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h Ii t uu I I J rcA7 l
ma strsTKtiTova comriccnotr WITH
transit Belay In Idenlirjlnr the Tonne
Won who Met her Denth Iult Frldny
1 MghlIt U Pretty Orlilln he wit One
nftha Two Women who were with Mi
Ilyrna while he vn lnsncrtln Incnhn
1 tori Near Rntiwny on Thuradnj Two Ar
rest an Batpleton In Crnnfonl Iii t Mint
It is tho jiliiln duty of Timothy liymn
Whoever ho may ho as n good citizen to ex
plain tho circumstances that at present con
nect him HO mysteriously with tho brutal mur
1 dor ot tho unknown girl near Itiihvvuy Tho
foot that n rubber hand stninn found tn tho
ulrls satchel bore his name was pub
lished to tho world on Monday morning In
I connection with other news about Iho murder
This If It hud como to his cars should imo
boon enough to piompt him to come forward
nt once to rovonl K ho could tho girls identity
In addition to the numo on tho Mump tho Ini
tials T 1J woro discovered scratched on n
comb found In tho Klrls satchel The first stop
I in the solution of a murder my story is tho Iden
tification of tho victim and undoubtedly
tlfclon ctm Ild undoubtldly a
person whoso name Is found among tho effects
t of a murdered person ought to tnko some pains
i to BOO whether or not ho can aid In the idontlfl
l tatlon Yesterday I wits published that on
i r Thursday the day before the murder a man
f In company with two girls ono of whom resembled
sembled the murdered girl was hoard Inquir
ing about eggs nnd Incubators near Itahway
and to ho enld his Byrne
ono person 5111 name wan YIO
and that ho was from Virginia The fact that
a smaU basket not n market basket contain
ing nine eggs wn found beside tho girls body
Is under all theso circumstances a cry aurious
thing s curious thnt it ought to cause Mr
A liyrno it ho has returned to Virginia to hurry
buck to Ilahwny or at least by lottor or tole
graph put the police authorities In possession
of facts which would show thorn that at present
thoy are wasting their time on a false trull
A Box reporter started out yesterday on n
tour of tho rubber hnnd stamp manufactories
of tho city hoping to ascertain whether the
stamp found in tho satchel was mae hero nnd
I s who made i Ho found nt tho ofllco of
tho Scotsford Manufacturing Company 12
Dey street that tho stump was Q their make
and that tho Secretary und Manager of the
Company Mr A W Schmltt had on the day
positively Idontillod the original stamp found
In tho girls satchel Mr orjlnll Adams Jr a
real estate broker doing business In this I city nt
71 Broadway and llincut Cranf ordj N T has
Interested himself In the ease Ho obtained
from tho Itahway authorities tho stamp found
In the satchel and llko THE HUN instituted a
search for Its maker hero One of the tiNt
places he went to was tho office of tho Hcotford
Company Mr Rchmltt told lIE HUN reporter
yesterday that he recognized tho stamp as tho
wako of Ids company the moment ho saw I
Any rubber stamp maker can tel his work
When ho sees It said Mr Schmltt but our
company makes Its type of n peculiar kind of
rubber and oasts Its type by wnut Is known us
b the steam plaster Jpn cess ho other rubber
V stamp maker in tho city so far us 1 know uses
p1 this process
Broker Adams did not toll anybody about his
discovery but ho sat down In the Scotforil
ccoer Companys otllco and
begun to look over
ItH proof tiles of
Mump Impressions
Those flies run back
only to lnylalt Tire
Hies bey ond thnt time
wero destroyed wiien
tire company moved
to Its present quar
ters a short limo
ago from 15 lark
place In the flits >
r preserved the iiamo
of Timothy Byrne
does not appear Hut
l Mr bchmittsuys tho
Iimp found in the
niitohol was certainly
more than a > enroll
Tho company has
however u very y
= luminous record I
Its orders for film
for years back Those
orders will average
t = In number about 250
IO iron per ilny and the roc
irrd of the company consists only in the letters
r tf tho Individuals or tho agents sending the
order I will bo I grout tusk to examine nil
those letters and It his not yet been attempted
A number of Impressions liavo boon taken
from the stump found In the satchel and these
have been sent to tire Ilrlnclpal agents of the
company The company hus about Hfty agents
r ngood many of whom
fLt Are travelling Mr
Bchmltt ni that
Hchmlt BYRNE
comparatively few TIMOTHY BYRNE
stamps were sold In lMDTU
Virginia and that I
the stump found was ux KAMK U TRIXIID nr TIlE
1 sold there It would uu
Jr I not ho so hard us ono might think to find out
b11 I Who bought It Mr hchmltt said the address
tg of tho man who bought tire stamp and the time
ir that ho boulht t wore certainly preserved in
r tho records of the company and that If neces
sary theso records would be thoroughly examined
food TnE HUN pit tures of tho Mump and the
j namo as printed by it are facslmflos of tho
The act that Byrne was visiting incubators
near llahway and that ho seemed to bo on n
trip North from his supposed Virginia home for
the purpose of hlJPO ut about Incubators
generally made It seem probable that he would
bo likely to visit some of tho Incubator man
z factories in this city for Information
Sctorios N Clark of L N Clark 1
Hon manufacturers of Incubators ut 34
Boy street told a HUN reporter yestoi day that
f r on Friday afternoon lust tire body was found
on Saturday morning ut about hody a man
Ink very I way answering tIre IdostTiptlon of
Ityrne but who did not give Ills name culled
upon him and wanted to see tho piuttltnl work
ings of the Incubator The man said IKI was
from Virginia nnd Unit ho was going to put n
lot of lucuhlions upon hb farm there He hud
Jot been ilown In New Jcrtcy he bald at tho
farm of u mln named Honnett uearCrnnford
looking un Incubator thrum byriro called
at lionnntts on Thursday lie was very
much pleased with It and had about made up
f his mind to buy ono Mr Clark says ho talked
with tho man an hour and showed him all
about tho Incubator lie Is sure tho nmn Is
the one described us having been near Kali
way withthu two women and ho says ho
would reenjcnlo tlio turin again ocn If he KIVV
him on the street JIm mun was awry nlio
pleasant man and did not look us If bo would
commit n murder Hn left 1 Clark saying
that ho would call again ooforu ho went buck
to Irulnlu
The lINt thing tho llahway police did yester
day was to go over tho ground covered on tire
i previous day by tho importers who tiutkod
41 liynif in his search for people who hatch
f chickens artllleiallv from tire time Ityrno got
T off f till curs with the girls at Ciuilfoid on
Thursday afternoon to tire I Iliac ire loft Clnl
ford with the girls on tho down train at 015
oclock on tire same afternoon alter having
vlsitod Bennetts Inculntori between 1ian
ltot Olletts InCllmlOI twlon < 1
ford und Itlihway and AbaiyH hennery ul
I Cranfoni Mrs nmrthon Mrs JJeimotts
motherinlaw roltoiutod to Ito I pollco
yesterday her Muteimnt mado to tho
reporters that tho mun who ealliii with the two
had told hor his
young women IIr name was
Byrne The polite told Ihe I loportorh that
Ilyrno had boon u > ho Ind leproHontnd to Mrs
rir Emerson staying in Kliaihclli wltli the two
tt Irls They had Men Byrne thoy would have
1 the reporters bollove and thoy worosatlxilod
that Byrne had nothing to 110 with hutKId 1
Brine had not they reprosentod roturnod I lo I
r Ills homo In Virginia He was In UlUubtth 1 rid
could be found I vvantod
t1 Mrs Murson the wife of John Mnrson the
irli manhlntat In tho l Xsj letting I Mills said yes
terday that tho plttuie In Tiih hUN of tint mur
4 dered girl was prulfOly like I Ito fate of the one
of Hymns two t companions who leant d r
ill ily on thu onto In front irf f MiiiKons house on
Thursday afternoon white IHino htrirri rOil the I
k V way to lennottH 1 r 1 Hulllduy tire Irk In
i V lire vvinnii < mud ii ut tho felting works said
I V he i hud taken Miss llnittu Murum of Itahwuy
t the Morgue and polite station and that she
