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LOXD0n Sept 21The political fight b
tween tho Liberal nod Tories tha effort to c tIt
into lower on one side and the struggle to keep
In on the other has begun and will last
throughout the country until Parliament shall
Beet and a declslte battle 1 1 fought out on the
floor of the House Remember Mltebelstown
Is 1 the war err of the Liberals and nn excellent
one It I I Furnished t them by the grandest
of greed old men In a letter published this
week It hal been vlgorouslr taken up and Is I
teheed at scores of meetings which r being
held daily through the country t protest
alt coercion and the police tyranny Ita
Brat result The meetings express tho genuine
feeling of the mass of Engll ihmon Beat In
dignation has been stirred up by the murder
Mltcbelstown and by tho Impudent
ers at Mlcheltown conduct
I duct of Balfour In championing the cowardly
constables and this Indignation I certain to
find expression In antiTory voting when next
the people haT a opportunity of expressing
their feelDP
Tie Tore am waiting anxiously for an
effective counter On but there ia no one to
furnish It t them Joe Chamberlain and Jesse
CUD and a few Unionists of an Inferior
Itp are In the fold It 1 true and arc mak
ing a good deal of nol but it 1 not of much
EM t any one These lights of the panic
stricken party of English Mngwumperr feel
that the sands of their party existence are
running so t speak A dead heat with those of I
tho Tory Ministry and that when the Tories
go they must go to 8 the burden of their
political Ion is The Tories can do no
keop wrong us alive Please help the Tories I and BO help
Chamberlain I a rare longs for the time
when the Fisheries Commission bal have
swallowed him up and carried him off t land
where be will b able t watch event hero
without taking part The real big men on both
sides a still resting from their long Parlia
mentary labors and a holding themselves i
reserve Mr Gladstone serene and hopeful
stars at Hawarden receiving hundreds of let
tors and reports daily from all parts of the
kingdom and directs the battle from there
Next month he will himself take the leld He I
Is plfl t delve to speeches before the a
nual assent blr of the National Liberal Federa I
tion at Nottingham and It Is safe to predict that
he will have something to any In the towns I
through which he will pass on bin journey
lord Salisbury after a visit t Pun will go
to breathe i salt breezes from the porch of the
Toll Cecil at Dieppe W H Smith the most
worn out perhaps of all the Tories I raehtlng
o the coast of Spn Arthur Batfowls shoot
fl arouse In Scotland and Churchill has just
Interrupted that pleasant pastime which he
ha been enjoying i Yorkshire t mae
speeches These speeches have not helped
Churchill any In fact they make it plain why
tie freak of the Ton as he hB been u
4vllhycalled has only himself fora follower
But but speexftMBava been amusing an f they
have been well attended because thE crowd
knows Churchill can be counted
Churh1 e b cunte upon I
to hit bard and to say some
thing out of the common even if
b has t make himself rather ridiculous In
8 doing Churchill mOlt recent effort was
a VThltby yesterday afternoon where be ex
pressed most cheerful confidence In the
prS cheernl eonfene te pres
ent state of things i general and betrayed
most pitiful Ignorauco 8 regards matters In
Ireland The policy of the Government had
been successful the National League bad been
totally pulverized and Ireland was pacified
I difficult after such a speech to credit
Churchill with having anything like ft clear
brain Instead of giving peace t Ireland the I
Government has committed murders there
and baa stirred up most violent hatreds and
fa from being pulverized the greatest enthu
siasm and determination have been awakened
In the members of the National League which
is stronger today than ever The mot com
ical element in Churchill speech was his fierce
denunciation of tbe system of perpetual
denuncaton Yltm prtua pen
sions This sounds queerly from a man whose
family has drawn a pension of UO
a rear for more than I century especially
as the war on perpetual pensions hitherto a
specialty qf Bradlaugh 1 taken up by Church
ill only after his brother the Duke of Marl
borough bB commuted his pension for over
tOO cash dawn
The mock trial of William OBrien is con
eluded and a telegram from Mltchels
town Informs me of the sentence of three
months imprisonment passed upon him and
of h admirable speech denouncing the Court
t the Court itself Tho matter wU not b
allowed t rest there but will b appealed
t the Divisional Cur In Dublin only
of course to b confirmed Meanwhile OBrien
Is at liberty on ball and tho patriotic
fight which la going on In Ireland will have the
benefit of his wonderful energies I i not
Crobable with all the publicity that 1 given t
aiscsM that the Government will dare t per
mit OBrien to be treated when i prison with
the brutality to which the ordinary political
Prisoner is subjected and U he b treated with
anr sort bj consideration the enforced rest of
tW months will b the best possible thing
for him Bobs been absolutely wearing him
self out In thecauso and what with speaking
a hal don times even daD the labor of
issuing out much his buster paper could not possibly have held
The most potty meanness has ben displayed
or Tory speakers and writers during the re i
cent excitement in Ireland Mr OBrien his I
mouth closed In prison bat been daily sub I
jected t the foulest bua Sport 1 even made
of th fact that he Is suffering from consump
toe Mr Michael Davltt the most cour
teous man In the Irish party and the man
who has suffered moat for his patriotism Is
accused of inciting his countrymen to rebel
lion and of then seeking his own safety br
rushing off America Mltoholstown has been
crowded with hone foot and artillery and
IeD Dillon Is taunted with cowardice because
he ha advised people not t give the authori
ties excuse for using their enormous forces on
unarmed peasants
Mennwblle the Government Is doing its bet
w provoke hostilities Over two hundred
bnn hel of the League have been practically
Suppressed and public meetings proclaimed
Jleical The overnmentPlld magistrates are
sarnlng their salaries summarily convicting
under the Coercion law the tillage champions
of the League while the Government hesitates
to touch the real leaders of the national move
meat Even the machinery of the lOt Office
which Is supposed to be a neutral organiza
tion although Its brad Ualwayn a member of
the Government 1 being pressed into the ser
vice of coercion Letters are opened read reo
oiled and reported with a degree of skill
wortbr of the Russian Nihilist bun tor and
the contents of telegrams are noted and for
warded to Dublin Castle I 1 1 gratlfrlng t
observe that desisit such provocation tha
n b leaders succeed In keeping the people
well under control and both here and la In
r < la4 a agitation which must eventually ed
In borne rule be I proceeding without bloodshed
or serious disorder blolhed
In France Interest centres upon the action
If any which will b taken In reply t the t
timed and Impudent manlfestoof the Count of
Paris The Badtcals a howling for the whole
talc expulsion of all Monarchist and Dona
pnrilst pretenders I would b easy for
Bouvler by a stroke of his pen to gratify elY theI I
