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4 Tii S JNFl NOV MBER 11 1887
Now For tho Doodler t
Them are Bovarrtl caeos of Indicted bood
G lem
cra etlll t b svor tre In one of them that of
THOMAS CtCAnr ono triaL hM already been
r had without a result There te no reason
for any delay In trying all of thorn under
d the direction of the present District Attorney
Mr lnTJ has been promoted t a
higher ofllco of which ho will tko posses
elon at Now Years Mr TKHOWS who
f summed up all tho boodlo cal In which
4 convictions hnvo been obtained has also
t been promoted too hlfchor post a promo
L tion unquestionably deserved and In every
respect for tim public Interest Lot both of
the excellent ofllccra apply themselves
r during the seven weeks that still remain In
i t their old duties to finishing up thcso cases
I > Wbat say you Rontlomon 1 Will yon make
I arrangements for doing this work now
> Dont leave It t b dono hereafter Clear
the boodle calendar I
Tho Truth of I
tI A Treat variety of comments are t bo
V found in the public Journals regarding tho
r recent election In this city and as n speci
men of thoso that aro not tho most Intelli
F gent lot us consider the subjoined paragraph
i of tho Philadelphia Times
The contest was complicated and embittered by the
extraordinary right In Mew York city over the one of
r District Attorney The Democrats oujbt to have 10m
paud pa LiitcxT NIOOLL and he ought to have been
t eleoud but the party allegiance was too strong for blm
and tbe general tide has carried tbe machine nominee
Into ofllce
ITiuava olc
Why ought the Democrats t havo noml
oated tin LANOEY NICOLL rather than Jonx
1 B FELLOWS Because a brutal Billy and
t dangerous attempt was made to forco him
upon them Col FELLOWS was tho supo
nor officer and was flmt entitled to pr
ffi motion Ho had served tho Democracy
r and tho public with unstinted devotion for
> f < twenty years His brilliant abilities wero
ti l everywhere recognized and when illness
> camo upon him and a substitute had to ho
t looked for In tho trial of tho CLEAIIY case
I they endeavored t obtain counsel of tho very
highest distinction t replace him I any
man on the staff of District Attorney MAK
z TINE ought t b nominated as his successor
r It was JOHN K FELLOWS the frt Assistant
3 His nomination did not come from the mn
f chIno but from tho justice of tho Democracy
The Times em also In saying that It was
tho general tide that has carried FELLOWS
4 Into his now ofllco Tho liutulaltwua tho
1 struggle t vindicate him the eager Indigna
tion t put down and punish too dastardly
A attacks that wore made upon him that cro
f i ntod the general tide which rose to such
iV glorious heights on Tuesday I was Fri >
LOwS who saved the State ticket of tho De
r mocracy But for him and for tho contest
I r I his dofcnco and In defence of right and
I f truth the election would have boon languid
thousands of Democratic voters would havo
i j stayed at homo the President would not
t havo written tho letter which warms toward
I him tho Democratic heart tho
Democrato hcart Republicans
would have elected their Btato ticket nnd
tho situation over which all Democrats are
rejoicing would not exist I the future to
M Democracy I brighter now than it was a
month olt is the struggle In behalf of
1 v JOHH FELLOWS that has mado it so
j l
Eight Months aro Enough
I i For the Instruction inspiration nnd en
Jl oouragement of tho united Democracy of
t the United States let u contrast tho result
I In Ohio with that in Now York
I In these two great and Important States
the Democratic canvass conducted upon
f two totally opposite mdcrstandlngs of tho
r requirements of tho situation and likewise
upon two radically different plans
Tho Ohio idea was that the battle must ho
p fought upon the lines laid down for M
1 CLEVELANDS political guidance by his late
Mugwump friends The canvass was an
J I affair of free trade civil service reform s
called noninterference by officeholders per
t t flonal endorsement for the Administration
from the start In tho contest
frm te strt cntet preliminary
t tho Cleveland Convention and on tho
etump up to election day Gen Powrxii
the Democratic candidate represented those
t 3 theories of political action which had been
Industriously attributed to Mr CLEVELAND
lL ever since ho was inaugurated as 1rceUleiit
I and which aa now appears had been falsely
L attributed t him Every Mugwump hailed
1 the nomination of Gen POWELL with Joy
i read with delight tho platform adopted at
Cleveland and vociferously demanded that
the Issue be recognized between CLEVELAND
to b rognid n btween CLI
4 f LAND Democracy so called and tho spoils
J I men of the party to use a now obsolete Mug
j if vrump phrase That was tho principle of
l vtho Ohio canvass and Tins SUN has repeat
edly warned tho Ohio leaders that they were
l making a mistake
r In New York the management of tho Dem
i ocratic canvass has been such as to win tho
i valuable disapproval of thoso who have pro
c fessed t speak with authority concerning
the Presidents views Federal officeholders
I i appointed by Mr CLEVELAND exercised I
V their political rights freely and they were I
not rebuked As tho Convention
I rbuked soon n Convcnton
5 had nominated a ticket Democrats of every
i t shade of opinion mao common cause Tho
alleged OUSVELAND Democracy as dietin
tt Butahed from other sort of
Rho frm any sor Democracy
if was lost sight of early in tho memorable
I canvass No civil service nonsense was
f talked from the stump OOlccholders
t t4 worked side by sIde with their fellow cltl
c tens who held no ofllco Money and encour
i agement came hither from the departments
at Washington and from the White House
Itself and at a critical juncture in tho cam
paign President CLEVELAND with 1 full un
f i derstanding of the significance of the act
i went t his desk and wrote himself down I I
I Democrat I the sense which for three years
his selfappointed spokesmen have been tryIng
Ing t render odious
What the results in Ohio and in
wore te rul I New
3 York
i YorkTo former State was carried by FOIUKEH
i two years ag by 1 plurality of 17131 On
I r Tuesday lt after Gen POWELLS vigorous
cave on the lines Indicated above Gov
I I t FottAitsn was rcClected by a plurality of
W I abut 23000 TOtS Tho CLEVELAND ploy
i falsely BO called means defeat loss of Dem
Ii ocratic votes progressive and permanent
destruction t the Democratic cause
New York gave t Governor HILL plural
1 ity of lllSa two years ago Tho result of I
1 I canvass conducted on the plan which we have
also indicated above has been to Increase tho
Democratic plurality on a reduced total
ot t almost double the figures of 1885
The Democratic plan means victory gains
everywhere at tho polls bright sIde for the
c future of the Democracy
The wisest act In Mr CLBVEIUNDB polltl
c career was the composition of the letter
to MrEowAUD Coorcn In which he unm
r mNvedIygRve h personal adhesion to the
3oeit1s plan o action and put his A
attn squarely in Jlne with the Pu
e j
that elected him to b a Democratic Presi
dent Eight months remain t complete this
work and eight months are enough
Tho Needs of Our Sailors
Tho suggestions of Commodore ECULET
for tlio welfare of tho enlisted men of tho
