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1t 2 i twtf I i r s i I I fl
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80r tmi airm ma REASONS FOR
Nor stnxixo IT
Meniur ls eane It Discriminates
t ta
He Object > d 1ur
criminates VntutHr At lmt KBIT York
und Brooklyn flftd Impose an Unequal
Burden on Then CHIeand Ktcnniottom
Bur Fealnre nre Unconstitutional
ALl April 12Tho expected veto of
the Crosby High Lleonso bill was sont to the
Assembly tho first thing thin evening To
morrow would have boon tho last day and i
cot vetoed ton would havo bocorao a law
Tbo delay In vctolne It caused somo to sur
mlM that tho bill would bo allowed to booomo
n law Col I KIoo brought In tho message and
It was read by tho Clerk
Tim Assemblymen listened to the reading of
tho bill nnd n Bon ns the Clerk got to tho
tlgnnturo Mr Crosby jumped up nnd moved to
lay the veto on the table Mr Hhoohan de
manded that tho wholo of tho veto Including
thn appendix should bo road
The Hpenkcr would not listen to him and r
fused to allow tho appendix which included
the AttorneyGenerals opinion to bo rend
Ho put Mr Crosbys motion nnd I was carried
Tho veto was laid on tho table and tho Crosby
bill was formally doolareddead
I was recalled in the Assembly by Mr Ar
nold and other how they had urged Mr
Crosby not to allow the Insertion of tho Platt I
amendment on tho unconstitutionally of I
which the Governor laid special stress Mr
Arnold then prophesied that I Mr Crosby ad
mitted the amendment he would k his bill
The prophecy Is now fulfilled
Int message to the Assembly Oov Hill
cars that there a two fatal objections to this
bill which render Its approval impossible Its
provisions 1 far a they change existing ex
cise laws are only made applicable to Now
York and Brooklyn All tho other cities of tho
State are exempted from theso provisions and
the bill is thus rendered most objectionable
This the Governor bays was not done mad
vnrtontly but deliberately und intentionally
Fuithonuoro by fixing the minimum fee at
11000 In these two cities and leaving the
maximum t the discretion or whim of the Lx
clso Commissioners tho bill becomes unfair
and oppressive The recond objection to the
clearly measure uncoiiHiitutional is that a portion of its provisions are
I tho provisions of the bill wore regarded as
beneficial and not Injurious and were really
intended or extracted to promote the cause of
temperance says the Governor It Id difficult to
discover a valid reason for the anxiety to main
tain this discrimination against the protests of
ninetenths of the representatives of Now York
and Brooklyn GOT Hill further says
Bamusl J Tilden was lectd Governor ot this Rule in
1874 by more thin otxuu majority upon a platform
which xpraaly declared maJorU7Ifn uniform and
qultable excite lawn For many years this has been
the controlling and MCtled policy ot the Utate Licenses
have heretofore been regulated by a general law sub
unttally alike In I aU eutntUl partlculm a11
application o t every part of the State lut by the term
of iho propoied law rertaln acts which are perfectly
lawful the Interior are made crimes In the cities of
lotorlorl ae
Hew York anil Brooklyn For all other cities the maxl
mum ai well as the minimum llcf I nse fee Is prescribed by
stAtute bUt by the peculiar provisions of this I act only
the minimum fee U fixed for hew York and Brooklyn
It thus appears that the keeper < f a restaurant In clues
other than New keprt Brooklyn may ct pr
cur an ale und beer license and may at
the same a mI lawfully I keep on band In I
tohiestinit ignore while lu tbese two clUes the same
Set constitutes a crime and forfeits his license and
while In other cities be must pay Lot his liquor licence a
un not less than JJ nor more than 251 In these
cities he must not pay less than tluuiand as much
more u on Hoard of Exclie In Its discretion whim or
caprice may see fit t charge and this Irrespective of
the amount or extent of tbe buslues carried on by him
nee distinctions do not seem to be based upon any in
telligent Indefensible Just or equitable consideration and are utterly
The Governor argues that the Excise law
should be substantially uniform throughout
b uniorm thrulhout
the titate sUbstantalf Imposes an unequal
burden on tho citizens of the State which
though in name a license is In fact a tax I is
Intrinsically unjust for no good reason can be
shown why 1 heavier exaction should be im
posed upon the saloon keeper in New York
than upon tho salon keeper in Buffalo for ex
ample A license foo applicable to the wholo
Htate and based upon the amount of business
done and graded proportionately would not
be open t the criticisms suggested
The Governor concludes this statement of
his first objection to the measure In this wise
Those who voted for the psjsige of this Mil In the
Legislature must bare acted In Ignorance of Otl lI act
or else In the commendable desire on their part t rc
llevo tew ort and Brooklyn from the evils arising
from the great number 01 licensed places therein must
nave overlooked the greater danger at their own hOI
and will I appreciate the opportunity now afforded for
further and more careful 1 consideration of the subject
On tho second ground of unconstitutionality
Gov Hill objects to this clause which wits
Ahsembly added to the bill on the third reading In the
If any person having a license of the second or fourth
class shall keep on hand on the premises licensed fo any
Intoxicating liquors other than those permitted In hr 1
len be shall be guilty of a mUdemeanor und bin
license shall be forfeited uD
Tho clause provides no method of forfeiting
tho license a determining tho guilt of tho of
fender but assumes to act f Judge jury and
executioner by declaring him guilty and for
I felting his license without furtheriirocceillngs
Liquors being recognized by tho Constitution
as property their sale can bo regulated but
not prohibited and they cannot bo con
llfecated let this clause makes the mero
keeping on hand of liquors a crime
and this is 0 destruction of property
Guy Hill says that ho is advined by Attorney
f Genoral OJIrien that this portion of the bill Is
unconstitutional and exJudge George F Com
StOCk of the Court of Appeals concurs in that
opinion Their opinions are annexed to the
message I need hardly add the Governor
continues that I cannot be expected to ap
prove time Constitution a measure that In any particular violates
Upon tho propriety of high license the
Governor says ho expresses no opinion Tho
question temperance Is not a party question
yet It Is impOHslhlo the Governor states t
ignore the political aspect of the measure
specially where It Is well known that Its support was
made the subject of consideration at a party caucus of
a majority I of the legislature and where U ha been In I
geniously devised nnd peculiarly framed 1 as t operate
solely upon the two great Uemocratlu constituencies of
the Mate while Republican cities and constituencies are
exempted from Its burden
fibs Hill qUotes approvingly from the mes
sage of Gov Honitlo Seymour to the Senate in
II > in vetoing certain tomiiornnco legislation
The mesbiigo comlutitth In these words
Measures designed to check Intemperance to restrain
Its uvtls to abutu lu I injurious ellecu und to correct the
Ktau is rcsuirin fnmi II are nssurtdly legitimate tub
Jn I a for ernritlcrauun by the highest uulborltles legls
Jiule und cXeimIh out the hiat In the enactment lt
lawslust and mial I In their I application to all mIte dli
Sf or thu > 5Itetu promote siieh ends the Legislature
mil leer wl In liato my eariicn and sincere co
oporaiion liutleUUiilm i Which while ainiiiilnglu be
prompted by it desire 1 to promote the public welfare die
covem Ilea n In reality dumeIt tl servo 1 plrlnl
imrpfscimrrow ch15 rim I mnericatmcannot be ei
r 1 g i Ih o
i ptcied lo receive Hxecuilte unstlon falcnnol
Oov Hill sent in his voto today of the bill to
prohibit tilt itle of t anything with alcohol It
I I nubile building or on any grounds owned
bytlmo Htlto lbls Is i Mr IlutlS bill which ho
1 1
I offered hlht our and which was then vetoed
because It prohluitod tho Oinernor from hut
ing a wine collar In the Kxooutlo Mansion In
hU flto tho Governor says that the proper way
to procred to drive tho cubbyhole out of tho
Capitol Is to prosecute the proprietor of the
stnunint for selling liquor without u license
The proprietor denies that any lliiuor is sold
and It is the duty of n court and not of tin
Legislature to decide whether tho roaliiuriuil
keeper breaks the law
Mr 1latt Mr Erwin and the Sixtaker at
tacked tho veto
Thu voto was sustained tho requisite two
