveloped It In haute The Doors of thll
building I were well striked n lib scSiiIieml tlmlr I which I
burned like Under i The walls mI r the ue IIII set lire to
a two sin r friiini strut turn uooll lie a ston In lisa by the
Muhllll Olf r Comp my nf M llroad I street Tills I with time
t J IW
four story brick building was bnrne r tu the ground wIth
their contents Time coal and wood yard of U H Jones
adjoining Uehlen storehouse wa partially burned
tie firemen saved the liiltdlng In which tlio Uro ortl
Inated 1 but about forty feet of It was burned out The
total loss ls i estimated r at between WMJUand Kivocm r
The property Is I mwmmed by the Jones mate and Is par
tlatly covered by insurance
ObI oar
The lion William Porter of Jordan N Y
died In that village yesterday aged HI He was a mem
ber of the Atseuibly In IHH7 He was a Democrat
Mrs Mary Manning died In Wakeneld Mass on lun
d at the age of 105 years She was born la Dublin
Ireland In I7IU
Dltler Clothard Monrad a well known Danish ecclesi
astic Cabinet Minister and author Is I dead
The death 1s announced In Parts of M me Regnler a
mrdtt 1an lmiflI
writer whose nom de plume waa Daniel DArc Hhe
was of excellent repute In tram One of her comedies
i Let Misuses1 haifa good run ut the uudoi Ills Theatre
Paris In IH7R
Paul Tulane the founder of the Tulane University In
New Orleans died on baud night tn Princeton N J
where he bad a residence Ur was In tils fcUth year
lte made several millions re perulator In cotton and
in real estate Ills gifts tf Lbs university amounted to
about fsogugou ifs asTer uuriad
nunjf A rttoT HOARDS nun
Tat Itunntlcsta Creditable BccordRhc
Make 08 Mile In One Dnjrdcaddlntt
ITneler Bar PolesOil Poured on the flea
Prevents Wave from Brenkknc on Deck
Irglll 1687 ty Tin Rex rrlnltnv ali I IublilMna
QUEENBTOWN March 28Tho Dauntless
was signalled oft Klnsalo Head at 3 P M and
at 4J nho was boarded by n big tug load of en
thusiastic people oft tho Sovereign Islands
Mr Colt her owner Capt Samuels J IIBird
J NelUon Howard and Ernest Staples were
all on deck and joined tho crow which had
scampered up tho rigging in answer to nil tho
cheers At 8 in the morning they had taken
ou their pilot and they had known since then
that they woro beaten but their cheerfulness
seemed not to bavo boon ruffled in tho least
Capt Colt proceeded to decapitate wino bottles
for tho benefit of his friend James W Winslow
who had como aboard and ot everybody else
The story of awful weather is repeated by
tho Dauntless intensifications Mr Bird
who Is not light was hurled from his berth
with his legs tangled His feet landed in the
wash basin on the opposite side of the state
room and the rest of his person stretched out
along the wall which was whero time floor
should havo boon Tho next lurch throw him
back again Everybody was bruised and ham
mered and tired It woo impossible during
tho greater part of the voyage to sit at tho
table for meals but tho guests managed to
keep in a knot around a game of cards
The fastest days run was a wonderful per
formance and ono calculated to soothe tho
pangs of defeat It was on March 25 when 323
miles were covered tho top speed being 16
knots for two consecutive hours
Time water fell upon tho ship In torrents It
poured In through tho skylights and soaked
tho carpets BO that they bad to be taken up
and thrown overboard but no ono was hurt
nothing of Importance was broken and the
nearest approach to an accident was tho wash
ing away from tho holm of two sailors whoso
lives were saved by their lashings
During tho series of frightful gales tho ex
