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Circulation larger than any other W la the most popular and success
evening newspaper printed in tho jJ t ful evening papor over known j
English language I Price One Cent
I i I
Spies Parsons Engel lj and Fisch
er must Die Today
Ficldcn and Schwab Consigned
to Life Imprisonment
He Dies in Agony Six Hours After Exploding
ploding a Bomb in his Mouth
The Boomed Jtfon Hear the Now with
CeospMare Their jail Affettlns Inter
viowsj with CIr Led Ones Mrs Fnr
MM Taint when Told Late nt sight abe
cat Bee her Hnabnnd Acnln Erecting
the OsUlowo GOT Oalesbja Xleasone for
bla Action tlncze Terrible dufferlng
for Six Itonn before Death Relieves him
KloK Van Zsusdts Great GrleFThe
6ity Worn Ont with Anxiety and Excite
ment Careful Preparation Made to lre >
err Uio Peace Soldier Under Arm
CnlCAOO Nor 10 Llngff in heaven or
ilsewbere Fieldon and Schwab in Jollot prison
and the four others pacing their cells in antici
j pation ot tomorrows nooso So stands the
record of tonight Louis Llngg is dead
There 1 no doubt about that to begin wih
fie hu kent his word and has not only saved
Ie wor
hU own nook but has put the Sheriff tho jailor
the Governor and everybody else into a bad
hole I was bad enough look ahead to Sun
day a all wise men do as the great day In this
unprecedented drama because assuming that
i execution will take place and the reception
Just now 0 scaM from the Sheriff admitting
me to the jail to witness the execution at 10
A K Nov 1 would seem to indicate there is
t bet must be something done with tho
bodies and the law as i is Interpreted today
give the bodies the families or friends of tho
dead That means a bi < r funeral a tremen
dous demonstration and > every thine that can
t done within the limits of the law
Oh what day this has bon I Horrors upon
horrors mutilation In I cell suicide in
the Ja yard consternation on the street and
oom telegraphed from tho capitalwith
these factors in your mind it will not trouble
a much to fashion tho situation a It exists
eM tonight The air la full of a subtle some
thing which finds Its way into every lung and
tin the a sensitive heart
I wont die on the scaffold said Llngg ton
flays ago I hate and defy you all said Llngg
a week iso I approach my last moment
cheerfully but I will not go alone said Lingc
not fortyeight l hours ago Stripped to tho buff
he had bean searched timeand again chanced
6end nJihot < t lr d torl
garments put on him HP nevertheless in
some way managed to oncoal about his per
son probably and not improbably among his
bushy hair enough fulminating mercury or
dynamite to blow up tho entire jail i it had so
plead hm
It excites no surprise when a mad bull rush
Ing through our streets frightening inhabi
tants and overturning obstructions finally
dashes with headlong speed against a lamp
post t his death Why then should It oxclto
surprise that this man with his bad eyo and
his evil expression after years of infernal
utilization of his undoubted intellect after
showing to what length he willing to
sowlne lenlh was wiig go
when he manufactured and delivered tho Hay
market bomb aftar his impassioned utterance
his contemptuous defiance and his violent
prating day and night should In the end like
any other infuriated boast regard his own destruction
struction with calmness It not with pleasure
Unhappily for him his suicidal purpose fell
short ot the ultimate He did his worst and
failed Bang sounded a report at 850 A M
which echoed from wall to wall followed
lrm wal wal folowed by a
tremendous cloud of bluish smoke Tho
thirtyday prisoners huddled together as one
might imagine on tho last great day the Ignor I
ant of earth will seek in bands to avoid tho on
coming of the great upheaval Terror
blanched their faces and added apprehension
eamo from what they saw in each others eyes
The jailers started to their foot and as II the
olden times mon roused from slumber from
the rumbling of the earthquake sought places
of refuge ran quickly into the open spaco ap
prehensive ot the falling of tho walls and the
grand descent of the heavy roof
The condemned Anarchists reading writ
Ing smoking or whatever in their respective
cells were transfixed with apprehension
wondering what next No walls fell in no roof
came down The smoke
down was quickly dispelled
and then rushing in a body to the cell the
keepers found prone upon his bed blood flow
ing in a torrent from his shattered face the
mutilated mangled body of the most defiant
of the IaLO
Poor fallow Yes poor fellow indeed I for
while he cncceeded I eluding the disgrace ot
the hancmans noose the ignominy of a publio
execution dreaded reputation which would
have followed him for all time among his kins
men and his friends he paid more dearly for
his crime Writhing in pain unable then and
forever more to speak with blood gushing
from his lungs through the orifice in his throat
h lower jaw gone his eyes hanging on his
cheek a those of men strangled on the gal
lows after hanging utterly unconscious and
breathing so slightly that frt he was deemed
t b dead was this extraordinary combina
tion of selfconceit mental stubbornness and
expert Intelligence
Imagine two cylindrical pons filled with ful
minating mercury closed at ono end holding
a sor fuse at the other ond This It is sup
posed was put by Llngg into his mouth the
fuse lighted by I candle Qulokly burning tho
fuse communicated with the deadly explosive
and the end came Had tho shell been pushed
further into his mouth or bad ho Inserted I
Into his nostril Ills head Mould have boon
blown to pieces As it was the supposition IH
that the heat was so intense that be could put
the shell but a little distance Into his mouth
and the explosion was downward rather than
upward because the tissues 01 the throat tho
neck and the front of the jaw woro entirety torn
away md th terrific explosion seriously dam
ped the organs of respiration breaking i
not entirely destroying the tissue of lungs and
adjacent parts
He presented a sight which words fall to plo
turf No ono was permitted near him except
lbs doctors and a few of us who chanced to bu
In the jail In the neighborhood of 0 oclock
Mutilation is the nearest word that approaches
tho description of the poor fellows face Ills
kin literally hung in strips His throat was
1 e A to wren Its Interior Everr now
Jt N
and then clots of bloody matter and great
quantities of blood follownd each other
In rapid succession It doomed to
bo a question of second only us to
when lie would pass away His vitality wan
something wonderful His nerve his grit and
his power of endurance who after this export
once can deny for although when conscious
ness came back to him ho suffered untold
complained agonies ha novor groaned nor murmured nor
Ho wan carried at once Into an adjacent
apartment whoro tho surgeons dressed his
wounds and a commiserating reporter hold
him In his arms Convulsive coughs and In
voluntary shudders seemed to start fresh flow
Ings of his bJood and ho shivered from bond
to foot The rapid flow of th blood choked
him and It was found necessary to Loop him
in u sitting posture
In the course of half an hour ho moved his
hand as though ho would like to write A pad
and pencil wero handed him and ho wrote In
inrinan 1 cannot breathe lying down
would rather Bit up To the Inexpert and uu
professional eyo death had sot Its seal upon
his future but tho physicians wore In doubt
or I not In doubt they were certainly very
noncommittal for they ventured to express
no opinion except that It was a toss up that
