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esMntlonsorrrnloe tar Piirnili ml OUfl
Whllny und
ton 4lpereirs ly Mnjr
Key Dr HullA Lttfrr from Gov lllll
iTho public meeting held nt Uio Acuilemy
MutlQ In Brooklyn last night to enter a un >
test agitlnst tho Irl h coercion measures wan
in point uf tiiimbors and en
a great ucce3
tbufilosm The rentImeflt of tim third city In
the United States on the latest attempt of the
Tories to crush tlio aspirations of Ireland was
unmlFtnfcnblr expressed The vast biilldluR
wild crowdwl to itS utmost capacity with rm
imtllcneo remarkable for Its representative
character All classes creeds imd members
o nil political parties mingled their diners for
Gladstone and Ilirnoll In thelrherolc struggle
to secure homo rule for the Green Islo
Mayor Whtlnoy presided and among those
present werocjcMiiyorllowcllexMavor Hun
ter John Iloonoy Sheriff Farley Itcalstcr TV
It Mirth Dr Edward Malono John Gun
Blncliam Justice Walsh Justice Courtney
JmJ Ktcrnan John 0 Maguire Austlu E
Ford hugh McLnuchlln Postmaster Joseph
C Hondris Juinoa II Ureon Daniel Higgins
p 3 Hanway John D Carroll Wm Sulli
van James lloilc Wiu E Robinson Cot U L
t jLanufordi Supervisor lieU Supervisor Quln
tan Cal Michael llonuott District Attorney
KMCwny and many Catholla clergymen
State Delegate Dr Mnlono of the Irish Na
tional LctiKue In cnllluR the meeting to order
unM that the llrltlnli Tory Gorcrhmont wa
trying to revive the barbarous hyHtom of coer
cion tn ns to secure the classes In the posses
lon cf the richts niul privileges which despotic
Cm eminent seek to perpetuiitp Tho long
agony Of Ireland ho believed was now nearly
river and she was on the eve of securing that
llliorty and Indcnondcnco tire hope of which
hail kept the spark of patriotism alive for lone
centuricn of oppression
Letters of regret at not being able to attend
and of sympathy for the object of the meeting
from for Hill exJInyor Low Con Blocum B
V White the Kuv Dr Storrs the Itov Father
Malone and others weru read by Secretary P
J Hnnwuy
Gov Hill pronounced tho Coercion bill an
InlqultoUH measure and said thai ho was in
IDthi sympathy with tile principle of homo
rule for Ireland us well as of homo rule for
ExSlaior Low wrote strongly In favor of
home rule for Ireland and severely denounced
the proposed coercion measures The Nov Dr
Morrn wrote that lie was heartily in sympathy
with tho perfectly just desire of tho people of
Ireland to In allowed to manage their own
ufTnlrs Tho history of tho past 7WI years
shows that the immediate control of Ireland by
England cannot xouure ponee and prosperity
lioMilutlons wore adopted amid ringing
ch < > ot > denouncing the course of the British
Government In withholding tho right of self
ioLrmmnt from Ireland and in propoltiK
now a now Coercion bill of unparalleled bru
tality In order to MipproHS liberty of tpewh
nnd deprive the Irish people of the right of
tnal by Jury TraUo WHS Kiven to Gladstone
nnd Iirnell for their patriotic efforts to frvo
their country from u Government by an alien
minority It was ordered that copies of the
resolutions ho sent to Mr Gladstone Mr 1ar
nell and Lord salisbury
Mayor Whitney said that the people of this
country did not desire to forcibly Interfere In
the ulluirs of hticliiml but to arouse such a
sentiment us will compel her to give liberal
laws to the people of the Greon Islo
Tlie Hon Joshua M Van Cott made n ring
Ing MHeilt reciting the woes of Ireland rind
denouncing tile spirit of coercion He said
U It t the fortune of the Irish people to haie as the ad
vocates of tticlr cause tndiv twu men far beyond ail
cowardice Mr Uadilon arid Mr 1aruell Thine are
tic noble champions against thin iniquitous coercion
measure TonUhlwe send them preetlnzs hop and
fcur cjiitldence lu the approaching nurcoss ut tlitlrcaimt
The Itiw Dr Charles II Hall the rector of
Holy Trinity received n great ovation He
spoke for threoiiuttrters of an hour and his
eloauont ploa for justice for Ireland wa fre
quently Interrupted with cheers He raid
Aft WC look fitr the pirture of the past we ie a nntlun
crind In lu ponitiilHUn ill treated nnd wrongful trcm the
uvfrlimlnff New fh ieke to tw 1ft alone There i no
Lee ID which Ireland d HB not present the Binitular an
tmialy uf lulnc the rarcu fir the KuKll eagles to
father around If lirland ire luttn and
Iiiunted Jvt mile away fruit hr present
ocation the irmnn wretcheiln of hir luje
inn would mule ervn a Turk l N u
hrntlii lrl hmai asks that lie may hai iithtn no fa
xnihar to tic it seems tirimiif to eec how Midaml I can
much longer refuse tliiin Sontlon ran btr juMtitled lu
the erK of thiS world in th1 manner of Uonninient
which hue prevailed In Ireland tor eenturlea Although
Kntrlnd may look down upon our meiMlntfi1 In America
sill que tlon our right to Interfere vftti her aturs we
will pitl hold a mirror to her face aud Jet her see the
ugllneeB of her proceeding
Judge Van Vyek also sPoke In closing he
The citizen of thie country arc en thoronjhlf Imbued
with the fnlit of liberty aol wiuaity thai in the en
d n attics tin nicaxuro wan offered for ccnFidermiin in
1arihment they hH r in mS me tinirs or the Mate
letatiluUit uuseintulieut from one end of the country to the I
other ioiiil iiti > < l thu Intainieft of the tiro
clots till tin ire despair 1 llrmlv believe lit no
Kreit lRtanre ahead throuuh tI dIssoIvIn i buds there
ran be seen the Hhlninjf a utile of a new born i and re
ceneratfil In land rifln ulorlouBlj npou the liberated
MfionoC the LuEllsh ilemiKracv1
Mr Miuor K Page tho editor tho lJroollvn
1iiion also poke The meeting broke up with
cheers for Gladstone and Iirtiell
He Atcnret the Irish uf Flurrnnt CrimesA
Mentation User bli Speech
LONDON April 14The lanffuujro used by
Mr Chamberlain in ppoaUng nt meetings
Ayr baa inflamed the Irish against him and
ho has received numerous letters warning him
that ho will not leiuo Scotland nlhe ienk
ins to au asscmblugt of 2500 persons Mr
Chamberlain said
TIe opiioncnli of the Crime hill lmc iuai an tutrry
MiUf itic rcprculor c f Itlnrty Llburt1 to do what
To cumuli theft to rjin IniliutriuiM tacIt to cutroni
ftiiten 1lIs i mitivltJ with cluert Vhut are 3uut
feiiUiir the crime or the punliliincntr
Jcr a man rlths and Menacing Cham or
1ulo J rloil It Is not vhnracturistio of the
Jrlth to niiirRu women An attempt vius
laadototuisithv mini out but Mr Chamber
lain Mild Leave hint alone Then ho con
DOJCMI nrntlnitnnrM ofin > nu l liit oC rcl to rn
men I Iirlm ill Outrage you tiid you Bnndir
the irtehij 1 did not inyir the ruutt outrize uf u l
but t crmunl > nlire anti Vliikulu Illi Mkiinl chicrk
1 refrrrrd to cAhues like Hit of the Iliirun Ininllj vi In ra
the me of the widow soil laughter of the munlcrtd
luau M nere made Intolerable like that of the wldiw of
Liiothtr murdered man Hyerv M 1m hlle aeroinpanv
IIJK Hie denrt iou of Ueriiubband wak Irtreil ami tout
cit iihlii the street
Hnm the speaker was Interrupted liy crlc of
Natch yourself hlshei lurid beIlerti din
order Ho went on
I autu relutttig acts to iihkli et en my 4PPlnvuuta litiglit
ulSti In ineng of horror sod i Illilile ii ten 1 ieiur ii
Muuiillualuii a tniuit here euya hike ran or
51 t Its the thntu dun t lien we tiny itt IIISIIIS
1lltIcutl rustlers Iii tlulm utulitry Illioiit briar thret
eti alib asutittluuuulln I Itir itt chieerIng ilulut I tIu
lrut it the rartlci Iii the tinseslIton Iii I1uican I sin
Sorry ii 11141 they hal C ally reprceiutatleea iii
tiilay lrjes of TIiy are not nvuutuincfl
hit IoflrtutIuju tieIUeut beIng IIICOdCU Ii
ttpStc5 IioliUy lit uyinhsLtly 4 Itlu irphjn
hud iieieuate or it hlflereiii tuiuuiaJiOPIIcs lit iliiiitte
Liii iiullrtc r wii liSt a iuhil the nut rage inotiuter ii
IiIftfliI tr icdiitwuul ttui ivkvle if liii 1 l joy
biuiie11i5y3 larCh extiritIy ileclareil bllire I he tilii
i htltiit its II i nut the hiii of I hal hurl to eCec I I he ii
thy laratinri ut ii uni r it EiigIanil tuiid that their
riIii as Li niate tIut iiveriu1neiit of Ireisod iiy
iul tulpiItjj Tlila lI eilt In slit Ct by I lie puuti
lfliiliytI ulnultrery iser ilt i Iced Iii is C IIliyeit latidhiv
emit > uidtii urlili riy to vudate trcr law liumta and
lii the in you ihiii it liifanu 10 rmirain tluie men
iii 1riuefl iliresi tied Iii lie lit tinlniuiN till
tier lit 531 Cmiii wiuIe t u wuuriiln thu t It thur iin rrliii
Ill WC5 iiSiMl Ilierlu nuII Ie a renewal of