periment of pouring oil on the sea was fre
quently tried and was wonderfully successful I
in preventing tho breaking of waves on board I
The most serious loss of tlmo occurred on the
23d when tho Dauntless was hove to for six
teen hours Tho anxiety felt for tho Dauntless
by the Coronet people was reciprocated Tho
Dauntless in heavy weather housed her top
mast and jlbboom and then hor passengers
spent tho time wondering whether tho Coronet
which had an unhousablo standing topmast
was not being wrecked
The Coronet was seen by tho Dauntless for
the last time during the voyage at dusk on
Saturday of the day of starting when Mr Colt
looking at her through a glass from tho top
mast concluded that he was gaining on hor
They had no word of hor whereabouts during
time passage and hoped steadily until the pilot
brought the news aboard The disappoint
ment was felt much moro keenly by Co lit
Samuels than by Mr Colt whoso pocket Buffers
at least 20000 worth Tho old Captain tried
to bo cheerful but not all Ibo flattering com
ments of Navigator Anderson who had como
from tbo Coronet could cheer him up
Mr Colt wanted it I understood that Capt
Samuels had not slept a wink until this morn
ing that ho had predicted the weather right
every time and that ho had dono all that any
ono could do to make the voyage a success
Time adventure of time voyage came four days
ugo when time water tank broke and all time
water was lost Claret and melted ice In small
Quantities kept everybody comfortable
The Performance of Ibe Iinuntlcua Regarded
urn Very Creditable
QUEEXSTOVVN March 28Time Dauntless Is
in as good shape ns when she lot t Owls Head
nothing having boon can led iiway A com
parison of tho logs of time two racers indicates
that they followed about the eamo course Mr
Caldvvcll Colt owner of time Dauntless says
that ho encountered moro wind than ho bar
gained for For slMoon hours his boat was
obliged to lay to Once she scudded before time
gale under bare poles
When last seen from the deck of time Coronet
on the evening time start tIme Dauntless was
steering southsoutheast but during the nigimt
horcourw was chanced northeast hy cast
On March 1C she ran Into n lier y cross sea
with a strong southeast gale OH was ascii <
with good effect to break time avcs und time
yacht weathered time first storm well Next
day time sea broke over tho dock frequently
wrenching limo yacht so much that she hogan
to leak slightly Time tcmpuntturo ot both air
anil water on time afternoon of the 18th Indi
cated that ice WIIH In clue proximity and It
rmiMtno neeosHury to MM KtxMt involution In
running At inldulsht the thermometer regimi
terid 14 ° and tho vvaturav i Ui oclocl ontlio
night of the 1Hli when a lmi y gal nun blew
lila t > from HOiithvut u smooth flietih of water
vwtrt run Into I Its toni nitiiu > indicated I that I
tlioio I wcin icebergs near Them VMS a iiniiu
till nf haIti lee to tho I leeward nnd very neiir m
On tlu Wth iilbt iml Uic1 thoro wore smung
Kiilus It Whim on tin List of lIaise ilavH thai
ihoDiiinlKwi hovu to Alter liitt Thtiixdiiy
limo wcMlhor vaillne On tIme l5th mi run of TJ I
inllfswnmiulo whbh Irtfiililto I bo thu t Usi
mir niidti by a jiieht Fiihtnot Liglmt was
blunted rt t > < In lie mumom jung Init hmo I wind hail
died out anti time run alonu limo iot t wax low
Tho following extract from time liu of time
Dmimmmtless slimnvs tlio tlMiincu mndo mmcim dumy
March U S rj miles Vlarrh 14 2Li miles March 11 l
IBI mlUh March lo o nuloi Jiiircb 17 I I nn I lulln
MnrililH HI I > miles Alurcli m JTII ilKn Mimli J i >
