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jiflIWSSIVL vfcttKXosiKa oven ma
lUll III I ricna
yrnpnlhy or Kind Klrangfrs TOM iirtt nit V 11
knoa UnniriniirttcTlie Unity Niffi 1
iiirltdMor Queer IilejntHlcntlons
rivo ministers walked with solemn trend
down tho main aisle of tho First Presbyterian
yoatortlny afternoon Ho
Church In Railway YO lrlAY Ifemoon
hind thorn cnmo six Now York reporter boar
Ing a whlto oomn Tho Mttyor of the town snt
weeping In 1 front P oW and In the ImckRroum
detectives stood scnnnlnrf toco Womon fled
tho church mid oxccia in the nM lcs < very row
funornl of tho unknown
ineinvoro soon It was
known 101 or girl setn who was I WI met on tho highway just
cut of tho heart or the 110 and murdered
by an unknown iisussln no moro than two
weeks ago
A pillow of heliotrope roues nnd cnrnutlonB
nnd n handful of cut Honors lay orl the Id of
tho coffin 1 Tho Plato bore this Inscription I
March 25 18S7 cruelly Slain a oinnn and
8tranRer Aged about 25 Yours Tho SOl
lcos wore of a nature to make them linger
lone In tho memories of those who were present
Tho ministers prayed God to lilt tho
ent 1Inl81c1 pacd
murderer with vengeance I tho murderer
was there rr ho must have Buffered torture under
tho burning words spoken from tho pulpit
Tho congregation rose nnd Bane Jesus
JOWl of my soul
The Rev William Ruth of the Second Method
1st Church read the Scriptural lesson from
the Tenth Psalm The eighth verso was strik
ingly fitting to tho occasion Ho slttoth In
tho lurking places of the Ullages In tho secret
placet doth ho murder the Innocent his oyos
ire prhlly set against the poor
The llov J Cowons of the first Methodist
Church thanked the Almighty for tho tribute
to the goodness of human nature which oven
the death of this friendless homeless holploss
itrnncur hit calleu forth
Pastor Ylllliim Alfred Gay preached his fu
ticrul bormon from tho text Matthew vii 12
Wbatsooveryo would thnt men should do to
you do ye even so to them lie said 10
We meet today under the halo of a great mystery
In a suburb of thlt city an unknown womnn has been
murdered by an unknown msaHain Hllcntly the via <
Urn ot thin Ifoul deed walked our thoroughfares In
secret the brutal moniter planned I the atrocious
crime tnneen uc human eYe lie struck the blows
Men hurried an Itnmurtnl ion Into another
d Unnoticed the coward lied with blood
upon MA hands I and blood upon hit onbl and
Woo J upon his hat A few art away and the
ranting news vvaa borne from Up to lip A woman hen
lm tb
teen murdered Following this abrupt statement of
lac tame the anxious Inquiry Whole she I lint the
u > tnii remains unantvv 931 and the poor bruised and
tiuulated body lies In our presence
If truth yon seek above the vault
V rite this In prose or rhyme
Urr helpI > Riiets her greatest fault
Her womanhood her crime
Such horror over an Inhuman act such widespread
and continuous sympathy for an unfortunate creature ot
circumstances and such a deep sense nt outraged jus
tice have never before agitated the minds of our people
Our perception of this Trent wrongs of this almost un
paralleled brutality of this groes Insult 1 womanhood
something which belongs to consciousness It does
not belong to the exterior life His like a blow which
rankle In the breast rather than burns upon the Cheek I
lied It been a man who fell that ron night even
then every emotion of our souls would have been
srouied but instead I was a woman evidently a
poor hoinelets stranger and our feelings struggle I
vain for an adequate expression
van bringing before you the iolden Rile t make no
application of Its precepts to the fiend who mae the
mark of a murderer upon his brow I leave him to
face the law which he has violated the woman he has
wronged and the Uod whose curse rests upon his crlm
IOU soul We turn from the butcher to the butchered
and our contempt and loathing are changed to pity
uknown save by the absent friends who ecU her namo
In vIn she lies before us In the quiet sleep of death
hhe drifted Into this community She died here and
the shall I rest under the protecting wings of Christian
sympathy In the lint place we are here this hour to
practise the Instructions of the Oolden Rule because
the victim of mans wickedness was a woman 8be wee
helpleu Perhaps she was a stranger In a strange land
tndoubtedly she was a weary wanderer far trout home
and our hearts melt with pity as we think of her lonely
lourney of her fearful l night straggle Igl g rb maidenly I
terror of her horrible death If Jesus were on this
platform at this time I am sure He would say What
soever ye would that men should do to you do ye even
ri to them luI InanmULhas ye have lOOD1 It unto the
lesst of these my little ones ye have done It unto me
Again we have met In this sacred house and we give
thl lacerated body a Chritttau burial because we live
vnder the shadow of the cross We cannot forges the
example and teachings ot our Matter The holder
Kule projects itself into the theory and the practice of
the present As soon as I was known that this person
was to find sepulture In Rahway hundreds ot hearts re
volted at the idea ot giving her other than a suitable
burial Lots were offered by the cemeteries unsolicited
Toe necessary funds were easily procured Any church
rl = g = K = p ru8
would undoubtedly have been thrown open For the
plrlt of Christ is abroad In the land We cuuld not help
her when she was alive and so we give expression
TO our sympathy now that she Is dead As we would
that others should do for our friends under similar con
lltlons so we do this day for one whose friends aro
itmuBen to us alt But some parent may respond I
There Is nndnnger of my daughter helm murdered
ike this rae No danger Then why that long procession
t T1 16 8
of pale faced friends which nan been filing past
these renulns for two weeks Why those numer
ous telegrams glJ letters J which have come from
so many states in I thin Union I H nmy seem like a contra
diction 1 and yet this dark mystery I has thrown light upon
other mysteries Fathers and mothers brothers and sis
ters by the siores If not by the hundreds have stood by
tint side I of his poor body fearing and yet hoping that
here might be the rl loved one who I had so suddenly so
strangely disappeared Instead of thanking Hod that
we are better than others let us do unto others as wo
would that others should do unto us
A second thought in the same vein If the assassin
rives In our city and let up hope that he does not then
which of our homes Is safe from this red handed mur
derer I Let us pray that this atrocious crime may
prove a mountain upon loab of the criminal that it
may rankle and fester like a poisoned arrow In his soul
and that the blood of this poor creature may obstruct his
vision and haunt bis night dreaming until he shall con
fronts guilt before his fellow men and satisfy the de
inands outraged Justice with hi life I seem to see be
fore me a bumble nome where father and mother are
waltlngfor a message that nevercomes Eyes are filled
with tears and hearts are heavy because there are no
tidings or the absent daughter The hours are like days
nblle I dupe lengthen Into weeks as the lonely parents
t vrll nh r r rJ
watch and wait and hope Hut the child cometh not
The pot brings no letter of love Perhaps there are
brohers and sisters and they too long for some word
from the dear one Hut the familiar step is 1
heard no more upon the threshold the well
known voice answers not to the anxious call
Absent and unknown friends she for whom you wait
hat fallen Into the snare of the fowler The knife of a
murderer has done Its cruet work No ear but that of
ilod beard her bitter cry for help no heart but the
heart of the Infinite listened her last wail of angulih
Mie fell by the wayside when the night wa dark and
the air ctilll and damp Her dying bed was the cold
ground her shroud the evening winds and her watch
ers the barearmed trees and the leaden clouds But
theta were Kamarltans who passed by that way
and they lifted 1 her tenderly from her blood
stained couch and In long processions they
looked down upon her unconscious form and they are
carrying her to her long home as you would have do
S And MHO died in your arms Absent unknown friends
Ihol law which fell trout thellps of Jesus Is our guide
and we are doing unto others as we would that others
ihould do unto us We think of yon today strangers
thouch you may be and we pray to the rather the
laUivrlewi and to the widows Uud ttat Ho will bless you
and lomfort you in your lonelluets and that lie will
glj eoun double portion of Ills grace to sustain you
while on are waiting and hoping for the dear one whom
you shall tee no more on this earth
Tlie body was borne to the church cemetery
whore It was placed In a vault Afterward It
WHS returned to the Morgue
A wrinkled old woman who carried a wreath