II IlEluilt ei IIoI Its Siiil atlCiilplC so utaeaplruate iir
liMIt uieii 11th trtin sLirgesilulil tuisy Pt irt C liii itealI
krei of rln iif hut ru of li i flitlfle
1 a hat IiitIpeiit Ci IlutIlt Iduals ls 7111 rif much cease
ci nc j tie diiigt r Is lii I lie inituintinut eutIll
I cr the tpt ihtiti lii giigIsIu hlstarj our foes have sm
Ihtilyy5 Witlilli our luiutirill fri res lluelr pliu of
lid lilt ni luorugi lot ii ruin t lucy Whuii ought to tie
the ItrilICCAt llTlpuiterb tif air thu Iii J his fiat lb hUt
1k loire ordiuntie ihtit ii wIll not lirhih ii iIU iii
aist oil lot w siIlt nit Ictit i tIiytis I roll What
vr iUUrltr itt s iiic hiji Si I i III I IlttUt 01 11 hunui4
iafl tIlillhiaIrea Ii uiur rIdhil rca i t IlOhit 111 bl Ii
alit bOUT of p Lu lilgi ilatlr our iii i rut hit In
tUsitihleil uu
IrUjumliilHlnV shoe h l HIIIMI lilt 1114
Th > uiilnnlbtt iuiiMdLr It a ilt < Juratim of war
to thu kullo ulllithu rVpaiatlMs The dlatl
ItOi1 tans hiargt it i iiil tnt 113r1111h1 ith P11011 i
rtiiK niul lllijylng I lilHftiimcrcillruKiiis I by
I it Iii I Ott titlin lint I they I rynipatlilzo with the
I stpit1j5 Of olttrngis itt ilciunhi
ultU iiWrt il that iiihiiitg itia tout thtriuIt
M ulilitel Mr thiiuibirlalii will bo itttciidcd by
nn itin House of Iomtnons today Mr John
umontl made a personal uxplaoatluu with
I s i ut
reference to his speech at tho Chicago Conven
lion Ho said thud Mr ChamberhTln In his
spetchi at Ayr md represented him
that renioval the Irish i party wore not working for thin
of Bflpvanciis whereas what hn did
sill wa hint they Were not working solely for
the PUrpotiti of
f O removing tile material Rriev
nncpB of tenants but to obtain poll Icnl re
forms eisa and further when ho
todd that
Bi bY0lTi00ilrolml bjr IlBlnnd wits Impo
siblo his allusion was to the centralized tin
rtltucriitIc govornmen of Dublin cAstlc liii
behievd It Imseiblo that a ieettipmnnt could bo
IlffhiitOit honorable alike to England and < l to Iro
latui such na was offered by ladstones bill
Tlio dnbittt on the Coercion bm W11B contln
lied by Sir Lyon flayfafr
Sir Joorge Trovtuiyiiti ono of tho Unionist
lcpidorju which has writtia ii letter ou tho Coercion
fich ls tnntnunt to n manifesto
attiinst Vin1 InPaRUro Ho uiiys that really the
bill is chiioliy pimed at politicians and editors
Oppositl to tho ioeriimentn pollcvanul there
fijre that notcirlit1partisans hiioMr holmes
the prpsent AltornoyOeueral of Ireland anti
ihJmnclLllrraan tlle newly nnponted Par
liameittary Becrotnrv for Ireland aw unfit to
administer the law If passed Ho adds
ThlViV6 Litiyai l ought to I trust inch powen to them
The fail weight of thIs teypIlle hut one sided measure It
Intended to fall and will fall upon the n miilinii of one
party alone The nicasure will DO administered by thoe
who tieond all qtuCLIufl are nettisted 1 tiy the atrnnBMt
uranite Bympathlet and u In caiinlatra tooxainerate
the people without sen > Inu any nteful purpose
A MlrKBcer Knocea a I iwjrcr far the Man
who IB Charted with Killing Mr Vieka
Judge Moore of Brooklyn did not find It
necessary to assign a counsel to defend John
Orccnwell the alleged slayer of Lymnn 8
WcoUs The prfsoner when arraigned on Wed
nesday told tho Judge that he was friendless
ponutlcs rind unable to pay n lawyer to plead
his case declaring at the same time his inno
cence and hii indifference as to whether ho had
a lawyer or not A dozen or more lawyers wore
anxious to bo assigned to the defence by Judge
Moore but all have been disappointed A
stranger called on Lawyer C F Kinsley Jr
whoso office is nt 38 Centre street nt his house
ItrSouth Eighth street Williamsburgh and re
tained him to defend Groenwoll enjoining the
lawyer not to use his name without his consent
at any subsequent stage of the case
Mr Kinsley notlUcd Judge Moore yesterday
morning that he had boon engaged to look
after Greenwclls Interests and receiving a
note of introduction to the Sheriff from Judge
Moore went with n German interpreter to the
jail and had a prolonged interview with Ills
client whom he then saw for thin fIrst time
Mr Kinsley mentioned to Ureenwell the mute
of the strniiKcrwho had so unexpectedly como
forward to defray tho expense of his defence
and the prisoner was profuse in his thanks
The lawyer and the Interpreter were seated in
the jail corridor with their ears close to tho
bars of the cell lu which Green well is locked
up while the prisoner with his lips almost
touching the bars told his story Sir Kinsloy
took copious notes of what was said for future
UM AreproMntntive of THE bUN mot Mr
Kinsley us ho was leaving the jail and asked
him if he would make any statement on his
side of the case Ho said
I am not ready to SiLl much at present and
my line of defence may not be outlined until
ttm trial takes place I may say howetttr that
Greonwell elarcd his innocence in as wilenin
and emphatic manner as it was possible for
any man to do 1 was much Impressed with
hii denial of guilt and I firmly believe l that he
Is innocent He told mo what ha thought were
the motives K run so and Itakerin informing
Inspector Byrnes that he had told them that
ho bad killed Mr Weeks What theso motive
wern I will not say at present They will bo
disclosed in good time I asked him about his
past history and he did not seem to keep any
thing back whether it reflected on his char
acter or not He belongs to a very roppectublo
family lu Germany hut ho begged me not to
ask him anything about them ns ho desired
no matter what his own fate might bo to con
ceal their identity and save them from dis
grace He is not the scoundrel that ho has
been represented by the pollen He has not
been a saint by any means but ho
has worked hard rind honestly and would
probably bo no engaged today If he hid
not line thoiniifortimo toJoJJ in with KraUMi
and his gang Jt U not many weeks since ho
was working at Pier 3 North tutor Ho also
was at work as a tailor in New York for a con
siderable time Our defence It is scarcely
necessary for mo to say will bo a complete
denial of the charge He wild not ut Mr
Weefcsf house on that fatal night and Mj
Chamberlain did not see him in front of the
house butwocn 11 and 12 oclock that nicht us
he swears lie diti ttriui as lie no doubt believes
that he did Mr Chuml > erluin in mistaken
Greunwoll mnv not be able to show where he
was that night It would bo surprising for it
young man living ns ho did and drittlnguround
in Ilowery lodging houses to IK able to tell two
or three weeks after a particular occurrence
where ho was at the exact tiuioof such an oc
currence very few even among the moit reput
Hills citizens could do p4 1 satisfactorily
hen tin CUU Is called for trial on Monday
week Mr Kinloy will ask for au adjournment
fur at least two or three weeks and Judto
Moore says that he will grant It ns ho thinks
that no man nccuodof a capital offence should
be forced to trial with undue haste
Mr llldgway seems to bo more and more
convinced that Inspector Hyrnes made no mis
take in fastening Mispicion upon ireenwell
and he expects to hae such convincing evi
dence of guilt that there can only bo one ro
Milt of the trial rind flint tu conviction The
police authorities are also now almost unani
mous In the name opinion but I xotnoof them
are not so sanguine us Mr llldgway of secur
ing a conviction Kruuso it is i bald could not
hitto committed tin mitnlor as ho was many
miles away from tho plnct nt tho time Mr
lildgivay said yesterday that he knew jiosltivt > >
ly whet Krause was on the night of March 14
Mr Itldgway expects to nan Miller and
Krauze In Raymond street jail in u tow days
A K > on ns Miller is taken tobrookljn an effort
will bo mado to induce him to confess So fur
It is said he has denied all knowledge of the
The Clcnry Jury Ascreed on One Thing
A small boy with an exceedingly Important
bcaiJ7 iruTile < l Into the Court of Ojer and Termlnfr
jtfterday with n formidable bumlto over his rIght ftlmul
lcruruiill veUct cohered box cUtped lUltlj in life
iiiti hand crud is bir tether 1etneeli hi tceih It ua the
IctUr wliii h trained llm nrtmJttuncelnto the court room
for It wan addrvfcHfl to Capt HH1 Rickettut a name that
Lt utl jMiwrrf there Jtlllj crejit toftlj cut friuni lilt
lo uV l tuck of ito Jiiilfi dtoic And tninc IIesii
ilrhr there from macro forte of haiJlt lute ctpvit the
tmiiojie aud this Is wIutit he rend
i ibitm 4 11
