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2 TAl SUN ntIVAY rtovltMlJJjK 11 1881 I
Cbnrfnuof from JTrf 1 Page
t M one of loom excitement and borror
first came tha dynamite inloida ot LDlnr
fL Which oocurred aarly In the morning This
produced a profound sensation among the ro
tnalnlngstx Anaroblstii and all day long they
mode anxious Inquiries as to his condition
When they were told of his death a little b
for 8 oclock they received the news In
silence Llncft passed away at 310 Twenty
minutes before that time his heat began to
l i flit and I was plain t Dr Mayor that ho wu
1 Up t within flvo minutes of his death he was
conscious and then he began t fall rapidly
Two minutes before the fatal moment his eyee
opened ho cast a look around him and his
opned the laat sign of
k head dropped and that was Is
hea droppd
life manifested Mororlmmolateltolophond
for the Coroner The Inquest will b hold this
The newspaper men and deputies instinctive
V1 ly I rained their hats A they passed into the i
presence of death The air was fetid with the
pungent pr nc odor of ether There on the table la i
punseDt oor
I the bloodstained corpse of Llngg There the I
N curtain fall t on the last scone of a tragic life 1
Only a cabinet maker bet ha had made a sir
In his day Thor that take by tho sword shah
perish by the sword Ho had made bombs to
I destroy capitalists and wreck society and L
Ft ha himself perished by the bomb The
I body of him who was so defiant but a few
abort hours ago lay limp on the table wrapped
x > In the blanket which had wormed him his I
ft naked body since 9 oclock this morning The
dried clots of blood hung t his mangled tip
r dred caked on the bandages flora streaked
j his sturdy arms and his brood chest
Z The bailiffs Deer and Cleveland and the i reporter
porter Klein who had held up his head I h 1
agony this morning stood by his side and
1 watched till his last breath departed
He I dead whispered Beers and the S1
pensawas over
lilacs proved himself a true Anarchist Two
hours beforo his death while being cared for
by tho physicians and their assistants M
I Klein who rendered valuable aid to tho doc
tore was about t change the hot water bot
ties at his feet when the bomb mak
er straightened up and flashing a look <
tt of deflanoa at the hireling the capitalist
press whom ho recognized he drew his feet
up out of th reach of tho man whose paper 1 he
tJ believed had convicted him I Llngg could
have destroyed the man before him hil flery
glances proved that he would haradone It wit
r pleasure
n A Bzirrcn OJ B u
The suicide of Llngg is in keep with h
whole life He was born at Mannheim a city
in the grand duchy of Baden 21 years ago
ills mother and relatives quite wolltoc
people a still residents of that city When a
boy he learned the carpenter trade and joined
the Socialistic party in his native town In 1
1879 he at flrst began to read Johan
Mosta pamphlets and became enthusiast
J adpporterot MOlts advocacy of force and dy 1
W namlte He severed his connection with the
t Socialistic party The Socialists wore tot
S mild and slow going for him and he fought them
t h a bitterly a the capitalists To harm theirS I
causabe denounced them a the authorities
S r and thus caused the arrest of many In 1883
I S hews forced to leavo his native town After
k a good deal of wandering about Germany he
5 < finally landed in Switzerland There he con
I tinued to fight the blues a the Social
i i Democrats are called by the red followers of
S Host I was then the Serial etTa the
iS official organ of the Oormnn Socialists pub
lished a notice declaring Llngg t bo an Informer
e i former and spy of tho Gorman Government
I I 1885 he came to America In New York
he stayed only a fow days and proceeded farther
V J ther West t Chicago Hero he joined the
t I north side group of the International On the
r 5 night of May I ho Intended to operate with
w bombs on tho north side He bad made flfty
1 bombs He was arrested by detectives after a i
desperate struggle
I j Had Llngg survived until tomorrow it would
1 r have necessitated a temporary respite firs
1 < because the Governor was convinced of his Insanity
sanity and second because his comrades could
f fa S not be executed while h life hung In the ba
j I At the jail tonight I was said that Parsons
PA was acting as though his mind was unsettled
I and that It soemed likely he would lose his
S S reason under the strain About 8 oclock he
f J received the following telegram from h
brother in New York den W H Parsons
t Mi BBOTHEB Another Oothsomane to
night More than a legion of angels and your
brother with pitying eyes survey the spectacle
i S of mans inhumanity to man Millions of
f t hearts Europe and America are now thrllllnj
1 with sympathy for the men who are t die for
t 7 humanity I am proud of your sublimity you
fortitude and your hereditary heroism
Your brother W H PABSOHS
At 10 oclock tonight Dr Bluthardt a per
sonal friend of Parsons called at the jail to
The Interview lasted about fifteen
I see him IDtorlow late Ifteen
minutes and when Dr Bluthardt returned
I from his cell he was very much affected and
gn a expressed some fear that Fareonss mind was
giving way
Lj 1 Ivl Dr Bluthart Parsons Intrusted the fai
nt rowing verbal mosesce to bo given to Jailer
11 I Fob and also to Mr Graham a Time reporter
who was on terms of personal friendship with
t the doomed Anarchist
Sj te Tell Oov Oglesby for me that when I name
S here el deliver myself up to the courts of our
S own country I thought I would be tried ac
cording to American law and custom but I
S 55 S have found that I am mistaken Here I am
now on the eve of death after having been for
S S year on the platform of tho gallows where I
i have suffered untold torture They call the
suIerId torur
savage Indian cruel because he takes his
S victim ties him to the stake and tor
tures tes to death but oh Lord
1 1 what is that torture lasting but a few
hours when compared with mine 1 Three dif
ferent times I have been offered pardon 1 not
liberty 1 I wanted to beg for mercy for 1 crime
I that I never committed a crime that I nevor
S thought of Whoro would havo been my man
hood if I had bogged for mercy 1
e S Poor Liugg had the idea that when he was
sacrificed and shod his own blood It would b
S enough to atone for the blood spilled at the
Haymorkot and I believe that when Llngg
lit sacrificed his life Itvvnsdone In order tonatlafy
the cravings ie bloodthirsty public But tell
IL Qov Ogleaby that 1 my life would b sufllclent
to gratify this craving for blood let him take it
crlvlnl tle
and welcome but for Gods sake to pardon the
others for they are all Innocent men This is
my last message I have no more to say
Dr Blutlmrdt said that while Parsons was
S S dictating this messngo ho seemed flighty and
unsettled and struggled to find the words he
S wanted to use
At midnight the streets a deserted to a
unusual decree The people have gone home
with a feeling of dread as to what tomor
S row will bring lorth Nobody has any
clearly defined fear of apprehensionS
S but tho general feeling Is one of
uneasiness So far as is known or can b
judged there io no tonglble ground for this
S feeling The authorities city and county dis
play no nervousness but they are alert and
I S watchful tonight developments and amply prepared for tomorrows
The Mayor has not ordered tho closing of sa
loons nor In any opon way signified that the
day of execution Is more fraught with danger
than any other day
Secret orders wore tonight issued to tho po
lice and orer understood the city Is being
3 closely watched In quarters where the Anarch
ists and their sympathizers r most liable to
congregate 8hould any dangerous demon
S Kfratlons be attempted It will nnd a warm r