of Ikmirs wanted to see Iho dead Klrls face In
tlie church but the coffin hud been closed anil
bile was told that she was too lute She fol
lowed the reninltiH to the vault and demanded
tosen thorn Finally she was allowed to look
UimiiBli tho class lid upon the dlsfleured face
II I IB Imr she snld und turned away Him
Promised to talk some other time and hurried
a > 7tv from the scone She was the grand
mother of little Louise Hocfor who on Sunday
Hontllloil tho handkorchlHf and said 1 that tim
boily wan that ot hot lost frleml Suslo
A RON reporter HUW Mrs Hoofer at her homo
till Norfolk street KOOII after her return from
Knhwiiy She wild that hue wanted to make
nom further InvuBtfwitlimi before telling the
r1 lIlt of her ldt hlto woiupd > ery jubilant
Oh I saw tilt body und the vlotheu and ovory
thlnir she salt but Im not loin to tell
yhntheri recocnfod them or not Im goluir
ttnO dad out just what shin the poor girl wimo
In untl bee tho uaptuln and ask him
Xuw mothfv dont stay an v morn about It
hltlrultod Mrs IJurr Mrs Hooter married
Well I wont saId Mrs Hooter
In a moment howmer silo exoluimed to lior
aitiiBhtnr us if frtruek with a tnulilun tlionuht
Ami 1 I saw the little bucket ton Dont you
reiiiombur the little buAet nbrnit IIn high g
AnU Mrs Jloofor put DIIH of herliiinilHuliovo
the otliur to show bow hlch thu littlu liuskot
was lint llm mitrrloil dnuuhtliur nuuln In
torniptod with n Now motlur und Mrs
iloofor ioukl not bi 1 tiursiiiulcd to speak mote
flcllnltol i Hlie would lull all today tliougli
elm mid
I But ha Wanta US Per Cent of the Gate
Money If he Gets Ilckod
CONELLHV1LL1 April 11The John L
8ullhlla cniublnatlon nrrlvcd here this noon
i from rittsburch and wits followed to tho hotel
racheerliiB crowd A fine exhIbItion was
then to a paokcd IIOUPO In tho evening Man
l4Cer Hliepdy got a dispitcli from New York
MiiiL that n rhiiUuiico hns been rioohud
irimi Jnku Kllniln l tn IlKlit Hiilliviiu h for 52001 a
Hi oheedy WAil IntllKimnt imd Bitld
n ThaI mini Is us big a coward its I know of
He Bald notlilus wluitiner about lighting Hulll
an Whip wo ware all lloslnn I sent Hob
I Jurnbull to see him when wt wore in Dalti
Jfw unit ho tent word Iml that hn would
JiIIl J nsht iitilesa lIt lo I or got 3S per cent of tho
11110 money I will not lot Huh I Ivan boliluncd
Jill a h light with any ono at procont as wo hire
dying II lnndld biihliuOH nnd Imve engage
melllR > un to thn middle of Juno If I f K ii rain
really MHiiti to Ilfcht let him input 1lIt Klllcn
I K inKtl tile hitters piopotltjun and Julia
fIliihl 110 I Ion1 1 i the wlnnir us cututl an hilts tour is
H I ft11 A sure cure far I > yip < ptls and Indigestion
Tt htguphtr It b palatable and has tonlo action
ra tltt an4 von will I us convinced Hold by all drug
jie4 W Wee r klddtr A Vs B3 John at II TTMr
BUM Boll Palo Oreuatde Todmy
I Httrouulltaa VI htw York Uams 10t Admls
Iou MAdf
tl7nt lotitt
Me Cnnns Dp ring lints Kxtm quality and
almolu perfect styles Save yuur money mallow
cry Dar rrlnco it
blrta to order for Mi sold elsewhere at
tl Call or send postal KIsMll iCurllaudt at
11ijl 3O1CC
formed by
of Cincinnati Ohio
0 huh IILlud bOIl of
WtllIl1Iby the
oRiAThiT xonnas MASTEUS
Millet Rousseau Delacroix Tro > on Pupre IrabyJuei
Pupre flier Couture rroinentiu fiernim Koca and An
gu te Ilonbeur Hchrcyer Melln IIrhat > Kaulbach
1Uoty Vcrboeckhoxin Achiubach ItotU Koik Huron
V appers and others
ITIIOUT nrsiit
Uilnnlnit at 1 JH prompt
Admission by url only to be lied free on application to
the undersigned on end afirr April >
V rauloguet mailed on receipt of price J3 cents
lltuslratlunus IllulralfU shut Iaulnue hiatuisunuely I rinitaliilng I bound I II nearly In llrilble I one I Morocco hundred
fcdltion llnutnl to un roil s frlce iic 1 UolUrs
Af Ic
Direct consignments throucli our UEIMIIS hi China Japan
ned hnropi
Theenllre valuable rollecllon
AIRIL in lit and Ul I at v 30 OTLOCK
> I Tataloirues ready to morrow WKDNIiSDA
1Ij iJl AT
utt Jd M taiuere
T M HTKW1 HT Carpet Cleaning Works fM
7th av Semi fur circular tartage free III llrool III
HTfcWAKr It jS and Edo and Mh JC Tele
Am Zauy mmt Pleasant Thins < TstkeII
Gay Ms Bleep and e neetrol LIre
I with to ulneerely thank yon for the knowledge whloa
yon tats me ot a remedy for nerrous disorder and tar
I have been afflicted all my life with attacks of neural
iHa affeetlnt principally my face and bead giving me at
times excruciating pain disturbing my sleep and app >
tits and general health and often rendering me neSt for
business Von will see that this affection bat been of
longstanding These attack were not continuous but
of an Intermittent character coming and going making
their appearance often like a Haiti of lightning without 4
any previous warning tormenting me for a few days
then pawing oft with a few lingering twinges only to reo
appear later on Besides being hereditary It was no
doubt aggravated by nervous and mental Irritation and
exhaustion helped on by a faulty digestion and bad nil
trltlon No doubt the preMtlllng cause of neuralgia Is I
Impoverished or poisoned blood The teat and liar ot
attack are the nenes A greit city It I not half so full of
telegraph wino no the human hotly In of nerves anti
neuralgia pains are the most exquisitely aiMlctlng caries
ot sensations from head to hand and to the most dis
tant portions ot the body a human being is capable of
experiencing I
You may be very sure that I WIt eager lot rid ot f
this iftictlon and to this end have tried almost every it
form of lien medication oftentimes Is I true with
great temporary relief but never until met with K
kIn with what bore any resemblance to a euro
When Kosklne the new Quinine was brought to my 1
notice by a friend It was at a time shell one of my at
tacks was on mo In full force My friend told me that
Kasklne the new Quinine not only acted directly on the
blood disinfecting It of poison but that It also acted on 1
the dlgestUo and aulmllatlve functions furnishing new
and vivifying blood to the attenuated and throbbing
I without hesitation began to ups It freely and steadily
according to the directions nnd found that It was not
only an easy and pleasant medicine to take but also a 1
very effective one When 1 began taking Kaaklne I was
nearly wild with the spasms of pain In my head and face
they were almost unbearable After a few doses had
been taken I was greatly relieved of the paroxysms I j
could sleep rOllrolly and eat my food with relish and I 4
said bu moll I think that this Kaiklne will do the
business for me
I continued Its use and was soon a different man the
plo were all gone the nerioustwltcuen and lightning
like twinges ot darting agony had disappeared myile
pressed spirits rose and whatever the cause or however
It may have wrought I believe that Katklue the new fi
Quinine has proved Itself to be the true remedy or neu
ralgia J
Some month have now elapsed since this demon wa
exorcised and It has not once made Its reappearance
I again thank you for making known to me this rent
sty and if my say 10 In ot any uieto you or to other
who may be Buffering from this dreaded infliction I ant Ii
entirely wilUng that you should use my nami In Its be
half as personally I believe in it
131 North Pearl tt Albany N T 1
Manager nt Cloak Department Jouniton A Rellly
Albany X Y
T Bl will very willingly reply to any letters ot In
quiry addreiKcd to me at ray residence 131 North Icarl
at Albany NV
Other letters ot a similar character from prominent l
indIviduals which stamp Kaskiue the new Quinine as j
a remedy of undoubted merit will be sent on appli
The Kasklne Company SI Warren st Now York n l
as Farrlugdon Road London
Jtl1 1t CuMlcations
I the well known Untlsh quarterly hecvmes a monthly
with the current number NOW REAllY
That this Involves no change In Its devotion tothej
principles to which it has been faithful for mure than
sixty years may be readily seen by 11 contents for
Home Rule m the United Klngdom I Physic In the Far
Id t
8 n
IW r r
Fast Egypt The eelopment nt Religious Liberty In
America The linpirlnl Institute lie Irotectlonltt
Revival In Great Britain bmtc directed Colonization
The Bulgarian struggle for Existence The Conclusion
of the urcvlUe Memoirs The UriranlKation l ot tho
Liberal 1 Tarty l Mr Schuadhorst Contemporary Lit
eViturc Ac Ac
ixi cents per ropy fa per year For sale by all news
dealer and hr
219 and 31 Beekmun st New York
Ueneml 1 Agents for America
cfSmuwiat I t
23 WALL ST NEW YORK March 16 1887
having undertaken at the request of the holders of a >
large amount of the tecnrlllcs of tho Chicago and At
Untie RaIlway Company to bring about the reorganlra
tlon ot that company and to adjust Ibo differences ho
tween It and the New York Lake Kilo and Western Rail
road Company with the understanding that the rallroal
of the reorganized company shaU be transferred to ant