thlnU not voting with thu Itopubllcans to ocr
tu1II Exterior Street bill passed the ticnnto
with tho proit that thu property owners to
b benefited should bear half f tho cxpnntio At
first HH Siiintnr Cullon olfcrod It tho whole
cost was huddled on tho city Tim street IH to
be built Hlllld foot of iho East Bivor bluffs
from hlxtyfourth to Elglitybivth street timid
Mill add to the doik facilities up by Bluckwnlls
InliiHl rime Madison iSqunro Garden incorporation
poration net passed tho Astonibly
Jlnvor iltmlttb letter endorsing tho Munich
pill Building Mil I was rivehid liy Chairman I
lulllm wUJ ly
JleCurtliy of tlio Cities Committee Tho Moth
oaii Conforcnco I h < tvo bout I letter to I Iho <
noniite protesting against tho I Sunday wino amid
lifrti Mil uppriAod by i DID Mayor and time bill to
KK part of the imblio school fund to tho
lit tiulIc Pm otociory
henntors 1lorco Sloan nnd Iltttt wore 11
pointed u coinniltUM of tho Konato to arraiige
with the Assembly coimnltteo to llx n day for
flmd adjournment cOlmlo Jx
fit lira woman lu be n notary public of
pointed Kings today ciitinty 1 > Ylclo M Giay was np
Mr lrwlns lull I < nntmt tho exemption b of
PID z und marine lux nuui u compiiniis from
Iuul taxation iifMii i < i < mhly I
Urn 1 Mils tu I eAtiiiu i e jorlyii > u < ntli Itegl
mt IfIUTIIIIII unit tint Brooklyn log
ti x to t thu jjoliro iiiihiini fund put hull tlio I Helm
rite The Ilunkitt bill lo Incroubu the Illf of
L iieta of lie battalions WHH progressed The
Ctllk18fa tlll t Fl < u Jlltl1 nnd the umouded Blo
zteiiof un d blllH worn iinsscd
A4rk0 Cvy bill waa Interred thl eVD
L <
ftg crpnnck the bill to i RnproPTnto fur her dams for
trlnnck Colylns Adirondack survey was
considered andprogreseuj Mr IVORS WI
build 1 viaduct over tbD Harlem lvor at Mc
Combs Vam Bridge wsa ordered to s third
t dlnl Mrlfnblo had a IIIPlclou railroad
blprll sod that ahIos railroads to change
Intl Rbandon their routes Now York Brook
lyn Kro and several other counties were ox
cuuntos wor
ceNed and thn bill was progrosso
Tho I3torm King TIS PlgslO
Itor < Drldlo came up o
its mttmnual visit this evening This bill would
allow two large pion to be put In the Hudson
at cnn of Its nuqrowest and swiftest phacet
nltwelt swlet plle
Mr Cantur Mr Sheehan and other members
01lpol8d the uiu A amendment to take out
tho Ptont all mil tho bridge cantilever ono
wits defeated The bill WM ordered to a third
irmHn oror ti
Sir tfrosbyft AntiBtalo Moor Dlvo bills wore
ordered to a third reading bis wor
Mr McKenna8 Hatitnwy HalfHoliday bill
wile also ordered to a third HAIlolday bi
The Judiciary Committee of the Assembly
has decided to report favorably the bin to give
the Labor party an extra inspector of elections
In Now York making the Hoard to consist of
tnldnl Doar
Uvo Instead or lou Inspectors 1
Mayor Hewitt said yesterday
We are BOW > n atd In an hOnest effort to enforce the
Excise law ss It narln I High License bill should become
com a law we should endeavor to enforce that Hut at
present with the best Kiclie Board we that yet had
who have put np the license rates very high we find
treat dltncnl y In enforcing the law In bort my opinion
Is that we ought not to bite on more than we can chew
but should rather chew what we hare already bitten cit
MMY 11 Overtaken by th Yias
Md flamed to Death
AxoinsoM Kan April 12 Fifteen persons
have been burned to death by the prairie fires
which starting in Graham county have swept
northwest Into Norton county destroying
everything in a path from two and 1 half to
seven miles wide a great roaring sea of flame
Thousands of head of stock of all kinds have
been burned and thousands of tons of hay
corn and wheat and from 100 to 175 houses
and barns have been destroyed The people
living along the line of the fire havo bon left
homeless and destitute It is impossible a
ct to learn the names of those who perished
In the flames Tremendous excitement pro
vails all through tho burned district whluh ex
tends a distance of over sixty miles in length
with tho fire still spreading west and north
west The terrorstricken
wost people are telrrstrcken
The fire started near Nlcodomus in Graham
county The wind which was blowing forty
miles an hour carried tho flames over and
through the dry grass at frightful speed Tho
general destruction of property commenced
near Boscoo In Graham county Hero tho fire
spread over the country for two and a hal
miles in width and as tho wind carried it
north was constantly spreading until It was
seven miles wide where It crossed the I
crs to
North Fork of the Solomon River three miles
east of Dlnsmore Many houses were burned
and ever stable with its stacks of bure
cribs of farmers of com almost was destroyed destitute leaving hundreds
It is a pitiful sight t pass ovor the burned
district and see the thousands of burned chick
ens turkeys and hundreds of hog with occa
sional horses nnd numerous cattle Almost
every farmer lost from fifty to five hundred
bushels of corn besides small grain I la
known that from thirteen to sixteen liven were
lost in the two counties but names have not
ben learned Four children perished in ono
At the same time another Ore swept down
the south fork of the Solomon to a point near
Mill Brook sweeping everything In its path
and burnIng six plons to deathflther
mother and four chidrenand a large num
ber of cattle horses hogs and poultry lu
one instance a woman prematurely gave birth
to I chid When the lire was discovered ap
proaching her husband took her in his arms
nnd started for tho ploughed ground but be
fore ho reached it the woman t clothing wan
on fire He succeeded In putting I out and
saving her life The babe less than an hour
old with the other members of tho family was
saved but tee hous and other property on
the farm were destroyed prpry
Sioux FALLS Dak April 12 Reports of loss
of I property from prairie fires during tho ter
rlbk windstorm of Friday and Saturday con
tinuo to come In Eighteen miles west of this
city tremendous lire started and swept tho
country for miles Quite a number of farmers
lost their houses barns farm machinery and
stock The loss will exceed 100000
Tke Territory be Grldlroned with Lie
Already Projected
WAsnrNOTOJf April 12A Dakota man
who Is on his way East to confer with certain
New York capitalists in relation to new rail
roads stopped hero 1 day or two ago to ex
hibit to I Senator the plans of road now In
process of construction In tho great Territory
in which both Ire interested Ho said that tho
Northwest and tho Territories of Dakota and
Montana wore to experience a boom In railroad
the like of which the West
building never saw
buiding Iko
Why said ho before snow flies again
unless wo should have a luto spring tho Terri
tory of Dakota will bo cridlroned with new
roads You know now the Territory is prnctl
tically divided up by parallel lines of road
which wore built before the country was sot
tied up and whoso main object seemed to bo
to roach tho Missouri Blver Thus tho Chicago
Milwaukee and St Paul system has three par
allel lines the Chicago and Northwest
ern two tho Northern Pacific one cast und
west line and Jumos J Hills company is en
gaged lne building another In I Territory
whole mean width Is 0 miles this
Is not going to develop the country very
extensively und we have suffered for lack of
north and south linen especially those that
would communicate with the Northern Pa
cific For two > 011 past plans have been for
mulated and extensive survoyx mode that look
to north nnd south extensions mao will de
velop the broad bolts of country lying between
tho parallel lines above referred to LIt year
companies were formed und charters rccurfd
to run those lines nnd build tho road No
lnes Inr ronts
lack of capital Is found lo them ns they will
nearly all bo feeder for the larger lines
which In most eases take lines when finished
nt a good rental on hundredyear leaen
Thus I new road In soon to follow tho Mis
souri Itiver to Bismarck starting at Yitnkton
while another leaving Iiiu Jninert lliver line of
the Milwaukee and Ht Paul will reach Bit
murok by n diagonal coui > ot developing tutu
Cotoan mind Smike lllvor vulloy country The
most Important enterprise in south Dnkotii
hovoti m the proposed Duluth line which Is I
to run diagonally southwest patHiiig through
Mitchell und crnssim tho Missouri lllvor north
of Ynnkttin bhould the grout Sioux reservation
bo ojieried The rood has already been con
Htructed ns far ns Wntortown Dakota and
Is looked upon with greater interest than any
other linn because it is expected to open up
Inl Olen 111
