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W be ffi1
Xka Steam U1p A1e t Drlnie Thirteen Cniee
frem Nnplee ind there were Four Jlenthe
on Beard The Dvcter Ia y there Would
n Little Dancer In Summer nntt tbnt
There Ii None at This Time or the Year
Tho steamship Alosla ot tho Fabro lino
J blch had arrived during tho night previous
a found by tbo Health ofllconi to bo a plague
flhlp when thoy visited hor yesterday morning
Tho GO human beings aboard had had 1 tor
rlblo ollowpasvonear tho drondud Asiatic
cholera Despite all the efforts In thn direction
of trontmont fumigation and what llttlo of
Isolation Is pondblo in ono of the bin ocean
tenements tho disease had spread from tho
ilnslo cnso that llrst dovelopod and tho
Alonlas bill ot health reoordod olnht deaths
and boro tho names ot tour yet Buffering with
tbo infectious disease
Dr A W Smith tho brother of tho Health
Officer was tbo boarding physician on duty
yesterday Bunrlsa found several vessels
awaIting his attentions Tho boarding tug Is
laid up with 1 broken ahoft and tho work nt I
tho Quarantine station in tho moantimo has to
be dono with 1 rowboat two stroncarmod
oarsraon taking tho place ot tho steam engine
The work of tho examinations on this account
and because of tho extra vigilance that hasob
talnfld for some time ROOS on rather slowly So
I wu nearly oclock when tho Alosla was
reached As Dr Uinlth clambered up hor sldo
on the swaying rope ladder a small boy about
I yean old called out to hIm
I you dont take mo off this ship Ill shoot
youThe Doctor paid no nttontlon to thIs hardly
giving himself time to think that it sounded
rather queer Hut his foot bad no more than
touched the dock when ho heard what was
aero startling from tho Captain
We havo sickness aboard and wo think it Is
the cholera was the Captains statement
The ships doctor who stood by though unable
to speak or understand English know what
was meant when Dr Smith said inquir
ingly Asiatic cholera and ho nodded hIs
bead affirmatively Tho health Officer
sprang back to the railing and
passed the word to tho small boat Associated
Press Reporter Leo was in it and ono ot tho
Doctors assistants wit tho disinfecting chemi
cals ot the kind used ordinarily in tho way of
precaution Mr Leo and the assistant ware
ordered not to oomo aboard and to stand off
from tbs ship to BOO that no othor vessels came
close to her Dr Smith and the ships doctor
with Cart Vallat as interpreter then made an
examination of tho whole ships company
From what ho was told of tho symptoms
And what ho saw of tho patients Dr Smith
unhesitatingly concurred in tho diagnosis that
the outbreak was ono of genuine Asiatic chol
era Tho ships bill of health contained entries
made by tho American Consuls at tho citIes
from which her passengers wore recruited
Consul Philip Carroll of Palermo reported Ill
toon deaths a day thor from cholera Consul
Wallace 8 Jones of Messina reported only two
a day Edward Gamphauson of Naples made
an oven moro discouraging enter namely tbnt
the plague had bon there for twelve weeks
and was Increasing but that no figures could
be given of tho seizures or deaths except that
the mortality among those stricken reached
the appalling proportion of 70 per cent At
Genoa little cholera was reported
Dr Bmlth ordered tftntthestonmor should be
returned to the lower bay and wont ashore to
report tbe matter to his chief Health omcer
William 11 Hmlth Tbe latter wont aboard the
Injected ship and made an UboRr Ho
found there wore only three cabin passengers
Tho steerage passengers numbered 6G1 and
the crew 46 The ship had left Marseilles Aug
83 and Naples whore her steerage passengers
were taken aboard Sopt3 The paolo over
the spread of tho plague was known to bo
great all over Italy and the anxiety to floe
from tho danger was crowding all outgoing I
vessels Some effort was mid to prevent
any one supposed to be of dangerously recent
arrival from a known Infected district from
becoming a passenger AH Maples itself Is
afflicted with the disease this was naturally
I I 9it to an Impossibility But as tho days
I wont by at sea eight days being the supposed
limit of incubation after which the develop
ment of the disease is not looked for and the
I Uth September passed without a case being
reported tho ships officers breathed more
freely and thought they had escaped But on
the 12th a case was discovered tbat looked
the cholera and was decided BO to bo
Health Officer Hmlth says there Is no doubt
that the disease had been developing 1 duy or
two but that Its character was unsuspected
dlarrhcua being quite prevalent among tho I
passengers The symptoms of Lulgl Maria I
axed 23 the first patient were those nausea
cramps and diarrhoea and his death which
occurred on the 15th was by the sudden col
lapse that is characteristic of cholera On tho
lame day Paul Antonio Bnldagerla aged SB
also died lie had been seized In the moan
time but the symptoms had developed moro
rapidly Joan lie Mivolln aged 40 one
of the crew who dlod tbo next day
choired n still moro malignant form
of the plague loss than twentyfour form
tarvonlng between this time of his seizure and
his death On Sept 17 Joan Homma tiged 80
Bnotnor sailor was smitten with the plague
and on the 19th al dlod Heratln do Llr aged
31 a ctearage passenger dlod on tho 20th and
I Anna Voltrl aged 47 another steerage
passenger died on tho 21st FraucescaMatteo
aged 141 who was Ilek when Ibo came aboard
died on the 22d but her death Is attributed to
bronchitis Maria Antonio Benin Vpno need
69 also died on the 22d having been ailing
all of the voyage lIar death is I not
opposed to have been caused by cholera
But In six cases four of them among the pas
sengers and two among thojorew the cause ot
death unmistakably was cholera Health Ofll
eor Hmlth was unreservedly or this opinion
after learning of the history of the oases from
the ships doctor Ho said tho symptoms woro
erratic no one case combining all of the
marked signs of tho disease Each how
ever presented ono or more of the peculiar
symptoms of the Asiatic cholera and death In
all the Instances was such as distinguishes
Caeeaofth1apIague The HOllh Oncer also
made a earful xamlnatol 01 th lour pa
tb8D thltJolrlna rhysiolsu h3mjti and the
ahipadoctorhad pronounced to ho aulfeing
withthecholera He concurred In the dll
noili but said that two of them had passed the
orUlo of the disease and would recover
The Alesla dropped down Into tbo lower
bay as soon aa the Health Officer left hor and
was anchored close to the west bank as much
M possible out of the way of shipping Dr
William M Smith telegraphed the nows of tho
Quarantine of the Infected ship to her agents
James w lwoll Co of 47 South street find
of the fact that cholera had reached this port
to burgeonGeneral Hamilton at Washington
The Quarantine Commissioners wero also com
rQunlcated with The Commissioners sent
ojoratary E I Mellon down to the assistance l
ol Dr Bmltb The latter was soon busily at
work The tug Indian with Passenger
Agent Tor Kulle and tho trans
fer boat Kule Starr from Castle
Garden sent by the steamship company wero
Put at his disposal The removal of tile sick to
tno fever pavilions on flwlnburno Island was
pavions 8wlnbuJn WIS
first attended to This island Is tbo lower one
e the two urtlilalal Islands Just outside the
ui s The collection of low framo build
coleoton buid
nl here gives ample accommodations for tho
rare of 1 large number of patients They
hiye been ready for this emergency for
anerl years Since the dismantled war
fulp Illinois turned into a hospital hulk
became to old In lito rotten to swing
at her anchor near the fioutliwest Hplt for a
similar purpose The other naasongoru woro
Purpoeo Plson
transferred on tho George Htarr to Ilofirnan
01 Uoorlo ltarr I
hi j und and their baggage followed Hoffman
Island J I a tbo ono nearer i to the Narrows oalnln
Covered with big brick buildings that look like
JhOrhouls Thero aro comfortable quarters
I here for tao tore than COO of the Atosfas pon
PIO und a disinfecting rom for tholr baggage
