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4 ur DAY tiiswim 1 uxr J v
1 JiItb jimt
1 The Iowa Candidate
To nod hlaservices soornta
t taken the stump n hlsro em t
bo In groat demand Howl b hoard with
curloeltjrand Interest wherever ho qO lie
la a Mow but Ito nort of statesman temper
ing ambition with a slight laziness which
hint from acquiring a good
baa not prevented hi frm auirig I g
deal of Information and transacting business
L with Intelligence and judgment A a
epeakor before a popular audlonco ho baa
llttlo of tho pyrotechnical and hlghJuraplnjj
characteristic quality of tho oldfashlonod
Western oratory Ho rather striven to b
h doUberato and weighty Comparing him
v with como of tho most famous of his Repub
lican Cat In the Senate wo may eay
that IHOALLS is an electric battery suddenly
tt chisel JOHN Bonn
turned on EDMUNDS a hlsl JOl Bm
IAN a logical cold bath GECKOS HOAB a
J 10glc
ohxckod music box EAT endless chain
and AiiLisoN n old well swoop not expedi
tious but fetching up good spring water
tou blt tothlg go sprg watr
F when It gets t work
I foot gt ALLISON is somewhat like the
Conservative statesmen
old race of English Cnratvo sttmon
n not Inspiring
not brilliant not pretentious isping
naturod and of comfortable
but always good natur nd cmorblo
and unemotional solidity of character At
i present however It I not for himself a
much as I h rob as Mr ELAINES substi
tute that tho Iowa statesman attracts atten
t tion It is duo t importance considered
In that light that ho should b Boon t tako
of this
some active part In the campaign t
Ime pr cmpg
year but without to much obtrusion I
i keeping In the middle ground visible but
M not yet obtrusively prominent Mr ALLISON
m shows himself t1 a flno political artist
The battle of 1883 I as yet but slightly
r4 sketched out The figure of Mr DLAINE may
yet b painted in over that of his Iowa
fr friend or possibly the latter maybe made
the central object while tho former appears
cnt objet app
to 1 a hovering guardian angel at tho side
Doubtless Brother ALLISON has a heart for
either fate lies a good fellow any way
Two Lit tieUsurpers
t One of tho first things that Mr 0
r KIND should do when ho gets back t wok
i is to reorganize the Civil Service Commission
2 It has been notorious for some time that a i
vital difference of opinion has existed b
tween Mr EDOEBTON the Chairman of the
J ten EDETN to Ohma to
k t Commission and h colleagues Mr ODE
XiT and Mr LTMAN Ho has steadily op
1 j posed the foolish and futile Investigation
conducted by them at tho Instigation of irre
BDonsibla Mugwump informers boupcoc
Republican officeholders Into tho admlnls
i tratlonof the Civil Service act I hiladel
phla Indianapolis Chicago and elsewhere
1f = Ho has hold that the appointing omcor the <
r responsible head of a bureau a Custom
k House or Pot Office Is not obliged t dl
r close h motives for making a removal Mr
4 overrule
EDOEBTONS colleagues steadily
ENS clocs sty ovo
4 him and he dissents from almost every ont
3 of their reports
J The furious zeal of Mr OBEBLY baa obliged
I Mr EDOERTON to declare h ow views
f at the proper scope of the action of the
Commission That body I not as ho wel
detective association OBEHLY and
Bays adettve nton OBEY ad
f LTUAK acted it It and have sal
have at o I were ad hav It
f with closed doors Inquiring Into the spiteful
and groundless charges brought against
fcemocratlo offlcialsof violation ot theCM
L Bcryicelaw 14w OnmiiiT proclaims that mol
beta of political associations not eligible
to civil service examining bas EDOEB
1 says they a OBEHLY declares thai
i Federal officeholders who belong t politick
iL clubs or even somlsoolal and tako o r
il oolvo contributions to political funds vlolatt
CIV cntbuton t pltc fudsvllt
G tho Civil Service law EDOEBTON declares
that OuEHLT8 view I nonsense and thai
H Federal officeholders outside of their offices
nave the same rights as other people O
j bav to so rg t oter pple
the Commissioner sides
II course to Republican s0
with the converted Illinois spoilsmen I
every attempt to limit illegally tho control of
iN ever attmpt t lit Iegay cnt
responsible officials over their subordinates
For the line of official action adopted of
t t lt by OBEY and LTMAN I distinctly
tt i J without any Justification in the Civil Service
q t act M EDOKBTON wants t enforce that
l act but he refuses t go outside of its plain
and Interfere with Federal
S terms t harass nd Itrer wt Feder
officials OBEBLY and LTMAN of their ow
t motion and notion arc seeking toImpose
t restrictions not authorized by the law
which they a paid fo attending
l t The Mugwumps approve They do not
t care how much arbitrary and illegal reform
Vr form Is evolved by the two unfaithful Com
ti f missioners But Mr CLEVELAND however
goat h fondness for ho Mugwumps and
their bauble Is a lawyerto whoso habit of
t mind the usurpation of legislative powers
m by a Board of Commissioners should seem
Indefensible and scandalous The two Com
t 1 missioners Who bavo exceeded their au
r i thority and virtually added t the et
the statute which creates their
ti tar of stt t w1ch crat tei
t life should be dismissed with
official Uo eould b dm wt a re
tic buke At lat OBEBLT who I the head and
tit tnt ot the offending should b put o t and
1 Commissioner EDOEBTON have a Democratic
J colleague who Is content t administer and
will not Insist upon Increasing at his own
0 whim the provisions of the Civil Service law
will bo worth careful Investiga
The subject w b worh cfullnvest a
h tion by Congress
J Tho Civil Service law I certainly foolish
and probably unconstitutional but at Its
worst It I excellent compared with the vex
f 4 atious and tyrannical encroachments made
I by a couple of Commissioners upon tho
v political rights of a considerable body of
w their fellow citizens That law ought t b
repealed but it I Intolerable that It should
I b enlarged by men whoso duty It I t en
i force It as It std That they seem to b
tr trying t engraft upon > It certain cranky
notions advanced by Mr CLEVELAND under
I the Influence of Mugwump hypnotics makes
t tho cose no bettor
t The New System with the Indiana
The arrest of the loaders of the Indians
i who wore engaged In the recent attack upon
tho Government survpyora at the Lower
jBrul6 Agency indicates that no serious disturbances
turbances need b apprehended for the
present at that point Tho arrests were
easily effected by a officer aided by about
lI twentyfive armed Indian police It la ad
mitted however that there l some 111 feel
Ing among the Indians 0 that region against
the allotment of landsIn severalty and care
i xrill have t b taken t explain t the Ida
that these surveys are preliminary rather
t than final operations under the law
7 Representatives of the Indian Office a
p now engaged upon various reservations In
preparing to execute tho Severalty act
passed lat winter Reports have been
mae by many of thencunts as t how the
new system la likely t bo received by tho
1 their Reliance has
Indiana under the charge nc h
r had to b placed upon the accuracy of the
information thus furnished to the Indian I
Offloe and the obviously prudent course
f t begin the experiment irhtre It
t z W be lUuly tooaaao k th toutf irrifc
r I
ton Seine of the agents reported last
spring that a majority of their Indiana wel
comed the severally plan while others
foundthat It was not at a In favor To
n at Yankton for example which
Is not for from tho ooono of the
late trouble la Idt have reported
that ho knew only fifty out of seventeen
hundred Indiana on his reservation who de