navy deserve attention from the Fiftieth
Congress During tho last live years Con
gress has done much for tho reconstruction
of the not and nothing whatever for the
coastwise for but on the other hand
whllo llo legislation has vastly Improved
tho condition of tho soldier it has prac
tically ignored tho want of tho sailor
Commodore SCIILEY asks a good deal for
tho bluo jaket but it will b found on o
amination that every one of his recommen
dations has n counterpart in existing
sttut enacted for the benefit of the enlist
ed men of the army
For example he plead for a retired list
for sailors after thirty years service Itegu
tar soldier are already entitled t such retirement
tirement after thirty years with tho colors
and during tho past twelve months forty
three of tem took the benefit of this priv
ilege with its threefourths pay and three
fourths subsistence and clothing allowances
forming a comfortable little Income for their
old ago What makes a like provision es
pecially due t tho sailor I that tho marine
who may b serving with him on the same
ship I now entitled t it
Again It is proiKWod t give men who
term of enlistment hn expired a free home
on any receiving ship they may select dur
ing tho three months now allowed tom for
securing tho bonollte attached t direct r
enlistment This is not exactly paralleled in
the army but it bears an analogy to the fur
lough privileges and other Inducements
thero adopted t secure to tho service tho
benefits of tho rcCnllstmcnt of those who
have served honorably and efficiently
In tho army enlistment constitutes a
ground for admission t citizenship and tho
laws provide that aliens who enlist may take
tho oath and become citizens without tho
ordinary process The sailor has sU
stronger claims perhaps t this privilege
since ho Is called upon to cruise to foreign
lands nnd may find himself again in the
land of his nativity Ho may desire t have
in that case all tho protection that citizen
ship in his adopted country can give and
lib officers might be empowered to admin
ister t him the oath of allegiance
Secretary WHITNEY made two other no
ticeable suggestions t tho last Congress in
behalf of tho enlisted men of tho navy One
was for the establishment of a savings bank
system like that which exists in the army
and which keeping tlio spare funds of the
soldier safely nnd allowing him interest on
deposits has proved a great incentive t
frugality The other suggestion was that tho
Government should give the recruit his
clothing outllt This vas thought by many
t L an excess of liberality but no doubt it
is discouraging to the sailor to begin with a
debt of three months pay for clothing entered
tered against him
Tho proposal of Commodore ScnLET for
tho promotion of two enlisted apprentices
each year to tho grade of ensign thus put
ting them in tho line of promotion among
commissioned officers is the ono which will
0 most questioned at th present time
since 1 largo proportion of the Naval Acade
my graduates educated at much expense by
tho Government find no vacancies among
tho commissioned officers and are discharged
Still this project founded on army analogy
in tho annual promotion of deserving non
commissioned officers t Second Lieutenancies
Tho George Vote
Icmy GEORGE received last year 68110
votes for Mayor of Now York and this year
about 70000 for Secretary of State In other
words h got tills year i tho whole State
onl about votes ho obtained last
only as manyvotes as obtaine iat
year in this city alone
As compared with last year his vote on
Tuesday fell off heavily In every one of the
Assembly districts of tho city These die I
trlcte were l strongholds and let us see
how his vote stood there In the two
hl ot sto ther t years
beside that for Hcwm in 183C and for COOK
in 1837
18M B3T >
4 I 0111 431 IH77 5a31
I 1 3IU7 i4s IIU 4I04
10 3UO 31OT llT 412J
11 42117 RSM 1 4 > 4J1
in 32IU 30 IW 4133
17 40JO 3H7J 1CWJ Blfil
11 3W 42J1 sjta 01
in atui 4rn SIM oirw
2 asm a74i 1017 4403
J3 DITU 1im 3414 1W
23 4HBJ 7JU4 utU K784
Totale42153 48727 24031 61374
4 f 0134
Wo have taken tho figures of the Tribune
which are subject t correction but arc not
moro than slightly out of the way From
them I will b seen that while HEWITTS
majority over German In these districts was
only 5741 COOKS majority over GEORGE Is
611 majort I
The GEORGE party moreover were unable
to elect 0 single man on their State or city
and county tickets Neither in tho city nor
In tho State did thoy succeed in electing a
single member of tho Legislature
Yet 8 far D organization went the
GKOIIOE party were better off in 1887 than in
1880 and this ho and Dr MoGiiYNN
year con
ducted a canvass throughout tho State n
they did not do last year and their canvass
lu this city was very active A few days be
fore tho election ho prophesied In speeches
nnd In interviews that POST would bo elected
and that his own vote in the State would b
great If not groat enough to elect him
Wo do not caB attention t these facts and
figures with any view of adding t the mor
tification of tho followers of Mr GEOHOB
over their most signal defeat The vast ma
jority them supported him from motives
conviction which command our respect
Our purpose I merely t ask them very seri
ously what they think today of HENRY
GEOitdEas a leader a man who within a
single year lID got his party in such a
plight What confidence can they have in a
man who has s greatly deceived them as t
his own strength P What faith con they
have in the adoption of illS land theorywhen
it has boon d
ben 8 overwhelmingly repudiated
by many moro than ninetenths the voters
of tho State and nearly fourfifths of the
voters of the city
Mr GEOHOK led away 70000 men from
their true and reasonable party allegiance
fed them with promises Impossible of fulfil
ment and consumed their hardearned
money in a fruitless and hopeless campaign
The lesson has been bitter but it may b
profitable if thoy apply it t wise uses
The Fate of tho Anarchists
The sober public opinion of tho country
will approve Governor OaLEsnva action in
regard t the condemned Chicago Anarch
Uts LINGO the most brutal and the guilti
est unless the charitable theory that he w
crazy b accepted has contrived t elude
human justice Of h associates FULDEN
and SCHWAB have had their sentences commuted
Jut into imprisonment for life They a
the mot human of the gang Both have
declared their repentance and rat
Wo do not forget that many good clUaetw
and notably some orffanlsatioa of working
men havo earnestly Bought that th Urea
of tho convicted Anarchist mlrjit b spared
These citizens havo not fully appreciated the
fat They have not comprehended how
dangerous it would b regard crimes com
mitted by the Anarchists a entitled t moro
mercy than crimes committed by other
people And they have forgotten in pity
foe thee murderers and their families and
with whnt wanton cruelty
friends whatjiorrlblo crely
the Chicago policemen were attacked Pity
I a noblo sentiment I Is curious that the
should much less
victims of murder shoud get e les
of It than the murderers
Without exultation with earnest and befitting
of the United
fitting solemnity the people to UnIt
States wait t hear that the sentence of tho