Radicals and to put himself right with his
party br banishing the Bourbons and Bona
partlsts but It is doubtful
PAtItl doubtul whether the Ilepub
llcan clamor will bo gratified at least until
some radical change shall havo ten place In i
the Government Ordvy is averse to I
te Govemment GrY r t severe
measures and
Bouvler who baa
meAurs ba supported
ported br and who
pred In fot owes the ex
istence of his Government to reactionary
assistance cannot with any good grace
turn against his allies The Important
question of expulsion will not b settled
without a special meeting of tho Cabinet
until the Deputies reassemble but meanwhile
precautions ln being taken to prevent the
posting up of the manifesto In country places
to poison tho minds of the peasants
The funniest International episode we hare
enjoyed for long time is 1 the arrest of the lit
tle 15yearold son of the notorious Bchnae
bale who has revived the memory of his
fathers doings and the question aa t how his
name should b spelled by posting up on Ger
man soil socalled insulting placards In his
manifesto young Bchnaebele calls the
manUest r0nl 8hnable ol upon te
people of AlsaceLorraine
pple AsLre to keep their
courage a he and h friends will
soon release tbem Now the boy f In
a fortress at Metz where his youthful dreams
of iion have probably been replaced by
considerable pitiful snuffling France and
French journalists have of course worked
themselves up to a plfih of excitement which
always presents ao Interesting a study A
noble effort is being made t start a new
International scare It will of course not suc
ceed The German officials will not place
themselves in a ludicrous position by taking
serious notice of the childish escapade and
I will let the boy t with a short term of
Imprisonment or perhaps allow him to go soot
free after having learned crossexamination
whether his deed ot daring was Inspired br his
father I h been proposed that tbe boy b
made t pass through the bands of Prof Hln
terscblag and made t feel how foolish he W
A sound birching would do him good1and It
would stir up snob a storm of Indignation in
patriotic French bosoms as to make a hero of
him for a long tme
Bismarck usually so busy and 1 worried
spent yesterday in enjoyment It w the
lpnt elter enoyment was a
niversary of h appointment a Prussian
Premier Letters and telegrams came from
everywhere and everything Imaginable was
done t make the old Iron man feel happy
The old Emperor having bestowed on Bis
marck every possible honor could do no more
than t write him a autograph letter accom
panied br a work of a meant to further ex
press h deep friendship I 1 Interest
Ing t read of tbo many dignitaries
who have called on the Chancellor
and I is funnyto read the solemn statement
that Bismarck was honored by a personal visit
from Prince William of Prussia the Emperors
grandson The fact that Bismarck made the
tt Blmrk mae te
Princes grandfather a Emperor does not
make I any the less a comical way of putting
It I Is however merely tbe jargon of court
etiquette Prince William knows well who
eUquete Prno WUla knoW wl was
really honored by the visit and he II one of
the Cbaneellpra mot ardent admirer
Bulgaria waa able lo rejoice when Bismarck
w ro I ak
did for yecterdaj t was definitely announced
that Germany b accepted the little nations
apologies for the libel on the Gorman Consul
printed In a Bulgarian newspaper and ha
Bismarck would not send nrawhlpsiteto UM
Black Sea to frighten Bulgarian seaports
Prince Ferdinand wonderfully lucky The
peculiarly delicate position i which the bU
nation are placed has prevented any serious
action being taken to reprove his audacious
conduct France and Germany fear each
other Russia fears Austria Germany Italy
and England Germany fears Russia and
France and Turkey lea everybody so each
nation is afraid of stirring up some others and I
the Prince continuesto play ruler in Bulgaria
King Milan seems to have lost all Interest In
governing his country which does not supply
him very liberally with money Although the
elections r coming on In Bra be contin
ues t roam about visiting Austrian princes
and princesses Meanwhile a Commission l
engaged In remodelling the Constitution of
Bervlo and 1 matte the Kings bitter enemy
I left free to plot against him and stir up the
overthrow which he has so richly deserved
We may have Interesting news from Milans
little country very ln I appears that the
tales of reconciliation between the King and
Queen Nataliewere not founded on fact The
Queen has announced her intention of leaving
Vienna a soon a her husband shall return
there from Hungary and of settling with the
Servian Crown Prince in some German uni
versity tw It ia believed that the royal
couple have oonuluded that life together 1 not
worth living and that a separation of several
yea ha been agreed upn
The unhappy Queen of Sweden who has
undergone such frightful surgical operations
denies the rumor which has circulated during
the week of her Intention to enter a convent
I Is believed the Queen who to afflicted with
meleboll brought on br successive misfor
tunes and great suffering bad determined t
retire from the world but that h has been
persuaded to abandon the Ide
Numerous paragraphs hay been circulated
lately telling how sensitive the Sultan la t
caricatures of himself in the Illustrated
ceatur hmslin te Uur papers
and how he has warned the funny papers of
Vienna that they cannot enter his dominion U
they make fun of hIm Now a Viennese paper
has been suppressed for not respecting his
Majestys little weakness PoorBultanl I He has
no Idea how he 1 t pay for 300000 worth of
repeating rifles which he ordered in a fit of
enthusiasm during the big war scare and he Is
generally miserable Not so with that other
monarch Alphonso XIIL the two feet long
King of Spain His life has been one long or
rather short spree except at Intervals when he
has writhed under the process of teething
Lately be has travelled among his loyal sub
jects In company with his mother and be
Is rpre a having bad much fun I At one
time be was sid wt a desire to change the
old established custom which makes I the
thing for the King to keep his bat on no matter
who may bo around This notion seised upon
him during the singing 01 a TV Zfeum In a
cathedral and three times since in succession I
be violently tore his little cap from his head I
to the great delight of his admiring subjects
and much to tbe anguish of the court digni
taries who bad to pick It up
I wrote a week ago of the end of the Fran
rial tragedy and of the rumor that an American
can had two pocketbooks made of the mur
derers kln No American wa however con
nected with 1 disgraceful an affair but the
thing was done An attvadan qamed Oodtnet
on duty In the amphitheatre of surgery In
stead of destroying all the doctors left of
Fronzini kept for speculative purpose a largo
piece of the akIn Policeman IlossUmol whose
namesake the nightingale would doubtless b
ashamed of him bought the skin for I trifle
had two purses ruado of I and presented them
to Messieurs Taylor and Gorovrthe heads of the
detoctlrn for whom hs desired to propitiate
The man manufactured the purses thought
the story to good t kOp The policeman
and attendants lost their beads and the higher
elBelAl wisely oat up the relic In has
TMjublisiptasats toQMw TMnte eoa
I ttnue to b exhibited at Bt Jamess Palnoo and
