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When Blgnor Bebtutilano Lanza woo Intro
duced to the office of Chief l f Drummond ot the
UnIte States Beorot Service on Oaturdav IM
he w somewhat surprised t e among the
aunt ornaments of tho room a number of very
bon potters which bore this Inscription I
i r i p a
eoa4Anmial Ball
Steb I I
CiO I Ll 1 Ano I 0 8 I88T I
Mails by I A nu LYDC I
Blonot Lamas visit to tho Secret Service
chief office woa mode In company with Signor
Hlchaele Blsto and both tba Blirnoil wen ao
eoraosnled bJ detectives who bad thorn undo
arrest for pawing oountorfolt money
Signor Lanza was the proprietor of a bar In i
the basement of 99 Thompson street and
Signor BUtothtro labored In the capacity of
barkeeper Signor Lanza enjoyed a good dolt
of Influence among tho Italians of tho nIgh
borhood to much to that thor was lore the
a Sebastlino Lanza Association In his honor
Among those who have been regular and 0
moot daily visitors to Signer Lanzas place
of business for several months pot
Io two detectives from the Oovernmen
Secret Service efflc Theso gentlemen hid <
not announced their official character and
were In foot regarded byBlgnor Lanza with
especial favor as being f bis opinion the very
icream of the group of rascals with whom the
genial Signer wee fond of surrounding him
self To them Signor Lanza gaveooploa of the
ILanza Association posters with the request
that they b posted up whore Italians are won
Ito congregate Inasmuch I avoir large per
centogo of Chief Drummonds Involuntary
visitors are gentlemen from sunny Italywhoso
artistic instincts have been so stirred v by
Admiration for the coin ol Undo
Bnrauels realm that they have been unable to
withstand tho Impulso to produce great num
bora imitations of It the detectives though
ormltllon detotvea
j no better place than the office could b found
to announce to Blgnor Lanzas countrymen
the proposed celebration in the signers honor
Ho there they displayed the lora these
they hung when Hljraor Lanza himself was
hUm before the gentleman > who Is R
enthusiastic a collector of copyists ot the om
ntbUn muter that very fw even of the
most obscure artists r that lino escape his
attention Lanza and Bisto were held in 13500
ball each to await examination
bllab oxamhiatol
wo hkva been watching the Lanes dive
lnce July bn lid an official Jilth I the
Julut a
secret service yesterday We waited until w
thought there wo nothing to b discovered of
a which we did not nave sufficient proof Lanza
was wholesale dealer In counterfeit h
specialty being Imitations of the silver doha
lie purchased injargo Quantities had a secret
le II
biding place in his cellar for his goods ana
sold at the rate of 40 cents on the dollar to a
group of customerswhom he gradually and
cautiously drew around hm There being not
the slightest notion ot honor among these
thieves Lonzaa detr of spurious dollars
was robbed one occasion Prof D Bt Law
ronce whoso name figures on the Linen Asso
ciation posters aa musician suspected that his
Bt Lawrences ownbrother was ono of the
IHt 1
thieves and when we made the descent upon
tho Lanza place w found upon Prof Bt Law
recces person a terrific slungshot with which
Its had proposed to smash h brothers head
should br appear
Lanza app customers were his own
countrymen but he had extended his hi ow
1 that he ha4a number of negroes i and even
some mere children who bought his counter
ftlt money and passed It or attempted to pass
It The detectives worked long and patiently
dotOITel ato
and succeeded in getting tho confidence of
fcanaa and an insight into the whole business
They from tune t t m bought oounterfol
rooney of him but did not succeed In learning
Lanzas source of supply luccoe cUltoler
ailed for the money thojyre frunt told
eaUe tboJr
to come In to little later Lz awaJI got it
for them from some place Dr other He was
pine a thriving business
010I to oulrwlthln the past five or sir years
I lon boon Infested with these Italian
tatl leI of the Italians who come
hero nrq < skilful in the U of plaster of PaS
her lldlu
making Images and the like as a nominal oc
cupation but more rqulntTJ oftlngfEeir skill
to make images of the silver coin nhe metal
they commonly use is a alloy ot tin and anti
mony Sometimes they auo a little copper
W I cOonus 1 rood tnt bsat of rf
easily enough i detected The number i of Ital
fan who are engaged In this Image business
as they call It Is something surprising I met
a Italian I Brooklyn tho other day who has
I Illd in tohlm scrape or two < for this business and
M Hello John where your brother Tony
Oh he gotta arrest Jur
What dldhe get arrested for r
dOI Oh hI make IDe Uemaka Image trade
t a perfectljlegjthnato industry thai
eot atlon thoub thor know perfectly 01
the fonnnlence of getting caUght They
usually pass their money upon their own coun
trymen who unsophisticated neon drunken
men and upon a ohlld or woman whoever
they think they can impose upn Awoll
dressed man who appears in any way wide
aircz3 rscr trads TriUf thsai for sonttB acd
they will make no attempt on hm A great
number of the fruit stand dealers are
engaged In the business > nnd Italian bar
ber Shops ore great places We have got on the
br Rlop I Irat t
track of a great many gangs by watching the
barbershops You will tP 10 a shop where not
SO cents worth of legitimate barber business I I
done In a day Yet Italians will b constantly
coming and going t It You can b pretty sun
cmla Cd On
then that that shop Is doing the same kind of
business Lanza was doing We shadow It and
we shadow the Italians who go from It and we
pee where the go Sometimes they go off to
Boston or some other city and we follow them
there and generally eaten them dropping their
spurious coin
IrJroul by no mean bownr the Insignificant
barbers bJlo ad peanut sellers who are in the busl
rmmlfloatlons which astonish
nose Jt has a astlh
0e6 I b Ifoatlons
Ins very of ten it la traced to men who have
high standing In many of the Itajlan societies
and are not dreamed of I being engaged reg
ularly In a criminal trafDo
uarlJ a curious fact but ret it is a laci mat
95 per cent of all the counterfeiting that is
done In ont country today t 1 done by Italians
They have monopolized the business as they
have 10noplli mono1lld and peanut busi
ness It Is one of the side industries upon
which I regularly rely for a revenue upn
frequently very difficult to convict them They
retreat behind either a real or on affected igno
rance of Dgliah and Iw a by all the saints
that they did know the coin they passed or
attempted pass was counterfeit that they
hud no sliver coin in their own country and
were unused to it and had been Imposed upon
A jury not long ago acquitted a rascal UPn
tot 8
absurd lie and wo had over twenty distinct in
stances 1 ot his passing counterfeit mono
cle l proven against blm
This development of counterfeiting among
the Italians bus given me a pretty intimate
knowledge of the criminals or that race Ibo
come totals country and I want to say that if
I wefe generally known what a bloodthirsty
wt eonerlJ
remorselessvillainous crew of knaves they a
there would b such an outcry as would force
the Government to take some measures re
stricting their immigration In the matter of
crime amonc themselves they are practically
bone the reach of tbe eJ They murder
maim and rob one another with almost per
fect Immunity from any other punishment
than the indUidual revenge of the person In
lured or his friends For one Italian t inform
against another to testify against another
lor him simply to sign bis own death warrant
lie Is as certain to be assassinated a the sun
IH I 1 cerlf may be done bJ a stranger
tr I b
or It may baby someone whom be regards sable
fend The devious ways in which the treach
ery ot these people goes Is utterly beyond the
1 I
comprehension of I man no matter how great
aruMs whose mind runs In ordinarily
rmll rn
straljtht lines I venture to say that eight out
pt ton of those murders over games of cards
the alleged outgrowth of hot blood and a Iud
din quarrel are deliberately planned murders
that the man who Is t do the I killing t picked
OUt In advance and that ail the arrangements
to save him from capture and punishment are
carefully and skilfully made Tiw assassins
sins confederates are the only ones
who see the affray they are all ready to swear
that the murdered man began It and to put I