and whatever part of the shins cargo needs
e4 clJ attention in this direction cnrlO neoul
The HoalthOnieordiscovered lour mor well
Rnrksd eases of cholera during tba transfer
near the gangway on the ship while tho prop
kitIopi wore going on tho taco ot an infant
e aUI ht the docforB eye I was polo and pulse
LeasLtbe sunken eyes und tie symptoml told
fr the mother through an Interpreter confirm
mohthtr thruallan Inllrlreler oonOrO
log the phynlclnna opinion that cholera was
the cause of lu oomlltion It was sent to the
SWltnlv Jly standing ut the gangplank down
R I eh tht LII IOnor trooped aboard tho
llttlo etearaboni the doctor Will able to
cjnleaoh faae The three other that ho
4 1 Vtfvwd wore fouud In this way The to
4 W8rlt to the Uw nburno Island boooital
I l I 0 Y J1 Dr Hmlth lad wouft net live
I I hr
until morning The transfer of tho patient
and paiflengoni was not completed atobtl
clock In tho riTonlng and it was I oclock bo I
fore tim pH ongorrf biiggngo wan all got
n1 Iot
aalioro at Bwlnburnq Island Tho crow wore
Jolt aboard tho ship though they are croW
in quarantine a the passengers Tho vessel
may bo thoroughly cleansed and fund
gated and romlorpd lit to como to 1111
city boforo the period of
ciy booro quarantine Is np for
the people Ioroc lot cane she will have to
bo brought
J hrOI up by another crow and her own
Den wi hnm to ho n loft on HwlnburnoInland
with the others The cargo ax a whole may be
ClrlO 11 bf
fumigated ns it lies Much of It consists of
olive oil wlno dried and preserved fruits and
caned Italian and 1 French produce Its fumi
gallon and disinfection will bo < simple matter
BHfnr tlioso wi motor
1IIIr nt tholo are conoornod There era no
Ion or porlslinblu fruits There are textilo
fabrlcn lu tho cargo to some extent nnd somo
wool which will hnvo to ho broken out nnd nub
Jectel to n sJoolnllroocRs < i The length of time
that 1 elapse before thin Is nil accomplished
cannot ho definitely stated ns yet by Dr Hmlth
lie cannot go to work nt all until the ship is
thoroughly cleansed by hor crow nnd that la
expected to bo accomplished some time today
Thn matter of tho detention of lmo passen
gers Is oven moro uncertain ns to duration AH
fast as cases of cholera ilovolon among them
tho sick will bo removed to tho Swlnhurno
Island hospital Whon tho full period of inou
Imtlon of tim disease shall have boon passed
without 1 new ease showing Itself and a day
or two added as 1 margin of safety tho Hoff
plan Island prisoners of iiuarantlno will bo al
lowed to come up and tnko tiiidr dPforrod ox
porioncoof the hospitalities of Castle Garden
In all probability this will be somo days
after thu International Imttlas of the single
stickers will have boon fought anti won nnd
the Incidents of theIr onforcnd stay on the
little builtup Islncd will Include a review of
somo of the most stirring and Interesting
marino scenes that hnvo ever transpired out
side of tho gunboat lights of history or of Capt
Marrvat The finish of tho first race for the
Americas cup that over the New York
Yacht Club course Is nt Buoy 15 about
two cables length northeast of Hoff
man Island hut happily moro than 1
tulle away from the hospital island
Annthor IniMdont of their stay nnd II very
tedious t und laborious ono in tho Inl eyes of vor I
JiKinintlno officials Is the disinfecting of their
baggage Any one who has ever soon the turn
out of personal belongings of n ship load of
Italian Inimlgrantscan Imaglnowhat ebb the
unpacking and disinfecting In detail of this
six hundreds baggngo will bo How many tons
of It them will prove to bo and how many times
tho not too commodious disinfecting room will
have der to to contemplate bd filled and emptied the ofliclnls wi
Tho most disgusted man that tho Quarantine
ofllcors found aboard tho ship was Pilot Pat
terson Ho was also not far from being tho
most frightened His state of mind wan not
unlike that of thin boys whoso salute to Hoard
inn Doctor Umlth was that officials first Intimation
mation of trouble aboard
Im not going to stay aboard this ship
was the form that the pilots announcement
took though of course ho know perfectly well
before being told that ho would get Into
trouble It ho wont away without permission
Hut on looking Into tho matter tho Chief
Health Officer eased up on him as his deputy
would not have taken the responsibility to do
The fact that Patterson had kept on dock and
almost 1 ships length away from tho passen
gers was hIs salvation and ho was allowed to
go ashore after 1 thorough fumigation
Dr Hmlth nays that thoro is I not tho slightest
cause for any alarm in Now York over the ar
rival of tho cholera I Is no moro to hn feared
when at Quarantine than when It Is in Italy
as far as the city Is concerned HIs resources
nro sufficient to cope with tho emergency The
disease can bo controlled lS omorleooy 01 it Is
known where it Is and he is thoroughly
conlldont that none of It can lot lioro
without his knowing of I Tho closeness
of his watch upon tho progress nf the
plague Is shown by prOICf that he
his telegraphic advices ot tho progress of the
cholera in Italy later than nrOlrcss lato of the
Aloslas bill of health lie Bays that In Messina
It Is steadily increasing and I violently epi
demic The grave diggers recently refused to
continue tholr greatly augmented labors and
they woro compelled by force to resume work
after half a days loss of tlmo The deaths
roach twenty or thirty a day and tim seizures
are four or five times more numerous
Tho India from Naples Aug 30 arrived yes
terday and Dr Banborn spent nearly two
hours In her examination Ho was so long
aboard that It began to bo feared that ho to I
hadJound sickness lint It was only that ho
was exorcising the usual cam in thu matter nf
the bacirtiKo and people from Infected parts of
Italy No eases of sickness had occurred on
tho long voyage and with the fumigation 01
tholr effects hor passengers wore allowed to
proceed to CaMlo Gardon
Tho > abre heels the principal means nf com
munication between this und tIm Mediterranean
I odlr
reuben ports especially In the matter nf carry
Inc Italian emigrants It has lately hart a great
deal nf bad luck Tile fact that one of their
btoamors was run down on the other sldo early
la April by an ironclad was the means of
crowding 1100 passopcerri or thoso of two ships
into the Kcotla Tho latter vessel ran ashore011
Jire Island lloHch with them They manoot
with considerable hardship to roach New York
ovorland The Hcotla wnn almost a total
wreck and hor hulk was sold the cither day for
a coal carrier for a low thousand dollars
KurKOonGenorul Hamilton of tho Marina
Hospital service and Dr Ktener unlto In say
ing that the Now York Quarantine authorltloa
hno simply announced tho nqthorltss
cholera without muting any cull for assistance
upon the general Government and aro doubt
less as they seem to think themselves fully
able to grapple successfully with tho uly
dos of the situation Dr Hamilton
clO Ilulton Humlon says that
tho urosonco of an infected ship in the
port of Now York need not give any
occasion for alarm The experiences of tho
past the doctor said aro not likely to be re
poated because the value of precautionary
measures are now appreciated and their les
sons too well understood by health ndlaors
throughout tho country for thorn to neglect to
take any of the precautions necessary ou nn
occasion 01 this kind rho history or jtast opl
domlcs ho continued bnn shown that Ilnt 011
I rOloatod Irrvalsolcholorlnfoctod vessels
that tbo dlfoasa has gained n foothold In this
country It in not indigenous and our climate
and soil Is not favorable to Its propagation
but like all contagious propaaton 1
be imported I not carefully guarded
against As < an Illustration of tlio fact
that I has only broken out after arrivals of
several cholorahilen vessels Dr Hamilton
cited the great ell emlo of 1 32 I Is believed
that the dltonso was brought here from Canada
A ship bound for Quebec from Ireland arrived
at Grouse Isle quarantine in April with ITOoml
crants nnd having bad 29 deaths from cholera
during tho voyage but I was not until after 1