n now wheat market for south Dakota which
hits heretofore shipped to Chicago oxcluNjvoly
This now road Is I to connect with the Minne
apolis Hnult Hto Mario und Atlantic the road
which W D Wusliliurno and others aro now
bulldlnu nnd which in expected liy running to
Portland Me to bring tho seaboard 1UO miles
nearer tho Northwest than at present Dako
tans are generally excited over thoso roads as
gonorlly oxcloct
new towns aro to bo plotted along the proposed
lines and speculation In town property Is ex
pected boom tbls to year bo 1 marked feature of Dakotas
A Dig Job I Their Hands
WASHINGTON April 12Tbo Ititllroad Com
missioners office In the Interior Department U rather
Inclined throw cold water upon the Pacific llallronds
Investigation Commission authorized by a joint resolu
tlcnof Congrus and appointed by the rreildentyester
dr lireitcrsteswitlmsomeenpiiasbsitsasecrtioni mal
0 hUe the resolution wa pOldln In ConI lust I will
In1 1lt 4 itt iii n almost iopeiee5 IAI on its band
le could have tetemi 11IU saId al olel1 ot that
bureau and come nearer to securing this information
by the meeting of Cungre sthun time Commission can In
a year for we are organized tor the work know where
Hit salient points lie and could have picked It out even if
the rod hud bu Indisposed to cooperate with us I I
IN Impossible howeer lo gel in I year or two yeara
n hat Congress actually demands and thu trouble Is 1 that 1
the Commission I Ukely I to attempt to cover the whole
grimnd and L dud itbelf when Coniowss meets with an
enormous mass of matter but wltns little actual Infor I
mation Why the matter of construction mileage alone 1
is I enough to worry the Commission for a year however I
many clerks It appoints a u Involves I constant pains
taking calculation I hat u III rululre l expert accountants I
of i tiC ktlnecur 101 believe lb Lommmmnhoimm trill Hud lie task much I
NUI WHIM rnviv 1887
Void 1 llrnllru ClothIers
Broadway and lloiuilou ind SIll ueuue corner 4ztl
si have iiiwrutnplelc their new spring Style camprlt
Inir an Inuncnse variety of excellent quality readymade
uiutlmiug 4uiV fur men and boys Fashion catalogu stut free
I The enamel of tIms tssth 1 I mor prsclon thao wU
Frctcrrs I with BowdonU lila
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I Nouo and drppla cured by Calr L
I tfletiU xntynveccuta44a
Gre nweH and Miller Dot Iadtetel Bat
nsplelon Turning Acalnst the Brocklra
Rascal who Iaf rd Acalast Them
The Grand Jury In Brooklyn yesterday
listened for two hours to tho details of tho mur
der of Lyman B Week In his house at 1071
Do Kalb avenue on tho nluht March 15 The
principal witnessed worn Mrs Weeks her
mother r Elllnizham who had hurried from
North Adami Mu In response to a tele
graphic summons Zora 1 Chamberlain of
this city who swears that ho saw John Green
well and Butch Miller In front of Mr Wockss
house on the night of tho murder and John
Baker and Paul Krause members of tho thlov
Ing BatiK who informed against Qreenwoll
Krause and Baker wore brought over to
Brooklyn handcuffed together Baker who is
the younger of tho two appeared Hushed and
excited out Krause the most stolid and
hardenedlooking rascal in the quartet soomed
to regard tho whole thing us 1 good joke
Only once did ho show 0 sign of disturbance
and that was when tho widow of the murdered
man dressed In deep mourning brushed past
him on her way to the jury room ills cold
gray eyes sought the floor and thor was U
visible tremor in Iris athletic frame
Krause and Baker repeated In tho Grand
Ttirv room the stories Imnllcntlnir Oreenwoll
Just what amount of truth there is in them
remains for subsequent silting Halt an hour
after all the witnesses had retired the Grand
Jury presented separate Indictments against
Grecnwell and Miller each charging murder
and burglary At 4 oclock Groenwcll wan sur
rendered to Inspector Kellly Inspector Mur
ray and Inspctor couch to Brooklyn Mr
Kldgway who had gone to Now York to consult
with Inspector Murray on a new feature in tlio
case drove back with inspector Itollly and hU
prisoner Ureenwoll exhibited no inclination
to talk on his way acroos the bridge but kept
his restless blinking little eyes on tho waters
beneath him Krauso and Miller are still de
tained in custody In JOw York come legal
formalities being roauir I before they can bo
surrendered to the Brooklyn authorities baker
Is in Hiiymond street jail simply as a witness
ireenwell was closeted with Superintendent
Campbell > from t until 6H oclock Detective
George Zundt acted as Interpreter GroonwcH
answered unrestrainedly starting off by do
elating that ho was guilty of the robbery of
Bunk President Youngs house In Jersey City
but was Absolutely Innocent of tho Weeks
murder This s substantially his statement
My name John Oreenwelli not UreenwatL I am a
tailor This Is I the first time I have been arrested and
taior tm
that Jersey robbery Is the only on I was ever In 11 I
led Into starling on a thieving life by the bad gang I fell
IJoa l iai
In with In the Ifowery lodging house
Seven months ago 7 was married In a chapel Four
teenth street to a young Kcotch woman until three
months ago I lived with my wife at 410 West Seven
teenth street Everything went pleasantly when I was
masking II oritti a week at my bUln but when I be
gao to make poor wajea elm kicked up her beems andone
lay cleared out olr tr her thinuta The next t heard cf
mother br was tbst she bad gone 1 Blnd 1 br father ana
I wu not until she left Ins thaI I fell In wIth these
tbtev1nfellswi I was in tbatjob Ia Jercey I left my
own soft bat in the yacd and to k Mr Youngs Time I r
pieces ot 1verwar we carried ol brought only 1 Wo
old them In a Baxter street fence 1 got for the stuff
I had and another flow got f2
What do I know about Brooklyn t Why almost nothing
scarcely know one street from another
Where was I on tbe night of March 15 t I cannot
really say but I suppose tI I mopped at the lodging house
at MMowcry The first I knew of the murder of Mr
Weeks was when 1 read It In I a German paper I was
never in front of Mr cekss house and never admitted
that I was the murderer
Kranse and Maker never beard me make a confession
They are deliberately I ll I Ing and lyIng I for some purpose
I had 1yt two revolvers In my life One of them tear
ned In Uermany and the other Inspector Byrnes snows
all about for he has got the pawn ticket for It
Tbls t a conspiracy on the part of Krause and Baker
against me My Idea is that they supposed 1a waa going
to give them away in the Jersey matter after I was ar
rested and thought they would get ahead of me to sate
themselves from two or three years Imprisonment
I used to wear a Prince Albert coat butt I exchanged It
about the Stfth or U7th of March for the one I am now
wearing It waa nol as Krouse and Baker say because I
was afraid t wear the coat for fear It might help to
Identity m t met a man In tho lodging house and he
askedme for the IMtice Albert coat as he wanted to go
and see his I girl r and I was very glad l to exchange with I
him especially a he gave meJlweutyOve cents which I
wanted very badly moLweuty
To the direct question whether he bad a di
rect or indirect knowledge of tho murder
Oroonwell declared without u quiver nnd look
inc time tiupertntcndont straight in tho eye
born No sir 1 am at ignorant of it as a child un
Tills suggestive question was also propound
ed by tho binpcrlntnndont
Greonwoll I did you ever visit krause when
lie used to lira in Brooklyn
7e Apparently surprised at the question he
Apparenty No sir never A little incident
occurred at Police Headquarters before tho
Superintendent had got through with Urren
well The latter was sitting in Inspector Mc
Laughllns office as Baker with a flushed limo
emerged from an adjoining room with Detec
tive llocho and District Attorney Illdgwity A
wicked scowl overspread the pallid face of
Greonwoll his eyes danced even Wicker than
usual and turning to Inspector JUcLaugulin
hn said
That fellow Is i a liar I feel so mad at blm I could
Jump oil the floor
Greenwell bad his picture taken nt a photog
raphers In Myrtle avenue und win tlion
lrtc uoluej Iln
locked up for the night at tho Adams street
station up will ho arraigned thNjnornliii In
tlio Court of Heshloii anti Judge Moon will llx
a day for his trial I theme should not bobiimo
expected developments lu tho ctbo thu trial
may take place early next week
Tlio representative of THK HUN ascertained
last night that grave doubts have arisen in the
mInds of some of Iho Brooklyn police ofllclnln
its to the guilt of Greonwitll I is thought Unit
It may Indeed be true as ho BO emphatically