sired allotments Tho bill as enacted allows
bi a et ao
sir aotmelt I To
the lands t b surveyed and divided
without the consent of a tb though
as It passed the Senate It contained
1 a p that It should not b
tribo until
made operative upon any tb
oprtve upn
the consent of a majority of the males of
legal ago h first been obtained T
House confirmed this provision but with a
HoU cnlo t prion wt
Blight modification which cent it t the
conference committee whore It disappeared
altogether The agents appointed under the
act of February 1887 receive a certain
salary per day and presumably execute the
duty Imposed upon them without much regard
gard Imp of disfavor on the part o
the Indians
The rnal wonder In the cone I not that a
Binglo Instance of opposition t the surveys
has at length boon reported but that there
should not have been more serious demon
strations against It Many Indians must b
suspicious of It at least until Its advantages
a fully made known t them Others may
fear tho reduction of lands over which by
virtue o occupation they already holda
species of conceded ownership Borne chiefs
who foresee the breaking up of tribal rela
tions will naturally bpp the allotment
project and these Influential mon ore those
who already U on excessive shore of the
lands now nominally hold In common
It will not b strange therefore t hear of
troubles o other reservations like those
which have occurred on the Lower BruI6
Tact arid patience will b required for the
proper execution of the law and strenuous
efforts should b made t eventually secure
the free and eager consent of the majority
before a conclusive division of lands in sev
eralty I effected The surveys prior t Individual
vidual allotment need not wait fo such
tribal consent and under some existing t
ties the Government h already tho right
t make severally allotments When Con
gress has learned by official reports all the
experience the agents in their first attempts
epenoo the law Into effect it can
tempts t carry te lw It eIotlt c
amend provisions should any amendment
b required
ruTe Brooklyn Ticket >
The nomination Brooklyn of Mr AUBED
0 CHAPIK for Mayor and H WILLIAH A
PuREr for Sheriff insures the success of the
Democracy at the coming election I Kings
All of the advantages that formerly made
Mr BETH Low s strong with the Inde
pendent voter a possessed by Mr CHAPIK
At the same time he is thoroughly attached
t Democratic principles and loyal t his
party As a member of the Assembly as
Speaker of that body and a State Comp
troller he h merited and won the esteem
of citizens ot a parties fo h ability and
his steady adherence t the highest standard
of official conduct That he w prove a
faithful and efficient Mayor ofthe city of
Brooklyn bringing honor t the Democracy
by fidelity the public g no one who
has watched his career can do bt
The nomination of Mr Furor for Sheriff
of Kings county I also a i strong one He
now hold te responsible office qf Commis
sioner Jurors and itwlll be In
deed to find any one to succeed bun who
possesses h quallflcatlona for tnaf Im
portant post But HrFttexrta a sterling
Democrat who deserves promotion and who
will administer omceof Sheriff honestly
and with reproach We a pleased t see
thatMr JOn Cotnrmrr who waa many
years ago a compositor on T Stmand
who was spoken of as a candidate for the
nomination for Sheriff h been named
again for Police Justice Brooklyn I for
tunate above mot cUe I the character
and efficiency of the magistrates f its police
and district courts and of these JOHN
COURTNEY I one of the best
ml r r Climbed ot Rest
When missionary BEBKANN discovered
thirtyeight years ao the giant among Af
rican mountains he aroused tho incredulity
of English geographers asserting that the
great summit he had seen about two hun
dred miles south of the equator was perpet
ually crowned by a mantle of snow Several
learned writers proved t their own satisfac
tion that KEBIIANN had drawn on his Imagination
ination for his snow andthat in fa ho had
4 on eager craving for wonders andhls testimony
1 er cvg
timony was weak and obscure Thirteen
years elapsed before VON DEB DEOKZN visited
KlllmaNJaro gazed upon the eternal snows
of Klbo ono of the two peaks of this king of
African mountains and rescued tho fame of
a humble explorer from tho unjust asper
sions of geographical theorists
son ggphc tert
A cable despatch from Zanzibar now announces
flounces tat tho ant of lObe which baffled
NEW and JOHNSTON has at last been achieved
by Mr MBTEB a German traveller who h
reached the crater of the loftier of Kilima
njaros twin peaks and stood on the highest
point of the African continent about 19500
feet above the sea
In 1667 Mr NEW reached the snow line but
was unable to advance further Nearly three
years ago H H JOHNSTON spent six months
on KlllnmNJaro under the auspices ot the
Royal Geographical Society o London He
pushed through the clouds and snow rifts to
within nearly 3000 feet of tho summit and
then relinquished the difficult task I
ho had h with him a experienced
mountaineer or two or three trustworthy
comrades he might have reached the top
But h blacks were shivering around a fire
8000 feet below and no Inducements he was
able t offer could r tempt them above the
line He found plenty danger
snow lie plont daJr among
the enow gulfs and slippery ridges ot the
mout side and as he was alone an see
dent meant almost certain death His n
tlv not understanding the effects of r
lied atmosphere complained bitterly of pains
In thei heads and lungs and earnestly a
sured him that they would never follow h
again to BO cold a region
remarkable mountainwhich I crown
e with eternal winter b palm tresi a
neverending summer at its foot Mr NEW
traced elx distinct cones of vegetation on Its
gently sloping southern face Bananas and
maize Jungle and dense forest flourish inita
lower altitudes Thousands of natives till
the richly turfed slope to a height o 0600
feet and ascend t heights of 13000 feet t
hunt the elephants and buffaloes that clam
ber up the mountain eldo almost to the mow
line I this rich field for the naturalist I
JOHNSTON found several hitherto unknown
birds and about thirty species of plants that
wore now t science
According t the agreement recently made
between England and Germany KilimaNjaro
which Great Mountain
NJaro walh means Grt Mount
within the German in
comes wt t Ge possessions I
East Africa It will be Tory interesting t
hear the story ot ICrMmxBs experleooes
a be tolled over the faeaihw and wnbng the
wl < Uwi > tro ta r above 1 tmpmbi MM
41 +
t tho enow lno and then mae h painful
way over the snows that whiten the upper
thrcoquartem of a milo of KlllmaNJaro
The Queer Canvass In Ohio
Tho Ohio campaign Isgottlngto I bo brisk
and bitter There has boon a very tart Inter
change of discourtesies between Gov Fon
ASXB and Mr TnowAU E POWELL the
Democratic candidate Neither of those
DmoUo clldt Neite to
politicians is remarkable for judiclouaspocoh
and when it Is sold that the Democratic candidate
didate surpasses oven his opponent In headstrong
strong talk the status of thq present Ohio
canvass cn b fairly estimated
Mr POWELL Booms t bo a person who has
not paid h taxes with as much readiness as
he pays compliments the Administration
and I this matter as In some others Gov I
FOKAKBB has appeared t harp a decided
The mere details of a heated personal
wrangle might b considered as excres
cences and superfluities but unfortunately
Mr POWELL h mao what must be called
fatal mistakes In vital points The Industri
ous advocacy of free trade by which the Ohio
Democratic State Committee h fatuously