ho might live or that bo might die tat
though the probabilities were in favor 01
his dying After an hour or so had passed
the do lot and particularly Dr Gray of
Jev York who gave most Intelligent attention
to tho case thought It not Impossible for him
t llvo over tonight and tomorrow and the
Bhortff oxpruBsou n belief that that would be
the case basing his opinion upon a similar oc
ccurrcnco of which he had knowledge of a man
who wan shot precisely us Lyngg was who
Ihflil for several days alter
Although the general public were as Indeed
they ha vo now boon for several days excluded
from the jail those who are there by right form
a by no means inconsiderable grofap and as
tho word spread throughout the city that
Lines had blown his head off and tho excite
ment born of extras which absolutely flooded
the town affording tho swearing editors a
splendid opportunity for circulation affidavits
great crowds fathered about Ibo jai and those
who had the right came hurriedly In
Rnch a eccno ns was presented they novor
saw boforo It nilcit well bo termed ghastly
JliD narrow cell was spattered with blood
with tooth with bits of jaw bone with shreds
of flesh and pieces of soiled garments On Ibo
floor with footsteps tracked lay a trail of
blood from the roar of tho cell along the corn
dor to tho bath The furniture was spotted
with blood and tho Indescribable odor which
comas from mutilation In general and thoso
attended by bloody discharge in particular
hued till tho air partcular
Of nil those Interested In the case frt arrived
Capt Black A soldierly figure with a good
siiuaro fane in every line of which is written an
honest determination to do what ho believes
right and best for his clients good or bad I
looked at him with iiiimiratlonns with dimmed
eye ho leaned ov or the unfortunate fellow who
opening Ills eyes looked steadfastly at him
but as ho did so the raggod strips of flesh that
hung to his taco moved to and fro Lltterally
overcome tho Captain hurried from Litorall
and Instantly sought the ofllcials tba < jailor
tho Shorll tho doctor sncjrostlng that a con
sultation should b held at once as to whether
I man In t Linings condition should bo hanged
Dr i oncer said that It would bo Impossible
to hang onjlr and no onoover heard of a wound
ed man being ban sen but the Sheriff did not
exactly understand why there should be any
need of a consultation In his judgment the
facts would soon settle the matter I ho lived
there was no reason why he shouldnt be
hanged I he died of course ho wouldnt bo
This lino of thought was followed not only
by the officials und tho physicians and the
counsel nnd tho reporters but by everybody in
the city and the universal regret was that
LI nee had not carried hIs suicidal purpose
tally Into effect The corollary however of
moro extreme regret was that the elasticity In
prison discipline should bo so marvellous as to
permit a prisoner Linens wellknown dis
position of his acknowledged determination
not to die upon tho scaffold to conceal on his
person the material from which to manufac
ture the deadly missile used upon this occasion
Tho cnso of Gordon the slave trader who
was hanged early In tho sixties in the Tombs
in New York was recalled to mind Somo of
his friends either emissaries from tho rich
IJo ton merchants who owned the slave ships
and profited by the slave trade which lie cur
ned on and for whoso crime ho was confessed
ly mado the iuipOKontor probably his devoted
little wife who Kiibionuently opened a candy
store In vlllluniiburch und married her chief
clerk gave to htm some poibon which ho took
shortly utter mldnlulit the day before
Ibortly ofor mldnldl on boort that
fixed for his execution He was found early in
tho morning writhing In what appeared to
bo his death agony Dr Hodgman the
Tombs physician applied tho stomach pump
most successfully but It wan a crave question
as to whether the man would rally sulllcleutly
to warrant execution Itobert Murray was
Marshal of the district and a very anxious
Marshal ho was at that particular juncture
Large quantities of whiskey were poured down
the little mans throat and like a baby marion
otto ho was walked up and don and up and
down by his attendant who hopgd against
hope that be might bo kept up until tho final
moment Drunk as any lord when the
hour camo u great class of whiskey
was poured down bin thrust and half
carried half dragged ho wan taken preceded
by priest and parson followed by guards
bOJI 1
and n8 gtlII to the Inclosuro t In tho
Tombs whore the bor8 prison now stands
and In less time than it takes to say Jack Rob
inson limp listless and saturated with tho
osonco of John Barleycorn he was choked to
death and his besotted soul presented In that
condition In the Court of the Most High Had
ho been loft alone hud the stomach not Uono
Its work he would have died lhoy saved him
that ho might die lon the scaffold
Such has been the unrewarded labor of tho
surgeons hero In spite of his wonderful vital
ity iril all the care of export surgeons Lingg
lingered away only until 3 oclock and than passed
Never was the enterprise of Chicago newspa
pers more admirably illustrated than on this
occasion In less than twenty minutes there
after the Chicago APICS had an extra upon the
street very soon followed by tho Herald and
tho Mall Bubsonuant extras Issued by the
Virs aro a study in sensationalism Five col
umns each marked extra flar at one headed
respectively lay Live Oglpsby HulI Horror > Jut Dying
Tho llnt nnnounceu that Lines had shot
himself In the jaw and died Instantly hav
Inc killed himself with n bomb The next
showed that Llnwr was fatally wounded
slo1 1 fataly un I
conscious and dying Thu next Hint ha wan I
btlll living but could not live many hours
The not that there was n possibility of hU
loclerJnl and that In that event the Gover I
nor must issue 1 stay of execution Exactly
how many stores of thousands of these JW
Jfnalil nnd Vail extras were sold it would be
impossible to say
A drive through tho streets showed very
clearly the temper and condition of the public
mind AH business was suspended Htrnncters
toll each other tho news nod ilNcUBsed the
situation Walters Informed guests In the
hotels and guests who never mot before talked
with unfeigned interest with each other about
tho extraordinary developments Groups gath
ered nt the corners and vacant lots fronting
the lako Clerks chatted with customers
Irivor talkml with their patrons cairvassod
the probabilities and Ivory man woman and
child In this vast amplitudinous aggregation
of humanity knew that tho culmination was
approaching und that one of the condemned
men had carried out his threat I was not too
much to expect that otliora or their friends
would follow soon
Now do not run away with the Idea that
Chicago Is In any tumult or that thor Is any
wild boisterousness on the street or that there
Is any timidity on the part of the authorities
There Is a universal feeling that Uov Oclesby
Is not competent to ml I tho bill I have heard
It tin newspaper sanctums In lawyers ofllces
in ministers studies at tho dining tables of
hotels In tbo cafes the barrooms thu theatres
soil on Ibo strums of tho city that It was not
only an outrage toward the condemned them
Kfllvcu but that I was a most Infellcltlous ex
hibition of timidity unit almost cowardice
on tile < artif the Governor which was I dis
grace tl the iltate and whkh threatened pos
elblo disaster to thu pouco and conllort antI
well lielni of this city Inllultelv more than
wel 1lnl
any of the throats which until the meet