declares that ho is I the victim of 1 conspiracy
on the part of the two men who accused him to
Inspector Byrnes This was asked of ono of
tIme ofllclalH who Is thoroughly acquainted
with all tho fuels In tho case
Do you think that Groenwoll will confess 1
Do I think it I know that 1 never will
for ho bus nothing to Unless Hu no moro
murdered Mr Weeks than you did I know
that this opllion Is shared In by other mel
bers of tutu department and you need not
lie Hurprised i there Is u big story under
lying all tItle
Theho now facts cnmo to the surface yester
day and are regarded 1 as of the utmost im
portance Krituxii and linker mire well nu <
qualntud I In Brooklyn and the loninor ltt till I h y
had hh luhldonco at MB Brotidwav In that city
Ind to n couple of veekn 1110 lie 11 VIM I iilono
in a furulluil room nt tills house wliMt Is
within ton minutes walk of tutu lIlt wlntm Mr
Yeknmis shot down and In thin von n nf
limo district In which so many ruhberliM woro
committed during thu winter Knumu moved
away on March 21 MX dayti titter the murder
It I known that Baker and another
knowl thlt Illwr 1111 InoUwr man voiu
I lie I habit of visiting htm during tutu winter
but Oreonwoll has not been traced to the
hOlsI Krause Is the man who shot Mr Wooks
I there am sonic who already unturtiln this
belief he could readily haxp inhale his way
from the recite of tile murder without tint
cliunco of detection which would havo followed
his flight to Now York Baker was also vaIl
acquainted In that part of tho city Two your
nco he worked in tho grocery store nf Mr
FuBolehr lit Wulworth street and Myrtlo
avenuto and It is known that slnco ho WIlt to
avenue New York ho has boon u frequent visi
tor to the suburbs of Brooklyn
The renewed activity in pollen circles In
Brooklyn last night Indicated that till Investi
gation Is by no means complete Hulf I dozon
detectives weru sciilterod through llil > city and
Brooklyn at woik on various duos nnd highly
sensational developments may be expected
Thirtyone File Jersey Cattle Burned
HACHCNSACK April 12Tho largo bam of
Fresh food farm situated half a mile from Knglewond
was destroyed by fire late last night with all Its contents
Including thirty one htad of the celebrated Ht Lambert
Jersey cattle of the Bloke 1ogU strain Mr Wallace the
superintendent rushed through blinding smoke and suc
ceeded In sat Ing nine bend from the upper floor When
fo entered the building for the last time ho was oter
cnine by tile smoke and was only eared by falling
through a trapdoor to the basement cam lithe I groping
Im rl
about there he attempted to release thecattle from their
stanchions I and although bis clothes I were scorched and
bis neck und face blistered he clung to one animal ill a
she uncut Tovlsltors today was shoe mu Maggie 8he
don register I 1o 23r > J kwatned In oil soaked colton
This cow baa a fine record as a butter producer but she
Is 1 so badly burned that her recove > y Is I not nssiired The
well known hull Athlete uf lt Lambert and ala pure M 1
Junibertlielfen were burned Krt h 1ond farm U I time
property 1lt ii < h Iliitchlusou of Iliucllniou Ilerco m
I Ii toCJt
1u r about tJOcxio
Ilessemera Urdl Estate Boom
BlitMinaiUM Ala Arrll 12Tue first days
sale of lots today I Bessemer aggregated fvaOM
Hessemer Is twelve miles from Hlrmlnnham has four
list ton furnaces bulldlne two rolllnu mills ltr nu
mrl oilier lndu lrU pUnls uhlrh insure apopala
lon ot not Irs4tlini I ti 1 I I
Mnilo Muiu li 1111 l < CompnrUon
Ucadleiton 1 i ii r 5 ii uliru d Imperial Lager Uf er
I brewed and bottled by thcimei 201 West toil at I
I Orders by mal soUtlttd Ailt
Enticed by a Womnn AdveHUemtnt
lirnncd and Held Prisoners
Helen Brown who was arrested by Copt
Cllnchy on Monday night for keeping a dis
orderly house at 250 Third avenue was ar
raigned before Justice Smith in tho Yorkvlllo
Pollco Court yesterday I IR averred in tho
affidavits of tho girls that she has mao a
practice of enticing innooont girls into hor
placo by means of advertisements for seam
stresses and thor causing their ruin and af
terward of obtaining male customers by means
of other tricky advertisements
Charles Sawyer of 71 Eightysixth street
saw un udvortlsment which said that gentle
mens mending was neatly dono at 250 Third
avenue Ho wont thoro found Mrs Drown
and sho introduced him to 1rodorlca Olivia a
Gorman girl who was living with hor and
could speak no English Sho said Fredorlcn
would do his mending and she left
hint alouo with tho girl Mr Uawyor
could sueak German and tho girl was delighted
to learn this She told him 1 pitiful story of
outrage and he at once attempted to lake her
from the house but was stopped by r
lrnwn who he says poured out a flood of
profanity and obscenity ur left tho placo
nnd several days afterward he notlllod dipt
Cltnchy who on Monday night arrested Mrs
Brown a boarder named Frederick Meyer and
Frodoriuu nud another Uerinun girl Valeria
Marx who also says she was confined t tho
house against her will The girls were In court
yesterday Frederlca in talland pretty and
about 25 Rue was neatly dressed In 1 blue
walking dregs and bonnet to match Tho other
girl was dressed In mouriitng lath hav
ing recently died In UermiinW
Fredorlca outdo an allldaxit In which sho
Bad that she camo from Germany two months
ago and for two weeks was unable to Und work
Hor money was running low than oho saw an 1
advertisement torn ladys mfciil at 250 Third
I 1 advort5ment Iho applIed and YUB engaged by
Mrs Drown Drugged Hauor was given to her
the ilrst evening she was there mid she was
assaulted This treatment continued all tho
time she was In tho house tilio appealed to
several the men who cuino there but they
either did not understand Gorman or woro
afraid ot publicity Win gald she wns an inno
cent girl when she wont to the house
Tho girl Valeria was questioned by Justice
Smith and shu wept very much when telling
her story Hho had answered an advortino
mont for I seamstress eight days ago and was
engaged by n Brown Hor treatment was
similar to that of Frederlca She lnul only
come from Germany 1 month ngn Hho had
watched tried to escape her to from closely the house but Mrs Brown
Mrs Brown was Quite undaunted by thoso
stories She denied having used any restraint
on the girls and Raid they boarded with her of
their own fro will
Copt Cltnchy said that Mrs Brown had ben
arrested once before for abducting a girl In u
similar manner while living on Second avenue
but had escaped prosecution
Justice Smith committed lIr Brown for
trial and sent tho two girls to the House of
discharged Detention as witnesses The man Moor was
A nrprUe Party atTke Old Homeiteitd
Managers Ilosenquost and McFarland gave
the members Denman Thompsons company at the
Fourteenth Street Theatre a surprise party last night on
the occasion of the 100th performance of The Old Home
stead The surprise was double headed for not only
did the company entertain not the faintest suspicion
that anything was going to happen but the kind of en
tertainment that greeted them when they filed upon the
stage After the performance was no novel in Its char
acter that none save iho fertile imaginations of the man
fleer cuuld posMbly I have I conceit It
The last scene of the play time kitchen of theold home
stead remained upon tIme stage The coat tall of the but
man of the audience had scarcely disappeared berore
colored a allers spread u tinge r before time old tire
pbice with every requisite for a regular Vowo has repast
past M I r Thompson Headed his company alt filed upon
time stfiKC and while time orchestra played appetite I upn
vokinjr Airs every one fell to with genuine New Enicland I
teal On the supper schedule appeared among many
others the tmillowingdihes oni
naked porlc and beans a la l Boston rOt pig Cy
Prime style brown bread ginger broad Aunt Ma
tilda style apple turnovers frbad a la Kick
cty Ann pump 11 plo Kb Gaujy piylc ice cream
and Yerct0 clam a laJow Wbltcmb champagne beer Row
D A 64 Heard From About that Avony
moil Boycott
District Assembly 04 Knights of Labor com
posed of printers and other newspaper workers met on
Monday evening und adopted these resolutions about
the fictitious boycott which a few anonyinouslndlvlduals
preteqdlngtorepresentcertaln assemblies the Knights
of Labor say they hare declared agalnfct THK hti
Wlirrat It A 14 is i fortiled In I the Justlco of the l prln
elpes of the Knights i t of labor and demands time rightof
expressing 1mm ou n oplnlnn thereon and
ll1rrfu Ib SIt as It docs Its right dtn Us opinions
I also concedes the same right to others therefore
JfrAiili ni That I A tH does not More but repudi
