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enI M snvKKCK rntr JOHN aaaiar
Yur M Cnetodr Tw > A aCren
1 re Principal Is I flue Jn Who Wore ft
I Bunk Preeldente lint In H Mowery Lode
IjilRemli Ba With Itnt Miller In Front of
Wkia loa on tb e Mht of the Mnr
Unlace 1 Tie N Ue I Hold His Pl01
j Slept nadir nmd Aotded Brooklyn lint
Zobbod I Jersey CltyHald to HUT
Corea Tan Ue Killed Mr Week
Inspector Uyrnos has come t the conclu
lon that John Oroenwall tho thiof who was
collared In the lodging house at 5 Dowel on
Tuesday night with Bank ProulUont Youngs
hat on his bead is tlio murderer of Lymon S
Week Oreenwalls pal whon be robbed Mr
Youngs bouse at 63 Glonwood avenue Joraoy
City of ICO pieces of bllvorwaro on tho night of
March 22 was Charles Miller familiarly known
a Bitch Both Qroonwull and ho havo boon
Identified br a man who now thorn In front of
Mr Weeks house at 1071 Da Kalb avenue
Brooklyn on tho night of March 15 the night
that Weeks WM murdered thor by a burglar
and two pas of Qroenwall are willing to swear
that Oroenwall confessed to them that ha killed
Mr Week
TheO two Informers are Paul Krauso and
John Baker who also wore arrobtod on Tues
day night for complicity In the Young burglaiy
The flrst named told Inspector
Olt Byrnes on
Thursday that on the night after the Weeks
I murder he tried t got Oivonwall to go with
him on a plundering expedition to Brooklyn
Oreenwall refused guy lug he was afraid to g
to Brooklyn even at nlsht for some ono might
recognize him In explanation of his being
afraid he suld that he had killed MrWeoks tho
eight before This confession hu repeated t
Baker who I turn repeated It to Byrnes
Both Baker and Krause had noticed before this
tat Oroenwall no longer carried the block
bandied revolver of 32 calibre with which
tOY were familiar but had a new one in Its
place which ho bought a day or two after tho
murder Ue sad when he bought it that he
dldnt want t use the old one any more The
bullet that killed Mr Weeks was 82 calibre
His confession those two men say was no
great surprise to thorn for anothor reason
Oreonwnll h scarcely slept since the murder
of Mr Weeks 8 they told the Inspoctor and
while lying awake has been silent and still
When any one touched him ho jumped up with
the cry Whos that and looked as i ho ex
pected the answer t come from a policeman
Inspector Byrnes communicated these state
ments t Superintendent Campbell and District
Attorney Rldgway of Brooklyn on Friday and
that afternoon the later came to this city
and In his presence at the Central ofllce Baker
and Kruuse charged Qreenwull with tho mur
der They repeated In detail the statements
they had made to Inspector Hymen ron
wall made no reply to their denunciation at
least bO the police eay I he was too surprised
t say anything then he must have been utter
ly I dumfounded when shortly afterward Zorn
Chamberlain of 232 Klghth avenue picked
him out of 1 crowd of detvctiv as one of two
men he saw in Iront of Mr Weeks houbo on
the night of the murder To account for recog
nixing him Mr Cbambraln said that in cross
log ovor to Brooklyn on a ferryboat early on
the evening of March 15 his nerves wore tur
tured by two men who Sit on the other side of
the cabin rubbing their foot backward and for
ward on tho floor which was gritty will sand
Thoannoyanco they caused him made take
a good look at them and he remarked their respective
spective peculiarities One had queer little
eyes that blinked when anybody looked into
them and the other man had one shoulder
higher than the otuer Their forms and fen
tures Imprinted themselves on his memory
and ho had no troublewhtm at twenty minutes
t 12 that night ho passed Mr vtookss house
and saw them again in recognizing hoUI
telling of his recognition he described uu ex
cavation in front of Mr Woekus houce which
a guarded by the usual lump to prevent peo
ple from driving In and Mr Itidgway vvlio was
I the neighborhood the day after the murder
pronounced his d ecription accurate 1erhape
If It had not been for this lump there would
not have been light enough for Mr Chamber
lain t recognize uis acquaintances of the ferry
boat rQne 11 te tcrr
Oroenwall has queer little blinking eyes
When he had Oreenwall arrested Inspector
Byrnes knew that Butch Miller Inspctor I
federate who helped rob Mr Tounga house
Miller had already ben collared lor a petty
theft I Greenwich street and sentenced to II
month in the penitentiary On buturduy the
Inspector got a writ of habeas corpus from
Judge Donohue and brought him from muck
welFs Island t the Central Oillce where ho
confronted him with Cbnmborltiin As lu the
awe of Oreenwall Miller was put in a group of
about 1 dozen men Chamberlain at once rec
ognized his uneven shoulders and picked him
out without the slightest hesitation Ills description
heslnton luo
scription of both Groenwall and Miller before
ho had seen cither tallied 8 well with tholr
appearance that almost any ono could have
apparanco on
Identified them from It District Attorney
Bldgway was present at the Ideutlflcntlou of
Miller as on the previous day
The Intelligence which Mr Chamberlain was
able to communicate had long been known to
the police On the night after the Weeks mur
der be called on Inspector Byres to tell him
what he know and falling to see him tel went
t Brooklyn the next day and told Superb
tendent Campbell On getting Mr Chamber
lains idontillcatlon of Greonwall and Miller
inspector Byres telegraphed to Coy Hill to
countermand the requisition papers which had
been applied for in order to transfer Oroonwnll
nd Krause to Jersey City to answer for the
lOU robbery The Governor did HH request
ed and today Greenwall und Miller wU bo
I taken to Brooklyn wnoru tho Orand Jury will
Jur wi
ndJct them for tho murdor of Mr Weeks
Krtuse and Biker will go with them as they
jrfll b wanted B witnesses It was by tho
Mueullng of the frt named that tho Voting
robbery was fastened on Oreenwall rounl
flrconwall owes his present position entirely to
his traitorous pal
Inspector Byrnes does not rely wholly on
Mr Chamberlains identification to bring the
Weeks murder home to Oreenwall He hopee
tat 1r Weeks who listened 10Pe
speaking tube to her husbands conversation
t <
with the burglar will be able t identify Groom
wall by his voice She describes tho murderer
u mumbling in answer to her husbands quos
tions Now Greonwall who lea German and
knows English but Imperfectly I talks It het
Utlngly and In a low tono Tbo other throe
man Are also Germans tre
The Inspector t dhle eye on tho quartet In
connection with the Weeks murder before ho
bad them arrested for the robber in Jersey
City When Mr Weeks was murdered bo ron
bead that the crime was not committed by a
ne crme 10t commltod
firstclans thief fo such u one would not risk
twenty yea Imprisonment the penalty for
burglary In tho Ilrst I degree for the little lie
would b apt to pick up In a small household
He therefore concluded that the murder vne
the work of lowclass crooks such as frequent
the cheaper lodging houses lie had some of
these men watched and in thin way learned
that Oreenwall had disposed of his revolver
before Krmieo and Baker told about his sell
ing It He lls sol
IDA It also learned that tins man
who had sold the revolver ill MI s tl n r Iln lt
Perhaps the ono worn by tho murderer when
be shot Mr Weeks In mlrorer ascer
tuned that tho men under surveillance were
in the habit of making trips to Brooklyn r
uburbun towns and their trips were almost
trps Ver
Invariably followed by reports of a robbery
Apparently In order to be able to piove an
aubl the nights they wont on those expeditions
they engaged lodging somewhere for
which they paid In advance in hones
tat Although they didnt wt to tied
until 3 or 4 A 3 if at all their names
al tllr nales
Mine on the blotter would stand them In good
stead Snob thieves as two neui ly always go
armed and Inspector Byrnes Is satisfied that
hM lank President Young Interrupted Greon
wall and Miller while they were robbing his
pouse his Miler have paid the penalty It
11llt pud pnalY
II a wonder that Mr Young or borne one of his
family did not Interrupt the Moves for they
