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WW 41
t u a un i i i
Ss r I
1 J Unj 11Tnn
1 MONDAY rum II 1887
A4 ertlelnj Matte
DAILTaI1PID4 r tomnta a line ordinary a1m
Htl large type H I rental ant preferred position 1
11 t7no according to classification
> j WrisLV 0OtI a llnei no eitra chanre for tart
1 b Preferred pwlUoni from M celt totJ
f For Wlmt
1 A Umllsraajrcu by acuuuiulatlng evidence of
the doniorallzullnn and disaster his policy or
I Wnnt of policy Is bringing upon the DDmoo
racy Mr CtKvejjANO iliuls and blunders
I atonff Bllll serenely uonlklont of hla own lu
fallibility and cspnctlng 1 second term ns a
tewnni for givinguatlBfiiutlon In his first
> If tho Dcmouratlo National Convention were
t b held nxt summer xvhnthavo bn tho
achievements ot this Administration from
which hla povBonnl flower would ilcclitio
his claim or title to bo a cold Umo tho
Democratic candldato What tuo tho euo
ciusea which havo Illustrated his first lorni
For what Borvieo antlconsldorutlon rnl rod
hould his party prutlfy his ambition 7 I
Ila Ilono ovorytlihig for him what has ho
c dOM tot it and t what extent has ho dl
ecrvcd gratitude or reward 7
Downs oloctod to bring nbout n thorough
t change of men and measures and systems
I Ho waa elected to expos nnd romedy tho
i gross end shameful abuses which pruviilled
thn Uovoin
during Uii > Administration of
meat by llorjuliltoans Has ho discharged
these duties I Una he juptliloU tho promises
or fulfilled the expectations of his party tn
these rernrla 7 What are tho abU which
I ho Ims checked and the reforms ho has In
F troduced f IlesiMUtublo Industrious con
I < eclciitlntf ho has hon l but uonuclontlous
f no s Industry and respectability arc not
Qualities w rare us t entitle the iiosc eor
t political distinction Nor IB I decided
for that
twirnttprovul au equivalent gen
eral uiiroval which I t be won by excellence
t o poiforrannoo and not merely of intention
> Mr CLEVELAND la I doubtless entitled t
t the benefit nf such excuse a may b ex
pressed lu saying that he his done the bent
1 be rould blt burrow a term from his fa
4 Torlto cchcino thnro are others on the Dem
ocratic list or eligible whoso knowledge of
the needs of the country and thu party 1
greater than his Ho hna tried his beat In
his own way ant what has boon the result 1
r Be tins made Indiana a Republican State
Almost won Virginia back t the Bepubli
r cans lot the Democrats In the Fortyninth
Congress waste tho session lu aimless bick
i erings cut down the Democratic majority In
i thc Fiftieth Congress smushed the Demo
t cratic party In Illinois and Ohio weakened
i It In Now Jersey and West Virginia strength
ened It nowhere save with the Mugwumps
Of MitssachuBvtU
And yet he hopes for I renomlnatlon
Work and Wages Both Increasing
As tho result of extensive Inquiries made
t by Bradstrceti concerning the number of
i4 workingmen employed throughout the coun
n V try and the wages they aro receiving the
ft conclusion la reached that at this time
f there arc at let 400000 more industrial em
S ployoea at work than In 1885 and that wages
I t i have on the whole together with full time
J now a against reduced hours of labor then
f brought the receipts of labor generally t
tho lovel of 188182 In some instances they
have been advanced still higher In 1835
the decline in the number employed from
1882 when the prosperous season of 187983
f was at its height had been 850000 8 that
there Is n net gum in live years of 50000 or
Dearly 15 per cent
I Tho leading trades show these results
Dferetut Inmate
5 IBrtto IMS 1HMtoltMT
Clnthlng operatives S3UUO 40000
1 Cottuii Ku < id < operatives 30000 1
VonI1eiigocIs operatives 14000 23ai J
Boot ami Klioe oporatlvea 1MUDO 1HUUO
r Tobacco and clicar operativeia000 16ncjQ
r Iron and steel operMivesWIX 920UO
The total actual numbers employed In the
localltlca Inquired Into thus
i Iltcslnqul It compare tu
larA January oouiu
Kn tmrloiea 17 Idea IBBO
< TotalWhltl 1 < XIOOO II4BOUO 862000
Tot building trade oper
atives 210000 180000 140000
ToUl coul miners Penn vl 21Ol
1t vaiila Uurlauillrglnla I
ami Illlo r 107000 lWOno 128000
Total repel IceLoUeers3OX1 11000
t j Orand totals reported 1857009 1K OUO 1300000
The detAils of the advances in wages a
given a follows
t KW38T 1WB89
Flour mllli Kama Rams
r J
aVikerlm Iartlno Saw
t Liquor lautrlitcrfnir distilled 6am Same D IOQ19
Liquor null art Inc Same
tIt rr g
T bacco uUar I IIMIS I D iUl5
ToUticiMi smiiklnf I lo 1 I lOalS D lit
Ia 8 J
Woollen gnniN i cimhs lartl16 U IS
Woullni mail ilullilng mens U4413 D HK I5
i unlleugn l clothing WODIUI 101 I D iIji
t cnun gool 11 Iron I tI b 15
I j n I 1 ia D li
> ron furiiarf Kn I 1 10 D 10
ton Irrne tI I I 10
rot mlllii Kit tein 1 II U 1V322
ron mills Vmern I 12 1 iaf
t heel rail uillU 1 1IO I 13
f all ijill 1 10 Hnme
outulrj awl niVhliierrIrtollil artL 1 Hnmeu 1 > 15U
tiimbrr sawel 1 Ao I > Sllzhl U
umli K caIn dour and blindsSam 1 fUlJ I
Coopem I 1 II f Iiiat
I urnltlire I SIIO 1 10
outlier tatln rles to 1 li > blight n
larM > mi i ludillery I 10 I in
1 1 ccl and tlioes I 12 n M
rat mini l N anthracite Ienna I I I JI
Com tmnfcbUtimlnouft Ienna I 6 V 4 I
f The only fixooptlon t this general Increase
t of prosperity Is tho boot nnd shoo trade
This Is owing to the great lockouts In Miiasa
ohusottf > and does lot affect the general re
k stilt Un the whole tho fat Indicate that
the long era of dulnoss caused by the steady
lull in price Binco 1873 has come t a end
and that wo are entering upon a season of
7 aotlvlty which t till American mind seems
i the natural and healthy condition of business
The Fluhory Question
The American Fishery Union Cannot b
pleased with President CiiEVKbANDfl rocep
q ton of its letter The netaliatlon act ex
prcssly authorizoa tho President to apply
hIs prtvihiruntlon t any part or t all of
the remedies therein provided The Fishery
Union ns I body representing more closely
titan nny other tIc Industry suffering from
Camillas tnjQptlcc accordingly intimated t
tho IVejIUeut what decree of action under
these tllwrettouary alternatives would sntls
I tho libhormen and result In adequate pro
I tectlon In ixply tho Pivsldnnt gives them
noaHHuronco that ho will anything JON
L under the prosonl ct than under its predo
ceasor tho DIKOLHY Kotnllatlon act un
dor which ho did absolutely nothing
at all Ho troata them instead t
generalities unlurge IIK > II the vast und
divurbllled commercial Interwls CTlstlng b
l twcoi tIt Unllel titittes ali lirltlah Aiuer
Ita dvulnitvi himself loimd to Inlllct no un
1l DtHo saiyUiiim oor Injury upon any per
tlon of our PCIISJ nnJ aniiounuea that I no
I tacrillisnof prrsoiml or private Interests ahull
c tA connideriHl ta against the general wel
fare Ho niikes the bstio of tiny proclama
tion wlmtmor purvly umntinr of hyixithrsla
iut oupfRisca ut tlio ouunt hla coufldnnco
I that IKI HI treatment will b t expeilcneed by
Iho llfalicnuiii tuillelcut to justify the Issue
ut a lroIItl j
Mr LKVBLANUH rt > ponae however at
least iiiakM an luiDlletl adrolfislou of the
j ftitliiin ff thu Qovunimenta nojotlittlona
Upon tIIt lleliory J question which have s long
t o going un A year ago ou tlio 9Ui ol
t I
April 1886 Mr BAYARD wrote to a Portland
Aprl 18 luuw t t Pord
fishery llrra that ho had Rood hopes of being