ll discharged revolver or a knife In his
dea4 dlehan 1 it Then nobody knows
who did the shooting Ii I if the evidence becomes
at all conclusive they befog It with a sudden
Unprancq of English which I Is always their
Jut resort In close quarters In the rare cases
where the attempts to kllliareunsuccessfnl
ana the victim 5 only wounded he will hardly
fer accuse tho man who did htm up Even
though the moment alter the affray he has told
the police who shot him Uo who stabbed hip
fAdtoe oasassln Is arrested he II If ho
Winks be la going to recover solemnly recant
Ins accusation nod swear that the man he no
cuRed Is a roan be did not know and had ne > en
seen 1le knows that unless be does nOlel
We will I not bo worth a farthing when ho goes
I out his business again He takes his I I
Jfazo in another way Iaa bides lila time until
no trots a chanco to murder thu mim who tried
jnnr4er him unet
n U I because they know renenire is I certain
Hthuy I fan m an attempt to kill that 1 few of
1 those attempts fall I t for this reason that
or car such Urriflo weapons kniveswith
° iafa a foot long and pistols Into the muzzles
2 wniej P you eould drop a ten cent pleo I
Nr td an Italian not Jong ago who had on
Wsj pjatoi made out of the barrel ot a shot
I Cl Uuutafotl
I I j
xi d th6t fitted t e pistol t handle It a
ol then thirteen leaden elugs 1 naked
hint why no d 1 it get a nice couvelUon f t
vqlTO vhe said llolT zot bl h
When Italian mart shoot iuilloa nan p 0
Wen a mo h t never come bk I kills enr
ll As aiale they are afraid I t attack t t
cans They knowihUay kill an American r
are pretty sura t bo hunted down anti banged I
hut in eserd to their own killings Ufa I every
man toloo out for himself andnobody
peach on pain of death ll rant treaolier
pnob nossesMd of n deeplaidcunningcon
polsnceiOIIs and pIUUI as rattlesnakes they
live nmong UD governed only by n law of as
BssitnntlonamrravenuA This soemnhnrdly
credible but nssura you it is a fat Vfa Have
lust such a community heroin New York nnd
It Is ovety day growing In size and In despera
tion Look nt the numbers pt cuttings and
shootings and other dadl crimes
J ootn1 othordeadly committed
by Italians which are reported every day ana
the nightthat Policeman Barretts son was
murdered there wore throe other murderous
assaults by Italianswithin a short distance
of the scene of the attack upon tho boywho
was defending his sister from insult
There is flnnly fm this country the
society of assassination called the Mend It
bad Us origin in Hlclly whence the greaterpart
of our ItalIan population comes It In strong
hero in Now York hi Boston in i Obleslo in Bt
Louis In at Pnul and In Ban frannisco
Ciirloualyenaiighlt has no strength In Phila
dolphin For some reason tbo It Minns do not
tnke to Philadelphia Thin Mafia Is the old
society of the Bjoll an brigands and It Is re
cruited here principally from men who bo
longed to It at homo and whoso fathers before
thom neiOpgsl lOt It corresponds somewhat
to the Iolystnguiros except that Ibo MoUos
ltcte tell sMasaInatlons to apartiodlar
linaqd a parttoularobject The object of
the Mafla order I simply promiscuous
crime and mutual protection J Its member In
crime I has not so far B I know regular
I meetings or mooting places but it has Its can
talus and ts lieutenants and Us collectors li
is a ttoclAty of assassination and robbery If
laoslnalon rbbr I
superintends the murder of Informers And
others who kayo Incurred its enmity nnd I
looks out that its agents secure Immunity from
punishment The collector when ono of tho
assassins I cauaht goes about from station to
station dejnandlng not asking contributions
t enable the prisoner t pay lawyers And wit
nesses and secure n strong defence I IK not
only to the members of the order of tho Mhfli
that the delegate goes Be goes to every hal
Ion who Is not too high for hint to np
proachand demands money for the criminal
defence They refuse I at their peril It was
only t short limo ago that an Italian came to
mo for protection He did not belong to tbe
aOa and ho had refused to pay monoy to
help some villain get clear or PI him out of
the count Imo or something of tho kind Within
A very short tlmo an attempt was mado on his
life and bo barely succeeded in getting away
hucli things ar of constant occurrence but
are kept deep In the dark
The appalling character of some of these
Plcllian aPJalpl Is almost beyond belief I
amost byond b
have one In my mind now the marvel of who o
crimes Is enouflte to freeze a mans blood In
New Orleans he burned a house And was sent
to the penitentiary for arson While in tbo
prison pnltentlr conspiracy to b out
and then secured his own freedom by betray
ing his fellow conspirators He murdered a
fl ht collraot
felow le rord
man In 8t Louis and got away I Chicago he
conceived an enmity toward one of his fellow
countrymen and Invited him to tho saloon he
was then koplng When in tho saloon he
asked the man who suspected nothing to step
upon a chair and band him down a bottle
When the man got upon the chair he drove I
knife Into his back upn left It sticking there
and fled a the man fell dying to the floor lie
camo t this city and engaged In deal
ing in counterfeit money lie Initiated a
follow countryman into the business and
the pupil did so much bettor than his mastfl
that npl latter determined upon reyence I
was a comprehensive plot ho fore ryenJo ar
ranged to sot fire t his house have his pupil
Mot to tho penitentiary for perjury recover
2600 from an insurance company murder his
wife and go back to Italy and settle down a a
country gentleman of leisure sHo lot lire to
his store and then came upon the Insurance
company for tho insurance on bin stock and
brought forward the man he meant toland In
the penltenMary as a witness to swear that be
was in the store at a tlmo when It could easily
be shown he was not But insurance com
pany did not pay the money and so be changed
bin plan and Instead of sending his friend to
the penitentiary I determined to maim him
Ho invited him to his house and ontho plea
that it was warm induced him to take off his
coat and waistcoat This was to see if he was
armed Then be bonded him a gloss of beer
and as the other was drinking it ho suddenly
lunged akeenbloded shoemakers knife Into
his forehead and with a slash drew it clear to
the chin laying open the entire face The
victim told who did this and the man was ar
rested Mine weeks afterward wben tho vic
tim got out of the hospital he said that his
first accusation was false and that be did not
know who cut him Both these men sire now
in penitentiary for passing counterfeit
money but I they will soon be out It is only a
question then which will kill the other i
Now I have no more prejudice against
Italians such than 1 have against any for
eigners But I speak from an Intimate knowl
edge of the subject when I say that the Importation
variation of these Italian criminals Is a seri
ous matter and demands serious attention
They are a danger and a curse to the corn
munftT just 811 any gang of robbers and fIB811
sins wouid be They 1I0t only 110 criminal I acts
themselves but especially In Ibis counterfoil
Inll business they spread crime among those
about them It Is a great game with them to
get hold of young German boys or Irish boys
or even girls and get them to shoving off tho
counterfeit coins they are producing Inces
santly It Is n subject which the cress should
take up and which the people should fully un
derstand I am not speaking against ItaUllos
as A nation I am speaking against the Crim
inals of Italy for it Is from the criminal classes
the brigands cutthroats tblees and promls
annuli villains of oil Krnflft that too much of
our Italian immigration is drawn It should be I
quickly and vigilantly restricted
casiai BEACHED BEFORE jross
A ± Cartou DcnbU DmUcntary Service IB lbs
Nw fmtmm Shrine
One of the most novel as well as tho most
unique dedication services that evor happened
In New York or elsewhere was the one held
last evening at l8 Mott street the Lun Gee
Tong Society rooms occupying the entire sec
ond floor of the largest building In China It
baa been tho headquarters of Now York
Chinese for the past six years but recently the
members some 5000 In number wore dlssatls
led with the appearance of the rooms and the
general Insignificance of the joss shrine or
temple attached to them A liberal subscrip
tion brought forth thousands of glittering