operated by the New York Lako Erie and Western Rail
road Company we have made a contract with the New
York Lako Eric and WIn Railroad Company with ft
view to such reorganization and adjustment
Holders of about ft per cent of the stock and bouts
of the Pittsburgh and Western Railroad Company hav
ing deposited their securities In accordance with tlia
plan and agreement of the reorganization notice U I
hereby glvill that THE TIME FOIl ULIOSITINO Till
PENALTY OK 2 PER CENT on the par value ot tecutl
tics deposited
block must also pay an ASSESSMENT OF 4 1TU
CLML I eU u 1Elt bllABE lu accordance vllli the
plan of reorguntratlon
Deposits of iitcurltlra should be made with HESHR4
DREXEL A CO Phllailelphla or with MESriitS
DHKXKL MOKUAN CO New York who nlll issue
receipts for same No sncurltlcs will be recelvc4
AFTER APRIL IP IrM on which date the right ot be 1
comingpurUclpnnts the plan absolutely ccasv
JOHN II IllSTEU T TlllIy Committee
The undersigned Directors of the Ht Lojlt and Hail
Francisco Railway Company respectfully request tlio
stockholder to tend their proxies In the name IIC
Mills Building New York or to either of the undersigned
These proxies will be voted to continue the present carts
f ul and independent management of the property 1
of J t W bellgman t Co
of Maltlaud 1helps A Co
ul John Paton I Co
NEW YORK April 11 IW
TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK Is I now prepared to
receive the remaining payment of lIlly 50 percent u a
subscriptions May li 11 and deliver regular CIr >
tlncates of common and preferred stock to subscriber
electing to an tli Ipale such payment
L M bCHWAN Secretary
New York April 11 1 1 1 < 7
11 Wall st N V OSSECIJI WM 1 lhllJ1dtlphllo I
I A Ivan k fn llrwtuu L L lireu Icr A Co ChlraioJ
Cerium Macartney llubkaril Farmer
t lilngtun Hartford
Varriii A Quarlcs Rlrhmond V x
Andrews A to HiililuMrn
Prlt ale ti Ire TOIIIII ctli > n
Buy and sell Blncks llonds and II J lut l < rlliiicous Sccurllle
nil tho New hurt Mock Kxtljaiiho
LIIIKKAI Ii5rA XNon fnrnltiiru f lurMi
Hllhoul i ifint ci l fijtillilentlal K M1M NHH I ° J
Naan 1alldcrbUI buiiiiiigt I J r nuiJiii Al 1 Io7l I I
lloxr ToTO A Non hiiiid and r cnoruuKi ul 4
my per CCIlt ACIAV II H IK A UALhlllLi7 Buny
ttt14it t trllI1tlltP I
A 1JIIIIFB of very > slightly lued upright rd
sutiare planuw of our tnakr whIrl were iipct Ullv r >
lerteif and only lined by the urIUla of hits 1 Metropolltari I 1
Opera llou > rompsny durlngthe pant uprrarraiuiii ailt
be sold at u liberal rcdiit i Ion from nur regular prlova
Pianos for remit tiM NttiI A urI < IfI IIJMhav
GBEAT RABOAIXli40 secondhand plni
a for taah or tnstallinents f per mouth new pungs
en paymtuU lit only lu down and IM per month
wokXce WATKID A cu u su ar
> S
Pint I PAtti Klght
One of the most brllllrtnt audiences thnt
lint assembled this winter In tho Metropolitan
crowded It lust evening on tho occasion of
rnttl openlnir nlRht for her short season of
opera 1roiu imrauet to cclllnp every Inch of
sitting 1 I or RtnnilliiK room wns llllcd nnd
people as ID I thu Inrnrlnblo rule when
ocr thIs the worlds most pOJll1lar artist t sings
wore In a state of gushing nmlablllty
and excitable enthusiasm The dross of tho
audience was In itself worth going to look at
not to mention tho moro Important fact that
most of tho fashionable world wan present
Even In tho punmet evening dross among
luillos was predominantwhile bright spring
bonnets filled lu tho spaces between with their
pretty variety of manycolored ribbons and
nif0 out saying What everybody think
must ho true nppllojwell to the prevalent
Idea tint Mine 1atti Is i tho most wonderful
mill charming slmwr that our lived or over
will bo created Kvorybody In this ctse
meanj however only thc large majority for It
must bo confessed that there arc strange nnd
exceptIonal beings who prefer the art or the
PcrBonnllty of sNllsson of Lehman or of
U orator to that of the Diva for their particular
nmuHomont hut these erratic personages dare
Bitireoly nioiitlon tho fact of their peculiarity
01 taste Whl o Ihoy perceive the extraordinary
power thnt Tutu wields over tim public draw
lug them continually and unfailingly crowds
to hor oporatle nights and making them pay
enormous prices forthe nrllleloot huotiringlior I
Last night 1attl was loaded with floral offerings
of the most gigantic proportions and she was
recalled ngnCn nnd again after each act Her
support was principally Bignorl Vlclnl and
Oalassl for Travlata la really a solo opera
as lIunlC at least by lutll and the other parts
Servo but as foils to sot off her brilliancy
ylclnlfnqvortheles deserves praise for some
broadly dramatic singlngnotably his rendering
of tho dpiiunclatlon scone In tho third act This
atoned forhls lamentable Uatnesaot intonation
In Ills tlrst l songs lloth chorus and orchestra
eeemotl weak last night in contrast with the
solid nod noble work to which our ears have
become ncoustomed In this opera house The
standard of this company IB below nil compari
son with tho American Opera In point of 1m
prossrt ciiess and grandeur
Pattl uppaiontly made no special effort to fill
the Metropolitan She sang often with tho
softest pianissimo which travelled to the
furthest comers of tho butldldg At times
In forte passage however hor voice
sounded almost thin but it was always
of the same old delicious smoothness and
possessed of the luscious quality that
has always characterized It Uho Is at her best
In rnwJnla tim coquettish airs and graces
that lire BO thoroughly at her command are
especially appropriate to tho lighter scenes
while In Bplto of tho artlflcliltty and coldness
genurally charactorlstla of her she makes a
gracious and tender portrayal of the touching
love scene and of hor noble sacrifice in bidding
Alfredo farewell
Ualasslwas t warmly received1 showing that
the public does not forget him as an old favo
rite Ills voice sounded admirably upon the
large stage of the Metropolitan
The Golden Giant nt the Fifth Avenue
Tho Golden Giant Is tho name of a play
produced at tho Fifth Avenue Theatre last
evening which Is credited to tho authorship of
Mr Clay Greene the solo ownership of W
W Bandall tho solo managership of Mr
Charles MacOeachy and tho protecting care
of a noted firm of Centre street lawyers
Mr and Mrs McKee Rnnktn star in it In their
familiar characters doubly familiar becauso
tho general tone of tho play Its personages and
some of its Incidents are so reminiscent of
Gnbrlol Conroy play that perhaps not so
thoroughly lIurrollndod legal escarpments
liS Is Lbs Goldon Giant But it the oarllor
play also used by Mr and Mrs Rankin sug
gested the latter tho effect has been
to make a much stronger work Tho
performance last evening was received with
unmlstakablyspontaneous marks of favor mind
It seems Bate to predict a long life to Mr
Greenes effort The company is strong Mr
Robert Billiard essays the part of tho gam
bier which in Gabriel Conroy was played so
effectively by Mr Frederic Bryton Mr Mil
liard In most respects compared favorably
with his popular predecessor his faults
being confined to those expected in young
actors lack of sustained effort in ono
direction i he occasionally dropped the swag
goring inflections of the camp gambler for tho
cultivated commonplace accents of a Broad
way gentleman That suggests that a good I
deal of the Bowery coarseness in the lines of
the play could be omitted without injustice to
the consistency of the situations But Mr
Billiard made a bit and BO did Mr Charles
Stanley in the role of a broken down attorney
crazed with drink and reeking In villainy The
persecuted wife was played with force by Miss
Daisy Dorr and the inevitable child a tender
chord that held two hearts Ae was portrayed
with less discomfort than usual In such cases
by Little Ollie Berkeley Of Mr and Mr
Itankinit may be said simply that they wero
as effective as ever and In tho same way
A strong care for the combination
Ifl I the presence fn the cost of Mr Ah
Wung lung who might bo wild to
represent himself lIe id the only English
speaking Chinaman on the stage and lust
night made such a hit as to win a double re
call Ho is not half so good a Chinaman as
Parsloe but like many nn ugly work of art ho
is approved because he Is genuine Bis articu
lation Is good and his acting altogether free
from the stolidity which characterizes the most
of his race as they appear In this city on tho
Dele DsuiTray la The Love Chase
A picturesque sacrifice was accomplished
by Helen Dauvray last night and It aided not
remotely in her portrayal of merry Constance
of The Love Chuso Miss Dauvray wore a
wig This abandonment of her odd and old
idea may be accepted as the actresss graceful
submission to inexorable arts demands It
was not an everyday wig Its chestnut curls
became her well and they fell profusely about