1 t draw immense crowds although a a rule
they y are most prosaic The presents t tho
Pope on tbe occasion of his jubilee and which
will b exhibited at the Vatican will possess
much greater Interest A cheese manufac
turer has sent a monumental cheese A Cath
olle missionary sends the skins of two tigers
killed b himself and an elephants tusk
curiously carved A standard of Joan of Arc
embroidered by noble ladles comes from
Orleans A cooper send a large barrel of
wine A servant sends four yards fine linen
wno rl
and Princess Ololtlde baa embroidered for tbe
Pope a white satin robe with gold flowers
Proofs of affectionate veneration for his Holi
ness come from all countries and classes
The social world Is I much torn up over the
Hallett scandal just made public here whereof
I sent you the unpleasant details two weeks ago
as an Illustration of the character of some of
the men who r ardent In coercing Ireland
and In denouncing the Irish members B unfit
t mix in parliament with Tory gentlemen
Hallett has confessed his guilt only asserting
that It was not his stepdaughter but his for
mer wifes stepdaughter whom he ruined a
fact which does little to lessen the blackness
of tho crime when I 1 considered that tho girl
had boon brought up with entire confi
dence In him and looked upon him as a
father I Is I now proven that Mallet returned
the girls UO when her solicitor demanded
It but I Is made evident that be trafficked
with the victims money and used his Influ
ence so well a t have her will all her fortune
of 40000 t him There Is loud clamoring for
the retirement from Parliament and from to
ry of one 8 Illfitted t bear the titles of
honorable and gallant Hallett declares
he will not retire but I am convinced that the
force of public opinion will compel the Tory
Government to throw him overboard Capt
Selwyn who at first challenged Hallett refused
t fight him when he discovered ho added dis
honesty to his other crimes
The American exhibition In which Hallott
shone as director and by which he was used on
I all occasions a a advertising card still con
tinues its melancholy farce of representing
America and its Industries I reality I compares
with the exhibition
pares wih average exblllton just
about a favorably a Cal HughesHal
let does with the average stepfather
I 1 much worse than nothing a I
disgraces the country I misrepresents
Numbers of exhibitors have expressed bitter
repentance at ever having been mixed up with
the concern and deeply regret not having
hed Tn Eoie which proclaimed the char
actor of the enterprise from the beginning
Hone will doubtless b made not br the ex
hibitors but br the vn clever English
man who lured them over here for Buf
falo Bill has drawn many shillings
which a Is feelingly announced all through the
Wild West camp he will never got Tho crowd
goes only t see his show and exhibitors are
left to mourn in the empty exhibition depart
ment I will b fortunate If the windup of a
concern started by an Englishman 1 not
marked by a scandal which would of course
0 attributed to Yankee depravity
Cablegrams the doings of the Thistle and
Volunteer are watched with keen Interest here
Yachtsmen still think the Scotch boat has a
better chance but beta are very few English
yachtsmen a not as a rule heavy better a
compared with turfmen and the professional
element generally fights shy of a race wherein
trickery does not enter Boxing Is Increasing
here despite the efforts of tbe police KU
ralnVi arrival and tho International match a
awaited with much eagerness > f v
The London stock market for the pass week
has been very sensitive and Influenced from
day to day by the New York market and in
vestors In Americans have passed anxious
nights Today has been ven dull without
material change In prices Many of the active
mtor oal prce actve
broker left the street before 8 oclock today
ho Ask tk Jailev I aadc Her a lie
Waal Wish Ul WIn bo Ja4 A
CHICAGO Sept 2C Mrs Lucy E Parsons
sat In the Armory Police Court room this morn
Ing awaiting her trial on th charge of dis
tributing circulars without a license Are
any of your friends here r asked a reporter
No Im all alono she sold I dldnt
want my friends t come here and have the
police clack list them What o would I do
Officer 1 J Ward said ho had been instructed
t stop her from handing out the circulars which
appealed for sympathy fpr the Anarchists and
after he bad waned her three times to stop he
arrested her and took her to the station she i
giving out the circulars a they walked along
What have you t say madam asked
Justice Lyon I
When Mrs Parsons spoke her voice had not
the old defiant ring It did not falter but there
was tremor In I I have lived her fifteen I
years she said and hardly a day ba passed
that circulars have not boon thrust into my I i
hnda I do not know whether I have violated
any of the ordinances or not I leave that with I 1 I
your Honor I simply ask of you that you treat >
would have wife treated U her
me as you e your wie treatd I
husband were where mine laThe
The tears stood In the eyes of some who
heard these stoo I do not know you slid
Justice wora I know how solemn
is your position and I respect It The circu
lar I s is a reprint of your husbands letter
printed In the newspapers I shall not judge
you until I neWIlIpr circular The case
1 I continued until Tuesday next Youra y go
r Parsons on your own recognizance I
A letter was received br the Anarchists t
day from New York which contained this
Ataepdal mouur mesSing of the rntr L bor
Union Kea xi funday thtra Ulb b 4npud rMila <
lions xprtMbur the iyo nyof tht workin men Ig
X < w York for tbe lYn condmn men a CtHcnmi
d4ooancln their proposed iecullrm Mid promisIng
them all U aid powtbl tn afford them prml
A er uo last I Sw riU ArUe Z thin
edited by HplM the condemned Anarohfit pnbiuhcd A
vtrr ornau New Years aililrcu In the middle w a a
poem lu Utrman which ulit bat all workluirmin win
UYI tblr employers tyranu who would rlr them
Jut tnouth to UT on and no more and thaS they wnold
eonUnn toll ro things l th nut war d If pnul
We and CAtUnjr nn worklnrmin to rouse ttiimielTit I to
action cud nln the world AronnJ the poem are
Mnrt plctirte npraitntlnr the tlirtrd condition of
attsin ta various countrU ami on of them strangeLy
nmurh represent a gallows guarded by a die of soldier
and on Is 5 are MVIH victims lb exact itambir con
djnuied to b nanced on Nov 1t 1
Gen Roger A Pryor and Capt Black were In
consultation for more than four hours yester
day on tbe nuontlon of tho appeal of tho case
of the condemned Anarchists to the United
Staten Supreme Court Gen Pryor pointed
grimly muttered at a case filled with law books and
Those are some of the authorities we have
been looking into
They took a recess of one hour for lunch
and then filed In again They have not de
vised any new plans as et
atalwrlBt d Mf If army Spelt aLv Starr
On the stone step of the oldfashioned
binding opposite rollee Heaaqaarlire Ibal I oeenplid
bv ripertirs a patteUa Uti acme with a palatal ending
wa wlinMMO yetttrday afternoo A man wbo had
patud Ike optBll ot middle ag ul upon h lower
p nil liff elbow retted upon Ih step abu blm
a4 supported hli chin that nettled In In palm of hta
band upp third sup pata woman with hfritoowi
Testing upon hir knee a and her hands In the dhhirilltd I
meshes r hir hair Both ih i man and women win < x