had Identified tho eorjiso und elothlng III that
of the stouter nail fairer tire two women who
had stopped with Ityrno In front of theIr house
UmmnU8 on Thursday afternoon lo hlJlhe his way to
l Mr Ahary tho Incubating man nt ronford
J Mat work in the cola I ot iris elilekon liouso
when Byrne und the IVI glib taiiitt and went
tlnoiujli ynu iioiiit nUt 11 In I iivrorthoiniii
b dorMrAbury feels veiy mny that ho did not
HI 1r I len Brrnre Ho ililnks UII hn voulil huo
I hllk
leanieil onoiuh iibont ira I tilo tn I i i fiunNi I a
1t ileueto IJyinos iioiboiilt htopiii Jm
I t moiidH thoCrinfonl InieKin in Mid lie uonlil
AMj know tho mini If ho i3ttf him iigiln He
I I T hun boiio talk with the I mm who
oskod him what tire thnigo would bo
p4 for driving hlmsulf I und corn IIIIII loris
r to Bennotte Uyruu has nut returned to Crim
ford since his Thursdavs visit I It was
thought likely thnt on Friday Byrne would go
out again with one or both of tlio girls to study
more incubators as he was about to go Into
the hen business At Linden tire station this
xldo o llahway on tho Pennsylvania Itnllrnad
threo pemoiiH are ongnged In the fancy poultry
business They said yesterday that no
parsons answering Ilyrnes description had
lM > en to see them I about Inculmtltig Linden Is
two miles from Itnhwuv and one of the roads
betweenIlndon and Knliwayiups eloso to Con
trill avenue In tire outskirts of Huh way whore
the munlered girl was found Nobody livIng
un the rand from Linden to Itahwuy had Ion
anything of
nlythlll I man answering JlyrneH descrip
I tion iso such person had been nt lie Linden
railroad station on Thursday or Friday
lrl IY
It was Butcher Isiuie Miller of llahway who
prlgiimled thc story that a man who carried u
iNiskPt of eggs hod taken I girl Into A W
MoftuittH saloon near Itloodgoods mills on
rklay night tho time of the murder mUe that
nlio hit refused totouch anything Intoxicating
MolTeltt dented this arn ngnin yesterday
James 1 Brunt of Milton called stonny
Morgue yesterday and repeated the state
ment ho made on Sunday regindlng tho
voting woman whom his nephew lllio Brunt
lUll seen on 1rlday at the house of Clinton
rioat The house Is on Maple avenue about a
niiartorof n mllo from the spot whore the girl
was munlered Ilrunt told undertaker Hvno
I hit be had found I man named Mamuel Uko
who was at 1roatrt hOI on Friday trail was
there Introduced to ole women one ot whom
WHS Nancy tile greenhorn from the north of
Iruiirnti rind the MIlO ono that llllolliunt
saw hanging up clothes In the ynid on iil
day and who nlso displayed quite it IUI
of money while Itruut turd Front were ticker
Inl over th puixhnse of a wagon from llrunt
lit 1roitt Kancy was neon nt Trouts on Hnn
diiy Itrunt says that there worn four women
In tho house on Friday 1 and that the Investiga
tion of Sunday only accounted for throe r UI
llam Kceth w ho IhOHWlth tho 1roats Ids roll
thes was under tho Hunelllanco of tho
police on Hunday becaune ho hud been
seen walking with 1 club iu his hand
up and down Miiplo avenue on Thurfdav
night Keech explained his having tire clll
by saying that bad bojs had thrown stones In I
his windows Joseph Taenor n shoemaker In
Irving street Ualiwav said yesterday that nt
about 7 oclock on last lrlll night us I was
getting dark ho looked out of the window of
his store ami saw I young woiniiu who was lu
iiulrlngher way of lojinHavagc nail David I
Lox lolor recollected tho woman as she
curried a black big >
Y < < I see that light ho declared yesterday
that ho heard Saagu say to tho girl while ho
Havnie pointed out Mr HowanlV grocery
net door to the Morgue Itlght there begins
Campbell street
tJiiMigo Milt that the womnu he had directed
was about 35 years old and looked like an
Irish wiminn lin HIIVV her tho next morning nt
the bomowhat railroad uuoorly station where situ was acting
Theio was a rumoi that 1 woman carrying a
satchel hud inquired on Friday night for the
residence of tire 11ev Jf r Holfschnelderof Ht
Marks Chuicli This OermHii priest said yes
terday that he had himself heard tine story bu i
that no woman hud called upon him Hut she I
might mayo wunderid onjuxonilI his hrouis and I
trust her fate The le Frothier lcCoskoy < tire
other Cathella priest In Itahwny said that no I
misdirected girl had come to him Tho pollco
have mixed the clothing the de id girl wore
with that she carried in her < nl Ilr which
makes It more dlUluilt for persons t Identify
the body
Tho initials T H T In long white letters
wore made out yesterday on the bottom of the I
oldfashioned gliod lent her satchel belonging
to the murdered girl which was picked up In
Itoblnsons River There was in this bag
which contained the rubber stamp a man s
bosomlcbs shirt of largo sie stlll shirt was
very rugged around the look and had
been roughly washed There was
hcl rOIhlr wI8h1 TIII upon
It blotches that Indo I appear as
I the shirt hud been worn In a factory There
was also u womans night gown mm h smaller
than the mans shirt hit 1011 ire in nine cheap
material Thin night gown was entirely dir
fcront from tho quality of tho under clothing
the muidered girl had I on I
Walsh The lock of tho bag was mado by C I
In the knife with which tho murder was com
mitted was found yesterday ole grains of I
employed outs as if the in I owner stable weio I farm hand or was
In the basket which held the eggs there
worn some onion peelings I and othor vegetable
deposit Tills agrees with uul theory that tho
murdorod girl was hired by some of the farmers
back of Itahway and was the object of the love
of somo farm handwhoe attentions she would
not receive and on whoni account silo was
leaving hcreuiployer With tire intention of
going away ou the CIT she may have set out
to walk to the railroad station at Ilahwiy and
been followed by her disappointed lover who
mooting with failure ngaiu in his efforts tube
cure her murdered her in I lit of jealous race
In support of this 1 this fact that the murder
was done with u penknife showing that tho
ci tim was not long premeditated The brutal
way In whhh the body was eat and bruised
would eel to indicate intense hate rind rage
Upon tho veil over tho low black straw hit
which the murdorod girl wore Is a drop of egg
Ten feet from where the body lay was found
the basket of broken eggs They
marked tire furthest spot > tow IS tho 1r
lootprlats could bo traced In her elTorts to get
loollrlut > It
away from the murdeur Thus where the
struggle really beg in was found the basket of
eggs and tho gills parasol which seems to In
dicate thnt the eggs must have played a putt
In tire snuggle But whuovcr was
carrying the tygs didnt plan to
kill tho girl He attacked her sud
denly and I ho were not her lover pos
blbly for the of usMiult It is
purpose Ihhlult I Miry
reasonable to suppose that the girl wax mado
unconscious 111U her throat was cut which
was done only because her assailant felt thtt
It would bo safer for himself to kill her than to
have her come to life
The suMigu cuts In the dead girls thront
look very much like the work of a negro but
It would wem possible also that a oiniin might
have Iono the work I will be remembered
that Byrne while travelling with the two
girls on tills road was noticed to give more
attention to one than to the other in fact to
neglect one of the I gIrls almost entliely 1 has
been suggested that this neglected young
woman may have been tho mans wile OUII
woman could have done the murder
Chief of Folico Toiiktr of lluhwny nnd Detec
tive Kerr of mllbolh came to ow York about
H l oclock yesterday nfteinoon enrryiiigwlth
them the black bag belonging to tho dead gill
W 1 Lhterhrook elJiiildlng Inspector
offers 100additional reward to tho person who
may arrest the murderer lire total toward is
now 1600 >
Mrs Priestley of West Fifteenth street who
nnpeiircd at this Irincestien station house on
Monday night and inqulied after tho body of
her daughter vent to lluhwiy eteidiy and