her neck and shoulders In gowns of pink and
in blue she docked herself and indeed she was
in every scene truly fit to cozen the amorous
Wihlrake of the play
Yet the revival of Tho Love Chase depend
ed Importantly for its diversion upon other
effects than merely those of face and figure
and Itlwn and Miss Daua and her players
did not always successfully cope with their se
rious task There was never any lack of Intel
gent effort but there wore yet spells of dul
floss endured politely as became a Lyceum
audience and at no time actually unbearable
The merits of the production wore equal alike
In Its utter Ilnod tnsto in staging and dress
ing nnd in Miss DauvruyB sparkling acting of
Con stance
Mr Bntherns Wildrake was carefully con
ceived in a spirit not too exaggerated Miss
Btanbnpod India was sweetly played and do
snnedly applauded Otherwise tho support
did nothing uncommonly well nor uncommon
ly bad
Tsmnuechek ste Meg HcrrlHei
lime Janauschek appeared as Meg Alcrri
lies for the first time In New York at tho Union
Sijiiaro Theatre last night She has but com
parathelv recently made the part her own And
has succeeded so well in It that she regrets she
did not long agn add It to her repertory That
no one since Charlotte Cuxhrnun has so Illy
worn the mantle that fell from thu shoulder
of the original Men Mrrrtllm as Mine Janaus
chek soumcd to be the opinion of the largo
ittiiJIence which heard hor last nvpnlng Her
ilrttt appearance In thu middle of the long and I
rather dreary play founded on BcottH noel
was mndo the occasion of nn ovation and n
gorgeous basket of flowers was presented
to her when she wits recalled at the
end of tho net Similar enthuHlasrn uim
shown when aftnrthe audience had witnessed
tho dontli scenic with baled breath lie curtain
again arose und Mine Jimuuicliel bowed her
thanks Hhe will remain the Iliiiou Hiiuaro
Thuatrn this week and next Thu nrosunt Is
probably hor last appearance In New fork
Wide Awnke Brankltn Charities After
At the lime of thin dlhtillnitlon of 20K0
Bent Ii I i next donated by Sir Chits h Hlxidns
tu New York clniritioH 15 nOIJ will be given to
Brooklyn charities jhe1 Brooklyn Bureau of
Clmrltkb Is rending out the following circular
to Iradlnc ladles buHpeiiklng their aid in bfl
urliiu a lanu I part of the bum for their
Bureau nf Tharltles
Central Olllre til Clluton si elrpimne No mi
Airuo I WHIr Irfldent
IUKWIN It JAUM Treasurer
Okonc1 II llLitiLr General fcecret try
illlin hour b to 11 AI bubbutu and holidays
01 M
Biioonuir N Y March 31 W7
lUll MIIUXII Last September Mr Charles S lllKmns
manufacturer Iharlrs rt Ilixtdn Herman Laundry
Snap in iduie wrappers made publlr idler to dltnbutu
Itr l ainouK the ch riuble Insiliutloiis and soclmlesnf
lrovkln I in propjrlon to this number of wrap ra 01
that bratul I of soap that each mwlety may turn lu before
btpt II J m7 We quiets his 1 1 words
The thai I piopoiiB Is i us follows Each I cake of ler
IMHII Laundry Himp Is wrapped In a blue wrapper and
printed nn eiCii Is the nnroe of Charles H lllKBlu t tier
man laundry oap enclrillnua trade mark Colored
uiiianil Wakliluli 1
riie uuiuwvrs of the soap can send the wrapper to
1 lie Intltutlon tlu y may select r where tlmy will be taken
i u roof and at the end ot the year MPt il i 107 the
J 11
vrnpiero I rrcihcJ at the different limitation l I 1 will lie
etitiltd by B inminlltee nf three rltlrens elrcltd by
the Ma > or of cacti vhtyi llieno 1 iienileinen will stupor
W N fn bW rSj
them thi nmoiiuliis per the uuinbervt rupicrslield by
each Initltutlon
Home of our t UIKipi and friends hare already collected
a miuiitliy of these wrappers and we think you may be
rlfIII f rlnqt rl tft
utile In ntitrltiute point or In a quiet way induie oilier
to are them for the bench oft Bureau We woud
like to secure iiouith > lu enable us to collect from Mr
Illiildns the sum uicwsarr to help forward our Industrial I
eipedlents and to tit up and furnish the new quarters to
be occupIed by us next tall la Ucbermsrbora Bear
Court Truly I yours
tltua U IBlIfIji iBcretarytar
atroreVtj Stars Df rent the nroaklnt Tctvm
Other lames Yesterday
Star GlfTord and his satellites rotated Into
Brooklyn from Syracuse yesterday and Marched hole
In the clean record of the Brooklyn Club by darting from
base tobate with meteor like rapidity and hhitingthe globe
with telling effect TIle visitors played a weak Held
tame at the opening but settled flown to work toward
the end However their weak field grime was offset by
their clever batting and base stealing Ian the centre
fielder of the visitors played a very sharp game In the
field and his base running was a feature
Ilarkins pitched for the Brooklyns the first five
Inning and was hit quite freely Henderson then
tried hit hand He wat not hit bard but the visitors
had a way of following up an error on the Brooklyn
tide with a telling lilt which meant tmslneis The home
team played sharp field game In the main a masterly
running catch of a foul fly by Ilnkney and a brilliant
flg m
g rl
onehand stop by Smith being among the noticeable fea
tures of their work Their errors allhongh few were
of the costly kind and which went far toward helping
the opponents uurphy and OBrien both did good work
as back stops
One of the drawbacks on the part of the Brooklyni
wan they tould not hit liondnn this deaf mule pitcher
with any HIICCCM Dondon did not heed the cheers of
the spectators neither did he pay much attention to the
mwt the coachers but remained Just ai cool I as
though no one was around This Is I one great advantage
to the team as he can never get rattled by the nolle of
the players or spectators It Is an Interesting sight to
see the men coach this deaf mute They stand near the
lines with nne hand up and the lingers working with
iiithtningihke I mpldlty
In the I tint Inning a base on balls by IMnkney a fum
ble of Mcilellans force lilt by Illttman a nimble of
fhllllpaa hit by Beard a till by MoTatnany and a wild
throw by fihellhais gave three MIn
or the visitors In thIs Inning a hit by Mary a steal lo
second a sacrifice by Beard and a pretty simile by
Lynch gave a run The visitors scored a run in the Ice
end Inning on a twobase hit by Hlttman a passed ball
and a wild throw by Murphy In ihe fourth II Inning the
v hltors captured the lead bv scoring three runs by free
hlttli g Had play ariltted by two base on balK gave
the home team two runs In the fifth inning and making
the score a tie In the seventh Inning timely hitting by
bllr lrlcIlnl lll
the Slats and poor field work by the home team gave
the isltors two runs and Ibo lead The Brooklyn worked
hard to cut It down but only succeeded in getting ono
more run The score
MOOltTK STUicoji
1t11roA x K tnroir
Plnkney3dbt 2320 Jacony e f u o I II 11
tleIlellafl2dh2 I 7 4 1 Marrr f 2 3 3 o l
mt l r A g g g
l ir
Hwartwoodrtl lion Beard e 0 3 3 3 1
Phillips 1st b1 I H 0 Otynohhtbi 31101
McTamaiiycto I o n n I Simon I t o o 0 0 0
Burch 1 f I I I 0 II I Strict adb t I I I n
Hmlth it s o I 2 tl I Illttman Id bl 3783
MuroflycU o 2 l Osetielbasscl 1212
iiarkinap0 I 0 4 oDundomp I 3081
OlIrlenoo oooo I
llenderson JIO 00 0 I 1 TolalTU271010
Totals tt 10 2419 3
Brooklyn n n o o a o o l ofl
Syracuse 1 I 030020 7
Earned runs Brooklyn 0 Ryracnse I Twobase hits
g mr oIr ilamg teJ
II g
Dondon li Blttman I Wild pitches Ilarkins l First
bate on bolls llrooklj n 0 Syracuse 4 First base on
errors Ilrooklyu 4 Syracuse struck out Brooklyn
I tsvracine i Double plays Beard Blttman and
Lynch cV PIi Lon Knight Time pf game One hour
and forty five minnie
Smiling lllckcv Welch Ion hit smile for a time yeiter
day afternoon The cause of this was the cruel manner
In which the team under the lead of Capt Ward punished
I 11 oJ 1d io nb
fna If rr t r
ished hU pitching U was a one tided contest In which
Wards intm had things all their own way Collins was
the weak point on Swing i team Roach pitched fine
form and was well supported bv Wlckbeckcr behind the
tyt t l3tm
bit A One running catch by ORourke and a brilliant
atop by Roach were the features Th adore
aQ1 visa wAD vain
RIroA I u1roA
Cnnnnr Ibo 1 II u ii ORourke L fl a 2 I 0
1 1UPleAIf1 I 0 0 0 Ward a a t 1 1 2 1
Ewing I 1 7 t100rgan r 0 1 II II
Welchp0 0 1 0 0 Deanheylba I a 5 a i
lr p R 3 g
RIchardson Sb0 I I I tI tity c t 0 8 ii I
Xattlmore t11 1 1 1 0 Wlrkbeoker 2 r ll II
Iirowncum I t 1 I Kevtelb1 2 II 1 2
01111100 t I 40hBrdt2b I I 4 I 1
KennedyctO 0 I 0 Oltoech 1 0 0
Tolal1 63411 S Totals 8142717 II
wlngsTeara 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 33
Ward s Team 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 S U
Earned runs Ewlngs Team 0 Wards Team 4 Pint
base by errors K Ings Team 4 Ward Team 4 First
base on balls Ewlngs Team i 1 t Wards Team 1 Struck
out twings Team J War < ft Team 0 Left on bases
kwinxs Team 3 Wards Team 7 Total hits lw