attempted t persuade tao voters of a protectionist
tectionist State Is having the effect natural
And Inevitable t such a course
But as Itifroo trade wore not load enough
t carry It has been sought to commit the
Ohio Democracy t an endorsement of Mr
CLEVELAND I has boon Impressed upon
the Ohio Democrats that a vote for M
POWELL for Governor I 0 vote for r
OD President Gnovrn CLEVE
LAND has given this country the best Administration
istration that It has over ha such I tho
extraordinary assertion with which Candi
date POWELL has begun h speeches for the
last month
Even a State with a big Democratic ma
jority couldnt stand tt
Nearly a half million of Immigrants have
arrived since the year begun More come now
from Germany than from any other country
More como from England and Wales than from
Irl nd As compared with last year tho total
immigration for the frt nine months of 1887
shows an Increase of about forty per cent The
Busslan immigration is about stationary the
Polish Bohemian and Hungarian arrivals a
falling off In numbers while Italy sends this
year almost twice as many sunburned eons a
came t the land of freedom and peanuts 1
the frt nine months ot 1886
I Better not toko the plunge Mr NICOLL I I
Mr EBASTUS WIMANB letter on commer
cial union with Canada I interesting and
worth reading Wo regret the lamentable and
Inexcusable misquotation with which he con
cludes his argument
TheMassachusetts marksmen swept all
Te Mahutt makmen a
bfor them in the recent rifle contests at C
cage a they had just previously done at
Creedmoor beating regulars again both in
team and individual matches Gov AMES
Issued a congratulatory order wo believe after
tho Creedmoor victory but he does not appear
to have uttered a similar official pan yet over
the Chicago triumph although the Adjutant
General of the Stat sent an exultant telegram
t the riflemen at Chicago whose victory a
as clear and indisputableas that of the Volunteer
teor the sons
on e as
A question of Interest the Alaska contro
versy relates to the probable number of seals
In and around Bearing Sea A computation
last spring by Agent NOTES gave 0557750 as
the total number of breeding seals on the two
to tta numbr sas
Inlands of Bt Paul and St George the seats of
the Alaska Commercial Companys monopoly
Agent Tntouts report estimates this number
at fewer than SOOODOOah Oomm < > rol l Com
pany employs according t the Toronto NAIl
a fleet of four steamers and fifteen sailing ves
sels In Its operations and boa stations on the
Aleutian Isles R well as on the mainland It
I charged by some of the enemies of the Alaska
Company that it kills over 200000 seals a yoar
or twice a many a Its lease allows but its
official reports insist that only 101829
omola rur Insit IO829 wore
killed for the last year in procuring Its 100
000 skis The highest reasonable estimates
of skins taken by the poachers during tho year
I 80000 In view of the vast numbers ot the
animals in and about the best known seal
rookeries there seems to be no special need
of alarm a to their Immediate extermination
I The reappearance of Arena Khan loading
the Afghan insurgents aflor having wretchedly
perished In tho desert from wounds and hun
ger ought to encourage the resuscitation of
other famous people who have lately been killed
In the despatches Mr H II BTAKLET affords
an example of what persistent vitality can do i I
in spite of such reports and the Emperor of
Morocco furnishes another instance in point
Indeed before the despatches had begun t
kill the fngutive ATOUB they had repeatedly
brought the Ameer himself to the point of
death With the great facilities offered for
burying and reviving by rumor a claimant to
te throne 1 a country like Afghanistan we
must b prepared for many metamorphoses 1
the case of Atoun Khan
We have from Citizen GEOKOE FIUNCIB
TJUIN tho written assurance that ho will come
back to his bench in Madison square a soon
a he has prevented civil war This will b
good news to the little childrenthe little birds
the pug dogs the small white rabbits and the
other desperate characters who frequent that
notorious resort of Anarchy
I > wd rly Bad The Bum Boycott
rmn Uacnlon Prtnttr
II l
Mr Powderly at ono time commanded tho
roc ot a the labor orgulution la ibis country
bat Wi a grieved t add tbit fat hu bartered I sway
I bu bit b rip ana b Inflaenct through tbuffllnit
and traekUic blftlit and banUu tradiry ud
trlcUUrtar and tbt TaolUaUoi COln nntraUr which
bt bu punned or the put two yarn WS do not mean
I ly Ibat lbs man I morally bad II1 < Mltconettt b
much to do with bU rickety carter
In b mptot bto pcb at the opening of the Aucm
bly I Mlintapollt eouUtutea a tradr la picturesque
and onflllute rlm Bat the trade oolou touxbt
so quarrel with tb Knlghti at Labor IIr Powder
and b W 44 advisers forced It upon us We bad
lens born their wa axfrtulont 1 ellenee for the
l nn that an open rapture would work a Injury
to l nneral clue ot labor But lb moet tUgrant
TtoIaUoa of aU rnlw ot decency propriety and air play
wu the puttIng of boycott upon such a titabllibnunt
a T ft That wa the last law and that we
oI stand nor It I not a man who work I Taa
Bra that dont belong t tb IDn and many of them
art Knljhti o Labor Notwlthitandlnf bl and lbs
farther fact that there Uot a titaUljbaunl I the
tonatrywhtr men a better treated or better pld
taut surplou bad the ontraieou Indecency to want t
bayMttll to torn fancied grievance
However at lbs lass moment the Aiaemblr 1 modi
Otd a eoaiUlntion u t girt to trade unions leparat
national dUlrlcU and It wu generally understood
among the delegatei that no boycott ibould b enforced
fatait any union titablbbmtnt therefore wa hare
Botltof farther t tay No matter what the mot the
rlgtl ttlni waj done and that t enoughfor u W
trail that t order will r on and prosper u It cer
Umly Ui Itt guldet travel without dtrlaUon the
notwowO path of rectitude end virtue But Mr Powderly mutt
APr Clean
rrtai l Attutf fzfnu
Smokers trill be interested to know that not
a thousand miles from Albany tier ha Una which
makes large quntltlu of paper for i avowed par
DOM Tb plan of operation I said t b this The
pepsi OB reaching the tobacco warehouse I repeat
edly aoakid In a strong decoction of the plant I
it I cut np and prrtaed I mould which gin to
each sheet b tenatlon of Iho nun loa to
bacco S clot le I thi Imitation that expert tobacco
mm tad habitual smokers bate beta deceived At a
recent gathering In this city ca mad from b
tobacoower patted around and declared txctt
paper 110 wn p4 aonne ad 4t4 uul
l Many of toe present declared tht cIjiti were
and trai lire braoda end to wen wu the Imitation
atrUd imt that Ol man axiteally tuMd stat tisr
MUteM alxt
Mftate KMclean telajf 1t
TUX wsai aoaeiiT WAST cT2r14XA i
Jase r tVpIleTelt VTkyOL TT tin
has TTeuiUd Nz t TIat
Mr lames t Voorhoeo eon oil senator
Toorhees of Indiana U I In time city and llrioj i
for the present at the Hoffman QOOM Uy
tends to make Hew Tort his horn In tho future I
though bo has not yet brought his family her
to talked with Bon reporter yeiterday about
Interview with him which was printed n
ennUi the Detroit ffeenlnt JSVtsi in which
ho denounced President Clevelands admlnls
belief that Clove
tuition and ezprestod the blef tat Ceve
traton extrled to
land was not the choice of Western Demo
Vorhees crats for rnomlaUoD On this last point Mr
I I do not think from my recent experience
11 tho West from my talks with leading West
ern Democrats and from my own personal
conviction that Cleveland will b noml
nated by the next Democratic Conven
tion I Is the opinion of Western Demo