coins A commission went to Hong Kong
China were a few weeks ago it not only
secured appropriate furniture and other
gorgeous Oriental ornamonts but also a
irandnew bat fearfullooking joss with joss
louse and all the canopy around and on too
of the joss house some 15 feet high by 13 wide
being moat ingeniously and fantastically
carved upon a species of hard wood inlaid with
various shades of pure gold the figures upon
ibis representing various sacred emblems
such as tho dragons cranes and tho Hacrod
Ihl Lie the birthhour companion of Con
ucius us well as the managers and angels of
the M other region
In front of this gorgeous heap was the mag
nUloclt altar said 10 havo cost overllOOO On
top of thIs altar were the immense urns and
vases of solid silver some to toko the place of
candlesticks white others were for tho burning
of Incenses The rooms wore richly papored and
carpeted while from the walls and ceilings
hung lanterns and other Oriental ornaments
The dedication as originally intended was
to be purely Oriental In ull its details but nl I
most at the very last moment some Christian
zed Chinamen who were members of the Lun
Geo Tong Society made objections to the com
nlttee and insisted that as members they have
lust as much to say In Its dedication their
heathen brethren Led by Mr Hhow Shin a
leading Chinese missionary who ans been
preaching for the past few weeks in the rear
rooms of 18 to Ills fellow countrymen of Jesus
Christ and his saving powers the committee
wall finally made to consent to a double dedi
ationihnt III beth CJu1IItian preaching and
loss stick burning both at the same time and
in the sam place Mr Show Shtn preD < bod
Christianity to about 200 members of the Lin
leo Tone while DrIoun Tie lung led the
loss stick burning processon toward the
shrine of KlYBn Goon The first preached long
and loud upon the peculiar saving power ot
Jesus Christ The latter simply burned a
bunch or > two of perfumed joss sticks and
nearly half a ton of counterfeited Chinese
paper money as a thanksgiving offering to the
mighty Joss j for hbt many mercies toward them
financially and otherwise and especially pro
tecting from the assaults Qf Kearnylsm
Mr tjhow Hbln the missionary thinks of
preaching the temple every Bunrfa POu
8IpA Bobbery a 5 rcrdksua
Thomas olios Buck Ryan aged 19 years of
83d sliest and Jerom avenue and Edward Bhaofh
essy aged 30 years of Sooth yordbam we > h14 to
11600 scab bruoUo White In lb Harlem Court vea
crday for trial for rrthurBchub rsc of thb
MaJ nl nlobl watchSchj
Union llotei Whl IIalna a I M
beraerwent to lonlhara atJoclockon stfltdSy morn
Ins and hired the vrlsoaer tu drive him to WhIt llama
iiucnrrrordhiiui IV perd thorn sin Landlnj At a lonely road ipo IheydimnnJd on Jeromevr ins
IU and when H woo refused Star seissi cliuboryel
atnl tuOk lab wsrch away hr 1is4 CiSI whi b they 114
nuf iltrVtrrMcVnfn oran t the Wlh brUte
Siuad went in Vhiiherwr1 rrie and arreited luau
This witch wa Dpltfonnd Bhauihnessy WMemuilii
5 A Celt laid rr 81000
LuncoTOjf OctJtt Kr r Pu n of
thuTclty ha soli to J B ac llad I Jrla
II roe oIt I nIt 111 4ber diet bJJ rIIIf
Neb tq lTW T f
l H
4 > I r T
< <
XHsr saoAfif OVER rpx NATT TABD
Trn s > Tbty Aet Sack Thor > Is a Xew asi
a lergeast Cuts Ttr > t Is with his
UwcrdTbo fltohr al Tw > BtMrter
Tho Brooklyn N yt Yard was rudely
awakened on Bnhjrday mohitng Oct IB by a
cl n lot between some recruits and their su
peHoromoers tho leone of the disturbance
was that part of the barracks called Castle
Garden which Is I occupied by recruits who
have not yet been assigned to companies The
following version the riot and Its causes was
given too BUM reporter by two ot the princi
pals James B McCoy and E O Graham who
are deserters from this garrison ObI
K Burns runs the Canteen or In
other wods sells beer and provisions
to the marines A man could got drunk the
barracks and ho would bo well cared for But
It ho got liquor outside he was put In the brig
guard house for fortyeight hours and re
stricted torah Indefinite time On an average
SilO men contributed out of their 18 salary
the Canteen Whon 1 recruit amo he was
told by Col Qaywnrd the two deserters said
to get his kltM j It Is called He
went to Cob Burns and received hla kit
for which ho waaobllgcd to sign check for 2
The kit could be bought outside for 75 cents
He was not allowed to do hla own washing but
was obliged to give Itto the Sergeant and pay
him tl per month to havo It done The Ser
geant made about tlOO per month out of this i
Friday Oct 14 was pay day and the men
sold they would stand the oppression no long
er so thirtythree of them jumped tho ten
foot fonco when tho patrol was Iot near At
the 11 Plt roll call bqrgeant Uuher with a
guard of eight men took the blankets of the
fugitive thirtythree and looked them In tho
guard house When the men returned about
2 oclock In the morning the Sergeant ordered
UI of them to get up Farley McCormick and
Kelly thomJo they would not got up
Then Sergeant Maher without provo
cation tho two deserters said drew his sword
and split the skulls of Jones and Farley The
former they said was likely to die Graham
was knocked down and was sent to the brig
for fortyelaht hours but ho stayed three
days The cells in the brig are 9x6 feet and
are always dimp as they are Hushed twice a
day Tho first night the men could not get
blankets and slept on tbe cold floor with boots
for pIllowB Tho second night after much
bojroinc they secured two blankets for nve of
thorn The third night they had two blankets
for tbree
A Avorydifferent ry11I told by the officers
In tho first plncothoname the man who
runs tbo Canteen la Edlon and not Burns
Col Hoyward said the Canteen was under tho
supervision of three commissioned officers be
aides himself Every three months the depart
ment was hauled over the accounts inspect
ed nnd a scale overl prices established
It was true that the prices charged were
slightly hIgher than outside the T barracks
because the mon were all trusted up to halt
their salary and frequently they skipped with
out paying No man was obliged to spend a
cent in tho barracks unless he chose No whla
key was sold within the walls The Canteen
was open twice dally from 11 A M to 12K P
Mandfrom3to4sFhi Each man was al
lowed to purchase two glasses of beer every
time the canteen was open There was
a Sergeant there to sea tbHt he bought no
moro Consequently no man could become
drunk unless ho tot whlAkel outside and
smuggled It In Whiskey was found on both
tbe deserters Both skipped their canteen
bills When n i man entered the garrison drunk
he was locked up
Bergeant Maher Corporal Donohue and
others tell the following story of the disturb
OhFriday night several of the recruits as
Is customary with them on pay day skipped
tho fence and came back tho worse for wear
Bnveral of the privates wore In group talking
when ono of the truants Harrlgsn began to
dance a jig for the amusement his com
panions Acting Corporal Callahan asked him
to stop an at 920 when the buglo sounds all
noise and even conversation must cease
Harrlgon used Insulting language to
Callahan who attempted to take him
to the guard house Somebody then
started to club Callahan with a musket The
nolso awoko Corporal Donohue who has
charge of Castle Garden and he ran to the
rescue of Callahap who wUlrllpplfOR with
Private FarleT i loallT Dollohue separated
them anll howas II truckovatte ee bT Far
leT and In the back ot the head by somebody
else It WH et nilf > retiy warm lor tbe eor
noraU when Itoom Orderly Doinpsey called to
boriresAt Maher forn lstnn < rv
Mu nor with six men went to one door and
sent aCorpora walker with six more to
the other Just as Maher entered the room be
Saw iferley strike Donohue lie was then
struck from behind and turning around he
saw a marine named Jones behind him He
drew sabre and out Jones In the head in
He also found it necessary to strike Parley
Both voundn were Blight and the men are on
duty ntain The men worn placed In the guard
house an described by the deserters but the
blankets were not withhold and the cells were
dry anti comparatively comfortable
Marliiea who wore not participants In the
dlBtnrtftnce corroborate the foregoing state
ments otJInhor mid Donohuo
Farlc r was found In his bunk by a reporter
last nlbt Ho said he did not know whether
hi struck pnylxxly or not He rdmltted bslns
drunk but be would not say where ho got the