Tlv ItrnR CHTATM I sent lv l jeerer wo prkiue
rlfti mini the niciulirH ii f ttiti rrary juivii > uim i iitui
niir ntfetrt who sit indtv t MtfnJofl I tu omit comfort
ihirliiif tlint trlil The mull hLliuuut U for > foir elf AIM
hiitou wear theme tliiih rf UN jln < tItter iiackjire
rnntuhi H silk vmbr Hn him uiJi of ttiu t fix iiltci ru
run ehfr that they aro iHvtri > uti < l itnl krrntly cMle
I < mrN very truly Un > iui h llfiitVi j
Ill ipvliut i time vrhtt ecu err M hOc omot Chili n Imiul
oriiiiu Tunr of liilt Ie r Imtlii C wutiaMir II on
litil ltm the built cifeurli ut tliuuthi WUM t > caitllti > y
relented towm H HiiktltH ty iXntneiof all ibid
yillv controlled bile inollnim liy n pnw crfiil effort and
rallinciimri oiilrtrn I MrWinv UehliirU Jtrp > v 1 r
acid MartIn iimuut dati utiioul him hiurt rntfil rnoh it
Thiitmi St hIm la MnlrellA si ti Ii UK t niruf u fcclnx > lmiihvr
Jisfionlninj < iilc4 on hiiiii child rn
Hlurtlitc Irish Indii trle
unLIN Apiil 14Mr rarnell and Michael
Uai lit slid a number nt other prominent Irlliniin iii
mbmmuntIng the orguutlriihiumi uI au I rliu woiihIn milieu
tti urtiug uuiil xpirtizmc iotnidiTlV uuImIu a rsiihni it
f1 p ui u N r tile lit the i1tiiu it iMMteC t
etihiv reeeleci imuammy Irohuulsel 01 uttlaiLliru lriul
AiilrlLMi imuilihiriers uif woollens
Kncluuil Will Nut Attack IIujll
Titms April 14TIto 7iwjii PtIle Knclnnd
has aMtircd 1ruce that she ha nr Intrnilnii tit making
any stuck on Ilayil I Lnirlantl has redncid IIP Indent
nlij ileiiuiniliil of ILiytl lo iflivtiin I und Mm I n ncli
Admiral vim ii as ordered tn urn enl to Haul I I vilh IIK
fnrii In order to riroleti turureans has been ordciid
lo team Haitian n uteri
Tie Mayor IVnnti Their Nam B
Erno t JJulim Lorn < 8ionilliiK Secretary of
the Central l thnr Ilami rec rtl > urole to Major
lieu it that the uorktiihmen w ere very anloui < to coin
ml all stores unit thop to clone upon Sunday Tim
> l > urn piled vtterdiy ueltmii for tue name uf liny
lit iihlrtehlire of stuns whodutiut clone on hunday huh mmi
lits Stilt out a call to tlie pionlnenl m mm In all the >
unlian to elect him HI ll it illlum meet tn nlmii and
eel if lie cannot urnUli the nuuicb Iti hit Mu > or
Tim Ialior Vole In Jcr ey City
TIle total otonf Tuc < Lliy dinner clad inn
Inlirtey 1 lily was hr > ji lit Oils the Lilicr party I l
abtut Iui i i
Only u CnuBce r Nuinc
flits name of Hazard Huzuid k Co who tire
successors to the old firm of Ciswell Hazard iV
Co the buMnuas of wlmlehi was establlthed In
17hO I ins been placed on the I hlgns In front of
ilm I I i wellknouii ntul rellnlilo drug hit iIthlis Ott
Film Ii nvwtut cornet of Twenlylourlli mvct
nnd on Hiith ineuue cornvr Llmirl yfl let Ii
ilreot The ttUehntttb of the Him audits man I
artonient are Iho sainu ax for ream past the
only change being In the narao Ada I
5 Ui
The Keller Known bo llrller Liked
Peadlefton A Woer < celebrated Iniptrial Later hear
bottled esprexly fur fatally me at their brewery 201
WuZ0thetlwork Order tgr BUHO4
rca 0 t lId it
viu iii 41lLI i
Vocrl Urnlbei fUluleri
Of Droudwiy and Houston and fith avenue
corner lid M bavn nuw coiuplelo their new
Eprine styles oonijirlsltiK an iininonha vaH ty
of excellent lUstilY reudyinado clothing for
men and boys Cushion catalogue wet free
S t4 i
Ilquiea Xol IlrMlly fleno
Until the baste been cleaned with Ps l hne luarhhije4iiu
The ten of refinement U the cimdlU nt this teeth
liriuu uf ten with bowdoat < U
Billiiuine Jllwlnf Oscars jj Me relljvta bj
CstLt L4tUe 14vr IlUn A4t
Tbe Jury Ont Ret en Hour Before It Could
AerceOttos Hweetkesirt ails with him
In Court re While WsiUlnr for the Verdict
The Jury In the caws of Otto White who
was on trial for the murder of Louisa Wolff
his stepmothers poor servant girl came Into
the Court of Oyor and Termlner at midnight
last night with a verdict ot murder tn the sec
ond degree They had been out seven hours
Tho prisoner had been taken to the Tombs
and ho was brought back to the court room
looking as unmoved and stolid as over There
was no change in his appearance as the jury
filed In and ho heard the verdict with corn
posurn Ho won taken back to the Tombs In
a few days ho will be sentenced to Imprison
ment for life
The defence called four witnesses yesterday
to refute the testimony of Andrew Vallmoro
his wife and Hermann Kluen to the effect that
the prisoner was In Vnllmers saloon ut 5S5
Second avenue at 820 oclock on the night of
Feb 10 or about ten minutes before the mur
der was committed In Thlrtyflntt street a
stones throw away The witnesses were John
Iowers Itobert Johnson Hugh Markey end
Kdwaril Connor According their testimony
they all saw young White going away from
VallmerH saloon between 714 and 7Jf clock
on the night of the murdor They all had some
certain Incident to rolnlo which tended to Ox
tim time firmly in thclrmlmK 1owcrsremeni
hers it bemuse Ids father litul supper that night
about 7t > oclock when he left the house apd
It was nbout fifteen minutes later that ho paw
till prisoner Johnson know what time it was
because ho walked down to the Star Theatre
after ho saw White arriving thereat 8 oclock
fonnors also left the neighborhood after the
defendant hail passed him and started down
town lo attend a meeting of the Plurnix Labor
Club As ho was passing Llocnth street and
Third avenue he noticed that the clock on tim
Charities Corruptions butldlnglndlcated
B oclock Mnrkey knew what time it wn be
cause within thirty mlnutot after he saw V hito
n clock in the neighborhood struck H
Jfnrkoy said that Whltn was coming from
the direction of Vullinera saloon and
snid lhat he was going home lioth sides
rested nt 1335 oclock IJXWJTr Howe in his
summing un said that It was easy for a person
to bo mistaken In n recognition In n time of
great excitement Mrs Vi idle had run out of
her bedroom when iOta heard the pistol shot In
her kitchen and finding the prostrate body of
her sonant lying on the kitchen floor and a
man aiming n pistol at her was enough to para
lyze bur senses nnd make it the most likely
thing tn the world that she should be mistaken
He thought that the prisoner had proved be
yond a reasonable doubt that he was In his sis
ters home in East Seientvfourth street ut the
time the crime was committed
Assistant District Attorney Fitzgerald main
UUnoil that Otto Whites alibi was a fictitious
structure Tho evident object of the murder
ers fury was Mr White rind not poor Louisa
Wolff and that If Mrs White hurl opened the
door that night fo would have been mur
dered and tho servant would not have been
harmed The transfer of the house to Mrs
White by hnr husband had rankled in the
mind of her stepson and this was his re cage
Judge Van Brunt wild to the jury
I hare found that In ninetynine times out of a hun
dred Juries are ubstanttally correct In their verdict
and I nave vet to see n system devIsed thai can take the
place of the jury system
Hn told tho jury that If tho prisoner killed
Louisa Wolff in mistake deliberately intend
ing to kill Mrs White their verdict should bo
guilty of murder in the first degree If they
found the murder had been committed with
out premeditation or deliberation they could
give u verdict of murder in the second degree
or of manslaughter the fIrst degree Ho left
to the jury the oUdenco of the alibi and the
evIdence in contradiction The prisoners
composure was wonderful during the summing
up of eountol Toward the close of Sir Fitz
geralds remarks hH eyes grew red and
blurred and occasionally his lips trembled
but ho kept his eyes fixed straight in front
of him the whole time Tho jury retired at 5
oclock and then Iolly Garten tile young girl
wUu huid been keening company with t he pris
oner left the crowd or women with whom she
had been wittlngon tho other side of the court
and moving silently around to where the pris
oner wit took n chair by his side She is a
short plump pretty girl and was evidently
greatly worried at the trouble Otto was in
She whispered to him and he whNpered back
and in u short time every eye In tile court wIts
fixed upon them A silence fell and nothing
could bo heard but the murmur of their voices
As the jury was long about agreeing the court
room was cleared presently and Otto was
taken to the Tombs
Hint of Discoveries In Ike HenreJs far the
Kahirity Murderer
The liahtray police arc still looking for the
murderei1 of the unknown young woman