able thrmiKli his negotiations with Gnat
Britain t promise relief for American fish
Ing vessels from the Injurious action o the
Dominion This was Ills language
H I axpetlta attain each an understanding Mwinre
lleva our fishermen from all doubl or rtak In tht eisrelse
of the ordinary commercial privileges In friendly ports
la which nuder etlstlng laws of both coantrle f eon
eMer their cltUenito b mutual eutltled free from
This was ono foundation of tho h0 that
nuMnlncd thn fishermen through the year
It being considered not Improbable that
tho needed relief
any duy nilKht bring noed rUel
When the fishing Reason closed with no IUe
cess ill London and no resort to the DINOLKY
Hotnllutlon act It WAS Btlll hoped that the
tlnton at I ti hop t to
Pmtldunts message might announce favor
able progress toward ft good understanding
Yet nuw tho now ilshlng uwon has coma
nrouml mid the President Is not ablo In his
presuiil loiter t otter tliOBUghteatlndicatlon
I that tho negotiations have boon anything
but an ubsolula faiLure I le Into that he
blnocruly trust that tho approhonalon of
I renewed Ill treatment will not b realised
but ho furnishes no ground for such I trust
and on the contrary It Is understood that at
tho Ist Cabinet meeting Information was
given that tho British Government had sustained
muted tho course of Canada
AH tho signs Indicate a still more vigorous
persecution of our fishermen than last year
Capt SCOTTS revenue fleet has ben re
enforced by at least two now cruisers The
other day one of them Is said t have chased
an American fishing vessel out of a harbor
across the threemile limit firing a blank
shut at her In the attempt to briny her to
The Dominion Iurltameut has provided It
self with a now and stringent law approved
by tho QUeen at tho close of the last season
under which certain alleged offences hIther
to punlsho compnmtlvoly lightly a Infrac
tions of the customs laws are subjected also
nultlc Infractions of
to the severest penalties l ns Infmton
the treaty of 1B18 Upon the whole there
fore the Yankee fUhermun must b looking
Into the Immediate future with much mis
giving They have yet t learn what degree
of protection If any la contemplated for
them and they have very clear evidence In
the reply just received from the President
that nothlA Is t be hoped from the nego
tiations of the poet twelve months
The Increase of Immigration
The reports from Europe a that Immigration
gration to this country which had fallen off
greatly In 1883 and 1886 Is likely t rise
daring the present year t very large proportions
portions This of course Is a Indication
that the Impression has gone abroad that
the United States have entered upon a new
career of prosperity and It IB not lmprobable
that the threatened disturbance to European
Industry because of war la giving 1 further
Impulse t emigration
Tho demands upon the emigrant accom
modations of tho Atlantic steamship lines
a sold t b now greater than they have
been for half a dozen years and the emigration
tion promises t b from Europe pretty gen
erally Tho persecuted Jews of Bussla and
Routnanla and their brethren l other coun
tries who suffer from antiSemitic sentiment
will come In Increasing numbers a un
usually large body of mechanics are getting
ready t emigrate from England Scotland
and Wales the Germans a likely t cross
tho ocean In multitudes like those of the
most active days of German Immigration
and the Scandinavians will greatly swell the
throng who will land on our shores when the
Is advanced Such at least is the
year I more adlc leat I te
present prospect
The time was when Americans generally
would have looked forward to such
loke fora t an
immigration with much selfcomplocenpy
That tho oppressed of Europe should come t
this land of plenty and of freedom would
have stirred their national pride for then
tho republic as the asylum of the down
trodden of the earth was a favorite theme
for Fourth of July oratory Our rapid
growth in population was the common boost
so that the more who came t swell our
numbers the better satisfied with themselves
and their ixmntry were those already here
But In these there Is different
now l thes days ther I a very
ferent feeling with regard t this foreign Im
migration The ablebodied Germans Eng
lishmen Irishmen Italians and Scandina
vians are no longer welcomed but ore looked
upon ns 8 many additional competitors in a
labor market already sufficiently supplied
or actually oversupplied The recent op
position t foreign Immigration comes
too In great in chief plt from
those who were Immigrants themselves
or are tho children of Immigrants I show
itself not In tho crowded cities of the East
merely but In the very States of the West
which were built up within a generation by
such immigration Beginning with bitter
hostility t the Chinamen it has extended t
toiflgnora generally and t the provisions
under which they are 8 rapidly admitted t
cllixonshlp and thus stimulated In their de
sir to come to the republic by tho prospect
of political
plteal power
This lately aroused sentiment found ex
pression In tile law of the last Congress providing
viding for the exclusion of aliens under con
tract t labor By a previous act that of
Feb 201883 such aliens are excluded but
the new low contains stringent provisions
for Its execution and directs that they be
searched out by agents t b sent aboard
passenger vessels und sent back at the ex
pense of the owners of the ship Nor is It
likely that the demand for the restriction of
Immigration will b satisfied with this ep
daily l if the expectation of greatly Increased
business at Castle Garden shall b fulfilled
before agaIn assembles
btora Congress Ilalo Umblls
The Immigration question will therefore
probably become more and more prominent
from this time forward It Is a very well t
grow in population faster than any other
country provided thero Is work enough for
everybody at good wages but when the
labor conditions here approximate those of
the lands from which tho emigrants fly the
subject presents Itself In I different light t
the workers in the
tl workor already tle republic
Ho likes a good joke quoth the Hon
ZruufcON BVAKcnaSenaterln Congress from
North Carolina discussing the characteristics
I GROVE LIVLm present
President the United States and turn
bleb t the lavket as quick D any follow I
ever met Tumbling to the racket is said
to bo n contemporary colloquialism for seling
the point Many a good dory has tho lion
ZKIHJJON B VANCK told und t many fol
lows of nimble apprehension and instanta
neous descent t the racket It lias not been
generally gupiroed that Mr CLEVELAND
had the futnilty of instant apprehension
Men of grout Inertia often do not Their
wits do not go off with the lively aud
demiitts and rattle of the alarm dock They
a usually WuUubiirrwlts IttenHlow 1 job to
wind them up And their menUil worku strike
slowly und solemnly like a country town
clock trying to tell off twelve with mighty
gasps and stragglings and Intolerable
pauses No In spite of Mr VANOR who Is
good authority on joke aa well a beilous
matters U 1 la Impossible t believe that Mr
CIEVKLAXD BOOS tho point quickly There
are seine polnta ho seems not t see Per
haps this I because they run Into him 8 fa
Her for Instance are the Mugwump
wags who for more than tw years have
