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rnnos L4VSDflY
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tb AIiii1 laebne Cot
Qenrge Ogi OftTe
CnrtI JtQuadr sind er
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Maitae aiD
The ton of tlio laundry in Sing Sing prison
rcostory W k building about 40 by 100
foot was burned off yesterday and a number
of former citizen of this town distinguished
In flchHim the flrc The alium was
t1icmsIO l
wii nt 8l5 oclock OOOIBO Ogle wlio is
oervlnc ft llf sentence for killing a raiiu in
Eighth AvenUe va the first to w > o it Ho was
banging up shirts In ono of tim compartments
of ihodrylnit room on tho top Doorot tlio build
Jug when hj sraelled sniole and called tho at
tention of Tom Hnrlnn n follow convict to the
circumstance While ther discussed It they
tnw stnoko coralne through tim door of tho
compartment and hastened down thc lone
hall giving tho nliirm to tho four other men
who wero ill work there mid then ran Into the
pea iilr names followed thorn down the
hall and soon our > J out of doorways and
windows i Llnit rapidly under a stirring broczo
from the noi th
Tim first try of Ore found COO convicts In ono
lotijr inocosMon marching up and down and
rivuiid between the buildings In charge of u i
Joint f teeners with Hetid Keeper JiuiHjbCon
iiimcliton Ipollnir on Tho procession stopped
wlththollrjtcry iud then us the binoko bo
inn M Iour out of crevices iirotnul the
riiie easterly windows with hero and there a
tuiuno of flame the lino bcgnu to vnvor
bmiii of the mon were undoubtedly anxious to
Iontthe Ire but thu majority were thinking
ol th pnsslbllltlos of cocapo which the lire
vouM alTurd A bUuupcdo was Imminent but
tint lieid keeper shouted to the procession to
move on directing tilt keepers lock ovory
man In his coil nnd then as tho orders were
rromptly obeyed ho turned to look alter the
lire aIarIt1lL
rortuntttely lard Muster Aloiizo Wlltso was
In lit > hose house and with the aid of exAlder
man Jhi > hno from the storehouse ran the how
eiirts Into the yard Edward Newman who is
in Hir lift for murder and who was u plumber
hi ihli city a number of years ago ran to the
hydiint in the eontroof the flower garden on
tlitf soUb side ot the burning building while
elVlico hmgeunt Crowley exBoodle Alder
mnn McQundo Thomas iTiuiklin a honkers
bigamist who hud been ft volunteer fireman
and three or four others of less note grasped
the hose near the nozzle and in live minutes
as timed by Keeper Jackson the water wits
ruhlng from It through the upper windows
into the burning room
The second hose that was coupled to this
I Hi runt was only half a minute behind Other
lines of hose wore attached to hydrants ou the
north side of the laundry and along the water
front while a steam pump in the mess room
unt to the cast sent two more streams but the
iine I partitIons that divided the big room into
compartments dried by the high temperature
necessary for a dry room were like tinder and
the lire rushed through the upper story as II
along u train of powder
Foremost among those who run the lines of
hose up the stairways into the room that was
on lire was Jack Connors who attained noto
riety as the chief of a giug of smugglers and
bursters who had headquarters back of Trinity
Church so long ago as to bo almost forgotten
and who has ten month1 of a twenty years
Fontenco to Mine Warden lirusli iays that
Connor and Crowley are the ablest men
physically in the prison and that us a team of
tire lighters they could not IK excelled
IolleoniHU Hourke who killed Roundsman
JIcNenl had not watched the firemen at New
york fires for nothing for ho worked with
jndsment and ennrpj Sheridan a lift man
from lirooklyn John Meehan and William
Kelly who are serving ten years for bUrglar
JIliliiiil Merritt who is In for munslnushtpr
Fred Tlmmoni who is serving flfloon years for
burglary Artist Umlle oBotlm who was
found guilty of grand larceny and Rot Iho
jears to repent in John Quinn who while on
Jils tlrit spree shot and killed tim Chinainan
aarChiattiam siuare Friekflavon a burglar
William ray and Thomas Feeney guilty of
highway robbery and Col William Varlng
formerly Internal Koenue collector in Brook
lyn alike diliiiKukhed themselves
They wore nearly all general utility men
although McQuude was employed in the shirt
room adjoining the dry room where the lIre
stiirtod and who with Johnny hope of the
Mnnhattan Bank burglars mid six others hiul
to run for their lives because the llames spread
HI rapidly toward the stairway that formed
their only mount of descent to the ground
Frlckhaven stayed so long on thereof of the
burning building that he wan missed and it
was thought that ho had tried to Obcnpe No
ono had thought of looking for him in u place
where the danger was so croat
1ranklln the Yonkers bigamist also chose
the places of greatest danger He stood by a
nozzle on the burning floor until u part of the
roof fell in within n few feet of him and War
tln lirubli sent u number of fellow convicts to
drag him down Into the open air Artist Vo
cothn was the only one hurt Ho slipped on
the roof of an adjoining building and bummed
his ankle so that he had to bo taken to the boa
pitnl There were more than one hundred men
ungiiged in lighting the lire and each seemed
anxious to do more than his fellow but all the
rust escaped without injury
Warden Brush was at the railroad depot wait
ing for the New York trnlu A friend asked
him what the big smoke was down the track
Tho Wanton did not blot to answer but in
tipiteof twinges tin gout ran along the HOB
toward the prison lie could see that tho limo
vas in the laundry The alarm that followed
brought the Slug Sins lIre companies and
mndoa tremendous sensation in the village
for many thought the prifapnors had revolted
nnd HrcM the prison Mr Bruih himself had
thought of that too and he said afterward that
It was nut without some misgivings Unit ho
went Into the prison yard where ho found
hnnoier that Koenor Conntinghton had lire
nnimratUH working as hmootlily as though
Chief Hhav were in charge
The lire stai ted wliero a stove pipe from n
stove used to heat rjio irons in the ironing
rojmon the second floor paired through the
lloor of the dryini rooms The llres In tho
iron heaters are kept well agoing xnd the
lloor ot the room above thoroughly dried by
the coil of steam pln that furnish heat fur
tlio drying was ready to goat contact with u
bark In ies l < than an hour the Hi owns under
tuntrol and although the roof wn nil burned
on MI much Water wan thrown from the Cro
tun hidiants and the village engine that the
nvond liner was Injuied only by wnler
Jorn builder Itudden iek ostlmutrxi the
rhiniugA to tho buildIng ut tfioou Warden
Jlrubli thoncht that with the aid of hit own
men he could repaIr the iliimnge for 1000 The
loss on shirts will bo ut loiht < COO < They
hclonuod to nine New York dims anti were in
ured The lots of rnadiltius and furniture
will reach Suon
At 11 oclock the Pardon tolpgrnplied to fiu
trinlondent if IrNotiB ilakernt Allmnr nhk
lug for u tpocliil uiipionrlutlnn > f 1 1000 to
iniiko ropnlrh with At iin tlin I nlternoon he
UK nutilled that t tho bill for thin appropriation
hal iirfcied the AHKombl Tho Warden M as m
r hurry iMvatiHo he bad just got the laundry
Avrkiiig ho that it would iiuy tSOou n month
when the fIre came and ho wanted to get nt
the contracts twain
Ahniu 250 mon were employed about tho
1iilldlnir About 100 I rinbMiut at work mal
lie mohaIr leaving ltllto jlti tho 500 lille ones
hisktd in their culls
huno was no attempt made to get away nor
jw tiieri any disorderly conduct A lire tlmt
< rolfo out In the south foundry roof might haio
1ffln set by a convict but the Wiirikn thinks
hut it was from n spark Time tool of tile 11010
hfiisu was on lire two or three Iliiien
thu last hli In fIii hthg Iefoit hits one was
ni thin utlght of ii1t 2J s77 11Ie WOOl 1fli
lag iii a uply of jnd ficmn litiw eric amid
4hmarhes iIihtmiisii the noted iovernmneiit
fcond forger look iidvnnlngd of the stir nt at
iiiiunil I hour to llro thubturiihouMi V hllu that
building and the south foundry burned ho es
Wdmill was noor brought hick Ho has
IJiIO ssrvo4 a term In Eiifjland however and
luowdoiiigat tenyear Hilftnoo InHt Loins
IaxeJlnephy who win employed In the stoic