were three hours In the house and broke
through several doors while eoarthlnu for
UU was shortly after midnight on the night of
dar 115 that Mr Weeks was shot down Tike a
SPt bln tho basement of his IIOURO at 1071 De
Jjwb avenue He was a finelooking man In
le nnllookln
the the prjme of life an accomplished athlete and
i Idol of his wife and two young sons He
gw been employed In lurlbut Tihutlmr le
wntord a wholesale hat store In Broadway
Ofd Droldwny
govr York eer since lie left his homo at
finagewnter Conn about twenty years ago
vSi Weeks ago his widow biokn up the Ue
nftp avenue house nml on April 1 Ihl went
with f her child reit to Ilrdgowatir liurn tier
ILhrr and niutlicrlnliiu liiiniidlierhiihhaiu
I uuriMi hlie WUH to rolr tu North Alinnx I
fi IRS m in a fw days lo remain with hoi mother
V rj re j tlllnglmin for the Hummer hue will hi I
e1flmOIisU Umcl9 Brooklyn at one toteMlfj
vire the Grand Jury She never put her foot
la tue Jur le nler Plt
i3eJMement of the DoKolb avenue house
ttr the night of the le DeKab Another family
nw occupies the PKwlM Mrs Weeks
ntntemont ptmls8 r
Itntemont to Coroner LlnUsoy Is of Weeks
In i view of the arrest ot Llnlsey Impornnc
Hho saul Drlt tlO suopsd assassin
On the night of lb lrth of Msrch I retlftd
tnnti Oclock I head a eUre shortly b
Oclnk nnlM as It
U jirowlnitrn l Intom I OTB trom C taniUti somebody I ukrri were Mr
t Veek iungtt wlitlher Ii lie bud heard It Mid he iW I t So orj
iholmdl the my nulls mother egln I petttnr oalt on the tIre
shortly sfter is i
C fletliII5 benvy bad t
omellll faII tn the
tln bumnL
M r Wept
Mh im lt hrl 1 to the pfeklflg tube I nked
1r any a
through 1 the
anwrd cut ii
0 lie Iommpnpd 10 dree hlmit I Mid
10 him I f
tt I your going dowii stairs light Ih
10lnl all
he dOWI tlr tee
t down
I l the way rown I went In the hal with him And h 1
Illha opened Ih
I the door
leadIng Into the hail I
r onm eIil Ialnr
MlL1nBliir1001 ilorS
dor woftert down
Ital i I walkpc dow
mal dlbrAJy 11 slippers were lirteonti l the heels
n lots AM lie came to the foot of tlia stairs I
h eard two coke bet I 3litlnUkh I 11n
I S iboll could not dletirgeIh I
what t og a word nf
wai said II
tJt 1 then > berd > the iiofio of aaw seutfle
v ery iJii lncit > ytiV If thy bad < clinChed and wore
C trukglIt I called
ruln c to my mother end
a re klltlni I Lymenl mJ anl They
I run to the
3 Irnol win
s low robed IIL and IUJ n
st called Irl and Polteet at
tho lop nt rI
b my rot loa w a mn come out from the
blmnl oorVvW 1 y mother wee poundln el thr wall to
lou pundlha
ac rouse the neighbors I dd not hu a sound when he
rm 1 out Ihe burgle lie I welk d with e quick riot
InlIp 11 did hot hurry Mi I left hali4 rDI
uin 10 hnry I hald was eon
eld l lie w
wee ft broadhoud
ca 1 man rnrhlthfliht
and appeared to Ie I chart
neoked end welted Irelihi
a head never urnln5 hIs hd The clock Struck I21 I
went lute the front basement room end
tonl rom saw Mr Woek
l ting on the liner nn hIs loft side with the I
trh1dhnVlluol1fWltl upper pan of
ii i body under the dIn1n l table Ie p
Mr Weeks had boon shot In tho right
bcol brast
and died In I few minutes The burglar had
rot tho silverware together to carry it off but
cart or
rto actually carried nothing away except Mr
Wcokss overcoat which ho afterward threw
away In I vacant lot near by A chair was
ovprtiirnod anil broken In tho basement The
burglar had got in b basomAnt
llr by breaking tho side light of
tho door and drawing back tho bolt of the lock
Superintendent Campbell said last night
callbel Illt
I i hnvo nothing to add to tho story of the cap
ture as told by Inspector Byrne It seems to
me that each link connecting Grnonwall and
his pal with the murder Is complete and that
all that remains for the Brooklyn authorities to
do Is to Indict and try the prisoners I dont
think tho evidence against Greonwall can over
bo more complete than it now Is I would not
bo8iirpri ed I the follow wore to wOlld con
fOl lon I i suppose all tho prisoners will be
brought over her In the morning Mayor
Whi II a few days after tho murder offered a
reward of 2WO for the murer the mur
derer several citizens lodged 1500 more with
the President of the First 15 Bank and
TIE LVKXINO SUN also offered a reward of 120
LIUI Louts floater le Surs tk Be > 4y at
K fcwmy te that of for Prtd bile
Bohwaya frightful crime IB aa fa from
being fathomed as on the day now more than
two weeks ago that the unknown girl was
found dead with gaping wounds I her throat
on a roadside In the outskirts of the pretty
town The body was on public view for idea
tiflcatlon again yesterday
A 11yearold girl who In the
Kd was te company
of another little girl Frank Horr a hattip
printer of 205 Elm street and another man
entered tho room by the rear door and flrst
looked Into the showcase
I know that handkerchief exclaimed the
llyoarold girl Then she trembled and broke
down crying She was led to the body
Its her she said and again oho wept
When she was composed she was taken away
by tho police She said that the dead girl had
been living at 117 Norfolk street that she was
now missing but that her trunks wore still
there sti
The 11yearold girl whose name was Louise
1yearold WhOB Louis
Hoofer had been taken to Railway because
she had been familiar with the young woman
who had disappeared and whom she called I
Susie Louise is I very timid child She was
found with her mother last night at 117 WR
folk street Their story In that a family of
Poles named Elatzkow took apartments in the
houso in February ortho flrst of March About
tho time of their coming there they went to
Castle Garden and got n young country
woman apparently about 20 years of countr
a sonant as they said The Klatzknw
family consisted of the man middle aged
with a heavy board usually well dressed his
wife I daughter about 2 a Eon about 18 and
the girl known as 8unle about 20 HUllo
could talk neither English nor German
but she and Louise struck up an In
timacy U she understood her name
but they could only talk together by signs I
or tho UFO of a wry few wo TS thor mutually i
understood One day soon aftor SUSBM arrival
she was clearing out her satchel and Louise I
Hoefor wag with her Louise noticed < particular
notccd parlc
ular handkerchief which hhe took up and ad
mired That particular handkerchief tho girl I
said Fho idnntllled In Knhwiiv Mrs Hoefer
bays that husle went away with I young man I
about Mm ch 20 i
KxChlef of Police Yates of Elizabeth went
to Itahway In a carriage with r Frank Law
rence and Mrs William Lawrence Elizabeth
One of the women thought that the murdered I
girl was the wife of George Benson munlol
ter who works for Michael Burns In Elizabeth
Christian Schmidt a guteman for tho Pennsyl
vania Itallroncl at Elizabeth In whose houso the
BenHons rented a room Raid that bo Identified
the body as Mrs Bensons Ho said afterward
that Mrs Benson had gonn away hut ho wan not
HUIO she waR missing Frank Wachter of 17
First street Passaic was looking for Katharine I
Traut aged 20 She and he he said were
among a party from Schludcrns in Austria
which arrived at Castle Garden on March 1
Katharina wont to work for Frank Buss a
butcher of 131 Greenwich street and sha
Waohter went to Passaic Wncutor wont to
Itussn to deliver I letter to Katharine and he
was told Hhe had loft on March 1 When he
road of the murder Wachter said lie went to
Cattle Garden and tried to get track of Kath
anna Wachter Identified the corpse as Kath
anna but be couldnt recognize the clothes
August DIt man of 402 Welt Thirtyfirst street
this city thought that tim corpse was his sister
Mona who corresponded In size but not la the
color of her eyes
John Andersen 1 Swedish tailor ot New
Brunswick came looking for Emily Jansen
who worked for Joseph Stetson at Urillton
near New Brunswick Miss Januen had gone
off nobody knew whIr Iono
Ei Ich Carlson of New York was looking for
another this city girl Adellna Laafolk missing from
The funeral will b today at 2 P M In the
First Presbyterian Church In Grand Street
liahway Before tho services the body will bo
on view for half an hour In the vestibule of r
the church I was decided last evening to