liquor Ho denied jumping tho fence Ho
says h has no complaints to make of the
treatment received at the hands of his supe
riors The marines spoke highly of Maher
Callahan and Uonohue and expressed great
respect for Col Heyward The deserter Mo i
Coy hat 1 been In tho garrison only a week
PAsroR irnztEnutisrs BESZGNAUON
Trouble Aria > In m East New Tortt Church
Over Usitter MO
At tb P close of yesterdays morning ser
vice in the First Baptist Church of East New
York t he Rev Jacob Whltehurst the pas
tor requested the members of the congrega
tion to remain In their seats Clerk Dayton
road a letter addressed by tho pastor to tho
ofllceta of tho church The letter was to the
effect that Inasmuch as some of the officers
and ombora of the church ware unwilling to
guide the affairs of the church In accordance
with the principles of tho word of Ood and had
not oa ly withheld their sympathy and good
will rom him but In some cases had with
draw their subscriptions thus producing dis
cord and schism he therefore tendered his
realm latlon It was moved that the matter be
laid upon the table until Friday nlgbt John
Andaman tlipufeht the Issue did not warrant
suchllstronit words as Mr Whltohurst had
usod Be expressed a strong confidence In the
pastois views and Integrity Ho was Inter
rupted by a loud call for the Quostlon Several
other udhorenta of the pastor tapoko briefly
Some thought the trouble could be adjusted
while cithers thoucht It better In view of the
elements of discord In the church to accept
the resignation The motion to lay over was
Caused and the meeting adjourned abruptly
The church baa been accustomed contrib
ute tSO1 yearly the support of Long Island
missions This was raised formerly by a com
mittee of ladles A year ago the ladles com
mittee dissolved after having rained only 1111
This teas Increased by subscription to 129 It
was then proposed to take tho rest of the 150
to be raised from the church funds The prop
sltlpn was vigorously opposed on the ground
tbanho churclclebts wore not yt paid and
the winter fuel Wet bouabi The money bow
over was paid and considerable bitter foolIng
was a roused The pastor took no part In the
discussion except to declare against the money
being raised by fatra Borne months later In a
sermon he mentioned the payment of this
moneyaa an example of generosity before jus
tice This gave rise to an attack upon him In
a business meeting by the faction which voted
to make tho payment It virtually placed
him upon ono aide of the question al
though made every effort to remain neutral
The dlcord flamed up a few weeks ago when
the time for this years payment of the 110
subscription came around besides tbe years
runnlric expenses and 1180 interest money an
indebtodnessof 1801 remained from last year
Nevertheless the faction which bad prevailed
theye before Insisted this fall on paying the
50 from the church funds The church funds
were tso and from this the contribution was
paid This was the last hair The other fac
tion Sild the church debts should be paid
before missions were thnultbt of It was Im
possible now for Mr Whltehurst to avoid
taking sides lie did so and It Is said vigor I
ously against making the centrum
ttoo ille declines 10 say anything on the
sublec qlher thanthat ho did nol resign a
spirit d QIrnesa but beoaj1o his ullofulnosa
bad btiondttroy u I
Dtdlcmtlsm of Ito lV t Harlem Me thdlt
The West Hnrlem Methodist Episcopal
Church wlilch we bens two years ago was dedicated
Ustereulnf Tli church 11 at Its corner of Seventh
renue is nd IMU street Arrlb perforinane ot an
organ voluntary by T Plkoman and prayar by the
l M
hey D1 lohD U Keld a baritone bob J was luai by Chaa
lV DemNt Tb Kev Dr II L Butu preaefod th
sermon lid MrwilUam t Martin Chalrmaa oil the
BuUdiajl Committee S5Ye a dewrlptloa of the buUdtnit
alucelulaeiptloiLajidthe pastor Ilia RevI > BUuf I
p ill cecis4Ueisfl1OMh4k sas4iCtieiu I
I t
I >
I XSK in ar IJIU
i Tart mJ Lssesue Tsmght by the Frsietlee
Otumtfea r Admlrnl ILtitta Veuel
WAnnntaroif pet 234 mixture of good
and ill fortune has attended the varied and In
terettlng practice carried on during tho last
fortnight at Coasters Itatbor Island by the
Jo nt forces of tho North Atlantic squadron and
tho Naval W College The squadron is now
relied qn as a regular summer attraction at the
fashionable resorts Newport and Bar Har
bor and perhaps alto to a somewhat less ox
tont at Halifax and other Dominion ports to
which It betakes Itself during tho hottest pf the
hot weather under pulse ot visiting tho fish
eries Last summers effort Admiral Loon
to comfort and protect the American toilers of
theses in that region Was to little satisfactory
to Boorotsry Whitney that this part of the
rears work of tho squadron may not bo re
newed next year lint Mount Desert nnd Now
port will always welcome wlthlts picturesque
demonstrations of landing the naval brigade
and other performances and Btoretdry Whit
ney has pa Id a courplimeq tP the oommlbdloc
nicer for skill In bandJlna tee squadrop
But the late performances at coasters liar
bor Island hove by no means enlntended
forthedlreirlonof the resident They have
hvul the special and commendable purpose of
giving n practical cast to the Instruction at
the new naval college at that place whose
curriculum has naturally been at the start
somewhat uncertain consisting for die most
partoflectqros 2neexporimantsoftho pres
ept month In tIIUIIraUOIf the leotums byslm
ultanoul practical loperatlons of vessels and
their crews assembled for the purpose must
do much to give the new Institution a status
as a school of application It will also fur
nish one of the best practical arguments for
retaining tbo college at Itspresent site Instead
of removing it to Annapolis as some have
wished to do thus making it an adjunct and
postgraduate course of tho Naval Academy
The manoeuvres this season u thus far con
ducted have Included anattack by torpedo
boats the defence of a crulnbr the Atlanta
against such ottackst the landing of the naval
brigade and an assault by It upon Held forti
fications practice with the Outline guns
illustrations of tho tactics of rnmmlng strip
ping ship for battle practice with small arms
and in the landing of heavy guns This lat
exercise was the only ono which properly
caused chagrin by Its failure The dumping
of n nineInch Dab IZ1On to the bottom in the
effort to transport It and its cArriagO to Itoso
Island as the chief feature ot n heavy pun
battery to be established there was certainly
a bungling performance But the accident was
no doubt due to the intentional limiting
lot facilities for tritneportlng the gun to
auch as could nlwnyn be furnished on
board a war vessel It was hard luck that
after tho gun had been safely hoisted ovor the
Bldo of the Admirals fUgqhln and upon the
platform which rested upon the two launches
I intended to carry It ashore the spars of which
the platform was built should have given way
causing one boat to fill capsizing the other
and nndln the gun to the bottom iIIut per
hape even this mortifying Incident may bare
UR good fruits In teaching the omctrs to pro
vide It moro stable structure for soon landIngs
in actual warfare With this exception tbe
operations general may fairly be considered
successful so far concerns tho purpose for
which thel ere underlllken
Yet tho chief thing taught by the exercises
ban been the lack of proper naval appliances
and the defects in those that already exist
Ono officer found that some of the new steam
launches are remarkablywantlng in towing
power Asecond reported that till ammuni
tion of the Catlings could i not be properly fed
into the guns either because the cartridges
wero too short or from some other cause so
that the guns were jammed A third reported
that three of his men Were Injured by de
fects In blank cartridges which rendered the
rifles BO useless that the tire of bis force had
to be suspended before the ammunition was
exhausted while the armorer of the Baratoga
reported that every rifle returned to him had
been disabled Besides these unpardonable
defects the 8hortlOmlllA of the navy In torpedo
warfare were Illustrated > jby the fact that an
unarmored cruiser was able under the rules of
the sham battle to defeat and throw out nf
combat the entire flotilla of attacking boats It
is no wonder that this result occurred since
there was not a single torpedo boat among