looked at the body in tho I moigue She tun Iii
it was not that of her daughter lo
IS lon missing for MX week Jeimiroltii I
Itririru ron of 1WI I 1 Hecoml avonno went to JOur
way mut said that t the was looking lor her
dau btei JIiTSle liinuim The girl had been
enticed fiom hOI the I sorrowing mother t aid
but hhe did not sou leMes fate In the cofllu
The inquest will begin toilay
Wold was ictelved luU 1011 night of tho ar
rest of two men In Jronford < on suspicion 1 he
message sivh 1 the len have been taken to
Cbtlluld before Justice Jnuiues
Hevrnljfour Plilurr Mold for H2O1S4
Spirited lilildln mill Fair 1rlco
The solo of tins bci and culloctlon of tho
pictures of Mr Chaileo i1 Ilnsc Itlno a Philadel
phia tie aler was begun list evening In Moores
Art Gallery tl Fifth uvcniio While thero
weio not more tliim a hundred persons present
most of them were nctilill bidders and not mere
lookers on und all oy he New Voik city dealers
hud ropresentutUosiirtbont The number of
pictures Hull was hoventyfournnd one picture
was not Mild because Auctioneer 1i I corn ob
tnined but cuu bid on I lire PItt tine olTiied
and not bold was diisqnltis J Ohllvloun of
were Time obtained Ihithli rig was spirited mid good prices
Tin total Hum ought nt last evenings sain
wont 20 IKI5O Deilorri got moM of the Ill
tuieh The pilees biouglit for the murt Im
lort hurt pictures 11 t old are as follows
NurrlMc Ilerttirn Teen or thru Mittan Mourail
allrynrili lHllpli tulrn1 fivi
II nlryofhIrhIIII Know IVI
II I I I Koik Kill liirls i VMiilfrln niMirla 4II i
Liti Itii her A > littler 11 l > > Nuir UDUIII 1jo
IIMlolllJUlrIJIIUI I 1 I Ji di
l I iuitoiI l < iucrrIi A Si try i I
1 liarkul I inllJuiiiio I hiHipir I Time < 31
rrdirll Ilinrl Knuiiiium In 1 II turiUn iti 1
Jflll 7111 HaiilUli ullllllo I unit SI lola nl lliirll 410 I
tiiiKtnnt rriiiui till till MtxirK IIIu
All li tii Martti Jt > Niivllle A Tiiritiinnn ftir
strvku 1410
Hn HMD I IMIeriio I Iltlleruur Out 1 thy Ilclct i
lliin nil
Jnio1tr IliclmniuikL Sctn nt a lliiHlan Kiilr ITi
to > miulolal e In ttif hiiiniiirr liy I llm nir i W
June Diaire Jlonilrii nil Ihn i Loire IIId l
li iiiviii I ourlitt fIM ttt ll iiliifllin Mann irs
AiiMi laiiirilll Huiiiiy i hours Ut iul > rl tori I
J lotdthr A Inn K valhtniulaiil JT5
froiuU A Iioirostkh A lloi a inlr In iruiou
Ililnnil 2T i
Viitlhinl I llilmnK On lire hnil > hluirp1 II
liulK itnlltiii i mrriWi iirCiilLri I I an
JrtiiiiiMirrMlell Tin Miiu1 t1
t I MI lirnl i nni Hi 111 I tin pko In lilt
Ntllllll rUI >
I uiii buijnmln I Ichil Ttn iiiiirnl i II i
lviUl iic J iuf itUx oiiivioiiH of TIres
itiOPtiilr I
nmll Vnu Mnnki uttlu I I 1 tidE i i kll i t
I tomouow The sale evening will be cuntluucd this 111111 Uld
lie Denies that Crime ll Rasipsmt In Ireland
Mnil Hnyi tbt mil Make Ones Blood
Holt HI r Gonchens Reply Pnrnell Ap
peals to American to Nliind by Ireland
LONDON March 29 Mr Gladstone re
sumed tho debate in tho Honso of Commons
this afternoon on tho Irish Criminal Law
Amendment bill He was loudly cheered when
ho Ho said that In Issue me
arose 10 snll an so grave
proposals so extreme as those now put forth
by tho Government required ample tlmo for
consideratIon Ho found himself bound to
support Mr Purnolls amendment bocauso tire
ground upon which Mr Balfour based tho Gov
ernments case was absolutely insufficient and
unsatisfactory Tho Governments billInstead
of being a cur for Irish ills or eel u palII
ntlvo was 1 measure thnt would aggravate
deepseated and worse disorders
With this Coercion bill exclaimed Mr
Gladstone tho prospect of conciliation his
Minlslicd Into thin nlr Tim Government In
tend to exclude tho Land bill which was tire
iialn recommendation of tine Commission
which his just completed nn exhaustive Inves
tigation of the Irish trouble Nothing remains
but the figure of coercion bare bald and
BHiiut alas too familiar
Tire HUlit HOI Chief Secretary for Ireland
has attempted to excuse the proposals on tho
ground that crime tn Ireland during tire last
throu years has Increased but ho has followed
an unusual course In rofinlnlng from giving
1116UII tlvln
the liutrU ofllthil Information proving Ills ill
leg itlons The statistics of crime In Ireland
weru ugiitnit tho Government Tuko the In
Manecs given of threatening letters In 1H83
4U biieh letters were received In 18HO but
7u morn wore locolvcd That hardly
furnished ground for asking 1arllament to
iittent to the extreme measure of ooorcion
Other clashes of crime amounted In 18S5 to 512
intO In IbSu to 017 Opposition cheers This
Increase was described as tire main reason for
the extreme demands of tire Government I
Mr 1111 four hud fuither private information
let him speak It was Ire I Ilrst timo he Gladstone
I tlO
stone know of anonymous assertions being
Imposed 1 on Parliament In support n demand
for legislation IChooifl1
Hero ho re foi rod In detail to the cases od
duted hy Mr Dallour of Lcnguotyranny over
persons Continuing ho said that boycotting
was bud enough but It Wits not contlned to
MitIomiltsts Hn know of n Protestant clergy
man who hud boon deprived of his living be
cause ho was a Home Hulcr Continual allu
sion hud bon mude to previous Liberal coer
cion proposals 1 1881 w hen his Gov eminent
proposed coercion tire ground was tho ugitn
tlon existing Wherever he wont he was
dogged by crime For tho present till
dUllNI was no such excuse A demand
WHS mndo upon tire House to commit
the most formidable breanh of trust
that I popular assembly could perpetrate
to relax tho conditions upon width alone Par
liament should sanction I change In the crimi
nal law in order that the law might full with
increased stringency upon u particular portion
of tins Queens subjects The opposition would
Insist upon having tho fullest opportunity to
exumlno the provisions ot tIle bill Every irish
and every English member should have the
fullest seope for presenting his > Iows cheers
und for sifting und scrutinizing the extreme
proposals of tno Government
Among its most Insulting and exasperating
proposals tho worst over submitted to Purltu
incnt wus the provision that Irish trials I bo
hold in London Ho had never known such u
blow ut the national feeling of Ireland The
Government cull huve devised nothing more
likely to nggruvulo every existing ell
I I 1 1lrllllo
As to the permanent duration of tire bill tho
proposals mude ones blood boll To establish
what was formerly only a temporary
remedy as I permanent rule ot ex
istence for society In Ireland would put
I brand of Inlorlorlty upon Ireland
forever recognizing us I nxcd principle that
force was a remedy Tire lesson of many y curs
showed that forte vvns no remedy Slncis tire
election of IffsT since the hulk of the Liberals
hud judged that It was both right and sufe to
grant homo rule Ireland had been free from
Inmt <
oriino nnd outrage condition long unknown
Why was this 1 was because tho Irish people
pit know that I large though insufllcfcntly
large body of Liberals had adopted their in
terests und would ubldo by them to tho llt
1 tho Liberals acceded to tho appeals of tho
Government the Ioult would bo u retrogres
sion The lrih people would return to I btuto
of things which Liberal efforts had ulroady
partly remedied Ho long us Ireland lontln
neil In her piosont course of moderation so
long would Liberals bo bound to persevere In
endeavors to iiMst lien The time would soon
tome when to the many now supporting the
cause of Ireland would bo adiltd many more
when deplorable proposals such us those of the
Government would no more bo associated with
the name of Ireland and when it would bo
seen that in doing what they could now tour
no tin Irish cause thoy rl Ibo serving
Prolonged tire I i an so of cheering the wide empire of Great Britain
Mi I Gosdien taunted Mr Gladstone with Ids
idllunte with the National League He asked
him how ho would continue to moot the
Leagues constantly Increasing I demands until