MI nlllts Mnnh l 1C luillliut Mnnh u Item irlliu
Murihi limllcs Vlirclijt i lA imin Marrli n 124 <
ml is Marcli tIlt Ohuite March 7 Nlmllea Vliinh
Je arch em ill i uei stonn
Diiilnu time tormmi nf tIme 23d limit cockpit wait I
on hineuil rictaHloiiH llllod I with u itcr und nl
toKetheill wuu iieillonn time I for the t > uhl I
On time a4th thu wit was terribly rough and tho
liout lulled HO badly ihit limit vMter lank Ijur t
Tho hoitmoii won < comcanpntly iml I on the I
smallest imsKlble nllounnco of wuti but Inter
they vvero plantlftilly Hiipiiled vith nlo n < id
claiet nnd iiltlmntuly vtlti iliuiniuuiio In I
Ktciicl uf watu All ou boaid itulud lu tIme
best of hoalth
Time ortli em of thin Coronet and oIlier yachts
moniiuiioatlyi limammitad with tho r ntilt of tho I
rtcn and say It IIIIH pcrvod toxhow iidniiinliln
ml utilities In notli yiichts CoiihiJilni tliodlf
luriiiee In tIme tonntigu and lomilli I of tlio two I
jachts and time extraordinarily heavy temmt liar
during limo voyace the luuntlcA4 N thonuht tn
havo dono us well IIH competitor Tlmof
llcera nnd friends of both vuchtH will be outer
tnlnod by time Royal Cork Yacht Club
> Tho Dauntlogg CIOSHCH the ihmmimmimlimg line nt
OiiColock Hnructualtlmoof iiiiKMipiwaHlti
days I hour 43 minutes and 18 seconds
Mr Dush said yesterday that ho had con
cluded not to chullonuo Mr Colt to nice time
Dauntless back to New lork agjlnst time Coro
net Ho will howm accent n vhnlleiuco from
Mr Colt If Mr Colt U not thoroughly sntlslluih
that tho Coronet is Cite bettor yacht Time Cor
onet in for sale and anybody with a little for
tune can buy liar Mr liiiHli says ulio cost him
iilUaotlier about tluiinuo and no Is willing to
part with her for 150uoq llo sass ho hits
hones of nelllnc nor In England
The iiows of the DauutlcBHH arrival on limo
other side was pouted nn the bulletin hoard of
time Now York Yacht Club jestrday morning
It was In time form of n despatch from Hecre
tury Allen of the KOSH Cork Vnelit Club and
merely announced that tlio Dauntless hud
IliilKhed ut 114640 Irish tlmo
Itlchard K Fox is tempting the millionaire
vacht owners to u race back by offering them u
13000 cup to comM > to for
New Htjrlea Up ring Overcoats
to Immense variety from H to KA at Vojtl llrolhers
Broadway and Uooston su and bIb avenue cor 4Jd it
Now U 1 the time to paint Tour country resident
II W Johns Asbestos lliijuld falnta are the stand
Tofel Brolbere Fashion Ciitalosjiic
ShowIng what to wear Ibis spring for men amid boys
sent free br applrlnir tn llroadway and IIousxiu st and
KiftiOi avenue corner 421 stAuir
Ills Injured Arm trna Bound la Kid and
ho Vied It Very tnrcfnlly
Any number of sports from Now York and
n contingent front Boston went over
to Cronhclms Vntloty Thcttro in
Iludrioii street Hobokon last night to
BOO John Lawrence Sullivan In his first puhlto
appearance since tIme accident to hH aria
when ho broke one of time bones In hitting Mr
Patsy Cardiffs head a glancing blow some
two months ago
Sullivan got around early with his manager
Fat Hheoily mutt behind them trotted the
brawny members of time SlieodySulllvan com
bination whoso tour abruptly closed by tho ac
cident toBulltvnus arm was begun again last
night Sullivan wan fat and Incidentally spoke
of his arm ns still sore Many of hls frlcnds
suggested to him that perhaps he wits about to
give It too rough usage Time arm win bound
tightly with white kid laced like the glove of
an uptown belle
From Mayor Kerr down ovory Hobokon offi
cial of uotoorof sporting proclivity was lucre