third choleraInfected ship had arrived In Juno
that tile disease broke out on ohorp < It then
spread through Canada and bow York Stnto
Illslnfactlon was not practiced at that time
Islntecton tme
nor won the soiled clothing removod or any ot
thn precautions taken to neglect whichIn this
day would bo criminal
The ease with which cholera can bo controlled
said ho was strikingly fahnwn by tho fact Unit
the epidemic in tho workhouse on Jllnckwclls
Island lasted but nine clays neil the outbroak
began to decline from tho day sanitary meas
ures worn Instituted Tho epidemic which vis
ited South America last year was traceable to
urdors have been sent by tho Marino IIo pt
tel service to the national quarantine stations
nt Capo Charles and Delaware Breakwater to
detain any vessels comlnc from Italy and to
report the same to the bureau
A MlMourl Court Declare that the T m
Paoaed Loot Winter la Unconstitutional
ST LomB Sept 2JA decision affoctlng
the whole State of Missouri rendered
was rndorod yes
terday afternoon by Judge Burgcsu at Tren
ton Qrundy county Jlrlolly It was that the
Wood Local Option law adopted as a compro
mise with tho Prohibitionists at the last sos
Hlon of tho General Assembly was unconstitu
tional This law IWO tho right to each county
to decide according to the vote of the majority
of its citizens whether the liquor traffic should
bo carried on or prohibited Under Its pro
visions elections have already been held In
twentyfour counties In nineteen of which
prohibition prevailed This number does not
Include fourteen counties In which the prohibi
tion sentiment has bean so strong that the
county courts In compliance with It have roo
fused licenses and thereby prohibited tbo
fusl locnle8 prohIbied tlO
opening of saloons
At thu Mission of the Circuit Court of Grundy
county tho iiu sllon was brought up by agree
ment William Moggurd applied for a license
to open a saloon and was refused on the
ground that I Trenton hud adopted prohibition
An upplleatloii for a writ or mandamus to
compel thn Court tn Issue this license was
granted This was arguud on Wednesday and
doclopd yesterday afternoon Tho argument
wax that tho law was a special law ant 1 dele
gation of legislative power filing penalties to
hike effect won the vote of tho people Judge
llurgess decided the law unconstitutional An
npnaal was taken to the Supreme Court and
It IH generally believed that toduyu decision
will bo reverrftfd
There rv little doubt hut that tho results ot
tho elections held under tho law havo boon
surprises to tho authors ot the compromise
Children Cry for Vlteber Caatorl I
p orprepw U nforchlM na eoznUlntv4
I d W E d IV H d W
lp lp IO
I f t
I ChorrrklftU l > b onbl < t
Lets as ihe itoaach and Ufif taomjH rfxtltaae
w I J k
The Centre or Hurricane Foiled Over
Tee itissIfuadreila of 310usd fliowa
Down Cropo and llerdo Ieitrojred
BnowNBViiiiiB Tox Sept 23A cyclono
visited this olty and Statamoras Wednesday
night carrying destruction In Its path The
rnln deluged the country for miles and Im
mense damago was done
Such stormsappoar to have become regular
visitors to this coast Just about a yoar and I
day had passed slnoo tho Chubasco of 1S80
and tho remainder of tho funds collected for
the relief of tho sufferers by that storm was
being distributed when threatening signs of
tho approach ot another of those awful visit
ors woro noted The telegraph several daya
ago gavo notice of a hnrrlcano southwest of
Havana and moving this way and for two or
throe days tho weather Indications showed the I
approach of u storm Though tho barometer
and tho tide lu the Quit usually give warning
of tho corning of bad weather this storm gave
no such notice ot Its Immediate approach
At 9 oclock Tuesday evening tho northor
that had been blowing for several days In
creased In fierceness with heavy gusts of rain
and In a short time n hurricane was on tho
towns In its full force tho wind reaching In I
tho height of the storm I velocity of eovonty
eight miles an hour All night lone I contin
ued the howling being mingled now and then
with the crash ot 1 falling house tho rending
souud of falling trees tho rattling ot fences its
thoy wont ovor nnd tho shouts of those desert
Ing their crumbling houses or Imploring aid
Morning dawned on 1 Mono of desolation
Water filled tho n treats through which tho
roaring north wind drove thq rain like great
volleys of small shot The fallen trues ruins
shot Ilten
of houses and prostrate fences all half sub
merged in water rendered passage difficult
and at limes dangerous
At 21 > tme M tIc wind lulled and there was
almost 1 dead calm until 4XP i M whon tho
wind came from the south This shows that
tho vortex of tho hurricane as was tho case lu
1880 and 18HG pawed directly ovor this section
About 0 P M the wind again became violent
coming this tIme from the south and contin
ued until this morning when tho hurricane
had ceased Tho duration ot tho storm wan
thirtylive hours The wind was front Ohio
northeast veering to northwest at the begin
ning and from tbo southwest during tho latter
half The rainfall was vary heavy boluc 1040
Inches The average temperature was 70
The wind while It registered greater velocity
than that of the hurricane ot last year did not
appear to havo as much force during tho sud
den gusts The diameter of tho storm was
much greater and Us duration was longer than
either that of 1086 or that of 1880 The force
was greater than that of tho blow of the former
yoar but not so great as that of the ono of 1SSO
The fact that tho bulk of tho people were bet
tor prepared for Us coming and that tho
weaker buildings had bon swept away by the
storm of last year wns the only reason for Its
not being more destructive
The damage In tho country outside of the
two cities In incalculable Countless bead of
cattle and sheep hno boon lost nnd tho crops
of cotton corn and sugar cane are completely
prostrated and destroyed Ono rancher on a
small place calculates his loss In cotton alone
at 20000 and many others aro equally heavy
101r Tbo total of the losses wLl b far be
yond fl000000
In Brownsvlllo tho chief sufferers wore
among tho poor Between sixty and eighty
locals the cheaper class ot dwellings have
Leon blown dowu and fully three hundred
have boon partially unroofed and un
inhabitable Mr Kcanlans warehouse oon
taming three hundred cases ot coal oil wail
blown down Mr CbenowlL1 twoItorlrame
house WIS destryed two houseson Mr Flol s
place wore prostrated and one belonging to
John Clark near Loon via blown down I
Mr llapbnci8 magnltlcont residence and ele
gant furniture were badly dtimacodi and many
others suffered similarly Largo numbers of
fences woro blown down and almost every
fomo was morn or loss damaged Magnlllcont
shade trees wore scattered In fragments or
overturned A largo troo at John McUovvrns
corner was uprooted and the house injured A
barge and steam launch at tho ferry landing
wore sunk The boats of the ferry company
were saved with great difficulty
The telegraph wire to Point Isabel is down
and It Is not known how things aro there
Thorn wore In port two vessels tho schooners
Henrietta nnd MIgnette There is great suf
fering among tho poor many of whom are
without resources bhorlff unto his succored
many families but I is still possible 16 aid
only 1 portion of thoso In need The river Is
again very high nnd overflowing Its hanks
In Mntninoras the narrow streets during tho
storm wore seas of water from unklo to nearly
hip deep Evon in the moro central part of
tlm town tho streets are all encumbered with
dcbrK In the city about 1 dozen houses of
the better clans and fully 150 or 200 jaeol were
prdstratod white from 400 to 300 wore tin
rnofud or shattered Col Yaners now house
which was In course of construction on riov
onth street was prostrated A frame house
which stood on the lower part of Sixth street
now Jlel 1 miissof ddbrls in tho street The
brick house whloh stood at the southeast cor
tiorof the Main plaza opposite tho Custom
House Is a mass of ruins In the plaza Tim Do