law baa been executed In Chicago today
The execution of criminals Is tho most awful
responsibility which the State assumes But
having assumed It there must b no
faltering in tho duty Tho Anarchists must
learn that free as tho United States I it
can and will punish the scoundrels who
make uso of its hospitality t plot and at
tempt tho destruction of Its cities and the
death of the officers of Its Ilw
Governor OCILESBX ha had a most difficult
duty and we havo no doubt that ho has discharged
charged it in accordance with his conscience
and with a full Intelligence of his responsibility
Our esteemed contemporary the Albany
Journal printed in the most conspicuous place
on the editorial pace i its issue Wednes
day two striking leading articles tho Thanks
ctrlna proclamations of President CLEVELAND
and Governor HILL Both thosa gentlemen
had even more cause for thankfulness on
Wednesday than when they wrote their
Thanksgiving pIece Our friend the Albany
Journal and tho rest of tho Republicans
probably fool as though a Fast Day proclama
tion would ba more consonant with their
present mood
carries an impressive warning to the Hon
England has sent a poaco delegation to
America and America A war delegation in
the mighty form of JOHN L SULLIVAN to Eng
land The warrior has caused a god deal moro
enthusiasm In London than the men of peace
have caused in the United States
Brother JOE MANLBY Mr ELAINES politi
cal bosom friend and sometime Postmaster of
Augusta Is particularly gratified with tho
result of the Massachusetts election I is
pleasant to know that JOSEPH found anything
to gratify hIm In Tuesdays elections and that
he is 1 disciple of the nmlablo optimistic
philosopher Mr MAHK TIFLET
The wretch LiNoa has Cheated the gal
lows but then was a certain poetlo justice in
his dying by the horrible Instruments of
drlnl to horIble Instrments mur
der such as ho used to make His death was
his first and only service to civilization
Gen GEORGE W MORGAN denies that ho
was kissed by Gov JOHN B GORDON as a mark
of reconciliation at a mooting in Cleveland
Bo institutions safe
ou Instutous are onco more
It is true that the dashing GoncoN owes
some of his great political success t tho un
embarrassed grace with which during a can
vass he kisses babies and pretty Georgia girls
Wa Ohio have man never believed that ho would kiss an
The next groat contest will bo the college
football games The young Christian athletes
who take part in these will do well to pray for
a good temper
Cel aTcIlawe will Frcbablr Try tie Next I
Cuse ae District Attaraey
I was said yesterday at the District At
torneys office that tho next boodle trial will
be in the hands of Col Follows as District At
torney Mr Martlnoa time until the expiration
tion ot his term will b occupied with tho set
tle men t of the Sharp cue and he will not bo
able to prepare any new case before ho as
sumes his place upon tho General Sessions
bench aa Judge of the new Part in Nothlnir
is as yet settled about which of the boodlo
CMOS will be placed on the calendar next but
District Attorney Marline intimates that no
body need fret about possible lot
bdy any UD on
the culprits
Those who think that tho boodlors are
going to have peace under District Attorney
Fellows ho said will find out that there f
cause for anything but rejoicing
caus any tin over too
Colonels election
Mr MarIne announced that hereafter until
Jan 1 CoL Fellows will be consulted about
every Important case thatgoes upon tho court
Bald This as I my duo successor to Cal Follows Mr Martine
Ur Cot hue not Bulldozed the TVllllami
College Trutee
Joseph H Choato said last evening to a
BUN reporter that the statement regarding his
alleged demand that the committee of students
who signed tho published statement concern
ing the hal of his son be suspended and
that he had given the Williams College faculty
three days In which to compel one of the class
to make a confession were Incorrect and ab
surd I suppose said he that this crows
out of a meeting of the trustees held on Irgls
day at which as I am Informed they deter
mined that the foots of tie case should b as
certained and that tho parties encased in tho
hazing should b parlos I have insisted
all along that they should not allow the matter
to be ignored and that the least they could do
was to compel a disclosure of the facts and the
names of the guilty parties The committee of
tho class hatlDK published what they say are
tho factlL ofcourse itlelu the pow r of UII 11
leo authorities to fnd out from 1blt commit
too who were the men Imvlcltod In the basing
and this thor have Informed mo they con
eider 1 their duty
Tie Coming Cabinet Ckagee
WAUIGTN Nov 10 There I no longer
any doubt that during the first few days of the
coming session of Congress the President will
nominate Secretary Lamar to 1U the vacancy
on the Supreme bench caused by the death of
JusUc eJVoodfl and that at the samo time
PostmasterGeneral Vilos will b nominated
to sucoee llr Lamar a Secretary of the In
Chemns Cenaty DemecraU B Jolee
ELMIRA Nov 10 Chemung county Demo
crats are rejoicing alike over their great suc
cess In this connty and triumph of tho party
in New York city and State They are espe
cially emphatic In commending the gallant
fleet made by THE GUN for the regular Demo
cratic ticket and aaalast the disorganizing
schema headed by Nlooll and his Democratic
backers The defeat of that schema and the
victory In the State are recorded a sure bar
blnsera of victory next year
FnmUit JMai Arvut I
A merciful oblivion to his political past should
be nurSed by Mr Uobori u tke rriatcit boon that
eoiil < f be conf m4 upon him anti when he ilia up In his
political come aaa auemiu la itrun oat ot the re
m nu heonly inspires the beholder wltuaieeUtti ut
fllyauidlifut UUDelapleaaanlilbi I toU
jHBkaenlane Hold the lllbbeaa
from tin Portland frat
The Mugwumps are no longer sitting on the
box and driving They tees been rtltfaltd to a place
amtil the li1l the hargiie The Jaokaoalana ate uotr uaiuftuf
A rarty That ITaa
Jrt M < MIUaVbAU flaw
Mr Henrr Otorm and hli nuirborn party
may be eatclr litt oal et a tutue political caTcBlaUoui
Iim uu jbtfaie owrUr
We reX > eaeenUei oeUnea4 cia ipzl blamed
far bill l i
WeTe aUtUe wort laid act t to u I t vtittte 1
t keep ice Mate tafceaertUab M
AM Ibsa a fierteu rktery ta Ma
n Thlnke Maceealea Seatimente Caaaat be
T o Meverel Caafemacd
COLUUDU OhtoNov 1oJudge Thurman
thin evening furnished the following
I have Boon in the descatchcs of yesterday
evening n card of Gen Henry It Jackson In
relation t Homo remarks of mine in my brief
and offhand addre to thaThurman Club last
Saturday night I am clad to lear by the
Generals card that the report to which I alluded
luded in respect to hU recall from tho mission
to Mexico was unfounded In fact I am in
capable of wilfully doing nny man Injustice
and had I known what I now loam from Gen
Jackiona earl should not haTe alluded how
ever remotely to tho report to which I referred
What I said about the doctrine of nocos
aba wag an expression of opinion It Is still
my opinion tat whoever preaches the doctrlno
of secession as a living Issue Is not only an en
emy of tho Democratic party but of tho wholo