been putting upon him a stupendous mysti
fying joke persuading him that they elected
and can rot him pretending that a Dem
ocratic Administration without Democratic
principles WM what ho should try t give
and atumng him with the absurd lotion that
the way t servo the country best Is t nerve
the party tot The ribs of the Republicans
are sore with laughing at the joke Mr
CmvnTjAfTD solemn and serious as the bird
of night takes the Jest in earnest and shows
no sign of tumbling either slowly or
quickly to tho Mugwump rocket Per
haps he will BOO the point next year
Hcrndons Memoirs of Lincoln
We learn from tho ringlltld News that
and partner of Mr LINCOLN Is about to
publish another and very peculiar book respecting
specting that illustrious man Ho It was who
furnished the larger and the more Interesting
portion of tho materials for LAMONS Life
of Lincoln from which by tire way lIOr
NICOLAT and HAT have drawn very lib
erally in their earlier chapters
Mr HEUXDON entertains a singular theory
of the duty of a biographer Ho thinks a
biographer ought not only t tel the truth
but the whole truth the only legitimate old
of writing about a man In this way being t
mako him known t the reader precisely 03
ho was and not to present n purely fictitious
character In I the case of Mr LINCOLN Mr
ILDN Is convinced that his subject can
not suffer In the least from tho conscientious
and thorough exposure of nil there was la
and about him I Is hard Indeed t Im
agine the martyr President exhibited with
le drapery than he wan on Mr LAMONS
pedestal but Mr HrKNDON think It can b
done and that his 1 sacred duty Is t do It
Ho will dual principally with the
personal life of LINCOLN Individually
and domestically Of course he will not
Ignore the vexed question touching his
religious opinions i and wo a distinctly informed
formed that ho will tell the story of LIN
COLN at home with a full account of his
courtships with different young ladles
Nothing will b evaded colored
It LAMOSS book raised terror in the souls
of the squeamish U It was handled like a
bomb by the publishers surreptitiously
tinkered and at last practically suppressed
8 that a copy of it is at this early day an
ancient curiosity what are we t anticipate
for HEBNDONS 7 He IB evidently nowise de
terred by tho fate of b forerunner
What is the precise meaning of this section
of an editorial utterance in the Chicago Knot
Aside from a direct violation of the order to cOle
holders dated July 14I8Huthat It I lets I than nine abort
month nine Appraiser HomuM stands accused of the
Mriona political blunder of Ideullfvlng himself with the
ehorthalr element which baa finally wrecked the
Democratic onanlzaUon In Chicago
An for Appraiser Hornets violating Mr
CLEVELANDS once famous officeholders order
that cannot be The distinguished author has
undergone an expansion of the eyes since that
memorable promulgation and Innocuous des
uetude has laid upon It Its suppressive hand
But hats this shorthair element that
has wrecked tho Chicago Democracy 7 The
Administration people say that CARTER HABBI
SON did I because he went In for the Socialists
But Socialists and Anarchists are notoriously
Does tho short hair char
longhaired party Dos shor hachar
aoterize the Administration
The Democrats of Indiana believe that Mr
CtirKliKD should tell the country at leant once in hU
term I a a Democrat zAeWyrtUeDally Democrat
Our contemporary baa spoken without reflection
flection Mr CLEVELAND has always prided
himself on telling the trutb1 To tell other
wise might please the Hoosiers but it would
b against Mr CLXVELANDS principle
The race between the underground rail
road and the overhead railroad for Broadway
Is for a grand prize and whichever wins tho
public will b better off I Is almost a case
of Go I man go it bar
It was one of the late Miss WOLFES most
perplexing tasks to find wise and justifiable
ways of spending her enormous Income We
believe that she never was completely success
ful In any year of her life Now that this duty
baa been apportioned among horvarioug heirs
however therawlll probably bo no longer much
difficulty about It Cooperation is a great thing I
It Mr CLEVELAND will not ride nor betake
himself to the manennobling gymnasium ho
may find It a cheap way of reducing his sur
plus to take out a permit and go climbing up
the Iron stairs of the Washington Monument
Ita WashIngon
every morning For wind and legs such a
climb would b most beneficial The going up
and coming down would be monotonous but
Mr CLEVELAND likes routine
There Is much interesting speculation upon
the question who will become the next owner
of the groat Regent diamond t be sold next
month together with the other crown jewels of
France The throe most prominent candidates
for the control of this famous treasure are said
to bo Queen VICTORIA ADELINA PArr and
I appears that the characteristic of sim
plicity which has of law years marked mens
clothes is now t give way to a style that Is
pronounced and fanciful perhaps even butt
Should this bo regretted 1 Wa think not her
la a good deal to b saId In favor of gayer dross
for men But In adopting the new styles no
mal should throw away a still preventable
specimen of the old It should be bestowed
judiciously upon some other man or I that Is
not possible It should b faithfully aud bravely
worn In the face of each and every fortuitous
criticism of contemptuous und unworthy fash
ion until It Is worn out Economy id ono of the
foundation and happiness stones ot virtue as I is of wealth
The death of such a horse a Harry Clay
must b followed by an estimate of his value
Wo cannot recall any animal which gave rise
to controversy extending over HO lone 1 peri
od always animated and often full of animosity
ity as this bone Ills own prctonnlonb aa a
trotter were not great but > tho Qght wont on
over his sons and daughters
After all I must be said that Harry Clay
whatever his faults founded a trotting family
ot Importance Inferior only to the Uumblo
Ionian and Mnnibrino Chlof They were like
tho humble bier whllh whim I can do no great
thing of Itself tumbles others to do the very
greatest I was through tho Clay attires that
tho family blood ba shone on the turf not aa
trotters hut a trotters dnms and grand
dams and considering that fact Harry Clay
himself might almost be culled tho Lexington
of tho trotting Mid
Mr W S W Wfc will f > lv aVMOa Tar fir
th lleet Wark by on American Artist
Naw Tomt April 6 IH87
m Boarl ifOntrH of lit Hociity American Anillt
QKXTLEMKN I take great pleasure In pro
aentlni a prle of three hundred Klou dollar to be
awarded ilurlufiny life for the toil Und ca > a
pnlmlar by au Auierlcna arllil uniter 41 > yiariof are
TLts price to 54 awarded every Tear In say way tin l
Board ot Control may deem belt I sin very truly
yours W A Waii
The Board of Control 1 accepted the r with thank
and decided o award the prU annuattr through the
iur las > snnub of the yearwUhlu i1WgU twu week ills tie opinIng gf
Cam ldlee fir the Pines oraemO B Will
Cu who la ASset U be stlrsl
WABBINOTO April 10At the end ot the
present week BrigQon Orlando n Wlllcox
now In command of the Department of the
Missouri will b retired for ace a be finishes
his nlxtytourth year on the Jftth of April The
interesting question aris Who will b promoted
moted to succeed him