Arrleros House In down In Hixth street thoro
is 1 tin roof nicely rolled up lying In the stroot
and In aoveral other parts of the town url yes
ttgns uf these uncertain roof coverings The
public buildings and stores nnd the better
class of dwellings leaked like sieves and are
nil afloat Fences trees Ac BulTored In nil
parts of tho city The unfortunate lagoon dis
trict south of the Plaza del Capllla Is again In
undated tinny houses have fallen The water
was from knee to waist deep
From 12 oclock Tuesday night to noon yontpr
day tbe police commanded by Copt Oil Vas
y tez troops ordered out by BrlgQonVcla and
manycitizens prominent among whom warn
Dr liarresan Ootavlano lioynn and Mayor
Torres ongogod In saving the inhabitants and
their effects women and girls wore crouched
on beds In scanty attire They wore obliged to
enter the water and face the driving gusts of I
wind and rain until convoyed SIM or 400 yards
to a place of safety The fornci of tho wind
precluded the use of carriages to take them out I
More damage appears to have been done In
the Frooport district than In that toward the
Ban Fernando Onto or the Casa Mate The
publlo school buildings are full of refugees and
the authorities are doing all In their power for
them Among tho merchants goods have bean
much damaged by water The suffering In this
town and country Is severe At tho railroad
station several sheds were blown down and the
line was reported Inundated at ovoral points
On tho main plaza several trees wnro blown
down At Arrloros Park coneldornblo damage
was done ns well D at tbo cemeteries
They Threaten tn Strike If Inn fiatardnr
Hair Holiday U rented Them
The brass workers are determined to have
tholr half holiday on Saturday Their Execu
tive Hoard lifter an allnight session In Military
tary Hall on tho flowery Issued an ordor yes
terday to the men to quit work nt noon today I
It Is said that they will all obey the ordor I
Should a bare majority only of the workmon
go out it Is believed that the manufacturers
will lock out n the others on Monday uatll
tho mon are ready to go to work Business Is
brisk In the chandelier trado just now In
which many ot tho brass workers are engaged
and tho molt remember their losing tight for u
holiday last October unit the long strike they
made then when they had holidays for six
months Homo of those siuuo man have beau
unable to cot employment since ol
Alter tho mass mooting In Cooper Institute
t protest ugulnet tho loss of their half holi
day Walking Delegate Thos j Ford called
upon President Charles Fisher of tho chande
her I manufacturers to toll him that the mon
never would willingly consent to work on tat
urtlay afternoon President Fisher declined to
reconsider tho determination of the manufac
turers or to renew tho discussion with the
walking delegates wib
Heorotary tnns said yesterday But few of
he workmen want tho Saturday half holiday
The manufacturers have explained that they
cannot conuxite with the trade in tho othor
oltles they are whorq satisfied mon vork nix doS a weak and
The V L Pun Chinwe Impostor
All the assembly district leagues of tim Pro
KTOMlTo Labor Carly and a nurnbtr of the trade and
labor noire met In their bal last night In aU part or
t o cIty and ehoto tnipectori of lection from lont
lists or namei turned In at their headijuarton 10 Stan
ton treot durlnK tho week Thaddeui it Wakiman
Iho leial advlier of tho party and William fetrn Hovera
the Imldem will Oak mem unioiha JollroItommU
rlonerion MnuiUy They got Vunk ondiuriJay at
lollco ileadqaarimrs
Three iteleialra r chofen In each of tho twenty
four awombly dtitrlcti and Silo three from oaoh of ibm
trade and UUor unloni ropriMnud In the mrirtnc of
Iho rnareaalT Labor party 1 thi lr Slat Uonvenlloa
which mule i l WafcaUr UsA Butt Woinoiaj moruhic
i r
The HteekholiUra ef the Horn huger Ulnintr
Company Insist nn nn Accounting
Fifty stockholders of tho Horn Silver
Mining Company who want to oust President
Charles Francklyn And Vloo1roMdnnt Frank I
Q Drawn from tho management of tho com I
pans affairs mat yesterday afternoon In thu
nfllcos of Whltlock 0 Blmotuls represent I
ing tho English stockholdorn at 49 Wall
street I was a gathering of substantial
men Including Andrew Culver and AC Wash
ington President and Treasurer of Cuh ors
Coney Island road N Q Miller tho big grain
man and representative ot Stephen W Carey
the ship owner and other who know Mr
Franoklyn when ho was agent of tho Cunard
Una of steamships and had got tholr faith In
tho property from Mr Francklyn In social In
Mr Francklyn Is n relative ol tho Cunards
and his station In KnclUh society moreover
gave him opportunities to speak of tho glories
ot owning shares In tho Horn Silver Mining
Company Now Sir BacheCunaid who owns
25001 slmrei of the mine and Englishmen
owning 30000 shares more havo intrusted
tholr InturustH to Wbllloek it Slmonds to over
throw their klnamau mid I ella w country man
while a young army of American shiiuhohlcrj
linn ulvim proxies to Mr Washington to unlto
In thu movement to unseat Mr Iranuklyn and
Mr Urown
Theta havo boon 390000 shares In tho prop
erty Issued tc HH persons The par vititio U I
25 1 share tho market value ami ils a
mighty slim market nt that Is 75 cents share
whfflh decline wan charged at ytstnrdays
meeting by the angry stockholders to bo duo
meotol RnJr
to Ohio management of Mr raucklyu and Mr
Alexander H Hlmonds presided nt tho meet
Ing lie Htittetl to tho nesemblml Rharnhotdors
that tho Englishmen Including Sir llacho Cu
nnrd and his 25000 Klmros had empowered
him to act for then ut the annual muutlnt of
tile directors to ho held at Frisco Utah whore
tbo mine IH located on Oct 4 Mr Washington
in his address said that ho had been busy all
summer trying to secure proxies to be used nt
the annual election to effect I change of man
agement and that ho would start with Mr
blmonds for Frisco on Monday night with u
cheerful heart Ho told of thu dllllculty he had
encountered In securing a list of tho sharo
holdorx and added from Mr Fraucklyn and Mr Brown
I hnvo tried to jot nn txpHnatlon from
them of the call loan which Mr Franoklyn en
joys I havo not boon able to get u satisfactory
explanation The call loan as traced by tha
companys annual reports lx I na follows lu
1831 It was 16UIOO IllS It had swelled to
10100030 In 1Pt3 It was flrcrouMMl In f 171
flGO Neither In 18t nor 1885 did Mr Frunrk
lyn and Mr Drown favor the shnreholdorH with 1
reports but In the latter part of lytli tho clamor
became so pronounced that on Jun 1 of this
yearn report was Issued In that report no
mention IH made of tho call Ion n but instead
appears 04HiW7 tho item accounts duo company
I can mention that whon Mr Francklyn and
Mr Drown stopped issuing I tlm reports In IhKl
and 188 they and tholr friends unloaded their
stock Wo want to know where the tGl8CC7 Is I
nnd what collateral teem In in the treasury of I
tho company for that amount It Is tacitly ad
mitted ut tha I ofllce of the company In Ohio
Mills building that tho loaned
119 Franoklyn tllt money was to
stockholders Those remarks present were Interjected by various
The Secretary of tho conpanr admitted to me that Mr
Francklyn had hnrrnwed tho mon T
Another Htockholiler did It with tt > aid of vice
Prciildeiit llrown nod it 1 we a mistily cool procredlne
Another Htockhnlder I went tn them mid fukfd them
kG character the collaternl hehl for the loan Mid wai
peremptorily rvfute the Information
stilt Another They told mn I WI in Kentucky lanili
And Another I unilrritand this mnney hai been ua
to bar a mine In Colorado
The foregoing wore sonic of tho statements
mado by the Irritated stockholders In Interrupt
Ing Mr W8hl loll uddrrtw Mr Washing
ton closed by saying that 1 strops effort would
ho made at Frisco to compel Mr ranoklyn
nnd Mr Drown to explain their conduct
s jt VAurtiVB ixSvitAScu coaipAxr
lie ISnmed I the Unynl Society of Faahloni
nnd lroml ed Liberal Urneflu
BOSTON Sept 23At tho request of In
surance Commissioner Merrill Inspector Coon
of the State Pollen arrested S H Harvey of 21
Chester square yentoidav on a charge of