ctultrily dirty and bnih win nndirtd helpless by rum
ana Ion Tbiy irlid to tak tn each oilier bat thilr
speech was Intrrrnptid by frequcit hlccioihe and 10
rep and cixied Th man Inter many nniucceufal
allempta threw hla right hand Into Jh woinaue left
and rhe caneht It and liiTlnmy fondled It I wOIllel lud
nxaotlhutlimllndlrai4lhn 1 I there was a fountain
of alter lion wnllnr up In tbi owners heart
Hnpertatindint Murrays once hai Iwo windows that
took on on uibrrp lrt cud thronah one of thtae I
hiaawthi love some The next moment two blrpo
llremen ram out with order to rot Ih luring chaplin
short The policeman crabbed tbe man and woman
and a few mlantu lawr they wire calling softly to cacti
other tbronin the bare of different ceO CUI I
Help Needed nn Ike able
The babies ward of the PoetGraduate Hos
pital 2 Beat Twentieth itreet will reopen on Oct L
During the turner the infants are cared Co at a sea
cbS sanitarium D Mary T Bliall ba the m le
ekarn olb ward Foadaare arginlly needed o the
oambued npport of thla charity which kaa during the
M t two year eared toy siestas hundred h141L
er OoctrttatUaawij > MaiWoe tie be hMjKel reeelved ka Dt Users Tretnrer
Tfce Cleveland Adnsrstisa Panties
Bests at the JllatrlCt ComventUm In
M re Orleami and Onttiia > Cne
BodfiE8TEB8ept HTho Administration
faction of the Democracy of this part of hoI
State has been dofeatod right and lelt this faiL
I In this city John W Martin Collector of this
port and Postmaster Valentino Fleukpnitnln
both Cleveland appointments undertook tho
tank of teeing that delegates favorable t the
Administration were sent t the Democratic
State Convention The antlAdmlnlstratlon
element la led by the Don George Raines and
Alderman William H Tracy President of the
Common Council These men met the Federal
I officeholders several times last week and
I tried 16 effect a compromise but the latter
would not listen t It The Administration
men refused point blank to permit Mr Tracy
to go to the Convention Mr Tracy controls
the ward machinery of his party t no small
degree and a the fight progressed the Ad
ministration faction were considerably sur
prised to see lt Tracy apparently carrying
everything before him Then another confer
ence wan suggested but Messrx Tracy and
Balnea sold tOY had nothing to compromise
and politely refused to confer When the City
Convention was hold there was not a shadow
of dissent to the election of Ss tan Stat
Cook Aldermen Tracy nun Tiisyer Now tho
Administration men are moping and the op
position Is correspondingly jubilant
On the Republican side Sheriff John W Bon
lan has enough delegates pledged to him to
I Insure his nomination for 8tate Senator over
Senator Pitta The latter antagonized tbe
liquor and labor Interests at Albany lat win
ter and at the epd of the session the hand
writing on the wall was that he must 1 He
made a gallant fight this fall but Hannan hB
beaten him with bands down Uaorfsn 1 a
rising young politician In his party He has
already assumed the proportions of a political
boss His friends claim that he will represent
I hIs district in the Senate with credit The
Hottonllatt combination behind him As
semblyman Manner will go back hlIbAa
from thl city without oPPlllon
I There boa been a effort during the past few
weeks to reorganize the old Iroquois Club an
association of all tbo Democratic war horses
of this part of the btate without any regard
I for pr The purpose of the club wa tKa
Increase harmony and subdue the turbulent
element of the party The effort failed for the
bltternexa between the Administration and the
blternei btweon to
antiAdministration actions was toolntense
The Labor vote l becoming more and more
of an unknown quantity In this county The
party is certainly gaining strength Is well
organized and harmonious Several prominent
converts have recently been obtained among
them the Rev reent 0 Copeland and Major
William Sheldon The former was one of the
maInstays the Prohibitionists who account
forhis action by saving that ho wanted to rule
the party and got mad and lois because be
couldnt Sheldon ban nlwars been more or
less of ademagogue He left the ranks of Lisbon
once to join tie Republicans and now hI goes
back t hH early loe He has some force as a
stump speaker and both be and Copeland will
be utilized In that direction It is sid tbat
Henry Georue realizing that he has a stronghold
hold In Monroe county will devote considera
ble of his personal attention t thin part of the
State belore the campaign clones p
The contest In Orleans county over the dele
gates to the Democratic State Convent ionfa
over and It has resulted In a defeat for the Ad
ministration l which through Collector of In
ternal tOn Hanlon its local leader tried
I to elect delegates favorable t Itself Reports
from Medina the county seat are t the effect
that here has been a hot and spirited tight
there lor nome time past there has been a
factional fight lz 1 the Democratic rnk b I
tweon the Adm 1Jltrtol and the atAdmIn I
fntrtulon escis and the easIest Jlas waxed
strong and bitter The Dmlrtk lenders I
of that locality allege that Dan 101 has ben
t zealous In advancing the Interests of the
Administration dvanclolthe bo remembered
Amlnlatrton I b rmembnd
that there was much bad blood manifest at
ht time of bin appointment His brother
Father Uanlon of Buffalo has been a lifelong
friend of the President He always mixed In
politics B much aa consistent with tbe cas
sock and t him the brother owed his appoint
ment hxCongressman Klrke Hart a wealthy
retddent of Medina and a Democratic warhorse
borer with many other good Democrats were
entirely disregarded I consequence the
appointment of Hanlon gate birth to a faction
of dissatisfied Democrats Klrke Hurt assum
ing tbelr leadership Previous to his appoint
ment as Collector Mr Hnnlopnever pretended
to be a party leader but he boa made that pre
tenllon been resented pry that time and f ba naturally
The Dab this fall was between axCongress
man Klrke Hart and Collector Hanlon Both
worked arduously for success Hanlons only
I stronghold was Isis office while Hart brought
to the contest a large personal following the
prestige of an oldtime party leader and the
aid of a boat of Democrats wbo are dissatisfied
with the Administration As a result victory
was his and Orleans has followed the lead of
Monroe and will Bund to the Utate Contention
Ilonr antlAdminlHtmtlun delegation Of
course there Is no direct national Issue In
this canvass but both aides recognize tbo fact
that the winners in this falls fight will have
tboparty machinery in working order for next
year The antiAdministration men pay they
I would bo willing to hays let this year go by
without making a factional light hut the Ad
ministration element Invariably led by the
Democratic officeholders have lor a long time
boon laying their pipes to elect delegates on
their side of the house and consequently I he
opposition ha nad no alternative but to take a
hand In the light IQ tills entire sac
too of the State they have ben success
ful and they conllduntly predict that victory
will perch upon their banner in the national
tight of next year The same general feeling
IB prevalent In Orleans as In Monroe that since
the Administration hal not taken the counsel
of the party leaders I cnnnot expect their aid
In tho hour of need The eXIQt file of the
party re entH the course of the Federal office
