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Bor B Fit af Hyiterlc
BntrxaviSLii IqoiLA Urge crowd stood
t l c s
o the platform o Uia station thU nomine
waiting t Md the Chicago delegation which
had ooroe to interned w G Oxleaby I
behalf o the condemn Art On te
a o the train thi delegation at once pro
ceeded t the her of the labor dele
gation T Chicago Amnesty Association
wanpienl d by L 8 Olivet E A 8teen
end 3 B Buchanan o the Labor Enouirar
Prot William Baiter and H D Lloyd had a set
o petitions which thy Intended t Ur 1 before
SOT Ogtsby Op Black baa oIe charge of
t main petition and of te there a 1
May thai I required a separate trunk t con
Tt7 them h H Buchanan who made a
estlmtU of a the petlUona sent in from a
twrt of the country says that there a slay
J 0 t Ct er tat te er
ea Balk o name begging for clemency
The delegation o labor people consisted of
9 E Q Samuel Qompers L J Farrell
adJdwardKlqc I I said they had a petition
tition w lOOJOOO name attached On a
count of the rain and bad weather the delega
tion vrhlehwa t start fo the State House at
9 A It was delayed a little
Wa Capt Black and Qn Trumbull a
rived a the State Capitol they were Informed
that G OfjMby h not ret arivod On a
count of thisa half hours delay followed The
doors of the reception room were thrown open
at OHO A M and the different committees filed
1 There were nearly a hundred present
Oapt Black was presented t the GoTemorat
once the latter greeting the lawyer with h
extended had attar which he turned t a
sail tble at the aide of the rm
A few minutes later all was as still as death
and CapC Black advancing to the corner of the
a Cp aTac te
table at which GOT Ogleaby sat began to read
w Ocelby e b ra
h address The relit Ires of the condemned
mea sat I a semicircle to the left of the
speaker CWt Black first began b reading
the general petition which had been signed by
the men themselves The lawyer had read only
a few sentence when he came t the passage
which said that never before the day of the
Hare riot had a elude meeting of the
Anarchists bean interrupted by the police At
this point GOT Ogleeby Interrupted and asked
U he WM t understand that statement a b
taw the troth
Y 0 B responded the lawyer ad fur
thermore that very meeting was attended by
Mayor Harrison himself who remained there
until within twenty minutes of the riot
1 tet mut rot
Oapt Black took twenty minutes t read the
petition tod when he closed held HTh
b been signed by H hal Schwab Samuel
nIden and August Spies The reason that
the aeeiued Parsons Fischer EngeL and In
c not append their names t this paper was
because they assert that they have forwarded
t your Excellency their autograph letters ad
d think H necessary t sign this
The petition recited the history the offence
for which the petitioners a condemned I
l KW > DoraUTlaeaTto throwing that they
had no knowledge o the tact that I was to b
thrown and that they h always counselled
sad ono peace
G Black asserted that the men h not
had a fair trial and that Judge Gary and
states Attorney Grinnell bad joined I a
recommendation fa clemency for Piciden and
Schwab Be said in conclusion
Now u Excellency you sit outside the
pale o public prejudice and passion you at
C the high eat representing thl people of the
greet State of Illinois Beside yon sUe mercy
1 her kindest mood and from your place you
can sit these things right without being
touched by public clamor r you can decide from
this seat of power where mercy tempers jus I I
dee If yon grant this pita of mercy it Trill b
a grand example of the wisdom of the framers I
Hour fundamental law which gave mercy In I
tolustlee the person of your Excellency a band maiden
Coot Bloac speech was a eloquent appeal
Tb reception room was as quiet as a tomb
while be spoke and his words went straight t
the besot of every one present He closed and
GeL Trumbull promotlr arose and said be
w14hdjo raise lila voice for mercy
M TmmboU did not hold the attention
either of the Governor or of t assembled
as Capt Bk d He only occupied two min
utes While he was speaking the auditors had
iz ovDQrtnntLy of glancing around and no
tctei the effect of Copt Slacks remarks upon
the women present The face of August Spless
othar 4id grown more sad and large tears
wits I her eyes GretehsnBples bad lost her
pdhthneu o morning and was weeping
a 0 ATKAXCX srxixxss nn
W Gop Tram bull had finished Capt
Black 1troduced George Schilling to the Got
e cbUhthg merely took the magistrates
hand ad turning round Introduced r
Cora Biohmond the clairvoyant The lady
riveted betsy upon th wall just over GOY
Ogissbs head She h spoken only a few
obn en she closed a sentence by saying
oJet result cannot b estimated U you
edema these men
H t lady interrupted the Gov
ernor but 1 can condemn no one
Perbapa not replied 1 Blchmond but
rour decision will hare the same effect The
world f waiting for Jur t decision a it did
that of the other court You yourself a the
bead 0 a court of executive clemency and It i
IOTOU in that position that I speak I
The speaker soon dropped tbe clemency Issue
ind appealed fa th sake of public policy Tho
Ionrpordid not listen with the feeling that
be did t < pt Block Often h brow were
eep t wrinkle b Qat bis shining glasses
and hIs fingers toyed nervously with the seam
1 his mlautw trousers 1r Ulchmond spoke fort I
A erexot THAT zoua ira OOTCBVOB
After she bad finished the Hon Elijah M
HaN of the Legislature ap
peared to raise h ole against capital punIshment
uhment After a while be dropped that ques
tion and began t argue the question of jus
flOe HT1 is no question of mercy be cried
It I one of justice to ourselves Hanging
these men will not stop anarchy Champions
will rise as w as yon kill them off People
1 fu oI
howl that the street will tem blood If
tt te a 1 wt I
these men a not executed I say blood will
flow if they a exeut w
At this point Gov Oclenbr became quit zest
less end bent over his papers as i to Indicate
tat be bad beard eno p The speaker lok the
hint lad closed alter he had spoken nearly
threequarters of a hour George Schilling
then requMtMl permission forSenatortitreoler
t sneak lo the State Snar ttter
b Governor replied that a system ought to
Si sqangeo hi that one or two rm could say
all I wlll hear the to
a wi he tstnator an you say he
remarked1 and wu Ihen announce a recess
tutU 1 omO but I would suggest r
too many speak for they cannot tat
lug temhea However wish to hear all
you have t say a
Senator ttrtr then read the Petition of
the boosters which ra te pUtlon
te tpatr wbeh k for a renriexe of
thirty days He said he thought that In thin
dar public opinion would b volutinnlzed
olnon e olullnle
thst the Governor could do nothing else than
commute the sentences The bcnatfr1 re
marks uovsrnor seemed t have some weight with the
At 11 oclock tb morning session was over
When tb meeting adjourned the women 1 bud
died together in a corner and said but little
Their mat sorrow was apparent and they
jrsre la to themselves J H Uuchanon took
fir 1 Van Zandt tbe father of Nia b the arm
and Introduced him t GOT Ogleiby The
Governor rose and said Oeby
a N Im you from r r met Oi Mr Tan Zandt Where
The father of Nina was much embarrassed
but when be had explained who he was the
Governor sold Ah e 1 mUht fime known
bui hud fofKotton Gem thtlnl and Ltt
Oliver carried the trunk containing S > t
flons In front of the Oo ernor Tgkpg out t
large ple Ur Oliver said N The petition con
tarn the names of Gaooo people living 1 in Chi
cago The Governor requested a affidavit
nd Oliver replied It will be
t tat a Olm rpe wi b
I a t atop bh
rat offlco Mrs Black stopped hm She