ates any attempt to ooctitt Time Nato Vumtuc SUN or coy
other any subject publication for reason of Its published opinions ou
Hftrnf4L That we deem unjust tn attack any estab
lishment which enipoja strictly organized labor sad
compiles with i their demands
Colombia College Centennial
Hundrcdx of men old mlddlongod anti
young but all jolly have come Into town within the last
twenty four hours They are the alumni of Columbia
College come hero to help along the centennial celebra
tion whlrh begino today ant all day cjtoriliy they
kept Superintend 1orter busy glx Ing out tickets and
badges The students nre getting ready for a great frolic
tomorrow night I llesldc the other attractions today
there will be game of boo ball at time loo grounds
The parade from tho rollege to the Metropolitan Opera
House w III PUSH through lortynlnth street to Fifth ate
ntie to Thirty fourth street to Broadway to the Metro
politan III Is rxpeetcd tbat fully 2lv5P will be In line
1 lit < exercises uiHrnnNisi o recitations addresses and
muslo htowurt L Wnodford will make thelntrutuetorJ
ddrets and Frederick I foudert will dellier the ora
tion Degrees will be conferred by the 1resldcut
Arrested for Unbidden KIsslnr
A boy about 12 yours old got on a Hnrlem
Railroad train at 125th street yesterday morning and
rode down to time Grand Central Depot He acted very
querly on the train und Vltsed several ladles lie was
arrested at the depot and taken before Justice Smith at
the Yorkvlllo Police lioiirt He took a great jdece nf
gum out ot bin iniiuth jammed time irun on the J uotleel
blotter ami said Hint his mono was Mlllun Uitiry
Aldrich and that bellied t UHh street and llUllsm l
axeniie He sac ilimlly committed ii tr HUlevno Hospltit
fur examination as to his sanity The Yurktllle prison
nlllcials I eu y that he Is slminnilng 1 Insanity and 11 that be Is
an arrant little I rogue On hue occasion be is sild to tl3 3
Porter been caught picking the i > ocket of tullco CommUsiouer
The Ilebule on the Crime Kill
LONDON April lTho dobato on tho Co
ercion bill sac continjed in tho House of Commons to
day > tr Holmes Altorneyileneral for IreUnd > lr 1
ChlWera and others parllclpatliu Mr Gladstone will
spesV on Friday limo lr > > eminent is anxious to rinch the
readingof I the m bill ulihout reporting I torlfjsure and I will I
lot limlst upon n illusion before the rl I lust hpeubcr
Ieil his Inilinated In Mr 1 Gladstone that If the bead of
time Government demands closure alter u rea nrmbld
period of ilebito hu ou ill itluavi deem It his duty to
mqule > cc anti 1 iliil this rule will apply to any Got ern
uuiit Tury or IUKTIII
McMiiiU April lThe I City Council today passed a
resolution condemning the I Coercion ntllll It i oill ito fur
warded tn lnrd bahsburv ali nsmrnnres nf stuipathy
will be ueut tu Mr liladitunu and Mr ParuelU
A Conareumnu Salary Stopped
WABMINOION April 12Tio only member
tIme Fiftieth Congress w ho li I not drawing his salary is I
Mr I oulburn the Republican member from Smada
Mr Wodburll some thins no departed for Europe and
mode arrangements at the hergeantatArmV nltlce to
have tile drafts himnicd laJI mt I up to date hi cerlltlcate
> if election has not been received at tIme Clerk s oltlie
This of course presents him I from drawing his salary
II t IrIWr hrcno 7 l tr f
Mr Woodburn h now travelling on time Ounlaivni In
blissful ignorance I of the dishonor of his I drafts Time
ceriUlcatu of election was loll ul Mr Woodtmrtis home
In Nevada
The Alkhau Jllsputc Nettled
ST PETKIUSUUHO April 12A settlement of
the Afghan jueillon has been effeuted by the Govern
ments of Great Britain and ItusMa lly Ihe iirms t nf
tbl i settlement lnglund 1 nss ntn to I the Russian demand
for i hat branch of the tixus now held by i Iliu I Afghans in
lxchunge for which cumesslons will el mado ut tirrl i
tory 011 tIme Northwest frontier
JcCler tutu the Mahals Successor
CAIRO April 12 Advloos from Wady Hnlfiv
say that fcnr envoys have reached theme from Khar
toum on their way tn Cairo with spclal despatches
friuii Abdullah surccts tii Il 1 Madlil lu tjjeen Mcturia
time Ibodl o sad the hultunnf Tarkiy
Au Invention to Steer Balloon
DKniiN April 121ho Uovornmont has pur
cbitseil I for J > iiisjuiiii Inxintlon for puerliig balloons
lm m
A successful trial i nf the Intention by tir Uluce ulllciatf
ha jut beta made
A Chinese Arsenal at Shanghai
LONPON Apiil 13Jlmti CliiiRSd t Oovnrnmont
has decided rsul lUi ail linmense arrenul I at hliang
hal maklnit it the chief mllilary di pot > f the empire
PllUburvb Ileuib Show
JIzTrsBU OU April 12The annual Interna
tional dog snow of time Hestsru Ienusylvanla Society
was 01 coed today over 4iu of bo bell dup la time
country were on ibe benches
Beady to Praise the Roman Cat bell Chnrch
for Temperance Work The Hand of
God In It But ns to Prohibition Vote I
Tho preachers of tho Now York East
Methodist Conference nro personally total
ibetulnors but many of thc most prominent of
thom aro activo Kopubllcans they kick at
the request of those brethren who are voters of
the Prohibition ticket and who want them to
endorse tho Prohibition party The Itopubll
can brethren point to tho ecclesiastical con
stitution of tho Convention and arguo that an
iccloslastlcal body may not bo expected to go
Into secular politics and keep Its Belfrospoct
This argument tho Prohibitionists respect
Nevertheless they have taken measures like
astute politicians to secure n recognition of
tho Prohibition party by tho Conference
The Temperance Alliance is an organization
within tho Conference but not a part of It It
was organized recently to push the Prohibition
parlys Interests in the Conference its Presi
dent Is thc llov John Johns There Is also In
ln Conference a committee appointed an
nually to report resolutions In favor of total
abstinence The Hov John Johns JH Secretary
committee split this year on the question
of giving tho Prohibition party a eundolT In its
report Two were for mentioning It three
against When tho llov John Johns arose
Iebtorday In tho Conference at Mount Vernon
to read tho rot > ortt of the committee those
Who wero oppoiod to tho report of tlio minority
boBllricd UieniHolveB to put it in tho back
ground as far as possible
The Kov Dr J M Buckley immediately oh
locted to the roadlng the minority report
Tim Confuteuco voted to hear It
Tin report opens by deploring tho manifest
and miltitul compromising of tim two political
parties III tho prostitution of principle to
power and it goea on to rejoice in tlielnoreano
of tho prohlliltlonlBt voto and tile spread of
temperance oiganizatlun It says
In hrlnRliiif about tli < ureully advanced state of thlmni I
we ffratetully acknowledge the work and worth of ucla
> lr > t The National Temperance Vubllcatlon Society
Second The pulilt and the rllqluu and a portion of
the ftuuular proan In th lrai anced views all lu the main
declaring the saloon must go
Third 1 The Roman Cuthuilo Church In outrpoken
det anitlon of Us late ItHltlmore Council and In organ
blue total abstinence societies throii liout the land
luurtli Ihe hundred or more annual tem
perance societies of our own church
Firth The political Anti Saloon Loairua and the Pro
hibition part III arousing and educating public nplnlon
provoking the other political partIes to submit the ques
tion of prohibition to the vote ot the people III more
States than ever before
And last but not least the Woman National Chris
tian Temperance Union
Tho resolutions Bay
Seeing as we lo In the existence and work of tbote
organizations the hand of Uod we declare ourselves to
be In I svmpathy with them In all measures pertaining to
the rescue of the drunkard and the prohibition by law
of the manufacture and sale of Intoxicating drink and
until this Is I done to that one end we pledge our prayers
our ballot and If need be our lives
We are unalterably opposed to the enactment laws
that propose by license I taxing or otherwise to regulate
the drink tramc because they provide for Its contlnu
anceand afford no protection agalnvt its ravages and all
action to the contrary In relation thereto we declare to
be unMlbodlollo aDd violation of the discipline of our
Church the support lately given to the New York High
Licence bill not excepted We regard high license to be
a delusion and a snare and all support in favor of the
name an not only helping throwing appearance of
mtn t lr qJ lIr J
reppeciabllltv about the drinking saloon but weaving an
angers robe for Satan that bo may the more eaully de
We regard the tragic death of our brother minister
the Rev U 3 C Haddock another evidence of time law