lugs Team 7 Ward Team 17 Two bane hits Kwlng
1 Uerhardt I OKourke J llltbypltcher Welch
11 lllI
W f
M 17
t rlu rl pilches Welch 1 rained balls I Brown 1
Double pla > t Uebhardt and Reefs Ewing aud Counor
Molen ba m Eolng I Morgan I Ickbecker 1 lun
plre 1 Mr 1earce Time of gamsOie hour and forty
PniLAOEtrnti April 11The tee taw In the local
1g I r if ker 19Iltl f
champlonihlp series was broken today the Athletic
Club winning the seventh game of the series which now
stands four victories for them to three for the 1hlln
delphlas The League team was outplayed at etery
point The score
Athletic O 1ROOO13 8
rmladelpula 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ou
Base UltsPhlladelphla 5 Athletic ErrnrllilU
delphla0 Athletic 2 tUtttenes Casey said vUu1re
AtklsMin and MllUgan
lUiTlnoRE April 11A great crowd saw to days Bat
titiforc Boston game mind encroached so far over the
field at to make 1 en liyr Impossible The deldlnif
however remarkably good while the balling was
heavy and the visitors won by the following score
Baltlmor11 0 l 2 0 l 0 I O1
Boston S 0 O I 0 4 0 0 7
Bate hits Baltimore 10 Boston 10 Errors Balti
more 2 KIUIUU 4 Batteries Smith and Daniels Mad
den and Tate
0SssiuuuiTOX April I 11The game today between the
Yale College club dt the W Frmod promised to bo
exciting and interesting In the early part of the play as
the college bo > s took kindly to young Keefes delivery I
t aided by very bad toiling on the part of the home I
team managed to keep the score ever It did not re
main so bow ever after the third 1 Inning for the col
leirtans by loose neldlng and In 1 consequence f hard hit
ting by the ashlngtonr could not prevent the home
club from taking the lead which they maintained to the
close The friends of lisle were w1 represented the
grand fbgo at every opportunity applauded I the I
collexebo shy shouting I In ya ff U peculiar tu tale The
Washington 21OS3OOO 011
Yale 1 1 10OO02O
Base hits Washington 11 Yale 10 Errors Wash
ington Yale U
PITTSBURGH April 11The features of todaya game
between the rituliurghs i and Buffaloes was IMIrymples
batting and the promising work of the home teams
young battery Bishop ana Fields jolit bad
no trouble in defeating their opponents The score
Pittsburgh 7 0 2 0 1 3 0 3 117
Buffalo 0 O1U1O104 7
Baie hits Pittsburgh SI BuftVo 13 Errors Pitta
burgh BBudalo 7 Larned runs 1ituburgn 10 Buf
falo 1 Three base hits Dalrymple 2 Kuehne McKln
non Two base hits Dalrymple rlelds McKlnnon Rem
fi nWI
sen Walih Base on balls Brown Whitney Smith
lieldy Esterday Walsh First base on errors Pitta
burgh 6 Burlalo Xa Pawed ballsCallthar 4 Wild
pitch Iliihop Struck out Coleman Bishop Stolen
liases Brown Fields t Double plays Keldy urant amid
Lchane Umpire ouest
Cixciixiti April 11The Indianapolis Club were de
feated by the Cincinnati in a good game to day The
home club won by making 10 home runs tn o xinnlen
and a three bagger In the seventh tuning The score
Cincinnati 0 0200000 III
Inlllnapollo 1 1 o u 0 1 0 2i
Base hiu Cincinnati 1 Indianapolis 12 Errors
Cincinnati 41 Indianapolis I 3 Earned rune
Cincinnati 7 Indianapolis 3 lIon runslist
sett RelllT NIcolL laulll Twobase bllOI
cock Three hiu Baldwin 2 fatted balls Myers
2 Hi > t base on ballson1 llulUne 51 on Boyle 1 Um
pire Bauer
AT Bntrnnn
JerseClty I O O o 0 3 3 4 11
Uarttord O oosoouoo 2
Base hitsJersey City 20 Hartford 10 Batteries
Bhaw and Murphy Shannon and Cramer
LOUISVILLE April 11 Louisville played an almost per
fect Heldlng game llol day also batting heavily und deflat
ing the Memphis Club badly
LouUtille 00014200 in
Memphis U O 1 002UOO 3
Earned runs Louisville 10 Memphis 3 Two base
hits BroH I i 3 i Kerlni WerrlcK I tend Andrews r Three J
bine hlls llainsey Home runs ttolf lloublo plays
Doyle Phelan I and Andrewg Struck out Kumscy Hi
jorraati I Baie on hits Ramsey 4 Uorman a Iaaitd
bulls llellmau I lilt by pitcher Mack and bueed
Umpire rtaUh
a jiewim
Newark 7 0 O A S 3 7 4 1134
Columbia College 1 OOOO 022 4 II
The Metropolitan and New York Clubs play at the Polo
grounds to duiuid tlmsyracnie Club plays r In BronUm
Yesterday the llrit time the Syracuse titans played
in Brooklyn slut e they pliiytd on the old Union grounds
about ten years ug
The mnnairers of the American Annotation clubs are
triiig to nuke peorilu lielfuvu tliut they neter inttnilid
i tloll tllcJ Icl N
ll II
fo r
tornroriethu black lint uuuniluunt und that it us
only Intended for u blutf
CharIty I iomI Uy Slugger O Sclll tIle wild eyed fouls
J iN r l ra zW 1f
Lnthum Pig Auson Kd llllamion rltz I I Pfelfer Silver
I HliiUiiiil all h lie notable In Iho two great rhsmplnn
trams the M Louis Browns and Chicago ulll be ill CIII
cliiuatl tomorrow
piTKOir April 11 Ueorge Weldman the pitcher has
JitHt IKIIII ilgntd by the Detroit club fur Ih CMIIOII uf
lt7 Tile nitilt r his been iiniltr conelderMilon for lie
piwt week or two but It was brought to a focus by tlie
appeainiii 111 Detroit of II U Ihllllps nt Itittliuruh
uhulritd n ftiiliuo Wcldmun tu tlgn representing to
him that Illtub irvli h id hoiiuht Ills release from the
League About thaI time 1re Ment Hisurnn reiilrd this
muter by presenting u Detroit I contract which Well
Igll 1 IOIm li
man gladly Flinted t HU ttriua for the icasou are kept i
secret He will start for the xoiuu to morrow
ItiiclUB ut New Orleunt
NEW OBLKANS April 11The weather today
was clear and the track was fast
First Race Six furlongs Editor won by half a length
with Allegheny fecund two length ahead of Linda
Paine third beating 1hll Lee line 1IM I
Kecond Raie lino mile to curry 1II7 poUnds below the
scale l Favor caino In an ejiiy winner by three lengths
with lUrthdiiyrxoud undtiuc Bate third Time I HOt
Third Race tor twaiearolds half a mile Undue
won by a nose with Mtrcl J second it head before Lilly
Vlrirll third bmtlngJack CuikH Dully U buckeye lip
Urn and Uontgomrry Iliuf iMt
fourth RareOne mile mid nn eighth selllnir Asce
ola after a driving lliil h won by a neck with John
Henry second two length ahead of Irohus thlril but
lug Uathtart and Mini Daly Time 2 minutes
lluctnr In Enzlitnd
LONDON April l1fho Newcastle and Gos
foth Park meeting began to day Tho race for the los
forth Park Jutrnlle PJnte of W Y J sovereign fur to
y ai olds was won by Mr 1 Perkins bay hIlly Bfllo
Vahone Mr Halls hay colt Friday came m strand
and M r J Iloye s bay or brian hIlly Lady Cashier third
Belle ilahoiieuon by three length l Lady Cashier I was
a haul third Then were six starters
N > orllnt Sotce
Mike l Daly of Buiigur Me otters to box Jack MoAn
hiSs sic riiundtlu I public the winner lu tnko the entire
gate receipts
Jack Dempsey sparred four rounds with Billy Baker
ItIJ Vuiralo IProX7 night amid Baker ttood Y out with
out difficulty He weighed hail pounds
Wallace KofS and Ueorge W Lee the oarsmen have
settled permanently In Harlem and will open The
bliipai U37a Third avenue this evening
nOJfNXOrrN aossti
Although the stained sign of Day A lleaton
remalnt on the front of the old building the firm occu
pied for sixteen yean the firm headquarters are now
In the Schermtrhom building amid rosewood fixing
and plate gttts Mr Day In speaking yesterday of the
stock market I Mhtt believe that there ls a bull year
before vs If there are any wrinkles ahead 1 dont tee
them This firm has dane a better general business In
the last two weeks than for some time Outsiders are
taking all classes of securities One of the rery best fea
tures to my mind Is I that there hat sprung tip a demand
for acrurltle from people who Immediately take them
out of the street and lock them up
Henry Claws U known In and out of Wall street for hit
epigrammatic sayings In speaking yesterday of the
situation In the street he said l Some people buy on Im
pnlte and sell nn reflection They should buy on reflec
tion and tell on Impulse In speaking of this class of
tpecnlatorshesaldi They should try to use a rake In
Wall street not a shoveL
With Nat Jones and Norman B Ream sate nt home
Mr 1hlllp D Armour has concluded to come to New
York He will be here to night and will be lu the street
tomorrow Wall street men said yesterday that while
they were disposed to pooh pooh Jones and Ream they
bad a wholesome respect for Armour They said that he
was a fighter from a long distance hack and didnt con
sider It necessary to herald hit coming with the brass
bands to fashionable with Jones and Ream
Tlie fact that Mr John Newman ot the Produce Ex
change ha been nominated as the cltlzftis candidate
for Mayor of Bergen Point hat led tome ot his colleagues
on the Exchange to about lustily for him They will sup
plement their noisy congratulation by going to Bergen
Point In a body and not exactly toting for him but work
Ing to have him elected
Dr Duncan R NorvelL Secretary of the Gratuity Fund
ot the Produce Exchange made his annual report yes
terday Itlian Intcrettlngdocunentto thollxlni It