their number nor a singlebontof high speed
While even had they bHiJ ibhytdjtet within
range for effective work they would havo bad
nothing to work with but the oldfashioned
apparatus of a torpedo stnfC on tho end
Broaratus But after all otG n thevictor In this
aueer contest developed onlyrlesa important
shortcomings since as has been pointed out
he had no wire netting such as provided In
foreign navies for defence against selfmoving
torpedoes ln < the generally Creditable shore
operations of the naval brlwdeswmo of the
sailors showed a little lack orajjAjlarity with
kis VBh > ffTh > baalne WaKfMfteirbat J new
tolhem and there was a lock rf rtual bullets
from the Intrencbments sueli 0 Ak wnllld no
doubt havo taught thorn tntsWrtdvantage of
cover and of Inequalities of the ground In ad
vancing even without previous Instruction
The tactical and gunnery exercises on thi
whole have been very useful They have re
veille the needs of tho navy and hove given
practice and instruction of1 atlnd that should
bear fruits The Dolphin appears about to
take her turn In being tested during tho coining
week as she will not only be flneededover the
measured mile and tried determine in how
small a circle she can turn but also bo made
the object of another torpedo attack Tho
boats will have a better chance In thlscoconQ
encounter since the Dolphlq hoB only one
electric search IlIlbt while the Atlanta bad two
The Vsmqalsbcd Mm La Several Teeth
as Well me tile nab
DTJITJTH Oct 23The parlor rink was
well filled last evening to witness the eight
round contest between Tommy Warren of Los
Angeles Cnl champion feather weight of
America and George Biddons champion
feather weight of Illinois Both men wero In
tbe pink of condition Prof Conley seconded
Biddons and J W Moriarty seconded Warren
F Barnett was referee and John P Clow and
Frank Pose timekeepers
FIner HOUND Warren feinted and led with
his right following with his left which landed
heavily on Slddonss neok recovered and
landed with his left on Bldaonsa faoe twlco
At the close of the round Warren sent In a fu
slllude of blows on Biddons who avoided him
Biddons at t lie clone of the round got in ono
righthander on Warrens shoulder
The second round opened with a lefthander
by Warren which fell short Biddons ran
around the ring during the rest of the round
and Warren dropped his hands exclaiming
a 1ouU get tired oi running around wont
JOI Tninn ROUXD Rlddons was very nervous
but got in a rightbander on Warrens bread
basket The men clinched and on tho break
Warren got In n righthander on Blddonss
neck who became groggy but recovered and
got In two body blows on Warren Biddons
was badly winded at thu close
FOUUTH BOUND Slddons got In two light
body blows on Warren who responded with a
terrific righthander Bonding Biddons against
the ropeR The round closed with three rlyht
tianders by Warren on Btddonss jugular First
blocd for Warren
Firm BOUND Biddons opened with weak
hit on Warrens face and the round was taken
up with exchanges blows at close quarters
I Warrens work being very etfoctlvo Siddons
got In a swinging righthander which stag
gered Warren who brought him to his knees
with a lefthander on the shoulder Biddons
was badly winded
tiiXTU BOUND Slddons was groggy at the
opening and received a lefthanded smasher
oaths nose from Warren wblob sent him to
tbe floor Hidden got In bis left on Warren
who again hit with his left knocking out one
of Rlddonss teeth
BEYINTU BOUND Biddons reached Warrens
face whth a good leftbander for tho first time
hut with no apparent effect and received a
heavy cut from warrens right IB return Sid
dons was very groggy
EIGHTH BOUND Biddons led and for half of
the round acted on the defensive but went to
the floor from Warrens swInging left lie re
covered in time and avoided Warren for the
rest of the round 1 <
The referee decided the flcht In favorot War
ten at the close Blddnnas face was like a puff
mil One eye was closed and several teeth
were cone
a I Trtttsg at Fleetwod
i Among the trials of speed by the trotters
FIIood Park dUrtD the put week were son In I
iterestlif Tint John Murphy drove th brown isld
inf St Louis a mils In harness In 3OS and repeated In
3 li This Is the fastest time SL Louis has nr shown
on a track II O ritnlih drove the youn black stallion
Idol lift halt mile In harness hrlrrtlktal Swan
ent th eheatnnt mar hazel Queen s > mil a In hrnM
laanl him VObarrldgdrovIlbabIck Juui
C amlisto a top 04 wan Inl3l Thmulllrain
Smith DUll bla stallion yprele by KIeky
lrIaei4s mU and repeat In 2rJII227 lr 111 Dy
drove hili gray IItldlllll Wonder fl to lb holtmll
p0110 a 14p readwagon In 111114 1lHmlibsnttb
bay gldlng I PC WoogamueInbarniintbsfuitlui 1
porU1 otts
flebnstlan Miller Is I ready to accept the th lleni of
> urust Schmidt 10 wrestle UnruHnman style for
Mix and msyb found ready wIth Ills inoney at U
teuton street
X hare comber of roblna are now In the woods around
itapielou Htatsn Island brontht there by the heavy
northwest wind The tUs made by the 1r1101In
somethlui enermons Yesterday the avenue we I5O
bird to each gun The birds sell I In I the marks I for
sventy flv ceuts to eec dollar a dozen
Blehud X Fox write that Kllrala personally p
1104I to act as hla trainer and
oanafcr and that kllraln will b eond41n the act
ai fix hi by a wellhaowii Irishman This bs
ii1vata 1Io0d
t101II ord 4 op
T0J3 TtiDiAxn WIN AH CAST rxcnuir
rnttjr TTerk by Ike Detroit In the World
nsampltit srtnl Ontpiay tile
Brew nt Every l til Ocsstis
The Brooklyn and Metropolitan clubs
played tho final game ot the seaspn at Ridge
wood yesterday Porter pitched for tho Indi
ans and bothered the Brooklyn whllo Toolo
was batted hard and often Tho score t
tooiv I nmorotrriir >
5 I rOAp I slit POAJ
inlmer M bo II IM 5 OBrl nLfo I I to
oClellanldb0 I 2 3 Iorr 4 14 II I
Ienpip r tot 25 I U trnln 2 i g V
MoTamanyo a s a o llantlnson ta a 3 s t
TorT lat pO o 4 II I Knowles 3d bl 3 1 S o
Irrrr L I 0 O 0 2 liroee s s i 1031
clark c I 1 ft 3 3 Klnslnw r 10 00110
TootsDaO lull I Donnhu CO O I O I
OUnon1 001 arorterpI 0 I 40
Totals a 791 lOLl TotalslOl4il ill
Rrootlvn I o o o I o Ia
Metropolitan > 4 a o I 0 0 010
Runs earne I Krooilrn Metropolitan B Flrtl I ban
MI rrnrs Brooklyn si Metropolitan II Left on basee
Iirookljn At I MetropolisI a lIsts on hallOrr 11 Me
Clellan1 Airnok outklcslosr L Home runllantin
son I Threebas bltii llanklnson I Twobsabit
I Orr II 1eeple II Tnole la I till by jilicher < rose I
Double plsri MoTamany Clark Kissed tails Don
eta I Umpire Cpnueliy Time 1 itl
KCOIDS or mi ciu > rioii
Th records Ibcwn champion olnbln their first
I twelve nraes show H aUh Lasso men did the bitter
I work throuKhout nor nutbattrd and nutflelded the
Association men and Hi bate running mule nearly two
I base to the lirowns ceo The records at followii
Btntoir Mtnno Arnlon
Kami eatuii At Hat ttnt a u AM
flleberdoze2 lit II II ate
laced II 1 14 JI
Row I foI I 17 IIlI
Thompioti 411 T III set
WhIt 1 fll K In 0o4
nllalp 11I tot r fI IIII
lInntI 41 0 It Y ti
1IIn 12 11 4 11 z1
Conway I Ii U II 00
OIlnI II bI 4 U 13
lIalchln t m I I 3
nrotbrs 1 3 U J 007
V llama Cornea 4SIIOI Nml B IT Are
IlhamI Mi II 21 11 4 01
48 a It 2m
ONIII IA rt I 1 12 B
II It li H
YnlllX 1 U 10 II II 111
r II 12 224
ttbInso U Sal I In 191
lIylo Ii 20 I I 11111
KIDft II IU 1 I 1111
Caralb 0 40 II 13 uS
nllthon 7 l I T JI
LTcnt I 4 U I 0
AUUOToidl Prrt
Xame musics r 0 4 r cCceS crept
RlchardonUtb12 22 IS 4 fU 001
laureL lit b 011 1 87 it T 113 P31
RowC I 13 1 I IJt OM
Thempmn r 111 J 1 II 1P23
WbllUdbt Iib12 31 Stu II 74 Ill
IJunlP 21 1J at J m IT
lInnn 01 isbll IJI II 4 711 047
lInlnn c t I I IItI 1t7
on1 p 4 I 13 0 H 1I1JCl
1Icl p II 2 21 I 27 918
flAldwlt p 8 ii 4 14 127
Twitetoll n 4 4 IA II 4 111
Bolbr lot b 1 I 0 U I 1000
ArXUOnIhI I Itrct
Name Gamea ro A eucca accpe
LArfrtSd r 1I0 l gj
Luultsm34bIS IS 2 U 46 511
ilpaon p a II 14 25 15 57 727
g g 1 g i
i la I 24 3 2 P 101
olulkey iaibl2 lr lb 3 150 1177
nutapIrfhloibI2 f 13 1 11 m
tI atoll 0 Ill 4 I 27 IHI
Robinson 2d 30 5 r 911 9W
Iloyle c 1 20 7 II 44 IIIR
Kinit p a j t lit 1114 I
l igir jj r fl 9 12 29 4 l 101
IIhnnlo T 21 8 6 au Me
Lons 1 I D 0 4 1000
wept or THE menu
r HITS by orronrjin
orronrjinBait lilt
Home on mod TJl by Ird
fame eamalt h 25 A 3Ufun < Aiiu iff Out Fr n
tlttteln 5K > II 2 I III lit 73 5
Con4 30 4 1 0 8 T 8 3 I
Haldwln 18 4 3 1 4 0 3 I I
rarnttitn8 49 s 4 a 12 n n 0 4