obtaining money uudor false pretences Dur
ing the past fow wooks Harvey his been
Issuing what appearrd on their face forms
of application rules and bylaws Ac of
an Insurance company doing business on
tho assessment plan These cliculnrs
boro tho Inscription Supremo Assembly
lloynl Society of Fashions Unity Loyal und
Benovolenco organized Juno 17 18HV The
Ilrculnr contains tho picture of n curly headed I
ned boarded man appareltly 40 years old nnd
Is a likeness of Harvoy himself President of I
tho lloyd Society of Fashions and ns subse
quently appeared practically tho whole
company Tho circular promises to give
to members of tho iiocluty 1 liberal
al bonollt when blckness or disability
befalls them and a death benullt ns
well says that the oxpansu of tho society Is
less than that of any other and itnllzod the
line two cents a day will pity for a good beno
llt Tho admission foo was J3 tho yearly as
sessment ti und no physical examination was
reunIted Tho nnpor containing the laws gov
erning tho oupruma Assembly of Ohio Hoyal
Society of Fashions contains the name
of Harvey aa Presldunt and John N
Shatuok of Natlok as Hupromo Souiotnry
find these laws provldn for benefit of 5CO
1000 SlSOO and 2000 and pay weekly ben
oUts nt Ohio rates of f 5 10 H6 and 120 re
spectively A i cule of amounts paid on each
assessment for persons between the ages of 1U
and 61 id appended and ranges nil the way
from 33 cents per week on n f 5UO
bcnnllt for parsons between the ages
of 11 and 23 years to II t i a < so < isment
on a 20110 benefit for portions between the
ages of 60 nnd 61 year All such payments
were to oonstltutotho vt Idowo and Orphans
Bcnollt Fund and llcllftf Fund The laws
give the conditions mill limitations under
which bcnollt woro to be received neil ono
section provides that any member who should
be found guilty of hpeaklnc writing ditto
Bpectlully of the general plan of the society
may upon proof bo expelled by thn Iroldont
without trial
In prosecuting his inquiries Inspector Coon
found that Harvoy It 1 or has been n monibor
nf many mutual bunullt associations It Is al
leult that the socIety was hovel organized In
any way provided by law that Harvoy had tlm
olllcox of both Piesldent nnd Troa un < r and
tbat whenever ho would receive n U duo ho I
would give n to tim 10 Heorotary and U to tho
treasurer t t to himself The Secretary Mr I
John N Bhattuok it U allegnd stirs that ho
has received no money Tho law ruqulrun 1
that all Inuuranoo companlna doing bunlnnm
upon the ussoiisiuient plan sluill or anlo with
at loait 200 member and deposit with the
Stato Troasuror u guarantee fund equal In
amount to one nshOSBmnnt harvey it Is
paid does not claim to have enrolled moro
than 120 members
They Wnnt to Get Into the United Limber
The Labor Club of the First nnd Fifth wards
filled BerrJgant Hall IDA hudson stresS hut nlicht at a
misting called to dodd what action It ihould tain re
rioting the refusal the FUit 1 Anemhly PUtrlot Auo
elation of United Labor party to admit tll In member
ship on Aug 2 The Labor Club delta a inemhor hlp of
lOll mn tho hone and hnw of lbs LalM pony and t
thiyiuy that they cannot yet Into ISo regular u ocU
tlonof tho lint Aneuibir tilitrlct becaun Jrrry Mur
phy and Thorn Moran who nnir control Unit urxnuln
btgI are afraid of loilni their grip on the I dory and
mi iru
bonulo of the district if rI let In thft niuiiof votur A
cominltree of ICTOU waited on John MoMacIihiim Sept
IH Ill told them to apply for memberihln III therein
icr way 1I3J If any wore nnjuilly excluded I the County
kiecutlro Oominltteo would ttiid Uown and morrauUo
Ibo dlllol
It waa decided to apply for memberitilp innbmlyat
OVt lrm rI I7Jr
the meetlnt of the Clrtt Aiieniblr UlitrlcrAKorUtluti at
Albany and Weil ttriet lieu I 1 ueiday nUht and It they
Were not all admitted that they tliould I wulilrjw and l
Ranlzo a now party Meantime they will rrinaln Indo
pendent It wl also ordered that UhiiiinanJnhn llur
toy and Secretary Juinia 3ulll aii nrfpuro u lint uf rOde
lalo tn the County Uonruntlmi lor thin tntrmber cf lbs
Labor Club to support at the primary mteilii
Labor and IVnae
The Notional Council of tho Amalgamated
Building Trade at Chicago Tliurxlay elrcuil the for
lowlnr offlcen froaldenl Jt Koblnion of Cincinnati
VlcoireildCDt J1 W Birch of Brooklyn N Vi Secre
tary and Ir ainrer L 0 llutehlnton of Uftrnltt Thalr
man of the KiecutlTo Board W IlTliomii of Chair
hM Detroit Tyfifrnphlrnl III Union hunotlllril einulny I
lea priniere that after > ov I COne hour tllrl in rnfureod
ai a day a labor without reducllin In tho 1reitnt bale
of prlcei IheKmiilnvlnv rriuiert AIolI rrtu e
in comrly liU IliU teiiund < u Nov I tin unlini mm
will I quit work until hi r molter is ConsIdered b < 1 tn In I
to t Lulon
tho Switchmen Conientlon of North America now
In itulon at IndUnapoiu hai llnally agreed U Increaio
tbe total dUabUUy biuiQt Scam film to run Tho erIc I
loil 1 propolUoo 1Iau 1 It HOUOmn will much dU
cue1 D4 cyposodea
r A t w < 1
HIm imctKii coxpacTixa siottiaa
A Cry of Alarm nod the Knlno nfn Carvings I
llinrd OB the Mfflit of the Ulrli Up l
peir Bee lIrTASIr l Htory ofit Ntrunaa
Main nf Whom Illllr Vn Afraid
WonccsTcn Sopt 2lt Is rapidly being
established In tho public mind that Dixon
Cowlui Ohio uncle of Lllllti Hoylo the girl who
was murdered In Webster and In whoso houso
ibo boarded likely to find himself n very
bad Rcinpe at leant as the ronult of his talking
His statements woro hooked upon with sus
picion before Ohio girl disappeared Now they
are applied with moro force and ho Is denying
somo of thorn lOuse Fanny Vhoolw a friend
of tho murdered girl says On Sunday Aug
231 watt Invited to tnko lunch with Illllo and
aftor tho meal wo strolled down tbo street
During this walk wo mot u young woman who
somo tlmo pravloitnly It in said had been
unfortunate Illllo then declared with no
tloonblo emphasis tlmt If It was ovor her fate
to be betrayed by a man itho would oblige him
to stand up and acknowledge tho facts Bbo
was very determined and bar manner aroused
a suspicion In my mind that something was
troubling her Finally she said that site was
afraid sho must move I do not she added
think It fate to stay thoro any longer My
undo Is a very harsh aud unreasonable man
when Intoxicated and besides there Is no
look on my chamber door
Tbo second day after Llllles disappearance
Mrs Wheeler FannyH mother had a conver
sation with Cowlc nt which her daughter was
pionont Mr Cowlo told a lone story regard
liiirhla Inst talk with LIIIK Ho mot bur ho
raid on tho stairs us ho was ascending and
mistaking hor for Mrs Taylor with whom site
boarded entered Into II conversation which
oponud on both sides with lemarkii regarding
tho wunthor After ttomo talx ho hum Ohio
back door saw her enter tho oiitbulldlni and
then ho shut the door and ollthlilldlllLaud
bail taken ills hat to wear out of doors
ho having warned hor that her toilet was not
BiiQIcIont for tho night air That In thin last ho
over saw of bur When questioned by Mrs
Wheeler bo wild ho thought that by use of a
chloroform bag Jllllo could have boon taken
from thooiitbulltliniwithout alarming ilily one
in tho house or any pabburHby He talked at
considerable length about the OtlRi with which
lie claimed to be totally unfamllfur Cowlo
Iritly denies all this now Ho Is also quoted as
having said when the ilvoi was being drained
for tho body of the girl before tho murder was
I discovered Its uu ue looking there you
wont llnd hers
An extended examination of the murdered
girls effects falls to reveal any letter In which
her condition Is mentioned although n big
batch letters from young uontlemon friends
was found The report IK current among
Webster people that some ono who bad uccess
to tho room has wended out her conospond
once nnd Cowlo again suffers in reputation by
this story atl ho had aecoss to tho room The
friend on whom Cowlo relies tocorroborata his
story of that eventful night bus boon hunted
up and says that they slept together in Cohs
mom Ho denies hut Cowla hold a conversation I