in the neighborhood of Ilnhwny but the
local detectives are not of one mind
as to his probable whereabouts They
hint at certain facts now kept secret In
the interest of justice which point to New
York city us the hiding placo of the mysterious
murderer A reporter of THE BUN has dis
covered information that scents to upset the
theory that thin man who killed the unknown
guI lived in Milton or the adjacent country
Mayor Daly of Ilahway said yesterday that
n Now York detective presumably Inspector
Bvrnes had struck a clue The Mayor posi
tively denies that ho has over held an inter
vIew with Mrs Berry who is reported to have
told him that sho saw the murdered girl on tim
daybhewiiH killed carrying the umbrella and
vnlUe now in time hiindK of tho police
Detective huron inndo tht remarkable sug
gestion yesterday that it would bo it gooil plan
to I arrest somebody In I Milton I in order to get
people them to talk and thus I concentrate oU
tim lt0 In the I cam Ill ii iii mill tie said had been
trld In tevoral murder noMorion with success
Mrs Katie Dowd rlaim that I the murdered
girl is Annie Sit itluro a Hungarian gltl I who
woikeil forthe I S tie tieis family in Voodhrldfro
Mr Dowd cays that fbo i posltie that tie
furrap ring figured Pllk hu ijiio gloves and
Ciii molt it tiehh Miteliel belonged to t Annie
Tie in m ilpot Is set t down t for 1 t this t morning at
10 I oclock but there It talk of postponing i t It
Tho general de iro I > to havu I the I hodvuf tho I
uullpiitltlrd girl put under ground hero IB
now iilmoM no iliJiL nfl KM identification I
liiorgH Uvtiioit uf Kllnt hot ii threaten to t
bring suit iisnlnst JJxChlif cf Fold Yaton of
thatitv I tortryiig t to cwute hi ii nrrft upon
the elta rgut of helm thn t slim wer oh thetl I ad gill
Troy April I I H Vsn llouleniiejniatiil I I I >
Ing In this I city reported at I Ihi I 1olieo I Hond
iiuarterhtdilty that shoitly before the murder
nt Haliwa > liN nuvu jlhu ° i llo lo started from
lialtlmorotolrli liernuiuli ttiiiltvami fund
not lion hoard I fiMin > I i tu lii thinks Iosa
was the girl nuiniTed it Itahwiy
1o1s 1rsTKii i tnnu
A Ktorv r n nirl nnil a IIMot Shot Vcar
Grand street to tie On
Ahout 9 oclocl iwt t nlRhlii tall wrllImilt
man of fiO with n nuatlytrlmmed bandy beard
and moustache and n heavy goldheaded cam
Inn rled up tho I west idtwnlkof I I Mulberry l si root
followed by a eruwd of fifty ragged boys The
man wore 1 1IJ liut a braver overcoat and
tancolored glow I flit fnco uni tliishil niul
here I weru whitewash niiirlh on his black oer
eont Ho teemeil eyelted Tlo bojs ycllod
Murder u Ilrul and 1olKo
At Houston street In front of Ito I irl build
ing tho t man slopped ntimrenily tinilcchlod
whlh wnyli turn Time Hnntll buys lormed a
clrilo about hlmandhe I Miuel I nt thmeelnost t
tn him and onlercd them tn gil < > homo Thn
bojsdoilged I nnd i > lled louder I than I enr A
fill I camu east throuih Houston I n t meet lie
hulled It got In and was about ml t log a isui y
wliin a policeman ttuek his heiul through I thn
iltor and inquired If the si rim it ger was In trouble
5iut lie tiniswtmrtul hunts I nothing wrong
fio iihead driver Til hi inn up Fourth I t mentie
Away Went tutu cab Theetnwd of unall lit tis
who had been following thu man weio quo
tloncil by n I SUN teiiorler
Vui see a nickel down ticarCirand street
their t Fiiokosman saliland wu hoard that thitt I
tiidin liloko linl lieen shut nt while ho vn
walking througu t IIIIH of u th slieet t uear Uraud
sI root with n woman on his arm
Tho poliio know nothing of nny Fhooting
but I neveral storekeepers near Urand 1 and I Mul
berry I circuit had lieu iui thai I n shot hnd ltiiimi
Iii iit nt n man In the neighborhood about hi i
ocloek A lawyer who KIWI I ho man jump j into
the tat cut ill that bo knew the ttnuigcr by
r Ight arid thought I he viis n lawyer and u club
IIIHII rverjboily wlm saw tho I man agroed
that lie was Hiber and did nut look lunatic
IHE noon rniY roans WHITE your
VTa tWhit man Welcome tiy Ms Frlcndilm
Madlsom ftquarc Theatre
Walt Whitman the venoraUo poet rend a
lecture yesterday in the Madison Square Thoa
tro before a large audience The subject was
Abraham Lincoln Yesterday wa tho
Twentysecond anniversary of Lincolns assas
sination It wan a plcturosauo Bight when the
curtain arose and the poet was discovered sit
ting In the middle ot a gorgeous bluo plush and
gilt boudoir scene From the proscenium box
at the loft of the stage oxMlnlster James Bus
sell Lowell and Prof Charles Eliot Norton and
from tho proscenium box on the right Mr B C
Btcdmtm among others saluted the poet on
tho stage Whitman did not rise to his feet
during tho lecture Ills long and flowlngwhlto
hair and beard made a halo around hUfaco
and caused his features brMrned by outof
door walks toVpok tho broivnftr
In collar and cuff Mr Whitman adopted the
most Byronlo style possible ftls looBoflttlng
Mack broadototb coat won unbuttoned and his
figure fell Into cay lines M he loaned ono iirm
on a light stand upholstered in blue plush
and began to read Ills olainBhloneu cane
with a curl at the top waozijbe carpet at his
feet On a chair near Mr Whitman hung u
laurel wreath tied with red whltn and blue rib
bons the gift of Mr Wilson Barrotu
Mr Whitman described the Urn time he Raw
Lliuoln The pool was sitting on an omnibus
In runt of tho Astor llouse when Lincoln came
through Nowiorkon his ivny to Washington
for his first Inauguration Tho i sullen silent
way In which Lincoln was received In Now
York on hut day the vast silent crowds that
thronged Broadway to we him tho way Lin
coln got out of his carriage and untangled hit
long logs in front of the Aster House looked
calmly about him with his stovepipe hut on
the hitch of his heed Mr Whitman descrllwd
no that Ills aUdience could see them In
truth It was comedy almost such farce Mr
Whitman kiild na Bhakespearo puts into his
J blackest tragedy
I With equal vIvidness Mr Whitman plcturod
1 ttu historic scone of thin shooting of Lincoln
by Douili and all through the recital the ntidl
onco was half Inclined to cry at the tragic tale
l and half to laugh at Whitman1 nrhimslcal iitid
passlnnnto ridicule of the play of Our Ameri
cnn Cousin which was on tbottago when
Llncolu was altot
This with regard to Lincoln had its sequel
The lilacs wore In full bloom in the place where I was
when the news of Itncotn0 assassination rrathtd rue
and I lied myself remlndtd ot that day at the sight or
odor nt lilacs
At thin conclusion of the lecture just as the
last accent of the old mans musical olco fell
from his lips Mr E C 8k > dman8 tloyeurohl
granddaughter Laura tripped upon the stage
from thojlKht upper entrance twisting a bas
ket fllled with cut liliws The poet loojiwl around
in surprise fumbled the flowers and ended by
kissing the lIttle one twice hcBrtlundornoath
her NormimdvcBP The entertainment netted
nearly t20 In thn evening Mr Whitman held
a rcgcptlon seated in a big chnlr in tho private
parlors uf the Westminster Hotel
A JBsmsjaet s > t < ne Hotel Brnwiwlck to Cele
brate It EatabllthnseDt
Paintings ol famous Grecian ruins decked
tho walls of the Hotel Brunswick banquet hall
In which a hundred college professorsand well
known citizens gathered last night to cat the
big modern dinner that was spread In com
memoration of the establishment in Athens of
tho American School of Classical Studies
George William Curtis presided beneath
Churchs costly painting of the Athenian Par
thenon Tho painting was lent by Mr Morris
K > 7e Min to indicate his Interest in the clas
sic institution that educated Americans intend
to maintain on Grecian soil
About tile Chairman were grouped these
Professors and laymen who have lent the
school their enthusiastic support ExMintit
tor Andrew D White Dr Provost of the Ienn
sjlvanln University Howard Crosby Prot
Brown of the Theological University Prof
Harkuessf Hrown University Prof Van Ben
schotten of Wesleyan Profs Charles Norton
and Goodwin of Harvard Imf Heymour of
Yale Profs Duster Merrimon uittl Iirislor of
Columbia Prof Sloano of Princeton Prof
Hut of Cornell Prof Baird of the University
of Now York nod Prof Tibduli of the College
of the City of New York
Beside Chairman Curtis sat Dr Jamsut lIes
seil Lowell and Dr Charles Waldstein the di
rector of the Fitzwilliiim Museum of Cam
bridge England a young American archipolo
gist whom the American patrons of the Athens