country and smarting under tho injury dono
to the Democratic party of Ohio by Gen Jack
cons Macon speech which tho result of tho
election has made apparent to every one It Is
not perhaps surprising that I used language
that may scow harsh and even bitter Yet feel
Inn as I do hardly nny language too strong
could bo used in condemnation of the sectional
speeches recently mado in tho North and of
this ono in the Bouth A 0 TIIUCMAN
Stmltnr Treaties Pending with Jlriirll
Ilnytl and flonttt American ntntei
chief of tho f reign mal service of the Post
Office Department says that the treaty touch
ing tho mail service between tlio island of I
DarbaJoca and the United States which was
signed today will doubtless prove of material
advantage to thin country Ho expoclH see
n largo increase in tho retail trade between
tho United Stntos and the Island us an imme I
diate result and he believes thtt tho ultlmnto
result will b that the Unitrnl States will I
psreedo Groat britain in nupplrinirtlie wants
of liarbudoes Asked for the wound of his bu
llef Mr BeU saId
liarbftdoos Is on tho direct ronto for steam
ships plying between ports in the United Stales
and lirazlL At present it requires about lUty
days to sent an order toKnirland and reecho
reply Under tho now postal treaty this tiiuo
will be reduced to twontyIUe days anti
as many of the things needed In tho island ciu
be purchased as cheap or clieapyHn tils c6un
try than in England it Is natural that tho
united States should be the gainer Tim imr
ttcuUr difference botwcoii tin noiv nurbmWi
treaty and that which relates to the mails of
Jamaica Is that much larger imckittos may bo
mailed to Unrbadocs than are allowed by the
Jamaica treaty The limit of sie In the Bar
badoes treaty is for packages three feet six
inches long or a combined length and girth ol
six foot anl
Hr Del nays there aro similar costal trea
ties ponding between this country and Brazil
San Domingo Ilayti Uormuila Nassau Itrit
ish Honduras nnd all tho Central American
republics and it is 1 hOled and beliuved that
they may provo to be uroducth of u large in
crease in our tri with thotw countries and
serve to open up many marketn now practl
cally denied to the United States pract
A Banquet an the Lye of hU 1 Departure to
III lad In Inndou
NEW LONDON Nov Tomorrow oven
Inc the Now London Board of Trado will give 1
banquet to exGo Wailer and it will bo f1 i
brilliant local affair New London oratory will
swing free and tho ConsulGoneral will tel his
friends nnd admirers nil about his experiences
in London Mr Wailer declined a grand rcep
ton at tho hands of his former fellow citizens
on his arrival hi town a few weeks but
arrlvl I tOWI ago it Ofl
the ova of his return to England after his six
weeks vacation lie is no longer averse to u
civic demonstration in a uu lot way in his honor
He is I a little rounder a little rosier and ho
weighs a little moro than before ho want to
Europe but there is not n silver thread among
his auburn looks which have been consider
ably foreihortened
I am Justus much a Democrat ni I ocr
was said Mr Viuller in a conversation a few
days ago and I believe that the Douiocrntio
nurty has como into national power to stay
them That party is the party of the ppopln
Why did you cut your hair while abroad
Mr Wailer
Because it was in tho wayreplied the
llttlo giant vacucly but with n benmlng snub
The UontnilUenenU wl return to London at
once alter tim banquet
All New Yorker do not tea en ihclr JrlnU after the
traditional American fashion by any means There h I
many a Rolemn ittndy and deliberate drinker who h
looked upon i5 a ttand by ot a crack cafe or barroom
At DetmoukoX for inbmce there Is a solemn gentleman
who drink after Ibo fuhlon of
man champagne tablon a lan
who la out tor the money lie manages to absorb about
four quart a day and he always drInks alone When
he mate up his mind that I Is time to take a drink he I
derotes his energies to that purpose lie nor the ear
slowly stands In the doorway and casting hid eye about
the apartment selects a comfortable chair at a table re
moved alike from draught and nolfe Then he settles
himself onmfortabty tacks the napkin under bl cI1s
and pours out a pint glass of charoiifrne looks at It
lovingly and tbn lifting the gaO I to hU lips
slowly Imbibes I u It I a ijiectaclo that drive
every other man In the place to drink At the Lrurn
wick there Is I an Englishman who habitually blow In
three big bottles of brandy and roda after the same
fashIon every night and toddles off to bed in a state oC
moLt satisfaction At the Ollsey there la fat yselite
loan who makes the dolly absorption of about six drinks
oi brandy and xlnger ale 1 the main object of his life
These men are not frtrolom and lIght anil they contrive
to convey the same Ideas of Importance which they feel
In their drinks to the bartenders aid waiters that
they Are patrons of Importance and note
Young Levy who I rapidly I accumulating a certain
sort of notoriety has been parading liroadwoy for two
days with rather artistically blarkeued eyes Ills face
was rather puffy at best but I Is more 10 than ever now
that he bee failed In hU effort to Imitate the little eccen
tricities of toil Idol oC men about Iowa Fred Miv Mr
Levys suit for breach of promise and damages aznlnitt
a chorus Ill has not progressed very rapidly but h Is I
hopeful The suit has made Mm moro widely dUcuiied
than anythIng he has done since hlj manipulation ot
Belle Urqahardts diamonds Meanwhile his efforts to
paint the town continue Mr May however 1 the only
with one of Impunity this little body or rounders who cau chew glass
A good deal of talk has been occasioned by what Is I
called the diplomacy of the Potter Miner relations
There Is a moral certainly Hut Mr Miner and f fa
mous are not on harmonious terms and the stork
that float shoot are Innumerable They involve the
lesser I managers with Messrs Abbey Stetson and Miner
and whenever there Is a discussion disagreement or
quarrel any et everybody has taken a hand In 10
that by the time the rumor has been traced from Mr
Abbey to Mr Miner and thence through John Stetson
Charles Pchroeder James Barton Key Charles Davit
Charles Stows Marcus Mayer Mr Chatterton and
Charles Matthews what Is I left of It ls I apt to present
rather a distorted and ghastly appearance
There seems to be some truth In the rumors to the
ffect that Frsddy and the Uly are not as cordial as they
r In their relations Mr debbard I seen dally In
Delmonicos always accompanied by men lie no
longer follows the English actress aronnd with the atsl 1
dully that characterized thelt Conner intimacy
Cunudaa Wishes About Commercial Union
TOBONTO Nov 10The mob todny says
Vive of tbs most Important rrovlnces of Canada were
represented at tae real Quebec conference by leading
men of their Governments An assembly more truly
representatIve of the people could not be got together
It was nen partisan and patrlotlo and contained picked
and trusted politicians l from every district AU were
shrewd and able men well acquainted with public opln
lOl and exceedingly nullkely to take ground agaInst 1C
Incautiously They unanimously adopted I molutloit
favoring unrestricted reciprocity ot trade tietn eon Can