The First and Second regiments of State
troopS are held al their armories tonight and
will be kept uDder orders tomorrow so A t
be 1 I ralnea for a call at a moments notice
7 A Bomb sit a Jnrori Hesldenee
CHICAGO Nov 10 About eight oclock tonight
night a bomb was found by Thomas Maloney
In tho roar of the residence of James Brayton
on Yale near Sixtythird street in Englowood
S The bomb consisted of a pleco of cnsplpe 13
Inches long and about two Inches In diameter
Oiled with pieces of iron and a substance sup
posed to be dynamite
S pos Brayton was one of the jurors who con
vlotad the Anarchists j said to a reporter
toiIght that he did not fear any organized at
tieL but believedthaOrouble night b ex
acted from oRnb Ha has received several
= rt fm letters lie tantenea was pr
4 V u t ha Anarchist and has consulted
t + c t
c IJ
with reference to them with Chief EbersoU
fitate s Attorney Orlnnell and Capt Bchaack
honeS Two policemen were detailed t guard h
Xatlnaat f tn Ereisln at tle Ja
tissrln JTeir Tewdnr
tl tA Auteiftt mn
CmoAOO Nov 10Mm Luoy Parsons
created a scene In the Criminal Cur building
about 10PM Bbl walked down Mlchla
street t the main entrance and was admitted
t the hallway by tho armed guards Bho had
with hor a lady friend Approaching tba door
which leads to the Jail yard she demanded
permission to proceed This was denied her
by a deputy sheriff who was acting under dl
notions ot Sheriff Matson
But I mud go In to Ma my husband exclaimed
claimed Mr Parsons
H You cannot was the firm reply
Then the dusky wife of the Anarchist trw
up her hands and fell to the tiled floor In a
dead faint I took OVM twenty minutes tq
bring her t consciousness bat when this was
done she was escorted from the building
Parsons was not informed of tha episode
Just at the time this Incident took place e
Sheriff Hanchett emerged from the Ja cell
room and went Into Sheriffs Matsons private
omce In a couple of minutes he came out
bearing in his arms the ropes with which the
Beds wire to be banged
Shortly after this Deputy Sheriff Ourran who
had ben guarding Fischer came into the jai
offloe from the cell rom Ha reported that all
the men wero awake and talking on general
te soner
subjects to their guards
The erection of the scaffold began at 10
oclock The flrst intimation that the news
paper men had of I was the falling of a heavy
board Then came blows of hammers and
each one was distinctly hoard In the dead Quiet
which prevailed The gallows was put up In 1
the northeast corridor of the jail her for
man yearn all Cook county hangings have
yelt 11 COUlt
taken place The scaffold is the lame used In I
the hlDRlnlof the three Italian murdarers but
It has ben lengthened for the purpose of
swinging oft the tour Anarchists at once I I
painted a dead brown color
Bhortly after 7 oclock Sheriff Matson cam
to the JaiL His mission was twofold He want
ed te t give personal notice to Spies Engel
Fischer and Parsons that they would have t
suffer the extreme penalty of the law He also
wanted to sea that his deputies won
so placed that all unauthorized people
rlaed kept from the vicinity The
Sheriff stayed In the cell room about
twenty minutes He would only say that none
of the condemned men showed any signs of
breaking down It was at 735 0 look that
the liav Dr Bolton of tho First Methodist
Church called on Parsons His visit lasted
about three minutes and his efforts to get Par
avail sons t consider spiritual matters were of no
Then supper was brought In from a neigh
boring restaurat All of tho Anarchists par
took of cream toast Fischer Indulged in steak
coffee and Engel ate some mutton chops All toot
coAtT the suppers were brought I the under
tsker who suppr chargeof Llnlc re
mains came Next was borne In Lingos coOn
It was made of pine and stained a walnut color
The undertaker and his assistants placed the
remains In the coffin and I was decided to
allow it to remain In tbe ialll all night
At 810 oclock Spies Fischer and Engel were
taken from the rooms in which they had bade
farewell to their relatives and consigned t
their cells These were soon closely guarded
An armed deputy stood in front of pare
door Inside the cell of each prisoner was a
lantern while a table was placed outside and
on this was a lamp thus giving the guards an
opportunity prisoner t watch the movements of each
The entire Second Bogimont is held in readi
ness to move at a moments notice tonight
and In all probability remain In the armor
until after the execution has taken place A
short time after noon today Col Wheeler sent
word t his company commander to have their
or at the armory by midnight where they
were to await any orders that may emanate
from brigade headquarters
The armory of the regiment presents an ani
mated armor aene tonight A strong guard was
xmted at the door while inside men wore hur
rying to and fro with blankets and overcoats
indeavortngto find the soft place In the floor
for a bed Tbe officers of the regiment were
inanlmoualn theft opinion that there would
> e no need for tbeltr services tomorrow but
hey have made the fullest preparation and
ire In readiness for anything that may arise
Mayor Bocba was at a conference held this
afternoon by Superintendent of Police Eber
sold > Inspector Bonflold Lieut Bteele and
Captains Schaack ODonnell Buckley wf
and Hathaway The consultation lasted for
an hour Tho Superintendent unfolded his
plans of arrangements for tomorrow I was
indorsed by the Captains of the five precincts
who notified all their Lieutenants to report at
be precinct stations at 7 this evening for or
der Chief of Police Washburn of the town of
the Lake conference and Sheriff Matson visited the Chief attar
te conerencoNO
I do not intend to toll Just how I baTe or
dared the police stationed tomorrow said
Chief Ebersold In the frt plaoal antici
pate > no trouble I am sure thore will b none
unless arises from an accident but if any
thing should occur my men will b In i posi
Ion t meet It I have positive Information
ton convinces me that there will b no or
ganized effort of persons riotously Inclined
prODS rotously Inclied
Chief Ebarsolf said a linn of police arml
with rifles thrown around the block immedl
tely surrounding the jai would prevent the
pproaoh of any crowds to the jail
Ten companies of twentysix men each all
bearing rifles will b posted abut the jail and
the streets in the vicinity all under command
of Cant George Hubbard ot the Central detail
quads from the companies will do guard duty
building at the entrances tOte jail and Criminal Court
bulhlDI Central Station the Harrison street
West Twelfth street Dosplalnes street West
Chicago avenue and ast Chicago avenue sta
tions companies will b held In reserve white
ono company i b loft lt each of the sub
Itatons Matson after consultation with Jailer
Folz decided to bar the big Iron gate at the
north end of the jail court leading Into Illinois
Street Four carpenter were at work today
street > the gate by propping i with heavy
mrlnch scantling At the bottom of the gate
heavy hard wood timber have been spiked
opes will be placed across the street at every
corner of the jail building tomorrow and a
cordon of police numbering 200 will be sta
oned bak about this enclosure to keep the crowds
Ida Mustier Lingga girl was found In her
home In the basement of 882 Wells street to
night Bhe apPnrd strangely undisturbed
And smiled when the question undIturoed
mled IUeBton asked
elf Are you aware that Lig has done wit him
sel yes I know all about It There It Is in
unconcerned the Arbrttfr Zettung she replied completely
Well what do yon think of It
I dont think at alL Ling I always thought
was a resolute fellow that alt
leU Do you think he did right in killing him