was permitted t speak a few sentence when
the Governor Interrupted her with Excuse
mnmndsni but I should like to take care of
this cane myftolf Tho man in whom all hone
was centred finally forced his way out rf hr
crowd and alter he had reached the open air
walked along toward tbe Executive Mansion
taking the middle of the street It was a
memorable atebt s the wives and friends of
te frnd
I the condemned men stood In front of the o
tol and gazed Icuro with tearstained eyes at the retreating
The Iriends of the Anarchist held a meeting
at the Leland Hotel at noon t select persons
to address the Governor during the alternoon
dur atorno
The pleadings began at 2 Messrs hailer
and Campbl of th Trades AssemblIes were
the Ont speakers They were followed by
I William Orvllle nnd wr flow J
Shellbnrgof Detroit llloh and RopresantAtive
CG DIxon of Chicago Mr Bnrapasof the
Central Labor Onion of New Duraju Quinn
Master orkmnn and Frank Farrell repre
senting Dlvlalon 49 of New York Trades Assembly
sembly also addressed the Tes They
were followed br George C Schilling who pr
Hinted a petition from the Iron Moulders
Union of Chicago to which two JondeT
ceased policemen belonged asking clemency
A onrr TiLT D OL
A telling point by the moray seekers w
made in the afternoon almost at the onUot
tae atmon
U Ullam Urban representing the Central Labor
Union of Chicago over 10000 worklngmen
was addressing the Governor The shooting
of Begley by the Pkikorton men at the stock
yards was Instanced br Urban as a case where
a murder was committed by a member of the
1 ommUe mombr
Pinkprton Agency In the employ of the Pack
ore Union and the controlling spirits of the
Ue eplrt 1e
organization were not held responsible for the
crime of an individual member The le
seemingly Interested the Governor strongly
and he called for the repetition of the sentence
concerning the stock yard murder
Tho Governor seemed I possible t grow
more and more deeply impressed a the IW mo
ment fitted and the bystanders d not full t
mark the care with whloh be ordered each peti
tion carefully arranged for his future refer
ence and his solicitude In obtaining the name
address and standing of each spokesman
Gradually the friends of the condemned b
came more and more hopeful 8 the demeanor
of tbe Governor plainly showed that the mOt
thorough investigation with the broadest
views and the kindest spirit would b given t
the arguments und the petitions
A colloquy betwei Samuel Hampers Pros
olouy GmJr P
dent of tbe Central Trades Union of New York
and the Governor helped the feeling of hone
materially though just why it would b dim
cult to say Mr Compere bad reviewed tbe
history of the eight hour movement In 1615
and narrated the incidents which led up to the
strike at McCormlcks reaper works and the
meeting th Uaymarket When the Governor
met Mr Gompers as to the methods proposed
posed by the National Eighthour Convention
at Washington I lBS whether they were
peaceable lawful and fanable1Gompr
said Yea
Then sold his Excellency your object
was t reduce the hours of labor that others
might employment by peaceable means 1
M es sir
I I possible that the laboring men would
regard I as an old t their movement that a
certain political or other organization should
attempt to use force I compelling the adop
Lion of tbe eighthour plan or would force b
regarded as a retarding Influence by the work
fard1s te
Any attempt at force answered Mr Gom
per AT would b condemned There is no
doubt whatever that the bomb thrown at the
Haymarket killed the eighthour movement
The Governor asked several other Questions
as to tbe scope and Intention of the Eighthour
law That gentleman speech disavowing
totally any approval of tbeAnaroblsts theories
or methods but begging raoroy for them made
a great Impression on the audience and also
on the Governor te a
The Governor then received the relatives of
the condemned Anarchist the audience being
excluded Up to a late hour this evening tile
Governor was still holding a private Interview
with trend and relatives of the Anarchists
i He ha given no expression a to his inten
tions and it I not likely that any decision will
be given tonight I was said this afternoon
that Spless brother would lay a letter before
the Governor from bpies this evening It i
asserted that Mr Grinnell said in his speech
before the tlal that I Spies should hs banged
thalstr wonlrl ha oll flort I loUaJJBptoa
aaia that tbooaBtgneg of h comrades 1
commuted and that he may die thereby intis
cmmut tat Slrnond0UnbT
wSMrrGrinnS eU
tying lr Ornnela demand terb
Among the petitions that were presented to
te ottona
the Governor was this from prsnt t
n Ui cxcatrner siaiaraj Oilatit
H As supplemental to the petition heretofore
ptton hrtfor
signed by me 1 desire t say that I realize
tbat many utterances of mine in connection
with the labor agitation of the post expres
sions made under intense excitement and
often without any deliberation were Injudi
cious and immature These 1 regret bellov
lug that tbey must have had a tendency t ex
cite to unnecessary violence oftentimes I
protest again that I had no thought or purpose
of violence in connection with the Haymarket
meeting I did not attend I and I have al
ways deplor the result of that meeting a
MeMniWM Salter H D Lloyd and 8 P
McCornell of Chicago had an interview with
the Governor from I to 6J P 1 They bad pe
titions from Judges Tuley Moron hat
Allister exJudge Booth Marvin Hughitt le
C Goudy Lyman Trumbull and many other
prominent citizens The Governor listened to
those with tbe closest attention and talked
with them freely about the situation Mr Hal
ter nid later he was not liberty t tell all I the
Governor raid but he would say that his Ex
cellency wax evidently laboring with the que
Ion and spoke very frankly of the difficulties
of the situation Tie Governor I reply to a
remark sold
M I am clad you did not wait till tonight to
come down for I must In justice to these men
decide the question before me very 1n It
will not do to delay much longer
Pr u ud Poblle Thick h Oackt C JI
1 be Oar la cIa
CC0 Nov Governor bored Anarch
late excited women crying police disgusted
everybody wondering thats the situation but
to an outsider seems clear enough that while
there I a possibility that the Governor will
commute the tonteuee of poor old Fleldon
who in some respects I worse than any of
them and of Schwab whose life is
ad le I really of no
account to himself or anybody else there will
be an execution here on Friday next and either
seven or five on the rope w b the outcome
But why Flelden 1 you ask I dont wonder
at the question as Fielden was for years the
champion spokesman boss threatener and
wholesale dealer I anathemas the gang pos
sessed Nat Goodwin was in the jail when
Fielden was brought In and beard him st > y I
am glad of it and 1 wIsh more had been killed
But that you see was a year and a half ago
and tho dead policemen were long since for
gotten But Fleldens friends have prebenUd
a petition to the Governor which seta forth h
merits a a littt > lower only than those o
angels and Judge Gary says
N Outside of what I shown In the record of
the trial there 1 the nature and private char
acter of the ma A natural love of jnstioean
impatience at undeserved suffering a im
pulsive temper and a intense love of and
thirst for the applau of h hearers made
him an advocate of force a a heroic remedy
for the hardships that the poor endure In h
own private life he wo the honest Industrious
and peaceable laboring ma In what he said
In court before sentence be was reapectfcl and
decorous His language and conduct since