an absolute stipulation should I I bo completed
Everybody hut thor allies of tire Lenuue onMil
ered the state of Ireland to bo intolerable The
Government would be dlsgratod if it lefrained
from fruMrntlng the efforts of the enemies of
the existing laws end the opponents of what
ever remedial measures the Government might
propose Ho rogioltod the absento from Mr
Gladstones ponli of any condemnation of
Irish crime or the violent language of Iniir
agitators Tire Liberal leader rather suggested
I defence of those crimes
The Government based their ease upon the
notorious < failure of tho administration of
jtrst lee The proper administration of tire
luleo constituted the hlret of individuals
and liberty wits thu only true gnurunteo of life and
Hole ho read extracts from Judges charges
on tIre rllfhleuit lots nit tenriiinig the I tunirn mist rat Ion
of tire laws Continuing ho nskod whether
this evfdoine thnngli t not 1 Muttstfiul should be
dlsrogaidcd Viis I lot well ktiovn that
Jurors woro in danger of their lives WT
not Indlvldunl jmois hold up to odium by
the public press Ho deplored Ml I Glad
stone s lit i oiiiiilIuflonBtoli I > yoi > ttlng hueh
I way of Heating I tiime would i bo iindeistnod
by Ignoiunt pioploiif I J uirt I ikirtionu of cr1 ten
Theio woio miseries Intllctert it rider boycotting
thnt vvoie outragos upon cIvIl Izatit in sue h irs
no eminent lou toleiaU Mr Glad
stone had spoken of a < bioaohof timt Iho
Government i also had 1 mist t to i width I trite
their duty to bo trim n trust that hud boon
placed In I their I hiindn by tho I country lo re
store tho I authority of tho juoon royioet for
Judge Cheer and tire liberty of all chinnos of uotitty
ChcoTs1MJlIArr DAVIT 0V Tit I1II I
DUULIN Marih 2l Miohuol IMvItt presid
long at 1 morllng of the I Nallonal I ltMiguoiit
1uhll tonight said the vor Mrlngonoy of r
I Ire IOn fniir r moisiii nt iippeurod to him to 101
fuvoriiblo leatnie lie h was lot propuiod to say
what It might bo iiotossary fur Irish manhood
todovvhon I naked tyianiiy 1 y rolgni d t In I Inland
Indei pievlous liny 1 Unvoiiimoiits I di spots
hud bnon 1 nmdo to I fool when thoy I tried I to
iriirliod crush liberty t hat they t themselves I had beta
Ml Nilllam ODiloni dltor of Imtnl fit illlll
snld 1 he would mint protend to ho violently ap
prehensive of ire I fill I the The Irish people u
had l gone tluoiigli I u dials I before xiith us thoso
they would lime to tndiiieshould tho piopoul
Cooitlon law bo adoploil hen Mr Ihilfuui I
shall have had 1 oxporlonto In the losultH of
looiiIHi sal Mi I Ollilon ho will llnd u
plunk bod u mm h mori tolerablo I couch than
tho hell of thin Chief Norntarv lot Irelund
LIMOIN Nob Mmili 21rhh eablogrnm
wan rcttlvod by tim lion John Kitgoiald l to
Hoi uKir roMMui OhM Man li JH
Tim Coercion lull propoil I to nUlit III ihv t lion i of
Common IH lh tlirlit sitetuh HIII i tin I net of mil HI
lUlil r MMII vtiirn niro ll I r IM iiln I Hie niuntHlrliuiiit
tyriiniilitl unit 111110 1 for by II I lie Htaie I or tulairii Iii Ire
nut 1 Ncvirlufore 1 UN u ntiiiliii i bill men pnmonvi
whin irlllii UUM rupdl I i trrraKlrir 1 am oniAreif I slur
previous Scion Tin nn usuri ls iiiinl niriniiKt n lI I open
iiitaiioii mill iiiipiurH lo re l rnjrosty I Ui UiLil tot Mil
intO illiK ni ut tentiith tin I surrnii
It I pliuii all publli niokrr writers mil 1
iitnluitor of ni > npiper9 uinoliiiel HI Ilio I ininy
Hr fW
I i r i i I on
i > i iiiiiiilliti y imitNiriilim I < iilliu ilielr iilli t in tint
iilctmnri ut f r lie CroHIl It I I lOllllltlllls did Ifllll I nnriitu
r inliniiut if riu k n nt Kirry to ili un ler men lei lrl u
atkcilJury I nriiriiiueiicii or laiiiUnrilA ormu jury tf
nifliHlimcli nt Itla Oil > llalU l v In t I jilr Tlio llheral
larry lit uli U h > iiliiiUtiiui tilIng IH I A 0 OliO man nigithuinit
I hiM IiillullouHimaiiiirc ami s lll tight hoii < ler lo shiml
ill r win in ms In opporhu It tu 1Ila It i M ems linpiwl
lilu to tiellev that ev en line prejt ut lloui of 1iniiiiioiiB
Mill tontliiue lo I follow Din Tory ifoerniucnt In llieir
mail turns I anil goon juilites eoimldir Ihe nicasuriMrlll
lirmk riunni I ruin tin r l nlilnet Wvinum r IIOMUVIT irepare
for tint norm an 11 I loiiiliknil 1oll lotltii Vuicrlt
pi uple foi I irit t y inpitli nut nup < on di mum ilu > have
mvirv lililitlil irnni n 1 I 011 < err L llni lor HI rt >
This toply IIIK 1111 to li iinn II
I eiiii e it III l I n louliii lim rorl ni Irilmil I curm of Anur
ttiiui l H niii ilh html 1 uniuhnnru lu iinulnif rltn i Nilin U i
11 i laliiiii 1 toiltiy tnt on iiiiiiio m vo n i aiiiiij is tots
thin i tnt > inpith nlili Inin i I I inn I n ihliiniiliik j lory
tilt fit iinriloii Thin unit tinillir nuulfiitiiloiii
ilirooulio tilt fnii eoiuilr cheili inc lii tInt IIIIdu
i 4 tlu oirli h priHS thaitriio I Anurltniisilonot pyininur
ttilxe with Irilaiol htut CreSt liberty tot hint peiple of
line nlait I I Mnten I Hn frill In sympathy I with Ire
laud sirugyui fur buiae rillJOUII
JOUII flnluu rrOeidat
DIPPING mm amitoo LOne
A Brnkmln Mllinlly Bewilder the OmnlT
roil Nineteenth Cenlnry Club
MohlnlM ChattorJIM AB L 1 Droh
mln of the highest caste and a descendant of
the Hindoo reformer of tho early part of the
century bewildered tho members of the Nine
teenth Century Club
lost night with n
transcendental dis
course on Indian
Thcosophy anti Its
relations to Western
clvlllratlon He is
n striking looking
= man with regular
features dark nl
01 S most black skin n
I ti S silky black beard
by no means heivy I
cnonnJI llld long curly main
flowing below his neck Ho woro nnueer sort of
Htralglit garment lilting quite close to tho fig
tiro and reaching to I ito knees trousers of or
thodox pattern vcnoroil Ids legs
Ho dellncd theo o1hy as truth and sild l that
t IHe great snln of IMwIn Arnolds Light of
Asia showed how Indian Ideas wore beginning
to Influence iuroi In dcllnlinf n contradic
tion in terms he rather startled his mixed au
dience by using the Illuttratinn A barren
womans son lie ouotcd Tertullians famous
Vfilmn fif Qllia rst < fiiipoclioflr us a Paradox
which contains a groat truth Among the other
tilings be said were
The Men nt Immnrlatlty l a proof nf Iti eslitrnrn
Any relIgion nf which I Imvc kgowtodirft innliKnlntply
tOne The elvutzatlon I of Knrojyi S im canietl by Curl
llaiilty i The ego thai U the vtltticu I vt evolution ex
Ills >
IllsMr Chatteril spoke with hut little accent
and his language was as lunMnnus as his sub
ject perhaps permitted Fred W Hlnrlchs
spoke for Christian theology and then WIlliam
li Judge said that there are 13 Thoosophlcal
Hoclotles America having over 1000 mem
bers of whom he lit ono i
They Kefute to Tell What Tennnt Ilnye
none with their Rent Money
DUBLIN March 29 Fntlicr nun of tho
HerbertBtovvn branch of the National League
presented himself today before Justice lloyd
of tho Bankruptcy Court lie persisted in his
refusal to tell the Court what he knew about
the doings of the tenants in Ids parish respect
Ing tho trusteeing of their rents under the plan
of campaign and was condemned to prison
When Father Hyatt emerged from the court a
prisoner ho was met by a multitude of citizens
Thoy numbered many thousands and the
cheered tho priest with enthusiastic and pro
longed nmilaiio nnd thon followed him In pro
cession to the jail making Ids tour atrlmnphal
ono A number of prominent men took print In
this procession and among the more con
spicuous were Lord Mayor bulllvan nnd Arch
bishop Croke
Father Blnttery was alsostimmoned by Judge
Hovd to give Information like that demanded
of Father Hyan Ho likewise refused and was
also ordered to prison Both priests woro re
moved lo jail In a tab The people hooted nud
jeered the police In attendance on the cab nnd
for a while refused permit It tn 1110Ccrt A
disturbance ensued and the pollco who wero
mounted rode with drawn swords upon tho
crowd and cleared a lano for the cab