Fouls 3 41 S I 1 U R II I I
glut 3 13 S 8 U t 7 11 02
By Bennett S Oanut 2 Boyle Bnihocc a
Latham 12 Gleaton II Comlto Ct Font I Welch
1 Roblnion 3 CaTUthtn 8 Total 23
ItlcbaTdinn 6 HanieL 3 town 4 Thompson Si 1
While I i Donlap 3 Bennett 41 llanlon Oeutln 1
Vltcil erOD
Twllchell L Tout 34
Cairo Taos tax DUMOKD
The present season bat been the creaiett ever knows
la l bateball
It Coot Oriikoih 120000 to win the Northwestern
The last I name baa been played hereabonti and tIIO
season of 1B 7 baa ended
II le It not quite funny that all the Lean clubs ar se
curioS reiern flees for next leaioat
The Bcttm Ufralt want to know If the manann of
the em aLeelwDe14uicmIscen explain wily In sam
cities si u chanted while others bar to pay basSO
If a new manager b wanted for the Indiana why V not
try Hilly OBrien the old I time manaier Billy knowa e
thing l two about base ball and would make tae men
play ball
The riilladVlphla players who are rolnrto California
thli winter I will leave tomorrow Itrrueon and Manl
wl1 1 be the pltchtn Ulemtnii and UcOuIre catchers
MulreT third base Irwin iliort Hop and captain I Wood
t IIff
left Held and Fuartr rltnt Held I roller of the Xllwau
kee Club will play centre Held Hcclulre and Maul will
play Brit bate and 1 Wood and > erxu > en will alternate on
eccnd base James of the Ullwankte Club will
be the manager The rmilipi will play at Cincinnati
on edneiday and Thunder and atop at Denver and
other cities I arriving lu San rranclico on Nor u
Itonox Get 33 Freildent John B Par of the New
York Club has made a big catch la Kd Crane and Mike
Milltrlr Vrtnt le to get ux > o 1t Hlatierlr 240n
m j
Since 7nnridH7 morning Crane and Slatterly have b
In great demand Halt a dozen other cluba have had
reprekentatlveii here trying to Catch tbeee two tioutn
notion bOy The director of the Uoiion Club In the
mur tlnc bee rtnilartl In their omen and valted
for the ball loners to call on them Tiinlitht there le a
arena Until In bane ball circle at their expense while
il J II
the New York Club has bagged lbs alms The same le
true of Duffy of the cbumplox Lowell and KarreU
catcher the Salerno Tim Munman baa signed them
both for Chicago rhlUdelpbla thlcago fleveland
Iirooklyn and Home Western League Cllba wets after
Crane and UUtterly
The ftlladflpMa TIme aayn Information comes
through a very reliable snore that Preildent Reach liaa I
opened negotlalloiu with the Chlraro Chub for the
tranifer of Ifeffer to this city rrtffer rankawtth I
VMIIIamion as one of Chicago strongest lufleldere lie
la I dlaxatlsfled with Chicago end wants to Join torn
other clnb It Is reported that President Bpaldlng has
offered to let IleSer com to this city for flsuu and
that President Beach will go to Chicago on Monday to
complete the deal At the same time U U said Haitian
win be transferred to the Chicago club President
Spaldlng and Capt Anton have always admired the lit
tle second baseman and last season they made a blr
offer for him This was refined at the time bntlf i
Ifeffer can be had the Phillies will be able to do without
Bartlan and If he goes Is Chicago It would rut the cost
ot the deal down to a very moderate figure
Hugh Coyne e > f Newark Laid Flat by Big
Johu Fox of ChleoKO
John Fox of Chicago and Hugh Coyne of
Newark fought to a finish Inside of five min
utes at East Newark on Saturday night In an
old factory building which Is now used as a
stable No admission was charged but con
tributions wore received from the 200 onlook
ers The fight wa with bare knuckles osten
sibly for 500 Johnny Mack of Newark cnllnd
lime Frank CaMinui who would not fight
John Martin last week for 21 gate money was
> econd for Fox while Martin was second for
I ox U n strapping big fellow Ho wclclis 150
poundsand stands nearly six feet In hid boots
2ovne Iti 1 three Inches xborlor hut weighs only
two pounds less 13oth were clad In the most
approved fighting rig They just touched
hands and nailed In Fox got In the first tell
log blow which caught Coyne on time side of
ho head Then the sluggIng began Fox had
all the best of It He fought Coyno all over
he ring Many of his blows were well parried
but other landed heavily on Coynes neck
chest and face At the end ot the round
3pyne wits spent and Fox was seemingly as
fresh aa when bo went In
In opening the second round Coyne bit Fox
a facer which ser > me < ltoealltipMl his latent
energy and made his hitherto smiling face look
stern Ho forced the lighting and driving
Joyno Into the corner stretched him llaton his
back with a blow on the jugular vein It was
n knockout blow and Coyne remained dizzy
nil the evening from Its effects lie was ap
mrently unconscious when time wan called for
he third round and CharlIe Qrlmos of New
ark handed ovor the contributed money to Fox
It was understood yesterday that Coyne does
not think Fox can whip him pgaln and he
wants to make another match
Ball of Oramerey Athletlo Clnb Nov T
Ball of the Bocletb Colmarlenne Webster nail rriday
yalr of WlnDeld Rcntt Hancock Tost Grand Opera
House IIall Nov 1510
Ball of the Lamstedter Club GermaU Assembly
Booms Thursday evening
Entertainment and reception by th Charts Dloksns
Literary and social Club Lyric Hell Friday evenlni
Carl rchura will deliver adiress before the Com
monwealth Club In the ilelropoUtan Uolel on Wednesday
Congress of the Association forth Advancement
Women Masonic Temple Wednesday Thursday and
Lector en Chsnlansua EducatIon by the Rev J
1t Vincent D p lu the noslrana Avenue u E Church
llrooklvn Ihl evening
° The L e anil Abet of the Brain is 1 the subject nt a
lecture In be delivered by Dr WillIam A Hammond be
fore the IndustrialKduratlonAisuclalloualU Inlvsrslly
place ou Tuesday afternovn
Iloeit Fall
To hav a bottle of Uibrs Caflasys and Iron Tonic In the
loom and to take a doi one lu a while As lout at our
streets Ira la this terrible condition yon need Ik It I a
sure preventive ot malaria or any dlaorder ot that
nature Dont neglect It Pint bottle TS Sold losse
verywher Pr pared alelybyWm D SlkuA Hn
> ru > f1iu sad iaSu Caaiatase3 eta av New
rF4zr tan at rvnm 4rZNU3
And Btmr Wttirs Atlln M Prectiaty Uke
B > Hllllnr4T > msf naiitlos
A dramatic Incident occurred on Fifth are
nua yesterday It was shortly after 1 oclock
and the sidewalks the great thoroughfare
were crowded with people The huge throngs
drifted alongon both sldesof the street dressed
In Sunday raiment and staring Interestedly
from side to side It Is tho most pretentious
procession that Now York knows
By some curious freak of fate two young
men ot similar age and local tome swung into
Fifth avenue nt precisely thin same moment
and walked slowly toward each other One
turned the corner of Twentysixth street and
started northward and the other turned the
corner ot Twentyseventh street and faood
the south Heads wore turned In all direc
tions and the names ot the two young men
wore whispered along the street Each was
slim ot build handsome of face and noticeably
correct in the matter of attire Mr Berry Wall
wore a dark heavilyribbed black frock coat
pray trousers a beaver hat with a twoInch
band lavender gloves white ovorgalton every
high and straight collar a dark scarf and the
biggest white rose that has bean soon on Fifth
avenue this season lie strolled along seem
ingly nndonsclous of the attention ho excited
leaning heavily on his stick and starlngstralaht
In front ot him with raised eyebrows and
an expression of acute sorrow Mr Bob 1111
llards costume was an nbttolute duplicate of
Mr Walls even to the shade of the trousers
the white ovorgMtors and the massive rose
Even the material of lbs Milliard frock coat
was precisely similar to that of the Wall frock
coat The crowd parted right and left aa the
exking of the dudes and the reigning monarch
strolled unconsciously toward ono another
Hllllards proportions wore athletic and power
ful Walls wore dissipated and elegant One
looked like a man of fashion the other like n
roan at the world Billiard WM by far the
handsomer but Wall hors that Indescribably
attractive stamp which dIstinguish the man
of fashion < above his fellows There won a
swirl In the crowd which left an open space
directly In front of tile Victoria Uolel Sud
denly the two Idols ot the town caught sight of
each other It was n thrilling moment for It
was the first meeting ot the deposed and the
successful monarch It was a test which both
men felt from their heels up but whleh they