Homo of time spectators local note were Iollco
Commissioners Coyle Hmltli Kaufman anil
Daub Water Conimlsslotiors Wingers Archer
and Itudolphy Aldermen Davis and ONctl
County Clerk McLntighlln Iontma tor Cur
ran and Frcnhohlor McDonough Then
there were those men well known in sport
ing circles Mike Donovan Billy Madden
UulllvanMformornmnager Jack Hopper Joimn
ny Hlclly Tommy Danforth George Taylor
4lf Power Tom McCoy Capt John Ward or
tiiu New York League base ball flUme John Con
folly Hilly Green Jack Sullivan Tom Murray
enuy Costlgan Jack Dninpsoy nnd Mart Mn
lone Those were the Boston friends of hoe
onfl pride Chaunccy Jacobs John Quinn
tllU Flynn Billy Curloy Mlko Sullivan John
xnwcastlo amos Vaster Billy Voile and Billy
When Sullivan appeared on time stage for
his first bout with plucky Joe Lanuon It
was quietly announced that ho weighed 231
pounds but ho wan about tho liveliest 231
pounds ot flesh Hobokcn has eoon for
many a day His eyes were clear anti ho
smiled cheerfully During the four rounds ho
used hlsunlnjtirod right almost constantly
Lnnnon to show his appreciation of tIme fact
sparred lightly to humor the halfcrlpplod
champion but Sullivan quietly staid to him
Let her go Joe dont bo afraid and Joe
let her go giving the big ono n sounding
thump in the neck only to cot ono in
tho chin that made him exclaim Oh
heavens Ho was moro cautious after that
with the man with time lamo arm In the fourth
round Sullivan let himself loose a little und
landed a dozen stinging blows on his oppo
nents ribs That closed the bout mind Sullivan
stopped to the footlights and asked time audi
once to excuse any little flaws in the perform
ance Ho said
Timls Is limo first time I have used my arm
in two months anti I want to bo careful with
It as I hope to moot somebody from the other
side nrotty soon and I want to hold the cham
Sullivan came on again at tho close of limo
exhibition with Stove Tajlor Taylor was
buffeted about by Sulllvuus right until ho
looked tired In tho last round Sullivan
hit him ono in the jaw that confusod
him aud Mr Pat Shoedy called tlmo so prompt
ly that oven Hobokens officials in the boxes
smiled Shecdy remarked sotto voce Wo
cant have any slugging and winked good
naturedly at the kindly officials
Thoro were bouts also between Bob Turn
hull and Jim Carroll Bob Turnbull and In
Blanche and La Blanche amid Carroll anti
through them all Turnbull proved lilniiolf a
trump Hois a now member of the combina
tion and what is technically known in sporting
parlance us a good un
Picked 17p Off the Jersey Const with his
Fine Flying Union Down
PitoviDtNCT March 28Ciupt Paul Boy
ton the swimmer arrived in this city nt 1
oclock this afternoon on time steamer William
M Lawrence of tIme Norfolk and Baltimore
line Ho loft Now York on Wednesday on time
pilot boat Fanny bound south Early on Sat
urday morning ho get overboard when about
opposite Capo May expecting to havo a fnlr
wind tomnko tho JorMryroast in his suit Tlio
Beawas smooth on Saturday morning ansi
Capt Boyton hud every prospect of making the
land but the son rose and time wind conic off
from time westward and prevented him from
gaining any headway To add to timis his conm
pass worked badly and ho sitys ho began to
got discouraged
Ho sighted several vessels and burned his
signal lights but could not attract their atten
tion until he succeeded In nttractlngtbo noticn
of the Lawronce at about 4 oclock liy waving
nn ensign with the union down on his puddle
Ho wii1 tukon aboard and brought tothiscity
Cupt Boyton left for Boston this afternoon