ada and lb United Slates The Importance of the rtO
lotIon oc the coulcrenoe Is very great and Its adoption
was very oflf has been said that there Is I no ecu
eral 1 destr In Canada for commercial I will a
longer be possible tor las most fatuous rlngster to In
dulge In SeC assertion The action ot the > juebeo con
licence should havo a large Inauneae npoa the Commis
sioners about ltol tlt vashlngten I key cannot now
doubt wbat Canada wants The British reprefentallvci
cannet but perceive that the Ottawa lorornmecit If u
pretends that Canadians In general do not wlh for com
menial union does net represent Dominion truly
Adventures of Lrsl lleresforils IMumand
Charles Ntllman a spIce dealer of 201 West
street who lives at Bnrlewood N J was found lying
on the aUewalk In Greenwich street drunk en this
tight of Key I by Timothy Sbuuhaa 1 years old ot
SI Benwlck street Bhsnsbaa assisted Nellman to hla
t1 anfl placed bin en the stoop In frontof his tore
lie the slipped 0 a 5X2 StamenS ring from Xellmana
finger and detailed On tbe fellowuig day Shenabsu
showed II ring to hU lhaJ rmarknI Be
what I swiped from a losa This remark was over
lul Tb oe
kud by pl YitgualiLautied u his arrest The dla
nond Sad been soM ta < saloon keeper turned Kerrigan
1 bad atlalaaUy bsleuxd la Lord HeresUid ot London
wha r s ouaUt J in Use the bixer MseeateV
5 an Waama saort 01 tuads aai soil It I I JiSiaiin
11 au t8 Market NI 5g4ai a
e U a4
FsKtlonut Flikt In tbe ndepeadeat Prassiy
tcrlnn Ctmrch lr > ftav aiiiab
SATANNAII Nov I0 8lrtvj tho prcnchlnjr
of a sermon last summer In wuch he gave his
views on tile wnr Issues and euKffzed Abra
ham Lincoln the llev Leona Woodsley
Bacon of tho Independent Prcpbytorlnphurch
of tide city ban been the pivot around w eh a
lively factional lent has been waged bViha
congregation lie camo bore from OonneSL
cut to servo a rear on trial The present dlvlV i
idea In the congregation is on the question of
oalllne him permanently Llko his late learned
father ho holds very advanced views on the so
1 Yos
dab oouallty of whites and blacks Thomas H
Harden a wealthy Insurance man and mem
ber of Dr Bacons congregation canned a son
eatlon yesterday by publishing tho following i
card In an evening paper
i J lUcas P I
I Is I stated on reliable authority that you have sid to
some of the oltliens ot Savannah first that yon favored
mixed schools blacks and whites In Savannah second
that you would not object to your daughter walking In
the street leaning on the arm of a negro man I third laat
you would not object to the marriage Of your daughter
l l Ji r o
to a negro If she acre willing to marry him f you
please answer tbronh the public and say whether any
wall of these reports represent yon correctly or are
slanders t Tlo 1 1e
The signers of the following card which ap
peared this moraine are ail members of Dr
JiHconH church
CMort Horning Xtxti
our attention has been called to an advertisement In
a lOCAl newspaper addressed to one ot the piston ot
this rlty In which certain questions are propounded to
Mm lu I a form most odenslve and Injurious with a want I
test purpose of brlnplDir 1 public odium on him and upon
tile YOUUd latHes I of his tamtly Itliof course Impossl
Me for a self reipretlix gentleman to PUT any attention
to so grots an attack the purpose of which on me part
sit the Instigators If not ut the writer bleb I obvIous pt
take the responMblliii of earing on the posItive knowl
nlce of some of us that the Impllcatlous I which this pub
lication Is calculated to convey to tho puLllo are each I
lo ar
sad nil false In every particular
Seen H Htu r O n Anpuron
T I r UcUiLL A I JiwroN Jr
II hoer J I Bronoiao
M i Miclnii w W MicnuTJr
lien I FKKrXiV lIU U UL41tSAO
Alintli IL I MILl Vn L WiikLis
J I S iIoCoiore
Col Olmstond will bo remembered In con
nection with thin Unttlo HIII IncIdent In Hart
ford Conn which was a matter of national in
tarest last summer Mr Lawton Is the ton of
tho present Minister to Austria who I one of
Jr llaconH stnncliest BUiiportore A wealthy
element of the congregation will stand by Dr
Bacon oven I they have to build a church to
keep him bore The church will vote on the
mention of retaining him next Sunday and
IOn retrlnlll SUldar ad
lively I times are expected It is the wealthiest
congregation in the city
An Oil Firm Claims SUSlOOO tInder the
Autldlscrluilnntlns Law
HAIIUISDUIIO Nov 10Tho oilroflnlntr
firm of Logan Emery i Weaver have brought
suit ugalnet tho Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany in the McKean county courts under tho
Antidlfacrlmiimtlni law of this State to ro
cover 321000 damages for alleged violation of
that law LoRan i Weaver
LOlau Emory are anti
Standard Oil Company or Independent pro
ducora and runners Their oil works are in
riiiladelphin The Jon Lewis Emery the
firm represents JIcKcnu county in the State
Senate He his for years ben the head of tho
opposition to tho Standard Oil Company in the
oil 1 regions and his refused many offers made
Mm I by that company to unite his Interests
yltli theirs nio wn the champion of the
Ulllintily ripe Lino bill for tho relief and protection
tection of Independent producers and rollnere
which wIts defeated in the Ionnsylvanla Lee
ialatur by the Standard Oil Company
To cst their oil to their rentsirlsa at Phila
delphia Logan Emery Weaver are obliged
to use the Standards pipe line from the oil r
dons or the oars of tbs Pennsylvania llallroad
Company rite system of rebates which the
Hlandnrd Company uses in its charges to reo
liners and oil shippers who work in unison
with them they do not apply to Senator
hmoryH company and some months ago tho
firm determined to aol shipping their oil by
pipe line and use tie tank carl of the 1ennsyl
anlii llullroad Company On applying for
cars the refiners itllece thut the railroad com
pany said they had none to spore Then the
oil linn built tank cars of its own and put
them on tlio road The railroad company
bnulod the curs at the same rate of transporta
tion it charged other shIppers but did not al
low the role those friendly to tho Standard
Oil Company tocolvoil Itadar
Logon Eatery t Weaver fdeolare that the
discrimination has been ruinous to them and
liencn tim suit to recover their claim is for
J1U7000 hit tho act under which the suit Is
brought allows treble the amount of claim aa
penaltr for its looltlon which full amount the
Plaintiffs demand This is a test case There
are ninny other oil shippers and reliners who
liaui similar claims against the ronn ylvanla
llallroad Company If tho Emery tuit Is suc
ci sliil others will follow inohlne between
1000000 and 2000000 lu damages
Unnlt PrcsMent Kartbnruy Acquitted
GLCVEljAND Nov Soraotlilnsr of 1 cel
ebrated case ended unexpectedly in the Unitia
tales Court hero today I was for embezzle
ment against exPresident Stephen Northway
or the Second National Bank of J felon one
of the prominent men of northern Ohio North
way wai discharged rite case of the prosecu
tion hlnKOil on one witness It tried to prove
hi Cushier S l Ftlier of tho bank who was
charged with complicity wit Northway that
certain funds held by the bank with Hatch t
Footo of New York had beeni misapplied Th
defencj objected and hold that the Court bad