with any one before entering the houso that
nIght hut adds that after they had boon in bed
a few minutes CowJu said to him Do you hoar I
that 1 and he hoard Homo ono exclaim us
though trying to resist tIme advances of unot bur
party lie says It scorned to him to have been
a tttlflod cry of alarm and that u few minutes
later tho nolsu of u carriage being driven rap
idly through tho strootn wns heard Although
this story seams to clear Cowlo ho Is regatded
with n great deal of suspicion
Mrs Taylor thn woman for whom tho girl
worked says Theio was ono thing which I
have never told that came under my obuerva
thou some time before Lllllu disappeared I
liecnmo Impressed strongly with tile Idea that
Simubddy was watching for her around the
house and my reasons wore these Ono night
at about U oclock I heard door open and Lo
Inctoltsaid WhOI there It wasdarkin
thin entry anti I could not tea what the person
hooked like but ho rnpllod In in heavy volco
whlih seemed to bo disguised Is Liille In I
repliedNo and started downstairs to sea
who ho was When I cot to thtir door ton see
ondfl later ho had gone Just a few nights bo
fore time girl went on her vacation site started
to go to time adjnlnlni huildlnus when I heard
hoer Hcream suddenly neil run back breathlessly
Into thin house I iukud hor what was the h mat
ter HhosnldOhllt I wait a man I am afraid
to go out Ho Is near tho outbuIMIni 1 sald
to hr Dont b > frigbtenud I will star at Ohio
door and wait for you to return which I did
hho Iluno Into the house anti nuponrod very
ranch overcome with fear I asked no titles
tlnux anti she volunteered no Information
It Is settled that time body bad not been long
In tIm crib when found It Is the bellnf that
ito body was concealed until those who hud it
feared detection and hid It In tIme ctlb
S not her circe inttttlilco has thrown I additional
fiisiii > lon on Dixon Cowiu In thou miirdoiid
gIrls room wore found several phials and In
cino ot them I wits iv ant toll amount of oil of
tansy Irnm all tIme phlalh the lahlt had baeu
most CHittully removed by washing hut
the bottio Is known to have come from
n Worcester drugstore If it can bo shown
that those labels havo boon removed deco thu
girl appeared it will ho accepted as ad
dltlonnl uvldunco that time uncle line knowlodira
of tile case which ho has not yet divulged It
Is evident toniuht that the detccthos are
working 01 a very Important clue
A SUIT anoirjxa our of A MWfDZIf
Two Women Contr tlne for the flight to be
Willow of be Murdered aloe
GIIEENVILLE B 0 Sept 23Last Christ
mas Day John Hughes was shot and killed by
Richard H Jacobs near this city Jacobs was
a wealthy and widelyknown farmer nearly
sixty years of ago Hughes was an Illiterate
white man who had bean In the neighborhood
only n short while nnd who was a tenant on
Jaeobss farm When ho was killed ho had a
family of a wife and six children Jacobs was
tried convicted of manslaughter and sen
tenced to five years Impilsonmont but Is now
at liberty on a houd of iliooo
Mrs hnllla Huilics supposed widow of the
murdered man brought suit against Jacob
for 10000 damage having provloiislyseiured
letters of administration Just then appeared
H woman who claimed to bo tho loual wife of
John Hughim mid who bopm suit before thin
Irohalo ludgo to set aside thin letters of ad
ministration and this Is now doing tried
Tho new claimant to tho position of widow of
Ohio murdered man Is a woman of good appear
cure about 6S years old Mrs Amanda M
JIuuhCH U her nnm and tlio comes from
Unborshntn county Qeoruio Sho says that
I HtiiihiH clone to that section In IbBv She
wa then a widow seventeen years his
I sonlor but time married him About 1B7I
ho got Into trouble unit was com
I pelled to bravo llaberrtliaro Site refused
toiiwlh i him nnd ho Kilt her and their two
children anil cnmi < to South Cuinllna Hu very
WKUI murilid Hail ho hughes his cousin and
thov had six chlldron Finally ho landeit in
liienvlllo I and was killed lie bd a wandering
llfobUiyinc nowhero lonicoithan a year
This story was corrohoiatod by huural wit
POSSUM among i them W J Owfn who wits ordi
nary of llnhurBhaui county where tho nmr
tinge license was Issued to Hushes and lilt
Oeorgta wife
A 03OOOOOO Hallway llurlnni
ScitENKCTADV Sept 21A mortcnco exo
outeil liy tin bchinecttdy mil OmliniburKh Killrgid
Company tnlho AmrrlCJn Truil anl Loan Company or
Now Verb city In iccurlly of art mlvniKitment ot
fatiolisi i tn ho mail In the construction of ihu hcluntc
taly ml Otd nliurKli lUllma I was niert at thor Cutely
flerL offir > tiers Dili inornlnir Tho mortiono It ilirniil
byJauKU t Je ttif Nowork VlcvlrodJonlm iho
llroui rnnpaiiyi Illrum Knit Hnorcury Hiid tire tot
InwhiK illrtrumrit William Ii lurlaluw Illcliunt A
bloarni Icier 1 lane Illiam u MirrllU lml M
orihrnp tlmrlf 11 Ii Chute Jatiiri K llerryiMun Joiepli
II limed Kttiihtn II Jnhnion end John Utnnnnr nf
New York mill lirinl Cook arid Thomui Ii I Ktmirm of
llronklrn Tlio took of this real HJuuuoixiwlll bo olil
luibarenof Slit
Trinity KTW ICector la Town
The now rector of Holy Trinity thin IlovK
Wolpolo Wnrr n of Loiulou striven In Oew York color
day nn the Ilesrilur Adrlutlc Hu will tnlo hue pico ut
Iho llev Wilbur WMklui s ha mlziifi bsyoral l 1101111
ago Our o < iiiiiac U In i rhlUdclphU cliiireh Al Hit
tliiue rut tOil Rev Mr Ulkln rciiKiiitilon mine itorU
were prlnleil In tlio npwipunort auoui u chhui In the
church U a tie Ccii that t rouruirr if Hit church niem
hcrtwero In favor ut rccamiiu Iho ney hioplitu II TYIK
Jr This proTokod remnrku ruin lbs oupuneiili of lire
latter unit sue urmiuht fcirlli a long letter front him
rlitrU from tilt residence hit hotdnri Mi of iheto wore
clcutatiul to niake tin rectorattip of lirily Thnity air
euirrtuurliibl rut a riewoorser It I tieliovoul tuowejor
thin eVCitlliit ha now beiiiuarruolmuuujiy otticd
Co lllne lien it tie r
iiiaramreil t i euro tlrU hpalu rh Irxlu iii nllot Ijr
Clua U Irltitnlou tthulciuiu asia sit batten u
Tb Genernl Term fleIre o the Act A
nnlllnr the Charter Onaotltattonnl
BAHATOOA Sept 23 Amonff tile decisions
handed down by Ohio General Term of the Hu
promo Court this evening wan ono regarding
the Broadway Surface llullroad of which tho
following Is a synoisli
In time case of the people upon thin notion ot
the Attorney General against John OBrien
receiver of the Broadway Surface Itnllrond
Company and others the General Term af
firms tho judgment of the trial court without
prejudice to the attorney bringing such action
as ho may bo advised to test the validity of
limo BOcnllod traffic contracts
Uy Ohio decision It Is hold that the not of IBid
vhleh annulled time charter of time Uroadwity
Hurfaco llallroad Company N constitutional
but Its effect was only to kill time company not
to destroy Its estate Tho property of the com
pany of which tho franchise to operate the
railroad on Itroadway was part passed upon
thin death of hue company llrst to Its directors
and afterward to thu receiver charged how
ovor with nil the mortgages and con
tracts which the company lawfully created
Tho Court holds that the franchise to operate
thin railroad wan property because by the
Constitution of 187o It wns made lImo subject
of sale by tho city and of purchase by the
company and thin tenure upon which tim
Ilioadway Hurfniii Company held It was not
simply for time life of thin company but of
mien duration an would ho adequate to give
full force to Ohio contract of purchase and
Halo That since by tho statutes it could bo
mortgaged the law authorizing contracts and
mortgages Imparted such tenure us would bo
unequal to uphold both contracts and mort
gages The mortgages upon the railroad and
iranehiboa to operate It were not alTootnd by
the death of tilt company With respect to tIme
traffic contracts they ware not In this action
chulloncod by any patty who hud shown
any right to Interfere with them
With respect to tho wlndtncup act of
IHSfi so mtioh 0th It as attempts to close tIle ear
of thin court to any evidence except Huch ns the
receiver may penult to ha hoard and directs In