bfUfcont the time and worked faithfully was
Mtennird pnrdunvd
fit ryycr TbrrHleni Hnbcni Corpai Pro
cccdiiiK > ultri > ir > ItMll ItcduceU
A lawyer for Qoorgo V Powell who testified
in Hit iHindle IrlAUthil lie u ui ud Ainoiiic JirflsclWiO l
t > rucriy rjunen for iiamt furur liie lo the Urixilnu
rtd sit n0 jk I now Iii the Hereof Dtiintlun loM
Jidr Iowj eterdsy tUil Me Intw pelIli ely tliit l
ofl did iiot tiiI lurunnvray tiuIc CUVIIIK iltil
ttt l lit null nut iithi rinfli unit tlir u r HlU h
tej4 idt lOeg IrrII Or iO mi lo ru
a K LItr in Mm llitucir S livailii I ui ii1iit
u ru nau ymrJav Hut Iliu triol l ot Jite tl2rp
V It Iiikr Iae a us lri rri ai Itur ie
rrttr Iliytj i
ful < rnB inofil lit ItIDe lur Hie ifciile
in V1 lie ff ir1 ItI > bail n Jutiil jinn I J > nun
50 Iii ilu pi > i in MIII in UK ilMirn V Imli et
Ill i HIM Iut i lrllil btiit aiil his wilt AmmHillitralT f
iIiIi JitJUUMiro i Urtf roIi Krlll oil Ilir n vr Lund fur
IIi mtri iicur > i I lall lriitlitr of JIMIJC IILil of the
4 > run > r oiliiiconllii mia ftxrltt Jeers UIP
15 I iioo thi bead 41 theIr on u rcquiM
rae Inhnr V t fthnwi It Htrencth In tier
eyUomnrntti ticncraltr Nncctimi
Them Were BO innny split Uckota east at
Tuesdays charter election In Jersey City thnt
it was not until noon yesterday thrtt the last of
ho returns as canvassed by tho election offi
cers woro filed In the City Clerks offleo Tho
complete return do not niter the results as
announced In yesterdays flux except In two
Instances Instead of Jloycr It ODonncll
ID is elected 1ollco Commissioner In the
Fourth district anti Mnrlntis 11 is olocted
Alderman In the Third district instead of Me
Alvannh tho Labor and Democratic candidate
The defeat of Meyer for Tollco Commissioner
was a surprise as was also the defeat of Tllden
1U for tlio saute ofllco In the Third district
loth thcso men art members of the present
1ollco Hoard and both being popular nnd run
line In Itopnbltcan list riots their election was
hooked upon as a certainty Although the La
bor party did not make as good a showing as
was expected KB leaders ProfesS not to bo at
all disappointed over the results They say that
the party wont Into the fight more to show Us
strength than to elect Its candidate In the
Sncond district which In strongly Democratic
thin Labor arty > showed great strength Its
candidnto lot fire Commissioner elected
Over thin regular Democratic candidate and
they citnie pretty near electing their cnndldnto
for Alderman In meL the chnrgo is made that
the Labor candidate was counted out
Vo liar no cause for complaint tumid Bee
rotary Uolln of the Labor party County Com
mnlitco yesterday itenldes Huiton tot lire
CpiuniisHloner in tho Second district wo have
Jillclod the of the twenty members of the
County Board of Fiveliuldoro Kllroy In the
Second district irlflln In tho Tlilid Pnlmon
In the iiith and lioyle and Tieiney in the
I iiiili
The Democrats hav coined control of the
jRpardft of Aldermen and 1ollco Commissionern
The Hoard of Works will ho ft tie and the FIre
Board will bo composed of throo llepublicuns
two Democrats and oue Labor member Tho
Vote was as follows
Mnt I tiMrlct Alderman n vi n leins Pout R
wi Ureuinooil Lutnjr rd l lroiJO Dai plurality
ui Tollce romtulwluncr Kelly U listi Kriun r
Rt s Hawkins Ijiior cI u Kcllilimllty 148
Second binrtct AldrnnanIlranlnii U M0 Mini
nun Labor lsvi Urirdiin imjorlly U7 Klro Com
nU ourr llurke D 1J41 Uuiton J utmr 1TJU Uul
ton1 t majority 4Th
third UintrKt AldfrtnnnMcAhanah n 1471
Marlnui I MM MarnuK n nulotlty lii Fire Comrnin
loner Mina R l594 i OiiinUn Lnlmr anti P 14711
Sivas maturity 114 lcllc commlMtoncr Tllclcn Il
141 liavli O I and L 1tiai Deft > n majority leu
fourth Uiitricu Aldrrman Klliot u ltd Me
Arthur R 141X1 A > thrlii r Labor r50 Elliot plural
ItT aal roller VoramlMlnner > leyr R IKJ7 lillon i
nt IL 1 liU MePlhum Labor ttJ Uliornrllt plural
ity sa Hoard ot Iubllc Worltn Kern l2l Miller
It IIHO LannliiK litb < ir u Kern plurality m
Hrtli llliirlft Aldermen < tor who had the noralna
firm nt all ptrtlm ii2 Salinger ritlrcnt lJii hal
Infcrn niajriril V > Hoard of Iubllc WorVi Van
Keur < n R and D lOti I Noonan nSor 1EM Van
Keiirenn majority ltrrs r Irn rommi slnnrr Mill It
1173 trindnkerfli Ins7 Utlliii majority 117 I
Sixth District Alderman hhinila K t4i7 I Haul
n lirt iluldoon Labor MM fhnwdan iilnrallty
alT Hoard of 1iibllc Worln Hllllarrt R liw Mnllh
LalKir 7imhcliKfiler UHU Milliards rltimlitj u7
The Freetiolderv elected are Flrttt illnrlct McPon
cogS R Totien tl Second dlntrlct Kllroj L Men
netiejr U Third dlitrlct tirlfflnir l > and 1 > Turin
It fourth dlitrlet rhliiK eln K tlUby K Viftli dl 1
triru Laws IL Talnon L cad Ii Mtih dlnrlct Iii
merley D Iosu II betcntli district Cnlcn 1 > Kelly
U Kluhlll dlitrlct Boyle I and K Tlerncy L and K
Math dlmrlrr linmioE LI Kenny D Tenth illtrkt
I rech It Waan I
The Labor member it is thought will act
with thin Democrats lit organizing the Hoard
The lull returns of thai election in Hobnkon
BhowKerrlD to bo elected Mayor over Tim
ken Undl byi04 majority Asnesnor Dollnrd
City Treasurer lionle and Collector of lteenue
Howes were nil reflected without opposition
They lire Democrats
In Bayonne Newman R defeated Oliver
ID for Mayor by l4U votes and Uesher lLh
was elected Itocordcr over OConnor ID and
LI by 41 majority
The Mcthodlat Prencbcn Brfnae lo Recoc
ulre be Third Pnrtj
The FrohibltionistB in the Methodist Epis
copal Church Conference in nepsion in Mount
Vernon yesterday who shrewdly sought by
resolutions to gain the recognition of the third
party by the Methodist Church met the enemy
yesterday The clause around which the bat
tle surged was this
U r frratefnlly ackno ledite the work and worth of the
poliCes Anti saloon League and the 1rohlbltlon pArty
In aroupluK and educittlnir public opinion provoking
the other political partita to pabmll the quention of
prohibition to the vote of the peupl In more Staten than
e er b f ure
Another clause proposed by tIme Prohibition
ists which set nil the old Conference war
horses to roaring was this
We are unalterably oppoetd to the enactment of Iaw0
that propose by Keen taxing nr ntherwiiM to regulate
the drink truffle btcauiM they provide for iln coulinti
utter and afford no protection hiraini it ravaeeii And
all action to the contrary thereto we declare to be iu
> ethodl tic nod In tiolatiou of the discipline of our
Church the tupjKirt lately kncn to lh Now Vuirk HUH
Licence bill not vxcepted Me recurd ie t licence to he
n delusion and n Miare and all fcuppon in tau or nr ttm
name ui not only helpinir In thruua her an appearance of
renptctablllty about the drinking naloon but wearing an
anvel robe for htau that he tinny more easily deceive
The Itov Dr J M Buckley editor of thin
CliriKtian jldi ui ate moved to amend by striking
out both of these clauses nnd substituting this
Ae ftre unalterably opposed to the enactment of law
thai trn ° tie by licelif or others to regulate the
dr nk traftlc l ecaiie they provide for itt continuant
and anord no protection Hpainit lie rarniri t c hold
that the proper attitude of briuiinft toward this trattlc
IB one of uncompromising o > poellf n and while HO do
not iirehumo to dictate to our people St to their puitkat
atlilUtions we do exj nn the npitilon Dial tiey Mioulcl
not pLrmtt themwhtu to tie 1 controlled by parlj organ
iKutfons that era managed In the Intereat uf the llijuur
Three hours later in thin heat of he debate
which followed Dr Uuckleyn motion the Itev
Dr Iteed moved thu previous question
The Ilov Mr Curbitt Thutb not lair Its not
honorable I I
Presiding Ttlshop Ioss Excuse mo brother
that is not fair
Jho pimlous tjupition was taKen up by n
vote of 107 to Kt Then Urothor Boole seting
that the Prohibltlonlth weio beaten moved
thut monllon of nil agencies favor of toinper
iinco should be omitted from this reFol at ions
but the amendment was rejcctud liy mote of
69 to 63
rinnlly the resolutions as amended by Dr
IlULler were adopted by 1 nearly unanimous
vote > The hparlan eighty in tlm TcmjHjrunio
Alliance had dwindled tu t n liitndful I
On tli motion ot llruther Piillmuu this reso
lution was uiianlmoufly adopted
liettilvfd That we rtrtTKb uunlu alit the prorr ltionof
tile Honor the Major ol New tork city loamrnil Kt J
cite law > o an tu permit the Mile of lieernnj ollieon hun