take the body back to the Morgue after tho fu
neral services and not bury It for tho present
A pair of No 8 mens shoes were found yes
terday in the water under an old building
known as the haunted shod The place in n
dismal one near the Itahway River No
better hiding place could be selected
us the spot Is dreaded by every one
The shoos are In good condition and I
were not discarded because of wear
Earth of the same color U that found on tho
dead girls shoes may be plainly INn on those
I is quite probable that the murderer throw
them where they wore found They will bo
given to tho police in the morning
H r Jltply null that of Her Hnehud Law
yer tlorer I the Mayor Story
Mrs J Moeser the els tor of Dr John J
Daly tho Mayor of Runway to whom permis
sion was refused by Mayor Daly to tako n last
look at the face of her mother when the
mother died a month ago told a SUN
reporter the other day that tier broth
ers and elstors hnd always persecuted her
and como between her mother and herself
During tho lust few years she had not been
permitted to see her mother I only I she could
have seen her thero would probably have been
no trouble between them She did not know
why her family wore so sot against her Per
hups It was because her mother had some
property and the family wore afraid she would
got I or tiorhiipH It wa because tho family
worn jealous In view of the superior character
of Mrs Moosnrs husband
Mr Mocsor who h n lawyer doing business
nt 280 Broadway New York bays Mayor Palys
Indefinite statement that Mrs Mooner hud al I
ways been as had as one could imagine Is 1
utterly false and that he is goingto sue Mayor
Daly for libel He also says that Chief of Police
Tooker of Railway who prevented Mrs Moesnr
from looking ut her mother In the coffin did
act In his official capacity and not merely as a
friend of Mayor Duly
Tookor told mo that ho acted under tho
orders of Major Duly said Mr Moeser I
oror oeRr
asked him whether he meant Mayor Daly or
Dr Daly and he answered Mayor Daly Ho
was there D a constable and that la all there
Is of It a
NeW sfjuxa HTFLKS iaai
Vogel Brothere flolblere
Of Broedwer anil Houston and Stb avenue corner 42d
it t bay now cmnpleta their new iprlng cuba coinprU
Ini en Immente variety of excrllrnt quelltjr reedy inede
cjvthing 4IH tor men AUd toy fJilil < > n t Mfcirue soot free
Will Gratify the Xoet Fiutldloat
Beedleuoa A Wocne celebrated Imperial Lager Beer I
I I bottled et their brewery 291 Weal totli it New York
thus Mcutu all parity Order by BlL44a
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111 rAul4
Iron iuijWo p
17000 LOSSES r onrv mtms ms
I8U1C is nUT 9 1 jooo
Both he and Mre Reynolds Farnleh PO
nail for Examination The Aehee of the
Stoner Sifted The Search Warrant
Dr and Mrs William M Reynolds both
gave ball in tho Yorkvlllo Police Court yester
day morning for their appearance for examina
tion tomorrow morning on the oharco of presenting
renting false proof of loss In nn Insurance case
The Doctor was baled out from the Fly lt
direct station house early yesterday morning
and reached homo about 1 oclock His wife was
named in the same warrant oh which he was
arrested but on account of Its being after dark
on Saturday evening when ho came home she
was not taken to the station houso She ap
peared at court by arrangement and was put
under bal with her husband
J Troodwell Richards counsel for tho Roy
noldsos gave an outline of the defence yester
day t Justice Smith lie said that tho amount
of loss on the contents of the burned building
was 117000 and proofs of loss to that amount
could b submitted But the insurance only
amounted to 160 There V8 no substantial
dispute of the amount up to 180 when it was
considered that carpets to the amount of 2200
and gas fixtures to the amount of 1700 wore
the figures to start with Then followed furni
ture bookcases engravings and brlcabrno
Ho offered It as prima facie evidence of the ab
sence of any Intent to defraud that 17000
losses were proved to recover flOo
Following tho allegations of tho complaint
ho described two Ester organs purchased at
different times ono of which was never In
Flushing nnd one of which was burned there
The evidence of the two separate and distinct
purchases was accessible and ho blamed the
insurance people for not continuing tho Inves
tigation until this evidence was reached
In this particular as In tho others mentioned
In the complaint ho found no fault with
the suspicions aroused by the singular coin
cidences developed by tho investigation Ho I
simply made the point thnt a little further In I
vestigation would have explained the coin I
cidences and removed the suspicions To do
this on the part of the defence demanded an
early investigation Bald ho would on ready
to go on and spread out his case Ho called at
tention to tho difference between these tactics
and those that would accompany guilt such as
the waiving of examination and the withhold
lag of the line of defence
The musta box in dispute was compared to
It disparagement with the one in the Forty
seventh street house which is a Ul0 one in
stead of the fOl one on which the loss Is
claimed The gun mentioned in the complaint
furnishes one of the most peculiar instances of
coincidence The one that was In the burned
building was a llftypound Wesley Richards
breechloading shotgun bought 187G In Lon
don by Mr Oliver Cunrllck and presented to her
eon Gardner B Churlkk Mrs Reynolds after
ward bought It from her brother and gave 1 to
her husband who had taken a fancy Iavo The
gun found In the outhouse and referred to us
proof that the Insured gun was not destroyed
was a W Richards breechloading shotgun
a cheaper grade ol the same manufacture and
worth Irlo Dr Reynolds bought it him
self for his hired man to shoot crows and
blackbirds with
An invalid chair mentioned in tho proof of
loss was valuable now patented trof An
oldfashioned haircloth covered rolling chair
that bail cmo belonged to Oliver Chat lick was
found In an outhouse and is offered as proof
that no char was lost A heavy oak and ash
mOt safe made in tho Long Island Railroad
shops years ago for Mr Charllck which was
In the cellar and destroyed was confounded
by tho Insurance men with an old rickety
wirecovered affair that was found in an
outhouse Tho lace curtains wore a similar
example Mrs Oliver Charllck bought I large
number of valuable old thread lace nilborder
curtains abroad in 1871 On the settlement of
the estate Mr Reynolds and her sister Mrs
Murray of Home Cortland county N Y
bought the curtains and divided them oqunlly
But lInt Murrays country home hud too low
ceilings to permit tho use of the curtains and
they were too valuable to cut So site
sold her share to Mrs Reynolds which
accounts for come of them being In tho Forty
seventh street house while some were burned
In Flushing This can be the more easily
shown Mr Rlchunls said as tho curtains
though of equal quality and value were of dif
ferent designs l
Justice Smith evidently considered this pres
entation of the defence for he fixed < tho ball at
nM a nominal sum to tho wealthy prisoners
especially lion provisions In a case not covered by any extradi
When the nows of Dr Koynoldss arrest in
THE SON reached Flushing It was greeted
with shrugs of tho shoulders and I told you
hos The Doctor is unciuostlouably anything
but a popular man in the village Tho ruins of
the houso attracted II number of visitors I It is i
to beautifully located bite on I wooded knoll
rising buck from Broadway just beyond the
railroad track Four tall straight fir trees
with their rich green were especially eon
nijlcuous among the bare brown brunches
of the other trees The grounds are
well kept and tho commodious barn and
outhouses are BO pretentious in architecture
that the place would seem to a stranger to he
in shape for occupancy I the ruins of tho house
wore out of the way But there they are two
gaunt brick chimneys andtho stone foundation
walls the striking features of an otherwise
peaceful rural landscape One chimney has
fallen but It fell outward nnd In nowise inter
fered with tho work of examining the ruins