no jurisdiction If the offence alleged had ben
committed In New York Judges Sages and
Wclkar tmbtalned the objection The prosecu
tion then declared that it could offer po more
testimony and the jury was instructed t ren
der n verdict of not euilty The defalcation
alleged all beforo the banks failure in De
cember 1882 and was of 110000 Northway
wa the most prominent candidate next to
Jude E l Taylor for James A Onrllelds
Senate riaitt in Congress when he was elected to tho
Mr Cleveland Atlvlce to a Ilrldegracm
fnm the ualtlmon American
hr notm mcaR
Finally n blushIng groom with his bride
came along He wore a large boutonniore in
the buttonhole of his coat and shct had awbolo
lion er unrden at hor corsage
I want to thank you for the commission
croom you soul me the other day bald the biLls
croomosl said the President
immediately followed your example and
Hot murrlod continued the now appointee
and thIs is my wife ho said as he presented
his bliixhlnir and pretty bride
Thats rleht said Cleveland smlllnc allover
over Now see that you behave yourself ho
nddoil KhiiiK n sort of a knowing look at the
happy couple The two blushed and smiled
and laughed and both made another crab at
the Presidents hand and hook it simultane
ously and then passed on happy as turtle doves
llnrvnrels Very Busy Stademt
From tv flatten Record
Ono of tho busiest student in Harvard
University is llr Bradley W Palmer of the
senIor class Mr Palmer is I the manager of
the university football tem business man
usurer tha Iampoim Captain of the 83 bull
fins which has held tho college championshIp
for three yell and is connected with several
ot the social and literary organizations ot the
university Mr Palmar was recently the re
cipient of marked distinction at the hands of
his classmates Ha was chosen chairman of
the committee which Lute charge of the class
dRY festivities He ranks high in hlsclasn and
takes un active part in the debates I
I ivun Not All a Drenns
from ila Buffalo Courier
A man out on Niagara street I a victim of I
Romnumlmlhm On Monday night ho went
early to bed determined to et no early and I
work for hire Ho hadnt been hall
hlI party hadlt an
hour In bad when he dreamed that hal
elected Alderman of tho Tenth ward by a ma
iority of several thousand Ho clear was the
vision that the man cotMp In i his sleep dressed
itmself wont round to ills pet > saloon where a
larlos crowd was conKreKat and treated
everybody nt an expense of ISO before he wok
ip For half an hour ha was the angriest man
n the city and yesterday he didnt stir out of
ho house He says he h going to b strapped
Into bed every night after this to Insure him
against such mistakes in future
A Blackthorn In Ills Knee far B TeaT a > ra
from rAe JIMny Jrtut
lllchoel ITorrohoa of Crescent Saratoga
county called on Ur Paris yestorday and
complained of 1 pricking pain II hla kno 11s
said h 11 hurt fallen nnd hurt tee aamo knee
when In Iieleml Bevon ear before saro doc
tar innda an exnuilnntion nnd with a knife
niliMy out out n small blackthorn from on
oi the celebrated blackthorn hedges that grow
itt the Emerald Isle The patient had carried
the thorn in his knoo for seven years
As laUrestUa Vila TT e1er Water
JTOTS tU rta4g Ktwi end Oittnxr
A gentleman arriving front Tarboro yes
terday reported that Prlnfnvllle a colored set
Ileniont lust across Tar silver from Tarboro
lie under water The water IsJiluher there
than It baa been alnoo wnI1 The water Is
standing around the house halt way t the
top of most ot them and the state air to
genially very finpleajant triaooyln I etzict
ly negro MtU m nafl aqojereg sygg
colored police sad colored wowuouncI1 I
ttttf Cansr Pana flu Brother Freak iu4
Riddle Him with B utksst
Oioxmzit Po Nor O Frank Congo col
ored aged 20 years Is dying at bin fathers
bouitln Eennett from a charge of buckshot
tired Into lila neck shoulder and fao by his
brother Stopnay Saturday The hot was
fired by Btepney with the deliberate and
avowed intention of klllln his brother The
two brothers bad been to lit Cuba Del not
far from theIr home On the war back they
trrelled and came to blown Stop told Frank
hidwpuid hoot him as soon as they jtot home
and fMyrled on ahead cf Frank Ho met A man
with a nand tried to borrow It but failed I
Then ho > mied on home took nn old army
musket of H fathers and loading It with
buckshot sUrVd baok to meet his brother
Frank saw Step VPwoaohlnit him with the mm
and started baok olU nn to reach a Louse he
bad passed Step pnifced and ealntd rapidly
on his brother When VA latter reached tho
door of tho house he fonnvJt was locked Be
fore ho could run around tnviOUB9 Step was
within fifteen feet of him anVnrti Beveral
of tho large shot lodged in JSanka neck
others entered his body nt the Bhovider blade
hrel or four paa ed ihrough his is S cheek
carrying nieces of flesh with them wliXh were
found tickIng against tfiov wall insui the
house the shot having cone throue AWifl w
frank fell to tho c rnd and his brother i
jiw that be was not dead ozclalmed
i1WThnt didnt Ttnlsb you eh 1 ben Ill fro
back home and load her again and Ill I blow a
hole clorir throueh Ton when I come baok I I
With that Step ran back toward his fathers
house frank struggled to his foot and stag
gerad alone toward a nelnhborB named
llroomal lenTlnB a trail of blood as ho went
He was so weak when ho reached there that
he fell to the floor Ho roso with an effort
I am dyiDBrhaexolnlmed 1 want to dlo
at home I
He then staggered away evidently deter
mined to get home before he died There were
no men about to halo him lie walt almost
homo when his sinter came running out to
meet him
Dont eo to the house 1 she cried Stop
ban loaded the Kim and is I waiting you I
With the aid of the girl the wounded man
started for If aaa Harvard n quarter of n mile
AWay lie was rapidly RrovrinK weaker When
they reached Hamard s fence Franks sister
looked around and pnw Step ruuninK ufler
thini with the gun Frank fell to tli round I
unconscious Thd girls cries called nazznrd
to her aid anti they succeeded in carrying
Frank in the house before Htep got near enoiiKh
to lira He lurked about the bouse for a while
and then went away Medical aid was sum
mooed for the wounded man and ho vate reo
vived and lIublileqllelJy taken hQD1e Ills vi
tidily Is wonderful lIe had at least eleven
buckshot In his face neck and shouldor some
of them being too deep to be removed He was
alive at lat aooountc but his recovery is not
considered likaly Step was arrested on Hat
unlay nIght Ho was sound asleep In bed im
mediately adjoining the room where his vic
tim was lying at the point of death
A Dlsckarxed Cushlera Accounts Khort
Nonwicn Conn Nov 10 Thoro Is a
shortage of 8100 in the accounts of Thomas
H Hood lately cashier for tbe Board of Water
Commissioners Hood fled several weeks ago
after his discharge from his ofllce and experts
have since been looking over his books They
are in wretched shape The accounts mainly
were kept on stubs and old envelopes Hoods
fatherinlaw Harvey chapman Is on tile
cashiers bond for 15000 but he refuse to
make good the defalcation to the amount of
the bond He declares that he will test the
case In court The counsel for Hood saya that