Mr Ollrlen editor of Uniteil Irelaml also fol
lowed the prisoner to the jail He with the Lord
Mayor and Archbishop Croke rode In the Lord
Mayors carriage Ine mob threatened the
police along the whole route and the scene ut
times was cry exciting I
ionu Tvvrsovjs ZOE1r
Be Write Home Vrr ei Celebrating the
Queen of Enclnnd Jubilee
LONDON March 2JLord Tennysons ju
bilee ode Is published today It Is entitled
Carmen HaxMilaro and Is in alternate three
nnd eight line blank verse Hero is a part of it
tlfuy time the rime hw flowered ami faded
Fitly UmcH the Kolittn harvest fallen
Sine our Queen nuuiueil the globe the ficcptfe
Mie btloveil for a IchidllueM
Hare in fable or hiiiori 1
OueenandTniprtM of India
i row neil no IOIIK A IOn n UUilrm
Never worn by n worthier
Nirs with profperotm aiornrles
t mol lane lo the fonmtious
CronnliiK year of her Jubilee
fifty vearnol ever broudrnhlll rommreo
iirry yearn of ever brltthlenlni ience
flay eart of den vtlilfntnjempire
You the mlirlity the fortunate
yon the lonl territorial
yon the Ion iniiniifaetnrer
y 011 the hnrtl I ibnrloaapttlFnt rhtMnnnf Albion
yon iitmilitn liullMii AiiMrnlaMtn Afrlrnn
All jour hear In In harmony nU your voicu In unison
Miumir Imlllo I Ilu glorious
iolololl year of her Jubilee
Are there tlmnileni moanIng In the dUtanee
Are there eeeitreu itnvlnitn the iliirkmiw I
TriiRt Itie onl 1 of tntrt 1 to ifnlde her pn pie
Till the thmnliTK tai the ptureit vAiili
And ire r I liifht In Utiir nut i the i ilarklitM
l > aw 110 into tIne jubilee of the aged
A Blunder that COlt Many Live
LOVDOV March 21In tho ease of tho collls
lon and rlnUn oil the I llrazlllan coitt of the Krltish limit
Ivnpundt bound from Ijondon for Ireemantle AtintrnlU
and the HritUh bark Ada vlclmorc from oiiuhnbo for
Qi etnutown by s mini marty eiiidrmnt pa w nirem of the
KJI nndiv w ert lost tIne Jlllirall Hurt tniN rOiintliuteii
from bl line the olllcirn 11111 1 nnmrii of tIne firruner ami
ntifpendi 11 for tuo rear line terlltleate of I Ala lien
moroH aptaln hut permitting him In the mean time to
hnxe A gcertltliale The lonrt found that the Ada
Melmore at the time of the collision carried no M te
lifrhtxalid that her pin Brnen war Irllv Her mate
was ceiwured for utllnif down nit I helm
Prince Alexander Sued for Money Loaned
HT PKTEnsnunn March 29It has transpired
that when Irince Alexander of UattenherK waint ito 1
potted from tine Huhwrkm throne nun d escorted out of
the country by the sncreMful roniiplratorf he mcepieil
from thini Hie mini of 4lli I fro with vilnci ola j
tilt tny to hilt honlo nt llantHt idt The inone > sit
handed 1 to him it Ienl 1 In Ie > inr ilil u where the rriruie I h
11 l1I3111IeIIdII11 him A lit to rtiour the sum
but ben beyun by the rebeU who nmdo the lo in
C Not Enthii ln tlc Over Piivlenr
LONDOSJ March 29Tiio lllght Hon Lord
Jom Mnnnirif Vlte Iresl Kntof DID Committee of Totm
ell on Aurlnillure Mid In Ilia II I toliute lit oinimms IhU
afternoon Hint the Coverninent Imiulry In VI 1 n 1iViiirH
niLthod of inorulatlnir inttl for the trim iniinui ut un
thraxnnd othi r iinsiaes uiu iniiklm proirrtss unit Dint
tIle rcnilli o c tan WilniO I vuiull not jimlil > tin llipnrt I
nunl cit Airrii iiltnn in reeommen lint farmen to Inotu
latu aLcorilinir to the Iattitlr oteni
A Story Aliout the Mhllltli
BT Pi TCiuiiupa March 21It Is bald that all
the lhllll urn mid for rompllrii In the ricent uiiiiin
rtlll plot nir t Inli rUt uhrn lalicn huo circlet I
sot turin II loltiaof iolwm on their linnoinn IIl1t t that
n i relI lirintH h 11 txill > puled to t cm lull Iheitt nrIten I la
thu ttentot theuiiMi ilnreiriathii from mini Ik rut tho
Lul aionunt
TVorthlcnK JIaynnct
Lovnov Man h 21fhn lt t mmlltonon I Naval
Ci lorm union i Ih HI ininiLtll ito 1 villmriu 1 nine I i > i Trots
nuii 1 uithiMi nut unto III in 1Iln line llrltUh N ivy an un
Ut fnr tot kr
Vtcttiitci for IruhlliUlon
Couxcn Jliuns Mniih 2Alter a tedious
trail drr > pi ratu ronttut 11 twiin tint ouneil for tho Mate
runt cjnmiil for the enlo in knptrt of hum city deter
inlmitton UIIH rcucl td to dry ullil uinporaryfnjumlions
vveri mrvedtodd 1 > on twenty tiilooni ThUli I II itriat
VKtory T r li e itilbltlonlxt rtin 0 a > that i it lunnrts
laeu irttd at livll Iii air lir uioluit of uliei >
WiMiiiKicu r I u yiarih uOnlllal i ret inns from
evir > jirtilnct In tie I i HOintY huw a in ijorlty for Iho
ilryiiof 4sl II Waluiloo Ueliut ol tilt WeLt A
large ruin u ax polled
IVry Nllll Iendt Miilonr
Frey mil ahead at a galloping pac in the
Hiiond iilulil t lay for the pool 1 rlun iloni > hlp III Maurice
paly n tnlllard lunar In Hrooklyn iiin roru lit tine twui
lllh ifaine htioHlnx Ir I to r i in hi I fivor Then Matnm
made tIn < tOries liiieri > ilii ly I viliinlinr cer err riraliiht
Kaiiin irs > iaptiired UK t triiiy i Ijilli wine uliinnii
10 eerIer br 1110 i nllhi tolloirliin I Hit I uiro
Inyil in I I II I I I I I 11 I J I I I U I I I I Ii
I II II ii 0 I 111
I Mnlouoi 1 IOu I n I l ci d 10 i 01100 1 o o f tniOitII i
Total ior the IwnnlKhtn iTcy l2 < Mutone J7
Vogel Ilrotliert fuihlon Catalogue
Showing what In niir this timing tar men unit boji
enl free br applvlnv to Hroaitu itnd Houston mud
CIShlb irytinue corner 4Jd ttid t
IUiiwnrK S Y March IB 187
II W Johns Mf K Co Imv York IUI i hit years IIKO H o
huilt our IIOUM unit palnteil twit 1 i IIlrl itfline tOne As
tee os Iilum mimi It looVii lttter In day tVui airy house
III 15 tr lImit hail tiiiniulnlcd ther pilnln nllliii
tint laHituiiur unmet yrrr lire I II HUH Itfi AJe
Children Cry far lllclicr Cailorlu
A perfect preparation for children compUinls lrlr
They nr fall to cure hick lieadnehe Carters IJtUe
Liver lUis On Ore IUH dobeAnhp
Sew Styles Sprung CyrCo
In tmmenso variety from I < H to f 25 at ogel Itrotheri
Hroadwoy and Uoiiftoniit and Stir aviinue COT 41 11
Bottling lire at tie Kntplre Hrenrery
Iteidleston I Wmrz celebrated Imperial Mirer Beer
ii hiilleil at their brewery 111 I Win loihri New York
Ih iiuuiiurlu absolute PuritY Onlin by mall Jdi
NolblUK Like It
There ii l no othi until romi i ndhim of news or mirror
of tunUmporary hUiory us Trot W HOLy BIX ft a year
v r r r F r
lyle 1earUne inssuonicr rrrullar PurifyIng Iowrrl >
UCTUUU If you prefer inuuJry a pure DOSJI soap jdo USD UlmrUX 8 Htajuus
rIlEY CANT nmvcK Axrnonr TO mm
Curler Harrison Tried to Dleker with the
Inhf > r Pnrlr and Foiling Nolrt lie Would
Not nuaTlie Republicans Likely Win
CiHOAOO March 2Jln splto of tho cfTorts
of the commlttco appointed yesterday to secure
a Democratic nominee for Mayor tlio Conven
tion mot today without any slnto before IU
Mr C W Drcgn who was tho latest man men
tioned for Mayor was seen by tire committee
last night and ho iWsltlvoly refused to accept
the nomination
Chairman Hoffman with tho aid of several
prominent Democrats this evening I named
committee of fifty Democrats to meet tomor
row evening and nominate a ticket Tho list
contains the names of many of the most prom
inent Democratic business men In the city but
no element of tho party Id wholly neglected
Each of tho three newspapers having Dem
ocratic leanings has its editor called to act on
the committee Few Democrats believe there
is any hope of carry lug the election next Tues
day Tire friends of President Cleveland went
i out after Harrisons scalp and got it but In the
same raid they slaughtered tho Democratic
party In Chicago and loft It dead on the Held
W F King of tine Fourth ward threw a lire
brand into the Convention by tho Introduction
of a resolution endorsing Clevelands Adminis
tration Cries of Not by a dd sight I arose
on every side nnd the young man could not
road Ids resolution for several minutes on ac
count of tho confusion Iiiially Mr King
managed to got his resolution read It depre
cated liny attempt mado within or vlthout the
Democratic puny totonnuit 1 President Cleve
land with the withdrawal of Carter Hnirlsou
us their candidate for Mllror after his Cleve 1