day ufternoonft in uw tout oily billeting that the
public tale of lljuor on Ihiitdty I nill tend unlentroy tmr
American Sabbath and u ill oprii the door for tin com
plete yoiiiUrlatlotj of tho day
HupcrannuatJd iclations were grnntodto the
Ilev Dr JIo < en L Scutltlerof GletCovo the I
Itov L K Ktowe ami to the lies it H Loomis >
Hupernumorary iclitiun was grnntod to llu
Bet A H 51ctd
Tho following were admitted on trial Jlufus
T Cooper Odell V Smith Ed urd It Foley
Edward O Free nnd Chiirlcs Paulsen
10100 fur Trau > ortlne the NatIonal Opera
Caniimn tu SMt Framlno
OMAHA April 13Tile KatloniU Opera
Company which completed its engagement in
this city last night nod which wns to have loft
for San Francisco Immediately after lust nights
performance is still heio The male members
of the company have been amusing themselves
Inline thu day playing football on the pint
form of tho Union Peel hut Depot wlillo thin
ladles have spent their time In tho Wigner
slHeiilngeiirs I uiimyi Ing cardh and reading novels
Thu Union racillitroiidielusud to transport tIle
cars containing I the siencry and SI age lIxI tires
without reeti Inc In iid mince iri4lit Hinicrin
tendunl W A Hayes of the Vi uglier bleeper
Car Company fort tier einbirra scd matters I by
lefuslng to nllow bis I cams to bit moved without
tho pa > ment ol Juii < Manager Chuties 11 I
Lorko of tlmopurn t company telegiuphed I Wash
Ington Connor of New lork city and at 4 tills
fifternoon received In reply n despatch nulhor
UlngMr hliitie mind the railroad company lo
draw on him for I heir money At b oclock this
evening the twnntynlne cars of the I opera com
puny went out on sections one and two over
Iiinu jiasenger
ImiiurlHiil < huane of firm Xiame
An Importiint cliungu In the history of tInt
oldest drug firm In Now York City has jut
been mide by which tlm business of Cabwoll
HaraidiV S Co wlileli was cstablUhed in 176U
i I v vhhl hereafter bu ionducted under the name of
I Huxiird Hazard A Co The niembcrshlp of tile
IIi bui Is iiniliiingtid and the luiiniigciuunt ro
inaliih thu I hiitnu ii > ur JOyuam nist Their
places ol buiincsh In this city am located un
tilth avenue comer ol TwentyIourtli utteet
and on Hlxtli uvenue corner Thirtyninth
NEJI tilItlfttl HTrLES IHS7
Vnirel Ilrolben tlulhlera
if Uroailraviinil llousion Hint bth avenue cornered
it hte now cumnleie their new spring it let romurlt
lox an liomtDUe < arlety of cictlleot quality r > admn < l
cluihlDg fur men and bvj a KuUloa uulopu Mat tra
Cklldren Cry for IMlcUcr inlarla
A pirtc ptsyataUou las clilldrms caniitlalaita4i
Iroof that lie t > sin KxC onTlci Obtained
Iteeojnlrert 1iru Thief In lnll lie Msthei
n furious Proposition Kmuwi Record
John Grcenwolt the alleged elayor of
Lyinim 8 Weeks was arraigned In the Court
of Sessions In Brooklyn yesterday to plead ti
the Indictment charging him with tho murder
He was perfectly cool In his manner and his
rather pleasant face showed no trace of terror
Ho Is very far removed in his appearance from
the typical desperado Wham Clerk York had
finished reading tho Indictment ho answered
in n low but linn voice Not guilty Through
an interpreter ho said
I have no lawyer no friends and no money
I nm innocent ot this crime You may assign
mo counsel If you feel so disposed if not you
can let It alone You can assign counsel if you
please but I nm sure 1 am not the man who
killed Weeks
Judge Moore told tlio prisoner that ho would
assign him counsel todny and that he would
call and consult with him District Attorney
Itldgway wanted to have the trial sot down for
next Monday but Judge Mooro flied it for a
week from that day
Groenwell vas then taken from the court
room to Limo jail handcuffed to Detective
Itoehie and with Detective Corr alongside of
him On the way down Willoughby street to
the Raymond street jail ho made this curious
proposition to tho detective
If tIm District Attorney really believes that
I am the man who killed Mr Weeks why
doesnt ho tnko mo up to thn house in Do Kulb
avenue and lead uio to the very room In which
the shot was llrod and plnce me on the spot
where ho fell dead and see If 1 will turn little
I nm told that murderers faces will become
white when they are brought to the scene of thin
murders llrlngino there and see if mine will
The detectives were staggered nt the cool
manner lu which Oreenwell said this
w S hen lie was surrendered to Sheriff Fowler s
keeping he was placed in the cell which is tho
nearest to the main ofllce antI directly In view
of the keepers and there men were detailed to
take turns in watching him so that ho might
not have an opportunity of committing suicide
if ho cherished such on intention
The man who was watching him last night
read aloud the itport published in one of the
afternoon papers about his case He listened
to each word with unflagging interest He
kept silent until the report closed and then
alter long pause said
1 have nothing to say now except that I am
innocent but when the proper time comes X
vip have something to tell which will bo a sur
There wns a singular Identification of Oroon
well at the jail jesterday Frederick Christian
a young Ocrman who also belonged to the
gang that Inspector Byrnes collared last week
and two whoso members krause anti Baker
gave Oreenvvell away has been In the jnll
nwaiting trial for burglary since April 1 Chris
tian like Greenwell Miller Ivruusc and
linker was In the habit of putting up
at the Bowery lodging houses On March 21 t
he was released from Bluckwells Iclum after
serving three months anti ou the iiieht of 1
March JC ho went with two or three of his pals i i
to Inrkvllle nnd broke Into and robbed the
house of AndtcnsLrzingera butcher In whose
employ hu hud been n > ear lieu When Green
well passed through the office at the jail ses
turday Mr Erzlnger was sitting there talking
with Christian nnout tIme recovery of time Jew
ely he anti hIs companions hud stolen A look
of recognition piscd between Christian anti
Greenwell and Mr Erzinger also felt conli
dent that ho hud seen Oreeuwell round
his place nt 1nrkvllle Christian sub
sequently told Keeper BheUin that he
was nciiualntid with Oreenwell and that they
tiseu ui Heep TOKeitier in tuu xjoivtjry IIL uui
time Police Inspector McLuughlin said last
night It is curious how we are pitherinpup
nil thug threads in this story of crime V hen i
Baker was ut Hondomirters yesterday he said
thnt Grcenwoll had told him n couple of wotiks
ago that lie was over in Brooklyn with three
friends tho night before and that they got
away with ISO In money and considerable
jewelry and also that they had plen
ty to drink while working on tho
job The thieves who broke into Mr Lrzingers
house carried off just that amount la money
fO worth of jewelry and drank it dozen bottles
of liuer 1 asked Greunvvcll if he knew any
thing about the Iirkv1lln robbery but ho
denied it I now believe that lie wits engaged
in It and that Krause may also have been ono
of the burglar Wo will follow up this new
piece of information mid something may como
out of it hearing ou the tangled web of crime
we are trying tu unravel
The story which Greenwell told to Superin
tendent Campbell on Tuesday has been dis
proved in ono important particular Hu mill
that ho had never been arrested before and
that he only recently joined the thieving gang
al 53 tiowrry Brooklyn detectives have as
certained that ho has been a thief for two or I
thiee years and that ho was only released
Iron Bluckwolls Island after serving ten i
months about two months ngo i
The hat which he wore on the night ho crossed
to Jersey and assisted in lobbing Bunker
Votings honto and which he left behind in the <
yard has been bunded over to the Brooklyn
police It is a black felt hat with a soft rim
and it is thought by Mr Itidgway to be the
same he wore on the night of the Weeks mur
der It is not un old hat but has evidently
seen bomo rough usage a niece of the
crown bciug crushed in mind almost cut
through It lc surmised that It may have
received thIs dent while its wearer had what
Mrs Weeks describes as a scrimmage with her
husband directly liefore the shooting and that
this t accounts for the broken chair which Mr
Weeks may have used on tho head of the bur
clnr he confronted In the basement Mrs
vteeks says thut time hat worn by the man