school have united to become its permanent
director nnd who ha accepted the proffered
appointment upon tho condition that the school
shall bo adequately endowed
The menu of the dinner was decorated with
woodcuts of the American school which show
It tO t IK uspaciousthreestoryediflcoof lireclnn
architecture It stands upon a hill near the
Aeropolis a fitting companion of the schools
which the French English and Ciermun Gov
ernments have already established in Athens
Mr Curtis and Mr Lowell made earnest ap
pmiU to generous New Yorkers to contribute to
the thorough arcluivtlogieal equipment of the
new school and Dr Waldstelii and Prof
Charles Norton spoko of the vast bcnnllt which
ito school would exert in spreading clns
ideal education in America Tlie school would
repif ° nl the test aud highest thought of the
people and would but t credit to thin advanced
civilization of the American nation
llembers of Brooklyn 1nilsTea Hose a Very
Jolly Time one
The colored Masonic lodges of Brooklyn
had a very jolly and somewhat spectacular
time last evening at Turn Hull Cl73 Moserolo
street Wllliumsburgh The eommandcries
that took part in tho fun wero Mount Calvary
No lPaul Drayton NoiGethomnnpNoS i
St John No 4 iMinhoe No 5 Simons No 7
ht Anthony No Kj and St Pittl No o I
The Mount Calvary fit John 1 Jnii Dma yt oh
and Ivttnlioe eommandenen in I lull I unilorm
1mI n cumintithe i chill for it silver libation set
of tncntyvoxen t pl l eM A tliiong of visiting I
whlto Maoons from Clinton I t Commrndciy
heartily applaudeil tho pirdso and thutnn
itt ti mmtimniu of heir t colored brothers I Jiluu
ptesent i rand Commander of lie I htatu Albert
s list it wasainongthi litvlled i I giiovti
A ball and suprer fdlowed thu drill Porno
of tlw ilNtingiiiluul Masons iieent weru
llnidC dray i JI It 1 1 Potile lIe tort II I i lMiliK
huniuclL Thomtiioii K S llniily I I r Wnler I
JTititi 1 J 1 Arruwei VH hi Lore i1ttlflti ieligeu i
aiiipbll J 1 P 1 Howniil M l P Saiintlejs J 1
Thompson A Vamlomii T I ii i Andri > on Jr I
ViMInm 1 Uxoii Dlward V illlanid 1 ii i A Klild i
A Driistoa J 1 11 Hardy I i 1 A iieed I K H I I nt 1 till I
art Minitiel T Aiiikrson lienmmin J Jaeknon I
1 i VI Illlams 1 P 1HJ4UII I btlflt ito Taylor 1
S Jlirruld Yv T Abbott J H hirtlth K L I
Laylons I V II Jliirrl I 1 Joneu i t i It i 1 Delunev 1
C ltiu tie Situ > ii l y ti O I I lllreh 11 H Johnson u V
11 howe A NeiMin V J J Trueley
CirS V > tiOIl Y < 174A
Tills Time ibis ColiniMit Hoy nnrroued be
Gown of the JIiU
The ColnmMn College htwKntH hiul their t In I
nlntf At ctlebrAtlrj 11 iToIUtc c uUrmUl uut rtri fi <
It i as not quit pMllrolfU < 1 a firrffsriiiaiirfriuth tJT
cu tilt cC tVehuicisy lit furtilalit ii lCcchm muTe fan Wuii
a lIlies mu chug of tue tutiitO eaI rahtu ii last wei the
j Clmirnan vihcl nrclerrt tlv dcur bugled and tulUM fur
A oat rltiutlnmm Hie retiilt wae njparfnt Inst iiifht In
iMnn I iHMtty Emat Jinrimriit iiiuI I 1 ami jmi Si iirti nf
thE 0 irks t ant Mount vt I lie Ivnntjthlnl Ircrinct I
MUtnu Ittailed itfi v littlut iI to hal Mlirrof tie u tiii t
his C < clnct ti hull > mnivj n fiont him tt > t tnUitro
situ ttirttncfil witli Miratiptl riO t ii tiCtlrus Flair i f ili I
hut N whet ill 1 rut H iur nitlit ttivn liii i i IH Km n iittf r
u tiiirrtiiu iii chIme otIrI ii hIll thiCe u ri lIe rtiith
jtojnit r htAl Urctw 1apr liar ii 1itul lithely in
wrih il MTird ut u pinch Uirry F1y c oil lit > t > i
II 11 uT Ilie stunk lLuhluitjC 0 Sit iiflI mmii relish iiid i
hilt wetlmimiis s ru thus hut vH Hull C luau Vu h fj
I In tutu in fiiiulr aitlrr Dio I iiiKtMi > IM 4111 firnm1
itt 14 J Mtiil si ii Itd I hy Ioiimirit J llr ii HJ I > M lull lee
wtt liiMrliHd t4t5 l I phi lii urn let iuvl K Uuiul
dO tim u slit di eso S fifth lie laid lilirruin tu ft 0111 tiui < jutu J
lIeu s 5 iii
tin I lila > if ninrih vnx thou ii MaOiumi nniu < > tit m
Tlirtj fuurDi Htrcit tu tifih airniHs tMxtl li s rtt
lii t Mi < loiumiur tn the ramjuis Thu titn l jonl
ilrn tmliitiiniruiKlmblc on Hitnunt of rfH l irs miuiltiiu I
lich turns lu l he rent Upon rrturnin ro tin Minim n
larc iHiiur wan Jlullttl omit llu I t rtnfirLo v rire K t off
1 hcpoliffd s iiritn wits jciUil until N < sinvly s Kuititt
roiia crust rinyhftJ tlilriy icuruotlicer l olnhn ultli
AnflLorrcfou Steeling lu N > w rk j
A hitgu iliiol rig of I cit lie 114 SIllS held In I M I i
hrary Hall Mw ark toil s tulnc mci iroleit mrnhiM the
corcon of IrtUr4 Vn > nr Hajniti prtmlJod unlvJ i
drcoies uteri lilutile liy S this tilihi > MMor ilPittSliit
nflrrrcy Ciiy Mcr Jlinn J 1 It in A I TL and 1 V
1fictier Koojutjuiin rniiKrituUtii tho Literal party
MI lie juieii 141 on the lioruc rmlhtiiui i tioij virv adjiiva
siaxoit I > IL VVKXTITS shIn rrwz
TIIK nntriczr jouei
Mine Hisstrelter Quick Wit Suveil Him
Inckrd tip In Ihe Alnskn Slnrernnm
The flats Assembled unil Ionkcd nt Him
Signer del Iucntc for many years a favor
Ito liarilonti In hoi Majestys Col llniilesonH
Italian ot > cri3 in this town anti In London hus
made at least fifteen trips to thin country IUt
lie never made MI exciting n trip hither as that
which terminated InM Monday on tho arrival
of thin steamship Alaska from Liverpool Sit
nor del Puentus arrest was sought lcorously
and persIstently hy cnrtnin inlnlonn of the
British Government and yet the Signor says
with every appearance of truth that ho loon
not know why ho was to bo arrested
Ho had some romantic experiences Ho wits
saved from arrest nt tlin mutt moment heforo
departure by the quick wit of Mute Hastrelter
his friend und fellow voyager mild n popular
singernlrto and yut the officers of justice were
no sharp after tho Klcnor that Cnpt Urooks
and tub purser locked up the barltoim in thin
storeroom of the ship until the search for him
on board ship was over
The story begins with Hiirnor lol 1imnto nnd
Mine Hnstreitcr They mmKIn the santo opera
in Covent Oardun for Col Mnplenon and the
public on Thunulnr before the Saturday when
they willed for ow York eititer had told tlte
otlmriif the proposrd jon moe minul it isfitlil
learned It uccltlontnlly The Kliuur loranrfeiil
In entice rstutiujtt with Haiti II treite1 that I hu
intended to leave London nt noon for Liver
lOt ti iiiitiiiul of wnillne until nishl because
ho wanted to aold any possible trouble with
Col Mnplototi it lt said as u matter of fttU
that Slunor del Iuoutp WKM understood to sot
Til 51 for ltis diluaitUro from London nt thu
KiiFton siiuare slatioiwheriis hu left London
ut noon nt Ht IuncriK station
Mine Hastrelter had an experluncii at time
railway station at nlKht it hicli eaused her to
romentlttr witmtt Signor del Piiutitfl had told
her Site spied an opera hou oniciul antI n
man who looked lieu I n dct etio sliding
around us though huntinc for sonic ono Tho
offleial spied her and a ked her If any one was
with her Site replied yes and thin olllciiil
looked itlea5bd lund when ilnie Hastivitorsiild
It wax her maid his pleaded expression van
ished nt once
lu Liverpool the sincere met on tho dock
anti while they were in eonvcrsatlon three rlo
HCtlvert ntiproached them and inutuiteil of Del
1uento what Ills name was
Jones said Del Ptientt who had been put
on his Kuard by JIme HastrelUir
The Arizona sailed Irom Llvurtmol and nil
went merry as a mairlnee boll until thu Rood
ship arrived in Quecnstow when moro de
tectives climbed on board Tills timo llel
1ucnloo friends befcought Cart Brooks to stow
tho baritone away until the storm should blow
over Cupt Brooks consented after sonic per
Mind nowho said I do this because I
trust you know that the SIgnor has done no
Tilt Signors friends knew ho could have
done mitliiuK wrong so hn was locked up in
the chips storeroom Tho sinfler wane kept In
the storeroom a food deal longer than he
liked The officers of justice searched high
and low for him but they found not hint of him
or his traps for his baggage had been locked
up too
Signor del Puento got very lumen and
broke ouen tile 511111s stores aimd fnmuntd sonic ap
ples which he ate It was very still down there
and pretty soon the rats Iwnn to come nut
and look nt him Hlcnor del Iliente speaks
very little Kncllsh but he has told his Italian
friends here in his liuly way of the experi
ences of thote hours at Queenstown He hnd
time to reflect oer his past life but most
of his time was spent trylnc to think
why Ills arrest was sought Suddenly as ho
says the only reason posvibly to bo tboucht of