It may safely bo taken for granted that the
successful aspirant will bo some Colonel of the
line for although LieutenantColonel and
officers still lower In rank are eligible and
staff officers n well other Jet custom and
propriety mako It certain that the choio will
b confined to Colonels commanding regi
ment Of those thore are many who bf vir
tue of good war records as well a other
claims could 10 safely selected
fbe throe ranking olhcers are Col Edward
Hatch Ninth Cavalry oloer n remon
Tenth Cavalry and ol C 1 Smith Nine
teenth Infantry All thcMn were commissioned
as Colonels more than twenty years ago 10
rnnk If 00 tho same day July 38 18CU on
which iliiy nlso Cols John Gibbon DIltnn
loy T I RiiKHr und 0 B Wlllcox who have
since been promoted to be llrigadlare Wore
also commissioned Colonels Of the three bo
tore mentioned tIle earlIest to retire It I Col
Ortornon In July 1H90 Col Smith retires the
roar following and Cot Hatch In IROS Next
to them In relative rank come Col O L
Anclrowf Twentyfifth Infantry Col A V
Knntr KUlith who both retire In lP92ond
Col Frank Wheaton Second who retires In
8i7 Tho seventh candidate In rnuk however
Col Lesley Merrltt Mfth Cavalry now Hupor
Intondentot tho Military Academy 11 1 generally
bcllovod to linvc u hotter cuanco tlmn any or
those nlmady ppokon of In spite of iJio fact
that the three first nnmod received their rail l
mentA ton years before ho did and that his ro
tlremint < year lot take place until the year 11100
vero toe prize to go to tho artillery who
have not for a long time furnished a general
olllcor from among their Colonels there In no
tletiotl whittovur that It would fall to CoL
ftomuyn H Ayres of the Second Ho Is not
only the senior officer of his arm but comes
In relative rank ofcer a little bolow those al
ready mentioned has a most distinguished
war record from the first battle of Dull Hun
to Appomattox und will bo retired for age to
wan I the close of 1S89 I Putt Infantry Colonels
labor under the disadvantage that tho last
half dozen dllllvnntlle BrlgadlorQun
oral have been sitpoosslvnlv made from their
number Honco the prevailing belief is that
other things liolng oiiual or nearly oiuml the
cavalry must havo rather tho best chance next
time The mt > r silon that Col Merrltt in
destined for tho place although outranked by
two officers In his own arm who also retire
earlier Is based upon very positive statements
among some of his friends that ho received
assurances long ago from tho President of his
coming appointment Imloml has been said
that he would have boon selected at tho time
of Oen Pmlrl retirement lust autumn had
not the President desired to give tho placo to
Gon Wlllcox for the few months that remained
ot his actIve lorvlco
Still another set of appointments hn made
diiiinc tho next tow weeks by the Pinsldoat Is
that of Hoards of Visitors to the Military and
Naval Academics The names of about forty
candidates In the aggregate will probably b
sent to tholresldnnt from the War and Navy
Departments during the coming weok
Hajw te > Gel the > Dclecates tlrom al
Tualav I
from the Pttutntra Tloui I I
Democrats in office In Pennsylvania are to
be Instructed to keep an eye ont forClerelaniie Interett I
and watch Randalla movements In a ar title order
from the White Home It head Randall aathenecea I
eary nlA step toward Cleveland delegate from 1ell
What the Democracy Knit Bo
fntn Ac Calreilrm DollS News
The Democrats of Cincinnati and Chicago
went to pieces as a party What are the tolnr t do
nul And what le I the Democratic party a a national
organliatlon going to dot To endure the DemocratIc I
party most be prepared to meet all pending or Impend
lag political times and tomeit them on a welloader
stood bull ot Democratic principles and tradition
European Note
A pretty little piece of private warfare was
carried out the oilier day on the neutral round of a
court mllllncre ettabluhment In London Two ladlee
lowed their motherly love or rather maternal vanity to
outrun their prudence breeding and dignity They both
belong to the aristocracy and each was to have a young
daughter preeented at the Queena drawing rm They
had also both been dilatory In ordering the court harneea
ot their debuuntM and It became doubtful whether the
baraued modiste could finish the two dreaeee In due
time 10 each matron tried ta outwit the other In gain
ing precedence to the Otters sanctum I I happened
that the qnartut of mat and daughtera r wait
ing at the dreumakera together The mother wlioia
turn It was not attempted smuggle her daughter In
when the other girl was summoned pushing the latter
away eo roughly that she almost fell A Tlolent alterca
tion followed each parent aaiertlng her claims loud
words became abusive language and more telling argu
menu were about to be employed the matrons baring
already removed glovea mantle and other linpedl
meDia such aa muffe and smelling botUea to use their
hands better when the principal of the establishment
ouccreded not without peril t herself In separating
the combatanta
A 1riiiceas of advanced yean not distantly related to
King Alfunsoof 8ialn 1 living In Parts In a state of
abject poverty Her husband who Is I d ad had bem
a cavaliers servant ofa very wealthyvulgar and pun
proud woman whoa vanity was justlned by the tact
that she kept the consort of an Infanta In money and
food The poor Princess never consented 1 touch ei en
Indirectly these shameful alma and was satisfied to buy
for a few pence broken victuals at early dawn lathe
large market near which she lodges
The TrlnceM BaynWlttgensteln who died In Rome
lately at the age of 7 bad been divorced since 1K3S She
Uved at Wlemar the friend o LIt whose a she
loved and encouraged bhe also at that time was a
fiend of Wagner Kaulbjch the painter and many
other artiste When Liszt took holy orders she followed
him to Borne wkere Pope 110 Nona often received her
Latterly ehe hail converted her small apartment Into a
sort of conventIonal chapel and habitually wore the
garb of I man She has Intrusted her daughter the
rehires llohenlohe with the care of having her last
work published It conelete of six volumes upon the
ascetics of more modern times
ute mom
The Duke and Duchess of Cumberland were living at
nmiinden In Austria a beautiful country of mountains
forests and lovely scenery when the serious mental af
ectlon ot the Duchess compelled her removal t Aher
polllnif private asylum under the direction of thr
famous mad doctor Lelilerdorf Dr Braun her own
physician a Ill be permitted to attend her occasionally
but ha was the flrst 1 declare that the patient required
special treatment
The Uueheen of Cumberland le I the third daughter of
KIng Christian IX of Urnmark I and Is the sister of the
Princess of Wales and ot the Kmpreu of RutMa Prln
Ces Thyra wn born at Copenhagen on the SHih of Sej >
tember 1H2J tilts had been destined aa a bride for the
Frlticr Imperial of Trance but a few montha after the
South or tlie only son of Napoleon III tile 0111 gIrl
became HIP wile of the Duke of Cumberland son iinl
heir of Klug George V of Hanover also a dispossessed
Prince but a very wealthy ono Like all the daughters
of UhrlitUn IX she has lire children her brothers have
six two sane and tliruw daughters The union notwlth
suntlnff a ccrlnln disparity of age wan a hnppy one aud