crat that tho next President should b a
WMtorn m n Democrats In the Weat do not
take stock I the assumed theory that only l a
New York man ca carry the State ot New
York Certainly Mr Cleveland experience at
the Presidential ejection is not ot a char
ter t warrant the belief that he Is 1 certain t
earth Empire State tat felt 11 the West
that tkere baa boon too muohonesldedneM in
the sl ° uon of Presidential candidates and
that the itw of politIcal equulbium demand
tata little I more weight should b put into
the Western aide of tho sal
The Interview with me published In the
Detroit JSfeening Aero not long BOO expresses
the sentiments of many Western Democrats
toward Mr Cleveland In that Interview In
response to thequestion What does your
father think of Mr Cloteland I replied JQr
father never traded friends nor sold fO
Sir Clevelands tonds his Demooratio
friends that Is to the stanch and tried fiionda
of the Democratic party and t bemooratlo
principles I regarded In the West as not
above suspicion Western Democrats like
a stalwart adherence t the Democratic
principles for which the party has
whlc parr
8 long contended and are not sat
isflod with civil service reform cant In
Iou thereof Mr Cleveland has sacrificed my I
brother Blood is ticker than water I wlQ
aacrlflco him Cleveland if I oan Mr wU I
land will not get the next nomination I
I I oa help It Both for the reasons men
tioned In this Interview and those to come I
tonld toso
jtlck t every word1 laid In the interview in
the Detroit EetnlnyNewt Thoro has been no
KDudlatlon of that interview In any quarter
It reflects my own views and the views of
others I was denounoe for that interview
and I expect to b denounced for this one
but as Senator Jones said t me In
disputing h trouble there Is a > power I
behind me which I hat every con
fidence will take car of mo OTI for I
Cleveland hImself I have only kid fell
toward him personally but politically I an
tagonize him and In u I am only In ac
cord with many more men in the West who
may mor
have grown up In Iho Democratic party and
Imbibed Democratic principles almost with
their mothers JUk and who are not pleased
t see under the name ot those principles a
flabby nambypambyism which la neither
labbr whlo neiter
one thing nor the 1 other That I tho kernel
of the opposition to Cleveland I tho West
Cleveland was not nominated on Demo
Bratlo principles he was not elected by
Democratic votes and he doe not represent
the Ideas of the Democratic party With every
year of his administration ho baa eer
thor and further away from those ideas I he
Is renomlnatod and reelected he will be even
I lven
less a representative of the party under whose
colors he sails than he is at thepresent day
Ibtf west wants 1 possible a Western man
but above all It wants a man who Is a Demo
crat Mr Clevelands Administration has been
a personal one This Is indubitable as clearly
shown in mr brothers Interview published In
Tam SUN A t my fathers sentiments to
ward Mr Cleveland I can of course haT
nothing to say further than personally hand
and the President are on friendly terms
U aovtn
HI Health asa oWe > om a
ntvmamd A mpUk1at Math >
Stories of JttKOonJda physical Infirmities
have a Bnddenslek foundation He never p
Bessedthe frame of an athlete but without it ha
baa performed a amount of work under
which aa athlete of the first class would baTe
lain dow ad been gathered t his forefathers
lone ago Blgframed men have attempted
ventures nrn M in comparison with some of
MrGouldsitofompllshments and been Ulled
to teat J T
t His BtroaraUat is method On re ihlnirhle
office Et A1 exactly how much of itt time
must be uAEOud to routine business and en
gagements wAlfhmuBt bekept the remainder
la booked for possible contIngencies His men
Ud organizatIon is a perfect machine I Mr
Gould were in a railroad smashup his frt
Impulse WoukLbe to pull out his watch and
note the time He Is not nervous but the hand
of a manpast middle age who work as he
does Is never astdy 8e a rock
Mr Goud hu een a gr et many stronger
and yQungsrJnenthaabo L laid away To all
appearances he wjll outlive many more
A W naM w Fran few Zvry Mm wke
Olvee Her a > bat w4 Alwmya Oct One
To mB EDITOR or Tax SUM Sir I write
you my experience In riding in street cae Mow I 1
am not fat fair an forty ants from II nearer oft
tori iadesd > and Still 1
than forty 114 ad not stylish nor prttty St I
have never stood up la any car or other public convey
anus while men have kept t4 I ban always beat
offered a teat by tome man In church concert boat
can itreet o elevated train Ot court I have not
always been fat and aver forty but wu never air
Now wb this Uadaea of the male
why sex t me t
t t4O o
I ban been realtor the antwtn to Daily s 0 I
Tai SV aad o Saturday I took the bridge elevated
can Aa I came In with four other there wu no va
cant 01 and much of the ttaading room wu occupied
Well all had riadlnTuScx rushed tummy head and
I mUd and thought now 1 w b t Wu I
faced the window u > no on could think I wu longing
ba J
for their aeat Almost at once a gentleman motioned
lo me and in a very courteous manner lave me his
eat 1 smiled and thanked him ana look the lest for
I was vary tired from coming up the itepe
Itookedat rf kind man and he waa a moat noble
looking man tall handsome and dlgnlfltd 1 thought
how good hhad been t notice me and I just Sal there
and prayed little abort prayer In my heart that Uo < J
would bleu him and > keep him aD day from belnr tlrea
In mind or body It wu all I could do for him but hit
kind act I am lure had its own iweel reward
1 have made np ay mind that u a rule the fault of
itreet car ImpoUlenw flee with us women We take as
a what we should b eraleral for Atl I can have
the urn right u a man rt get beyond I am wiling
t b thankful tr L though not seat think tbS
Irish and ro1 are as poUts u whole u the Amen
cans TsiTEtGut Ylias Ions Rnu
To na Borne or T Son flu I prteumt lb l
cpatloo ot DaljTt complaint baa Win closed bat an in
cident occurred on th elevated road which Illustrates
the point exactly I occupied a teat near the door In ens
of the cart of a late uptown train when at one of the
downtown stations a party of nyC idles and about A
many gentlemen entered rlo car
TOeeeof the ladle secured and I wa about t
oar miD to ens of the remaining twowhtn their at
tension was directed to several vacant sects in the cia
tred the car They however txpreutd a preference
5 tfinlt as they were r moths hut a short distance and
remained etandlnr although the lilt were purposely
stood toil vacant alan for a miont c or two bJ tome gtotltmta who
After they bad refused ont of Ahn ladies who aat ntar
me made some very audible and uncomplimentary re
marks aba the lmannre men who always
remain ltd while the ladies 1 an allowed t stand
and old her exhibItion of temper by laying bat
that It the way In hU country After a four mInutes
ride the partyleft the count Now whet
r4lb party let tra wl are we poor
devils goIng to do unleatitbetogo afoot t I waa t to
ay thai I make a practlceot giving up my leat but I
am apt t 4 rmlt agalntuthe fashionably 4rl4
lady in favor of the more plainly cla4 working girl
woman or man 1b want ta uy too that the MM la
never accepted by the latter class WlthOU 11dn
thankfulness which Is would b well for the tidies i
to cultivate and thus avert 1IIc11 for atarecom
plaint a Qcim
To nu Enrroi or ma Bvn XIr Daisy J 0 I am
afraid is not wQ balanced mentally for I am certain
no iinalhr woman would ask such a ally nnee
len m few men art really Impolite to ladle In the
can that I think we can readily forgive occulonal