for his arrest wiis that the British Government
was anxious to collect the Government tax on
his salary because he was an otnra sincer Ho
remembered that ho had received a bill from
the Government and that he had showed it to
Col Maple < on who merely remarked
Oh stuff and nonsense mo boy Ill look
out for it Dont bother about that bluwstcd
tux Signor del Puento now believes that Col
Muplpoti did not attend lo tile payment of the
Government tax It cannot be true hu adds
that he owes Col Mapeon Col Maple on
owes him much money he tiny RlRiior del
Puento lues with Mr Henry E Abbeyu com
pany tonight
Ltoulslaaa Law Offlecr Taklnff Step to
Hnppresi and Destroy It
NEW ORLEANS April AttorneyGeneral
Cunningham on behalf of the Stuto of Louis
iana entered suit today In the Civil District
Court against tho American Cottonseed Oil
Trust and nil its nKcnts nnd representatives In
this State Mr Ciinnlnchnm declares that tho
company is an illegal immoral and corrupt
association the objects and alms of which are
in contravention of the Constitution and laws
of the State nnd that it is guilty of usurpation
in this that it illegally exercises the franchise
of a corporation whereas it has never been in
corporated After iwltlnc thin story of its
origIn of how the company crushed out all op
position und Ilnnlly secured control of a great
majority of all the cotton seed oil mills
In the South tho AttorneyGeneral declare
that I flue trust Is n climatic monopoly operated
HuaiiiBt tho public interest that it has by its
fraudulent nets depreciated the value of cotton
see < l Sl to fB tier ton and Issued In Louisiana
fictitious stock to the extent of 4KhibthiO < for
nil of which reawjnH he asks thit it bo sup
pressed and destroyed Us I ucenttt hero en
joined from entering Into any tfontiwt for it
and a receiver appointed to lake chareu of its
protiertv itoul business
ThIn OH Trust owns every oottonserd oil mill
In I Louisiana and has n eotnplte monopoly of
t lit hell bert but an opposition I iii mill Inow I
In I course of construction and will begIn busi
ness in the fall
titnrd for Gun Forjilnrr and timor Pint
WASIIITWTOV April 14 Seoxvtniy Whitney
ID Any itS nrle1 to the I Itottieliem Iron Vnrkc rmnpnv
of rrn Itaiii tin contract for funii Mn utmi 1M I ml
loiivftf tit trim fiirirlrfM AinJ 4Vfl tuimiJ ftflnrniri
JIIMI it n IMitl root nfjf llJlMi In I eiilniiK liU
i Httnmfnr rili7 tuihi iiitrnrt to hitiC iomiin itr
ni tilt 3 huney nn 5 that lii t oicKirnf lilditinra Imn
unf hnseytet lli tie ndifiiUfnnt I tlmt thIn cauTtiisT
lslu urmnr aiuii l trim Shot I vouM rficive Irti1ru lice
niltr it In Idug fiiini Tli tlaebiri < ii l It iirUcr > U
nunt v Rttut I lie fiernniMit ii mmtiJ tili hcisu eel lirii e
tnr t tlto I I bile work ill s iu riots or hm jhr ii t rthi
other In Inir Iminnivrui dll Ionn Cu tnllr jlt is c >
tutiitlat II1C Inwtit total ITUI Tin t ii lowest ipp
Ii rut litip for tin Irn u ubtc K hfirit h ihnt of tin m timdrU
ln > n f nmiummuii Inc fn KIM > eel inrt tlu I t he Hml Ki il
iiu Mill Ctiinlii ii ft ill irniir itatr nnioiidM Ii
Fl itn7li I i ttt il Hi iilM4 > Kin Inm rninpam fr
ihi su nnt iI tfuftt iiinniiiii fi > T > J rtii flint art tlit
Is cii rvfnrttm t worK by l > I lie y un of yoii t tiull
< >
diaries St llrtkt a hIt t hum last of tho t f run nut
HurieiAiiiRrr I I f lV miliir tl Kit in WIll ruliurre Ia > ci <
tir1iy flkiMl Ti > Jim III I rothrrc MiJ r John Htunltf
Mint uugd uiZl run I if rtiir < ltririt net Hi in hi
tiHt L 1 I Miirdftant npul v 9a lxttMrurf the II ar
oflMLail tin Vrvfcuii war tiled within Ihe lust fm
jciirn Themntbtr of the Fl ur1e1 nuts was in the W >
on inif mtwtI In 177 ami vn Ili I chIld KtlrAh tt I
Nktinfr who tfIlttll uitlb iir jarrnto lOut imiUt ilu
it rrilt < < juuriity uiimnuirlu th tSiadi of Ifedtti hMjunp to
the si i ttlfinrn 1iilM tuulm ire utmut llifi1 tr ii iiMrt
rut Mirrrt I ln ilisi iijutii nmrrltM Iol t uniutl mmirihti
t huh und fiui ruil bjiL tu Ujomli In 17tC
1 lie Ituit ii < irC J 1 llwfclfj l lm rji rpilc n nmm
her of tli t ILI u > amiSm 1 n > uri > fnuu rriuiklin
itilim itt t fall tilt lit 5 r 11 tikf iho uxtli > n
5uiiUmil if hyies deit 3 CII u bill ill SVlytitttelr igit i
MrK M I M I > ii 11 > lOut rf the l ut vurUviiiff bell Oilier >
nrtlif II > LV it iiiH on T tlii HI louiiixlj
Ji eyed Oil Mfi tj vniuO ilfilattlu 1 ut oflh I iti I i I
Yniitiu SHU S I oeil irs
The 1odoini Ilub In IKII Incorioratod
tn dUiioiiiliiitti Kipublican plnripiK I inil hut lie lttit I
qtiirlirt at nut Mndlum i uvuui Tin jiutic lniiuiluiiiaa < I
uf the Twenty fret Aeytiill ilmrkt urn tin irkanlii I
if ibis hillii Ilu HUT tetuig thuturl l II Urouit lr ii l
ilrnt tluiiKit II I i Iltlpifc Mirfiin tdlin II < nl I
IrenMiriT Jiid Idaoil I MnnSinipry A rnilii > riin
ire 1 si t 11 I rimli 11 AcHuiUiyiiHH Oli1i41i J I ia IK
llurnll A riutnlxr I rluiit I llmi i Uillinm n MITJIIJ
liil I I Uliltnn 1 sihgtt IliiL h I u II Hunt I I niiJ IMIliMl
I iryiii innfpi lIt chili iflhllluli tit ifin n illntifr 11 t
riKriliirrliMisMiUiui > uv II i i lit i ItrlininlruV i at ii bit l It
Clibuniry M lioprw and nllurs u fib Hf ak
Tbo Pool Ilretver tire In
TIme pool brewors decided yesterday to repeal
aetlion C of heIr bylaw tilt tIlts tIle CuSS of UK
tojnm by Iho retail dialer Thus frllcn prulilbitrtl
ineinlKTf ef tlit i1mit friMii tuttnu i IIIH riisionifrs iinl
riin < r > iueutl reTiitU llv ictal tr Until iu uitliik LU
OUT aoii AttMsraoxH l Jt1
This U I the Neeonil Time tule Fire Intiirnnfe
Compnnv bus lllspenseit ulth Him
The tmslcca of time Mutual Fire Insurance
Company mutter n pessloti lasting four hours
yesterday afternoon In the offices of tim com
pany lf5 Urouilway otetl to dlcharco
1 ii Armstronp Secretary of tlin coat
pun1 Jlr Armstrong was dismissed
once beforoon Oct K1S85 fiom his place ns
ns Kccretan but ho wiis reinstated 1 W It
Mills cashier ot tho company wiis mailu Sec
retary yesterday and 1rosljcnt fl orRp L
Whitman mild last night that ho did not bo
llevo Mr Armstrong would bo reinstated aguuln
XochnrticRiifToctlnR the Integrity of tim old
Secretary are made by the trustees who voted
for his remoMil bill his hu lncss methods have
been criticised anti hlstniitment of Jlr Whit
nmn It ltd some of tho Iniftees I lt Mild to I have
liuxci been objectionable to Item I Ills i neentu lit s
Idle perfectly I corteit Thwholn trouble Is I that I
ho offended Mr Whitman nnd thin trustees w ho
oted itRilnst him by what they term his
abrupt and IinpuKho wavs It is i also declared
that I Mr ArmstronK endeavored lo supplant
Mr Whitman ut tho election In January and
that Mr Whltmiu has been after Mr Arm
MnmKtt scalp eve > Kliiee In iikltiRof the
trouble I last nlcht Mr Whlttnnn said
111hihtccn months aso 1 was told to mnko
my bed with Mr Armtronc I found him
iro sway in the bed and the clothes pulled up
all around him Ho I Mild the lloor was gooil
iiitiuih for me and 1 told him I would
kick Hn mild Kll away this landlady of u
this shunt knows that I inn an iiuly
ctiBtomer and wont dnm Interfere1 1 did kick
and the landlady or rather the I Hoard ol Trus
tees tit tho company has boosted him out on
tho floor and given inc the l > uj and It will bo
many a chilly blight before MiArnistronR can
climb buck under tho t eovnri
Jlr Whitman said that ho learned twenty
four hours before tlm election lastlammry that
Jlr Armstrons had cot the votes of nearly
emmuh trustees to elect himself President as
tho trhllues l were informed that he Jlr Whit
man did not desire a iirlection Mr Whitman
said that h burklod down to work and soon
oMTcmno tUo atlvanta u gained by Mr Arm
Mr ArmstronKs salary was 17500 lie or
ganized thu company
If You Bnrep out Into ibo Nlreet llereafter
You Will be Arrested
Mayor Hewitt received yesterday n long
letter from Health Com in 1st loner Diiylos con
demning the practice of sweeplni refuse from
stores ana dwellliiRS Into the streets and erg
lug the cottperatioii of tile uuthoritles to pre
vent it Tho Mayor sent a letter to the Police
Board saying
The attempt tn relaTe the removal of ashes In the
Nineteenth precinct tins hi consequence of the hearty
roCtierntlon cf the lollco Department u lilt the llnaril of
Health and the Street Cleunlinc Itepirlinenu resulted
tiracticallv In tukllitf away all asnnhle irmund uf tiul
lilnlnt KI fir as that lireilnet Is riiiuerced Au erorl
will be made tn exit nil tlie spteumt uf removal bv nleht