the blow fast fallen U all thn more heat lly felt The poor
Uucheu Is entire y separated from her husband ant < t
children tlc eldest of whom Is I only 7 The Dab o
Cumberland has lost lot only his kingdom of Hanover
but the duchy of Brunswick and tills domestic and
utterly unospected ciilamlty has crushed him
The fiiit used for the baptism of the son and heir ot
the Duke of Hraganta called the Prince de Beira Is a
mnnterpltce nf wrought and chased silver which for
centuries has been employed for the christening of
Portuguese IrlncM I was brought with grrat pomp to
a room ailjoliilng the bed chamber of IVIuceu Amelia
art plnceil rn 1 marble table The Cardinal Patrlarcli
of Ilsbnn performed the ceremony and Mm la Tom
Ides de Tarts held the Infant The nrst congratulatory
telegram came from UK Bmperor of Oermany
A nUb Sort of Exercise
To TiE EDITOII OF Tus SUNSir Isnt this
the sort of exercise that lIe fresldent needs I Cttr
harp Qlrl
H Oh Ella said Clara H I think Lily and her
beau have quarrelled
WhT rId lOla H what makes you think ao I
Ill etr her parlor b been brUlUaui Ut every I
Kaibeirt Nelson I Irnder Not lseursged
by Defeat
OOAo April DTho new Mayor of Chi
cago John A Itocho enters this week upon the
duties of his office under peculiar circum
stances Nominated by the Republican Convention
vention a a distinctively partisan candidate
event so shaped themselves a > t make him
tho candldato of both the Ropublloan and
Democratic parties and ho a elected by a
majority of over 33000 votes The cry wa
Anything to beat tho United Labor ticket
and on this cry Boohe was made Mayor His
big majority Is no measure of hit popularity i
Like another lucky child of destiny who one I
came out 19JOOO votes ahead in the nee for
tho Now York Governorship the new Mayor of
Chicago got the benefit of the general desire to
defeat his opponent Not that they loved
Hocho more but Nelson less
Itocho began laying puree for the nomination
bllln luYlnl pIps nomlDton
neat ly a year ago iiuu succeeded In getting the
hulp of uxCongronsuian Uoorgo U Davis tho
present County Treasurer and the boat of the
Rrosont machine tho oily and county I
was so well understood that oho wan Uuvisa
man that whan Senator iarwull returned from
Washington n short time before the nominal
inif eonvonttonho was strongly appealed to by
llopuhllcuiiH ol character and prominence to
iuterpoitu Ills power tor the prevention of
101hcl I1or I appears that Mr Far
well lid not see his way clear to precipitate I
conlllut InhhlH his party for be forbore to inter
torn and loclio WUH Iut through
Then Chub the dissension In the Democratic
ranks fomuntod by the relentless warfare
waged by tile friends of Irusldunt Cleveland
upon Mayor Harrison and ills suiiportnrs re
sulting In tho completo paralysis of the Do
mncraoy I far as this campaign was oon
curned Aftor Bovorul days ol IrultlvKS elTortto
induco some Domoorat of prominence t ac
cept tho party nomination for Mayorlt waado
qldod to mako no contest and t support the
HumiblUun city ticket ontirn
Hubert Nclsoni the Labor candidate for
Mayor mndo this statement to TUB HON cor
jxHnondont on the morning of election day
The JJomncrntt and Kepii oilcans for the Balfo
of provonting tilt election nj 1 wnrklngman as
Mayor Iwvn united upon John A Itoche tho
man who tried very hard to secure the nom
ination by tho United Labor Convention Ho
tried HO hard for tile nomination that no even
qlTorod n vonHldoralile sum of money as an In
ducement to the Convention to nominate him
and very likely It was this offer ot money that
prevented his nomination for the Labor men
reuonted the Implication that they could leD
bought This Is a fact and I on prove that
boulhL prve
Uocne offered the money
No son is an Iron moulder by trade He has a
strong honest face a olear bl ue eye aDd com
plexlon that denotes the sparing use if any of
alcoholic beverages He looks like a lan to b
trusted In word and deed and ono who has a
mind of his own There Is no suggestion of
the Anarchist or bomb thrower about him ho
Is just 1 sober solid sensible American work
Ingmnn who u noted among his comrades as
the possessor of a cool bead an Intelligence
character above the average good morals and a strong
Some of the Labor party lendora now see
that the professional agitators and tho loud
mouthod SocIalists had far too conspicu
ous a place In their counsels nnd that tile
seeds of popular distrust and apprehension
thereby sown ripened Into this overwhelming
defeat Thy see that it was a mistake to or
ganize a political party as they would organize
a trades union or a district assembly admit
ting none but worklngmon that they should
have given to tho Socialist blatherskites the
cold shoulder frt of all and then have wel
comed to the ranks of the United Labor party
every man whether heworks at n trade or not
who believes In the ballot as tho best weapon
ignlnat any wrong
while recognizing their mistake the Labor
people are far from belugdiucouraged by Tans
day I election They have shown that under
the handicap of bad
management they were
able to noil 23179 votes an Increase of more
than 5000 over the Labor vote of last fall and
have demonstrated tho Important fact that
they constitute a oolitloal element which can
not hereafter b Ignored So far from Ding dis
couraged by this defeat they seem to take
comfor In It and they swear that they will per
severe until every man who believes that work
Ing people have grievances that demand redress
dress 1 enrolled in a groat united labor party
war mer ir < WT BOYCOTT TUB U
Kalgkta of Labor vhe > have Keaaa t >
Give and Hint tbelr Name
Local Assembly 2275 Knights of Labor
printers at Its meeting yesterday afternoon
adopted the followlas resolutions
Whereat A document has been circulated purporting
t be signed by certain District Assemblies demanding
that THE New You Hun be boycotted and
Whereat This eourse may be pursued notwithstanding
the tact that a large number of TiE Buss employeee are
member In rood standing of onr noble order and that
the prprtoroUhe paper hare at aU times paid the de
mands of Its employee and treated them with the 11
men consideration and
WanMi As loyal citizens we rerognlre In a free press
the greatest bulwark of American liberty therefore
1tt Ibrlr toeol
Resolved That we deprecate any attempt ta mumle the
prene and iteelre t put IrtW7 on record as being
uppoMn to the boycott on TUB Sew YORK Hex LI we do
not teue there Is any justincatlon for It
Kfijlvrl Thru our representatives In D A1 ami the
Central Labor Union be lustracted t press this or simi
lar action
Rut Tnt a copy 01 tnt above b given 1 the press
publication JOHN A SMriroti
Nester Workman
Jis Duoi
J H ScorrriLD R B Boa one BUKOSUCT
Master Workman John A Staunton said
the reason 2275 passed those rosoluttonn Is
that some years ago the New York Typographi
cal Union at the request of some employers
voted to reduce the scale of wages They went
to I the mnnnipment of THE BUN and paid that
they wore willing to reduce wages for thorn
also TUB SUN management refund to per
mit this to bo done saying that they could
well afford to pay their printers the wages
they were thon paying This alleged boycott
by some Knights of Labor ha no warrant In
the laws of the order
The Tonne lien of toe Booth Will Not Till