have been Irreproachable There I no m
< enD that he knew of any preparation t
do the specific act of throwing the
bomb that killed Decan H does not under
stand eren now that general advice to large
masses to do violence makes him responsible
for tbe violence dOle by the reason of tat a
10 nor that being joined with others I an
effort t subvert law and order by forcemakes
him responsible for the act of those others
tending t make that effort effectual i or
be was more a misguided enthusiast than a
cm conscious o the horrible nature and
effect of his teachings and of h responsibility
therefor What shall b done I h case I
partly a question of humanity and partly a
question of State policy upon which It seems
to me action on the a of your Excellency
favorable to him 1 justifiable
Now what do you think of that 1 And on top
of this Hut Attorney now Judge GrinnsU
saysSchwabs conduct during the trial and
when addressiaB the Court before aentenee
1 Jlsldes was dsoaroM 1
I law and commendable I feel tat you should
know this fact which exists alone 1 to these
two Schwab and Fielden It I my further de
sire t ear tbat I believe that Schwab was the
pliant weak tool of a stronger will and more
delln nu Schwab Hem b friend
less At thin date no other application baa
been made to me and U made I have no
mae me mao
further suggestions or recommendations t
offer A to the two above named I do not
feel like putting any obstacle In the way of a
commutation of their sentence t Imprison
ment for 11e although I should have preferred
for to have received from Schwab a sUte
ment similar In character t tat from Fielden
opinion which I a great factor I h favor I my
Mr TtifrtiMq who assisted I the prosecution
added a word of approval and Judge Tuthlll
wrote the following
In view of tbe above statements of Judges
Gary and Grinnoll and Mr ham touching
Bidden and Bohwab and a well i consider
ation of what I myself know of the facts of the
case as affecting these two men I sincerely
recommend and hope that Executive clemency
may b extended t each of these men
Judge Jamioson added h approval and Mr
Johnson left for Springfield lost night and laid
the papers before the Governor today Judge
Gary and M Grinnell w take no steps I
favor o the commutation of any of the other
condemned men There i reason for thinking
that the Governor will b favorably impressed
with the petitions I the cases of Fielden and
Schwab and that be w commute their sen
tences to imprisonment for ll while the other
Anarchists will all hang At this writing how
Aalt811 al be t wrll
ever when nothing Is known suspense is the
universal attitude There I nothing new at
the jail nothing new In the streets ad un
JI not1 change te the beans and
breasts of the widows and orphans already
made or of the wives and children who look
forward to Friday morning with terror and apprehension
Llnggs deltant attitude his caged hyena
bearing hU Idiotic expressions ol contempt
for the human race In general and the official
portion thereof in particular have brought
about their normal harvest I seems strange
tei 10na
that toward one who stands literally in the
tat Ole
shadow of the gallows from whose uplifted
bAm will fall with unerring mark a noose on
Friday morning there should b any baling
other than that of pity and commiseration
but as a matter of fact the community I divided
vided s lar a he I concerned between con
tempt and disgust I wan predicted in these
despatches last night The tone of the
public and of the press have absolutely
changed and today without exception
chan toy Chicago to the
other and in every newspaper is expressed
noepapr expr
the hope that Lines In any event will swing
and that no strainvd mercy will b Shown to
either of his companions Linggs manner
toward his confederates I not calculated to
elevate him In the estimation of any ooe lie
declares himself perlectly ready t die
in fact be rather glories in the pros
pect of an early departure but bo
OU a arur
manliest a singular disinclination t
go alone He wants oil tbe little bad to b
IO aone him In the words of the old 6ng he
says M We a seven and be ant to keep
that mystic number upon the scaffold as It was
in their original conspiracy The flamboyancy
of Spies I considerably moderated but the
calm uulinpaonlunrd declarations of 1arsons
cam ar unchanged The man Is a cool as I
cucumber and a calm as a June morning
Imagine him with bis wife and mor
Yesterday the little ones were permitted to
see and romp and play with tbelrfatner und
his wife with a businesslike air contented her
self with what are now commonplace uter
I nnces words of cheer and inspiration along
nnc Ino WOr8 their extreme thought Today
1 knowing perfectly well that she cannot see him
again lire Parsons talks about her husband
and his fate a quietly and as coolly a though
she were discussing the cut of a new gown or
the issuing a fresh pamphlet She was asked
odmihbsbaa not bee up to the JW
and she replied there was no special u
In going rPe teo could onl p her
husband A ter ae cu yell at him
across twelve feet of space In tl hearing
of a mob ol morbid onlookers and a for a
taking the children there again sbe certainly
would neverdo e They bad taken her bua
110uld from his comparatively comfortable ceU
and put him in what no one would call other
than a dungeon and she much preferred that
her children who are now sneered at and In
sult by their companions in the public
school should b able to remember their
father as they lost saw himhappy lad tu
of life and fun and jollity rather than to recall
call him as a dusky form many feet away in
an impenetrable dungeon where they would
not b permitted to go and from which he
could not come
That Nina Van Zandt is JUt this aide of
lunacy Is perfectly clear Her will 1la strong In
one direction only and in that one direction
she Is I a monomaniac Sbe called at the jail
today and admittance was refused her She
has had her last talk she ba had the last view
of her 6 t speak husband and must now
content herself with rmllnca When told
this morning that she could not enter and
would not b permitted to see Spies again
abe went away very sorrowful and later
I In tbe day gave way to uncontrollable
I fits of hysterics which warrant tho gravest
I apprehensions for her mental and physical
future r Patrons I the plucky one the
I a the ttrst it will b remembered share
her husbands pillory in the court room She
was tho first to go upon the street Ind by the
sale of papers 10 books t do what she could
to help along the pecuniary situation and she
will b the lat of all the group men and
L women to give the fain est Indication of yield
f ing of cowardice mental moral or physical
She has touched this point of philosophy To
day she discussed calmly her husband funeral
so Ifuner
and said distinctly and I terms that she
had mode every arrangement for that disagreeable
agreeable event but declined t communicate
the details t the Inquisitive potion who
broached the subject ThIs by the way u
give yoU some Idea of the tenure to which
this woman Is subjected by people who regard
her very much iui they do the fat woman In
Barnums or the twobeaded girl In the circus
Chicago has bad the Bide show 6 long that
both officials and citizens came t regard It as
the proper caporfor strangers and all curiosity
seekers to go pr the jai approach A near A
the limit would permit and t stare at the un
fortunate men while they ate took their ex
ercise had their brief Interviews with their
families or sweethearts and transacted their
routine business with lawyers or other In
terested persons The consequence r such