I think I Is bettor todte asLinggdled than
to > be hanged to helplessly allow himself to bo
ragged death t the gallows and to get choked to
jathWill you write his mother about bin death r
No I dont know her and I dont care to
It nODe of mr business I am no relation to
IR I oonnot le why hil death sbouldoon
corn me more than others I dont care to be
bothered about It any longer
The girl abruptly retired to the kitchen In
spite of hor efforts she could scarcely keep up
the air of unconcern assumed and broke down
the moment she a behind the door sobbing
loudly A U her heart would break
Cemvlet Tnsnn UnTbe > e > r Onxe tat Kleenun
BeknIU Tnrcw Ike Be nib
Chicago This despatch last night was sent t Capt 1kl
Oe NaT Ten HOT 10
Cspt Blact Meato I
aJI 1c
I hold proof showlni sentenced Anarchist to he liSvS
cent Guilty men In New Tort Located nan telegraphed
O Front Is under Uow
graphed to GOT Osjlesby Prof 1 oah
shall I communicate I t Atom P Wjoum
40 Third avenue counsellor at law
The proofs alluded to in Manager Wagoners
despatch is I contained In an affidavit made by
Fran Waykoff a convict In Sing Sing prison
who declares that he knows who threw the
bomb at the Haymarkat massacre and that
this man Is Eleeman Bohnetz now living at
1168 Third avenue In this city Way
koff says that Bchuetz omen confessed
the crime to him and told him the
circumstances of It Waykoff was sen
tenced to four years Imprisonment on Dot
21 by Judge Cowing In the Court of General
Sessions for making a false proof of loss in an
insurance case Bchuetz turned States evi
dence upon tho trial and Vazkapt makes no
secret of the fact that he reveals Bohuetzs e
crt In revenge Ha made his statement at
Sing Sing under oath on Nov 2 t h u
sal L August P Waxanar
n Maykoff want to Lawyer Wa aaar U tha
lto I aMu I KI
44 5 b V tl
end told him that ha Maykoff bad recently
lot a good deal of property br the burning of I
the so where ha lived 108 Fourth street
Long Island City and that though he
1 fully Insured In the Greenwich Flr
Insurance Company h could not cot his
money Ho wanted the lawyer to help him
Mr Waerener found on Inquiry that the Insur
ance company alleged fraud on Iakoprl
part ltd agents declaring that though May
kopf was a man In vary humble circumstances
bo wanted insurance money to the extent ot
141875 on clothes Maykopf who was
known at this time and until after ie
went to Bins Sing as George Mayer
submitted to a long examination by
Adjuster Herman Victor for the company He
broke oft the examination when questions
were put to him about his Pst hlstoryf La
yer Wagoner brought suit against tho inaur
sac company to recover 1270 the amount ot
the polo The company still aliened fraud In I
their answer and on July 15 scoured the arrest I
of Maykopf for fraud on a warrant Issued br
Police Justice Oltollly In the Tombs Court
Maykonf was tried before Judge Cowing on
Oct 20 1
At tho examination In tho police court and
subsequently upon the trial In the Goneral I
Sessions the chief witness for tho insurance
company was wlnoss Sohuotz Bchuc
came to the oleo of the company and volun
toered to turn informer 10 swore that May
kopf and Mrs Mary Uorst hired the rooms In
Lone Island City and cot Insurance upon I lot 1
of property which they didnt own conspIring
with Bohuetz and n man named Bcbarf to
burn the house and defraud the insurance
company Schultz was cognizant of tho whole
scheme and expected to prollt by It Ils turned
ed Btatos evidence ho saldi because he feared
itatos jig was up and ho wanted to got
clear himself Assistant District Attorm
rurdy In summing up the case denounce
Schultz and Judge Cowing in sending Day
Hohulz Judle
kopf to prison paid that he regretted that he 1
could not send Bchultz to prison with him
Before ho wont to jail Mitykopf told Mr
Wagoner that Bchultza testimony as to the I
conspiracy was indeed true hut that Sohuetz 1
and tho man Bcharf warn the lender
and not himself tichuetz and Hclmrf he
declared had for two or three years ben
tngagod in swindling insurance companies
ellod swlndlnl
aykopf met tfcharf and Hclniotz he said In I
January at the house of Mrs Horst 415 Hot
lghtyflrst street Ho joined the gang there
and the Lone Island City fire was tho frt In I
which he participated But he said the lead <
era told him that thoy had worked thelrschoir
successfully about a dozen different times I In
Jersey CityWest Hobokon Morrlsanla Ilroot
ynand Long Island Cltyand twice InNe wYorl
The real reason why Bohuetz perched was
that Maykopf refused to be a party to the
murder of a money lender who kept a shop m
lor Dr Iatzenwayera house nt 1GG East Flftj
first street Bchuetz said that the broker had
frt stroet to 15000 In his euro there and that
bo safe was open in the duy tlmowlth the broke
often alono In the store Bchiiotzrowed von
oren upon Maykopf for spoiling the scheme
Beimel tostllled upon tho trial that Hchni
was so angry at Waykopf that ho wanted to
plan > with bcheutz to lure Vaykopt to King
bridge and kill him
1 know other things too said Waykopf t
its lawyer but I darent tell thorn Schuet
and Boharf are Anarchists of the mildest sort
On Oct 25 aDd again on Oct 26 Mnykor
wrote Mr wagoner that ho would no longer
rte his secret and that Schuetz had conllde
to him in their two or three months of In
Imacy that he threw the Chicago bomb
ehuetz had also shown him bombs of differ
eDt kinds had explained their construction
aDd had detailed the Chicago alTalr at length
chuetz was constantly receiving letters iron
Most and was a frequent caller at the office of
Most spnper
Mr Wagoner wont to Singling on Nov 2
11r Maykopt made a Ions affidavit before I
O Wostlake the prison notary telling all be
knew About Schuotz Those parts of the affidavit
davit relating to tbe bomb throwing are as fol
owsTho third time that I saw Schultz was on 1 i
Sunday moraine about fourteen days after I
had first soon him He came to Mrs brats
fmt 415 East Eightytlrst street where I J
wa boarding He then spoke of anarchism
dynamite and arson He spoke of the Chicago
affair of the throwing of the bombs
alnlr the Hnymarket He said that at
the time the bombs were thrown he
resided In Chicago and had to make his
escape I asked why he had to escape and he
aid that the police had escap he was
one of the men concerned In the affair and
beIng a suspect he had to escape and eel
away I then asked him I ho knew anything
about the affair and he looked at mo In a pe
ullar way winked his eye and said Speed
or sneaking Is silver silence is cold
o When I refused to have anything to do
with the killing of tbe broker Bchultz turned
on me and said that I was no Rood and that he
had done worse than that In Chicago I
asked him what he had dons In Chicago and
he said I was one of the Anarchists in Chica
go and I threw the bombs and other people
are suffering for the deed now but that Is
none of my business Ho said that he was
sorry ho bad been unable to use all three
bomb Ho told mo that three or
four neons had been used or were
to be used at the Hayraarket in Chicago
that behind ono of these wagons he
hid himself with a satchel containing three
bomb The satchel ho showed me a week
later In his house Hesntdthatlt had been
greed that tho bombs should bo thrown an
soon as the police intorod being understood
that the police would attack during the speak
lag Schultz mentioned tho names of othorn to
mo but I have lorgotton them Bchultz mild
The bloodhounds came to late but I threw
a blue bean at them He remained In Chi
cago n week and then came to New York
Borne time later I saw Bohuetz In bin room
at 806 East Beventyflftli street and he asked
me If I ever saw any dynamite bombs I said
No I He earn I will show you rome und
with that he got out H satchel a dark faded