but will return to New York tonight His ob I
ject in taking this crulso was to prc pare for his I
trip down tho Hudson in time Ice next week
A Theatre Party orlOO
A number of tiny gas jots suspended over
time stage of the Tlialla Theatre last night formed tliem
aches Into tliLi klndl legcinl rreundtcbaft The
presence likeuipu of many IHps draped over limo bal
conies and below the boots indicated that It was a guts
occasion MnnasiT Ainbcnr In a dress suit Tjusttol
around the tmnek I of the statro hramlnx w ith smllei The
jue woe lImiii ronr huntlnd members of the treund
HChnt tioclet n select Itemnli ilul hail iiiwlnid their
Intention of maMiut Mr i AmtiinruinM This Is the same
i mum that ifltnl tlio Ljcmnn Theatre till sesipim unit
caused a cUr iietuu none of the haiti More hut
Mmi of the lidliMiimienred without tmutntt night and
only m few it ore hUh tuts Thmcy occiipinl mime lioleof
the htmer I pirt if the I tin atr Il honor of thn n taslnii it
second play I7u Thaler J2H tjr mtus ahlwl to the
progranhtuic vranifferAinberjf niiide a speeeh amid after
tie perfi > nniiiio all went to Terrace Harden ou iat
iIttyelgiit ttrcet and cat down to dinner
Let line Aab Cana Illenppear
Street Commisblonor Colomau has resolved
to give thoplui of lollei tinirakhes and other refuse at
nliiht cnothr trial lie v 111 trj It In Capt WllllaniVs
prtiiiirt llrkMiijclnnlui on April I alum maUnic collco
lUiiinfmn iilli Isht o7A VI He writes to Ircsldcnt
linjlesnf the I llellth llfjiirl
1 piclfully request you toIMIO orders occorillni
Whir U l H I piMlle iensi direct that milL receptacles he
plariil in ito mires wlterthu oartinen i an vet them In
KttMiil of hmlnittein placed 01 the ktld vvallv 1 ulll
tiierour men to hubs limo rtctntjlcM Ironi the urea
Mnl to return fiem after I limy hntc been emptied to the I
rvco M here they seer taken fr < ini If vo lltiil this m plan
H limiiCiiiu uo will uhi n pnc tlctbhi extetitl time terl
lucy fur nlulitifilliciion to I Ifiytiiimtim street Onnthliiff
I iiiiKt nine < tf joii inrtuliul ut permits toprl > itu
MAhiirth in make lolluctloni except during thu hours
that the city cattm Ore Ut wort
Hpcnkcr Ilnlitl turaed In lilu Chulr
TrnNTON JInrth 2S Tito ssliin of tho As
sembly to nhfht ended neir nldnlxlit tu a disgraceful
run Soino hairs luau hetu nantetl 1mm ttfliirlerimmg teen
1 hill rntlf Injr the Igase nt the tIesi Shinto tIme New
VoiL rciitrnl itillronl vrlien the bpinker protected that
iic hail cumIent oriil lu bu lonrteois to theintlilbr of
tin llnuc I I niiil thiiu lit he WAI iiitltleJ h to piiiiie eomld
irttlun from tinn Ho I tuircd tho memhir from
l4f I Ni Perintttl ui onu to him Im Imd
exieinUM frcipiit oifiislit VrPorniltt ain o and
d iiNumtl ito 5iiemutr in a lnr nut ururt liun I Ill
the mi Ut nf will rmituiluit Mr i orbin sit ceeileil lu
iHihifr J 11 lilierinllti uunlM iaLcn < 1oAii uifl a tnolon
put to hint e him Kumnoneil n I ii hit iumit 1 trnipellrd tn
upooKle 1 iSm tun Vilu tul tmind the motion lost all
thus Deinoi rut > mini uit Hun U
Vllllam K Travcna runeinl
Ihop Iottor nwNtcd by time Rov Dr C E
wile jnil tho Ittv Iliotuas 1 II Illil I I will chit hats at limo
funeral of vrilimlt Travtrsat trinity thi > ulut JOj
oclock to morroM morning IhnnlIbenrpriiOleeHd 1 uio
Jolm Hunter Invld It Van Kintnirh Htcrtlnry Tliomin
t Imirt livurtnci It Jonuno 1 K Warren
lei rilt liilui un it lImits John im and t1 1 M
Mtin limo 1mmu 1 threti ceiulemtti uro from Itflltltnore
Deputations ulll In present frni i lie m > ew I irk Athletlo
t lull anl tho Itaciiiu t lull Aorsraw nowarraim d the