ing of May IBS were bombastic in the
extreme of all tbe Anarchists com
bined It Is regarded as a most
extraordinary feature of the casa that the
Governor should not havo sinned the death
warrant a week ago or have intimated clturly
his purpose of commutation of the sentences
of some and tho carryluu out of the sentences
it others Advorbo criticism Is hennl uvory
wheiii upon his course KSttnliiy Why ho
ehoiilil hate pennlltud the couuuiti anil children
in ic mid until ii H iTiufl tilth > uili muit
luit unit uppuil 10 I him In IHTMUI no I union ciiu
uiiUuivtanii He Is l im oul < man a icood old
man one > who ban heretofore dealt with public
questions not only with honesty bbutll with
sturdiness and with purpose along the line of
public weal and therefore roan hesitate to crit
bias him harshly now but cannot refrain from
or4 A + < IJth I
exprotslng their surprise and In yery many
instances their Indignation at his hoeltatlnu
and vacillating course
Among Others who heard the news of tho
suicide was n lunatic by the name of Andor
son lie was taken from his home to tho police
station this morning and put in an ambulance
to be oarrlnd to the Insane ward of the county
hospial Tho nowMboyH upon tho street call
lag out their extras with the word that Lin KB
had committed suicide attracted his attention
and lunatic an he was no concluded that what
wan good for the Llngg goose wan good for Ihe
Anderson gandor and without paying a word
us to his purposes here or hereafter hoqulotly
drow a razor from his pocket and cut his throat
from ear to oar
What seemed boor the news of the com
mutation was known a significant straw was
that while all tho Anarchists with the excep
tion of tlelden and Hchnab were removed
from the cells occupied last night to others to
day the two mentioned were not disturbed
Nothing had tben coma from tho Governor
but the general foeltng wan that while he would
Yield to his merciful tendencies so far as to
commute tho punishment of Fieldon who won
the most blatant talker them all and Hchwnb
who was to bo sure nothing but n echo of
Hplos who woo chief editor of the papor of
which ho wan subordinate Tho others llvo In
number counting Llngg ns ono would bo
hanged tomorrow not later than 12 oclock
It in not u all Improbable or unreasonable
tosupposotlm some quiet hint was given t
tho bhcrlrri I surely would not have been
fair to him physically conslderoavonly to
notify him tonight that ho must bane these
peoplo tomorrow and It would savor some
what of perfunctory impertinence If bo were
allowed to BO on with his preparations for an
execution tomorrow If the Governor had con
cluded to commute the sentences of them all
tin It wan uonnrally thought that tho four men
would bo hunirod tomorrow and that the two
riolden and Hcuwab would b relegated to
the penitentiary for life which of course
moans an ultimate pardon and at no laterdato
than that when tho socialistic element In the
soclal9tc tlO
State shall have shown itself numerically
strong enough to bo worth the attention ot
tlmoBonlng politicians
Spies and Fischer nnd Parsons and Encol
woro carefully searched Their clothing was
taken from them and submitted to closost
scrutiny and now suits sUbmltod order of tho
Sheriff were put upon tbem Those clothes
had been In readiness several days and woro
to havo boon put upon loora today anyhow
Thoy wore changed again to other cells this af
tornoon and I Is not at 1 improbable that
botweon thin writing und the hour appointed
for their execution they will be moved from
point to point so that their possible suicidal
intent will be that much balked in any event
But alter all tho point remains that Lined
In whoso cell was found four bombs only sixty
hours ago who was taken out and stripped
and put Into clothes that he nevor saw boforo
and who has had no communication with any
person outside the jail or with any visitor
whatever save that ho was permitted to speak
across the space some twelve foot in width In
somo way or other managed to conceal not
only the oxplosive material with which ho
mutilated and destroyed himself but enough
besides to upset and overturn tho enttro insti
tution The Bliorlffa idea is i somewhat sImilar
to that which expressed above that the ma
terial was concealed somewhere about his
person but to the question why wasnt
his person searched as well a his clothes
there can of course bo no satisfactory re
But Llngg settled all this speculation As
his pulso fell low and lower convulsions sot In
Agonizing vibrations stirred his frame from
end to end and Instead of passing beyond the
line to join the treat majority peacefully and
quietly as he might have done he experienced
Iulcty such agony as tho mon ho murdered In
May 1885 experienced and knew In his own
existence the horrors and tho infamies pro
ducible by the explosives in the making and
rombinlnKof which ho was so skilful an expert
Pity for LVniTB ns an entity Oh nol Pity for
the poor sulloror covered with his own blood
struggling involuntarily but struggling all
tho samerackod with agony every nerve
strong to Its utmost tension by tho fierceness
of pain whose ferocity cannot bo described
The question tonight Is what shall b done
with him He has no relatives in this country
that are knownno friends of special nearness
frend leares
The young woman who has Bomownaufljp
plantly boon spoken of asLlnitBa sweetheart
QD spkn
was not co In any instdo ixinse ot tho tenlh
waft an acquaintance and probably a near If
not 1 dear friend but It would hardly seem
within tbo limits of propriety to turn his
mangled body Into nor fair hands Khali the
county bury him 1 HO when and where
Trite a this suggestion may seom and easy of
solution as tho problem may bo to peoplo who
have nothing to do with It tonight It is a very
signIficant enbarrassment and problem most
hard for tho olllclals to solve It Is
no pleasant thing to retain tho body of that
man In the jai precinct tonight I is no easy
matter to remove It unknown to thousands of
people who arc watching to know precisely
what will b dononnd this brines upthe whole
question of n public demonstration on Hunday
Thor Is no known law to prevent It The law
dos not permit the Mayor to regulate parades
as It does in New York nnd all great cities He
can sat them shall bo no processional parade
on this or on any other luy1 lie deems It
In tho Interest of public peace I leems Is
there shall bo no great processional pa
rade with banners with lines with
music and with all the perfunctory
addenda und adjuncts of demonstration But
It would be a queer Idea In thin land of the
bravo and home of the free I a mans friends
cannot attend his funeral And I ton of them
have the right 10000 of them have the right
and co on ad libitum and that U the precise
situation tonlcht The authorities of the city
face that probable omerceney of Sunday
tremendous demonstration I Is a much
more perplexing problem for the constituted
authorities inure than tho mere execution of
the condemned men
Tho police are all the moro embarrassed in
considering the question of Sundays funeral
by reason of the apparently peaceable Inten
tions and the unquestioned and ungetaround
tons unluostonel unlotaround
ablo peaceable attitude at the present time of
the mon who would be looked to for the trouble
1 there would be any as for instance the Ar
bFiIrr ellunq which without unfair judgment
may bo considered the organ of the Anarchists
I admonishes noace and order to reign within
the borders this city Any attempt at rio
lenco nnd riot would male tho fate of the un