satchel with a long strap to sling over the
shoulder He opened the satchel and brought
OIl two bombs One of the bombs was round
like a ball and the other was about seven to
eight l inches long and was round too
At another conversation which took place
OD the streets In the presence of Bcharf Schultz
said that if It came to pass that the Anarchists
ID i Chicago should be hanged Mr Urlnnell and
the jury that convicted them would have to
die JUr said that at the time tho Annr
ilats le baa been sentenced In Chicago
he bad been present at the meeting
ot sympathising Anarchists In Irving Hall in
this city and that be had three bombs with
him which ho would have thrown at the time
the police Interfered Bcboutz told me that he
himself made the bombs Ho told mo where
he made them but Idontremelhortbe place
Through the permission of Warden Brush
and Head Keeper Connaughton MnykopI re
peated his story to a BUN reporter at Sing Sing
yesterday In addition to the facts stated in
the affidavit declared that Schultz said that
during the speaking at the Haymnrket before
the massacre them wan a man standing upon
the wagon behind which Bchuotz was crouch
ing wlon man was to give the signal for the
bomb throwing Bcheutz threw the bomb at
the signal After the riots this man went to
Boston and aiterward to Pittsburgh Bcheutz
often told his name but DazLoff couldnt re
member It
Schultz lives with his wife In the rear apart
inents on the third floor of 1150 Third avenue
I Is one of a block of apartment houses r
coolly built between blxtysovonth and Sixty
eighth streets When a reporter for THE BUN
locked nt tll door last night there was no
response but on opening u small woman
jumped from a chair and said Mr Schultz
usnt In lie had gone out to got his vapor
and would be right Iono The little woman
was Mr Bchultz When she was Informed of
the statements made by Maykopb she ap
peared > somewhat nervous and said site lp
always been afraid her husband would get Into
trouble from his acquaintance with Mnykoph
and Bcharf But she said Mnykophs story she
knew was a He and she could prove It
Jchuetz came home shortly after noon He
Iso tall German with a massive frame and an
aD i angular but not unpleasant face Ha hag
small dark ayes which seem to be always on
the alert He laughed when he heard of May
kopha story
kophl all a He he said and he has told It
simply to got revenge He IB a regular rascal
and I told the truth about him when ho was
tried He married in Germany a girl who had
some money and he spent It all Then he
forged a paper and had to get out le came to
this country leaving his tofet with lusl six pen
is In her pocket and three children to take
oar of Ho never would do any work and al
ways wanted to be living on his acquaintances
0 Were you In Chicago at the time of the Hay
market riot 1
I rot Pullman I was working there
and boarding with my wifes mother No I
was boarlD Chicago that night and did not
tbroy the bomb
When did you come to Now York 1
Shortly after the riot I was married about
that time I was one of the strikers and cam
to New York to get work Yes 1 have been
her ever since There are plenty of witnesses
to prove that I was at Iullmans the night of
the bomb throwing
Are you in sympathy with the Anarchists 1
Schultz shook his head and looked at the re
porter sharply but said nothing a sid he
bad nothing to do with the schemes of Bobarf
aid Maykopf but he knew about some of them
alc Wagoner said yesterday that his only
reason for bringing the matter to the attention
ot the Illinois authorities was that the seven
condemned men were evidently not seel
that tho man who was guilty bad nscaoedl He
could not rest conscientiously without making
the i terrible secret known
Awarded 81BOO Uhiuazet
NEW MAVZN Nov 10 Charles J Ander
son of New Haven wbo while a passenger on
the steamer 0 I North am last May was
placed in irons because Le refused to comply
with I resrolationa Norlam boat was today
r auon 11 t9dar 1
Bainrlor awarded J r 8 HeeWnui by Judge ao bat cl the 1
Wi45it I 1Wd pl
< J jI
A BItl rreMl Tkrvnch the Mad 5
the SIestas f DlrcR end DIek
Pig Itylag and Oar Flmr Varied
The Federated Trades Unions which A
the official sympathizers In this city with the
condemned Chicago Anarchists t turned out
last night and paraded through tho streets in
tbo mud and rain In order to choir tholr syr
pathy for rip men In Ohlcaro who are to b I
hanged today Groups of from a dozen to
600 mon assembled In various parts of the city
and marched in a more or less solemn fashion
t Union Square There wore blood red flags
and a score ot block ones but in all the long
line ot men In the procession only one flag of
this country was seen and It wo bound tight
about Its staff while the others flapped freely I
In tho wind There were hundreds of torch
lights and scores of transparencies The lead
er of tho various squads woro about their left
arms bands of rod and black emblematical of
their opinions and their sympathy
Tho police arrangements were on a grand
Kale and the force of bluecoated
lale foro bluecoatd men was
largo enough to protect the city from all the
Anarchists that could be found Inspector
William was at the corner of Sixteenth street
and Broadway Behind were Oapts Clinch
Wobb Ilollly and Ktlllleo Tho Inspector and
the Captains blazed with shields and the gold
lace of tholr uniforms and drawn up In line i
were two hundred policemen under the immi
cat command of eight sergeants and twelve
roundsmen The several meeting places 01 i
tho Anarchists wore also well guarded by po
linemen hut thore a apparently no desire
on tbe part of the sympathizers of the doomed
men to cause trouble
Inspector Conlan was at the Astor House
with Copts Berghold and Grant the entire
squad of Central Office detectives and seventy
five policemen This force wag scattered about
in little groups down the side streets No dan
ger was apprehended by any one but the
greatest care was deemed necessary The
permit granted by the police for tho parade
named 10000 men but I was not expected
that thennmberwould rah half that figure
The bloodcurdling call that had been sent out
by tho committee which had charge of the
demonstration ordered the men to meet at
their orerd to
Clarendon Hall In Thirteenth street was
lammed until oclock with Anarchists The
beer saloon did a colossal trade and the Smoke
of clioup cigars and pipes ascended and rivallei
In Intensity the odors from the torches of tin
German painters and carpenters who were
drawn up In line outside All the men wore
lilts of scarlet ribbon in their coats and one or
two had bands of black cambric wound about
their coat sleeves
There were two woman In the crowd They
were tearful especially when tho flag barer
Draught from the hall flags of black cambric
her were red flags innumerable and
transparencies that bore some mighty start
ing legends Early in the evening this tele
cram was sent to GoY Oglesby
The citizens culled from the people show tbli erenliu
by their I demonstratIon their abhorrence of Ikg Oilcan
r I Iflt
b ilooil Ttrdlct and demand from you In the name f
icnienuineu which alone 1 1 the bulwark oC the r at
the roles e of the condemned Anarchliu If you do nol
du thlitbcnronan nrobablr more renltUloaarr tSao
you or rmlDlol Cl
the condemned men In Chicago
The United Cornice and Skylight Makers
came up flourishing red and block flags and
flaunting a transparency reading
You eon of toll awake to glory
Borne of them curried little black a all
chatted with their comrades In an Interested
and cheery way and PUfTed their cigars Pretty
uuu a i > wal the Brewers Union from New
York and Brooklyn arrived with torches and
led by a band playing the dead march In
br came up and halted They carried