Title has boon dono with a thoroughness that
Is unexampled except In the case of tho Bond
street fire In this city where the ruins of n big
jeWElry house were actually smelted to recover
all the gold
The Flushing ruins wore neither washer nor
omeltod but tnny wore very carefully sifted
The men who were employed to do this wore
exports of long service In the insurance patrol
of this city Their testimony is rolled on to
show juft how much furniture hardvvaio cas
tors springs owa found In the ashes and
Its state of picsorvation and by comparison
with the amount nnd condition of builders
cOlllton buider
hirdwnro found to show the amount of furni
ture destroyed
The question of the Darning of any mule
box may be decided by the evidence of what
was found In the ashes The amount and value
of the crockery destroyed can bo very closely
shown and comparisons made with tho state
ments In tho proofs of loss However broken
up they may be an ordinary lire will not fuse
articles of this sort
Tho private detectives wore still on duty at
the house In Fortyseventh street yesterday
and last night as the search warrant has not
yet boon served
Freeldeat Joeeph Nmlth Prearhre Afataet
the Doctrine of Polygamy
CLEVELAND April 10 There wan a large
attendance of outsiders at the Conference of
Later Day Saints In KIrkland today the at
traction being the sermon by President Joseph
Hmlth against the Mormon doctrine of polyg
amy Mr Smith began his bormon by the em
phatic declaration
I time no belief In thU philosophy of polrgemy We
ought to take It for wanted that Uoil knew what he WM
boul t when he created the world When the earth wai
realf for man Onl placed Ailam end Eve In the lardcn
nf t lilm 1 K he hal Intcndi 1 two wlvie for Adam he
would have Klveu them lu him Sow ihire came a time
illicit It wa neiecrary to txvln populating Ihe earth
raffilii Mtu end women hail ginned and ood wlRiiec
to eriiKh M K kedaf HH out ot tht > world If ha had mad e
mUtnke a lie crentlnn In RlvlnK Adam but one wife
tier wan > Iran < opportunity to revtrfe the order nf
Ihlnn and glie sah two nlirn Hid I Hod ilojot Nn
UK I I commanded Nouli tu lali < out wife and ni tile ncrvanu
emu Vile CUt < > l hud niijtlirr oiiportunlly 10 cur
reel the mistake If one had then made When he lei
Jetl and Ills Mfinutor the land of Jutes If llod had
ilfiirnllo rrverp Inn iudummil In elvfnvMmh but a
iliilflu wife lie iittt4 lays put hlmirlf right Hut its 111
not lo It II Uko thee three greet HVKIIU ee proof poet
tlvr mi ini i ruhlu and crwhulinluir thai Uud j u
tended mn to have but one vita
The speaker wont on to say that tho Latter
Day HnlntH stood committed to the doctrine of
single marriages Further proof of the error
of polygamy he said was found In the twenty
third and twentyfourth verses of tho second
chapter of Genesis
One of Murray Saloon In Xewark Raided
The Newark police took tho first stop In tho
rruiade aitaiiut Sunday liquor lelllnK lait night by raid
nr one of Mike Murray uloom and arreilliiKallpf
lie occupanta ee wUneneee Melnit the proprietor
Mike Murray Wee not In the place I at tho time
The prUonere were all releaned on their own rerog
finance An Innlaut I after the place wa pulled Mor
aye Ctlt lalooni and Ibt of bU r
bore were cloned Murray It t thought wee sin
Jo J
tieil fo ci an example because he wee ar
SlxreiKt opponent of Ihe lnw and order Lulu and
Inspired bltiir iirllclM In hie flee paper the AtmJmeit c
tiiNeWatk Hlrtl which ii i uJpoII he his liquor dealer oritti
II wak
Tliree of the Mcbnmnne head
Sarah Hubuman aged 13 died yesterday at
llellevue Hospital from bar received et he Euei
trI Ore hUe le the third victim lo die end ell who
hate died here been member of the Bcbomen femur I
Jin behumea le cot upecteil J Uv
AB Event that May Beenlt In a New Oem
plleatloa with the IlomUloa
WAoniKOTON April 10It la possible that
ho fisheries may not prove tho only compllca
ton which may cause us serious trouble with
Canmla Strong Interest If not a little uneasi
ness Is manifest at tho Indian Bureau ovor the
reported early Incursions of the Canadian
Hoods Into Montana with tho Intention of
wiping out a few old scores now standing
against tholr old enemies tho Ores Vontres and
ho Sioux Those same Indians wore made tho
subject of a diplomatic correspondence lat
s lummor in which however there was nothing
but tho utmost good fooling As long as these
I Indians devoted themselves to wiping out In
dians and stealing their squaws and ponies the
diplomatic sky was serene and both
dhtomato WU ern na
tions looked on with nn Interest that
was largely bolstered up by tho hope I
that the slaughter might b large on both
sides unfortunately tho frt news received
by tho Government of this Borings raid re
ported the killing of I settler on tho American
Bide and the stampeding of I large amount of
tock belonging to white men The past winter
has loathe stock decidedly valuable In Montana
nnd u claim for damages against the Govern
ment which may eventually tie referred to the
Dominion Uoveinment Is likely I to result In
some dlgnulod correspondent If I not 1 mlsun
derstiunllriir cold relations In view of the present somewhat
Tin Indian Bureau acknowledges Itself un
able to keep Its own Indians nt homo and lust
year when the Hloux dropped ovor tho border
1 into Asslnlbolne and Sir Pockllngton the
Candlnn Indian agent finds It as Impossible to
restrain the Bloods Another Important cir
cumstance is tho fact lint alirga number cr
liloixln have from time to into come over the
border and Intermarried with the Blnckfoet
wih lackfoot
and Piegans all of whom show I dis
position to join tholr Canadian relatives on
their raids here Last year the Piccnns
raided the Crows twice breaking up all ot
their farming operations stealing their horses
and putting a stop to the entire Indian policy
ot the Government The Indian Bureau plcy
no way out of those difficulties except to re
move our Indians further from tho border nnd I
ask the Canadian Government to do the same
with tho Bloods te
Meantime tho matter has bon referred to the II
rfer t
War Department but R the great Blackfoot
reservation lies 500 miles In length on the i
northern border the army can do little to head I I
off raiders from either direction
A Federal Court Practically Nalllflee tho
Long ad Abort Haul Clause
PORTLAND Ore April 10 Judgo Doady
In the United States Circuit Court has ren
dered a decision which virtually nullifies tho
long and short haul clause of the Inter
State Commerce act so far a it ef
fects railroads that are competitors of
water routes I makes tho distinction
between commerce wholly within the States
and commerce between tho States and also
explains the limitations of the act ns to car
riage of goods between States by lines con
necting without acting Independently of each
other and not receiving goods for con
tinuous carriage or shipment Tho case un
der consideration a that of the receiver
of the Oregon and California Railroad Com
pany I road lying wholly within the State of
Oregon Judge Dcndy rules that the trans
portation of property from ono State to an
other is interState commerce whether the
carriers enquired in moving it or the
vehicles In which It is bOle across tho line of
State or not The Interstate Commerce act
docs not Include or apply to nil car
riers engaged in interstate commerce
but only ouch as use a raiway commere
railway and water craft under common
control management or arrangement for a
continuous carriage or shipment of property
from one Htnte to another nor does I apply to
tho carriage property by rail wholly within
prprty b rul whol wihin
tbo State although shipped from or destined
to a place without the States 8 that such
place 13 not In 1 fornlgu coimrrr
In the case lu CCIary hold that tho
Ornpon and California road and the steamers
Ororon Oregon itnllwn and Navigutlon Com
pany in tho carriage of the goods in question
are not used under any common control
management or arrangement for a continu
ous carriage o hhiiuncnt thereof contnu
from Sin Francisco within the In
tent and meaning of the act and
that the carriage and handling of said
goods is performed wholly within tho State