holders in seeking to control tue party simply
because they bold office Meanwhile the Mug
wumpB scratch their beads and Wonder In
what direction civil service for hB flown
bYJiicusE Uept 2jTbe Democrats today
elected contesting delegations from the three
districts of the county to the Utate Convention
at Barutogn The factions which are led re
spectively by Henry J Maw and Col II ro I
Jennuy kept apart In their caucuses and con
ventions nllhmiuti overtures have been mode
ventonlr bon
back and forth bra reconciliation The Mow
ry Democrats are supposed to favor the Ad
ministration through tbluk and thin nndthe
Jttnuey Democrats to oppose their ri
vale at every point Originally they
differed In the degree of admiration
which they had for Gov Hill the
Jvnney Democrats being closer Incouncil at
Albany than In Washington But within the
lust six months this anchorage has slipped
away from them because of their criticism of
the Governor for retaining In office Halt
BuperlntendentliPJ In the lace
of charges preferred against him anti which
were afterward unsuccessfully pressed under
an Indictment found by a Grand Jury Super
intendent Brumelkamp is the right bower of
Mr UowryOnd as between Albany and Wasa
ItiKton the latter would mount the Federal
rather than the Utate end of the teeter Fodea
The Jenney faction call themselves I the
Onondaga Democracy and have a organiza
tion Ice thoM in New York while the regulars
follow the old methods Tho Onondaga Democrats
metho UnondlaDem
ocrats ran a candidate for Overseer of the
Poor In thin city last February and elected him
with the aid of Republican vote over the regu
Democratic candidate This success gate
them now life and when the regular organiza
tion made the qualification of a Democratic
ton mae Dnloratc
voterat their cauousso seem to exclude those
whi voted for this candidate they draw out
and rejected all propositions for a union Mr
Slowly staid that It was a mistake to suppose
that any such exclusion was proposed IUPPs
bent of the Onondauu Democracy To test tile
sincerity of this declaration ho olud at tile
regular caucus NevertlmloDS two factions
today elected separate dolegtitex to BaratOKO
The Mowry or regular organization send the
following tIrst district John 1undereast
H Nonhrup and George K Com tlk Jr
becond districtbL HockwellThomas Hocaa
nnd J W Yalo Third district John Lelgbtod
John boniness and Joseph A Llbtul
A Ibtman
Tie OnundBLa Democracy Ito the fol
lowing First district Itonert McCarthy Mayor
Daniel liookstavor and John Moore Becond
district Thomas Ryan W JQln Nlver and liruce
H Aldrich Third dlmriotCharles Billion John
untrtf and A A McKoo
At the separate WIN caucuses In the city
the rival factions endeavored to get out their
largest vote In order to make the best shon Ing
The Onondaga Democracy bad no caticusva
In the towns but admitted Helfronatltuted
delegates to the district o 8Irondttutd
CoorxssTpwji Bepfc J4TE Democrat 1 I
the i Irst district of OIMCO county at their
Convention here tus atumoon oho he lob
Lowlnsrd legatestoihu t togs Con tons I
I rd o ma ae O aI
I 31 J n 1
only Incidentally ratod by one of the town 1
delegates who forced U M Honker who do
sired to go to rJararoga to admit I that ho wa a
Cleveland man Wbnn the ballots wore count
ed Hooker was found to b badly beaten not
withstanding fut that he Is Chairman of
the County Committee I la not known how <
aver how much Isis favoring Clnvelnnd had to
do with his defeat Two of the delegates fa
vor Cle land and the other Is neutral
The Democrat of the Becond OtMgo dis
trict elected William U BOCOld C Luce and
ventlon Park1r Keres a delegates to the Btato Con
IIONDOOT Sept 2LAt the Second District
Assembly Convention held her this after
noon there was great excitement and confu
sion created by n determined notion fight between
tween the adherent of Cleveland and Hill
Several hours were occupied In selecting dole
gates to the Judicial and State Conventons
Addresses were made aol f prominent Demo
crateulogizing the wise administration of
Gov Bill Many ballots were taken and tho
admirer of the Governor camo out ahead
Ira Bcbafferof Now York who has a country
residence on the HUdson wa elected delegate
to tbn Third Judicial District Cnnvontlon on
the sixteenth ballot Charles M Prnpton
I Abrani E Hoftbrottrk and Josiah heater wore
chosen t the Btato Convention
Intern leUnd Lets Fly a Uiw far Nlcfc Ua
Mailer rttIta
The Richmond County Dornocratlo Con
vention was hold yesterday in Richmond Hall
Tompklnsvllle to elect delegates to tho State
Convention and t the Fifth Senate district
Convention Assemblyman Edward A Moore
called tho Convention to order and ho was
made first temporary and afterward their
mae tmprn alerwar per
manent Chairman There were two nets of
delegate from the Ninth election district M
W Hazletlne of Mlddlotown D T Cornell of
Bouthfield E P Morrison of Castleton Robert
Brown Jrof Northflold and tho Rev Mr DIJon
of Wostfleld wore appointed a committee to
investigate and report and Chairman Haul
tine reported that James Gibson F Lazier
Michael Colvertand Michael Magrathwero
Oolvr MlehBI wore en
titled to sit a delegates Gibson was not In i
tho room John Dempsey declared that 11 bad
been selected by Mr Dempsey for tho place
since Gibson wan pick at home K P Morrison
questioned the accuracy of this statement and
Derapfw questioned Morrisons right to speak
uoslolld MorIllos
as a delegate your I liar shouted Morn
lOn At that the Chairmans gavel descended
The three Nccre lltvd delegates of the election
district named Dennis Dorsey and that settled
the altercation Dennl Itte
Judge Vaughan who hal held a seat In the
convention for more than twenty yearn was
not elected an a delegate and lie beheld the
proceedings from among the hack seats Three
delegates to the Btate Convention were nom
inated and were Immediately elected by a
unanimous Thy are William Curry of
Southfleld James Tully of Ciistlston and
Brewer George Uoohtnl of Mlddletown The
r said to b for Cleveland
Then 29 delegate t the Fifth Benate Con
vention representatives were named br the election district
Finally Lawyer Thomas W Fitzgerald intro
duced a reaolntlon which conveyed a boom for
Nicholas Muller to succeed Senator Murphy
Not slnco 1871 Mr Fitzgerald said bad Rich
mond county been represented In tbe Renate
of New York olnon the county had boon claved
with the lower wards of New York city Rich
mond county bad not been recognized Jhe
resolution was that the Hon Nicholas Muller
of Cnxtleton should b endorsed by the Con
vention for its candidate for Senator The
resolution went through with a rush only a
bal a dozen votes being heard against it and
In respond tn Mr Fltza raMa Invitation three
cheers for Muller were Iven tre
An Bart r foremen by All Ks or PI
tie 5 Got She Numtna 1 Tkvex
Affidavits were received by the Police
Commissioners yesterday from Ernest Bobm
and George 0 Block of the Progressive Labor
party The Iter aay in file statement that
p w 8eeretaryvof the Convention which
nominated Henry George for Mayor on Sept
23 of last year and tbat a majority of the hun
dred trades unions represented at that Con
vention belongs t the Progressive Labor par
while not one now follows George The lara
majority the 68000 voles received by George
were consequently cast by men now affiliated
with the Praslivo LAbr arIY The United