transparencies reading cre
The nallnwi contra Liberty
hewn with Tyranny
We IJemand tTl
Beware of the Insurrrctioii
We Frotttl Agalnit Jnillclal Slorter
The solemn music from the band quieted for
a time tho conversation of the great throng
The brassworkers then came slowly up march
Inc In funeral step to the beatings of muffled
aroncles drums They carried these illuminated trans
CltUeni arUe I
o speech sirS fresmtingi art t b murdered
I you Dombaxdrus we will djnaialte JOn
The band played Nearer my God to The
while the noise of the crowd was hushed In a
few minutes the Progressive Musical Union
lurched up to the hall playing the ilarsel
lalse II there were cheers from the assem
bled crowd
The clgarmakers with a group of piccolo
layers at their head then apleard playing
Come Ye Disconsolate The noise a
hushed for the moment and there were serious
faces In the crowd But the faces of the men
changed with the airs played by tho bands
and word sad or fierce or exultant in expres
sion accordingly When they started off In
line they marched with measured step to the
atraina of the dead march In Saul
The gathering In Wendels Assembly Rooms
In West Fortyfourth street wasamuch smaller
ono Seventyfour men nearly all of whom
were silk weavers met there at 7 oclock A
small thin man walked stealthily about distrib
uting circulars printed In English and her
utna tRn Thoy condemned the action ot the
Chicago officials who were concerned in any
way with tbe arrest and conviction of the
Anarchists Here are a few extracts
ATtic In your Imposing might and II let your righteous
wrath full in an nnmlttakabf protest upon the heads of
thoce Interpreters of Ibol law who ban basely betrayed
theIr trust
II vrkinen wilt you remain quiet while the strivings of
rlluon wl10U
your people identical with the bolted yearnings of man
kind re racriflced and trampled under foot In the per
son of your comrades t
You know what Is your duty These condemned men
are suturing because they loved mankind better than
cmaelres becAUite they wrote and preached to you
and for you the gospel of the future
At 8 oclock seventyfour men formed inline
and marched t Fortysecond street and Filth
avenue whore they picked up another small
contingent of eleven men Tho streets were
muddy and once the men tried to walk upon
the sidewalk but they wero hustled Into the
street again by the llrst policeman they met
This was on one of the transparencies
Shall seven men of John Browns calibre be murdered f
nfrds slaves yoor deliberation la I approaching
There was another small meeting at Web
star Hall wal was nearly 10 oclock before all
the various factions met at Union square
They formed In line and wound around In
front of tho Hotel Everett and then moved
slowly down Broadway Them were three
bands that played tho Marsellatse wer dead
march In Saul and Tramp Tramp
Tramp The procession was lugubrious
The men were roughly clad and moved as
slowly as though they wore attending a fun
eral The red nnd black Hags flapped wildly
There were by actual count 2086 men in
line Behind them on the sidewalk tramped
lotioo Capt Eilllloa with forty policemen The
loleo K1Ioa
procession disbanded a3 the Astor House
hose who carried transparencies threw them
away nod many of the cheap flags and torches
wore also discarded Street boys captured
thor and made merry with the trappings of woe
William H Brelsacher 60 years old a fur
nor > employed at 40 Howard street was stand
Ing at the corner of Broadway and Canal street
when the procession passed last night He
shouted Down with the polleol Avenge
your brothers In Chicago I lie was arrested
and taken to the Spring street station
L I Amstrchtat Ueetlnc In Clneluatl Dir
penedby the relies
CINCINNATI Nov 10An announcement
of small dodgers that there would bo a meet
log tonight In Court street Market space to
express sympathy with the condemned Chicago
Anarchists drew nearly 3000 people togetberNo
saklngwas done and no motion was made to
begin the meeting but the crowd kept Increas
log until 0 oclock when about 100 policemen
appeared and dispersed it and then stood
guard on the streets and prevented crowds
from assembling No arrests were made I
ii drill night for tho militia and the whole
First Keglment is under arms ostensibly drill
lag In Its armory
A laU f Sr the DIP of Horses Vied stt GCB
Grunts Funeral
In Par I of the Superior Court this morn
ing before Judge Sedgwlck will b tried the
suit of Charles W Dlckel the Hiding Academy
proprietor against Lloyd Asplnwall Jr ex
ecutor of the estate of the late Gen Asplnwall
of horses for the
for 1350 payment for hire hores
General und staff on the occasion of the fu
neral ot Jon Grant It I assorted that Gen
Asplnwall GraDt Assistant Marshal of the
funeral procession ordered the horses and
the suit is to determine whether tha use of
them will b paid for by Gen Asplnwalls es
tate or by tho Government
Uaseawsta In a MOatS etIIge
LONDON Nov 10 Advices from Massowah
say that an llanano the Italian commander there
has I proclaimed the ttrrltorr In a slat of siege
btrauirers are forbUUea to enter or read In the pro
scribed district
Irb < llrlc
Eta la Italy asS leelu
lion Nov 10An earthquake baa occurred
ta nartkera Italy There wer no fatal nnlta
LaO5rew 10A t
LM 10 t b
I felt as vu 55 an Ieaased era lesisad eP 1 o
o tiljiil Jt ft k i sc i ff l
i Jjba
cIt Ceneert In tha XelrepelIaa
Open Baase
Signor OampanlnlB American dobut aa C
Impresario was achieved last night with grati
fling success The whole scheme of his series
of concerts abounded In attractive features
conoer attractve
First and most Important was the return ot
Campaninl himself aa I singer I has been
said that his voice had recovered much I not i
I of its oldtime excellence and though he
has bean modestly chary of promises about
himself since his arrival In this country people
wore inclined to credit their desires and
expect the belt Second in importance
perhaps was tho fact that in this series famul
inr muslo would be heard a feature quito
sufficient to make the concerts stand out with
remarkable distinctness from the background
of Gorman novelties with which the city Is
deluged And further every ludlvUual mom
bar of Oampantnls troupe promised to add
something worth while to the musical season
This without regard to tho grand scale upon
which tho performances wore to be given for
I is something altogether untisual ito bear
miscellaneous concerts with a full orchestra
supplying accompaniments every number
Last evenings concert was given at the
Metropolitan Opera House 18 The publish
programme Included twontyono numbers and
a fifteen minutes Intermission Homo of these
numbers were not given but there were on
cores enough to drag the entertainment out to
twice the usual length l Patrons were lot at
the doors by the announcement that Signora
llopottos physician had forbidden her to sinK
and some took advantage of the offer to ex
change tickets for Tuesday evening
The house A Tuesdar however
and not a whit lacking in enthu
Rlasm by reason of the disappointment
It was the same old Italian muslo audience
just as 1 It had been made to ordorbrililaqt
with dress suits and Unary bubbling over with
enthusiasm breaking In with wild applause at
inopportune moments persistent In demand
law more than It had pn rorlstent seamed like
getting home alter a foreign journey
18ttnK entertainment began Innusclcloui
with wretched rendering of Intusplcoully
overture by VerdL From the start It was
evident thar Blgnor Alfredo Ooro had no com
mand over the orchestra Signer Corslni sun
a condo aria by Itossinl In lively fashion sunl
then Baldlnl tho new tenor appeared to
render fjplrto Uentll From the first notes
his trlumnh was assured His voice is not