and therefore specially exempted by tho terms
of the net from its operation provided the
foreign same nro country not directly shipped t and from
The lids Threaten to Fleet Every Bepnb
lea Candidate In Trenton I
TBENTOX April 10Gov Greens refusal
to preside over tho meeting to be held here
to protest against English coercive measures
in Ireland has stirred tho IrishAmerican citi
zen as nothing else has stirred them in many
years They declare that had they known be
fore tho Inst election thnt ho was not In
sympathy with a nation in distress they would
have snowed him under at the polls Instead of
giving him tho handsome majority they did
When the committee having In charge tho
arrangements for the meeting met this after
noon I was announced by a member that Gov
Green had reconsidered hla action and that be
posed would demonstration be pleased to be acton a the pro
Tills iinnouiicemont wns greeted derisively
I was known that politicians took the mutter
In hand as bon as tho Gtivurnors action was
published and t their Influence was ascribed
his ehuiigo In attitude Ono or two conspicu
Ole Democratic politicians who are members
of the committee argued that it would bo un
wise not to accept tho Governors offer to at
tend the mooting ns it would certainly result
moetlg cerlnl
In a rupture between the Irish and the Demo
cintlc party which had always been friendly
to Americans of Irish birth and frendy
Yes I Is willing they should till be police
< nl b polce
men broko In u clergyman
The invitation to tho Governor was on mo
ton withdrawn being declared that some
man equally or oven more conspicuous could
easily bo secured to preside Our the meeting
It in threatened to sweep out of power the
Democratic party In Trenton at the charter
election which will lake place tomorrow lhe
candidate Irish say they will elect every Republican
The Boy Dr Edward G Taylor of the Dela
ware Avenue Haptlit Church Buffalo died yesterday
after a brief Illness He WM about 0 years old was e
graduate of Rochester Theological Seminary end had
preached In t Lout New Orleene Providence And
I Holtou a commercial traveller died suddenly last
evening at the Forest Hotel In Wllkrtuarre He had
gone up elaln after supper to lili room and a minute or
two later he wai heard fall to the floor Those below
hurried up stairs and fount him In th death agony lIe
Mlr 1 Will uie inlnuUH lie rtpreienud ineritl
riilladilplianiid New Wit llmi IIU home U I at I111
> lt Vcrnrtu Htreet Ihiladelphla where his leaves a wife
end one daughter
Let I I hmpl rrirlilent of the I Hnrllngame Kansas rav
IntcH llanK iluil > > rilav I of puralfcln aged 71 years
lie wan a prominent OM I ellon
Patrick Hatton undertaknr and eexton of St Oabrlcle
Churh In kiot 1 Thirtyoienth < rf > d at 3CI < him
Thirty set chIli Street on aiunl iy night aged r7 1al
Thursday I ci citIng liii tiers look fright I ut i > u elevated I
train lu Third avenue and ran Ito wagon uitnlnut a pillar
ii if lh rallroid nnd N r Ham n WCC three out IIc
died from m rotu uR < iou ot the hnitn Hettuh the father of
Ituunilvman llattoiiuf thu Thirty nfh Street police
Samuel A IlahlMn I nf Newark died yrelrrday nf pnei
monla 7t II urn ot iID luc man year uu had been Trent
urer uf the fireman Wits and Orphan ittllef
Awcfatioti end a conyplruoue member the Kxeuipt
Hreueue AuocUtluu lie leaves Ibl children xWpl
The Police flopping Nundur Trams
The Excise ami Sunday Closing laws were
rigidly enforced yesterday The liquor dealers end
dirt keepers on the eec end west tiiloa who have open
ly colt their rihaudite on Sundays learned on Haunt
dab night I that the police h > d been ipedally directed to
1 tdW many arrest I ai they could and many of them
locked their I door put up their clutters and went to
their bouts Few or the hat and fancy goods etoroe on
lie Ilowery and In lbs lower pan of the 10n were open
and many of the uptown llauor stores were cloeed Until
for ItO ilriit time In years Many arrests were made anil
amonit them were photographer grocers butcher
ihoe I ilfiilrn end fancy guile dealer > line hundred and
even urriot H ere made for violation of the fcicUu Uw
Manager Donnelly IIi Ilenljrtof FrIend
llllro Wil nlL P0111 iii the IIJoU Theatre hi
nt hl fir alt the trlnc ot Ionolor John f Vontl
hl wsneil to see he performance hat a host at actors
and acireuen rave ai his testimonial oeneni Nat io a
win John Miarki Boh Milliard end Ida Multe lOose
llfhtoD Lufti Urubb i ole fuller and Jennie Veemeni
were among the clutter of clara who acted ud Mug end
helped J keep tat fun unttigipo
Kxnltant Ttrmn Illndae ae Whlterobed Girl
and ninckrobeil Men Deecend Into the
VTater and Aeeend An Excltlnv Time
Yesterday will b remembered by ono of
ho largest and most distinguished colotcd
congregations in tho North U the proudest
day in the history of Mount Olivet Baptist
Churh Sixtyfive converts were baptized be
fore an assemblage of colored beauty and fash
Ion that filled the 2000 seatsovorflowod Into the
aisles and extended out on the north sidewalk
of West Fiftythird street The doors were
opened at 10 oclock and so ongor wore tho
people to see tho biggest ceremony of its kind
that over has bon performed In thin or any
contiguous State that every Bat was filled In
ho main part and tho gallery of the church bo
for 1 oclok
Pastor DW Wisher ordered the ushers to
close the doors and lot no more people In half
an hour later The converts thirtynine of
whom wore young women and girls and twen
yslx young men and boys occupied pews in
rent of the altar which blossomed with bright
spring flowers that harmonized admirably
fower barmonlz
with the irnyly decorated bonnets of tho fomalo
The Itev Mr Wisher opened tho services
with prayer After the collection which en
riched tho church by f 250 tho pastor roaunstod
the candidates t arise and prepare them
selves for Immersion They filed out of doors
led door
on either side of th altar wnflo the Immense
congregation sang Jesus lover of my soul
During tho hour that the candidates took In
netting ready the worshippers sang hymns
familiar to colored Christians The refrain of
one of these was
ITepere me
lrepare me
pa I
Witch death ohan bat tbli frame
A member with I rich tenor voice chanted
I have loving mother In the New Jonualtun
chorus His fellow members added in thunderous
shouting In the New JernaIm
Another was refrain that was used very frequently
Carry me I the water
To b baptized
A loud shout at the main door announced the I
coming of tho converts As they entered they
sang a hymn with a chorus of prolonged and I
subdivided hallelujahs Tho thlrtynlno young
women wore dressed In white gowns with white
hundkorchlefstledover tholr heads and tho men
nnd boys wore black gowns and waterproofs
They marched up to the front of tho church
undraoccupled tie pews they had lolt The
congregation acting upon its own impulses
sang a variety of hymns some of the stanzas
of which wore improvised by tho fervent lead
ers This was ono of lie refrains
Come on end lets po to heaven
And the Lord going I to look after the look that day
The spontaneous singing was brought to a
close by Pastor Wisher who delivered a sor
mon on tho benefit and necessity of baptism
and then with Deacon William Moore who
like his pastor worn a black gown stopped
down the rlghthnud stairway of the marble
font Into the water < The font is nearly twenty
feet long Ono of the brethren stood at the
top of the lefthand stairway to escort the wo
men down while Deacons Hawkins
Mosely and Jackson In rubber suits stood at
the top of tho righthand stairway to receive
them after their Immersion
As the first whitegowned girl timidly came
down tho steps a fervent improvlsatoro sang
If you lava Ionl
As Jesus loves you
You would rom and be baptized
And be a Baptist too baplltd
The congregation supplemented this with an
oftrepeated refrain T lie candidate leaned on
the clasped hands of tho pastor and Deacon
Moore for a moment Then the pastor said
My ether In accordance with nods holy command I
bapilze 1 thee In the name of the Father and of the bon
7 the Holy Ghost amen one lIed < 100
Tho sister disappeared backward for several