sIps and certainly we who do not undemand the
manimotlv in rtslnintthe Malihould at least be
t1 It
generous enough to think that ht hat a good reason and
brace stand ourselves up and be thankful that we are ITt
rJSJB EDITOR 0 yRS aregirl I should Iikeio ask
PIlOT M z If she baa ever waltvd for aa empty car
t i get s pest I or se I hays often bad youmiladiM
Kmftlk r i u get lo I and stare so bard a lon man
that 111 bet yon I wont stand long Kmia
To si Bon or Tis BoxSir Prmlt me to mpoad
to Palsy M oa query I ban wen mm wtlt and wall
toget a chant emptv car t at t get a Mat wl
think when be gets I l be ought t havi 1L tUb women
would 40 lIkewise they woordgela lest without being
under In It Ug onfoamanr wt01 L D
To TBI EDJTOB or TBI SonMr If Daliy a WH an
old woman I SprInt no rentlman would rtlalbla
lVtJili wOalgljseandoacls t her Or ifahe was
a hardworking woman I would offer her my Mat toontr
than t a real lady glceiv dreamed and Juu styluS BaaSDOW looking
BIBtalt t ImItate
L rnm uu BnoUn frta
The column of Sunbeams In Tnn Son baa
loaf been a great favorite with newspaper ran o
taste These UUrarymorMla hive pIquant Savor h
ceedlngly difficult to Imitate Culled from ran corner
ofoewipap from every Slate between the tall
and the laclSe and boiled down until everything but
the eunhiil spirit has evaporated the some moratla
make delightful reading Strange to uy nor attempt
to rival shim column on the pirtof envious niwipaptn
I BlUurto ended la fallurt
UarylaM CuavaUa Mud
7 rwM454r4aolGea
COIIHXKcL4Z vwtoir ffipt I WfAV4
P XrfMtns tTlman feat BI lay
T EIB OJ T8ull In a r
ont Issue yon say thai thovadvooatesof corn
morolol union between the UntUd States and
Canada has hot bad much cnoouragomon
Ad that 1 Canada especially there is no sub
< stantial progress I the movement You quote
a speech of the Bon Mr Choclosu who having
just returned from Europe kpojr less qf the
Canadian sentiment when be spoko thanaq
other public man 1 yon permit me to say
that your Information I hardly a full I
usual and that further inquiry would reveaL 1
to you widely different state of affairs than
that Implied l the article referred t
I the flrst place the progress of tho moT <
meat In favor of commercial union In Canada
f ono of the most remarkable events that has
over occurred in any community Thong
4orltnstln < loss than1 nlno months ago In the
bill introduced Into Congress by M Buttoi
worth of Ohio the Question is now the mot
familiar ono in Canada and by the most siren
non advocacy of moro than onehalt of the
entire press largely Irrespective ot party and
by public meetings resolutions and the for
nation of farmers institutes and commercial
union clubs n amount of public sentiment
has bon created in favor of this proposal tha
Is almost phenomenal when all the clrum
stances r considered Tbo practical opera
lion of Mr Dutterorhs bU would be to abol
IsIs the VWUWUD line that now 1UUD illrUDKl
the middle of the continent t lift I up and
extend It right around the continent The re
suit would b that bJ the operation of a uni
form continental tariff enual In height to <
that always prevailing in eul Unite btntea
the goods and merchandise of all foreign
Qoun ies including Great Britain would be
discriminated manufactures against in favor of American
U may seem stan a that In Canada snarl
of th British empire a llnnels aJar
let t tax British roods while pormlttlmrtht
free admission of American roods but such Is
the cal This condition of things Ifi accounted
for by the fact that blah taritfhasfor nom <
time existed In Canada operative aealnstEns
llsh goods a against ail others and tho com
merolal Independence which Canada hW thus
shown in th regulation of her own flsca
affairs would need only a very slight oxten
sloe to permit the free introduction of Amer
Ican while still maintaining and in
deed Incrcaaine the American etandardtht
tariff chartto on British and foreign Roods
That there Is a condition of preparedness for
this step there Is no manner of doubt not onli
a the result of past tariff leeMatlon In Cnn
ada but a tho result of a profound conviction
In the minds a lat majorltrof tho solid
men Canada namely that I bythe free ad
mission of American products of all kinds If
by giving up access to her fisheries her forests
and her mines an equally free access would
b afforded t American markets and the
closest commercial relation be created with
the American people Canada would b ben
efited to a greater extent than by any other
elte t Iatr
Polls The advantage to the Unite States
would be that her trade would become continental
nental In Its area that without tho expendi
ture of a dollar fro access would b bad to a
people > who though only 5000000 l In number
hare In the face of a high tariff absorbed
American goods to the extent of I5000000C
per annum 8 asinst 60000000 absorbed bj
the entire 80000000 of people to the south of
this country That this business would b
enormously Increased under the altered cir
cumstances proposed no ono for a moment
doubts It would b especially the case with
anything like a development In the natural
of Canada wherein would be found
resources w vuuaut nuclmu WUUIU IJC lUUItU
reures b
a treasure house of products which tho United
States greatly needs and whielTwouia be
greatly contributory to her progress and the
wealth of her people ifin th handling and
theirohances marketing of the same they made the most ol
tlrohanoes berinning t b realized in the
United States is clear from the interest shown
In the movement for unrestricted intercourse
with the rest of the continent Large melt
logs of representative merchants manufac
turers and bankers have been held for the
discussion of the subject at Detroit at Buffalo
Cincinnati Toledo and elsewhere while In
8t Paul Rochester Oswego and In several
manufacturing centres arrangements a b
InK made for public demonstrations in regard
to the movement Judged by tho demand for
Iteratute on the subject and the receipt of
letters from all parts of We country and
a countr
especially from the West there is 1 a far larger
Interest felt in this subject by thinking
men than the presnhas yet realized and the
favor with which I Is regarded a a means of
red meIae
peaceful and profitable settlement of the fish
laoful prltblet stement t
cry quarrel f JJlreJ whorve the scope of
the movement is I understood
With undoito wJU doubUeB
urge that the Cnlr1kld 01 l 0lrble
wIth Canada I a political union It Is easy
enough to saythat 3anadaidesires a alT
commercial connection with the United mates
she > should come Into the Union and take part
md lot with the great constellation of par
nonwealths t the south of her But this Is an
mposslblllty in the present condition of senti
meat of Canada She has been treated by the
mother country with a liberality and kindness
hat makes U impossible for her to sever the
tics that bind her to Great Britainties that
ire regarded almost tpnderlyas Shoes exist
ing In the lard family relation and which
provoke a loyalty avon exceeding that which
prevails In England itself While this sturdy
and highly creditable devoton to ho mother
land continues and while a perfect freedom hi
Iract I
alt governmental relations is affdrded there II
no hop alta uion btw n the United
Hates and Canada
I this Is true and you can readily satisfy
yourself of its truth what justification I there
for postponing the consummation a com
nerolal transaction between the two countries
hat would b highly beneficial to conntres
hould the manufactures of the United States
b sold only a far north a the Bt Lawrence