wholly matured but this Is no fault I Is beau
tlfully clear and sweet and well managed lie
did not take the extremely high notes with
which some tenors embellish tbe fInal cadence
but they were not missed in the finely artlat
execution of tho song as ho sung I
A new lady violinist followed with Vlonxtemp
concerto in E Signora Metaura Torrlcel
will not make a great hit In America where
the public Is accustomed to the very bent In 1
noun playing Her tones are uneven and her
style lucks vitality The closing cadenza of
the concerto was given with real brlllmiic
but the general performance wab of mediocre
Antonio Galastl noed not be said receive
a royal welcome He sung Massenets ej
nilMtely melodious lie dl Lahore in a style
that defied criticism or description and when
the inevitable encore came ho pleased even
jody by repeating the song Ho Is well nigh
a perfect artist and no baritone known to New
preot arl8t bartono
York has a more musical I or satisfactory voice
Mme Sofia Scalchl made the same kind of a
success that Galassl did and no farther com
cent is necessary
The event of the evening was the singing of
Salve Dlraora from Faust Camponln
Ul who know anything about music know this
beautiful air and know also that nobod
sings it In a manner that will compare wit
he way Campaninl gave It In opera years age
I was with some trepidation that the audlenc
awaited for the frt passages Tho opening
declamation left some doubt as to tim
Teat tenors control over his voice Th
artistic tonors was there but the brilliant
Quality of the voice seemed to be obscured In
the air howover It returned The phrase
were modulated on the high notes with the
wonderful skill that always marked Cam
ianlni8 singing and the high 0 near the final
cadence was reached clearly and effectively as
In times past Enthusiasm was at u high
pith and deservedly so
Miss Adele Aus DerOhe did not appear ao
cording to programme and no excuse wa
made for her prlnmme tJcalch and Cnmi > anln
Mod In the time with a duet from Trovatoro
This made up the frt half of the programme
and the second was like it The Love bong
from alkure was not a success for two rca
sons Campaninl sung It too slowly and the
orchestra by misdirection bungled It Other
umbers were satisfactory and the whole con
cert was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience
J Vcralem XiEnneryi The Slartyr av t
ale Uadlsan Square Theatre
The first change of bU by the Palracr com
any at tho Madison Square Theatre in a year
was made last I evening The play was 1 now
versIon of M Adolf DKnneryfl The Martyr
This work was originally a narrative but iti
uthor subsequently dramatized it and sov
oral English places from this source have been
usod on tho American stage Mr A I Caza
mon was the translator and considerably the
formulator of the piece presented this time
The story remained of course substantially as
Invented by the celebrated French playwright
and tho departures from his own dramatic ar
mgement were minor The heroine remained
a poignant but unreasonable martyr Learn
leg that hor honored mother had a hidden
record of dishonor she permitted It to be be
aved that her Illegitimate brother was hor
own clandestine lover Instead of exposing him
as a blackmailer which would have necessarily
blackened tho mothers fair fame The daugh
tar not only ruined herself by this lie of con
beaten but brought misery to her husband
and shame to her child The adaptation made
for this theatre was not nearly so lucid or Interesting
resting as that which Miss Clara Morris re
centiy produced from the pen of Mr Clinton
Stuart nor the earlierone by Mrs Kttlo Hondor
son acted last season at the Third Avenue The
atro Her the order of events was leis logical
and the characters with their relations to the
plot were defined much more slowly here
was a needless first act essentially n prologue
which tediously Introduced two adventurers
who In tie other plays were not brought In
until required Tho failure to entertain the
audience however wets caused by other than
prolixity or Involvement on the part of the
adaptor The selfsacrifice of the wife was a
useless proceeding not demanded for the
protection of her mother since a confidential
explanation to horhiusbant at the outset would
have served the same end and U wan out
geously cruel to that husband and her
lighter The theme was all awry as a pro
kerof sympathetic emotion and the labori
ouq > devices to bring it into symmetry were
tile The Martyr was handsomely placed upon
the admired stage of the Madison Square and
it had an able company Indeed it was per
brined In some respects too elaborately nl
though lapses of memory were frequent Mr
Salvini was tiresomely slow and Miss Madison
was grotesquely demonstrative as the brother
and sister adventurers and Mr 1ltt as the
husband was often absurd tutu never irapres
sive Smaller roles ware much better played
by Mr Ktoddart Mr Holland end Mr Flock
ton Miss llusuell enacted the daughter with
gentle sweetness and gave n large portion of
the satisfaction which the audience wag able to
derive from the drama In her part VHS the
only touch and n faint ono ol tender winsome
human nature Nearly every thlngolsowascold
tlllclal and repellant To the absence of on
gaging elements was duo the fact that Mrs
Iiooth had the to her novel experience of play
log to unmoved and unresponsive people
Where Miss Morriss erratic electrical genius
bad compelled tears for even an unnecessary
martyrdom Mrs Booths nicety of art failed to
more than command very cool respect
Notes nrtbt > Stare
Mr Theodore Thomas gives the first of his
popular young peoples matinees Steinway
Hall tomorrow afternoon at 2
The first rehersal of tho Philharmonic Society
of Brooklyn will bo given this afternoon Tne
concert Is to be tomorrow evening
Siegfried will be repeated at the Metropol
Itan Opera House this evening Tannhuuser
is announced for tomorrows matinee with
Robinson who has recovered taking the part
of Wolfram
It Is announced that on account of delay in
rehearsals and for other reasons the produc
tIoa of Loyal Love by Mrs James Drown
Potter and her company will ba postponed
from this evening until Monday
Advance In Cenl Kates
PHThADELInli Nov 10 Notice will bo
Issued tomorrow by all the anthracite coal
carrying companies of an advance In tide
water rates to New York on anthracite coal of
35 cents per ton to take effect on Nov 31
This raises the rate from the mines to New
York tolias per ton
Among the Chrjumthenannu
The chrysanthemum show at the Uasonlo
Temple warn crowded yesterday Owing to tbs moisture
In the air and the hardy nature of the plants the blooms
are ss brilliant and fresh as they were on the opening of
the show Actluir Usiixer torUoii had all the Imperreii
blooms replacsil ytittnlay by pots and cat blooms fresh
from the country and II Is now eren a better stew than
It has been An organist pars popular and classical se
lections In the afternoon and srsnlni
OfflelsJ Reforms der aaSTellc Oeanty
TheofHolalretams or BnffoI county tab
the wl3gteisi cok
Orata a3yer Hue
a r s 4 1aZ ereA 551
Tka Cnnnplen e > r Oernmny Bents Ms Kaw
Torn Opponent
Concordlallall wan Inrnmcd to the doors
and windows lost night with Gorman sports
who shouted themselves hoarse threw around
bats and oven umbrellas In their enthusiasm
over tho struggles of a pair ot wrestlers 80
bnstlan Miller of MQnchon Davnria who
throw Call Abs and all the other German gi
ants made his first appearance In this country
with August Schmidt of this city who baa
wrestled hose Itlbby the Jan and other prom
inent wrestlers with varying success Mlllerls
25 years old five fact flvo Inches talland weighs
205 pounds Ills chest Is 40 inches around and