lands 1 distinct and positive avowal that ho
was wholly disinterested In the matter
Another scene of confusion ensued Tho
resolution was referred to auommlttoo of fifty
with power to lIt
ThisnclIon 1101 ono man running on tile
Democratic ticket for olllee C I i JI Allen
nominated nt the former Convention for City
Attorney It Is doubtful If the commlttco of
llfty will secure names to 1111 the other blanks
before election day
Charles Kern President of tire Cook County
Democratic Club said tonight
U lie personal character of Mr Harrisons
administration has caused its dovv nfull He sa
crilUed the regard of the bettor classes of the
natty and lost the support of the t laboi faction
The ContriilCommlttee composed mainly of his
friends renominated after he hud once de
clined hut Kiitltflled that I detent was certain ho
declined again The committee tried to find
a candidate among the leuleis who have Ihe
inspector the party but failed because nono
such cared to place himself In the hands of the
personal friends of the present AdmtnNt ration
All that could bo done then ami I think t tho
action has few If any parallels In polltlial his
tory was to ap > eiil to tho reputable Demo
cratic citizens of Chicago to name a cindldato
for Mayor Francis A Holimnn President
Clevelands appointee as Appraiser for this port
and Chairman of the Convention was author
fred to name llfty such citizens
It Is rumored and I may say that It Is gen
erally believed among tho I loaders of tho two
factions that Harrisons true motive for do
cuttIng his second nomination was the failure
of n plan wherein the Labor party WON to w lib I
draw for nHirtaln consideration Its nominee
and place Mr Harrison at the head of Its tIcket
irOn this tnluur fell through Mr Harrison I had
no hope of snccessand therefore leslgned upon
the t pretext It is stud that the t Administration
at Vfnsldngton 3 was opposed to Ids candidacy
and that it was not worth while longer to tight
the press
Mr Kern subsequentlygao it as hits opInIon
that Mr Hoffmans committt o oultl bo unable
to t find a candidate nnd that Itocho tire lie
mibjleun nominee would be elected as many
Democrats would in such un event vote with
the publicans to prevent the bocltilltlc ele
ment from getting into power
Late this afternoon an Associated Press re
porter was informed by a wellknow politician
that the report was current on the Inside
that tire consideration lou which the Labor
party was expected to withdraw Its nominee
in favor of Harrison was luutU cash
The Shore People FightingAnnlnit the Gob
bllnir Vior Autural 4 lam Uroiind
STAMFOHD March 29At lie winter ses
sion of the Connecticut Legislature of 1885
millionaire Crawford of Stnnifoiddesiring to
appropriate to himself valuable oyster and
damming grounds adjoining his property se
cured tire services of an interior district beiia
tor to picscnt a Senate Dock Grant bill
whlcliwould give him control of ten acres of
the best oyster and clamming ground in tire
Sound Tho Postmaster appointed iccently by
President Cleveland J Harry Svvarthout who
was then u Representative from htumford dis
covered the bill and through his Inllneiue It
was tabled Tlio next j oar the same bill mule
up again and passed unseen and unherald
ed It was only after the sishlon ended
that I the people of Stauni for I found It out and
then I u howl VM nl up trom the shore peciile
Crawford threatened to prosecute them t if they
attempted to dig clams on his grant and tills I
Increased the papular Indignation At length
inc I feeling waxed so unit iii t iuut tut a special
town meeting it was unanimously voted to au
thorise I and direct the I Selei I men to t light to i a
Ihilsh tlie u millionaire at tire expense of the
town I Mr Icsscnden pievcnted i anynttlon
i 111 ingtakcn t byprocniing a teinporny injunc
tion I restraining the 0iitwt Imiii from using
town funds lot such a puipoiemil JudgeIVnn
of the hupci Ior ouit font him d thciiijumtlon
until the ludlchiry 1 Committee of the Loglsla
trite should pass unrin the constlliitloiinlliv of
the bill i i lu the mean lime t through I 1 c > sen
donx Influence tho I qtitst i nut hid been lefened
to tin Committee on Imorpoiatlons In I fore
which on 1 rlday liit bo IIIKIII d at length as
I nil vfonrscoiiiielwhile lolJosrciln I of Hart I I
ford and J H Olmtuid of Mamlonl ivgued
lor I the people The committee lesoived itid
diou until Oft wei k
Scnilur it Jay 1 Valsli who loprcsents the I
district rind Is rio the Pieldent piu tern of
the I henate had pioiuii his constituents that i
ho would look alter the mattni In theli I In
lerest but thin far he finds himself 1 little bit
hind ths wily IcsCiidoti Mill the handluip
may bo lesscm alltr I n the t aigiimenlh of tho
Senator mire lielid Iu tire henate chamber
HIRED 10 1IVIIX JlVILlH < t < i
Clllrcn of u PrnnMliiinlii llluffe Aecusvd
off nnslnir lire lur Revenge
ConiliANTON Ii Mtiich i9lnn > issi the
tomporam I o people of this I place made an not the
light acalnst ire t granting of Hi outch hi the v 11
hire and owing to I their t elToiis u numbei of
ill i Inking I i places irene not llfiised Soon after
waid a building belonging tonne of limo htnd
lug teal tItrir rreo irortrrzu tins t uirtttil rtowti nun
tholncondlaiy oiigln of ire I lire vas plain A
week in un litter a building belonging to nn
oilier tejnpoiiiiico in in ui burned iimli the
snmeclrt iimniiinces bl mx ills islious llris fort
lowed closely on ono iinotliei and the losers
were all iltlens wiio had been pmnilnent In
nithiuuslirg limit gnnirnifitg nf lkcns > i the belief
wascoiiiinoii that certain liunned Iliinortleal
erh welt responsible lin the ii Ire lint no evi
dence oulil i ito itlitit mid against thorn
in the full of is > l n yuung man named Clay
ton Moynt was siiit to tint t eslnin pUiiiini
tlaiy mi convli llmi of deadly iihsuiilt mi a po
liceinan In nchiairton His Iriends leionlly
mado appllc itlon for it paidon and he made a
suoin lonlcrslon thai he had been Ilnployed
by unlicensed Iliiuor dealtMto lliu tint build
ings that weie Imined lu the vlll ige In imj In
mitviiigir for liii nretiiur itf tint lempcriiii vuirk
eis In dcfeallng then license Moser mentions
tin namnt of the I parlies t and one a hotel
ki oper naiiii d James M irlln iris lied fiom thu
plncii A pinion has hccn nicommiMided for
Moyer when lie vill bei omiiiKomiuileiit wlt
hose ami prmceding i will I bo begun iigaln
the cnxed I tul it its among trout aro sonic of
the I lending men in Cochiantoii
A Late Mart Frost In the Month Injures
the Urnwberrtet Htorrai
CnAniCHTON 8 C March 20A disas
trous cold wave reached hero todaY which It
is feared will result In tho almost total de
struction of tire strawberry nnd vegetable
crops In many places Ice was formed almost
an eighth of nn Inch thick A froozeup about
twelve days ago gave the strawberry crop
which promised a yield of over one million
quarts n sot back from which It will hardly
recover Tins weather since has bcim cold
with raw winds which have chilled the fruit U
is feared that this fmoezo will result In tho
almost total loss of tho vegetable and straw
berry crop Tim cabbngo crop was killed by
tho drought which followed time earthuuako
last August and which prevented the setting
out of now plants
COLUMBIA 8 0 March 29A cold wne >
struck this station Inst night The mercurv In
twelve hours fell from 78 to 30 ° and thero was
plenty of Ice this morning Tire frostn of ton
days ago did much dlmngo to flue fruit and
vegetables but this freeze Is more severe and
is iijerrlblo blow ethic truck farmers through
out tints entire section lIre fruit crop which
promlMjd to Itr l tho I heaviest In many years has
been about destroyed
Mntroi Vn March 21 Itopnrts from tire
surrounding country indicate I serious damage
to vegetables fiuni hue I snovv anti Ice of lust
night nud this I morning Peas straw berries
and labbiigesare seilouslv Injured
DANMILK Vii March 9llru weather Is