fortunate follows more traclc certainly uould
not soften I while Ibo best way that men
who are honest In their socialistic doctrines
and there are very many of thorn believing
that labor is the underdog and greatly wronged
by capital tho boat way for them to serve their
cause la by obedience on Ibis occasion Every
possible precaution will bo taken to cOUpe
this condition and It will rodound err greatly
to the credit of the talkers on the lake front
I their brains suggest this course t tbelr
ordinarily active tongues and somewhat over
free bearing In the presence of their fellow
The talk about the great labor demonstra
tion tomorrow bosh Everyone BO far as
1 can see judgo or infer Is Impressed with a
sense of the solemnity of the occasion and the
duty of the hour There Is u great deal of hu
man nature In people out hate and I Unit
Thomas Richard lionry and Harry am just
as anxious here an they have always been In
Now York and In over other place 1 occupied by
civilized Ian
Gov O IlbY In Springfield and Sheriff Mat
son in OhlcuKO have for the past week sus
tained I burden of public pressure that cannot
well be exaggerated Oclesby on the one
hand has been badgered and bullied and
everything but hustled by tho friends of the
Anarcblstl while tho Sheriff has been bom
barded in bis home and forced into the vory In I
terior sanctum of his ofllco by a multitudinous
array of men from all sections of the country
from all grades life and In every posBlblo
mcupatlon clamoring for entrance to tho
jail tomorrow morning Many men
have an Idea that an execution IB f
most impressive affair On the contrary It IH
I very tame and common Incident in civilized
soojely bolonu an condemned man stands
with fad uncovered It Is Indeud a scene cal
culated to stir the kindliest feelings In every
obsenors heart but when thA black cap Is
drawn and the faco Is concealed It Is lmpo slT I
ble to consider from any point of view the fig
ure stunulnr or the fluure when Ilftpd bleb in
air as that of the human being That by the
way Is u vory remarkable pliysclioloclo I fact In
order to appreciate the humanity of the man
about to dutTur It is I absolutely essential that
ono should tee his face
The only striking part of the forthcoming
ehibiton will b its numerical quantity Ob
viously no great number of witnesses canhe
present The jai yard ls very small the >
scaffold will be the ordinary size of that In
strumont and the attendants will bo more
numerous so that there will not be room for
th customary number of spectators Tho
Sheriff I think has mado very judicious ar
rangements lie has Issued passes frt
to twelvo mon known as the Sheriffs
quota who arc to assist In that ca
pacity a a kind of ooronerlMlo body
in mrtlfy to hit I lP7il 1 I ilrtuli of tho inn
iloiiuvil I nlso to tl I ho > linyilJln I I tl ClOut rIo
cII not iirobnblov III cm it tu attend poreoqHll
and they are not transferable 110 ole repre
sentative irom each Chicago paper to one
repr entatlv from each significant paper in
frm I
tho ten largest cities of this country and two I
understand to don mln
uy tio Tf lT th cjtnman Mtor I xIier
t1rl I i
interesting The mjlri cqndomntd nn ngnqJ
ties as 1 understand It They do not deny thiS
xfulonco of God they atldtulT dont know I any
thing about It fn which partloiilr they differ
chtuily from the rest ol uS In saying that theY
dont know anything about It while others who
do not know anything moro about It than they
do Pretend to know Croat deal Clergy
men were In the Jail today and were
permitted to talk with thq Anarchists
who listened to t them l resMotfulIy iloldon
confesses to porno religIoUs dean I but
he and his Ideas will remain on earth for some
tlmo to come It makes Terr little dlfforvnce
A clergyman l by too njtiire m bolton talked
with him anti also with Hchwab and take
was thor perhaps thraoquarters of an bUr
Hchwab who we think will not bo haled
has an Idea that thor i not any God will o
Bploa who has made a somewhat theatric
Vendor unnecessary under the clrcum
stances unnCOS8ar a a Ticaripus offering
In the interest of the others thinks that when
wo die WI become component ports of nature
and that is all there In about tt Lin gg I J
member said f omo little tlmo ago to his faith
ful friend Onbornoi I um on Anarchist a
Hoolnllft and a revolutionist There is no fu
ture I will not ell VIotUl these ministers
are doing what they thlnfe they ought to I
eupitoso and the condomnua men are acting
simply like men of th world Who do not care
to bo rude with people of ttolrprbfeflslpri
wth pole
In view of the crowdad cojbanicra of this city
and fUrteriln view of thaJKMrad coming to
morrow of thousands of Wapld from nil over
the State the boat news toHMMtintont tonight
fhe concerninie that labor d fatj > straupn of tomorrow
morrow Its a tnt that therKxecutlvoCoin
mltteo of the Central LaborUnion havo ad
vised the members of the union to abstain from
work tomorrow but they ay expressly that
that notion VMS taken tOY mark of respect to
thoso unfortunate mon an assertion whHi tho
advice given by the Arbcitrr ZeUunyntemd
to above abundantly endorses
Nevertheless the authofltteuupatiopalitato
and city have mado widespread and judicious
ly preparations Oon Terry declines
to talk about his arrangements but I Is obvI
ous that they are made all the same He said
todny that ho should say nothing about any
of blsarraneomants untU after tbo execution
and alter the expected disturbance was put
down an ho considered it bail form not to say
poor policy for n commandant to give out his
arranged plans at action ir advance He also
Bald that It o a very pimple matter for
Gov Oglesby to communicate by wire with the
President In case ho should conclude that the
Stab and city authorities wore unablo to put
down disturbance her I boar from other
sources that all the precautions have bean arranged
11 prcautol
ranged for and that M far is tho Government
troops ndw stationed at Hlahwood are con
cerned arrangements havo been made which
will insure their Immediate transfer to this
city if they are needed and that a special
train I has been chartered and that if any
trouble comes the police being unable to
bear the brunt alone and the State militia
tie giving way regulars can be rushed
to tho front In less than half an
hour This Is the headquarters of ono of the
brigades of one of the Illinois Plate troops un
der command of Gen Fltzslcntnons who has
Ito men under arms hero and can add to that
numborwlthtn three hours abut 76 moro but
ho ID entirely convinced all y nay all the
authorities are that there Is no anticipation or
expectation of a riotous demonstration to
morrow And they are all In hop that the sen
sible advice given by the iocai loaders of the
labor union will do muol toward preserving
the llaoe which they i all event win en
deavor to enforce a
An soon as the Sheriff recelvedthoGovernors
ultimatum ho notified Fiolden and Hchwab to
get ready for a trip Jollet and In los than a
twinkling of an eye they were out and off and
not 1 soul of the entire anarohistlcol body
located bore and hereabouts know a thing
about It They not particularly jolly how
ever cud If I ciii any judge cpjuyatpgonomy
they wore not especially surprised either Cer
tainly no one in Chicago was >
The city Is quiet Intense excitement dom
inates the tow What tho morrow will brine
torthno one knows The Sheriff will bring his
four victims out not far from midday and
then farewell to all their greatness
al thei lte HOWARD
GOP oatssBfa jlCSmN i
lie Commute the Ieteeeisst Fleldta mad