as m pnnL been expected Lings was
enabled t make his bombs Spies ba Inflated
himself with Importance to a Inordinate de
gree Parson ha written and published
enough t stock a young library and all con
cerned have glorified themselves and their
cause until they came regard themselves
and to b recorded by others a flntclai
barnes In a pretty bad box
All this is ended and now that there men can
no longer receive visitors will no longer b
open t public gaze will no longer have that
food of flattery lor which their selfooneeit and
flatulent vanity clamor I expect to find a pronounced
flounced and decided change In their demeanor
To b eure1 the Governor does not Interfere
and It L not likely he will there Is i but brief
opportunity for them to chance very much but
I belinve they will utilize canl er hourollt That
thai friends already entertain this view I evi
dent I think ary the proceedings taken in
the County Court today In tb > Intercttt of
Liogif and Sple l a writ of Injunction being
asked with the cheeky cuceeotion that the
bearing b put down for a week from today
This I view of the near approach of Friday
whlcn Is the day 01 execution mildly Indicate
the d speratlon of the men and their counsel
State Attorney Grinnell made very short
Urncl mae
work of the matter He characterized aor
h anolberof Solomons tricks denied the right
aoterot Slomon trc denie 1e nht
of the County Court to interfere al any time
and showed the Impertinence 01 a attempt to
Indu sowN with the rights ot the State at
so feUrniCcant a moment so this The Court
sustained Mr Grinnell Ideas and declined t
entertain a further proposition made by the
eouuMl for the prisoners on the basis of a
I probable refusal by the Criminal Court to lIsten
to the proposition asking U In case the Crim
inal Court declined to Interfere this court
would listen to an argument The cor
litn Jude
dined to consider the proposition at all sayine
cnler a
that It was premature that h could not teU
what the other court might do and It would b
folly for him to argue from unknown premise
foi hm t fm unknowJlmi
Whereupon the attorney indicated h deter
mination t th atome Superior Court before
Judge Gary who t will be remembered was
the trial Judge
te heavy tall of rain has not only soaked the
le te
streets of Chicago r dampened the ardor of
the curiosity mongers and tee Anarchist sym
pathizers who In other dan have flocked in
score and hundreds to the jail contented to
stand and look at lu walls of stone and prja
Into at to the mission of the various eoplo
who wins in or came out It is interesting to
hear the condemned men talk of coups cot
bON of any Importance enceald in their
Impao ea
pbrsalnso but because tnding O lie nt
fLaY are the prominsot flvrea In wora
U a pr1nt b
Booorama today It I also tetereetlng
t bar w tbafe sjgipmhlawi 8 a 3
it I peculiarly noteworthy I think t mark tbe
dividing Int The men In Jail Insist that as
they did not throw the bomMhey a not mur
I I deters t that not biD guilty tbey or at least a
I majority of them eaanot ask for pardon oro
for mercy and Jht thtrafore they become
martyr while their friends among the people
on the outside arguethat I these men r
hanged benefited tl e mass ot Anarchists will 11 Immensely
Aa a matUrof fact i ha been fully estab
Ube by proof that these eoodimned men
wero engaged in a conspiracy to stir up a so
cial revolution by weans of murder All their
D18 teir
a 1 parties t that conspiracy proved a
murderous intent Home ot them prepared
dynamite bomb Other gave instruction In
the manufacture of O murderous mUallea
Others by speech atl In wrUng encouraged
recommended a urged their use fO the
commission of murder They counselled sink
lug workmen to murder the men who refused
Ia worlmll t lure rf
t employ them They exhorted a mob of ruf
fians to murder certain policemen who r
dispersing them Thar called the same ruffian
N To arms tem Ttieid comrade whom
ar cmre
tb policemen had dbpersed while In the act
of destroying property and attacking peacea
ble workmen with deadly missiles pa
In tbs gathering thee called for the purpose
of revenge the murderous work they advised
I rn te wor
oouneelled encouraged and urged was perpe
trated with woapoa prepared for that purpose
br them and according to the instructions
Their pDIbltfl the crime o conceived
ore oaelnd
contrived and committed would not have been
more complete If each of them bad as
sisted in ligbtingiho fuse and carting the imple
ment of death In favor of murder committed
in this manner by persons who call themselves
Anarchist the Governor 1 asked 1 dlscrlml
Bate by commuting the sentence of death t
life in a prison The discrimination asked for
cannot be limited t the malefactor now under
sentence To grant It In this ease would be t
assure the evangelist of the Anarchist Ietho
of murder that tbey could expect from Execu
tive clemency the ltss favor In all future lie
tr a
oaten would be a precedent giving them to i
understand that murderers who cal themselves
I Anarchists and despatch their victims I guar
dians of the public safety they will mostly b
I until the H social revolution ha glncd a
I strong footing with Anarchist weapons In tbe
Anarchist fashion are not to b exterminated
a other murderers but a t live In order
that the Anarchist cause may not die olr
prison until their copartners in the deadly for
eign crime tbat h been imported with perni
out cious foreigners Into this land shall get them
I I a mistake to think the Anarchist senti I
mnt i conlled to the fellows now e near
theirropesend e I aluslrUol Fr I
Kort rps EmU Wen two wel kown AD I
I archists were before Justice Lyon this morn
I lug the former charged with conspiracy and
carrying concealed weapons and the latter
clnl cn ae yPI later
with conspiracy alone Tho eases were con
tinned until the 16th Inst I bonds of 2000
and llSOO respectively in default of which
tbey were locked on hoist and Wende a
members of a regular Anarchist grouo which
umbers thirtysix members and meets every
Friday and Wednesday evening In the Lake I
View Turner Hal flaMed street and Fullerton I
I avenue On last Wednesday evening It was r
solved by the group t purchase arms and
Korst who was formerly gunsmith and the I
owner of a shop on Milwaukee avenue where
OWer guns of eop Letir WM Vrnr Verem were repaired
paired was Instructed to purchase twelve revolvers
volvers for his associate About thirty dollars
was collected and he went down town t pur
chase the pistols The group bad been inspected
pected for some time and while the meeting
was in progress an officer was in hldl1 I the
room and heard the whole affair A watob was
rm hea
placed on the the two men and they were
arrested as they returned t a a
aate 8 rtume
loon on Division street near Clybourne
avenue with four revolvers In their
possession The guns were of improved make
tfsealoD Impl mae
and cost at wholesale I each 1 was part of
the plan for Korst who could purchase the
wo te
arms at wholesale to do e and sell them to
other members ot the group for money with
which to purchase more In order to allay suspicion
t mor
picion the exchange and sale were to b made
t > y Wende A young attorney In mae
ZeUlers office said that the men bought the
revolvers t take borne for the protection
their families pn
tei fea
Chicago is In readiness and waits only for
the titateLthrovafa tt I eoreet ntaUre tha Oov
ernorr It mmu ratragelhat b nasnot tone
since commuted those whom he intend t
favor and settled the fate of the men t de It
I hardly like starting for Liverpool when It
makes but trilling difference whether one goes
this Saturday or next Wednesday It isnt fair