sajrsthattL01424 were paid In gratuities last car and
that there has been an increase In the surplus ofil t
O34 during the year The total surplus U now 111072
Collector Mavens Is I rapidly becoming celebrated for
hit flying trips to Washington and the quickness with
which he despatches his business the capItal Ho
left at 4 oclock yesterday afternoon for Washington
and will bo at his detk In the Custom house at 10 oclock
this morning He got to Washington at 10 last night
and will leave Washington at 4 this morning tt Is
stated at the Custom House by a sound authority thnt
seventy places now in the civil service class art to bj
made non competitive and that six more Important
pieces are to be put directly under the control of the
If the Chicago clique ore Interested In sustaining and
advancing the May option they had a tough time of It
yesterday They were confronted with an unexpected
Increase of 328000 bushels in the visible supply which
w Ith good rains In the Welt and the selling for long ac
count here precipitated a decline from lId toOl cents
It can bo mentioned however that the Chicago cliques
stood up to the racket and took all the May offered
Cotton brightened up 10 points tn order to encourage
the Englishmen en their resumption of business today
as Capt King put It
Petroleum slipped down and didnt apparently know
what to do in the face ot the pervading dulness
An Iowa HaIlred Law Declared Told
VASIHXOTOX April 11The Supreme Court
of the United States today decided that the law of the
State ot Iowa compelling foreign railway corporations
to take out a permit for the Iranaction of business with
In the State and making It a condition of the grantlngot
such a permit that the railroad company If sued bv a
citizen of the Mate shall not remove the casa to a Kf <
era court la void In that tt makes the right to a permu
dependent upon the surrender by the foreign corpora
tion of a privilege secured tn It by the Cnuttltntlon and
1w l of the United Stales The corporation concerned In
this easels the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Cum
Xw Trk tveik Zxebaag4a1e April 11
VNITBD ITATII axe sTats peoria tg VlOOOlX
SOUS4srl28 M 2NCSsCltR
20Xa Us defT Mile
a13Wal24 S3 NC BpclT I14H3l4
BLoucon4i9h5 i
812 Atl PaelnSSK 11 Mob A O lit
bit AU 4 Pac 1st deb 88 iwi
lJt4s87Jcj37 SNor P lite 11134
SAraer Dock H N O A P 1stS4S4
Irui > 5s 1O3 lONYiiuLlst
IOBatt0Oi11034 r as K
U Chic lad Coal 8N YA Llst12534u12S
1st 101M 1ONJCentcn
OCll 408 W as USHSIUli
mont 108N 6 tj Centdeb B73H8
I9ChtOse B77 S N Y Cent exSsl <
SC B A U 4aD dlW IN Y Cdeb 107U
11 r II A Q7a 131 2NorthMoltll7
1 Can bo 1st 107 S Sash 4 Chat lit 1301
7Can So2dO234vthi l 22tI2 1 Y North
0 Det Bay City T B7hui37o3
A A 1st 102ft 173KY Chic A St
21 Den 4B O con U hat91W197 I
4a 7u SOU wconiautJ34
S Den 4 R ow 5NY O i WaliTlOa
lit as 77U 15 Ohio Jt Ulas
llllz a II S IslIfuS eon 8 F llfH
33 Erie 3d exlu2ii IUi 10 Ohio So Utl09U l09
3 a K Tenn it g 15OrTCliLIO3tItti3
conO9ca904 lOOrilmolst tO
33 Ft Worth HtuiitM 4BoW0ex
1 Ft WaMie IS113HV As 1029101
lUal II a lits79 10 Bock IsLea 13l J
10 U Ug i SA toShenValgn14O45
UUW Diw494 l 381 P AH lstfr117
107fireenl ln4tt34u43 1 St P MaconISO
IIttsIitJocotiellti34 SO 81 L a 8 F
10 Harlem 1st133 < am gen As lOiaionu
1 11 Val lit 5550 68UL48 F gen UJl
Oil A Tex Cent 1st 1SUP 1st L C dl2iM
main line USXallS 5S C R R tn 25
51itTexCentlst 5 St Jo 4 01
W 1 109 1stiImi4t1
1 Henderson Edge 14 81 Jo a O I Id
1st 108 in74i37334
SInil 4 BL lit last L Ark k
Ed 964 Tex litiOI1tXih4
4lronMtArkli11434 loSt L Ark
2 Iron Ml O AFI07 Tex 2d5234
4 Iron lltSt 05 SOTaz rae KO
4XanLTcni1l4 d 7Ba7Mi
28 Kan a T gl 4DTcxiac lgAOhnttl
As i024u31P4 2 Tex 4 N 6 let s 11033
IK n4YgiVH5 J34 bTolAAkNM
SLouAN Kill Illid 1st D2M
a Lou A N T1073j SO Teen Cl hr k R
lLouN NOt leiidlv 113
M dlv 10HW SUnlac lstU7sH7
I L X A A Chic 1st lie 4 In Iao lot
2LouNA Ch tPh ll7343ll734
en 95304 1 Utah Boo ex lit U2
10 MeL Ceo 4s new 3 Wat 4 r Ch
as 4g BIU d 08197H
IS Mex Cent ln2242I3 I 6OWwt8bo4s 10J >
I Mich Cenl 7srliu U West Shore 4a
a 1 Mobile 4 O 1st reg
lltw 1124
Total sales of railway bonds par value 12047000
KaitmatU 200 N Y Chic a
510 All 4 T IIMltoSf Ht L
2ufJ A T banta lOON t Chin A
FetteI44f4tt00l HI L pfil8434
4331 All 4 Pao I4VW14 8 N FLack h WH rtI
< < lllultR 4P70 iM 10052 N Y A NE633tr2
lUIHtll 1H IUpr 75 IONYANli 222
JSCan Pact1AttJ34
2J > Can PoutbiUU < aMUJ 745 5 Y Snus Fe
1511 Cent NJS0e7s34 i Wn pfdaada3s
Aim Cent so4Iiei1i S4ioonahi
1 RJCC O LersA1734 2UOmanf hil
IIWCB A Q lie Ohio 4 Miss 3 X4 U
4t5h5tLAFl93410 lIiiOot WIttt4tCi
20IJ Ch ht L A SOUOhloMonth 2143VI
P 200 Oregon i bStSi4 to
lCJC1ti liaihi A loiu Peo DaIt3oi3 <
Ball teef14034 121 P A vtw147
500 Cl A FlttH 148 4d Pullman Car
1400 Cot 4 U V i Co li3eslRthl <
Tot3J33 175291 Reading 4M t42 u
em cin il A 1172 RlehA W P4lii 41Jj
iJvhon1d55dt45 226 lOch A W P
2593 DelHi ChtOrilI4 pref
1r1ut u iIi 1 ViJTtatt3utg 4ISRorKlsl liIihug 12514
i42 Den 4 R XIVH 24si lit L 4 8 P37BJu
Mi Den 4 a Upreftf4 eiJiS Ht L 4 B K
Stool arie corn1i4h4k < pref75J74l
ssi Erie pref ldAI3g VOOBt L 4 8K
2uih Teui14b5l4 lltoref 118
ion K Tenn pf 70 1000 Bt Paul 4 Dul
IIHI K Tenn il prefItl Com 92b4U
BJIJIH Worth 4 D 20 fit P 4 Dill pf Ill I
C 4hG41 VIM P I a Mull tl IHU
IU0hiay Win o4leuTexaFacIoICItr
J Ht Plul1It4 issel i i 1 nion Pao uui
loin LVII niii UUfi Wan 4 PaiJ
NntlndatAw272rtj 1110 Wah 4 Par
435 lngHiou A pref
Ielil 4Mt < 4 > 4100 t heeling I
41V Ran A Tex B4g335 Eel
545 ktokuk A D MIH4 VhsrciLiueouu
3U7I Lake tilt fltmj 21 Miter Eulthilm
lieIlAACiiuiS34ultl6 In Adams K mt
Milanit Is tMn11gKfl Mell Fang 1 IXI2M
P Hlloii a NtviiItusui 3H1 U H Kx UJ
7u > Mex Cen 2252t liP Irouu StiiibtCo 22
1JJ5 Mann lly 2tSi Oiitai In 25
con I351l53V 1UJ5T nn Coal 4
Iici 01cm A Cli tIJWtk Iron Co4ii4734
list Mich Cent 410 rnn n loaHH 1
411 Mil U 8 A B74S Col Coal lifeuM
it MS34S734 2151 Mars IM Cl l 1414
MWMIlli 84 41st lNculcll Clluali
W prefilll34OllOh IU7U Co Hocking
13700 Mil A bt f CoBl Co 47l44t
corn0352M 2flOIhllaCo lUVStlKHi
lot kill a bt P I Dt12134 > 3m Com Hat MM
ir I > utlo iaclOiJltii fOillrImn iu 4M4J
luuMlnniinllsABt 2iS itt 4 Trans n5i4H3
1 pref4414 U4ttt Pac
nnnN A CIiathO9ta0l i 215150 Pacinc
191 Sort A W jllj 35741 teIttJnion774uj1
1310 Norf Wpf si iJW 7Merch Kxllkai
4 o Nnr Fag aivisuo Ii IPurkllk 17lt
111 Nor Iac ptcIli5ituT 25 Trvleimen Bklu5
lIlli Norwrn l Jli2ui Total sales 3U7hu
Rx dividend
CLosmo razes
KA Atlra i Aid 41
f B 445 e liIt4 liIi Missouri raeluq IU
lH4tsr HO1 1tUt MAticom oM m
u B 4s r lift i2OlMo K 4 Tex SJjJ 5C4
C H 4s c IJi Int3 Nash 4 Chat H > I 5it
U 8sic via NJRent 71ai 7n
Atlantic A faa KM 1414 hi Y C A ItudliIh 1123
Colorado Coal 4IJJ 44 N Y a N S 641
Can houtheru tlIl t 52t Nor Pac 2c g 2i14
Can Pacillc 6JUJ G2 Nor Pac vfd uotf au
C C O A hid B7 114 Northweil rjo l13a
Cen Partnc 41V 42 North em prcM4ri 14
Cal A llork Ul 47iJ 47i Out 4 Meat limit 1113
Chic a AttoulSa lluiaha coin Mtj 1
IielL 4 HI371 137U Omaha pretIU li2ii
Del 4 idton104 lori Oregon Fe T 0 53 iui4
East Tern 14 144 Or II A NavlfJ IU2l > J
E Tenn lit turd 73 7U Oregon Imp Co 42i ii
EsitT id Pfd 36 2034 Pacing Mall Wi i dt
Fri iIdI 55 Rock Islanduu vet
trlepref 73U 74 SkIm AW P 4IU 4iw
Ft w A D City 4iu 4ht Keadluo 4 l 4Q
Kiogstn A fern 44fJ 43 TeX A Pae 3iu34 31ntm
111 Central129 Ill Union Pus elU ftl < ih
LOB 4 Nash eM tlHUHau4Pac SiHl HI
Lab Shore B6t 5U Wan 4 Pan pf 34J 3V
Maui Ky Ooal85 lBBatUTet 77 iiJt
MONDAY April 11
heading cftint to the front again today and
practically made the market There appar
ently would have been a good dual moro of a
market but for the absence of the foreign upecu
Intlvo clement As It waa there was s fair day
business Outside Reading and a few other
stocks the traders had things pretty mneh their
own way and under the lend of several Inter
est that aro credited with having sold their
stocks last week they endeavored pretty vigor
ously all day to depress prices They did not
however meet with signal success and had not
the interest centred so largely In Beading It Is
doubtful It they would havo made any Impres
sion on prices whatever
Over 00000 shares of Rending reckoned as
full stock wore dealt In It supplied nearly
onehalf of the total transactions It opened
fractionally higher sold at 45V and closed 17
cent higher than on Saturday nt 41 This
movement seemed to have its Inception In
Philadelphia whore a largo business was done
in the junior bonds of tIm company at a mate
rial advance tn prices This was duo to the
belief that nil the difference between the reor
ganization party and security holders who
have opposed it will bo settled inthoimmo
dlnto future It is also reported that nil ot
Ito vexed questions relating to rentals
are likely to bo disposed of at once What with
time progress that hiss been made toward bring