Schwab ce LtiIgspIBsaienS
SrnmP Nov1OTISiinounc rnent
q v8orl A t
case commuting the sentences ot Ploldon and
Schwab spread like wildfire this evening and
tho greatest excitement naturally prevailed
Much speculation had been Indulged in during
tho day and slncsi noon the Impression had
boon prevalent that the sentence of Fiolden
and Schwab would be commuted and possibly
that of Spies or Parsons The decision can
not bo said to have been by any means a sur
prise hero and it is no exaggeration to say that
tho Governors action meets with general ap
proval The following the text of the decision
BriiKor ILLINOIS rxcccnnc Orncx I
On the 20th day ot August isae In the Cook county
Criminal Court August Spin Albert n Iarsoni Samuel
HcMen Michael bcliwib Adolph Shadier jeorge nugal I
and Loud Llnro were found guilty by the rcrJict ol the
jury and afterward sentenced t b banged for the murder
dir of Matthlaa J Began
An appeal wa taken from inch Dncllnj and lenience
to the Supreme Court of the Mate That court upon a
final bearing and after mature deliberation unanimous
ly affirmed the judgment the court below The rue
now comes before me by petition of the defendant for
consideration A lorernor of the State
I llio letters of Albert 1anoni Adolph Fischer
Uori e Engel and Louts Linn Oetnandinir uncoodi
tonal releair or ai they expreult liberty death
and proivntlnc tn the strongest lauguage aitalnst meruy
commutation of the
or commutlon lenience prouuunced aealnst
them can be considered petitions pardon could It be
granted which mllhl Imply any guilt whatever upon the
part of either of them would not b such a vindication
A they demand
Executive Intervention upon the rounds Insisted upon
by the four above named persons could in no proper
sense be deemed an exercise of the constitutional power
to want reprieves commutations and pardons unless
based upon the belief on m7 part of thrlr entire inno
cence ot th crime of which they stand convicted
A careful consideration of the art ieuce In the record
of the trial of the parties aa well as of all alleged and
claimed for them outside of the record baa fatted to
produce upon my mind any Impression lending to Im
leI the verdict of the Jury ur the Judgment of the
i court or of the Supreme Court affirming the guilt
i f nt these parties Bausded therefore aa I am of their
guilt I am precluded from considering the question ot
commutation of the sentences of Albert It Iarsons
Adolph Hicl r George Engel and Louts Llngg to Im
prisonment In the penitentiary a > they emphatically de
clare they will not accept such commutation
Kamuel flelden Michael Hctiwab and August Spiel
unite In a petition for fcxecutlre clemency Flelden
and Schwab In addition present separate and supple
mentary petitions for the commutation of their sen
t nee While aa said above I am satisfied of the guilt
of nil the parties as found by the Terdlot of the Jury
which was sustained by the Judgments of the courts a
moo carefulcontldt ration of the whole subject leads me
to the conclusion that lbs sentence of the law as to Sam
eel Helden and Michael Schwab may be modified ae to
each 01 them In Die Interest humanity and without
doing violence publlo Justice And aa to the said
Samuel llelden and Michael bcbwab the sentence I
commuted to Imprisonment In the penitentiary for lio
Aa to all the other above named defendants I do net
feel Justified In Interfering with the sentence of the
court While I would gladly hare coma 1 a different
conclusion In regard to the sentence of defendanta Au
gust SpIll Adolph Fischer nol Engel Albert n Par
sons and Louis Llngr I regret to say that under the sol
mflseosoof the obligations my title I have been
unable to do KICBIKD J OcLiasr
0 Uofernor
The following Is a copy of the instrument
ofllclally commuting tho sentences of Fielden
and Hchwab
110AOr Cl fminly J cvitidy Governor of lUinolt t tin SAertfof
Greeting Whereas Samuel flelden and Michael
Schwab were convicted at the June term A I 18 of
the Criminal Court of Cook county of the crime of murder
den and were sentenced therefor lo he banged and
Whereas I lias been presented to me by divers good
citizens of saM county that laid fcamuel Helden und
Michael Hclurab are HI and propor subjects fur Execu
tire clemenoyi
Now know ye that I Richard A Oglesby Governor of
Illinois by authority la me vested by the Constitution of
this State do these commute the
Ihl brlb presents cODmut sentence
of the said Batumi yislden and Michael Schwab to Im
prtsonmsnl la the penitentiary for UtI
In testimony whereof I bsreto set my hand and
cause to be affixed Ue great seal t of State
Done at the city of Bprlngflsld this tenth day of No
vember the year at oar Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and eighty seren and of the Independence of the
IniteJ biwi the one hundred a il iircfih
i J 1 OiLijnr Uortrnor
IVIKT D J ui n Secretary of cat 1
Since tha public unrouticomont of the de
cision the Qoyernpr has remained in his study
at the Mansion and 1 engaged this eyning in
oasldertwr UM ak rolaaeol cwue bU I
business which has accumulated while tho all
orbing pardon case was pending He Is evi
dently giving no hood whatever the treat
volume of threatening letters bo bU received
as thoughts are shining brightly from the win
dows of the Executive Mansion and every
thing has its wonted appearance Four police
men are however keeping a close lookout
around tho Mansion and will doubtless con
tinue to do PO nightly until some time alter tho
execution ot the condemned mon
Of tho four or live of the Anarchists friends
who remained in tho city ovor today all but
ono or two Ink on tho 0 oclock train for Chi
Cairn Immediately after receiving the news of
tho Governors decision Itoprasentattvo
llohrbach and President Oliver of the Am
nesty Association were first informed of his
dlcelo immediately after its announce
ment and expressed great astonishment
that moro of the condemned mon had
not received elomoncy Itobrbach and
Oliver con Id hardly credit the news and when
emphatically Informed of its authenticity ap
peared greatly downcast and refused n onco
to express any further opinion on the subject
George Hclillllnir expresiod mingled dluap
ointment itad die llt on hearing the cows
gut prudently abstained from any forcible ex
pression ot opinion His chagrin was more
Apparent In his action than In hIt words and
he tpo after fully appreciating the Import of
the intelligence lapsed Into a stubbornly un
CoramuulontUe state Tho last of tho Anarch
lets train friends left for Chicago on the midnight
H BUwa Off av Part of hie Head with a
Dynamite Cap
H the llortuKd Prat
CmoAoo Nov 10While Deputy ONeill
the guard on duty in front of Llnggs cell was
standing with his bock to the cell door a little
bOO 9 oclock this morning tbero was I loud
explosion and the stalwart guard stood stupo
fed whllo a puff of blue smoko from the dark
recess behind crossed his shoulder Then en
sued a wild rush of deputies the clanging of
iron gates and abovo tho confusion and din
the hoarse shouting of the guard Its Llnggl I
Its Lined 1 That camo from Linus 1
A turnkey flung tho cell door and
turkoy funa cel open two
excited deputies jumped In Thelrejaculatlons
of horror brought the other guards quickly
within tho cell An ago of agony and suspense
was passed by the jail Inmates in tho cols
abovo and around There was a shuffling of
I foot on the stone floor and then tho hundreds
of strained eyes watching down through tho
Iron netting and bar saw a group of guards
in shirt sleeves straggling across tho dimly