to the wives and babies It is not the square
thing to the SherI Surely I is a manifesta
tion of Indifference t the feelings of tbe cal
ton AnarcnUts in jail and it is particularly
exasperating t the newspapers of the land
I I almost a bad as watchlngdaya and I
night to the death oi Commodore T aderbUI
An Effort t Ham Ulm Jtxamlae Lad Delay
la JExccullaa
CHICAGO Nov DDr James G Kieroan
the former Warden of the Cook County HO
la for the Inf ane filed a petition in the
County Court today charging the fact to b
that Louis Lines the Anarchist bomb maker
under sentence of death I insane and that it
would b for the benefit and for the safety of
the community that be b confined I a State
hospital for the Insane The facts In the case
the petition alleges can b proven by the petitioner
titioner and by George E Detweller Ferdi
nand Spies Ida S les Henry Spies Chris Snles
r Kuttieman Guetav Pack Louis Zetter
Mr Linnemeyer and r Bentleln a resi
dents of Cook county The petition further
states that Llngg ha no property or effects
and pray that a writ for the body of Louis
Lines b issued and a venire of six good and
lawful men b mae to determine the truth of
t allegations and also that subpoenas for
te witnesses earned b ued returnable at
such time 8 may b fixed by the County Court
and that Ltngg b declared a insane person
after due hearing and proof The petition was
dated Nov 9 and sworn to by Dr Klernan
Judge Prendergast promptly decided tat he
could do nothing in the case knowing as be did
who Llngg was and that he was In the county
jail on a criminal charge and under a sentence
ot death Ihe attorney In the proceedings
Mr V V Hunt argued that the Court could
not know authoritatively that Llneg wa in ja
as no evidence had been given ana lie Court
was only to judge ot the points brought out I
a loeal way I
The Cur Insisted tat be could use his private
Tate Information in some cases and this in
bis opinion was one In which It was necessary
wa n8sur
He sold emphatically that be would not
issue tile writ without doe aotC having bon
given 10 the Blairs Attorney
Tho attorney at once wrote out a notice t
Mr Gnnneli and said he would try to have the
other elde represented at 2 oclock today
when be hoped to receive the writ I
The notice was served on States Attorney
Grinnell about 1 sne It simply Informed
the latter that the motion for a writ of inquisi
tion directed t the Sheriff commanding h
to bring Louis Llngg before the Court for trial
for Insanity had been 1e When the argu
ment commenced this afternoon the case
which the counsel for the condemned c
make was the showing of sufficient grounds t
warrant the Court in luuing tbe writ on the
Sheriff commanding Lineg t b brought from
h cell before Ihe Court
Judge Prendergaat cut the proceeding short
lt t
by refusing to interfere in Lfnggs behalf and
sustaining States Attorney Orinnells argu
ment that the prisoner was out of the jurisdic
tion of the County Court
The Court said that it wonld not undertake
I to pee on the can until tbe Criminal Court
refused t do e and Mr Hunt anuounced tat ur
> e intended carry the matter to the latter
tribunal c morning Messrs Hunt
and Kiernan late this afternoon went t the
Criminal Cur and Died a petition for a in I I
quiry into Llngga sanity with Ue Clark alter
Uee ae
which they sought Judge Bakers court room
Jud cor rm
to lay tor mater before him and ask him to
intenere The Judge was not In and they
went out on the street t find him In CM
they do not succeed in petting the case before I
Judge Baker tocclit ttey wiH appear before
him tomorrow morning
suixo Ja A WKIT or nuns OOBPDS
Attorney Moses Salomon lat thlsafternoon
obtained the elgitatu e of ples Fildn
Schwab t a petition for a Writ of habeas cot
Pu The grounds upon which the Writ fa wed
are that the judgment of the Supreme Court of
the State was IlSeal In that it acid the judr
men should be affirmed instead off Jne Judi
menu in each ease also that the defendant
should be In court at the time the judgment
the Court was rendered and that atThat time
theyjijeretn the Cook county lall Tbe peti
tion will belaid before one of the Judges ot the
Criminal Court tomorrow morning
awls AT vas ran
The AnarchistS were not permitted out ol
their cells today In a remote part of the Jail
a few deputies were pert toting the flnal pre
Umlnarle needful to the erection of the gal
lows 4 ret this lastruaMthM not been re
moVed from the etarage room M ererytibui
M im AH VMaJuUn MWMI M ff wsr > Afem w MM A figmtmm fj tv
gather of the framework pt fJh gallows and
that can be done in a very little while
HOT the Ont time since the Supreme Court
paesed on the case admittance was denied to
lien Van Zandt 8ha tolled up the Iron stain
In the rain took refuge In the closed entry and
a moment later dr white face wan appealing
and in a humble tone sue was asking permis
I sion to enter The doorkeeper book his head
MrlDe order hod been given to keep her out
R a nentfor Jailer Folz who came qutand In
a kind but very positive tone Informed her
I that he was obliged to refuse her entrance
She remained where she was holding on to
tho Iron barsamff not comprehending
wa said The jailer continued Spies t
locked up fie cant be l let out of ilLs cell and
you could not see him any way U yon did
Slowly the young woman turned away
groped her way down stair In the rain and
with painful ntep turned down the alley
Agnd Mrs Engel was permitted a brie Inter
I view with her husband Mono other ot the
wives or relative of the Anarchist called to
fee thorn Spies Parsons and Llngg remained
ont of sight in their cells
All ever town quiet but tIecUve workers
were attndlnwto moltltude of arrangements
that ma han IIOmetbw to do with the hang
lug The waterworks are being guarded no
are many of the big buildings down town
Hew wires hare been strung from the jail to
the Chicago avenue police station another
pedal wire has been put up between the Jail
and the central police nation and till another
wire between the jail and the Harrison street
polio station Should there be an uprising
and the officials do not expect any ample
means are available to check ft
STIES ygtzxcs won 8OCTRT
A llttl before noon Spies called Mr Osbome
the death watch to ht cell The Anarchist
wanted to talk jqst to relieve the horrible te
dium He talked earnestly and at consider
able length Mr Osborne said that Spies and
the others too for that matter had strong
hones that the Governor would Intercede and
prevent the execution woold Mr Osborne
said regarded himself a an apostle of the
poor and downtrodden His position toward
society and order be thought was much like
that of John Brown In behalf of the negro
slaves Were he put to death coming gener
ations would rise up and lament the execution
and his name would be an honored one among
the worlds martyrs Spies Mr Osborne said
fully believes this
This afternoon this telegram was received by
Parsons the jail
immediately petition I have prepared
for you and got Eugol and Fischer to sign it
Everything may depend upon this your lives
and others For Gods sake1 sign and wire me
at once W P BIOCX
Parsons at once declared the communication
to be a fraud as did also Fischer but Kneel
Mid Would sign If the others did The de
spatch was dated Springfield and was filed at
2 oclock P M
Linag sent for Jailer Folz today and said to
him savagely that he wanted to be let out in
the court exercise M Neln said the jailer
Mr Folz ears that Llngg shall be let out no
more until he Is taken out for the last time
A mesa xxsTALtmar or BOXBS
Dr Halloway 1010 West Monroe street
I found on his front porch this morning a round