advance the sort judgment the court should
thereupon render Is unconstitutional as
hoeing a perversion of the duo process ot law
which the Constitution auarantcos to all suit
ors anti hence the provision for Ohio adjust
ment of claims before Ohio receiver IB void
Thin prevailing opinion Is written by Juntlco 1
Landon Presiding Justice Learned writes an
opinion to the effect that tim repealing net ot
1880 whereby the Broadway Surface liallroad
Company was declared annulled and Itschar
ter repealed in unconstitutional and void also
that the nnpolntment of the receiver without
notice to the company or Its directors was void
Hu concurred however in tho affirmance of
the judgment
Confident that Thera Are Good Ground for
Appeal In the Condemned Anitrchlot Caof
Capt W P Black who defended the Chi
cage Anarchists had a lone consultation with
Gen Roger A Pryor yesterday about the ap
pattI l of the case to tho United States Supreme
Court Hermann Spies brother to August
Spies the lender of the condemned Anarchists
arrived from Chicago in the morning and
brought with him a number of transcripts of
tho court records Capt Black who looks like
atypical Confederate Colonel spent an hour
explaining this status of the case to the re
porters Ho said and Gen Pryor nodded In
acquiescence that the Supreme Court of tire
United Htates would bo applied to for a writ
of error
After imlowlnc tho records Gen Prior felt
confident that there was Rood around for this
procedure They could apply to any one of the
udKOS of tho United States Hupremo Court ho
Bald and If ho granted a writ of error It would
stay execution ot the ludumunt until the entire
court had passed on the questions raised The
questions hn added would ba whether any ot
inn rights jirivlleucB guaranteed to the
clefendautfrbytnoConstitution of the United
States had been violated If thoy un found the
easy would bn referred bock to the Supreme
Court of Illinois with Instructions to reverse
tIm judgment and refer the case back to the
criminal court of Cook county
Cant lllnck deprecated the Inflammatory ox
prvssiona of mon like Most and KhevltRch It
was desired he said that time question of an
archism and everything rohitt lug thereto should
bu allowed to rest Ills wish was to try time
ruso on Hu legal merits The trouble so far hud
boon that the fondants swore tried its Anarch
lots and not for the orimo furnished as a pre
text Cant lllack sild hn could not Ray whon
thoy would bo ready to t proceed but thoy would
do HO as Boon aa posnlblo Lawyer Moses Sub
men asdated In the consultation
Inspector lionficild who led Ohio Chleagopollco
during the Anarchist riot called nt tho Cen
tral Offlcn yostonlay Ho Bald there wns no
doubt In Chicago about the seven condemned
tnon being hung
He It Confident Chat he Will Defent Jem
Smith In tlio Forthcoming Fight
Jnka Kilrnln tim Baltimore pugilist who
is goIng abroad as Americas representative to
light Mr Jam Smith the English pugilist for
fame fortuno and n diamond belt will sail to
day on the fteamshlp Auranla Charley
Mitchell Kllratns new trainer and Pony
Moore the English minstrel and Mitchells
fathorlnlnw will accompany him A reporter
of THE SUN found them all at Strnubs Hotel
In Third avenue yesterday maklnir ready for
the voyage Kllraln was In high spirits anti
Mitchell talked confidently of the forthcoming
encounter with Smith Kilrnln ntid Mitchell
made a farewell tour ot time town yesterday
Thoy will hold n reception on tutu stonmor bo
fore sailing and ninny outoftown sports will
bo there to see them off
Kilrnln spoke confidently to TUB BUN re
porter yesterday of Ids coming light Ho said
ho believed he would win though ho know hn
hadnt an amity task before him Kllraln Mild
that lIon moro Shoojly disparaged Ills jirowcbu
tho inqio dotcrmlned lie was tn win the light
anti if he did win It hn would send a pair nt
pkutea with his compliments to Shpedy that
tlmt amlnblo gentleman might carry out his
lioart to Jom Hiilth In London that ho would
skiilo homo if Allrnin won
Kllraln itnd Mitchell will stop with Mr Pony
Mnoro In London and will make their first
pulilln appoarancn on Oct 0 0 at Ht Jamess
HallPicadllly aitor which they will iii eke ii
tour of Ireland and Scotland Then Kllraln
will pelt le down to training In good eornoat
unuor Mltchilru caro
Mitchell aid yestnrdny that ho would ro
duco Kllrnlurt wehiht from 20H pounds hit
I > ro > ont llguro to 1H5 pounds for ciilorlng tho
ring Ho protested that though nn lingllsh
man hlmbelf his sympathies were with the
American and he would do nil ho could to
help him win tho battle with Smith In Spain
next January
Archbishop Iernj Jlmd Tlio HOT Ir CTinp
incur of Acw York III Nucceonnr
NEW OitLKixa Sept 23A despatch from
Franco today anuauure the death At Chateau llrou lu
that country of K i X Leray Catholic Arclitilihop of
New Orltani ArcliMihnp Laray rem born In Chilcnu
Clron Urlttany In IHi At a jean ot age ho Wa
piAccilatthe Iueoo Iteypfs wirer lie woe Oduested
iiinlvihrro 1m remtlncd unlll ISCI when ho came to
Aiotrita Ian hut lira at Sew Orleans unit irnlnir alter
wiriltn lUlmore llo wue appuluteil irrCect In HI
MarrB Curittute urddlnoil print at > ami 5Iliruutei t
runirir at Juiknou 1 fi lot In IB77 ho wit i urdnlneit
Kulnr uf NatchltiChrh lu mini l tar neon afturwarit
va rail I to New orlpHrm Hi cnaljutor to the lAte
Archil ho > N J ltrrtrc wit llrhgtul > riuci < i liMianii net
nuiilruorur tile lriniiirulilc at tin I lilnvoe llo I iuc
ie Iril tu the ArrhbUhoprlo KII tli ilectmxi of Perch
In May hunt the nor lr P U OiapeUe na tnr of Kt
MMtlir Hiiireh ln Sew Vnrt wire rirpoliied roauiju
tor with tho tUht of nicctmua
Aunrchlot Purooiui Wit Lucked Ip
CnicAao Sept 23Luey Parsons the wife of
tho con IciniKil Atiarclilit w trrntod ytiterdajr after
nioq for rtoliitinil the city ordininco attalril ilitrlbut
Init aniltillU I on tire itrect SlId wa requeued by nn
niticvr In ilcilt but refuted replylnit that ills wa
iiinenatile la the anK 5 tfreot crowd tullowrd Iho
IHIriiMii ana thi nrlmer tu til lutlon Thorn ho
ilfvrtl litr olrni artinvtrry I one nol osieplInK Iullco
lartain ulu I I nI i fnntliiuliu t refuse in top tilt
trlfiiitlnir the rlrrulurn Him wits inckcil nn The pf unity
for her ulfrnoo 11 anno ot not 105 than i aol iiiure than
eta flue clrcuUn wor copies uf r rarionii adilrcsi lu
tire pulillo published lu yenerdayi piper
Sire IarviiK urai iiil eiiuiutly rekuut l on bali ado
prrll of tfft to necuro UT apiienranoo liavlm kteu head
by the odltor ot tho IrUUtrietliuw
Ellhu II AVnihliuruo Urine
CHICAGO Sept 23Hope for the recovery of
LImo lion K II Waihljiirnf rxMlnlilor to franco who
mete trlckm with paroyolu Vcdntsilay wa ihl > morn
urn ahtiilnntit liy IIs lh icl < nt A chart r fur tire
wruroc mm plilnlv nnnoraliU Tin pntleiii Wee n > ech
Iuia niul tniiM ii llh irt > at ilnloultt Iw ronnl into curare
ililcnof army uric is day hi tic tiritebuin hlt With
Ioilm > oler Halley Tried tn Unite Terms
with the Lender of the Oppnoltlnn bill vt
Fnlletf and Gay Up Without a tontcat
UTICA Sept 23Thin Deinocrnta In the
First Assembly district of Oneida county are i
very much nt variance among themtolvos
Time fight Is led on uric side by K Front IBS
Bailey the Postmaster and editor of tho 06
server and by Btnto Committeeman Dn
vld A Deschlcr on the othor Mr Dosch
her controls the Democratic machine In
this city Somo weeks boforo the caucuses
wore hold Mr Dally solicited an Interview
with Deschlor with n view of coining to terms 1
Tho two mot In the Postmasters private office
but Mr Deschlor It Is said refused to go Into
partnership Mr Bailey was desirous ot
securing Cleveland delegates to the district
Conventions which woro to sand delegates to
tho Stato Convention Deadlier made a
slate lu ovary ward and whenever
any cue began an opposition canvass
ho was at onco coaxed scared or
bought off so that with ono uxcoptlon thir
was no contest whon it got down to the caii n
cusos for the Cleveland delegates had found It 1
useless to run since thoy wore certain of de
feat In the Twelfth ward ono did mako I