the lakes and the imaginary line drawn across
nar aorss
he continent t the racino Why should the
lafer and the richer halt of the continent bo
left without development and the people ot the
United States denied an Iora area of op
portunity for making money that the whole
conUnnt affords quite a freely as Is afforded
bJ onehalt the continent 7 CommercIally as
onohaf to CmmeralJ
roll as poetically let J b said a
No pent up Utica cenSus our powen
The whole the boundleti continent b aural
Prig WIaniig at Ii
The financial fizzle of Chicagos illstarred
nttrprUt known aa the International Military Encamp
ment hat attracted 1 much attention aa mOt t
eclipse the ncordi of the practical work don there In
reality the drill and rifle conteiu were of a high order
of merit The leading tact I the Ito u competition
tht lueeea et the MauachUHtta riflemen
wa nDf lh UbONlt rm who wen
a It wiUb remembered the winners i h years
meeting Creedmoor Among Ihtlr utah were regu
Ian from the Department of UUaonrl I that I I 1 air t
Infer that the militia have not yet been tar outstripped
I marksmanship by the army la spit of the largely I
created practice ot th rtgnlan lat yean
Individual compeutjon open lo aU comer at 300
Jar 3 hot penman wu for nve prize of which 1
but the third west t the Vleiiachuietta mn The third
prize was woo by a regular and the seventh pi
n the 103 competitor botch to a regular The
regular I muitbe added averaged very high but not
high enough 10 get the priiei from the Bay Stats men
The foreign soldIer entered Into the competition doing
very creditably under the cIrcumstances The scores of
Corporal dlomraa and noejen of Norway led the lIst
thoee ct Kjamtrom of Sweden and Sergeant Jltadrebro
ot Norway following
The team competition torn corner offered Sye prizes
S1000 S3CO KM 12 and 10 besides badges valued a
300 to lb winner of the Brat prize The distances were
SCO sock 1 andOUO raMaoptntottamaof I tin The Scat
prite was woo with a score of IBSt by the team of the
Massachusetts Second Brigade who name roIl
Ulnman Bnmitead Honey llerrltt Merrill 1 W Dun
y R Bull White and Farrow will be
I Ba ad Fao wl b ncognlaed at
tboat ot Cnedmoor winner The Meond
bul Cldmor wnln T p was
taken by the regulars of the Department of Hlaiourl
with a icort of ISSO th third hy th FlnV Ulnneiota
with lii the fourth by be Second Maryland 11m
known a the Uaymaktn with 1483 AUthtie
were famous martimen The fait prIze went
lo the Twentythird Infantry with lain These
were the icorei exclusive of the handicap at
three point per man at each dIstance allowed In tor
o military ride The Fifth Iowa made 11SS nolntabut
used tear poll rifle In Its team bringing its ajigr
gate score with the dlOerenct In handicap allowaaeea
n pit below b of the Twentythird Infantry
The Tint foUowed the fifth Iowa
nn Michigan t rlo The point
I which the regular I ta inrpaue the militia that
there was no pretenet of competing with them wot In
aklrmtia of all rlfl prac Utt which U perhaps moss Important
o allth
I bl drill contests the most remarkable feature wu
Wisconsin sweeping cavalry artillery and infantry
outestsla act everything la which sh bad aa entry
The Milwaukee beat the Cleveland
XIt cavalry troop ba QIld city
troop by tb narrow margin of onethird eta pclnti the
miwauk battery woo two priawi Company 0 of the
Third Infantry defeated tb famoui Toledo cadtla and
a Minnesota band alto win a prize Notjare suggestive
or more uneiptoted reiuluooourred during the encamp
ment than that of two mlllila cavalry comnanlu scaring
y64 and 8U of apoulhle IOUL with rtgular o
cera u judge
ImUatlem lbs Slactrtet IUI
Governor Alabama aald t Fruldent Cleveland that
lbertall aUo ofamaterUlUitloaof
a material 40
rot o mu
101 was I lie Horthwta t o his hurt
dent CY hive tel his voice aSter 0
me t torba oe
Edt trim
qjrzuulfzzij aossie OF inn DAr
n eletaiat of t touiy which Is said to be 110 prom
local ID tb eotnpotltlonof dramtll author lust 0
be entirely w nUDt lath l harllrt of the two ton
IOOttt Am rl6a play wrliht For watk Mr Bnmto
Howard and Ur David Bilucobav beenwotklnf I la
ptrfeel banmny ld accord on Haron Rudolph The
plee wu orlclntlly rltttn by Howard but wAs not a
distinct hucoems ana Dltcowu called In lolnterpt
lot semi ttblQiat He worked at be play for a i
lime u a nA hahl linker at a machine WIll th
maillOt of hla labor fell onSefMr Howard eye he In
hud with aa naniaal degjie of inerotlty thai Mi
Belaaooinkfutthnuld app with this on the play bill
as Joint aulhoV Educe fill that be hail not don work
enough to taUtli film in bait the honor and bt took
hold of the piece again lie and Howard have bIn
working en iteadlly nr Inc
Jtr PunS U irotng to M w Orleani for the winter frill
his tiamotkonea lie had partner IMages laid
racing Habit who five him a great deal of tronbte and
the results wr rather disastrous But Dunn now bai
thing prettr innch hit own way and looki for a prod
able seamen In Uit South There U racing In KewOrl ani
all winter Ions Patrick Daily the celebrated Ambler
who bu beett la NI Yolk for lOIn time will go SOuth
with Dunn i They ace two ot the hiadiomut men who
patrol Broaqtray >
Ccnltmporfntoui tbiAtrical Interttt U excited over
tIlts qantion f what hat become of Mr Edward Both
erni thcoaand dollar He bad a contract with Else
Dauvrayforlhliieaicn and when he tonghl a releue
ram It ta that bt could liar the forced him to pay her
a thouaand dollar he ort ha could get away Shortly
afterihtbtdcoll olllt hit I amount illta Day de
elded not tales any more dl baod d her company and
married Johony Ward Ibo ball totter
Tb parti J yeitefday Inoked u lacy do In the early
iprinf The Mr was brisk and the rain of twit or three
day ago had trcihtned the ibrnhhery and mad It
brighter than U neutjookid for wk put II was a
cariou effect to com pa late In the season One of the
policemen tq Madkwn qnre laid that It was the result
of Indian mfnmes but be was not very explicit on the
ubjett nit cur UIII rarkU being wofully neglected
people base wore patba across the gram plot and
there II I a generally donn at the heel look about the
entire enclointe
Tody nmlltonli back In town suave broad shout
dered and urban as ever He I the prince of advance
agent and general advirtlaera and bit only rival U hit
own brother lckwbo has charge of Erattua Wlmana
enterprIses The advance agents of theatrical comp
nice nearly all Rradnate from the circa the man who
ROC ahead ot MM Potter wu formerly one of the ad
vance men BarnunVa circus
Tht number ot women who walk regularly In Kew
York for cxenlie U noticeable every clear day on Fifth
avenue Many woman has dIscovered the real seeps
efabeautttul and brilliant complexion wblleplarlnir
tenlicrlaklojtlonc drive In the country They baT
found that they can get the earn effect from brisk
walk InKew Vork and hence the troops of reiacolored
and bright eyed women who awing along Fifth avenue
between II ind s oclock every day I
Mr BarketRoebeVwhot divorce from her husband I
one of bo teaiationi of London jut now wu formerly i
wellknown U New1 York u HI Fannie Work daughter
ot Frank Work the well known banker and bore i
owner MraBurk < R < roh Is I of the dark and stately type
ller ester recently married a ton of Mayor Hewitt
It Ie I whispered with tome retumaace and revirbe ranee
In dramatic cfrolea that bo InterState Commerce law
la being quietly knocked to linden by the agent Ota i
big trunk line and that special rate may IHI obtained
by a maniger with a pull for moat nay tour Wait The I
facts are not eaiy to get hold of but there II I au African