lighted area bearing by legs and arms the body
of a man between thom The upturned face
was a hugo clot of blood but the turnkey who
supported the head had his fjngers wound
tightly into tho unmistakable brown curling
ringlets of the bomb maker Louis Line
The big key of Jailer Folz grating in the
main look interrupted for a moment the sound
of pattering blood on the white stone pave
ment Thero was I croaking of rusty hinges
and the Anarchists and common jail birds bad
pared their last on Llngg A few stops brought
tho huddled up cortege to the bathroom of tho
jail a stuffy little apartment scarcely ten feet
squara Lincg was dumped on the floor with
scant tenderness by the mon who have been
hands dally half expecting t meet their death at his
To all appearances tho Anarchist was dead
His lithe athletic form was clothed only in a
short shirt and tbo brawny limbs scorned rigid
A small stream ot blood oozed through the
brown curs and one glance showed howLtngg
had striven with dynamite to blow off his head
The entire lower half of the onco handsome
face was gone including the upper lip and jaw
and the lower part of the nose Whore > it had
been Was now a Jotgod bloody gap extending
across to the ears and dOn to the throat
Open your eyes Llngg exclaimed tho jail
doctor who had just reached the room To
the astonishment of the bystanders Llnggs
eyes opened and looked calmly about him lie
Immediately raised to a table and propped
up with pillows and was washed hurriedly
Cloth bandages wore passed around tho loner
part of the face and around tho top of the head
hiding I but the none eyes and forehead all
loose away dangling bones and flesh being first cut
Deputy Sheriff ONeill told this story to a re
porter This deputy has been stationed direct
ly In front of Lfncira cell and Deputy Engel
hardt was his brothorofflcer Hold ONeill
At 840 oclock evorythins In the jail was
nulet Ihe common prisoners Were taking
their breakfast In the usual manner Jailer
Conrad Folz having driven from his home in
the north side entered the jail at thc hour
mentioned His first question was ns to how
Lluire felt I replied that the prisoner Will
very quiet this morning I hail my back to the
doorof his cell but to assure myself I tut nod
about and looked into thf enclosure 11 nee
was lying down on hit cot Thor was I candle
burning his table The use of a candle has
been allowed him for some time Jailer 1oU
went Into his private ofllco which Is about
twenty feet from the cage in which Llngcs cell
K A moment later there wa an explosion
To my mind it was such an explosion its would
be occasioned by thu discharge of u double
shot barrelled shotgun heavily loaded with slug
Immediately I Engelhardt and deputies
ECRU und Hogan jumped to the door of tbo
cell At the moment of thc explosion Jailer
Folz ran out of the office and came to our as
sistance At this moment wo saw a tow wreaths
of smoke coming out of the cell occupied by
Llnec Tho prisoner was on tho floor The
lower part of his face was such a mass of blood
that the features wer unrecognizable Blood
was scattered over the floor on the cot in
places on tho wall and tho body of tho suicide
was covered with It
Deputy Epan was immediately despatched
to the doctor s apartments When the doctor
came to the jail proper be saw at once that Ibo
case wan one which he could not safely handle
alone He sont a messenger around to Dr
Fengera house a few blocks away Dr Fongor
is a skied surgeon As soon as he arrived ho
ordered Llnge taken to another room Thu
one selected was the bathroom of the jail
The dying man was carried to this apartment
by myself and tho three deputies mentioned
He was placed on a table By this time three
other physicians bad arrIved Ono dressed the
torn flesh anothorgav attention to the tongue
of the mortally wounded man A portion of the
tongue watlelt and was attached to tile palate
This fell back into the throatstopplnc Linens
breathing The physician pulled tills back
and a string was attached which was held by a
deputy thus allowing respiration While tills
was going on another surgeon had a syringe
tn his hands and frequently Injected portions
of brandy lund again doses ot salt Morphine
Injections were also given
Jailer Conrail Folz thus explains the man
ner tn which LingR took bis life Lineg In
come way became possessed of dynamite cap
Tills cap la between ono and one and a halt
Inches long It In made ot copper and the
outer and plugged up with a piece of lend
The copper for at least half an Inch Is filled
with dynamite Then a small portion is filled
with fulminating powder Into this powder
runs a fuse made of brattled cloth In my
opinion Unite while lylnar In lied reached out
lib hand took from hit table the lighted
candle than placed the explosive In his mouth
with the fuse outward This ho placed to the
candle und his mortal wound followed
WAITING sIx nouns you DEATH
The gutta percha mouth a fountain syringe
was Inserted with a doctors flngor into the
great hoi left by the dynamite Uy title method
water and brandy were administered This
wax repeated at Intervals Llnifij moanwhllo
gazing steadfastly about him watohlne every
move of those In the room but apparently In
different to what they did and caring nothing
about the almost ceaseless slamming of the
door only a few feet distant livery now mid
thou without tiny Honiint Immediate cause mu
fcurul hollow grttufng would buuiul through
this bamliiK Listeners achast would aban
don tin room only to give place to a new bet
not yef weakened by the horrors within the
death chamber
Llnttg moved his long sinewy right arm
easily bit loft hand was torn by dynamite
and without trouble wrote In German simple
directions as to raising him higher or the like
Beyond a glance ot recognition to Capt lllack
who came Into the room for a moment and
said Poor poor fellow there wan nothing to
briiik lbs horrible agony of six mortal hours
wait tPrdtMthii approach
LIIIVKH brsuit hum LTiidiiallr becamo slower
i In piilir KII the lur limit iliHponoi V hltulit
uu70 v vn4 nolli fil ill tile nnw sunken eyes
SOIIIM one tiii I lie Is ilylnu und tile report
erxmndd ready fpra rush to the nearest tele
phone Lfticg4 big breast heaved once and
was pttIL Ills eyes looked straight ahead with
something of their old brtchtnens but at a
irklsper from the doctor tae roportore d sh cl
teethe telephones falling ono over another
down the narrow stairway to the court yard in
t heir nfTortfl to toll tho news first While the
reporters were tumbling and runnlna the doe
tor raised Llnggs right arm It fell book on
the table limp An attendants right and loft
forofliiKers were laid on Llnggs forehead and
tiusbod the eyollilx shut In a moment the lit
tle room was empty of all but the ghastly
corpse of the bombmaker Louis Llncg
All day yesterday It was thought that Llntcg
acted differently from usual On Tuesday
night he gave out his farewell address
which was written for the Alarm Parsons
old paper In It tie recited at length his grlev
andes and closed as follows
Now with a last and earnest farewell to all
friends and comrades and with final wishes
for their prosperity 1 close In view of the cer
tainty that I shall never have the chance of
seeing you again my bolqvpd comrades with
an earnest and hearty wish for your future
success lu lite Your comrade flood die An
artliiel Louis LINOO
Yesterday when one of the auarJs told him
that the novvHpapon had published his letter
to I V Lum the young bomb manufacturer
lie expressed a ft roue desire to read It In
English Jailor Folz consented and Llneg