Labor par In Mr Blocks opinion exttA
chiefly for the glorification of Oeon and
propagation of bin peculiar views with which
the Progressive laborers do not sympathize
Mr Bohm In his affidavit attacks Georges
landvalue theory and freetrade ideas and In
ctdentallv rates Irving Bolls strength last au
tum at 15000 votes
Dot documents were submitted to prove
that the Progressive Labor party and no other
ba a right t the fifth election Inspector
The George party has Inplctor order
directing the Jan Commissioners to MOW
cause tomorrow why a mandamus should not
b Issued compelling them to appoint tho In
spector of election named by Mr McClave
lpeto 1
At the time that Police Commissioner Mo
Clara stole a march on bin Democratic col
ItIlle by appointing the Henry George elIC
ton inspectors on his own responsibility
Commissioner Vorhll tried to stave off action
by having the whole matter referred to the
Corporation Counsel To this the Republican
Commissioners refused to consent and tho
effort failed Messrs Voorhls and Porter
made up their minds today to go 1 alone and
sent to the Corporation Counsel for advIce
Their note states that the Board divided on
the advisability of this step but that they can
not nee their way clear to act intelligently
without advice
AOUoeeiter Skipper Climb Vp a Zliktnln
Ko4 Uto the Eliklk Mtory of a BrflneiT
BOSTON atept 24 Joseph T Walsh I the
skipper on a Gloucester fishing schooner now
lying at Potter < fc Wrlghtlngtons wharves East
Boston He came up with a full cargo of fish
yesterday The Captain In the evening wont
over to the city proper but says that ho re
turned t his vessel about an hour before mid
night At about l2I > i this morning when n
Eat Boston man returning home by the South
Ferry was passing up Lewis street he saw a
man clinging to the lightning rod on the bios
ton Sugar Refining Companys large building
The man was then up to the seventh stony
He went up higher and crawled into an eighth
Con window Thu East Boston man found
the watchman and inquired what the exploit
meant The watchman didnt know but he
suspected tbe man might b an Incendiary
for I fire bug has ben at work in that neigh
borhood recently Policemen wero sent for
and a March of the great building was mode
Capt Walsh wan found strolling about on the
seventh floor He went quietly to the station
and when asked for an explanation ho couldnt
explain He remembered nothing be said
after bis return to bin schooner 1 oclock
The police became convinced that it was a
clear the Captain plo of somnambulism and discharged
licMaekU Saya tke FrklkllUe > saC United
a > tfc r PartUe P Already Vnltvd
John HcMackln Chairman of the United
labor party said yettcrday U to the plan of the houxb
keepale priest Father Milan to nnlte the United Labor
party with tha Prohibition party
pf majority of the roblbllln I party la I with na ae
the careful aiarehlniof the reoordU of the poll lbss a
laM year will show Their m Wardwell Only llu Buu
vote VTi are ten aa hones atlmlniauatlen of the ei
cite taw and all other saws I u
Tke nem Striker Defeated
IlATKBmtL Mass Sept 2LTbe labor diffi
culty hire U undoubtedly drawing to an end The nn
dmiandlnf between the raantifaelnrtraanil the Knlfhta
of tabor District Board la a irantre that the VeKay
itllchera will have In erknowjtdffe IcIest and return to
work by tlonday tnnrnln or sc their dcrertd ma
ehlnee opiraii l liy Kuuhu of Labor 1hL The fo
lowing onler wan pealed lit the local Uoartluf Arullra
lion rooms Uil evening Mhl
hAi roimhert of the nrairnf the Ktilithtaof Labor sin
plod so hIcIty lllehn out on Hike In IMa cltmra
bunk Nerd 10 return 1 work on or Ufnre Monday
mprofnr Sipk M fir crier of thi Biroutlve hoar
ft or SO JOKJ J 1 BICIIIU Hicretary
Kelt is ByiBiwitkr with the haleSt
IirDUWAPOU Sept 24The National Con
viction of Switchmen adjourned to4ay The sued I
In has little In I common with the knljthuiif tabor
Priafd < nt Uonirhan use 1 to day b tI Iowdirlyi doe
Inns an vcnrraily approved In the order but Id the
abuses perpetrated by the Knit hta In I ordering urlKoe
and telle crratlnf labor troubles anus no support amottx the
QH1 PSeseSite
W u appetite Bold rerywaare Xfa
loibenbh tbe eautcaaaa krpoHaftUs the teelk with
JoenaeBt walah tfttm t Uea aeaowy wBUeaea
1 I
Adam Anrnitlnea StoatS bretOlne
rwc kl Vftff Uatv tllea
Adam Augustine accused his wife Lizzie
in Police Justice Wantors Court In Jersey City
yesterday of trying tn poison him Thoy live
at alt Railroad avenue They havo been
married only a year The husband ta a brisk
maker but because of sickness ho has not done
any work for five weeks Mrs Augustine I
only 20 year of age Is quite pretty Ono
morning about a month ago t breakfast
Augustine aa ho told the Police Justice noticed
R < rOD substnneo floating on some coffee his
wife had net before him
asked her what the green stuff was he
ld and she told mo sho had bouaht some
Paris green to kill roaches with and that some I
of It must have got Into the cup by accident I
thought nothing more about the matter then
but it foW days nltorwnrd when I found sonic
of ho I same stuff RltOllr containing water of
which 1 took a swallow I not suspicious I
kept a close watch on my wile after that One
nluht last wook after I had gone to bed I asked I
my wife to get me a drink of wafer
Uho brought it Iet me but turned down I
tbe lUlit in the room before she did
so The water burned my mouth I got up
and turned up thu light Tho water was I
green and when I called my wifes attention
to this she salt she had put some Paris groo
In the cup and liad forgotten alt about I I
did not believe her and on Friday night while
she was out I searched borclothlng and found
In it pocket of her dress a package of Paris
green Blio told mo she had found tho poison
but when 1 charged her with trying kill me
she cried and fold she would not do no ngnln
AneustlnH added that he thouzht It unsafe
for him to live longer with his wile and so he
had caused her arrest Mr Augustine told
Judge Wanner that she found the poison In a
vacant room In the house and Intended to kill
roaches with It She lid she had no Intention
to harm her husband nnd declared that the
poison cot into the coffee and tho water I
thrlih rcarelesftnesA She II held for fur
ther examination As she was being taken
from the court room to a cell he told tho po
liceman who had charge of her thaI her hus
band would not work and that she was being
neglected br him
riesat Linden Psesys Around the Oat tier
at Poor Wamnn1 HearSt
Sergeant Linden of the Fiftyninth street
pollen station received a plaintive appeal last
evening from a poor woman whoso husband 1
sick and whoso infant is so young that the
mother is unable to go out to do any work
The care of husbaninnd baby keeps her busy
enough and for medical advice aba depends
upon the dispensary physician Sick room
comforts and even the necessaries are beyond
her reach and In her despair she went t the
station house There Is absolutely no provision
vision In these institutions for any such cases
and the Sergeant told her so But before she
could reach the door after turning hopelessly
and wearily away from tho desk he called her
back Taking his cap from his head and bal
lasting It with a shining half dollar he sailed
it back around room the domluoplaying policemen in the
I never passed the hat before In my life and
I know It in near the end of tho month but I