ii other iKirtiony of the cIty at the earliest r < otfMhlu too
I ast von 10 Instruct tIe force minuet your rommantt to
notlfj sttireKiepers that the practice of 5 teIIIluf refuse
nuilerisl or dirt t > fanv kind from stores Into tlie ptrect
mm lit nuttIer be jtrexetited by arrest If necessary of
the offenders The lnlatlnn nf the law haA gun on Ho
lena thai i hint Sims ronfctdt riitlini hit I due to the utoro
keepers for past nllences but after rea Miabh unIte If
the practice be pii > tftted In I hull hope that arrisu ntll
lie millet null lest catitH iirced f or citlon HII that we
tony be able to take tlie next iep toward cl an streets
tint only with the lau on our side but with public otiln <
lonuuaulinous iu our faor
Alphosise Nchulndr Hesnmeil In by Flume
and Unmcd lo Death
A fire broke out ut 8J oclock last nlffht
from some unknown cause in the twostory
frame buildlnc on Kldert near Liberty avenue
Last New York used by Nellson A Klueber as
us a toy torpedo factory There wero several
explosions caused by thu flames reaching the
iiillammablo stuff stored on the premises
Hoveral men emploved in the lower part of
tho hmkllmr made their is ii < and retiilviil
no injuries but Alphonne rihnlnde need 3D
year who was the only person on the second
floor was hemmed In by the fire anti smoke
and was suffocated before tho firemen reached
him Ho llxed with his wife and three
children on Washincton street near Liberty
imnue The loss by the firo was uUOon the
building and 700 on tim stock
Terrible Panic on a Wrecked ShIp
LONDON April li Further particulars of the
Ions near Dieppe of thu Newtitmn and Dieppe packet
Mctoria Fhow that the cwel struck the rocks amid
ships The pnRftinffers lintnediutely ruphtd to the stern
Mtdch was buoyed up hy deep water ou that side of the
rocks A terrible scene then tntucd while endeavors
mmcrc beIng made to tloat the lifeboats whIch h were fctrl
mtM Interfered with by the etrotir iwell of the sea At
list whtti a boat was ready tn bo lowered aud tuteen
men tad women embarked In It H ladys sbaw 1 became
etiullffled Inn liulley nf Itu stern daiIt and caused the
bt at totlesceml In the sea tiiumm foremnt Wont of the
occupant were thrown out and droumd Tan Itidmea
Jumped from the deck of the htinmrr ILIO the t > oat afu r
it rtached the wither amid oiertiirned It utter i boats
Mere then safely lanncied and Mitctcded in rfachlinc
the fhorr n culne on the wmty with boat tucks two per
anTi H ho hail been swept out to K a
Tin I1irlfHn > m un > ii a terrible responsibility rests
upon the keeper uf the lap Alllj IlKhlhouie who only
sniiiided the Itiirhoru sfter lciirittg m hue crasli made by
the teauur 111 the itrutk the riot > The taitafn of the
t litorla miinuilncd ClInt coolni nid trimrnntcei the
solely of all on board if they would but culicy hu orders
Lord l < nnsd vine on the Fisheries
OTTAWA April 14TIle Dominion Parliament
opened today Tie < oernor Oneral In bin tpetch
from the throne iid on the fl > heri qurhtlon
The nPBOthtions httuetn key tajetys otetmltnent
an 1 tbat of the I Initcd Miitut MI the iihierieHniieilon
me still In proirei4 and vlll we mat be pirmiued to
lo i t > e rt nit in un iriaiiKiiuem 1 honorable ami hJlMar
tor to bull tmllliK MiMiiMhlo the netCMiiry Jirn
mIOa his tKtn miule Ior tin protection i f our lntlori
litttiiries The paicii u on this subject uil bi laid belori
3 oj
ojIhe floii rnmrnt I propusetl to afk Iarltinieiit tiMole
mon < i t < tuiMi Ilini I LU i iinailiiin Ttrrliorynt Snnlt
sti Mxre A ri ninent I JuOitmi rthhirstitih the hulli
Ion lhat his U it r i liflnri > l ltniin > > t tlu iiin > lire
of 11 Mrinfiil rt tni I I jilii > n nifjitiri In rrnTtvs Ii nit fiat
lie t iniiilUill hiOitt Kiiilio this diluted thettiMrii I
litLlit iii ruts up tin uork tin tliiiadfan luuifc iori
lilkf < ir i birlniKMin Iiko iijirior itt mnI the
n > ithf i1 ilitiUnn ctiliHl rtiitil 1 Ihtin the cuinpal > a
bike Irbft oillt be annlilat
Heifer Must < ondcne Ills Oration
WAsnixdTo April I 4iiit Uieal committee
tjilinribnreeiir tin mnl ii rt the umtilJin of llie i
iiitui of I ilirtht bit at the h Amy o f tlm Iumherlau 1 to
ttllhill in tht h ilty hum c tech ri ictitly tronbeil nerthe
itiibiiorn ntiixal of ex cpeakir KdlrrtM ilitlliid an in
tituMiii in i tleifver ail IrS tin on Unit nuaim Tli
iiMttion iii > sPilt 1e l in jiin uittiorli d ioininittii and
hriiuiiheil Mich a ftonn t < f protui ihn Krr vi ex
uI lUl 10 iii Hit Hit I hi dm I nllnilli1 I ni < > i ikic
til IlltsfO t III rid id him I tte liuemu IJ CIVMI t ami it
lllt1 liHI leurnlneft t fat diii n t tie lrorililulu
ut 11 n iniiilto M K tiikiii the iniiinifil tininiilei
nl tHiw I rin nif IIM butt trttirn Hi rtatiKoer to
lw ini of rho itmU riauJ Ki itrr s orutt n aiut trlitr
t M NI t r ti c i i ointiit i r uire nil to u ton i > ir m iii I into
III In t mute tllll Id Alii at tilt IHUIIt Kl lltTI Mlliot
itti mnMtiiu IuU tI I J tin ti Tit tiritutilti l sluili
tut out u h < liuc HjiTtii t > i if 1 t utih cirtUrhU dOtriftf
Cr die on j > > it > ij
littlCocrtlint Mfellnir In IVasblncton
WAMizsnTos Apill U I A meeelltia In pro
nl IIIIIMI coinltH In liilmil mvi field In Mjnilo
fiint1 IIix t 1iinlii iiiritmiii sprlu irttf Illlioh
jceiidcd meu bus ii ir nuidn by Mr iirliuir iui
ttustromin u a i tiOuii i U11 nyuk luilgrastnuit
I ritu uf re tenI I l raiilltiumlm ii htil Ill 4 situ
ei iOlhlltIl 14il i 111 i lrmrlb mi it r gut
lunl titl I igittL m hi tiurhuyuii I rOiti liii imiu 1 it
tihI Iutii uiiillltthiIip trite t ligiuluci lii p iuie it
ill iilituI uuiItulttIl I u hr iti ti uuut i ilsliu u Ihic irhi
teulti I t ruecuh s 0 riil I huh Cp ishis
umJu siul 1 tIi 1iistuii ii I tic 11 uhl lii
tliti tiui lien O
lot a I fnllliin in Ohio
Yotmsrmtv April 4lhiti John L Sul
lian coiiibulii it i athlete tthontd to tiScriii dril
luiiix lien loriUlit Vnjor S A Mttle dtlur
lie fur till > u ork lentlljlMililn 11J
iilini ljllroin the lion t i tuinncry Mnlre us and a
iloxeii promlii lit luluiltim w tin ti tIi npitil tin iaee Tin
Sn or filbl tie rhtlI ciuni in to eec ulial Jnh li I SUIt I
lll hokidl I le i ut amct UK sbiisi eli hoe etr mid
liii the biutumulilimu Iliugitirt 1ruiiBl lutnlili hit tu i iiiaiti
hilt eritmuli fur wlmt In 54 diuiig to ittItit alul
u haute Hit lit tell eil lK > lut
ICIc litelry rullurr
siutoo April I 4rlmo linn of Clapp A Ui
ttK jtnillrrA failed lure ioda Ihr uo iuire wired
at about IHIMI t and its lout lliibllulti are ukoui tJU
Tleclaiinv are hId mri > ilv bv lure je ii chit msnu
factunri In the m 110 t Hm P msjorltj of tlem lieln m
Irinlilenieiinl I > mm t irk itiarlis i 11111 n clcn lu
thu superior i ourt lun beta apjioluled rweher
Iii Rhisins Health
lorT OIIWON I T J April HMr I Ilnlni > is I
rapidly linimUm lln I iiwakmed I III morning much
rtlr i l rd and ftilmir ijilte iron3 luther a hearty treuk
last if nirut anditie ibleH llrwlll be abli tiileao
I thu house hi a few da > a U iiuprottiurnt ctUtinuvs
nii rorvv oiBXKn IPhrxrrrwO
The Ftnttirr or the Mitrtjrrrd Preslds
Wrll Preserved emit Easily Rreeieaed
Ills torn niul hit WIIVi nrmnrrd tAa
nlltr Vault An Airb Unlit liver The
BiitixriFirin III April 14Thet romalna
of 1roMdent anil Hit Lincoln were prhntelf
taken from their secret resting place this
morning nnd Interred In the north vault of the
Iliuoln monument In Oak llldgo Comctorr
near tills city Less than a tlo7cn person
member tho Lincoln Monument Association
and Lincoln Guard of Honor wore present
Tor joir the exact whereabouts of the ro
mains of tho great President have been con
cealed for fear they would bo stolen The at
tempt to carry off the body In 1876 Inset to or
giinlztng thin Guard of Honor which secrete
time remains nnd today surrendered theuhanre
Tim secret grave wan directly under th
north Uafo of the obelisk about thlrtyfoftfrora
thin mirth entrance but only accessible
through the foiith door Here about
three foot below tho surface of the
floor were deposited the remains of
Lincoln and his wife The body of Mr Lincoln
was In a walnut coffin lined with an airtight
load lining about onoolclith of an Inch thick
Tim wnlnut codln was In a cedar box and lbi
nilar hot wiis enclosed In a pine box Mrs
LliuolnR hudy was similarly enclosed
Twentvtwo ytum ago today Lincoln Wai
f When tin guards with the help of a few
liihorers had txhumpd thin coffins and the ltd
of tutu IroslilentH coflln was removed fall