survived with a serenity anti breading which
ha won them their title Mr Walls face grew
a shade whiter tint the expression did not
cliunco an iota Milliard flushed but retained
his expression of implacable serenity Neither
man changed his pace and they strolled along
within a foot or two of each other and then
Mr Milliard smiled very slightly nodded and
said casually
1 t Good mawnlng
Howdo said llr Wall serenely with just
the suggestion of a smile and a gentle beam
Mr HUliard touched two fingers his gloved
hand to the rim of his hat Mr Wall touched
his hat with bis right forefinger only This is
another innovation ot Mr Hllllards he hold
ing with some show of argument that as pot
tots policemen and sailors touch their hat
with one finger gentlemen should make a
slight but not pointed difference by raising
two fingers He of course deprecates the
fashion of one man raising his bat on meeting
another unless a lady be present such action
being fulsome ostentatious and vulgar
As the two distinguished men walked apart
after their meeting it was evident that they
were perturbed Neither of them looked back
of cotrrgft but there was a nervous accelaratlon
of speed na they swept out ofMlght around the
corner There was no question that both men
had been tremendously shocked by the discov
ery that they were dressed In a fashion that
was precisely similar V Though they knew the
rumor that flew up and down Fifth avenue to
the effect that they patronized the same tailor
was false yet they were nervous and 111 at ease
over the lack or originality they had both
shown No one knew exactly where Mr Wall
went but it is certain that ho showed up in
an Incredibly short time In attire that was
notably and pointedly out of the ordinary
run It was not the material so much
as It was tho cut A Parisian tailor
was responsible for the oddity In out
line of the garments The coat was very
long tailed four button and cutaway the
trousers roomy and Ironed so that the creases
stuck out like whip cords The waistcoat was
exceedingly low at the neck giving a view of
the heavily ribbed shirt and a ribbed cravat ot
precisely the same material The points ot the
collar were turned very far forward The boots
were patent leather with elaborately trimmed
uppers and the gloves very lIght in shade as
Indeedwas the suit the color > of wiich by the
Waywas svety dark bztiwa with subdued
stripes of maroon
VMr Billiard was seento jnmplntoa
when he arrhedjit Broadway after his abrupt
departure from Fifth avenue and rolled hastily
up town Loss than half an hour later ho
bounded out on Fifth avenue again and started
briskly toward the Park An extraordinary
metamorphosis had taken place Shorn of his
beaver hat and the dignity which a frock coat
Imparts he looked like a ruddyfaced boy He
was topped by a lowcrowned fawncolored
Derby bat which was matched to perfection by
fawncolored gloves He wore white linen re
lIeved at the neck by a scarlet tie while a pur
pie satin waistcoat embroidpred with green
stars could be seenthrough the opening of tho
negligi suck coat The trousers wore rough
tweed and the raltern of the same material
A cambric handkerchief with scarlet tracing
to match the cravat peeped from the pocket
of Mr Hllllards coat and he carried a silver
tipped stick For halt an hour he strolled In
Fifth avenue and so dldBerry Wall But fate
had turned against them and they did not
meet again
Jersey City has a handsome new theatre the Academy
of hook boils and managed by Wo J Henderson a
man of wealth and experience Ills policy u Indicated
by a first week with Fanny Davenport la Fedora and
the ensuing week beginning this evening with Minnie
Palmer In My Sweetheart U to relieve Jersey City
people from the voyage across the river to she the popu
lar star successes From Hiss Davenport to Mis
Palmer comprises a wide rang of popular acceptance
One more New York bps a variety theatre pen to
those who ao not wish to go far from Broadway for their
amusements Tony Pastor baa returned with a company
which he has employed on a long tour and It Is to be
presumed tbmt he will recover his house from a spell of
bard usage
An electrical exhibition Is a present testate among
the many at the American Institute
The weeks operas at the Thalia present Boetel and
Junkermann In several familiar roles besides a Thorn
day novelty In Purchlancht
The Eden Must Is again open with Le lloulls Bower
show added to th usual curiosities beauties and music
of the place which has become crowded with exhibits
The Bowers however are only for a week
The largest assemblages of feminine beauty In America
are at professional or authors matinee In this
oily On these occasions the house Is practically free to
actresses at a Urn of disengagement At one of them
ast week six hundred women were theta and th ma
orlty were young actresses ranging from Mr Langtry
ot beauteous fame to exhibit from the burlesques and
comic opera choruses Laogtry sat between a girl from
the mule but lovely rear row ot a current travesty and
a pupil from a school of acting either ot whom was
generally pronounced handsomer than she When It la
considered that physical beauty is the most Important
element In the selection ot actreuta and that New York
is the market for histrionic aspirants It can be believed
that ao audience so largely composed of actresses waa
marvellously handsome A good photograph ot that
crowd with their vast variety of beautiful faces and
their bold pkturesaa > nM of attire would be a picture
Oar Deer GoodKnonli
James H Broslln of the disc House arrived
borne yesterday after several months travel through
Europe us said that be had nothing especial to say
about hla trip except that the beer In Germany wasnt
a bit better than American beer and thai they sell wine
over there oa draught on Sundays
Court Calendar Thl Day
BnpnnrrCoCRT CruiiBEM NOP 41 45 40
oa 7t 77 BI at 04 lIlt loo iii 114 uj ua ua
Ill 113 IW 157 rio 194 107 2O4 XW 232 J3H 341
148 240 332 2M ZL 1ST OML 213 2HD 2111 2OJ 2O4
iOi 2UU QCKIIUL TIM Recess HrtciiL TEa Part
i4aa unfinished Hoe 10 12 Ift hAt ISO 77
ISO itS 15 lit 67 174 372 231 224 Part II
Cleat ios aae xis 134 234 217 24x 247 241t 270
ESS 2S4 44 lIe 233 241 273 2US Mi Ciaimr Part I
Clear No 1912 1243 IB7H 1211 IUJ 1135
lisa I11Z 733 821 1917 477 UlbV I2UU
SSO TIB 1J34 IJ47S33 7S8 lIDS 1214 I2S7 12SS U4J
fart II Case nuOnlshed Moa M7 1051 1231 too 3O3A
4a 813 MML ttnu MU m7 tt H aao MM uw usa 1103
J ueo3 s l 1773 toSf wToiwi 7 T
art III 3aae nnnnlibe No r 51551 T Saai IRS
1123 1112 282 ISIS IIX 1I7S tOO lull 1144
lua II4SU 1004 1140 a ittrr lisH 1154 0ja
lea 1001 lies Part IViCase nnnnlshed tIne 1054
el Una 711 1043 iai DOS era D74 073 sTa 677 ma
Icl4 HH3UWU 10J7 tHU 1019 SIS LOIS 107 10162
flcaaooAns COCST Estatss of yeUclan Latasa Eliza
CI lleckelL I03JA Ml Jane Mua 104ft M wills or
Ihebe Smith John Johnston Joe Be villa Ann Handy
pI4 llmry Mh Mon II A N
rirritKioa DOUBT flrrciii Trwt ho calender FarlT
Adjourned fart 11Clear Ko ICAV ParS 111hoe
1504 25141 Part it Clear NosrJT linx
Coniiosi rLsals1clAL TIBK Koa 7 10 Egcitr
TIM Unfinished Hon xs aa fart lClssr Vix
LU 400 2HI 437 41 IK 20J 411 OU 40 Still J43 1121
5411 IW iii1 4U 414 Slit HO 417 4 IB Si 3414229
Ins imt an 937 saa 43t Tart IL Case unfinished
hoe 2X0 044 64U 4HU 501 311 612 610 333 eat M3
4SI IhuTW 44H 644
City Uocav fart 1Nos IWO On 2202 moo 2410
2ti1 3434 2434 1504 5553 2940 2291 24412 2464 25G1
30101 71411 247 2fl 2473 5074 5075 3461 24111 24143
5014 2 36 2211w tos Cite jaoa 2304 3330
2414 SItS ran lICHoo isle sill IHL S4S SItS
215L4 5090k 3I47 we im log iwriew sees
io L
alitLlcu 2350300Tall DAT
Bun rises 6 231 Sun sets 5O5 > cons tsl3 Olj
men wanui mis PAV t
Bandy Hook 1 41 Gov lsland7 a 10 flell Oat 3 H
Arrived Stnrnir Oct 23
8s Alscka Murray Liverpool Oct IS 5
Ss Bassano Bern dulL
11a Hermann Meyer Antwerp Oct 1 V
tie Lorenzo li Baker Wiley Mobile
8s Orinoco Garrln f nnnda t
Re Algler Percy Qalvesion
8s Seneca Waller WeSt Point Vas I
as Roanoke Couch Norfolk V
ft City of Augusta Catherine Savannah
Us Portia Danson St Johns NK and UallfaX V
Ee Newcastle City Thorn ton hewcsUeonTyne0 tBJ
Es Richmond Boar West Feint and Iiorfolk i
Ship Vigilant Ooold Hollo
Dark Virginia dell Guardia Albaao Marseille
Hark Veeuvlo Longobardo Uouuvldeo
Bark J W Dresser Lee man Turks Island
Bark Antonio M Hagglola Acalanov
Bark America Armstrong Barbados >