his client Is In a safe place and that be de
clares that the shortage in overestimated by
8000 Hood who is a goodlooking fel
low has lived rather fait Ho is a member of
the Knights of Labor
Ptai Fire In hoarding Hens
FBHADEiFinA Nov 10The threestory
brick building 2532 North Front street tho
first floor of which was occupied by James
Cotton aa a saloon was burned this moraine
Loss on building and contents 3000 David
H Hurt who was Bleeping in an upper room
was burned to death Hurt came to this coun
try recently from England and had been board
inc at the house for about a week Ho was
employed as a clerk Jn a mercantile establish
ment About fifteen boarders war aaleep in
the building hot oil escaped except Hurt some
ot them in their night clothes Hurt came to a
third story window and cried for assistance
but a moment later fell back and perished
Mexican Bandit Shot
llATAMOitog Nov 10The death sentence
against nine of the bandits captured by the
military up the river has been executed Epe
mlnio Posulos a noted brigand who led the
attack on the Alclsosa ranch will be sent to
New Laredo for trial His three companions
Adojo De Leon leader Iteys and Gertrudes
CarroBRlnn will be brought to Motamoros
The greatest terror of the bandits itlll pre
vails at all the upriver points although they
are being gradually thinned out by the excel
lent > services of the Mexican regular troops
Jnmes r McCabe Ilnigcd
hiotcnsDALi Pa Nov 10 James P Mo
Cabo was hanged here today at noon forth
murder of Michael Itellly committed in De
cember 1881 McCabe havd been iitjpltej tv
emil times and escaped from jail In May last
but was recaptured in October by the Sheriff
He denied his guilt to the last and waited to
the soaffold showing no ilcns of weakness but
was pale with supppepsed emotion The hanK
lug was performed by Joe Atklnion of New
York city and was skilfully done
The lender to Step JTabllcatlaK
It was said positively lost night that the
Leader which was the organ of organized la
bor would appear for the last time this after
noon It would have suspended publication
yesterday afternoon but that the editors and
reporters thought it would be appropriate
have it die on the same day with tfi Chicago
Ucthadlat MlseUamry llonar
The General Missionary Committee ot the
Methodist Episcopal Church at SL Teals Church yester
day appropriated For Africa S10000 an increase of
85000 over last year for South Amerloa 158300 an
Increase I5000 for Chl o iliasV7 an Increase of
1JUXJ for Oermaajr Onuwi for BwltterlanJ u40u
for Scandinavia Including Denmark Norway and
Sweden X4T2 a decrease of about 20061 for kartim
India iaJjOOU an Increase of W < CO for South India
Ktuto decrease ef 1 lCsXi for Bulgaria aid Turkey
fcroat an Increase of Cites
The appropriation for Sulcsrla brought on an interest
tog dtsousslon eoneernlnf us adrlsabUltjr of IncreasIng
the appropriation One er two members at the commit
tee were In favor of abandonlnt taaLtarla entirely and
It was affirmed that maintaining thiS miselon there was
only a mattsr ot denemlnatloaal pride Others agreed
that the station mast either be abandoned or strongly ra
enforced and the Increased appropriation pretaued
A Gentle Jteproef
Father Com Bobby you are all tired out
to hurry off to bed
Bobby with a slow and reluctant movementlPa yen
ouihtnt to tell a boy to nurrr when ce s all tired out
Am IctcrcatUsi CaatMt
Wife In tho rivalry between Mrs Langtrr
and lira Potter for hUtrloalo honors John which Udy
do voa think U leading t
IfusbandWhr I understand that Mrs tanctry it
still two breads of soap ahead
Not at nonilna mews
Bobby to his bin slsterlI heard Mr Peath
erly talking about the blicutti you made for tea last
Bight Clara
Sis Bister with assumed tnllffeTtaeeyYVs f and did
Bfr It1 i111 they were very ales bobby I
Hobby hoi he said they gave him IndtnesUon
A Nutaral Uletake
Gentleman In newspaper office looking over
exchantes What la tread Caisari name do you call this
toBjHtc Tbals the r C uUl a Welsh paper published
UentiemanI teal Ithonibtat first that It mJtbt ba
aa Uutifarlaa edition ot Junk Tullusr irorU
Just Glanced Tkremth It
Miss Waldo of Boise discussing literary
rsllaveyoo read ° Homo Sum Sir Wabaab I
llr Wabasb ot Cbtcago who la keepiair op his end of
the conversation with difficulty Well rvea Ulu
naldo I have read Some some but out a real deal
Uerolo Treatment
Colonel said a Kentucky lady to her sick
husband be doctor says the Ice water 7001 are taking
Is dslnt you so ranch good that he thinks hs win tartaer
Increase lbs dose
But my dear expostulated the sick Colonel does
be understand that It baa already been Inctsassd t a
tssspoontttl Urea hates a sajf
saeiklmaj Pletuaai
Cant you say something pleasant to aet
saUabusUnd to his wife hewuatwuttestartfor
his offlce
They make had up had a little qurrU and he was wllllai is
AhiJoba5fupoide4 tbepIUtUntta17tbyowfg
anna iyou4 s eeck tcrfle my PaCIlshe We
eaasaeq p4
I 4
Tile steel tubing made In Cleveland foi
toeLlok telescope has reached California llUuftf
feet long aid three fet la diameter
Tile venerable Simon Cameron tnkci
great pride la his cattle Ills present particular pet Is a
steer that girths over eight set and weighs 2 ICO pounds
Peter Lawson ft Swede of Crtwhon Cal
li M years old and confidently expects to tIcs noany
Tears yet because he declare grandmother Und
to UIW veers old
The United States Circuit Court In Ron
ton has decided that a man may Import his coachresn
alace lbs prohibitory law does not apply to contract
for personal service
There Is an unprecedented demand for
cider barrels In Connecticut All the farmers except tbs
deacon are making elder and the deacons are putting
In a few barrels of vinegar
Manufacturers of fire brick say that the
only reliable way to distinguish good clay Is by tailing
It It tastes salty It Is genuine Ore ciayj U flat and doll
It la worthless for Ore brltk
For several weeks a noble eagle mcaeur
lug nearly six feet from tip to tip of lu wings made its
nightly perch on the steeple et the rirsl Baptist Church
InOalveston then came along a gun and killed It
The Grand lUbbl of India won first prize
at the Bothscblid wedding In Iarls rsoently for ths
greatest show In diamonds Ills exhibit was worn la
hla turban and was valued at a quarter ot a million
Thoro la a Shakespeare Hotel in Strat
foriloponAvoo and Instead ot numbers the mmei rt
plays are upon the room doort Take the gentleman
luggage up to Remeo and Juliet Is a common order
A Q Douglass of St Louis has Just sent
ttqte Tannin Bank of Wilmington Del for redcap
tioDs5 note which the bank Issued In 18IO seventy
° ° JVt ago Ihenole Is well j > reser ed andULuol
ThOhearclty of water in western Ohio
and eastern 5tSJana la becoming a srrious matter Very
uiao7 121115 bafsjud 0 stnp ostIe are actually suffer
log for drink v1t7s5 wells are dry antI typheld and
other fevers are 5Ptring
What do Prolnt Episcopalians think
of the statement by IheSL
iheec Dr Nctton Mt the ever
age yearly COntributions it the cause of mtselons by
converted hetthens is Cl 80ij tie
average contrlhe
lion of Kpeoopslian In the Unva ints 754 cents
Not long two n man WB arrested for
beatlnr hit pits wits hU wooden V and now Ur