of titanic and herculean proportion somewhere In the
tone 7
John Swlnlon hu a peculiarly happy way of taking
an audience into bit confidence In his ipeech on Satur
day njuht to bIo supporters In the Seventh Senate dlt
tricibe bad occasion to refer to the different political
organUatlonrof the city and recalled all their names
except that 01 the County Democracy In bit earnest
ness he couldnt tall the name of thlt great political fac
tion lie heaitatsd tried to think of It finally gave i
It up and taramtr to the audience he aiked nt
h name of that other faoUonr1 They told him In bIo I
rhetorical peroration be referred to Nineveh and its I
builder frankly asked the audience to help him oat In
recalling the hblori names of that period and thai
although an Intellectual Gulliver among them he made
them all feel comfortable and confldent
Out Heckler who has been puhlUhtr and business
manager ot tha jrat Tort Drawuutc Next for the lest
dozen year bu resigned U wUl henceforth rattle
around this and other town advocatlnir the glories ot a
certain brand of lolden wine Uepromlte to malt U
ho t for Eva nder Berry Wall and other alleged dude
wins agents aDd It mAy IHI Incidentally remarked that I
Ur Heckler hu ordered kxrcaorlwacf funnels to be
distributed among hit personal friends
One of the englnei on the Third Avenue Elevated road
now bam petroleum fuel on all its tripe The recent
tests have baa satlstactory to the official of the road
but Col Uala remarked yesterday that be wu now
dickering about the price and supply of petroleum re
ildnnm and Ogijrlag u to Ita relative cost to coal before
rolnj ahead with petroleum burning engines
Tke > PoDnlatlon e > f Cbtmm
rrnnue tonOm Spectator
It has been the custom of late to disbelieve in
the ancient eeUmate of the population of China but
the N rU CAin Herald a well Informed Journal pub
lishes statistics which itrongly support them II appear
that the authorities at Pekln have recently taken a ecu
sum for taxing purposes and that the village bailiff
whose Interest It la to understate the flgurea return the
population at 318383300 Five 1 province are emitted
and their popoUUitu aa KecrOJ la t6 luc cL
ina bringthe total up to 3OJ000noo Even this
flgsn la Independent of the population ot Thibet
Kuhgar III and Corea and the total number
of souls ruled by the Emperor of China therefore
exceed 400000000 and still displays a tendency to
increate 45 the population of India exceed2101000000
the Indian slid Chinese together constitute more than
halt the entire human race a fact worth the attention
of those philosophers who study London and Part and
then announce that man believes this and that
Then are many race of men but tome ot the forefaoet
amour them II the French and the Arabs scarcely
increase at aU while a tw to g the Ottomans slightly
decline It the process now going on continue tr
another century the world will belong In the main to
four race or rather peoplettht Teutona molt of
whom will kEnJillh the Slava the Chine and
the native ot India It it quite poiilble however that
they may quarreL and that their march toward the mat
tery of the planet which else 1 win belong to them like a
cheers mitt may be seriously checked
ot or Place
front 1M notion Jitmtltcr
Yesterday afternoon at Mrs Lon horePotts
lecture to ladle ta Tremoot Temple great Indignation
wu around by the discovery that a young man wu
present dressed In woman attire There wen nearly
1600 ladles enembled and when moet of the audience
had taken their alas consternation wu canted by the
entry pf what wu promptly recognized by all who taw
him u a young man but poorly disguised la female ha
blllmenta that hung limply about hit shoulder and III
hapio ftsurex He wu garbed In a gray gown a dark
daiS coat and a black bonnet and wore on hit broad feet
a pair of mon elaitloilde boot The youth aged about
31 had barely taken bit seat before alt eyeswene turned
upon him One ot the ladlei preeent decided to commu
nicate with Dr harrison n who wu In the outer ball In
answer to hit query u to when the suspIcIous person
at he wu told to make hit own selection Looking
around the ball be perceived the extraordinary Ojrnre
Dr Uarriton wint to the 701l1l1r man and quietly whit
pined In hli car The youth itarledfor the door taking
long trtdttand swinging hit awkward arms at his aide
It undoubtedly wu a bid quarter of an hour for him
and he will probably not Ogata car to cause inch a flut
tering In the dovecote
row iii SluUittlle Democrat
A certain woman whose name II withheld for the
preient wu seen on West Washington Street about 10
oclock lass I night dressed In mlna clothes
The Tbletlee Lament
Soil Met from Glasgow
Why did t leave the Scottish lilt
Why dkl II leave the Clydethe Kyleit
Whar under Fortunes tunny irnllti
I lap wtrt fUihlnl
f Why did loom three thoaaan miles
r Toriloa thruhlat
l thought myielf a perfect itunntr
Aa me a grin twa hunner Sooner
But Lord Ho aIv taen the stunner
Im verra sorry
Im BatlhW but a blaitlt wonner
A faded glory
Waal me the day there little does
The da o > Money found oct
Dalit la a cage launched a clod
N yolk tbocht theyd wen
A marvelloui creation 110011
What1 bat been
My bvotbtr thlttlri heidi may wag
DlKonwUUowr titIan crag
BccauM the Cup I couldna bat
Out frill I get
A centreboard Ill leev I tam jAr
Tbe Vankeciyet
Uangit native yachu I wu the prices
Ive SaSs the matchless max wtuct
Bat Iyo fIol 141 1 ollllllc
7l aa TUMI
An elk that weighed 800 pound dressed
wu notntlr killed l la Cootcounly Oregon U wu leu
Band high and 1IM Ml long
Door aro doing so much damage to the
crop la Orau Valley Oat that Indian an tmrtoyed te
guard Ik flttd by night and day a
An nttorript wlU bo mado noxt month to
launch the big limber raft acbi Bayot randy Tire
yean ago an attempt wu mad to launch It but failed
Free veterinary clinics arc hold at the
IlllnoU University and the armtra of the neighborhood
who brine In their slob Hock derive much b nent at
Tho JQooo Journal says hat tho practice 1
of smoking opium U becoming almon at prevalent
mOD the racine coast Indiana IU among thtChlaei
from whom they have learned
Benjamin Wlngnto who recently died
near Farmlafton M II at the age of 01 ono employed
od his farm young malt who afterward wu well
known as VleeFmldentllenry Wilton
Mrs Kaooy 0 Kimball of Elgin III ro
cently celebrated her tooth birthday She bad blI
dred ot visitors and received them all without showing
fatigue Mr KImball U the mothtr of Dill children
and for fifty year bu beta a widow
At Barro Vt Is being quarried an Ira >
menlo block granite to tm lId In a California bank
vault III ia to be twentylive feet long aft feet thick and
five feet wide and II will require thirty pall dt hone
to draw It four tulle to the railroad sissies >
Tho Klamath Indians havo built up a f
conilderabWcarrying trade along the Faclfle toast la
their large canoe hewn ont of be Mild trunk of 1m
mtne tree they carry dairy and farm products for the
Mttltra and return with grocerIes and other supplies
Tad School Committee of Cambridge
Man hu Jut had a second woman chosen to member
ship She Ia I MUi AlIce M Longfellow a daughter ot the
poet t and well known tor her tntereit In dueatloal
matter She U one of the truitctt ot the Harvard Annex i
President WUlits of tho Michigan Cal
leg lay that more than fifty per cent of lbs graduate
of that institution have become farmer If he U I cor
rectly reported this la a remarkable showing Dot ap
protehidby olher similar school In hit country
An English lock maker claims to have
perfected door to be used In public building that will t