the Soil Any More
from A < SamnnoA trwi
There is 1 phase of life at the South which
not oily gives occasion for earnest thought
but for serious alarm When tho war closed
and for a number of years after the changed
condition of affairs led many young men to b
llevo that the cities and towns afforded the boat
Holds for making a living 1arins and farm
houses wore In ruins labor was disorganized
und there seemed to be no profit In tilling the
ground To a very treat extent therefore
young men sought the centres of f population
Willie their fithors rented the farms to
negroes Many found employment as
olorkp In stores others entered some
one of the learned professions As a
rule tho clerks received small salaries
and when the busy Bcanon was over their oc
cupation wan gone until the return of fall In
tho summer months KOITIO want back to the
firms and itngauod in irregular work hut the
majority omalnod i upon the sccno of their
spasmodic carvers BB clerks and kicked their
Hhlns In IdluncHs Those who entered a pro
fuhblonal lie furuil no better than tile clerks A
tow made lame und fortune but by far the
creator nttmhor barely sueceodod In keeping
up the union between body and soul
rite example set by these young man was
cotitiintmiH because tile t exodus from the farms
continues and every year there U a largo In
cieam In the number of poorly paid cler s
and Imlfstnned lawyers and physicians In
recent years the activity In mining manufac
turing and railroad building hun been I ad
dltlonill Indnctunont to young inca to oauk the
ittntniH of populntion This was never so
If lOIllllon 111 WIA leur 10 ap
piiront as ut present Tim dazzlliig stories of
rapidly itcqulrud fortunos In tie pursuits just
mentioned lime CHiiseil a rush of young won
to tile cities anti towns that la astonishing and
to which tliiire Hoems no end
Tile exodus from tIm farina has two unfortii
nato results Ono Is that tho farm suitor and
tho other is that the pursuits open to young
then In the cities anil town yearly become
more crowded thus 111 lessoning the opportunl
tins for iiemilrlng I competency The exodit
ought to stop I Is basoil 1 upon a fallacy
btOt upn IUlhtCT
oung mon who remain on the farms and cu
llvata thorn Intolllnently and industriously are
much more likely to mike fortunes than those
who seek I livelihood In lie cities and towns
lieeMos the prosperity of the country dopniids
upon tim iimiporttr of the farming Intemst
and unions furutorri and the sons of farmers do
their duty the country cannot prosper
Testardaiye Back
01 Buck I
Subtle nectar that thou art I
Thou liulilloiu something
Which Ittyelh I mnu upon his back
With useless members feebly
Waving like distressed turtle
I met thee on thy native heath
And dallied with the
And I was brave and strong
Made merry ot thy fame
And cried It naughtl
Thou wert pleasing hat atlea
Coy but certain
Nor honsteil of Ihy power
Alaal abet J fur lowly man
Who knoweib not when things are wall
Iow alt I here with aching brow
With every throb I eee thy
Mocking smile and woolar
How came II all about
Ol Bock I
01001111 I 10
Hex atf the State nUVrlnsj reataTla
rr hed Winter Wheat Belt
GALVESTON April Dpspatchos to tho
Galrrtton News and other newspapers con
tinue to detail the widespread and threatening
character of the drought the severity of which
has perceptibly Increased since tho last roo
port The drought now extends from the far
western grazing lands across the State a dis
tance of 800 mIles Into the pine regions
bordering on Louisiana hut decreases
In severity an It approaches the pineries
Between Ban Antonio and the coast embrac
ing such fertile counties Ouadaloups Gon
gales Lavivca Colorado Caldwell Bastrop and
tdocon other the drought has assumed a
very sorlnnn aspect putting an embargo upon
all agricultural development especially cot
ton the chief product nf this section One cor
respondent describes Iho roadwav ns covered I
to tho t depth of several Inches with dust The
fields are barren even of woods wlillo strings
of cattle almost too poor to stand UP travel
constantly In search of grass and water
In central Toxa cnihraplntf atmttt thirty
counties surrounding Wncn Corsleana and
Unmet tho situation Is soiircely loss Pottnus
I Ail reports ngrvo that not Mm but plentiful
rain will avert serious datungo or falluro ot
Iran In northern and northwestern Texas
the drought Is I not us Bovi roly foil as mother
sections hut tho nomplaluts nro Increasing
daily A slight sprinkle of rain fell during the i
week > In Mitchell county alone the line ol Iho I
Texas and Pacific road hut no report of a rAin
fall in the treat Panhandle district has ret
bean received
One result nf the drought n notable scarcity
of early vegetable itt tho nrlmiliml polntt
Anxiety over the situation is becoming greater
every lilY Tho wholesale house of this city
are calling their drummers off tho road as tho
country merchants refuse to buy pending the
uncertainty of tho crop olItlonk
CutcAno April IOThA weekly crop sum
mary of tho Farmer Krrltw says ttit the
complaints dmught Colt como from tJl1ht parts
of tho winter wheat bolt and nro espeoiaiiy I nil
morouH In Ohio Indiana Illinois Kansas and
Missouri In nearly every county of Illinois
the ground Is dry and cold winds havo retarded
the growth of tho grain
He Recants at Part nf the InterStat Ce > m
oseree I uw ate Very TJnwtee
BAM FRANCISCO April 10 Lcland Stan
ford President of tho Southern Pacific Railway
Company says regarding the effect which the
enforcement of the fourth section of tho Inter
State Commerce law would have on tho com
merce of Ban Francisco I
A literal enforcement of the fourth section
would be destructive of our commerce not i
only with China and Japan but with Australia
and all other countries from which trade nat
urally comes to us by way of the Pacific Ocean
The through freight business Is not more than
fifteen per cent of our whole carrying trade It
Is upon our local trade that we depend for
business Through business even at the low
rates at which we have to take it in order to
compete with the ocean routes contributes
toward paying the expenses of lie road and to
that extent operates In a measure to enable us
to make lower rates on local business than
might otherwise be possible Now however
we are brought face to faco with this proposi
tion If the law Is to be literally enforced we
cannot mako a special rate for this through
business without making a corresponding rate
for all our local business We shall be com
pelled to choose between local and through
business and In that event naturally we will
have to forego through business
Coaemlsstoner Calemam Asks the Aid or the
State Authorities to Stamp It Out
WASHINGTON April 10The Commissioner
of Agriculture has sent to Cloy Bill of New
York a copy of a proposed bill to be enacted by
State Legislatures for cooperating with the
Bureau of Animal Industry In suppressing and
extirpating contagious cattle diseases saying
that It Is Important that the legislation of the
several States for the suppression of pleuro
pneumonia should be ns nearly uniform as
possible The Commissioner adds
Yon are no doubt aware that contagious plenro pnen
monla Is now prevalent In certain aectlone of the state
of New honk more particularly In the county of Wash
ington cities of new York and Brooklyn and on Long