seconds and emerged dripping like a sea
nymph Bhe cried Im saved and sprang
toward tho two muscular deacons In water
proofs They Uurrlod her through the door
opposite thin one by which she hud entered
and tho congregation shouted I <
Now she Is baptized Amen t
Every now and then an enthusiastic convert
threw her arias In tho air nnd shouted coner
were curried bodily front the fountain Stanzas
and refrains of ninny varieties vvero sung dur
1r0toS war lung
jug tho immersions A popular refrain
Inl tu Immerion I rfran was
Im free nt last
Im free lt II
Thank Hit Almighty
1111 free ut laaL
A stout lady in a gray dross was so wrought
up by the Intermittent cries of Ito baptized
tl buptzcd
nnd the solemn arid imnrohslvo slninr that
she got up and with I shout spun like
n ton tho whole length shouttjii pews
and would have gone further I she bad not
ban seized and calmed by several less demon
strative brothers and sisters A stout brother
Infected by tho portly sisters emotion jumped
up and shouted GloryI I whon he came down
solidly on the quivering floor
The men who wore baptized wont back
through tho doorway whence they were con
ducted to tho font One muscular Fixfooter
began shouting and writhing boforo ho was
within his length of the water Several breth
ren had to come totho assistance of thn water
proofed deacons tho pastor and Deacon
Moor to get him into the font
Ho shouted f Im saved in Ilnuld accents
ns ho omenwd nnd ho wits carried struggling
bodily out through the door Several vonion
fainted through sympathy with his feelings
Those are the converts
Angllne Itltter Nancy Christian Evira Morgan Vena
riearam Fntma Hrittrn llnttle Heath lramn VVU
Hams Matoraco Lane Irclnia uxion Ucrtle Ghmanda
Louise Winston Amtnda M Inrhett Mnrv Wallace
Amy Johnson Amy ireen Leila larkunn llczlo flack
snn Lbrle Illnlon iila Iiir Bctu Harris Mary Toole
Mice lrigg l Vrances towel ylvia linen alile Hi
Ler Aimlo vnnni harah Pattetxm Maul Knblnnon
Miry lii well Margaret Ilurrls If irrift rnemin Alice
WillIams HarAli William FAts Daniion Delia linwser
Mary Ivrnfll Julia IrrLmin Alice lunl Maria Koliln
HOIIJM Rat Maini 1 Dlx Rf 1 IInckfii > n W II Johnnnn
James E Tcdrow Samuel Bell Monitomery AJonet
Samuel role man Ludicr Davla Mjirnhall Hilt Daniel W
Ibhnnt Joseph II Vnunker Anderson Oampbcllohn
Kugtrri AIii7r Pry ticnrjfo Hill IUchard Orein Albert
II Mllllfli IIarr V FjnRlffon Walter Johnson nfnrce
Alien Uurire Vai ntlnf Itlrhira bcott IJnvld baglvy
Wililam tireen Charles Me Held
The Bovrlne Season Opened on he ITarlem
Everybody that owned a boat on the Harlem
was out rowing yesterday Apparently the entire pnpn
latlon of Harlem was crowded upon the various brides
watchlnir tho gay scene and even the piers were filled
with lookerson A was hung np a situ At the entrance
of the Third avenue bride Rtanilinr room only
All the boat houses Here thrown open and rowing
suits nf every color and pennants of many JoMirrn rn
Ilienod the river IVrhapM the Jolliest party of nil was
that imlhrred in the riemUhlp I Club houte at the fool of
Fourth avenue luring the Inter the club room was
relllt d and 11 new stuck of trim and shells laid In and
the nib idebiated ttilo plcatJllt ute of affairs vRler
day by a formal openlmr to u hlch several hundred were
Invlnl rro ldcnt I h HIjlin of lug four fame up
petrel In a silk list and N lei lrr ldnt Ulttmar played
the easy host In a lavender rowing i ill
Altogether the oarf man a xeason on the Harlem opened
gayly auspiciously and without accident
le Mr Vanderbllt lllsguteil mllb the Alva f
It would bo difficult to llnd n morn disgust
ed man to I day thin Mr Wllin K Vatidcrhilt Is with
his English designed American built steamer yaiht
Alvasild a well knoiwa yacht fitter yesterday Ills
very probable that before Mr VandorMU grin through
with tht alUTailuns he U fuSIng in his vtchtnlie wHt
have cost a good round sum In addlti to her original
ret It Is found thnt the IturllMi s earn steering ap
paratns to l a failure nud Vt I wilUmsoii of IVI IUins a
llrnihrii builders of I an American steam steerintrdtvice
In IhilsiMphia wee I rroon Mfurdnj at the riiuevtof
Copi lorraun tit set If Im could not remedy lbs trouble
The rrinnly Hill prnluhly bi the taklliicout of ut < IJg
iieh stirrer nml pniiinirln an Amerlciii one
ht 11 lsir Ihyrtie l the deklirner of the Alvii promUed a
lest ii Idi a minimum eptiI of nut le than I Itt knot
under full power and a I dranirl of u 0c mint to enced
itt feet I ndr tin lest piM > lbl rnn Illions the achl
hat never made according to her loir above ltutntits
and her lraiiietit Is 17 I frt Ii i incite oru foot and a hoe
more than the ipeclilcations prumlicd
Orn Paine IVcvv Yncht
BOSTON April 0Tiie dliionslons of the now
sloop which flea Paine proposes to build to compile for
the America cup will bx approilmatcly Length over
ah till fret water line length m feet beam about 3
feel draught Infest The greatest advaitagp that his
iifw sloop Hill tare over the vinjiinwrr will lie ihe lor
erlugof all hernelithu tIer hal will hr run InM a
trough whirl will firm thr totem > m of the kiet aiul ivll
be luille Tie slate Hhtth on the M lyfloner is taken
up br the larife rink keel on hip new boat will be tilltii
up with I ad and all lie wdeht riinnluiiitl nlll ho I
lowered This liveririg > f wcuhtHll tnakt her inoru
powerful thai the Mai lower and the will have more
Mr Cutran sees Pr llcUImn UK
Tim 11ev Dr ndwnid Mcfiljnn departed for
Cincinnati on the Pacific exire > s oier the Nrv York
Crrtral llallrnad at H oclock last tiUlii I Hn I l irliiir ft
spruk In Mock Hall ClnrlntiHtl to morrow nlvlif and ti
Indianapolis tin 1liur di > miflit The uy HrJalurHT I
Iurrau wliiiuas sent lutu iriidajs reir > it ul llu lie
slimlit Mnnnstery In West llnlxikrn for alunilln the
Meillvnn uieeilnjr the Academy of Mn lc ectouipa
nled 1r McOlynn to the Kcrly second street rteput and
sew him on board the train l Itt Curtail s retreat ex
plied on Saturday and he left the monastery yesterday
moiBlDtf lie Is new stopping wltubJjmoUisr In Uailwa
Xlhlllata HIIII Trying to Murder hlnRn
sorsnt Hi Petersburg
LONDON April 11A despatch from St
Petersburg to the Dailv Xevs says The most
alarming reports respecting tho Czar have
been In circulation hero Ono rumor was rtiit
a mine had been discovered under the Imperial
palace at Qalechlnn but it Is learned on the
best authority that this report In untrue also
that no arrests hare been mndo at Qntiehlna
ns was reported
On Wednesday however when the Czar
was driving to the Ontschlna station hero a
nan and woman wore seized at the corner of
he Novfikl Prospect and the Clroit
tfnrskala ton minutes before tho Chars
carriage passed Another person tried to
present n petition ns the Czar nnssoil but woe
arrested boforo ho could reach the tnrrlugo It
has not vet boonnseortulnodpositively
or not the persons arrested had any criminal
The Czar was in perfect health and excel
lent spirits
Vienna and Berlin telegrams confirm the
foregoing and state that thin culprits stood
upon the stops of nn uninhabited houso and
carried bombs under n plild shawl
It is supposed that the petitioner VMS
nn accomplice of the oilier two and
did not know then tho latter hud boon arrest
od The Czar know nothing of that arrest Hu
sat Dcsido the Czarina and kept bowing to the
nopulnco They were returning to Uatschlnn
rem the Winter Palace whore they had been
receiving a Japanese 1rlnco
Cardinal Taeehereaa Announce the dnepen
don of Ills Sentence bjr the Pope
QDUIIXO April 10Tue following circular
letter bearing on the Knights of Labor ques
tion was road In the different Itotuun Catholic
churches today
AncninHOmo or QCEIIC April S 1BS7
In September 1H84 the Holy See consulted by me on
the society of the Knights of Labor condemned It under
pain of grievous slu and charged the Illshopsto deter
their diocesans therefrom as I did In my circular letter
No 131 of the 3d of February Itws After representa
tion made by their lordships the Bishops of the United
States the Holy See has suspended until farther orders
the effect of that lenience In consequence I authorize