iiomhersof the nlin I ami other tluhi to Mjiieh vr I
1 raters bmiimttit mm Ill nteu I < t but asper utulfrliuJs The
roi uliin wilt be uiVeii tui > uiurt fur burial
The IlcUt rlcbt I iKtraiilonsblp Prize FIght
Piin4iinirnu Jlnvh 23Tue great priro
IlKbl fir time tIght mtmititt iiii niil < > n > ili > iif merlcaunl tlio
champion belt bet iiiiJinm ilulitllnf this city and
Iail h Smith of linn klyn uutuue ort to tiixlit Time men
haw been In training fur pit St ecu they rgn Krtlur
in A room mnr hut r irner of lleienti unj itiixi > m
lonlKhl unit jnuitu thlriifii rnunils Mitchell lull by
far the brsl ut It nd hmlthuaM Ino ad UIMIII as a
blpnid man Mhcn tint pome rushed In uirested the
rliulpalu and Ihtlr neronls end mm lug Uiuil oil to
tIme alimilorm limuiuuc
Accident tu Kcimlor ICeuzun
ImAar5TmNli Tuxiia March 28 Sonator John
II hleuimnmn hoot tI liii a painful uuMent this inurnlrtit
Ills farm near this city U hlle atteinplliiK to mount hU
fairs the saddle alrlli slipped thniH line him v Intently to
the wound and injuring hU spine lie U resiliiy ersii
lonliflit but cxpeitsto boiouilned to hU bed for some
Prohibition Victory lu Virginia
WmNcmmEsTyml Mnrch 29Timo Prnhlbltlon
carry rrderlil I loitnt anil their unijority inayreacli
Ml M munjr points lh contest was animated
TNI rnotiHKTon Asn inn DEALS
Ono of Them Dead unit the Other BytnrA
fasten IJtjslclnns Emphatic smel Deadly
Protest Against Heine Cheated nt Cnrda
BOSTON March 28Dr Adolph A Albroclit
this afternoon shot nnd killed David Lonuhnn
anti mortally wounded Edward Flnnlgan nt a
gambling houso 10 Avery street Time victim
Imvo for manyoars boon kndwn nfl profes
sional gamblers anti Dr Albroclit Is a South
End druggist and physician In good standing
Dr Albroclit admits that ho visited the placo to
join In a game ot faro Lannhan and Flanlgan
were time proprietors Dr Albroclit had boon ae
tho table halt nn hour only when ho says hn
detected the others cheating In n faro layout
time player stakes his money on ono or moro
cards ns they lie on time table The dealer
shuttles a pack and removes the top card
If tho player has money placed upon a card on
time table similar to the card next below tha
ono removed from time top of tho dealers pack
ho wins The second card la then removed
and If time player hiiR money on a card similar
to tho third thus ihown In time dealer a Pttfc
the latter wins Dr Albroclit nays that ho de
tected Jyinauun who was dealing In the act ot
removing two curds Instead of ono from thai
top ot the pack tho cards having been stacked
so that time dealer know the fourth card on
which ho Albroclit had placed money Al
brccht days ho protested and after a few hot
words he seized his money off thn board Lana
han seized a heavy iron bar used to fasten the
windows and attempted to strike him The
Doctor continues
I retreated to ono corner of tho room and
both mon followed mo Lunahan made a pain
at mo with the bar the blow coming near my
head Then I pulled my pistol and lImed ae
dm I llrod twice I think and ho fell Then
Innlgan name at me with another bar and
hired nt him I dont know many shots Janl
gun ran down stairs exclaiming Ill got
something that will llx you I stayed there in I
time comer I couldnt get out and I expected
every moment that Flanlgan would return
Finally the police forced their way through thus
window and I was mighty glad to so with
tliHtn u
Time police wore notified by people outside
time building who hoard the shots They were
unable to force the street door and were com
pelled to got ladders and gain nntrancothrouRU