box about three Inches long and one and a
half inches in circumference It was enclosed
in a thick covering of brown paper The box
was taken to the JJesplalnes street station and
found to contain a quantity ol saturated gun
cotton A little later in the day a bomb wa
found on the back porch of Mr Campbell
home at 11 Clarkson court It contained
enough dynamite to hove blown the house up
Numerous suspicions characters nave of late
been seen in the vicinity of Slates Attorney
GrinnellV house In Aldfne square On Tues
I day evening Officer Btatal saw a strange look
ing man loafing about the square and watched
him closely As coon aa tile coast appeared
clear the man quickened his pace and ran up
the steps of Mr rlnnells residence The offi
cer approached and the fellow ran off but was
caught after a sharp run
When brought before a magistrate today
the prisoner gave the name of William Trout
wine Tbo magistrate sent him to the Bride
well for disorderly conduct The policeman
aid that If the man had a bomb he might
easily have thrown it away before be was
caught as the night was very done
Rut FAxctao > Norft ThU telegramara
pent to Gov Ogia byloday The American
Alliance with Its Mjabersnfpot of 3000 repre
seating the AmerIc sentiment of the Pacific
coast Implores you to let the law take lie
course U regards the Chicago Anarchists con
victed of murder
PlEUDroe rsov otis THE ext
Loirootf Nov 9 A petition to the Governor
of Illinois In behalf of the condemned Anarch
ists Is receiving many signatures in London
Among the person who have signed are the
111 Stpford Oscar Wilde Stepnlak
Walter bunt and others well known At a
largely attended meeting of the Radical Lib
eral thia evening It was resolved to send a
cable despatch to the Governor of Illinois re
questing him to exercise clemency in the An
archists cases The condemned men were
epoken of as the noblest champions of labor of
modern time Henry George was strongly
condemned for his pusUanlmlty in the matter
It Is proposed br the German Federated
Trades and Labor Union to parade and hold a
meeting tonight as a protest against the exe
cution of their seven brothers in Chicago on
Friday morning The unions on the west side
will gather at Wendels Assembly Booms on
Fortyfourth street while the east side onions
will meet at Weils Empire Hall 613
Third avenue and in Clarendon Hall on
Thirteenth street The nptown organizations
will meet at Fifth avenue and Fonyseoond
street and march down to Upton square All
the other organizations will join at the meet
Ing in Union square and march with the pro
cession to the front of the Post Office where
wW disband Special efforts have been made
to get out every man possible to join In the
Col IngersolU John Swinton and Father
Huntington will not go to Springfield Ill to
call upon Gov Ogletby to ask clemency Edi
tor bchevUeh says that It would not be worth
their while aars la settled that the seven men
will bang
Master Workman James E Quinn wont on
last night to present the appeal ot D A 49
Knights of Labor to GoY Ogleeby He will
return on Saturday The committee sent on
the other day at the request of George A
Schilling of Chicago the only other repre
sentative organization from this city that will
appeal to Gov Oglesby
Mayer atrvbe Object c tbe Oratar
DAITIUOBE Nov 980me time ago Mr
William T Walters the wealthy proprietor of
the famous Walters Art Gallery offered to pre
f sent the city with a statue of the late Chief
I Justice Taney from the studio of W H Beln
bart the sam to be placed In Mount Vernon
square Invitation to attend the unveiling on
the 16th Inst had been accepted by Chlet Jus
tlofl Waite Secretary iiayard and other distin
guished gentlemen Mayor Latrobe was con
sulted concerning every detail pertaining to
the ceremony and consented to accent lib
handsome gift on behalf of the city but to
Mr Walters furprise he a day or two ago de
I clined to take part in the proceedings
because the gentleman selected to make
the presentation address the Hon 8 Teakle
Wallis during the recent campaign was ar
rayed agalnsthjm and had Nailed his politi
cal character Mr Walters 11 i indignant and
announce today that the unveiling will take
place without ceremony on the 12th instead of
the loth
Pra n far Ik C adcma d AaarckUU
SAIUTOGA Nov IA a prayer meeting of
eoarrrlll niU > u Weight prtytn wet offcr 4 for U
eoa D1D4 Cblciio AnarthliUi bit tie Mutlmtnt w u
uPfUHl that pity u4 m rvjr thoaU not orllla4o
A MTir hock ot cna kit m kit U Ccrinth
Onte jet itrdiy
Th czar aa4 bi < unity bar imue4 t lun 1 rr
4cntter tar iurda u > m now
Sir ban To pcr wa jMt rdr iet4 ta Cambtr
had M UM Ooaiiiua fvauiui by a wiry Urn isuk
henry east AaUntr lbS rrohiuu undldt
Tb ails baifcUu ft b Ml41 n Urpbut Dim at
I rjTMDor < love itu barned ysMieJar jnoraUt low
a xtml Tat case sitS Are VVM a ibundrrbou
A tI i be been aitu4 in tfct rineh L1 abrr ot
CcixitlM to taurfi Utvro barter u < l irarro the rae
ololllo towtr Seth at a coal IUUUJULUM titan
COIDI Kuaoky lbs AxtrtM lila Kiaiiitr feu no
ukaf f = t i i
Ufl4 the < rtta utmamrat at AulrUi aCSI3C of
tipcpou copralouia xtxtai eaoamul treaty
witS a rmaay tot oa U4 0niu pnod
jaCommiojiaa < SMite be rejected lie 1eco
of 145 Orates sal CaJtiovBla Unroll uoapaay for
about IOJU aero of laM U urooa wtthla la aud
flat roret Is 1M 1e ta U e pabuo 4Mala of
UtoruU4 jorttoa of UIe urans Coaual HUtiti
his Morrtck of the Basra Coors of tho DiluteS of
OotambU rurd > y 4al the apaUoattoa of tho 5w
Orlou recta Bouwor Com Boar fW aa tjJa ro
aheaD 50 scrury of th Iturlor asS the Commla
alMMrof J Boral laadOtt from carrots out ib
ordra tb Upirtnuoi rtorior 111 MlUfaen and
OIfy hoSe wiihui ladtaotijr unit vf wid rotd
To Ito Mat Coicatre CjuaWioB baa roulntf I a
Urt Caliber ef orMotu from uuu > Ores ctls la
tbMM l oa4 lorOwoMora SLaloa walaot cruuaf
the pottiiooM of r a rhai or asS irihra rprMatlaa
too t fork Boord of Trad aa TriBonrtattoa aa4
Thooui It drooa Maaooo otih MorchaaW rrolcht
M T t
irtMl M
II CM ta the V1te4 list be Barker ef
Poarl mtTor lar a Ooaita lotto
WAanxHOTcnf NOT DThe President to
day Issued a proclamation announcing the
ratification of the supplementary convention
to limit the duration of the convention re
specting commercial reciprocity between the
Halted State of America and the Hawaiian
kingdom concluded Jan 80 J 875 as subse
quently amended by the Senate The original
supplemental convention simply extended the
duration of the commercial treaty to seven
year from the date of the exchange of rati
Ueations thereof The Senate amended It by
Inserting the following
Lasses 2 Oh Majotty lbs tint of the tlawaUaa
1116114 8Tlltl 0 the GoTfIIID et U VeIled luto
Uii eluiv rlfbt tonttrUi harbor ef r orl HIrr
la tb Ward ef Oats aal ta establish a4 maintain
there a ealiaf id repsir itetios for UM M ef vooute
ef IbI United Biaui sad to bat n4 ste Pallet SteWs
nay Improvo tin oatraac lo aaU harbor sad 4 0 sU
otbtr IWBgi adfal lo the pvpot aforesaid
In iii amended form U has been ratified by
the two Government and the respective rati
fication of the samethave been exchanged and
by the Presidents proclamation of today It is
made the law of the land
H JIeeaa f o4ra Staaat OraUon for
Tralalag Ships
WASHXKOTOK Nov Commodore W 8
Schley of the Bureau of Equipment and Re
cruiting In his annual report calb ttention to
the absolute necessity two modern steam
cruising ship to take the plaee of the three
training chips now in usethe Portsmouth
Jamestown and Saratoga
Perhaps says the report there 1e no de
velopment of the modern ships quite equal to
the new highpowered machines to give them