less and murderous yplrlt of the dealers lu Intoxicating
liquor and hence while sjmputhblng deeply with the
stricken family tonS regretting sorely his untimely I end
lfi lg
in answ er to the cry of his blood we will 1 the more in
ten ely bate Intelligently vote and unitedly pray out of
exiftcncc a trade BO prolific In evil as the one in question
The majority report rnorclr left outtho grate
ful recognition of the Prohibition party The
debate is made u special order for today at
10 A M
Seanaebat of the Gaels
A Celtic audience listened to Critic speeches
and Celtic music at the annual Kf Is Ceoil and Seanachas
of the Gaelic Society In Steinway Hall last evening
Judge George M Van Iloeien presided The walls ot
the hall Were decorated with stields bearing emblems
representing Ireland Its four prot luces and many of lu
cities and towns The programme of music was con
fineI to selectIon from time bardic poetry ot Ireland and
wiL5given bytbefolluwlngurllts MiwTarrle Hun King
Hiprano Miss Lizzie bevimmr contralto Mr 11 It
Humphries tenor Mr nillett teaman baritone Mini
Inez KinnaU harpist Messrs Frc > gaug and lannelll
harpers and Thomas F Kerrigan piper songs sung In
the Tell c tongue drew forth the modi applause A duet
for liariw my Ililrick the air from which The
hw eet fly and Hy was adapted was a feature of the
programme ltcry number wan encored The song
AuCailln home trimiIimte sam Bo whlili menin Tim
PrettviitrlMIIUng heriow with harp accompaniment
by Mae Klneilp ttpeclally dtrerrdlt An address in
tiieilc woe ttehiverl bv Mr Tetir oPtinnelt After the
concert alt old time peaimchas and reception was held In
Tammany II 11 at which ttuyue8 lixty ninth Regiment
band lurulihed the music
Burglar Talbot and he Millers Bond
When Mr Andrew H Miller the Philadelphia
produce merchant heard that Mr Talbot Tracers Hen
denon aburglar had been collared by Inspector Il > rneVs
men he douMlera fancied he was going to get back Im
mediately and Ithout much trouble on his part the
to < i ntM worth of bonds Taltiot stole from him He cer
tainly did not ipecl to be oblged to iui the thief to re
cover the stolen boiuU Yat this lie may have to do ac
corilltK to an opinion rendered by the iorporntlon toun
set to tun rollct CitrinUdlciKrK if the thief Insists on his
the thlufo rlht to the I liuinlx ou ing MrLucomhe rays
to Ihe t tmact that lalbot 1 In pliie of btlng tried and con
0 lcled of stealing Mr Miller bonds in going to be pun
ished merely for buigllng Junes dry goods store In
Mr Miller cannot get his bonds back without suing
Talbot nnlens the latter voluntarily ghel up all rlalni to
them Inca e he chmild proie recalcitrant Property
Clerk Harriott who now has the Z55JlWWOttfi of boniln
will bae to bo suud conjunction with Talbot The
suit should there be one will inerefore be Produce Mer
chant Miller against Thief Talbot and Folic 1roperty
Clerk Harriott
Mr Conner Shoots Two Picnicker
The Shady Side Association a club com
poicd of ynung men of the east side up town gave a
picnic on Monday night In Joness Wood Sixty ninth
street and East River William Conner who Is laid to
live at Seventy second street and Aienue A dropped In
to the dancing pavilion shortly after Ii oclock He got
Into a row with a wnller but lila friends carried him
away without ncoutllrt totimTD returned Inter and
went for the smaller but the latter and his friends were
too much for thai
In the grmmds afterward while with his friends Con
acre got out MM pistol nnd began shooting at random
DUO bullet hit John Vater a plumber of till Kant 11th st
street In the hip und another bit John J llughen talon a
plumberof I J4I lirot acetic timetmtiin Totmm piltmw Imo
wan on duty at the lodgtwiin called m friend had helped
toimiTH ti < efcenpp Time unundrd men retuitu to testify
that I Count 5 shot them A number of PITHOIIK thoy
say hud got out pistols and wire nssltting in tIle pro
ceelingii roliitniun rompklns ajs that Coutacra was
tIle onlj man who mired n pistol
Sentiment of the County Democracy
Commissioner Voorhls prvHldPtl at tho meet
ing of the County Pemocracy County Committee In
Cooper Union last night tour resolutions were adopt
cd The first extended congratulations to the Rhode
Island 1emocrutK for their t Iclory at the recent election
In thttt siroiubold of ItepubllcanUni The siennd de
notmcfd tbe4tepubllcins In the Legislature for dlre
yarding time will of tIe K > ope nbo oteil for a ionttltu
tlonal t Conentlou The tbtrd commended the action of
the I Democratic numbers uf the ltcjsluiurv lu Doling
unilnst tie Illih LleeiiKe bill IrilandH rnuso was
tTiimploiied In tIle last set The action of the To y ov
eminent lu attumpili g lo pass the coercion bill was
characterised ana pin a of tyrniinyon a par with the
attempt nf lieorge III h I I to bind down hue American colt
nits und the nets of thixVaraof ItussU Incrniblngniit
the political life nf Iolnnd A copy nf the resolution
wac ordered sent to Iladfctono und rurnvll anil another
to risilbbury as u protest unalnst his pasuge of the bill
John A Rtoulcnlmrcli a wolMinown real
estate lawyer died oil Monday of jiaraljsla aUIOIex
Inifton ti maul
Iaul Uallor proprietor of the tlanltew IarK li dead
lent fi V Morris a rrtlredofllccr of the Inlted States
Navy and n grind ion of lti > tierl Morris OTtO Of the skiier
of I In lloclariillon of Independence I dUd lit fUklHV
himamhiar on Monday aged N > omits
Alfred Lee lllshop of lime Irotestant Hplscopul Church
in Delaware died at VViliiiliuton > fntcrdiy urternoon
agt d NJ year He Hint rwiMcruled ItlAttop of lit jauttra
ill lOll mmmlii via lIme author of u number of religious
Ulllimn Dean the leading voollrii manufacturer of
Xcuark Pel dltil ycserduy aged Ii 7 years
Mr WlmHiis Inlrrrlvr
Cmnuio April 12 Knistua Wlinnn of Now
York has bought the piahiti tier which he Imestltrated
at Montreal some time ago Iho lnLnliun it is said
Illustrates an cnllrdy new principle In mechanic grow
Ingoutof thiiappliiatlunof tIme prliiiiple deteloptd In
a vyclour The results show hut Iron slag can lie ro
ducud to impalpable powder Tests are at once to be
made with machines in tariou > > parts of the country ou
ore ferlJliirrs and other articles A test made with a
half barrel of nulls thowid the Iron ground Into time
finest powder without tile aid of tooth ktunip or roller
und with but umltmi but air
Home if tao Curifiilrra Win
CHICAOO April 12A number of the striking
carpenters returned to work this morning In accord
alto with an agreement with the small contractor
About hUt men In all went to work ou lbs basis uf sight
hoars and W tealS ao hour
Bridges mend Culvert Wnshed Away on te
Hudson und Mohawk Rlvels
UTICA April 12The interference with
travel on tho Now York Central and Hudson
lllvor Railroad by the high water which hogan
yesterday continues today At noon today
the tracks from Fort Plain to Fonda wore tin
den water and directly in front of Palatine
Bridge station tIme water was ten feet deep on
the track The fast mall train was hold in
Utica last night Today all trains running
between Albany and Syracuse nro sent by
Utica via tho West Hhom math
Last evening the bulkhead which supplies
water for n large number of mills was swept
away necessitating time closing of the mils
HciiENECTAnY April 12The Mohawk hirer
rows nearly throe foot last night and at 10
oclock this morning was about seventeen foot
ibnvo low water mark The omploycos nttho
Edison Mfirhlno Works and the Gilbert Com
iianys works not to tlo hon in boats lila
hhoiis are running lth half the usual force
BLACK Ilrvitu FALLS Win April laThp
liuHlnvss portion of time city Is threatened with
n disastrous hood D J 1 UpauldliiRH water
power building amiti a portion of Water street
woro carried uxvity last evening Men nro en
deavoring to form a ion jam to protect the un
dnnuorocl property
A 25OOOO Fire at Ml Augustine
BT AUUUSTIXK Fin April 12The Bt Au
gustine Hotel took fire at 230 oclock Ibis morning The
Ire spread to the old elate market the ancient cathe
dral the Edwards Hotel the Court House the Sinclair
block riiamberllnn atoms Welters Hotel and several
smaller buildings and all were levelled with the ground
Time Ore was finally stopped at Treasury street mid the
main portion uf the town U safe All the county records
were removed to a place of safety There were no New
Kngland people In the bt Augustine Hotel nor wall there
the sllghtist accident to anyone of Its seventy six guests
Little ot the property here li Insured as the buildings In
the town art mommy wood compactly built and the
place ban only one third class steam lire engine
The lou on Limo fit Augustine Hotel Is estimated at