slowly plodded through translation Engel
hardt speaks German and when appealed to
gave LliiRg tire moaning of English words In
Gorman The doomed man said that the letter
was an admirable translation of the original
Turning to another pago ot tho paper ms eye
caught the line Llngg will surely bane
Cnlung lncolhardt he asked What Is the
moaning of this word BUllELY In Ger
man Engelhardt told him and Ltncp laugh
Inn observed Bo BO I will BbRKLY
bang Ills manner was such that Enp Hanlt
joined in the laugh Bay called Llneit to a
reporter did you SOL > niy Jlttdchon lie was
told that Eda Mueller bad not been seen and
his next query was Has my sroethoart gone
to Bprlndlold This was answered In the
affirmative lie seamed pleased but remarked
that II he could have seen her ho would have
told her to stay at home
Deputy ONeill declared that Linen was the
coolest man In Cook county jail Ue was vory
palo but his appetite was good and he slept
While It in generally thought around the jail
now that Llnae had all along determined on
ending his own life In some tragic manner it Is
also believed that for some reason he com
mitted the act sooner than ho Intended Last
Tuesday witon Capt Black was heaving the
jail on his way to Springfield Lingg called hini
to the grating opposite his cell and in brokon
English asked him to see that he had some
clean linen sent him and he also was very
particular that It should bo arranged that a
messenger who brought him his clean clothes
should take away his soiled things All right
Ill attend to it Bald Capt Black What
shall I do for you at Springfield 1 Lingg shook
his head and said Do not forget the 01011105
When Jailer Folz told Parsons that Lingc
hud killed himself Parsons exclaimed Great
God Is that so
Yes its a fact was the reply
Well my God exclaimed Pareona I wish
I had some dynamite myself I would kill my
self only top quickly August Spies was then
informed ot the tragedy
I expected nothing else said Spies quietly
Ever since the finding of the bombs tn his coil
last Sunday I was satisfied that if It was pos
sible bo would make away with himself For
my own and my comrades sake I am glade he
is out of the way
Schwab became deeply depressed Ha
walked up and down bin coil with his head on
his breast Engel and Fischer refused to talk
to their keeper but were evidently almost
overwhelmed by tho tragedy
Jailor Folz and Ills son Otto who acts as chief
turnkey at the jail wero vary much depressed
this evening over the event of the day Mr
Folz was askeit to explain the way in which
Llngg had kept his dynamite cap from the
eyes of his keepers Bald ho
I have a theory You know that Llngg had
n very bushy bead of hair It Is not without
the bounds of possibility that he placed the
cap In his locks and kept It there while we
searched him last Sunday At that time he
was stripped completely My deputies Marched
all his clothing and could find nothing ot a
suspicious character
Coroner Henry L Hertz was notified ot the
death of Lines early in the day He empan
elled jury late in the afternoon The jury
went to the jail and were shown into the bath
room where the remains A Llngg lay They
viewed the body and thin adjourned tho in
quest until Wednesday
About 800 cards of admission to the execu
tion have been Issued by Sheriff Matson out of
at least a thousand applications The persons
favored with these cards are members of the
press all the Judges of the courts city and
county officials nil members of the Anarchist
jury who are In the city and wish to attend the
special jury provided by law the members of
the Grand Jury which returned the original
indictments counsel for the condemned mon
a few clergymen and a number of prominent
At midnight the preparations at the jail are
well forward and all will be In readiness The
cards of admission name 10 oclock in the
moraine as the hour of execution and it is ex
pected tlio trap will bo sprung about 11 oclock
hhcrllT Matson lies no expectation of any
further message from the Governor and does
not believe that anything can possibly occur
to interfere with the execution
A delegation which arrived at the jail at
10 35 oclock created n ripple of excitement It
consisted of Ucn Fitrslmmnnfl commanding
the first llrlKiido ot the Illinois National
Guard Lieutdor Smith and his staff com
posed of Col Clarke Col Buchanan Col Pot
ter and Lieut Lov ejoy They were escorted
Into the cell room by Chief Deputy Sheriff
Gleason and talked to the Anarchists
At 11 > oclock the condemned men were still
awake and talking to their guards Parsons
was In the cell furthest to the cast Hseliorwoa
in the next to the west Encel in the adjoining
one and Spies next iloldon and Bohwab
paced up and down their ceils
A few minutes after 11 oclock Deputy Peters
came away from Engels tell with the air of a
man who had just loft an agreeable entertain
ment The cause of this was discovered to be
a select assortment of funny stories with which
Engel refilled him Engel is by no means de
pressed by the clatter of the carpenters around
In the western corridor putting the finishing
touches uu the scaffold where In a few hours
he will be a prominent actor
The grim terrors ot the rapidly passing hours
seem to have no effect on him In the course
of his conversation with Peters ho indulged In
a sneer at the cowardice exhibited by several
of his doomed fellows Ho paid Here are a
good many loud talkers among us and the
ones that talked loudest were the first to
weaken when It came to the scratch
On being asked as to his own view of his com
ing doom he threw up his hands and with a
Mirtic of his shoulders said You sue me
There la hardly n doubt that ho will march
upon tho fatal platform and step out Into otor
filly with the reckless courage of a brute
At mldnluht Parsons is still awake and pan
Ins Ills cell with restless step Occasionally
his sharp face shows up in the glare of the
lantern In front of his door and the light In
his OYii3 SeemS brighter than in the early even
ing 1isoher tutu riplea sit on their beds well
back from the cell doors and say but little
Reporters from all tho city papers are at the
jail nxcopt the Arlielter Ztitung which has
no lone been the organ of the Chicago Anarch
ists So fur n can DO learnodno application
for admission has been made Dy any one from
that paper
Deputy Sheriff Adolph Mueller had a talk
with Fischer and Engel during the evening
Mueller nays that the two men discussed
JiniCH suicide freely Both of them declared
that tlioy wished they had a chance to follow
LlnucH example They would Infinitely pre
fer tn take their own lives than to suffer the
ehimeful death allotted to them Encel also
discussed his own attempt at suicide which
ho made on Saturday night by taking lauda
num and morphine pills He said mi wife
gave him the bottle about a year ago and he
added that hn wished lie had used the poison
before It lost Hi strength
In todays Arlittter Cutting appears an edi
torial to the effect that Llncc was driven to
suicide by his socalled friends the persons
who tried to have him declared Insane in the
County Court Among them the Zfitung places
W II Salter who has been engineering the
petitions for commutation of the sentence I H
B Lloyd the Units family and Spies himself
us well aa Dr Klernan who made the affidavit
that Lttiirg was iusiuio
BAnuiNxrr TALE
Among the Mnrlos which are floating around
the jail IK outti which serins to point to pome
concerted action by the outside Anarchists A
nulooti keeper whose place la a few blocks from
the jail says that last night at n late hour three