tho necond story windows They found Dr
Albroclit in ono corner of tIme room with pistol
still In hand The dead body of Lanahan lay
on the Moor with an iron bar beside It Them
w nro blood stains all about A trail of blood
led down time stairs and Flanigan lay groanIng
at the foot noar tho street door His wounds
woro plainly mortal Ho had four bullet holes
In the head and a ball had gone through his
left breast He was token to time City Hospital
where the doctors said his case was hopeless
Hn was conscious
TIme police took Dr Albroclit to Flanlgans
bedside two hours later The dying man mado
nn nntomortom statement In which ho af
firmed that Albroclit said that ho was being
cheated seized his money from time board and
then pulled a pistol and began tiring before ho
was attacked
The police noted ono circumstance that
seems somewhat Inconsistent with Dr Al
brochts version of tho affair When his pistol
was taken from him four of Its live cartridge
shells wore empty On the floor of the room
were found four moro empty shells showing u
that In all eight phots woro fired The query
naturally arises How did Dr Alhrccht got n
chance to reload his revolver In the midst ot
his firing If ho was so closely pressed by his
assailants 4
Dr Albrecht is n highly educated and ac
complished man Ho was born In the Canton
Valais In southern Switzerland Ho was
educated first in Parts mind received his medi
cal training at Hciilelherc Ho is nn nccom
plishod linguist and has seen much of the
world although only 30 scars old Ho Is short
rather stout active keen eyed mind of prflpo
Rcssing appearance lie has been located ut
the bontli Lad for two years or moro has u
fairly good private practice and hit drug stout
doom a profitable business Ho came Boston
from Now York and before that ho spent two
or three years In hospitals in Colorado and
elsewhere He is unmarried und ham no rpla
tivcfijnlthis country
David Lnnahan hits first vietimwn 44 years i
old and so far as tho police know ho limit been
n profrsslonul gambler all his life Ho lived at
25S Washington street and has no family
Edward Flnnlgan is time best known of time
three men Ho is well connected but has boon
known as the proprietor of gambling housed
for years He Is CO years old Ho has n son In
time Mayors ofllco mind another is a policeman
in Last Boston
Ur < Jonea who Eloped with MIss Gado
Arrested if
Cancer doctor E O Jones ot Newark with
whom Miss Jennie lade his bookkeeper eloped hat
been arrested In Kntland for adultery Ulna Cede was
torn from his arms a few ilayti ago bv n detective anil
taken lintk to Ne ark The toehuimmiaI charge on which
the rich was ammed was thu theft of several article
f rmu lu r boarding liuuse The i harite airalnst Jouea 14
supposed to have been prompted by his wife
Arrested at the Ilodfaian House
John Mullen a salesmanwho buss been living
at the llotrman House for some time past was arrested
b > Special Officer Jacobs at the hotel at 8 3O last nluht
on a charge of stealing 9100 worth of clothes the prop
erty of harlea K fainter a guest lu time house Time
trunk lu whIch the clothes were packed was taken np tn
Mullens room by lila directions on Saturday last ana
the articles were subsequently found there The pris
oner declined to make any reply to the charge and wag
locked up at the Nineteenth precinct staUon house
Badly fort br Jumping from her Carrlac
Mrs Julia T Lontlilcum was being driven
down Sixth avenue at 4 30 yesterday afternoon In a
closed carriage when In the neighborhood of Bryant
lark the hones took frIght and ran away Urn