his biceps measure 18 incites while It takes 14
inches of tape to encircle his forearm One of
his diversions IB broaklngMonoft the mus
cular portion ofhts fist and his knots of fibres
are hard enough to turn the edge of a razor
Schmidt Is a 170pound ntnnnnd Is a model of
physical strength nnd symmetry but along
side of Miller ho looked puny The contest was
for tlpo n side best two In throe square back
falls in the Onccoltnman fashion Miller haS
never had a contest In this style For awhile
the two pushed against each other each
ono with his head on Ills opponents
shoulders and twisted hands and grubbed
each other ly the arms and neck iTiiu the
glgantln Kavnrlan caught up tho New Yorker
as If he had been n child and threw him against
the wall at the back of the stage Schmidt
slipped out ol his opponents grasp before ho
could lio floored and again the cautious work
was rnnowed but two groat rod welts on
SohmldtH back whero Mlllor had caught him
showed tIm power of the Imported wrestlers
llngem Mlllor at another opening got his op >
ponent to the stage but Hchmldt eluded him
and regained his reel Thin thirty minutes al
lowed far a round elapsed before a fall was
secured but Schmidt went to his corner tired
Thin second round which was called after n
tonmlnutOH1 rest lifted jusM2 seconds Mlllor
spent no time fooling Ho caught SchmIdt
under his left shoulder with his right hand and
slipped his loft hand down Into thn hollow of
his opponents back Slowly Schmidts left leg
rose In the air Then Mlllor twisted him up na
high us his shoulders and slammed him down
on to the floor Tho beaten roan struggled
uselessly hewn ntrotohod fairly and squarely
and Mlllor had won the first fall
The second fall wont to Schmidt who turned
Mlllor over on his back by a clever twist just
when the strong man felt ho had his own way
Thestruggle for the third fall was long and
desperate Schmidt skilfully avoided his pow
erful antagonists rushes
Miller didnt have to do any defensive work
at all Ills offorta were concentrated in trying
to put squirming wiggling slippery Schmidt
on his back and he came once eo near doing
FO that every one thought he hud done It but
the rofurco decided otherwise but finally he
did it so fairly that none could dispute it
People who Bar he we Not Insane and lute
Confinement Unnccesanry
Nathan B Mundjr of West Now Brighton
was carried off to tho Mlddletown Insauo Asy
lum on Monday tho day he was to wed Widow
Chestnut tho ticket seller in the Rapid Transit
Railroad station nt West Now Brighton
Muudy who Is 35 years old lived with a mid
dleaged housekeeper and two girl servants In
a fine old house left him by his grandfather
the late Col Nathan Barrett ot Now Brighton
His neighbors think ho Is a little eccentric but
they say that an outrage has boon committed
in locking him up in an asylum His step
mother Mrs E C Mundy of Port
RIchmond says that ho is not crazy
Two of those concerned In sending him to tue
asylum nra John T Barrett and Maor C 1
Barrett the trustees anioxecutorsoftol liar
rolls will made when Mundy was 16 years old
and a patient In the Bloomingdale Asylum
Light jeans ago Mundy was released from
13loomingdale and returned to live nt the old
homestead at West Now Brighton His guar
dian paid tile oxpen sof hIs living and al
lowed him 580 a month spending money
Mundy did nothing Ill most Intimate friends
are R J 1 Dcomun a jaw eller and W Madden
a confectioner whose places of business are
opposite the llnrr tt house
Mr Beomiin andMr Madden said yesterday
that Mr llundy was sane His only hobby
was that he wanted an accounting with Bar
rett Nephews Co who hold his estate In
trust Ho culled upon the firm recently and
announced his Intention of marrying Mrs
Chestnut and assuming the responsibility of
bringing up her three children and asked the
firm for tim deeds of his property and also a
dividend Dr 8 A Robinson of Vost New
Brighton began the next day to make a care
ful study of Mr Mundy He mado nnumber of
vIsits and finally with Ur WalSer signed a
certificate that Mr Mundy was a lunatic
Monday morning Mundy was taken from
his liouso in n carriage Tho story la that
Mundy thought that they were going to take
him to look at some real estate Mundy told
ili3 Chestnut that Dr Robinson had boon
talking real estate to him On Monday even
ing Mundvwus to have ben quietly married
to Mrs Chestnut In the old homestead She
wears a wedding ring which he had placed
upon her llncor Justice Wm J Powers of
west New Brighton has been retained by Mr
Mundys friends to cat him if possible out of
the asylum
Mrs Clerelnnd In Brldtepart
Bnxncntronv Nov 10Mrs Cleveland and
party arrived bore afternoon Dr Dovero
Warner met thorn nt the depot with his private
carriage The party were driven directly to
Dr Warners residence near Seaside Park
whoro lunch was served after which n brief
recaption was tendered to n few friends who
had mot Mrs Clovolnnd In Washington Among
the callers were air and Mrs Seymour an
the Hon and Mrs W D Bishop This evening
Mrs Cleveland attended tho formal opening of
Dr arners Institute for working girls Not
withstanding the rain a large crowd gathered
at the depot to catch a glimpse ot the distin
guished visitors
The Institute was opened with great brll
Honey llmon hundred employees of the
great corset making concern gathered In tho
hall of the institute and were addressed by
Dr I De Vor Warner the Itev Dr Collier and
the liov Dr Taylor of New York On the stago
sat Mrs Cleveland Mrs Folsom Mr and Mrs
P T llarnvim Mrs Warner Miss Warner CoL
and Mrs Lament and Mrs Grrsmnn Dr
Warner stated the objects of the Institu
tion to be that of Improving morally
and physically the conditions of the
women In tho employ of Warner Brothers and
finally to extend the privilege to other work
Ing womntUn the city The institute and Its
elegant furnishings cost 100000 There are
restaurants halls classrooms hitrary reading
music bath and reception rooms all of which
are free for employees Jlrs Cleveland hold a
reception of nn hour shaking bands with over
8000 working women She returned to Now
York on a midnight train
A Poker Roam Raided
Superintendent Murrays detectives last
night raided the gambling and pool rooms on
the second floor of 137 East Thirteenth street
and arrested flvo men Detective Cooper went
to the rooms in the morning and bought a
ticket on Alamo in the Kansas City races from
James Swan Ho wont back to the rooms about
5 P M and arrested Henry Jackson Ucorge B
Miller henry Palmer Eugene McDonald and
Ernest Cohen whom ho found In the rooms
A poker table 400 poker chIps several packs of
cards and Jll in money wore confiscated by
the polico The prisoners wero locked up In
the Polico Contra OIUco
Tonlchts Reception to CL Fellows
The big torchlight parade and reception
that was to have taken place last night In
honor of District Attorneyelect John 11 Pol
lows has bean M accountof the tam
until thuieevonlng After the parade tonight
speeches will bo made in the Athenojutn in
155th street near Tenth avenue by exUov
Dorshelmerantt donatorelect Jacob ACantor
Cci Fellows will reply
Snapper Garrison Getting Better
The report that Snapper Garrison the fa
moos jockey who wa obliged to return from ivy City
a week agoaol give up ill further rldlnffor the season
after snSerlnit from a hemorrhage of the touts has hart
SJpi Is untrue A boa Porter whn called at his
houfc 01 sixth avenue Hroeklyn l last nleht was In
forni l lUarrlion wassteadily re alnln iUstreiuth
and had gone out of town for a few weeks fortho tU
of iii Jim
Twine Left In at Vestibule
John Forges lost night found In the vesti
bule of hU residence are East Elerenth street two In
facts one a male and the other a female evidently