yen eold hero nnd there was a freeze last
night It Is feared that much fruit was killed
Tho weather Is cold tigaln tonight and a html
foezo is expecttd
LiNcmiuun Vn Mm eh 29The weather U
very cold Lust night ice formed iu expoid
places A snow storm prevailed this nioinlmj
Unrly fruit nnd vogel uthles are Imtllv damaged
ViN nvvn n Vn March 29iine blizzard to
day was the coldest experienced hurt lu years
at Ito late a date In March The thermometer
marked 1HS at sunrise und It has linen very
cold all day H Is freezing hard tonight 1iuit
is not far enough ndviim ed tn bo Injured
1ULTIMOMK March 29A henvv noithwest
gale has prevailed nil day on Chesapeake
J3t ly neil few ve els hvvo arrived ordepirted
No dumnge tins been reported but there Is
somo toiicern In regard to the oyster fleet A
large hoot Is reported wind bound iu tire mouth
of James lllver
ATTANTA Oa March 29A dosrmtch from
Ackworth states thnt u terrible hailstorm ac
companied with wind Mruik that place at 8
oclock last night Two dwellings were de
molished anti ties occupants had a narrow es
cape from death
CVNuoiiAniF March 29liro Dakota mhz
7ard struck tier Mohavvlc valley today Hall
way travel was Interrupted and the back dli
trlct malls were great h delayed
QUEBPC Afnrch 29lho snow blockade on the
InterColonial Itailwny Is unprecedented Ono
tniln has been 100 hours In covering two miles
and the snow drifts where it now stands com
plettly cover the telegraph poles Iiun flirt itti
igKngllsh mail which left Friday I Is still stuck
etvvccn llivlerodn Loupium lllmouskl while
the incoming EnglMi mall anti an emigrant
special train urn likely to remain over at St
rlavle Kvery effort Is being made to bine thin
lire I cleared anti no expense will be snared
The Camilla Piiclllc Hallway Ianeelled all out
going trains yesterday and this moinlng but
will attempt to get a train through this after
noon The drifts on this road are very deep
A Matter Which Is tnti lnx Conaldenilile
Npcriilnlloli In llrookljn
David E Tn > Ior u shipmaster live years
ago irried Miss Smith time pretty seventeen
yoarpld daughter of Dr Kmtth a dentist of
Sixth avenue Brooklyn Mr Taylor was some
ten years older than his bride Ono morning
early last week Mrs Taylor left the neatly fur
nished flat 329 Union street where sIre had
been living with her husband for a year
and went to her fathers house In KKtli
avenue which is her present homo Her
Beautiful 1 darkeyed fouryearold daughter
whIr triioui all the neighbors appear to have
boon charmed accompanied her blnce Mrs
Taylors departure all her effects and those of
her daughter have been sent to her fathers
house arid yesterday Mr Taylor had all tile
furniture removed and gave up possession of
tho Hat Ho is said to he living for tho present
iii a sew York hotel Tlio sudden separation
has proved a great surprise to their friends
who had iivcr heard n whisper ot a disagree
ment Iho neighbors nil say thnt I Mr Taylor
appeared to be gieatly devoted to his wife and
child and that I there I did not seem to be a moie
happy little household in I Brooklyn
There is much gosslpas to thouiuso of the
separation Husband and wife admit that it
has taken place but they refusn to I disc uss It
Mrs Taylor contenting herself with merely
saying that her husband was unreasonably
Mr Tavlor and his wife have been memlwrs
of tho Sixth Avenue liaplit Chinch since the t
t imo if their t mm t Inge A report that t some ac
tion was to t he I taken In the mutter by the
church is denied
I > It 1 NtnidUiirlnit
DOVER N J Mm i h 2D A little more than a
yennr otto Si m A r Ofburir n mui > ii duller of this litter
came ncron an old violin thi tone of which UIIK KO
vweet that hv prcienHit it to hs ur in liUtiKliKr who
however refused the gift tieiansu of he iineoutli up
pcnrance of the hittrumcnt Mr Uthurg died and hi >
successor In tho huslnets trnded Ihe i i Id violin to VIr L
1 > Sthwar fin one w mini the slIer lud bought for 14
In elcanlmr HID n di Ht and resin fiom tin hiKtrmnintthn
othir day Mr hihwarK boa fojnd a label inside wild
thli Inscription
AuToyiro uuusmtiuoiuuui ITt uosrsouu
hunneuutr Aiiii 1717
Itestile tlnrci Wnrd WOO A nuail trute iniirte or peni
Tune teiter ilme iii ott fntsniit type ire
iey lit tine iiiiuuai to ii tiniot in or tinnt
dat niunit tine II i 4dm tigirit iii i dirllti ii Iii iii Iatct
tinrt nur itrtunt I tiuui il t I tiuu ruii for tin
cnlrrrut 5 r iii ii Ii It is tiniu eu mire tlint
tuiii uuurunu is tune iiC iii fiunnu InutkL ut nritiinnrii
it inn fled un iriruroI iii i75 if ittlout Inioudi
rrnnfi mini e tomiuunjiutei ttiinininiiils r miinrs
Will Cot HIM Appoint Mr < liumherlnlnr
ALFitN MiuueJn 29It Is believed that Got
IIIII out iruuutitmnnue forth r IUUIP > in thtlloarlof IHM
herviei omn Is iontni lo ho mrJo ly l rpi ntlo i of
Auguntiu i hionmnki r Jr Vujinr Ty lir hunStraln
iifAllnny yr l hiimltrlntn vvliol no inoof tIne tIitru if
tine ittiIlit ii nit Joiruiui it iniimt C3 5 euro oIl a
trotirnie it I innrvi rd iiiitr niulit inn ml
iii tiitilii lti Ii lit TiC f tint > tniiuini irrtrtn
I mn or tint Onniiriiniirinit LiluiIiuigii 4 ssi n iii
iniit iiu iCtti I fr t t tIitai iiiiTil tottr
mnuit rir 6 trrrtnutii nonulunu iiitiiu > Imriiiuuititmliur
unnti the nnrntttiui it life of tin triotitiut iuu t ° 1
it ii ctri ire retrnni mint iniui itt til Itiiitis fur
ynnrn iunut ti ii iii il intl ii rturuItrri itinnunliui cli
ii Ii muocuCu of runt Im ICinai bUt eniisbiniuiung it hr tine
1 trite
Mother Hymppouiso of the hltw of Loret
to tnt tnnieh iii vionuoimr All t tilt ruin > hio hul
In i n for uniriil yiiim Miillur siipirlur of tho lonnin
Catholic lonvent here ftnJ wax natty litovi rut thy the
vi in li roMiniiinliv Sine sas turin ii trttit ty furry
five vtnrs lies of tnnuuis unuun ii ivnurnii 111 tiiInnt ii
lurlilit ut lhi KIII ii i h ti i I nit tin it it t5 tiitlliit ihitut
llv in pil In hliilnii ti tnt r iito tin iriniet
liul i T II n i llurell luit I urteuurc tried at cho
lend > esierdoy of limit j ls If uiie teor
JOTTIMJS innvt 7011
Turlvi > fnr < 1J Milltit 1 iilirmlrlsy wmlorketUipIn the
Toniliht Mtontnv for ii ti iilinif two iiuOi I N nf lilt t nityu
mitt a < lf lull kit Iff to rIte NMlnii lreo 1 IUi ill
< ilt iVriuiit N pnlli t rtldff a umiry i mini nl n IVifark
rou mi Monday niirlit 1i lutnl M I Minn rite I ulUtful
pru rl < ion nit lucid for inn jiftcriU at llm i IIJDJ 1
i suIte lttmtr lui Lruiitfl uui i abil iittmre Iii t L < > LIU
lltnrU li trtiiu Ariioul llnrl li ntpv tntnr ha trranti < l
unaiMliitfilhnriL to Amine Mnrtln iruin Irwipli Mnrftn
A llll I av moo mirfurc rum i rut oil yilerutry tlie rlirht
t Lor I raiu MtCnii iigt l4 Ho UIM taken lo tin
KuuMult llufjlial llurkn A thlt > l u ilrlur uu
Illiuiil Ii 1 Miiilrr min hi mutt of < HII Hiilcr vlmliAii
intn l Mftiliiir n i n ar inc ilui hhalcr eimrIr > in
the ll < iltli Dfitfirtliifiit wits made a tltrk itiUfiluv ut
ttcalir > nf ifl riio
Mlo h hulcr ungeul 1 tie bnoVUcciu r for Iluminrr A <
ilcnit rniuui ttiitit r unit hiltHat iJ I hptuie btret t MUM lull
ut leirtTfon Market ytuerutay for fbriftritt ttiiuuniliif
lo Atti llomtiiiimd h n unlit
The trial u of John ham It for t Ire murder of MXMJUI
pnroll Jdinc oiilut l mi Thirl ourtli street nar
Tenth HVeiiut hi OrlotM lat WHH IM unii jtMlfnl iv be
fornliilifti i I 111 li nli cu lu mine iniaral Knotoiu i uurt
triO titfencU hit miles
The Alileruun Cci trr < lny mloiitrd AMfrmaii onk
Iliiirn rfuilutkon reniuuciun4 tine rUluiiiri In nininiut an
a IIH lulnit nl lo Iht hill uiitltoriluif tint 4 I > IM ltuituuitituui of
Itiml fir ruler > utiM so UH in i exempt tlit u p iWie lurk
frt in i uiiiK inimtl M for fit h tin
ii l iramrur Hiiro nut 1 urut i truant litimlri < At
mnrni t foul ininug tine ili HUM tu > ml MUrhl nu r
lllj i III im Klllif Oil tilt fiiorot tine linlilHt muir it HHHttlllIlftl
K I me i uf the tiinni ire n lint null wa too mitt h fur titi
ina > t tied It pullnl tl ii t thiniiif Iii em nu ih two VUUIH n