Mntblcuin jumped out and dislocated nerlhlp ui the
fall mite WOH conveyed to her residence 124 East
I fftv elKbth street In a cab and attended by l > r
Walker The coachman sarceeded In checking the
horses before any further accident occurred
lawyer Hcnvcy Cant Get Out That War
Lawyer A II Honvey who was sentenced In
January iS4s to two and a half years In State prison
for stealing KM from a client tried to convince Jndjra
Iatlemon that he ouzht to be released now became hs >
haw been lu the Tombs ever since pending bis appeal
JinlffH 1atttirsivn decided yesterday that he has two ana
a half > ears In Ktateprlson to serve yet and that the
Tombs is lint ii bramicim of limo State priaon
lie Itesented an Insult to his trifle
Patrick Callahan a laborer employed tn
stone yard at the foot of East Thirtieth street bad word
yesterday with Thomas Stanton tho engineer and called
fill wife a vile name Stanton In revenue stabbed Ialla
han In time stomach with a large sheath knife InlllcUnn a
rianktrouH wound Ha was locked up and Callanan wag
taken to Hellciuu Hospital
To Protest Against Hagllsh Coenloa
A public meeting will bo hold this evening la
fit M chads Hall In Erie and Tenth streets Jersey City I
to prou t against the passage of the Coercion act by
the Tory internment Mayor Cleveland will preside
iiud ex uuv Loii Abbott will be one of the speakers
Brewer Blntoul Fall
John Blntoul limiter boor brewer Eighty
seventh street unit Fourth avenue made an assignment 1
ftrrdny tn 1cllx Jellenlk Ivliitc seven preferences aa
KriKitln W7mi Ho Hid a small business and Mil
brewery waslcaneil
Hlunul OfBce Prediction
Generally fair weather nearly stationary
I tcmperaturv uorthwciterly winds
TinUe Ofiorumn has granted an absolute divorce U
Churlis b I Huritojno from trancU K Hurifoyne
The Anchor Hue steamer Dorian which was reported
overdue arrived In uirl > esterulay morning hmalnm been
delayed by very heavy esther
> Ir Illalne postponed his departure for the West until
thisiiornlnir his received a number of intimate friends
at tho fifth I Aveniiu llottl yesterday
A rouiitcrfelt on the new nickel live cent piece of 1RH7U
tiring rxKutUelr circulated ItlsalmiMt nil lead and f
the KltcrK rly1 of the word liberty are entirely
Tim llw JJwird OtJMirne of 8t rieinents church
Itohtin dfll end thin first of a series of noonday ad
un race ii I Irliulty Lhmurvhi yesterday before au audlcucej
of tnsineis mm
A Coroners jiiryfoiind yesterday that Lout ilatIteimt
vilin was foUliut rtai friintnfrjetureil kkull In the hall
way nt 4 M ihumsery came iu her death in a inanutr
unklnmii to them
The Farquhir Dlilhain Viller < onmnnT 30 IIne Street
Imito imtmt lint In thin luuil of J N lfiknnaii nsreielirr
tin thu iipplluitlou ut t A o I liegeman a judgment
crcdllor fur 7mu1 i
A oman mmiuo retIsleted iii the Van Pyko House atthe
Bowery and Im inl street on Humlay nliiht aslharle
Decker was found dead in bed eetcrda having been
asphyxiated by tins
llllain and Jeremiah Crowe and James Kelly wanted
a drInk ott PUluuiny HI hiilly tint when they were re
futed an entrance to Iutruk OHrUns saloon at m3
rlrvt avtnuv the kliked in thodiur Jiulice Murray In
yirIaIlme sent them to tIe Ulaud for six months
Knpurlntendent Mnrrav snld yesterday that tie ssv
cheex offered as a reward fur Onillnv hr K > y remained
In I him haul and Imd nit twin cUiireil It may bn i
uuestlon Hbeihtr Ir ituy who foaiiU hlmxlf or the V
I I A of Klcuuoud who helped Had turn U I euUlled
to Ui uuitejr

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