confessors of the diocese to absolve Knights of Labor on
the following conditions which It Is your boundon duty
to explain to them and to make them observe
First 1 hat they confess and sincerely repent the
grievus am which they oununilted by not obeying the
decree September 1834
Second That they ba ready n abandon thIs society eo
won as the Holy See shall ordain It
Third That they sincerely and explicitly promise ab
solutely to avoid all that may either favor Masonic and
other condemned societies or violate the laws either of
Justice charity or of the state
hourth That they abstain from every promise and
from every oath bv ihleh they would bind themselves
either tonboy blindly all the orders of the directors of
lie society or keep abtoluta secrecy even toward the
lawful authorities heo Discipline1p 2171
In behalf of these penitents only and by virtue of an
Indult I prolong the till of the laf chal Communion un
til tile Feast of the Ascension Inclurltely
flease accept sir the assurance of uiy sincere attach
meat t EA CIRD Turutiuur ArclinUbopof Quebec
Precaution for Lord anidovvnee Safety
OTTAWA April 10 Thoro Is much excitement
here over an official notice to the effect that during the
presence of Lord lansdowne In the Senate chamber at
the opening of tarliament on the 1UU taut the galleries
of the Senate will be closed This in the lint lime In the
history of the Dominion that such A step has been taken
the galleries of the Senate always on such occasions be
Ing open to the nubile who are admllted by tIcket The
explanation IH given that It will prevent confusIon The
opinion Is that his Ixcellenc has received letters
threats contained In which he Isifrald will be carried
Into effect If a crowd Is permitted to enter the gallery of
the chamber while he Is opening Parliament on the floor
heOH Extra precaution la to he taken to Insure his
safety In paving hetvvoen ilovernment House And
the senate nn the day Iarilament opus A strong escort
will accompany him going and coming This however
ii always done
Sirs Bnttner Kill Herself
On Saturday nlsht Mrs Adam Buttnorof
North Centre street Orange was found dead Ii 1 her bed
with three wonnda In her throat and a box of rat poison
ther side 4 MoM < tan l ien rife fjuiKtm the
deer County 1hyslclan Hewlett viewed the body and
came to the conclusion that the woman died of
polionlnt She woe about 33 year old and wns the
mother of two children the youngest of which was born
In tne street In front of Dr Henicta i fHc In Newark
She was then sent to Ht Michaels Hospital where It
wiui found that her mind war seriously anected but cut
drill mania was not suspected Che was discharged
from the hospital on Saturday and went to her home in
Orange where she retired tufter room early liar dead
body was discovered just before midnight
He Blew a Hole Through hi Body
When Edward Spoor of Paterson visited his
father In Athenla yesterday he appeared to be in good
spirits He had not been there long however when he
went out Into a 0 orkshop and fixed an fashioned
double barrelled gun In the carpenters vise lie at
tached a string to the two triggers and then stooping so
that hl heart wan directly Infront of the monte pulled
the triggers lath barrels which were heavily loaded
with bird shot were ilkchnrired The double charge
made a hole through Kpeer breast as big as a mans
arm and must have killed him Instantly He was a
bachelor about MJ years old His reason for the ac < la
not known lie was In good health and was not In
trouble financially or otherwise
Another Hhock In Charleston
CHARLESTON April 10Like St Patricks
Day Easter Sunday was ushered In this morning with a
reminder of Aue 31 ISrtJ The shock occurred at about
03OA Mand l while It did no damage was severe
enough to startle people from theIr bed and tofriichlen
early church goers As on the 17th of March the move
mint was In the nature of two sudden jerks of the
earth accompanied by a roar the slrtlncance of which
could not be mistaken at that early hour 1 his is The
only shake felt here since Mnrch I The din Jrbauce
had no effect on the celebration of Kasur The day was
a lovely one and the street ant rlmrcheu were thronged
with crowds of ga > ly Ureeml ptople
Kartaqaake boclte In Vermont
BUBLJNOTON April 10Two shocks of earth
quake occurred here this afternoon the first rather
light at about 230 and the second ten minutes later
The second shock was very heavy resembling the con
cussion from a largo gun followed by n Jar of fifteen
second duration hoots and windows rattled and
those living In the third story of blocks say the building
seemed to away to and fro leope ran into the streets
In a panic many supposing that u terrldu explosion had
occurred near by
Policeman Cox Fire at a Thlefand lilts him
A man passing by Armbrusters boor saloon
lnLetUitreetju t above Itivlngton at II oclock last
night saw through the window Armbruiter asleep In his
rhalr and a man standing over hlu rifling his pockets
The observer called IUlctinau r > a Cux who aneited
the thief
In the street the prisoner getaway and Cox hot at
him wounding him slightly liver the right ear Tli > n he
chined the thief into a tenement home 1111 arrested him
and one William Marlin win tried to Interfere The
litter prisoner Is William Kerrigan
tsnllUan and McCaffrey Nhake Hands
FiTTsnunaii Tn April 10John L Sullivan
arrived In thIs city to day In an Interview this evening
he said that the fracture of his arm lied cost him from
tiis In 5121051 i and he oihl 111540 Iardlff nay for It
lie next time they came together t > git lug lint a six
mnuilu1 luuilachi
riulil an iinl Mcfaffre who lave not spoken since
the Clue iniiIi lUhl met In th Icily of the rtnlral
hotel l this I afternijon and shoo huml llotu seemed
pleased theta reconciliation had been rifectcd
Ilent Com Nlcbol Siot Aviulllne Trial
WABiiiNiiroN April 10Llout Commander
NU hula lately In commaud nf the United Mates ship
Ilnw In Alaskan waters sas that Ihe stalemint lately
mailo by lov n Ineford of Ala ia that lie In In nuiiln
tn cv ultmir trial In I cojrt murllal 11 mtlnly Imorrici
Cuniinhndi r Mchofe has lately been < > nliml tiyKctrc
lari W hltry I 10 npicJl duly under < lila lIter Ktuim
as fnnpector of terl for the use cruj rrs alit this order
suekillcuJly suits that Um duty K 111 continue two years
RIotIng at Ilclfast
BEIFART April 10A conflict occurred here
today between a mob and a body of police During the
fight one man w as wounded with a bullet No other se
riots cam titles are repurlid At mlilulght lie city is
quirt but It is l sail that preparations an going on for a
reue al of the dlslurhauco to morrow
Mr Illume Condlllon
FORT Giiisox I T April lOMr Blames
fever continued throughout yesterday hut last night he
wan more oinfortabe and now bit pulse Is 70 soft and
nutural Die hrombitui is I muih luttir and Otis thea
moiiia process has not extended This U the report of
the ulUndiug phj ilclanM
Oil Cura IturnloKHcverul Men Injured
Three oil ears worn burned at tIm momlovvs
honi il its IViiniylvanla lialruJ I near the llacken
sack Itlver last rvenfng Train Msoerloejh hY alte
ciii lirilnuii luin lnriii IM vuro rriii ly hurl bv
being struck n > a tic indn which nn tniiig nmit > led
from a Hat cur Unite C luiil MUI laid IiIli and imr
maul ribs were broken Three others were sjlghliy hurt
Kite Company of Adore Rnrronnd lets ljln
llrrtA Victim of Heart DlstaeseRsmlio l
leeencee of hie Public and Private Lire
EVANSVHLE lad Apt 11 10John T flay
mond the comedian died In this city at the
9t Grorgo Hotel this morning at 120 oclock
Ho was to have played at tim Opera lloitso on
last Friday evening but on reaching tim city
ho was prostrated by an attack of dlnrrhcua
superinduced byn pooro cold contracted while
returning from the South On Thursday
night although n sick man ho insisted upon
playing IIopkliis > lllo Ky This overtaxed
his energies and hastened the fatal illness <
For years ho Had suffered from heart trouble
and this returned upon him yesterday greatly
increasing the alarm of his friends At 4
oclock yesterday afternoon his physicians pro
nounced tho patient improved and for thl