whom she saw making his escape seemed to he
n slouch hat dreonwells hat would bo mis
taken fur mm loiuIu In thn darkness
Tlie police have been following up the im
portant piece uf information thej obtained on
Tuesday in reference to Krauses previous
losidenco in Brooklyn In April 18SW a man
wno wild his name was Paul llannlek but who
Is IJentliiil with Krauso amid his wife rented a
furnished room from Mrs Konig nt 118 Broad
way which li only I ton minutes wilk from ho t
AVeeks t house lie stiildeiilv disappeared hub
tlia houo in November 1HSS Ho represcntod
himself usi sailor nud u t a llreninn on n stuini
loot Mrx m Koiiigttfd not sen him again until
let 21 f thin present year when lit again
rentcd n furnished room in the t houso He was
nlonu and stld that his wife wts working in
a rostmiiiut in this city linhndiioliiggngeof I I
any description Iii ii It upmtonrti I on March it
four days nfter tlio Weeks innrdci without
pnj In the two weeks rent which wa due
Mii hnnlg saw that only ono unto called to
sen her mysterious lodger and that
lis n hnmpbiicKed niiili 1 1 ho police bellevo
lute t this I man was Miller whose back
baa a luCullir deformity Krauze nlsollvd
it 475 Broadway n couple of years ago but I hlH
landlord there I I soon got rid of 1 him being satis
lied that ht wim a thief He I also ono lived in
Flushing avenue Tho police oflkliils are sat
isfied that KratiPe was tho rliiulender lu the
thieving gang which hns been brought to grief
nod some ot them still I suspect that ho many
have llllod Mr Weekc in spite nf the contrary
lows entertained hue the I District Attorney
Kinuseri inal namo is 1nul Hiuilch He win
leliased From BhickvvoHs Island on Fob JO
afuer servIng a ytiur
Mrs Weeks tool a good view of Kinuo as
plio pafSd hi hut Grand Jury loom nn Tues
day mid her opinion wns that he Is taller than
the man whom she saw glide off from the house
nfter killing I I I her husmnd I iten well she
thinks looks manic like the man she saw It Is
il r murk ii Ide laet thnt t Greonwoll line thin
periiliar thickness about the neck which she
spoke of in hord < > siilptlon I t I ot lie t man
Krause the other witness mid Miller who is
nlrto indicted for murder will probably be alcoa t
In Brooklyn todiv There was a rumor to the
ethel that Miller hind confessed that he kept
VJilch outside Mr Wrokss house when Irene
well was inside nnd that he run away us boon
as lie heard the pistol shot
Cut flulimuy Retiree from Joumallam
JIiiMKiis April lSCol L C Galoway this
afturnoni1 deposed of his half Interest In the Unlit Ap
iirol and will rellre permanently from iuunmUiim after
llfly yearn aiihie service fceienieen of it on the Awnfit
lie rifle lo Mf iniiliin In IK17 and founded the Amitmrir
which he rnnluiliil until iMTa I There w III be no chauic
In the editorial inanaifement of the tjrruf < ol J ti
knuilnc rrtalnlnir his Inttrem and poalilou ai editor
Ilie Rereptloii sea Xol at HUCCCH
TrcMON Mill ILThin Democratic League
if I Trenton Hndtrrd a rcreption lo Cov Green at lli
Mumiitlc Te mplo lo night Only about one half the mem
Inn alientUS Hie itbjence of Irish Americans wa
iiotce > hl There lyric itt tlilrly three cmiplti In m lie t
trand iiurcli which was led hv theimern irand vr
rib Belnemau Ihe wife of the CrttUeut of the Uague
Navrtlnst Men Mtnrt nM rAtihIIebint Op
posite s > Pollee ntattlnn
A gang of sawdust swindlers took up their
residence several weeks vgo at 333 Vest Forty
hovonth street which is opposite Police Captain
Kllllleas station house They hired twoad
joining flats on the top floor and appeared to
do a flourishing trade Joo Little a crook of
pome notoriety was ono of tho gang and Capt
Kllllloa spotted him at once and had the house
watched In hopes of getting convicting evi
dence The swindlers wore too clever for him
140 with his detectives ho made a raid on
thorn at 8Y > i oclock yesterday morning
The police arrested Joseph Little ago 2G re
siding on the premises William J hineclior
age SO who lives nt 32SWcst Fortyseventh
street but two doors awajr Joseph Wlmrton
age 30 of 252 West Twentysixth struct and
Ueorgo Illotts ago 23 of 330 W est Fortyninth
street The men made no resistance nor was
any opportunity afforded them to attempt es
cape They woro caught with all thu parapher
nalia ot their lawless calling about them and
actually employed in the work ot plotting
to nooce the unwary stranger
The suitu of Apartments on tbe went side of
the hall was handsomely furnished n n mM
denoe and In the rooms were touudlVMMiM
en who at first were represented to bo Littles
servants It afterward transpired or was
claimed that one of them Is his wife and the
other her sister They were not disturbed
though their trunks were taken to the station
for Inspection They busied themselves
throughout the day nud evening in searching
for lawyer and bull for tbo men
The other apartments in which the men wero
caught were unfurnished except with thin out
fit of a fully equipped green goods establish
ment In this respect It WM most complete
Included in the contents of the rooms all of
which wore seized were copy of DimnV Mer
cantile Agency IMorcnco Book a large quiltto
volume giving the niuueeandnddrcgscsof busi
ne4 men throughout the United Mates
mind Canada several blank books partially
lllled with holoctod addressns with which cor
respondence had manifestly boon opened
thousands of stamped envelopes somo lllld
with circulars and addressed and others
ready to bean treated innumerable packages
of green taper carefully cut to the size of
greenback notes with a genuine note on
cither tide other packages made of
hrtilfR nnntlr wrannno lu rflllow rnnnHa
paper tied with t strong cord nnd sealed
with wax a number of now black satchels
some of them already packed with bricks and
paper ready for delivery and others ready to
no filled all uniform in size and appearance
a cjlostyle for printing circular letters and
huge bundles of tlie circulars already
printed two stereotype plains for print
lug the front and back of an alleged
newspaper chipping puntortinp to relate lie
arrest of the swindlers and hour discharge on
evidence of Government officials that their
goodswere not counterfeits but genuine
Impressions from plates stolen from the Gov
ernment Printing Ofllce piles of these alleged
clippings ready printed printing Ink anil
rollers and various other paraphernalia
Beeeher who gave his name at Brown when
the oflltersentered picked up one of the black
bags which he claimed wis his This was
found to contain 1040 In genuine Treasury
notes nil new and crisp HS if just from the
pros and i40 in Canadian money also fresh
and crisp This wns the decoy money exhibited
to seekers after groen goods with which they
were deceived into making purchases to be
then gulled by the slclghtoflinnd exchange of
ratchets or pneUiiges into carrilnguwny care
fully wrapped brick
Capt Klllilea took his prisoners before IJ S
Court Commissioner Shields yesterday after
noon where thuS were heftl In 26HO hull for
examination They were locked up iuLudlow
street jail
A Tonne GIrl mho Could Sot Marry the Maw
who Betrayed Her DetermInes Co llle
An excited couple raised u great outcry in
room 12J of the Paisley House at Sixth avenue
and Twentyeighth street last evening which
was followed by the mans rubbing to the
Thirtieth street elation to report that the
woman had tttkon poison A burn timbulance
call wax sent to the Now York Hospital but
Dr Adams who responded and n policeman
could not find the woman when they reached
tho hotel Policemen were sent in all direc
tions to hunt her up
The man who had reported the case found t
her in the street anti took her to the station
house Ho also had three bottles which he
said she hud thrown Into the street One had
contained chloroform and the other two ap
parently laudanum One wasunlnbelled The
others wore from Krnuss drug More 319 Sev
enth avenue l > r Adams was again hastily
called but he could llnd no signs of poisoning
on tIn patient Hue was locked up mind lie
man hold as u witness
An hour later Doorman Demp ey found the
woman unconscious in her cell Dr Adams
was called a third time He could detect in
pulse breath or eyes only slight traces of nar
cotic poisoning and was not able to say posl
lively that bhe had taken anything But ho
took her to the hospital