guess wo can do a little something for this
poor woman
blKerin sufficient amount to make a pleasing
llngle rattled into the hat and the wcirnanwno
gave tbe name of Ir Brooks of 300 East Six
tythird street departed with smiles and
thanks A casual spectator would have said
that tbe Sergeant was a bighearted fine fel
low and would have been about right
Tbe next case that came In a moment later
was a little colored foundling one month old
found by Policeman Quinn in an areaway
h Thesefoundlings are the most trouble of
anything we get said the Sergeant Impa
tiently We have Dve separate blanks to Ull
out for each one and the desk blotter entry
the telegraph blotter entry and the message
t Headquarter to attend tad he added
grimly I would rather have a dead body
come In than a foundling
cmo casual listener would have said that the
Sergeant was a heartlessi unfeeling wretch at
this and he would have been way off In his
estimate I hs
PIT ate Cart Dla oe 5 Go nmdred
DlT rer Cataea taOs Dar
CHICAGO Sept 24This was the red letter
day In the history of the divorce courts of Chi
cago Over 10 default canes alone said t b
tho largest number on record for one day
wore disposed of Fire courts exclusively oc
cupied with divorces were working simultane
ously The two hundred and odd persons whose
matrimonial existence it was proposed to judi
cially murder were lost In the crowds of sym
pathizing friends and curious spectators who
came to witness the execution Away up in
oxecuton UI
the tall Court House on the top floor were the
five divorce mills Fourapaclous elevator were
constantly kept crowded bringing from the
bottom floors emo rio the mills Borne
were all tears and sighs others flippant or
primly content and still others smiling and
happy Then there were the children generally
ally brought alone to till some gap In the testi
mony Owingtotho press of business marriage
knots wore loosed between Illmatched couples
with evenmore than the usual celerity of Ch
cage divorce courts
Papa cried a little girl as a welldressed
gentleman came up to one of tho elevator a
little while after the court convened The
child won snatched away by the lady who held
her band and the gentleman turned bin head
and Instead of waiting for the elevator walked
down the stairs and out Into the street He
hud just boon divorced from the lady who had
the child
Eamond sad OUannvr will ke Received at
Co pcr Vales
The Presidents and delegates of the branches
of the Irish National learn in Ihiaelty met la8eyen
thy at Eighteenth street and fourth avenue to make
arrangements for the rcptlot of sir Thomas Orattan
Kernoud aid Arthur OConnor who started yesterday
for Ihja country on board the Arizona The Cooper In
stitch taO will beeiutafed for the yenlngof Oct a A
general admlattoa will be chanted and VI for reserved
seals A committee ot ten waa given chart of the ar
ranjrementa rat disappointments In going down the
bar to meet guest dampened the ardor of the delegates
It was agreed that It was luttlclcnt tn so to the dock
A resolution was paaied expressIng indIgnatIon at
the mockery perpetrated In the cam of the law that
eitndcmne tne brave rlilvalrnna champion of the peo
pea cause William ci Krlcn to a relous cell mat en
danger tile life by Imprisonment torsxertlng the lied
Siren right of free speech and Atnnunclnr the Tory
Dvcrnmint aa a menace to Bnf land no leal than to Ire
Past r Broker and 51 IM Eatelle Bate
The committee of the East Congregational
church Brooklyn appointed to Inteatlfata the relation
01 the Rev Crank II Decker the paator with Miss
Batille Bates of GreenporV U I has concluded lu lahore
and has unanlmoualy reeolved to accept his reilmation
The committee care Pattor Decker an opportunity to
expla n compromising circumstances relation to
hi TUIta to Ureeniiori an < l the remarkable corro
epiinilenre bewitn bun and Miss llateM but he failed u >
explain them at cut to the atttlfaRtion of the com
mlltee The Kev A > t4want Walih will occupy the pul
pit ioday anil will announce the action ot the com
mittee and a muting of the church sell be held lomor
row nUht 10 raiify lie action rlrnda of Mr Dicker say
tile mind hat bun In such aatate f r the pus ell inontha
that he ran hanllr be held reip inilble for hit aoti lie
U I S3 yean old and Las been four years In the mlaUtry I
IIr klyma New Une aile Teaplc
The Aurora Gratis Cathedral a Masonic
Temple In Bedford avenue and Madison iciest Brook
lyn wae dedicated yesterday Then was a large at
tendance of Naaona Henry U Falmor Thirtythird do
are N P Sovereign Strand Maaier conducted ibe rere
mnnlii The temple which waa formerly the Bedford
tttrorined hurrh u a tothlc etriiciure with a spire
IHUferthlvh The auditorium In been tranttormed
Into a a Unlga room Tlir Uiiiquitlnir room U In lbs
baMuient The partuuaice win U ud as s club keus
knuwiiadhi Aurora draia < luh In adil Ion l to the
Hrottltti Hlie bodies Stir ealiienai will be used by tlln
ton t omniandery 14 Knltfbta Tempter and Acauthua
LoUt 755 V aid A N
The Veabrlai U kee a Very Past Paesae
The Cunardnr Umbria Capt MoMlclcan ar
rived yesterday tier time from Qneenilown was six
days are her and twenty 8ve minutes Thli U one
hour and thirteen mInt slower than her trip In June
when she beat all ocean records hut is nineteen mlnutee
better tnan tie Ktrurla raiteit passage mail two
yrareajro The Imurli hail fair weather sin e entail
rrltlai1 Amitutf her rawengere were w Lao Ho < > kir
Britten Coniul ileneral atNiw orkt M eount K Vugj
naniL Judge Inirahnn Sir Dona Maihcton K O ll
Unlld kisSes AttorniyOeneral Wayne HaeVeagh
aodl AUeUjtman
Thee U If ejlklna Blw Akcnl Beeae Mem
Till Sow Cholera Mixture H Is painted on a
li standing elm lust a Twgatyhlrd street dne rgiateel
lb acesa the ax
t5w 4 lus4
ana u pnicrrr irutL nneassD Aim
51q4M aiAttiatt
keWnnderctf Inte Miilrna Oiennrile H ee >
tsr Women nd Asked irs Plet l a Pro
lest reeirIe Her Ihasie UNrlsm I
A modest comely vrolldrcesod girl of 19
who gate her name as Nellie llrown was com
milled by Justice Duffy at Essex Market yes
terdur for examination an to her sanity The
j circumstances surrounding tier wore such as
I to Indicate that possibly she might be the her
oine of an Interesting story She was taken tto
the court by Matron mono Btcnard of the Tern
I porary Homo for Females 81 Second avenue
The Matron said that Nellie came to the
Homo alone about noon on Fridliy and said
she wan looking for her trunks She was
dressed In u gray flannel dress trlmmad with J
brown brown silk gloves a block straw sailors
hat trimmed with brown and word a thin gray itJ
Illusion veil The closest quastlonlug failed to
elicit any satisfactory account of her During
the night she frightened the minister br Insist h
ing that she should have a pistol to protect
herself Sho said that she had bad money In s
pocket book bht somebody took It away from
her Her voice was low and mild and her
manner refined Her dross was neat fitting
The sleeves were of the latest stylo
In court Nellie was not oven terrified Into
giving any account of herself when Informed
that she was charged with Insanity She was
perfectly quiet and went willingly with tho
rn atron Tbo burden of her talk In reply to
many Questions put to her br the matron and O
Justice Duffy was this
I have no father Ho is I dead 80 la mr
mother I had a grandfather but he is I dead