reason his wife was not summoned
Dr Condon agan called at 1030 last night
when Mr Raymond was found In a sleepless
nervous stito A hypodrrmlo Injection of
morphine was given and Iho doctor retired
giving oRSurancos that there wan no dan
cor Tim only person loft in thug room c
with Mr Raymond was his manager
Walter J Lamb A few minutes Mr Lamb < J I
noticed that the patient had become uncon
scloun and was liroathlug heavily This eon i
United until ho died Ills company surrounded
his dying bed and worn deeply affected by tha
sad event The body was embalmed and was
forwarded to Now York on the train tonight
John T Raymond wits u low comedian of the
old times of stock companies and ho played
first low comedy in many of the cities of the
Middle States and the West Ho was consld
orod a competent droll correct actor 111
Ilrst celebrity came of tho play which Marie
Twain made out of tho book The
Gilded Ago In that work of the hu >
niorist was the character ot Colonel Belters
with tho adventures in which he figures noW
so familiarly In the drama Tho production
was Twains own and his monetary thrift
marked the enterprise Twain bore the ex
penses of tho venture That particular Park
Thnutro which WUH built by Caterer Pursell at
Broadway and Twentysecond street and
which was subsequently burned was the place
of the trial
Tho play was as bail critically considered as
It has ever remained nnd worse for sumo ot
its original badnenn has boon mitigated Mr
Raymond was chosen for the principal rols
boiuuso it fitted his stylo exactly ami ho conlil
not well fall to express its humor effectively
His individual share of the llrut perform
ance wile a grout success on the first
night but the rest of the performance
wait so crude and weak that the acceptance
of the piece was uncertain However the
fresh American fun of Colonel Sellers triumphed
over all obstacles ana earn of prosperity bo
citn nt once The drama made a fortune for
Twain and Raymond After the first pnnHonj
lta > mond controlled the property paying until
recently t50 royalty for each representation
The two men differed bitterly and their rela
ions were never amicable after tho flrst month
of the hit
Mr Raymond was not a good keeper of
money Ho spent It freely and after Iolonel
Xrllersa drawing powers waned his Income
doci cased Although ho remained a popular
actor he wits not fortunate In finding second
play of ciiuul Miluo He tried a number and
at the time of his death was profitably using1
A oman Hater
Ono day live or six years ago while dIning
with six friends it was suggested that oncS
put 10000 into u Wall street pool A certain
operation promised big returns The schema
was tried It failed Mr Rannond kept on In
speculation and lost the flfiOOOO which re
mained of his savings After that he was a
comparatively poor man although always i
capable of earning n good income
Off the staLo Mr Raymond was ono of the a
moot KoiiiM of men His years were not son
patent in his natty welldressed figure or ia
his miling faro
ills limit wife was Mario Gordon n handsome
actress from whom ho parted legally tpy moans
of u divorce Kix years ago today ho mnrrioj
Miss Courtney Barnes a ifniiKhtor of Mrs hose
Kytinga by her lint husband With her his
wodloek boomed extremely huppy They lout
n remurkublv pretty boy now B years old Mrs
Kaymond 1ms not travelled with him this eon
lion though visiting him ut handy points oa
hia route und when ho has been ill
Mr Raymond had for yonrs pulTorod from n
complicntlon of iliftonseo tmituttimes rondorcd
It nlmost imnosHlblit fur him ti l go through his
part The body will bo brought to this t city nnd
taken probably to 8 East Thirtysecond street
whnro Ills wife and 5yciroId son are living
llnymonds right name was John OJlrintu
He changed it by the udvlce of friends who
thought it would bo less difficult for him to
succeed on the stage under some other name
Ho WhiM born in Buffalo on April 51830 He
was educated for a mercantile lIfe but lie hum
drum vvuys of buslnoBS did not unit him Ha
Ilrst appeared on the stage ns fawrz in tlio
Honeymoonon Juno J71853 In Itochester
The following ycnr ho played lunotliv Quamt
in thin Koldlor s Uuiinbtor He bus played la
every city In this country
Sir Ituymond never drank or used tobacco
In any form Ho never ate meat and was never
known to lose his temper
llaymond was greatly given to guying bin
follow actors on the stiigo and when not acting
to matching coins with whomsoever ho mat
The 20 gold pleco wan n fnvorito coin with
him though ho would always stoop to win even
tile qtlartitra of less venturesome players Ho
bun been known a thousand times to match for
n more cigar but with a pocketful of jingling
eaglos and double cnglos ho was happiest at
the hazard Ho founif great sport in pills The >
point of a pin deftly Inti udcd between a follow
actor1 shoulder blade during a serious bceno
in a play always afforded him enjoyment Ha
liked to Bee how nearly he could upset
a solemn face On ono occasion a
young man WitS pluylng Clav Jfaickins C
in Colonel Hellers and Raymond putting his
arm enressluigly about the young mans nock
prodded him with a pin for two acts In the
third act tho pin seemed to lose Its effect The >
younprmnn had Inserted a thin book under
the back of his coat HIB hearty nvmi nr
ulorunt manner of tlio genial Voumel Keller
was ItuymondH natural manner and It warn
seen In all his later parts on the stage It was
no less observable In his bearing off the stage
and ho atu ays shook hands very much naluloncl
SilIer slid In his greeting MornliiK Nancy
mornlnul IIH bo slapped Mrs Hi Jlawkms vlo
lonlly on thti back
HH mice dropped Into a steamship office and
mapping a gold eagle down upon the dusk tiala
to tho UHtonlshed clerk
I wunt to go to England and will match
you for tim passage If 1 lose Ill pay double
fun <
iunKnymond once missed n train to Chicago bji
stopping to runted n dollar with a friend Ha
win u great friend of the lute K A Hothorn thq
wellknown Lord Dutulrearu of the stage and
thpyuHud to piny Furiio great jokes on ouch
other His hciilth failed rupldly iliiring tha
lust year and ho had boon compelled mora
tlmti oncn to I Innvo tho stiign Ho WAIt to have
opened at the Fifth Avnntio Theatio on Aug U9
Hlnal OrBce 1redlcttou
Fair weather variable wlndo cooler by
Tuesday morning
EUhty two lu this shade yesterday
Krtwnrd BurKCM of llosion Is at the Dreronrt IToai
lila year ill Matthiv Oiiiui Ml yesterday from the
llfih miry luilow ut 4iJ3 Lait biKhtlctu street but was
nut lllled
> lmi Ilrrnhsrilt Is at tIe llolTinitn hose Mm
Frdchlnt thn hotel Mnllkon vvuilnin J 1 normc nt llis
Hlli Avenue fluid anJlllly Imtrsjii at lbs dunce OIlS
Thomas nclllr Cf1 31 while ilriinV vtrtrnlar MI
throilirh A Ulie < 11 tot us ut llU liulne 1137 hit > lllrly
srvriiili street Ue wai carnal tu the ITALytfrUa
ltosii al
IosotI IfrlTer a tailor aitril 05 of r1i7 East Tiv lfib
511 ret i aeaiiltcd early i rrlJ uuirnlni Iii Ihrj a
ilorireri li I > un iiniiiiwu iiiun whi brute hu rixlit Itif
IU S j < scull lollciiuoriifur llosiltiil
Fiiivrnl servlt for rhurlrs s Ilovarl I the a < liir wIe
plvvti ulih MITIP Janajkili IM cut city nrre htJ
> y u play In thu I Ywvhihy Ihlrl Street lreli i ieraa
harrli Tie liurlal age m the uctursUot In the tmr
ureriis Cemetery
At ito IVth stint annual mf llnu < if the Now York
TititfriphlcISclt ty I lie fIbs ing llrvi ut ruelerte t
fur tie tniinii > our rrclilrni Jxlin Mchllo l Miv
1rrnlilrnt H Ilium Ljicll Treasurer li lluuiluuoj bco
rclur h I HIiinliiKirm
John hinlih a Ulxirrr at lio lies s at 4t Oliver street
VTLIII in I in I Mxib Ire liit loller i tallun irit i > irriUy
MKirnliu Iliilmi rnmi a l > UUh M v > iiiml In tie hi ml
II sinl iail htfuis i KoiiuthriUKh liiuiirtrni 1 lear
a lUll sIte tt when suing person tired at him from a
wiiilo a
Thf runcii of 1101005 > U Urilumsoii Irlnclpal of
Graiiinur liful NII l I uho frll Iron UIA i sialrMurot
tile Mutt ninth Street sluiloii < if Ihn I Third avenue ml
cued raIlway took jiUie I vmrrdav frnni the oliegiats
Krfurmnl Church In U III Street The interment was la
UricuwuKl Itineterr

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