speed and unless wa can Include the training
of firemen for these highpowered ship It
would not be overstated to say that until the
men are trained to convert the greatest
amount of coal into energy on a given grate
surface these new ships at the outset of their
cruises must lose much of their effectiveness
This would be fatal In cue of war
Legislation Is recommended which will allow
honorably discharged men to elect a home on
any of the receiving ships during the three
months within whlcn under the law they may
retallst on the ground that such legislation
would cave many valuable men to the navy
and would give them relief from the uncleanly
and miserable boarding houses of large cities
A retired list fa suggested for enlisted men
who have served in the navy thirty years so as
to put them on the same plane as enlisted men
of the army and the marine corps and a tee
ommendation ls mod that citizenship be con
ferred on aliens who bare served In the navy
and are honorably discharged
The report recommends that from those an
prentice who have served faltbfnlir and 0
clentiy until 21 year of age and who shall
reflnllst for three year and shall have passed
with credit and distinction through the ad
vanced course of instruction at Washington
and at Ute torpedo elation and shall be pro
ficient in seamanship navigation and gun
nery two of the most distinguished In their
studies and in moral qualification be exam
ined yearly for admission U the grade of en
sign in the line of promotion H needs no
argument to prove the report adds that a
measure of this kind would tend greatly to im
prove the morale of the enlisted man bat out
aide and beyond this It would be but an act of
duty and justice to a class In the service who
have contributed so largely In the past to our
victories In war
I1MI cashier of ha Iese XattaaalBaak
V ss
ST Louis Nov Development In the
Fifth National Bank suspension show fraud
and forgery and the cashier C C Crecflius
Dow under arrest charged with false entry anl
forgery President Henry OrenstoltJ would
have been arrested U not on his deathbed He I
died this afternoon He was formerly Mayor
of this city
It la reported that on the books the figures of i
more than fifty entrie have been changed It
tA further charged that on two occasions ere I
Uloaa report to the bank directors were
false Crecillus was interested in 018 concerns t I
which the bank was carrying In sums ranging
from 50000 to ttco000 each without security I
Befaeltlaa Caokler Hick ta Crt
NOBWICH Conn Nor DB 8 Hicks the
Stafford Springs Bank defaulter appeared be
fore United State Commissioner Allen Tenney
In this city today for his preliminary bearing I
This hearing had been twice postponed before
but today Mr Hicks appeared In company
with Mr A P Hyde his counsel and a number
of friend and waived examination Commie
donor Penney bound him over to the Celled
State District Court which convenes in Hart
ford the first Tuesday In December the United
States District Attorney acquiescing Mr
Hicks was placed under 140000 bond which
tie gave R Hick of New York a brother and
Merrlck Mareay of Hartford acting ae bonds
men It is I understood that Hicks will plead
guilty before Judge Shlpman then and will
probably receive not more than five years in
the Wethersfleld prison I
Blew Bawa wlta Braaalto
BBTDOEPOBT N01eThe old brick tower
the only remaining vestbre of P T Barnnms
beautiful residence Iraniston built some
forty yean ago and destroyed by fire ten rear
later was blown down with dynamite this af
ternoon The tower wa over sixty feat high
surmounted by a handsome dome The wall
contained oer 100000 brIcks The structure
was removed to clear the land for building
Th Steamer Oft a ear
QUEBEC Nov OTbo fears respecting the
steamer Oregon Capt Williams which sailed
from Montreal for Liverpool Nov 1 have been
Ht at rest by Capt RJchiudaon of the steamer
SarmatUn from Liverpool for Montreal which
has arrived hero He report passing the Ore
gon on Sunday all well twenty miles from I
Belle Isle
jormeaa ABOUT row
Wtniam AMerbrothor IE John Jacob Later keg itrtn
f iuouuu lu Ib Prnicetaal Kebcopal Cathedral
Dr Georc M Smith S3 yean old wu brad 4tad
tarty yMurder morala la hla room la the beam of
tIa a
Iiulgtirr 44 Worth utreet what bo was the aestoas
pajr leUn Kldaoy tnaUe killed him
Tb rrotTooiIro Labor petty boa Hied Bstte of apptal
to tb court of Appeal from the order of tho Sopnm
Cit Oesiral Trm ta favor of the UoJMd Lbor party
Ia tb manor of theflfth laipecMr of Biocuooa
Judi Karrott ta upturns CostS Chamber hu ap
maUd fcdvard c rerkina tr 1 a then sad
Utnrr W Lo soy aaeommuatoatn ie btolro trIo tko
mestot eoodlUoa of Jets Tiara san of tho 11 Wu
lien A Trartra
PaBll SaUlraa C years old of t8 Tbrtath aTaaa
mpoyd l UacMToor Muter wh klckod rrcdntk
Mufeua t Scam on Moadar oUm ta abode ftiur
auouu ot OauwToori sad Wwblocvoa urotu ou ar
raUc4 yMUrdaj at JcHrroan Market Court sad bald to
await tho oclloa or Corsair J < Bfat
AJpboaft AUocia 4O yean old UTter la a tameBt at
loam attest Led Thlra AVBUC wa toaad aaoonerioB
yuMrdoy auralac aartr uphyalaud from ni wiLeS
wu larod roll oa Uadled laur at U Uorbm Uoipt
Ul U hid beoa la this ooaatrr hot a hart U U4
h tt SBDiwood that ho Mew oat Iho UrbL
Ciaalor Paytaa a hnker of 1st West MvootrdUrd
osI was Ifloroa bb task on thlovani at ibe o
as of SUlh OKBOO sad Butecaih sims hut atcht
eboatiair aradme the oUetiop roierM la Hi it
fmoa Market Oevtvoourdar tie eilk bat looked u If
torn oaw had Sensed oa SI aad Ja eleUtac waa a wreck
U was Sn4ilL
Corporailon COBBC Olrlra ha > taken aa aCted to
tbe u Bral Term of the Ivprzrs Coart from the de
coon ot Jodfe boneS aade lu week oppolailnf
commtMtoaer to determine the aiauum of OOUMOU
UI u wbleb iboud be poti So l tbe city for tbe rltun 10 De
lakca br Ibe Neiropouua Treualt coBMay la th ton
MncilM ol lu I rood
Jail E Uerebey of Philadelphia 1 yeMerday entered
tall la the Cawed ouut ctrcali CooK txalaetU OHeUi
a Oo th cry food doaltn lor muu > dmaorfor fiji
latrrieoaaieaL Sho wu arreotod la OXeUie euro oAt
Ao4 lewchanred with etoallax aa Oa
e d
= =
At Its eatJtovIh UIIIU1 essefpg ysitertay III
Jaw To 5slity for lbs IkI1et of its loptored ead
crtp4 tect4 thq tUVthg aetasyp I rr4ai Wit
Itso Ii Obie TWsIrsIMla 11117 1 visa
WWIaa B WuunOrU d a rotur AiuaadorlliU AC
sew Adrian loans Tnuanr rr4rlek Stare Bo
cordial Socniarr < oba r Towuead CorrMpoodlat
io lk cr
Sorfilary niuuia A W tuvan SoarS of Mar
itIIW M Itaaa4 assI I Tnoro O > rBUo V an
direct JebntfUlUU UiLua U ilofi uuiiim
U1I mae IuW waif Datc rr ncjA Stoat Wniuun
C Burrca Utori C Muvm Ueorao JlIIM Ckaaditr
IKMiaa BUBl thoaoul oeo hoa4r4 aaJ ihlm OT
aw oat tMoaM aad CM tafatltaa were traatod u OM
Issa ysan
cMUNa v 1keV ftI soia J
I II U A r J Ma I
aururAII AND JKXI sMITH urne
oeJlt br Dath Ike Great Mr Oar fleas
Tills the Cr w4 he Tklahc he CM Lick
abe Bril TBm hr DOB the OUvtt aa d
Banner Jack JUbtca la Tm Stile
ctrrn u tsar ly Tn Sri rvutdw asS JIUIM
Loiroox Nov GThe two greatcet mot
on thlsearth met tonight In London That is
the two greatest from the prize fighters point
of view John L Sullivan the pride ot Boston
and ot America who baa proved 80 often with
hit right duke and his left duke and with both i
dukes together that he Is the greatest knocker
out among men and the shining sun of the 4
flstlo firmament nodded at and was formally
Introduced to Jem Smith of England the man
I who hopes to wrest the master title from him
and whose lustre is brightest among the host ot
bruising planet that revolve around the great
prizeflghtlna luminary It wo a light to melt
the lover of tru < l port to gentle tears one tI