Ingtho Heading anti tile Pennsylvania Railroad
Companies Into harmonious relations and also
toward reorganizing Heading that property is
nipitlly attaining nn ouviublo position certain
ly much superior to tile ono It held snv n year
ago Jersey Central movxlin sympathy yltlt
Itniidlng and utter holllngut 80S eloped li V
cent higher than on Hntiirday at 79V There
wIts M > ry llltlo doing in thin other coal lock
and with the majority ot tho list they drifted
to lower prices
The greatest activity next to Reading was In
Erlo but us was tile citto with the rest of
time Hat Ito fluctuations In It worn very nar
row Tlio oITortH to depress prices to which
reference hns Ivoen made wore most conspicu
ous in Paclllc Mnll and In Now England early
In tho day and later In 8t Paul nnd Western
Union Altogether the market n as hammered
moro lgorouHly today than it haft bonn for n
long time as those who worn bent on securing
lower range of Millies roallrcd the fact thnt
tho absence of llm Jjondun market gave thorn
un opportunity which they ought to Improve
Of the specialties St Louis und Hun Fran
cisco preferred livid the llrst place today nnd
scored n not gain of 1h V cant Sumo of tho
stockholders of tills company deprecate tile
polliyof the management In not paying divi
dends upon this stuck UK thoy huo been earn
ed nnd nn effort it going to bo matte nt the
approaching minimi meeting ot the stockhold
ers to Iiidue tilt management to change Its
policy in this respect In othor respects tho
stockholders urn In nctord with the prosnnt
mminccmont V heclingnnd Iako Kilo was
conipiciious today and closed at a nut ud
vnnco of iii V rent nt CSV Hocking Coal and
Kingston und Pembroke also made uomo prou
rose toward higher lljjures
Of news thoro was lIttle outside of the re
ports rolatho tn Heading llnllroad earnings
for the llrst wonk In April that come to hand
show no diminution in tile grow receipts
Thoso of St Paul Chlciign loot Atlantic and
Last Teiinchoe published today woro very
gratifying There is n good deal of talk how
ever In the street that before u great whtlo thin
oppratluiiH or Limo IntcrStiito law will curtail
railroad earnings and Intotfere borlouslv with
enterprise closely ullltd to thin railroads In
vluwof the libenil rulltigH of the IntorBtato
Commission t > o fur It is diilleult to see why
tins is to bo lie result except in cases
where lndu trlcs hmo been io tored by
pnrticiilnr dKcrlmlnution In their favor
Thu selection of Pacillc lullrondCommlssiouors
was well lecohed by thin street though it had
110 nltrtiLulnr ffitt upon prlws Toward tho
close tim murket begun to moo moro uniform
ly and It left off fully strong
In the Unllstfd Uopurtmunt American Cot
tonseed Oil Trtibts were more active at 05U to
64S cloning percent higher ut 54i Lake
Krlo and Western preferred sold at 014 to bU
Dos Jfolnes und Fort Dodge at 2Ut to 19J and
Toledo St LouIs and Kansas City firsts at 97
to OP
The noteworthy changes in prices are shown
by the following comparison of until solos
4prli April II dirtin jjrlll
Canadian Pao IUU ti14 Norwett comiai 13014
Can Southern 62 4 tlt4 Not Pacpref HIM Outu
Ceo Pacific 4lfJ 4li N r Control111 II2
c c c 4 Ind 6714 i N Y 4 > E KIK 53
Com Oat t34L 5434 NJ Central l4e 71uSd
Del L 4 WestI 157 Pacific Mali 57 34i
Del 4 Hudson1UVZ l04l Rich 4 W P 411 41
KTenn Jdpfd 2U 2514 Reading 43t 45
Hocking Coil 4fi 473 ht Paul com llt OIl
Klmftnirom 45 tsU Rt Paul A Msn117 flL4
Kan A Texas 34 saaj Tex ioTK 31 204
Lon A Nash 6514 04i lnlonPaclllc 6li 11134
LakeShore iO H O 3k Wab Jc Pac com 21401 21
ktanhutCOUIKJ 155 Western It Tel 77j 77
Government bonds In fair demand and
strong und all of thu lending Issues closed
4 cent higher bid There wus a moderate
business In Southern tjtuto bouds Hallway
bonds fairly active and strong Tho more im
portant dealings and not Rains wore in Atlantic
and Pocillo 1st Ut i V cent to H7 Now York
Cityand luortiiorn generals trust receipts33a
to 79M New York Chlcio St Louis ists
to 97Y anti Shenandoah Valley generals 2J
V cent to 4tD
Money on call 46 < 9 cent
StonIng exchange iu somewhat better de
mnnd und llrmor 8omo drawers advanced
their posted nuking rates H cent pound to
18Gi for Ipnt blllfv and 488 for domitnd
Tim inqtiirf was chiefly from mercantile mar
tens and there wore cry few commercial or
bunkers bills offered at the momont
The Treasury balances are only a little de
lpnItiO April 11
Ooli 1778lll271 1777S21V
Legal tenders HJ87Dihl 7Wfi71
Totals 3197tMit471 l t I1X1MO 129
Sliver balance t7ao24i against 73114331 Saturday
Some of the recent activity in tho stocks of
the ht Louis and Hun Fninelsco Railroad Com
fnnylrt ascribed to buying by Mr Jay Qould
it is supposed that hu defalros to control the
Hoard of Olrectord to bo elected at the np
proachlnc annual meetlnii to as to prevent
notion detrimental to thin Missouri Iucillo
Today being a holiday in Europe there are
no cable quotations
of the trunk line railroads today the Balti
more and Ohio Company ngreed to act In unison
with thuothnr trunk lines in the matter of ro
fusing to boll tho tickets uf companies that do
nut nirou to abolish the payment of commis
sions This Is regarded IIH tile most Inuiortiuit
action Ito lialtlmoro anti Ohio Compitny hits
taken In its relations to tho other trunk lines
fur a lone time The number roods that
hiivn not acrrtMl tn abolish the paymunt uf com
missions Is daily decreasing
The holders of the recently issued subscrip
ion certlllcatcs for the preferred and common
Blocks of the Luke ErIe anil Wostorn linilroad
Company ciii aiitlcipntn ut once tint piiymiiut
of the mmalnlni CO V cent duo upon them
HubhcrlptlutiK May 5 us tIle Ontinl Trust
Company id now ready to issue tlio new stock
New Turk Markets
MOSPAT April 11 Fixnm AND Meat Trad n
was very dull and prices ue > redniuilng amiti l unnetiled
Hour tl tinl No t ipj maf3 superfine SJ7i > JJ2J
ihlpplng extra d1IOr35U XXand XX J tuiuttl to
patents tc1Iub4H ui leed It > It HJdKV i tnt its
tunuuFutures opemieti hiighr on tIme lIght crop umioce
melmt ItcH liecauie illuicher but agaili iniprtveut In hue
last Iuur sUit lilmita at a cormier Dli liii mouths cciii
tract cloning nrm at inure for April inane for Slay
1111Cc for June htm74ctorJuuiy l 10 tkc for August IIHV
for September IIMMC for October mac for Noverotier
it > Co for Uvcember and iit7c for Jnuuar t sales
1 I4HH I > bales Hpott mor uctltw nut cry nrmi mid
dung uplands tlhc Uulfs IU KJKo Receipts > at Hie
ports iiui Imles The cloning price fur August but
iirduy wa 10 ill c
Muis heat futures were still Irrcpilar ntul very
nn e > t led uniler loiitthMliu inthmiie clonlu enAirr
sale 4ttumoI bud utmiulcc for May Uluili > ti for
Julie Ill 3tIl3d ttr 1ul tCultLl5te for August wli
tilj < c for Kvptemiiur iu16JiiitC for IKctmiifr nna
lri3fd for Slimy ln 4 Spot Mrthat Wii4 iry acthe for
exiioit I vhlpptiit I lAkmg hiIIIeAi bitch but Ihu pressure to
ecu taiiMd easier prices pati lilt lcdcih No 2 red winter
at IiIhttEillu delt tr < und HI 11 I lilk free on board
luigrwleil rwallUc nlloHt ujISo I hard > > rii > K utI4e l
deiit rcd Indian cent lutures ereMirlublf the re
moter options stronger tules J7H Itinh No
2 mixed nt 4lit1 n 3c for Mat 4 Wa fur June
4iti4Gioc fur lull niJ n3d3lc for August
htiotiorn was tulip dull uini prices fatnrtu biers simles
liKlulcl No J mixed itt s4U4e < in ok ior and
rttaiiH r do 4nla in elevator aid imgnilul mixed
ilr > I tj c ilellttiej dials were dull itrutmqcluiir and 1111
villled salts 22iCh I bush Including options No 2 at
U4K IIKc for April UOIXHn for Mn > il4ti3c <
forJunu and on the ipot mixed ta 1 4 Jc and white
at 7tt4Uc us In I quallt > Harlry null oui at ltc for
ciuiico I rowed ttiue Alter Change Whrat dull Nut
2 red winter for May Hfr luuc tiljic AngiiKt
imUc t Htpttmbcr lilt Petcmber i4J i Corn quiet
No 1 mixed for Slay 4inri June 4Uos July Nw An
int 3l3i tills dull No J mixed for April JlHv May
UI9C i June lit
rauvisiotB lard futures ncr active and buoyant
fiuiug to rlxCiiUlUo iniiitlptilnllon sales 7 7MI I tcs at
7iHw77lc for Uy 770iV 7Po for June 777f mSiC
for July 7nif 7irjc for Auirnt and 7n uoHiue for Lit
tober After Change the close was at 77o for May
77icforJune7 < v forJuly ivc lorAucust awl 14 iuli
for IutttOsr Spot lard wa tinner but quiet sales
4111 tc at 710 tw cur prhuiue city 7II3C41lttc for
pritne to chimlce hVtsherui arid 7ilc for reliuied for this
tiiiiiltttitt lark rttlier llrnuuur but quiet it Ihi2r4
1125 for old and 115W nitu Put musts morr llrmly
held but Uoiiuul tlmi pickled bellies 7ff 7mi
In eased hogs vailer at 7fiTlc Tallow dull at 3 IJ Inc
Butter dull creamery Ju auc new Slate dairy 154
lie Chueae tinny nominal ISftlV for Mate factory
tulh cream Fred eggs lower al Ut4ltfl
llnfirtitus Iofltf on Ihe duet wa fInch hut quIet
sales iiaim l hags lllu No n at 1 4 Ijo unit IIMJ bags hsnlo