men came into bin saloon With two of them
ho was acquainted aa being well known Chi
cuco Anarchists
Alto third person was a stranger In the sa
loon they had a long private consultation and
as they were getting ready to leave the Btran
c r said Nothing will happen on Thursday
night or Friday while the execution Is going
on but 1rldar nluht the police will be tired
and away from tIlt jail anct then tile fun will
I li I > tlso said hun t itegult louis of Anarchists
vTnuM visit thu ftosvb1uzr dIkes lunl tiutt
thorn to n eimatlon TliM sanguinary person
was B large Herman wearing a lull board
Shortly after midnight a messenger arrived
mtthitjall with telegram for Spits U was
trpmhls brother anu bade him mss t his late
Ttith IIX1RJ1I5
Aatbr Contspo de ta Aeeenmt SC tkt
Ausxiety asia Escltcneat
OIUOAOO NOT l0The fate of the six An
archists who remained after the death by sui
cide of Louis Llngg which occurred shortly
before 8 oclock this afternoon bos ben di
elded by Coy Ogles
by Four will bo
hanged in accord 3
ance with the orig
inal verdict and two
will be imprisoned V
for life The four 4
who will par the
death penalty for
their share in tho
Haymarket bomb
horror May 1886
are August Spies Al
bert H Parsons Goo
EngeL and Adolph moms moo
Fischer while the two whoso sentences are t
commuted to life imprisonment are Samuel
Fieldon and Michael Schwab Such la tho final
decision of Coy Oglesby from which there Is
no appeal A
The news ot the Governors decision reached
the street about 7 P M and found a city full 4
of pouplo In feverish expectancy Not rich 4f
man sat down to his 0 oclock dinner tonight f
and not a laboring man joined his family at V
the frugal meal which marks the end of a days
work but wondered as ho ate what was to bo
tire fnteof the six condemned mon All day
long people had talked and thought ot nothing
else The influuiico ot the sinister situation
was visible in every department ot human ac
tion Never since the riots of July 1877 or
tho great lire ot October 1871 hat Chicago
been BO absorbed in the consideration ot a
single topic I
As the newsboys appeared on the streets with
the evening extras announcing the Governors
action every corner in the central portions ot
the city was thronged with people whoso sole 3
errand was to learn the news Many thousands
of the newspapers were bought at double the
usual prices and before 9 oclock the thrilling
intelligence so eagerly awaited had become
very widely known The theatres were almost
wholly deserted The billiard tournament
opened the evenings play to scarcely more
than fifty people
At 5X oclock CoL Felton manager ot the
Western Union Telegraph Company hurried t
over the way to the Sheriffs office with the fol
lowing despatch
rron A J Ogltibil OoMrnor to tl MalL Ox County
The sentences of Fieldon and Bohwab are
commuted to Imprisonment for life Sentence J I
of the other four must stand
The Sheriff was absent at the moment bat
was quickly summoned to his office His first I
action was to drive rapidly to the county jail
and order extra precautions in the guarding
ot the tour doomed men each of whom was at
once put under double surveillance Next the
Sheriff decided to remove Fiolden and Bohwab
to the Joliet penitentiary on the train whloh
left at 11 oclock tonight
The unusual stir in tho interior ot the jail
reached the ears of the condemned and quite
a little before the news of the Governors ac 1
tion was communicated to them they had sur
mised Its purport Not one ot them seemed
surprised not ono showed n trace of fear or
any unusual emotion Flelden and Schwab
were the saddest of the six and neither could
utter a single wordwhentold his life wa >
to be saved All weresreatlrntistrunaj at that <
awful death of their colnrade who had broathed
his last only two hours before and the knowl 3
edge of their own fate seemed for thotime to
be of minor consequence
On a ot the first steps taken by the Sheriff was
tbo transfer of all the prisoners to the cells they
bad occupied previous to lost Sundays bomb
discovery In Ltnggs call AU were carefully
searched while the transfer was being made
and all bore the operation with stoical indiffer
ence Spies muttered under his breath
Thero are no more suicides left
Nina Van Zandt took bar farewell of Spies
about 6l oclock She was received in the
jailers office by the condemned man The
parting was harrowing the girl throwing her
arms around her lovers neck and crying most
pitifully She was removed by the deputies
and Spies was taken back to his cell to spend
his last night on earth as ho saw fit
The terrible grief of the girl who had given
him her love almost unsought and who had
for many weary weeks lavished her affection
upon him seemed to move him moro than the I
knowledge of his impending doom He spoke
to her in low tones with an unusual tinge of
tenderness and when at last the weeping girl
turned to go he walked back to his cell with
slow steps and bonded head
Ono by one the wives and relatives of the
doomed mon hastened to the jail All were
admitted but their actions wore carefully
noted by a largo force of deputy sheriffs and
detectives Mrs Parsons for the first time
since the beginning of the trial showed sign
ot breaking down She has perceptibly lost
flesh in the last two weeks but not until to
night has she shown any dlmunltion of the
nervous energy and almost fierce selfcontrol
she has maintained throughout Those who
know her best and who sympathize with berln
this fearful time say she will not break down
but will bear her lot heroically and live in the
hope of avenging what she calls the laws foul
murder of an Innocent man
Sheriff Matson issued orders this evening to
begin the erection of tbe scaffold for the execu
tion of tho Anarchists and half a dozen csrpen
tersand deputies aro now putting tho machines
of death In position Jailor Fob was in consul
tation with the Sheriff for half anhour at the
jail this evening and it was agreed that Jailer
Pole should adjust the nooses The First and
Second Regiments are drilling at their respec
tive armories tonight and will be underarms
tomorrow in readiness for any disturbance
All of the man have been supplied with forty
rounds of ammunition and the armories will
be connected by telegraph with the jail
After looking over the situation Sheriff Mat
son has concluded that be would not be au
thorized to Bend Fiolden and Schwab to the
penitentiary on a more telegram from the Gov
ernor The Governors messenger will arrive
from Springfield early tomorrow morning
bringing an official copy of the order of com
mutation After that a mittimus will issue 4
and the men may go down tomorrow or Sat
urday They will undoubtedly bo sent on a
regular train in the day time
The report current this afternoon that the L
execution was to take place at daybreak La l
entirely unwarranted The sentence of the
Supreme Court provides that the execution
shall take place botweon 10 and 4 while the
statute provides that It shall occur between 10
and a The hour of 11 will probably selected
The day at the jail will long be remembered
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Saturday November 12tli
Will be the last day of the halfprlcn sale for
tin buhtiro tit broken lots of high trades
Overcoats and Suits for mon anti boys al
Hoesra Vogel l Brothers Eighth avenue and
Fortyeeooud street Adt
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Avel tho Wear e > Washing Olethe i
Whit ftlA fr 4I 0 B 1 tttiial BO B I BA eatft

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