Tho story of fie couple had in the mean time
been l secured by the police The man was
Ltiul Vlgnnu n cook in Clnrkes nstnuinnt
Th woman wns Nellie Douglass n roodlook
ing young English woman with fair hair nnd a
lIne llguie Mio loud worked at service in
various places in this and other citus The
couple intended lo gut married today and had
already bfgun to hive together nt 2117 Wet
Twentyninth street They took rooms there
on Tuesday
The woman says that sho was met in the
street hy n woman oterditv afternoon who
Raid How dare > ou hive with my husband
and struck her in the fitee Convinced that she
hnd been betrajetl sho decided to poison her
sell I and got the polnon by pretending that she
huh the toothache But she insisted that she
had not taken any Druggist Kraus said that
thin laudanum ho gave her was a weak prepar
ation that could not hurt her But the tin
labelled bottle may havu held u drachm of full
blrength which would bo n fatal dose
Vlgnau haiti that while he was ut worl ho ro
cclvctl the following letter
vtr DEAR Fnit MI Louis You have bronchi me to thin
ri let Why did 3 nu not tell me the truth If > ou
ant lo nee me come to room i21t I at once hticaufcc tills
u the last time 1 will err you loura rely I
Vlgnau went nt once to the hotel nnd iou
tested that he was not married and that he
would marry her
1 havo taken poison and flint is tho end of
it sun nnsworod
lint woniiin revived a little nt the hospital
but was not able to talk Her recovery is
hoped for
She rnlnlt when the VerOlel It Rendered
nod Tureitens to Hue lur Dnunitres
Tbotrinl of Mrs Sarah Hunter Njnck
Indicted for ciunl larceny In stealing from
Mrs Lena Mnnstlnld n pair of diamond ear
rings and a diamond ring valued altogether at
250 van concluded yesterday before Uecorder
Smyth in Part III of the General Sessions Mrs
Mansfield testltlod on Tuesday hint she being
in adeslituto condition pawned her diamonds
and that Mrs Hunter who iifterwiti4 advanced
her money on them t stole the I diamonds
Mi > Hunter was one of thin corespondents n
hhort time h ago in the famous ilivoicn suit of
Mrs TlioiniiKF Tismun of Nyiick agiilnst her
lummuhjiu nil Tho suit resulted dlsiistiouplv for
Mrs Juamun Mrs Hunter alleges that I thn t
larceny charge trims brought against her as tutu
result of n eun plracy betwuun Mrs Tiibinati
and Mrs Mnnslleld Slit testified I thnt she
bought tho pawn tickets outright from Mrri
Mnnslleld and Unit I tint t diamonds were stolt
from her Slit fainted when her ciimscjauil
nation hegnn on Tuesday saul time trial hud to
Im adjourned Mio buiitmu hysterical when
sho trims criifscxiimliied vesteiduy hint I thu I
force of her direct testimony was unshaken
him snid that I things had frequently t lnen
stolen from her by a little colored girl who WIIH
now one of lie t ttitnessttr against her < om
inodore William Vourhfs of Njtck D J Blnu
velt IreMdent of the I lloiUuiid County Na
tional Bunk and other Nuttk gentlemen tcMl
lled lo I Ill is Hunters I genii ehainctor
Mrs Hunter cried violently and the court
flITters tried in Mlin to Mop uer crying by
briricliig her glnswB of water Then Morris
Davis the pawnbroker who had the diamonds
In his possession testified that they vveru not
worth over f 25
Lawyer C 1 Hoffman of f Nyjtk summed up I
for Mrs iliintcrand Assistant Dlbtrift Altoiniiy
John Davis lor the I people Itoconlcr binytli
took nearly nn hour In I charging the jury j ihitu 1
jury were out only live minutes and returned a
vcrdltttif not guilty The llaouidtr said that
ho tnoupiit i mi u verdlet vita an nmlnently h proper
ono Mis m Jlitej I I Minted again und neatly I
fell from ht i I ilr Tlio court olflcurs brought
more glusiti < f eater but Mrs Hunter did not
revive rthf uun fiirrlid into a side room
where In n little while her daughter funnod her I
into ronsclousncen Thou she shook hands
with her friends and some of the jurymen and
departed smiling Lawyer Honinan enid that
rnxeodlntB might he l commenced against Mrs
1Mpa ad Mrs Manifleld br consii1raa
1 C
XOTXOIIK TMV irnr OF rni iwLr
CATKI > snx AJtitisnt >
The Tuto of Iho HoiitT Tnr In Kxrraa nr
whHl has been KrpoMrd Tiva More Ar
lemma Umlr A TbrentcolnB lctlci
PinsBtjjiaH April 13Thin most oMtlvo i
and Ionllf mitorr pUdonco ntcnmulalott show
ing that the I inHjibtlons ou tho Piinhatidlo
Railroad biUo ken far In excess of what hilt
boon reported llii iitfnrnoon it came to light
that a car was rllledt Kutidny a week ngo
between this city and Donnlfesntf 3 6tMi worth
of Roods not a single article of rtlJie being
loft behind Thu stolen goods stored kit tlio
rearof Mr Gllklnsons prlnto ofllco mire immid
to bo worth KHJOOO n part ot which was ob
tained at the city fences An addition has
been made to that recovered property by tho
coods brought back from Now YnturIord Ohio
Tho accomplices of tho thloxos are renortlng
to throats to intimidate tho Pnnhandln Itnll
rqad olllclals Among the letters received by
Buporlntendent Taylor this morning was the
Jgljl frora Dcnnison Ohio
Dont make anymore arrcutm 0intn o jjEtl
cut your damn wire and do It HI often iou fl C pit i o
You cant get tin all and you had bettor let the matter
Superintendent Taylor thinks ho recognizes
the handwriting and the man suspected will
bo spotted Ho it still In the companys em
ploy The police are still working quietly and
toiijo startling tloulnmmnts s are promised
John Burt and C V Sin It Ii brakemen sup
posed to bo imiilkated In the robberies woro
biirprlsod nt their homes List night llirth
Wits chnrged from the Panhandle a shirt
timo ago and hns sincu been turkhag cmi tim
Baltimore and Ohio Several pawn ticket and
borne new handkerchiefs it Is said wero found
on the prisoners Detective Coulson of the
city police loft hero this moraine to iirroft sev
eral men who hud been in thu employ of the
company hut who Imd left before thin expo
sure Those men it is alleged mo known to
hmtvn been among that mo t nrnmlnciit and
reckless on the Panhandle i her mire now In
the employ of the Pennsylvania Itallroad the
Fort Wayne the Lake JJrie and the Snltltnnro
and Ohio It is asserted that those men went
to the other line to organize the crews of thono
roads with a iew to bteniiitic robbery
John Hampton counsel forthoiompiinysays
that had they arrested all of the emplo > ees
who wore directly or indirectly connected with
the robberies it would have been necesary to
stop the oiwratlon of the road The supposed
ringleaders only were placed In custody Alter
the first arrests Pnuhnndlo men including
many for whom warrant were out istri to
flee In all directions Among t Iinsi iM ho Penpod
are homo of the moM Miecesful and daring of
the robliers Assistant DIstrict Attoniey fngan
says that there weio at least IfMJ informntiuin
uiiiiiinc on nn nxeragout leist luau t persons
each From this statement it will bo wen ilint
fully half of the number intended to bu arrested
arc still nt large
John Hasting ono of tho accused men wild
today that although ho had been In tho em
ploy of the company ten years hu did not even
know uf this stealing business two months
ago I had a tip that I arrests were to bo made
three days before they oecurr d liii aid and
if I had been guilty 1 could Iiiio Uppcd and
got omit of the way A laurent intn told inc
I HiippuM he knew because tho loinnnny was
Inking the names and residences of all the
train men
Could the cars bo robbed without your
knowledge V
Well I should say they could When neon
duetor has to run his train on a mid I eg nml
walk from a half mile to a mile to the telegraph
station for orders how could 1 know il ella
were broken open I can cnlly account for
the goods found in my house The shoes were
n present to my wife and she should not hne
taken them if Id known they wuro stolen Tlio
silver was a present to us and J win got the
fellow who gave them The velvet I found
myself behind n fence out at Park lildge
Jolii Nlmmo Chief of the Brotherhood of
Ilrnkemen on the Panhandle road culled on
Deputy Mayor Cripp before whom the war
rants had been nworn out this monilrg and
said that the Brotherhood would employ coun
mel to defend the prisoner If proofs i wen
shown of their guilt however the brotherhood
would assist in their conuctlnn It was lie in
tention nlo to proceed agninet thn cuinpany
for damages if the charges again1 any of thu
men tinder arrest are not sustained Thin