Aiitfum Uuali rltiht Itrf win trokrii n1 tie hritk
Hhfcli fell UIKHI it ami Manraru UnrLe beirut ta cut
lifilaft counting Hozorlont mniunnres theodoro the
weed teeiJclioruugUly i urUjliiy > tIre teitm4Jv
OrrtttA with n Whirlwind of RntfcnslHlO
he lnsline rind llejolcea In hI Canrs i
Irnmnliille Anew hl Innd Doclrlno
unit hna No Idea nl tahoe tn Ronici A
nmhcr nr Priest There to hear Him
rvNherirrOIttlen tnn > ilfnnn > In n Horn
A N cnp hare lit the Acndemy or Mnslo
Not sluice tho lnaiffreutzieti ovation tetrdored
Henry Uoortw In Cooper Union Immrtllatoly
after the munkliuil election has thero licon
Keen In New York so Ilillnilnstle an innllonco
an that which Knotnl the Itev lr Eilwanl Me
llynn In tins Acailomyuf Munla lust uvonlnir
U was iimnlnnlly to I hour what ho had
to MI about Time Cross of a New
Crnsailo which ninilo tine people como
though It was ovldont from the moment thi
Tint KIV eutrouneuu
auillonco took lenin antI began to strew its
temper that ito pvrxonal iiopulnrlty of Dr Mo
Glynn hail no little to do In brlnclnc them
toKothor It was In fact a McOlynn demon
stration of tire most nrilent ehnraetor From
tho moment of iris llrst nppeariinco upon the
Btnco to his last words at ties end of an
address nearly three hours in length time au
dience was coimlantly liaiikhiK out In deafun
Ing checm and crlos of upproal aocompaniod
by such a wIld flutterhiK of vrinluK handker
chiefs and InitH as the Academy lias rarely
soon hcforij
AH early us 7 oclock In time ovcninna dense
crowd was packed before tho Irvlnsjilnco en
trance Many hud boon there nearly an hour
before that vvnitliiB patiently In the strong
cold wind which swept throuRh tIme streets
Nearly every seat In time house had boon sold
lone before dark Thowi In tIre boo brought
110 oath The orcho trn clnilrs were
sold nt 1 the dies circle and tire uallcrlts at
soentyllvi oontH with the exception of the
imrullHO gallery whore heats could bo had for
n quarter KtiiniliiiK room could bo had for
II fly itntH nnd nvery i liuli of stnndinK room
was iKctipIcd Many pricHtH ot the Catholic
Church wore proMmt In tire Jjoxcb were
Mr Henry George the hey Dr llurtsoll do
fonder the 111111111110 tic In this archdiocese
the Itov Ilitliei liouulon the Itov Iathorhlat
tory of the Cathcdril the llovrather James
Dairy nnd the liov fay hosier Mulono of Wll
On the trIage were the Ret C T McCarthy
into is not a Catholic Janios K Claike of the
Irish lIiuM John Focny 1utrick Ford
A J Steers Dr CotiKhlln John Booty Aus
tin Ford 1rof De Loon of Columhta
College 1utrick TKIIII and a number ot
others prominent In the Inbor movomunt arid
In or out of sy nip ithy w ith Dr McUly nn in lila
troublon whim the Chinch autinrlties Inci
dental to thnt movement AmoiiK tho now
Mniputhlrois was exSheriff James OJIrlon In
a box It Is roporti > d that ho ban decided to
mist In his political fortunes with the United
Luboi pnrty
At 8 JO Dr MeGly nn appeared on the stage
and then t the t pontup onthuiliism of tho audi
ence lot Itself IOUM > For the full minutes
without btoppins ono instant for breath it
iheerecl and chcorod auiln men nun
vviiniin rllnt totholt t loot ind waving
Ilioir hints and hnndkorchlofi nnd tunes in a
Malo of iippiiiontly inn oiitrollablo oxclteinunt
Dr Mi i iliin i Ii rio ii In liliuk and woiirinica
tlntoly bntliiiuil frin k tout xtoinl thloiIKh It
nil I i Ills tinitu itunui I Ire tin e radiant with the Imp
pinoss It gilt ii him
In the ml Kt of tho I ihhnlest t of It all three
little glib dic iil In white and weniiiiR u
uront boininotnor iooKiiimo forward with on
curt ttntiouii buskot I of llovorp the porfume of
which itutlt rim tLui the whole of tie orohos
tin I nnd jiliuod I It nt Dr McUlynna
foot Dr Midlynns eyes woro moist
and his fate Untied with ploasiire us lie tiirnud
to tliom and inihnl 1 Ills hnnd uontly llrnt on tIme
hoiul of oneiindthenontliomiof I the t other Tlia
Honors nit lilt nun tin risit loiters of ht Btnphcns
from the pihtoiateof vvhlth ilnireli Dr Mo
ilynn bus boon lomovod On u cird vvhlth
wont with the lowers was mitten To Out
Iiloud Iator
Whon tho ohoerlnc had at last dlod away
fiom tho t hhoor oxh uiMinn of the ohcorors
John McMiitkln tlie haiimiinof the t meollntr
rout > and M > nn hud It all Kolnu iijiiiln by irIs
Inlet I spcvth Intioilni i in Dr Modlynn
Ihe fiuntost iillnIon i I to Dt MtOlymi
vvns onon h ihe lrt indkorchlofs und lie
huts and Iho t hunililiipiniiu nnd the ohcero
nil bruK out alrosh with as mnoli vigor 119
though i thoy I had never hoiim All i this I was ro
puilod I over and ovor iiKiiln us Dr MoOlynn
tin trio fniuardat hist tobpoak I Thnandlonta
tiii H its I fi thou rgint with olottiltlty it vi IIH with
dlllii ulty that I Itoonld t be i pievoiitodfroin m brouk
i itt ont at Ilieeml t of i overt ntonce und when
t iieri tints a louliliiiiitn clmnto to npphiiid It
flmply wont mini Durum Dr Mclilynna
titl ness thn I hut Iiutnirtrirt Cuinmnr in inns nshlstant
at St ritoplionji i line upon the stiitfe and ho
too roioivod an mil Inn and the iitilt gins iviro
hid I I gI tour Dr M dly I nn the 1 Downs plated 11
hlnill i Ii n i biihkot at Iathor Ciiirunn feel Dr
MtUlynn i suit I
lIlt storYNNs Aurnrss
LtntKt AM DKNTIKMIN I stand tonIght
upon u not vory familiar plntloriii It Is true
that t 1 mill hivo n mtj tom rod ontu ru nil uualn on r
this or shall ir pi itfiiniiH to plead what may not
iiniiproii lately ho onllod u polltlml eiuiie I
have spii ii tntrm tit eon ii 5 to I piomute grout
jnihllf mtoro ti utof iliarltyof vi ml tnt of tnm >
poniniiMind of law let siarocly one IIIIIIIII >
you noodx lo bo told tonlKht that I Imvo boon
oMtidlngly moie familial with iinothi phue
and with another phitlonn and for many
long yoir It was tvvontysoveii your
lut Iriilay an outburst of applause bait
been ministering Inifoin Christian altars uml
piMI him from Chi Miin pulpits And If I am
mil permitted today lo prom h tho truths that
1 piKiiehid only hoeauso I know them to bo
tiiillis Iti voiiii loodl I good and applause
and to minister hefoie i altars before whhlt
I reveienlh I howod only I lx < oaiiHI lid lot nit
them to iO I he alliirs nf iod treinoniloiih ap
phnisiJ and to administer the holy sacra
intMits of tho Miuttlty und bounty of
width I prouelud und the i fioiilont
reiolvlngof whli h I liieiilialoil only bemuse I
leihIat nit thorn I i 10 I t bo Christs appointed ior
foi tly lit niedli Ine to man I shall not HO stul
lily niyioll an to permit any one to hay that bo
iniiseol this HinpoiiMon fnuii the fuoiilty nt
nn ii lung In Chrlhtian pulpits nnd ministering
befoie CliilMlau nltiiM 1 havo hanged onus
tJllle or jot of my belief of those I truths In
Mm m of applmiHi 01 lot any of the iiveronta
that I 11 I hoiishjd f in j my iiouit of hearts from my
youth fur Iho t bounty of unit laws of nod and
Iho I plaeu whom His glory dwtlleth 1 I itcnewod
i In ersl
And if I fliall lint bo pormlllod to prench
those truths from thonofamlll ir pulpits I shall
pioin h them as bent 1 may wherever 1 may bo
iiornilttod in whirlwind of aiiphiuse ami vhllo
I shall not bo guilty of the Indlreritlon or ot
the liiileiilium I ot obtruding upon H promis
cuous iindloino lie I unitreni lund pofiillardogmas
on tlio holy mysteries of the Churth limit Hove
yet so help mo God this vv as spoken with groal
emphasis und fooling bother I stand upon a
pollllial pliitlorm whellnr 1 disoiissof pollt
Ital oeonoiiiy or gloat publlo Inlerosts 1 shall
IIOVITMIV uny tdngt t out i ury til I Iho I grout leading
truths I of Crmtiit lit theology t IJroitt cheering
And while I do nut mlmit that It is ha
promise of tho I lirNlun Cliiin h to mlmitolf
iiiiiliulloiiiiKool In r iiihtody of groat gen
01il lolLloiis l rut hh and bocuiise sho is the
depository of pru loss gruies to i iilnri o nut
trol I minutely the t polltli I id Inloiosts of nation
or to dollDu to toni the niiuutu the cumuli

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