sIt etmnlu The total loss is fjvivm
The old cathedral one of the most Interesting land
marks In the city was built In ITlil and ai in use for
purposes of worship up to the time ot Its destruction
Nobody to Introduce Or MeGljnn
CINCINNATI April 12Dr MeCllynn arrived
thIs morning Some of his friends desired to Introduce
him to representative business men of the Chamber of
Commerce and to that end asked Motor John flume ot
limo Chesapeake and Ohio road to make the Introduction
Major U rne declined saying that as a Catholic loyal to
the precepts and authority of his Church lie had no sym
patty whim Or Mrnhnns positIon and that an a good
cltlen he could not in any sense recognize the false the
ories whIch Dr Mcdlynn was attempting to propagate
others who were appealed to took the same position
and thus lir Mclilj un was not a visitor on Change
Tonight Dr Mclllynn delivered Ids lecture The
Cross of a New Crusade at Music Halt The lecture
was under the management nf the Henry George Club
Tias assembly filled nearly half of the large hall Ir
Mclllynn referred In caustic terms to the ceniure cast
upon film by Archbishop hider of Cincinnati to whom
be attributed the lint complaint against him at Home
Charles Ilnlsjbt ReappoInted
TRENTON April 12 A delegation of nearly a
hundred solid citizens of all part of Monmonth county
waited upon Coy Green today to urge upon him the ap
pointment of Inspector Charles Halgbt of that county to
succeed himself until the Legislature meet again rIte
Senate rejected the Domination of Mr Halght foranotber
tern when It was sent In at Its recent session and the
itovemor by neglecting to send In another name left a
vacancy The delegation was sent home rejoicing live
minutes after it reached the State House the Governor
ate lug that he had already determined to appoint Mr
llalght and was only waiting for the preparation of a
blank commission to do the thing formally The reap
polntment U regarded at lu some sense a vindication of
Mr Halght from the charges Jury mixIng and similar
olTcncis recently made agaInst Moumoutb county court
olllclaUb a Sow turk newspaper
Killed III Brother by Accident
IlAiutisuuuo April 12 William Moltor arced
in was found dead In a Held near Rosencrans one of tbo
mountain settlements ot Clinton county last evening
He had been shot In time back between time shoulders
An hour earlier he had been seen walking toward the
field with his yearold brother but the latter was
nowhere to be found Just before dark be returned
home He said that he and William hail been shooting
at a mark witla a revoluer and that while the revolver
was In hIs hands It was accidentally discharged The
ballet hit William In the back He fell and died inn
few seconds Tlu brother was so terror stricken that
be tied to the woods and hid As soon an he was tattle to
recover himself suttlclentlv to return and tell what bad
happened he had done so The story of the boy Is belie ed
but the Coroner has ordered an Investigation
Accused Assaulting a Woman
PITTSFIELD April 12Mrs Mary McGreldy
25 years old of New Lenox has had Merrlck A Stir
bank and Wm Marshall arrested for assault She says
she met llurbank last e eulng and asked blot If he could
show her any place where the could get cheap lodgings
for tie night He enticed her into a buggy and drove
with her lo I a house on the borders of Ouota Luke two
miles west of the town where with Marshall he hand
culled her und subjected her to indignities threatening
to shoot her tOme escaped from the house to u neighbor
Ingone where she was sheltered Hurbauk and Marshall
were held in UMI bail lioth men deny that any com
pulsion Wa as used with the woman
Cleveland Appoint n Canadian to Office
DETltotT April 12 Citizens of Detroit with
out regard to party are miwli wrought up oer the ap
pointment of VUtlam K Hrown of W Incisor Ontario as
Superintendent of Detroits Post Otllce building Julius
Hess a well known architect and citizen of Detroit was
recommendid by rongremman Mat hairy but the wing
of the Democratic party thu hand tlaybury antI < l de
feated him secured the aiipolntmtnt of Hrown It I Is
now learned that Hrown Is not acltlrenof thoLnlted t
States though he does bubimss In Detroit 1 he Town
Clerk of Windsor Ontario certified that Hrown In a
citizen of that town uud his name appears ou ludiors
voting list
Bunco Hteerer In Trouble
NEW HAVEN April 12Two men who gave
their name as John C Durum and George Harris and
who It Is found are the bunoo eteerers who have been
working Waterhury Norwich and other places were
arrested here to divas they were about to swlndlo Wll
Ham Atwater one of Now Ila ens oldest rltlrens They
were seen driving toward tin Ir boarding house with Mr
Atwater who Is 75 yearn old five policemen burst Into
the room where n snide card game wits In progress
with Mr Atwater as a spectator Several packages of
bills labi lied K > Iliel i aint containing about fJU apitcc lay
on time table with the layout
Collector Blnsone In Washington
WASHINGTON April 12Mr Mnjjono Collector
of Customs at New York consulted with Secretary Pair
child and time Senate Finance SubCommittee to day on
undervaluations with regard to the subject now beimr
considered by that sub romiiilttco TIme emplo ment of
merchant appraiser and pro forum intoli es mire Initial
the ihliigs uhtcli the Collector said Hhould he alKjIisheil
The committal bat e not yet formulnted u bii but U U
their intention to proudo for u board to classify time
dulled on fmporltd urtlcks
A BrIton Shy of Iho Centreboard
BOSTOM April 12Gets Palno received by
mall today Mr Tankenlllfl Chnirherlune answtr to
tIme Utnirals challenge for a race with the Arrow for
the Queens Cup lle conditions imposed by Mr him
berU > ne are sitbntai tliliy the i 1111111 IH timid I recently
cabled and publlibtd bire They lentrict I lie I fren list of
the Ma > time < rs mitriboard lien Ialuu hi nut llteiy
to accept them
Killed a Horse Thief
OMAHA April 12 A ViidluiKo Committee
composed of live citizens of Hriwn county merluok
Joseph Arnold near Sargent yesterday afternoon and
shot him duad Hlseompaiiloi I Julius Hob was cap
tured lifter one of time i lgllunti e timid been shot In the lift
Khonlder Arnold was J tiarn old lloth men were
charged wIth being horse thiu ed
Shot htm In his OH
flipaly MIss Apill 12Ati armed mob of
twentyfive men from Lnlon county stormed the jail at
title imlare yt isterday nnd shot to death while In bis eel
Uud Hllllaiiion charged Wmlht Ito I killing of John 1 Iol
huts Ut tW Albany about a > rar nun Wllllacison was
a cam old Mail killed Iulllui In the beat of paulon
Dorothy Slather Kvmciuhcn be Orphan
WASHINGTON April l4Ju uomniemonito lie I
cbritinlnof her Infant dvijibter Dorothy I Mrs wlilt
tie has alunmaled ittiJ to limo M Johns Urphan igo In
thlii ruby
I hUli I ono of the lnrgc donations eermiidi to the
its luumi and ulll tutu considerably lo Us roiifirt
II lull Licence iii lvtmi > lvunla
UumBttuno April 12TIme I Jlousu this af
tiriiiAU jifMC4 time Jln > okK high llrtiio Lilt ulthuut
niiKi Imcnl It i nat lIa limit tl llcfiiHt In rttlmor Ihu
iirn MiMJiu mauil bird IliBith ill lo I S hi other
ciiv3 dit in bcroj tis fi I clot lu toHnrtiipi ilO
Mr Illume will bo HIII enough to travel In a few das
inure IJlfiuarik lefllerlin tsterday for Fricdriibs
hive Ihoitsnnd emigrants eiclushe of Irish left Liter
pool nit Saturday and hunday last for bow smirk
Inrtmibkter lleneral Vilams and fti neral Suporfntendent
Nash left IVashmgiori for ew sirk yesterday on a lour
of aol tamtii itmlit ctlott
The Iostniusti r Ueneral I has appointed uo fourth cUtts
heusltitmtstara II ulliiui J i rmcbard hast lauim l N 1
deorii NeHtuu taro N a roster U Mois Item
tails N
A statement prepared at the Treasury Department
of the amount of money In actual circulation on April
I shows a total of f ISHailC being a net increase of
7tastje la actual clteulauoa since March 1 tub
svnrtttsEs in JKitsur CITYS ntEcnon
A ntitrrKAaon rom
Frand at a Pnllla Place The Whole Board
of Inspectors Arrested for Ntiifflnic tbej
Ballot Box Two Labor Men Elected
Tlio Democrats came out about at yostcr
days charter election In Jersey City Although
an unusually light vote was polled the returns
wore canvassed slowly and at midnight they
were not all In Enough was known however
to show that the Democrats had won ado
cldeil victory over both the llepubllcans and
the Labor party
Tim Labor partrwhlch entered politics as art
organization for the first time surprised the
politicians by the strength it showed
In the First district Hawkins the Labor
candidate for Police Commissioner made