uiun rmox rouiw nan V
6s Wyornlsig from Queenstown for New York t
fi Servia from tjueenstown for Mew York
jsuuvn our g
BsOellert from New Tork at rtymonth
8 La Bourgogne from lie w York at llavr t <
V I 11 tJ
i 41
imawmrAsir ATX uoNG xn 21MO f3
cnArzo ZThlftff B2100X11fl4f
f lu
Tbe Cltlaen League JLtkttjr tsr JEpcUrM
blot and th Yemnsr Use Drsts
> Club will TaCt OA its Oca to JQtel htm
The nomination ot Comptroller Alfred Oi
Chapln for Mayor Brooklyn has aroused qn 1
thuslasm among Democrats and sent shiver 4
through the llopubllcau lines Ho will not
only poll tho full party vote but will recolv
almost tho solid support uf the Independent
element which embraces n considerable por 4
tion of use voting population of Brooklyn
There arc strong Indications already that Mr
Chapln will receive tho endorsement ot the Clt
Iwns1 League In spite of exMayor Lows ef f
forts to prevail on that organization to main 1
tain a neutral nttltudo during the oanvasa
Much as the League loo Mr LOW It > can not
It Is believed bo prevented from endorsing Mr
Chapln The Young Mens Democratic Club
ot which Mr Chopin had tho honor to bo this u4
Brat President will enter tho campaign In hit
behalf with ardor nnd oron tho Vunng flormb j
llcan Club will work for Col Baird wills little
enthusiasm 11
The campaign will basin In earnest today
Mr Chapln will tiko tile fciump Mr Low It
seems h to be Cal Biitrdn chief oratorical
champion and ho will make his Initial address
tonlchtnc a mans meeting In tho Academy of
Muilo There will bo much Interest to hear
his explanation of the causes which have led
him to abandon his principle ot nonpartisan u
politics In municipal affairs on which he waa
twice elected Maror and especially why ho
suppoi ls such an nut and out partisan as Cot
Valid pride himself on being
The nomination of William A ruroy for
HherilT the renorolnatlon nt 8nprvl orat
Large Qnlntard and the selection uf such an
ndmlrnbln ticket for Jbo mvun Aldermen At
Largo will greatly aid Mr Clmpla
The Democrats will make their Senatorial
nomlnatlonn today andtheir Assembly nomi
nations tomorrow The harmony which ban
no far marked tho council of thn party loayvit <
is thought bo Interrupted by a contest for the J
nomination In tho Hocoud district la which
there U an overwhelming Democratic major
ity The friends ot Senator rlurce believe ho
has earned a tenomlnatlon by his coume In
Albany and If ho IH put aside there la likely to
be a rumpus in tho Convention Kxrienator
Jacobs moved Into the district n few months
ngn from Now York where ho had taken up hla a
residence and It war soon given out that ho
was anxious to roJirn to the Sonata Ills 4
friends set to workS to weaken Mr Plerceai
strong hold on tho d h trlot Just what success V
has followed their efforts in behalf of Mr Ja 4
cob will bo seen whan the Convention meets
today but it Is sam that the delegates am
about evenly divided In their preferences and
that a deadlock may occur whloh will result
in the choice of a ntw candidate In such an
emergency Assumbtyman Fetor K MoCann
who bos represented the Third district at Al f
bany for three years or AssemblymanXonaley j
ot the Tenth may become the candidate im
partial judges however of the contest believe
tbntUenatorPloroe fill bo sent b clt to Albany
Tho Democrat wfll not allow Cupt Egen
F OConnor to haveTa walkover the Ti1rII V
Senate district whisk ban normal Itepubhican ot
majority of 6000 and believing that there is a
good fighting chance to redeem the district
will nominate the very strongest man that can
be found There ore unmistakable evidences
of a secret revolt nigainst OConnor all over tne >
district The friends of Ernest Nathan who I
lacked only a few votes of thenumber required
to nominate when the Convention met feel
very sore at the rejection brought about main
lylt Is said because he is a Hebrew and they I
willVnifa Mr OConnor right and left although
Mr jfathan himself to loyally supporting the
candidate EltheriJ Stewart noun a young
lawyer or George W Anderson the veteran
fireman and ono of the most popular Demo j
crats in Brooklyn will probably be chosen to V
day as the candidate against Mr OConnorV V V
ssemblymnn Earl and ezAssernblymaaj
Pariell each wants to run against Worth In I
the Fourth district The former will probably
be selected V
Almost all of the Democratic Assemblyjnn
will be penominated and In spIte of the dick
ering of the Itepulillcans with the Unite LaI
bet party it is confidently expected that then
will be no decrease In the Democratic rep
resentstlon from Kings count in Albany
The Hatters Association Is delighted with
the nomination qf Chnpin He lsourmani
said a member yesterday Viewers the flrsti
to bring him to the front In politics when he
obtained his nomination for Assembly and we
elected him In a itepnbllcan district AsStatei
Comptroller was always ready to do what
he couid for us Thehattorn will try to get
the members of other trade organizatIons tot
aid them in placing Mr Ghapln lu the Mayorw
offlce V
UcAnlire Goes Into Training Agate I
Jack McAullffo accompanied by his trainers
Bob Drew and Jack Dempsey went to his training quar
ters at Ilockaway yesterday morning If e declared bis
condition to be greatly Improved and Isald tbat under
the skilful oar of Dempsey be would appear a til rue
for his light with prosy as fbi ox silk r
BLANrlIAnDWILSONOn Tuesday Oct IS by the
Kev a R Colville Frederick K BlancUard to Claries
Blanch Wilson both nf this dry I
JAilElONlAULKNElcIn this city at tberesWene
of the bride father by inciter Frank Norton D JX 51
oIl Wednesday Oct ia 005tsoi Uonei Jaupon el S
Cullsbert Lodge liadlelib Suffolk Erland argar
lilesnor second dauihtr of Joiepis Ea net sq
Cf New York
BlIIilIIELDSTANTOX On Thursday Oct 241 sub
Central Bnptlst Church Newport IL I oy tne Bar Dr
Warren Bandolph Mule r Stanton of Xewport and
Herbert Y Shell eld ef Norwalk Oojus
8IIKRMAN WlunlK On Wednesday Oct IB at
Chrlsta ehurcl Bye N T by the UeTW r Aifop 1i
p D aisisted by the venerable Archdeacon Klrkby
D D Annie Loder daughter of Augustus W If in Eq <
of Rlo Thomas Townsend Sherman
prilRrIIOBRIHOl7On Thursday Oct 30 at St
Luke Church Wheellnr West Va Mary Adeline
daughter of b u W Morrison to Charles 11 buley at
this city
CHERBYOn Saturday Oct 22 Mary Anea wife ot i
Jsmrs i herry and beloved sister of the Rev AnrusUn
J and Elizabeth A Mclnerney i V
I uneral on Tuesday Oct as Solemn requiem mass at J
St rsters Church alio A M Kindly omit Bower
OIOLIO At 11 HI Lakes place Oct23 1687 mother
of 8 Ulrtlo exvearsnf an ioJ I k
Helatlve and friends of the family ar respeetfnllr In
riled to attend the funeral servlcenonTnesdaymornlnsv
Ort 23 at 10 oclock at ft Anthony ot Paduas Charon
lu Hulllvan at near Houston st
UIUK8IMBOn Dnnday Oct tt Robert OUltspl
ared U years J I
funeral from his lat residence yen South lit St
Krootlyn B D on Wednesday Oct M at 3 oclock
Friends of the family and Belutla Lodge K and AU 1
are resneetfnlly Invited
Mall 11On Oct iJ Cornelius P Maher jed 23
years and 8 months i
runeralaervlee will be held at his lat resident SIS
Withers IL Brooklyn K D on Tuesday Oct 33 at a
H M Interment at Calvary Cemetery
JlcANBRNKYAt Uoboken Oct0 IS87 ratriokVef 4
Anemev axed rio yean I
Friend sod relative are Invited attend the funtall
from his late residence IW Newark st Uoboken oof
Tuesday morning Oct 31 at w oclock
Thsd13 NaYu Out tt Mary wife of Thomas fj
Uoloney 1
rnneral from her late residence 138 yeast st TuesdsyJ
OeL2Sat2bP it V
fARSONH Tho lion Levi Parsons late Judge ef the
Supremo Court of California In the OOlh year of his at
i jtotlce of funeral hereafter I i
1tdnI jot1ct
The famous co leetloo of 0
CIII1IE5E FOhtCltLhNil ofcRr
Belonging to i I
of 134 Fifth avenue
Composed of selecllone from the well known collections
of Mr Michael 0 0 I of lendoni Ur lloleomtw Count
iiBSII and < mint Klecikowskr formerly French Am
btuadnr to thins and Includtni g FlMri HLUK AIU
tlLAzL11 WIilTh ANt flitEluN ADK8 nneqnalled In I
this eoeslry CIIYSTAI AOATES 40MlullllAh4I4
amusrkahl6lutofCTlIKIHl8NLrVBiTrLil Inpir
ctlslncUii crystaL state and oIlier hoard stones
how on view and to be sold by suction
Nov a 3 and 4 at 3 oclock etch day
n jraelle Is eautlernd aialnst sadlu any adnrOt I
Baudeelfiiedjro TUa soil throojb the adverthUf
eVdstlto of J r rhUll Co p W Sidle is Mv 1sf y1
I 1 V
1 r V

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