which in olden days could have been sang br
minstrels with striped legs of different color
and woven into dingy Immortality bY hIP
vralated maidens bending over their embroid
ery Even in this nineteenth century there
was emotion Strongmen held their breath
aa though looking Into the works of a favorlUj
watch and when It was all over the roarine
and cheering brought all the dime novel storle
about Comanche war whooping into real life
It wu in 8t James Hal and there was
fine big stage for the great men to strut about
on Sullivan and Smith stood side by aide la
the middle of It and it was a fine chance to
compare the two representatives of muscle
The men were in many respects exact oppo
site Smith is short and chunky with big
swelling chest thick short legs with tre I
mendous calve defying the tailors law that
men shall now wear their trousers flowing
short bull neck square jaw low forehead
smooth face expression eoodhnmored bat
lacking Intelligence not quite the full
fledged great man plain clothes short
Jacket of coarse material thick boot not hat
and a few diamonds indicating a desire to
soar sbove the ordinary British price fighter a
perfectly developed specimen of the bulldog In
human nature but with a most lovely Mt of
White teeth Those tooth art all of Smiths
beauty and smiling he displays them wfthft
ittcosss and grace which might have been Tied
by ladle and copied by Eyrie Bellow
A different picture must be drawn to give
American an ides of what Sullivan the United
States fistic plenipotentiary looked like Im
agine a man as calm and quiet as though the
earth were tile and all the rest of us his tea
tall but who 0
ant not a wonderfully man one
look very tall a body so well shaped that It
seems not unusually muscular and with the
wonderful power spread out all over it like
electricity in a battery not stored in knob 2
and bunches of muscle as In the ordinary
strong man Sullivan looked and acted tlb
the man who Is used to creating more excite
ment than kings or Presidents and who
knows that to basic in his jnesenee fa nll s
a pleasure to many thousands His face is a i
better one than that of any man in his prof g
mOIl and one In which good nature ofta
trngd Ies through the satisfied enirueafciq
bora of the ability to beat anything on earth
Everything about Sullivan told of the man
nurtured lath ottlsp of Madison Square
000i ate receipt 2fo plain brow Int
bat one of glistening silk tall > sad Terr
early brimmed Be was in evening dreap
snobs is worn by duke or broker or men
who lecture on astronomy and one not out
done fay any In scientific corvine hollow back
edness or other becoming qualities Far part
the diamond hankering that accompanl
sudden prosperity Sullivan had disdained all
jewelry and appeared simply himself fixed up
in tbe best clothing gate receIpts can buy
With Sullivan was Mr Phillips his backer
who skilfully steers his wayward star past the
many temptations and bewildering brand of
a big new place Everybody wa introduced
to Sullivan Bmlth and Phillips and then the
fighters bowed solemnly and shook bands with
a pomp and solemnity that recalled to the his
torical mind H nrr VIILand big Kin Francis
on the field of the cloth of gold The audleme
which framed the picture was grand Bow
and rows of young men some with titles and
some without but all with red taoes white
shirt fronts and email heads piled alga up in
the tendollar seats every one ol which was
taken Then then were row of stalls whit
with the overflow of shirt front from the two
ffuinea seat and galleries brimming with ex
cited faces whose owners had paid r ore than
they could possibly afford and did not regret
UT All these yelled for a sneeeb and Sullivan
made one Its lengthy and elaborate charac
ter was most surprising to all the great man
Gentlemen be said Fm much obliged to
you for this applause Every one baa been
yelllng1 I am much pleased with this country
and with the reception you nave given me and
I hope Ill continue to deeerve it A4fanIaMr
Smith hero Is concerned ol tours I hope 111
best him and go home leaving him licked
and of course be hopes and yon hope being
patriotic that hell get the beat or me and send
me home beaten lean only say I bop the bert
man will win and Im atraia youll be bsdi
disappointed Loud yells and cheers anq
laugnterj Gentlemen Im so much obliged
to yon for this that I wont nndetae to ox
preslt So I jnatwlah MrSmltii 1n00515Jn
his go with Etlraln ana toonx you one ana au
It took much loud pleading to get Smith to
stop twirling his bat and nay this
I can only say III try my best to beat BU
rain and then when Ive beaten Kllraln Ill
try my best to best John L Sullivan
It struck the crowd as pithy and pun great
Then there were the usual incidents ot a
pugilistic feast small sparring matches to
sharpen the appetite for the big ope and at
lea finlllvan came on Be was naked to the
waist and all the redfaced young gentlemen
saw the most perfect body they had ever
looked at anlltvans body neck end arms
were perfectly pink i peculiarity OS his own
harmonized beautifully with the pink silk
tights that he wore A silk American flag
tightly rolled wa worn as a belt and on
his hands were gloves so big and soft as to
look almost attractive Jack Asbton was there
to be knocked about and hulllv an went at him
Ha had promised the Londoner the best ex
hibition seen In their lives and he gave it to
them Sullivans wonderful lightness and hIs
Way of throwing all the weight ot his 230 pounds
into his flat at every blow was a revelation
He banged LeMon all over the stage and
wound up the first bout of four rounds in a
storm of applause All the way through the
exhibition wa carried out on Sullivans plan
of going at the most mindly opponent as
though that opponent life bad already been
unduly prolonged It was painful for Ashton
but grand lot the spectators It was a real
ttulllvan exhibition and there wa no one to
In watching the sparring of Eilratn Smith
bad dan some very gay smiling He did not
smile as be followed closely the Quick move
ment and heavy blows of the big American
Ills face on the contrary was tbat ol the gen
tleman who listens to the reading ot a rela
tives will in which his name 1 not mentioned
It grew more gloomy as Hulllvsn proceeded in
his but manner and despite the fat accumu
lated on hi voyag
To Illustrate how foolish it Is of other men
to want to be champion the end ol the exhi
bition left every Impartial judge convinced
that Sullivan I what Americans know be is
tho man appointed by nature to knock hisfel
low out Smith aaId11e sing nn ends
good un and limited bis remarks to that
lie was evidently thinking meanwhile
Salllvtn in his dressing was playing his ae
cuatomed rotof a great man Two Kneeling
youth undid his boot a fond attendant
rubbed his pink body pinker and Lu the little
men with big name trooped In to shake bins
by the hand and say flattering thing which
were taken as a matter of course Any one who
ha beard a boy In algebra discuss the aritb
metiosl ability of nuflttb brotberMUl plunged
in the dark nixfat ot tbe Bute of Three know
just how Jluluvan talk of all El brother
Debtor U talk kindly and gently ot
them and encouraged them all ne can
lie said Smith looked lo be good a ft
very bard man for hi yize but rather
mailer than Lc expected It never occurred
to the big fighter that any Inditidual could
islbly entertain any doubt se lohisfloii
up Bmlth as he has every one elie If But
Ilvan were weU enough acquainted with
arWciLot1ld quote asbisown aeatt
tCSsaarav aboutlIu restab
EJtalteLPM =
jfHe > aW Jl W

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