a strong run and worried the candidate
of the old parties Kllroy ono of the Labor
candidates for Freeholder In tim Second dis
trict is elected and in tho Third district ths
Labor party candidate for Police Commls
slonor who had tho Democratlo endorsement
Is believed to bo elected
Ono of the surprises of tho day was the eleo
tlon ot Max Salinger for Alderman in the Fifth
district over Thomas V Cater who was
the nominoo of the Democrats ItopublU
cans Labor party AntiMonopolists and
Prohibitionists Salinger wan tho candidate of
dissatisfied Democrats and Republicans He
wan put In nomination against Cator on Sntur mu
day night and It was not thought he had
clmtipo of winning Those are the successful
Atdermrn DavisDX ReardonD MoAlvanaahD
Elliott < I > Bhawda
Vllce otmmlalonen Kelly D Davis D Meyer RV c
Oaanl nf WOrks ItommUiUmtn Kern U Van Kenrea
R 1 Milliard Ill <
Fin UmimfMlonmShea R Glnton Labor HUM
11 > jl
The now Board of Aldermen will be controlled V
by time Democrats The Police Board will bo ft
tIn the Fire Hoard Itopubllcau and the Board
of Works Republican 3
The returns for Freeholders show the prob
ablo election of 11 Democrats and 0 ItopublU I
cans J
Tho figures of the Labor vote will notb 5
known until Into this morning J
Hobokon elected a Mayor Treasurer Col
lector and Assessor The present incumbents
with Kerr for Mayor arc undoubtedly re
elected 1
The entire Election Board ot the Eighth
precinct Second district whoso polling booth
Is on Mercer street was arrested in the after 1
noon for tampering with tho ballot box The
Hoard consisted of Patrick Golden Judge f
Patrick McUlnnlss and Owen McCabe In
spectors and Cormac T Dolan Clerk At tIme
noon recess Policeman Murphy saw Cleric
Dolan putting the registry book into thn
ballot box The book contained about thirty 1
Democratic tickets Time tickets were folded
and several dropped into tho box before tho
clerk could bo arrested Murphy took the tog
istry book out and found that about 25 folded
tickets had been placed between the loaves A
number of citizens witnessed the attempt anil r
great excitement prevailed for a time Murphy S
sent for assistance and the entire Board to
gether with the ballot box and registry
book were taken to the Gregory street police
station Subsequently n now Election J
Board was selected and voting proceeded Tha
prisoners waived examination and wore hold
in 1100 ball ouch to appear before the Grand
Jury Michael Kane of U01 Wayne street made
an additional charge against Dolan He swore
that when bo went to vote ho vtto told that his j
niiuio hail been chocked and that someone had m
already voted for him The bail bond was then
increased to 2400 for ouch of the prisoners
Absemblyman Tumulty became their surety
Other Jersey Charter Elections
Bahway Daly hop Is reClcctod Mayor bf
probably sixteen majority The UemocrutB have elected
three oat of he Councilmen The Water and School
CommlHloner Boards will bo Democratic All the rest
of the lemocrattc ticket Is elected If it had not been
for a crooked ballot run out bj Plank and Gravel
nankin the result would have been the election of a
Democratic Xwor Thu total Democratic gal over last
year is 1 over sIxty
Kelt idere Klnu for Mayor and electric lights for th
Vn hlnrton Allegar temperuiee for Mayor and no o
IlnrLettstown Wnde Ren Mayor and Ibcemase
Ihllliiiiiburie Hatftrerty Den Mnyor and license
New JJruniwlck atronir item Mayor by reduced ma
1311 Tabor Party Vote In Paterson
There was such n heavy vote at the Paterson
city election on Monday that the ballot wore not
counted until 5 oclock yesterday morning Mayor
Chiirltn D I Heckwlth was reflected by littu majority
Time Boards if Alitennen and Education remain as be
fore with a IteiiuMUan mnlorlly The Labor party
polled 1311 votes and time 1rofilbltfonlHU 313
She Caught the Thief und Threw Him
Mina Oliver n flnolooklng wellbuilt young
Jewess caught a sneak thief by the throat In Market
street near llroad street Newark at 8 oclock last night
and threw him on his back before be could reMsttand In
a moment a policeman and two citizens pinned hlui
oho Inil noon him Heal u hat In a hat store SuIts Is JJ
years old and U the dailirhter of Morris Levy Kb
KiltuMl her tierce nnd calf coiitlcleucH In helintc bur fath
er to take marl of M stand in Centre Market hero the is
well know as a plucky gin 1 I he thief illil not hurt her
but struck her two short arm blows that she hardly felt
The Game lu Ann and Barclay Streets
Stephen B French Esq Ircfltlent oIAe DoorS ttfmicf
Sin I enclose another complaint professing
to come from the members of the Fulton Street Prayer
Meeting In regard to time irambIiiiKhoiues at II and 13
Ann stect and N Ilarclaymreet ali > n circular regard
to ccuntcrfeit money Itetpectfully yours
AIKIII 1B87 ACIIIM 6 llinirr Mayor
Dr Hammond Visits Inspector Byrne
Dr William A Hammond called at Pollca
Headquarters yesterday antI had a talk with Inspector
Hyrnes Ho told a Set reporter afterward that he had
met with u Ion and WAN trying to repair it He said the
drtrrtlvei bad told him not lo tell importers auyihlnK
bout It
Schaefer Beats AIOMOH
CmcAno April 12Time fourtoonlnch balK
line billlnrd maUli to night bitwten Hchiefcr
and Slnson for fVO was easily won lay Schaefer
hiri tfiHiif cmtfcrii aeraRu wiu 17UJVI > and hlov
iunalit J44 Hcliutftrt bent run was 120 Shmssone IJi
NlutaI Office Prediction
Fair woathor variable winds generally cast
to south a slight rise In tciuperAturu
The TwtMtyfitronl lUvriiuent will go to Ilosto n to otli
brato Hunker IlUt ilayJuiie 1 17 I
henry Chews lumae madn an application to be a4mltU4
omt mtjcr tjiii in the rot ton Lichantfu
Judge Doniliuu ha granted un absolute divorce tQ
Eliznbotli Driiriiuter ruin James K UeUmntrr
Work will lit rvRumcd ntjct Friday ou all street rem
latinivruiidkrailiiK und imUuif under contract winch
wale siupfiidfd iaot fall
Coroner Kidman who ha users connned to Ms room
with rliMitiU for slut week reported lor duty at thiS
Coronvr ottlco yeiterdii
IeleKuttn from a number of athletic aanocatlrmg met
In lIme KnicJf rb clktT Cottaffe lid night and formed a >
National rroti Cotiniry AMKlitlon of America Tias
first ctiainiitoiBlip rues ul ill bo run on April 5J
ireIruoIionl > l < Dlivirof lImo llnant if Alderman hav
rerehcd A riimplfinciitar loiter frin time WomanaKuf
rage Ai1KlliN for limo rlTorUin oclialf of xvlllnif tli
ujijKiinttneut of luinmitioutr of Deeds for MM Minnie
A coalkin and hntltrt man wearing yellow trounerfl
alal will u bald head Sainted lulu time Uafct Itlier Al
Silt ha street I ifrdit nnd vso drama mmeal It was letrne
that lie won Max olillclier mats itasmane carpenter of OO5
I ii lIt Street
The mutt of Major Herman Hero lloltborn afralnst
NcU < n Jirdffi fir cl ul > a Uiinatrtrn for ulijaiinjf Holz
birn utluM iitlcrtitJitft wim dUmUnad eelerday by
Jiniin 1 Inirriihaia ho decided tliui the Majur bail tailed
to niiik nut a tfcfe
Alit rmaats Crdiktlntr Canted the Aldermen yesterday
to Ht t ihl ui m n 1 meel to itm iifirUturi 1 in n tube to vnttt t
hviMinr IlitiiLitt Mftrupoliuitt lraii I it till unithit Jtrcmd
Wa IK ixtjjttd trniu it iruvuioiih time uiuttcr wm
vultl to the t imimlttpo oh l iw
Tin aar alt lmalmmeu JrintiiL of IK tat Cherry Street wai
arrr4ttil jt 1itr 4i > lmt Mtr yeHierday rar boln
Jriiik An hi hid it r unk f > > much liquor auto requlri
m lMMl irrtuiHiii he ujisuUri lu iho Court tacur Slip
Hospital hi pluco i > f Itlnif louil l up
Tim poilru relents fiT Mnndu > lmo thn follow In
nidir id a me haiti ml fount in iln street e time trmmoi toy
y lrlt iitiii l itiSsiac Hoiniiii u 5 cut Hint leiltuio
men JuiVHeiitriT I lul ire bail book iTVJl ua
heanunM I mmmcc lUnk I lrIoeci Imig
Tntuury Aiftiitlloltilmninude another haul of cltram
yttlt rluy llu found them on tit vteamttilp hantlAKO
inmi iluvnna Titers wore ilOhil rUHr and ils
liiirutte entered mi ftlilpoisttires Iapt 1olttii of th
ieiiin litu IIA been umiuoned before the Collector lo
The remains John T Rayniond the actor arrived
ftt the Jrsy lily depot of the lVnnilAiila Kstllrnad nt
H o clovk 3 Mrtrril v niuriilnif and Htre taken tu hit isle
residence H Jan thirty eand trttt lime funeral will
taV M > tucu fr < in the M MtilM Church Around time Corner
at iO < o clot k tItle morning
The IM l inenibervof time > gratuity fund of the Cotton
Exohaiu K ore nottiiwl enlerday thai n vimmenL of
fldtacli hail been lei ltd uotin ticami tn vcnietiuenifl of
time dratliof William in H Trvtn There are l > > 4 member
of the fund Mr Travirat finally will receive fJlitLI
aud tttt feet will ro to the fund

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