twins sue stout throe weeks old rich wore a lii tie
white f own with a little black shawl and over that an
otr wrap which was white The clothes were marksd
Charity Uospltal
UcOlinn Mnr Oo > te > Jglasd
Dr McGlynn wont out of town yesterday Ha
said on Wednesday that Ii was lust possible that he
would totn Ireat Jlrltaln probably In February nest
and preach the doctrine that the hail belongs to the
Snow In Vow Uuglnnd
WATEBBUDT Yt Nov 10The ground Is
tOTsreil with the Ort snoirot the season which was
still tailing at T oclock tomrbt
lUnoTO N II Nor I08now and sleet the Orst of
the season fill here darlflf most at the afternoon
aicnxl Offlca PrcetUtlcav
weterly Idi
S 4 S
DR tucnptfzra Annas nun inn
The rhysletitn sind < be > Crown Prlietsi
Obect to ssn Opermtlon Tna Pntltit to
C Betnra to Ilsirlln rr Treatment
BHBLIN Nov 16A doapatoh from Ban
Rome to the NnnFrtt Fren nays that Dr Mao
kontle admits that the growth in the Crown
Princes throat Is cancer and deprecates an
operation which he declares will ba use
less and dangerous The Crown Princess alto
opposes an operation Tha despatch also says
the Crown Prince will return to Berlin
A despatch received from Ban Ramo by the
National Qattltt this forenoon says An effec
tlvo examination of the Crown Princes throat
is Impossible at present owing to a recurrence
of the swelling of the larynx It will be neces
sary to wait until the swelling subsides and It
will bo probably two days before an examina
tion ran bo made Tho physicians will remain
In attendance
Ag 1
s yM1
Borrow and excitement prevail among all
classes The one question on everybodys lips
is What will the next few hours bring
Prince William today cent a telegram to the
Emperor saying Father looks very well
The latest report from Ban Homo Is to the effect
that the Crown Prlnoo la composed and per
sonally writes telegrams for the Emperor but
that ho baa not spoken since Saturday except
In cases ot absolute necessity
It is said on authority that all the doctors
agree that the Crown Prince is afflicted with
cancer but that a further examination U
needed to decide whether It will be necessary
to excise the whole larynx or only part of It
The Crown Prince will give his decision to
morrow whether or not ho will submit to aa
Indignant attacks are made on Dr Maoken
ale by Berlin and Vienna medical men Prot
Navratll a specialist says that the first opera
Ion on the Princes throat was unnecessary
and that it Is possible to cure the trash growth
bL extirpation
All court festivals have bean topped Tha
bunting party fixed for Saturday has bean
The National Zeihmg today In a long article
cites several cases as dangerous aa that ot the
Crown Prince which were treated with success
by Bra Hahn and Bergman
Medical men deny the assertion Dr Starch
hat It is too late to operate Successful cues
iro on record In which cancer appeared four
teen months before operation
LONDON Nov 10A despatch to the Lane
from San Homo says that a portion of tha
growth in the Crown Princes throat will prob
ably bo sent to Prof Vlrahow for examination
It also says that owing to the presence of a
light oedema in the orifice of the larynx aa
operation there at present Is Impossible
A despatch to the Times from Berlin says
private telegrams from Ban Homo gi n
gloomy and alarming prognosis in regard to1
tile Crown Prince If tho growth In his throat
proves to be of a malignant nature and traobo
tomy is necessary The Crown Prince will
return to Berlin to enable Prof Bergmann to
operate on him as Dr Mackenzie refuses to
operate from inside the throat
HU Connection with the CavITkr BemadsJ to
be buy InveTetlcntcd
PARis Nov 10The revelations In the
CafTarel trial yesterday in relation to U Wil
son have caused a sensation The newspapers
now declare that it Is impossible that bt
should be allowed to escape
The production at the trial yesterday of thi
antedated letters of M Wilson was the ehiai
topto today and before the opening of ths
Chamber of Deputies animated groups stood
in the lobby discussing tho Incident
In the Chamber Count do DouvllleHalllefea
before other business had been begun moved
for leave to interpellate the Government with
reference to M Wilson declaring It to ba 1m
possible that after the disclosure made yes
terdaythero should be anydelay In reassuring
the public mind which had received a sever
It being decided by the Chamber to disensi
the motion Count do DouvllleMalllefeu asked
the Government for information about th
actions ot M Wilson WMazeau Minister o
Justice replied that the Government declined
to accept any responsibility for the doings ol
M Wilson
Mllou moved that the Government order
an immedialo inquiry Into the allegations
against M Ml8on The adjournment of the
inquiry until the close of the CafTarol trial ho
said would not suffice The Chamber must
Insist upon an immediate Inquiry Into the
whole of the facts disclosed nt the trial
Prime Minister Rouvlor said that In the de
plornblo matters which had been made public
Government had done Its duty from the
outset and was now prepared to direct the
opening of n new InquIry in order to ascertain
the truth of the disclosures made at the Caffa
rel trial and assure respect fojtho law from all
persons without distinction The Governmept
he said nccepte4 II Iious motion and be
trusted thitt nobody would misapprehend thi
feelings which actuated It In so doing
M Jollbus thought tile acceptance of M
Pious motion would signify that the Govern
moot would direct the suspension of the pres
ent trial In order obtaIn complete Informa
tion during Its own Inquiry
M Piou declared that if the Government did
not consent to suspend judgment In the Caffa
rel case bo would withdraw his motion
M Itouvier replied that In view of the opin
ion manifested by the Chamber M Mazes
pad just directed the Procurour to Institute a
judicial Injulry Ills action had been upon
taneous M Itouvier then announced that tb
Cabinet had decided freely and on Its own re
HnonBlblllty and asked the Chamber to voti
tho order of tho day Abe Chamber approved
the suggestion
It is reported that Prime Minister Itoaviei
has threatened to resign unless M Wllsoi
leaves tho Pnlaco of thin Llysde the resident
of the President Immmllately
PAKIS Nov ittH Itouvier visited President
Orovy and informed him of the decisions c4
the Chamber of Deputies The Premier the
summoned an Immediate council of Ministers
It Is I said that PiMldent Grevy this evening
declared that ho did not dream of resigning
Immediately and that ho would choose hll
jwn time
SI Wilson yesterday remoTed all his papers
rom the Elys < e Palace to his own residence
At the Caffarul trlil today the pubilo prone
ntor announced that Kn inqury would be In
itltuted regardIng tile Wilson Utters Tho de
fence thereupon demanded that the case tot
idjonrnod The Court contented to the ad
ournment of the trial ot ion Cafferel bul
continued the trials of Deli dAndlou and
lime > itatazzl
OBrUn end HsmrfeTllla will Bring Sail
Against Their Persecutor
DUBLIN Nov 10Mr OBrien and Mr
Mandevllla will on their release from Tulla
more jail brine suits for damages for Illegal
arrest against Magistrate Stokes who ordered
their arrest after the decision on the appeal ol
their cases at MltchqUtown and for assault
against Inspector of Police Crouch who exe
cuted the order
Mr Chtldern In an address at Kllmarnws
this evening said that Mr llalfourfl recrnl
speech scorned to indicate that u now ani
stronger coercion act wits wanted to prevenl
persons convicted by magistrates from oB
taming ball
itr Dillon presided at the county ocnventloi
at Drogbada today Mean Nolan and Oil
were present Resolutions offering toinppofl
evicted tenants war adopted

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