counsel for the prisoner lme not > ol deter
mined upon u plan defence but MIV thej ate
waiting tlie result of tho licnring on Jlondiiy
Every etlort is tieiiig madn by the attorneys
for the railroad to push tIn CIIMS let that they I
can be heard by the I present Iinind Jury and
thus soeure a trial at thmt premit term I of
court The United States authorities Intro de i
idid to proceed ncalnt tIme prisoners for
breaking into iovernment bonded cir
The Pennsjhunla Company nnnounced
today that lIve days would 1 be ghen to
People hiiNlngin their possession good stolen
from the I Panhandle trniu in nhlch to t return
t lie slime No uuestlons will be uked nnd I no
further investigation follow It Die goodsnre re
turned Thin company hns it lIst of uvr burly
houses In this city In which Molen pioperlylrt
concealed and it is 1 to reach these I nnd duO be I
t of numerous nrrets hi mitt long trials
that this method has been adopted
THE noMixiny ititLitvnT
Purport or the SiirrrU from lie Tbronc on
the FUbvrlea Illiputc
OTTAWA April 13Tho Dominion Parlia
ment assembled today and tIme Hon Adolpli
E Oumet was appointed Speaker for the next
term but the formiil opening will not take
place until tomorrow when lie Queens speech
will be read The Fpeech congratulates the
House on the prosueious state of affairs In thin
Northwest on the completion of the Canadian
Pacillc Itnilond during the last year nnd the
biiucestf working of the national policy le
elproeal trade t relations aro touched unoti with
the West Indies Australia and Cuba but not
with the United Mates Hogmllng the fishery
dispute Ihe I speech uims hint negotiations hne
so for tailed us the I I lilted StatiH Iino been
unwilling to come to n settlement The Ciov
ernment will nuiUe butter uirraucemiltlut her tlie
nrotectlon ot tlir llheries this yeir than 11 t
The speech In I its present form N very uiisUi I
factory especially those I clauses relnliiig h to
iiwstiuns I atroctiiir our leluticm with the I
United States and a ira rum tint mitc I ininii
nont Voluminous eornspindonee In I eonnee
thin with thu fishery dllllcnlty lll bo rttibuilt
ted within u few dnjs
Chamberlain AtturU the Iurnfllltei
LONJ April iLMr ChiinilHrlnln tti In
aiijtfect todi > Pur the 11 TM I lint in it hl itry iln u >
Liberal party ianUiol tlth iiifl it hoc linn aitiHrMiit 1
wIlt tuu rage A iKaJorl > if Ito JttiorM nit win s > f
1aMimont who unmieltum bil raitt iriAllltil vilh the
iun who produce ilNonttr in Iiolmil mil thnrtlon u tt
whim putrutfc in oar utrvcn I hr > pu the time lit rriid
whHiOrent HriUlnnlll Kit om niiHwcrtn thin I jnllcy nf
fntliiillatiun I jim comment Hint I 1hf h h ilk if the uori
imtc rlfin 4h 0 IU > 1iiA n > itiplli wilt tlm3 win ret
mil Uicor lad rxor Shill 1h ir Mh a
lit Iurno lime haie t utd ii tirtim wriljifor Mislay
next In i m mtioti of 0 ii on h I < IIi UiiIi uui I uif t till
A clmioM ull IA ink < ti tn the House of t tmm < tiu MI
Uniiduv nn hlr riiliirtl Hinnc M n i unirniliiini In > the
ri muire till to th irett ifn ilfhll ft ta M > t C tilt lii
Celtic tie I til oilier lu inliiiI tint IIM itur tin limIt
ami mite inilru iiiiti 1 Hit rriore HiouM 1 irjict i > il I Ii
I jiHmliun 1111 ii uttcnirt tu u > iolonif In tit h ii i m n m tin1
till rsrtuiiit lieu hct r kuJeaiimm fnr b itn m toitiinttn
nay Hhtth Milt proiiiMj l > i r ifiLl im tlir tii ti Ii 1 > > t
VrMorlty will H iktii tat bill tuiunrru HUU Mr
Uiittiunmts iii leulit
The Pie ldeit IVout Tnke Part
LONDON April 13 Thn Amerliitu Leinilin t I I
hat Mat a OuinriiiiKilldii 10 the pr < cc tliik hit it u ti
Utement pubinlieit jrMrrdL > that rrt iiUnl I leielm I
I nub np < n ile Mneilciin IlKlilliillou In telrirrnph KI
Muy i < WHK erroneous ntut iliit neithi r tin i le IlUllt hr
the Pitt niinent 01 ito tuittt l Mnti hn auvtuiiuiclii n
with the Lmuitlmtlin
llr 1HrUcr amid Itrcclirra Iulop I
LONDON April i 11Tho 1 Km I Dr loepli i Iir I I i
ten pmtor of use City Tlnplr rxpUiii thou he hn <
found It ImpnMlliln lo I reach lirooUK h > Juno 1 in u ri
tit mr the eulnv on Hi echer lit hi i It HMII ulliU
Bl repl the isek r f iklil erllll the eilnj If it 1 1 IVIioMi j
ntrc arranyeO tir Jut ci l hlacut r ttrihiilay I
rbe German Uniticl
IFILIN April laThio JfarltnrMi say thin
iilpleinriilar > hudcct ilite not thr < at < n an liii util list
war Extra eiSIitiii trill RC rrmut ret lui ri > rrr > ii l Hit I
new arm > uw and Hie mono Hill ii I ill tu em i to ftrat
ttfif rtl rid Hie cxtinviim iuit t altfmttMiiurii > ilriiMa
mica jiriiiler and new LIIH fir the mat > n
Tuirnlig I On I InrJ Iiiu > < tiit > nr Teuunta
ILiaLbi April 13ihu hum Isemi i
tiered to rntuimne cm irilsut tat the Sit rqimu c f himitiwii e
emiltice mietit week hilt tiring tIi te Mr ii Ililauti
S ihtrii ii i Ill ltrICsit mi isitititi immuutlmai ii to 1 I5UUt ii
thteManlIuise ciure ha Ssiktisitluii iii S S iStittuib
Itrrrs sEcoxn AP1LIRlC
Again n treat Tlironz M the MHrnpoiltnn
Mine Ncnlrhl WcKomrtl
The grand tier of the MetropoltUn Oprm
j House Waned Avllh diamonds again lust ten
t 1 Ing In honor of Mrac Adollnu 1iiltlfl second
nppeiunucn In her short MIIOII of Italian I t
j opera Tho huii o wns jammed nnd all Ito
Mtmdlni loom t itt trlon I It t usn villdlyin
tliiislaMlt mtsscimuthilaze > and Its applause html
phoutH of nppniMil utto tedgreat dcllphl nt thin
fnmouR slner pirfuniiunee
Tho opttM tilit SemliMuililfl I and In I Its por
fommnee Ainu Iuttl I I uittuMri nl h her I stt
lirlngliigto litrpart aweidtli of htilllnnt neMil
I ration anil Inking tho r > e of the tire with n
dignity ami nn JmmmhtrtssltlIitlt that I pecl illy
bclllalt lliprelmin iinllie llnlin nnil u per
feitlon tif f nielhnd utlumllng her vniU I Hull t
itjidr it iKioolnlly Interesting am tiatluno
rontiJUutd I iniieh towiinl her grent ind tin
slit ttI ialiu Her I Mileo rang nit S last nlcht
with its liMtlrD tlonrnen lOud swicttess und
fhe viis repeatidlyrvculUd und oUnvheliuid
ttlthi flowvn v
Tho greetinc given to 7hhuic Peiilold was
seemlnglv not IC l ° s t eat huuolIt I umiiulJiumitl tlmn t
that I nijeorilcd to I Iuttl I TIlM ctiisMeiiliitusiiiil I h
ml lila artist IIIIH iilwnys lieen h a tiiMirlro t hore
nnd nllhiugh I he management vlidsu in nimln
gl7e In I adxanee for her I posclltlo Hhortponilnm
in I eoiisiiiiiienee of Illness Mie gave great de
light und naielved a dcjened h and I noisy ie
unTr in lirTi uouceruiaffiuiMo uut i tin t4
moils duct hho vis hoard to especial ndvun
tugeluust is to be hung tomorrow night
g ecusisa IllS iinir
A Benenttomil Ihaie nr Hanker Rntrtona
Suit fur lllrorrc
CniCAOo Apiil 13In the divorce Milt now
pending between Htephen W llawson Presi
dent of the Union Trust Cotnpanyand his wife
Jlr itawson today applied for n contempt rule
against his wife her solicitors mind several
oIlier peoplo on the ground of alleged subor
nation of perjury In a former hearing of tho
divorce Hull Ldwnrd Levy a colored waiter on
the Chicago nud Alton llmulh real testified
limit he heard Mrs Huwsou ask Troy
Ifrown thin Pullman porter to Inku t out the
bend boards between her henthi l nnd hint of her
untie companion lron corrohointed tills I
testimony hu has since made itllilavlt thut
what he lestllled to was untrue The ntlhbuuvit
implicated Levy and ho was arrested by Mr
lluweono liiwjeroti a warrant sworn out by Vi
Ii Lee Mrs KuWKons son charging him with
Mr llnwsous petitionon which the contempt
rule uas issued alleges a systematic attempt
to got Levy to retract his prcious testimony
as to tIn sleeping cur Incident When lie col
ored iHjrtcr refused torccimt ho was arrested
on a warrant < hnrging vrjury and taken from
the Imdslde of his dying child t a detective
agency where ho wis threatened with stana
tion and tho I luenitlit fir if I he did not confess
to t having testiiled fnlnely against > 1l nit Kawsdit
lliinLer lasons blood Is up mind he proposes
to put his wlfo and all her retinue in jail if ho
can do it
A 3Illitttrlnoklnsr Hilndler Locked ITp at
Police lleudqnMrtera
Henry De Wilt of 2270 Lighlh avenue piano
inaLtr wan the description gIven of hinifelf hy a prison
er arrentcd at Hroadw a and Tenth urtet yesterday af
tcrnfM liy DeteclUc serKtnntu lllckey und rrowej
He is a ewtiitir v lii collcftR money on pretence of
nctimi rot the Mtutorial t ommititc linreau of Employ
ineut and Kelif 0 A l Hi i i to eiiulpuient conitiHIs of