light and in a poll of 127 votes Dosohlors man
won by over 100 majority Tho tenwardsol
Utica which are In Ohio First district sand
twothirds of Ohio delegates und so no Clove
land mon woro sent to thn Stnto Convention
Mr llnlloyH paper tim Observer came out la
long editorial articles denouncing the throe 41
SOrtIe delegates by nnmo and saying that they
do not represent the decent Democracy of
Onolda county The Od m < r also quoted Im
HUN B despatch on tho Clayvillo Convention
and said tlmt thin Postmaster bad not
sought to lnflu < > nca thru cholco of dele
gates This Is denied by loading Democrats
who say that it strenuous effort was made but
that the Administration candidates became ur
convinced that they could not uloot a delegate
It used to bo a rule that no ono on tho Ooterver
should hold or bo u candidate for political o
otllco but this fall ono of the reporters waa
made a delegate to thee district Convention
from Deorllold and ona of then editors Bought
an election as delegate to tho Htato Convention
The attempt Is bolng made to convoy the
Idea that them was no strife over delegates to
the State Convention hum There was little
opposition by the time the caucuses ware held
for tho Administration men were not strong
enough to make any showing It Is a ease of M
the lion and the lamb lying down together
With tIre lamb inside the lion >
The Democratic Assembly Convention for Jj
the First district was hold hero today Mr
Deschlor called It to order and contollod the
dolcicntos T Harry Kant was nominated for
member of tho Assembly and was supported b
Ohio Observer It wits at first Intended
to Introduce resolutions condemning the
Observer like those passed at Clayvillo
but In the Interests of harmony they word
withheld Had they boon offered they would
have boon adopted with hardly a dissenting
voice If the machine had no decreed The boast
is made that time Cleveland mon could not j
elect a single delegate In any ward In Utica 11
the friends of cloy Hill opposed them
SYIIACUSPi Sept 23The estrangement bo
twoon time Cleveland and Hill Democrats In
Cayuga county waxes warmer and warmer aa f
tire canvaw progresses rime capture of W II
Card tire Postmaster nt the village of Ira cud
the Customs Collector at Fair Uavon Abram > c i
P Wllloy by the Hill forces IH n gain which It er
U hoped will havo some Influence In the Stato I
Convention tn deciding nn the rights of tho < >
contesting delegations Both of these Federal >
officeholders are appointees tho Admlntstra
tlon Tine rival factions will go to Saratoga
prooared to make out tho best case possible
ALBANY Sept 23The Democratic fight on 4
delegates to the State Convention opened >
hore today by the election of n full ticket
to Saratoga by the Three Hundred og
tho Muegan Democrats It contains coma s
names prominent in local and State poll
tics J C Colllcot heads the delegation <
and Is backed by County Judge Nott
E J Meogan Matthew Coloman a rich brewer
and several others who fame as controversial
ists Calllcot himself Is un oxHpoakor and
well versed In parliamentary law nnd Noll and
Morgan are sharp enough In argument to
nifika It a very dusty road for U Cady Herrlck
and his regulars when It conies to a settlement
of tile control In tire Committee Credentials
This contest will take on more than usual in
terest for It Is a wolldnllnod Cleveland and
Hill fight TboThroo Hundred as they aro
called urn Hill mon all over and strong anti
Cleveland man Thu regulars or D Cody < f
Horrluk mon aro Cleveland men so far 3 4
nt leant as claiming Ibm Federal pat
ronngo la coneornod although It Is a
fact not Inconsistent with Clevelands way ol
dispensing patronngn that not a prominent
offleolirtlrbur imUi r WOlfe of their original choice
Must of thorn toni unknown or incapable who
would never havo bcon recommended for
placesand were surnriHod whiten theygot thorn
The three hundred represent about 4000
votes Had It put forth Its strength ngulnst
Cleveland In 18S1 oven such strength as It
shows In it charter election It would have
beaten him for tho Presidency They are very K
strong lu tholr opposition to Cleveland now yt
Tho Albany 2tniiu Cnllicnts paper JH the most < X
contpluous autlAdmlnlstratlon Domocratio rf
pupur In the State outside of Now York city VV
Prlaonera Sentenced to Sing Sing
Judge Cowing In thee General Sessions Court
yesterday sentenced thee prUontrt who pleaded
guilty to four years each In Sing SIne William llayei
an ex conlct who ainatheul a prune of glass hut the show
cane of Fernando J < toa > on < jewelry itoro In Third
iivtnuft on Auff U7 and atnle ifthtren canon valued at
slier John Hojun at rum flOut of Vii I ait seventy
Itrth klreet who elate u rannl boat tian er from Thnniaf
ThedJord and Iai rick tteMoiLUT year old of 8S Mar
Let Btrcoc whir pioln n pair or ilinra from the feet of
1atnck rrokur whllo no wa asleep on toot cAturday
night lu Cherry itreet
Tbe Gcrrann Acturf4tntkoBalt Arrlvea
Alexander Ktrakosch tho German actor and
reader arrived wllli hU liaunlitcr on the utcmmililp
Saab ot thus North Uermau Lloyd lluo yesterday
Ainonc thoie whi were on the wharf In tfobokon to ri 1
coltc him were Herman Cuiirlcd Chni Ilanyler Vice
Imldoni Tannei rI the Arlon H KlvyntiiKun mid lreo
Iient Itlnvor nf hire Stew VorV iKiiutrunJe Kliiht
male member of the Ainerfcnn Oprra ti < mrany nnaitr
tile direction of Carl Ctcrhttrtlt eintr Herman aouertf of tr
wtlriune arid there were Irlef speeded by Courted
llauiler amid MraLouh
Anuiillrd by nn Viiknowa Italian
Radio Silver 19 yours of ago of 1557 Third
avenue wai kicked In thu abdomen by a itranvo man
on the aldowalk In front nf tfj Veitry itroet last rrIgn
and a a taken In an amlmtanco tn tire Chamber Street ut
lluiplml lire cold an Itallnn kicked her hho walked
out nf tno hnnpltAl aa well ai ever hair an hour
Hfierwnrd sauie hadnt tremu turtle five nilnutea when A
tnlkenun haven of tho Church street police station ar
rl > oilnt Ihe hciplial with die tough hooting Italiati for
her to Identify They were rcloaieit
Mlo reef llu Gleaning Ituno Anray
Mrs McQurk of CO South Fourth street Wtl
llamiburch rotuorted yeiterday to the police that lIst
lertnleen ycnruld nelcn 1ecellt Oltnnlnitof Ihlladel
phla lmd ran away from her houio I traced tier and
my minanl vlrl Maido Hark lo a house In North
Ilhih utreet but I wa tot there that they wee then
In North Huh Inset Cecelia took mine of my clolhlnif tf
with her The police hnpe lo ouro Ieoella before i
burnt befall her Jlerfjtbor hits been telegraphed fog
Claui Nprrcfclci IrrUe on the Bnate
Mr Claus RprunkeU the sugar king IH stop
pint at the Fifth Avoiiue Motel llo nrrlred yesterday
on Iho lUaner Stale Ho hn Jut returned from tier
iiany where In tra i > hen linc tUiitln mine new ma
riini > r > for KXlraciliu muar fruiu lrcl l rootand hai
lrn ihta iaueinmntlty of tui machinery aloan With
him He > > > tfiut the new Inireutlnni will greatly lu
ci4io Iho latiltUt for the minuracturo of tugar
Tryluo to Urutv Nrtb Low Out
Both Low 1ms emphatically declared that ho 4
would not uiiler any clrcunulancei accept a uomlnv
tine fur nOte lliii fall MoiwItlutanJIn this William
Johnann luilsre Ioewr William K I arllnl C D Ham
Ilion Unirie M IMy nnd I AUZI rue I I yhsituI I hate
dFieriuluo I thn lie muat run trur t SI icon and they am
Maodlnir iirouilOvtr mi tilt ilrculirn mknw for rlxnaturM
lo a IClllloii lu Mr Low in accept the numluatluu
atary J Ileld Declared Iniane
Nary Field the little old woman who as t
saullel Lawyer Jerome ii i Conllinit wlili a knit In hli is
chOre at Slit Itroouiway rrr 1ev i air ilt < clar d Innns
leiterday try n Jury m iho Court of Dtiieril bowluua
Jirults Cowiru enrrlruihitsul hesr lo the stats Luriiiui
AlZhum a hrrurghilretpolC
The AVrullicr Yenlerdnr
Inrhheat ml irs I I umulu lit he thiormuiuiruuitrmr 3 A 1f
M ii fl tuS ii ti ni i ti iii rt b i en i
I 1 i t I 4 54 ii OU Avcrj
tai Atetugeut pt Ut toO b4
Mtnnl Urtic 1mtllotiit
Cpldor fait wfeathor fresh to brisk north
Wetriy Iitri becornjro luut w fresh salaW aa4

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