I dont know whore 1 ramo from I am coins
tohewiork 1 want to got my trunks Iba o
got nice clothes In ray trunk The bat Is not
mine 1 was trying to remember this moraine
where 1 came from I Ubcd to live in Cuba I
have forgotten how to speak Spanish Oh
bow many quetttlomt they ask mV why
should they ask mo so many questions I
want those men to tro away That man is a
reporter I dont want anything to do with
reporters I want to find my trunks I camo
on a railroad That In the way I always go I
dont see why mr private affairs should bo
rniidrt public I came to try and get work
But I an not know how to work I tried to do
type writing but I could not work at that
Tuey used ma very well yesterday but they
don t cook well there I dont remombor
where I came from I am going to New York q
The girl bad in her pocket thirtythree cent
wrapped In white tissue paper and a block
memorandum book in which there were some
rambling and Incoherent writings One sen
tence was Jay Gould sends people to
Siberia Justice Duffy took a good deal of In
terest In the girl and telegraphed for an am h
bulance A physician from ilellevue Hospital
who came with the ambulance talked with the
girl and could gut no definite Information 4
from her Ho expressed the opinion that she
wan demented She was taken to the hospital 11
under a commitment for five days for exam
ination as to her sanly If pronounced In
sane she will be committed permanently the
insane asylum All officials who have seen her
are of the opinion that she has come from
comfortable surroundings
Justice Duffy expressed tho opinion that the j
Ctrl wits under the Influence of some drug and
that she bad been Illtreated
Matron Irene Stenard wild last night that
when she won in Brooklyn last Thursday she
SAW the girl wandering aimlessly about
She noticed her from the fact that site
had on no wrap and It was quite
cool and then she wore two veils Tbe
next site saw of her was on Friday about
noon when the girl came to the Home She
said her name was Nellie Brown and that she
bad come to star At dinner she was perfectly
rational but about 9 oclock In the afternoon 4
she began to cry and complained of pains In
her bead Matron Htevard asked her if suewna
in trouble and she grew hysterical When
asked nameTasecond time oho gavese ii
Nellie Marina Tho matron said ButRelH
you gave It as Brown a few minutes ago
Yes I know It but I dont know why I did It
She remembered boingeducistod in a convent
pear flew Orleans and pokeof the rigid rules
when asked where she used to live she replied
on the bnclen but could not tell where f
that wan The tarvanta she said were peons
An Inmate of Ihj home wbo hod been taking
Spanish losspnR BI > OKO a few words in that lan
e and the unfortunate girl began to con
verse in Spanish Suddenly site put her bands
to her head and exclaimed It ia all goner
After that she could not recollect a word of
Spanish She also sold that she spoke French
and Italian
According to the story she told an Inmate ot
the Home her mother died at her birth Her 4
father whose name she gave ai Juan Marino
she seemed to remember perfectly andher
grandmother who kept house for them After
the death of her father she was under the care
of one called Ignatius orlgnatla She spoke jt
vaguely about sailing on the Mississippi and
another of the Inmates of the Home Intend
Inc to go to Boston asked what time the Full
River boat left The demented girl Immedi
ately told her and also paid that the boat did
not run on hundayn There was not a mark of
any kind on her clothing Horsnoes the matron
said were evidently nut American made
At Bellouio Hospital It wan Mild last night
that the girl was probably Buffering from hys
terical mania Thorough physical examina
tion established that she wan not suffering
from the effects of any drugs whatever
Physically she was perfectly healthy and evi
dently had been well taken care of A further
examination will he made as to her sanity
The doctors say that It IB the most peoullur
case that ever came into the hospital
A Ladies Fair t Help tko Gears Pary
The AntiPoverty Society has hired Madison
Square Garden at a rent of 9JCO from Monday sept
M to Monday Oct la and Intend to glee a bUr fair and
fcitlTat concert and a family dancing party In tfieio
two weeka The money gathered In beyond the ea
rinse will be mid to help elect the nomlneee ot the
United Labor party It U ixnectid that all the jroSne
women will auimljli at the fair Of courts therounc
men will follow A reception wit be given ta JJr Mo
Ulynn next Tuesday the occasion of the Gfiteth soul
Ternary if his birth Next evening George ensomsqne
of the other candidate wl I hare a reception AU IhiM
wit be campaign meetIngs cf course The general a4
raleeiofl will b 10 ecnta
The Harden waa aJlv yeeerday with ladlee reeelvlnc
the itffsrnt artldee contrIbuted by shop keepers lie
Inloilcatlnir drink will be cold but temperance drinks
may be baa at the ordinary price
rae halted Labor Forty In lfoeli Cuafy
The United Labor party of Hudson county
N J has decided to take Independent action at the ap
proaching election They will make Assembly nemlna
Stone In each of the ten illBtrlcta In the county and will
put candidate for iherllt and Coroner In the Odd These
are the only ronntynfflcera to be elected The County
CoiiTrnilon hat been called for Thursday nlglit next at
bchnildire UaJ In Ogden avenue Jersey city
TncPlrmeulkChurch IteaalntlBna Beaelsded
At the lost Friday night prayer meeting ot
the Clinton Avow te Congregational Church Hrooklyn is
It wai nnanlmoutly reeolvid on motion ot the Rev T
n UrLeod the paator to rewind the action taken by
the rhureh ten year ago to accept tiolnrltationa to the
lonirregattooal onnctl en long aa that body reronuwtf
rirmonth Church Dr MoUo l said stat he time had
come for Ihe complete icttorauoa of Cos egaUonU
Tuegttsjs Brewery Leave Teusattugs
By n deed recorded In the Registers office to
day David O Tuengllnr Jr the brewer makes a ten
viyance nf Me rest state to Richard A Keweotabe anal
John A Oliver the receUm appointed bv tlxoart
The property mm loned In the ronviranoie lathe brev
my properly at Mttib must and Tenth avenge
Raltfed a Ilvue Opuealto at Ckurck
Capt Hellly of thin Thirtieth street station
with a aquad of patrolmen made a raid yesterday
morning at I clock en itO West Thirty HretetreiL
They captnnd Klora Abbot the proprieties seven
gtrle and two men ThIs hoes la exactly nppoalta a
aihollo church Juftlce Iativnnn at Jeitinun Market
Court today hint Abbot f > r trial and tied the inmate
Adriatic Lser la H Nnllve f use Dream
The youngest emigrant to arrive at Castle A
Garden yeaterday waa a baby gin four days old Sue
was born on board the eieamahlp Adrlaite and her
mother Sirs Maifvle I ncr nimeil her Adriatic Lester
In honor of the ship Mother aud daughter are boUi da
For AlUwU Peela S be 110
The Quecens county Grand Jury ban lndl t
ed Ulchail krirner uf Long Ulanit Cliy for alMomf
pools In be told In bU hotel In 5iIeotlle I lIe wassi
reet d yetlirilay and admillid ball In IIUJU
Another JadvmeBt Amlnit Om FMulkaer 1
Another judgment against Gen Lester IX
Faulkner the will known I mpiratic noUUewn and the
SiTeS bationsi l Bank of UanetUie N V w e entered la J
ttUdtryeetirdaytor JUlu7 In lacer of KU8 nley 4
Signal OH e PrejdUtlMb
r loir weather Uaht to fresh Trtba

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