fcotue ictr htnilKot Ihe eonimltti and a lililc t toot for
iubhcrfpUi Itio I Maul lot win orn mentod wtth a
II I i A ii I l > n < lLe nnd Jiuvfri v ith Illjiplnr DhonlliR Iho
teaittleKfif liarit
A hint liit of hiitmcriptkna come flctlliou and iome
reprtKiiiiiiiL KilgcTipttnus was headtil Iraterniu
Charity Li3 OIt5 The uinoiint looted tip
Ainoiii the tfciiiiie httbKrimion were ieori c Khret
SLti i charlevlKlinonlro fti and A Hebi r it
Tlir lititrer of Ito llxt wit repre eliteI ui Cob
Milcbcll Ilin I tni wrw tiroueht to the alte tton of Ihe
police hj WilllAiu Mthntie tile manager of the work of
tIe ummmitlee
The prisoner wile remanded by Justice Kuril and a
herr nuia > er < > r tvmplrinme whim me oecmmred acalnrt him
to matte to court title monilnr llm rtettvclven learned
that he U tho pitnie man who w ait at reited In lee umu
hlnten timlafli l irlure he vortiMl rltnilar unlndleafc
Col stdalt and < il 1ntoiir lit got u jeMrin bile
penlenUrtrj on that cliPr He H I tu illterlv looltlnr
Man and wian u liluc tlt with ti A 0 1 hutuino amid
uniforni hat
Mrit EmmimB lat Ont orihc Viaduct Hotel
IULTIMOEE April It MrAmnion time oc
cenirlo WaHhiinjion litlznnt ua > pntoiitof the induct
Holfl lust nmhl hannd aectce She lad ueen toM to
vacate tier room hut tttchntd to do 10 A porter forrt d
hin av o erMie iramiiimmi and opened the door of lien
room in which cIte hail i nrenclie1 hricf nnd a Unit
ted the proprietor ad eteral Kaltimore anj Olir < Je
ICLtnet w fin nmite tar lejvt the prtinifetK she took tlit
lat trrau for tills city unil IK t now ijuarti I red nu ihe m Mount
i ennin Hotel wheril e pviilH her time iinrjkinif ilzi
neil e nnd loulitir Mtuiance uifain the tilt I prorrl
tor and ttie railroad coiuniny she days dLetull make
Unarm fur Iulh
Mexico lrcltlencj
CITY OF Mhxico April 13 Uu Galveston
The joint coiuinlttee nf Cititieus hap reported in favor
of mite rtpcal of tho unit n mini to the foaititution for
mhjtmn mite iinnttdiite et lection of the 1rtn lent and
it li I Ktntrtllv htlieted u hat mitt meiMire will pts
IhrtiuKl ronrriffc and ifo In tho Mate lehi lature for
tliir inllluatlon
The failllttj trnl rauttonit Conffrewinitn not to not
OTI any liJipielllimi a to Hie S I Mnttnnnte of rnMfUni
PU7 I tOt t lust iii n to I nit rr iluir own juJrmuit at to
v hat ii 1 Ihe I 1ct l pullc for l ItO nation lriri < tcnt I > iiz
rtfn es tu connilt htnifcclf In the itittter
Letter frnni Treasurer Iortlnn
WAMIINOTOV April IPt letter has been re
celre4 there from Trciiurtrlorrtin wlolun 1irK MJ
Ini hint I he nlll u loll LouIon about the lMli and Ihat he
eNtt fl lo M 1 for New York on the Vtrt lie cay thitt
Co SK rellr > Manmiiarrite < l iti 1 nctmil Inriueh lipttr I
htnllhthan when he It ft V e uik 1 atrt that hl < Mxltlo u
intrO mouth tn i arriiiitrtd htiirc hm tl pirtuie froui
multi eiiflin cmii vnit no as h > e > itn kinerallv cup
10111 the rtt > itlt of a rthipeor in > tliinoi the kind It
is thoucht now lost I Mr lonlin H itrain af Trta trtr
ti ill nut be appoinlvd until alter hU rt turn to Ii ahuliimh
Ion early in < jn I i
Viiron Simloumme in Michigan
LANSiNa April ltTlfty iienuhUrnn incm
livrvur thu Scmmce tutu home i met in rjiuru lint inirht
tn tnlvroimBfl mi Iliu > r initiation J The rnuru 1 <
dud tlmt u lit < iauiiii lie tn Liquor Trattf Hhoull jtrt
partMilifll fit Ilirli lirtii L HIH oil i spulot ii wiitrc tr
iiiivrtiiiniji MOLl 01 t it H It I m Jh dtdittU tli11 ilrtiit
Put f uUmlli7 ui rCll IlfJUlirH uliiiuiiil pi th i hHIIM tttX HA
MlocT The I limit nf hue liui it i it IKttl un Injluui
Inrnilro I ultti HMM jniuihiiHiitH uid OIT fs > lur
cftlitiiiiilirluiMfVu t fin muiiirj tirusteib I tilagte tti cit
tor mat uitblps fOi
IluiUlui to the Itiutl oftbr Irre
QfitxsTow April i3the arrivals here nf
Cirilrrumtte on their wot to this Inliid 1 miii it Irs at nts
tilt mormon rht ntiltiinlit are running rfieclal iraito
i o aicoiuinotalc tub elaic of trail I Tinnuintrr i > f I
mull ramOs miiic awHitiiKTHtaiiierNtoettrr them toihlr t <
ctiinatioii > Iall I t iii 111 all r mini i an ho I OIIMI mile I
tittielo oil luUinir iiHiK1 aiil PI in are cannii u In I il i I e
Ttcui llUetli I liillidr elulitrk Miier m lit
iHiiind more nn t iuaiil 1 lu arrive oi sttuula i null
Iii laku bit am i in i
7utAti aii Ijtvloliry
IhLtp LI I Apul liThe Presb > try i of Xs
MII S lilt hi i hi fun lie iprini M niun on Aluiilnj si i collar
iniimduth iii muteilmics hid mtiit Ihi tnthtsmaml
tintirvu if t lit I I lilt liSts l Ii sf t lie Irey
I ri I i ° s lie t opmit of la mt I ii I tte I ill
Aiitilltl huh I iii mity ittu Ii J tf liii eieslti ni
tiitmiJtii lii F itti iii uti5 tiii I i51 inlit itr ulmm uiln
1 Oc ale itll ii Ii Ir dttiuit mliii mlii 5s iurrsl
ieoiiti1 tim ii bitt t tm ti iii ulitt t iiri iitteatj oh cii
mttialy sic lii birenl
An inlln t m ratitlU I Klllctl I i nt n Crotn
WAUUX V Apill 11At lv I on iilivi
U u iKiftf nmtonuu tie lri ir j ut < nun from cw Tint rni
in tu a fiirmcr n uiiii tint kilii I fl the It si iru njiti 1
r i l l r wtrt mnt nm Tmjnr unMithrilly u fur nir
Iiliutwi mlirri Ijitnon id eess COth i irff I
hit iit ti niut tiU uli li 1 latlnr ia4 a nttiaii collier
HI i Hii tie fulit arm in itt vtur i
Iiit tlirlr Wit l anil lumprrt Otrrliourd
li nmpiK 18 I ThopaeUft I ii itl iiuinVlct u nit
I u < liiiic mi the liii hs iiur II i H sit Ship irmdul
tliiriuriifiitf Mitrul uf IIISHI mc Ia mint I In it 1 life
lulu In Iliiil liiulirt 1111 thru niiv I IIM s it I mit uiil
vt iiriiil sat in IM j I t < tllt I li tttf Ptfll Mfi It
liniltil huii r 111 i ill iltt Hi nKkMir iKftuii i inirriy
iiurntcl It 1 tin I ui t ie u ° 11rVIM Urns mlii
IvIinJr Ikliind iiti I isis
PIOMIHNT April i turn ii u Ills tndav t
i > clitr Uiiil > iian ie tniirritniloi e Hejulilan unite
Mntuilti aCt fuil t u mniectlnti fnrone Kipneiita I
the 1in eiiait to 1 uiiiitsttiltle and MnmU Iiinl I I
cnnii cii Ih nun rat Ifi Ihe u II04M Muiilt IIIUMI
can V Uiiunfruiii 41 I Iroliltlttonut I un < 1 I jet lu
Ui it t It1
ieeIed In Conrl untl llnnvrd In A Heam
Ulii CiTiTenn Apiil llJohn TluiuuiK
CO tlltt St hit tiu < rivel Ivria Tunic on sumla wa >
irii S ted at lhitMTnMi j t t r U > alit hrftutit liert In
ilit Ui irtu ii li in tin > n in h ttf Mitubir t > f riit
delia riuul Ilimuah JULJ hiiiiitl Ijnii u a Uum Uli
xuiint u U 1iirus t < i 1
Ir uhlil Jrlie FIght
Ntri Cal April ISLlimh Vtthtirs and T I
anir ujioU m t here tiiuu bitt lilu lien 14m nllii
and In the nr round Ualui > tees > Mrnck nn the IoaI I
SUitl hell unconftlou lie remained la that Ul unlit
Uiit uiuruiuK w1iso be diet
Ai7sov or TIIK wxurmTiny UT
The FormatIon nrrrtudes Distinct Permitted
The Trmiirrnnrc ClniiM Made Ntrnnccr
Other ImMiilnnt ChHnzrn Made
llosTov Apill 13 Henry Abrahams one
of hue t oominltteoof four appointed at tho I lnrt
National Assembly Knights of Labor to novice
the Constitution of tho 1 order bold todny hat t
lImo work had been completed Tue flute Con I
it lInt ituu vlll permit thu I formation of national
t ratios suet niet s but t hose t local missemmibhios coin
poxcd Ctl litthely t of onn trade but attached I ton t
district assembly of Mixed nutiiro must ilr > t 4
obtain the t permission of lie t district assembly
liu union to go out and form a national trudu
district Afler obtaining thin consent they
mud forward their npplkntlon to the General
Secretary who will Inj thin matter before the
ienerul Kxccutlui Boimrd and the Secretary
will then Hubndt lie mntter to nil the local
iitMmullcH of 1 that craft In tho eountry
xTlicn follows another law which will sell
mushy ulTeet thu Hatters National Union and
tuhsQt1Liioq Yorkr tnion 10111 of whlfli
are orgimttea ft i wsptw I
ln lde the Knights of Inbnr Tho law Is to the
elVitt Hint I no truliH t union can reFIll irsu a per
son to join their I union before they can join tho
Ivnlghts of lnbor orgitibnlion of their craft
The teiiii < Taiue leiture in the t ogamilzmm ion
will be inuio strongly enforced than over be
fore Not only will rmusollorn bo prohibited
from inombervhlp but no local HBOomhly will
be allotted to hut nny HKlnl gatiuem lug or nny
tiicnle wheiv llij ncr in sold and no tiunniber vi Ii
bnalloKttl I to dlHpunsn Unuor for unil In t lie
name of thu nbsemlily If sushi should occur
the vhurtur of thus local assembly will bo ro
Mjkidiind I lie mmnh ems e helical