Is and and that adjoining Stales have quarantl e a
against cattle from New York State This department
Is I OeMrious of stamping out the disease promptly and It
this bill or a similar one were passed by the LeinslAture
nf > ew York Mate It would greatly aid us In accomplish
lug this purpose and would probably prove the most ef
ficient form of cooperation
The proposed bill authorizes the Governor
to accept in behalf of the State the rules and
regulations of the Commissioner of Agricul
ture It confers upon the Inspectors of the
Bureau of Animal Industry the right of In
spection quarantine and condemnation and
authorizes them to call upon Kheriffs con
stables and peace officers for assistance It
provides that all expenses shall be borne by
the United States
Frost and toss of the Canard Compuy
From the RaUvay roast
The eighth annual meeting was hold In
Liverpool on March SO
The revenue account for the year IRK showed a gross
Income from freight passage money postages ia of
1184200 against I10MW for 1855 The working es
penses absorbed JC825H33 against 703513 repairs and
renewals C85S38 against JE7U30I Insurance 40494
against Etttui balance to profit and loss lR25
against 193701 Adding sundry receipt 1181 the
total net revenue for 1IV6 was 1834l0 1 against 103
778 Interest un loans ta absorbed 22500 leaving
balance of 100910 of which sum tbe director trans
ferred 137721 to the credit ot the depreciation fund
and tbe remainder 23 ISJ to the credit of the Insurance
fund Authorised capital 2aunOOO In 20 shares
paid np lnoouoo Loans on debentures 49000 De
predation fund 633027 Insurance fund CttfltU re
serve fund 117000 The fleet consist of 23 vessels
IW317 gross tonnage besides 8 tenders and barge of
1868 gross tonnage The report stated
The lIabilities of the company have been greatly re
dined during the year The general trade of the country
has shown some Improvement luring the pail year
which U continued will no doubt react upon shipping
but so far the latter Interest liiu bad little ahare In the
benefit The Teasels of the fleet are In perfect order
A Je y Gould md the Drukcma
from fAa Chicago Tribune
Cant allow that my clear sir said a brake
man rn one of the Wahash lines the other day rather
sharply to a patsrninr a bo was trying to crack a pecan
on the end nf n car Mat
The offender 1 null man ot quiet demeanor looked
up and remarked that Ie was not hurting the seat he
was hammering on cant lot
I cant hep that sir said the linikeman Suppose
we let enrylnuly crick nuts tn tIle cur seals Omit j on
ace It would deface them t 1 tellluu It wont do Youll
have to stop It
7 Ill pay fur all the dsmac I do < sail l l the little man
bringing ms anlfa handle lien on the nut again
You II get iiiitor the tar If you dont quit that
what youlldo nunth the < Mperat < d brakeman
Oh nn I think not said the little man Ill try to
OtIt III witlt tue Injury en the ear I can stand It And
be handed the brakeinan a card Inscribed thus
i New York
I beg yonr pardon Mr Could exclaimed the eni
Elnyer humbly lifting his cap aud turning red and pale
by turns
That is l all right mv good man T u were only dnlnit
your dilly No neml rn tick my pardon I have IK better
right tn abue ihp property of the road than am other
paMHnner tool ham AlSala ilo your duty regardless
of persons Ill keep an eve nut for you
An lenin later Ito qrett railway mutilate left the train
no you see that lOt e Mlovi f toll the brikeinali to
an acuualmaiH Tluta Jay louIS Im solid with
him and my rnriunei uinle
that lay UnuMr wIts the inlv 4ot much Thats
Smith Henry of Hushnell III lie looks lOts Jay mull
and whruettr ho traielii he carries n pocketful of ranis
with Jay tititilds nitte on them 1150 giving you one
haslie Cud Ala
A wIld eted brakemm on one of the Wabash lines
travels back ami forth on his run performing his allntted
ditties lit a inarhanliiil way anil iKiMreeM of one iii I
siirblng consuming desire lie wants in I meet Mr Smith
Henry of Itiiiuuell once more before be die
Queer Tenten DInners
from the Pan Mull aautte
A number of young beautiful and fashion
able ladles of the Iarlrlan
aristocracy have disco rM a
novel method of cnmtiinlng Inertbent and mortlncsHnS
daring lent They hold once it we a socalled ltn
ncr or the Mouflture Tue ladies twsie Ia ttiinber
dreu In the deepest lnnuntiing tile dinIng room Is hung
with bla k tIe table Is
of black Wood the cars are
black with sliver hive
ornnmsnlatlon The dIshes lilve a
deltrn of wreaths of Innoreile deaths head and
cemetery emblems while the glasses In which lie chum
paiuie Is serted aremnde In the form of skills The
Font men who wall At t tile are dressed like undertakers
Iltiring linner an invIsible mean plays ielanrholy Iitiili
1 his flew Insanity ites become so ranch the rage that
the priests In the churches attended by the Pars ails
tocrney have begun to > rfeh against It M ernndal Hi
religion The Abbe lluvin who Is the taurus father
oonfesaor of the fashionable world declared In hli last
Sundays sermon that heMionld refuse absolution Tto any
pencil who persisted lu this frivolous and criminal folly
Ike Sobered Him
mm tin Omaha World
Omaha Man time a A UIMdear open
door thin shoe from los buslneps m dear the npe door
rVnVa upstairs wiuduwYLo 1 are yost lb away
or Ill rail the pollee
Mdear Im your husband mdear npe door
My Imttwnil Indent i My bwluml raiiie In tour
bunts ag and Is fast dsiee9 kuu are an Impostor
ali n tia m tiear T
My husband U uses asleep
u a
Ueroaaleep Ooaway
You are an Impostor
0 What I It y gracious I Oh I This U terribls I
Wall now tU m ajs Wttwtol skst1Ultioals
An Old ann netrnys Himself his ftemleyi
law Hhnm he Did Nat Know
Tim April 10 Lcbboua Merry i ft wellto
do farmer at Fleming Cayuga county is here
getting evidence to disprove the claim of a
woman that she Is the widow of his father
Ebonozor L Merry who recently died Intestate
at Minneapolis leaving a large property The
deceased was a native of Troy but In 1842 he
disappeared with a woman leaving hU wife
with three little children In n sad plight The
children were bound out to the Hancock settle
meat of Shakers and before they were 21 rear
of ago their mot liar died
In 1865 Lebbous Merry began farming In
Cayuaga countyand took hi sisters to live
with him One of them Frances married John
Lom ngwoll Nn tidings were heard the miss
ing lather until 18711 when ft rpjPott reached
the children that lip had been klUad In a rail
road accident In Michigan While the story
could neither bo confirmed nor dUprovid It
was accepted as true
Lofflngwoll a few years ago attended a nrana
Army reunion Minneapolis While there hn
visited a saloon with some comrades and
among other matter discussed was the pecu
liarity of Home names An old fellow In the
place joined In the conversation and ventured
the asterthoh tlmt ho was the only man of his
name in the State nf Minnesota Then he
taid his nnme wan Eboneter Lobbous Merry
Lefflngweil was at once Interested and soon
made Ito old man admit that ho waAhin father
Inlaw Old Merry Inquired after his children
and told Lefflngwcll to toll them to visit him
LebljnuB and Francos did so in 1888 and
found him living with the woman with whom
he eloped from Troy Ebenezer U Merry died
last month and the alleged widow who says
silo married him in tills city prior to the elope