faco way seen to tie In u remarkable state ol
P1 I n < Hi > natlon Those who Flood around ana
ind known Lincoln wlifii alive easily dlstln
Tiilnhud the features The silver plate on the
eotlln lid wait bright Un it was inscribed tht
AaRmmii Limtroix i14
Flxtrrnlli lrrsldtnt Inliril Puts
Born lei 12 miu died April K heat
While the fact ot Mr Lincoln wan exposed to
view lest ItocMo 1rofrldont of the Gimrds ot
Hnnnr ttirilHd tInt rnnntlnu nvnr In thin Tlnonln
Monument Association A document waa
signed by the moinbers of the Guards
ot Honor certifying that the remains
in the eoflln were those received from thai
Lincoln Monument Association In 1S78 The
Monument Association made out a certificate
signed by tho members for the records tho
association declaring the remains to bo those
of Abraham Lincoln
Thin undertaker was then directed tn Beat the
collln iiuda plumber sealed it up The coffin
was tnkon out by tho workmen and carried
around to the vault on the north side The
membersof the two associations and u stranger
or two who hapiKnod to bo looking at the mon
ument followed In the north vault the floor had
been taken up A hole eight feot long by six
wide and live and a half deep bricked up and
cemented had been prepared Thin Preai
dents coffin wits placed in thin grave on
tho west wide The eotlln containing Mrs Lln
cjlns remains which had been brought from
the secret grave before the other coffin wa
brought to tho vault and placed on tim cast side
of her husbnnd A brick arch was then built
OMirtho coffins This was covered with cement
mixed with small broken rock
Two guards will be on duty nt the tomb until
the cement liecomes hard The marble sar
tnphagus In which tho public supposed the
body to bo ti 1 still In time vault
On the night of Nov 7 1876 Mulllns and
hughes two Chicago thtevos made an ensue
cesful attempt to steal the body of the
Into President Tho marble mireophasus
in which It was enclosed and which was ex
nosed to the view of visitors through the
iron grating on the north side of the monu
ment was forced open and the coffin wan
taken out but ut this point the robbers
were interfered with by certain persons ne
etoted in the monument who hud re ut
ceded information that the robbery was to
bu attempted Since that time the public baa
been in a state of uncertainty ns to thu
real resting place of thin martyrs body a re
port having gotten out that was not returned
to tho sarcophagus after the attempted rob
bery All the mystery that was attracted to
the matter is now cleared uwiiy
Thu body was replaced In tIm pareophocu s
and remained there for about a week Then
nemlxts of thai association began to
feel that it was iiiBecure nnd It was re
moved to u place of greater nufety Finally
tho Lincoln Guard of Honor which is com
posed of some uf our best known and most
highly respecled citizens wa organised and
one of tin duties of this association has been
to sacreillv guard the bndy
During November lb7S thin members of the
guard with their own hands prepared a vault
within tIle monument for the body and the
body was Htfely deposited therein
The work was proeculcd nt different time
during tho stillness of night with no human
eye to witness it save those who were assisting
Two days after the funeral of Mrs Lincoln
In July 1KK2 bur body was taken by tIle Guard
and laid beside that of lien hiushanul
The members bound thempclves b oath not
tn reveal what had been done until the proper
time should arrive to do to
A Strike that 4O Frown On
fieventyflvo of the men who work in F W
IJevoe Jt tia pjlut factory on Horatio Street quit work
on Tuciida They anted for an Increase la their wages
and their demand was refused by the superintendent
JaineM F Drummond He says that quite recently all
the old employees bad received an advance of nay
Then ahamlred men u ho had been hut a short time tn
the mioru drew up a IM of grievance and presented
them liLting that their par auui be Increased Mr
Prummond refused to treat with them The men tn tho
nork telling tn a local awembly in District AMemhly
4u Korty nines chairman of the Board of Arbitration
anil striken nunire linnn called on Mr llruramond yes >
terday and raid mat h could try and pertuade the men
to return to work and If he could not would try and
MlIly him with oihern in their plurc Ho ajs thai ths
le oe people are illnx all they can for their employee
and that iii b BatmUcd
A Vfrllknowu Street Stand Turn Ilowv f
The Ilmireath of Encumbrances sent three ot
ItmlepulltBoul laitetenlnKVIii his bin red wagon and J
In a few minutes the fern I circulur Kand thai his huffed <
the brick hllldiiuLU theitortheuttcornerof Ann Street
and JHrlk row fur nearlj ttVLiityCvo year was being
atiiaibicd up alit baliit llnthe wagon The stand was an
old landmnrL nid there are few hiunrSa men In Iho
c tvuiuihint tam ut ome iliaC Er they drank lemonado
or sod eater or eatrn H cake that had Iteen passed over
It 11no > nrr of the ftand had prepared for his spnn
otietunc b > pitinliia it a rich tombtnallon of brown f
irrien and ii lilte Msterday afternoon and after stick V
lite I iiknn bearing the t grad Ialntl I all over It bad
imiie IIOIIK I he lliinuiiitKrerarded the ilrns and by
tin thiii tin ftand mmcc torn ussi ity hue deputies looked
liki ti < st y paintd lemonide Ktuiim thcmealves I I I was
cull tiutt ine I ouncr of ttiv biiildijiv received ftM s
I ill lit the alutli trim lIege John Halloran hail rented
Hit fetund for thirl > cure
Illsquu Ilrx nlcnced to Death
Gporgo II nisfjuu Wad resentenced by Judge
lviiur < lit tle Court if Ojir and Termlner Jersey City
3 jtMirdii to he handed in the county jail nnXVednea
lut tnnrnlii Julie 1 Pihque killed Ms wife at their
hiiin in lioiiii tnon I let H INK I I Ic mm us contioteul soil
M Ilireed lo IM hiiirjidoli Murih 0 iml1 1 but his law
> itS gut a ia > ienditiif lie derlitiou of the Court ot it
tor i to V hick ii Lppenl tit taken
All Electric llRlHInK Illils Thrown Oat
All tic bids for lIghting flue city with eloctrta
liln wire thrnn ii hut by the Uas Commlfilon yesttr
ilainnil tin roporjils nr ii t be reads rtiaeil ths nsW
biili II t be opened m April n The i ontracit for Ilirbilua
u tel linnet d < li 1 > trir wi re KS unJcil to I this Northern Iho
WtiKeri tie New > oct ana NLW Jerinj and tbeulobo
jii lotiipntuies
iSIgni l UIDle rrertlctlno
Wnrmer fair I weiither arUblv winds cener
oily outbcil
JOT1Jvth 1JwU1 rorr
Dr 14iiis ccns stiih lire tOES nf apOtheul Ii
iitlitu tjrtt ulefjU iiii i l lodlt u iu the ufi l dock
Juiimtee Ilurriul utCi1 ii ut httrer oh 4Iu lVest xtetntb
sire 4 Ii i ttltl it < r irul ji Utrittt roy assauiutgg hails
irjMul iv vU tl ftu > Wrt Twriiiy tvtxtli strati
Tlii t niMi lauii 4lutt iii l t vitfi arJaulAcntc 1OmO
for n i u ham honk Chill 5 irk win te txyuit at OQI
wnli a mite il l It tins the huu tf ready by July 4
lit i 110101 St iii wu arrested Pr iieltug druulik wlill
Jrmiu llfUch Mtrciti In I M tuij earl it Suicide > did
i > oi rfit droll at dtUt lau n rf aJ liCe r aswssreporteii
TlcHv IT I urrmi mhiu rcfiitlr ttrmin tfd Mire
I riau in lliukfti I I u > i uhtry IIIK 1 butt N h I was nrdtrvti
I in ArilitHKlic ji us uunieit lu iis iiaruli in Lush
II l itftliiiffr A fur niAtiufurtiirer nt Phi Mott cured re
I i Tied Jil ri r Hi I eJit out t lets iutl i iilifht Ituti I In iilac
Ii I u l lfM MkUtf ly teugtra l < HU canted lilt tZii wurtb
urttttiMkm i jt
P > iur niiinJii ot Lmy ffirtti in ibis riir llfcll Itrk are
to mi irril a lili hstmiii i nil tu Miitr jiure rulort tlun
a taiuluiuipe iit imuemi ttd httO utirsem and wagons
lust I tin iotorltuj at lieu wurL for lures tines
JiMUf 1 hljiinau has irranltd a fU > tit prnctfUnr la
Itivuliiif MtMnlitm uttii l C lun I lull I and iheMib I
MU > Intl tally iu Hit dt if > hJnd ltU i ii i M I ahifl wto IK a
tot n riljtuL Nua uj nfU u IHJIO lu cuter the tfiUuf
Iii f r Lit
Ni tile iIuuglss I I ilii > otiT > r wom it Ktm look pnlkon at
Hit iutialty Mujiritn Ur > Jiir Jd nUlil wlitit chic learned
ttia tin hover nun n tiiarncu inn WH urriKUtd fOIst
tfuiph il stint ut JtCifhou 1 > lMrkt ttur < ly slid WM
hut tilt Altl sInus roofer hsve fltrnrd an AmrmtBi
C fttiilieiremiiu > rrb Shari tip they sri ti rt air Hi W
flit M liar uf nmr liour Ttiry silput i abC fur oulr t >
pprrnur iu rvtrj ur juurnryiuki tnrirkur ftMiMt
iuuu4a Uaa four spreatlch i iu my Uu

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