jut order epell lag the eignrmnkerRhns not
beun rescinded It may bo repealed at tho
neM general iisemblv
Thu rule rtmulrinij that nt least ten minutes
ut every meeting shall be deoted to the dIn
eussion of the t Iii or ilmest ion has been abol 1
ished and in Its juice a ruin him been stub
lished making it obligatory that ceryas cin
blv shall I hold a mooting onen a month ut
which only the labor question shall bo die
cussed This lenxofl Ito other meeting In a
month to thn discussion of routine buelnes ¼
amid trade mutters Tills Is i returning tlm order
to the strict educational policy adopted ut Its
Tlie obstacles thrown In thin way of promla s
ciious striken will be greater than heretofore <
Kvory local assembly must ol tain permission j
nun thn tllstiict assombly to which it is ut
tuchod before It can go on strike If u strike It
Inaugurated without ermisson > from tho ills 1
riot assembly two penalty attached is that thu
charter shall bo revoked The same law ap
plies to the district assemblies This will pre
vent strikes by locals hint havo only been re
cently formedand know little or uuthlngubout
oigiinixatlon and discipline
A law which is intended to promote eon f
ildence in the general officers provides that
whrn any member makes any chnige or ma
ncious nttiuK on amiy itt inn general oiucpig or
members of the General Execibtivo Board the
member so otTendlng plmll if found guilty of
making a groundless charge ho expelled
Transfer eiuds by which a member trans
feiM hi membership In one local assembly to
another will not lie given to the member an
heretofore lint stoat direct to time Keerotary of
the local usfctmbly he desires to join This pro
onts men who desIre to go Into the lliuor
business from taking tlielr transfer cards as
has been domi and having them framed and
hnitg up tic 111 ml I lie bar
Tho insiiranei feature of thin organization
hns also been changed and policies will now
be issued for 500 as well as JliKlO Medical
oxnmlnution und u doctors certIficate will IH
reijuliod and nny ono now a meml > er who re
lusts to bo examined will bo droptod as Mum
n > the instilntico fund in which ho la interested
is exhausted
No poison will have lie right to make n mo
tion In nny local assembly nor shall tIle Chair
ent rtain tiny to the effect that tho local lie
ncinbly withdraw nsa body from tlie Knights
Any individual who wants to get out has tins
right to do so Any person who borrows jnonor
froii a loinl assembly while trito oiling shall
produce hlrf travelling card on thu back of
wlieh thin amount t buried shall becndortted i
The constitution as revised will bo submitted
to the I local nsfoinbliei for acceptance or re
lection anil the result must bo frets ruled to h 5B
tlmlieneriil KNeciKlvt Hoard through tho hoc Jjj
relnrv in a certain limn t i to Iw llMd bv lie
lloutl If the result of the vote Is not returned
within that curium limn the assembly will bo
counted us voting In thin aninnutivi
Amateur Opera lu Neunrk
livery simt in Miners Theatre at New nrl wn <
occupltdlnt1 nlcht when the curtain went tip for tho
pirormance of Ihe Cl tines of Xormandy hy lbs
belles and btaiix of that ptaie There was a tremenlotii
hunt of appliune an the curtain lifted on Ihe I forert
none c ills teent > people ou iho note and from tint
millie until hue uruiln went down on the first act tlie out
trcalii of tppliiu were rontinuotm Mr Tiion 1
Monuomirj who npjinred an rjxtlrttf dhldul
the tailors with Mls Alice Mtrierraj of Brookhn
v IIP tilled Ihe purl of Germain in plat c of Mrs llnllia h
who war tlri > t i uit for that part lul m leelinel tnplaon
arcount of fthinlii treatment VJr ii K ii Illlnni Whip
wan mitt iiutiy mini in ilirhm rtcilieit animation Iho I
choruii Kirli were u er > irett my and thtlr ttlniiie peasant
IreRHft Were laiwle lli cut jtnt ten and ii belt Inchea
from mite Hour Iho I itrlB orumallv voted that the dif
tance Fhoiild l > e I thirtei tact K Mini il MIS hmtetl w hen
Ihe order hot longer eiiro wise inued luau a few of Hit
girls Intended 0 tarry uiimsa s < iute worudlainoDdfc
IluUbnrn Once 31 tire In JaIl
Major Ilrrmnn Ilolbnru who has had Rt
muth dinicullj with inn wife and wu Ioilif l in LtnltoTr
tired jail iiicaitt he refuKed to jay her alimony an ill
rect d by ihe tourl anti tie recentl In en unviLCtwful
In hiti uil cirahiKt Xelion Iardee for the alicnatim nf hm
w Ifen nUet tloni 0 airitln i iaced in juil tcolrliy uprn
nn altachmi lpiieil 13 J ludire Ilnrkiintr of tSt lonrt
ot Cointiitin Ileu for conn npiof tourt haul l 1 lirnm
formt rly toiiiiKtlof iloliorn tcured a judiriti nt of
smii I for IM rut e i r nderedairnlntit Uol7iinm and after bv
lot exiiniii 1 lnnip > lmc > nlA proceeillinrtiiiicectitioii
wu untied aiin llti7lMitV property iml rcturneit tin
KatlhUed ltta ertninid that lie I Claim lied tome
tutu iuiuiiitie und Jet rvanl i alMt a utliialile coil Mled
list I lou inctiurri vlthn tItter Friitiitril and then ltit
t iirt appoluliit ttillithits S I Kane nit rt teller fit tlit
pliiitll i ii Ilie i Iteller niMiidftl tif Itolrhou tlia
trI > rl hut In mid I lush It ir In Hie ImniUof it i rrlenu
Joini pI litIn erilnilid h liii lug lb lliiliiorn wilt
tie brouKht in coOn ii itay to fflieun explanntidi
ills Kknll racked by hli Wire Lover
John Kelly H hostler ont to 2tl Kust Korty
fourth Find on Tieitlaj niirhttoremon > traletilth hi
wife tin > nnslrtif Maud who wa living Ihert witu
Itinr I > til thlnnntt A w alter In ii sixth avenue rectal
rnnu tor utiHiidnnltu him viand rem ireti Ills remou
lii rare N with rlJitMle and M ii he tried to gem even hy nt >
t ulin lia liniuil H liiger loan tlmn he in
lit liiihnltitl In fphi of his Mip rlor cite nred a mos
hitter to nettnJ hiiii < etf wliti und hroke Kellv e lie id and
beg allit il Kellv In In llelteii IIitJImii where the In
jut to his luau d f I cot il ndi > rmiiii huhmitt who
irtnt tu tlie I ifty ltrt irei I htntion tu report the row
got inched up lor IiU 11 t lint
Andrew V Wernbeig the father of Lawyer
Jere Weriliru died < Herda at Ji Mlurincrhoni
em reel UrtioUl n acid 7t > tarfc
HitrlT VMIIimn II lleliey of sufloU ronnly died at ibe
Conn llmite I In the t lIla us or Itiurtit ml L I oaTurv
till niLIlt from 11tjht s shiopSee of the Million l
it stile if il lettili uig Cepublicam of tl coiintv U
vIK Ii I III to mite lire of sltinU in I sr IU vat a
Miirunorth I cjtil itar uirl at the m lime of the ileath
Coumiander of lttward Huntlii1ott ii I A J
Ao Vulchiaiin ut She rotting
A crowd of meliiih girls on their way to nchool
in Iaterkon jcninla mornlnir not on the track of lh
Iiilanun Iii hise nun tnl I Wt > Urn Kallrnid All
jnmpvll II lllne to cit Ilitmte CM cxrtpi luLl iliii
llOMlt i age U vial tilii ut rimti L imii 1 ttlllid ThelO
C use iiilmiimanoidui > at t the irnwn
Tlir KnlsliU nnd HIP leashes Inlona
Kmi lompeis Ilitsjiltint of tin Ameman
Federation ol 1 alir returned from Ilda Itlphla ceier t
dii > win re he fcUen Ifd a MB lon of htt Hveintlle Coun
iti Ihiod 1 iiieiiiiinorho > ilnii Li mitt Knlirhiiof Imttr l
cjme sip unit 11 et iso helerimttyivti ii prolet m rai lin unl > ua
from hit iniiir > lii t f KnUtiU of 1alior ru cr wlit re
Ignul Oasri 1rrnlilloB
Iiir win hmitr a sliglii rice in teinjKTntura
t LrUlie w unlit at nrrally isul t tusiiith I
lt Her Carrier II 1 Mt ell wm arreittd yenwnlai tom
S n frnni tin iiuliK atid lit Id in c vm i hush by rom
limitilur Cit clUe
lluuhdtiniF u filmier Wjt Illicit nt Jet H if site new
a111lull ifiieruu liy lle litHLnx uf u part ot the
wlit elm platform
S imini ioitr Newtonttquartril h relict tnitdetoih I
Suit or jt teriti hnwitthe expeii of hm tlejartmriit
for llic ijturtir to ie feioIti
Itite 1 Morfln w ho rtolvf iiiiifrnm > tie Mount Morn
Iuiik of ii j rem tat iiiniiil for II I ta lit ndJ ri hy
Jutict U i Idem the Hard I i in I oin lrrij
flu cure of ilium m i Hint u irriuntK ihe i nt Hall
ciijnilu I iiliirdiliiiiit i ei ati I hmdrojiind I hur tiruleti
lollllillMliiner Niittuli Mill have her rejulre > 1
A defecilii Hue rainetl A eight llro > trrdar after
nell In Knir MHliry nine in lirirr ci uisu i is hitS wu
tXllituilitJ without iui iMftlieHre Inparlmiut
Judke Ponohne ha < Truntal an aLvilute dlrorc to
tin 11 iclruaidwn from leander l I Hlchardton
JudtO Totter liai irranted a lImited dtrorc mu iigt7

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