ment has applied for loiters of administration
The children dispute her claim and Lebbeus
Merry says he has gathered sufficient evidence
to prove that she was never married to his
father The matter will no heard In the Pro
bate Court at Minneapolis on the 27ta Init
A M vee ent ta Slake KnKhi e > f Labs ejf
Oar A4grlealtarieta
PntiiADEiiPHU April 10The latest pro
ject of the leaden of the Knight of Labor Is
the formation of a new national trade district
assembly of farmer throughout the country
to take the place of the present National Asso
ciation of Grangers Mr Powderly said In the
labor convention at Harrlsburg on Thursday
that the farmer are as much workingmen as
the minors and ho presented a resolution de
signed to induce the Grangers to form their
lodges Into assemblies of the Knights ol Labor
The recent Government land decision in
which AttorneyGeneral Garland ruled that
Oullford Millers entry upon a certain tract of
land near the route of the Northern ractfla
Itallroad was Improperly allowed stirred up
many farmers of the West to a realization of
the necessity of Organizing for their own pro
tection and has brought many thousands of
farmer Into tile order
Bald a prominent Knight yesterday There
Is no good reason why the farmers of the coun
try should not ally their Interests with ours
We have already a largo following of farmer
and they can testify to the advantage they de
rive from membership with us It Is the
intention of the General Executive Board to
placo the farmers under one head whenever a
sufficient number of local assemblies of farm
era make application for a national trade dis
trict assembly A national district made up
of farmers designed to supersede the NatiopJ
Grange would be a magnificent accession To
our order
HO Negsoea from North Carolina May Be
come the Cause f Trouble
B J Coyle of Washington has tho contract
for laying the new system of sewers In East
Orange and on Saturday ho secured 110 ne
groes from North Carolina and Virginia They
were brought on by three agents of a labor bu
reau and as the agents got a commission for
each manthey made all sorts of representations
to secure them promising many of them 118 a
month and board and others 150 per day
Coylo could not pay them all the agents prom
ised and a row seemed Imminent To make
matters worse the agents became intoxicated
and attempted to avoid any discussion with
the laborers and to drive them into quarters In
an old hat shop in Dodd street where a gang of
Italians bad boon housed The colored men did
not like the quarters und were dissatisfied with
the rations of meat and corn meal provided by
the contractor tearing a riot the contractor
called the police from Orange and East Orange
und oovornl squads of men were sent to the
scene The colored men had sensible leaden
who said that thore would be no row but the
police had plenty to do In protecting the
drunken agents from the wrath of the crowd of
men and boys which gathered and excited the
Ire of the throe fuddled men They finally per
suaded the colored men to stay In the barracks
until today when an effort will be made to
come to some understanding with them They
were quiet yesterday but demanded that the
agents should pay their fares to their bomeell
satisfactory arrangements were not made
Squire Whltaker of Wavorly N Y who
U 83 years old and who for several yean was blind baa
recently had his sight restored by a severe lasses
If Mrs Catharine Conder of Rochester
lives until the Sib of next month she will be too yean
old She was born In llerklmer county la 1787 and ap
parently has several years yet before her
A small boy In Oil City Fa la credited
with having trained a pair of big CouSin China roosters
to drive double to names lie hitches them to a mil
wagon and It ii said that they draw ll aaally and
Mrs Chester Woodford aged H died In
Avon Crmn on March 19 1 her sister Mr George B
Woodfnrd aged U2 of the same place died on April 9
and her elsterlnlaw Mr Truman Woodford aged 84
died In Hartford on April 1
The Mica Press is authority for the state
ment that numbers ot very young calve are killed
throughout the dairy region of Oneida and Hardliner
counties and their bodies shipped to this city where the
flesh le canned and called chicken
There Is a now song set to Heines lines
Im wunJtrsctuncn Mount Mai by Princess Beatrice
Like her father the Prince Consort and her brother
the late Duke of Albany and the Duke of Edinburgh abe
t an amateur musician ot no mean power
At a recent trlnl nf bloodhounds at the
convict eainpat Krlsrs Point Mlis a negro under ten
year lenience was released and told that he could
have his liberty tf be escaped the doge The convict bad
three hours start but the dogs ran tha poof fellow
down before he had gone twenty mile
First Lieut Alexander T Dean Fourth
Voile Slates Cavalry has been found guilty of the
charge of dragging Blacksmith Qrtgoleit too yards
or more by a lariat tied around his body and fastened
a horse tile defence was that thIs was done to punish
the blacksmith who deserved the treatment The
dragging was done on a recent march through Arizona
The only woman cab driver in England
has Just died VUltors to Epplng forest will recall a
nile of the peculiar Institution of that vicinity the
female Jehti who for many years wore consplcaoutly
the badge of a driver and held the reins In skilful com
petition with the men who no doubt vociferously de
nounced at cab elands and railway station thl demaa
tratlon of a womans right
When W O Browning ot East Green
wich R I went to feed his cow the other morning she
was not In her accustomed stall II had found the ban
door locked and was at a loss to know what had become
of her After an unsuccessful search about be premise
be went up to the hay loft for hay for his hone and
there stood the cow quietly ailing up at the mow bh
Had broken loo e In the night and climbed fourteen itepi
to tbe loft It took a carpenter and an Inclined plane u
get her down
A by no means Insignificant member ol
the Naval and Military Clublu London isSelesk 1 well
fed gust whose bearded majesty may be seen any
pleasant morning strolling leisurely down riccadtllf
seemingly Interested In the moving panorama or stand
Ing with an abstracted air at tht half opened fate of
Dovonahlr House as U contemplating a call upon the
Duke Just what ottlce the goat hold la he club does not
appear but that be is on terms cf familiar acquaintance
with its aristocratic member who meet him la hit
morning promenade 1s evident from their friendly ceo
ognltlon of him as they stop to pat him on the bead Illi
relallons a ItS the policemen are apparently mat era
Identlal and he rubs against them either hi uuiupect
log Innocence or ss conscious exemption from their
rule that betoken an Inherent sight to do H he please
Truly he line ot the ttceadUly goat hay failea ft
pleasant place
Upon the street we met by kanei
lie and I fare to face
Xach gave the other a savage glaaoa
Mid sacS fell out of ptacs
Such meetings have their share of Data
And ours was painful too
Bach foarU the oIlier that was pinto
Auil still we u arrdrew
III ajl
Poor rtctlmawe of ruthless rate T
Yates vicfltas we are still
For once I cut him out with Kate
dAil he owe MS a Hill

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