lessen the chuioei of accident In times of paulo or real
danger It can be opened from the outside only by a
key but a alight prtiaan from within can It la swing
open outward
Mrs Holbrook of Woodstock Conrva
lineal deicendant of Gin Israel Pntnam hu several
badly spoIled and written letter of the famous old
soldIer and also the canteen that be carried through
the war of the Revolution It U made of itralght wooden
staves and holds three pInts
Slr John Lubbocks bank holiday act la
not eondaciv lo uumlxed good according to a London
clergyman who tayi that sine U becamt a law haelv
marriage have largely increased and who tells with
horror ot a scans In the ut end recently whir the
marriag eerylc was read over forty persons at once
ataicharfcof tivenpenoe halfpenny Men
Two moro oontonarlans ore reportedIn
Hew England One U Timothy Bacon of Sane Vt who
was hernia Natlok Coon In November l7 e Dt U In
good health and can walk a mile The other U Mra Ly
Ua Bacon cf Sidbury Maaa va relation of Timothy u
fares known She hu just celebrateS her one hun
Jredth birthday with eyesight hearing and other
faculties In aTrtmarkabl stale ef pretervaUon
An Ohio preacher tried to quote the
rent in Matthew about act on Jot or tittle and
laid NotonetotorJUUe Then h law that betaS
erred and tried again Hot one Jilt or settle said he
indaiain stopped Bat be would not dv n p and began
Not one tit or Joule and then wttk a red act hi
rave It up and weal ba with hit Mrrnoa sat then wire
not bait a dozen 1 his hearers who eMld really till
just what the two word were
A Maine newspaper speaks a good word
at Mr Stains He wu telling ash alons can aein
excellent stOries at the home of aa RngUih geatlemah
when one of the party wblperdl Mr Blala wouldnt
you like to com down Into tb smoking row t Ton
night have some stories yon wouldnt oar to Ml before
he ladle Mr Blalne did net gt > down saYs tle
Mains paper Uliitorieaar Uothatbestkludth
Story that yon can eU anywhere
It Is printed that the name of tho aeoond
largest cltvoa the Paclflo coast waa d d4d ky 11 ton
of a cent Forty veanago the land where It Maada wM
owned by Meiin Ovtrton end Yettyer They laid
out > a town and then argued about a name Ftttygrora
who cam from Portland Me wanted to nan It adler
him native place Ovtrton who WM from the Bob t
ranted lo call It notion They could not agree cad M
oaaed acini to decide the matter Petlygrov won and t
ortland Or began Ita existence t <
P6rb Frederic well known In the neigh
orhoodof a French military echooltuaa operaU
rimo tenon by repot lath province by the use
fabelnthedoilrojedhla Urnyx and In contequenoa
ectlvei engagement only la Ihlrdclattcafe concert
ills last employer became bankrupt an paid him off
wIth a quart bottle ot absinthe The deitltuM tenor
rent to his garret sad drinking the whole content of
he bottle wu found next morning dead
The schooner Sea Foam of North Haven
lie bad on its last voyage a Matte cal
that wu u good a tailor u te belt la I
the crew H behaved with great dignity la
the biggest storms and only got excited when th mm
were nabloc u wu impossible to land a Cab without
his knowing It and ht showed gnat disappointment
thin the hook came up empty lie ate nothing but
Seh and the ant ot a catch wa always his even
though th crew might be heartily tired ot their ever
i tipr xins snd bread
The EovH E FOBS of Bath Me who la
preaching crusade against tobacco bu collected
some interesting statistics Ht says that ta Bath alan
100000 It ipent each year for tobacco that OtIS boy
in i one grammar school io had used tobacco that la a
smaller school 15 of the 33 boys were similarly depraved
that > among 230 other gvmmmar school boy were lIP
who had learned to chew or imoke or both and that la
one primary class of Iwtntyfoar eight mil ellowa
just oat ot dries were u unlike little Eobert Used as
possible and amoS the filthy weed
On March 211878 T W More was mya
rloualjr UUed al Ventura Cal and F X Sprague wu
arrested for the murder On the testimony of aweak
minded young man he wu convicted and eal acdto >
be i banged but the young man toon eaid that b bad
borne also witness and Sprain wu ipand Four
time thereafter he wu sentenced to be hanged saW at
length Goy Stoaemaa commuted the lenience to life Im
lioameat TheCtilfomlapreat argued that Sprtgue 4
was Innocent and OOT Waterman took the lame view
for he hu just pardoned Sprairue who eleven yean ot
suspense Imprisonment have changed him from the
rugged man he was to one prematurely old with hair
sod beard u white u mow
Several years ago a young Englishman
arrellod with hit father who ordered him lo quit th
house and never return The ton went out and decided
to UU himself and Indeed drew his pistol bat be p
ought to take a lasS look at the photograph ot his
sweetheart and when he saw her face he decided te
live for her any way So ht came to America aad ut
tied la Kuhvllle wber he U today a well todo cltUen
or coune the reader Supposes be married his old sweet
beset Not a bit of It The letters he wrote her never
brought replies and when bt returned not long ago to
look her up hi found her a happy wife with three
children U camerlght back married a nice Amer
lean girl and hu the kindest thought of the English
gii whoee photograph laved tile life
A writer In the Cosmopolitan says that
when Sumter was fired upon a naval offloer a Sontla
Carolinian who wu an intense admirer of Chart
Sumner went to him to great trouble What Mali I
40 he asked If my ship li ordered to the South la
coerce my own people t Bead your commission sIr
llhtaniwer But luppoee mv ship U ordered ita
arleetont Bead your commIssIon sir But sup
Poe the range her broadiidet against the city of toy
birth Read your eommUilon 5W wu again the
anuwr Ipt Senator what If I am ordered to fln an
my fathers plantation I Read your eomnltalen etg5
ngcin thundered the Senator The officer It alive today
i did act turn traitor and be wu ipared the pain of
ng upon the city of bli birth
A recent addition to the science of do
ting crimInal which b I tulng triad It is uld al
Jollet Detroit and other place In this country and
whiCh hu beep used to torn extent abroad for several
years U the antbropometrlo system of IdeatUeattoo II
Isnt u formidable an affair u Its name would Indicate
beingnothtnginore than the addition to th ordinary
roguss gallery ot a register of carefully take
measurements of certain part of the criminal bodlaft
The usual measurements an th length and width ot the
head the length ol the left foot the left forearm and ol
lbs i little and middle Sager ot the left hand the length
of the right ear and alto that of the trunk of the body
taken when seated the full itrelch ot the arm
and the total height of the body Attention la
also paid to special mark or scars and ta
personal determine and IrregnUrltle of figur
> meaioremente art taken with sliding andcallper
compasses graduated rule and other tclintlaeallr ac
curateIntrumenta It U claimed tbetftetm5lsrttyts I
reached tbeae meaiuremeuu will remain practically Ibt
same oatUdeith afford log aninchturer racaotofldeoU
Ilcatlan than the feature hair beard or akin At aa In
stance of the unreliability of photograph at a meals ol
poelttv IdentlAcatlon It U said that la Scotland Yard
then an sixty different photographi of oat pertoo 5
potorious Oerman girl each of which so differ not
all the oihen aa to deceive the cleverest dettcUr
Precise Italy Germany Spain cad Denmark bar
sdoptd the anthrepometrlc eyeless U their prUont II
i Ant formauud by U rertlllon at tte trea CeeF
alaCMtilai A I

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