Nn 11 at lltc i ala H4lbiKn Maracaluo p t Kin
options active HIV M IMMmyii closing with sellers ut
iil4ilr for the curly months and 1 1 jxill aoc for
the late niontlm Itawsugarbinorr active fair rerining
Iubi 4 Is lIlt and standard centrifugal 5ti tales of
tee carguits centrifugal at 2345J liliir for t5J5 ten v
and f Miilawvs quiet at lie for 360 tent
Nir4L CTmutiltoCplnils ttirpenllne firmer hut unset
tled boulheru irrels scarce at uuct i > O bIds Nrw orL
si > IJ at rHc but fuller supplies are near at hand
rKTUDLtiM arlablu cloain without Important
change opening at mote rlllni al tiiWnc suit
cl > i > lngat lUHoltci salea tiiuuti bids The higher
opening due to reduced slocks nn hand
0cuT ru > iciiT liraln shIpment more active at
Uilil to Iieeruoul Itt tAt huh 2 < d to Zuencaslie said
ljd l to Antwerp
Live Btock Market
KKW YORK Monday April 11 Iteoelpts uf
beevi 17l car loads or 2Httti bead 7Ucar Ioa4ls to lie
sold 71 car loads fur home trade slaughterers direct and
Si car loads for an exporter Prices were adtanced
shout ll > centi V luu is and the market closed arm
but the trading was not brink Common to prime sttert
euldatI5Ou5b0i iuu stxtraao SI3W4A75
bill and coin at n 40a4 4O No shipment of hiv
stock or fresh meat today The weeks exports included
12 besT S7ahsep and 3671 qnartera beef
Receipts of Teala 2nu3 head Reported steady tt
Tlecefrts of sheep and lambs Its car loads or 18600
bead Prices were much the Mme as previously raport
ed but trade dragged and latest sales ot sheep were at a
reduction of about tic 1 B fnrtorn theep ranged
from fc to PiuS ft ido re clipped do from 4 3O to H
nshomZeathingu ruin pi to 51 and spring lambs from
liwi pB VrtiHra l5 car loads or 11StPl bead Men
told alive otnlnally steady at I37tUUIJ B luu Bt
Court Cavlemtl r Tall Dur
Btmunt COOBT Cnuintus Nos 182102
I1IS 1M 171 IUI 333 Beth 3B7 1WB 871X871 37 377
xSI tn 3931H 296 898 207 ontui TiasRecess
contlnnedTiBrfciii T inaiiart I Case en BlISS sit
Robinson Part liclear Uennrrerhoa 242 205
son 2liH Law and feetNo 1J48 1140 IMS Im
BBS 12O9 1271 1877 I87B ISS WO 1SS2
641 548 1188 1010 411 1232 1270 CiyfoiT Part I
rase on Tralii sit Kendall Part lIIae nnnnlhed
Nos SJVl B571 riH 7 laui 801 WJ1 Sag ISPJS J44
ed BflO RKO 3154 4SBS
a4u9 S X 4MI siz IU72 t41 XJO
Basil awi 3ni4 SMO ld5 IIWH Part HI Clear
Not 8334 IVnSSSI ill 3W 404 SI01 944Ji
4 < IIH 1541 tIlls 504 2IMS 4IOI UlSl aHuA IWj
SoIl WMI 8043 504 300 Sl OO4S ItMH WBil PartlV
Cane om harper age Lltttnin
siaito < iTiCoir < TMlor iamnrs Ryan ii A M et
talent Lawrence Hood liI4 AM
ttpsuioaCOrny4lriaauTiat0830 4D 4142
44 4V 40 3 17 30 20 31 lii 47 PrerielleRSNI
calendar Part 1Case unfinished J > os 7HU7o ISI3
14ZU 1753 lOll 1571
CoNHori FLSAaBrcuL TrceNo calendar KoriTv
TaesNna 23 St Part I Cn tmflnlilifit > s iivi
2V2 22S723702341 1217 2X11 3MIVi23M4 2307
3572 1570 IU4U 2 > < H ZABll 2ll 2U45 TJOI Jurt 11
Cape on rill of Henry C Hull
CITY lioom Part r Ncis 11711 S77 ml Ml HJ4 HI2
043 IOI Alit 601 IllS KHU 755 KIT Uini IdS Part
IINo 1143 H44 Il 14 7JS hurl IIS7 11511 Illl
lira 1163 1173 II7H 704 R7 2510 nil 1H14 II7J
710 023 Part 111Emma 11542 UKI 1 242 linn lImed
OM2MH ItTTr HUH 2710 I31 1WI ills lllll lIlt
Sunrises 0 24 i Sun set u 3 w I Mbun rlnei11 4S
men itAtrttIlIi lIar
Sandy hlookll OS I Oov Island11 27 I Hell late I HI
ArrlTHlMoxiur April II
Bt Arizona Brooks Liverpool April I and Qneemtowii
Hi Rider Hordrova Bremen April 2 and Honthamp
t o
SuJeionla Young Glasgow March al and Moville
April 1
M Dodona Major Boston
Hi llungarla Llethaeuitr tttmbarg
Fn Olympla Swain Olliraltar
lIlt fuhati llogemann Karacoa
ls Eat Vawcett Young Klo Janeiro
Ht Henhope Doyle farilcnas
8s Hchledain Iotler Amsterdam
Hi Senators Curtli havana
M City of Angunta Catharine Savannah
Hs City of Atlanta Lockwnod fliarleslon
hs Eleanor Bragg Portland
hit Montauk JenkliiK Uundic
KH frown of Arragon KorKitton Olhrnltar
Bhtp Cloy Tllley Ulckion Ant sep
Hhlp Sar U ilttsainccchl LUerpuol
Hark Tcroilna Cacace Mtsflna
Hark lima Jucobnon Aracnju
Hark riialinettf Uhadbounio Calcutta
Bark Charlie LOCUMC NaUil
llarkbolnt Johnien iiiiitntanamn
Hark iliad Tilling McLean hnutun
Hark Ami lln Johnson Mauritius
Hark Anna Xarla d Ahuudo Ambrosia Bt lleleua
llurk rtilp v Ainore Lumberto Ocnoa
hark Harla Stella Malato Messina
his Frln from New York for London nit the Lizard
bt Elbe front Now York for linemen ol the Llrard
SAIUD ruins rOUklOf Will
Ss Folds from Bremen for New York
BIRKKBOn Friday April James BarnesIn the
411th year of iii age
Funeral cervlct s today at hU late residence 340 W est
S8th st at 11 A M
BURihlILLOn Saturday at her late residence 304
East illst It Leah Hiirchll
Funeral from the Church of the Reconciliation Slat
tt near 2d av todav at 11 oclock
CUPPIAOn Himdas April la at his late residence
311 Went 4Uth at Henry A Cuppla
CAKTIKN on April I Jlary Cartlen the beloved
daughter of Patrick and lary artlen
Funeral from 314 V cot tilth sttoday at 1 SOP M
RelatIves and friends am respectfully Invited to attend
1K EuiiSAAt the reildmce ot her brother In law
Th E Rldgwav M I lieu Bank NJ on April Lou
l aL Wit of Jose do Fglna and daughter of this late
Cnpt Domlnlck Lynch United States Navy
UKAKK InMce Ironic on Felt 17 Umrles Drake
ton of fcllat I I Drake br of Hoardale N V
Funeral services will bo held at M Paul Church Ha1
Chester N V on Wednesday April IJ at II oclock A
M New Haven Rallroa t fain leaves Grand Central De
pot at 1015 oclock A H for Mount Vernon here car
nagei will be In ailing Returning train leaves Mount
Vermin at lUiS oclock P I M
thAltDNEltln Hrltnl It I on April 7 at her resi
dence oa Ferry Hill Clarissa II iduw of John It Card
liar Savannah papers please copy
OOSMAN On Saturday April Catherine H Unmet
wife of Richard U Goman and daughter ot the late
Aaron L Burnct of Newark NJ aged ill years
Funeral cervices at her late residence Long Island
City t day at 11 oclock A M
II1PKINS On Sunday April 10 nt 10 30 A M Matil
da A Illpklns in tIle il7th 3 ear nf her ace
Funeral services at the resident itt her son In law
Thomas A Young ala Jd av this afternoon at 43O
clock flurlat In Norfolk Va
Norfolk paper please copy
khlLYOn Kunday April 10 Katie II a beloved
dauchiter of John und the title Kato Kelly
Relatives and friends arc invited tn attend the funeral
from her late residence til haul nnh st thin morning
at l 3o oclock thence tho Church of the Immaculate
Conception East 14th st where a mlcinn requiem mass
will be sung for the repose ot her tout thence to Calvary
Cemelerv kindly omit llowera
KKNSIDY un April in Mary Kennedy
Will be burled today fromher fate residence 1747th av
LEWIS On April 10 of consumption al her late resi
dence M West tad su Catherine Lcvvli
LEbUN At her residence Long llranch N J on
Sunday April 10 Rsfhel Lctson widow ot Thomas V
Lctson formerly of this city aged UT years
M AYOu Saturday April fl nUll P Jl Joseph May
aged HI years formerly ul Washington D C
funeral from 51 East Dth st today at 10 oclock A M
MILLS Suddenly on April in Mrs Margaret A Mlbs
widow of Judge John W Mill of W bIte Plains
REIDY8uddenly on April li James Keldyof Boon
church county Tlpperarj Ireland tn the Odd year of
uneral from hla late residence 2O East Broadway to
dav at l P I M
II AY MOM Kudilenly at Evansvllle lad on the
rooming of April 10 John T Raymond comedian In
the 51st year of his ate
Funeral services will he held at the Church of the
Tranatlgnratlon the Rev Hr lluughton ou cduenduy
morning the 13th ins atlu MO
HAYKhX At Philadelphia on April 0 Wm Sayrc
aged 25 years
lliterinonl at nretnvt noil
hKMKL Al ialnesville Flu on April B Lee Semel
son of Babcita and the tale Jonepli S < iui1
Funeral will Hike IllicIt from his late rcaidrncu im
West 65th it thin moraine ni lu oclock Itclativn
friends atil rneinbfntof Standard Lodge Nil M > I O K
H or I and JUuunt SinaI Ijulfc No 7ii I I il li llara
rtspectfully Invited to attend the funurul Kindly omit
t rhlts hmtdenly at hit re > i lence 173 Pant llth u
op Hatarday April li Alvtandirnprer iu d4i > cars
Ills frliiiiUiuid relatives nud tliobu of lili brothers In
law Itnbert trgu < on leorge Winter and eorge Wll
still u othe inemtirs of tin Ilichmnnd alley rlnhing
Club art respectfully Invltvilto Aiteml the fmeraluu
next TueHdiiv all 311 acliKK frmn Ills late residence In
terment in freentvood Cemelerv
TltolAI At hit rtMiluu 1UJ 7th av alter an Illness
Of Sintmth Mlchial DiM
VAN fANUTln Hrnuklyn on Krlilnj April Conic
Hun voungeft son of it I Its Into liiirrt1 I uti Zl nilt
RemllviKind frlfiid mire retpcful invited attend
the funeral Iran Ills la rmidente Uouluvnrd Hut
bush today at 1243 p I M
XVIUIIIN On Kunila April Ill I at 120 Rest 73rt it
rrard hunmer coiid sou of lr Frederick helms and
lible Merrlam nigifin ajeilllyeuri
Funeral private

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