Knpper of ChIcago U ttyg to ret a JKrc from Z
Krnpptr on the ground thktthe cray ugee4 hIs wootea
leg In an assault upon hIm tb an aflniyereyyot
bu wedding
Mr J H McNeil a i1Ohpoer acer
LongllniNeysdabukutled seven Dig Vk1f
one du within the last tea days Most of ti
ireraattlen and the total number killed by the fi
eraofBroirn coantrdurlnf tbepattwiek would Dum
ber In the hundreds
The colored State fair at Forth Worth
Texai preyed to be rather slim In respeCt the MUM
features of a State fair but there wire two bate bill
clubs two brass bends and two military companIes
present and these with the bone races made the eo
casino all that WM desired
MlssAIary WakeQold swam ashore with
a child from a bnrnlnx tteamer oJT t OharleToIx Sick
She seized the little ehlldi cloths In her month and it
oUnlox the aid at a reionmt boat reached the attune un
aided The Secretary of the Treasury baa been request
ed to give her a medal or come other testImonial
George Oglesby of Waco Texas has
gone Into the bloodhound buiineu and baa the Cowl
kennel In lbs United States He Uencouraged In hU bull
Den by the increased freaueney of deeds of violence
and think that If the revolver law U repealed bit dogs
will come Into treat demand to hunt bad men with
By the improved method of welding by
electricity a broken bar of metal can be easily reunited
or bare of different metal welded together and those
metala bleb preTiaiuiy resitted weldIng mot ttreca
oualy are now Joined with cue while thee prerleul
eaally welded remain the same by the new process
Among the many proofs of the strained
relation of Germany and Route U the fact that rca
tanzanIa the frontier patronized largely by Kuulaa
soLdIer often dliplay placard saying here ne frui
sienna are served with meat or drink i and many of tbe
loop In the large Buialan cltlea announce teat ao Gir
man goods are sold there
One of the most successful missionaries
la Oroomlah Is 1 a blind Armenian from Piped Tinker
lie knows the Bible tboreufbly and rldlnfoa misers
his little donkey which la led by i oneeyed deaf man
he goes boldly from Tillage to Tlllace praaoblor the coa
pet blindness protecta blm and the people crowd
to see the wonder blind man reading
Archdeacon Farrar says that Crulkahank
the artist offered 300 for proof of a violent crime com
mitted by a total abstainer from intoxloanta and thaI
the money remains unclaimed today The Arehdeacci
says that be will give the sane amount for proof of any
one cue either In the Church or out of It where
drunkenness baa been cured without total abstinence
Two burglars attempted to enter a wine
merchants store la rarlsby breakln the sbattars and a
pane ofilau One while creeping In was seized by a
doc and before tbe proprietor of the store ant an em
ployee reached him Us body waa terribly wounded by the
dog and the edges et the glass the Beth beIng torn t rou
the bones n places Beeorery la doubtful The accom
plice eeeaped
Hiram Brown of Peoria Ill was 90 years
old the other day and screnty fire bit and little Browm
aacembled te do honor to the patriarch Ue went u
school in Comminiton Mass with William Callea
Bryant and was a deacen In the Congregational church
Uitre until lii tMMuue MI AUlltUalit Tbcn the troth
rca wetbsck on him and threw stones at him after
dark and se the deacon became a free thinker
A resident of one of the prohibition
counties of Oeorfla seat to Atlanta for a Jut of whiskey
to be dellrered a O 11 The firm replied that the
money must accompany all order for whiskey from
dry counties aa debts of that character could not te
collected The return mall brought tbe money and tbl <
Since man to man la so unjust
TU bard to tell what man to trust
A bouquet of Iron flowers over two feet
high consIsting of a branch at cab leares with Iron
acorns surrounded by twigs of laurel and olive which
are again enclosed by elder blotionu lilies of the Taller
buttercups heliotropes forgetmenota and other now
era Interspersed with sprays of fern and maidenhair
was presented by the owners of the lead mine Eli
ntarckshutte to Prince Blstnarck on his recent tweutj
ash anniversary as German Minister
A Now York photographer poses the
months tile female patrons before the camera br
making them say some word ever several times wbl e
the picture Is being taken He has different words for
different kinds of months When a pleasant bland aol
serene mouth la wanted he makes the woman say
bosom If aha wants a haughty and distinguished at
titude of month she says brush nip makes clan l
mouth look snail and cabbage enlarges the mouth
in air of Interesting melancholy U caused by the pro
lunclatlon of kerohunk and for an expression of
sweetness and resignation scat Is the word
President Clevelands Interview with
Congressman Cram of Texas last spring U being made
much of Jut now In It be was reported bareiald
that nothing was more agreeable to him than to see a
party of Germans and their wires and children cele
brating the Sunday festival In an orderly manner He
said that these persons did not Interfere with others In
the enjoyment cf Sunday or any ether holiday and be
could net see what right ethers bad to Interfere with
them Ue 1s also said to bare laid bat he thought the
State had no right to attempt to restrain the social sue
tome of those who know bow to remain tbeauelres
There ore about ISO Washoe Indians ftt
Truckee Cat who prove that some Indians will woik
They never used to work but when the Coljiese were
drlrenout of Truckee It occurred to these Americans
thrt they might take the Mongolians place and they
did so The backs chop wood and do work of that cart
and the squaws wash and Iron One objection to them
aaserrants Is saId to bs their extreme aeiiiltlTeneK
Tell an InsUatueut your wood dud hell turn disdain
fully away Impart te him In a casual way that yon
hare wood te eat cad wonder wholl do It at cute a
price and the noble red man will with the air cf con
ferring a faror Intimates that te will and ke does
The discussion of the question of the ro
onlen ef the Northern and Southern PresbylerUa
Churches la bringing out some plain talk A Souther
writer In a Southern Presbyterian paper cay la the
course et aa argument In favor ef union particularly as
a means of breaking down some prejudices now mist
log IiUaftel tbst terr generally la the South any
man or woman coming from the Kortb to teach or
preach to the negroes wia hare to bear the burden of
HelM estraclsm It Is a fact that Southern men and
wemen can preaon U and teach Ike negre and experi
ence BO ostracism Your daughter yenng lady though
ahe be can bang In Render affeotlen about the neck ef
the old Mack mammy and nobedy thInk aaytslngcJ
II but Jut catch that New England woman trying II
Into this gay salecn he etrelled
With free Jut easy air
And quickly for the drinks be called
fer every bedytkete
Tkaglaaa grasped la hand ke raise
Aad said cenena bays comet
Thee on tbe erewil he intfllng gated
Lad drank eoeoeee te nun
Be drataad his glass paid for the treat
An4 then the candidate
Weqt eel and mil upon tae street
A temperance advocate
N5l hal C kecrlel gArenu yew flat t
Jsa madl meet a foe
OfruJs aTfrcUbttUnili
lie rm rtoaa ttr Kvatio T

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